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The Daily Canadian Jun 11, 1907

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Array ��J)e gtoilg  Canahicm
Ll'ME  2.     NO.   7-
(chard's Alleged Partner
in Crime
orl That He Will Repudiate First
Confession aod Contradict
State's Witnesses.
:,i... lulls* 11.���Thaw is much Bpccu-
1 uss lu wliut Steve Adams will tssi.s
placed un tilts .stand aa a wltuesu
is,.* .-mis* against W. 1). Haywood.
lis:,i.l has said that Adams waB IiIh
i* In many of his moat despi-ratts
akings, sueh ns the blowing up
Independents dc-put. Adams, who
0 Boise yesterday frum Shoshone
, where he Is awaiting trial for
der Is aald to lie in a sullen mood
ool   likely to  answer  any of tho
11:1s    It Is known that his repudl-
onfesslon is in tlie hands of conn-
|i.  sf.s* prosecution of Haywood, hut
sslitfiil If this confession can he
|u*.*i.i within  ihe cognizance of the
unless Adams himself consents.
urns, who was held ln safety for Shu
ie    county    pending   trial   on   the
It.- nt the murder of Fred Tyler, ac-
fdiiss; ii> Harry Orchard, was the part-
oi tbe u,: st;,:.Its in many "humping
expedition!, successful and unsuc-
Isfsil, to which Orchard has made con-
Adams   also   confessed   lasl
ti but, uiillku Orchard, he repudiated
documenl   when ho faced  the gal-
The    confession    Is,   however,
lisiis t.s and In writing,   lt shows care-
(correction and Interlineations ln Ad-
own    handwriting.      Astounding
I       il may seem,  those who have
pu Asiatns' confessiou aay it surpasses
((haul s story of cold-blooded relation
I imu bunting and murder. The list of
am'fl alleged victims is not aB long
f lliat witli which Orchard credits him-
but  thla  ls  said   to   be  because
-still-hunted a Bingle quarry, while
farry, iu use his own words, "did oot
whether  he  killod one man  or
ty," si be  "felt at that time."
.Mrs. Annie Adams, wbo has been in
'Ise since the trial began and who ls
dally iiitendance iu the court room.
* ber husband at the county jail last
Els'. Mrs, Adams is credited with
icli Inlluence over her huBband.    It
ai ber solicitation, it ls said, that
repudiated the confession he made
il year. He went so far after making
' confession as to travel to Colorado
��s General Buckley Weill, and report
��'I that under the direction of Adams
i'l'-iitv was discovered thut cleared
'In* mysteries of several disappear-
ces. Skeletons of nonunion miners,
in were believed to have been killed,
" Isisisif of whoae death had never
'���11 tisiind, wore dlscorered. It is said
��i sin,uld Adnms be acquitted of the
iinlsi- f0r which he ls yet to stand
Iul tho Colorado authorities will regui-
;l"ii the governor of Iduho and will try
m on the charge of the murder of Col-
There Is some belief that Adams
It yol ri-pssat Ills alleged confession.
"nisei for ihe prosecution say that
"v are not depending upon Adams to
"llsni Orchard but they have sufficient
rroboratlve testimony,
Harry Orchard goes on for his fourth
> ol ci-nas-cxamlnatlon. He shows not
"lightest signs of fear. On the con-
my In* grows apparently stronger,
���Srer anil more unshakenble evory
rone. Counsel for the defense admits
1 U :i niurvcl.
'"'lay he will complete his slory of
* attempt to kin Fred Bradley, for-
"'ly manager and now president of the
""kor Hill mine, which was blown up by
!l"uiK mlni-rs In 1899. The prosecu-
*" "Itiinlies n������:h ininortunco to this
ui or Orchard's tcBilmony.
�� umber uf witnesses are here from
��" Francisco to testify In support of
attempt un Bradley's life. As In
...I f lho cross-examination, Or-
"d under the lire of the questions
��b only strengthened his direct testl-
��y as to the San Francisco story. He
, gong in,o tho minutest details nnd
* given niuncH of a dozen people who
, I""_""' '"' >l���y. For Instance, he
ie ,',',,      ,'*' ha 'l0,"!h, "Irychlne for
T��v,i U5? ho bo,,Kht tho 8un-
bo, v r,       "w ,""1 wh<*r�� h<* s��t the
fcSrv,   !' ' """""��' ,ln(1 ,hu ������* Ol
*��'".lr,    h   ���     !�� U,ok ,h" cook to ,he
���hi. ,;.,,',"'"'���ln mApr to ��i��i out
Inn      ,.     ,,,ml'l,s of ,hl- household.
Vnrs'i ,,. '; """ "f hls dramatic re-
folk that hv\fd ""* 9ll'y*=hnlne in thc
lave -sssLnl' V'!��� 0(l'n|��slon, might
toaen so�����mB '""ly*lho mother, three
* u *"' he on the stand under cross-
examination at least until the close of
this afternoon's session and It Is possible that Mr. Richardson will not conclude until tomorrow, In fact, thero Is
an Idea that ono of tho puriwaes of tho
close and exhaustive drill Is to wear
tlie witness out, but unless ull signs fall,
Orchard will he the last mail to give
way under thc strain.
Boise, June 11��� It Is now admitted
that the trial will gain greatly in Inler-
eBt from day to day. According to General Hawley, Orchard's testimony will be
tho most Interesting feature of Ihe trial.
Other witnesses will be called to corroborate Orchard, und these will from
time to time tell of olher crimes. The
city Ib crowded wllh witnesses and more
are on the way. One of the most sensational witnesses will be the Pinker-
ton detective, who for several years was
a member or (he Western Federation of
Miners, and In fact, for some time was
president of a subordinate union. He
appears to hare been In the confidence
of some of the head meu of the Boclety
and during the time he was receiving
their confidences he was reporting regularly to the head of his agency. The
prosecution claims that this man will
almost completely corroborate Orchard,
and In addition Implicate many others
In the plots. There will bo witnesses
who will Identify thc Peabody bomb.
Others will tell of Orchard's moremcntB,
uf his meetings with Pettlbone, and
four will prore that Adums got money
from Haywood when he was In trouble
in Ogden. Adams himself will be put
on the stand, and he will have to work
out his own salvation. His confession
cannot tic UBcd agalust him hut lf he
refuses to stand by it he will only place
himself In a very bail box. Mrs. Adams' constant association with Mrs.
Mssycr Is the subject of much comment.
Harry Orchard has written a book
whicli he claims is the only true account
of his life. Il has been suggested that
Detective McParland has exercised a
censorship orer Orchard's literary venture, but this Ib denied by the author.
He states that In part It Is a resume of
the events of his career as related on
Ihe witness stand. The initial chapters
contain an account of his early life on
Ihe farm In Canada.
Fiftt Cunts a Month
Oiscusssa Abnormal  Weather But Can
Give No Explanation���Gulf Stream
le Innocent.
Now York, June 11.���When one day
after another is described by the
Weather Bureau as belug the coldest
or wettest on record, it must be remembered that the bureau's recordB do
not run buck more than about thirty
years; and therein lies the weak point
of meteorology, Bald Files B. Dunn,
formerly forecaster at New York station, when asked what had been thu
matter with June and May.
"There have been an unusual number
of storms wblch have gone off tho coast
south of New York," he replied. "That
has kept pulling the cold weather down
from the north to New York and Its
neighborhood. Ordinarily these storms
are fewer ln number and at this time of
the year pass north of New York on
tbelr wsy to the ocean. When they are
north ot us, they pull tho warm weather
up from the soutb. But that ls about
as far as explanation can go. The
science ot meteorology has not advanced since 1869. ,
Albert J. Myer, an officer of the United Slates Army, devised his method of
tracing atorm courses on charts. He
was the original "Old Probabilities."
The government adopted his chart It
is still In use, and practically nothing
has been added to It as working material for intelligently and accurately
forecasting the weather.
He attacked a widespread delusion
with thc statement that tlie Gulf Stream
has no effect whatevor ou the climate
of this couutry.
"The Gulf Stream," he said, "warms
tlie llrltlsh lBles, but lt might he abolished ultogethor and tho United States
would never know tho difference, so
far ns temperature Is concerned. The
prevailing winds here are off shore, so
whatever warmth ls given off by thc
watera of the Gulf Stream Is curried
eastward and wnsled on the Atlantic."
Forecaater Emery, now In charge of
Iho Weather Bureau's local station. Bald
tbat there might he 60 causes for tills
unseasonable weather, but admitted thai
he could not namo ihem.
Unearth Nestor's Palace.
Athens, June 11.-During excavations
near Pylos. conducted by tlle German
Institute of Athens, a vaulted edifice
containing many gold ornaments and
other valuables was discovered. Exports believe the building to have been
the palnce of the Homeric king, Nestor
The discovery Is attracting great
Americans In Accident.
London, June 11.���Tho victim of lhe
motor enr accident nl Banbury, |t was
lenrnod today, Is II. C. Johnson, an attorney of Berkley, Cal. Johnson's companion, Mr. Blake, of Philadelphia who
his wife, was seriously injured In the accident, is still alive today, but ho
passed a bad night Mrs Blake a condition Is reported as comfortable loday
Northwest Exchange Meet
in Winnipeg
Sarcastic Reference to Recent Trial
at Winnipeg���'Government
Urged to Assist.
Winnipeg, June 11.���The big conference of grain meu that has been In session foi the paat two days at the legislative cliaiuber dissolved last night after
a most interesting series of meetings,
during whlcsi lhe whole situation regarding the grain ttade was thoroughly reviewed from the farmers' standpoint,
and this waB supplemented hy tbe pre-
s.eniiititui of the aiiltude uf the railroads
toward the grain trade, this part of the
matter Le.ng dealt with by representatives of the Q tf. il. and C. N. H| corporations, who appeared as delegates to
ihe conference and who stayed in to
tbe close and were most cordially
thanked ior doing so In marked contrast
to the ilia ii exchange delegation, which
withdrew alter sitting half a day in the
conference and thus eurned Lor them-
sesres tne hearty execration of the
farmers, a due which was fully accorded the exchauge men upou every possible occasion, the sentiment of the conference on thss point being clearly demonstrated when a delegate wished to
hold oul Ihe olive branch of invitation
tu return und this was met with instant
and Bhatp disapproval by the conference.
Another Incident which occurred in
tbls connection was lhat of Mr. Seal-
.ion's speech iu which he referred in
caustic terms to the recent trial of the
giain c.ise which tlie speaker referred
to as sotuelhlug not worthy of the consideration usually accorded such exercise of judicial functions and as a
phase of a case not at all finished in its
appearance before tbe courts of
This open rupture of long strained relations between the farmers and the
grain exchange was the only sensational teature ot the conference, which was
otherwise a good-tempered and analytical body which, however, Bat all too
short a time for the thorough threshing
out of the many and important questions that were placed before it.
Declaring strongly for government
ownership of public utilities such as
elevators, railroads, and as one speaker
put It, of all public utilities that are likely to become monopolies, the conference laid down Its attitude toward the
management of tbe grain trade ln clear,
forceful terms and Indicated Its disposition to stay with the job of getting all,
or some, ot the things aimed at, by appointing a standing legislative committee to look after all proposed legislation pertaining to, or affecting, the traffic in grain.
There was some doubt as to the unanimity of the delegates upon the various matters to be placed under consideration, during the early hours of
the conference, hut tbls doubt vanished with the withdrawal of the grain
exchange men after which tbe conference was u practical unit in action,
this solidlRcntlon having been brought
about, apparently, by the general feeling of resentment toward the retiring
representation of the grain exchange
which drew delegates who would otherwise hare been disposes! to dlride
somewhat upon some ot tho matters
presented, more closely together and
produced a unity of sentiment and nelion which might, but for tho wlth-
drnwal of tho grain exchange, huve been
porceptlbly different.
Tho conference was more or less of
a revelation to those who huve been
accustomed to think that the Iutorest
felt by the farmers In the management
of tho grain trade was rather a matter
of homo grumblings than ono In which
the average agriculturist huu an Interest
of thc sort that would prompt snch
speedy and decided dcclartalon of rights
nnd determination to havo them as
marked the proceedings of the conference. It was made thoroughly clear
to all who took the trouble to attend
the conference that, not only has the
Manitoba farmer thought long and deeply upon these matters, which are of
such vital Importance to him, but that
the subject has been so thoroughly
pressed homo to him by the accidents,
Inabilities and Incompetencies of those
upon whom ho depends for tho carrying
out of tbo duties of selling, transporting
nnd storing his grains, that the farmer
has made up Ills mind to secure a changed, and Improved condltiMi of affairs by
Ihe easiest and most ngntable methodB
possible, hut to have bucIi a change at
any price of effort und application that
may be required.
To the end of remedying admitted
defects In transportation  facilities the
railroads of tho country met the farmers ln the very best spirit of conciliation, fairness and helpfulness and lt
cunnot too often be remarked that this
Bplrlt waa one of the most pleasant
ft alines of the conference and one out
of which one of the greatest goods to
result from the labors of the conference
Ib likely to result.
When the Grain conference was resumed, Q. H. Shaw of the C. N. It..
moved a resolution, which D. E. Stewart seconded, that the minister of trade
and commerce be requested to arrange
for the publication by and under the
authority of the Grain Warehouse Commission, of a weekly bulletin or market
report showing the market prices of
grain and farm produce in the markets
of Liverpool, London, Paris, Hamburg,
New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Duluth
Port Arthur, Fort William, and Winnipeg, said market report to show the
prioes as reported by the publications
received from abroad for one week, and
Immediately preceding the date of said
publication, as near as practicable, and
from the home markets tbe prices as
reported the day previous to the publication of the bulletin; also the established freight rates on grain aud farm
products from grain shipping stations
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
to Lake Superior ports, viz., Fort William, Port Arthur and Duluth, and all
tali to North Atlantic seaboard, with
the charter rates on bulk grain from
Lake Superior ports, viz., Port Arthur,
Fort William and Duluth to Georgian
Bay, Lakes Huron, Erie, Ontario and
Hlver St. Lawrence ports during the
season of Upper Lake navigation, and
approximate cost of ocean carriage from
all North Atlantic ports Including the
river St. Lawrence to British and European continental ports.
Said bulletin to also contain lhe tariff and conditions of grain storage in
the Interior and the terminal elevators
and such other matters relating to the
marketing and transportation of grain
and farm produce as In the judgment
of the commission should be published
for the information of the public.
The bulletin to be kept on file with
the -commissioner of public inspection,
and to be furnished by mall to all persons wbo shall order the same and pay
the price of 11.00 per annum.
The commissioner shall also keep on
Die for public Inspection, publications
of recognised commercial standing, farm
products in the markets named show-
the market price of grain and In this
The resolution was adopted, after a
delegate bad been assured that the bulletin wonld be printed In Winnipeg.
Moved by Mr. Millar, of Bolsevaln, and
seconded by lieeve Coulthard, of Riverside:
"Resolved: That this conference for
the reasons advanced in the clause on
government ownership of storage facilities in the circular Issued by the Manitoba Grain Growers' association and appended hereto, that this conference urgently request the provincial government to acquire and operate a complete
system of storage elevators throughout
the province along the lines suggested
In the clause referring to above and
that tbe provincial government request
such modifications of the grain and Inspection acts and such co-operation of
the Dominion government as will make
the system capable of yielding the most
benefit possible to tbe producer."
Mr. Millar urged the necessity of
the government taking over the elevators as a more satisfactory manner of
doing business than  the present one.
Longshoremen of Head of Lake Porte
Have Grievances���Forest Fires
Threaten Mills.
Port Arthur, Ont., June 11.���Fires are
reported as raging at two points on the
Duluth extension railway near Gunfilnt,
on the international boundary and near
Bymer's; considerable damage has already tesulted to standing timber, and
tt ls feared the fire may spread even to
the sawmills and yards In the latter
The Lake Superior corporation has
Professor Williams here investigating
Iron ore deposits In an attempt to locate
a store of ore which will supply the Soo
mills and thus do.away with the necessity of Importing ores.
B. W. Folger is here from Kingston
to arrange for the opening of tile Little
Pig sliver mine. Work will be tt.uled
a'most immediately.
Superintendent Brown of the Canadian Northern came down from Winni-
peg in connection with the strike of
dockmen here, and was in conference
with the men this afternoon. The dock-
men last night met and formed a union
to be known as the Head of the Lako
International Association of Freight
Handlers. They said today that If the
demands are not promptly met In Fort
William, ihe shedmen would go out in
sympathy. This action Is being deemed
necessary, as boats not being unloaded
here are going to Fort William to be
discharged Its cargo.
Superintendent Brown has suggested
to the freight handlers as a way out of
the difficulty of short employment, that
the scule of wages remain at 33 1-3 cents
per hour, and when there is no work on
the dock, employment will be found In
the yards for all who wish to work.
Probably 300 men will receive the-report
of the commltteo which conferred with
Superintendent Brown.
In the mcnntlmo the utmost quiet
reigns on the water front and the meu
have shown no disposition to act unruly
but are gathering in small groups about
Water Btreet aud ln the vicinity of their
hall, discussing tho Bltuation.
Attitude of Some of the
Will Be Supported by at Least Japan
Spain and "Portugal, Austria
and Italy Reserved.
Vienna, June 11.���The attitude of
Austria-Hungary at the coming conference will be substantially similar to
that of Germany, her ally In the Triple
Alliance, on the proposal of limiting
armaments. It is learned from authora-
tive sources tbat, following the example
of Germany and Russia, there would be
no participation whatever by Austria-
Hungary In any discussion of the subject. She will remain silent and reserve complete freedom of action with
reference to what may be done.
According to opinion held In governmental circles bere, the action of Italy,
which was at one time in doubt, is not
likely to be different from that of her
allies ln the Triple Alliance.
Concerning the arbitration, Austria-
Hungary will oppose compulsory arbitration on the ground tbat It involves
an Infringement of national sovereign,
Ity; a formula of arbitration, similar to
that adopted in 1899 will not meet with
any opposition from Austria-Hungary
even though it is not the same technically, but any material divergence from
the previous formula of arbitration will
be opposed. With reference to the regulation of maritime law on the basis of
the experience gained during the Russo-
Japanese war, Austria-Hungary malte
tains a distinctly favorable attitude and
stands ready to co-operate with other
nations. All efforts towards the humanising of the conduct of war are sure to
derive the hearty support of Austria-
Hungary. The Austro-Hungarian delegates, so tar as can be learned at present, are not likely to make any special
motions within the conference. They
have received strict instructions to
maintain as reserved an attitude as possible.
Madrid, June 11.���The recent union
of Spain and England with the present
intimate relations between the governments of the two countries renders it
practically certain that Spain, at the
coming Hague conference, will closely
follow in the wake of England, Indeed,
It is not Impossible tbat she may advance tentatively, propositions which
England may not care, for the moment,
to openly espouse. The appointment
of Senor Villa Urrutla, tho Spanish
ambassador to London and an enthusiastic Anglophile as chief plenipotentiary,
ts considered conclusive on this point.
For Instance, It Is certain that Spain Is,
following with England In tbe lead, to
oppose the Immunity of private property at sea and advance the same reasons
for her attitude. Spain also favors the
principle of limitation of armaments, although at present Bhe affirms her right
to improve her own defensive land and
sea forces on the ground tbat her present armament, really considered, is deficient. Her present war and navy
budget provides for an increased expenditure of 60,000,000 pesetas during the
next eight years. Involving a complete
reorganisation of fortifications and the
construction of several new battleships
and torpedo destroyers. Spain may also
advance a concrete proposition for a
maximum armament for each country
based upon population and territory, colonial as well as at home. Upon only
ono question is Spain likely to he at
loggerheads with England, tbe adoption
of the Drago doctrine. Unlike England,
Spain favors this principle. Spain will
also probably favor the election of a permanent tribunal at the Hague composed
of eminent international jurists who
will inspire the confidence of the disputants ns being above national political
Portugal's position at the Hague can
oa��ily be summarised, the delegates
will probably support the English position on every point, for in foreign politics Portugal ls now practically a political dependency of the British government.
Rome, June 11.���The situation of Italy
at the second Hague conference, and
especially ber attitude in connection
with the limitation of armaments, has
uliar Importance, because no other
*y Is so directly affected by I the
for supremacy which ls going
thc leading European powers.
Cermarty aud Austrlu exact tlie support
of Italy, because she Is their ally under
the Triple Alliance; England, because
of tho affinity of their views and their
traditional friendship;  France; because
of the commercial and economic Interests binding them.
The struggle which has been going on
to secure Italy's support finally led to
Signor Tlltonl's statement ln the -chamber of deputies on May 15th. This may
be taken as Italy's final stand, and ln
substance it reflects a conservative middle course, by which Italy maintains her
friendly attitude to tbe British peace
proposals and at tbe same time renews
her loyalty to Germany and Austria by
sharing tbelr reservations on tbe impracticability of the Immediate realisation of tbe British plan.
With regard to the Russian programme communicated to the powers,
Italy is disposed to widen, as much as
possible, tbe functions and competence
of tho arbitration tribuanal, and further
limit the questions affecting the "honor
and vital interests" eo much discussed
in 1899, which have to be excluded from
Toklo, Jnne 11.���Apparently, Japan
approaches the Hague with a tentative
programme to be given definite shape
by the developments of the conference.
The government, beyond formal expression of a desire that the conference may
be productive of beneficial results, has
maintained much reserve regarding Its
attitude on the larger questions'which
will come up, but prominent men in
both official and private life have not-
concealed their belief that any practical
results are at best problematical.
Broadly speaking, It Is believed that the
Japanese delegates will act in close harmony with Great Britain and will be
found in alignment with that -country on
all important matters..
As regarding the purely military subjects which will come up before the conference, such as the regulating of hostilities by land and sea, the use of floating mines, control of wireless telegraph,
and kindred matters, Japan feels that
recent events have given her a practical knowledge wblch the conference
cannot fail to recognize, and her delegates are expected to assume a prominent place in any such discussions. In
the main, however, Japan feels that as
far aB she ls concerned the Hague conference is principally of importance ln
the opportunity It affords to emphasise
her position In International affairs.
Diamonds in Paper Parcel Floated on
8urf��ce All  Night���Luck of
J. O. Patomude.
It can no longer be successfully maintained that the days of miracles have
gone forever. The experience of J. O.
Patenaude, the Nelson Jeweler, bears
this out without fear of successful contradiction. Yesterday afternoon Mr.
Patenaude was showing a customer
some diamonds. In the parcel ln
his hand were 31 diamonds, quarter
and half carats, and valued at 11,200.
Just about the time he was through conversing with his customer something
else attracted his attention, and instead
of returning the parcel to the safe he
hurriedly placed it in his vest pocket.
Other matters took up his attention tor
some time and he forgot all about the
$1,200 parcel of diamonds in his pocket.
Time came for locking up the atore, and
tben Mr. Patenaude took his canoe and
paddled over to his house on the other
side of the lake. This morning after
he opened up his store he went to his
workshop to give orders about some
work that was to be done. It was a
brooch which was being made in the
shape of a butterfly and which was to
be studded with some of the diamonds.
Then he went to the sate, but the diamonds could not be found. He thought
tor some time, and all at once it
dawned on him that he had had the diamonds out yesterday, and that instead
of returning them to the sate had
placed them In his vest pocket. The
vest was searched, but the diamonds
could not be found. Then lt occurred
to him that he might have dropped them
getting in or out of his canoe. He started for the boat house aud searched, but
without success. Then he crossed over
Ihe lake to the landing place on the opposite side. When within about 30 feet
of the place where he usually landed
his attention was attracted to a sheet
of paper floating on the water, and as he
came nearer he recognised the paper in
which the diamonds had been wrapped
up. But the parcel was undone. However, he paddled close up and picked
up the open piece of paper, and there
were the 31 diamonds���not one missing.
When it Is considered that there was a
reavy wind blowing last evening, this
recovery of the lost diamonds Ib still
more miraculous. It Is a wonder that
the paper parcel was not blown still
further out ln the lake. No doubt they
had been dropped when Mr. Patenaude
was getting out of his canoe.
Debs' Little Joke.
Glrard, Kas., June 10.���Eugene V.
Debs, ln his Appeal to Reason, has
sprung a sensation by announcing the
candidacy of William D. Haywood, now
on trial at Boise, Idaho, for the murder
of former Governor Steunenberg, for
president of the United States. Debs
and his paper have for months been
fighting In the Interests of the accused
officials of the Western Federation of
Miners, hut this extreme step has come
aB a distinct surprise.
Mysterious Cooference in
San Francisco
Message Supposed to Refer to Recent
Trooble-Taft Says That
WUI Be Ro War.
San Francisco, June 11.���D. 8. Richardson, foreign secretary to the Japanese consulate, was closeted yesterday
with the United States attorney, Mr.
Devlin, in a long conference. It Is said
lhat the meeting was the outcome of the
reception by the Japanese consul of an
Important cable message from Toklo.
The officials of the consulate and the
district attorney maintain the greatest
secrecy as to the question discussed and
as to the dispatch from Japan.
Milwaukee, June 11��� Secretary of
War Taft, in an interview last night,
said there would be no war with Japan.
He had faith that the United States and
Japan would continue their way along
moat peacefully together. The secretary said: "Never mind "the news that
keeps coming. It doe* not always mean
all that lt seems to me^n on the surface.
We will have no war with Japan."
Japanese Diplomat In* Rome to Conclude
Treaty ef Alliance.
Rome, June ll.���It Is reported here
that M. Kogero Takihara, ex-Japanese
minister to the United States, wh
announced, ls to he appoint!
ambassador to Italy, ia charged to negotiate aa agreement between Japan
and Italy, connecting this -country with
the chain of treaties Japan ls making
with European powers regarding the
Far Kast.
Kurokl Homeward Bound.
Seattle, June 11.���General Baron Kurokl spent his last' day In the United
States today. He gave a luncheon ln a
local hotel to prominent membera of the
local Japanese colony aa well aa several
prominent cltltens. James Dunsmuir,
lieutenant-governor of Brltlah Columbia
and Mayor Morley, of Victoria, were
among the guests. In the evening the
baron and suite were given a reception
by Judge Thomas Burke, of the Asiatic
Society, a commercial organisation.
From this reception the baron's party
was taken In carriages direct to the
steamship Kaga, which will'sail today
for the Orient.
8tole Train for Fun.
Bellingham, Wash., June 11.���Tbe
Oreat Northern Seattle-Belllngham local
train was last night stolen trom the depot, where ts was left a few minutes
while the crew went to lunch, by Bark-
ley McCutcheon. Jumping Into the cab,
McCutcheon threw open the throttle
and away the train shot, going north at
a teriflc speed. The train crew
rushed for a "speeder" and followed until It was discovered that the man at
the valve had reversed the train and
was returning south. The crew was
barely able to get off the track in time
to avoid being run down. McCutcheon
waa arrested.
Red Cross Congress.
London, June 11.���Field Marshal Lord
Roberts, on behalf of Queen Alexandra,
who Is president o. the British Red
Cross Society, today welcomed the delegates to the eighth International Red
Cross Congress, which assembled in a
session held bere today. The Marquis
De Vogue, president of the central committee qt the French Red Cross Society,
replied in behalf of the delegates.' The
Empress of Russia and Florence Nightingale sent messages of congratulations
Panama's Toll.
Panama, June 11.���A premature explosion of dynamite yesterday at Pedro
Miguel, on the line of tho canal, resulted ln the Instant death of seven men
and the wounding of aeveral others.
Four men were killed a short time ago
at this same spot by another explosion.
Priae* of Metals.
New York, June 11,���Silver, 66J4c;
copper, 22%c.; lead, $5.76.
London, June 11.���Silver, 30%d.; lead,
��20, 5s.
i II ;
I l-l li
t  >
yy r
;,,    ���
The Daily Canadian
Miners' ani All
Campers' Supplies
TEN'S ��� J    s ��*> a-: ��: :-u
= .= = Sn3 i"; (ML MUM  CLOTHING.
CYE��.��LLS a-: ..UPERS.
LSDERWE-13 a: Jl' oe-:**
F-c~ ��� :: *: ?:.-i��.
STX.  '��� ���5    t::     .::
G"<XS-'E5   sti  PFOV'SIONS
--���    rLC.a a-:  FEED. ^_ "* ,_
these Hues  xe offer  excellent quality at very
r^a$s?nab'.e onces.
rti-^s t*e<��c~ ���-:���-���(: zzi n. r-r h-x-:;^
A::era&u��"c $ch*ex~-s a��:r 5a��se?:ed.
Frw irad*. io�� tariff, medium tiriff.
reaprocsiy -riih :i~ I'niie-i States, coc:-
Q-erc^l uAexauon. all these wavtae
,i~m -*��-_ - ������: : ~z ���? ,~ i vie*-* *.���:��� i-
i:rcr--r ���- -������:���--- '-- i-iu^'r-.i: ?ab-
rtc ta>e yirtiTCTi Po-ticy '���'as budding ap.
Bot !: ass i^ z r _*:*.><��� :1j.: :i-r ;-r*>*-
;lr ��c-r i;;::^::r: -.-i :-<- ;'..*i?
7i.--   .* -i:;>   ^i-  -t.:-*. :.  :i-r ;���-.--:
!-;:.:.��: :c it'^:* "'V--- ;_7 *-.--:t> .;
:^r N��::.^il F '..::��� zszzv v.. P*.--: *:;���:-
::zi: :s*z<   \z.  ��?ti-.ri'. v.ct.ry  .-j ,,.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Bead Office:   Toronto.
capita!, paid CP....W ra:.
D B WTT.-TK PKfidem.
BnrsOti ia British CcIseSU:
1SSOTHEAD,      30LX*tS"       KELSOK,     REVELtfTOKK.       CBASLBROOK,
Ds-cos*;** re-cH-r*.} aad ���-rT^***; allowed it bieh^si   ������I rase trom date at
n-p-Hnrrg U BM5I, tad txe.-_..777ti*d q-iMterij*.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Ptitliihed ci sap . .~tx rsj iht
CASA.DUS r-raU?H:>C3 COKfASV, Lns.
Btktr Sl,   S; .   :    3  C
e^at-mpjloa rale* * ?*l-.. a -sionih deilrered
[a the cite, ar J5.ce . y..T:'. �����;: Ity mail, when
tmm tu tlsii-t
Adrert^.::. rate* on .pp:i?��'.i?r
All esl:,* ;.:: lo sf.-7-.~-iL: ���:���'. Tat Dalir
Caaadlan a^-coaal*. tlit.,: '.:: t*.:*:.-.;:��nj or
.6���::i.:it =-ill be receipted '.:t : i:t, printed
torm, ol the '.v-nipanr uther rc%<:pa tie uot
Tuesday. June IUh. 1*907.
Hon. Charles S Hyman. minister of
public works in tht Laurier government.
has rsesissned���we hardly know whether
we -should say - again." or "at las-.." Presumably he is eniitle-d to draw, and ta��
drawn, his salary for the last ye-ar. How.
erer no one will mind that in these*
prosperous times. The toss of Mr. Hy-
man is cheap at any price.
Mr. Hyman wili be remembered in
Canadian political history, if at all. only
for the grct-e*iue trifling with parliament that accompanied the presentation
of his long-drawn-out reafgoatioiL He
has done nothing worthy of mention as
minister of public works, and haa made
no memorable contnbmioc to debate
Since the dUmi-j-xal of Israel Tarte
there haa never be-en a man of ability
at the bead of the public works department. ��od. in esanseqnenoe. nothing of
Importance hat bees acconpliabed by
that department.
There are now two vacancies In the
cabinet, tbe two most important, except
perhaps the finance department. There
wili proiably sostw be a third. If H R
Emme-^oc has to retire there can be no
excuse for retaining Sir Fr-e-derici
It win be interesting to see bow tbe
vacancies will be filled. Cabinet material must be felling rather ~cir;e
S-s:d��-i S:r W:lfr '. 7 -...-������ ������-
members ot the cabinet are Mr. Held
ing. Sir Ricbard Cartwright. Se-iator
Scott. Mr Paterson and Mr. P<iher Mr
fielding cannot safely be taken from
tbe finao-ce departmeot. Mr Hsier has
been a conscesticas and uselu: minister of agriculture. He may deserve promotion, but tbere is probably no other
department is which be can do as much
Ior the good of the country.
Sir Richard Cartwright, Senator
Scott and Mr. Paterson are all to old
to transplant.
Of th e new members that have "not
been cons-picuous failures Mr. Lemieux
has done very creditably, and might well
be given charge of one of the more im-
portant departments.
lf the depletion of the ranks and the
necessity for a shuffle brings promotion
to Mr. Templeman British Columbians,
reganiiess of party affiliations, will be
pleased. Bot there would probabiy be
regret If any but a British Columbian
were given the department of mines,
and Mr. Templeman is the only possible
minister from this province at present.
Unless the rani and file of the Liberal representation in the House con-
tains some hitherto undiscovered genius
the cabinet will soon be as hard to 81!
a* an American jury b*>i. A large proportion of the present panei have been
<��a ienged for cause."
On the growth of C-tnadian manufactures, amounting to nearly 50 per cent,
in five years, the Mail and Empire says.
"The Nati:nal Policy has now triumphed over all iu enemies. It has
proven the wisdom of Its founders. It
has forced iu opponenu to acknowledge its potency The situation naturally
retmlls tbe struggle made by patriotic
aad forc-eiul men in IU behaM. The
first movement with a National Policy
ia view w-u effected tn pre-Confe-der-a-
tion days and wag forced upon ns by
tbe withdrawal of the British preferential system, which had up to tbat time
','������- L:-    -���--:.:   tMmmMkMM   WM
precipitated in tbe later "S'l't. when the
tbM Liberal government declared lueli
Cpf ..-e* trade in lu eitremlr. form. .No
����re bitter fight coald have been pass;
-----.-:..��� -:..-. : -��� -.--'.-V. :he i;.;-
tion of tbe .National Policy by tbe people. It was preiicu-d by tbe opponenu
of ���t principle that numerous evils
woom overtake as a anseq-je-nce of IU
adoption. Tbe connection with Great
h itaia would be broken. The t-eople
were to be subjected to awful taiati-jn.
Greedy mo-aopoiisu were to rob the
tniase*. and starvation was to be the
let of the average man. The policy was
adopted despite these gloomy predictions .and business at once began to revive. Enterprise was awakened, and
the young, wbo bad been Sying from tbe
cotmtry 1�� find employment, remained
to man the newly planted Industries As
thc policy grew in popularity iu ene-
p:bcy remained in force, and has con-
tr.b-jted from year to year to the upbuilding of the country and to the pros-
;--. :   :'. -he f*?;le
Tbe Conservative forty gave as a
miteo Canada -.irc-^i Confederation
I: gave us tbe Northwest by purchase
from the Hudson's Bay company and
by arrangement *ith tbe crown It
rave za th* National Policy, upon which
indasuy Ss fo-an-ded- It opene-d up the
Western constrr and the Pacific coast
-;: ;- ;> 'lr. :e; tie ri.l-i-y
undertaking. Iu work, gre-at as It has
bsees in tie fast, is not, however, com-
V-'V. '.: lis :. -:: ". ::s se-T:tes ::
Canada the sieve'opment of our trade
with B.-.taia. and the elimination of
graft and theft from our system, that
the f*o;ie who earn through the exten-
s..n of c;r Nt-;:isi: ?.::c? -msy en;.:-
the resuiu of their labor, and be no
::n-e: u.e :rr;  cf V.-.<...7_ _V. :.:.i--
Pres-.den*. Roosevelt, in addressing a
cosventioo of newspa^r men yesierday.
me-ticned an income tax as a possible
f-ture source of revenue, ln doing so
he evidently expected the suggestion to
startle his hearers. There is co reason
why it -should. There may even be other
ideas that America could profitably import. A graduated income tax is probably the best means of enabling the
mal-.l-miliionaires to contribute equitably w the national treasury.
From the utterances of prominent
Japanese* at home and in America It is
evident that the urging of the government of Japan to do something is ..-.-7���
ly a political move, the opposition try-
ins to embarrass the ministers. Discrimination against Japanese children
in the schools of San Francisco, and an
assault, even if unprovoked, upon a
couple of Japanese rest-urant keepers.
are hardly adequate cause of war.
Eugene V. Debs has nominated W1I
liam D Haywood for president of the
I'nited States. It can't do any harm.
Mr. Debs was a candidate once himself.
Progress of Boundary  District���Whole
Granby Plant at Work.
Grand Forks. June 10���E. H. C Raw-
linson. of the firm of A. E. Smith & Co .
of this city, accompanied by Jo-seph
Wiseman, left here some weeks igo
with the intention of crossing tbe big
divide to the west fork of Kettle river
for the purpose of staking timber claims.
but up to this time no trace of them can
be had.
Tbe Grand Forks city council, now
more liberal in the matter of water
than in former ye-ars. has fixed the
hours of sprinkling from ��� a- m. to % p.m
President Colgate Hoyt. of the British
Columbia Copper company, has jtist
completed a visit of inspsection of tbe
Granby smelter. He arrived bere on his
private car a couple of days ago.
A- E. Rainey, weil known throughout
this wMQmm and who was a b��si��ess
man of Grand Forks for the past fire
years died laat evening in tbe Cottage
hospital aad will be buried tcotorrow a:
tbe public cemetery.
D. H. Prin��ie. formerly of the staff
of the British American Trust company
here, has recetred tbe appointment of
the pj-sitioa of general manager in
Canada for the Galbraith Coal company.
the Aiberta Ccai and Coke comp-any. and
1���0 Acre prt-emption, * __ ���.--; cleared
5") tree* szi so:r~ swzXV. fruiu planned.
A 3-roo3i dire��:,����- fcoases ac-i sbe-is
for HI cWckettt 1330.(4.
A prc-exapdon oo Bearer Creek.
UtUe SJoeaa,  MMlM
Baker St_  Nelson.
Coal! Ia! Wood!
Phone 265
Yak-Kootena-f let* Fratt,
��**-1\ PoMfay Co* Ltd.
M-tLcmr.Bakar and  Ward Ua.
tbe Alberta Fuel fim*aa| with headquarters at Ca car.    s ta
The mercbanu of Grar.L Fsris have
affixe-i their signatures ���>.* an acreemt-nt
to close their stores at $ p- m., com-
mencing on tbe K'th ins:. instead of t.ZO
as heretofore.
Six furnaces at the Granby smelter
are now running full Mast and it Is
aa-BouBced today that tbe whole eight
furnaces will be in commission by Wednesday next at the furthesft, when five
hundred men wilt be employed on the
works -and J.2W> tons will be the daily
There is a great demand here now for
farm Lands in this valley, the recent
large land deals have stimulated the
-sale of lands in this section greatly of
Peksn to Pans or, Wheels.
Pekiu. June  11.���Three French, one
Dutch and one Italian msxor car started
this moralng in the Pektn to Paris race
They were given an enthusiastic send-
off by the foreign residenu. including
the American. Austrian and French min- '
ister? A French band played selections. ;
The Chinese were much astonished as i
this was lie firs*, un    7 : s: had
been se^n in Pekin.
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss Lockwood. ar e��p��r tr.cct- ttttr.tr 11, fancy Art Needle Work,   will commence a series 0f cIib,, I j
Knighu of Pythias Hai*  Every lady in the city la especially invited to   avail   iterself  of thtte  ieiMni 3 I
For   tmtttm   snformaton  apply to Fred Irvine M Co- who have a complete atock of stamped -goodsandtiiia.|
C aises every day from  10 ua   io 12 J. ���.; 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Fof Sale Cheap
One S'Mnch diameter, by 16ft. fin.
long, under-fired, return multi-tubu'ar '
boiler, in fair condition. Eighty-two
JV'n- tubes. 2 1-3 x 2 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to 1D0
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of N to SO lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gaugess. try cocks, sludge cock ani
check vaive, set cf fire bars and beire.-s
One J-ln- diameter x Uln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion.
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are Ikon not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and ls In goo-d condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high. lOHin. diameter with openings
for *Mn. exhaust pijys. Corrugated copper tubes inside tiroo-gh which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain -cock
and safety valve. Apply to
Th�� HaU Mini-g tt Smdtisg Cc Ltd.
nelson, b. c
H :..- n .--������     . ���.:��������� ���     ���
M.r.*.,.[i.i*    *-
tbe * Ll, ior U .la-. A  *. :WC."'���   I. ****
(ortlif prvsaine. wble* >�� *r*fotei t- <
(.r������rs-.     .-..*        :. miAttaar.--'-.: ��� :
a. .,-.: -. S: ���=
:      ..        ,     -. �����     '.-  ���..'.tnil a: -.:
.,--~: Lt   :::.b-A- -��� -      -"  ������    -
tt,. a: ia�� ls>a.-l H? j*   .* >. -  l     : ������ -
d.yolJ-ase 1ST:. .1 U�� lioir c: ���-'--        ��� ' ���
tehmM   Msmm.iiBtn
tin tl... :��t CIkIL --- -.   --.ff-.t
Xoiic* U h*rebT rnes ti*: e: s seetiac of ttt
hoeri. o! Liwace Coatatstioaers. to b* b* .4 alter
th# expirktlon of th:rtT taje* I M��a��i lo ��pp*y
for a tranttt: of ay hoiti linse�� lor tke QMMB
hoitl.u Ceeatam, io o��c.riT Me*4.
U:h hej. I��r = 1 Xtzzaxs.
Sotic* ii ber*>r-r t*etm its* I wui *:*; ���  -.- Oh
next ceeUEf <,���'. i-t U��ine  C<wBliit��:>.i I
the Cf.? of ������It������ to b��T�� tha bqnor tK��a*e of
Ui-No P!���� Izn. xxsniltzTfi trom h.Tsztihsi.i
Ttrj^scti Be i to rsyieif.
D*Wd Usy ��ii. i-aw. Wu. GOSStLL.
By Power of IttMMT,
dtte :
'. -: ~ -
��   U   Z'T
:>. :���: T
Ha, 3  C.
��>T ftr*n tl*��t thirty <*Hf* aft��*
:o ippiT to the Bo��M of UctCfe
fer Use vmir iiemct tee a \rtzt-
** h*ld tjrit* for ite Tor: 8b��*>-
���tnad] a n 9aaaaa*
. Mar UU :<*
5*::** it -eretr fitiz :'sz��: '. a;.'. :;; .7 et :b*
ztz: ��� "*::;f 0: *.h* iMtzat CwhMm^
lit* the 1. :;7 of N* jo= :o zer- ;t�� v,-i:r lic��iu��
:':z*r-.>��: n:*�� H-:-^: :r��=*f*rTr--. :.-:���- ct.
i*:.' :���: EcStrt D*^;-I, of :z* Clj .'. StZtoa.
ZHiad tils Ttfc day of Ma;   Ij*.""
E ��   KfOsUnUBI.
Certificate of thc Registration of
Extra-ProTindal Company.
**Companie�� Act,   1&S7."
I HEREBY CERT n tte: :i* -Ktasey-Miuer
Cedar Ompaaj. haa th:�� day beea reftttend
a* ez Fi-.-*-; :-..-��� .k. ��� ���z.;-tr* .l'-.t ".-
���Xameaaita Xtx. imy to *arrj oat or staet t*
or uy o< thi etjttu of tha Compear to ahUh
tha kf tasUme aatiortry et 'ht LtaMlstan ol
Br.:��i WeataiaMii
Ti* bead c*hrt at tke Co��p*ay u ��:i~ata to
tht City of *?po***e, )b tht sum of Waai-iajwa.
Tke a��o-nt of ts�� ts_Atal ot xhteompsar a
Un tho������i 4��ika, divided ssto oot Ea��
���ired a��i ffty it aro of an* baadrtd ttatSaa
The hea-i .--Ace et tte oompaaj la thUproT-
in<s ia t,:-zeit e: ��::*-tfo*i, *=i WKl-^c Hearr
CrawloH xenhant. whoa* a-iirea* u thaeetaa,
U the attOTBey for tha cotapaay (5ot easucwer-
e<l to imae aad truler tcoeft )
tW ttsmt at the exttwae* of tte eo=-,pajT 11
any year* fro=a tbe Uh Jay of March. l��fT
Tt e wapur tt Uslted.
Gtrea   naUr ay  hsa*i a��4  meal of oCxit
ViecorA, PrortBrt of hnthth Colra-Ma. thj 2ut
���lay of May, ot>e tho^jaad ain* t*^adreii>��d
ImtxiatTS! of JciBt itock Cosspaalef.
Tha ob}ecu for ahieh th;* foap-aiir hai been
e��-at*a*i*-i ezt :*rT.��:-*re-3 ar*
I TosM^stnla ksy tfcarfal sasaer. aaau-
Mttataaaa ��ei.' ordtrpweofiay aad ai! ktodi
oi  :���'.%���: mat other tiKher:
2. Toae^aireia aay la*f=l aaaaer uabtr,
vhether ttaadlac or tit. Uab^r Uadi or other
-tada. ic���. poke, pfilcf. frata. iimt^r t'atsait*.
t-.ztia t-c-iu. aad aay aad ail kind* of uabpr
meaaaet* to mmaajaftere aay ajad ail sath. aad
li iitfr*** et fir.- ta a=y lawn.: ELacaer:
t . a- . re ta aay lavf-al ---.-��� .- -..
iasptmaaat*. and aay aad all ktadt r! saerthao-
iim or f M-ferty aoi la Tlalattaa of lav. est to
tiitfMsjm o_\ ms* 1= **7 lawful cu*.!*
���4. To t-LLiiM or to a^ulft ta aay lawfvl aac-
mrn roadj- :.*aaway*. or other MM of iran��-
poeUt-k'3 ntntasarr r r eoavesieot to the other
aatftat* tt tha * orpcrarfon. tad to operate.
lasat-at tirf.<tte tyf Mamt ss msy t*e deeattd. td
Tfewb^e: pronde-d the mma be prirate wayi and
ma-lf -? tL** ::'T;*ed tr.r-.Ttr tkal *.-���.:�������-
tk> ij ao: to aotaortae lhe rorporatws **c operate or ataiatata szj puhllr or toll road, aor aay
pablte itrriti irajuf-onatioa ��yitai. ao: to b��-
-pc-ate a cos & va earner:
t. To nt2ufa-tore aay aad all ktads of ar-
tzr.t* tr. J ; r..*-."j u ����t �� <it*szt*l !��:rat:<
aai -. 1 ti-..e-.-.iv '. .am. ez'. '-. 1*;. aai
:i��v *- od taae :c aay  ea'  : -*���.:���.*
4. To do aay aid all olhef acta aad thlaft
ataaaatt or esp-esfwat for *rarrylaf oa it* bwi-
aeea oi the CoKp>ary ee he ma before let forth.
-.1-1   't--  f   *   :*'.* : :->��: :���" e:.
-���:   ..    - '  :*\z'.* ezl        '*���
��� a*. ���:.- ' ->wl*if ;-* ::
Uadi ta a tat Kooieaay VtstTitrt, oa tzt z
���ide of SobmIi eftth. eamwemcoe a; a
p:nr-ed at the waatheaat ���^ora��^ et Aatjas C m
Me-eaipUoB, Barked S E.. theae* waatl
-tsina. thenee wtst et ehaiaa. tbeaee nc-.
chain*, theae* cut �� chaias to place cf 1
meaeaaeat. _ ^  ,
w d. Jtsaae**:
 w. J. Soott. Ageat
Take aattet that Hirry Wiiiiam* ��f -<��
B C, rancher, lateada to apply for-pei***
to pareha*e tbe (Ollowiaf deacrlbed laa-:
��es: Kootenay district;
C :--*: :.' a: t :���-��� ; ez: - t'.t -���: *.
foctheast extra*: of Lot tut tbooaaad atne t
redaad etftty-are (������. Oroapo��e (\). :z
diftraCt. ttente **oott iweaty (*?) ehaiaa. :t
meat one t ;adred aaf itity fl��CJ ehauii. lb
nortt :wen:r cat) eha:ni. Aeae* ea*t f>a* z
red and sixty (MBJ chaia* to 'he poiat :'���
o����eke: aad coataiclaf Tat acrea. =
'rt>-; ;ir :>.t ik';    ' May    *~.
I. the ucdertl^ed. after �� data Wtaad lo a*p-
pit- to the Hoa the Ch:ef VcmalJBtoaer of Laad*
1-": -\* ' ��� r--_ ���- : *. ; ,r<ia��- .'��� *
lowing deaeribed land. Conaeacioj a: t ���.. *-.
narked X. E r , iltcated on tbc aaat then of
thataa lake, atoat tweaty milts team thocaz
:z-z - ������"; v -. i n ;: :. ��� t- :- *: it ..
tbeaee eaet * ebalna. tbeaee aortb *Voa�� lb*
ihore of lake �� ehaiai \o poiat of eauaeace-
Locatel May Mh,
Bar: ri
?��    1 'A f:te. Af-1
?;xit Jirtafter la* I pr:rj*at aialiajra;p-   ��
tioa   to  the Chief C-oaailaaooet al Uadi aa
���*   -t- '   - :-r-   u    -.  ���     ; .**  ia** tzt ���
:-- -.-m ; ..*-.. : -.-������:     -_   a:  a [--1   ; a ���
at the aorth wert eoraer of lot 4MO aad mart
ed -P McCt ? E eoratr poet,'' ntaalaa theae
K'tbtiH north tbeaee IP ehaiai west, tbeare 1
ehalni tnath* tbeaee �� ehalae eaet. to poiat ��
eammemeemaat. coctaiDinff aai vita, more &
: -.���-���: :t i',.i Ut   :vi;  :.��:-
- tz-'.  Pirxa MeCVucica.
  per l> s. Mo'nxoca. Afeai
tbeCbiei^c��*je:.aerof Laad��aad*oi
parmakioa to p-^r-ehaje the followlac deoer^l
Uadi ia EooteaaT diitrict:  Coauaeaetar a; a
Ml aarked  Brace White*! K.W. eoraer Mt,
<:taa>d at the aortbeaat eoraer of r.B ��abe��t
a mlie eaat of skcaa rlrer. tbeaee boqU ��
��� t.-��    ���:���:        ���-��� -   .���     - i.n   ._.-:   -   *
ehaiaa. tbeaee east �� ehaiaa, tbeaee aorth tt
ehaiaa. Ueace eaet �� ehaiaa, tbeaee aorth tt
Lk.z,   :z*: -   ������;.; '.>.  . ia:ai ���-:��� j-.l: n
z.-z :*~ -:.: -u.i.ie **��� av-rt -_ " * -���*.
located March lMfc. IW. BiraWim
. ee tt dart latend to ap-
aty totheHoacwabie tbe Chief Cowtueioaer of
~mz.*ez:* -k* ��� r i-���-���.-. : ���.- k** ���*.
' �� ar kz\ ��� --'- ,-f a: a :��--: - art*:
s. E C of Lot UU. tbeaee weat�� ebalns, tbeaee
aoatb tt ehaiaa, theace *e*t ftaati tbence
���oath X- chain, theace weat *0 rhaim. thence
���o-aa* chaini. tbeaee east ��.��� ckaia* iiwaee
-��� r:z *t zx.zt : ;��� a; ��� J -��� -^na-e:;
U*tat*4 March T.xh. 1��T.     M  ���>. McXacsaT,
*h\ T trnflttramr, A��ant
���Of days after date I ;-;���>���* ��� 1 z. -.: ��� ���
emaaa to the Hoa. Chief Coi&nwsioaer of Laad*
and Work*, for peneissva to por:ha*e tte tat-
'.ovsSf d-escrilw*:  .*.'*. -   :-i  .ar  t*. �� ;..�����
pCasce^i oa the *#��! ihore of lower *haataa
iake, aboot a *. a-,:- froa the oatlet of aat,
and -.azkt< H. wy sjf eoraer poat.' raa
n:ng theaee to etsias Nd, tbeaee ����� ehalns
���oath, tbeaee tt cbaiaa east, tbeaee to ehaiaa
north lo p;lat of ^lati-aceMieai. eontaialnf
;*+ a :.* "Z-'.'-t - '���
!���*�����! ibe 2o-i taj ttt Msr. I��T
"et- 'j H. Waiad.
per F  o. m ��� ,    it  Arent.
suty d��y* aft*J lat* I porpoae aaklaf tpjl:
cst��n tothe H-a. the Chief Conalsuoner of
Land�� aad Works for penalssion to parehaie the
sfoUowtaf deaerlbfri '.and: ContneDeine at a
port pUeed at tbe northeast earner of B C-
-klaaers appiicatloa to pa rebate marked
���R Ct. X. W corae; poii tteaee follower the
eastern boundary of Mid apj lt.-��iioa W chaini
toe ib. theace rwaniavWchautf ear., thence to
chains aorth to the soaihem bcandary of it. W*
HaaaiE{toa 1 applicatioa to par:haw. tbence tt
chsla* west alone tame to point of poiameaee-
aeat. eontaiaiax; fr* ��� acres, aor* or leaa.
I'ated 2nd day of May. WU7.
perF.O   }'*-,    t*   ��i     -,
sixty day* after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the ChlefCotaatatoaer of Lands and
Wo��k# for peraueioa to purchase tbe foilowinf
teaerihatl lands in *ot Eootensy dutrict: Cob-*
acncing at a pzat pUnte-3 oa the iouth ibore of
Kootenay !ake, and a-4>oiain*; 1.. P. R block No.
It, aad marked "Toot Gordon ��� northwest oorner
poal," thenea south te hala*. theace east IC*
ehalns. theace nortb tt t-aim. a ore or leai, to
Lake **>hcre, tbence west 10 ehsim to point of
Dated this > .z of April. :t".
To* 001IO5
suty days after date 1 lotend to apply to tbe
Baa Chief CoastiMfoaer of Land* and Worki
for penausioa to pnrebaie the fc:iowin# described land ia ww Kooteaaydistrict: Com-
aeaetat al a poe*. aarked A. C bi northwest
uoraer poat. Tcantat M cbaini easterly alone
-,-- ������ -;t-; 'T--.- --.-e.Ht ������ TtMfti
���OTtherly U chafas. tbence weeteny eU chains.
theace northerly ia chains along the C p. R
track tu the t4ae* of '.oaaencevent. conutniu
two haadred arrea. aore or Itm.
Located tbls Pth d*y of May. 1CT.
A,C~ BtfH, ly. av :.
StxtTdajs after dau 1 laieni to apply to ibe
Hon Chief ( omaiseioner of Lands and Works
Victoria, to 1 -rchaae tt    foiiowtnf  deprived'
yaaaawetwaa the Arrow 'aes m V��i gcot-
eaay:  Uaatwlcr at * poii planted  at ihe
my ^?*i.��l w 6 F'''*>r'' rre caption, and
aarkid E fUf. eoraer poet, lbence aDenaia��
Dort* ^i?*? l*** -ior*- aeaee ��� chalm ta*:
theace SeUianectt. thenee ��ehalm weit to
place of befinninj. cr-ntainfac��aei*s, more or
AKfl !>������ lttn.       Etelttt Wa-noii.
sixty days tfter ��aM 1 Intend toapply to the
Hoa. CbKt Coaaiwtoaer of Uadi and Works
to parehaie �� ac ren of laa d located ibont J a 1U s
5S2" <* Bcr*on: Coamendnf ata neat
pl"j*5f: **������**** maat el Ut ML S3
a^Sammtelt H--;*:�� "��beast corner   ibenee
SSttMN!       *""���"*   3.>eb.ia*topUee
Located Aari: Mb, mc. G. A Hrnsk,
per li. at cm \tez;
The Hall Mining and Smel{j
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Whoica-mia _______________*,
Produce, ��� Pruit.
Oorenm.i.x OrtmnterT One-Pound Bnckt raodT-ed weekly fn^i |
chsre    For asale bj- all leading gro-M-re.
Office ��nd warehouse: Hotuton Block,   Phone T9.
Josephine Street. Nelson, EC
:atend to app t ���-.
Landiand "*:n
ecaselbeloiiow-.r^ te*rr.t*<
st e post punted t.r_ '.:_*_ mt*
ead trntaat two :    ���* -_ r.*
-.e:k-*d ������  V   ��� * u :���: ~k.-.
' date 1 I. the nadealTBed. after * dtps
-j-tlooer of     t^y to the Hoa.tbcChleM*fflalfl
l c lopor-     and Works to parehaie Ue (oltoi
a-*>c r.*x j land:   Co*ave*aein-f at t^e > L.C6
ieeaa lake     O. I. tbeaee west ���*> <*t��ia��. UtM|
reek   sad     chaini. lhen-.*w east *  (E��:m.
*���       ���-- '      chsin** to poiat oi   *r:*.*'. eatit,*
:.��   Ta*o-e ; acre* aire or lc��a
u. tbaaee Located March *th, MT.
Liio B nkssxn. Loealor,
Wa ClMnt Afeat.
aea( t at a post pla:
Mta Baajri p.t-eitpii
tbeare vest **> ehaiai
theses east ���& chaxas t
MtteH acre*
Located sfareh U\a.
Take   notice    tbat   itktT 0171 1
I   .:.:���-��� r.d  to   *;���(���.�����  u> :*- HMtorsNl
���     ���-���  ....   Zmf ,._['a-_'a 1    ���  Wortifc
: sion to parr-Las* the h>: .-rlaf 4
ittaate-d in the Weet Ktvteasy 4
--.-     ;���.��   at  a  post piasied st L
{ eoraer of Lot *S. wa  lhe -wstb ttitt*
Aran ot Kooteaaf lake   tbea^s
! too tt w��at eoraer of said lot. Ue
a.uih, theace SO ehaiai rait, thtsaj
ti'-nn to piaeeotcoemeDcek>eBt.ei
April iad   1ST.
I'  A Mer***. Lorator.
J   J   KkUT. A reat.
T.k�� aoUe* Ihsu *0 4.., .;vr J.i* I ibi#��-*I to
-'ruibt Hoo  tfi w Cmtsamatamm ol Land.
w��tfc lor ^.-��**.sos-^>5-LM��tl>����Ol-
K��ilha�� wan of lot W, iWmT.w W
rhsuu. Ibe*n iotU j. ctalw. ta..*, ru> JD
���S.IM. tferan ��.MTi ^ rlsua, u.k, vw. 16
Altai 10 *��oui of nsmnnm, ��*suuiii!��
L.v. a;:i. :���  1   ..-
w. w
P 1. Bur-un-.
Ba^f-rr. attrnt.
liilr ilaj. Viet <Uu I lateM lo sMI-f M it,
of LaM. ai
��a- IM. Ctmt IcaaUnti ..
��-^.-, .... M��1-rn n(lll1. rnmiisnf Im
���t a mi Haated oa ta�� �������-ml,otiHtitmtk
���im mai atom J^ aite, fraa Is��l
���t a pott -aualed oa tk�� m**t nh ol Uiu* tierl
: ......A, :.   ��� .     ...    :.-_....���, .. _ . ���
taaj la��.. oi *c��:k��d S.i: Sr-twtnl. ��� -Main
ftx-CMa-fi safier slat* : musd BV
Uon tke Calel Coens*j.loif*r N t
WorU. Vlnoria. B C, lo t��TTk��**l
Land: Coamaaef-ag at . posrt pUir***
;��! .a,lfoa-s S. C ruraer p^.u ta S
t.eareai rhaia. amtk  itsfliR ���
thenre aorta Mekatsi. ih.Ds-e mt*
point of c.* sataenrece'* L ,M
.N>l��a. B.(-��� AK1I .*< :-��*:       tl*l
mmtanmrmmt. tte-ac, aeat ��� chalai. them
aortk at rhalni. tbeaot eait a* ehalna theoc
���watkt.eh.i-9. to pim* ot heatnnina.
locate* tl:. a.-; oar of aprii. l*<
k 1  LSSS'tTt. Acenl-
��otK�� m tenor (traa that ca *.ri .mr date I
���:>- * - ��;; ; - :ttt Honorary th. . .-;.,, ,,= .
MMasoer ol Und. -ud Wort, for penalMoa
KntOsut il��l ITiaereaof :ujsi. illuala near
tWIt-aa sl*Or��lle Heer. West! twiriss, .imsv-t,
sua dearnt^d m foUov.: Craaaienrinc .t a
f market U. 1.1 hotoKn t I W. ��,ra��r put.
r.:-i��-e. ft; the rmth boand^r tmi Ss'b.ini
irom s. *7 paelof Lot TIM. thenc. tenth .bot:!**^
I . :. :^��ne* eait .txvet 2S. *l��sis�� to . j^sn: on
;:.. a��t tonoiswr .nd *i f-stini fnaa i W j..*t
o(Ut.,tl. thenc north ^ (h.|ai��nd thenca
At*: IS ch.ln. to i st piM* al hrw-.nnla?
J��:i M��reh. lar..
Laao, Afeot.
I. the ondenlcned, ..'-..r m dar�� inten-: to ��p-
plriotheHu.norahlethe fhiet C��mc-u.ionerof
Undi aad ��orlt. lo (ssittue the lolloalnt 4*-
KiTte-Hand: Cotatnens-lnf at . no�� raarke.1
.a. k C . sUttute at the Booth ot (.ore creek on
.he weat ihora oi Scran lake, thenre act -a
ch.lti. ih.nce ��o-:h ai rh.!M. thence ��e.t a-
ch.lni. thenc* loath �� eh-Uni. thence ..-: ,<
chaini. tteo.-a lotilh aj chain.. Ihence rait m
��� halm theace nor.h (a* ch.itu to ps-ilci ol cam-
meneement r
Local** March .rth !W      .s. T McXiroBi.
, I;.""J],l<!'?,'*n<<,1I'<*h'l.lt��r(ijd��nto.t.lsiT
W lhe Hon the7 hW<.omsails��lojer ollar, it .oi
,ZvWl ,'��� W"U��lo��to purehsw. lhe lolloalnc
-awOTMI.nd: i o-rameoclnj .t.pn.-. ns.rkcLl
L JL2"?? f E c ��� loww-l Oh the ��e.t sshsre
of Sloru, Uke. .hoot twelre mile, trom the head
J��� LT*i'' '.**'��� ""��" wi to ch.lni. theoee
aor.h ,, chain, ihenee eait �� cbaloa thene,
���so=th .lost ihore of aoean lake to tolnt ol
Located faj <ih. T. M.fiBiar.
,-!��, ^V *"*' iu* ' ln'��nd to apply lo the H���n.
thief Commlvtoner ol Landi and Worki. Vtc^
���Ma toputchwe Ito . -. . ol :.:.-. in rire Valler
"eatkootemrdutrlrt. and de��-rit��l ai lo:!,i��i-
l ���ameisclnir it . poet market W H Wruhi'i
H C. corner, uid ronomc north al ch.lni thenee
WZ?,'f;Z!"',""- "',""* '.'"'"' ��' ">���">����� thene*
.ait A!eh.isntopl.ee ot betrlnoiDr. .nl t��m.
m'.oo'.'k''" "H.��!.'hf  X   E   *'n*"'" ��' *f��lo*
*. .od the ������ h^f ol the I a. ooa^n.ner ol
-trtlon ��5 in Toanritlp Tl G, I      l""-lu��'>" "
_________M__ M. H. Wiion.
JMMLtVl sUlerdate ! intend to.pplt lathe
Hon Chi.l tommlwlonet al Undi and Worki
toporeb-uesjausmolland In Tire V.Iler, We.1
koot*n��T dlitrlet .od deaerlbcHi .1 loUowi-
s.otomeono-r .1  .  p^.;  marked J. K'i f. S
SHXtJUi ["H'S aonb *> ck.lni. thene,
tV2�����Vi)fl9 "' >^li">l����. tit beln,
H 2S ooe-hafl Ol tnr ss | 0ne%,iarte, .nj
.he eait one-half of the *. W. m*mu*l%n and
h? IH! 2tS*L "" "��� ����� one.|u.r��" JSd
ir!.,"*1. ���J*'-'.'1 ol the ��. W. oo.-qu.twr ol
Sej-llooll. 7ownihlpTl. 0  1. ***^mam m
*tvts,*ia..l*r:. Jo���� Enm.
iJSSK '��� l"*7br tlttn th.t Wd.Vi.'lterd.tal
���he i il - ."*����'"' l*rHl��lonlops-.���r.��
i? v.'oi.1?' ?��"'!'**J l����>''��. ��"uat, in ��'m
it 1,1 i""*^<'-U r"��lh��oelor .1 a ���pet m.tk-
SSSS lDl ?"ln�� "�� '"fro bouu.i.rv ol 11.
eh'.^..,R"",Uo" _" fi"**"*.: .hence tut*)
,i.�� ,"""t* D��."h *'sh.ini: theoee we.t a.'
mtmm,'mini��|i,��'mn'">����,��- ����uioia,
Clad IhU Utk dar ol M.reh. IWI.
Notie, li her* bt rs ret l-hak a�� daws
late-ad to appli lo th* Ho ChiefOa
ol Land. a��.iWorki lot prmlaMJ)
th, lollowlac deaenhed land la ����'
dlitrlet, on w�� -ikire of Loan Jl
al jfiBtot Lot So tatA. on Use low J
��t . po.1 -markad  -kt.rrr Mclaodls 1
po.1 .nd tiaated oo lhe ihssreM IM
Lake, at the losilheart **nm e'c,?J
UM��, thenea weak S i ���
ch.tnt more or lea. to the nonh k
r ..sm.sre*. P. K , Ihence ���    bu.18
���aid  boondarr to lake, in coe* Ml
iake .hore 3D ehalna too.-* ttt MM
s_cTr.meoeet.ent. , . I
H.y 2nd, 1��T. J "A
kfent lor Himaj
Nit, daj, attar date I itiiead toJL
Hoa the tki.1 t'om��s��:.saet ��"���
Worki, VietorU. lo pors-Me 1* m___\
I..ated on the veal ilde .! Arfo.o
dlrectlf north of LotTJTe: somaw
planted .- the *N. K. eoraer ol Lo'iV.-
od -B. til corner. ' ��osl """jl
eh.lni. thane, we.t 1) ehiso". "'al
ct.sa.. th.oe, -aaat �� -h.so. u��J1
eb.ioi. theoc eait a) rhi.rsi to pm*]
atnl��d. 1W. *?5H
... r. ktfiwjf
9utr dari alter due 1 ion"''"*!
Hon (hief Commissioner ol Ia*_!T
Vietoria.  B. C. to port*-"* m* ?.
arnbed land, iltnate.1 in iki Be*',*::1
trlet;   IssaiKllW ��t   '   1*0" '*_*i
weat ud. ol Kootenai 1st.   **}
polot, uid m.rked 1  M
peat,  tbeaee weal ��> rhs	
ch.ln.. thenc* eait �� chism *_m__\
*:..:��� tkeoca I. ���:.����� lake l��
non I afl
fillr  d.n .Iter d.le I iLteodjI
Hoo    Ihe  Chief Comnsl"!**"' ��
Work, lo potahaar the lo...-wlol
located la>u�� Valler dl>l*s��"" L..j||
t ommeoclnj .1. peal PfJJJ'fiSi ��|
ol John Boat' pia-amptl.-n. a___,f
.onth. lbet��, M chasm *m_._____a
norih. thenc-Wch-uni eait iopl����"���
1 J 1CJUI.J-
���rHitr d.T. after d.i* 1 lu'f���f,-!|ii
raUon 10 ti* Chl*i l'��-n��V.'VjJIiSlfc
Worki lor p*rmlMlon l.
deocribed lud:   fommfC :ts|
.1 th. aoolheait eome
., '. I*.
ita1 h3
application to ���*>��'?*�����'���.BrV,|�� .I"*
cwrner," runnlnf theooe I * '"'ink, n
��' chaloi eaal. tbeoc-e ��� ���������'���'"' _____
ch.io. weil to polol olivi��meix*����3
i.z -MO .ere*, moreor le** _.
llotad the ��lh d.r oi Ap'". '��' j ,M
Slur d.r. .Iter d.ie I poff
���:.:'.:. lo Ine Hoaoiat**' lis ' -������ ��� wjm
csllaoili.nd Worki loi;p> .��f"(atJ0_\
Ih. lollowlnr dMctitse-1 "��1\__\ a0_\
a noil plvrd.boul on. ,���_������'__,,,,>
Sllrer Tip Psolol, on �� h��   ���������" J , K,
lie cteek m.rke.1 "t ". t',"'������,[_, ___
ttl-At thencWeh.loi wet. s. i beDrtkl
br r U H.mmond. m .��>���'������   J,������J
north. th.nc��ch��ir.i '**'_, <0i. C
���outh lo polot oi com id-n""
MO ocrta. mora or le^      ,, loerr.   . .
t>.ied ihe Mb d.r ol Ar*'}.* 'jf q. _*
: laattt___\
piitT d.ei .lurdi'-
Hon. Chlel Commliils1'
to pnrehMeiai-wrel*
Ide ol Arrow l.kc. is-
Commenclo. .1. P-- $'��"*{,., \_ ttm
ot I. aMT. .nd m.rlc-l �� T.,rrtiM*SS
riinnin, cui ��� ch.W- 'JJ^altfl
thenc wet *> '�����"'',.' .coorlk*"]
nenc wen a.' s.s... nl,rs
heocwc.l-Kich.Ioi. ihcJcs,
place olWflooly. MlAJJ
Burton. April -"
wwiiwn������ni-acwi Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
(otlcc la hereby given ihat so days alter date I
ihh|>p1v to the ir..nom Wc theCalc) Cornier nf Uthtu mi<1 WorkH fnr s apeclal
to cut un.i tarry awny timber from the
mi ilewTtb-eii laii���� in Weat Kootenay dis-
i-iti So. 1    ('ommi'tiring at a post planted
-.onth hank of Bl wherry ettekt abom
illea uj) tht- rrnek from railway track,
ijj chains east, tbenoe mo chalnn aoutb,
io chaina west! tbenoa *40 chaina nortb,
No chaliiH wchI, thencu Hi chalna north to
t ' ntiuiifiiccment.
���jinl Mb, i'Mt.
atlon No. 2.  Commenclngat a poal planted
i' ni.rihwi'itt rottjerot I^xalloti No 1, thfiice
li-tiuui" went, theuce BO chaiua north, thence
i eait, tlience 10 chains south, thenoe 80
(.�����t, thonce 40 chaini south to point of
��� <     in, m>6.
���atlon No 8 -('nmrncnclng at a poat planted
lalns waet of norllicu-i corner of f>ocatlon
, Hi-net- -lo chaina nouth, theuce lZOcbains
iheneeffl ���   mn* north, thence 40 chains
|t, u �������� -i" - ..'tin-  +��� mi th    thence 80 chains
|.oim' ol comniencuinent.
Mil. 1UU6.
Krnut W. Kobiksoi*.
... i* is hereby giren lhal 8U days alter date I
ltal   n  apply   to the Honorable the  Chief
iiiHloner of  l^nda and   Works, Victoria
rmlMion   to cut aud carry   away timber
iin* follitwlng   described lands, in West
I ('ommenclng at a pont planted on the
llliwol corner of lurveyeri lot No. TM Ul,
itit 10 i-liaiUH, iii-iiic north 80 chains.
Jnce eanl to tbe southeast corner of aald lot,
e uorth to the nnrthitast rorner of said lot,
I tut to thu went boundary of pre emption
I ��� ��� .--ith to tiiu north  boundary nf
lu-r licence No. H6U, theoce west along tbe
fl houmlary to the imrth west cornei of said
���iik*, ihence aonth to the north boundary of
Iber lifttnse No. 701B. thonce weat lo a point
tomb ol cotiiinvticement, thence north to
nl loiiiiiiencement, containing 640 acrea,
��� *i Ua; -!.'.th, 19U7.
P. A. Vaviaov, Locator.
J. A. BullivaK, Agent.
I'oinmcnclng at a post planted at the
IthwcHl rornei of surveyed lot No. 72*101.
mth to the northern boundary of tlm-
| llcctia-e No 7018, tbenco weat to the iiortn
���iirner ol -.1.11 timber Unease, thenoe aoutb
[��� ������������ru boundary of lot No. 8"2, tbence
I. *.: *i boundary of aald lot wett ta tbe
I "I way ot the B. C. Southern Hallway,
���nM��� i.iilntvlng uld right-of-way in a nortb-
a ��� ��� uon to place of commencement.
Wftlu.l Mny 25th) 190*7.
1' A  Paulson, Locator.
J. A^Siillivah, Agent.
ix hereby glren that 30 days alter date 1
J in * [.)���: v to the Honorable tne Chief Com-
lui-nii-r of Landi and Works, Victoria, for a
liceme to cut uid earry away timber
�� MIuwIdk described land lu thedlrtrlct
���Wi ii Kootenty:
"���ommenclng at a post about aeTen milea from
e mouth of .summit creek, in a weaterly dlrec-
in, irki'd U. M. H*niiy> norlheast corner
111. thcti"4 ft) chains went, lbence 40 chains
bill, thence 40 chains west, tbenoa 40 chains
nh. thence 80 ebalns mst, thence -I'i chains
���rth, tbenn Mi chains east, lbence 40 chains
irih to point of commencement.
O. M  BKNlfY, Locator.
Ahoi-s (Vmii, *jf����t-   _
|l��oii Uml Dlatrlet, Districtof Weat Kooteuay.'
Inke notice that (leorge A. Laurie, of
bM..ii, It c , lumberman, Intends loapply for
H*"'U. timber licence orcr tbe following de-
feibed landa:
mmcnciiiK at a poat planted about one nlle
li oi the Lick eabln, nu ine Lick cabin trail,
Itioimkl in creek,  theuce  nnrth  80 chains,
ence eaat HO chalnR, thence soutb 80 cbains,
���ix i* west sti chains to the point of commonee-
mt mnl cottiMlnliu 010 acres, more or leas.
|M��y 1st, 1W7. (Iio  A. Laihik.
ti Und District. Districtof Weat Kootenay.
2���Take notice that George A Laurie, ol
festoti, Il 0., lumberman, intend to appiv for a
���mai timber licence over the following de-
���rlbed lands:
|l om mencini at a post planted about one mile
Y     of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
'    nit-klii) creek,   tlience   south 80 chaiua,
chm no chains, tbence north 80 cbaina,
nncr west 80 ebalna tn the point ol commence-
n;ni mnl containing 640 aores, more or lesa.
���May i-i. lun. Uio. A. Lauari.
���Hmiij Und DlftrlOt   District of Weat Kootenay.
|No.:i   -Take notice  that VT.  H. I'age, of Kire
���alley, B. ('., cruiner, intends to apply for a
ai  timber licence over the following de-
rllwd landi:
' um mencing ul a post planted about ono mile
""li of tlie Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
luonaklln   creek, thence   south  80  chains,
ut went 80 chains, tbence north80 chalnn.
" ��� east 'vi chains to the point of commence*
il mill containing 640 acres, more or less.
�����> lit, iao7. w. II. PAQI, Locator.
Uao. A. Laurik, Ageut.
eliouLand District. Districtof Weat Kootonay.
No-4.- Take notice that W.  II.  Pan, oi Flre
wjey, HC, cruiser, Intends toapply for a special
miier  licence over   tho   following described
��������� in im; ut a post plii'iiud about one mi'o
"�� i of the lick cablu, on lbe Lick cabin trail,
11 "kiln   ereek,  thence  nnrth 80  ohalns,
����'c west 80 chains, thence iouth 80 chalna,
nee eaal ho chalnR io the point of commence-
ii "ind containing 640 aortli more or Icm.
����S lut, 1907. W. It. rani, Locator.
OIO. A. l.AlltlK, Agent.
���"�� land District. Diatrlntnf Weit Kootenay.
N�� ���"��� Take notice that Ucorgo A. Uurle, of
""o- B.C .lumherman, intends to apply lor a
iii i*!i i ""i'"r "oanifl ,,V('r tat following doi-
m n,: at a post plnnted about ono mile
'''���''tmioiie mile wchi, of the Lick cabin, on
i Li i ,n lrftil-,,�� Inonaklin creek, thonco
��� Hiiis, thence north 80 ebalns. tbence
"s, tbence south 80 chains to the polut
cement and containing 640 acres, mure
WayllUW. Uko. A. Lai:kib.
'Cjson Laud District. District of West Kootenay.
���rEiin l'^ I""''0 lllRt ������rge A. Laurie, of
hIn. '( 'i !���'' " -''"'bfnnan, Intends to apply for
rlbed land?-      loonM over tho lollowlng dei-
M.l|1ti?.,.'!!,I"'lntr ,tl a l",Rt Wanted abont one mile
i��� i ,V. ;.':',"' ,llllu weit of the Link cabin, ou
west:MPh.i��. .v*" n" Inonaklin creek, thonce
sail mi'ulu ' \,mw ""'������h W* t'hitni, thence
Mm or' lnanoo north no obalm, to the
res, more or|mQ1Icanent  ami eonlaliilng 640
"RyHlW.     . u.aA. L4UHH.
^,',,,Um DUtrlet. District of West Kooteuny.
'-rcMnn I r V��l!? ">at Oe<irg�� A. Uurle, of
a "tHMffl ti'mhl !u,I!1,"!rill,l��. InteudK to apply for
l-     ii"J2;   r U('iiaK ovor the following doi-
larte?.3,??,1^. *,* a   110Bt   Wanted about one
'���'"����� cahi, ,    i, l" M i"��terly direction from
h.     I.    ..ln"n,,1kII�� OWki tbence south 40
h       .        '""ibnirhulus, Ihence north 40
'���'"iimeniT,,   ,i   ,','V ,nn 1'1'��lni to the point of
oMpm  Leraonlan<��eonuialu|a4o acres, more
(1KO A. Laitrib-
batik of 10 Mile creek, ahoul one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked K Htraud'i northweat
eoruer post, thence eusl 160 ebalus, thence soulb
Wrhalns, tbence west 160 chains, tbenco north
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dsted this 21st day of March, 1907.
 k. htkaho, Locator*
Notiee Ih hereby given lhal 30 dayn atler date 1
Intend tn appl* fo the Hon, the Chief t'ommla-
���louer of Un,i* and Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
Irom the following deacrlbed lands in Vale district:
No. 1.���Commencing ata post planted about 10
chaini east of main Ketlle river aud about one
mile more or Ichs norih of C. P K. Block No.
'MM, and marked Boundary Lumber (Vs 8. K.
corner post No. 1, thence BOcbalns nirth. thence
80 chaiua west, thence m chains south, thence 80
chain*, east lo the polnl of commencement.
Dated Mar. h Wnd, 1907.
N..2.���' ommenclng ata post planted about 10
chalus eaat of main Keltle river aboul 80 chalna
norlh of Boundary Lumber Cos Location No. 1,
and marled Boundary Lumlier Co's H. I. corner
post No. 2, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chaltis west, thence 80 cbains soutb, tbeuce 80
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated A'nd March, 1907.
No. 8.-Commcnclng at a post planted about 80
cbains east of main Kettle riverand about 80
chains north of Boundary Lumber Co1! location
post No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
rl. K. corner pnit Nn. 3, theuce 80 chaini north,
thenct) 80 chains west, thence 80 chalna aonth,
tbenee 80 chalna cast to the point of commence*
Dated March Bad, 1907,
Nn. 4.���Communing at a post planted about
10 chains eaal ofthe main kettle river and about
80 chains north of Boundary Lumber Co's location posl No. 3, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co's H.h. corner post No 4, thence W cbaina
north, thence 80 chains wesl, tbence 80 chalna
aoutb, thenoe ��u chains cast to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 5.���Commencing at a post pierced about
r> cbalm eait of main Kettle riverand about
two miles north, more or less, of Boundary Lumber . o's Location No.4, and markeii Boundary
Lumber Co'a 8 K. coroer post No.fi, thenoe 80
ebalns north, tbence 80 cbaini west, thenee 80
chains iouth. tbence 80 ebalus eut to the point
of commencement.
Datod March *3rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted about 25
chains eaai of main Kettle river on C P. K. line
blocs No. 2714, and about 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumbar Co's location poat ho. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's 8.1, comer poat
No. 6, thence 80 chains nortb, following C. P. R.
line block No 2714, tbence 80chains west, theuce
80 chalm aoutb, theuce 80 chains east to tbo
polntof commencement.
Dated March 8Srd. 1907.
No. 7.���Commeuelng at a post planted about
lfi chains west of the malu Keltic river on C I'.K.
line block No 2714, ami about 80 cbaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. t, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's B. K corner p.isi
No. 7, lbence 160 chalm north, following C. l\ R.
line block No. 2714, tbeuce 40chains weat, thence
160 ihains south, thence 40 chalna east to tbe
polntof commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 19W.
No. 8 --Commencing at a post planted about
20 chalm west from river ban* aud about 3 mllei
iouth, more or leaa, of tbe last eut branch of the
ea>t fork of the main Kettle river or about IS
milea north, moreor less, of ('. P. R. Bloek No,
2714, on eut fork ot Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner post No 8, thence
80 chaiui eut. tbence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north to tbe point
ot com meneement.
Dated March 2Mh, 1907
No. 9.���Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on thc eut fork
of Kettle river, and about hi chains south of
Boundary LumberCo's location post No 8, and
marked tiouudury Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
post No. 9, tbence 80 chains cam, thenc 8o chains
south, thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chaini
north to tbe point of commencement.
Datod Marcb 25th, 1907.
No. 10���Commencing at a post planted about
20 chatni weat (rom river bank on the east fork
of Keltle river, aud about 80 chalm touth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 9, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
poat No. 10, thence 80 chaini east, thence 80
chaini south, thence 80 chalna weit, theuce 80
chains north to the point of eommeucement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 11.���Commencing at a poit planted abont
lfi chains west Irom river bank on the eut fnrk
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's locution post No. 10, aud
marked Boundary LumberCo's N. W. corner post
No. 11, Iheuce 80 cbaina east, tbence 80 chains
south, thence 88 chaiua weat, thence 80 chains
north to the point oi commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 12.���Commeuelng at a post planted about 12
cbains weet from river bauk su the eut fork of
Ke tie river, and about 80 chains aouth of
Boundary LumberCo'i location post No. 11, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
po>t No. 12, tbence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chalus west, thence 80
norlh to the point of commencement.
Dated March afith, 1907.
No. 13.���Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains west from river bank on thc eut fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Bouudary Lumber Co's location post No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N W. corner
post No. 18, theuce 80 chalnn cut, thence 80
chalnn south, thence 80 chaiua west, theuce 80
ebalns north lo tbe point of commencement.
Dnted Marcb 38U), 1907.
No. 14,���Commencing at n post planted nbout
10 chnius west from river bank on tho cut fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains iouth of
Boundnry Luinher Co's location post No, 1,1, aud
marked Boundary LumberCo's N W. cornor post
No 14, thencu 80 chnins eut, thence 80 cliHlns
south, thence 80 chains west, tbence 80 chalm
north to the poiut of commencement.
Dated Marcb 25th, 1007.
No. lfi.-Commetuing at a post planted about
10 chains west irom river bank ou the enst fork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 chains soutb of
Boundnry Lumber Co's post No 14, and mnrked
Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner post No. 15,
ihence 80 chalna enst, thence 8<; chains south,
thonce 80 chaius wuhI, thence 80 chains north to
polntof commencement.
Fated March 2Mb, 1907.
N��� lfi.���Commencing al a post planted about
8 chalnn west from river bunk on the east lork of
Kettle river, and about 80 chalm south of
Boundary Lumber Co's locntion poat "o. 15, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'a N. W. corner post
No 16, Ihence 80 chnlna cast, thenee 80 cha ns
south, thence 8i chains wesl. thonce 80 chalna
north to thc point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 17.-C..nimoneing at a pnst planted nbout
5 chains weat from river bank on the enst fork
of Kettle river, nml about 80 chaini ����th .of
Boundary Lumber Op'l location tntet No. 16, and
marked Boundary Lumber 00*8 N. W. eorner
Mil No 17, Ihenco BO chnins eut, thence 80
chnins south, thence ni obalW weit, tbence��
chains north lo the point of commencement.
Dnted March 2Mb, 1907.
No. 18.-Commencing at a post plnnted about
fi chalna west ot the river bnnk on the cant Jort
. Nutic
1 ll,*,i'di!)|������ .? ? Vl7' ""it so dayi from date
01 i*nd�� H BHft ,vAfl ll"�� '������hief Commissioner
��M earry    i   ,"  ,   "r MPttUI license to eut
"^landrrnwutlr' f.rom tho '""owing**
11U we��l Kootenay district:
Houn.1.7 Lumbar Co'i lOMtlon W>�� No. 17
ansl martosl Hsiuniiisty ��� umber Co J �����S*�����K
resist Nl). 18. llmni-s- HO rhaim Ban, ___'""_ &
IZ mioulh, lhcm*is*is**..siii" *���� ��� ��������� m
chain, north to tie point ol ��"*m**S���m
The Dafly Canadian
Fall. Wearing Their Way Toward! Lake
Erie���Rate of R --jasion It
Five Feet Each Year.
The recently Issued report of the United States Geological Survey, "Kate of
Recension of Niagara Falls," by G. K.
Gilbert contains the following interesting data:
"The rate of recession of the Horse-
shoo Fall, or the rate of lengthening of
the Niagara Oorge during the 63 years
from 1842 to 1905 is found to bo 5 feet
per annum wltb an uncertainty of 1
foot. For the 33 years from 1842 to
1875 the rate was apparently slower
than for the 30 years from 1875 to 1906.
The rate of recession of the American
Fall during the 78 years from 1827 to
1905 was Icbs than 3 Inches per annum.
The time consumed in the recession of
the falls from the escarpment at Lewis-
ton (7 miles distant), to their present
poslllon or the age of the river is not
estimated. It cannot bo properly computed without taking Into account all
conditions, local and temporary, affecting the rate of recession and some of
these conditions have varied greatly
from point to point and from time to
Le Conte, in his "Elements of Geology," innks-s the following statement:
"All attempts to estimate accurately
the time consumed In excavating Nl-
iignrii Gorge must be unreliable, since
we do not yet know the circumstances
which controlled the rate of recession
at different stages of Its progress.
Among these circumstances, the most
important are the volumes of water, and
especially lhe hardness of the rocks,
and the insuiii, s in which hard and soft
are superposed. The present position
of the falls Is apparently favorable for
rapid recession. Mr. Lyell thinks, from
personal observation, that the average
rate could not have been more than 1
foot per annum, and probably much less.
At this rate It would require about 36,-
000 years. More recent estimates make
the probable rate 3 feet per year, and
the time, therefore, 12,000 years. But
whether we adopt the one or the other
estimate, this time must not he confounded with the age of the earth.
"The work of excavating the Niagara
chasm belongs to the present epoch, aud
the time Is absolutey Inslgnaflcant in
comparison wllh thc inconceivable earlier ages."
Generous Provision.
Naples, June 10,���On the arrival yes
terday of the steamer Lazaio from New
York, Joseph E. Sanche and his wife,
Maria, were arrested at the request of
the Cuban authorities. Sanche is wanted In Cuba for alleged theft from the
gas compuny at Havana. In the luggage
of Sanche, $20,000 was found, and on his
person, 1170,000. Mrs. Sanche had 140,-
000 and bonds valued at $20,000. They
refused to make any explanations concerning their possession of the money
and bonds.
A. M. Cu. Sac. O. XL
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker SL, NELSON, B. C.
F. C GREEK      F. P. BURDEN       A. B. GREEN
(M Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F.0. Box 145   FhoM2��IB.
Nelion, B. C��� June 10th, 1907.
HKALED tkndkkb will be received br the
atiTernment Agent, at Nelson, B.C., until noon
June  Utb.   1907,  tor supplies of must, bread,
Srncerles, hardware, boots and shoes, clothing,
ry goods, fuel, and drugs, for the Provincial
Haol, ��t Nelson, B.C., for one year from July
lit, 1907, to June Wth, 1U08
Forms of tender can be had, and samples of
clothing nnd dry goods seen atjthe Provincial
Uaol, Nelson, B.C.
Tne lowest or any tender not necessarily ae-
��ept    ' HABfeY WRIGHT,
Government Agent.
Notice is herehy given that thirty days alter
date I Intend to apply tn the Honorable the Chief
���Commissioner of -Lands and Works, Victoria, for
permiRSl'in to cut and carry away Umber from
the following described lands: Commencing at
a post marked No. 1, E. Kioux, and planted at
tbe northeast corner of Lot 8688 C. P R block,
near the weat fork of Ketlle river, Yale dlatrlot,
B.C., thence running 80 chains east,80cbains
south. 80 ehnins west, 80 chains north to point of
Dnted April 37th, 1907.
So. 2,���Commencing at the northeast corner of
No. 1, theuce running east 80 chains, thence
souih Ho chains, thonce west 80chains, thenoe
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 27,1907.
N���. :t. --Commencing at a point about one hall
mllo west of the northeast corner of C P. R.
Hlock No, 3638, thence running north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thonco enst 80 chnius to point of commencement.
Dated April Wth, 1907.
��No 4) .���Commeuelng at the northeut corner
of No. 8, thence running north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, tL'encu
,-aiti 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April SHE, 1907
No 6.���Commencing at a post planted north of
Conkllng creek, nea,r west line of C. P. R. Block
No 2704, thence running west*!chains, thenoe
���outh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,, thenoe
north B0 chaini to point of oommenoement.
Dated May lit, 1907. B. Ricvx, Looator.
Few Crops Damaged, and Only Slightly
by Late Sea.on���C. Rlchter's
Fruit Prospects.
Since last sprint;, (ruit growers and
farmers, big and small, bave lost no
time in looking after their holdings, and
the result ls seen In the luxurious
growth that everywhere meets the eye.
That magnificent growth of alfalfa of
Frank Rlchter's, some 130 acres in one
block, awaiting the mowing machines,
Is a drawing card that Is bound to captivate visitors who come to the valley.
Hut it is his peerless orchard that takes
the greater part of Mr. Rlchter's time
these days, and while he can get hands
to help in the haying he finds it difficult
to get competent help for work in the
Last winter was a most trying one to
the fruit Industry all over the continent,
and in some of the wannest localities
the trees suffered most. In Mr. Richter'B
orchard the peach crop appears to have
fared worst, and portions of the orchard
that were sheltered from the north wind
seem to have been less fortunate than
those more exposed. The apple crop will
not be as heavy as usual, but plums, apricots etc., appear well-loaded. Tbe
damage to his almond trees ,some of
which suffered severely, is most re-
most regretted by Mr. Rlchter.
ln his orchard and garden be is waging ceaseless war with the weeds, out
of which he takes a good deal of real
satisfaction, for a rank growth of weeds,
aB long as they are kept down, indicates
richness in the soil.
The young orchards set out last year
on the Keremeos Land company's property for themselves and those who purchased from them seem to have come
on very well, and the ground in most
cases is being kept in good order. Along
the range between Rlchter's and Mrs.
Daly's that has been supplied with water from the new flume, are many fine-
looking orchards, some looking better
than others, which shows that Individual holdings will respond to the particular treatment given them. One particularly healthy one is that of Mr. Jelly,
and some who favor the idea of home
grown nursery stock point to the fact
that Mr. Jelly's trees had this advantage, coming as they did from the nursery of Martin ilurrill at Grand Forks.
On a portion of their ground which
Is down nearer the level of Keremeos
creek, the Oregon Nursery Co. has commenced operations. They have 40 acres
under lease in which they have planted
10,000 dormant pear buds, 75,000 dormant peach buds, 11-2 tons of peach
pits, 50,000 apple seedlings, 50,000 apple grafts and 10,000 dormant apple
buds, and all seem to be doing welt,
even the peach pits having broken
through the ground and started sunward. They expect to have some stock
ready for the market this fall and much
more next spring.
Much interest at present Is centering
on the Webster estate, recently purchased by Mr. C. A. Macdonald and now
being divided Into 10 and 5-acre lots.
The splendid results ln fruit growing,
or for that part, of anything which Mr.
Bullock-Webster attempted to grow, has
amply demonstrated the value of the
property, and only the disadvantage of
being cut oft* by the river prevented It
being better known to visitors. The
property itself ls of considerable extent, and when divided up will support
a good large population; besides, the
existence of other farms over there will
demand the construction of a bridge in
the near future, and then the property
will be next door to everywhere.���Hedley Gazette.
Assassin Attempts Suicide.
St. Petersburg, June 11.���A terrorist
named Chernau, allged to be implicated
In the recent plot against the life ot Emperor Nicholas, - attempted to commit
suicide ln a nearby suburb.	
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Ch.rlei Q. Simpson, or sny other person
to whom be ni.y h.ve tr.nsfeirea his Interest In
the "M.y Blossom'* rolnor.1 clftlm, situated on
Brown Mount.In. two snd a h.ll mile, .outh*
west ot Ymir, ln the Nelson Mining Plvlflisn, ssl
Weal Koolen.y Dlatrlet, end recorded In the
Recorder'a ofllce, lor the Nelion Division.
You ftnrt eaoh of you sre hereby uolilied that
I h.ve expended two hundred .nd Ave dollar.
(206.1X1) In Ubour and ltnprovomenta upon the
above mlu.r.l cl.lm ln order to hold the aame
under the provisions ol the Mineral Act. and lf
withiu ninety davs from Ihe date of thu notice
you (.11 or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which li one hundred and two
Ally doll.rs (1102.50) tor Ihe two year, ending
Bth May. 1W7,) together wllh all costs of adver
tlalng, vour Interest ln tho said claim will be*
come the property ol the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend tho
Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Ymir, B. c , Uth May, 1907.
In the matter ot an application (or the laeue ot
a duplicate ot the Certificates of Title forXot.ll
and 1*2, Block U, Town o( silverton (MapS7,);
the south H ol Lot I, Block I, Town ol New Den-
ver-aed Lot 1, Block 11 and lot >, slock 86,
Mi'Ullllvray's Addition to New Denver (Map Wl);
Notice Is hereby given that It la my Intention
to Issue at th. expiration ol one month from the
the flnt publication hereof duplicate, of tho
Certlflcatea ol Title to the above deacrlbed Unda
In the name o( Henry Bberan and Harry Sheran,
which Certlflcatea are dated the 17th June, 1W9.
the Ith of October, 1891, IheKrdJnly, UM, and
the 19ils Janu.ry, 189S, reapeetlvely, and are
numbered'2021K, 1|M17A,782C and MI, reapeetlvely.
H. r. M.cLKbD,
Dlatrlot Beglatrar
Und Registry Ofllce, Nelaon, Be       ^
29th, May, 1907.
Th* Sttathcona
Looated in the Finest Position of
A Residential and Tourists' Home from
tlattt Ptrsoul Sopcrsslilon of Proprietor ud Wife
Queen's Hotel
���aker Btreet, Kelson. B. O,
Lighted by Eleotiioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and flrat.
claaaDlnlag Room. Sample Boom, for Commer-
elal la
MBS. K. C.CLARKE, Froprletreae
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont House
European end Amerloan Plan
Meal. B eta. Booms frost �� cti. to n.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker It, Nelaoa Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ll the Finest.
Whlta Help Only Implored.
Josephine Bt
Royal Hotel
Botes tl ud 11.60 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Uoat comfortable quarter. In Nelson
Only the heat of Liquors aod cigars.
Ae McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miner*' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim,
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, st his
ofllce. In the Court House, ln the City of Nelson,
will be received up to the hour of nve o'clock,
ln the afternoon ,o( Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
the puichase ot the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot 8802, Group l, Kootenay district, which la
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
sale, held in the city of Nelson, on the Sth day of
November, 1W&, for delinquent taxes up UH
June Both, 1906, and coals.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes ttRTlmount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, wltb Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising, snd fee for Grown Grant (125.00) is viio.w,
which is the least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Bach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to Ibe order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C., at par
Dated at Nelson, B. C, ibis Wth day of May,
Government Agent. Nelsou, B.C.
Notice Is herehy given that tbe Wattaburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and titream* Act," for the
right to improve Rykerts creek, ln the district of
West Kootonay, British Columbia, hy removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make such other Improve?'
ments as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of lews and the flumlng of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots 2>1 and 262, Group 1, Kootenav district, and
the tolls that aro proposed to be charged, If any,
are such as maybeflxedbya Judgoof the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th dAy of March, A, V. 1907.
I hav* Juat returned to Nelaon and
hava opened up at th* aame old atand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KAL80MINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
We have five desirable residences for sale. Gall and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
3 Improved Ranches Fo* Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between NelsoH and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
of tte
Choicest Froit Lands tn
British CobnbU.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor pries.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sitoated in Fairvlew, Close to the Car Lias
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-claa* cellar. Com*
plat* water ayetem. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   Thla la a anap.   For particular* apply to
For Quick Sale ?**- ��*���?* " .wf
���1 Aim of Kootenay Lake
Six acres, all cleared of timber, with 300 frnit trees planted ont. Three
roomed dwelling, already furnished, and two chicken houses with number ot
chickens.   Lots of water.   Price complete, only $950.00, on very *a*y term*.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phona 147.        P. U. Box 44a
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lots 2 and 3,
ln Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereas tbe documents hereinaltpr mentioned
are not in the possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Reid;
And whereas production of them Is required
under the "Land Registry Act";
Take notice that aU or any -persons, having
theBe documents in their possession or hating
any interest ln the same are required to produce
the lame to the District Registrar of Und Titles
at Nelion, B.C., on or before the 15th dayof July,
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 29th October, 1891.
Mortgage in Fee, faom A. Carney and A. Barrette
to H. Mclnnes and P. Burns, dated tbe ath
of November, 1892.
Conveyance ln Fee under power  of  Bale ln
Mortgage from Malcolm Mclnnis and P. Burns
to A. II. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance in Fee, A. H. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 24th of August, UM.
Conveyance tn Fee, Bank of Montreal, to Hose
Mary Heathcote   and Joseph Heatherlngton
Howes, dated llth November, ISM.
Conveyance lu Fee, of an undivided one quarter
from Rote Mary Heathcote to Paul Johnson,
dsted the atuh of December, 1896.
Dated tbis Wth day of May, A. P., 1907.
H. F. MacLXOD,
Distriet Registrar of Land Titles.
IN THE MATTER of tho "Rivtrg and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after dale
Tbe Canadian Pacific 1 imber Company, Limited.
intends to submit tothe Honorable Chief Commissioner of l*nds and Works a proposal under
the provision! of the "Rivers and Streams Act"
and amendments Hereto, for the right to im
prove Trout creek aad iti tributaries from the
sources of such creek and tributaries to the point
where thc tame flows Into Trout lake In tho Dis
trict of West Kootenay, und to remove obstrac-
tlous therefrom and make the samo fit for driving, storing,sorting and bonmlng logs, rafts and
crafts, ami the flumlng ot lumber thereon, also
tor the right tp collect tolls thereon.
The lands affeetel are Crown lands and Lots
SO,  7��0,  7951,  772, 771 789, 782 and 190, all In
roup], West Kootenay.
Dated this 80th day ol May, 1907.
by their solicitor, B. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $5150
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur,
MwrtrMl W4.00
-tMohn ����4.00
Ottawa IS2.55
Chicago IM.00
Toronto 178.50
St Loula MO.00   *
Now York ��100.00
Halifax ��101.g>
On Salt July 3, 4, 5.   Aogtut 8,9,10.
September II, 12.13/
First Clan Rocmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from atl
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and bertha
on lake steamers. Through'rates quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.O.P.A..V��lMlmr. D.P.A., M.Imb
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
Contractor -and
Sole .|ent for the Porto Rloo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yard,. Rough ud -AiMMd lunher. turned
work ud bracket., Coul Utb ud iMaa-l-M, NSk
ud doon. Cement, briek aad Hm. lor sake.
Antom.tlc Hinder.
Yard sua fictory: Venwalt.. awl ot Ball
p. o. Box au.
���:       ',
is] I
tsi i
*1 V ,-:' 1
��� i\- \ ��� \
The Daily Canadian
~0TtT   oi  tIie  ^IanJ'  Attractive Articles
rCW We are Showing This Month
CARVING   SETS �������>
SILVER   BAKE   DISHES    $10.00   and  J11.00
SMALL SILVER  FERN  POTS Ier table decoration, each $2.00
Watchmaker and Optician
[Our Stock is Complete ���
**J Here are t ao Soap Specials:
>25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C I
��� 72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 ���
jBdl Trading Co.j
���>Thla store will be Closed Everr Thursda
Afternoon iu June, Julv ami August
PBONIKO AND GRAFTINll I'.relullr attend
d to. Apply
Sflvor Ktrsff lintel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
to to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Gnosis now on sale.
All kinds of Dinner-ware ln stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Frnit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
AU Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
P-sofing Pitch and
Boat BaHdars will find it to their ad-
vintage to nse onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovesi, etc.
Itl Eaet Baker 8t        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
W. c4. THURMsiN,
fotoccoitot  Baker Street.
Socialist l*urt>* BMtt every Fndsr
evttini al > i' m . in ine Miners' 1'nion Hall
Al! sr*- Inrllaa; sny one ���Mowed lo uke part in
thf tie beiM.   T. A un! in. seer* tarr.
Cor. Vernon and Ward Straets,
NELSON,   B. ~*
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
A. H. Sutherland. Toronto; S. T. Hart,
Spokane: F. Farran. G. Gibbon, W. Jack.
C. C. Gladwin, Vancouver; T. McNeish,
Slocan; J. J, Fleutot. Bellevue; J. E
Woods. Pincher Creek; A. Carney, A.
Lucas, H. G. Whellams, Kaslo: E. Johnson, Ottawa: J. C. Ford. Ixindon; R
Hai vie. Montreal; P. C. Waterson, Ross
land: R. h. Richardson, Winnipeg; S.
G. Watson, Silverton; J. B. Coffrey,
Winnipeg; J. H. Davison, New Denver;
H. G. Breelman. Grand Forks; G. D
BH!. Salmo; J. W. Ford, Procter.
The Strathcona
Finest Rooms    -Choicest Cuisine
Civility and Cleanliness
U J. Seymour, Vancouver; \V. A. Mil
legan. Toronto; C. J. Clemens, Berlin;
Wi S. Fraser, Hrantford; \V. Forrest.
Seattle; J. J. Shields and wife, E. T.
Nichols. T. J. Wright, Winnipeg; W. R.
Allen. Kaslo; .Mrs. H. C. MeBride, Lon
don; L. J. Seqnor, Vancouver.
G. Carabell, Fernie; W. Martin, W. J
Bennett, Rossland; Mr. and Mrs. Bra
zier, Trail; C. F. Russell, Knox; J. Williams, New Denver; Mrs. Foddard, Fer
guson; T. J. Graham, Rosebery.
E. Peterson, J. Hansen, Cranbrook; J
Clark, Klngsgate; Ed Peterson, J. Hanson, E. Peters, Nova Scotia; G. Patter
son, Greenwood.
A. Hudson. Vancouver; H. W. Ar
buckle, Orillla; J. O. Brown. D. N. Kent,
England; R. J. Scrivener, 49 Creek; F
Culver, Spokane.
W. Forrest. Seattle; A. Fisher, Kings
gate: S. Rivatt, Winnipeg; J. C. Atngot,
Quebec: Geo. B. White, Deer Park; L.
Gallagher, Vmir; G. P. Fauree, Seat-
tie; Geo. B. Dean, Spokane; J. Burns,
R. Horrle. Gutelius; E. Clarke, How.
ser; A. Leet, Kaslo; F. Hockens. Midway; J. E. Matheson, Nakusp; S. F.
Griswold, G. Larson. V. E. McDonald,
Paulson; G. Grey, R. Grey. Spokane.
What Better Location
Could you desire than a fine 7-room
house, all modern, with corner lots and
overlooking the river. Close In and on
Uie car line.
$1800���One-Half Cash
balance   monthly   payments.
HOUSETo Rent. D. C. Coternu,Superintendent
0 PR. ^
A NURSE SSIRI., about  It year, old.   Applv at
Sitter King Hotel  _____
f��'�� SMART BOVS-.steasly wort; food mtats.
Apply Me.H-DpsT office
COOK-Hotel.190. WaItreM.I36;atonce   Phone
You-* man wltb gotnl offiee experience aeek, a
position.   Apply Box 518, Nelson, B.C.
two FIRBT-CL_a ROOMS steam heats*.  Applr housekeeper. ��st flat, K. W. C. bloc*.
The Person, who took a Lady's Umbrella from
K. P. Hall, Win kindly return at once, to this
office.   Phone ta*>B
BUNCH  OF KE1S.    Return to Cbsw. Lon-r-
BRA*B CORNET. Two Shanks b and a. With
rase For Price, Apply M. J. D. Box 1103,
KOOMI!) HOUSE, , iou with besrlnt- Iruit
trees, O*o��*rvato-*j Street, 2 doora from KootcD-
��:��� rent sts IH per month. Two Oood Boons
above our offi-*-?, juat the pls-tce for offle-n, rant
115 00 per montb. Toye* Co., Baker Street,
Ntlaon.B C,
Members of Nelson Aerie. F. O. E���
are reminded of the regular meeting of
the lodge tomorrow evening.
Plate Glass Windows
, New plate glass windows are being
placed  in the  corner store  under the
opera house.    This store will be used
as a millinery establishment.
High Mark Again.
The London quotation of lead advanced two points today and is now at
�� 20, 5s., the highest price reached on
the recent rise. Silver has again
dropped one point.
Loaa by Fire.
Last week the C. P. R. lost something
like $20,000 by ihe destruction of the
Baker creek trestle on the Boundary
branch, sparks from a locomotive having set flre to the structure.
A meeting of those interested In the
floral exhibit at the Nelson Fair was
held in G. C. Hodge's offices last nigMt.
Resolutions were unanimously adopted
asking the directors to restore the regulations that were In force last year.
Successful Park Concert.
The city authorities are well satis-
fled wiih the result of the flrst Sunday
park concert. The two cars were taxed
to their uttermost all afternoon, the receipts bein gsufflclent to defray all expenses and leave a substantial margain.
Purchased a Ranch.
Dr. Wlllson has purchased Harry Williams' ranch up the lake. The place is
an ideal spot for a summer residence. It
has 150 trees, which will probably bear
next year, besides all the buildings necessary for carrying on chicken raising
on a large scale.
Back Again.
R. L. Richardson, of the Winnipeg
Tribune, spent set-era) days up at Procter Ashing. It Is not feared that as a
result of Mr. Richardson's two days'
Ashing expedition the waters of the
Kootenay will be completely cleared of
fish. As a matter of fact, only one fish
was caught during the two days, but It
was big enough to make It the basis of
a good fish story when Mr. Richardson returns to the Prairie capital. He
will remain in the city for a day or so
Men Wanted.
According to the Phoenix Pioneer, in
the neighborhood of 500 more men can
be given employment in the various
mines and three smelters of the Boundary district, at the best wages paid In
any part of Canada or the West, for
similar work. For the last week men
have been coming ln steadily and the
mines and smelters are fast getting
back to their normal capacity, but, as is
well known, it is the intention to increase the output of copper even beyond that of the season before the last
labor trouble In the coal fields that tied
up two or three local smelting plants.
The Store of Quality
Per Bottlt25c
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
2 Tins 25c
These goods are low In price but high
In quality. Give tbem a trial and be
40c per Pound.
K. W. O. Blotk . Phone 10.
For Sale
S450.0C, 2 lots on Latimer street.
$325.00, 1 lot on Latimer and Stanley.
1200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine,
f 175.00, lot en Carbonate near Park
$450.00, 16 Iota on lnnes street.
West Baker Street        NELSON, B. C.
k j
I have a full line of the best
known soaps at prices
J 5c to 50c
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
A Oood
For a
Wedding Qift
One of those glorious aluminum, hollow tone-arm Columbia Graphophones
or an Edison Phonograph.
���These machines mark the highest point
of perfection In the reproduction of music. With one of them in the house the
singing or playing of the finest artists
and performers in Opera, Comic Songs,
Vaudeville, Duets, Quartets. Band. Orchestra, and instrumental solo playing
on almost any Instrument, can be list-
ened to and enjoyed at pleasure.
What could make a handsomer or
more acceptable wedding gift, or that
would give greater or more lasting
Columbia   Graphophones   (play   disc
records).   $15.00,   $25.00. $35.00. $50.00.
Edison    Phonographs    (play cylinder
records).    $15.00,    $25.00    and   $35.00.
W. G. Thomson
l?^ioViT'ai Nelson, B.C.
Phone .14.
Charged With Assault.
A charge of assault has been preferred by a white man against a Chinaman.
The case will crime up in the psslice
court In the morning.
Meeting This Evening.
At the meeting of St. Paul's Christian
Endeavor this evening, Mrs. Dill will
lead the discussion on the subject, "How
to Help Those Younger Than Our
Farmers' Institute.
Next Saturday evening W. S. Fraser,
of Brantford, and Deputy Minister of
Agriculture Anderson will address a
meeting under the auspices of the local
branch of the Farmers' Institute.
Want a Race Track.
An effort Is being made In Midway to
organize a race track association. Thus
far the promoters are meeting with
considerable success, stock to the
amount of some $5,000 having already
been subscribed.
"Death of Jack Evans."
R. T. Lowrey has a short sketch in
the last issue of the Week which will
be read with Interest by old-timers. It
Is entitled, "Death of .lack Evans." and
is written in the style which has made
the New Denver sage famous.
Gaol Supplies.
Government Agent Wright Is adver
tlsing for tenders for gaol supplies.
These will include supplies of meats,
bread, groceries, hardware, boots and
shoes, clothing, dry goods, fuel and
drugs. Tenders must be In before noon,
June 26th.
Improvements at Ths Hume.
In the improvements recently made
at the Hume the accomodations at that
hotel will be Increased by about 22
rooms. In all there are now ^bout 75
rooms. Mr. Hume intends to make
other Improvements, Included In which
will be a $1,000 coat of paint on the
Wholesale ansl Bstsll Deslsn in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders recoive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Ws' Ilavs- ft Large Variety of the late
Current Kietiou. The Cheapest Edition
in Which They Are Published Is "Sets.
each.     MK)   Titles    to   Select   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors /5{
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lt
COR BAKER and WARD.       Phone .
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the Ix>ndon Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Neleon.
Liptons^ Teas
We are in receipt of a shipment of
Lipton's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins  No. 2  25c
One Pound Tins  No. 2 50c
Half Pound Tins   No. 1  . .TT.....    sfle
One Peund Tins  No. 1   60c
Telephone 161.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. P>me, Baker St.
INELSOIN,    ���    B. C.
A. Carney came down from Kaslo -fes-
James Cronln went over to Rossland
J. H. Schofleld. M. L. A., went over to
Ymir and Erie last night.
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor, Kaslo ,1s registered at the Hume.
Wm. Martin, of Martin Bros., Rossland, was In the city yesterday.
Mrs. Kilby, Mrs. Ilacon and Miss
Langford have returned from Spokane.
A. H. MacNelll, K. C, Rossland. will
spend the summer vacation In England.
Ireland and Scotland.
W. Eureby and wife will leave for
Liverpool tomorrow morning on a short
visit to friends an drelatlves ln the Old
Stray Cattle.
The city police have declared war
against stray horses and cattle running
at large within the city limits. One
team was Impounded today, but the
owner paid the poundage fees, and took
the animals away. The strict enforcement of the bylaw wnn regard to stray
animals would be greatly appreciated
by citizens who have been suffering
from this cause In the past.
Persian Rebel Beaten.
Teheran, June 11��� It |8 reported that
Hlssam Milk, the rebellious prince, attacked Salar el Dowleh, governor of Lit-
ristan province, near Hlpayend. western
Persia, Saturday, and was compelled to
retreat with heavy losses.
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and in a painstaking manner. The stock should be dur-
able, and they Bhould look well and at
the same time be comfortable.
Our shoes meet all these requirements
STyal, LiUHIth.
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains)
Oar Fancy Vestings Mast Be Sold
This  Month  Regardless  of Cost.
You can buy Wasb Vestings for 11.00, worth 13.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, wortht_*
See them and buy now while tbe selection  Is good.
A-*SS.BER0, Baker St., Nelwn, B.C.
Summer Clothing	
$7.50 to $101
All Sizes.
Spring is HerQ
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spf'
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pniners, I
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwi
Company, Limited*
^***mr*r~*��~AB. a. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
R-B-psnlrlns and Jobbing executed with Daapatuh.   ShMtMfl
Work, Mlnlns; "nd Mill Muchlmn .     Manulsctunrsi"
Oro Cars, R. R.   Uontractora' Cara. I
Corner ot Hall and
Front Rtreel-i.
Spring Stock fust Opened If
Carload Linoleum** and Carpets
Prom U lasso w, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Compaflj
Complete House Farnlsben
Undertaken,   Embalm*"
Mssssson it Kl-vh Hanoi.
Osstcrmssor Mattnasss.
Mars-shall Hanltarjs Mattreaiea.
SSS Umber, SfcingH.
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo*w*|
Turned Work and Brackets. Mall Orders promptly stW*���
     VBRNON STRKBT   .   -   ���   NBL.SON. B. C
Summer Necessities
And CLIP"**1"
Door and Window Screens
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Uf
^mivimtammmi,    s       ���**.


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