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The Delta Times May 20, 1905

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egls/a./,    7   .
t*r **
feft S-|
Vol. 2. No. 37.
$1.00 a yoo
Royal Purple
for Ladies.
We believe there is a large demand for high grade
Shoes here and our stock of ROYAL PURPLE is now
complete in the new Spring and Sum=
mer Styles, in Russia Calf, Dongola Kid,
etc., all one Price $3.50 stamped on sole.
The death occurred on  Monday
morning   &t   the residence of his
"~ | daughter,   Mrs.    Bloomfield,    972
The following  recommendations i Howe  Street. Vancouver,  of Rob-
have been handed in  to  the  Con-! inson Watson, a retired larmer.
ferenoe by the committee on "Tern- j    The deceased was 6S years of age
and   leave1*   five   .*or:s ��� William,
]ohn. Hunter, Stonewall and "Muir;
I and three daughters���-Mesdames F.
\ Kirkland, A. Gilchrist and  Bloom-
; field,   to mourn   his   loss.     Mrs.
for its object tbe curtailment of the "Forier   and   GetnSe   Wtltson and
baneful     influence   of   the   drink |the* motber 1,avinS g����e ��" b<-*fore.
traffic   and   alse   to   aid    hi     tht
passing of laws  having  the  same
peranoe and MohH Reform:"
"We  believe  it    to  be  the
1 roof
to   do  all
I he can to enforce every law that has
imperative duty of every "member
���the Methodist   Chcrcti   to   do
Delta Council met in ithe CouncSl
Chamb.r, on Monday lasl, May
1 -,th, with the "keere. W. K.1M-
ner, in tltecbair, andCouns. Gibbie,
Davie, Paterson., Httff and '8S__bfe*t.
Mintites of t'he previous meetittjj
were read and confirmed.
Shoes 1
We eairap the largest Btoek of shoes in town and can fit
Amy ��SJiaped Foot
See the "Artisan" Working Shees at -#__.S5.
Finer Q-ratifes iin Box Galf, Dongola, Chrome 'Tanned, Etc.
Childireia's Shoes in all Styles.
Lacrosse Balmorals and Oxfords :n Boys' and Men's.
,     Ohildren's Sand .-Shoes.
object Mat iew but, ir. pur n,\inon the
Methodist Church shouid never recede from its former edvaneed position��� the ev.tire destruction of the
legalised liquor traffic. This should
be our ultimate goal.
Whereas   complaints 'hsve  been I
made to the Conference of the non- j
enforcement of the  Indian  Liquot
Act; therefore, we recommend  that
a committee of three, consisting o. I
the Superintendent of the  India 1 j
Missions, the'Chaimuan <_l Vietori;
District, and Kev. C.   M.   Tate  b.
appointed to gather facts to be sub
mitted  to the Minister ul the Inter- j
ior, and to the Attorney-General oh
British Columbia, with  a  view  to
remedying existing evils.
Local  option  limits  the   licence
I area, educclrs the .people, and puts
j tbe responsibdity of the  saloon on |
each   community.     Therefore   wt
most   heartily  recommend   that  1.
j strong and united effort be made at
j the next meeting of the Legislature I
j to secure a  Local  Option   Act  i'01 I
j this province.    Your committee   it |
I o'" the opinion that the time is  ripe j
j for   ail   agitation   throughout  tin j
The   remains   arrived    here   on 1
1 Tuesday ar.d were interred  beside' ^MoSmcaHOM.
those of his first wife at tbe.Eor.nd-1     From  Gilley TBrOs,, Te ~cmsh_d
ary Bay cemetery. [rock.    Cleric to reply that Council
Mr. Wat-son came here, from Vic-! >s ready to receive lock at any tim*.
toria, about twenty years ago, and j     From   Yorkshire  Guarantee   &
larmed on the property "aow owned ^ Security Corpwratiou, refoonds. Re-
by Ed. Calhoun afterwards be pur- "ciived andtfik'fl..
chased the farm now 'owned by the      Prt)m 'Walworth  Ro^stem^Di0s,,l3r
Hume family. After other properties grader.    Received and fileVi.
had  passed  through his hands he'     From  the ���&. C. TeJeplnme  Co,,
moved to Vancouver and *thence to' inlorniing the Council thtft tbey had
Kamloops where he purchased ai niade ��:raegetwtnts lemfce-r-ewovk-l
stock ranch and which 'the fjuuily of poles.   'fte��eived**tid fitea.
is uow running. r   The Clerk was "instracted to ca)i
Among tne fioral'tributes  were : for tenders for laying half mile of
noticed two very excellent ones, a -plank through the hog.   Tenders
crescent and a wreath  which came*to be in at-next meeting,
on'the boat with'the remains, ;     Coun. Davie  was authorized to
  (nut boxes^-acrossttlrc :i?oisndarj-' Bay
and Farrell roads.
Couu. Kuibrer w?.s -granted per-
*" j "mission to e&pend'-$;-;._ o for jgravtt
The  Tent  Mission   now  ir. pro- k*on the Trimk road.
gress here is attracting large audi-; Tenders for barn weTe then open-
ences and interest. The cold wea- "ed ar.d D. -McLean's tender of f 32*5
ther has interfered to some extent, being tlK loweSVwws accented,
but since the we-itlier has moderat- The Highway 'By-to*' ipassed ils
ed somewhat thut ��� handicap is re-j first ar.d secc-ndrreadiiij*-.
moved. The tent is one of the Cottn. Patei*s��i g��ve '."Rs-stice that
finest ever built in tliis country for at next meeting1 te wfll ioWTodaJ*��
Gospel meetings, aud, though itisi Revenue By*.aw-.
only set  up  half size, it has a cw     Tb-r
Finance Committee
whole province to abolish the saloon
What we mean by this is 'saiooi
licence,' a house 'that provides 11
accommodation for ihe  public.
We further recommend   that  tht
Provincial   Government  be   aske..
to   enact  such   legislation  as  wili, ,
make jt illegal for a licensee to bok, *eh3t Shanks is ��ettinS  a  *?riP of| a-coulst -S���'rf <*>***����� ^00; F. J.
any public office .in a municipality.   Ithe PeoPIe  ��������� !��� iP��**te manner. ( MacKeime, .stationery, etc., $8.75;
We believe thatmo.al reforms de-! AU  his  addlesses are  listened   ��o; W. H. Ttftor,  **;  W. Alexan-
plenty ot der, 56.50; CuMsnii-s^gtiwit. Hardware
parity Of about 500. It is lighted .and Clerk were authorized to sigc
j admirably, but in 'ihe absence of j a wftte for ���Sij^oo i-under tke svDew-
electric power here, gasoline lamps, j porsKy'L-5anrEy-la*��-.
I are used, One of the features of] The following accotitWs "Were ofthe meetings is the song service, I dered paid: Walworth RolstoU Co.,
singing new and old songs.    Evao-j for grader, $400; D. Woodward, on
the people  i.i a.peculiar manner. I
! All  his  addresses are  listened   to
with interest.   There  is  plenty ot 1
Marshall Smith
pend primarily upon intelligent con
victions in the hearts of the people;
therefore, we would  urge  pastors,
class leaderSs.Ieague presidents, Sun- j
day   School   Superintendents,   alul i services, Mt. McEwen wm speak at
all officials ofthe Methodist Church!tbe '^'��'��E service at ti  tf flock.
to keep  this question  before those! At *���* *,m- there wiU te  *���**"8
who look to them for lightand guid
The wide open 'bawdy-house' is.
shame and disgn.ee to the cities 0fJevemn��* at 7*30, beginningwith a
our province.   We believe.the com
...       (  , ...     ...     will assist, the mass meeting for the again, on. May ?yth, sft^wm
mon   instincts   of   humanity,   the ' * 6 J T*   '       lir
, , ���        1     . ��� .. j .x.A people, the subieot will be   "''Chn*t _____________
deeper chums ol patriotism, and the; r   *   ' J
broadei'demands o.'-t'ie  Gospel  of
! illustration 'to  hold  the  attention,
i and .strong appeal to reason.
On  Sunday there will  be three
will be
_ i for men only.    Mr.  Shanks will
i speak to men on  the subject:  "A
.'Young  Mao's-Strength."    In the
, at 7:30, beginnii
song service in which Mrs. ."Shanks
Co., $5; Marshs-11 -Smith, $21.81;;
Jos. Tamboline, $4-50; H. iPedei,
$22.*5C; C Albertson, $65.75;. Jas.
Follis, 'flQags; Geo. Ormiston, ^65;
P. Doreticfa, c��>3477o; J. Dorotich,
$40:50-, R. S. iJ��ae:lB9��n, $7; Joe,
I36V&5; Kwon_; Toug fChong, $50;
Sam Kee, $44.50; P. Shirley, $90;
Delta. Tiates, $5,75;   muskrat ae-
COIMJt, feo.
Council then adjeat���ed ito me��t
at tkeiDoor," a message from tbe
i Songs of Solomon. All meetings
are free and every one is invited,
Meetings will continue all next
week mitil Friday night.
"Old Carriage ofBy-gone Lays Dug
up   lor Dominion .Fair.
New   Westminster,   B. C,   May
Ho.���A vehid. old and 'anaient, the
Ifirst to reach the Cariboo gold dig-i
;gin_;s before the  wagon  read was
���completed in *86g, and which was
Tat that time a matter <tf .much our-
iosity to the miners, has been dug
nip   on    the    Royitton   Austialian
ranch at Alexandria,   B. C,  and
will be pu-exhibhioti at the Dominion Fair 10 be held h*��re from Sept.
27to��ct.,7.   The vehicle was the
���invention   of  Nt*.   Royston, who,
rwith the <u99istaiice <of Mr.   Olson
���propelled *it   iitto :QuesneJl  loaded
with    supplies.   It   has   l��u   one
wheel, in the*centre, and is o*-*erated
Ujy.tWD.mert at a .pair
each 011 either end. It was peculiarly adapted to getting over the!
rough country in the 'days of
its service.
-1       A Good   Suggestion.
Mr. C. B. Wainwright of Lemon
City, Fla,, has 'Written the manufacturers tii at much better results
���are 0->Uinediir9tn>tbc use of Chamberlain's Colic, -Choterta and Diarrhcea Remedy iu cases of pains
in the Stonw.eh, colic Mod cholem
morbus by taking ftikr*water as hat
-as etui he drati*fc. That when
taken in this way -the effect is
double hi r.-yiidity.    "It  seems  to
A meeting of the Baseball Club
was held in H. McDowell's store on
Monday evening, when the following officers were elected : Hon.
President, C. F. Green; president,
R. E. Walker; vice-president, T.
Foster; treasurer, H. Creech; secretary- A. Yorke; captain, -D. Kenny;
manager, IL McDowell.
Games are to ! be arranged with
the following teams: Point Roberts,
Steveston. E-ast'Detta and three Indian teams.
All local players are .requested lo
turn oiltvfor practice every Tuesday,
i Jesus, .imperatively call  upon  all
! men everywhere to make  common 1
|.cause against this terrible evil.
Another matter demanding attention in the cities is ihe existence
of these 10-cent shows.    These are
i poisoning the minds ot tke  young | Comm'ittee-placfcs Rev. 'A. 'K. -Miller
; people and children who attend   in  at  Enderby, and Rev. J. F. Betts,
get at tht: right sperinStantly,"   l,ej ThO��d��y and Saturday evenings,
sayss For Saleb\    17 J. MacKeiwie.       ��� ������ ��� ��� ���"���	
large numbers
most baneful.
Another Question
yet  been  settled is
habit.'  Our boys are being destroyed   physically,    intellectually   and
morally���hundred, ofsthem  every
Siiiceslhe Conference met in 1904,
we have had at *visit from
Chown, Teajperance and Moral Reform Secretary. His long and wide
experience make him-a strong man.
All the-centres .visited by him were
! much benefited by his wise couu-
MessM. Bessenger & CovS agettt,
of Victoria"%as tbear. -buying vtoel
here, this week, fer which <a betWr
price lias been -received .bhan lalt
H. J.  Hirllia-n'd retunr.ifc home
Tl.e final draft of the ��t��tibning [ Qn Wthtaesdarfrotii a visitflo Vancouver whene be atteriddd the sessions of the confcr*ertoe ="*.nd renew-
���Their iuflueuce is; of   Fairview,   Vancouver,   to   this
| charge.     While we regret the re-
that  has  not j moval of Mr. and Mrs. Milter from
the  -"cigarette ��� this   district,  .we   must   say   tbat
j ed his acquaintance with some of
1 the missionaries ofthe uortib.
!    The .feltowiufc itibchk'.ful hearts
Rev. J. F.-and���'Mrs. Betts.
���. �����  Friends ol Mrs. H. G. Tayh
Miss Crisp returned to Vancouver; be pleased to learu that she i
of handles tyesterdijy. Jvto be around agsain.
r will
ble      1). McGregor, wife and family le-
Luirned home on Thursday.
Delta-is to:be supplied^ith��an ex-, h^e ^^ ��-e��":��**d dtri^ the pafct
cellent eruple of church workers in two weeks: E- ���*.'D. Mbthegor,
lij. H. Oatnerou, (Dawse��.) D. "K.
I'Ellis, T. Robertson, J. M. McDdh-
Tiie new Steamyyacht j��st, put 1.1-1^. w_ Sn,ffiiCi, Mfes^ . Gilchriat>
Rev  D.' it0 comn,ission b> J' G-B-U"*, is the I (Qnt) w_ ^ ^^
latest additions to the*iosquito fleet!
on the Lower Fraser, Tlie new, The Band-Boys.itteridvtirtng mi
yacht is a "very handsome model ��� open *m'concert��rt WtJdnesday, the
and should prove to be a speedy* 24*h ��'st~. d��i��gt.tiheaft��rnoon, on
craft. She is fitted with fore and; *ne site se,ected for thc ^��v Baud
aft compound engines-and the latest] StM,d- It! ls t0 te hoPed tunt the
model .McCormick tubular boiler. StasMwM.te ready for tWs auspic-
On ber trial trip on Wednesday she jious occasi��n. This is the first of*
proved hersell to be remarkably j series to be given during .the ��iai��
fast and au,excellent sea boiic, Liner. THE DELTA TIMES,'SATURDAY MAY 20, i9��.v
Subscription, $1.00 per year
AUVERTISINT, RATES.        |^^^^^^^^^^^^
.oc^.per ii��e dividual  member
who  can  coutrol  all   ths  voles ol: A.   O.  U.   W.
such a village as Ladner, Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
While thinking  or  talking  this I and third Tuesdays oieach month
matter over, kindly   remember the -** Oddfellows' Hall.
fact that VOU vote  for each  iridi-j
Casual Advertisements, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ihe first ins.rtion, ansl 5 tcms pt-r line Ioi c-n.1
vttbaequcnt insertion. The number '.t lines
reckoned bv the space occupied, 12 lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
had on application nt this office.
Readliig notices 10 cents per line lor each in-1
���ertion. , sen ^^^^^^^^^^
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages$1.00.    , ^Ote for live members
Any special notice, the objeet of which Is to	
promote the pecuniary benefit ol any Individual 	
or company, to be considered au advertisement
and charged accordingly. 1
of the  Council  if:
YOU do away with  the  ward system, which   means  that  >ou have;
five votes instead of on. as at pre-;
Surely you are  not afraid to
W. C.  Pyiius, M.W.
Grco. R.  Mani.kv, Recorder.
AU advertisements
out and paid for.
charged  fir'until ordered;
Correspondence invited on matters of public' . . .
interest.   Communications to editor must be :ic-��� Merchants   trOlll   TlOWery Kingdom
compauied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith | Called Oil bv   tllC   Mik.ulo's
Correspondence   must reach this oflice by Thurs- , - *
iay "'��***' Counsel.
I 0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
111. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
\V. R. laws. N.G.
Dr. A. A. King, Se:.
r ��� ,������������ ;   ���-! has,
SATURDAV,  may 20,   1905.        A aticouver,
         ' replied     to   ^^^^
| on the Dominion Fair grounds
for an exhibit from the Flowery
Kingdom explaining that on account
the   lar
C. O.  1".
Court  Fraser  Xo. 39H, meets  in
Westminster,   11.  C,   Mav! Oddfellows'  Hall, second   and  last
ie  government of Japan Thursday evenings of each  month
through     its     counsel     at at  8  oVlock*      VisltinS   Brethrel>
Kisln.ro    Morikawa,l ^-'lTO'"e-
an    offer    of    space
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept iu stock.
Delta Transfer Stable
Texsn Work Gone at Specially Low Prices.
Telephone " Lai ver
H JORDAN, Proprietor.
1 No. to.
For the benefit  ol those interested   we  prop's?   opening   a    Labor
Bureau   in   connection    with    the- 0f _he present, struggle   in
Printing Office.    Il you want help1 east it would be impossible to  give
register here, it will cost vou  noth-! the required attention to the matter,
ing, and we  will endeavor to supply your needs.    It will be to your, ..
1  ' 3                                                        Mikado s  subjects  as  are   resident
interest to help this institution merc_,ants of Canada to contribute
along, and the way to help it along! to au exhibit that will represent Jap-
So, an at the Canadian National Ex-
! hibition. A space 60x40 feet will
be placed at the disposal ol* the Japanese exhibitors and  they  promise
I. Hl'ME,  R.S.
M, Morikawa has,  however,   been
authorized to call on all such ol the
I Horse  Goods! ��
~:\x *
f Our Harness and Horse Furnishings }%
Jf-tluive long proved reliable, i.nd they are ���
,|, built uot only for style but wear-. &
! J Hugh Mcdowell,
will be by hiring  through us.
jf you are in need ot help, register
your nee Is with us and we will do
the rest.
to produce something  most attractive..
It is gratifying to no e that the j
request of J. Tamboline, of Westham Island, is to be met, in part at
least. A man making an offer to
assist the Council to repair damages caused by overflow, even
though he himself is to be benefited to a considerable extent, de-;t|,ose whose sympathy
serves help.   In this particular case, I form of floral tributes.
neglect to do the work, on the part;     East Delta, May 15th,  1905.
of the Council,   would  mean  thel 	
flooding of one   half of the  Island j     It is to be hoped that the  King's
at least.  | Birthchy Sports Committee will not
"  i overlook the fact  that we  have  a
^��.i^.^>.o.^:u#.^.��.^<^.^;.#.5|^��.iJ: *���������$>*���-- 1$: ������*
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
>>  NKW WESTMINSTER,   :-: B. C. ��t��
�� '.
>*�� M:uiufu9turcr8 of alt kinds ol ���**���
*!��� Soda Water, Ginger ���:���
.>     Ale and  Summer .j.
I              Drinks. j.
I        Your patronage solicited j
���������+���** ���fr*M*-****-K��***!**+^
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Notary Public,
f. Estate 8 insurance
Ladner, B. G.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman=Ker Milling Co.
Ageest for'
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. bod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
I Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C,
Mrs. Lefroy and taniily   wish   to
take   this opportunity of thanking
their many friends lor the kind! Sewer Pipe,  Drain Tile,
sympathy shown to them in  their;      Etc.
sad  bereavement   and   specially   toj 	
1 L| Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges ior Hire.
Oi'FiCE: Front St. Phonk 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Spreaders &
Molino Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our    ......
Chatham Incubators &
J.T. Stainton
Our notice has been drawn, lately,
to an auction sale of purebred cattle
which has been advertised to take
place at Calgary this week, but the
most peculiar thing on the poster
i*. the fact that purchasers have only
to pay $2 per head freight to any
''railway station in the Territories
and points in British Columbia,
This sale is under the auspices of
the Territorial Cattle Breeders' Association and the posters have been
distributed by the Department of
Agriculture of British Columbia.
Now, if we have cattle here that
we tni_,lit wish  to ship away, whv
are we  taxed   ten  times as much ?
Why   this discrimination ?      It  is
time the government took   a hand
iu this matter.    Our stock breeders;
ought to be assisted in  their  workj
instead     of   being    discriminated
against  as   has   been  done in this |
case.    Our  Stockbreeders'   .Association will do well to look into this.
Band. On the last two celebrations
the absence of music detracted very
much from the pleasure to be derived ; z
A youth went forth to serenade
The lady he loved best.
And by her house at evening.
When the sun had gone to rest,
He warbled until daylight.
And would have warbled more,
But morning light disclosed the sign
"To Let" upon the door.
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
Manufacturers  of all  kinds of First-Clasa
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
"We can deliver to any point on the Rail*
road in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. We Can Snve You Money.
Drop Us a Lino, Our Agent Wlll Call on You
GEO. M. THRIFT, Manager.
It should be borne in mind tbat
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, among whieh are Ihe two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
We understand that there has
been quite a change of heart
experienced by our friends in the
East End, with regard to the abolition of the ward system, because;
some narrow minded person has|
. said that "If you do away with thei
wards Ladner wi]l control the dis*'
If those who think, as above,!
will only tafce time to go over the |
matter thoroughly, they will seej
that it would be utterly impossible |
for the combined votes of Ladner |
and Guiebon to prevail against
those of the rest of the municipal-1
jty, and we bave yet to see the man.
(j has won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy nnd
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 50c.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or. if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
3'(Z  New Showrooms.
- 1 il IK OF ill
Incorporated 1869*
��� -    ��� ������.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hate, Ladies' Skirts, WMfcewear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroidingis and
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
Two Pigrf strayed onto my  property  some  time  ago,   o.vner   may
have same by proving property,
aistc E. B. LADNER.
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work  of all  kinds attended to promptly.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
I.ailner. I). C.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
���* 50 BRANCHES.���	
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
R. E. WALKER, Manager,
H. J. Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY. MAT 20, 1.103.
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill
church  no rices.
Has been moved to Beaver Ds.n\ -on the
Sxsott road, and is now prepared to -supply
-all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber ai, reasonable prices.
East Delta.
O- 0. Derm's,
IN EFFECT MAT  .7., .7905.
Train Jewves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and aurives r.t .'ort'Otiiclion.at     Morning.prayer, 'n a.ro
Holy Communion,   'rft  and 3rd
.Sundays, at ua  a.m.    Other Sun-; ila�� keen oper
days at 8.30 a^n
It -may 'not be ont ofiplace to note
the signs of 11k- times as seen in
the .general revival movement that
(arts or
2:20 p.m.
Train  leaves   Fort  Gink-hon
Evensong, ,7,30 p.m.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m., Friday
,       . _, . ,    evening, Lrtsri'V and elixir practice.
2:40 noen-and arrives at Uuverdale ,,      n ....
Rev. Canon Hilton. vicar,
a  3:55 p.m..
Mondays and Fiidays only. catholic
Reverend father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
���Sunday of-each month-at 10:30 a m
There are  two through passer,
gar train* per'tfaycaeh wav  t, and'j
from Seattle and  a mix---d   train to
and Irom Bellingham.
Visiting Cards
Pfa'n >r Printed
Wll TOSH   COl.li.MBIA
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leas-c Westminister 'for Vunconver at s.'o
and 6..so u.m. ami hourly thereafter until V p.
111.; Saturdays and Sundays nt 11 p.m.
Cars leavo Vancouver for Westminsters nt 5..-0
and 6.50 a.'in. and hourly thereafter until ij p,
m.; Saturda^*s.aiid-Sttuilays at ci p.m.
We run lirst-ctass freight cars between West*
minster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost tare and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipiiieltt-s. <>,ir wagons -meet all boat.',
and trains.   Hor'rntes, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Services iiextiL()rd'sT)ayat3p. ro
Class sineetmg, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath .School at 2 p rn  every
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening.at S.
Kev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on {Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
1   1'__
1 . i :r
i �� : 1
Is an 'flrteal cm-rnVfi:, -elUitr  for  new
buildings or improving old ones.
flews* pwfeot weathih proof protection,
Consider ils fine anpcatrariBe-���Us
splendid enduring* qualities���and -slight
expense���and decide to serve y_Hfr*bwn
bc*l>iHUT��..sts by using: it.
Futfatt dctva$k*-af>wuA>rBiat.on in our
Whll������l. Muiufaoturara,
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
loats in the>Untted States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 12,804,000 bushels, compared
with 8,899,000 bushels a year ago.
Why   Suffer Prom    Rheumatism?
Why suffer from rheumatism
when one application of Chamberlain's Pain Balm will relieve the
pain? The quick relief which this
liniuient affords makes rest and
deep possible, and that alone is
worth many times its cost.    Many
ill*-* wo;ild  during 'the -last two or
tbroe  years.    Begiuuiug   with  the
Isimultaneous   mi-vnn   in 'I,ondon
jabout three years ajo, spreading to
(Australia, whare for two  years the
j whole country witnessed sh wonderful awakening, reaching New Zealand and   the  Isles < I the Pa-Mfic,
this revival movement   lias  crossed
America.      Denver,    Xew    Vork,
Oril'.-eston, Portland, Cincinnati and
other cities and rural districts have
b.*en shaken as never before.    During the ls.st year the wonderful re-
vis-al in Wales under lay-] reseller's
leadership, in all parts of England
under the leadership of Dr. Torrey
and  others, bave  attracted  world
wide attention.    What is the roenn-
!ing  of all  this  world wide  movement?    For years there hns been a
strong   movement   to   materialism
and seenlarfea*tion.     Religion has
b*en affected by it.    Even ministers
ofthe Gospel have taken to preaeh-
iing on ethics and saying "we need
a new evangelism."    It seems that
God has projected   the Welsh  revival right ir.'the midst ^f all this
New Thought, as a rebdke.   Without special leadership of men, under the Holy Ghost, God  is working.     Surely the cry that the old
time revival is a thing of the  past
is a vain attempt to close the  eyes
tithe  present conditions.    God is
���working and the Holy Spirit isstill
���using   the   simple   Gospel  as the
���means of -turning .men to righteotis-
!ne*;s.    keptiitlanee  and  change of
heart are taught in His word.   The
oil-time religion;  the kind our fathers and mothers professed;  the
kind that gets down before God and
seek3 for pardon from sin  an. then
Tlie Inu-IIJK'<->i<-(* Dlu!>!-*roil br tfc?
Insect In Miiiiiiinliiiiiic Its SllV-r
Thread Almost savors <si' Hea��uu
i'luKueriipliiiiH M Set.
Dr. Henry hanoy of Cr I* il.-md, wl't
I floes considerablu export ��� sin lng nlnnjj
; (Scientific liros, ,.::������ boon a . lyln*? tU.' i'i ���
lyphonldcs, a species of spi:! r .::��_ bulbil
Ur. web over wator along huj,., ; and 1 .
r.em, with Intorcrtiu/J results The invos-
I >Sirf;itiij!] was made fur tliu purpose of gov
1 ting ^holographs of tbo web.    Tlio.wet
i. ',! thu spi.lcr,
tomizpj', sprayed
iif gallic ;u id,
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
Let Us Talk It Over.
H_tve yem, yeu.ttg .man *e>r young womnn, ever gk*en the
future any consideratioti? Are you content to drift along as:
you are with a superficial public school education, which does!
oot prepare you for earning yeur living.
There are openings for yeung men it. the 'business world
���us stenographers or cle.ks. WonierJ* are eligible for the same
positions, what couldyoudo in such a position? Are yo\i a good'
���penman? Are you rapid and a curate at figures. Canyouuse
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can 3*01. do]
well the many things that are required-to hedone in the husi-
mess offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in thc above yen are unprepared for office work except in a small tillage. We can'
prepare you for a good position���a position that will in a few
���months pay for your investment. Some of onr lady graduates are earning %o a month and over.
Miss W-. K. Smith  receives 40  per  month  from  the1
Hastings Shingle MajiuSactnring Co., as stenographer. Miss*'
Menzie starts for the Yoi-tshire Guarantee ana   .-ecurities
���Corporation at $45.   Several are working for (the *C P. -"R.
' at $30 per uM>nh and upward.
. If ymi'Cftntt'*�� us-and "work hard. If y*��u wartt fiittlher*
proof of t^ie *w;iy -we lielp t��.posit:ons-write ns atA we vwill
���send yon m.ore -jraines.
But d��rf*t put off. Every mo t-h you delay miean* lane
month's salary lost The sooner y ni graduate Olhe -Sooner
you are in a position.
W. N. Draper,
���flaom 2. KHard Block. "VeW Westminster.
ran kb
wiio   have   u��ed   it   homing   only
for a short 'relief  from  suffering [confesses Jesus Christ as personal
have   been   1 appily   surprised   to [-Saviour is still the honored way ol
find tbat after awhil. the relief be-rGod.
came permantnt. Mrs. V. H. Leg--, It is time we bad do��e with our
gstt of Yum Yum, Tennessee, U. S. professions of g-ofiJi-tress which con-
As, writes. "I am a great sufferer Sist in church membership and
from rheumatism, all over from'pride lor the church because it was
head to loot, and Cham'trlain's 'our father's, and that some vital re-
PaiiiBaltn is the only thing that jligious iiie, a knowledge oi sins for-
will relieve the pain." For sale by '^iven, a correct Ciiristlike standard
F. J. MacKenzie: of temperance, righteouness. faith
                laud obedience become our personal
Quite a large number  of voting I    Jf on_  hag  1]ot cmMLy ^^
poeple  are   making  arrangements Lred the meaniug of tbe world.wide
for a picnic at Blaefcie Spit on  the^j^.jt.j^^,^,.  now_ for
hsurely these things are 'significant;
hhey are tratight with meaning.
24th, Empire Day.
IChamber'ain'sJCough   Remedy the
Very Best,
Vancouver  Busfnsss College,
B49 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite 'Province Office.
a H. ELLIOTT, Rrincipa'i.
that 'the 'Vancouver, 'Victoria and j .
Eastern RaiKvay and .Navigation. "I tmve'been using Chamberlain's
Comjany n ill apply'to the Patlia- Cough ^Remedy -and want to say it
ment of Canada at the present ses-! is the best cough medicine I have
sion thereof for an Act declaring ;ever taken,"-says Geo. E. Chubb,
that the said Company i*s and has la merchant of Harlan, Mich. There
been since it'railway was by 61 is no question about its being the
Victoria, Chapter 89 declared 'o be , b.st, as it will cure a cough or cold in
a wort for the general advantage of | less time than any other '.treatment.
Canada, a company nnBerthe Iegis- It should always be kept in the house
lativi. jurisdiction ofthe Parlia- - reaf.yfor instant use, for a cold can
ment of Ccnada and authorizing be cured in much less time when
the Company toxou-struct and op- I promptly treated, For sale by F. J.
erate in*��xtetision of tLe undertak-  sMacKenzie.
ing  already rtiithorized  a railway j	
from  Oliver1^  on  tlie  line of the!
Victoria   Terminal    Railway   and
Ferry Company to'tlre South Bank i
of the'Fraser'Kiver wear Liverpool 1
and'to aconnection withHlae bndge
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Specidl Prices to Farmers' Institute-.
Thouandsof Fruit'aud Ornamental Trees.
mew growing in .��y Kurseri*-     r
*Spiiug planting.
-Eastern.pricesor less. Wnite Labor.:jovet the 'Fraser River nenlLivev-
poc4 with  power rtocor.ne.t with
railways operating in the State of
Washington-anti with  tbe��V*.ueou��
ver, Weitniinster andNYnkon   Rail-
iway Company;  the ^Vktoria Ter- j
imiHa! Railway and Ferry Company
and the-fJew'Wssmu'nster Soathern
Rati way Companv or any of them, I
and exteviding'the time  limited 'by
the Acts respecting tbe Company
for the commehcwnientand cotnple-1
tion of its 'ujiSetta-kiHg   and   for
"Other purposes.
���Bated at Ottawa this :31 St day dif
^arcu, 1905.
Solicitors tor the Applicants.
50  YEARS'
sCATAI>��<3��E .FREE.
M, X HENRY., Vancouver
3019 "Westminster Road
���"CedsTr Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards'and Barn 'Posts,
Apply to
.Alluvia. (Mud-Bay).
Anron9*iatliIlil(r'�� sketch ariatie��c��IMl��i ti
ilcktw nscertiilr. onr opinion free ssmrtlw
vdtiaon In prolinhlr PMartftW*. Cnninrmilra-
.iiBtrtrlctlronnlltlenHal. HANDBOOK "a P��lriit8
nt��r����s OlMHt.nacf^irieBannfi^tettt*.
p_HnM take* 4lnw**.-^B jkT**'��!��e��l��e
Scientific American.
h��ii*��<mW��'fAtiWr!is����l -weeMT. Ijir��e��t clr-
il��M<iii��{ nny wlenUHo Jolirnffl, Tomis.^S a
out I fonr monHwi fU 8��ld *S>al! .nownflcnle���.
MM & Co?81*68*^ Wew York
Ui/tucb Omoof ��l>'F*L.'WBshtOEtan;B.C.
wns oJjtuiiicd l.y plueing a small woodee
frilllll'   111    lllU   9-,-i <������:���',:    \;;,y,   nml    it    v  4
jguioltly uorered v.itji U.hi p*.*r/coUy v.w ,t
eliky thread.    After Feo__Jiig tho
whloh in its oaturnjstate !./*oiiipnratin
jnvi.-ililn for phqtogi'apljic purposes, I
l.Kii.-y prooeodod fti*st.*toi)iukultsteii��cl
by spraying ir with au aloolfcllo solui,
Of   Khdliic    froiji   h   t;-cclic:il    iti.umi,.
St'lioilgh still''01111111.11 i.
��� this ti'M.tiKiT.r, i.'jomoI s. aid I* l..ii!til"f!
wllhcawwlthoiic tuurcf (nnrlnj; is     'iv
develop the >',.:...,,ifi,i wo
.'';'  1..1J1**--. with another,
'the web wilh  a Roliiiion
whloh fi.title It appear as If frost had .���*���&
��� tied upon ii. Thu web no* s��oine�� lotK
���covcr.'.l with llw iiNirnf.:;r's dew. lie
oompleto.hoeffoot Dr Uhi,;;captured tbl
���spider, put liim in tho dentil 1iox and thol
���ecaitul  hliiMvUh ���shidiac     Ueftly plnolt.
thu Insect Iji thuwi Ijinadalsural position,
"he was sprayediiv.'Jth gulliu uold, l'.*iiis
blacl: velvet as-a'iiachgroiMul, Dr. LanflJ
.uoueeded in phoios����phii.'_r <siw of thi
mnst beautiMl and_i-lit;".:o.pioturos-lound
'n nnturo.
llr. rsuney says; "'i'i,!.' spider displajtl
���wonderful Intelllgenoa .ind liieohanitil
���i-lciil in loaltlng these ntits. ltsinstlnal
Is far above that of .-the ordinary tmiinal���
indeed'it quiteibardcra ou reason. \\'he��
sa large .pider -desires to fiaka tir4 fes
yhiinso!l and helms some <iistancotortiete(
'it, ho doos .ioc��n,*JXi�� 1�� . .���>:., as most \uo-
pie suppose, ond id tho-wild or fiiso��*o-
i*momt?atitin take Mm vh-re it will H<
'begins 1,1s web by ftari'iis tlu> fiiat;;t<��
very eloso up to tho earlier nf the -angle.
He attaches to thc othor rido of'tiwiinjjjbt,*
mtikinf,' a short guy ��� ;.': a '!.^'ii;-..i.->;:rcasi*��
���An leiigth^itytpldgp ahvn.itenisiiigi ;-!ie.la>'
iBuyiHadu1*!, pfclffy thc iio.-.d utreosef nnti:
he allaiifs the position in wliich ho wishes
to plaoeTiis not Tlio last igny may bo W'
fret loug and the llrst one only a loot to
'"The last two Ktiys booonw the suppoW
of  the iM'?,.    Those   >v::J traoh Ik re-en-
forced   by at; least -six Blrai (Is, all   ll Id ie
'���t.Lc one cable,,' iw tliotliorough nun ort _i
t-thelx't.   i\f-te-.-tht>>tlte sirftjor ii'.,'.els��i;
tho point sin*'i.!,) caiito from wlilch  hi
Wants to locate his ncv attach'-". Uio woe
to that point and- lots (-li-op-t.be Uixt (juy,
"hereby laying the flrst&cvtijflo'sguy ot tie
'met.   .Then he crawls baeb-avor tho sanlt
guy to the topsagniiisniw! ��� repeats tne act
���until  he has spun  eight strands, whioh
-mako 83ungul*r divMotw4ii tho not.  JA\
spiders, as'I have observed  make t bosa?��c
kind of a net, witli thu ��ua��e iiumboi itA
-strands and divisions.
"Now ho. proceeds toput.il! thefletrwork
by starting from the center, wheW ho.it-
(aches ids web, then with circular motior.
traveling from guy to guy,- spinning \ve.
���as -}'e gdos, and by its natural moistuit
���sticks 'it -toi each guy, carefully CJirrying
���the,w>)t).lohiS' hiiid-Ceat' to prevent ic from
touching except - ftre the point desired' bj
liim. Whon lie Jias-a small distance of th(
inside completed, ho goes 10 the outside**!
the nut and finishes out any Irregular paft
of the net that does not come within iHe
radius of a circle. After the circle has
'buen .attained tho same rotary moi ion il
*&ept up until -Uio not ia 'inUhe-1 . to tht
"Here comes tho float oomle'fefttare et
net building���the test of the durability 6(
'���tho work''bj' tlio spider himself As soor.
as thelitis linished lie puts every guy
' through the severest test by sharp, brjsii
Jerks, -.seemingly sullirient to tear thi
whole net to -pieces, 'lha spider's nntict
Just then are certainly amusing. If thi
'spider finds the weh is not-taut, l.o will g��
to the end of Hk* guy rope, sirc'teh it uml1,.
tlie net, suits him and Teul-tach tho guy. li
the net still scums loose from the eeNter,
���tlie guy will' bo carried frotu tho cetiietft-i
���Home convenient point tugivc tho net its
proper shape. This is. only-done when
necessary, displaying the great ImeHlgeaea
of tho insect.
'"I'he nets are perched sobs to catch
mosquitoes and small insects. ' The Strug*
7*gles of the prey" generally seriously dam-
| ��� ago tho nots.    Tbo spider himself in tb��
I  morning demolishes tbe rest of  tho wet
j for the da.wwith tiie exception of thamnta
guy ropes,-retires'to-'<!'secluded   quartet
j and again- appears latoin" the,-afternoon,
1 about 4:80 or-S o'clock, andirwi��ws*fcU
I net.    It re(iuires him about an.'hour and'a
half to construct the ordinary web.    Thil
1  work is done every day,fain or shine, aud
i  both male and ft -mal ^spiders we equally
j  Industrious.   'The baby spiders tire taught
I  Industry,  beginning .-not building righl
i alter their hirfih.    Tiicy-will si leet a cor-
1  ner in I he big net of 1 hcparOTil, and btiiW
I  a small well witli Ibe same /-accuracy and
precision as tlio older insect.
" Whl-le building his net theapfder takW
! no notice of the aoduniulotion'of insect
'   lifo  iu il�� meshes, and when his* work 6i
.  building is finished hu pouncs^s upon fhom
[  ravenously, consuming theini hi ttrto. Yo.
1 cunnot knock or blow these spiders out ei
I their nets,   nor can they l)�� taken  un-
I - awares.    Wlien tliey rail, thrir own Oct li
attached to them, and thoy can;. almoKl
I touch the water nnd then quioldyWIMl' b.tak
'  on the silken string whloh ihey spun \vh*a��
! falling.    The web  is always attached *o
j thum.  'When, the main (fuyofi'the qct be-
comes too full of1 insect dobris-fos convenience and comfort,.tb�� gpidcrtgoes-.ont,
' eonsHtuingaill'before him and at the-same
;' time-spinntng a line ireb tehind, eullraiy
��onewiiig> thoiguy.
'sTho silken 1 thread is first-llqnfd,'bM
instflntty becomes solidiiied when it cornel
in contact with the air, and when the
-spider drops out of his not; as if falling, li
Ifc-'ftidced funny to _ee _dnv run* bacU again
1n an instant oven tbe "I hread which ie
Spun-white falling."���I'ittsbuiig Oazotle.
aet.t m Tolte. ot Lar*.
'A Chinese gentleman always sends**
'pair of geese to tbe lady of his oLeloe, and
tbey are looked upon M the embleseft-K
's*iuiu*jal fidelity. ��� . TUB DKLTA TIMES, SATURDAY MAY 20. '1905,.
BANNING���Ou Wednesday, Ma\
17th, the wife oi W. J. Lauuiu.
of a daughter.
Mrs. Wilder, nee Kthel Harris.
js visiting her parents and friends
Mrs. T. W. Kerr leaves on Tuesday, 23rd inst., ior a visit to California.
Mrs. Whiteside of Suiibury paid
a business visit to Westminster en
Mrs. Houston of Woodward's
Jjuiding visited the Royal City
this week.
Mrs. R. Devereaux and family
went over to Vancouver on Monday
on a short visit.
T. Jordan spent a few clays in
Custer,Wash..this week, celebrating
his 17th. Birthday.
W. H. Smith will re open Jiis
���tore at Boundary Bay on Jum: 15,
for the Summer months.
Miss Best of Boundary Bay, spent
8 couple days in Westminster, returning home on Monday.
Westham Island.
THE GMSH STORE Now is the Time
Mrs. Albertson spent Monday in
C. A'bertson will soon havei
the dy�� around his islan 1 complet-1
ed, and then another sec.ion of the
Delta will be ready for the plough.
Mr. Albertson deserves great credit
for thi very energetic way in which
he has improved it since it has
pass.'d into his possession.
Miss Bant on. who has been a
resident of ll e Island for about a
year and a half, leaves for her home
in Nanaimo today. We are very
sorry to loss such an estimable
young lady. It is rumored that she
will become a resident ot the Royal
City and we all extend her our best
wishes for happiness and prosperity
Mrs, F. Kirkland returned Thursday from the Burrard Sanitarium,
where she had been for som* days
recuperating trom the strain of attendance at the death bed of her
lather, the lati Mr. Watson. Her
many friends on the Island extend
to her and family their deepest
sympathy in this their hour ot" bereavement.
New Westminster, B. C,
Can Supply Your Many
Wants at the Lowest Possible Price. For Example
we are Selling :
Try t'.ie Derby Sweep at Creech's.
English prints, 36-in,
Imported ginghams,
Standard shirtings,
Oxford vheavy) do,
Apron ginghams, 40-111,
56-in table Damask
70 in        do, very fine      50C      garments,
Special line napkins, per dozen guarantee
$:.2's to $2.75 Other lines of spring .tyles in Mo-1
500 yds dress muslins, vd 10c      hair, black or blue  lustres, can
15c 400 Dress Skirts in stock, special
15c      sizes made for very stout ladies,   'j
12J/.C Black Cheviot skirts, $��-9!s]
I2j_c Man Tweed skirts, $2.95]
25c The above aTe first class, well made]
To select your Paints.
Made in all colors.
One Imperial Gallon will cover 300 square
feet of wood surface, two coats, giving ***���
fine glossy appearance.
For walls and ceilings.
Prepared by simply mixing with water.
A   Sve-pound    package    will    cover   350
square feet, one coat.
aud   sold   Willi   our
1500 yds       do yd 15c
Fine imported qualities.
3000 yds, immense rariety, 25c
84 bleached sheeting, 22c
Compare this with any 30c line.
40-in pillow cotton 17'isc
Imported direct, best made.
Victoria lawn 15c line for toe
(write for sample)
Other lines at    15c, 20c and 25c yd
Bath towels, 21x42, sell at     35c pr
vas weaves, Venetian, broadcloth,
i>Teity Tweeds, etc. Prices range
5R5, $6.50, $7.50, jffi.so, <ic\ $12,
$15; we sell a few at $*$ c.iCH.
150 shirtwaist suits, all i.ew from
the maker, in black, brown and
navy and shot silks, plain and
shot lustres, fancy Tweeds; colored voiles, fancy linens, Pongee
silk and everything that's new.
We fit you heTe
Bath towels, 22x45, heavy,    50c pr N.B.���All ready-to-wear hats now
Special  values in white Turkish,      at lialf.
brown linen, linen hock towels,
bath mats, kitchen linens, apron
linens, etc., etc.
500 pairs curtains to select from at
our low cost prices.
$1.50 Shirt waists at 75c
Honey in comb aud extracted  at
the Citv Bakery.
Mrs Miller is expected home today from Eburne, where she has
been visiting for a day or so.
Mrs. F. J. MacKenzie returned
bome on Monday after spending
about a mouth at Tynehead.
Rev. Canon Hilton went over to
Victoria on Monday to attend the
Anglician Conference, in session
Jas. Honeyman, brother of our
respected citizen John Honeyman
���vrived here on Wednesday from
The band has been engaged to
P'ay at Point Roberts on July 4th
and at Vancouver for the Orange
qeUibration July 12.
Misses Florence and Marion
Meakius are guests ot Mrs. D. A.
McKee, en route from. California to
their bome |n Hamilton, Ont,
Mrs. M, N. Reid returned home
On Thursday evening, and repoits
Miss Ethel as doing as well as can
be expected, though still in hospital.
All men art* especially invited to
attend the meeting for men only in
the tent, to-morrow afternoon at 4
o'clock. Subject: "A Voung Man's
Posters are out announcing an
excursion to New Westminster, on
the 26th inst., under the auspices of
the Ladner Cornet Baud. The str.
Pheasant will leave Steveston at
5:30 p.m.   See posters.
At Creech's  Barber and Tobacco
Store.   Tickets $1.00.
Miss.s Davis and l'rethewtv went
over to Vancouver yesterday.
Boon  to  Babies 1
The famous firm of
has done nrore to promote the
comfort of babvoWft and relieve
tired mothers than any other on
the American continent. Tlicy
have beefn leaders ter h \lt a cen*-
tony in
Reed   liody, Upholstered in   t.'tp.
Lace Parasol, and all the Lut-A Improvements.
���PRICE, $16.00.
We carry the Largesi and Best Stock
of Staple Dry Goods in  B. C,
that's why our Trade Keeps       j I Tfltjfof BfOSe
on Growing. ^ #>
Send for nrw itlUtttrutcd sheet showing
25 new (tafigng of these fmnoiiK Carts.
it ;i*i so c-ffitta-in* in ft.tr 111 iiUon abotft
Tyres, ram sols, vie.
The road-grad :r has been doing
good work on the boundary Bay
and on Crescent Island and Trunk
Entries of live stcck for the
Lewis and Clark Exposition at
Portland must be made before August  ist  next.
We are this week going to cut prices nearly in two,
in and see if we don't do it*.
We want to get acquainted with, you*  we want to stay   right
here, we see good prospects ahead.
The  Lacrosse   Boys  have beeui#JI |$_Pf_F��#* tO DO That
asked to play  a  match   at  Blackie j
Spit, on Wednesday, the 24th inst,
against the Cloverdale team.
Rev. J. S. Henderson, of West-'
minster came down 011  Mondav to
attend thecongregational meeting to]
be held in  >St.    Andrew's Church j
We must have your trade and co-operation. We "will do our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
you*, we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant srow.
J. P. McPherson
The Guichon Bros, have added a
new industry to the Delta in the
shape of a miniature cheese factory
of which we expect to hear more
Ladner. B. C.
W. R. Gilley, ofthe firm of Gilley
Bros., New Westminster was in
town on Monday last in the interest
of that firm's crushed rock department.
A. Gibson, of Dawson, is evidently missing. He has not been calling at Dawson, for��ome time. We
hope to hear from him again soon
and that he is all right.
Mrs. Ctarl*;, our popular dressmaker, is breaking up housekeeping
and posters and. advertisement are
bow ou' a -.nouticiiig an auction sale
to take place at hej- residence, on
Tuesday, May 30th.
At the congregational meeting
held on Monday evening, it was
unanimously decided to extend
the call to R:v. A. Macaulay, of
Mitchel, Ont., and John McKee
was appointed to represent the congregation at the meeting of the
j Presbytery which will assemble at
Vancouver on Tuesday next, the
23rd inst., when the call will tie
formally presented.
The piles and pile driver are on
the ground ready to to begin the
foundation for J. Reagh's new
store, next to J. F. Stainton's.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
Friday, May 26th, for the laying of
half-mile of plank on Trunk road
through the bog. Also lor 300 feet
of cribbing and fill on East Delta
By Order.
C. M. C.
Ladner, May 19th, 1905. j
Labor Bureau.
Rev, T. E. A. Rogers, Synod
Evangelist*, came down ou Satur-
fjay and preached in. St. Andrew's
church h_re on Sunday afternoon
and at Eapt Pvlta in the evening.
Mr. Rogens is a very powerful
preacher and 0110 whom it is a
pleasure to listen to. May we have
the pleasure of his presence among
jl*. again, va th.e near tiitiirs.
All accounts remaining unsettled,
by note or otherwi.se, at the 1 st of
June, will be placed in the hands of
our solicitors foi collection.
Ladner, B, C., May 19, '05.
Comprising���Bedroom   Set,   Brass!
Bedstead, Mattresses aud Springs,
Bedding, Carpet Square, Tapes- j
try and Chenile Borders, Curtainsj
and  Poles,   Rocking   and  other
Chairs,   Oak   Sideboard,   Parlor
Table,   Extension  Dining Table!
with  thiee leaves,  2 Jardiniere
Stands, No. 9 Cook  Stove and a
miscellaneous assortment of use-
ful'articles which
jVfR. H. N. RICH has received
instructions from Mrs. Clark
to Sell by Auction, at her residence,
iu   the   Village   of   Ladner,   at   2
o'clock,   on Tuesday,   May   30th.'
Terms Cash,
Voung man, Voung woman, do
you need employment? If so,
register with ns and if we do not
procure you employment no fee will
be charged.
For Sale.
A No. Jl   MeUotte Separator,  i*
first class condition (owner  is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular? a-pply to
Crescent Island
At  noiuipal   cost, private   individuals   ot  Tsivsmess
men can  put their  important papers   and valuables in a   *1
secure and -convenient place. ,
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,    j
and to families travellings
Tlnese boxes ate accesslWe Inroi-g 'ail Wstaess feouvts
to the renter, who holds the key,
RATES :  $1*90 per fear.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, 525,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies' Chatelaine Wate&ea finsm $5 up.
Ladies' Gold Watch��s from $15 up.
Out Glass, Sfiv-erware and *H kinds of Jewelry at EASTEEN PRICES.
Jeweller, Etc., Etc,
If Your Eyes
Bother You
Tbey require .attention. Do not
trifle witb so serious a .natter. We
will fit them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade.
Graduate Optician,
Consultation & Examination Free
Par_,oks ;
T.  GilTord's Jewelry Store,
What's Saved
Constitutes a. Aairge jwratt of what is *eaTne^ '"in this agt
of progress. You -ca*n\ '"be too careful o*F ithe pennies.
Realizing this and .nalcftfg *a 'strong -bid -for .your trade.
We ha*ve our goods marked at the lowest l$��8sible price.
Our values cannot be beaten. We invfte yc��.r inspection.
Red   Room    FURNITURE���Suites Irom $i 5.00 up
Dining Room FURNITURE���
Carpets, Linoleum, OffloVfth, Mattings, Awnings, Picture Framing, *&c. &c.
Yon will -fee pleased with ���SBtyt'hl*fig "m '��Sir line an*.
can save time, -niCEey atfn .trouble % -owta _*$ ���fiflftsc't here ast-fl
making 3**��*ur purchases* .!> 7.
Lee's Furniture Emporium*,
New WesUnmSster B. C.


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