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The Daily Canadian Sep 17, 1906

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mk I.   No. 90.
Plant Cuts 60,000
Feet a Day
Fifty Cents a Month
Description of East Kootenay Lumber
Co's. Property at Jaflray���Novel Transfer System.
prnliabl)   11 Iht Industry  In  llrlt.
Ill, Columbia lints Hliiiwn a note mark-
,.1 [ni|irovemenl during the last yenr
ihan lumbering. Tlit' reopening nf Idle
mills, increasing or capacity ni others
md building .sf new mills, have been
T���,-���: -��1 in Tlu> Canadian Irom time
lu mis. It Is alsii well known that
man) other niill plans an- on the eve
oi fuUllliuent Tor the development nl
sable timber limits on the Lar-
..iii Dunoan anil other rivers flowing
Kisotenay lake.
N wlille most attention naxiirally
.   iiis's]  by new projects, tlie bulk
:   istisiness is still transacted by
ti  .1st anil smaller mills lhat have
arrived the years oi depression, and
rbosn sinners   are now  entering  into
n-i! own.
Probably   nowhere ls  there a small
isi   1 liming   out  more  lumber   dally
ssn ili>-  East  Kotetiay   Lumber com-
in]   mill  at Jaffray     Although It is
i.i   100   feet   long  and   40   wide,  and
equipped  with a Blngle saw, the mill
cmi ......n.11 feet ot lumber dally.
The mill was designed by its own-
<T. A l.siu-h. president of the com
I lini  first vice president  of  the
Mountain  Lumbermen's association.
From a mechanical point ot view the
nun has some features BU|ierior to any
���is '!>>��� elsewhere.
After tho lumber leaves the saw and
Koea through the trimmer it drops
down an Inverted elliptical slide Into
is carrier, which draws it up to the
pinning mill, which Is equipped wllh
Hi-- insist  modern machinery.
! lis- unique restore of the mill is the
const ruction of the transfer ot tbo
islaners in front of the planing mill-
llefore it lies an ordinary transfer
table As the different grades of
lumber come along tbey are pulled oft
and piled In tiers on It. The planer
operators, of whom there are six, can
���si mil nisive any entire grade ami put
It through Into the material desired,
lliis feature Is entirely original and
sua ilesigned by Mr. Lellch himself,
M" hns often been urged lo huve It
patented, but has never taken the
i".ilili-. He Is content that the device  s.-rv.-s  llinl   Well.
The company's Umber limits contain
i '���" iiiillliin feet They nre located "ear
Jaffray, Mr. Lellch paid more than
Hi'- usual dollar per thousand for Ills
lumber, bul superior logging facilities,
more than make up the difference to
1     Ills lumber Is yellow pine of the
rine��i quality.
For Pure Food Rules.
New York, Sept. 17.���The pure food
mud, which is formulating regula-
"us for the enforcement of the pure
."sl law recently enacted by congress,
nun u series of public hearings to-
iiy to give the food manufacturers
ml others Interested an opportunity
' presenl their views ns lo the neces-
uy regulations. Problems connected
lib (he enforcement of the new law
ill lie discussed and the members of
' board expect to get many practloal
ingestions from the iiiuiiiifaciurers.
mil quest Ions as what const llitles an
ii'inal package ami nn export puck-
���'���e. flavoring, coloring, the use nl
uciise lu confectionery, harmful and
iiiiiiless adulterants, breakfast and
s'lii'letary foods mnl im tent medlclnei,
in be taken up. A large number of
"'���ut medicine mnnufncltiters have
Itplled to be heard at the meeting of
ie board. This fact bus given rise
' a belief thai lho makers of patent
iiillelnes, who exerted every erfort to
feat the food and drugs act in con-
.ss. Intend to fight to lbe last ditch
"HI lhe law Is actually put In opera-
Ontario Nl. P. P. Dies.
Hamilton, out., Sept. 17.���Henry
Carsoallen, M. I-. I'., died at his residence here last nlghl.. He had been
Hi for several months. Mr. Carscallen
lind represented Hamilton ln the Jt)n-
turlo legislature for many years,
Nine Schooners Wrecked.
Quebec. Sept. 17.���.1. U. Gregory,
agent of the department of marine
and fisheries, was Informed by wire
yesterday that nine schooners belong-
big to fishermen from Newfoundland
and Novn Scotia, had been wrecked at
_?_ ���. .' The creWB were ����ved and
are at the station at Belle tale, The
alearner Lord Minto will take them to
St. JohnB, N. F.
Repreaentativet of Labor Convene and
Discuss Political Attitude.
(Special lo The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, sept. ."/.-The bone and
sinew of organized labor In tbe Dominion is will represented ut the
twenty-second annual session of tha
trades and labor congress of Oanada,
which opened In this city today. All
section- of Canada are represented at
the congress, which will Iss- iii session
about a week, lu addition to discussing the usual topics and transacting
tin- basin.-sb relating to tlie affairs of
iin- organization the congress this year
is tss be gin-n added Interest by the
consideration of the subject, of labor'B
participation In politics. The example
of organised labor in the United States
In inking an active pan in the present
political campaign has attracted touch
attention among tbe trades unions of
Canada. Opinion as in the wisdom ot
following this example, however, differs among the representative leaders
of the Canadian labor   unions   and a
spirited discussion Is likely to follow
the introduction of the subject in the
congress. Many are heartily In favor
of independent political action in an
i-ffnri to increase the number of labor's representatives in the Dominion
parliament and provincial legislatures.
Others are inclined to oppose the plan.
Alphonse Vervllle, M. P., of Montreal, presided. Resolutions were passed favoring the abolition of the senate, the placing of a head tax on Jap
anese, Chinese and Hindoo Immigrants
and favoring tile action of the general
committee, who urged the dismissal of
W. T. R. I'reslnn.
Fair Building  Assuming    Iti    Display
Form���Laat   Modifications   of   Program���All  Ready.
The Exhibition building Is a very
busy place today. Chairman Morley
of the decoration committee and his
assistants are putting the finishing
touches to the general ornamentation
of the main building. Exhibitors are
In possession and getting their displays in order.' A new and most Interesting feature will be the displays
of the two engineering wairks and the
Julia-Chalmers Mullock   company.
Then Adams of Kuslo is on hand
with bis (oologies! collection.
T. \V. Cornish Is here with the
Bonndary mineral exhibit, and A. W.
Dyer is looking after other districts.
Profesafora Williams ami ttoLellan
will arrive from Beattle tomorrow
night and will give their aerial torpedo
explosion und parachute Jump each
day nf the fair.
The Sml-Letta Troup of Chicago has
been secured. There are six In the
troupe nnd ihey give five distinct per
fi.rtiianca-B am a 36-fDol stage with
three horizontal burs. This Is tbe
besl attraction of Us kind available
in A mericn.
All exhibitor, are requested to have
their exhibits In the buildings by 8
tomorrow night.
All entries except In the mineral de
part ment are already closed.
The program, as revised today, ls a��
First Day.
8:30 a. m���Judging of exhibits.
It a. tn.���Cricket match, Edmonton
vs.  Nelson.
1 p. m.���Formal opening.
1:30 p. in.���Aerial torpedo explosions and balloon ascensions by Professors Williams and  McLennan.
2 p. m.���8ml- Leila Troup.
1:20 P. m���Horse races, first heat,
quarter mile, for horses owned In Nel
sou  district.
3 p. in.���Horse races, second heat.
8:15 p. m.���Baseball   match.   Hoss
ln.id vs. Phoenix.
7:30 p. m.���Sml-Letta Troup
8:15 p. m.���Japanese Parasol Drill
uml operatic sclccilinis: amateurs under direction of Mrs. Melville Parry.
!i p. in���Opera house���"Hooligan's
Second Day.
It at m���Cricket match;  resumed.
1:30  p, in.���Ilalloon ascension.
���> p. in���Stnl-Li'ttn Troup.
2:20 p. m.���Horse races, first heat,
half inlb', open race.
3 p. m.���Horse It,-- open, second
heat. ,
3:15 p. in.���Lacrosse match.Revelstoke vs. .Nelson.
7:30 p. m��� Sml-Letta Troup.
8:16 p. m.���Japanese Parasol Drill.
9 p. m.���Opera houBe���"Johnnie on
the Spot."
Third Day.
It  ll.   Ill��� Buildings  open.
9:30 a. m.���JUnior baseball match,
Northport vs.  Nelson.
1:311  p.   m.���Balloon   ascension.
2 p. in.���Sinl-I.clta Troup.
2:20 p. m.���Horse races, open, uuur
tar mile.
3: lfi p, ni.���Lacrosse match. Revelstoke vs. Nelson.
7:30 p. m.���Sml-Lettn Troup.
8:15 p. m.���Japanese Parasol Drill
11 p. m.���Opera house���"Alphonse
nnd QaBtun."
Imperial Decree Promises Changed Laws
Dowager Empress Issues a Decree
Identical With One Causing
Boxer Uprising*
Shanghai, China, Bept 17.���A oom*
patent authority on the Far Kast declares that the Chinese have math;
more progress during the last flv<;
years than any other nation, not ex-
CepUng Japan. He wuya that China
has not made such advances In iron
and ooal production as the United
States ,bnt he contends that China
has made a wider and more profound
Western civilization than haa any
other nation.
The latest proof that China's face
iu set toward progress is found ia the
Imperial decree issued last Sunday,
promising a change of laws. While
this decree does not promise a constitution as careless readers have inferred, nevertheless It is pointed in
that direction.
A more vital indication of progress
is found in the recent Imperial decree
making some mastery of western learn*
ti_K a condition of future employment
ln the government service. This decree -does not affect existing office
holders, and does ont apply to candidates for office who have already completed the prescribed course of compound learning and have received the
first and second degrees. But the significance of the decree Is found In the
fact that it prescribes the identical
condition for candidates for office
which the young emperor prescribed
eight years ago and which led to the
lk>xer uprising. It is significant that
the Dowarger Kmpress who then decried the young emperor for his radicalism now issues, In his name, the Identical decree which produced the
Canadian Manufacturers Meet.
Winnipeg, Sept. 17.���A notable assembly of business men representing
all branches of commercial activity in
British North America assembled In
Winnipeg today for the opening ot the
thirty-fifth annual meeting of the Canadian Manufacturers' association.
Several hundred individuals and firms
actively interested In commercial enterprises Bre represented, the delegates coming from the maritime provinces, from British Columbia and from
all other parts of the Dominion, The
provinces of Quebec and Ontario are
represented by a delegation of several
hundred. Among the guests of honor
who will be heard at the convention
banquet Wednesday night -is Hlchard
Qriggi the commissioner appointed by
tbe Imperial board of trade to Investigate the trade relations between the
mother country and Canada. Several
representatives of the Dominion government   will be among the speakers.
The forenoon was occupied with
meetings of the various sections of the
association, among them the woollen
section, agricultural implement section and subscribers to mutual fire Insurance companies, This afternoon
the main body assembled to listen to
the reports of officers Mid various
Tlie formal opening of the convention takes place tonight, when the delegates assemble In the large hall of
the Royal Alexandra hotel to listen to
greetings from the premier of Manitoba, the mayor of Winnipeg and others.
The greetings and responses will be
followed by the address of the preRl-
d -nt of the association, C. C. Italhvn-
tyuo of Montreal.
Shock Felt at Sea.
San Francisco, Sept 17.���The lumber-laden ship Robt K. Seals has ur-
rived from Taconia and northern ports.
Captain IMlt/.at, who is In command,
stvys a severe disturbance of the water was felt on the morning of September 14. As near ns could be determined the shock was experienced at
a point ln the Pacific in latitude 41
degrees 18 minutes north longitude,
125 degrees h'J, minutes west. So severe was the disturbance that the
cargo and upper works of the vessel
were shaken. The captain and second
officer recorded the length of the
shock, which was 1!2 minutes.
and fell, sustaining a severe contusion
of the brain. His condition Is critical,
He is 74 years of age and has been
connected with the police force for
about 34 years.
Civil Engineers to  Be   Entertained  at
Grand Forks���Steet Works Busy.
Qrand   Forks,  Sept.  17.���Following
the recent visit of the excursion party
of the Spokane chamber of commerce
oomeg the word that next Thursday
and Friday the city will again be turned over to about 100 members of the
Canadian Society of Civil Kngineers,
Who are touring through Western Canada. It ts reported that they will stop
at Urand Forks for the purpose of
making a thorough inspection of the
(!ranl>y smelter and the various attractions in Ihe form of fruit farms
in this vicinity.
Word has reached Eholt that no
trace has yet been had of the burglar
who entered the Union hotel at that
place a few nights ago and robbed
the safe of some |660 on cold cash. It
is also stated that beyond all doubt
the burglar was an expert safe cracker, aa he simply opened the big safe
door by working the combination and
did not damage the premises in the
least. Although several search parties have heen searching the country
yet up to the present time Mr. Burglar Is nowhere to be found.
The Grand Forks Steel Structural
works is now running full blast, most
of the machinery being Installed the
last few days. This plant Is now filling a big order for steel sheeting for
the new roofing on the Granby smelter building and are turning out about
four tons of the roofing material per
day. A steel works of this kind is a
novelty in Southern British Columbia,
and Is a valuable industry for Grand
Forks. It Is owned by a local syndicate, of which the Messrs. McDonald
are the chief owners.
Soldiers Are    Unrestrained   in    Thetr
Looting and  Murder.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 17.���The insecurity of life and property ln the Baltic provinces, which culminated last
Saturday in thi murder of Herr Busch,
a rich German- manufacturer and the
leader of the German colony at Riga,
has led the German embassy here
again to make energetic representations to the foreign office concerning
the adoption of measures for the pro-
fcectiqb of German subjects. Busch
was killed hy agents of the revolutionary organization engaged in levying
tribute. There are 6000 German subjects living In Riga.
From Odessa .where the conditions
are almost as bad as in the Baltic
provinces, the embassies have been
Informed that guards have been furnished for the consulates and the residences of the various consuls.
Ministers of the Interior, of justice
and of war have sent commissions to
investigate the recent massacre at
The commissioners have been instructed to investigate, especially, the
charges of unrestrained looting and
killing by soldiers, and to fix the responsibility.
Mysterious Explosion.
Havana. Sept. 17.���A violent explosion occurred here this morning and
wrecked two buildings. Six persons
were killed and many wounded. No
details of the cause nre yet at hand.
An Investigation Is being made. The
explosion is thought to he the work
of Incendiaries. The buildings at once
caught fire. Dead and wounded are
still being taken from the wreckage.
The buildings were insured.
Once  Gave  Exhibition of Tact,  Calm-
neii and  Neutral  Good Humor,
Saving  Peace of the World.
Jumped  From  Moving  Car.
Toronto,  Sopt  17.���Ex-Deputy CUior
nf Polloe   William E. Stuart   JiimpiMl
from a moving car on Saturday night
Qlbraltar, B-pt 17.���near Admiral
sir Edward Chichester, who command.
I'd thi' British squadron at Manila dtll*
lug Ihi' Spanish-American war, died
tors today of pneumonia, after an Illness of a fa'W daya. Hear Admiral
Chichester wus chief of the Bea trans-
port service during the South African
war. Ills work In transporting a quarter or a million men 5000 miles, to
Soutli Africa, won him great praise.
It wub Sir Edward Chichester who,
according to report, "stood by" the
Americans ln Manila bay at a tlma
when friction between Admiral Dewey
ami the German enmmunder seemed
likely to lead to Berlous consequences.
An account of tha uffalr printed ln a
London paper said that "when tho
American and German fleets were
grinning defiance nt each other In
parallel linos, their decks cleared I'm
action, Captain Chichester stolidly
steered thu llrlllsh squadron hetweon
lheni, giving. Indeed, an exhibition ot
calmness, tact and noutral good humor that prolinbly saved a battle
which would have resulted In disaster
to Iho peace of the world."
British Influence Directs
President's Course
Cubans Destroy Foreign Property in
Order, by Forcing Protests, to Secure American Intervention.
New York, Sept. 17.���The Times today says:
"According to a Btory which 1- being told in financial circles here, the
real cause of the action of President
Roosevelt in regard to Cuba was not
the appeals of American sugar planters near Cienfuegos, but a complaint
made through the British embassy at
Washington regarding the damage
done to the property of the Western
railroad, which Is owned by British
capitalists, the heads ot which are ln
In an interview with a Times reporter a prominent financier who arrived
from Cuba yesterday, Bald: "Tbe management of the Western railroad at
Havana cabled to the London office
Btatlng that serious damage might be
expected if the United States did not
take some action ln the matter. The
Western road runs from Havana to
ttinlon, San Cristobal, Plnar del Rio
City, San Luis and San Juan, a distance of 125 miles, through the districts now in revolt against the government. The company was supported ln its appeal for protection to the
foreign office In London by the directors of the Cuban Central railway, also
a BrltlBh concern, with head offices In
London. This line runs from Concha
to Santa Clara and Cienfuegos. The
town of San Domingo, which was attacked on Saturday by the Insurgents,
is on the Cuban Central railroad.
The BritUh foreign office communicated with its embassy at Washington, Instructing it to inquire what action President Roosevelt was going to
take ln Cuba to protect the property
of foreigners from destruction. The
president, for political and other reasons, did not wiBh to intervene in
Cuba, but he was forced to take notice
of the request by the British embassy.
President Paln|i aald officially that
no damage had been done to property
owned by Americans, which was perfectly true. British property had Buffered, however, to tbe extent of some
thousands of dollars The insurgents
knew that *he best plan to get the intervention of the United States was to
destroy the property of foreigners
other than American, as they knew
that the respective governments would
A Pittsburg despatch to the TimeB
says that Cecil Hlgglns, attache of the
British embassy, last night expressed
his belief that Ambassador Durand
had not requested the president to intervene In Cuba because of damage to
British property. Protests, he added,
had been received at the embassy from
English interests In Cuba and cable
advices were expected from the foreign office in London.
The ambassador could not be questioned last night.
Another Steamer Ashore.
Honolulu. Sept. 17.���Acordlng to the
latesl advices received here the steamier Magnolia, which ran ashore yesterday, lies on the windward side of Midway island In a dangerous place. She
is leaking slightly. The Bteamer had
on board 200 cabin pasengers and GOO
Asiatics In the steerage. The wlfo of
Captain Porter tins received a cable
from her busbuud Baying that the vessel Is In a bad position,
it Is staled that Caplain Metcalfe,
who with Captain Pillsbnry floated the
���siunchurla, will take tho Bteamer Restorer to Midway to help the Mongolia
as soon ns It Is poBlblo lo reach the
tackle used In salvaging the Manchuria.
Will Take a Laat Look.
Chicago, Sept. 17.���John Alexander
Bowie yeslorday announced a farewell
Eorvlce at Shiloh house for next Sunday. Immediately after this service he
will leave for Mexico, If his physical
condition will permit, and It Is not expected that he will ever see Zlon City
Iu a communication from the old
leader which' was rend at the tabernacle by Elder Arrington, he advised
Mb loyal followers to remain away
from the |>olls at the election for a
new overseer tomorrow.
Plumbers In Session.
Toronto. Sept. 17���Several hundred
delegates from various parts of the
United Slates und Canada were pres-
ont today at the opening of the annual
convention of the United Association
nf Plumber-, Steam nnd Gns Filters.
The sessions will continue several
days, during   which   time   numerous
questions of Importance to the craft
will be discussed and acted upon.
President William Merrick of Boston
called the gathering to order In Labor
President Dial Opens Autumn Session
of Mexican Congress.
Mexico, Sept. 17.���President Dlax
opened the autumn session of congress
tonight. He said In his message th..i,
with almost all civilized nations, Max
ico was lu friendly relations.
The president noted wllh satlsfv:-
Hon the entire success of the gjirt
standard. There had been coined and
was now In circulation gold t> the
value of 143,000,000. While th- mone
tary commission still has gold on hand
to the amount of $16,000,000 ye', to he
coined. The gold standard !��� is been
attained without any sacrifices on the
part of the nation.
By Special Appointment.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 16���The post
of Commandant of tbe imperial palace
Is a special appointment made by the
emperor and ls always held by a strong
and loyal man. General Dedioulln,
who with General Trepoff, had tn
charge the maintenance of order In
St. Petersburg during the big strikes,
seems likely to be the man given the
Newspaper Man Dead.
London, Ont, SepL 17.���John 8.
Dewar, one of the oldest and most
widely known newspapermen ln Western Ontario Is dead, aged 62 years.
He had spent 45 years ln the employ
of the Free Press, being city editor
for 35 years.
Will   Arrive   Wednesday   Night   and
Spend  Thursday In  Nelson  Visiting Smelter and Viewing Fair.
After a voluminous and Importunate
correspondence by mall and telegraph,
and conferences with the mayor, the
president of the Agricultural society,
and all the officials of the C. P. R.
company, A. L. McCulloch has sue
ceeded ln securing the visit of the
travelling members of the Canadian
Society of Civil Engineers tn time to
see the Nelson fair.
Mr. McCulloch got word from the
coast thiB morning that the party
would arrive in Nelson the night of
Wednesday, tbe 19th Instant, and remain until the following day.
The task of entertaining them will
lie unusually light. They will spend
only Thursday morning In Nelson. The
fair will then be open. They have the
Hall Mines smelter to visit and launches will be available for any who wish
an outing on the lake, or a visit to a
fruit ranch.
L. A. Campbell will entertain the
party at Bonnington Falls Thursday
afternoon, and they will go on to Rosa-
land in the evening.
The entertainment committee of the
20,000 club will meet Mr. McCulloch
tonight and consider what diversions
may be offered the visitors.
The Itinerary for the return trip
through Kootenay is as follows:
Leave Vancouver September 18.
Arrive Nelson September 19, 22:05;
leave September 20,  16:00.
Arrive Rossland September 20,19:30;
leave September 21, 14:00.
Arrive Smelter Junction September
21, 14:60;  leave September 21, 19:30.
Arrive Grand Forks September 21
23:30;  leave September 22. 9:00.
Arrive Phoenix September 22, 10:40;
leave September 22. 14:30.
Arrive Greenwood September 22,
15:50;  leave September 22, 20:00.
Arrive Grand Forks September 22,
21:30;  leave September 23, 14:00.
Arrive Nelson September 23, 18:30;
leave September 21, ":00.
Arrive Moyle September 24, 14:65;
leave September 24. 16:30.
Arrive Coleman September 24, 21:30;
leave September 25, 9:00.
Odd Fellows at Toronto.
Toronto, Sept. 17.���The opening day
of the eighty-second annual communication of the sovereign grand lodge,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows,
was a busy and enthusiastic one.
Promptly at 10 o'clock this morning
the delegates, representing the Canadian provinces and every state and territory of the United States, assembled
In the legislative chamber of the Parliament building. The visitors were
cordially greeted In addresses of welcome delivered by Lieutenant Governor William Mortimer Clark and other representatives of the province ot
Ontario and the city of Toronto. R.
E. Wright of Pennsylvania, grand sire,
resnonded to the welcomes, after
which the sovereign grand lodge representatives proceeded to business.
This afternoon the prize drills by cantons began at Exhibition park. Another feature of the day's program
wan n large reception in honor of the
visiting Rebekahs.
mill nnrui
Will be Installed at the
Buffalo Mine
Plant WUI be Taken North at Once
For Treatment of Ore of Big
Free Milling Property
Duke Discovert New River.
New York, Sept. 17���A special to
the Herald from Marseilles says the
Duke ot Arbrussle haa arrived there,
and has just made tbe announcement
that one of the moat important scientific results achieved in his latest explorations ln the Interior of Africa la
the discovery of a river never before
described In any geography. He marked its course and measured its flow
and volume.
I      li I
Poplar Creek district, famous
throughout the continent for rich
prospects, which for the three years
that have passed since their first discovery, have remained mere proapects,
Ib now on the eve of a new development.
So far the only development done
has been by the labor of the owners
ot the claims. With no capital and no
facilities for treatment or shipment,
they have accomplished wonders.
The second era of mining tn Poplar,
that of operations on a large scale
and treatment of ore on the ground,
will begin this fall. W. B. Pool, the
discoverer of Poplar and at one time
the controller of many of Its richest
claims, is the author of the new departure.
A syndicate organized' by him haa
taken over from A. Buffalo, the Buffalo mines on Poplar Creek, within 300
yards of the line of the Lardeau-Ger-
ra.d branch of the C. P. R. ,
The Buffalo mines were bonded in
1904 by Finch and Campbell; a tunnel
was driven 50 feet and crosscuts wllh
a total length of between 400 and 500
feet were runh on the lead.
Then came lawsuits, the curse ot
mining ln Kootenay, and the apecla!
bane of Poplar district. Finch and
Campbell threw up the property in
disgust and tt haa remained Idle ever
The Buffalo contatna a ledge of free
milling gold ore varying In width from
5 to 15 feet. Assays of samples taken
across tbe vein, where It la II feet
wide, returned 123 to the ton, and a
central vein, 18 inches wide, showed
f 108. Random specimens are found as
rich of those of the Lucky Jack and
The syndicate that haa now taken
over the property will pnt In a 10-
stamp mill at once. It has already
been secured, and shipment and Installation will begin within a week. A
camp will be formed and work prosecuted through the winter.
Flret Demonstration in History in Favor of Foreign Power.
Mexico, Sept. 16.���Mexico's national
holiday, tn commemoration ot lta Independence, was celebrated enthusiastically in the capital today. The grand
civic parade was three hours ln pass-
Ing the atand where It wag reviewed
by President Diaz and other prominent citizens.
At San Luis Potosi, one of the
speakers told of the bond of friendship existing between Mexico and the
United States. Thousands of people
burst out in a mighty roar of "vlvia"
for Presidents Roosevelt and Diaz.
The demonstration waa perhaps the
first in the history of the country
made In favor of a foreign power.
Killed by Automobile.
Chicago. Sept. 17.���A despatch to
the Tribune from Hartland Wells
says: "While George Earllng, eon of
the president of the Milwaukee road,
was driving his automobile on Saturday he collided with Alfred Overland,
a passing bicyclist. The latter waa
thrown 50 feet, was picked up unconscious by Mr. Earllng, was rushed to
a hotel ln Mr. Earllng's auto and a
physician summoned. The doctor
found the man's skull fractured at the
buae of the brain. A Utile later Mr.
Earllng, president of the Milwaukee
road, arrived at tbe hotel and ordered
every posslblo effort exerted to save
the man's life. He ordered a special
train from Milwaukee, carrying Dr.
Horace Manchester Brown, to the
stricken man's aid. It waa all In vain,
however, for Overland died yesterday.
His body will bo sent to hla former
home In Ohio.
' The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow in order.    They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wo have plenty df thOm
Ui red Hint blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pa-it
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets arc Justly oalebrated for their excellence, We alone carry
them in ihis city.
M BER MEN.���Pillows,   Comlorters.  Gloves and   Mits.  Socks,  Shirts and
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows,   Comlorters, Gloves and       _ 	
Underclothing,   Oil   Clothing,  Sweaters.   Miners'   and   prospectors'   Boots
and Shoes nnd  Rubbers..   Groceries   and   ~ -  _.__
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Groceries   .ind   Provisions..    Everything   of  the
Published iix days a week by the
Baker Si., Kelson, B. C,
fcub-j'ripllon rates, no cents a mouth delivered
lu iht* eltv, or lo.uu a year U KM by mail, when
paid in advance.
Ad vert 1*1 tig rates on application.
All monlei pail in tettteinenl of Tn. Dafly
Canadian acGounta, cither (or subs-cripttot... or
advertising, must ta,- receipted foi on the printed
forms of tlit* Company,   uiht-r rweipt. art.- uot
������ By one word we arc *<*tinei-n_e_ judged to be
wile and by one word *.ouiei lines judged ti ho
loull-.li. Lmu therefore bo careful wnai we
aay."��� C-o"s*nrii>.
Mr. Borden's qualified prouncement
ment in favor of the government own-
ei-ship and operation of railways and
other public utUiries has thrown the
Liberals in Canada into a state of consternation. This is evidenced by the
frenzied attempts that have been made
by the Liberal press to discredit Mr.
Borden's proposal and in doing so a
comparison has been made between
Mr. Bryan aud Mr. Borden. The comparison is unfortunate for the Liberals
because it is admitted that there is
no stronger man in the arena of American politics today than William Jennings Bryan. He is strong because
he is sincere and the people believe
in htm, lie is strong because be be-
Uerea In government control of railways and other public utilities. 11**
is strung because he believes in throttling the avarice of Mi** trusts and tbe
monopolist.) and bringing about a
more equitable distribution of the
products of nature and of ait. No
more threatening and dangoro.ua op-
ponent of ihe rapacity of the grafter
has appeared as a candidate for the
office oi president, In the blatorj ol
tbe United States.
It is, therefore, some comfort to
have Liberal journals comparing Mr.
Borden with the prospective candidate
for the presidency of the republic, and
gratifying to find so many points of
comparison in their respective platforms.
ll is true ihat Mr. Bryan's proposals
for government ownership of public
utiliites is being opposed hy the corporation pivss, even iif his own political laith. It is equally true that in
Canada Uie corporation owned press
of the Liberal party is doing the saint*
in the case of Mr. Borden, but on both
Bides  id   the   line,  wli.n   the   facta   ait
known, the electorate win nol in* misled. That Mr. Borden is to be taken
seriously is apparent, for uie Winnipeg Free I'ress, M, Clifford Siflon's
personal organ, takes steps to dlscred
ii Mr. Bordens' proposal, while a
newspaper, practically owned i��>
Messrs. Cox, Jaffray et ai., tin* magnates of the Crow's Nest Bass Coal
company, and published some dlstanqe
West of Winnipeg, echoes, parroilike.
Ihe refrain of the Kastern press.
* * *
These journals would like io make
it appear that Mr. Borden's proposals
are heretical from a Conservative
]M)ini  of view and  that  Mr. Borden is
departing from the traditions of his
party in standing for the rights of the
people. Ii is well known thai SS early
us 18611 Sir Charles Tupper had entered inlo contracts for a fast Atlantic
KieauiBhlp service which would he
practically a government owned fleet.
The principle involved in that contract
waH a long step in the direction ol
governmenl ownership of means or
transportation,     if   thut  contract   ha 1
been carried out. Canada would now
have ln her own name and possession.
a fleet surpassing in swiftness and
carryin- capacity, the fastest liners
that are afloat. Almost the first thing
Sir Wilfrid Laurier did on his accession to power, was to cancel that contract, thus showing how utterly he and
his party are out of sympathy with
the public ownership of public utilities.
The further reservation of the Gillies timber limits in the province oi
Ontario by the Conservative government there .immediately on its accession to power, is sufficient proof that
the policy is a fundamental one of the
Conservative party.
���     a     ���
The  Liberal  papers, however, imme-
dlately raise a false issue, as is their
habit, and   instead of honestly  facing
the  problems    confronting    statesmen
today, ask what lines does Mr. Borden
propose to expropriate?    What particular railroads for   instance   does   he
propose  io confiscate in his adoption
of the  principle of public ownership?
No greater mistake can be made  by
the Liberal press than to suppose that
.such   red herring  tactics  can   deceive
the intelligent electorate.    If the principle of public ownership is right, and
Mr.   Borden   has   said   it  is, then   the
question   is   not   one   of  confiscation
but of administration.   If the principle
is  right,  the method of its execution
is one of detail.    Mr. Borden has not
suggested  confiscation    or    expropriation.    It Is possibly the height of Lib-
' iai   ability   to  suggest   lhat   confiscation musl   follow  the adoption of the
principle involved in public ownership.
Perhaps  Liberals are incapable of Initiating measures looking to the adop-
t na oi  ilu*  principle  without  ihe objectionable    features    which    they    at
once project as an Insuperable barrier
to ihe adoption of ihe principle,    We
aie sure that Mr. Borden is not so Incapable and   we are furthermore sure
that Mr. Borden is too wise to commit
himself to the principle of public own-
ershlp without a clearly matured plan
of securing the people In their rights
withoul wronging anyone.    Thai lie is
obliged  to  disclose his  policy  at  this
Juncture, or to suggest that he can be
expected  to  do so, is simply  to give
evidence of childishness in maltors ot
���statesmanship.    The question  for  Liberal papers to answer is, is the principle of public ownership   of    public
uiillics a sound or unsound one?    Until  ihey  make some deliverance  upon
thai subject, all their attempts to trail
i��d herring aoross the track or ihrow
dust In tiio eyes of the people Is sure
lo   rati,     The   ISSUe  Is  a  straight   one
and  those  who  compare Borden  and
Bryan  will have to face it.
���    *    *
It   will  In- noticed  hy those who are
iii   tin* habit  of noticing, thai  in addition   iu  giving   utterance  to bis  si-nti-
meats on  public ownership, Mr.  Borden   Insisted   most   emphatically   upon
purity  In  elections  and  purity in ad-
mi'ilslralion.   The  great  speech   which
the  Liberals  criticized  wus as  full  or
(he latter  subject as of    the    former.
Yet we do not see any of the Liberal
papers applauding the sentiment  urging purity of elections nor of administration.    We do not wonder why.    In
(he  present   corrupt  condition  of  Lib-
i ral polilics in Canada, both as to elections and  administration, there would
be a hoarse laugh if purity were talked
of  by   the Liberal   press.     Mr.  Borden
is as sincere in one sentiment  as In
the other,  but  in order to draw aside
tie.* attention of ihe people from the
force of Mr. Borden's plea for pure
politics, the Liberal press must cry
"confiscation  and  expropriation."   The
Liberals may ns well recall an often
quoted maxim, that you can fool all
th*- |K*ople sometimes and some of the
people all the time, but you cannot
fool all the people all the time.
As an instance of the truth of this
maxim, the Liberals in lSyti made certain promises to the laboring class in
Canada, by which that class were deluded into sacrificing their birthright
and voting the Liberals into power. It
has been the proud boast of the Liberals, although an empty one, thai
they have been the laboring mens
friend par excellence. The laboring
men are now arousing to the fact that
tbey have been deceived and though,
led by specious pleading nnd further
promises and pledges, ihey have blind-
Ij followed the Liberal party through
a decade, the day of grace is over. A
Ictorla paper publishes with lamentation the remarks of a leading Liberal
politician, that the desertions of the
laboring classes from ihe ranks of the
Liberal party far exceeds that of those
from the Conservative ranks, in iv.ii.
it is admitted by him that the Socialistic, ranks an* being recruited from
among the ranks of ihe Liberals.
There can be no gainsaying the truth
of this conf'-ssion aud it is significant
because of the reflect ion which it
makes upon the Liberal party. It is
no wonder there Is consternation in
the ranks and tbal this last and wisest
move on the part of Mr, Borden sounds
the death knell of Liberal administration In Canada. That is why he is so
fiercely attacked.
The announcement made by Commissioner Coombes of the Salvation Army
at Winnipeg a few days ago, to the
effect that within a year the Army expects to bring out lOU.OOO immigrants
to Canada, is one calculated to arouse
the admiration of those who know ot
the good work of the Army. While
ihe practice of aiding foreign colonization of Doukhobors and Galicians in
the Northwest has not proved very
satisfactory, the operations of the
Army are conducted upon quite a different theory. Instwid of assisting
the emigration of indiscriminate pau-
p. r elements in European society and.
to use an expressive Western phrase.
"grubstaking" them till they overcome
their fanatical notions, the Salvation
Army makes careful individual selection of those to whom it tenders assistance in moving into Canada. More
than this, no person is degraded by
the assistance rendered him by the
Army, because it Is distinctly understood that lhe financial aid is only in
tlie form of a loan which must be repaid on easy terms by the member of
the colony receiving it. Thus Is the
manhoud of the immigrant saved; but
more than this, a spirit of self-reliance
is fostered and the immigrant selected
and aided under these conditions is
much more likely to prove a useful
member of society than one who comes
oui as a charity ward of the government
'l'h��* Salvation Army has an iul**n*st
im.* history, It has had to meet opposition, criticism, and even ridicule
from many quarters, but it is giving
increasing evidences of justification ol
lis evistence, In Its two forms of phil-
p_n thro ole  worki  that  of  reecnlna  the
.. . ���^MMMMMM__M_wr_ar_t
fallen and the one above mem ion'���
assisting deserving immigration, the
Army is rendering to Canada, England
and society sufficient service to merit
the most  generous support.
end toapply to tbs
Land* ami Work*
...   I,, i_. 1:
Sixty day- after date I In
Hon. Chlel r-.iminfsHiui-.er ���
Victoria, i" purchase *) a>.....
financing ut a post (���honed hi tuoCItj of Noli
power plum lot EL K corner i��oat, nu Kootenay
riv.-r, ihenee '.*> ehalni iouth, tlience west -i)
chain*, tbenee nnrth -jo chaini, tbenee coat -jo
ohalni to polnl of cnmmem*< ment.
Nolson, B.C., Aug. 6, 1W6. E. J. CfKRAN.
Notice Is hereby givon that tfO days from date I
intend to spply to tlie Honorable the Chlel Com-
mUsloner ot Lamls and Work* fur permission
to purchaie thi- following described lands situate in West Kootenai Distriet: c-ommcm-lug
at a poit marked *' K, Btewart'l N W, corner
poi-t,'Mtuiiiril near the Junction of Loll creek
and South Fork of Salmon, thence smith -1(1
chnins, more ��r less; thence east to chains)
thenc* north -10 eliains, more or Id.!*'   thene���
west ho chains to point oi eommenoeilieut,
t-alimi, August llth, 1WJ.
T. H. At-tifeioi-T, Agent.
Notice ll herehy glvpn Hint 60 days after date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the rhie. Com1
mlutonerol Landi nnd Works to purchase tbe
following iiexrriiicd landa, 83>i Acre*, more or lei
nenclOg al u bolt jdanted on lhe weal bank
uf Ipper Arrow hilo- nl u point h 1 mum 7 mllei he-
low Nakusp, and marked U. A. B. ll . K.K. corner
poit; theuee ���-, chalm weit; thenoo to cbalni
iouth; thanee 90 chains eaat. more ur leai to ink-'
shore; theme along lake ibore to point of be*
Dated thliStb dav of Sect. 1006,  O.A.B, Hall.
00dayi after date I intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Commluloner ol Landa and
Worts, Victoria, H  f , to pirehase tVl.i ueres of
land innate weil ol Arrow hike on the weil ilde
of Wbateban creek aod lolning tbe north boundary of s. J. Annable application to purchaie.
Oomuteuclng at a poat marked K I. B, 8. i i .>r
ner uml running wee' ���s" ohalni; t* ence north ni
chaini; thence eut 80 ohalni; ihenee iouth to
poim of eommeneement
Beptember 2nd 1908. K- J- Bluot.
hv given Hint 60 dnvs after date 1
" " "' ' ''hief Conrnla-
ilssloo to purchaie lhe following dQSerlbod lands, situate in
the West Kootonay district; -.tnrtnig from u posi
planted at the N. B. corner of F. W. Itobinson's
Applleation to pun-hast-,  ihem e-10 chains east,
BO chains south, 'ki chaini west, SO chains north,
40 chains west, ki chain?, nortn. 30 chains east. 4(1
Rhalni north to point of oonunencementi containing IW acres.
Dated .'Sth day of August, 1906
]>. C. K- Roisinson,
per KltNEST .V. BOBIKSONi Agent.
intend  to apply'to the Honoralci'
sioner of l.iiiidsuud Worki lor pern
Not fee is hereby given that sixty duys afler
date I inteml to apply to the Uonorahle the
Chief Commlulonei ot Landi and Worki for per-
minion to purehase the following deserlbed
land on the west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
Joining J. H- Feeney'-. pre-emption: Running
weil lo chains) thence north W cbalni i thence
cast 40 chains, tu the shore ol the lake; thence
south following lhe lake shore io poini of com-
liifiu'eiuciit, containing 3.v iht.'s more or less.
I'ated August IU, 1900.
j. J  Kelly, Agent.
Kotlce is hereby given that
date I intend to apply to th
Chief Commissioner of Lumls m
mission to purehase the toil
Uml on tlie west side ol Lowi
Ixty dayi
i Works for per-
wing described
Arrow Lake and
a tion:
lolning tne south line of the Indian Ke
Kunning west20chains; thence iouth��� Bnaiui*
tbenoe east 3D chains, to the ihore oi the lake;
thenee north following the lake shore to tin
point   of   commencement,  eoiihiininu   WI acres
more OT les-.
Dated August 20, lftofi. w. B. Maclkod
J. J. KtLLV, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given that I intend, 60 days
after dale to apply to the Honorabh IheObtei
Commissioner of .alidsand \\ .-rks for permission
lu puri'hii-t- the following described lands tu
West Kootenaj district, about Atc miles south
of Bui ton city, commencing al a post planted on
the ��� n-i bank ol tract <'. k.. ana marked "*'. if,
Hamilton'! B, w. e. post?" and ninning north wi
chains, thence eust HO chains, thence south M
ciiHius, thence west no chains to place of beginning, containing 640 ocru of land, more or lei*-.
Dated this -Snd day ot Auguit, iwe.
         w H. Hamilton.
Notice Is hereby given tbal 60 dayi after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to
purehase the following described lohdi, situate
in Weit kootenay district: ' omnwuctng at a
post marked "B.Conkey's N W. turner post," sit-
uate near the N H. corner of land applied for by
II. H.. thenee nouth 40 chains, more or less; thence
east so chains; thenee north tu ehulns, more ur
less; tbence west B0 chains to point of commencement
Balmo, August 11. 1906. B- Cuskkv,
T. li Atkikbom, Agenl
Wednesday, Thursday
Sept 19-20-21
% The Fourth Annual Fall Fair of the Nelson Agri-
���     cultural and Industrial Association will be
the largest ever attempted in South-
Easter British Columbia.   It
will be held at
On September 19th, 20th and 21st.
A fine programme of attractions is
now being arranged. Applications
for prize lists, space and full particulars should be made to the Secretary
Office : STRKET, Opposite Queens Hotel.
Notice is herby given Umi *v> day* afterdate 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable the I'hieHom-
mtsftiouer of Land*- and Works for pennl^lou to
purchase the follovlngdescrlbed luml-Miuate In
WestBootensydistrict:  Commencing ata pent
marked '*K, BoSS'l N. W OOIUOX post," cltuate
near the N. K. eurner of land applied for by A,
McLean thence loath v> chalnSi moreoi fessi
thenoe east fW chains; theme north K) chslns,
more or less; thenee west 80 chains to point oi
. August 1], ISO!
K. Ko-s
. APelil.
Kotiee i- hereby given that itxly dnvs after
date l Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe
I'hi'f Commissioner <d  Und> nnd   Worki mi
permission to) hue the foiio.Miig described
lands iltuate in Wesl Kootenay district: Pom
mencing at a post marked "A. UcLean'i n w.
corner po��t."situate neaf the N.K. cornei ol land
applied  lor i.y  A. MrUugblan, tbeor h H)
I'linfiiB, more or less; thenee ea$i BO chains;
Lbence north 40 chains, mon-or less] Ihence wesi
BO chaini to point of tsommencemenl
Halmo, August 11, 1906 A. UoLRAK,
T, II. ATKIN.soN. Agent
Kotlce if herehy given tlial 00 davs tiller dftie I
intend to apply i* ihe Honorable Chlel Conilnls-
���ton r o. Landi and Worki ior permission to purchase the following described Iftuds.situate In
the Weil Kootenay dutm-i, lUtrUng from a i����t
planted at iho S W.corner of KrnestW.K-oblnson'i
Application to I'unhrts.'s and on thr north hank
l'ork of ' og crook! theme HI chain*
est, ho
mtb, k
on of i
��� I'nr. I
���nth ti
i bi
orth, hi
ue. tbene
JHiliit ol e
east, 40 i
th io intorsoc-
i's Application
and 90 Chalm
Don tain ag 649
Sept. 19-20-21 ft
Dated ItMh day of August, 1906,
per BlUOMRW. KoiuNMis, Agent.
Nome I* hereb) given i
dat<-   I   int. ud   l,i  npp[v   O
Chief Commissioner nj U
pei mlulon to pari base
scribed land* situate m
district, starting from a
uorih   hank ol  the  North
sixty dayi afler
���* Honorable Lhe
and   Woiks   for
e      following   de-
��� Wesi KooTensy
plahl.'d  on   ide
nk of   hog
thence 90 Qhslui west, 10 chaini north, A cbalni
west, -iu rhtilii** norlh,  _���" chain* west, 900balOI
norih. 90chaini west, 90chains north, m chain*
cad, 'ki ehains south, 90 chains cant, .u chains
���OUth, 20 ellnllir*t-HS|, lOChajm Nitulb to point of
oommeneement, containing 640 acres.
I'ated 1Mb day of August, JHWi.
Ktxnt w. Ronimox
Notie in hereby gi
Intend to nmk" appl'tiition ti
Chief Commluloner of Undi
mission in purobsse <4<i acrei
district of Weil Rootenay,comi
pinned on the couth side  of  11.
the Intornatlonil boundary Ho
n that oCMtiv. after date I
s of land In  lhe
���Meincat a poal
K.   Adams, southeast   corner."   thence   went   BO
ehnins, thence north >-o chains, thonceeoitM
ehalns, theliee xotilh  So ChftlOl toplSCCOf <oui
I)��li-.lll.li..lliil.iyiil July, laissl.
Iloner of Lands and Work* for permission to purehase the  following  described  lamls  Hltuale In
treatt) chains, lbence norih in chains, tbenco
COSI BO chains, theliee south  .UcIibIuh lo point ol
I^mTuSL     ,, ��.H.Vi��ltO��_,
'I. II, Atkluiou, Agent-
! '-���,' ���.. that W *ayi after data !
ina-iio io I.II..I'..|l|.,is *n.i.,i. to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner of l*nd�� and Works lor per-
mlsson to purchase the following descrlbi u Isndif
siiuate in west Kootenay dlstricl I Commencing
at a post marked "A. M<-ljiiiehllu'it N. W corner
post." situate near lhe N K. corner of land up-
plied for hy P. McArthur, th-m*,- lonlhiOi bolus,
more or less; thenee east HO ehulns; theme imrth
���to chains, more or lens; thence Weel 80 dholni to
point of commencement.
Salmo, Augusl 11, 1008, A. KoLadOHUX,
         T. H. Atkinson, Agent,
Noihe is hereby given tbat w days after date
i intend to apply to tho Ohtef Commissioner ol
fluids and w orks for permission to pureha.e
tin- following deserlts-d lands, sltnute In West
Kootenay district: cominencimr at a poet marked ���' HcArtbur'i N W.oorner post." iltuate near
the N. K  corner of land applied for by A Turner,
theuee south in cimiu- more or lets; thenc ic-iii
s*l chain-.;   tbence north 40 chains, inon* oi lesi!
ihence west w> chaius to point of commencement.
Halmo, August 1), ItMi.
J   Mf.VHTIIrk,
 I   11  Atkinson. Agent.
Kotlce Is hereby given thai B0 dayi sfier dale
l inietid. to apply to ihe Honorable Ihe f'hlel
i oiniiilsstoiicr of Imul- anl Ur.rks for pen -
sion io i urebaae the following deserlbed laud*,
iltuato in 'he We i Kootonay dlstricl i Commen<
elng at a post market) "A.'Jtirnor*s N n eurnei
post," iltuated ��t tbe If.K.eorne-* oi landaps
piled for by l. Ptewsrt, ihenoe south lu chslns,
more or len; theuee cost 8o chains; theme north
io chalm, mor- or leas; tbenee weat80ohi
point of ci.iijineiK . i.i, itl
Balmo, It C . .ugu i n 1908, A.TI u 11,
T H   ATKlNMtN, Aaeni
Noilce is hereby given tbal 00dayi alt*, t dak i
intend loapply to the Honorable too i hlcf l om
mivKiomr of Ijiihk and Work* for permlaalon to
purchoso the following deserlbed land in West
K otenai uist lei about seven miles wuth ol
iturton t itv: Commenolng at a posi planted on
tho east bank of Trout ereek ��nd markeii Mr*,
w ii. Hamilton1! B, w. c. Poal and runniii-.'
nortb 8u ohalm; thence east *) 'hnlns; tbence
tontb 80 chalm; thenee west 80 cha*ni to place
of Iw-ginnliig, eoiiiMiiiing 840 aeres, mor' <*r loaa,
I'ated ihis 22nd day of August Iwl
USs. w. If. Qsifii i..*.
  W. II. HAM I-.TO��, Agent.
BlXty days af'T date I intend tn apply 10 the
Honorable lhe Chief ' OmmtsetOOer of Lamls aud
Wu.-   l VlCtoriOi  to  purchase  240 acre* of land,
located and deeerlbed a* follow*: Being ihe
northeaat quarter of Section twenty-two, ami
the south half of the northwest .juarter Heeii-m
twenty three, Township stxty-ninr. And furthei
described a>> fillowa: Commencing at a post
marked J i K.W.norner, and planted 40 ebaloi
cast ol the northwest oomer of Section twenty-
two and running ��*l 4��> b<uns, tbeni'e south m
cbalni, ihcnce east to e-tmin-, thenee south9Q
chains, thenee (feel 80 cbaina, thenoe north 40
chains to nh >( beflnnlng.
AUgUSi 4lSt, 1908 JaME." JuIISntoSB,
w. A.Csider, agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 80 day* irom date I
intend io apply to the Honorable tin- Chief Com-
mlssloner ol Unds and Works, for permlaalon to
purchase th>- following described lands, situate
En tne district of Wesl Kootonay, adjoining Lol
TOO on n,e ,<est arm of Kootenay lako, commencing at tbe initial j"��*t placed at tbe aoutbweil
corner of I ol 7W, tbena north 20 ohotno, tbenee
west  'Jn chain*,  thenee  south "J)'hains, llienee
east 'k) ehains o point of commencement
hated Aug. 1Mb, lMufi. Jamks Fkaikh.
Notiee I- herehy given lhat GO day* nfu-r date I
10tend  to apply to The Uonorahle the Thief Coin.
mutaloner ol utndi and Worki f"r permlmlon to
purchase tbe following deserlhed lands: Commencing at a l��ost marked "J. .\ 0 IC .- W, Cor-
n,r." |>,ic.-d at the northeast corner of l.-u ������������ I
ritti'ilug *i chains north; theme *i chnins <H��t;
thence BOchalm iouth; theme */" hntu* weal to
polo * oi commencementi containing iviu acrei
noir* or leu.
Hated tbe '.'1st day of July IWjC.
J. A. P'RllUT.
Notice is hereby glren tbat 00 dayi after date
I inieml toapply 1" the Uonorahle the Chief
Com in i*f oner oi Lands and Works for |ierml**loii
to purcbaai tbe following deaorlbed lands in the
Wosl Koolena] UUtrlct: Commencing ai n po*t
marked T. K. I* renehe'a l.nnd B, K. corner placed
near 0. C, Poynti 8. W. corner, thence soil ni
chains, ihenco north to chain-, ihenee was) mi
chains, tbenn in io ohalns to plaee of com-
hate.i .mil ,|Hy of Jul) 1908,       T, It Kiikn.h.
Hy Ahi'KKW ami.. Agent
Nolle- is herehv given lhal 80dan nfier date I
im, ud to appl) to uie Honorable lhe < hief Com-
i iisslonei of l-andi and Work* f-.r i- rmisilou to
purchase tbi rollowlng deeerlbed landi in th'
Wesl Kootena) dlslrior, neei Hnrlon "
st,   HI..I
Noiiee i* hereby given ihat 81
Intend   tO   applv   to the Ifoi,. t
iloner of Uodi and Work.- fi
ilirchase  the  following d'
purohaia the following dewiiiK.-f h
West Kuotenn-�� djitrlct: Beginning
������* after date I
hief Commls-
ermls*lon to
Umls In Uie
^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-. g   "I   I   I'"-'
marked i;. Hell'* Bi K. corner, about two mild
eust of the Balmon river, and half anile from
the Pend d'Oreille river, theuce 80 chnlni north,
in chnins wait, -<���-��� ii-.n- hi ami lu chains mui
to ph of heniniiing.
Paled 27th day ,.f July. |(KW. I!. It   IIF  :.
Hlxty days afterdate I intend to ��pp y to lha
Commluloner ol l<ondi and Work*-, .'kiorle, to
ptiMiiiiae imi acrei nf land. Commeodoi *i ��
post planted on tho werl ihore of Arrow Like, *���
tin. south east eorner of J J GhrbHfe*spuiT.baa-
ruuulng north S<l< loiln*  Ihenee eaat *Ju chains,
thenoe south 80chains, tnenoa ��e��t f-VMh-iin- to
place of oommencement
Located May, Utfa 1908,
L. Qaluuhkr, locator.
nieiieingatapbti planted at the southeast oornei
of   ��� corg<    Hudson's ^^^^^^^
marked Hmiy (., TOllIttiton'i N K c p *
r iniiii,g wuih u cbaiDs, tbenoe westi) chsini
;i nee north W chains, thence east 20 ehelni to
place ol beginning, eotMaining ***��iaeti _,,r inud
i. ire ot le��s,
hated tbll I0tb dayol *ngu*t, l��ofi.
HaKhv 0. ToLUNOTtm,
Notice li herobi given  bet ����� dari after date]
lute (id to make spplteatlon to *be Honorable lha
I lili-f '���ommissioinT of l.and*alid Wo-ksform-i
mi ii to piri lo.se about Quaeres of |Hi,,| k\,���
au .i in th Balmon river, Weel Kootenai rtisiritw
ei.mu.ene i,r m i postmarkedU k Botter'sNB!
Corner, plautod on the west hank ..[ t|M-river"
atniut i'i tntlesnorthof [be International bound
err, thonce west oq ehain., ihence n ehalni
south tbenee cast aliout 20 cbalm lo the river
lbence northerly along the river to place of onm!
ii, cncemi.nl ' m
August ikiii, 1808. e. r, Btrpria
T H Atklmon, Agent,
, '���'V"   '   '"*";���>' B'*o�� ""'t iwnmr
flan 1 intend f> apply tothe 11 rati
iramlMloncrof Und-. and Work* for
tii* alter
  ihe Chlel
-II thai land irf-hig i"hV7orc*horr.1-Vi\,,hVl-'-lM-',f
division* 1, u ������M ( ���[ |���| ;(,,, yjwj
.ore of t|1(.
district of
ko leriay, and being on the souih.
WCSl   Arm   :f  KoOtCOSy   hike,   ||j -|,
Koo'eimy: *.^B^^^^^^
Commeocing ai a Mel marked "A. y Wain-
;;*"'��o-*! .;on,.r p.n-; thence W ohati 1 w_f
���' 'ion.- northi ih-nee 00 ci    ,.      :
Ihenoe a -1 ��� ���  i^ntb tothe pi f    ,  ,,  , '
ment   heseid Und and tttteehon to i      ,?�� .
for sawmiii purposea, m "w"
I'ated thi.-l.tdayof Aiiguat, IW-8.
A- K. WaTTB,
Notice 1* herehy given lhat 00 days afler date I
intend to apply to lhe Hon. U�� Chief Commiasioner of Landl and Work* for permission to purehase the followlug deaorlbed lauds m w,-.t
Kootena) dlatrlct, prvrlnoa of British Columbia;
Commencing al a is.st markeii ������William Tolling
ton's northwest comer post," mfd post la-ing
nlanl.,1 at lhe BOOthWeat eoriier of tbo ���t.lleeu
Mineral -Claim." and adjoining tie cast line of
MePhair* pre einpljon, th- lo e si.nlh Iwelity (JI)
chain*   along   said   line,   thenee  cast fort/ (40)
chains, thence north twenty 120] chains, tbenee
well forty (I'i) chains mote ,,r less, to the plnee of
hated 1st <lay of August, '.'**���
William Toi.linuto.*.,
By hi* agent J. K. Taylor
Notice is given thai 80days after date I Inieml
loapply  to the  II. rable  the  Chief Coinnls-
sioner of Lands and Work* for permission to
pnrehaae the following deeerlbed lends in the
\\ eel Kootenay Dlstrlol:    Commeucilir al a post
marked O, CTPoynts hand I, Y. Cornor placed
n.ar the I'end d'Oreille river at Houndarv ereek
east aide of Salmon river. Ihenee ea-t B0 ObaJOl
along the Interualional Houndarv I.tne, ihence
n .rth 4U chains, thenee weel to chains, theuce
south to ehain* 10 place ol eommeneement.
haled theJtlth of July lOtti. V.V. I'oVNTZ.
By AmiREW A die, Agent.
NollOe Is hen-hy |tV80 lhat Ui.IhVs
h.:.i,d Iobpj.I) lo the Honorable the
Nolle.- Is herehv given that two months after
date   I   Intend   to  apply   to  the   Uonorahle  the
Chief Commissioner oi hands and Works ior
permission to purobase the loiiowing duorlbed
lands situate on the wast arm of Kootenay lake
in the Dlstricl of West Kootenay: Commenelui
at a |misI marked 'William Kuerby'* N.W, postl"
thenoe wesl twenty p.) chains; ihence south
IWentf    (_W)   chains;   theuce   easl   twentv    (*_��.)
ehalns; thenoe north twenty (jn chain* to ihe
point of eommeneement, containing  forty (Id)
acres, more or less
Daied July 7. 1808, Mi. KgtBOK,
Not he |�� her.-hy given thai 60 dan after dale, I
111 lend to api.lv to the lion, I hief Commissioner
ot hands und Works for perml-doti to purchase
tin- hiiioutnt; desoribed traci of hmd situate in
Wesi Kootenay District: Commenelni ai the
���outhwoat corner of l>,i 7Jfl0j thence runlng
weal -10 ehain-; theuee north 9D ohalna; thonoe
weal -iu cbalm; thenoe north 90 chalnai ihcnce
east W chains;   thence miiIIi  10 < hains to polnl
of commencement, coinalnlii*.; 340 acres, more or
hated al  Nelson, li  ('.,   |ln- JMtd day of July.
1908, \\ah\ nuklut,
i��*r k c Qreen, Agent.
.im.' 1
____________ -ohtef Co,,!
if Lands and   Work- for permission lo
purehaae the following deserlhed lands iltuate
In Wc*t Kootenay District:  Commencing at a
poii marked *'i-. McArthur'* N. W. corner post
Iltuato near lhe N I,, comer ol land applied for
hy S. McArthur tlience souih lo chains, more or
less; thenoo ei*l wi chains; thenee north 10
.halus, more or less; llienee wesl Hll chains to
point of ( omnieiii eint nt
Salmo, B.C., August llth, I����.
P Mi AhTiirit
T. II. Atkinson, Agenl,
Hlxijr day* alter dale I Intend to applv to the
<'oiuin|ss|oner of Uind* and Work*, Victoria, to
purchnse Hal acre* ol land, Militate and deserlhed
a* lol lows: Commencing nla nod planted ou the
wesl side of Arrow lake opposite Oorlbofl Cily, al
or bear lhe Southwell corner of P. ualg pureliuse, and murked "'J, M. A., H B, com* r," and
running north -m obaina, thenco west4nchaini
loll. Annahle's ]>ureha*c, theuce toutb fO chains
moreor lees t<�� the like ihoro, tbenoe along the
lake fhore to place of heglniiing,
August aSth, HWti. U, M   ANNAlit.K,
Notleo I* hereby given that IM) days afler date 1
intend loapply lotbe Honorable ihe Chief Commissioner ol hands ami Works, Vleiorla, to purchase HU acre* of hmd, situate ahout one mile
east or Burton City on the eaal Hide of Arrow
lake, and de*irlh'*d as follow*: CounnfUcluu at h
posl planted at the northcasl corner of Lol B0BO1
ihenee  norlh  211 chains,  thenee  weal I" chain*,
thenoe Spnth   '" < J 1-,   Ihcliee east 40 chain* Ul
place ol lnvgllilllug
Auguit .ttlh, I',**-, J, It, Ht'NTltK,
Notiee Is hen hy given thnt t-edari alter dwl
Intend   i"   apply   to the Hnimrabic the   : ������!
Commissioner of undaand Worti f��r v*no+
rion to purehaae the following 'IcmtiusI ud-i.
iltuated 10 the ... -t KootenaydlHiiei,adltWsj
CL l'e..r-.,n'-,,n the north, abootouiadiee
'I narlei miles from the I'end d'l ir.-l!lr nu-r, tttt
moneing al �� ts>*t merited c i caMwalliaa
crmr   [M.st.   Ihence  sil chain-.  ii.Tlli. IhlWf
rhalni west, ihenee wi chaloi lontbi theint-#
ehalns easl to place of ramraenceaual
Located the 1-1 daj ol August. i-����i
HJUMAS lil.^PER, Agrlit
Notice tfl herehy given lhat BO lap iflerdlli '���
intend toapph i��� ihe Honorable ll,. i'titr'r
inlaaloncr of Lamls and Works for i-.ri.ii-*'' "
n hose the following deserlbed land in ����������
J* Ulslrlel ��Ih.uI 111 miles stmlli i'l P"'"
toil City; eoininclieluic at a post planted ntii 1 "<���
ea-t hank of Trout crick ami marked <   I. he*
t-r'* n w.r Poat and running moth ��� eWw
tbenoe eait80 rbatns] thence nortii to'-M'1"'
tOeiict: west i-.��-hain* tothe place of com-OrS**"
ment, containing MrJ acres, more or lei*.
haled thin Rod day of ACgUll, UM
C. I,. riMtr*
W. II   lUxn-Tos, Agent
Notiee I* herehv given tbltMdlTI aflMe^l
In lend to applv to the Honorai.l'iiieCnlel'oi
mlHlonaroi l-mdsamt Work-for w-nnlnl-at��
purchase the following deaeribed Undi:
menctpg at a post marked "J. M pie.*
ner.- pla-vd on the east *hore of l-.w-r >��'��
hake at the norlh west corm-r nf J. t hrl*tlr�� ��� f
plication to I'utehase. running thenre*! ntv
eust; ihence80ohalns north; ihen.- toew"?
moreor leaa, weet to tbe lake ibo��ei ibwei ;'
lowing lake ihore to poim ef oonuneeo*"*
containing 810 aeres more or lea
hated the Brd day of July, i��(i.
J, W. BiTB-
reil InrU
OllllllelllTtlll'llh I
lu m i - Aki'DI.
Notice Is herehy given mat 80 'lay* m" ��' '���
inieti M.i.h lothe HonorableIhfJ UtH
miaaionerol Undsand Worki r..r i*-rmis��"
purehase ihe foUowlng deeerlbednlanda,iuw
on 11 Ml side of Arrow lake    CoMMng"
the notlhea-t comer  of   A. Anthony I V^^
thene..  north   forty  ebalna, thei
'hain*, ihenee south forty
forty   chains   to point of '
lainiUK 100 acres, more or le
baled Beptember 1,1806.
Nollee la bereb) gWeb lhat ta -��ai��J|JjJ5Jj
intend lo api.lv tl Hon Cble   " " Ml   ,,,|,���.r
of hand- and Work- for permlialon IJWJ |b#
the following deaorlbed lands, si ..-md
Kootena; dhlll'l     Cuuiiuelieilig ��l ��� P*        ���f
ed "BBW s. ft. corner." planlod on ""      ,, 0|
Lower   Arrow    hike,   ahoul   m   '��   |* "     ,��� #
"ior i creek   (Johmioti creek.) ;       .,���.
Ohalni, theliee w.st 80 ^"ffitfi'
ehains, thence east 10 CbeiOl I" IM,,,"1 ' ]ft,,
meneement, eonlaliilng 180 >'rT'^} '"\t,.m
andcoinprlsimr abandoned pre eWuD'
Btaked this -Mill day of Angnfj. 'fn|ir|ll1fli,
A. N. WoLvKirroN, AgrlU___
lliissiesi '"���
��� ssrlisF'1'
I ls��".
SSlSSllST.il I-H1.I...M.I  W.srliS. (HI I'
.���Iiiim. Hi,. I���ll���avlll>! -WOTlM- l'
Uss' eul ll-e sif .Imn ��*���!
pn.i iiiBiisi-si a. v���.iiis,r�� on
nilllll   I riv  Vilnius', lisllssasllllj
1 slnrv: llss'iit Ml ilxty '"'lii''I'V'VtVi'h*l(1,:
"- ..y.  ,i,,  ,..,r    Isss'l      ���,.
' ,! sis.liit "1 s'lilis11""
initrs'isrls'" .    p
Al,i:\��>"r \"
BMI s-t.lv  I'lldll
ss'iii Dlalnltio_-0 ���.
)l������-,\ S.|.ll'lllllsT I, r��
.is I'i"
. Tssre'
IS, tlSS'l'
li IssrlV
I hill
N.'tli-.- in li.T'l'V islvi'ii lli��l"!'lffi"|!|i'Vl."��'
mu-iiii io .imsiy in ni- l,li;;."'r;,i, ��.nni.'S��*
liila.lnui'r ill Liiiiiln sssssl Hurt" I '\'i,,,rl��"l
nOr-UtfO llll- l"ll"svlli|l .I.-.a-.H-.--l '"" ,,,|lis-is"
Irs'iss ,1 poll liliiik-.l ��;-.T."S"m vliiliii-'11"'"^
Hi' ol
���|s       ,
sills  Hi I'hiiiisis, Ilu
isirlli .ilslsisliiK. Illi'lii- ���.��������� .���, ,
'.siuiiiiii.-i'liii'lr.   i ml,'.   ���<".   ,'*;,ppii��
MH laljolll. on ilii'oaNlulA.Aiillii"'?-
imi tn piiroluMi       ,.     ., ���_(i
l��la.-il thll Mill il��y Ol AiikiihI. ''"'��� w. Toll,
N. DK��<��". A��(""' The Daly Canadian
Carry a complete "tonic ot Foreign Winei, Beer, Ida
Htid I.lfiueuri, and Canadian Wines uml Wh_
It our
��� imv OKI bottta PortaDaWn, -Urn, Brandy, (,in, tm, Hyc, |_o__h
,.- ,_) in.r.'.a-.-.l si.miillty yi,., toll,,    R,��� |���ml]v ���',;'^l(',,,;;
1'HQN''- -"'>��� P.O. HOXKI3I)
Lperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
,i. u'Tiioi(.ixi-:i>�����t...mhi.iiou. capital paid up.   .mwoooo
KKHT |4,S80,000,
j wil.lilli. PrsHHidBiit. HON. KOhKRT .IAKFUAY, Viim-President
Branches in British Columbia:
loWHKAll       OOIiDKK,     KKLSD.',',     BBVBLBTOKB,     TKOUT  LAKE,
���' ivi'il iiilil intvi-iwt allowed ut isuriiani rotes fnnn date of openiiiR ac-
���sl hsilf-yoarly.
sov iwainch J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
Inpo-it* n
mi a-dll
', Burns & Co.
Son  of  Illustrious Statesman Talks of
Imperial   Relations.
fcri _*tt��-ts in   HmkIujkI,   Trnil,   Nelson, Knslo,
Denver antl Slocan City.
Gk-ttdos, Thrcio Forks, Now
lo any hranrli will have
I'nnihil altuuiinu.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
jew Fall
joods Arriving
tportvr -tf RtfM
��� ���._- I��-��� 11     I'xiimI.h
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
Nflwiii. I .. C
1 [1 1 ENDKB8, -proper.; Ihdoraed, will !><���
r'('i*.iil by  tl.o n_lden.Kl.e-- nj> to mi'l in
"8 Mnndajr, ilu* iifi.Tiiili Oetobor next, lm
on mi'l loinpii'tiiin ol 11 court Bonn Ht
. 11 1
11 iflnfttlona ud 'oiniittoti- of noi
traol mnv I"* WW hi ilu- !'n 1'in-
icor'i offloe, Victoria, B. C, ninl ��t
ImUnvorn nt Kfeoi, Nelaon, B.O.f
tin* nth (September next
r must bo acmompaiilCH- with ��
  tor live (M per wnt ot Uion*
lender.orthe faithful performanm]
nm uf tin- work.
*��� of unanoceaatu] tondorori will be
Ul 111   OU   III*'   I'XlM'Ulloll   of   tin* 1*011-
llliy   U'llilr
iQCwnrllT W'
|\ Cl <i \M��l-��r,
I'ni.ih* Worki Bngltiw
nl U'urLh li.iiartni- nt,
>ria it t* , 8(h ftcittombor, iwm.   ^^
Sl|, III) Ills'
sl Isss.
k'Is ill
Ills' t>'l-a-l.w
'I's'll'liTss mlslrrssssrit lis Ills-ssIl'Ll-lislS'il.
ulllii- In lln' I'sissrl II1.11M'. In lli.-rllyi.l 1
srtll t.a' r-oelved ,.I. llll thi'liisisr,.! Harm'
October l-th, is-"-, im
Eyed   Ni'US.'" Mliss-rssl
I'lialsis, I.sl 29M, which is ,sa sl���,'l,ar,'sl (ssrd'lli'.l ss.
lha.orawn M the Tu B��l�� hold to jbot'Ky ol
S.lss.sn ..ta Ills' 51- slsij ssl Ni,s".���l.,'r, !����.,   sst ,ls-r
llsi.is.s'Sil iHX.-s- nn llll .'insi' Hth, IW sss.'l OOIU.
llir lUis-.'t lull's' ,.[...II Ills-   SISl'l   lllllllTlll   s'lillm.
as Ills-Is Ina'lllalw llii'.luisiilil "I ili-liiuiiii-nl mil''
���,iil,,,��l-ssl llss-llisss's.i is'rii'llisrs'.av Ills liili'ri'sal:
Ihm>s avlsis'ts haw saliss-t- las'i-ni.'sl; .nil loo tor
s-rssaass uri.lil. Is- HJ.0S, WlllOtl I" H"' I''""' ���"""""
Ih-I as 111 I.' ni'iLlsls-rislssKss l.'sssl.'i.
Kk.Ii l.ss.l.T lllll-t W iis',,si���|,isi.i.il 1'V is" m��
,',.|,l,'.ll'llS,|IIS'. p.lV.ll.l.. 10 111,' s,isl,'I Illllll' |l"|sll
ly CumnilaSsloner-l Und, aud Worki., at par-t
Victoria, II r . I"! His' inss'.silil l.ii'li'ii'il.
Ussvi'tlllssi'lil Aaia'lil, Ni'l-sssll, 11. I .
Chief among the distinguished visitors from the mother country, whose
business or |ilea��ure routine has lured
them to Weatern Canada, lu H, N,
Gladstone, third son of the late William Kwart Gladstone, and brother of
Hou. Herbert Gladstone, tho British
homes secretary, who arrived In Wtnni-
p.g last Friday.
Kllteen years of Mr. Qlnd-tonp'g
life have been spent In the Kast In-
lib.s. wits re he In niuiiuirlnit director
of a trailln;, ruiiiiiiuiy bearing his own
liiinii'. The i:niii|i;iny wiih one of lhe
Orel private corp-rat-ona Usm _nt_r_d
buslneee there after the AlBBolutlon ol
the Blasl India oompany hull n century
imn. nm! wns orgaul-ed by tin- cnni'l-
lather ol Mr. GHadatone. The latter's
ini' rs'sts un the Atiii'ilcan ciiiiliiii'iii
at presenl center In Cape lln-tiin cual
lands, but It is quite po-slbte he umy
ijs'i'.iiii' Interested In Western Oanada
rrom nmre than a visitor's standpoint
before bis departure for the old land.
"The 1'Iasl meets the Wesl, anil thiols! World 'bo New." said Mr. Gladstone, "and the space of boundless waters [si In presenl days nniiibilati-il.
The reciprocal relations between the
mother land and the colonies are be-
Coming more genuine and more solid
every day. The chief reason for ibis
is fiiiuul ln lhe rapid development of
colonial enterprise and resources and
the favorable reaction In the mother
land from lhe effects of the Boer war.
Recovering from the influences of a
$:imi.(iiiii.00il expenditure is Uo small
tass s'ven for the most prosperous of
nations. Favorable trade relations are
rapidly becoming more firmly eetab
lishtil with Ihe colonies. The trade re
lalions and Industrial status In WnK
land were never more firmly estah
llshed than Ihey are at the present
"The reaction against Ihe policy of
Mr. Ghanfberlatn has been very stroni;
ansl his view of the fiscal question Is
becoming a dead issue. At the time
It was instituted an iinfortupate "trade
stagnation permeated the country, but
unfortunately for Mr. Chamberlain and
his followers a normal standard was
again evolved ami the people were not
slow to see the defects in the views of
the greal statesman, and detect tho
sinister influence It would have upon
the country. 1 do not believe that you
require any preference In Canada. The
preference we would accord you would
be too infinitesimal and rather uncom-
piiineii'tary to Canadian business in-
li'lllgi-nca-. The ftiRlish people believe
in a sound Imperialism, but to attempt
to maintain the llrlllsh empire on a
purely economic basis, antl that alone,
is a bad political argument inasmuch
as such a policy has no substantial
No belter system of emigration
from the British land to the colonies
could be inaugurated than Ihe present.
A purely state immigration policy advocated by any government would not
(lo justice to either our own country
or yours The Liberal governmenl In
Kiiglaiul. which is firmly established,
would nm advocate this. The man
who voluntarily leaves to seek a home
for  himself and  comes    lo     Western
Canada In the end forms the lu'st citizen. The alarmist lone which a few
years ago was prevalent in Knglnnd
regarding Canada has entirely disappeared tuul thousands of the middle
and comparatively well-io-do classes
are annually Isaving to seek their fortunes in Canada,'
"The problem of landing hundreds
of thousands of Immigrants, besides a
large transient Irade, In a country
where hundreds of miles are only
short distances, is one with which our
nii'ii British railways do nol cope, nml
words of commendation are She to tha
great transportation companies in
Canada tor their suco-M In this regard. In a few yenis three of the
greatest transportation companies will
be dividing llie bulk of the trade In
Canada because of Canadian develop,
ment. ennndn is only being discovered by lis own people anil in iii" ' >.**>
tbe iKnglo-Saxon race Europeans have
learned of your resources of mine and
field and forest, equal to the most alluring dreams that we have ever cherished, and that lhe plane on which the
United Slates have stxiod for over a
quarter or a century has been equalled by Canada. There will be lo Canada just such a Bteady Influx of population from the old world as the
I'nited States had for generations.
There will be In Canada Rreat mining
centres, prosperous industrial communities, a rloh prairie population and
great Canadian fleets going from Atlantic ports to Europe and from Pacific ports to the Orient, and problams
In government of tremendous Interest
and magnitude. These arc the enduring fruits of civilization. No better
advantage could be offered for the development of fi Canadian citizen, who
when history 1ms granted Ihe justice
nl tss-rsneeiive will lie one of the mosl
typioni and picturesque or her many
figures, iis'iv in- win be removed frdm
the Inherited prejudices of the old
world ami unspoiled by its exlrentes
ssl ssseinl di'striictlon. sane, simple, serious and modest, averse to the swagger and cant and pretensions which
flourish in older regions of the new
Sflver King Hotel
Boet Dollar a _.y honse in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furQlihed,   Table m good u an_r
In Melton.    Bar supplied with good
llauor-i ana cl*an-
W. B. McOANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
KuniTWRti and Atnertcfiti Plar
KeaU 25 ou.  RoomH frotD % eta. to 11
Only White Help Ktnployed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
Baker 81., Nel.nn
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will lind it to their ad-
VUtttage t.) use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Flneit.
White Help Only Kmployed.
Josephine Bt.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
TbsC Big Schooner !>/>/,��� 1 (\r
0t "Half-ind-Hali"    DIXl    1 UL��
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel HCi-ssinmsislKtlotlii sea-amd to nnna- In Hrlt-
l.h Coliiiniilii. Itsili-sifl 0�� pair day. Special row.
tss monthly tinarslersa. Only nomas hotel in Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hull anil Vernon,
two bloflrtH (rom wharf.
Rates II 00 per day and up,
H. & M. BIRD
I'lr-i  untl   A_s_slcler,t
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldent eMahlished Real ERtate
BusluetiB in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone IIS.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICK80N, Proprietor.
Centrally Ix��-ated. Open Day and Night.
Hample anil Bath RoomH Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Offlce.
Comer Ward mi V-mon Streets.
Deliveries made dally throuRhout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
NotlM 1�� hen-liy ��ivi-n  lhat sixty flay-, alter
dato I inttMH. toapyly to lln* Honorable theI'tite.
Comtnlnlontrol I..nn'i* an>t Works fur
��� the following Oe
otenay dutrtct: (
RobiTi  Ootletl
an.1 mark-it  A. U'S
���st Ko
rifced Un-tt ��nnftt��
'MMi-nrin..' at a pout
north eait corner
W, Corner ihi'nce
.,1 m Nol ion, B,
' .ih.N t-'ili
Iht, 1906,
"v. |!-.s^->^_*
*sI.Kn TKNllKI-s, sssnicrssi-rllss'.l '���Tssisls.r lor
* 1 1 llOUW," Will !������ ivss-llsal l-l  llll'llllsls-t
"I si|"si ii...... ol'llssss..liiv Uss- wus Septra-
''���'.'���.   lair   IhO .r.-.'t loll  SIISsI   s,slllislslls.il III IS
'""in  Irsiiiss- Bobool'houn, ssl   Ilium-.   ^ i*.��t
'"mi Dlitrlot
"ss-,-I's-s tllciiili,, sislrssil sin,I iisrtiiinsf li-n
'""s Ire naii ssn sssssl attar Hn- uii Buptarahor,
"1   11 til if   Ihs-   lliia's-llisssallt  Agent,
���"ss. unsl ai  Uu, I.���n,l. mi.l  Wi'tlns Ili'issirl
11 v i listlii, 11.11.
!' i't"i"i-isi in sssi is,, accompanied bi i-ussh- r
" I'' I'l' -I I'SSISlS S'llS',, I S'STlllSl'ISlS' ssl s|,.|���,ss|l
' iiarierod lunik m I'aiunlii. nrndo pnraulj m
'""���e-lKln-il IIIIIIS'HISIIS.I iliiss, IS Illlll Klssill
"'!��� "'''I ll ilu- curly lalidarlng sis-hiss- lis
"' nmi I'liiiirini  sslis'ii siillssl ssi lis slss siss.
i--.li, oboiina. ���r .-.-rt ulraii- "I denoail .it un!
'"-I'lls liioissaallll,,' r.-l,,r..,-.l I,, Ilis-sis Up,
'In exei-litlon "I lis inn''    I bo �� ewliil
'""���s HUM,,. ii,,iilii..|s���|so-lili.li is lioiiil.lilln-
,""sl tWimireUas,   i "ISS ssl tl.ssssis'sii'li.
li   'list' liilllliss,.|it ssf lis,- wisrls s'ssulr'ii't il Inr
��i-mllalootlon ssl llss- Iliiiusralsls'l'lil'l I-
-I'iis, r   l')���,u n���. oxeentlnll ul His-1......1 lln-
n.PllOqllll   sir  S'l'l'lllls-Slls.   ,,[  ilt-pa.ll   ssl  sslsssvi'
nilniioil will 1,0 i-,.list,,,-,l iii tbo onutraetor.
oiislor. win n,,i i.,. innalderod uniM. made
'"'Uss' lisrmsi Mippllel   mill KlKlli-il with UlO
..ml .lunaturo ol tba teiidoror.
���11'llllVoBt lit  liny  loiiiliT  mil  in Rissstlly IU'
Nicil. r. MA-KAY,
_       I'oiuity Oommtuionor ol Land, and vv..rkis
���'���'""I.,s usl u���rv, i,.,,��� ,,���,������,.
Victoria, B. C, Hlat Allgil.l, l����.
Certificate of Improvements
��� a iiHin. between
ismmilli'. i.imil.   Fit.l''Inn  I'lialia'al-
���i.v.-.sty Mil,- |.'ra,'si..ii minora oil , fl
Hie Iii ihe Nelion Mnium lilvl.lisii ssl w
Kisilisisiy itlslrli'l
Where 1 sii'ii: im "un*
TilSKWiS M.'i ....'i.n'. "i """uy
1-,,.,. uiner'i Oertlnoalo rjo lis.li. In on. ,�� �� >
,|HV. [mnl ll. sl,' IssTi-isI, lis applj Is' II"' MlnlliK
l;",,,r,l,'l   (Ol   ' .���I'llll.'.lK's- "'    ",]"""���<"'���'"
the Isssrl'.ss,' ssl sslilnliiliiB isriswn l-rmil-'sl mi'
"a_X inr-jetUlio noUoe thai acllon. under ��e-
ll,,,, :i;. ���i���., i���., ssss.'i. 1 boloro tho Innaiiee
olmsslH'irllll nli'nl Issilsrnvi'iiii ills'
�����ut ���mt-hnhi*^; thcni'e 4u�� halim south, more or
l.'is to tht- Kooteuay rivt-r; thfttOe 4('i*liains went
rtlotii: Mi" Ko��tt'iiay itvcr; theliee 10 ebttfll
north, n'.on* oi lee**, to thf phu^e of coinin-mut
nit'itt. contain log \m aere*r< more or lea*.
Bout mbct Nth won.
William Mikirk a-^ Afteut.
N.,.li ! V--*t*v ������.���'-���*;.JJi-jU.Ai'Jv .���t'i_.H.Hfivr
. ..tc- I iin-ii'l toappl) lo i!i7WW?3W"*MM*��|
CotntnlMlonerol Cdndiand WoTfeiforpermimon
to nurebeie tlm (ollowtng deseHbed laml*. _JtU-
hi,' tn Hi.* Wi'M Kootenav rliitrtet, nofl Rdjolnlng
1'iinl \ii'ln*v pm-etntltfon, Hturllm: nt a boat
markeii AJ. \��uk, n k, corner, on the weet inore
of  Lower  Arrow  lake,   UteOCe  90   I'haftis WtMt,
thence m chalna lonth, thenoe W ehain* eaii.
thence W chaini north to point of eOMmebce*
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands to
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
i-..i''.i at Nelion, B,
this Sth dav of Peptem-
A..), LotfO)
a I'i'i.i Aim, Agent.
Iltlilit mui Isy vlrlui' ol the puivi'tssi'.siiiiiliii'il
111 1, ,.,.rl.,lll siss'.rlslssil,', wlllrliai'lll Is.-Jsrallis'-'
Ills'disss'ssl Uu-..Is
M beoAoretl fs"
"":."��� ��"'-il"l!,:,:>,.^:-!',";;.I,.!;:r'��� ;���'
llsssia.'.   ll   llll'  CIlYnl It
\l, sll, 1a, V, llll' -'llll  "l.iy   nl   Sal"'
ni Us.- iisissi"! "ii-s'l'iisy
I liMiHlsls'lrtss'l i.ll.sliil
is.ki', known
1, t. A   li , l����.
l,| t,,li>ll1|,llsslS 111
U���. l.������ss Arti'iv
i'looi i'irk. ����4 conelitlin ol IW
,��� lm, sin.l tin- isssslssr isssiisll'sis
For is'irilii'r perlloulftra en- ti'rmii mssl s-s.nsii-
Morigartte'l loltoltori
Htinlc of Montreal Chambert, Kosuliinil, '*-< ���
Dated at Ronland, 7th 8��put laou.
TAKK NOTICE that an application hm been
ninth' to regime. Tariff Mining Company ai iho
owner in fee Btinple, uinlet ta*o reveral i��\
sale in-t'lc from It J, Btonson, Uopntj Awewior
mnl Colloetor ot the Bloean A-anwinonl DtitrlPt,
toTnriff MtiiiiiK Company, bearing dau tin "kith
,iiiv oi \h��iiki. A li, lWBi "i all ana lingular
Lhoiooorutln iiarrolici traetiol laml and protn>
ImuiHuate, iving ����d being m tin- Dlitrli*i ol
Koolenay, in [ho l��rovlnoo nt llrttlih Columbia,
mon* pnftli-nlnrlv known nnd llowrlbod h*   l.ntt
SSS and MB. 'iroiip   l, niitrlol ol Kontanay,
"Bhafor" mnl "llohtHil" iniinriil oliiliii".
Vonandoerb ���<( yoti ire rmjuliw to cnntcM
tin* Olaltn Ol tin*  tax   piirt'lno'i't   wttliili loiirlorii
.lavHfr  the date nt tlie nerviee ,.| t'-In iinUee
ui.'on voli.litnl In dcr-.mil ol  iveal nr eorlilleiite
o( 111 Dotidcti- ho 111K t'1"1 within fiudi peri.d,
you Will bo toriiVcr ontopped and delmin*d from
���ettlni up anv claim to or In rwiwl ol the ��ald
hum, mid i ahall regtilorTartll Mining Oom| >
ai owner tnoroof.
htued nt umi Uogiftr. Offlca Nelion. rrqvlnee
ItritlMii of Hriilxh L'olumbta, Ihla Till 'lay ot
AllKllil. a. ii. P.t*\.
ii f. maiu.oh,
i Diitrloi Reglitrar,
To Kootenay Mining QompanyCforptgnl
Bliafvr Uold and Bltvei miuiuk Company
Nottec Is hereliv v.lveu lhat M flan ��f*>r dai
intend toapply to the Honorable the Qhlel Com*
mttilonor ��f undi ami Work* f*>r ivrmi'-Nion
io pnrelmse the following -deaorlbed Und. sttutite
in Fire Valley. In the Weil Kooteuay dlatrlct, adjoining Vt. a. Cnlder'i pre m]tiion, itartlng ��t a
poit marked U. HeQuarrlc'i nnthTUt oorner,
rutiiiing MMdiaiit1- east, tbenoe 40 obalm nortb,
tlienco8fl ehalni wwt tbence -to ehahiB nouth to
poim of eoiniiieiteenient.
Dated thlv llth dav of September, 1W'��.
Baker fitrcot, Nelnon. B. O.
���ghted by Elwtrl-nity nnd
. MeA by Hot Air
r-laai Dmlur Room
clal Men.
MKS,  K. O.  n.AKKK,
Sample Kooms for Ooramer-
Nelson and
* Single Fare
The well known
Our Bmt Onrrten is
the FiupRt in the
Notice In herehy glvi
intend to apply lo tin* lion, lhe I'hlei ( omn
���toner of I mud*, and Work* for permtxt-dnu tn pur-
obaie the followiiiK deacrlbeg landi tn West
Kootenay dlitrlot, province of Bcittib t'oiuiuhiu.
Commencing ��i a post nnirked A. A. KurtoitN
H. W, eoruer, on llie nouth cide nf I'arilmo ereek,
abonl Iwo miles eut of Uutton I'tty tnwiiHite,
uml nt Hi,* northvnut eorner of Wtlllitui Mel��ev-
itt'H pre-emption olaltn, ihenee oail Mt ohalni,
thenoe north fin ohalna, them'e \\o*t wehnins,
thence nouth ����ehtilns to tlie plaoe ot baginnlttg,
eoiitiiltiliiK Wit iierec more nr lenn.
Dined tbti Mtb day ot July. vnt\
A. A. Bl'KTON.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
^il Hotel
Ualeii (1 mid $1.50 �� Dny.
Rpouial Iii\t��e to Reditu- Bmrilwu.
N.'ll," Is, l,.-r
lull-nil tis sappl
Klvi'll Us
llss' Illllll
sf l,iinilii uml Wo
sissfiliiiHs' tin' loUowing sl i
Kss���l,.!itiy   lil.lrli'   i.i..... t
TAKK N'OTIl'K lhal  an upplleatlnn lm* t.eeu
made m reutxier Ularenoa Harman ai 'in* owner
in Fee simple, under a Tai Bale Hood twin H, .1.
HteiiNoii, deputv aMemor and 0t Hector ol tin*
Sloeiui AUBMimunl liMttel, inCtiire - llnniuin,
hoartngdaiotbpaiii day ot July A, n. mi'.nuil
und hlutftilur ilmt e'*iliiin panel of hunt nml
pieiniM- miii*lc, Ivluti and lH<liig In tlie hlalrlM
of Kootonay,In thfl Pfuvtneeo! lirltMi I'olum-
bia, nmre purileuiiirh kno-Aii ami doiorloed �����>
l,,.t ..l.lirollpl,   DiHiriel of Koi.leilBV, 'lleiny"
mineral claim.    . .   A .
Vim ami eneli of ��i>u are rei|inn*d  Ul pontoil
Uio malm ot tbo Uut puwhwior within four Icon
.Itivd from llie date nf tin* lOrVlOO ol UiIh noiiee
iipim von. ami In defnnll  of tieiivent or eerlilt-
eatoofllipoiulonabolng tiled wiiiiiu mioh per
|od, you will be forever oitop|ied and duharrod
from lutilnx ni> any platni loorln unpaid ot the
mild hiini. and i r-huii raglitai Qlaronce Herman
> tin
Hated at   Ulld tlOQlltrV   IHIlee Nelson, I'revlll-
w>it llrUUtl I'oluml'iH, thtH 171h day ol AUgOlt.
's'"im' n.,".M.,-i,K,.���.
Distriet KeKlNlrar.
TO OeOlfl Henry Mannan,
Wilbur A. llendryx.
nl Niditvf aftfr dale I
irnblo the Chief Com-
rkl for perml��Hlnn In
���rlhed land In Went
even mtlen nouth uf
Iturton I'ity: Commenolng Hi a pout planted ou
the eiint lathk nf 'liniit ereek nud murked Mcx
tlheyne'i N. W. 0. Poat ami niuufnu r-onth m
ehalmt thoni bm K| olialm; thenoo north w>
cbatmt thonco wait nchaibi to put m Uigiun-
init. eoiitiiluinu tilil ueres of lund. more or lot,
Daied this Wna day oi AuKimi, i��mi'.
Alt'* riltiVNK
\V. II lloiii.t-iN, Agent.
Noiiee  ia  heret.v  glveu  Unit M*.t\   dayn after
date i intend <���' apply to the Uonorahle the.
Hi lid OommlaVtohor of Un�� and WmkH, fnr
permllHon '" punlia��i*-the foPowlnn ilesntlied
l.mds commencing ��' �� po��l marked George Toi-
llnuton'M N.B.O, poit, at lln* Moullienxl eorner
ot J O. Melirnde's pre emplloii elaitii mid
runiiiiii! moiiMi 4iiehnliu�� to ���outhweht eoruer nf
lien Mmli-oii'K pre-emption i Iftltn; thenee w -i .'''
ehalna; llienee north 40 ehalnw, Ihenee en1*' IB
i hn tux t<< plnee ol I'oniliielli'rliietlt, imih, mint* W
RCrei of lund moreor IvN".
Mn'i'ii ihis hiIi day ol August, imw.
(iKoe'.K Tni.UNuroN,
A. A. Hurliin, Ageni.
Billy dav*: i,fter date I intend to apidy tn llie
Otalet CommlMloner of Imniin and  w��rk�� nt
YtOlotln. Tor permission lopuretiiiHeolie immireil
and six iv (41WJ aOTvant laud, loented and denerlh-
Oil nl foiloWl! I'tminielieinK at n pftll |itiuind
eluhiv (��i)elnilnse."d of llie N, W enriier of D
Rul tier's nre .nipt Ion and marked "0.8.0*1 it, W.
eorner,"   ami   running   east   foi ly   (40) eliains,
tbenco sonili torty (in) ehnins, tl oo welt {401
ehalns, titonco n��nii forty (40) Qlialhi to pints (fl
licglniiiun ,, __ ,,
Julv 7, liMi. t ��� K. HliiiHTiK.
Notice I- her-'iiv KlVi'U ihnt W flui alter dato 1
inl,u.l to npplv to ilie lloimralilt' tIm- Chief t'om-
niiioloiierof Undi and Worki for pertniHslnii io
purehiiNe llo- foil,mln/ desrrll>, d lumls >iltmled
on ihe -uM sid" of '.muv lake: I'onimeneliiK nl
tbe lOUUlWOll eorner el A. Anihmiv's piridmsp,
tbence iouth twenty ohalm, thenee earn twenty
ehalns, thenee nortii twenty <dialnn. ihenee west
twenty ohalm to point nt ennnn- ni'orneiii, eon*
tninlnV Hn ii. re��- m'*ie or less
imi-d fc'ept.mherl, ltf��       nassia M. Kh'ABT,
i per N. Prmkhii, Auout.
Wholr-sale and Helnll Healers tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
(lumps raiitiplii'il im nliin'li'M DOttoS und
linvs'ast prli'ts. Niilhlni; Isnl fri'Kh nnil
whiilismiinii ninnlH nml Htippli's Iropt in hlook
Mui! orilers (eoelV- riuvful att-ntt-ii.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
Cnutnictur  nnd
Hole agotll for Ihe 1'nrto Hho l.nmlier Co , Ltd..
retHtt yard!. Hounhiiuddre-Hed linnher, turned
work aud l.rM,-i..'h , Const litlh nnd ahitiKti's, nisli
nnd door.��. Cement, hrlek nnd llmo for sale
Vfird nti'l fiu'tnry: Vernon St.. ensl of Hall,
NELSON,   11. O.
p 0, Hnx SSS. Telephoni" 17*4.
From Penticton, Calgary, MMway and
all Intermediate and Kootenay
On sale September 18. 19, 20.    Return 24th.
or Vancouver
On Bitle September 28th Ootober Srrt
inclusive.   Ri'turn Ocl llth.
For full particiilnrs nnil berth res.r-
rations apply to lucnl nsents or write
A.'i.l1. ������Vsiiii'inivi'
,1. 8. OARTER,
n.i'.A.. Nfiwtn
A. McDonald& Co.
Penlern in Rtnple anil fmicy Gnieerlei".
Butter, E(TRS.
Omnp nnd Hiii-iV Supplies.
Sept. ntk to 20��i,*06
Round Trip
From all Points North
and West of Marcos
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20. Limit Sept. 24.
City Fnfmmger Agent,
A tl.l'. A., 81 Kills'.
West Transfer Co.
tienernl Timiiisti'rs nnil Dealera In
(leal anil Won ���.   Expreas anil
l-np-Kane Ti-nnslVr
np&!,.".,8 Office: Baker St.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Fot EverythlnR Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Dl To- bow Thairm-n's Sptdal Wxti-t?
W* c4. THURMmAN,
'     I
vi fhe Daily Canadian
Pr.cloui Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money Into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price get! higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
******** ********** ********
Crawford Free Stone.
In lar^e variety are now m*
for preserving'.
Buy while quality is
Bell Trading:
Company        ���
'<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want, to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware iu stock. Patterns.
MALT and
75cts. per Gallon'
Wu Want 1-Yi'sli Egg*.   Will glvo Ilm -
Hlghett Market Prloe.
| Joy _ Cash Grocery!
<'or,.l<)H'j'h|ii.'Hn<l Mill Hit,      I'lione IB
-The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone -'."a. Bnker St.
; nev. Father
S. Ungelle,
A. 1)  Westby
Cor. Vernon ttncl Ward Street*,,
NI_l.SO.>'.   H. C.
J FRED HUME, Proprietor.
E. F. Alls-n, .1. G Wilson, I,. L. Ramsay, R. H. Smith, Vancouver; .1. A.
Han-is anil wife, Qreenwood! 0. A.
Harvey, Victoria; I). Cameron ami
will'.   Winnipeg;   C.  Hull. Revelstoke,
D. C. MacOregor, Kaslo; M, Burrell
anil wil'i'. (iriinil Forks; Mrs. .1. S
Claire, Macleod;  .1.  Balfour, Calgary;
B, I., liiinlitic, Toronto; Miss Davison, J. C Murphy. Seattle; ('. F. Caldwell, Kaslo; 11. I*. Dickinson, Russ-
land; I). A. Rankin, Midway: r. v.
Douglas, F. I'. Wilson, A. A. Boak, A
Nelson; I'. II. Austin, Ui-lief mini-; O.
W. Cornish, Qreenwood; ('. ('. Snow-
don, Montreal: B, C. Travis and family, Salt Lake; H, 3. Allen and wife,
L. ('. Kaiiffniann, A. C, D lilurich-
anl. Bonnington; W. C. Troyer and
wife. E. G. Watson, G, Dohson, Spo-
kana-; li. C. Bullis, Chicago; A. O.
Levy, London; C. J. Whiten. Winnipeg; Mrs. Poole, Armstrong; C. Wood,
Qreenwood; 0. lligman, Fort Saskatchewan; 1,. W. Browu, Luke Bunt
sen, Dr. and Mrs. Dow, Dumferline; E.
c. It. t'sive, Vancouver; T. Slater and
wife, Kelghley, .1. Slater and wife,
Mose Jaw; Mr., Mrs. and Miss Imlsi'it-
Terry, Aston: A. K. Rowland, Toronto; W. Pearce, Calgary; A. (1. Creel-
man, Rossland; E. 11. Murdoch, Mon-
E. A Koot, Revelstoke
Bedard, Urfeenw.o_|; C.
w Jafrray, Whitewater;
and wife. Salmo; C. McDonald nml
uii's. Cranbrook; D. T. Lawson, Boss-
Iimi: ('. (lush. Qrand Forks; E. Sluier
and wire. Kelghley; .1. Slater uml wile,
Min's.' Jaw; \V. Vssiiimmaii. F. s. Collier, Winnipeg; A. Cnwley, P. Cawley,
w ii. Cawley mnl wire, Miss c. East
man, Salmo; Miss A. Pearson, Spo
kane; 11. Smith. Moyle.
A.  Kylauiler.  II.   Stevens,   Kaslo;   J.
M, Vlckers, Napanee; L. o. ('rouse,
Sandon; W. Johnson, Colville: E. Pee-
erson. Aberdeen; J. LatiK, M. Mnrcv,
Moyle; .1. Wright, B. Wllb.rg, Westminster;   J.   llniiiks.  J.   II.   Fair n-
"'.'.'Jii'." ! Wm H. McKltrtck, Revel-
stoiu-': J, Anlsoi.Ki, Tacoma; E. M,
Fiirsliid, Bpokane; .1. Lewis, Pilot Hay:
C. II. Iliinniir. T. F. Adams, W. Noble,
W. Q. Uiihli, Knsln: L. QraBaet, sMiss
A. C.rasset. C. Slalil, J. I). Wlllinins.
J. Ilayil.'ii, .1. A. Elmslie, Marysvllle.
J.   Mssss.   A.   Perry,   Fernie;   T.   Mtt
Bon, Vancouver.
1'. Paulson L, Corbial, Ferry: .1.
p'oysi. Uisssiiiiiii; ii. R. Brookman, Siw
I). Martin, 1, lls.lsliiilt. Fernie; A.
I' liishsisn. Cranbrook; D, McArthur,
T ri nto; V Ilisllis. llsisliiml: T. May,
Nakusp; t: Pagan, B, Oresswell, Vat*
couver; J. A. Elmslie, Marysvllle,
'i' ii iti'iinic, a. i.aldiaw. Bpokane;
H F. Wilson, Roslamd; J. Handyllok,
J. Logaatha, C, Kolybaber, (;. Sahara,
.1.  Sanderson, Qrand  Forks.
F. ii. Jackson. A. Woodward, w
Bplller, W Righy, l. Alexander, D,
Kent. Bonnington; F. Plche, Kootep
ay Landing; u. l. MoffatfTQreenwood;
w. Burrell, Walkerton; J, Nicholson,
Kuslo; ii. Schnili/,, .1. Lange, Spokane;
G. Scott. Koch's Siding.
I.   Babbitt,   Procter;     D.    Parry,   R.
Parry, Vancouver; w. Bteoge, Sutton's
Shows: T. Doyle. A. Phillips, Spnlinni':
M.   lli'thlllie,   J.   Foote,   N.   McCallum,
Bonnington;   w.  MoNles, Cranbrook;
E. Whceldon, 49 Creek; J. Orde, Kit
chener; J. a. Smith, Buffalo,
GO MKN. sll ssn,.,,, |s,r aissrli In thss ffOO-l, Apply
Is, W.K. iji.sski'. mi�� mill. Kmtli..
I.AHV KTKNlllilt.VPIIKH Iur poRlttoli Iti i-iiunlry.
Oood Ilium' wilts employer*! fmssily. Apply
l���.v W.. , '���,,��,!,,.��� ,.ni.-.>.
insii mkn,.Mm Hindi and Logging Coulraolorn,
ni.is Boglneor   IVettaburg l.m.ib.-r Co., near
rrniibnssik, fi. i'
Silver aud  copper sufft red  fractional declines on  today's metal  markets.
J. P. Vroom of Waneta arrived in
the city last uight, returning this
The case of Dan Cameron, charged
with neglecting his horses, was remanded until tomorrow,
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council will be held in tho
council  chamber tonight at 8 o'clock.
Harry Afhcioft Is building a new
transfer wagon which lor itrength mnl
durability  will   surpass   anything   in
tin* city.
Membership tickets in the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial society cau
in* purchased al the offi< i tin* *-.���<���
rotary or from J, a. Irving, chairman
of the finance committee,
"Hooligan's Troubles," which Ih
bonked m Sherman's opera house rur
Wednesday, Beptember 19, carry their
own band ami orchestra. Watch for
tin- big parade of tin- Hoolfgtfn band
Wednesday noon.
Today Is tbi' anniversary <'f 'a mem*
(liable event in Canadian history. On
September IT, 1878, live years of commercial and industrial depression were
brought lo a close ami the national
policy v\as Inaugurated by the return
io power or the Conservative party
under the leadership of Sir John A,
Carnival   Night  at  the   Fair.
Friday evening. September 21, will
be Carnival night at thu fair. As before stated, all persons unending iu
costume will  he  admitted  free.
The costumes Imported by the directors have arrived and are in great
variety. These can be rented at thfl
secietary's office.
The carnival feature is an innovation at the fair aud it Is to be hoped
that It will be taken hold of by tho
citizens and   made a great success.
Price ot rvietals.
Xew York. Sept. 17.���Silver. 07%c;
copper, IS'/fcc; lead, $��p.75; electrolytic
copper stock,  is7*t* to 19%c.
Loudon, Sept. 17.���Silver, 111 5-lGd;
lead,  CIS IDs; zinc, ��21 IPs.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Three hours late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
-On time.
Politics in Persia.
Teheran, Persia, Sept. 17.���According to an ordinance jusi published tlm
new Persian National council will consist of 156 membi'rs. Teheran will iio
represented by 80 members, while tho
provntoeS will send !*G. A general
election will be held every two years.
The ordinance assures the inviolability of deputies and gives full Instructions for the carrying out of these
elections, preparations bu* which begun with ihe publication of the ordinance, The governmenl bas granted
permission for tin* establishment of a
German bank here.
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Fruit Jar
iO cent Packages
t5 cent Packages
And did ytiu BBS the big packages of SihIjir
���'.:> cents per yard-
C* A* Benedict
Corner Sillru anil .losi-phine Sts.
Recently Issued
of Outstanding Merit
and Interest
From the factory to your
home direct. Canada's High-
grade Piano.
We ar. offering special inducement!
during the fall monthB to Intending
You save all commissions to agents,
travellers, tuners and warehousemen
by buying direct.
"The   Awakening   of   Helena   Ritchie."
by  Margaret  Deland $1.50
"Mountain   Wild   Flowers   of   Canada."
by Julia  Henshaw $2.75
"Coniston," by  Winston  Churchill.$1.50
"The   Treasure   of   Heaven,"   by   Mrs.
Humphrey   Ward $1.35
"Made In  His Image,"
by Guy  Thorne. $1.50
"Silas  Strong."   Irving  Bacheller. .$1.50
"Lady Baltimore," Owen Wister. .$1.50
W. G. Thomson
,��?___*"'"' Nelson, B. C.
I'ls,,iia-- .54.
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $(.00
Quarts per dozen (.25
Half Rat. per dozen  i .50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Blork . Phnne 10
$f0 Down
$(0 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value in a
few mouths.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Received daily from the
Coldspring ranch on
Koolenay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone 161.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
..lash Stores....
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Bportounen. Headqunrtfi-H,
PHONE 18.       NELSON   B.C.
f/it sip rf Um
Viilht/'C Ilu dm hi/ spirit' ill tii Mt
thnt tin* tCrlDkl Mired nt onr Soda Fountain
ha'! tnuii* iiropeitifi bei-dai refroihing.
We 1110 nnly real Iruit iyra.pl Of Hit* flnut
quality KuutiLaln, CKTOOter. k 1 ai*-*"."* ami
recepMClM  aro  kept  KtruptUOUlly (-lean
Gait Coal
Termi Hpol Cuh
Telephone '������** Baker Hlr��et
September 19-20-21
Wiinl at (Iri'iii'll present
Wednesday-- -"Holligan's Troubles."
Thursday--"Johnnie on the Spot."
Friday--"Alphonse and Gaston,"
Prices .mis', ;.-,, .1 on.        Si-hi.i ou fiuV at
Rutborford'a Monday morning.
Visitors to the Fai*....
Are invited to make appointments to meet
their Friends at MASON & RISCH
ai.u aui; WBLaCOMB.
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
NELSON, B.C.       ������;������ ^��ffl
Of-it:   llraim ��,
ll's.I.n,|  H���y  It:--   k
I 'OH SALE���Wis arc ..rr.Tiiiii loi am,. ��� �����
*i!il^*-.I*J_*.^"���� "?�����!�����""", IM
csiml.tlng ssi in acrei s.i tho flnetl I. mi isni.i mi Koolenay lake; li w���i,, i���,    i ,,,..,,',
 ooi ns.i contain nn is ..11 od wil,  m fruit i en now bearlne- lu i..��� '_. .   '
yi-amssisi; one-hall acre ol ilrawberrj planui largeqnantliyol "moilIrulUi
jooil ilweliln��, ha, rfirlitorod tout rlghl ol iu Inrlie. and land �� , ���      '
Ihorongh ���tuts ol Irrigation il i e-wry.   i���i|,r���\  ranohoioli
iini'i' Bldosi   i'i!--,. u,rs,.i   Terma9-0000oaab, balanoein0
12 unsl ik issniitiis, wiih 7 per ,-.-iit inlereat.
T��/*X\/r?    ���>_   ,f*Af\       FBUIT LANDS Al
Watches! Watct
We are  Headquarters !���. ,t       1
American Watchea manufe ���?! ^1
"-  making every Xrtto_ *'
is ri'isis.s,s.s ,., ...,": l0 met! n_l
are malting every .tortto"_ W,l
requirements of railroad m.��� wt ^l
J. J. WALKER, mw^.0f"�����
r        ' * ��� ���'���phone A_,
Phon�� aaj
Repairing and Jobbing a Spt
Sliii'tini'tnl Work, ('tutiiiga, Htiililom' MhIitiuI uml Munni' ,m.[ ji,- ��
Olllise nnd Worka Pool nf 1'nrk St.
IMion-t-    J(M.
Starkey & Co., _^A
WholuMdiu PriivtalonH,
Dominion Q-.-rom.nt Oraomonr One-Fonnd Hrii-ltH reo-ived vt_di_H
frnm thti rlturla.    i-'nr will* liy nil li-iitHii|! gwium "
Ollli-is nnil Wiiri-liiiuse: Houistiiii Hlnek,   Phone Til.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, EC
Don't Forget
le your furnace In ahape to atart the winter with;   II n"J
la the time to have It repaired.
I. H_ Ashdown Hardware Co.,
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for nny fiirn-i. Willi)' October 1st, 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON-
UsvpnlrlM|f Illlll .lor>r,l,,|C assaa_-a.aalcal with  I >a����.p,��t-I,.   Slacajt Mctlll
Work,  .Mlsslssu and   Mill  ,>lllclllnut-y.       Mi.tnalaa^l ais-air����,l      ���
Oral   W...-M.   I..   I..    Csaasts-iiVli,i-H'   Cl.TM.
We Witt Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
McDermid & McHaifl
Just Arrived!
A large cimsign- j
mciil of
All SlMfl and  t-OWfitt PlioM
STSSSm. Lttmber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and Brack-ts. Mail Ord-W promptlj l""n
VI.RNOIN N'I'Ultl'.'l'   -  ���   -   NBI-SOIN. I��. ^-
Onr ItOOk <>f HANI)   SAWS ta "V ��*%
illclllllillK KTIullI" to HUit llll l'l'l|llil'l'lll|'l|,H' f||
If you wish u low pricoil anw we <���� "aW*
also curry thu beat iiuiilitlns iniul" ''}'
' Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y^1


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