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The Daily Canadian Sep 30, 1907

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Array Wrtu  -Jtotljj  Cana
���MH  2.     No.   100
jrtsiiiiii*'- Proposal For
Regular Meeting
Irian Delegate Deceives British
and Americans and Keeps
Russia's Controls
AJ time passes
solution voted at  Ute plenary sit-
confon noe Etop-tantbei
l Lhe meeting ot a future
:        oil Importance.   Ah Ii
., in     til.-  original   proposition*-.
feeti first by Great  Britain and then
United  States, there  were two
fcnclliati-il oontentlona, namely to ne
| meeting., of the confer-
ol every seven rears,
Itht< withdrawal ot Um powaf to call
fa eonferenc* i From Russia, not ow��
ing agalnat Russia's em-
, but on the principle that th*? con*
fcc<- should be an automatic InHtitu-
L pendent of the will of any
gelgri     The  delegations   Interested
���  vi re first induced to re-
thdr own proposition.*}, as they
. * ��� ',      lii.-.li-1 t -i-ahli.-    to
iiiowing N'-iidoff, the proaldopl
OCe, who Is a Russian htm
I '     the    resolution  voted
t      which     assumed   the
icter of a generoui renunciation on
.*-'*��� j-art of Interference ln the con-
Ion ot future conferenoee,
|.v idoff, however, began by merely
Wing in his [--solution for the con-
ion of a third conference  so  that
iMired periodicity not not appear.
e reaolaUon does not mention who
convoke Lhe conference, "Dr. Heidi
''��� Roumanian delegate, delivered
lech in which, after dwelling on the
Uv. ol Emperor Nicholas, and the
Jality of Queen Wilhenitna, he said
I m vi.-a  ,,f such  omission   it   was
fltood    Hint      Kniperor      Niehalas
loonvokfi the next conference. Dr.
man h ipeeeta wuh a surprise to all
Bl except 11 Nelldoff.   The deluga-
of the countries which desired to
jute Russia-- right to convoke the
krencei kepi  illent, either because
1,1 their members were mffldentl}
fen ol   ih��'    Prench    lanKiioge to
r appropriately in a speed, in that
OT in ths fear that their ohjec-
|tiii*4ht be taken as disrespectful.
of Cowboys in Rounding up Herd
lor Shipment   to   New   Home
in Alberta.
tsWry,   S.-|it.   HO.���For  two     weeks
��-l Pablo iunl ::.i    oowboyi    have
���pending nlghl iunl da* riding and
I-n* '.. corral th* buffalo lor shli*-
1 Canada, with tha rssnll thai niter
���week* only so of a bard of SOO ars
inrrils   At  1 t-ii*_ itagsol tlie giline
Jr..a boya ware aboul ready to quit.
i Mr Douglas planned with Charles
!> SOB of tha late |inrln..r In  tha
1 With  Mr.   I'alilo,  tu   a-a-t   together
Mr. Pablo and form the largest
f'l ��ii Hint ever atartsd through the
pes. country. Then, will ba in all
' |M riders, each rider having - or
���"�����-��� ll always Iu.h been the ob-
ol the buffalo to strike away into
li'itter Root mountains the opposits
T*11"!! to whin they wprt, Wantsd to
J '* '�� WW tl I.J.i-1  of Uie round
I" -ween clean tha range of nil but-
������ lato ii deep ,.���,   |��� ||u,  pandora
fntaiiifi, and drive them east tin- ill
|l"ii the lluffalo always want to no
gradually  muke  a  large    clrrnlt
������"���>    Uie  shipping    point.     This
���ID  tuko  them   through  a   coun-
���enurely strange to the herd. _, it
I "sen round by experience when the
I" -re once aim. of ,h(,*r own C()llI1.
'"���"* Mm fairly quiet
*����� dlffleulUas have been    facing
'"'���"""n agents,  ti���. northern Pa-
'"i to find ll hard work lo find
I**'- oars f.���- the buffalo
l,a,r ��*'"   10   Ha,
|**�� liava. |
_,    |i,.fi,      .     .    ,,���������*   -J    ���.�����    aaaaaiH
I     Wh , V     PS.1      lK'iUK      Hl,'UU��     en0U<P'
kfa th..   .-T ln '���������' top through
�������� loading commences the Nor*
The  cars
to receive tha
en refused by Mr. Doug-
tliern i'acl.lc will realize these Important points and send the can n ipiired.
So far the officials or all tha railroads
have been most eager to accomodate
Mr. Douglas' wishes. Tbe shipping will
probably commence about the 28th
granting the new arrangements Cor the
drive   is   successful.
Fall   Atslze   Lilt.
The   .'"all   Assizes open  In Nelson tomorrow   morning   at   11   o'clock.       Mr,
.Justice   Morrison  will arrive  from  the
coast tonight    No civil jury ruses have
been ael down for trial, so the list is
limited to five criminal oases iis follows:
Harry Watson and Charles QaWgher,
for theft at Uossland. two separate Indictment*,.
Quatave Bouchard, for murder committed  at Trail.
Walter Herbet Beckett, for sending a
threatening letter.
Maurice J. O'Connor for assault resisting arrest.
Three  Huge Squadrons of British  Navy
Practice  Tactical   Moves   in
North Sea.
London, Sept. 30.���Under the supreme
command of Lord Charles Heresford,
the combined Home, Atlantic and Channel fleets will leave Portland about Oct.
Mth for the autumn manoeuvres which
thi-- year are being conducted in the
North Sea. and will be somewhat similar to those held in the spring off the
coast of Portugal. The greatest interest
is being taken in this gathering of
Knglaud s OxSl line of defense under the
man whom many consider the created
of tor admirals. For a while the usual
manoeuvres and other exercises will be
carried out. The main object is be-
ttevod to be strategical, to teach the
officers what the admiralty would expect In case of war with Germany. The
programmr Is being kept a strict secret
atid it Is announced that on this occasion Journalists will not be Invited to
aerouipuny the ships.
Neither have naval attaches been
given any Information, and will as usual
not be present, with the exception of
the Japanese, who as England's allies,
have In recent years been ths guests of
the officers in command on occasions of
this kind. Lord Charles Beresrord will
bo accompanied by no less than nine
admirals and the big ships of his fleet
will include 2o batUeabipe, H armoured
cruisers and ten protected cruisers, with
a fleet of smaller vessels, including torpedo boat doatroyera numbering sixty or
F. W. Guernsey, of the Trail smelter,
is at the Hume.
C. F. Mcllardy and wife went over to
Greenwood today.
J. A. Fraser. provincial constable of
Ymir, is in town today.
Ills Honor Judge Forin Is indisposed
today and did not hold a chamber session.
Hon. Edward F. Wood, son of Vis
count Halifax, is a guest at the Strathcona,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bird, who have
been visiting In England, are expected
homo tonight.
JOhn Hoe, district passenger agent
C. P. U.. will return from the const by
tonight's train.
o.  n. Boynton, manager of the Elk
Lumber CO., Fernie, is in the city attending Ihe lumbermen's meeting.
O. N. Gilchrist and Wife, Fulrvlew.
left for tho coast last evening. They
will spend the week at the New Westminster Fair.
E. I> Orde. of Ro.-r.U-.nd. left town this
morning  after a  visit  of several  days,
lie has recently been up tha west coast
In an effort to get Into the Tel-Kwa
OOUnl ry, but nrciili-nts to the two
Bkeena River steamers made entry impossible.
A. E. BlOtint, private secretary to Mr.
Uorden. contracted a cold during his
travels iu British Columbia, und was ill
last night. He remained at the Strathcona and will be sufficiently recovered
to join the parly at tho steamer tomorrow morning.
.1. m. Robinson, of Bummertand, n. C
Ipent yesterday In Nelson. Mr. Robinson is an old newspaper man. and nti 11
retains a warm spot in his heart for the
members of the fourth estate. He speaks
enthusiastically of the future of the dla
trlct in which  Suuimorland is situated.
No Settlement.
Montreal, Sept. 2S.���Overy Yakow-
anko. a Russian 21 years old. was found
this morning hanging to a ladder, suspended by his belt nnd two towels, in
the Small sitting room of the main waiting room of the Grand Trunk Railway
station. Life was extinct when the
body was eut down. A third class
ticket, dated at Milwaukee, for passage
to Liverpool via Montreal on the steamer Virginian, wus found in the dead
man's pocket as well as money and
trinkets. Hespondeucy is thought to
have been the cause of suicide.
Conservative Policy Expounded by Dominion and Provincial
Largest and Most Attentive Audience Ever Gathered
in Kootenay.
I .no-rlnnc
erson,. Charlton anfl Cartwright as outrageous; their expenditure last year was
$136,000,000. Tbetjonservatives used to
grant $3,200 a-mile to railways, the
Liberalsjy^nt $6,400."
_A��l-r.v-1feTgeron's rapid contrast of Llb-
eril promise and performance was graphic and kept his hearers amused as he
continued: "Sir William Mulock nsed to
move that no man should be appointed
Provincial Library
R. L. Borden, leader of the Conservatives, has come and gone, and has
left a message In Nelson which will be
neither ignored nor forgotten. It Ib
tlu- message of the Conservative party
that the only way back to national honor and to national efficiency and power
Is by purging public life of the dark
stains of corrupt elections and wakeful   and   dishonest   public   expeadtt-ire.
The meeting, the best ever held in
Nelson, was admirably suited to Mr.
Borden. The proiKjrtion of ladies in the
audience was exceptionally large. Many
Liberals were there and listened -rtti n-
tively. The leader never makes an appeal to a mob's enthusiasm nor does be
ever seek to create or stimulate excitement in his hearers. In the crisis of a
campaign the mosl dispassionate presentation of burning questions may flre
the calmest, bu: for a tour that is
wholly educational in its purpose and
method Mr. Uorden could not have
wished a better meeting than Nelson
gave him.
Shortly after the Canadian went to
press Saturday afternoon it was learned
that the C. P. R. train, which had been
held at Slocan for the party was beating its usual time and would reach this
city shortly after 6 o'clock. Word was
hastily sent round and a small impromptu reception committee was organized, which included Hon. R. F.
Green. A. E. Watts, W. A. Macdonald.
J. A. Klrkpatrick, D. C. McMorrls and
E C. Wragge. At 6.15 the party arrived and were driven to the Strathcona.
As early as 7:30 people began arriving at the Opera House and before 8:30
every seat was ...it-d and even standing room was at a premium. On the
platform, which had been beautifully
decorated with flowers by a committee
of ladies, were a few members of the
local Conservative executive including
F. A. Starkey, J. A. Klrkpatrick, W. A.
Macdona'd and D. C. McMorrls. a large
delegation from Kaslo including R. F.
Green. N. F. MacKay, M. L. A., J.
Anderson, A. C. Jardlne, C. H. Uonuor,
A. Currie, a small proportion of Ross-
land's delegation, including W. J. Nelson, A. S. Goodeve and A. B. MacKen-
zle. J. W. Schofield, M. L. A., and Ur.
Patersop, of Trail; and visitors from
Slocan including W. Hunter, M. L. A.,
and W. H. Brandon, of Silverton. A. S.
Blindle, of New Denver, and H. R. Jor-
and, of Slocan, and A. E. Watts, of
Wattsburg. Martin Burrell. of Grand
Forks, and F. G. Fauquier, of Needles.
At tlie press table besides representatives of the Nelson papers there were
correspondents of the Toronto News,
the Montreal Herald and the Kaslo
Dr. Rose appeared on the platform
a few minutes after half-past eight,
followed by K. L. Borden. Hon. R. McBride, J. G. H. Bergeron and Dr. J. D.
Held. Their entrance was greeted with
u  burst  oT   applause.
Premier McBride.
Hon. R. McBride was the first speaker
He referred to his last appearance on
a Nelson platform, declared his conviction that the city is Tory, and regretted
(he failure of at least 50 Conservatives
to reach home in time to record their
votes. He was sure that they would
be more mindful of their duties on future occasions.
Mr. McBride contrasted the present
attitudes or the parttes: the Liberals
are suffering from dry rot and jealousies engendered of the scramble for offices; Conservatives are alert and enthusiastic for Mr. Borden and hla policy. A Conservative wave is rolling
over Canada comparable to the great
movement of 1878. The presence on the
platform of a French Canadian statesman, the first to address British Columbians since Sir Wilfrid Laurler In
1896, he took as a happy augury of victory.
On lhe subject of Oriental Immigration the premier was very emphatic
lie repeated his definite denial of the
slanderous accusation that he had advised or endorsed the lieutenant-governor's reservation of his assent to the
Natal Act. lie continued: "if any one
man is esprdaily responslb'e for the
present situation it is Mr. T<*mpleman.
He knows the wishes and the requirements of British Columbin and he has
Ignored them. The Dominion government has had eleven years lo fulfil Its
promise to British Columbia and has
Falted. This province has continued
reconllng Its protest from tho legislature but our representatives at Ottawa
have   done   nothing.
Mr. McBride then gave a brief history
of British Columbia's attenntpts to pass
anti-Oriental legislation from the first
lilll introduced by Mr Tatlow. signed by
Sir Henri Joly, and  disallowed by the J
Dominion government, down to the present time.
Referring to the recent impudent attempt of coast Liberals to hold htm responsible, he said: "A short time ago
Liberals were telling you that McBride
never does anything. Now apparently
when some one has to be held responsible they charge it on me. In 18i)6
every Liberal speaker in this province
carried a copy of a telegram from Sir
Wilfrid Laurler which read: 'Chinese
question not an issue ln the east,
wishes of British Columbia Liberals will
prevail.* Has tbat promise been kept?
Has there been any effort to fulfil it?
No. and there never will be by Liberals.
Our only hope is in Mr. Borden.
"Another subject on which I must
speak to you is Better Terms. Mr.
Templeman says it is dead and buried.
He wishes It were. But, believe me, it
was never more alive." Mr. McBride
then rapidly summarized his negotiations at Ottawa and at London and concluded "The result Ib that the door is
still open, and Mr. Uorden promises us
a full inquiry and fair treatment. British
Columbia has paid since 1871 more than
$20,000,000 more Into the Dominion
treasury than she has received back in
any form. She has also given the Dominion a strip of land in the southern
interior 500 miles long and 40 miles
wide, a large tract on Vancouver Island,
and three and a half million acres ln
the Peace Kiver valley. That should
entitle us to at least fair treatment."
Mr. McBride closed with an appeal to
Nelson to redeem its fair fame In the
next campaign.
Mr. Borden.
Mr. Borden who was received with
cheers, expressed his pleasure at the
very cordial greeting and especially at
the presence ot so many ladles, whose
approval he hoped always to keep. He
took the opportunity to express publicly
his sincere tli_.i_ks to Mr. McBride for
his presence and valued support, and he
congratulated the province on having a
progressive, capable and honest government, and upon having a strong man
like Mr. McBride at its head, who had
upheld the rights of the province under
very trying circumstances both at the
provincial conference in Ottawa, and
ln negotiations with the colonial office
in I-ondon. He added: "I doubt whether.
British Columbia yet appreciates the
debt it owes to Mr. McBride for the
splendid light he has made in its be
half. Mr. Templeman may seek to have
you regard Better Terms as a dead
issue, but his efforts will be unavailing.
I do not hesitate to say that, having regard to all circumstances, and to all
conceivable divergencies between Eastern and Western Canada, the east
should be prepared to deal with the
west not only justly but generously. Between east and west there is a tract,
north of Lake Superior, unlikely to be
settled in the early future. Divergenclef*
of Interest and of sentiment are likely
to arise. It should be the aim of ab
Canadian statesmen to avoid them at
far as possible. British Columbia has-
certainly a good case for enquiry. The
next Conservative government wilt
grant it, and It will be an Independent
"I expressed similar opinions and an
nounced similar intentions four yeart-
ago. You did not do me or the party
the honor of electing any supporters
Still that does not absolve me. Thai
promise stands. I might remark thai
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has evidently very
little respect for the members you die
elect. When he wanted a cabinet min
Ister from this province he passed them
all over and chose a gentleman from
the senate.
"Nor have 1 anything to withdraw on
Ihe question of transportation, narticu
la-fly as to the Grand Trunk Pacific bill
of 1003. and the amendments of 190.
Our proposal of 1003 would have meant
two new lines to the Pacific ports, the
Canadian Northern as well aa the Grand
Trunk Pacific. Our proposal in connection with the latter road was that as
Ihe country was finding nine-tenths of
tho cash and credit we should find the
other tenth also and retain all the benefits of the road. The government could
then control Its construction and man
agement. As it Is we have only such
control as is provided by the general
railway act The result is that the
promise of construction from the Pa
e.lfic coast has been violated and you
are helpless. But the people ratified
that, bargain and tt must be kept for the
sake of national honor and the preaerva
tlon of the sanctity of public agreements. The amendments of 1904 were
made to suit the company. It Is now
an excellent bargain for the company.
a*id far less advantageous to the country than it might have been, but the
loss is now Irreparable.
"On the question of immigration I will
not emulate Sir Wilfrid Laurier. I. if
returned to pawer, will be guided by the
wishes not of the Conservatives ot V It-
ish Columbia only but by the while
people or British Columbia.
"But Sir Wilfrid Laurier let matteni
drift. Finally he accepted the recotn
mendntlona of a commission and raised
the tax on Chinese. In the session of
1906   a  treaty   with  Japan   made   Can
ada a party to the Anglo-Japanese
treaty of 1894. The Conservative Government had not ratified it between 1804
and 1896 and as far as Canada was concerned it had no effect.
"We all deplore the violence with
which subjects or a great friendly power
were treated in Vancouver.
"We were told by Mr. Flaher after his
visit to Japan in 1903 that there was
nothing to fear from the immigration as
only merchants, travellers and students
would come. Even now, I say that
either the government Is in a position
to abrogate that treaty or parliament
has  been  grossly  deceived.
"The Conservative party is prepared
to deal with the question according to
the views of the people of British Columbia, constitutionally expressed.
Above all considerations of material
growth and prosperity we must keep
British Columbia for our own great
pioneer race.
"Now, to refer briefly to the policy
which I have enunciated���I have been
accused of stealing from the Liberals
if I have done so I have only followed
them. They have borrowed the whole
of our tariff policy. In spite of all their
denunciations they have not dared to
lay unholy hands on one principle of
the National Policy.
"Another of Sir John Macdonald's
cherished ideas was the nationalization
of public utilities. In many countries
the railways are owned by the state
now. We already own 1700 miles o!
road. What I want is management of
that and other roads by an independent
"Let us give credit to the Laurier
government for one forward move, the
creation of a Railway Commission. 1
think the credit is due to the late A.
G. Blair. We did not oppose it, we
helped to make it as effective as pos
sible. It should now, I submit, become
a Public Utilities Commission with two
branches, one to deal with questions
of policy, the other with administration
and it should have executive power. Ir;
Great Britain the telegraphs and tele
phones are owned and operated by tht
government and it is an example wt
might  profitably   follow.
"I ulso advocate Civil Service Reform, that In future appointment
should he made by competitive exam
inatiou. The right of appointment is a
public trust, which has been scandal
ously abused by the present govern
ment for 11 years in respect of all ot
flees high and low. Men who have
been convicted of crimes have been ap
pointed to office and have been paid
their salaries for the time they were in
prison. The civil service to be efficient must be independent of partizan
"There are three essentials of democratic government: honest appropria
tlon and expenditure of public money,
decent appointments to public office
and decent elections untainted by tht
work of the briber and the ballot thief.
The Laurier regime has been painfully
lacking in all three."
Mr. Borden then told of his efforts In
parliament to investigate the election
crimes committed in West Huron. Brock
villi.* and London, of Sir Wilfrid Laur
ier's promised aid, of tlie open obstruc
tlon by Liberal members and of the
final condoning of crimes and reward
ing the criminals. "Since then," hi
aaid, "there has been a carnival of corruption, it has been exposed in proceed
iugs of court, but the criminals know
that they are safe behind the protection
of the government."
Mr. Borden closed with an eloquent
plea to the electors of Kooteuay to re
cord their protest against the abuse ol
power by the Laurler government by redeeming  Kootenay   for Conservatism.
Ho was loudly cheered at the con
elusion  of   the   Speech.
Mr.     Bergeron.
J. G. II. Bergeron! member for Beau
hurnois since 1S7S, was given a heart;
reception which he pleasantly acknow
ledged. He then referred to his leader
who entered parliament In 1890 a youn;
looking man. He dwelt on the fldelliy
of Mr. Borden's attention to pnrlianien
tary duties, to the ungrudging sell
sacrifice in the performance of hit
duties as leader of the opposition, the
close and persistent but ever fair and
helpful criticism of government mens
urea and the never Tailing thoughi f",
the future. But now, he thought, th
horizon is brightening, the welcome accorded Mr. Uorden from ocean to oceui.
was a certain augury of victory.
Mr. Bergeron then referred to the Liberal policy of 1896, reduction of debt, re
duct ton of expenditure, senate reform.
free trade and other sweeping changes.
"On that platform we were prepared to
fight, but they played us a trick. They
did none ot those things. They stole
our National Policy und have kepi I
ever since, and if we left any abuse:,
they have kept them too.
"They promised to reduce the debt,
they have Increased It by $8,000,000.
They appointed a tariff commission of
three of their best men. who trft*hl]e*
all over the country at a cost of 150,000,
and recommended the National Policy.
The Conservative expenditure of $38
000,000 was denounced by Laurier, Pat-
he had been out of politics
years; Sir William walked
from parliament to the bench to a higher salary. Sixty other members have
gone straight from parliament to public
"Sir Richard Cartwright used to rail
against the senate; he is a senator now.
They have not reformed the senate they
have deformed it by the appointment of
evefy m; n who tried to get into the
commons  and  failed."
Mr. Bergeron then gave many details
from cou-t records of the protection of
ballot thieves by cabinet ministers, ot
Conservatives deprived of the rranchise.
of ballot boxes with double bottoms, of
votes recorded where there were no
voters. He then passed to tne administration, especially or the public works
department.    He said:
"Mr. McBride worries about money
for roads, bridges and wharves. He Is
foolish to do that. We don't do that In
Quebec. Sir Wilfrid buiids us everything we want." Tho details of wharves
and bridges being interchangeable, and
of both being built where there was no
water were amuplng, and will certainly
be remembered.
"The Liberals are seldom bashfu1,"
said Mr. Bergeron, "but in one respect
they are. They never buy anything
from the man who owns it. They prefer
paying two or three times ItB value
through a mutual friend." This war.
amplified by references to Halifax and
Moncton properties.
The story of the steamer Arctic and
the cruise tor the north pole was the
best entertainment of the evening and
it was In good bands. The houae rang
again and agate with laughter by no
means confined to T oriea ns Mr. Bergeron told of the fast steamer which
crossed Uie Atlantic in 35,days,���-of the
$215.'��00 for provisions for ?.'! men. the
absurd purpose, the hoUday Vi Hudson's
Bay. the entertainment of, and the extravagant gifts to, the Eskimo ladles.
th" na-'iin'-' of Mt. Laurier and Prefon-
taine Bay.
The North Atlantic Tradin*- company
scand.il. the Impudent refusal of Preston to account for public money, the
support of him bv Sir Wilfrid Laurier
were all effectively dealt with. Mr.
Bergeron then erttized the Immigration
policy of the government which benefitted only two out of nine provinces. He
took up a recent Liberal pamphlet and
demonstrated that its claims were all
untrue except that Canada's trade had
grown and that there were surpluses and
general   prosperity.
He closed with praise of Mr. Borden,
"a man of his word." of Mr. McBride,
"the champion of his province," an acknowledgement of the debt of the party
to the ladies and a graceful appeal for
their further approval and good will.
The National Anthem and cheers for
Borden. Bergeron and McBride, concluded the best political meeting ever
held in Nelson.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Borden rest-
nd but Mr. Bergeron and Dr. Reid were
taken out by a party in launches and
had a very enjoyable cruise and equally
enjoyable visit to Duntulm, the orchard
farm and summer residence of J. J.
Mr. McBride left for Victoria via Spokane Saturday night. Mr. Green left by
the C. P. R. last night. Mr. Borden and
his party left this morning for the
Boundary, where they will speak to-
nlnht, returning by special train to
catch tomorrow morning's steamer. All
are delighted with Nelson and its
people, with the climate and the scenery, and with their quarters and the
courtesy shown them in the Strathcona
Government Circles Alarmed at Exodus
of Laboreri.
Madrid. Sept. 30.���The Spanish government, alarmed at the Increasing emigration or Spanish laborers, has entered upon a vigorous campaign to put
a stop to the exodus and of directing
special efforts (o prevent laborers going
to Panama to work on the Isthmian
canal. The government claims to pop
sess proof that laborers are grossly deceived by the recruiting agent of the
Canal and upon their arrival at Panatn"
they ure compelled to line up and work
under the most atrocious conditions.
The complaints, however, are plainl}
traoeable tO Spanish landlords who And
their workmen deserting under the pro*-'
pect of bettor wages. Also within the
past two years thousands of Spanish
laborers have gone to tho Isthmus.
A Good Grit.
A Don mot worth recording was heart'
Saturday evening, a staid citizen wh<
has never attempted to win a name a
a humorist being the author. Having
asked a friend to join him in an ancient
custom, he remarked: "I was looking
for a good Grit." "Did you ever see a
good Grit?" asked his friend. "1 did
-once." "Surely he's dead now?" "He
wu (lead then."
Fifty Cents a Month
Seem to Have Adopted
Waiting fame
Casablanca Practically Shot In bf
Land���Custom* Receipts Are
Reported Increasing.
Casablanca, Sept. 30.���General Drude,
commanding the French forces here.
continues to send out reconnoltering
partieB to put an end to any opposition
against the French that may arise.
There are no signs now of Arabs within
sixty-faun- kilometres southward. Mutaia
Hafig's column, commanded by Bourri
Aliel Marish. has reached Settata where
the pretender exercises a certain controlling influence over the Chaouataa
tribesmen, and as sultan Abdul Azls'
presence at Rabat assures tranquility
on that side, no more fighting ls liable
to occur for some time. Mulal Hafig's
son was first appointed to command his
father's column, but was superseded on
account of his fanaticism.
Paris, Sept 30.���In the course of an
interview today M. Guiot, the French
delegate of the bondholders of the Moroccan public debt, said that the financial
situation in Morocco was not altogether
hopeless. The customs receipts at all
tbe ports, with the exception of Casablanca, had considerably exceeded those
of last year and were likely still further
to Improve. At the same time this was
tbe only hope as the new loan, which
was imperative, could not be float-- and
guaranteed under ' existing conditions.
The sultan, M. Mueot declared, had been
forced to pawn his jewels to obtain
money for pressing needs.
Newspaper Despatch from London Says
Japanese-American  Relations
Are  Strained.
Toklo, Sept. 30.���Secretary Taft in
the course of bis speech at the municipal dinner to be given In bis honor
tonight, is expected to deny emphatically the reports that the relations between
the United States and Japanese were at
nny time strained. This has developed
as a result of the publication ln the
Asahi of a special despatch from Lon-
don asserting, on high authority, that
the Washington statesmen are "tired of
the attitude of Japanese officialdom,
hence the dispatch of the American
battleship fleet to the Pacific and the
changed tone of the Japanese since the
orders were issued."
Iu view of the extremely friendly attitude of the Japanese towards Mr. Taft
the publication of the dispatch cause
uneasiness and surprise here. The
Japanese newspapers Bent representatives to Mr. Taft who Immediately said
he would give a reply ln his speech tonight. The programme mapped out for
Ssecretary Taft has again been changed.
lie and bis party will leave Toklo for
Kobe Wednesday.
Esquimau Restored.
Victoria, Sept. 30.���A special cable
from London, England, says that Great
Britain will send a fleet of Ave warships
to Esquimau early next spring, following Ihe coming of the United States
squadron to the Pacific. Whether they
will remain for a year or permanently
was not learned.
Japanese Pirates.
Seattle, Sept. 30.���A roport waa made
to United States consul Smith of Van-
oouver Saturday by Captain Munro of
the schooner Casec, of the pirating of
the Alaskan village on Lltak Bay, on
southwestern Kodlak Island by the crew
if a Japanese sailing schooner .operating
In ii.-tirin-* Sea this season. The Casec
���all.-d at Lltak Bay for water an the
Russian priests asked Capt. Munro to
inform the United States authorities of
the outrage. The Japanese landed from
the schooner and broke ooen the hou os
ind looted right and left. All manner
tt things were dragged from tho hous.-s.
Another report ls that Japanese saMa*i*s
landede on ShellkoiT Island and killed
���nni.. running on ranges there.
",   ':f)
I     i
Bi- 1 .. i 1
1; 1
.    li.l. a
' j J ; ;
���j 1
ii'.-]            '   :
C  :
The Daily Canadian
Clothing,   Gents'   Futnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In tlie meantime it will pay you  to await their   arrival
before purchasing elsewhere.
Imperial Bank oi
Head Offic-.-.*   Toroni
Head Otf*c
D. R. WILKIE. President,
Capital Authorized
. .      4.830.000
HO>'. KOBEK*r;,lAia'FKAY, Vioe-Fn-.da-t
Capital   Paid   Up   . ..
Branches in British Columbia:
GOLDEN,       NEI.i'O.*,      KKVLLSTOKE.        CRANBROOK
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from'date of deposit and credited quarterly.
INBLSON   BRANCH ��J ���     IVI��      L,A.*V.,     MunHg.r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1889.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilitits for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Saving* Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pub ..(.bed ill CUtyi a wee* by tlie
Baker 61..   Nelson, B. C
���eoecrlption mitt- BQ Mail *"*��� month delivered
U- the city, or tb.00 a year 11 sent by mall, when
paid ln aavance.
Adv erasing ratei on application.
All motile, paid In seUU-nu-nt of The Daily
Canadian accounts, either for lUHerlpUoni oi
aiTertlslng, must be receipted Ior on tbe prillU"!
forma of tho Company. Other receipt* sre not
Monday, September 30.  1907.
The electors of Kootenay, at least of
that part which is nearest to Nelson,
have now had an opportunity of bearing the policy of the Conservative parts
expounded by its leader, and have also
met the man to whom Canada musl look
fur an adiuinistratior when loss of conli-
denoe in Sir Wilfrid Laurler and Wi
colleagues linds public expression at
the  polls.
lt will hardly be denied by nnynii-
that Mr. Uorden has made a profound
and entirely favorable impression. Lib-
-train who are unalterably commitd d to
__ name may find consolation in re
marking that he has no magnetism
that he doesn't bring bis hearers t*.
their feet in wild enthusiasm, and will
doubtless rely later on the appeals thai
���will be made to party loyalty, and ta
the general prosperity of the country.
It is not Incumbent on Conservatlv-
to claim for their leader the palm for
rhetoric. As a platform entertalnei
Mr. Uorden has many superiors, but tht
perfectly sustained attention given b>
the audience Saturday evening to hit.-
every word proved to every thoughtfu
member of that audience hmv direct
was his appeal, how clear and oonvlnc
Ing was his  exposition.
Mr. Uorden laid down three essential)
for democratic efficiency, which an gh
en In full elsewhere in this Issue Th*
might ���condensed as they are���he fur
ther condensed Into one word���-decenc)
Happily, in Canada, the electors ma
J-ely usually on suffl-tient ability 1.
both parties In parliament to guarai
teo a fair degree of efficiency. Non*
of hla predecessors has encountere
anything like the same difficulty a
Sir Wilfrid Laurier In finding men I.
nis party fit for cabinet positions.
How are the desired decency and hoa
esty ln our administrators to    be    8
taint d and maintained? Only by a quick
and sensitive public Interest, Intelligent enough to make efforts ar deception dangerous, and pure enough never
to be led astray by prejudice, passion
or self-interest. Intelligence and honesty atv the only doctors that can cure
the evils oi  democracy,
lt is to public intelligence and public
honesty that Mr. Borden makes his appeal. Then- is in all his platform and
ln all his exposition of it no unnecessary
charge against his opponents and no
excea the i * .* 1. Ism of the w ronga thai
are patent and about which silence is
lt is entirely In Mr. Borden's favor
that he lias frankly adopted several oi
the pledges given but never redeemed
1... '.In- Liberal party, lt contrasts most
favorably with the Liberal attitude on
the tariff and the fast Atlantic servici
in respect ol which they have assimilated Conservative proposals nut only
without acknowledgem nl byt without
���������   racting   the  former  denunciations.
The strength ot me Liberal party In
its victorious campaign of 1896 waj 11
promise oi reform and purity. Then
were abuses ln the lai I years oi Con
s< i .auve administration. They were ex*
posed then not b) Liberals but by oth- i
Conservatives, tt would be idle to fl< i.;
them now. i ... Liberal part} came forward with promises ol purer elections
ami huii' : tet ��� Lministraiion. Chej were
untried, it was not unnatural that the
country should listen and ��������� ns* at.
Can any one pretend that that promise
has been kept? > an anj one p lint to
one sincere attempt at reforming abuses
or om Ludi' ition that power ai admin*
-stratum and appointment wat n
as a public trust? Are elections purer
than they were? is public administration nine free irom fraud? Comparison
suggests the language of the young, r
advisers of King Kheob >am. If Conservatives chastised us with whips, Liberals have chastised us with scorpion;..
Nothing tn former election records con.
pares with the London dtsgra e, nulling in administrative records compares
With the North Atlantic Trading com-
pan.  and the cruise of the Arctic.
For many years Conservative taunts
as to Liberal delay In abolishing proti c
tlve tariffs were answered with a protest that it could noi be done suddenly,
tflren that answer Is now abandoned.
Surely il is no unpardonable Impatience
in asking why a promise ol correction of
grave abuses is not only unfulfilled after
11 years of unlimited opportunity hut
that ���.���very former evil has been mutti*
plh d U nfold.
Hear Mr. Uorden whose sincerity no
man questions���even the Liberals who
seek to "damn him with faint praise"
admit his entire honesty of purpose and
cleanness of method. His offer to the
country is definite. He will prevent
corrupt elections as far as possible, and
prosecute and punish offenders, lie will
place the appointment of public servants
beyond the control of caucuses and patronage committees by entrusting it to an
independent commission, to be guided
as far as possible by the results of com*
petit!ve examinations honestly conducted.
No fault can be found with that offer.
nor can any one advance a single reason ror pretending to doubt Mr. Borden's
determination to fulfil his promises. It
la patent to all that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
has d liberately neglected to hilfill his
On the questions that are of greatest
interest to the people of this province
at the present time Mr. Uorden is
i ; ar, equally definite and equally sincere. There is not the first suggestion of ihe demagogue in his treatment of any of our three burning questions. On all he is temperate, bant and
He believes that our treaty with
Japan can and should be abrogated unless we can secure from the government
of The Mikado satisfactory assurance
that the emigration from his shores to
ours will not be of such a kind or quantity as to menace the supremacy of 'ho
_j_tglo-Saxon race in British Columbia.
On the question of our financial re-
latl >ns with the Dominion he concedes
thai our permanent physical difficulties
may be such that exceptional treatment
is permanently necessary. There are
statesmanship and patriotism of the
highest order in his statement that the
populous eastern provinces should deal
nly justly but generously with the
as y. r sparsely settled west where the
pioneer work is yet to be done.
Ou the transportation problem he
promises nothing and can promise nothing. He can only sorrowfully remind
British Columbians that by electing a
solid Liberal delegation in 1904 they
voted to ratify and approve an improvident bargain which permits the Oram!
Trunk company to build when and aa
they pleas--, but that under any circumstances that contract must be fulfilled.
National honor and the sanctity of public contracts are higher considerations
than material loss or gain.
Undoubtedly mere are x_lberals unconvinced because they are not open to
conviction, but there was no open-mind
ed man who heard the Conservative
hadei Sat ui day night who did not leave
the meeting with absolute respect for
the man and a longing to see the reforms he advocates carried Into effect.
Wi are optimistic enough to trust that
there are enough open minded men In
Canada to give him the power to abolish
the evils from which the country suffers
in fortune and in fame.
Nelion Land District. District of Wett Kootenaj
rake aotloe thai R. s. t. Smyth, ol I rooter, it-
C.i occupation mmkriiuu, uu. nds to apply tot
h special   liiiiIter licence  over  the   follow uik described Landa:
No. 1. t'otaineiu-lii-; ata pout planted neat Lhe
northeast cornerpoel ol l-oi i*o "-MS. on Lemon
������ret'i- ami niarkiMi k. s p. smyth soutbireet oor
oerpoal No i. thanoe40 ehaina north more oi
1-jsm to about midway or the south boundirj line
.>( llliil.it lift-lift*- No. !��*'*, thence ni rimms   ��� ��-i.
thence 40 chains louth, thence 40 chaini aaat,
thenee 4U chains ���outh, tbence no chaini weet,
mora er leaa to thu -.oumcasi corner "I aloreaaid
lAti No SMS, thenee 4�� chain- north, tbenoo40
oh it.pi waat to the point ol comment ement
Dated Mth July, UOT. K .- 1* -**vin,
Henry Relehert, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlatriot. Di&trui ol (Vest Kootenai
No. 3 *
Take notloo thai J. K. F. Btewart, ol Colling
wood, out., occupation lamDerman, lutenda to
apply loi a special Umber licence orer the following described lamia: Commencing >���' a p -"
planted about bb (-hatus aoatfa ani lOi haina weat
of poet No. 2, markt-.l J K t Stewart'a N. B corner poet, thence south lt��u ehalns, tiienue weal W
. halna, theure north 160 chains, thai   i   ���     - *
Cbaina to place ol com un-uce in c til i-uhtiuuingtitO
aerea more or lean.
July jJlth, I'.KJT. Jamk*  R   t.&TKOAKT.
36IA-.TIEM and s'l
just received:, a iplandld lot nr i.iulii.s' Long Coati -n_ EU-d, *_.���  ,
BklrU    Vorj  lateai cut! and material!     A nw.il lol ..r American Pattern 11-n'a
v.iy lateai atyloa and ahadea.   We Inrlte  Inspection ..r .mr Hiaick  aS w..ii' ...
our price*,   ah new good, ai lowesl caan pri-aa.
Wej   liii\c    iNi ��t ItIiijc   **��f
(,��u*,*st i.i.-inh!-;   QUCkllety
->.<.IH��rj__,r��l��P<)m   t,
 AtUndud   I o       "*
Nelaon Um-1 District    Dlatrb tol Weal Kootenay.
Take notice tha*. Heury Hei.ii.rt .-I Nelaon, B,
C , prospect, r. iuteinit* to apply lor a special a*
ct nee to cut ana carry away tun tier trom the fol*
lowing 'ie-n-nbt-ii Lancia:
No " Oommonotng at a post plant<Ml near the
nortbcH-it vomer poM o( l'luiln-r l-u-t-m <��� >o  ��'Jo6
(iu.1 marked Henry Kelcbert uorihwest corner-
post No 6, thence 80 cbalua aoutb. tbeuee "-0
cnaina east, tbenoe 80 cbaina nortb, tbenoe 00
chalu-i weat to plttee of eommcuc^mciil.
Oated July 2kih, 19u7.
No. 7 (.'ominenclnif at a poat p anted near the
nortb weal coruer poat of timi> r licence No. '."-""���id
aii'l marked Ut-ury Keichert .-. ��.*.; 1 iTiitr poat
No 7 tlieuce loo chain- oast, tbence 4" ebalna
north, theuee IGOcuams west, tbeace40 chaius
aoutb to point of i-uiiiuu'iu.-em.-m.
Dated July i6th, hot.
No. B. Oommenoinc ai a posl planted 00 Monument cruek about 7UCba.as iu..r.' er le*.* from
where Monument cre*.k emptlea into 1-t-moii
creek an��t marketl Henry Relehert Qortboaatoor*
nerpost So  8   theuce lfiOcOaina MOtb, ttuii-e.n
rhiiiua   wesi, thence   160 chalm nortb. thanoa40
c-haijas east to place oi comment ement.
Dated July ��tth, iiwt        Hsnhv kkuhert,
Nelson i.an-1 Dlatriot   Dtati u I ������( Waal Kootenay.
Take notice that George aleiander, ol Ka^l.-.
B c . tut'-mla to appl* loi n -, - ela tlmbei
lloonoe o\cr the toliowiDf deacrlbed i-_i.uk :
t'ommein inj. at -i Mat ptanlad al tbe nortbweal
corner of Section 13, loarnablpT, k -otenaj* dlatriot, badng about one-third ofamUeaoath o.
thc south l...unwary Lisa <��f the Indian reaarTO,
thanoe a ti'h about to cbalua i" theaaatarly
bank rf Kootenay river; tbence southeasterly
alonx Cootonay river bank ** m-u t n i-liaiiiR to
thf* south boiunlary of ti,;- i.01 12. l..wnstup 7;
thence easterly abont 50 ebalni I ibe north weat
oorner of Lot ml; trance north w ebalna ablcwa|
the west boundary -t t-ol titk; tbenoe w^i w
chains t.i tbe point ol r-omm* oeemant, antl oon-
tainlng 640 aerea, more 01 leaa
Date*I Jolt I, ISO. OaoaOI AiKIiMiia.
Nelson l_and Dlatrlct.   Dlatn  t 01 West Kootenay
Notice la hereby given thai D daya after date
1 luteud to apply to tbe
Utudt-   and   Works   for
1 t'auimlsKloner ot
rmleeiou to cut anil
lollowlng describti*.!
carry away timber   (rom
No. 4 (.'ommenclng fl!a-...-t marketl 11.4 8.
N. W turner, au chain- ��� ��*���; "1 the N. K. corner
ol lot No Hii, post marked "_..-*. N.K. corner,
theine easl so chains, tbeocv aonth 80 chain-,
ttience west m) chatti--. tbeuee aortb 80 chauih to
plaee ol conimeneetneiu <niiuiuiu'- 64o acres.
No. &   Cymmcuclu^ at tbe  N- **"> - coruer of B
.. ri. timber claim No   4. thence north ��U chain��,
theuce  east  SO chain-, theuce  south   80  cnaina.
theuce west 8U chaius to place of coiinm-nctjnieut
al location past -So   5, i-t>nunii:i|; mo ai-res-
I  ti. HCHaxjtkaaouf, i-ocator.
tieo   Uustroft, Agent.
Dated July 8th. HOT.
rfe?#? mr
NotW-e in herchy given, for the Intformatlon of
intending aattlera and otbera. that aeleetlon hsu
been m.oi..- of the *1,.'^'���,.01*0 acres ol land altuated
In the Peace liner Valley, Province of Hrito-h
Columbia, granted to the .'omiuiun i.overnine**-t
nnder tbe provisions of H��etlon 7 uf*"An Act
relating t" tba la and Hallway, the Graving
Dock and Railway Lauds of the Province," and
Mich land ia not on. u to entry under tbe land
hi���.���.-��� >if the province
The block selected t* dt-RcrlWd aa follows:���
Commencing at a point ;*:<>- mile- south of the
Pea '��� li:vi-roD tba laub Mc-ldlan. t-eing the
eastern b ondaryof the province, tbf-noe west
��� mid :w t>4 chains, thenee no- th 72 miler*
and 8& oa chains, tnenoe eaat'ft milea and to f.t
chains, tbence aonth to the point of commence-
'11.-r.t following the l^Mli Meridian and coiitain-
lug approximately '���'..���1**1,01 A) aoroa.
Notice   1*   al*o given    that,   with   a view   to
f-M-iHtH'infr.   tettlemenl   in  the raUeya 01 tho
Peace, Paranlpand Peek  Rivera, the following
���  land   I" miles   tu   width and   extending
- uu eath aide of the  Peace, Pa mi In and
Pack Rivera haa bean reaorved for ar-timl aettlera
to be a quired tn preemption only under the
l.and Act, aucb land not l-t-fng Open for sale,
leaae, He new or other alienation under tha said
Act . \'-< j.t by pre ampiion 1
Commt neing ��t the loteraootfon of the weetern
boundary of tba hlo k ol land selected t��y the
ominlnn Qoyernmant with the Peace river.
thence following the PeaOO Kiver and l'ar��iilp
Kiver to tbelr onnflnenca wi*h the Pack River
and thenc* following the Puck river to tha
point; when-   -Hid    Pack    Itlver  leay*   Md^-od
Lake,and extending tor a iii-.taine of 30 mllea
.ii .in h Bide Of  said Klvurs  ami   approximately
17U mllea in length.
AU landa ontalde the boundaries of thp Do*
mi.ii'.ii Government '.runt aud -the reserve
ab ire d Mbed sre open for location uruler tbe
Lawi "f the Province.
Acting Chief Commlasloner of Landa and Worka
LnniK >-.nd Wnrm liepartineiit.
Victoria, e-.pteinlH.-r 13th, I'J.7.
Nelson Land District Distnt-t of Went Kootena*
Jake notice shat i'aul August Pauls- 11. of Kit
cbeuer, B.C., occupation lumberman, 111 lend*
to apply for a special timber Uoanoa over the following described lands: ('ommenclng at a post
planted at the -.tmihweftt corner of sur��eye��I .01
7-Ml-u.l thence touth u- the northern boundary
of timb-r licence Ko. 70i_t, thenoe went to the
nonhwest corner of said timber licence, theme
���oath to the northern boundary ol lotsl-!. thence
lollowlng aald boundary, uf aald loi wett to the
right ol-way of tbe orr.lsh * oiuuiL.a tJouthein
Railway, thence following said right-of-way in a
north-easterly direction to place "f commencemeut, and coutaluiug biO acrea, more or lean
Daled Julv 2ml. POT.    PafL A' oibt pALLaoN.
n,-c. el dab 1 Intend t<��
lo tbe Hoi I    I f *t mmlsaionet of
and Work . Victoria, lor i-ermtaaion t<>
cut and earn aaai timUer fr-jtu the following
daaeribed land, in Weai Koot nay:
No. 1. Commenmug ai ��� post planted at the
aouthweal orm r ol I rotw * Ll ��� use - -*��� . thi nee
went so chainn. tb%noe s"Oth vj pha oa theace
eaai BO baina, tb< nc*i north SO cbaina to pi* a ol
laud May HI, X901.        J.T   BuaOBBi   l-n-tltir
.1 w  to rn r.v. tvajwat.
S.i   _      roinmenciug   al   a poat i lantetl at  the
aoutbeaat eorner tif application no I, thenee**st
ni . oalna, thenee north so chain-., thenea tveat Nt
chains-   thence south 80 chain-, to place ol commencement
Dated May :tl, POT.       J   T. Brsokss, Ixx-ator,
J. W   Cnl.Bl'KS. Agent.
HotlOa is hereby given that >-< .'-.v , attt-r da'e 1
intend to apply to the Hon. t hlef Commissioner
of Lands and ���* orks for permission to purchase
ihe iollowlng described land*, situated in West
Kooteuay district. Commencing at a post marked by name as initial post of the riouth Kork
brant h, oue huhdreil feet from tbe Junction ul
Lost creek wuh the south fork; thence one*
quartet mile to the north west coruer post, theiu-*.*
one mile to the uortbeatt corut*r ptist. thenea
one-quarter mile to tbe somheaM corner post,
theuce one mile to   the place ol 1 ommeucetueut
June-27, HOT. Located by  Wm. CoNWOLLV.
Nelson Land Mhtrict.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that  Moore.   Kepple -tt ^ o., of Garland, Penn . occupation  lumbermen,   lntenda to
apply lor a special umber   Iicelite  over   the   fol-
l.-v. Ing deter l_*ed lautis:    ComiueUellig at aroint
planted on MooonitO creek, on the  west  side oi
Arrow lake, aud about one half mile west of the
south weat cornerof um ner limit No. 4M77, theuce
north so chains, theuce  west tk> chains,   .......
south BO chains, thence east to chains tn point of
commencemeut. and   coutaluiug -4u acres, more
or lesa.
Dated 15th, July. Wn.     Mooaa, Keiti-F. .. Co.
John k. Calkins. Ageut.
Nelson land District.   District of West Kooteuay.
Take notlea that Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Fernie, ti. C , clerk, inteuds to apply for a special
licence   over   the   following    described   lauds:
Commencing at a pout planted about sever,
miles west t.f tl.- Knotenay river, and about one
mile nortb of the international boundary line,
and about one aud a quarter north -easterly from
the north east corner of tlmt-er licence No. t!0&7,
theuce south 80 chaius, thence west ao chains,
iheU'e north 80 chains, tbence east SD cbalua to
���"���-.* of commencement, and containing m.
acres, more or less.
Located 12th, of June, 1907.
Dated this fith of July. 1*OT.
Take notice ihat C. C. Clark, ol Nelson. B. C,
aaloon keeper, Intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted on Morning
Mountain, ahout one mile west of Hinelter t reek,
snd adjoining CO Cla'k's location fnr timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, theme west so chains, thence south to
chain-', thence east HO chains, thenc*. north HU
chains to place of beginning.
Dated July 16th, 1-OT. C. C. CLARK,
Davii* Booth, Agent.
In tin- matter of n:i application lor the issue of
a duplicate ol lbl Certificate nf Title for lot 21,
and the west half of lot 21, block ftl- In the iown
of Nelaon.
Noii'-e 1- hereby given ihat it is my i"tcntlon
t't i tie n" tba expiration of one month after ibe
tlr-i publication hereof a duplicate of the cert ill-
cute of title for the ab.ne lniids, in the name of
LvdlaHhleldB, which certificate Is dated the Slst
day of December, 1'JOO, mid numbered TlOi K.
"II    F. MA-'I.KOn."
District Registrar
In ihe mutter of an appllenliou for the |��**<ue of
a duplicate < crt.tlcatc 01 Title for part (10 teres)
of Lot 813. Group one. in the DIMM't of Konlen.iy.
Notice la hereby given that it is my intention
to 1- in-  at the c x id rn * I OH of out! month from Iti
tir-t publication h< roof -1 duplicate
- the
f Mar
11 float** nl
ol Andrew  w<"*r
is da!   d ih:  blh
bared fflOTK.
Land   Iteglstry tiftlcc, Nel
Ifi-h, HOT
"H. F. MacLwod,"
LH*t.li t Ke_.lsir.-r.
b, lttyi.
n, B.C
in the name
rale  of Title
.  and   iium
, September
Nel .011 band DlatrtOt District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Wesley Bovee. of RtUvlUe,
Wash , ofciipntlon butcher, intends to apply for
a special iinib*>r UoonoO over the following dee*
erlbed lands; <oi the east side oi Priest river
Comment ing ata post planied one and a half
miles north of the international hnuu'ary line,
tb-yu-e west ft- chains, thence south to chains,
tbanoa eaat80obaina, thenee north ho chains to
point of commencement, containing 040 acres,
more or I'-bh.
Dated .-epl. Uth, POT. WtsiEV HoVKE,
K. W.Smith, Agent
Nelson Uml District. District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that .Simon Y. Hchlffel, of Nailer,
Idano. occupation hunhurmau, (mends to apply
for a apeolaj tutiifcr llftence over the following
deacrlbed lands; on the csst aide of priest river;
Commencing at a [hihi plantetl on the east side
of Priest river, two and a half mll-s nor'h of the
International boundarv line, thence north to
chsins, thenr-e east HO chains, tbence south mj
chsins, tbence wet*t ho chains to point oi com-
meuceiio-i.t t'oiitainiiig 6*0 acn s. noire or less.
Dated gept   14.h, XJOl, BiM'N P. Ht in r FBI.,
K. W Hm.th, Agent.
Nelion land District    District (if West Kootenay
Tukc notice thnt Clvde K McClure. of BllgvUle,
Wash , occupation barber, lntenda to apply for
a spe-l tl Limber li'Mice over the following des-
erlbed lands: on the east side of Priest river,
two and a half mite-i north of lhe intcruatiouH.
boundary Hue: Commencing nlapost tdnuted
two Rod a halt rnll-'s north nl the In i.-riiatloiial
boundHry   Hoa,   thenee    . n*t  W<  (hains,   thence
aoutb80 <halna ihence west��o chains, thenee
north ��aj clu.ins to Die point ol commencement
and contHjiiing r,40 acres, more or less.
Dated 1-cpt, Mth, 1907.        d vn* K. McCi.uaB,
K   W, HJltfH. Agent.
Nelson Uuid District. Dlstrlctof West Koot. nay.
Take nollce that lay Movee. of RltSVlUe, Waah ,
oecupailon butcher, lutends tn apply for h apeoial
tlmt-er Hcenoa over ihe following dcao'lbed
lands: on the fn.'.l -hie Of Priest river: Commencing at a post p'anled   one and   n hall mllei
nortn "f  intentaiiotial bouiidsrr line, thenoa
chni Ho chains,   thence  s-MitJ-   ��0  ehslns,  tin boa
we-i Ho (Italns,   Ibeooa   north H'1 chains   in iho
po|'>t of commeucemeut, eoutaining ftl<> acres,
mote or le-s.
Dated 8-ut. 141b, 1-OT- Jay Hovkk.
K. W. Hjuiu. Agent.
Nelson I-and District    Dtametoi ffwfl
Tak*- noUoa thai are, t rcblbald Bretoner and
Qeoree . Dung, both oi the city ol Nelaon, In tbe
Provlnoe ol Brttiab Coitunbia tamberm-an, intend n> apply lorapectta] umoerlioeneoaover tiie
following ���'������ -��� rll������ a lands:
1 Conunenctng st a post planted  at-out 250
vards   westerly from   the   jute tlon of   iii-    aortb
and main lork-of Summit creak,a ore**__ Ilowtng
into Kootenay river south of the ���outhern endol
Kootenay lake In the district of Waat Kootenay,
which junction Is about 18 or  -Simile* from   the
mouth of  such ereek, thence aouth 40 ehaius,
thenee  eaat   H"** chains, thenco UTlh  40el
thence west 160 chains tn the point nf ��� .-mint in ���
men 1 and containing 6-tu acres more <>r leaa.
Dated thts5lh dav of August, Wn.
2. Commencing ata poat planted about 9B0
yards wesorlv from the main and north forks of
Mimmit creek, a ereek flowlug Into Kt-oteuay
river south of the stmt hern end of Kootenay lake
In the district i.f Weal Kootenay, tbenoa south |j
chains, tbence west It* chains, thenee aootb '���'
chains, tben--e west 4.) chsins, then. ������ OOrtfa to
ohaina. thenoe east  ��o chains, thanea north   40
chains, thence east tO chains to the p-dnt oi OOta-
meucement and containing fito aerea more or
less. Ukonoi Vou>o.
Dated this "ith day of August, L90T.
;i Commencing at a post planted atwmt
north from the hank <>f the main Hummit 'reck.
and aboul 2 miles weaterly from Uie Junction ol
ihe norm fork and th** main i"k ol ani h on ek.
a creek flowing into Kootenay river south of the
aouthern end of Kootenay Uke in the district of
Vte-t Kdi.tenav, thenee south so chains, thenc,
aaat80 ohaina. thanoe north no ehalna, tbence
,'.-ts-> chains to the -point of eonunenoement
anl containing (-to acres more or lers
\ !     li'M    :-   IlKKMNER.
Dated this 5th day ol August. X'JOl.
4 Commencing at a ;.-.*-t plante.l atsout .' miles
up   au    unnamed    Break    flowing   Into   Suuirutt
ereek from the south at aoont33 miles from the
mouth of Hummit creek which latter la a creek
Bowing into Kootenay river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake In the dlatn 1 of Waal
Kootenay. them-e north to chain", thence east Ho
chains,   thence south K0 chains, thenee   w. -: R
chains to the point ot commencement and oon
���*i 11.11.g M0 acres mnre or less.
Dated this*>lb day of August, Us/7.
5 Omnmenelng at n post plauted two toUM up
an uniiHined cr��-ck flowing Into Huiiunit Creea
from the BQOtb at ahout 22 miles from tiie month
(��f Bnmmlt creek, wiiieh latter 1* a trek flow in.
into Kootenay river south trf the soutiorn end
of Kootenay lake in the district of Weat I
i**Y, thence south tit chains, thenee easl BO
chains, thenee   nnrth SO  chsins.   thenoa   weatftO
r halna lo the point "f u mmenoament and containing *>W acres more or I- -���
i'ated this Bth day ol August, 1X7.
ft Cominem-tng at a post planted al-out on-
and a half mllee up the north fork of Etnnunli
creek, a creek flowing into Kooteuay river south
of tbefaOOtbern ehd of Koolenav lake in the dls-
l let of West Koot'-riMV, thence (.a*>l wl chat:.-
lbenee   aoutfa   U t hains, thence east 40  cbelos,
thence south m rhnins. thenee west **" ��� haina,
tnence nonh io chnins, thenee  west 40 ohalna,
thenc north 4-1 chains- to the point of oommence
ment and eoutaining (HO lorcf mon 01 I- la
SnOKOI Yoi*-(,.
Dated this ��th day of August, 1!OT.
7.   Commonelng at a -post planted abool one
mile and a hall   up   the   north   fork   Of  Bommll
ereek, a creek fiowina into Kootenav rlvor aouth
of the  southern   end of Kooleuay   lake,   in   tba
dlatrii tot West Kootenay,tbence north 40cbaina,
thence   west  to  chains,   theuce   north  lo chains
thanoe eaat no chains, the ��� south 40 chains,
thenoa eaat40 onalna, thence aootb 10 chalna,
thenee west so chains to the point of oommenoament and "iiiini.iiMii 6-tu aerea, more or leaa,
Dated this 6th day of August. IU07.
R.   Commencing  ��t  a   |-osl   planted    abOQt  a
quarter of a mile westerly Irom the north fork
i.f Summit ereek, and about two in Haa and a
hHll up such norlh fork trom ils junction with
the main Hummlt creek, a ereek flowing int..
Kootenay river, south of the south'-- ti end of
Kootenav lake in the district ol Weal Knot, tmy,
Ihence north HO -hn ins, thenee aaat BO Chains,
thenc-. sonth II chaina, thence west tv>chains to
the point of nommeii':ement, inn) containing 840
acrea, mora or less
Dated this 6th day of August, 1907.
Oeohob Torira.
9 commencing  at  a post planted   abont a
uarter of a tulle westerly from the north f0, g
of Huinniil creia and about three miles up sin u
north fork from Us function ������ Ith tin- main Sum,
in t creek, a creek ffoWHi- into Kootenav river,
���outh ol the southern OOd o| Kootenay lake in
tba district West Kooteimy. tbence weal BO
chains, thence north Wl chsins, thenee oaet BO
chains, thenco south Wl clinUm lo tin* point of
commencement, au.l containing Mo acres, more
or loss.
Dated thla 6th day of Angus', WH,
ar< in ii., 1.n Bananm,
10 Commencing at a post planted abont a
'���uarter uf a mile we��:erly from the north fork
oi Bnmmlt oreek and about three mllea up such
north fork from its ji notion with tne main Bum-
mi1 creek.a oroea* flowing into Kootenay river,
south of th*- southern end of Kootenay lake. In
the district ol Wrst Kootenay, thence Waal 10
ehaius. thence souih [AO chains, thence enst Ul
ehalns, thence 1101th 160 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 8*0 acres, more
or less,
Date.l thla-Uth day ol August. POT.
11 Commencing at a post planted about ..ait a
mite   easterly from    the   souih    fork of   fiiinii.lt
ereek endaSpnt one mile sonhol thn main
summit creek, h creek llowlng Into Kootunrj
river south nf ti-r bootharn and of Kootenay lake
lu tint distrlci id West   k   titetiav, theuce eest  **i
chalna, thence south k. chains, thence m ��\ ho
chains,   Ihence   north 80 chains   to the pointof
oommenoament and something mo a.-res more
or 'ess AarirtHMii I'msmnE'i.
Di*; ��� a tbla Hal day ul August, UV7,
Noloon I-and District.   District of Wet Kootensy
Take notlOO  that   Moore. Kepple  ���**. 00     tif'iar-
lanti. Penn., occupation lumbermen, mt- od to
apply tor a spiM-lnl timber licence over the following desert boil lands: (ommenclng at a i��.st
plantetl tin Moeaalte creek, sn the *%.si -1 t. ,,t
Arrow lake, and about one half mile ��"��l, of tbe
SOU tb Weat corner of Urn ber limit Ko. 4BT7, thai	
aoutb tQchalna,   thenc-   west  SO chains,   thence
-1 ehalna, thence east so chains to i-dnt ol
. immeneement, and oontatnlne 840 acrea, more
er  IMS.
Dated 1.-th July, IflOT,    Moona, Kan-: a ,t Oo
J ohm K. Calkins, Agent.
N' 1   01 land District.   Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Taki  notice   that   William    Andr.*..     I       -    ol
Fernie. B C . hotel keeper lntenda to appll for
a spcetal timber lleenee over thi following  6 ���-
landa:   Commencing at a post  plant*-d
. bout iDl miles   w.'st of   in.-   Kootenay    river, on
< ..rn creek, k. the Dlatiiet of Waal Kooienay
and being abootatx miles north of tha inter
n.iti   n*il    boundary    Mile,    and    situate   st the
northeast oorner of William Andrew Hoes' Ko
8 timber claim* tbenoo north wi chains, tbence
west as cbaioa, theoei aootb 80 ehalna, thenee
aaal B0 - halna. to the jwunt of oommeneement
Located Jolt jsrd. wn
Dated the Bth of Aug   1W7
William AsnnKw Rom
Hi laoO  Land District.    District of West Koolenav
: ���-.   notice that ��. Kvau Praaar.of Pbrnl -. B 1
clerk, in bnd to apply for n s->c. Ul tlinU-r IlCCttaa
over the following dt aeribe s Lenda;
1. CommeOdDg at ��� p..it plaute*!   at the N    I
oorner about IU mllea north of tba tnternsitfoii
al boundary husstpt si-outu mil-*- weat 01 tba
Kootena*. river i>i*<-ut one mil** north ol tba
Dorth t>oondarv _. r. 1. tlo 80VSQ thenoa M
cbslns aoutb, theooaao chains mot, tntne-i 80
-���chains cast to the plane
of l-.-gliinln*.
Dated July jib-, hot.
2. Cornmenclng at a post planted at the S. E.
corner of loeation Ho I, tbanoa south hu chains,
tbenoo eaat 80 cbaina, tbence nortb B0 'diains,
a west 00 cbaina to tba plaee of t-eginniug.
Dated July _l_t, IMVtl,
8, Cotu-ncui ink; at a po-t p)ant<d al the N K.
corner of location Ko 1. theme north K> chelae,
aaat ^ ehalna, tbence s��uih wi chains,
them ���  wi *i no cbaina to place of beginning.
Daud J--I-*- 'i^t. i9fr7.
1. Commeoetng; at the M K corner ofiiv-mtion
No. 1. ibana north so chains, thenee west BO
chains, them-e south so chains, lbenee east so
chaini to the liaoe    f U-glnning.
I'.:.- I  Inly _>.-1. 1*17.
'���     ' 0 nmeneing   ar   a   poat   planted   one  mile
I tbe it   1   oorner of location Mo. 8, thence
BO Chalna, thence west Wi chains, thetn-c
nortb 80 Chalna, thenoa eaat W)chains to the place
of I - ^ituillig
Dated July _��ist, UQT,
8 Commonelng m' n post planted at the N. K,
��� orner of lOeatti ���    ^,,    ,. n.. ,.,.. .outh  so cbains.
tbence seal  ��� .. tbaaea nonh B0 ebalna,
then, a west so . nait'. to the place of i-egluniug.
Dated Juiy 1    t, 1407.
T.    c*.nif.    ,.-ii        ��� a 1--I   planted   at the S   I
eorner ol  b, tnenr-s north so chains,
tbence        I B0 1     Ina, iben a south 80 ehains.
tbenoe weal   Oeh        to thu plane ol tveginning
Hat*     Juli Hat,
B, l -rnmen Ing ata post plantvl si the N.K.
eorni <i lo. m 1 alto b, thence n��utb 80 ebalna,
them wesi -"��� halua, leooa aootb B0 .hains,
them .   aaal - ���. halna to lb*** plaee ni t��-giiining.
Doted   'nl;  list, DOT * . KnA-kH. Locator.
j -hi-   loowst, Agent
tfelaon Land l'ts;r.   t     DlatriOtOf West Kootensy
Take OOttOg that I, K]|/.abeth Ferguson, of Nelson, Prill-h  ColnmbU, occupation   married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchaae
the following described land I Commencing Rt K
I'"s- planted 40 , naliis wesl ol the KfOtbeaat corner ..f section 22, To-rnsblp����, K'ltit.iiHv, and
marked 'K V 's N K coruer," thence west ao
chains, thanea   south   4U   chains, thenee  east Ml
ebalna, thenea north su chains to the place of
commencement and   containing  820  acres  more
1 .th Julv, A   D. UOT.    Ki.ir.TkTH rmoruif..
hy W. A. Calder, agent.
Ncl-ou l.-uil In  ���-,.(.    Distr'ct ol West Kent.'nay.
Take notice lhat 1, Dsvid (i    Kiirls, of   Nelson,
B. 0., oeeopallOD  merchant, Intend   to apply for
pei n.l elan to pureht
und: Commencing at a
Bootbweat coroor of sectfou  84, township n\>,
Kooteuay, and marked "D. <��. K.'s B, W, oornor,*1
ths    11* rth  Hot hams,  thence east 40 ebalna,
thenea south B0 ohaina, tbenoe west 40 chains
to tbr   po|M[<1f commencement and   containing
��� ����� hi r. a mora or less.
K.th July. IM17, luvtn <}   Kran,
W. A. Colder, agent.
following desert tied
a post planted at the
. Mon   B4,
' ��� notice that f,Thomaa Barry Wt_bontin-
'��� n 1 to appl) for permlaalon to purchaae tne tol*
low ing deacrlbed lano : 1 om meaning nt a post
planted at the B ft. oorner ol loi TABS end marked
.v i oorner.theneo south in chains, theneo
west 10chains, thanoo south in chains, theneo
weai LO obaina, thenoe aouth i*> ohalna* thanoe
waei  '" ohalna, tbenoa Booth 10ohalns, tbence
weal lo  chains, thence   north   -III  chains, thenco
east 40 ehalna to potnt of oommenoament and
con I sin Dig luu seres, more or loot
June 7, I'.-" I BO-Ua IlKNKV Wll.'oN.
William ALOVgo Mills, . gent
Nelaon Land Dlatriot. Dlatriot of west Kootenay
Take nolle,, that I. John Lang, of Nel-on, 11. Otoe upatlon miner Intend to apply for permlaalon to pnrohaoo the following deacrlbed landa;
Commencing* at   a   post  plimicd at   the   N. K. of
Lol Bum, thenee aaat jo ohalna, tbenoo south _o
ohalna, thonce aaat 30 ohalna, thanna north no
ehaius t>i point of oommenoament,
acre**, mint or less.
August-in,I, 1007, John Lajro,
ontaliitng 10
Noi ice is hereby given thai fill davs alter date, I
Intend to apply to the linn, chief roi.imisnioncr
of Lands  aud Works (or   permlaalon to purchase
the following deaorlhed land m Weat Kootenay
district, 00 west shiro of Lower Arrow Lako,
a.l' lining Lot bti. tiiti, on the aouth : itcgiuniug
at a poat marked "iaiarry MeLeod'a n.k  oornor
oon 11 n.l flaoted OntbOabOroof Uivn-r Arrow
Lake, al theaootheaatoornei of Capt Fosjund's
��� 4'.'IH. thenco Wrst 211 chnins, thence BOUlfa -it
Chi Ina mora or less to th*- north boundarv of it.
Pullmore'a P. B . thoooe Sn ehalna east along the
said boundary lo lake, theme nortb along the
1afcL' shore SO Ohalna,  more or  less   lo polntof
1 om ui ocement.
May 2nd, 11W7. J. D, tfOOTg,
Agent for Harry McLeod.
Nelaon Land District.   Distrtel ol West Kootrnay.
'lake notice that George itu Ins carter of .-iniar,
oocnpatlon, bridgeman, lntenda to apply for nor-
���   Ion   t , purchaae   thi following  described
i  in-', at post plauteil at tin
ti, Rons'application to
Wl   ' Comer ot   11, Ross* application  lo puiehit��,e
ma iked  B, w.. tbenoe north 40 ohaina. thenoa
est   40   chains,   thence south   '20 chains  to   A.
1 urry's   preemption,   Iheuce   west   90   .chnins.
th nee south an ehaina, thai west m eh sins to
place of oomRionoament  containing 190 acres
more or  less.
Dated July 12,1007.
Oiosea t'lKi-s castkh,
W . J. ti* on, Agent.
I, thi nndoi ligned. altor to days intend to an*
ply to 1 in. HotuthuChief Commlaatonorof Landa
ninl \\ orks to purchase the following dencrilicd
��ndi   Commonelng at the N.K.-.of Lot 7M8
'.    I ,   then,,,   west  40  chains,   ihence   north   90
cbaina,  Iheiic,.  ,.ft^t  4o chains,   thence s'liith W
onalna to point of conimencemont, containing to
acres moro or Uss.
'a-acato- March _!>tb, lfcVJ Oft A. Millb.
Nelson Und Dlatrlct.  Disirirtn, g���t rw
Take  notice thai   f, U___g__ Bu.    ,"
Hurtou Cllv, H c . .M-.ui*u ,n r_,T- U*rI.i
JPPll rorMnnlaatoVi SpffiSiB'a
2����ribadund: Commffa^sisyS
aboutflra mllaa QprtbwaatfiMa _t?_!_I
Uoaqoltoeroek snd
. - marked '-cl T.-*"!*'
'..rner." ihence -...i.-j, , , ljB1 ,.' . -n*
-'hams,   ihence north st. ,-���,.   "'' A '' *��� �����*'
"-'*;-;������ poiM *,f .>,.*. ,, :/.,::���'���'��
Hept. 7lh, WW
CHAKLas tmtt ^^
Nel-on Und District District oMV^n^
Take notice that Angus Sfefbii, ������ .v^T
���   *   ;   o.cup.tioiiiirt-msu.lnwn,),^'..?,
permiasi.,,, to pnrcbaaa the lollo.it,TS
m. w, eornei L < M.trris.��n't r��a.b ,���-S
\ alley, thence north f.-rty {��., rhl'_i ^
..st forty (40) chain-. ���
chsins, theuce west forty (40) rhaina nil*
��� om mencement, and winuiniaa oaa fi
and -.my (1W.) acres, morenrlm "*
I'Med sV-ptejita-r .'nl.  l*/7.      iaiing-j^-
BUty dara alter dan- I toieon tnufiTlai
Hon ( hlef 1 ommtssloni-r t��l U_.i, .m,J
Victoria, li C. 10 porrhss- th, ISSaSI
- ribed land, situan-d in ihe Weat Koataffl
trtoi Cemmaoelog at s post riawTS
a ai aldeol Kootonay lake. aSrl5��S
l-olnt, and marked J. Mi Kinti-.u, s > ��
."���st, iheuce wesl m ehatat. \Um* imt
chains, thence east to chains more or kmt*\
shore, tbeuee along lake .hurt to Mitt a ���
inencerr.ent. ���
Dated   \pril (   : " ���*!,.:��� < ; y j^B
Nelson Und District. DuirL'tof Vc��tlHa��
Take notice that Pdward KrtKf of .j*
Montana, C.ha. oetupatioo vooi VnaH
tends to apply for perinlMlou to nrriaai
following descriUil land: ('o_ua*-<_wg
post p!aute*l on the we-t ihoreof CMerfk
shsu (' arihoo) Icke sod st tbaaooUtaaeai
of    I>lt   SIS**,   l^'lliv   W.-St 'JU rhAl_t.t_*l*|ta
bsin*. tkeanaag
thenre northerly and west.-r.- 4. _| wi
shore to chains, more or lew. u- pc-iigO
mciicement, aud contalnlm Uj _cni.Baa
snsu (i arilKto) l.'Se. m>1 al tin
of   I-ot sl.7*., tlu'iiiv west 'Si rhi
aoenataa, wiJk*. ����t -orbim
chains. lhendF>**s' *0rhsitn,t
we*l shore  of   I'pi-r  WhsUb
ft-nis Pun
May ��th. I9OT.
Hliiy days after date 1 intend to W'kl
IIiii Chief cotnmlssluner ��f Undiulta
for rseruilsslon to purchase thn friiifiMt
s. nf��-.|  land   in   West KouKroiT .w_rkl Ca
menclng st a post marked a.c tiMta
uoroer post, rnnning 40 cbiicisuT-rljiO
tha uonndsry of 1 liiih* r llcenct >- U.Lka
southerly SO chains, thenee wrtimjachsB
thenee   northerly  bt  . halm iloai lk��.J*.l
track to the plaee of i-oinm*-ntt*mt.i_aa__i
two hnndreil acres, mor-*or Lph
U��-alci this 9th day of Mst, 1J0T
A  I* til JOS*
Notice Is hereby given tbat*0i]i--L-��te
Intend tospply to the Hun'-nibitiaCttHo
mlssioner of Lands snd Wort- fy|��aa
tO purchase the following fittst:rite*_-*.*!-���
111 West Kootenay district: i..n_M_C-til
[Hist plant, d at the we-st ln~im.lirT��fl*alBj
and about lu chains souih el thta-suaaaa
of the rlght-of way of tin* 11 1 "��s*!sn'��
way, and marked Y. A Y't wti'tntit m
thatnoa west P-u chains, theaceaotttattio
l-onndary of the right-ot-wsj-of B l *a*
railway, tbeuee folluwing ssi-i ln-mUMrai
right-of-way in an eaf 'lj . rectun a asl
boundary of I-ot BBtUl Un-. saaatlbfl"
eotnmeuccmeut, oonLalalOi 1(8 ��cw aaa
I' --.
Dated this Mth day of Jnne. IW-
Pact. Ar*.!!**riniB
Nelson Land District. Diaiiirtnf WaataJ
Take notice that i'sul Auauit Pwler ��
cbener, B.C. .M.-upatioii lumbrraa. :���������
toapplr for permtssi.'ii lo purhM* ttiia
ing daOOlibed lands; ConauLrUk "��
planted at the south houri'isrj of tbf no
way ot the Hrltlsh Columbia f*MU��-
way ami ahout SA chains wesh-rir fr.ns��i
bl on sahl railway, thence south *��*��.���
cas.l BO chain., thence smith A eh**-*
east CO chains, theme north 10 t*> *f*Z
arv of the rlght-ol-wav ol Iht *l*fj*
Southern Hallway, thence w��t*id "-_.
said rtghl-of-way fcpUeaOf*-OtaKO^
Dated thla'.nd day of Auguit, TO-
psn Awr*T ��w
Nel��<mL-iiid Dlatrlct.  Dmririo|W��t*��*
lake notlea that QOOIgl ���,*,ino' IS
Montana.   D     B. A.,  OOOOPaheB,, �����"**
lends  to  apply   'or  perml--*"" -"P;���?
lollowlng Soaorlbod lsnd:  <t'"**�����1
post planied on the  ��'���-! sli'ire t-.n
shan (Cariboo, lake, and s. IMf^jS
ofLOttIV, thenee weat ��ek��I��*2"B
40 ohalna, thenoa aaat �� ��-��i��iiJiSB
chains to polnl Oi commtneement. aiw"
ing BO acres' nu.re or less. �����__������
fl ay W| h. HW7. _____--
Nelson Und District.  DIatrlrtolWiatW
Take notloo tbat V7altaf M'^iti,,
Montai.H.r ri A...Kviipatlonna��k��^
tospply for parmtwlon towjtfgJJJ,
im; deaorlbed land : 1 -pmtnanelni a"HB
lake, ami   st   the   norlhM�� J fJJfg'J
IhOnee   wesl   l<>  chain-,   thctin 11 "��rfl
jMilnl   ol
acres, more or h
MaySBtb, i��*7
���ment, snd (
chief Oommtaalonorof t*J^.i^u**o
t*lxly   days aflc
rancher, of Borton
'hlef Commls-donerm '���*"".���., 1tt,vtUu
oris. 11 c , to purebW JbafoUjyw^
andaaltnateeaatoi Burton��� *JfS
st  marked   "A   A    B
plante-l at Ilii'N w ''"-���'������' ,-wtOC
running norlh 80j lb -""���... , v^tO^'
thenee aonth flo .-tisins, iiiemo *��
place of oommanoomont.
August 1st. l'J07.
rottaM <v
Maniloha.     farmer,      ^J^StaJriil 8
nermisslon to pW-hase im '
Si-Vetl mllei
at    uorthcssl
Nelsou I-and District-
Take   notice   that   ",l��".
Commencing   ��t *.J**_. P-*��.����
*    "���*"::;"!!:,,'..'.'
,., .l''��,lc
Kariid-'iTo n.k .���.-*���';:;������������'��',���*��.
a-lnillis.   lholi.-.- .*..-! ��"*;"."���.,.
������.,���,-������.���i,.....����� 111 *��" ���;
IlHti'.l .'Kith al.y al auk
A-tTlll'H A
Bl If".'
Nation I.an.1 IHsUI.
Takar     DOtlM   III"'
All..ns.   Manl-op-2
fi.r -wrtalHli
r",.,..,ici iii **"���''
���t.  Iilstrlr'"1
l.ra.k.T. Ilil��."
1<��  piin-luisa.
il. r
tbe lull-"'
r iiorralssl.in  la" r>"l���"-:-.,, po.1 P*
11,.1 landi   ennui."" ' ,"��� ,r.IS*,;;
11 iiihfi.st.-..rii.''''."",, y,.i��i"��
llv,-���..l.-slr....r   ll..-   ���"',   ''!.',���,| rim"1-'.
���    1 f t s s 1. . ni" ;;.���,��i .Ml-..
n.irlli Hi| a-lisliis,  tin'
���wl�� 'I
...i *
nf Aimii'i-
i   ui.mci
Na-lsain I.nn.l l>l��
Take  nnil.'..  Ot*t.:*S'gSaat.Ufi
��� ��::?X��
a:���o.'i^.!i!"""'v;r'c..����' *vi'
ll.tnil ���."r.l A"��m;lrliu", A BV"1"'^ The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
<he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Mams Are
Excellent   Also.     All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All .Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
I -t. Dlatriot ot Waat Kootenay
���  ���   Patrick Sheran, ol Nelson,
��� Ion pronpeotor. intend* to apply
' Mmber  licence  over the  lOUowlng
T ..      .......... ...w    ���-���        .      a.,._T      I ".    ,1
TV-l-l   limner   i|'i-u'-*=   *-���- -     * -j
r.-mi.ici-clug at a (nmt |danled
s ,���    ,,.M,r poll of lot Ml, la-lng Patrick
,' U   i-   corner  poal   riinnmi,   south BO
..-< to chains,   ihence   north BO
.  ... . bq chalna to point ol com-
�� " - '���' -roit flat, WOT. PATWCg SHKRAM,
1 t *,�� K HtBAMi, AKeilt.
m und Diatrict   District ot Wesl kooU-nay
i ,,\%e notice tbat  Peter hand, or
uaiioa B ti  occapatloo lomberman, lntenda
r . fc-ipeclal  timiK-r licence over tbe
KitM di-iTih.il  landa:   CommenotM at a
T -   *te<l at the north eaateili poat ol lol B13
���   , n,  pinnth  i.ftlml-er licence No. 7018,
m chalna, thenoa ea��t #i chainit.
ih IM chalna, tbenoo went *o chains
,. point ,,i commanoomenti and oontalnlng
L. ,,  um, I'rraa Ujm
Lnl-iud Dl'trlCt.   DUtrlct of Went Kooteuay
s. raki notloe that Poter Lund, ol
L i    oeropatlon lumtK-nnan. inn-ndn
,a.l   titnlsi-r licence over the
.ring   let  *    - i   landi!     Comim-mln-*   ata
laneaat   l.u'indary  of lot MP2, 100
i .       nf timber ItoeneeTQU and 40 ohalna
tolloe-llon poat Claim   No.1. theuce   north
s eaat so ehalna, ihence i-outh ��i
Th'-nce �����*st so chain-- to lhe |-oint of
...:.,. .ii. nu I i-untaiuiUK oio acrei, more
J i.y BMh, 1907. I'ktir LfMD.
��� DtatriOl ol WtOt KooVnay
So. 8. Tttke not!-c that Peter Lund, of
- B ��� -occupation lumberman, intends
al umber llcanoe otoi the lol-
li: roinmemitiK at a pint I
oeaneail boundary ol lot hu, ho chalui I
( mv loeation   pool   claim   No. t,   thence   1
ehalna, tbenoa east to ebalni. tbenoa
lebtlni,thenoa areetSO chain* to potnt
it,   and  eoutaining  MO acres,
li-MUll l*t, 180*7.
YVTtt I.t'srn
ear-tlrc thit Ira F. Taylor. OlOTg, of Arrow*
" , intends to apply ior a ipeclal licence
|ut UmUr   (rom    the    (OUOVUg   destrlbetl
aau D  iiiK at a pout plantetl TOchaina
naaaiterDr direction  from  t'ariboo
|   a.        [ra P. j-tylor's. W. I'arkins' 0   W.   i
-,��� boaaOed oo the oontb by T. L Ko �����*���**���. j
-..���������    v r   I.    ".o. 1012, thence   north to \
thenc��   call   BO   ehalim,   thehce   south (*0
treat ���) < hains lo point  o|  com-   j
���-���������������Iicing nt a poet planted Wltrhaim   t
hni-Miii in icMterly dirat tlon from Cariboo
I'arklnj',   IraK   Tayl��r> ti. W,   :
1-vpost." bounded   on the well hy T. L. "66*,,
i b/lraP. Taylor*!  and   w.   Parkiim' T. L.
. thtaca n.-rtli W chaini,   thence aaat l'H>
south 40 ebalna, thonoo weit it-o
���nitopo t;t ���>��� commeneemen.	
JOB Land Dlatriot,   District of West Kootenay
t ��� reby given that 30 day*after datp I.
Ti P.Bw. Ibera. miner, oi Nelion. u.C . Intend
pply tn Ui.- II ;i in* i hid 1'oinmlisitiner ol
d -n<| Work! Inr a special licence tti eut and
T away Umber from the lollowina dew-lt��el
���itoated "ii Bnmmll cr.-ek, lo the Weit
1   itiiamcncina ��t a post  rnitrkd .1   P. ���*!
r limit, nortbeeit oorner -"-out. located on
art ol - .nunii creak  ahout two mllei Irom
iTt-ek, tbence   running Houtb ni ciniiis.
- tuiiniiiK well Hiclmins. thence  running
���ha) chaini, tbeuee weet40ebalna, thence
���h V)chaini, tht noe   runiiltif-  easi 10 chains,
Jtre runtiitiK south 40  chains,   thenee eait 10
Kn�� in place of eoiruneneement-
Tmtad on tbe28tb day of August, wn.
foHN P, Stt'l;'iHH��'i, l^wator.
per his HK.iit Phi* x McDo.saiLD
- -'"inni'ii. lug at a post mirked J   I*. H's
p��r limit, northwest corner post, located on
[t l"rk olBninmlt creek, about two mllei Irom
in.it, ui.net, running tooth BO chains,
' rtitinliii* east so chains,   thence   running
Jtti*chains, tbanoa running west BO chains
pica ol oommeneement
*ted nn the Uth tlay of Auguit, YJV7.
John P  BWIDBU-O,  Ixicator.
pi-r his fluent PniOg MclhiNaijo.
���on Und Plstrlct.   Dlitrlcl ol Weit Kootenay
���"���? Iintl.-e that   J, H. F. Rlewnrt,  ol  Collli.R-
V*i<ntit.,n4-ctipattim lumberman, lntendi b
���ruraapecial ttmber ll-tenoe ot oi thi tu-
mni lucrtbed 'anda:   Dommenolng at a poit
���J1'*-! on n nnal] it ream ai..,nt one mile south
W^ntnbla River Hear the head walviiol i.nill-
��� wk, maraed J. k. k. Ht.wan'i N. K. Angle
���pi. iiu'ii**.. north in ohalna. tbenoe treat 40
p ii thenoe south no chaini, thence weit 2u
tbanoa muth 46 chains, theuee east m
mat,thanea nnrth r,'* ebalna. theuee weit'JO
P'"'1 it. p.,ice of eommenoement, onntalnlog
J*"'*'"-, more or lesa.
ftily.-irl, |������������;. jAXm K   f   HTKWART
���OH Uml IMstrict.   Dlitrict ol West Kootenay
No. 10 Commencing at a post planted about */-
cIihIui more or leu louth from tlie northweat corner of I-ot MO. -B4B on main 1-emon
creek aud marled Henry Hetiherl eut corner
poat no. io. thenc,. 4o chain* nonh more or 1mm
to about midway ol the iouih boundary Hue of
timber lloenoevo  B9M. thenee lob ahaina weat,
thenee \" chaini aouth, theuce ICO chains eait
to t-olnt of commencemeut.
Dated July -/rtb.iian.
l��o. 11 ('t��mm*-ncing at a post planted on Monument ereek, about tu obaina, more or leaa, south
from where Monument < reek, empty! Into Lemon creek, and near Henry HalehOrt northeast
eornei poat ol Umber tOOatioO No   B, and marked
"Henry Belehen northweat corner pt��it ����o 11*
theneelioohalna aootb, thonoa40 ebalni eait,
IhiUOe lflO chalna north, ihence to ehaina weit
to the poim o* oommeneement.
Dated July mth, nan.
IIknkv I'.rn hkiit, Looator.
Kelson I-and Diatrict.   District ol Weit Kootenay
Take notice that I. Harold N. Kdgecorahe, ol
Ferine. B, i'.. clerk, intend to apply lor a rpedal
Umbel UoonOi over the lollowlng dercrtbed
_. itiinmcnclng at a poat planted at the continence or lhe nortn lork of torn creek ahout
two mllei irom its enniiuenct- Mlth the Main
creek thciicc lotillHO chain*., thenee Weat W0
ehalm, thence north 40 chalna, thence east 180
chains to the place ��M beglinilUK, containing MO
acres, more or leaa.
Located Augual 17th. 1907.
9. Commencing al a i-osl plauted on the bank
of tbe north lork of lorn ereek about two milea
from 1U continence -Mill the Main creek, thence
���out-: ��0 chains, thence went so t hatm, thence
north mo chaina. thenc- east m chaini to the
Place of beginning, conUiuiug iHO r.crea. more
ur lesa
UK-ated August 17th, IKff.
:j, I'ommeiicltig at a poat planted on the liana
oi the nortb fork of Com ere k about four milea
from its confluence with the Main creel, thence
aouth M chains, thence east m chaini. thence
horih hil ehalim, theuce west to chains to lhe
place of beginning.'*ontainlng 6M) acrei, more or
IxM-ated Augtmt 17th. 1W7- _        ,.    .   Bi
5 Comiiu-ticing at a post planted on the ban a
ol the nonh fork Ol Com creek about fi indes
from iu confluence with the Main crwek. thence
nortb 40Ohalna, thence eaat 180 chaim. tbence
louth 40 chaini. ihence weit 160 chains to the
plaOOOl beginning, containing 640 acrea, more
or lesa.
Dated Angmt 16th, 1907.
6 Commencing at a post planted on the bank
nl the nnrth fork of Corn creek about six mllei
from its confluence v. uh the Main creek, theuce
���...nth Wl chaini, thenco east Ho chains. Ihonoi
north to chaini. thence west to chains to thu
place ol beginning, containing (MO acres, more
or leM
Unatc��l Anfiuit 16tb, lOtT.. .
7. Coinmencing Ht a poal planted nn the bank
nl the m.rth lork ol torn creek il*out six miles
from Ui eonliu.-ncc wllh the Main creek, thence
Miiitn to chains, iheuce we-t au rhal<ii>. thence
north i*> ehalm. thence cast SO chains io the
place of beginning.  conUiuiug  MU  acres,   more
oi laaa
Uvea ted August 16th, 19"7.
H. n  Bnsoooank, Looator*
A. lUCKKIT,  Agelll.
Time for idvt rllslng   extended b) the Anlitt-nt
Com tuisNioner.
Nelson Land HH-Mct.   Dlitrict ol Weat Kt-oU-nay
Take  notice   that  Tbos.   K.   L. Logan, of  Bon-
n. r-a Pwrry.occupation painter intends toappty
toraipeolaJ timber lleeoee over the nUowlne
deaerlbed landi:   Commeni ing at a goat P)��nt,'ll
on the south side of Doundary .reel., abottt W
mlloi WOit of the Kootenay liver, tbence west to
ihains    thence south  ��' cbaina.  tbence .astho
Sal"   thanoe moth BOobain- to the point o(
comi..encJme.,t,and containing f**> ncrei, more
"'Dated July 6lb. 1907.        THQMaa K. U I,O0-,W.
Kelson Land Du"trld     I'litrlet of West Kootenay
lake notice   that   Henry   Keichert.  ol t^ftaon,
B  .- .   prt.siM-ctor. intend to apply for a ��pe*'ia
Smhir   licence   over   the   following    deacrlbed
UNo^.-Cnmmencing ktoTOit tffjMd VOOJt H.
W, northwest comer poet. I��_����; ]iM> **2
marked ���"lenr�� Keichert aouthwest corner
pTt '��� hence ^'chains north thente ��Ch*��
it-t theuce Hi chalui south, thence 80 chains
west to the point of comment ement.
���..,.,. -tap. ui, *m|wn. ���.���.���..,, ,^,.,or
��� --"mi .i.k. k   _taw_rt,ol r..ninK
:.'���, ,l rupauon iiiiiii...riii.iii. lntandi i<
J,J* "Podal Umber 11  ...,. tbataj
��lUa-l ..ii'll',.-"
"I  11,.
1 1.111.1s:   OotMnanotni ��i apd_l
��� "i ii si.inll a-ia'.'k .Im'
I.��� a. 1,.av iiiln.-, sli.iiil nil
....*&"* S' '"."nl" 'ra-a-k in.irka-.l J. U.K.
,.-,.--*,������ ""i-i.- ixiNl, tha-iii-i- east 20 i-hialiis,
���. a ��..��� i m chain,, thanoa wa-si'-i i-Iihuis,
'  "a l.i..un". thanoa n-.-.i s. ohalna,
""I'   .'  .-Ii.iIiis. lli.-Ii.-a.  i-.a-l sal  i-lisllis,
ii -ii aiini.is t.i pUoa ol oommaaea-
' '',',' 'Kiuiim i.i.i asm mara .ar la,,.
"ir 2lth, lis.;, .una-  K. Skjuabt.
'���"i. I.sn.l llr-iri,-,.   l.iHtil.-t ���( Weat Koa.ta.li.iy
���",," ,''"'."'*���,'","' '. Aii-KaioiiT aoian-la, o(
I '.. a-luak, inland to apply r.ir �� apaolal
��   over  tha louowini daaortbad
t\t" Una
et,,.' ,,".,n'UiK ata post plauteil  at the mn-
in.. r.'i- ,'*,""'"' ,"rli of (.'nni oraak with tba
chain,   .a       na.rllr .0 .lialns. th.-n.-e west
.i.si ar. 'V'"*'-, soiiti. 40a-imtiis, thenoa east
.. ,���,,,,",' I' 'I'-"' o[ ba-KluntllK,  contHllilHK
'"' * nans'. 17th, 11*07.
Itlii' rmV.'r! V* U,'K nt " Poat l.ltiin.'.l am the hank
B'u Ua -,    i ','     "' ('"ni "**����� abOUl lour mllea
.��.  i.i, '"!','* "'"ll ""*  Main er.a.k, theme
. si. ,-i      '  ll"'W.'i'   wes> BOObalna.  thenee
nl IsaaJln,,',"'   l|"*1"-'0   ''""l   *'   I'llHllia   tl.   UlU
w "sglnntng,  oontaUUni lllll  acres,  more
l"e,',7) A"""��i nib, nun.
��� ii rt'h'i'.'.'r'k1' ti.* '""���' l'l.""e.l on the hank
it".',, i !��� "'' "rn "���*����� aboul lour mlfol
n W"  ��.'.':* "",1 ""' "I"'" i'1-i'ek ii.'.-
i mr a'hiin. -?!B0"   "est Wl chains,   thenee
.    ' "I heaii '"l.Uien.-e  ..,i��t  an ,-halns   to  lhe
liess.    "auuiing, oontalnlng mo aoraa, inane
|"��_l<-il AliBn,| icth, 11107.
Ai.ix��ni,k���oii.,,���,.,Ki locator.
A,  liA.KK'IT,   A.CIlt.
is'.",! !',",",'' "'"rl''l. "IMrlct oiWostKo^Toni^
L1 - pr. o2_5fV.S"8'* I'olclicrt, ,,t Nelson,
at'1"''.. V. la'��� *'* t""�� "''I'1.'- '��* a apodal
*0����tag .ie,n?ii;���,1'*,';ir,;>;,"w��y Hmnai from mo
'"''..-s's'���,';',?"'*���"�� -u "Post pliinlo'l near  the
�����'  11.lira-   )'!,"'   "'w'."' ll.-ence Nn. MM
I leho.l a, w. corner poat o(
Cei-ttflcate   of   Improvements
ii-r,,.li..l ' ��nal >KlaabaO* Mineral I'lntras sttn-
���,.ln   U,"    N.!s..n'il..iUiK    1'lvlslo...   01   Wa-s.
^-Sa^oSttad^Wai. branob olnorih fork ..t
sal,,,.... mar! on Oralg Mountain, ��i>oot nine
"".Vrk.im.U.-e'i;.'! '"Alfr,*.. vr���,���UH..���,,... fm,
**KII fHthlu  lako notlea that aotlon, lin.ler
..,  i,".1:',.! "e.-."..";.;"' ��� 'i ""';'.';*���."���* "**���
���,���,. ���,s,���h fa -. l.ll.-_l.- a** Vl'.'",V. .-r   ."i'-I
Bated uu. i-'ih >i��v oldaptambar, ua i.	
���j     ���������������.    <   ......   ari.ra.er   posl   >��1
rv   , '-.': "w "iiiln Lemon crook anal
���;  .i.-l.'ti.-rt sonthetist i-orno- poat
��lns  mirth, tbanoa B0  cbains
aliis south, thenco 80  chains
r". iln.li.,, an ' '"in" north, llicn.
fel l , ,, i��� '' ""ns south, thenc.
Vatetj j���|, aJ ^"'.nuivuoa-iiiuut.
Certificate  oMmprovements.
v,i*';:^.';:e-��;:-.v;''!in'v..��..Ma -sstc- �����
Mjan* for %n Bu ,,-r ��nd, *������**g, ,',���,r8
tlBoate No. ���.l...-rfli. "il. I"'        '"��� K,(.or,|er  [,.r a
���>S''K,,',S'=.'=' ������!������:r���S
I, E. Uaera ot Eloctrlcal Sad Irons
The. ciiy Council hus Bxod a BrtrjitQ
���rVo cents ,.��,'.mmll..*..i-.'��cl> Bleotrlfl
iinn uaed In private hotutei ��n<l .-",
p.��r iZX r.u .*:u-i> Baeotriolron used
'^nd'''::^1'^"""^' -***>-  to   all
,,  �� , ���Sn.r Electric Irons to malte ap-
11"   i o    Mth'fit,- II..H llflhivhuv.'
\ vviiNl.*  f.niiid    iinii'K     WeottlC iron*
NeiBOn, D. C Seyt. Mth, 1907.
Editor Dally Canadian: ���
Can you nhed a little light on a situation that Ih probably perplexing the
average* Canadian at the present time,
namely, the erratic navigating of our
little bark, the Canadian Commonwealth
in its present indefinite and uncertain
manner amongnt the shoals of numerous
advenltioi that threaten impending
hardships in a land whose prosperity
ami promise ta even now with loud acclaim thrilling our audilors In other
lands? Can you find an honest man
who can and will reveal a solution of
the problem of money scarcity in a
country bnl recently boasting of its acquisition of s high class American immigrant who was bringing abundance
of wealth with hlin to help develop uur
country? Can you explain why It is
necessary to beat about the bush in a
vain endeavor at excluding the yellow
and the black man from usurping tho
white man's rights In our land, when
white men, induced by the alluring enticements of a parson, a victim of cupidity, to come to our land and pick
jobs off the trees, are told that there
are not enough jobs to go around? Can
you tell me whether anyone outside of
tIn- BJngHsh parson and the Japanese
agents are getting a rake off from this
tide of Immigration? Can you tell why
there should not be room in this vast
country for more white working men
even though they should not have sufficient capital to buy farms; why is
there not sufficient industrial progress
to create a demand for labor? What's
the use of driving another great railroad
across the country if the national progress has been arrested? Can you tell
If those who are piloting our craft are
aware of tlie ominous muriner of the
breakers near by, or are they still soaring aloft In an exalted state of mind,
borne upward on pleasant wings of
content for having achieved the marvelous feat of awakening from a long lethargy and acquainting the world with
<'anadtan resources? Are they still
wafting about in high altitudes on the
lleecy clouds of self-esteem, totally un-
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best.
Return tickets 1*16.55.    On  sale Sept.
27th  to   Oct.  2nd.    Good   until   October   10th.
Tlckots for Westminster Pair may be
destined Vancouver if desired.
23   to   OCT.   5.
Round trip only $8.80.    Tickets on sale
Daily Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, inclusive.
For one day only, Sept. 30, Round Trip
tor Single  Fare, $6.60.   .Final  limit
of all  tickets Oct. 7th.
Fnr further particulars  call  or write
K. 3. COYLE, J. MOE,
A.ll. P.A..Vancouver. It. P.A.. Nelson
Nottci1 in hereby sivafi ���-������������ the nnderalfnefl
liiivr -iitiiiiitU''! '��' tba I-'.mitenant (Itivi-rnor-iii*
Council it propoaaJ under the provision-- of the
������Rivera and Btraami Art," for olMrlni ami re-
morlns obatrnetloni from float Kiver ami Mea*
dorr Creek in the Dlatriot ol Weal Kootenay, and
tor r_!H*~iiiK the earned, tot rafting ami drif
I'm thereon toca, timber, lumber, raftm mi cruris
ana for erea-tos end maintaining booma lor
boldlnc. lortlni and .i-iiveriiiu ioKn and Umber
brOOlhtdOH-n ���"'I-, ereelt and rtver. antl for.it-
tafthtng booma to lhe Ihonoi i-alti ereek ami
river tor hhI-i puri>nnf.��.
The lan.ls lobe aHeftetl l.y nald work are:-
Lota BOX SUFI, -4W-*. Kinl aub lota l,��. " 18, la ami
ib of Lot 46Wi Oroup i. Kootenay Dlatriot
The tolli propoead to beohaned are inohaa
mar M fixed by the Judge ol the County Court
of Went Kot>tenay
Dated IUI *'"iy. Mgl. . ���        __, _ ,,���.
in ilia, matter "( aa appllpatlon for the issue ail
dupUoateto! ihe OerUBoat.��� ail Mtjoto IptaU,
19 .iii.i IS, trraani. l. Waal Kootenaj putrtc'.alio
kiioaa-ii Ss the ' K....t,.imy Chief," "Comfort" an.l
"Lulu" mliiarrsl a-lnlins respt..-tlva.l>-.
Noll, e Is herebv lilvcJ Dial It Is my Intention
to ls��ne hi the explrtilion ol one inoutli afla-r the
11 rst |.iil.li..��llon hereoi a .1.. 1.1 la;Kte <>I .*;��� r11n.-a.le
.,( line tao. awilauf nu uii.llvl.le.1 81-tnotlis tn
aaeb of the ti.-ove lots, Issua-.l on 111." nth allay oi
Mav, A   11. UWH 111 tlieusiiii.oiJohii.'.Aiiis-v.arlli,
ind alio a duplicate or r.-ruii.-nie of nu.; go.
I-..-ISIU ol sn iin.Hvi.ieii ni-u-iithsiu eaeh ol tba
ahove lot", la-llert on the  mh aluy ot  Mny, A. 1)
lsStl.ln ll..' iiilna. of ileorKi* J. Alnswairth.
Land ii.-uisiry Offlee, Nelaon, B. C, August6th
"H. t. MA.rI.aon,"
tilstrlet kORl.trar.
H)  ACkl-S
Wo offer you bent fruit lands;
host terms; bt*Ht location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
in paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to C000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
conscious of the serious nature of the
Impending crisis on the earth below, due
to the lack of equilibrium In our development, that will arrest the flow of
white immigration to Canada and again
check our progress? But my mind ls
full of enquiry and I must make haste
to lay tt bare before you.
Why are we still purchasing merchandise from other countries thai can be
manufactured in our own? Why do we
pay duty on that merchandise and incidentally pay it again to the Canadian
manufacturer who adds it to his price
to equal the price of the imported
article plus its duty? Why have we a
revenue tariff only on imported goods
Instead of a protective tariff that would
protect Canadian lalx>r Instead of foreign labor, by impelling those foreign
manufacturers who compete in our markets to manufacture in our market and
thus increase competition, and our labor
market and its consequent consumption? Are patriotism and love of the
principles of progress the incentives of
our political pilots, or Is private interest
and the love of the almighty dollar, and
the rest of the country be hanged, their
We have kept close to the heels of
our ancestors in our political opinions,
and conformed to the party views of our
fathers. But now. a generation heretofore unreckoned, is emerging into the
arena of affairs, who possess a common
interest for the good of all. and whose
motto is "Party be hanged, but Canada
for unfaltering progress." As one of
this throng I, whose antecedants have
been Libera'R. make all this enquiry,
having somewhat of an apprehension
that Ihe eagle of greed, that bird of
prey which soars so high above the common throng, has swooped down so close,
its spreading pinion from there proximity, obscuring the light and plunging
many into a shadow where the impending disaster of its talons piercing the
flesh is unobserved. For it seems to me
that the greed of politicians is in a large
measure responsible for present conditions in Canada, and there is nothing
more contagious than greed. My reason for assuming that this is the case
are drawn from reflection upon the current topic, the tightness of money.
When- has the money gone from the enormous transfers of Canadian land in
past few years? Why has not this
money received from these wealthy immigrants been placed on deposit in
Canadian banks? Where have the e��-
ormous profits gone? Can you tell us
whether it is being used in developing
industrial enterprises in the countrv to
meet the influx of population, and thus,
by the natural law of reaction, which is
the main principje of sustaining life,
tend further to the growth of our country? Or has it been divided between
American land agencies to be invested
in the United States, and Canadian politicians to be invested in Cuban schemes?
It seems to me that Uncle Sam has the
laugh on us. We crowed that we were
enticing a lot of American dollars into
Canada, but it seems as though half the
money has only changed hands in the
United States, and the other half gone
to develop Cuba, a protege of Uncle
Sam; and Ameiican farmers have acquired a lot of Canadian land for
which Canadians ultimately get nothing
but a tighter money market than has
been for years, more agricultural competition and less expansion of the industrial marker where the farmers' products  would  be consumed.
My conclusion is this: The producers
Of farm products have been increased,
but no adequate stepts for increasing
the home markets for those products
have been taken, which steps would
also lessen, in a measure, living expenses, hy encouraging competition In
manufacturing. Moreover we have not
sufficiently increased the capital of the
country iii increasing its population, but
have slmp.y obtained a greater number
of people to divide the limited capital
that already existed  amongst them.
My conclusions may be wrong, but if
so I desire light; if correct, light is
also solicited on what remedy may be
accessible to electors.
In conclusion, I ask one more question: Are our political pilots patriots or
Yours truly,
The "Bare" Wear Only
would be enough to recommend our fine-
looltiiijT nnd easy-fitting Shoes, but there
is n stylishness nbout them and n lasting shapeliness that ts making them
very popular among "men who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, if
the best leathers, and conform to trie
most approved styles ln men's footwear.
We are ready to fit all feet, and at
prices that make Shoes look like a gift.
Por Unpaid Delinquent Taxes In the ISelaon AaM��_im��i-t District, Provlnc
of British Columbia.
I hereby give *iotlce on Friday, th e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the bow of twel-e o'olook, noon, at
the Court House, Nelson, B. <.'., I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter (Ht out of the person*
ln said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by (aid persons as on the thirty-first day of December,
1906, and for interest, coats and expenses, Including cost of advertising aald sale, if Uie total amount due la not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 13.85	
A. R. V.Uson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan, 320	
P.  Grlschell,   61.21	
E.  Mallandalne,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 35	
R. Helm, 40	
U E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Relth, 6.37	
N. Gagnon, 99.20	
Mrs. La. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Cot,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Ryan & Donelly	
Broken Hill M. & D. Co., Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymlr Co.. Ltd., 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R. L. Baron,  153	
McKelvey & Randall, 775.53	
Ah Wing,  1.09	
Description   of     Property.
LoU 2, 3, and 8, B 98, G.l	
Lot 914	
In lot 3266 	
Lot 5076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk. 16, lot 812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 6, lot 891	
Bk. HJot 891	
Bk. 20, lot 891	
,In8 ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 16. Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3. 4, 9, and 10. Tp. 14. Lot 1237...
In Sec. 1, Tp. 16, Lot 1237 '.	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 12S8	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241....	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 26, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and See. 6, Tp. 40, all.
In Lot 1241	
In Lot 4695	
In Lot 4598	
In Sec. 7. Tp.  17 Lot 1242	
29 40
24 00
24 00
88 06
88 06
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
lector. Nelaon Assessment District.
Tremont House
__r<*pean and ���mertcan Plan
Haa'. a* eta.   Boom, trom at ota. ts 11.
Only White Help Implored.
Bala t St., Nelson Proprlaton
Moat comfortable quarters      Nelson"
Only tbe beat ot Liquor, and cigara.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EB.1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postotfice. Nelson. B. O.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and Pint-
olaeifilulng Room.   Sample Boom, for Commercial  U.n.
MBB. I. I*.CLARKE. Proprletrei.
Battlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ts the ftneat.
Wlrlte Help Only Employed.
loeephlne SL
Royal Hotel
Cranbrook Conservative Association
Under the auspices ef the Cranbrook Conservative Association  wil be held
at the
New Opera House, Cranbrook, on Toes-
day- tst October,, 1907-
AT  THE  HOUR  OF  8  O'CLOCK, P.  M.    To    Welcome     the     presence
amongst   us  of
R. -U. BORDEN, M. P.,
Hon. Richajrd -McBride,
This great meeting will be addressed by Mr. R. L. Borden,  M.  P, The
Premier and others.
AU are cordially Invited to attend.    Specially reserved seats for   ladle*.
By order of the Executive.
JOSEPH RYAN, fecraUry-
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswlll buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price 12,500
$600 cash and the b�� lance on extended payments will buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price $1,900.
$600 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a alx-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed houae and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRfc)
Bates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. Whits labor
only employed. Th* best 35 cent
meal In the city.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In tbe matter ot an application lor .be Issue ot
a duplicate ot tho Certlflcate At Title lor Lot.
���jatlt.l���O-l, and 2303,   Group 1, Kootenay  District.
Notice is hereby given that It li my Intention
to Issue at the expiration ot one month from the
first publication hereof a duplicate Certlflcate ol
Title to tbe above described lands, ln tho name ol
James Roderick Robertson, which Certlflcate I.
dated the 9th .Ur of August, 1896, and 1. num.
berod 1105-k.
I..UI.1 Realstry Omce, Nelson, B.C., 31.t ot
Auguit, 190". B, F. M.cLlOD,
Flre, Accident. Life and E^ployets' Liability ]
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choke Fruit
I Hare f 0.000
of the
Oaolceit Ftolt La*   I
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get th'e ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
I >
i,i *
. 1 ��� -
ti 1 S
!*'*-" _l The Daily Canadian
TO    GET    UP
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. Si.50 aud *??.50. The
very best.
j. 0. patenaudF
Savored and onoL   A lobacoo you
fob_ccor..s*.   Baker Street.
CoalTlce! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
See Us
Fo* Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800*
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E E. Croadsdaile & _2_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
7-RoomB. All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $'
each. House good for $25 per
month.     Owner  going   to   Coast.
Only S 1,800.      Good Terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet C'eanlng, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stoves,  ate
111 East Baker St, Phone No. A"
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceri s
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or Bell anythlu-.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A not
line of Japanese Goods nu* on sali-
��i' *dnds of Dlnnerwarn tri stock: Pat
...12CJ1 -_.jL...
Best  Locate-  Hotel in  Nelson
Under the maaaaement of It *������ Noble.
lata- ol Toronto. Ottawa an 1
li. Bushner. Philadelphia; W. Rob ri
Chicago;  Mrs.   \   P. Gl and   ���, C
Williams, \v. H   Col.   . Winnipeg; W. il
Turner,    Cranbrook;     .'     Brookubank,
C. I"- C. Broci    I -     -     \rni-v l-.ii.-
M   Laurie, G od, C.  11 ��� ���. > i -> n
Kane; M. W. ." rLeod, Vancouver; F. O.
I-:. Band, ll. W S. li mm r, W. S.
Stembath,  C. C. 1 ���   .  Q
man, W. s Bonner, Thos. Hartley, F
Gardiner, T II. Brown, s W. Fori.-nil.
F. W. Uddelle, T. 1). Fortin. .1. II.
Woody, C. E. Fraser, Rossland.
���    .!,lil>- I  ' .
C--.��-    V.riinn   na-atl  *.Vnr-tJ   StreetH,
WI* INF.I.SIIN. 8. _*.
c Btaples, D. R r"ates, Wycllff. : A
W. Bleasdale, A. McDongall, Fernie; 11
ll GrKtiths, Bayni I ake; R Joyce,
Cranbrook; I1 --'<��� ns, Philadelphia; J.
li Caverhill, F. 3. Plndlay, Vancouver;
Mrs 1) Ford, J. A Knox, Revelstoke;
J. Hammond, Grand Forks; H. Mc�����>���
land. Birmingham, Eng.; J. D. Beau-
champ, Rosaland; I C Shield-, Reglna;
T. Ludgate, Arrowhead; F. W. Guern
sey, Trail; J. A. Fraser, Ymir: (i 1.
Merry, S;.okane.
O. B v l< '��� n, '.' Mill I A Edmond-
..,..! Procter; J. WllBon, Creston; .1
Sherwood and wife, Cr< ton; \V. Page.
Fort William: .1 J. Boyli . .1. C, 1!
wife and family. Reglna C. A. and Mrs.
Sawyer, Chilliwack; T. Graham, Slocan
J. Purcelle, Jao Wright, Miss R.
Gillls.-"Winnipeg; II Simpson, Regins
.1 Scott, Claresholm: W. D Short, Mi .li
cine Hat; E H. Creelman, l) C Balrd,
F. Madam. I-'. Martin, .1. Martin, S. II
Fern Mine; A. Birr, Everett,
IV h : .la.-. Matheson, A. Matheson,
\v. Luke, R.i-slan.l: it. Farrell, Willow Polnl: B. C * Mile Point;
T. Nicholson, A. Perry. Shields; F. B
. Victoria; J. Charboneau,
w. -rrr.ii..- er; 8 Lancaster, Fern
II   W   Price,  Kaslo;   P.  w.  Goldlng,
Sri. :   .1. Ma-lnniaa. Newport; O. it. Loeb,
I-:. .1. Kill-lunar. Portland;  A. it. Kelle,
6-Mlle;     .1.    Stapleton,     Sllverton;    J.
'     ' Trail: W. Clark,
i ��� inald, Fern mine.
T. Phlllli      I   Robs in,   I   I .mis. Blu.
II. II mini :  i:   Harris, S. Harris, .1. Phillips, J. Mas -��� ��� ,SI   Ar. land.
Piano   and  Singing Ltssons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Itoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singin-r. Certificate from Trinity
Collage, I.'tidon, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Eox 796. Nelaon.
KCIR HAI,E���A finoal Cb��_T Kan-...
r- pair.    AI-ply \'     A   ]
13. G.
t_Ot1      *. rtnir   <if    long,  lir.'wn    ftOTCa,   t��tw��*t1
Vici'-fiu mi'. ��� ���--... uid ('���ibijiiat*.
.    . [U-turn to < MiiM.iiaii Orti-'f
main*,   between   Boover  tool   Vernon
reward will  ba paid f-.r it*
���*��� - *  rn.     M< Ji.t:n'.l .V  M.-Hi-nly.
t. i i m Ki.iii'i k .'.n '.ii [n*( s ��� i-stn.-'i cbequeol
theSecood Kellel Mining Compent, i-Hyabl.
to ��� - C   -V_mJi    i.i.'!  l.Lteri     Kin-K-r  kludly
l<*��ve nt No IM��i <- Inn,
��� wo nR8T-i uaaa buomi. bw__b batted   Ap
plr hotnwkeeotr.'trd flu. k  w c.bfook.
Born io tbe  wife of  Peter  Lamont,
>��� r 88Uli -i son.
Born In Nelson yesterday, Sept   29th,
t.��  the    wife    of    Julius  H.  Retsterer,
Hoover street, twin sems.
Steeper for  Arrowhead.
Commencing Oct 3rd the C. P. It win
tun a b lee per From A-rrowhead to Vancouver dallj for tlu* convenience of tl"'
Kootena)   pat rone uf the road.
\VA_Nf_"i' -��ltu��Uoaor Voting -��� otratv (mir
wiUin| to tsekli aaythini    ��� ��� ,*��� rtenei d
iu ���*���*<.��������� ry. wine  and Ht.irit iradc      Addreai
l��. I�� , Daily C-nadlaa Offlee.
WANTK      A  BeltetAs flirt ftr Teuhi Udyfei
'.-!. ra! Uott-H-work- Apply Box 10,' ranbrooh-
A YAY.i-t.i   v.',, ti.tno lo   parebtuu * fruit
ttmeh nt ki K��laon   A j-.h��.i ipeculntlon. Part*
iter ix.it* 1 in)* '������ h ,iivi*lv ��� u.'.-i.'...I .ni rwdtrh.
- K..r ...,rii. nhir*. ���T.|,H  T   O    PBOCtBR
Customs  Receipts.
The customs receipts at the Nelson
offlc* for September are $::_!.'i:l^'.^^.
against $19,730.70 tor the same month
la.-i  year, an  Increase of $12,479.78, or
over Tn per rent.
wa ��� I i I     i i   .-.:-h   Dow.;/ arrived.
wmit-i ���ity-tii--n in i���.-!*���; nt'..ii <irtlmllar work.
a i i"--      -*   -.   Th ify fl m Ilan.
Wani   .     ..i.hi.->.....-tii m   i it- i-ltuatloa \or
w  iVarlcwer. good   leboltr. uae-i to < ftioe
to line.   .-.i-.���*_:_���_. Ot ft, c*. j ,,;.,. v _i,    ., i..
Lewery's Sketches.
n T Lowery Is contributing a ��� ��� -
b< - to the l". C. Saturday Sunset
under the caption. "Pen Sample trom
I. -w.'-v - Upper Stope." These contrl'
buttons are Interesting and should add
' -1 th��   clrculai Ion ot the Sunset.
Thanksgiving   Fast.
if the announcement for the date of
Thanksgiving Hay is correct, the
olee ta a peculiar one. Oct. '-1st is the
. uf All Saints' Hay. and therefore of
course, In the Anglican and [toman
c uinnnmions, a day for fasting not
������ asting.
Lumbermen   Meeting.
A  number of  lumbermen of the dis*
:t*   in the city today Including a
E. Watts, of Wattsburg, T. Ludgate and
O I.afhtnund. of Arrowhead A Leiteh.
of Cranbrook. and A. M. McDougall of
Fernie. The meeting is for informal
discussion of the outlook, which is not
Party  Delayed.
A broken wheel on a freight car near
Slocan Junction this morning delayed
the Slocan and Boundary trains for several hours. No damage was done. Mr
Borden's party pot away in plenty of
tini" to reach Grand Forks. The party
will return by special train tomorrow at
5 30 a. m. and transfer at once to the
Crow   boat.
Salvation Army Funds.
Capt. Laldlaw, a financial apont from
Vancouver, has arrived in this city on
'���half of the debt extension fund in
connection with the Salvation Army hall
in Victoria. ('apt. and Mrs. Laldlaw
wore in charge of the local corps here
until some months ago and subsequently
have b- en promoted.
Farewell  Dance.
Henry Avery and son will leave for
New York tomorrow morning. It is
understood that the son will take up a
college course in one of the state edu-
catfonal institutions. His friends will
��� -in htm at a social dance in the
K. of P, hall this evening. All members
of the 2Q to 1 club, and anyone holding
invitations to that club, are cordially in-
vi*. d tu be present.
Press  Correspondents.
C. F. Hamilton* of the Toronto News,
and B. K. Sand well, of the Montreal
Herald, are accompanying Mr. Borden
and his party on their tour. Mr. Hamilton was war correspondent of the Glob-*'
in South Africa, his letters being the
fullest and best direct accounts of that
campaign thai reached Canada. He is
now in the front rank of Canadian journalists and a frequent and welcome contributor on Canadian subjects to old
country   publications.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tr-nfld-i addrcwd to thf undc-rilened at his
offlee in the Court Houwi, In the ("ity of
Mi ion. will be received uj�� till the
hour oi .**. o'lio'-c, in the afternoon, of Frl
dity, November Int, 19if! lor the purr haae of
1 tune" Mineral ciatm, I-ot -VWo. Group 1,
��� hv Plstrlct, whl'-h wn declared t�� lie
', irlelted to ihu Crown at the tax Male held iu tho
1 t> d( Nelson* '-n the 6ih day ol November, l-*05,
(  r 'l-'iiti nieni  lazub  up till June 80th, 190b, and
Tbe npeet prlot upon the -����id mineral claim,
which Include*! the amount of delim-uent taxes
'���.:���, I aottl at the time of forf.-itiirt*. with Jntereiit,
��������� ���_������- wh.eh Imv.- a in' e ace rued, '-out ot ailver-
. and tot tot Crown 'irant _I25 00.) ls 112:1.70,
wiu'-l, li the leant amount tbat will b�� considered
���i- ii tender
Eai-h tender mu-t t��e ar-companled by an an-
I eheqae for the full amount of the tender,
������h i able t ��� tbe order of the Deputy CommIn-toner
of Lends Mud Works, at Victoria, B. C , at par.
hated   at   Nelw-n,   B   C,   this 21lh day of Hept
Government Agent. Nwlson. B.C.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Growu-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccotumend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Bloak . Phona lt.
Have you   ever tried them ?
15c. per package.
Also a fresh shipment of
15c Pkg.
Corner Silica  and Josaphlnn gta.
Are Ideal In fact as well as In name.
Yon will find tin in come fully tip to
your highest ideal of what a typewriter
ribbon ought to be. Thi J are well lni,
.-il. yet do nice clean-cut writing; are
non-filling and  lasting.
antl if not found in ever* way satisfar-
IDry  we  exchange them   witliout   question.
Price    each $1.00
Special   prices quoted  In
half-dozen and iluzen lots.
W. G. Thomson
Sff-SSgg' "Dd   Nelson, B.C.
Phon�� i\4.
"all Klnde of Heating  Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Truwott Latinchei
.ii'] PeU-rhoro Canoei.
Fine-it Lot o( Boat* iu B.C.
H.   L..   LINDSAY
Foot ol Josephine 8t.       Tel. A18
We have them  in  6I_  and 8  n>   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Klectrlcal
Heating Device on the Market.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
WholcM_k< au.l   K**uil Dealeri tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Bupplitul on Hhoi*u**t iio.i-*i* uml
lowest price. Hot-iing but troth uu_
wbolesoine meats umi KUpplot- kept in -.tock
Mail orders receive careful attention
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Rehow/ied
j lT5SCE/iEI?Y
.T5Bu5ifiE55 Energy
Plums, per basket
Peaches, per lb	
Pears, 2 lb. for	
Apples, 3 lb. for	
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for
���   ��� I5<-*
Telephone 161.
For Sale
Ground    Floor���Hall,    linraty.  parlor
(open flre place), dining room, oon i
vatory and kitchen.
Upper    Floor���Five     bedrooms     and
bath -room.
50   ft.   I.ot���Good   garden   with   fruit
trees, woodshed and chicken hon I
The house Ih well situated and a short
distance from P. O.
Terms and prices on application.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
315   Baker  St.,   Nelson,   B.  C.
W.    O.    GILLETT
Ciiiitni.dif   and
Role agent for tha I'orto Kt-*-> LnmtH-r CO., Ltd..
retail fudi.   ktniRh mni dreasad loatotr, tttrnaa
work mid brSCkcU. Cuant lath ��nd ���bfUftaa, -.n��li
and d..H��r��. Cement, t-rl'-k and lltu-.* fur itale
Automatic f-rluder.
Yard aud factory: Veruon Ht.. I'antof Hall
i*flS_u_Bonr*i ��. *_?.
P. O. tiox 2X1. Telt-phont- 17-
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  fii'Sley IlriildlnR.    P. O.  Ilox 434
Baker  St..   NEL8ON,   B.   C.
F. C GREEN       r. F. BUFDtN        A. II. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Coluribia Lind Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145    Phonf Ul B.
Transform your kitchen Into a chee ry dwelling house by installing
That Is a factor you mum k.-<-]. In mind, and the new BO-MI to llrlllsli
Columbia wants a stove that suits all i.uri.os.'s. HuniH any find; btigbtA���_
_U klt<:h>n; makes oookiiiK easy and economical. Duck's Merit Bangs,
ill.' beat for all cooking or lieatlnt,'; the stroiiBcst, the handiest, most delicti.labia.- and ({reatest fuel-saver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnishers and Under-takert.
/.gents  Mason  o\  Rlsch  Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Mninifs- turtd  hy the
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
-m all colors .nd for
all make* of typewrit
Remj CS-f ?r*����". Red Sesl
and Billing Carboru-of
different weights ,uited
tor all classes of work.
All   Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the   Highest  Grade
Goods Manufactured,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 8 J
Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited��i
--^---^_~-*-<^*--** ���.   A.   ISAAC R.   W.   HINTON-
U��*pn iti..��   ._t*.��J  .li >i.l.li*tf  cxoculvcl -s-v-UH  I Mt-Mp.-t Oil.    Mh����t MiUI (
Work..    ���Mmini.   mid    Nl 111   MMhllltrj*��        Mi��nulii_t.irertuf
��� �����--_���   Cnrn,   tv.   H.    Contriiutom'   ka^nrm.
Kronl HlrevU.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.!
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ST53RI L��**h**f Shingles,
l_'ith, Alo-ilcHnjf.*, Doors, VNinilowa.
T-ll lia��<l Work i.nd 1 Irn.kcta. Mail Onlnr* pnimpllj ���*w-"!-- |
VBRNON -Hss_������1FT  -  -   -   **i!t.��.<>.'N. t��. c.
YVhol_-M<.i_*  l->ro*.-|j��l���)nj4,
Ooverniuont Orwunery On-- Pnuntl Kn.'ks rfrplvort w"*!.!). frms fwn -'"
. I.un.     Fur salta l.y all !._*,du.K gro.*��.rs.
Omcc aud warehousw: Houston Bl.wrk,    Phone "8.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C.
Wc wtiiild Ilka- to H.a- all our putrons.-oinrortiil.lf this W-rtM s*1* ""^ I
ilo so wo liav�� In ItOO. the Ixst aasorl od   lino of _.���-������_ *l",'','��� ,n
stoves and  ranB.'H (nrar  b.-f..r.. prMaatad to tin- pabll_ 1" Knoiens)-       ^ .
Wi- would txj plM-ttl to Hhow  you    our lllll uml UUtBI* nuk"1* [
ohaco kindly seo what wo have to offer. y
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
uT a...ntA    I
Company, Limited.
for All
/ ruuMlU
We Carry an As-OTl "."��'"'
Kxt.'iir-ivi'iii-nr. ami Vnrn ly
Tools. Builders* Hardware
Ranchers' Supplies. Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vaflance Hardware Co., Ltd.
NI'l-SOIN W"'      ggfl..


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