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The Delta Times May 19, 1906

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Array pijHf
1 / V
sE    1 ?
,*/ ^
[3    HAV231906    ||
V��l. .?. No. 37.
S1.00 y-m
PRMAUXMIXTilREi Welcome Par;./.       SPORTING.
Ladies' Cotton and Lisle Thread Vests from 10c to $1.
Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Lisle Thread Hosiery in Plan a
Fancy Lace, Tan and Black, all sizes.
See our line of Jap Silk Waists at $3.50.
White Lawn Waists from $L00 to $3.00.
Black Lustre Skirts, Light Grey Tweed Skirts, Just Arrived,
Children's Wash Dresses, age 3 to 14 years.
Wash Goods of every description.   Laces and Embroideries.
Finest range Ladies" Whiteweaf ever shown here.
Horticultural  Inspector 1). Mot-'     Yesterday  afternoon   the hunch
ier.   (fLe-vis county, give*  the 1".    j Electra,  o'  Vancouver,   landed   a,
lo -'        -'��� ���-.'**.' ons 't    '   r ��� '-.1
ists n ,_rJT ' ir    praying of :>-
tives o, the 13. C E. R. Co., in the; urday, officer! for tbe year were ap-
.ersous of ...  II.  Sperling, man-! pointed and it waa decided ta hel-i
At'a meeting af tke Delta Drif-
very welcom- party of represents-; ing Park Asaociatian held last Sat-
ager; F. Hope, assistant manager; the usual  "ring's Birthday Cele-
j.   Milne    general   matter;    C, j fcntion" at Ladner en the s6tk of
light de- June next.    The .principal eventa
Trimmed Hats for Ladies and Children
Hat of each style shown.
It ha .     -���
f..ct amon^ orchardists ih'ougk- >ut
ri/s iin ti  '������      :   c;iie coast a*.   w<  i
as. work      _t  the  experiment  sta-
':.��� ��� that Bordeaux mixture is th
b_/��.t remedy for the fungus that so
[generally affects onr apples and pears
i Of over two hundred orchards visited the fruit,  except on young orchards and those tha: were sprayed I looi; oyer ,he graund   aud, in con- i 3-0 ��� Trn: or Pace, mile heats,
With Bor-.eatiK  mxtureaccordi  gt   Teraarion with Mr. Sperling, it was I urs�� ��5*>
��� tiie calondei giver   n (fa.   report ol N.*��rHed tba. the wire, whic   will be Free for A11 Running Race, #-
j the state board ofh rticulture, wa, i i" operation by September next, is mile heats, purse  too
'to-ud   badly   affected   with   apple!t0 be brought overhead from No. 5 | Pony Race, 14}., hands aad uu
:ab, K**e-ly   .ij-.-:ii-   its  market Toa<*i at. Woodward*., to Ritkland
Rnmixel, manager of tk.*
partment,   aud W   Woodruff,   elec-'
The  above party came  oyer tn;
nd, in con-i
2 10 Trot or Pace, mile heat*,
purse fl.oo
3 .di _3
Yea need a new suit for Empire Day.
Boa't leave it till the last minute, come in
���and try one of owr new "Bromley'" Suits on,
the linest Fitting CEtotMing* on the Market.
Men's Tweed Suits, new cut, -b &�� trimmings, etc, ali sizes, at 7, Q, 9, 10, 12 to 15
':^y^ 2 anl 3-piece Suits, all sizes, from
1.5J to 7 do-la'.*-i.
j ^alue and muc;; of ii entirely worth-
i !��*-._. Wi ��j raying was properly and thoroughly done ninety to
i ninety-five per cent ofthe fruit was
j saved and a healthy foliage and
.'(rigorous growth of the tree w.nj
i the result.
The question a* to whether it will
L _.* ��� ���-.
(pay to spray   n-as  long  .-;iKe   been
i n::ss*ve:eri in the affirmative, and il ii
[ not neccessary  to enter  upou   any
argument in regard  to  ihis  phase
of the subject     Tbe chief points in
lavor cf the Bordeaux mixture are:
First,   its   taoroujii    effectiveness
k.-, a lungiciiie;  second,   its cheapness; third its safety from   hygiei ie
standpoint: fourth, its harmlessness
��� tht- sprayed plant; filth, its beneficial effects on  plants other thati
j those resulting from the mere  prevention of the attack of parasites
Wc wish to cail the   attention  ot
those having orchards to the  value
of the Bordeaux  mixture  lor tl e
j treatment of the disea��e commonly
) known as canker,  dead  spot   and
; hlack  spot.      I  quote  from   Prof.
I Cofdley's   description  of  the  dis-
;e-se:    It    attacks   principally   the
! smaller branches  although it  also
1 occurs     upon     the    larger    one
and ou  trunks of young trev...    It
' appears first in the lall soon afte;
Island,   thence   straight   across lo
Belta aud   thea distributed over a
der,  "-i-mile heats, purse..   50
Iu   addition   to   tke   foregoing
there wiil be lacrosse, football aad
district yet to oe mapped out. We baseball matches, bicycle aud foot
will publish said plaa as soon as, race*, including a 220 yard foot race
available. , for Chinaiaeu'for tke championship
Tbe wire:., to be brought across -ol Chinatown,
on towers [7,0'feet above t'ae high Following is tiie list of officers::
Water mark, same as is being done! Chairman, Win. Livingstone; Secor; tiie Butrard Inlet. The line; Treas., Marshall Smith; Racing
will he charted so that shipping ol j aud Sports Committee, T- W. Welsh,
a jjieater height will have to lower' W. H. Wilson, 17 J. Green, W. H.
their-topmasts. ffaylot, W. H. Smith. L. M. Rich-
Regarding street ligl ting, 50 c p. ardson, P. Sbii*_ey, J. Guichon.
incandescent lamps are recommend I     Special transperta'.ion  will be ar-
ed, which will cost from $ 15 to $20' ranged for aad large posters giving
eacls per year.
Mr. Sp-niag is billed t�� meet tbe
���oard of Trade at New .Vestmin-
ster, when'the followiug committee
froai here will 'oe iu attendance and1 will prove equally as successful
millers  electric will be   gone into 	
.mvjre.-fullv,   VV.   I'I.  Ladaer,' f. A.
Paterson aud S. Huff.
The  party,   after  talcing   a ran
arouud kiid inter-viewing the Reeve,
-Cierk  and   their  agent,  i'- ����� W- Club, was held ou Mor.day evening,
Ooiiai-i,   e-oressf !   themselves an
full particulars will aapear later.
L/j* year tbe^s sports were much
eujoyed by all atte.ic.it_g and it ia
haped that  this year's programme
The p.niiual mnefckig, for reorganization,   of   tbe   Laduer   Lacrosse
wel!  satisfied
their visit and
to Vancouver  via  Steves-
���. I, I,   I  g-g-BS
Several cases New  Lines added  t��  our ILarge
Tliis is where we excel,
stock tbis week.
See our "Traveller" Shoe for Men in Tan and Black, Oxfords and B$ls. at
the Popular Price, $4.00.
novated by  pruning  severely  and
sprayin;,- thoroughly."
Bordeaux       mixture,       winter
the autumn   raina  begin   as  stuaii  strength, should lie used during the
irregular,   sometime?  slightly de-J dormant season ���that is,7the same
; pressed, brown areas  of the  bark,  quantity ot bluestone and lime, but
: During the fall and winter nioutks
it   spreads  slowly,   but   with   tbe
1 advent of warmer weather ia spriaj.
grewth tnke*! place rapidly,uutil, nr
less water   say  from thirty to forty
gaHons.    Everyone having an nr-
: chard, however siaiall should bave a
1 spray; map. Several neighbors har
der .favorable conditioas, the disease *n�� amall orchards could own oue
may invade aa area of several in- 3��iotIy, and by assisting each-ather,
inches   iu   diameter.   Such   areas | do the work mare thoroughly. Great
Royal Purple Shoes for Women.
Oaee again success has crowaed
the -efforts of the Band as popular
eatertainers. Witlront exceptioa
avaryoae present at 7ke Town Hall,
���oa Wednesday-evening, went homo
in tha wee ��tn>" haure satjafied that
they had had as good a dance as
may that have beea given in that
historic building. A greet -deal of
the credit for the success of the
���evenimg was due to attr popular [
Leader Fred Land, wbo -did yee-lB-RAN,
man's service- throughout the evening.
Supper at tbe Belta  Hotel  "by
niein host Welsh was well served
and the attendance  excellent;  tak-:
ing everything into consideration a !
most succwful function throug.hc-.trt. |
J. W. Lagan, who was sapplyinj
at the Royal Bank for Mr. Butler,
returned to the Terminal City on
Thursday moraiag.
DINNA FORGET ���That   the
F. R. Glover, late maaajer
tha New Westminster Branth
the B. C. Llrctric Ra !w��y Co., hue
under observation thc past seasdfc c**" should be exercised ia mix-
ceased to enlarte late in May.; ing and preparing all spray solu-
I At that-time the disease area were|t*��"s' The iormnla should be-care-
I dark biown in color, markedly de* j (u!1T followed. Te determine when
! pressed and 1*1 most instances lim- the Bordeaux mixture is perfect,
ited by ra^ed irregular fisures. ^"t i*. if it will be safe-to apply it
which separate the de^d irom the to tender foliage, insert the blade
surrounding living tissues. These of * r��n knife '�� tll�� ��i*ture, al-
dead spots varv in sfce from thoseRO*-��f il t0 rtmain tbtre :or al
not more ths:. one hall inch in ! meat one minute, if metallic copper
diaixitrtei .,> extensive areas 1*0
or   three   inches   wide   u,   six
eight inches long;  accaeionally a | steel assumes  the color ef copper
single   are,,   completely   girdles  e\V^e  the   mixture is  unsafe  and
oi; branch, thus killing at once its��rlis-;luore lime mU9- bc added.--Ex.
of 1 tal portion, but  commonly  only  a	
dead spot occurs Irom which in the
course ot a  few   months  the   bai k
! May 141'n, at the Shirley House,
I with a large and enthusiastic turnout of the lovers of our natioial
game. After reading.the statement
for the past year, which was found
to be verv satisfactory, tiie following officers were elected for the e��-
suing year:
_ Hon.   Kresideat, L. M.  Richard-
1'ierideir, -n- -.auager,   P. Skip-
Vice-President, Harry Guichon.
Sec.-Treasurer, W. H. Wihcu.
Club Captain, J. Guickon.
Management     Committee,     Dt.
I Woodley aud   W.   H. Smith  with
! the officers.
I     A  committee  was appointed ta
try   aud   secure   grounds liar  the
i seascn.
Prospects are  very  bright for a
good season with plenty of matches
1 in sir;lit.
Regular practice liigkts will  ba
1 arranged as soon at' a field has beon
, forms on the   blade   or   in   other
or i words, i: tl-.e polished surface of the
.as. Savage visited the  Leading
this morning.
Holy Communion to-morrow in
All Saints at 8.30 a. u.
Miss   Kirkland   went   ui
Cloth.    First clsss work at second'
class prices
Miss McL_-i.au  vrs
resirnod kis position to enter upon|*-"""""��� "' " **"""_ '""' ' *���""-  ""'."' this morning
,,-,      ,      T���     .1   .     , I    ��� slonths 6fl, leaving,an uclv wound
Popula,   Place     to   have    .v.��r|fruitraisinrin  the  upper^untry. U? ^    *rcraI\ears   tc
Photo taken ,s at the RoyiilMud,o,Mr. GIoTer, pleM,:._   ^���ner ,M , when thesa w#u>4s .re ,t a!I
New Westminster.    You can have for him n]��ny faeid. an-: m.pv *re j n^  M ���'     t ^ ^ exceedi���tlj , ap river this morning,
your   Photo   on   Postal  Cards 0,^ rcfrtt8 ��preiied ,lt hi, depart-L^   ������,   disfi$ured   ^     ^ 	
ure.    His successor, John NfcQaar- J BOrNW| reat,T weakened.-.
rie, well known .ia   N-ew Westmin-     A���  lo   reni;:dleSi   Prot- - Codlev
ster, ir. a young man who has grad-f^,. ���Fr,i|n ^ j  kn0-  of U)e
ually earned his   promation by  ��| dtseasejl believe it can he controlled
diligent application to hwi business, I,    , ,, ,, ,     -,,
* ffl 'by being thoroughly sprayed wilh
and   one  who is likHy to  make a I
Mrs. Guichon paid a short visit
to tbe Royal City this week.
SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Cora, Rice, Meal, Cl.it
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clever .Seeds, Sutton'- Gardei.
and Field Seeds may he obtained
at B.rackmau-Ker Milling Co.'s
wnreliritiscs, ladner, from Mr.
H. N  RICH, Loral Agent.
Jas. Frew,   of Westham -Islam'
p lid a visit here this week.
H. N. Rich returned. Wedaeaday
I evening from a *neit to the Royal
welcome successor ,to  M,r
We wish kim everr success
Miss I.BV.. \i.si
tliis week.
1 lover
s   L!t\
; Bordeaux   mixture   or   with    the jat Boundary B^y on the 24th
I amonicale solution   of copper  car- 	
I bonate once soon after the fall rains
i beRip c;"'i . ...uu as soou alter the
I leaves . ��� ��� .issi'ole.    0!  , badlv
The S.S. Sonoma leiwea Ladaer
���. ___ . a. g ^ ffl >nd ^ tp.n:) Iwvei. SttTaa-
Pon't fos-get the picnic aud iportsltou at 9 a.m. and 5 pm,   .Every
j clay except Sunday.
I r!is*ascti
Geo. Sheidrake is able ib be I Friends of Mrs. H. G. Taylor
iround again after hiving .-been : will be plea**;. 1 to lean: that she is
:..'. fined to his room during' '.ie able to be i:p'agEin though -ittill
>ast week,. '���...nin.infd.to.the.h.msr?. '���'.A.'..:*.   I*. ATI-
���v \ Y
, -. V
���i_.ss.    ,..sfg.
PUI'MS-lltD  kvkry   >.\-n:<r>iv.
COST     i
SUBSCRIPTION,. $-���* ��-
AtJ-BRTlS-NC H s :
To make the raos'
cbii _fc*?_*j<", li.ey shomd
ACls'r.n.-s-1l**-jl��.    IO   trts,   V*   ,im'   l"f
ii.s-l.'.i .i.i r*>__. ..->s * i -..'.-i *���*��� i Hue '.* eacli
sub**siueet insertion.     s-H-   i.-.ijtiI>, r   ���-.   Liii ij       , _
reels. u.--l t. Ul- ��;.-..- .As.uv. -I.  uHUcsto Ihe I qUlCiSeSt
Rhus tor Cunime:*^l <_^vertlse����eot)l can be
tjsi.1 _n _..,-'.c&li-ii **! ikis .__,,_*.
V,*.isl,rst L.tioci i- __al_ ',,fx -.ui.- '.: ea.-.'a lu-
BitiUas- l>��it-;.Bs:ir-.��. -:-.-,M��wiage��$i.��o,
ad. spi-Ial nbttee, tlsf obJfcV ot, wfcl.-h.is to
Sjfur-iisU Use pecuniar.* beaefil'_! u_.f iudlvi.lu 1
_r __mpsoj. lo b_ . .rwwUef. .1 &u _uv.rt_s-8.i_t
��tj j .-bargi-a *us-or_.ti_l*:.
.-___ ��_lTsi-rt.-,-^ss-iJ. _-_-..g*d '.- afitll orjere.
.u; eiid pels! lo.
iss_/r__p^u,l__]ir iiivileij uii  (OSUr.s .1 public
lisL.igwA eoisiii.uiji,-_t.ya. to eajftCi! Lausl be ac-
__,_a*>i_ts_- be _/,me uf ttrits-r, is.lu.s-e_iaril>
*w vwbJIi-.-oa. buts _^. evidence ot, good faith
h_T.-ssfsoasiu-.s. tnu_t resell ihi^dflice by Tburs
i*ij citukii
Gjso. lv-
*___-_svi*&.. v, u -i *  ",. iooo.
As we Stated in last   bs'ttr, West-
sin h    ir;o<i    as    will   provi-l
rowtli. yet at the
same time act cost loo much. 11
one ba-; the right kind ef fc__*lsK
tbey can be- fed vesv* cheaply, For
inr-tnt:ce, r. lot of Barred Rock and
Btoevn Leghorn chickens hatched*
about June i-, were fed exactly the
same. Th* Barred Rock eggs.were
laid by pullets not a year ..73, the
pen being headed by a cockerel
aliout a y.es,r old. The Brown Leghorn eggs were frooi old bens. tK.
pen being beaded bv ���* cockerel.
1 ���__���[ twenty-eight Rock eggs
__il batctied twnutv :i\ chickens.
The other 2i chicks in tii-* e��peri*
raeut weie Leghorns.
The chicks' first fe-d was a cook*
pn fit   out  oi      Business, in grain and fred is fair.
I e   fed   with ; aiM' -,!'; re i*5 no chaa:. ia prices.
Toronto ��� Selected live hogs
fetch ��7: lights uud fats, $6.75
p -r 100 lbs.
T. E.
Ladner returned, Wedues-
day, trom a visit to V
A.  0. U.
Lodge, No.
12- meets first
aad tliy
d Tuesdays 1
1 _ac'_  month ]
in Oddi.
.Hows' Hall
Titos. Toi
�����. M.W         I
T. W. :<-���
hr, Rt- ordei
L.0.0  r*
[4.! _ _>. No. .
i.���The regu-
ed cake m-ili-
laiiy pre-
lar v,'.<�����'.i-n ��� -. of ihis Lodge are heldj
every   Wednesday evi-ning a.t 8 p.'
ui.    \'isii:,-',._; Brethren cordially invited to attend.
I:-. C. Abbott, N.G.
W. II. Tatlob. Se;.
George t Martin,
and   Solicitor,.
ham str.4* will  be  i,_**d soon as .pared; lood.   Theji   they were fed'a
possible. ; little Iran and shorts, mi wed  quite
drv.    As   soon   as  they   were  old
,,.,,, _ ,       ,        enouerh the* were gives, a few oats
Lousiderable progress  has   been & _* _
alter a while a few peas vv.ere added. ,
giade,   dnring   the   past week, in ��� . ,,     , ,, ^ iRo�����_���____���___���
���* 1 Here is a  table showing the-exact,-5^rnsts_*r
wiriug tbe places _t  bnsvaess, pri-.| amount 0f feed consumed: j Guichoa Block.
Prepared     food,     no.bs.,     10c;
... .. ��� ;. (CelemUU aad -_.Ke._ie SUeess)
ihorts, io.?lbs., 7o,,-:.e; Bran 3-ilbs., 1
.0 2-5c; Oats, ,36U,s., $,.1.; Peas, |*F*W WESTMINSTER,   -   B.C-
^olbs., 90c.    Total; cost ef feed con- """ *""
sumei.^o Fashion Stables-
This cost of $3.00 is  from June j
_-5.l1 until* Oct. 3rd o.-a litHe better1
ii IS) I Pi!
1 We take this oppc-rtuuifty of in-
Cor-iKtng the pablie that the- business
Iformeely carried on  bjt the- late W.
I L. McBride will n< ��� be -orkedon
acr.:->h bi'sis^by \hi-cli means we
shall  be  belli 1  .He to  give every j
���s.\ris..��*..ion, both a.-, regards price:
and  quality.    The  stock  has, ac- j
coidinglVs.  been marked down   at
greatly reduced prices, an  inspec-t
tion of which, te coirdially invited.
Tbaakiug ou? nuinerous. customers for their kin*.l putti o*i_age and
sltpport in the past, and hoping, b.
i.r.ct attention to bi__iiiess, to bt-.
favored with a continuance of the
Yotits faithfully,
M 8! 18 Ml [.III.
Port Guichon, li.C,
Marcb _olh-, L906.
���+���* M-*-*H-'4^-H'***��**^
I    Delta Transfer Stable   {
-.ADNF_fc, B. C.
;      Seam Work Done ni Specially Low Prices 1 +
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone ���*' Ladner" No. to. *
~4- H-T-hH-vW ��� ���{' ��� -h ��� -!��� ��� ���> ��� ��� ��� ����� ���*��4-*t*^*V't'**H,4.**t' t-H4,*v**H^-
Chicken Time!
vate houses, etc., ready for the ad-
veat nf the electri.: current-.
The tirst issue _f The Canada
I-ater-Ocean. p^hlishe. t-t Wi|_ni-
b.{, hasjust   beeu   received.    It is
W. N. Draper,
aeeet ��, ailajS Blesk. Xew Westell a eUt.
a neatly g��_teu up. illustrated paper ��� than   6'_c   each.    On   Oct.
dealiHg vsi.Ij,.aattet-s of mterpst audi Barred Reck cockerels weighed  au [
historic'i___i.orU_.ee- t�� all  wbe call��� *��*& of iive pounds each,   and]
themselves Canadiaus.
TaHpkiag and Drasyi_.j.
Livery work of all kinals at-
(sended to proiaptl;*..
McRAE & Co
If yon contemplate buyi__��r ai_ Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do better than to get pricea
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.'
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
-qs���asg-ss __-rge____���see
La.eer. B. C
the Brown Legknrus  three pounds
each, thereby showing; the difference \
i i)i weight for the  same  amount of j
Soiae ti�������� ago considerable kick- feed   consamrd.    Thev   had. pure |
ing wa* hear.-}  because ijie streets j water* before them at aU  times. By
1.1  the village were not being at- *���**�������� method et. feeding I  Lost h\\\\ Mf*Qf    Sttd   PotatOBS
tended to.    N.awM because Council*! oae cbicken'atv1 U  was  ucn giSh' SS==   " __=_S_r"
,,,..,,. ,, I when liatehed.���K*.
lcr Davie is b*_ii��g up a side street'
which happe*s to be in   _is ward i
-without any I     As will   be  seen   by refeiettce to
j the churcb sn vices on  third page,
-tz^ i Sit.   Andrews'   haa   morning   and
A lull line of Knglish and Irish j
Tweeds a_id Fancy Trovtterings al- j
ways kept in stock.
liieerr-raU-. IS.*.
tshere is still
Westminster i.s c__ap.aini.4fi about j event."!, service which is to be cor,-
knockers and we would  advise our j t*UUfd    eTeI-v   Sunday,   and   All
... . .,     (taints has Ks-.enss.ne* at 7:30 instead
spa-.ta.to keep a sliarp eve  oa iHe    r      . ,    , *��/->_
' ' of 7 o clock
'���'knockers"   a.td   remember   Tifct.
Uki.ta T:->ii*:.s is. always  at   yeur;
service.    Don't  be  alraid to.let ns-j
know all about your organizations.
It will help yon-and do us no harm
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles, at reasonable cost.
JKemember th* place
IHeaf & Commission
Phone 9. Ladner, B.C.
60  YEARS'
The Royal Bank,
TheRoyfil   Rank of* Canasla ha-sj
.'recently published its. 36th   Aannal
Report in  handsome Weoklet form,'
which, apart  fmm  giving  a clear \
and concise statement of that insti-;
ttition's affairs, affords, the public:
the west inte.'esting statistics ofthe:
g.��wt.- nnd development ef Canada,
in  fellowiag  which   the Bank has;
groyed  itself by no- means behind |
its   conipetitois,   and    can   justh ;
claim that it bas wwe l-han held its
own iu the rapid   increase of busi.
uess which bas  beea   so marked iu
oui*:  eou.i.ry  (i'.ir-i*i.   the   last few
The Royal Bauk h.-.s established, I
tvith greit sjiccess, several bwtifbosj
hi Cub., and obtained from the
Cuban government, thc contract fer
tbe di��,buraemei-.t' of $60,000,000,,'
being the t-ivard to the. Aruiv of
I. ibe rat tou.
An  interesting facsimile of  the-
qvijrin^l "prospectus   of  the   Mfr--,
ohauts'Bank ��f. lj|iii!ax, incorpor*
%ted   in-.  i86<>,  with   ia capital ol
fi.ooo, is reproduced in  tbe book-!
let. thc name being! cbauged to The!
T|*ayal Bank of C__i��ds.>.n i'��>, 'fe-;
day the Bauk has a capital of $^,-\
exio.ooo, w-ith a reserve of #3,400,-1
We are the more pleased to note
tjie progress af this institution, it -
.{.much as it has leen the first and
Only ��D,e to afford us backing facilt-
.jes.in this district, and bids fair to
_jt aiaply rewarded.in tlif future fci;
its enterprise.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Trm>k Mavm.&
AnrflMMMiDflg frjrti��t6ti wi-t-ifl_KTf|i-lo����fi7
snt friMJ. OI*it��ftt AUPMi-.e- Tor's"
_ .Akefl wrotiRb Mu.��� ,.
7'rtiGiiVttmH, Wrf b-*U'. cit-rnrtti iU.Uld
Hleklj jKM**��rrN��(�� onr opinion freavbetbtr mi
ivfiKCwn h-.frohj.hiT tmeiitabie.   Con
"" mtfaL HAKJiBOOR "i
_ ..Mic-r for Si*3u.-iujf [*tttont^,
.'at-'i..�� teic/i ftT'iuyh Mtuiti & Co. re-Joivi
IOOR QiiPaUnte
-.-.ne [-utonfiu
1 & Co. rcculvi
Scientific Eimilcati
\ lianirjssiwulT niw*>tratfl_ mvvl,!?. Timer*, eir-
illassiii ft nnr . eioniio.* JsMlrrml. Vermis, S3 a
rwu-: leiir months,tL Soldbfall newMleslers.
Pr__ctical    Horseshoerag
"arriage Budlding and Paimt
ing, and General Jobbing of
All Descriptions..
We carry the finest class
f Carriages and, Farm Implements at rode bottom prices..
URBBalKW 'Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
CAPITAL, - - * ,       S3,000,000
BESEEYB FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        ��31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted,
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Kast End, Mt. Pleasant, GraiTille Street; Gramd Forks, Nanaim-.,
Nelson, Rosaland, Victoria, Vernoa, Chilliwack, C��mherland eat
New   Veat-nina-er.
Just Arrived���m
\ING SALE [Tans, Oxfords &
*11#  Smmgw
/!.   **IS___*'
Blucher Cuts
Commencing Tuescfay, flay Ist!
A Full Line of
nzie's Store, Ladner!
8*w is the time ta bn/ pur Sttnuaer Goods.
everything is Rcdncel   .   .   -   ^  ���  .
Get a Suit at Once.
hsmberlain's Cough Remedy
.%.' O>lo��. Cronr ar.rt Whoorlnj^Cougll.
���tsl-oods. have been later coining in. this year sq we hsre* put, t___em
down to such a figure that will compel their Clearance.
H.J. Hutcfierson's 'J ill. Dh-L'LA
iqros, nemos, naiKxsi
be .tact is undisputed that we have  thei
A I.L.
union ���
130  a.r.i
.     1st
I   I     si.111.
11 o'l
''ft- 7-J
0 0 clock
Lilt 10 ...
tp rwii~-
7: *���"!.
������"'.'   I>V   1   DITT"-/*"!   . IJ    smi attaohsd it to ��� coll spring iscli n ind
.1 1 S  j-�� 1   .-1   i��|   liii IiA.li    in hi. Imh1.i...!.i.   1:1 ray joiir&uy up.-.t.ilis
I    1   tl.l'l  li.      slllts tr.O-.VISI.-* if.   hssr,'--..-s  .1 .,
: IS   ARE   ft:
ng it broli-ii ibe cot-
...tied Uis ehtrtu    v.��, it was ���
-ia_e;7t. choice in the Piano line of any firm in
O.    We havo boea in the business for forty-
five year.s and ha/7�� had the pick of the best
ag7^nci83 going*. We represent the following most
notable manufacturers, tbe names of which are
Sieinway & Sons Pianos, New York
Nordheimer Pianos,       =      Toronto
New Scale Williams Pianos, Oshawa
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
.......s-*,wisj.*rB liitru Hs-iji iks- rail*....
u, Nrcls*s-iia�� Sei*��iHsJ Blory v\'iu-
a.n i mitral,.*.���A (������.-.! sekatltiite
: sis- I uiltlrr*. j
1*.-*.'. :..  :i. k!!.i�� '  ." . .1 ;,:,** i.-.:!^-
��i'si  I.   kllsivn   1:1   [.uiiue  ("ircltw nil
rmi   ���'���* .''1:11 ry, vim in ;.-wii iln* ntliiv
i\i...     .-' H'tl nn s- cf    till .
Ms* ���
Services lirst and third Sunday
each month at 10:30 a.m.; ljeuc u
tion, 7:30 p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Comrauuion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
uorninion Pianos,
Palmer Pianos,
Prices the Lowest.
-    Bowmanville
'   Toronto
Terms the Easiest!
Services next   Lord's Day at  11
a. hi.and 7:30 p.m.
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every.
Sabbath .School  at 2 p 111   every
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. 17 Betts, pastor
KlFIsICK.   J'ls-TOT.S.   BHOTi-tNS
' Bute 1-elescopes, Kit.
uitheSVsvtHS. Ifyou
te :t, .,,'r.t 1 /r.foU.ot,
____sj1er*fital"r fit'..
Sun,) 4, insi.:B-*l r ,,.
r_C�� talalog dflB-fitl.v
tlie Milts S'<*eVs__lll(ie.
I eonWul |sc'rt, It, riiort-
'I-ST. Arsm,:*!.!.*..., 1 le.
E��sut:f_i' threc-colfls* Alumlfl.tffl Itlltgcf wlll l-e I.f
.aftd for ie el-ait In *..-*;���
P.O. F.'.. t"io
cmrrtpr* r.._._-, MA.-...T- S.A.
��� ��� 1     	
!i|..*.'��" gut nn ci Ijiui. iio Diet S".
..I ;-s-i'viii8 in a ilii-wn tiiwn r.'-i'-t. mid
,".-��� " i1.-il_fi.ig !���: i i.isv lu-mlc* ,-,., Imharili
'.'���;....'Ill ml 111' ill* Utist lull. J fil!..:. tv
buUyehnltJers vvs,re i.iiit' ints-ri'r,- ii.^j
Among t .s.) wii.i I .tuimil in liim uraiaa
ii .- :������'������, re. who ha 1 '.;!.��.ii 11 -ksisi bi
yn-.:. ���:;,���>
" V'.u s.ih. " ^nil 'J-....I "l';
*���������... owlet Ul a K'nit deal
',:'���, Muiik'n'l 1*0 111 I-to lir-nt* nff
1   tl.l'l  vi
tan a".l
-.��-in r Ii -I*** Mora _.��t'.iB...�� et burglary
an.l linu_i*!a-6akliiK duvtoig i'i9 dark (Ihts?
tn. inn wjiyf  J::��? :**-���-. I ha not overpar
I: ill tr. rniifflj lal;. r!na '������:_..< gtl haul up.
..nl   'h'.j are op-i.)   lo taku tt) enfthtng
liana Matching upward,!/ tJn*m ia
n a ramota cbaaco ��� -:' i .lUng  uj.ic.-.v
��� ronsiKluencp I ��� rbal; ilifus-tly nn oppoi_
..,- 1.,1'imu l-j ,-,..,.j- ���    : i: ..iii^i..:.y ih��jr
fur is'���go fin   '���'.. v.-.-l.-i' :,  tu kl.-l 1( nay
��� .union and i ���';,';::���_��� oil i.n.W loti-l, t_U��
or   OV,   , '   !���' :    I.i   '..'?,I.:S  lta
'..** If di8tiirlH*d. 'i liiit i. why tiim-u. iup*
li.-ii;/ 'irutal n*sanlti_ and uiui-dui-g hy
illtd burgla; > jusi .it thut tliuo uf tht
tm up
i pm
ing i
II  lll.T
Sill .'������.*���
fi Ily ntii'ti'iith of i'i j.i'"i thuy do now
I'i r iiisi.ui,.', Ini-sii-. ��� r : ,sr iu! hougijkoep-
, i**i and Uii-lr s.n'aina may Im v.- i-! 1 rfgard
., Hll.lll/H !.h,i.s:iIi: ���; i on till) grulllld '.'..ir
t�� n riile 11.*-y \>vi !:::'�� atfaiitinn to thns.
is Dangerous to Neglect u cRi
���if rocnn up M..-0-
tanlngn m i :;.,.
left uiidnna Ns.i
Im .1 r.. ss> j.siver * rJ-.
mun' link's* lu, |( ),
t*d with thi run ...
ils-ibtuo! t)i�� liousali
,. f.'.- avi.ii ivhi-n ih.' i.-w-
���������I   cnl -i llmv i-.'*i nfl -r.
.'��� �� II ,-IM  V, III) lillOWH 111*
��� the gii.iii.il Hnorfor an
fir 7 -,v,-!l ui .]iin|rii
!!���*��� houiw nr.l (hi
Id. ��ui. mnn ih.ni hi
1  111',
Of couriso ih.
i rnjuablas, locks,
j tho__a living i-i
Kiiiuotima�� with v
.-:.���   nre obtained
**...i  hae nothln;
I.H--.-1.-.-f. but  i
ii��vuri hi .'���...   .'. ���
Im in :i I'.uwkor i ii
trailCU    lim   ){::,
un :.u   *i ivuter ;n
n...y iKukage or .
Ij. mgi duvotod
pnvtlculani an tsj rooii!.,
��� indowt mid  hablta oi
, liiv".'y !: iii-ia, together
it Itiipriunions of ki'yn,
1 y 'tha upotter,' a iiiao
! lo du .- ilh Ihoactimi
knsaslmjii In thn h.uil
.;.- iiyr' i iay (ki anything
llingnt LliuservaflU' uu-
man coma to take the
sp .-.ri;r 11 et��e If thore if
iuiply tbe (for tho thug
llower of on*of tbe h_-it-
How often do we hear it reaiark-
every ed:    "It's ouly a cold," and a  lew
! day* later learn that the mau is  ou ,
his back with pneumonia.    This i.
of sueb common oxurreiue that  ai
tlm   dn..
can easily
win,), i
Sei vii es next Lord's Day at   11
558 Qranvile St., Vancouver
however slight,  should not he j
disregarded.   Chamberlain's Cough i
__^mmimmmwm^mi^^^^^^^^^m    Remedy counteracts auy  auy  teu-'
, a.m. and 7.30 p.m. ' _ '   .
a , i_ .1 o v.    1    . \i ,    dency of a cold to  result  in   ptieu-
Sabbatli .School  at ioaui    Mid- ; ,  , .     ,        '
j week meeting on Thursday evening  moni��.stnd  has  gamed  its  great
! at 7.30 ���'clock. popularity aud extensive sale by its
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.     . prompt cures of this most common
  i ailment.     It  always  cures and is
pleasant to take.    For sale by All
j Druggists.,
S-tUUitk services at La.luer at 11 1
j a.m. aud 7 u. tu.
Sunday .Scho.l at 10 a. iu.
J     Frayer meetiug oa Thursday at!
I 7,3�� p. m.; choir practice at *.
ianos, Pianos, Pianos! ���
g-Qgg uj.a_jj.iggg��g
Time Table
According to Tke Commcrci-l,
ei Winnipeg, the visible supply of
���ats in the United -States and Canada, east of the Rocky Viountaiua,;
is 14,987,000 bushels, compared
���vith 12,804,000 buskels a year ago
nearly ali. ays enl.rx by one of t
for ���>:;!. h a k^r na��  I <*...��� 1 |iroiMii'ed nr tl
1 luck  and   belt* nf  w hli'li
.  foret'd U
'V, list   li the  In.,  wind.i.v   (a-tan
! Will, ti.t're ai.n't, mme e.'iy K" d, UI1I11*
i it'e iwisi vivd^.'.  forced down beiwenn tbi,
{ ��isi.i-_i, oue on sueb side nf tbe window
!   Tt'e screw t-> i!x  1I19 ui.liet. 11 well a* li..-
...rinti 'isai'a' dinlnai, c;iii ��a<ll,r be  undonw
by catting out a piei* of nin..   .S'ow, tiie
wedges, if you 'tumbled* at onae thnt 'buy
wiire vvudgee, Oould only be got _'. by rut
ling two holes in  tii-  gla-b, and  then, il
IM-opetly fixed, they can't be shifted wlili
nut uiaklngmoreiioi.4e tUan wa cave about
fining while on busincsu.    Mure uiieclaily
ie tliis the case if a !��.'l witb a coil
ta attached tn the window.
"Tbo ls-.C tluie I waa -enpped
tlirniigh ono of tbi'iii cull spring !
but nut on a window. It was like tbU:
���'I'hi* house 'went for' was tn-i-ui li .1 by
an rccentrio old man, w��U tu <Ju and own
! Ing a tidy lot of plate, The'spotter' I employed luansged ts 'get around' and walk
���mi with one-it the serrania, and from i,. r
he learned that the luaeter "s. very sus-
pMuiisuf the domestics, laying traps to
catcb 'em fc.-b'S way dripping or odi_U
and aru-'i aud so on and wiaklngali of 'eun
... ut hull is..V;a he did.
"Just a rsmark about laddurs. In lar.je
establish mon tu . ha>u particularly noticed
tl.e care with \. Iiioh nil Iuddurs aro locked
up, while j ii -_; t nmund ttiu corner, pcrhupe
iying la the open, ara the clntbes posts
iH.-il for drying ur sua airing Ilia cloibcs
from the laundry .Now, it's ���� iwoy to
swarm up a guud .���-���...iai*a clothes poet to
roHi'h a first floor n Ind.at, and when tu ���
liurryit'sa lump quicker ta slide down
ene than down a ludd.r.
"lull you what will shake the aervea
���f a burglar ai aiuub aa anything and
psrliapa make hliu drop his tools���that Is
kicking Against a sheet of crumpled newspaper carefully laid In tbe passage. I got
had' that vvuy mynulf once and made
such a n.ilcu tbat I lmmsdiately Udud.
"But if ynu younsalf are frightnue-J of
burglars paying your bouse a visit," ha
concluded confidentially, "the beet tip 1
san ��ir. you ls to lay ln a Uttle yelping
snapping Ann���one that will r_oi__e ev_ry-
body directly a door or window Is tried���
snd lot bim bare tbe run ef the house lands evory night That's tbe best smlm-
euard there Is."���Cincinnati Koqulmr
Haw <�� Re Satscreefal.
The successful uian grows qp fraas tk*
bur wh.--*  uu.lta Is���evtvythlng ln phiee
ai^aiaat ihc time of need.   Wheisher in tbe
ecaeel  room,   with  the   lasson
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
, ...nking.'   {teaching tba drawing room,
I  wbcre 1 knew the plate was kspt, 1 bu.ule<t
  i it front the cupboard, and, as everything
i bad  gone uff eii wsll, sat dowu to hare a
Wkea you wish  to   buy   visitiagi ivst before packing it up. Walktngon'tip
~i,-A. ~��I1 mm Ihc n#lte   Times,   whri' u"*i*  tiring work, yo��  knuw.    I  hadn't
I ends call ee the Delta   1 imes  wno w| Uer_ fl_�� BllniItlM ���,,���,. lM,ni{! j f,u ,
will sell the  best  money   can   buy. arack on the bead, and 1 know nothing
aad arrives at Port Guichoa at j Tf . ..       printed  wkv vou n"'r'i onfil 1 hnvA "'-""������'"' ��-e'* bkl"1* ��*"���
, It you need them printea, way you (M >B(, tw_ vaUmbtit ttMMlug 0T,r ���,���
' "are uieney in pocket by  calligg  oa 1     ���VYheii my triiil unit on, aad not until
boars in advance; In tha workshop, with
all th," tools in oilier, no matter U ha
knows they will net be required far days
to come; ia tbe warehouse, srhene a thoo-
sand and urn* things can be found to oe-
iuumente, er ia the world
 ...    _   _���, ,_,._,,,, whist, the inpurtaaee of storing
liul and got Into  the bouse as 'easy m   tiie brain wilh lueful   fuots is taken iste
���onalfarati.-n   tlm SU-Kiasafui uftreer et the
"Well, 1  lan es il   tiii�� ah rainfr * 	
ticklish job, hut as I'd gut a key made to \ iepy tbe spura
Sttlie haek door i daoided to risk It.    1 I of luind,
'uture ie  being laid wltfc a I
t.u ��� i'���� Turk t-Mdoer
leavea Cloverdale at 3:401
p.ss     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Train leaves Pert Quicken at
5:10 p.at. eei arrives at Clever-ale
at 6:*5 p.m.
Meaelays __ly.
fie Delta Times Krst.
fl REGISTRY fer.
then, I dlsi-orared thai my capture waa due
to.the fact that tbe master of the bouse ln
���rdsrt... find eat If any of tbe serrante
same down stairs after he had retired bad
placed oottnN serosa tiie psmiagf-s and
sialraaaes aU��Nt. ait Inehet fruia Ihe nan ml
Ae Iln- IIoai*raieoa Dwtftgl��a.
Bhe���1 really ...i.|.hl to bare a new bat.
He���Hum- would tt do U> stick a low
feathers In the top .rust oi one at tbuse
pies yiii Inked lasl wix-kF Vou woull
hare something that would last t-biei.���
Cinoinnai; Kn.jnlrer.
Repairing a Specialty.
Tkare are two tkrougb passea-
j ger trains per day eack way to aad
j frost Seattle aad a mixed traia to
j a*d tree* B-slKagka_a.
^  Clausen,
(.Westtaiaster Braack)
Time Table
������"-*��� Not if as Xick as Rockefeller.
Re the Fractional North-east Quar-!     If yo.i bad all the wealth of Ro.-ke
ter of .Section 27 ; the Fractional
.South-east quarter  ol  Section 34
(except the Nortk 80 acres) ; the
Fractional SoutU half of Section
35 all in Township 3, New Westminster District.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
to Ceorge   Burton   Krabree  on the
.-.oth day of May, 1906, unless in | preparationTor colic and diarrhoea,
feller, tke Standard Oil magnate,
you could not buy a better medicine
for bowel complaints than Ckcm-
berlaia's Colic, Cholera aad Diarrhoea Remedy. The nio<t eminent
physician can not prescribe a better
^^^1    NEEDED
A��i>iually, to i>ll the new positions
.reate. ky-Rarlnnid and Telegraph
Companies. We waht VOUNG
MEN and I, AMES of good liabilst-
I Csm lea tv WHtaiaster ier Vaaeeaver st j.j-i
1 .*! *...��� a.m. atiS hearty thereafter eatil 11 p.
! m.: SatarSa.Ti aaa- SaaSayl at ll f.m.
Cars leaTe VseceaTer fer Weataiiasters at >.s��
'. aeS S.ja a. ���. aad beerly tkeresfter eatil 119.
��� .iSatarSayiaail SaaSayt al 11 p.a_.
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarters for Pacific Cossfi
Grown Garden, Field and Flower I
Seed New crop now in stock and j
on te*��t in "our greenhouses. Ask j
your tnerchnnt for them in sealed
{packages. If he does not handle
Uhem we will nail so assorted st I
packets of vegetable and flower I
seedi. (our own selection, suitable |
for B. C. gardens, lor $i.    Specia
the raeaatime a valid objection [both tor children aud adults. Tke
thereto be made to me ia writinj juniforw success of this reinedv has
by a person or persons claiainj. an LhoWM it to be superior to all others,
-state or interest therein, or in anv i,. f .,        ,    . ,      .    ��� ,
part thereof 1    UCTer '*l's'an'-' TTMen -"educed with
water aad sweetened, is plessaut to
I take.   Every family should be
District Registrar at Titles.     ; p]jed wUh {,'    Sold bv
Wt rae sr*-t-u��a frei��Ul ears ketweta W��M-|Laad Rejistrv  Office, viata
Si aaianvr aaS  Vavcouver aad sll ���kipMVati are t                                  '                                                       ' S*��*--'
kaaSleSwitk theatateelesra aad deHrereil te        New   Westminster,    ft.   C,    2~,\V.'
c ceeairavv witkeat delay    Seecisl atteatieQ faid I .      .. _ 1 ���	
��� te fruit ekipiaeats.    Oei wefeas level all keaU ! April,   1900. 	
[sadtrei...   Per rates, etc .paly te \      ^ ^^ ^   per|ot)s kt-int j_ _      " iken ,. . poor ��au at the doer, | y.'1 .���k,���*'.^U *_��? ?_!!*."?_^f��_ta.d,*-S
c. s. tr-rTH.
Tke nlizU-st Us,;a-�� .t Talask
Ko laur   ! wreath er.twlna for iaa;;
Mr very name postswliy
Shall never know, ai-.J r��t. wlthn-st
Tbs stlcht. .1 al'.ailoTr of a dcuUl.
A h.'.'i brave, muunhsui, free.
I've .his Jay preved ui,t*i: t<e bet
Net v* tbe tasttle'a erttnaea fray.
Koi In the __.��h; ef meu. I aay;
That wtleh 1 ili.1 wns krirsr tm
Tfj'i any r��ari':l rtar ut war.
I';-.-, aj.  deed win.-, siuu or
_-f. |..iun'.����� 1 Prad  '"ia s.mmi
Uldu'l Measure Slieaa.
Isaac iliiunlry unit, run "against a
si.an" wblli- !i*v!.n iinf In t.ltobfiold ooon-
i.v, Cunt. As I rvinil tbe story, be was
��� I'liirlnf before a local iostltute upon, the
si lijeut of a I rip be bad recently mode to
I'aliforolii nml the Youeailw talluy, wind.
Ii.k* up with a l*.-au:iltil description of tlie
Bridal Veil fulls, whU-h so ohariu all who
rlelt tbem.
Aa he took hiu snul be was surprised to
see the grntietiiati wbo had presided orer
Che ineetlr.i; nii-p forward and nay, "tn ao-
cunlaiiee with uur iisiual custom, we wilt
now l-e k1mi1 tu hnir any quustlous tbat
tbe ln-tursr may be desired to auswaf ln
relation tu tbe subject upon wbich he has
tif.e-ti UllklTi!^."
A1 this a tiill, nil'.'tiisded Plan roee In
n.e nnaienee ann wna a nvrpingr vote*
said. "I Would like to ask of tbe lcct_je��
Ihe exact height of tbe Bridal Vail."
Bl-oiilley,  wbo  Imd   exp��vti-d   nothing of
k. smi.ES,
TraSSe Mtr.
We fnFaisVi 75   per cent,  of the
Operators  and  Station  Agents  in
A.crica.    Our sjx schools are the ,    k.��� ou rour.ljulk 5ccdi
larjcst exclusive Tefegraph .Schools | nanurv   rnt
in the world.    Established 20 years ���     H*   L*   bK,JWN   hRl
and endorsed by  all  leading  Rail-
wav Officials.
WvnteilRiilvr, Ss e
a. ��Lovxr
Leer.: Mgr.
We execute a fas* Bind to every
���Indent to furnish hint or her a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
month in States cast of the Rocky
Mountains, or from $75 to $100 a
naenth in States west of the Rockies,
ianmediatcly upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations. Por full particulars
.regarding any of our s.-hcols write
direct to our executive office at
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
iie m am of mm
Cincinnati, Oiiio.
Atlikitii, Oa
T-nrV-Ai. :������*
Buffalo, N.Y
I,aCro��s;, Wis
������ Frnnci'eo.Ca
      RUIT AND
ready for spring shipment,
Hxtra aice stock ot two and
three-year Apple Trees at $_��o per
100, $180 per 1,000; Maynard1
Plums, $1 each; Italian Prune, two-
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
Prune, two-year, fine, $y. per 100.
Full list of other stock at regular
prices. *No expense, loss or delay
of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price yoar list before plac-
in^ your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work.
Bee Supplies, Fruit Packages, Fertilizers, etc.
J their custody or possession  the foi- ni,-, 't8 two wooden lets, sit, and 'e
lowing Title Deeds relating to the       g)   ^     nmM be       od
said   property are requested  to <le-            . ,,        ,.
liver the same to the undersigned,    ��no��fh,-tlr.   to        "You   g.
27th   April,   1885,  Crown   to  J.;back  "(1   '*''  thc P��or m���� wkh
Moriartv Grant in fee. it,ic two wooden legs that he's lucky.
2nd May, 18I5, J, Moriartv to T. \ T*-11 him T've tot *he  g*����t in b"*h
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you ij4et--ikl imnrorwnnnt. at
email cost for any style of bui]__Ji*t{.
Wc maWe thnn r*_mplr--*'f Co suit
any sized or ahagrd ���Irttctur* ��� -Kb
tMttre metal fininh inrludmf door and
���srlpdpw cap**, cornioo, etc.���m a gnat
rariaty of it)1e��.
TWy it-tp a -very handnome +ff*��U
nnd andurimf,  practit al aatiaftutioa.
We give eoiimatea if tou send
measurement* and outline of tha butU-
Think it over.
MeteJlic Roofing Co^
Wholesale M<uiut��Biur*n,
Toronto, C��n��a��.
McNeely Cenveyance in fee.
24th November, 1891, T. Mc
\"eely tn 17 A. Wadhatns Conve>
nice in fee.
feet."���llostou Globe.
New Westuiiuster B.t
solicitors lor George B. Kmbree.
_a..*.-a^ss^^.^..3..��s^..#^. ....*.. .*%*..,
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 VV'...tf">*!'t*r Road.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
T.AnVT'V       -    -   ":    _    .      R
NKW WRSTMIKSTKt,    :-:   B. C.
Maeuractnrer.. of all kinds el
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Sciatica Cured After Twenty Years
��l Tort are.
For more than twenty years Mr.
J. ft. Mnssey, of ^12 Clinton St.,
Minneapolis. Minn., was tortured
by sciatica. The pain and suffering which he endured daring this
time is beyond comprehension.
Nothiug gave him any pernaincnt
relief until he used Chamberlain's
<��� Pain Balm. One application of
��;tbat liniment relieved the pain r.nd
I made sleep and rest possible,and less
* , thau one bottle has effected a per-
immanent cure. If troubled with
'? sciatica or rheumatism why not try
���> .a 25c bottle of Pain Palm and see
.;. for yourseli how quickly it relieves
j, ;the pain.    For sale by  All  Drug-
10 fltfui'sii, vres emtrel.v taimi by sar-
(irlie, but ifave no .ten ilw-itsof ae he rose
slid ihJt._ii.iss-i Ho ibu fi-jiil of tbe platform
and i-oollr iiiisiMirt'd, "I dlil not lueeenos
1 bcin, bin ns uonrly as I ��iin remeiuber tbe
uiiict height Is H61 (ee* VH inobee." ������
iiinluT iiur.iilniis were asked et l-el iee-
Uiror.���iS'ew Hatsd Kevtstea
�����,*}s.,i.-st'.ii.s.;ves��J.,e..f..e'^*.-,->V e *?*'..:J�� *iij��se*^i i gi'itS,
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
---cm mes���
Coughs, Colds, Croap aad
Whooping: Oougrh.
Thl^rcniedrU tamriu. trr IHmmeeemi.
11 live vurt ef ��h�� rt-riii��<j varid. II asa
��hs.i.vs be depsoded eron. II rommai m.
r.-,J.r:i nr miipr hnmnil .Ires ee- wef ee
gi,  u 11.11 mfl'ls m I y t-.s�� bah; as id ee Men
Price 25 cts; Large Bine, ��0
****>*,: ^1, nmm.im*m***��*
u .   1
*n% fl
ORE-We Ben Leave
Mis. A. DeR. Taylor  v.s.t.d the
Rcval City yesterday.
^ At East Delta the school children
" ~~ " j intend having ft good time on the
Mrs. J. Gilchrist wen: up to the | _3r(_ _astM w^ea they will celebrate
Koyal (.icy this morning. j Empire   Day and for which neat
������, .   . j invitations,    containing   the   pro-
I gramme   for  the day,  have been
j issued.   The invitations are written
Iiy the pupils in a neat  clear hand,
credit   to   any
W 3?
��*B*Si E"T-
' __EV
__* <K_P !___-,-_y
6z_.fi is
4Hs* __*���
ii!" '���-���'3-
St. Michael  Sw-et Oranges sec
per dozen���W. H. Smith.
Mrs. J. S. aad  Mrs. Win. Masot
spent Thursday is the Royal City.
Mis. John Perram a-id iw�� children spent yesterday in the R_\al
T. R. Havens ana wife were
among; the Royal City's visitors this
(... T. Baker pi
the Royal City   ou  Saturday even
ing Inst.
which   would   do
Following is the programme: Answers by the pupils iu concert;
sent;. "Maple Leaf Forever," L.
Hull"; recitction, "AnEnglishman',*.
Love for His Country"; recitation,
"A Scotchman's Love for His
Country"; recitation, "An Irish-;
���man's Love for His Countiy: address, Rev. ... McAuley; recitation,
  "My Canada," M. Robertson; reci-
-,     i.    i-i. _-. tation, "Canadian's Love for Coun-
ud :i short visit to I
Is in Progress ot Hie New Westminster
mi House.
Iu white with white Jots and colored flowers.
To notify tbe people of I. adn-sr and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Islasd
Portland  Cem��nt
at greatly reduced prices, making* it pds-
sible for parties -i.o contemplate building,
to put in concrete roi:��ndations at about the
same cost %s piling or other inferio.*'
Your choice at
Write for Prices.
Mm. D. A'. McKee was anions
the visitors to the Royal City on
try"; recitation, "The Flag,"
j Reggie Weaver; address, John
! Oliver, M P.P.; recitation, "Cuddle
jDoon," M. Kittsn*..; recitation,
I "Love of Country," I\ Weaver; ad-
! dress, R. E. Kittson, chairman ol
I Trustee Beard; recitation, C. Oliver;
National Anthem.
Mrs. W. Oliver,  returned home, I
Wednesday, fre-ni a  visit te New
II. McCormick went overt�� Vancouver this morning ou a short
business visit.
C. Clausen, of Bellingham, Wash.,
i�� visiting his brother, Andrew, our
worthy watchmaker.
Miss Auaie Smith returaed home
0:1 Tuesday after spending a few
days Tisiting friends in the Royal
F. C. Butlei returned here on
Wednesday, after spending a very
pleasaat vacation ia aud around
When wrapped in sweet repose last
A fitful slumber o'er tne,
I dreamed ol many a curious sight;
Strange things appeared before me.
A transformation scene took place.
Beyond my uuderataudiag,
Most modern schemes ha<i come to
The town of Ladaer'* Landing.
The streets had got electric light,
The houses were all wired,
A blaze of light, on left and right,
What more could be desired ?
Of white dotted Swiss, and Swiss with colored flowers aud spots.
Your choice at
12'2g yd
Iu dark coIots with small spots aud dots.
Our regular .Sc Hue for M$$J&     lnilJa
In navy and royal blue, green .and red with stripes
���fine aud soft for house dresses,
B. 0.
Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes, Etc,
New, up-to=date Papers
iTo   select   from,   also   some  good   bargains in
Regular ioc for
No gaping ditches on the street,
No darkness hid its beauty,
I saw the Delta Council meet,
 1 And knew they'd doiie their duty.
-Miss M. V****-.  of  Burnaby,  re- j The street cars sped along the town,
turned home vesterdny alter spend- j They ran both night aad day.
ing   a   few   dajn at   Mrs.   W.  J.   I noticed they were loaded down
Brandrith's. With the last three seasoms' hay.
 The Transfer, with dejected mien,
Saw naught but seemed t�� sadden
M _> Jy Skw
J? a   mm a
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B. C
Bi 0! Mn. ill
11 teift
.-..-_��� ������*_._ .������...i.i
F.x-Baadmaster Leslie is receiving great praise ;h the Royal City
for the performance of his file
aad drum band.
Mrs. W. ��. Kllis r-tturned home,
Wednesday, after spendm; a week
at the Capita' taking in the Missionary Convention ia session there.
iShehootedlong, then, piteous scene,;
She tnrned her back on Ladaer.
I beard a dismal wail, then turned,.
And saw the poor Sonoma,
Alas! too soon, she also learned
That business had outgrown her.     ���
I saw a mighty cattle range,
Where bog and moss of late
Had held their sway, a wondrous
J-hu   Wilsen, of Peri-ley, Cal., change,
is visiting his brother, H. L., here.   It was The Lorne Estate.
Mr. Wilsen was iu Beikel.y during Then" th_ delifht| ay da2zled eyes
tbe recent shak-.-p there bnt pulled j Beh���lc, , mtrreli0��� tkingi
out O. K.                                            I ,^ w#oc]eii pipt) itupendous size,
                \Te bring tke water in.
Tfa�� Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian .Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modem Shots in- tt 'Modern  Shoe  Store.
J. REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.&.
Shows  sonic  particularly  Good
Shirtwaist Suits, Blouses
and Wash Skirts	
. J. B1RT
275  Colunil.i-i  Street,    -    -   -   -    New Westminster
_____B__BfeE_mBaB-WB Hi I WH
"ioililBlili"'   CASH STORE.
Mrs.   Jas.   Hull,   and   Mrs.   J. ! At last! at last ! they turned it on,
Cornock,   oi  Glenn  Valley, ��. C, | A roaring, mighty stream ;
returned home, on   Monday, after 1 But sa_ to say, it woke me from
spending a  few  days visiting Mrs.: My bright and pleasant dream.
Now   that   Fred Land  has  the
leadership of the &aud,  it is hoped
the band stand wilt  be called  inte- !    R-a.pl"
use again on Wednesday evenings "��� Sf-***tB
tor -pen air concerts.
The noted train robbers have|
been captured and jailed at Kam-j
loops.    The   leader,    Bill     Miner,
came down   here in   1904  with  u-i
band of horses and is  a  man   who"
can  make  liimsel!  very  agreeable!
' and :i pleasant companion when  l.e!
Thursday next is Assension Day. j      desires
,,      , ,., ���    ,   -      ���, 1     During his stay here, ��ne o
Raspberry Vinegar, just  in���W ���
J. McDcsald. Reeve qf Langley,
flriid A. D. Matheson, of Clover-
dal*?, were the guests of N. A. Mc-
I iarmid on Supilay last, and took
m jook around the district.
Remember the sports at the  Bay
on Thursdav next.
California Cabbage five cents pes
pound���W. II. Smith.
worthy   citizens   noted   the  tattoo
marks and informed  the police  at t
New Westminster hy letter but, as
in the case of the diamond   robber, j
.no notice   was  taken   of the information.    When next information js
received fom La_ner, perhaps thej
pelice wil', not be so  slow  to look:
inte it.
Persons wishing to have their
Steres, H-uses, Stables, nam*, etc.,
illumiuated by Electric Light, will
tin well to consult
P* D* MoDonald
Shirley House,
Mrs. L. Moiikmsn and daughter.
Miss Evelyn, teturned home, Wednesday, from Victorja where she
had -"^i*1 attending tine sessions ef
���he- Woniati-% Missionary Convention.
Mrs John McKee returne-. home
Tuesday, from a visit to tlie  Royal
Mi*-ses Bethune and Waddell,  ol 1
Vancouver, are  guests of Mrs T,
Three carloads of lumber were* Xntice is hereby given that I in-
dispatched iron-, the Delta Sawmill, Uendto apply to the Board of Licence
ihis week, for the Northwest. Commisioners tor Delta Municipal-
-. ���-.._���_ '���--'- ������ - ������ -j-um-.-".'-������, ity, at its meeting in June next,
^j j for" a transfer of the Liquor Licence
Under inatructions from tho Executors of
the Estate of the Late W.  L. McBRIDE
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entirely* New Stock      <***       <*
8 V *��*__.
M,rs.    McKee,    st, ' c.Tgbfafed, ,    W. J. Urftlerick and  wife spent 1 .-...-..
.Thursdav, her S.'.th birtitday amid]j-esterdav in New*Wes|:mti^-"?r.taJs>      Onto  my  property, about three
a  happy ga.henn* of frien*.s and I '��g in \h.e May Day fete.. I wetks agD, a a-vear-old Heifer.
for hrr   iidvaiiced yean I  '��� Owner may hav;  same  by prov-
, iij-Uitives.
i_ _.____.
i> a
ls haJ
D. McLean  h:
;:ot  on tlia in-Ting property grfd -paving ejtpenses.
���ir .liteNiiant at the church  deliblc smile. A young lady visitor
-urived afhiiliome oil 'Thursday.    I
WM-. sToaes,*-*"���rt
of the Port Guichon Hotel at Port
Guichon, from myself as executor
"of the estate of W. L. McBride deceased to Emily Susan McBride, of
] port Guichon, B. C.
Dated this 27th day of April 1906.
-~*_TeilAl.IT JPitfRTPE, -'"'"
' '��� ' "Applicant.
Come and See* Our  Special Line of|
Boots and Shoes.
Port   Quichon?  B. Ct


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