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The Delta Times Dec 12, 1903

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 -i- a - >��~.
Vol. 1. No. 14.
$1.00 a year
Che ice Seeded Raisins, Cleaned Currants, Sultana Raisins, New Peels,
Table Raisins and Figs, Shelled Almonds.
Fresh Filberts, Almonds, Brazil and Walnuts, Fancy Biscuits.
Xmas Crackers.  Largest Assortment of Confectionery in Town.
W GO Iks. Pure Mixed Candy
will be offered during Xmas trade at 3lbs. for 25 Cte_
Best Japan Oranges 45 cts. box; Second Grade, 35 cts., &c.
fEEG TO THANK THS PUBLIO for the hearty support already extended in our erdei/vor to stock a first-class assortment of Xmas
c>, c,7 G-oods, Toys, China, Glassware, &c, making it possible to get
������bat you want right here and to save money in doing so.
* You will get better satisfaction purchasing your Xmas presents now.
Plenty of nice presents left, but they are selling quickly.
Come In an* loo"' roun ".
Pleased too have you Inspect the Stock.
All worth winning, exhibited in the window.
fOnly 12 days more.
Tickets with Every Dollar Furchase.    From a Rn to a Ton of Coal,
Everything as Advertised.
In a special to the Victoria Times
Hon. Cli brd -Sifton, minister of
the interior, is reported 'to have
said, in addressing the Canada
Club at Ottawa, that preference
upon grain would mean stimulating
its production and enhancing the
price, but to what extent it was
difficult to say. If Britain accepted the proposed Colonial preference
a bargain could be struck, but until such time as Britain said what
she wanted in return it could not
be de._'ided. It was preposterous to
suggest that Caaada shaiild refrain
���from controlling.her o.vn manufactures for the benefit of B tain. He
:protesteu against Canada being pictured as a squalling infant den and-
ing preference, otherwise it ould
break up family peace and n-ave
the Lmpire. Th2 suggestion that
'CauasdasShould.be brined, otherwise
it would join the American union,
was contemptible. Every self-
���Tesp<'cting Canadian could manage
his own affairs, and if necessary at
times aid Britain. Nothing could
be more destructive to manly self-
reliance than the insinuation that
Canadians required to be bribed in
the performance of their duty as
citizens of the British Empire. If
Britain came to Canada with a
trade treaty he was prepared to
give as much as we got, but would
not support anything that was not
mutually advantageous. It was
not;in the interest of the Empire for
the colonies to harass Britain with
extra burdens. Canada .would not
give up any of its autonomy. The
British navy was not necessary for
the protection of Canada, but land
protection was necessary. He suggested all school boys: should Le
trained to use riiies. He approved
of A. B. Aylesworlii and Sir Louis
Jette not signing the Alaska award,
and said that it would streugthen
the ties between Britain and Canada if iu ail cases.iu which Canada
was interested there should be three
Canadian commissioners.
The Beet Remedy lor Croup.
(From Atchison, Kan., Daily Globe.)
This is the season when the woman
who knows the best remedies for
croup is in dentand in every neighborhood. One of the most terrible
things in the world is to be awakened
in the middle of the night by a whoop
from one of the children. The crolip
remedies are almost as sure'to be lost,
in case of croup, as a revolver is sure
io be lost in case of burglars. Tliere
used to be an old-fashioned remedy
for croup, known as hive syrup, bnt
seme modern mothers say that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is better,
and does not cost so much. It causes
quicker, and ..Rives relief in a shorter
time. Give this remedy as soon as
thi croupy cough appears and it will
prevent the attack. It never fails
the patient to "throw up the phlegm"
and is pleasant and safe to take. For
sole by F. J. .Mackenzie.
Buyers Are Gaining Confidence in the Marks--
Report By a Large
Frank Hamilton, of the firm of
Frank Hamilton & Co., one of the
largest receivers of Canadian apples
in Liverpool, who was in Montreal
during the shipping season, looking
after his consignments, as well as
those of Thos. Russell, Glasgow,
ipeaking to the Star, has this to say
of the Fruit Marks Act:
"When the Act first became law,"
says Mr. Hamilton, "I had my
doubts as to whether it could be
worked successfully on account of
the many conditions surrounding
i iie fruit trade, but it has proved a
success beyond all question. -Speaking for the dealers on the other
<ide, I may say, that owing to the
lack of uniformity in the large
number of grade marks used, and
the irregular packing of Canadian
apples, we were never sure of what
we might expect to find in a package. It was possible to get a good
oarrel uf fruit under a certain grade
mark. It was also possible to get a
barrel of "trash" under the brand,
so that the marks on the package
counted for little. As it is now,
with the marks fixed by law, when
we purchase packages bearing the
'No. i' or 'XXX' brand, we are
reasonably sure that we are,getting
an honest and a fairly uniform
'pack.' This has had a tendency
to inspire great confidence in the
Canadian apple trade."
Speaking of the law from a Canadian standpoint, Mr. Hamilton
said: "I have been a close observer
of the work and I cannot speak too
highly of the Montreal fruit inspectors. They have had on their
hands what I consider a very difficult task, owing to the fact that
they have had to pass judgment on
the work of hundreds of different
packers, and pronounce on the
varying qualities of fruit from the
different sections of the country.
Sound judgment, common sense
and prudeuce have characterized
their actions from the beginning in
administering the law fairly be-!
tween the growers and shippers on
one side and the consumers on the
other. The inspectors, while taking a firm stand, where glaring violations were apparent, showed the
greatest courtesy and consideration
towards the shippers by writing)
hundreds of letters on educational j
lines. It is a well known iact that
there are a number of good shippers who, while they may have the
best tntentions, often find that their
packers here violated the law, I
either through ignorance of itsj
provisions or carelessness. To;
prove this I could show a number
of letters from my Ontario shippers,
who express themselves as only too
anxious to have their fruit inspected and the defects pointed out by
the inspectors that they may remedy the same by instructing their
In conclusion Mr. Hamilton said
it is in the Lest interest of all concerned that a good, honest package
of fruit be placed on the market.
And so say all of us!
BV G.   W.   WA-.KBR.
(Continued from Last Week.)
In 1882, the late D. Chisholm
purchased 12 acres from W. H.
Ladner, and the firm of Thos. Mc-
Neely & John Buie opened a general store and hotel. The hotel
was the old building in the rear of
the present Delta Hotel, and the
store was situated on the wharf
where the weigh scales now are located. The store "was a very small
affair at'that time, but as trade expanded the size of it kept oil increasing until we now see it in its
present condition, under Marshall
Smith, who employs a large staff of
clerks to keep in touch with the
grdwing demands of the Delta.
Amcmg the early employees in the
business of McNeely ���& Buie was
John Hopper, now Residing in Victoria.
���Shortly afterwards "the firm name
was changed t6 This. McNeely,
the late John Buie having retired.
H. N. Rich, W. L. McBrirte, H. J.
Hutchersoh and Chas. Clausen were
the chief employees for some years
under T. McNeely. W. L. McBride Retiring his position and
starting in business idr himself at
Port Guichon, while H. J. Hutcher-
sdn branched otit for himself at
About this 'time A.
with Patrick Gannon,
the butcher business now operated
by the McKee Bros. Wm. Pybus,
one of our prominent farmers, ran
the business%fter P. Gannon. Then
came R. Mcintosh, followed by the
late Wm. McKee.
The Municipality of Delt* was
founded in 1879, and the first-meeting of the Council was held on
January 12th, 1880, with W. H.
Ladner as Reeve and Councillors
H. D. Benson, J. B. Burr, E.
Thompson, J. Huhter, Thos. Stih-
son, Wm. Pybus and F. Page. The
late Wm. McKee Was appointed
clerk, assessor and collector.
M. Nelson,
started tip
(To be continued.)
T. W. Kerr went to Vancouver,
Tuesday, on business.
The best line of confectionery to
be   bad   for   Xmas  at   the  City
Rumor hath it that ex-Councillor
K. E. Kittson will be a candidate
lor the Reeveship. Look out W. H.
The Masons ef tbe Delta will remember that ou Sunday, the 27th
December (St. John's Day), they
will be addressed by Rev. Canon
Hilton, P.W.M., M.G.L.M.
Canon Hilton received the unanimous call of the Wardens and
Committee of St. Barnabas' Church,
New Westminster, to take tbe lec-
torship of that parish. The Canon
has decided to stay with All Saints',
Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days.
For several months our younger
brother had been troubled with indigestion. He tried several remedies
but got no benelit from them. Wc
purchased some of Chamberlain's
Stomach and 'Liver Tablets and he
commenced taking them. Inside of
thirty days he had gained forty
pounds in flesh. He is now fully recovered. Wc have a good trade on
the Tablets.���Holley Bros., Merchants, Long Branch, Mo. For sale
by F.J. 'Mackenzie. ,
mr mm rail
���-"   -        - * ���    -������'
A Good Programme Successfully Carried Out-
Neat Sum Reaiifctd foi
Church Work.
The rale of work and entertain.
ment f iveu by the Ladies' Guild of
All .Saints' last Wednesday, was,
we are glad to say, moat successful,
the proceeds amounting to $105.
The sale was wall patronized all the
afternoon, and in the evening, in
spite ef most disagreeable weather,
a goodly trusaber turned out, and ���
pleasant evening was spent.
An impromptu programme of
music was rendered and seemed to
be appreciated. A trio, "Ye Shepherds," was sung by _j_rs. P.J.
MacKenzie, Mite Greek and Canon
Hilton. E. T. Calvert's 'rendering
of the "Deathless Arm?" was loudly encored. He kindly responded
with Kipling's "On the %oad to
Mandalay." The chorus ''"'Allen**
ette" "brought dawn the b.6hse.'*
Tbe programme of music was
very much cnrtailcd en account of
the sale of work and auctioneering
of remaining geods. T. B. Ladder made an excellent auctioneer,
though challenged as to his license.
Marshall Smith's gramophone gave
forth music at internals aad brightened tL ��� entertainment. Taken altogether the ladies are to be cen-
gratuleted on the euccesa of their
Holy Communion, 1st and 31ft
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Son-
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Rfc^rend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Servie* first and thir*S
Sunday *6f each month at 10:30 a fe.
Sem&snext Lord's Day at it
a. m.and 7 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. 'N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. th
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service will be held to-morrow at
7 p.m.
Rev. A. A. McLeod, pastor.
There will be a meeting of the
officers and directors oi the Me*
chanics' Institute and Reading
Room on Monday evening, Dec*
24th, at 8 o'clock. A
v *.
Swbscmwion. Sl.dO^per year.
C���tl Ad*cttUcmenM, io ccaU per line foi
Ihe Sr�� inttrtlon, ��ud 5 teun p��r line for each
Mtoc^ucot fniertiou. The number of lliiei
tKkauesl by thc (pace occupied, i. lines to the
Sate, ter Commercial Advertisement* can be
had M application at this oUcc.
loading noticos is coats per line for each is-
MrUi and Beath notices, joe., Marriages $1.00.
Aap so-dal notice, the object of which is la
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered au advertisement
aad charged accordingly.
Alt advertisements charged fir until ordered
���nt and paid fer.
Carrtapaadcncc Invited na matters of public
laloroot. Communications to editor must be ac-
���oatfsanted by name of writer, not uecesurily
fer ptabU'-atioa. but as e'ideuce of good fsti-th
eorrispasdeacc must reach thia ol_.c by Thurs-
day oonaing.
Geo. R.
:���   't d.-i
Aa will be seen in another column,
Rev. Canon Hilton has received the
unanimous call to St. Barnabas'
parish, New Westminster, but has
decided to stay here. It would be
a, great shame, we think, in the
light of existing circumstances, if
All Saints' congregation were to so
far forget their duty as to allow any
obstacle to bar the way of the
Canon in the good work he has so
energetically begun.
Although we do not, at present,
claim membership in his church,
we fully appreciate the quality and
amount of genuine work accomplished by him since his arrival
Accustomed to preach to the men
of the  Northwest Mounted Police
Force, he is a hard hitter, and we
mint be prepared to hear the Truth
a*) contained in the Word.    Follow
his advice and prepare yourselves
to take up your share of the burden
which is laid upon the shoulders oi
a'pastor.    Attend church regularly
and try to be consistent.    Do not
go, out duck shooting before breakfast and stay away  from church at
night because "It is too dark, too
."wet, or because you are too tired
.and weajy ������from'youi*early morn
. iag's tmanp;.--. but   remember   that
one day im seven is au. that God
.demands of us to devote tb  His
aervicp���that it is His day and not
iburs.     If   the members   of   the
,/cb*irch'd*o*not attend where is tbe
-coagregation to come from, and if
there is no congregation, what need
is there of a preacher ?
When you are asked to contribute
towards the support ot the church
remember how much you would be
willing te pay-,for th-: use oi a
masquerade suit, and t! en ��� do
your duty to God.
East Delta.
Presentation to Rev. A
The annual congregational meeting of St. Stephen's Presbyterian
Church, East Delta, was held ou
Wednesday evening. There was a
fair attendance, with Rev. Thos.
Oswald in the chair.
Reports were presented by the
Secretary, Treasurer and Superintendent of the Sunday School,
which were receive 1 and adopted.
The Treasurer's report showed that
the sum of $444 had been collected
for church work during the year.
Rev. Mr. Mogee and family were
presented with an address and a
purst�� oi gold in recognition of
their services in connection with
church work iu this district from
which they are retiring. The address was read by W. Smillie,
Superintendent of the Sunday
school, who, on behalf of the parents and scholars, presented him
with a purse of gold. Mr. Mogee
replied in a neat little speech.
Two members of the Board of
Managers retired in rotation. G.
Lawes being re-elected, and Chris
Brown, jr., was the new member
for the ensuing three years. Mr.
Mogee, who has held the secretury-
ship for a number of years, being
unavailable for re-election, R. E.
Kittson was appointed. Wm.
Smillie was re-elected treasurer.
Votes of thanks were passed to
Mrs. R. McKee, as church organist,
aud to Miss Sadie Kittson, organist
of the Sunday school, lor their
very efficient services.
The meeting was opened with
prayer by the pastor and closed with
the benedition.
Mr. Mogee left, on Thursday, by
road for Vancouver.
An Attack orencumoma vV-_rded On.
"Some time ago my danghtei
cuight a severe cold. She complained
f>t pains in her chest and had a bad
-ough. 1 gave her Chamberlain's
1 cttgh Remedy according to directions and in two days she was weli
md able to go to school. I have used
ibis remedy in ray family (or the pasi
.even year, and have never known i:
to fail," says James Prendergast, mer
chant, Annato Bay, Jamaica, West
iudia Islands. Thc pains in the chest
indicated an approaching attack of
pneumonia, which in this instance was
undoubtedly warded off hy Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It counteracts
any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia.    For sale by F. J. Mackenzie
the   Poultry
A. Coleman went up to the Royal city Tuesday.
According,to onr list a good many
inscriptions have already fallen
du*, vthers do so at the close of the
-Vst*,*. We therefore take this op-
jwrutuit/ of soliciting a renewal.
If you eii manage to do so we
would lik* o have you call, in
order that vti l ight be the better
Kaiiing    Sho-ald
Miss Belle Beadl.stone visited in
the cities this week.
Mrs. Wm. Alexander was a passenger on upriver steamer, Tuesday.
The   Bone   Cutter   in
The greatest ancestor of our domestic poultry, the jungle hen, like our
own prairie hen, had perfect freedom,
and was never asked to lay more eggs
than she could properly cover���i, c,
about fifteen���once or twice per
year. She was able to get all the
"meat" food wanted, in the shape of
bugs, ants, worms, etc., etc. Since
then the birds have been domesticated,
and from fifteen or thirty eggs per
year, the flock of hens laying 150 eggs
;>er year is common, and a flock aver-
aging joo eggs per hen per annum is
not a rarity. These birds havi
simply been improved and cared for.
But all the caring or coddling would
be ineffective without the proper
foods. With us, wheat, barley and
oats have got to form the staple food,
none of them contain sufficient protein or fat for the hen to produce thc
egg quickly. We must, then, supply
the meat foods ourselves. This Can
te done in the shape of some of the
prepared foods���meat meal, blood
meal, beef scraps, etc., or cut bone.
Of all the above, the latter is the best
and by far the cheapest. A machine
for 100 birds can be bought for about
ffJ.OO. Thc bone can frequently hi
purchased, at a small cost, sometime
let- nothing, and this" material, so of'
tin wasted, turned into a veritable
' Kloudike-ourmy-own-farm."
Tlie Agricultural Student gives av
interesting experiment with cul bone
'Three pens were made up of ut
'icns and ten pullets each, for the S."
dn.ys, November '1 ' to January '24
��� They all had grit.' The first pen had
fourteen pounds greL-n cut bone; t'ae
-second pen, six pounds of oyster
shell.-,; the third, only the grit, All
were fed alike,, w7'i the aboyS Exceptions. Tlie ep;g yields were,'respectively, 195, 83, 65."
At forty cents per *in-.,en, the tirs:
pen shows a profit of $3.70 over p��-r..
No. 2, and of $4.30 ov.r thc thi.ra pen
and this profit is only on the proiiniol
of twenty birds for less than thr.ee
months, over the product of the" sc-i-
6ltd pen.
Thc boric-cutter ia'iol. only nseiji
Saacwaiea h*.
tee wee doubtless occasional.*** drank,
but think of tb* feme et sober labor, et
ftooplng oT��r desk*, that must have gone
to make thoso wonderful tales. Which le
the true Poe, the hard drinker or the hard
worker!1 That tbe artist must get drunk
Is Indeed tha belief of certain schools et
young men even today, but is lt not based
on the old eternal false logic that because
some artists have got drunk therefore to
get drunk is to be artistic;
The- Mre From Bostsn.
"Pretty Polly,'' said tho visitor, ap-
ptowlnng the cage.   "Want a"���
-My name," interrupted the parrot,
spo��i;in)�� slowly and distinctly, "is Ibsen,
and 1 want nothing.   I am meditating."
��� He's a queer bird," explained the hostess "Iii* won't eat anything but beans
1 think my husband got him somewhere
lo tbe east. "���Chicago Tribunes
A Financier.
'Briggins makes money by establishing
���reameries ln country towns, does hi!? I
thought it wus a notorious fact that little
creameries don't pay."
"That's it. His agent works np ���
creamery enterprise In some small town,
and Briggins go' - thore tbe next year,
buys up the machinery for a song and
sells it to some village where they have
never had a creamery.''���Chicago Tribune.
Took tk* Hint.
"Just by way of a hint, you know, I
told her sho looked sweet enough to kiss."
"Well, she said that was the way she intended to look."
"And so"���
"Precisely."���Chicago Post.
1 -*- .  ., _ .f. A.f._ .T. _.f._,.T. A si. A sit. A -V- k -*- -s4. A sT. A .T. -���%-. JU A rT�� I sis--st. A .T. I sts . .?
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Oona at Specially low Prlsss.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner" No.
Practical Horseshoeing &
All Kinds of Repairing
HhIIih Ula Asa Then.
A young married mnn never realizes
that he is getting old until he is compelled
to pay full fare tor his first born whon he
has him on a street car.���Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
Some commentators maintain that everyone of ths Psalms had a distinct dance
appropriated to it and tbat it wus to bis
own music that David danced before the
The average rato of wagea In Korea ta
It oonts a day.
Spruce Wood.
Spruce is not commonly accounted a
costly wood, but some of it may be very
valuable. Spruce ls largely used tor the
tops of stringed musical instruments, such
as guitursund niumlolins, t!ie liner grained
being tho more desirable. The valuo of
rosewood depends upon its color and iiuul-
Ity. It ranges in prleo from a cent und a
quarter to IU cc.ta a pound. Thirty grain
Adirondack spruce would bo worth more
than the iinost rosewood. It might bu chut
not one such log would bo found among
a thousand.���New York Sun.
Stokes & Cullls
Leave Your Orders NOW for
Turkeys,  Bees��, Chickens,
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.    |
R. W. Hopkins, of Vancouver,
was here on a business trip last
Tourist (who oalls at village postofflce
for a registered letter)���But why can't
you let mc huve it?
Postmaster���Huve you proof of your
Postmaster���Don'tyou know any ono in
the village!-
- Postmaster���Have you a photograph ot
yourself or anything?
Postmaster (comparing photo with orig
Inal)���Certainly, sir, it's you. I'll got
you tbe letter.���Pearson's Weekly.
A. O.   U.   W.
.-M-J.'l'A I.01K1K M>. 12. meets lirs iintl
*--' i;(ir.l Tiiciiluys iii t.tch moutli i.l W.-.'l
lell'd rfsiil. T. W. KKKK, Recorder.
rnoa, K. l.ADN ������;���<. N. W
J. R. Watson and W. E. Curtis,
were up to the cities on business
this week.
in thi winter, but while *.!���..: li
laying the c*r_:s for b itching; :ti;<
yuTi;- chicl-s r.re glowing; i-i facl
ll ������:!. h*-t and all the time, green ct'n
b"ne i*. the ideal .{ood for fowls, biv
not more- than half an oun.'c per hi:'-
;>cr day and less in proportion f7
-.ricks,.--���harm ers' 'Advocate.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McKee w: 1
leave this week for a visit to the
Sunny South.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Patterson
will laave next week on an extended tour through California, and other
points will be visited.
be    En-
"We liave the. very finett poultry-
raieing eountry in the world," writes
a prominent   Manitoba   poultryinan,
��� 'ea4 the 'Provincial Government
oaght te gift the industry every en*
e-awajeunjiut. Through it waste
material of the fatal, which now pro-
tslueM nothing, can be made to bring
a Wrfft ��*����ntie.    Farmers    arc    all
.aryie-sji \n make money, and all that
il flpede-tl is a competent instructor to
attend thc various Institute meetings
jw4 demonstrate thc profits from
fwultry. If**--���� such instructor is
it/aUabU locally, one should be
brought inj by all means a good man
should be obtained. Throughout the
I'i'ited  States last year the amount
.rr-vMiaed fer poultry aggregated $400,-
d��y**oo.o��."���Farmers' Advocate.
[The same thing applies with reference t*�� ��li# Pelta���Ed,]
W. J. Brandrith, of BoutatlarT
JJay, left <>tr Tutsday's boat for Pt.
JUs***/ w*a Veetoixvet, on bnjinw.
Sunday being colleKe day at the
Methodist Church, both services
will be conducted by the Rev. Principal Sipprell, of Columbian Col
G*o.  T.assiter,  was  married  on
Wednesday,   iu   Victoria,   to  Miss
Warren, daughter of Capt. Warren,
of Victoria, and returned home yes* j
t��rd.*y. [
Chamberlain's Couth Remedy.
Por Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Price 25 cents; tyrge size 50c
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cent*.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts,-Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large site 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For Pisorders of the Stomach, *Li*rer
aad Bowels.   Bice. 25 cents.
Every one ei these preparations
ll guaranteed aad ii not fully sat*
isfactory to tbe purchaser tha
money will be refunded.
Mrs. Lntining very  kindly sang,
and most pleasingly, at the Church j
���f England entertainment 011 Wed-j
t.esday evenit'.jf.    The title  of her
song was "Mono.'-'
J. H. Shirley, auditor for this
municipality, is expected here in a
i's*w days, on his yearly visit to look
..vfef. the accoutijs. Brpth the way
iiings hiiv); been 'ruiitiitigf in the
-uuncil, it goes without saying Del-
.>* Wjll be u;i top.
African elephants can Olliub Mountains
���rltli r..'M-.iirk;;l)lo ease.
A newly horn giraffe mcesun--i '.t'lit-mt six
bet trolu his hoof to tho top of i:'. 1 h--n 1. ,
It is tlie lihbit of. oittla iIurs to liui ���"��"
���mt-'i' tlie snow, cupl np into '-ho suiuil.sl
! possible bulk, nnd tlius slyey.
The eye of the vulture is so constructed
! that it is a high powered telescope, ��u-
{ aiding the bird to see ol.-j.ote no an aliuost
Inortdiblu distance.
A Muiisnchuyetts f��i -.ily has five cute
s��lth varying tastes. One Is ravenous fsjr
bent root, unntliur eats only cucumbers,
another tomatoes. Another flsh, and tin
ttfi'n win taste noitiluff but bread eef
I. C. F.
COtnMP O.'SKu, No. 344.-1, m-'et^
:i.j 0 0 V Hall, 31x1 Tu.- day in
.���ach month Visiting biethrei
always welcome. C, R, J B.
Burr; R S,   B S  McDonald
Delta Lodge. Ko. 21.���The regular meetings of ibis Lodge are lie!(',
every Wednesday evening at 8 p
m. Visiting Brethren cordially in
vited to attend.
Rout. Moit-it, N.G.
N. A. McDiak.mii), Sec,
Crescent Island*
2% Miles West of Ladner.
Has received instructions from E.
R. CHIDDELL, Esq., who is giving up dairying, to .sell by Auction
on his premises as above, on
Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1903,
at  I  o'clock  p. ni., the whole of
his choice
Comprising : 17 Milch Cows (with
and in calf; 5 two-year-old Heifers
1 two-year-old Steer; 8 Yearlings:
1 Durham Bull; and :��� Marcs and
12 .Store Pi;'.s.
This Hurl is worthy of the attention of Dairyrceri, Farmers and
others, and will be found in good
c jrulition, part of the Cows are now
in '"' 11 profit and the others due to
cal'.'-. 1   February and March.
TE m : Under i's*-**, spot cash;
over that -. l.ount, approved notes,
at 3 moalii**, < ith bttnk interest.
Cider and
Gents' Clothing,
Hats'& furnishings!
At Ail Prices.
8ost Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.]
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices)
Now is the time to think of your Christmas Dinners,   Order Early  to  avoid the
rush at the
ubscribe Uow Tor
*lta times,
- Vr '-'i
Js-ms-   DIvrrtliiK   History   of fke  KM*
of tlie Saiu-bera umiedcuey.
The fl it ol 'tin Confederacy, or ratbnt
the 11 ui tin- Confederacy, had some curious Ijits of history iittuohed to their exist-
���eiice On Maroh., ism, tbe provisional
Confederate congress recommended that
"the Quit of the '. Vmfederafte Suites St
Ataerlea SbnH consist of a red field, with
a ��� liite space 'extending horiznn tally
throi pli the ceirter and ujultl in width to
ano-ti-.ir.-t the width of the flag, the red
���paces i- and Mow to be of the same
width nt the white, the union, blDe, extending down through the white spaces
nntl stopping at tin. lower Ted space, in
too center (it the union* circle or white
slurs corresponding ln -number w th tbe
���fates of jho Confederacy." It was firs,
displayed in public March 4, 1881, the day
of tlie inauguration of -Ijiucoln, and was
Unfurled over the stateliouse at Montgomery, Ala
On the battlefield tbe flag bore such a
���similarity to the Union flag that in September. 1801, tor one Army of-the Potomac,
���<5eii(i-iils Beauregard and Johnston created
what afterward beuouie known as tho bat*
llelliig���a red ground witha bluediagonn'l
���cross einhla.oned v. itli white stars, one for
each state This form was adopted by all
of the tmo|)s eust of the Mississippi river.
The first design, bearing the objection at
Resemblance to the stars and stripes, and
tbe battled tig having no-reverse, the Confederals' senate in Sprl-1, -1-808, adopted a
white ling, with a sin.-.d blue bur it) its
center, whieh was amended by inserting
the battlellag design as the union, with a
plain white ground for the field This arrangement afterward proved faulty, as at
���a distance tho iargo whitp Held resemblod
a flag of truce, and also, as combined with
the union was similar to tho English
White ensign
On Feb 4, lSHft. the Confederate senate
adopted a third chango: "The width, two-
thirds of Its luitgth, with the iiiiiun. now
used as a battlellag, to be In width throe-
fifths of tlie width of the (lng, and so proportioned as to leave the length of the field
"on the sido of the anion twiee tho width
'below it; to have a ground of red and
broad-blue sii It lor therein bordered wltb
white and emblazoned with muliefs or five
pointed stars corresponding in number to
'that, ol tlxi Confederate Mit-tHs, tlie I: Id
���'to be white, except the on;,.' I, ,11 Ir e
"Union, which shall t*e a n-1 I   i   oxt _
���Win width of the Hug "-ii-    ii  illuv       ii
Tliej-   Will   Suffer   ths*   u
Ajcisiiy Witli  It'.-" Is.
An ICnfllsli   surge ,      i'i   -i-.        v
der\i!-.;!   with   the   Turkish   mmj   l.-i
��aill|li)gn   of   lbVT-8 saw ll   ������::;.-. Ii ir��� .-���
bib;, inn of  the fortitude thai   r, ���. ���
and  sHsnalns with ohuerfniiiei-   ���    i
fehysioui shock
Tie  stirjteor.'s  tirst,  t*i:i Hul   -
*tvi;s i erl'i-rmeU on it ", li: l;i-li solt.'l  i-���        i
kllt'n mm Ijeeo ulialterid by a si ��� li   ! ������ u
(used to t.-iise chloi-iiiorin. nntl the - it���..- v.-
Woui: liii li'if tiff ,'thove tin* knee
Ho never  gi-o:tiioi3  nur  uncivil   au  ���
���cluni.iti,ni  br.t smolted a ci: '
the 0|.oi'aUotj Whe:: the 'I
Jiiane iiround with tns -r.i .
tli.wn the mime, -age and t'e ; ���
ivoti (led innii, illspati nl nn
lyall questions, thin...;, i. .
���uriu-liiim  tip the  flat) <>l   >,���.':���
As the llrst battle 01   l'V-vr ���.
*V.nr..eil all tl:iy mini: .. t' i u - .   it.i
.fci.-i   l-oi.ls, "i.'i.d-.-i-   iln- i<\:t| i -
���fsfii-ds that in ull bis Rin-gf
lie I:��� ..-*  never known.men to<
lorti.-ndi' under inuinse ugony . .- ,., i   ,,,.,���
TtiriiMth soldiers
Tile K'coveiy of tlio wounded, uotisider
i;ig the unfavorable conditions undo/
'V'htnh they wore treuted, filled him v.-lii
'wonder Their injuries were terrible, but
their .splendid pnysique, tiniiiiptilivrl Iiy
Intaiiipoi-iitice, enabled many of them after
,_. few wouivs in the ho.nitui to rosuipothoir
(���lures >/i tiie ranks
" I in,ver s.i-.v a prlvutie soldier under the
inliiii i pi) of lienor during the whole time
that I was In the country," wi-iio. .**ii)'-
'goon I'.van "Tburo were many Of these
nu'll whusp lives 1 could havo Based if I
Acimkl h.iva persuaded them tn tnke stimulants, but it was impossible lo got them
to touch alcohol even as medicine
"'.'je principles of thoir religion forbid
the uso of alcohol, and tiie humble 'hi.-It
wi;iij.i-- it) tunwolollRly to Ids religion that
im wni;],I rather meet death ItBOiif thun
Vlblisto Its pruoupts '
Many of the wuhnded losst their livot
owing to their roligjons belief that the loss
of a limb would pi-event them from ua-
terhi t n irailise T.iev refused to unbuilt
to itlaJilituCiun, prelerritig to "die Miliar
ti.i'.n Lo 'ive u.;.lined
U hm I'rU-tliin Can Da.
Ijnnnor.-ilnsido'ol a n.i.nits**rturret.'snffor
Intensely Irom heat generated by the eon-
luissioil of tlie enemies'caiinon balls when
thoy strike tlie steel walls of the tM-mH.
The energy-of visible motion is-sin'.-.len-
ly hnested ami becomes inoleoular'btiergy
in thsi form of licet The moving muss
shuri eommunieuted Iln motion ro the liiolo-
���culi'n of the mebil of tlio tumit ns Weil tu
.*oi lho cannon bull itself.
All visible motion when nrrestesS be-
KioincK heat, even that of running water.
If we take two pieces of solid loo and rub
tht in together, they can tie heated by tlie
���friction until the melting point Is reached,
If wo should {jour water into nn ordinary
"rotary churn and turn tbe .rank, the me-
ichanicil) onorgy exerted against the water
Will be transformed into molecular anor-
jfy, and the water will bo warmed in proportion tu the-amount of -mecbaiiieu. energy expended
OB III* Guard.
1 remember hearing of a law corfrt'ense
���where a man had entered nn action against
la railway coin puny for nn Injury to his
(arm in an accident Said the opposing
"I understand ij>on have lost thattso o.
yoor arm entirely-through this u;-.cid��nt"
"Yes," said the plaintiff
Lawyer���How high *oa*n you lift *you*
arm nowf
Pluintift, with groat diffloulty, morVMIt
about an inoh.
"How for oould yon lilt 1�� before .he
"Kigbt np there!" at tbe same time
���booting it right up over'his bead.���Pbfl-
���adelphia Evoning Saturday Post.
fteaaona Whj- Thin Method of Get-ling;
It Is Mot More Generally Adopii-4
Ifwe mistake not, Vv. Fridtjof Nat
in his last attempt to reach the north p. <
���bad the Fram equipped "with a special)'
designed windmill, whieh when operating
drove a dynamo and furnished the necessary current for lighting purposes. Ao
sermotor erected on tlie roof of-a botHlng
In Park place in this city has been for
sometime successfully driving a dynamo
bi connection *��ith a storage-battery pl_nt,
ihe'current from which has-been utilize*
for Incandescent lighting. From (his it
will -be seen that there tt nothing >or
lew in the application of wthdujl.*. to tb*
driving of dynamos.
Thore aro probably several reasons ��.*>;
tbe windmill or aermotor bus a.it lieen
���note usiversully adopted for tits ��bov��
purpose. In thc flra'. place .-ueL a ruoUv,
power is always more or sess nncei-iaii-
snd cannot always be depended Ofon
There muy be i e��lm iu-I at tne time ii ls
found necessary to leonai'g. cne butreru'S.
or the batteries may l*e in uso whei ��
breeze springs up This would Deoossitut'
having two sets of hatlories a* a consider
solo cost. Another reason why iiermotors
have not been more extensively adopted is
probably due to tho fact thut ourrent can
now lie generated with steam as a motive
power very economically, especially in
large quantities. The erecting Of au aor-
inotor and the instullution of a ���number ul
Storage batteries with a dynamo mean a
Considerable outlay of money, ���aspcciull>
when the cost of maintenance and renew
als is taken Into account. In "certain eases
it may be found thnf the interest on the
���batteries. gcilcShttm' end windmill, wi,!,
tho labor Hum figured in, will oost na
much in ; bo long run as tho ourrent oould
4)o purwhni; ii for on tbo outside.
But probably the ciii.-f reason why tho
powor of tlie wind Is allowed to go to
Wosto when ll could tie employed for generating electricity is the same ns that
wliich prevents the immense power derivable from tlio tides in both the Hudson
and Kast rivers from beimx utilized���
namely, oonseirrotistn, or If not luck of
progress, is slowness In availing ourselves
of opportunities.���Electricity.
���Bead Them. Ye nnrnera of the Clara-
i'f*tl��s. (liul Tn);*.*   V.'ni-iisisit.
Genet'.-.lar/.t Dr. Sejiolnr publishes In the
Cnittraibluit v.n Qosundhejusptlegencolloo-
tlon of "Hints to Smoker.;," which art
founded, as tbe doctor states, upon hlk
'professional observations for many years
���of mouth, teeth, stomach, lungs, heart and
Skin of the devotees of tobacco.
Thu lirst and foremost rule ls never to
���smoke before breakfast,, nor, as a rule,
when the stomach Is empty. This custom
'is tbe wci.-i possible foe of digestion. Never smoke during nny exertion of great
physical energy, as dancing, running, cycling, mountain climbing or rowing, and
especially it' in a contest. Never follow
"the bail custom of the French and the
'Russians" by allowing tho smoke to pass
through tho noBo. Never inhale it through
'the nose.
Kn'f, the Kinofce as far as possible from
tho eyes and nrtso. The longer theflpe
tho better. Tin) uso of a short pipo (Hiring
work is to be avoided. A pipo ls the most
wholesome form of smoking, a cigar tho
ftext, a Wgarette tho woi-.:t. Always throw
Away your cigar when yim havo Smoked
���tour-fifths nf it. Tho last end of it is the
(most hlfi'tful, in oauda venenuin, the poison lurks in tl-otail.
.All eigm-i-ttiis aro bad, but eastern cigarettes the worst, fur rhey tiro always compounded with some degree-Of opium. The
smoker ought to rinse out his mouth, not
only before every meal and beforo going to
bed, butsoveral times during tbo day The
best rinse for tho smoker is a glass of water in wliich ii tutispnonl'ul of table salt'bas
���been dissolved. It should bo used ,-in a
gargle at night, and care should be taken
thnt every cavity in the teeth Is well washed with it The pipe's proper place is in
the band and only occasionally in tbe
lips or tlio mouth.
Wh*>'ii Mnrrtnitt* In thc Topic.
The wedded stale is a favoritu subject
with tbe epigram mutant. From ti veej
Md ballad we take this:
There Vas a cnUnhal in a cart
A-go! ll to 'b ��� li.  ;;��� d;
Respite to Ii.m v:.   j.-ranted,
And'entt and e.   ivd did stand
To know If hi> w uld marry a wife
Or rather choos" 'o die.
v'T*ot);ers   the   v.orst���drive   on   tb*
The criminal did reply.
.tore modern is this verso;
I wbulil advise u man 'to pause
refore he takes u wife���
In fact, f sue no earthly cause
He slitnild nut pause fur life.
Who. by the way. Is the author who describes a second ii'.'.rriago ns being "the
triumph of hope over experience''"
Samuel Lover's matrimonii*! epigram tt
�����ory upposito:
'Though 'u-;,titles are al! made In heaven,
thoy suy.
Yet llyini-n. who mischief'Of t hatches,
sSomclln-es   deals   with   the   house   t'uthsr
side of the w'ay,
And there they make Lucifer mutches.
���Chambers' Journal
Burh In War.
The actions of men wounded in buttle
KM often inlstindcrstootl Oeneral Fullflr.
tis quoted In the Chioago Inter Ooeau
cites n pathotio in tariee of I hi ��� kind:
In the niitlstoi b.-uCe Geiienil Fnllar
was tryin-.; to i h. ���', ,,l:e liii'ir of pun;.
StrickcM .rieti. One poor follow eunse
mumbling along, not hetifting a word thut
*Was wi'id-to -him.
'Inrtignant hnd impatient, Fuller, as he
eame near this man, leaned from his hor e,
and, toiiehing him with his sword, said
sharply, "Go:back. sir!"
The man looked up with an expression
of anguish and despair on his faco that
snid as plainly'hs words, "I nm looking
for n place to die." He opened his blouse
and showed a big, gaping wound in his
breast     Then he dropped to the ground.
The geiiornl Instantly dismounted, hut
almost as he railed the man's heud to h)i
arm tbe poor follow breathed his last
Thu New V,e.:Jnnd iti.nl opijioti n_ii t-75-
vid��s tbat every man oonvlctod or uumga
balntual drunkard shall be photographed
��t his own expense and every publican lu
tbe district be supplied with aeoor.
Socn a I.txanneel
Now, the Tall n. riders rough,
Uavlnj got thoir hard won dough.
Boon will hear the zephyrs soueli
-As they lie b neath tho bough,
Vtx? away from mane and houglv
���Jiase beside the ripping lough,
t'vt tliey mustn't catch a cough.
^s'o, nor dose It a la Gough,
���Aiit���but, sa..-. this Is enough.
:��iav.j.i.i yioio r����'����
*-. ...
^Wilhelmina" Jackets, hats, ties, capes
And costumes are now appearing.
Surplice effects-are much used od tl;e
bodices of silk and satin wedding gowns.
Rounding fronts, arching back toward
tbe hips, represent one of the new features
ef stylish jackets andfeoats accompanying
the 'newest, tailor oorfttuneSs
Vol vote are assured dt a great euooess tn
tbe seasons of lbU8 and 181)11 for the making *of costumes entire, for redingotes,
skirts, wraps, waist "combinations, millinery, etc.
Tbe princess shape ttjlll ba much nsed,
both for dressy day and evening toilets,
this autumn, and nothing could be more
perfect than the fit and outline of some of
the newest models.
There is a great demand for both the
(Standard and fancy materials In black,
���nd this fall tbey are brought out in very
many different weaves, either in all wool
or in silk and wool mixtures.
Black gowns of lovely transparent or
���emidiaphanous weaves over silk or satis
���nd in heavier materials for day wear
will take high place in the ranks of fashion for the two seasons before us.
The deeply pointed peplum oversklrts
et the season do not always match the un-
isrskirt and, if preferred, oan be made of
entirely different fabric Therefore it
may prove most aesirable *for remodeling
Victoria corn's, bayadere silks, In black
���nd dark rich auttimn colorings, gros-
grain, faille, benfaliee, imperial reps���in
fact, all the lustrous corded silks���ore ih
high ve-.'tie, Tboth for gownsentito and for
combination uses.   '���
Mohair braid in various wii!!bs and
Inittuns of graded size trim the skim and
bodices of rough dross fabricaj and s.ik.
braid and small tailor buttons ornament'
tbe oosi nines ftitttto of flier weatfosof woo)
and silk and wool materials.
Faillo, bengnllne, victoria tops amf
triany othor l&strous corded Silks are
-brought out in charming variety, and
theso nre used alike for entire gowns, fancy waists, ofipos,.co.'i!...and forstylishcombination toilets nud costumes.���.\ew York
Post.       . - .   ���	
CURTAIN RA!SZn��.   ..'.
Mme. Rhea 4s reported to bajdyhigo!
Courtenny TboVpe is in Ellen Terry'.:
Ethel Wlnthropis*with Sol Smith Resell s company.
Julio Opp will appeal* <n Lond*n in "_.
Man of Forty."
Delhi Fox's new operatic oomddy ls entitled "The Little Joker.*-
Walter Perkins is doing big business
With "My Friend From India."
Charles Dalton will again play Marcit
Buperbus in "The Sign of the Cross."
"A Dangerous Maid" follows "Yankee
DoddlB Dandy", at the New York "Casino.
Harry Woodruff Is the latest vaudeville
star. Ho appears in "A Bit of Business."
Harry Conor, who plays the title role in
"A Stranger In New Y*ork," is a Boston
' 'A Misfit Carriage,"the latest force by
Du Souchot, will be produced Oot, 8 at
Edgar L. Dhvenport hns been re-tngagefl
for the Columb\is theater, (New Yuen)
stoek company.'*
Mary liamljiton wll. tie starred lta a new
play after thu holidays under the direction of Jacob Litt.
Grace P. Atwell has gone to Clevelnnll
to accept a iposition sis leading li��dy of ft
stock coVnpnny there.
"Mr. .Tcrsey," or lather I.'rTjr tiangtry,
Is to roturn to the stage. The race track
t( all rityht, but the stage is betters .
Por Sale.
| N. W. %, S. ii, Tow-nship 5.
j i65>_ acres, more or less, at thfc'gs-
"sessed Value, with hotrfee, bairns
and all improvements. Now occupied by Mr-. Wm. Witter, who has
tt -rented until next spring.
Apply to
wm. Mcdowell,
94 Superior Street, Victoria.
Victoria Terminal
Rail way & Ferr j C��
I'll    daylight line to Vancouver, M��w Wefts-
,. .Ur. Liiiinf rs, (.uii-hon.
Heave Victoria daily 7:00 a. m.
..rrivinj; Sidney s 7150 a.m.
-ort Guiclton ., injo a.m.
aduers (Ckallouchton)...- tii.j a.m.
lovcrdaleni 13:10 p.m.
ew Westminster..   1:30p.m.
.ineouver::: .^j p.m.
Cheap Strtnrday and Sunday excuriioh*.
A K. McOttbe. F. VAN SANT,
A^t.. Port Calcium. Traffic Mgr
C othes AJUr.il, Cleanedjand Repaired.
Parcels left at W. _,. McBride'* aUrc and A.., Wa).
ker'a and W. R. McClellan'a barber (hop will he
called lor ou M jaday aad returned ea Saturday.
fl. W. WALKER.
��� $20 gnlhtplcce is a nice Tohnd sum.
Tho happier somo men are tiie inore
Bioiiey tbey possess.
The eh'vator in a dep*_*tment stdreik
merely a .hoplifter.
Popularity often wins new ac.fmint-
Anees anil loses old friends.
It frequently ruins on the JHist teoaTise
tbe unjust, hns carried off bis umbrella.
When a yotn?? man squeezes an heiress,
���bei:, apt to llnd herself .pressed for money.
A pessi'iclst is on. who Is always expect-
Idix had luck aud is surprised whon tt
After#{iondlnf{ atwoHvooks' vacation In
tho country but fow men are patriotic
enough fch* it.
A fisherman snys flsh 'slidtiia not to per
milted to lie when they can bo hung. Tbe
sniue might l*o said of fishermen.
Ween a woman eun speak three or four
Un��uattfin ttnoml/i ette is lyollsh to r-hrow
i.ei'��eit nviiv on b Hittii *wb�� un.ioKs^ud
mt one.���ClilouKo iN'ow*.
t'ldln 9ropt)ed Pav m Vvg.
Kot tho least important of tho hohble*
et the late Empress Elizabeth was hor interest in the roaring of dogs. She had a
great liking fo* tho noble Great Dano, bet
fartleulnr fancy being the "blue" variety.
t is reonllod that among the earliest sped-
mens exhibited in this country several were
Moil hy bor majesty. Besides the Great
pine sho was very fond of pugs. TBh
f*ii: el-.keeper meinio.is that 'the famous
Hill Lit orgo of Canine castle, 'Kensal Kiss,
Usitl t-o supply her with dogs. On ono oo*
onsii .1 her majesty instructed Mr. George
In heal 1 .'. M.-re station with a hanl-
(oieo pu;* V',i, ir.ln from tho er entry
vv't. I.-,- she I*t1 beoii hunting was si., iallj
�� p| ii, and the. empresm, leatllig net Of
Via w'intlow; exelaiuitnl, "Oh, Air. George,
I am so pleased yon have come." *.*h��
tool; the pug in her arms,'and the train,
Whloh hud stopped only tw*o minutes, *������
wiiiL-d its journey.���Paris Messenger.
The nioon revolves from onn polfit in
tnu heavens to the samo point in 27 days 7
Lours and 43 111 inures.
A train of gun cotton tbat would stretch
4C0 miles oould be fired In two minutss, so
rapid is the transmission of dotonWtlon
from one part to another.
A d( termination of Professor Barnard
with tho Lick telescope places thodlamster
of Neptune at 82,800 miles���from 2,000 to
4, ono miles less than is stated in most textbooks.
Red light Is not the lowest kind visible
to tho eye. Wben a body is heated up, it
emits flrst a ������gray" glow and then a red
glow. Herr Lummer finds that this gray
Ight is perceived by the "rod" forroatiot?
and the rod iight by the ''cone" foru "
te tha narvo'M structuM of the eye
W. N. Draper,
'Room s, EUgird Block, NeW Westminster.
Vancouver, &.C.
Fruit Boxes.
EL. Kirkland
������*, 1'   *   -
Deecls, XVills, Leases, Xg'reements.
and lf>artnershif*s tit^fted *and prepared p'rorriptly. ;
-Office���: Next ddbr .0 Dr. 1-ing's.
When you
%>raykig Material or
F<=a,tilizers, -flvTite
W. J^ Brandritli,
LAtoXF/R,  *. C.,
Eastern Catalogue Prices on
9 Bar, 49 inch high, **o cents per rod,
8   "   45   "      'r     61    "       "    .
.ther Styles and heights at like prices.
J. O. WADE, Ladner.
Bicycles, *Farm Implements, Hard
ware, Coal, Coal Oil, &. Gasoline
Agent for the McCorarick Machine
and Binder Twine.
Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps.
All Kinds of Repairing. Farmers'
Scales. Auctioneer.
I Horse Goods! u
* *(
Our  Harness and  Horse Furnishings
have long proved reliable, and they are I I
built not only for style but "wear. . ,
T LADNEH. B. Ci , '
x ��� xelm-im ��� x ��� we x * x ��� m %m^>
NEWMrVE-ymiNsStljR, B.C
A full line of English and Irish |
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings al��
ways kept ia stofck.
The J>elta Hotel
Rates:   $t to %2 per diy.    Simple I
room and stabling  aci��-BWodi-|
tion.        J- H. BOSOSTOW,
Fashion Stables
-Tracking and Braying.
Livery work of all kinds at* |
te_��S_d to promptly.
Wm* Alexander I
"Ladaer, B. C.
�������.l.��^sH'T-l't-!-t.|-t-l-��I-������-t �����������'��� 4-��� l-v*��f->v;Ki'l��������H'��*f
I        DonH ^org^t tor See Our
Ladits' ahd QttoW
_Wafches&  J
I    Sterling Silver! Plated(fodds,
I Bracelets, Brooches,
Cuff Links & Rings:;
9 :
Repairing a Specialty. .    /
Jlndrew Clausen,
lTl-.l>.l .��_ __-t._L .��.'A JifiA -��-->A,'��tet_- ������*. a   *.-__/-%. 4 .f.l 1
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom Work a Specialty.
Ladies' and Misses'
Dry Goods Store
1 .
We will laud, Free of Charge, to your nearest river
landing all purchases for cash from us, amounting to
$10.00 or over.
Furniture &
Christmas Thoughts!
What better than a pair of Slippers 7   They are useful as
well as ornamental, and are long reminders of the giver.
Your friend will appreciate a pair.
We have some beauties ranging from $1.50 to $3.00 per
Ocean Dook
We hare the best general line of any Store ou the
Mainland and Our Prices Are Lower than the lowest
cash prices.
Came in and tell us you are from the Delta and are
going to p.-.y cash and see what we can do for you.
Furniture & Carpets.
TeL 7-3.
Fall and Winter
Of AU Kinds
Delivered Daily, 6c. Per Quart
W. A. Kirkland.
lei Win hi!
���ii* mil in
Service between
eattle and
the East
New Westminster, B. C.
Mrs. H. W. Wilder returned
Victoria on Friday's steamer.
Mrs. Wm. Woodward, of Vancouver, spent prrt of the week in
Mrs. M. N. Reid and Mirs Ethel
JJeid returned from Vancouver yesterday,
Jap Oranges, Bananas, Dates and
Figs at the right price at the City
Mrs. T. JW. Kerr returned ou
Monday trom a two weeks' stay at
F. W. Harris came over from the
capital city to renew old acquaintances this week.
Arthur Green arrived yesterday
-from the Similkameen to spend
Christmas at home.
Roderick Reid left this wet-k for
"England, via C. P. R and While
Star Liner Oceanic.
Alex. Grant, of Cranbrook, son
Of Mrs. Chas. White, and brother
4>i Jas, Grant, is visiting his mother.
tached to the teaching staff of the
Queen's Avenue Methodist Sunday
J. J. Monkman and wife left for
Southern California on Tuesday,
overland, via Seattle, and expects
to be gone about three months.
Mrs. Monkman is not in the best of
health, but it is hoped she may recover her health in a short while.
Joseph Houle, who has been attending Nasareth Seminary, New
Westminster, returned on Monday
to attend the Christmas examinations. Joe came home on Friday
last for a short holiday which he
employed in a shooting expedition
on Saturday, and on Suuday entertained his friends at tea, a la France.
We wish you success in your
exam., Joe.
Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Wodden came
.over from Vancouver on Tuesday,
and are visiting friends in Ladner.
E. B. and Mrs. Lndner. accom-
fMsmied bv Miss Irene Rcbinson, arrived home from California last
Almonds, Walnuts, Brazils, Filberts���new stock���at the City
jftskery. Mixed Nuts, 20c. per
W. J. Fraser, o Me Delta Saw-
���nill, was called owa ��� 'o Vancouver
0a Tuesday on accouiu of the ill-
���n.ess of his nncle.
The weekly market, at New
Westminster, yesterday, was good,
the demand being equal to the supply, wliich was plentiful. Following are the quotations:
Beef, forequartt-rs, 5c. to 6c;
hindquarters, 7c. to .S^e.
Pork, 8c. lo Sy2'c.
Mutton, 8c. to 8J/.C '
Chickens, ��4 to $5 per doz.
Eggs, fresh, 50c. per doz.; cased,
not much in demand.
Ducks, $6 io i'9 per doz.
Geese, 75c. to $1 each.
For Service.
IIHB Ip. 1137.
Bred by S. J. Thompson & Sou.
Yorkshire Boar, farrowed May
6th, 1902. His dam, Woodbine
Rosa Belle, was Sweepstake Sow
and Litter at Winnipeg in 1902.
This Boar was recently purchased
from A. D. Paterson.
Asahel Smith.
Notary Public,
Ladnar, B. G.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Xer Milling Co
I Mil ID 16118
t  J. HENLEY   I
v ..
��!���  NEW WESTMINSTER,    :-.  B. C.   .���.
< T
.*. Manufacturers of all kinds ol .*.
���:��� Soda Water, Ginger ���!���
.j. Ale and Summer .j.
,1, Drinks. i
e9 ������*
J Your patronage solicited ���
��������� v%��*^% ������������^���o*��2** **��**��'* ���*���*_��*���������*__* ���* * *_��>-���<>��� *l<*����a*��t'* ������������i*
Tickets at lowest rates to
European, Eastern and Kootenay points,
Leave Westminster 10 a.m.
Arrive       " 3:30 p.m.
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
g^neral public.      Call or send in your order and we guaran-
tes satisfaction.
,       Telephone 5.
W jL. McBRIDE.   General Merchant,     I
WV   b llllrDnfllfi,        Port Guichon, B. G.\
EDWARD  VII.,   by the Grace of God, of thc
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,
and ofthe British Dominions beyond the Seas,
King, Defender ofthe Faith, &c, &C, &c.
To all to whom these Presents, shall corner-
A. E. McPHILLU'S.XXTIIKRKAS by section 24
Attorney-General. v" of the "Gome Protection Act. 1898/' it is enacted tfcat it shall be
lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, on
good cause shown, to remove the disabilities', as
to the shooting of Pheasants in the Province,
and to declare within what periods and limits
the said birds may be shot:
And whereas His Honour thc Lieutenant-
Governor in Council dated the twenty-eighth
day of August, 1903, has ordered that the disabilities as to the shooting of Cock Pheasants
within the limits of that part of the Province,
west ofthe Cascade Range, known as the Lower
portion of the Mainland, be removed for the
period from the 13 H day of October to the 15th
day of December, 3303, both days inclusive:
It is hereby ordered and declared that it shall
be lawful to shoot Cock Pheasants within th
limits of that part -ofthe I'rovince, west of th
Cascade Range, known as the Lower portiou ol
the Mainland, within the period aforementioned.
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these
Our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great
Seal  of Our said Province  to be hereunto
Witness, The Honourable Ri*-  Henri Gustave
*Joly de Lotbin*jere,   K.C.M.G ,   Lieutenant-
Governor of Oua* said Province oi British Columbia, iu Our City of Victoria, in Our said
Province of British Columbia, this twenty-
eighth day of August, in the year of Our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and three,
and in the third year of *._,ur Reign.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
JHev. A. N. and Mrs. Miller - ere
spasrtnKtrs tip, on Thursday, to
ttakt part in the finnral of M s
jBendttrftbu ef New Westminster.
Councillor Rice Rees, of Richmond municipality, came over yesterday on the transfer with a bunch
of primt kogs forHMcKlee Bro.,.
l4i.isHenHer.sor, of New Wes:-
���tninstef, died, on Tuesday night, at
her home. *St)e hart been suffering
from k#a*t trouble for a number of
���yetirs, ��itbough this fact was un-
fcnowa to JB-any of her friends.
Miss Henderson will be greatly
.pissed iW church work, especially
10 tbe Suoday school, i=te tetyl at-
The McBride Government in British Columbia, finding it impracticable to bring the expenditure ofthe
Province down to the level of the
revenue, has undertaken to raise
the revenue to the level of the expenditure. The step is one which requires >)ore than ordinary courapc.
Under a series of weak administrations Briti.'ui Columbia has got into
what can only be described as financial straits. It was fairly easy to
borrow and very easy to spend, and
whatever ministers did not do they
did do tb';.sf tw.o. Then there was a
���surrender to the railway promoters,
ar.d laryv prospective liabilities were
addon to largo actual obligations.
.-. deficit was the ordinary result of
c-aeh financial year's operations.
The nui.k end of such condition.1
would Lie bankruptcy. Mr. McBride's Mnicy is designed to avert
thia. It. is '.'���e only wise policy,
It is the  jio-icy   of u  stt aii_;   nun
For Sale.
Fifty  Sucking  Pigs,  six  weeks
old, price, $2.00 each.
a warp of 1
rc'i-onsibiliUes of Im
position, It is trusted that thc
Legislature and people of British
Columbia will have tke knowledS6
to accept what is now proposed, or
some reasonable modification ot it;
because only by strong action can
the Province's honor be inajntajofed,
���Montreal Gazette,
Talk with
f. J. II fi ���..,
New "Westminster, B.C.
if You Wasui
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance,
Ac',. dent Insurance,
Hea .h Insurance,
A Login,
To Buy a Farm,
To Buy a Home.
I   iHii   h hit
We have Xmas Slippers suitable
for every member of the family.
All kinds of Felt and Fancy Slip-
perss Prices from 25c. to
We are certainly Headquarters for Xmas Goods.
WM. JOHNSTON'S. Big �� ����6. M MH
If you want first class work
Steam Laundry
L. Gifford, Agent, - - Ladnar
Leave Laundry en Monday and  it will  be returned  on  Saturday
Gents clothes cleaned and pressed.     Blankets and Curtains a specialty.
We want 6ggs,
Lots of tbeml
i r
Notaries Public, Real Estate,   Financial  and
Insurance Ag ents.
New Westminster, B. C.
in thk maw.tr ok tiik estate
of William Arthur, Dkckas-
that all creditors and others having
claims against the estate cf the said
William Arthur, who died on or
about the 3<*rt3i day of September,
T903, are required on or before the
28th day of December, 1903,
to send or deliver to Neil A. Mc-
Diarmid, of Ladner, B. C, Municipal Clerk, ��ue ofthe Executors of
the last Will of the deceased, their
Christian and surnames, and addresses and descriptions, full particular:* of their claims, statements
of thiir accounts aud the nature of
the securities, if any, held by
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that after tlie last mentioned
date, the Executors will proceed to
distribute the assets of the deceased
among the pe'rsdiis entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which they shall then have had
notice, and 'llu-it they will uot be
liable for the said assets or any part
thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose claims notice
shall not have been received by us
at the time of suc.i distribution.
Dated this yth d.iy of November,
...-. .L A. McDIARMID,
By the r   olicitors,
The price is away up but we must have them just the same, and
pay the highest price going.
Cash or Trade*
The   People's
l 5.5'J
10 p.
(Westminster Branch)
Tame Table
Cars leave Wt.s5.nihinter for Vancouver
a-td 6.50 a.m. ami Uourly thpreaftcr until
in.; Saturdays and Bunrtays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver fur Westminsters a
nud 6.50 n. in. and hourly thereafter uui.il
ui.; Saturdays und Sundays at n p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments ure
handled with the utmost care ami delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to-fruit shipments. Our wagons meet nil boats
and trains. Vor rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local !\Igr.
Westminster, B. C.
For Sale.
Dairy aiKS Grain Farm
Of 107 Acres, advantageously situate about 3 miles southeast of Ladner, within one mile of railway siding, and of easy access to the Delta
Creamery. Good house, adequate
barn, stables and outbuildings.
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Calland & Livingstone, Estate Agents, Vancouver, or
Ladner, B.C.
C*A-Iii. i_~-
New Westminster, B.C.
tbe Delta times, Ladner
4   d.


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