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 THE DELTA  NEWS  jf  Vol. 2. No. 9.  LADNER, B C, SATURDAY,   APRIL   G, 19T  ,lJ0O«yis«r  I  B. E. _V.ayn.ard cf Victoria  Gives a Very Interesting Address at Meeting  of Farmer's Institute.  The following- are few of tlie  most important questions <lisYuss_d,  at tbe Farmer's Institute meeting  last Friday evening by H. R. Maynard of the Victoria Chemical Co.,':  Victoria: .  When we hear of the wonderful,  crop records of many soils in. the  „_lta, a talk to you ri'fi fertilizing  scarcely seeuis in order-. Your soils  ■are evidently of great natural .er-  tility, perhaps Unexcelled any  where-, seemingly inexhaustible,  with care Making judicious return.j  Tliere isMio reff-OH why their great  crop producing p6wei should not  be continuously m'aititalned,' however, if we contiguously take away  «"nd put nothing "back, in time even  these soils will greatly de'terdriate.  The three chief constituents of  all fertilizers or manure for us to  •conder are nitrogen, potash and)  phosphor.''- a .ici, as these are the  ones of which the soil content oi  the action or available forms may  become readily depleted. Tlie riclr-  _st soils contain these forrffs in but  Ifemited amount and •cdntiiiuoirs  cropping without "rettfrn, will ih  time greatly diminish their avail-  _upply and it will be found that  your crops will dnrritush in proportion.  Plants require but small amounts  _f nitrogen, potash and phosphoric  add, yet they are of such importance that should any one be entirely absent, plant life wo_ld cease'to  _iist. Air >aud water compose fifotn  88 to 99 per cent, of vegetable matter, the small remainder being  known as the ash of the plant and  'nitrogen being all tha t 'is taken  _ro_- the soil.  It is far better to maintain the  fertility of our soils by judicious  manuring, and fertilizing, at the  same time paying clue attention -to  physical condition, than it is to al  low them to run d own and then en-  'deavor to build them up. This  "building up process is expensive, to  "say nothing of the loss of time and  money due to poor crops.  However, as .he question of fertility as yet is not a burning one  ■ with you, we will take into consid •;  .ration chiefly, peaty soils, which  Undoubtedly you have found more  _r less trouWesomein bringing into  a state of fertility. XfWe have an  'analysis made of .hese _dils, We will1  unproductive. Now, compare these  soil, with good barnyard manure.  •A ton oi manure will contain about  io pounds of nitrogen, 9 pounds of  potash and 5 pounds of phosphoric  aoM. It will be noticeable that  peaty soils contain vyeight for  weight, two to four times as much  nitrogen as found in mannre. The  application of manure to these soils  is wasteful, as we are applying nitrogen, by far the most valuable ingredient in manure, to soils already  containing a great excess.  Now if we burn over the surface  of tbe soils, a method that is often  practised, we render the small  amotant of potash and phosphoric  acid 'available, however the nitrgen  in the portion consumed will be lost  entirely. This available potash and  phosphoric a.'id in connection with  tire nitrogen left in the unburned  soil will produce enormous ctaps.  It is also noticeable that there is a  gradual diminishment in production, until in a few years the original state of unproductiveness maybe reached. This is because the  small amounts of potash and phosphoric acid freed by the burning  become used up ami removed in  crops. The burning over of these  soils have undesirable features—to  say nothing of the great loss of nitrogen, the most valuable ingredient  of all manure or fertilizers—and  can entirely be obviated by supply  Passed Resolution to The  Government re Assistance to Dyking Propo1-  sition.—Other Business.  The council met Saturday, April  nth, all the members being present.  Tbe minutes of the previous  meeting were adopted as read.  Communications were received and  disposed off as follows:  From Ho way & Reid informing  the council that they did no\ have  the power to lease a portion of a  gazetted road for the purpose of  erecting a warehouse. Received  and filed.  From Gilley Eros, offering for  sale fine crushed rock. Received  and filed-. 1  From    __ee     Bros,    protesting  against the flooding of their land by  ing t_e" needed potash " a_d""phos- leavin» the floodgates open.     Re-  find that they tontdin from oirete?  Wo per ceknVof nitrogen 'but of the  other essentials, potas'h _nd .'phos-  /phbri- actd btft>a trace. As 'our-  crops are in proportion to the smaK  lest, not the greatest aitiWv t of any:  ingredient available, it Will be un^  _erstood why these soils 'Are so often  $b_ric acid'in the fdHfih of chemical  fertilizers. The addition of these  fertilizers riot only supply tbe lack-  esSentials, but greatly aid in'render-  iiig the inert nifrogen available  '.bus changing soils 'almost value-  'kss into .oils of the '-greatest fertility.  In regard to Che amounts of potash and tphosphoric acid to use. It  will be found for grass,'hay or grain  crops a yearly application per acre  of 50 to "75 pound of muriate of potash and 100 to jzoo pounds of superphosphate.  In toany of t'hese soils, potash  for several years seems to supply  all that'i- required, however, if any  lessening of crops is noted, a deficiency of phosphoric acid is indicat  ed and must _e supplied if maximum fertility is to be maintained.  On the mainland in 'British Columbia in many of these soils, has to be  be used from the beginning. This  has been observed on ■several farms.  A 'few suggestions 'in regard to  determining what elements are  chi._y wanting may riot be amiss.  When foliage is a pale green  color, growth of leaf and stalk with  imperfect blossom, indicate to much  nitrogen for the amount of potash  and potash and phosphoric acid  available.  Potash is prominent in promoting abundant crops of fruit and  grain, also greatly influencing  plumpness of grain arid size color  and flavor of fruits and roots.  When the straw of gra.n is weak  and lies readily, a deficiency of potash is indicated.  Phosphoric acfd enables the plant  to make lull use of potash and nitrogen and'greatly aids in seed production. If the heads of grain only  -partially fill out, a lack of phosphoric acid is shown. Without  phospheric acid plants cannot produce seed and will die before reaching maturity.  The plant in many ways indicate  its need_. The careful .bserver al-  'most to n certainty can tell which  element fs Chiefly lacking.  The few hints given above will  be assistance to farmers of Delta,  and besides answering many questions, Mr. Maynard spoke at some  length on h©w to determine what  was-lacking in various crops.  ceived and filed, clerk to reply.  From R. F. HandfoM asking to  be allowed to put a culvert*a___s  Green road. Application granted  work to be done to the satisfaction  of road foreman.  From T. W. Patterson re material  left on his land during repairs to  east end'drainage ditch. Received  and the council to examine work  complairied off and report at next  meeting.  The clerk was instructed to communicate   with J. Sprott, govern-  and oil was accepted, also Grant &  Kerr's tender for lnmber.  The folIowing'atcoKiits were passed for payment-: H D Benson, excavating landing $150; J. Kerr  Wilson, cedar for Dove bridge, #34.  50; H J Cresswell, restaking cemetery, $21; G. T. Baker, set whif-  ftetrees, #_-.5o; B. C. Gazette, advertising court of revision, $5; M.  Smith, nails, etc. $11.90; J. Scop-  onich, work Harlock landing, $1;  P. Dototich work Harlock landing,  $2'; Sam Kee, main road, $37.50;  J. McRae, Benson road, jSi.50; H  J Cresswell, trunk road, #4; Geo.  Ormiston, salary, $60; Jas. Follis,  Moukmau road," $39; N A McDiarmid, salary, &c. $134.75:; tauskrat  account, $50; R. May, stove pipe,  $1.10; Grant & Kerr, lumber, 435,-  97; F J MacKenzie, formaline, 7.70;  work on Dove bridge, T ___m_ 19,  F Hopcot 24, J Hopcot 19, J Storey  10, A Brown 105.  The council then adjourned till  Saturday, April 25th at 2 p.m.  THS DECTA MILLS.  -*_■  I  I  Track Laid Within Few  Miles of Port Guichon*  _.-_Work is *Going -on  'Rapidly.  'Construction work on 'the Victoria Terminal Railway has progressed rapidly the past Week a'rfd  the rails are laid within a few miles  of Port Guichon and will be finished to 'the water front in a few days.  The eugine and crew engaged on  the construction train, arrived in  the Delta municipality the first of  the week and have pushed work.  The wharf and slip at Port Guichon  is being constructed a fast as pos-  Editor The Delta News, Sir: It sible and «verything will be in  is rather amusing reading the in- readiness before the time arranged  cm Friday $i'it tm S&iifday J14, oh  Monday $15, Tuesday $16 and &  present is J>_8.  The** are three reasons why hay  is going up. It is scarce on the  Sound, $25 being ofitrfed for it ih  Seattle^ The spring haslbe-O cold  and much bay was used by the  farmers and shipped fl_ni the coast  to .n_erior (point* |for feed. Th*  third reason is tha* the average  crop of hf_y was _msM_r last year  than usual. Hay will undoubtedly  go to $20 per ton.  The  j_tember_   of .he    cdiincft  visited Ea«ft Delta yesterday lbdk'»  ing over the roads 'and respecting  the drainage ditch which proved  satisfactory,   _fe contractor H. D.  SensoH having performed '.he work  in a first class mariner.     __% alsp  Visited W_rd3tomeet the pa__fe_  iri the qtftstibn   of Hume-Storey  road.     We understand   arrangements   for  right..'way   _as been  made.  terview with D. R, Kerr in the  News-Advertiser, in which he states  that if tbe Delta farmers erect aud  equip a cereal mill in opposition to  his that he wont buy their oats any  more. Does Mr. Ker or any other  individual dealer imagine for one  moment that the Delta farmers are  dependent upon any one dealer tor  the sale of their oats. By Mr. Ker  t. .king so much and taking such  an interest in our proposed mill, it  goes to show that there is a great  deal more in it than he would lead  you to suppose from the statement  he made to The Delta News in bis  interview'.  Does he want the farmers here to  believe that the profit he makes be-  meut'road   superintendent, calling j tween buying oats at $18 to #22  his attention to   the   unsafe condi- per ton and selling the produce in  iion of the dyke where the dredge  passed through for construction of  the River road.  On motion it was decided to  strictly enforce the Dog Tax Bylaw on and after May ist.  Moved by Councilor Ladner  seconded by Councilor McCallan:  Whbrkas, the Government of  British Columbia contemplates taking over the dyking systems of  Matsqui, Chilliwack, Pitt Meadows  and Coquitlam, and assuming all  liabilities incurred in the construction and maintenance of said dyking systems; and  Whereas the Municipalities of  Delta, Surrey and Richmond must  bear apart of this indebtedness; and  Whereas  the   Municipality of  for the throug-t trarfic.  The steamer Victorian has been  fixed up for passengers and cars  and will probably arrive shortly ia  readiness for traffic.  cereal foods, is only about 3 per  cent, when the wholesale price of  these foods is never less than  about £6.50 per barrel of 180 lbs,  Why should Mr. Kerr seek to  have a monopoly of the B. C. trade  because he happens to have a mill  ■running in Victoria. Have the  Delta farmers no right to combine  for their mutual benefit because Mr.  Ker says they must not do it.  One ofthe principal reasons why  the farmers on the lower river,  should combine, is the very fact that  Mr. Ker dictates the price of oats  not only Lo the farmers, but also to  the other dealers in the province,  which is absurd in the face of it.  The only pity to my mind is that  the farmers have not combined be-  Delta alone has already expended , fore. Neatly every year something  over $100,000 and the repayment turns up to enhance the value of  of the same constitutes a heavy tax ; either oats, hay or potatoes.     This  upon the people of this Municipality;  and  Whereas no provision has been  made by the Government for dealing with the dyking systems of  these Municipalities on the same or  a similar basis to that ofthe others;  BE IT resolved by the Munici-'enough to give the farmer part of  pal Council of Delta that this action  of tbe Government as at present  .contemplated, is unfair, unjust and  inequitable; and that any such assumption of Municipal improvements should be extended to all  Municipalties, or to none; and  further that no good reason exists  why the dyking systems now proposed to be taken over should be  selected and other systems omitted.  And be it further resolved  that a copy of this resolution be  sent to each member of the Legislative Assembly at Victoria.  J. F. Stainton's tender for nails  year it is hay, and now hay which  Mr. Ker bought from the farmers  here tbr $9 to $ti, he is selling for  about #18 in Victoria, The farmers'  would have had this raise in price  had their been any combination.  Will   Mr.   Ker   be   philanthropic  Several farmers in the Delta t_u_  week had a number of lambs and  sheep killed and worried by dogs.  Poison has been set out and with  the assistance of shot guns the dog  tax collector'- revflriUe ha_ been  somewhat reduced.  LEGISLATURE  NOTES.  The -peaker ruled Mr. Curtis  resolution "tha. in the interest of  good government there should be a  dissolution ot the legislature," ad-  missable, and a debate ensued  which occupied the whole sitting*  The vote was taken at 6 p. m. It  "vtas defeated on the speaker's casting vote. The division was 17 for  and against.  In giving his casting vote the  -peaker took the ground that the  resolution expressed want of confidence, as it took away from tire  government the constitutional right  of advising the governor, by a hostile vote. He also held that its  passage might lead to complications  and compel immediate dissolution.  'He therefore voted against it.  The charges brought against th_  ministers of the crown by the meirf-  •b_r for Delta, in connection with  the land grants of the Columbia &  Western Railway are beirig heard  by a committee of the legislature.  The public awaits the verdict, one  way or other, only hoping that  the charges will not be sidetracked  ■like the Curtis commission of last  session.  From the progress of the business  at the legislature, the session will  be a short one.  fii the estimates brought down  _*elt_ receives $4,000.  The stock ofthe Delta Mills Co.)  is being rapidly subscribed for. A  meeting will be held shortly at Mad  Bay to discuss the matter with the  farmers of that section, who are  very favorable to tbe proposition.  The Ladner Cornet Band held a  concert and dance at Steveston __  Thursday evening. The program  was well rendered And much appre1  ciat_d by Steveston's residents.  A meeting of the Farmer's In5-  stitute was held at East Delta last  Saturday evening. It tvJfs not overcrowded.  his profits on that deal.  It is now up to the farmers to  protect themselves by successful  combination in the way proposed  and to get a better price for their  produce all around.  It is impossible to go into the detail of this proposed combination in  a letter like this, but after the farmers have got through their spring  work, a meeting of the sharehold-  ersjwill be called together to discuss  ways and means. In the meantime, I am yours truly  One of the Promoters.  Ladner, B. C, April 16th, 1903.  &_T A SAFE CRITERION.  Perkin, jun.—Why don't ye buy  that horse of Seth's, p_p? He's  got a fine pedigree.  Perkins,  sen,—Pedigree be gol  darned! The question is, is hewuth  anything? Why, boy, them sassiety  folks what comes here in the sum  mer has pedigrees.  Mrs. __. G. Taylor _as movecl _fc  to the Morley farm, having had somi  extensive   improvements   made tb  the place.  M_aai   ' t  Mr, and Mrs. Cossman of Vancouver are visiting with their  daughter, Mrs. W. A. Kirkland.  Sir Oliver MoWat lieutenant-goV-  ernor of Ontario is very sick and  is not expected to live.  H. Woodward of Blaine, Wash.',  was visiting with frftads .n the  Delta this week.  -r-.~. jmaa__E-iga  A sjJferal-heeting of the Municipal Council will be held on Mtoa1-  d_y afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid  were visiting at Westminster thil  weeki  Mrs. Thos. E. Ladner will leaVfc  shortly for  a visit to relatives ih  California.  PRICE OF HAY.  Eighteen dollars was the wholesale price of hay ott the coast this  week.   Lg,st .Thursday-it _was $12,.  A Mothers Reconimendatiom  I have used Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy for a number of years and  have no hesitancy in Saying in -arming that it is tbe best remedy for  coughs, colds ahfl crdup t havi  ever used in my family. I hnve  not words to express my confidence  in this remedy.—Ms. J. A. Moore,  North Star, Mich. For sale by _*.  J. MacKenefei. THE DELTx_ NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL iS,  1903.  THE DELTA NEWS  Pc bushed every Saturday.  Subscription, $1/X> per year.  ADVERTISING RATH-.  Casual Advertisem :nU, io cents per line fo  the first Insertion, nJd 5 cents per line Tor each  Subsequent i*r_rtio_. The -number of lines  itc-oued-vt.e e-a.ce occupied, i2lln:sto tu  Readlni; notice* i« cents.per, line for, e»cli in-  lertioa.  u  Birth and. Death uotJ.es, joe., Marriages$1.-0.  Anv apecial notice" the object of which Is to  I remote the pecuniary benefit of any individu  r company, to be considered an advertiseiue  _- charged accordingly.  All eu«rtisemen,ts charged for until ordcrc  »t and paid for. ''  Correspondence invited on matters of public  Uterrst Communications to editor must be ac-  <rmpaaied by name of writer, not necessarily  far publication, but as evidence of good faith.  Sorrespondeuce must reach this ol-.e by 1 ues-  jay evening.  RIC. A. FRASER,  Editor and Proprietor.  SATURDAY^ APKJtL  18,  Ifipfy  At the last meeting of the Municipal council a resolution was passed bringing to the notice, of the  government the feelijng of the council on dyking matters.     The gpy-.  ernipent, we believe,  contemplates  taking over some  of the   dyking  99heg.es up river, which the |)Pelta,  Surrey, and Richmond munkipali-  in part wiU be responsible for the  relief and repair.   The. municipalities which built dykes at their own  expense, have all the taxation they  want without having to shoulder  any    from   pther   municipalities.  Th«s, muiuc.ip.alities   asking assist-  aflc>» are largely controlled, by corporations and land-grabbers, they  bought the laud and let them pay  the taxes.   A copy of the resolution which appears  on  fjrst page  has been s^ent to every member i f  le legislative assembly and news  papers.  "      HOLDING A CIGAR.  Point. In a Jlan'K CUnr.ii-ier the Act  Ia Snld to nisil.se.  Dkl you ever hotlc'e the _Kere_t  Y_y_ wen Uolil ci._nr_ or ci_:u:-Ucs.V  Did you ever o_eo: 1) how.you j-ou.--i£  hold one?  ■lj(j.i;t a dozen different  ibably no. t.\yo nj.n hold  aptly alike.  human, natnr.  ; uoiutp as to  ; smokers.  JUST WHAT   .OU  Nfc_5D.  There  hix'  ways, and |  their clgav_,i  A jud«e!_ut  up lnteivsili  from wau-hli.  m:\y pick  cbaractei  Ouc man will hold bis cigar firmly  _etwc.ii thumb aud fo-etluge.. He Is.  usually a resolute, tenacious man,  sti.uuous or merely phlegmatic, as the  case may be, but never lazy. Ills fingers are stumpy.  Auother man holds ths cigar loosely  between b.s first aud second fingers.  He is apt to be graceful, lazy, irresolute, a mau of artistic temperament,  but uot a bustler. His Augers, ai. long  aud tapering.  A third mau will carry bis cigar with,  tbe lighted end turned lu toward the.  palm, the band held scoop shape around  it. tie picked up that trick when  smoking ou the sly as a boy, tearing  papa might, break suddenly iuto the  game. He is usually of a secretive nature aud not mavkgfl by auy special  tendency to frankness.  A fourth will bold hli cigur awkwardly, nervously gripping It and often  dtariug et it tmiulsitivsly to soo Uow it  le burning. Ho Is not a "natural smoker," nor is be apt to be what is known  as a "good fellow." He is usually anxious to conciliate others and has not  great force of character,  Watch the man behind the cigar and  see if all these character drawings are  ijot correct.  A CHEAP SQUARE MEAL.  Imccei-f ul Scheme That Was Worked  l»y Two llui_i->- Men.  "One of the cleverest 'grafts' I ever  •aw was worked tbe other day in a  quick lunch restaurant on Park rowv"  said the Observer.  "I noticed two men  talking earnestly just below the place  as I was going in to get my lunch. One  9_ them followed me iu and took a seat  just below me at the table.  A few seconds later the other cuter.d and took a  seat Just opposite his friend, whom he  did not appear to know. The first man  ordered a very extensive dinner, com-  nieiioing with soup  and endiug with  charlotte russe aud coffee.  He got tbe  very best that the place could afford,  and bis check for $1.35 was placed ia  front of htm.   The other man took his  ■ tyme   about   ordering,   taking   corned  lhe legislative assembly nnd news    beef aud beans-lO cents' worth.  His  •        " check was placed in tbe center of tbe  table, between the two men.  "Number one ate hastily and finished  first.   He got up, put on his hat and  then  calmly  picked  up  the ten  cent  check   that   belonged  to   his   friend..  I Without turning a hair he went to tha  I desk, paid 10 cents aud walked out. A  ! few minutes later number two, who  nation of woman is at hand.      F( X ty_ been reading the paper, prepared  WOMAN'S EMANCIPATION.  Pertaining to dress, the emauci-  7, _     _ _._•_ _._. to leave and took  up the remaining  thousands of years woman has been |jy* „e _ppeimid P_eat)y gnrprlB)»  tjie willing slave of fashion. New  tjhe. tide has turned and D?m«  Fashion must bend her re.'k to the  jr 1.f. It Is many years since men,  restless under the tyrannous commands of fashion, rebelled and discarded all the useless frills and furbelows that custom had made seem  almost indispensable.     Woman is  and called tbe waiter, asking for an  explanation. There was nothing for the  knight of the napi.iu to do but give the  man a new ten cent, check, as it was  very evident that he bad not eaten  $1.35 worth of food. 1 suppose that tho  two met outside nud at tbe next place  Visited number two got the "square"  meal.  Objected  to __•• Pn_r_.  John Knapp of the St. Louis Bepub-.  lican had little use for press agents,  now following dutifully in the wake "and tt *°°k a mighty shrewd man to  J get a free puff lrom him.   He never  ^f ler lord and master and demanding simp'icity and common sense ii  tlie fashioning of her garments.  The modern woman has ideas o  b^r own on the question of dress,  *r.d proposes   to live  up to them.  would publish a lawyer's or a doctor's,  name 11 he could avoid It, for fear they-  might derive some benefit from the-  tree advertisement. It is said that one  morning mention was made ha the Republican—they call it the Republlo  now—of a man having died ot Bright'*  ,, . , i disease.   Old man Knapp hunted up  1 Awgy,   she cries,    with the skin : t_e proofreader and called him into the,  tight sleeve,   the  twenty-two-inch ! private office.  ▼aistban«, the trailing,  dust-col-1   "WV, *_. l°u M£* 81 f^  ."•.-.       ■ ,,      _. I paper?" asked the old man, Indicating  looting ^treet dress.        Sense   and j wlth his forolluger the objectionable  ' paragraph.  "I don't seo but that's all right," said  J the reader.  simplicity are   the  watchwords ot  tbe pioneers of the new era.     To-  dqy n» sensible woman will put up i   "You don't, eh?" snapped old man  with a fashion that is uncomfortable 1 K._app.  "You don't, eh? Do you third.  ^ud unhealty.    True it is that but  j^fewt ye^rs have elapsed, since we  have   tortured   our   feet in razor-  Bohjie^ shoes *nd [stopped our nat-  we want to advertise that man Bright  for nothing? He never had an ad. In  this paper ln bis life."  An  O-uriiK. In Elephant*.  elephant  with a   good mahout.  W\.boning by lacing  ourselves I ^e9 .jel.har,8 tue 1)est lnstn_ce of dls.  ipto impossible cases of  steel  ard \ clplined   courage—courage,   that   is.  qotton. ' But that foolishness has  c|eparte,d, let t»? hope, for good and  all.      ; -■._."   ,'  We   now strive to lead simple,  ctaini  Chamberlain's Stomach  and Liver  Tablet'^ ' '  Wa.;: you f.cl djllXnitor-;e«tUir.  Whn    • u have".'4'      •   i";-.   *  When ,.-i..' :.a••-■ .i ;., u taste .V th^ i o itli.  When your liver is tori id  When ;. cr.r bowels arc co B'_ip..t  \\ hen yon.li^vc n h.udaclu .  When yon feci bilious.  They will Improve "our npp< ti  1 ifertraW vt•:*.;■ ^tomtich. &• ■■■ re  bn*.ve1;     Trict- aj _ ...t". |       b«  J   MticKeflRie.  Hill ^r is  VOtice is hereby given th it th   C mrt of  >■   of thr issi-s.nrent  i f th     C rj  te will be held i   th   Co t    ;     h  r. on Saturday the aild day of May, ut i  ul  any   person   desiring   to   n-.*ke com  tgalust bis or her assewinent or the asaesi  of any other person must give  uotiee Itl w  lo ihe clerk, stating the ground of his or b-  ilaiut at leniit ten days b f r>* laid dot .  N.   A. MoPI * ri?*D  l aduer, April ist, iy 3.  SZegJsti&Fe-d Clydesdale.  Will stand for the season of 190.  'brough   Delta   municipality   n  Mud Bav. JAMBS  Nki.hon.  Latlne  CHURCH    NOTICES  CATHOWC  F--W3 choice Pnr_ Bred stock.  White Hack, per setting of filteen,  (»5) ^»-3o; four settings, $5.00.  13uff Orpington, setting of thirteen,  (.13), %2.oo.       Thc«. E. Ladneh.  Reverend Father Edm. Pcytavm  O.M. I. Services first and thin  Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m  METHODISTr.  Servkt* next Lord'i Day at 11  i.m. and 7:30 p._a.  vSahbath Scltoel at * p m ev*r>  Sunday. Prayer wcetitij tyerv  Wednesday even'ng at 7.30.  A. N   Miller, pastor  ST. ANDKKW'l F»»«»TT«*IAX  Services next Lord's Day at 3 p.11  Sabb*th School  at » p m     Midweek meeting .» Thursday evenir f  »t 7:30 e'cl«ck  Thom.S Oswald, minister.  Opened  A full lineof well assorted slc-V  f Men's and Boy's Clothing, Fm  ishings, etc., have just been ope  -  up at the new store  < ■ r ■  i.nbia and Bcgbie Streets,  New Westminster, B.C.  Some of tbe latest styles and patterns in Caps and Felt Hats for  Men and Boys are on show.  Caps 25c and upward; Felt 1  •anging from $1 to $4, Atr.c  ■ther things in small wea;r I li  lie President SiS-P^lder- -tbe  >( the century—acknowle.dged  be the easist, most d*ral le and  nost comfortable brace nude  Drop  in   anyway, and      .   <     t  ve have.  WM. CUMMING,  New Wett-mimter, B. C.  which persists ln the face ot knowledge  and di-iuclliiutioii—to be teen iu tha.  animal world. Tbey will submit day  after (Jay to have painful wounda  dressed ln obedience to their keeper;  natural, healthy lives.'/ree from the gfTughTefr gSSS*IsluS  trammels and  dictates of tashion. | cient to understand the peril and far  But that wijey dame will not be ' te0 eveat for man to trl<!k them lnt0 *  -■..:♦_ .„»i-_„ -«• q„, - • __ i belief that it li nonexistent. No anl-  %uitpsha_^p off.   8he seeing the mal wlll face „.__„. roore roadlly ftt  age.of simplicity looming large in . man's blddlug.-London Spectator.  tie dutance,. \r$nt forth, to meet it. :—'—  Fashjon foregathers with simplicity |   40wne-Look at that poor blind bee-  and lo ! a if tl^.fa§bion to be sim- gar playing the accordion.  pic.   Th* woman who lrom choice i   Browne-Yes, and he _ deaf too.  u    ' _.r   _  •   ___ _   1     ' .     , I   Towne-GraciouBl Isn't that awful!  breakfasts in bed is altnpst unknown 1   Brown-Oh, 1 don't know. Just thlnK  It is not fashionable to be lar.quid 1 kow much he'd have to Buffer if he  M DO.lSl MB  .1  8HAVIHGIIBILLARD  PAROR  Tobacpo, Pires, aud Cigarr,  L. Oii-VORO.     -      -       Ladner  A   O   U   W  rvELTA I.ODGK NO. u, nceta £rr •  A-' third Tue«day» in eitcb mouth ia Wc  dell's Hall.  ad  ad  T. W. KKKli, Rccordtr.  THOS. K. LADNBR. M. W  I. 0. F.  Court Osseo, No. 3443, meets  in I 0 Q F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in  each month Visiting brethren  arways welcome. C. R, J B  Burr; R S,   BS  McDonald  FIVE CENTS  Get your milk from the Hazel  Grove Dairy, delivered morning and  evening at five cents a quart. All  kinds of apples and vegetables at  n arket price.      W A Kirkland  Eggs for Hatching  W  N DRAPER,  MOVINC-AI, LAND SURVEYOR  »oo_ ., ElUrd Block, New Wealmlmter, B.C '  Goal  at  STA1NTOHS  HtaUrs, Farai 1-iylMiiatt, Pictur*, PrsBlag  (•■ aeaaral Rupairlag.   Ctal Oil aad  Oaiollae.  i. P. STAINTON,   ....   Ladner. B. C.  TAILORING  Clttkei-Altered, Cleaned and liu.tlrid.  Parcelt left at W. I.. McBride's store and A. Walker's and W. K. McClellan's barber shop will be  called for ou Monday aud returned on Saturday.  C. W.WAUCBR.  Windso?' Hotel  Corner Columbia & Begbie, Sts.  , ^ NKW \ritSTMINSTJ_tE  Sample rooms tor commercial travelers.      Ccn  trally situated in business portion of the xity  Accommodation and dining room first class. Con-  renient to tramway terminus and C P ft depot  and steam boats. „ Kates %\, $1.35 and $1.51.  A. VACHON,      - Proprietor  Hotel Colonial  J. R. 1NSLEY, Prop,  Rates, $1.50 aud |a.oo per day.  Special  attention uiv_.  to Commercial  Trarellere.  Car. McKm-le and Clarkeon Sts.  Mew Westminster, K, C.  Clarington Hotel  South Westminster,  Strictly first class accommodation.    Good stab*  linf.   Careful attention given to horses.  J WISE, Prop.  Hotel Leland  R. DowswcU, -Top. Vancouver, ■. C.  One block from C. P. R. Depst and Steamboat  wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled.  Rates, Jj.50 to |i per day.  Cor. Granville and H«stln_»Su.   -   -  -   Tel. 14  Surrey Hotel,  SOUTH WESTMINSTER, >. C.  Mrs. K. Gkorgk,  Proprietress.  Newly furnished throughout    Pirst class accom  modation.   Choice liquors and cigars.  Good stabling in attendance.  All kinds _f mice pretty thing!.  Special inducemeats to Sund; y  Schools and other committees ai d  large buyers generally.  Don't forget the place.  !Wackay& South'n  Columbia  atr_at,   -. ICMW W««TMIHlTRf,i,r  TO RENT.  Ten Acres of land oa t_« Slough  Road. 4 Acrea in fruit trees.  Apply at th* Delta Hews Office.  I  A^.A,.'^.,A,f^»,A*A^-A^A-t.A^A^; ••^•^A-^..^A^A:,^,fA.^*^—A.-»^  V  The  Delta  News  THE PEOPLES' POPULAR PAPER  Tt> increase your Business insert an ad. in Thjt Delta  News, it reaches every house-*  hold in Delta Municipality..  It contains all the Local happenings of the village and;  district and no busmees fjr__.  shci^d neglect to have an ad,  in it.  Ml  < ►  (  <^  '!>■  !  t  ^•••••••••••••••f ••••  ••^••••••^•••••••••••< >  < _  Job Printing  of all kin4_s don_ neatly and  at reasonable prices. If you  want any^toiMjg in the printing  line you «■__. get it at The  Delta New^ offict. Leaye  your order and it will be. attended to.  < *  •ad adopt grand dame mannerism t  A.  healthy,   breezy  simplicity   of  manners is how in vogue.     Children are now taught to be children  and not old fashioned men and wo-  iivvasn't u.uf;. he'd have to listen to __•  music.  _-pe-4jMrii-«7  The Man—Let mo _S_. you this neti  ' and very Interesting'T^oife1  I   The Other Man—I don't need to. MX  men in their, childhood.—Family barber bought one last week,  Heniid. '-^-" --■  . **t>  Genes v,;; Black _ m ft A  Ladner. :   C,  ss  work.  ; lorseshoii g  a specialty.  For   Service  Pure bred _p_-k-h're Ro r,  ) ed by Dr. Thompson, IV , ; i-  oba, will be held for serv (c  t the "Inverholme harm."  NOTICE,  The Victcria  Twalaal   Railway  and ferry Co_____,y.  N°  otice le kerebjr girea tkat tke Victoria Terminal Railway and Jerry Company bas this  3rd day of Vebruar-, a. D., 1*03, deposited in the  Land Registery 0«ce at the City of New Westminster, B. C.the atap or plea aud book of reference of the third section of the Company's undertaking fr6m Pori Guichon, near the mouth of  the Fraser kWer, to Clo-erdale, and tbrough the  Municipalities of Delta and Surrey in the district  of'New Westminster.  Dated this 3rd day of February, 1903.  TAMES JKFFEUtV,  '   becretary.  McRAE &. Co  IS  NEWtWESTniNSTER, B.C.  A full line of English and Irish  Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings  ways kept in  |stock  Butter Makers  Secure your parchment at The  Delta Newi offica. This stock  of paper it th* best in the  province. You can get it  cither print*, or plain. When  you need butUr paper call or  send to this office.  Mt  '  •• tbe Delta Dews, Ladner  ,trffr«H».Me«fre.».e.».a,+.e»>.. + s »s» e »     4 a f, ■ » s ♦^♦■e ♦■■ » ■♦»»■» s »  « k  J THE DELTA NEWS, SATURDAY APRIL 18, 1903.  IE   NLEDLE.  Ui. „.,(ui i> 1,11 U ul the Artlaana of  l'.<, me,- .entnrle*.  The"   ".j. »l  the uetKlle were In  , hi. • m J-gypt. Iiidia, Kaby-  louiu and rUoenicla uiaiiily lavished  uy wonii'ii on veils and hangings for  temples. Connoisseurs coii.id.i- the veil  decorating the tomb of Mohammed fit  Medina, priced at 10,000,000 rupees,  the most marvelous piece ot embroidery ever made. Its pattern, a cunning  Interlacing of scrolls aud arabesques,  exclusively delineated with rare pearls  and precious stones, produces, when  exposed to the rays of the sun, a stupendous effect of coloring, soft and harmonious and equal to the bold gracefulness of the design. Llaeu, silks, leather and the richest stuffs were in turn  beautified with the little insignificant  tool, the needle.  Diaphanous Indian cnuslln cliaming-  ly embroidered with green beetle wings  Is still renowned, as well as examples  of painted spangles and arUticial pearls  strewn amid devices wrought in gold.  But where is now to be found the Incomparable Decca muslin, thirty yards  of which were once Inclosed lor a turban In an ordinary oocoauut lucrusted  with gems and presented by a Persian  Ambassador to his master, the shah.  Other varieties known as invisible  have also disappeared. The term originated from the fact that when dipped  in water or spread out on the grass the  material was lost tip the eye through  Its extreme fineness.  The trained fingers have disappeared,  and through modern competition customers are no longer willing to pay the  real value of genuine hard work. This  superiority of eastern craftsmen over  their western fellows was recognized  centuries ago, first by Portuguese, who  were in the habit of sending satin to  India to be embroidered by the natives  lifter European designs, a fashion  which at times renders somewhat puzzling tbe classification of the marvels  of handiwork.  The French followed suit, since the  majority of the Louis XVI. court sets,  including coat, waistcoat and breeches  Jn'satin, velvet, plush or corded silk,  so exquisitely adorned with delicate  sprays and admirable borders wrought'  In satin and tambovir stitches, are due  to the skill and industry of tho Chinese, who have reproduced the French  devices with floss silk in such lovely  And fast colors, which still appear in  All their beauty, with a mellowness imparted by time which further adds te  their charm.  KNOWING FIRE HORSES.  How Tliey Learn  to sturt W'ltb. the  JlgKer and Get the Swlufc.  Th" intelligence of lire hor.es is well  knoivn. A most knowing animal ot  this kind is described by So well Ford  In "Horses Nine." The author says of  him:  Other things besides mischief, however, had Silver learned. Chief of these  was to start with tbe jigger. Sleeping  or waking, lying or standing, the summons that stirred the men from snoring ease to tense, rapid action never  failed to find Silver alert As the halter shack slipped through the bit ring  that same instant found Silver gathered for the rush through the long,  narrow lane leading from his open stall  to tbe poles, above whU'h, like great  couchant spiders, waited the harnesses  pendent on tho hanger rods.  Once under the harness Silver was  like a carved statue until the trip strap  had been pulled, the collar fastened  and the reins snapped ln. Then he  wanted to poke the poles through the  doors, so eager was he to bo off. It  was no fault of Silver's that his team  could not make a two second hitch.  With the first strain at the traces bis  Impatience died out. A sixty foot truck  starts with more or less reluctance, but  when once the tires caught the car  tracks Silver knew what to expect. Ho  and his team mates could feel Lanni-  gan gathering in the reins as though  for a full stop. Next came the whistle  of the whip. It swept across their  flanks so quickly that it was practically one stroke for thorn all. At the same  moment Lannigan leaned far forward  and shot out his driving arm. The  reins went loose, their heads went forward and, as if moving on a pivot, the  three leaped as one horse.  Left to themselves, each horse would  have leaped at a different instant. It  was that one touch of the lash and the  succeeding swing of Lannigan's bulk  which gave them the measure, which  set the time, which made It possible for  less than 4,000 pounds of horseflesh to  jump a five ton truck up the street at  a four minute clip.  BOOKS AND READING.  Beading Is to the mind what-exercise  Is to the body.—Addison.  A home without books is like a room  Without windows.—Beecher.  To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.—Burke.  Books are the best things well used;  Abused, among the worst.—Emerson.  Next to acquiring good friends the  best acquaintance is that of good  books.—Cotton.  Some books are to be tasted, others  to be swallowed and some few to be  chewed and digested.—Bacon.  Half the gossip of society would perish if the hooks that are truly worth  reading were but read.—Pawson.  What Is a great love of books? It. is  something like a personal introduction  to the great and good men of all past  times.—John Bright.  The three practical rules I have to  offer are: (1) Never read any book that  is not a year old; (2) never read any  but famed books; (3) never read any  but what you like.—Emerson.  What Hakes -h|ii_u Grow.  According to Maurice "Springer, s  French writer on the subject, the energy- of growth Is closely related to  electric energy and may be identical  with it At any rate, growth energy Is  closely connected with the phenomenon  called osmosis—that is, molecular pressure due to differences of density in  adjacent liquid masses. Such molecular pressure ln tbe ceils of the body he  believes to be the phenomenon that underlies the multiplication of these cells  in growth, and osmosis has been shown  by experiment to be closely connected  with electricity. Tlie writer referred  to believes that we shall soon be able  to measure growth energy as we now  do heat or electricity and perhaps control it so as to produce tall or short  families or races at our pleasure.—  Success.   Perfectly  Safe.  A tourist ln a remote part of Ireland,  having stayed the night at a waysldq  inn not usually frequented by visitors.  Informed the landlord ln the morning  that his boots, which had been placed  outside bis room door to be cleaned,  had not been touched.  "Ab, shure," said the landlord, "and  you moight put your watch and chain  outside your room door in this house,  and they wouldn't be touched."—Lop-  tijon IClng.  Quite Similar.  La Montt-Who is that old fellow  that is always bunting for you to buy  him a drink?  La Moyne— He claims to belong to  the upper crust  La Montt—The upper crust, eh? Well,  I notice he Is always short and always  dry.  IN BORROWED PLUMAGE.  APHORISMS.  Contentment gives a crown where  fortune hath denied it.—Ford.  Constancy is the complement of all  other human virtues—Maz.ini.  He who will not take advice gets  knowledge when trouble overtakes  him—Kaffir.  The more one speaks of himself tlie  less he likes to hear another talked  of.—Lavater.  The readiest and surest way to get  rid of censure is to correct ourselves.—  Demosthenes.  Character and personal force are the  only investments that are worth anything.—Whitman.  "Tis not your posterity, but your actions, that will perpetuate your memory.—Hutchinson.  Calumny would soon starve and die  of itself If nobody took it in and gave  it a lodging.—Leightou.  Civility is a charm that attracts the  love of all men, and too much is better  than to show too little.  Plenty of Truth.  "Perhaps," ventured the unsuccessful contributor, "you didn't consider  my little ode true to life."  •'Oh, It was true enough," replied ths  editor. "I assure you there was more  truth than poetry ln what vou said.*'  Then Slio Remembered.  Near the elevated road In Park place  is a news and apple woman. She is  very absentmlnded. Also sympathetic.  A ragged street urchin ran up to her.  "Say," he yelled, "your little boy has  been run over by a big truck!"  "Where? Where? For goodness' sake,  where?" shrieked the woman, rushing  wildly down the street. She ran half a  block and then stopped suddenly.  "Lord, what an old fool 1 urn!" she  said to herself disgustedly. "I have no  little boy.  I'y.Jjever been married."  Meantime the street urchin had stolon four apples and a bunch of grapes.  A Wonderful   Harbor.  Puget sound Is one of the finest harbors ln tbe world, if not the finest—a  deep bay over a hundred miles long  cut off from the ocean by tho mountainous western peninsula of Washington. The waters nearly everywhere are  deep, the shores abrupt, and the tide is  moderate. Ships may go from Tacoma  half way to Alaska without passing  out of this great sound and its extensions northward.  By War of a Leaaon.  "One of our cars ran over another  man last night," announced the superintendent of the street railway Hue.  "Well," replied the president, "after  awhile the people will learn that the  only safe place la aboard the car and  that 5 cents Is a small price to pay for  safety.''.  Well   Dreaaed   Women    V. ho    Wear  Goods Sent on Approval.  When the ways of some women are  considered, It is les.s remarkable that  such numbers of women dwelling in  the large cities dress extravagantly  than before their methods of securing  rich costumes for all occasions have  been scrutinized.  There are women, and many of them  very wealthy, who make a regular  practice of having elegant garments  sent to their homes ou approval, wearing them once and then returning them  to stores or costumers. Soi.:e women  will wear a dress or a cloak to the  opera and send it back next morning.  Or they will get a hat or wrap and gs  driving or visiting in it. The average  person would bo astonished to know all  the things, from handsome umbrellas  and fans of great beauty to jewelry  and clothes, that some women borrow from the shops.  Of course all of these women are not  well off, but they all dress well aud  go out a great deal, and although tho  shopkeepers often discover tho munuer  in which they are being deceived, they  do not always like to make a fuss for  fear of losing a good customer. Besides  they know that If they incur the enmity of such impostors the women arc  quite capable of abusing their goods  and robbing them of other and more  honest customers. Strange as it may  seem, these women generally mingle in  pretty good society, or the fringes of It,  and have some influence in the matter  of dress, since they have won the reputation of always dressing elegantly and  in the newest things.  This sort of imposition had been carried on so often by a _il-r.m.r»__ a certain large firm that its members determined to put a Rto;i to her Haunting  about in borrowed plumage, at least  when tbe plumage belonged to them.  One Saturday this woman bail a splendid wrap sent home on approval, and  oil Sunday one of the head clerks of  tlie firm who knew Mrs. Blank as tho  offender stationed himself near her  pew in the fashionable church which  she attended. When she sailed down  the aisle after service, resplendent in  the borrowed cloak, this man stepped  up to her and said:  "How do you do, Mrs. Blank? I am  delighted to see that you like our cloak  we'll enough to keep it."  Of course after that she could not return the cloak.  Still, with all the efforts put forward  by shops and costumers to break up  the pernicious habit of forcible borrowing on the part of sundry feminine cus-  fomers, the practice goes merrily on,  and many a fair dame with an enviable reputation for exquisite dressing  appears but once in garments and hats  that when next seen are bef_c__op! another woman or hanging ln the  room of some smart shop.  Knew Papa's Limitations.  She was a doctor's little girl. In her  father's office she had seen a number  of boxes on which was written, "This  side up with care." In answer to her  question her mother bad said, "You  see, when papa gets these boxes he  doesn't know what Is in them, and if  it is something that might break It  wouldn't be good for it to set it upside  down."  The little girl pondered over it for .  some time. A few days later she came  to her mother, saying, "Mamma, when  j God made us did be put a sign on our  j left sides that says, 'This side up with  ! care?'"   -"Why?"   asked  the   mother,  i smiling.   "Because  I  beard papa  tell  ! somebody that It was bad tor people to  I He on their left sides 'cause it wouldn't  I be good for their hearts, aud I know  papa doesn't know what is inside us."  Barred Ont IranilKruiit-.  Uncle Sam has a black list of birds  aud quadrupeds which it is absolutely  prohibited to introduce Into this country, says the Chattanooga Times. The  mongoose, the flying fox and the starling are on the list. The mo;i,-:oose is a  species of ferret a native of India,  where it is domesticated as a sort of  animal rat trap and snake destroyer.  It was introduced into Jamaica to get  rid of the sugar cane rats. These exterminated, however, the mongoose  went on to diet off the insect destroying birds, with the result that the crops  have been devastated by insects in  some sections of the islai:.!. The animal is exceedingly crafty, nocturnal in  Its habits and evades traps with ease.  The flying fox, known also as the fruit  bat, Is a voracious haBvester of fruits  and vegetables. The starling belongs  to the crow family.  Sure.  "How did the doctor tell you to take  the medicine, Larry—Internally or externally?"  "Nayther wan, sor."  "But it must havo been one or the  other."  "Dlvll a bit, sor. Nayther wan."  "But look here, Larry; that's absurd.  It must havo been one or the other, you  know."  "Nayther wan, I tell ye. He tould mp  to snuff It up me nose."  Anlinula and Aleohol.  Many animals yield to the seduction  of rum drinking, especially elephants,  horses, cows and swine. Poultry, especially turkeys, will absorb tho tempting  drink till they tumble over In leaden  sleep, lying around as If dead and utterly Ignoring their accustomed roost  On awakening they stagger for a few  moments and soon recover, but it Is  hours before they renew their cheerful  cackling.  Their I .nut.  "Yes," remarked the sad looking  stranger, "I have seen tho last of many  a good man."  "Doctor or undertaker?" queried tbe  man behind the white apron.  "Neither," replied he of tho sad looks.  "Via a shoemaker."  A Deep TTtoiiK'ht.  "In a brown study, eh?"  "Yes, I was just thinking."'  "Thinking what?"  "I was just wondering why a fellow  never has as much trouble borrowing  trouble as the trouble he has borrowing other things."  An Anatomical Tale.  Dlnwlt—Say, our backbones are Uko  serial stories, aren't they?  ?    I  I   Agent for Wire Fencing.  Gates made to order.  \ Ladner    .   .    __ _?  To Intelligent Business  Men and Farmers:  Insure your Stocks, Houses and  Barns in the Anglo- American'and  Euuity Firf Insurance Companies. We are not in the Insurance  Trust, and can positively save* you  money.    Call or write fot rates.  A W McLeod,  DISTRICT AGENT.  Office: Burr Block, Columbia street,  'Phone 62.       New Westminster  PLAIN TALK.  We are able to back up every  assertion we make. We stand  ready to furnish you the best of  everything in thej LI ERY line,  Just as"we saiy'welwIllJt  We also have better facilities  hauling and handling freight  than any others in this vicinity.  When in need of a first-class livery rig call on us.  p'V Fashion Siames . I'J  Wm. Alexander,  Proprietor.  'Phone.   20  Ladner, B. C.  Not tofstHJa/ fgh  yon  This advertisement is mot meant for you if  you are an artist or one accustomed to combine  colors aitistically, because yo« will know what to  uo without advice or instructions, but for the ordinary run of mortals our aid in selecting Wall  Paprr, Borders and other interior decoi*tiona  may not be amiss. Rest assured that our aim la  to thoroughly satisfy everybody, because that'*  our business. See what we can do in the way of  decorating your home, New Matting, Carpet,  Lindlum and OU Cloth just arrived. Call when  u the city aad judge for yourself or write for  prices.  W. E. FALES,  House Furnisher and Undertaker  NEW WBSTMINSTER  C. P. N. Co.  TIME TABLE  NEW  WESTMINSTER-STEVESTON  KOUTE.  Steamer TraniUr, leaves New ■Westminster at _ p.m . daily, except  Sunday. I .aves Steveston Monday, 7 a.m., Friday 6 a.m. Saturday, Tuesday, Wodne_day, Thursday, C p.m., calling at Frasor Iiiv-  er landings detwten New Westminster and Steveston.  VICTORIA HEW  WESTMINSTER  KO-TI.  S.S. Princess Louise leaves Victoria  Tuesdays at_ Fridays at 7 a.m.  Leaves New Westminster Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m.,  culling  at  Ma-no,   St_v_to_  and  Guichon.  NEW    WESTMtNSTER-CHILLIWACK  iioum  S.S. Beaver leaves New Westminster  Mondays, Wedmesdays and Fridays at S a.m. Leaves Chilliwaok  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m., calling at Fraser  River landings between New  Westminster and Chilliwack.  VICTORIA-VANCOUYJUt SOUTH.  S.S. Charmer leaves Victoria daily t*  1 a.m.    S.S.  Charmer leaves Vancouver daily at 1:15 p.m.  All   steamers   from   Vancouver   sail  from C.LM-. wharf.   The Company reserve-   the   right    of   changing   time  table at any time   without   notification.  For foil particulars as to time,  rates, etc., apply to nearest agent, or  to  JAMES SCLATER,  Vancouver   Depot   nnd   4_8   Hastings  street, or to  J. W. TROUP,  Manager,  Vistoria.  «. J. 00YL1,  Atst. Gu. Pass Ag_  Yaae*w-s_.  Tliinwlt—Prove It?  ti&faarf 4a o_5^ft6l:__  H. A. TJtBKN, AGT„ WE-TMIXSTEi-.  $.> iM.+.H »I» M k -H »!■ ♦ ■!■ ♦ •}• »4»  Advertise in The NEWS  Fit-Reform garments are growing in favor til the  time. We know this by the tremendous run we are having for Spring Suits.  We are uot astonished, knowing that Fit-Reform  Wardrobe is the only place where you can get an up-to-  date garment at a third to half what your tailor charges,  and your money back if dissatisfied,  Tit'Keform Wardrobe  333 Hastings Street, VANCOUVER, B.C.  Mail order* promptly attended to.   Self-inaasurtment blanks  aud samples on application.  »♦»♦.-♦.■ ♦* ♦ .■».- ♦.■♦■!■+■<■ ♦■»+■►»■«•<  Delta Transfer Stable  LADNER, B. C.  4.    SINGLE AND DOUBLE RIGS AND  8ADDLB HOJtfH  $ ON SHORT NOTICE  7      Team Work Gone at Specially c w  I  JOSEPH JORDAN, Propreitor.  4- Telephone "Ladner" No. 10.  ;»»4>^fr4~H ►»>»»» H *  If you want first class w rk  SEND YOUR LAUNDRY TO THE  NEW  WESTMINSTER,  L. Gilford, Agent, - - Ladmer  Leave Laundry on Monday and it will bt returned  •_  Saturday.  Gents clothes cleaned and pressed.     Blankets and Curtaiaa a specialty.  Iflciiii  Call at the Old Stand lately occupied by P. Clark.  First class work. Your patronaga solicited.  W. H. TAYLOR,     -     -     PROP.  B. C. CIGAR FACTORY  B. C—Noted Brand.  PHOENIX—With Eagles.  OLD SPORT—Always Reliable.  B. WILBERG & CO.  XEW WESTINSTB*, B. C.  P. 0. BOX 661.  The Hit of  the Season  Our Millinery Opening, the most successful event evtr tteld la tile  city. Our aim is to make this store your shopping placa, ftr.d w* (stead  keeping all that's new and up-todate at prices whr.ci d*ff cosrpst!tlt_.  Try us for a Carpet  We certainly can suit you if quality, £$__& 'tnd price?;..! J.J..  Our importation this season is very large tttji ;-' 7___T.- the _oo__ we*:*  bought right. Our range of new colors iok__i.. 3 :;.:\--t __■ - i variety  Fawns, Reds, Greens, etc., in Floral and O.i.t-t I it if»S Vft» >'*->"v." :  and Stair Carpets to match, in Wiltons, _xmir.-l.rr. _?ru_S__, iT.ptrrt'V  and Ingrain; in fact we doubt if a finer assorts: ;:-'. ..„• r-8 "•.-._ ta __'  coast.   We are selling Carpets.  Our Show of Dress Goocb  Each day our range is growing. We can _.v S-rtWJ*ym * !_Wty  range of Voiles, Camas Cloth, Nappa, Minstrel __?'.'■.> iafjioi T'^.J  Veiling, etc., in all the vary newest colorings, at ffion»>' .„'.'. j; r_k_r.  Orders by Mail ear-fully and promptly atl ..aC.S to.  The Money Saving Spat  IS AT  ClmL5tevcusori&C0  Corner Hastings and Richards Streats  VANCOUVER, i THE DELTA NEWS, SATURDAY APRIL 18, 1903.  LOCAL NEWS.  S. Ramage left Monday for a trip  into the Penticton section.  Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Ladner spent  a few davs in Victoria this week.  Godfrey MeKay jailor at Steveston was visiting in Ladner Thursday.  Miss Hobson of Kelowna wrs  visiting with Miss Ethel Green  this week.  Mrs. Frank Hartnell spent a few  days this week on Lulu Island visiting with her son.  The home of Dr. and Mrs. Gonim  of Sandon was made happy by the  arrival of a daughter on March 30.  The third reading of the amenc'-  ment to the Liquor License B\ -  Law will be held at the next meeting of the council.  The court of revision of the assessment of the corporation of Delta will be held in the council chambers, Ladner, on Saturday, May 2,  at 10 a. m.  John Mahony of Westminster  spent the easter holidays visiting  with his cousin, Mrs. Price on Crescent island, returning home again  Tuesday morning.  In this issue will be found the  address given by B. E. Maynard of  Victoria, at the Farmers' Institute  held at Ladner last week. Dr.  Tolmie's address will be published  next week.  The dog tax collector will be  around in a few days so be careful  of your canine. It is understood  all the members of the council will  be tlje first to pay the tax and se  cure tags for their dogs.  Frank Rogers who was shot last  Monday in such a mysterious manner at Vancouver, died Wednesday.  Rogers was well known on the  Fraser river where he took an active part in the Fishermen's Union.  The piobability is that arrangements will be completed for a special steamer to run to Westminster  and return on the evening of May  6th, so as to allow residents oi the  lower Fraser to attend the Cycle of  Musical Festivals held on that evening. Quite a number of Delta  people have signified their intention  attending.  Paul Swenson the well-known  cannerrman, returned last Sunday  from a three months trip to the old  country. He spent a considerable  portion of his time at his old home  fn Sweden. He reports a fine trip  both going and coming, with tl  exception ,of the accident he met  with on the railway whereby he  kad a big toe amputated,  How to Ward Of an Attack of  Rheumatism.  " For years when spring time  came on an4 I went into gardening  I was sure to have an attack of  rheumatism and every attack was  more severe than the preceding  one," »ays Josie McDonald, of Man,  Logan, county, West Va. "J tried  everything with no relief whatever,  until I procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pair; Balm, and the first  application gaye tne ease, and before the first bottle was used I felt  like new person. Now I feel that  I am cured, but I always keep a  bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm  in the house and when I feel any  symptons of a return I soon drive  it away with one or two applications of this liniment. For sale by  F. J, M»cKen?fc,  How Files Arc Able to Tqstc.  The proboscis of tbe .fly nr.cl the  tongues of bees and ants are furnishefl  with numerous delicate bairs set in minute pits. These ore perhaps coiniectflQ  ,witl» tbe organ of taste; but, t!:n\:;T'_  the exact locality of this sense in insects is ur.certal„i wc know that the  groups of cells in tbe tongues of animals cniled taste bulbs form in part  the ends of tbe organ of tuste. These  vary in number, increasing in the higher animals. They are very close and  exceedingly numerous in man, while  the tongue of even tbe cow bas some  8"i,000 tnste bulbs.  It would be interesting to know  whether each special tnste excites a  special group of nerves nnd that only,  thus corresponding to the auditory  nerves. These taste bulbs were discovered ln 1807. Each one consists of  two kinds of cells, one set forming an  outer protective covering, through an  opening ln which project from five to  ten of the true taste cells. Though Important, they are not nppnrently an essential part of the organ, for birds nnd  reptiles have none, but neither havo  they n keen sense of taste, except perhaps tho parrot.  Concernlug tlie l,ettor ' _".'»  A writer in Science denies that the  letter "y" is n lineal descendant from  the Roman "Y," which in tlie time of  Cicero was borrowed from tlie Greek  alphabet to represent upsilon iu tho  translation of Greek names. The latter is only used, lie says, as n vowel to  transliterate up'sllon in loan words either direct from the Greek or Indirectly through Latin or French. In a great  majority of cases the English "y" is a  semiconsonnnt corresponding in value  with tbe continental "j." Along with  tho other Roman letters, "y" was  adopted by tlie Anglo-Saxons from tbe  Latin alphabet, with a value approximating to that of "i." In fact, he  claims that there is not a llnenl descendant of the Anglo-Saxon "y" now  ln existence. The letter "y" In modern  English words Is, curiously enough, he  claims, not a "y" at all. but a lineal descendant of the Anglo-Saxon "g,"  which was the Roman "G" evolved by  the Romans out of nn earlier "C."  Nature'- Carious Tree Lair.  Let us observe a luw common to all  trees. First, neither tbe stems nor  boughs of the maple, elm or onk taper  except nt the point where they fork.  Whenever n stem sends forth a brunch  nnd a branch sends off a smaller bough.  biul or stem, they remain the same in  diameter, nnd the original stem will  increase rather than diminish until its  next branch starts. No bough, branch  or stem ever narrows near its extremity except where It parts with n portion of its substance by sending off  another branch or stem.  All trees are nlike in this respect, and  if all the boughs, branches, stems, buds  and blossoms were combined and united without loss of space they would  form a round log tbe same in size and  diameter ns the trunk from which they  spring. This is one of nature's imperative laws and never fails to prove true.  A  Poser.  Little Dorothy Perkins yvas usually a  very truthful child; When she was  not truthful, she was plausible.  Coming In from her walk one morning, she informed her mother that she  bad seen a lion in the park.  No amount of persuasion or reasoning wavered her statement one hair's  breadth, so at night, when she slipped  down beside her knee, her mother said,  "Ask God to forgive you for that flb,  Dorothy."  Dorothy bid her face for a minute;  then she looked straight Into her mother's eyes, with her own shining like  stars, and said, "I did ask him. mamma, dearest, and he said: 'Don't mention it, Miss Perkins. That big dog  has often fooled me.'"  XJnatUsh Manners.  An English Innkeeper was found ln  bed one morning with his throat badly  cut "Why did you do it?" they asked.  He replied: "For amusement I bad  nothing else to do."  This chimes ln curiously with an old  French epigram on English manners  and customs:  Here lies  Sir  John  Plompoudlng of the  Grange,  Who hung  himself one  morning for a  change.  A  Mystery.  A very small boy was watching his  mother sew whalebones in her dress.  "What ore they, ma?" be usked.  "Bones," she replied.  "Whose?" continued the little fellow.  "Mine," she answered.  He regarded her a minute in amazement and then asked solemnly, "How  did you get 'em out?"  Bis Shady Observation.  Miss Jones (to Mr. Brown, who has  survived three wives)—They must get  kind of mixed up ln heaven with so  many Mrs. Browns about  Mr. Brown—Oh, no; I calculate not  You see, now, they're all different  shades of Brown.  A Fn.llu.re.  "Yes, I consider njy life a failure."  "Oh, Henry, bow sad!   Why should  you say that?"  "I spend all my time making money  enough to buy food and clothes, but  the food disagrees with me, and my  clothes don't fit."  Wiser.  Jerry—Is the world getting better?  Jack—It's getting wiser.   I have _■  awful time trying to borrow money/  We  have  been kept busy the  last week opening up  Spring Footwear.'    Our Stock is  now complete  and,  persons wishing to have the latest as well as the best  wearing shoes should not fail to bu)r their  next  pair  .A full line /\ _   .     _ t  _ xx        Choice Groceries c  irom  VV. E SINCLAIR,  friliiiiift  A new line of fancy stationery  now in stock. Drop in and see  what we have to offer you. F. J.  MacKenzie.  H. N. RICH,  LADNER, B. C.  Notary Public, Auctioneer,  Estate and Insurance Agent.  $15,000 to   advance on  Mortgages.  Purchasing Agent '  Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.  Pnirai 1 in  Contractors  and Builders  LADNER. B. C.  PAINTING, VARNISHING,-  PAPER HANGING,  AND KALSOMINING.  The undersigned is prepared to  do all kinds of the above work  in a first-class manner. Manufacturer of all kalsomine used.  Celebrate J)  Hintez .. .  PICKLES  AND  CATSUP  Naval Oranges  and  Bananas.  —AT  THE—  CITY BAKERY  ___•%_■_■_•*>- _"%.__ .-v.-* __•«► _-^-%.  I ROBERT MAYJ  i    Ladner,    -    B. C.    \  {Groceries!  PORT   GUICHON\Sofectionery I  \ Stoves. Giter.,  pINSMiTHING  5 and REPAIRING \  f Heaters lined and stoves set up. J  #f Agent foi  C. Beadleston,   -  LaiA'__;'B.C.: jThe   Gurney  Foundry. Coy's.  Oxford Stoves and Ranges.  The best on the market.  & •  1 Horse Gocds! |  Our Harness and Horse Furnishings  have long prov.d reliable, and they are  built not only for style but -wear.  ft REPAIRIN. A SPECIALTY.  I hugh Mcdowell,  m LADNER, B. C.  H(**)tt,*')K",)fe'*,?K'")K'*,)t(,")K',")Ki»ijK"i)k'-  HENRYS N1I.[»IE.  3009 WESTMINSTER ROAD.  Fruit and Ornamental  Trees,   Roses, Bulbs  and Rhododendrons.  .  .   HOME CROWN AND IMPORTED .' .  GARDEN FIEU> AND FLOWER SEEDS.  Bee Hives and  Supplies. . .  I  T  f  f  f  f  J. HENLEY   Y  f  NEW WESTMINSTER,  A Manufacturers of all kinds of  Wholesale  and Retail.  Call and examine our stock and make your selection for Spring planting.  CATALOG I-'REH.  M. J.   HENRY,  Vancouver - - B. C  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  (Westminster Branch)j  Time Table    .  Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 6 a.m.  :md hourly thereafter until 9 p. m.; Saturdays  and Sundays at 10 p.m.  Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 7  :i. in. and hourly thereafter until 10 p. m.j Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.  FREIGHT CARS.  We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are  handled with the utmost eare and delivered to  consignee without delay. Special attention paid  to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats  and trains. For rates, etc. apply to  D   A. SHILKS, F. R. OLOVER  Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.  Westminster, B. C.  The Delta News  One Dollar a Year.  b. c. ♦:.  I  ♦!♦ Soda Water, Ginger ♦:♦  a    Ale and Summer    ,f.  I Drinks. |  1. ■  Your patronage solicited      J  H DAILY UN  Service between  Seattle and  the East  •fim .'H'H'H  H-M-f+  FINEST AND   FASTEST  TRAINS  Tickets at lowest rates to  European, Eastern and Kootenay points,  Leave Westminster 10 a.m.  Arrive        " 3:30 p.m.  D. P. SANDERSON, Agent.  NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  INSURE YOUR PROPERTY   with   F. J. Hart & Co.  New Westminster, B. G.  The Leading Insurance Agency  -   Money to Loan   -  «  _  6  _  «  Jb-   ,<i>    ,&> «  -  «  ©•••••••••©«a«®ea»-__^.   •••©•»•©•©• _««*#«©#C;-j  t  +  +  A NEW LINE OF  LADIES BLOUSES        LADIES SAILORS  LADIES \VHITE UNDERWEAR  +  LADIES SKIRTS  AND STAPLE DRYGOODS  FRESH  GROCERIES   AT-.  EVERY ;-: WEEK  I  I   />. J. dutcberscn's  +  e  This is an exact cut of the celebrated Slater $4 Shoe.  Made in 14 different shapes Can fit the worst foot made,  so Mr. Mr. Broadfoot and Slimfoot come along we will fit  you; Why pay a high price for made to order Shoes \Vheu  we can fit you with a Slater.    Sole agents lor the_e goods  WM. JOHNSTON,  We are Selling  Baling Wire and  at Cost  Creamers, Lanterns, Tin Pails, Washboards, Lamp, and  Lantern Chimneys, etc. etc.  Bargain Prices :   Also a few Kitchen Stoves left at prices  from $7.50 to $26.25 each.   -  17. F. ANDERSON AGO  Corner Front and 6th Streets,  NEW WESTMINSTER, B C.  Just arrived  A SPLENDID LINE OF  Men's Clothing  tatest and Up*to-date Styles.  Prices:       $10;   $12.50;   $15   and   $18.  ,. These Goods are positively first class.  J. MacKENZIE,       - LADNER,  Just arrived a complete stock  Vegetable, Flower, Field and Garden  Seed.   Seed Grain of all kinds.  Grass and Clover Seed  Brackman-Ker Milling: Co*  New Westminster, B. C.  .J.-.-*....;...-.;.....;.....;**..;..,..;.....;.....;,.,.,;.... •.•.;.....;.....;«.«..j.....j..»..;..»..j..,..j..»»j,...4j..r<j,  j io Cases of the latest New York Novelties.    The  | Double Crease Crown is the New Summer Hat  A New Graeco and Pasha Shape..  I  I  f  J. E. PHILLIPS  709-711 Columbia Street   ;-;     New Westminster,  1


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