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The Delta Times May 28, 1904

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Array .
7/-'' i -.-,!
IN I -190^:
���    d-   ,'
I     Vol. 1. No. 38.
$1.00 a year
Just Arrived
Another   Large   Consign
ment of Ladies' Corsets
Children's   Waists   in   the
Jnfants' Bands, all sizes,
Childrens' Waists,   "  ,
Special     30c
25 A 30c
Misses' Hygien Corset Waist, -       From SOo Up
��� _ > - ��� ��� ��� ���
* ���
Ladies' Straight Front Military Corsets $125
V ie
Extra Shori Summer Corset
Went Up in Smoke at
New Westminster on
Tuesday Last.
Tuesday afternoon, fire was discovered in Kirkpatrick's shingle
mill, in the west end of Westminster,
The firemen directed their efforts to
saving nearby buildings as the mill
could not be saved, and the flames
were kept away from the Westminster Packing Company's cannery,
the Fraser River Lumber Company's shingle mill and the Cross
Bros.' floating dry dock.
The residence of W. H. Vianen,
a well-known cacnerynian, was totally destroyed, and his loss will be
about $1,500. At the dry dock was
the ocean-going tug Phoenix, and
the new tug Vid a, and it was thought
at first that they might catch fire
from the sparks, but the dock was
immediately flooded and the phoenix
started her own pumps going and
kept the decks flushed'
The mill employed about seventy
men, of whom three-fourths were
Chltiese and Japanese. Two years
ago, when owned by Mr. Welch,
the same mill was burned, but rebuilt. Thomas Kirkpatrick, of Vancouver, is the present owner, and
the loss, as far as at present known
will be in the neighborhood of
")5so,ooo. The amont of insurance is
not stated and tha orgin of the
fire is unknown, but Chief Watson, of the fire department, is now
making an investigation.
Mrs. Wni. Asbury, sr., died at
her home, Mountain View Farm,
East Delta, on Saturday last. A
week previous she was taken suddenly ill and Dr. King was summoned. A few days later, Dr.
Walker, of New Westminster, was
called for consultation. Both doctors agreed that at her advanced
age aad condition of health nothing could be done to save her life.
Her death was due to gangrene
caused by a blood-clot completely
blocking the femoral artery and
thus stopping all circulation in the
leg. She suffered intensely, but
her end was peace.
The funeral took place on Sunday when a large number of friends
hem Westminster, Mud Bay and
Delta assembled to pay their last
honors to one who was held in <he
very highest esteem by all who
knew her.
The funeral service, both at the
house and grave, was conducted
by her pastor. Rev. A. N. Miller.
The pall bearers were: Messrs. J.
Weaver, J. Oliver, M.P.P.. R. McKee, W. Smillie, B. Everett and ���
Call and get a PANADA HAT for
the Holidays. Solid Komfort.
cTWay Day.
Marshall Smith
Off the Track.
On Sanday night, while the
excursion train was proceeding
from Sidney to Victoria, one of tbe
cars left the track, presumably oa
account   of   the   rails  spreading.
Henry Eickhoff, of the Victorian,
thinking something terrible was
about to happen, jumped, and by
so doing is now suffering with a
pair of sprained ankles.
Among the passengers on the car
at the time were: Mrs. W. H Ladner, H. Burr and family, H. J.
Hutcherson, R. Stokes, W. Aber-
crombie, and H. McDowell, all of
Of course some were censider-
ably shaken up, but it is very fortunate tbat no greater damage was
A Farmer Cured of Rheumatism.
"A man living on a farm near
here came in a short time ago completely doubled up with rheumatism.
I handed him a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and told him to
use it freely and if not satisfied after
using it he need not pay a cent for
it," says C. P. Rayder. of Pattens
Mills, N. Y. "A few days later he
walked into the store as straight as
a string and handed me a dollar
saying, 'give me another bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I want
it in the house all the time for it
cured me.'"���For sale by F. J.
,   City     Sportsman���"Have   you
seen  anything worth shooting at
around    here?"     Farmei���"Well,
no; no; till y..i caa��.* ."
There was a large market this
week in all lines except mutton.
Butter, outside regular customers,
was a drug:
Beef, forequarters, 6^_c. to 7c;
hindquarters, 7}_c. to 8c.
Pork, 8>_c. to 9c
Mutton, none.
Veal, 9c. to ioc.
Chickens, $6 to $8 per doz.
Eggs, fresh, 25c. per doz.; cased,
Butter, 20c. to 25c.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, tbe visible supply of
oats in the United States and Can-'
ada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 11,340,000 bushels, compared
with 3,014,000 bushels a year ago.
Below will be found a statement
of receipts and disbursements of
the May Day Celebration Committee:
Balance on hard from 1903..$29 co
Subscriptions & Donations... 53 45
$8a 45
Decoration Committee $15 04
Refreshment     "         21 15
Sports "         42 45
Minute Book        25
Balance on hand     3 56
$82 45
D. A. McKEE,    E. A. BOWN,
Treasurer. Secretary.
London, May 26.���Never in the
history of British emigration has
there been such a rush as is now
taking place to the farm lands of
Western Canada. At the rate of
over 2,000 a week some of the
most enterprisitig citizens of the
United Kingdom are being driven
by hard times and the scarcity of
work to seek their fortunes in the
undeveloped lands of the greatNorth
American Dominion.
I wonder whether we realize how
much of our ordinary talk consists
of criticism? There is no doubt
that it is immensely interesting to
watch people, to study their characters and ways, and to communicate our impressions about them to
others. Take away the element of
personal criticism and couverMtion,
one must admit, would lose a
good deal of its interest. Yet
is it not a little disturbing sometimes to reflect, after leaving a
house where you have been entertained for half an hour by sprightly and witty comments on mutual
acquaintances, that in all probability your own personality is
furnishing a text for a similar entertainment with the next group of
callers? It is better to be kindly
than to be amusing; it is better
to pass over a good deal that does
not quite commend itself to us (so
long* as no principal is involved)
than to be always making a fight
for one's own way of doing thitigs
at the cost of friction and disagreement. Hundreds of years before
the Christian era, when an Eastern
poet wished to sum up his impressions of perfect womanhood,
he closed his ideal portrait
with these words: "She openeth
her mouth with wisdom, and in her
tongue is the law of kindness."���
Thought Japs had retired
and Advanced Into an
London, May 27.���The Sha��hai-
kwan correspondent of tha Daily
Chronicle sends a report received
from New Chwang that on May 23,
thinking that the Japanese had Retired from Fengwangcheng, 15,000
Russians from Haicheng and Liao-
yang marched towards Fengwangcheng.    They were surprised ay
30,000 Japanese in the Tatting pass.
The Russian casualties were 4,000,
and over a thousand surrendered.
The report does not state th*e Japanese losses.
London, May 27.���The Tokio
correspondent of the Daily Express
says it is reported, unofficially, that
the Japanese have captured Kin-
cbou and are now attacking Dalny.
London, May 27.���The Tokio
correspondent of the Daily Mail,
under date of May 26, says: "According to a reliable report the Japanese occupied Kinchou to-day."
St. Petersburg, May 26.��� While
no news has been received fram
General Stoessel, commander of the
Russian troops at Port Arthur, the
war office is inclined to believe that
severe fighting is in progress in the
southern part of the Liaotung peninsula. The general staff denies
the rumors of the final evacuation
of New Chwang, and says the
heavy guns were not taken back
when the town was reoccapied in
Chefoo, May 26.���A letter received here from a 'Japanese correspondent says tbe Japanese landed
troops at Kerr Bay (northeast of
Talienwan Bay, Liaotung peninsula), May 19. After the occupation of Kinchou to-day, the Rus-
sians retired in good order to tbe
heights further south, which were
attacked by the full Japanese force
and carried after a stubborn resistance.
Brown���"Why do you want me
to pay in advance? Are you afraid I
won't bring the horse back?" Liveryman���"No, no; not at all. But,
you see, the horse might come back
withD.it you. "���Atlanta Journal.
St. Petersburg, May 26.���The
general staff is not in a position tonight to confirm or deny the Tokio
report that the Japanese have occupied Kinchou.
The latest official information regarding fighting in that vicinity
was conveyed in General Kttropat-
kin's telegram, which said that the
Japanese had lost 700 men on May
The opinion of the best authorities is that if the Japanese rush
Kinchou, by a frontal attack unsupported by heavy guns, which it
is not believed they possess, the capture of the place must have been
] effected at a tremendous loss to the
1 attacking army.
London, May 26.���The Standard
publishes a despatch from a Russian correspondent, in whom the
paper says it places great confidence, containing most sensational
statements regarding the alarming
condition of Rnssia as to the outcome of the war. Tbe correspondent asserts that disturbances in
various cities have been followed
by wholesale executions without
any civil trial. It is stated that 60
persons have been hanged in Warsaw alone, and that many others
have been hanged at Cronstadt and
Moscow. At the latter place the
troops buried 80 coffins containing
the remains ot those who had been
hanged. The bodies were buried
secretly at the dead of night, presumably in the woods.
The Standard, in an editorial,
says it publishes this correspondent's statements under ail reserve,
but thinks there are many indications, such, for instance, as the sinking of the battleship Orel, that tht
normal disaffections of the people
of Russia has been greatly Stimnlafar
ed by tbe war.
Pobubhxd bvbky Saturday.
���omcshvioh, ��.00 per year.
AtrnKsmvo KA1M.
(Hypoderma lineata). The grubs
or warbles are noticed as little
lumps er bunches just beneath tbe
skin of the back.   Directly over
Vi��l��UMt Cfcolee.
A t��a**��ler through ���outhero i-ruaja
hexae many thing* (torn hit gold*, eem-
Hon among ths rest.
On* man, notloln* that bla guld* te/e-
_  ArlverUs**��>e_ts, w> ccata per Use fer
���eSrat insertion andjcentaper Une far each
(ttatquenl ioeenrea. The number ol line.
Sksacdb7.be spur occupied, uUaei.tr. the
Mtaa -wCoaacrelal Aiteerttoemento can be
feed aa appBeaUoa at U>i�� offiee.
' Beadteg notice* Kcento-pcr Hae for each ia*
aiith aad Death bcHcm, see., Marriages $i.��o.
Ail epecUl aotice, the object of which Is to
arertote thr pecuniary benefit of any individual
e�� compear, to he iniiVatili ia<1 aa advertisement
fad charged accerdingli.
All cdvettiKineato* charged Ur until ordered
pat had paid fer.
Cetreeneadeaon invited oa Battels ei public
Interest. Communications to editor mutt be ae-
compenicd brunu of writer, not necciearil*/
Str publication, but. a* evidence of good faith.
Correspondence anM reach thU office by Thurs-
ClO.  R.  MsANUtY,
SATVKB.4iY, MAY 28,   IOO4.
Hotices are posted* calling atten-
tio�� to the* fact rtiat P. Shirley's
term of office, as School Trustee,
expires on the 95th June.
Person* ewaing frnit trees should
attend to them at! once if they am
effected with the caterpillar. We
have noticed some trees badly affected and it is only a matter of a
week or so ere tfce trees will be as
bare a��i��mid-w4hteir.
Tbe war correspondents* with the
Japanese forces ha-ve again, evidently, been permktkd to see and
bear and speak? for themselves, and
Ijbey put a different complexion on
Une war in tbe Far East. It would,
indeed, be strange for men who,
lpke tbo Japs, bave s&owa themselves to be grand masters in the
art ot wan, tot show tbe- white feather wben tbe pinacle of success is
.flraoet reached. Again tbe Japs
bave demonstrated to tbe world, tiie
feed of abswlbte secrecy.
A. O.   U.  W.
meets   firit   and
Third   Tuesday* in   each month in Waddell's Halt. T. W. KKXR. Recorder.
each warble there is a small pore or J*jg PJ&^lgfrgS}
opening in tbe skin, through which   _,ing on o�� past it, inquired tha reaaon.
the grub breathes.                          I g^kto��on*twmkM>" WM *h*"'
"The adult beel-flyor warble-fly i    "'what kind of makeri" aeked tho ttav-
is a little larger than the common *��;g�� �� m��mmaamaaMakaaam
house-fly.     In the  latter part of     "Moocialue," returned tho guide.
*i._. .��.���.- .v- ^--.n��.-��e !-.��.- ��<r��<:     " wbot makei you walk on tho logt or ! Burr ; K
the snmmer she deposits her eggs! --toEtouMim,t_snr domandodthowt- 1	
upon tbe hair of cattle in the re- aa*/ trayolor.  "Why don't wo walk off!
gion of the heels.   The presence of, ���\fe^g^'gg^SKa��_,*,
the flies among cattle causes much ' launching a vigorous kick at a stump and
m.  .   ....,���   then mounting lt.   "You moughtu't link
annoyance.   Tbe animal licks the. Mo��� yer mmM>  ,nd (ben ���.,��� you
part, and the larvae are taken into Bought."���Youth's Companion.
From the throat
hPMae��st��B_B______a__e_*____��.|.    "r  .111     im   i���i__a_���_������aa���g
��*�����'!������ !��� lv I'vlM-t-l ���l,>rH'M*��-I'H'v-I'��-l-M'vlt-| M***MHr
I. O. F.
Court Osseo, No.  3443, meets! <j.
in I O O F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each   month       Visiting   brethren
always    welcome.       C.   R,J  B
S.   B S   McDonald
I 0.0 F.
the mouth.   From the turoat or    ���.,_, Twal�� ������,����_.�� s��a.kor
gullet, the small larvae bore their Onoo In awhile Mark ha* taken a hand
way through the tissues, until they \ gg** f ffSSStfBfS
locate beneath the skin ofthe back. | townsman, General Joseph Rowley, wbo
_!,���. t\,mv i���.-r��ac.�� in ti?* nniti-1 *>��� ��� eandldato te wolootion to th*
wheie tbey increase in size quite 0nlud Btotog ������.���,*_, ���,w m th.ooam
rapidly, so that the lumps are large' of a droll address: "General Hawley do-
'enough to be noticed by the latter j. gj- Jg, a^*��A%m
part of December or early in Janu-  aenate a* a buaoh ot flowon would hav*
tn sweetening a glue factory.   But he'*
Delta Lodge, No. 21 .���Tbe regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
F. J. Mackenzie, N.G.
A. W. Oliver. Sec.
By referring to the article at the
fsbot of this-ccilumni entitled "The
Warble-Fly and Its Woek," it will
be seen tbat we are asked to upset
our eld theories as to bow the egg
of the warble-fly is deposited and
(the insect developed.
Our. fathers have ever taught us
tjhat the egg is deposited in the
springtime on tbe top of tbe animal's back. The hide being punctured for that purpose by tbe fly,
causing the beast to tear off like
mad for the brush, in the hope that
$ xiight remove tbe fly. That tbe
egg being deposited in the hide it
germinates and develops into the
(rub which depreciates the value ot
the hide.
Wbich theory appeals to common
sense, this ot our fathers or that of
Dr. N. S. Mayo, as contained in
tbe article referred to.
We would liko to bear from- anyone, of oar readers- ou this subject,
whick is oi importance to each and
ttveryone of us. Persons sending
in. communications on this subject
zoay uso their initials for publication providing the full name is
given for our own information..
ary. In February or March, these
larva or grubs work their way out
through the small hole in the skin,
fall to* the ground, burrow into din
or litter, pupate, and, some weeks
later, transform into adult flies.
"In rS95, it was estimated that
sixty per cent, ofthe cattle in Kansas were affected with warbles, an.
'the financial loss by damaged hide
was   estimated,    for    the   United
States, ��t from, fifty to sixty millioi
dollars.    Grubby hides are usually
'docked* about one-third.
"Warbles are more prevalent in
tbe western part ef the State and
attack young animals more severely
than older cattle.
"As the adolt flies do not travel
far, tbe cattle owner caw free bis
;herd pretty well from these pests by
treating them at this season of the
prear. If other cattle in the immediate vicinity are affected, the
adnlt flies will travel far enough to
infest neighboring cattle. All cattle
owners should unite to destroy this
"Treatment should begin as soon
as tbe warbles are noticed npon the
animals' backs. Most of the
warbles or grubs can be destroyed
,by putting turpentine, kerosene,
crude petroleum or mercurial ointment in or on the- opening through
the- skin directly over the warble.
If the opening is very small, it
should be enlarged by using a
smooth, pointed stick. A machinist's oil-can having a siender nozzle
furnishes an excellent method o!
applying the medicine- By running the cattle through a chute,
they can-be tueated rapidly. Ca.tle
should be examined in ten day.,
and any escaping the previous
treatment should be destroyed by a
second; or, better, squeezed out and
crushed; or they can be crushed beneath the skin by pinching the
lump, or killed by inserting a pointed wire or large blunt-pointed
'needle. It is important tbat any
grubs squeezed out or escaping
nataral'y should be destroyed, or
they will transform into adult flies."
���Farmers' Advocate, March 30,
aU right; he never would turn any poof
beggar away (rom hli door empty handod.
He always gives, them something���almost
without exception a latter ot introduotloa
tto-toe, urging me to help them. "���Ladiea*
Homo Journal.
BasllttB, Royal Titles.
Tho king* and queens ot England wen
net always styled "his" or "her majesty,"
or after tha pattern ot that bo-towed upon
Viotoria, "her most gracious majesty."
Henry IV waa styled "his graoe," Henry
VI "hi* most exoollent grace," Edward
XV "high and   mighty   prlnoe,"   Henry
VII "hi* graoe and hi* majesty," Henry
VIII "hia highness" and afterward "hi*
Majesty.'' Subsequently tbe English kings
were styled "bis sacred majesty."
A "Bee For H.
Mamie���Only think, Fred Sanders haa
given Carrie Moor* a diamond tor an engagement ring.
Store���That's* all right Carrie's father
te a painter and glazier. The diamond"
will oouio ln handy in his business.���Bt*v
ton Transcript.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prlcea.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� ��� Telephone " Ladner" No   10
t J.a .t.a.f.a.t.a.1.a.T.a.**.a.t.a.t.a .1.a .1. A.f.a ���?��� 1 .T.a.t.a .T. AJU I ,t.A f.a T.s *-A *���
T'l ' I s I * I V 4 TTTV IT IT I ��� �� ���  I V ��� ��� Ir V V  IT I ��� i W F ��� T v ���^-v^r
Practical Horseshoeing ��*
All Kinds of Repairing
-���^-IvV     -     W      - s. -     W      ���>���
* t
i\ Horse Goods! u
i I -  Our  Harness and  Horse Furnishings <
have long proved reliable, and they art 1 i
- ' built uot ouly for style but wear. ,
.r Hugh Mcdowell, ';
- i LADNER, B. C. '
sWafsW-y Public,
or, tile 8101C6 m
W. H. Taylor's.
Berlin has a restaurant where a
���teak prepared In the highest style of oe*
Unary art costs 14.50, and tbo waiter expects a tip of 50 cents.
to India wheat is still thrashed by being trodden out by bullook* and buff**
���erapboak Fasts.
A fine* pasts for scrapbooks oan bo made
alum water and flour, IX teaspoon
fuls of powdered alum dissolved insnough
���old water to make a pint of paste. Pour
ihe watss, when the alum is dlssolTsd,*��e
���nough flour to th token IS-as stiff as com-
mon paste. Bring it to a boil, stir all the
timo, and when done add a fow drops of
Sll of cloves. Tho alum ��� prevents fer-
fuasstatio**, and the oil of cloves prevents
em destroys f\ ��*getabio moUfc
-.the foy,lowint excerpt, from a
^flletin o�� Dr. N. S. Hayo��� Kan-
sas Agrictgltural College, gives
the followinj information on the
above topic. It is well to note that
tjhe Of bot-fly doss not punctate the
skip on the backs of cattle in order
to deposit its ens, v^hich. lates
ijbange to grubs (larvae).
"Warbles or grubs are the larval
form ot, the ex bot-fljt or heel-flv
TVV.s-.    �����   ���*���' '      '���>    '*-    *-v ' **���    '
Among the Westminsterites returning, Wednesday, from the celebration at Victoria, were: J. H.
Todd and wife, J. Sayer and daughter, MiBB &.. Eickhoff,. Geo. Har-
greates,. jr., and J. Pearce.
Chamberlain's Couth Remedy,
Por Coughs, Colds, Croup and Wboop-*
lag Cough. Price 25 cents; large size 50c
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cento.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Aa antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism   Price 35 cants; large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach aad
Uf er Tablets.
For Disorders ot the Stomacb, Urn
���adBowel*.   Price ascents.
Ladner, B. O.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
B. C.
Mauuftteturcrs of all kinds ol
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
{       Your patronage solicited
Every ono of those preparations
la guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser tho
money wilt be refunded.
Trade Marks
Anyone sending a skate* snd dtaerMlon mn
iicklv asoavtaln our opinion fraewaathar an
.aiitim l��inr��kal>lrj)ataj|^lar_C<(��monl��-
.ni strlotl��soiUia��n*��ajD(liMOir 00 PstanU
���nt tree. OMest aaeney twiaearlnaMtenu.
Patents taken through Munn jTOOss reoslvs
handsomelr lllnstratad. waeWr.   ____���_��� ��Jr-
���nt tree. OMest aateney,
Patents taken tbrousl  	
jpwtol notice, without oham, la too
Scientific Aibcrican.
liiiiton o'f""iiiiT solenUOo frarnal.
��iip: four montka. IL B0I4 brail.
Ttrara, 18 a
Mea.Jfa V St. WMhlottora, O.
lacokporated IMQ.
By a Persistent Cough, but Permanently Cared by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mr. H. P.. Burbage, a student at
law i�� Greenville, S. C, had been
troubled for tour ot five years with
a continuous cough which he says,
."greatly alarmed me, causing me
!to fear that I was in the- first stage
of consumption." Mr. Burbage
having seen Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy advertised, concluded to
try it. Now read what he says of
it: "I soon felt a remarkable
ichange and after using two bottles
of the twenty-five cent size, was
'permanently ctued."���Snid, by FJ.
CAPITAL, $3-000,000.     RESERVE, $3,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
��� 49 BRANCHES:	
NOVA SCOTIA���Halitaxf At��^,
tigonish,   Bridgewuter,   Guv-shoro,1!
Londonderry,   Louisburg,   C.   B.
Lunenburg, Maitknd, Pictou, Port Itaondston.
Hawkesbwry, Shubenacadie, Sydney, C.B.;.-Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro, Weymouth, Amherst*.
ONTARIO ���' Ottawa, Toronto,
QUEBEC ��� Montreal, JSontreal
West End, Montreal Westmottnt.
N E WFOUN D L A N D ��� St.
Bathurst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
ijtedericto-n, Moncton, Newcastle,
Keitton, Sackville, Woodstock, Ed-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ��� Vancouver, Vancouver Raat End. Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner.
���Charlottetown, Summerside.
CUBA ��� Havana, Santiago de
Republic, Wash..
% K, WRi^HT, Maoager,
Stokes A Cullis
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Gents' Clothing,
Hat5& Furnishings'
At All Prlcea.
Best Line of Boots &. Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Eyeryone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Ladner, B. C.
Bicycles, Farm Implements, Hardware, Coal, Coal Oil, & Gasoline.
Agent for the McCormick Machine
and Binder Twine.
Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps.
Al) Kinds of Repairing. Farmers'
Scales. Auctioneer.
Eleci ii fill! Lid
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tablr
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 540
and 6.50 ii.m. and hourly thereafter until is p.
mi.; Satursinysand Sundnys at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver llir Westminsters at Jja
and a.jo a. ra. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
nt.; Saturdays nd Sundays at 11 p.m.
fbeight Cars.
We run first-clasa freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and alt shipments are
bandied with the utmost esre aad delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wa_ons meet all bouts
aud train*. For rates, etc. apply lo
Traffic Mer. Local Mgr,
Westminster. B. C.
Clothes Altered  Clcaend aad Rspalrsd.
Parcels left at W. L. McBride's store and A. Wa
ker's and W. K. mcCkDan's barber shop wiil he
called for ou Maoday and returned an Saturday.
W. N. Draper,
Room >, Etlarl Black. New Wtitaiaster.
mil wi nut
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY i, 1904.
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m.,
arrives at Guichon 11:30 and at New
Westminster, 2 p.m.
No. a���Leaves New Westminster at 1 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. m.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
tbe Delta times, Ladner THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MAY 28, 1904.
ah* we* U�� fairest.
That saertal rrss- know.
As ross'i Moats waa aa bar
Bar eyas had saafhtl ��he Una
Of Joae tine aklea. Areuadharh
Bright, aolilsa ringlets danced.
Aad whaa ay sweetheart ���
I Mt ay heart eatraaeee".
ber eyas rested eoretously oa the Shining
I found har sitting "seath ��
Ob* gUrloa* day ia May.
fh* bra*-** with her aaartag earle
Were marrily at play.
t looked at har with steadfast gas**
���It* turned her *y��* *a a*.
Thaf br lamed with lava.  Otw
la klsin me, tw
That dar waa year* aad yeara age,
Bal I **a a*'*r forget
Hy Aral *WMtheart's bewltehlag eyas,
And, oh, I Use hi   yat
' Aa fervently aa ia thos* day*
Wa*a Int aa at* ah* smiled I
Aad ah* tov** ���*, I kaow it, far
I am har aaty child.
1B. Bala** la La-la*' Hoae Joara
Th* Boa. L*lla Cavendish wa* selltag
buttonhole bouquet* at th* baiaar got up
tor fit 8imaon'a church. Sho enoouater*
ad Sir Felix Trehetbam loitering at tha
eatrance of th* palmist's tent.
"Ara you going te hav* year hand
teldi" ah* asked.
"Yas, I ihall at ��� o'clock, whaa ay te-
feted aunt ba* quitted thai* premise*."
"It Is a perfect craze of society," said
Leila soornfully. "Every porson t know
haa bad thalM told, and V It U good th*y
Sllav* It, and it not thvy don't   I sup*
m than nay b* something In 11   Cant
ba all guesswork.   Do you bellar* In lit"
"I do implicitly."
"Bo, reallyf Would you b*ll*T* what-
aver tbay told you oonoarnlng your fuv
"Of oourw."
'"And If thtytold yon te do toaethlng
would you cbeyf"
"Bow oan you doubt Itf"
Bi* face wo* grave, and Lalla did net
abserva th* satirical emphasis which accompanied his words. She moved away
and bad ample leisure to oonsldar an ad*
' venturous plot whisk persistently haunted
her mind and would not ba driven away.
Bit Fails'* name had been coupled a*
often with tbat of Leila Cavendish that
aba had considered him a* quite har per*
aonal property. But of late he bad shown
��� most stupid tendency te admire that
���Illy, painted little Dot Klllott-8turt. and
.Leila really oould not think of allowing
tbat At e tea minutes te I she discarded her flower tray aad moved slowly bul
with a determined step toward tbe palmist's tent, where Sir .Telia had quitted hia
stand to aeoort hia aunt to har carriage.
Another moment of hesitation, and than
Lalla draw asida aha silken curtain and
swept In.
Th* palmist was attired In ��� long Crimean domino, with a long black mask, and
wa* apparently about to leave tbe tent by
a'tooond opening to enjoy her well earned
rest and tea. On seeing Leila sbe turned
back and scanned with deep interest tha
curious, imperious face.
"I wl*h,*"" mid tbe fair Intruder, break-
teg silence with difficulty���"I wish you
would let me wear your cloak and mask
for a few minutes, only a Tory short time.
Tou have already told my hand, and said
X should play for a great auks. You war*
tight; I am playing it now. Only you
oan help ma by lending me this disguise
for a amall experiment I wish tn make. I
wlll give you plenty of money for tbta
charity If you will concent to my request.
Look I This 1* half for th* baiaar and half
for yourself." Bhe held out her band, aad
���sveral goldpleeea glittered against th*
white palm a* It touched tb* astonished
palmist's Angers.
"I cannot." sh* began faltorlnalv. whtla
"You can, must and will," said Lalla
Imperatively. "It Is only for a few minutes I want these things. Do, do give
them met"
By alternate determination and persuasion the self willed girl got her own way,
and th* reluctant palmist retired and
stood oloea against tha tent outside, determined te bear what would be the result
of this strange whim. Leila aoftly stole
to tb* curtain, pulled it aside and said
sweetly: *'You needn't wait. Thank you.
I am all right now."
"I���my���my drees was caught," murmured tbe other, quaking.
"Your dress was caught? Oh, I fenolad
lt was you wbo were caught I"
The palmist departed hurriedly, and
Leila watched ber vanish before sh* returned to don the crimson robe and mask.
biding her hat carefully away from sight.
Five o'elock rang out ln sonorous pauls
from tha tells of tit. .Simeon's steeple, and
j Fir Felix wa* punctual to tbe minute. He
' pulled arid* the curtains and came In
with an air of awkwardness and defiance,
feeling and looking Ilka a guilty person
���aught In a foolish aot.
Leila assumed a low, gentle void*, and,
Mating herself ou one of the pulmlst's
���any chairs, drew another close beside hor
for Sir Felix.
"Yets with to know your past, present
and tutors!" ah* questioned.
"Yas, If you please."
"Gome and sit bare, and I will da my
beet to enlighten you."
He obeyed, and held out two well marked palms for ber Inspection. Leila gently
took held of one hand to draw it nearer,
���nd Sir F*llx started away as If there wue
something disturbing or thrilling la ber
. "You are generous, obstinate and lu>-
pulslT*," said tha fair deceiver. "You
���ot oa flrst motives, and seldom altar your
"Do If"
"You have a long lino of life, unbroken
by any nines* or serious trouble. Your
life, apparently, will be a smooth and happy one."
"That'* good I"
"You are a lover ef order and Ilka te
am everything In it* aorteot plaoe."
"Well, yea, I'm fairly tidy," said Sir
Mix, stroking hi* hair back and iastlno-
tlvely settling his era vat.
"You lost a near relative when you
were���not very old," said Leila, wondering how long ago It wa* since Lady Tre-
bolham died.
"You ara quite eorseot.*
"And you have had a narrow escape
death by drowning, t think," oon-
ttaucd .Leila, thinking of a hairbreadth
adventure on take Oome which ho had
told her af at Uajar Qulunaas' dinner
"Right again," laid Sir F*llx. looking
ap at tha black mask, which bent from
kit gasa and leaned attentively over bit
outstretched hands.
"Ton have bad several lor   affaire.'
Murmured Leila. "You are engrossed m
a vary important oo* now.*'
"Ob, am If"
"This le rather embarrassing."
"I must reveal what I as* in your hand."
Sir Fslix wished be had not eoiue lo
and writhed helplessly a* Leila oontinw <l
calmly, "From what I aaa tall your affection Is returned."
"And what la tht* aysterlou* 'sho
"Sh* 1* dark and of noble family. I
should imagine by thi* peculiar line that
���be has a title." (He mustn't think It's
that horrible Dot.)
Leila'* heart beat fast a* ah* watched
hi* face change and aba odor flush hotly
te bl* cheek.
"You will ba married thla year and live
��� Very happy life," ebe ventured nervously.
"That sounds rather like the ending of
a fairy tela," said Sir Felix with an Incredulous and rather contemptuous stall*
"But It I* tru*. or wUl be If you do not
hesitate.    Your   fate must b*  decided
"You are right; lt must."
"Lose no time in settling and scouring
��� happy destiny."
"Bight again; I will not.'
"It is a habit of yours to procrastinate
���a bad habit that must be mended. If
not, 1 will uot answer for the consequence*
���I moan," said Lalla hastily. "I cannot
read tbaxa."
Sir Felix meditated, curling hi* mu��-
taeb* ln some perplexity.
"It must be Leila," be murmured half
unconsciously, and it was well that tbe
velvet mask hid those burning checks.
"It may be," she said, 'but I am no
thought raidur. I only tell you the lines
ef your hand, where the voice of tbe past,
the present and tba future is turned into a
pioture, visible to our eyes only. I cannot toll if the ideal of your thought* 1* tb*
���am* person whose destiny Kevins Inter-
Woven so strongly with yiur own life
Now, sir, I mutt reqtin* you to make
mom for others.   I can tell you no more.'
Sir Fullx rose, dropped his coins on the
table aud left Just as the real palmist
raised tba outer curtain and entered ber
"You may hare your robe bank," said
Leila, aad cast off tbe oloak from ber
shoulders. The owner resumed it and
gUtnued with secret curiosity at th* trembling fingers which at-emed loath to remove
the mask, so slowly were the blaok ribbons untied and the guise dnffod. Leila
put on ber hat and quitted ths tent, outwardly quite calm and self possessed. She
avoided a rencontre with air Felix, and
resumed ber old stand at tbe flower stall.
A friend wbo owned that region of
lovely but unsalable ware* remarked tha*
���he looked rather white and weary. "Yot.
have bean working too bard, Ills* Cavendish."
"Yes," assented Leila, with an odd little smile. "I hav* been working hard.
very hard."
"And have you made a lot?"
"Well, I don't quite know yet, you ace,
but���but I bops I have been successful.
Qood Bight* Mr. Hamilton; the carriage
will be waiting for me Ivy this time. No,
Captain White, you are not to oome with
me. Bow Is tbe wonderful bran tub to
get on without youf"
Sir Felix was standing by tbe door a*
Leila eaoie out flinging a light cape
around ber shoulders, and hs hostensd forward to tuck ber fur rug warmly over ber
skirts and gallantly kissed the scented
Angers which triad to evade his grasp.
"Well, Mia Cavendish, did you have
your fortune told by th* palmist?"
"Yes, I did; wasat It foolishly Insane
efuiat   And youf"
"I alio had my future fata revealed,'
ha answered gravely.
Leila laughed uneasily, and took a swift
survey of his unreadable face.
"Bave you been ordered to fulfill any
task���to embark on any venturer"
"Y**, I hav*."
"I am fearfully curious, but do tell me,
���hall yon obey*"
"No, I think not. The feet la I have
lost an Ideal today."
"What do you meant"
Be gave a signal to the coachman to
drive on, and then bent hurriedly toward
ber, laying quietly, "Take my advice,
Mis* Leila; next time you play at palmistry remove your pearl ring I"���Madame.
tne audience and wito a rasping voice
Mid, "I would like to ask ot the lecturer
the exact belgbt of the Bridal Yell."
Bromley, who bad expected nothing of
this kind, and wa* never strong ln detail*
as to figure*, waa entirely taken by surprise, but gave no sign thereof a* hs roe*
and advanced to the front of tbe platform
and coolly answered, ' 'I did not measure
tbeui, but as nearly a* I can remember tbe
exact height is 861 feet ��3. Inches." Su
further question* were asked of thatlee-
tuiur.���New Haven Register.
A !(!������ CBlcalattoa.
A Flemish gentleman conceived th*
Idea that ho would only live a certain
time, so he made a nice calculation of hie
fortune, whloh he so apportioned as to lost
Ju��t the suuiu period oa Lu guessed bi* life
would extend to.
Strangely enmiph. btsuslflulattoni cam*
correct to th* letter, for he died punutua'
Iy ut the time he bud previously reckoned.
He had so far exhutiKted bis citato thai
alter his debts hud boon dlnuharjed u military pair of slippers represented the etitltv
property he left.
ills relatives burled him, and a representation of the slippers was carved on tbe
tomb. Today ln u churchyard nt Amsterdam bis gruve may lie seen, the only inscription on the stout being two Flemish
words, "Effen Nyt" (I. e., '��� Exactly",),���
London Wall.
E. te. Kirkland
IF YsOTirat
mmimmwrmm    ^w*
W. A. Kirkland.
Deeds, Wills, Leases, Agreements
and Partnerships drafted and prepared promptly.
Office: Next door to Dr. King's.
���.ia ���
A cc��ttant supply ���* Oe-flt HHk
Cowa for private families er tat
dairy use oo hind, alee
30 Head Young Stock.
Matrimony la Perala.
Matrimonial engagements ln Persia are
divided into two classes. The reul marriage, which ls oontldered the most re-
f pcotahle, Is confined to four wives. In
tbe other tbe number of "partners" of the
husband'* joy and sorrow is unlimited.
The professor had fallen down stair*,
and a* ho thoughtfully picked himself up
he remarked, "I wonder what noise that
was I just heardr"���New Orleans Time*-
Mla'l Meaeara Them.
Isaac Bromley once ran "against a
���nag" while lecturing In Litchfield county, Conn. As I recall the story, he was
lecturing before ��� local institute upon the
subject of ��� trip he had recently made to
California and tbe Yosemlte valley, winding up with a beautiful description of the
Bridal Vail fall*, which so charm all wbo
visit them.
A* he took his seat he wa* surprised to
see tbe gentleman wbo bad presided over
the meeting atop forward and say, "In accordance with our usual custom, we will
bow be glad to hear any questions that
the lecturer may be desired to answer ln
relation to tbe subject upon which be ho*
been talking."
At tbl* ��� tall, r*db��ad*d man rose in
The fell shades, both la (Ilk and cloth,
���ad even wben combined with bright ool-
an, are still quiet in effect.
Tbe soft warm brown and a pretty eoft
blue ar* found in combination tbl* year,
both ia material* and la gawns.
Many handsome Imported gowne are la
cashmere of delicate shades. A coarse lace
applique la seen on handsome afternoon
and evening gowns.
Stylish skirt* ar* made with the plaid
an th* bios and apparently of the thick
Woolen material of which golf capes ur*
made. They ar* pretty oa slender women.
Tbe baby Persian lamb Is to be found
a* an affaotlve trimming oa the bodices of
many gowns. It I* effective la giving
character to a gowa af en* of th* pretty
���hades of brown.
Chinchilla la narrow band* finishes th*
bottom and outlines panels of handsome
recaption and evening gown*, and with
excellent effect, though *om* people object
always to fur on house gowns.
Very pretty jaokota ef fawn color, stylishly lined with silk stripe* and plaids,
���re to be found at reasonable prices. A
stylish jacket has a straight, loose front,
���ne upper and two lower pocket*.
Rhinestone buttons, large and small,
appear on many pretty frocks, out steel
���tnnments, a large plain crystal button,
and there Is nothing prettier than the
plain crystal button which has no ornamentation.
Tb* very becoming aedlol collar 1* seen
���a muny reception gowns. With this high
collar In the back and lapels at either side,
a square out neck filled in with soft puffed
mull, the effect is very pretty and auoh
affeoted by elderly women.
The lining of your gowa thla season
must be of the same color a* it or as the
trimmings to be au fait. They may be
a shad* lighter If desired, but there must
be uo contrasts. Tbise small things do
inuoh to make the general elegance of lh*
gown.���New York Time*.
Undrew Clausen,
Having entered our aew premises
we have opened up a large consignment of NEW GOODS. With a
better opportunity of displaying
our goods we cordially invite our
patrons to call and inspect
Jeweller, Etc, Etc.
Fine Boots,
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom Work a Specialty.
Grand Prize Drawing
Dry Good
ere,  Ladner
Every" Cash Purchaser of One Dollar's Worth of Dry Goods is entitled to one Ticket for the following 20 Valuable Prizes:
Lady's Gold Watch,
French Clock,
Forty Yards Boll Matting,
1 Bolt Flannelette,
1 Pair Lace Curtains,
Lady's Walking Skirt,
Lady's Dress Length,
1 Pair Portieres,
tting,          8.00
Rocking Chair,
Muslin Dress Length,
1 Pair Lace Curtains,
Muslin Dress Length,
Card Table,
$2.0.0         1 Basel
me                               ���**"*
1 White Spread,     -
1 Colored Bed Spread,
Lady's Under Skirt,
Lady's White Blouse,
1 Bed Quilt,
1 Pair Pillow Shasta,
a. so
a. 50
The Result of the Drawing will appear in this Paper on JUNE 4��
y ���V ���     ������      ���.,*     , �����.
^C��Y-LASSBT^ ��� On Wednesday j.-25th inawby Kev. A. N,
Miller, assisted by Rev. L. E.
Tranter. Frederick Lacey to
Edith Lasseter, youngest daughter of Geo. Lasseter1,, of Treaant
Choice Dairy- Butter at {he-City
��� ���      --  ��� ���
CF. Green took in the races at
Vancouver on the 24th.
Councillor Embree is the happy
lather of another bouncing baby
���a .ar**-.*. ���  ii 11 ��� ���
Raspberry Vinegar,, a delicious
summer drink���by the bottle���City
Mrs. M*. N. Reid returned- on
Thursday from a few days! visit to
Try our Perfect* Catarrh Remedy
tb stop that spitting in the morning.
���*��*F. J. Mac.Cet.zie.
Miss C. King,- of New Westminster, was visiting Mrsi W. H.
S*iih"on tbe 34th.
Robt;- Stokesy W.- Cressard, and
V*. Siddall were- among the sightseers in Victoria-early this week.
Theife is quite a ine string of
local fast horses here getting, in
Shape for the paces on the 25th
.���in   .������naii-.i    ������*���.���*-_���_���___��
. Oar lacrosse teams are hard at
IkWctiee for the coveted' silver cnp
lb be given to ths winning team on
Jnne 2Sthv
' W. Abercrombie returned home,
ffrednesday,. after spending, a tew
days in Victoria' under i&& observance of Dr. Ernest Hall.
: j The friend* of Miss Galhoan will
Be pleased to. bear that st�� titts
been appointed Matron of the* Bur-
Mrd Sanatorium, Vancouver.
.���     11 1 i....
If. It. Wright., W. If, Wilson,
A. T. Fawcett, H. MfcDbwell, and
H.- Garean Were among the arrivals
Atom Victoria, on Wednesday.
Mi*. J��; Fletter and dangbret',
of New Wesftni'ttsterv arrivfcd- on
Tht-raday's boat for* a short visit
With! Mr* ix Ounn', Boundary Bay
offenders detected will be brought
to justice.
Ice Cream,  Ice  Cream
Fruit Syrups���City Bhkery.
W. J. Brandrith left, Wednesday,
On a business visit to Mission City.
Jos. Jordan went to Vancouver
to take in tbe races bat was unable
to enter.
Wm, Bassingtbwait was a passenger to New Westminster, Thursday, on business.
Poison  notices
this office.
are obtainable at
Work has been commenced
the Vicarage.
Mrs.  S. F.  Woodland went to
Vancouver this morning.
S. F. Woodland was a visitor to
tbe Methodist Conference on Monday and Tuesday.
"Shorty," we regret to say, has
had to undergo an operation, by
which be is minus an' eye.
Hugh McDonald very successfully treated, last week, a cow, belonging to Jos. Jordan, suffering
.from milk fever.
A congregational! meeting will be
held in* tbe Methodist Church on
Friday' evening next at 8* p.m.,
when the annual statement will be
read, and, if possible, printed forms
will be distributed. A fall attendance is requested-.
P. Shirley's-broad smiJle- does not i
surprise one wfiBn the* cause is
ifenown. A couple of very near
relatives arrived Tuesday���a boy
and a girl. They claim the best of
attention and are very independent
though they brought no baggage.
Mrs; P'ashl'ey, of Dfewdney, paid
a> short visit to Ladner on Wednesday last, for the purpose of seeing
her old friend and neighbor Mrs.
Vasey, who has* been iff poor
health for a length of time. While
in Ladnef sbe was a guest at the
The" Ladner Cornet Band played
* nice programe at the May Day
celebration, last week, which was
much appreciated by the* yonng
l&lks, fof whose* benifit especially
the programe was rendered. Tfee
music waa a great assistance to the
School children in marching and
ih dancing around the May-Pole
and the band deserves the thanks
of the commuaify fou furnishing
free music on that day.
Set. T. Oswald kindly took
Charge of the service in the Meth--
Odist'Chtirch last Sunday afternoon
for Mr. Miller who1 was* absent attending the funeral of Mrs. As-
G*. Cunningham, jr-, of Hew
Westtninster, returned home, Tuesday, after trying, his skill in the
trap shooting: competition there.-
Me took* home a< fair portion of the
Mts. Cars* paidf a visit fo her
daughter, Mrs. (Dr) Riggs,Van*
ooufer, last week and also was
present at the Conference for a
ifaoft titae, rsetui-miig home on
A bevy of young girls spent the
24th at Chewassen. A more pleasant day is hard to find. Some
started earlier than others, taking
their lunches alii nicely prepared-
cakes, sandwiches, lemons, etc.
A nice, shady nook is found in
which to cache tlft dainty morsels
until the pleasure seekers should
have created an appetite by wandering in the beautiful ozone-laden Ma
breezes, an appetite keen en-Wgh to
eat a hog, feathers and all1. As
the time rolled round, tihe strollers,
well armed with the bese of appetites, made tracks for the nice
cozy corner prepared to spread their
table 00 tbe greensward wben, lo!
and behold 17 did you bring the
lunch? "Ves, I brought the lunch,
but, look! I guess it will'make good
J. Oliver, M.P.P., took 100 head
of cattle to Pitt Meadows, Thursday.
The many friends of Canon Hilton will regret to leern that he is
in bed, very ill.
Following is the new distribution
of Methodist ministers for this district as decided by Conference:
New Westminster (West End)���
Rev. A. J. Brace.
Chean*���Rev. J. J. Nixon.
Rev. W. J. Sipprell, chairman;
Rev. A. N. Miller, Fio.-Sec.
John W. Adams1, a young lad of
fourteen, was drowned ii& the Nic-
omekl river, at Elgin; last week.
'He was in swimming with his
younger brothel* when tbe accident
I occurred.
The- deceased was the oldest son
of James Adams, of Elgin, and a
nephew of John Simpson of this
Jos. What You Need.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are just what you need
jwhen constipated; when you have
no appetite, feel dull after eating
and wake up> with a* bad taste in
the mouth. They will improve
your appetite, clesmseand invigorate
your stomach and give you a relish
for your food.���For sale by F. J.
At a small town in Kent, a gentle
man employed a carpenter to put
up a partion, and had it filled with
sawdust to deades the sound. When
it was completed the gentleman
called from one side to tbe carpenter
on the other:
''Smite, can you hear me?"
whereupon Smith replied in a most
convincing tone, ' No sir'."
and 3rd
Other Sun-
.   Holy Communion,   1st
Sundays, at 11 a.m.
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M.I.   Services first and   third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m. and 7130 p.m.
Class meeting, 10,30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
.Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. L. E.- Tranter.
NOTICE 1* herety given that, sixty (6o-f d*ys
after tie date of this notice. I intend to
make application to the Honourable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase alt that portion of the south;
east quarter of Section II, Township 5, New
Westminster District, which forms a lagoon, or a
mud flat at Boundary Bay, which has uot already been Crown gya'uted, aud which contains
50 acres, more or less.
Ladner, B. C, 30th March, 1904.
Buff  Orpingtons:   Pure*! Bred,
$2joof Grade, 75c. per setting.
For Sale.
A good strong 3-inch tire Wagon
-Prrce $25.    Apply
Ladner, B. C,
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public. Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone 5. ,, .*,
Oeneral Merchant,
Port Guichon, B.C.
Have You Seen the
Propless Treeprop
They .Are IT.
W.   J.   Brandrith
Buggies, Eio.
Our Stock of Buggies, Road-
carts, Wagons, etc., are of
First-Class Quality and we
carry a complete line.
Q- T. BAKER'S "^gn^
Mowers, Etc.   '
Frost & Woods and Deer-
ing Mowers; Hay Tedders,
Rakes, Binders, etc.
Full Stock on Hand.
Teas!   Teas!
Mrs W. S. Livingstone wishes
to iaform her customers that she
has'just received a fresh supply of
at tbe People's Grocery
We Want your Business and it will be to Your
Interest to Give It To Us. WE WILL
TREAT YOU .RIGHT, and Our Prices as
well as Quality is Guaranteed.
_���_* W.* IT*. Smitt* tvas or* Ms wtfy
ii)to the country",'. iia) the Trunk
toady accompanied" by Ms little* dog,
Ihe ioo* little thing: came upon a
piec* of s*omething in the ea&ng
fibe* wi4 poison attached, add in a
lew minutes di��fapj">ea*ad jn the
to-usi alongside the road! to suffer
tad die. _���&���**, you m-ay put out
jDKfcon notices all along sh**.*aad
te*ft to* puff poison on the puMic
llghWSly is s. 4SB**i.*,iA <*ffis��cev and
A very quiet wedding took place
at the home of the bride's father,
Trenant Farm, on Wednesday afternoon last, when Edith, the
youngest daug&fler of Geo. Lasseter, was united in the bonds of
holy wedlock to Frederick Lacey in
the presence of a very few intimate
friends "of the family. The bride,
who was'vtfry. prettily dressed in a
travelling stfit of blue lr.dies' cloth,
wrs aJMended by Miss Phoebe Simpson, wbile the groom was supported by Fred. Cutting, Imn-.edfe.tely
after the ceremony the happy
icoupl* left on thr Victorian for a
short honeymoon trip', followed by
���the bes* wis-fes si <_tei�� many
A short black Sow, witb white
colored jaws.
Finder please return to
McRAE & Co
NEW WEsSrrilNSTER, li. C.
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
This Space
Cm Au Welsh
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-tt, For 14-ft, Opening, $8.50
4-fb. For 16-ft. Opening, $9.50
Queen Quality
We wish to inform, the Ladies of Ladner that our' QUEEN
QUALITY SHOES have arrived,....When yott are in Westminster call in and we will be.only too pleased to show you the
Shoe Styles such as are worn in Boston, and all up-to-date Eastern cities.
These Shoe* Are Sold Only By
7& Leading
Shoe Store


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