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The Daily Canadian Oct 30, 1906

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Array ��fje *p_.hj -Canctttian
18 I.   No. 125.
Fifty Cents a Month
isurenf Religious Toi-
trillion lo Dissenters
tried io Obviate Unlicensed Al-
Jgi.mce of Many Unchurched
Families���Qotet Today.
I' i.isUurg, Oct. 80.���The morn-
bi iii. first annl/ariary   of   tho
|*i;ii*ill<>ll     uf    thu     Imperial   muni-
ylving a  coiih'I Million  tn  Kunsia
\i\ in St. Petersburg without any
being reported,    iv  Deumi
cbrated lu the cathedrals and
Jjin���*. .md only small orowdi of jkh��-
seen In    the   -__Ag*4)*80orR_ed
nl. in,, decided    to    stay  in-
viug  to  fear or becoming  Mi-
fell in  trouble.    Students    lu    uni-
were   rmiKpleimiisiy    absent    as
'���-ul'  of a warning Issued ut the
ui   liuld ut  tin; university yester*
ai   which   hands   'jot   reactionary
i-i. hud  been formed  to beat pe
thins in student garb.    The gurrl*
|i>i 1 li<* city was distributed in no
ri    with   ihe  emergency   regulu-
ni   preserving order.    The large
ol   infantry   and   cavalry  wero
tratod in the vicinity of the Ka*
ithedral  and many  troops  were
�����l  iu  the  neighborhood   of  tho
iity, but the military were kepi
|lbl<>, so fur as possible in  the In-
m nf the college and buildings. Spe-
Iguarda were stationed at all  the
<  statious.
re was a conflict last night bt-
,,  detachment of troops  and  a
crowd  which hnd gathered at a
ihe Industrial district or ('brink-
Some rowdies    cut    the fire
in _ drove the firemen away and
plundering- whereupon the sol-
fired a volley in the air und dls
���   crowd without any casual-
Generally,    the    night    passed
At  noon a special edition of
)fflcial Gazette,    containing    the
lal  ukase  granting  full   religious
join in the old  believers  wns Is-
The  preamble of the ukase  in
guarantee to all Russian sub
liberty ot faith and public wor-
iccording to the dictates of their
''iices, a ukase    was    Issued    fn
i "' ���      In contlnunnce   of   this
1 love and peace wn deem II good
iihllsh rules aud regulations gov
ih��*  International organizations
"Id I K'I ie vers' and other distant
i'h- holy orthodox church, ehnrg
������ ministry of the Interior al the
'line lu elaborate a simpler law
"      Issuing from other Chris
'nnreKsiona.     .Villi trust  in n be*
1,1  providence    we believe    thnt
measures will serve to strength*
'  ������*���'�� uf loyalty by which the old
''' * Iiuvp been bound for centU*
" 'he throne und the fatherland
"lianc.! the greatness of our gen-
iiuther the holy orthodox church."
'""ding Id the law miy dissenting
"iinhorlng 50 persons whose alms
1,1 immoral or having tenets like
'*������-��� In do military service," the
K'hors and Standlsts, are Illegal,
;\ Tor nud shall receive permfs
" organise a church, conduct ser
���wnblish schools and elect cler*
'��� who shall bo exempt from mil*
���vice and  he entitled  to  went
and  perform the baptismal,
** and other    sacraments    and
ilslera of births, marriages and
ef equal  authority with the of*
pcorda of the orthodox  priests.
uow  law   Introduces  an   Impor*
{innovation In the form   of   civil
lngeB, deslgtKMi for the sects hav-
10 clergy, but of persons who are
numbers  who  may  wish  to take
"tftRe of It.   ThoustMids of persons
fcount of their objection to a ro-
,,M rite  and   th<*  absence  of civil
".!..''  navp  ������ve**-  together unrnar*
I'hls   law   Is   of  special   Impor-
In the Marvtats, the Polish schls-
fj   from    the      Roman    Cailbolic
'*'''��� wbnso   numbers   are    rapidly
Vln" on the German frontier.
sons arrested here fu connection with
the robbery of *I88,s:_(; from (.ashler
Hermann of the customs house October 27, were tried by court martial
and executed today.
���arsaw, Oct. 30.���Up to noon this
1 MB lieen perfectly qufet. The
Jf'w are patrolled bv cavalry and
���f'nnents of artillery are posted at
T'Mrir points as a precaution against
Petersburg, Oct. ..0.*���Bight per-
Oranby Smelter Now Flrlna Eight Fur*
naces���Mining  News.
I Special io The Daily Canadian.)
Grand  Forks, Oct. III).���Mystery  still
surrounds  tlie  whereabouts of Joseph
Burrell, a ranoher of this valley who
has been missing for the past month.
Kvery endeavor to locate him has
proved fruitless, and his wife is grief,
stricken over the sad affair.
The Granby smelter Is now running
Its full blast of eight furnaces, treallug
3200 Ions dally, the two Idle furnaces
having Just been blown In. It is now
reported that coke from West Superior
is arriving and no retarding of operations Is anticipated from now on.
tl. \V. Warrington, superintendent of
ihe Kettle Vafioy Une railway, has already put a loice of men at work
clearing the way at the location for
the new depot between Third and
Fourth streets. He says that lho building of the depot as well as the construction of the big bridge over the
Kettle river will be started by November 10.
M. M. Johnson of Salt Lake City,
consulting engineer for the Dominion
Copper company, who has just completed an exhaustive examination of
the Maple Leaf property and who went
over to Kossland a few days ago, is
expected to return to Grand Forks to
morrow. It is stated that Mr. Johnson will likely make Grand Forks his
headquarters in the lloundury for the
next few months, while an aggressive
form of development work is being
carried on at thi? Maple Uef-f mine by
the New York company, which recently bonded this claim for $125,000. Mr.
Johnson Is enthusiastic over the surface showings of  Franklin  camp.
The cremating of a carload of apples
consisting of some 500 cases, will take
place In Vancouver In a few days. It
was a shipment from the Yakima valley for the Grand Forks market, and
upon being inspected at the depot by
Local Fruit Inspector A. E. Ralney,
the entire shipment was found to con
tain San Jose scale and codlln moth.
The shipment wa*s valued at $400 and
was forwarded to Vancouver for cremation.
Price of Metals.
1/ondon, Oct. .10.���Silver, 32 7-16d;
lead,  ��19;  casting copper- 32*%rf.
New York, Oct. 30.���Silver, 70',;c;
lead, $6.76.
Copy of Address Presented by Victoria
Citizens to Premier McBride at
Public  Reception.
To 111. Honorable Richard McHrlde.
K. C Premier uf llrlllsh Columbia:
Sir���We approach you thin evening
on your return trom attending the In
I. (--provincial conference at Olnwa. to
hid yon eaed mllle fallthe���a hundred
thousand welcomes���ami to express In
some slight degree the pride ami gratification we feel In having had you as
our representative nt that historic
gathering, for, so strongly were you
lis.sss'ssed of the courage of your con-
convictions, so firmly convinced of the
Justice of your cause, that the most
specious argument, and alluring promises failed to lead you from your palh
or duty. As Conservatives, wo wel
come you ns our lender and chieftain;
as citizens of British Columbia, wo
welcome you ns a fellow-clllzon to
whom we are proud to do honor; and
us Canadians, we welcome .vou us a native son, deservedly honored by the confidence aui esteem of the people of the
province of your birth. We regard
your withdrawal from tho cottferenco
at Ottawa aa the successful opening of a
campaign which must eventually result
In the triumph of Justice nnd right,
and we congratulate you, sir, insist
Heartily on your masterly grasp of the
Situation and your bold course of ac-
The federal government has seen fit
to Ignore the pleadings of Hritish Columbia for justice nud fair treatment
as one of the partners Ins the scheme
,������ federal Ion- Instead of.��M*-WJM
case that consideration which Its importance should command, the admin-
LTtraUon ut Ottawa referred it to a
niHlee composed of men naturally
'     Ronlslle  orsing any proposal
w I'h might, In the slightest degree,
,1' . tie standing of their respective
provinces.    This reference of our ense
nee   you l�� '������'* "��sl,l"n "' _ ,ea.  .
o��� fori",-" hope, so far as socuring
,v  substantial  or    permanent    relief
,1    I    vi.ee. but yo" Meed the sit
m,'t���m�� bravely and ��^n%M%^
single-handed, under the most adverse
nlll^lishearten.ng    clrcmnsances    ^
held our rights and  too"   ���
prepared to suffer In Bilence under the
disabilities Imposed upon her by Ottawa.
In assuring you that wo regard your
action in retiring from tho conference
as the only alternative left you in the
face of the attitude assumed by a majority of Its members���tho only step
compatible with, your responsibility ns
the representative or llrlllsh Columbia,
holding Ihe dignity and honor, the vital
interests and ruture Independence of
your province paramount to all olher
considerations���we feel ihat we aro
expressing the sentiment or every loyal llrlllsh Columbian regardless or pat"
ty. and wc reel convinced, when the
opportunity Is afforded them, the electors or (he province will endorse lho
niunly course whicli you pursued.
(Iross misrepresentation or your eon-
duct and your motives, by a subsidised
party press, Tails to obscure the fact
that you wens offered a most inadequate sum ror the absolute surrender
or the rights of your native province,
which you refused wllh righteous indignation, and to your own lasting honor and credit.
Assuring yon, sir, or our confidence
In you as premier of llrlllsh Columbia,
a confidence strengthened und renewed by your patriotic and honorable
course In this grave crisis in the his
tory of lhe province, we have the honor In subscribe ourselves on behalf ol
Ih" Conservatives ot Victoria, your (leveled friends and supporters.
Hunting Season Continues With Alarm-
Ing  Human  Fatalities.
liangor, Me., Oct. 30.���Seven men
killed Is the record thus farr In the
present hunting season In Maluc. Last
week was the worst of the year, so far.
Three deaths were reported and scarcely a day passes without the report of
oue or more accidents due to careless
handling of guns or mistaking human
beings for unheals. In the 4K hours
of Saturday and Sunduy three such accidents were reported.
The game receipts are far below
those of last year. Up to Saturday
822 deer, 53 moose and 10 bears had
been brought In, against 1376 deer, 70
moose and 19 bears for the same period lust year. The dry weather, which
has made It difficult to stalk, Is said
to be responsible for the falling off ln
receipts, although game Is reported to
be abundant.
Solemn Pledge Broken by
Ottawa Government
E. E. McArthur has made an appli
cation for  a  hotel   license  at   Saimu.
G. H. Barnhart, who Is working several claims at AinBworth. came to Nel
sou this morning for a few days.
Thc contractors for the new school
In Fairview are making satisfactory
progress with the work. They expect
to have the building ready for occu
pancy after the Christmas holidays.
The Nelson Agricultural and Indus
trial association will hold Its regulur
annual meeting in the board of trade
rooms next Thursday at 2 p. in., when
ol fleers ror the ensuing year will be
Robert Oliver, the "Slocan Junction
rancher. Is so well satisfied wllh his
new home In llrlllsh Columbia lhat he
has sent for his family to Portage la
Prairie, and they are expected tomor
row night.
The Inhabitants of linker streel were
entertained uboui noon today by a
scrap whicli dragged Its more or less
exciting length along several blocks,
until an end wns put to the entertainment by lb.- capture of one of the
actors by Chief of Police .Iarvis.
Fred Starkey came In last evening
from Ihe Boundary, Mr. Starkey has
been nbsent several days, and during
thai time visited Greenwood, Qrand
Forks, Phoenix nnd Midway. He gives
It ns a result or his observation lhal
business was never better in the
Boundary country than It Is at the
present time.
The sitting or the supreme court
this morning was occupied by E. P
Davis' address, which was not tlnish
ed nl, lunch time. After hlm Mr. Mc
Neil will address the court on his clients' behnir, and then his lordship
will sum up. after which the duration
ssr the trial, which has already lasted
22 da"ys, will rest wllh the Jury.
A private banquet was given last
night nt the Bartlett House by T. G.
Procter. The following gentlemen sat
down: II. A. Stewart. A. D. Drewry, A.
M. Johnson, W. Rolfo, 1. Melghan,
F. Anstey, H. McLeod. M. Parry. O.
Rashdall. .1. Jordan, nnd thoroughly enjoyed tho beafsteak and kidney plo
which was cooked in his well-known
stylo by Host Q. W. Ilartlett.
Miss Lucia Nola sings Snnluzza In
"Cavallorla Ritsticana," which the
Rosclan Opern company will present
at the Exhibition building on Wednesday evening, October 31. Frank Wal
'ters will be seen In one of his liesl
characters, In the part of the village
fop. Illlllnrd Campbell, Ihe baritone,
has a Btrong role as tho wagoner, Ainu,. MIbs Winifred Crowley will bo
heard as Lola, the village coquette
Miss Carrie Godfrey will slug the character part, Lucia, and other roles are
filled by Edward Flavello, John A.
Dewey, Miss Irene Palmer. Miss Es-
telle Thornton, Miss Evelyn Horton,
Carl Hoffman. James Lawton, Louise
Dewey, Anna Robinson,
Rapid Turnover by Friends of Sifton
Nets Handsome Profits to
Pet Speculators.
Ottawa, Oct. 30.���Funiculars have
Just come to hand of another enormous lund deal put through by the
Ottawa government last June. The
transaction Is of such magnitude and
the prorits produced rrom lt are so
large that parliament wil] no doubt
make an investigation. One of the
peculiar phases of the deal is the
tact that lt was completed in violation or the promise ot the minister
of tbe interior that nothing of the kind
would take place. On June 12, 1905,
Mr. Lake asked fur an assurance rrom
the government that in ruture there
would be no lands sold en bloc or to
any but active settlers. Mr. Oliver replied; "There will be no sale of land
en bloc to anyone; and so far as the
interval between now and the next session is concerned, there will be no
sales of land to any hut actual settlers."  .
Ou June 26, 1006, Just four months
ago, the government sold to the Robins Irrlgnlion company 380,753 acres
of laud in Southern Alberta. The Robins company is composed of three
Western men���J. D. McGregor, a friend
of Mr. Sifton, and formerly an official
In the Yukon; A. Hitchcock, and Major A. Aubyu. The price place 1 upon
the land Is $3 an acre, but this charge
is subject to a deduction of $2 an acre
if one-fourth of the laud ls placed under irrigation. Thus the country gets
for the land fl an acre. Nothing is
to be paid for the 380,753 acres until
July 1, 1910, when one-fifth of the
money becomes due. The balance ls
Spread over five years. The government has granted to the same owners,
J. D. McGregor, A. Hitchcock and Major A. Aiiliyn, who form the Grand
Forks Cattle company, 96,482 acres on
lease for grazing purposes, of which
area the company gets 9,452 acres for
$1 an acre.
This lease was discussed in puriia-
ment ou June 5. It was then ixdnted
out by Mr. Ames that a curious change
had been made in the grazing regulations by (lie department, under which
the arrangement was rendered i��is-
sible. The original regulations leased
large areas to ranchers on 'the condition lhal K the land should be required for settlement it should be vneated
on two years' notice, lu April, 1905,
this wns changed und a regulutlon was
adopled making the lease irrevocable
fur 21 years. Jas. D .McGregor got
47,015 acres on lease on May 5, 1905,
and A. Hitchcock got 48,867 acres on
May 8, 1905, on these terms. A few
months afterward the system wus
changed back to where It formerly
stood und the subsequent leases were
made subject to revocation. Messrs.
McGregor unsl Hitchcock's lands now
belong to the Grand Forks Cattle company and they are valued at $557,000,
Including $800,000 spent upon the property. In other words tbe franchise
grnnted by lhe government is estimated to have heen worth $250,000.
The amount of money netted hy the
government by the snle of these lands
will be $380,753 for the 380,753 ncreB
nt $1 an acre, and $9,452 for (lie land
held In rec simple by the Grand Forks
company, or $390,204 In all. The Robins Irrigation company has sold its
eonlruet with Ibe government ror laud
for $500,000; while the Grand Forks
Cattle company hns sold tor $567,000,
which Includes the $300,000 siiont on
the property. TIiIb means a total prof-
It or $750,000 on the two transactions.
The English company which has bought
it looks Tor large returns. It will
spend $1,000,000 on Irrigation canals
and it calculates that the grants will
realize $5,186,467.
That the government should have
pushed through this large transaction
disposing or 380,753 acres of land nt
$1 au aero Is a genuiue surprise.
Emperor Stays Indoors.
Berlin, Oct. 30.���Emperor Wllllnm.is
forced to remain Indoors at present,
following (lie advice of his physicluus,
but the aBsurance comes from the palace that there is no occasion ror concern, as his majesty Is only suffering
from a simple cold, resulting rrom a
chill nfler becoming overheated while
out hunting last week.
today sent the following telegram to
Charles E. Hughes, Republican nominee for governor, and William Randolph Hearst, Independece league and
Democratic candidate for governor:
"If elected, would you support legislation harmonising gambling laws with
the constitution by making betting on
race tracks a felony? Also would you
support appropriations for county
fairs in lieu of taxes raised by the as
social ion? Fifty thousand voters desire an answer.   Wire quick."
Will Break Unwritten   Law   Observed
Since Washington.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 30.���When
President Roosevelt goes aboard ship
uext week and starts for Panama he
will be doing something that none of
his 25 predecessors In the executive
chair ever attempted, and that ia to
Journey beyond the boundary Hues of
the United States during his term of
office. Mr. Roosevelt on more than
oue uccaslun since he ussumed office
has shown that he -is not the man to
search for a precedent when he ge-
lieves it Is necessary to act. Hut never before has he so completely upset
tradition as in the case of his trip to
the isthmus.
it has often been stated that the
president must not leave the United
States, eveu for a day. But this restriction ls not Imposed by statute. It
Is only an old, unwritten law which
has been respected by all successors
ot Geurge Washington.
President McKinley emphasized his
reBpect tor this rule on his memorable
tour to the south and west. It was unofficially announced that he would
meet President Diaz of Mexico somewhere near the boundary of that sister
republic. A controversy as to whether
Mr. McKinley might properly cross the
Mexican line, even for a few hours,
From El Paso there extends Into
Mexico the International bridge spanning the Rio Grande. Whether the
president would dare to cross this
structure or not was the question
which members of his party asked one
another. He did not. He went to the
bridge and caught a view of the Sierra
Madre. Halfway across the bridge was
a line. Stepping over this was putting
foot on Mexican territory. President
Harrison had ventured as far as this
line 10 years before. But President
McKinley did not so much as put his
foot upon the bridge.
President Arthur was accused of violating this unwritten law In October,
1883, upon a pleasure trip to Alexandria bay, Thousand Islands. His pollt-
cal enemies accused him then of venturing across the Canadian line on a
fishing excursion. The boundary between Canada and New York extends
to thc middle of the St. Lawrence
President Cleveland was similarly
ujcus.d. On one of his trips to Norlh
Ca o'lurs he sailed by the ocean route
past flapi Hatteras. His enemies contend I that he ventured outside the
three-mile limit. According lo International law a country's possessions ex-
lend for three miles outside Its coast
line. Plying the seas further than this
Is leaving home territory, which, of
course. President. Roosevelt will be
obliged to do In his coming trip to
the south.
Mogg Wants to Know.
Albany, N. Y��� Oct. 30.���A. S, Mogg.
of the International   Reform   bureau,
Citizens Want Mail  Boxes at  Various
For some time pant great Inconvenience bas been felt because there Is
only one point in the city at which
letters can be mailed. Owing somewhat lo Iho hilly nature of the town
and lo the extent of its wide boundaries, ninny of lis inhabitants have to
make quite a Journey in order to mall
a lelter. The matter might well be
brought to the notice of W. A. Galli-
lier, M. P.. to be laid before the government at Ottawa. Three or four
mall boxes fixed ln different parts of
the clly would add immensely to tho
comfort of the citizens aud the modernity or the town.
tends that its action was in conformity with tbe state law and until tbat
law has been declared a violation of
Japan's treaty rights, lt will adhere
to Its position.
Millionaire    Candidate    Would    Have
Other Millionaires Gaoled.
New York. Oct. 30���Timothy Woodruff, chairman or the state Republican
committee, said today that he would
advise President Roosevelt to repudiate a campaign document issued by
the Independence league In support of
W. It Hearst's candidature for governor. Mr. Woodruff objects to the
publication In parallel columns of extracts from the speeches of the pros-'
ident and Mr. Hearst us to the proper
use of wealth. Tbe publication referred to quotes President Roosevelt
In a speech made at Oyster Bay, on
September 8 last, as saying that tbe
multi-millionaire is not a barm, but a
good to the community. If he appreciates that he Is only a trustee for that
wealth, and uses it for cases of goodness. From a speech made by the
president at Washington on July 6 he
ls quoted as saying that very wealthy
men may sometimes play a useful part
In life, but they rarely are as useful
as lives which are expended In different fields from those of money getting.
To heap riches on riches, the president is quoted as saying, is merely an
Against this Mr. Hearst ls quoted In
a parallel column as saying there
should be, as far as possible, an equal
distribution uf wealth; that be believed in organizations that tend to distribute wealth; tbat its distribution is
as Important as its creation, and "that
one law confining millionaires In jail
will do more than any other single
thing to regulate the trust Inequality.
Mr. Woodruff said, concerning the
publication: "It is earnestly hoped that
President Roosevelt, who has all along
maintained a position that he could
not Interfere In local politics, will take
up this matter and denounce the author of the illusion. It has been anticipated that some such effort as this
would be made by Hearst to Influence
the voters."
Stensland a Witness.
Chicago, Oct. 30.���Paul O. Stensland.
the former president of the Milwaukee
Avenue State bank, and now a convict
In the Jollet penitentiary, returned to
Chicago today In the ctiBtody of an officer to testify in the case of Henry
Herring, the former cashier of the
bank, whoso trial began today.
At tho opening of court It was
thought thnt the greater pnrt of the
day would be consumed in the effort
to obtain a jury.
Autonomy to It Granted
to Philippines
Upper and Lower Houses Will Be
Formed and Present Commission
Merged into Upper.
Buffalo Bill Is L6st.
Chicago, Oct 30.���A despatch to the
Chronicle from Omaha, Neb., says anxiety Is entertained for the safety of
William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) and
his party of 16, who left Cody, Wyo.,
on a hunting trip in the Big Horn
mountains, October 14, and who, lt is
feared, may have been lost in the Wizard which swept over the Rockies a
week ago. Included In the party are
Colonel Stanley of Liverpool, Eng.,
and three other Englishmen.
Deputy Minister J. R. Anderson Ranks
Soil of Bonnington Orchards
Easily First.
San Francisco Revolts.
San Francisco, Oct. 30.���When Secretary Metcalfe of the department ot
commerce and labor arrives here tomorrow, much of the data which he requires regarding the placing of children of Japanese parentage In separate schools will be ready for him to
peruse.   The board of education con-
The soil and climate and other advantages for fruit growing of the Nelson and Kootenay river district have
been so often described and in terms
of such general praise that It will
probably come as a surprise to many
to hear any one section extolled above
tbe rest, and especially by s oconser-
vative a judge as the deputy minister
of agriculture.
J. R. Anderson spent yesterday
morning on a visit in company with J.
J. Campbell to tbe orchards in the
neighborhood of Bonnington Falls.  .
Seen on his return from this to him
formerly unknown country, Mr. Anderson expressed the greatest surprise.
He said: *
"1 had no Idea until today that there
was so great an extent of splendid orchard lund on the shore of the river.
It Is rich, Reep soil. It Is tembered, of
course, but I am told, and I can well
believe, that It can be cleared, ready
for the plough, at a total cost of (25
uu acre.
In the' land that has been cleared,
clover and alfalfa bave been sown and
have already attained a splendid
growth. That indicates that the soil
Is fully as rich as It looks, and besides the raising of clover and alfalfa
will add Immensely to the fertility of
the land.
"What Ihave said applies especially
to the property of Mr. Campbell, which
I InsiH'cted particularly, hut I believe
It to be true also of all the surrounding ranches, from their appearance on
the hurried view of them I was able
to make.
"I have no hesitation in expressing
my opinion that the land I saw this
morning, as regards fertility and advantages of situation, is the finest I
havo ever seen in this part of Kootenay, nnd I havo now seen a very considerable extent of magnificent orchard
Washington, D. C, Oct . 30.���The
president is now preparing to redeem
his promises made to the Philippine
people through Secretary Taft, that
tliey shall have a parliament of their
ow.i, conditioned upon their good behavior for a term of two years, and it
is understood that tfie secretary will
proceed himself to the Philippines next
spring to witness tbe installation of
tbe new form of representative government.
On March 27, 1905, the Philippine
census was published, and consequently, two years from tbat date, March
27, 1907, under the terms of the act
of congress, the president will direct
the Philippine commission to call a
general election for the choice of delegates to what will be known as the ���
Philippine aasembly. This body is to
take over all the legislative powers
heretofore exercised by the Philippines
in all that part of the. archipelago not
inhabited by Moors or non-Christian
As this date draws near, the Philippine people are showing signs of agitation, and to the officials here It Is
evident that tbey are expecting some
benefits that cannot at once be realised. For instance, tbe assembly of
provisional governors recently in session in Manila, with the view to arranging the preliminaries for the meeting of tbe Philippine assembly, Is reported to have recommended that the
suffrage be widely extended. It Is
pointed out here that there la no possible reason for this, and that the act
of congress under which the aasembly
will be convened expressly stated the
qualifications of voters. These In brief
are, that the voter must be at least 23
years of age, which was the Spanish
requirement, must be able to read and
write either Spanish or English, or
must own a certain small amount of
property, or must have been In the
past an office holder under the Spanish government. These qualifications
were framed upon the old Spanish
practice and no Philippine assembly
can change them.
The new assembly or legislature will
consist of two houses, to be known as
the Philippine commission and the
Philippine assembly, the latter to consist of not less than 50 members or
more than 100 members. It Is possible
that the present "commission" will be
merged Into the upper bouse.
There Is nothing more lasting than
a man's love���for himself.
Part of the art of doing things la
to attempt but little at a time.
Enforcement    of   Article    Six    Gives
Great Satisfaction.
Toklo, Oct. 30.���The report that the
government at Washington will, In the
event of contiued discrimination
agains Japanese children In the
schools of San Francisco, enforce Article 6 of the constitution, has caused
the greatest satisfaction here. The
acute stage of the crisis has passed
and a favorable result Is confidently
expected from the mission of Secretary of Commerce and Labor Metcalf
to San Francisco. Tho clause 6 of the
constitution referred to Is as follows:
"This constitution and the laws of
the United States which shnll be made
tn pursuance thereof and all treaties
made or which shall be made under
the authority of the United States shall
be the supremo law of the land and
the judges in every state ahall be
bound thereby, anything ln the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."
Mining Records.
One location and one bill of sale
were all that was registered yester
The location of a claim known as
Belcher Boy, at the head of Whitewater   creek,    was recorded    by    John
Thomas Wall recorded a bill of sale,
re Stranger nnd St. Lawrence claims.
To  define "a sphere of influence,**
One need not ask a scholar.
"A sphere of Influence" Ib this,
The big, round mighty dollar. The Daily Canadian
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Underclothing, O'l clothing. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers., Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED.,  ,��_,OOO,00O, CAPITAL PAID UP.,, ,���.,880,000
RKST 1-1,3*0,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vire-Presidout
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reoelved and Interest allowed nt current ratea from dute of opening account nnd credited lmlf-yoarly
iNHi.HOiN BRANCH *J��   Mm   LAY,   iWnnflKer.
The ^oyal IBank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounth of firms and individuals opened on tho most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches In British Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. K. KENNY, Ties.. Halifax.       B, L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Published ssi.. suyi . week t,y tbe
CANAlslAN IMBI.l_ltl-.ti COMPANY, l.TD.
Baker Bt., Nelion, H. O,
tilltSMTlr-tlssU  rillL-SS, IAI S'CUISS H ISSSllStll ill llS'lTl'il
In tlu' illy, ssr tvixisi ys.nr 11 suit Isy mnil. wln.ii
psi'l 111 HsIvHlll-'1
Aslvt-rllsliii.' rales 1,11 is|s|,lleatl.su.
All  in.nils--  pHliI  111   KttlemeUI  ssl   Till- liuilv
Oaiuullan account*, either fsss lubMrlptlona ���t
edvertliins, must i���. receipted lor ssss slss- printed
furluss ssf  ill,: Company,   Oilier roofilpU  nie nol
|t wi- are lomstlniQi lodged iu be
In- svssrsi lomotltnoi jn'igss'i to ise
nis. therefor, lie careful what wc
The Westminster Columbian, a
Sturdy Conservative paper that is always nn authority mi the methods ol
Orlt iiuliticlnl Intrigue lins unearthed
u plot which explains fully the cause
of lhe frenzy nnd wrath of the opposition press of the province und, for that
mutter, throughout Canada in its criticism of the premier's nelion nl the
Ottawa conference. li would appear
that the motion of Mr. .1. A. McDonald
nt the Inst session of lhe legislative
assembly was pari of a carefully prepared plot 10 undo ths> administration,
with eounlvnnce anil help of ilu- ot
tawa governmenl. We shnll li-t the
Columbian speak In lis own strain. It
"it has been the expectation In provincial pislilleal circles fur some Mine
past that lhe nixl local contest in
British Coliimliln would 1st' a provln
cial rights campaign) ln which the Liberal   party  would   endeavor  to   ink"  a
commanding position by going even
further than the MoBrlde governmenl
had done In Kb representations to Ottawa, and liy endeavoring to create the
Impression that there was an understanding with sir Wilfrid Laurier thai
lie would he prepared to do something
handsome for this province us soon as
the affairs sliould pass under the con
tro] of men in whom he had confidence,
and would not squander the patrimony
he would be so kind ns to lieBtow. A
llinl to that efreci wns dropped hy .Mr.
Templeman during the last federal
campaign, and It has been circulated
since from quarters supposed to feel
the minister's genial Influence lhat
something definite would he framed up
in time for the provincial campaign.
The Liberals would he Stalwarts Indeed on the matter of Provincial
Evidently then It was the Intention
of the loyal opposition to work the
country ou the plea that the  Liberal
party stands for Increased grants aud
belter terms to Mritish Columbia. This
explains why iimi. w. Templeman
"hinted" so delicately and nuievely
during the liy-elections In Victoria,
which made him minister of Inland
revenue, thut Laurier was prepared to
sin something handsome for this province on certain conditions. That tills
was only a part ot another faithless
plot is evidenced by what the Columbian further says:
"One fact overlooked in the consideration ul this affair of the confeder-
��� in r premiers  is  that  Kir  Wilfrid
Laurier has not committed himself
in acceptance ssf any pari of the res-
ommendatlona made. Even if .Mr.
McBride lind taken tin- humiliating
psssiiion of acquiescing In tho sugges-
tlssu of the representatives of the oilier
provinces, there is no guarantee that
we would have received from llie Dominion government the pittance reconi-
mended, Sir Wilfrid had soma special
reason for the extraordinary procedure
followed, isinl it is not too much to assume thai he used the conference
simply to put tin- representatives present on record ns to the llnill or their
demands, leaving himself and his colleagues free to dleinte Ihe terms as lo
provincial concessions or otherwise upon which the whole or nny part of the
amounts recommended hy the confer'
ence would have been granted."
Ih" premier's action therefore, In
demanding tss the hilt, all that the
province Is Justly entitled t". and insisting that it sii<sn|_ be granted hns
sissi, ii the only possible ihunder with
which the Liberals hoped to appeal in
iis-- country, They bad tried every
possible suggestion ami Invention In
ilu way nf scandal against the minis-
tars only i.s be humiliated, embarrassed
ami foiled, Ism with this Utile trump
cum somewhere up lu the recesses or
tiss- capacious sleeves of the Liberal
henchmen, tiny hoped to cany the
II Is 11.1 wonder thut Ihey are now
absolutely paralysed by the course of
''"ii'.". Mr. Mcllride. with nothing
sm us- in sin ihan press lhe declarations
of tin- legislature upon the Dominion
authorities bus left the opposition
where It hns no campaign ammunition,
If therefore follows the traditions of
Its party and hays al the moon In Its
at tempts lo belittle the action of the
premier. In this It stultifies Uself and
performs the  usual ucrolmtic  feat but
the people of Uridsh Columbia uml
Canada are becoming accustomed to
this and some allowances must bo
made for the hysterlcaPdeclunuitions
of the gilt papers.
Since settlement commenced in tho
West, approximately tliirty years ago,
lhe population has doubled within each
decennial census term up to 1901 and
wiihin the quincennial period which
followed if doubled again. The comparative figures arc us follows:
1S71 1881      1891      1001        1100
Manitoba     m.m C..S.-6U  W/IIM 2S6,U1   ��Ki,um)
Ts-rnli'i :������-    IM"*' '*,'''���'     l'*.���>     	
Ml.eriu   Ti,m   184,010
Baalatctuwen .... 111,000 i'T.s.ss
���l::,s!Jis   (S7.77.S  -T.s,:l>i  Ilss.i.u   mil.ms..
liming the lasi fivi' years therehas
been si very active Immigration movement and ii was generally axpected
lhal the result "oiild he greater than
that shown irom tin- censuB returns,
Thi- Impression that the three prairie
provinces would have ���., population
v. ry close to lhe million mark was
���treugehtned bj tlie huge volume ssf
business being <l.>ti<- ami by the size of
lhe crops lhal have been reaped during
recent years. According to immigration returns no less than 661,422 persons have arrived III Canada since
.Inly, mill, lhe movement actually bets follows:
1H02     Ii7,:lll7
mon  128,304
1904  180,381
11105  146,266
1U0B  1811,001
Total  001,122
Of ihe above a very considerable
number have setllcd In British Columbia, Since 11*01 populous centres have
spuing Into being there and they have
drawn largely from the population of
the prairies. Ontario also bus absorbed a goodly portion oi the Immigration from Hritain, bul the bulk
comes Irom tbe prairie section of the
Dominion. By the way the volume of
immigration Is growing it is obvious
that by the time the next census ls
taken a greater rale of increase will
be recorded. Moreover, many towns
lit the West have arrived at u stage
of growth when they become very active factors in the peopling of the territory upon wlilcb they rely for busi
ness. The immigrant of the future
will therefore be taken care of by
them and a larger proportion of them
will become  permanent   residents,
Port Arthur, Out., Is to have electric
power supplied by u private corpora
tion at $15 per horsepower per annum,
Private manufacturing concerns are to
have an ample supply up to Tone per
horsepower at a maximum of $20 per
horsepower per annum. They bring
their power current across country 50
miles. Private companies ure not in
business altogether for their health
and il Is a proper query to ask how
they can supply electrical energy for
such a low price? Surely some one Is
going lo lose money on a deal like
that but it will scarcely be the consumer of power.
lt is now reported that lhe 51 Hindus who left oil' digging in Cariboo and
walked back to Vancouver quit work
BUddenly and have up to date refused
to give any reason for doing so. This
confirms the opinion of Mr. W. W.
Cory who said lhat they would in lime
make desirable citizens and would
speedily become acquainted with the
white man's ways of doing things, it
was thought ut first that the severe
climate was the cause of their sudden
departure but tbat turns out not to
be tho ca��e. They have simply learned
one of the white man's tricks.
Sir Wilfrid, he of the sunny ways,
said that the provincial premiers
should agree on the amount of subsidies to be distributed to the various
provinces and then If necessary he
would appeal to the imperial author-
Hies for amendments to the Hritish
Nonh American Act . If there was
need fer such appeal lu enso of an
agreement how much more in order is
such nn appeal In the face of the disagreement which almost wrecked the
Inter-provincial congress?
Those victoria Liberals who congratulated Premier .McHrlde on bis firm
slnnd ot the conference ol premiers
are ihe same ones who guilelessly
swallowed the promises of Hon. W.
Templeman when he sought election
on the score of belter terms. They
are getting their eyes opened and
wlille they were disappointed in Tern-'
pieman they are nailing their respects
to a less doubtful champion this time,
Business men from lbe prairie provinces say that from Winnipeg west
there Is constant aud oarnost enquiry
about the Kootenays. The fruit exhlb-
il al Winnipeg by the Fruit Growers'
association wns one of iiie blggesl
and most successful advertising
schemes the people of this dlstricl
ever carried out.
There was frosl last nlghl, but wo
are not able to tell to what degree.
The Canadian has no thermometer
and lt Is bettor thus. It would not
agree with  the ono on Vernon  slreet,
Brothler hns left Uie country uud lt
is reported hus gone to Prance, Ho
will be able to teach Ihe department
of justice ln France a thing or iwo
thnt will be new even to Hie country
that flaunted the world ia the celebrated Dreyfus case.
Ottawa Blue Book.
A blue book has Just been issu.-sl
containing the report of llle commission appointed by lhe government last
yeur to enquire into ihe zinc Industry
of the Slocan district or Hritish Columbia, The commissioners estimate that
ills- mines ol' lhe Sloean district lire
capable of producing 18,000 tons of
zinc per year, or four times the annual
consumption of the Dominion, owing
t.i tin- heavy American duty it win be
ueoessary tn find in Europe a marki t
for the surplus prisiiin-t of the Canadian mines and smelters. Thts reporl
makes practical recommendations ior
Improvement in the present Imperfecl
method oi (.melting, owing In which,
Ii Is alleged, ihe Hritish Columbia tine
Industry is languishing.
A. McDonald & Co.
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ooops CAi.i.i.i. for
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Old Curiosity Shop
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go to tho Olsl Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goods uow on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Prt-
Notice Ik hereby riven ihat tin* partnership
heretofore subsisting between oe, thi* undersign*
ed, as hotel keeper! in the town ol Kln.it, British
< .-liimMa, hit**, thii day been dlssol.ed by mutual
Dated thin a:th day ol October, lfloe.
I���"KKI)__i.ll.'K WAHHIiOntSK,
WltneMI   Alex. Stewart, Philip P. Mcl'allum
B xly day* after date I purpose maklue appli.
cation to tbe Hon Ghlet Commissioner cl Lands
and woixs for permission to purchase tha followiiiK described lands: ��� ommenclng al Hm
northwest corner oi k. a, Create _ appiifittion tn
purchaie, marked "W. a. <-���-*. h \\. corner,"
running ihenee xo chains north; tbenee m
i* ihhik ea-t; ihenee wi ciiHiiiH south; thence mi
cbalni west to polnl of commencement contain*
ing i.MnereM, more or 1 .-��.���-.
Dated the 13th Any of October, mt.
W. ��. (ill.l.KTT,
  I'er J. eiiian., Agent
Sixty day* after datel jiurpo.se making apnli<
ration ui ihe Hon. Chief Commissi oner of Lands
and Worki f.>r permission to purcbau the following   deicrlhed   land*-.:    Commencing Ht   the
northwest corner of v. iio-hi*** application to
purchaao. marked "M. i*** B, w. oorner," runnlns
tbenoe80 ehalns northi thenee no ehalns, mora
orWm, to the westlboro of  Whalidiati lake, fol*
lowing same80 chains south] thenee wi chittn*,
more or IBM. east tO the polnl of coniiin-iucinent.
containing MO acres, moreor less.
Hated the 13th day of Ootober, i.* fl.
M. Paoqoikr,
 per J. HniKi.1., Agent.
Blxty days after date I purpose m-iking application to the lion. Chief Commluloner of Lands
nod Work.*- for permslsloti io purchuo the following des��.*riin*ii lands: Commonolm at a
post placed at the northwest corner of "a
a. Crease's application to pnrohaw, marled
"K.H'l 8.K.corner," running thenoo wi el-alin-*
north,  ihenee M ehalns weit, Ihen... ,so rhaltio
si nth. tbenceS) chains east to polnl of oommencement. containing 040 aire*, more or ton
Dated the 13th dny ��r ootober, 1006
 per J. shiki.i., Agent.
Hlxty  dayi after dnte 1 Intend Iti apply lo the
Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Lands and
Wons, Victoria, to purehase iso aeres of land,
located on the wesl side of Arrow inke. adl ilnlna
I_ot MLS and described u follows: Commencing
nl a post planted  nn  lln   WOSl  houndarv of I.ol
mih, abonl 90 ehains nortu of the 8. W. eornei of
said lot, Ihenee ffeit :KJ chains, Ihenee sonth on
ehalni",   thenee.   east   80 ehalns  to  the  western
boundary of pre-emption no.678, thenee north
00 chains to place of beginning.
Located uot 3d, woe. m. e. Wai.ixv,
K   .1- Ku.iott, A Kent.
Notiee Is herein* given iiiai m davs niter 'lale I
InU-iiil (o apply to tlie Hontiraldc the fhiel dun-
mlulonor of Lands and Works, vi- torla to purchase 80 aeres of land, sittiHte ahout one mile
east of  Burton  City on the ensl aide of Arrow
Uke, nnd deserlhed asfollowss Commeneing at��
posi planted at the northeaal eorner of i.ut S80Q
thenee  north  JO ehalni;,  thenee  west 41 chnliin'
tbence lonth 20 chains, thence east -to chains to
plane ol Ixiginning
___ -1--"" _'-lh''""ft      JR. HtmTEB.
Notiee is hereby given that 60 days after ilatel
Intend to apidy to lho lion. Chief Commissioner
Of Lands and Works for permission  to purohaM
the followiiiK desoribed lands situated in the
Wesi Kootenay District: Beginning m a post
marked, "Antoinette Hlroh's N, k. corner," and
plan ted on the shore of Whataban (Cariboo)
lake at the southerns! corner of the said Ink,-;
thenee south III chain-.; thenoo west 40 ehains,
moreor less, to the shore of Whatslmn creek;
thenee following the slnne line of saiii creek nud
lake In a general northerly and easterly dlree-
IJon ko ehains, more or less, lo point of eom-
monoement: containing 100 acres, more or less
OOb i:ith, l-KXi.
Antoinkttk HIBICH,
liy 1*. L. Uaumond, Agent
Notice i- |ictel*y given thai 60 day* after dute 1
Intend to make application to tin* Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Unds mid Works for net
mission t<> purchase the following deserlhed
land.: Commencing at a post placed adjoining
thosouihwi-it corner post ol toon Watson's Ap-
iillciilimi in Purchase, running mi chain*-: nortii;
Ihence40chaluB weat; tbenoe wi chains south;
Ihonoo iu chains ca-t, to point id oommencement, containii.i'   n< aeru more or [OU.
Daied October IU, IWO.
HlTl'* Wimki:,
By his agent, KHNKST, W, ttOBIKSOH
Notice is beroby given that ft> dnvs alter date I
Intend to appl) to the Hon. the Cnief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission lo purchase the following described lands In Wut
kootenaj dlstricl:   Beginning at a post marked
"Otto  lllrscb'l N   W. corner"1  and   planted on
thu wesl shore ���<( Watshan (Cariboo) lake, nbout
ono-iourth mile wosl ofthe narrows of Whatshan
lake;   thence   sniilli   B0 chains;   theuce   ensl 4o
chains more or less to lho shore of the Narrows;
ihence tallowing the said shore in a general
northerly snd westorh directum ]_. i chain.-, more
ir loss, lo the poim oi uommoQcoment, contain*
1uh '" acrei mort or l�� n
Imied this 8lh day of Oot . 1008
imn J11ii-i- ii,
K   I,   !UMM0N_D, Agent.
Notice i-herehy given lhal ilaty days afterdate
I Intend tn npplv in the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Unds and Works for permlulon to purohaae
thu following described land*, in West R.,oteiiay
(Hatrict: liegluulug ata post marked "tt K
Aldcn's 8   K   enrner,���* and  planted 00  the east
Ihoro of  Wlmt-hiiu  (Carll )  lake,   ahout One
mile   n..ub   ni   the   southern  end  of llie lake;
thanee north ���^| chains! tbenco west in chains,
more or  less,  to Un*  shore of  Whalshan lake;
Lbence (ollowlng said shore In a general southerly nnd easterly direction 100ohaini, moreor
lou, in the poim *-f commencement, oontainlng
,,.*o aen i, mon or leu
Hated tills Mil dnv n| Met   , Iflffl
K   K    Al.l'KN,
V  i. llviMnsh, Agenl
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
dale! iniend to npplv to the Hmi. Chief Com ill l��-
sloner of Lands ami Works ioi- permlulon to pnr-
ohaac tlie foiiowtnt* deacrlbed land- in tin- West
Kootenay district: licginuiug ��t a po*-*, marked
��� Hernia II inch's N  KT corner," and planted on
tlie cast shore of Wliatsloui (Carihoo) lake, at the
narrows of the lake, and ali.ml one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; tboUCOIOUth 80cbains; llu-nce
wcsl MM chains more or less to tlie shore of the
narrows] tbence following tbe laid shore in a
genera, northerly and easterl) direction 130
ehains mon- or less to tin., point oi commencement containingB40acros mors* or less
I'ated this Hih day of Oct , 1008
BltB_HA HlRHi'll'
K   I.   Hammond, Agent.
Blxty ilavs afterdate,] tlargretl McQnarrle,
intend lo apply to the Uonorahle the Chief ( ,,m-
mlssionerof l.nnds and Works, Victoria, B. C,
to purchase the follow ing deserlhed land, c, m-
menclng at h post marked ,M. Ucftoarrle,on tho
hank ol   Lower Arrow   lake,  llu-nce 40 chain**
west: thence60chains north; ihenee -to chains
east; theuce 60 eliHiiis  south   lo  place of coin
meneement, said to contain im acres more or
less.   COVI ring ground held hy <i. B, Anderson's
Dated this utii dav of Beptember, 1908.
Maki.hrti McQQllUttB,
W. I.. I'avm;. Agenl
Blxty days after date ' purpose mating application totho Chief Commlnloner of tends and
Work- for permlnion to purchase the following
described land; Commencing at a post marked
���'K F's s k corner," and situate about one mile
from Silvir Tip Point, ou Whstshail lake, and
near Christie ereek, running theme Hoehaiiis
nofthj theuee Mi chains weit: thence hu chains
BOUtb, following the lake shore; thence 80 chains
east tothe point uf oommencement, oontainlng
640 aotos more, or less
Hated the Hth day of August, 1906.
K    h'AryniH,
 Perl' '.   1'ut.rmt, Agent.
Noilce In h-rehy K|ven thit tvt dm* after date
I Intend toapply to the Uonorahle the Chief
(-omuii-shiner of Lands and Works for l.rniis-
���lon to punhase the following described lauds;
Cpinmeneinn ill a no*-!   planted on the northeait
corner of Peter ucKaughton's ippllcatlon to
purchase, running BO Onalnl west along the
northern houndarv of same: Ihence Nl chains
north; Ihcnce au ohalni eust; thence so chains
BOath, along the west honndiirv ol John BOlOtVl
application to purchase, to point of commencement, eontaininit M0 acres, more or less.
I'ated Oct VA, l'A��. THOMAS SMITH.
Hy his agent, Kkkiht W. Koiusbon.
Notice Is hen hy given that fiO dnyg after date I
intend toapply lo the liononilde the Chief Commissioner of Unds au<l Works, at Victoria, B. C,
for permission to purchase the following de-
scribed hinds, situattd in the West Kootenay
distrlct, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "I., II Choquette's N. W. corner." thence ill eliains east, thence 10 clinins
soutli, Ihence 40 chains went, thence M ehalns
north to tlu* commencement j-ost, containing n_
acres, more or less.
Nelsou, B. I' , Oct. 16lh, 1006,
  W. A. Joneh. Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose miking "pplica-
llou to lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner <d Lands
and Work- for permi-slon to piircha-e the following desorlbsd land I Counncneing at a post
placed at thesonthweiloornerol It. w. Ilanning-
ton'sapplication to purchase, marked"L. M.S.
H'i��H a. comer post,'1 running thence 80 chalnn
west; thence HO chains srnth; ihence 80 ehalim
eust; theiiee HO chains north to point of commencement, containing i>40 acres, more or less.
Dated the lOtb day of October, 1MB.
L. M.H. HanMsuton,
m per R. HHiKl.t,, Agent.
Htty days after dalcTl purpose making appli-
cation loih,. Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permlnion to purehaae tbe loiiowing denrlbed land:  Commenclnjcatapoit
placed on the north hoiindary of lot No. BU and
abont two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. H's. 8. Wi corner,*' running tlience 40
chains east; tlience 10 chains north; thenee 10
chains west; thence in eliains south, to point of
commencement, containing ifiu acres more or
Dated the luth day of October, 1906.
  I'er It. HHtm.1,, Agent.
Notice is liereby given lhat sixty dnys after date
I intend lo npplv to the Hon. chief Commission
erof Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, loo aores,
commenolng al a post marked John Toye, planted on He easi shore of Lower Arrow hike, about
one mile nnrth of Sunshine creek, thenc. forty
chains  east,  thene,.  forty ehains south, theuce
forty cbains west, thenee forty chains north
along lake shore to polnl of oommencement.
Hated thu llth day of September, 1900,
John Ton,
  Harhv Gibbon, a Kent.
Notice is hereby glren thai BO days alter date I
intend to apnlv to llie Uonorahle lhe Chief Com-
mtisloner of Lsndi and  Works for penuiision
to ruin baas lhe following deserlbed land, situate
in Vin* \��lf, y ii, ih,; W.-M K nay district, ad-
Joining W. A (aider's pre emption, starling at a
post marked M. Md.intrrlf'i* south wet comer,
running M chains cast, thenc �� chains north,
thence 80 ohalns wcsl theme io chains south to
point OI coniiiicnci'iticnt.
Dated ihis mh day of September, two.
Man. UcQihutbiv,
J. K. TayI-om, Ag
Hlxty days alter dale i purpose making application to tha Hon, Chief J'oiiiu.lssioner ol Lands
and   Works fo- P'-rini-sloh to  pureliase  the  fol-
lowlnn ducrlbed land: Commenoinj at a poit
placed nt tbe nonh east comer of b.c Pklnner's
..j-pilcitloii to  pur. base,   marked "11. U's  N.W.
corner put," tbenco following tbe cast boundary of sume H-i chains soutli; thenee runntuir wi
chains eaal; thonco 80 chains north; thenee 80
chains west to pomi id commencement, containing 840 acres more or lost.
Dated tbe Ullh dav of October, 100*1,
11. Doim,
.          Ber It. 8B1BIX, Agent.
OOdanaftOJ date 1 intend toapply tothe Hon*
ornhle the Chief CommUsiotier of Lauds and
Works. Victoria, ll C,to purchase MO acres of
land situate west of Arrow lake ou the west side
of Whataban oreek and Joining the norih boundary of B, .1 Amiable application lo pureliase.
Commenolng at a post marked K. J. IC. B. K. eorner and running wes" no chains; thenee uorth W
chains) thence esst 80 chains) thence nouth to
point of commencement.
September 2nd Hkw. R, j. Ki.i.iot.
Notice Is hereby gl veil that 00 days artcr dale, I
intend to apply to uu-lion. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described landa In thu West Root-
uiiay District! Beginning ata post marked "\v
B, pmdffBSfi W corner," and planted about
one t| nurter mile west of thc west shoreof What-
shan (Cariboo) hike, and aboul one aud one-
quarter miles north of the southern end of the
lake; theme north W chains; thenee east 40
chains more or |ch�� to the shore of the Whatshan
lake; tbence following said shore In a general
southerly and westerly direction wochafuB more
Ol leeatol point oil  thO  shore  due ch-sI ofthe
post of commencementi thenee west SO chain*
more or less to the poini ol com meneement, con
taining;i2u acres more or less.
Dated this 0th d��y of Oct., ifwfl.
W. 8. rlviinii,
��. I. IUmhomu, Agent.
.IubI ii'cclvoil, a
Covers, Tea Clnth
XiniiH prfltont-,
Wu ill's' almi HlisswIiiK ti hit
splendid mock   nt
, etc.    An oluKiini
B tamped
Linens,   cuK|llc,n
for to   work for
r new fancy Tape and Ribbon Wsirk
Bee onr abow windows ror some novelties   we bav��   tm   xmn
trade, which we bad  miido to our ordor liy    Uio    best    school    t
fancy work In the .Montreal convent.    Now  Ih tho time for
niiikis Heli'cllons.
ne for vim ii, A j
Notice Is hen.*hv given thai im days mt.r <1h1i< 1
intend to spply to lhe Honorable Chief ConmiS-
slon-i of Land*, and W,.'k> lor pcrinission lo imr-
ibase Ihe followiiiK described bin-is. --ituated on
the  east  side  ol Arrow inke: ('oinineni-luk' Rl a
postmarked   A. Mini i's  locntioii post, th.-nce
south   f   rlj   chains, folloWlQI W. loye's eastern
boundary; theiu <- BUI sixty eliains, to easl hank
of (Ta.baldi ��rcck; thence north forty chains;
lbence eut sixty chslns lo point of commenoe<
ment. oontainlne2IO acres, mon* or less
Dated September 1. 1*900        Ai.kxa fcUoilOD.
I'er N. I)t. .kks, Agent.
Notie i* hereby given tbat 80 oafs i-iiu date I
intend to ippiy to the Honorable the Chief Com-
minloner ol Landsand Works for permission to
purohaae lhe fullowing described lands, Hhiulcd
iui theeatl lldeof Arrow luke:   Commencing at
the northeast corner of .\ Anthonys porches*,
tl,in,*c nortii forty rlniins, theme west forty
chains, theuee south forty chains, Ihence east
forty chalus to point id commencement, containing 100acres, moreorless.
Hated Beptember i, iwo,   -J__rts 9 UemMoh,
jktN. Hkmkkp, Ageni.
Notice is hereby given Unit sixty days after
dale I intend toapply to Hie I Ion, Chief Commls
Iloner oi  Lands and   Works  [or  permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed lands, in
Weat Kootenay District: Commenelni nt an Initial poM planted lit  Hii- southeast corner oi Me.
toy's pre-emption, thence 30 cbains -.vest to cast
boundary of i^u 91W: ihente following sairi
boundary soutb tosouibeast corner of laid lot)
thence io chains west; thene,. bo chainssouthi
theuce 30, bains east; tliiuo'c st i lialn- norlh lo
southwesi comer of Lot 393; tbence following
weit boundary of I-*��� 1 123 to Initial post,
���September 21, iwfi. i>. D. Wotvr,
per hrnkst Vt, KoiuNnoN.
Notice is hereby given tbat Oil days alter'late, I
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the foiiouiug desoribed lands, situate on the
Bast shoreof Lower Lake, about one and otic
half mile South of ..dgewood. B.C and ail
joining J.T. Ileattle's application to purchase,
and commencing at a ja.st marked Donald Wil
son's Booth West corner, tlu-nce running North
.f tv chains, tbence Kast forty chains, thence
Kouth, sixty chains, thence Weel lorty chains to
place of commencement, and containing 2lh
acres more or less.
M. It  Mc^t'AkhtK, Agent.
Hated tbliSBtta day of September, i_oo.
Noilce Is horeby given that two months after
date  I   intend to apply  to thc Iloiioruble Chief
CommlMloner of lun.i- and Works tor pennies
Mon to pnrehaae 040 acme of land, deeenbed as
follows; Commcuelna at a post planted at the
southweit of U t Monisoti's ranch in Fire
Valley,  West  Kootenay district,  marked "J. U.
Munros northeast oorner poet"; tbenoe mi chain*
wen; thence HO cbains soutli; theuce hO chains
east; tbence fio chains north to the place of commencement
Dated nih day of September,, WOO,
J.  11. SIlMtU,
W. A. CAtDSfti Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that Ol) days after date I
intend to apply lo thc Hon. Chief l ommlsrsloiier
of Lands and Works Ior permission to purchase
thc following described lands, situate in West
Kootenay district: Heglunitig al a l-osi marked
"Arthur Warren's 0, W. corner," and planted on
the east shoreof Whatshan (CaflboO) lake, aboUl
two miles north of the narrows of Wbatslmn
lake, and al the B, B corner of W. BeOOmbe'S application 10 pnrpbasej ihenee oaal in chaius;
thenee north MO chnin*; thence west in cbains;
ihence sontb Ho chains to point of commencement; Containing .f-M acres more or le_m
Dated this Mb day of Oct. 1WW.
AhTHt'K  W'AltltKN,
P, L. II opu���>!,. Agent.
Hxty days after date I Intend to apply to Hie
Commissioner of Undsand Works, Victoria, to
purebaae 100 acres of land, situate and described
si follows: Commencing at a pmt planted on thc
West side (tf Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, nt
or  near  the  southwest  corner  of  H. Halg  pur-
ohaee, and marked "0. M. A., s k. corner," and
running north 40 chains, thence west 40chains
toil. Amiable', purchase, tbenee -outh (0 chains
moreor less lo tbe lake shore, thence along the
take shore to place of U-glnuing,
Auguit 30tb, 1900, G, M. Annahui.
Notice  is  hereby given   Hint miy  days  alter
Ite  I  intend   to aim'-   '
Chief Commissloiie
date  I  intend   to npplv  to  tbe  Honorable  the
 '  " "   r nf Landl and  Works, for
permission lo pnrcbesetbo follow mg described
land*, lu thc West Kootenav district:   Beginning
ata poet marked "jem-eta Fnuer's N A wrner "
and panted on the east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake, alamt one half mile north of
Christie creek; thence south It) chains, more or
less, to the north boundary of W. BeeombO'l ap-
[dieatfon to purchnse; theliee west along lhe said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; thenee following the said shim* in a
general northerly and easterly direction ��i
Cbalni, more or less, to point of eommcm-einciil,
containing 100acres, moreor lesa.
(id I3th, LOOS. lAMteQ. Krasm,
r, L. HAKHOMO. Agent.
Notice [�� hereby given that lixty days after
the date 1 Intend to at,ply to the Hon. the chief
Commiasioner Of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described land
in the Weet Kootenay dlatrlct: Beginning ata
post mtrked "K. It, KolI'S N.K. corner," and
plii ii ted on the shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) lake,
at the northwest corner of said lake; thence Ho
chains wesl; thence III ebalns SOU thi thonce 40
eimiiis cast; Ihcnce I'l ehalna south; theliee cas'
10 chains, more or less to the shore of the said
lake; thenoe northerly along the said lako ihoro
ho ebalus, mon-or less, to th- point of common-
cement, conlalning fj)0 acres, more or les
Haled (Id. II!, l'JOfi. k. ft, Kltt,
i1'. L IIammunp, Agent.
Nolle,, is hereby given that 00 days Mter date I
Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissi r
of Lands and Works for permlulon to purchase
lhe  following deserlhed  lauds  BltUSlOd   in  lhe
West Kootenay district:   Bo.Inning at a post
marked   "William   Kell'a   N.  W.   comer"  Ind
phmted aboul one mile south of lbe north end
of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, about twenty chains
west of  Hie  west, bore of  said lake and on lbe
south boundary of k it. Roll's appncalion to
purchase; thence south Hll chain.**; thence eust 20
chains,   mote or   lens,   to   ihe Mid Iske shore;
thence northerly ., i ��� the aald shore ao chains,
'i'1,,,.,'l-".,.1ijnn' t0 tht>  ""id south   houndarv   of
B  It. Kell'g application to purchase; thenee west
jo chains, more ,.r less to the point of commencement, containing IHO acrea, more or less.
Dated Oot W, rwi. William Knit.,
       Byjf, L Hammhnu, Agent.
No Ice is hereby given that m day-- after date I
intend to apply to tbo Hon. the dhief CoSSh-
ehu... i , "." i "'V1 W^rkl f,,r P��nnl��ion to dm-
k_______    i,,,:","Vl"K  ���'^'������-Ihed   binds In   West
oinneiicing atapostmarked"WUliem Tnllinir
..,...... i -  ��� ���������������"".'������ 	
th twenty I'M}
limited  at  the southwest eiirner'i.r I'lu'^n..���..?
tejc '�����?r-axnTth.���t?-f.o_
Ms-I Iimi �� prl-i ,   ,|,PI 1���IIU i���,.���'",.���
lm       &%&  ,"'''., ".'"������   "' P ?"' ''">'      -
.":,n,n,:f,',?,.,l,M'.i,',l,""""""re '" 'W. ����� *��� WM" "'
Dullssl lal .l��y ol Augint  19UC,
_    , ,    WILLIAM   Ttsl.LlNOTON,
  By hlH agent J. fc. Taylor.
firasmSo,J-'}Jil,Mnlol"��"'��l"' s-ssiiuiiiiiiig am
I'mml I Ins lllh .lay ���, AUgtllt, 10011.
PorF. U, FAUgulSH,
N.ills-is I. h.-r.li)- Klv.'ii Iin .i,,..rt.��� ���
slim- I llltvnil tna,.,.lv Is, the l|,,,!,���?)', *M
'"'- rol  Undi llinl  Wnrk. I���r ,�����,'*
ts. punbsn iin' f..ii.,��-niK ,i ni,, .'""ki
si.sls- III \V,-.l Ksiolili.y BJ.1.L"'*S?J_?*e_
s'l 'I |��."l Iliisilirsl "A. III,.,,, ,'. .' - ';������ ""M J
pl.���|l>_l| II,,- s. W. ,-uri���-r ���l 1. I'. ,'rl-"
lulls-, lissrlli Dl .sin,,is Cli, md .1.,',,, ,
mil.- sii-.l,,l il���. Oollimblsl nv.-r is,.,.', _,-.
S0oh��l_.|tho_ra sv.-.i is chii,, ,C��S
*"' il tli.no.esi,4id - to ,.:.,,,  ,,"P
Sis, In ss,,. Hll, i-i'lltBllil|||;;i5lHsi,. ' "���
Hhu-'I Usl. mis ds-so.Bopt.nbcr,n<
N..I1.-.- I. Is, rrl.v KiV.'II ll iilisv.,1,,,;   ",|
Intend t.s iipiiiy lo n���- Honot.M11.1..-*i i,'r,tifj
mlnlonor ..f Una, ��.,.! \v,���k. i,,, ,,,.,,',.*1
|"".I.hs" tl,., ,ol im, ���!,,:
irs.in ss I ntks-,IW.T'�� ni.riii,,,./.;;, ,h__l
i i <" chnlni, iiii-ns-,. un ��, , ,��� ,.'!r"l
lis.nli ,n i-Ii���iii��, Hi,.,,,.,. w,.Mt m ..I,,,, ������ ��������
pommonwm.n', "iihbIiiius; no ,,,���.. ,���,I|
uSS;::;"!;: "iHV" ���"''"l * ��^&%mW
Dated thu* anil day ol August, 19M
 N. Dsj-Kh*-. Ag��Dt^
NoticH*-hereby giveiithHlMvi. iltt   irdl<r___l
crol   land*, and   WorU lor t.. rnov-i,,,, ltl Zl
chase tbo following deaeribed land    i*J
Btartloi at a j-.-t marked Catherine n>ra______!
i^D**J��5 l ft!! "hor. ,,[ l,.tt..r.\ri..��ia
��������� ���"���������IS I
ar   liladKtone   Creek,   tto-li
iio nee80ebalni north, tbeni
lake   Hhore,   thenee noulh ahiuR
i-oiiit of oommeneement.
Hated thll llth dav olHcoteiiib.-.- ].��.,.
Hahhv QibsuH, Aftm.
Notb e i.s bereby given that SO dayi attet4tkm\
intend to apply to thenoporabh theCbftlQifl
mlssloner Ol I-andnand Work*, fort I
purohaae tbe following deet nt��d landi 'itmi*31
on lha l-ut sldi Ol Arrow lake: ��� s.iii!i���.;,,]r,ial
the southwest comer of &.Anthouy'imuiSfl
tbenoe loiith twentv chalnn. n  ��� .Miarsltf
chalim, thence nortii twenty clmm,. ih.-iitf.-^ 1
twenty chains to polntof oomm(-nc��iacil,i3
tainiug no acres, moreor lenn r
Hated Baptember l. ivn      Bessii U -mn,
ra*r N. Dm U, A|eDi.
NollM Ir- bereby given tliat iuiy .--�� isfl
date i intend to apply .ntiH-.iom,rNi,i-Mb.ci_d
Commisaloner ol Undsand w.-.i,- ���,- |.ni:i��i_i|
to j,urcha*��i* thc following dew-rib. ! (ao ll -iH-f
ate In the Weel KoOtUUy dint
I'aul Andre's bre-emptiou,
marked A J. Long, n k. eorner, on thswssli   I
of  Lower  Arrow   lake,   thenc*   X)  chsl
(netted ���><) cimin*. sontb, tnence .m iimmiHi,!
Ihence -10 chain*-  north to -fkoint ol ci.inmn��|
ment f
DAted at Nelson, It. C��� thlti ��th dnv ..; rtttet-i
l>er, I'JWi A. J.LowTT
Wjc. I'oilaiuj. Ageut.    ���
i I
Nolife In hereby given that Mil**. iliniMr]
date I intend to apidyio the HouorJ.l-.tb.Ctif
CommiMioner of Uudiand Works I.TtwrmiM I
topnrebasfl the (oUowiflg deeerlbed himoiim
In Went Kootenay dintrlct:(.'oiiwiii'ii-iui{ it lfi
planted ��i Robert (orlett'i north .-an eora
put and marktd  A, U's N. W. Comer ihese I
cast 40 chain*-; thi-nro tUrhaiiiN sonth, tnnff el
um to the Kootenay river; thenee -tm-hiioifel]
aloiia   ibe   Kooteuay   river;   tbence If ibttal
north, more or lew*., to  tbe place of . i.iiim��n-|
mem, containing K _ acres more or hii.
__pt��mlivr Uth lWsi.
AlOftl Mm��, ]
Wiuum Wooes a* Agent.
Notice in herebyglven lhat60dayi sttsrdSSlf
Intend to at>idy i.. h,. n.-i. ���:���������������...* I
slouer of I.nii.i*. and Worku for iMrmiwIoB el
p.; . I,.,..' the following denribed Un.i> inUtl
Weil Kootenay district: Ihginniiii. at a ftm
markedO. I>. Bell and ft. n. ��� - k (��rtieri��stJ|
about 'i in il- cant of theHaltnou ������*:.'������'. I
K mile from the Pend d'Oreille river; Hiewell
ehalni north; thence 40 ehaim. west; tlit'Si-l I
chaiiiH nouth; thence -luchains east to i>l����a|
begin III' g.
Hated the SSnd dav of September, I'.-ofi.
i.n wit |
R. M. itKKVK-. Agent.
Sixty dan after dete I purpose tnakini *_m
cation to the Honorable the chief CoiTimi*"*!'1"*!
PJLends and Works for permtHcion to |ur.ina|
Ibe followini: dewrlU-d lund: Cuimiictuuir ill
a poll marked "H. I"-. M. W, corner," ,i-ij"ii'l.l
K Kan,-iilcr'n appli-hMoii I" punrhaxe, n-iui'tl
thenei-Mi ehalns north;  th.-nce N) cliain- Wil
thenoe80obalns south; theuce m i-haiim �������
to the polnl of cominen'-etiietil.cunlKiiiliii: �����
acres, more or le��s.
Haled Ihe lllh day of Ailgn-d, l'.W*o.
D. l'ir.��(_
Per F.ti. KAt'qriae, Agenl.   I
Notice ll hereby given llinl 60 nave Hfier datel 1
Intend loapply to the HoiiorHble the' i,i��-M ub* I
minloner oiumai aud Works t<�� rnn-'im-.i-iw|
toi lowing deeorlbtti, lands, 930 aire-. H-nri.*. i
oommenelng at a poit plumed on tin ��'-,l1*uM
of fnper Arrow lake al a point *���< " nillrf* I
low Nakoip, and marked _. \. H >i N ���"��� ���*"J"��1
post! Ihcnce *) chalnn went; (hence (-��� Hiitm s
nouth; thenoo 80 chains cast, more or Ic* ',,l"*l
whore; thenco along lake Shore to ]<.iiii .'it**> ���
ginning. ���
))alcdthlH.lhdavofHept..l'.MI.   '��� *\.B.lU*M
Notice In herehy given "that MM v<ia)��rr**in-W; I
I iniend in Hpply to the Hon < hlel i mil -i;ll,r  I
of Laud an.1 Worki for permMou m imrcnaai i
the rollowlng dosertbed lands, etartlns sl ag* I
plautc.l on  tin- North Wcsl eormr ol
thence running twenty ehalni Boutn,
twenty Olisini West, thenee  fortv rlialn
thenee Iweniy i-IiiiIiih Kant, thencetweiil
���South to poini of cominencoiiictiL and
Ing BOaoroi more or leu.
w.,1. rovLAwB
Hated the 1st day nfOctolKT, WOO,
Hlxly  dayn  after date 1 purpose no.k nn ����J^ ,
cation toihe Hon. ChiefCommlsrhiiier ol       |
mid Uorkn for Mrnunion to i
lowing deaorlbod lend:  Ooi k*'*;
plMce.Vai tho southwest oorner ol v ^fffj
pi leal Ion to purohaae, marked "P P** *;;'1l
,,1111111- I
ner," runuitig Ho nee Htl ohaini m
ohalns westi thenoe m chnins so
ohalni eait to point of commence!
lug 820 acres mon- or lei-m.
Haled the 10th day of October, l.""i
P, Iai'.-"'
Notice in horebyglven that Ul .Im- xf'ei '\>,e\l
?!_������_?.__?-_��!_!/. k._'?.!_ ,ri..,:l"i.'"',.,*rS-1
Commlntionerof Landsand Wo
sion to purchase lho following d<*
1    lhe Wen' "
���  t-tu-ih I
n l- ��1 *_ I
it Kootenay district; n.
post marked "Hlaanor Dlnoh's h ^  -���r!ir_l
and pbiiitid on the weH ibore of ilu* "��rr,1,,11)j
WhalNlititi (('ariboo) lake.about loieiiinl''"<    a
miles hou ih of Arrow laketiall; ih.-n" ��� ��"r',M
OhalUIj thence ennl -Itl chnin*- uioi'* or ll "
shore of tho Narrow*-.; thence follow I nil
tthnre In a genorul Koulhcrly and vre��ler
thui 80 chains more or Icsh to point ol ���o"11"'
men t( eon tainiug mn acres more or h**i-*'-      ...
Dated oot. Hih.iisio. ki.kanoh nii*^
F. I,   IHmmono. Agenl. ^_
nHfiitiii* r
Motlcot, ItlTOt'S-Klvi'll lis til six Is i
I llltl-lisl In R|i|sly Hi tins Illlll  lllllt'f
it iif Linn!-, s.ssil   Work, fssr IHTIllls-'-; ���
i-liHssi- tha following de.orlbesl lawl.Hi
K'isssls-iiiii-illHlrlct:   lls-aliniliiii nt nl""
"W. H'dinilw-iiH. Ji i-iiniiT.'-iiii'l ,.!..i..-���; --j.,,,1 ���
inM nl.or^.' s.1  Wliutnlmll (l'sirll'"").l",;;*|1!it I
twis lull...   nortii nl tlm narrow. '"      ,,.i��j|
Inks-;   LlitsnesL'  nortii fill rliiilnss; ""'  .iniirtl
s'IihIiiss, mnrisnr lisms, to tlsss Oik...-Is."'"���.,,,,..,!. I
I'lllnwIllR  tl.<> mil.l  -.ll.jr.- Ol �� K.-l.."'l -"'.'. I. I
���ndeuiorlydlrontlou 190union,'"""'.'"i w I
tin'   liolnl  nl  i-nlsllnislli-oillssllll  cnHI��ln"W
iiitish, nissri' IT l��HH.
Dulcsl I his. Illli iluynl Oisl , 1U0.I.       mM,k
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1     physique
of men
the world.
Each type distinct,
each type with the one
measurement of height
forever unchangeable.
If wo know your height we can place
you in your type.
Yir - can have a suit that will fit you
perfectly���with a minimum amount of
Delivered two hours after trying on.
Semi-ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilker, nelson, B. C.
������*>   given that 00 (layi after dale
to ilu Hon. uhlef CommlMloner
... i u..ri-ior permission to purehaae
������������������crlhe-d hunts Iu Weit Kootenay
miiig at a post marked, "Bern-
I   . oilier," an.I 1 i l  on  the
uarrowi o( wimtshim {Cariboo)
i nh au ehulns; thence veil ��
..I   leM, to  Ilu- Hhore  Dl   Whafhan
nwlllR -.ild  i.|i.in-  In  a  general
* terly direction 1-1)chaini. more
it  of ..loiuieticemeiit:  containing
"i !��� --.
-atlulaj o( Oot. IDOfi.
JUtllNIUKIl Ilium It,
P. I.. HAMUojtp, Agent
licr-h) given  that  Mxty dny* afler
l. nd  in apply lo the lloiioriil.l.' Chief
| nl  I ,.u I- an.I  Works forperinls-
��� i the rollowlng deeerlbed lands:
(���nur at a p"-t placed ou the nortbipeii
i.ti KiiiotfM.j,plication to pnrehaae,
.i,..ins  easi along iii.  northern
!   "iiiiej   thanee   BO   chain*   north;
is west; thenoe 8u ehalna south, to
emeiil, containing 010 acres.
'   1 I   V.tot. John RUI01T,
j In- agent, Khvkmt Vt. Ki-liwxoM.
> alter date 1 pnrpoel making appti-
<  Hon. the chief Commlulonei of
\   : k. inr iMTuilssioii to purchase the
- rlbed   landi   conimciietiig at a
filioul  lini! u mile west of Itariies
inuiit om- mil.' north of the mouth of
arked "J.H'i H W. comer," running
his i,i,rth.   tlience H*i chaHm east;
i aim soutli io the north boundary of
itpplicatlo . f" purchaie; thenee at)
j.. mt of oommenoement) oontaln-
ore or les*.
��� . nh dav of Ootober, U08.
Celebrate  Mitchell  Day.
Mahonoy city, i*a��� Oct. 30,���Every
colliery fn the. Schuylkill region wna
(dii? yesterday on account of Mitchell
day. Para-Jen were held at Slienun-
dttah, at Mount Parjee and Cool-dale,
where Mitchell addressed a mass meeting of the minor* of Phantom creek
Execution Postponed.
Washington, D. C, Oct. ..0.���The ex-
centlon of Charles D, Grant, colored,
which was to have taken place loday,
has been postponed >H> days by the dlsirlct court of appeals. Grant's crime
was Ihe minder or a colored girl named Ova Barnes last December.
Notice I
intend to apply tii lhe Hon. Chief
..i Iiini-mo! (Vorkn for |iermihnl<
M chi
nfler .late I pOTpOM making appl -
":��� 11 on Chief U-iinmbudoner of bands
���r_- |i,r jH-rinlhMlon  to purehaae lhe   foi-
- ri��� i l lands:   Comtnenciug al a pout
*t in.   Nouthweil comer of J. HlileHVap-
inti is. purehue, murked ��� K. H'a tf. E. cor-
���u tin lug Ihcnce t*l ehaltiH north, tbence HO
Ihence HO chalnn nouth, theiiiv *>
!   ��l     polntof commencement, contaiii-
'.ri- or lest*.
��� l.tth day ol October, ISC*.
K. HHtri.i.,
per J. Kiusi.1., Agent,
��� liter .late 1 pijrpcuc making appll-
Hon Chief Commiiwlonerol Landa
nermlaslos to purchase the fol-*
* Hands:   Oommsnoinii. ���> poit
'In-  n-.rtlieaNt �� orner of K^hlell'K
iiioiiiunnrrliaas, marked "M. K (*J'm,. K
niiig thenee80chains north to the
r T. I. i.'^-i. theuco HU chains
���'"iih, theuce HOcbaliiK
of coiiimencement, uoutalniug f>io
���  -
���'i Hie I.Hi duyof October, 10U6,
It, k. Gejjtnu*,
per J.Sinii.i,, Agent.
i  In - ni|. i date 1 pnrpOM uiakilig appl ll a-
* ti"' Hon. Chief Commtstlooar ol Uttdi
iMrintsiioti lotmrehaae thi follow-
��� i     Commeneins at a poet
hi Hie liorthwcit curlier of 11   Hodd'nap-
"'ii I" purchase, marked "It \Y. H'a H. W, ,
I1*1-!'   ninning theliee 80 QhalttI north;
���""'���in*  east;   Ihence ao chaliiH Kouth;
"*���    *    ano   west   tO   point  Of (���onilllctiee-
<-��iiliiiiifiiK iVIO aerei, more or lens.
- Idlli .]������> of October 1000.
It W. Hansikhton,
per K.BlllELL, Agent.
���'������>' -nftci date] purpose making tippli-
1,1 iii<* Hon H���. cjiiof Oommlsafoner "f
mel \\ uric lor latrmlnlon 10 purchase the
���nu dfseribed   Und:    Commencing nt a
"" ��� ������ ���' -'Hn*- juticilon of Barnes and
'"'" ��� '��������� it-  i.n.l cast of  K. J. KlllotCx an
��|i '" purcllH��e, markeii "W. N  l"a. H. W.
iimliii: Mn ne,'Ht) ,-hnltiH north; thence-
"-l; ili.ioeHi.hainH south; Ihence HO
' I" point of commencement] contaln-
1 - ' *r lets,
���' day of October, 1806,
\v. n. Pools,
Per J. HlilKl.l., AkciiI.
reby given that 60 days after date I
' Coiiiijiif-.ii.iu r
ilon to purchase
ine lollowlng desoribed 'lands nltuated lu the
West Kootenay dlKtrlrt: Seglnntiig at a post
ioiu L.-.i "O. V. MacMlekliig'a N. W, corner," and
oiaiitct on the well shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, abonl three mil rt north of the Upper Narrows of (he said lake and opnmlte the Island in
the Naid lake; ihenee nouth 80 ehalns; thenee
east -4�� toiin*, moreor less, to the lake shore;
thenee following the said shore In a northerly
and westerly direction l'_�� chains, more or leflH,
to point .-I cun ini'iu-eiiii- nt, con Ui uing . _o acre*-.
more or less.
Oct. IS. 1900. O. U. Mac.Mil kino,
tn- ��. L, IUmmond, Agent.
Hixty days after date I purpoiw making application to the Hon. (.hief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described lauds: Oommeuclug atu post
placedabont half a mile weat of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, marked "V. D'l. N. W -eorner,"
runiiiiig i li'-in���<��� 80 chains south; thence HO chains
east; thence HO chains north; thenee HO chains
west to point ol eommaneement, containing 040
teres, more or lets
Dated the l_tb day of October, 1900.
V, Donn,
Per J..SHJKU, Agent.
Brief    Setsion    Panes    Accounts and
Bylaw Laat Night.
There was only a "brief session or
the city council laat night and only
routine work waa transnct��d. Shortly
alter K o'clock thore were present the
mayor, Aldermen Hose, Irving, SelotiM
and Annahie.
The report of the finance commitlee
was read, recommending -payments of
the month's account, totalling tlie sum
ni several thousand dollars. The principal Items In Ihis account were, for
W. K. p. & U. Co., $^i��.7U; A. O. l.ani-
bsrt, on account of (-sidewalk construction, $_!..iii.;;r*.; ESleotrio Power plant con-
uli'uetion account, |48656; W. A. Macdonald, city bolicitor, expenses and
legal accounts, 1876.60; J. W. King-
rime, $308, and for employe*.:-, payroll,
J_.4_.8-. The report was adopted and
the ohOQUOS ordered drawn iu the usual
A petition was read calling the nl*
tenUon of the council to the nnsatis-
factory nature of the Hldcwalk on Mill
street- between Cedar and lleudryx,
and asking that the boards be placed
Crosswise instead of lengthwise, as at
present. Referred to the board of
Alderman Annable also called attention to the necessity for sideward accommodation Tor certain residents of
lhe Halt Mines road and aBked for a
board walk from Alex Dow's lo the
city stables. This also waB referred
to Ihe board of works.
Alderman Selous brought up the
question of engaging a suitable man to
place in charge as BU peril) tend eni of
the electric power and light plant, and
some desultory discussion took place
as to tbe probable applicants for such
a position. It was finally resolved
lhal lbe clly lake Immediate steps,
either by advertising or otherwise, to
secure the employment of a suitable
person for lhat apjioiutment.
On motion of Alderman Hose, seconded by Alderman Selous, Ibe council made a grant of $200 to Uie city
band. In the brief discussion on this
vote all the a-ldennen expressed appre
clatfon of the steady and faithful work
uf the band.
Alex Carrie, on behalf of the owners of the (iilfl'in block, asked some
questions anent the construction of a
party wall ou the north side of Maker
Street to secure the foundation of the
Griffin block property. The idea was
(he construction of a suitable stone
Wall which would serve as a foundation for any future building that might
be erected. Ills estimate of the cost
of such a wall was $2000. Tbe mailer
was left In the hands of the board of
works. .
Bylaw No. 172 was then reconsidered, passed and finally adopted, ou
motion of Alderman Selous.
The council adjourned to raeot on
Monday, November 12.
an and h. A. Wright, well known planters, became Involved In u duel with
pistols, following a game of chance,
and both were killed. J. W. Droland,
In whose store the shooting occurred,
was shot and killed while attempting
to separate the men.
It takes a lot of common sense to
get a man out of trouble a little non*
sense got him into.
Potter & Cummings
Silver King Hotd
Bast Dollar a day honae in the Kooteuaja.
Hi'sssri. s��rii wisll liiriil.hed.   Tabic .. gis-s! M .   .
la Nelion.    H.r .upplled with good
Honor, ausl otnn.
W. K. MC0ANDIJ8H, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kurope_ui ��od AnierlcitD PUo
'(ftitla Ti uta-   Koorar frnm % _U. to fl
Only White Hi-Ip Kmp1o>*(t
Hulicr Hi.. Nclmm 1'rnprlfltort
Bartlett   House
ii.o. w. DAKTi.rrr,
Best Dollar a-Diy House in Nelson.
The H.r 1. tlie Kln-.l. .
White Help Only K.mplojod.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mitdn daily throughout Nelson
and its snbnrbs Phone MH.
JoMphtue St.
Ht-ilwin. B. 0.
Bbtty d-tyr* ���Hor dAte I purpose making application Ui tho Hon. Chiel ( ommlwdoiieroi Lands
hii*. Worku for pormlwloii to puri'iiue thv fol-
lowin* awttlDU Unds: Commencing At the
Dortliwt*Ht rorner of V. Dodd'i appllr-allon lo
purchmii', niarlictl "(. L. H'l N. K. corner," run*
iiiiii; Hh'Iu'i* hu ilmlDB south, thence HO chains
west, tlience HO chalnn north, thence 80 chain"
ttaat to the point of commencement, con tain Ing
M0 acres, more or le��.
Dated the mil <lay of October, 100(1.
C. L. IUnkinoton,
 per J 8hiki.i.. Agent
iy days after dute I purpose making appll-
m to tlie Hon. <'hlef -t'ommlBslouer of I-andfl
nnd Works for rH-riiifsslon to purchase thu following ii"*i.iTilic'l Imul*.: Commcticlug at the
OorthSMt comer ol ('. I. Ilatinlngton's application to purohtM, markeii "K. A. C's S. K. <'orner,"
iiiiiiiltig ilii'ii.'* HO rim in- north, tlience HO chalna
wcsl, llienee si Hi-tins south, thence HO chalna
eaat to point of commem -ment, containing M0
���acres, more or leaa.
Dated the Inh <lay of October, lf-fi.
l-i   A. CltlCAflR,
    per J. SiiiKLL Agent.
to purchase tbe following 0_t_riM_
���oinmeiu'liiK *���- ���* posl placed nhout one
. uf WliaisiiHii creek and about three
Notice Is hereby rIvcii lhal 80 days after dale I
Intend lo SOUS applfcniinn lothe Honorable the
Chief ('ommlssloner of l,amls and Works for per-
mission to purchase tbe following dej-crlbeif
lands:   (
mile east ..   	
miles souih of Whatshan mkc muiiing Wi cliaina
soutli; theuce Ho chains west; thenoe 80 chains
north] thence HO ehalna east. Io polntof commencement, c<,i|il"Ililug .i��n acre*-- more or less.
j ateii October 18, IWS.
Pirn McNaiuiiton,
By his agent. Khnkst W. Kohinwin
How  He  -Met the  Emergency  With a
Backyard Tenant.
A Montreal landlord developed an
ingenious idea for getting the rent out
of a backward tenant. Thc reason the
man didu't pay his rent was because
he hadn't the money. The reason he
hadn't the money was because he waa
down on his luck.
The landlord took his tenant down
to McLean & Campbell's Semi-ready
Wardrobe, bodght him a new suit of
clothes, and made him feel like a new
man with the courage to go out and
laud a job. And a few days ago the
tenant bad paid up all his back rent.
That Is the kind of a landlord to have.
J. A. Oilker, the pioneer merchant
oi Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TOKONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTREAL, Tue., Thur., Mon.
BOSTON,  Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Killed One Too Many.
Ya-oo Cily, Miss., Oct. 30.���Advices
have lieen received here from Largeiit,
Sharkey county, which say  Breve Ky
 I'S k'lsi'ii Unit I.I ,Ihv. Hits IT illlll' I
nis in ihe linn, t'liiofoouimluilssiior
i sissriis, inr permjifloti ts' isttMilime i
" nl Imi'i. altiiiiti'il In Um
���na. iiumSfi
""il's-rt W
Ills' ss   B| .llllSS'.llHllllll-llll
sirli'r mil. imrlli
; Uli
Carl )
ii i-
Hlsty sissv. sitlor sluts' I pnrpota niHklliK nl'i'li-
I'sillsssi lis 'tin' Hssii till' I'lili'l I'liliiiiiissssli'SU'r of
ijiintss mnl ff -rkH inr psnalnlon to purohiu. tin-
fOllOWiUB sli'fsTll'S'sl  Illllll.:    I'ossilii^lli'lIlK  lit .
post plKed 111 Un' .outhaMI oorner ol M. K.Orsn.
IoU'i .ppllMllon io purohB'o, ra.rksjd "D. D'l,
a W corii��s," riiiiuiiin IbenceM I'lmli rlh]
lo T 1,. lifflssl; lln ' N) ilialii. fmst; llisiin'e HO
ohalm wullii th.no. 8n obnlni watt, to point .it
,.��� tenement, oontainlng iw kiti ssun or
Dated the mils daj ot Oolober, iW:
i> liinii'
I'er J. Hhloll. AkviiI.
I s'lmlnss, silisri' or
lusts    ,r,.(.k;    llieiii'i; fnllnwIHK
'reck nml l,,k,' Klii.ro Nl s'llHllIss,
iHlllll   lit   |>ll||l|||l'|||<isl|ll>|||, roll
, ������   .,  Illllll' 111 li'.K
IT ' "'".iiii day ol October, HW6,
r. I. llAMMONIi, A:   ssl.
- '"'is'lsysilsi'iit Iml Hlxty slave iiftorilistfir I
"l t" "I'l'lv I" tl,,- Il,���,ti-Iil,.'l <',.iiiini_lo:��r
lull,1"'   *��'*��loM-eJi
Motloe l�� bereby alven lhat 00 siav. alter date
l:   Hs'Klm
B.��'. oorno
asst  ssl  Un
isl  Ills.
lis mil
"I Uie nail |���kt., ���II(i
ttarren.i applloftl
t" jMirel1
u  il*..* Wshil
UK ut H tuiKt tiUirkit'I
" und jiliiiiirii iihuiii
nhoro <ii wiuiiNliiuii i
inlli-s nurili nf [In**
I    llll'  .*.   K     I*.!J*1HH
, , tn   to piindNMi*.
'lialim;  iln-r  iiovtli H0i*h*4iii��;
' 'IniliiH  tn Uie tmrtlii'iiHl DOrMt nf
n rtftftplli'iitlnn In iiiin-luiKi-r; t!ii-iii*i'
ii�� tn poliit iif I'dininFiH _ineut, ��on-
;'""<iv'-, morootlott.
"'��� '**>. J. H. HlMTNIto,
V. h. IIammiinh. AfOht.
ia lioreby alyoa thai 00 dayi iiftur itmo 1
"��'i;i;iy to The Honorable the OMatftom'
' J��i i.'iii"lN i.n.I Wnrke Inr permlUMlnii to*
uio rollowlng dottirlbod IhikIh tu tlie
"ai   y dwtrtet: Beftlntllng nt h poet
���\i'\iiinliT Itiisit m is, W. t'onier," and
������'<   lln-  tiiHi  nli pre  of   lln> iih r row mil
��") lake, Ht tlitiH. K. oorner of
���������   HppMi-iitinn   lit  nur-'liHHo;
������' uiiulmi tbenee umiHi ho-dialiih;
iflobaltiB, mora or \e$t, to the Hhore
f��i tneuaa inllnwhiK thoKHld Blmrt*
yptreptlon wi i-lmin. moreor lone
""���HI   nr.*infiit,*i'.itiliilliiti|; :i-'l��
linr.t    |||
Intend to make uppllnatlon io the Honoreble the
Ohle. CommlMloner ot Undi paaworlw tor Mr-
Dlnou tn pnrohMfl the following di's**nU*.l
Rndsi   Commencing at a poet on tin. Dorth
lii.iin.lurv nf l.nt Nil ami about'J d'Hlim eail of
Wbattlia-iereek, rnnnlnK��ohalni��Mtl thenoe
io Bhiilni northi tlioneo4o ohaini weitt thenoo40
ohaini iouth, lo point of oommonoemeht, eon-
iitiniiiK lODaorei mora nr ic����.
nal^ileliilier,:.,.��. ,,-,��� Wa���on,
lly liln went, Hhnmt w. roiimom,
himv dayi alter datoipiupaauMUM appll-
oallon to tie llo" ''I'"'"'""1 ',"" " ,1'1","!"
.,     "s ork. lor prrmlra  I" pnri'liano tbo lol;
f,    isi    e��,.ril.e.l  land:   Cmn.ni'll.'ll.K (fl a M.I
:;:S,,,,,,,,,ii.iy,.r,i-sve..,..im;^   ....Ui
��� ���������
Dally StaneUrd Sleeper
For berths, rates or detailed information apply to local agents or write
E. .7. OOYLE,
P.P.A., Nelson
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
���^MlIKd -iWuw mlU'H _nntl, nf What
Sfil Ilk. *iark.��l"H. C. $t N K. ...rner poHt,1
m fiiitiM*' iouth)  iin*".
want! thenoe BOchalm nnrth; thenee 8Q
eut, tc[polntoleommenoomentj contain-
nit mn "
l'i�� Inl
Pot It. SiiiiM. Ageut.
fn herehy givon thai twi dan alter dato I
i ,,. t, ujii*;  n t���ti,i- Honorable the
""'orkr* for nor-
ni:   ilfdi'rlln'tl
1,,'le.l.l to .nuke appli.';. lo" I" ��'      ���"
,:���������' f'omnilMloiier ol ;"'  ",   .,V"r��i
" ���"I"1*" ""  'it punted on tie
- dlca-
ry of
iimt'imlim at i
i��y v. h. ttiuuoHb, Agent.
im-  -on   I
Ihii'Ib:   Cl
northeait m wi �������� ��� >-��� * ��� ,h entl( |,rtunii
"��" l0JPBnWr,_Ku I thenw 80 rhalni earit
tame bo ohuui "'":.,.,,,.,. sn ohatniweit to
-Hire'or leu. Al.tiKUTKI.l.lmT,
llolcil t'el-,]���,'��� !/"*';,, K���s.sT W. KssltlNSON,
Canada Drug l Book Co's
....Gash Stores....
Thirty socond Annual Convention ,
American Bankers'
Sl. Louis, Mo., Oct. 1.-19. 1906
Koiiml trip rat*'* to St, tOUtl
mnl OhtoagO nn Salt* Dclnl-or
1 Jili toi:tth.
Chicago ot.oo
(lolng tniiisii limit ten dnys
from dati* of Hale. Final return
limit NoYi.iih.-_ With, 1��M.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
In effect oaiobhr Hflth, IMfl.on
suii* iinih. limiiMl to:: moiitlm
fllllll   'lllll*  III Mill*.
nsAngeleeand HmitA Barbara   t$i.��o
I'rtSH.iCllH Sf.lO
Santa Monica  8o.30
HlvtTHlilt* Hint Ban Hiiriiiir.liii.i ..   S ./��
HudlMidl t^.70
For Further Informilloii Apply to
u'lfy I'HMfiigor Agvnt.
A II. t. A., .S'ssllle.
Tht Big Schooner Tt^      lfi.
Or "Hall and lUII"    DCCl    JUL.
The ouly Gltuu of Hood Boer iu Nelfon.
Hotel is tiiiiin.lMl ion. aeeoilil to .nine In Brll-
Issti I'oluiiilila. Iiist.'s sfi s.s |���.r sins-. Kpeclal rate,
to iniiii [lily t'oaisl.-r- Ouly lionie lintel In N-ls-.u,
Lake View Hotel
CiiniT Hall and Vornon,
two hlockH from wharf.
Katoi f I nu per day *ud up.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Ti'rniH (160 niiiii
boliuice monthly paymeaUi.
House aud Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD.
One of tlie Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Ootlet for Sale....
Ahout 400 Fruit Hearing Trees; aim Small Fruit, House and
OiiIIiiiIIiIIiikh. Hay Bheil, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
I'. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KEI0K80N, Proprietor.
Centrally Ux_tetl. Open Day and Night
Ham |slis ami Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court Howe and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Toi_kins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Hare *0,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands la
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Witt Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
McDermic. & McHardy
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Eater Street, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Ian. sand Comfortable Bedroom, and First*
tis ���-1  isIuk Boom. Sample Rooma forcommer*
el. I  Hell.
MRS. K. C. CLARKI, Proprletren
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Tbe well known
Onr Beer Garden ia
tbe Finest iu tbe
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates tl aud $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wboleeale and Retail Healer. In
Fresh and Salted Meats
ANHEUSER    ���AND rm original
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
nelson    ���9o,������^��_,nM^?.{,,^_f���"t,���,,  victoria
P. Burns <& Co.
Gamps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest prlou. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and supples kept in block
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
w.  a.   OIUUETT
Contractor and
���_, Hu_iU����r-
Bole nRtrnt tor Ilu* Pur tn ltlr<> Lumber < ���.*.., Ltd.,
11 iml yards. K-m((l> hii>1 -1���*-***.'! lmnlicr, turnuu
work ilm! l-riii'kt'l-s I'misl lalli and sliililies, msli
mi.I ilnurs. (Vmt'iit, lirlt'k nnd linn* (nr fialc
AiitdiiiBllc grinder.
Yiinl nud fiulory: Vernon St.. cost of Hall,
INfcIL.MOIN.fi.    _>
P. O. Box SH. I'nluphottu t7H.
Branch Markets iu  Rossland,  Trail,   Ns Ison, Kaslo,
Denver and Slocan Oity.
Sandon, Three Forks, New
Ordcra Isy mall to an/ branch will hare
our prompt ausl rarornl attention.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvement*
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, H0TI0N. Htnafer.
(Is'iiornl Teamsters aud Dealers in
Ooal nud Wood.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
?__2_i5 Office: Baker St.
"Kellpac No. 2," "Vevey;" "Happy Mi'sllssin,"
"International" anil "A ta I'mrtliuiitl" tnln-
i-rftl claltiiB, ssilnaii'il 111 tlie Slocan t'lty Mining
Dlvialon ol Wi'.t Kiaitcnay dlatrlcl.
Whero located :-Nort)i ot Twolve Mile-creek,
about two milea up.
Take notice that I, II. K. Jorand, of Slocan, 9.
V., Free Miner', erlltli site Ko. I17K1MI. a. necitt
for I.. A. Csilc. Free Mlnor'a tlertttlcate No. bfeM,
intend, sixty day. from tlie date Hereof, to apis y
tss tin' MiniiiK- Kut'ssrdor for a tlcrlltlcaleot lm-
provementa, tor tlie purisoueolobtaliilng at'rown
Grant of aald mineral elalina.
And further take notice that action, un 'er
Section tt, muat be commenced tH'foro the laau-
asice of inch CertlHcale of lin|irovumenta.
Dated llila 20th day ol September, Illllll.
U. B. Jills.."'.,
Municipality of the City of Nelson
Any ma'onr fomale, belrajr a Prltlnh mibject of
tbe full !)>:���' of '11 yr-ui-s, who hna iwid all tlm
rt* it's ami tttxcri fnr the (tnrrent your, and him
r-r^ittiiuoiiHly roiild-ad within the mniilctpiility
Rln-cu tht! t'lrii dny of January, mo, and who Ib a
.������hib*. !m!ilcr or 11 i-tiKi* Imldor wiUnn tht innnl-
riimlny, may toklater us a voter for the year IUi-7,
If the iiecc-WMt-y dt_lamtlon Isd^pofllted at tbla
offltw on or iHifon** Oot. 81 npxt. iVrsima qualfy-
li>K an lloense liulilcrs. who are Dot property
uwneri. inunt attend to regiatratlon of their
names on the lint,   fcraoim who have beeuma
{>ro|��rty nwm r*, within the municipality alnce
t.n*. itlat, 1905, nre retiuefltol to inform the uu-
iteraiirn-M Ht once.
VV. K, WA8SON, O. M C.
f ity CItrk'a offlce, Neli>on, B. p., Oct. 18. laos.
m The Daily Canadian
New Season's Pack
Mackerel    ���
Bell Trading;
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from,
the tree when you were a J
How nice it tasted then
has sonic just like them.
Conic and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at lhe door.
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
G-or.__-wphlt.eRnd Mill Ht**.    Phone 19
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, 1'itch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bont BuiliiVrs will linsl ii lis their advantage In um' our sVili-li.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
J lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
rbeaegoodi tre m flu.* u tin* tnorooxpomlvi
kiiuK iin* duly dlfferancQ I-, tiio package,
Phono St. linker St.
Next 1J. Bonn * Co.
Ci.r. \.s-si,,si its..i Ward Strt-ctH,
,1. .'KED HUMK. Proprietor.
C.   II.   McIIoiikuI.   Eureka;   W.   lluu
i' r.  Siin'iiun;   s.  K,  Oliver,  Procter:
A.   T.  (jiirlatiil,  Kuslo;   P.  ('. Adams,
Duluth;   A.  MoKlllop,  ll.   I..  Weddell,
il. A. Small, Dr. (lu s, a. .1. Burton,
Vancouver; U. Napier, II. Simon, Montreal; n. r. Tl.iiy, p. ii. i.uiz, Toronto; P. K. Simpson, Cranbrook; T. .Mc-
noisli. Blocan; A. Prlede, .1. A. Kinney,
Rossland; .1. PIngle, A. McKay, .1. \v.
C. Lowen, 'l'. Trow, Stratford,
W. I'. Allen, Vancouver; .1. .u.Dur-
land, Halifax; W. .1. Trethewey, La
Plata; \v. s. Drewry,' New Denver; A.
(J. Creelman, Rossland; A. .1. l__8d.ll,
si. Louis; W. ll. Ousteller, Olnolnnati;
A. ii Chapman, Dawson; I'. PJllston,
P R. Smith, Victoria; I. .Petrie, C. A.
Pishei uml wire, Winnipeg; A. Miller,
Qreenwood; P. L. Johnson, Chicago.
N, Darling, Vancouver; .1. II. Fieny,
Lardo; M. (1. Sherwood anil wife. Miss
lllckes. Trull; M. Nlcholason, Silver-
ton; .1. li. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; H. w.
Reed, Walla Walla.
.1. iillssssu, u. Alnsworth, Slocan; .1.
H. Trevor, Cranbrook; lt. I,. Cornwall,
.1. II. Miles. Sandon;  I. Wilson, win
nlpeg; w. Johnston, Vancouver,
.1. Green, Montreal; II. Jones, D .Mc-
Dough, Winnipeg; J. .Murray, saskatoon; .1. Ferguson;  II, D. Lee, Slocan;
D. Anderson. Sandon; F. Welsh, D. Mc-
ewen, Cranbrook; .1. Shanatian, Boss-
li.ml: li. Williams, Liverpool; J. Mc-
Niven, Three Porks; J. Brady, Shields.
A.  Mclsaao, il. p.  Polhurat, Indian
Head;  P, Knight, W. Ilawley, Iteglna;
.1. Alexander, Robson,
II. Junes. .1. (I. Smith, Rossland;  W.
Kendal,   Pernio;     B,   Thorpe,   Cape
Breton;  !���:. Thompson, Winnipeg.
W. ll. Zlmmer, Stonewall; M. Robert, Moose Jaw; W. It. Hodges, Cascade: .1. Lents, Knslo; M. Demoo, Cascade.
Chris Jenson, Forty-Nine creek; i���
A. Pellet, Forty .Vine creek; P Edwards, Waverley; W. I'i.well. Beasley;
M. Mornsak, Trail; D. X. McDonald
Archie Morrison, Wlnlaw; a. ii. Hart-
man, Bonnington; I,. Gallagher, Cran
He;  John Mcintosh, -Movie.
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money   refunded if   not   satisfactory.
}. A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone Hi'..
AT .iNl'K-KM'KltlKXt'KU  WAITRESS  .alarv
KUl'M.    lliill'l Hsu,,,.. '
'.i mkn. ssi once, r. ,r trorlt in the woods. Apply
lo t/f. k. Cooko, sawmill, K-s.ii,,
I.AHY STENOGRAPHER l���r pptlttoi nluitry.
 i'l   li'srni-  wllh  employer,  family.     Amity
Dux tt.. s'liimslluii isllko.
BUSHMBN. Mill iiHiidsHini togging Contractors,
ssi.s. Koglneot _ wattsbui. Lumber Co., nenr
'      ,i:iS,'...,.,  |l. 0
OOMPKTENT   Nt'lts*   UIKL.    Five   elilldrcii.
Apply box tit.
HOUSE AND TWO lots 0n Carbonate meet.
Ai.ply H. G. Nit'lamla.
H. .1. Clark, <iiy editor oi' The Canadian- loft last nigbt for u short trip
to tho coast.
VV. A. Thurman returned to tbe oity
last evening after :i pleasure trip to
ilu* Boundary country.
Th.' principals mid witnesses In tin*
iin- cases will probably leave for thuir
respective homes tomorrow.
Ai the city polios ''"'in ihis morning
a "frequenter" was scut to loilm* with
Warden Lemon for one month.
Tho second volume ol KuhhIu and
Japan, by Frederic Wm.   linger,   has
boon Ridded to tin* library, making ibis
wnrk complete.
Harry Wright, M. L A. Tor Ymir.
loft for tho coast this morning via
Bpokane toi* Victoria. Mr. Wright's
trip has no political significance.
Wm. Hunter of Silverton spent last
night in the city. Mr. Hunter reports
a noticeable revival in the mining iu-'
dustry throughoul  iho Slocan.
.1. k. Annable and R. J. Elliott left
this morning for Yank, where thoy will
look over a largo tract of land and
study out its fruit producing possibilities.
w. ].. spry will spend Christmas at
his old homo In liowmanville. He Will
leave for Hat Portage tomorrow evening, where he Will moot Mrs. Spry and
their son, and proceed to Bowmanvllle.
\V. S. Drewry, who has been a resident of New Denver for the past eight
or nine yours, has decided to take up
his residence In Nelson. Mr, Drewry
and his family reached the city last
The registration ior the municipal
election has been less ibis your than
any time since Xelson became incorporated as a city. There havo boon
less than 1UU names added to thc list,
and the Horn for registration expires
tomorrow evening.
Melville Parry has a force of men
hard at work transforming tho Agricultural hal] Into a theatre. Tho box plan
at Longhurst's for Wednesday night's
performance Is rapidly filling up and
already the most desirable positions
ure taken.
Chas. .Mcllardy and family relurned
last evening from an extended visit to
their old home In the Eust. This wns
Mr. Mcllurdys first visit to the Bast in
eight years and he noticed very many
changes since that time. What surprised him most was the fact that it
cost s quite us much to live in Toronto ns it does in the West. Farm
property is depreciuting in value as
a result of the migration to the West.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
in order torlf-nr out this line
We nro reducing Ibe price to
40c. We only havo u limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want anv.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Ymir License District
Notice Is bereby given that R E.
.McArthur has made application under
tlm provisions of the "Liquor License
Act, 1900," for �� hotel license for a
building is> he known ns the Northern
hotel nl Salmo, anil lhat n meeting of
the   Board   of  License   Commissioners
of ihe Ymir Licence District, win he
helii io consider such application, al
ihe rhief Constable's Office, at Nel-
son. on Wednesday, the fourteenth day
of November, 1906, at the hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, ii. c, 80th Ootober, moo.
The Annual Meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will be held in the Tioartl of Tratie
room on Thursday, November 1st, 1'IOfi,
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
D. C. McMORKIS, Secretory.
Fresh, Crisp aud Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine line.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica nml Josephine Sta.
Mere Are
Two Sruips
A Parlor Billiard Board
A L.ar$>;e One
8 ft ac. ft,        $20.00
Worth $45.00, for -*- -	
Those Boards arc good value at thfl
original prices, hut they are too expensive to sell, and we have pul these
reduced prices, which are away below
cost, on tiii'in. in sell them, in all the
range of parlor games there is nothing
to equal these Billiard Boards, They
are as well made as a regular billiard
table, and you can play practically iis
good a game on them,
The  more you   play  it  thc more  it
tascina.es you.
W�� G. Thomson
_$���___* ��"���' Nelsou, B. C.
Phone 34.
How Aboul   Your
Guns find
We have Bloy's, Kynook'l, Win-
1'ln'nti'i', ami Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wilding, H.iih,
Goals, Pant*, fie.
Nelson Hardware Co.
llt.X    O.ll INulMOI.,   1$.   C
tSherman's Opera House
"The Jolly Musketeers."
Chance of  hill   nightly.
Zirm's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
Wednesday "The S.iltan of Morocco.
The greittejl ^ir! show foo ovtt iaw.
PrloW Wc, 76c, 11.00. MiiUm*f ___C tuul Wc.
Sak*- iiuu oo hi Itiit.ierfnnl'��.
Zlnn's Musical Travesty company
was greetec} wjth a good houses the
opening night, The performance fulfilled the promises of the hills and,
judging Irom the applause, every one
was satisfied, There were many pleasing musical numbers, notably the duet, "Some Day." Thu dancing was decidedly clever, and gave evidence of
careful training. "Teesy-Weezy," the
name given to the production, has no
significance, there being an entire ah*
senoe of plot Tho costumes are rich,
and the electrical effects the best yet
seen In Xelson. Undoubtedly the company will draw well for the rest of the
week. Tonight the bill will la* a burlesque, "The Jolly  Musketeers."
Thursday Evening
ot This week
Besefred Seat Plan Rather ford's
Drug Store
Trains and Boats.
Crow's   .Vest  boat���Two  hours  lute
Sloean train���On time.
Boundary train���One hour late.
It you are married, laugh, anyway.
Vou ought to be able to enjoy a Joko
on yourself.
Talking -bout It will neither put a
piano inio your home nor bring buck
the daya���valuable daya���your daughter Is waatlng. Let ua tell you how
easy wo will make lt for you NOW lo
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts INot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Tomorrow Evening, Wednesday, Oct. 31
Double Bill, and Grand Comic Opera
Reserved Seats $1.00.     General Admission 75c
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of eity, all modern
conveniences, oue of the finest properties iu Nelson.
('T'/p\*\rTJ   JfiL    A*~*Af\        FRUIT LANDS a
Hilliard Campbell
Principal Baritone
,    with the
Starkey & Co., *S��
WholuMfilu l-'rovlalorMt,
I'roduct.-, - Fruit.
Dominion Qovsnunent On-otner*/ One-Pound Brloki reootvod woekly iri*h
trom the '���litiru.  l'Vr tsitln by ull hsiuiiuK grooon,
Oflls'i'nnil WMThoiiw': lloii-ston HliK'lt,   Phono 70,
Josephine Street. -      Nelson, B. C,
l,   O. (_., i
*- vv-V^vw4|
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
BhMtmetal Work,Carting., BuililenV Mntorinl nnil MiuitiK mid Mill Sliuhiiipry.
Office mill Worku Foot of I'nrk Ht.
Mimiu    Jt* l-l.
NcImiiii,  |t. C.
A Wotd to the Wise
Thll yfiir W0 have ffpproolfttod tho wtod of onrc��i
toman and have paaed Into Kt-x-k tho
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This itove la adapted rm* bard ooal only, andti||fl
antoed t" give MtiafaBthm.
]* H. Ashdown Hard wait]
    Company, Limited.
R**,s8lC.li!? ,j;.J >,"l*hl"�� "siiutod with Dunatoh. 8h_��t m.ui
Work, M ni.iit .um MIIIMachlnary.    Manufacturara ol
��)r�� Cum,  R.  kl.   _.s,ils-sitlisr��'  Cnra.
I'isrsii'i ssl If ni 1 ami
l-'rii.il Htri'ctss.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importur of  l-'luw
Jno. T. Pierre
linker _4t. INelMon, It. C
1 Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
AU Sim and Lowwt Prioee
MANUFACTURERS   J ��/ e>4 t       fl
AND DEALERS IN   LttmMt*   _>hlflgleSt
L.ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mull Onlm. promptly attM-WJI
 VBRNON 8TRBBT - - .  inruson. b. c.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoui Kootenay Range'
Because we cannot procure a better, taking into '<���'
count  design, workmanihlp, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you Its good points-
Wood-Vallance Hardware Com
KM tut I
...     ,     .


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