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The Delta Times Feb 6, 1904

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Array ��� ���
Vol. 1. No. 22.
$1.00 a jam
Fancy Patent  Gold Crown  Hungarian   Flour
Product of Moosomin Mills, Na W* T*
This Flour is manufactured from No. i  Hard Wheat and is guaranteed equal to the Best Flour
on thc Market.
To introdnce the Floor into this District, we have been allowed a rebate tin price, and 'for the
next two months this Flour will be sold art a reduction of
25 Cents a Barrel.
Quality Guaranteed���EQU.AL TO THE BEST.
ran hss
MOOSOMIN FLOUR in 49's  _	
in 98's	
These Prices are guaranteed Lowest on the Market for Hungarian
Hard Wheat Flour.
...$5.50 Bbl,
5.40   "
... 5.75   "
400 Sacks Middlings*Bran
These Middlings are Low Grade Flour and Shorts mixed.    If you are interested is getting some
Extra Strong Food Call In and Inspect U.
These Middlings have already been pronounced, by tome  of the leading stockmen here, aa very
Superior to American Shorts now on the Market, and
The Dry Goods and
Gents' Furnishings Sale
Has proved so successful this week that we have decided to continue the Sale for another week.
Marshall Smith
A well known Portland musician,
wbo vttented the Patti concert at
the Armory, sends these questions
.���and  answers:
Did we get the worth of our
-money at   the   Patti concert? No"
Did we expect to? No.
Why then did we go? Oh, just because.
Did Patti make money here? Yes.
Is Patti satisedfied with her success here?   Sure.
_snt' Patti's "Farewell" song the
cottenest ever?   It surely is.
Would any selt-respccting musician sing it?   Not on your life.
Did Patti ever possess tbe true
artistic temperament? True artistic
temperament wibh Patti is w-ikten
<so fashion���f   $.
li Patti asakep   a   second {final
farewell tour of the United States
25 years from now, will she draw
big houses?   Yes.
Aren't we Americans great suckers?    Well, aren't we?���Ex.
W. J. Brandrith returned yesterday from Victoria, where he had
been attending the meeting of the
Central Farmers' Institute.
F J. Mackenzie guarantees every
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and will refund the money to anyone who iis not satisfied after using
two-thirds of the contents This is
the best remedy in the world for la
grippe, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result ia pjjrnwnoa.'*.
Mra Maybrick has been released.
Cam-da only receives six captured Boer guns.
Central Farmerf Institute convened in Victoria, Monday.
Two aged Indians were shot to
death, Monday, near Chemainus.
Tbe beads of departments in the
War Office have been dismissed and
Lord Roberts, Lord Grenfell, and
Sir Wm. Butler, men of war, installed.   No more monkey business.
Mullan and Hunter, committed
for trial on a charge of housebreaking in Vancouver, on tbe 3rd inst.,
attempted to escape as they entered
the Jail gate, at Westminster, but
were recaptured after a short chase.
Of London Makes Interesting Experiments Demonstrating Its Usefulness.
The Agent-General in London
has transmitted to the Provincial
Department of Agriculture some
valuable information regarding the
disinfection of glass-houses by the
cyanide process.    Mr. Turner says:
"Having noticed in thc London
papers that the Royal .Botanic So
ciety had been carrying ��on experi
ments for the destruction of scale
and other pests on fruit and other
trees and also on shrubs and flowers, I wrote "the secretary for information on the subject stinking it
might .prove of value to horticulturists and fruit-growers in British
Columbia. A few days ago the
secretary called on me and told me
the -experiments were for the purpose of deciding what is the value
of the cvaniding process, and that
they had found it thoroughly reliable and safe, no pest of the kind
referred to could live under the
fumes���it entirely destroyed scale,
mealy bug, woolly aphis, etc., and
that it reached every partiof the
plant, wbich it is very difficult to
do by spraying, it even went into
cracks in wood work and killed the
wood lice. At the same time it in
no way injured vegetation, but care
was required that tbe fumes, if used
in a building, should net be inhaled
by human beings.   *    *
The following is the. detailed account of the experiments:
In order to thoroughly test the
value of hydrocyanic acid gas as a
means of destroying insect pests
under glass, a series of extensive
experiments were conducted in the
large range of houses (now rebuilding) which contain the society's valuable collection of economic and medicinal plants. This
range is divided into three sections
which were dealt with as three separate houses. No. 1 and No. 3
houses each contain 11 900 cubic
feet of air spaoe. No. 2, 14,150
oabic feet.
Houses Nos. 1 and 3: 11,900
cubic feet of air space. Materials
used ��� sodium cyanide, 130 per
cent., 22# oz.; sulphuric acid,
specific gravity, 1.8, 42 fluid or.;
water, 126 fluid ox.
House No. 2: 14,250 cubic feet
air space. Materials used���sodium
cyaraide, 130 per cent., 26 oz..; sulphuric acid, specific gravity 1.8, 51
fluid oz.; water 153fluid oz.; time
exposure, 50 minutes.
Three cyaniding pans were used
in each house, making a total of 9
in tins range, which is 150 feet ia
length. The pans were first arranged into positions suitable for
an even distribution of gas. Pieces
of board were then hung over each
pan, about 4 feet long and 11 inches
v(Coatinued on Third Page..)
Delta. Council.
The Delta Municipal Council held
a regular meeting in "the Clerk's
office on Saturday, January 30th;
.present, Reeve Kittson and Councillors McKenzie, Holmes, Tasker,
aad Embree.
The   minutes idf   the  'previous
meeting were adapted as read.
From A. York, re dangerous,condition of -the plank in front of
H. J. Hutchersotli's store. Received and Clerk to reply.
Frsm Capt. J. VW. Troup, re
damage to Sunbury wharf. Received and Clerk to reply.
From Joseph Peirson, re Tax
Sale Deed for his property. Received and Clerk to>Teply.
Delta Temporary Loan vBy-law
read a-first and second time.
Smith Wright and others made
application for a culvert across the
Boundary Bay road at the south
end of plank. Oa motion the application was laid over -till next
The Council then adjourneditiH
Saturday, Feb. 13th, at s/p.m.
Laid to Restt.
The funeral of the late Mrs. J. J.
Monkman took place,-on Tuesday,
from the Methodist Church, to the
Boundary Bay Cemetery.
The service commenced about 10
o'clock aud was conducted by tha
pastor, Rev. A. N. Miller, who
opened the service with the singing
of that beautiful hymn, Nc. 85a,
' 'Asleep in } ecus. *' Then followed
a very feeling prayer, and Hymn
No. 615, "For Ever With the
Lord," after which came a Scripture reading, followed by Hymn
No. 851, '.'Unveil Thy Bosom
Faithful Tomb."
After the last hymn had been
sung and the benediction pronounced, an invitation was extended to .anyone present to take a last
look at the features of our dear departed sister, which was accepted
by most of those present.
Quite a large number of the
friends of the deceased and of the
bereaved family, for whom great
sympathy is expressed on all sides,
were present to witness and assist
in the last sad rites.
The following gentlemen acted
as pall-bearers: H. J. Kirkland, T.
W. Kerr, Chas. Davis, W. R. Ellis,
F. J. MacKenzie and D. McGregor
Messrs. W. H. Ladner, H. J.
Kirklaad and A. D. Paterson were
in Victoria this week attending the
annual convention of the Live
Stock and Dairyman's Association.
A. C. Wells was re-elected president. The following were electefi
directors for the Lower Mainland:
T-.J. Trapp, New Westminster; S.
Smith, Dewdney; S. Shannon,
Cloverdale; W. H. Ladner, H. J.
Kirkland and A. D. Pabarsor.
W. H. Ladner protested against
the government importing stock
unless previously ordered by private parties, as it interfered with
private enterprise, and that the
stock was of inferior gaality..
SpteeRiFTlON, $1.00 per year.
Casual Advertisements, 10 cents per line for
thc first insertion, and 5 cents per line for each
st.bsequ.nt 'insertion; This number' of- lines
reckoned by.tbe space occupied, 12 liues to the
Rates tor Commercial Advertisements can be
Ind an a*pplicatiou at tfeis office.
Reading notices 10 cents per tine for each insertion.
Birth and Ceafd notices, 50c., Marriages $;.oo.
Any special notice, tbe object of which is to
prmote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
st campany, to be considered an advertisement
and charged ac.on-iagly.
All advertisements charged' for until ordered
out and1 paid for.'
Correspondence invited on matters of public
interest. Cotumuuicsttans to editw must'be ac-
aatapanied by name of writer, not necessarily
W publication, but- as evidence of good fai-th
Correspondence must reach this oftce by Thursday eveaiag.
GHO.   R.   MANtEY,
���ATWRBAT, HEBRUARV- 6j-. I904.
it is beginning. t6 be more' and mOre
apparent that science, instead of be-
ihg antagonistic to religion is rather
its strongest ally. Even skeptical-
scientists fin'd themselves reaching
conclusions which they had not fore-
sten.- Mr. ��� Metchikoff, author of the
"Nature o'f Man*,"' (Ptttman) is per-
lfeps the most recent'of'this skeptical
s-ho6I to startle hftriself with his own
contusions. He belongs to1 that
group of scientists who feel it incutn-
hfentto place'themselves in;antagoit-
iim with-relifeion. But here is ,-iri'ex-
a'rtiple showing how this great scholar
ii led to'a'&fcnowledge the existence
cf a Higher'Mmd. Concerning fosi
serial'WaspS;* He wVltesi
"FosSorial wasps never see their
jftiting. They lay their egg's in burrows, suflk in the soilj and hcrmet'f-
c*lly sealed. Thc larvae are hatched
dWdergfronml and arc never seen by
the toother. Provision sufficient lor
their development, however, is made
ifl advance; Before depOSitiiig eggs,
tbe ffemales shiK the burrows, and fill
them with the spoils of the chase1,
which consist'; sbmetimes of spiders
��id somcfitries" of' crickets and other
'"Phe captured insects are not dead,
but only p4raly2fed. * * * Thc coti-
tinti'inctf of the function ef certain or-
_fart!l��'dehis-mst��fates ttiatttfe Birpresfes,
fhef weevils and other small creatures
Collected 'fn the burrows of fossorial
wasps, wale alive. * *' * The
mechanism of this par.tlysis, so
fir _��' could be" ascertained by
Pabre,-i��-6ne of the most remarkable
phenomena in nature. The fossorial
mediately after having seized an in-
S-ct'or spider; btiry their sting in the
nervous centre whieh controls the
movements' of thc legs.
"When an'ma's ��� with soft- bodies,
s"jch as spWerls and young crickets,
rfre attacked, the operation does not
p'resent* any difficulties. But Coleop-
tfcra in general and the Rupt'cstcs and
Weevils in particular, are' furnished
witn a very hard covering which c.an-
rlot be perforated by the small and
slender sting of a (iissorial wasp. To
gain thciT object the wasps probe
exactly between the first and second
jlair of legs ih thc median line of thc
ander surface of the thorax; The
Skin is thirtner at this spot and they
introduce their sting into the ganglia
from which arises the nerves of the
legs. In'tlie case with the Huprcstes
these ganglia' are set' close to one another, and a single prick suffices lo
iffect thc newoti* centers of three-
flairs of legs. Once the sting has
oeen inserted in this way thc Bup-
i*estcs bVcomes paralyzed, tut lives
ffor mahy days. * **" * It is impossible tW' see in their proceedings the
result of liappp chance. More than
Chance is required to' explain adaptations so precise.
"After havihr; fitted the burrow with
_" sufficient quantity of insects or
Spiders, fossorial wasps lay their eggs
_nd carefully ctbse up tht entrance.
Fn due course the larva is hatched and
devours the food that it finds close at
hand. If the gathered insects were
riot paralysed, f".iey Could easily cs-
dape from their prison; if they were
dead, putrefactiwh' or disiccation (according to* circumstances) would render tliem flhfft for the larvae. It is,
fljerefore, sheer necessity that is the
factor in the development of this
jsharv'elous instinct that iifdti'ces the
Jbssorial wasps to'-attack, the nervous
.".liters of their prey; When on'e in-
feaf- hes. Is**-* d-Sv*MtVe4, ths larva pro
ceeds to another, arid so on, until it
is fully grown, whereupon if develops
itself in a case that protects it during
winter and following spring. In
summer it changes first into a chrysalis, and later into a perfect insect.
It frees itself from the cocoon, takes
to flight, and enters upon life like that
of its mother, which it has never
Wc could fill page after page and
book after book with just such wonderful daily occurences. . We could
go outside the realm of animal life,
we could go to plant life, and do the
same thing. We could go to the
firmament, with its wonderful arrangement. There arc certain
things which wc know we cannot
grasp, but we refuse to believe such
wonders are results of chance.
A-. O.   U. W.
DELTA   LODGE  NO.   12,   meets   lint    and
third   Tuesdays   in   each month io  Waddell's Hall. T. W. KERR, Recorder.
I. O. F.
Court O.sseo, No. 3443, meets
in I O 0 F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B.
Burr; R S,   B S   McDonald
I 0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
F. J. MacKenriE, N.G.
A. W. Oliver, Sec.
�������������!'�����!��� ������!��� �����!* �����!��� H't���>��� ��� -I-* ���.��� ��� ���!��� f***-H'*H^*-M*-*>+*H-** *.*���** ���
|    Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bona at SpaolaHy Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone "* Ladner" No. ro.
Miss Florence Frederick is laid
up with the grippe.
The Mounted Police force is to
be increased from 800 to 900.
Bananas, Navel Oranges, Lemons, Apples. &c., just in, City Bakery.
Three tons of Oriental gold arrived over the Empress route for
' Frisco.
I Horse Goods! W
*     Our Harness aud  Horse Furnishings  i
have loug proved  reliable, snd they are 3 *i
built not only for style but wear. ! ,
... huqh Mcdowell, jj
& LADNER. B. C. ^
The many friends of Y. Shirley
will regret to learn that his youngest daughter is ill.
The home of J. Le��nard, Guichon, way gladdened, Saturday, by
thearrival of a son.
Marshall Smith was a passenger,
this morning, to Vancouver, Where
he Will remain until Monday.
Gus Nicholson, traveller for M.
R. Smith & Co., Victoria, arrived
yesterday on his usual round-up.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whoop,
lag Cough. Price 35 cents; large sixe 50c.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Por Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cents.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains snd Rheutzuv-
tism.   Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.
H* N* Rich
Notary Public,
idoiH, Me 1 \wm bj
Ladnar, B. C.
Purchasing' Assent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Manufacturers of ull kindK-'ot
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
....*..��������*.....*.....*SS'��..*..��..*��....*..t^*��.0..*..�� ..*.���������**.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
Por Disorders of the Stomach, lire*
and Bowels.   Price as cents.
Every one 0! these preparations
is guaranteed and it not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the
money will bo refunded.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
���snvone sending a sketch snd description nisy
ulo.ljr Ascertain our opinion fveo whether un
r.-cntlon Is probftblr pfitentMiln. Commimiev
Misstrlotlyoonfldontfttl. HANDBOOK onl'at*nts
,.r. freo. Oldest ueoner for 1-OorTpB patents,
i'litnnts taken through Muuu & Co. receive
>cUil nolicf, wilbout cbsr^e, lu tbe
Scfienfific JlBitericaw.
. handsomely lllnslrMM weekly. I.nreest elr-
iilathm sif nny scientific iournal. Terms, (3 a
/oarj four mo:stha, *L. dombyatl ncwiitionlers.
_"".n & Co.m,b',*-��'-Hbw York
Brnuuh Ollico* Wfflt, Wa��hlwton. D. a
��� 11
CAPITAL, $3,000,000.      RESERVE, $3,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
 ���49 BRANCHES:	
N-OVA SCOTIA���Halifax, An-
tigotlish, Bridgewater, Guysboro,
Londonderry,- Louisburo;, C. B.;
Lunenburp, Maitland, Pictou, <?ort
Hawkesbtirv, Shtibenacadie, Sydney, C.B.; Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro,  Weymouth, Ainiiefst..
'   ONTARIO*��� Ottawa,  Torento,
QUEBEC ��� Montreal, Montreal
West End, Montreal Wesfntoant.
N E W F 0 ft'N D h A >' B ��� St.
Bat'liurst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
Frederic-ton, Monctoa, Newcastle,
Uexton, Sackville.W'oodMock, Ed-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ���Vancouver, Vancouver fisst End, Grand
Fnr'ks, Nanaitno, Neliion, fto88la��d,
Victoria, Chilliwack., Ladner.
���"-Charlottatovfrh, Susnniersisie.
CUBA ��� Havana, Santiugo de
Republic, Wash.
H. K, WRIGHT, Manager
Practical Horseshoeing &
All Kinds of Repairing
W. H. Taylor's
... JL._. BBS
Stokes A Cullis
Westliam Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & rurnishings
At All Prices.
Beat Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Xtubhers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
s-'-lsU' 2KrK
Fashion Stables *
Trucking and  DraytHg.
Livery   work  of all  kinds attended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
Lsdner, H. C
Je    Fa
��� deai.i.h i>;~*-
Bicycles, Farm Implements, Hardware, Coal, Coal Oil, & Gasoline.
Agent for the McCormick Machine
and Binder Twiut.
.Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps
All Kinds of Repairing, partners'
Scales.  Auctioneer.
ip li ten Ll
(Westminster Br n< h)
���   . Time Tablr
Car�� leave Westminster (or Vancou v.-r at $.-50
and 6.*.s a.m. anil hourly thereafter until 10 *p.
m,; Shturday��aiid Sundnysnt ic p.m.
Chrs leave Vancouver for Wefltmttister* at j-'.sj
an.I 6.so a. m. ami hourly thereafter until mp.
;ii.: tia turday* nnd Sundays at ��i p;��M.
i-R::ir,HT cAr.s.
We run fir-.t-cla.H-. frt:;pht caTti between tV-COt-
minoter and Vancouver and all shipnieuware
bandied jvlth the utmost eare iih/3 de.UVltred to
conslzitee without delays, Special attention paid
to fr.iit :thipn*,ents. Our wajians meet all boats
nnd trains, pot mttia, etc, api^ly to
\} a. BHlt-sRS, f. r. cr,ovra
Tragic Mgr. IskmI Hfce*
j       Clothes Altertd   Clean* J an.! Repar ,���:.
I'srcc'ls '..-ft st W. r,. McNride-'si ��tor�� snd A. Walker's ami W. R. MeClcllan's bnrlis-r shop will Recalled fur un M osxhiy aud rt-Lurne'l ou  Saturday..
W. N. Draper,
Routs s, Rllanl Slock, Hew Westsslustsr.
For Service.
IMPifWill}!. ,
lired by S. I   Tkompso i  Si Sou.
Yorkshire Boar, farrowed May
6th, 1902. His clam, Woodbine
Rc-a Belle, was .Sweepstake Sow
auci! Litter at Winnipeg in 1902.
AsalMti Smhbm
.ti U
':\ *,$, *"��� THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1904.
Elaborate Social Conrtesle* That Ar*
Exchanged In Everyday Life���Embraces, and Kisses ��� The Etlqnett*
���f Sneezes and Yawns.
In contrast to some northern nations, it
ll hardly too much to say that the Moor,
���f whatever class, is born a gentleman.
Tliere is suoh a graco about the humblest,
1 tuoh an  easy dignity, that wbenevor circumstances pliioo them in positions calling
I tor tho exorcise of courtesy they very seldom (all to respond, und thus it comes to
. pans that in a democraticnalion, in whloh
every man of ability���cunning perhaps
would bo tho better word���muy rise to ihe
highest place, even though lie start life aa
I a slave, tho self proclaiming parvenu ia
practically nonexistent. This is not, however, to   imply   that   gaucherio and the
J pleasant manners whicli come from evil
Ldispcsttions or stupidity are  unknown.
[Unfortunately the life led by tho average
' Moor is one that dwarfs refinement of in-
Ltellect, as it docs development of mind,
fand the vices to which the majority suo-
leunib in early life too often stultify the
pmost prominent commencement.
It ls a pretty sight to see two olderly,
I dignified Moors salute.    With  measured
I pace, the eyes of each fixed on thoso of the
r other, they apjvoach with a slight inclination, holding tho right hands slightly iid-
/vanoed.    They press their finger tips to-
' gother and  begin a volley of prescribed
f salutations, greetings and inquiries, hard*
; Ij pausing to insert replies and ejaculate
"God bo praised I"  Then each presses the
finger tips which have boon honored by
contact with thoso of hia friends against
his lips and then upon his heart us he
> raises his head and redoubles his salntu-
To every fellow Moslem tho gemting le
> given "Es-sulam alaikum" (���'Peace Lo
unto you"). To which tho answer is "Wa
alai kumes-salain ("And toyou bo peaco")
To the unbcliovor tlie nearest approach to
(his permitted is "Ala salam' toJc" ("On.
thy poace"), which might mean anything
The way to speed the purling guest is to
exclaim, "God givo thee pence,'' or, moro
durtly, "In peaco." To those whose presence has never been desired it Is usual to
exclaim in tones sufficiently explicit,
"Allah lhaun-aki" ("God protect theel")
On arrival it is customary to oxclai.m to
1 the guest, "Welcome to theel" or "Mar*
habbnn, ahlan wa sahlan" ("lie wulcom.e
at homo, und at ease").   Courteous tutor*
rogatories fall thiok and fast.   "Hew art
thouf Thy housoP"���tho nearest upprouob
permitted to inquiry ufter a, man's wiie
"Thy relatives?   What news,?    Is nothing
wrongr"   To whieh b�� raphes, if there is
nothing specially  to complain of:  "All
right, thank God.   All are in prosperity '
Or. If  bad news hus to be given, "Qui
knows   Everything is in the ha ml ol God.'
When u Moslem meets a European tin-
oompaulcd by a Mcor, though tlio luttor
be tho servant, ho uot infrequently ignores
the presence of tho foreigner and offers the
salutation to his coreligionist only, lint il
be passes n mixed company of Moors and
Jowsf, or Christians, he exclaims, " Peace
be 011 tho people of Islam." If two such
; parties incut on tho road, the phrase is,
'Pence be to thoso accompanying the
Jews," or "the Nazarenos," and it is sufficient for one of each party to give uud
return tho grouting,'though in tha couu-
try lovoral often do so. Inferiors saluting
superiors usualjy kiss the hand, shoulder,
top of the turban, or tout, or the kn-co or
stirrup of a horseman, according to the
terms ou which thoy approach. Tho more
abject forms aro naturally only used to
Implore a favor, though they aro employed
sometimes to Europeans. In the extremity
of supplication tho very feet of one's horse
are embraced.
The old custom of falling on one another's necks is stili in voguu between friends
long separated. Mun and women restrict
their greetings ln publio to words, but
personally I was somewhat startled by tho
suddeu embrace of n nogross vybose freedom iny father hud bean the means of obtaining when returning to the country
after soma years' ubsorToe. Tho kisses on
such occasions are, however, fortunately
delivered iu tho air or ou tho shoulder, it
is customary to exclaim ut such muotiugs.
"I have been desolated for thoo."
To judge from tliuexclamations ever on
tbe tongues of tho Moors, they might be
an extremely pious people, and no doubt
thcru aro among them thosu who really
mean what they say, but generally the
most religious phrases have degenerated
into Vain repetition, l.luboruto curses lull
almost, as freely.
When about to repeat somo port of tho
Koran or a prayer, tho petition lsootn-
uiunly uttered, "I tako rulllgu with 'mk!
from iiv.un, the stoned," ami when anything great or alarming occurs they exclaim, "There t_ neither ehangonor power,
suve in God, tlio Ll l;��h, the Mighty I" Quo*
tatlous from tlio Koran aro also freely introduced In conversation by thu learned,
as aro provorb. ond sayings by tho gc:-.;r-
ojity of Moors, u knowledge of wliich is a
greut help In ooiivermtlon.
Several llttlo social usages of Moorish
tlfo deserve attention, though riot confined
to Morocco, Kiif.li us the exclamation to
one who Snoozds, "Tho forgiveness of God
beon mo mid on theel" to whloh the reply
ts, ".Justice and praise to God I" If a
man who yawns in public disss not, u=;o the
prescribed formula, any one speaking lo
him may place the back of his hand to his
mouth, uttering a pious sentence, as the
devil is accredited with performing nn unpleasant operation in yawning mouths
On tho other hand, any onowearing a now
garment or looking specially spruce or
having performed some clover or meritorious act receives tho compliment. "Hi
suhhVuk" ("In thy strength").
A Moor knows how to enjoy a good joke
to tho full, and, seated on thu floor, he
bonds bnokwurd and forward without restraint in his laughter. Often the toller
of tho story will join ln tho process to.i.
Raising their right hands far above their
bends na they roll book, they bring them
together iu a hoarty shake. There never
was a grander way of enjoying a joke invented. Tho women when happy give vent
to their feelings by a shrill "Yob yoo, yo��
joo, yoo yoo yool"���Poll Mull Guactta
Meats still scarce but a little
easier than last week. Quotations
remained about the same:
Beef, forequarters, 7c. to 1%<'.\
hindquarters, 8c. to 8'/.c.
Pork, 8J_c. to 9c.
Mutton, 9j_c. to ioc.
Veal, 8c. to ioc.
Chickens, #5 to J>6;_ per doz.
dressed; 12^0. yer lb.
E.��gs, fresb, 35c. per doz.; o��s<d,
-    ' 1
According to The Commercial
oi Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 8,356,000 bushels, compared
with 3,999,000 bushels a year ago.
(Continued From First Page.)
There will be no service to-mcr
row  on account of the  absence of
the Vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin.
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a tu
Services next  Lord's Day at n
a. id.and 7 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath .School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. it
Sabbath School  at 2 pn     Midweek meeting en Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service every Lord's Day evening at 7 o'clock.
To-morrow: "The Gospel Among the Telugus���Native Evangelists and Their Work.
Prayer and Bible Study, Thursday evening, at 7:30.
Services conducted by
Rev. A. A. McLeod, pastor.
L. Gifford expects to leave here,
about the 151b inst, for the East,
where he will reside in future.
Mrs. A. D. Paterson accompanied ker husband on his trip to tht
Dairymen's meeting at Victoria.
Cal! for a sample package of Old
English Breakfast Tea, aud see
what you thiiik of il���City Bakery.
Tin: tendency nf medical'science is
toward    preventive    measures.     Thi
best thought of the world   is   being
given to thc subject     lt is easier am
better to prevent   than   to cure,    li
lias  been    fully    demonstrated    thai
pneumonia, one of the most   dangerous diseases that medical men have to
contend with, can be prevented hy the
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Pneumonia always results from a cold
or from an attack of influenza (grip),
and it has ben observed that this rem
edy counteracts any tendency of these
diseases toward pneumonia.   This has
been fully proven in many thousand,
of cases in which the remedy has beer
used during the great prevalence    o
colds and grip in recent    years, an:'
can be relied upon with implicit con
lidence.     Pneumonia    often    result
from a slight cold when no danger i
apprehended until it is suddenly dis
covered that there is fever and aim
ctilty in breathing and   pains in   tlh
chest, then it is announced  that tht
patient has pneumonia.     He    on    tin
safe    side    and    take    Chamberlain''
Cough Remedy as soon as ihe cold i
contracted.       It always cures.    Fo
sale by F, J. Mackenzie.
broad, to act as "punkahs" for distributing the gas generated instead
of allowing it to rise rapidly to the
roof, where, owing to its light nature, it would collect in lar_;e quantities, possibly to damage tender
vegetation and leave insufficient at
the lower parts ot the house to destroy the insects. The whole of
these nine "punkahs" were connected together with cords and
work'*'! fro"*, the e:*ferior of the
house for about 10 minutes. The
water vas next placed iu tbe general: '., pau and diluted with the
sulphuric acid; vessels for the sodium cyanide were arranged above
and dose beside the generator with
line cords attached, wheieby the
cyanide could be tipped into the
dilute acid from exterior of house
'without the slightest danger to the
operator. The ventilators had been
previously arranged to open from
the outside. With all in readiness
the sodium cyanide was tipped into
the dilute acid from exterior of
each house, the "punkahs" set in
motion and gas was rapidly generated. Fifty minutes was allowed
from the close of above operation
for the cyanide to complete its
work. At the end of this time tbe
ventilators were opened and gas allowed to escape. During the operation no person must enter the
hous����, as the gas generated is ot a
highly poisonous nature; and 110
cyanide must come into contact
with the dilute sulphuiic acid while
operator is within the house, The
operation of cyanidihg is much
easier in practice than theory and
if carried out in a careful manner
there is absolutely no risk. All
plants in the houses < -yanided were
quite dry and sustained not the
slightest damage. The time selected was 4 o'clock p.m., and
houses opened 4:50.
A similar plant house in the
propagating department was then
experimented with, which contained a large selection of plants infected with various insects, and of a
more tender nature than the preceding ones, including begonias in
bloom, salvias, pelargonium, asparagus, eucalyptus, ageratum, etc.
Some of these were placed in one
corner of the house under the stage.
House No. 4: 4.277 cubic feet
air space. Material used���sodium
cyanide, 130 per cent., 8 07..; su1-
phuric acid, specific gravity 1.8, 15
fluid oz.; water, 45 fluid cz.
Two generators and "punkaks"
were used. Time exposure, 40
minutes. At the end of this period
gas was allowed to escape and was
clear enough to enter the house
.two hours after opening. I selected
several specimens for examination
under the microscope ot mealy bug,
red spider, thrips, etc,, and found
tbem in a perfectly lifelike attitude
but quite dead,
The process i-; known as the
"Strawson sodium cyanide process"
aud the experiments were conducted by 0. 17 StraWson, tbeitiventor;
,V7 J. Einptage, ofthe Fruit Grower, and the wriler.
Ou further examination the next
morning the result on mealy bug
was marvelous. Not a living
specimen could be found in a range
of 150 feet long by 18 leet wide and
not a single plant damaged. Oi her
results were also as satisfactory,
which tends to prove the great value of the new process wheu used
with proper care.
The substitution of sodium cyanide for patassium cyanide is entirely
new, tbe former substance being
largely in use in California where it
is employed for the San Jose scale.
The idea of producing an even
distribution by "punkahs'1 is also
new, and together with a proper
standardization as above described
puts the entire process on the
soundest basis and is a thoroughly
English method.
"I have taken a great many different medicines for stomach trouble
and constipation," says Mrs. S. Gei-
ger, of Dnnkcrton, Iowa, "but never
had as good results from any as from
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets." For sale by F. J. Mackenzie.
The British ship Forteviot (Cap!.
Finlay), wliich unloaded steel rails
at Port Guichon, some time ago,
will be docked at Esquimalt and
receive a thorough overhauling on
account of damage done by heavy
weather off the South American
coast 0:1 her trip over.
Fall and Winter
Of All Kinds
Delivered Daily, 6c. Per Quart
W. A. Kirkland.
E. L. Kirkland
Deeds, Wills, Leases, Agreements
and Partnerships drafted and prepared promptly.
Office: Next door to Dr. King's.
For Sale.
Thirty-eight Choice Grade Sheep
from Imported Stock, will lamb in
March. Price, $7 per head. Can
be seen in field adjoining Wm.
Nesbit, Canoe Pass.
Port Gui'.hon.
Desirable Freehold
Dairy & Grain Farm
Of 107 Acres, being one-third of
the South half of Section 25, Township 5, situate three miles southeast
of the Village of Ladner,
30 Head of Dairy Stock,
5 Horses,
5 Sows witb and in Pig,
16 Shoats, and a Useful
Kill oi Will ill
Has received instructions, from H.
G. Livingston, Esq., to sell by
Auction on the premises as above
Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1904,
at half-past one o'clock.
The Property and Stock may be
viewed at any time on application
at the Farm and full particulars and
terms obtained on application to the
Auctioneer, Ladner, B. C.
Don't Forget to See Our
Ladies' and Gents'
I Watches & Chains, J
Sterling1 Silver 1 Plated Goods,     +
Bracelets, Brooches,
Cuff Links & Rings
Repairing a Specialty.
Undrew Clausen,
D".u.TA Stkuut, Ladner, B.C.   T
*..j..H.+*-M-M-*H'+4*+.-++*{*-**M** ^^.^^^.-.^^.^...^^^^^^^^t.^
 , ,  ... ���     . ..    .    .... .._  I _. I HI
-DEAl.KR    IN-
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
We will land, Free of Charge, to your nearest river
landing all purchases for cash from us, amounting to
$10.00 et over.
Furniture *
We have the best general line of any Store oa the
Mainland and Our Prices Are Lower than the lowest
tash prices.
Ce-me in and tell us you are from the Delta and are
going to pay cash and see what we can do for you.
Furniture & Carpets.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Tel. 7-3.
New Westminster, B. C.
H. Nicholson visited New Westminster yesterday.
Warren Oliver  has  been  busy
pruning his trees this week.
Watson Miller spent the weekend vacation with his parents.
John Ellis was in New Westminster, on Tuesday, on business.
Mat Knight is around on his regular visit to merchants at the Land-
J. Reagh returned on Tuesday's
boat from a short business trip to
the cities.
Councillor Alex. Davie and bride
returned home, on Wednesday,
from the East.
G. Hyde, of New Westminster,
arrived in town, on Thursday, to
look after the uninsured.
Harvey Alexander is visiting
here at present. He will leave
again for the Yukon shortly.
Annual Meeting
Of members of The Delta .Agricultural Society will be held in the
Town Hall, Ladner,
Wednesday, Feb. 10th,
immediately after the Creamery
est in the work of the Order and
success is assured.
Mrs. F. J. MacKenzie paid a visit
to Westminster yesterday.
The Misses Burr were up to the
Royal City on Wednesday.
Mrs. H. G. Taylor was in attendance at the market yesterday.
W. A. Livingstone returned yesterday from his weekly trip to the
Paul Swanson, of Westbatn Island, was amongst tbe arrivals in
town yesterday.
F. W. Welsh, Deputy Grand
Master, A. O. U. W��� will visit this
district on Monday, Feb. 15th.
Work was commenced, on Monday, by the- contractors, on the
new block for the Odd Fellows.
The Guichon Estate has got a
record-breaker hay press. Twenty-
eight tons per day has been reached.
Miss Florence Kirkland returned
to Columbian College on Monday
after spending the week-end at her
The Right Worshipful Grand Orange Lodge of British Columbia
will meet here on the 16th, 17th
and 18th inst., in Waddell's Hall.
Owing to the meeting ol the
���Grand Orange Lodge in Waddell's
Hall, on the 16th inst., there will
be no meeting of the A. O. U. W.
antil the first Tuesday in March,
when atl members are requested to
attend. In order to facilitate matters, cone- early and take an inter-
Chief of Provincial Police Spain
arrived in town, yesterday, in connection with the Doyle case.
"ScARLBT Fever or Diphtheria
RaGULATioNS, 1896."
NOTICK If hereby g'ven tlwt the following ii
substituted for section ���� of the "Scarlet
Ferer or Diphtheria Regulations. 1896," which
were published ia the British Columbia Oaicite
ofthe 9th of July. 1896:
"30. Isolation shall not be discontinued, n��r
shall quarantine be raised on such home, 11*.
til after the removal or burial of the infected
patient, or until six weeks (or such time as
the Medical Health Offlcer thinks necessary)
from the beginning of the illness; ��or u til
alter the thorough disinfection of the persons
infected ar exposed to iafection, and ot the
sick room, clothing, furniture and other effects (vide Schedule 0.) or of the house itself,
if the Medical Health Officer thinks uecesssry."
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
jiat December, 1903.
Mrs. S. F. Woodland went to
Vancouver on Monday to see her
sister who was about to leave for
the East on account of the death of
their maternal parent.
A sad wreck was caused at the
market yesterday by a small Fox
Terrier, belonging to the manager
of the Westminster Creamery, cu1*-
ting np shines among the poultry
pens. About 40 chickens, 4 geese
and 2 rabbits were left hors de combat. The culprit's owner put up
the cost, about $40, and sent him
away for a change of feather.
A most despicable and cowardly
anonymously written letter was received by one of Delta's most respected and talented young ladies,
purporting to have been sent by
the Committee of Management of
the ball given by the Delta Amateur Athletic Club. The committee disclaim all knowledge of the
letter so sent, and regret that they
are not aware of the real coward's
name who has nsed the committee's
name to cover up their own miserable malevolence.
Tenders Wanted.
Ocean Dock
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon,
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public.     Call or send in your order and we guara***
tee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the Delta Municipal Council up till 12 o'clock neon, February 13th, for lumber, nails and oil
for the use of the Corporation.
By order.
C. M. C.
Ladner, Feb. 3rd, 1094.
W    L    MnRRBDE    General Merchant,
WW a  L. IWCBItBUaZ,       Port Guichon, B. O.
Has received instructions from Mr.
Gifford, who is leaving for the
East, to sell by Auction on the
premises, at his residence, in the
Village of Ladner, on
Monday, 15th Feb., 1904
at 2 o'clock, p-tn., the whole of his
Household Furniture and Effects.
For Sale.
Two hundred Sheep, * years old
next spring, due to lamb about ist
of April. These are a choice lot of
graded ewes, and will be sold in
numbers to suit purchasers.
For particulars apply to
Ladner, B. C.
McRAE & Co
A iull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept ia stock.
Talk with
[. J. II1l
New Westminster. B.O,
If You Want
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance,
Accident Insurance,
Health Insurance,
A Loan,
To Buy a Farm,
To Buy a Home.
Notaries Public, Real Estate*   Financial  and
Insurance Agents.
New Westminster, B. 0.
Have You Seen the
Propless Treeprop
They Are IT.
A Number of Young Pigs for Sale.
W.   J.   Brandrith
Agent for T. J. TRAPP & CO.
at tbe People*s Grocery
We Want your Business and it will be to Your
Interest to Give It To Us. WE WILL
T.REAT YOU RIGHT, and Our Prices as
well as Quality is Guaranteed.
C. A. Welsh
lW*i    1
M" ,
.'"��� ,
!. il
Regular Stylo
Stays ia in. or 6 In. apart
Special Hog, Horse and Cattle Stylo
Stays ia In. or 6 In. apart
Made of large, strong, high-^rade steel wires, heavily galvanized.
Amply provides for expansion and contraction. Is practically everlasting. Never goes wrong, no matter how great a strain is put on it.
Does not mutilate, but does, efficiently, turn cattle, horses, hogs
and pigs.
by the manufacturers and by us.    Call and see it.    Can show you how
it wiQ save you money and fence your fields so they will stay fenced.
J.   V.   W/\UD, LADNER, B.
the Delta times, Ladner


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