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The Daily Canadian Oct 3, 1906

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 _fye -pttilg QfanoMon
VOLUMR  I.     NO.   104.
Fifty Cents a Month
Spends Holiday Studying
Labor's Cause.
Hedley Gazette Puts Editor of Daily
News Just Where He Properly Belongs.
Tim Nolson News, published by F. J.
Deane, contains this somewhat remarkable paragrab, nays the nullify
"Mr. K. J. Deane, proprietor of tho
Dally New*, returned last night from
an extended trip to various British
Columbia points, He has been absent
from the city for atx weeks, and dur-
Ing that time has visited the towns
and cities along tile mulu line of Uio
0.  1*.  it.,  tlit1  lower  mainland,  island
and simiikameen.    Apart   from   the
principal motive of having a holiday,
Air. DeattO's idea was to make a careful Htmly of la hor conditions, so as tu
form a just estimate of thu causes
which led to tlie recent agitation for
admission uf free Chinese labor. Fur
that purpose hu went tu the Simiikameen, Where hu cuuld find fruit growers who are already operating on a
large scalo and learn their views at
first hand. Last night, however, being
tired after his return Juurney, he wus
not prepared tu speak ot thu conclusions la* had formed. Today hu will
throw his holldap habits uslde aad settle down to work again."
Thu above paragraph, as ft appuurud
ln lhe News, was honored with a
three-decker heading which informed
its readers thut the "labor case" hud
been "studied," and that "Mr. F. J.
Deane had returned frum an extenied
trip" aud was "Armed with the views
ur  Slmiikuineen  fruit growers,"
Elsewhere uu the sumu page of thu
News  is  thu   important  auuuuucemeut
"Ere hu (Mr. Macdonald) returns,
he hopes tu make a trip through the
Simiikameen and become thoroughly
BOQUainted with the political sltuution
in  Mr. Shatfurd's district.    The Simll-
kameen is destined tu _uc an interesting light during the coming election,
for, while the present member, Mr.
Shatford, is universally respeeted, Ws
course in connection wiih severe!
questions which came before the house
during ihe last session at Victoria was
noi altogether pleasing to his constituents, it Ih early yet to say who his
opponent may be; thu LtherulH of the
Simiikameen have not yet made any
announcement pn that subject. Nev-
ertheless, M)ey are curtain to put up
an earnest and effective fight."
Now what is all this about? In the
Blrollkameen riding wu wen' not aware
that there was any labor ipiestion to
be Studied except the scarcity of labor,
below   Keremeos,  on   the  V., V. &  E.
grades, which prevented the employment of sufficient force to give us
railway connection in Um time promised by the railway officials 12 mouths
age. It looks very much nH If this labor question is a flimsy and exceedingly silly pretext of Mr. Deane to thrust
himself Inlo public not leu and endeavor to establish some sort of connection
between the SinillkameiMi riding and
himself;   for   what   tire  the  facts?    A
farmers' institute meeting or something of lhat kind over about Kaslo
expressei doubts as to the wisdom of
keeping out Chinese by the Imposition
of a |B00 head tax aud passes a resolution that was forwarded to Ottawa
asking ihnt aald   tax    bo   withdrawn.
Now if Mr. Deane wanted to find
OUt nny more about Ihis thing, or to
"sludy the case," as his paper puts it,
why run [.way from the Koolenay;
and, mlrahlle dlctu! why shin for the
Himilkameen, which lies in the very
oposlte direction from where this little Asiatic plague spot hnd again broken out? It was exceedingly good of
him to appoint himself a'royal commission of one to study, meditate and
ponder, and the Simiikameen will modestly close Its eyes for the doffing of
those "holiday habits," that It may
learn the result of the pondorlngs.
But there nre other little evidences
to he recalled Illustrative of not. so
much Mr. Donne's kindly Interest In
the Simiikameen and In the cause of
labor as his interest In the Interests
of Mr. Deane in said Similkauiuen. A
few months ago, he was furnishing In
formation lo the Simiikameen Star intended to reflect upon L. W. Shatford,
M. P. P., ln reference to his position
on the eight-hour day for smelters,
last session, but was brought up with
a round turn by Mr. 11. A. Turner,
who was In a position lo show that
Mr. Deane'a sta*tumunts on that mailer were very wide of the truth. Mr.
Deane poses us uuu of the pillar;; of
the Liberal parly In the Interior, as
well as finding time for a little grand
stand play by way uf coquetting wllh
the Socialists. But where was he during lhe session uf 1006? During all
that session he was in thu press gallery of the house, slang whanging the
Soclallsls Whom he is now trying to
toady, and sending his paper in Nelson, garbled reports of the doings of
the house, that were disgraceful In the
violence of the partisanship which
they displayed. In thut session he
saw llie division on lhe eight-hour
Smelter bill, which is recorded on page
itO of "votes and proceedings," and
Which shows that thu member for Simiikameen who was present when tlie
vote wus taken, voted for the bill,
While J. A. Macdonald, leader of Uie
Uberal  opposition,  and  J.  H.   Brown,
the Liberal representative from the
Qreenwood riding, where smelter men
were working 12 hours q day, voted
against thu bill, without a word of
protest or reproof from Mr. Deane. No
thanks to Mr. Macdonald or Mr. Drown
for voting for the hill in the session
of LflOB, for in the Interval between
the sessions of 19l>_ and 1908 the question of au eight-hour day iu the
Boundary smelters was settled by mutual arrangement between the smelters and their employees and an eight-
hour day granted quite Independent of
Mr. Macdonald.
It is currently reported thnt Mr.
Deane Is plotting to induce thp Socialists to pledge their support to his own
candidature as Liberal nominee In the
Simiikameen. Thu Socialists and labor voters, however, have not forgotten how he boasted on the platform
in Medley, in lhe federal campaign in
1804; that Duncan Hobs had been sailing into ihe Socialists and handling
them without gloves, and they are able
tu take his measure now, when he
conies begging for their support after
having played them false In the past
when lt suited his purpose to do so.
And pray, who will believe that F.
J. Deane would risk 15 cents of his
own money to lead a forlorn hope in
the Simiikameen? Where would 'the
campaign funds come from but the
Grand Trunk Pacific, whose agent,
Morse, tried to hold up this province
for 15,000 acres per mile, hut was
turned down hy the McBride government, who refused to stand for it?
The Simiikameen knows something of
the advantage of having a* representative upon whom lhe big corporations
have no strings, and they are not disposed to throw away that advantage.
Big  Profit.  From    Low    Grade Ore���
Cost of Mining Minimized���100,000
Tons in Sight.
Thp annual genera* meeting of the
shareholders et tht Kva Mlm1-, Limit*
en, wilt* ht'lil In tlu> company's office
In Nolson yesterday afternoon. The
hoard of directors was re-elected, as
follows: Vf, W. Beer, Dr. Arlhur, Ur.
Hall, A. 1,. McCulloch, J. L. Stocks
and W. C. Hayley.
Manager Gracey'B report Bhowed
profits for the year's operations of
$17,4:1-.14, au average of $1.67 per ton.
The ore's average value Is $5.07 per
Ion, and tho total cost of mining and
treatment 18.60,
Of the proflls $12,976.03 have heen
devoted to new development work,
leaving a balance of $4468.11.
Of tho prospects of lho mine the
manager Bays:
"it is ii difficult matter in matte
close estimates or our present ore reserves because several of the large
masses are not yet completely .looked
out by crosscuts and raises. However,
It Is safe to Hay, after making due allowance for this, there arc considerably over 100,000 tons which IMI In
moro work will make available. A
complete system of crosscuts nnd
raises from our present levels should
add to the reserves a very large tonnage and this necessary work should
be now under way. \Vore we operating on a Boale commensurate with the
size and value of our ore bodies, the
results would ho of n much more satisfactory nature, nnd I hope this will
he n possibility of tho nenr future."
Treat for Music Lovers.
Lovers of music are reminded to
keep tho evening of October 12 free,
thnt they may hear the Philharmonic
Ooncerl company and orchestra, wrloh
win appear on that- date under tho
ausploes or tho 20,000 dub.
Protecting Timber.
With the summer season now closed
Ihe duties of tho flro wardens
have been greatly lessened, us all danger from forest fires Is practically
eliminated.    Sevoral    changes   In tho
Prisoner Acquitted of Murder Yesterday, Indicted Again Today on Lesser
Charge���True Bill Returned���Civil Case for Damages
From Forest Fires.
Before the court opened Laughlln
Uruce was brought before his lordship charged with aggavated assault.
He pleaded not guilty and elected to
he tried hy a Jury.
The promptness of Hritish Justice
and Ihe efficiency of the administration of the law In Hritish Columbia
were strikingly exemplified in today's
session of the supreme court In Nolson.
Lnughlln Uruce was tried yesterday
on a charge of murder and acquitted
hy direction of the court, because the
medical evidence as lo the direct
cause of the death of Hugh Mcflarvey
left a dssiilit which, however slight,
wus fatal to the crown's case ln lbe
eyes of lliitlsh law, as to the necessary
connection between the assault upon
him by Uruce and the attack of pneumonia.
A charge of assault was at once preferred and suhmilled to "the grand
Jury. A true hill was returned this afternoon and Uruce will be tried on the
less serious charge on Friday of next
This morning's session of the court
wus taken up with the opening of a
trial of a nature which Is of special
interest In Kootenay, as It may have
an important hearing on a question
which bos been discussed by hoards
of trade for many years past.
The case of the Fernie Lumber company against the Crow's Nest Pass
Southern Hallway company, J. W.
Stewart & Co., and R. Quulfe, Is for
dumageB caused to tlie plaintiff's property by a forest fire.
The fire, which damaged the timber
limits of the lumber company, originated, it Is alleged, from the clearing
operations ou the right of way of the
railway company. The contract for
building tho road had heen let to J.
W. Stewart _ Co., a well known firm
of railway contractors which has heen
concerned directly or indirectly in
nearly every piece of railway construction In  the province.
The clearing of the particular stretch
of the right of way from which It la
alleged tbe fires started, was suliiet
to one Robert Quulfe, who, It is alleged, look no precautions to prevent
the spread of fires.
Two olher actions will follow, of the
same kind and with the same defendants, but with different claimants,
Quulfe has entered no defence, has
not In fnct heen served with notice of
claim, ns bis whereabouts are unknown. The claimants profess Indifference as to Qualfe, rr-lylng upon the
responsibility of the railway company
and Ihe original contractor.
system of flro protection will he made
next year, nud both Ihe provincial aud
Dominion governments will probably
act on some of Ihe resolutions which
wero passed at the Canndlnn forestry
convention last week. Every foreman
nnd scaler will be appointed a fire
ranger at n salary of $6 a day.
II Is not probable, however, that the
government will prohibit ihe location
of settlers In tho forests, as II Is not
considered lo he fair lo tho settlers.
Two  Freighters Wrecked.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 3.���A report
was reoelved hero laat night that a
freight steamer foundered ln tho Gulf
of Mexico during the hurricane, The
report wus made hy members of the
crew of the hnrkentlue .lennie Hul-
hen, who sny that they could uot
make out llle freighter's name nor
what was the matter with hor, but
thnt lhe crew went down with the
steamer. The Jennie Ilulhort was
Went on the Rocks.
Chicago, Oct. 3.���Tho national convention of the Indusllul Workers uf
the World split on the rock of Socialism yesterday when the delegates of
the Western Federation of Miners,
representing 26,000 miners, bolted, The
miners will organize    under    another
Furnace Blew Up.
Ilaltlmoro, Md��� Oct. 3.���One of the
furnaces of the Maryland steel company at Narrow Point hlew up this
morning, It Is reported a number of
men were killed.
The case Is being tried by a special
Jury and six counsel ure engaged.
Tbe first case called this-morning
was that of the Fernie Lumber company against the Crow's Nest Southern Railway company, J. W. Stewart
& Co., and Robert Quulfe. K. P. Davis, K. C, and W. R. Ross, K. C��� appeared for the plaintiffs; A. H. MacNelll, K.
C, for the railway company; E. V.
Bodwell, K. C. for Stewart & Co.
With Mr. Hodwel) were W. A. Macdonald, K. C, and L. P. Eckstein.
Mr. Hodwell moved to add to the
statement of defence of the defendants, Stewart & Co., the allegation that
Quulfe was an Independent contractor
and that if fires were caused hy his
act, Stewart & Co. were not responsible for them. The motion was allowed.
The special jury list Is: H. Amas,
W. W. Beer, H. Bird, H. Byers, M. S.
Davys, S. 8. Fowler, E. F. QJgot, J. A.
Gllker, W. O. Gillette, W. Irvine, P.
Lament, E. B. McDermid, T. O. Procter, II. Selous, J. Laing Stocks and J.
11. Wallace.
Each side exhausted its challenges
before the following were selected:
11. Bird, S, S. Fowler, M. 8. Davys,
J. 11. Wallace, P. Lamont, E. F. Gigot,
II. Byers and 11. Amas. H. Bird was
elected foreman and the jury was
E. P. Davis ln opening expressed a
fear that the case might be long on account of the number of witnesses. The
action, he said, was for damages for
spread of fire, negligently allowed by
Qualfe to escape from a right of way
of the Crow's Nest Southern Railway
company, the contract for the clearing
of which was let to Stewart add sublet hy him to Qualfe.
The contracts expressly provided
that tlie railway company's engineer,
should supervise the work of clearing
and both contractor and subcoutractor
were therefore servants of the com-
Mr. Davis then from a map explained
to the Jury the locality of the fire
from which the uction arose. He contended tbat the price of $65 an acre
for which Quaife undertook to clear
was inadequate to provide proper
means and enough men lo control the
fire and   prevent its escape.
Accordingly Qualfe made no attempt at control, bul set out his fires
along 3000 or 4000 feet of the right of
way al one time.
Mr. Davis contended thnt the only
proper method of clcar'ng was hy
gathering brush Io the centre, leaving
ample spacer as fire guards and burning only a little at a time. All these
precautions were neglected hy Qualfe.
Overseas   Limited   Is   Delayed   Nine
Hours Through Indifference of
Postal Authorities.
Oltawa, Oct. 3.���The people of Can-
ami hnve watched with much Interest
nud a certain patriotic pride the race
of the Canadian Pacific steamships
and mall trains against time from
Hongkong to Ltvorpool. Apart from
the sporting Instinct aroused hy any
trial of speed there was the knowledge
that the feat ucing achieved was one
of great service to thc empire and
that tho eyes of tbe world were upon
this exemplification of the progressive
enterprise of a young country like
Canada. That we Bhould have the
transportation facilities organized and
under our control to trnnsport the
malls half way around the globe In
competition with the most highly organized transportation companies in
the world wns n matter of legitimate
pride. Apart from thai It was ono of
the best ndvertlsements that Canada
has had.
What will be the chagrin of the
people of Canada when they learn that
this great effort on the part of the
Canadian Pacific has possibly been defeated by the suplneness or Incapacity
of the government iiostofflco department.   The Overseas Mail train start-
Many complaints were made to Qualfe
on the subject without effect, and after the fires had been ln progress for
a week, from July 23, 1904, they hroke
from the right oT way and spread,
threatening three mills of the Cedar
Valley, Elk, aud Fernie Lumber companies. Then It became quiescent and
remained so for a week, when lt revived, and spread again, damaging the
property of the Fernie Lumber company.
Examinations of officials of tbe
company and of J. W. Stewart were
then put In by Mr. Ross. They indicated that Alexander Lupfer, engineer
of the railway company, did not at
any ti,:-e Inspect Qualfe's work of
clearing 11," right ot way. Qualfe was
paid directly uy Stewart's manager.
All communications, .'aiming damages
made uimn the company -'ere forwarded to Stewart.
Mr. MacNelll objected to any evidence as to subletting, but lt was allowed to be read.
Mr. Bodwell thought Qualfe's name
should be dropped from the record, as
he had not been served and was not
represented, and evidence with regard
to him should not be accepted. He
further submitted tbat if Qualfe
should properly be a party, the trial
should not go on.
His lordship���It doesn't affect the
Mr. Bodwell���I move that his name
be struck out
Mr. Davis���We do not care about
His lordship, to Mr. Bodwell���You,
as representing Stewart, have no
Btatus to object to Qualfe's name appearing.
Mr. MacNelll���I object to the contract between Stewart and Quaife going as evidence against the railway
His lordship���Ruling reserved.
Tbe evidence was then read.
The court then adjourned until 2 p.
m., to resume the case at 3 p. m.
When the court resumed at 2 o'clock
the members of the grand jury were
lr their places.
His lordship briefly addressed them
on the new charge of assault preferred
sgal s-jt 1 nughlin Bruce, explaining
the reasons for the failure of the indictment for murder and recommitting
hlm to the deliberations ot the jury.
The jury were absent about 20 minutes aud returned, reporting a true
bill. Laughlln Bruce was conducted
back to the dock and the grand jury
was discharged.
Bruce then pleaded not guilty and
Friday, October 12, was fixed as the
date of his trial.
handed advertisement for Canada, or
ing six hours late from Vancouver
landed Its Oriental malls one hour
ahead of time In Quebec, and at 3:16
o'clock tbe Empress of Britain sailed
for England, steaming down the St.
Lawrence at a moderate speed. It arrived <>rr Rimouskl nt 1 a. m. Saturday, where It was to take on the royal
Canadian malls for England, which
nre suppsssed to leave Friday night.
But the Canadian mails had not arrived. The steamship anchored In the
stream and had lo remain there ror
nine hours wuiilng for the mulls sent
down from Montreal by the Intercolonial. It was 10 o'clock on Saturday
mornin bgeofrmfwp cmf cmf mmm m
morning before the malls which left
Montreal Uio evening before reached
tlie steamer and she wus able lu continue her voyage, nine hours behind
Whether this failure was due to tho
postofflco officials or to the governmenl railway is nol yet known, but il
might reasonably be supposed that
under such exceptional circumstances
the postoffice authorities would have
made every effort for the credit of
Canadu to avoid thus handicapping 1111
enterprise In which bo much was at-
stake not only for the Canadian Pacific but for the whole Dominion. It
ls to bo hoiied that the delay will not
defeat the effort to land tho Oriental
malls in England within the 311-day
limit, but If It does, lt will be a back-
rather for the Canadian government,
which bo signally failed to rise to the
Harold Jarvls Appears.
Harold Jarvls, accompanied by Mr.
Graham, elocutionist, will appear in
the Methodist ohuroh the evening of
November 1,
Fernie Coal
Strike Affects
(Special to The  Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 3.���The coal
miners' strike iu East Kooteuay ls
now being felt in the Boundary district. During the lust lew days the
supply ot coke to the Granby smelter
hus beeu reduced, and In consequence
of this fact lt bus been found necessary to close down four furnaces at
the Islg reduction works, lt Ib reported thut if the strike continues lt will
be ouly a matter of a week or two be-
tore the entire smelter will be idle.
Of course, If arrangements for suply-
ing coke can be made with the International Coal _ Coke Co. at Colemau,
Alta., and the strike does not extend
to that camp the smelter may be kept
going from that quarter, but the present outlook Is anything but encouraging lor the continuous running of the
Granby smelter unless the ooal miners' strike ls ended.
As was predicted, a most sensational session of the city council was held
last evening. The question before the
council was whether the city should
pay $626 for the fire team or not
Mayor Hut ton strongly opposed the
deal, but the majority of the council
favored the purchase and passed a
resolution to that effect, whereupon
Mayor Hutton gave notice that lt waa
his Intention at the next meeting of
tbe city council to veto tbe obnoxious
resolution. A goodly number of citizens were present and considerable
excitement prevailed.
The postmaster general will on the
12th Instant award the contract for
the carrying of the malls between
Grand Forks and Franklin camp and
intermediate points, and lt Is understood that the contract will call for
the carrying of, the mall from January
1 next.
The following are the receipts from
the various district customs offices
for. the. month of September, as received by R. R. Ollpln, chief collector at
Grand Forks: Grand Forks, $2094.92;
Greenwood, $4723.92; Phoenix, $2387;
Midway, $1689.06; Sidley, $241; Cascade. $11266; Keremeos, $68; Oso-
yoos, $3676; Carson. $30.61; total,
Allis-Chalmers-Bullock  Company's   Hydraulic Engineer In the City-
Turbine Received.
Joseph Neias, of Milwaukee, hydraulic construction engineer for the
Allis-Chalmers-Bullock company, arrived In the city last night. Tbe turbine waa received this morning via
the C. P. R.
Mr. Nezas Is conferring this afternoon with H. C. Bullis and will visit
the site of the  plant tomorrow.
Seen this morning Mr. Nezas said
that while he could not say definitely
before looking Into the situation, he
thought that six weeks should be time
enough for Installation, but that much
would depend upon the machinery and
other facilities afforded. ��� He added:
"1 can tell you much more definitely
In a day or two."
Give Flannel Dance.
The Nelson Cricket club has decided to give a flannel dance ln the armory thc evening of Thanksgiving
day. Cricketers will all be attired in
flannels, gueBts according to their individual taetes. The wives of the
members of the executive ot the cricket club, including Mesdames Gillett,
Forln, Graham and Starkey, will be
patronesses. Captain Forln has placed lho armory at tho club's disposal,
half the Rangers being cricketers. All
arrangements will be ne near perfection us possible. Further announcements will be made later.
Henry Is Home.
Harry Wright, M. L. A. for Ymir,
returned last nlghl, with his family
from Beaton, Ont, where he was called by the Illness of his mother, who
died after his arrival. They left this
morning for Spokane, where Mrs.
Wright's mother, Mrs. McLeod, Is seriously 111.
���-______.______-_-. ^
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Hour and a half late.
Slocan train���On time.
Const, Boundary and Rossland train
���On tlmo.
PossUily New Paper Es- f
tabllsbed at Capital
Liberal Editor of Consemthre Organ Unacceptible to the Victoria Populace.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 3.���There Is some talk
here of establishing another daily
newspaper In Victoria to support the
Conservative party. There Is great
dissatisfaction among tbe rank and
file of the Conservative party because
Mr. Chas. H. Lughrin has been appointed editor of the Colonist. Lugh-
rln Is known to be one of tbe moat
prominent and aggressive Liberals 1* |
tbe province.
Changes In the staff of the Colonist
are coming with a startling frequency
since tbe reportd sale of that paper to
an unknown purchaser. Mr. C. L.
Gordon, who on Monday was made
night editor of the Colonist, returned
to Vancouver yesterday night, having
resigned his position.
The above facta aro all the news that
ls available at tbe time ot Tbe Canadian going to press. The situation ln
Victoria has been somewhat puxiling
to the friends of the Conservative
party since the sale of the Colonist
to Its new owner. There are rumors
of trouble ln the camp at the capital
city. Immediately upon the appointment of Mr. Lughrin as editor the
Colonist changea Its face and has not
since tbat time been in any sense a
truly Conservative paper.
It Is believed here that Lughrin haa
a free band In the matter of the editorship of the lifelong Conservative paper, hut the recent announcement I
he had a contract with the
ment of that paper, lasting
eral years, has caused serious
to arise In the minds of sl
friends of the Conservative party as to
what tbe future policy of that paper
ia to be.
Mr. Lughrin Is a clever writer, an
able editor, and a man fitted by education and abilities to fill the chair of
any editorial sanctum ln Canada. He
naa, however, attached himself to the
Liberal party and was one of the
most prominent workers In the laat
candidacy of Hon. William Templeman.
The only reason that can be assigned for the appointment ot Mr. Lughrin to tbe position of editor of the
Colonist Ib the present scarcity of good
editorial writers throughout the province. The province of British Columbia
bas Its peculiarities and these cannot
be fully and properly treated by a
stranger, Mr. Lughrin-s appointment,
while presenting several anomalies, ls
not after all one of the Inexplicable
things that occur ln Journalism.
First Tournament Game.
The first game ot the individual
tournament at the Nelson bowling alley will be played tonight at 7:30 between McCandllsh and Salter. There
will be games every night In the
w.ek except Saturday night. Thursday
night, Bridgmun and Fife will contest. Tho following players are entered: Davison, l.arseh, Falconer, Caldwell, Bridgmun, Peterson, Meyer, McCandllsh, Fyfe and Salter.
Price of Metals.
New York,    Oct. 3.���Silver,
copper. 11114c; lead, $6.76.
London,      Oct.      3.���Silver,    31 %d;
lend, ��18 17s Bd.
Rayfond Lebr. the boy cornet virtuoso, who Is a member of the Philharmonic Concert company of Chicago.
Is the youngest graduate of a conservatory of music ln America or perhaps In the world, since he was only '
12 years old when be took the highest
tcdsl awarded to graduates of the
famous Dana Musical Institute of Warren, Ohio. After his graduation he
took a post-graduate course with Jules
Wevy, the greatest cornetlst of his
time. Tbe little man's technique and
tone on the cornet are far beyond expectation. He plays the most difficult
cornet solos with the greatest ease
and his endurance, or as cornet Ists
call It, his "lip," Is marvelled at by
the best musicians. Don't fall to hear
him on October 12. -*
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
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OCTOBI.K 3, 1**K>.
������ By one word wo are sometime*-- Judged to he
wise and by one word sometimes fudged to he
foolish. Let ua thu rehire he eareiul what we
The Mall'Bmplre of Toronto haa
Something to say anent the recent statistics of the labor department of the
Canadian government and as these
arc of Interest to the readers of The
Canadian we reproduce Uie article ln
full. It says: "The new census of the
Northwest has made an exposure of
one of the numerous Impostures practised under the regime uf Mr. Clifford
Sirton. Mr. Sifton was a great boaster. Owing to the excellence of our
soil and our climate and to the provision that was made by the late government for the development of the
West, we have had In recent years
a very large Immigration. Mr, Sifton
has been in the habit of announcing
that he did it all. The very moment
the mugic name of Sifton was connected with the Interior department
the Immigrants began to rush in!
In his annual reports Mr. Sifton has
been in the habit of giving the numbers of immigrants he lias introduced
from abroad. The figures lor the past
few years are cited by the Regina
West, one of the progressive journals
of the new province of Saskatchewan,
as follows:
1902  C7.B29
1908 128,'_164
1904 130,331
1905 146,226
1906 (half year) 100,000
Total 572,340
"Between lho end of 1901 and tlie
mlldle of 1906 there were itdded to
the population by Immigration, according to the figures adduced first
by Mr. Sifton und afterwards by Mr.
Oliver, no less than 672,840 people.
Now there has been, in addition to the
immigration, a natural increase, bo
that the population ought to have
grown between 1901 and 1906 by nt
least 600,000. lint the census has just
been  taken, and  the result    is    given
1901 414,151
1906 805,000
Increase 390,849
"Let us statu tlie case once again.
The figures of Immigration give an
addition to the population during the
five-year term of 572,1140 people. The
natural Increase lu five years would
be at least 30,000. The census, therefore, should show an augmentation of
600,000 in the population. Bul it only
accounts for 390,849! There are 210,-
000 people missing.
Why this discrepancy? The Western pepole hold lhat the census has
been gerrymandered in order to keep
keep down their representation. That
ls to say, the government has knocked
off a hundred thousand or so of Uie
population to prevent the West "from
getting more members at Ottawa. On
the other hand, the suspicion is current that the Sifton immigration figures have been fraudulent and bogus
from the first. Certainly, If the con-
sub Is correct, Sifton's    reports   have
been false. We must have been given
these swollen figures for no other purpose than the deception of the public.
There is reason to fear that under the
Laurier government the very blue
books are tampered with.
Of Mr. Hearst they kuow.or think
they know, a great deal, and as the
campaign progreBes they will learn
more. He is somewhat of a mystery
Like tlie man with the searchlight, he
turns a glare of publicity on everyone
else, remaining in the deeper shadow
himself. Among newspaper men in New
York it is generally supposed that the
brains of Hearst is Arthur Brisbane,
his editor-in-chief. Brisbane, lt is said
does Hearst's thinking and selects
his principles. Brisbane made hlm a
member of congress. Brisbane almost
made him Mayor of New York, and
Brisbane made him lho Democratic
candidate for the governorship. It
has been noticed that Mr. Hearst
makes few extemporaneous remarks.
His newspaper is, ln truth, his organ of
speech, and every day it gives him
a larger audience than is possessed by
any public man in the I'nited States,
including President Roosevelt himself.
This criticism is beside the point,
for, whether Brisbane or Hearst is to
be the real governor of New York, in
the event of a Democratic victory, it,
is upon Henrstit.ni that the people are
Invited to pronounce. Hearstism may
have some subtle difference from anarchy, but it is likely anarchy,the doctrine of discontent and demagoguery.
So far as may be judged from the
newspapers owned by Mr. Hearst, obscenity and sensationalism are outstanding features of it, so, too, is a
piety not unlike that in "Sanford and
Merton." Hearst denounces everything, especially wealth and corruption. Yet he is a millionaire, and it
is said that in the history of New
York politics there has been no such
corruption as that employed to secure
the present nomination of Mr. Hearst.
No doubt the devil is being fought
with lire.
Mr. Hearst's popularity with the
dissatisfied, tlie Ignorant, and the for-
elgnors was astonishingly shown last
November, when In Tammany's
stronghold, he came within a few hundred votes of defeating Tammany's
candidate for mayor. In going afler
the nomination for governor he defied
the Democratic leaders and organized
a parly of his own-���the Independent
League. This association has already
Qominated Hearst for governor. At
the last moment Tammany turned in
bi'lnd thu man who had dragooned it
an., voted for him. Jerome, the New
York Distriet Attorney, dropped out of
the race rather unexpectedly, an Mr.
Hearst's most popular opponent was
thus disposed of before the real struggle began. It will be interesting to
see whether Mr. Hearst can induce the
reputable Democratic press of New
York to light under his leadership.
That, the Whitney government is doing good work for the people on the
power question is made plain by the
nagging tone of that monopoly organ
���the Toronto Globe. That paper has
been the champion of all the huge
power deals of the past. It supported
various Niagara Falls franchises, and
pronounced ihem excellent. It was
also the advocate of the Hoss policy
of water distribution amongst politicians. Against tho recent Healey'B
Falls concession, which was granted In
response to the   appeals of the muni
cipalities, It fought with bitterness.
The reason assigned for this conduct
by the Liberal papers of the neighborhood was the circumstance that the
development of the power at Heaiey's
Falls interfered with a monopoly
held by friends of the organ at Peterborough!
McDonald Not Alone in Aspiration for
the Bench.
Humor iu legal political circles has
it lhat there are no fewer than seven
aspirants for the vacant provincial
judgeship, says the Vancouver Province. Five are staunch Liberal lawyers and two are county judges.
The members of the bar whose respective friends are "proving" at Ottawa claims for their appointment are
Messrs. F. C. Wade, J. A. Macdonald.
provincial     Liberal    leader;      Colonel
Gregory of victoria,   Stuart   Hender-
derson, M. L. A. for Yale, and Mr.
Harry Senkler of Wilson, Senkler &
The two county judges whose promotion is being urged solely by friends
are Judge Henderson and Judge Clement of Grand Forks. In the opinion
of their friends both have earned the
right to supreme court distinction far
iii advance of the claims of any mem*
ber of the bar.
"If Mr. Macdonald wants it lie simply has to have it; all the others will
clamor for it in vain," said a close
friend of the "party" today.
But there is the doubt In the present state of the |>olUieal barometer It
Is the view of some who claim to know
the Liberal leader from skin to soul
that he would rather take the present
chance, "so full of prosperous hope,"
for the premiership, than even the
chief justiceship, were it vacant. Tho
bench would  be an easy matter later.
"From present Indications," concluded the close friend of the party, "I
think it is between the promotion of
Judge Henderson and the appointment
of Mr. Wade."
Both  Right.
Miss Marie Cahlll was discussing
the talkative woman, and incidentally
told the following good thing about a
married couple.
"The wife, in the middle of the
night, was awakened by the loud
snores of her husband. She endured
the horrible racket a�� long as she
could. Then, pinching the man sharply, she said:
" 'Herbert, you'd make less noise if
you kept your mouth shut!'
."Herbert, sleepy and surly, muttered:
" 'So would you!' "���Young's Magazine.
TAKK NOTICE thai an application haw been
made to register K. (i. MuLeod as tlie owner in
Fee Simple, under a Tax Sale Peed from It. J.
Slenson, deputy assessor and collector of tlie
Sloean Assessment Diatr'et, to R. O. Mcl.cnd,
bearing date tlie 25th day of August, A. I). lOO&j
ni nil tind singular iimi certain parcel or traet of
land and premJseB situate, lying and being In the
Distriet of Kootenay, in the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and described an���all minerals, precious and base, (save
ooal and petroleum) under Lot 2888, Oroup 1, in
the District of Kootenay, "Burnet" mineral
You and each of you are required to content
the claim nf the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of the Bervice of this notice
Upon you, and in default of a caveator certificate
of lis pendens being filed within such period.
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
Hotting up any claim to or in respect of the said
land, and I shall register K. U. McLeod as the
owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry Ofllce, Nolson, Province of British Columbia, thll 28th day of February, A. D. J'JOfi.
li. F. Macleod,
Distriet Registrar.
To Richard Secman.
Under and by virtue of the powers of Itlo contained In a certain mortgage which will be produced at the time of sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction OD Saturday the 21)th
day of Ootober, 1906. at the hour of 12 o'clock
noun, at the Hotel Hume, comer of Ward and
Vernon streets, Nelson, B. C , by Messrs. Charles
A, Waterman A Co., the following property, vln:
Lots numb, .a fifteen (1.) and sixteen (lti), tmth
iu Block number ten (111), being part of lhe sub
division of Lot number nluctysii, Group one,
In the district of Koolenay, British Columbia,
and known as (he Hume addition to Nelson,
B. C, according to a map or plan deposited Jn
the Land Kegistry ofllce and numbered 281 B.
toon the said land is erected a large and commodious dwelling house In first-class order, wllh
cltv water. This property is noi fur from the
buslnt-s portioned the city.
Terms and condition! made known at the time
of sale or in  tlie meantime upon application to
Mortgage's Solicitor.
Dated at Nelson lhe 17th day of Sept. HHJ6.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tlie following described lands situate in West Kootenay District, CoiiimenciiiK
at a post marked "A, Hlrsch's S. K. Corner*
planted at the H. W. comer of Lot T,'A, about 1
miles nortii of Burton City and about \ of a
mile west of the Columbia river, theuce north
kd chains; tlience west 40 chains tlience south
RO chains; tlience east 4o chains lo point of commencement, containing mm acres.
Dated Ihis l lili day ot September, ISOfl.
A.  llllfsr u,
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days after date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate on the
Kant ihore of Lower Lake, about one aud one
half mile South of Edgewood, B. 0. and adjoining J. T. Beattle'a application to pun-lone,
and commencing at it post marked Donald Wil
son's South West corner, thenee running North
sixty chnlni, Ihence Kaal forty ehalna, thence
South, sixty chains, ihcnce Went forty chaius to
place of eommeneement, and containing 2.0
acres more or less.
Donald Wit-tcw,
M. R. M< ,1'aiikik, Agent.
Dated thll SStb day of September, 1006.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days from date
1 Intend toanply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lund.* and Works for permission to purchase
the following deaorlbed lands, starting at a po--l
planted on the North West corner of LotfOgO,
thence running twenty chains South, thenco
twenty chains West, thence forty chains North
thence twenty chalna East, thenco twenty chains
South to polntof eommeneement, and containing -ji acres more or lesa.
W. J.Tovk, Agent.
Datod the 1st day of Octobor, 11)00.
Slxtv days after dato I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chiel CommlMloner Ol Landsand Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of hmd: Commencing at a jiost planted at lbe City ol Nelson's
power plant lot S. E corner post, on Koolenay
river, thence 20 eliains south, thence west 20
chaius, thence north 20 chains, theme cast 20
chains to point of commencement-
Nelion.B.O., Aug.,,1906. K. J. Cestui*..
Notice Is hereby given that ��0 -lnys from date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchaie the followlug described lauds situate in West Kootenay District: Commencing
at a post marked ���' E. Stewart's N W. eorner
posl,''situated near the Junction of Ixtst creek
and South Fork of Salmon, theuce south 40
ehaiiiB, more or less; theuce easl 80 chaius;
thenc. north 40 chaius, more or less; ihence
wesl ho chains to point of commencement,
Salmo, Augusl llth, lflC-O.
T. It, Atkinson, Agent.
Notice li hereby given lhat 60 days nfier date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable tbe Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works to pureliuse the
following described lands, 820 acres, more or less;
commencing at a post planted on the west bank
of I'pper Arrow lake at a point al t 7 miles below Nakusp.and marked (J. A. It, II.. N.K. comer
post; theuce W chains west; theuce 40 chains
soutli; Ihcnce r-0 chains cast, more or less to lake
shore; thence along lake shore to point of beginning.
Dated this51 h dav of Sent.. 1006.   <L A.B.HaLL.
60dayi after dale I intend to apply to the Ho
orablc the Chief Commissioner of Lands ai
Works. Vietoria, II. C , to purchase 640 acres
land situate west ol Arrow lake on the west si-
ol Whatchan creek ami joining the north boon
ary of s. j. Amiable application to purohat
Commeuelng al a post marked R. J. K. S. B. 01
ner and running we*.' BO chains; tbence north
chains;  thence east 8i) eliains;  theuce soutli
point of Commencement
September 2nd 1906. R. J. Ki.l.lOT
Notice is Hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to lhe Honorale I hief Coininls-
���lOner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, situate ill
the West Kootenay district; starting from a post
planted at the N. E. corner of F. n. Robinson's
Application to purchase, theuce 40 chains east,
80 chains soutli, 20 chains west, k) chains north,
40 chains west, 30 chains north, 20 chains east, 40
chains north to point of comuiencemen t.i outaiu-
lns LOO acres.
Dated 18th day of Augusl, 1006
D. C. E. Roimnson,
per Ernest W . Koinssos, Ageut.
Notiee is hereby glveu that sixty days after
date I  intend  to apply   to the Honorable the
Chief Commluloner of Landi and works foi irt-
mls*-ioii to purchase Ihe following described
Ian 1 on the west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J- H. Feeney's pre-emption: Running
wesl 4o chains; thence north ho eliains, thence
cast 40Chains, to the shore of the lake; theuce
south lollowlng tlie lake shore to pniut of commencement, containing B90 acres more or less.
Dated August 19, 1906.
II. F. Macleod
J.J. Kki.i.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Honorable the
Chief ('ommlssloner of Lands am) Works for permission to purehase the ft.Mowing described
land on the west side ol Lower Arrow Lake and
joining thc south line or the Indian Reservation:
Running west 30 chains; theme south HU chains;
thencecast 20 chains, to the shore of the lake;
theuce norlh following thc lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing 160 acres
more or less.
Dated August 'JO, 1006, W. B. MiCUWD
J. J. Krt.l.v, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 1 intend, 60 days
after dale to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permission
to purchase the followlug described lauds iu
Wesl Kootenay district, about live miles south
of Burton City, commencing at a post planted on
thc can bank of tract 0. K., and markeii "W. II
Hamilton's S. W, 0. post," aud running norlh W)
chains, thenco cast 80 chains, theuce south su
chains, thence west 80 (hains to place of beginning, containing 640 acrei of lan��i, more or loss.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1906.
W H. Hamilton.
Notice is herebj- given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Landa aud Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, situate
In West Kooteuay district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. Conkoy's N.W. corner post," situate near the N E. eorner of land applied for by
R.R., thence iouth 40 chains, more or less; thence
eaat 80 chalm: thence north 40 chains, more or
less; ihcnce west 80chains to polul of eommeneement.
Balmo, August 11,1006. B. Conkey,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice ii herby given that 60 days after date 1
i tend, to apply to lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lund- and Worki for permission to
purchase the following described landisituate in
West Koolenay dlstricl: Commencing al a post
marked "R. Ross's N.W corner posl," situate
near the N. E. corner of land applied for by A.
McLean, thence south 40 chains, moreorless;
thence east 80 chains; thence north 40 chains,
more or less; thenee west 80 (halus to point of
Salmo, August 11, 1906. R. Rosa,
T, H. Atkinson, Afoul
Notice is hereby given that sixty days aller
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landi aud Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands situate lu West Kooteuay district: Commencing ata post marked "A. McLean'a N W.
corner post," situate near the N.E. comer of land
applied for by A. McLaughlan, thence south 10
chalna, more or less; thence cast 80 chains;
thenee north 40 chains, moreorless: theuce west
Hi) chains to point ol commencement
tJalmo, August 11,1906. A. McLean,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 Oays alter date I
intend to make application to thc Honorable the
Chiel Commissioner of Landl and Works lor pet*
misioD to purchase the following described lands,
situate ln West Kootenay district: Commencing
al a post marked "A. McLaughlin's N. W cornet
post," situate near the N E. corner of land applied for by P. McArthur, ihcnce south 40 cha-ns,
more or leas; thence cast 80 chains; thence north
40 chains, more or less; thenee west BO chains to
point of commencement.
Salmo, August 11, iy06. A. Md-At uhlan,
                          T. II. ATKINSON, Agenl.
Nollco Is hereby given that 60 days after date
I Intend to apply to tho Chlel Commissioner of
Lands and Works [or permission to purchase
the following described lands, iltuate in West
Kootenay dlitrleti Commencing at a post marked J. MeArthur'i N.W. corner post," situate near
the n. E corner ol land applied lor by A.Turner,
thence south to chains mon- or lent thencecast
BQ chalna; thence north 40chalna, more or less;
lhetice weit 80 chains lo polnl of commencement.
Salmo, August 11, 190-0.
J, McArtuir,
 T.H  Atkinson. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 60 days after dale
I intend, to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief
Commissioner of Landl and Wnrks for permission to purchase tin- following described lands,
situate lu Un- Weil Kooteuay dlsirlct: Commencing at a post marked "A. Turner's N.W. corner
post," situated at the N. K. corner ol land applied for by E. Stewart, thence aonth 40 ohalni.
more or less; ihcnce eaal 8o chalus; ihcnce north
40 ehaim, moro or less;  tlience west m chains to
pidnt of commencement,
Salino, B.C , August 11. 1006. A.Ti'RNKlt.
T. II  Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat to davs after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner ol Lands and  Works for permission to
Kurchasc the following described land ln West
notenay District about seven miles south ol
Burton (.Ity: Commencing at a post planted ou
the cast bank of Trout creek aud marked Mrs,
W H. Hamilton's S. W. C. Post and running
north 80 chains; thence easl HO chains; tnence
south 80 chains; thenee west 80 chains to place
of beginning, containing MO acres, more or loss.
Dated this 22nd day ol August, 1000,
Met. W. H. Hamilton
  W. H. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to thc Hon. the thief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permission to
purchase the following described lands lu the
West Kooteuay district: Beginning at a post
marked R. Bell's S, E, corner, about two miles
cast of the Salmon river, and half a mile from
the Pend d'Oreille river, Ihence 80 chains north,
40 chains west, 80 chains south and 40 chaius east
K. B. Bell.
to plaoe of bcginnim
27th day of July, 1006.
Sixty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Landl and Works, Victoria, lo
purchase 160 acrei of land. Commencing at a
post planted on tho west sbon* of Arrow Lako, at
the south east corner of J. J Christie's purchase,
running north 80 chains, thence cast 20 chains,
thonce south 80chalus, thenc? west 80 chains to
Place of eommeneement.
Located Hay, Ulh 1006,
L. (Ullauher, Locator.
Notice is herebv given that two months after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commllllonet Of Landl nnd Works fur permission tO purchase 040 acres of land, described as
follows: Commencing at a  poat  planted  al  the
ionihweet of i. \ ^lonison's ran��h in Fire
Valley, West Knot, nay dlitrlot, marked "J. u.
Minim's Hurt bea-. t corner posi"; thence Ml chains
west; thenoe 80ohalni iouthi thence80obalm
cast; theuce 80 eliains nortii to tlie piaec of commencement.
Datjd mh day of September, 1*300,
W. A. Cai.i-kh, Agent.
Notice ts hereby given that 00 days atlcr dale I
intend to apply to tin- Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for permission to
pureliuse the  following  described   lands lu the
Weit Rootenay dlatrloti near Burton Cltyi commencing at apoai plantcil a* the southeast corner
oi Qeorjta Hudson's  preemption claim, ami
marked Harry U. Tolllnitlou'a N, K. C. post, and
running souih lo chaius, thence wesl kt chains,
ihence north 40chalni.thenceeaat20oha.nl to
place of beginning, containing 8t) acres of laud,
more or less.
Dated this BOth day ot August. !*��������
Harry Q, Tuu.inoton.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 0u days after date I
Intend (o make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of 1 .unds and Works for permission to purchase about ;iixi acres of land situ
ated on the Sal mon river, West Kootenay district,
< imencing at a post marked S K. Butter'i N E.
Corner, planted oil the west bank of the river,
aboul 4% miles north of the international boundary, ihenee west Ui eliains, theuce 81) chalus
south, thence east about .it chalna to the river,
theuce northerly along the river lo place of commencement.
August IHtb, 1-W. ��. R. BrTTKR,
T. 11. Atkinson, Ageut,
Notice ts hereby given that two mon thi after
date I intend to apply tit thc Honorable the Chief
Commissioner o[ Lauds ami Works lor a Lease of
all that land being the foreshore adjoining subdivisions I, :t and I of Lot ���"����, Group olio (1)
Kooteuay, and being on the souih shore of the
West Arm of Kootenay lake, ln the district of
Coin mencing at a post marked "A. K. Watts'
southeast comer post": thence 60 chaini west,
tlience 'JO chains north; thence 00 ehains eaat;
thence 2ochains south tothe place of commencement; thc said land and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposed.
Dated this ait day of August, 19i6.
A. E. Watm.
Notice Is hereby given that 6o days after date I
intend to apply to tne Honorable the ('hief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permlnion to
I'urchase the following described land in West
Kooteuay District about seven miles south of
Burton ( ity: Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank ol Trout ereek and marked Alex
Cbeyne'i K, w. c. post ami running south *)
chains; thence east 80 chains; theuce north 80
chains; tlience \icsl80thains to post of beginning, containing Mo acres of laud, more or less.
Dated this 5Und day of August, 1900
alkx cheyne
W. ll  Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lund- and Worka, for
permlnion to purchase the [ollowlng described
lands commencing al a post marked George Tol-
lington's N. Bi Oi post, al the southeast corner
ot J. (). Mc<.Hide's pre-emption claim and
running south 40chains to southwest corner of
Geo. Hudson's pre-emption claim; tlience wetit_!0
chains: thence nortii 40 chains, tlience east __0
��� hnlns to place of commencement, containing 80
acres of land more or less.
UWROI Toi.i.Inotoh,
A. A. Burton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty daya after
date I intend toapply to the Hon. Chiel Commissioner ol Lauds ami Works (orpermlHsloil to purchase the following descrlbeil lands situate In
West Koolenay district; Commencing at a posi
markeii J, H. \ anstotic's H.E, corner post, situate
lu the Halmon Itiver Valley, at a point adjoining
J, Mcccb.r's land at western boundary, thence
west RO chains, thence north -KI chains, thenco
east m eliains, theuce south 40 chains to point of
July 24th-1906. L H. VAfmOKt,
T. H, Atkinson. Agent.
Sixty days alter date, I. Margrett Mctjuarrie.
Intend to npplv to the Hounruhlc the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works, Victoria, It. C.,
io j.urchajie the following described laud, Crni-
mencing al a post marked M. Mctjuarric, on the
bank of Lower Arrow lake, thence -In chains
west; thence00chaini nortii; theuee 40 chalna
east; thence 60 chains souih to place of coin
mencemont, laid to contain |60 acres more or
less,   Covering groniul held liy O, B. Anderson's
Dated this 14th day of Heptcmber, 1006.
W. L, Payne. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days alter
date 1 Inlcnd loanplyto Die Honorable the Chief
Commissloticrof Landsand Works for permission
to purobaM the following described lands sltuata
lu Wesl Kootenav district; t 'ommenclng at a mist
planted at Itnberl Corlclt's north cast corner
post  and  marked   A. Ms  N. W. Corner   thence
���utiOohatnii thence 40ebalni south, more or
less lo the Kootenay river; thence 41) chalna weal
along the Koolenay river; Ihence It) chains
north, more or less, to thc place of commencement, containing hio acres more or lea*.
Beptember Hth nm.
ANNIK Moork,
William Moot-.*-, as Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that lixty days after
dale I Intend to apply to tho Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor
permission to purehaso the following described lands sltuale in thu Weat Kootenay
district, starting from a post planted on the
north hank of the North Fork of Dog creek-]
Ihcnce Jt) chains west, -0 chains north, 00 chalna
west, 40 eliains north, 20 chains west, .si chains
north, 'JO eliains west, 'JO chains north, 80 chains
cast, 90 chains south, 20 chains eaat, 40 chains
south, 20 chains east, 40 chnins souih to point of
commencementi containing 640 acres.
Dated 18th day of August, 1900.
Ernest W. Kobinson
Notice Ib hereby given that 00 days arter date 1
intend lo make application totho Honorable the
Chlof ('ommlssloner of Lmids and Works for permission to purchase 640 acres of land In the
district of West Kooteuay, commencing at a ixwit
plantcil on the south side of Boundary creek on
lhe Inlerniitfonal boundary Hue, one and a half
miles east Irom the Salmon river, marked " Ellhii
E. Adams, southeast corner," thenee west 80
chains, thence nortii 80 chains, thence vast 80
chains, theuce south 80 chains to place of commencement.
Ki.iui* E. Adams, Locator,
per H. M. Beeves, as Agent.
Dated this uth day of July, 1008.
dlxty days after date 1 intend to apply to thfl
Honorable the Chlel Commlnloner of Lauds and
Wort s, Victoria, to purchase 240 acres of land,
located and described as follows: Being thc
northeast quarter ol Section twenty-Mio, and
tho south half of thu northwest quarter Becttou
twenty three, Townshlpsixtynlne. And further
described as follows: Commencing at a post
marked J J. N. W. corner, aud planted 40 chains
east of the northwest comer of Section twenty-
two aud running east 40�� hains, theuce south ��>
chains, thence east 40 chaius. theuce south 2D
chalna, thence west HO chains, theuce north lit
chains toplace id beginning.
August -1st, i.*o" James Johnstone,
W. A. (aider, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that BQ days after dale 1
inlcnd toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Lauds and Works for permission
to purchase the following describe.) land, sit imte
in Fire Valley, in the West Kootenaj dlstricl. ad
joining W. A, t'alder's pre-emption. Marling at a
post marked M. kfoQuaTrle'l southwest comer,
running M) chains easl. tlienca Id chains north,
tlience 80 chains west, thence 40 chains south to
j.niii! of commenoement
Dated this llth day of HeptemlH-r, 1906.
Mary M-tH'ARHIK,
J. K. Taylor, Agent.
Notice is hereby given ttint 60 days after date I
intend to apply lo the Hon. lhe Chief Commissioner of Lund*, and Works for permit-Mou to imi-
chaae the lollowlng described lands lu Went
Kootenay district, province ol Hritish Columbia.
Commencing al a post marked A. A. Hnrlou's
H. W. corner, on the south side of Cariboo creek,
about two mill- cast of Burton ('lly townsite,
and at the northwest corner ol William MeDev-
itt's pre-emption claim, thence cast to chains,
ihenee north 00 chains, theuce west 40 chains,
tbence south GO chalus to tlie placoof beginning,
containing 240 acres more or lesa.
Dated this 24th day of July, IU06.
A. A. Burton.
Notlco is hereby given that 60 davs alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commie-
ilon-r ol Land* and Works for permission to purchase the following dosi-rlla-d lauds, ailuale in
the Weat Kootenay district, starling from a post
planted allhcH.W.coriierof Ernest W.Hoblnsons
Application to I'urctiaa., and on the north hank
of the North Fork of "og creek; theuce 40 chains
west, Do chalna north, 100 chains east, to chains
south, 'JO ehains west, 90 chains south to intersection of north line of E, W. Kobinson's Application
to Purehaae. thenee 40 chains west and 30 chains
south to point of commencement, containing 040
Dated 18th day of August, 1 ���>-*-..
F W. Robinsow,
per Ernmt W. Kohinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days Biter date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. the (hief Commissioner of l-Aiids and Works for permission to pnrchase tho following described lauds in Watt
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
Commencing ata post marked "William Tolling"
ton's northwest corner post,"  said  post being
Slanted at the southwest corner of the "Queen
linen*.] Claim," and adjoining the east line of
McPhail's pre-emption, thence south twenty (20)
chains along laid line, thence east forty (40)
ehalns, theuce north twenty tki) chalus, thence
weat forty (40) chains more or less, to tbo plaee of
com meneement.
Dated 1st day of August. 1908.
William Tollington,
By his agent J. E. Taylor.
Notice is hereby given lhal sixty days afler
date I Intend toapply to theHon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following d<'scril��cd lands, in
Weat Kootenay District: Comment lug at an Initial post planted at the southeast corner of McCoy's preemption, theme 90 chatM west to east
boundary of Lot til Ml; theuce following said
boundary south to southeast corner ol said lot;
thenee 10 chains west; thence .r*0 ehalns loOthl
thence :t0 chai ns cast; them* 20 chains north to
southwest comer ol Lot Wi tbence following
west boundary of Lot .82 to initial post.
Beptember ii, 1906, LV n. Woi.it,
per Ernmt W.Borinson.
Notice ialicrebygiven'thatslxtydRysaffer date
I Intend to apply to tho Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deacrlbed landi, 100 aorea,
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted on lhe east shore of Niwer Arrow I alee, aboul
one mile uorth of Hunshine creek, thence forty
chains east, thenee forty chains south, thence
forty chains west, thenee forty chains north
along lake shore to point of commencement,
Dated this 18th day of Heptcmber, 1006.
Harry GtBlbK, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 60 days after date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of Lands ami Works for permission to purehaae
thc following de-inl.iil tract ol land attuate in
West Kooteuay District: -Commencing al the
southwest corner ol Lot 7JM0] thence runlng
west 40 chains: thence norlh DO chains; thence
west 40 chaius; tlience north 20 chains; theuce
eaat 80 chains; tlience south 40 chains to point
of eommenoement- containing MO acres, more or
Dated at Nelson, IPC., this Sinl day of JiUv.
loon. Mary Kcanlan,
per K. C. (Ireen, Agent.
NotlOe fs hereby given that (Unlays afterdate 1
Intend to apply to (lie Honorable tlie chlel Commissioner ol I mils and Works for permission lo
purehaso the following described lauds sltuale
!u Weat Kootenay District: Commeiieng at a
post marked "C. McArthur's N. W. corner poit
situate near the N. E. comer of land applied for
by H. McArthur thence aouth 40 chains, more or
less; ihenco cast 81) chains; theucu uorth 40
chalus, more or less; theuce west 80 chains to
polntof commencement.
Halmo, II. C, August llth, 1000.
I'. McArthur
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Hlxty day" after dato I inteud to apply to the
Commissioner of Landl and Works, Victoria, to
purchase 180 acres ol land, lltliate and described
as followi: Commencing ata post planted ou the
west side of Armw lake opposite Cariboo City, at
or near Hie southwest corner of H. Halg purchase, and marked "IP M. A., H. E. corner," and
running north 40 chains, tlience wesl 40 chains
toll. Annable's purchase, thence south 40chains
moreor less to the lake shore, theuce along the
lake shore (o place of beginning,
August 2Mb, 1006. li. M. Annarlr.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after dale I
Intend to apply to lhe llonorablo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase 80 acres of laud, situate about one mile
east of Hurton City on the east side of Arrow
lake, aud descrlbeil as follows: Commenclug at P
foal planted at the northeast cornor of Lol tl.v-n,
hence north 20 chains, theuco west 41 chains,
thence soul h 20 chains, theuee east 40 chains to
N ice is hciiby givon that (-1 days slier dale I
intend to applv to lhe Honorable the 0__
Commissioner of Und. and  Works [����� mSS
iltuated in the West Kootenay dlitrlet Blolffi
( . L. Pearson's ou the north, ahoul one and mie
quarter mllei from the Pend d'Oreflle rtter com-
 '"'"'g ��! ��� post marked C. P. Caldwell's*  K
comer  post    thence ��) chains norlh, thenee |o
cha na west,  thence  Ht chaius south. Ihence 41)
cliaina easi l��� olaco ol commencement
Un ated the 1st day of August, ItfUtt.
Hkrman KkaPJCr, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs niter dale I
iniend toapply tothe Honorable the Chief Com.
mi-sioior of Landsand Works lor permlulon to
piirehaselhe following described laml In (Veal
Kootenay District about six milfa south  of  Hur-
t..n City: commencing at., poal planted on tbe
oaal bank of nout creek and marked 0. L.Piah*
it's n W. C. Poit and running aouth H ehalnii
Ihenee easi Mo ehalna;   theuee  north  60 chains'
lbence west hi) chains lo the place of coinimW
ment, eoulainlug 040 acrea, more or lesa.
Dated this ��nd day ol August, IHOH.
0. L. ftaWtt
W. H. Hakii.ion, Agent.
��� Notice ia hereby given thai 60 itays after da!./
Intend to apply to ihe Honorable thfl Onlol C��
misalimrof Lauds and Works for liermiBSlotiUi
purchase lhe following deserllM-d landa: l���m-
meneing at a post marked ���'.!. W It's H. W ior
uer," placed on the eHat  shore of  Lower Arrow
Lake ai thfl oprthwait corner ol J. ciirisiie'a ai>-
plicatioii u, Purchase, running theuce 4o chalm
cast; thenoo60cbalni north; thence 40 dmim
moreor less, west to thc lake aho-c; theme f<tl
lowing lake shore  to  point  of commencement
contalnlni NO acrei moreor less.
Dated ihe 23rd day ol July, IhOO.
J. W. Hatib.
Notice is hereby given that fit) days alter ilale I
intend U) Hpply to ih��- Honorable the Chief Own-
misalonerof Landsand Works for permission to
purchase the lollowlng dcscriltcd lamia, ailimliil
on thw east side of Arrow like: Commencing at
the northcasl .-orner of A, Anthony l pDrehaw,
thence north lorty chains, thence west forty
chains, thence south forty chains, thence east
furty chants to point of commencement, con-
taming LOO acrea, more or less.
Dated Heptember 1, 19Ufi.     Jamrs F. MaCI.Eoh,
per N. Dkmkk". Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days slier date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of Landi and Worki for permission to poraheee
the following deacrlbed lands, situated In the
Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a postmarked "BRW 8, E. corner." planted on the shore of
Lower Arrow lake, about one mile south of
Gordon creek (Johnston creek,) Ihence north HU
ehalns, theuce weat 'JO chains, thence south HU
chains, theuce east :*o chains to point of 00���
meneement, containing i>.o acres moreorless,
and comprising abandoned preemption HO,070,
Staked this 21th day of August. 1W6.
II. H. Woi.virton,
A. N. Wolvkrton, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 days after date I
Intend toapply to tho Honorable (/blef Commli
sioner of Landl and Works Ior permission to put
chase tha following described lauds, situated on
the easl side of Arrow lake: Commencing al a
post marked A. Macleod'a location post, tbenn
south forty chains, following W.'I'oyu's easleni
bonndary! theuce east slxtv chains, to east bank
nl (larlbaldl Creek; thence nnrlh forty chains:
thence east sixty chalm^lo point of commencement, coiilalii1lic220 10 tc*, more or less.
Dated Heplember 1, 1900.       Alrxa MAn.Ron.
for N. Dkmkrs, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 00 days after da'e 1
intend loapply to tne Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lands and Works lor permission to
Fiurchase the following described lands, sHrtlug
rom a posl marked W.T's northwest post, thence
south 40 chain*., Ihcnce oast W) chains, ihence
nortii 40 chains, ihence west BO chains to p..mi of
commencement, containing :i_o acres, more or
less; adjoins ou the cast of A. Anthony's appllca
tion to purchase.
Dated this 28th day of August, 1900.
W. TovK,
N. Dehkrs, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai sixty duys after date
I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief (roiiiinission-
erof Lands and Works for permission lo purchase   (he following deserlbed lands, 690 acres.
starting at a post marked CatherineToyo. and
planted on the east shore of Lower Arrow lake,
near QladltOnO ('reek, Ihcnce 40 chains eaal,
thenpc *'*> chains north, thence H) chaius west to
lake" shore,   thence south along lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated this l.'Ith day of September, 1900.
Catiibhink TovR,
Harry ittitsoN, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given Unit 00 daya alter dale
Inlcnd toapply to tho Honorable the Chief Coin
mlssloner of Lauds and Works for permission ll
purchase (he followlug described lamls situate'
on the east elde ol Arrow lake: Commencing a
ihe southwest corner of A. Authoiiv's purohaM
lbence south twenty chalus,  them asl IwelU!
chains, lbence north twenty chalna, thonce WM
twenty chalna to point of commencement, BOO
lallilug RO acres, more or less.
Dated September i, 1000      Bruii m.hti'art,
per N. DKMKltS, Agi_t.
Notiee Is hereby given lhat sixty days alter
date I Inlcnd to apply lothe Honorable the Cblel
Commissioner of Lands ami Works (or permission
to purchase tlie following described lands, ailuale lu the West Koolenay district, and adjoining
Paul Andre's pre-emption, starting at a poll
marked A.J. Long, N. K. corner, on tho west shore
of Lower Arrow lake, thenco 20 chains wc-L
thence 40 ehalna south, thence 20 chains cast,
tlience 40 chains north to point of commencement.
nnted Ht Nelson, ll.C, this 8th day ol Beptem
ber, 1000
.J. Lomi
Wm. Pollard, Agent.
place of begiuniug
Auguit 26th, iwo
J. K, Hunter.
Noilce Is hen bv given that 00 dayi irom date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission to
purchase tho lollowlng described landB, slluate
In tne dlsirlct of West Koolonav, adjoining L"t
7911 on the west arm of Koolenay lake, commencing nl tho initial poat placed at the southwest
corner of Lot TOO, lbence north 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains, theuce south 20 ehalna, thence
east 20 chains <o poini of eomineiieeiiieiil.
Dated Aug. 10th, HKMl. Jamkh Fhazkr.
Notice is horebyglven that 00 dayi after date I
iniend tO apply to the Honorable the Chief Coin
missioncrof Lauds und Works for permission to
purchnse lhe following described lauds; Commencing at R postmarked "J. A 0. R'Bj W. corner," placed at the northeaat corner ol Lot Mfll
running Rn chains north; ihence 80 chains east:
thence 80 chains aouth; theuee 80 chain* west to
point of oommencement! containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated the 21at day of July 1006.
______ The Daily Canadian
For UnpMiU Delinquent Taxes In the Nelaon A*8��i*��ment District, Province
of Brltlah Columbia.
I Hereby (five notice that on Friday, lhe twelfth day ol October, A. P., 190C, al Ihe hour of twelve o'clock noon, at the Court House, Nelson,
It 0 I shall offer loi sale by public auction tin* lands hereinafter set out of the persons in said list hereinafter act out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid
by said persons aw on thc ihirly lirsl day ol December, HWfp, and lor Interest, colU and expense*, Including <'<>st "' advertising said tale, if the total
amount due Is uot sooner paid; ________	
Chestnut, Kd	
Carlson, I,. II	
Mallatnlaine, Kd	
QuaiTo, Thoa.	
Prueberg. ���'��������������	
Johnson. I*'. VV   	
Benny, Olen m	
LePane, lamina	
Hurroiitih, Itaehel  M      	
Wright. Harry	
Wol7. Conrad A Dcvault, J. K.
sing. Km.....	
Kearns, Henry	
Anderson, Oaoai 	
cud nu, Chanel	
KMoruilu Mine-,, I ii.ni.-l
American Kagle -<. M. Co	
McArthur, Win 	
Ilroadloot. Krskluc	
KhloradoMlnch, Limited	
Alhabasca Venus 00	
Hiiseroll. (loo,	
Geo. Arthur     	
Dick, Arthur 	
Chlpmaii, J	
Kellv. A. H	
hi acres in Block 16, i_.it hi*, 0. I	
Ht... *k I, Lot BNi 0. L. Hi acres	
Itlocks Iff, 98, tt, Lot 811. 'i L, 1*2(1 acres	
Mlock 7, Lot H'Jl.ti   I ,2 acrea	
Block H, 1-otHUJ, H. !., Ill acres	
Klock 11, Lot ���)?-. 0.1., (I.l'i acres  	
Block IV. Lot8M, 0, L Oi acres 	
:wi acres in Boo. BanaW.Tp, lift, and Eta H,Tp. 12a, Lot law, 0 I
I acre in Heclloli 8, Tp  M, Lpt Iifil7, O- I    	
��2.ai�� acres In Beeton 88, Tp. M, Lot 1888 0.1	
..acres in Bectlon BB.Tb.M, Lot 1*08.0. I	
toj aorei In Section 1* T��. 17, LotiafcU.'	
49.70 acres in Section 2., 28, n. :ti, T. 17, Lot lt42,Q. I	
80.78 acres iu Section 8,Tp. 17, Lot 1242. (i. I	
t 20 acres in Section 20. Ip   17. I-ol 12*12	
r.l 08 acres in Bectlon84,Tp. tl, Lol 1213, (J. I	
.7 'Hi acres In BOOHon -12 fp. 81, Lot 1948, H.I ������
;i7 '.si acres In Heclloli 20, Tp  10, Lot 12.4, (i.i..
:tn 2(>acres lu Baotir-n lit and 20, Tp. 80, L
:;i .2 acres in Kcciiou
7i. acres In 1.01804, li
r�� acres iu Lot638,0, I	
Block D. Lot 019,0. [.,6acrea.
Lot 3818, 0   I . 184 acres	
Part Lot8080,(3   I , 80 acres..
20 ueres in Lot883,0.1	
I   WU,   l>    -HI,   UU*   It,-**,   '��� .  ���	
i HI and 20, Tp. 30, Loll2..,��. I	
iICi.Tji  ai.Lotaffll-G.I	
Costa and
f   ,75
|   .06
$2 00
��� Ml KI
2 OU
2 nu
8 06
;t to
8 wi
12 Ul
I 2 80
10 411
art. mi
2 66
8 .'��)
III 10
Dated at Nelion, B. C, thll 6th day of Beptember, 1008,
Collector, Nelson Assessment District.
Carry a complete slock of Foreign Wines, Beer, LlaQOfl
and   Lli-ticiirs,   and   Canadian   Wines ninl   Whiskies.
At our RETAIL DEPARTMENT, fcffr��**-���*
i can liny (INK bottle I'orl, Hherry, Claret, Brandy, Gin, Hum, Rye, Beotch,
orHtont, or any Increased iiuantlty you desire.     Kor fatnilv use try our
TBL.BPHONB -2*><>.
P. O. BOX  I030
P. Burns <& Co.
Salvation  Army Officer  Declares  Hie
Last Sunday evening nt Calgary the
adjutant of the Salvation Army gave
expression to his views on labor questions, speaking from Ihe text, "Would
Christ Belong to a Labor Union"? Tho
adjutant quoted from St. Matthew,
ix:37,  "The laborers are  few."
lie asked, docs this question bring
Him down? No, He brought Himself dowll and worked at the carpenters' trade. Was He not weary with
the hardest toll? Did He not rise at
C o'clock?
WoUld He not belong to an elevating labor union today? Let the man
who Hays no prove his case. The Salvation Army is for the working man.
All men of labor unions were not
true friends of thc |K>or. Some are
delegates to get and hold their jobs.
Hut it would not be just to condemn
1000 men so, just because   one   is a
hypocrite. There are no labor unions
in the jungles of Africa or among the
Hottentots. Why? He-cause there Is
no Christianity there. Christ was and
ls the author or brotherhood, It was
He that uttered that golden rule, "Do
unto others as ye would that they
should do unto you."
There are two sides to every question. Is it right (hat the laboring man
should say: "You must give us Ihis
and that, every man alike." Let a
man work and get what is coming to
him. Some meu compared with others
are not worth 5 cents. Ib it fulr to
pay him the same as a good man?
Society lias interests, sacred ones,
which must he taken Into account, lt
is an old blunder to prefer force tu
moral agency; It fs ln fact lhe secret
of failure.
Men may have tlie right If they so
choose uot to work���but tliey have no
right to prevent other men from taking their places or say, "You must not
Under no conditions should they allow tlie liberties of those who decide
to work to be destroyed.
This is not a day when employers
and employees with their obstinacy
and dissatisfaction hurl Injustice and
dissatisfaction in the face of the general public and, as in some instances,
at the risk of life.
Every question which concerns tbe
world of labor Is a vital interest of
Christ and the church. Christ came
to save the individual man and everything of value to life.
Christ would Join the labor union,
as long as it was a labor union, but
would he join an Idle gang? Would
he join the strikers? Would Christ
remain idle while so much remained to
be done? Had not injustice been
hurled at ills face by this? And yet
He labors; Christ stlil works. His
blessing is with every good work and
everything that aids tn the redemption
of mankind has His blessing, for did
He not say, "Come unto me. all ye
that labor and are heavy laden, and I
will give you rest"?
The soothsayer is not always
A man's dearest friend Is seldom
the most expensive.
If money talks the miser's cash
must be tongue-tied.
Only a wise man Is competent to
enjoy a competency.
If, as the newspaper reports would
have us believe, all brides are beautiful, where do all the homely married women come from?
Branch Markets in   Kossland,  Trail,   Kelson, Kaslo,   -Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
Onlcrn hy mall to any hranch will hare
our prompt and careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
lmpnrt**i- of  l-*liiu
I .i.uIImIi   (IiunJn
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
INelaon, B. G.
S-.AI.KI) TKSIiKKH, properly Indorsed, will be
received by the dpaeriigne-l up to ami including Monday, the nr iced th October null for
the erection and completion of a ('ourt llouau at
NoIhoii, II. ('.
Drawings, iMOiflOftUoni and condition*-*, ol tender and contract may   he  nu at   the  I'uhlle
Worku Bnjtneer'i office, victoria, B.C., and at
the offlce ol the Government Agent, Nelion, B.C.,
ou ami after the llth *-<cplcinher next
KhcIi   tender   inimt   he   aivninpanJed   with   a
marked  obeqUe for live (Ji) iter cent, of the n-
iiiouiil of the tender (or the faithful performance
and completion o( the work.
Theobequei of uniucooufu] tenderer* will be
returned to lheni ou  the cXf-eutlon of  the i'oii-
I tract.
The lowcat or any tender not !iei*en��arlly ae-
Puhlle Worka KiiKhicer.
aiidn and worki Department.
victoria, h. i,\,aiii September, hm.
Certificate of Improvements
(tiff-antic main, Kind Chance. (Iiahalah, and
Twenty Mile Fraction mineral claims, Mtu-
ate lu the Nelcon Mining DlVlllOQ OI Wwt
Kootonay dlatrlet
i��l1__e*0**t_l ��" Dundee mountain, between
, Wii.i Hiom-und BearOneki.
I Take notice that I, John McLalchio. of the cily
ltd Nelaon, ncliliK aKagcin for Jcmeph Htnrircoa'.
���free Miner;.- Cerllfln-le No. B.10, ft.t.-tut, Hlxty
������������ysfrom the dale hereof, lo applv to IhoMlnlnJ.
I'order (or OertifloatOI <>* Iniprovcinenia, for
1 tin; pnrpow of obtaining Grown Gratttiof the
l above clalmx.
And further take notice lhat action, under ��cc-
foii :!7, iniiHt be commenced before the IllUtnoe
��� of -in h GertiflRfttc uf Improvement!
|    Dated thll 8lHt day of July, A. I>. 1906,
John McIjATciur,
Tenders ftddremd to the undersigned, at his
Office In the Court limine, in the city of Nelaon,
will la) received un till the hour of live o'clock In
1 he afternoon or Monday, October 18th, P.m, (or
the purchase of the "lllue Kyed Nellie" Mineral
Claim, I-ot __:ti>, which wit declared forfeited to
the crown at the Tax Sale held In thu City o[
Nelson on thu nth day oi November, 1908, lor delinquent taxes up fill June :t_th. IMS, and boat*.
I In* upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which inelndc*. the amount ol delimiueiil ttU6*
and coslsat the time of forfeiture, with interesi;
taxes which have since accrued: and hv inr
crown arant, la ffiii.nr,, which is tin* least amount
that will la* considered tm a tender.
KaOb tender must be Hccomiianlcil bv nu accepted chei|iie, payable to the order of the Deputy Coinmiashmer of Landa and Worka* par at
Victoria, It. c , for the amount .endercd.
Government Agent, Nelaon, B, 0.
I'ated at Nelson, B. C , (hla I'Jth
���lav or September, 1900.
ANHEUSER    -a"0 the omginal
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      *�������� A,gSGSiB?JH*,"H    VICTORIA
Certificate of Improvements
"Kcllpse No. 2,"  "Vevey,"  "Happy Medium,"
"Iniernallonal" ami "Ata Fractional"   miu
ml claims, siiDaied in thcHlo<-iui City Mioinr
Division ol Weal Koolenay district
Where located:~N
I iiliont tWO miles Up.
Twelve Mile creek,
ollce that I, 11. K. Joraml, of Hlocutl, B.
BB Minor's > erllfleate No. B78S0Q. as agent
[or P. A.Cole, Krce Miner's Cerllllciiie No. w.��:H,
iiteiid.s xly daya from the date hereof, to appy
tothe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of lm-
(.ram of aald mineral elalmi.
And further ttik�� notleo that action, uu er
Heclloli .17, must be commenced before tbo Irn-m-
ance of mic'li (jertlllcatc of Impnivumenta.
Hated this _Wtb day ol .September, lww.
Under and hy virtue ol the power of sale con-
hiiiii'd In a i ci in in ludeiiluri-o( Mortgage, which
will he produced al lhe lime of sale, there will be
old on Friday, Ociober titli, lOofi, atl'Jo.elock
noon, by ('has. A. Waterman ,V ('o., auctioneers,
at BtratfiflOna HOtal, in the- eity Of Nelaon, Iii the
Province of Brltlah Columbia, the following
lands and premises, namely:
Lots I, ki, 21, .., and '.':(". lu Block '2, Addition
"A," In thcUul-divlaioiiol District Lot I'-i, '.roup
1, Weal Division of the Koolcnny Distriet. according lo a map or plan of (he said Subdivision deposited In the Uud Kcgisuy oilier and numbered 849,
Loi 4 ia vacant. On Lots JO 18 there is said to
he a two-story Frame Dwelling, alao a Frame
Terms and conditlona of uate will lie made
known at the lime of sale.
For further particular! apply to
Vendor'a .Solicitors, Uniting! Ht.,
i. .   ....   ... Vancouver, B. C.
Dnted thii Iftth day of BeptQtnber, WW.
louden* will he received up to OotOber Id, I WW.
tor the eoutiiiuatioiiof the Highlander tunnel
at Alnaworth, British Columbia, for a distance
ol l.OOU feel. I iiiiucl lo be a crosscut and Severn
and one half by five and one half reel In the
clear. The tunnel la now lu 11,000 feet, Pipe and '
ralla will be furnished by the company. Air
power with "fi lbs. pressure available Contractors bidding muit give satisfactory assurance*
of the oompletlon of contract. Hlds may be for
cither hand or machine work. Full particular*
upon application, Tho lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepiod.   (1 round may bo Inapected.
I, tt. sievoiiBOH, Manager,
Alnsworth, B. V. MO
Framing    C
NI.I .SON,   B. C.
The Musical Tteat of the Season!
The Chicago
Concert and
Orchestra Co*
October 12th
1 Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Gub
Silver King Hotd
BoHt Dollar a dny house iu the Kootenays.
Boomi are well fornlihed.  Table aa good tt aoy
ln Nelaon.     Rar supplied with good
Ha u ors and clean.
W  B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meali '* oU.   Boomi from 3ft eta. to 11
Ouly White Help Employed
Baker Kt., Nelion Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
But DolIar-i-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Finest.
White Belp Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
The Kg Scboonef n ._��� |A_
Or "Half_KlH.II"   DCCI   1UC-
The only Glass of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
Ilotsl HS's'SissSSSSsnUtli'SI. SSCOonsl to SlsiSIs' in Brit*
issll Ool-mbll. ISs.s-H f I.s.) |��-r sjsiy. HjMSisial rate,
to sisssisslslv boarstens. Only lissme hotel In Ns-I.sssss
Lake View Hotel
Cnrnt-r Hall aud Vernon,
two hlocka from wharf.
Kaien fl oo per day and tip.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenav and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   WW     fe      WtW     H>��|_)___
and examine our list.   Ol   Q&   !?�����   JDEXv-LF
insurancb!   Reaf Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootetuy Valleys Company, Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
Oldest established-Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
T-l.spbone 118,
NaZLSON, b. c.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EKlOKHON, Proprietor.
Centrally Lo<sat��_. Open Day ao- Night.
Sample anil Bath Room. Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner Ward ud Vernon Streets.
T*��e Strathcona
Kelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Minager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
of the
Choicest Frott Lands tn
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to ,2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Bauer Btre-t, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
' ���-....- and Comfortable Bedroom, and Pint.
clans iliSK Room. Sample Room, for Commer-
ml suis.
MR*. It. 0. OLABKB, Proprietress
The well known
UnTUT        O��� BeerGarden is
IIU X CJL       the Finest in the
SSSSSSSS^S Kootenays.
for Kootenay Landing, Main Line Connection Crow's Nest Route.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special RateB to Regular Boarders.
Whnl_-.--_.Ie end KeUil Dealers tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gumps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome ments nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Coiitrautor and
ft>li' ngt'iit for (he 1'nrto It jn> Lumber Co., Lid.,
rt-tfil) \Hi-.h. It(ui��li ninl ilii"n��*<l liiinliiT, turiifil
work runt hrarki'ts, Coaat lath and ahliiKlOH, ratih
mnl 'lours, ufentent) brick and lhue for sale.
Yard Hint factory: Vernon Ht.. eaat of Hall,
P. O. Box OS, Telephone l"h%
for Kaslo aud Intermediate Points
to Lardo and Trout Lake.
For time tables, rates, berth reservations for boats, standard or tourist
sleepers, apply to local agents or write.
A.G.P.a., Vancouver. D.P.A., Nelssssn
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
m COMfOKMMC ��**�����
Thhty-Mc-sd Aaaul Co-t__ob
American Bankers'
St. Lotris, Mo.. Oct. 16-19, im
Konnd trip rates to St. Louis
���nd Chicago on Bale October
12th to 13th.
St. Louis SoO.OQ
Chicago....  oi.eo
Going tranHit limit ten days
from dato of Bale. Pinal return
limit November 30tb, liXHi.
Round Trip Rates to Soothcrn
In effect October 25th, 1906. on
sale daily, limited to :t months
[rom date of sale.
o�� Angeles and Santa Ilarbara.   JJ5.-S0
I'ar-tadena ;... $6.10
nanta Monica to.X
Riverside audUau Barnardiuo.... gtjt
Bcdlandi  st,jo
For Kurt her Information Apply to
City Passenger Ageut.
v A U. P. A., Seattle.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal nnd Woo.t.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
?_S_!��� Office: Baker St.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Ererything Oood
to Smoke.
Import., and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yoa Inow Tkumun'i Special Mlitor,?
BAKEBST. The Daily Canadian
Book Ahead Fori
Preserving Pears j
Tlit* ri^ht  kind arc BOaroe.   We ���
*_,   have n nice lot of  lornl UurtlcUs *%
aud Flemish Beauties to arrive.       J
Lowest market prices guaranteed, T
Bell Trading |
Company        ���
Gait Coal
Terms Spot Cash
Telephone 266
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon;
We Want Fresh Eggs.   Will give the'
Highest Market Price.
Sjoy'sCash Grocery;
Cor. Josephine mnl MIU His.      .'hone 1'.'
PhouG M. Bilker St.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their iid-
T&ntoge 1st use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leal" Brand.
I'NIFORM BURKING Is llie nio.��t important factor when bUstlng on a law
lean-. "Mapu* Leaf" brand It claimed
mijM-rior ln tiii<- reipect
t'unipariioiis with other makei invited.
Sole Agent. Nelson, B.C
Cor. Varnon and \V_r_  Street*.,
ni21.so:n, h. b.
.1   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
Iv W. RaWBon, Vancouver; D, Mo-
Galium, Memphis; K. \V iiri^ssr, Rsss*-
landi W. H. Brandon, SSllverfen I R.J.
MoPheo, Blooani 0. T. Roger.] Thomas
Oavsn, W. HlgRlns, Oranorookj L P.
_t_��tolu: K. I.. WsitsTs anil wits', Fernie;
A IJ. Kildale, Winnipeg; Miss C. linr-
eluv, C II. Sehepster, II. E. Wettlanfer,
R.L. PhelM, Vancouver; P. Welch, Spo-
kane; A. Kellett, Midway; Duncan Kohs
aud wife, Qreenwood; S. Oaroley ami
wife, Montreal,
A. H. MoNeill, Rossland: .1. Anderron,
Trail; Aarry Wright and wife, Ymir; P.
Burns, OalgMTI John E. Beaufort, New-
York : I.. Ward, Fernie; J. L. McKinnou
ansl wile. Ferguson; N. Alexander, New
Denver; Miss 0. A. Walker. Bradford;
Alex, Sharps', Orient; T. W. Twigg, New
Denver; F. S. York' P. Brookshank, .1.
Watson and wife, Carluke: Mrs. J. Butler, Vanoouver; J. G. MeKenua, Toronto;
D. Morrison and wife, Eholt;
M. Duthirk nnd wife, Moyie; Mrs. A,
Tavlor. Cranbaossk ; (r Hirton and wife,
Bpringhilli J. Neiaa, A. F. Melutyre,
Creston; T. Louglilin, Slisc.au; Juusstinn;
H. Waite. Cresion; P. Genelle, Nakusp;
Mr. ansl Mrs. Fraser, Ymir; F Morrison,
L. E. Beck, Rossland.
T.  L. Bloomer, Unatlegar;   F. Smith,
Prooter; C.  Morris, Bonnington; A. H.
Hardie, Lardo.
A. Fleck, C. Morse, Sloean; F.Baldwin, Salmo ; E. Slnite, Ireland ; E. Ston-
tenbnrg. J. Donovan, S. Blaiook, Spokane; R 0. MacSaunders, Sandon; H.
MoLean, Glasgow ; J. Cameron, Bonning.
A. !!. Champion, W. A. Todd, Toronto; H. Crow, T. Hansen, Weslley; J. W.
Nion.ol.on, Y'mir.
L. Saunders, T. Jones, Sandon
Ed. Peters.  W. Grayston, Erie; W. L.
Bridgeford, I>er Park.
C/u sip (/Iiis'
Wltufo tht draping spirits in delight
Ba/aiitt>t tin; r/dmum-ScmcudMc.
^<r-_    ���   .lit/'
tis hi llss' sl rinks' .s-rvest HtssssrSuslss Ksmnlsslii
Iihsi  ionic- prssisi'stii'i! isesstsieis rafruhlngt
We sin' only roll fsssll syrnps ssl Use Hist.I
.lii.iiiiv      Fountain,counter, kIhnh'. hml
KtOept-ClM   arc-   ks.pl  Bssrtipiilsssissly i-Il-hii
Bftket Btt_��t, Naliou- B. 0.
John league, of tht1 Bell Trading Oo.,
will leave for tbo const to-ninht on a two
week's vacation
Mr. and Mrs. w. J. Goepel will leave
this evening for the cuiiKt. Tliey will
visit California before returning to Nolson.
Au operation was performed on EJd��
wunl Brown, ut' llie Athulmwu, yesterday
for appendicitis. Tho operation wuh a
(liilu'uli one, and the patient in said to be
daugcrouBly ill.
Major Longford, a   well  known  con-
tractor of Peterborough, Ont, spent two
or three days in the oity this woek, and
he is so well pleased witli the beauty nud
loentimi ot Nelson that ho will again visit
the Kootenay metropolis.
Before he heard the glad tidings that
he was challenged as a special juror, T.
(J. Procter bad begot! a confession to the
court :   "My lord, 1 don't feel justified"
 .    Speculation is rife un to the special
grounds for Tom's diffidence.
Hev. .1. K. Seth, pastor of the Swedish
Tabernacle Congregational Church, of
Spokane, Wash , is in tbo city, and will
havo a meeting to-night at H o'clock at
the borne of A. Lindblad, corner of (.ore
and Stanley streets. Tho Scandinavian
people are cordially invited to attend.
Fred Starkey has received a letter from
Nat Reiss, the amusement promoter, iu
which tlie Fair management is thanked
for the generous treatment of the Smi-
Letta Company during its engagement iu
Nelson Mr. Keiss promises first-class attractions for tho Fair next year. Now
that Nolson has been included in the
Reiss circuit, good attractions can he so-
cured at less expense than in the past.
The at-euduucp at the Opera House last
evening was fair, but in many respects
the performance was really attractive.
"The Church Across the Way" is an
Americanized version of "Jane," and it
affords many opportunities for good character work.   Tho specialties between the
Cream    factory
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
Telephone 161.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this lino
we nre reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
LADY BTKNOQRAPHKB fur position In country.
Good boms wiih employeri family.    Apjiiv
mix \V..('hiih<11hii ofllce.
HI'.-H.MKN, Mill Hands hihI J-oukIiik Contra' lors,
also KiikIiicit Waif-burg I.uiiiIkt Co., nenr
I'ranbroiik. B- ('
HIKKIi 1IK1.I' f.tr hoiiM' ou OlmLTVittory Blrcot.
i-iiiniiy ui iwo; do otafldren; can *ue\i at home
If iirt-fprrert.   Apply Mrs HiirH.iici-nsHoU'l.
HOARD AXI> K< OM for one or two.   Apply two
doors east of Club Hotel.
COMPBTENT   NUflSK   GIRL.    Klv.   children.
Apply Ixix 613.
STAMP PHOTOS Rt tin- lent on Hunley Btreet,
next 1-toynl hotel.  JjoceiiU*. per dozen.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. I
Sutton's Big Show
30 People 30
Wednesday���"TriM, or the StniRRle for Gold."
Street parade dully.
I'r(i*t*** 86c, Mc and 75<\     Seats on ��ale Hutiirday
at Kntlterford'w.
acts wero decidedly olevor, ami tho up-
phuiHe must have lieen encouraging to tho
pcrformora. To-night, "Triss, or the
Struggle for Gold," will bo given, with
now specialties.
German Dill, per quart 25c
Sweet Gherkins " 50c
Giant Olives, per pint 40c
Have just received a new shipment of Swiss Cheese aud
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica nnil Josephine Sts.
PHONB '���
y< is-s BUYiisn ~
��� ��� ��� ���
Ynn ootuider QUALITY first, and then
PRICE. Yon look fur tho lino that will
give tho BEST RESULTS, and then of course
you will bny thnt line where you can get
the Isest price on it.
marks lhe highest point that has yet been
reached in Carbon Paper or Ribbon
QUALITY. As to price tbey don't cost ns
much as some other brands that are no
better, if as good.
" Ideal " Carbon Papers cost $3.75 per
box (100 sheets).
" Ideal" Ribbons cost $1.00 each or
$10.00 per dozen.
We also have a really good Carbon
Paper for $2.25 a box. Special price on
Our " (Junker " Htenog. Note Book at
$1.45 ikt dozen is a favorite with stenographers.
NOTE���We can supply any make of Carbon Paper or Ribbons on the market.
W. G. Thomson
ffiSSShT ""' Nelson, B. C.
I'huiitt _ 4.
VictoriR, Ihi October, 190ft.
I'orsuiis Intending to -iff-.. themielVM at the
examination, to t>e heM thll noi, Un Provincial
Aaiayen-are roqnetted to notify tbe undentsn-
(*ii, nmi in the event oi n luSolent number ofn-r
iiik, mi cxniniiiHiion win be arranged ior at
Nelson, B. 0., a* weD bs at Victoria, B. C.
R. F.TCiI.MlE,
Deputy Mlnliteroi Mines.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd,
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelsou
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
How   About   Your
Quns and
Wo havo Eloy"s, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box o31      Nelson, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED..,.1_,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP. ...|4,-S(1,0(X)
REST >4,2K0,O00.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches io British Columbia:
D-po-itn reccivos. and Interest allowed at enrrent rates from date of opening account and credited half-yearly.
.nisi.mon bhanch J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sule. All
kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Prt-
Oar Piano Tune*,
Mr. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Two Cottages on Mill street, completely furnished.   Ten minnteB postoflico.
Price complete tl 800.
���Cottage on Silica street, closo in, all modern conveniences.    Prico IDOO.uO,
Easy terms.
Cottage on Mill street, fine location.    Everything about tho placo is strictly'
up-to-dntc.   Fruit treeB.   Coal shed.   Prico $1800.   Can give torms.
84 good city lots for sale.    Prico por lot $114.00.
T'VWI-?   9w   _r*_r\        FRUIT LANDS,
Watches! Watches!
We aro Headquarters for the Best
American Watches manufactured. Wo
aro making every offort to meet tho
requirements of railroad men..
J. J. WALKER, rewE^P*^��Sc,��
Repairing and Jobbing a Sptdalty
Sliwitmotal Work, Castings, Builders' Material and Mining nnd Mill Machinery.
Office nnd Works Foot of Park St.
I'liiiiio   Ji>4.
MArs'At ii ���:.-*.
INuImoii,   It. (
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, WinnipeR.
NVhole-i.ile Provision**,
Product;, - Hrult.
Dominion (lovi-rniisent ('ri'iuuery On.'-l'isunil Briokfl receivs-d wi'ekly fresh
from tfie s'liurn.   For Kale Isy all Is'inling grocers.
Office ansl warehouse: Houhton l'lock,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace In shape to start the winter with 7    If   not,   NOW
ie the time to have It repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lti
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not In Bliajf
by October 1st, 1900.
Rvpsnlrl.iK and Jobhlnir executed with Uenpnt.h.   .sheet Met. (
Work, .Ml.il.in and Mill Machinery.     MfttiufucturersH of
Om Cars,  W,  M.   Contractor-..'  Curs.
Oorn.ro. Hall .na      fN EL SO IN,     B*   C" SW6����
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
9 l-2c\
McDermid & McHardy
ust Arrived!
A large consif-u-
ment of
All Hi'/.isa nnd Lowest Prices
MANUFACTURERS   T ���<*.%.**    Cf.__.-yfA<.
AND DEALERS IN   LtftllDCf,   dUltlgleSf
Uoth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly utUiuli'il *-'|
VBHNON .SIP'liKT   -  -  -   NI-LSOIN, B. O.
Our stock of HAND  SAWS is  vory jompl*
includiuK trrodes to suit all requirements.
If you wish a low priced saw wo can supply you.   fffl
also carry the best qunlities made by
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co'y* Ltd]


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