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The Delta Times Apr 21, 1906

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 R 3 L10O.       ^ '
fl 21 W '
S�� ro
-    .,R   A-
g   ra /*   w   N _���
Li v aa___i^^-___
3- 33
Nu   33.
LADN. R, r. c ., SATURDAY. APRIL 21, I-.06.
'A New 'Spring Suit.
���i 11 ��������� *l*m*^aemmmimMm^^m^^mmmmm*memeeemmmmmm^mmmamm^mm^m^mmm^mmmmmm^mmmmmm.^m^mmm^mmeir\\ii m I M������������
|^UR Stock which is now complete, contains many of
the very newest fabrics, besides standard s ajple
lines, faultlessly tailored  so thai they retain
their shape.
To those horse-owners who would Council met
be forearmed against a [recurrence -Chamhf-r nn b
oi the recent outbreak of glanders,
Veterinary   Director - General   I Jr.
���v,   ,i     t  '', .1        cu     ���       l'ie   cbair,     an
Rutherford   issues   tne    following:
'la districts v/bere the existence
of glanders is -suspected and especially   in   neighborhoods   where
in    the    Council      On Wednesday morning last, at
turday,   April   14,. a'wit's. 15, ,San Francisco received
W. II. Ladner,-nltheworst shakin_' UP since its io-
ception.    Millions of dollars' worth
of palatial buildings were complete-
wrecked aad oil aud gas stoves be*
;in_  overturned,   fires followed  ia
previous   meeting sits wak.iintil the entire  city  tt
were adopted as-read. ;-abou..utterly destroyed.    Upwards
jer on
with the   Reeve
Davie, Paterson
Minnies    of
a-tuai outbreaks lave occurred the*.    Th_  Return*Dg 0r,-ccr reporte_- | <-*���" 200,000 people bave been rend-
adoption of the  following
Men's Fancy Tweed Su__s, "best trimmings
etc,, all sizes, at $7.50, 8.50, 10, 12 & $15.
Boys' 3-piece Suits at $4.25. 5.00  up
��� -B7.50.
little Gents' Buster Suits in  Linen Crash,
| white Kid Belt, very neat at $2.50.
Men's Spring Topper Coats in ��� Plain and
Gheok Covert at $10.50 & ��514.50.
Over 500 pairs Men's Odd Pants at $1 50
horses   and
do  much  to
tions   by   owners   of
others interested will
prevent the  spread  ol  the  disease!
and the establishment of fresh  cen-
tr.-s of infection.
Horses   or  ranles  having a  nasal   discbarge or  other  suspicious
the following gentlemen elected as
School   Trustees,   viz.,   Robt.   E.
Kittson, Paul Swensen aud   Smith
, See our Traveller Shoe for Men at $4, the flues, shoes in the EtmrJfeet
price, in Oxfords and Bals.
"True Fit" Shoes for Women at $3.
"Royal Purple" Shoes for Women at $3.50.
to livery o: feed stables or yards.,
blacksmith shops, church or school)
sheds, laflway stock yards, private;
stables or-other places where rhey i
are likely to come into direct or indirect contact with animals of the ;
equine species.
After cleansing the premises lhor-j
ougbly, and burning all debris, the
interior should be  well  gene over ���
with li A. steam,   or  boiling  water, I
i adding to line   latter  one  quart  ofj  .
IcrtH^ carbolic aoid to each five
gallons, arter which the entire  sur-1
i face should be thickly coated with,
a hot solution of fresh lime wash, i
to  which  crude  carbolic  acid  has'
been added in tbe above mentioned
���       - . ���  - -*1 ���
Outbuildings,   fences and  tying,
posts with which   infected   animals
have been in   contact  should  alsc,
I when possible, be thoroughly treated irt a siniili ir manner.
All ordinary harness and stable
! utensils which have been in-contact
with infected animals or infected premises, should be thoroughly soak-
in a hot solution of cruue carbolic
acid oi a strength oi one part to
Materials which might be injured
by  tbe above  treatment,   such   as!
ered homeless and over ^.ooo deaths
have i ccuned.
Thc water service being* disruptad
���,,...    . , ,, .   ,    ; at the corame_icen_ei_t of tiie trouble
Wright, for two.years, ana Douglas I
the lire department was powerless to
cop?   with the conflagration which
swept on and on, licking up everything in its path.
The celebrated Cliff House is re-
'Dove and Wm. Pybus 'or one ye..r. I
'Report received and filed.
A  communication   was   received
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. from the Secretary ot  the Hoard of
symptoms should noi   be  -*'->'��it*^ ; School Trustees, t*nclosin_: estimate
'   ': ^^^^ '     of amount of money required to   be j P<>rt��d *��  l��ve sloped   ftodily int.
raised for school purposes, amount-'   '    ,c *
ing   to   $2,625.      Received   and      Mayor S.hmlt>-7hasissired a proc-
ad(   ted | lamatioti to'the peop_e-*_tf 'Frisco:
An application>waS received from ! "The Merervrdopt, .the member.
W. J. Judges for the position ofiot the reSuUr ',olk-e foTce a"d ��U
policeman. Received and laid over sP!!cial P��lice ofl7Ccrs have bee" au"
for consideration. thomed to kiU a,J-v and *U Perso��
The  Assessment  as returned by' found e"SaSed iu luoti"S or  in the
..    .. ,  , commission ot suy other crime."
the Assessor was accepted. J
,",       ., ���      ;. i ,; i a ... i   u ,     Tents and supplies of food have
0n motion it was decide.! to bold ' r
ourt-of-Revision on May 19th u7*_*un to a_*rive��n*_he stricken dis-
at 10 a.m., and that tl.e Reeve and trkl which covers ^o**��� "�������-
Conns. Gibbie, Davie, Paterson and ! north a,;d s00th *W* lhe COMt-
Huff be  memljars oi   the   Court of 	
The   fojlowing   wire    .ppointfd
Pound keeper's:   jas
'I* MAST   OF I. A VS."
^^^^^^^^^   Savage     for
Westham Island and  P.. .Shirley fori
The Reeve,   Finance  Committer
ahd Clerk were authorized to sign'
a note for   _ti,*?ioo  under  tlie Temporary Loan Bydaw.
The following accounts were ordered paid: A. Barber, ��68.62; P
Dorotich, jj.17.5--; "Giliey Bros.
$298.50; M. Smith, $.4; Delta Meat
& Commission Co., $3.05; Stokes
_v Cullis, $1.75: Estate W. 1.. Mc-
"Tie Feast of 'Day-'," vHii-ii
was celebritted ou Saturday last,'iii
Oddfellows1 Hall, under the auspices ot the 'Ladies1 .Aid of the
Methodist Chnrch, was an unq'iali-
fied success. The hall,-which mm
divided into booths, -was W_ry
prettily decorated arid, with **a
excellent supply of goods of all
descriptions, lent a coloring which
was at once pleasant and attractive.
The booths represented the dif-
���READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT. ��"!!-_*��. "������.
"�� Wafate, New tom.r Skirts, Children's and Misses' Dresses,j!.*%������"Le ����-.
[Heady Trimmed Hats, All Strictly Correct. -with Formaldehyde, after which!
i tbey should be thorougly cleaned.
HOUSE FURNISHINGS. I i��^^-?^��j����H
v     ___.��� m.i -.v_i__^. 'occurred or where diseased animals.
Carpet Squares, Rugs, Stair Carpets, Linoleums and Oilcloths below I !l!_'!,_.!!..,d!.ertei,tlr ��r otherwise'
��� City Prices.
Bride, $5.65; Geo. Ormiston, $65;! ferent days of'the week and the
I-woii^ Tong: Cbong; -?37s; Cbongi work done therein, arfd were .-pre-
Chee, $;r.+o; *__.. .Simpson,  ..13.50;' sided over as follows:
Ask your Mends to trade here, we can please tham as well as you.
been stabled, even temporarily, the
��� cleansing and disinfection should be
���especially thorough, and iu such
I cases it is safest to remove and burn
' leed boxes and mangers when of
1 wood; iron articles can be rendered
Jas. Follis, $6.75; Jas. Birney,
$3.87; T- Simpson, J5io 12; L.
Monkman, .S24.75; J. Scopanich,
$34.87; Jos. Jardan, 56*8.05,- Wharton & Collison, $68.62; M. E.
Wharton, $24.95; J?* Bosenup,
$4.50; C. Himberger, $1.-12; Jos.
Eixon, fi.12.
The Council then adjourned to
meet again on .Saturday, April 28,
at 2 p. m.
will bt: STRICT.
Monday, wash day���Mra. T."W.
Tuesday, ironing Hajr���Hra. -I��.
Wednesday, mending day���If:*.
W. R. Ellis.
Thursday, reception day���Mi*.
W. J.-Lanning.
Friday, sweeping 'd*y���-^Hn. J.
.Saturday, baking day���Mrs. C.
H. Davis assisted by Mrs. Betts.
Candy booth, presided ofer by
Misses Kirkland, DaTW and T.
Kerr.    This  booth was patronized
Marshall Smith
A Tery quiet wedding was celebrated on Monday evening last,   at
\ ftlie b_me of ��arid Wa_ker, Sixth
Street, New Westminster, when Al-
tiert Walker, *��ne of our miost pop-
| rular tonsorial artists and  youngest
t-brother ofthe host  was  united in
ithe bonds of holy matrimony to
Miss Phoebe Annie, eldfcst daughter
���of John Simpson, one of our prosperous farmers. Miss Simpson i-s
ione of our  most 'popular   young
ladies. I	
.���.     .,. ���
The ceremony was perform*"] by i
Rev. W. I-I. Barra'olougU,. Pastor ot.     W.   A-sbury,   sr.,   paid   a   short
iQueei._ Avenue Method ist Church,  visit;'to the 'Lauding,  on 'Wednes-
Jas. \.ralker supported his brother day.     Mr.   Asbury,   we  regret  to
as groosman wl'file little May Helen -state, has beep very much indispos-
Walker niece of tbe greom, acted as ! ed all the winter and spring  suffer-,
some time in   boiling  water.    Ail
litter from suspected animals should
be burned or carefully fenced  until
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      used.
 . i    Farmers aud others should, when*
*  '   "^^        ���-L -- ----; ever     possible,     avoid   admitting
,                    per Str. ACCIDENTALLY   DROWNED. Utrange horses or mules to the prem-
Ij-ansier, and were met at the wharf ���  , ,     ,,                         ,
,,        ,  ���      ...   Uses occupied by then own animals,
by .a host  of friends who received ��� u        r    .,
.,          .,    ,              ���   . lohn  ...iii   H ���~n .������.,��� *._.���._ '��� speciallr    of     me   sara'.-    species.,
them with showers of rice and fre- J011" ���"���'".*��� well known fisher-1  *     .   -
1            ,_          ...                    : ..���   -..-  o        .                                 '--t     is     a     good     plan     to   re-,
crackers.     Mr. *ud   Mrs.   Walker ma"  ot   s Wf-ton,   came  over  to'                    , .   . ,   ....
...   _ ,              ,   . ,_,    .                                                  ; serve an isolated building   tor  out*
���will   take   up  their   residence   on  Westham Island  on  Satin dav last   -.-,    t 1       u .      _.
_,.    . r ��� uaiuiuKj i_m, |Slcje  horses or  mules,   but   where
Westham street. I.look aft**r a n��w K-..*- ,..i,,vi, u~ i..a ' .t_-       ��� -,.   ., ,
i.iook aiH-r a  ns***- rs.-...   ,. i,,oi,  h.  i sr] . tj_JS ._ imp0S!jj,,.e l]ley    n,Ry   he   ac-
harmless by passing them through j Department of Agriculture,  Dairy I principally'"hy "the youagfolkf��
fire    or    immersing    them    for]    Commissioner's    Branch,   Fruit j candy a-nd Easter eggs which wer*
on   Wednesday   evening,
Division, Ottawa, April 5,  19Q6. j both toothsome -anti psretty.
To Fniit  Importers and   Co___ais*|     Aiternoon tea was served by the
sion Merchants. Misses  V.'eish, Jordan, -.F. __hirkta
���Importers of fruit are warned that and Ilimberger.
the Fruit Marks Act,  referring to      Ice-cream was "Tiresided over by
the grading  and   packing of   fruit,   M^s Nicholson assisted by a kevy
ard sections  4   _tid   got  tbe  act  ot younger yonng ladies.
' respecting the packing and sale ot      Supper was_erv_tl hi tire Mining
i.SUTTON'S SEEDS���The Brack*
j .inan-Ker Milling Co., 'Ltd.,
Agents far these Celebrated
Seeds, ha.ve placed a .stick of
them on sale here with their local
ircpreseutatrre, Mr. Ji. N. P.icl;.
���look after a new boat which he
purchased,   an**.,    when   .about   to'comodated  in   __"w   stables,   cattle
make the return trip, with his com- not being  subject  to  glanders  in-
p-inion, by some-means or other they fection.    Such   horses   and   .mule-.
'both became immersed  in the icy should be watered from special pails,
waters.    Mr.   'Dahl   was  drowned which, togethepwith all other stable
but   h:s   companion   managed    to utensils   used   on   or  about   them
contained a kej
should  be
reach shore.
The skill, 'which
ef nails, was picked   up near 1 lease'other animals.
Island Cannery.    A reward of "S25.  strange horses
is  .slftred .fur the   Jeccvc.-v of tbe
bod yr.
���The h.j.p.
j ing from the effects  of a  kick   re-
CTi7.f ;(*,f;iri��?-;I honu'
M-rs. A. McAuley and family  re-  purchased in 01
turned to  Vancouver  on   Wedne -   ��� --���---"--="--
d*Vv' ,.     Cqntinucd 1
cawfully  cleansed  and
belnre   being   used   for
Stalls 'occupied   by
 or nudes  should  b*
! well cleansed and disinfected, and,
it at ail possible, leit unoccupied for
I some time.
'    Where new hatses or  mules aic
nun district
certain staple commodities," referring to the size ol fruit packages,
Will be strictly enforced. Importers
of foreign fruit will be held responsible tor tbepaek-ing and marking of the fruit which they sell as
well as lor the size of thc .packages.
Copies 0! the Fruit Masks Act
and.the act 'fre^peatiijg-the.packing
and-saleo. certain staple cemmod-
itiet-," may be had. free, on amplication.to the Fruit Division, 'Ottawa.
Chief, Fruit Division.
hall from 5.30 to 8 p m. which wa_
presided over by Mrs. Sid Brodie,
Mrs. Hiniberger and Misses Brodie,
Manley and Betts.
During the day something over
$200 was realisedxaud the ladies are
very jubilant ova-* thoir*ucoess.
I-. McD-Hjald,-electrical engineer,
if 'Vancouver,   paid   a   vi_.i liiere,
vrhcic tins week, sizing up the district
with regard 10 wiring.for  tic elee-
ge.;      trie ligluitig.
The ar,nr;al -meeting of foe Ladies' \id v.-as held on Thursday
afternoon, in the PtrrseiiBge, when
annua' reports were received aad
the following officers etettted'fttr tlie
eusuitbg year:
President���Mrs. J. F. "Betts.
Vice-rresideift���Wfrs T.W. Kert.
Secretary���Mrs. 1_. Morrkmari.
TreasurST���MfS. VW. J. _*_n.ning.
The Trewsuref S report showed
an   income  of about ^350 \(m ,tl|r
\v .. t v v.,v. TH1?! DELTA TIME .-:*,
P_'l_l._SH��D   RVK-RY   S.-'l i-'Kl-'.V.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
C mtinued  from First Page.)
rlanders exists, 'sh^y should, unless
carefully tested with Mallein prior
to purchase, be stabled  apart  nnd jImf.utl. ,-.
closely watched  for  some  time be-, jnj
.RET est:
^ rs.
n.i grain  business ]-. fair
W. N. Draper,
ly I'ltr.VINClAI    CAN_< SrUVKYOK
good   with   no   special feature  to!
Oata and buy ur. plenti- ���
i.ooui 2. ttU_._ riiack. Slew Wettwiaater.
��� ���-������<������**K-*>*r**.--.H-M- + -.**t-vy-.* i.^^.+.;.4.j.t.s.4.j.t_j.4..j.4..t.^.:.f.j.4.
I    Delta Transfer Stable
__._.   Asl��_rti��i_nit��. i�� coot, pm '.lac (ot i ,
i_5a"��iM.rtian.��ii_.c._i-*.pei ��n. -or ach I fore beiug brought in contact With
������-a n-aif-nt  Inaertln-B-     The   u*rc'!'��~T    ot   lints
HISui..-.. th. *face occupied, niiMito the other animals o! ibe equine species. | fetch j?
������"��� ,        It must be  borne  iu   mind  that'
mi.i t��r rjommereUl a-verti-era-nt_ mo .e I
haa.n applicat-un .UhUolEee. W.ilie l.iiSul cliSCiUl'g'O, or UlCei-ttlOn,
Re.i.nf_na:K-i*ioceaLspsM lusr l.r .icli In-' ..jjjj.      ^     glands,     ihe    presence    Ol
���euien. ' , , ...
fircy buds, unaccountable swelling
��� Selected    live   hogs,
y,  lights and fats, *j*7.oo!
|per ioc
��� limbs
and  general  unihrifli-
characteri/e   cases    of
Biriii nasi Death notlCM, _*... -..rridK.-Ji....
All  ip-linl uutics.,  the  u.lfct  ot whicli l�� .0 ! ol tb
frnnatethepecnnUrrVrns-r.l ���!.����� todlyWiinl
ot _,n|��_y tuhe couldued BO _ii��<*n.Ucm_nt   |jeS8
.._._..,��_ .-c..---_w. glanders the disease exists iu niany j
All e-��erti_-in.nU -fcirf.4 far until oi.lfr.cl , *
cm una mid ior. ; anini -ils without, lor the time being,;
earre.nandcnce lilted an *�������<����� ����� Ei*"''i any   external   manifestation  what-
M>pnnied by n����e af "rtter, n.iaec^MrU-, ; eTer  ttie oulv meaus of detection in i
tar publication, lint ai evidence al goosi initn i
��orri-H����**joae ��u��trtncS-thUt����cehyThnri-Uyjjj cases   l,eiUK   the Mallein   test,!
... -��r��tii_. "
I and tbat these occult 01 lutent cases,
i are n wm. respects the most daner-|
When you wish to buy visiting
c.rd. call om the Delta Times wbo
will st'. the best money can buy.
If yon need them printed, why you
are inauey in pocket by c_Uii;_; on
the Delta Times first.
George L Martin, j
Barrister   and   Solicitor,!
Guichon Block, ]
(Columbia nnd McKeueit- Street.)
���4-H-+4-H-? +4_-f ***>-.-'*K'*>-**>M**i*-*.���������!��� ���H**v*>*��^*.^*i**-K^*.._-4-4'**'
Team Work Done at Specialty Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner1' No. io.
Gbo. R.
qus because unsuspected.    Our ex-;
p.-rienee sh��ws that it is possible tor'
animals of this class to convey in-
fection to others without themselves
developing acute symptoms.    It is,
therefore plain that c.eat nrecautUm |
should be exercised in the purchase'
or handling  ol strange horses or,
mules,   specially  in those  districts!
where the disease  has  become es-
The carcasses ot animals dying j
from or -laughter ed as being affected   with   glanders   should,   when j
possible, be burned, or, failiag this, i
Last week we were appalled by] bur-*-**1 ��t least six feet beneath the ,
' surface.
Owners of premises where ont-!
by the eruptiou of Mount Vesuvius, | break_ bave ^ ^ __.ifa 9houW
but this week death  and disaster bej._ in mind that iB,pectorB cannot \
**\\, Aran.   21,   1906.
Our friends living in the neighborhood of the River road will be
pleased to learn that repair work
will be undertaken very soon now.
Gravel for the work is expected to
be  delivered  on   the ground next
Tram Mari.8
Copyrights ic.
A nr��a Ma-Uf a -heteti and deecrtaUcm mn
���near!--, cur ophi-w free _ Mta*. mi
rnlaKh  ���    -
���..i-a��.5.>n M*reknblj
._n_ fr����. uldaat ixwerf lor awitm. patenM.
��� '   - -lironih nana * C
f/w��-��s��� Us_m tliro.
rsw.it nolle-, wahout
A Ca. reaelre
cknttiic Hmmue
\ hwm*mm*r ninatntad waeklr. T��nraat 1���_-���
-iilauaa a. wit aoteMMo lonreat Teraa, tl ���
)����.; faar-M_|tka,Sl. SoldbraB Bew��dj��lar��.
BHWH JO..*'*�����New York
McRAE & Co
nam nisi
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings al-l
ways kept in stock.
���_     ���_!���-,
s.   ji ��� an
t_ meets first
news ��f tbe great loss of life caused;
is brought much nearer home. Onr
cousins to the south ot us are pass-
recommend release from quarantine
unless disinfection has been carried
ing through the fiery ordeal and out in a satisfactery manner, and thnt I
.,       , . ,   ���     I compensation   for animals  slaugh-'
many  miles of territory are beiuj. i       ' ���
1 tered cannot be paid until a certih '
devastated, tirst by earthquake and caU ok.leaminc ,nd disinfection has i
then by fire. beeu received by the minister  ofj
We who live so near as to feel, j agriculture,
though to a very slight extent, the|     Horse-owners   should   have   no;
tremor of the shock, are liable to hesitation in reporting  to this de |
.-������7 ;. ,       .   . .      partr.ent or to its inspectors the ex-
receive just another such a shaking *
istence o^ actual or suspected cases
up at any time.    Much anxiety is| #J gXtndtn_    Th. diseage h��� been
felt here for friends who are resi-j 9prcading rapjdlv 0f late years, and]
dents of the afflicted /.one.
A.  O. Us
Delta Lodge, No.
and third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos, Todd, MAY.
T. W,  Kerr, Recorder.
r.0.0 v.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���Thc regular meetiugs of tbis Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in, Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
W. H. Taylor, Se..
��$��  __l��iiufactut*<r��of all kindi of
4* Soda Water, Ginger
���j.    Ale and Summer
X Drinks.
I       Your patronage solicited
V i
���  \
Chicken Time!
If you contemplate buyins an Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do better than to get prices
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Westham Street,        - ladner, B, C.
���Oee\)e*Oee*e .��.��������.��.���*���.��. -*���>���������**��� a*^ ���*. **��-����� ���*��� s*^ e*e*0*e*f
5.1 ion  Stab!es -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Incorporated 186-.
The funeral of the late Mrs.
Julia Anne McMartin took place at
2 o'clock p.m., Tuesday, from thc
residence of her daughter, Mrs. A.
F. Cotton, First street. The Rev. J.
S. Henderson conducted the service. The bier was followed to its
resting; place in Oddfellows' cemetery, Sapperton, by a large number!
! it is a matter of public interest that ] Rc the Nor.i. Wes,t Quailer.��. Sec"
1 . .        . .     .  ,   .. tiou 3.S. Township 3. District  ot
I every fresh centre of in infection j    Ne__ Westminster.
Mc.    ;should be discovered and dealt with j    A Cerlificate of indefeasible Title
j as promptly as possible. j to the above property will be issued
to Lester W. Embree, of East Delta,
Farmer, ou  the 23rd day of A.pi.1,
IA    /^'j|-___JFr^\ f\   P i "306,   unless   in   the meantime a
a Via \%mf!r'*      '*^*>!��Ji V- 1 a j valid objection   thereto  be made to
j me in writing  by a person or per-
Dtlta  Lodge  No. 21,   I.O.O.F., j sons claiming an estate or interest
l.aa���_r. B. C.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
WBssssnxBmzassBtescesac geegwe
will assemble  at Oddicllow_s' Hall,: therein or in anv part thereof.
11 ii) 1 nut
on Sunday, April 29th inst., at 2
p.m., and proceed to St. Andrew's
1'resbytcrian Church to attend their
annual church service.
All members and visiting Breth-
pf sorrowing friends and relatives] ren ate requested to attend.
ofthe deceased.    The casket  was Ry order.
covered rvith  floral tributes,   mute \V, H. TAYLOR,
testimony to the esteem in which. Rec. Sec.
tbe deceased lady was held.���Daily
Winnipeg, April 16.���Manitoba;
millers have discovered a ruse by i
wbicb San Fr.incisco competitors'
arc endeavoring to evade the Chin-1 to
In the matter of the estate of WILLIAM LEONARD McBRIDE,
late of Port Guichon, B. C, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given,  pursuant
the   "Trustees  aud  Executors
Dated tbis   iyth day of March,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster.
The person or persons having in
their custody or possession the following  title  deeds  relating to the
said property are requested to deliver the same to the undersigned:
9th April, 1884, Crown Grant to
j John McKee, jr., and D. A. McKee.
13th   July,    1891,    Deed   John
McKee, jr.,  and D. A, McKee to
John McKee, sr.
Dated this   22nd day of March,
New Westminster, B.C.,
Solicitors tor Lester W. Embree.
We take this opportunity of informing the public that the business
formerly carried on by the late W.
L. McBrii'e will uow be worked on
a cash bysis, by which means we
shall be better able to give every
satistactioh, both as regards price
and quality. The stock has, accordingly, been marked down at
greatly reduced prices, an inspection of which is cordially invited.
Thanking our numerous customers for their kind patronage and
support in the past, and hoping, bv
strict attention to business, to be
favored with a continuance of the
Youis faithfully,
Port Guichon, B.C.,
March 29th, 1906.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Inteij
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End. Mt. Pleasant,  Granville Street;   Grand Forkr,, Nanair
Nelson,   Rossland,   Victoria,   Vernon,   Chilliwack.   Cumberland
New Westminster.
Just Mrrivm
ese boycott and capture tbe Canad-��� Act," that all creditors and other
ian trade. They are bagging; their I per.ons having claims against the
ftoui in bags stamped "Made in j estate of the said William Leonard
Canada." The matter will be McBride, are required to send or
brought to the attention of the deliver to Messrs. Clarksou, Cross
Cauadian Government. j & Helliwell, Accountants, of Van-
 ! couver, on or before the 12th day of
Robert Templemau, the only Mt* A* I}- 1(>o()' the iul1 P��rt_eo-
brotherof the Minister of Inland!Urs of lheir claims <ll,1y verified,
Revenue, died suddenly. Monday, *nd the nature of the securities, if
at his home in the Township of: any' heId ^ thetB-
Ramsay, Lanark Cnuntv, Ont. He And "otice 1S bereby l��rlll��
was a farmer, aged about 65, and | *iven' tbat immediately after said
- leaves a widow and two sons. j d*te-   lhe    said    Mc*srs.    Clark-
 son, Cross & Helliwell will proceed
] to distribute the estate among the
On Wednesday evening, during p_r.ies entitled thereto, having re-
|tf. festivities at the wharf in honor! gard only to the claims ot which
pf the bri.de anc*. bridegroom, a team! they shall then have notice; and
belonging to W. J. Frederick, be- the executor pf the said estate wil!
paroe alarmed at the racket and L0*- be held responsible for the ass.ts
made Uacks along the Trunk road or ��ny part thereof to any person
but, fortunately, had not proceeded , or perso.)s, whose claims shall net
have been   delivered  on   or   before
said above mentioned date.
Dated this 7th day of April, A I).
'...licit'.rs for tbe E.\��
______ i..ji-
Meat and Potatoes
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cut!
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
tUeat &
Phone 9.
Commission ��mCN
Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
A Full Line of
and BOYS'
far when they collided with a fence
and came to a standstill with but
little di��age dqne.
Practical    Horseshdeing, Qet   B.   Stilt   at   OllCe,
amage Building and Paint-!
ing, and General Jobbing ofj ,*  ' '       .'"-.���'-
All Descriptions.
We carry the finest class
of Carriages and Filrm Implements at rock bottom prices.
*!an?_ferlain"s Gough Remedy
Su.cs Colv_��. Cr'-up -n't V* liSoplnj; Cough.
dJQ. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.j
H.J. Hutcherson A
���-_     7-\
mt ���
Pianos, Pianos, pianos
Tire fact, is '_iad__-put��d thaJt we hxsm the
greatest choice in the Piano line of any firm inj
B. C. We have __��ee__ in the business for forty-
five years and have had the pick of t__te best-
���agencies going. We represent the following most j
notable mamufe-cturers, -tbe names of which arej
Steinway & Sons Pianos, New Yorkj
INordheimer Pianos, - Toronto;
New Scale Williams Pianos. Oshawaj
Dominion Pianos, - Bowmanville
P-ilmjr    ianos, - Toronto!
Holy    Communion ��� Suudays,
8:30 a.ni.   ust Sunday  Ui month,]
11 a.m. 1
Matin., 13 o'clock.
Eveiiso_ijf, 7 o'clock.
Sunday School ai 10 a.m.
s .....aj, <_,___...0 .....'.-_���. ,..]������
Rev.. Canon Hiltoii. vicar.
Don't worry. !*i ihi.f tpngled 1
OX life _ V . :ry:n_ thought
B_t _._:]. .   ... ' ;h*_ kink.. ... pain
And tiui.ti... u:, __��"!i 1 -ior.
.__tal.��- wili the master ..t your rv.ood
Through uuii.si^ 1-. nr r.nd duubt
*_**��� p. BC6,**_0 ]ils',.-..l   . Is 11.. DO t"OUd
Wti_ *-v-r.t>r au ... ti out.
Jss_n't.worry. D, lite '������
-Antlslct'hopt conquer-....
__?n moreiis asked ..*..u-.;
_.i.:iQ*l_e bus _u-e__l.li ,., ,
S-'. 1 1 ick le fitted (;-��� :'    :
Vuc.V ta_rls__l_.nl I ss.-.v ; I.
**V '. I, yo-t-Ein^ii '��� n_r t;-.  1
iiintl l_t*_.i,'.li luusl-t bun
.Ull 1
��� I,
���   'Is-J.
,...,     r,......     .,      ...   , ..,..,,,....,     ���.,,j      ,,,.���
;   .    ���'   1.. -iti ..id, _.i-U nu one
.,:.] over i!i.u..ir_d what hen could hav.
���i. 1 up ilscre 'i hen ii..-u' was the history
i ;..'i:'.1'i:l dog OVVnm. ( y .linn Piliifl.
i. .- 1; .-���:, t r ;r. 1.-..tk IjmI t_*< 11 stolen, m.d
I ��� rs . .hud tl..;id ti ���' .'I 'i 1 1 mi brought
l.i (i. tl.et-souscrs.'vihith 11 e guilty nun
lad hbi'.n en t*.i lls�� l.tti.ii-ov. 1.'=�� .icxir t��
<'.;.' cltiring itht* til.'l'i i'h, _.i.via"g  been
>.. ,:'. i.l   liHR'tlllll lis ':. llll !U
Shu told methi'iK nl burJ stories In _u_b
ISCSrr.v I!
[_l l-.h.y llrrrl th'.
iinu'ii.) sti'i'li.usn
Invent1 d   ly   b.
nems   Tl"(l,.\-
,: .  I Ills si     . Ull'.l  I
worny. _Kbvt_u_e_N n il:,uw
hare 11 woo ..'. i I, n"i!k<_,
's.T ll-jl'II.WU-,-:.-_���.;   Ustl.t UOt kl>_-'J_.
criticise her wil-a.
['iiiitameanything ii'. 1
. : '..',.' 1   thuto relnt
Services (first and "third
each month at io:;-... a.m
tion, 7:30 j;.m
Sundav school at 3
Low Mass and Hoi
tirst and third Mond.
Kev.. Father '
IXrustQod ia .hadtts.
And luck s.iil eo::n
<_5u*. nevcr-efrieo ..i.i t
lJns worr.  wuistlu
lieuedic-1 -i_;_ Wlts-.'.ur lYUo-Kilti 1
uud in tun.
.. - nr wuy,
:'���., Ci>_ipaa?.r
s at 6 a.m.
Prices the Lowest
Terms the Easiest.!
Servicas next  Lord'
��. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meet'-tig, 10.30 a.m.
Sabbath 'School at 2 p ra
Sunday. Prayer meeting
Tliur..day evening at 7.30.
Rev. J., 17 Bel ts, pastor.
I*-'.' at   11
Lav at
M.W.Waitt & Co.,
558 Qranvile St,, Vancouver
Pianos, Pianos, Pianos
Services next Lo:
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath "School et 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
al 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A, 'McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbfttli services at Laduer at
a.m. iiud 7 p. -is..
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday
7,30 p. va.', choir practice at 8.
H-nv -trunge  they nre,'thoso luem.v. ie*
of tlion)n_l,wMcl�� taitrrt one'* liraii.sno
���sper.lrtontlj' thut'ouo catiua. (get  rid el
I iK'in      'ibid ull Ln| 1 -.rn-.1 ...,  Ic_,j huo, se
������ far Umk'lD the piiU, that ltvaunu. ... *kr
stand iiowlt'ls tbut U thuuld reuuiii   u
1 .li.Krly llxt_4l-lii-.il..' u.iv!l
;      I imvuws-ii ee mtuiy ten-lblt-thlng. *liii_e
! thru.and had  eu  u m.y  .ud -Xperii'iuea
ii.hi ','.-n.eBii 6lraii|_e it-nk'tid that  nut-u
1 .i'.ijilii day should |i��mk wllkuil. m; .eclng
j pii'i- V.ere OlO-ln ilc'*- tace ji at as sh. s\r*
, k!',i'iii-**.��k.'u nitre .__'itl - oi  10-^jr tc years
j ekl.
t'bi \\t,s a ���.wll-..' v..i<u_u *,vho u._d to
��� come t- u�� every TucMHay.'fer tht' �� hole
; iay, to uieud thu liaun. Our lu.iui- v.ks
1 one of'thoee old co-Btiy [.kuwe wbi. fc pce-
; pio oall - chaUvau,.-iit���WhlcJpwo- ie rea.1-
, ty ju��t uu old duhi.'Uti'. ;houso with it
1 pnlated roof .andTvith fi.ur or tho little
���oitaaee (trovipi4 n _i,fl it
The rlllntie erag jftet a few huiuHre.
yarde nw��y from om Lon-.., a Dumber ol
Uttle houses built fiTOiuid tlte r,.d brk'li
church, whifth wan __*__rl.' bhs.l: nrlth age
Kvery Tuenday _aOTBiijg iMetc Cloohette
arrived at our hout*. 'belween'tl:8S uud
.vi 1 :i;:::', ������'.', v< Xf
_o .luii.'i'f: i.ii'i ���,
,._ i r l!.'  ; ii ���!������;:���,���!-::���.*. wo'H-'n
One TueBday, i:it��r -fpenitSrsg t'll tin.
iiiuriiii!'.* lis!.;.:;.- to Mrre Chx'liettc'i
i..;. ?, :lttmd l-xn .���:. i:i_ <>i:i.M,f the sefvunti
t;. il'cv.vi otts Jnrt t-utr-ik- ''���' irjie liiriu
\i,. hittl>bi_*iu_pu):uiiiignura,-ai J I um m
ii.���.!'!! or everj'th.i & m r-.Ui.rl.' a-rthougli lt
....:.). .11 happened ye_ter_ay
���j.. kouii 'iw I 1 ���-���_ * i>- ��.i tioi.o I run up
....:..��� Uiv 5.-.���, ii it rfuiu, und, to my i.or-
.r, i.i .-.; .!ii.w, ;: t- ii.-. r, I miw poor old
Mere tCloi'hett. dying lull l.ni_th on thi
1'soer, her lutocuwiiWIU'd. 1 riiMUKSti.uli
tdout bolU-Ugtl-sr nu ..r. .���:. i.i'.I I > t��. ���,r.
thu _li:j.i'ifi of one l,i: 11I tinsl u liltle tar
mei;t i.l itiine hi the uther 1 -on ten hiu
ber uow uuliolng hur blue .'. >cU__]-_{*_ and
>her gpecUiclea, Vt hieh bud Killed agutusi
tbi. wall ivs she fell
il niititt1 down RUilr.., Btrii'king aa J
s*s. ent, iiuil my mother uni the nr-..:,
sweteicoon .witli tuy poor old (ri.iit! i ';._
euU.vllJiC.ird thou t-ajisi- that .,<.' tvui
dead, und-l i-1k.1i never lorget, the terrible
iheitrtreiialug grief I felt, child though 1
wa*. ll .ruu awny iju'sttly i'l.te the big
druwiug roo!u,.t.ud, hicling -in-u dutk cor
uer, 1 kuult duviu by <__low auuehair _r.��l
burjing uiy head lu a,ou��Won, .���.lul bit
terly until I) wan tiredioutv.lt- my tunu
Uou. il must have _)c��n'there a loug tlins |
for It'begaO'.to.get i.ni;e dark
Presently .the'door opeocd, and  ei 1:1-
onecame ..in-wltli a  lamp, and  ji:-.t ��n��t I
my father -aud mother entered  Un-. room |
with the-loctor.   'ih.y.dkl not nee u.e ajid j
ko continued .their eonvorsutlon.    Ho v������
leonth'il the etdlrcngeln f(..iT.'i(s.rw-cnnn��.
'"The young inau, who y,_j a veritahls
eoward, v.iis perfeotly furioua now am.
**oq excited, to know what hov.__ ��:;ving
���or doing.
" 'llitleyourtstlf, l'lill tou,'lie snid 1 a
thu poor girl.    *1  thai, lose my situation,
and all through you.    My*whole life will
���be ruine<l  by -you    X>'-.<iR 'yoor.-^lf. oanVt
"Just nt 'that moment they heard tb��
*k(W biine put into tho 1.1 k again.
" I'..; i. Ts-r-   i:::i  (���.  I'm   Ml tie  wiri-OV
���which looked out <������! ihe s-tteet. t'he ..;.....
sod it quickly, ami t.'.u. :;ia low, ros.n!_:_
*oice. Fhe^niB*
'NVheii stm -goes ew_iy, you will *ictv.e
���round and pick mf n;., won't you.'
"Witl.ou.   .Haiiit-'t!   for ar,;,'   iv.ily   nbt
���sprang out of then-indow.    I.creGrnhu
���wild very much*��urpi'i��ed to find tbat dig-
1 bl crtwissvalon'*, _tk1 l��. toon *W ent down
, (s��ai��s ugain. h quart) r <.f r-n hour late.
! tlie young uteri cone nnd nod me tho
I .v. lu .In story     'fhe poor _*lrl wa* lyiu_ by
tho vol! mil -ouM.nnt 1 iir.   Slio htd till
en  from lh<*  wimiiii story     It waK rail.
iug in t-TTen-s. I wni with M. :-':g!.
i iHit. ard swe 'nroiiglt Ilnrtt-nee to u.
1'bi'insiw iih'her leg brokrn In throe plaoc-
! (ml thv bone had coins through the skin
1 She luude -no coiiipiab'.t, hut jnst  uur-
i.iund iu a Yi signod tone, ' It wm my own
futilt���rt. in .tint, my puninhmenfj.'
"1 Mint for 11 woman to oome end ucr_e
her,  mui  Hun  twn.  for her par��ul��, to
whom   I   mado up  a story iil-mt  a 1mii*m
���thnt had IrnU. 11 flight ��r._ 11 eaniaac ruu-
j 'nH:g nvi r the 1 oot girt ,ji>t npar my d'��r
j fc.vejiy one lielieTed my nory, and the pu-
! liefliwere en��na��d for ahont & month In
��� trying 10 find ewt thn owner of the rnoa-
j .wry borne.
"'I hot  in tbe trtory, Uien," wild li��e ot.
floctor, "and 1 Hialmalu lhat that woman
J was a bnroinii. f*h�� i.rvor had aHotlier
. love nlTalr, but died tin old maid. I menu
i to say  that  wnnuui   viae sublliDe.     She
is as jtiis. a martyr, ��*id It if becnum of iay
great admiration for her that I bare told
you her etory now. During her lifetime
1 would never have bruuthed It 1,1 any
Th. el- .doctor m\A ik> ioon��. My
mother <was xrying, ��nc my father said
eoiuethtog which I did no�� oatok.   .!*>��.-
Sbe always went etrtili!;'
explaluiug to niy parents what bed caus*d 1 ��itly��-h��y.all wontwit of tlieroou. ��_*i��.
the pour old .woman's death     1 did   not
��� cd-r.tand  anything nbout it, huh I lie
ftalrs Into I toned tu bis words all -the some.   *Auu�� vo
Time Table.
Cut Glass.
And all kinda of Jewelry
Train   leaves  Cloverdale at
Repairing -a Specialty.
J!. Clausen,
Anmis-Tiy., to "fill the -new positions
.treated by Railroad and Telegraph,
Companies, We want YOUNG.
WEN and LADIES of good habits to.
AND R. R, ACC��UiNTrNlj . . .
���We ftiTnish 75 per cent, of the
���Operatsrrs and Sutton Agents in
A��erica. Onr-six schools me the
lltrtest exclnsiTe Telegraph {schools
d�� the world. Established 20 years
��_id .��Hidtsrsed _by all .leading Railway Offtciiils.
We execute-a $250 Brjnd tto every
���ttidewt to furnish bun or ber a
j-SMiftion .paying from $g.o to -Jifio-f.
M��ath in States east o! itlrt Roeky
MeuBUiri*, ot from $-75 to "JUeo a
���ni_��tl- iH sStsrtes west of the-Rookies,
:ii_!i_.ediately iipori graduation.
Stndeiats can -enter at eny*time.
_<o vacations. For full particulars
^regarding any of onr schools write
���direct to our executive off-i* at
Cisscui-iiati, Q>.    Catalogue <_ree,
iie mue at (if mmm
'Cincinnati, Ohio.        Buffalo, N.\
Atlanta, Oa. LtCrssse, Wis
2\-;\sJt'e*si��:i. Te... San Fr_fneiseo,Ca
Vancouver, B, C.
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
Orown "Garden, Field and Flowei
Seeds. New crop now in Stock and
on test iin our greenhouses. Ask
your :merchaiit for them in sealed
*paokage5. Iff he does not handle
them we will mail 30 assorted 5
packet* of vegetable "and flower
seeds (onr own selection, suitable
���for B. C. gardens) for pt. Special
(prices cm your bu'ik seeds.
ready for spring .shipment.
Extra nice stock ot two and
thrce<***ear Apple Trees at $20 per
100, $1*80 per 1,000. Maynard
Plums, $1 each; italian Prune, two-
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
Biiine. two-yeai., fine, $30 per 100.
Full Hist of other stock at regular
prices. "No -expense, loss or delay
of fumigation or inspection.
Let nie prise your list before plac-
.ing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work.
Bee Supplies, Fruit Packages, Fertilizers, etc.
p.m. and arrives f.t Pott Guichon ut.
4:50 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichon ������'
5:10 p.m. and arrives at Cloverd* e
at 6:25 p.ai.
Mondays only.
There lire tw�� through ��� ������.--_
ger traius per day each way am
from Seattle and a mixed .rain *
and from Bellingham.
MC III! Gill U
CWenttninster Branch)
Time Table
ti.nt le_\-. Wcituiiuslcr Ior Va.io_.iver ul 5 5.-,
aud _..s-R.m. and hourly thereafter until n ,-.
ill.; SaUirdav- autl linnUayi at 11 p.m.
Cars leave.VAaeourer tur Wc-tuiia-ter- at ,,.5..
ami 6.5c a. m ku'ii hourly thereafter uutil 1- p
ui,; Saturday! aud Suudays .st 11 p.m.
We ruu _ir*ii-'.la_ii (irig-11 can -etweeii Wcat
ruiuatcr aud Vaucouver tsiid ail thlpiacntf ere
Laudlcd witli the utmost etre ant .elt-ercrl to
conjirutf witli��ut d.laj Special att�� ,.���;���>.-. paid
to fruit sUipuieutj. Oui wilgon.
and tvaiiiK.   Por r��tc��, rlc. iipplv
tin* Kevringirooiii and ���soimmiiieetl work ut
onea. She wee �� tnll, lapareAVOiunn, v,_il_
li. r e.Tebroi-* were sn Ismi* ami luinhj- thnt
_h��y looked Ilk* MtiBbU-ieaover b.r eyee.
She Uiuped in walking, but Jet lu the
���eii-r.-vrny ac sh ���rollniti'y orlj..sJi>. She >vtu
more likes hout *. aseher, i'or wii-n bei
long, I uny I :i(.j' w.-ei r.s'.iaif o> fci-r sound
li.,; rii** lool.s'il wt though the were just
-huiit'-o Bishe h 1 lnnsj-, .Uior_ler to renolr
t>sn mn o_ nnme hi.;;;, v.rtTe, und th��n sud
dinly sba vtotild ck-reeu. _e though ui:
aby���� "aad o] ened tmiier bea- feet. .She ul
tvnjn reminded me of a storm ut tea wheu
ah? walked, an she seemefl to rook about,
innl the strings o.'hepiblgtvblte r.-.ji would
Boat uliout with every .r.ovement she mnde
I -imply adore- Mer.'s-'l-eht-lte, and .*i>
f. 11 hm 1 WOS dresfux. in Ilie Horn inn 1
i.'.v.iits went -*ttr��';(.lii )tip >to >the sewin|
roi 111, where I found 'her busy at work
ci [ortBbly install--* r.iih-a fo****. wnrnirr
1 lie vould Tuake lui'-.-it down on the fool
\. nriuer, bo that 1 should not take cold ii
the large room, m It-wiis just under tbl
toot alio rcry o'all.y In winter,
i-iie used to .tell iu. Btoriesswhtle she
di.riiftl the linen with her long, bent fin-
... . ��� hloh.novetl so ujuiokly tmekward
.. nd forward. Ilw-cyes, which I only t_.w
through her -hlg spectacles, aee-ite��� to un
to be enormous, and th*-? always louk*d
in deep and full of ���xpression. Fioiu
What 1 ean-remember uf the things she
...ed to tell nie and wbich ln.er_~.ed int
so much a. the time sbe uiiifl lmv�� bevn a
ilmple inlndod, klnd-b-arted wouian, iShe
would toll reeall tbeeTcuU of th*' TlllajSB,
tbo story of:* eowwhlch had got OU. of ill
sbed, and which bad beeu found lu tbr
morning eteirding lu front of |t|rospai
JjiHlet'B windmill watching thc-albf goiug
round.    Then J rem��_n_��r �� story (he toM
Rheumatic Tains Quickly Relieved.
.ire' 'iii beat*
i The "xcruciatinj pains cbarac-
teristic of rheumatism and sciatica
| ar. quickly -relieved by applying
j Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Tke
{.real pain relieving power of the
linime'-? has been tbe surprise
and delight of thousands of ���uffer-
ers. Thc quick -relief from pain
which it affords is a'one worth
many times its cost. For sale by
F. T. MacKenzi ���.
n _. sun.ita,
TiafBc t-jr.
WcataiiuMar. ���. C
IA. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westmifistcr Road.
la  a_   iimi imrmm.,   aKkirr   fcr  n��w
ls.iil.-ns. �� Impimnuts eU �������-.
rr�� ymy u��_.�� ma immir aphi--,
ttvn KintT wrau now ntnniWb
m Mcuwnm. *_��� ww ****
CiwaissW iw (m. ��!> saraiw���i*��
apla.".. a-ss-usia. s^uaiiw.- ats-l __g_r
j_u.ua> mui deoule hi *s-i v. sssiir wiru
bast i-taraeta by uauM.  it.
Fulla* siMtaiU ���' iiit-ra-iw. i�� "ur
METALUt ROOflNCCB., uinrrto.
WtMatswal* f>ums��f��s5__�����nh
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
.L*r��MF.K I-
According to The Commercial,
���f Winnipeg, the visible supply of
cwts in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
ig 7.^,,000 bush.ls, compared
witb 15,614,000 bushels a year ago.
Al.out Rheumatism.
fr-tfhiiioiitrs were brought lo, und 1 _i* doe
Ki' took a gln.s-*xf wine au�� a bla ui*. Hs
���Auitvin talking ali-tlie tliue, and what
... suld.l Luxe never tuigotveu tuul u.iet
shall forget to._~y dying day I Imlirve 1
can re_-t__tb*_* sl,u very wurds he used
"i'oor old -��umun,".in* aald, '..In' �������
__.�� _lr��.>-ilis*,-i. I bad her.. Slie-lirukelbsj
*�����_�� tlie veiny day af aiv arri-sal. aud I h��d
umy juu suu ki_-e w na-ii ���-(>} -.ami*
afnjr my jouruoy iu lio>conch whan I was
fetched su lf:r, as lt wan a utuioin ease.
ino.t serious, iu faet. ��_he wae just .11
thej. 1 and a e-ey i_*t*ity gh*l, rexr.prMf
Indeed ihe w����. .You would eoaroely h.ie
Uiotighi  it irun*ibl4, weuld year    At U
.fler stury, Why, .have never told any on.
about it, and, wltb __��� exception of oot
other porson who is Be longer living here,
ao un. bos ever knows It. Now tha. eb*
le rteail It duue mot tuattar if .1 toll yo_.
.tut beifin. tuy arrivnl liere a young man
bad come Ui this parish aauseistant schoni-
Biaiter. He wae very handsome and bed
.qui;- n military k_)l_ about bim, so that
all the girls wwe boob ln lore with hl;n.
lis. pretended to lie pert-etly lndift_f*��_r.,
but th*. ���*�������� was be stood lu great awe ��f
hit principal, Pem Qrahn, who ww retbee
glvenito gi tting out of Ixid thewrong sJd*
end miisii!^ thing* anoowfortable for every uoe Ml tlia sllghU-et T��ret.xt.. TU��
young awiist-tiit lived at the -t:hisolm..st__*,i
h.iuee, and it wae Ui.t. thut he saw liar-
tetisa, the ur.Wy st,��u'..trees, whom the
���.Matters always ealU.l I'l-el-rtte .."ver b��r
-s��.'.:';i:inr. He mnde k>ve tu bar, and tbe
,pcor j-irl was no doubt IbiHe***- to think
"thill -.he should tin* be s_H_��._t ot:t by tiui
t...?oivij yruui; schooln-wtee Wbo Hfift
turnsd tie -loads of ail tbeTlMage-Blria.
"in a very short titie ��h�� waa .(.lit* do
n ��..-l to him. nid us it wns luipoaslble to
���e.cliaiig- .won tnau a lew -nnaay v��.iru.-
witb her lover on the days -when cite was
working at Pere Oralm's.hotiae, sbaootl
auntsid to m>��et bim una-.evening; In the
ioft overthe ec-M��lt--fii. \Vb��n her day's
work was over, she watohed her oppoi'tu
nity, and inatwid of iloavlng t_i�� bouse a.,.
jMStmonnted tlie sttilrciu;�� loading tu lim
'loft and waited there. hiiVing behind mine
'bnndlee o. bay, for her lover. He si>o��
joined bar, bnt they-had no* been there
���many mlantas wben ,tlve-di��r opened an��!
.Pere himeelf etitersd ti'-lof:.
'��� 'What are yon dolug op'liereufig*.
bertf aaked tbe srhmlmaeUir. 'like young
man felt tbat there was n�� escape for him
��r.d he answered in a dazed way:
" 'I ]tist name telle down and have a
rests M. Grabw."
"The loft w���� ����� very lert_�� one, aud it
wae ahswilntelydark. Slglsbo!.,pu8h-d tin*
.yonng girl along, .whispering 10 ber
"?HI<leyouriM!f; don't.let'hlm see yon. U��l
���way somehow-or tl ���ball ln*se icy sUua
"The ss-h��si*ilm��;ater though.-faa 'Luinrd
saotue whispering.
"'Who la up hera.sviH: yon' .Ton ar��
���ar* hlnrvo!' hs�� Mllsyl out,
" 'Vaa, M  (inihu, I  am  qtiiteolone,
*��nswer_d Slglibert.
" 'No. ynn are not. ���! hmrc1 you talkitiK
���tc wmio one.'
" 'I rwcar 1 am alone. *H Gratia,'all
nwered tlie-yovini; mnn.
" 'I'll findthnt out for myself,'said the
Md mnn. Wheroupon he wont ont again
locked the door from Ihn outaido and da
end I etnld there knpoling hy Ihe low
armchair nobbing bitterly, nntll at last I
'heard a strange errand of heavy footetcpe
and of SHmething Irerlng earric-d down
lh��y were taking poor Cloohntre away
���From the Vivnch of Gny de Maupae
���After n I-araa'w.
'Baa 'Bullae a y.*rd:" the *nelalm��rl
te'jpn the sli':o n*>!b-l-..',t had tnld her tl.a
j_i'Is*o.    "Why, that's pxnrbltmt."
' (fe can't afford to soil it foftiuy less,"
replied liie yonng man.
"Well, I know whrrw I nan pet it for
less," rSe replied, "��;*d**t>*m t.*o gt^d a
busluets_sWou.an��to p��f more.th.in a thing
1* worth."
And then she warrh"! ottfedf tthe-shop
and pr.id S'l c^nfei fcr n MuRom to no to n
pl.tco-nhere she eouiil pet tha samo thing
for Misteati.���Mattopoiiuii.
*r_��* Hnllna Htlraotlaa.
Ths-Prcpvlrtor��� Did you put up tho big
geit ".VriiUy llsrsniu Sale ' card?
The Chirk ���Yes, sir.
The Proprietor���Aad i'.i�� "..-ess Than
Go-*t" hanner, and tba "Fer'Two llmira
Only" placard am' the "But bnc'_oi-.a_-J
I'i.;chaser" .i,',;;.
Tho Clerk��� Yog, sir. alto. them.
The Preprhitor���Tbwi what iu Top|
���eased all ttii.se. women to run ou' of ll
Tha Clerk���A y_**_'ri_. soldier, ale.
Oleieland Plain llnnlnr.
'Xve-v.*-.Wagnetlsn .*utflt,
:<<. aonrs nor lv'_ h.is_aoa.
Br..'. Ivtst the same. I'm htpa.V
'lis souiui uiy liul- tune-
I am toy own director,
An- wli*ii I'd hav��:niy?wa��
N* hlllnim sol. player
Siepa forth h�� say n..*.nay.
Thoy sneered at my *m!*u!<��n*__
lint my music l�� endured
By an a'tdlencs, ef nations
\\-|����--e attenllen I've isscure*.
J,|t IickM l�� full of r_',)tur��,
>��� -f irtood Is OYt.r bland.
S_Per sWien I blow my wh'*stj��
Vex ltoo**es_ft_r a. IH�� ban!-.
���Washington Star.
li it. Bank ���tii.n_.inna.
(Inn of tbe s.uriosltl-. of tho Bank et
-.ngland isto'.i.suon In the printing r.sim.
A man site at a desk, and every three Hamuli n macbiu* delivers to hliu two com-
;plet�� Hi, notes Uf be site' there _ix.boure,
tin receives over $3,..,UdC audtis 800 du)W
�����er.��iii()v'.��M) '.un
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  the
There are lew diseases that in- Best and Most PopuUr.
diet more turture than  rhetimatisK
and there is yrobably no disease for j "*
which such is varied and useless lot'     "Mothers buy it forcroupy  chil-
of remedies have   been suggested,  dren, railway men bay it for severe
I To say  that  it  can  be cured  ia, coughs and  elderly peopl.   buy  it
thereforp, y bold statement to make,   fot la  grippe;"   say  Moore   Bios.,
but     Chamberlain's    Pain   Balm,  Elden,   Iowa.    "We sell ��ore of
which enjoys en extensive sale, hss ! Chamberlain's Cough Remedy than
���net wi h great succer.s in the treat-! anv other kind.    It seems to  have
ment of this disease.    One applica
tion of P-iti Balm will -relieve the
pain, and hundreds of sufferers have
testified to permanent cures by its
use. Why suffer when Pain Balm
affords such "relief and costs but a
rriPc? For sale by 17 J. MacKen-
I 7"
taken the lead over several
good brands'.'' There is no question but this medicine is the best
that can be procured for coughs
fetid colds, whether it be a child ot
an adult tbat is afflicted. It Always
cures aid cures quickly. .Sold by
iE. J. MacKci'-ir*.
IA   Br-atfr  C��nv��aleae*.
"The ueareet doctor in allien away,
Inn't he?"
"Yee. Hint -tin* cemeteiy '����� rUW
������ay BUBtar.
������'IMfll-r ta forever iiuotl_S'f��c1ry.*
"Hit ��wB."-_l��fr lark _t*anuil.
It shcnitd'O- borne intnicsd that
every cold weakens, the taage, towers the vitality at��l prepcres Q>��
sy.teni for1 Uie mere -serious discuses, ainoni4 which are the two
greatest dejttwers of'lnuuiui life,
p^lCuu^on^a!anl;, consutrlpuon,
��oiQ*h Remedy
l_as:woii i- �� !.--eat ���jjojaibrity by it*
prompt cure., of-this most comiaoa
ailment. It aiils expectoratioB, relieves itte lungs anvi o_>eiw tb*
secretions, effecting a speedy and
peniinnent cure. It oountecacta
any tendency tcwter-I pneumonia.
Price zsciLargeSli* 50c. tfk nr.i.TA timi's, satp'i".ay.
I 006.
LOCAL NEWS.      SchOOl  ROtf-.
T. 1". Ladn.i visited the Terminal
Citv on Tuesday.
The lirst meeting of tbe Hoard c f
School  Trustees was  held  in tbe
  I Council Chambers, Ladner on Fri-j __f|
H. N. Rich v.ent over to Victoria | day, April 13th., present:  Trustees!  f��
on Thursday mornin-.. ' I-ittson,   Swensen,   Wiigbt,   Dove
and  Pvbus.
Ou motion of Trustees  Swensen
and Dove, R. E.   Kittson   was   appointed  chairman.
- -"     -~ On   motiton  of  Trustees   Pybus
Miss Brandrith paid :i short visit! and Swensen,   N.   A.   McDiarmid
Miss Jordan paid a short visi
the Royal City on Tuesday.
lo the Royal City this week.
Mrs. G.T. Baker returned, Tuesday, from a short vi-it to the Royal
was appointed Secretary.
A communication was read from
Miss Carss, teacher of Ladner school,
asking for leave of absence to attend High School, and offering
Miss M. McLellan as a substitute.
Request granted,
Is of Almost Daily Occurrence Here.
L. M. Richardson and wile spent      The estimate ol" amount of money
the Easter holiday, visiting friend? I required   for   school   purposes for
in Vancouver. 1906,  amounting to ��2,62.),   were
 j made up as follows:
[Westham island school $ 185j we have never shown before.
I Gulfside'school          185,
l Boundary Bav school      1S5
join    the   other   Di��ii��r.   m    uie | c,.escemIslalK* school       l8s
\ Sunbury school       1S5
Delta school       400
Ladner school   1,200
Every few days we show some advanced i
1 novelties  in  Coats  ot  Suits;   some  days  it   is
Skirts, some days Hats, Gloves or Hosiery; tnenjWrjfe for prices
i again, it is Silks, Wash  Goeds, Woollen  Dress
i Goods, and so on, day after day, something that ���
Beg Lemve
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
%riiand  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Miss Ore-n left, on Tuesday last,
for .San Jose, Cab, where  she  will!
the   other   members   of   the.
Rev. J. P. Howell returned to the,
Jteyal  City   on  Tuesday,   after   a i
very   successful   tour  of  Delta  in
aid of Columbian College,
Salary, stationery, etc       100
The   regular   meetings   of   the
Board will be held in the Council
 '  [ Chamber ou the first  Saturday in
Mrs. P. MacKenzie a��d  son  re* each month.
turned   home   t-   Vancouver,    on]     Tbe   Board  then  adjourned  till
Tuesday, after spending a few days. Saturday, May 5th, at 2 p.m.
visiting at  D-.   McLean's   and   P. ��� ���	
Clark's.   ,     R0y page is  laid   up with blood
To-day we want to call your attention to i NEW WESTMINSTER,
some very special values in Skirts:
B. G.
Miss M. l.yle, of Winnipeg, Miss
.0. Lyle, of Princeton, and Mrs.
Parkes, of Vancouver, spent a few
days, this week, quests of Mrs. A.
Misses' and Girls' Skirts of Herringbone Tweed,
also Flake Colored Tweed, at the ridiculously
low price of $1.50
Ladies' Smart  Skirts of  Grey  Tweed with line'
Overplaid Trimmings of Straps and Buttons,
splendid value at '$3.75
And Second Report for the Institution.
St. A''drew'. Sunday school will
meet at io a.m. to-morrow.
Miss Harrington spent the Easter!
T. E. Ladner received a telegram,
yesterday, from his son Kills, assuring him of tbe safety of all his relatives residing within the stricken
distric ot California.
holidays with
her parents  at tbe
T.    Hi
Rev. A. McAuley gave a very interesting lecture at Crescent Island
School last evening, eutitled "Salt
Lake City and moraionism," wben
the sub of $8 was gathered in.
Jim Nelson joined the band of
smilers on Thursday last. It is a
bouncing baby boy.
Mr.   Butler,   of Vancouver,   ar-:
rived   thi9  week and  relieved  A.
McGregor, our popular young bank
clerk, who left here on Tuesday for!
Vancouver, where be will  take up
his residence for the present.
The annual International Clericus ot tbe Anglican Church will be
held in Seattle, next week, beginning on Tuesday night. Canon
Hilton, a delegate from here, will
267 Columbia St.,
New "Westminster, B.
r '. ^-. 'i .
The annual Easier meeting of i
All Saints Church, will be held in
tlie parish church on Monday
night, the 23rd inst., at 7:30, the
meeting having been postponed
from Wednesday evening last.
Seed Oats,  Sweedish;  also one
young Working Horse, about 1400.
Apply to
Delta Municipality.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern   Shoes in a Modern  .Shoe  Store.
J. REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
Notice is  hereby given, that tbe
Court of Revision  of the  Assess-
.      ,   ���_     _ merit ot the Municipality of Delta
No word   has  been [received, as; will be held  in the Council Cbain-
yet, from Miss Weir, sister of Mrs.! bers, Ladner, on Saturday, tbe 19th
Lanning,   who was a   lesideut of day of  May, 1906, at 10 a.m., and
'b'risco.    C. F. Green   and familv,   any  person desiring to make com-
ITPWARDS of one hundred surgical operations weTe performed, all
with complete success, and only one death out ot over two hundred
patients treated Seven patients weTe in the Sanitarium at the opening
of the year, 205 were admitted during the year, making a total of 272
treated. Of these 99 were males and 113 females. 112 were surgical,
at medical and 19 obstetrical. 12 patients remained in at the close of
the year.
The total days treatment were 3190, au average of 19.46 days per
Out of the 212 patients treated only one death occurred, being
less than % of 1 per cent. This one death was due to suppurative
pyelitis, complicated with heart disease.
Patients were admitted from the following .ocs.ities.���
145       Ladner 2
1 New Westminster 2
1       Collingwood 1
.        Brandon 1
1        Barnard .
1 West ham Island .
4       Rock Bay i
1 Salmon Arm 1
���:. Pott Hammond 1
\       Mt  Lehman              1
2 Calgary 3
1 Didsbury, Alta. 1
1 Chilliwack 3
1        Miami, Man. 1
3 White Horse, Yukon 1
The Baths and Massage Department have been eminently success-
i ful under the management of Miss Millington. During the year, 954
I treatments were given, and as tbe patronage has gradually increased, it
j has become necessary to engage an assistant. Early in the year a
j souvenir prospectus was published and copies mailed to the many friends
I of the institution.
I The oflices, reception rooms, balls and  most ofthe private wards
I have been neatly p2mted and decorated, adding- greatly to tbeir appe.trance.     The increase of onr work in tlie East End has necessitated the
[ opening of branch offices in that part of the city tor the convenience ot
our patrons.
Vananda Bay
Van Gaud
Washington State
North Vancouver
Central Park
Rock Bay
Port Haney
Alder Grove
Mandow, Man.
Harriot Bay
Seattle, Wash.
Ltdnc, .-Vita.
Keefer Station
Souris, Man.
Naas River
s.nitten zone, as also is Mi
We   understand,   are   outside   the, plaint against his or her assessment 'VV/'a 11     P_lOi_T     PfllfltS     VflmiShCS    EtC
ss Crissy must give  notice in writing to the | *
New, up-to-date Papers
To   select   from,   also   some good   bargains in
Clerk, stating the ground of his or
 ���".  her complaint, at least ten days be-
Geo. M.   l'.ndacott,   representing fore said date.
.he .Scarborough Co.' was  ln town! -V. A.  McDIARMID,
this week, taking orders for the
Reversible Dominion Map which
according to sample will be a very-
acceptable addition to every place of,
business aa well as to every household.
C. M. C.
Ladner, April 14th, 1906.
The Band Boys delighted quite a
targe -audience, ��n Monday evening.
with sweet strains from their Band
Stand. This wag the first open-air
concert of the seas��n. Later in
the evening the Boys gave their
grand Easter bull, which  was  well
patronized and   much
-all wbo attended.
enjoyed  by
The Kas.er sefvicep* ip All Saints
last Sunday we:e very well attended, in fact the sealing accommodation was aljnas. foo small. The
singing was, of course, appropriate
anl very gooct. The 1 p\*:, in tin-
choir arc to be complimented on
their rendering of tlie -ervi<e. Tbe
re'i.i'.y decorated, i
Tha next .Sale in the above Yard
will be held on
Wednesday, May 2, 'o6.
Present Entries:
j.30 Fat Sr.eep, 20 Lambs, 5 Fat
Cows and Steers, S two-year-old
Steers, 6 Dairy Cows, 1 two-
year-old Heifer. Jersey Heifer,
Yearling Pedigree .Shorthorn
Bull, 1 three-..car-old Colt, 1
Marr, six - years - old, i4����o lbs.:
1 sorrel Driving Mare, five-year-
old: 1 Saddle Horse, 2 Buggies,
.Saddle and Bridle, I.lo
Further entries solicited.
Terms Cash.
II.   \7  RICH,
We are showing   some  splendid values in White Muslin
Blouses, prices from $1,00 trp.
Head v-to-Wear H ats.
We  bave  a  wide
that will appeal very U-
A. T-
���flm iilllillHMIIII-_MgMB-H-m
*r_K��-2_. ~7-'
range of the  Newest Styles at prices
iblv  to the thrifty buyer.
Under instructions from the Executors of
the  Estate of the Late W.   L. McBRIDE
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entirely^ New Stock       <**       ���__*
Come and See Our  Special Line of
Boots and Shoes.
tjimbia Street
Port   Guichon,  B. C.


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