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The Daily Canadian Apr 6, 1907

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Array 4%\)z  ��)ttUy
VOLOMB  I.     NO.   258.
Nelson Centre for Many
Ymir, La Plata and Queen Victoria
Will All Be Active���Quotations
on Stock Market.
The woek In mining has seen only a
continuation of the good work carried
on through ths* winter, As tears of a
coal inins-rs* Btrikn have been allayed,
mine und smelter managers are feeling
more confident.
Nelson will have three big mines In
lis vldnlly.operatlng with large forces
this season, lhe Vmir, La Plata and
Qneen Victoria.
Throughout Hie .Slocan from Alnsworth lo tlle Lardeau, the belief In a
boom year Is growing stronger. Ih
Sheep Creek valley many Important
deals me under negotiation, the closing
ol any one nf whioh will be a great
.stimulus  to the district.
The slock market for the past week
lias shown a sllgln Improvement both us
regard! activity and prices. This was
noticeable more ln the curb slocks
than in Hie securities handled locally,
and Is u good indication of the iuurks-l
becoming normal. The feauire of the
week's trading was the fluctuation In
lhe coal slocks; Ihese shares rose and
fell .1 and 4 cents in a session.
Alberta Coal aud Coke sold from 'ill
to 111 ceuiB, but is now steadier, and
Balding firm al about ;12 cents. Interna
tional Coal sold Irom Iio to 66 cents,
but (his slock also steadied towards
ths- close aud a greal many share were
reported at about Oil cents, Breckou-
ridtcLund Coal, though traded In but
very little, wus also affected and a
greal many shares were offered.
II. C. Copper and Dominion Copper
were stronger with a slight advance noticeable each day. These stocks are now
liigiser tsiau for some weeks. Giant of
Rossland was offered moro freely than
heretofore, with a great many sales re-
ported. White Hear of Itossland was In
gisod demand with bul few sales recorded.. Western Oil caused some Inquiries, though few shares changed
hands nt Ihe pikes offered.
The fiilliswing are the approximate
quoiallons for the week ending today:
,,,                                 Uld. Asked.
Alba. Coal  &  (*,,ks-..J     .3:!   *     .36
American liny oi>4
_��� <-'��� Copper (Close)       8.12V4 8.25
Breck.-Lund Coal   ...        .5f, .56
California              06 07
Con. Bmelters    120! 140!
ssribi.ss McKlnnne; .       .08 .0-1
Bom. Cop (Cloee) ...     5.87% 6.12V4
���Diamond Vale 26 .30
Denora Mines  . 10
we Oold Mines ...." '22
'������"������'���v      127. ��0.
2laJJt  02       .0.1   *
uerty     2] *>] i*.
___,��� 'j*11-        .69 '.io    ���
invincible Rail Joint .26 .36
J**1 Plata Mines 16 .18
Nicola Coal Mines ..       .05*4 .06
North star    10
Rambler Cariboo ..."       ���>!) .31',.
?"""">   11 .16
lel-Kwa Mines  . ,4 15
Y, '". ������'���"���    06 MM.
1 ���ilc-Kooienuy  Ice  ..        .08V4       .OHM,
New Hurdle Record.
New York, Api-116.���Harry Hlllmnn, of
he New York Athletic Club, broke the
surds American IndOor low hurdle
'����rd last night at the Military Ath-
eoic League games In Brooklyn: His
'���'" was 26 i,r, seconds, a fifth below
ue rarmer record, which he also held.
McGill   Building   Destroyed.
Montreal   April   6.���The   Macdonald
engineering buiming of tho McGIII unl-
eralty, equipped and endowed mainly
,1J���f'r William Macdonald, was   totally
v,li  ���".-''-���' Bpe ,["lay.   The total loss
111 ���"* HSO.OOQ, insurance, $420,000.
No Ingratitude There
When "inn** Hunter stumped tho rid-
"6 m January, he told his auditors lf
"ted he would pull tor the Slocnn
"'1 last and always. He has boen swift
��� do the right thing. By bringing In
"��� successfully pushing through n
""""������ measure lo give borrowing pow-
ni" i's-Vs"011? Clty ho h!>a 8hown his
Maie       _Khw" Qualities al an early
��*k so ,1 .;,f"!,!u,0u,',d M,,,a mode Un*
en    "o,n ,,W Slocnn clty constlt��-
our Bill   is no great shakes on
peddling hot air, but when It comoB to
shrewd, mental, 2(lth century methods
or doing business he gets there with
both feist. There's one wlBe piece of
of legislation sorely need which Slocan
electors will never rorget. Hit us again
lllll; we like It���Slocan Mining Review.
Imperial  Treasury  Gains   Large   Revenue From Death Duties.
London, April 6.���The treasury has
Issued the figures for the financial year
ending March 31, nhowlng a total revenue of 1:155,036,458, against ��153,-
878,866 for the previous year. This Is
an excess or ��1.157,592, due to an unexpected Increase In the death duties,
which are Ihe chief contributory toward
the ��2,059,000, the amount by which
the revenue, as estimated by tho chancellor of the exchequer last year Is exceeded The chief receipts were as follows: Customs, ��34,476,000; excise,
��30,230,000; estate and other duties,
��12,970,000; property and Income tax,
��31,350,000 and post office, ��16,880,-
The third Item, which Includes
death duties sIiowb an increase of ��1,-
4:10,000. The next most Important Increase ts lu the poBt ofllce receipts,
(-.mounting to ��290,000. Thc customs
decreased ��1,545.000. Even greau-r
than the increase ln the revenue ls ths:
decrease In the expenditure. The
amount expended was ��139.429,000 being a saving of ��3,305,000 on the previous year.
Union  Men  of Toronto and  Winnipeg
Object to Importations From
Old Country.
Toronto, April 6.���The printers of
Toronto and Winnipeg are uniting to
enter a protest against the importation of printers to Canada from Groat
Britain, under what the printers say Is
misrepresentation by an agent of employers of Winnipeg. The following is
u t-,t\ry .,t the agent's letter to au English printer:
Village lload, Wallasey, near Livei-
pool, Feb. 18. 1907.
Mr. Horace Smith. Brandford:
Dear sir���Thank you lor your acceptance of Ihe Bltuation with Messrs II11I-
man Bros., Winnipeg.
I confer the engagement, i.e., $18 per
week of 53 hours with one year's engagement, renewable as may be mutually arranged.
1 will call at thc Allan line offices, and
see about your berth, and as soon as
this Is fixed will have the agreements
propared tor signature.
You might tell mo If Horace is your
full Christian name.
It may Interest you to know that a
paper received from Toronto Saturday
evening conveyed the news that where
lhe eight-hour day was secured throughout certain towns In America il has now-
been decided to return to the 53-hour
scale, anr a mutual agreement has been
made between the employers and men
to work eight hours In two years' time.
This will Bottle matters definiitely in
those cities affected, and the employers
will have time to look ahead and adjust
their future contracts for eight hour.:
per day. I think the decision a sensible
one, as very few cities won the eight-
hour dny, and only one or two al the
most In Canada.
Even had this not happened It would
not have affected your position at Winnipeg.
Yours faithfully,
A copy of this letter has been forwarded to Mr. W L. Mackenzie King,
deputy minister of labor, and action
will be taken against Mr. Brunning on
Ihe charge of violating an act passed
by the British house of commons, nt
the request of the deputy minister of
labor, making It a punishable offenre
for nnyono In the United Kingdom to
induce workmen to como to Canada by
The Winnipeg printers stnte that the
executive committee of the trades and
labor congress of Canada, and Mr. J. G.
O'Donoghue, the solicitor for the congress, hns already been advised to press
the prosecution of Mr. Brunning. under
Ihe act of the British parliament.
Rumor of Order Placed In Britain for
Monster    Battleship.
London, April 6.���It Is reported here
that the largest battleship In the world,
to have a dlBplacoment of 21,000 tons,
Is to be built In England for the Japanese government, and that a commission already ls on Its way hero from
Japan for the purpose of placing the
contract with one or another of the
great British shipbuilders. It is believed that Japan would, In tho future.
build all her own warships, but It is
now thought thnt a vessel of Ibis slz"
would bo too great an undertaking tor
her. nnd It Is known thnl lhe Japanese
admlrality has a full programme fof Ito
home yards. The cost of this new battleship will be aboul (11,260,000
Fresh Excitement Roused
in Ontario
W. G. Miller, Provincial Geologist,
Reports District Very Rich ia
Mineral���Rush Beginning.
Ottawa, April 6.���In the Montreal
river dlstricl, some 26 miles west of
Cobalt, another great silver-producing
mining camp may be looked for. It lies
alone the shores of Elk or Lady Evelyn
Such Is the report of Prof. W. G. Miller, the provincial geologist, who has
just relurned from an official tour of the
northern district The discoveries which
he made In thss .sew district are not so
rich as some he eeeured in the Cobalt
camp, but the eunditions are so similar
and tbe finds so substanial as to indicate tbe district lo be one of equal possibilities.
The geological conditions of tho new
field are very similar to those of Cobalt. The deposits carry cobalt bloom
and other minerals. Elk Lake has already experienced considerable development, and there ls now a steady rush
Into tho field, ln his first report Pro-
lessor Miller directed attention to the
fact that tho Cobalt silver was found
under conditions similar to those at
Port Arthur, 500 miles distant, and his
prediction that lt was probable lhat de-
lioslts would be found in the Intervening territory has been fulfilled by the
new discoveries.
Difficult conditions surround travel in
the district at present . Professor Miller was taxed $10 per day for the use
of a team, and the liveryman at Latch-
ford demanded the price of their
horses before they would let them
leave the bams, so dangerous was the
condition of the ice. Professor Miller
passed many large and treacherous
holes, and northward-bound prospectors
have stopped travel and piled their
sleighs with camp equipment.
James township has heen completed,
staked out and many discoveries announced on the Temagami forest reserve. Mosl or these are snow claims,
will be Inspected with the opening of
spring, and lf tho claimed discovery of
mineral on the claims is not substantiated the territory will probably be
thrown  open.
Mrs. W. R. McLean has been visiting
friends in Spokane (luring the week.
C. C. Chlpman, chief commissioner of
the Hudson's Bay Company, left for
Winnipeg this morning.
After the uaitnl meeting service in
the Methodist church tomorrow night
the Family Circle service will be held.
Association football, cricket, lacrosse
and boating are now assured for the
season of 1907.   What about baseball?
A. H. Gracey, manager of the Eva
mine at Camborne, who has been on
an extended trip to the East, is expected home tontgnt.
Several prizes have been donated for
the whist tournament on Monday evening next at Ihe Churchmen's Club,
when that body are entertaining their
numerous lady Mends.
Owing to the absence of the president, George Wells, the meeting of the
Lacrosse Club announced for lasl evening, wns postponed for a few days.
Thero Is no lack of enthusiasm, and the
prospects aro that Nolson will have a
first-class team (his year.
The choir guild of St. Saviour's
church wits reorganized at a special
meeting last night with the following
officers: President, E. Grizzlle; vice
president, Mrs. Goepel; socretary, A. W.
Dyer; librarian, Miss Marjory Cummins; choir master, the rector; organ-
Mrs. H. S. Bodmer; deputy organist,
Mrs. C. Cummlps. A series of concerts
will be given to raise funds for a now
Thero are rumors or an early change
In lhe service between here und Spokane ou tho Great Northern railway. It
Ib proposed to put on a night train
which wili leave Spokane late In the
evening and arrive ln Nolson the following morning. Another train will
leave Nelson fn the evening and reach
Spokane the next morning. The Increase In passenger traffic between here
and Spokane seems to make the extra
train service a necessity.
The reported discovery of gold In the
streets of East Vancouver has recalled
similar sensations elsewhere. About
10 years ago when W. C. McLean was
installing Nelson's water works systetm
he discovered indications of gold on
Stanley street and proceeded to stake
lt. A y ear later during excavations In
Victoria for the present post office
building colors were struck and the
whole neighborhood was staked. No
fortunes were made out of any of the
A visitor trom one of the outside
towns was so overcome when he
reached Nelson last night and found lt
10 be a throbbing centre of industrial
and business activity that he proceeded
to fill up on the choicest brands of liquors. The fact that he had in his possession $800 ln bills did not deter him
in his determination to get gloriously
full. He evidently had heard that Nelson ls a law-abiding city, and that a
stranger can expose his money and
jewels without fear of being held up.
For some hours he roamed around the
city exposing his roll, and would probably have still been proclaiming his
wealth, had not the matter been
brought to the attention of Mayor Gillett. His Worship telephoned for a policeman, and gave Instructions to 'extend Ui the visitor the hospitality of the
police station for the evening. The
money was placed ln the big safe, and
this morning,was returned to the owner
wllh an admonition from the -chief of
police that he take better care of lt ln
the future. He was perfecly sober and
realized the risk he had taken, therefore, he bought a draft which he will
cash whan be reaches his destination,
Steamer Virginia's Crew Exhausted���
Saw Six Water Spouts.
New York, April 6.���With seven of
her crew more or less Injured and the
others utterly exhausted, the Bteamer
Virginia arrived bere today from Kingston, .la., after a desperate struggle with
a storm of 24 hours' duration off Cape
Hattras. The wind reached a velocity
of 60 miles an hour and rain fell in torrents. At one time six water spouts
were sighted from the steamer's bridge.
An immense wave which struck the
ship six hours after she had run into
the storm stripped off the tarpaulins
that had been fastened down over the
hatch openings, which had been left
open to give ventilation to the cargo of
bsnanas in the hold. Galley and scuppers were flooded four feet deep; the
rush of water extinguished the galley
flre. During all the hours of which the
Btorm continued, Captain Gech remained on the bridge and every man of
the crew was kept at his post
..All  Powers, Including Germany, Ars
in Sympathy With Measures
Taken In Morocco.
ParlB, April 6.���France's action In
Morocco has spilled only a little more
Ink than blood. While the columns of
the newspapers told the story of the
killing of Dr. Maucbamp and the notion's action to obtain reparation, the
editorial writers for the most part were
less excited than usual. The same
seems to have been true elsewhere on
the Continent. The fact has been commented on that even In Germany, where
antagonistic fulmigations were to be
expected the tone of the press has generally been moderate and friendly and
ln the nature of sustaining the French
governmental action, while strangely
enough ln Spain, where support was
looked for, there has been some newspaper opposition. The feeling so far
gatherable in diplomatic circles ls that
all the powers recognize that France ls
not. only thoroughly justified In taking
vigorous measures, but waa bound to resort to them, and that no power dare
think of such A thing as opposing hor
action ln this Instance, In which she Is
not only protecting the Interests of her
own citizens, but at the samo tlmo
those of ovory power having citizens
resident ln Morocco. Today's news
from Tangier says that the Marakesh
situation causes perturbation In Tangier, where the Europeans have demanded that the governor assure tholr
security. .
Meeting in Pittsburg at
Carnegie Institute
List of Impractical Publicists  of
Europe and America���W. T.
Stead to the Fore.
Pittsburg, Pa., April 6.���Never before
hae any American city been called upon
to entertain at one time so many men
of world-wide fame aB will assemble ln
Pittsburg next week to take part in the
ceremonies attendant upon the formal
opening and dedication of the new
building of the Carnegie Institute. The
visitors are to come from all parts of
the world and among them will be distinguished statesmen and diplomats,
captains of industry, celebrated authors,
poets, journalists and literateurs, inventors, artists, scientists, educators, bankers, jurists, military and naval officers.
Probably never before ln the history
of the country has an opportunity been
afforded to see gathered under one roof
so many Americans who have won fame
fn so many different pursuits. Grover
Cleveland, former president of the United States, heads the list. Invention
will be represented, by Thomas A. Edison and agriculture by Secretary James
Wilson. Robert S. McCormtck, ex-ambassador to France, and Andrew D.
White, ex-ambassador to Germany, will
represent diplomacy. The world of industry will be represented by Charles
M. Schwab, president of the Bethlehem
Steel Company, and E. H. Cory, head
of the United States Steel Corporation.
Literature will be (represented by
George W. Cable, Richard Watson Glider, Hamilton Wright Mable, S. 3. McClure and others. Will H. Low and
Edward W. Redfleld wil represent the
world of art ,and James Speyer, the
New York banker will stand for finance. The navy will be represented
by Rear Admiral Colby M. Chester.
The heads ot aU the leading American museums of science and art will be
present. Among them are Franklin W.
Hooper, F. A. Lucas and William H.
Goodyear of the Brooklyn Institute of
Arts nnd Science, Sir Casper Purdon
Clarke of the Metropolitan Museum of
Art, H. C. Humpus of the American Museum of Natural - History, Charles D.
Walcott of the Smithsonian Institution,
Edward Robinson of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Halsey C. Ives of
the St. Louis Museum of Ffne Arts, J.
H. Gest of the Cincinnati Museum Association, William R. Smith of the Na-
tional Botants Garden, W. M. R. French
of the Art Institute of Chicago, Daniel
Merriman of the Worcestr Art Museum,
Charles M. Kurtz of tho Buffalo Fine
Arts Academy and A H. Griffith of tho
Detroit Museum of Art.
Technical education, will be represented in the persons of Frederick H.
Pratt of the Pratt Institute, President
Charles Sumner Howe of the Case
School of Applied Sciences, President
Alexander Humphries of Stevens Institute of Technology, President Palmer
C. RIckettB of Rennselaer Polytechnlu
Institute and Dr. William S. Aldrlch
of the School of Technology.
Several score of America's foremost
educators have accepted Invitations to
attend the dedication. Among them
are the following college presidents:
Samuel Plantz of Lawrence University,
George H. Denny of Washington am!
Leo University, Thomas McClelland of
Knox College, George E. Reed of Dickinson College, Henry S. Drinker of
Lehigh University, G. Stanley Hall of
Clark UnlverBlty, William Peterson of
McGIII UnlverBlty. Ira Remsen of Ober-
lln College, Charles W. Dabney of the
UnlverBlty of Cincinnati, Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University, and
Arthur T. Hadley of Yale University.
Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland and Belgium are among the European countries which will be represented at the ceremonies. The foreign
diplomats In Washington will attend in
a body. *
Of all the foreign representatives to
be present the one who Is probably best
known to Americans Is William T.
Stead, the celebrated English editor, reformer and peace advocate. Another
eminent visitor from the other side will
be Joost Marius William Van der Poor-
ten-Schwartz, the celebrated Dutch author whose pen name or "Maarten
Maartens" is fnmllnr to nil. Paul Don-
mer, former president ol tho chamber of
deputies, and Baron D'FstourncM.-s D'
Constnnt, orator and dtnlomnt nnd beasl
of the French Bectlon of tho International ponce conference, head the list of dis
tinguished    representatives of the Republic of France.
Other distinguished foreigner* who
have already arrived in thlc country to'
attend the ceremonies or who will arrive within the next few days are Sir
Robert Ball, the celebrated English astronomer; C. F. Moberly Bell, manager of the London Times; Sir William
Henry Preece, electrical engineer; Dr.
John Rhys, of Oxford University; Baron
Dcscamps, Belgian minister of state;
Camllle Enlart, director of the Troca-
dere Musuem at Paris; Prof. Frits
Schaper, the celebrated German sculptor; Ernest E. Von Ihne, court architect
to Emperor William of Germany, and
Dr. Relnhold Koser, chief director of
the  Prussian Btate archives.
Regrets Disturbance In Central America���Hopes for Peace.
Guatemala City, April 6.���The representative of the Associated Press had
an interview yesterday with President
Manuel Cabera, who authorised the following statement:
"Guatemala views with extreme regret the present strain and disturbed
relations that exist between the other
republics of Central America. The government of Guatemala worka assiduously for peace and it would welcome with particular pleaseure an arrangement between all the parties concerned guaranteed by the only satisfactory solution of the present situation In Central America."
Telegraphic messages from this city
for outside points go forward with considerable delay, probably on account of
the censorship.
Believes Thaw Insane  but  Forced te
Ask for Verdict That Crime
Wss Deliberate.
New York, April 8.���Now that District Attorney Jerome has decided that
he will not apply to the appellate division of the supreme court for a writ of
prohibition, relative to the report ol
thc commission In lunacy as to Harry
K. Thaw's insanity, It la almost certain
tbat the trial ot this remarkable caae
will duly proceed to Its end; there will
be no more interruptions, lt Is aald, and
by Monday when the proceedings are
resumed, both sides wil have prepared
themselves fully for the final effort. It
is understood that some rather perfunctory procedure will take place before
the summing up begins. It Is aald that
counsel for the defence may call one,
and, perhaps two or three witnesses to
the stand on Monday morning. Who
these witnesses may be could not be
learned. It Is presumed that Dr. Allan
McLane Hamilton will be one, but it Is
not anticipated that he will be on the
stand at any great length.' Three witnesses may be called to correct certain
discrepancies In their testimony.
Aa soon as the last one of them has
left the witness chair, Delphlne M.
Delmas will announce, "the defence
rests," and the last phase of the trial
will be entered upon, Mr. Jerome having announced that he will call no witnesses at all. It ls almost certain, however, that to justify his position, Mr.
Jerome will make a brief but probably
characteristic protest against the confirmation of the report of the lunacy
commission. He will do so with but
faint hope of success, however, for lt Is
believed to be a foregone conclusion
that Justice Fitsgerald will announce
on Monday that he confirms the commission's report.
So far aa Ib known, no prosecuting
officer in this jurisdiction haa ever
found himself In the curious position
that District Attorney Jerome occupies.
Despite his own belief that Thaw Is Irresponsible and a paronolac, Mr. Jerome will be compelled to Impress npon
the jury that lt its duty to And the
young man guilty of deliberate murder.
Since he has said that he will strive to
convict Thaw, the district attorney will
be forced to ignore all that he has said
In court, and out of It, as to the prisoner's mental breakdown, and to argue
simply that he went up to Stanford
White on the Madison Square roof garden that tragic June night and shot
him to death through motives of revenge and jealousy. His speech cannot
fall to be a,most absorbing one.
As to the defence, Mr. Delmas has
finished .the preparations of his summing up. All of Thaw's lawyers look
forward to next week with the utmost
confidence, they say. Mn. Evelyn
Thaw, now that the menace of weary
weeks ot waiting involved In Mr. Jerome's throat to seek the appellate division has vanished, is cheerful again,
as Is the prisoner. She visits Thaw In
the Tombs dally and spends as long a
time there as she can.
Macdonald Suggests One
Million tas
Prices ef Metals.
New   York, April  6.���Silver,  64%c;
coppor. 24 %c;  lead, tt.
London,   April   6.���Silver,   30   1-1 Od.
Piwtodal Uotonttr Bu Re S^-
porten Ann* Oppodtka
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, April 5.���Today's session of
the legislature was devoted mainly to
the Provincial University Endowment
bill, amendments to which were offered
by Macdonald and Hawthornthwaite,
and rejected.
Hawthornthwhaite moved to reduce
the grant to 150,000 acres, Macdonald
to 1,000,000 acres. Neither proposal
could be entertained.
Macdonald urged that farther consideration of the bill be deferred until the
bill dealing with the establishment of
the university be brought down. Thla
alao was refused.
J. A. Macdonald, who la evidently
dissatisfied with the special gift of
11400 to Rossland, haa given notice of
the following resolution, to be offered
���hen supply is moved;
"Thla house regrets that the government haa not seen It to Introduce legislation providing that mlaeral taxes
collected, aad to be collected lo the future  from ownera of mlaea situated
within the corporate limits Mt Rossland
be divided with the said _,._.,_.,-.���,..
so as to give the said municipality a
fair share thereof for school aad other
municipal purposes."
It Is aow expected that the premier
will be able to leave tor England br
next Wednesday of Thursday.
Publishes Fairy Story Settling Affaire
ef Russia.
London, April (.���Major Jamea E.
Martin, -comptroller and treasurer ot
the household of Prince Christian,
father ot Princess Vietoria of Schles-
wig-Holstein, today authorised a denial
of the report circulated by the Dally
Mirror, of this eity, of the engagement
of the princess to the Orand Duke Michael, ot Russia, which the major declared to be absolutely without foundation. The Dally Mirror. In addition to
declaring that a marriage had been arranged between Grand Duke Michael
and the Princess Victoria, added that
the lower houseof Parliament waa to
be abolished, that a military dictatorship waa to be established, that the Emperor of Russia proposed abdication
within a month, and that tha Grand
Duke Michael would be appointed regent during the Infancy ot the hair to
the throne.
Famine, Psstllsnee, Rebellion, Strikes
the Daily Record.
SL Petersburg, April (.���Scnrvey ia
making great strides In the famine dls-
trictts, but there has been a alight decrease In the spread of typhus. The
project to transfer the famine relief
from the government to the Zemstvos
haa been approved by the cabinet aad
will be submitted to Parliament
______ **-.
Lods, Hussion Poland, April (.���T-en
workmen were shot and Ulled by strikers In the factory district yesterday because they attempted to resume work.
Tbe managers ot the factories have begun to engage men nut the Socialists
are bitterly opposing them.
Stauropol. Russia, April (.���Four
peasants were killed and three wounded
ln a conflict between villagers of Jalga
and some local police who had arrested
a peasant. The police were forced to
abandon their prisoner and retire.
Obeying the Law.
The Colonist owes an opology to one
of the city clergymen, who asked that
a reporter might be sent to his church
on Sunday to write np the Easter decorations. It Is not the practice of the
Colonist to assign any work to Its reporters on Sunday and consequently
none of them were on hand to do the
desired work.���Colonist Editorial.
A Southern Tornado.
New Orleans,, April (.Fully 25 per
sons are dead and more than twice that
number seriously lnjuried as the result
of yesterday's tornado, which swept
through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Ixkb than half cf those killed
wen white people.- Among tho last
bodies found were those of a man and a
woman in the trees at Alexandria. The Daily Canadian
Miners' aad All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at  all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAY.   FLOUR and   FEED.
Iii all these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable rrices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP... .W,700,000 REST (.,700,000.
D. R. WILKJE, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit! received and Interest allowed current rates from date of opening at
iiooouut, and compounded quarterly.
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Cap(tal $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches ia British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
. .. .K 390.000
Deposits til fl.tsO and upwards recti
est current rate, and t-rncliu <1 quarterly,
whatever in the withdrawal of the who
ved.   Interest allowed thereon at high-
Depositors are   subject   to no delay
le or any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PublUhed Mi day* a ����i by the
Baker St., Nelion. B.C.
mtatatattaa rate -. '���" oe&ta a. month delivered
in the cut. or $6.00 u year if sent by mull, when
paid ln aavauc*
AdTertiitng ratM on application.
All monle* paid io settlement of The Daily
Cauadlau acvounu, dilier toi subscription! or
���dfertiaiiif, muit hv receipted for on the printed
tonus of the Company. Other raoelptl are not
AI'KII- 6, 1907.
Tht editor of Tht* Daily Canadian, who iu also president of the
St. Patrick's Society of Nelsou,
owes au apology to hi? own countrymen, and also to Scots and
Welshmen for a wholly inadver-
tant use of the name England I'nr
the United Kingdom, in an article
appearing in  Thursday's issue.
lt is an niW(utun:ite circumstance that there i.�� no single word
applying to Great Britali and ire-
land, and any appropriate adjective can only be formed by cfr-
cumlucoiion. Strictly speaking,'
even Hritish does not include
Soeie of the ginius now niibdi-
rected to the attempted destruction of English orthography, mlghl
profitably be diverted to furnish'
ing all the subjects of the King of
Great Britain and Ireland and of
the Dominions ln-yonds the Seas,
with a single, convenient word to
d���3cribe  their   nationality.
It Ib said to be characteristic of the
British race to bo indifferent to abstract ideas, but quickly moved by concrete examples.
For a long time pious opinions have
been published on the subject of political morality, and tbe expediency of reform has been urged upon both political parties. But little attention was
given by the general public to $t\a_ utterances until a new sensation fixed attention upon them anew.
H. R. Emmerson, Dominion minister
ot railways, haa resigned his portfolio.
He explains that his reason for doing
s-j is ihat he may have greater freedom
to prosecute his slanderers.
Just how his resignation of his portfolio will assist him In his Jegal proceedings is not perfectly clear.
Naturally curiosity is rife as to the
precise charges made against Mr. Emmerson At ibis djstance from the capital, and with only such information as
to details els can be published in the
press of a civilized country, all that it
i-3 fair to say is that Mr. Emmerson and
two of his colleagues have been publicly charged wfth gross and scandalous
private misconduct. Mr. Emmerson of
course denies the charges, and threatens libel proceedings. But he has
lendered his resignation and It has been
accepted without any hesitation.
Whether Mr. Emmer^iR \# innocent
or guilty is not a matter of very great
moment. What really concerns the people of Canada is that such charges can
be mado against members of the cabinet, the official advisers of the crown
in and for Canada. Against private
members similar charges have been so
common tin to awaken no interest.
If the chargtfti are untrue their authors should of count? be severely punished. Slander of public men is not
a trivial offence, it affects the welfare
of the whole nation.
Bul If the charges are true, and undoubtedly they are Jn some cases, there
Is neither wisdom nor morality in pre-
t< tiding to ignore them.
A few years ago Uie country was
somewhat startled by what was called
the salary grab. The only defence offered for the act was that the m<*n who
increased their own indemnities are
able, honest and industrious men. sacrificing Ultdr private interests for the
public good.
Naturally it Is disquieting to be told
that such is not the case, that, ou the
contrary, many membersof the House of
Commons and even some of the cabinet,
nre dishonest and immoral.
Just what remedy is open to Sir Wilfrid Laurler is not apparent. His choice
of ministers has not always been happy,
but possibly It Is not an unfetterd
choice. Leaving ability out of the
question���obviously, from some of the
appointments, that was too high & qualification to demand���It Is open to rea-
Bo*al>Je doubt whether there are enough
clean and honest men among the Liberal memberi of Parliament to All all
the  positions in the cabinet
The remedy lies with the electors and
can be applied only by them. So long
an men of known vicious habits and
lack of principles can be elected to the
Canadian Parliament, the country has
no jusl ground of complaint.
If the publication of the charges, true
or false, against Mr, Emmerson, result
in awakening the electors of Canada lo
a sense of their shame und degradation, Mr. Emmerson will have performed a greater service to his country
indirectly, than he was ever likely to
do as a member of the cabinet.
The Liberal leader ln the legislature,
J. A. Macdonald. professed himself at
the outset at; iu favor of the establishment and endowment of a provincial
university. The government has proposed a grant of 2,000,000 acres for endowment, the revenues therefrom to be
devoted to a university fund. Mr. Macdonald is urging that any revenues
from timber, minerals and coal on the
university lands���in most cases the
only possible revenue for many years���
shall not go to the university fund but
to the general revenue of the province.
He also moved to reduce the grant by
half. There are only two possible explanations of Mr. Macdonald's course:
cither his profession of favor to tbe
university scheme is rank hypocrisy, or
he is absolutely ignorant of the requirements of such an institution.
With the favorable reports tbat are
now coming from all parts of the Slocan as to the results of winter's work
in the mines and tbe cheerful prospects
Tor the season, and with the announcement of the government's decision to
spend all available money on public
works to assist the opening up and development of the country, there seems
to be ample justification for the expectation formed of a genuine mining
revival in Kootenay's silver district.
When it does occur the fact should not
be forgotten lhat the weekly newspapers, the Kailo Kootenaian, the Slocan
Mining Review, and the Lardeau Mining Review, have done gallant service
with little reward.
Why should not Nelson follow the example of the provincial government In
the matter of expenditure? The essence of economy is not saving but wise
spending. The eve of a period of progress is no time for cheese paring. Already buildings to the value of over
$200,000 are assured for thia year. Tbe
rateable value of property will soon be
substantially increased. It is true that
the city's obligations are already heavy.
But few cities in Canada of Nelson's
population have anything like its assets. There is certainly no good reason
for refusing to encourage the beautifying of the streets w-ith shade trees as
suggested by Alderman Annable.
Powers Conferring  Privately on What
May  Be  Harmlessly Discussed
at Th��  Hague.
Berlin. April 6.���The Russian government has submitted to the principal
powers confidentially, a revised programme of the subjects to be discussed
at the approaching peace conference at
The Hague. Correspondence in this connection between the Russian foreign office and the foreign offices of the powers continues, the object being to reach
an agreement in advance of communicating with the minor governments.
Great Britain has not formulated a
preeJlfl \7ty_ for the limitation of armaments and seems yjprtfjlgg to t)o so.
Nevertheless it Is considered njo0t probable that a discussion of the limitation
of armaments will find a place in the
programme owing to Great Britain's insistence.
Assertions made in London that Germany will withdraw from the conference rather than have the question of
the limitation of armaments discussed
are  unfounded,
The I'nited States, it is understood,
Will reserve Its decision regarding participation of the diseuiiJiioij nf the armaments question, the general vb-w at
Washington being, it |�� asserted here,
th;it, as the United tSates ia outside ihe
European system it is noi In a position
to urge the continental powers to re*
dure or arrest their land armaments
while on the subject of naval armament
the authorities at Washington appear
to be indisposed to cease the develop
Wisconsin Railroad Merger.
Chicago, April 6.���Through passenger
service between Chicago jind Cincinnati, over the Chicago, Cinclnati &
Louisvilje railway, will be Inaugurated
tomorrow. Direct connections will be
made here with the Wisconsin Central.
The fact that the game interests are
identified with both roads, W. A. Bradford, Jr., being the president of both,
has led to the belief In railroad circles
that the new arrangement means a
practical merger of the two lines. The
new arrangement will give the Chicago,
Clnclnati & Louisville direct connections and through trains from the east
to every part of Wisconsin and tlie
Murdered Architect Had Extensive and
Valuable  Collection���To   Be
Sold at Auction.
New York, April He���The Stanford
White art treasures, a superb collection, will be disposed of next week anil
the following week.
The frontispiece In the catalogue is
given over to the First Century Greek
vase, a most notable piece of its kind
This is one of the first art objects purchased by Mr. White, and formed a fine
nucleus tor the great collection that
grew up around it. The great pieces of
tapestry, the series ut four, dating from
tlie Italian Renaissance and hanging in
the dining room, aud the large Gobelin
tapestry which is at the end of tho music room, are also subjects of Illustration.
Many antique musical instruments
were aptly employed in the decoration of this music room. Tht re were no
less than 10 harps, several types of the
Italian "giant" lute or chitarrone and
dating from the middle sixteenth to the
early eighteenth century, a quaint antique Italian harpischord, formerly the
property of the Coionna family and
elaborately decorated, and other musical instruments too numerous to mention.
As for the mantels, ceilings, furniture
���all elaborately carved and the ceilings gilded and ornamented with painted canvas panels���these with the
bronzes, porcelains and other art objects form a collection which only a
man of the most refined artistic taste
could have got together. Mr. White's
residence was a veritable treasure
house of art. There were 109 numbers
In the catalogue of art objects.
The pictures are 122 in number and
range from the old masters to living
artists, among tbe latter several Americans The authentications and attributions have been carefully gone over and
much discrimination has been shown In
differentiating between them.
Cyclone In Alabama.
Montgomery, Ala., April 0.���Specials
from the southern and western parts of
Alabama tell of death and devastation
from the cyclone which swept through
the southern and eastern portions of
the state yesterday. At Bradley, the
home of Hugh Farrier, a prominent
planter, was blown down, injuring Mrs.
Farr'ed,. The storm tore up the tracks
of tbe Atlantic Coast Line for several
miles. Probable loss of life is reported
from Northport, where, on the plantation of J. G. Monre. a banker of Macon,
a row of houses was blown down. During a storm last evening. lighting struck
ihe jail ai Selma. knocking down a part
of the wall of the prison, and terrifying the prisoners.
*  IPES *ou
A collection of all tbe Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
*?o to the Old CurioBity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
K\\ kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.'
Contriittor  rand
Mo ajtont for tbfl I'orto KI'*o Lumber Co.. Ltd.,
retail junto. BoOgb tnd droned lumber, turned
work am! bm MJtlS, CoMl 'ath mi'l shin*-*!- \ rash
and door*. Cement) brick sod lime /or nie
Automatic Rrinder.
Yard and UCtorj: Wrnoii St.. eaM of H
p. o. Boi vt
B. C.
TcMc-ohotif 17h
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers* in Btaple and fancy Groceri *
Bntter, E|t��n.
Oamp and Miners' 8*applifs.
Not Uie 1* hereby given that al a meeting of tho
Board nf 1-ii-< re*" ''oimiilwloner*, to be lu-Id after
tlm eipiMtlon of BO dtiy*. I Jii'eud to app y for a
trnniforof my hotel lluoeoiefor IbeGroVl hotel.
hi fairview, lo E. U  Borden
Notlo* IB btreby Riven  tlial t will apply at Hie
next nesting oi iIk- Lie-tare OommlnjoOtri for
thi< city Df Nelton in Iibti UielJ-quor !*)��� mMoftbe
Htrtthi-oiia Hotel    . n.inferred   from   mvsclf to
Reginald QeOTtt Wthb of tho Cliv ol NeUoa,
Dated ihli Hth dt��> vt March, A.'D , cm
li. Ton iui
Easter Millinery
We have just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but are uow ready for inspection.
invite inspection     JPred I TV ine tSz Co'y
sst-   ������������HI
Coall Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  SU.
Notice ii hereby ��lvca that 00 days alter date I
intend toappiy to the Honorable the ''hief Com-
mlF-Mouer pi Landl find Works for pcrmiision
to poxehaU about 175 acre* of laud, si I unit Hear
the I'eml d'-Jrellle river, West Kooteuay district,
and dMQrlbed ac follows: Commencing at a
pOfl marked <i. K. 7 hoimon's N. W. comer post,
situated on the wmih boundary and 20 chains
(rom s. w post oi Lot 71W, theme tooth aboutTO
ch&ius, thenee eust uh"ttt _t�� tth aim to a point on
lhe weel boundury and '.-M chains from 3. W. pout
Ol Lot 7741, ihenee north 70 chains and theme
west i*.*! chains to the place of beginning.
Ou March, YXn. ti. K Thoihioh.
A. li. Lain, Agent.
sixtv dan after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of I-andn and Worka,
Victoria* B.C., to pnrohaae the following described laud, siiuated iu ihe West Kooteuay district: Coimncm log at a p-i planted on (he
Wttet bide of luioteiiay lake, near Uhimwcros
polAtj and marked 1. McKiunoii'a tl, S. eoruer
post, tbeuce weft 80 ehainf. theuco nortii 4o
chains, theuce east 80 chains more or less to lake
shore, thenoe along lake thure to point of commencement,
Signed J McKinnoh.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
Hixt* days after dute I Intend to apply to lhe
Hou. f'hlef ('oiumifisioni-r of I-ami�� and Works,
Vietoria, B. C, to purchase MO aoroe of land, lu
Flre Valley, d*scrll*d as iul owe: Commencing
tit a post planted JO ehalna wes: of Waller Hull's
N. W. corner and marked J. H BoUnee' Jr. N. E.
corner p' at, aud running iouth -m ehelni, thenco
west 60 chains, thenee north 40 chains, thence
east 00 chaini to plaoe of begiuniug. and being a
jiorttoii of Heetlou I'i, Towu*hlp 71, We*t Kootenay.
March 5th, 1907. J. W. HoiJits, Jr.
J. E- Annahlk, auint.
Sixty days after date 1 iniend to applv t* the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Laud* and Worki
to pun-has** ����> acres ul land in Fire Vall-y, Weat
Kootenai district and deecrltw] af follows:
Commenciug at a po��i marked J. K'i ti. E*
cr-rncr. and miming north W chains, ihenee
wen 4u chains, thenee south to chains, theme
eaal H>ohalni to plaoe ol beginning, and u.iug
the west one-half of tlit BL K. om* .juirter m>d
the east one-half of tht B* W, ntw-yuarter, and
the weat one-half of the N.K one-i|iiarl< r. and
the ea��t ���ne-huif of ihe N. W. uiifc-i|uarter ol
tiectlou 3t, Township 7], U. 1.
Mureh aotli, 1W/7. John Rmratt,
Sixty dayi after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon Chief'ominiBsioneinf ljuids ami Worki to
purchas*' tb'1 following deacrlbed laml located
in Kire valley district of Weat Kooteiiuy: Commencing at a |��jst plauteil at the t*. K. corner of
John Bangs' p.-e-emplion,Un
thence west 40
Sixty days afler date I intend to apply to the
Hnn- the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, sttuaied in West Koolenay
"Hairier Commenclngat a \tont minted midway
on the north boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
s. W corner of I��t tott. thence north 16 chains,
theuce west 40 chains, thence aouth 40 chalnt,
thenc eeast'20 chains, theuce north 24 chalui,
theuce east 20 chains to polntof commencement
Located March 20tb, 1907, 1. J. Scanlan
Blxty days afler date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commihsiiuer of Landi ami
Works to purchase the following described
landa: Commencing at a post pluntcd on the
enst side of Lemon Creek at the mouth Ofthe first
north fork and marked "H.Cooper's aouiheait
corn- r," running bO chaius wen, nortb 40chalm,
east HO cbains, and soutb 40 chains to place of
commence ruant.
Dated March 90th, 1W7. R.Cooi'KK,
J. T. Tifi'tso, Agent.
sixty dayi afwr dale I intend to apply to the
Hon. the' Chief Commiasioner of LandB and
Works to purchase the followlug described
laud*: Commencing at a post marked "L A.
Tipping'*! southwest' eoruer Mft" aud planted
near U. I). Curli-i'ii laud, about half mile from
Bloeaa City, ruuning north 40 chalus, east :o
Ohelni. uuifa ���'���' chalna, weat '20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March Hth, WC L. A. Tih-ing,
J. T. TlPfiNu, Agent.
Hlxty days alter date 1 intend to evp'.j to the
Hon. the Chief CommiMioner of Lunds and
Works to purchase the following deeerlbed laud
located in Firs Valley distnst of Weel KooieDay:
Commencing ata post plnnted Ht lhe 6. W. i orner
of Jc.hu Baug' pre-emption, thence fi" chains
south, theuce 40 chains west, thenee OOciialni
uorth, thence 40 chains east tc plied of beginning.
KlCHABD Kekfk, Locator.
J. J. Kklly, AgtUt.
aoutfa Wthafns.
north *' ���'halus,
f beginning, cou-
.   __   'hains, .���
thence east 40 chalnt to pi
tulni_ig3i*o acres.
Located March 14th, 1W07.
1). A- McPnie, Locator
J. J  Kklly, Agent.
Blxty daya after date 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorable tbe ChiefCommlssiouer of Land* and
Works (or permission to purehaae tbe following
described laudt in Kooteuay diitrict: i'om-
 ��� * - poit marked J- o Annable's nort
mrmtng at ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
easi 'orner post, said post being ou the south
sidr of tbe Lower Arrow Juki*, about two imlei
below   Burton   City;   theuce  aouth   M
thenoe veil BOcbalns; thenoe tooth SO
thence went 'tf) chains;  thence uorih 82	
and   20   links,  more or leas to. the lake shore;
thence easterly along lake 40 chains, more ur less,
iu the place of beginning, containing 1*0-3 acre*,
more or leas.
Dated this 5th day of KoTember. 1W6.
per K. L. Bt BNti. Ag.-nt.
Hlxty 'Inn after dAte J intend toapply (o the
Hou the Chief Comuiiaiiouer of Land* aud
Worki. Victoria, to purchase <V40 acres of land in
W*��t Kooteuay,deeerlbed as follows: Commencing at a post plauied about eight miles up
Moaijulto creek and Joining K. Cross* appiioatfon
lo purcbate, and marked C, M's H K. euruer,
thence uorth 80 chains, tlience west Wi chalm,
thence aouth W chalui, theuee can 80 chains to
place of >������ i* iiis;*,_.*
Keb. 16th, 1907.
0. Mauham,
j. e anmhi.k,
60 day�� after date I lutend to upply to the Hon.
Cblef CommlMloner ol I.anda aud Worka, Victoria to purchase lfio acres of land In Kire Valley.
Weat Kootenay district, and described ai follow* :
Commencing at a fMjst marked W M Wright's
B. K. corner, and running north to chnins, theme
west'Ai chains, thence fouih to chains, ihcnce
east JO chalus to place of heginniug, ami being
the west one-half of the N, K. charter of Section
fedafs afler date 1 intend toapply to tut Hal
Chief Commlnloner of Lands and Worki. V��
toria, lo Pun hast '240 acres of 'and lot
Flre Valley ai ' "
"��� -I
Fire Vaifc-v und betnj a portion of tentfcaifl
and 10 In Township fit) and deeerlbed as ffillon:*!
' ���*it.i!-i*:n*lnk al a post plauted at the iiiniiiietl
corner of the lOUlheilt uuarier ol section Itl
Township i.'j aud marked J, 0. 8, K. corutj
i)icii,e north 4'i chains; thenca weit 60 ehsiniX
tbenei south tfehlinij theuce eaat 00 chaiai til
pU< es of beginning. f
November Kfrd 1906.
loaerK oihsos, |
J. K. AtOtAMtM, Agent.
Hixty 'lays after 'late I intend to apply to till
Bonorable tin* Chief CommlMloner of Lauds sitl
Works, Victoria, to purchase 64<i acres ui .*���:���
situated ou th< weft al<�� of Arrow lake, ami it I
>. nbed ai Followi: c<tm uiencing at a poet nuri 1
ed J, H's N.K corner and placed at theso'itb-l
west eormr ol J.oj TB03, <��������� roup 1 West KnoteDirl
and running west - ehains. tbence iciutb Rl
chain*, thence east ** uimiii to the 'ake shintl
theuce north along Die lake to placeof l^ginai^l
March Hth, 19U7. J HaKUO, "
J. K. Annabli, Ageul-
flxty 'layi after date I intend lo apply in mi
Honorable the Chief Comml_rtoli^o5S2d?a
2��wLVte��& '" ***_*"* UO acres ol lae��
!.t 4 III"'V1 V.r'I'lA..,,*,! ""the east Hda
MV fltit ***' K" N* *"">��.������ thenei
ea t��i<hains, Ihence aoulh   W chaiua  to Mew
.���rit,r,,",.l?H,'1HU',,,,'1'','(,<',t 3�� ���'bain, le
J"'1 applicallou topur* [,��.,, tht,Iu.,. ���Iprl^
WcfaalliN  ihenee wea* 'JO .*(,��,,,--   i���  ifckl. ,fiW1
thence nonh along tho lmkv then o nlSi u
commtneetneai �� pt*
Man*, 1-th, 1907. j. A   Kl,LT>
*-.***.   days afterdate I Inteml u> apply \$ th
Hon     tbe   Chief   ("ommlsslouer of  Lau'*- ��qc
Worki, Victoria   to pu*- :.,-,* the followiteifli
���erlbed  land:    ' ou:mc tic'ing  it  a  por*' msrtH _
M   B'l I  W. eoruer, and pUtllld BOW Ull milk-1
west eorner of i ot tt���%, about one mile wen of I
.Slocan river, aud run nine eaal *o ehalus to Lit I
8H thence nnr ih lm ham*, thenea west 40chaioi, f
thenoi south IP chains tu place of bofflDping. f
Mnrch 9th, 1907. Milija Haim*
1'iUL Hapcx, Agent.
I to apply to thi I
erof Lands mi I
Hixty days after date I Intend to ap
Honorable Uu Chief Commissioner _ _���_
Work**. Mctorla, to nurchise the followi si I
descritied lands in West Kootenav district'. I
Comineuclng at a post planted at the N.K. roinrrl
of Win lyovett's purchaive L7696 and marked I
"K. U.K's NK corner," and ruuuing w.uth��*|
chains, thence west 40 c'balui, thence norti*s>|
"hnlus, theliee east 40 chaini to place uf h*f in-
klanhjth. 1907.
E. M.Riaw,
J. E   ANNA11L1, Ag��Bt
Notice Is bereb) given thut GO days alter date I
Intend to ir.Hke application tothe '-ouorable tha
Chiel Commissioner of Lendi and Works, at Vic-
torla for permlMlon to purchase the following
descrlbeil .lnnds: CommencltiE ai l post planted
at the lOUt-heut coruerof lot 3'A group 1, theme
M.nth afichettis, thence cast 6u chaius, tbenee
north 26 chaini', theuce west f.0 ehains to polut
Of commencement, containing UBltureii i.ioiu Dl
Kelaoii, March Hth, l9"i.       Ansik L, Wapi,
V. W'apk, Agent.
Notice is hereb--* given lhal no days alter date ]
Int- ud to apply i" Ull ii"n lhe Chief Commls-
���loner of Lendi and Workii Victoria, for p��r-
mtMloo to purehtM thi following deionbed
lend; Commenelni at a po*i m ihe LnteneoUon
of ihe iouth boundary of lot bthn, unci east
boundary "f "doldeu queeu" mineral claiin,
th. im* lilt 19.66dun: ". mor ��� Of Ic***., lo southeast corm-r poll Ol lol 68Wj lheni*e north '20
chains, more or l'*ss, to northcasl corner p* st of
lot HM, thenoi OUt 40 chaim> to the southeast
corner poit of lot 2'ah. thinoi south <to ohetxu.
thende wmI 00 obaina, more or lens tothe eait
boundery ol the "Qolden Qneen" mineral claim,
ihenoe along gilt bonnderj' "Golden wneen"
mloenl claim to point of conimcnceuu'nt, io
ciiiiiuc, more or lesi
Nelson, II.C , Mfcl-cli H. 1WT
Jum;.* Chahltun,
I'er W��. Joi.LiNiiTON, Agent.
Hlxtr davs after  dale I intend to upply to thi*
Bon, chief CommlMloner of Lendi ami Worku
for permission to purchase the following de-
sclbel property ItlpOlt maik.u "(i.M.S.K.
corner. ' ihenc40ofaeloi north tbenoe40chllni
wilt, thenoe tO cbalni nouth, theoce 40 chains
easl to po nt of OommflUCetbint,  a reloiallon of
the abandoned pre-empUoa7ta of w c   Rnepp
ami || ihe eaat  half of  the  QOrtbWMt c|Uinler,
and  he weit half ol the northeasi quarter ol
Becth ii'.. township 7o Wesl EOOtenardlitrlet, on
the   �� ill shorn o| the lpwer An-ow lakes, eou-
Ui'uiri' iftii ucrei.niote oj* Iom.
March 1st, IITjI. (iKoFiic Milton,
M. tt Mc<jift[!HiE, Ageut.
2fl, aud lho west half of the 8,
Bectlon "i'i in Township 71 U. I
March ��0th, 1U07.
oue-<) mirier oj
W. H. Wkiuhi.
Notice ia hereby given that-sixty days ulterdate
I Intend to eppb tothe Hon ChiefCouiDiiBsIon-
er of LandN ancl W'orks for ihe right to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post marked "M. ���' Cameron's
N W corner post" plniile-.l al lhe S.W. corner of
lhe K. aud t, (jJoil, No- M, running east ISO
chnins; tbenefwo n x.tro (,t-t, moreor less io
the C.l'tt. line, llienee west Un cbll&l to the
Arrow Lake; thenc- north I'*"*" feet fcdlowmg
the shore of tlie Arrow Like to the jmfui of com
Dated thia Uth day oi February, i*1"-
M    J. ClAKKKO"*,
J. M. CiMltrON, Ageni.
Sixty days after date] iniend to Bpnly to ihe
Chief Commissioner of Landl anil Works for
uermlHsion to purchaao the following described
laml*' In Kootenay Pistrict, abonl three i|iiarleri
of tulle from 'I ti rum's siding: Commencing n,\ a
poitplaoeaattheI.W. comer of I. r*w, nonp
1, West Kootenay District; theuc:e weiterly
following iiie north hcmmlurv U l.4'-'Jf. 4o
chains; thonce north 10 ChlflUl theuce eaM 40
chains, more or \sm. to tbu "N W corner of
Ui-WI; ihence i,ooilifellowliia the west boundary
of Lcwm 10 chatm. more or less, to plaoi of oott-
to.'iu������>���!- .*u* i-nniatuing 4oacrci, more or less.
Dated thll Oth day of Wemher. Mwn.
H, It. I'tiTi, I^Mialor.
Sixty days after date I.titend toapply m ike I
Hon theChlef CoinmiBalonerofLandsind HtirJta |
Victoria, to purchase 040 acrea'of land lu Wesi |
Kootenay    clistrut:    Ci.miuenclng   il   a post
planted about t, miies Iroui lhe mouth ol Mi��-
(juito cre.-k and   alrfint one mile weit nf tht* said
creek and marged '11. H. K'i h.W roiacr." and
running norih if'chains, theuce east ���**���*��� chains,
thence south H chains, tbeuce weal Slrhilui topi are of beglhulng.
March lllh, li>07. H. II. Koss,
J. E, AHKABLK, Agflt-
Notice Ih herehv given that nil days nfter dale 1
ileiid toapph* to the Iimi. the Chief Cummin-
sioner of Lands and  WorkH Victoria, UC, for
!;lxly days affcr date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Comm Isslont rof Landiand Worki
Victoria, B.C, to pufChlie 130 acros of land
situate in Fire Valmy, West Kootenay, ano dc-
M-riiieil us totlowi: '" M'liimiciutt at the northeast
corner of Lot 781ft. aa . ruuning north GOclialm,
thanee eail 20 ohijui, thenoo i,,v,u no cbaina,
thence west VO chains to place of beginning.
March 4ib,iut>.. W W Mbu-let,
J   K. Annahlk, Agent.
Pix'y days after dnte 1 intend to apply to the
Hon .chief Commliilonor of Landi and Worki,
Vic*tori��. tO pURlhUl BW acres of land   in well
Koott-niiy,  dwedbeo  as  follows:   Cnninicm'lug
ut a iiost plantad up Uoioultooteetrj about eight
miles Irom themotilh ond markc'l li. Cross' fliW.
eoruer, thence nort' BO ehnins, theuce 40 chains
east,  theme v. idiaiiiH south, thence 40 ehulns
weit to piece of begiuniug
Feb. lflth, 1907. E Cnoia.
J. Ki AmiiLB, Ageut.
Intend to apply Co Ihu 11
sinner of Lnnds ���^^���������^���mm. i ���a
permission to purchase Ihe lollowlng described
lands in Weet Kootenaj dlslrV-'t: Commeuelng
at a [>ost planted al the sontbwest corner of'ei
7701. group 1. and niuuin JOehsluc lo ilm south
eaat corner of lot 7702, grpnp 1, ihen tn au caster
lr direction 90 chalnn, then north wo chains
tlien well *0 cliuiui to point of com mem-emeu t:
containing JO aerei mere or lose. ���
Locaied February nib,l'J07.
i'liii.ti' Wajdi, Locator.
Wxty deyi after date 1 Intend to apply io ihe
Hon. the i h ef Oommlnloner ol teodi md
Works  \ lelorl.. to pure-base 'A20 acrei of laud, l(.
vi'-i   Kootenay,  deserlhed   aa   follows:    ('(*���
mencing at a   pom plmiied   about I mllei ur-
M'""illi,,0vMwk  fn'm "'������'   mouth and marked
A   i,     N IA. ccirner,   tlienco south Hn cAaiui.
ihcm-easl 40 chains, thence north *iehaln��.
thence40ehelni weit to plaoeo) beglnamg.
February Uth,IBOT. /..tiaAiua.
J. K. Annarn.fi. Agent.
Wjtty dayi alter da'e I tntead to appiv mthrl
"mi    ii.* i i,i,.f Commlailener of Landi aa"
W'Tka, Mcioiia. to pur-Lane 640 acres of land, l
ttenl   Koo|,i���,y,   de��*rlU-|   H|   followi;     Cd-1
mciiclngaiH poM WHrkcd   -|i. b."  N.K   MfMf.f
and l,.n,i;  ,,t  |al  N U    coruerof  A. (irahHin'sl
application;* purebaae which is ataiut �� ��rju*-** I
up Mci-^uii,) creek from lhe mouth ami mi f
HJ��J *�� ehalna south, thence wi chain* w��t I
Hui.ce Wlei n|nR uorih. tbc uee Ki chains easl to I
place of begiuniug, ���
D  Btratnv,
J. tt. annuls. Agent
place of beginning,
February 10th, U07,
: Ante I Intend lo apply letM '
......       roi f^nriclKati! i
Sixty  day**
lloijoralile'lhecfciei cnmmlsslone
worku,   . ich,/u.  lo purc-baae to acres
ia ated on tbe wiit side of Arrow laki
.   ''_  , i ^"? '"""W": Commenolng at a r"��l|
narkf.l t A as. h. eoriier. and planted eiciiiim I
���i"u-   I'l,1'"'""����'weat ranter of ut MM, oroui I
 ay, and ruiiiilng aouth 40 cltalni, I
Hlxty dayt. arter dute I intend to apply to lhe
Hon Chief Commissioner of Unids uud Works,
Victoria, to nurehHse 4H0 neres of land, in 1*1 ru
Vallt y, Wilt Koolanay, and de**pribt'4 i��s lullnwi;
Commencing ata post pla^W al \\ niter Mull'i
uorlhweM corner und uiurkml A. H's & K. c:oruer,
and runniiiK north Ho chains, thonce weit tn)
chuitis.  then'e south *h chaini', thence eam to
ohaini to niece of beginning, and Mug part of
BOOUoni M and  Hi  in Township 71 and a portion
of BMtlOOl 1 find '2 in Township fly, Oroup 1.
An,f> A. tint,
J. K. Annabli, /.geul.
March &tb, 1007.
ssl iMtl tit fc*,,rkK |���r i.st,,,,.. ,,, ,"ll,r
ll.,-  J,,II�����I���K ,l,���.r���,,,r, VssIs'irs.illlJ,,.1',',"^
Kootenay d'lit
ed .). L. I'urter'i
't:  Coiiiijieuci
K at a poM mark
'"rner. tbenoa M>uth ��t
Mitern boundary of h
���WMt �� chains, tbence"north *o.iiaii��.|
eait 10 ohalni ui place of beginning
,ft"" r. annawf.
J. K ANMini.a, Ageni.
March lllh, lUn
���Mxtydavs alter date 1 Inlcnd to appl. '"
Hoiiornhle theChlci < ommixsioncr of !*!"'���
Works for pcrmiMlo
deeerlbed (and In w
at a posi ahouti
Bayonai Landl
io poim att
i piiri-haav lhe folio'
Kootetuy: CommenOlU I
ml uurk
balni. ihenci
hains. tlience e��*CW|
(Hleiiecl) HI1.1.A B��*1'I.EV,
tht KolllKso^1 Agenl.
me and inpiart-er miles (Y4) Irom
        *kod.ltella Bradlin
uth i
Uit] dayi after dal
Honorable fhe Chief)
Works fir permlaslon
deacrlbed (ami in We
ut u poll plnnted ou  Iht
I an pi]
lisiioiier of Lau-h*
irebaio the  fulin*
otaneyi commein
nrih Wnk il Huui
ni-k, fii.mii itree nu-ricrsof a mile turn
of creek, ami marked Kva cuii'a ITB..      _.
ihence north 90 chalna. thenea w��*' 4h i-hii"**
tbenee iouth 90 dhaiMl, tneuco raaHO chain' if I
]iioutof commeiic ment.
March 'i'iiul, 11KI7. (HlgnccI) Kva Cl
ROBSKT ItoaiNsoN, Agent
data i lutend toappfy lo '
' Xsitn<i' "'
chains, lollowlng tbe _ , _,.
Hebuis1 Bppliciitlon to pincIuiNe;   'hcmccasl
eliains;   thenee imrth Blobalntj Ihcnce weal
chalnn lo poini pi connm-m ciiieic, oOOlltolni
8fti acres more or ten.
Dated thla llth dny of March, Wfk
t, l. FORTH,
f-irty ilaya altc:  -..���..����.������,.��.,	
ion   ihe chief Comm Hal onir oi Lnnrf* "i"1
"oiks rorwM ittlon ui pnrchin the folh
deacrlbed .kmi iH Wom Kooiouav: CommoDrjni
��t h b.*i p'aiiu-ci on thc loiithbHukofMimiiii
wet.abi hi m- ni lie from mouth of erect, it"'
marked 'It, Kohin��on'B NW corner," thnn*
���outb W ehalni thaiianeait f�� chains ""1?n't
OOrtft K)< tiiKiis. ihence wcHt4(i chains to pdiii'"
0oiini!euceni*iH. ,
March .and, 1WU7. '
(dlgnedj Hoiin Boiixoox. The Daily Canadian
Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
Sotlee ll herebv glren thetJO dayn after dale I
toippl]   Eo 'he  Hon. the Chief Commit*
tinner "I Lanai and Worka,  victoria, for  pat*
_. uiun to uut and carry a-av timber from tho
foil iwlui deicrlbed land' in Weat Kooteuay:
i c minienelng at a poal planted about eighty
chalui weal ol the mouth of eureka creek, where
ll (h.wi* ini" Hume*- creek, ami ou the north
bank ! Kureka creek, an i marked fl, a Laurie'i
mutheaal corner poet, tlience wesl dub y chaini',
north eighty chalna, thence easl eighty
thenei souih eighty chains to point of
Daied Jan :16th. 1907    Q A. Laurik. Locator.
1 ommenclng m a post planted aell of and
a.utiniiiK >��� a Uurle'i location poit No. l�� and
marked '���. A. Laurie t*. louthweel oorner p*'��t of
So 'i location, ihcnce eait��Ighty chatna, thenc*
north eighty rhetni, then *e veil eighty chain**.
��� . ioulb elgbtj chaini to poi it of conimtu-
nieni ���__,...
Dated Jin  2510,1007.   '���- A. Larxix, locator.
3 ���Commenelni at a poit nl-in ted about eighty
t In ini -'Uth of rtireka creek where 11 flown into
Barne* creek, aud marked ti A. Laurie'i south-
well corner poat, ��� n lo*catlon '-'o   :i, thenee eaat
elfhtr ohalnii thenea
��� lOUUl eighty cbaina
,. I -mcli!.
Dated Jan *6tb, it i      i, \   LatKia. Locator.
l ,u%  at  ��  post   planted   aoulh   ol
and adjoinliiK't A Laurie's location Ko. I, *nd
markea 0 A >*. rh - '���> -iiiwem oornei poat,
thence eait !W chain* thenee aouth to chalna.
Ihence wett ���*��� chain* tl .n c uorih to chaiua
l" j.*.n.i ol   0
fiHi.dJi.il z'A*.. !���",  ii .\. Lathir, Legator
i ���Commencing    at   n   pout    planted   eighty
aud  I IQi   couth   ol   location
[ i !������������ ��� !������*��� I w   If. Page's southwest,
corner poil of location No S, theuce eaal llghty
north eigbty chain-, thenee WMt
eighty chalm,   tin :i'.   nouth eighty chaioa to
point of commenoemenl
Dated Jan aflth.lWI,    w h. Yaok, Looator
ii   Commeneing at a jmsi planted wnth of
an i adjoining loeatlon No..., and marked W . H.
Psge'i nortbwaal corner poatoi looatlon Ko i,
. ��-i eighty ebalna, thanoa unth algbty
ehalua, thenea well eighty chaini. them-e uorth
eigbty ohaini t.�� polnl oi eommanoament.
Dated Jan. aim, HOT.     w. n. P*oic, Locator.
7.  -Commenotag   at   a    pint   planted   elnhiv
��� halni eui ami twenty chain*- wutb of looatlon
poHt No ii. nud murked <;. ,\ LauHi*i southweil
careerpo*tof location No T, thenoieeeteighty
��� haiiiM, tbeeue nonh eighty ehalni, thence woat
eighty ohalm, thenoi aouth ciguy chalnt u>
point of oommeneement.
Dated Jan. asth, IWI   a A, Lamus, Looator,
B i ommenclng at a poat planted dthty
chain- eaM and eighty chain* iouth of looaUoO
poat No. 7, and  marked O.A  Laurie'* aouth weat
��� imer poit ol location No. ��. tbenoa and
tight) ''imi nt. thenee nortb claim chain*, theuco
weat eigbty ohalm, thenea Kouth eighty cbaina
to i' iin I of' oiimicncemeut.
Dai dJati mh.ian.  ���>. a. Until Looator.
* Commenelni at a pout planted eighty
ehalni eait ami eigbty chatm mium of location
��� ��� \ and marked 0 A. Uurle'i no utb weat
'"������������"S ..I iocKiion No it, thence eatt Wu chatm,
tbeuce n rth to chalna, thenoe weit 100 chalna,
Ihenci iouth I 'hait.Mo point of commencement
ran .'-.ih.lflir;.   u A. Lavaia, Locator.
nenntnj   at a pom   planted about ilx
' ������'   Barnei crock  from ihe month of
n where n Dowi IntoHarnaa creek
;" -��� ' >        *.  'Unction, ami  marked U. A.
Uiirleiio ithweat corner post of location No
io. thenee east eighty chalm, thenoe north eighty
ence weit eighty chains, thenee iouth
point Of commencement.
baled Jan. 28th, 1B0��.   <i. A. Uoiii. Locator.
11.  Commencing  at  a  poit   planted  einhty
1      ��UonN0 IguJ marked ll A
Take notice tnat 10day* after Oat* I Intend lo
applv loth- Hou   thu chp-i Commlaaioner of
LehOI and Worki, Victoria, for a special Uoeuoa
locut and carry away Umber from the following
deter,bed land, iu Went Kool*-nay: Commencing
ata pom planted at Kokanee Hiding, on Hand
Point, on iouth tide West Arm of Kooienav
river about in milea eaat of Nelaon, Ii 0 .marked
"C. P Walmiley'i N.K. comer pMt," thence Mi
chalnt aouth, tlu-nce BO chalm weit, lbence to
ebalm norih, thenc* 10 chalnt to point of com-
mcnc-enieni, run tain lug P-to acrei. more or leai.
Located March 16th, UBI.
Cms. F. Walmhley,
I". Hhkkan, Agent.
Take notice thatl Intend thirty dayt after dale
loapply t* the Hon. the Chief ���'otnmilHloner of
Landl ami Worki for a apeclal lleenie to cut ano
tarrv away Umber from the following deicrlbed
lands, altuated easi of Dog croek, lu the dlitrlet
cd Weat Koolena] : Commencing at a poet marked "The Itoundary Luinber Company'* north mat
corner poM" planted about a. mile eatt of the
Columbia and Western railroad, and about three
mile* aoulh * f the Big Tunnel, ihence If. chaiua
aouth, thence W chaini eaat, theuce Hi cbaina
muth. welXN HAI chains eatt, thenee 40 chaini
north, thenoe to chalu* weat, thence 10 cbaina
north,  thenct 80 chalm  weit to polntof coin-
Dated 4th March, UOT, J Gikklle,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Tale notice that 1 Intend thirty day* after date-
to apply to the Hon the ( hief CommlMloner of
Un.i- and Worka (or a apod*) licenae to cut and
carry awav timber from th<- following deaeribed
landl, altuated on I log creel, in Weil Kootenay
diitrict: Commeneing  al  a post planted on the
oaat line of the Columbia end wee-tarn railroad
on or abom ten chalnt ea-t, and marked -The
Boundary Lumber conipanv'i poht," and about
a milt aud a hall toutb of the Hig Tunnel, thc
n.rlhwctt corner, theuce running aoulh 1��)
claim, theuce eatt Hi c hatut, theuee north IflO
chalnt, them-e weat 4U chain* lo place of commencement.
l'a*.<-d March -Itb. UR. J Cehiixr.
Take notice that I intend, tliirlr davt after
date, lo anply lothe Hon the Chirf Commlaaioner of l_and* aud Worki for a ipeclal liceme to cue
aiCc-anj away Umber from the following Urns*
scribed landt, altuated on Kandy creek, in Weit
Koolenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a |>ost planted on Uie weit ilde of rjaudy c-n-ek and called
J. Y. 8'a louthweit corner poet, ihenee running
Mat to cbalm, thence uorth -*u chalna, thenct*
went-to chalm,  tbcuc-e nonh 11 chatna,  thence
wait eft ehalna, theme south Uo ohalna to place
of commencement.
Dated thU 9tb day of March, 1SV7
J. I'  ���.iki:m*':h,. Locator.
Notice li bereby glren that Ml dayt alter oaie J
Mend to apply lo the Honorable lhe Chief Com*
mlssloner of   Land* and Work*  for  a   ipeclal
�����t corner poii of location No 11.
Rhalni,  lbence north  eighty
Iiii I'   :���;""/*"��� ^'")'l'balm. ihence iouth
eigniy cbalni to point of ouromeuoemvut.
''ated Jan.28th, 1W7.   U, A. Uraia. Locator.
' 'ini-mii. niirala pent planted iouth of and
',.','       i No   ii. aud marked   W    H.
:.;���'  ���   ' '��� -r poM of location   No. 12_
viosi... ?,'     *���'li:i Phalua, thence tenth eighty
rirti-'A ,Vft'"1 ' b_Vt cbaint, thence uortl\
'"'' l"l[" ���' Mot of eommanoament.
D��edJau  ath,W07.      W. h.I'aob. Ixiator.
,.,;'    ' "��','��'ii;-ing   at   a   p,,it    pluied    eighty
wraertS?  m'^   "i- A    U,,^"''',   ""'tbweit
ch   ���.   -   ,'"''"" No-1��. thenc* eatt elghtv
u   ';���   , ���     "���������:1-l1ty chalnMb-nceweit
im   o   '"'     ' l,'""r ",,r"> eighty fbalirn  to
itiiuiot eommenoement
l^'^u wth.iw!. a A.uwin,Looator.
��nl.d,o!.<!'',,i,,1K,lt B l">Rt l^HnU-a north of
tJ A  rf.$"-1' ""��N" I*', ami being marked
So H ii,," 'M,lM,,*,,"i corner poet of location
.'      """"-' .���ightycbalm*.  Ihence  north
mm ti.'ilo, 'lh*.t,,cu.*e wett eighty chain*, th-li.-e
. ','      ^almtopoitttol  commenceiuent.
liceme toeut and carr) away timber Irom the
tollpWto-f deeerlbed landi situated on the wett
ilde of Big Hbeep Creek Vilk-y: Commencing
about three and a half mtles north of thc International bouudary line and about one and a
half milei weit ol the Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Hallway c-onipimy'a land grant in tbe diitrict of
W'yii Koolenay:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a poal planted in*n
mi tea went of lllg Blieep c reek, known a* thc
aouth weal corner myl. Joining J. R. Cranston'a-
Umber claim No. 1, claiming it) chalm north,
thence Hi)cbalm oaat, theuce eo chalm aouth.
thenee tt ohaini waat to point of oommeneement.
located March '.'Itl, 1W7
No 2���Commencing at a post planted at tbe*
aotithwett corner of location No. l, kuorn as the
northweit corner pott of location No. 2, claiming
HO chalut aouth, theuce BO cbaiuieast. then c to
chains nortb, tbeuce Su chalm weat to point of
Located March 21st, 1W7.
No. S ���Commencing at a post placed half a.
mile west of location No 'I, known at Hie aouth
east corner, claiming HU chalut north, thence to
chains wett, Ihenc** 80 chain*  aoulh, thence HO'
chalnt east to point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a post planted at thr
southeast corner of location No ,1, known ua tha*
northeaat corner, claiming 1(H) chatm toutta,,
thanoi *J chains wett, thence 60 < lot in- m*>rl u
thence40chalnt eatt lo piint of commeiicemeul.
Locoled lUrohlUt, 1*C
J. Y. Hwidhkho, Locator.
K- T. Kt��OELBKjEv, Agent.
No Ohatlffeg of quotations occurred on
today'i metal markets.
J. 0. Potter, of the Kaslo Kootenaian,
came down by thig morning's boat and
its spending the day in the city.
The Rossland Lacrosse Club will reorganize next Monday evening. Rossland will piay several nev men this
year, so that there should he some good
sport ahead for lovers or the national
The services at the Baptist church tomorrow morning will conclude with the
Communion of tlie Lord's Supper, subject for sermon: "The Decay of Materialism." In the evening the choir
wili render two special numbers: "Cry
Out imd Shout." and "Some Day," trio
and chorus. The evening subject will
��������: "Hopjfl Religion, or What Will You
Do With That Hoy?"
Mrs. R. A. Renwlck and family will
leave for Victoria tomorrow morning,
where they will reside in future. Ten
years ago the 30th of June next, Mrs.
Renwlck arrived in Nelson a young
bride and she has resided here ever
since. During these years Mrs. Renwlck has made many friends, all of
whom regret her departure. Mr. Renwick will meet his family at Revelstoke.
The Nelson cricket club met In the
mission room of St. Saviour's church
last night and organized for the season with the following officers: Honorary president, Judge Forin; honorary
vice presidents. Mayor \V. G. Gillett and
F. W. Rolt; president F. Starkey; vice
presidents, F. H. Graham and R. J.
Steel; secretary treasurer, A. W. Dyer;
oeptfllfi, A. H. Coppen; vice captain, H.
E. Wade; executive committee, E.
Miison. Crozier i'.curke, C. T. Parting-
ion. D. J. Elver.  :ind E. J. Marks.
Notice Ih bereby Kiven lhat M daya from date
I inteml toaimlv to the Hon ("blef CouimlBflloner
of I.m..I- and W orka for a ajieclal llccuHe to cut
ami carry i��n> timber from the following described landi In Weat Koolenay district :
1'ommenclnK at a po*t planted on tbe north
bank of in Mite ereek, aboul oue mile and a half
from Sloean lake, marked E ftrtBd'l northweit
eoruer poat, tbeuce eaM IW) chaiua thence aouth
in chnlna, tlience west Hi" chain*, theuce north
40 chalna lit point of commencement,
Paled this tlal day of March, I'.*.:.
I*.   Btkami, Lo- mor.
Take notice that thirty days after date I intend to apply tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of
1 ]*!,'*." and Works at Victoria, B. 0., for a special
license to cut and carrv away timber from the
follow Ing ���;���>-���: i*->-'i lands in Ainsworth division:
Commeneing at a post marked Cha*. F. Wnlm-s-
ley's southwest post, tbence  north 80  chains,
tbenei MM wj chains, thenee soutb 80 chains,
then"- went io chains lo point nf commencement,
the aald bind being  ultuatcil on the east side of
OOOMO creek, alwitit  :��� -t miles south of tn,* Lardeau river.
Located March mh. 1907
CHA��. �� WAuuutr, Locator-
I1. .-hkh*.s. Agent.
'2���OaoUneneing al  a  post   marked   Chas.  F
W'niijir,i,.v>   northwest   post,   theuce  aouth   B0
chains, thence east K'i chains, ihence north 80
obelttl tbenn  west SO chains to point of com-
nn'tii*' meni.  ihe said land being situate on tbe
east tide of Cascade creek, about n.'j. mllei south
of Lardeau river.
Located March 12th, 1907.
Chas. F. Walmhliy, Locator,
P. Bubran, Agent.
3���Commencina  at  a   post   inarkod Chai. F
Welnuler'a   southwest   post,   theuce  aouth  80
-i chalus,  ihenee east HO chains, thenco north B*
I chain* theuee west 80 chains u> point of com
meneement. the said laud   being situate on tbe
east side of Ca>eade creek, aboul -J1, miles aouth
of Lani-au river.
Looated March 12th, im.
CiiAU F. Wauhlky, Locator,
I>. Bherax, Agent.
Noiiee is bereby given tbat thirty daya alter
date I intend lo make application to the Honorable Chlel Commissioner of Landi and Worki at
Victoria. B.C., for a special liceuie to cut and
carry awav limber from tbe following described
land* in West Kootenay district:
i ommenclng at a post plauledabout twomilea
and a quarter up a southern tributary of the
Little t-locao river, on the (reek commonly
known as ltouldercreek, and a quarter of a mile
from the Forks, and marked A L. Htewart'i
southwesi corner post, thence north 80 chaini.
thencecast WJ chatna thenee south su chalm,
thence west SO chains to place oi commencement.
Dated lit dav of April, 11W7.
A. L. STBWA1T, Loealor.
Notie* li hereoy given that W day> alter date 1
lutend to apply lo the Honorable the Cnlet Com-
mlssliner of Lauds and Works for a ipeclal
Uoonte to cut snd carry away timber from the
fallowing described lands in West Koolenay dia-
Couiinenclng at a pool plauted aboul two and
u Quarter mllei up a southern tributary of the
Llitle Slocan river, on the creek commonly
known ai Uoulder creek, and aboul a quarter of
a mile from tbe Forks, and marked A L -Stewart l
DO theaat corner post, theuce south 160 chains,
thuee west 40 chains, thence nortb 160 chalm,
thence oaat W chains to place of commeucemcut.
Deled ttm 1st day of April, iwn.
a. L Stkwaht, Locator.
IS --Co
II. I'
I*.   Un*..,*,*   ,.,*t
';!,'|,> i Dilm ii,
1WI7.   U. A. Lauhii. Locator.
at a i..*t pla ,Ud clghi,
"'���atlon No, ii and uiaraed W,
���al corner post or looatlon No
eighty obaina, thenee north
'       weal ei��htv ��� hallis. llielice
'> '�����*tni to point of ioma
Datad Ju nth,
W, ii, i-AoE. Looetor.
,,.;i::;V1^'  *t* nort Muted eighty
UurlJi �����?.i '*1"" N"   l*',��nd marked U. A
"*.  Uienr."l.,"!  ','"lH"r  1""" "f  location No.
''it' u "h.i,      , '  Kh,y   ,,|l��fii".   theuce   mirth
somueiahJ i ' *ottot|bt�� ohalna thenoe
���" ) 'Hain* to|M,|tit  o| eouiiuemement
��� *?iHa '"*''�����'���    Q.A.UtaiaUoator.
^SSS'S:.^. SP?"1 WfBted tam ut
I.      , M "1 Mo. W, and markeii 0, A.
���". lli'in*.        ,      '   ,'oril��,r  poat of location  Mi,
"Win ,'haim ,i f'w'   y  'I'hIiis.  thanoa soutb
oorthtiUhu '.i   . :iM' we* ���"Khtyehiima.the	
a ij iiiniDR t��, poim ���[ oommeneement.
|[';;;1;,;;; ������"". 1*V     <��� A. I *,-����. Locator
'" ll 1'[>U " .tl nj *l",' '.'.'J ,rt)" * I�� y w��11.��� r <l M** 1 lntend_
t'hlcf Commissioner of
llwnie to mi V ".' V "'l<"la, H. C, for a special
'����"����Itn-d.J.'r,."    ",rr>' \yttlt timber from tlit-
l-ouimei     .""; ""diii. We-t Kootenay;
i  lbe norilniJi  " ���",lM  P'Biind  'to chains woal
1'hiiiii**. ii,.
'"er of l.ut  Hi*:,
������'���   Lot   77r
nl ,i
thenoo eusl 80
mills jj; , f""11' 40 cluilns, thence ensl 40
���<dni, tbatiM . _h w ''heiun, thenoe oi i w��
mun     ���! ""|;'' Wohiiu,ihenoe weit Yto
,*i���.,,llM. ;''      ^mlh  40 ehalna in placoof ��im-
Dated m
pans i.uMj>,
'���"'IIU'   u   |.������, , V   ' '������-      	
ftM��Ilniendi. J" 1KlV0" n"lt thirty dayi iitler
'���""iniisli. ., f'll;l,,>'tn ��>'��� llonomlile llie Chief
I*'mint,��, ,,, ��_!  '"""di anil Works, VluUirla, for
distriet.      k ",*" nl.ed lamfnin \Vest Kootenav
'���''nil   Nl!    ]      ,.
''"".v riv,., * . '''"I' M��e Mllo creek, on Kool-
,,0'ner poii ,i ?*rM$ H��liaiii Wuhnslev's ri K.
<|inlua , r i, ' UkI,<'" m !**����� w. st, ihem-e l,
Iiiiii-lo,    ' )1,r;;f,,",ri "���"''liainseuBt. theme 40
I R,,,,, ,    '"dm of h��KinniDK.
ni' ' JlareliHlU,HW7.
William Wai.msi.ey, Lncuior.
inii  So   ��        - *RAN' ARl'"t'
'ed Mu-ch Rib, 1H07
'*. thtmAtt, Aguut.
Noiiee Is hereby glveu thai H davs alter date 1
lutend lo applv to the Honoiuble the Chlel l.'mn*
mlRNloner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
iptOtu Uoenao to cm and ca-rv away tUnbei
Irom Uie lollowlng deicrlbed laml lu Weat Koolenay :
Commonoinf at a po-t planted about eight
miles from ibe moulh of (ioat creek, and where
tt Hows into the Hioeau river and about six
Ohelni from the crock upon thcoulh bank, ami
Joining C. H. Illltle's location on the WeM Hue
Hli'l   m��rkeil   F    Halle's   southeiisl  corner pout,
thenoo wwl n-o ohalni, thonoo north 40 ohalni,
thenca eait innrhalns, theuce south 4o ehalus to
point of oommenoemenl
Located Mare i Wlh, 1W07
jkkk. Baty. Lotusoa
perl' 11. Mini k, Ageut.
Notice l* herebv given thai :��l Ohvs alter Jatu 1
Iniend toiipiily lo the Honorable the Chlel Com
mlssloner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, lor a
special liceuie to- ul and carrv hhbv it in ltev from
iin* loiiowing deioribed laml in Wen KoMenay
i omineneing nt a poit plented eboat six mllei
from the month of tfoal ere-k and where ll lliwr-
Intoftlooen river, ami h-hu lAohtl^ilfntm the
creek, upon 'be souih Imuk and noirkcd 0 B
mule's soul beast, corner post, thenee west W
chain , thenee norlh 4) chalna,' hence ensl itm
ehnins, thence south 40 cbaina lu point ol i om
Uaied March Mth, w~,.
c. B. MiTu.1, Looetor.
Notice is hereby given Ural thirty dayi nfter
date  I   inieml to npplv  lo    the Hon   lhe Chill
Commluloner oi Lenoi au-1 Worki, at Vict rt*i
for a Hpi'cml ll'-elisc locut a> id carrv nwiiv timber
trom tin* followiiiK deuf that  Lendi  i�� Vftat
Kooletiuy, that ls to bi y: * ommenclng at
Boieroftl auil richerm t-rhorn's post No ��.
runtinig ihenee ensl Hu c j.iilus, theme south 80
ehulns, tlience wesl 80 ol mln**, theme north 8"
chnins to point of cou itnenecinont post No. S,
eoiilnttilng 641) arret* tif '.nud, moro or less.
Haled ni Creiton,B.C ., thllS9nd day of March,
J. C. Bcn< MltKHiiKS.
Notice ia hereby ������/Iven that tl
dale 1 iuleml to apr Iv lothe lion
misslouer of Um,- and W'orl
for a specinl liirenw ��� to'iit uiidcai
fiom  lho loiiowt' ig donrlbe *
Kootenay,  that 1�� io say:   Con
ii int wi chaliiH oh ��*t oT Uie imrih
lluscrn't and BoKnrmirhorn'i t"'
nlng   south   10    ���.���tuns to   posl
ea-t ho   chains,   tbonce   north M
wet NO chnins, thence south BOcll
coniuieuoemenL post No. '2, eontal
moro or less.
Daied al';rcaiou,D.C-, this Wml
A.]> , 31*07
irtv dnvs niter
*. at Vlotorla,
rvawtiv tlinbor
audi in  West
ino'iiclng at ��
west coiner Of
m No. l| run-
No t, thenee
tlialm, thenee
��� ins to place of
olflgMO noriii
,dny of March,
Chriet'e  Charging   of   the   Apontlen nt
Flret Reunion���Announcements
for Tomorrow,
J. u Bonia jinxuoiiK.
Notice is bereby glveu that 89 days afler date 1
Intend toapply to loo Honorable the Chief Com-
mtsaiouer of Unds nnd Works for a social
llceuse to cut and carry timber from the followiiiK described lunds, ailuated lu thc valley of
Big eiheep Creek, commencing 3^ miles north of
the international houmlary line, joining lhe
Nalaon and Fort Sheppard Hallway Company I
laml grent in ibe district of Wesl kooicusy:
Nn i-Commencing at u posl planted at tbe
northeut oornerol a. D. I inhale's pre-emption,
claiming 40 chains south -long tho cast bound-
nrv of A D.Christie's pre-emption, Ihence east
bi ehulns, lo Nelson and Fort Bheppara lurvey
line ihence north to chains, tbeuce weit 100
cbains, tlience sou h 4n chains, lluuce east 40
ehulns to point of com noncement.
Ueated Mnr-h Mfd, IW.       J. I', fiwnneno.
So i, Coiniiieming at ii post planted at lhe
southwest eormr of location No. 1 OU the lilt
boundary Hue of A. P. Christie's pre-emption,
o ii m. i iu* IWohelo* south along the eut bonno-
try itnoof 1. K Craiiston's preemption, tbence
4li chains easi. lo tbc Nelson nnd  Fort Sheppard
turn) Une, thinoi UO chnins, norih, thence 40
chain's weil to poiic of eoiiimeueeuiont.
IwateU March Bid, UOT. _       ,
J. Y S-.W ri'iiiRo, Locator
Noilce Is herebv glveu thai thirty days alter
date I iuleml tonpplv tothe Hon. iheChlef Com-
inlssloner of Lendi and Works, at Victoria,
torn IDOClal tteem- to cut and carry   uway tlm-
kKT fn>m the loiiowing duorlbed lauds m Wut
Kootenay, that is to say: Commanolng   at a
��,,.t plnnted 40 cluilns east of ihe norlheui
turner of block   HlK,   (post marked 111 K   8,)
-ibfiicc n lug easl KI) cniilns, Ihence south 80
v-ia-lnMhctico west to ehnins. thenee norlh 80
ebmns to locetion post No. 1, coutaiuing 640
*ww* of land, more or Icib.
(.��jtt,t*,lHti'reslou, B.C., this TinA day of March,
Qno. HtnCBOFTt
"tttks notice thut I intend, thirty dnys aftor
.lHlolou il'lvtothe Iloiioruble the Chief Com-
ffiluloner of Lindl and Works for u special
come locut nud carry away timber from the
f iiinwtne deurlbed lnnds, sltuuled on Bandy
'reck lu West Kontenay distriet: Commencing
at n wwl planted on the west hide, of suid creek,
Ud marke i ".I P. l'l" norlliwesi corner; thenee
r inlng souih eighty chains; tnence cast eighty
el," ns theuee north elghly chnins; thenee weat
Dislsssl llslls Illlll 'Iny ol Klilirimry. l___	
~N_riSri, llBtW ����a? "',��t ���,0 V'?i.'e,?,,^,
t isst^sssi tss itisnly tss tlsss llssisnrsible lho Mile,
hi SS ?., m-r Iif 1.....1. ��...,! WOrt,,, Vlctssrls,. or
��. .slsslllsi'iss.'lssssist ssss.l sssrsy �����)* tin Ier
S ollOWUW ili-sssrllsssl lilei- nt Unsl 111
W,"   K.s.s-sisss  aOtrllltl    l���i,ssi���.lisl.SK��t��po,t
,,l,il.'.l*.*ls.-l.isisi-.lromll,.- ,*,,. o of Hppct
A r       ii*�� 'S' IJols.liiK I' t a* "'��� llie"''""'
��,, is rk.-sl ������t'lsisi'. Usl'"*' nortli-B-.-jt tsoruer,
KsB �� s*ls��l'i��. tl��*i"�� ">��' ��*' i*lj��l��"��.
_,nZ OS'S Hi ��SI I'l'lllll",  tl.oUOO WMt ��0 ClSKlll. to
1 u.k-i! tbo uu i.y ol M.roli, Wl, cgu
Tomorrow will be the first Sunday
after Banter, with EaBter thoughts tins]
feelings still dominating religious services. No holy days occur during the
following week.
Al the Church of Mary Immaculate
a service of forty hours' devotion will
begin with thc earliest morning service.
Hev. Father Althoff, parish prlesl, will
he assisted by live visiting clergymen,
including Rev. Father Coccola, one of
the pioneer priests of Kootenay.
The Bervices of the church continue
to follow the events of the dayB after
lhe resurrection. The gospel for tomorrow is the brief account by St John
of the Lord's appearance with his disciples in the room where they gathered
ln hiding
His words were few but of supreme
significance. They are '* the first In
which the disciples are addressed as
apostles, and builders of the church.
"Peace be unto you. As My Father
hath sent me, even so send I you. Receive you the Holy Ghost. Whosesoever
Bins ye remit, they are remitted unto
them, and whosesoever bIub ye retain,
they are retained."
These are the words that contain the
authority for the absolution pronounced
by the priests of the church. Collectively they are the origin of the spiritual authority the church has claimed
to exercise and to hand down forever
to her priests while the apostolic succession is maintained.
The following Bervices are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of England���8t. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets. First
Sunday after Easter; Holy communion
8 a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion, IJ a. m.; Sunday Sschool, 2: SO
p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streeis: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening -service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica ud
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Bun-
day school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rer. G. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weit of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.	
I have just returned te Nelton and
have opened up at the tame old ttand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
I'RUNJNo AND GRAFTING carefully Attend
���d to. Apply
mUor Kins Hotel
Certificate of Improvements
"Artrn" mineral claim, iltuated in tho Plocan
City    Mining    Illusion    of   Weat   Vooteuay
wiiun- loatfii*. On Springer Crvek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank C, (irc-.ni, artlng aa
agent for the Arlington Mlnea', Limited' Free
Mlner'a Certlflculu No. B4606, intend, alxty dava
from date hereof, to apply to t 'm* M inlng Recorder
for a (.'ertiflcate of Improvemenu, for the purpoae of obtaining a Of&wn Grant of the above
And further take notiee that action, under
Hectlon OT, muid be coramen i-d before the
leauant'ti of aueb ('ertiflcate of Improvementi.
Dated thia lVth nay of December, 1906.
V. C. Ursin, Nelaon, B. C.
Oartlflcatw   of  Improvemente
Rio Teute, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claim*, altuate
lu the Nelaon Mining Dlvlalon of Weat Kootenay
Locaiod on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Seaaley Hiding.
Take Notice that I, Frank C Green, acting aa
airent for Michael Kgan, Free Mlner'a Certificate
No. BM5,1ntend, tlity daya Irom thc date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate!
ol Improvcmcu'a, for the purpoae of obtaining
Crown -Urania of the above elalma.
And further take notleo that action, under
aectlon 87, muat bo commenced before tho
laauance of aucli Certlflcatea of Irapruvementa.
Dated thia'jeth day of January, 1907.
F. C. Ur��in, Nici-ion, B. C.
T*���� Strathcona
Nelton, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Bener Btreet. Nelwn. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
I_arga end Comfortable Bod rooma end Flftt-
olaiai'luiug Bourn,   oauiplo Uooma lor Commercial   Men
MRS.  E. C.CLAKKE, ProprlntreM
Certificate of Improvemenu
"Portia," "Amoa,*' "Jtaat Side No. 8" and "Bel-
tiuu Fractional" mineral elalma, altuated in
tbe Simian City Mining Dlvlalon of Weit Koolenay Dlatrlct
Where located: At head of Hprlnger Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Nn.lco that I, Frank C. Green, acting aa
agent for the Arlingtou mlnea, Limited, Free
Mlner'a Certificate No. B400B, Intend, alxty daya
from tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ke
corder for a Certificate of Improvementa, for the
purpoae ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And! urther take notice that action, under
aectlon W , muat Imi commenced before the Imu
ence of anch Certificate of Improvementa.
Dated hwlttim dey ��' December, WW.
F. C, tinniM, Neleon, I. a
Grand Central Hotel
Tula hottl hai been completely renovated and
newly furnlahud with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Rooma, SOc. upwardi ; meali 25c. ;
apeclal rat��a by thc week.
J. A. BBICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Iuiopmd aat Anuirlaui Flu
���Ml, m oa.   Boom, from s�� ctt. to 11
Only White B*lp laploxa.
Biker St.. N-llMl Froprttton
Bartlett   Hotise
But DoDar-a-Day Home in Nelson.
'���   The Bar U the Flnml.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne Bt
Nelion. B O.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and I1.B0 a Day.
ape-rial Batea to BegtOar Boarder*,.
Moe, comfortable quarters ln Nelson
Only the bent of Llquore and s. igan.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Tram-Atlantic paseen-
gera arriving on or subsequent to April
from points In Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Yoar Friend*
Full  parttcuhtrs   on    application to
local agont or write
A.G.P.*..Vans'Oim-r. It. 1*.A.. Nelson
Wholwole Rod Retail Dealer* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shorUffit notico and
lowest price. Nothing but l'rcnli and
-wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Moil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
^^Ftuit Lands
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial flank Block
Two of the Best Improved Ruches
*With hetirinp orchards and muting water on each property.    These prop,
ties can bo pmchased on re, srnable terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
of the
XJMtttCtmt rtmJt I -BflBB Itt
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Lots
On Chatham St. Fin* location. Cloae
ta ear Hm. Houae built of brick ant
storey.   Nlealy furnished.
(700X0 caah,  balance  an auy tarma.
Certificate of the tegbtnttoa of An
Extra-Prortadil Company*
"Companies Act, 1017."
I HEREBY CERTIFY tfctt the "hZtaa Mint
Lead Mining Company, Limited," has this day
beeu reuiitered mm an Kxtrt-troTlncial Company
under the "Cotuptalei'i *ct, 1M7," to-Mrrr oat
ur effect b.11 or ��uy of tbe nbjecti of the fompny
to which tbe legislative authority of the Legtt-
latureot t-rltiith Columbia extendi.
The head office of the company le altuate at
Pboenlx, Territory of Arixona. C. *. A.
The amount of tbe capital of tba oompany li
three million dollan, divided into Hz hundred
thousand shares of five dollan each
Tbe head office of tbe company ln thla province
Is situate at Kaalo, and w. ���. Zwlcky, alnlnt
engineer, whose addreai li Kaalo, B- 43., te the at
toraey 'or the company.
The time of the existence of the company Is
twenty-the yean from the eighteenth day of
October, IM*.
i he company la limited.
Uiven under my hand and seal of ofllce, Victoria, Provlnoe ot British Columbia, this Snd
<iay of March, one tbouaand nine hundred and
tL.i.1 8. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purposes for which thla corporation ls
f rmed are to buy, hold, leaie, self, work, explore, develop ami operate mines and mining
t'Ulms, and sll kluds of mining property; to locate and procure patents for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelters, couoentraton or otber reduction nlants, and to run and operate tha mme
in the reduction of ah kinds of ore, and the extraction of mint ral therefrom; to acquire In any
manner all kinds of real vttatu necthsarv for tbe
economical and expeditious operation of lta mining and smelting and reduction business, and
other business tncldcut thereto; to buy ant sell
aud otherwise acquire aud dispose of any and
all kinds of personal property, m-cninery, Umli
und merchandise, for the convenient and practical oiwntlon of Its business ln an/ branch
thereof, and to that end to establish ana conduct
s i ures and merchandising establishments, for the
purchase aud aale ot all kinds of i oods and merchandise; to acquire in any Lawful manner tele
phone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate aud conduct surh lines hi any manner
necessary ur conveulent for tbe operation of its
in lulnrg ami smelling and reduction business or
uny branch lucldent thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway and tram
lines wbeiever necessary an t convenient, to lhe
proper operatlou of its said Unas of bust nf is; to
tmy ami sell or otherwne acquire and dispose of
the stork of other corporations which m*y In Its
Judgment contribute to the success of its operations, ur wblch lu Its Judgment may be fur the
benefit of Its atockholden, to acquire In any
manner sml to dispone of water rights, ditches,
ilium**-*-, pipe lines or other iqueaucts, wblch
may be necenarr or convenient for supplying
witter to the various plants of the company, aid
to��< quire In any manner and lo establish ano
operate plants and lines for uperatlug, heating
or lighting the priperty or plants of tho company, and to arqulrn ln any lawful manner, and
in ilinpos-'uf tuwnaltea, or nny portion thereof,
und to ti"M, operate, sell, and depose of water;
light and heat fur tbe purpose of hghilog. neat
Ing or furnishing water to nald towutiie or
low to-lies, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do auy and ah things and to at ���
quiru an,l hold and dispose of ah ki ds of property, and tu manage, operate and conduct any
and -ll kinds of nlants and business which in the
opl olo a of the directors and stockholders may
be uevhstiry for tbe convenience and success!* 1
operation of Its business as a mining snd smalt
ing and reduction cunpauy.
Tn the matter of an application for the luue of
a duplicate of the Certificate uf Title of hotsSand
4, Block tt,  I .oil). Block ��tf ��0d Lot 11.   Block 80,
Nelson Oity {Mnp*iM>aiiirjsH\ )
Notice ii hereby given lha; it Is my Intention
tu Issue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above lots at tbeexpirii Hon of one mootb alter
the first publication hereof in the name of Frau-x
Jacoby and fmll Polul which* ertiflcate uf Title
h dated the 4th day ol Jnnuiiry, iw/7, aud numb-
cre.l mi A.
H. F, MacLKOD,
District BatUtrar.
Land Rasislry Ulllc. M"Uon, B C
4th, April, IWI.
"Compos- Act, IttT."
Proviuce or Brituh Columbia. (
Mo. 175.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that tba "Columbia
Valloy ���statl Company," is authorised and licensed to carry oa buslneea within tho provlnoe of
Brltlah Columbia, and to oarry ont or affect all
or aay ol tbo objecu of tho Company to which
tha ltgialative authority of tbo lagWatnre of
B rltlab Col umbla extend*.        *
Tbe bead offlce af the Company h iltnaloat
the city of Winnipeg, P��Tlace of Manitoba.
Tha amount of tM capital ol tbo said eompany
la ono hundred thousand dollan, divided into
one tbouaand shares done hundred dollan each
Tbo bead offloe of tba oompany In tbU province la situate at tbe City of Relate, and Robert
Wetmoro Hannington, barrister, whoee address
is Nelson. M. C, la tbe attorney lor the company.
Given under my band aad aeal of offloe at
Victoria. Provlnoe of British Columbia, this Mb
day of February, ono tbouaand nine hundred
and seven.
[L. ���] S. Y. WOOTTOK,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companiea.
Tbe objects for which this company baa boon
established and licensed are:
(a) Buying, aelllng, basing or dunaolur of
coal mines, eoal and wood landa, fanning, graa-
ing and fruit Undi and timber limits, and la
work and develop the aamo:
(b.) To oarry on ibe business ot emigration
and colonisation agents, make advanoea to assist
s.ttlen on lands purchased from ibe company,
and aecure repayment of such advanoaa. with
interest, on such terms and ln snch manner by
way ot mortgage or agreement as may be mutually agreed upon
(e.) To oarry on tbe business of ranching,
breeding and selling and dealing ln cattle,
horses, sheep and other live stock;
(d.) To purehaae, aell and deal In lumber
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision!, clothing
and general supplies:
(c.) To carry ou the trade as general merchant and for warden:
(t)  To issue In payment of any property ae-
quired by the oompany shares of the capital
stock of tho company aa ------   --���
assessable or otherwise:
stock of tho company aa fully paid up aad noa
(g ) To carry on the business of manufacturer!
and dealera in power genera ton and tnotom of
every description, to construct and operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural Implements, machinery, boau, steamers, bargee, aad farrtea la
which the aald motors are need; to construct aad
onerata boat lines, and to carry on tba buaineaa
of carriers, cartage and parcel delivery, to own '
and operate omnibus lines and vehlolea and
boau lor bin; to aell, lease and eupply power,
and lo generate and sell, leaae,aad supply electricity ; to owu and operate electric plant! aad generally to ot rry on any business Incidental to tba
aforesaid purposes and objeuta of tbe company:
(b) To purehaae, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and any rights aud prlvllwae
which tbe company aaay consider neeeaeary for
the purpose- ut their operations, and to aell and
dispose of any lands or otner real estate and personal property at any time owned dr controlled
by tbe company, or aay pan thereof, or aay control thtretu or claims thereon, and geneiaily to
do all such toliigs as are incidental or conducive
to thu carry log out of the objecu of tbe company
(I.) To become ahareholuen ��n any existing
or propoeed company and to promo* and assist
in promoting any company berrying on a business pertalulng to the objects for whioh thla
oompany ia Incorporated aad whioh may prove
useful to this company, aad toacquin,take qver
and operate tbe business of any auch company
or companies, and to eater into engagements lor
���h.rlng proAu, nnloa ot Inlereat, folnt adventures, reciprocal concessions or othewlse with
anypersou ur company, and take or otherwise
a.quiraaod bold shares and securities of auuh
omnanyor iwimnanlea	
Kolio. U hereby llrtn Ib.Usu. B Uoad.ao_,h
hw n-wle .ppUu.Uoa uut).r th. pro-rtetoM nl
Uw'-Uquor 1.ISS.UW Act, 1MO."lor.bot-1 Hows.
s luct-ttn-f oi tb. Bowd oILloenc. t-antajMloMr..
ssl I hss Ali��worU Umdsm ��� Ultkst, will tabel.l
to isouiltfw ,uish iippllcatlon. at ,h�� Karia BvM
.1 KhIo, oa Tu-adu, tb. 1Mb April, IWI, al Ik*
bou ol .If It o'clouk In thi* UUraoon.
N*laaa.S.C,au-.llaMl,un.      ���*-~ \
1..ji>afly Canadian
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the- city council will bo hold Monday
evening ut s o'clock.
lt St. Saviour's church tomorrow ut
both the morning and evening Bervices
the Waster music will be repeated In
*To Arrive
For Easterf
Store will be closed Good Friday
and Easter Monday.
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird Eggs.   Cuckoo Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make your selections while the stock
Is complete.
Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from ear
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 In six months, balance on mortgage.
lE. Croadsdaile & _2_
���Sfext Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
, Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will tind it to their ad-
VAUIago to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
-, General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
Ul Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Uss,. Vernon and Wl*t*d Sti-euts,
MR|_��Q!>I.   B. C.
.1. FRED HUMK; pr.vj-ictor.
Mrs. G. Martin, L, Hanna and wife,
K-islo; C. B. Uenjamin, Hustings; F.
Bngler, Laggan; G. lloyd, Arrowhead;
P, M. Lindsay, W. H. Voss, Y. C. Mitchell, J. A, Cox, Vancouver"; G. H. Dann,
Winnipeg! .Mrs- R- J. Tinning, Miss Tin-
ning, UegiHu; IS. W, I/ittle, T. A. Weeks,
1 sulisj; J. 11. Cook, Soi-rlis; ,\. C. May,
H. Wright, Victoria; P. B. Wilson,
Cranbrook; P. C. Smith, A. F*. Webber,
Vancouver; W. Macmlcking, C. II. Sis-
sons, R��elstoke; W. J. Hart, Montreal;
W. H. Hamilton, Winnipeg; J. B. Henderson, Bonnington; R. A. Henderson
and wife, Grand Forks; F. Adams,
T. II. Ebsworth and wife, Calgary;
Mrs. .1. Macleod. Mrs. Miller, Ymir;
Mrs. W. iMelntosh, Salmo; C. J. Gooch,
F. Orandy, J. Wier, Flre Valley.
J. Ferry, W. He, Slocan; C. Smith,
Spokane; W. Byers, Procter; A. B.
Machar.s Moyie; K. A. Hansen; J. McLean, Hosebery,
K.  Sprange, London;   H. Booth,  Silver King; D. Mason, Victoria,
W. P. McWllilams, Rosebery, S. Marshall, .1. McCallum, Poplar.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresli from the
Tolophnno ltil
F. C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. fa 145   Phone 261 B.
There will be un enrollment service
tomorrow ut :i 'oclock ut the Salvutitm
Army burracks, to which ull aro cordially  invited.
The receipta from the tramway service from Jun. Int to March lilsl were
S-JUIMO uguluat *<HS,G0 for the Bumo
period or 1906. In each three montha
thc time of interrupted service materially reduced receipts.
TWO KXP'-RIENClil) WAITRE-^KB.    Apply ��t
Hume (Intel
c��nK-IIotol, tm. WaltrenMM; st 000$   Phone
You K in an (Ml), pxi'i ,.(t!'*i* rL'Xpurleill'e M*<ks ii
poHi'lnn    Apply Hox M8, Nelion, B. C.
A POSITION A** * LKKK. I.y n \took keeper who
Ik quick hii 1 Accurate a' figure*. Addrew 8yd-
ney ��   Ha*1, box fill... Itcn ��a, Btgk. 	
WOMAN HK(JOM) COOK, (40.QO   WaitrtHi 186.00
At once     W. Parlcir.
TWO FIHBT-v;t.��a3 hwOMH, fitcftm heated.   Apply houHekeeoer. ttrd flat. K, W. 0. block.
The editor of the Cranbrook Herald
paid u visit to Nelson last week and alter careful observation expressed himself thus iu hiB paper: '"Nelson looks
healthy this spring, in fact the city is
iu better shape than she hus beeti for
The Inquest into the death of Herman Liuchtmann will be resumed Monday at 2 p. m. The coroner will call
tbree expert machinists to testify as to
the safety or otherwise of the conditions in the sampling mill where lJucht-
wfinn was employeij.
Miss Annie Robinson, who was herewith the Roscian Opera Company, has
returned to her home in Rossland. Miss
Robinson was laid up for several weeks
with smallpox at Sioux Falls, Minn.,
but she has now completely recovered.
She will pegt at her Ijome in Rossland
a few weeks before rejoining her company.
K'.'-s Bi'pj'UBI) from the leadline varletfeBof
J'uro Hred Poultry, nuarMiteert true to nam'*.
Apply.I O Dixon Box I7<i, Vancouver���Soc'y,
of Ihi Vancouver Poultry and P   Aiioelatlnn.
T��V i P it 'IABLKM and one Combination BU-
Muni anil Pan I Tahiti, Kverjthini* complete
tiii-l hi aoort cotidiliriii. H. J. Mlghton, 'lobae-
ntiinf. rrnnhrnn-x. H 0.
Fiuuor return to tlila oQku aud receive reward
Some of the poles ere.ctedj by the city
to convey tjje light *o Ftt h-view have
listed to one side and in one or two
cases look as if they might fall down
altogether. They were erected while
the frost was in the ground, and when
the thaw came the ground loosened up
and the pples shifter] to (me side or
the other, In one case it was feared
that a pole might tumble over on top
of a private residence.
The corporation of the city of Nelson supplies water tp the residents of
Fairview, but the pipe line Is owned by
a private individual. Therefore, when
a resident of Fairvlew desires to connect with the waterworks system he
does not apply to the city hall, but to
the owner of the pipe line. There have
been several complaints that the cost
of making this connection Is ont of all
proportion, but there does not seem to
he any way of obviating the difficulty.
Sooner or later Fairview will be annexed to the city, and then the residents of that rapidly growing suburb
will be supplied with a new waterworks
system and also sewerage facilities. Until that time everyone who desires to
connect with the waterworks will have
to pay fqr the privilege to a private individual. As a matter of fact, there is
nothing to prevent the eity of Nelson
from Installing a waterworks system in
Fairview now, and thereby increasing
the revenue from that public utility.
There are a number of houses in course
of erection out there at the present
time, and others in contemplation, and
all would be anxious to connect with
the waterworks, providing they could
do so without paying what seems to be
a very high charge.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try tbe
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Qraham Wafera  10c
Ltmon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlipo Ginger Wafera     10c
Butter���Thin 10o
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakts (Salted)    15c
Put'up In packages and tints
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do tlie business.
NEUSON,    -    B. C.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Are most heartily invited to visit our
Ito re.
To Interest you we have:���-
BOOKS���The best of new fiction. All
the favorite Standards and classics in
beautifully bourn! pocket editions, at
from 25c to $1.25 per volume, according to binding, &c.
SOUVENIRS���A spicudld range at almost any price you want to pay, front
25c up.
LEATHER GOODS���We have some
beautiful things, and the latest designs, in Hand Hags, Purses, &c.
POST   CARDS���One  of   the   largest
and best selected stocks in B. C. from
3 for 10c to 15c each.
We are always pleased to have people
come In and look round, whether they
buy anything or not. so don't deny yourself the pleasure of a visit to our store
lust because you don't want to buy anything.
W. G. Thomson
ftSHSK* "nd Nelson, B. C.
Phono 34.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfeol right to inKlsl
upon a perfect lit and perfect style
when you aro paying from $li�� to
$25 Tor a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fill fill your highest expectations
and your most s-xnctlng demands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection that we And in the tailoring world. We cun prove these
facts to you lf you will but give us
tlte opportunity.        .
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at $2,  $3,  $4 and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's  regular $4.00  Box  Calf
Shoes  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Furnished Home
FINE 5-ROOM HOUSE with neat
furnishings including a 2-year old
piano. Two good lots and chicken
house. Good location on Carbonate
Price $2000, Cash Only
W. Baker St.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
The laat Issue of the KuhIo Kootenaian contains resolutions of condolence from a number of organizations,
all expressing deep sorrow for the family of Charles W. McAnn in their great
loss. Those resolutions also bear eloquent testimony to the esteem in which
the decease^ was held by his friends
and neighbors.
There will be a practice of the Nelson Choral Society next Monday evening, at which it is earnestly requested
that all members of the chorus and or-
orchestra be present. It is also desirable that the soloists, and in fact everyone taking part in the performance,
should attend every reheursal from now
until  the evening of the production.
Captains Moore and Davidson, Lieutenant Wright, and Junior Sergeant Major Munroe, of the Salvation Army, returned last night from Vancouver and
Seattle, where they attended General
Booth's meetings. They report that the
meetings weie attended by great
crowds, with thousands turned away.
Captains Moore and Davidson left this
morning on the Kuskanook for Cranbrook.
For Sale.*.
In Fairview, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated.              $350  cash.
Sherman's Opera House
Fletcher - Giorza - Impala
Concert Company.
Scottish Prima Donna.
Italy's furcmoHl Composer and Pianist.
Celebrate-*1-. Cornotist.
Prices 50c, ?5c, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rsitlis'rford's Friday.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: nealcy Building.   P. O. Bo\
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Excavations for the erection of the
300-ton concentrator at the lllue Hell
mine have already begun,
Trains and Boats.
Cro-.v boat���On time.
C< a*.-,t and Slocan train���Hour late
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���On time.
Ksislo boat���On  time.
^JVe have notice from our landlord to vacato our store by April 1st. In
order to reduce our stock before moving we will sell goods now in Block
at greatly reduced prices. If you want bargains ln Clothing and Gent's
Furnishings drop In and see for   yourself.
Seed Time
Let us give you quotations on your seed order.   You
can save money.    Buy your seeds in bulk and secure
the best to be bad.
Special Prices to Market Gardeners and Ranchers
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Wholesaise Provisions,
Government Creamery One-Pound Hns-ks- reoetved wtsokly fresh from tbe
churn.   For sale by all loading n-rocers.
Oflicoand warehouse: Houston Block,   Phoue 79.
Josephine Street. -       -      Nelson, B. C.
25Q doz. Linen Collars To Ue Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for tbe rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,    I
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
R-apnlrlnii ond Johhlnit c.eisuti-sj with De-flpatch.   ShMt M.tHl
Work, AUt-iIng Hrssd Mill Mischisscrj*.     Manuf.ctur.ra of
Ore Cisr.,   14.  ,-*.   Cssssts-ssctssr.'  Carats.
Telephone N
P.O. Boi 10fi��
Spring Stock Just Opened Up!
Carload Unoleums and Carpets
From Olasjfow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Mimmi A Klm-ti I'l a ii on.
Omurnioor Milniv- -, ���*.,
Mut*' Iiiiil .-nniiiu**. MitttrcMPH.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   T ���-mU~m    C_..._* ~f~_.
and dealers in J^timDe*, shingles,
Luth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackots. Mail Ordem promptly attended to,
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will be pleated to tupply you'
wants In
Such hm
White Wnite
Mfxnil I'ulntK
Barry Bioa.' Boati Varnish
Kti\, etc.
Albany OrciUM**
Ari.Ho (Jnp.0reu��
Ou Km Ine OU  m_       _..,
Vhruu& Marine Motor����
(in one gallon oani.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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