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The Daily Canadian Dec 14, 1907

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Array j.i   i us.    ' ris"" ''''   ' ���      i'i i   ,,-.
What Will You
Have With It?
It't bottled at the Springs,
Volume 2.    No. 164
London Opinion on Fruit
From B. G.
Will be delivered    every evening   at
your door for
Times Says No Finer Display Ever
Shown at Royal Horticultural
Society's Exhibition.
Hritish Columbia's fruit < sh.i.ia. in
Bngland, eollected anil sent l.y 1} m -
vii,,i,ii department ��.r agii.-iiitu u, triaa
- 1 s notable triumph and fully jus-1*
Bed ibe hopes of ihe s*rowers, and nlso
the  wisdom   of   the   department   in   Its
choice ..1   Martin     llurrell    and   It.   M
l'.ilin.���! as Hn- m.n to display the fruit
aesl advantage.
Hi.   Issue  of the   Ixmilon   Times   ol
���1. .'iii. now 10 hand, contains a letter
ilgned I.)   the  president  nnd secretary
..! the Royal Horticultural society, calling the attention or the  Hritish  public
plendld exhibit of colonial frui.
ami mentioning as especially excellent
lhe ptoducl or liritish Columbia.
Elsewhere In the same issue there Is
enroled    notice of the exhibit,  more
ill   ..f   which   Is   devoted   to  the
la - ..Iiiiubla display, for which the
r lias nothing but the warmest
pi���    Id ibe article which is n.u of
:.... lei  pi. aatng  to  every  fruit grower
in '!ii> province the lollowlng sentence
A im. r collection ot apples 1.i��b never
I.* 11 seen at anv of the society's shows
that, thai ... nt over by tb.- government
"i British Columbia."
The Mluwltm letter on the same sub*
..plains llaell:
Tli,   President  of the  FruitGrowers'
Anodatlon, Nelson,  I). C.
Uesi   Sli ; -It   gives   me   very    great
���   Indeed to have to congratulate
yottr association  on  Its success at lhe
Colonial Fruli  show of the Royal Hoi
'i. uiiiiral  Society  yesterday In  winning
-��� *ii\.-i Kniglulun medal.    Your display
*���..- .1 very line one    in fact the whole
II  C   exhibit   was rar the best  the pro
'In >. 1  made   an.l it reflects greal
��� on ib*. growers and on Mr. l'al
in.', tm the excellent way the fruit was
arrayed In tbe hall.
This exhibition will have an excellent
���v.. bore and will, 1 believe add man*
Rood s.-uu-rs and much capital to the
Wiih best  regards to yourself anil all
my  Hi. mis  In   Nelson.   I   remain.
TOUTS   sincerely.
J.   II.   TURNER,
...in  General  for  liritish Columbia
I" Hu- same connection the toliowing
'.'Her   lo   111,,   press   ol   the   province   Is
���i1*.. nf Interest:
Dear sir: ���
si.-    fifteenth   annual   International
Convention of Ibe Northwest Krult Crow
'"���' Association. WhiOh was held in Ibis
l'ii\   lust  week, was pronounced by the
riilting delegates to be ibe mosl sue
cesstul eve.- i.eid. An official report ol
the valuable papers and discussions is
11 ** being prepared, and for the benefll
<���< those win, either failed lo appreciate
Hi'- Importance of the event or were
otherwise prevented From being present,
1 Way say thnt a ropy ol this report
..in he mailed ire.- to all those sending
i" their membership fee of 11.00 to iho
undersigned, on or before the ssist in*
���noil. Yours raltblullv.
Secretary toi- ll'i-T.
British Columbia's stains as a rruil
growing country has now reoelved
��niiii wide recognition, ah thai l�� r*
Wired in firmly establish 11 In thefronl
l;ink  Is to  preserve  lis  orchards   from
pests ami diseases, maintain the prosenl
iii.Hi standards ot quality, and steadily
increase the product
Harry   Orchard   Deeply Aftected   When
Telling of His Crimes.
Boise, Idnho, Dec. 14.���Harry Orchard
coaoluded hla testimony In lhe Petti
hone trial with n narrative of hla arrest
and his confession. Orchard all bul
broke down when llnwley asked him If
he. had any personal eiiinliv agalnsl
his victims, naming them one b*' one.
"ml In each case he said he had nol.
He was greatly affected when ashed
concerning MoOonnlck and Beok at the
Vindicator mine, ol which he said be
"o.iigbl a greal deal. Harrow In his
cross-examination of Orchard drew
Jjom him ihe rao.t lhal before leaving
panada lu* had burned a cheese faotory
to collect Insurance and lhat when he
'ort im nink witt-i  hin, another mans
F��� tt Cbnts a month
l, ,.",', ka',aKi"1' Instead of the local
exhibitions which It has been customary
to hold annually at Vernon, Armstrong
.mil K.-lowna. It is believed that a representative district exhibition would
prove such an Important event as to
eompll t. ly overshadow anv advantages
derived rrom the local shows. It might
be held alternately at the three poitus
which already are provided with exhibition building, and grounds. No local
Jealousies should be allowed to smother
such a scheme, which is wnrlliv of the
best support that can l���. given rrom all
sections or Ihe district. From the tenor
ol tin speeches made last Saturday al
llle annual meeting or the Vernon so-
'���lety it Is evident that that city will be
A --pare to do Its utmost lo help along
*b*, Tangement or this nature.
V . -.uretania   Undamaged.
I.lv. <i^ Dec 14��� The Cunard line
Steamer <^ -elania. which went
Bgtound las ' , in ihe Mersey opposite -he lanu. -.ge, but which was
limited at an em .our this morning,
suffered no injury ,,nil will sail tonight
on  schedule  time.
Agricultural Fair.
The Vernon News Ih anxious to hi-i- a
Analysis of American Navy Which Sails
for  Pacific  on   Monday���Strength
in   Men  and Gun,.
Norfolk. Va., Dec. 14���On the waters
of the rar famed I lampion lloads where
nearly hair a century iuo the Monitor
and the Merrlmac met in memorable
Conflict there rests at anchor today th,.
mightiest Beet or American battleships
lhe history or the nation has ever
known. Anchored In the broad channel
way, wlihln easy view or the shore arc
sixteen mighty fortresses or the sea.
Wlde-bUlled, squat and hi avy���the backbone of ib,- American navy.
lhe battleships, whleh have assembled here pn pmnttory to departing Monday morning on the 14,000-mile cruise
io ihe I'acltlc coast, are the Connecticut.
Louisiana, Kansas. Vermont. Georgia,
Virginia, New Jersey, ltln.de Island,
Minnesota. Ohio, Maine, Missouri, Ala
buma, Illinois, Kearsarge and Kentucky.
Toda*- the vessels of tin* fleet are
dressed" In the fluttering Hags or the
nations, and the brilliant liu.il pennants
and bits ot hunting which form the International signal Code. Pn.m th, peak
of the 16,000 ton battleship Connecticut
Ih.-s  lhe   Hag   of   Hear   Admiral   l-Svans.
commander-in-chief of the mighty fleet
The departure ot the tleet will be
witnessed by President Roosevelt, the
secretary of the navy and numerous
others of lhe navy Irom Washington,
Philadelphia, Mew York. Newport News
and oilier points. Tlie Maytlower, Hying
the president's Hag will reach hereabout
,-ighi o'clock Monday morning. Accompanying 'le' president will be Mrs
Roosevelt, Secretary of the Navy and
Mrs. Molcalf. Assistant Secretary ami
Mrs. Newberry, Rear Admiral and Mrs.
llrownson and Hear Admiral and Mrs.
Cowles.     'I'lle arrival of the Mayllower
will be greeted with the usual regain-
lion salutes fiom the tleet.
immediately after the Mayflower anchors Hear Admiral ISvans and the
various Rsg officers win g-, aboard and
pay their respects lo the president
ih > win be followed by the commanding officers of ih.- ships. Immediately
upon ihelr return to their respective
vessels the order ��ni i��. given for the
Heel   lo   gel   under  way   und   Bland  oill.
preceded by the Mayflower, which will
anchor somewhere in the vicinity of the
"tall or ilie horseshoe" the Heel meanwhile passing In review and out lo sen
Directly alter the review and when the
last ship lias passed by and Bred her
salute Hie Mayllower will return lo
Tlie H.-ei will be divided into two
���quadron, and each squadron Into two
divisions. No captain who has nol the
prospeol  of selling al  least  four years
mot i ihe active list, Including one
year ami ten months as rear admiral
ims been detailed to the fleet
Hear Admiral Robley D. Evana is the
commander in chief of the fleet. The
division commanders are Rear ivdmlral
William ll Emery, Hear Admiral C. M.
Thomas and Hear Admiral c. s. Bperry
The commanders of llle sixteen battle
ships are as follows: Connecticut. Captain Hugo Oaterhaus; Louisiana, Cap
lain Richard Wainwrlghl; Kansas, Cap.
Min Charles D. Vreelandi Vermont
Captain William r. Potter; Georgia,
Captain llenrv McCren; Virginia. Cap
lain Beaton Bchroeder; New Jersey,
Captain William H. H. Southerland;
Rhode Island. Captain B. Murdock;
Minnesota, Captain .lohn Hubbard;
Ohio Captain Charles W. Bartlett;
Malm- Captain cues n. Barber; Mis
sourl Captain Qraenllef A. Merrlam;
Mabama,   Captain   Samuel Ton Eyok
Veeiler-   Illinois, Captain   Hradley Msl.e:
Kearsarge, Commander Hamilton  Hut
chins- Kentucky, Captain W, 0. Cowles.
Tin- arrangement ��r the fleet, lis um
tinge. Kim", cost, crows, etc., nro ns fol-
""'"rsi squadron���Battleships Oonnectl-
mi Louisiana, Kansas, Vermont, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey and Rhode
Second Squadron���Minnesota, Ohio.
Maine. Missouri, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky ami Kearsarge,
Total tonnage���8118,838.
Number of bit guns���Three hundred
and lirty-slx.
c,.st of ships������54,070.000.
Total oHlcers and men���Twnnty-flvo
thousand. ,, ,
instance of cruise���Fourteen thousand
Opposition Rank and File
Continue Fight
Traitor Many Times A Natural Mark
For  Conspirators���Fisher's
Surplus   Inspectors.
Ottawa, Dec. 14.���There may nol be
inuih further excitement in the house
of commons until after the holiday recess, hut the issues raised by the Con-
servatlves in lhe course of the drDa--.
ou the address are numerous and all
definite. The record of every department Tor the past year provides material
ror discussion. The postal department,
it Is true, has not been accused of any
wrong doing but it is pointed out that
there should be more rapid exlension or
postal facilities in rural districts, especially in Hie new Northwest
On Wednesday the discussion was
continued by Mr.Clements, or Kent,
who dealt severely with the department
of agriculture. Mr. Fisher has billet-
ted several regiments ot inspectors of
various kinds upon the country, and
provides them with business by nni*--v-
lng and hampering ihe farmers with
obnoxious, unnecessary ami stupid regulations. Hog raising is au Important
Interest in Western Ontario and Mr.
Fisher recently held a meeting In Chatham where indignant farmers met him
and gave him a disagreeable time. Mr.
Clenients gave a graphic account or
these proceedings and of the stupidities which led up lo them. The minister of agriculture followed Mr. Clements with laborious explanations, hut
apparently failed to make his case good,
for Mr. Clarke, of Essex, was obliged
to go over the ground again in defence
of his leader. It Anally appeared that
Mr. Fisher has boon driven to cancel bis
regulations and give the farmers some
relief. The country would be still better off IT he would cancel the appoint
ment ot two-thirds ot his inspectors.
No less than t',S new Inspectors have
heen created under one act passed last
Dr. Chtaholm, of Huron, clearly
showed that the French treaty will be
no advantage to the rainier. He has
gone carefully through the whole list of
farm products mentioned and lu the
schedule and tinds that the French duty
remains prohibitive against Canadian
producers. France is an aiBTlcnltttral
ci utitry and protects her own farmers.
Horses sent to France will pay $30
and oxen $:in to 84fl each, other ea'this cents a pound. Grain is not reduced.
Dr. llarr also discussed the treaty, showing that outside of the concessions
nn.ile by Canada on liquors, silks and
other luxuries It gnve Utile Ii..lie of increased trade. He also Strongly advocated extension of government ownership. Mr. Lewis, of Wesl Duron,
suggested many useful activities in
which the governmenl might bo employed, which were now neglected, and nsked lor better protection against railway
accidents, exclusion of undesirable Immigrants and legislation to preserve
our  rorest   wealth   for  Canadians.    A
well reasoned and serious address rrom
Mr. Bison of Middlesex supporting
among  other   things   Improved   postal
facilities In tb uinlry anil rural  mall
delivery closed the debate or Thursday
Mr. Armstrong or Lambton, who hnd
not finished bis speech when the house
adjourned for the week, hns made a
spi-clnl Study of postal questions. Investigating on lhe ground lhe operation of lhe free rural delivery system,
and   presented  a   strong   argument   for
this accommodation.
Mr.  Pugsley  who ssooke at n pu*_Hc
mooting In the city, on Thursday, added one contribution to his own re
cord.      He   suited   Hint   shortly   before
tho last elect ion announcement had
been made thai Mr. Blair was to take
the slump against Iho Laurier govern
ment and thai lie himself had then received a despatch asking him to join
Mr. Hhtlr In the campaign, Tho impression conveyed was that this Invitation
came from tho same source as Iho
Conservative election contribution, in
Thursday's debate Mr. Lalor of Haldl-
niand referred to this statement observing thai Mr. Pugnley hnd boon ��
Conservative while the Conservatives
wore In power, and deserted his leaders
the moment they wore defeated. 'I
was therefore natural that his Intimate
friend should call upon him tti assist
in the political assassination of sir \vn
rvbl Laurier whom he had boon supporting for eight yours. Tho person
sending the Invitation though! be know
his man and Hint It Mr I'lii'sley could
be persuaded that the Laurier government was about lo bo defeated bis assistance to Ihui end would be furnished.
Mr. l.alor did noi nay so but It would
was the same kind of a Conservative
as Mr. Pugsley, only a Utile more willing to take risks. The minister of public works preferred to wait till after the
election. If the programme ol his correspondent waa that Mr. Pugsley should
succeed Mr. Emmersori as minister of
railways in a Conservative government
���which scheme Mr. Borden should
have smashed���lt had been worked out
ln another way by Mr. Pugsley succeeding Mr FSmmerson In the Liberal government.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Informed the
house that Mr. Hyman gave up control
ot hi-* department. December 4th. 1906.
He had offered his resignation at the
time of the London exposures in November and ft had not ben accepted.
Hut he did no more work at Ottawa.
In May 1907 he wrote Sir Wilfrid that
that he could nol take up work again,
and on June 12lh Sir Wilfrid replied
Trom Milan In Italy accepting the resignation. In July Sir Wilfrid returned
and soon afterward handed the resignation to the C-overnor-CJonoral. The
n.w minister wa*. not appointed until
August 2!Hh. Mr. Hyman'.. salary was
paid down tilt that date, or nine months
aft.-r he gave up bis public duties. Mr.
Hyman is believed to he a rich nian
but th,- people of Canada, most ol whom
are nol rich, paid him $5,250 in these
nine months.
But the man w-lu. tared best during
tho last year In the matter nt public
earnings is Mr. G. W. Shepley who reef ived $2*i.nnn ror his services in the
Insurance commission, lie carried on
his own private practice during this
period, and frequently the proceedings
of tho commission were delayed while
lie appeared in thet court on olhor matters. But ho gathered in $22,000 in nine
months ending last March, and three
thousand during part of tho previous
three months. His associate. Mr. Tilley.
received Sl2/100 in pay. and Sl.inn in
living allowance and travelling expenses. The commissioners received
from $4,290 to $4,650 each ln nay plus
about $1,000 each in expenses, one of
them earning a salary as a Judge nnd
the others attending to their private
business during the year that this inquiry wont on. It does not appear that
tho commission accomplished much,
bnt it was worked for a political purpose so far as the government and the
mana-rers were able, .and the people have
paid $96,000 Tor the job.
Two Chinamen Found in Burned House
in Winnipeg Died by Violence
Not  From  Flames.
Fallen Minister Manager
of Intercolonial.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.���Murder and robbery is the startling revelation made by
investigation into the early morning
flre yesterday in which the burned
bodies of Uike Wing and I-.ee Chow were
There is not the slightest doubt now
thnt the flre was the work of a murderer
and incendiary and examination of the
bodies of the dead men show that both
were brutally battered about the head
with a blunt instrument of some hind.
Lee Winn: hnd two wounds over his left
eve, one being four inches in lencth and
the other not. quite so long: his forehead wns nlso smnshed considerably ami
over his right eye was a wound. 1-ee
Chow hnd two large wounds on his head
which hnd been caused bv a blunt lust rnnvmt and he was bleeding freely at
the mouth. Round ihe mouth wer*- large
pools of blond and blood wns spattered
on the walls and clothes.
The two men were known to have
saved a good sum of money and the
general opinion is that the perpetrator
of the awful crime is a Ohtn-'n.an who
knew ihey had the money. The nollce
made an investigation hut oouM do
nothing as thev could not get the
Chinese to speak Knirlisb and there is
not an officer on the force who can
Speak Chinese, and but for the fact that
n double murder and robbery had been
committed they could learn nothing*
Robber   Band   in   Transcaucasia   Attack
Mail Train but Fail.
Tlllis, Trans-Caucasia, Dec. 14���A
band of sixty robbers nt tacked the mail
train, running between Tiflis und Haku
last night near the station. The train
carried a large sum of money. Tin
robbers were repulsed by the train
guard after a fight In which many pas
seivgeis and soldiers were wounded. Tlie
band Anally retired leaving four dead
behind them. The attack was daringly
conceived and carried out. Thirty yards
of track on a down grade had been
torn up and the train, running at full
sped plunged its way over the ties.
Both locomotives and most of the cars
were dltOhed. The robbers, who wen
In hiding near by immediately canu
out and advanced on the train guard
nnd passengers. They threw eight
bombfl and opened a heavy flre on the
confused travellers. The train gmml
returned the flre from behind the mass
of wreckage. They held their ground
until the robbers were driven oft* car
rylng their wounded. Troops are in
pursuit of the robbers.
The  ot_cer_  and   members  of Queen
City Rebekah Lodge No. 18, 1. O. o. F���
are requested to meet this evening for
renPgrsal and arrange for the refresh*
tnentfl for the regular meeting, Tuesday
tho nth 	
Another Premier Wants Transfer to
Ottawa���News of  Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
St. John, N. B., Dec. 14.���Considerable
credence is placed here in a story this
morning thut Hon. H. R. Emmerson ls
to succeed David Pottinger as general
manager of the Intercolonial railway.
Hon. C. W. Robinson, premier of New
Brunswick, will contest Westmorland in
���ninjerson's place for the commons, and
Hon. H. A. McKeown, present attorney-
general in New Brunswick, Vill succeed
Robinson, should the local governim-nt
be. sustained at the polls.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.���In a At of de-
spendency yesterday morning David
Hood, manager of the Palace livery
stables. Smith street, drank a dose of
laudanum which resulted In his death
at half past three in the afternoon in
the St. Boniface hospital. He was born
in Montreal. He was flfty-three years
of age and was very well known In
Montreal where he has some relatives.
Previous to working in the Palace
stables it Is stated he was employed by
the Empire Wall Paper Co.
Lethbrldge, Dec. 14.���It is estimated
that the products of the Raymond sugar
factory this year will be Ave million
Deloralne, Man., Dec, 14.���John Ran
ton, one of the earlies settlers In this
district, died yesterday at the advanced
age of eighty-two. Mr. Rauton was foi
many years reeve of the municipality
of Winchester.
Saskatoon, Dec. 14.���By Tuesday at
the latest the C. P. R. line from Winnipeg to Saskatoon will be iu operation.
There are only three miles to lay and
this may be finished today. The station
here will be ready by January 1st and
the freight sheds are ready now. The
district between bungham and Asquith
is in urgent need of cars, lt will be
used for freight only this winter and
the passenger trains will be ready foi
Sault Ste Marie, Dec. 14.-���Thos. Ryan
was found guilty last night of "man
slaughter la connection with the death
of Edward Hiues at the Windsor hotel,
last summer.
George Raymond, ex-fire chief of Blind
River, has been found guilty of forgery
in connection with a letter purporting
to be signed by Oullette Bros, Blind
River, nnd offering Raymond $000 to
flre a house In Blind River.
Sault Ste Marie, Dec. 11.���The belaud
house  here  is  Quarantined,  a  case ot
smallpox having made its appearance.
A number of witnesses in the arson
case before the court  are at the hotel
London, Dec. 14.��� There are sovera1
cases of smallpox in the city hut tht
authorities have the disease under con
Ottawa. Dec. 14.���The belief is growing here that Blfton will retire from poll-
tics and devote his whole time to thf
All Red project und his business.
Rrockville, Dec. 14.���Two cases of
smallpox developed at St. Vincent hospl
tal, are under treatment at the pes-
since July are no less than 15 per cent.,
the fact being; that having obtained a
commanding position the English meat
trade, Chlgago houses proceeded to
create a splendid organization for controlling the prices.
Ottawa. Dec. 14.���In his annual re
port to parliament Mr. P. II. Bryce.
chief medicnl health officer sums up the
results of medical Inspection of Immigrants inaugurated In 1903 in these
words: "There seems to be but one
conclusion to be arrived nt which is to
the effect that whether compared with
those entering from the T'nited States
or those crossing from Britain, Canada
today Is absolved not only from any accusation that shows reception of undesirables not admissnblo elsewhere, but
whether she is receiving and welcoming
more largely than ever a population,
whether from Britain or the States, who
will mingle at once with our own people
and adopt themselves to our customs.
Montreal. Dec. 14.���A London cable
says: lt is evident from the comments
of Influential ministerial journals here
that *ho recent considerable rise in beef
priC-fl here is causing the question to he
raided UJ authoritative quarters.   Rises
Ottawa, Dec. 14.���'. he influx of foeigu-
ers into Canada in twen'v ye-irs has led*
to    the    apr-ointment og  36 additional
commissioners   to   take   the  naturalization oath.
M. A. Mcl..irg, Moob'-min, Is appointed
to the vacant, jadship In Saskatchewan.
D. St. Dennis, of Slocan, came down
last night and is at the Hume.
Sam Neelands arrived from Calgary
last night to visit his brothers.
II. Lawrence arrived f.om Medicine
Hat last,night and is at the Strathcona.
J. C. Bonneau, proprietor of the
Strathcona, went east yesterday morn
W. H. Falding, of Uie L-e Rol No. 2
company,   arrived   from   Rossland   last
S. 8. Taylor, K. C, Is In Rossland to
day attending a jury case before Mr.
Justice Martin.
F. W. Guernsey, oie buyer for the
Canadian Consolidated Smelter, arrived
from Trail last night.
Dr. H. B. Morrison, formerly of Nel
son. arrived from Winnipeg last night
and Is at tbe Strathcona,
E. II. Grasty of Spokane, who Is interested in mining properties on Sheep
creek, arrived In the city this morning.
Alex. Fife will go east Monday morning with his family for a two months
visit to friends in Ontario and Michigan.
P. H. Burnham, G. N. R. general
freight agent for Kootenay, who has
been making a tour of his district, was
In the city last night.
R. A. Laird, formerly connected with
Nelson newspapers and latterly with
the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, is
in the city. He has abandoned the
downtrodden press and is now engaged
in the coal business.
W. P. Tierney arrived from Hosmer
last night. He says the new camp is
booming, with 200 men steadily employed building tracks and opening coal
measures. There is no sign of depression in Hosmer and no unemployed.
Meanwhile Mr. Tierney's business in
Nelson has neceaBia^r! the annexation
Nelson has necesBita*. d the annexation
Fierce Storms on Coasts
of Britain
Advance in  Rambler-Cariboo a Feature
���Market Generally Steady���Stock
The stock market Ior the past week
contained no special feature or interest,
prices remaining firm, and exhibited only slight changes, with tradings inactive.
Alberta Coal & Coke declined from
2 cents to 3 cents per share, selling
down to 80 cents with large offerings
In evidence. 11. C. Copper remained
Brin throughout. Hurt nut ing between $1
and $4.25. Consolidated Smelters had
a slight advance at the opening, but fell
off again and showed but little change
from last week's close. Cariboo McKinney remained weak, with no sales recorded.
Dominion Copper continued Arm.
fluctuating between $1.S7*V6 and 12.12-A.
with but little business offered In this
vicinity. Diamond Vale Coal showed
almost no change, offerings being noticeable at from 12 cents to 13 cents
International Coal dropped from one
cent lo to two cents per share, the pres
ent price constituting the lowest for
several months. Galbraiili Coal, in consequence of the favorable reports from
the mine, became more active, selling
at from 27 cents to 28 cents.
Rambler Cariboo experienced another
(lurry selling from 19% to 23H cents
In one day's trading, and now holding
lirm at about 24 cents. Sullivan was ac
live, and in fairly good demand at about
G*4 cents to 1 cents. Royal Collieries
contimied to attract investors; the in
vestments In this stock were probably
heavier than In any other local security.
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Asked.     Btd.
Alberta Coal & Coke $    .31      *.     .30
B. C. Copper       4.25 4.00
lireckenrldgc l.und..        .55
Con.   Smelters     S2.50 70.00
Cariboo   McKinney..        .03 .01
Canadian Cold Fields        .04 H 03
Canadian   Marconi..      2.50 2.25
Dominion Copper ...      2.12tt        1-87-V4
Diamond Vale Coal..        .14 .11
C.ranbv          85.00 75.00
Cnlbralth  Coal 28 .26
International Coal...        .88 .83
l.a Plnta Mines 13
Nifcola  Coal  Mines..        .04 .03
North  Star IB .10
Panhandle Smelter..        .02% .02
Rambler Cariboo 25 .22
Royal Collieries 25
Sullivan    07'A .00%
Tel-Kwa Mines 12 .03
White Rear 02% .01%
Western   Oil       1.00 .85
Seven-Hasted   American   Schooner
Goes Down Rear Scilly Islands
���Only One Survivor.
Hughton, Scilly Islands, Dec. 14.���The
American seven masted schooner Thomas W. Lawson was wrecked in Broad
Sound. Scilly Islands, during a fierce
gale last night, and so far as known all
her crew excepting one man were lost.
The schooner turned turtle during the
night and is now floating bottom up.
Three dead bodies have been found off
Annette Island, an uninhabited island
off the Scilly group. Searching in the
vicinity of St.eXgnes light, a boat picked
up the solitary survivor and the dead
were brought back to St. Agnes. The
gale ls still blowing fiercely and the
seas are running mountains nigh.
New York. Dec. 14.���The Thomas W.
Lawson, which was wrecked in T.road
Sound last night, was the largest schooner and the only seven masted vessel.
The Lawson was launched at Qulncey.
Mass., in 1902, and was owned by the.
Coastwise Transportation Co. of Boston.
When wrecked she was under a charter
which brought her owners a return of
$78,000 a year. Thomas W. Lawson, the
financier, was part owner of the boat.
It was a peculiar coincidence that the
big seven master went to nor doom last
night���Friday, the 13th,���inasmuch as
that was the title of a book written by
Mr. Lawson. The schooner was 4,913
tons register.
London, Dec. 14.���The fierce gales
which have raged on the coasts ot the
United Kingdom for the past few daya
show little sign of abating and heavy
rains have flooded almost all the Interior low lands, while a most serious
wreck heappened near Sheerness this
monring. The cutter gunboat Speedwell was strjick by a heavy sea and went
down. There were thirteen nieu on
board at the time and only five of them
were rescued.
The entire Thames valley Is a huge
lake. The river Is out of its banks and
rising rapidly.
Boston. Dec. 14.���The Lawson which
was tost was not Insured, was com-
maunded by Captain George W. Dow,
of Melrose, Mass.
Hughtown, Dec. 14.���The number of
drowned is said to be 18. George Allen,
of London, the one survivir, was very
seriously injured and may not recover.
From what he says it seems that the
Lawson encountered prolonged bad
weather and lost all her boats on the
trip from Philadelphia. She sighted tbe
Scilly Islands yesterday afternoon and
dropped both anchors in the hopo that
the weather would moderate. The captain sent back one of the lifeboats that
came out to secure the assistance of a
steam tug. At midnight the wind rose
to hurricane force, and the vessel finally turned over. Allen says that the last
he saw of the captain and mate of the
vessel and the pilot they were lashed
to the rigging.
Session Over.
Mr. Justice Martin concluded the civil
sittings of the supreme court In Nelson
yesterday afternoon. Of the six cases
three were heard and judgment In
each case is reserved. They are llug-
gard vs. North American Land and Lumber company, Isaac vs. Miller and Forest
vs. Smith and Traves. In the last named
the written arguments of counsel will
be forwarded to the trial Jn.lse. tn Vesta
vb. Crow's Nest Pass Lumber company
judgment was entered In accordance
with the terms of a settlement reached
by the parties. Atwood vs. Kettle River
Valley Railway ls postponed by order of
Judge Brown. Harilgan vs. Granby Is
being heard ln Rossland today. In the
matter of the Last Chance Mining company A. M. Johnson obtained an order
confirming the acceptance of a syndicate's offer of I50.CJO for all the properly of the company.
Wi.ll Care for Tbslr Own.
Toronto, Dec. 14.���The Salvat'on Army
Is considering plans whereby any immigrants brought to Canada through their
agency and at present Hfrun.l.'il In Toronto and without means of llvlllumd and
**-otk. may be assisted nn.l kept from
being charges on the public.
am   i
���: i": ��� -    .
I g
'*.- ��
I : i
��� *
1..-C aaWy Canadian
Clothing*    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
C.P.U, Aphorized   ..RMt...-.10.000J-00    C.plU.  P^PoW.
D. R. W1LKIE. President.
HOI*. ROBERT JAJ-'KKAY, Vice-President
Braociics in British Columbia:
&OLDEN.       KEL1.JK,     KEVELriTOKE,
Interest  allowed on  deposits  ft .in date of deposit and credited quarterly.
i so-*-* bkanch ��-;1-   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporat. d  A. D.  1869.
|t_,        $3,900,000     Re.erve  Fund g.,390.000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Eanking  Business.
javingi Bark Department, and
interest created Quarterly on
Savings Bank Account..
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publlabea sn oar. s wee. Dr tne
Bs.tr 81.- Nelson. B  L
ID the ill*-   ." S6-* ���*- !"-���" " "����� ������� -*-"1- wl���c*,
psld lu aavau.-e
Advertl.mc r.lM iu spi.ll" stlon.
All  m���i,l*>  S-.W   in   s. '..lenient  ol   Th.- I-��l.y
Csnsdiau a...S.i.'-   eltliei I   "���-."<
ad"-Ufn.|i  mnMb        -  I ���I tot -���"'���'���  I
form.!." S_ I ���.m|.��,,y.   6t_ neetVU  ��"��� BO.
Saturday. December 1-S, 1907.
Our contempoi ...    ��� ��� dm '" ll>'!
to aci on the assumption, thai ��
dishonest to reprlnl a
than   to   niauul.ici in.    foi   11
iru,- thai 'in   reprlntlni
tacedlj   on ii pa-" '".  tli.   p
n :..i and tl..- crediting to ths Vancouvei
World is hnrrledl}  placed sl  the top ol
tbe  column   to  avoid  ��� can   U n p
mlsanderstandlng   Oui  oontempon
In the position ol the coward!}  i
bt who wants the slandei   ul ared bul
fears  to   Utf-Bi   n   himself.
Tin- anici. .'. printed is worth] ol the
Vancouver World and perl i
leristie ol it. Bvi '* ;. ll I ed Stat, mi Ul
of fact is falsi- Elver* attempt al ai
gumenl which Is noi utterlj Imb
ih dellberatel* and mallclouslj n.i-.. and
The lull..win-' wi i do toi an example
11 follows a discussion of the "Bllenc.
of the Conservative press":
"They see il.ui the game li up, thai
facts now known oomploteis aegativ.
ihe suggestions behind which thai h.>*>
slii.-lded themselves ever since Mi
Templeman came back from Ottawa
and told how Mr. McBride announced
the Impending rate of tin Bowser hii
at Hi,' federal capita] nearl* o wael
before it reached Its sen.n.i reading al
Premier McBride mud.   a    full    and
frank public Btatemenl on thai hiiIij.-.
which was accepted hy the whole pro.
Charles II. Mackintosh, former lieu
tenant-governor of i.l..- Northwest ter
riiorles, wroir uiul published a masterl*
traatmenl of the question from the
point of view of constitutional law,
quoting lhe views of Sir .lohn Maodoo
aid, J. Btandfleld Maodonald, BJdward
liluli.-, Qeorge Brown and others, prov
lnt! oonoluslvely to uny one with th.
Biunllest  suspicion   of  intelligence   thai
We know all there  is to know about
Watches and Jewels.    So if you  want
to buy uny
or bave any r.-jiui-iiiK done, we are the
people to come to. our ohargea for ex-
i.i ii repair work are most moderate.
We have many beautiful diamond lings,
1 ten-dan ts of pearls and diamonds, lockets, brooches, etc.
We are now showing a splendid stock of Men's Silk Neckwear, Kid Gloves,
Silk Mufflers, Linen Handkerchiefs. Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Umbrellas and
Fanck Art Embroidery tie racks, etc. These lines are all new and most up-
to date.
We invite inspection of our special selected stock of Fancy Drawn Linens.
Table   Cloths,   Napkins.   Side   Board   Covers, etc.
A   magnificent   assortment   of   Ladiees* Belts and Neckwear.
x h LE^4^?R 1 L FRED IRVINE & CO.
���.    -__ ^
Kaiser at   Home.
Pots4am, Dec   14.���Emperor Winiaso
armed ui tin* New Palace il.is morning
returning from hi. visit to Kinc Edward
und the Queen of the N-tli.-rlai.iS-
Take until-*.* tbal I   K.
for b Bp�� 1*-.        ��� BSt  bO rut ami
to apply
way   tim-
at a
��r trom Mi) screi <>f Land; Commencing
-. - planted utmiit lour miles went of tin- kopte-
riftT river mi a kdiII creek tlowinff from the
nouth .uiol'iirn creek and about one and one
haif mi.es south of GOTO creek and
��tjj*t'**'u; to timber licence "*" IBOM;
Bins -. No IpOft marked �� 0. OUi northeast
oornei post, thence eitrhtycbeiii* nouth, thenoe
etKhty chains went. thence eight**   QhaUll   north.
tbenoe eight/ chains east io the mw oi be-
gum inc. containing mo ecxae, nvarem less
nest   aud
Dated Nov enibe:
b iu u- ii*ii��� - L'-.'.��� ���!, .: .;..* i i, ,��� repp
sent the crown or the govern -��� new
bui  only  the  Dominion government.
n   according  to  Mr.  Tenipleman'-s
Scott. Question whether
mi"   Lieutenant Qovi ���
nor Dunamuir*s intention to reserve ;���
���hows   nil ii iisi ;ik- -u l.ly   his   Instruc
turns to make sure ol  the reservation
order  if   aecessarj
We  ata)   absolve  Senator  -Scot,   -strand probabl)  the whole Dominion   cabinet,   from   ttnj    Itnowledce   ol
Mr   i uui.-s.nnit'.- private, sOUu b Lntere i
assenl   to  the  bill.
Bui several weeks have elapsed sine-
Mr  ..;, article appeared. Public n ���        ���    ;���������',- tlmei Short   Thi
the young Liber*
:  betray, in addition to
be lai ace 1 hai mas alwa
.��� eti d ai such a gathering, entln
n      ol Hi.' fad ihai tm Libera]
sjared to attempl to re
a Mr. Ma. i mil.' b    'i herefors thi
World   fell   emboldened   to   try   again
what linj.udt in  mendadtj   might efleol
And   thi   World i  v. in ut  distortion    oi
do mors Bontemptible than the
luction of->falaebood bj a less oi
..       landi rer -
Ja_H i   Dunsmuii   li   probabl]   ai  thi i
lu ral or Consei vatlve.    it    in    very
doubtful it  be knows tbe difference be
i tveen iii��' two.   it is nol al all doubtful
ti !   ii- wa.   appointed to    bin    present
i"i Itlon  b>   Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier,  unh
thi   approval ot the Solid Seven, In the
hop! . u nol on the definite understanding that he would contribute t<> the next
campaign fund.
11' has on knowledge or the constitution ami none of ths graces of s gentleman. HU appointment was even less
comprehensible than some of ths ap
pointments to the bench, except uh u
bid for financial support
However we still eannol join in the
mud slinging ni^ contract toi Japan-
e ���    aboi    doei . it  in    true,   supply a
 an   motive  tor  bin  act   in   refusing
assent, bul from puui experiences of exactly iii" same Kind he wuh quite Justified in 'akin,; hi.-. Instructions tor gran-
"ii 1907   E t. om)* locator,
a Haikstt, wseut.
Nn...    host   n_rkt.il   B    C. Jbrow   northweyt
���orner.     thetif*-    OtghtO   ''h-aini.   H"Utii.    iMDCJ
J  . i.aitit- SMt, thelire fWhty   �� liulUP   Ilorth,
\- . tuhtv chalu* i��e*l ***-* I'lat-e oi   tM-ffiumng
i-nutaliiiiiK Mi   aiT*-i., more or lew,   and  went aud
sdlaeent totl���ibcu Ilea���os Sto UOSi.
liated No\emLier 2 nt. 1*J7.
H  C. JauoW. locator,
A. B-CKSRi a-i-eut.
No 3. Pout marked T.F. Jarkmsii snuUieiuit
oorner, Uienos vlxhty ehatia- north, tlu-n.-e
s-lk'Nl-   ' l.ailiH west   t hence   elith'.y   i halur- fot; rh.
thenoe elgbty ohaini aaal to Uu plaos ol be-
kMiiuiiiK* containliiK 640 acren.   mon or IMS, u.u-1
ui.i snd adjseenl to w. a. Bow So. l i��o��t on
Horn creek.
li . ted November aim, IWl.
T   K. ja> kman, loca'nr,
A. B_CE���Tl. atft-ui
No. 4.   po��t markeil Tom  Laroaltt wottwosl
,.���rn.-r iiont tin-net   -lylitv   chain-*   north. Hi ���inr
alchty ehaini aaat, tbsnos alghty i-hatn-s -mah.
i benee elgbty fiiiiu*. wmi to plsos of .���mniniiiiiK,
rtontnlnlng 640 sons, more or lasi, ami ��***t and
��� ��� sceui to tlmbar lieenns s" imx*.
Kate.l Nnveuilter ^1-t, 1W7
Tom l_.va_t.t_, locator,
A   llACKBil, aieeul.
N-iMin Land Idhtrlrt   iMnineioi weni Kootenay
'lake notice that i, Y A Shaver. ltit*-tid to *|*~
plv lor a Kpe-wil Iteetici* to �� ut and carry hwhv
timl��er from i>t0acrei of land: Commenting at
ii poit place-', on the nortliwent corinr marked
h A.Whiiv.r.No I. thence i-irtity chain*, south,
thence eiKbtj* ehaini ea>t. thence   eighty Cbslni
or.rti.. thenoa eighty - b-stni wool to the place of
he**innniR.  containliiK  '���*'  acren,  more <-r   lets,
snd abonl Unas mUM wasl ol tha Kooteuay
river and aboat ons mile -sooth of Oora oreek
nii'S hotilti and   adjacent to tlmher   licence   1-0727
n.i eai-t and a-lj-t-'uui t" 'linhcr Ueeiico iair23
Uicatad Kiivt'iiiLi-i  ilt-t. 14--7.
I     A   -havi a, lo'-atoi |
A. Hi' KKTi. aKt'Ut.
Nelt-on Laud Dlf���1��t   Iithtrict o( Writ Ko��detia>'
i���k. noUoa 'hat i, i. w  shaTcr. inland ti ap
,.      (orkopeolal   lu-. nee   lOOUl  sad  curry away
Iron 540 seres ol iaic'     '      ��� enolni ��i
* pom markeo L. w   Sbater, norm*        -*orner
thsnOS     eighty    chattiN   miiiiIi,    thene*
chslm emsT, thanoe algbty obaim north, tht  ������������
��� if I ���������   ObalUI won l   li>  plaee   nl    Ir PglBl���_g     <<    I
tainlliK MO acre*, more oi le**f  and   MUM   a lid ��'.
fsceni t<. umi.iT Itoenos UKHM   ��i"t slso swath
an ! a'l.icent to umlH-r UoOOee So 18028, and also
nouth and adjacent Hi *" A.Hiisver timber limit
Nn   1
Dated  November 2l*t, Itkjl,
1.. W. hllAVBK, locator.
A   IUcketi, i-genl
Neinou Lattd Uimrlct.   IMhlrictol *-Vev Koolenay
'Ink.-   notice   that   1. ('harlcH   Uulcliet.  Intend
lo apply Ior u IsMOlal  tiinl��!  IIOBOOai U) nil und
carry aw-nj  inn tier liom 1.1m a'-ren of land      ��� "iii-
menelng m Ko. i pi��i abom IS mUM w'��i ol tht
Kooton-J riv.T.on the north nlde ot |Hiomdary
ereek and mirth, and adjiiceiit to tlmtH'i MceliWi
1 MSB  ami one   mile   imnh   of  tba international
boundary Line: ootnawnotog at h poni  iniirk-i
Charluti DUtOhOT'l lOUthwaSt cnriiur. Ihence 80
chalun north, thetice Hit ch**lii** ea��t, theiiecW)
chain** Houth. Ihence ho cliulii** went to toe plaos
ol bSSinnlU, containing MO acre-., more or lem.
Located Rovembef lain. twi.
UBASiiSss DOTOssa, Uvoator.
No. 2.   Ootamoaotni at a pom marked 'harien
Dutohar'l lOU���leail corner, thenee hn cliatiu.
onrth tiieiie. WI elialll*- Went, tiielice 80 ehlilll*.
���OUth, thene. SOOhallll cam In tlie place of tie-
KlnhiiiK. and wem, and adjacciit tu number one
timbei limit, and   emiUiiiiiiig  Mo acre*., more ui
chsins. thenci   easi  b      balm   lhen��   >..uti
i nalnu. thence weetSOcbalnt to the plac ��� -of be
ginning,   ppnalntne '���' ��� r'"- more or leu.
l-nc-ju-d llovemnei Uth, i**<7
("hakij:- Dprcaaa, l4>eator.
Ne.s.-u I.anfl Dletriot   Dimrici of W����t Koo'enay
Take notbe tttat tiolomou   WtUtfl;mon,  of   Hi I
ion. b c. ooonpatlon lumbcrmati. .intends to
apply for a n-pwcial timt-er luenee over the following AeSCri-bod   landi-
1. Com un-tu-nig at n post plantad on tne nortb
hank of -ummti cre.-i. sbont two and a half
mile*   from   Ut   mouth    lii-tn-e   north 40 i-lialiir..
thenee eaat 180ohalns, thenee noutii 40 -rfhwlns,
th. im ��� vesl 100 chatnn.
Dated 2nth NoTeotbei
2. i 'mn m. ic ::ik at a peel planted ou sn unnamed ereek which news into Hummit ereek
from the nouth at a  point  about  two and: a half
sal fr ui. tin-  north  fork of   Mimuill Oiaah
���eld i>"vi being placed abonl thres narten mile
up mi'-h  unnamed orook end aboul BOOfeetto
the can;   lher-<>!.   theOOO  SOSl 41  chain**,   thence
soi-fth b')*i ehaln���, thenee weel -i'1 obalna lhan-ig
uorth 160 niBiu-*-
Dah i IStb Hovemoer H07,
... ' 'i>uimeiiciiiK at a pont planted on an unnamed creek whleh 11 own mt'i Summit oreek
from the nouth al a point ghoul two anda hall
miie** east from the uorth fork of Hummit Break
at a   point   about   three -.[mirier*   mile   up   nueh
creed and S-bout 6ou leet to the eant thereof,
then gsouth ltn chain-, thenoe went 40chains,
tb**nofl north IflD chains, th .tm*.  east 4o ehaina,
DaU-il l'Jth Novumher. 1-^ T
4 comiiieuoitiK at a spo*u planted on tha uortti-
gasl -sl������>��� '���: the oortfi ft>rii of Hummit preak
aboul (our mllei from the junction of tht north
fork w i'.i. the main Hummit ore. u. thenoe soul ti
����� chain*- thenoe w c*t w- ohalns, thanee nurtli nu
chatut, thence sail HO chalni.
Dated lhih. MovombOT,  18 7
Boi OMOU   Wll.glt-BOK,
t.   Ssosea Voi Si,, aaent
Nelson Land Dintrict. Dlitrlct of Weal Kootaaaf
Take untice thai Obarlei 9 Boeder, oi -i ��.-
kane, tn the State ol Washington, C h, a.iiu
anciai s-p nt, intends to apply for�� ipeetal timber lloenee o��er tbi loUowtng deeorlbed land*.
(!)   Commencing ai ��� poet  planted about hoo
ieet Seel of tbe weet fork uf Mission -reek. ou.
half mile north of the international l-oundary
llne, about ten mile*. SaOl of Kykerm, B U.
thence south 1" i-liaiun, to the ini*-rnationaI
boundary Una. tbence weet 1*0 ohalns, thenee
north lOobalas, thanoe cam n-u ehalns to the
polnl   Ol   DOmm��neemi-nl,   and    eontallilng   Is-W'
sores, tiinr.* of lem
ixK-ated the _tad Oetober, A i>.. lwn
<   IIAKI.Kfl'i.  ItkKI.ICK.
(2)   Cnmmeii-iiiK at a  poni   about   hall | mile
sen ot ttie wesl fork of Minniou oreek, ��>..... j ? ,,n>-
snd a   half   mllei    north    of   the   iutcrnHtlonal
boundary line, about ten mfles earn of Hvn-ru.
B ' . thenee weal wi ohalns, thence north 80
ehalns, tbence .-,��i hu , natnn. thence i-muh tm
chains to the -polnl nf cnmniencement. hiki eon*
tainiiiK mo acn on oi lem
Located the Und day of Ootober, a d. mn.
< iiAwj.k- tt    i:n:ni
(:t) Oonunencini at h pom on the Internation
sl boundary Dm :,. mile east of the aaat lork ol
Minnton creek Sboul lir miles eael of Kykerta,
H ( , thene- eaaitt ottalns, thence north LSD
chain-    theuce "i   ilmiii*-  went,   tlu-iice 40 I'tiuliir
south, tbence tn chains earn, thence 10 ohaini
���onto n. the point of ootamenoemont aad oon<
utnlns s*o anrei   more or lest
I-ia:ated tp, ffln] ,)Hy ��,f Ootoaar AD , i an?
i UAK..I-H Q Baanaa.
lug described lands Commeneing a- s -posi
p.atiU-d alMiut soo leet uorth o( the n-trtli t'-rs of
Corn creek, thence south B chains, tb. u-- oaai
wi ehaltis   iheuec north i' eh-iiti**. thcu''-   w.-: ���*-'
chains to the polnl m eonunenoanenl contain
ing mo acres, more or less
Dated ROT. 6th, 11*07. ^    A   BUMO*
Nelsou Land District    Dintrict of Went Kn��.teiiu>
Take notice that w ..\   HutUon, oi Inolu-ta,
Wash . occupation timbei enostoap
ply foi s special timbei Ueeoes aver tbi f'dh.w
[ni aeeenbed lands < ommenolni at a i��ost
planted about 800 (eel north <>i tbe north lork ol
r,,rti -reek, thenoe south no chains, thenoe weal
HOchalnn, theuce north HO chain*, th-ii" east SO
chain*, to the point of commencement, contain-
ink 640 aeres, more or lenn.
DaU-d Nnv   -Hi.. 1J-U7 W.A    Hri.***.s
NelaOB Land District    Dintrict of West K.MMt to. I
TaM tod tee that   w
Wash., ooonpatlon tin
plj (oi aepeotal timi��*-r ltceuc
ing described lands:     Cofamenolni
^^'���He>lt;-l-t��|-tf   Provlalonit,
Produce, - Krult.
pli-nted atmui aj-i feet nnr'.li I
k   thei
tbenoe nor-'.
<   ,i-[i  e
r.*<-k  thanee
OUth I
BudeOtt.   oi   rtposaoe.
r cruiser, intends to ap-
a   Ja^t
ij the nortb lore ��>f
���halm..   Un in ���   ��� Ul
bains, thenoe wasl 80
balni to the point of ooauneneament, oonta_iv
lugMoktcruft, more or .-�����
Dated Nov   6th. l*n ��    A. Ilnwopi
.NfiKon I*ud District,   District ot *wi ���'o.itenay
Take notice that  W,  A.   Hudson,  ->!   laokana,
Wasii-   iH-t upatlon tiinWr crulner. Intends Ul ap
rilT for a sp*"-lal timber licence   over   the follow
UK   described    landn:     Commencing   ai   a   j**"*
pUnted on the   south   lank   of  the   main   I
oreek end adjoining  Umbel Uoenos  n<>   i'
thenOS   noutb 4()cbatl^.  theuce went   lou chain*.
thenee north -to chains, tbenoe earn UOebalm t..
the   p<jlnt   Of    c-inim. iceinetit.    containing   <�����.
acre**, more or less.
Dated Nov. 7th. 1907. Of. A. BtmBO~.
Qo~emmiTl Oruttint��ry <-ii**-Pound  Hrn-ks rHr*����ivwl wm-kly fresh -frott tbe
*;hnru     For wd** b* all It-uditii/ -jfrotieni
Otllo*- Hiitl  wuri-bouKe
Josephine Street.
liouaton Klnrk.     PaOBSTB
Nelson, B. C.
StrlOt     Dintrl.t of West Kooteuay.
at I. w A   Hudnon, <d Bpokane
Notice In hereby given that w�� aaVS slter dale 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlssloni i
of Lauds and Works fur *,**rmmnion to pur. !.a����
tn** following described lands, situated  in   \S *���*'.
Kootenaj district   Commenolng ��' �� poal mark
e<i l.v name   an   initial   post   t,(   tn<    South   lurg
branch, one hundred leet from the luneslou of
L-.-t  cre.sk   with   the   cimth   (orki   tl ns
quarter mile (.. tbe northwest oornei poal tu. nee
one mile ui ths northeai-i ������-ri..- m��*t thenne
one*qoartet  ulle t��. the soul   sai      ruei peat,
tliem e one mile  In tht   pine,     nl  .'.III in. lie. IIU-nl
.iuiu*27. two? Looeted bv W*   ' 01   0
Releon Land Distm-i. DtetnattrfWeei K-.ni.-nay
Tak< ooUeetbalB  Wflllamet oeenpatlun ran
ohsr; B B Haaunas,ooaupatlon electrician; sand
K h. Y   Smyth, ooonpatlon lumbermani  nil of
Procter, B ��� inieiid to apply for a ipealal 11id
ber licence over the following deeorlbed land*-.
Comm-ii' iiik  ai s -po-d ab*��ui three miles easi ol
wiinoiiiieek on Mtuth "hore uf gouienaj   Uaks
thenee south ao OhalUB, tbence iuM w, chains,
theiu-eiiurth 80 chains, lbeuoe west at. enaliis lo
point of  DOmmenoementi  containing S40 acres,
inure ur lets. 	
II W tl.l.tAH*..
H   h    P   fMWH.
TOO   ...ll   I..!*,    i.    1'..-,,-.     IMnl    Hi.lH-ll    ill    Ih.-   I,est    fiull    gZDWlBI
Iii  liritiKii  Columbli   b]   paying  $10 dollars ii..��*n and fit1 psrs-sauV
-.  so luv.-h!m.-r.i   this It* w,,.-h ,-,.ri..i,i,irat loo
Kruii  Land I....- ti,*iii,-ii in min.- wiiiiin tha fear.   Waat will it fcasil
... a, -���
ward viiruen
��� ������������������������ ������������*������������>*���*�����������������->��������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������<
rN-pteluber Mth, IWJ.
Atlantic Galee.
Now Vork, Deo, 14.���Unusually heavj
weather to the mid Atlantic, particularly
between tin- Newfoundland lunikH a mi
the  Dnglish coast-  iihh  materially ds-
ui> t'd ull lueouiiug utuuiucit) Uu:   week.
���ated November IHth, IWff.
(HAKl.Kh   ill'
iikii, Looatof.
No. li   Oonuaenoin
Dntoher'i northwest
went of the Kootenay
houndary -oreek mil
ber lloenve iwmio, the
eant Ml chains, then
west Ho clialnn lo thi
ut i posi marked Charts
uriii'i and about if* mile
river   oh the north side 0
lorth nnd gglaoant to tlm
ce south HO clialnn, thene
I north nu < baton, tbeuc.
place  of   bci: in u I tig,  '~~ '
1UK '���<
Located November IHth. IW,.
No. 4.   Commencing at �� post marked   ('harli-t-
Duteller's    in*"i h. .."���     corner,    thence   nouth    Ho
chains,   thence   went Ho chains,   thunce   liurlh 80
ohalns, tbence eaat so ohalns to the splsoBof beginning- containing 640 acres, more or lem
Localed November IHth. I��07.
Chaki.k** DtrTi.'HKH. LOOatOT.
No, fi. UonUDanOlng at a poul ma-fhed ('harien
Dntaher*! "-iclh.-,mt OOrnot, Ihence HI) chains
north) thenee ho chains wesl, thence KO tdiainn,
south, thence H< ehalnn cunt in the place of beginning, - ..ii'iiii. ni' mo acres, more or leas.
Localed November IMlh, Hs��o7.
CHAKi i ��� DoTovsa, i.uc.Kdt.
No. 6. Commencing at a pont marked Cturlus
Duu,'bor's  southwest corner, theuce   north  SO
Nelson Lmi'i 1
Tase BOtlOl
Wash . ocoupatlon timber cruiser. Intend ii.   .,
ply ho ti ipeoial timber Uoenos  over the follow ���
lug deeorlbed  lands:    Oommenofng at a  post
planted on the n.,rth bank of Mumrnlt creel. hu.I
mark.-1 W     A     BudaoO'l   H.   W.   eoruer,   tl,. i,..
uorth 40ohaini thenee eael i��n chains, tbenoe
sou���140 chalni thenoe went um chains to the
point ol oommeneemeaL containing mo acres,
mure nr leu
Dated Rev, 2. iwi. w. a. Btraeon.
Nelnnii Lain! DUdrU't. Dlnlrlcl of West Kootenuy.
Take   notice   thai W    A. Hudson,  of  Hnnl	
Wash., occupation umber oruleer, inten.U map-
ply for n ipeelal Umber licence over the tollow
nu* described lands: rnmuieneing at a pnst
planted on tbe south bank ot the north fork id
1 om ereei tbeuoe Kouih 4�� ohalnii thenoe w.-Mt
lfW-chaiu*-. tbence nnrlh 4�� chains, thence eant
ISO cloiito. In the poDM of eoiiiuielicuuielit. iron*
taiun.K ''in acres, more or less
Dated n,.\  fttht IW17. ��� w, a. Rtmwif.
-STelion Land District. District 01 Weet Kootenay
���Iak<- QotlOS that W A lfudnoii, of Hpukane.
WmsIi., ocoupatlon timber cruiser, Intends io up
ply lor H Special timber lle-vliee   over   thelollow-
inv iiencnbe.!   lands;    CommenoJog at a poet
pi lilted no  the cant lldO  "( the >oiltll  fork of ll.C
north lork ol Corn creek, thenoe south SO ihSlDS,
thenee   w.*.i no .|m|nn,   thence   north so  chains.
lhenoe ssi 1 bo ahalni to the point of oommenoe-
ment, cuntiiiniiiK *n" aorea, more or lefj
bated Hoi  'un. 1807. w A   BtroBOsff.
Nelson land Dintrict.   District Of Wesl Konlen.iy.
lake notice   thai   W.A.   Hudson,   of  Spokane,
Wash., Occupation timber cruiser, Intel dn lo ap
ply fur asj-e.-ln.!   timber licence over the follow-
iiik described  lands:   Commending at a pom
plumed about UM) feet north of the lior'.h
lork of Corn creek. Ihence south HO chains.
Ihence     went    Ho    chntim,     thence      ho iii      HO
chains- tbenes easi ho chains 10 the point ot
1 i-tiiiii. n.lament) OOntatSlng M0 acres, more or
bated Nfiv. mh, uot. W�� a. idh>hon
Nelson Land Dlslrlct ||)lntrlct of Wost Kootouay
Take notice that w. A. II udnoii, of Hj.okane,
WhhIi., in-ciipallou tlni bur cm Ism, Intenrln to ap
pi* foranneclal Umbel llflOUOS over the follow-
Iiik   ili-ncrl bi-fl    la inl" :     < o in in cue Ing   at   a   poM
planted aboul .-on 1  north o( the north fork ol
oom oreek. lhenoe nortb ho chains   thence west
ho chains, thenee south Ho ehaltiH,   thence eant HU
halns to Ihe point  of   commencement  contain-
Nelnon Land District.   Innlnctol West Koul.-nay.
lake notloe that 1, lohn .lame-. Cameron, of
Parole. B C ooounatlon contractor, intend to
apply for asneolal tlmbef lieens*.* evei the ft.i
lowing described landi:
No. T.   Commencing at a pout planted aboul
three   miles   from   the   went   lm-p  ot   ihu   B     I
Southern Ky , on Carroll creek, ami sdjotnlai
A J M ��� ���' comer post No 1 Claim, marked
"J. J. (J. N W corner l.ost," th-le. seal 80
chains, thenee south no chalni*. thenrs weel 80
Ohalns. thenee north BO chains lo the place of
oommenoe���tent containing MO acres, more or
I'ated October Both, 1WI7
No. 2 Coinmetielug ata post plante.) about
two and a half miles from the west loop of the
B. <'. Houthern  Ky  uh it small   stream  emptyliiK
into carmii Creek ana me reed "J.j  c n  w.
corner   ponl,''   ihence  south   HO  ehulns.   then OS
east go ohalne, thenoe north ho chains, thenoe
west HO ehalns to the polnl ul cnjnineucuiilcut,
eoiiiHlultiK 010 acres, more or less.
Killed ' i.*t..l.e: _ft11��. Itin.
No 11. (k)inmetieinK al a post planied alamt
.uie ball mile from the wesl loop uf lhe It C
Southern Hy., on Carroll creek marked *-J .1 C.
N. W. eoruer poHL.themse nouth HOebaliiM. I hence
easlHOchaiiiH, tnViu-c uurth HO ehalns, tbe DOS
went HO chains to the place of comiiiemeincnl
containing bio acres,  mor- or lesn.
Dated October 88Ut, 1��>7.
John Jamr- Camrkon, Looator.
it, iiiiuh- of brooaded *���Sk
TWilrlt-'g  jii'-kcth wore  l����i
Sale Price only $6
Hint Im-iii* un* "la" I*"'
irmn \,. Im*. in" "I1,r'1
W.  im\.l*W_��s*��tA*
.���t.*, h./.* :is and in i,i*.*i.st. i.mii,. ,,f brooadad silk, oordad <-.ik<-s. ipUmdlolj iin-*1
banal bnttana.   Tli,- **iM,,knij>- jsotofai iron bongbl dlraol fr..m Ita
tur,-i>.  oosl    laid   dow
in Salaon ^i i.ts,
������������������������ ***************************************
i-'K '.10
, im.re oi  Is
Nov 8th, 1907. w. A. Km
Nelson Land Dlnlrlcl.   District of Wost Km
Take notice Lhat W.A.   Hudson,  of H|
Wash ��� occupation timber cruiser, Intends to apply toi sspecial timbei iiciict over the lolio
Nelson Lund Dlstrbd.   Dis'riet of Wesl Kootenuy.
lake notice that I, Alexander Joseph McCool,
of Fernle, 11 C. occupation, holel-keeper. lutein!
tO apply for a special timber licence over Uo
following described  lahtls:
No. 1. Commencing al a post planted aboul
three miles from the 1st C. Houthi-rti Ky wo-d
lOOp  ou   Carroll   creek,   marked   "A.J   M.   S. K.
oornei  pout," thenoe north wi chains, thenoe
wesl HU eliHlns. lln-uce south HO chllilis, Uu-in .
eant HO chains lo the place ol commuucoinciil,
eoiiliilulng BiO aeres, inure or less.
Dated Ootob' r 2ftl.h, YMfJ.
No. 2 Ciiinmuiii'tii" at B p it planied aboul
oue and a half mile from Ur- west loop of the
ll (.. Houthern Ity. ou a small sin-tun ruuiihi-*
into Carroll Creek and marked "A.J \i \ u
comer post, theuce ncutli H'l cIuiIiih, thence nasi
HO chains thene i north HO chains. Uietice west
���HOohalnn to tho place of eoinini ii.-.iim nl eon
talulng 1140 acres, more or lens.
ulniiiK i.l" iii-rii, more or I
Dated Ootober88th, i��07.
iii.iii.-ie nil* at a pont pliiule.| about
two mil. ��� from the went loop of Lhe S. C Houth
erh Kv. on Carroll   creek,   marked "A. J.M   rt.a.
corner   post,"   thence   west   hu   . t ���     thence
north Ho ohalns, thence east  ho chains,   tbenoe
south HO  chains  coutailiiug   -M0 a(rrt.H,   more  nr
Dated October 2Hth, 1907.
maa Jueai'ii MuCooi., locator.
R.   W.   HINTON '
i_iNoir\,__i_:iv��  >vrNij coniwactows
l-**-l>*. ii i.-i:   nnd .��* ibbltlg eKecuied v-clll*.  1k..|..h. "      *-���������- '
Work, Mii-iuu -finij iviiii .Mi.i.iMoet-i.     Masnutootkirmr* ���
Or��s  G**.fm,   to.   to.    Coiitrnutora'   Ciira-
net of Hn 1 ami
Ul Hlreels
New and Second Hand
Ih  the  lilac*  for bargains.     W*  di
bolstering nnd oablnal  work, and
i.'ii.'.' i.. pleaas you In prtoea, work
\ trial win oonvlnoa yon.
Turner Beeton Block. 806 Vernon Street.
JNEL^SOIN,     -     B. G*
Smoked HaKW
Joy's Cash Grocery
'oar. joawMn-an-d ���"*��}-*��
The i>any CanaL
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
rUslo, Rossland  Boundary
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay  Ice, Frt-stt,
Fuel _ PotdtTY Co., Ltd.
N. E. co. Baker   and   Ward   Ste.
(ietf-on Und [iistrict.   lnstrvi 01 Weil Kootenay
VrTUe notto    tnsi Kr.-1  J. Hnmmons. *-*<-itt   lor
-.s.u.-r, Ol   Nelson.   OOOUpatlOh   WHb'h-
i  niat.-t.  Intend* to apply   lor   jtermi-Jiton lo pui
owini oseoribed lands:   Common*
risgatsposl    planted    alunit   2'^   miles  e��sl of
-.   tbeaos SO ohalns in au eeeterli
thenos  B ohalns   ���ninth, tbsnos w
.;-:,- id s westerl) aire-Aton, theoee Sn ohalns
,. point iifouiniaaiW���iiieiil.winleiillin
 r less
I-i-trd S'-v   2oth, 1-W7-
Kaenan k   tOMS Ta**hss,
K. J.  "AM MOM!.    A-J-i-Ill
Helm Land l��utrici.  Outrun of ftosl _ootsnaj
���   thai   Fred J.   H-ammnns    n-j-eiit u r
a t>  nt-iisT-rd, ol 1'r.ictoi   .hi upaii<*u raaehet,
ippl] (or perinlHsiou lo purchase the
iesetihed lands: i oiumi'UckiiK at a
1 about I H| miles easi ol \*�� Ueoo creek,
���iwest'it. etiialns, tbence northwest 'A3
i . uorilicMsl Jocltslti*-. Uieiiiw south
.-  .- nr- tn tlie the point id eouini-Mieetm-n t
.     -,��� tn acres, more or less.
-���-���th, mn
-\*< iiiHAi.n Ayosa-os BAbLaaii,
Agent   F    J    hAHMOHS.
,-i-irb-t   1'isinci al Weel Kootenay
��� thai W. a. iiudsou, Umberotf���teec��
: ol spokana   auofcanfl ooamty. waahlugtoa-one
������: sstttei ol Amerlra. Ull*���dl l" apply
���l-   lal   umlM-r   lu*eiise   over   Ihe (ullowinit
[SUdS!    t:iimmem-lii(isi a |Ht*sl marked
No   ��� planted OO the north bank Ol   I'oru < r��*ek,
ni ..i the Nonh lork ol Corn .reek
��� main   stream,   a.bout    Ave    miles   in  it
rvctlon trom continence of st.nl Oom
rrMl wiiii Uo- Kootenay rivt-i.   thenos north 4o
... v..*-.t  its-- ohalne; thenee sooth *��
rlutus.   then.-,  east   Ifio chains lo polut ol ooin-
i ���������iss-.iiimr Mo Here* more or b-ss.
f��ni land adjoins luiii-rr limit PO.1 ou lha
vwisad limber limit No n on the south, ��* io-
tali      ��� tn-'.
: November?) lwn.
William a  Bsneoa,Looatov.
��� i   la-.riek i  ihlne
snd signed bv the e-Hhtn naated w
on   tbe. Wth day  ot  November. A   I)
���*>r.    no-   at   H|M)kaue,    BOO���OhO   CooatT*.
aattitnKlon, ooeol ihe I tilted t-tales ot America.
1'athi. k l     Mill*.**..
��� ii Und Dtatlittk   Uistrict of West _ooteitay
ki ii..tic thai Isabella Plane,  t ItnaartrarK,
atiou tuKrtted  woiuhu. Lntandi lo apply
-t-rmisslon   tO   piindtasi*   the   billow lag   OOS
���1 laiols     i oiiinieiieliiK ai a p-wi pi..me.I nt
lloo ol itu- north bonndan ol Lo.
and in,- east  iKiunoary   ol   bii   Nn.   aitvt.
���  ussl  16 chains, more or less, lo Uie north
sei   .ti   limber  l.iiutt   No   WI,  thenee
- I'haiai  thenos veal ������*>> ebains, moreoi
thf '���ti'.l side ot W It-unban lake, tbence
emj -Hine in a simtborlv and wester*!
tout iu i ohalne, more or less to the latei
..nu , ..i sis.,, thenos U ohalna mors ���"
lollowlag  easi.rly   boundary  of Lot DSD to
oi commeaoemeni.
i October .lsoi.      leaastu I'tim-n,.
F   H. FAt'yi'isii. * sent.
in Land l'lf-lricl.   DlSttUftOl Wesi kooteuay
ki   nollee   that    Alexander    J     Hot Ml,   td
"  ii i...ooorapaUoa olerk, tnieu.is to appl)
;   t.. porohaee the follow.ni das
i md    Commenolng ��i �� spoil pinnic.1 ou
hern boandarj  ��*i t-  ���   Southern Kan
riKht-of way.   about   one  ami   m half   miles
frena  the uortbwesi oornei oIlotstHS,
Kootenay,   thenos south hu ohalns,
��� l-ssi lu chains, thenoe north SO ohaini to
i."in boundary of said   n^lil of WS      thenoe
-'    halni alotiit said  souibern  boiiiolary to
��� nuiieiie-'in- nt.    ami   conlalulii-*  Ooo
 ��� "��� less
��� I.   tabei utii, U07-
AlstXAKhSK J    M. 0001
on band district I'mimst of OtoOl Koot.*nay
ke iioiu-e that K. I*. Murdeii, sOttnS as. 1SSBI
1 ii Burden, of I'oktok. N H. uoonpaUon
���"'im . intends to epplj lot permisslun to
hSSS Ihe lollo-Allit; .leserlltuii lands �� "in
' lu-- ui n |H>st planied ou (he tsaslerly shore
'i"��  lake and  aitoui   lo elialus north "I the
oornei >��i lot B1SS, theuce eael SO eiiaiit*.,
i" ��� north tn chains, more or lust, to the lake
tbenoe soutbwesterl* aIouk the lake shore
i' point Ot coinmetn <ni'nl. and coiilaliiint;
ties, more or less.
itsil November imiii. iw,. Jamks ii Buhiikn,
F. i��   Duausa, Am��nt.
NOUOS   Ih   lii'icby    |tvm   that   nt   the
���noxl meeting ol the Board of License
^'--mnilHH.oimi'H tot the Dlstrlol Of Ynilt
u- li,. bnld after tht* expiration of thirtt
nnye, i intend bo apply tor a transfer or
the Llcenss ror the Orove Hotel from
���nysi ir to WUUam QosneU.
fflrnsB, ti. Borflen,
Hy hla attorney, Wm, Gosnell.
-'iiti'd ihii,   Uth  day   uf   November,
Notice in hereby given thai a Oouri
��] Revision nnd ApiMMti, under the pi'"
visions uf the Ahhchhuiohi Aim. respect
lnt; the i\BBessms_1 Hull foT ths ysai
���UDa, for the Kelson Assessment i"'1
Wot win tn held in the Oovemnieni
tuilro. Ni'lHon, on IHKH-milicr IStli, li��07.
at Hi a. m.
R.   8.   LENNIE,
Judge ur Court, of Revision and Appeal.
.   NuIbou, Uocomber 2ud, 1U07.
N.U.iii laHinl tiistrlet. Uistrict of Wesl Kootunay
.. -ake notiee lhal John James Cameron, ol
1 '-rule, Brnitm i tdunibla, rH-cupatloii contractor,     Intends     lo    apply      lor    periuisniorj    Ui
pnrabaea the ioiiuwinK dee rtbe.l isud:   com
menoltts at a )msi planted on the southern
boundary ot the B: C. Southern rlght-of-wiiy
annul 40 ���haius wi-slerlv from thcN.W corner
ofb'tSi-.*; itroup 1. K.iotoiiH}, thenee Houth t>0
ohalns, thenos east to chains, thanes north 60
Ohalns   to   IhS  southern   boundary  ol  the   said
riifiu of way .thenos westerly alouK said south
em  boundary of rfeht-of-way  to ihe   point     (
eiiininen. enii-iii. ami ctnitHliiinK -MO acres, more
or [es*.
Dated November Sth, 1SB7.
 J' UN   tAMKS  1"Aw-wo"-.
giOaoB _Utd Pls'yct    Uistrict oi Wesi Ko.m-on>
Take nollce that John  Hbleli.olN Ih--.   he,
(H-cnpatlon rancher, intends to apply for *,ter-
tuliwlou to purcbastr the btllowiiiK desorihed
laml: ConUnenOUlg at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Uu ~nV.i. thenee wesl -to
chains, thenee south H" chains, tbenoa eael 40
ohslns* thenos north SO nhatm n> iin* jKiini ttf
commencement, aud coutalnlug 8jfO acres, more
or lem
Dated ISth October, WOT Jam's hhibli,,
 _���__. FavuI'IKr, A sent
Nelson Ijaioi District    Inurlct ul West Kootenay
lake notyot that Aii-kus  KoQIU, of the ('Uy of
'���ei-.-ii. ... . upitsi.-ii fireman, intends to apply for
perml-slon Us purchase lhe lollowliiK d-scrPied
landa: loiiiineucnu* at a jMtsl planted at lhe
N. W. corner L ('- Morrison's ranch, in Fir
alley, th. ice nortb forty (*toj chains, thene
ssi lo-'y (4b) chains, ihence south [urty {-lo
alns, ihetice wesl forty (40)   chains OihtO
iiiiii.-iii'i'iniiu,   aud    iiutiihi*    one   hundreil
d sixty (UWij seres, more or le
I'ted >-.*pte nh.r Jnd .   IWI7
i Mil's**   Mdi HI
#10 I-��__tri MONTH
IO  ACkl liS
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boat terms; neat location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.      You
don't have to uae ull of your means
In paying for land. We want you
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also have tracts of F>0 lo 6U0O acreB.
prices and terniB the beet. We own
��� h- '-������ lauds aud handle nothing on
If you don't Bee Fruit vale you
miss the best  In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street,  Nelson, B. C.
ast Watch
The  windows  of  the  Old   Curiosity Shop for
Fancy China
Prom the hand-painted down in tha
coiiiiii.,11 gradaa <>i Chlaa-ssre, Noxt
wi..*k we will linv.' n Mia ot Out .Uuhk.
Old Curiosity Shop
Nc.ticv Ik iii.ivi.y kIm'i. lhal ina ""
darslgnsd paraooa navs made applloatlon under il��' provudons ol tha "M-
.mor Uoense Art.'' 1800, tor Hotel l.i-
oenoaa al tha plaotta iat opposite names.
John Marshall, Uarshall   Hotal,   Kit
Kr.-.i   Adii*.   F'.n   Bhappard   Hotel,
Q   -r  Snow, Outlsl Hotel, Prooter.
c. l-s Burgess, Bdns Hotel, Patterson.
Aniiiiiui.l    ��� iiiivIb,    Palaos    Hotal,
Vmlr- ,   ,.   ,
j. \v   Uasterson, Ymir iint.-i, xtwr.
B. M. Patera. Bt Oharlea Hotel,
Ymir. ,,  .  ,
John iti'.-iiii. Ooamopolltaii Hotal,
Ymir. ,   .,   ,
ii   s Coleman, Waldorf Hotel, Ymir
Bantue! Miller, Millar Hotel, Ymir.
Louisa Mir.uk. Blrdar n I, Blrdar.
win. Qoanall, Srova Hotel, Kiiiiyi.-w.
Mulct ii* 4S* Johnson, Kootanaj Paus
Hotal, Bloaan lunation,
.1    u    llinili.-x.   Mi'i'M.-.v   Hiit.-I.   l'-rl��.
K.  B.    MrArthur.    Northern    Hotal,
Sillnl". ,    ���
.;,.,,   Mead, Oreaton Hotal, Oreston.
Met  MoKeeaon, Brie Hotel, Brie,
.i,!H,.pii Wuik.'i'. Brlokson    Hotel, Br
i.lkKOII. ..,,.,    ,
Ddlth oin.-. Vancouver Hotel, i nur.
Wm  Oray, Balmo Hotel, Balmo.
Op-i   Munro,  Munro Hotel Cri-siim.
.\ meeting of tha Board of Licence
Oomm Igglonera, will be held to oonslder
���uota appUoaUona, nt the Court -House,
nl NolBon. on Monday. Ou- ll.tli di'V
���f Deoember, 1807. nt the hour or a
,,'olock in th'' afternoon,
%W.  J.   DEVITT,
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nolflon, n. C 10th November, 1007.
Christ'e   Testimony   to   the    Mission   of
St. John the  Baptist���Church
Services Tomorrow.
Amateur Drama.
n is rumored thut the Nalaon Amateur Dramatlo society will revive early
in inn.** and prepare tor the production
of aeveral plays.
R. Ml. R. Ball.
The annual luvll In the armory will i>,
Kiv.-n li. the offloera, non-oommlaaloned
offloara and  n or Companies Noa. II
und B, ll. M. BS., on New Vein's evening.
New  Business.
Geoi'B.- Ptaher, late ol the Iocs" stuff
or the ft.llla-Chalmere-Bulloalt Company
has resigned and accepted the position
ol manager ol a new Nelaon branch
(or lloi-iiiiiii. Clhnoy and Grin.II.iy ot
Montreal, agents to. general siu.piiea.
School Closing  Functions.
The stall and pupils of the linn."
School win give an entertainment In
the school building next Thursdaj even
Ing. The lii.^ii school's annual At Home
win be held rriduy evening, the public
school oloslng exercises win be held
Friday morning and afternoon.
20.000   Club   Ball.
Public comment on the approaching
bull iii the roller skating rink under the
auapleea of the entertainment committee of the 20,000 club. Indicate thnt
Ktich events are no longer patronised
merely us un offering to u deserving or
ganlaatton  bul  because their  merit   la
now- i- ii-.ni_.il    The arrangement! lor
next Tueeday'a .lance are complete now
und guest, are aaaured of n splendid
Boot, good music, an excellent aupper,
every   convenience,  nnd   good   Company.
City of Nelson License District.
We the undersigned, give notice that
at tin* next meeting of the Board of
License Commlsslqners we Intend to apply rm- n transfer ol the license of the
No Place Inn from Wm. QosneU to
EDWARD rnu.Altn,
Nolson. Nov. in. 1907.
Tomorrow win be tha third Sunday
In Advent. Next Saturday will be the
festival of Bt Thomas, "tha doubting
apostle,*' who could uot bcliuvo lu the
Beausreotlon until lie had seen aud
lunched t.he wounds of the rlBeli Saviour,
to whom Christ said; "Because thou
hunt seeu me thou hast believed.
Ulessed are they who have not seeu and
yet have believed."
The gospel tor the day la from St.
Matthew's account of the Inquiry seal
l.y St. John the Baptist from his prison
to know if the wonder worker of whom
he had heard were really the Messiah,
and Christ's answering command to the
messengers to tell St. John what they
saw and heard. His reference to St.
John's mode of life "Behold, they that
wear son clotlilng are In kind's houses,"
recalls St. John's account ol himself, as
"A voice cryinK in the wilderness." and
is typical of the life of l-enuneiaiion
and abnegation, that, has often been the
enforced lot of the reform *r. Nearly All j
the great religious and moral revivals
within and wihout the chu-ch hav, been
inlt luted by men who have chosen lives
or poverty and toil to appeal more
nearly to the many as successors to the
apostles Chan can in- done by the princes
of a rich and powerful ecclesiastical
organization. To all Buch St. John the
Baptist is the model, of whom Christ
said "A prophet and more than a prophet"
The following semceB are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of EnglanO���St Bavlour'a,
corner Ward and Silica street
Third Sunday In Advent. S.oiy colli
munion. �� a. m.; morning prayer and
holy communion. 11 a. m.: Sua lay
School. _.:;ii p. in.: evensong. 7.S10 p. n..;
Kev. K ii. Qraham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Churcn of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high masB,
10:30 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althof*. pnest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 s. m.. Sunday
school. 2.30 p. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. m. Rev, J. T. Ferguson, minister
Methodist church���Corner Silica anil
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:3n u. m.: Sunday Bchool, 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning Bervlce. 11 a. m.; even
Ing Bervlce. 7:30 p. m : Sunday school.
2.:io p. m.    Rev. A. Frith.
Salvation Army���Barra/nsu on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services Tor tomorrow. Knee drill,
I' ii in . holiness meeting. 11 am. B
praise meeting at 3 p. m ; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m
IOR.'���Tills n.nrlili.K nu Hskrr *'lr...>t or H-sn-
,    l.y U��r linker. ��� Hla.'K  Untlier  .Hunt llSK,
nontslnln. pavers and s sun. of manor,   nnoei
wtn ploaaa i��-,.v,. st <:hiir<i��� Drug nun Book Oo '*
SSTAN'I'KI.   Two  Kxl��i.rl...n.,.,l HsloN t.a-llca lor
\>      tl,,- IioII.I.ivh wrt',1 lrvl.l- a Oo
\arANTKI>      Waitress  lor   ll,,!,*!    Htru hoima
Oomtorteble Heme lor n Vnung i-a-iy. would
tvunti villi.-r pcttnnl li-iii-lu.r  or young lady in
luiiincfii in  tin* city.    Addreei B, 0. i>t*iiy
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
TeL 324.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
WO KlRKl'-i-i.-sMN IU-OMU, RloKm luatod     Ap-
i lr houj-e-Mtttr. Hril flat, K W. i. block.
Province of liritish  Columbia.
No. 413.
This is to certify that "Tho Manitoba
and   Western   Canada   Laud   Company,
Limited,"    i b authormed      and    licensed     to     carry     on      business     within    the    Province    of      Hritish       Columbia,   and to carry out    or effect all 1
or any of the objects of the Company I
to  which   the   legislative   authority   of |
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
. The head office of tlie Compuny is situate at the Town of Altona, in the Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars, each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province is siiuate at Nelson, and
\V. A. Macdonald. Harrlsier-ai -Law.
whose address is NelRou, B. C, is attorney for the Company.
Given under my band and seal of i��f-
hce at Vietoria. Province of Hritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
[L.8.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
RegUtr&r of .loin.  Stock Companies.
Tlie  objects  for which  this     Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquirinfi by grant, purchase'or otherwise, and leasinc, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
rveiy description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein:
developing, cultivating, forming, sett!
tng ami otherwise Improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging- leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing ol
the same, und generally of carrying or
ihe business of s land and land im*
ppiveuieiii company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, fanning and
lumbering, of aiding an ftaMiettng bj
sdvanoae of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and In
tending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or in the neighbor
hood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or ac-
ipihinn, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and onargej in lands or any
'uteres! therein, and of agreements for
rarest therein, und of Investing and
inmbering; of aiding and assisting by
With covenants for the security of
the purchaseund sale of land or any In
lending money Upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, pro
mlssory notes oi kinds of security as
an individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security nt such rates of Interest
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any instrument In writing or
-agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; lo exocuir
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; to secure the
purchase price  or   any   part   thereof  of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose  whatsoever;   to  borrow
money at such rate of interest as to
the company may Bcem advisable, and
Issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecuritiea or assets
of tho said company  for  the  security
of moneys advanced thereon; to exe
cute, sign, issue, negotiate, trans ter,
give and take promissory notes, id lis
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotlal le instrument,
and chose in action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
charge,, and collect Interest thereon.
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements on
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold rt.al estate iu trust or
otherwise as security tor such loans.
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company:
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on eommission.
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise ucquirlng or producing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures, including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers* supplies; to acquire, con
struct, equip, own. muintaln and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills.
saw-mills and flour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies in re
gard to any undertaking nnd to sue
and be sued In the name of Ibe company In respect of the same and, subject to the provisions of Section (>K of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate in whole or
in pint with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private Individual engaged in any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. if se
agreed, to l_sn�� therefor paid-up stork
In this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the com
pany capable of belnK conveniently car
���led on in connection with the above or
which may seem to the company en!
iMilated to directly or indirectly enbar.ee
t he value of or render protlt aide an >
of the company's properties or rights.
Notice Is hereoj given that the un
dersigned have submitted to the Lieu
(enuni-tiovernoivln-Couueil a proposal
under the Uivers and Streams Act for
the clearing aud removing obstructions
irom the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six Mile Creek) in the District of West Kootenay, Province of
Hritish Columbia, and for making the
said  creek  fit  for rafting and    driving
thereon logs, Umber and lumbar, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
'he Bald creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding.
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay la-ake at the mouth of Bald
The lands to be affected by such
work are Lots 787, 7SS. 7601, 777:1. 4894,
S411 and BUS all In Group One, Kootenay District, and other lands not Crown
Granted,  occupied  or  improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
Buch' as may be fixed by the .ludge of
the   County   Court   of   WeHt   Kootenav.
Dated tho *J8th day of October, 1907.
We have for rent an up-to-date house
in a Kt.od poHition, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry,  bathroom and tuone   basement,
$2b.0O per month.
IICll.AKS Al*.
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lota in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best   lotB are left.
Don't Forget
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health jmlicy you intended writing which covers
all accidents and StU diseases.
Let us quote you rates on the above. ~"
McDermid & McHardy
NBLSON. Ft-  C 9
C. P. R.
To   Montreal,   Toronto,  and   all   pointa
west thereof In Ontario and Quebec-
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily December let to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon���$104.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and  up  according to
For    detailed    information,    sailings
oceau  Steamers,   first   -ass   or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   upidy     to    local
agent or
A.O. P. A..Vancouver. D F.A.. Nel��OD
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
3200.00  Two   LotB   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
3325.00 Lot on Latimer.  (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lote on  Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker St.. Nelaon.  B. C.
Tremont House
BtarctMMn tnd Amerlcms PUn
Hm.1i * ctt.   Sooui from X o_. to tl.
onu Whit* Heip ampiorea.
Batter St., Nelaon
Most comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only tb. best ol Liquor, and Mgars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERKIK80N. Proprietor.
Telephone. 250.    Opposite Court Houa*
and PostoffIce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btresl, Nelson. B. C.
Large   snd   flomfortsble   Bedrooms  and  First*
clsss Lining. Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson,
Tbe B*r li the Ptneat.
WhlM Help Only Employed
lo-HiUhlue Ht.
Royal Hotel
Rates |i and ll.fiO a Day.
Special Rates to Rexolar Bonnier..
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25.000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, (SriraliT W.  Honrke.
OFFICE, No. 322 linker St. (Croasdaile
& Co.)
SEE the oeJnent block*, nisplnyed ln tho
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS tor  Block nre invited.
PARTICULARS nnd forms of Application nmv lie obtained at the Company's ofllcp, or from II. A. Stewart.
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
All Kinds of Heating  Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. HI.
w.   a.   OIUUETT
Contraotor mxnttZ
Hole tttont for tin' Horin lUoo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
r-diall ynrilr-. K.ui*,;li kimI d**e"*Hi<l lumber, turned
work mul Drank-*(��. Cotst l*��tb and hIi1ii**1*m, B*-tb
hii-i 'l.n-r- c*>-mt't-i, t.r|ck and Ume for stale,
Yard and (actor;: V-.ruonHt.. eaat of Hall
NsHL-seoni. tt. c.
ItlOloM r_
; j
I ;
Tne jjaily Canadian
Silver Deposit Ware!
Do mn fail to see these goods. They are among the n. ��* l
on tlio market, and are equlaite In design and Bluish. The line cflm
oris.-* T.a s.i*. in whit*, and -.liver, and dark blue and silver. Sail
Cellars. Sherbet Seta, Bottles, Flasks, and Vases ln crystal ano Bllver,
an.l colored glass and silver.
Our store ls open until Christmas   every   evening   until  9  o'clock.
Watchmaker and Optician
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers and centres. New
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
Sec Us
For Goo-v> Fruit Land
io Aeie blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _:
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
��� AT THE-
Queen Cigar Store
���begi SB-
Xmas preaentt   t- r   everybodjr*.
Oanie curly nud avoid thi rash.
BUSH & MATT HEW, Props.        5
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer-*) tu staple aud fnney QfOOafflSSi
Knttor, Erkh.
Cauip nud MiiHTr-;' Supplieri.
A M. Can   See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office):  Healey Building.    P. O. Box IM
������iter ��L, NELSON. B. C.
At Fairview, this morning, to tba wife
t Edgai Uason, a son.
Metals and Stocks.
Silver reached the lowest poim to-daj
tor Beveral years. li declined alne
points In New York and eight in 1.""
don. Other metals art' ancaanged at
���kj.-w prices. Dominion Copper stock has
""fallen one point B. C. Copper baa gone
up one point on the asked price.
The B-.!-t Hard Coal on tee inar-
SaB-tinklTeacl tit-i-
The  Beit   I'omt'Slie Coal.
West Transfer Co.
tSf.^e    ���      -
Cot".    Vermin auvj    .Varo.Str.
-s.--.l_ so is-. fc��.t.
II    A    Laird   IS.  II.  Grasty.   rtimkane:
A. V. Ma.Id.i\. \Y. li   Kaidins. Rossland:
n   s.    Dennis, SI,.can.  W.   H.  ISurke. J.
li   Scott, W   G   Billy, W. II. Kelly, A. F.
Dudgeon, Vancouver;   F.  W.  Guernsey,
Trail, .1   F.  Wilkins, s   Keelands, Cal*
s   11. Smith, Toronto;  A. Hindi.
Winnipeg;   II     V   Cousins, London:   H
���ra, Cardiff; Mr  Foaher, Arrowhead;
P.   ii.   Bun-ham,  Grand  Forks;    R.  C.
Gage, HUlyard.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
IS    J.  Brown,  Toronto;   C.  F.  Blake,
Dr.  ll.  B.  Moi rlson, Wlnnlp. _.   s   m.
I- nd, Montr, al    a   I...., rence, Medicine
Hat; J   M   '.'. right, Vancouvei; ll. Hall,
B. .1. Btedman, Victoria;  .1   Jones, Cal
gary; .1. M. Cannon, Grand Porks.
':   '���'���   Noi they, Slocan;  I-'  M  Grant, J
1   McDos Ud, Hugh McDonald,
\   M. Mi Donald, I mil . .1   N. McMastei
Koch Siding; H. i-'. McCaalin, Mis., l ii
Knsoe,  Kasii       \    I amen n,  S.   Wynd*
ham, Procter; .1. Culhane, Fernie; J. i,
1 ���   ��� : '   .1   McGn gor, Havel*
stoke;  M. McCulloch, Nal
T,   J    Graham,   II    EUngFose,  Lardo;
i'  is and ..if.*, M   A  Pai rer
and   wife,   Vernon;     J.   a   Borth
v.'   A. Mlllan,  i'i. .ton;   I*'.  IS.I...
.. Bw. n   i .Ulan.,;  Q    \\
C.  I       . .:.|,  .1    Hand, rson,  J
a   P m   i       .1   K   Lo.
... n, J. .1    Pi l<  on,  Dog Cre. I     R   i
: ...   W.   n.   Davidson,   Van
J. II   Elder, Vmlr; EL M. Ni   log  :
ii    H    Smith,  Slocan;   I    Cole,
SI) vertoi
C. 0111, Waki Bi Id mill;  B. Catlow, Sll*
vei '..a
RON ' I.
a.  II.  Pitch,   I.  T   14.1.1    Ymir;   li.  c
��� ...   i     Bi ek'i ���     Koch   Biding;   i;
III. . eu, S   Molls*]*. M.  Wotchle, ('ran
iro  i
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts, BraeUs,
Chestnuts, Apple Cider, Northern spy
apples, Baldwin Apples, .lap Oranges,
Pig . larg. layer, California Oranges
and Malaga Ore p.
A large assortment ur Xnian goods
Wholesale and retail prices  per quantity
Plume 20a. r.UKVi llaker HI
School   Concert.
There wUl be a concert given at the
Hume school next Thursday evening
tbe proceeds to be devoted to purchasing
s piano for t li* - school. An attractiv-
programme is being prepared under the
supervision of the teachers and aoduobt
the entertainment will be successful.
Methodist Services.
Tomorrow morning's Bervlce at tli*
Methodist church will be s children's
bi rvice with a talk by the pastor on
"���the children's Christmas." In theeven
Ing there will be a young people's service, with a discourse on "Blighted
Youth." The Family Circle will meet
after the evening service.
Improving the Town.
The Kootenaian is engaged in a campaign for 'he Improvement of Kaslo
The first think that enterprising paper
desires to see undertaken is the removal of all the old buildings In the
place. According to a number of cor-
n spondents of that paper this is a movement in the right direction.
University  Club.
The annual and monthly metinge of
th* Dnlverelty Club of Nelson will he
held In the teachers' room of the public school building tonight at S o'clock.
The business of the annual meeting will
consist only of election of officers and
brief reports. The programme will
c. insist of the reading and discussion
of a paper on "The Passing of the Mat-
Teacher" by C. M. Fraser. The usual
invitation is extended to all who are
Producing   Cement   Blocks.
The Nelson Cement company is st. stilly producing blocks at its plant near the
Mountain station, The machine mixer
is installed and more moulds have been
ordered. It is not anticipated that then
will be a large sale of the product dur-
Ing the winter months but tbe com pan v
will be ready for the spring building
with a large -stool, on hand. Inquiries
have been received from many building
cont rectors throughout the province.
and there (s already considerable local
demand   for  small   blocks   for  chimneys
General   Ladies'  Aid.
A cbaristabls organisation composi d
of representatives of the five religious
congregations in the city has been form
ed to loos after cases of need in the
City. The present members are: Anglican. Mrs. h. Bird. Mrs. Hannlngton,
Mrs. Starkey, Mrs Bennett; Roman
Catholic, Mrs. Gigot, aMrs. Sturgeon.
Mrs. Tierney, Mrs Labby; Preabyterian,
Mrs. Blake Wilson, Miss Thorn. Mrs
Riblet. Mrs. McCulloch; Methodist, Mrs
M' Hardy, Mis Wall.-v. Mrs Rutherford.
Mrs. Kettle Well; Baptist, Mis. Drew. Mrs
McDermld, Mrs. Norman, Mrs. Playle
The executive for the first month wit!
be Mrs. li. Bird and  Mrs. Labby.
An   Imoortant   Legal   Point.
Recently the independent Lumber
'impany brought action against the
< lanadlan Pacific Timber company, at
Vancouver* claiming    180.000 damages
toi breach or contract. The defendants
denied the existence of the contract, alleging that matters had got no further
than unfinished negotiations. The ;*.���*
i ion has just been tried at Vancouver.
and Judgment given dismissing plaintiff's action with costs. Tho ii-.int raised
F. C GRLEN        F. P. BiJHUfcW        A. H. GREEN
Cvil Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. I'..,  US    Phon* 261 IJ
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEC.   _t-5th
After m of Dec. list
Daaoe by Kink Company, Dad.  Slli-t.
Hand: Monduy. .Thursday, und Saturday evenltiKH
M..rnlni;H, al'ti.rn.mns and evenings,
without I.mul, children 15c adults ssr.o.
Including Hkuu.H.
1'Sv.ninKK wiih band, axoepl Baturday
evenings, -i'i'-. Including nkates.
Saturday availing, hand und special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, CUc, lniludlDf
Full assortment of Table Supplies appropriate fur Xmas.
Order earl}' aud get best goods
and Service.
Comer Silica  and Josephine Bta.
A Work Basket
or an
Infant Stand
We have Jnsl received ;i shipment ..r
these goods.
They are beautiful baakets and won-
derful value.
They an* displayed tor a day or two
in our window.   Take a look ai them.
WORK BASK���TS,  15c, 60c, 800, 90c, *1.
*:::'."..  {I It,  14.60, ��:. 75.
INFANT   STANDS,   J::._T..   M-60,   ��5.75.
$- It and   ft 00
WASTE  BASKETS,  v.-rv   pretty  ones
Jl.Ou i-ach.
Also a very beautiful assortment of
(lower baskets.
We G. Thomson
8^S_^ "nrt    Nelson, B. C.
i>i->.>..��: .%*.
$1.00 per Box
Telephone 161.
i.y k. m. Macdonald oo behalf ,��r tht-
defendanta wu thai tin* plaintiff own
pany being an eal ra provincial company, not registered or licensed to
carry oo business in British Columbia
at the* tin)(_- the contract WOM aald to
have been entered Into, inch contract!
could not I"- enforced in ihit.  province
Prices   ot   Metsrtt.
New   York,   Dec     I l      Siivir,   '���::"-,��   .
oopper,  i-l_c ,  leadi 14.76.
London, Dec   l*<���silver, ^5d.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
New   York. I li-c   11. 1907.
(By McDermld _  McHardy.)
Asked Bid
Oranby  $80.00      %'	
Domlnlt ii   I iopper. ...    I 75 i BS '-
li. c. Oopper     4.:;7"/*g       4.on
NICKERSON, the Jewelery Manufactur
or'o Agent will hi-II y<m fOOda Trom nam
plea ut *jr. per oent 1-jhk than resulai
priccH direct from the Caetorlea, in s
daya rrom order. tSverythlnfl In tha
line.   Order now.
Of electrical work flnlnhed and charged
Tor  from  UiIh nhop  will  hIiow  you  how
���Qoarely ami honor_b,ly we conduct our
Those who employ uh need not worry
about  our chai'K'.H and  im to  workman
���hip they know It In the beat
Kepali-H to niachiui'ry, tclejilionoH, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
P. O. Box 16D. Phone 221 A.
in attractive boxes makes a
very  acceptable  Xmas  gift.
We   have B lurgc raosge of   Xmas Stationery in  all the
Correct Shapes and
If you buy your stationery from us there is no question about its
suitability. Prices Right���Quality the sBest. Nelson's great
Christmas shopping  headquarters.
Canada Drug & Book Store
���*��� :i'v --.,���-   ��:.  '    K4.-lf.ll   .'��� - -   Ul
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campw Hupplied on i.hoii'i��t notice and
lowest prit-e. NothuiK hut   fva_b and
wholeHonie uieatnand isupplen kept m Kt-ock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   PVUnage*.
Let Us "Sock" it to You
I"  "'���.     .'���   '   Pall .no Wlni.T euksti
Men's Km.* lloKi.iy  \v. a>.  stucki^-1
up  arilh  ih>. Bnesl 11>���-.-���-.-vr Imponilt
.'ontfortal,!.*  and  (ltiral.le In *,.ar ul
,-i. t.ini   in  appaaiBoea   Vou sin at
inIn*   Hi.-   n"��   <|.kU-iis   and   [al.em
.*licli    ;,..     [KM   '1*.   V   |,l,-wlDC    to   IS '
cir.01 .ind particular dressm A!) *ut
oolora, aad warranipd tp give seiritu
an.I   w.i l.i.iK aailsfacilon.
W,.    ould Oka I ill ..ur patr  ns<-'otntortable thla winter atl In oitlnlo
do so ��. ha.,  in nt... ii iin- bast assort**! line of hcatim; itora u��icoo-i*��
ht..\.-s and   ...in;, h  *v.r  I.-1 :,:.-ii to th.* publlr lu K.-oietiiy
\V.   v*,,m:.i  ba  pins an ri to show  >,.u    our lino and before maiiut J���' r*
chas.. k.n.l )   *-.-.- what   v*��. ha,,* lo ..fTrr
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Neiso. *_���*
Standard Furniture Co.
Jobbing   promptly   alli-ml.-.l   1.1.     I'liiir.
und  Khtlmnti-....
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
Xmas Cakes
We  hav,.   Hi.-ni   In   nil   slz.s   ami   wit]
hav.- Ihi'i.i fl.-.-iiral.-d tn your own taste
Choquette Bros.
Toilet Sets
Of Three
Mirror, brush ami comb, sterling silver, silver-
plated or china-backed, make most acceptable
gilt*���useful, ornamental and pleasing. This season I newest designs, $6.00 to $65.00.
R.  H.   EWERT
arESgsfS Lumber, Shingles,
Uuti-i, Mouldlri-M, Door���t. Window*
ri.lri-.wcl W...-U ...id llri.ekvla
vBRNONimmfi  -
Your Xmas List
ih not Kmipla.be nnlaaa vou imvi- on it u
piiir oi -]i|.|>. is for latne nsnb i -d tba
inin.lv. Tha Uurgaat and beat ranga of
ulipperH w.' hiivi- 1 viT ihovn ore tot jotu
tnapeot^on tbli ���eaaon, Gentlemen'a
bonae lUppera in toxaj Leatben L-adlea*
Draaa tlippem, l-'rlt Rotneoaand bedroom
nllppera. AUldadaof -ippera for obtl-
Phone 258.
THE  UptoDate   Bakers
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday. Dec. 17.1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and FalU Streets.
TlrlcolH can he had from nny iim-iiiIht
Of tlie i-xfcutlvc or from th*1 Hrfri'liLTJ,
of the 20,000 club.
Ladie* or gentlemen $1.00. Refreshment!
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprietor..
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let vn Supply Yotir N*_��
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-
iNi :i t^oiN


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