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The Daily Canadian Sep 10, 1906

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 'OU'MK I.     NO.  84.
Fifty Cents a Month
errorisls Initiate Further Massacres
|v,-, and Christians Robbed, Shot
and Plundered by Russian
Soldiers at Siedlce.
I'.i.isi.iim. Sept. 10.���The pre.
1 Dunn 111,nis, iti 11 despatch or August
ihai ss Jewish massacra would on,
ai si<,sjii's'. Russian Poland, unhap.
have i,s-.-;i Justified liy the fight,
ssiiists isissks, i,u*. nn Saturday otghl
I iisn-lisi'i'si yesterday into a carol'
I ,,t issiii-s siiniiiuio   slaughter   uml
liaj, in which both lln' soldiers anil
, moli lists),   iiurt.    Tho unfortunate
:i, shot ami bayoneted in llui
: the town.    Tha houses anil
i ��� nere  broken   Into  um]   sucked,
nluables  were  carrleil off an.l
--' - sale by soldiers to iiasaeii-
��� using trains.
Sttlon to the Jews a nuniber of
_hai fml even some officers.
-, death In the fighting. The
: ,,; victims haB not yet beeu
lined, but a conservative est!-
|_ places ll al MO. The Jewish ru-
who thronged the railroad
Itiniis ;si Sli'sllce uii' lu a Btato of
fill"   reports    reeeivi'd    here    fnnn
Juki*' anil other    towns    In the vi-
nf Sis'ilk-i' pluee tbe number uf
|Uni8 at several hundred.   The early
wu ul   the   Siedlce  massacre  put
��|,ssi,siblliij   ul the door of the
florists,   but   fugitives   declare   that
.Idlers  never   would   have  been
ed  to  get  so  completely  out   of
nd without the connivance   or    lho
lection  of their officers.  The
M reports received of the lllalysiok
iMacre last June said the terrorists
Iii'' is�� blame there, also.
I   1  dlfflcull iu obtain details uf the
ptdile in   Bledtoe,  as  the  lown was
sunded  yi'sterday   by soldiers and
I'stsdi was allowed lo enler.    I'ussen-
. Iiuwever, who arrived    at    War-
during ih,, night gave lbe follow-
accounl of tlm slaughter;
[After iln> murder of a policeman by
I       is nu   Suiurday   night  und   lbe
,1  vulley  by  the  truups  into
J' UBemblage, which resulted in tbo
���11,1,-; "i mn citizens ami the wound-
I ssf many, the terrorists held a
Teetlng and decided to exact von
pnee by Inaugurating a campaign
the police and troops, slmllai
Uie recent activity along the same
WnrBuw. In the course ol
fni'liiy morning, 12 patrolmen, and
pl'iii'is were killed. As a result of
Hi" Lilian regiment, In a slate ol
Ifurlated auger, left lis barracks in
afternoon and marched Into the
isli quarters shouting right and
���� il wiih. The troops were
llii'-sl by crowds of hooligans, who
poperated In tho plundering, and
|niitniily destroyed everything" they
fe unable or undoslrous of can;.
away. The sale of booty by the
fcldlere vvs.nt nn under tho very eyes
If their officers,
I At 11 late hour in the afternoon the
liiliiga regiment arrived on a special
fniu irssni lllula antl measures were
isiliuliii to put a stop lo the pro-
111   spill,   nf  Mils,  however,   the
ing continued rip to d late hour
*' night. A oorrespondenl of the
issssiniiu,.,! |'r,,fiH w|,() waH not able to
[���' ini" Siedlce yesterday, started foi
a second time this morning,
| Siedlce Is n lnwn  ur :10.��I10  people
i'1' "f whom arc Jews.
'lice,  Sept.   10.���Btx   buildings  In
("' I'l'; bazaar of thu clly are now In
adding another (error to the
mui plundering which bus been
in  here  for  the  insi   36 hours,
rris|ii,.|,i s|���,|n ilml occasional volleys
I'" still heard  In  different   parts ol
"' 'own, inn because nf lhe general
'mill' ll  Is difficult   In learn accurate-
w Jusl what is transpiring.   As far as
II in 1'i'KKiiiis. to learn there have been
i to t|���, presenl  time aboul  80 per-
ns killed nnd 20. wounded.
Hundreds nf Jews are assembled to-
r" m tin- railway   station   awaiting
Ifiances nf gelling nwuy.   The lown Is
umiled by troops who do mil per-
''ill nr entrance.    Field gnus are
"wts'il na Mm principal streeis. There
"'nis to |���, nn ilnubl Hint llie terror
P"s nre responsible for provoking the
[Wssncre   by   their   firing   from   roofs
windows on Saturday againsl  the
er* and pnllcemen  who were  pn-
Uj'llltig Hn, Btreets,    Trooos surround-
. 'he houses from  which the firing
I""'" nnd poured volleys through win-
r""" nml   doors.    This was   followed
" search  of   thp   premises,   which
''ji developed Into    wholesale    plum
P'""K and  subsequently Into  a  mas-
"acre   and   slaughter    throughout   a
large part of tho town
Almost all tlie Jews    were    looted.
2,Wr""ri'���,wl10 ****** ���*���" Property
were killed ur wounded, Any person
Having a house or looking out ur
a window wus sliol without mercy.
Si. Petersburg, Sept, lo���No (urtber
iiivvs bus |���.��� received here concerning tin- situation ai Kamyshin, uu the
Volga. It was reported yesterday
Unit a revolt had broken oul there
'luring lhe absence of Um troops am
rears wart expressed  that  the towi
might be in lb., bands ni a mob Coir
iii'iiiliailini with in,, pin,,, is mm |,
Warsaw, Bept 10.���Artillery was
used in siedlce ibis morning. Buildings nn I'lennkiiii. Warsaw and Allen
streets have ben destroyed. According In reports receive- here I00 Jews
were killed anil ;I00 were wounded.
Archbishop Consecrated.
Halifax, N. S.,  Sept.  10.���Most llev.
Hr. McCarthy wns today consecrated
ni-rhibisliiip of Halifax, ilie celebrant
nr pontifical high masB being Mgr.
Sliari'iiil. other church dignitaries
pri'scni were Undent ni Montreal,
Casey or St. John, Cameron or Anil-
g'snisii, Vuiciiy ssi Chatham, Bhnard of
Valley field, Archbishop Duhamel of
Ottawa, ami Doctors Pace and Slice-
bun or Washington university. The
clergy nf tbe dlncese presented the
arChblshop with a golden chalice and
tile  laity  wllh   a  check  for $21,250.
From Ocean to Ocean    the    News of
This Day Over the  Wires���Fire
at Lacombe.
l/iiconibe. Alia.. Sept. 10.���A serious
eonnagriiiion occurred on Saturday
In the dnwn town business portion ol
l-aeuinbe, wlilcb consumed the following   places  of   business:   The   Adelphl
hotel, Charles Atkinson, barber; k. i.
Pool, banister; N. I. HaoDlarmld,
druggist; A. Mct'ampbell. general
merchant; C. L. Ilarle, lawyer: John
McKenly. real os'.me; G. Tltsworlh,
frull and billiard hall; Ur. Auuger,
dentist; J. H. Hose, druggist; C. It.
Dellike, Jeweler; Morrison ,v John-
Bon's warehouse, and the Blirdman
Electric Light Co.'s office.
The fire brigade did heroic service
and to their efforts alone Is due the
fact lhat -the huiids\nno Merchant's
Hank block still stands, as alsu the
Victoria hotel, A. C. Bprdlok's general
sture and Morrison and Johnson's
hardware store. The Bltlsens did
splendid work assisting the fire bri-
guile by forming themselves Into a
bucket brigade.
It Is estimated ihat the property
and stock burned will amount to ln-
tween $75.0011 and $1110.000. The
uinnum of Insurance curried on buildings and stock consumed cannot bo
estimated at   present  and can only  be
correctly estimated when the pulses
of the citizens most affected regain
their normal conditions.
Gas Makers Badly Burned.
Toronto, Sept. 10.���Fourteen employes of the Consumers' Gas com-
luiuy were severely burned at the
works today, Tlm men were engaged
in raising the massive lid of a purifier
box when there was a sudden rush 01
flame which enveloped all those en
gaged in lhe task. The box had bo-
come overcharged with the gas.
James Fargeter, machinist, who was
exaimlng the box at the lime, had a
marvellous escape, getting orr With inhaling some of the Haines. The oth
er victims were burned about the face,
neck and lower part of the arms,
which were exposed to tlm sweep of
the flames, The men suffered severely when removed lo Ihe hospital, and
kept the entire aurglcol force or thnt
Institution busy ror some time relieving their Injuries. .None nr them will
Want No Socialism.
Montreal, Sept. it).���Alphonsc Ver-
ville, M. P., Of the plumbers' union;
j. E. 0, Tardlff, president or the
Montreal trades uud labor council;
Cusiiiv France, or Jacques Curlier
Typographical union, und Anderson,
of the Amalgamated Society of car-
penters, left last Bight for Vlotorla, 11.
C, to attend the coming convention ol
the trades and labor congress for
(iitiailii The labor men were given n
s ndoff ni the station, if is femed
tbat Western men Will make B united
efforl to commit the congress to the
principles of socialism. The Montreal
men will light for pure anil simple
trades  unionism.
Changes  His  Parish.
Woodstock.    Ont,,    Bopt,     I"
Canon   Farlnln, r
New    St.
Canon Farthln, rector of New st,
Haul's ohuroh of this city, has resigned to become reotor of St Georges
culhedral. Kingston.
Professor Resigns.
London, ont, Sept io.-iioy. J.
Bburgesn, for many years P���8'**,?.
of classics In the Western university
here, has resigned lo take up parochial work al Hothwell.
Brick  Is Located.
Toronto,  Sept.    10.-U-    W,  Brick,
who left some weeks ago, a defaulter
lo the exient of between $40,000 and
$50,000, from the Henry TC. Wampole
company, is said to he ln Japan and
his arrest Is expect, d dally. In addition to bis shortage with tlm com-
uttiiy by whom he was employed Brick
is said to be Indebted to the Toronto
Baseball club, of which he was secre-
tary-treasurer last season, In the sum
of  $.000.
Uudoubted     Evidence    that    Cashier
Stood  in  With  Stensland.
Chicago, Sept. lu.���Secret memoranda, covering illegal transcac.Uons In
the Hlensliind bank were found yesierday by Polios Inspector Sblppy among
lhe effects or Frank Kowalskl, the
teller whose suicide followed closely
upon the disclosures ol the bank's condition. The record kept hy him, It ls
alleged, indicated apparently that In
much less than a year Henry W. Her-
Ing, the imprisoned cashier, person.
ally obtained $11 n.s.iii or money or de
posltors by the same means adopted
by Btensland in Iiis systematic ismting
01' tlie vaults,   In four months by Hie
use of cash tiekels wllleli he placed In
llle drawer, he obtained $0,000 more,
according to Kowalskl's schedule and
in another month $10,000.
The discovery of Kowalskl's telltale figures was the result of the open
Ing yesterday of a wooden cupboard
In one or the bank's vaults, which had
remained unnoticed since bank examiner JoneB 100 charge of the institution
on August 4th. When it was torced
open ln the presence of Attorneys
Welrsenbaeh and l.oeb, representing
Receiver Etzcr, a bundle of rorged
notes was round, the existence ol
which had not been suspected and
which will increase materially, i't Is
believed, the total amount stolen Trom
the bnuk.
There was also a memorandum ln
tlm handwriting of Stensland which
tallied closely with the memorandum
of Haul O. Btensland'a forgeries and
which he left behind when he fled
from Chicago. The forged notes are
ror $5,000.
Earl Grey visited tlm rail
buildings Saturday afternoon in
the company or Mayor Gillett
and F. A. Starkey, and mado
many inquiries.
Later, in a, letter to Captain
MoMortis, his excellency offered
a challenge cup to be given ror
the rirsl time In 1907, tenable
ror one year, to "that member
of the ussucinliiui who, ln the
opinion nf ilm directors is best
entitled In it by reason of the
oellence of his orchard during
ilm preceding year."
The kindly offer will be nc
copied with thanks by tlm
Convention    Will    Name    Hearst   for
Governor of New York.
New York, Sept. 10.���Those In
charge of lhe arrangements ror the Independence league convention to be
held In Carnegie hall tomorrow to
name William R. Hearst for governor,
met today and completed the final details for the gathering. According to
Mux Ihinson, chairman or the Independence league state committee, and
who has been the political manager or
Mr. Hearst ever since the young editor
rirsl shied his castor Into the arena
nl' polillcs, everything has been nicely
arranged for ibe gathering, which is
1,, be marked by an attendance and
display of enthusiasm calculated to
Impress lbe people with a correct idea
or the genuineness nml strength of the
public demand ihat Mr. Hearst became
11 nominee ror governor of New York.
In addition lo naming Mr. Hearst It
Is tlm Intention nf Ihs- league uniting-
era to put up n full slate ticket cum-
posed of Republicans nnd Democrats.
The nomination of Mr. Hearst at this
early stage nt lhe game Is regarded
lu political circles as one or the cleverest moves ever made by the astute
Mr. ihinson. as ii may naturally be ex-
neoted to Influence ihe Democratic
primaries .which are yel to bo held
throughout the state.
Prosperity of Moyie.
Tlie largest pay day In Iho history
or lhe St. Eugene wlll'be next Monday, says Ihe Leader, when the sum
or $r,,ooo win be distributed, During
August (here wns an average of about
1120 men un  Ilm payroll.
Tenders ar;- lining asked fnr the
sinking of tho Lake Shore shaft another 800 feet.
Some Improvements on the sawmill
ill tlm Lake Shore are under way, nnd
an addition will he built 10 ilm concentrator. Two cottages will also bo
erected.   Carpenters aro ln demand.
Congress in Session at
Quebec Today
Eminent Scholars Present From Europe and United States to Discuss Records of Antiquity.
Quebec, Sepl. 10.���The International
CougrenB of AmurlcanlHts was formally opened in this city today with eminent scientists in attendance from
many parts of Europe and America.
The work of the congress has reference to the native races of America,
their origin, geographical distribution, history, physical characteristics,
languages, civ Hi nation, mythology, religions, morals aud habits; also to the
indigenous monuments and the archaeology of America, and the history
of the discovery and European occupancy of the New World.
The congress was founded at Nancy
in 1875 and the present session is the
lifteenth. The society constitutes a
enter around which may meet all
those who are interested In and devote their attention to the ancient history and the archaeology of the New
World, to submit their work and
make known the results of their investigations and discoveries. The existence and work of the society has
;:iv.mi an Impetus to both public and
private scientific missions in the two
Americas. The monuments and the
manuscripts of the oldest occupants of
the different purtK of the continent
are more cs1emlK*fcaHy studied than
ever before, and maoiy problems but
recently considered obscure have been
definitely solved.
Among the members of the society
who have contributed the most to the
progress made in the studies for
which It was instituted is Duke de
Lou.)at of Paris. So enthusiastic is
he in connection with the work of
archaeological research that not content with merely giving prizes and
founding chairs, he pays large sums
Io travelers sent out by him to take
photographs and casts of the grand
ruins of Mexico and Central America.
He has hail many of the more Important pieces of Indian sculpture reproduced at great expense for the benefit of public museums, and he places
In the hands of all who take an earnest interest in the dead civilizations
of the New World copies of the Mexican codices with colored facsimiles.
The scientific bodies of the United
States have sent a number of delegates to the present session of the
congress. Among the American rep
i-i'snntatlves are Professor W. H.
Holmes, director of the bureau of the
nology at Washington, and Dr. Fran*
Uoas of New York.
Lumber Mills Close.
Macon, Ga., Sept. 10.���At a confer
ence of lumbermen in this city It was
declared that the ruling out of short
leaf pine lumber ln the uorth and
eastern states had caused millions of
feet of such lumber to be piled In
those cities, unsalable even at $3 to
$"> per thousand feet under the regular prices, and that, as a consequence,
at least all the mills In Georgia, Alabama and Florida are affected. Many
of them may close unless thore is a
reversion  of the ruling.
gestton, but Indicative of a large number of changes in phraseology required
unleBS Methodism wantB to hold at
arm's length a large number ot
broad-minded, generous, practical men
and women who make really excellent
The burial service ls also a relic of
the thought of two centuries ago.
The rules of Methodism have been
a bone of contention for a number of
years, but so far attempts at altering
them have been Ineffective.
The ruleB are differently Interpreted,
but no honeBt man can deny that
in their present form they keep many
estimable people out of the church.
Why Methodism should sacrifice these
people when a slight change in phrase
ology would capture them is a mystery, but many of the more radical
laymen ascribe It to moral cowardice.
Many excellent ministers and laymen
think that any change from the present wording would subject the church
to criticism and give cynics a chance
to sneer. The famous foot note explanatory of the rules which distinctly
prohibits dancing, card playing, theater-going, attending circuses, etc., is
the chief stumbling block. It is not
that Methodists as a whole want to
do these things, but good people dispute the right of any ecclesiastical
body to dictate rules of conduct. These
are matters for the conscience auJ *he
church would be just as strong in a
moral sense and have a much larger
membership If it would be content
with au admonitory clause and leave
to the pulpit the work of educating
people along these lines. Even as It Is
the rule Is a source of weakness, as
hundreds of Methodists ln the cities
attend theatres and there doesn't exist
a minister who dare enforce the rule.
The man who challenges this statement will likely seek refuge in adlffer-
ent interpretation of tho foot note,
claiming that it is explanatory and not
prohibitory, but the rule !s there printed in very explicit English, and thousands there are who go to other
churches instead of that of their fathers as a result. Steores of Methodists
in "good standing" attend dances, but
no one Is ever put out of the church.
At a previous general conference an
Influential Toronto layman boldly
stated from the floor of conference that
he had parlor dances in his home for
the pleasure of his family and he challenged the church in the presence of
Its presiding head to put him out.
The answer of conference was his
election to one of the most important
offices entrusted to a layman.
This does not signify anything beyond the fact that Methodism dare
not enforce Its own rules.
The day that Methodism leaves such
questions to the. individual conscience
that day will it open the doors to
thousands of Intelligent, earnest people who admire the church for its
iftt-.il missionary enterprise and its
ceaseless efforts for moral reform, and
its many opportunities for Christian
Methodists   Will   Foregather   In   Mon
treal In Quadrennial Session te
Consider Church  Rules.
A writer In the Ottawa Citizen, act-
In as a uiii'clul correspondent, presents
some of the legislative problem- of the
Methodist general conference which is
to convene In Montreal this week, unil
"The coming conrononce has not ex
elted ns much newspaper comment us
those of former qiiuilrennlunis, but It
gives promise of being of greul interest.
Several questions of importance will
be illscuaseil uml II ls suld Hint the
Immigration problem will bo one oi
lhe chief of these. A big cuiupnlgn
is being prepared uml the Immigration
problem from lhe Btandpdtnt of Methodism will ge thoroughly ventilated.
Of course, the church ritual will bo
looked over, but whether extensive
chiingos will be mndo remains to be
Totluy many parents dlslllie standing
at tho baptismal Tent and hear the
precious baby described as having
been conceived ln sin and born hi Iniquity.   This, of conrBO, ls a minor sug
All  Equipment for    Power Plant Will
Arrive   Soon���Installation   Will
Begin Tomorrow.
The welcome news has been received by J. O. Gillice, district manager
for the AlllB-Chalmera-Bullock company, that all the machinery for the
Nelson power plant Is now on the
The third car passed Moose Jaw
yesterday and probably all will be re
celved at Nelson within a week.
H. C. Bullis, erecting engineer, has
practically completed his preparations.
His assistant will arrive tonight. Satisfactory arrangements have beeu
made for the transportation of machinery across the river, and thi
work will begin  tomorrow morning.
The company's hydraulic engineer
has left Milwaukee for Nelson and Is
expected to arrive within a few days.
Mr. Bullis states today that no further delay need be feared, but that
the work will be steadily prosecuted
from tomorrow until the plant Is complete anil ready for operation.
one of tbe few good English coaches,
it would bo hard to find a crew to
beat them.
The Dally Telegraph in au editorial
article says: "It was a most fortunate
coincidence, after tbe regrettable circumstances '-viilcli led to the suggestion that Americans ln the future
would not be welcomed at Henley,
that Harvard should have overcome It
thiB summer and shown Englishmen
thut there aro true amateurs ln America."
Guy Nlchalls, in the Morning Post,
finds, among the lessons taught by
the race, that "the days of the professional couch are over, for It Is self-
evident that a man who lias never
himself rowed in a really good eight
cannot possibly teach eight men how
to row or how to get a boat along iu
a way most 'advantageous, to themselves. Wray had under him ae fine
a lot of men as ever sat ln an eight.
We have never seen greater physical
perfection ln any crew, yet they were
Mr. Nlckalls calls attention to the
fact that the crew was not allowed to
row themselves out of practice, "which
is characteristic of every crew visiting England, and always has fatal results."
He says also that Harvard lost
lengths hy her boat alone. "You had
only to look at her to see that she
we�� no traveler, as she was not built
on traveling lines."
The foregoing are fair samples of
the comments on, and criticisms of
the race, but all the writers hope that
international races will become more
frequent and that Yale will send a
crew to England if she wins next year
at New London.
British Papers Still    Discussing    Pros
and Cons of Great Race.
London. Sept. 10.���All the morning
newspapers devote much space to reporting and commenting nnd editorializing on the Harvard-Cambridge boat
race and, while glorying in the sustained prestige ot English oarsmanship they add high tribute to Harvard's pluck and Sportsmanship. The
Dally Mnil says: "The Amerlcuns
proved gallant losers and merited the
Universal admiration Ihey received,"
milling: "II Is pleasant to discover
thai there are some things we on this
side of the Atlantic ca.i still hold us
our own, despite the steady loss of
innoli of our best blood to Ihe United
States and the colonies."
Tho Dally News believes that the
Cambridge victory was uot so much
that of men as of method, owd the well
known oarsman R. B. lletherlngtoii
writing for the Dally News says he
feels confident that Harvard had far
more latent pace In their crew Ihan
tho Cambridge mon, aud If taught by
Earl    Grey   Takes Leave   of   Nelson
With   Many  Expressions  of  Gratitude and Pleasure.
Their excellencies, Earl and Countess Grey, and their party left Nelson
at 8:15 on Sunday evening for Vancouver via the Arrow lakes and Revelstoke. They travelled to Robson on
tbe cafe car Kootenay, wblcb was
specially reserved To. them;; on the
lskes by the steamer Rossland. At
Arrowhead their private car. which
was sent up yesterday by way of Slo
can, awaits them.
Yesterday afternoon the Earl and
Countess Grey called on the mayor
and Mrs. Gillett, who afterward dine.i
with them at the Strathcona.
Before his departure Earl Grey pre
sented Manager Tompkins with a gold
pin containing his monogram, "G. G.,"
thanked him for all Uie attentions he
had received and assured him that
he had never had better accommodation  or  kindlier treatment.
Before leaving the hotel all the
members of the party were presented
by Mayor Gillett nt the earl's request
with buttons and pins of the 20,000
club, of wbich they are honorary
There was a large concourse at the
C. P. R. station to bid them goodbye
and Oodspeed, and the mayor's call
for three cheers for the governor general were responded to with the
greatest enthusiasm.
While the people of Nelson generally will regret the Indisposition which
prevented the earl from visiting the
neighboring cities of Kootenay, there
will naturally be some gratification
that he fonnd Nelson a pleasant resting place and that all members of the
party enjoyed their visit.
County Court Chambers.
His Honor Judge Forln held a
chamber session this morning and die
posed of the following matters
Elk Lumber Co. vs. Crow's Nesl
Pass Coal Co. R. M. Macdonald ap
piled for security for costs of appeal,
which was granted, security fixed at
Knester vs. Martin. C. W. Mclean,
K. C, applied for an order for pay
ment out; order made for week's no
tice ot Nelson registry.
Scully vs. McBraitney. J. O'Shen
obtained order of service ex juris.
Blomberg et al. vs. Moyer et al. J
O'Shea obtained leave to serve partner, Stead, of Philadelphia.
Sturgeon vs. Conway. J. O'Shen
obtained order for payment Out.
In the goods of M. McKlnnon. de
ceased. C. W. McLean, K.'C, obtained
order for letters of administration fot
M. McKinnon, cousin; estate sworn
al  $1225.
Halpln vs. Fowler. C. W. McLean
K. C appeared for plaintiff and R
M. Macdonald contra. Execution was
stayed pending appeal from judgment
ot county court.
Dates of the Fall Fairs.
Kuslo���September 14..
Nelson���September 10, 20. 21.
Vernon���September  19,  20,  21.
Knmlnons���September 26, 27.
New   Westminster     Provincial���Oct.
2. 7.
Trains and- Boats.
Crow boast���On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
Hugh McGarvey's Death
Due to Assault
Finding: oi Coroner's Jury ia Creston
Case���Immediate Cause Was
Acute Pneumonia.
The death of Hugh McOarvoy of
Creston, which occurred last Friday,
and was reported In that day's Issne
of The Canadian, materially alters the
position of Laughlln Bruce, who now
lies in the provincial gaol at Nelson.
He was brought to the city last Thursday night by Constable J. Wilson of
Creston charged with assault. But
the death of his victim will convert
the charge Into one of murder.
The circumstances of tbe crime are
briefly as follows: Last Monday night
Bruce entered the cabin of McGarvey,
an old man employed as watchman on
the C. P. R. tracks near Creston. lie
���ssked permission to sleep on the
floor and was Invited by McGarvey to
occupy the bed, the only one ln the
cabin, a- ha, McGarvey, had to go out
to watch for the Labor day excursion
train returning from Cranbrook.
Bruce had a bottle of whiskey and
drank freely that night, and after he
arose in the morning.
He left the cabin but soon returned.:'
and abused his host, then knocked,
him down and kicked him, breaking!
three ribs. He then departed, leaving
McGWVey helpless on the floor of hie
Late In the day���Tuesday���McGarvey walked Into Creston, a distance
of five miles, and told his story to
Constable Wilson. Bruce was arrested the next day and brought to Nelson Thursday night. Friday morning
McGarvey died.
Arrangements for an inquest were
made at once by the provincial police
and It was held on Saturday by E.
Mallandalne, J. P., ot Cranbrook, after a postmortem examination had
ben made by Dr. E. C. Arthur of Nelson.
After hearing Dr. Arthur's evidence
the jury found that McGarvey "died
of pneumonia caused or aggravated
by the assault committed upon him
by Laughlln Bruce."
Chief Bullock-Webster is out of the
city at present and Bruce will not be
arraigned until hi. return.
Hot Spanish  Blood.
San Sebastian, Bept. 10.���As the result of a quarrel at the Hotel Palais,
which started in a trifling dispute aa
to whether he or King Alfonso had the
smarter horse, the Marquis Vlana and
the Duke of Andrla fought a duel with
sabres at dawn yesterday. The marquis received a wound in the head,
when one of the seconds stopped the
fight. Previous to the encounter the
marquis, handed his resignation to the
king. The seconds were all well
known members of King Alfonso's
Are Not Unusual.
Tints, Sept. 10.���Practically without
warning the side of a mountain rising
above the township of Kwarel broke
away, and iu a sea of semi-liquid mud
and stones, swept down on the township and overwhelmed and obliterated
it. Some 265 persons have been llur-
ied alive. Fifty-five bodies already
have been recovered from the wreck
which ls ubout six feet deep. These
slides are ot common occurrence in
the Caucasian valleys.
Ex-Premier Visits Canada.
Quebec, Sept. 10.���M. Waddlngton.
former premier of France, minister of
foreign affairs of several governments, and at one time French ambassador to Great Britain, is at the
(.'bateau Frontenac. He Is accompanied by Captain and Mme. Wadding-
Collieries Resume Operations.
Mahoney City, Pa.. Sept. 10.���After
being idle since September 1, the 39
collieries of the Philadelphia ft Reading Coal & Iron company in the
Schuylkill field, employing .0,000 men
and  boys .resumed  today.
Import British Gold.
New York, Sept. 10.���Kubn, Loeb ft
Co. today announced thnt thoy had en
gaged  (2,600,000 In    gold    eagles    (n
London for Import.
Price or Metals.
Now York, Sept. 10.���Silver, 68 3-8c;
copper. 18 5-16c;  lead, $5.75.
London, Sept. 10���Silver, 31 11-lfidi
lead, ��18 2s 6d; zinc, ��26 2a 6d.
.;   1
' '-'
:! s s
il -
' i   I
'>   ! ':i
\           \
1   in
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hart plenty ol them in -ed and bine
31-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per p.tir
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
. MB_.b_t._i nr-..  .n__ttv __lebral
These blanket, are JusUj celebrated for Iheii ,.-..������:.    ��
them In this city.
ui,sn.- carry
LUMBERMEN���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts .ind
Underclothing. O.I Clothing. Sweaters. Miners' and prosoectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Grocerses and Provisions. Everything of the
Best  quality  and   prices  surprisingly  Low.
Pnullabed ,u day, a week b1lh,k
CANADIAN lTHI.i-HIN'S ' s.Ms'ANV, fam,
Baker Hi. Nelson, B. u.
.ubu-nptloa r��t-,. HI sell us a msililli di
lu Use silly, or 16.00 �� rear II Kill Is)- mill, when
paid lu advance
-By ono word ws; are sometime, jss,ls;ed to In;
vise snd by one word Himeilrue, judged n bo
tooit.b.   Let di therefore u- careim svn.i we
l_y."_-('ss* II- is 1.
The Libi/ral oi opposition preBB in
the province of llritisb Columbia has
for sonu- time been engaged In waging
war on the McBride administration
because it. allegedly, carried on negotiations In the Kak-n Island land Bales
With agents of the Grand Trunk Pacific company instead of dealing directly with thai company. Though Ihe
governmenl was careful to ascertain
fully, and to its complete satisfaction,
that the partii-s representing the O.
T. P. were truly representative ami
were duly authorized to negotiate
with tbe government for the lands in
question, tin- opposition press has
persisted in a policy of attempted deception in regard to these details ol
tin- transaction. Nol only have they
alleged repeatedly thai tin- sale ol
these lands, under the conditions
named, was "bad business," bul they
havi- insisted Hun there was is i.ssili
leal crime in the manner ol lhe sale.
Li-fi unchallenged, these assertions
would have some effeel in deceiving
the electors and repeated Blatemenl
of the facts In the oase by the Conservative press has nut silenced the horde
of vituperative newspaper nun who
are driven lo distract ion for some
ground upon which to attack the provincial administration.
It will be wise, therefore, to call
the attention of ihe electorate to Ihe
conditions which have prevailed at
Ottawa, in lhe conduct of the business
of ihe country, by Unit Immaculate administration over which Sir Wilfrid
Laurier presides and of which unseated Finance Minister Fielding is. according ns tin- Qlobo, ilu- whole soul
ami body.
Mr. it. I.. Borden, In a reoenl address which reviewed the Bessiou "i
1906, makes a caustic reference lo
ilu- manner in uliis-li -ontrti ror
gutornmenl workhaveboen lei bj tlie
<l.|... ���i   In.i.Is  iif  ilu-  llllawa  ii. 1-
ministration and as they are pertinent io ibis discussion we shall reproduce "in' sir more specific allegations
here.   Mr, Borden says:
"Tbe sessions ssr 1903, 1904 and 1905
were largely occupied with discussion
of policy. Tils- work of tile past s-is
sion has been largely devoted lis matters of administration.
"Disclosures have been made greatly io the discredit of the administration. The Inquiries touched bul a
fringe ul the Irregularities and abuses
which undoubtedly pn vail bin they
laid ban- sufficient lo justify certain
"The profits of the partisan and
the middleman rather than the advantage of lhe country have been the
chief feature of public expenditure.
Some favored friend of tlie government constitutes himself Into a so-
called company, such as the Eastern
Supply company, or Uie Arundel Printing oompany. The supposed company
lias- no Btores or warehouses, iiii plant
or stock iu trade. It lias nevertheless
large contracts from the governmenl
and receives remarkable prices. Any
attempl of the opposition to obtain
the prices paid by any such company
or other middlemen! to the manufac
turer or i lucer for articles supplied
is the governmenl is fiercely resented
bj the administration as nn unworth)
; tempi i" Investigate private affairs.
Any suggestion thai the government
should save the unnecessary middleman's profit by purchasing direct
from tip' manufacturer nr wholesale
il-al. i is rejected with scorn and con
No sine can successfully challenge
the assertions of Mr .Horden In these
matiers, and yet the Liberal press of
British Columbia has not called the
attention of the electors lo the condi-
i ���   which  have    prevailed    In    tbe
transaction of the business of the
country by the Federal administration.
Tbe  gover inl   of    the    province
sal.mil--si ts,. in tact Invited, the fullest Investigation Into its manner of
conducting Its public affairs, and while
��� very breath sif scandal has not been
hushed, every charge of dishonest or
unbusinesslike administration or
charge of favoritism has been exploit
s d. Tss silence the scandalmongers is
an impossibility so long as the opposition press has nothing lo urge
against tbe administration which can
be honestly urged and which will
make a rational appeal lo the electors.
The high-handed procedure of the
Liberal government at Ottawa in sup-
pressing Information, dodging Investigation and smothering the threatening
fires of public exposure has been in
strange contrast wiih that of the pro
vincial government
Will ssiiisi- ssf the Liberal papers in
British Columbia which Bcream so
loudly r..r Un- discussion of isssiitirs sm
a bigli plane please inform us as tn
whj  these things are sis they are?
Tbs, Qolden Slar, a paper usually
noncommittal In iiolltics, lias the fol-
lowing: "Elenor W. Johnson, a native daughter, representing itn- Inter-
nations, I News Isiirs-au ssf ihe Pacific
coast, was a visitor to Qolden this
week. Miss Johnson on this trip was
doing businesfl fssr this Frank Darling
Machinery company, Montreal. This
bright yiniiig lady comes from Xew
Westminster, where sin- received her
political training and sin- certainly
i-as a good grasp on the situation in
British Columbia today and predicts
the utter ruin of tbe McBride administration ai the forthcoming election,
Asked as in her opinion of the rumor
about Hi.- premier standing for Columbia, Miss Johnson replied quickly
Lhal bis ruin would then iss- complete,
.is he would certainly nol be In Un-
light here, while it would be a grand
ipportunlty to rid the coast of him.1
Whal an attractive, fascinating and
is- v.-iici,in . little pi'- ��� of calico trimmings Miss Elenor W. Johnson must
be to have t��-<t all thai Into the Qolden Star with a hikioii!
Tin- Toronto <:i.,i,<- publishes the followlug question jusi as we reprint it:
"To the Editor of the Qlobe:    How
is it my cousin in Buffalo can buy a
s> pi-writer for (97.60, which I have to
pay $12.-1 for in Ouelph? Hundreds who
make their bread and butler by the
new way would also like to know.
Quelph, Aug .11 Sarah Jewell."
Who can answer it? Why that's
easy. It's because We have a "tarirr
for revenue only." (live us something
Morning paper says: "During Hie
afternoon bis excellency senl for
Mayor (Illicit and une or two other
citizens anil asked many questions
about Nelson and the surrounding
Among thoRe sent for, il Is "rumored,"  was a  member of lhe Newa
staff, who gave expert    evidence
��� How   to  load anil   fire ancieiu   blun
Thanks, gentlemen of the board of
works, for the Bidewalks, bul particularly for that crossing uu Ward street
in front of the opera house.
Bulletin  No.  17.
The provincial bureau of Information has Issued bulletin No. 17 by authority of the legislative assembly. As
Is stated by the secretary of the bureau In submitting the bulletin for official sanction, "It contains a valuable
contribution On big game hunting,
wing shooting an.I angling, together
with Information useful to sportsmen,
i,> sie- provincial game warden: u list
oi gams- animals ami binls with their
ranges, prepared by the ourator of the
provinolal museum; ��� synopsis sit tha
game law and a i;.l.i.��� showing the
open and doss, seasons"
In addition to the above very valuable Information iin1 bulletin contains
many illustrations of the big gams.- ill
lhe various parts of the provinces.
These (lustrations are nol only well
, .edited but are absolutely original ami entirely oul "f the stereotyp-
- il range common in such official lit-
Light on Cuban Politics.
Manila. Sept   10.���Domlne A. Qomes,
sn a political rally yesterday, declared
'In.i  England, Francs-   ami    Germany
would  recognize    a    Flltpl -epubllc
Gomez made the nbove declaration In
response lo a request for an account
Ing  of money   collected.    He   furthei
said thnt money    had    I n    used in
sending cablegrams to Europe to create a sentiment in favor of a Filipino
republic and replies had been receiv-
ssl Gomel, late on Thursday, was released from Jail on ball. He was arrested on the charge of having shin
d.nil Governor Calllas.
New York. Sept 1'.'.���Twenty-eight
contestants finished iu the long distance endurance swimming race of the
New York Athletic club from Traverse
isl.-.nil tss Huckleberry island yesterday. The course is a straight iins- and
is l"-, mill's, but the swimming iiis-
lance Is aboul two miles. "Hud"
Goodwin finished first In lfi minutes
and 4fi seconds.
(ne sip tfthu
WUtkt (iidmiiiii/ spirits in ddight
that lbs- drtnkii-rved atom Bodi Fountain
liisil  ionic propertlei beeldei refreshing*/
We is- ill resl ti'iit lyrupi "1 tie- isn���i
quality      Fountain,counter, itias-s-,.. asssi
receptacles art kepi mrapulou-ly clean
Street, helson, h'
SEALED TENDER!?, superscribed "Tender fnr
School-house," will be received bj the undersigned nolo noon nf Thursday tin- ifith Beptem*
ber, MOD, for tbe erection end completion of a
two-room frnin��* school-home hi Hume, Ymir
Electoral Dlstricl
Plane, specification, contract and formi ol tender may be seen on mid after the nn September,
1900, ai the office ol tbe ftorernment Agent,
Kelson, and ai the Lands ana Works Depart
ment, Victoria, )'..<:.
Km h proposal .hum be eccompsnled nv cashT
mi accepted limit cheque or certificate ol deposit
on .1 chartered Unk ol Canada, made payable to
the undersigned in the -um of lion, .vltidi *tmil
bo forfeited if sis*- party hmleriiiK decline lo
enter into contract when called upon to da so
Tbe cash, cheques or certificate ol deposit of un-
sucre-uful tenderers win bo returned to thorn upon the execution ul tin* contract . ho successful
tenderer will be required lo furnish s bond, him
self snd two sureties in the -minor ii^uoeach,
fur th due (nlilliiM'iii of the work contracted for
to tho satisfaction of the llonorablo Chief t'om
miss] r    Upon the execution of the timid the
iu h,cheque *>r certificate of deposit of shore
mentioned will bo returned lothe contractor.
Tenders win noi b<- considered unless made
out nn Hit- forms supplied and signed with tho
actual signature of the tenderer.
The lowest <*r anv tender not necessarily afr
Dopnty Commissioner of Und*** mxi Works
Lands an*! Works Department.
Victoria, B. c, Slut August, iauti.
Noiiee ir- hereby given that a Courl of Revision
ami Appeal for the school Districts of ''reston,
Hume, .-Mmo and Ymir, will i,<* held In the
Courl House In the City of Nelson, B. U, nn
Monday, the 17th dayotBeptembor. 1 00,at tbe
hour of 10:80 o clock in the forenoon, to hear and
determine sll appeal* irom theM*essment< made
in the above men'lontd Bchool Iiim-Jci-. for the
year IWO, l-r the "Public Schools Act."
Datod at Nelibn, h. <', thisfiSth day of Ausnst
luor,. ���    '
R.8  I.KNMK.
Judge of pour toi Revision and Appeal,
Nelson Assessment District.
Certificate of Improvements
Gigantic, Mam, First Chance, chsha'aU, snd
Twentv Mile Fraction mineral claims, situate in tbe Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenav district
Where located.: on Dundee mountain, between
Willi Morse ami Boar Creeks.
Take notice that 1, John McLatehte. of the city
of-Nelson, acting as agent for .i.-epii Sturgeon,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B610, Intend, sixty
dayi from the date hereof, toapply to the Mining
Recorder for Certificates of Imi rovemenf*, for
the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above Halms
And further take notice that action, under section ������'��� muu be commenced before the uiuaw i
of >ucb Certifies.-, of Improvements.
Dated this Slst day of July, A. D. 1906.
A) days after date 1 intend toapph to the Honorable iio* chief Comialsslonm of Lands nnd
Works. Victoria,!) c.to pnrchase Ml acrei ol
laml ��n un te west m{ Arrow lake on ihe west side
ol WhaiHian cn-ch ami joiniinr the nortb boundary nf B. .1 Aniiahle n.]>\>\U aihui m purehase,
Commencing at a posl marked R I. H *-' K cor
ner aud running was' BQ ohalnsi i ��� ence norih ni
chains] thei ��*asi *ochains; tbence south to
jiiiint oi commenoement,
Beptember 2nd iw*. ft. .1 BttiOT.
Notice is Hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend rn "W'l. in tho llonoralo t hief Commissioner of Landsand Works toi permlaalon to|<ur-
ohase lbe loiiowing deaorlbed lauds, sltnate m
the West Kootenaj district] i-Mrim* from a |.o��i
planted ai the \. k eorner olF w. Robinson's
Api'iieatiou lo purchase, ihenco 40chains east,
unchains south, 30 chaini. west, -*" chains north.
io chains west, 30 chains north, go chaini eu-t   u)
rbains north to poim oi commencement, containing 160 acres.
Hated Ihth 'lay ol AugnM, 1906
Notfcols herebv give it thai sixty days aftei
���late 1 inteml to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissi ir of Lands and Worts for permission to pun-iiKM- the rollowlng deaorlbed
land on tho west shore of opp i Arrow lake an. I
joining J. H. Peeney's pre -mptlon: Running
west to chains; tnence north M i-bains, thencu
eaat40chains, to tbo shore ol the lake; thence
south lollowlng (In* lake shore to point ol c	
meneement, ran tain Ing ^i-"11 si res more or less,
Datod August lit, 1000.
II. K. Mn i nm
.1. J   KBLLV, Agent.
NoUcets bereby given that sixty dav- after
date I inieml to apply to the Honorable the
Chief C mlssloner of Landi snd Works fnr permission to purohaae tlu* following described
land on tbe west ilde of Lower Arrow l^ike ami
joining toe south line of tbe Indian Reservation i
kunning west ao ehain*; tbenee sooth 80chains;
tbence ejut ao chains, to the shore of the lake;
tlience north following the lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing i"" sire-
more or leu.
Dated August90,1906. W. B, Uaclzoo
J, J, Kri-i.v, Agent.
Notice is bereby given tbat 1 Intend, 60 days
after 'late to aiipiy to the Honorabli the Chlel
Commissioner of i andsand Works for permission
to purebaae the loiiowing describee landi  Ln
Weht   Kootenay district,  ahoul Tne mile.-south
of Burton city, Commencing si a post planted on
tbe eaa< bank of tract c K . ano marked "*. H.
Hamilton's B. w. c. poat," and running north ni
chaius, thence easl W) chains, tbence south N
chains, thenee west m chains to place ot beginning, containing 040 aeru ol land, more ot less.
Hated ibis 52nd daj of August, lauft.
W  I!  Hamilton.
Notice ls hereby given thai *'*.< dATI after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable chief Commissioner of 1-ands arnl Works ior pennlssloo to
purchatie the fulloviing d-*i*Tibvd land*-, situate
In West Kooteiiuy dlstnCCi  ' ommencing at a
poat marked "B. Con key's N W. corner pout," situate near the N E. corner ol laml applied for by
K K..thelM-e south 40 chains,more or less; tbence
east80 chains; thence norlh 40 chains, more or
less: thence west 80chain- to point of eommeucement.
falmo, August ll, uss;.
T. H    ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice is berby given that ���i'-'J days after date 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
nilsitloiier of I-an-1- au-1 Works for permission to
purchase the following described laudssiluate lu
Wept Kootenav distrh t: Commencing nl a jxi-i
marked 'TC. ROSS'l N.W corner post," Situate
near the N. K. corner of Uml applie-i lor hy A.
McLean, thence sontb to chain-, more or less;
lbence east so chains; tbenee north in chains,
more or less; tbence wesl BD chains to point oi
Balmo, August n, iwxi K. Roes,
r. ii, Atkinson, Arent,
Notice i- hereby given that sixty days after
dale  I   Intend  to apply   lo the  Honorable  the
Chief Commissioner ol Uml- and Works foi
permlaalon to purchase tbe following described
lands situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing  al a post  marked   "A. McLean's N   ft*.
corner post," situate near the N.K corner "f land
applied for by A. McLaughlan, tbenoe south to
chains,   more   or   leSS]   thence   east   B0 < bains]
theme north U)chains, moreoi leas; tbence weil
ni chain- to poim of commencement
Balmo, August 11. 1906 A. Mi I.KAN.
T, H. Atkinson, Agent
Notice Is hereby given lhal 60 onys aft  r date I
inteud to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner nf Lands ami Worki for per-
mlssonto purchase ihe following describee lands,
^ltuate in Wesl Knon imv dlntrlct:   Comineiicing
nt a poet marked "A. MeUughHtr* N. W corner
post," situaN* near tbe N. K. corner of land applied for by P. M'* A rth u r, tbence miu ih 40 chains,
mon* or less; thence easl aoeimuir*; tbence norih
40chains, more or lefs; tbeuce weet80 chains to
poim of commencementi
Salmo, August ]], l'.mfi. A. BCcLaUQHUN,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice la herehy given that <w daya after date
1 intend to apply to the Chief Comm 1--sinner of
Landl and fork's for permission to purchase
tbe   following  describe.]   landn. situate  lu West
Kootenay district: commencing hi a oust mark
ed I. McAithur'- N.W.corner post," situate near
lhe N.K corner of land applied for by A rurner,
ihence south iu chains  n- nr lo��s; thenoeeasf
**i chains;  tbenee north 4U chain*, more or less;
thence west nmIihIiih to point of commencement.
Balmo, August ii, looo,
���J   Mi AnTiii it,
T.  H    ATKINSON.  Agetlt.
Notice la bereby  given that 60 day* aflerdalc
l intend, to npplv to tbe Honorable thei hlel
Commissioner ol inml*. ami Works for pot mission loiiinhafe ih.   loitovtiior described land-,
situate in ibe Wesl Kootenay district: Coi en-
'ing ni a post marked "A,Ittrnert N. w.corner
post."   -lUiated   at   the   N. K. cine- of   Intel eo
idled for by K Btewart, thenee aouth locbalns,
more or less] thenee eait Bo chains] ibenee north
���io chnin*, more or less; ihence west 80 cbalni to
point of commencement,
Bel mo, li c , August ll  1906. A, ToeKlB,
i   H   AtXIMON, Ate nt-
Notice is hereby glren thai 60days alter dan-1
111 lend tO apply to In-  Holiorahlc I i'l.' t  hl'-f Com
mlssloner of Land- I   Woiks for )��i mi-aioii to
purchase the following described Hm-i in West
Kootenay Diet-let about seven miles south of
Hurton l it>���: Commencing ai s posl plauied on
the east bank of Trout  creek   and   marked   Mrs,
w H. Hamilton.. .-. w. c. I*,..i Hud running
north So ohalns; thence eaal nn chains] thence
south 80 chains; tbonce west no cha'ns to plaee
of beginning, containing IM0 acres, more or  less.
Dated this 33n.| day of August. 1006.
Mae. w. ||, h.vii.ton
W. H. Hamilton, Agent
Notice is bereby given tbat 00 dan ttlta date I
intend to appiv lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Hands tlnd Works for pcrmisiion to
purchase the following described lands lu the
West Kootenay district: Beginning ut n post
marked H. itcirs B, B, comer, about two mflei
ensi of the Salmon river, mid half ii mil.-from
tin- I'eml d'Oreille river, thenee Nl cbnllld north,
10 ehnins w.-st, giicbainssouth and in i hnlns east
tu place of beKliiiiing.
Hated -27th day of July, 1900. K. H. liKU.
Sixty days nfier date I Intend to applv to (lie
Cmninl-sioner ,,f Und* Hn,j Works. Wtorlii, lo
purchnse iffi ���,-,,., ,,| |���nd,sllimte and described
as follows: Commenclog ��ta posi planted on the
wosl side nf Arrow hike npp. wile Cariboo City, nt
or near ibe southwesi corner nf H, Htiig purchase, and marked "f4. M. A.,8  E, corner," and
running north -in chains, tbence west 40 chains
to ll. Amutbic's purchase, tbeuce south 10ehalns
more or less lo the lake shore, theuee along the
lake shore to p],,,.,. of beginning.
Auguit lath.ItsJO. G.M, ANJUUI.E.
Nome > hen IJ glTaa that 60 days alter date I
intend In ai pi] W Hie Hon. Chief Commiwloner
of Und- and W .-rk- for fier mission lo pu rebate
the followlov desri bed landa, situated in ihe
Kootenay distri I i ������mmeioing at a po��t mart
ed*'BRWB l corner." planted on the shot* oi
Lowei Arrow I*1"- ��t",m one mile south of
Uonlon ereek [J bniton creek,) tbenoe north 80
obalm tbence ��*-*��� ������*���' ebalna, thenoe south 80
ebalns, ihence easi �� chatm to point of com
meneement, containing i��' acres more or lm,
and comprising abandoned pre emption No 670,
(Jinked llll- .'(in d I) Of Augilfct, 1804.
11   It   WoLVSHTuN.
A K Wolvkrtos, Agent
Notice li herebv given that sixty dayi after
date I intend to" applv lo the Honorable thf
Chief ComnmsimuT of Lands and Works for
perml-slon to purehase the lollowlng described lands situate In lhe Wen Kootenay
district, starting from a post planted on the
north bank ol Ibu North Fork ol Dog rreek'
tbence 10 cbalni west, ID cbaltu north. Wrtisiiis
wesl 10 obalns north, _�� chains weit, ��chsini
tmrth. .it chains ��i>i. JO chains uorth, PO chains
east, Ai chain-, south, ki chain* east. 40 chalm
south, A) chains east. -tOchtlns so-ith to point of
commencement, containing <M'> seres.
Hated 1Mb dayol August. W*
Ktureef w RoatinoK
Notice 'liai '���" davs from date 1
lni'-nd to nppiv to the Honorable lbs ��� hlel Com-
mfsilonei of Landi mil Worki for permission
io jmrcbaic the following described landi ill
natein w,*t Kootenaj District: Commencing
at n posl marked i Bti irart'i N VV, corner
post, sttnated near the Junction of Losl tteet
and Bouib Pork ol Salmon, tbence wuth *>
ebalns, more '��� ��� * '*.:,��� i n*i ���*' chains:
thene.��� north w chains, more or less*, tbence
wesi ni chnins to point nt commem emenl
Balmo, Angusl nth. IW.
i   ii. ivEiHsoH, Agent.
Notie i�� hereby given lhat sixty days after
���late i intend Loapply to tbe Hon �� hlel! ornmle*
iloner ol Landi sua Works fot pormlsalon to
purchaao the following described landseHuateln
Wosl Kootenay district, adlulnlug Hie International boundary line, about four mlleteastol
the Columbia river, oommi nclng at a poat mark-
ndMli M B_ B.W. corner," iltuate on tba International lamndary line at tbe -southeast corner nl J.8.C. i-rnsir's land: llo nc, -asl Hi chains.
lbence north 00 ebalna, tnence west80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains to the place ol commencement, containing f-n acres mon    ' less
Hated ittth June, 1*808,        Liras M, Kk*��k,
k. J. O'Hetliy, Agent
Notice  i-   berel.y  glVBU  lhal  -i\i>days from
date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Jjimi- and Work- i'T permlaslon
m purebaae the following deicrlbed lands situate tu Wesl Kootenay histrlrt, between the
Pend d'Oreille nver and (he international
boundari line, about three miles from the Col
umbla rirer. Commencing "t a poet marked
J. B. C. F's B. W. corner sltuati on the International iroiindarv line, about half a mile cast nf
lhe east boundary <<f thu K.d K.B,ay.lande:
thenoe north to chains, thence east BQ chains,
ihence sonth W chains, thenco west B0chains, to
tin- place of commencement, containingBDanaa,
nmre or leas,
Hated '.'lt,i Jum    . ������' J. ,-:, C I'RssEK,
r. I. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notice ls hereby g i en thai sixty days from date
llntend toapply to theHon chiel Commissioner
nl Lands and Work- for permission to purchase
the following described lands situate in West
Kootenay Dlstricl adjoining the international
bonndary line, abont Bra miles eaat ol the Colombia river; commencing at a poal marked K
li's s. W corner, uu tbe International Nnuiidary
line-at Laura M i raser*isoutheast corner, theuce
imrth  ho chnin-,   thence ea.it .0 ebalus, thenco
south W chains, thence went 411 chains to the
place nf commencemgnt, containing .'JJ acres
more or li is.
Hated A.Hi -'un.   Itsjfi. Ralph i-u.i.iwi*ir..
Noiiee \- hereb) given ihat sixty days after
date [Intend loapply to tbe Hon. chief commissioner of Lands ano Works for permlaalon t��
purchase the following   deaeribed    lands   in
tlo \\,( Koolena) district, south ol the I'end
d'Orelllu nver; Commencing ata [Hist marked
0. lis - K.corner, iltuated on the trail near
Bear creek ahout a mile trom tbe International
iHiimdnrv line, thanee west hO chains, tbenee
nnrth so chains umro ur less tn the Pend d'Orelllo
river* thence following tbe miuUi bank of ine
I'end d'Oreille rlrer southeast ao chalm, more
or leas; tbence south 3D chains, more or less to
tlie place of commencement, containing U0
acres, more or lees,
Haied .".111 Juiv, laoo. charu-s Buml.
F. J. O'Kielly. Agent
Nntice Is hereby given thnt sixty days alter
date I Intend toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commit-
sioner ul Lauds and Wnrks for permlsxlou lo
purobase lbe following described lands, in
the Weal Kootenai nistrict, east of and adjoining James v MeckensuVs ltiud; Commencing at a post marked a.s's rt. K. corner, on tbe
south bank of the Pend d'Oreille river, juii
ataive the   uinutli   id   tin*  Salmon   riv-T.   tlience
weal n 1 hains, tbence nortb t'-o chains mure or
leas tothe Pend d'Oreille river, lbence following
the south hank of the said nver iu a southeasterly direction i" the place oi oommeneement,
oontainlng *50 acres, nmre or leas,
Hated tth  Inly l'.SSi AKTHI'K HcilNXiroKR.
Notice la hereby glren thatalxty days after data
I Intend to appl; m the Hon. Chief Commissioner
nf I.itnds  nud Work* fur permission to purohaae
the following described lands In West xoutenn*,
District -unth ul lhe I'end d'nreille river. Com
menClng nt t poal marked K. T. M's. S. K. corner
on the sonth Uuk of the Pend d'Oreille river,
aboul a mile nndn half east nf the inuulhuf Fish
preek Ihence -outh no chaius, theuce w,.��i mo
I'bain*. ihenee norlh W chains mure ur leas tu
the I'end du'reille river, theliee Itdliiuing the
south bank ol the said   river in a north.���a.-terU
direction io tin- place <>f commencement,containing l-iO acre-, more ur less.
Haled 2nd July Ills-.. Bl���t T. Mai KHOIl,
Aktiii'K Bi ii.skii.kr. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 60 days after dale I
intend lo upi.lv Eo the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol  Landl nnd Works lor permission to purchase
Lhe following described lands,sltnate In West
Kootenay Dlitrlel south of the Pend d'Oreille
river; Commenolng at a pus t marked a. It. M's. n.
w corner situate at the sontb bank ol the Pend
d'Orelfle river al Blla T. MaoKonsle's nortii cam
enrner pOSt thence lOUth HO chnins, thence ,-aat
wi chains, tlience north so chains more or le-- to
the I'end d'Oreille river, thence wesl BOebftlnS,
following (he Imnk uf tbe said river tu the plnee
of eommenoement, containing Mo acre*., more
or leas. .
Hated -Mid July 1000. A. B. MAOUDOII,
Ntitlcc Is hereby KI vt-n that sixty days after date
I Intend to apply lotbe Hun Chief Commissioner oi Land-and Wnrks foroermUslon to por-
ehaae the following deacrlbed lands situate in
West   Kootenay   Hlstrict,    south    of   the   I'end
d'Oreille river, commenolng at n pnst marked
M, H's N. K. corner, situate un the smith hank
uf tiie pend d'Oreille river at James V Haoken-
sle'l southwesi comer, tbenee south Hll chains,
tbence  wesl "o chain-, theuce  norih  7u ebalns,
more or lesi lo Lhe i'end p'oreille river; tbence
following tin* muth bank nf the said river ill llll
easterly and northeasterly direction tu the place
ui com iii cue. in. nt. containing <<4<i acres, more or
Date trd July, 1008,      UatoAKBT K-lbcoobt,
Ariliur Behnelder, Ageut,
Notleo Is hereby given that sixty daysafter data
I Intent* toapph to the Hou. Chiel Commissioner
of umls Hnd Works for permlaslon to purchase
the    following    deaeribed    lands   in    West
Kootenay   District,   BOUtfa  of   the I'end d'Oreille
riser, commencing at a pusi marked J  K. M's
B, W. Comer, Nitnalcilon the south hank uf the
Pend d'Oreille rivar, opposite the  utboflfi
Mile Creeki tie nee easl HO chains, thence nnrth
lit 1 Inllll- more or less In the pelid d'(ireille rlv-T.
llienee following thCSOUlh hank iif tin* snid river
iu a westerly nmi southwesterly direction to the
place nl  coinineiicemenl,  containing  :i*J0 acres
mure or less,
Hated Brd July. PMtt.        SkMtk H, Mackknsie,
Arthur S.'hneider, Agent.
Netlee is hereby given tbal two moni h�� after
date I inteml to apply In the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner Ol Lands und Works fur a LeSBfl of
all lhal bind hcjng lhe foreshore adjoining stib-
dlvi-ioiis I, :i and I of I nt Mi, QroUp one 0)
Kootelinv, and luring on the smith shore of the
Went Arm rf Knoteiiay lake, In the district ol
Commencing at a post marked "A, B. Watts'
southeast corner piil"l thence 00 chains west,
Ihenee ail chnins   nnrth;   thenei; 60 chains cast;
thonoe 80chains south tn the place of commencement; lhe said   laud and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Haled this 21st day of August, 1806,
A  K. Watts
Notice is hereby given that 80dayi nfter date I
Intend in apply to ilie Honorable the chief Commissioner oi LhiuIs and Works iur permission to
purchase the following described In nds siiuai-x
In  West Kootonay District!  Corameneng at a
post mnrked "P, McArtbur's N.W. corner pml
situate near the n. B, corner of land applied for
bv H. McArthur Ihence suuth lu cliuins, mure  ur
least tbence east nn chains; thenco nnrth -to
ehalna, more nr leu; thence west ho ohaini to
point of commencement
Hnlmo, IL C, August Mih, llss;.
P. Mi Ahtiitk
T. U. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice ls herebv given that 10dan afterdate 1
Intend toapply u> the Hon. tin- chief Cuminli-
iloner ol Und* and Works for permlaslon lo pur-
t-hase the fulluwing described lands in West
Kootenay district, province oi British Columbia;
Commenolng at n poet marked "H ilhnm lulling
urn's northwest corner posi." .aid posi being
planted at the Nouihweii comer nf tin* "Queen
Mineral   dalm."  aud  ailjoitiing the ensl line nf
.Mei'haiis pre-emption, tbenoe anuih twenty pi)
rttalns   along   said   line,    iheliec   ensl  forty (4U)
chains, ihenco north twenty (_w) chains, tbenoi
west forty (40) chains more or jess, lo lhe place uf
I'ated l��t ''ay ol Auguit, 1906.
William Tolmsoton,
lly hii ageni J- K-Taylor.
Notice li hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply tO tbi Hou. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and WorSi for permlulon to pur-
cha*e the lollowlng descrlberf lauds iltuate lu
Weit Kootenay district; Commencing al a post
marked J.H \ aiutonc'i 8.E. corrmr poll, situate
tu tbe Salmon Klver Valley, at a point adjoining
J Meefher'i land st weittrh boundary, thence
*c��t 90 chalus, thence north to chnins. tbenoe
vast 80 chains, thence south 40 chnins to point ol
commem i ment
Juh _4ih, liwti. J. li Vanrom,
I   11   Atkinson. Agent.
8UI) dav- alter date I intend loapply to lhe
Hon    Chief Commissioner Of  Landsand Works,
Victoria to pnr'base 4*i ains of landi Commencing at a pu*! planted at 1 i.t' Cily of Nelson's
pOWM plnill lot M K curlier posl, on Kooleliav
rivcr. tbenee $0 chains smith, Hu ine w��t J'
chains, thence north _D chains, iheliec etUti kt
ObaltU I" point nf cummctici mcllt.
Kelson, H c . Aug t, U0B, K. J. ci-hkan.
Notiee Is given that 00 days altar data i Intend
t>> apply   t<< lbe  Honorable  tlie  Chief C nis
sioner uf Lands nmi Wurk�� iur permission tu
purchase the following   deserlbed   lands   in   the
w oat Koou-nay Dlatrlct:   < ommi nolni nt n poat
marked C. c. 1'omiI/   Land  H. K. Corner  placed
near the i'end d'Oreille river at Bounder) creek
east side of Salmon river, thenoa east "" ebaiu��
along tbe international boundary Line, tbenee
u ,rth 4o clialns, ihenee weal su Chains, thence
suuth -vi chains tn place ol commencement.
l^ated (be nth Ol Juh 1 "��'. C. C. pm Mr.
  Hy AM'KKW AIMS, Agent,
Notice ii hereby given that Iwu munth- all. I
dnte I intend to a-, ;.|\ In (lie Hotiurahle lhe
i i,i.f toiiimisslnner <.'l Unds ami Works fur
p. rnii--luti to purchnse th,    |o||nwing descrlla'd
landa altuate on the weat arm of Koolena) Lako
Ml Ihe District of We-I  KtMitl lot-, :     Colli HClllS
m a i��>st marked "William Kuerby'a N W po-i ;"
tbenoe ireal twenty [Shi) chains; thenc -outh
twenty <���*>) ebalns; thenre east twenty r_����>
obalns; lbence north twentj uii ehalbs i" tbe
point ol commencement, containing furty <mi
acres, more ur leaa.
Dated July 7,1W. 1.0, Nauoic
Notice is herehy given ibat dodaya altar date, 1
Intend toapply to the Hon. chief commissi r
of Lauds and works fur |�� uiu���u-n to pnrehasa
the lollowlng deeerlbed irscl of laud situai,- tu
West Kooteuay Dlatrlct: Commencing ��i the
sonlbweel enrner of Lot IjtW; thence runlng
west 4o ehalna; tbenee north20obalns; tbenee
west 40 chains; lbence north 30chains; lhetice
east NO chalm; lbence soutli 40 chains tu pniut
of com meneement, containing -40 acres, more nr
Hated at Nelson, II C, this Brd day of Julv,
1906. Makv ti kkttAM,
ji^r V  c. '.recti, Agent.
Notice in herebv given that tin days after dale
I intend to apply tn the Honorable the Chief
cominisiotuTuf Landsand Works for permlaslon
tu purchase the following described landi tn the
Wast Kootenay District:   Commencing at n i">-i
marked T. II. Prenobc's Lind f* K. enrner placed
near C. C. Poynts B, W. corner, tbence cast so
obaina, tbenoe nortb tt chains, ihenci' wanl -si
Chalna, tbenoa SOntb tt obalns fo place ol commencement.
Hated 90th day of July 1'Jtr..        T. K  ftMkKB,
liy ANDRkw AiiiK, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai 00 day* nfier date I
intend lo npplv [o the Honorable the Chief Cm
intMiolier nf Unds and Worki for permission to
purchase the following daaarfbad lands m ihe
West Kootenay district near Burton City; oom-
mencing at a pnst planted at llie southeast eurner
of lleorge BttdSOn's pre-emption claim, and
marked linrry Q, TolUtiKtoli's N K C. pnul, and
ruiinlug lOUth 40 ebalni, theuce west 20 ebalns,
theuee north 40 ebalna, tbenoe eaat 90 ahalns u,
place of u-giuniug, containing00aores ol laud,
more or leu-
Hated im- :_Oth day of Minus!. I9rs6.
Nolh-e li herehy given lhat 00 days alter date I
Intend to make application to lhe Honorable the
Chiel Commlaaioner of l-andsaud w ,.-_ for permission to purehaae about It*, acres <>( laud -itn
ated on the Salmon river. WMt Koolanaydistrict,
���'ommenclng at a poat marked B. K. Huiter's N E.
Corner, planted on the west bank nf the river,
about *\ mllei nnrth of the international Isoind-
nry. thence west '-' chaius, lbence mo t balni
south, tbeOOe east aboul JO chains lo ibe mer,
ihence northerly along tbe river to plac, of com
August 1Mb, lUOH. t*. K. Hi ITgJt,
 T. H. Atkinson, Attent.
Hlity  days  afler date 1 Intend to apply to the
Bonorable the Chief cummiMiuner of Lands mnl
WorKa Victoria, to purchase 240 acres nf land,
located and described as follows: Heing the
northeast  i|iiartcr nl  Section   twelity-tvM>,   nud
in-suuih imif nf tbe northwest quarter Baetioa
twenty three,TDwiixhlpnixty-nfuc.   And furthei
deaeribed as follows: Coounanclng at a i��i-t
marked J J.H.w oorner, and planted tt chains
east ul lhe northweal comer ol Hectiouiweiity-
two and runniiiK "a-l 40-.halus, lbence "outh N
i iiaius, theme cant 4o i ii*lns. tbeuce south vo
chaini, theuce west ni chslns, theuce north to
chains to place ol tscglnmiig.
August -Int. lyo-'i. Jamks JonxntniB,
W. A.CRlder, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 days after data
I intend loapply iu ilu-Hun Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permlaslon to purobaM
the following described lands in West Koolenay
district, south ol the Pendd'OrelUerfver, eaal ol
lish ereek,oommenelng at a pnst marked v. w.
H'sN W corner, aboul half a mile cau uf the
northeast corner ol I-ol MSB, 0. I . lbence souih
40 chains, tbenee cast ao i IirIus, tlience nortb Id
chnins, thenee west ml chains to the place of
commencement, containing ;i*_n acres, mure ur
Haled 'ind July UM, PktO W, HABCOTJIT,
Nullcels hereby given that sixty dnvs alter data
I inteud In apply tn the Hon.Chief Comiiiissinn.
ernf Lnuds and Works for permission in par*
chase the following deaerlbod lands lu West
Koolanay District, soutb nt the pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a post marked A fth \v.
corner, situated at tbe southwest corner of Lot
.4'i",, 0. I.. Ibenee east BO chains, ihenee -null, 110
chaliih. tbence west an chains, thence- north no
chains to the place ol cnuimcme ut, Containing 4N acres, inure ur lesa,
Dated90tb June, i��yf.. Amtig Pnaaxa
P.J.O'Bellly, Agent,    '
Kotlce it bereb'* given thai OOdayi alter dan-1
intend iu applv in the Hon,,mi,], Chlel Commli-
aion-r ol Lands nnd Works lor permlaalon to purchase tin* following deacrlbed lauds, situate In
ilu- West Koolanay district, starting from n rued
pin 1st tbo 8 W.eornerol Krncsl w Koblnson'i
Application to I urebn.e. nml on the north bank
of the Norlh Lork of T'o* creek; tlience in chains
wesl, Hu chalus nortii. I flu , bains ea-i lu chains
south, iii chains west, DOohalossouth lo nidi-, i
Hon ol north Una of K. ff. Robinson's Application
tu I'uri-base. tbence to chains wesi tind 90 eimiiis
i mtb to point ol commencement, containing uio
Hated IHth day uf August, ltui.
y. Vt, Hoainaoif,
per Krnkst w . RoBtRgoir, Agenl.
Blxty days alter date I intend to appiv lothe
Commissioner oi Lands nmi Works, victoria to
purchase 180 acres ni land.  Conunenctni a. ���
pusl planted on the wesl shore of Armw Lnke at
the sooth east eurner uf J. j Christie's pun base
running north HO chains, thenee east 20 ehrtins'
thence south W)chains, tbence west Hn. hains to
place of cotiimenceineiit.
i.o.'Hied May. fib lis*;.
        U Oaluohsr. Locator.
Notice Is hereby given thai m days alter dnle 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Ohlal Cam.
minloner ol Lands and Works Victoria tn I
ohase m acres th land, utoate abontonenll
cast  of  Hurton  City  nn the east i      !
lake, and described us f ��wi j 'on i. e,   1,1   m,
_Augnsia-th,ltta. .l.K.H.NTKK.
Notice Isbereby given that nuiinva _<r   ,
���it,"pi.���ihi ii,,���,���ii���.���M ,������;/,,Hi V ,":
Uii-lliS-Ssii-liPilis, wsnit-su sliisllis  ,|ih
D��U<1 tlm 31,1 dny ol July inon,
VoUm I, bi-n-by jivs-n n���i m -
��� ��������� L^iss_te_i
lf' ��� <*roafc. I
Hiatw ib ncrei
intend tn apply ���  ���,..,.,
sioner ol uuids and iv,,,!,, "**���* *'(____���
.".n.'s.ss'iiiK .r.TO^ipiskoaa
" "*t.
Kss,.., ,.    .....
�� "'"''��.,mV,;vj'���'"���>SS'
in - prt-nrnpOon , i-,,,,  A'1 w mum si. ��."��� I
11,,-n.-.- nssrl, ,',: ,n,     '    '"'"- ",l_o2_|
ii"-"'���>��� -"'siis 1.1, i,    , ir";1' ���i ��i._Sj
D.tesl thu 2,u, j.j. ���, JJJ|5^ ''
Noli��� I, hereby ,���-��� ih-TTT^-^SL
lnte.i.1 lo.ppl) ii Ki B^MjffiaMffl
DlUlonwol UnJ,������| w,,t.,Mh��2WlS,l
Hirchmt- tho tollowm, ��^5^ff'W��_. 1
ko'ilennv lll.trki ,b"o   k'm JSnd !�� ����1
the I-..1 bdiik ,���   Trou, ,-r.Jk; . _i��S ,,'"'-����), I
rii��vn.'�� N. w. o. p,)!,";,,1 ".���""��'�� ��S|
ch.ln.! iheni-e ���,��� ��, cl,��      ,','', ������nl.! J
In,, s-islit. bin. mis .,,,.,..,;., ,i^"' ��1 t,ttifcr
tm tin. mi l��Sk^sg>MtS%
_ 5 "-��^'";*"
J. A. O'KllLLV.
Nolls,- I, ls,-r,-by kIvs-si lls.l sort,.. .Is., , Vi
I"1;'!'1."' ""���-'��� "wu "ffoSSsffl
1 bl' I .,i"i'.ii,-r ..I Und, .is.l *,,,'*<
miss.i.sii  I.. porcbtM Ma ur�� ,i .,!, ,'",i,
I'lmi's-'l "l. lb. ...silh .1-  H.,,,1,,1,,!    *f�� I
ihe lntorn��llo���. 1 ,���i���r) ,,���.. ..,~r  ���� ,
us !���- '���"-! li  Ill" >�����  -is, r. s.s.sl,   ������i-.TJ1 -1
��   *d -. hi ul comer" n,.,[��� ' ""'
ch.ln., ii���-is.-, north i un, ���-,-    '"
;;;-;::;���, ��*** "����������-- toSSil
t     1.   .. 1-.V-. 1...!,.,
pet ii S  .-..to. '
l'�� Ill-9tls .ls.y,,| Jills.  I-.S       '
Hl.ly .lsiys. .Iter .Int.- I Intend , I, ..,.'
''in"  '--' ii  -I Und, ���,.i'���,,��*,
1 i0i"issi. for p.-r���,lul���n b. ,.iir.-,,->,������. iiiyj]
>���.i nil, (l_6)��cr��oll.n.,loMWM._ISB
fl    'I"    lMlOW.1    ...II, Illllll.-   nl   ,i   mtjZg
��� ss-iiis i~hJis.ii i nl ii,.  N �� '..-i,;,,,.
HssU-i i . I", , iiipllisii.ii.l n.rtik. l   s   Ks.s'fl
irner," una iniiiiliiii w.1 l���rt, i��>, ^ j
��� sslli forty  M.i)sl,,,,���.   s  ,���.;
iIihIiis.. thi-iii-o nortmorty t<",i'li.iis>u,��n.
srt;(��) ch.hu tinn*] |
K ''Hlfflt
Nollis-   I.   Iss-retsy given  Usui mtj ,1,1,^
'lnu-1 Intend t-i.iipl) tss the Honorsbls -.nS j
' "iniiil>i,i>isi,r itl i ,.s, s. Hn,| Work,   ��� ���-,. /
Is. pssts Is,., Ilu- lulls,Mln,, sltWTll*-! :���,���-_,
Us W,-sl Kooten.y dl.trlct: H.viisiili.|e,H, |
Blstntcil  .1 the  llssrtbws-.l ,,,n,.s ���[ UsE I
Og < rs-,k.   Hulls,- -until 1st ,1,.'.,,.,![,,��,_
,si s-b.liis- mors- ssr lew. thenc ii���i:h .^ I
non "r I-...   lb,nn- ...I to Ink, .hisurtl, I
ESis' I- ssf Ii,|,Iiiii!ih(, th, .ains- 1, Int.n;H.��, 1
TAfU  Stll.t I, k SI'.S* II -S. Sis.   H���J.-.i,. |:. ,^p_
ls,i,,| J.sly ���,. I*,; On B Una
Ni'tltf I. lsvrs-by Klvs-ii tli.t .llty -ItJlSdl
Hi. 'Ut, I Intend to ��w<ly to th. rtsl.lrs-_H
M-,i���r ol I..H.1. aiol Wisrk. Vlslnrla. loiictM
lion in 1'iiri-b.M-the folliswin, AMeribH^B
ssltssstt, Itl III,- sllilrlrt ill ��-������! K,H,trsi(i.fl
ssl sirssbm.il I'rs-s-k: HLrliiiK .1 , l-isil mui*
Jolsti Wbiti-'. B, w. cisrni-r. |,l,nlss,l tlnMt
slmsif -xmiII, of J M.l',11,', v,silli,A.(rsjs_3
piliislistc isttrlb slocb.lii., Ilitin, s-,.1 tlrli_fl
lis- in,��� ...utii :,i ,-bnlii.. Ui, ,���.- toil . ,:..:s, |
(rfiltitiil i-iiiiiiiis.iii-omt.-ril. Joh, Win
June 11. IWO. I.ri-.au,.. A, -.1
Nssll., I, b,r.by given Ui.l salt!,,, troshkl ]
lm,nil in s.ji|i|y bi th, Honssr.lsl, u��� s u's*
liiUilssut-r nl Ltititl, .ns] Work., for : ��� ,- :a
pisr,b.i.t- lb, followlnx .I ��� , ���:��� ������ .-��� '��� ��� ss>
in in, ,11-lrtsl ol West Ko-.l-iis,s.,,l.s-ic:i,I_
7W ..ii lb, wet, .nn "I Kossit-n.s l,,,.nun>
ClOg Al lbs- illlll.l   jto.t   |.liai,.| .1 lts.4_M
rorner "I Ln, TM, thence iii.nlrJ) r!,.:u*_,
wet 'jo chnin., thenre .ouib jusls._-_t��
HUM XI lllHlll. In |.ti||lt ol coisslllilll'eMJL
Ishii.1 Auk   l.Mli, IIMI. Ja.ohsBk
N..II..- lis Iisti by glTpn lb,I iOil.yaill.tttl
lislt-inl to .ptsly tss the Hnnor,lile th, (ul
A'omtaliosloiss-rof Uadnud Wortl lor^ilk-
��� Ion to psiri'ha.e the (olbiwmn ileiwllW lu��s
Utsssato'l In list- Wt-.l Ki...l,tlav .II-tll.'l,^rittlS
C, I.. 1'f.n.tiii's, on lb, laottli. hIh.iii iiisss_4ssn-
qurtor mile, ir.-m ih. Pendd'Orrlllirw."*
1111-11,lliK .1 '. l""sl in.rkssl s' V s'.lUi-Il^l
f.srtis-r  i-o.l.  lbs,ns-, >,�� s-b.in. tiiirlli.llstnlrl
i-b.lii, w.-m.  lb,I  ssss t-lialii, wssslls. UifW,.
S'lnilll, t-H.I I., siltsi I s-ijtsnifSitrliii-lil
U.'.k-I lb, Isst .1.) Ol AllKll.t. WU.
Hr.RM.N Hum,.K'iit_
Notlc li herebj risni UutlO_>��ll|��i_N
im I t.s s.,,,,l\ to UM Honorable thenWUH
nils..lolsi-r nl l..lisl> sslisl Work-Inr |*ral��B.t.
purchu. tho InUowln, deu-nhed f��nd �� ��*
Kootena, iM..iriii��iH  soils- oh "I ��"_',
is.n I'liy:  imanoln, .1��i��fi ,.i.n,eo ����� �����,
fis-t blank ssl Iritnl ir.-.k .ti'l issssski.l '  L i-��;
ir". N   Vi. 0. tail sall'l rnisiiliiL'  Ul J ��*B
11,,-n. a��Si ,-hnlns.:   Ilnn.i   innlli * "��"���
thence w-,1 nitb.i lhe plweol ri.m-.a��-
m,lll. roliUllslliK. I.,n as:r���. lonrt- ssr Is-M.
lsal���l Ibl. -Jod slay sil Auslis'l. IM-    [MI[
W. I!   IIsviiisiV Ik'S.I
I Inl. ti.I t,.aHiln,,tli, Urns s'l'i,! ���	
or ssl Ij.iisI�� anil W'ork.lor I'trino'is'li I",
clil...' lbs.' lollowliiK .l.'M'ril.'.l a"'. '���; "' '
Kootenn/Dl.trlct, Kiulhol the [vnil di'""��
riv.T. I'tisnini-iiiliiK .1 . I'"-' "'"V ..,, ���l l_
N. tt'. oorner, .itiintt-d on the .ouili l*"\
Pond d'lirolllo river ,l J.iih- N ����'*"������''���
...sstbos'sst I'ssrner: then ������.-��� m<'""��'��� ' ^
..sssil, III  e|,.|,,..tb,.���,',   sst-l   1" cll��l���_S
iiorib in .-hal, th.- pla 1 ' aatemai,
iiilitrliiliiK Itki as-ress liniri'sir l.'s-v      ,__-_���
lsaie.1 :ir.l July 1906.    H'smU' R- >,,,,"1*"''
AKTlll'. rs.lisrinisli.'l���1 __
Nolli-o I, hereby Riven llial i��d.f. '!';'^.
inteud to apply te the Honorable tke IoW'��
s,il-.l,n,r ol tind. and Work, lor wnntt-JJJ
purohaisc lbs- (slb.wlllK dew rll��'l   '"'"l w ,���..
nieii.lni! hi a |,".i marked "J-     ��> ���   ,,,..,
ner.' placeil on tha ea.t ihore n   Mj��r.
Uke al lb, oorllnss-M comer ol J. I ��"."     ���
lill.iill.il] In 1-uribas.e. ruiililisi! I	
s-��ssi: tbenco h,., hn\n, issniiss in
moro or leu, ss,-i tolne akchi
Iosiick lake .bore te poim ;���' '"i"���'"'"
sosiiaiiiiisst UOaerei more oi lore-
Dated tbo _lrsl day ol Jul). >"" } 1V b,tp.
Notlco 1�� here by Klveo lhal "'''"f-f-K.,'*
liii.u,l io y i.. lis.- I"""1" '"��� ,"',���" sss
snlMtlolierol Ulisl. ami ��'"'", "l1,1 ,     .|i,,ld
purohaae the loll.wln, ileisTll��"i,    "    ���
on llu-s-a.i lld.ol yrrcc;;,Al"*;';l:,|l,;.'"',i,ssr.bo''
ill lb twenty chain,
r: iitinsrt
eb���Vn��. iliciis'e ....riii twenty chain" *}"��*���_
lias-nlvibiiis  polnloll sss-ssselisi"1'
iniiiiiik- in acre 101 leu v Htl���,.
Ii��,c,IST,,,nl���'l.l'l'N    M���;*���.���,
s slay
r .1,1'
Notice Iss hereby elveii Hint "'''rcgjia ���.
Intend te anpl, i.. [be Honetable "������,�����
minloner ol Undi and work, inn '  >llutHi
pssrsliiias- lbs- lollowlsik' ,,',?'L "' ,��� .mnis'-liil'ill"
on lbe IMI "Isle ssl Arrssss l.lc. <;''" ,,-efcMC,
tbe nortbeut corner o A a hiiinny >j , ,,������;
tbenoe nortb tort) obaloii "' ' .i,,.,,r.tui
chaini, ibenee iouth loriy ����'"',��''n��t,tM
I.srly  Ohalni  In polnl "I s"S imv"
iiiiniiiK IDOaerei, moreoi ie."      ,. uj^iaoq
bate. Soplo.nl.cr 1,!����._  MfJ ,";,,���,, \
.,r iin-ibalsii ireek; thenoe "ltnl������l3i'
thonoeentility clnsiiss to i1'"'  ',...
ment lalblnefflO acrcii more "'' MArix
Dated Heptelllber 1, WW.
'or ��. s's.'i'"-."5.^-7,
  rwr  .[i.-rslileI
Notlco I. hereby Ktv.ii tlialK dJIJ^C*
Intend toapnlj to ii..- Hono ��bl�� l���.rllli,.��_
iiil.isliiiioror I.niuls. ssinl ,B,,rV'li��nsl't,l'.,,l��
piirclianu Ihs- lollmvliiK ' '"' 'J' ' im.l.lb'���"
[rem si no i marked ����� 1'��"" ";'',,, n��. *'"!
sssssilh   ,0 ..11.11111.  Ibel  c.'I  7  .niopsil"'"
nisrili ,nchaini, ibel "���,;"  ... ,,n... I��'"?,I.
coiiiiiieni ten . oontnlnliaB J��h,0aSiii,P��
losss: ailjoln. on lln' carl "I ����� ','1"
N. Dr.Mi:l��
___________ B_B
20 P..cei Braueli, Velveti
and Tapertry Leu than Half
Regular Pricei
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
1ITM, \l TH01I1ZKD... 16,000,000. CAPITA], PAID UP      ���H,.xo,000
RKBT....   |4,S80,000,
is B WII.KIK, Pn-siiloiil BOK. BO BERT JAKl-'KAY, Vice-President
Bunches in British Columbia:
Deposits received Mid tatarett allowed at current rates from dato of opening nc
Inuii 11 redlted hulf-yi'nrly.
Im'I.son BRANCH J*   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,116
Horse Races, Lacrosse tournament and other attractions.
���  The Largest Frait, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
in the Province.
D. C McMORRIS,        J,). MALONE,
\ Burns & Co,
lrancli Market! in   KtMtUand,   Trail,   Nt-lnou, Knrio,   BandOn, Three Korku, New
Denver and BlOOM Oity.
rileri h] mall tn nny iii-Kin'li will lmve
"rprumin nmi ouuttl Kltfinltiii.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
(.rniul Display nf Fruits, Flowers
!l|nl Vegotab.e_.
Hntrl98olo86S.pt. llth.    Spoo.nl
Hulls 1111 nil bonis mnl Irnins.
��l. WM. COCKLE,
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. 14th
Tmm Daily Canadian
Government Official Tells of It* Comforts and Speed.
J. K. Worsfold, provlnclul assessor,
who has just returned from a visit the
England, was one of the travelers by
the splendid C. P. R. liner Empress ol
Ireland from Liverpool to Quebec on
her recent voyage commencing the new
schedule to land the "Overseas Mall"
ln Hongkong within thirty days from
Leaving London at 12:40 from Eus-
ton Mr. Worsfold reached Liverpool
at S p. m., and went on board the Bin-
liri-ss of li'i-liiiid at once, the liner sull-
Ing two hours lau-r, but it ����, not mini tiildiilglii tbat alio left the Mersey
bar. The Overseas mull had been put
on board ut Liverpool and there was
no call at Movtlli'. As for the aocom-
iiiiiiliillonK they were the most com-
fsiriuiils- ilu- traveller bad ever expert
I'lici'il, iliiiiiuli lie hail oroieed the At
laiitlc nn li'SH lluin livi- tttnes. To put
11   plainly,  Hie   Kin press  Hts'iiiin-i's  urn
tin- lust word in   modem   passenger
on ber recent voyage the Elinpreu
of Ireland caine via the Siralts ol
lli'lle Isle, a quicker route. There was
im tog und average weather. Some
s'tssriii weather waa encountered, and
iin. manner in which the liner acted
was remarkable. There wuh little vibration, nnil no rolling,' the pitching
was niilii. In fact ihi- traveler was
Impressed wiih the comfort of
iin- steamers, not only in Hie
matter nf arrangements, but also
as sen bunts. Thoy hnve heavy bilges
uml ride splendidly. Prom the time
Hie const of Ireland was loft behind
until the coast of Labrador was seen
aboul four days elapsed. There was
no fog and no occasion to slow down
during the voyage.
Among the many advantages of trav-
by these steamers which Mr. Worsfold pointed out was the fact that instead of being in the thick of the
roughest of the Atlantic running out
of New York before one had hardly
found where his cabin was located
the traveler hae time to "find himself," as It were; he can get his sea
legs and become accustomed to the
life on shipboard while, for a day or
a day and a half, the steamer Is
steaming down Ihe St. Lawrence with
beautiful scenery on elUler side and
pleasant condlUons. Hy the time the
rougher water or the ocean had been
reached the traveler had become more
or less accustomed to the motion of
the vessel, and tbe poorest of sailors
would not be inconvenienced as In tho
ciiBe of a traveler leaving New York-
How thoroughly the C. P. R. officials have Studied the comfort of travel's ou this route Is also Indicated by
llie arrangements made to relieve tbe
annoyance, so familiar to travelers by
oilu-r routes, wiih regard to customs,
Immigration and other officials, baggage, etc. When the Empress of ire-
land arrived at Rimouski, in the St.
Lawrence, a lender brought olf health
officers, Immigration officers, customs
men and a swarm of C. P. R. baggage
men. and Ihens- al once proceeded to
work. The passengers were all examined by Ilu- health officers, passed inspection by the immigration officials,
let customs officers examine their
trunks nnd baggage, and hud their
baggage all checked to Its destination
withoul trouble; every formality waa
gone through while the traveler waB
still journeying to his destination,and
nil lhal was necessary to do on arrival
ut Quebec was lo Btep from the steamer, free of all Hie annoyances Incident
to arrival when I raveling by other
vessels. This, as any traveler can appreciate, Is a boon, indeed, to the wayfarer.
Nol only does Ihis remove the difficulties of lhe traveler Tor Citnudlaii
points, but the United Slates traveler
whn has chosen this C, I', it. route, aa
many do because of its manifold advantage., Is also benefited by Hie arrival of lhe officials, All lbe red tape
Incidental In his passing lha border is
ipiiekly accomplished, and mil alone lu
Ibis true, but .American customs officials who have come on board at Rimouski pitas his buggnge and It Is
sent, checked. aB Is that of others, to
Its destination In bond. All the formality of aforetime bas been removed
and lhe advantage ot the excellent
system is apparent. All who traveled
by the route were loud in praise of tho
C. P. R. service.
Mr. Worsfold said he happened to
bo ln lhe purser's office while that
officer wns staling lo nu American official: "This service will cut Into your
New York lines."
"I cannot see what else can happen
when you hnve made such perfect ar-
rangements and nlve such an excellent
service," replied the official.
it Ib a matter of prldo with tho
ItrltlshVrs who travel by this service
Hint lhe Imperial note is strongly borne
out by the service. Por 12,000 miles
between Liverpool and Hongkong the
traveler Is now able   to travel   under
the same house flag-the red and
white checkerboard flag of the 0. P.
In journeying across Canada It was
the wonderful picture of the golden
harvest fields stretching as far as the
eye could reach that Impressed the
traveller. The appearance of the Northwest was amazing. Through Manitoba
and the Northwest Territory until approaching Calgary the great golden
fields stretched out to the horizon
There were at least 200, If not mora,
threshing machines seen at way eta-
ions and depot? awa'tlag delivery. H
had never realized the greatness ot
the grain fields before; perhaps because he bad not before traveled at
lhe harvest time and aeon the Northwest at Its best. The growth was
amazing, new towns which were bul
small hamlets when ho had last Journeyed thai way had sprung up everywhere. The growth of business und
richness of the country  was obvious.
"How perfectly the girl graduates
keep slep." "Yes; lhe orchestra ls
pliiylim lhe wedding music from "Lohengrin."
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to their arl-
vnntage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealers Id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and snpples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Gait Coal
Termi Spot Cub
Telephone 2_ Baker Btreet
TAKE NOTICB thai an KppltmUon bet been
inailt- m re'_:l>iU,T Tart.. Mining Company ts the
crwoer In fee Btmple, under two aeverai lax
Sale Deettl (rum K J. PtPiison, Deputy AlMtttOt
aud Oollootor ��>t tin- Blown Aueuraent Dlitrlet.
. Turiff Mining Company, I>eRrini��dHtt! the*_.4tli
of A ug lift, A.I). i'*i">, of all and singular
those pcrialn paroell nr tnu*l�� of land and urem-
tt.es situate, lying and being in the District of
Kootonay, in the province of British Columbia,
more particularly known and deaeribed as���Lots
M6 hihI KM, Qroup 1, District of Kootenay,
"aShafer" and "Bobtail" mineral elaimR.
You and each of you ure re(]uired to contest
tho claim of the tax nurohAfet within fourteen
dan from the date of the service of tbllttoMtW
upon you, and In default ol a caveator certificate
of lis pendens being filed within such period,
yon will be forever estopped and debarred from
Betting up auv claim to or hi respect of the Bald
land, ami I shall register Tartu Mining Company
as owner thereof.
Dated at Land ftegUtrj Office Nelson, Province
Hritish ol Hritish Columbia, this l.lli day of
August. A. D.-1-&06.
District Registrar.
To Kootenay Mining Company fforelgnl
Bbafer Gold and silver Mining company
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day boose in the Kooteuays.
Rooms are well furnished.  Table as good as ao-f
in Nelson.    Bar lupplled with food
Uauorsand clears.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
TAKK NOTICE that au application has been
made to register Clarence Harman as the owner
in Pee simple, under h Tax sale Deod Irom It. J.
stensou. deputy assessor and collector of the
Shiran Astfssinetit Pistrict, to Clarence llnrman,
bearing dato the 21st day of July A D.190\,otalj
ami singular thai certain parcel of laml nud
premises Blluate, lying aud being in the Dlstricl
Of Kootenay, lu the Province of Hritish Columbia, nmre particularly known ami described as���
Lot734,Groupl, District of Kootenay, "Henry"
mineral claim.
You and each of toii are required to contest
tha claim of the tAX purchaser within fuurleen
days from the dale of  the service of this  notice
Upon you, and in default of a caveat or certificate of lis pendens being Hied w'thlli such period, von will he forever estopped and debarred
from" setting up any claim to or in respect of the
Bald land, am) I shall register Clarence Herman
as owner thereof.
Dated at bund lleitlstrv Office Nelson, Province of Hritish (.olumhiit. this 17th day of August.
A. D, LWfl*
District Registrar.
To QeorgQ Henry llarman,
Wilbur A. Ilendryx.
Under and hy virtue of the powers contained
In a certain mortgage, which will be produced at
the time of the Hale, there will be offered for sale
by puhlle auction by hlchard T Evans at the
Court House, in the City of Kusslan.1, H C, on
Monday, the'iU-h day o( September, A D , 1UW,
at the hour of noon, the equity of redemption In
that desirable tract of land on tho Lower Arrow
lake, known as Deer Park, and consisting ol lOW
acrei, more or less, and the major pa t of the
For further particulars and term*, and conditions of sale apply to
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Bank of Montreal Chambers, Kossland, B.C.
Dated at Kossland, 7th Sept., 1��U.
European ana American Plan
Meali tt ota.   Roomi (rom 36 cts. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
But DolIar-a-Day House is Nelson.
Tho Ban 1. Use Flneat.
Wlsllas  Help Only  Kinploynd.
Joaieislslisu HI.
The Big Schooner n,,/,*, IA-
Or "HlH--.dH.il"    DCCt    1UC.
The ouly (linns of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel rn;- anodatlons (second in none in Jlrts-
lull Columbia, Han's ll.oll per day. Spes s.sl nats-st
i-i monthly boarders.. Only Home hotel in NelHon
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates $1 00 per day and up.
fe2j!5._      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
CentraUy Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner W��rd and Vernon Street..
T*** Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Eli-ctricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Oomtortable Bedroomi aud First-
cslaaa Dining Room. Bample Rooma for Conimer
Mai Men
MRS. E. C. CLARKE. Proprletreal
TJ^N'I'L'T        Our Beer Garden in
The well known
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.00 a Day.
Special Rates to ResKnlar Bcardei..
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fuuey Groceries.
Bntter. Exps.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
H. & M. BIRD
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
W.   O.   GILL-3TT
Contractor and
Bole UKoiit (or the I'orto UU-n LuinbiT Co., Ltd.,
rutt-ll ynnls. Kmigli nud dft*M(. lumber, tiiriior]
work and brftckett, Coast lath ami HiiiiiKton, roth
ami ilnortt. Cetnettti brli'k and 11 tut; (or xalo
Yard ami factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P O. Box '232. Telephone 17N.
West Transfer Co.
Oeuernl TennistPra und Dealers in
Ooal and Woo .   Express and
l-sagjsime Trnnsis-r
j!OT_r_5 Office:'Baker St.
IN8UUANCB.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager ior the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
OlileKt nttblUh-d R'al Kstate
BnniuCKH in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acxcs
of the
Choicest Frott Lands _
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
September 14
Up from Nelson
On sale 12, 18, 14 September,
good to return till 17th.
S. 8. Kokan.e leave Kaslo 7 :1I0 p. m , Friday, Hth September, makiug all calls
between Kaslo and Nelson.
A.!i.P...,VslIusoalver. H.P.A.. Na-lssain
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nolson
and itn subnrbs Phone 1-fi.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
:._ _=_=__+s
The Last of Eastern
On Sale S. ptemb' r 8-10
Winuipeg i
8t.fttol J tea j,
Dnlnth f	
Port Aribnr      J
Chiraigo im "O
St. Louis $60,110
Final limit October 81st.
On sale September 8-810 to Toronto ��"6 6fl.
Limit November 80th.
Rates Ui ull other eastern points
on application.
City P��a*_etifor Agent.
A ll. l: A., Sa-mlle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
hoods cali.hu por
Baker Street.    -     NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thnmu's Special Riituic?
!    \
: 1
1 f\
The Daily Canadian
Fancy Rack Combs and Side
Combs, formerly $t and 51.25.
.IrTSelliiig THIS WEEK for
Best iu the Market. From 90 cents Up
************************< '*_
* t
I Crawford Free Stone
Iu large variety are now ml
for preserving.
Buy while quality is
Bell Trading:
I        Company        ;
: :
44 <A Tip" for a
44 Canadian Mo rn ing."
���The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
I'llltlls- LVi
Baker St.
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s'-ll anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shiji. A new
line of Japanese Gootis nssw nn sale. All
klndB of Dlnnerware iu stool.. Patterns.
Making Dependable
Fortonato is the store that haa the
reputation fnr dependability Fortunate is the pnblio that haa roch q J
store in its midst. Fortunate oonfl*-
denoe between b store and ite buying
Pnblio means growth. Tins store has'
(frown, juui la growing on just the
lines. No ambition higher ihan po
tearing yooroonfldenoe���other things '
are liouuri to oome.
We want every trade transaction to
.�� Katisfur.nry,  und  if it is nut we
want you to ti;ll us a hour it.
If you  have not  bought   from us ;
semi us a trial Order,
���Joy .Cash Grocery;
Sor.JoHpbtoe&ad mui bu.     Khnne i
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
UNIFORM BURNINQ ll Ibfl most lm
puriHQt factor when blatltag nu n Imci
���ml.-. "Miple I-uaf" brmi-J Ii claimed
iiiperlor in tb.i respect,
Compsxitoai wHh other makei Invited.
Sol* A_asnt.  IWIas.ill,  B.C. .
.���i-   Vci-nmi Mini Word  StreeU,
ISBL30N.   -��. vial   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
I! 1! Oliver, Mrs D l> Munroe,
Grand Forks; Miss Dynes, Qreenwood;
Miss McMillan, Mrs .Mason. Slocan:
E A Harvey, II M Fullerton, Victoria;
si Wright, il Eagleson, W S Archibald, l' r Andrews and wife, ft E Ja-
i-sii sssn. i; p Downey, Vancouver; 1
Ha(8i. Milwaukei : E K Harris, .1 I.
hish. Toronto; W Warren, Omaha; .1
Pepin, .1 ll Jackson, Sentaluta; C W
McLean, A Carney, Kaslo; A Vaughn,
Victoria; P T Orenell, Hew York; S
Wharton, Montreal; C E Legg, Sp��-
kano; It McDougall, Misuse Jaw; D
Gardner, Ottawa; J A Dart, Winnipeg;
C M Hamilton, Toledo.
(', Hunter, Paul s Couldrey, Itoss-
land; T ii Wlnchell, Minnetvpolis; W
l Francis, Montreal; <: W Johnstone;
c, o Buchanan, Kaslo; W s Drewry,
New Denver; R C lngiis, Calgary; A
I i' (".iilletiy nml wife, D M Rogers, .1
H. Gillespie, Victoria; It 11 L#y, i-��n-
.Itm: It .1 Bealey, Portland; C Olm-
sted, New York: C N .1 Guler, Cole-
man;  n ll Armstrong, Crossfleld.
F Rooney anil wife, Miss Vankirk,
Ulhbrldge; .1 C Carruthers, K .1 Allan, Phoenix; A J Ter, T K Needham,
Vancouver; E It Robinson, 11 Kelly,
Procter;   11  T Trueman, Vancouver.
K Q Bason, Bonnington; S Tipping,
Slocau;  c Wllkluson, .1  Bar   M  Iv-
i us. Winnipeg; A Sutherland, Yinir;
I li Gasconge s ll Perkins, Salmo;
Mrs. Dundell, Sweden; It A Tanglll,
Cambourae; It .1 Mowat, Phoenix; .1
McDonald, A Benvllle Moyie; ii Graham, Salmo, li Wllborg, New Westminster; Mr and Mrs Paulson. West-
C, Mason, Troul Lake; F A Allen
Toronto; D Murray. Vancouver; T
Christiansen, Queen mine; F A Stewart, Deer Park.
.1 A Mo islam. Nova Scotia; A Mor
rlson, Prince Edward Island; D It
I rockman, Spokani ; W L Bridgeford,
Deer Park; J Demleh.-l, San Francisco.
r;  Alexander,  W  A  Wilson,  Winnipeg; T Alton. Vancouver; D Morrison,
Greenwood; .1 O'Hara. Bandon;  F Mar
shall, Penile.
T Allison, M  Burke, Cranbrook;  A
i n Wilson, Phoenix.
N A Turner, Colville;  I-:    I)   Bcott,
l Spokane;  T I. Dloomer Castlegar;   W
Splller, A Woodward, Bonnington;   tt
Haider,  Bdgewood;   T  Dallalre.  Koss-
i land;   It  Young, Slocan;   II   I.  Blrtoh,
; Cranbrook;  c  F  Hall, Creston;   P T
I Poulton. Poorman nilsie;    c   Allen, o
Mien. Grand  Forks.
N MoColman, Vanoouver; F G Hum-
! 'iin. Deer Park: (I Plgnfttaro, Hon
��� Ington; \ Stonier, Moyle: .1 Staple-
1 Ion, Red D i r; I Kerr, Slocan .lunc-
: Hon; T Evans, Revelstoke; M Had-
s cllffe, Golden: M Markan, Ynilr.
$10 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchnse io acres of
splendid fruit land which
Will double iu value iu a
few months.
Are yon  grasping the
present opportunities?
George o. Tlerney is homo from
Grand   Forks on  a  short  visit.
Frost Is reported today from all
surrounding districts. Even Ihe city
didn't   escape.
II. H. Ley, chief assayer at the Hall
Mines smelter, has returned from a
visit to  England.
MIsh Beatrice Irwin haa returned
from a visit to the coast cities extend
ing over three weeks.
Mr. Bcott, the proprietor ol the
merry-go-round, hus arrived to mbke
arrangements for operations during
the fair.
A telegram was reoelved this after-*
QOOn  at   8;8(l    from  the    manager    of
Uie  Revelstoke lacrosse team accepting the Invitation to play at tbe fair.
The band concert at llie park yes
terday afternoon was well attendeJ
It was cut short n little earlier than
usual on account of s cool breeze off
the lake.
Mrs. Melville Parry requests that
all who are taking part in lhe Japan*
ese parasol drill at the approaching
fall fair shall meet Ihis evening in
Fraternity hall for practice at 8
o'clook   sharp.
Silver nnd lead are today at the
highest prices for six years, Silver
advanced another poini on both English and American markets, and had
rose two points in London, Copper
also gained  three points.
The    Dominion    postoffice    deparl
ment is at last entitled to congratulations, thanks partly to the fame of
Nelson. A letter from the old country addressed, "John McPhee, Cltj
power Plant Canada. B. c." was forwarded to its owner at Nelson powef
slte at  Bonnington.
John Oliver Covington of Green
wood and Miss Winifred Alberta McMillan of Slocan were married last
��� veiling at the Hume hotel by Rev, .1.
T. Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. Covington
are spending the day in Nelson and
will leave for their home in Green
wood tomorrow morning.
The usual meeting of the Young
People's Society of St. Paul's cliurch
will not be held tomorrow night. In
stead the members are invited to join
in a meeting Wednesday night, which
will be addressed by Miss Robinson,
organizing secretary of the Women's
Home Missionary Society of the PreS
byterlan church of Canada.
0. O. Buchanan. C. W. McAnn and
A. Carney arrived from Kaslo this
morning. All report great interest being taken in tlie preparations for
Kaslo's first fair, which will be held
on Friday. September 14, No attempt
is being made for a mineral exhibit.
the displays being mainly of fruit,
flowers and vegetables.
Rev. J. 0. Shearer, traveling score
tary of the Dominion Lord's Day alliance, will be in Nelson Wednesday
and Thursday of this week, conferring
wiili friends of the alliance Thursday
PVening al 8 o'clock a public meeting
will be held In 'he Methodist church
al which Mr. Shearer will make a
statement regarding the recent enact
'"'-ni of the Dominion parliament deal
lag  with   Lord's day  observance.
The first fall meeting of the University club was held Saturday night.
The university committee reported
progress. A circular has been sent out
to all bodies in the province whose
aims are connected with education.
Favorable replies have already lieen
received from several. The committee was continued in office indefinitely. The literary program was de
ferred  until the October meting.
F. B. Oibhs, district manager for
ihe Brackman-Ker Milling company
Iur many years, leaves tomorrow morning via Spokane. He will shortly assume charge of the companv's business In Alberta and Saskatchewan
with headquarters at Calgary. He will
be succeeded here hy G. E. Brown
Mr. Gibbs will be greatly missed In
many circles in Nelson, where by his
gi nlnliiy and obliging disposition he
has made a host of friends.
The Store of Quality
Now i* tlie time to huv peaches for
preserving They are ut their
beat now and tin* price is as low
hr it will be.
We hnve a fresh stock of delicious
Bartlett pears on band.
Per 2olb. Box.
Peaches - - $1.75
Per 20lb. Pox.
Tomatoes - - 1-25
Per 2olb. Box.
From the factory to your
home direct. Cauada's High-
grade Piano.
We are offering special inducements
during the fall monthi to Intending
You  save all commissions to agents,
j travellers,   tuners   and   warehousemen
by buying direct.
Pears, Bartlett 2.75
Per 4olb. Box.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
I'IIIIM-   7.
A Snap
Loose Leal Memo Books Canada Drug & Book Co's
...Cash Stores....
Get  roR Sept
Busy    First
Tin- advantages of the l.ssssss- Usol
over ilu- old style memorandum are
issss well known to need any telling.
We Have Too Large a Stock
and to reduce It we make lliis offer
Size  3x434,  open   side. 90
size  3x4a4,  open   end 90
Reduced from $1.50.
Size 3'4x0!4. open end  $1-00
Reduced from $1.86.
Size   4x6'4.   open   side   $1.25
Reduced from $2.25.
W. G. Thomson
BUOKSKl.l.KR ansl    VT-1 .,,,,     D    fl
STATIONER. iNel.sOU,   15. V_..
Phone ..-4.
Received daily lYnni the
Coldspring ranch on
Kooteuay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone wi.
Police Court.
In the city police court this morn"
Ing Dan Cameron appeared tn answer
in a charge ur neglecting his horse;-;.
Th** cast* was remanded fur eight
Th** police are Investigating a peculiar case. When \V. H. Lee, former'
ly a^ent for the Nelson brewery, left
for the coast, he left a number of
boxes in the old sampler on the water front, containing personal effects
belonging to hiniHelf and Mra. Lee.
They were lefl in chart;** of Archie
Held. Archie complained yesterday
that tlu* boxes had been broken open
and some of the contents stolen.    He
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen s Headquarters,
PHONB 16.       NELSON, B. (..
(10 MKN. hi .
in W  K I i
, for work in Uu
. uwm.U, -CulOi
CTKNOOKAPHKB for position Incounlrr.
li e wiih employer1! family.    Apply
v. i Him-iniu offloe.
also states lhal he visited the [dace a
little over a week ago and found ev��
erything In order, others, however,
say that Uie sampler waa broken into
several  months ago.
Mining Records.
Fourteen certificates of assessment
work were issued In the Nelson miu
ing office today.
Certificates of work were granted
to H. Keichert, on the Reliance; to A.
H. Kelly, on the Grant Fraction; to
W. Moore, on the Union; to K. P,
Drummond, on the Peggy; to Uruco
White, on the Hematite, Ironwood,
Devlin, iron Queen, Chopin, Iron Cliff,
Republic and Lucky Jinimie; to Frank
Aiken, on the Maggie Aikens, and tt>
.1. D. McSweyn, on the Gold Mar.
POR JELLY. We have received
the whole shlpmenl from one man
and can supply your wants in
ihis line,
Arecominii in now in good condition.   They won't last long,
We also haVO fresh
CnnL>.loLipL-H       Utpu Tomatotl
1-WtlliltWt.H Wjil ui-niuluns
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0. Block . Flume 10.
Mason & Risch Pianos
It bur* been said more than once that thfl Individuality Of these instruments and the special Improvement and Inventions found in them from
tinif to time have been a source of ��� molation throughout the piano industry. Call at our -.how rof.m and team about our ttty terms of purchase
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Hudjwn Bs* li;
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Impurtcr of   I'lnu
I-.tillIImIi   CkmkIh
Jno. T. Pierre
P. O. Dux m
lN.la.un, H. C
Wa have tor Mle a pieos of Nolson property, 10 mlnntoa wnlk from
poitofflco; contains 60x180 feet or ground; two muull cottages, oom.
pleteljr famished | ulso IB frait trees and crop of rag-tables,
Price $1300
TAV1J   Sm   _T_n        raUIT LAUDS umM-LLBBTA'-B
lV/lEa Kji\J*m BAKER ST.      NELSON
One Eyeata Thm'
Thut'�� the way we test.
Usually the eye iig��� , !
glu.8 which suits oue h_)��� ti*_W| I
and ultimately both suffer      ** """"i
We use modem apullauca .���, ,
greatest care to avoid 3' -34,*1
would hurt your oyes and our ._,.*��j* I
Telephone aaa.
J. J. WALKER, ����"__��
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sliii'tnie'al Work, CaKliugH, Hnilders' Material and MiiiiiiK and Mill M_rhl_m
Otlli-e nnd Works Pool "f l'ark Sl.
1'lio.iu    -HI.
NclHo.i, h. w>
&/*���*_ Kootenay  Agenti
L0.t        R-A-Rogers..Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
wiioiumiiiu Provl/atona,
I 'lllllllCC,
Dominion GOTen Ot Cn-anii-ry Out-Poiiiiil Urii-ks n-.-s-iv.il wsi-kly IMi
fnuii lln- .iliurn.    Fnr null- by nil leading grucers.
Offloe and warahooaai Hooftton Blodk.  Pbona?9.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  not, soil
Is the time to have It repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lti]
PLEASE NOTE ���We will not be rpnpousllile fur any furnace not lothsj*
hy October 1st, 190G.
B.  A.   ISAAC
l.upnlrli.K ..."tl .1,.1.1.sis. s*xs_OUt*d wltfl DeuSJMstOh.   Hho.l Matal (
\%'..rk, Missinii lintj Mill MHsilsiiiur)'.      M.iiisuli.cliipw. * �����'        '
Oi-u  dii-M.   IV.   I..   C..lri.cst..t*M'   Uiira..
rNEUSOIN,    B.  C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -      Mfl
10 Marconi. Canadian    -   $2.ft
WOO Yale-Kootenay ke     -  9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
A large shipment of
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's
Latest Patterns, Lataat si.vIs-b, ami AM (Ji��h1s. Guaranteed
I Just Arrived!
STBSR Ltfmfee*, Singles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Braek*tss. Mail Orders prompfl*/ "lu'nil
Our Ht.K'k   ssf HAND  S
AW.S in  v"T "ml'1""'
lnolnding grades to unit ail requirements. ���,,
If you wiidi a low priced Haw wo can Hupi'ly >'""'
alsii carry the ln'��t i|iialitii'H made hy
Wood-Valiance Hardware Coy,
Co'y, ^


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