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The Delta Times Dec 19, 1903

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ol. i. No. ts.
''L1    '���  ',      lllll,.W��l'.
$1.00 a yea
'Choice Seeded Raisins, -Cleaned Currants, Sultana Raisins, New Peels,
Table Raisins and Figs, Shelled AlmondsT
Fresh Filberts, Almonds, Brazil and Walnuts, Fancy Biscuits.
Xmas Crackers.  Largest Assortment of Confectionery in Town.
fttOOIiis* Pure Mixed Candy
Will be Offered Durinor Xmas Trade at
?&��  *SBS
*5 Gts.
ti rf__fe
i J mm Ct^mme�� <# 0�� Box
Second Grade at 35c. Box.
All worth ^winl_ing���, exhibited in the window.
/Only;8 daysrmoi*.
Txkets with .Every Dollar Purchase.    From a Pin to -a Ton of Coal
Everything as Advertised.
Conm In and Look Around*
Pl&msed to have you Inspect Cur Stock*
 -*������    ���   -r
RB.���Please bear in mind That this Store will be Closed Next Friday and
Saturday, 25th & 26th Ins'ant.
with them the best wishes
of t Infix
JR!    FLpt
We-can save ySu money I
��\g Jfrour FLOUR at the
BAKERY.        Lor*-
A quiet wedding certtmony vas
] erfe-rmed in the home of ��C.
- Beadleston on Wednesday morning
���last, when Thomas Reive. Patterson
* aid  Anna Belle  Beadleston   wtye
ftinittd in the bands of holy matjri-
-SBony.   The Lride an-d biddegroem
were   supported    respectively   hi	
'; Miss Agnes Kidd and Joseph Kidd',      A preparation tie* ���- e -. discover-
sdaughter and son of Thomas Kidd1(Cd ^jtfjj,, if appiietlf to.show win-
Delta, by G. W. Walker, will be
continued in next issue.
'V buy-
DO W���
Esq., ex-M.P.P. T>e ' company
was select, 'consisting entirely of
relations oi the bride.   -The cere-
dows, will prevent the troublesome
accumulation of frost. It consists
of a mixture of 55 drams of glycer-
...���ony being ended, all pre.sent satiine dissolved in a little over a quart
.-down to a .sumptuous wedding' f 6_ per cept alc0_(0i) containing,
breakfast te  w!, ch <aniple ^usti,..?! t0 iniprove the 0dor, oil of amber.
was done
Mr. and
��� a-oad for New Westmins'^.preparatory to entering upon a',h.'neymoon
-tour of a week's duratipn, and on
���their return will take up .-the , resij
-deuce in twat hou'i* lately pccu, ied
���by Huntei Watson. Tht: bride .]���!
��� bridegroom are >\idi.y   - ���-!  'av r-_
-*-#bJy,,k-fjpwu in.Jhe district and "jarry ^ '*. ueetfay-
As soou as the mixture clarifies it is
Mrs. Path'sinjon ���J0ft hi��rltr,bed over the inner surface of the
^lass.      This    prevents   sweating
and   frost���the   bugbear   of srore-
���keepers during winter menths.
G. Lockie Brown, of New West
minster, visited on business yesterday.
t^n-iran Hiltqn .will occupy Mr.
McLeod's house, near Marshal!
Smith's residence, for a 9hort while,
Mr., Mrs. and Miss Carss have
gone to Vancouver to spend the
Christmas holidays with Dr. and
Mrs. Riggs.
Election, If Any, Jan. 16
��� Communication Re
Water Laid Over for
Full Board.
The regular meeting of the Delta
Municipal Council was held on Saturday, December 12th, the Reeve
and Couns. Burr, Ladner and Em-
bree being present.
The minutes of last meeting were
read and confirmed.
From Ho.vay & Reid. Received
and filed.
From F. S. Clarke, re well drilling. Received and laid over for
fall board.
From W. N. Draper. Received
and filed.
From J. A. Catherwood, secretary Reeves' Convention. Received and filed.
From J. H. [Shirley. Received
and filed.
From E. Cammidge. Received
and laid over for full board.
From T. W. Paterson. Received,
and Clerk to reply.
From Robt. McKee, poundkeeper.
Received and filed.
From the-City Clerk, Vancouver,
asking'the Council to endorse the
resolutions passed by the Vancouver City Council ir_ regard to an
All-Canadian route to the Yukon.
Request granted.
On motion, the Clerk was instructed to write the Postofflce Inspector and A. Morrison, M.P.,
asking for a daily mail from Victoria to Ladner, by boat.
The Clerk was appointed returning officer for the coming election.
Nominations will be opened in the
Town Hall on January nth, 1904,
and the election, if any, on January 16th.
The following accouuts were ordered paid: John Oliver, hauling
gravel and repairing wharf, $63.67;
Delta Times, printing and advertising, $3.25; 'W. N. Draper, tracing
road, $2.50; H. J. Cresswell, road
work, $16; Geo. Ormiston, salary,
$60; B. Eyton, work on roads, $29;
Sam Kee, do, $2; Jack, do, $4;
Kwong Choug, do, $9.70; Paul
Swanson, do, $4; C. H. Morrow,
do, $4; Smith Wright, cutting
thistles, $2; E. Chiddell, do, $2; A.
Falk, caretaking flood box, *f*i2; R.
11. Gillespie, work on roads, $67.50;
Jos. Jordan, hauling gravel, $37.1*55;
K. fl. Ouaggan, repairing vuiarf,
55.25; H. J. Cresswell: con missions
on dog tax, $19; Marshall Smith,
coal, $5.25; G. T. liaker, r:pairing
Town Hall, $1.75; Sam Gray, repairing Scott road, $1; F. J. MacKenzie, sundries, $7*35; W. Alexander, hauling gravel, jSio. 12.
The Council adjourned to meet
on Saturday, Dec. 26th, at 2 p.m.
A. O. U. W.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year, at the {regular
meeting held on Tuesday evening
in Waddell's Hall:
P.M.W., T. E. Ladner.
M.W., J. Gilchrist.
Foreman, W. Pybus.
Fin. Sec, W. H. Smith.
Rec. Sec, T. W. Kerr.
Receiver, R. Moffit.
W. Tyrrell was in Vancouver on
a business visit this week.
Mixed Nuts, 20c per lb.,
for'.soc., at the City Bakery.
3 lb.
Rev. T. Oswald was a passenger
on the up-river steamer yesterday
R.   N. Cooper,   of  Vancouver,
was in town yesterday on business.
J. H. Bosustow, of the Delta
Hotel, went up town, yesterday, on
a business trip.
It is rumored the Bank of British
North America, of Vancouver, intend to open a branch at Ladner in
the near future.
Wm. McDowell, of Victoria, and
father of our respected citizen,
Hugh McDowell, is expected to be
amongst us uttring the coming
The 14th Annual Meeting ��f the
B. C. Fruit Growers' Association
will be held in the City Hall, Ifew
Westminster, on the 7th and 8th of
January, 1904.
Mrs. Thos. Kidd, with family, of
Lulu Island, came over on the
Transfer, Tuesday af'-'nioon, to attend the wedding of her niece,
Miss Bella Beadleston.
A practice basketball match was
played on Thursday evening between the first and sc-cond teams, in
the Town Hall, When the second
team won by 17 to 15.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent at T. Robertson's, East Delta,
on the 7th inst., when a number of
people were invited to meet Mr,
and Mrs. Mogee before they left for
1 and
auction sale at
. . N. Rich, on
Ere another issue of The Delta
Times reaches our friends the glad
season of Christmas will have arrived so we take this opportunity of
wishing you a Merry Christmas,
especially to the boys and girls, and
trust we shall be much better acquainted with each other by tlie
. ues^Cshristi-ujts.
Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days.
Norman Heart, of Gulfside, has
purchased the McDowell property
at Boundary Bay, which has been
advertised in The Delta Time?.
I loss it pay ip advertise? Yes, in
The Delta Times.
For several months our younger
brother had been troubled with indigestion. He tried several remedies
hut got no benefit from them. Wc
purchased some of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and ne
commenced taking them. Inside of
thirty days he had gained forty
pounds in flesh. He is now fully recovered. We have a good trade on
the Tablets.���Tlollcy Bros.. Merchants, Long Branch, Mo. . For. sn'.c
by F. J. Mackenzie.
The annual Christmas Tree and
Entertainment in connection with
the Methodist Church Sunday
School, will be held iu the Town
Hall on Tuesday evening next, the
22nd inst., commencing at 7:30.
There will be a good time, and
don't you forget it.
Carried Oufc*-Trenant Permanently Closed���Sun-
b��ry Condition* Very
School closih'g here was '**"'very
quiet affair as promotion eiams.
were not held. The rooms were
appropriately decorated for tie occasion and a good programme was
very successfully rendered by;-each
department. . Everything west b_f*
with a snap that was pleasing tb
everyone. It is hoped that th*
Department will see their way clear
to increase the staff of teachers at,
with the closing of Trenant school,
the already overcrowded classes are
liable to be so inconvenienced as te
greatly impair its efficiency.
The public school examination at
Sunbuty Was conducted yesterday
by the teacher, J. E. Jay, assisted
by Rev. A. N. Miller: The trns-
tees were ptrescift as Were also four
other visitors, The pfcpils acquitted
themselves very creditably, showing that faithful work has been
done by Ihe teacher. They are at
quite a disadvantage from the fact
that about two-thirds of 'them do
not speak the English tongue ii
their hemes. It is less than twd
years since some of them cante
from Sweden, and these have -B-_.de
remarkable progress. The trustees
expressed themselves as well satisfied with the progress -fiie sbhodl
had made.
Watson Miller returned yester
slay, from Columbian College, to
spend the Christmas holidays at
home, having passed successfully
the Christmas examinations held in
connection with that institution.
He made an average of over 68 per
cent. 0:1 the sixteen j subjects
which he was examined.
Holy Communion, 1st abet Sri
Sundays, at n a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.,
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavit,
O.M. I. Services first and 'third
Sunday of each month at> 10-30 a. ex,
Services next Lc*d""TS iHy 4t H
a. m.and 7 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. wary
Sabbath School at 2 p m *irer^
Sunday. Prayer meeting eveiy
Wednesday evening at 7.3b*
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 pa     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 ���'clock
Rev. Thos. Oswald* minister.
Preaching service every Lord's
Day evening at 7 o'clock. Subject
to-morrow: "Better Things."/
Services conducted by
Rev. A. A. McLeod, pastor.
J. Watson, Jas. Nelson, JW. H.
Ladner, J. Reagh,  W. Livingstone
and Mrs. H. G. Taylor were pas-
in I sengers down on the Transfer yes-
| terday.
Published every Saturday.
SppscRimoN, $1.00 per year.
Casual AdvcrtlKmenta, io ceuta per line foi
the hrst insertion, and 5 cents per line for each
aubacquent insertion. Tbe number of hues
reckoned by the apace occupied, 1. lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
%a�� an application at thla office.
Reading notices ia cents per line for each insertion.
Mrth aad Death notices, 30c,, Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the object of which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
ar company, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertiaememta charged fer until ordered
asat aad paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
tatereet. Communications to editor must be ac-
oompaaied by name of writer, not necessarily
far publication, but aa evidence of good fai-th
Cerreapoadeace must reach this office by Tliurs-
day avaaaag.
that purpose? Do yen not think
this matter is worthy of the consideration at the next meeting ef
the Institute?
We have also reprinted an article
on the potato starch industry which
we commend to the Farmers' Institute. Surely the opportunities are
manifold ii the farmers do but
arouse themselves.
���ATVXbAY,   DECEMBER   19.     I9��3
With poorly lighted, aye, un
lighted, streets, one's attention is
directed to the fact that things
BhouUL be better. With the municipal elections at hand, an opportune time has arrived for the taxpayers to look into the matter of
progress, anti one way of progressing is to pro-ride light* for the
On Sunday, if on no other day
at the week, a large number of
people would, like to see a few-
Jig hts distributed through the town.
We are under the impression
that if the new Council can be pre-
vailed upon to take the matter up
the ratepayers of each Ward must
begin now, canvass their present
Representative and see if he U will'
ing te advocate electric .igh'.ing. If
so, pledge him support, if not,
bring out a man who wiil.
We believe that if the Delta Saw-
pill Company is approached in the
Right way the Council can be the
.means of introducing electricity for
lighting purposes to the general
benefit and satisfaction of all concerned and at little expense to the
A persoual canvass, we feel satisfied, would reveal the fact that all,
or nearly all, of the townspeople
would ti-ike the electric light in
preference to the present modes of
lighting���coal oil, gasoline, etc
According to our list a good many
subscriptions have already fallen
due, others do so at the close of the
year. We therefore take this opportunity of soliciting a renewal.
If you can manage to do so we
would, like to have you call, in
order that we might be the better
A short time ago, J. C. Snell, of
Ontario, mentioned to one of our
prominent famers tbat an experiment was about to be made with
oxygen on milk fever. Our neighbor suggested common air, which
Mr. Snell thought might be all
N. McDonald, who has charge of
W. H. Ladner's stock, had a cow
sick with milk fever, and, the animal was nearly dead, when he bethought himself of a scheme. The
cow must surely die "unless relief
came and came quick. Therefore
the experiment was tried and tbe
cow was on her feet in an hour or
Remedy���Take a bicycle pump
and fit up the hose so that it can be
inserted into the teat, aud then
pump in a quantity of air, Mr.
McDonald will gladly supply further information.
Don't mistake the cow for a
The Best Remedy tor Croup.
o Ii!
It Might Be Taken Up
Here With Great Profit
to the Farmer.
Over $100,000 has been disbursed
in the vicinity of Waverly, this fall,
for sugar beets, tbe purchser being
D. C, Corbin's big sugar  factory.
The campaign for the saccharine
roots is now nearly over, having
lasted almost ten weeics. The season's yield, as bought by the refinery, will amount to'about 24,000 tons,
for which $5.25 per ton was paid.
Those farmers who have gone into
tbe business in a scientific way
have made a big profit at that price,
the yield per acre averging from
eight to ten tons on soil properly
prepared for beet culture.
With a capacity tor 40,000
tons of beets, the Waverly factory
can use 50 per cent, more beets
than were supplied it this year.
The beet acreage has been increasing year by year, but there is
still a demand for more than are
raised iu the immediate vicinity of
the refinery. The beets from 5,000
productive acres would supply the
factory, but so far they have not
been found. As farmers uear the
factory learn from year to year
what profits can be made from this
culture, they arrange to put a part
01 nearly the whol? of their land
iuto beets.
Waverly is 38 miles from Spokane, and tbe sugar factory is one
of the big institutions of this section. Like all beet sugar factories,
it runs only three months in the
year. During tbat time from 125
to 130 men are employed in the
factory itself. In addition, about
300 harvest hands are employed in
the fields during the beet season,
Of the 24,000 tons bought this season, it is estimated that 9,000 tons,
Speaking of Farmers' Institutes,
(From Atchison, Kan., Daily Globe.)
Tliis is the season when the woman
who knows the best remedies for
croup is in demand in every neighbor- j or about 600 carloads, came in by
hood. One of the most, terrible ; rail. A large part of the carload
things in the world is to be awakened I tonnage was from wheat farms, the
in the middle of the night by a whoop , yield being from land planted in
from one of the children. The croup beets last spring as a means of suni-
rc'inuties are almost as sure to be lost, mer fallowing. One crop of beets
in case of croup, as a revolver is sure   iu 0. wheat stubble  field  >ust about
A. O.
U. W.
DELTA   LODGE   NO.   12,   meets   firf     and
third   Tuesdays   in   each mouth ia Wai-
dell's liall.
T. W. KERR, Recorcer.
I. O. F.
Court Osseo, No. 3443, meets
in I OOF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B.
Burr; R S,   B S  McDonald
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
Robt. Moffit, N.G.
N. A. McDiarmid,  Sec.
Crescent Island,
2 y. Miles West of Ladner.
Has received instructions from E.
R. CHIDDELL, Esq., who is giving up dairying, to sell by Auction,
on his premises as above, on
Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1903,
at t o'clock p. m., the whole of
his choice
Comprising : 17 Milch Cows (with
and in calf; 5 two-year-old Heifers;
1 two-vear-old Steer; 8 Yearlings;
1 Durham Bull; and 2 Mares and
12 Store Pigs.
This Herd is worthy of the attention of Dairymen, Farmers and
others, and will be found in good
condition, part of the Cows are now
in full profit and the others due to
calve in February and March.
Terms : Under $50, spot cash;
over that amount, approved notes,
at 3 months, with bank interest.
Delta Transfer Stable
LAD M BR, P>. C,
Team Work Oots at Spatially Low Prionu.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
���fjTelephone "Ladner" No. 10.
Practical Horseshoeing &
All Kinds of Repairing
W. H. Taylor's.
Stokes & Cullls
Leave Your Orders NOW for
Turkeys,  Geese, Chickens,
Westham Street,
I tmeWaWaaWaaWaam
Ladner, B. C.
pays for itself, and puts the land in
for   tlie   next.
!c be lost in case of burglars.   There
11-id to be an old-fashioned remedy I the  best   condition
for  croup, known as hive syrup, but; year S gram.
sc me modern mothers say that Cham- j     About 3,360 tons of refined sugar,
b'.rl.ain's Cough   Remedy    is better,' or about   14 per cent, of the beets
sliced, will constitute  the season's
This will
L.nd does not cost so much.    It causes
we would a��k this question: What; quicker, and gives relief in a shorter  product  of the  factory.
' !iue. Give this remedy as soon as | be about 225 carload*;. This sixty
l:t croupy cough appears a-.id it will odd thousand bags of sugar���loo
.���rcvent the attack.       It never fails  pounf<s to a bag~<.w.in be less than
is the reason the attend."nee is so
���mal? Is it because the ladu s do
pot (*��':. 1 art, or, has all interest in
tihemeeti", s 11 as heen frozen out
through lack of zeal amongst the
farmer tnenu.rt? Let us hear from
Home of you, at d see if it is not
possible to rest ���;. the Institute to
the position it 7 ould hold in a
farming commu t , *ucb as this,
where the soil is o nich a quality
- that it is unsnrpass-* i a,uy where.
When sending in a com nm ica'ion
do not forget tktt your o v name
in to be the published. Write nothing you will he Mthftme* of.
the patient to "throw up the phlegm"
snd is pleasant and safe to take. For
sr.le by F. J. Mackenzie.
Lord Duiidonald, Commander-in-
Chief of the Canadian Forces, returned   from   Port   Simpson   and
one-sixth of what is actually consumed in the sState of Washington
at tbe present time, the total consumption having been estimate 1 at
370,000 l-ajs a year. This means
that something over $ 1,500,000
goes out o!" this State annually for
sugar, money tha mi ;h. be kept in
the  State, if there  were five or six
3 Cows, 2 Yearlings, 1 Bay
Horse, 5 years old, weight
about 1,450 lbs.
Has received instructions from
Messrs. Hopcott Brothers to sell the
above by Auction, on Tuesday,
22nd December, 1903, immediately
after Mr. Chiddell's stock has been
disposed of.
Xmas Fruits,
Cider and
AH Fresh.   -
... , other bit: sugar factories to produce
vicinity on the government stea 11 er ., ,,   ,.,   ���   r
' a I the su_;ar.���Seattle P.-I.
Quadra on Monday, where he w*
We publish, in another column.
�� clipping from the {Seattle P.-I., an
article on the result of a, year's
operation of a beet sugar refinery
at Waverly, Wash. The. product
of the farms in that neighboroood
netted the farmers $5.25 per ton.
Suppose you, the farmers of this
district, were to get only $5 per ton
for tlie quantity oi sugar beets you
can raise do you think you could
tjffori to s_.are a small _->aich for ��b}e,
to look over the situati >ti with respect to the report that the United
j States intended to fortify Sitk Ian
tnd Kannaghunut Islands. He
j visited both the Island-; and also
j Pearse and Wales Islands, wbich
j were beth awarded to Canada ;
! Kilimsjat  and Work Canal, which
A-.i Attack of Pneumonia Warded Off.
"Some time ago my daughter
caught a severe cold. Shte complained
of pains in her chest and had a bad
cough. t Rave her Chamberlain's
Crugh Remedy according; to directions and iu tv.'O- days  she was well
nud able to go to. *.<:Jjool.    I have used
places huve both been suggested as   *';is t.cmed--* ���� W ^"'--y for the past
the trans-Canada terminus.  He declined to talk of his visit, byt iron
others in the party, it  is  learned
that h^ rs-pards Sitklan and Kan-
naghunut Islands as unable to dominate   Port   fcinipson   if   tortified.
Vessels pass close to these islands
entering Port Sittp-nn, but Wales
Island is much bi..,lu-r, and il foit
there would make any fortification
on the United v^tatei is.auus unten-      Dcn't forget M-e Ym�� Tr?   and
Entertainment Tuesday, Dec. 22.
seven years and have never known
th fail," says James Prendcrgast, merchant, Anmto Bay, Jam-uca, West
India Islands. The pains in the chest
indicated an approaching p.tt'.ck of
pneumonia, which ill this instance was
undoubtedly warded off by C'nainbcr-
ltiin's Cough Remedy. It counteracts
any tendency of a cold toward pneu
nionia.    For sale by F. J. Macl-'nzie
ns 1 mii.
In the Matter of the Estate
of William Arthur, Deceased:
that all credftots and others having;
claims agains't the estate of the said
William Arthur, who died on or
about the 30th day of September,
1903, are required on or before the
28th day of December, 1903,
to send of deliver to Neil A. McDiarmid, of Ladner, B. C, Municipal Clerk, one ofthe Executors of
the last Will of the deceased, their
Christian and suruama*, afcd ad-
dras-.es aij.d descriptions, full particulars of theif claims, statements
of their accounts nud the nature of
the securities^ if any., held by
AND .-TETHER TAKE NOTICE that after the last mentioned
date, the Executors will proceed to
distribute the assets of the deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,
having regaifd only to the claims of
which they shall then have had
notice, and that tbey will not be
liable for the said assets or any part
thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose claims notice
shall not have been received by us
at the time of such distribution.
Dated this /th day of November,
By the    1 olicitors,
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & Furnishings
At All Pusses.
Best Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Eyeryone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
 ��_AT��" m
" i-.s-.ini 1
GOOSES!   :'��� GOOSES!   :   GOOSES
Now is th* time to think of yotir Christmas Dinner.   Order Early to .avoid the
rush at the
emi Market
HKoKee Bras.
Subscribe How Tor
tbe Delta times, Ladne. THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, .go*
���*���"���   rn'-'Tfi
m. warn wm
���   ���*   ���   1     ��������� . 1    ��� aeern ii.���
Piscouis.es on the Benefits to the Nation of
a Collegiate Education
for the Young People.
pal  Sipprell   visited
-:   preached on Sun-
interests of Col urn-
New  Westminster..
Rev.   Prim-i
nr village  .,-,;
day ias! in the
! iai    College,
This Institution has witnessed very
���marked advancement, and to-day is'
<Orte  of  the   foremost   educational-
centres of the  province.    Its staff
of sewn teacl*fT*: are well equipped
*or  givh"��g   instruction   in   almost
every  brantfli -ol hig��b<5--education.
There are courses  in "Commercial
"Work,   Music,   Teachet.s"   Certificates, Theology and in Arts Work
leading to the Degree eif IB. A.   In
fact it is able to grant the privileges
.-*of a university to the youth of our
land and to furnish them "with a degree trom one of tbe  leading uni-
*versiti*s_ of the Dominion .(Toronto
���University).     About   75   students
;are in attendance and  tbe increase
���in the new year will be so great as
.to call for additional accommoda-
itions.    VLiss Florence Kirkland and
Watson Miller, of this place, 'are in
attendance and G. Devereux lis expected  te .attend  after ^bttidtnias.
We know of uo institution in the
province so worthy of,patronage,
nor one iu which better instruction
ils given, than in Columbian&ollege.
Text-***I. Corinthian?, .13:9.
.leading Thoughts���
1. The ��value of educa'tic-li-: a.
Every man needs it to ik.-Wta 'to
���fill his place in the world- 'b. The
institution which can-awaken 'idetfs
has a rightful claim on .public -patronage, c. Education determines
the channel in wbicb our lines
sh.dl run. d. Education gives-nan
jif df control, without which t_,i-*eiis
.00 freedom, e. The highest type
of t-dsucation is th*. under >ruoral
and spiritual control, f. Education
gires new aims to life.
Psalms 33:12.
"National life and its development
was the tbeme for evening discus-
jnoM ,*ud the speaker showed the
advantage and necessity of conserving and advancing our national life.
Progress and Idealism -wdse 'the
means by which national life-was te
be maintained, and it was 'due to
this that Western civilization had
-outstripped the stagnant and effete.
East. National life did not new
consist in the types of the past fori
our battles aud ideals were peculiar
,to onr own century. Nor did it
rconsi.t.alone in extension of com-
inerce and trade or "the advancement of industry and science, 'but
/in deetis of justice and in the hap-
pines, ot its people. It-was.accomplished when self-aggrandisemetitj
was lost <jn (the brotherhood-of man,'
/It was to be accomplished when the
rnatio 1 recognized her God. A
���Striking allusion was made 'to1 our
���own province in this regard in her
'lack of a-Sabbath law, in Jier.path-
waya of vice at-d shame in her
citWs.and in her disgraceful scenes
in halls of power.
T'lere were certain forces 'that
were destructive to our national lite
of wbich the saloon was chief < and
it would be abolished when we had
more meu aud fewer ���syeophttuts in
^public oihce.
The strongest -force looking to
���the conservation ofthe Sfe.c was
^tlie Cnurch, for wiiefe>er the
'Church flourished you find the nations the most ad va ced. .Anoth 1
,*forue bUj.t.Uc Sttine.liue .w��> .-tbe -Col-
A potato starch factory mttry be
erected'at soaie point in thfeVak-
ima Vftlley. An 'expert has been
making investigations of the quality of irrigated potatoes and tbe
probable number oi acres that could
be planted to furnish tubers for the
factory. Tbe facts have been collected for a firm of starch manufacturers in Wisconsin. It is understood that the report will be favorable and possibly this new industry
will be located.
Tbe making of starch from potatoes is one of the profitable industries in several States. Tbe annual
���utput approximates 20,000 tons.
Of this product probably one-third
comes from Maine, a large portion
from Wisconsin and some from
Hew Hampshire, New York and
the Western States. The starch is
considered the best of all for print
factories and sells for 4c. a pound,
while tbe corn starch brings but
half that price. It is also used extensively throughout Europe in thc
manufacture of mucilage for stamps
and envelopes.
A factory for handling 1,200
bushels of potatoes per day is estimated to cost about $14,000. There
are forty-five such 'factories Jin one
bounty in Maine, Each one has a
capacity of turning out twenty barrels daily. A barrel contains 600
pounds'of commercial potato starch.
The bestjflpotatoes7yield about 16
per cent, of their weight Jin starch.
Poorjspecimeni and cullsJgive 6 to
8 pdirfcdVto tbe bushel of potatoes.
Sudh *tt.bers are seldom purchased
unless the price of marketable potatoes is so high as to prevent the
use of good ones for making starch.
{Process of Manufacture.
Tbe process of manufacturing
starch consists in separating the potato constituents and clarifying the
m&oilage portion for commetce.
The potatoes are Washed and cleansed -fyy .machinery. A rasping machine redndes the tubers to pulp.
Sofrffc of these haVe a capacity of
2^0 bushels kn hour. The machines are ot German manufacture.
Some small factories use graters of
limited capacity. These act on the
sacde principle of the rasps and
chew the tubers into a pulp from
which the starch -can easily be
Pulp is taken from tbe starch by
'running water through the grated
tor mashed substance. This pulp is
frequently sold to dairymen and
""stock feeders. It also makes good
'feed fdr sheep. Some growers haul
'the pulp from the factories and mix
"with other chop feed for general
/farm stock. In many cases it is
���conveyed to'-tinderground tanks and
dumped to decay, ft cannot be
turned into the streams, as it .pot
'lutes the water ��td kills tbe fish.
The liquid containing starch is
���Renown as milk in tbe factories.
This passes through two or three
"���settling processes and finally is
driadiin kilas. The 'granulating is
obtained through several rakings
over screens while going through
the evaporators. There is bnt one
methed of preparing for tbe tnar-
'k;t. That tk the putting in large
barrels. The markets are iu the
'wool aud cotton factories of New
���England aud Europe. It is used
for sizing the warp before weaving,
for finishing the goods after they
���come from the looms and for mak
ing dextrin, or roasted starch, as a
thickendr -for applying the colors.���
Joel Shomaker, in the sSealtle P.-I.
After the Bddr I* Taken Oat
Conrslfcned ta the Earth the Empty
Box Is Returned ta Its Owner te-fo
I'atfd O-rer add OTer Again.
"Tbe burial customs of the Spanlrii ee
ween In Cuba are in some respects much
liko those of Portugal," sald'h-former resident of Portugal. "The pobr there, like
tbe poor in Spain, economize on funeral
expenses by making one coffin serve for a
number of funerals In succession. In Lisbon at least tbe coffin 'is 'usually a voi*��
substantial piece of work,-covered wlfh
red leather end freely studded with brifcs
nails. Its lid ls attaches, with hinges, so
that the coffin opens and shuts likea large
trunk. Of course the selling price of an
article like this would be beyond 'the
means of any poor family, but the Ant
for one day is comparatively small.
"When a funeral procession reaches'the
grave ln tbe great Prnzeres cemetery, just
outside of Lisbon, the Undertaker's men,
Instead of lowering she coffin, open its lid,
take out the corpse and lower it into lta
last resting place. The empty coffin is left
there until a Qallego takes lt back to Its
owner after tbe mourners have retired.
"These Gallegos, by the way, natives of
Oalicla in Spain, do all the work of porters in Lisbon. If you ask a native Portuguese servant to carry a parcel or a valise
through the streets, he will answer you in
��� tone of offended dignity. 'Vou chnmar
tun Gallego' (I will go and call 'a Gal-
lego), for no native Portuguese would be
teen carrying a load of any kind fiVpubllo.
"These Gallegos have uo objection to
carrying a load, even when the load is a
recently vacated,- coffin. That ls the kind
of work they oome to Lisbon for, so that
(a their old age thoy muy go across the
frontier to Gallcia and live on their savings. And. ono Uttle inoidont that happened while I was tn Lisbon showed how
little Impression superstitions regarding
death make on the tiullego mind The
city of Lisbon colluded toll on goixis
brought within Its limits, and there wura
guards at thu different gates of the oity ta
see that nothing was smuggled iu
"Ono very rainy afternoon the guard .-�����
the Prazeros gate glanced along tho 1-. I
that leads to the cemetery and saw a si; -
'ploious looking package lying on ti ���
-ground closo under tlio wall on one ski
There was not a living being in sight.
The guard thought lit had detected a plot.
He thought thnt tK_t package, whatvvei
It might be, bad been left there under the
wall by smugglers, who were no doubt
sheltered somewhere In Its neighborhood
'and watching their opportunity to rush ll
through tho goto as soon as the rain held
'up a little. So the active and Intelligent
���officer got his little sword ready to draw at
h moment's notice, and, regardless of ths
downpour, advanced along the road to surprise and apprehend tbe smugglers, or, at
least, their goods.
"When ho got to within 20 yards of the
suspicious object, he made out through the
*aln that the oase on the ground was of a
fed oolor and studded nil over with brasa
nails. That discovery startled him a little, but the next moment !he was 'utterly
demoralized at tieelng the'litt of 'the cofflr
Ily open and & disheveled head thrust Itself out, It. eyes staring wildly. "Without
waiting to draw-his sword of challenge ths
'apparition, the *g*\itird faced abotitand retreated at a rttn. When he reached'the
���gate, he culled his comrades 'tb'conlivsnd
'see the obuudoned corpse that hnd burst
(open its coffin on tho wayside. The force
'seized their carbines and paraded under
'shelter of tbe archway, but what tbey saw
'was only a very bedraggled Gallego tramping toward thorn, carrying an empty coffin
'tn his back.
"On examination tha Gallego deposed
���that, being overtaken by the 'rain on his
*way from the oemotery, he'had shut him*
Iselt up In the coffin tt>*1:eop dry and wait
'for fairer weather, but, When ho heard footsteps stealthily aptifouching, he begun to
'bo afraid that sdi'ie 0116 was coming to
'play a trick mid lock him up That was
why he hud so suddenly thrust his head
-out aud stared. Uo wus 110 corpse, but an
'faonuiit. hnrdworl-.ii-K Gallego. As for
'Uie coffin, the souop-j guards might look
'tor themselves and kuo tbat It wus empty.
"There seems'to lie a eertaln morbid
fondness for whnt 'may be balled playln'g
with the dead ih Portugal. They seem tb
���take a peculiar di'llght in dressing up
'their dead and 'ex|.using tthetii to public
view. 1 huppuHeti to be 'present at the
'solemn requiem rif a cardlnul patriarch of
Lisbon, when the corpse, dressed In full
canonicals, was placed in A 'half sitting
posture to face the crowd In 'the nave of
the outhodral, and'I thought at the time
���thut the interment ought to 'have taken
(tleoe sooner.
"One fine Sunduy aftefabob'th spring I
waa strolling along one of 'the main thoroughfares of Lisbon wheb the shouts aria*
merry chatter of a lot of little boys ana*
girls attracted my attention to a slUe
street. The children,'all nicely dressed,
were coming down the 'side Btreet at ���
brisk walk, evidontly'lrltoresicd in something that was lielng'curried along by
three or four of them. Whon thoy reached
the corner, 1 saw that the' center ot interest was a very small brass studded coffin.
The lid was opon, and '1 could see'tbe little dower docked and bedizened oorpse'in-
slde of lt.
"Another time I Bdistook lb* o6.pko of
a child ou its way to tho* crave for a waxen
Image of the Mudonnfc 'being carried ia
procession. It was a UtIVHead girl beautifully dressed in white'ttrHb'and wearing
��� whlto veil and white trowel's. The liul*
-toady had beeu made to'ett up ln a cliuii
which four boys were carrying 611 their
shoulders. Tho bearers tartU'the other
children ln the procession vt-St-Vwliite rl��
bans and white flowers, all' chiHlemutlc ol
Innocence and happy confidence 'that the
soul ot their lit no friend was ill paradis*.1'
���.Now York Sun.
Hymph, bast thou ne'er heard f r__f
���livery, myttlo as thy staging,
In thy hidden dells
When thy zephyrs, gently playing,
With ti.. ir unseen hsnrls were swa.ng
Thin- own soft blue Lolls?
'Came not dainty notes forth strayfg
Oicitol. light or. knellsV
Yet why ask If thou-eanst hear
��� Biiaina tbat ne'er to mortal ear
Shall, alas, ho known ?
well*sV%now that mortal eye
Reads T eiu\ flower a lullaby,
Swi-iit and all Its own.
Ehall I count tbat nnuiiht and sigh
And brood uneheered, alone?
���Eugene Renwick in Latin Quart a*
/* -._*__,___.    e l_s-._._. A     /*I_-_._Ji_��j   _n____.._.a _i I ^**
C ethes AlUred, ClMned.'snd Repaired.
Parcels left at W. _,. McBride's Mere and A. Walker's and W. R. McClellaa'a barber shop jwill be
called for en Manday aad returned on Saturday.
Driven Frantic by Belie.
"If ever there was anything provoking,"
laid the young housekeeper, "it is tbe fact
that I have three electric bolls ln my flat.
When one of them rings, I start and run
first to cno nnd then to another, and half
the time it is the third one thut wants answering.  It is not only my own bells tbat
are o, nuisance, but a score of others, at we
live ln a large apartment building.   Of
course I can't hear all of the bells, but I
bear enough to drive me nearly mad, and
each duy I am sure I must go to my doors
80 times all for naught.   People who have
occasion to ring an electric-bell often mistake it for a plaything, and could they
! but realize the agonizing effect it'has on
1 the occupants of the Hat they might pos-
1 slbly be induced to 'ring off.'   Jingle,
Jingle, jingle goes the bell, and beforo any
i one oan got to the door or to tbe speaking
! tube jingle, jingle, jingle it goes again
OH. It in awful I"���-Chicago Chronicle.
In London the preferred dress for a parlor maid is a cap with long streamers,
a large apron, with embroidery cuffs and
turndoWn 'collars. The streamers oa the
cap are only a matter of taste, but most
people pmftr them.
���^DEALER IN*���
Bicycles, Farm Implements, Hardware, Coal, Coal Oil, & Gasoline.
Agent for'the McCormick -Cacfaifie
and Binder Twine.
Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps.
All Kinds of Repairing. Farmers'
Scales. Auctioneer.
lege, and when the College was
under tbe auspices of the Church
and sought to train and instruct the
youth without expense to tbe-State
she was doing au invaluable ser-
vice to our national life.
Parents should be careful about
keeping their children in at night.
Complaints are made of shooting
with catapults at windows and
ihrowiui dirt,_.tdQors.
Australian BiitU.
I have met with some bulls made by
Australians. I beard a clergyman make
this remark at a public meeting which
was disappointingly small:' 'I am sorry to
sea so many absent frlonds hore."
A state sohool teacher at Queenscilff, In
Victoria, bad a note from tho mother, ot
one of his pupils requesting him -wot to
flog ber boy, thus: "You are not to cane
my boy, or he will >_fop down dead at
your door, tha sum* *s he did at Mrs.
Gary's. "
Another, being told that So-and-so was
buried ln ��� stone coffin, said "that was
rery sensible, as It would last hlm it'll**
itlme. "-.London ��W_ra^u
Chamberlain's Coofh Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup aid Whooping Cough. Price 2$ cents; large size 50c.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price '35 centa.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 35 cents; large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For 'Disorders of the Stomach, 'liver
and .Bowels.   Price as cents.
Every "one of these preparations
is loaranteed and if not Iully satisfactory *to the purchaser 'ih*
money will be refunded.
Yictoria Terminal
Railway & Ferry G��
The daylight Line to Vancouver,  New Westminster. Ladnera, Guichon.
Leave Victoria ilaily 7:00 a. m.
Arriving Sidney , 7:50 a.m.
Port Guichon 11:30 a.m.
Ladners (Chailouchton) 11:35 �����"'���
Cloverdale 13:10 p.m.
New Westminster   1:30 p.m.
Vancouver 1:4s p.m.
Cheap Saturday and Suuday excursions.
A.K. McCat>e, V. VAN SANT,
Agt., Port Ouiefeon, Traffic Mgr
E. L. Kirkland
REAL, ESTAf E & . .
��� ��� 1
Deeds, Wills, leases, Agreements
and, Partnerships drafted and prepared promptly.
Office: Next door to Dr. King's.
\ Horse Goods! if
) i     Our Harness and  Horse furnishings
1   bave long proved reliable, and tbey are ; t
.< - built not only for style but Wear. ,' ,
u huqh Mcdowell, ]���
> i LADNER, B. �� ' ,
New wEsTrnNSTEfe.a c
A full line of English and Irak
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
The Delta Hotel
Rates*   $ 1 to $2 per day. "Sample
room and stabling   accommodation.        J. H. BOSUSTOW,
Fashion Stables*
Trucking and Drayvng.
Livery work of all kind* at*
tended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
Ladner, B. C.
-��H I . I M H't'I-M'H'H'H-tIH'M �� TH-H HHiHIIIH
Don't Forget to See Our
Ladies' and Gents'
Watches &
Sterling Silver! Plated Goods,
I Bracelets, Brooches,
f        Cuff Links & Rings I
Repairing a Specialty.
Jlndrew Clausen,
Delta Street,
Ladner, B.C.
A ��
.' ��
I   -
��� ���i-T-i^-i'v-i-n'riri'Tiviv-i-M'T'i-M", nMft*H*.��*m*<*!ii*r
1T __g|     ���     j    il" 1     . ��� i    ^���a���������*WHggy��
Fine Boots,
Shoes a
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
____________��� m -n'-i__.
.... ,gaa ^__,
-- tv    ���-���:"vs ���.
Clearing Sale
Ladies' and Misses'
Dry .Goods Store
Ladner, B. C.
*< ���TH     DE IES; '������   Tl kDA^<   I fSCEMBER 19, 1903.
I   .-  ���'
ai  ij
We will laud, Free of Charge, to your nearest river
landing all purchases for cash from us, amounting to
$10.00 or over.
We have the best general line af any Store on -he
Mainland and Onr Trices Are Lower than the lowest
cash prices.
Come in and tell us you are from the Delta and are
going to pry cash and see what w? can do for you.
Furniture & Carpets.
Christmas Thoughts!
What better than a pair of Slippers 7   They are useful as
well as ornamental, and are long reminders of the giver.
Your friend will appreciate a pair.
We have some beauties ranging from $1.30 to $3.00 per
pain*. _____
Ocean Dock
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Tel. 7-3. New Westminster, B. C.
On Wednesday, 16th inst., by:
Jev.  Thomas Oswald,  "Thomas
, Reive Patterson, to Anna Belle,
youngest daughter of Mr, C.
Beadleston, of this place.
New Dates, ioc. per pound, at
$he City Bakery.
Mrs. Plewes returned from New
���Westminster, Thursday.
Mrs. IS. W. Calhoun came down
Tuesday, from the Royal City.
say they were most cordially received and a merry time was spent.
The largest and best assortment
of Pure Confectionery, in town, at
the City Bakery.
Councillor Alex. Davie is in the
East visiting his old home. Rumor
says he will require two tickets on
his return journey.
All the Band Boys are turning
out to their practices and are working up a new repertoire ot music.
How about another band concert ?
Tall and Winter
Of All Kinds
Delivered Daily, 6c. Per Quart
W. A. Kirkland.
For Service.
Bred by S. I. Thompson & Son.
Yorkshire Boar, farrowed May
6th, 1902. His dam, Woodbine
Rosa Belle, was Sweepstake Sow
and Litter at Winnipeg in 1902.
This Boar was recently purchased
from A. D. Paterson.
Asahel Smith.
Service between
Seattle and
the East
You can not get better bargains than at  Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public.      Call or send in your order and we guaraa-
te? satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
W/    I    MnRRlDF    General Merchant,
WW a L* MCBrUUC,       Port Guichon, B. O.}
Tickets at lowest rates to
European, Eastern and Kootenay points,
Leave Westminster 10 a.m.
Arrive        " 3:30 p.m.
f 1
18 i
A -
t      -���
_-   .
We have Xmas Slippers suitable
for every member of the family.
All kinds of Felt and Fancy Slippers. Prices from 25o. to
We are certainly Headquarters for Xmas Goods.
D. Woods left this week for a
tjrisit to his old home in Ontario.
��. Riplinger went up ;tp the
Royal City, qn Tuesday, on business.
H. N. Rich returned from a business trip to the twin cHji's on
H. Watsoa has disposed of his
property on Westhanj sireer, io
Thos. R. Patterson. We understand Mr. Watson i3 moving to
W, J. Brandrith returned, on Saturday, from a trip to Hammond
and Vancouver, on business in <:��.���-
nectiou with tbe Fruit Growers'
Miss Jean Douglas, of l-Jew Westminster, visited Mrs. W. H. Smith
.this week.
J. Grauer was over from Liilu Island to visit his ranch at Boundary
Bay, Thursday..
.Canon Hilton paid a business
visit to V.ncouver, this week, returning on . hursday.
,G. W. Shaw, representing* Tjir
per,  Beeton & Co.,  arrived on a
business trip, Tut nay,
���j. V. SjtaijatQn retur^d on Thursday from a business 1 it> to the
fraser Riyer metropolis.
H. N. Rich will sell by Auction,
at Crescent Island, at one o'clock
on Tuesday nest, E. R. Chidden'**,
stock, some stock of Messrs. Hop-
cott Bros., as advertised, and a team
of horses, plough, etc., tbe property of Mr. Fox, of East Delta.
Notary PtabSlc,
im tis i liii
Ladmar, B. C.
Pi'rehaslin*: A|��e-it
Brackman-Ker MiJl'ng Co.
W. N. Draper,
Room 5, Kllard Block.'New Weutlulnster.
K. C.
���*��� Manufacturers of nil kiuds&f
h Soda Water, Ginger
\.    Aie and Summer
j. Drinks.
j       Your patronage solicited
-������ - ���** * ���-���*������ - ��� �����J�� - ��� *������* *��� ��� *5*" ������ ������** ���* *���*��* ��� ���^*C*'** ��� **���* ������ ��� *2* ������������X*'
Tk&Sa Lewis,
Vancouver, B.C.
If you want first class work
New Method Steam Laundry
L. Clifford, Agqnt,        - -        Ladner
Leave Laundry ou Monday aud   it will  be returned  on  Saturday.
Gents .clothes -cleaned and pressed.     Blankets and Oujiftains a speqi^lty.
Ti'.. if.
Kc.i.   -s
Fruit Boxes.
. M BJFk
/TvtV;' iK"*t   >���
Large shipments of cattle and
sheep have been made this week to
Vancouver and New Westminster
for thc Christmas trade. One twsAst
turned the scales at. 19GS lbs., shipped by W. Livingtone, one of our
local shippers. We may mention
there are still enough left for our
own Xraas.
Talk with
1    linn
Ageftt *or T. J. TRAPP e\ CO.
Have You Seen the
We want Eggs,
Lots of them!
The price is away up but we must have them just the same, ^nd
pay the highest price going.
or Trade*
The  People's
i Mil
Don't forget the Xmas 'Pre* and
Lntertaininaat^ou Tuesday evenings, j
nt 7:39.    '.Chi  -Urill  Ciirii are id.
right/' :
._     .   ^-     _. j
f. E. .Ladner and W. H- .Smith |
���iriU attend thi Grand Lodge, A. O.
U. W., which convenes .in Victoria,
January nth,.
Mr ��nd M-rs. John Pftttrsan ayu
Mr.?!*nd-Vh;*j. Rob it Mc'vee-lelt by
jUtt ��.s. UmftilU, frpin Victoria, on
���Tuesday, for Southern California.
Robert   McKee   and   wiie were
''surprised*'  on Saturday evening
by a party of their neighbors coming.n to spend thtv evening with
AeJ^ ��r_H*oomfieId.   NeedLss to
New Westminster, B.C. j
,c_7   R(0ffs*f_i�������
aflf WWrnaSti
Fire Jneuiranco,
Life Insurance,
Accident Insurance,
Health Insurance,
A Loan,
To B^iy a Farm,
To Buy a Home,
1 \\m
Notaries Public, Real B&
tate,   Financial  and
Insur ai. co Ag ents.
New Vvrestmiii��Ler, B. CJ
They Are 1%
A Number of Young Figs for Sale,
f,'.r~ ,   j<! ...I tTflTv
(Westminster Byt^rich)
Tim. Ttsblr
<*nrn It'.ve WcttmllwUr lor Vnnconver at 5.50
anel 0.5(1 a.m. ami liourly thereafter until 10 p,
111,! Saturdays nnd Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver fur Westminsters at 5.50
and6.su a. m. aud hourly thereafter until iu p.
in.;.Saturdays and Sundays at ll p.m.
1-RKIGltST .CAR1".
Wc run tirsl-ctass freight cars between Wc-st-
miuater and Vancouver and all shipments are
huncltd wills, jtllft utmost cuA. and deltverad to
coutilLiie. without delay. Spe.-ial attention.paid
to fruit shipirifciils. Our wpgous meet all Kotits
.and trains,   titit rates, etc. apply to
1)   A.. Sltttfifi, V. R. Gl.OVKR
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.   ,
���'V.'cstniinster, B.C.
1 IJ-' VI
For Sale.
Dairy ,*$$<) Grain F^ri^
Of 107 Acres, advantageously situate about 3 miles southeast of Ladner, within one mile of railway siding, and of easy access to the Delta
Creamery. Good house, adequate
barn, stables and outbuildings. *
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Calland & Livingstone, Estate Agents, Vancouver, or
Ladner, B.C.
. JL'. JU. ,J-1 -1.-.-1 J.U'II L-J-J-J... U.  I .....I1,-
SS fi. &y. pn
I l��V!
3_k ���*3fi_U_T_��?,'fe
WLitiW%etl ���
li.     rSkzwlu ��" '
the following Stock on hand
\eir md Turnem,
J.ARK.        K1C.H.
PHR   {{00.
"1 ���"��� i-n
9        40
x'Z VA.
8        4b
12 in.
11         5ft
VA in.
12        58
V", ..**
6         20
3         33
74c   ���
' 12 in.
9         34
a in.
ite3, A
11 Widths,
Yo^r Choice for C5.00.
ADiNiSH, B. C.
Npw Westminster, B. C,.
times, Ladner


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