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The Delta News Jul 4, 1903

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Array ^  .  I  _**-*,  H^ataaauu  rm^  IA  y«i. 2. Ma. 20.  LADNBR, B C, 5ATURDAY,   JULY 4, 1903.  $1.00 a  $IJ  War Declared Against  Scotia's Emblem and  tte Canadian Thistles.  General Business.  __.« tegular ineetiag ofthe municipal council wm heW oq Saturday  lest at two o'clock.  fres.it  tb.   fceeve,   e<*nn\&nipriztiadaaa&  W. Arthur, McCallan, J. 8. Burr  bind T. Embree.  Tb* minute* of tho previous  ta tcting were read «_d -6_fir_ied.  The cferk Wits 'instructed to write  to tire manager of tbe Victoria  Term! nal Railway Co., drawing his  attention to the. By-Law rt noxious  weeds.  John Glivfr wrote asking who  was to pay for the harvesting of a  magnificent crop of scotia'semblems  weich ft from seifl '$»#_ . h __joW-'  lag lands to his. The letter was  received and filed.  €<MM»ciHor Einbree drew attention  to thec_nad:i_n thistle, Wbich was.  very plentiful.  Tbe ReeVe 'said, tbey must treat  all alike..'  Counc__r B_rr said if any owners  or occupiers refirsed 'toc6f_ply withr  the By-Law a man must be put On'  to clear the ground, the cost to  be charged up against the delin-'  ^ent.  The Reeve announced that contractor Coleman bad -thrown up his (  contract.  'tlie -witter wa. left in the hands  of councilor McCallan to act after  councilors Burr, and Embree had in-  apected the gulfside dyke.  ._* pound amendment By-Law  was re-consi_e*red and passed.  The revenue By-Lay 1903 was  . read a first aad "seC-tld time aud,  .....passed.  ^he clerk reported tbat he had  interviewed John Oliver and the  'chief commissioner with reference  t. « gant of $1000. Tbe latter had,  ■;■!. promised to do bis 'best 'for 'the  amount asked if the sum named  would meet the councils require-  <rnents  H*'. R. Ellis applied in person for  some loads Of gravel for the road  ,. and grounds opposite 'bis barn  Councilor Arthur moved that t_ej  application be granted tree of charge.  -Seconded by councilor Embree.  .'^Councilor Burr moved that the  'applicant be charged loc. per load  according to the resolution passed  „   «t the last meeting.   Seconded by  _«u_c_or McCallan.  __*amendment was lost and the  «notio_ carried by the Reeve's vote.  Councilor Bun remarked that tie  council might as well cancel their  previous resolution, he questioned  whether they had the power to give  tbe municipal gravel to private persons wee of charge.  The foHowing accounts were pasted for payment:- A. R. Green,  •court feet, $16,60; John Simpson,  travel, $91.da! O. S. Curtis & Co ,  Vaccine, gsovne^Q. Ormiston, work,  foo.oo; D. T_.frl_yfce, hauling,  $4.-40; C. BeiaTe-roji, .'work on  wharf, £1.00; Howay & Reid, ex-  ■ parts fees, $30.06; B. G. Prior &  Co., plow steels, $11.00; B. C.  Packers AssorHatHp, towlriW_ jcowr  . ( $15.00; F. J. MacT_e__re, 'sundries,  $3.15; P. HandfoUd, ignrvel, .$7.5.04  Delta News $6.75.      .,  The council-then adjMfned un-  *il.__Wtf«y, .rthj-uly  ALL   HALLOWS.  As Waterloo was won at Eton,  so are honors and prizes in the high  schools and colleges won at the.  primary scholastic institutions, and  the results Of the closing exercises  at All Hallows school, Yale reflect  credit on the teaching staffs in the  Delta. Miss Dora Cook for instance  has only been four months at Yale  having been grounded at Trenant  and Ladner schools, Miss Bell was  brought up at Surrey Centre.  Bishop Dart was present, a't the ceremony. Miss G. Lord secured the  class prize in the senior IV Form,  1 and Miss Bell in the same form won  the prize for English, Canadian and  Greek History. In Latin, class A,  Miss A. Ladner beads the list, and  Miss M. Cook secured the French  Miss G. Lord also  I gained the _o_.t- for _ special  paper set for dictation. Besides  the prizes Miss A. Ladner received  a certificate for obtaining 75 per  cent in each subject, and Misses  M. Cook, W. Bell and V. Ladner  certificates ior not less than 60 per  cent in each subject and a total  average of over 75 per cent on the  whole examination. The musical  certificates were published in a fon  mer issue.  ■Ladner Gets Third-Place.  Ladner was well represented at  th. 'G_o Club meeting on Domin-  •f'io'n "Day and -its 't_>ui came out third  in the niatoeh xjompetkion -beating  Victoria, Seattle attid Vancouver's  third team. The members scored  as 'follows.- 'T. H."Oliver 10; H.  Hutcheson 18; Dr Woodley 18;  total .55. Tbe.posstble was 25 birds  each. In the singles (15) Oliver,  E, A. Bown and Hutcheson scored  9 .ach, Woodley 4. Singles (20)  ft_t._e.on 14, Oliver 13, Bown and  Woodley 9. [25]'©liver 15, Hutcheson 14, Woodley 13 and Bown 8.  In No. 5 [15] contest Woodley 13,  Oliver 10, Hutcheson 7, Bown '6,:  and in Ho. 6, Oliver 9, Hutcheson  8, Woodley 7. In the 10 pairs,  Oliver 9 and Hutcheson 6. .Wood  ley and Bown did not compete.  Pete'Wins.  At the second day's race meet at  Vancouver this week, Riplinger's  Glengarry Patchen won the named  race, trot or pace' in fourJon-two-  one. Red Tom second in two-two  one-two; Bandford Boy third in  3.44-3. Best time„ 2.39%. Red  Tom was fined $25 for pulling,  Stormont jr., drawn fourth heat.  The Lallri.r driving Park Association have reserved the prizes .for  the baseball match, which was postponed on the Kings Birthday celebration owing to the wet weather,  and it will likely take place aext  Wednesday. A bicycle match is  being arranged between J. C, Wade  and W. Siddall, which may come  off on the same day. The committee also contemplate giving the  Chinese their pig race.  li 111 Ml   1 "■  By a Meeting Held Last  Evening, Gave an Account of His Actions $1  Late Parliament.     •'•.«  -3_ .':  Harry Fern employed at T E  Ladder's grain mill, had bis iore-  :finger of the right hand badly  crushed last Saturday. A portion  of the finger was crashed to pulp,  Dr Woodley dressed the wounded  band and thinks no amputation  will be necessary.  G. J. South secretary the Children's Aid Society,- has bee_ committed tO stand trial on a charge under  section 269 of the code.  The public meeting to hear John  Oliver, late member for the Delta,  took place last evening, the ball  being well filled. H. N. Rich was  voted-to the chair and introduced  the speaker with a few appropriate  remarks, stoting that it was apt a  party meeting by Mr Oliver's desire,  but only one to enable him to give  a straightforward account ef his,  stewardship.  Touching on local matters he referred to the River Rd., as now \n  a fair way for completion owing to  a straight vote of $6,000 being,  placed in supplementary estimates.  The very small npprtipriation of  £4.000 fdr'tbe district could not be  made to go^flttof far. The Yale Rd>  would take $_,oo.. There were 3,  or 4 jobs 'left unfinished 'from last  year, which bad to be completed  together With __r_e 'dtfr.r necessary  repairs which would use up tfeel  balance. He had Urged upon Mr  McBride tp appropriate $1,000 from]  contingent fund for tb*. main road  and had been assured that McBride  was favorably disposed.  With reference to the $1,000grant  for repairs to tbe frank Toad he read  a letter from the fcana_>_nd Works  department -assuring lthat it would  be granted.  Touching the Kebfenay "Railway  grant the speaker exhibited a map.  He pointed out the boundary of  the reserve in question from the in-  ternatiOnal boundary line on th*  Columbian River —for 124 miles-*-  He emphasized the fact 'that it was  still in reserve, .lid'be characterized  it as the greatest -scandal -on >th.  America*! Continent.  The simple fact was that the  C P R was. simply joggling with  the b c Government, Tbe members  of that Government whom he named  not only despoiled the Province, but  some of-them .perjured -themselves-,  at the inquiry and he sai_*b''p__lic-  ly and was prepared to take the  consequences.  It was not a question of liberal or  conservative, members of both parties came tb him and asked him to  hush up the matter, members went  to the government and made it a  condition of their support that they  must be helped in their Railways  and other schemes. It was no an  easy thing to stand almost alone to  bring these questions tbrongh to  light.  He would not hide tha truth  from them for the sake of any man.  He was informed that one of the  two blocks contained a large quantity of- coal—.n creditable authority  he might say tbe largest coal bed in  the world, it extends to Alberta and  the value is beyond conception.  In Sir Thos. O'Shaugaessy.  sworn statement, the coal - in that  ont block alone was more than the  value of the whole railway. The  member for South Kootenay told  him the seams of coal were as high  as a church.  There was something radically  wrong where tips were got from inside informrtion before locating that  land. That coal must be reserved  for the use of the people in spite of  certain newspapers in the province  hounding the government to give  the grants.  Ws should not sell any more coal land, oaly  less* them subject to conditions. The province  was enormously rich ln minerals, Immense deposits of coal, copper, fold, silver, lead and Iron  —rich almost beyond imagination. The forests,  Sshsrles snd ather bounties make it the wealthiest province iu America. Our policy was s  wrong system giving subsidies to railways. It  encouraged promoters snd speculators. They  get ths charters snd hold them for speculative  purposes; ttait Is why ao railwsys are being  built. They peddle their charters from province  'to province snd force others to buy Mhem out,  We went legislcUaa which will Indues capitalists  to com*.  Ths civil service had bees increased 4* per  cent, unjustifiably si a djaiaaiag grass, (of political heelers. The gavernatent should be put  sa s business foatlng. He quoted figures to,  support.  With regard to Ihe mine tsz it wss not fair to  tax the general community for the nice of the  mining Industry. Re was in favor of a rebate for  th* refining of our minerals la our own country  with out owa coal.  It wss common sense men wanted of honor  and principle—whether liberal or conservative.  He had done his best snd It remained for th*  elector* to continue the work.  Be hoped to have th* honor of sgsln represent*  lag th* richest agricultural district in the  province. He had never made the public inter'  est* subservient to any party although hewnss  liberal as they all kaew.  When Mr. nfcSrlde was called ap he told him  he Intended to ask him (Oliver) snd Paterson to.  join his ministry. McBride afterwards informed  him that he Intended tb form a straight conservative government. He did not aspire to e*bi-(  act rank snd if the electors had no ass for him  he could retire into private life.  H* urged the young men to register as the  onus of the province's [responsibility would  soon be thrown on them.  . The following question wss asked: "Who  would be your choice of teader?"  Mr. Oliver replied: -"It was considered advls-'  able to let the matter stand until the member*  had been elected. He had no maa In view, but  refused to support sir. Martin."  .The following resolution wss moved by B. A.  ■own seconded by A. D. Paterson snd carried by  a standing vote:  Resolved, thst this meeting approves af the  manner ln which Mr. John Oliver has representing Delta riding during the last parliament ot  British Columbia. That we consider _t* conduct  has been above approach, that he hss been ^ill-  gent ia the discharge of his duties, consistently  supporting >hat he believed to be right and  t-.tlesily exposing that Which tie knew to be  wrong, aad furthermore, having absolute confidence In his ability as s represestatlve we approve of sad endorse his ssndidsturc for re-election.  Alter a vote of thanks wss tendered to Mr.  Oliver snd the chairman the meeting adjourned.  The labor question at the Dunsmuir -mines is still unsettled.  i.i-i---i—nrr1 Tinm  The fishermen's 'union and the  cannery employers _#*. _et yet  come to terms.  The Brackman-Ker Milling Company are constructing a new warehouse on False'Creek.  •Hits. Btta Kerr returned home  yestereay from Nanaimo where she  had been'attending high school.  -Campers are-already arriving at  Bdb__ary _hky. __. C. Major, P.  Canfield, Pearson and Mrs. Trapp  and family are among .the New  Westminster contingent.  Mrs'B O Craigie of Vancouver  and .drs. Milligan of Victoria are  on a visit to their sister Mrs R J J  X-ttrd and will attend the FoUrth'of  July Sports at Point Roberts today.  The excursion by lthe Victorian  last Sunday was a sUcSets. _r._rly  too visitors came over, about half  the number proceeded by train, the  remainder choosing the river trip.  New Trustees Elected.—  Chairman and Secretaries Appointed for the  Com.hg Term.  The annual meeting of the Ladner .chool board was held lost Sat-  urd«Sr'at^leveno''do_£. _)ayidA.  McMcKec was voted chairman and  P. Shirley at secretary.  The secretary stated that there  was only the financial report to consider, which he read in deta'il. The  receipts were Sxoo.6i, including  the government grant aad the ex-  penditute $75.85, leaving a credit  balance of $04.76. The report was  adopted.  W. S. Livingstone was nominated and elected trustee in place of T.  Thirkle, whose term had expired.  P. Shirley stated that everything  was in fairly good condition except  the grounds, which required cultivating and levelling up, and sufficient funds were available. The  meeting then terminated.  At the annual mefctingof tha residents of 1_e -_o__da.y Bay school  district on Saturday last, W. J.  Brandrith was elected trustee in[the  place of W.( Witter whose term ot'  office expired. At a subsequent  meeting Mr. Brandrith was elected  secretary.  The annual meeting of the Crescent Island school district was held  Saturday. D. Price was re-elected  trustee. Tha trustees appointed D.  Harris chairman and D. Price secretary.  At the Gulfside School meeting  MfcrMason was nominated and elf  ected^i-stee to fill the vacancy on  theJ_oard. She will also act  secretary.  as  Bast Delta was held on _kt_rday  and alter routine business%obert  McKee was re-elected*ru.t.e.  Myriads of caterpillars are marching across the country from Walla  Walla eating up the wheatfields in  their progress. The column is  about three mites'?6_ga_d is beading eastwards so far.  , A party of settlers from Antwerp,  Belgium, have brought with them  to Kamloops some fine Brussels  fowls, which are twice as large as  the ordinary fowls seen in this  cots-try.  The New Westminster City Council have voted $1000 for the Ladner  river road fund, after the mayor had  consulted premier McBride. A  sketch of the right of way is to be  submitted to the council first.  An agreement has been arrived  at between the Dominion Government and the Grand Trunk. The  former guarantee the bonds and  they have the option of purchase  after thirty yearsi  Examinations.  The Trenant School broke up  for the holidays yesterday week  The honor roll is as follows :-  Florence Fredericks, prohciency;  Annie Smith, regularity and punc  tuality; Blanche -Calhoun' deportment.  The public examination'in this  school was held on Thursday the  35th representatives of each family  were present. The school was only  opened ott the .3rd oi March, so  that very great proficiency could  not be expected, nevertheless the  scholars acquitted themselves with  credit. Rolls of honor were awarded to Fanny Brandrith, for proficiency, Geo. Gunn ior deportment)  Ellen May Abercrombie for regularity and punctuality, pri.es Were  awarded to Jennie Gun 'and W. 'J.  Brandrith for proficiency in arithmetic. It is very gratifying to the  Trustees that tbe attendance is Increasing, each month showing ah  increase. They Consider themselves  fortunate in securing the services  of such a painstaking teacher as  Hiss Murgatroyd and look forward  to increasing efficiency.  LOCAL ITEMS.  Miss Bilvie b*iBg;o_e tea vish1*>  friends in Vancouver.  A. De  R.  Taylor  advertises «  Deering   Binder   for   sale.  W. B. Skinner is in the Delta.  inspecting his properly in this district.  Mrs. W L McBride has left to  visit her sister Mrs Shotbolt _t 'Victoria.  The residents of East Delta held  a very successtttl rJicnic _t'BIackl«V  Spit on Don\irVion'_»ay.  Several parties lost yOung c_i__-  ens on Monday flight 'by 'the _od_  gates at the StoUgh _e!_f *}#ftH«f e_»  Mrs. Stratton of Bradshaw, Nebraska, arrived here on Friday on _.  visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs.  F. Hartnell.  The young son of P. H. Uc~B.ltif  of Cloverdale died .n Tuesday mgit  at Et. Mary's hospital arMT -being  operated on for appendicitis.  Hon Charles Wilson and K»_ B.  F Green left for Ottawa on *T_urt-  day to consult the dominion government en prov_fciaVm__£T*.  ■n-.s-i.ni f _  Mr and Mrs Spender feoVfe ^arjtt  family of San Francisco _!frr*__ %t  Sunbury this week a„8 are visititfg  with Mr and Mrs W S Whiteside.  H. C. Kille.n_iis_e.tor of road*,  is of the opinitn that the new highway to Ladner and the Delta will  be open for traffic by the early fall.  Ladner residents are prepari_t  for their anuua._ag_t to Boundary  Bay. Some Of tKem have-freasfy  migrated wfth»"che^Oaitsg •*«•«»J_e  schools.  It is * said that counterfeit note*  have been circulate- ia Chinatown,  As a rule the Wily Celestial i. _pt©  dodges of this kind and 'is atbido-*  caught napping.  Miss'Mason of " Oakdtaa'^atf-  side hasyost received a finely1 tontd  piano from the Prince compMby,  Toronto, through Hicks & L&ver-  ick the provincial agents.  John Oliver will hold a meeting  at the town hall, Suirey Centra oa  Monday evening next, and $t  Berry's ball, Langley, on tha following ' _veiiirjg. Both meetings  start at . o' dock.  2.  Preparations'  %t the trend dr*  ange celebration et the Royal City  on Monday 13th, art still going oi  vigorously. The Ladner lodges  have arranged for a special trip of  the Transfer which is to bring the  ex-urstbh-sti back at 9 p m. Tbe  Ladn'eir band accompanies the local  brethren.    Fare ro_n_ trip SO cti.  A number of fishermen, -Europeans- have passed through Port Gui»  chon ior the Brunswick, B. A., nd  A. A. Canneries. A melting of  fishermen was held at Steveston  on Thursday night when it was decided to divide the difference in the  prices, and it is thought tbe cannery*  men will meet the union half way  and settle the dispute. THE DELTA NEWS, SATURDAY, JULY 4,  1903.  ._L_?L - -  -'-  ___..  s__e_____a  THE DELTA NEWS  Pdkuished every Saturday.  Subscription, $L00 P^r year-  ^VIWKRTI^I- RATE'S.  .Casual Advertisement*, io c.rats per line for  /he Brst insertion, and 5 tents per lmc f"r ,c.uch  ssbsequent insertion. Tlie number or lines  Ireckonedby.yiic (space occupied, u lines to the  inch.  '   'Kates .Ior Commercial Advertisements can be  had ou application at this office.  " Reading notices io cents per line for eacli insertion.  Birth and Death notice*, 50c., Marriages $1.00.  _uy special uotice, the object of which is to  •promote the pecuniary benefit of any Individual  Jsr company, to be considered an advertisement  snd charged accordingly. ,  _U advertisements charged for until ordered  ,oi*t and paid for.  Correspondence invited on matter* of public  ■interest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, uot necessarily  Cor publication, but as evidence of good fai-tit  Correspondence must reach this office by Thursday evening.  RIC. A. FRASER",  Editor and Proprietor.  SATURDAY,  JULY  4,   1903.  VOTER'S LISTS.  /The Legislation having been dissolved the Redistribution Act 1902,  .comes into force. There are now  42 members, and clause 10 defines  the Delta district as follows., "That  •tract of land contained within the  Jjmits of the municipalities of Delta  Surrey and Langley, including  Barnstone and McMillan Islands,  .jjhall constitute one electoral district,  to be designated "Delta electoral  .district," and return one member."  As all voters' lists up to June 16  have been  cancelled by  the same  Act, it is necessary for everyone to  .re-register.    A notice from the collection of voters appears in our advertising columns stating that forms  rof application may be had at am  post office or from his office at New  ■Westminster,     Persons   can   also  register at the City Council office.  -There are only seven weeks before  ,___ lists will he closed so that no  -• £ime should be lost.    We have already  pointed out that great care  has to be exercised in the filling in  pf the forms.    The name must .<•:  .in full and all erasures or blots must  i  be initialed.  It has been  suggested that the  jnen employed at the canneries will  lose their suflfages.    They will be  jen the fishery grounds now for registration,   qualified  to   vote  by  a  months   residence.     They   cannot  register here,   although domiciled,  as the act of registration must be  done personally.    When the elections are at hand the men will have  xeturned to their homes in the Delta  and elsewhere unable to cast their  .vote in the district where they reside.  Their only alternative is to travel  ijome hundreds of miles to vote in a  district in which they have only a  /season's interest.   Under the Act  ^bis is provided for, an elector duly  .registered notifies the registrar ofc  his departure for a new district, and  .receives a certificate wbich presents  io the registrar in bis new electorate  and his vote is recorded.    The fishermen,  hunters and others, when  business carries them away  from  their location must register somewhere by a month's qualification.  have been entered into competition. POLICE   COUR.T.  Unlike the Eastern   creameries the I    British ColumbL,,c5 have not paid j 0b_cene Lang^e Tjsed  attention to (the cheese departr_t-.it,  but no doubt i'lis will come in time.  Tlie returns for British Columbia  are inconr-.'e'.c its tl.e average number of parous is not stated or the  amount paid to them fo: milk and  creair. The value of the butter  mad-j does not appear. Even the  Territories supply more detailed returns. Ontario of course beads the  list with output of over nine million  pounds valued at $1, 793,264, Quebec has 452 (refineries but the particulars of their output are not given.  Manitoba shows a decrease of one  million pounds for 1902 as compared with the previous year, and  Nova Scotia also shows scries of decreases for three years. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and  Britisli Columbia are all on the up  grade. The Delta creamery, it will  be remembered paid a dividend of  seven per cent last February at its  eighth annual meeting. The only  one in British Columbia doing so.  by John Holmes.  Before W. H. Ladner and R. E-  Kittson, J's. P., on Saturday 29th.  John Holmes appeared in answer  to a summons that he did assault  one Eliza Crawford by using ius_.lt-  ing, abusive and -obscene language  towards her at East Delta. The  accused pleaded guilty and promised not to repeat the offence.  The bench in consideration ol  the promise fined him $5 and $5  costs, to be paid in one week or  thirty days hard labor in Westmin-  s'.er gaol in   default   of   payment.  The camping out season is at  hand and in view of thisthe Superintendent of Forestry is sending his  annual notices calling special attention to the necessity for the greatest  caution being observed in the use  of fire by settlers, campers and  others during the dry summer  months. Heavy penalties are imposed for violation of the provisions  of the law iu this regard. For leaving a fire in the woods whereby  damage results a fine of $100 may  be inflicted, or three months imprisonment in default. Neither  shall anyone ignite inflammable  material in the open air on his own  land whereby adjoining or adjacent  property public or private, shall be  damaged under a similar penalty.  FISH OFFAL.  C. J. Fagan, M. D., secretary of  the Provincial Board of Health, is  sending out notices to the owners  and managers of canneries drawing  attention to the regulations in respect to fish offal. The secretary  points out the provisions of the  Health Act will be vigorously put  in force this year, and tbe following  are mentioned as contraventions of  the Act: Allowing offal to escape  into river, throwing dead salmon  into river, allowing dead fish or offal to remain on foreshore or in  water around cannery, want of  proper provisions for the disposal  of oftal and the prevention of its  escape into river. It is also painted  out that cannery surroundings and  foreshores must be kept clear of dead  fish, the owner., being responsible,  no matter where the fish came from.  Fishermen, or others, found throwing dead salmon into the river will  be prosecuted and a special constable  will constantly patrol the principal  rivers in order to insure the carrying  out of the regulations.  WILFUL MURDER.  A. J. Firth is under arrest, charged with the murder of F. J. Bailey,  storekeeper at the naval yard Esquimau. The body was found in the  sail store with a bullet wound in the  ba:k of the head, and the door locked. The victim was a man of about  thirty-five years of age, a married  in'sn, and had several children.  He was a past master of the Free  Masons and indentified himself  prominently with the construction  of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home  on the Esquimalt road, which was  projected by the Wesleyan chaplain  Rev. J. P. Hicks. The Coroner's  jury bringS"in a verdict of wilful  murder.  Uiiil.ll  PARLOR  Tobacco, Pipes, and Cigars.  1.. IHFF< RD,     -      -       Ladner  A   O  U W  DBLTA   LODGE   NO.   12,   meet*   fir*     snd  third   Tuesdays   in   each month ia Wad-  d. It's >i_U. T. W. KKKJ_, Recorder.  THOS. K. I-ADNKR, U. W.  I. O. F.  Cocrt Osseo, No. 3443, meets  in I O O F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in  each month Visiting brethren  always welcome. C. R, J B  Burr;'R S,   B S  McDonald  PIGS WANTED.  Wanted 20 store pigs, About 90 or 100 lbs. each,  for the Uelt-t Creamery Co., _,td, Apply, stating  price, t<> C- V. GR«HN(  Ladner, 22nd May] 1903. Secy.  TAILORING  Clothes Altered, Cleaned and Repaired.  rarcels left at W. L. McBride's store aad A. Walker's and W. R. McClellan'* barber shop will be  called lor ;   Mouday and.returned on] Saturday.  0. W. WALKER.  -V__##_?r S. Frmser  & CcMnany, Limited  Established 1862  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  Iron, i Steel,   Pipe  Fittings,   and Shelf  Goods  pelfpohBosx34_3 Wharf Street, VICTORIA, B. C.  Always in Season  The   Suggestion  to   Buy   Home    Goods  WHEN THEY ARE THS  BEST IN  THE  WORLD  His Last Hope Realized.  l-rom the Sentinel, Gebo, Mo.it.  In the first opening of Oklahoma  to settlers in 1889, the editor of  this paper was among the many  seekers after fortune who made the  big race one fine day in April.  During his traveling about and afterwards his camping on his claim,  he encountered much bad water,  which, together with the severe  heat, gave him a very severe diarrhoea which it seemed almost impossible to check, and along in June  the case became so bad he expected  to die. One day one of his neighbors brought him one small bottle  of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy as a last hope.  A big dose was given him while be  was rolling about on the ground in  great agony, and in a few minutes  the dose was repeated. The good  effect of the medicine was soon noticed and within an hour the patient  was taking his first sound sleep for  a fortnight. -. That one little bottle  worked a complete cure and.he  cannot help but feel grateful. The  season for bowel disorders being at  hand suggests this item. For sale  oy F. J. MacKenzie.  The Chilliwack Creamery Association completed its first year's oper-  Ati.as on June 17th, having during  the year _oanufactnred 124,414 Wis.  of batter. Jn this connection ij.is  intere-tiae to note that.several new  t K I   ''    ■  creameries have receutly b*en start-  ed. . In .1901 there were only seven  ,©f tljese tadnstries in British Columbia, producing 6pi,3-9 lbs. ofbutter  -«5 lbs. of milk being required to  make one pound pf butter. In the  previous year it teok 27 lbs. aud the  total prfcduct wars 450,2Qt with six  creameries in operation.   Recent!  "It must be understood," said  the vestryman, who was extremely  "low church," to the new rector,  "that the rector here shall have no  surplice." "Gracious!" exclaimed  the Rev. Mr. Newcombe, "how  could one have a surplus on the  salary you offer?"  Chamberlain's  Colic,  Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy.  The uniform success of this remedy has made it the most popular  preparation in use for bowel complaints. It is everywhere recognized as the one remedy that can always be depended upon and that is  pleasant to take. It is especially  yaluable for summer diarrhoea in  children and is undoubtedly the  means of "saving the lives of a great  many children each year. For  sale by F. J. MacKenzie.  Q.  hotography  Pho os, Views, etc., of all  kinrsdone on short notice.  H.   BYROM,   Ladner,  B.   C.  Wiiidsor| Hotel  Corner Columbia .& Begbie, 3ts.  NKW W5_TMIN6TB__  Sample noma for commercial travelers. Cen  trally situ ted in business portion of the city  Accoinnjctd tioii and dining room firit clan. Convenient to tramway terminus and C P li depot  and -lean.bouts.. Rates $i, $ 1.25 and J1.5C  A. VACi ON,       - Proprietor  Hotel Colonial  J. R. INbLj_Y, Prop.  Rates, $i.5« and |s.oo per day.  Special- attention given . to Coramereiul  Travellers.  Cor. MeKeusic and Clarksou sts.  New Westminster, B. C  HOLBROOK HOUSE  KKW WESTMINSTER, B.|c  JAiMESIW. WELSH, Proprietor.  Strictly frat class. Near Steamboat Landing!,  und Railway Station, Farmers will find this a  c_»m--:iiciii bouse to stop at wh'en in the city.  Hotel Lelancl  R. nov.swell, Prop. Vancouver, a. C.  One block from C. P. R. Depst aud Steamboat  wharves. Newly renovated aad re-modelled.  Rates, $1.50 to %2 per day.  Cor. fr nvillc and HaBtingsSts.   -   -   -   Tel. M.  Surrey Hotel  SOUTH WESTMINSTER, 1. C.  Mrs. K. George,  Proprietress.  Newly furnished throughout.   First class accaai  modation.   Choice liquors and cigars.  Good stalling in attendance.  McRAE & Co  NEW WESTniNSTER, !B. C.  ______  | gA lull line of English and Irish  Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.  Fruit   Growers  Yietoria Terminal  . ELOPEMENT.  A curious elopement case has j»st  come to light by the arrival of the  husband, who has tracked his erring  spouse and her paramour to Chilliwack, The case is remarkable on  account of tl.e age   of the woman  who is now in l.er sixty-fourth year,   -j-*    . p   -e-71 , ,j~.  and the man for whom she left hefj Jt_aiWay *$_ J_ eiT^ l_yU  second husband, who is 75 years  ol age, is just sixteen years hen  junior. The man Li named George  or Gavoni Hamilton, and besides  being postmaster at. Harmattan,  Alberta, is chiefly engaged in obtaining locations for settlers. , .  Dan God fry,  the  famous bandmaster of the Grenadiers is dead of-  ■Nanaimo and Salt Spring  Island j paralysis.  1 Sfl i Mii  Leaving Victoria at 7 a, in., returning arrives at  6-25 p. in.     Arrives at Port  Guichon n a. m  leaves on rcturn.at 3 p. m.  , Tiains between Cloverdale and New Westminster   arc  governed   by   time   card on the Great  Northern Railway.  Send to us when you want  Fruit Paper. We have it cut  to proper size" for Plums and  Pears.  Give us~your order also for  Butter Paper, Rubber Stamps,  books, stationery and Wall  Paper. ■    Mpckay&Southon  Columbia street,       NSW   WSjBTMINaTBR,jVC  tbe Brackman*Ker Cereals  Home Grown and Home Made, should have a place on your  Breakfast   Table.   '  ALL     GROCERS  - .   :,  ..*.  THE  nRSSEY-HARRIS  RAKES  Are sold in all lands. Massey-Harris Statements  as to their worth have alway* been fully justified by their  work and wearing, qualities.  Buy the Massey-Harris Machinery aud keep the  Money in the Country.  E. O. Prior & Co., Victoria  <_«_{>i»nti«n(ii»n}i.«nt.n sfru,.;, «,.;..«..{♦*..<_— ♦ejVs_{i.a.^».S'<i.s.a>'SiS>.s.fi«iii|i a.+ _s|i_t|  <•  ♦  The  Delta  News     ,  THE PEOPLES' POPULAR PAPER  To increase your Business insert an vad. in The Delta  News, it reaches every household in Delta Municipality.  It contains all the Lbcal"hap-  penings of the village and  district and no business firm  should neglect to have an ad.  m it.  : ■'■;„ v;  P.Clark  tcnerat Blaeksmlth  Ladner,.B. C.  First class  work.  Horseshoing  a specialty.  The Delta News  One Dollar a Year.  Butter Makers  Secure your parchment at The  - Delta Newt offic^.   Thi__tpck   '  of paper ii the..hf»t it^.the  provinoe. Vo_ • cam get it  either prmfcad or plain. When.  you need butter paper call or  se^d to this office.  tbe Delta flews, Ladner  i  »ii ^^.♦■'■♦•''.♦■»''>'«^«-«^^t>*'4>'» THE'DELTA NEWS, SATURDAY JULY .,, 1903.  -.-;*•   JINGLES AND JESTS.  Fate's Decree.  rust nature, wisdomHt_i iha_'irbtl>_s-  tcst.  .   tbat her -_ste'ft-S-i_etlrt__'„bt't_l  best  mu.it affirm.   This is conclusive test:  The fur  'list   matches   Maud's   complexion,   eyes  and hair  ■juld .row on Maud, but nature (Java a  bear'!  Inherited.  "And now," said Professor Longhun-  r as   be.greeted   Mr.' Henry   Peck  .   ..i_tt shall we make of your little baj  -a iecttrrer? lie baa a sincere taste foi  "I know be bas," replied tbe malt  parent. "-He inherits -it -from his mother."  Not So Surprising;.  "Does yo' lalk buckleberty -pie,.  t_aud?"  Olaud—'Deed 1 could eat huckleberry  pie till I'm black in de face.  His Support.  Ne foreign nobleman is he,  Tet it has come to pass  _liat Mabel pays his tailor bills,  And Stella puys the gas.  Pair Phyllis staves the landlord -oft;  On Kate for food he-leans;  _hey are the .iris he rhyme's about  in all the magazines.  1  4  ' "•■;--*     -    JtBlfferent-aoestlon.   .     '•  '■» • -,'_,er_fn., Jr.—.Vb'y don't you boy feat  bora, of Seth's, pop? fie _ got a fins  •pedigree.  Perkins, Sr.—Pedigree!   The question  Is, Is be wiitb.niiytliing?   Why, boy,  them sassiety folk's • Vi _at comes here  •■*        i_j the sutnuier has pedigrees.  Polished Cynic.  __ett>\.-_Ir;, Gynique is too polisheij  .or wbi'ls, isn't be?  -Peggy -Oh, dear, yes. -Everything he  .ays reflects ou some-one.  ...'...,..-v Moiraranntlc.'   ..    jjjp/  The sun of a kingly fanatic ■   \  t,oved a maid  whom his father, en»  ,  * jjnntlc,. ,  . .  .  Fori _de him to wed.   .  —-Tie the .t^laT'.-ihaierinpe said,  '''For combines tolbe Hor.an.ticl"  • .-■<■• ,/'-.,.   ;'•»     Her Achievement,  ■ '••Chariey'ij.'.denr,''.  Sflld   young.'Mrs;'  '_oi'kiii!i.'"you'ltnow yoii-sald we'.light  -* - i__M)__ something by for a rainy-day."  "_es."  "Well, don . 'you think this bargain  tain coat is -perfectly lovely-?"  Par»eetn„  Mnh.  •_!«_._ * exclaimed the ni__e__i  freak. "Wtiy. he's.,so, mean tbat he  broke his engagement to the two headed girt; becduse he was-afraid of'het  -liiluicrybills."  !. '  ; .he Or.tirlnaliGirl..  _he's quite original, they say,  A blithe and winsome elf; '••"  •She £|a\y« Bee-hoVeilJit-a.-wRyi-  He didn't know- hlm-sl't' ......  >  Good at _ Bad  -Mug.  _U1—ThaJ man is a horrible Hat.  %Jlli-Oh, .fdqn't know    I think he.  ..ty good.at ft.  '■'   Didn't Try Both. '  .lAaseiJrby* dog, I climbed a tre_  ;My trousoris]1are.a sight to see!  _ am constrained", .herefbro, to write, ■■"-  "The bark was far worse than the bits."  -^University of Michigan Wrinkls.  The Kplo.re.  .   /'They say the glass eater has made _  -tar*.-..". '■■'.,.  -' "_es7 he can' afford to eat all cut  •flhss now."  Behind   the  Times.  ''She has..the figure of a Venus."   '"(..she. then  so  unfashionable as  •Uiat?" |,*i   \  «'   (;  _______ -  ..  ^ Convenient.  Tricks of Parts'Cabmen.  Paris is full of counterfeit coins, and  the cabmen make use of them quite ingeniously. You take a two franc flacro  ride, • and when you reach your -hotel  you !iu the generosity of your heart  give the cabman 3 francs.  You havo just got within the vestibule when you nortec the cabman has  followed you.  He apologizes, but the coin you have  given him is bad. You look at it Yes,  it is bad. It is nothing but a bit of  lead.  You are pretty certain in your mind  tbat it isn't the coin you gave the man  —which in ninety-nine cases out of a  hundred it isn't—but you don't care to  haggle in a hotel corridor and be subjected to the ignominious glances of  other folks as a foreigner who gives  poor French _-ab drivers bad money. So  you take the bit of lead and give a good  coin.  Of course the cabman bas changed  the coin.' You gave him a perfectly  good three franc piece at tlie start,  which le has in bis pocket, and he bas  MiifTed you into giving bim another 3  francs in exchange for a useless bit of  lead. To visitors to Paris let this be a  warning.  Similarity of Animals and Men.  It has been observed that if- the  tamed dog is taken back to tbe wijtl  itate he loses his voice. These "sounding voices" are produced in thb animal  throat in a way similar to human language, but are not "voices" proper nor  "languages" proper, and yet they are  full of psychological expression and n.  veal the animal's psychic states. If we  tickle a chimpanzee in the armpit, the  touch produces a grin on the face similar to that of a ifl_n under like circumstances. He also emits laugbterlike  sounds. The same is the case with tbe  ourang putang. The gorilla knits the  brow when angry, just like men.  We often observe in apes a complete  clfange in the facial muscles when  something is going to happen, be It  agreeable or disagreeable. It Is so also  with the child. In apes there is evidently the same connection between  the facial muscles aud vocal muscles as  iu man.  Bmbarr_js*sl_|r.  A settlement worker.'having been re-  I quested hy n-iixiou.s-mothers to nddn .-■  j the younger women of the settlcnii.'i;  , clubs on "heart interest"-topics,' decided to do so.   She talked with the girls  I earnestly, urging upon tiicm the dci \.  I and Intrinsic sacred-en« of all love and  marriage relations, the coarseness au-a  vulgarity of indiscriminate flirtations,  the great and growing need for high  ideals, standards and action on the woman's part.  Then, just as she took her  seat, it occurred to her that she might  have talked a little bit over the heads  of her listeners, and she sprang to.her  feet with an added remark:  "Please believe that what I say is  true, my dear friends," she exhorted  earnestly, "and please don't think I  don't understand my subject. I know  what I'm talking about, girls—I really  do."  Once more she took her seat, delighted with the air of general interest, and  from the rear of the room came tic  question:  "Please, Mrs. S., how many times  have you heen  in  love?','  | . Character D_il_in_.  Character is the wool of honor from  which n coat of mail can be .woven that  the swiftest arrow of shame or the  keenest knife of disrepute cannot  -* pierce. Every thought tlfttt enters cur  mind, every act we do and every word  . we utter adds a link to the golden  . chain.of character. The strength of a  steam engine can be estimated to within on 'ounce of Its limit, but it is impossible to estimate the force of a noble diameter. The hardest hearts are  8oftened;_nd the most repulsive dispositions become fascinating. Our failures and, our successes help to form a  reputation that'may be destroyed by  an external force, but the destruction  of a character can only be effected by  some iutermil force.—Our Boys' Magazine.  I       '" '"'       The Word "Jolly."  On the adoption of the word "jolly"  Into the English it bad the meanin,. of  .eauttful, as It has among the French  today. The English dramatist Beaumont of the sixteenth century speaks  of our first mother as "the jolly" Eve."  In time, however, it came to mean hi-  • larious, regardless of physical beauty.  But this latter meaning is probably  the right one after all, as the word  doubtless comes from Yule (Yu-le), the  pagan Christmas, so to speak, for be it  known that what we now observe as  Christmas day was a heathen holiday  called Yule, and the Yule festival was  one of noisy demonstration.  Yule indeed means noise or outcry,  praising in loud voice, chanting, singing, making outcry in- honor of their  „od. From yule, then, to jolly the stop  Is short and easy, both meaning revelry,   rejoicing.    Ours  is   a. risen   Lord,  : theirs the same.  The words are identl-  ! cal. So, too,-In largo degree the Christmas jollities, praises rind these of heathen YUle. Into such close relation do  simple words sometimes connect the  present with the past.  ■   finite   Necessary.  •'Well;" said the plain citizen, "there  •■•re always- two sides to a question."  ■  ''Of  course,"   replied  the diplomat,  * .therwlse how could we dodge it?"   -  -Her Reason.  jDr. .Porter had responded to a note  left at his door by a farmer asking  bim to go as soon as possible to see his  little boy, who had "a very bad cold."  . The doctor took one look at the child  and'turned tb "the mother.  "Don't you know your boy is coming  down with measles?" he asked severely.  ''Yes, doctor, I knew he was," -said  the woman.  'Thou what in the world did you  mean by writing me he had 'a very bad  cold. " asked the doctor.  The woman hesitated for a moment;  then, looking at her husband, sho said,  with sullen .rankness, "Neither him  nor me knew how to spell measles."  A Chinese Jnlte.  In his book on "China and tbe Chinese" Dr. Giles gives a specimen of  ^Chinese humor which, if the source  were not known, might well be mistaken for American humor.  There is a Chinese story which tells  how a very stingy mau took a paltry  sum of money to an artist—payment is  hlwa'ys exacted In advance—and asked  him to paint his portrait. The artist at  once complied with the request, but  when the portrait was-flnished nothing  was visible save the back of the sitter's head.  "What does this mean?"cried the sitter indignantly. •  "Well," replied the artist, "1 thought  a man who paid so little as you paid  wouldn't care to show hlsface."  ■:    i ,«i. W« ««• oT »M th» pa tent foot*.        . -j  _      • -    .-      ■JK*"*** ■ sin»m>q-e*ti6_;'.. J-'sJ U  '■> \*     '   ■  __id .rank the pa tent meaioWss.    V r.  To ouro his Indigestion:  '• •- " -  ■>■     >.  '• -'  ',  -Facial  Art.  ''Don't jr o _ think -her face has an arti-  _<_al tint?" '   •  ^      "** -T-T'-ttifn'  If ■ a  solid colore-  As Seen Vrom Distance..  >. '}   5fHbw do you/ltnQw it'» the library I*  "The   smoke   issues lu volumes."  • .«:  _*_! - ■'•:,_ J...     ■       :  . ._  _ai_n____Mi  -,- ''X's_-i__ilo_, •■;__'•«_* .Idle.  I don' know much geometry,  '.-' BsMtat wHI declare:  •De man dat's always-'hanghV round  lis seldom on de square.  »-.".. :#c-v- <•_   :----'   .  jy» 4. 4 .'The4Pa<5»r—I hofc-e; yoii _eySr'swear  ""' _- «j. hen the'"baby is irritable.:  J >  . ...       Tbe Parent—Ob, no- the baby attend.  lo-aJii_t_t       .-'..  ■■»■,.  *     . j ■ _hrnt»S and  Brains.  i- • That inany deem themselves most vriaa  Is far from stransoWhen wo recall"  . •<_,..•' j.-.-     a. -. » lake» » 1° V brains to know  -?r-.H *.   ...jr.  Jf we-*. _■> _r_lne-at aflC ■:.-;... •■    V  ,w* ,     , :_____ ■     ' j  ."'    •    \ •      A «_reaie^Cd__:e_.«P_.e.--   '^  ', -   **    "V-he i_trest»«6^6r'fc'__lie_l_w_y,  Isn't he?"  /'Yes,   i>_t !th.    fcertietery Mt   right  ufcaudy."  A Mad Ophelia.  Patience—Why, she geve the best representation of Ophelia I ever saw.  Patrice—Indeed!  "Yes. You know Ophelia la supposed  to _e mad?"  "_es,"     •  "Well, there was a party in one of  the boxes, aud tbey-talked loud enough  to be heard all over tbe theater, and  she was the maddest Ophelia I ever  saw in my life!"  Great  Natures.  Great natures are always generous.  They are fountains not only of vitality,  but of bestowal. However great the rewards they receive may be, these rewards arc but a fraction of the worth  of the service rendered, and no man  ought to be satisfied, whatever his position or work, unless he can feel that  he is giving far more than he is receiving, that a very large part of what  he does is not returned in money, th;U  however successful he may be on the  practical side he must stil! be counted  one of the benefactors of his kind because of the generosity of his bestowals-Outlook.  His Source of Information.  •   Backlotz—You (Jou'fmeah to say this  -is the first you've heard of it?  SubrJubs—Yes.  ' BacklOtz-Why, It's the talk of tho  neighborhood.  Subbubs—Yes, but my wife is away  on a visit.  He Wss Moved.  *_>iathe notes of a. bird ever move  you?" asked tbe poetic girl.  "Yes," replied the young man. "I used  to call on a young lady, and every time  the cuckoo announced tbe hour of 10 I  went home."  Peach   Pita.  The statement has been made that  prussic  acid  was   made  from   peach  stones.   This is altogether a mistake,  for, although under certain, conditions  a trace of the main principle of tlie  deadly poison can be found in peach  ] stones,  there is not sufficient to pro-  '< duco the acid without other essential  j ingredients.   Indeed, without the prue-  I ess of fermentation there is no evidence  ! at all of prussie acid in the stones.—Exchange.  Just the • Place.  Irate Landlord (to couple who are  taking a lovers' walk on his property)—  Now, then, can't you read?  Amorous Youth—Oh, yes, we can  read.  Irate Landlord—Then go to the end  of this road and read the sign there.  Amorous Youth—We have rend it. It  says, "Private," aud that is just why  we came down here.  Crazy    In   Moderation.  Wife—If I were to die, Phil, what  would you do?   '       - ',  Phil—I'd be most crazy.  Wife—Would you marry again?  Phil—No; I wouldn't bevthat crazy.  Mean.  Tess—Jack proposed last night and I  accepted him.  Jess—Did you, dear? By the Way,  don't attempt to cut glass with that  diamond, ns I'did, or you'll make another nick in' the stone.  In the Sweet By nnd By.  "Professor," Inquired the thoughtful  member of the class, "don't yon suppose there will come a time when all  the coal aud all tbe coal oil stored away  ln the earth will have becomo exhausted?"  "Certninly," said the instructor.  ' "What Will we do then?"  "We shall be playing harps, I hope."  \ That Set'tlcil Him.  Husband—You're not economical.  . Wife—Well, if you don't cull a woman economical who saves her wedding  dress for a possible second marriage  I'd like to know what you tluuk economy is!  Fnrnlahed a Dinner.  The monkey lost his hold nnd fell lu-  to the cjocodile. waiting jaws.  Even  then his wits did not desert hlto.   '<I-  just dropped lu for dinner," he said,  t with an engaging smile.-  All the World's a  'I'ollu rury  Shop.  Sozso— Buy tor is not an author; he's  a born" chemist.  Tizsb-Why?  . Sezso—Every novel he writes becomes  a drug on the market  .,  *'  "     '  __%  _##i?  Kastern Catalogue Pricas on  Fencing,  9 Dr.r, 4<j inch high, ~c ce.iU ) er ros .  8    "   45   "       '.!       62        3thcr Styles and heights at like prices. :  J. G. WAB£, Lsdner.  To Intelligerit Business  Men and Farmers:  Insure your Stocks, Houses and  Barns in the Anglo-American and  Equity Fike Insurance Companies. We are not in the Insurance  Trust, and can positively save you  money.    Call or write for rates.'  A W McLeod,  DISTRICT AGENT.  Office: Burr Block, Columbia street,  'Phone 62.       New Westminster  PLAIN TALK.  We  are able torbaek up.every  assertion  we make.    We  stand  ready to furnish you the  best of  . everything in the UVKRY line,  Just as ws sav we will.  We also J_ave better facilities  hauling and handling freight  than any others in this vicinity.  When in need of ajirst-cla'ss livery rig call on us.  .Fashion Stables . .  Wm. Alexander,  Proprietor.  'Phone,  20  Ladner. B.C.  N  <J. F.  ., — DEAIiKR _N— '   |  Bicycles,  Farm   Implements,  Hardware, etc., Coal, Coal  Oil and   Gasoline.  Agent for the McCormick and  the Deering Machines and  Binder Twine.  Manufc'VCtlirer   of Wooden     Pumpi..  Ail-Kinds of Repairing, Farmers Stales.  Auctioneer.  ISE  wn iii  "They Enrich the Earth."  VICTORIA CHEMICAL CO.  W. J. BRANDRITH, AGENT,  LADNER, B. C.  C. P. $_ Co.  •TIME TABLE  NEW     WESTMIjNSTER-STEVESTOjN  KOUTE.  Steamor .Transfer, leuves New Westminster at 2 p.m . daily, except  Sunday. leaves Steveston Monday, 7 a.m., .Friday G a.m. Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 0 p.m., calling al Fraser River landings cietween New Westminster and Steveston. ,    .'  VICTORIA NKW  WESTMINSTER  KOUTE.  S.S. Princess Louise leaves Victoria  Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.  Leaves New Westminster Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. ni.,  calling  at  iYlayiic,   Steveston   and  Guichon.  NEW    W__TMINSTER-CIIII__IWACK  KOUTE.  8.S. Be*ver leaves Now Westminster  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at S a.m. Leaves Chilliwaok  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m.-, calling nt l-'i-nser  River landings hetween New  Westminster and  Chilliwack.  ' VICTORIA-VANCOUVBR ROUTE.  S.S. Charmer leaves Victoria daily ,ut  1  a.m.    S.S.  Charmer loaves Vancouver daily at 1:15 p.m.  A.U ".steamers   from   Vancouver   sail  from C.IMl. wharf.    Tho Company reserves   tbe   right    of . changing   lime  table  at  any time   without   notification.  For full particulars as to time,  rates, etc., apply to nearest ag€.nt, or  to  JAMES SCBATER,  Vancouver   Depot   and   42S   Hastings  street, or to  J. W. TROUP, I. J. COYjVB,  Manager, Asst. Ge». I'nim A.t  Victoria. Vanco.vsi.  II. A. TRKKN, AG.., W^TMIWS-'ER.  Th&y ##_§_'  Fit-Reform garments are noted for style, fit _n_  finish. '   '  Each part of tlie garment is made by skilful __td  specially trained tailors.  In this respect Fit-Reform is superior*!. -ltfailyfciiS"  torn tailors, and.you make a saving .f -..bout .half the  cost.  Suits and Overcoats $10 to #30.  Trousers $3, #4, $5 and $6.  Agencies from Cape Breton to British. Ctolumbia.  Tit'fteform Wardrobe  333 Hastings Street, VANCOUVER, BG.  Mail orders promptly attended to.   Self-me*_u_»mt_rt bl_____  and sa'mples'on application.  .•H»+*."H .•■■■_■+ .H »♦ "<■ ■ »»'M  I    Delta Transfer Stable  I LADNER, B. G.  I SINGLE ANDjDOUBLE RIGS AND 8ADDIJI MOlfUM  I ON SHORT NOTICK  f Team Work Done at Specially Low  JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.  -♦- Telephone " ILadner" No. 10.  If. you want first class work  SEND YOUR LAUNDRY TO THB  New Method Steam Laundry  NEW  WESTMINSTER,  L. Cifford, Agent, - - __■___*_.  I,eave Laundry on Monday and  it will  be returaed en  __t_r__j  Gents clothes cleaned and pressed.     Blankets and Curtains _ ip_ci_lty.  Call at tbe Old Stand lately occupied by P. Clark.  First class work. Your patronage solid  W.H.TAYLOR,     -     -    PROP.  B. C. CIQAR FACTORY  B. C—Noted Brand.  PHOENIX—With Eagles.  OLD SPORT—Always Reliable.  B. WILBERG & CO. KBW WSSTIH3TK*, 1. C  P. O. BOX __.  Special Sale of  Dress  Goods  5^^ Fifty pieces Fany Dress Muslhis, regular price  356.   Special sale price, j'ard  Special  Black" Grenadines,    regular   price,    $X.  sale price  CI  .1  Black[Grenadines, regular  price  $2.     Spacial   •____.  price "    . ■■■■-.  m;_  Cha5.C.5tcver\sor\&C0  Corner Hastings and Richards Streets  VANCOUVER,  .  u  ,....>r,«<_»*>--__ . !_.«  • - t  ;   ,.,  ftp  THE DELTA NEWS, SATURDAY JULY74.  1903.  ■ .: .     •  LOCat/news.  Al£jt Gilchrist  of Vancouver  is  f isiting in the Delta.  G.  Byxop »ud yife were in the  pities on Thursday.  -Mrs. John Hon«y»an was visit-  f_g iu Vancouver this -week.  A. De R. Taylor reports 00.76  was rejistered for the last rain.  Christies Cream Sodas, crisp and  fresh.    City Bak.ry.  Summer saj^s^pficJj;. This .fink  that is strengthiag and futt of satisfying KQQfl '9 what you should take  i at an.} _e_s.il. There's no doubt of  the worth of Premier Lager Beer.  Gives lone to the appetite, makes  str-.ngth of body, makes health and  happiness. Give it a trial. Nels  N.lsou, Westminster Brewery,  'phone 7-5.  CHURCH    NOTICES  Miss Weare has returned home  |ft«r several weeks stay in Victoria.  Oto. Case of IXL ranch Alterta  «ru looking round the Delta this  freek.  Several picnic parties went to  Boundry Bay and Chewasin on  Dominion day.  i_lis C. Green returned from  Golden this week and will spend  the holidays with relatives.  Mrs. Herbert Darroch and son  pf Kamloops axe visiting the form-  ftn parent*. Mr. and Mrs. W. J.  Frederick*.  Misses M. McLellan and D. Cook  who have been attending high  ichool at Westminster have return-  jed home for their holidays.  Sheriff _«4 Mrs. Armstrong of  lfew Westminster and Frank Reid  Wrsister of Simcoe spent a few days  irtth Mr. and Mrs. John Paterson  Jhiiweek,  nshermer. Attenioa  Are you aware that we irave the sole agency for the  best Leather Fisherman's Hip Boots.ever sold in this  country. Call and select your pair before they are all  gone.    Every pair guaaanteed waterproof.  Sold only by  w. e. Sinclair, teodlng suae store ol New Westminster  CATH01.rC  Reverend Father Edtn. Peytavin,  O.M. I. Services first and third  Sunday of each month at 10:30 a tn.  METHODIST.  Services next Lord's Day at 3 p.m  Sabbath School at a p m  every  Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every  Wednesday evening at 7.30.  A N   Miller, pastor  ST. ANDREW'S PKB_BY.KB.IAM  Service. next Lord's Day at 11  a. m.and 7:30 p.m.  Sabbath School at 1 p m Midweek meeting on hursday evening  at 7:30 o'clock  Thomas Oswald, minister.  BAPTIST CHURCH.  Service Sunday evening at 7:30  o'clock.    Duncan Welsh, preacher.  H. N; RICH,  LADNER, B.C.  Notary Public, Auctioneer,  Estate and Insurance Agent.  $10,000 to  advance on  Mortgages.  Purchssl-f Agent  Brackmafi-Ker Mllllrtr Co. Ltd.  F_»fi! infer.  TUB DELTA CANNBRV SH_, LADNER  1 being an excellent I.ocatlonjfor Suw Mill,  Coal and Wood Yard, Shipping and General  Warehouses.  The undersigned will receive up te Tuesday,  July 14th, at 8 p.m., tenders for the above desirable property consisting of about 5 acres of  land, together with Buildings and Wharf thereon. Further particulars of which may be ^obtained ou application to  11. N. KICB,  Ladner, R. C.  Today Point Roberta citizens eel  jtbrat* Independence Day with ac-  quatieand other sports. The Lad-  JstT band Will head th* parade and  Jhe declaration of independence  ^rflllseread.  FOR SALE  The reeve has received information that a new water scheme will  tj* placed before the meeting of the  jmunicipal council next Saturday by  th* representative of a Vaucouver  £rm \ff person.  Tenders are invited for the purchase of the Delta Cannery site, adjoining Ladner. It would make an  excellent location for a sawmill  pr coal and wood yard. There are  several warehouses and wharves on  It and it cover. five acres. Tenders close at H. M. Rich's office on  (h.e 14th July.  Try a package of the Famous  fQld English Breakfast Tea.     City  Bakery. .  Insect pawder, paris green, hellebore, creolin, chloride of lime and  all djsfpfectants for sale at the Drug  8-01*.  Strawberries in any quantity,  ijjeave yotir orders for delivery at  the City Bakery.  One  order.  Deering   Binder   in   good  A. Dk R  Taylor.  Ladner, B.  C.  —_fr—<t>■»■«/■»_;.-•_}» »,fr »_t_-«a_s__<_y-__  I mLu son liB. j-  _      ■ ■ '■■ —r—~y  .J. HENLEY  NBW WBSTMINSTKR,   J'-. S. C.  Manufacturers of all kinds ol  Soda Water, Ginger  Ale and Summer    J.  Drinks.       '-'•>'■"■ '■ b  Your patronage solicited     \  *-_}!-_{»'•■«»♦ >-_$♦.._}_-_}_•*.'•'.■*'*''-''♦'-''***»♦  Robert Way  * * * ][  _____■___________»  Horse Goods  i-V.il -_/.a.__'-_i-k'r_i  I Horse Goods! H  ) i     Our Harness and Horse l*ur_ls_li_s ■'  1  ha« long proved reliable, and they are 3 K  > i built not only for style but wear. J,  )i REPAIRING  A  SPECIALTY.  ii hugh Mcdowell, .'  ii  5 i LADNBR, B. C. «.     '  _r^»i>>*'.4e«^)r^^^  FRANK J. ROWLAND,  '""" Conveyancer, Notary-  Public, General Insurance, Real Estate.  Steveston,  B.C.  ... HAVE YOU SEEN . . .  Lee's   Furniture Emporium  •••••••• .•••••••-••-•••••••e*e*9*e*«*e*«*->«t_  2  i  i  When in town call and inspect our stock. We think we  have as good as the best in British Columbia, and at prices that  will stand comparison. Our Carpet, Oilcloth and Linoleum department is sure to please you. Pillows and Mattresses in large  variety. Bedroom Furniture, Sideboards, Chairs of every description. Extention Tables, Curtain Poles and fixtures. Picture  Framing, Go-Carts, Iron Beds, etc., etc. In fact almost every  thing you need in the furnishing line. We dont consider it a  trouble to show our goods, because it almost invariably means a  sale sooner or later. Mail orders receive our careful and prompt  attention.   Give us a trial.  _-.oc._i.iES,  TINWARE, QRANIT-  WARB, Etc., Bte;  Gurney Foundry Co. . Stoves  Just received a full line  DOD'S MIXED PAINTS  all Shades.    None better.  of»  in  W L McBride  OWNS THIS  SPAC-t     '  ...        ■ >    .'      ;"-_  HE 1HIN  Service between  Seattle and  the East  FINEST AND  FASTEST  TRAINS  Tickets at lowest rates to  European, Eastern and Kootenay points,  Leave Westminster io a.m.  Arrive       " 3:30 p.m.  D. P. SANDERSON, Agent.  NEW WES.MINSTKK, B. C  _               ■'       ■   ■-    -.-    -.,     , .       .:.,     1  ! JOHN   A.   LEE, Dupont Block, t  •       -Tel. 7-3. New Westminster, B. C. •  /    W  N DRAPER,  PROVH. _____ LA»D SUEVKY0R  Koo_> 5, Bllard Block, New Westminster.  T_ y our Hand Sprays for yc ur  garden, They will be useful later  for protecting your stock from the  £ie».   ]?. J. MacKenzie.  V. S. Folding military beds for  camping. Verandah chairs and  folding camp chairs for summer use  at W. E. Fales Furniture arud Car-  pet Emporiuqs, Columbia street,  New Westminster.  Examine carefully the collars  and cuffs when we send them home  to you .Also want you to note three  things and give us credit for them.  _Phey are washed dean, they are  fretted w*Hr they ara delivered  promptly, and the best of all is they  art not unduly worn at t_ie edges.  Hew Method Steam Laundry, New  Wt___t.tt.ttr; local agen*, L. Git-  Voters' Usts  All voters lists in use up te the 16U1 June last.,  have seen cancelled, snd It Is necessary to reregister. Forms of application may be ksd snd  sworn to st any post office, or on application to  the undersigned.  SIDNKY A. F_BTCH»R,  Collector or Voters for City sf New Westminster,  Dewdney,  Delts,   and   Richmond   Electoral  l.ia'.ricta.  New Westminster, B. Cm 19 Ju<" •--•  NOTICE.  Owing to the old voters' list having been cancelled it is ^absolutely  necessary for all parties to re-register. Forms can be obtained at the  town clerk's office.  N. A. McDIARMID.  STRAYED  On to my farm, three 'miles from  Ladner, a two yearj-ld^etfer, color  red and white with black stripes.  Owner can have same by applying  .t0 P- »T*9M-  hs cm  If y-u Sre Interested in Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting or Banking, you should send  for inlormation ss to courses and tuition rates.  Both will please you.  VANCOUVER  BUSINBSS COIAEGB,  VT'D.,  P. 0. Bos 514. Vancouver, fe. C.  MUSIC  Mrs. Plewes, Musk Teacher. Terms on applkation:  Dance music supplied.  Ladner, B. C.  HIM NURSERIES  3009 WESTMINSTER ROAD*  Fruit and Ornamental  Trees,   Roses, Bulbs  and Rhododendrons.  . . ItOMB GROWN AND IMPORTED . .  GARDEN FI_,I_- AND . t.O«ER SEEDS.  Bee Hives and  Supplies. . .  Wholesale  snd Retail.  Call and examlne'our stock and )mske your selection for Spring plsnting. CATALOG FREE-  M. J.   HENRY,  Vancouver  Jewelry  Brooches, Chains,  Guff Links, Etc.  Ready for you to Pick  'and Watches  Large and _m_.ll.    Good time  keepers.   Inspection invited.  ANDREW CLAUSEN,  Ladner, B. C.  BRITISH COL.MJHA  111  \ Westminster IBraoeh)    ,  Time Table  Csrs lesve Westminster for Vancouver at 6 am  and hourly thereafter until 9 p. a.; Saturdays  and Sundays at 10 p.m.  Cars lesve Vancouver. for Westminsters st 7  s. m. snd hoarty -hereafter until 10 p. in.; Saturdays snd Sundsy* at _ fc.m.  PA_;.-___  CARS.  We run first-class freight tars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are  handled with the utmost Care and delivered to  consignee without deWy. _pe_M attention paid  to fruit shipments. _ar wagons Wieet all boats  and trains. For rates, etc. apply'to  B _.. SHILES, ,». R. GLOVKR  T"*CM.V._ml_*_._,_,   lUM*r-  U . S  Contractors  and Builders  LAb_.J_R, B, C  »t»>v4 . --^. -•♦•!■ .'1 IllltH  Advertise in The NEWS  ITW1XL PAY YOU  B. C I jHjM ■!» ♦ ,1 »,»■ ♦ -' H t , U- <■]■»»♦ 4  1 in   ,iitln___as__-__*__a_ss____>__i__ia1___  &,i  •^>-J*^-H-+-f+>+-t-+4H--r-l'-f4--f ♦-«t•!• ♦-■♦;».»Hr4. t-♦ ■!■ ♦ »H_»s>  ',;••.-'".    ,.A_EWUN_#" -■--.,'    ■■  • ,4 \ -■"- ..' -    ..„       «_J.':H-. •■-; !■'  \ j I  J    LADIES BLOUSE.    ,   LADIES SA__.-©J_s"  %     LADIES -SKIR1VS LADIES. y/HT__R _J_^)_--tWB__It  ;'       AND STAPLE DRYGOODS  I   FRESH ;-: GROCERIES t-: fiVli_klF « WfefiK  d*3dutcber$0tt*s'  ♦ *♦-• t -•»■!■ ♦ •!■ ♦ !■. ■!•»■:■ Hi» , f f*> ♦ ■!■  This is the name of our new *'.';.;.; ;  LOGGERS BOOT put in stock tdday. They at. made  of the best grade of French Galf with the fmeit Oak Soles  and are Handmade throughout. They wtl. <cost you $6 a  pair.   Money can't huy a better _orJt-.  We have secufed the agency for uie_eSgoops .,       / >.-,  WM. JOHNSTON, li M M, M «_■  Lo\^e___ Hay  Carriers  Loudens Hay  Fork*  F.e*_WeWire  Rope. Block*  aa* Taclde  R* F* ANDERSON & VO  wWtnsr Fml snd 6_h Strssts. WW WBSTMINSTU. B sa  ■(_■_••_■  Always in Season  The   Suggest-on to   Buy   Home   Goods    -  i 11 in ______■  _--_w_B_______-_B-SkriH____BBS|  I  WHIM THEY ARE Tint 1 »  I   BEST IN  THE WORLD 1  ___aB___SSS__S____l_S_B_______,  tbe BmhnaifKer Cereals  Hot-. __rown %__ __.ma kadc, shdhld hare a plact oa your  -Jreakfa* t_A__K  ALL     GROCERS  mmms____aa»____i  r  <_SU_H_____SS__t________  MENS WOOL _»t)X, 2 PAIR FOR ije  '" GREY OVERALLS, 50c a PAIR  "    BLACK _3IB OVERALLS, 50c a pair  ■  --__» -*-.->_____ _»_%_*. _ _s>as  J. E. PHILLIPS  700-711 Columbia Street   5-',    NeW WeatmtM.tr,  ,,A-A.A-^» ♦»♦«*>«*>■»■■ s> s    ■»■»■■■ *-tt    t    t"tr#r  K<tt'X')l-Vllfr*«X'X'X»tt»X»«X^^  tbe Delta Dews, Ladner  THE PEOPLES' POPULAR PAPltR  $*■%■ X'X'.X-X"X'X.'X>X"XI »*"■*'********X»K-M.XHfc


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