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The Daily Canadian Nov 2, 1906

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 _____!_? 5-^iitj Ccmatocm
b I.   No. 128
resident (iompers Forces Labor Orders
live of Trades Unionists Com-
nits Organization to Policy Unendorsed by Them,
��� ;.,iv. 2.���Organized    labor
iiirIiuiii Hn'  I'nited  State! Is lis.ik
forwaril  Willi   keenest  interest to
I annual tmiventlon of tho American
iHiiiiii sii  Labor,  which  Is  to as-
In- 111 Mluucupolls week after next.
i.s uss ciineeallng the  fact lhal
|k nmi ni.  ol ilie organization looka
1 ihs- approaching gathering a* the
L iiuporlaiit In tlie history  of the
Ration, which extendi over a quar-
ssf a century.    There Is a feeling,
sis is,1- sea ly yet been given ex-
11  iii-> organisation lu ap-
 Ists In Its career.
is {sin ihs- -si: nation in plain words,
.    recognised  among the
e Intelligent of the labor element
: the political programme of 1'resl-
1 Compel, and    his    advisors has
ltd a "frost."    Some of the prom-
it leaders do not hesitate oven now
as us    11 the elections next Tucs-
| are iHaastious to the plans of the
lean l'< il-union of Labor, or, ln
^r worsts, if the congressional caudt-
Ihai Un- federation has marked
{defeat are re-elected by normal malt is safe  to    say    that Mr.
apt-nV reputation as a  leader will
severely.     That   the    reaction
fast his leadership will be sufflcl-
i itrong to result In his overthrow
te Minneapolis convention is scar-
J probable under any circumstances.
��� baa Bu.ce sfully guided tho organism for years and his iiersonal jiopu-
|ty among ihe rank and file Is bo-
iss lis- sufficient to keep him ln
But il Is also probable that he
I ba forci ii lis entirely abandon bis
sche s or put thorn upon a
Bj us-*' tsasls.
f!si!'- slss' issslis-al element of organ-
labor   entruBlastloaUy   embraced
Khl III    .sl   sussing   luto   politics,   It  is
|i'"' sssui.   um,. inie that the more
wrvatlve of ilu- organizations, such
Jlss-railn 1,1,1 lirollierhoods, the paint-
, and others have been only  luko-
Hn sii|i|n,ri of Ihe political propa-
ii-   The   sentiment  of   those   op-
11" Presldenl <; jh-i-.s Is well set
In nu editorial appearing In the
���tial organ 1 li it. week of one of thu
fteni ami   most Influential   labor
s in America.    Tbe writer
ft part:
'egret, Issii are not surprised at
ai.iiiii> i.r iin- unorganised ami the
t"n- "f enthusiasm on the part of
11rra11iz.il workers in thu political
Palgn. The executive eounoll of
American Federation of Labor must
'""'"uraii. sl at the coolness with
"" their plans were reoelved, and
wmiled ,-n ih,, luck 0f interest
" liy those active In the move-
11 l�� noi iiimnuii to account for
"I'litiiiiiis,- Bltuation,    Those   re-
Is"1'"''" 1 plead Ignorance of the
T1"1""' "'i'l'* iiiilims or of the son-
to of their memberships,   No 1
.s ""'! tliiin Presldenl Qompers
1 "������mi' iis.issiiisis nn, world ovl,r ar8
t" '   hells vers in self-government,
Jj,!""1   |'"ve    confldenoa    In  their
|,.;. '"decide fur Ihemselves  wbn't
��� is besl  for tlir-tn to nilopt, how
I ��;.���.   ,"" "  sll��" be carried out,
'"'  funds necessary for  its
sliiill lie provided.    They
1 'ommltted to any program
fciilis""1   "" '"' wh,on 'th��y were not
rn..,,'  .',",' '''"''in  ihe assumption
,;   "'"'ilil.; authority and oven tho
I In I,,.
."' 'Unatlon by th.-lr lenders.
"mg ilie   aggrusslve    democ-
V"    'fade    unionism���President
mmi , ""     ""'   psecullve council
fclbcr. .."".I"ng    "'"    throe million
"I  the American  Federation
���nilsls   .'.'..     !'.' Cl,,"'nll tho trade
I'WIII  I.    svl I,    '  n"''rt     StRiKB    t0    ��
1,1,,,,'     "'"''' they had no hand in
1   " policy which mnny think
��� id ImpraoUoal, to a cam-
"'inn  110    adequate    plans
��� inane or funds provided."
c��n��dlan BTIIiard Champion.
Cis,,,,",1,''' X"V' 2*���3��orge  Sulton,
���   ."���""""  champion,  equalled  his
'' ,1 ���',"" ��� *** Points In the 18-
' *' "" Ramo, two shots In balk,
I   In lis"-',""" H""nrt! aa^��t last
I1"' in...   J!",.,.."1"0 wlth Wll,l��
[''avi'si in n,    ,.ltlon  fft'-Oh  which
1 "' "in Mornlngstar's billiard
Fifty Cbjjts a Month
academy last evening y.-i Inst Thomas
.allagher.    |���  faet,  Button  surpassed
_V ''""; rZ,M\'m,h ��hot mn out the
game of 800 points In his fifth Inning,
lie crowd that was cheering his plnv
would not listen to his ceasing with
the completion of the game, so he kept
on and added 16 more points to the total, then mlscuod, and missed on his
251 st shot. Gallagher made In his four
essays at the table a total of 28 points.
Grand Jury   at    Portaje    R-commend
Change in 8chool System.
Portage la Prairie, Nov. 2.���The
grand Jury in making its presentment
al Ihe assises here today, referred to
the alarming Increase in crime against
tlie persons of women In Manitoba. It
said In part:
"It Is Willi regret that wo iiave to
deplore the large docket presented for
our consideration, especially the number  of  cases  of  assaults   against   tho
 *sous  of  females  or    tender    age,
t.i_sil>, In our opinion, a result of pas
���rental neglect, und we also round ln
nearly all these cases thai the education of whole families was being entirely neglected, convincing us or the
necessity of a change' In our educational system lo compulsory attendance
111 the province, and we would respect.
fully urge thai our views on this subject be brought before the government.
"From the evidence brought before
us In In number of cases, it Is very
evident Ihnt considerable Illicit drink
ing lakes plaoe In the province. That
drunkenness and crime go together is
well known. Such a condition of af-
fairs In our young and expanding
country calls for prims pi and energetic
action on the part of the government,
and we would urge a moro Btrlct enforcement or the Licensing Act. and
lhe putting down ol Illicit drinking."
The Canadian Is authorized to
announce that the contract tor
tho construction of the new
courthouse has been awarded to
Mayor W. O. Gillett. The papers
will be forwarded at once, tho
contract completed, and at an
early date the removal of the old
structure will be begun and thc
excavations for thc new courthouse commenced. ,
The amount of Contractor Gll-
lett's  tender  was   174,980,   which
was tbe lowest   tender    offered.
The  amount  includes  the  entire <
construction or the new building,
from  excavation   to   full   completion, according to the plans and
specifications   submitted    by  the '
department.      Furnishings,    how- ,
ever, will not be Included In the
amounl ut this contract.
A typographies! error yesierday
made us say lhat .1. Hughes had been
elected vice president or tho Agricultural association. II should have been
.lohii Hyslop.
A. K. Walls, the Wnttslinrg mlllown-
er, came In last evening. The new
mill at Procter, in which Mr. Walts Is
heavily interested, has been completed and Is Just about ready lor operation.
The Maccabees are preparing a
lengthy program ror iheir entertainment on the evening ot November II.
The program will consist of vocal and
Instrumental music, to be followed by
ii lunch ami a dance.
Tho Knslo Fruit Growers' association mel last evening ami elected offl-
cs'i's for lhe ensuing year. ���'��� A. Curie
has been elected  presldenl. und lhe as
siii'iniion is satisfied with the result or
the flrsl exhibition, Already lho has-
lo people nre figuring out their work
for next yenr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Burrell or
Grand Forks arrived In iho clly last
evening Mr. Burrell Is here In lhe Interests of his nursery, which has now
developed Into n very Im port an I Industry, incidentally he hus �� word or
two to sav or the political Bltuation,
which is of a complimentary character
to ihe McHrlde governmetn.
On Hallowe'en nlghl some boy-Jet
om the entile in l*. Burns oorrail. lie
beasts stamne. �������^fc^lWft2__5
in the middle of the night and. wero
l raced up to the mountain station.
Ti".ro are evidences thai ihey are
making their way toward   Ymir   nnd
men have sla 1 out today to search
for them. There were 21 heastfl in
lhe corral.
The Day's Killing-
Philadelphia, Nov. 2.-TWO workmen
wero killed and rive others Injured t*
dny byU.eooU.pse of a   orriok at A
new building.      the   u**1"
James McNamara and Samuel Harris.
All of the injured will recover. Wlille
n large block of Htono was being hoi.t-
(-'���i by the derrick the pin slipped. The
s one crashed through a platform occupied by McNamara and Harris, throw-
ng lheni to the ground, six storieB he-
low. The men injured were knocked
[rom platforms on the outside of the
bul ding at various stories by the stone
In Its descent
Profetior Lake Examines Fruit Farms
of Grand Forks and Lectures There.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 2.���A representative and exceedingly appreciative audience composed of farmers and busi-
ne Kb men assembled Wednesday evening In the Athletic association hall to
bear Professor Lake of Oregon speak
on fruit growing. M. Ilornsberger ably
filled the office of chairman of tbe
Tho first speaker was Martin Burrell, who among other things said thai
be was strongly ln favor or a board Of
horticulture, mainly to protect ioQul
fruit growers from the importation of
outside fruits. He Bpoke strongly in
favor of the present rigid fruit inspection that is practised at Grand Forks
and other points and commended tho
local fruit inspector on his action iu
condemning the car of 500 boxes of
apples a few days ago.
Professor Lake then addressed the
meeting at length. He spoke very positively about the possibilities of British Columbia and the Western states
as fruit producing sections and stated
that the first-class fruit grown in the
West far excelled anything produced
in tlie East. He had travelled all over
British Columbia and felt sure that
fruit could be profitably raised in the
province. He strongly recommended
tbe grower to confine himself to one
kind of fruit exclusively and tu select
soil at least eight feet deep, then plant
the trees about 25 feet apart, and not
grow any other produce on tbe same
ground; also to select trees at least
one year old. By doing this and using
care in spraying, fruit can be raised
Professor Lake produced some excellent samples of fruit raised on Kootenay lake, and one fine specimen
grown in the Okanagan district by an
Indian. He also spoke strongly In favor of the Canadian fruit inspectors
making rigid examinations of all Imported fruit, and announced that, by
their carrying out the law in this respect to the letter, the result would be
to put tho second-class American fruit
growers out of business and help the
first-class grower. He also surprised
the audience by stating that the fruit
inspectors of the Canadian Northwest
territories were not careful in their
fruit, inspections, and as a result the
territories for years past have been
the willing dumping ground and ready
market for great shipments of second
nnd  third  class American  fruits.
Before leaving Grand Forks Professor Lake wns driven to the various
fruit ranches in the valley by W. H,
Covert, the pioneer fruit king of this
valley. While visiting the Covert estate Professor Lake casually remarked
lhat tbe mammoth sunflowers grown
there wero a living evidence of the
richness of the soil, as they stood
some 12 feet high and the flowers were
IS Inches In diameter.
No Anglophobist.
Dundee, Scotland, Nov. 2.���The freedom of tho city wns today conferred on
Whitelaw Hold, the American ambassador. In the course of his speech
thanking the municipality the ambassador, referring to tho friendly relations between the United States and
Greal Britain, said the statesmen of
either country had no higher task than
In preserve them. When It Is remembered Ihnt nearly one-third of the entire trade of New York and nearly
hair the whole trade Of the United
States were with the British empire,
alt would recognize that (here wore
billions of reasons for maintaining and
perpetuating the present cordial relations.
Death of Philanthropist.
London, Nov. 2.���George Herring,
the noted Kngllsh philanthropist, who
In the course of his life contributed
largo sums of money to hospitals and
charitable enterprises, died today after an operation for appendicitis. Ho
made his first money on the racecourses and subsequently became Identified wllh a large number of businesses,
Explosion Kills Negro.
Chattanooga, Nov. 2.���In nn explosion in n burning storehouse of tho
Queen oi Crescent railway shops early
today Clark Kvans, a negro, was killed and seven white men nnd four negroes were injured', one of them fa-
lally.    The money loss is not large.
During the present month there will
bo several attractions at Sherman's
opera house. These will include a vis-
It fjom Harold Nelson in a new romantic drama.
Ute Indians Heroically Loot
Supply Wagons
Aborigines Cry Checkmate on Chess
Operations of U. S. Troops-
Must Await Fresh Supplies.
Sheridan, Wyo., Nov. 2.���Further de-
lulls of Ihe raiding of a government
Hiijjply train bound for the camps of
tho Tenth and Sixth cavalry from Ar-
vlda, characterise It as a clever piece
of work, evidently planned liy the older heads of the Ute tribe. According
to Driver .lames Forgln, no Indians
were in sight until a hunch of about
200 mounted redskins suddenly dashed out of a defile in the hills aud
quickly surrounded liim.
They made Utile noise outside of a
few sharp yells ln the nature of com-
iiisiiiils, and while several Indians kept
foraging under their rifles, the balance
looted the wagon train of 3000 pounds
of flour, the sacks of which were
strapped to the cayuses of Uie Indians,
who then disappeared into the hills.
As a result of tlie raiding of the supply train, the troops are in need and
the operations looking to a chase of
the Uii-s are practically at a standstill
until supplies can be had. More supplies will be sent out from Arvlda at
once. Troops from Fort Keogh with
suppplles are now at Ashland, en route
to the camp of the Tenth, near Moor-
The Utes have completely outwitted
the military and are now reported
back In Wyoming on the Powder river, retracing the route by which they
entered Montana. They evidently
knew of the arrival of the troops at
Ashlasnd and have cither given up the
attempt to reach the Cheyenr.es or are
waiting for that band to meet them
In some other part of the country. The
Utes on Hear creek have not moved,
according to telephone advices received here.
Halifax    Man    Who    Died      Recently
Leaves Much  to  Charity.
Halifax, N, 8., Nov. 2.���The will of
.lairus Mart, whose death took place on
October 27, was probated today. The
estate is estimated to be worth over
half a million. The great bulk of It
goes to benevolent and religious purposes. . Mount Allison university, of
which Mr, Hart was regent, will eventually receive $100,000, and the Nova
Scotia Methodist conference and the
Missionary society of Canada $100,000;
llalirax Y. M. C. A., 110,000 for tt
building fimd: the Halifax Citizens;
library, 110,000 for new books, and
$20,01111 for new Indies' college at
Mount Allison. The school for tho
blind  is also a  leading recipient.
Conservatives    Win    Phenomenal    Vic
tory Over Liberals    and    Progressives in London Elections.
London, Nov .2���The triennial clec-
lion of tho London borough councils
have resulled In nn overwhelming victory for ihe municipal reformers who
In some of the boroughs absolutely
wiped out the Progressives. The victors were formerly known ns Moderates and represent the Unionist party
and the Progressive, the Liberal and
Labor parties.
After several years of Progressive
regime, during which, It Is contended,
the taxes were increased to enormous
figures in consequence of the huge
expenditures, Including pnlatlal work-
honsos, Turkish baths for workmen
who sljsl not use Ihem, and clubhouses
and other similar municipal luxuries,
the boroughs councils aro once again
Htrongholds of Toryism.
The full figures are not yet available, but up to noon today thc Municipal Reformers had won 010 seats, the
Progressives 222 and Ihe Labor and
Independent candidates 77 .out of a- total of 1362.
Tho provincial municipal elections
have also resulted In rout for the Lib
erals. The campaigns In the provinces
were mostly conducted on Progressive
party HneB. Complete results show
that the Liberals have sustained a net
loss of 33 representatives and that the
Conservatives have a net gain of 59;
the Labor party haa a net gain of 9. In
London the Labor party candidates
seem to have fared even worse than
the Progressives but they made small
gains In tbe provinces.
Methodist Episcopal Church In America Will Have Two Departments.
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 2.���The general
missionary committee of the Methodist
Kplseopal church has decided to fix
the total sum to be appropriated for
home and foreign mission work at
$1,6116,000, for this coming year, this
being about the amount contributed by
the denomination for mission purposes
during the year ending October 31.
Because of the forthcoming division
ol ilie Missionary society Into a board
of foreign missions with headquarters
at New York, and a board of Home
missions and church extensions with
headquarters at Philadelphia, these
separate societies are to begin operations under revised charters January
1 next.
The first part of the morning session
was given to a consideration of the
educational movement maintained
among the young people of the missionary society. ThiB department hav-
iug as Its special function the promotion of mission study among Young
People's societies and ln Sunday
schools and junior organizations of
the churches.
Hungarian    Patriot's Remains   Taken
Back to Native Land.
Kalschau, Hungary, Nov. 2.���The
body of Franz Rakoozy, the Hungarian
patriot who died in exile, and those
of his mother and son Joseph, were
brought here today on a special train
from Buda Pest, and were taken to
the cathedral with great ceremony,
where a requiem mass was celebrated
in the presence of deputations from
all parts of the country. The three
coffins were then conveyed to a consecrated vault, while a salute of four
guns was fired.
The sarcophagus, which Is the work
of Francis Mikola, tlie sculptor, ls
suitably inscribed with a tribute to
the emperor-klng in allowing the precious bodies to be repatriated "to the
endless joy of the nation."
The Riae in 8llver.
Without the present domestic de)
mand for sliver for mint purposes
there Is much In the statistical position of that Important metal to ac-
count lor the recent advance in prices.
Not s!nc-< 1893 has this metal cost
over "2 :��� nee per ouuee in London or
70 ctintb at New York. Probably the
figures were expanded somewhat by
government purchases at the rate of
about 2,000,000 ounces recently, deliverable at the Philadelphia, Denver
and other mints; but the great pressure this year has come from India,
which has taken about $61,300,000
worth from the London market, that
Is more than the total shipments to all
Far Eastern countries in any preced
Ing full year, with the exception of
1877 and 1857. The latter year covered
the great Indian mutiny and generally
disturbing conditions, and the great
famine in India occurred In 1877. Tho
question of the moment, says Dun's
Review, fs whether production can be
Increased sufficiently to check the advance in price, as consumption gives
no evidenc of curtailment. Possibly
the demand for use in the arts may
fall off, although there ts no present
prospect of a reduction In the estimate of 60,000,000 ounces annually,
particularly with leading nations so
Colony for Carman.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.���A large colony
from Frankfort, Ind., is to be located
on recently-drained land at Sperling,
Carman district, ln Southern'Manitoba,
where 8000 acres were recently pur
chased for them.
Lethbrldge Woolen Mill.
Lethhridge, Nov. 2.���Work was started on the now $15,000 woolen mill here
today. Next week the Nows will Issue
us a dally paper. Hitherto it has been
a weekly.
Winnipeg Vital Statistics.
Winnipeg,   Nov.   2.���During  October
there  wore 311   births  and  204   marriages in Winnipeg.
Pontiff Protests.
Paris, Nov .2.���A  prelate   of   high
rank   whose  name    ls  not    given   is
quoted In the press    here    today  as
saying that the  pope will  reject the
decision *f the council of state rer��
dered October 31 .by which under the
law of 1881, meetings organized by private Individuals for worship will be
recognized as legal after December 11,
when the church and state and separation law formally goes Into effect. The
prelate stated that the plaintiff would
never recognize that tbe functions of
religion can assume the character of
public worship.
Steel Mills Have Already Booked Full
Capacity Orders for 1007.
Chicago, Nov. 2.���The Record-Herald
today says: More than 1,500,000 tons
of steel rails bave been ordered by the
railroads for delivery within 1907 from
the various steel mills. Tbe total capacity of tbe steel mills for a year Is
about 3,000,000 tons, so all of them are
assured of their full capacity orders
for 1907. Never before, it la stated,
have so many orders for rails been
placed by tbe railroads as this season.
Some of the roads have been compelled to seek foreign rails in order
to bave assurances that their orders
will be delivered in anything like the
time they specify.
The demand for new rails does not
come so much for new railroad construction as it does for renewals and
for *-elay!ng tracks with heavier steel.
The business of the railroads has Increased _. enormously that the old
light rails are nadequate to carry the
train loads and the heavy equipment
of today. Railroads of the South are
among the" heaviest buyers of steel
rails for 1907, and it ls stated the demand in that section indicates tbe wonderfully Increased demand which is being made on tbe transportation companies ln the South.
Membera of Canadian Geological Sur
vey   Describe   Hitherto   Unknown
Features of North Coast Wilde.
According to opinions expressed by
some of the members of tbe Canadian
geological survey party, which returned from tbe Nortb last week, after
spending the summer ln lower Alaska
and tbe Yukon, the country along tbe
St. Ellas range ls one of tbe wonders
of tbe North. The land from Mount
St. Ellas to Ocean cape, a distance of
about 180 miles east and about 50
miles back from the coast line, is very
much adapted to agricultural purposes
and would not take very much labor
to put it into fine shape for growing
some of the barded cereals. In tbe
summer tbe valleys are covered with
all kinds of beautiful wild flowers and
strawberries grow in abundance.
But the amazing feature of Ibis land
Is that in winter, all of it ia covered
with snow and ice. During the coldest
spell the whole surface ls one vast
glacier and deer and goats which happen to be caught lingering behind, die
of starvation and their bodies litter the
white surface unless they manage to
tind tbelr way out.
A few Indian huts and white settlers' cabins are found here and there
nearly covered with snow and ice.
These are occupied during the summer,
but are abandoned as the cold season
approaches. Yakarah Bay, which runs
up some 30 miles from tlie open sea,
ls a magnificent bay and affords ample
facilities for making lt one of the finest
harbors fn the North. There ls a number of houses there, and steamers
make it a call en route to and from
Nome and St. Michaels. Valdez Ib situated about u 16 hours' run west nnd
the two places are connected by a biweekly steamer service. Dry Bay is
some 20 miles east of Yakntah Bay
and Is Ihe mouth of the Alsek river.
It wns by this river that several attempts were made to reach the upper
country lu stead of following the long
and tortuous trad). Tho river Is very
swift and dangerous and was described
by the parly as a "running ilger." Canyons are met at every turn and the
bunks are so steep that It is like courting death to attempt to follow the edge
of the banks. Several canoes were
carried by the men and when a chance
came to use them they were put Into
the water. On oue occasion several
canoes full of provisions were being
towed up stream by long ropes, when
a thunderous roar was heard far up
the mountain Bide, The noise caused
the party to halt, and aftor looking In
tho direction whence came the sound,
the men were startled to see an avalanche of sand and boulders ln progress down tho mountain. Fortunately
they were near a ledge and they es-
s-iipeil. although one man had his left
shoulder grabbed by a huge boulder.
One of the canoes was smashed to
kindling nnd Its cargo was entirely
lost. Many fine deer and mountain
goata were seen and much Bport was
obtained by shooting several brown
Baffles New York Firemen For flours
Brilliant Rescues by Heroic Efforts
Just as Flames Enwrapped Garments of Victims.
New York, Nov. 2.���Two men had a
remarkable escape from death by Mra,.
property valued at $100,000 was destroyed and hundreds of tenement
dwellers fled from tbelr homes In terror as a result of a fire ln a seven-
story factory building at Stanton am.
Mengln streets early today. For two
hours the flames baffled the firemen,
threatening to sweep beyond control
and lick up the wretched dwellings adjoining, and all that time the hundreds
who had been driven from their beds
almost naked stood shivering in the
chill morning air.
The place where the fire raged la In
the centre of tbe so-called sweatshop
district, and tbe tenements are filled
with the employees In these places,
most of them Hebrews of tbe poorer
When the fire waa discovered by a
policeman lt had spread all through
the entire lower part of tbe factory
building and two Jewish watchmen,
whose escape bad been cut off by the
flames, were standing at an upper window wildly gesticulating and crying
for help. Gradually, aa the fire sained
headway, the men were driven to seek
refuge on the roof. There tbey found
temporary safety, but ln a few minutes tbe flames began to break through
the roof and close tn around the two
figures which could be plainly aeen
kneeling in prayer.
The frantic crowd ln the atreet
begged ln wails and screeches for the
firemen to go to the aid of tbe men,
who seemed doomed to die before their
eyes, but tbe firemen were helpless.
Their longest ladder would scarcely
reach two-thirds the height of the burning building and tbr ire escapee wore
wrapped for half their . igtb in flames.
At almost the last ��� s.-nent, when
the bluing circle had narroi' _ down
until tbe clothing of the helpless men
had begun to smoke from tbe Intense
heat, a great new fire truck with a ladder which never before bad been called
Into service, dashed through the
frightened crowd In the street. Quickly the ladder was raised and almost before Its topmost round had touched
the coping, a fireman appeared beside
the two men. In another moment he
had handed them one after another
to comrades who bad followed htm and
they were carried safe, but on the
verge of collapse from fright, to tbe
Irish International.
New York. Nov. 2.���A London despatch published here today says next
May will see the opening of the great
Irish International exhibition, as the
guarantee fund now amounts to
Lord Iveagh heads the list with $50,-
000. The buildings will resemble tn
scheme those ot the late Paris exposition. A prominent feature will be a
great dome, which will be equal to
balf that of St. Paul's cathedral, 1-ou
don. If King Edward does uot open
thc exhibition ho will at least honor It
with his presence at a later date.
Crimean  Veteran  Dead.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.���Leonard Lucas,
who for 18 years has been a patient tn
the General hospital, fell dead In his
chair today. He had served ln the
Crimean war, fought at Inkermun and
llalaclava, aud as sergeant ln the
British army witnessed the immortal
charge of the Light Brigade. Not one
full company of those who were In the
Crimean war could probably new be
mustered in the British empire. De
ceased was aged 91 years.
Winnipeg Inland Revenue.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.���Inland revenue
collections at tho Winnipeg* port for
October were $132,664; for the same
month last year, $107,911. The past
month showed the largest total ln the
history of the office.
Price of Metals.
New York. Nov, 2.���Casting copper,
21 _-8o; lead, $5.75; silver, 70 7-8c.
London, Nov. 2.���Sliver, 32 ll-l_d;
lead, ��19 Es.
H i:
 -STI   II -*
The Daily Canadian
==_= STORES ==
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone enrry
them in this clly.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED.,. .|6,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... ,$4,880,000
REST $4,880,000,
D. 11. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vicn-ProKident
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reO-ived ami interest allowed at current rates from date of opening account aud credited half -yearly.
.si*i..so.-n [-.ranch _J��   lVI��   LAY,   -Vial-lager*
The cRp$al Hank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil  Individuals opened on tho  most  favorable terms.
Thirteen branches In  British Columbia.
Special   attention   to oul  of town  business.
T. B, KENNY, Pros., Halifax.       K. L   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Published eix daya a wee* by the
m Baker St., Nolson, B.C.
Subscription rates, DO coins n mouth delivered
iii tbe city, or iri.oo a year li uni 1j>- mall- when
paid In advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All moniei paid in settlement of The Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi labwrlptioni or
advertising! must u* receipted fur on the printed
forms of tin* Company, other receipt* arr not
[HOVBMBBR -3. l_-Ofc.
���* By one word we are lometimei judged to be
wise and by one word lomettmei Judged to be
foolish. Let uk therefore be careful what we
A few weeks ago The Canadian
made complaint of the unsatisfactory
nature of the postal service, particularly with respect to the infrequent
aud irregular arrival of the daily papers from coast and Eastern points.
The Canadian at that lime was voicing not alone its own sentiments but
those of a very large section of the
community whose business and convenience is seriously interfered with by
Iho delay occasioned through the non-
arrival or irregular arrival of the mails,
It was contended that not only do
newspapers arrive with painful uncertainly but that tbat fan was presumptive evidence that important business
letters are also unnecessarily delayed.
This bas proved I" be the case and
thc evil complained of instead iif being remedied is gradually bin with
marked emphasis becoming worse.
Why tWO daily papers published in
Toronto or Montreal ou the sunn- day
and at the same hour, and presumably
mailed at thu same time should be wto
and three days apart in their arrival
In Xelson is a mutter too puzzling for
one OUtsftte of the postal department
to understand. And why there should
he two or three days���as often occurs
���between the arrival of successive issues of the same paper with their final
arrival in a bunch is equally unintelligible.
The evil must bave serious consequences for those whose mails arrive
as In the rural districts only once or
twice a week. The delayed papers if
late in arriving at this distributing
point are delayed an additional week
and   are  ancient   history   by   the   time
they arrive at their destination.
We  were at  first  under the Impres
sion thai the connections at Medicine
Hat were imperfect but that would
only explain the delay of one day.
Moreover the complaint is becoming
so serious all along the line of tbe C.
P. R, and other lines in the West that
a veritable chorus of reproach is being chanted by the papers in the
prairie provinces. This all goes to
show that there is some radical defect
In the postal system aad that the actual convenience of the people is being
sacrificed in order that dividends may
be declared. The postal service Is the
most commonly used and the most Important of all public utilities and everything, even passenger traffic, if
that were necessary, should be so adjusted as to give a respectable and satisfactory mall service.
Thai we are not alone in our endurance of this evil the Toronto News,
which makes a deliverance upon the
Subject, will plainly show. The News
"The Prince Albert Advocate warns
the government that the postal service iu the West must be improved.
li Insists tbat red tape methods will
not go ln tbe West, and that the
country will not accept a postal policy
dictated by fossil officials who know
no more of Western Canada than an
i.sqnimnux knows of tin* Sandwich
Islands. Many other Western papers
use Bimilar language, ai many points
the postal service tn ihe new provinces
is unsatisfactory, and more mall routes,
* (tensions of the postal car service
and more postoffioos musi be provided.
As we have said more than once, while
we Lhlnk the postal department should
be self-sustaining, it has no business
with a Burplus of a million dollars.
The  department   should   be   a   serving.
not a taxing department, and its surplus should be devoted to better remuneration id' posl masters and mail
carriers, and general exlensions and
Improvements of the service."
Tlie Canadian suggests that a monster petition be signed hy those who
have experienced this Inconvenience to
show the Ottawa authorities how Inadequately the West is being dealt with
In the matter of one of Its most serious noeds.
The despatches yesterday informing
the world of the escape of the notorious
organizer of the terriorlsts and Ihe
head of the revolutionary organizations
In Russia throws a flood of light on
the apparent quiel that has reigned
In tho empire of the czar during the
last few mouths.    Not until hiscsenpe
was it known thai he had even been
sent into exile nor that he was the
soul or mind of the terrorist forces.
While lhe Russian authorities from
time to time hnd made their boast that
tbey had succeeded in capturing the
leaders of the revolutionary movement
the capture of the recognized director
of operations was carefully kept secret.
It may be that they did not know al
tbo time the Importance of the personage committed to the toils of Siberia.
Por several month-, Russia, which
at one lime dominated the news pages
of the papers of the world because of
the horrors perpetrated upon the am-
���tltutlonal and bureaucratic authorities
oi lhal unhappy country, has enjoyed
a period ol reprieve from the extreme
outrages of the less recent past. That
tlie revolutionists were still busy has
Inon amply shown but their daring and
successful attempts at wholesale destruction of officialdom have not appeared so determined for some time.
Their robbery of trains, banks, customs
and treasury funds, shows that they
have not lucked cohesion and method
In their procedure and it ls doubtless
from the booty thus secured that the
ample store of funds they are said to
have in their possession has been
from time to time replenished.
While there has been a* comparative
dearth of live news from tlie seat ot
these disturbances no one has supposed that lhe revolution was crushed or
eveu suppressed. It may have been
puzzling to understand why there was
so sudden a cessallun oi Udsussi nations,
of carefully planned and skilfully executed murders of officials but in the
light of the recent news the facts are
explained. The revolutionists have
beeu engaged in marauding, robbery
and replenishment of their coffers
awaiting the successful efforts of their
leader to escape.
The despatches assure us that the
government of Akatua is in dread
that others of tlie terrorist leaders
may escape, as it is said they huve
not only plenty of money but the sympathy ot all the people. It may not be unsafely surmised that they have the sympathy of the guards themselves, aud
that while ihe leaders have been ln exile they have been busily fomenting sedition and plotting methods of release
tor the convicts as well.
The revolution and terrorism of Russia embraces in its plans all the middle,
peasant, pauper hnd even the criminal
classes, und its black hand is against
only the bureaucrat and the despot.
Every man with a grievance���and who
in Russia outside of the two orders
named has not���is fellow to the revolutionist and it needs only that he imbibe the sentiments of hope and ambition which fire the extreme terrorist to become one himself.
With the release of tierschumin we
may look for an early repetition of the
horrors which have darkened the page
of Russia's history since the termiua-
lion of the Russo-Japanese war. The
Jew may keep out of sight and out of
harm's way, it will be unlike him it he
does not, but the brains are now restored to the organization and with its
thousands of fearless agents who gladly face death and glory when they fall
iu their deadly work, it will again he-
come the terror of the laud,
The recent religious liberty granted
to the people of that unhappy country
will do but little to stay the tread of
the destroyer. It was not religious
liberty that the terrorist contended
for. It was the abolition of the cruel
and selfish, the heartless and inhuman
system under which the bureaucrats
ruled the land and fattened upon the
products of the slavery of the helpless.
Religious toleration will uot abolish
this system if, indeed, it does not serve
to accentuate the enmity against it by
showing the people that they can be
free in one respect and not In another. Wars and rumors of wars will be
the fruit of Gerschumln'a escape.
Tlie action of the Alberta government iu providing under the department of agriculture for the operation
of experimental fruit farms is a commendable one thut will do mucn to
make arboriculture possible on (he
prairies when Ihe attempts of Individ
UUl growers mlghl result In failure.
The arrangement provides for the selection of acreages at various points
throughout ilie province where climal-
le conditions differ aud the planting
und culture of such hardy specimens
as bave already given evidence of
their adaptability to the somewhat
fiigid winters of the territory, as well
as maturing the fruits In spile of tho
reticent summer climate.
The government undertook this matter ut the urgent request of prospective
growers nnd purchasers of fruit and
with the limitless market that is in
prospect If the resulta warrant the expectations of the petitioners, a valuable service will have heen rendered
the whole country.
The Canadian has expressed the
opinion that if a* sufficient number of
the frull growers of the interior of this
province were to express a desire for
thc founding of an experimental farm
to make just bucIi investigations for
the Kootenays as will he made in the
Northwest that, some hope might bo
entertained of n similar utility in
British Columbia. The government,
however, will not thrust such ua emprise on lhe people and If the results
Of Individual growers are satisfactory
to themselves perhaps their complacency will be the end of such proposals.
For the newcomers however who are
unacquainted with the climate ami soil
Of ihe upper country such au Instllu-
tiou would be a great boon and for
those who bave hinds lo dispose of the
strongest answer to all suggestions of
possible failure could be maile by
pointing  to  the    expefrljnenta]   farm,
where even tbo novice could be thoroughly Initiated Into the mosi successful methods of fruit growing here.
The promptness wiih which premier
McBride called tbe bluff of the Liberal association of Victoria when they
expressed a wish that he meet the
leader of ihe opposition to debate the
question of better terms is of a piece
with his entire conduct throughout
this unfortunate affair. Tlie wider
publicity Ills actions receive tlie better It will be for him and Tor the country he serves, lie has nothing to hide
and that he should meet the opposition leader on the same public platform would prevent the misstatements
and deceit, which while not practised
by ihe leader of the opposition himself
are so characteristic of tlie press
which supports him.
li may be better to be born lucky
than rich, but most of us don't have
a chance to express a preference till
It's too late.
A fly and a flea In a flue
Wero imprisoned, so  what   could  they
Said ihe fly:   "Let us flee."
Said  the flea:   "Let  us fly."
So they flew through n flaw in the flue.
Haunted  houses may be curtalnless
and still bave shades.
Some  hair   tonics   raise   mon?  hope
than hair.
Notice is hereby Riven tiiat 60 dnys after date I
intend tn apply tu the Honorable Chief Commissioner  of  Lands  nnd   Works   for  permission   to
purchaie the following deeerlbed landi, lo west
Kootenav: Commending at a pout planted al
the northeast corner ol lot 4896,0.1., marked K.
Fletcher's northwest corner, tlience nontli *0
chains; tlience east U> chains, more or less, lo
the western houndarv of Lot 806, O.I.; thence
norlh 80 chains to Kootenay river; tbence well
following raid river to point of commciueiiient,
Containing 80 acres more or less,
--ith October. 1900.
Bxty days after date] purpose making application to the Hon Chief Commissioner ol i-ands
and uo ks for permission t�� purobase ibe fol-
lowing described lands: I ommenclng ul the
northwest rorner of B. A. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "W. <i. <;'*���. 8 VV, comer,"
running tbenee ho ehalna north; thence so
chains east; thenee. HO cbains south; tbenco ho
i bains west to point of oommencement, containing Olo acres, more or iess.
Dated lhe (Sth day of Ootober, lft.fi.
W. Q, (ill.I.ETT,
I'er J. suikj.i.. Agent.
Blxty days after dato l purpose making Application to the Him. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase lhe following described lands:   Commencing al the
northwest corner of V. Dodd's application to
purchase, marked "M. F's $. iv, eorner-," running
thenee 30 chains north; tbeuce SO chains, more
or less, to the west shore of Wbati-ban lake, following .ame W chains south ; thence SO chains,
more or less, east to lhe point of rommi'ii.ement,
con tain lug Of) acres, more or less.
Dated the I'Jlb day of October, 11HII.
M. E_.OQO.Blt,
per J. Bsibll, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief <'ommls*lom*r of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase 180 acres of land,
located on the west sidcof Arrow Inke. adjoining
Lol 5318 and described as follows: Commencing
at a post planted on thc west boundary of Lot
6818, about 20 chains north of lbe K. \.. corner of
said lot, thence west :io chains, thence fOOth 80
chains, tbenee east :.i chains to the western
boundary of nre-emptim 1.0.878, lbence north
6o cbains to place of beginning.
Located Oet. BO, 1908. M. K. w..u.ev,
K J. Elliott, Ageut.
Notice Is herebv given lhat sixty days afler
date I intend to apply to tbe Honorable Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described tan.Is:
Commeneing at a post placed on the northWi ll
corner ol Albert Elliott's application to purchase,
running k*> ebalns east along ibe northern
boundary of same; lbence SO chains north;
thence HO chains west; tin nee a i c:,alns (ouih, to
point of commencement, oontainlng Mo ucus,
more or less.
Dated Oct. 13. WOrt. John ELLIOTT,
By bis agent. Khnkst W. Kobinron.
Notice ts hereby given that 00 days atlcr date I
iniend lo make application io Hie honorable lbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for permission  to   purchase   the   following   described
lands: Commenolng at a posi planted on the
iiortin-Hi-.ro ner of Peter Uonangnton'i application io pun-lms *, loUowing the east boundarv ol
mine  ho chains   BOUtbi   ihenee  m   ehains east;
iheneeK)ehalni north; thenoe80 chaini weal to
poim of eommeneement, containing c-io acres,
more or less.
Doted Oct. 18, 1006. Al.lIEItT Kr.I.lOTT,
 By his agent Khnfst W. Hoiiinson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase HO acres of land, silnale about one mile
cast of  Hurton  Cily  on the east  side of Arrow
take, ami descrlbeil as follows; Commencing at ��
post planted S( the northeast corner of tot 8660,
thtnee north *_0 chains, tlience went t��chnins,
therm* south _n chains,  thence east 40 chains to
plaoe of beginning
August 2'lh, 1906  J. R, HONTKH.
Hlxty days after date I purpose making appli
cation tothe Hon. Chief Commlaaioner ol Landi
and Works for permission to purchase the fol-
lownifr described lands: Commencing ai the
northwest corner of V. Dodd's application l*>
purchnse, marked "<_ L. U's N. tt. corner," running tbence so chains south, thenoe B0 chains
west,  thence R0 chalus  north, thcirceHil Chalm
cast to tho poim ol eommeneement, Oontainlng
010 acres, more or less.
Dated the Pith day of October, 1808,
 per J Bhiki.i.. Agent
Bixly days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for pertulslon to purchase the following described lands: Commencing nt a
post placed at the northwest corner of "K.
-*��� Create1! appllcalion to purehase, mark ,1
"K. K'a H. K. corner." running thenee W) ehains
north, Ihenee SO chains west, thence HO chains
S'-utb. Ihence wi chains east to point of eomnien-
ceinent, Containing nn acres more or lens.
Dated the 12th day of October, Ptnrt
per .1, sium.i.. Agont.
Noilce is bereby glu-u lhal 00 davs after dale I
lend lo make application lo llie Honorable lire
iniend l
Chief Ci
u Undsand Works lor p
 *  the  following  deicrlbed
lamls: Commencing at a post placed adjolniui;
the southwesi cornei post oi Leon Watson'a Ap
plicalton lo I1
������oini oi
nn nn
ihcnce io chaini ea
tin-lit. conlaining AM
Dated October 18, P.ssi.
lly his agent, Khnkst, W. Hoiiinson
Nolle* is hereby given that 00 days niter dute I
iniend to applv io ihe Hon. ibe chief Commissioner ofl Is and Works for permission to purchase lhe following described lauds In West
Kootenay disiriei: Beginning ��i a post niarked
"Otto lUrm-h's N W. corner"' and planted on
tlie wcsl shore of WatShan (OarlbOO) lake, aboul
one-fourth mile WOBt Of the narrows of Whalshan
lake; Ihence south m chains; tlience en-l 40
chalm more or less to the shore ol thfl Narrows;
thonce followlug ihe said shore in a general
northerly and westorlv direction ISO chaini more
or less, to Ihe poini of commencement, contain*
1 ihlshth day of Od  , 1008
F   L   'IammoM'
Ul   11)11*41 |l,
\oi ice is hereby given ihat ilxty days after date
I inteml loupply lothe Hon, Chief Commissioner
of Laud-  and Works [or permission lo purchase
the following described laud- in West Kooteuay
dlitrlot: Beginning at a post marked "e. K
Aldcu's B K comer," and planted on the easl
shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) bike, abonl one
mile north of (he southern did of the lake:
Iheuccuiirih Ni chains; tlience wesi -lit chains,
more or less, to the shore of Whalshan lake;
lbence lollowlng said shore In a general southerly ami easterly dlreotlon inn chains, moreor
less, to the poim of oommenoement- oontainlng
;L*0 acres, more or less
Daied this 8th day of Oct ,10.6,
K   K    Ai.i'fN,
F   I.   Hammond, Agent
sixty  .lays nfler
chief Commls*
rmlssioii lo pur-
mW In the West
Notice ts bereby given tha
datel intend to apply to tbo Hon. ��� m
sioner of Lands and Works tor pcrmls
chase ihe following deserlhed lands ���
Kooteuny distrid; Beginning al a p
"Bertha H Inch'a n  f, corner," and planted on
lhe east shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) hike. hI tbe
narrows of tbe lake, ami about oUfl mile south of
AtTOW lake trail; lbence soiilli so chains; thenee
west hii ohalna nmre or less to the ihore ol the
narrows; thenoe billowing tin* said shore tu a
general   northerly   and   easterly   direction   130
chains more or less to the polntof commencement, containing 840 aorei more or less
Dated Ihis Mb day of lid , pssi
 U. IlANHi'Nit, Agent.
Works be
������K   Fs
from B
sixtv daya after dale, i Hargrett MoQuarrle,
intend toapply io ihe Honoinhle the chief Commissioner ol undsand Works. Victoria,B.C,
lo purchase the following described land,   Ci m-
monclng at a post marked M. tfcQuarrle, on the
hank  of   Lower  Arrow   lake,  Ihenco   lo chnins
west; theuce00chalna north) thenee 40 chains
easl; them-e 80  chains south  to  place of com
meneement. said to contain 160 acres more or
less.   Covering ground held by  0*. B. Anderson's
Dated this lllh dav of September, 100*1.
Makohett UOQUAlUtnt,
W, L, I'.vsk, Agent 	
Sixty days after .late  I  purpose making appli*
calion lo llie  ''blef Commissioner ol Lands and
ssioii  to purchase tbe following
���1] land;    Comiiiencfiig nl a post murked
8 k corner," and sltnate atwnt one mfla
Ivir Tip Point, on Whatshan bike, and
near cnrlstlfl creek, running thence ho chains
north; tbenoe 80 chnins wett) thenee ho chains
south, following the laSeshore; thence 80 chains
east io the point ol commencement- oontainlng
6-lu acics more, or less.
Hated lbe llth day of August, 1906.
K. FAimiiK,
I'er I*"  '.   F-U-y-'lKH, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 00 dars afler date
I Intend to applv lo the llouorable the Cbfef
Commissioner of Lninls and Works for permission to purchise the following described lands;
Commencing at ftjMSt planted on tlie northeait
rorner of  Peter SfcKaugbton'a application  to
purchase, running HO clinim west along tbe
northern boundarv of same; thence Ni ehnins
north; lhetice HO ehains cant; tbence BO chains
south, along the west boundarv of John Klliotl's
application to purchase, to point of commence
ment, oontainlng MO acres, more or leis.
Dated (id. 18, I'MO. Thomas Smith,
By his agent. Kuneht \V. Hoiiinson.
Notice is hen by given that 00 dayi after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C,
for permlulon to purchase the followlug de-
lOrlhed lauds, situated iu the West Kootenay
dlsirlct, soutb of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked *'L. H Choquette 'fl N. W. OM-
ner," tbenee .0 chains east, thenee 40 chains
SOUth, tbence 40 chains west, thenee in chains
north to the oommenoement post, oontainlng iw
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. 0 , Oct. 16th, 1006.
 VT.A. Jones. Agent.
Sixty days after dale I purpose making "ppHca-
tion to the Hun, chief CommlMloner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described laud: Commenolng nt a post
placed at the south west corner of H. w. Banning*
ton*,-application io purchase, marked "L. M. B.
H's -t fi corner post,'1 running Ihenee80chains
west; thence ho chains south; thenoe 80ohalna
cast; thencfl HO   chains  norlh to  point  of commencement, containing 640 ueres, more oriels.
Haled the lOlh day of October, 1900.
L. M. H. Hanninoton,
       Wr R. 8H1RLL, Agent.
pixy days after date I purpose limiting application tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
nnd Works for permission to ptircha-c the following desoribed land:  Commencing at a post
placed on the north boundary of lot No. Be. and
about two chain-east of Whalshan creek, mark-
ed "M, S's. S. W. comer," running ihence 40
chains easi; tbence 40 eliains north; theuce 10
Ohalni west; llienee -10 chains south, to point of
oommencement, containing 160 acres more or
Dated tin- loth dny of October, MOO.
M. SlllFl.l.,
  Per It. Hiiiki.i.. Agent.
Notice is herebv given that sixty days after dale
I intend to apply lo tbe Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands aiid Works for ]ieriiiissioti to purchase the following deaorlbed landi, 100 aores,
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted on theOMl shore of Lower Arrow lake, ahout
one mile norlh of Sunshine creek, ihenee forty
chains eat-l, lbence fortv chains south, thenc.;
forty chains west, thence forty ehnllis north
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated this Lllh day of September, 1900.
John Toyk.
 Hahhv QiBIQK, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 flays alter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lsnds and   Works for permlinloti
to pnrchase the following described land, situate
in Fire Valley, in ihe Wesl Kootenay district, adjoining w. a. Oalder'a pre-emption, starting at a
post marked m. HoQuarrte'a wuth weal corner,
running 80 ehalna cast, ihenoe 40 ohalns north,
Ihenee md chains west   lbence 40 chains south to
point of commencement.
Dated Ibis llth day of September, i'.K'i
Mary SloQl ahihk,
 J. K. 'Iayi-oh. Agent.
Sixty days after dale I purpose making appli
cation lo tin- Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds
and Works for permlaslon to purchnse the following descrlbeil laud; Commencing ata post
placed at tbfl north cas| eorner of H. C Skinner's
application to purchase, marked "11. W s N.W
eeiner post," thenc,* following lhe flast boundary ol same HO ehalns s-uth ; tbeuce running Hi)
chains eut; thence 80 ehalns north; tbence HI
chains wtst lo point ot commencement, containing 040 acres more or les*
Dated thfl loih day oi Odoher, 1906,
H  Doiu>,
 Ber It. Hit I MX, Agent.
60 days after date f intend to npply to the Honorable thfl Chief CommiUlonef of Lands and
Works, Victoria, II C , to jurehnse 640 aerci of
land sltuale wesl of Arrow lake on Ihe west side
of Whatahan creek mid Joining the north boundary of S. J Animblc application to pureliuse
Commencing at i post marked R J. K. 8. K. corner aud running WM' w> ehnins; Ihenee north 80
ehains; thenee ea��l 80 chains; ihenee south to
point of eommeneement.
Beptember and im h. j. ki.i.iot.
Notice Is liereby given that 00 days lifter date. I
Intend tO apply to the Hon. Cbicf Commissioner
of Landsand Works for permission to purchase
the following described landa in the West Koot-
enay District: Beginning nl n post marked "W
s   hlTldge'l s   \v   corner," nnd planted about
one-quarter mile west oi the west shore of What-
slian (Cariboo) lake, and about one and one
Quarter mllU north of the southern end of thc
lake; thenre norlh SO chains; thene. Out 40
phaini more or less to the shore of the Whalshan
lake; tbenee following said ihora in a general
southerly and westerly direction 100 chalai re
or.ess to a point on   (lie shore due  easl  ofthe
l'"*l of r lerieemcni;  thence  wesl  L'O chain-'
more or less to tho point of commencement, eon
latiiliigii'jn acres moreor less.
Dated this, til dayol Oct., PJOH
W.8, Bivnwi,
F. I. Hammond, Agent.
Just reoelved, u Bplendld Btock of Stamped Linens, CuBhtoii
Coven, Tea Clolhs, etc. An elegant BMortment for to work fssr
Xiniis presenu.
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ni.'ikc selections.
Notice is bereby given thai oo dan alter date i
intend lo applv to llie Honorable Chief Commli*
iloner ol Undi end Works lor permission to pur
ofieafl tbfl following described lauds, sltimied on
lhe (asl side of Arrow lake: ComineticiiiL' al fl
posl market!   A   Macleod'l  locution post ihejiee
south f nv chalm, following "A. Toye'ieastern
boundaryi tbence eail ilxty chains, to east bank
of Garibaldi Creek; thence north forty chains]
thencecast slxtv Oh lini  tO  Mint of commencement, oontalnlne2_D acres, more or MSB.
Daied September I. LOOO,        AI.K..A IrUCUQD.
I'er N. DtttUS, Agent.
Notice li hereby given that 80 days alter data I
intend toapply to th.* Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Worki tor permission to
pureliase the following described lands,sltnaUM
oil Ihu easl side ol Arrow Uke: Commencing at
lhe northeast corner ol A, Anlhoii> s piirchaee.
Ihenee north fortj chains, thence west lorty
chains, theuee soulb fori) chains, Ihcnce cast
forty chnins (o point of commencement, containing 1011 acres, more or less
Dated Beptember l, 1000.    Uuu K, HaoutoPi
pcrN. DUIBS, Agenl.
Nollee Is herebv given tbat sixty days aller
date I intend lo applv to llo- Hon. rhief Com mis
Burner of l.amls ami works for permlulon to
purchase  ihe   following   described lauds t��
WOSl Kootenav District: Commencing at an Initial post planted at lhe southeast corner of Mc
COy'fl pre-emption, theliee -JO chains West to OSS I
boundary of Lol 8399; tbence fniio-aiug said
boundarv south to foutneasl corner of said bd;
theuee 10 chains west; thence B0 chains r-oiilh;
thena EUohainieasti thence'JOohatuinorth to
soiithw'-l corner of Ud -'-M; thence following
west boundarv id Lot *_*���- to inliial post.
Beptember tt, vjoo. I). D Vfotrt,
per Hbnkkt W. Hoiiinson.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afler date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
of l.amls and Works for permission to purchase
tlie following described lands, situate on the
Kitst shore of Lower  Lake,  about  one and one
half mile Koutb of Edge wood, B, 0. and ad
joining J. T. H.-attic's application to purchase,
and commeneing at it post marked Donald Wil
sou's Soutli West corner,  tbence running North
i��ty chains- theme Easl forty chains, tlience
South, sixty chains, ihence West  forty ebalns lo
place of oommeneement, and oontafntng -4J0
aeres more or less.
Donald Wilson.
M. It. M-VfARRtK, Agent.
Dated this 38tb day of September, 1000.
Notice [s hereby given thai two months afler
date I Intend to apply lo the Honorable Chief
Commissi.,tn r of Iimi- and Works for |>eriiil��*
sion to pureliase 040 acres'd Und, described to*
follows: I'ommcu- ing ,.', ,i post planted al lhe
southwest of   i.. c   Morrison's   ranch   in   Kire
Valley, west Kootenay district, marked**J.*.
M unro's nortlieast corner jxist"; llienee Uobslfli
wesi;  thence N) chains south;   tbence **_ chains
easl; thence ��o chains north to the place of commencement.
Ptted llth day of Sept**ruber, Itflifi.
J- H. MrwsoK,
w. a. Cat-sit, Agant.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date 1
Intend to apnlv lo the Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of Lauds ami Works for permlsHiou to purchace
the following deicrlbed lands, situate In West
Kootenay district: Heginutug at a i.--* marked
������ Arthur Warren's S. W. corner," ami planted on
the east shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, about
two mites north id the narrows id Wbatsbati
lake, and at lbe 8. B comer of W. Becomtw'l application to purchase; tlience easl 10 chains{
thenre norih W) ehnins; Ihenee west m chains;
thenre soutb 80 ebalna to point ol commencement; Containing .'-rjOarrc more or less,
Dated ibli Hth day of Oet. 190(1.
Ai-Tiirx Wukllfi
V. h. Hammond. Agent.
���sixty days after date I Inteml to appiv to tne
Commissioner of Landl and Works, Victoria, to
pureliase Uio acres of land, slluate ami described
an followi: Commencing ata post planted on tbfl
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo (|iv, nt
or near the southwest eorner Of 11, Halg "purchase, ami marked "Q- M. A., B. K. corner," and
running norlh 40 chains, ihcnce west 10 ehains
to ll. Annable'��� purchase, tbence south 10 chains
moreor less to the lake shore, thenc; along the
lake ahore to plaee of beginning.
Auguit Bth, 1906. 0. |f, anna bus.
Notiee is hereby given that Sixty days alter
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Umls ano Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
landa in the Wesl Kootenay district: beginning
at a post marked "Jamesi, Fraser's N.K. corner,
and p anted on the east shore of Whatsbun
(Cariboo) lake, alamt one-half mile north of
Christie creek; thenre south 10 chains, more or
less, to the nortii   boundary  of W. BflCOmbo'S "P"
plleatloD to purchase; thenee west along the said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; lbence following the said shore in r
general northerly and easterly direction Hn
chains, more or less, to point of eommeneement,
containing 100 acres, more or less.
(let   13th, ILISl. JAMBS H. FltAsnt,
K. L. Hammom,. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that slxtv days alter
the date 1 iniend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to purehase tbe following described laud
in the West Kootenay district:    beginning al a
post merited -*E. It, Keil'i N. B, corner,''ind
planted on "he shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake
at llie northwest comer of .aid lake; lbence Ho
chillis west; thenre 40 chains south; thence 40
chains oast! thence 10 chains south; them,* eas1
10 chains, more or less lo the shore ol the said
lake; theuce northerly along thfl said lake shore
ho chains, more or less, to th. point of commencement, containing 60 acres, more or less
Dated Oct, 12, lVOfl K. h, Kkii.,
  F, L  Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is bereby given tbal 00dayi alterdalc I
Intend to apply to the Hon, cbi.-i Commisaloner
of Landsand Works   for pormUUon tO pUrcbillfl
the following deeerlbed muds situated In the
West kooleimy district: Bo luting nl I post
maiki-d   "William   Koll'fl   N.   W.   corner '"   ami
planted abom one mile south of the north end
of Uhaishnufi arlboo) lake, aboul twenty ehalni
west of the west ihoro ol latdfakeand on tha
���OUtfa   boundary  ot   K   K.   Kell'l application to
pureliase; thence ami I h Nii-haltia' llienee cast'.
cbains.   mor,.  n   |eMi   ������   ,-,,, HH,r| ,_-.., ^
llienee tiorlbetly along thfl said shore so ohalni
more   or    ess,  ,,*  ���lt.  said south   1 ndarv   of
h .Kcll's application io purchnse; them-e west
*_0chains, more or less to lhe iHdnl ot, ommem e-
mcnl, coiilnlning b-u acres, more or less
Da-lad Oct. li, ft*, WLwm Keu*.
           ByF.L H..MMOMJ, Ageni,
Nollee Is hereby given that 00 days after dat..
intend toapply  l(,  thfl  Hon. the < ..Ic  Co,,     |s
SKIS'.'"'." r 'il"' Wn,rks!_? fc*!WSS
K ,, ' ,ilf,;";,.'",K ,|<'M'rl1'"1- -Midi In WflBt
n   ,,      ���     ' lr.''' I,n,v���'"������������ "' "NIM, Columbia;
SS?H_&�� " ,',,s, ""....."William Tolling:
1.1 in,,11 preemption, thene.- south twenty iai)
"Ud   line,   theuce easl forty   40
north twenty [80] cbuiriK, the
for -.Y.i    i   ,      lv""iy I-���' "1,l''iH, llienee
oommeSiSenl ,nimot,B ��r U'to lllu ,,1'u'0 of
Dated 1st -lay of August, IWO.
William Tom.inoton,
By hii agent J. K.Taylor.
tl.-!**!./' _K*j'ri 'JV^^P".r��'��"e in��kl��K��1'pHrB-
Vo ks o r   _,J!I(!   ( "'"'"iHrioner of lands and
,ie  hi  fi1 rniH?nn tu PH*��bnM the following
.p".iW Commencing at a post marked
uin.   ii    ,l,rL',H '���PpHcntlon  to purchase, run-
ii ng    hence 8U chains north; th.-nce BOolialni
SK.t u.hi;S,',",f,,"m,i,Ui:��-c_coffi_h_i8s
acres J       . WH-MMnMiuont, containing 040
in n ��� uio e or less.
Dated lhe llili day of Auguil, JIMJ0.
_    '     ,       I. I'lXRCR.
per P. U. FAityuiKR,
Notice Is hereby given that slxtv -tan ...
dab* | intend toapply to ihe ||,\' ',*'.
missionerof Lands and Works foi aa. '���
to purchase ibe following describe,I u I
Uate In Wesl Kootenay Dlsirlct Comm.
al   a   post   marked "A. Iltrscir* \   ������    "
planted at tne B, w. eormr ol Lot wi .i'
miles north of Biirlou (Miy and about U i '
mite  WOlt Of  the Columbia rh, r  i h,   ,,','   .
B0chains; thenee west tt .-hii.i*. * ""
80 ehalni; thence east 40 chain, to ���,, , '^
metice ii, containing no acrei
Daied this lllh day of -September, I "in.
 PerRAi.ru Bt,YB,Ag.tH '
Nolb-e is hereby given that 60 dayi aller n^i
intend loapjdy toil,.* Honorable Ho*" i
mlssloner of Lands and Works for ,,.-,,,?.
purchase ih.* f w.ug deserlbed bnels ,i i.,10
from a poit marked VV_WB5S��*&?___
sooth   IU chains,  tbenoe wast Mil eh. Hi,5 Z
north 40 ohalni, thence west 80 cham"Wff3
commencement, containing uo .ore,.,,.,,-,'"
lbe east ..fA.Anlhoiiy-i^pi^
leai; ad J<
Don to pi
Dated this aiih day of August, 1900.
W. Ti
   N. Dxmbks. Ageut,
Notloe Is hereby given that si xi*. rinv��__ft��r____i
I Intend toapply lothellon.- hlel
<rof  Lands  ami   Works for perm-  ".
chase   the following described   ].    .,',.,'.;,
siarting at a posi marked Catherine Ton 3
planted mi the east shore of Lower Arro*|t3
mar  idadstoiic Creek,   thenee 4'i  ohslni ml
lbence BO chains north, thenee ii-ei,nin. ��,-,*�����
lake   shore,   thenee south  along  IUo ibc-flS
poini of commenoomenL
Daied this llth day of Beptember, i���*��',.
Harry QlnOH, \gent.
Notice Is hereby given that BO dayi Bltflfdil
intend loapply to ihe Honorable Lbe (-defC��|
missioncrof Landsand Works for isniibfiiutHi'
purchase the following described inn is -itmid
on tbe easi side of Arrow lake: ComniQClwi
tbeSQUthwest < orner of A. Anthonv's pnrchiK,
thetu* south twentv chains, iheiic* eait tvtot}
chains, thence north twenty chain*, them-. wtSi
twenty ohalns to point ol eommenofniatMi
tainiug Ho acre*, mote or less.
Dated September I, HOB        BUSIS M BltUn
per N. tanas, .Went
Notiee ts  herehy given thai sixlv diiyi rdiff
late I Intend toapply tolheJtonorableuiitS
date I intend toapply tothe Horiornhb-theC
.'oiiiin:--i..io*r,*[ Lnmlsnml Works for i��*rini��i
lo purchase lhe   following dewribed Inieb, ���ng.
ate 111 the West Kootenay district, nu.l mlj-niiiM
Paul Amlri's   pre cmiitmii,   starting  at i |_3
marked AJ. Long,II v.. rotm-r, onihiHt-ttfiiofi
uf Lower  Arrow  lake,   thence  20  chalDini
theuce  -10 i balni south, thenc-** 00 cIiauii.ih,
thenee -so chains north to point <���( commenri.
i'ated at Nelson, B.C., this Hth day of Septm-
ber, 10 >. \   J   LS
Notice ts hereby given thai sixty <livi ilw
dale I inb-u,i toapply to the Hoiiomi-k tln-fhlil
Commissioner of l.���ii-l- and Works ������;���-���:���,-::
toj.iirchase tbe following described Undi dim
In West Kootenay district-.Coinim-m tin- it iate
planted at Robert Corletl'i norih oul ">mer
IM>st and marked A. M'a N. W. Comer tbrtol
east 40 ehains; Ihence 40chains south, m-OTt ��
leis to the Koolenay river; thence 40rbslueM
along Ihe Kooteuay river; thence 1" ehaim
northi more or less, lo the place ol '-cnmi-jn*
ment, containing 100 aerei more or lesi.
BepUmber uth iww.
William Moork as Agofc
Notice Is liereby given thatQOdayiliter_1UII
intend to apply to the Hon. thfl Chief Conf
sinner of Lands arid  Works for pertnlMluO
purehaae tbe following describe,( .-.wl-nnti
West Kootenay district: Bwinnlng at ��� po
larked U   D, Hell arid It. Helps H. R corner pet,
about 9 miles east of the Halmoii river sii'l ibil
'-. mile from thfl Pend d'Oreille riv .
eliains n..rtb; Ihcnce 40 chains we-t: tlu*n����
chains south; thenee 4*) chaius easl n> vhor 4
begitini g.
Dated the 82nd dav of September, PJOfi.
,, Ii.BBU
It. UIU,
R. M. rXwmt, Agent,
Slxtv .lays after date I purpose  making appli-'
ration to the Honorable the Chief C
of Lands ami Works for permission
tbe following deMribed land:   Col
a post marked "D. I"�� H. W. come
k Panquler's applleatlon to purely
llienee HOebali.H north;  tbence mi clmins Mil,
Ihenee viehains  mmiiIi;  then,-.
to the point of commencement, couihii'ia? **
arrres, more or less.
Dated the 1Mb day of August. I'M.
0. Vittrt,
i'er F. 0, PiUQUIIB, Aucnl.
Notice la hereby given lhal CO days sfisr -iitel
ini. r, l toapply to Ibe Honorable ihe Chid-OB*
missionerof Ijinds and Works lo purrltiM I"
following dew-rltH'd lands.8-20 acres. mor*��rltA
c'linrrieming at a [>ost plauied on the ��,-l'*"
of Coper Arrow lake al a point slmul 7 miw*
low NMkiisp.and nmrkcUl. A. B. II . S K cornel
posi; thence HO chains west; Ihem, m rliilji
���onth; tbence aO chains east, more ,-r h-si�� ��s
shore; tbence along lake shore lo j-.mi '-fn*-
DatedthlsfithdaTolBent.lloe, G A t.u*o_
Notice is herebv given tbat slxlv ,*iu)s fromiUtl
llntend tn apply tn tbe Hon cblel inMrtw
of Landsand Works for permission to I"'*"1'"1*
the followingdoscribod lands,startingatag
platitetl   on   thc   North West  conic
tbenee running  twenty chain- ft
twenty chains   West, theliee   fort. I
thenee twentv chains Kast, theuee lie Pi
BoUtll to ]>otu1 id comiiieucemciil, ami
ing BOaotefl moro or less.
Htmnti k Hi**
w..i. rovs,*i*|
Dated lhe 1st day id October, IWO.
Billy days afler dale 1 purpose inuw oik iH'li|,
caiion t,��tm. Hon. Chief Commlulonei dTM��|
and Works ior Dennlsilon l<�� Plir' l,*i"' ""',j
lowing described land: Commem iiiie ���'��� ^
Plaoed al lbe southwest comer of M ~'lHLV!l
plication to purobase, markeii "I Vt9 r '\
ner," running lhetice ko eliains northi lltvnZe
ohgins westi thenco ho chains souib. "'-*'"*"
chains cast to polntol eoinmelifeiiiclil.l'"lll,"r:
lug K)0acrei more or less.
Dated the 10th day of October, l����- ,_.
perB.SntBU-   __
Notice Is honby glvm thai UU day s"''f 'ci.'-.
Intend t> apply do the Honorabl,* Hi-1 '':"
Comniissioiier of Undsand  Works if P��jjj
,,ll. thenefl
i, tins Nnd*
ml J'oiiUlP-.
ilon to purchase Die following de
���.,: inn""'
-uio ui inii'iinsr me loiiowing oc-i ,,>" ,.
lu the Wesl Kooienav dlatrlet: Ih gii'ini-*--' !
posi markel ������Klcatior Hlrn-h's * �� "'"',,1
and plani.doii the we��l shore of the iiarr*'* ��
Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, aboul one sn i "i".^
tulles souih of Arrow lake (tail; lben<ci""r u>
chalnn; thence east 10 ehalns more or i'*J     ,|
shor.-of lhe Narrows; thence folhn :  '"i,,,,-
shore in ��� general southerly and wc-i' 'll'"',.
Hon HI chains more or less to point of tftetW ~
men t, eon lain 1 ng 10Q acres more nr 1 _,.,
Dated Oet, 8th,IBM. fa-BANi-A ,n L    '
F. L, llAMMONO,  ^''ll
Notice is bcreov given thai sixtydn>-.'h|'rjj1|.
I intend lo-i-pplv tothp Hon Cblefc �� '������   ,.
er of Landsand' Wnrlm for permission " 1 ,
chase the follow ing described lands in t ���' ^i(i
Kootenay, strict:   Beginning hi h i*"-' '" |M
"W.Seeomhe'sH. K   eorner," and plan"-''   ���',!���
cast   shore   of   Wbalshal) (Cariboo!  1^;m\m
two miles  north of the narro**.
bike;   Ihence  north  ho chnlmt;
ehalns. more or  less,  lo  the  lake r-t\'<" ��� *'j ,f|-,
following tlie subI iburo In a general't��      w
ami easterly di red ion lao ehains, ni I" '   ��|
lhe   point   of  eommoneemeiil;   coiit"ni"
acres, more or less.
Dated UilsHtll .lay of Oct., 1000. w  Mamt,
F. L   llAMHOM), A-*1
-T*^ ANHEUSER    ��� ���AND rm original
busch...    Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets iu.
nelson     M,"u A_-.:^,';;..,.,rlt"*h   victoria
=>. Burns __ Co.
i Chain ml,  Trail,   Nelaon, Sub,  Bandon, Tliroo Fork-, New
Denver nliJ bfloran Ciiy.
. branch will have
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ilale I purpose imhuit'k appll-
ii i hlel Commissioner of i>hmI-*
n ruiixaloii to ptirchano Ibu (ol*
I Inn.*: ' oiiiineiiciiiK at a post
soiithweal corner of J.HlilcH'aap-
, tianu, marked ' K. H'sH. K. cor-
In tice m t-halQf. north, thenei! HO
i*. -> cbalm ���outh, tbence NO
1 n| '���onniiciicf-tnciil, contain-
��� ��� oi lew
. ilaj of 0. tober, luuo
It  -iiiki:.
|H*r J. NlltEI.I.,   AgCllt.
led thfl
.Ji, lbence nj chalna
diccmeui, con Uiu I iik Olo
��� ...
l.tth day ol October, NOB.
M. K. (iRKNKEl.l.,
per J.Hiitsi.l.. Agent.
ilatc i purpose makiuit uj.pll
Hi.* II     ih.  i bid Conunlisioner of
���til Hoik* lor pt*rniiH-��ioti to purebaae tbe
'������ i Un,I:   Commeneing at a
Mir..] tt.-loi the jiineljriii of Marueii and
tiliincreck- and eail of K. J. Klllott'a ap
ilkin I,. |nrn base, markcl "\V. N l"a. H. VV.
runiiJiH- thenco W ebalna north; Ihenee
cast; ibciiec Ho chains aonth; theuee 80
w*v��i t��� I s.i nt oi eom meneement i contun-
Wacrei more or le��.
to, tober. mm.
W.W. f-.joi._s.
Per J. tin i m.i., Agent.
dj <)���>-�� nfier *lalc I purp-**-.'  making  appll-
�� '** ��1m   ll. u  Mc chief Cominiaaloiier of
;   rmlnlon to purehaae tbe
"i lands:   Commanotpa at a
���outbetat oornerol M. tf.Qtth*
stbin in purcba*e, marke*.! "I>. !>'��,
��� inning thence80 ebalna north:
* '     ' ���   TO chaius eaat;  then...  80
cnceSdi baitia  neat, to jailnt of
onlalnlag 040 aerea. more or
lti the 13 th dayol October*. IMG.
I> Dunn
I'er J.Shlell, Afienl.
��� bereb;  given that 00 ,iavn after dale I
make application lo tbe Honorable the
utoI Undi and Worka for Mr-
lhe following described
mnmeiiUng at a post on the north
"' i**t s-l ainl aiirut _. chnlfira eaat of
u ereek, - mining Hi ehalna rail; tbenee
nonh; ibenee4uchaini west; lbence to
���l;  '     |* mi  of coininetieeineiit, coli-
0acrei more or leaa.
-tober IS, 1906,
I.cos Watson,
By hi- iiRenl, EKKBR W. BOBUOON.
���laic I purpoae msiclug  appli-
tseiion . hief Commisaloner o. Ufidi
��orksi.(riM.ritiiBaion to purobase the fol-
��� ! land:   Commenelttg ata pool
"I lwi yardi weat of the Whataban
Mlandsbfiui tir Ilea  soulb  ���1  What
> jje.marked -*B. C. B'l _.   ]���; corner  posl."
"'a.'   thenc,.   ^i   chalna   aoutb;    th.nce   WI
'  '    lieiiee HO ohalni  north]  thenee so
oi in
etrienl; contain-
>W ��he luth .lay of October, 1006.
i'er it. Bmnti, Agent.
��wh hfi.ii, given lhat80 days after date
Su     ."r k*.f,7 l��"��>Uslon to purehase
lp '��'l-'����;rilM.d lands tn West Kootenay
i iii,"  ' ,Kl1"' "B �������� " IhjsI marked, "lU-ru-
o i,   iiV ���" '"���"'"''."H'l'li'hinied on tba
1'irrowiof WbaWn(Cartboo)
rib  ��0 ebalus:   thenc..   wesl   to
'-������!'.  lho ahore ol  Wbalahan
...    ,',!'" ''rly direction l_0 chalm  re
<>' lummoncemout: oontainlng
��l"'lay"f 0ct,lltt
r, I.. HSMUOMO, Agent
tt u"rk ���
permission to pnrensee
"��I1|K deacrllwd  Un.lH alluated  In   lhe
'iM,-n n      ''""rreii a N. R, w ner," and
.iCt, ~l h'"'r,,"l H hauhan (t'arll-.o)
.Ji,   l,|,;i|,,,r'"">ile north of lUsout-I-
"'twi'lar," !:   ,����,'��w����t��nohatosilhonoa
��,i    - Iheneo east m ehalna, more or
... "      v lm:   hHii     cm,.It*      ,.���   ...n ,.,,.
flllOBn 11
"n* Mule |
*'*k;    (hence  |oll,.���	
'���fws an,| hike ahore BO chalna,
poini  ol coinuieneeinciil, I'on*
��� moreor leaa
���I'll "I October, l'JOO.
Hkiiiikkt .Vaiiukn,
____ ���h- b Hammond, Agent.
' H tu hi,i l. ���,,,���;"" *���'���"> oa
1M/11  H','; l";llon.rbiclr(,-m.ntaalo.ier
(ii|ji        ����� ^���'b'r permlaalon topurrbaao
''���''bv,!    ,1 1     uri,l,',!   1h,|,|h   in   the  Weat
s*^n,m���, JV'w "'���'-'������"������������K "I h poat marked
,,1|||( ivw. rorner, 'and pla about
��>) hike .",i    , l1"' "h��ro u( Whntshaii
rlh of the
B, K eorner
'"''���'-i w?mI!,1 i! "i'l'",'aI1"11 to pnrohMol
'"   ,*t-1 *.ii-.i ,      ', ",onee nnrlh 8��ebaln��i
"llfl,l"H, li��   >,! "."" ,,[r*l,l��l"'MM-tlU,-ltt CI'H-
1 bin,, |,Mlt; * """''oi lona.
,.   .    ,, J. H. HtMINKO,
1   '��� Hammonu, Agent.
,'" ">'.- i'i,',',,1 i'i','," J I'"rl"'**��' making nppllrn-
U""*"lor I,.,, ""imlndniier Ul  Unns
''''"'������ihfil I,,, i !' "' '���������'���'Inn- the follow-
". "' 'be in,ni, , , "inineueiUK at a poat
l""" '��. in, ,   ,?.   ' ""-'I'l-nf H   Hodd'aiip-
"'f  '."    ,,      '��� ,:i1,,rk(',l "��   W. H'hH, \..
""^"���Iiui,,,1.    ,*K,,,,m'" WohBlns north i
(!*V" i.im. r    ,,ul"1 "' bommenoa-
1111 "uy of Outobor looo,
,       _  It   \\. llANNIMITOH,
iht It. hhirll, Agent.
Notice la hereby glTM tliat 00 dayi after -late I
InU-nd to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlmlooer oTLands and Works for pertniaaiuu t���
purobsse tin-following described lands In the
Weat Kootenaj distriet; J.cK|iiiiluK at a poat
marked -'Alexander rraaer'aN. W. corner," arid
plauied   on   lhe   east   ahore  of   the narrow a of
Whatshan [Cariboo) leas, at tho 8. B. corner of
H-rnbard Hirsrli'a apjillcalloti lo puri-haae;
thence eaat to ebalns;   tbenee south W) ehalna;
tbenee west to ebalns, more or less, to the ibon
of the narrows; thenee following the said shore
Hi a northerly direction  Kit chalna, more or leas
to ihe point of oommenoement, containing B_0
acres, more or leai.
Oet. l.tth, l��0fi. Alsxani.kr PglSBg,
  by F  Ii. Hai*��ioni>, Ageiit.
sixty davs atlci date I tmrixise makiiifr applb
eat ion to the Hon. Chief ( oinnilaaloucr of Umls
and Worka for perrnisaloii to purchase the following deacrlbed landa: Commencing at the
northeast corner of C. I,. Hannltiiftoirs application to purchase, marked "E. A. 0_ H.K. eorner,"
ruiinlUK theuce nu i tm i ii- north, thence HO ehalns
weat, thence Ho cbains soulb. theuee 80 ehalns
east to p.uni of commencement, eonlaliilng Otii
acrea, more or leas.
Hated tbe l.lh day of October, 1906.
_         per J Hn nu. Agent.
Kotiee Is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
inlcnd lo make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaioner of I_uids and Works for per-
mtsidon to purchaie the following aeSQnhed
lands: CommeueinK at a poet placed about one
mile east o| Whattfhaii ereek and about three
miles ��� ������iih of Whatahan lake, running BO attains
SOUth; thence K0 chains weat; thence HO ehalni
north; thence HO ebalns east, to polntof commencement, roiitainlnir 040 acres more or leas.
J ated October 18, l'����*
l'KTEK M-N.-n-i.inoN,
 By bis agent, Khneht W, IIobinson
Mlxty days after .late 1 purpose making application to tbu Hon. the .'hief Commissioner of
Lauds aud Worka for permlaalon to purchase the
l.*'i.-.viiii- desoribed land: Commencing at a
post placer) ahout half n mile west of Ilarnea
creek, aud about otic mile north of tbe mouth of
tin* .mini, marked "JF,B*S, B W. eorner," running
thence H0 chains north; Ihenee Hi chains east;
th"nce BO chains south to thc norlh boundarv of
W. N. Poolft_ application to purchase: theuee Nl
ehaim west to point of commencement; containing 010 aerea more or lesi.
I .iir.i the bub dav ol October, 1U06.
Sixty flan after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissi, ner of Lands
and Works (or permlaslon to purebaae tbe foi-
lowing deserlbod lands: Commencing at a ikiii
placed about half a mile weal of tbe lower end of
Whatshan lake, marked "V. ire. N. W .eorner,"
ru rinirig thenee HO ehains south; thenee K0 rbains
east; thence HO chaini north; theuce HO chains
wesi lo polul of coiniii.nren.cnt, containing ,;ni
acres, more or lesa
Dated the I'-'lh day ol October, liKM.
v. Dono,
Per J, StiiKLL, Agent
Notice Is hereby given tbat 00 days after flats I
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commlislonbr
of Unds and Works (or permission to purchaio
the  following  deacrlbed  lands  situated   in the
West Kootenav district: Beginning at a post
marked "O l\ MaeMieking's S. W. comer," and
punted on the wesi shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo]
lake, about three mil-a nortii of lhe Cppcr Narrows of the aald lake and oppoalte tbe Island in
tbe aald lake; thence south BO chains; thence
east to chains, moreor less, to tlie lake shore;
theiM-e loiiowing  the said shore In a northerly
and westerly fllrefltlon ISO chains, moreorless,
to point of commencement, containing A*i acres,
more or lem.
Oct. 1.1. IKOfi. O. U. MacMickimi,
By p, L QutnoKOj Agent.
Notice la hereby given tbatrtl days After dale I
iniend to apply to the lion, chief Commissioner
of Lands and works for permission to rmrohase
g  dMOribed  lands situated  Hi   Ihe
Dtstrlct:   Beginning at a post
Antoinette Hlrch'a N.K. corn "      *
tbe foil
Wesl   Knot
marked, "A_.
Plauied nu the shore of Whalshan (Cariboo)
Inkeal lhe southeaal corner of lhe said lake;
lbence south HI ebalna; thence WOSl tu chains,
moreor lesa, to lhe ahore of Whalshan creek:
(hence following lhe ahore line of said creek and
lake in a general northerly mid caatcrly dtree-
lion BO eliains, more or less, to point of eom-
menocmeiil; containing 100 acres, more or leas
Oet. bllh, 1008.
liy f. I* iu��ix"Ni'. Agent	
Certificate of Improvements
������InnlBSt" and ' Qlobe" mineral claims, silimte
in Trout Uke Min'-ig Division.
Looatedon Pnplarcreok.
Tad��  Nollee  that  1,  BrUW  WhlU;.  aciing   U
asent   f��r lhe BpjrgaSl Mining ��� p.. *nv Mluers
cBtlfleato No \YU% lnto��*.��fW^���ffiS
dale hereof, to applv t
aCerlillcateof Improvdiienla I,
obtaining a Grown arant oi
And   further   take nolle.
Hectlou:i7, must be coiuine
anee Ol such Certificate of Irnpro,, ....
th October, IK*. IHiitk Wiutk
purpose of
he above claims,
that  nelion, under
I before tlie Issu*
Certificate of Improvements
c;i:��B,^ '
WI���T���l,.,',.l.-.C-N���rlli..Ms��*lv'*M sm-k,
.boutlwomliMnp. 0I810M0.B,
Tgko notlco i sm '��� i ���i,n ���*���"'- _ Mint
lor I.. H)sls,'s��*�� '��� * .' ".���,. ���,.,,,,,.
Iiitoiiil.i.xiy.ls.ys;"1;1 ','.;,,,,, *,,,,,,'i1,,,.
Anil liirlli.irli.kii !",,, ,'rs- lisss 1-i.u-
H.-.-0..U 37, mint l�� ''"",",,,,  untl,
Mini ssl Kilili Oirll li*��>. "' ��. r, ,m.
u.co��� tin. am. -uy"' sei*"��*��; '* J0���A1II,
DMperate Murder and Suicide Follow
Marital   Brawls,
Shclton, Conn., Nov. 2.���Following a
quarrel between Charles Quu.ee and
Ills wire lute laat night, the hunband
murdered his wife by cutting her
throat with a razor and then committed
suicide. The bodies wero found In a
bedroom In their home us the resuli ot
un appeal to neighbors by their young
daughter, Amelia, who said she wus
unable in ant, r tbe chumber. The
door wiih broken open uud the boilleH
were found on tha bed,   The razor wus
un iiie table nearby,
According io the daughter, hor parents hmi been Quarrelling continually
for many years, chiefly through Jealousy, entertained by her father, ot
members of his wife's family. Amelia
farther said that her father several
limes hud threatened to kill tbe whole
family. I.nst night lhe two hud another quarrel and the mother u,ok her
four children and went up stairs.
Later Quazee Induced her lo come down
slnlrs alone on Uie pretext thnt be
wiHhed to tell her something he did nol
wunt the children to hear. As she did
uot come up stairs again the .hllilren
went lo sleep but this morning Amelia
went to the bedroom and found the
door locked. Receiving no answer alio
culled In the neighbors, Quuzee was
Hi years old and his wife III years old,
and tbey came from lloboken, N. J���
a month' ago. Quaaee was employed
ns a weuver and was considered a good
Workman and sternly In his hablls.
No man ever surprised a woman by
telling her thai he loved her.
Rtohea have wings;   that's why  the
poor are alwuys wllh us.
A. McDonald &Co.
Denlera in staple aud faucy Groceries.
Butter, KgRH.
Gamp nnd Miners' Supplies.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries nindo daily throughout Nelson
aud its suburbs Phone 148.
Noilce Is hereby given that thirty tlayi arter
date I Intend to apply to th. Honorable ihe t'hiel
( oinmivhmi'r of Lands ami Works for a special
license toeut an.) carry away timber from tbe
followinir described lauds: CommenctuK at a
post marked _ohu Me'tarry's northwest corner," planted aboii' a mile west from Hearerrek,
and about four miles from Its inoith, wblch Is
six mlle-i west from Nelson; theme east nil
ehulns, theuce south Hi) chains, tbenee west 80
chains, thence north SO chains to the Initial pnst.
Locaicd October B2nd- I'-H*'*-.    -John M-.Ukry.
Nollee Is hereby given that ;i0 davs alter dale 1
Intend tn npplv to tb*. lion, ('blef f'ommlssloncr
of Unds and Works for a speelal llceuae lo eni
an.) carry away Umber from the following de
���Drlbftd binds: Commeneing at a post marked
> r T. Morrison's southeast corner," planted
about a mile wesl from Hear ereek, ami ahntit
lour miles from Its month, wblch Is six miles
west from Nelson; thenee west HO chslns, thenee
norlh KO chains, llienee east KO chaiua, tbenee
soulb .i chains l��. the Initial posl.
Located October 8_nd, WOO.   P. T, Mokuison.
Notice is herein; given tbat N dtivs alter date 1
lulr!i<l loapply to the llnuonthlcl hief Commls-
non ���*,' of I .ninl- ,,n,l Works for a Hpcclal li.-ense to
cut and carry away timber from Ihe lollowlng
.b-*..-rili.'l land*l Commencing tilii post marked
M.  0    Mouaghan'h   southwesi  corner,   nlinled
.���I r ii mile west from Hear creek, mid about
(ourmile-t irom Its mouth, which Is fix miles
well from Nelson; iherwc norlh HDehnius,ihenee
east HO .'inn*-, thence south HOehalns. theuee
wesl ko chalnn lo the Initial point.
i-of-nicd nnd October, mio. m r. Uohaohih.
Nollee Is hereby given lhat ft) days after .Isle I
Mil. ,..i lou|>|.lv to Iht* Honorable the Chief Corn-
mlMsloner of bands ami Works for a special
lieonM to cut and carry away timber from tbe
followiiiK d-scribed lands: Commencing a*, a
|i.im marked ' T J. H-'iiiiluri'a northeast corner,"
planted about a mile west from Hear ereek, and
about four miles from Us mouth, which is six
miles west (rom Nelson; thenc wcitK'ichains,
theme sonlh K0 chains, tlience east HO chalna,
tlienoe uorlii H0 chains lo thu Initial point.
Located October Ond, lflOB.      T. J. .canun.
Take notice Unit N davs aller dale we intend
iimkiriir application to the Honorable the Chief
Oommuslonerol Undi and Worksfaraipeelal
license to eul ami carry away timber from the
following deserlbed lauds; Commencing at a
post near lhe Hontheiisl comer of lbe* K.*_8
Ital'way, Un B30- m-ar Mule (Haeler creek,
running lbence north H>0 cba-ns; thence east
���10 chaius; thence south lOOehaliiN; thence west
40 chains to point of coiuincnccm.iU.
hated, September 1Mb. HNHi.
WATTSHt'lil)   1.1'MiO'll  0   M   ANV,
Hasiki. 'I'noHKv, Agenl.
Notice is hereby given lhal, thirty days after
dale, I iniend lo apply tO the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol l.amls and Works for a
special license lo eul and carry away timber from
the   (ollowlng described   lands, sltuale In Ibu
West Kooteney dlitrlot:
i oinmcncingairt post murked Fred Atkinson's
northwest corner post, planted about one mile
easl 01 I pper Arrow lake ami joining Uit'tlM;
tbence cast HO chains, thenee aouth HO ehalns,
ihcnce west HOehalns. thence norlh 80chains to
point of coiiuii-'Ufcmi'iii
Dated this 4th day ol October, 1����.
('HAH   Km,
The Daily Canadian
London Physician Says It Is Touch and
Go With Female Ornaments.
Loudon,      Nov.    2.���"The      modern
woman iu u wulkiiifc bonfire, only
waHiuK lor a nuked light to come anywhere lu her immediate neighborhood
to burst Into flume.
The above sentence is. from a letter
to the press from a leading physician,
wiio awKs, tor reaHonu of proiessionul
I'lUjuuitu, that his name may not be
"in spile of lhe various warnings
whicli nave been issued from lime tu
time," he continue.., "women still per
Hist iu decking themselves wiih celluloid ornumeuts, and tliiu with Lhe
full knowledge thai the heat thrown
out from a fireplace may result in the
horrible l'ule of death by  burning."
A reporter who has collected Information on the subject hus learned
ilia; lhe cuse Is by no means exagger
a led.
'i'he society woman who goes oul
Calling fastens her hair with celluloid
hairpins, which are mode In u vuriety
of colors to mutch each gown. Shu
adds a couple of jeweled celluloid side
combs uml a celluloid slide set with
The straw or fell hat ls trimmed
with hunches of celluloid grupes, currants or cherries, und siabbhed by a
pair of celluloid-headed hatpins.
She wears a pair of celluloid rings
for her ears iu a delicate shade ol
turipioise blue, with a necklet of celluloid beads to match.
A celluloid buckle, set with jewels
or hand painted, clasps her waistband.
Celluloid buttons fasten her gloves. A
celluloid holder raises her dress lu
muddy weather.
The duueing girl Is in the same pre
Celluloid sequins cover her gown
with glittering embroideries. Wreaths
of celluloid fruits deck her hair, or a
pink celluloid camella is fastened be
side a "Marguerite" plait.
This  Date  in   History���November  2���
1795���James K. Polk, eleventh president of the United States, born; died
June 15, 1849.
1837���Lord Farrer Herschell, English statesman, born; died March 1,
1861���The Confederate schooner,
ih-i'inii.l'!, ram the blockade at Savau
18.7���G'eneral Sherman announced
the Indian war at an end.
1872���Monument to Sir Walter
Scott unveiled ln Central park, New
1887���Jenny Lind, famous singer,
died;  born October 21, 1821.
1889���The emperor and empress of
Germany visited Constantinople.
1891���Maverick National bank, Bos
ton, failed.
1894���Nicbalos II. proclaimed emper
or of Russia.
1898���Russia mobilized a strong naval  fleet at  Port Arthur.
1903���New Irish land act went into
1904���Eva Booth appointed commander of the Salvation Army In the
United States.
1905���Five thousand Jews reported
killed in Odessa during the riots.
Admiral Dickins Retires.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 2.���Having
.reached his sixty-second year, the age
limit for active service In the navy,
Rear Admlrul F. W. Dickins, a member of lhe board of rear admirals, was
placed on the retired list today. Admiral Dickins has had a long and distinguished career in the navy. He entered the Anna polls academy from
Connecticut in 1SG1 und graduated in
1864. During 40 years he mounted
step by step from ensign to the grade
ot rear admiral and during that time
he served In ninny capacities and did
duty in many parts of (he world. For
several years he served as assistant to
Ihe chief of the bureau of navigation
and later commanded the battleship
Chattanooga Shaken Up.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 2.���An ex-
plo don occurred In the yard storeroom
of the Cincinnati Southern railroad
shops here at 1 oclock this morning,
killing one man and fatally injuring
another. At least a half dozen others
were badly hurl. The storehouse was
entirely destroyed, the coaling station
badly damaged nnd several cars broken hy the force of the explosion. This
explosion shook every building iu the
city, causing Ihu greatest alarm. It Is
Impossible to estimate the property
damage at this hour. The cause of Ihe
explosion is a* complete mystery.
Canadian Society Banquet.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 2.���Of Internationa] interest ia the brilliant banquet
arranged by the Canadian Society of
Pittsburg, lo be given nt the Hotel
Schenley tonight, Tho guests for the
occasion ano R. F. Sutherland, K. C,
speaker of the Dominion house of commons, and Hon. Rudolph Lemieux. postmaster general of Canada.
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day honae in tbe Kootenaya.
Boomi are well (oralihed. Ttble u good su an.
10 Nelion.     U.r lupplle. wllh good
llo oon aad islaari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Han
Meal, It eta.   Booma Irom a eta. lo 11
Only White Help Implead.
Baker St., Nelion Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Bar li the Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlue St.
The Big Schoontr !)__,, (ft.
Or ���������_I.._*-H.lf"   DCCl    lUCa
The only Glaus of Good Boer in Nelson.
Hotel Hi'1'iiinniss.lmloiiH Ht's'ond to none In Brlt-
Is-ls i:,lilsiiliIh. IlisSs-. ei.iKI |mt sluv. Hpoi'la] mtes
to monthly bonrriens Only home hotel In Nelion
Lake View Hotel
Cornor Hull and Vernon.
two blocki from wharf.
Ralei It im) per day and up.
Tel-jphot-ell-. N^EmLmSONm   B. Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Nhjht.
Bample and Bath Boom. Free.
Opposite Court House an. Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tb* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B, a
Lighted by Eleotrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
I ��rsr�� and Comfortable Bedroome and Flnt-
cl., - I'i ulufc Boom. Sample Booma (or Commer
rls.1 Sl, ii
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprletreee
The well known
Onr Beer Garden ia
the FiueBt in the
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
moral irilaa,
Rates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gumps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh nnd
wlmli'Kiiiuss incuts nnd supplos kept in stock
Mnil orilers roceivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
W.   a.   GIUUETT
Contractor end
Hole* tigcnt for tho l'orlo Uteo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail vanls. Rmiuti nnd itiv-suil lumber, turned
work nnil lirai-lietH, t'l.ast lath ami nbhiKles, riiHli
an. il-.*.���. Cement) brlek and lime for sale.
Automatic* kt' '
Yard u
P. O. Box 23_.
factory: Vernon St.. Past of HaU,
Telephunu 178.
West Transfer Co.
(It'iirrnl Teamsters and Dealers In
Ooal and Wool.   Express and
Baggugo Transfer
SWfeTiS Office: Baker St.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Terms $160 cash
balimiT monthly payments.
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shad, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage, For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Columbia,
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
We WiU Sell
500 International Coal
tO Marconi* Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-2c
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTREAL, Tue��� Thur., Mon.
BOSTON,  Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeptr
For  berths,  rates or detailed  Information apply to local agents or write
A.d.P.*.,Vans-Oliver. U.P.A.. NolsMin
Notice In lis-ivlsy given that the partnership
heretofore stiibslistliiR between lis, the unslenslgn-
esl, ass lintel keepers In the lown of Ktsssll, British
Columbia, has. this.day been sltHnolve.1 byinutnal
Datesl thin stf Ih day ot Oetober, Issue.
Wilis,...:   Ale.. Stewart, Philip P. MeCallum,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or aell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese OooiIb now on aale. All
kinds  of   Dlnnerware In   stock.   Fr.t-
I terns.    ,
Thirty-second Ahum! Cmmatton
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Mc. Oct. 16-19.1906
, Hound trip rates to St. Louis
and OhfCRfTO on Sale October
l-.tli to 13th.
St. Umls..
��� SoO.OO
Going transit limit Urn dnys
fttiiuilitu- nt Sail-. Final return
limit Novcmbt-r "Joth, jum.
Round Trip Rates to South era
In ofTnt October Sfflth, 19t)fi, on
sale daily, limited to 3 mouths
from date of sale.
os Angeles and Santa Barbara    StS.b0
I'HMadeiia  ti.io
Snnta Monien  ���M.iO
Kiversiile ami San Harnnrolno..,. 89.10
Rod I mid*-.  tJfl.M
For Further Information Apply to
City I'assen-fer Agent.
A il. P. A., Seattle.
We're particular to have only pipea
that we.can guarantee���UUD, BBB, JE
���made from the finest French briar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All slies: $1.00
W* cA* TWJimAN.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
s;fP|>|s* I
*!_-*! 'V
The Daily Canadian
At>_>  flffpftiria  *^etter Value than ever, with
AlC  Ullcrillg  a great variety of designs in
Cut Olaas, China and
It Is not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out In
making your selections.
iNew Season's Pack
Mackerel    ���
Bell Trading;
Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from,
the tree when you were a]
How nice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come aud sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
��� Joy's Cash Grocery j
Oor.JonpblD-ud Mill Bti.     Phono U
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will Hurt it tn tl Mr ad-
Vantage to usis our Pits'li.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
J lb. box   -   50c
1-2 Ib. box-   30c
Tbwegoodi an- u flue t-w the moreexpenah.
klndi, the only difference la the package.
I'lionis BS, Bitkor St.
Xixt P. Burns A Co.
Uiu*.  VarnOII ..nd  \V.��rU   Sts-L-'.-l.H,
J, FRED HUME. Proprietor,
P, W. Gordon, Snohomish; A. Lucas,
Kuslo; .Mr. and .Mrs. Burrell, Qrand
Forks; Mr. and -Mrs. Buckworth, Vmlr;
F. \v. Stuart, A. j. Hull's. .1. s. Leas-
green, Vancouver; R. Weaver, Victoria, W. Hunter, Silverton; K. Day,
Kingston; 11. A, Whitehead, Toronto;
A. B. Ainsile, Calgary; n. Itoss. Qreen
wood;  11. P,  Dlokson, Kossland.
L. A. Campell, itossland;  F. C. Mot-
fatt, Vancouver; E. li. Paden, W. Fui
lel'tou, Spokane; C. I'olins and wife,
I'ini'lier Creek; A. E. Watts, Watls-
burg; II. Jarvls, Detroit; W. Gfuliuin,
Brandon;   S.  Phipps, Revelstoke.
11. ii. Sewell, 11. 0. Smith,   ll.   A.
Siuiili, Clubb's Ranch;    li.   Hamilton,
Qranlte;   S.  L.  Roberts,  Spokane;   W.
K. Covert, Grand F'orkB.
R. Somen,  J.  II,   Proudie,  Calgary;
L. M, Broughton, Vmir.
.1. ti. Thomson, Creston; J. S. Logan,
Oranbbrook; P. B. Palmer, Vancouver.
M. Tait, Ymir; II. Ramsay, J. Heat-
on, E. Nilson, Salmo; s. Sanderson,
Owen Sound; T. EUngrose, Mrs. Smith,
Winnipeg; J. a. Maodonald, Vancouver; n. ll. Babcock, Vancouver.
G. D. Woodburn, Bonnington; J. W-
Uoss, Trail.
!!. M. Eastman, Slocan; II. II. Whel-
Ier, Rossland; R. J. .McDonald, Spokane.
Miks- Matthew, S. Yucliln, Castlegar;
Mrs. Gibson. Clly; I,. Burgbelmer, B,
Vilteni, Poorman; Paul llonnet, Erie;
.1. A. Cameron, N. McKenzle, Shields;
J. Bennett, Wutliy: Miss Mav White,
Miss Marie White, ,i. Chacheand, Cat
kbit, W. McBeath, Vancouver; .1. W.
Sanders, Sayward; .1. A. Maxwell, H
Rowley, Fairvlew.
II. Ilrimhle, Nelcon; R. Williams, R.
Weekhy, Charles Clems, nuluth; II.
McArthur, McArthur'a Mills; D. .1. Mc-
cillts. Seattle; M. McCandllsh, New
York;   E. Dixon. Victoria.
best.     Try a pound with
your next oidcr.
Money   refunded if  not   satisfactory.
'Jvi.ji.ion.- im.
-R0OH8.    Pex ,1 , Dnily rnmUfllaii office
60 MKN. at oine, fur WOtk In the wootls.   Apply
In \V. K. Cooke, sawmill. K_.s](i.
LAItY BTKNOQRAl'HER (or position In i-mimrv.
Good home with emplojrdr'i family.   Apply
oox V,'., I'aiirtdiHn office.
Ht'HHMEN, Mill H*n_l'and l^CRlneContractors,
hIkm Engineer     Wdtmburg Lumber Co., n*dHr
Cranbrooki b. r
COMPETENT   KtJRBt   OI -L.    Five   children.
Apply box 613.
HOU8K AND TWO   LOTS on Carbonate street.
Apply H.G. Neelandf.
Posilu.es nre being dug tor the extension of the electric light into Bogus*
The plaintiff's exhibits in the appeal
ease of Slur vs. White are being sent
to Vancouver today.
The Liberals Of Kamloops are get*
ling ready ior the next provincial election and notices are out calling a convention tor November 26- to nominate
a candidate to oppose Hon. !���'. J. Fulton.
Dr. M- S. Wade editor of the inland
Sentinel, will very probably receive
the support of ihe convention as a liko
ly man  to place In the field.
After The Canadian went to press
yesterday afternoon the meeting of tho
Agricultural and industrial assoeiaiioa
was adjourned until 2 p. m. on Thursday, November SB, presumably al tho
same place. Al tbe adjourned meeting
a proper statement of accounts will bo
submitted and the matter relating to
the district exhibit will he fully gone
Among the mining records loday will
in* seen two locations ol placer claims
ou Cottonwood creek. The location is
described as being a half mile north
Of Cottonwood lake. This would place
them near the junction of the two
branches Of the creek and a little
above .Ilu Out creek. This position
may interfere somewhat With the city
water supply.
The Zinn Musical Travesty company
had a better house last night at the
performance of "Courtship in Japan."
.Much amusement was caused by the
clever introduction of a gug bused on
our morning contemporary's lapsus
abottL the intermezzo. This evening
"The Telephone Exchange" will be performed. Tomorrow, Saturday, there
will be a matinee und in the evening
the "Sultan of Morocco" will again bo
The concert last night at the Methodist church was delayed over an hour
by the non-arrival of the Crow's Nest
boat, but wheu ut last Harold Jarvls
arrived the audience were well repaid
for their patient waiting. Mr, Jarvls
has a fine baritone voice and also has
it well under control. His songs, especially the "Highlanders/' were very
well sung and deservedly encored.
Mrs. Baer'fl playing is well known
and is always a treat. She has great
execution and special facility of phrasing, shown by her rendering of God*
ard's 2me Mazurka. Wallace Graham,
an elocutionist, was tho other performer, and his pieces were appreciated.
There will be an Important meeting
of the local branch of the Anti-Tuberculosis society this evening In the city
hall at 8 o'clock. The local members
of this society are determined to make
every possible effort to arouse the citizens of Nelson to a sense of their
duty regarding thc white plague, Committees have ben appointed to canvass for subscriptions to the funds for
the founding of the provincial hospital
and while these are meeting with generous response the apathy of the general public is almost disheartening. It
is therefore hoped that this evening's
meeting will be attended by many new
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
ws are reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Potter & Cummings
Fresh, Crisp and Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine line.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica ansl Josephine Sts.
Here Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
A Large One
aft.xoft.        $20.00
Worth $46.00, for ������
These Hoards are good value at the
original priees, but tbey are too expensive to aell, and we have put those
reduced prices, which are away below
cost, on them, to sell them. In all the
range of parlor Karnes there is nothing
to equal these Billiard Hoards. They
aro as well made as a -regular billiard
table, and you can play practically as
aood a game on them.
The  more  you  play  it  the  more  it
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
_&_____-" "n" Nelson, B. C.
Phone ._ ..
Sherman's Opera House
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
i hv ttteoltet Kiri show you eves tew.
PriCM80c, 760, $1.00. Matinee i'��* and 50c.
Bale now nn at It ui hurl* inl';..
T. G. Procter left for Procter this
B. E. Phair, who has been staying
for some days at the Hume, leaves tomorrow morning for Spokane.
Por the third time In succession
there were no cases requiring tho
city magistrate's attention this morning.
The Xelson Curling club will hold
their annual meeting on Monday night
next at 8 o'clock, in the hoard of trade
The old Carney block on Baker
Btreet, one of the oldest buildings in
the town, is renewing its youth by
means of a new coat of paint.
The sidewalk along Mines road, rec-
ommended at the last meeting of the
city council, is now in process of eon-
Btruetlon. The walk will extend two
How   About   Your
Ou ns and
We have Eley'B, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
OoatM, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
BOX   O.il        \cImiim, B. G.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug ft Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Mining Recordi.
Placer Claims���Cote d'Or, Cecil E.
Crosby (original discovery), on Cottonwood creek, half mile north of Cottonwood lake; Crown, T. H. Turner
(original discovery), half mile north
of Cottonwood lake; Eagle, G. New-
bold, half mile north of Cottonwood
.Mineral Claims ��� Certificates of
Work���Major, R. McLeod; Invincible,
U. McLeod; Scerro Verde Xo. 1, A. J.
Chindgren; Scerro Verde No. 2, A. J.
Chindgren; Hide Away, J. Waldbeser;
Summit Fractional, A. 0, Shaw; Snowdrift Fractional, Pingree Mines, Ltd.;
Kiiuna, near Ileasly Siding, J. P.
Swedburg; Kiruna Fractional, C. O.
Nelson, same locality; Ftelchcr Hoy,
.1. Johnson, head of Whitewater creek;
Fair View. West Fork of Rover creek,
Simon Pllff; La Fsperanza, head of
Forty-Nine creek, A. L. McCulloch;
Hooligan, on Sheep creek, W. Kennedy; Maud S.. Smith Fork of Forty-
Nine creek; B, M. Splcer; No One, on
Iron mountain, \V. Moore.
Trains and Boats.
Crow's Nest boat���One hour and fifteen minutes late.
Sloean train and Boundary train���
On time.
Talking ahout it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make It for you NOW to
give your family the piano tliey have
wished for bo long.
"Acts INot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of city, all modern
conveniences, one of the finest properties iu Nelson.
A new range of these good just to hand.    The very low
prices will interest you.
re-slept.one -3-3-3.
Starkey & Co., ��S_��
Whol��8ai�� Provision*!,
Dominion Government Oroamarr One-Pound Brloki nwiviii wooklj fn*!,
from tin- churn.   Fnr sidii by nil UsntliUK Krocor*.
Office Md warehonn: Houston Mock,   Phone 71).
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
* vv**n/*V/V*v\a4
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sh.i.iiiii'inl Work, Oaitlngl, Builders' Mnti-riiil nnil Minnie and Mill Mm Inrn-rj.
Ofllce and Works Foot of Park St.
I'li.mc   JIM,
MAN.\< Ilil..
NelsHon, II. C.
A Word to the Wise
This year Wfl have appn*Wnt.**<l the WUtJ of our cot j
turner.- nnd havt- pium d into Ktock tin*
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This slovo is adapt-t'd fnr hard ooal only, mid is par*
nnt-red to (five satisfaction.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
irlns mui Johhlnu executed with I >*_���*.-..nt cli.   Shc��t Mutnl '
'ork, Mii.lt.u mnl Mill Machinery.     MmiudiuturwrMol
Ore Cmi-m,  l_.  I*.   ContmuturM' Curl.
ComiT nf Hail mid
From Btrrtta,
NELSON,    B.  C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Import��r of   l-'lnc
ICnullMh   Uoo_Im
Jno. T. Pierre
Maker St.
INelHon, B.C.
&_&�����,,'    "'-,<^.
Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Sizos nml Low-rat Ftioea
MANUFACTURERS   T _,_.__ t C*L*       1
AND DEALERS IN   JLtimDef *   _>_UIlgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Ordor. promptly attend*! t*-
Vr-RNON 8TRHET   .   .   .   NELSON. B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Became we ca nnot procure a better, taking Into account design, workmanthlp, cooking qualities and pn��
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware (Vy


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