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The Daily Canadian Dec 9, 1907

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n.l   C8
Stoiljj Ca
Volume 2.    No. 159
(Expense Out of Proportion to Advantage
fresiJent of C.P.R. Declares Against
Present Proposal���Other Means
of Improvement.
Dec.   9.��� Sir      Thomas
|- President of the C, P. it
tervl .*- >l today regarding the All
|:   . regarding which an intlneti
Ion, representing the Blade
hod Hay scheme  la   now  visiting   Can-
:n:is said: "If ln this proiiosed
I. mi.   scheme, the malls are to
I: considered, it  Is oonoelTabls
|i purpose govewimental sub*
be appli.-.l for the roaliz-
1, certain advantages in this re*
On  the  oilier hand.  If the com
aclple  be considered   with a
j* i'.Ii   profit, to lessen or ellm
��� ��� ���    . -.. iiuieniai    subvention, it i��
, I  what the attitude or the
r U  ...    l.e should the new project
. 1 1*11 foot. Sir Thomas said
���li>. C. I'. It. would be. as It
I '. ihe past, to proieci Its own
la ��� \i. n,i ns advantages, t.,
Jl ��� 1.lame   the   trad.*   which
li up, allk.- as a groat carry-
P hip oompany.   -v.e are.
thi   largest carriers   on    this
��� inn iiusiness is to gel and
-ftaniil*. Lrade.     We  have had some ex-
We think w. know something of th,- needs ot the trade. W> also
|. hip company and wc have
I lied thla end with the object ol as-
'��� MalnlnK the exact conditions.
' -*-''��� put on the two Empresses,    tt'.-
th,- need nnd we met It.    l.ui  ilie
between     Bmpressea,   rrom
I .1  view (.r It, Is that the cx-
Ipensn of handling a type which would
I highest possible speed Is aim-
ll' - enormous, and in my opinion.
l.ouM not lie Justified Irom the conmier
|-ial lailnt or view, which Is the chl.-r
I' uideratlon with u company Ilk.* the
lr I' It I do not say that the neosa
�����arv limit Qf speed ims been absolutely
]'-.'���.li.,I: on lhe ci,unary the t". P.
Ilher ..I lis own notion, or in CO-
���operation, might l,,- disposed to provide
lb.au of a  beler   type than  these   now
jninning on the St. Lawrence route,
I "I' wttli ii,,, distinct understanding that
|-.:<!i must proceed lo Liverpool or some
lottier English port. Nor need ibis idea
I ... lade iu.- possibility of uu
] enl l.y which there might be a
ol lie- in:,lis in Ireland, but the
Ipnsent proposal is made with St. John
1  Halifax,   ihe   all Uie vein-    port,   and
I     ���     the st  Lawrence mute. The st
lUwnmc   route has a great attraction
I 'ur travellers, and 11 would consider Ita
II    B) ������',. Ot, almost   In the  light of
onal calamity."
���'..in ii.,. commercial point  ol view.
*    laomaa considers the All lied route
"-.possible,    lt  being auggested to Sir
I iii.'inils lhal  ll  was contended that the
j '������������' line would create a special class of
''���'������ . ii- observed   that  this already
*��i preclselj tbe .-lass which the C P.
II has already covered. "We are 111 the
Mainess. We are un Hie ground, we
WOW where lo look  for Iiusiness.    Noi-
:'"' ti,,. c |, 11 ,������. other companies
I. im. been wail Ing for orders to enter
""' fi.-lil l��� get n.-w Iiusiness."
li Is inn- ihat the   Canard    people
""It Hie I.usliania and lhe Manretanln
upon a slow lourlsi course, which ao*
wi,:H.r''umc.''1,W'1,le ��f lelsure *�� ��'��
"At the same time this does not ex-
'_-"de the posslhiliiy of greater speed
reaUxable on your own Canadian route"
,1,.: .'. ' ' ''," ""l ea-v f"r "��� moment
that there might not be a greater speed
on our route, and I am not unfriendly
10 a reasonable increase hut on the
lines uf tlie present proposal, not as
������It-porting the lilack Bod Bay, and not
-lading om- own St. Lawrence
��rlar, . with every improvement
*-���"'������.���.,.  "*,s-j|l,:o    t<>    make
would lie ���.
to American tn
"It has   been   sugg. .
V.  It.   would  offer active  ���.
Ilils  n.-w   venture  should it
sel  on foot."
The president    thought
"This company will continue to protect
Its Interests. 11 win continue to increase
its business by the means at its disposal, W'c are working upon commercial lines. The company has to consider the Interests of its proprietors."
'-���st attractions
in   the  C.
, ..osillon   to
actually he
End   Came   Yesterday���   Arrangements
For State  Funeral.
Stockholm. Dec. 9.���The body of King-
Oscar of Sweden, who died here yesterday morning, is being embalmed. The
necessary arrangements for the funeral
probably will necessitate delaying this
ceremony for a fortnight.
Qttean Victoria, wife of King (Sustave.
arrived  here thin  morning.
on lhe organization of the Joint child
labor Committee, formed by the delegates from lhe National Manufacturers'
Association, ihe American Federation or
Labor, the General Federation of Women's Clubs and thf. National Civic Federation, and its proposed plan of work.
American    Railway   Comoanies   Trying
to Agree on Tariff.
Oldest  Prairie  Province  Still   Gets  Largest jahare  of   Results  of
spasm, occnsloneil by ihe Fear lest
'Si'- American mercantile marine engin
'���r.'.l  l.y  Plerpont   .Morgan, would  wrest
"|" lupremaoy rrom ilie liritish ship
Ping companies, bUl aside from the two
extreme types, ihe Cunard people have
"'" duplicated the Qampanls or Lunula on ih.. contrary, sloe the Cam*
Wnla and ihe Lucanla, lhe*' have hnlll
'"��� Carmanls, and the Coronla, hut not
Msl boats,   |��� ||���, ,..,���,. ���f n���, Hamburg-
A'"''tl'':ill line, how is il Ihui the Ds-
"'���"lilaml has not been repeated, that
J11 the hnnts nre of the niirtnal clilliai-
���**. suili ns ihe President l.lcoln. I'm
�����nl Orani and the America, the latest
'" which is or the normal seven day
"Ths liouisehlan.l. bv Ihe win, ls now
"n the Mediterranean trade, she has
ra��de before now the trip from New
���era i��� p|y, ,(),���h in B .lavs. 7 hours anil
��� minutes Bhe has maintained an av-
'!r' ol 83.B knots per hour Anting an
e voyage. She hns covered III u
lav 001 knots.   In Spite, however,
'ihls great record for apeed ibe was
l-"'n off the New  York route and put
Winnipeg, Dec. Sl.���The immigration:
to Western Canada alone the past nine
months is estimated at 252,450, which
all passed through Winnipeg���many remaining  in  the city.
At this rate It Is estimated that the
Immigration to Western Canada will
reach 275,000.
The importance of Canada in the
eyes or the world, and the marked attention it is receiving, is easily recognizable by the rapid increase In Immigration. That the larger portion of
this 'nitnigr.ition conies to Western
Canada and to Manitoba, Is conceded.
and this is not altogether contlnod to
the laboring classes. Men of wealth
come here seeking fields for profitable
investment, and usually llnd them; men
of brains seek profitable employment,
and their laudable efforts are rewarded
and their merit recognized. In a country so free and offering so many advantages, tact, push and principle cannot
long remain unrecognised or go unrewarded.
instances uiu not lacking where a
few years ago penniless youths landed
In Manitoba and Winnipeg, who today
are lending financiers und Influential
dtlxens, and in a fair way lo wealth,
affluence ami recognition.
What a few years will do wilh the
population continually pouring into
Manitoba can best be estimated by past
Last year alone the Immigration to
Canada was 189,084,Of which the greater
number located in Manitoba and the
west In th'' last live years this num.*
gratlon has more than quadrupled., and
is still on ihe Increase.
Blbowed out from other countries.
they come here where they can own a
borne and live in comfort on the product  of brain  work  or physical  labor.
The areas of Western Canada receive
these Immigrants with open nrnis and
welcome them for the. production of
wealth from ih'' Virgin prairies nnd
plains yet to be broken, and the inevitable result or honest toil Is unparalleled success.
Th.se immigrants com.- from the i tilled stales. England and Will, s SCO -
,.������i. Ireland, Oesnnaay, s.an. i..av ..
..*._,���,. ������,! Belgium, Hungary, Austria,
liaiy.   Russia,   Finland  and   other couu-
<r'l'n' 1901 the Immigration to Canada
wns I'i 141' 1902, C7.SS7II; 1908, l-V.'.l:
Em   180.8801 1908, Ufi.SSiSiS.   L908, 189;
Washington, D. C, Dec. 9���A subcommittee of the uniform classification
commission, organized by the railroads
ol the I'nited States for the purpose <>r
arranging a universal rrelghl tariff to
apply lo all railroads in the country
met here today to determine upon Ihe
time and to arrange other details in
connection with the meeting ol the commission. It is expected that the sessions of the commission will begin soon
alter the first of lhe year and that
they will he held either in New York
or Chicago.
The time that it will take Ihe commission to perform its work is problematical. The sessions of the commission may extend over a period ot three
years, and longer if necessary. If satisfactory progress is not made within
thai period the commission will be dis
Th*> commission or fifteen members
represents every railroad in the country and It will endeavor to arrange a
Uniform schedule. There are at present three classifications used hy the
railroads of the different territories.
These are the official, the southern and
the western. Each differs from the other
and is a source or much annoyance to
shippers and the railroad alike.
Costly Old Acquaintance.
Winnipeg. Dec. 9.���An American,
named Drummond, called upon F. \V.
Sprado. proprietor of the Victoria hotel,
city, lor the purpose or renewing an old
acquaintance, lie produced a pass book
and other documentary evidence, showing he had a banking account for a considerable amount at a Moose Jaw hank.
He stated that was in immediate and
temporary need of $250, and Mr. Sprado. believing the story told and accepting the evidence of the hank book, lent
him the required sum on the understanding it would he refunded as soon
as negotiations could be opened up wiih
Moose Jaw. Instead, however, of discharging the obligation, Drummond
Skipped across Ihe border, and enqulr
ies revealing that the bank account
was non-existent an information was
sworn before Magistrate McMicken at
the provincial police court. It was discovered .that Drummond was In St. Paul
and there he was arrested nnd is in custody pending extradition proceedings.
When these are concluded he will be
handed over for return to Winnipeg to
answer a charge of obtaining money
under false prelences.
Fears that  Most of the Victims of Virginia   Mining   Horror Will  Never
Be   Found. ��
l.iOl.   1
0(4.    In  190'
the Immigration is
Western Canada alone
tHunted nt  27",.nno.
American   Conference   on   Problems   of
Modern  Cities.
New York. Dec. 9.-The National
Civic Federal ion began Its annual meeting in this city today with an mundane,* or members from all over the
country. The prominence ol Iho pwtlol-
penta and the timeliness or the questions listed for discussion combine to
gWe promise to a session of more than
ordinary   interesi
Currency,   wag
Railway Men Want Act
Alarmed by Prosecutions Following
Accidents���News of Carada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Brandon, Dec. 9.���Western railway
employees are becoming alarmed over
the prosf cutions that are taking place
against them and the blame attached
for the accidents that have taken place
during the last few months. Sunday
afternoon a union meeting was held
here at which delegations were present from five districts on the C. P. R.
west of Brandon, the following unions
taking part: Order, of Hallway Telegraphers; Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen; Order of Railway Conductors; Order of Railway Engineers; and
Order of Railway Firemen. The troubles of the railway men were discussed
at the session when it was decided to
petition the Dominion government to
amend the railway act to such an extent
that in case of accident, those in charge
of trains could not be prosecuted the
same   as  ordinary   criminals.
Fort William, Dec. 9.���H. A. Wolport,
manager of the St. Anthony mine of
Sturgeon Lake, has arrived in the city
with a $2,000 gold brick, the product
of twelve days run of the mill.
St. John, Dec. 9.���The whole water-
supply of the east side of St. John is
cut off today owing to two breaks in
water mains coming Into the city. Repairs can not be completed before tomorrow night. In. the meantime arrangements arc being made to have watering carts distribute water as far as
possible, lt is expected that all factories and other large establishments
in the city which take water from tlie
city mains will have to shut down and
business will be materially interfered
earner*'   taouran
t   Ul itt'llv-Ji       ** -*~
nnd postal savings banks are the
'''.',',',,   riubleota to  receive attention.
7   , ' on. irporls will he made on the
or    of lhe  public ownership commissi ns    lhe   concillaUon   and     Immlgi'i
��_ departmental on the invest gut ion
,,r the conditions surrounding the em-
.overs of the government nt Panama
under the welfare of the department.
������d  from the  indiisirlnl   economies de-
?,:,,,.lent on the re-nflta of the r. hi
conference nn combinations nnd trusts
held under Its auspices in CUicago, and
Monongahela. tt'. Va.. Dec. 9.���Sixty
hours atter the terrible xcploslon or
black damp whleh wrecked mines No.
ii and 8 of the I*alrmouut Coal Co.
look place lust Friday morning. Ba
bodies, or only about one-eighth of the
total number of victims have been
brought to the surface, while less than
one-fourth or the total number have
been located. The others, undoubtedly
between SSOtl and 400 in number, He In
unknown sections of the east workings,
that extend two miles and more hack
from tho main entrance to the mines.
The unlocated bodies are seriously menaced by destroying elements, by decay-
lag in the overheated, humid and vapor
poisoned atmosphere, and by tires thnt
are smouldering here and there In the
workings and from lime to time bursting Into Bames, Steadily the chance is
ebbing that these bodies will be brought
to the surface, Identified by friends and
relatives, and given Christian burial,
A large force of skilled miners, volunteers for tlie hazardous task of rescuing, are on the scene ready to enter
the mines and take up the work where
they were forced to leove It yesterday
when lire broke out iu mine No. fi.
The men await only the word rrom Clarence Hall, the expert of the Federal
government, nnd .1. W. Paul, West Virginian chief mine Inspector. These two
men nre now In charge superseding officers of the mining company nnd
others who directed the first rescue
New difficulties nnd complications
have confronted the rescuers on ���*very
band. but only with brief Interruptions
the work was continued until 2 o'clock:
yesterday afternoon. The fire drove all
from the unexplored regions and the
search had to be abandoned. The flames
have been fought by every posslblo
means, Including the laying of water
pipe from the river far into the mine,
The fire which broke out In No. 8 mine
yesterday was walled In this morning
and the work of recovering Ihe bodies
of the victims of Friday's explosion was
Indianhead, Sask., Dec. SI.���A search
party to the number of fifty spent all
Saturday searching for Walter Osment,
the young man now given up as drowned ln lake Katepawa Thursday morning.
Thai lake has been dragged in several
places but without success. George
l'arislen, who was also reported as missing has not yet turned up, and all hope
has been given up of seeing him alive.
His body must be somewhere near the
shore of the lake. When he was last
seen he was driving his cow across the
ice towards Katepawa. Young Osment
was popular here, he was 27 years old.
Tarlslen was weil known in the community.
White-wood, Sask., Dec. 9.���A farmer
named Jones while out hunting deer
northeast of this town came upon the
remains of a human being in the woods.
The remains were none other than that
of an old man by the name of Calder.
The old gentleman had wandered from
his plaee in that district a year ago last
spring and since then no trace of his
whereabouts   had   been   discovered.
Winnipeg, Dec. 9. ��� Arrangements
have been completed for the visit here
during Christmas wok of the Wanderer
hockey team, champions or the world
and holders or the classic Stanley cup.
The team will leave Montreal for Winnipeg on the evening of Dec. 22nd and
will play a series of games in this city.
The first game will he played on Christmas Kve. the second one on Christmas
night, the third one on IX*c. 28. Immediately after the flnnl game or at
lenst no later than the morning of Deo.
29th. the crack Montrealers will leave
Tor hotnoi, aniving Decemlier SSI, ln
plenty ol time to let the players rest
up for the New Year's Day game foi
the benefit of Hod Stnait'B widow.
Will be delivered
your door for
every  evening    at
FtPTT Cbnts a month
dlture   $16,654,41
68 5,320.     Customs
represents an increase
eight months.    Bost offlce receipt
an   increase   of  $437,310,   and  revenue
from public works, $582,047.
Sault Ste. Marie, Dec. 9.���Dr. R. J.
Gusson of this city has been nominated
for the house of commons by the West
Algoma Liberals.
Halifax, Dec. 9.���A hundred Bulgarians who arrived on tho Allan liner Sardinian, are held up here under orders
from Ottawa. Their money is limited to
about $10 each and their deportation is
being considered on the ground that
they are likely to become charges on
the public.
Melfort, Sask, Dec. 9.���Char.Cfl *~*.on-
nar, of 1-ost River, and a merchant
there was brought to Melfort by R. N.
W. M. P. Rark-igh, who arrested him
at his home near that place on the
charge of thef* preferred by his former
partner. David Close, and a resident of
I.sOst River. Rumor Is that the difference
arises from a lumber Interest or deal in
which the former partners took part,
and Mr. Bonnar states that he feels perfectly safe in the m-itter. and that the
misunderstanding will be satisfactorily
arranged   shortly.
Goldfield  Owners  Announce That They
Have Plenty of Labor.
Goldfield, Nev., Dec. 9.���An authoritative statement was made last "night
that sufficient men are already on the
ground to work the mines beginning
Wednesday. The total number of those
that have been quietly brought in and
those who secretly made application
to return to their former positions is
placed at a thousand. There are about
1500 Western Federation men out now.
The men who are to take the places
of the men who are out are not to be
housed at the mines, but are to be
housed inside and for protection each
individual will be guaranteed by the
mine owners' association.
The announcement of the determination to open 'the mine on Wednesday
Is to be made at noon tomorrow by the
Goldfield Mine Owners' Association and
adds that some trouble may ensue.
French Fishermen Lost.
Palnpool, France, Dec. 9.���Three
Newfoundland fishing vessels, the Angler, Jacques and Croisade, with 1,200
men, have been given up for lost as
they have not ben reoorted since October when they left Miquelon.
British Police Chinese River.
Pekin, Dec. 9.���The Imperial customs
department of which Sir Robert Hart is
director general., setting aside previous
objections. Is now prepared to proceed
with the policing of the West River
according to the plans of Great Britain.
Juries   Disagree   no   Matter   How   Clear
the Guilt���Influence of  Bishops
Saves  the  Situation.
bnBible for the threatening ait-
Natal arising from the increa-
loldness of the natives who of late
liave been indulging    In    murder    and
other outrages.
Winnipeg, Dec. 9.���The death occurred at the general hospital Sunday
morning of William Currier, aged tu
years, after a long illness of six months
duration. He was born in Port Hope
and for many yenrs wns an engineer,
running between Winnipeg and Port
Arthur, anil was very well known
among the railway men.
Dublin, Dec. 9.���The jury before
which James P. Farrell. Irish Nationalist member for parliament for North
Longford, and forty other men were being tried on charges of taking part in
an unlawful assembly likely to cause a
riot, disagreed. This has been the result of all but one of the many trials
held during the past fortuight in Ireland, of men charged wilh cattle driving and inciting to riot. Disapreemenis
by the juries have been general iu spile
of the fact that the presiding judges
bad pointed out that accordig to the evidence the men clearly were guilty. Mr.
Farrel and his companions were tried
at  the Leinster assizes.
There are still Isolated cases of cattle driving In Ireland but the prmotloe
has been largely stopped through the
Intercessions of bishops who have taken a strong stand against the continuance.
It Is openly understood that Mr. Farrel, who Is the editor and proprietor
of the Longford Leader. organl7.ed several cattle drivings in the grazings of
County Longford nnd encouraged the
Conservative Platform Presented In Detail���Kennedy's Motion.
Ottawa, Dec. 9.���Armstrong, East
Lambton. In the houBe this afternoon
will move an amendment to the address
in favor of rural delivery of mail, one
of the planks of the Conservative platform. The opposition intends submitting each plank or the platform to the
house during the present session.
Kennedy, New Westminster, gives notice of a bill to amend the railway act
by a clause which provides that a railway shall be liable for any property
which may be destroyed by sparks from
a locomotive.
Kaiser Much Better.
London* Dec. 9.���Emperor William
of Germany, who has completed his
"Rescure" at High Cliff arrh.-Ml in London today for three days of si,/ht seeing. He lunched with King En "ard
at Buckingham Palace at noon, and Utter took up his residence at the German
embassy where he will stay until Wednesday. Hie Majesty looks to be in
splendid health. On Wednesday the
Emperor will leave for home. It is his
intention to visit Queen Wilhelmina in
Holland oh his  way  back  to  Potsdam.
Smoking  of   Drug  Prohibited   in   China
by Recent Law which Is Effectively  Enforced.
Exchequer Court Decides
Charges for Adrninistration Must Be
Borne by Dominion���Justice
Burbidge's Ruling.
Oannnoque. Ont. Dec. 9.���Mrs. Rleh-
nrd Henderson, 44 years old. ls dead
Trom the c-ffeets or aceldentnlly inking
earbollc acid in mlstnke lor llstortno.
She leaves a husband, two sons and a
Cement Manufacturers.
New York. Dec. il.���According to the
member of the American Portland Cement Manufacturers' association, who
assembled in annual meeting here today, there Is one industry that so far
has felt no 111 effects from the business depression supposed lo prevail at
Hi,- present time. More cement hns b.in
used for building purposes dining the
past year than ever lu-fove since ils
Introduction, and the demand promises
to continue on the Increase indefinitely, ln addition to transnetitu; routine
business the annual meeting or the as-
so lal ion will discuss a number
question) of Interest to lhe trad".
Ottawa, Dec. fl.���The revenue or the
Dominion for eight months to November 30 toinlled $f>G.C.fS2.427. nn Increase
of $0,14s>T.r.. Ordinary expenditure for
the same period Is S$41,644.4r.fi. an increase ot iMSiT.i'.so and capital ox-*en*
Dinizulu   Surrenders.
Plctormarltzbiirg, Natal. Dec. 9.���Dinizulu has surrendered to the authorities
without   resistance of any  kind.     Dlnl-
sulu is tho  Zulu King  who haB  been
Hong Kong, Dec. 9.���The opium dens
or China will probably soon be things
of the past. Within the last lew weeks
effort has been made by the authorities to wipe out China's greatest curse.
In the native quarter ot Shanghai the
opium trade has been entirely obliterated and a similar crusade is now being waged in Canton and other great
cities throughout the empire. The opium trade, introduced In the empire of
the dragon as a result of the cupidity
ot Occidental traders. Is slowly being
wiped out. Nearly all public smoking
places in the great ceners of population
are being closed. It Is not expected
that the smoking Of opium will be stop-
lied Immediately. Confirmed and habitual smokers will be licensed and will
be allowed to continue i^ie use ot the
drug   tinder   certain   restnfetions.
It is a significant tact that the awakening or China should lead, as one or Its
first manllestatlons. to the great ethical
movement such us the anti-opium crusade has already become. For China
is rapidly awakening from its long
slumber. It Is training its soldiers ln
the art ol modern warfare and in the
course of a rew years will probably be
able to take Its place trom a military
standpoint, among the great nations of
the world. This does not necessarily
involve what ls called the "yellow peril."
The Chinese are not and probably never
will be a militant warlike people. As one
prominent statesman expressed it, China had its period ot barbarism, when
it Indulged In war, many thousands or
years ago, and has now passed that
When the opium regulations were issued trom the throne at Peking a year
ago. the foreigners nt Hongkong nnd
other centres or Eurooean activity
smiled cynically at what they had termed the "hluff" of the old dowager empress. No one believed that the drastic measures would or could be made
effective. Even the most reluctant or
foreigners, who have steadfastly refused to believe that China is really endeavoring to uplift herseir, are now
aware that the opium traffic Is doomed.
The movement Is'steady and spreading
rapidly and the number of anti-opium
societies is increasing rarldly. These
organizations ar. composed mainly of
young men nnd students, and they cooperate with the officials in every way
possible, ln the face of such an awakened public sentiment, no European nation would dare publicly to defend the
opium traffic In China.
Although the imperial decree allowed
nine vears of grace before totally prohibiting the sale or use ol opium, practical prohibition already exists In many
cities, including Peking. Poating. and
Tientsin. The regulations all through
the empire are entorced by the local
magistrates who are under orders Irom
the viceroys. Morphia injection houses
are prohibited, as well as opium smok
bog dens. Failures ot magistrates to
enforce the law involves severe penalties, and the Chinese prohibitory laws
thus actually prohibit.
According to the rules Issued by the
government, all opium smokers under
fit) yours ol age must quit the habit In
the next three years. All opium smokers must furnish their names and addresses, the quantity they smoke dally
and other Important particulars. 1,1-
cons.-B are issued to such registered
smokers i., . untile tlt.-tu lo buy daily
supplies, from 'he licensed opium shops.
Any dealer who sella to other than a register. .1 amoker forfeits his license and
beoomea subject to a severe penalty.
Hospitals for the cure of the habit have
been established In may eltloB by
Chinese philanthropists and have many
patients, most of whom are sent forth
apparently cured.
Ottawa, Dec. 9. ��� The Exchequer
Court has banded down judgment In tile
rase of the Dominion of Canada vs. the
province of Ontario. Justice Fiurbrtdge
holds that administration of Indian affairs devolve upon the Dominion government and Ontario ought not to be
held .e-.r-onslble for the administration
of Indian -rct'los In Ontario.
The expense of nc.**-��tiatiocs of tho
treaty are held to be reasonably Incurred and should be allowed to the Dominion and charged to Ontario. The province ought to be held liable to indemnity tbe Dominion for expenditures
made to pay each Indian Inhabitant for
the tract surrendered the sum of five
dollars yearly, and for part of the amount of twelve dollars given to each
man, woman and child ot bands- represented at the time the treaty was entered Into. The judge fixed the province's
share at five dollars per head on this
The sum of $1,500 yearly for the puiv
chase of ammunition and twine for nets
for the use of Indians by the treaty. Is
allowed as an expense. The Dominion
must pay tor its expenditures tor school
supplies and for the encouragement of
agriculture among the Indians. They
are held to be legitimate objects of administration on the part of the Dominion. The province of Ontario must bear
expenditures made for salaries of
chiefs, and for the triennial distribution
of clothing to them.
British Financiers Admire his Foresight
and  Public   Spirit.
1-nndon, Dec. 9.���Lord Rothschild,
discussing the financial situation ln
America recently said:
"I would like to speak of the unselfish remedial action of Mr. Morgan.
Before now It has been generally recognized and agreed that he* is worthy of
his reputation as a great financier and
a man of wonderful resources. His latest action fills one with admiration and
respect for him."
"Morgan is a financial giant," said
another eminent financier, "because In
times ol financial calm he has the ability to see the darker days ahead. His
promptness in meeting the situation
during the recent panic is not only
prool of his great abilities as a leader,
but of his preparedness.
"Nothing is more probable than that
Mr. Morgan, while the rest of the earth
thought he was Intent only upon gathering new trophies of his skill as an art
collector and dilettante, was assuring
himself of the support that might later
grip the tottering structure of finance
with a  firm and  steady hand."
It developed yesterday that J. Plerpont Morgan, during his latest visit to
this country and the continent, took
advantage of his regular yearly visit to
prepare for u possible panic. While here
he put In his spare time discussing the
situation generally as lt existed and the
possibilities as he foresaw them, at the
same time making arrangements with
financiers here and on the continent for
support ln case thlngB reached a crisis
In  the  United  States.
From reliable sources it was learned
today that Mr. Morgan received assurances or support to any amount trom
the Rothschilds. I.azard FTeres, the
ttarings and other large European
Mr. Morgan's judgment ot tho future,
as he saw lt on his visit here, ls now
shown to be correct. It Is known he
feared the revelations in regard to the
Insurance scandal would have, as a logical aftermath, a period of doubt and distrust.
Another Match for Burns.
I.ondon, Dec. 9.���Tommy Rums, who
defeated Gunner Molr in this city a
wek ago, and Jack Palmer, of Newcastle, signed articles at noon today for
a match at $2,500 a side and the best
purse offered, to be not less than $7,-
500. the winner to take 75 per cent,
and the loser 25 per cent. The match
is to occur on or before Febuary 7th.
Sunday Sport in Kansas.
Cola. Kas., Dec. 9.���Wm. Stewart,
member of a prominent family ln Yates
county. Kansas, was murdered yesterday. The body bore evidence of several wounds, anyone of wh-ch would
have produced death. Stewort's partner, W. D. Crevlson. ls under arrest
. pending Investigation. t.i-c JJaily Canadiak.
'   T.l
��� !
.  ��� '-
r -I
Clothing*    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital  Authorized    $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up  . . .
Rest    $4,660,000
D. E. WILKIE. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed  on   deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NELSOM branch sj.   IVI,   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D. 1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
waving. Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
FubllRbed fix nay*, a weeic by tne
Baker Ht.. Nelion, B. C
l*UD--CTlption rate*-, oo cent** a mon Ita delivered
in tbe city, or tjo.UO a year 11 seut by mall, when
(Jh.. ; lu advance.
AdvertlFluu raten oo application.
AU moulet* paid in sttUeineui of The Dally
Cauadiau account's, either fof *-ubni-r.piionB or
advertiKint, tnur-t t>. raoelpted fur on the printed
form's ol trie Company. Oilier receipt*, are not
Monday,   December  9,   1907.
lu yesterday morning's issue our contemporary devoted his editorial
to discussion of tbe MacKengJB King
inquiry m Vancouver, tht i'-��� acta treaty,
and our discussion of both. His really
ainiisiuK article was introduced by tb'
'���Whilst th*- ]���-..', organ oj the Con
���ervativ. party scan find neither time
ior space in which tr. dlftCUM thi
one situation occasioned bj tbi till
closures before the Asiatic inmligratloc
Cominission. which established the fad
that the Ueatenant-governor ol Un
province and the Canadian Padfld Etail-
���way company bad conspired to flood this
province with chinp cooiie labor from
.lapun.lt Jinds both t" discuss*, the Fn ncli
treaty, recently concluded by Canada
with  France."
We plead guilty We can find time
and space to discuss b new treaty. We
can find time and spaoe to discuss anything that is new and important. The
trouble Is that our contemporary thinks
he has made an overwhelmingly Important discovery, fflvery one else has
known it tor years, Then- is no situation, serious or otherwise, created by
the publication. Incidentally our eon-
temporary's charge of a conspiracy be
tween the lieutenant governor and the
c. F. u. company is b characteristically
reckless   use   Of   language.
We have refrained irom attacking the
lieutenant-governor chiefly because he
is not iu a position to reply. We do not
defend his action at all. lie knows Lhat
the policy of the province*in which he
Ih now legally the first personage ls to
restrict Oriental immigration as Ear SI
possible. He is also the appointee and
representative of the Dominion govern
Stent which pretends similarly to favor
restriction. We say pretends advisedly
and will justify it. That government's
"avowed policy," as our contemporary
quite correctly says, is to restrict Oriental immlgrution. but its real policy is
not. It is something new in government and diplomacy to plead an admittedly indefinite unwritten understanding
agalnsl the plain terms of a formally
signed treaty, and our treaty with Japan
gives permission lo all clases to enter
Canada   in   unlimited   numbers.
Our contemporary's expression Ln a
former issue "violation of the avowed
policy" iw of course without meaning.
Tht Dominion government can easily
make its 'avowed policy" the law of the
laud and prevent violation by either
Mr. Dunsmulr or the C. P. R. So far it
has nut done so. It is doubtful if there
has '.ifcen any violation even of the provincial Alien Labor law, which is the
only provincial statute thai BP*g_1 be
invoked. If capitalist COrporgtlOSS have
tnerel} taken advantage of the laws of
Canada we regret its effect, hut the nature nl corporations has long been
known, there Is nothing new in the subject, and, in short, us on several other
reoanl occasions, we decline to join our
contemporary in a campaign of mud
Our contemporary kindly calls otu r.
ferenee to the French treaty grotesque.
Well, grotesquenesi Ls relative. We can
quite conceive of a lervios In Bt Paul's
or tin Able \ appearing grotesque to a
native of Formosa or New Guinea.
There is no "dirge of lament" as our
contemporary says���by the way, the
phrase should be patented. Its absolutely new. We conceded that there might
be some benefit but we protested that
it was breaking Canada's pledge to the
rest of the Empire.
Our contemporary says that Sir Wilfrid has never told audiences iu Canada that Canada has now attaned full
treaty making powers. We didn't pretend to quote verbatim. lie certainly
claimed that the negotiation of the
Fiench treaty marked a long step in
that direction and Mr. Fielding had to
admit that the claim was ridiculous.
If our contemporary's request for informal ion were candid, we would take any
1 rouble to enlighten him. Iu any east-
cm paper's account of Sir Wilfrid's
home-coming Speeches at Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa he will find the claim,
and probably lu each case In the same
issue in' will find that the claim wus bo
We are also informed that, if we h_d
"enquired of the nearest schoolboy we
WOUld huve learned that any trade arrangement, concluded with any country
by any colony must always grant full
4> ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���
Many new and attractive designs in
Hair Ornaments, the new Engagement
Bracelets Ln different prices. All kinds
of Neck chains, Brooches, Scarf Pins,
Handsome Kings, etc. And a complete
collection of all the newest designs in
and equal iirlviliges anil rights to the
mother country"
Mipbt we suggest that our contemporary subsidize his visionary school boy
and send him to London u. enllgbt*��n
the statesmen and editors there. In
comiiarison with our contemporary's���
or even "the nearest school boy's"-���
knowledge on the subject, their ignorance is pitiable.
On Nov. sstiih ult. we published the
following in our despatches:
Mont real, Nov. SJU.���A London cable
says that Knglish papers commenting
ou the Franco-Cana.l au treaty though!
the treaty was reducing almost to a
vanishing point the liritish preference
on certain goods, such as silks, velvets,
lace goods, ribbons, etc., of which Hri-
lain sent Canada nearly three million
dollars worth in 1806; in other directions also the treaty goes far to demolish British preference on goods, in
which France competes. As it was. indeed, the treaty even gives lower duties
to France than to Hritain.
The Standard notes that this is contrary to Laurier's assurance to the Im-
li<ria: conference that In negotiating
witt, France and other powers Canada
would maintain a system of lower tariff, io the motherland and tellow Hritish
subjects throughout the  world.
Our contemporary may still be quite
right. Of course there remains the
possibility that he and bis school boy
friend have learned by Intuition
"truths that are hidden from the wiBe."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier taunted Mr. Borden with omitting mention of Protection
from his platform! A platform Is supposed to be made of controversial is
sues. There is no longer any controversy on the principle ot protection,
pace Sir Wilfrid's "never rest���laquitons
system," etc. Why doesn't Sir Wilfrid
complain about the omission of representative government, trial by Jury,
freedom of worship and a few other
iiiirieiii p .lili.al issues?	
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
VslMS Land Di.nl.rU-t.   DlStTlStOl Went Koolenny
Take notice that I, C���fcflM butcher, intend
lom-ply for a (.pedal limber licence, to BUI nud
carry away timber from MS SC9M of livud Com-
meu'-lng at No. 1 pout about 12 Lille* weat of the
Koiiteimv river, on the nortb nidi- of |rloundary
creek' and north, and adjacent to timber llceunen
i..i ��. ut,.i ., i mile north of the niternatlouai
boundary line: coinmenel���f at h pou marked
Charles*- iJutebcr'*. nuuthweat corner, ihence HO
chain* north, thence HO chains enil, thenoe ��0
chaliiH Houth, thenee HO ehaltiH went lo tht- place
ol beginning, containing MO acre**, more or law.
Located November 18th, 1U)7.
i'iiars.K'   IjI'TChbk, Locator.
No. 'X. Commencing at S poit marked Uhatl-M
butcher'* tuiutheaHt corner, theuce HO chain*
north, thenee feu '-IihIuh went, thence HO chain*
Month, thence HH chain I cant to the place of beginning, and went and i.dia.teul tu number one
: in. '-���( limit, nii'i containing M0 acren, more or
Located November lKth, 1U07
CB���SUM PUTGB���8. Locator.
No. 8. ''���>!'. i*ir!i''!iii- at ii poftl marked Charlcft
Uutclier'H uorthweat corner and about i.'> in lien
went of the Kootenay river on the north fide 0]
lioiindarv creek and north and ftdjueent to timber liuon-ve 106C0, theuce ���outh HO clialun, thence
eaat 80 cnalnn, theuce north 8ij chains, thanee
went 80 chain*, tu the place of beginning, containing 6'!'acres, more or leas.
Located November 18th, V ft,
���PH-lttiSI I-Hitchkr, Locator.
No. 4. Commencing at a poM marked Charles
Dutcher's northeaHl corner, thence (south HU
chains, theuce west HO chains, thetice north to
ehalns, thence east HU chains to the place of beginning, containing (HO acres, mure or li > -
���Located November 18th, II fl.
(haki.k-* Dutch kh, Locator.
No. 6. i-omuicndng at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeaHl corner, thunce HO chalni
north, theuce 80 chalni* we* I, thenee Y.) chains,
south, thence 80 chaluH eaat to the place of be
ginning, containing UtO acron, more or lenn
Located November lHlh, 11.7.
Chaki.em Dutch IB, _��cat<ir.
No. 6. Commencing at a post marked Charlc-j
lniU'tier'h   ��onihwe��l corner,   thence   uorth   UO
(hunt., thence  east so chalni",  thence   south 8u
(rhaiUB, thenee well "���   'tiiiltn tn  the plac   oil*-*
ginning, containing 9* ' tCTOO, more or le��s.
L-ocated November ISth, 18o7.
i i!*k:i*   Imtcher,   Locator
Nelaon I-and Dl-itrict. District o( W ett Coo'wuj
Take LUttOt that Solomon Wt;kinsun, ii* s, .
sou, B- V , occupation lumberman, lnt**iids to
apply for a ���poclai timi*i-r licence orer ihe (nl-
lowing XaOtoriooA lands
1. Cominetieing at a post planted on the nort'i
bank of riummlt 0T009 alKnii two and a half
milea from llf niou.li. thence north 40 chain**,
theuce east I'k* chain-., thenoe aouth 40 <h**ni.
tbence west 100 chains.
Dated 2t'th November, 1987,
2. Commenclug at a post planted on an unnamed creek wiil'h flows into Hummit creek
from the south at a point about two aud a half
mllea east irt'in the north fork of .-uinmil - r.- k
-.aid p��st being placed about ttin-.- r-o_rten mile
up such unnamed creek and about SQQ feet lo
the east thereof,   thence east 40 chain��
south K*.1 chain!-,   theuce  west 40 chain.., then-* ���
north 1W chalna.
Dated 19th Novemner. 1907.
3. Commeucln*- at a post planted on an unnamed creek whleh flows iuto Summit en ek
from the south at a point aboot two anda ba.f
miles er.st from the north fork ol t-utumtt rntk
at a point abciut three quartan mile up such
creek and about 60ti tvetl lo the ��.a��.t thereof,
thence nouth LC0 ehalns, thenee west 40 chains,
tb-u'-e north It" chains, lb-nee eaat in chains.
Dated 19lb November, li**7
4. ('omnienctnR at a post planted on ihe nort l ���
east aide oi the nortn fork of Summit! ������������ i
about four miles from the junction of tne nnfs'i
lork with the main Hummit �� reek. th*:i'*,* ^,,,.* ,
H" chain!-. tli el;'-, -.-..-st NeltAlna, thenee uorth v)
"hattis, tbence i-an 80 chains.
Dated lHth, Novi-mber, li* ~
9otO-0_  Wit KflON,
b   Gbobuk Yotnto, Ag��nt.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootensy
Take notlcre that ("har!es G. Eeedor. oJ Hr*o-
kaiie, in the hlate ot Washington, V h. A , iin
anclal agent, inieudi to aoply ff.r a ipedA] timber licence over the following dc��crit*cd lands.
(1) Commeneing at a poat planted about 300
ftet east of thtw.st fork ofiMtaaluu creek, OU
half mile north of the international U>undary
line, ahem ten miles east of Ky Iter Is, B U.
thenoe south 40 "iiains, to the international
houndary line, th* nee VOSt HO chains, t���C&OC
north iu etialHs. theure east IWl chains to the
point of oommeneement, and containing 640
acres, more or .*--
Located the 22nd October, A D., 1907.
I   UAHI-at*-..   ItEBDER.
(2) Commenemg at a post about half a mile
earn of the wital i rk ol Mission creek. Sbool mi.-
anil a half mllei nort 11 of tbe Internationa)
boundary line, about ten miles east of Kvneru,
B C , thenoe weal no chain**, theue.* oortfa IB
chains, tbeooe esstSO ihaius, tbence houth 80
chains lo lb" polnl of commencement, and containing 640 acn-. more or lass.
Located th..- 22nd day of (n-tober, A V. 11*07.
���   HANI.K* (J.   Kbki.i-b.
{���!) Commencing at a post on the Internation
al boundary hm r-ne mile east of the east lork of
Mis*ion creek aboul US miles east of Kjk-rts.
B C, tbence easi 40 chains, thence north l*i
chains, tbence nt, chains west, thence 40 chains
nouth. theuce 40 chains east, thenee HO chains
aouth to the j*-*:nt of coinmeuceiiient and eon
talulng M" acrea, more or less.
Unrated the 23rd day of Ootober, A.D , 1907.
�� haki.es (J   fCS_pS*.
Vslssn Land District    ui.trict of West Kooteuay.
Taae nniKi, u.ni 1. W A Hudson, ofHpokan",
Wash, ucciipaiioti umWr fruiter. Intend to ftp
ply for a sjr-rial limber licence over the follow
hig aeaoribed lands: Ci-mmem-Hig at a j.-.m
planted ou the nortb bank ol Hmunilt cree*. and
marked M a ifiidnun'H H. W. corner, thenee
north 40 chains, theiu-e east lno chains, thenoe
south 40 eh t.liis Itieuee wy*4t l&Ochaltis to the
[Miint ol commencement, containing G40 acres,
more or less
Dated Nov. 2, 1*907. W. A. BOSSOB.
Nelson hand IMstrl't.   District of West Koolenay.
Takr nolle. tliatW A. Hudson, of tpo_in��*
Wash., dOOttpfttlOU timb'-r cruiser, intends to a[>-
ply lOl a s| Inl timber licence over the lollowlng deserlhwi lands: Commencing at a pOflt
planted on the south bank of the north fork oi
Corn cree_, thenoe south 4e chains, thence west
IfiOohelUl, thenoe north 40 chains, thence east
160 chains in the point of coiniiiencein.*nt. con
taming 840 aires, more or less.
Dated Nov. f>th, 19u7. W, A.  BtlMOS.
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that W A. Hudson, of Hiiokane,
Wash., Oeeopfttlofi timber crulaer, llltenus lu apply Ior a special limber Jlctynce over the following descntied lauds; t:ouimcn'-lng al a post
planted on theeastslde of the >inilL fork of the
north fork ot Com creek, I hence aouth 80 thftlnt,
thi-lice   w.-st 80 obftlUS,   theuce   north Hu  chains.
i nenoe imiI 80 ohelni to the point of oouuneuoe<
ment, cniitalnltig fi40 QOSOtt more or le's
hated n<.v titb.iMrr. w a. Btrnsap.
Nelson 1 and DUtriet. District of West K-iolcjiiiy.
Tiik.iHiii.-e that* W. A. Hudaon, of Kpokane.
Wttsli., OOOUpfttlon timber cruiser, Intel ds to ap-
ply for a si.ecinl tlmher licence over the follow
ing deaorlbed lands: UonU_nUUn| at a post
planted about ftOO feet north of the nor'.h
fork of Corn eruuk. thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, tbeuce no th HO
chains, ihence east HO chains to the point of
commencement,   containing 040  acres,   more nr
Luted Nov. Cth, 1907. W. A. BOOSOM.
Nelson Lund District.f District of West Kootenuy
Take   notice   that   W.A. Hudson,  ol  Hiiokaiie,
Wash., oooupfttlon Umber coulter, intsnu to ftp-
ply for a special Umber licence over the following d-worthed  Utudai   Oommenasls ��t a noei
plaiitcil aboul .MSI i��ot norih ot the north fork ol
Corn Oreefc, IhenOfl north Ho chains then., west
HO chains, i hence south HO chains, lhenoe a.. ��� I hu
I'liiiin*. to the point of i iiininencemeiit com Ju-
l"g uiti acres, more or less.
hated Nov. flth, 1907. W, A. Hum-" (.
Nelson hand Dlftiliot- District of Went Kooi, nay
Take notice t.liat W.A. MikIsou, of Hpokauu,
Wash , occupailou timber cruiser, luleuds to apply lur a special timber llcouoo over the folio
We    Will    Continue    our   Special
Sale  Until   Saturday Night   Next.
All Ladies* Cashmere and Alpacca
Shirt Waists, regular prices from %?..r>0
to  $-3.00,  your choice  $1.50.
All Children's Winter Coats, worth
from  $4.50 to $9.00. your choice $3.00.
Special tot of odds and ends. Bargains
in Dress Doods, Silks Flannelettes and
Ladies'   and   Children's   Woolen   Under-
lU| ���MOrlbed lauds : ' niiiini'iii ItiK at a I*ost
planted a'K.iii WO feel mirth of UM north f>*rk of
��� orn en sk. thi ..��������� wutl 88 chslni   thenoe eaai
���>J -halns, thence liortli **' ��� hams. tb�����M ���*������-' N
chains to the point of i''iiiiiui:iii'i'!in:r.. Oontftla*
mg f 10 acres, more or less.
Dated Nov. flth, 11W7. W. A   BOOUOK,
Nelson Land District    District of VTflM Kooteuay
Take notloe that W' a Bndson-, ot Snok-Oe,
Wftfttu. oecupetlon Unber erulaer, muuu** i..��p
ply for ft ��jK*'iai timbei Ueenei "or tin totloe
lug described   Iftnds:    ' omraendas at a p->��i
Planted ali-nit JUj feet DOI*th ol  Hie north fork . f
orn ereek, thenoe eoutb 88 chains, tb��-n-1 '���'*���������
���I ebftine, I���euee north 88 chain��,   tti-m, .  . ;*
ehfVs���I to the point of   oommeneement. contain
his. Mil ror-*-   no.re or less
Dated Nov   61 h. IM07. W* A    BODHW
Nelson Laud Di-trni     I��tsirlet ol Wt-.l Kooteiiay
Take notu* that W A Hudson, of lOO���ftlU ,
Wash.. occu(*atton timber cruiser, iulends l" a- -
plv for a special timt'er lliem-e over the 1-ilii.v*.-
iug deserit*e>l lands: Commencing at a oo-t
planted about 880 feet uonh or the north fork of
Corn creek, theme south IB '-halns, theix ,* Sftftl
80 DhftillS. thenee tji.rt_. 80 i hallis. Ihence WOKt 8
( halns to tbe (joint of commetieemeut. containing Mu acres, more or lest.
Dsod Nov   6lb. 1WT7 W   A. H-O���OS
Nelstin 1-aud District.   Dlstrirt of West FoVtl I."*
Take n"tl'e thai W. A. Hudson, of Hiaoksn*
Wash, -x-cnpaiiou timtxT cruiser, intends toap
ply for a siaecial limber licence   hut   the folio**
;n.     le��   1    land*-       ( I'tumi-iigui*   al   a   P*">>
planted <.n the south tank of th. main Corn
creek aud adjoining limber licence No. 10T-3
I ones south 40 chain* thenee west lno - hain**,
ihence north 40 chains, thence east Ifin chain- ������
the p<Jlut ol commtsikcemeut, eoutaiutng Mi
acres, more or teas.
Dated Nov. 7th. UOT. W. a. Honeo*.
Notice is hereby given mat w) aays alter date I
intend to apply to ihe Him. Chief f'ommtssi.iner
of Lands and Works for -,-t.nutssion *���, pun base
t ie following described lands, situated in Weat
Koolenay district: Commencing at a post marked by name as iuitial post ol the Booth I irk
branch, one hundred feet from tbe J miction of
I-rf.hi creek with the south fork; th.n.- ma
quarter rnile to tlie northwest corner post, thence
one mile to the northeast oorner post, thntaow
on.*,|uarter   mile   to   tbe  soiilheaIt OOTU��r peftt,
thenoe one mile to the place of Maunenoi meal
June Ti, 1��07. Located bv Wn. CoKNOLLY.
Nelson Land District.   District ol Wi *t Kooteuay
Take nollce ihat II   Williams, OOOUpetlOU  ran
cher; it B, Haatincs,ooeupettou slectrl-i inn; and
B 8.P Bmvth, oooupeUofl luxnbermsn; all of
Procter, B- u., intend to apply for a r-pei ial tmi
bei lloence orer the following die- rl-bed  land".
Commencing at a poal about tbn. :n ,.-.,-,.��� ,,<
W ilsouCr'-.-k 'Hi -.outh shore of Kootenay Lnt.*
thence   south *v-  ihains.   theu<f<   east Ho  Ohftloi
thenotnortfa ho chains, tiieu*-e wt-t N BUftini to
jKiint  of  ������'Mumeucement,  couialuln-; C_   acres,
more or leaa.
Hcptes���ier _Hh, 11*07 H. WttUaMi,
It. _, Bastimqi
h h. p un ih.
Ntlson Land sPlfttriota  histrictoi West Kootensy,
'lake m.tic,* tioiti.-tohn Jam**1' Ouneron, o4
Ferule, h <'.. ocoupatlon coutraelor, mn i;l to
apply for ft siM-tial tliiib-'r licet.M OTSJ the foi
low ing described  lauds:
No. T      Commencing at   a   post   planted   shout
three   miles   Irom   the   west   loop   ol   th.-    It     <
p-ionth<ru Ity , on   Carroll creek,  and   ftd joining
A. J   M    H. W   oorner post   No   1   claim,   marked
"J.J.C.   N.   W.   eoruer    post,"    then,,    east    N
��� l.n.ii- theuce south ttO chs ina, ihenre wist HO
chains, ihence  north  so chains lo  the   place of
��� uiNU.eiieeineUl eoulalnlug MU SOfSS, more or
haled October "i'ltb, 1*17.
No.'J. C'jmm**n<ing al a post planted alxnit
tw. and a half miles from the west loop ol i,.,
U. 0. sHouthtrn Ky OD a small stream eiuptvjti**
Into (arroll Creek and inrirKed ".I.J t H \\ .
DOrUftf iKist," thenee south ho ehaltiH. then OS
easi HO chains, theuce north Ho ehulns, thenee
wesl Ho chains U< the point of commencement,
con talulng 640 acres, more or leas.
hated Ootober 38th, 1W7.
No 8. Commencing al a post planted hImou
one half mile from the west loop of lhe H (
Houthern Ky., on Carroll creek marked "J J. c.
N. W. eoruer post, Ihence south 80 chains, theme
east 80 chains, thence umlb Ho chains, linn,.,
west Hii chains t<- the place of eoiniueiiceiiieiil
containing 840 acres, more or leas.
hated October Wlh, 1IKI7.
John Jams- Camkron, 1-jocutor.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenaj .
Take notice that I Alexander loseph MoCool.
of Fertile, H C., occupation, hotel keeper. Inl.-ml
to apply for a special timber licence over the
following described  lauds:
No 1. Commencing at a post planted mIhihi
three miles from the li 0. Houthern Ity. west
loop on Carroll '-reik, markrd "A. J M H. I-,,
corner post," thence north ho chains, thenee
tfOftt 80 chains, tnOUOS WUtb 80 chains, iheice
SftjH tti) chains to lhe place of commencement,
cniiUiitilriK MO acres, more or less.
hated Oelob   r 88th, IW7.
No. 2. Coiiimeueln*; at u p st planted about
one aud a half mite from tli" west loop of the
ll C, Southern Ky. ou n small stream running
Into Carroll Creek aud marked "A.J M N.Vt.
cortu'i poat. Ihence senlh H'l chains, thetice east
HUchiiius thunce north nu ehiiin*., Ihence west
HU ehulns to the place of eoiiimciH i-inent containing MU acres, more or less
liaLeil October i-MUIi. 1007
No h.  Cpmmtncing a< a post planted ptbont
two miles from the WOSl loop ot the  H. c. BoUth*
erh Kv. on Carroll oreek, marked "A. J. M h._,
corner post." thenee wosl Ho chains, theUOS
north 8-1 chains, thence oast ho chains, thenoa
south 80 ehulns eoutululiig r.-io acres, more or
Dated Octoh* i 2HLh, 1907.
AJ-aa-NMcjt Joss.rn MuCooh, Locator,
Have you hosrd of It! Ita a
Bhoe mad.* esp.*<*tally lor r*s,
srbaa tha wet �����_sr u ��".
Mini- In iii-n'H nnd Wiuiot. IMi
Calf Dppsn, and Kull DstHiHs a
Price, Women's  KM ,
Men'.    ��-* J
��� UHttflU      *       r r,      Dr.nn.lnr, i
o\   CO.   Propr.etufs. a
V..ii ...ii bur n   lowers Fruit Il.-inch   In  the Lest   fruit  growing dlftrkt
in  Orttlsb  ColmaUa  l.y   paring  JiO dollars down and $H' |K-r nioDin
ISv.ii a.^ nn Inv.-stin-ni  ihi*- \n  worih consideration.
Fruit Land lma trebled in value within the year.   What will U *' *-'"
J.  E.  AININABUE,   w^"
-.'.? *tr��.; i i ii wi ���������������in���������i���wr^
��� ������������������������ ******���**********************>******** ********
[.id.-r  to  i-ciluc,
9k   l.y   th..  end  of tlie
I'litln* m.K-k of BdOteb Twead . ultlims. made to your orisf. I'lt
f-ci  lu Htyl,.. tit au.l worhmanahlp, ai  r.-du.-.-d  prioss.
Regular   prlOM   UM   tO     U DO Sale   price  ��20.00  to  $25.00.
_S   our   wlmlow.      (Sri uli-t.l      BsrgsinS  ev.-r  ofr.'1'e.l  in   Ni!h"I1 at
������������������������ ******************.**.**y****^*.******** ***^
-v-**-**** B. A.  ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON ���-*>**~**-**~
rarsoiiNE^EW-s  aino contractors
<o ........1..M muLmoufa wlti. Dsmstsh- SSSmSl
I..I..K MisaTAllll Alaauhl.,��r-y.      IVU.,."'""^-1 **rt*r'*
Ur.  Uura,   to.   to.   Contrsvtur.'   Uuraa.
INE-USON,    B. G.
Foi* Sale
The  Furniture  of a 4-room    Cottage.
Furniture   all     new. Also     unexpired
lease for 11 monthB. Apply by letter to
D,   Daily Canadian.
lNBL^SOlN,    -     B. G.
You'll Ilka. 111.- tOOi* ��'' "'"��� ,,,,���,.
you'll llhe the mi ���** ,e",r
You'll iik., ih.- prloj "��� ",..������ get
You'll   like   the   KoodH   wli-n   )����
Ih. in. ���r ,iu. foi-
I'.-ihapB  you'd  Ilka *"""' '"
IowIiib: , .        ���a ii, ,16c
Cilllornln BsadlSSS BSWIJ fa ,6c.
i.-uncv Curranta In Bulk, ���������"".., is.c.
h'ancy Cnrranta  "���"���'aFmondi, BP1'
1-oelH,   Shelled   WttlnulH.   Aim*""""
oes, etc. ������,       .��l.o��
Outiirlo Apple Cider per SfH..*
Joy's Cash Grocery
J(*or. JoBephln... ���..<l "J^flflj
JOY WILL MEET YOU Ar 11"* The Dairy Canat	
This is fresh-killed poultry and will <_-ive you
every satisfaction.    (.RbKR NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co.. Ltd.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. co.. Baker   snd   Wsrd   Sts.
District   Dulrlct ot *>it Koot-eney
that Fre'l. J. Hammon*, agent   lor
i.      ol   Nelnon,   U0O1I|WiHlfl   watch-
.���,.���, I- to apjdy   lor   pOT���itMOOII U�� pur-
lowing deacrlbed landa:   Commen*
I ,'rs-ni * I--'    Hauled    about W%4\   milt***   ca-i  ������(
Ibeaet   -t" chain*  in   an eaaterly
LbelfOft   JO ihatu*   M-utli.   then. .*  *������
-���,.!-.   '\\*,- lion.   lh*-ni'.* 2-1 i'tiain*.
I".tut <d eoinmeucvinent. containing
"* leai
.   .' ui, 1W7.
Kftainftii k   loHn Taw-br,
Wi-et. HiMMOM, Agent
| KtltonUr,'. MMrlct.   DWltiet oi Wml Koou-nay
���   that   Fred J    .Gammon*,  agent ior
,,( Prootor, (Hfupation rancher.
. f..r p--rinl��*ioU t-o imrctia*.-* thft
lo,   -    .        crlbed   land*.    tomineiictUB at a
boat IS* eiUWMt of wiiaon ereek,
I        . .       . real _ro chain*, then- ��� iwn toe ��� -��� H
s.ortheant *c chain*., luetic, aoutb-
i tOUU the |.oint uf cuinmi-ucfimMi t
.   *m ra-*, more or le**.
J th. mn.
Aa-.IIIB-.LI*   AMi��fc**0**   BaI-LaII',
Agent Y   J   hAaaouft,
id ii-trl-'t    L-Utnet of Weal Kcx'teuay
S'i.,1 W. A. Hudaon. ttinben riii��*r.
-;..kaue county.  Wa*hlngU*u, om*
! .  -:������. ...1 Ainarlea. inund* lo aj-jdy
:������     ,-   ��.   timber Uonim oral tlie following
I i.inmcnclnuat a poat marked
Lb-   north banfc of   I ..rn oreek.
I I ol   iiii- .North lork of (urn t reek
��� matt)   -.ream,   .bout   BY*   mih--   m a
���j -ij from continence ol gfttd  -'������ru
I eruft win. ih.  Komenay rlwr;   thence north 40
ebalai; then  ���  wmI   I��0 i-hain-; tliiim ftoau ��"
|ti.nu��; thence wat Ifto ihaiu* u�� point of pom*
II ntalaiai MO urn bw*i oi wa
Bald   ,BUd   -..-joint umber   lliull   ^o  "   on the
���*���-  and tunbet limit  No. s on the aoulh. ax lo-
I rated b] Tin .
! NoTembet 7,1W7.
V. ili ia* A. Ili'uww. Locator,
���d by Patrick <'. Kb tne
1 fts&d r-agned by the within Dam-it W
"i.   iheWthday of November, A   D
���     *    is,,   ki Bpeluae,  too-MM OoojmTi
nb lug ton, tineot the fnited BwM ol Aim tlfl���.
FATBli K G    HMtHB.
I Niton i_nd District  Dmmctof Wi-ai Kootenaj
-nfc* DOUOO that lanbellft I'.arer,   f Hlra^lmrK.
, ��0   "t.iiii married   woman,   LAt��Ml   to   apt1.)'
lor permlMlon   tn  pur-tia-**** the   following  dur.
I ..nun.-iiciug hi a pod planied al
Ellon   oi   the uorth Umndar}" of I-*'.
ni.!   iiii    ..��-,i   Inniiiiary   ot   Lot    No.   HlHo,
���   ��� ham*, more or lew. u> the nnrtti
..I   j |tuber   Limit   No.  7571.   UtftOOl
tins-Hi N> .-ham*, tbence weat 'JO chain*, more or
��� ������fih.de  o[ Whaiihau   lake,  theuce
following mi no*   in   a   aotithurlv   nnd   weateny
��� ���"   i haion,   more   or   le**   lo lhe inter
���wtlim with Lot H\K>, ihence BA ejniln-*.   ntOil 01
���ot following etaterly boundary ol l��t bik> m
["���'lilt 'if  '-oliiuifli-*.-lli-   nl
Dated 7tb iictoiwr. ltxn.       Iaa��ai4_ I'tkitci,
Y   ii. FAUyt'lBK, sftgVBta
l��Uon Land Dittrto-t,  DttUtotol Wert ttooteaaj
Taki-  DOtlOt   Unit    Alexander    J      HeOooli   ��'f
1   i  , oooupatlo- clerk, mtendi to apply
���ii   to   puri'liuv  the followli.g  de*
1 i    Uommesctne at a poet pUu-tedon
1 orn   l..niii.Urv   ot II   0  M'Ull.ern   Hall
*��y rigbt-of my,   about  one  ami   a  hat!   mile*
M"t'':Mrom   ,t���.   northweit  corner   of lot :t'J--*t,
Keotl liav,     theuce    MMitli    *����   chain*.
tin in,. ,tu,t m obaJni. tbe-Ot oortb n i balDi to
"islii. ri   '.oi,,���lary of aald   rlfbt-ot-Wftl.   theuce
w'-'-t hn , i,mhi*. it long 'fid ���OUtbern Uiuudary to
!*'.iii  of   uouimeuownent,   and  containing *���*������
��;������ more or u**a.
Oatod Novftmber ffth. ma.
Al.BXANIiltll   *I     MTi-ol-.
h*'ii"'ii LftUd Difttrlet   DtttrtM Bi *V��ftl Kootenay
Tftkft imtlee that v   V. Hurden. aiding a* agetil
���    �� Burden, of l'okh.k, N. h ,  npftUon
���"-hftnic, luteodi to apply for (MnnlBftlon to
''"'1'h.m' the lollowlng der-erll-ed Und*- t om*
"['���["���Iin! nt h j.,.M pUlitt <1 mi the easterly whole
"���'' "row Ink.- and about lo ehaini. north of the
��� ' com.l ol lot 8H��I, theuce eaal 90 fhain*.
'"i" north *u chain*, un,re or laaa, to the lake
""''���. iheme *inithwe*lerly along ihe lake��hore
'" "i" 1'iilnt oi commencement, aud t-otiiainln|
"'i''res. more or leM.
1 -��i-��i Novel,ii��t lKih. unit, jamrn ii Bonnnr,
F. I*    Hl'HIiKN,  Agent.
Notice in hereto given that %\
��*-xi meeting ol the Board of WAo*
J^-jmlsBlonen tor the Dletriot of v
y oe held after the expiration ��f th
jays, i Intend to upply [or b tranift
""��� i-iconse for the GroTe Bote! t
>��y��*-li   to  William (loHnt-11.
Drneit o. Botd<
By iub attorney, Wm, Qoeut
1807 tbla   12lh   Uay   of   NoYM
r nr
���N'nii,*,, iB hereby givon that n Court
' HevUion ami Appt-ui, under Uie pro-
1 "mis ur the AaeeMment Aci. ifwpeol
i'iL      --Ueeeemenl Boll foi  thu year
ggi    'or    the     Nl>lBOn    ASHI'SHIIH'III      DlB-
( ,V W-H bo held at the Government
Jjnoe, Nt-ison, on December IBth, i��07,
fll io ii. ffli
Jllrt R.   8.   LENNIE.
W of Cottrt or licviHion and Appeal.
HelftOa Land I*t*trlet. IM-lrlct of We*t Kootenay
lake notice that John Jame* Cameron, of
lerni.. British ColonUft, ������cetipntlnu contractor, Intend*, to apply for uerini**lon to
porehaae the following deai-rlbed land: Com*
:n* Di lug ai a put.i pimiu-.l on the *outhetn
h*.miliary oi the B: r -ioulliern rightol-way
about 40 chain* wi-an-rlv from the n . W oornat
nf hit 89B3, group I, Kootenay. thenee nouth r-o
chain*, thenee tkOtt 40 chain*', thenee north r>0
chain* t-o the *nuthcru txuindary of the aald
right-of-way, then*--* wetterly along aahl aouih-
ern iMiuudary of right of-way to the point f
cnitinu-iicemeu', ��n-f tuiai-ining 240 aerea, more
or le**
iJated November ��th, lt��07.
  3' HI*  JaMH"  ���"JiWt-i-oK.
Nel*on I_nd Piatrn-t Innriet oi v,. .- Kooieiisy
Take notice that John Hniell. of Needle*. B (' .
(H*ciipatlon rancher. Intend* to apply fo- l��-r*
ml** ion to pu rcbaae the following dew rlbed
laud; ('otanieucing at a i-.*s plauled at the
northvve*i corner of Loi 7(��8, thence Went 40
chains, theuce Booth H" chalni, thenee ea*l 40
chain*, tbftne north HO ehaina to the point of
cuiiiiHeucement, and containing aw acrea, more
or leaa.
I a led ltth October, 1907.              JiMT* -use;:*.
  F. Q. FaOQCiBa, Atent.	
Netaou I-and District l>i��trlct ol Went Kootenay
Take notice that Angus MeGUl, of lhe city of
Nelaon, iK-etipKitim li reman, intend* to apply for
perniUalon t*�� purchaae the following d**triU-d
laud*, (oinmeuetng at a poit planted at the
N. W. corner L 0. Morrison'* ranch, tu Kir
alley, th- *tm north forty (40) ihaius, thenc
ast fo-ty (40) chains, theuce south forty (4o
ain*. theuce weat forty (40) chalna oint o
mmeucement,   and containing   one  hundred
���1 sixty (160) aerea. more or less
Pled Se-J.lc.nber  'nd. ltW7.
*10 l-��liR MONTH
We offer you best Irult lands:
best terms; best lcH*atton; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all ol your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
slso have tracts of 50 to G000 acres,
prices and terms tbe b.-st. We own
these lands and handle notblng on
II you don't Bee Fruitvale you
miss the beBt In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
tist Watch
The   windows  of  the  Old   Curiosity Shop for
Fancy China
From the band-palntad down to Ihe
ri.llillH.ll (TSdaa of Cllinuwaie. N'.xl
araak wa will have a sale ol Cut Glass.
Old Curiosity Shop
Noli.'..  Is  hi-i-.-t.v   given  that   the  lln*
dersigurd pits..mi* im*. mads application umler ths proTlaioni ol the "l,i-
iiuur Llcansa Act," 1KUU, for Hotal i.s-
eanoaa al tba plaoea b.-i opposite names.
John MHiKhall. Marshall    Hotel,   Kit*
Fred Adle, Fort Slieppard lintel.
i;   T, Snow, Outlet Hotel,  l'loi'iei
(',   K. IliirgesH, 1-Silmi lloiel. I'atlerKi.n.
Arehlbuld & IJnvIs, I'lilnee 1 lot.!.
Ymir. ,   ���   ,
.1    W.  Masters.m.  Ymir  lintel, ^lllll*.
BS,   M.     Peters,   St.     Charles     Ilol.l.
Ymir. ,,  ,  ,
John   llrenu,     Cosiiiopnlltan      Ilol.l.
a 's Coleman, Waldorf Hotel, Ymir
Samuel   Millar,  Miller  Hotel. Ymir.
Louisa  Mi'lVuk. Hlrdiir Hotel, Sirdar.
wm. OosnaU, "love Hotal, Fntniew.
Mul,.He  &   .lohiiHiiii.   Kootenuy   lulls
dotal, Blooan Junction.
i  it  Hunnex, Mersey Hotel. Bn*.
B.   D,     McArthur,    Northern    Hotel,
S"("',','    Mend,   Creston   Hotel,   Creston.
m.v  MoKesson, Bria Hotal. Brie.
Joseph  Walker, Brloltson    Hotel, Br-
lokaon. ,, , , ,.���,,_
Kdllli Ollle, Vlllieiiiiver Hotel, Ymir.
Win   liri.v. Salmo Hotel. Snlmo.
Qao   Munro,   Munro   Hotel   ('lesion.
A meeting or tba Board or Licence
Commissioners, v*-m be held lo consider
such applications, at tba Court lions".
X NaliSn, on MondW, _.* 16tb dar
���r DeOODber, IMT, at tbe hour of i
o'clock In th'' iirieiiioon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson. B. _ IBth November. 18U7,
Mercurial   People     Need     Excitement���
Keen for Riot but too  FickJe
for  Revolution.
HeadtTH of Portugese) news who aup-
pOM tbe KlngH throne to be in imminent danger should not forget t_at the
people of Portugal are Jual about as im-
petOOUfl aud aa Incapable of penri*
lent, determined political action us are
the people of South America. On that
aoocmni Qu y ere not the tees danger-
ouh aa rioters; bul they are less likely to make the strong, the steady move*
ment necessary to unseal King Carlos,
who. wilh all his faults. Is a pretty decent sort of ruler, and has withal a very
llrm grip on tho reins cif government.
The famous anti-English, anti-Spanish crusade of some years ago throws
h significant light upon the PortngOH
character. At that time a dispute had
arisen in Portugese East Africa, and
was on the point of being settled by
an Anglo-Spano-Portugese treaty, when
suddenly Serfo pinto, a Portugese officer, made the discovery that his country was being swindled. Instantly the
treaty was dropped, and the loyal Por-
tugeee began to prepare ror a wai u!*on
thi ir two aggressors. The Hritish
navy looked as though it would take
some time to destroy, and so the Portugese decided io strike the hated Englishman first in his pocket-book. In a
week practically everyone in Portugal
had joined a vast national association
pledged never to buy any articles of
clothes or food made in perfidious Albion. Serfo Pinto became the hero of
the hour; and in his honor the association adopted as its badge the Serfo Pinto hat. To show enthusiasm everyone
in the country wore one of thoBe hats.
Mountaineers who had no use for any
kind of hat bought one of the distinctive Serfo Pinto pattern. English trade
in Portugal seemed dead. Then some
one of an enquiring turn of mind asked who was making the Serfo Pinto
hat. It was discovered that their manufacturer was an enterprising London
hatter. The whole country was dumbfounded Tor a moment, and then in a
gale of laughter lhe anH-I;ritish association collapsed and the treaty was
signed. The feature of the present trouble is not a hat, but a cigarette, and the
cause of it is not the treacherous ulien.
hut the grafting patriot. In short, Portugal has established a tobacco monopoly; and the politicians have l��een
robbinc the countrv for years. One
party was convicted of graft, and turned out; but its successor also fell by
the wayside, and there was no improvement until the King dismissed the Portugese and handed over the government
to Regenerators.
Follows Flotilla to the Pacific.
Norfolk, Va.. Dec. 9��� The big supply and refrigerator ship Areihusn,
which is to convoy the flotilla of torpedo boat destroyers to the Pacific,
sailed from the navy yard today. She
will join the flotilla at Trinidad next
week and from there will accompany
the little craft until San Francisco is
reached early in May. The \rethusa
carries supplies of all kinds for the flotilla and the machinery needed for em-
ergenoy, She will also be the paymaster's ship during the cruise and carry
all   the   money.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897
Canada. j
Province  of   British   Columbia.   \
No.   407. .   .
This is to ,*cftlty that "Western Canada Timber Company Limited." is authorized and licensed to carry on business within the Province of Hritish Columbia, and lo carry out or effect all or
any of the objects of the Company to
-which the IttgiaUtive authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company is sit
uate at 161-4, Dash wood House, .New
Broad Street, in the City of London.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one hundred aud seventy-
five thousand pounds, divided into one
hundred und seventy live thousand
shines of one pound each.
Tbe head office, oi the Company in
ihls Province is situate at Nelson, and
Leslie Mill. Manager, whose SddreSI _
Nelson, B. 0., in the Attorney for the
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of Hrittsli Columbia, thla Wth duy of October, one
thousand  nine   hundred  and   seven.
���LS.| S. Y.  WOOTON-
Rcgistrur of Joint   Slock   Companies.
The objects for which Oils Company
hns been established and licensed
are:��� ,,       ,
(a.) To carry on business In < anatla
or elsewhere as saw-mlil prop rietors,
timber merchants and timber growers,
and to buv. sell, grow, prepare for market, manipulate, import, export, and
deal In limber and wood of nil kinds,
and to manufacture and deal in articles
of ul) kinds In tho manufacture of which
limber or wood Js used, and to carry
on iiusiness its ship owners and carriers
by land and water, and so far as may
hi' deemed expedient the business of
general merchants, and to buy. clear,
plant and work timber estates and limits: ,     ..
(b.) As tho flt'Rt operation of the
Oompany to purchase or otherwise ac-
epilre and take over as a going concern
the business und undertaking of the
Canadian Pacific Timber Company,
Limited, and all the timber Umltt,
lauds, buildings and erections, water
rights, fixed and moveable plant and
machinery, tools, utensils, logs und
lumber, live and dead stock, stores and
effects, and other the property and assets of that Company ln BrMleh Columbia and wilh a view thereto to execute
and make the agreement referred to In
Article 3 of the Articles of Association
of   the   Company:
(c.) To aeek for and secure openings
Tor the employment of capital In Canada or elsewhere, and with a view
thereto to prospect, enquire, examine,
t-tut^ch of
employ expeditions, commissioners, experts and other agents:
(d.) To institute, enter Into, carry
on, assist or participate in financial,
commercial, mercantile. industrial,
manufacturing, mining find other businesses, works, contracis and undertakings and financial operations of all
kinds, and to undertake and carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors for public
and other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on any other business which may seem to the Company
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of the objects
of the Company or which may be
thought calculated, directly or indirectly, to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company's property
or  rights:
(e.i To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid In or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance, improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings and operations of all
kinds, both public and private.
and in particular roads, ways,
tramways, railways, telegraphs, telephones, cables, ship:., lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
W arehouses, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, water-courses, canals, flumes,
irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works, iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and implement
works, hydraulic works, gas and electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens.
founderies, furnaces, factories, cement,
limestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by land and water, public
and private buildings, townsites, residences, cottages, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or in
return for any consideration from any
other companies or persons:
(f.) To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwise acquire, take on
lease, or agreement, acquire running powers over, lease, let, grant
running powers over, work, use,
sell and dispose of railways,
tramways and other roads, ways and
means of access to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense of promoting,
making, providing, acquiring, working
and using the same, and to purchase.
take on lease or otherwise acquire and
hold, and to erect, alter, pull down, rebuild, and adapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, erect, hire and maintain.
work, use, lease, sell, charter or let,
rolling stock, plant and machinery,
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, trucks, carriages, ships, tugs, barges, piers, harbours, wharves and other appliances,
works and vehicles for and used in
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's  works  and  properties:
(g.) To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway,
shipping or canal companies or owners, carriers and any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Compuny, and to grant mining and
other licences over, or leases of, any
part or parts of the property and rights
of the Company:
(h.) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, mortgage,
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and personal
property and rights of all kinds, and
In particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, patent rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies, book debts and claims and any interest in real or personal property,
and any claims against such property,
or against any persons or company, and
to finance and carry on any business
concern or undertaking bo acquired, and
to keep up or abandon all or any of the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereafter to be acquired by
the  Company:
(i.) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission business, aud in particular to collect moneys, royalties, revenue, interest, rents
and debts; to negotiate loans; to And
Investments; and to Issue and place
shares, stockB. bonds, debentures,
debenture stock or securities:
(j.) To obtain, acquire, work, let, or
dispose of any concessions or au'.hor
Izatfons Of any Government, municipal
body, or other authority, for any works,
or undertaking which the Company may
desire to promote or carry on, und to
obtain the promulgation of any luws or
deareea which the Company may think
necessary or expedient tor or ln respect
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintain and work
any such undertakings or works, and
generally carry on business as contrue
tors for pttblla works, or to sell and dispose of any such concessions or authorizations:
(k.) To contract with or aid any Sovereign or other Power, Government, or
State, or nny municipal or other
body, politic or corporate, or
company, or persons for or in
relation to capital, credit, means,
or resources for the prosecution of any
works, undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for and act as
agents or otherwise in relation to loans
or securities iss tied or proposed to be
Issued by nny Government or State, or
municipal or other authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person :
(1.) To acquire any Inventions callable of being used for any purpose connected with any of the businesses or operations of the Company, and to acquire
or cause to be applied for and Obtained,
any letters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions.
In any part of the world, and to grant
and issue licences for the use of the
same or any of them upon such terms
and conditions as may be considered
(m.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy, sell, and deal in stocks, Bharos,
debentures and securities of any other
l_��h. Colonial or
Foreign, or of any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any company whose
operations may be beneficial to this
Company, or with a view to assist any
company which may carry on, or be
about to carry on, any business useful
to this Company:
(n.) To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of
the business, property, and liabilities of
any other company, firm or t>erson. the
objects of which shall be altogether or
in part similar to those of this Company, or to make and carry into effect
arrangements with respect to the union of interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either In whole
or in part, with any other companies,
corporations or persons:
(o.) To sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
interest, all or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands, hereditaments, property,
rights, or privileges of the Company,
or all or any of its undertakings, and lo
accept payment therefor in money,
shares, stock, debentures, or other obligations, either by a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of the
(p.) To establish and promote, or
concur in establishing and promoting,
associations, companies, syndicates and
undertakings, to purchase or take over
the whole or any part of tho property of
this Company, or any concessions.
rights or property In which this Company has any Interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned in this memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the subscription of any part
of the capital, whether original or increased, of this Company, or of any
such association, company, syndicate,
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to pay
or receive any commission, brokerage,
or other remuneration In connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities of this or any
other company, and to make or receive
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(qj To guarantee the payment of
money secured by or payable under or
in respect of bonds, debentures, debenture slock, contracts, mortgages,
charges, obligations and securities of
any company, whether Hritish, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or unincorporated
(r.) To pay for any rights or property acquired by the Company, or any
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of the Company, and to makes such payments or
gifts by way of bonus or otherwise, and
either in money or in any other value
as may from time to time be deemed
expedient for Information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which the Company may be directly or indirectly, interested, and generally to make any payments or agree to pay-
any commissions, with or without any
consideration moving to the Company,
if It is considered by the Directors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly,
to the benefit of the Company to do so:
(s.) To lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon security or
otherwise, upon such terms as the Company shall think fit, and to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings wilh
the Company:
(t.) To borrow or raise mon^y and to
issue debentures or debenture stock,
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bonds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to create any mortgage or charge on all or any part of the
property and assets of the Company,
including its uncalled capital or otherwise in such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make,
draw, accept, and endorse bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, and
other negotiable instruments:
(u.) To invest any moneys of the
Company not Immediate! yrequired in
such manner as may be thought fit:
(v.) To make donations to such
persons and in such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may be thought,
directly or iudlrectly, conducive to any
of the Company's objects, or otherwise
expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or other object,, and to
establish or support, or aid in the establishment or support of associations.
institutions, conveniences, funds and
trusts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of such person, and to grant pensions and allowances, and to make payments towards insurance, aud apply the
money of the Company in any way In
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association, institution or fund for protection of the
Interests of masters, ownees and em-
ployers against loss by bad debts,
strikes, workmen's combinations, flre,
accidents or otherwise, or for Insuring
or re-insuring with any company, firm
or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Company or
to which it may be subject:
(w.) To distribute any assets of the
Company among its members in specie:
(x.) To do all acts necessary to procure the Company to be duly const lulled or Incorporated and registered, or
recognised, us a corporation or association in Canada or America, or elsewhere :
(y.) To carry out the above objects,
or any of them, either on account of the
Company alone or in conjunction with
uny company, association, firm, person
or persons, and In any part of the world,
nnd generally to do all such acts and
things as are incidental or conduclvo
to the attainment of all 01 any of the
above objects, and the intention Is thnt
the objects specified in each paragraph
of this clause shall, except where other-
wis.* explained In such paragraph, be in
nowise restricted by reference to or inference from the terms of any other
paragraph _gr_>ya-n _ya>iuj_j?Ljy_l ��Pff B��
We have ror aale sin or the finest building lots  In  the   city,  situated at
the corner or Josephine and Hoover streets. These  lots are  cleared    and
renccd and    command    a magnificent view. Price,  $2,000 ror the six or
will be sold separately is desired.
H. &. M. BIRD
****<-*.���"���- ->.S_l:._aria*a**��>^ W***ER SE RVICE.
A great many sales have been made or lota In this charming suburb
or Nelson and only a rew best lots are lert
Don't Forget
That    Fire    Insurance    you were going to put on thiB rail, or that
accident  and  health  policy   you   intended    writing    which  covers
al] accidents and 30 dSseas.s.
Let us quote you rates on the above.     ; .-i'Vi>J.S!__l'*>li
McDermid & -McHardy
���^j__?i     ��a--���k��t_T      __       at-��� 99
INEt_S01N, B. G.
C. P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereot In Ontario and Quebec
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on aale daily December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon���$104.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and   up  according  to
For    detailed    information,    sailings
ocean  streamers,   first   class   or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to     local
agent or
A.G.P.A..V-incouver. n Y A.. Ni_>l-,oh
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
NcIbou. Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Hood. road.
Water rights.   Small house.  Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,000.
Also land    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocan and Salmon rivers, etc.
llfll C2l��"aa' Estate Agent
315  Baker St..  Nelson.  B. C.
Tremont House
���nrasean .ad Amsrlcu Plan
��� Mi. as ns.   Boom, trass �� eta. to C.
osiy White Hus 1
Bo.fr St.. Noma
Moat comfortable quarters      Nelson]
Only th. best ol Liquors snd clsonk
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reno.ated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled In tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRICKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, ISO.   Opposite Court Bona.
and PostoWce. Nelson. B. 0.
Queen's Hotel
Bokar Street. N.lK>n. B. C.
Laif.  snd  Comfortable   Bedrooms snd Pilot*
class Dlnlu. Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollara-Day House la Nelson.
Th. Bar la the FlnMt.
Whit. Btip Only Bmployed
ioaeptilne St.
Nslson. B. O.
Royal Hotel
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   In  25,000   shares
ol $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. Dourke.
OFFICE, No. SiSSS! Daker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS lor  stock are  Invited.
PARTICULARS and lorms or Application may be obtulned at the Company's olllce, or Irom H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelaon. B,
Rates |1 and ��1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Retrnlar Boarders
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Vletorls SL, Nr. Oo.rs House.     Tel. 111.
W.   a.   OILLETT
Contraotor rnomt
Bole agent (or the Port.. lu.o Lumber Co.. Lid..
rvtaii \nr.l-, KoiirIi ttn-i 'li**��nvl lumWr, turOM
W'.rii ati'l 1-raV'kiHH, Cututt Uth aud t-hlugle*, 1Mb
and doora, Cement, br__ and lime lor ���*!���.
Automatic grinder. W
Yard and factory: V��rnou Ht.. eaat o! Hall
NQL0ON,  Wa O.
.. 1   a
si      '���
\ '' '������
.  ;
;  %*
Ttw oeAiy Canadian
Silver Deposit Ware!
l.,, nol fall u.   Bee    '
hese  :���.....is.    They  are among  the  newesl
on the market, and are eq.i lu design and Ulnlsh.    rhe line nom
nrlses Tea BeU, In white and Bllver, and  dark   blue  and   Bllver     Salt
Cellars   Sherbet   BeU    Uoules, Flasks, and Vases ln crystal and silver,
ami colored glass and allvei
Our store is open until Christmas
Watchmaker and Optician
at 35c
Wc were lucky enough to
secure io dozen ot these
goods. They are the odds
knd ends of a wholesale
hosiery stock. Some are
worth"45c and some 50c the
pair. Your choice today
at 35c the pair.
3 Pair for $1.00
Sec Us
For Good Fr-uit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _.
Next Door to Bank or Commerce.
Call at the
Queen Cigar  Store
for anything wanted in
and your   troubles will
go up in smoke.
C        BUSH & MATT HEW,  P-ops.        J
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps foi
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerio .
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sou. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Dealer Building.   P. O. Box 434
L Baker ���*-, NELSON, B. C.
Th,. Beat Hsr.l Coal ou tne mar-
Bnnkhcad Brl-
Tlie   Best   Domestic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
*v'    ��>       -Arrival?
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
P. P. Burden, A. A. Burton, Burton
City; G. Adams, !-'. G. Bunson, ...
Stepstone, Miss Gladys Grey, Vancouver; 11. Chapman, Victoria; II. Jones,
Calgary; W. McKenzle and wife, Montreal.
Cor.    Vernon and   tVsrdStresta
.Nt_i_--*<_>.N.fc-.f   .
C. K. Melllsh, J. Oourlay, ... Tower,
Vancouver; A. Hatton, C. B. McAllister, Winnipeg; K. S. Smiiii, Pass,
Wash.; M. B. Hanafln, Rossland; It.
i-sinitiiisi. Kei-emeos; c o. Kodgers,
Creston; I-'. 1.. Qllroy, Minneapolis; A.
S. Horswell, A. T. Horswell, Kenora;
P. S. Fauquier, Nedles; T. Abrii-1, Nakusp; a. C. Gage, Kellyland; 11. V. Collins.  Spokane.
.1 Munis. G. Inkwood. T. J. Duncan.
Marquette, Mich.; 11. Han.it, W. Hrown.
(' P. McDougall, Cascade. J. H.
Welsh uiul wife, Spokane; B. Baker,
Bi . ill.-: A. Verner, Granite; 11. Is
not,   Salmo.
G. Hutton.Wheatland, Man.; J. Daveri
port, McKenzle, Man.; J, Nelson. Win
G.   .1    Band,   Woodstock;   .1.   Harrl
Procter;  is. L. Vine, li. A. Macdonald
Seymour;   J.   Chlsholm,   \v.   Flornera
ii Taylor, Kusl inook; G. Oormley,
Silver King; S Williamson, Cranbrook;
\   Dickson, Spokane.
City of Nelson  License District.
We, the undersigned, give notice thai
u. tin- next meeting of Uie Hoard of
License Commissioners we Intend t(t ap
ply for a transfer of tho license of the
\*'o Place Inn from Win, Gosnell to
Nelson, Nov. 19,  11(07.
;,,iii.iiiK  promptly attended  to.    i-ian.
and Kstlmates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 385.
F. C. GREEK       F. f. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 14-    Phon. 261 B.
ANTED    IlPad  WslttSSs.   fnr   Hotel Htrath-
iih     Ai'jily MntiaKPT.
4   riimfortMt.il> Hoiim- inr b V nun if t-Sdjf- wmiM
_Vr.iiIt ������ltlnr icbool tenclier. or young lady In
bttftOSMln   tin city.     AddroBB   E. C. Dally
Canadian .
In'u KIKHi-vi.AnH ht ** ��mh, fiVwam heated    Apply houtekoopBT, *ta ttou K. W. V.block.
Meeting   Tonight.
There will he a special meeting ol the
I. W. W in Minors' Union hall this
evening, when .' li Walsh. >>f Vancouver, will deliver a lecture.
Anniversary   Service.
_eaterdaj being the anniversary ol
the promulgation of tho doctrine ol th'
Immaculate Conception of the Virgin
Maty, the event was celebrated ln thi
chmch of Mary Immaoulate by a sen
ice of perpetual  adoration.
"At   Cripple   Creek."
Of this play, which oomes to Un
opera house this evening, it is said: "1'
is a talo of adventure and love told
wiih remarkable skill, it is full of hu
man Interest and tho pood and bad are
shown with strong contrast."
Heavy declines in silver and load
again wore the features of the metal
markets. Since Friday the London quo
tation of lead has gone down ion points
Silver is five points lower In Now \*ork
and four points lower in London than
on Saturday.
Red   and   Blue   Contest.
The record for ihe Red and Blue
membership contest in the Baptist Bun-
day school for yesterday, Dec. s, was:
Total attendance, ITS, SI. blues. 82
reds. 13 teachers and officials. The score*
of points to date is blues, 1342; reds.
1312.    Next Sunday  the contest  closes.
Tea  and  Whist.
Tomorrow afternoon from :t to 6 Mrs.
Labby and Mrs. Sturgeon will bo the
hostesses at a tea at the residence or
Mrs. Sturgeon and Mrs. Labby. In
the evening from 8.30 there will be u
progressive whist party. The object
of both is to raise funds for improvement of the Church of Mary Immaculate.
Supreme   Court.
In tho Supreme Court today the hearing of Isaac vs. Miller was continued
with R. W. HlnUm again on the stand.
A slight hitch has occurred. The defendants alleged defects in the machinery, the promissory note in payment for which is the basis of the action. The plaintiffs asked for particulars. In the course of the trial a specific defect was alleged. R. M. .Macdonald. for the plaintiff contended that
this was entirely new matter and ask-
id for adjournment to the next session
of the court. His Lordship declined
to grant it and commented on the amount of work devolving upon himsell
as a justice of the Supreme Court and
also as a judge in admiralty. At tho
afternoon session the hearing of Haggard vs. North American Land aud
Lumber Company was resumed, the
piece of machinery having arrived from
Fernie  and   been  set   up.
Prices ef Mater*.
New   York.   Dec.   9.���Silver,    65%C;
copper, 12*V_.;  lead, $4.75.
London. Doc. 9.���Silver, 25%d.;  lead,
��14, 12s., Cd.
Copper  Quotations.
(By McDermid & Mcllardy.)
Granby 85
Dominion Copper      2
B. C.  Copper      4-v4
Collision but No One Killed.
Poughkeepsle, N. Y., Dec. 9.���Two
New York Central passenger trains
collided at Highland, south of here at
fi o'clock this morning. The second
section of tho Atlantic Express from the
west ran Into the rear end of the Northern Eepress from Montreal. It is not
known here whether anyone was injured.
New York Dec. 9.���At the offices Of
the New York Central railroad in this
city, it is stated that nobody was killed
u the wreck al Highlands, and none of
the passengers of the colliding trains
were injured.
Tho Orangemen are requested to meet
In Fraternity hall at s o'clock on Mon
day i veiling. Dec. 9. to moot the .Most
Worshipful Supreme Grand blaster,Bro,
D. C. McLaren, who is visiting Nelson
NICKERSON, the Jewelery Manufacturers Agent will soil you goods from sum
pies at _~ per cent, loss than regular
prices direct from the factories, in S
days from order. . Everything in the
line.    Order now.
Of electrical work Mulshed and charged
for from this shop  will  show  you how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship they know it is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly attended   to.
P. O. Box XE6. Phone 227 A.
ii -'_ .***����    NBWON. .. - -,��.-'.-ifUij,
New Dried
in   INo>v
Don't delay ordering iugrc-
dk-uts for Xmas Cakes stud
Puddings, fresh stock in.
Lemon, Orange, and Citron
Peels, Raisins in bulk aud
packages,  Currants tlie same.
Corner 811lca and Josephine Sts.
Pt-lO.-S'H   7
We havo just opened up two lat-pp
cases and we now have a most magnl*
fieent display of dressed  dulls.
We want sou to come in and see
them.    The  sight will   repay  you.
We have little ones at Sine and 25c
Medium sized ones, well and prettllj
dressed   at   7f,c.   SSic.   iir.c,   J1.00,   fl.25,
$1.4ii.   $2.an  and   $2.75.
Large ones, handsomely dressed at
$:S.-5, $3.50. $4.fill. $5.50. $5 ST., J6.76,
$7.25 and $15.00.
If you have to order your Xmas
thin.��� by mail, entrust us with your
orders. We will fill them promptly and
W* G. Thomson
BOOKSELLER and     HJ���1--_   TJ   r*
stationer. -Nelson, n. l_.
F��-lor����   .14.
Sherman's Opera House
The Great Western Play
PRICES: $1.00, 75c and 50c.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Saturday
A. A. BttTton, or llurton City, returned
to the city last night and Is at the
K. L. liurnelt leaves tonight for the
coast to spend the holiday season an.l
part of the winter.
John Masson, <,r the Strathcona.
left last night for Vancouver to take
the position of accountant of H. Sclim
idtt's meat markets.
Archie Bishop has returned from a
two months' visit to bis old home at
Niagara Falls, < Hit . and several of the
large eastern cities.
F. W. Guernsey arrived from Trail
at  noon  today,
It. s. Lennie returned from Spokane
A. s. Horswell and A. T. Horswell
who will conduct a retail grocery liusl
ness in ih.. premises lately occupied l>*
It. M. Hood and r-��� . have arrived from
Kenora and are at the Humn.
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday. Dec. 17.1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and Falls Streets.
Tlckels can he had from any member
of the executive or from the secretary
of the 20,000 club.
Ladies or gentlemen $1.00. Refreshments
Xmas Cakes
We have Ihem  In  all  sizes and  will
have them decorated to your own tit te
Choquette Bros.
��� Phone 258,
THE  Up to Date  Bakers
JL Calendar
of   &iews
Of your own town or city, could you
imagine a nicer 1 Inliday Gift to send
away to friends in another city, or
across the border, or lo tlie Old
Country ? :s s: :s
We have a varied assortment of these
pretty View Calendars, hut there will
be a big run on tliem, so please make
your selections early. :: ::
Canada Drug & Book Co.,
COR   BAKER   -nd   WARD. Phone   81
Whole-sale bik)   Retail Dealer* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortcut notice uml
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supple*, kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful att*-ution.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
$ LOO per Gallon
Telephone 161.1
Notice ls hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to the I.l.-u
tetiant.-Gov.'rnol*. in-Council a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing Obstructions
from the lluliamel Creek (Otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making ih.
said creek fit for rafting and diiviir
.hereon logs, timber and lumber, ami
for erecting and maintaining .lams on
lhe said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs antl timbei
ihereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth ol aid
The lands to be affected by such
work are l-ots 7S7, 788, 71.01, 77?::. 139-4
8411 and X4i:t all In Oroup/One, Koote
nay District, and ..ther lands not Crown
IS ranted, occupied  or  Improve,!.
The tolls proposed lo be charge,! are
such as may be Hxed l.y Hit; Judge of
the   County   Court   of  West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28lh day of October,  1807.
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts, Brtiills,
Chestnuts, Apple cider. Noil he it. Spy
apples. Baldwin Apples, Jap Oranges,
Klgs, large layer, California Oranges
nnd Malaga Grapes. ��
A large assortment of Xmas goods,
Wholesale and retail prices   per quantity
S. H. Seaney
Phone aim. r.08*^, naker si.
Let Us "Sock" it to You
in tha late**.. K;t!l anj winter Btrlei of
M��n'l Fine lIoMitr.,   We art* "itocktni"
DP    wi'h    Ule   tin*-M   Hiist-ever   llu'MT'.i
Comfort-bla and durable In VMt it4
���legaat    In   appearance.     You  will 16-
I 1 ��� tin* new di'sit-iis and i-aUtrai,
w Inch un* [MiHltlve-y [ilt-astiig to ail
ei it <���! iiiul |iurt.culur drenfieri .All fvt
OOkro, _D6 warranted to -give wearing
anil   washing  satisfaction.
We ft'OtlH) like 1" -se. iii! out w��i 1 -iinsoomfurtablo thin winter and in onler to
do so we h.ive In Btoek the 1<* st assorted lino of heating stoves am. cooking
Stoves aul   ranges,  ever  before  presented to Lhe public In Kootenay.
We would be pleased to Show jron our line and before making your pur
cha.-e kindly nee what We have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Bnsth.
W'holcsnw  Provlnlonn,
Government Creamery One Pnnnd line*, received weekly freeh from d"
churn.    For sol.* l.y all loading groenn
Office aud warehouse: Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B.C.     "J
Sf__*S L��mfee*, Shingks,
Luth, Moulding**, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work ����r->cl HrnoketH. Mail Orders promptly ".".nd
VBKMOM HTRinrr  -  -  -   rviii.taois. i��* <^- __
Wc have a full stock of the
Lime-Stflpher-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co^-L^
For Miners, Lum-
K bermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let oh Supply Yot,r NWS
Wcod-Vallance Hardware Co.* Ltd-


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