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The Delta News Sep 27, 1902

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Array V-  '  u4***a I  I. No. 32  THE DELTA  exhibition]  Th*    cri *.   N"'K  LADNER, B. C   SAtW SEPTEMBER 27, 1P02~  BUTTER.pBKSfi, ETC  Four poundslesh butter, prints;  twenty-pounds jiiilter, salt, in  tub  or crock; ten pctads butter, rolls of  2   pounds,   MrJ  Vasey, in the  t  Mrs R May, Mr/asey, dozen hen's  eggs   fresh,  Whitworth.  Special prizes  committee for gi  The fifteenth exhibition of the  Delta Agricultural Society was held  on Friday and Saturday of this  week and was a success. Friday  was rather disagreeable and the day  was spent in placing the exhibits in  the hall and making preparations  for Saturday.  Saturday   loomed up with fine  weather and continued the whole j  .day long.   At an early hour crowds  began   to   gather   at   the grounds  where everybody was busy. Shortly  after n .o'clock  the Transfer arrived with over a hundred visitors, and  from that time on at the grounds  tbe sports commenced. John Oliver,  member for Delta, in a very nice  speech declared the exhibition open  to the public, and congratulated the  directors on having' such excellent  di.play in all lines  Ayrshires—Bull   calf,   A De   R  Taylor; cow aged, A De R Taylor,  worth,  pie,   F  Wellington Farm; heifer 2 year old,  Violet   Ladner,  1, heifer calf, 1 2, A De R Taylor. Taylor.  Graded Stock—Cow aged, H  Vasey, T Ladner; heifer 2 year, D  Woods, J Paterson; heifer 1 year, J  Paterson, C Davis; heifer calf, A  De R Taylor, J Paterson.  Dairy stock—Herd 5 dairy cows',  T Ladner, C Davis, Wellington  Farm  HOPSES  Draught—Wellington  Farm 1 2;  ee classes; biead,  Ml   D McKee,  Mrs  iven by the ladies  _ i uduer 14 and 12  years. Bread, I mora Whitworth,  Florence FrediicKS, cake best  chocolate, Violet Ladner, Florence  Fredericks, breai Miss Gillanders,  cake jelly, Edith Rich, Lilly Whitworth,   pie,   Flcmce   Fredericks,  uost   prizes, Mrs  VEGEk bi.i;s  Six carrots, J ,nue, H J Cresswell, 6 onions ;>llow, Cresswell,  Edith RM,<i.crniLiS red, Cresswell,  Arthur. Bros;- 6 |_iips, Cresswell  D McKee, 6 beet; A De R Taylor  FLOWEP.S  Collection   geraniums   in   pots,  Mrs E Bown,   collection   roses   in  ^^^ pots, Mrs Cresswell, hanging bask-  H   G Taylor, H et, Mrs. Arthur, collection roses,cut  :e classes- lup^  'flowers, Mrs D  McKee,   collection  stocks cut flowers,   Mrs Cresswell,  Mrs Arthur, collection of asters cut  flowers, collection zinnias cut flowers, Edith Rich 1, Mrs Arthur 2 in  both, collection pansies cut flowers,  Mrs Cresswell,  Mrs  Lanning,   collection of carnation, Mrs  Lanning,  Mrs Arthur, collection gladiolus, A  de R Taylor, collection dahlias, Mrs  McKee, Mrs Arthur, collection everlasting,   Mrs   Cresswell,   boquet  table, Mrs Lanning,  boquet hand,  Mrs Cresswell, Mrs McKee,   floral  ornament Mrs Arthur, Mrs Lanning.  Bone, cabbage  2 heads, Cresswe  cucumbers, Bone  Arthur Bros, 6 tUisfulZ'  sTT* ^^ * ^   "*  Bone, cabbage 2 &£,£ _£__ !£* Ml*~™ ?**«*«, on  eAncy woke  Fancy netting, M;ss Calhoun, _rs  "organ, sofa pillow, Miss Woodward, Miss Vallance. tea cosy   _r  jaads, ren cabbage  Bone in both, 2  [Cresswell, 6 torn  _        nglon Farm i      CU0UmberSi Bone Cresswell, 6 torn-  *ucking colt, EHWin, C Kettles; *oeSl Ladner, C„„swell, ,  H,"l  3 year gelding or filly, J   Paterson I squashes, Bone, ( *La__,._   * "  1   2; 2 year gelding or   filly,  D   table I2 beads, Al  JJ oods, T Ladner, yearling, J Mc-  McGregor,   2   ci rons,  Bone  horsS VT ,G°Udy; $Pan dm,ght Gleg0r; b8St 2 sq,ashes Bo^  horses, T Ladner.  Genoral    purpose-Brood   marel  1'IEI.D pkoDTCE  Fredericks, corn  's Gillinders, D  Irons,  Bone,   Mc  cotton or linen, Miss woodward,  Mrs McKee sr., fine berlin wool  work, Mrs S Smith, Mrs K Bown,  heavy   berlin   wool   work,   Mrs S  Without doubt th* Delta exhibi ' with foaV'at ^0^ £?|    FaI1 wheat b«*H J  Oliver, Ii_.  r wera erjeks; sucking' colt,. C  Davis   H ?"%! farm,sprinS W*eat bushel, F  every-  Vasey; 3. year-gelding or filly, WeJ  1    w     "' S M°rey'' barIey bush"  ion was first class and. many werp'ciicics; sucking colt,. C  Davk   u ""'" iaim'sI'ring wheat 1  v«f>« »"■«  h.d been i„!linclo„ Farm,  E s Brown- , „„,     .-       °   '■""""• *"M*ri»lf»ra  Smith) Mrs Lanning, handkerchief  case, Mrs S Smith 1 2, handiwork  centerpiece Miss woodward, hooked  rag mat 1, Mrs Kenton 2, crochet cotton lace, mts S Smith 1, 2  piucushkn. any kind, Mrs Lanning  school, beat map, girl or boy fifteea  I years and under, ist #1, aod 5Q<t%  ' 3rd 25 cents.     i   Erin   Mogee, -f  watsoii miller, 3 Thomasina Kerr.  Victoria Truck and Dray (Co, for  best staking colt by "Newman,'"  ist $7.50, 2nd $5, 3rd $2.50. ,1 ■&  Holmau, 2 C Kettles, 3 Wellington  Farm.  HORSE RACES  1.   FREE FOR ALL—Trotting  or pacing; 1 mile heats, best t ia 3;  to be driven in road carts. Tim*  limit 3 minutes. Distance 80yards.  1 Jordan's Stormont, 2 Drainey'a  Ruric K, time 2.59^.  GREEN HORSES.—Trotting or pacing; open to all horse*  that have never won public money;  1 mile heats, best 2 in 3, to be  driven hi road carts. 1 Mason's  Fanny, 2 Hollingshead's Sequoia.  3-i7.!<-  3. F R EE FOR ALL—Running  race; y? mile repeat; catch weights.  1 Green's Ramona, Pattersons, Bessie BpthVell,   Time 1.04.  4. PONY RACE— WA handf  ..      n»ia   UCCI1 ill  attendance at other shows this year  all stated thai'%e Delta was the  best. Mr, Gardhouse of Ontario,  who was judging , the stock, said  that the, stock shown here was tho  best he had yet come across on his  western trip, and congratulated the  farmers on the stock on exhibition  . , ,. ,....,,.11, * year  gelding, or filly, A Davie, W Mcln-  tyre; yearling, A Davie.  Roadsters—Sucking colt Wm  Goudy, W'Liviogtone, 3 year gelding or filly, Hollingshead, Goudy;  2 year gelding or filly, D McKee,  A Davie, yearling. W Goudy, W  Pybus; span horses, R McKee, G  In the hall as onee^Z_7   pTT h°ne"1 R McKee- G  Piay of gSt^zeat:t M 8" fc r_r'bug^horses'j pater  white oats, buslel, S Morlev.. H  Vasey, oats bushe, A Davie, bushel oats mw virkty, A Davie A  Falk, bale of hay, £ Morley, timothy seed, A Mogee, W Pybus, bush-. _ . -   el early rose potitoes, Mogee, A | rIone-vmal;- Poi"t lace, mrs w Kirk -  Smith, bushel eaily variety ' G l™^'' mks BurPee- oilpaintiug, mrs  Fredericks, A Smin,   bushel  bur- !Stttinton- china painting, mrs Stain-  1 ton.  1  and under; Vz mile and repeat;  catch weights. 1 Green's Star, a  Lord's Charlie.    Time 53^.  5.   NOVELTY   RACE. —Onu  mile dash, ; catch weights; winner*  at each  y( mile to receive quarter  Mrs whitworth,   socks"kr_t,"""_i_ tbe purse.   Winners of run 3 «_l  'weare, Mrs May, socks darned,   Mrs 4 to be barred,   ist quarter HufTt,  Hays, Mrs Lanning,   hand  sewing  Harris' horse taking the others.  Mrs  S Smith,   Mrs Hays,  drawn ■ ■■ ■■ ■■■■' &-^  work,   Mrs   Waddell,   Mrs   Vasey, Degree  Ot  Honor.  best collection of any fancy articles,     „,       _ _   ,      ,    ..  ,,..,,      "...       .   , Mrs.    Louise   Bush   of   Aber-  mrs w Kirkland, mrs Hays, batteu-  burg work, miss Burpee, Elsie A deen- Wash.;sur«riordWefofho»or  17  " I.     I  „f  4.1.-   T».-  —  —   .« _uC  crops,  and by looking at this exhibit one  would   be   satisfied that the Delta  cannot  I e  touched  in  this ]_,«  Here _ y,e weight ofa few:, Spring  SHEl^P  Short wool-Ram aged, A Davie,  J Paterson, shearing ram, Welling-  ton   form    .„_     1 _      .   b  Wheat6f>p0udstothebugheljf8i:|tonfarm|ram  Wh .t 64 ,x>unds to the bushel, oats  Patterson, pair ew„  ged      7J  47to the bushel, barley 56 to the ?, 1 2; pair ewe lambs, P^,  bushel.  A good display of fruit wasshowu  which is a credit to the district, and  along with the farm products made  « nice showing.  In the fancy work line there was  a laTge exhibit and excellent work  by the ladies was shown. The competition in this division was keen.  The fancy work and cookery by  girls was up to the limit, and tbe  product of their skill surpassed  many of the older ones.  G. T. Baker the carriage builder j  and painter had on the grounds a  couple nice buggies, showing what  he can supply to the residents of  this . section. He is a first class  workman which' his work goes to  show.  bank seeding, Fredericks, bushel  white star, W Siddill, Fredericks,  mangold wurtzels, lag red, T Ladner, mangold wurt;:;ls globe, Mogee,   sugar   mangolds, T   Ladner  Work done by children under 16  years of age. Hemmed handkerchief sitohed, Edith Rich, crochet  work in wool, crochet work in cotton, Etta Scott 1 both, outline work |  Siddall, 6 sugar  beet,, short,   Lad- J"' htta Sco - -  -  ner, 6 carrots long rel, Bone, 6 car-  Iidlth RlcI,'cr0l-metlace, Etta Scott,  rots intermediate, Sidiall, Mogee 6 0?lbroi<iery   on   linen   Etta Scott,  Rich,   drawn    work,    Etta      .-__>, x aiersoil  H Vasey, pair shearing ewes, Paterson 1 2.  Long wool—Ram aged, J Richardson, pair ewes, Richardson, H  Vasey, pair ewe lkmbsi, piiirsbear*  ewes, Richardson, most prizes in  this division J Patterson.  SWINK  _   .,_...„,   UlUUU sow  in farrow or that bas been so within 6 months, T Ladner, J Paterson,  boar under 6 mouths, A Davie, sow  under 6 months, D McKee, J Paterson, best litter of pigs under 3 mos,  J Paterson.  POUX.TR v  Pair turkeys,  E Brown, gander  turnips, Swedish, Boie, Arthur's,  turnips any other k'nd 6, Mogee,  Davie, pumpkin heaviest, Fredericks, Mrs Gillanders, 2 heads field  cabbage, H J Cresswell, A de R  Taylor, collection gra.n in straw,  Davie, H Burr.  MISClttI.ANIv<H'S  Currant wine 1 gal. A de R Taylor,  assortment preserved fruits, Mrs  Woods, Mrs Gillandcn  honey best  Scott,   specimen   of   penmanship,  mabel Arthur, Florence Kirkland.  work done by children  nuder 11  years of age.    Outline work,   Lily  whitworth, mabel mcGregor, sped  of the Degree of Honor, the ladies'  auxiliary of the A. O. U. W. spent  a few days in town this week with  the obje.t of organizing a lodge.  She has been successful and will return 011  Tuesday, October 7th, to  complete   the   work.     Tha  office  which Mrs. Bush holds is the high'  est gift of the order, and was conferred at the annual session of the  I Superior lodge of the United States  and Canada, held at Portland, Ore,  During   her   long association with  the Degree   of  Honor, iin, Bush  has filled .dl the official positions ia  '    ■   »"*> »±«*~| has filled all the official position* in  men penmanship, Elsie Honeyman, Le subordinata and d lod  AN Learv,   map   drawing,   Erin! '  . ■ . ,        1 j 11 t ii      1 -i 1 and the great success of the degree  mogee, best dressed doll, Lily wlnt-i *  worth.  Woods, Mrs Gillanders honey best  Boar aged—T Ladner, brood sow exhibit in comb, D W^ods, Vasey,  farrow or that bas been so with- im". *-- •   •   -  SPECIAL  rnizK  Bast Delta resulted in favor of Lad  ner 6 to 4 goals.  Following is the list ot prize win  ners: -   '•■  cattls  Durham-Bull-' a'ged, W H Lad  Thirkle, J Bone, 12  any .  variety, Arthur's, J Bme,  12  rus  sets,  Arthur's,   T  Ladner, 12  any  .  ,   _ —„.,, gauuer other variety, T  Ladner, Arthur's  and goose, E Brown,   Mrs  Gilland- three varieties 6 of each, six varie-  ers, pair rouen ducks, D Woods, E ties of six each, pears 12  bartlets  honey extracted, Vasei.  FRUIT  Apples 12 early, Artaur Bros, W  Kirkland,    12   graven.teins,   Miss  —0...  in Washington is greatly due to her  earnest work. Mrs. Bush ia the  wife   of N. W. Bush, a prominent  I wife  of N. W. Bush, a prominent  T.J. 'frapp  & Co., one  carving ,       r,,    ,.,,   .   .. _. _J  J « h • member of the Chehahs county bar,  set, best lady rider, Miss Patt.nson.  a me„]xr of the ^ ,    isUt  E G Prior & Co, one  Diet,  car- and a niolieer resident of the ,tate<  carriage  lamp,   best   lady   driver,  carriage  lamp,   best  Miss E. Paterson  H McDowell, most prizes in Div  ers, pair rouen ducks, D Woods, E  The lacrosse match Ladner vs. Brown, pair pekin ducks, W Siddal,  ast Delta resulted in favor of Lad-  a   n>n—-  A   O'Connor,   pair    brahmas,    E  Brown, pair white leghorns, O'Connor 1 2, pair white rocks, T Ladner l nel  1 2, pair barred  rocks,   O'Connor,  car   westermark,  A  Mogee,  pair laced wyandottes,  O'Connor 1 2, pair white wyandot  «er; bull 1 year old, T Patersbn W tea oT I '' Pair white ^""dot-  Udner; bnil calf, W ^ V_  Z*^'!**^  ** ^  Pemberton;cow aged, H Vasey W kevl £ed '     **? ' ^ P™ tUr  Ladner; heifer 2 year old, T Pater-  eon 1, 2; heifer 1 yearold, T Paterson 1 2; heifer calf, T Paterson 1 2  Jerseys-Cow aged, E S Brown-  heifer  calf,   J    goUiifgshead,   W  Goudy. .1:.-  ,    ,   .-—«     .~      w«l UCLA,  Arthur's 1, T Ladner 1 in the three  classes, pears any other variety,  Arthur's,<E S Browi, 12 winter  nellis, any other winter variety, Os-  T Liduer, three  other  fall  ision B, driving whip, A Davie.  > T" — Grant & Kerr, most prir.es in  Division B, C and best two squashes  1 A Davie, 2 J A Paterson, 3 J  Bone.  Brackman   &   Ker, best milling  oats, S Morley  Marshall Smith, most prizes in  Division II, T E i.adner.  John Mackenzie, goods to the  value $5, most prizes in Divison L-  vr-.. Q 0...-.1-  Vasey, A de R Taylor,  keys bred   1902    Mrs   Tin*   1 ,HCf,aoe K iaylor,  prunes   f.  pair duck bred  '1902, Wfl__STS gree"' ^ ThifkIe' W^> disl  ijr„_j_    _.. J wraaau, D nrunes drv   ArU,,.,-'.  1 .  Woods, pair geese bred igo2 _  Brown, Mrs Cilianders, pair chick  ens bred 1902, T Ladner, O'Con  nor, most prizes in this division A  O Connor  varieties  6  of each, _  Ladner, Hi Mrs S Smith.  Vasey, plums twelve conking \v A       T   V   «t»,'«.  Kirkland   Ttw J'       Staint0n, one wringer, for  Kirkland, _T Ladner, laaessert, H. [best laundried  shirt by amateur, in  Division L, Mrs Fenton.  I'M MacKenzie, best writing one  hundred words, girl  or boy, fifteen  years   and   under,   writing   desk,  value $2.50, same as above, ten and  prunes dry, Arthur's, crab apples 12  H Vasey, T Ladner, crib  apples  -  beSetm Iklt;]difh Pf" I™" *>■*< — - •** ten I  Uo^   ot Z*    "''Ir.U?; r-'«^-nnd_-, writing desk,   value »,.    t  &<J3LW  klrH  ^St ^7-^-veraGi.landers.  B S McDonald, principal Ladner  Out of Season.  A chinaman was observed * few .  days ago returning from a hunting-  expedition with several pheasants.,  which  ha  had   been enterprising  enough to bag during the cloae sea-  son.    He was only one of the man/  chinks who have been seen hunting  in the fields.   Something should be  done by the authorities to prevent  this illegal slaughter.     The News  would suggest that the Gun Club  would take up this matter and en.  deavor to have game wardens ap.  pointed.     We   suppose   that  tha  party who saw the chinaman with  the pheasants in his possession was  somewhat reluctant to lay an infer.  mation as in the ordinary course of  justice the chinks gets the best of i«,  I  -i_*r THE DELTA NEWS, SATURHV, SEPTEMBER 27, 1902.  THE  DELTA   NEWS  BY RIC.   A.  FRASER.  j. .,!"       , . -    '   .  Subscription Price, per year iu advance, $1.00  SATURDAY,   SEPTBMBER  27,   1902.  THE DELTA FAIR.  Today is the last day of the Delta  Agricultural Society's fifteenth annual exhibition. The fair was a  success. In all divisions entries  were made in goodly numbers and  of such quality thatit was a difficult  1  task in many cases to pick the one  for first prize. The stock was especially good and goes to show bow  _>elta farmers have advanced in  pure bred stock, and it is not every  day that one can come across a  better array of pedigree animals,  both in horses and cattle as was  ahown. For the past few years the  farmers have gradually improved  their herd until they are now first  class and a pride of their owners.  C s. -  The Delta fair, from what we can  learn and seen, gave satisfaction,  and whatever mistakes, if any, we  hope the directors for the coming  year will remedy.  It is now ia order to elect directors for next year and allow them  time and opportunity to discuss  ways and means and other matters  for the purpose, if possible, to improve on the annual fair. This  year money was expended in secur-  'Ing the grounds which reduced the  funds making tbe managers careful  in their expenditures, next year  the managers will be in a better position financially to go about the  business.   Besides the donations by  I      ,: S, '■: ■■ .  the   government   and    council   it  i  would be a good idea to make a  general collection of the business  places and others for the assistance  of the fall fair and better attractions  and exhibition would be the result.  We notice in the Ashcroft Journal  where the citizens of that town collected $400 in connection with their  fall fair. Ashctoft is not as large  as Ladner.  With two days good celebration,  Ladner could hold a crowd  oi visi-  j  tors and entertain them, and  those  1  who donated towards  the general  funds, would get action on their ex-  penditure   besides   bringing  Delta  and its fair to the front.      Try  it  next year.  | dynamiter died without regaining  j consciousness. The bank lost about  a thousand dollars, chiefly in gold  dust, which was lying on the counter. The Mr. Pooley referred to is  the sou of Hon. C. E. Pooley of  Victoria.  Tha"ksgiving.  An order-in-council has been passed making October 16th, Thanksgiving Day in the Dominion.  Northwest Hay.  The price of hay at Calgary is  $5.50 per ten as compared with  $3.50 last year.  A  ^fo'ErfwtXHd 'H frift* 'i' t ■;■♦ ■ii|.j!t •},,}.'}'l^.4,'f.fM  A man is known by the company  he keeps"  A woman bas been arrested in  Chicago on a charge of cremating  live babies in her kitchen range.  Kamloops has passed a by-law  prohibiting Sunday labor, also the  public indulgence in sports on that  day.  Three hundred and ten boxes of  bones of deceased chinamen were  shipped to China from Vancouver  last week.  Maxwell Smith, of Vancouver  has been appointed fruit inspector  under the Fruit Market Act for the  district of British Columbia.  The forest fires in Oregon and  Washington have resulted in terrible loss of life and property. In  the Lewis river district of Washington the charred remains of 38 set-  lers were fouud.  Charles Todd, Indian agent at  Metlakahtla, and formerly superintendent of provi cial police, died at  Port Simpson ou Wednesday aged  60 year?. He was well known  throughout the prqvince ami had a  large number of Friends. He was a  member of tbe Brst legislative assembly.  Te following distinguished personages have bought  BELL PIANOS  u  Br Royal Highness the  Princess  pf Louise  ijir Majesty the Queen of Italy  Is Majesty tbe  King of Holland  Is Imperial Majesty the Emperor  jf Japan  Is Imperial Majesty the Sultan of  Turkey  Rt Hon The Marquis of Lansdowne  Rt Hon The  Marqnis of Dufferin  and Ava  Countess Adelina Patti Nicolini  Sir John Stajuer Mus, Doc London  Count Von Filbinger of Austria and  many other members of Royalty  and Nobility.  I  •f  t  *  I  I  *  x  4-  *  t  i-  I  I  -»-  I  +  *  *  1 selecting a Piano see that it has the improved 4 Pedals  Full Metal Plate, Bushed Tuning Pins, the Illimitable  Double Repeating Action.  Vu will be in good company if you buy a  e  IS  Exclusive Agent in B. C. for the*"NEW ART" BELL and  other choice makes.  410 Hastings, Street, VANCOUVER.  Wrecked the Bank.  About three o'clock last Monday  afternoon, an unknown man walked  into the Canadian Bank ot Commerce at Skagway, a revolver in  one hand and a dynamite bomb in  the other, and demanded $20,000,  threatening to blow all into eternity,  pwhier Pooley and Teller Wallace  were the only two men in the bank.  J^allace ducked to get his gun, and  tan quickly to the back of the room  calling for Pooley  to do the same.  (   J* No'you don';," called  tbe  man,  and he dropped   the   bomb.    The  clerks had just gottjn   out   of  the  window.   The  bank was wrecked.  The robber's head was mashed and  one arm  torn off.    People  living  about the bank were kno ked over  by the concussion.   Judg    price,  formerly prosecuting attorney, who  was entering the bank at the time,  was hurt, but not seriously.     The  \i.i, S...-   -'-•••      r      «...  .  'OI.IC  •r Edm. Peytavin,  i  first  and   third  onth at 10:30 a m.  PRESBYTERIAN  :>rd's Day at n a.m  CHURCH   NOTICES.  BAPTIST.  Services will be held on Sunday  evening at 7:30,  1W  Williamson,  pa stor  CA1  Reverend Fa'  O.M.I.    Serviv  Sunday of each  ST. ANDREW'!  Services next  and 7:30 p.m.  Sabbat ii School at 2 p 111 Midweek meeting on Thursday evening  at 7:30 o'clock Thomas Oswald,  minister.  ALT.  SAUTT'S TRENANT  Service will be held in the morning at   11   o'cl >ek by Rev Bell  ME '■' 10DIST,  Services next Lord's Day at 3p.n1  Everybody invited. A X Miller,  pastor  1 fi PITi  Knsc-s,   Rhododendrons,  .'...;. .■.-,  S3i&d--   Trees,  Saii.li Fruits.  Greenhi 11*: and bedding out 1 lants, hi les-s than  1-,-. iti -.-.i or foreign, prices..  Clean certificate from [he Iniauqtor.  Garden, Field, and Flower (Ms.   Kach vnrioty  teattfl nsto vitality, and ; clone prices.  Fertilizers,   nee  Supplies,   agricultural   I -n £.ie  inoi:ls, i'iC.  New CHtalOfue tells you all Shout it.   Call nnd  examine our stocfc and $. oar list or send  for it: it will save you mine}',  address  M.  J.  jiwo Westminster R<  HflNRV  ,     ,    ■      VHJICOUVC  tiO  *s  $,& B iliafl  LADNEE li. C.  P. SHIRLEY, Proprietor.  Conveniently situated  and  first class in every particular.  BEST CULSII-M-: SERVICE  Ganerai' Bhoksntlth  Ladner, .'. C.  For first class Tonsoriall  work go to McClellan's  (SIR in, Pies, ET6  Try the N,»w Citfar " PORITANOB."  nl_«itTTTI_riil     Fi:  <■ &  0  e   ft   1 ! • V  *P(lfP PFUPP  ? rUKillbi m  I JOHN SIMPSON, Proprietor. •  f Refitted throughout with New Horses, New Buggies £  and Hacks.    Good saddle Horses alway on hand.  9  9  ®  f«  Lowest Rates.  ©  ®oQ9&»3e_*_9©»'9*0»_»99» _•©•©•_•©••• •»•••••••  Telephone No. 13.  FOR SALE.  A    registered    Shorthorn    roan  bull, calved  March  1901, and also  spring bull calves for sale.   Apply to  W. H. LADNER,  LAI)NHR, b. c.  To Intelligent Business  Men and Farmers:  &m>  I MINERAL B ■ US I  ♦=== =     =*  t J. HENLEY T  t T  •!♦ NEW WESTMINSTER, :-: B. C. •!>  • I  A Manufacturers uf all kiudfi ol /«  •j« Soda Water, (linger ♦[«  .♦. Ale and Summer I  J, Drinks. \  t V  J Your patronace solicited f  v •;♦  .•..;..a..j..t..;.«..j....,j,.a..j..»..;..o^..,..;.„.,.<.,.)jJ  '0 *f^^S^i-^C } J o^seshoiu g  -^ms  Insure your Stocks, Houses and  Paras in tbe Angi.o-Amkrican and  Equity Pirf Insurance Companies. We are not in the Insurance  First class Trust, and can positively save you  money.    Call or write for rates.  A. W. McLeod,  DISTRICT AGENT.  Office: Burr Block, Columbia street,  'Phone 62.       New Westminster  work  specialty.  Fall Filrs.  i  The followin.j da es of Fall Fairs  have been announad:  DELTA—September 26, 27.  Ashcroft Septemlfcr 26, 27.  Cowichan—September 26, 27.  Central Park—Sept. 26' 27.  Coquitlam—Serit.j 27.  New V.'cstmiusteil—September 30  October 1, 2, 3.  Victoria—Oct. 7,8, g, 10. Il  \m  in  J  Is  LADNER) b. e.  WM, AtEXANDEH, PRO?.  Li\'ery rigs and  saddle horses for  hire.     Horses bought and sold  on eornniisnoii.  '^earji.inijdone on short notice,  Q. T. Baher  Ageait for  Ladner, B. C.  A full slocW of Bn^gtes, Carriages always on  liaml.    Rep&iHng ofall (ieicripttons.  G.W. Rudd  House Painting  Ladn^i   3. C.  All  kinds of painting  done.  Your orders solicited.  .•^..a^..a^.<..*..a..J..a^*..a^..a^J..a^J^«^*.^^J.  The Delta News  One Dollar a Year  ' (;i.n;.*.;..w;u.j*i;..nj+iji*ij*i;(*^» THE DELTA NEWS, SATURD  AT, SEPTEMBER 27, 3902.  iiTngg ■ g_y_s_rr  -The Way to be Modern.  •If yon want to be modern and wish  to iucceed,  Just carefully cultivate the spirit of  greed.  Wrong  all your  neighbors,  steal  from your friends,  Do anything as long as you accomplish self-ends.  Don't   do   hard   work, that never  would do,  Just grasp all the money and hold  on like glue.  Talk   of the syndicate and other  grand schemes,  And othere will pay you for the  tune of your themes.  —Gerald M. Thonilea.  Farewell Party.  On Monday evening the Ladner  Comet Band and the members of the  W, C. T. U, and other friends gathered at the residence of Mr. and  Mrs. J. A. Shoff to give them a  farewell surprise party.  The baud played several selections on the lawn before going into  the house where preparations were  being made for the reception by tbe  ladies. During the evening the  members oi the baud, of which Mr.  Shoff was a,member, made several  speeches and the W. C. T. U. presented Mrs. Shoff with a purse and  the following address:  To Lilian Shoff, President of Mnr-  cett*MonW. C. T. U.  Dear Sister Jji.hoff: The members  of Miicqett Union view with regret  your departure from them.  During the years we have had  the pleasure of your acquaintance,  we have learned to esteem and love  yeu, because of the many noble  qualities which you possess.  You have been a consistent meni:  ber and earnest worker, always willing to do your part towards the  furtherance of the great work of reform which we are engaged.  )Ve now ask you to accept this  dmall present as a token of our es-  jteerri and kindly interest in you.  Iu losing you from our Union we  ere consoled by the thought that  "our loss Is another's gain " and  we trust that with God's blejsing  ©ur work may go op until the  cause of temperance triumphs.  On behalt of Murcett Union W.  C. T. U.  Margaret Stainton,  Vice-President.  MISS  E.   IyASSETER,  Recording Secy.  After a few hours pleasant visit  the friends departed extending the  best of wishes and luck to the family in their new home.  Mr. and Mrs, Shoff left on Thursday for Kent, Wash., where Mr.  Shoff will continue business.  The Victoria Exhibition.! HoM C<\\  The Provincial Fair at Victoria is  a "progressive institution judging  fr:>m the' prize list and the preparations now on foot. The absence of  third prizes is to be noted, the  amount given for first and second  being very large and quite equal to  any fair in the province giving  three prizes.  There is also enclosed a program  of the horse races on October iotb  and nth. The Prince of Wales  handicap for $500 on Friday and  the trotting or pacing, free for all  $400, will be the chief events.  One of the most interesting features ofthe exhibition is an aquarium of native food fish, the first effort in this direction in the province.  Special excursions from ail points  at one fare for the return journey  have been arranged for the fair  week.  The fair will be held on the 7 th  to the 11 th of October.  Prop.  At the Anglican synod Rev. Cannon Welch, of St. James Cathedral,  Toronto declared he would never  read a bishop's appeal in the Cathedral.  FRUIT PApER  mii 10 mill Growers.  We have iu stock Fruit Paper, cut  proper size for wrapping pears,  apples, etc., the same kind as used  by California fruit growers.  Price 7 1-2 Gents Pound  Also make Rubber Stumps for fruit boxes.  Mackay&Southon  Columbia street,   -   NKW WKSTMINSTKR.n.C.  W.   N.  DRAPER,  PROVINCIAL LAND  SURVEYOR  Room 2, EHarJ Block, New Westminster, n.c.  I  BEST" li!  IS MADE  IN  Over 100 Styles?  Wall lamps, stand  lamps,   bracket  lamps, pendants,- chandeliers,  Harp, etc., 100 to 400  Candle Power.  Everything in Gasoline Damps.  The Best Street Light Co  A- P. Venen, Agent, Ladner.  "How little we really know  about our neighbors, after all,"  said the young wife musingly.  "Yes," replied her husband,  "and how much they seem to know  about us."  Religious refugees from France  *re coming to Canada. One of  th<eni, Father Dizeau, of the Jesuits  said at Montreal: "I would not  hesjtate to even say that if the government of France is allowed to  pursue its \ resent course of action,  by the end of 1903 the doors of  •very Cathpljc phprch iij France  y/ill be closed.'<  Delta  Agricultural  S  FIFTEENTH    ANNUAL    EXHIBITION  te be held  ■rani  SEPTEMBER 28th, 27th   AT-  L  J. E. IN  Rates, $1.30 arid j2.cJer day  Special  attention gra   to Commercial  Travellers,  Cor. McKenzic and Clarion Sts  w Westminster, 11. C.  Claringftoi Hotel  South Westf luster, B C  Strictly first clas<; ncconn idatiou.    C.ood stab  ling.   Careful attentl  J. WISE  HOTEL LELJND  R. Dowswell, Prop.  Que block from C. 1'. Ii  wharves.    Newly rem ited find ro-moi idled.  Rates, $1,50 to $2 per  Cor. Qvanvitle and EtaatJ  Surrey Ii  firs. K. George Proprietress.  Newly furnislu-d through* t,   First class accom  ittOdatiou,   Choice i  Good stabling in attendai  Farm Fvr. S®§©  80 acres of god Delta land  for sale.     £asj terms of pay  ment.  A. De R.  i i. £_. _.  given to horses.  Prop  Vancouver, JJ. C.  iepot and Steamboat  'IV1. 14.  tel,  SOUTH;*nSTMINST_)R, B. C.  tiorS and cigars.  TAYLOR.  Ladner, B. C.  Across /(merica.  1 train daily in  tcr, 10 a.m. ferry  ster by 2:30 p.m.  A solid vestibt  each direction.  Leaves Westmh:  Arrives Westmi  ferry.  Finest equipme:: in the west  Fastest time to !ootenay and the  east. Tickets 01 sale to all points  in Europe.  D. P. SANUE  NKW  WI  II - ill El  ■ -Under tlie ausp  1 of-  m of 11  111 mini si 1   s—Wit I,  BE .HELD  A.T r=^-  KFAV WESTMINSTER, B. C.  • ON   September 30th, October ist, 2nd and 3rd, Inclnsire  $20,000  OPEN TO THE WORLD  In rizes and Attraotlo its  $20000  Corner Stone Carnegie Library  will be laid with appropriate ceremonies by the M. \V. Grand Lodge,  A. F. _ A. M. of British Columbia.  ATTRACTIONS   LACROSSE MATCH  SHAMROCKS,   OF MQNTREA&,  (Champions of the world.)  vs.  WESTMINSTER  LACROSSS TBAjV  (Champiom of B. C.)  BAND  TOURNAMENT  Magnificent Electrical  Illuminations  Grand Concerts, Scottish Sports,  Monster Excursions from all points at greatly reduced rate*.  UXliCI'YITE--T. J. Trapp, (President), Aid. Sinclair, Aid. Ryall, Aid. Hart, G, D. Brjrm»_, W. J.  Mathers, R. !•'. Anderson! W. K. Gllley, I,. A. I^ewie. R. Jarcline, Geo, Adanu.  GOD   SAVE   THE   KING.  For l'tize Lists, Entry Forms and full particulars write to  T. J. TltAPP,  President.  W. H. KEARY,  Manager and Seeretary.  SON, Agent.  ITMINSTER, B. C.  B. C. CIGAR FACTORY  B. C—Noted Brand.  PHOENIX—With  Eagles.  OLD SPORT—Always Reliable.  B. WILBRRG & CO. new wbstmiwbtm, B. o.  P. O. BOX 661.  C. P. (  TIME FABLE  H. Co.  NEW  WESTMIfSMlR-STEVESTON  UOU'IK.  Steamer Transfer, caves New Westminster, Mondaj 5 a.m. and 3 y.  m., Tues., ed. Thurs., Friday  3 p.m, Saturdays p.m. Leaves  Steveston Mon. Tues., ed.,  Thurs, 7 a. m, Friday 6 m.,  and Saturday 7A.n1, and 5 p.m.  calling at Fraser River landings  between New Westminster and  Steveston. X  VIOTOK1A NKW' u"ESTMINSTBR  ROUTE.  S.S.   Princess   Lotiils  loaves A'ictoria  Tuesdays   and l-lidays   at 7   a.m.  Leaves  Now   Wei minster   Wednesdays   and   Satuillays at 7   a. in.,  calling  at  Mnyni,   Steveston   and  Guichon.  Jew Westminster  days and Fri-  eovea Chilliwaok  ays   and  Satur-  .Pitij- at fraser  between     New  hilliwaok.  %  Farm Implements  Of all kinds.     New and up-to-date.      Farmer*    j  should not be without machinery for their farms  Cyclery Department  Has been restocked with  the best makes of Bicycles.     You can  buy a  Bicycle at the lowest   \  price.    Repairing of all kinds.  Washing Machines  Makes washing an easy task.      To  see  one of  these machines will convince you they are O.K.  GENERAL  AUCTIONEER.  JLR Stainton, -- Ladner.  •B-r-f: H'H'+*f*f-B'l''T--H»! 4-H-H»H'♦ »♦■!■»»♦»♦ ♦»♦♦'#  NEW   WESTMINST K-OTULLIWACK  ROUT  S.S.   Beaver   loaves  Mondays,    Wedno  days at 8 a.m.  Tuesdays,    THurs  days at 7 a.m.,  River      landings  Westminster und  ALASKA TJ:)UTR  For Skagway dirtjft, Steamship        T  Annul I .t.  VICTORIA-VANCO VKU ROUTE,    j f  S.S. Charmer leaves niotoria daily at, x  1  a.m.    S.S.  Cllaljlier leaves Vancouver da'ly at, Jl.o p.m.  WEST COAS'j RODTE.  Stoamer  Queen   City J leaves    Victoria  Ist, JOMi  and 90M  day  of moni.li  for     Pt.     KenfWiv,     Caramanali,  .(.'laoose, Dodgers] Cava, Eeole,  Al-  lonii.  Seohait,  Tjolulet,   t'layoquot  and AlioiiHot.    i'ir Cage Soptt and  intermediate    polte     on    2Uth    of  month.  finder Twine, Baling Wire  Baling Ties  Cheapest and Best  F, ANDERSON A CO  NEW WBSTMINSTBR, B. C.  Horse    Races,    Athletic  Sports, etc.  Ladner  Cornet  Band  will be in  attendance.  A. Dit R. TAYLOR,  Secretary.  NORTHERN B.C. FOAST ROUTK.  S.S. Tees loaVos Yidoiia 11  p.m.  1st  tih.   Leaves Van-  2nd and  16th of  Bay,   Fort   l!.n-  t,   Nauru,    Bella  it,    Lowe   Inlet,  etlukallah.   Port  ivcr and  internie-  tj at liellu Coola  e a month.  Vancouver   sail  he Company re-  timo  vitliout    notilica-  rs    as   lo   time,  and 15th of moi  couver 2 p.m. 01  month,   for Aler,  pert,   Rivers   In  ' Bella,    China    1  Skeena   River,   i  Simpson, Naas 1  diate ports, calli  and Saictognte 01  All   steamers   frorr  from C.I'.R. wharf  forves   the   right    0'   ohangin  table at any time  tlon.  For    full    particul  rates, etc., applv to nearest age_t, or  to  .1. W. TROUP, E. J. COYLK,  Mar_(fer, As^t- Gen. Pass Act.  iVietoria. Vancouver.  Delta Transfer Stable  LADNER, B. C.  SINGLE AND DOUBLE RIGS AND SADDiUB HO*£W_  ON SHORT NOTICE  Team Work Done at Specially Low P+loem*  * JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.  .j. Telephone "Iyadiier" No. 10.  |*>-H'frM;ffrHHrt4'frH  -%^.^-»<k-%.-»ik-*-*^**.-**-'*--*-*-»'**'* «_%^%^_%^t«»»__«»i_i  >H^  the Delta Dews, $1 a pear  ►■%-v*-*--* ■%'*»■•■»-■%*% THE DELTA NEWS, SAfU.fttAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1902.  F  birth;  Jordan.—At Xadber, on Monday,  •   September   i'iiid,'1902,   to   the  wife of Joseph Jordan a son.  JHandford—At Ladner, on Thurs-  -'   day,   September   25th, 1802, to  tbe   wlie   of ' Frank   Handford,  .a son.  LOCAL   NEWS.  Miss H. Leonard and Miss L.  Lucas of Eburne were visiting with  friends in Ladner this week.  A. Mitchell who has been on a visit  to his brother at Crescent island returned to Toronto this week.  Capt. A- Fields who has been engaged with the Windsor cannery at  Skeena river has returned to Ladner.  II IB 01  A first class Doherty Piano Cased  Organ, stands six feet two inches and  of the finest finish. Has eight sets  of reeds and sub-bass, 17 stop*. It  is an exceptionally fine toned  instrument and one ofthe best manufactured by tbe Doherty Co. Will  be sold at a reasonable price. For  further information apply to Thk  Dklta News or  J. M. Coli.inson,  Ladner, B.C.  ami leweler  LADNR, B. C.  A full stoc!- of high grade  Jeweler)-, Wataes, and Clocks  Repairing a speciity. If you have  any work leaveit with me and I  will guarantee itisfaction.  DRYGOODS  _  John Oliver, M.P.P., was at the  JRoyal City this week and attended  the opening of the Liberal Club  rooms.  W. McCrea and J. T. L. McNeely returned Wednesday from a  ▼ery successful fishing trip to the  $epentine river.  S ■  Auction   Sale   OF-  Marco Bussanich and V. Martin-  olich with their seining outfits will  fish for fall salmon at Jervis inlet.  They leave in a few days.  The lacrosse matches between the  ^hamrock and Westminster will be  lield on Tuesday, Thursday and  Saturday ofthe provincial fair.  H. J. Hutcherson and W. Black  contemplate taking in the live  pigeon shoot in Tacoma for the  championship   of  the north  west.  The season for shooting cock  pheasants on the lower mainland  will be from the 15th of October to  the 14th of November, both dates  Included.,;   JI. J. Hollins and wife spent a  jfew days in the Delta this week.  5_r. Hollins is a representative of  Montelius' large piano house in  Vancouver.  J. T. L- McNeely who has been  employed with the Carlisle Packing  'Co., at Beach, Wash., returned to  Xadner this week. He is now engaged at the Ladner wharf.  George Wagg, better known as  ''Shorty," who has been employed  at Jordan's stables for a number of  years, left last week for his old  _onie in Ontario on a visit.  The Surrey Agricultural Fair  Was held on Tuesday and had a  large number of exhibits. The fair  was successful in every way.   Quite  a number from the Delta attended.  t. ;■.-...  This week Mrs. Hutchersan and  Mils Wad hams gave a book for tbe  Winner in ^he spelling match in the  2nd division Ladner school, Friday.  Herbert Hume succeeded in carry-  fig off the prize.  In tho Delta Municipality  and Lots in the Village  of Ladner.  fir. H. N. Rich will sell by Auction at the Town Hall, Ladner,  at an early date.  850 ACRES DELTA LANDS  now known as the " Impcri.il Farm," s:tuate  in Township 5, New Westminster District,  described as north east quarter of Section 10;  south west quarter of Section 15, north half of  south east quarter of Section 15; the north half  of south west quarter of Section 15; north half  of Secrion 15; timber lots 3 and 4 Section 15;  south portion of Section 22, an island in the  Fraser River close to Ladner, known as Lot 452;  and 6 lots with residence in tho town of Ladner.  THE ABOVE FARM LANDS will he offered in  UU to suit those desiring Hrge or small holdings nnd will be sold on the following terms if  desired: 20 per cent cash and balance on mortgage at five percent, per annum with five per  cent, of principal payable annually.  THHSE LANDS ARK DRAIXKI) AND FENCED  inn good state of cultivation and have abundant supply of good water, and to parties requiring Grain, Dairy or Stock Farms, presents an  opportunity rarely to be met with to acquire  first clasL properties on such favorable terms,  aud are offered for sale to close up the estate of  the late Mr. Thos. McNeely.  FULL PARTICULARS and plans areincoiir.se  of preparation and may shortly be obtained  from the auctioneer at Laduer, u. C.  THE AUER  GASOLENE LAMPS  gives 100-candle power for each  burner at half tbe cost of oil,  acetylene or incadescent electric  light. It is the only lamp which  does not have to be taken down  to fill—the reservoir is removable.  It is self cleanig.  THIS  LAMP IS FULLY  GUARANTEED  TO  GIVE SATISFACTION OK   MONEY  REFUNDED  Approved by Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association. On view  and for sale at the Drug Store.  F. J. MacKenzie.  ,  The dance held in tbe town hall  Friday evening was a success. Notwithstanding the disagreeable  weather a large crowd attended  who kept up the dancing until an  e»rly horn;. Harpur's orchestra  'furnished the music.  Mr. and Mrs. Lanning and Mr.  •nd Mrs. Vf., A. Kirkland returned  Thursday afternoon from a fewdays  Camp at the Niomckl, where they  were successful in securing a large  ftrjflg of trout aud bagging a quantity of game.  In this issue is an ad of the auc-  • tion sale of lands iu connection with  the estate of tlie fate Thos. McNeely,  which H. N. Rich will sell' shortly  trtacks to'-suit purchasers. Anyone  wishing to secure good lands on  t*»y tenn should call  on j\lr. I!ich.  FRESH  rtJITS  Peaches,  Ipricots,  Pears,  ^lums,  Prune*, &c.  Moderate Prices  CITY BAKERY  •-  BOOTS  &  SHOES  FOR   BARGAINS  IN.   THESE     GOODS  CALL  ON  GENT'S  FURNISHINGS  i  W. L HcBRIDC  PORT GUICHON, B. C.  'PHoint 5  DO YOU TEED  If so place youj order early  and avoid the sprig rush  Everything to Inrness  and Saddlery „i  Moderate Prices.  H. McDG \VELL,  LADNER. b/c.  IrobeetJmat!  ?     Ladner,    -   B. C.  Fresfi  Qrocc  CHOICE  ?  ©GROCERIES  I  ••_•••••••  COME  AND INSPECT  THESE GOODS  SATISFACTION  GUARANTEED  >••«••<  BEST       t  BRANDS OFJ  FLOUR     j  •H-* 4 a+a ♦ .|. ♦ A + a » a f .1-H--HE+ ♦■I'M' > ■!■ ♦ ■!■ H ♦ *»•!•> •!■ ♦ 1 < H*  + A NEW LINE OF  X     LADIES BLOUSES        LADIES SAILORS  J     LADIES SKIRTS LADIES WHITE UNDERWEAR  f AND STAPLE DRYGOODS  i   FRESH :-: GROCERIES :-: EVERY :-: WEEK  I   />. J. FjuUberson's  +* ♦ ■!• ♦ ■!■ f ■!• ♦♦!■ H< ♦ •!■ f ■!■ ♦ ■!■ ♦ * ♦ <i ++a+a+a+a+a ♦ fl ♦ ■!■ H- W f»*  r*"0K-)K» W'*W*K-*X&¥^*£<~ «)*»'*■« W'W*^*)*' X»% ■ X ■tH'Ht  5  •:  i i  <  i  i  3 :  \r-  £\V*\  C5  Tinware, Gr;:-,:tevare, Etc.   f  #.>■■'.■   ■ ■ 1 £_M \  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  I  Agent fur  Tbe   Gurney  Fouidry   Coy's.  Oxford Stove; anl Ranges.  Tbe best or, theiuarket.  •»-%._-»*.-»-»-%.-»-*.-«k».-»*--%.-»-^%.-»^^%  ®«_»_<»|3«©«_«©»©«©'»Q»_©   •®o®o©cf3«©:  &  NEW    LINE    JUST   ARRIVE.')  J The Latest in Ladies Hats, Children's Hoods, etc |  Don't miss this opportunity to see and purchase thesd goods  SPECIAL LINE   OF  • A  Fine Nobby Boy's Suite  _«®o_s_o®sOe®«Qio.£e{  of the Best Quality  -:•:-      LKRB.6.1  ■with—  OOm  Now Westminster, B. C.  B____aa  ________  fcliy  &__  l_9_li  Insurance Ageney-  to ILoau.   ml  Ammunition  I        A larg^e stock of Loaded Shells j  I Smokeless and Black Powder at  1 Hi  MARSHALL SMITH  We have more Gum Boots in stock than any other store in the city  In order to reduce our stock we well Sell for 30 Days  Men's Snag Proof Gum Boots at $5 and $5.50  Regular Price $5.75 and $6.25  We also have large sizes in Hip Boots that we are selling at $4.50.  w. e. Sinclair, Lefldinp Sjioe store ol New Weslalasttr  NOBGE TO   CAMP RS  Fishermen & Picnic Parties  The new store at Boundary Bay is now completed and cnrrie» a full  stock of Choice Groceries, Canned Goods aud everything a camper need*.  Cigars and Soft Drinks. Good BatWng.  Il  ■  Call at the Old Stand lately occupied by P. Clark.  First class work. Your patronage solicited.  W. Ii. TAYLOR,     -     -     PROP.  $..<>..;..«.»;..•..;..••♦;.••-.;..•••;►•. •—♦>»■♦»■?>yfr^iQ»'{■«■}■ '•<fr—G>'»+*Q  Clearing lines of Men's suits at following prices  Old price $7.50 now $5.00  "      9.00   "     6.50  "      "      9.50   "      7-00  Old price $10.00 now $ 8.50  "      "      14.00    *'      10.00  E.  PHILLIPS  709-711 Columbia Street    ;-;     New Westminster,  m  .;,.«.^.«..»»*.J^«-.'..»..'.....J..>,.J«..,J.....J..».»;..». •—A.t~l**.A:.A.:A.t«fr—*b-».A*.A+«if.~&


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