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The Daily Canadian Aug 27, 1906

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 _tye CUaUy ��anatocm
1.   No. 72-
rtble Fertility of
(ootenay Explained
luabk Address Delivered to Far-
Icrs Institute���Fears That
Land May be Exhausted.
Kootenay, ilms'- al
neai   Nelson,  took  full
ihi   vis.ii  ui' lie- deput)
ul   agriculture,   J.   It. Auder-
.   ui   Bhall  nr Ottawa.
. Hi-mi and evening piei tings
ded    The forim-i  has
i, .    lull;   ss-|ss,iii-,i in poster-
the Canadian.,
ul nis evening addreai
11 sisssii enunciated  tbe sinii
. ,-j  iiiat  the  remarkable  iur-
I   r.       nay    ami    Okauiman    i.s
. s liaimal   condition   ut
unusual    proportion   ol
���    plan!     fund,  mil     lu
I   plant   food, and  that
j iu oiher districts may
Luiom. T.  Morlt-y.  I,  Hyslop.
K   W. Wlddowson, u.
i     Adle.   U.   i'ls'lllillK.   J.   U
Ihi is  uKsemliled,  the  to-
bi    bi mg    about    10,  at   llio
trade roomi, to bear l'rofcs-
meeting was called to
after ti-   In tbe abBenoe
:��� in ami   vice   president,
une   was  elected  to   tlie
II. sVnilerson briefly explained
wbat be meant to say tn the at-
"ti iilssiiis stnmping powder was
���-ii,'iai government has ar-
'I lm ilii- 1'iirchase of ll al lis.'s
��� isi ilu- coast, and wiih the C
company to transport It ln lots
1  I'i'iiii'ls ur more ut single firsl-
Instead   nf   duuble.   as   lu
arged  nn explosives.
I  thai those present ones-
101    Slum  eloBt'ly    on    all
fern      Tin-   suggestion    was    ap-
"i iss iin- chairman.
' Shuti then spoke on "The
li'-is.sm ,- and Increase of Soil Per-
ta Relation in Crop yields." He
III) recounted the geologlaal theory
"I formation and the gruilunl run-
sissn nf sund, clay and mixtures
plif twss. Neither Hand nor clay nor
mixture of .ihe two alone could
'i'l higher animal life until ihey
��� I'-sl by the third elemenl ol
ll. humus, nr decayed vegetable life.
!*��� elements of Iron, potash and man-
'itn aii* required among the miner-
;s- tii ii-s.
lie liaslc rock Is, however, of first
���  ni determining the oharao-
11 soil. Saml or silica is valuable
thanlcally, Inn not chemically. ChTJ
inure valuable cliemlcully.
llss- rirai problem In examining snlls
'" fertility,!, to discover what ele-
1    ;'"' atsiiiKlanl and what  are de-
Many   of  Ihe   Randy  soils  nf
ftisli Columbia are deficient in the
iimrtanl  elemenl   ol  lime, not
1 valuable plaut fond ln Itself but
i"is.iini chemical solvent of other
najorlty of soils, however, have
F1"'   "I    lime.      Hill    llll    per   cent    nt
I sal  plant  rood Is mil Imniedl-
1        'tillable  because il  Is  in  insnl
Hut sumo nf Ihem. potash,
'      '"' i'1   add   and   linie,   are   occa
II)   found In soluble form.
I M'Hinils nr determining the soiublo
"'""'"ns  are    being    steadily     lm-
lv' 'I     Twss analyses are now made
""tie r,si- the total proportions nf the
ih'nta   another as to    the    prupor-
'lini are soluble.
S|i uklng of the semi-dry bolt. In
jlleli In. includes tbe whole Inlerlnr
' Irtish Coiumlila. Professor Rhuni
'''l "ini ilm most Importanl problem
'" "nil of conversion   nf   Insoluble
:,l"l  llllss  ssslulile  fort
"" " land Is described ns exhaust-
" w,ien all that in required is such
"is srslon.
j'rufi���sum- shuti referred to tin- ir-
"renal pniicy ���f nlc, abandonment of
"���i��  In the  nasi   nnd   taking  up of
'*u'<': buds, to he In turn exliiinist-
' ')' Hi- same Improvident method of
���*���g   the Bun   0f   their   soluble
, '"' - mi-dry belt   ib   superior   to
, ""'      rllstriclB,       Prnfessnr       Shutt
|"1,|,��| nnd consists rather In the pro-
'" "���' nf soluble fund Ihan in lhe to-
omouni of plant food.    Therefore,
Fifty Cents a Month
only water i, ��� ���������,,���       itl,d
produce reall) nronderful resulla.
Hut the advantage Involves lis own
-auger. The Bj|iiiiie plant loud can-
not last long. itB consumption and
leaching by water will In a few years
gradually diminish the supply and necessitate very heavy fertilising. He
advised, therefore, the use of only
enough water to moisten the soil, ���ev-
pr to follow irrigation by a dry earth
mulch, so as t��� prevent capillary al
traction and consequent surfai yap-
oration, He thoughl BOO Inns of water
'" the acre mlghl eaall) h.- retained,
where cnltlnailoi is Impossible a
covering ot straw should be used.
Brain and imy crops use excessive
moisture and should, therefore, nol bs
grown In orchards. Professor shutt
Illustrated by accounts of elaborate experiments on experimental farms, all
or which showed the advantages ot
"cover crops" or blankets.
lie commented on tbe excellent mechanical conditions or soil in th semi-
dry belt, the sssil being warm and
light, therefore, early and highly responsive. Hut he feared lhat its conserving power would prove Interior to
that of heavier aoll.
Ri currlng to the value of accumulation of humus, which is the greal
Bourne nl nitrogen, the lecturer saisi
ihai hinii bench lands were certain to
be deQclenl in It, owing to the burn-
big, us oxidisation, But in valley
lands, covered for long periods by
waler. II Is plentiful
llumns. however, may be artificially
applied iss sssil far more easily than
sand or clay. Humus Is a natural
sponge and retastiB moisture. Ilrv
swamp muck will hold 400 times Its
'Might lu  water.
All fertile anils, however, teem with
microscopic life, bacteria, which feed
nn huuius and convert otherwise In
soluble plant fund, and are, therefore,
literally the life of the soil. Without
humus the lineliTia cannot live, hence
its extreme importance.
Nitrogen cannot be taken by plants
rrom the air. but only hy their roots
from humus, the natural storehouse
of nitrogen. Phosphoric acid, potash,
and lime are al! important, but none
so much as nitrogen.
Nitrogen Is contained In nitrate of
soda ad sulphate of ammonia, com-
iii*-:. iai fertilizers, it is Immediately
available In both but cannot tie con-
served In either'form. They should
therefore be put ssn the land In small
quantities as the  plants use ihem.
Commercial fertilizers iu any case
should lie used only as supplementary
to other aids, l'sed alone they ar.
not economical except in emergen-
Animal fertilizer Is always rich In
nitrogen. Therefore, dairying districts
have a great advantage. It lias also
the greatest value as a humus-lormlng
material. Professor Shuti urged the
keeping Of caltle wherever isossible,
as profitable directly and Indirectly.
The natural fertilizer should be applied to the soil Without delay to save
ll from both leaching and fermentation.
"Be thankful for the splendid char
acter of your soil now. but waste
nothing. Preserve every element uf
If the supply of natural fertiliser Is
Inadequate, green manuring Is advised
tl e ploughing iii of a green crop to
increase moisture and humus, rye ad
buckwheat, Clover and all legumes he-
lug especially valuable with all their
wealth of mineral food, beside their
"Don't," urged Professor Shutt, "let
your snll even begin lo grow poor. He
gin enriching them al once."
Cereals, roots und fruit consume ni-
trogen; legumes develop it. owing to
their preference hy certain bacteria, a
preference nol understood by Bden
Batista but undoubted. The bacteria
secrete nitrogen In composition ami
Imparl it bo the lugnmlnoue plants.
Of the legumes, clover, Vetch and alfalfa are all gnod, the latter especially bo on farms where stuck nf any
kind is grnwn. The chnlce nf a lu-
legume, however, depends upon climate and soil, clover requiring a greal
deal m moisture, cave should be taken, therefore, nol to let the legume
roh the trees of water. It mny safely
he planted in July and ploughed under the following spring, li mlghl bs
grown in snips, leaving intervals
around fruit trees.
"I want to Impress upon yon the ne
c. ssiiv of enriching your snil before
n begins to full," snld the professor lu
conclusion. "It is the alMmportaut
problem before you. I hope to keep
in touch with you as l am Intensely
Interested In your district and its
Professor Shutt further Invlled all
farmers to have their names entered
on the'* Dominion department's mailing
Psl and in seek Information at any
In p ply to Mr. Johnstone the professor said-that-liquid ammonia, such as
Offered by the Nelson gas works, ia
valuable If Biilffcienily diluted nnd purified, bul Is only userul In the growing Reason.
To another question of Mr. .lohn-
stone he deprecated burning of land
and runts, but where necessary be advised reserving tho ashes for lettillz-
Other questions elicited the advice
thai cultivation and aeration would
decompose all leaves, pine needles and
other material of ihe kind, and pre-
serve their value.
To James Johnstone Professor Shutt
tsald personally, not officially, he
thought fi experimental station may
lie established In the district at an
early date.
Professor Shuns address was list
encd  to   With    the    greatest  Interest.
many nf hi�� bearers taking elaborate
notes. His matter was of the greatest
value and Iiis style of delivery pleasing, perfectly clear and simple and
convincing, At ihe close he was
warmly applauded and thanked on motion of T. Morley. and the meeting
felt deeply indebted to the provincial
department    of    agriculture    for    his
J. P. McGoldiick and Co.
Ready For Work
Bickerings    Discussed   With    Horrible
Details  in  Police  Court.
A iniiii er Kinialii! romance wan re
vealed in tho ciiy police court this
morning, D tfilfl of lovers' quarrels
over sordid details.
.Mr. Dtmkey, iome time bead gardener at I", m. Black's ranch, is a re_
mIi nt {if Kuirview. He wan arrested
last iiiiilil by Chief Jarvis and Her-
geani PJtcbford on a charge of disturbance at 11 o'clock last nlghl at
llie door of Mrs. Vpjohn's house. He
pleaded i.i excuse that be wanted his
mail, which the lady had.
Mrs. Upjohn testified that her hus
hand lives in.England. Por some time
she has lived as lhe wife of the ac
cueed. On account of his ill temper
she left him and has Blnce complained
to tin- provincial police ol" tin* defen
dant's retention of property claimed
by her.
it waa charged and admitted that
'���a.-h bad sustained similar relations
with others.
Magistrate Selous ' remanded the
case tor three days, to- permit of In
Boundary Delimitation.
Paris. Aug. 28.���Advices received
here today say that the Huswian-.lapan-
ese delegates charged with the delimitation of the frontier on the island of
Sakhalin have arrived there 'and be*
fCUn work.
Special.  Meeting, of.  Kootenay.  Fruit
Growers Called to Re-Consider
Former  Resolution.
The resolution adopted on the motion
of ii. tl. Croaadale at the last apeelal
meeting of the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Asticii.lkiu. petitioning the Dominion
government to solve the problem created by the dlrili of labor, by materially
reducing the head tax on Chinese immigrants has been productive of animated, sometimes bitter, discussion
through Weatern Canada from Winnipeg in Victoria.
The resoluiri'ii has bes-n formally r.-i-
iltn-siil by ilie Frull Grower.' Alwocia-
tlon of ilu- Okanagan Valley, who are
meeting similar oondftionn,
In the meantime it is meeting with
fierce attacks al home. The minority
who voted against Mr. Croasilale's
resolution have not given up the fight.
Some of tli'em an* still of the opinion
thin a roll meeting ol ibe association,
if all Uu- members vnn-j. would reverse
the decision formerly laken.
..VI the request of ,1. W, Ford, of Procter, ami others, another special meeting lias been called by Prealdenl .lames
Johnstone tor Friday at 2 p. in. In lhe
board of trade rooms.
Tii- milting is certain in be largely
attended, and the result will be. watched with very gens-ral Interest.
Donnersmark Released.
Hamburg, Aug. 2S.���Kwnld Konrail,
alias Baron Santos von Dobrowille
Donnersmark, who was alleged to have
.everted bis American wife at Paris.
taking wiih hlm I8Q00 worth of Jewels
and some money belonging to her. and
Who was nrrcsleil here oil August 211
on the charge of robbery, wns dls-
charged yssier.lay. lbe niurl holding
ihat In- wns nol culpable under German law. Ills wife, who registered as
llurnuess Domiersinark, visited hlm at
nis hotel here yesterday mnl bail several conferences with him. The so-
called baroness, who is a member or
a good family, was married to Kiinrml
in .Manila. Her maiden name was Sunn May Cody Forest.
Insane or  Depraved Youth.-
Bpokane, Aug. .8.���James F. stone,
a pioneer merchant of thin city and
senior member of the Stone Hat company, was killed lasi night by bis 17
year old son Henry, anil bis body was
found today behind a pile of rocks
iu an altic near his home. Investigation proved ihat he was murdered in
his room soon after midnight, the
biily bi'ing placed ln a wheelbarrow
and carried to the attic. When taken
into custody by the police Henry
Stone protested ti\n lnnocenoe but later oonfeBsed that he bail killed his
father with an nx<\ The boy nniil be
lmil'il lo secure gSQO, which he thought
bis father carried.
Constiuctibn Will Begin Not Later
Than Fall of i$07 --Limits on
Crawford and Duncan.
Among the arrivals at the Hume
last night ware J. \'. McColdriek. of
St. lJaul, and (J. A. Laminers. of Stillwater, who are both well known iu
Nelson. With them are A. J. Lam-
mers, brother of Q. A., his daughter.
Miss L. Laminers, and their sous,
George A. and  Dean Lammera.
A. J. hammers Is arssociated with
his brother and Mr. MeGoldrick in
luinb'.'r enterprises east and west, aiutl
is making bis first trip tu Kootenay,
which will be their next field of active operations.
Mr. Metluldriek will return to Spo-
kaue tomorrow morning. The rest of
tbe paj-ty will visit Procter and Craw-
lord bay aad G. A. Lammers will take
l  .rip to Kevelstoke.
Tbls morning was spent visiting tbe
millisite iu i-'airview. which is still
Kindly loaned to tbe city of Nelson
lor park  purposes,
ln reply to enquiries by a Canadian
reporter, Mr. MeGoldrick said;
"It is just possible that we may be
able to lend you the park for one year
more. We may not begin building until late in the fall of next year.
""As you know, we have a lot of en*
t rprises iu band, and we cannot do
everything at ona. There is a great
deal of preparatory work to do here
before we can get dowa to actual op
�� rations. k
"Our limits arc near Crawford bay
and on the Duncan river. We have
a:r:ady done preliminary work. We
have to secure a riftht of way and
build a road to Crawford bay and to
i Qprove 'he Duncan river. We have
not decid"d yet which we will do first
It will depend to some extent on the
reasonableness or the parties with
whom we have to deal . We don't
propose to be held up by anyone if we
can help it.
''Our plant in Spokane is a big
thing and has kept our hands full for
some time. It is all right now, however'.and we are sotting ready to
tackle oiher thingi."
Mr. McGoldiick has auite recovered
from his late severe illness, and li
unite himself a-^ain in health and
Jealousy Prompted Crime.
New York. Aug. 2R.���Martin Win-
teislein, 90 years old, a fireman on the
sieamship Colon, shot and killed Mrs,
Annie l.arsen, 2^ years old. In her
apartments a�� 4S4 Henry street, South
Hrooklyn. early this morning. Mrs.
Annie Hruhn. 2!t years old. cousin of
Mrs. Larsen. waa shot and seriously
wounded hy the TTreman. Wlnterstein
then ran to the street, where he fired
at a policeman who tried to arrest
him. He was overpowered after a hard
struggle, Winterstein was Infatuated
with Mrs. Larsen and says that jealousy prompted the crime,
Insurgents in    Cuba  Will    Disperse if
Guaranteed Immunity���Guerra to
Be  Reckoned With.
Havana. Aug. 28.���The enllKlnieni by
ibe government ol rolMStesn 1ms been
Buspende. until the effect oi I're.l-
(ieni Palma'a otter of amnesty lo the
l_.urg.nt_ can be determined. At the
lialnce conildence .3 felt thai the creat
body oi rebels who have been carried
away with tbe Idea that they were to
have the conspicuous jiart tn the overthrow oi the administration will seize
the present opportunity to return lo
lawful pursuits rather than risk their
liberty by further support lo what the
government cburacu-rizes as a hope-
ls-ss cause.
Senator Doipe, the Moderate lender,
following his conference with the
president declared, early loday, that
wllh the exception of Pino Guerra. all
the Insurgent leaders were Inclined lo
disband their men if assured of Immunity.
Cluerra has yet to be reckoned with.
Ills early promises to capture I'inai
del Rio and march ii|ion Havana, followed by a period of Inactivity, has
apparently Injured his prestige among
Insurgents and sympathisers who had
expected   him   to   make   a   bold   dash
against the government forces.
President Palma'a peace expressions
of yesterday have made a good impression among the business men whose
interests are seriously damaged by the
disturbed condition of affairs. President PsIma'B son 1b now In the aray
and his daughter has becom ean army
nurse. These enlistments have bcth
bad a good effect.
Thrilling   Rescue of  Passengers by  a
Sister Ship on Lake Huron.
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 28���Many persons, including the captain's wife and
two children, were rescued early today from the burning steamer Charles
A. Eddy by the Detroit & Cleveland
sleamer City of Mackinaw on Lake
Huron. All of them escaped uninjured
and were brought to this city. The
Eddy wub destroyed.
The Charles Eddy which was owned
by the Gilchrist Transportation company of Cleveland, was bound down
with a cargo of ore. Fire broke out
early loday while the steamer was oil
Port Sanila and was soon beyond
control. Captain Simpson of the
steaim Mackinac, bound from Mackinac
island to Detroit, crowded lo Its capacity with passengers, steered the
City -of Mackinac to the windward ol
the burning freighter, and amid great
excitement among the hundreds of
passengers, he hauled alongside of the
Eddy and. In a heavy sea, took off her
crew over the rail. The captain oi the
Eddy was ill in bed and had to be carried to the Mackinac with his wife
and  two  children.
Still Butchering Police.
Uslvka, Province of Saratov, Aug. 28.
���Two police sergeants and a rural
guard were shot and killed on the
street here t-xlay by revolutionists
armed with revolvers.
Department    of    Immigration Soothe*
Labor  Fear*��� Lowery'i Claim
Is Barred.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Aug. 28.���A dispatch from
Ottawa staling that great alarm
is experienced in labor circles
there by reason of the influx o? hundreds of Hindoos appears to be grossly exaggerated. W. D. Scott, superintendent of immigration, states that
not more than 50 East Indians have
arrived in the province and that there
was not much ground for complaint.
Mr. Scott leaves for the West tomorrow and will inspect ail immigration
agencies from Winnipeg to the coast.
Inquiry at the postoffice department
elicited the explanation that Lowery'B
Claim, published at Nelson, had been
refused transmission through the mails
on account of its blasphemous and its
bad character. Several complaints
have been made with regard to the nature of this publication and some time
a*4o Ijowery was warned that unless
he moderated the tone of his paper
he might expect departmental action.
He promised to do better, but in the
opinion of the department he has gone
from bad to worse. When attention
was called to a late issue hy a Canadian clergyman recently prominent
before parliament tho department had
no alternative but to clo|e 1^-nwerv
Mysterious Murder in New York Tenement   Last   Night.
New York, Aug. 28.���A woman known
��s Mrs. Moore, (colored* was found
murdered early this momin in a furnished room at No. 6 Second street.
���She had been horribly ripped and slashed. No person was found and there
was but few blood-mar.ks around the
James Moore, who had posed as the
Vs-oman's husband, was held by the police on suspicion. It was ho who notified them of the murder. He ran up to
two detectives at two o'clock this
morning aud told them ho had just
gone to his home and that his sister-in-
law was dead. Moore told the police
he and the woman bad been living together for several years. The woman,
he snld, was the wife of brother who
died ten years ago. No one in the
house could be found who heard any
sounds as if a struggle was taking
place. The dead woman was 60 years
The wounds recalled at once to the
minds of the officers and tho doctors,
which were called the "Jack the Hip?
per" murders of some years ago.
Moore Ib a bricklayer IIS years old,
aud maintains that ho Is innocent. He
told the police that he left the house
In S*Ci..:d street at 7 o'clock last night
aud went to a* saloon, where he remained until 1 this morning. Police
inquiries at the 3aloon developed the
fact that Moore had been there until
jubi before 10 o'clock, when he loft.
Lodger3 In "the Second street house,
Mr. and Mrs. George Haalink, told the
police that Moore returned home about
lit o'clock and tha't he did not go out
agalu "afterward.
The murdered woman before her
marriage to the prisoner's brother was
Annie FItzmoore. The prisoner is tn
an advanced stage of consumption. He
has a wife and two children living
hardly a stoneBthrow from the scene
of the crime.
Three life insurance policies were
found In the room. They were issued by the Prudential company on
May 1, 190G. One was for $27.'i and
was on the life of the woman, made
payable to the prisoner; the others
wnre on the life rf Moore, made payable to the woman.
Important  Philadelphia Concern Closes
Its Doors.
Philadelphia, Aug. 2S.���Public accountants of Philadelphia held a largely attended meeting of tne Philadelphia Clearing House association here
today. It is understood that the
meeting was called to discuss tne relations of the personal estate under
Jations of the personal estate of the
late Mr. Hippie to the affairs
of the real estate under
the management of the Trust company. The directors of the Trust
company insist that the status of the
institution will not be affected by the
death of Mr. Hippie. At today's meeting of the clean'tng house bankers
t hero were between 40 and 50 bank
presidents and vie epresldents.
Fifty-Seven Varieties Burned.
St, Paul, Minn, Aug. 28.���The plant
of the American Can company and the
Heinz Pickle company were burned
burned last night. The loss is $100,-
St. Paul, Aug. 28.���It is estimated
today that the loss caused by the fire
which early this morning destroyed
the plant of the Heinze Pickle company, the large factory of the American Can company and a three-story
frame tenement building on the opposite side of the street, will reach fully
$355,000 instead of $100,000 as at first
reported. Thi loss of the American
Can company's plant Is placed at $30,-
000; the Heinz plant at $50,000, ahd
the tenement building at $50,000, with
Other serious losses.
Appeal for Dictatorship.
Moscow, Aug. 28.���The monarchial
party in an address to the emperor
just published opened, appeals for a
dictatorship, "which will put an end
to the demoralization in the army."
and also urges the complete suppression of parliament and the restoration
oft the unlimited autocracy. Should
his majesty, however, insist on reconvening parliament the monarchists
promise loyal participation in the elections upon the condition of a change
in the election law providing for the
exclusion of the Jews from the seu-
The Black Hand organizations are
conducting a* congress against the 'n-
telligencia and the Jews.
A Ghastly Find.
New York, Aug. 28.���A Roswell dis
patch to the Tribune says:
5. Mercham of Portales while out
driving across the desert near Kenua
yesterday found a covered wagon with
two dead men on the seat and four
mules dead In their harness. He made
no Investigation but he hurried to the
nearest telegraph office and sent to
the sheriff here the facts of his discovery. Officers started at once for
the scene, carrying medicines and a
small supply of nourishing food, fearing that Inside the wagon might be
women and children who are sick and
Realized 175.
Washington, D. C. Aug. 2S.���Three
S: alsh cruisers captured by Dewey in
Manila hay on May 1. 1 SOP. were sold
b" the navy department yesterday for
���flOS. These ships were advertised at
several Asiatic ports. Thi> total cost
or advertising v.as $2S and the navy
department is quite well satisfied that
thp bids were sufficient to cover the
exp-nse of advertising. Tho three
shins are tho A'lhay, Manlleno and
Mmda.na.-i. Thry have heen stripped
of everything movahlp and are simply
old hulks .practically useless for any
purpose of the navy.
To Be Taken Seriously.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 28.���The
president's order regarding phonetic
spelling will be extended to all parts
of the I'nited States government, and
by his direction all public documents
a.*e to be printed with that form of
spelling, A meeting was held yesterday, called by Public Printer Stillings,
oi all the chief clerks of the various
departments and a committee ^as ap-
Potated for carrying out this order.
The commitlee will report at a future
Treatment of Cricketers
in Victoria
Conduct of Home Club Committee
Bitterly Rebuked by the Press
and by Visitors.
The Victoria cricketer, will return
to the city tonight. P. J. Summons ot
lhe team, and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ker
arrival lasst night. They say that forest fires at the coast, especially
around Vancouver, are so bad that the
scenic attractions are entirely invisible.
Mr. Sammons brings the first full
renort of tbe penformasnee of the Nelson team. They won their first match
against Hoi-Hand by 61 runs, lost' to
Washington by 11, to Burrard by 15,
both closely-contested games, and to
Victoria by 1��9.
In the match against Victoria four
of the latter's wickets were down for
20 runs when Cobbett, the crack bat
and bowler, went in. On his second
ball he gave a very easy chance in the
slips to Reld, who unfortunately
missed it. Cobbett gare no more
chances aad Nelson's opportunity, had
the chance been accepted, Mr. Sam-
mon thinks. Nelson would phobably
have won.
In the matches with Washington aud
Burrwd Nelson's full strength was aot
ln the All-Comers against Victoria
Coppen captained the visitors and
made 19 not out, besides doing excellent work as wicket keeper; Bourke,
Marsden and Grey also played on the
Of the treatment of the visitors by
the Victoria committee Mr. S-mir-u-
had an unpleasant story to relate. It
h&is already been the subject of caustic comment in the Victoria papers
ad was openly aud bluatly rebuked by
the Seattle captain ut the smoking
Three examples will suffice. Ou
the first day of the tournament tbe
Nelson meu were Informed that a
lunch was provided for them at the
Mount Baker hotel at Oak Bay. They
partook and enjoyed it. At the close
Captain Coppen in a brief and neat
speech thanked the Victorians for
their hospitaliay. To their great sup
prise, as they left the dining room,
they were requested to pay for their
On the second day Nelson had no
mutch. A tallyho arrived at their hotel and they were invited for a drive.
As soon as they were well outside the
city limits th.; conductor collected
tares from them.
The third example Is one that cannot be attributed lo thoughtlessness
or to anything but deliberate selfishness. Two creases were available.
Victoria invariably chose the better,
sending the visitors to the Inferior
The Victoria papers expressed the
���greatest regret at the conduct of the
home team, especially at the treat -
ment accorded Nelsi"*., whose hospitality to visitors is famous.
"Prom every point of view," said
Mr. Ssiiinmins. "1 am better pleased
than ever with Nelson and Kootenay.
The coast cities don't appeal to me.
Prices for everything are distinctly
h'gher there than here, a*nd Ihey re-
sard visitors as a special opportunity."
Iceland  Awakening,
Copenhagen. Aug. 2S.���Telegrams
from Reikjavik, Iceland, intimates that
the Icelanders nre planning to bring
aliint the direct importation of Amer-
ienn goods, instead of by way of British ports, as heretofore. The Imports
from America, especially petroleum,
wheat sugar and tobacco have largely
increased during recent years and it
is thought that this could be consid*
o-.bly improved with cheaper direct
ir.ins'icrtation. The legislature of Iceland has decided to invite 40 members
of the Danish parliament to accompany Ihe king of Denmark on his projected visit to Iceland in the summer
of 1907.
Miss Van Norden Dead.
Blairgowrie. Scotland, Aug. 28.���Miss
Emma Van Norden, daughter of War-
man Van Norden of New York, who
was thrown from a' carriage near here
on August 21 while driving with a
parly of rritnsis. and who sustained a
fractured skull, died this morning.
i M
. i-i
: li'!
!  t s
i The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per dc*., $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quarts perdos,, 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gal. per do*., 1.50
Our stock li.is just arrived. Secure
\.-hi requirements at these li>\\ prices
before they are all gone.
I'liUiklicil tu -lays �� week hj tlm
Baker fit., Nelaon, B. C.
tu.si.rilslls,u rata., Iai oeulaI month ils-llsered
In tins OIW, sir ,-s.uua year If aeul by msiil. wlit-n
iiaia la advance
Asli.rssMssii rates on application.
au ii,.-iiis-. paid in -etUement "f rue Dally
��� '-nuillnii accounta, cither  iiBacrlptlon. 0;
advertising, mui receipted toi nn tbe printed
fnrmi- ol uiu s .mpatiy.  utli.s recelpti are nol
1 By oue word sss- aro aomatlnioti jiiuged .o be
wine aii-l i-y oiss.- wsss s Bomelllnefl jsisliitssl i-s hn
rootlib. el m tnerelore bs.- i-areful irbai we
The Liberal press with one accord
Is extolling the personal virtues and
unimpeachable Integrltj >>i tin- unseated Finance Minister l-'i.-i.Ii.ifi. ansl
some of them are flailing taull because
their laudations are noi as .-*��� i.t.-.1 ai
Hi. li- face value by tin- Conservative
press, it would I..' Btrange iissls-s-ii .1
the Conservative press would bow down
and worahl|i their little god.   Tin- C	
servatlve,so far as we are aware.bas
made no attack uu Mr. Fielding'- pergonal honor, but   iney nave been  well
within  their   rights  iu  discussing  th-
curiiiuss circumstances surrounding bis
election ami his unseaUng.   Thi
who almost   wept at  the  necessit)   i il
dismissing him from office���foi
what iiis unseating means���afford
Interesting  spectacle of Judicial  sympathy if nsst aii inspiring one.   Tbe facl
remains that Mr. Fielding was "���
because of cormpUon  by  th.-  Li
party, .un! i.n n Mr. Fielding did not
personall)   knot,   of tie   definite  act.
wiiich    unseated    him  lis-  musl  have
been aware tbal corruption waa being
practiced.   Tbi   Canadian quoted from
the' Globe an s-xiract   from  Mr.  ii' i d-
ing's own sworn Btatemenl tbat he lia>i
paid a lump sum is. settlement m *-].-*
tion bills.   That hi- demurred   ���' <lisin-
so is evidence thai he must have suspected   corruption.     Nevertheless,   Ins
paid the hills.
The latest paper to rush into tin-
arena in defence of the unseated minister is tin- Boundary Creek Times, tbe
persona! organ of Mr. I)iinc?.:i Ross.
Al. P. it is unnecessary to quote the
-litire editorial of Mr. Jtnsir last week's
paper, for having read one Liberal
paper our readers will know that it can
say nothing hut whai has already been
said, excepting win u it seeks tss exhibit originality, ami then it Is worth
limning.   Hern Ii is lis statement:
"iii c nt Conservatives have always
ami will continue to give VV. S. [.elding
due credit fssr upriglfl public anil iui
vate llf-'. During tbe thirty yours In
lias been in public theiv never haa
been a suggestion of any act that wssuhl
not bear tbe clnsnsl scrutiny. This is
acknowledged by tin- great majority ol
ibe people of tin- country irrespective
or party lines. Journalistic 'blackguards i/f the Wlsnri Canadian type,
do mil hisit.-iis- t" write ooulmns nl
malicious falsehoods about a statesman
who through tin- ill advised net nf an
a:i nt must suffer tin' penalty tin- law
Imposes .
"The minister of finance cannot be
hurt hy the abuse of newspapers of tbe
Canadian type."
In our opinion it would have linen
more honest and fair for the Times to
have selected a few of the "malicious
falsehoods" published by The Canadian
and replied to them so that we mlghl
have been made wiser and perhaps
better. It is the custom of The Canadian to s leclfy its charges when It attacks a contemporary, as it did when
qii sting th- Boundary Crook Times to
prove thai Phoenix is h.-ing punished
lor Its hostile vote.   Hut the Times Is
nlt.igs-ihiT ton general in lis sweeping
Bill whether the Times is to lie taken
seriously can besl be told by repeating
at: extract recently appearing editorially in the Hedley Gazette. The editor
nf tin- Gazette knows the political his-
imv ami character of Mr. Duncan Boss.
M. P., nail if his statements are not
libellous tiny go to show how much
attention is to be paid to the sensational language used in his reference
to The Canadian.   Let the Gazette talk:
" Mnl pray when was Mr. Ross evei
fair, or generous, or even truthful to
his opponents, or where can a more
unreasonable, hide-bound partisan
than himself tie found on the press isi
thi' Interior? Let mm look over the
dies of the Times to satisfy himself of
this. Should that be too severe a task-
to put upon himself in the dog days, it
shouldn'f be considered too much to
ask him to re-read his letters to the
Times from Ottawa during the session
nf 1905 over the signature of "Vale-
Cariboo." In one of these letters the
man who was bs-ing paid to look afler
tin- business of his constituents is seen
to be spending his time hatching nut
canards, with a vie*- iu discredit the
administration al Victoria and render
mum difficult their task of restoring
sirslnr out of ihe chaos In which the)
found matters iu this province, ami
bi i is. tn injure private members by
publishing falsehoods concerning their
buslni bs.
If  .Mr.  Duncan    Ross.    M.   P., can
square himself with    his   recssrd we
havs- no doubt the columns of the
I! mndary Cre.-k Times will i���. open to
him     In case lhal paper has nol -nf
flclent space the   Canadian    will bi
d to lend it some.
Tin- action of President Roosevelt in
issuing an iradn decreeing that all
messages of the president to the sen-
..t.- ami to ihi- members ssf tin- executive are to be printed, or rather spell-
��� d. after the manner adopted by tin-
reform schools, will .in a great deal
tn force the Issue of spelling reform
tss tin- front ami finally compel its
adoption. The further endorsement
and commendation of Ihis action by
several English scholars will give the
movement international significance
and Interest.
And why sliould there not be a re-
form in tin- manner of spelling Rug.
lish words?   it has In  the prattico
"i the Anglo-Saxon people, with advancing civilization, to slough off tbe
old cuticle uf Inconvenienl ami antiquated mi-lb.nis in mechanics and in
commerce. It is only in orthography
and ri-ligion thai there is a superstitious fear of breaking with tbe past.
it if tun- that, nncn familiar with
tin- ain.inali.-s of English spelling, the
approach    toward    phonetic    Bpelllng
1 ��  awkward  to the eye.  hut  there
U ms member nf the body that is more
sensitive    than    the   eye   and    iii	
which sooner adjusts Itself to and becomes familiar with new faces and
forms. There are only about 300
awkwardly spelled words In the English language, ami the process of familiarizing om-solf with changed orthography would, apart from prcju-
dlce, become an easy and on acceptable task. In tlm case of thru nnd
tiio, the shorter forms are agreeable,
while of course mane and main must
he spelled as they now are because
they carry different meanings. We
remember an early spelling puzzle
which well Illustrates the vagaries or
the present methods and suggests imni dfati'Iy the cumbersomeness which
some or lho words In our language
are burdened with. "Qhoughphthelgh-
tean" may seem an odd way to spell
potato, but philological);- It Is no more
absurd and ungainly than any other
word which is embarrassed with a
heavy freightage or useless consonants and vowels. Why should
pbthysls not he spelled simply thysls
ami why should not physic tie spelii-sl
as it was la the good old days 't
long ago, simply fysic?
Perhaps nothing would force the
question to the front and settle it
more quickly than the adoption of the
retormed methods by the press of the
country, but we hove little hope that
there will he any general disposition
to do so, at least, for a long time. That
concerted action would be BAOSSfgry
goc* without Baying, and perhaps, like
Sunday observanee, ��r_ shall need -i
Dominion statute to bring about the
pr. pei   us.- of th - I-lnelish  language
Tin   T nm fJlobe suss editorially:
"it Is r mill thai a leading Hritish Columbia daily hos'been purchased h> i.us wealth) Chinese in support
tlie open door psslis > toward Chinese
labor, Tlii.-- is a new jiha.se uf tbe
s bint  i- awakening."
vVe assure tin- Clobo it is quite mis
takeu iu assuming this tn be a uen
phase s.i chiiie.;,' awakening, it is
nol even a uew phase nt tin- decadent .'I Liberalism. Will tin- Globe
s.i. . -. -.i im I prominence in tin- prompt
denial ssf ihs- "rumor"?
T.s tin- Editor of Ilu- Uaily Canadian: lu your editorial comments ot
Saturday's Issue, re courlbouse, public
library and ball, there is one paragraph which allow tun tim privilege
to take exception to. Is reads thus:
"In this connection it might not be impossible to make available the offer ol
.Mr. Carnegie, ns reported hy the li
brary board early In the year."
-Vow, Mr. Editor. I do no: think It
at all neoessatry to accept any gilt ot
tainted money. I believe this goul
work can be done hy our own piople,
and the city council that will accomplish this i nterprise and add another
valuable asset to our progressive
town will tie those whose names we
will Inscribe on the pages of future
history anil on the polished corners nf
the Hal! of Fame. Not the name it
Andrew  Carnegie.
Bryan's Mixed Metaphor.
Earnest politicians saslly mix meta
phors. Sahl Mr. Bryan iu London:
"I could stami only upon a platform
11 whlcb l could give my whole sup
port." Tin- question is whether he
th'sitebt ni himself as a statue on a
pedestal or a carytld holding np :������
frelze.���New York Post
TAKV. NuTl.'K that tin application bru heea
intt'ii- in register iBritr Mining Company u tii.'
owner in Fee -duiplr, nn<ter t#o severe! lux
.-alt- IvnU from It J. Btenson, Deputy Asscsssor
nn'1 Collw(or nf lln* f'lt-i'Hii Assessment i>i-lricl,
in Tariff Mmiiiu ('ompatiy. bearing .int.- the24ib
day of August, ... I'. i*>... ..f hu andsingular
Hium* certain I'lim-I- r tm* t- of Ihu.I nml prem*
iHefl-dtuate, lying nml twliijt In tlie Dlatrlct ol
Kootenay. in (he I'rovinie n( British Columbia,
more particularly known snd described ai Lot*
MB uml BM, (.roup I, District uf Kootenay,
������-Iinfer" mnl '-Bobtail" mim-mi ��� laftn*.
Vou and eaeb of yo�� are required loeoniest
tiifclHitn nMlii* in-. purchaser within fourteen
day* from tlie dati nl ibe service of I li notice
upon ton, and in deft ii 11 <>������ m-neat ur certificate
ofllspeiideni Mug riled uiti.iu -ml. period,
nm will be forurrr estopped hm>1 debarred fnnn
net ting unanv i in im In or In reaped nf the mid
land, and i -:.ali register Tariff Mining Com pan;
a- owner thereof.
Dated mi i snd Reg'strj Offlce Nelson, Province
British -I imuab ndumbia, this l.ib day of
August, ... I>. 1906.
Dlitrlel Registrar.
Ti. Kootenay Mining C uanj (foreign
Shafer U��ld and Bltver Mining < otnpany
TAKE NOTICE 'hal an application na- I n
ma-te to reglfler Clarence Harinnn as be owner
iu Fee Simple under n  rax bale Deed from K. J.
Btei i- deput) aases��nr aud collector of lbe
Uloean Ancssmeni District, toClarenee Ifanoan
bearing dale t ieZIal daj ..i July a l��. loot, of all
and singular thai certain parcel of land snd
prom net situate, lying and nel no In tbe Dlstricl
of Kootenay, In the Province of British Columbia, more particularly known nnd described aa���
Lot 7'J4.dronp l, Dlsfrlel��" kootenay, *-ll*iirv"
mineral claim
Vim and ctii'h nf ml are required to con teal
tin* claim nf tii*- tax puruhascr within biurlecn
days from the date of theservleoof this notice
ll|".|l loll. HIMl III ih-ftl'lll   ni   iii'.iml   Or   (-.Tlitl-
cate of lis pendens bolng lih-d rflthln such period, yon will be forever estopped antl debarred
from setting up anj claim loorlq lospei-i of the
-miii lann.and i sltali register Clarence Herman
w owner thereof.
Dated al Land Re<tWrv Offlce Kelson, Pr vin-
ceol liMii-h Columbia, this i;ih da\ ot August,
A. l��   IO0O.
II. IV Mut.KOI',
District Kegliirar.
in iifiirnc Henry Harman
Uiii.ii-.\   Hi-ndrvx,
Notice iy ben by given thai OOilsys hint <taie I
Intend i 'Spn'y to the lion ChM Commltrlom r
ui Undsand kV-irla for p**rmlu|on minir lot-e
the following deserlbod Isnda iliuated.ln ihe
Knoteui > district: Commencing m n bostmarlt*
ni ������ ihw s i. corner," phn'ed on tho shore of
Ixtwer Arrow  I site, nh.nn one mile souih of
Gordon ereek (Johmt 'reok.J thonce uorih ni
.hai"-. ihenco n ii *o chnlos thence south 80
chains, thence easl :��> ctiMm m point nf com-
mencemont, ttoutalnlng 100 seres mini- nrless.
Rtid eotnprising iih-tnduhnl pre i-ipll.in No 870
Staked tbli34th day of August. Itni.
Notice it* hereby given Mint sixty ''ay* nu r
dale 1 inieml to ipplf in the llonornlde the
Chlrf .Commissioner of Lainlx nml 'Ai.rlt- i,.r
por mission in purchase Ihu Nlovrllm dc-
scrlited lands situate in Iho tt'.at Kootenay
dlstrtot, Muniii.' from t nos< piHtit-d on the
north bank ol tin* North Ko k of Dog ereek
thence 30 ohalus west, a'ulialni nnrth, mihniii*.
west. 40 chains uorih, 20 chains west, vochalua
north, 20chains west, 20chaln> north, m i-lmlns
20 chain*
Ill��l,   jo
south, 20 ebalna east, |0eh In** south to polnl ��-f
oommeneement! i ontaloing Wo seres.
I'Hti'l isth day of A' gust, WB,
ll^H     W. K   I IXMJN
Noileois north given ih.i oo days after dale I
Intend \toapply tn the Honors hie Chief Commit.
��� on rofUndftandWOTb prpermlsslonlopor-
chas�� the foil wiruj descrlbsu Unds, iliualo In
the Wtml Kootenaj ftHitrl-t, s,���-,���lv! f',-,/,., ^ m��t
planted at the BW.oornerof Krueii V.BoMniSli.
Appiir-iitiH! I,, i urohase,ami ou the north bank
oT the North Fork nt qromki IheupB-tf ehalhi
west. Bn chains north, u<0 chains eaat, 40 chains
muii n ao chains west, 2��eiiHim<Himiii lo interne
Hou if nortii line of K. \v. Hoblni m's Application
to Purchase, tin-nee JOchaioi wesl and aOehaljW
s uih to point of coram* nw ment, conuining ��w
;iC i **
I**led 1Mb duv ... August, 1 ' *
! . IV, i.' BINS ���- ,
p. r KgXtort u. l:.-i i.-ihoK, Agent.
Notice i- be ebv given 'hal Wda:�� aftei date l
mi nil to iip��i) io the Honors le i in. 11 oi li-
sioner of Uudsand Works for p^rmisslou to pur
cIism- the following (escribed lands.sitna'e In
itn* U��-t K.I..I- niv district; -inning Imm rt poal
Plan-ed st tfaeK.E eorner of F tv. Roblnson'i
App ication t. purchsse, thence40chaini east
B0 chains south, 20 ehains weat, Wchslm north,
MehalDi weat, 20 cbalni north, �� chains east, W
��� haiii* north lopointoi eomiueucement.t-ontain-
Ing 160 acres.
Psted 18th dav of August, 1106
D-C. E, Rob.nsus,
 per EaytST V>'. KuBiXfos', Agtot*    	
SoUoOll hereby given tbat ilxty dsys sfter
dste I intend lo app!v to the Hooorapw (he
Chief Commisilontr of Undsand Wnrk. for per-
mi- n>ti to purchase the (ollowtog daifrlMd
land on the WMl ihOH of iipi*_r Arrow I.sku snd
'i��!ii!ng S, H Feency's pre*eotpUpni Kunning
wosl \ QhaliUl thence north 80 chaln*i tla-ntc
east tcehaini.t'i the shore of the lake; tlunce
south following the lake ibort to point of com'
mencement coottlntng -,.*i ttxtt more or josf.
ftaie.1 AtlgU5tl9, l*W��.
tt. F. M4.IEOP
  !   I   K��:i,!i    Agent.
Notlos Is herebj tveo lhat
dsie I inteii.i io apply to the llonortbh lhe
i blel Commisaloner of Lands and Works for per
mission to purchase the following descrloc-u
laud nn tin- west ild�� o| bower Armn I._kf and
joining the south lineal the in-li-ni Reservation *
kunning wesl SU ehainsi theuce sonth - i i
thenet* east *J)chalus. to lhe shore "i Un
tin in. in.nh followlug the lake shon to *.������
|.i.iiii nf i.iiniii. in . in. ni. cotitaliilug Iflu ttret
Dated August it), WW.
w   ii Haru
J. K   l.i v  tgi Nl
\.n-.' i- hereby given that tw nib* after
ilni' I i nt.'nd in apply to the II mini ul.I.' lbe < blel
i ..iiinii--i iner ol Unds snd Works tot * Lease of
all ilmt lan.i Uiuk ilu* foresbnru adjoining suli
divisions i. ��������� hii.i i ol loi not, tlitiuj i)
Kooteuay, and being on tbe south shore of the
Wesl Arm ii Kootenay laae, in thedlstrlel of
Kooteuay i
Commencing at a posl marked "A K Watts
���outbeasl eoruer p ri". ihcnce 09 chains went,
theno��20 chalus north; Ihence i<" chaluscasti
thenc ��� 2 ��� chains soutb lotlu place ol commencement; iin-milI land and foreshore to hi ������ ��� m
for sawmill purpo>es.
Dated this -l-i .lay ol August, lft��,
A. !���:. Warn
Kotiee Is hereb) given Hiii i intend,M days
niter date to apply lo the llonorabb in < lei
i ommlaslonerol awlaaud tV urks for permission
to purchase the following descrlbeu lands In
Weal Kootenay district, aboui Bve miles south
nf Biinmi City, commencing at ��� posi planted on
tbe eaa bank of tiaet C, n . ana marked "*'. H.
LtamUton's 8 W C post," and running north 80
chains, theme east 00 chains, thenw -
chains, thenoe h.-^i ^j chains to place ol beginning, foii-aiuing 610acres of Uml. more or Uu.
Dated this 22nd day of Angu-t, 1906.
W   If   HlMILTO.N
NoUoe is horoby gm-n that tin dayi after data 1
intend to apply to ihe Hnim-ah e chlel' ommis-
-loner of Lands ami Wofkl for petmbsloO to
purobase the following descrlbid ands, sltoate
in Wesl kooteoay district; Oomm'nolni il i
postmarked "B.uonket's N w comer post," sit*
nate ��- ar the s K- corner ol land sppued for by
U.K. ihence south 40chalus,more ������! lest; th* nee
east 80 chains] ihenee north u chains, more or
lets; thenoe west uu cbalm to poini of commencement
tiainui, Angutt 11, l'.sjti.
b Coxjur-
T. 11    tTKIVSO!     IggQI
Notice   In  berby giv.-n * .     OU ���!.. ��� afti-r da'i- 1
Intend, u> apply to UieUonoiable ihe Chief* om-
missiouer oi ijinn* au-i Ao'ksfor permlulon to
punhaw the foili>wing described lauds situate in
West Kootensy district: Commencing ��t . posi
marked ��� K Ross's .-> w rurner post," sltnate
m-ar ihe N. K- corner ol snd applied for by A,
Mi'L"aii tbence south -in chains, moreoi less;
tb-nee east B0 chains; tbence north M) chains,
more or ie��>.; Ihence wesi so chains to point ol
Salmo, Augi^i n. i**��; k. Boss,
T. H   ATKIXSOM, Afillt
Notice i.s herehy given thai sixty days afl.r
dale 1 intend lo apply in ibe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner oi Unds and Works n.i
permission topnrcbasi the following deeciil'ed
lands situate in Wot Kooteuay district: Commencing ata posl marked "A. UeLean 's 34 w.
corner po**ti"sttoate ncai the N.K. oorner of lami
applied for by a MeUugblan, thenc th to
chains, more nr less; tbence csM B0 chains;
thenco north 40 chains, more or ketsj thence weal
w chains to point ol i ommenoemem
Balmo, Angust ll, Hob a. UcUuv,
T H. ATKnoox, Agent
KoUce is hereby given ihat tHJ ays altr 'UN' I
intend to make application to the rioimrahle the
Chiel Commlsslonm "/ Undi and Wnrk- fur per
mlsson to purchase the fo'lowlngdeacrlbed lands
. iiuati' iu Wesl Kootenay district: tommenL-iiiK
atapostmsrked'M MeUushlln's K, W corner
post," itiuate near ihe N K.eotner of land applied for by f Mr \ rthuri thonce sonth 40 chalus,
more nr less; ih-nee easl DO chalks) tbeuce north
hlcba-ui, tuoruor less; th. mt* weat80chains i"
pmiii iii eouimencemenL
Balmo, August ll i "������ A WoUraHi i\,
T. ii. Atkinson, \*< ,i.
Null.- li bereby nlviutltat  i'n"��hiv_ utter dal��-
' intend toapply io tha Chlof Commissioner ol
Liiiidh ami oral for pe nii^inli lo purchase
tbo following desoribed lands, slinaii* in West
Kootenay dlstricl: Com mencing ��i a posi mark
nl l Mc Arthur'. N. W. eoruer post," situate near
ihi-N.K corner nf land applied f-��rby A rurner,
thenoo sonih tt chains mora nr le ^; thenc-east
Hu chains; theuce nortb 40 chains, mora ui len;
lbence \w i N) chaius to point of commencement,
Balmo, August u, 1900,
3. McAi thi a,
T  II   ATglNSQN, Agent.
RoUee Is hereby glTen that 80 days after date
l Intend, tn apply tn tin- Honorable the Chief
Commissioner >if Unds ami Worki for per million to ��� urcbase tbe rollowlngdei riiH-.iiaii.i-,
���ltoate in he w<- t Koolehay dlstflct: V. non-
olng nt n imisi marked "A. ��� u ner'i N, w eorner
post." slliialfl at llo* N. K. i-onii- of tan.I up-
Idled fnr hy K Ptewart, thonce south 4ocbalos,
more or less; ihenoe east Boobsltu; thence n Tih
-tu i Imi)'-. mm or less; tbenee west *j uhal s to
poim of commencement
Balmo,B C, Augu-1 II ]����. a.ii'hnkr.
T II atkivmin, Agent.
Noiiee ll h- rehy given that B0 dayi uf T.-r date I
Intend in apply to tm- Bonorable the Chief i um*
mlssloner of l.an.U and Worki fnr pcrmimlon m
pnrcbHse the following deserlbed land in West
k otenay m-i let shont seven miles south ol
lluriou i It) : Cummeiieltlgal a |u-l planted on
ih.'.'ii-i lmnk of Trn.ii iTivk ami umrked Mrs,
W ll llamlllnni 8. Vt. C. pn*.i and running
north 8o chains; thence easl ao chains) lbence
south ����� chains; thence wesl go cha as lo place
of beginning, containing Olo acres, more oi luas.
Dated Ihls'/Ind day of Angtiit, 1006.
Mas. \\. il in.Minn.v
W. H  IUmilton, Agent.
Vntif- i* hereby given lhal i" days ��� ri*-r dato i
Intend io ��ppl> to the Honorable tin- ihi.-f i nm.
minloner of Undsand Works for permission to
nurchase the following described land in Wesl
Knott-iiay iM-trh-t id I six nilh-s si.i;i|i  ..f  HMr.
fu City;  i menolng at a posi pianini on tin.
.-n-t hunk of Trqul Creek and marki'd  f. L. Pjih-
it's n w.c. Post and fanning south ��i cbsini;
thence east 80 chains; thence north BO chains;
Ihence wesl ��o cbalni to the pis I coromencp
im-iit. emitulnliiir 040 aoresi nmre or less.
Dated this Ond dsy ol August, looo.
(I. L. PlSHXft
W, H   Hamm.ion, Agenl.
Notice is bereby given that Bo days af I rdate I
Intend |iih|i  ly I,, tl..' Honorable lhe i hh-f I'nnr
mlssloner of Landsand Works for permission to
MurchBap lhe following d scribed land in uvui
Kootenaj Hfstrlc abom sevon tuiien south or
Hu ton City; I'-mimi-m-iug iii ii pnst pis ted on
theoastbntikol Trout creak aim marked Alex
Lbeyne'l N. W. f. l*o*.i nnd nuiiiiug *nutl, ni
chains; thence eam mt ehafhi! thenee nortb an
chains; thonce wesl Hoihaiim to post of beginning, ron lain I nu* MO acres of In ml, more or less.
Dated this '2-ii.i day of August, 1000
W. II   Hamilton, Akoui.
Notfpe li herehy given that 00days afterdate I
intend loapply totho Honorable the chlof Com
mlssloner of Undi and Worku for permission in
purchase Hie following described landi iltnate
in Wesl Kootenay DTit-.cli t'oinnieneng nt ,,
pom marked "*.MoArtbni'i H.W.corner post
situate near the N. K. cornet of Inml applied for
by B, Mo Arthur Ihenoe sonth 40 chains, more or
less; thence easi nn rhalnij tlience uorih -i >
chains, mi r lew; thenoe wesl no ohalns to
|i"iiu nf Lominencemenl
���Salmo, It C, August Hth, 1008.
P, McAkTHtm
,     T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai '<" davs from dato I
intend to apply lotbe Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of hand- hikI Worka for p-Tliihaiou
UjpurchMO the followlug desi-rlhed lauds situate In West Kootenay Dlsirlct:  Commencing
at a post marked " E. Stewart's N W, corner
1,.,-t " situate*! uesr tbe Junction of Loil creek
andi South Fork of Balmon, thence south t'1
ebalns, more di lea; thenoe *�����������-! *��� c-tjalns;
iiieiic* north io chains- more or less; lbence
wesi mcbslm i��i Mntafeojumencement.
- .Augu.lltlh.U_6. KswMBT
T, II. Atkixsok, Agent,
Notloe i- herebj given that sixty days after
date i Intend toapph to the Hon.Chief Comutls-
Honor ol Undi and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described laudss'tuateln
Weil Kootenay dlsirlct. adjoining ihe International boundary line, about lour miles east of
the t'olumbla river. commenclug>t a post marked "L M F*i B. W rorner," situste on the in-
teniatlonsl boundary line, st the southeast oor*
ner of i.SiC, Kraser'i land: tbeurc east SO Chains.
thence north 6u chslns, thenee west gn chains,
thenee south 6o chains to the place of commencement, rnntaining**" arres more or less.
Dated iiiith June. 1MW. Uva* M.Fl*slS,
F. 3, O'Keilly, Agent.
Nutlee ii hereby glren that sixty days from
date I Intend toapply 10 lhe Hon. Chief Com-
mlMtoncrof Land, and Works for birmlsiton
d'-'jcrlbeti Istidi lit-
ween the
to purrbsic the fnllnwlng deicrlbed t
���'n;. iu wesi Kootenay DlswlcL bat1 .
I'end d'Orfllio river sud thi lnternstioua!
Koiii'tsrv ll:in. aliiiit ibree miles from the Col-
umbla Hvei iTOmmtoclbg st s posl marked
,i - c. p. - *.s cornefsltuati on Lhe interna-
tioukl isiiindnrv line, aboul half a mile eaat of
thi easl boundari ol the .v & f. s. Rr. lands!
thenee imrth ��<��� rhklns, thenee east flu chainsi
tin ncO south 10 chains, ihenci' wesl SO chains, to
lln |.|-o'i'iif. i.miiieneciiietit. ri'tit silting :iJliai're*,>
toore nr leu,
Inut'tl Mtb June. I'.M. J- 8, D. Kn**.rit,
i   I, o Rellly, AgenL
Notice Is ben bj glren that sixty days rrom date
I Inteud toapph to the Hon i hiefCommlislonei
nl i.ami- and v. orks for iwrmission to purchase
the following deacrlbed land- situate In Weal
Kootenaj District adjoining ihe International
boundarj line, about Ave milea easi of theCol-
limbia  river;   comtneuclng al a |������ ���-1 marked it
tl'i s. w corner, on the iniernailmiai bounder)
ihu-at Laura M. rraser'ssoutheaai corner, thence
north ni chalna, theuce east m chains, tbence
so ith m chalna, theuce wesl to chains to tbe
plaee >.f commcucemeut, containing DD aeroi
mure nr less,
I'iiI.iI _ >iJi .lune, 1900, Ku in QlU SSTIg
Notice Is bereby given ihat -ivi>, .lav-, after
dat.- I in tt'ii.i I,, appl; to the Hon. Chief < umul_N
sioner ol Unds ami Works for permlsalon i<��
pnreiia-e ihe following described land* ill
the Wesl Kootenaj dlstrlcL soutli ol the Fend
d'Orelllo river; Commencing at t i��'-i marked
U. B's 8. K. corner, situated mi the trail near
Rear creek about a mile from tin- International
boundary line, thence weal mi chalna, thenee
north so chain* mure or loss to the I'eml d'Oreflle
river1 theuee following the south bank of the
I'end d'Oreille river southeast B0 chains, more
nr les*-; thenoe south -ii ohalns, more nr leu to
tbe place nl commencementi containing 660
seres, more nr less,
Dated 6lh July, 1906, I tuaua BlMSL.
KJ. D'Bfally, Agent
Notice Is hereby (ihen that ilxty davs aMer
date I Intend t.. apply mi he Hnii. i hief rmunuv
simier of Land- antl Wnrks fnr permission to
purebaae the fniinuing described lamls, m
the Wesl Kootenay District, easl of ami adjoining James S. Uackensie'i land: Commenolng at a post marked A.B'iS. S, corner, on the
south t.ank Ol the I'end d'Oreille river, just
a la. vt* the   lliaiilii   n|   (lie ^allm���U   river,   theuee
west 00 chain*, tbence north 60 chains more or
leai to the Pend d'Oreille river, thenee following
ihe south hank ..f tbes&Id river ln a southeast'
erly direction to the place of commencementi
containing 2&u acres, mora nr leai
Kotiee li hereb) given tbat slaty dayi afterdate
1 Intend toapply to tbe Bon. I hief Commissioner
nf I.ami- H'l'i Horks for permission to purebaae
tbe following described lands In Wesi Kooteuay
District -n,nh ol the Pend d'nreille river, torn-
mencins s: n posi marked L. T. M- s R, oorner
on the south l>ank of the Pend d'Oreille river,
alx'lil a mile an.I a half east of lhe DlOUtfa nf Plsb
creek   thenc ith *> ebalna, tbence woat H
ohalns, tlience nortb ftO ebalns nmre ..r less to
the PenddO'rellle river, thenee following the
soutb hank of the-aid river in a norihea-terlj
direction to tbe place of commencement, coo-
taTulug i~" screi, more or less.
Dated 2nd Jul) lona.        Sua IV Macxmtl,
\ gTin r Bj Hygipaa, Agent.
Not ne i- lu-rebj given iimi *w dan after date I
Intend {������ spnh pi ihe iL.n. chief i om mlssloner
ol Unds sm] Works fnr permlaalon lo purchase
U.e  following deacrlbed   lands, situate in West
Kootena)  Di*trlci ��outh of the Pend d'Orelllo
rn.r: i kimmeuefng al a posl marked A it U's, N
W   inruer-ilnatt   at lbe-nuth hank of  tbe Pend
d'Oreille river ��t KHa T. WseKeusle'i north eaal
oorner post, ihence south BDebftins, tbenee easl
ko chain*-, ihence imrth w chains more or less io
the Pend d'Oreille river, thenee Must wehuins,
foUoe Ing the bank "i Uie ��Hi*i river to tbe place
of oommencement, oontainlng <"*w acres, nmre
or lesa
Dated .'ml Julv JWfi. A   It IfACHfllt.
Notice Is hereoy given thatslxty days afterdate
I Intend to npplv in tii,- Hun Chief uommtaslon-
er of i.Hii.i-uni Wnrks for permlaslon to purchase the following deserlbed lauds situate In
Wesl K-...nun) Dlatrlct, nouth of lbs I'end
d'Oreille river, commenolng at a posi marked
U.H'sN (..corner, sltnate on the south unk
of the Peud d'Oreille river at James N Maeken-
ale's southwesi corner, tbenoe  lb 100 chalus,
tbenee west su chains, tbenee imriti 70 chains,
more or leas to tbe Peud p'Orellle rner; Ibenee
follow [ng lln- south hank ol lbs said river in au
. saterI) ami northeasterly direction to tbe place
i if commencementi containing w> acre-., more or
Dste Brd Jnly, iws;.      Uaaoaxit HarcODKT,
Arthur Hchnelder. Agent.
Notiee is bereb) given lhatsUt) daysafterdate
I i utem' toapph tn do* Huii. Chief Commisaloner
of Unds aud vVnrk- for permission to purebaae
ibe follmv inK described land-, in West
Koolenay Disirfot, souih nf the Pend d'Oreille
river,  en neiiiK  at a |-o-.t  marked  J    K. Ms
S. W. corner, situated OH tbe lonlfi hank Of the
i'eml d'Oreille rner, opposite tbe mouth oi lfi
Mile Creek; ihence easl Mi chaini, thenee imrth
10 ebalni moro or leas to the pend d'Oreille river,
theliee foll.miii^ lb* BOO til hailk.d Ihexaid river
in a westerly and soutbweeierly direction to tba
place ui commenoement, containing :��) acrei
more nr less,
Daied -ird Julv. Iwsl.       Ja*K* N. Ma< KKsriK,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notloe is heret.y given tbat slaty days alter date
i intend in applv t>> ibe ii-... chief Commissioner of Undi and Works for permlnion lo purchase the roiiowing desoribed lands in \vt-si
Kootenay District, iouth ol ihe Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing ut h post masked a. _r*sN, w,
corner, ��iiuaied at the southwest corner of Lol
4425.0. L, thence oasi 80 chains, thenoe soutb 00
chains, ihenee west gn chains, thenoe north 0>i
chuius in iiu- place uf com mem emeut, containing Is*! acre-, nmre nr less.
Dated ���Hi   une, 1900, AXKIR Piuagn,
#K..l.n-|teiil>, AgenL
Notlco i- iierehv given thatflO days after date
I Intend loapply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
nf Land-aud w nrks for pormlsslop to purchase
ihe following described lands In Wesl Rootenay
dlsirlct. south nf Ihe I'eiui.luretlh* river, easl of
Pish creek, commenolng al n imsi marked P. W.
H'sN   W   corner,  alsntt   half a mile eat nf the
northeast enrner of Lot4ti6,��, I., thenee sonth
4(1 ebalns. t heme eaal him hiiln-Mhcuce north It
Chains,  (hence  we-t  ni chains  to the place of
oommeneement) cnntaiuih** :i_.i acros, mure ur
Dated?nd July 1106,        Khkh w, HARcouar.
ARTHl'H BOIWglDgH, Agent
Notice ts hereby given that M days after tlate I
Intend to apply <o tlie Honorable the Chief ''om-
minloner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following de<cribcd Unds situ*
sled fu the K- ��� ���������:���*.>��� Diitilct, Beginning sis
post plsnted on the nnrth shore of the Lower
Arrow Uke about -to chsini weit of ihu weit
boundary of 0 P- H Lot 41.W, Marked H a W.
H If. corner, thenee west 4U tdislni, tbiiu-e north
V) chsltii, thetice east W chsini more or ;.*������ to
likllhori thence itl n south weiterly direction
along Uke s)w<rc to point iiH'Uinmetitemcnt, .on-
talnilig loo it i * more or lesi-
LooaWd Jttlla tt, UKM.
H. A. WOLrtMOff,
A. N. Wdl.vthTns, Agent.
NotlOS l�� herehv given that two uion'bs after
date  1   lUtebd   to apply to the Uonorahle Cliief
Commisslohef of Undi ami Worku fprnennls-
Uon topQ-cnaae n\ bubdrsd ami forty (Mo)
acre* nf land, deaorlbed as follows: Commenolng
at a post plained ai the northwest oorner ol L
itniiHghcr'' Hppiii niinn (ti purchase in Plre valley, till   (he   M.-st sl.lt   nf   Lowei  Ar oW hike, Hi
Kootenay dlatrlet,  rked "W. a t"i n K eor
m-r";   theuce   niiiuiiiK  clghly  C*'l chains west;
lbence eighiy i��>) sonth; tbenco eighty (*>)
chaini east; Lbence dghiy c->i ohalna north to
place >>( commencement.
W, A. I'AI I'KK.
Dated the 2nd .lay nf July. LflOO,
mui days afterdate i Intend to apply to the
Commisaloner ol ijtmi- ami Works, -Victoria, to
purcbasa 100 both ot hind   < menrlng m a
i-..[ planted mi th.- we��l shore of Arrow Lake, at
the sooth east eorner of J J Christie's purchase,
running north 80 obslns, thence easl ill chains,
thenee south aoebalns, tbence west to obalm tu
plaee ol oommencemeoL
Loeatad May.ttfa UU0,
i.. int.i.Ai.iiKH, Locator.
But] .lays after dale i lutend in applt to thr
 mlssloner ol Undsand Works to purchase
*i teres ol land, sliuale abonl one mi . eaal of
burton City, and described as follows: Com*
mem l tig at a pn-. I plan l..1 uu the nnrlh vi est eornei of lol 0300 and runlng wesl _Dchains, tbenee
imrih to chain-, tbenee east ao chains,thenoe
smith alniig hit 0600 in plsi ( la-glunlUK
July 5th, IKM, J. H. Hi-ntKH.
i-mlily (mi; otaaln. ��," . ;,",'���' I rnnnu.__
"���",<'��� ���<��� i-i(i I,.'-ii "7';nti,i,2_
I'-St,-.| ��... -���,, ���( July, luus
CMo i;iim��il..l,,.,r ,��� u,"i.J 'J.""iSt
mlulon m parch... ?, i,s,M ""'ufl
Uml.: rommmi-in, , . r?"��-t IB
ton id pun-ii." ,VfS'vVfi*Bfil
MC X. -. corner," rimnlij, .7 ^'''"f t.
I'h.lnsi .outh, 10 s'h.liii,.,', ,;",!>i .i,
pl��wiilwm_i,_i-fB.���!, ",,,,0tll'l*iiJ]
���.ily-u-, isofl        *'*' t",*.1 ijgf
Nuttce l-i ht'-iby fttfgg thai sn i      "^1
nlsnotter ol Umu Rli.i ti,.,?',,'_ JW*
mrehase thi lollowlng .1.%, ��\\V*m
Blxt) dayi afler dato I Intend io apply to the
Commiailonor of Undaand Works to purchase
psi acre- nf inml, near Barton City, commencing
at a post planted a) Ibe lontheasl corner of Lot
Ko, gov, ami marked J. D. He's iouth woat cumer
and running north I'i chain*, theuce oast -lo
chains, theme   s.nilh   Ot   chnins, (hence west  p|
i'h ai iis in place of i��egi lining.
July nub, 1900, J, D  McCULtOCH
A. A. Hurton, Age-in,
Noiiee is hereby given thai WidHys after date f
Intend tn apply i,, the H rable tbo chief Commissioner ->f Ijimls ami Wnrks t,ir permission to
purobase tbo'followlng desoribed Igndi;	
mencing at a post ut irked "J. A, O. R'8. W cur-
m*r," p a ed nt tlm ro theSSl comer of t*>t 09 1
rnni tun Buchali s nnrth) ihence m chains asti
thenre wich ilnssininl tfaeoce00 chains west to
0* in   nf I'ouime oement, com ining mo aores
Dat 'I tbe 21st dny of July 1900
���'- A. ri-f{Rii,rv.
Notice fs herehy given that W illy. (((i,.r ,i-,��� i
intend to apply to ihe Honorable in- Oniel iS n,
mfssi mer Of Undi and Worki fur iH'rmisNinii I,,
purchase.he following desoribed tandi'��� ' ,,
mencing at s post mi rked -,\ w n>, �� w .. ,r
ncr," placed on <M essl h re of l.uw r Armw
Uke at the torthwestoornor of J.tiftrtoUri \,
Dak-d Ihefflrddny of July, Ifffl
J. Vf, Bam
Kotiee Is bereby given thai sixty days alter
ate i Intend to applv lothe Hon. Cblel I oinmls-
llllll.r     llf    Illllll.      ���   Tl.l      VV    ..!-���   ���      I*.   ..     I..FIII   l__ I.   ...      I,.     ..UF.
dm.- .  i..i..i'i   i" ii|'
sion.r nf Und- ami Works (nf jM'rmis-it.u tu pu
chase tbo following described lamls situate iu
West Kootenay dlstrlet; Commencing al u post
marked J, II. \ aostooe's > K corner ihwi, situate
in tin' Maltnon River Valley, nt a point a.!;..iniiig
J Mcecher's land at western boundary, ibenee
west tu ebalus, theme north tn ebalna, Ihenoe
eail Ml chains, Ihem c BOOtfa   ��' I bains tO pOittl Ol
July Mtb, 1906, J. II  Vankto.vk,
'i. II  Atkinson. AgenL
Notice i* hereby given tbat 00 days alter date 1
in lend tn apply lo the Hniinrahle the thief t'oili-
mlssloner ol Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase tin-  following  described  lauds in the
Wesl Kootenay dlatrlet:  ' nniiiu-ming ata posl
marked M. Met'   N   K corner, plaitle.l  4   , hums
nortb of thes. w corner of w A, Calder'i pre
emption in i ire Vaib-y, running 40cbalni south,
-40chains West, to chains north, to chains east to
pbUN Of eninuielltemelit
Mai-ik Mh'amii.ish, Locator.
W   A   CA Loan. Ageni.
June Jiilh, 19W
Notice is bereby given that DO days after dak* I
Intend in make ��ppii. sUon'to tin- Bonorable the
Chief Commissioner of Undsand worki loi i- i
mission in purohaae tbe following described
lands: Commencing at a p..-i marked a \\ f���t
dePs louthesst comer, section U, Township >���:>.
running east twenty ebalns, aonth forty chains,
west twenty ebalna, nortb forty chains lo place
O ti nlllUlelli fliieOl.
Dated July _t. 1��*. It.u-- BAWM
NotlOS is given thai 00days alter .tat.- I inieml
to applv in the Honorable (he chief Comisia-
���loner nf l.��t,.I- uml W.irk* fnr p*-rmIesfon to
purebaae tbe following descriiied .,-.<. m the
uesi Kootenay Dlatrfni  Oommenelng ui a posi
marked I . C. Poj nil Land H. K Corner placed
m-ar the I'eml d'Orelllo river at Boundarj CH ok
east side uf .-allium ri v er, thence ea-'   Mi  eliam".
alniig tin- International Bonnoarj Une, thence
ii -rtli m ebalns, tbenee wesl ni ehains, thenee
SOIttb tt chains tu place ui comim-m emeiil.
Dated tbe nth ..(July isw.      c. c. ponm,
Hy ______t_t A bin, A gen
Sutler i�� hereby given that two in..nth- all. i
date   I   Inteml   [O   apply    to   the   iiotmrahle   the
Chief Commissioner of Landi and Work- inr
i>ermlsainn tu purchase lhe following dear ri bed
lands situate on tbe west arm of Kootenaj lake
in the District ���.[ IV, m Kutitenay: ComUenolllg
al a pool marked **U iliiam Kuerby'l N W po-t '
Ihenee wesl twenty (An chains; tbence wuth
twenty nD) chains; ihence easl twenty (301
chains; llienee imrtli itteiiiy (3il chains  to llie
point ol eommenoement, containing forty (luj
at (������-, more or lets.
Daied July 7. !�����/.. I. tl. N*a_OK,
Notice is hereby glren that 00 davs nfier dale 1
Intend to appl) to the Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works for permission to
purchase tin* bdinaiiig deaorlbed lauds, situate
in Un- West Kootenay district: Coi nclng at *���
post   marked   M. Met*   H. W.   curyer,   planted  to
chains west of I. 0. Morrison1! northwest oorner
Of hia crown granted land In Ure Valley run
ullig 40 eh.ins cast. 40 chains imrih. IO chains
West, 40 chains SOUth (O place .,( enmiueiicemeiil.
m UoOajfpuaBj Looator.
W. A. UAUnOL, Ageut.
June 30th, 3900.
Notice is herehv glren lhat 00dan afler dale. I
Intend to apply lo the Hon Cblel Commissioner
of Landa ana Works for permission to purobsse
tne following described ira.-t of laud situate In
West   KiHilenay   District:    Commencing  at   lhe
southwesi enrner of l-ot 7JB0; thence runlng
west tu chains| tbenoe north 80 ohalns-j ibenee
Wesl tf chain-; thcui-e north 20 chains- theuce
easl no chains;   thence sonth 40 chains p. point
pffl oeneement, containing M0 aores, more or
Dated al Nelson, II l\, this ilr.l -lay ,.f Julv.
l'A*'- ttkkVi NUMLiir,
per K   C. (ireen. Agent.
Notiee Is hereby gfren that oo days after date
l inieml t.. apph fo the Honorable tbo thief
Commlslonerol Undsand Worki fnr permission
to purchase u.e f iu ing described land- in the
Woat Kootenay District; Commenolng al a nasi
marked T. K. Prenche's i.iu.l s. K. corner placed
near C. C. Poytila S. W. corner, thenee aasi BO
chains, thence north in chains, thenoe west ni
chains, thonce sonth 10 ehalns to place of com
Dated ��tb dsy of July 1900.      T it PaawcH.
Hy  ANr.RKW Al.lK, Airent
Noii.e la hereby siren thai 00 dan after date 1
Intend loapply m the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Lamls ami Wnrks fnr tierUM���inti lo
purchase the following desoribed landi in the
Wesl Koolenay district, near Burton CHri oom-
moneing at a Post planted at the touthMst oonier
of   '*eonw   IImD��iii*s   pietmplion  elalm.   and
marked Harry (3 Tolling ton's N. s o n si ., ,-i
running south lu ohaini, ihcme west So chains
theme north to chains, ihenee easi30 cbalni to
pin.e of iH-Kiniiiiig, containing go aorea ol land)
Dated this iiiih day ol 'Vgnst. 1000,
hakky (., Toujnotoh,
fottools bereby given bat flOdanafter date i
intend lo make spplication to >he Rbhorable tha
' hief�� oiiimisNioiicrof Undsand Wo-ks for wr.
mi-iiuu to purchase aboul 8nn screiof land sltn
aled on tlu-.salmon river, West KnoLenaydlstrlol,
fommeno'ng at a post marked 8 BiBotter'* N K
' "nor, Planted on the wesl bank of the river,
eoao\*m miles north of n,,. ni ( boundary, theme wist SO chains, thenee hu chains
sonth ihence gut about ai ohalni tn the river,
thence northerly along the rfyertoplaoo of commencement
August llthj ItNMI ��   R    Iti'TTIlt
-  T. II AtkWon. ��. go-it.
-lily days al er ,iHll. i u,u.t|l| m applv lo lhe
Mono ahle he (hief . nminls.loimr of lninls t.,,,1
Worts .victoria,  lu purchase 3.0 at res of inml,
located and deicrlbed as f MVh:   Heiog tba
,T,r,ll,;Mt.','Hr,;'r1a' "��_��" tweW-twp, and
Lbe south ball at the northwetH nuaftar Seciioo
Uen Vlhree, Inw.ishipsixtv.nil..!     Andfurll,,,
ark  ,TJ j\Wk-',WH''    r��"1"?'''"dng   ��t   ft   pnst
"     k     ,J, J, JiJ   '"r'.ei.aml planted I'lehufns
sasto the   lor'hweat oo ner of Beotlon iwanty-
SiT_?iS2 n ",,"",tt '-H' l".h'.illK, Ihi'l.cc south &0
cha ns.    heme Ult   |fl ,.,,���,,|f   ,,���.,���,,. ,������,,, ..���
cbalni, tbeuce wesl 80 chains, theme forth 40
������It-urn- to iilt.ee ttf heK|iil|lni(,
August Slit, iwo JAHuSoittortoitt,
W, A. Caldur, Agent.
I-m ated Jum- IHIb, 1900 j i .,
Huty  days  afk-r date I LOLlU I   , .    i
hief CommlM ,-i  ���f ffis Jyiftl
Vl0Uirle.fi>! iH-iuii-.i,,,,],,,, '   ,/1"1 ������fltf
andslst) i u*., acre. ..ii,,,.   |,.;;5*N
ed a. follows*. *'  1
eighty (Nd chain.
Bulger's pr
���asl ..I tl,.- x h 7
Iger's pre-empllon and mart-_d��tTBI
riier,     and  rnniilm; .-n,i i,,,,, lt\ _|
'' �� I mist I
Nntice is berel.y given tbat ft d
Intend tn apph n, n���. n,,,, Ull.
sioner of Unds and Works lor prrii
i ha-.   Hie following described i,t
Koolena) district, proi lnee ol Briih
Commencing at a posl markt.1 aVL.
H. W corner, ou the soolh sl��o| ru9
ahoul   tv* lie. ensl of  lhm.,11 i*u
Hini ut the northwest corner of Vfl
itts pre-emption claim, thsaaiM
thenoe imrlli flo chains, umi.. n
ihcnce souih 00 cbalni Lo the plait ui
t imiHii.il.a .'fi in res nmre nr lest
Dated this .'.th day nf Jiilj-.ljMI.
MottOS I-  hereby shell that iwiiiua
dal.* I  intend tn applv tilth,  IIhIm-.v.^JB
Commiasioner ol i-amU-wid Hurt.. >JP
I., pui.'liase thr f.-llnwir.,. de�� ri���*.*-. *1
ah' lit lire Vallev till tbe >*.��� -I ��i.|.-.,( yH
rnw   Uie,   Ktni|eii.iy  .l)��ir*"   ���{��������������� ���,?���
|..n-      i .'iiinieii' in/   nl   'i  p.-1   I'tenl
northwest corner nI w  a '���,!,,.�����
niarketi   "A   Mil.'s  n.otliwest eorDrng
Ibenee   forty  (I")  rhatn-. fnii; tbn
��� hain* northi  tbence i.-nv (wj thM%_\
ibenee forty (ud chain.
commencement, oontainlng oat but
sixty (100] acres more or lesi.
Da led June 33, 1900 Amu , MrUta
W. A   <Ui.Ii.t-_|
Kotiee  is hereby given  Ibsl suit .ipL
date   I   inteml   l<>  app'y  to |fal lli'.'^jtl
chief Commiasioner t.f Undi ml i��((
permteston lo pnrebase the folioatsjix
Und- commencing at a [nmi mirk. >i
llugtnn's N- K.C. post, at the imu.it; *kt
nt J U- Mcurnd.-"- pn ��� mptl ii rUn i
runhihK -".nth I * chain, tu soutl       ��� -*t_
'..i, Hndson'i pr> -emption risla; tss
chains; thenc north M rbslss, in'n
i hains m plaee nf .nmm.'iifi ���.,. ei.n.ot_u*drgi|
acres nf land more Ol leBB.
Dated thi" ^ili day nf Lui
t.risitu Tuning
A, **  H        I)
N..in -��� i�� bereby glren thai - k  ri em
In'end tf H|ipli In lhe II rnl.it :*r' __���
n.,--:..in i ..I 1-t.mf-aii.l W--rfc�� !.*rp-iC_f
purrhesc the  f..!h*��ing .l.-s. tiU-l lolll I
IllelM-lltg al il pit-1 lllalkeil V>   it ���>>    *   vl
platitetl   hi   U.e   N   W   ...rn.r id ��  i'M\
jtn ������inptlt.ii   in  Kin-   \'a!l.y. ruiii..ii|SM|
north, 10 ebalns weatt 00 chsini i
aaat to place nf eoi meemeat,
W. K. Mn ..M.i.KS,li��atl
W. A. r'aI hta, ifttL
June'JIHhJtfOft^  ���
Notice i* hereby given tint fi0ii��oiii��aill
intend to uifike n|.|m cation mtbeBuMMUH
Chief < tiiiinil-.sinii.-r of Un.1isiil,*'*"-iW,��|
mis^ltui lo purchaat* Mil aire* oi tifri t_tm
district nf West kootenay, mmnrariscniM
plan'edoti the aouth side of Ht.iiutlsr|-��IJ1
ilu-iiiteriialhuial boundary Ilm������"'''''I*1'���1
ui lee eaat from tin* Salnmn riv��.nisfWW| |
K. Adam-, -nuiheast corner," tii**'"'
chains,  thence  imrth 80 rhslfli, tw* .
chains, tbence aonth ����� chain* h'"!"""*
mencemont. .   M .
Kl tut   K  AMI*-hnVt. I
per it m i!ei-;,-,M4��t
Dated ihiaoih deyol luly, IM        _|
Blxtf -lavs afier dtste I intend toapfjjTHjH
Hon. Chief rouiuiissmuri m laii.i'����' "���|
Victoria, to purobase 40 serei ��t wiw-. '"���
l__enotagalaia.-iplanlcdatll.eill)'* VKfli
powei ph.niit.i ItB oorner ^ t* ���****______
rher.   tlience M chain-  -mill..
chains, tbenee nonh ji chains,
ehains lo polnl "f omiiieuciiiirii
Nelson, B.C., Aug. ii. ii"*-        K J���,'1',ULJ
' Notice 1" hereby given thai s'*^'l1l.^rS|
dale I Intend (..apply m the i'-'"''"'^^*!!
lon.u.i-s rnf^.d*audW,irkWt.rp*m>*|
to pnrebaae the foikming described ""'"''�����
in  West  Konlenay disiriei: HegliimP*-*l'P*|
planted at tbo northwest corner of J*��%B
lh.g (reek, thence SOUtb t" ehslm. tJ^JJI
to chains mon or less, ti.en.-e n*.r h *'���'��������
nmre or loss, theliee easl l*Hsk��'^*J"i
plaoe of beginning, the same U ^SSM
hrtae whei ts known as the Hanson t***rWM
llio. Mmift X
Hated Julys, htti.
Notice is hereby given *h*�� r^K;/tSe'��|
the .late i intend to apply W thi" "'���    J" ^���
sioner of Undi and ffortl Vlctoris, w *Jf|
sion to norehaa?itba following dflrriWiJ
situate  In  the dlsirlct ul   WvlKM&ZM
fur nan Creek: Btarllngat a PpyjgaB
Wblto's  K.   W,  corner,   H����'-:, tl
.un. of  J    Malom*
(, eI|| |irliil��|
ruuulrtg north HOfhalm, ihenct ��� ���'��� ;tlli[M��|
tnence sonth �� ehalns. thence -��JJ*SJJ ���
I".mi .. i cuinincncciiieilt. ���_aal
telunoll. 10W  ������ *���"**- *"     _l
Notice is her. by given that nf^RSjfl
Intend loapply m P*��noI*httt|iSSB
m.-sinner ..f Undi and Works, forP��35^5H
purohaae lho following >rfl��d U* ;   ^,1
in i lUtrlcl of Wesl Koolenay.anjMJH
7W .... the wesl arm of Kook*nay '�� '^ril
clng at Ibe Initial post p.*'-;';' .. '���, ,vmJ
comer of l^.t nS, il.cncc north J'JgJ lP,s*l
west 30 ohalni, tbenco wnLh -v""'".'     ���
ea-i ju ehalni io poini of�� imenrew"  ^
Haled Aug  IBlh, 1-300. -I-WKT" I
Nniice is bereby given tba. u-dsyiriwdh
taUUd   to   apnlv.o the  loBors11<   * ��   ^1
Comratsaloferoi Una* ami w.irks -mn
ilon lo purchase tbe lollowlng owin p0|Big*l
UtualoH in tha West Kootonsy a-'1""' ���' ��� --���
c. 1. Pearaonw the north, sbi" '"'
iiuarlc miles from ihcl'end.l Ml
mencing at a oo-i imirkcl �� * [|l,,tl)t��
eorner post, thenoo ni ebs ; r { x_vmi
ehulns we.-t, Ihenco w Chsini wnin* i
0 ISOasI l.i place of eoinmeni-ellli m 1
I tod ihe III day ^-AgSVErtj Ar*J
NoUoo Is hereby given lhal ^,i^V",",ln,mli'3
intohd ... apply In lhe Won. ^Swici"!
shrncp   >f Undi nml Worki  oi i      |s laibi
mi rah nan   tho  follmvlng  rlciermcu '"   ,     p-jll
IvmI Koolooaj -totruSt S.��'.J"'' ���'M
r.i.ir k..l It. Ms'l)'.. ��. t oor  ��"HVminWg
mm 1,1 its.- Salmon river, anil 'iSV.ii ill
tin.,-.-..,I d'Orolllo rlvor, tnolit
tiiilmliis ffct, 80 chain.
��� s i.las-,. .iIIii'kIiiiiIiii;
Dated -Till iliiyi'I-tub.1:H*'
,,','[,���,���i > "Ul*"".
it. it. i11"-,;
 _  la-.tlirsI'M
Notlco I. hereby liven thal��l'r��t&i_M
Hiiii-ml tpanitll t'lH'c'}"",'��� '.  ,ii",R
erol laindi ::n,l w..rk- of " ,,, in il;
rl���,o im- (i.ll..ivlii�� ' >���*������'"'" ,���i sri't.*
Ki inn  Witrliit,m    ' ���rk,'l I' l! ",
rls-s-r, i-i.isiiiii'lii'lllK at a ll"'���,  "      , |���uk in <l
N K. cornor, ��ti s'.l on thp rouui     i,,,ii.<
Pomi d'Oro  rlvor ai Jamea ��-����  ,jj*J
iouthweatc_.rnerithmcooa.ltOj;; ���,;
imrlli lili-linlii
;',t���' isi.. i ���"���"""
iilrliilns.' imai-n-a limn;"' I''"".'. ,|���K��'"'
i,,llc,,;,r,,.,,,i,A,itt.;.ii;-iy;I!K���, ,,�����.. ���
The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less tfaan Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
V"���������*o a���^
Have City   Attractive   and Then   Use
the Press.
I'M, PAID 11'..
,B  .Vll.Kli:. 1-i-s
Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
. .f_,V-.,000 BUST (8,900,00.
ildent HON, 'tOBEBT .iakfkav, Vice-President
Branches in Bri i_h Columbia:
ut onrrent ratea from date of opening ac-
M.   L.AY,  Managtir.
���:. received nnd interest tUIowi
lined half-yearly
[k Hall Miiih g and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Montreal, Aug, 2S.���\V. T. Robson,
advertising agent or the C. I*. It., has
Jum returned from the convention or
the Union of Canadian Municipalities
at Ilulifax, whore he gave an exceed-
iUB'y lnteraatlng address upon muncl-
lial advertising, lor which he received
a vole of thanks from the delegates,
lie did not make any extravagant
claims for advertising, but said thii
municipality must commence from
within by making their place attractive, by having good streets and public conveniences, together with energetic work by tho corporation in keep-
ins; iin- municipal property in good or.
tlpr, which waa a great incentive to
lha ratepayers to pay attention to
their private prtipiNy.
iio clniiiii'd thin advertising was the
child of liiisliii us, and would not "f It-
si'ir make au improgresBlve place pro-
gresslve, but that the ratepayers must
work loyally together lor the good ot
tins municipality. Lot your advantages
be known to the world, said Mr. Rob-
eon, and tha best medium wa* the
ill-ess and publishing matter regarding
your munldpaltay let Btncorlty and
truth be the keynotes; avoid exaggeration and bombastic expressions regarding your place.
Mi. Robson also strongly condemn-
od tbe glaring Signboards which marred the appearance ��r so many muiil-
ciiiaiitli'B, and said Canada's greatest
asset was ber charming scenery, which
wus attracting tourists rrom all over
the world, lie also dwelt upon the
Unfortunate tact that ln almost every
town and city In the country the
worst streets and buildings to be
round anywhere were Tn close proximity to ihe railway tracks and stations,
which did not tend to raise the merits of the places in the eyes or travelers.
northwest corner aliont foprtoon miles trom
Kissiieinis' ink.- Host about fourteen imi��� mini
sisss'Hss rfvs-i. mi Lemon s-isi*'ki thence running
eo chaini nuth, then��� S�� ohalns eut, thoaeaw
s'lsisiiiN sssirtis. tnence *�� obalm s.i'*i lo tiss- pdlht
111 III lu'CIIII-Ill
llssli-sl July I'.ltll. 1981.        JAssKssO* ItAIss 1.1. rB,
Ni sill's- in horoby given that irlthlo iw.i inontlis.
Irsssss ilu- llvt isnVilti-iitl'ili tn-n-.it In His-HrlllHli
iSiitiimtiiii isii/i-tts-. I tiititsssi toapply Iii till- Hull.
Chic! Commlialouef i'l Lssii'lis ansl Wisr-si lor a
ss|si-s-ltil lloonae to cut anil carry awuy timber
from tii�� following-HorltMd landi, iltuated in
Went kootenay: .miiiiioiirliiK at u poat {.tautest
oil the ssoiuli (short* of Trout I.ake, about olle-iialf
mile laslssw the inoiith of Hve Mile freek, mark-
esl "Ltmlle Hill si'siitheai��t eoriier"; thenee weat
Itn) ehrtlim, thenee mirth -.siihiilnB, thenceoitit
ISO ehalni, thenee iouth 40 chatna to the point of
Patest Hnl Auguil, UM, l.s��us Hit...
Notice U herclsy gtT iti that 8id��yi alter dm-,
we lutcusl to ss ssi,1, v to tbe Honorable the Chief
Comm aMofier ol Lansli and Work, for a ineciat
lleenic to cut ttlisl carry away timber from the
fnllmvtiiii duonbad Uilslss rommenclini nt a
port niHrkcit Ci Y. Calilrrell about two ansl one
half niik-fl trom the tvnd sl'Orellle rlv.r, on the
s-ss-t lllleof Kit's's-n Mile rriek.tlii'ineH chalna
eassl. tlieiii-e *l ihislll. isinlh. tbencS ��tl s-haluss
wait, uss- ��� *' i-iiHint north tss place of common.
I..i!-ateil ilu- IM day of Mmnsil, mm.
Ul K. I'Al.llWKI.I.,
lli-rltiiili Itiilper. Ai;ent.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day houne lu the KootenayB.
Roomi ire well furnlRhed.   Table RKgond u miif
la .VUmi.     Bar iuppllwl with roo4
Mil non anil tUtari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont House
tsiropean tad American Plan
Keali it cut. Roomi ittsm �� on. to ll
Oaly Whits flslp laplojed,
lutchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
M Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,       '
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builders will Ond it to their advantage to n��
our Pitch.
felson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Odds Are 10 to 4.
I.-.mdon, Aug. 27.���In an article in
the Momlng Post Guy Nlckalls, the
oarsman, suys thut after u careful
study of the man of the Harvard
crew he has Reached tin* opinion that,
contrary to the general impression,
Ihey will ko Wu- I l _ miles at a very
fair pace, Indeed, tiioufch he does noi
fancy their pace for a single mile
Taking !l11 things into consideration,
Mr. Nickalls believes that the odds or
10 lo 4 on tin* CumhridKe crew an* in
uo way justifh'il.
Noiii't' li beroby kIv-mi iimi :ki <luy�� aiicr *l*iti*
I intend toapiily to Hie tinnnribla tlm ��'Mi*"J
OODjmlttlOU-91 nl I.hiiiIh and Wofkl totKlpflOltt
MooDW in oul nii.l cunv hwh>'liinlx*!-(nun tii*'
fo)lowing dMcribed limds: Cm *iu*imt ��i t
|.��it.I iiinrki-'i Kn-il .Xilh*. lr , hIh.iii one mnl OOfl*
li-ilf mllei (nun inouili of IVml <|'Ori-lilt- river on
tin* eut ildo i.i Fifteen Nile crv.-k. tlienco KO
iiinins north, thonce ni HutUi* west, thenoe so
ohaini ma tii, Lliencw >*> chnlni out to place ol
Located tin; 87th 'lny of .luly. 1!MI.
Kiikii Awn, Jr., Locillor*
Niittivif. Iiereijy Klvfii that 80 dan *ifur *lntt* I
intend toapply t.t tbe Bon-*nW�� toe Ohlei *'om-
iiii--Miii i ol I.himK hijk.. WorlCH fnr n ]m-.'|.��1 ll-
eellU looul iomI i-iirry hwhv Umber from tin- foi-
ii.Hin*,' deacrlbed land**. Comraanelng ut a post
marked ll<*ntmn li.-.t).- r, about two an.l um-half
niilii from r.H'i d'Oreille river, on iin-. n-t -i.i.-
of Kiiii'tn Miu* cri'i-k, ihenco ��ti ebalni weit,
tbence m' ohaini wuth, thence B0 ohaini eaat,
thonce80 ebalna north to place of commenoement.
Located Um* 1st tlnv of Annuel, f**.
Ukkman RJUFBH, Locator.
Baker St., Nelion Proprietor
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The H��r u the Pineal.
White Help only Ksiiplii.e-.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
l^lre  nntt  As-ckltiil
Real Estate and Mining
Nelion. �� O
_ .* it
I int
Hereby given tbat thirty dayi after
.1   to  Hl'l'lv   lo   Ihi-   11.nn.nil.I.- tin
ol Units ami Work* fo
.l_.li',   i   iii ii- ii ��� i   in   tt(.|.i.    io   ine   iiouoraoir tot'
Chlel Uommlaitoner of Undi ami w,ni, im ,,
ipeclal llcemoto nu and carry avray limber from
ine followlni deeerlbed landi, e-tuato on Lemon
ereek in the dlatrlcl ol Weit Kootenay: Com-
menuing m a j...-i plun ed on i^'iuun ere k,
eleven (ll) min-H ftoiu Knoiuiiiiy I-aki*. HdjoinliiK
l-nt 3643, marked "B. VV'i N. E, eoruer po��t";
tbence forty (M) ebalni erett', tiicm-e eighty (��>)
loothi Ihence forty (in) riiains eait; tbenee
eigbty (h*j�� ebalni m>rth to point of commence*
ini'i)t,i*ontairiiug three hundred and twenty (aJO)
Dated the iOth day of June. A.D.. 1906.
Bkccb White,
*. Burns & Co.
Market, in   Knmliuid,  Trail,   N.Iboii, Knalo,   Sniidoii, Three Foika,
Denver mui Slooaii Oity.
Scientists Are Safe,
Yiikiiliainii, Aug. 27.���The magnetic
survey yacht Galilee which stiiloil from
San Francisco about a year ai;o in the
Interest of the Carnegie Institute, was
driven on tin- breakwater here during
a typhoon oa the 24th. She was considerably damaged hut has lieen re-
Floated and docked for repairs, Hit
crew ami scientists aboard arc safe.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BYLAW Nt>. t7t.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
The Big Schooner IV^, |A-
Or "Half ind IUI!"    DCCt    \ VJL.
The only Gloss of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel ttrs'ismliiisilsitlsiiiss wss-siiiil Isi iisim- In Hrlt-
Ith Colombia. Rani Hooper day. Bpwlal ram
its iniiutiiij boardars. Only luimi- lintist tn Kelson
Lake View Hotel
(,'i.rn"T* Hall ami Vernon,
two l.ln.'k*- from wharf.    **
kuti*K II OO per day and up.
P. O. Box 151-
Telephone US.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERIUKSON, Proprietor.
(.eutrally Ixwated. Open Day and NlRbt.
Bample and Pali Roomi Frev.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Reel Estate
-Ilusini'ss in l.i>iii"iisiv.
Nelson, B. C.
I have lot Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situate ou the West Arm nnd Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locato.
Sea me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, Wpe^Si^m
Opposite Court House and Post Ofllce.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Prominent Old-Timer Dead.
CalgarV) Alta., Aug. 28.���Jairaes rtl.l-
ilell. n promlnenl old-tint-?; died here
suddenly lasi night lie was In Winnipeg in is��T and in Calgary since
1891!. He was a man of enormous
Stature, helng i; feel I" iiwhes high
ami weighing mm pounds, lie was a
brother or W. It. Wddell, 1C. o.. nf Toronto, ami  Or. Itiilili'll of Calgary.
sis Mill llRVl'
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Will Protect Interests.
Berlin, Aug. 2s���The North German Gazette today announced that
Baxpn Nedunflied. ihe consul generaj
of liri'inany nt Now Orleans, has been
directed to probeed to Havana to ino-
tecl lioiiuan interests in Cuba during
the absence of Ihe resilient minister,
who Is on leave of absence.
Will Refloat Steamer.
Port Arthur, Out.. Aug, 27.���The
Bteamer Mon-shaven, which went on
lln- rocks off Pie Island near here last
November, will be refloated on Wednesday of this week.
ssli- ssssil Iti-liill lit-nlem In
Fresh and Salted Meats
usiniss supplied on shortest notice nml
'���''"* 11'ii'D. Nothing lint fresh und
iiiilnsiiiiio meats nmi supples kept in stissk
tlnis niilm-H riHsi-ive eni-el'ul attention.
E* C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
lllmiiilli', lililit,   Firm Itliiilni-, t'hiiliii'iils nml
Tv'i'iiv Mil.: Praotlon ii.iii.-r.il olalms,jrtnf
ssli- in'lln- N',-l>s.n-M-tnliiB lllTlsitiiii ol Wnl
Kssoti'iiii.' dlitrloi
wiii-ti, laeaUHl: im I'liniii-i'iiniiiniiiiii. botwoou
W 11,1 issiis-s' issi'l Hs'iirisri-i-kh.
"ski' i .llss- Hint I. John M.l nii'iiii'. s.i Hn' 'HJ'
nl fc-lmn, sssiuis .ih.wut i.n- .1..S.-I.1, ^."n-'',-'*"-
I'n-i- Miiu-r'ss ivniiiiiiii' No Mln, Inlond.ilxlJ
,1 ���y�� imni III.' .1.11.' Is.'is's'I. I" 11,1'l'ly to UlB >   "I"K
lts'S'isr,li-r Inr ' prtlfl c< o   fmpr- �� is'    I"'
Uio purpose s.i ������iiisstiiintf Utowii
"  AlVl'lll'll!..! Ink Iivlllllllll'ls
Hon BJ, mail I otniiioiiooii botor
..rsiu-li i-.-rllll 'ills',"l ll"l'r,,,v,,,;"',","'���.,.
,,,,,,,,,,,,�� I,,,. ,l,iyi.lJ..ly.Aui,i.llktiTtm|
Qranuof the
. IhclHHiinmHi
Kotlco Uherebyglvfti that 80 tlnv^ [mm date
I mi. inl in Hi't'i. ic tiif Honorable lho I'bk'f
HommlMlonorol Undi and w.^k,! roranpoelai
Hrt'ii-i* in rui untl carry away ttroiwr fi*..m ilu*
following landi, tituatw m victl Kojtonay dlatrloti
M��.i -Commenolng nt �� poitirtantod tin tin1
nnriiii'iiHt corner about tt mlloa fr.un Kootena;
lukf mi Six Milt* rift'k. llii-ii.f runnliij ID i lialns
west, tin-ii i* nw 'in. 111 smith, thenre40ehalna
i'nM. tnence 100 ehalna norlh. toe poim oi commencement _ ,, ,,
Diiit'd July l��ih, _"W. B. It. Mi.iiitun,
per Jtii'ksmi Radcilflei agont.
Ni..'.��. Commencing atapoei planted on,the
inulhoaat corner uhmii t iiriit inilcs from Koot*
imvi ko on six Mile creek, thenco running 40
chaini vroat, thenoa Wo ehalna north, thonce nt
oaal! thenoo lWchalua iouth in tin* point n oom-
111,'in'i-mcnf. ,   _ ,.
Ihit-ilJuly nth. hi"'.- " n- MtOMTOH,
IwrJaokaon Radolinc, ^gent.
No.ii-fi.iniiiiiii'iiiL' ni a poat planted6nthe
norllionat corner til����ni Ifl milea frmn Ho t-
i'ii V litku   mnl   IS  Hllfs   fimn   Plocatl   rfviT.
mi i.i'iiniii crook, 111.-111*1' running wii'iiunid weat,
thonce ho i-hniiiN n nib. thfiii*- 80 ebalna cuat,
ibfiuT ao ebalnanoftb lotheitolntolpoininonco*
Datod July lOUi, I'.hMi. n. B, MloHtOK,
per Jaokaon Bade lift*. Agent.
whkkicas a pe'iiimi Ii >r been prvaented to
Hi.- Municipal t'mniefl of the Cnrpon-iUm of ihu
i nv ni Nei.s.ni alaued )<y th,- ownera of at least
oii'-U'iiili of lhe value of the rt-al property l�� 'ho
itald oily ah ibown by the laat revfaed a^Nosmnent
roil, reoueating lhe ��al<l Coum-ll t��t iutnnlnee
"A  By-Law   lo   im-.   * ���*���.�������� imni Iiii ii:,- |��iri<oM- ,if
Rompfetlng the construction of (heK ,-, i r.��- l.u:ht
mnl Power Plant now bHlng eonatruotod bv the
i'uy of Kflaon hi tbe Dppcr Bonnington wtlXu,
Kootenay Klver, Brltfrh OolurabU.
AM) \MIKKKAH   ft   Is   ih-i-iiu-'l   expedient   to
rompletc lbe hleottlu Light ami Power plant.
AM) WHKI.-AS for the purposes aforeHrtbl It
iv 111  he  uceeacaiy  tp' Intrrow   tbe hiiui of  Kifly
Thousand hoii trsi^M<o<M)(i),nii<i toi iu*>deben-
niriM of lhe Cllj of Nflhou ior the purpose of
: -islim EHi<l HlllOllUt.
AND WHKItKAS Hit whole amount of lbe rat-
able land of the aald city, ����� r-im^ to thu
last revised Aueamont Roll( la one million two
hundred and uity-tbreelhouaandelghthundred
ami dirty didlBr��($l,aU,8W)
ASli WHRKEAS ll will be reqtdal e to raise
annually by rati' tbe aom of Four Phoneand One
Hundred and Seventy Nine nallera (fi.niuw) tor
paying the wid debt and inlereat.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the
t'-nrporatlon   ...   lhe   OltJ   of   SYIhui   .��� uml -.  aa
1 ���It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the Clly ol Nelaon to borrow
niun the credit of Iho aald Corporationi by way
oi tbe dobenturei bereinafter utetitioned, from
any potaon or poraona, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to aovance tbe tame ����� a
limn. :t sum of money not oxccedlnginthe whole
the. Mini of hilly Thou and Dollars (|W,000 iw.)
���m I io canto all aneh mmaao raised or reoelved
l i bu paid into Ilu- hands of the Treasurer of the
raid ��� orporatioti for Hie purpose ami with Ihe
object hereinbefore reeded
x.-it shall he lawful for the tfayouf the 8Mld
Corpora Ion to cause anv iinuiher of tlebeiilnres
lo In- nutilti. fxeooted ami issued for such sum ur
sums  as  may  ht*  rei|Uiivil  for the our pone and
object aloresaid, not exceeding however the mini
of Kitty Thousand hollars*. (.ri0,��tM.0O), each ofjlhe
Raid debenture! being of the denomination of
One Thousand DollarsItl,u>>-|J-0)iu)d all mich debenture! shall be sealed with the seal of the Cor-
P iraiiou Biol ilgned by the Mayor thereof.
8���-The Bald debenture* shall bear date the 1st
dav of tictubc, IW\ nnd shall be made pa>able
in'twenty years from the said ilale in lawful
imiuev ot <'a mi hi til theotlleeof the Hank of
Montreal In Nelaon aforesaid, which said place
of payment shall be designated by the said de-
la'iiU.res, and shall have attaohed to them coupons for tbe payment of interest, and tbe signatures to the Interest Doupona may tie either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4 ���The snld debentures shall bear interest at
lhe rale of ,. per cent, from the dice thereof,
which inlereat shall be payable a. ml-annuaUy at
Mid ortb*.' ..I the Hunt of Montreal iu Nelsou
rtf.tresuld, in lawful money of Canada, on the
lirsl dav Ol April and lirsl .lay of October icspci*-
Uvelv In each year during the currency thereof;
ami il shall he cxprosed ill said debentures ingl
ooapona to be so payable
5,���llabay be lawful for the Mayor ot said Ot*
poraiimi io negotiate and sei; the aald dobenturei or anv of Ihem (<>r less than par, but in uo
.um- shall Oie said Oebi'tiliiri-K or any of them be
negotiated or aald for less than ninety-five per
centum of their valuo including the ooit of ue*
nol fating an I sale, brokerage and all other Int-l-
0, -There shall be raised am) levied In each year
dining lhe eiirielicy of said delaiulures tbe sil in
of Tweuiy-live Hundred Dollars Q2,M0) for pay-
mentol Intaroat and theaum of hlxtoen llund-
rod aud Be eutjr-nlno hdllhfi [|l,S79t00) for pay
men I of the said tlebeiilnres by rale sullii'lenl
tnerelore OU ail (he ratable laud iu the said
7.-Itshall be lawful (nr the nid Municipal
Council to rc-nurehase any of the sobl tlobcn-
turea upon such terms as may  be  agreed   upon
with  tiie legal bolder or holders thereof or
any part thereof, either at the time of sale or
anv inbaequen timcor tlmoa��nnd nil debentures
so re-i.unhased shall forthwith be c.ui-clleil and
destroyed and no re-issue of debenturoaeo re-
juirchasctl shall Ih- inaile iu **,ousei|ueiice of such
s ThisRv-baW slmll take effect on or after
Ibe .'ilb day of September lft.tl,
��i. This Hvl aw may he cited for all purposes
as the CIO ��>f Nelson tleclrle I.lubt Uian 'y-Uw
No. 171, law
Done and passed In QottOCU Assembled this
 Seplemlicr 1W0,
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Columbia.
Cau sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
. Buy uow and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Bnker Btreet. Neliion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity nnd
Hpitted by Hot Air
KA'I'KH  ti  I'Kit DAY
Large ansl rnmliirtable iteilrnomi anil Flral-
s'lasss Tilnmi: Rississs. Uainple Koumi tor Comnitsr-
elal M.11.
MK8. K. II. I'l.AKKK. Hronrletreu
The well known
Onr Beert.nrden is
the Finest iu the
St. Putil,
Port. Arthur
Sioux City
KauBos City *f)R.2S. St. Louis IfiO.OU.
Ohiraigo *iU 00.
On sale August 7*9, September S-10
Finul liuiit Oetotier Hist.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Hates fl aud ��1.50 a Day.
Special Hates to Regular Bt;art.<TR.
Notloe i-' Uorebjr irtv-nii tbal 80 ��i��ys from dati I
Uiii'ii'i i.ini'i��iy it> lbe Mouorabletba Ohio!Oom-
mUNltlDQIf  nf   IhIhIh   mnl    WftfkK   l"ir 11  BWICtSl
Ut'OtifO tn out nml ciirrv hwhv timber froln the
Sil lowing ilwrfbori lantls, iltuated lu the Weal
Rootenay Olfirtuti t
No i -Commeiieinu fit n tiptt pUnlod on iin*
unrilo'iist rorner, tibnit tliiruiMi mtlOH fn-m
KooteUHy lake. una.fourteen ni!U*�� fnnn clot-an
rtver, nn l.-'iunii i* etpt; tlii'iiriTiuitiinn ko .���litilno
Bciilli, iIi-iiit H.I i-loilns ffOnt, llictiff.-Ulflmliis
nnriii, UiDncofUohnlMBoail in Lho point ����f eoin-
P.ll.'l July IMh.lHM. .IAIKM1N lUTtl.OTK.
No. '^-UuHUutiiHuiits hi h |ioat pUnivil on tbi'
Take notice that the hbove is h fruo
propoMed H>-Lnw upon which ihe
'ooy oi tin1
nrul'OHeu ni-wiw ui>on tvnivii uie vote oi ibe
Munlettmluy will bo ukcu at tho City of Nelimu
on Tuesday the 4th day ol September, itq^t. between tin-" hours nl!i o'oloek a.m. and i o'clock
p.m., for i In* Kit"t Wrrinl nl Uie t'oimeil I'lifuuber
hi llie corner of Vlelorin ninl Jose|.liiiie nlreel��,
anil for tlu* West Ward ul. HlOj Itonnl of Trtule
lloonisitl Uie eorner of \ l.loria nnd Kmitctmy
City (Ucrk.
Nelson, B, O, AuglUt ��l��t 1*W.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in stnplo nud fnney Gnxserios.
Butter, Eggs.
Ciunp nud Miuei>' Supplies.
Toronto *,".t.iiT>.   On side September s 9-10
Limit November 80th.
Milwaukee $62.10    On sale August'.
Limit October 31st.
Through rates all . t.itiims���Ontario,
(Quebec, New York, New England, Mali-
time Provinces on application.
A.!!.!'. ...VSUPOUVC
ll. P.A.. N.'lisiin.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
St Poultry Co., Ltd.
Boleagonl for Die Porto Uieo Lumber Co , Ltd.,
retail yards.   Knu-_;li and dre >���������! IuiuIut, tinned
work and braekeUi Const lath and ahlnglMffaah
nml  dfion.    ('emeiil, l.rlek   nnd  lime  for snle
Automatic grimier.
Yard and fneiory 1 VeruonSt.. east of Hull,
IV O. Box BBS, Tek'plioue ITU.
West Transfer Co.
Gonoral Te^mners and Dealers iu
Coal and Woo .   Express nud
Hnggago Trnusl'i-r
Office: Baker St.
Tflsisllsitiu 1W
Deliveries uinrt* daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs Phone MS.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8- J 0
Wiuuipeg 1
^tel'"1 I IB..60
Duliilh I
Port. Arthur      J
Chiengo flWOO
St. Louis JII0.00
Final limit October tllst.
Ou sale September 8-11-10 to Toronto $7(186.
Limit November 30th.
Rates to nil other eastern points
on application.
City I'liNM-iiRer Agent.
A .1.1'. A.. St'iilll...
The Latest Modem Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yots Km* Thsrauo's Special Ml-turt?   '
'     s  ���
mt h
The Daily Canadian
Bargains m
Cut Glass**���
cAre you taking advantage of the L o%
'Prices <we are offering in Cut Glass ?
An 8 in. <Bowl, )��orth $7.50 for $5.
On a fine Water Sel, bottle and 6 fine
Cut Glass Tumblers at $10.00.
NOTICI i- We will send by express to any part of the country,    ?
nml it nol found satisfactory, it can In rt turned at our expense    ;
\i ihe time of going to press nuili-
ln bas been heard from tin* pursuers
ol t'< Di/p-' Anderson,
X '
Crawford Free Stone f
'The Store of Sweets/'
Plums    :
___________________ ���
__r___��������� ���
j In large variety are now in*
* for preserving. J
i t
Fruits, Confettiontry and
Ice Cream.
Phone 'J'.. Baker St
NKI.SUN, B  11.
Buy while quality is
j Bell Trading j
���        Company        ���
44cA "Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning!'
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or R"ll anything,
go lolhe (jiil Cdriosltj Bhop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale All
kinds   of   DInnerware  in   Btoclc.   Pat-
Making Dependable
Fortunate is rhi- .tore thai has tho
reputation fur dependability For-
tunate i.s the publia thai litis sui'li a
store in its lnidsi. Forttuiata couti-
,]i'ui'i' between n Btore ami its. baying J
pulilir means growth Tliis *i.uv w.i.
grown, And Is growing on just Mies.
lilies.     Nn lllllliilillll higher Illllll jins.
BfKsiiiK yiiiiri'iniliili'tiri'- sillier I]iinl.-h \
are Isotinil tn cinne.
We wnut I'Vssiv Iriisls' Inns ii'tinii lis
be satisfactory, aud il it is mil wet
want yssu to tell us aboul ir.
If yon have nut Isui^lit   from
Bend im ii trial order.
Cur. Vermin nnd \V't��r��J  Slr.utn,
Mil.SIlN,   ,\. C.
.1. FBKD HUM-:, Proprietor
A. Lucas, K.isl.s; Mrs Culms, Mrs Mc-
Kiiiiinn .mil Daughter, Aluswurth; .S.F.
Tolmie A. iVillinnis, Vietoriai J K Me-
Uuldrick, St. Paul; c. J. Bluiiiuer, Brandon; W. (I. Boss, T. VV, Storey, W. Hill,
Vancouver; Jas Grouiu and wife, Moyle;
J (r Hiiiniltiiii luilinunpolis; J. Ureen,
D. Uraut, Silverton; V. G. Green, G A.
Lnnimers A. J. La-tuners, 1). Lamniers,
Miss Laiiinii'i's. Stillwater; J. M. Steven-
sssn. Iimisliiil: .Miss _l._>i<'liols.>u, Miss
0. Nicholson, Medicine Hut; B.N. .ni-
in.it.-, Rossland; S. F. Qriswold, Cbi-
.1. W. Andeison nmi wile. K. J. Wilson,
Spokane; A. v. Biggar, Vernon; W. F.
Piocteraud wife, (ireenwoodi 0. Robert*
sssn nnil wife, Nakusp; .Mr. uml Mrs. Ms--
liit.u., Plncher creek; P. H. Boruham,
Grand Forks; S. U. Verkes, Seatth*.
L. McOaireu, Boundary Falls; P. Mo-
hws-ii. ...uwK-y; 8. A. McKee, Trail; H.
Miss L Lin-. Breenwood; E. Read, H. S.
Bailey,  Vancouver; F. U. Elliot, Trout
Lake; P. _iil.ee. Kumlsxips ; H. B Smith,
_ M. ,1. Thornton, J  W. Giliau. Spnkaue;
F. J. bammons, Victoria.
J. Munro, Alnsworth;  W. G. Marten,
Kaslo; A. Somerset, Cran tins sk ; li. tJage,
H.   Ooauk,  Spokane;  P   Peterson,   M.
Kuapp, Hail Siding; J. Aikinuy, Nonh.
C J.Johnston,  Procter;  M   Killoren,
.1. Strachuu, Orunbruuk; A. UogaUi Cole-
mini; 1). hti'Wisn.   Bonnington;  ,1.  W.
-uiiir.iv. Greenw nl.
D. H. Denchmuu, Si'iuile; T. A. Web-
Pi sil;   .V   t.'sboriie, Slocan; -VI  Mi-
Uxxl,  Uuetou; F. VV. Fleming,   Vaucuu-
W Anderson, Trail ;.J Smith, Pboneix ���
A. Imlil, Vancouver.
E  Dodd, W Merchant, Trail; R Oor
rorau,  Vancouver; R J. Allen, Oalgary.
Thompson & Douglas
Jill.'.. Wrltlrm i. Specialty.
Wall l'ii per us,.i liL.s-ii.p.
H'ite^.."1""   -    NELSON
.Mrs. H. George Noelanda baa returned from WViaakiwin. Alia., with her
children iur the reopening ot school
a telephone hae been installed in
the office of the secretary of tbe fair
and seekers for information may ring
up Nn. t��C.
���Silver recovered a point on <'ach
market today and sine is up four
points on tbe London market Other
metal quotations are unchanged.
Temporary repairs are being made
to ihr Hume school, which will open
for the full term on Tuesday, September I- Meanwhile tho provincial go.
eminent m again calling for i> ndera
for a now Bchool,
Lest Ye Forget!
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
It is bottled tight and will keep.   Lay in
a supply before its too late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $1.35
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as the season is ciosirm, and i will
see that your order ts filled with the
best fruit to be had at the lowest market  price.
n .\i Qiegorich of Kaslo is in iho
clt) today. Mr. Qlegerlch boob thai
ill- I eglnnlng i of better limes are apparent, Mi*- change i** in;; due in tho
r opening of Lhe Bawmlll and the revival at Alnsworth ami other mining
camps. The Kaslo fair, the citizens
hope, will bi* wi II ^urili a visll b)
residents of Blsti i   cities
Th" general monthly meeting i>f tbo
20,   club  will  In*  held   in   Hm* board
uf trade rooms tonight at B:30. Tin*
advertising committee will report progress on the new folder and tin* entertainment committee win present iis
sobeme for winter dances. Tin* regu
Iur election of committeemen will also
be bf'ld.
C* A* .Benedict
Corner Silica ninl Josephine Sts.
Ha2..wood Ice Cream
I'll. "110  206.
Milling Records.
On,' location ami four certificates ssf
assessment work were recorded in the
Nelson tnlnfug offlce today.
Mike Bgan, agent for Annie Moore,
recorded the Ornoeo Fraction, near
M as], y. a relocation ssf the Copper
King, made August 2ii.
Certificates sst' wsnk were granted
to A. Sostail on tbe Nellie W.; to A.
1 Koebel nn the Cube, ami to .1. Harrison on  ihe  Bally-Hoo ami  Vlxe.
The Play.
The Pringle company presented
"The Convict's Daughter" at Sher
man's opera house last night to a fair
ly large audience. Charles Royal as
Lawyer Peter Gump, and Edith Pletch
er as th econvlct's daughter; earned
frequent applause.
The company will play the week In
Nelson with a change of play each
night. The Wil for tonight Is' "Love
ami   War," an adaptation  of "Caste."
Price   of   Metals.
New York. Aug. 28.���Silver, CC 3-lc;
copper. Ike; lead . $."..7.".; electrolytic
coppi r stock, 18 1-2C, rinn.
London, Aug. 28.���Stiver, .0 7-8d;
lead,   J-17  Mis:  zinc,   .��_7 lis.
Tr.iins and  Boats
.'mi',   h iai ���One   hour   late.
Slocan  train���On time.
Coast, Boundary'and  Rossland train
(in time.
The Store of Quality
Now is tin. time t.s buy poaches for
preserving Tbey sin- at ilu ir
best now anil the price is us low
ns it will In-.
We luiV�� a fresh stock of dollclot
Bartletl i * on hand.
j Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor. Jo.i'|,hliieHii,l Mill Bis.      I'lss.ti,'
1 TIIK KXt'LUSIVK prlvll_g�� .,l telling refreih-
''"'"". "" 'I "is'" irOUIldl ilurllly llii- lull
'""' W| Ihu H-'JlHf   Kosplrlluoultquan
iii,...,.-.!    iii,- inni,,..i ,,i u���, i,.,���itr ,���,, ,���.,.c,s
���a ii.. is.i,-i-i.-.i   A oerilfled cliequg i.n rmi
""""|"i i". pmij i-H.'is lendsr.  ..,iri'��
D. i'. Mi Mehsisi. Becrsttrr,
.���'���i-.i, Aisiin,iii,ii,i���i���i ladunrlsl a..���,i��ii���h.
N.1...U. ll I    Auguil II, IIHiU.
.  ;   1|MI sl'.    .s\   s   hiiiJ   L.HI ll;   liirul.hft  com-
BS'Mrlt Bf" 'i''""'''"''''"'"''   '"' '""" "I'l'1'
' H"l. IS   Itm III- .1 IA I.   I'lllll'KIII V   iiii  Hlllea
���fret| .i-ssui roomi; all Improvement!,  Termi
sifl'ls lis y.e  W >i._ |. r. ,,iisi,t.
smiiii I'liKMiKit TYI'EWKITSRtorrentorule
Al'lly iliuiii I igai si,,,,., w. ||. Smith.
Gait Coal
Termi ��j�� t tlteh
Telepliom- 2fi. Hflliisr Hlreet
TO LET ���
Itm i.MS 111 LET   Slirly liirnlslis'il ami rlolnlv
Is.'l.l rssiisii. for sls-ss.tv guoiti ,,r lraiisli-iili>. Ap-
j 60 MBN, Hi iini'e, l.sr ui.rk in lho wiisssla.   Apply
1    wW. B. Cooke,lawralll.Kulo.
I.AI.V srexiillllAPIIKU (s.s p���.ltl,siinii���iisiirv.
' '.homo null employer's lamlly.    Applv
tmX U.. S',,]!!!,!!,,!) nm,.,..
KM'hllltN.'Kli lUMS'il  BOOM mi'l..   Apply
Halcyon II il Spring . B.C.
KMI'l.lis MKNT ,,11 fmll ni'i.'li l.v viiung.lai -
Cle nml his mIfe.   Apply Sisihijh.1i. Hotel
CAIIPICX'llillS    Appls li.Juliii lliinn,Sill, a ami
Klau I'),
POH .IKI.I.Y.     We huve received
lhewli..|s. shipment I'l'iun limn
nnd   euti supplv  your wunis iu
this Hue
An I'.in'iM" in MOW in  pnorl-pniuH*
tion.   They w.m't la��t long.
Wu nlira have frwh
C   nt   luuptiM      Ufpo   I ��imnl huh
iii.i.in..i- VVaUrm�� on��
Hood & Teetzel
K, W. 0, Rlnck    Phone 10
II. te ull
 is ma in:	
when Onr SchdM Supplies nn' oited,   Wo
tbe market nffnrda.
W. G. Thomson
$J0 Down
$ JO Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double iu value iu a
few months.
Art' von grasping the
present opportunities?
One Eye at a Tii
Thill's <������������_
Ufumliy tb, ,.VI.B    "; ,
Kluss wllleh  M,���, ',������.    ""' "I .1^.3
snd nltiniiiteiv i������>,"|,���,"r)ur"s n��^J
J. J. WALKER, ~��
Repairing and Jobbing a Sp-ci.ii,
BhsatmstaJ Work, Ossttnga, Bulldan' Wntarial nmi Miuni|. mui mui jjllct
I illiee tuul Works Foot of 1'iirk Hi.
I'll,,.. o    JIM.
M \^ Al II il..
Nalaon, n,c,
Starkey & Co., *��&
I'll,,..,   .1-1.
Get  F0RSept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. Henshalv
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen *a Headquarters,
PHONE 16.       NKLSON, V, V
We ore
Receiving daily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it  U near prescfring time we would
udvixc yon i" leave yonr nnln*
Willi   US.
Telephone I 111.
"A simple ami popular guide to the
names ami descriptions of the flowers that  bloom above the clouds."
A book fssr .'vs.ry teacher, school ami
private library, and every lover of
our  wild  flowers.
Price $2.75
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Civil Rights Restored.
Madrid, Aug, 28.���A royal decree
published today restores the civil
marriage formalities ami suppresses
ihi' obligation on tbe pari of persons
desiring to gel marrfB. to declare
Iheir religion, Tins is directly sipposed
tss tin' pupal nuncio's claim ami it is
expected will arouse a political strug.
gle when parliament reassembles.
4*1-11.1.. MAIN'S
"The Pringle Co'y"
un Fridny evening a .tin Bowing Haohine
will lie Kivrii away,
Prices Boo nml ?."ii-, Children 86o.
Seats ut Until.Tiimiv
Will Act In Crises.
London,   Aug,   L'H.���The   British   kov-
iui t   is   fully  alive  to  the  serious
condition of affairs in Persia and in
the alleged efforta of Germany to on-
'"In  a  fnnUim there, and  It is stated
(/it Sifl tf'l/lll
Wil/h'i, i/iidm/i/ii/ ifiirit.i in ilt/iiM
BcynJUn blixr/JmtiK-Biwist'/tiMis/n,
1)11)   VOL!   KMIW
that lti.' .lrliilsn.iTvi.it BllHir Si���lu Ki.lllltHlll
Imi  lonlo prnpsrtuH t....-.ltsi  rafrsthlogT
IVe ii i' uii'y resl frull .ymin nl Hi,. (In .1
fiuullly        Ii.'iiiImiii, iiiiiiitiT, kIsssm. Hllll
rscsptsole. sri. kei.t >ftrupuf_u.l; .less
���sr-*"       CHOQUETTE BROS.
lhat w
steps  will
In' taken
by  tin
powers  to
protect   III
ests w
lieu  a
th..  fi
says, nothing
sl    to
3500 New Members vS*mSSts
eacn yenr,
We wont you to join the fnniilv.
We will accept you on easy terms, nnd guariinlee'you will never be whit
for having joined us.
Cull mnl get piirtieiiliii's of our cisy payment system.
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Office!   it, i i
Husl.i.li Hssy |-l���,.k.
Standard Furniture Co!
W'lKHcmili;   1'iiiviniiin.H,
Dominion Qovarnment Cn'niiiery Une Pound Hrielis nv-eived ws-i-kly fta
from the churn.   For sale by nil leading groom.
Otlii's'und wnrelisiuse: lloiistou Itloek,   I'hiine Til.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B.C
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If r.et .
Is the time to have it repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Li
PLEASE .VOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnare not \lt$_\
by October 1st, L90_,
Rciiislrtnit nn.I .lohhlnu eqK��OUt��Cl with I NMJMsteh.   _IH��-t M��I"U
\*'��rk, Mlnf.i_rt.ti_l -Mill .Mttulii.iaarv.     jVlttnufi.-tuc-rM sil      {
<>r�� Carsst,  IV.  W.   C...itn.'wtorM'   CttrM.
NELSON,    B.  C.
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies fur the following:
Accident, Health, <>r combination of the two.
Plate Glass Insurance.
Burglary or Theft,     Steam Iioiler Explosion.
McDettnicT& McHa.dy
Just Arrived!
A large shipment nf
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's
CLOTHING !3.i��..o
Latest Patterns,  Lnlest Styles, ami All (.'noils tliian sil
and dealers in LtwiiDef * Shingles-
L,ath, Moulding**, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Onlern unmii'tly air
. viiRNON STRBECT - .  ���  Mii,wiN, l��- O.
. .slssl t��
Onr Btwk  of HANI.  gAWg is  very rfflnpl'* j
lnolnding gradu to suit nil reqnlreuteuH,
If yon wish a low prieeil wiw we can inpply}'""
iilno carry the lH'st quiilillen made by
i Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, ^


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