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The Daily Canadian Mar 10, 1908

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Thr   monarch   of
me all  the time.
bottled at
ILUMB  2.     NO.   242
|n. W. Pugsley Gelling
His Deserts
Imshed in commons
it:.. . Under Challenge But Is Dumb
-Documentary Approval of All
That He Now Condemns.
Btawa, March IU.���Once more Mr.
II ; has been invited to repeat In
|: tie-   .statements   concerning
Uorden   which   he   continues   to
Ide.     Mr.   Foster  referred   lo
courage   und   great   dar-
saown  by  the minister,  who after
> attacking Mr. Bordsn at J.ouo
distance, sat silent wheu challen-
|to      peat   thu   charges   with   Mr.
id   facing   him   a   rod   and   a   hail
li seems to me," said Mr. Fos-
U 11  J were to attack the prime
iter uit  the   public  platform,  wheu
wus    a continent    between    us,
I uiei Uiu right honorable gontle-
in this house and  was challenged
alee  good   my   words   in  his   pres-
i   would  do  it."    Even  this  cual-
dld nut   bring  from  Mr.   l'ugsley
bU in< nt.     lu   Mr.   Foster's   words
I it-iiiuiued   dumb   In   his
I the challenge to make good
-1     -i'.' til   his   charge   against   the
uf    tile    upiHisltiou,    a    churgc
was   absolutely   baseless."
.Mr.   l'u..sJ. y   did  say  something
hlrnsi It     He  went back to  1895
arge   that   the   Cousurvutive  guv-
11;   bad  tiien   dealt unjustly   with
I Brunswick.    Hu declared that the
::;. 11  pursued   "was  greatly   dis-
t u by thu ponple of New  Bruus-
ad ibu  uiaritlmu provinces  gen-
He assurtud  tbat  thu  govuru-
61 in   thu   subsidized   ships   to   a
|>     1 irl   and   bud  ln   1896   refused
11    Si.   John   when  a   delega-
bad   waiiud   upon   Mr.   Foslur  iu
Interest     This   was   all   contrary
: facL    The  Conservative  goveru-
m 1886 established a winter aerie Canadian     ports,    and  a    few
Ii-'>   later   gave   notice   that   sutisl-
vould no longer be paid 10 ateam-
aillng to Portland.    It was when
Ichange   of   government  came   tbat
|i was   cancelled   aud   the  lor-
[si   irice   was  continued  for  a  con
nine tieyuud tlie dale tlxud by
over Mr. Pugsley was suppori-
Ithi Conservative government dur
|tu> whole period. He was noiuin
a Conservative candidate fo(
N. 11., early in 1890 and uddruK"
I uieuilngs In support ol the Cuu-
���atncj, throughout thu year. He
I'u luu Held until April 84th, 1690,
parliament dissolved, when fur-
PS Ills own defeat, he retired. Hut
u was u Conservative, for in his
retirement   he   explained   the
|r 01
a   follows:
St.   John,   Ainll   84,   lbltG.
I1" A  Si 11 nun,   Esq.,
iilim   ul   the   Liberal   Conserva
|bvi   Association   for  Kings.
w i"ar   sir,   As  parliament   has
iaaolved the timu has couiu when
preparations   for   the     election
T      '���  i-lmuld   be   made.
. "i Information which 1 have
"1"1  from many   Quarters  It  seems
*   Irable   that   the  voice  of  the
f'.ii Conservative
ft" '" heard as t.
  and 1
Jful com
f����sly caiied,
"lllce   1
i    of Kings should
whu shall he their
would   suggest   that,  a
��� ut Ion of thu parly be mill   is   upwards  uf  a
was chosen as the slund-
llurlng   that   period   the
11  In   tbe   country   In   favor  ol
""������ug a prohibition candidate  lias
88��ed   hu   tar   that   1   cannot   shut
to the fuct that if 1 remain in
!   _    ,l great many leading Liberal-
r.fWveB,  In   whose   ranks   are  In-
1M  the
vast   majority   of   prohibi-
will   either   hi
1 "��� lound supporting the third can-
United      Liberal-Conservative
"ail  hem  eoininlited   before  Mr.
J '"niiig election,
|U"il  vvh
If our forces are
reasonable   hope   of   sue
-'e ?     Ttrere   are   quite   a
111   able   and   popular   Liberal
iV|,s  lu   Kings   to  whom  Lib-
, initlvu  prohlbitlunlsts   would
....   ���>   "'ill     ub     acceptable     candi
���Ventt    "   ""'y  wl"  ���**��� counsel in
11' !"<"   wl,h    ,ue,r   co-workers   In
1 "Weal  contests, they enn  easily
tn,,  ''"'"'"lute   who,   while   he   can
18   win1.   .  ���     Llbural-c:onservatlve
BtlonlJ,    ," ,h" llloa w''!''11   'he  Pro-
r.  11       h"V" bof"re  th��'n-
n   ' '"" to say in handing hack to
1  "'""iiiatiun so kindly tendered
ui' ,"  '    w,llcn ' w��s proud lo he
*%\)�� ^pailg Canadian
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
much  for
upon    the
vital  tn  the
.Veil her am
party, which    has    done
Canada, ami whose poiie
trade question 1 regard at
prosperity of our country.
I  Influenced  by ������>. misgiving as to 111.
triumph of Uberal-Consei-vatlve prin
tuples In the coming contest In my
opinion there has been 110 period since
confederation   when   the  prospects   of
success    for    the    party    were    brighter
than at present
1   nits   yours   faithfully,
Mr. Pugsley was mistaken as to the
pro pacts of his party. Two months
later he was a Liberal, because two
months later, lacking one day. the Conservative government had been defeated, Hut all the alleged wrongs to
tils own province and city, and all the
errors of policy which Mr. Pugslev now
attributes to the Conservative government, had been committer before Mr.
rater and his colleagues had received
the above certillcute of character from
the present minister of public works.
Getting   Ready   for   Operations.
W. C. B, Koch's mill, in the Slocan
Valley will resume operations next
Snowdrops ar*. how out In many Nelson gardens. The first was announced
several days ago  hy C.  Sutcliffe.
Llberala   Getting   Ready.
The Liberals in Yale Cariboo are getting ready for the light. They will nom
Inate their candidate at Vernon on April 14.
Two New  Buildings.
J. Larson will build a two-storey
house on Lailnier street and J. Hancuy
will erect a cottage on Observatory
Full   Force.
The full force is being worked at the
Granby mines, the number being a little over 600 men. Today is thu monthly payday.
The   Minstrel   Maids.
The Mlnstrul Maids, under the management of Ernest Wolff, are billed for
a return engagement at tliu Nelson
Opera   House.
Crowded   Hotels.
The hotels are crowded with travellers, many of whom are looking up the
Kootenay country us a prospective
place of residence.
New    Hotel   for   Grand    Forks.
Grand Forks Is to have a $10,000
hotel. It Is expected that tlie new hotel will be completed and ready for occupancy  by Juno next.
A   Good   Portrait.
The Ilrandon Sun, of March 5, contains an excellent portrait of Hugh R.
Cameron, who has again been elected
manager of thu Pioneer's Fire Insurance Company.
St.   Patrick's   Dinner.
The tickets for the dinner and concert In the opera bouse on St. Patrick's
evening will be 75 cents. They are now
in the hands of the committee and will
no doubt*sell  rapidly.
Will    Reside   In    Fairview.
James O'Connor, who was married
yesterday morning tu Miss Ittirnhuiu,
bus purchased a residence In Kalrview.
and the young couple will move Into
their home In  a few days.
Moyle   Prosperous.
According to the Moyle Leader,
there will be a large amount of building going on In that town ihe coming
���ummer, and there is a general air of
prosperity  in  business circles.
Christian Science  Parlor.
The premises on the corner of Stanley and Victoria streets recently occupied by the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers Association,   is   to   be   opened
as a Christian scientist reading room.
Sign  of  Prosperity.
The numerous weddings lhat have
taken place 111 Nelson the past two or
three weeks supplies evidence that
there are quite a number of people
In the city who have nn abiding faith
ln the continuance of good times.
I am not animated by
1 Hum a desire to Insure the
ut    tho    Liberal-Conservative
A  Steady   Demand.
"There Is n steady demand for Winnipeg property," says W. .1. Christie,
of Winnipeg, "and we are selling something every day. Of course the sales
are not very large but still thoy average about $l.0"0. Dining the month
of February our sales amounted to
$50,000. Already this month too, we
have made some very satisfactory
Fifty Cbnts a month
Stands Higher Than Dlher
Western Cities'
Issue Will Probably Be Sold at 95
With Accrued Interes.���Meeting
of City Council.
The city council, In a comparatively
short sesBlon last night, ratified the
agreement recommended with the Allls-
Chaliiiers-llullock company for the
Joint performance of the necessary
work to complete the present installation aud prepare for the second unit.
The civic salaries bylaw and Curfew
bylaw  were advanced.
An important announcement was
made by the mayor, to the effect that
an offer has been received for the city's
school debenture issue on terms more
favorable than have lately been secured by any other city in Western Canada.
A point emphasized ln conference
with thu huads of the city's engineering departments waa that every man
employed hy the city must give a fair
day's  wurk for his  wages.
A suggestion of the frontage tax for
local improvements was discussed and
held   over   for   further   consideration.
The council met at 8 o'clock with all
the members present. The minutes of
the last meeting were read and adopted.
The finance committee reported a
streets payroll of $242.75, which waa
passed and ordered paid.
The Are, water and light committee
reported recommending that an agreement with the Allis-Chalmers-Bullock
company be ratified, and that $10,000
be paid the company on account; and
that a red light be placed over each
tiru alarm box under the supervision ot
the city electrician and the chief of the
tire department. The report was
Herbert Cox petitioned for water,
light and sewer connection to his new
dwelling on Park street. The petition
was   laid   on   the  table.
R. A. Drown reported fair progress
on the work at the power plant. There
had been some trouble ln the sending
out of supplies. He had dismissed several men with light teams who were
not taking fair loads. The cement and
lumber necessary is nearly all out now.
Aid. Procter regretted that the work
had not been done by contract He
thought some unearned money would
have  to   be  paid.
To the mayor, Mr. Brown said he
had Instructed the foreman to report
any laborers who were shirking a fair
day's  work.
The ilnance committee submitted another payroll of $868.18 for power plant
construction, which was passed. A
cheipie was ordered to be issued to
Cecil B. Smith for $407, salary and expenses for his trip to Nelson and Inspection.
A resolution, prepared by the mayor,
provided   as  follows:
"Resolved that hereafter the stores
account shall form an integral part of
the book-keeping of the city, and shall
he so framed as to afford complete and
ready touch with all the tools, machinery, plant, supplies and materials of
city   from their  purchase  to  their
insumption or other disposition..
"Full and complete accounts shall he
kept of the above in the city's books,
anil shall be supported by a full and
regular system of stocktaking, carried
out at least twice In every year, and
stocktaking to be carried out Independently of the officer in charge of tlie materials; and complete statements and
detail shall he laid before the council
twice In each year, to wit, at Its first
regular meeting after each municipal
election, and at Its first regular meeting In July.
"The audit shall cover as thoroughly
the city's property and supplies and
materials as it dues the city's monies.
The first sneh audited statement in detail shall he laid before this council
not later than Its third meeting In the
month of April next.
"A copy of this resolution shall be by
the city clerk sent to the heads of all
departments and to the city nudltorfor
their information."
The mayor explained that a similar
system had recently been adopted by
the  provincial  government.
On motion of Aldermen Procter nnd
Patemiude  the  resolution  was adopted.
Bylay No. 1811, the Curfew bylaw, was
then reconsidered, finally passed and
The council then went into committee
of tlie whole, with Aid. Hale in the
chair, on Bylaw No. 182, the civic salaries bylaw.
The bylaw was then reported complete as amended, and was, by unanimous  vote,   read  a third   time.
Aid McMorris drew attention to the
number of petitions for sewers already
received, which the city Is not in a
position to grant. He suggested a
frontage tax, on the local Improvement
plan, for putting in such sewers.
The mayor thought It might work
well enough In regard to sewers but he
felt that the frontage tax system was
fraught with danger. It had mined, or
greatly impaired, the credit of many
other cities.
A general discussion followed in the
course of which Aid. Procter urged
that tbe city go as far as possible in
extending sewer connections for the
sake of the health of the city. He understood that one petition already
signed by 14 residents was to be renewed, with more signatures and accompanied by written guarantees of
Aid. McMorris remarked that former
guarantees had not been fulfilled.
R. F. Lawrence reported that 16
men are now employed on Front street
and  doing good  work.
To. Aid. Patenaude the mayor stated
that he had. after receiving many Inquiries and some offers, given a ten
days' option on the school debentures
to Aemlllus Jarvis and company of Toronto, at a figure which will net the
city 95 per cent, and all accrued Interest, which Is better than has been secured by any other western city.
Aid. Procter bas received an Inquiry
from an English firm for the new
power plant debentures.
The city clerk has given the notice,
required by the legislature, to the holders of more than half the present debentures, and is making good progress.
Aid. McMorris asked permission for
the Agricultural Society directors to
hold a meeting ln the city hall, which
was granted.
The council then adjourned to Monday, March 16th.
Master in Chancery Says
It Stands
Union Trust Company Wanted Coun-
ter-Claim  Dismissed���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
G.   G.   8.   Lindsay   Presents  Report of
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
to Annual  Meeting.
Toronto, March 10.���The deferred
annual meeting of the Crow's NeBt
Pass Coal Company Is being held this
afternoon. The report of the directors
was submitted by President G. G. S.
Lindsay. The report shows that the
balance at credit of the profit and loss
account, brought forward from 1906,
amounted to $353,592. To this has been
added $382,986.28, the company's net
profit for 1907, also the sum of $324,320,
representing payments ot premium on
stock, making the aggregate $1,060,-
980.70. From this amount the directors
paid a yearly dividend of ten per cent.,
amounting to $355,178.98, have transferred to the reserve fund $324,280,
and   have   carried   forward   $371,399.72.
The coal mined during 1907 amounted
to 981,939 tons, as against 806,901 ln
1906. Production of coke amounted to
231,368 tons,, as against 213,295 ln 190G.
The report says that but for a strike
during the month of April, and the action of the smelters in raising wages
"and so depriving us of our coke oven
men ln midsummer, and then for the
most part shutting down mines and
smelters for the last two months of
the year because they could not operate
under the wage scale, the output would
have exceeded by considerable the million ton mark for the year."
American Missionary's Opinion on Situation in India.
Pittsburg, March 10.���The first international convention under the auspices of the Young People's missionary
movement at 11 o'clock toduy in tbe
big music hall of the Pittsburg exposition. The convention will close Thursday evening.
Rev. John William Baer, president
of the Occidental college. Los Angeles,
California, led the devotional services.
The sixteen hundred delegates repri*-
sented practically every section of the
world. So large is the attendance,
thousands of delegates are here for the
occaiilon, that It lias been arranged to
hold overflow evening meetings in the
city hall and large churches throughout
the city. Moving pictures, the films ol
which are three miles long, Illustrating
the work of missionaries and the life
and habits of natives In all the important fields In the world, will also be exhibited at both the exposition and the
old city hall.
Dr. Arthur H. Ewlng, an American
physician missionary, president of the
Christian college at Allahabad, India,
who is attending the convention, believes nn uprising In India is certain.
He says: "A wonderful growth of
national spirit has been apparent in
India lately. The educated classes are
keenly alive to the situation, and have
been goaded Into an extreme position
by ill-advised statements by English
editors of prominent India newspapers.
Thore Is no danger of an Immediate
upheaval but a serious crisis in the
business future seems Inevitable. Hopes
were entertained that disturbing questions would be satisfactorily settled
by the Indian congress, but it disbanded."
Toronto, March 10.���The master In
chancery has refused to strike out the
counter claim of G. W. Fowler, M. P.,
ln the action of the Union Trust company against himself, William Irwin fo
Peterboro, and Peter Ryan, Toronto.
The action arises out of the celebrated
deal which formed the subject of inquiry during the Insurance investigation. The trust company alleges that
it was induced to pay $225,000 for British Columbia timber limits, of which
$55,000 by collusion was raked-off by
Kyan from the defendants. The counter
claim is for $100,000 damages for Fowler's alleged interest in the Kamloops
Lumber company.
Toronto, March 10.���At the annual
meeting of the Toronto Lacrosse club
yesterday it was decided to stick to
Nation   Lacrosse   Union   rules.
Hamilton. March 10.���The hearing of
the company's evidence ln the case of
John Theaker of the street railway-
men's union, begun before the arbitration board yesterday, waa continued.
In defense of its action in dismissing
Theaker the company charged him with
carrying passengers free aud several
other infractions of its rules.
London, March 10.���The firm of Lind.
Kerrigan & Co., wholesale grocers,
have assigned. No statement of liabilities is given out.
Hamilton. March 10.���Dr. White is
dying at the city hospital as a result of
blood poisoning. He was watching a
patient being operated on some days
ago when the surgeon performing the
operation dropped an instrument. Dr.
White picked it up and, not having rubber gloves on, the polBon on the instrument touched a scratch on his
Montreal, March 10.���The C. P. R.
steamer Manitoba passed Fastnet at 10
p. m. Monday, bound for Liverpool.
Montreal. March 10.���The Lake Cham-
plain arrived at St. John at 9 o'clock
this morning.
Deseronto, Ont. March 10.���The Des-
eronto Iron company closed down its
smelting works here on account of not
being able to obtain charcoal. Many
men are thrown out of employment as
a result. The company employed both
day and night shifts the year round.
Kingsville. Ont, March 10.���Rev.
Conon Matthews, rector here. Is dead
of pneumonia.    He was 69 years old.
Maple Creek, Sask.. March 10.���Constable Powell of the Royal Northwest
Mounted police, stationed on the Saskatchewan river north of here, was
found dead on the prairie yesterday.
He had been out on patrol duty. The
cause of death is not known but an inquest will be held. Powell came here
from the United States four years ago
when he joined the force, was a good
officer and very popular.
Snowflake, Man.. March 10.���The
splendid farm house and outbuildings
of Robert Miller were burned yesterday.
Nesblt, Man.. March 10.���Dr. Woodruff's house was burned yesterday.
Toronto. Match 10.���Samuel Jewitt,
for the past twenty year principal of
Carleton public school at Toronto Junction, died this morning. He was 02
years old. He leaves a widow and two
Hamilton. March 10.���The Cataract
Power company has obtained control
of the Hamilton, Grimsby and Beams-
ville Electric railway which for some
time was held by the Grand Trunk
through the Canadian Express company.
Toronto, March 10.���Edward Brown.
M. P. P., leader of the Opposition In
the Manitoba legislature, in an interview here expresses the belief that If
the temperance people of Manitoba
take time to get well organized they
can carry local option all over the
province, except In Winnipeg. Brandon
aud  Portage  La  Prairie.
Montreal. March 10.���The acceptance
of the princlpnlshlp of the new British
Columbia collese by Rev. John Mao-
Kay, of Crescent street church In this
city, has stirred tho congregation, and
last evening a crowded farewell meeting was held in the church. Rev. Mr.
MacKay was presented with a dressing
case and Mrs. MacKay with a purse
bag, by the congregation.
Toronto, March 10.���Fire this morning did damage to the extent of $3,800
to the premises and stock of the Miller
Manufacturing company, Mutual street.
Toronto. March 10.���Chief Justice
Meredith this morning gave an order
that the action taken by the liquidators
of the Ontario Bank against the former
directors should be tried before a Bingle
judge instead of going to judge and
Toronto, March 10.���The lesson of
the recent Cleveland horror has resulted In the minister of education for
Ontario sending out circulars to all Inspectors requesting them to see that
schools in their districts are properly
equipped with fire escapes and that
doors open outwards.
Toronto, March 10.���Petitions In
favor of the imposition by the legislature of regulations to control automobiles are pouring in upon the members.
Montreal. March 10.���News was received by cable today of the death of
Captain McNIcholl, commander of the
Allan line Victorian, and commodore of
ihe Allan fleet. Capt. McNIcholl was
65 years old.
An unknown anarchist made an unsuccessful attempt to blow up a bank
in Omaha.
Montenego has entered objections
to Austria's projected commercial railway through Turkey.
King Alfonso was warmly welcomed
by the people of Barcelona today, and
there was no attempt at hostile demonstration.
The trial of Raymond Hitchcock,
comedian, on the charge of assaulting
young girls, began in New York today.
Only two jurors have been accepted.
Ffity night riders, heavily armed, entered Brooksville, Kentucky, early this
morning and burned 15,000 pounds of
tobacco, the property of Robt. Stanton.
A Toklo rumor that the British government has advised Japan to accept
arbitration of its difficulty with China,
Is denied by the British  foreign office.
A principal and several janitors and
engineers of public schools ln Chicago
are under arrest, as a result of the discovery that doors were locked while
classes were in session.
An insane Swede discharged the contents of a Remington rifle at the window of the Norwegian royal castle In
Christianla. When captured he said he
wanted to kill King Haakon.
The French force under General
d'Amade has routed the Madrekas
tribesmen in Morocco. The French
casualties were very light. The hostile
tribes are gathering ou the Algerian
A Berlin news agency states that
King Edward has written a very cordial
letter to the Kaiser, expressing the regret of the British people for the article in the London Times, dealing with
a private letter.
The joint efforts of the Chilllan and
Peruvian authorities are resulting in
the gradual reduction of the number of
cases of bubonic plague. Rigid quarantine Is enforced at Iqulque and Callao
against ships from Asiatic ports.
Hon. H. H. Asqulth, acting premier,
admitted today In the British House of
Commons that by 1911, if present programmes are fulfilled. Germany will
have more battleships of the first class
than Britain, but pledges his party to
prevent that result.
The Nimrod. having on board Lieut.
Shackleton's Antarctic exploring expedition, has returned to Christchurch,
New Zealand. The expedition has been
temporarily abandoned on account of
the quarrels between Lieut. Shackleton
and Capt. England, the sailing master.
which ended in a personal encounter
with  tlie sailing master the victor.
A Washington despatch^ announces
that the American secretary of state's
department confesses complete failure
to obtain Justice or even civil replies
from Dictator Castro of Venezuela. The
opinion is expressed that no European
power would tolerate the treatment
Americans have borne. The situation
is considered very grave and will be
referred to congress.
Hospital   Meeting.
The annual meeting of the directors
of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital
was held this afternoon. Reports were
presented by Chairman H. Byers. secretary G. Johnstone and Medical Superintendent Dr. Hawkey. The result of the
year's operations is a loss of $2,752.
Liabilities amount to $1,971.68. assets
to $20,121.10. The earnings for the
year were $11,434.90; expenditure, $12,-
The total number of patients treated
was 335.
The Woman's Hospital Aid contributed $507 and has $243.37 balance.
The following directors remain tn office for a year: J. M. Lay, W. G. Gillett,
W. E. C. Koch, Capt. Patterson, W. P.
Tlerney. W. J. Wilson was elected to
HU the unexpired term of M. S. Parry,
and the following were elected for two
years: O. P. Wells. H. Byers. G. Johnstone. E. F. Gigot. F. Irvine, T. G.
The possibility of erecting a new
building was then discussed, being introduced hy W. G. Gillett, who thought
substantial government aid could bo
1 obtained.
Will Examine Persecutors
in Committee
Country Will Learn Cost of Partizan
Royal Commission���Progress of
Parliament's Work.
Ottawa, March 10.���Hon. Mr. Temple-
man gives notice of a motion declaring
it expedient to bring in a bill providing
for the inspection and regulation of the
sale of proprietary and patent medicines.
Since 1896, 620.000 acres of Indian
lands have been sold, bringing ln $1.-
The following bills have been read a
third time by the commons: A bill
respecting the Edmonton-Yukon and
Pacific Railway company, by Mr. Turriff; a bill to incorporate the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Peace River and
Dawson company, by Mr. Mclntyre,
Strathcona; a bill to Incorporate the
Bank of Vancouver, by Mr. McPherson.
At a meeting ot the public accounts
committee this morning, Dr. Reid,
Grenvllle, complained that the interior
department refused to Bend out documents except when the committee was
in session. This, he said, was inconvenient for members. Pugsley said the
matter arose from a misunderstanding
and that Oliver was quite willing to
forward papers whenever asked to do
so by the committee. He said there
would be no trouble In obtaining papers when required. Pugsley asked
tbat the charge made by Bennett, of
Simcoe, that the dredge Hackett was
paid for working in two places at the
same time, be looked Into. This was
agreed to. but Bennett denied any such
It was reported ln the lobby today
that Hon. Mr. Foster will bring Justice
McTavisb. and Messrs. Langmulr and
Kent the three royal insurance commissioners, and G. F. Shepley, K. C.
before the public accounts committee
for examination tn regard to their
travelling expenses.
W. G. Parmelee, deputy minister of
trade and commerce, today asked to be
superannuated. He will be succeeded
by F. C. T. O'Hara, who for some years;
past has been superintendent of Canadian trade commission service.
Capt. Paddon was In from Crawford
Bay last night
W. B. Pool came in from Sheep Creek
valley last night.
R . W. Gordon, of Pembroke, Ont, Is
registered  at  the  Hume.
LesUe Hill leaves this week for the
Old Country on a business trip.
Olcott Payne, manager of the Hewitt
mine, came down from Silverton yesterday.
N. J. Cavanaugh left this morning
for Spokane. He will return Wednesday night.
W. A. Freeze, formerly of the C. P. R.
staff In Nelson, arrived trom Cranbrook
last night.
Clarence Davidson, formerly of Nelson, has embarked in the express business In Vancouver.
J. P. Bliss is in town from Bonnington where he Is engaged by the Allis-
Chalmers-Bullock company.
J. S. C. Fraser, manager of the Rossland branch of the Bank of Montreal,
spent last evening ln Nelson.
Roy A. Cook, late of the Allis-Chalmers-Bullock company's Nelson office,
came ln from Calgary last night
W. H. Aldrldge, manager of the
Canadian Consolidated company, arrived from Trail last night and left this
morning for Moyle.
J. S. Lawrence, former superintendent of the C. P. R. Kootenay division,
arrived from Medicine Hat last evening
and will spend several days ln the city.
Word has been received from Ernest
W. Robinson, at Victoria, to the effect
that be had passed his examination
for provincial land surveyor. He will
locate in Victoria.
Prices  of  Metals.
New  York. March 10.���Silver. 65'ic.
London. March 10.���Silver, 26Vad.; lead.
��13. 17s.. 6d
Openina   Copper  Quotations.
(By McDermld & McHardy.)
New York. Mnrch 10, 1908.
Asked Bid
Granby    $95.00       $75.00
Dominion   Copper     2.25 2.12H
II. C. Copper     4.50 4.I2'3
j: |
��-�� 1 ..j Daily Canadian.
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer fulilines
iu these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever offered :u the city.
In tlie meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before makiug your purchase.
, States   put   together.     The   enUre   area
1 of  British   Columbia   is   less   than   two
1  huridr* d   and   forty    mllliou   acres,   so
lhat   the   government   has   reserved   in
one  block about tive-eighths of ail  the
land in the province.    Yet Senator Hey-
burn  of   Idaho  wails   pileously  because
the   1'nited  States  government has  put
a out two-fifths of the area of his slate
j Into  National   Forests.
in British Columbia there are practically no timber lands in the market.
The lumberman who wishes to cut
trees must deal with the government.
j Lands not in the forest reserves may
!..��� leased, subject to a royalty on all
timber cut. It is to be noted that the
enlightened policy which gives the people cc.ntro'. of their own timber resources is carried out by the local government of the province Itself. I'nlike
some of our western states. British Columbia does not hang back in sullen
. ������ -: whie salvation is forced upon
her by a distant  national authority."
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Caoltal Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up $4,860,000
H Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. W1LKIE. President. HON". ROBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
siELSON  bhanch ��J��   jVI.    UAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.   D.   1S69.
 13,900.000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
.savings Bank Department, and
merest credited Quarterly on
javings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six asr. s wees or tne
Bsxer St..  Nelson. B. 0
Bu ascription rstos, &u cenls s month delivered
In the city, or SS.00 a year II senl hy mail, when
paid ln Advance
Advertum* rates on application.
All monies paid in .eiUemenl ot The Dally
Canadian account*, either lot subscriptions or
sdveruslii.-. must he receipted lor on the printed
o rms ot the Company. Other receipt, are not
Tuesday,  March  10,  1908.
A public meeting is called for tonight to consider and finally decide
whether Nelson will continue trying to
attract tourists and settlers to this district by publishing and circulating information as to the districts resources.
or give up tbe struggle, abandon all
provision for answering inquiries, tear
down the office built on Ward street,
intimate to tourists that if they waut
to visit Ne'.son they must bring th-;r
own guides and expect no information
here, and leave tlie prospective settlers
to get their Information from Interest
ed real estate men.
The work of the Tourist Association
and the 20.000 Club has been eminently
successful, but the organizations themselves have been failures. Excellent
���work has been done. The attractions
of the district to sportsmen, holiday
makers, and settlers have been published all over the American continent, iu
the British Islands and in the countries
of Western Europe which furnish most
travellers. The results, too, have been
excellent. The transient summer travel
has repeatedly overtaxed the hotel accommodations. The shores of the Ann
aud ot most of the river are under cultivation and parts have changed hands
more thau once at constantly advancing prices. All this Is the direct result of the activity of the 20.000 Club
Hut the club's executive has always
been hampered by lack of funds. No
share of the money spent by tourists
nor the advance In orchard values
finds its way by any chance Into the
club's coffers. The club has done the
sowing at Its own expense and gets not
a grain from tho harvest, abundaut as
it is.
History has repeated Itself In Nelson
several times In this respect An organization meeting is called, It may be.
generally is. well attended, a comm.t-
tee is appointed. Then the public
thinks it has done its duty. No furtl
interest is taken in the enterprise, and
the period of its survival depends entirely on the devotion and loyalty of
the few who are bearing the burden.
Of course dissolution is inevitable.
No dozen men will permanently give
their time and work to benefit a thousand whu are just interested enough to
occisionally sneer at their efforts, if
Nelson collectively thinks it worth
while to attempt to attract residents to
the city or district, a united and whole
hearted effort must be made.
We pointed out, during the last municipal elections, thai the city of Nelson
has acquired assets, incurred debts and
laid the foundations for a city on such
a scale that it can be Justified only by
the assured expectation of substantial
and permanent growth. The burdens already accumulated will be very heavy
if they nr. permanently to be borne by
7.0'-'U people. The question to be answered tonight Is: "Are we content
with our present status or do we wan:
to lmprtffe it " Those who ignore the
me- tin;; will be answering in the most
decisive fashion: "We are content, we
want no improvement."
Liberal organs from the Toronto
down have lately been full of
di :.ur.ciaii6n of Conservative obstruction, and wails about the expense in-
I In tne ; ro'.onir.ng of the session
of the commons. On this point the
Toronto News, whose independence
arm not be questioned, says: "Obstruction is necessary when a govern-
m- nt refuses information concerning
the public expenditure. The question
of the c.^s: to the country is secondary
:     tbe  principle involved."
The question of forest conservation
is admitted to be one of the first importance at present in all countries
which have any considerable forest
area remaining. The policy of the government of British Columbia in reserving the remaining timber limits has
been endorsed by the associated boards
of the interior of the province, but it
has been the subject of vehement
criticism from some quarters. As an
indication of impartial opinion of the
policy and of the government which
framed it, the following from Collier's
Weekly may be of interest:
"The opponents of the national forestry policy of the United States have
laid special stress upon the streams of
American home builders flowing across
the l'ne to Canada. They have dwelt
tearfully upon the Iosb of national
strength caused by a cruel government,
which, by forbidding its citizens to
make homes on its woodlands, drives
them to a more hospitable foreign land.
Hut now the government of British Columbia has put into forest reserves at
one stmke a hundred and fifty million
acre1*���as much in that single province
as all the forest reserves of the United
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON ��4���.05
KINGSTON    50.10
OTTAWA    51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago    52.45
MONTREAL    52.70
QUEBEC    56.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th.
lf'OS. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For further information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
G.P.a... Winnipeg. OP.A..Nelson
W. li. DEACON"
(J P A , Nelson. B C.
Notice is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acts of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903. are
created incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and inserting
in lieu thereof the names of certain
other individuals as such incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the
head office of the Company from Nelson,
B. C., to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company is empowered to construct.
Dated Ot'awa. 31st Januarv, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
T��*e nntlf-e tbat Alfred KdwaM W��m��, of
Wft.tJ.tmrs. Brltlih folumblsV. lumberman. In
Istadi ui apply for permtMton ;o - ->���-- tbe fol-
iowine describe laud, tiluai* near Frorier on
tbe south nbore of tbe weit arm of Kootenay
Lat-   rnnre particularly deacrlbed aa followi.���
(."(.mm ���> no ing at the northwest corner of Lot 4
of Lo' 8W. G'oap 1, Weat Kootenay Dlitrlct.
tbf-nce 1640 feet (i>.t5 chalni) westerly along the
south shore line of the we*t arm of Kootanay
Lake ��nd being the north boundary of Lol 4 of
I>.i-����*u. the northwest corner ot Lot 4 of Lot
���**, thence 2280 feet (M bb chalni) along the loath
shore lin*- of the west arm of Kootenay Lake and
being tbe north boundary of Lot 16 ot Lot 306,
Group 1. West Kootenay Dlitrlct; thence north
loU feet (1 chain*); thence eaaierW 89&j feet
(6" 00 rba.t.s) aDd parallel with the south shore
lln* of th-.- west nrm nf Kootenay L��ke; thenoe
south 13: feet (2 chalni) to point of camn-enc*-
ment, and containing 120 acres, more or leu
D*ted this 12th day of February, A. ft.. 19CC
Tenders Wanted lor the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders address to the undersigned, at hit
office, in the '"ourt Houae. In the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of 5 o'clock. In
the afternoon, of Friday. February 28th, lf08,
for the purchase of the " Kden " Mineral
Claim. Lo�� lliT, Group 1, Kootenay District,
which waa declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the la,x sale held on the "th day of December.
11*>4, for delinquent ta,xes and cost*.
The upset price upon the Raid Mineral Claim,
which includes tbe amount of dell iquent taze*
and costs at the time of forfeiture. **ith Interest.
taxes which bare since accrued, costs ol advertising, and fee for Crown Grant (��2S 00) is 1133.83,
which is the least amount that will be considered
-.- a tender.
Kach tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque for the full amount ol the tender, payable to the order of tha Deputy Commissioner of 1-andt, and Works, at Victoria, B. C.
at par
Dated at Kelson, B.C., this - tS day of January.
GoTernaent Agent.
Tremont House
Knropean and  Anrri.-m  Plan
MaaJj U eta.   Hoomi from �� ru   to tl.
only Whtu Ueip Employed
Baker St.. HsIbob Proprievort
ll.si eomtorlabSe quaru-r.      Nelson
Only ibe besi ol Liquor, an J l ls.rs
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Room* 50 eenU upward The
dinlnx room Is unexcelled In the city.
House    heated    throughout    with    hot
J. A. ERICKSON. Proprietor
Telephone. 150.    Opposite Court Houss
and Poatofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
BaAar Btrsel. Nelson. B. C
Lara.   snd   Comfortable   BVSroom     snd  Flrtl
class Dining Kooxn-
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE.  Proprietress.
Baftlett   House
Best DoUar-a-DaT House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Pineal
White Help Only Employed
ephlne it-
Nelson. B. C
Royal Hotel
MBS. WILLIAM   K   H> - T- ;
Rate* II and ��1.50 a Day.
Special Rate* to Retmlar Boarders
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
The Board of Health of the City of
Nelson doem It advisable that as a
measure of precaution all citizens should
be vaccinated, and notice Is hereby
Si ran to thoee desiring to be vaccinated
and who are not In a position to incur
the expense thereof, that the Medical
Health Offleer will be ln the Council
Chamber, City Hall, on Thursday, the
0th day of Tebruary. between the hours
of 4 and I o'clock p. tn., and on each
.acceding; week day as required at the
same time and place, for the purpose of
vaccinating those who may present
City Clerk.
February 5th, 1908.
���leon L&nd District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I. L W. rihaver. intend to apply for a special licence to cut and carry away
timber from M0 acrea of land : Commencing at
apoetHArked LTw. Sharer, northwest corner
thenee eighty chalna aonlb. thence eighty
chains east, thence eighty chains north, thence
eighty chains west to place of beginning, containing M acres, more or less, and .���*.������ and adjacent to timber licence- lMM*. and also south
and adjacent to timber licence No ;'�����.-. ami a to
aouth and adjacent to T. A. Sharer timber limit
No. 1
Dated   NoTember 21st, 1907.
L. W. Shaver, locator,
A. Ha   kiTT, agent
Nelsoa L*nd District.  Dlstrlctof West Kootonay
Take notice that I, Charlea Dutcher. Intend
to apply for a special timber licence, to cut and
carry away timber from M4 acres of land Commencing at No 1 poat about I.' miles wett of the
Kootenay rlrer, on the north side of|Roundary
creek' and north, and adjacent to timber 11 ro nana
1MM, and one mile north of the international
boundary line: commencing at a posl mark��d
Charles Dutcher's soutbwest corner, them-r h.i
chains north, thence 80 chains east, thence *i
chains aouth, thence 80 chains west to the place
oi beginning, containing 640 acrea, more or less.
Located Norember 16th. 191/7.
CHevKLBS Dutchke, Locator.
No. 3. Commencing at a post marked < harles
Dutcher'a southeast corner, tbence (O chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence &0 chains
sooth, thence 80 chains east to the place of be>
ginning, and weat and adjacent to number one
timber limit, and containing 640 acres, more or
Looatad November 18th, 1907
(HAiLlo JPtTTCHkR. Locator.
No. I. Commencing at a p 1 marked Charles
Dutcher's northweat corner and about 15 miles
weat of tbe Kootenay river on the north ride ot
Boundary creek ana north and adjacent to timber llaense 1M00, tbence routh 80 chains, thence
east SO chalna, thence north &q< hair.it, thence
weat 80 chains to the place oi beglnniug, containing tuo aerea, more or leu.
Located November 18th, 1907.
LHAkLK* Dutcher, Locator.
Ne. 4. Commencing at a post marked Charlea
Duteher's northeast corner, them e south 80
chains, tbence west 80 chalna. tbence north 80
chalna. thence eaat 80 ebalns to tbe place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less
Located November 18th, 1907.
i rari E,~ Dutcher, Locator.
No. 5. commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeast corner, thence ft.) chain"
north, thence 80 chalna west, thence no chain-,
���outh. thence 80 chains east to the place of beginning, containing tf40 acres, more or less.
Located Nuvombor 18th, 1*-;
Charlm Dutcher, Ix>cator.
No. 6. Commencing at a post marked Charlea
Dutcher's southwest corner, thence north no
chains, thence eaat 80 chains, tbence south HO
ohalns, Uenoe waat W ohalns to tha place ol be-
Special Run Sale of New La-
ces, Embroideries and Muslins
These lines are now on sale at exceedingly low   prices,
select from.
Embroideries from 5c to Si.50 per yard.
Laces from 25c per dozen up.
New Dress Muslins from 15c to 75c per yard.
A fine stock to
313 Cordova Street. Vancouver, B. C.
We have established the townsito of Port Mellon on Howe Sound, 25 mllea from Vancourer, and ������
ed the water rights of Rainy River, which Is capable of devt-lopinK from ^000 to 6000 horse-power, for the!*
cation of our mammoth plant for the manqfaetmti of Dawsbtper, bulldlne paper, wrapping paper. ��tc. tht
plant to have a capacity of 45u tons of linlshtd paper per week; the company hope to have the pulp plssl ���
operation by Not. 1, 1908.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment of Preferred Stock in blocks e'1*
shares   at   $1.00   per   share;   each  100 ahares entitled to a  bonus of 25   aharea of Preferred.
The preferred stock Is entitled to a dividend of 7 per cent   rommencinK  November  1.   1808.    Ths I P"
cent   dividend is due and payable before any dividend Is paid upon tbe  common  stock.     After  T  per """ ,
been paid upon preferred both stocks thereafter participate equally.    Thero Is no good reason why ths fitw
red should not pay from 25 to 00 per cent, dividends.
The books of the corporation are open at any time for the Inspection of the general public. Thsrs UJ��
watered stock, no Inflated values, no ground floor plan, or hoga promoters)1 profits ln the enterprise. I"11"
most corporations, instead of allowing 15 lo 2". per cent for advertUln,; and sale of stock, the sntlrs cam
mission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, Office expenses, etc . is limited to 10 per cent
The  public   are cordially Invited  to visit our  demonstrating   plant,   313   Cordova   street,   and  ��ll��!"
the manufacture of pulp and paper from  refuse  material, such as slabs, discarded shingle bolts. eW-. ""'
now   being   burnt   at  the  local mills.
Captain H. A. Mellon, J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R. Collister. Manager Albion
Iron Works, Vancouver.
Francis J. P. Gibson. BrltUh ('uliini
bia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly Ceneial
Manager West London Paper .Mills.
London. Kngland.
Col. T. H. Tracey, M.C , Boo. 0, K . P,
L. 8., D. L. S.. Con.. Eng., former City
Kngineer of Vancouver.
Fred Smith, member of Smith.
Wright & Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co , Vancouver, B. C.
H. M. Riirrltt. Western Manager Cor-
ticelll  Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Kustaee II. Jenns, Barrister, etc . Vancouver, B. C.
Qeo, K Cales, Cates Shipbuilding
Co.,  Vancouver, B.  C.
Greely Knits.formerly    General
nger Paeilir Coast Coda Co.
RluultiK.   ronslnlliR r.40 srri's, men' nr k<*s
Ln'atoil SoVL-inbiT lSlh, 19U7.
eiiARi.Ks IH'tchkh, Legator.
Wi'st Koou-niiy I.slut IMsmel.   IMslrlrl Ol W.-st
Tsse llolU'f   thrtt   1,1.(1.   Jnllsell.  ol Hpokain.i
"Hsli.o Ipatlon tlmU'riiiHii,   luti'iul   tiiH|>|>lv
for a sissolal tlmbet Uosno. otm tin- foUowlna
aaaorlbid un.is:
1 I'oilllll. lirlllK nt ii rust   planti'il ill llii> H   W.
I'orili-r, .DonI 1 mil. fron)   KvlO   Johnstons I* 1 It
No.qm, sum post iiriiitt plaead on ths lnt.ro.
Hniisl ti.tiiiKlnry line, tn.no. uorlli .0 ���-hnins
Iht'iii'tM hsi HO chslns. IlK-mo south liirhsnis
thi'tui'wi'si Hlo rhnliis to imlnl ol i-otnln.no*
infiit. t-ontMitiin|! MO aoraa.
Pstr.l lli'i'i inlivr llnl. I1SI7. .1, r   .I.KsKN
2 ('omtni'iu-ins hi H post plantsd at tha H \\
oorn.r, .boot *n ohalns north lrom iin- s \\
corner ol In-��l loll No I., Ilipni-i- north -in .hums
thviiiv MM liw chains, ihuucu south Mchains'
N  won  li,n ,.������ins  in point ol commence-
��� iniiiiiiiniis mo aorta, J c. j.-skn
' oi���m,.|i, in,. ��i ��� ,���,��� pi.one.l   K| Ihe s. W,
I  "<"'"'  ��> Wall irlh   lrom  th. B. W
r OI locsllon No   a, llicncc   norlli 10 chnllis,
toitns,  thence  south   111 distils,
point  ol coinincnce-
J  0,  Ianssn.
th.no. wsst in
mi nt,oontalnlna Moa
,.���,., ., ""'""'""Hia  ��t �� postplnnlcl nl the B. W.
.   .      ���'   I1"""    '"   "buns   norlh    trom   IheS   W
..,,'"""" N" ������ iio'iii'" north to ehalna,
nenjti oast Up ohalns,  thence south in ch.lns
helicc   ���,.,,  |80   clinlns to   pollil   ol   collllncn.v
'".'"''. itsliilliit Mil sere.. J.I'  Janssh.
���", ' niiini ilna at.poal plantaa at th. a w,
lorner. BDOUI In clmlus   norlh   fiom   the   S.   W.
coiner ol location   No., them Mill  III chnllis,
'"' ist IN Ohalns, than outh <n ohalns,
'"'"'"   ��''��' 'im  chnl ,   poluiol   coinmcnce.
nieiii. ooniainins ttuaam.
I'eie'lll.cHil,,   p.sn. J,  t!, JahsSN
������  uommtnofni at a poi plantM at HieS. w.
corner about 40 chalni no'"     , h 1
corner ol location  No. ��.,gJS .oul'"
IheKcccasl  ISO chains. tM����, j)N
llience   west 180  oh.lnl. ����� 1""��
mout, containing 640 aowt j.t."
rl.ll.llll.1 llhi 1~ ted at'M
7. i ���oinineiicliiK ��t ��P��'J ^"m";1"
cornor and adlolnlns "'"h^n*e io"Bf,
thonco oast 46 chain'. ���������� sraPj]
llieneco.st 40 chains, lh^��0,ib��J.,
thonco west SO chain., "''" .enlt!"1"/"
to point nlenmmoni*mcnl,i��     ��..��������
Pocomoor 4lh. ,.^��i(W
a. Oom��i����Mat��Mm��Sa
irner. abonl .of s uj" , ���| ��"��� a
illrecilon from l"�� ���"",''���, I lie ">"?,��, "J
.,,,1 shout 5ft nils' '^%t����i��1
south INI eh.Ins, the 00 w gjit�� j
north ISo chains,  lh0���*5injli�� a*0. J Bf
ol oommeneemonl.oonu.lnl""     (,J.��J
)| oiuilliriii.,..--
lioc.uiimr Mb, mm.
~   ~~        ""^....''
m The Daily Canadian
We nn* the latitat individual  owners of good fruit land in tho Kootenay district, British Columbia, on direct
.-.,  iiii;', lines or transportation.
The  Narrows	
.. .   Arrow
WlialHli.'in  Lake	
..   Arrow
t'iiiiiaiiion  t'reek	
.. .   Arrow
Mleliiuid Creek	
...  A now
Van Houten Creek...
...  Arrow
Hutchinson Creek. .. .
..  Arrow
How man Creek ..
.. .   Arrow
Lillli!  Deer   Park. .
.. .   Arrow
of the
above have splendid lake
ween Salmo and  BJrli
on O. N. Ry.
4 miles BOrth of Krilitva
e on G. N
2 n
dies north of Kruitvale on  0. N.
The threo tracta laat  named  are 40 miles aouth  of  Nelson  in  the famous   Fruitvale  diatrict.
At  Fruitvale  and  orr the   Arrow   Lakes with   all   the   conveniences   and comforts of civilization'.
School, Post Office, Stores, etc.
Soil, Location, Prices and Terms cannot be beaten.
Plans, Maps, Blue Prints, Prices, Etc., on Application.
Please specify tract  when  writing  for  information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
ou cannot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
\eeiy   Potk,   Mutton  and Weal
Hams. Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass aud wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo. Rossland    INEL.SOIN, 13. C-
Ih   .a Und District.   District of Won Kootenay
.    Uk.-notice lhat   Harry   Bird, ot Nelson, orcu-
��� l ��� n nial estate ���.Kent, intends lo apply lor
mission lo purchase the following fliWIDM
!-     Conum-uclng   ��l*   P��*1  pl��"tL'd   al   J���
ll&'.r.in-.ii   corner   <>l   Dot   a7S,   thence   running
��� iwr.l, .") chains,   thence   weft A) chain*.,   thenee
I , liMttif,   mon   or  IMS, to the   northerly
���boundan   of  Lot ;*73, thenee following north
lliniiiruiv   Lot n>   to   point ot  commenwiiu'in.
it'iitatiiliiK 4U acres, more or less.
Dat��d February 1Mb, 1008. Hahky Bird,
F. C   GREKN, Agent
���Nelson Und District.   District oi Weat Kootenay
rake DOtlOS   that Fred. J. Hainmoiia,   agent   lor
iFrvd  J    Tanner, of   Nelson, occupation   watch-
ImKk.'r, intends to apply for permission to pur-
Hum-tin- fallowing described landa: Cornmeli-
.rttiKat a th>Ht planted ahout 9M in ilea eaat ot
I *!,.,.i, . reek, thence 40 chalna in au easterly
Idirection, theuce 90 chains south, tlienee 40
|<ii*ii.* in a westerly direction, thence 90 chains
I norlh to ihe puitu of commencement, eout��inlug
j *w Hirer), more or leas
l'ated Nov.2uth, L907. , ���,  -���.
F. J. HaMRONS.   Agellt.
I V;-. ii Land District. Dlatrlct ol Weal Kootenay
I Takenotloa that Fred J Haniinnus, ���gMtlOi
I A. A imlUird, of 1'roctor, occupation randier.
I Intend! lo apply for permission to purchaae the
I folluwuiK .I.MilI.ed landa: Commencing al a
1 !"�����! i isiited about IU inileaeaal ol Wilson creek,
| thence aouthweat 30 chains, theme northwest Ai
��� tl alns, ths n(M northeast 2U chains, the ma soulh-
[ aul j. t hniiis u> the the point ol commencement
1 containing It) aeres, more or less.
hated Nov. ii-th, 1W7.
AgUUt  V    J     BAMMUPIB.
N-'Umi I .mid lUslrict.   District of West Kootenay
I    Takt iiHt.ee that W. A. Hudson, limner cruiser,
"t Spokane,  Hpokaue county,  Washington, oue
01 the l tilted Htaleaof America, in lends to apply
'<>r a special   timber   license over  the following
1   t'��'Tihed lands:    Commencing at ft post marked
1 <   l.plauied on the north hauE of  Corn creek,
Mta�� lunotloaol the Worth fork of Oorn creek
*H.i the uiuln Hlream, about live milea In a
i *Mterl* direction from confluence of laid t orn
I T'tk with the Kootenay river; thence north ��
'limns, tin-nee west UQ ehalna; theuce aouth 40
1 Imin*; tlienee eaat 160 chains to point ol com-
iK-iKciiiLMit, containing MO itcrca more or leaa.
Bald land adjoins timber limit >o 7 on aha
*��t and limber limit iNo. 8 on tho south, aa located by me.
Located November 7, mi7.
u. William A. Huimon, Locator.
Witnessed by Patrick o. shine.
Declared ami signed by the within named W
AJludMitt on the 29th day of November, A D.
i*"*, Ufiore me at Bpokane, Hpokanu Countv,
Washington, Oho Ol the United Slates of America.
Patrick o. Bhiiw.
an rlet.   District ot Weat k\ooleuuy
Take notice that Isabella 1'lsree,   f HtrftHsruirg,
V'",''J   atinn married   woman,   liitouctH   lo  apply
"f.PermiMion to purchase thu lollowing uea-
onoed lauda:   Oommenolng at a post planted al
!��* intersection  ol  the  north  boundary ol U��t
* �����, and   the east   boundary   ol   Lot   No.   818f>,
uenceeutN Ohalns. more or leas, to the north-
Wit corner of Timber   Limit   No. 7671,   thence
rUi BO chains, theneo west'20 chains, more or
lo Hie eaat side  of Whalshftu   lake,   Iheuce
Wing  same   in   a   southerly   and   westerly
lion Km eiialUR, more or  less to the Inter'
ln ���������""with ..ot818f��, thence 36 chains,   more or
.;"' Ollowing  easterly   boundary   of Lot 8185 to
i 'on ut i-oHnnoiK-uinout,
"ated 7th Ootobat, tlH>7.        laAHKi t.A riKiu'R,
F. (1. Fjtl'.iptfK.     ��elit.
way rieht-ofway, about one and a half milts
westerly fn��m the northwest corner of lot :*'JS3,
iiroup 1. Kooleuay. thence south 80 chains,
thence eaat 80 chain;., th.inofl north ho chains to
southern bonndarr of aald rlght-of*w��fi thence
Weat 80 Ohalna along l*id southern boundary to
pnlnt of cmuutoeiuent, and containing 800
acres, more or leaa
Dated  November yth, 1907
Nelaon I.aml District. D.strii'i of West Kootenay
Take notice that K. P. Burden, action aa agent
forJ.H Burden, of I'okiok. N. B.. occupation
mechanic. Intends to npuly for permission to
purchase the lollowing di-scribed   lands:    <"om-
menelng at a post pUnted on the eastern shore
.([Arrow hike and ftbOQl U) chains norlh of the
S. K. corner  of   lot  8188,  theuce  east  20  chains.
thenoenorth40ohalnsi moreorlaet. to the lake
vimc ihanoa aonthweatorly along the Uuteahpre
lo the point of commencement,   and  containing
bftted* November 18th, 1801  J am eh h Bcrpkn,
F. i'   Burpkn, Agent,
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take  notice    lhat   John   James   Cameron, of
Pernios   British Columbia,  occupation   contractor,   Intends   to   apply    for   permission   to
purchaae the following des ribed ��ud: tom-
menclug al A post planted on the southern
boundary of the B: c. Southern rigbt-of-��ay
aoout 40 chalna westerly from the h. n ,or,11*;1'
of lot8888, group I, Kootenay, thence aonthao
ehalna, thanea cast iu chains, thenee northoo
chains   to  ihe  southern   boundaty   of  tfaa   saul
right-of-way, thence westerly   along said   soulh
crn   iMiundary  of right of-way   to   the   point
commencement, and containing   240 acres, more
Nelson Land Dlitrlct.   Dlatrlct ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , occupation wife of C. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man., Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the followiug described land:
Commencing at a post planted at tbe N. E. C.
of Hugo Carateui' application to purchase and
running thence west 80 chains thence north SO
chains, theuce east 40 chains, theuce south ���
chains '2b links, thenca east 40 cnains, thence
south 71 chains 76 link), to point ol commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
Charled Marshall,
Agent   for   Tina   Bergman.
Dated 23 December 1907.
West Kootenay Land District. District of Goat
Take notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
c better, occupation tlmberman, intend to
apply for permission to purchaae the
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 chains, west ot Thompson
marked N. W. corner, theuce south J0.SX chains
tbence east 44.67 chains, tbence north 31.45
chalus, thence west along B. C. Southern Kail-
way to place of commencement, containing 08,18
acres _
Dated January 8th. 1808.       Geoboe H. Hunt
Nelson Laud District. District of W��l Kootenay
Take notice that 1, Frederick Adle, of Waneta.
ft. C-. occupation merchant, intend to apply for
,.i'iiiii-:i':i to purchase the following described
and: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains west of the N K enrnerof lot 8622, thence
uorth 20 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated Jauuary 21st. 1908.      Frederick, ami,
Nelson Land DlStrlCt. Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that John Hhlell. of Needles. B r.,
occupation rancher, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described
hind! Commencing at it post planted at the
northweat corner of Lot 78WH, theuce west 10
e'lalns thence south *" chains, iheuce east 40
chains' llinnc north W chains  to   the   point of
commencement, and containing 880 acres, more
"VauMl 18th October. 1807 Jams-h Hhibll,
K. ��   F.U'qniKR, Agent.
Nelson Land Dislrict     Hist rlclof Weat Kooleuay
Take notice that   Angus   MoOlU, of the Clty.ol
Nelaon, occnpalion tin
luiin, intends to apply for
permission U purchase the following deacrlbed
lands: ComiWrncing al h post planted at the
S    W    corner   1-    0.   Morrisons   ranch,   in   Mr
allay, Uunoe north forty C��0) ohftlns, thene
ast   K"-ty   [401  Ohalns,   thenee   south        ity HO
alns, thence west lortj (40) chains olnio
mmenoement,  and con tain Id a one hundred
d sixty (160) acrea, moreorleia
Died Bftpte nber 2nd. UH)7.        ANt.ru
N,'l��')ii Land Dlstrlui.   D
UlMClOl   >Um   Kinllllln)
irnu     i0,lco   that   Alexander   J.   MuCool, of
i. r , I',,  ' ��,'i occupation clerk, intends' to apply
I111.1 rillM11,"��   10   purchase  the  following   (lea-
u uL.i     '���   tloniinuuclng at a post planted ou
��� -uuihuru  bouudary oi B. 0, Houtheru Kail-
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice that Hugo (iiratcua, of Winnipeg,
Man.. Occupation publisher, intenda to apply
for pertnlattion to purchase the following described land:
Oommenolng ��t a post planted on  tha west
oundary of L. 4878, <! 1, (about,'> miles from Ar-
row Lake, on UosqUltO (-reck) and 21 chains 75
links south of the N. W. C. of said lot, running
thence west 80 ehalna, thenee soulh 80 chains,
theuce easl 80 chains, thence norlh 80 chains to
piece of commencement, containing 840 acres,
more or less.
Chahi.kh Marshall,
.\i.-c;it   for  Hugo ('arsteui.
Dated 3d December WOT.
Nelson Land District    District of Waal Kootenay.
Take notfee that l.cyi George Tayne, of Needles,
B. C., occupation   rancher, lntc'ida   to apply   lor
nermlHslon to purchaae the   following   deacrlbed
landa-   Oommenolng at a poat planted abontlo
.alns WMl of Wbfttahftn creek and 88.014 chains
Ion    of the iouthweat oorner oi Lot N��   8043
runnlna thenoe north ho chains, thenee west so
a  a        thence SOUtb   12 l.V> chalna    theuce east
SSfflcbftlns, theneo south 87 846 chains, thence
MilS tdialns cast   lo   point   of cornmenceiuent.
eolllalulng 481 hitch, l.mv inrveTtd as lot HIH5.
Sited ith January, 1908. LsTVI Georo* Payne.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of Nelson, in the Provinceof British Columbia, occupation spinster, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowing described
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
hign water mark of the Salmon river distant
about 12 miles ln a southerly direction from
halnio, B C, tbence north 40 chalus, thence east
40 chains, tbence south 40 chains, more or less,
to the high water mark of the Salmon river,
thence west 40 chains, more or lets, along said
high water mark to tbe point of commencement,
and containing 160 acres, more or less.
Located on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February, 1908.
Marion Isabella Crease,
Kdward Manly Peters, Agent.
Nelson Lard District. District o! West Kootenay
Take notice that James William Gallagher, of
the City of Nelson, lu the Province of Hritish
i olumbla, occupation merchant, intends to apply lor permDslon to purchase the following
described land : Commencing at a post planted
at the high water mark of tbe Halmon river distant ii i.out 12 mill s ln a southerly directiou from
halmo, B. 0., thence north 40 chains, thence
west 4() chains, thence south 40 chains, more or
less, lo the high wate. mark of the Halmon river,
tbence eaat 40 chains, more or less, along Ihe
said hiiib water mark to the place oi beginning,
containing 16�� acres, more or leas.
Located on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, 1806.
James William Gailaoher,
Kdward Manley Pktehs, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootena
Take notice thut 1 John Arthur Pcott, of Mono
Ciint re, Ont., occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to purchase tbe following de
scribed laud at the mouth of Hummlt creek:
Commencing at a post planted at the sou Hi-
easl oorner of lot 878a marked N. K., theuce
south 40 chains, theuce west 20 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 20 chains to place of
commencement containing 80 aeres.
John Arthur BOOTT.
W. J. Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1908.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice -that 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
Canter, Ont .occupation married woman, intend
to apply lor permission to purchase the following described iand near Summit ereelt:
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of lot H780 marked 8. W , thence
north HO chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west '20 chains to place
of commencement containing 40 acres
Christie Scott,
W. J.Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 1908.
Return   Delayed'
Provincial Constable Devltt has not
yet returned from Salt Lake with his
prisoner. Cedeo is said to be quarantined on account of diphtheria breaking out ln the prison in which he is
More  Hotel   Accommodation.
There Is great need in Nelson for Increased hotel accommodation, and to
meet tho demand it Is understood that
the two leading hoteln will bft considerably enlarged the coming spring. It
Is understood that the enlargement to
one will mean the expenditure of S40,-
New  Buildlnga.
Several new residences are being
erected in Fairvlew. One of the new
buildings will close up the road which
has been so long in use to the Grove
hotel. In a few days George Fleming
will start taking out the foundation for
a new store about to be erected by
Fleming & Son. It will be a two storey
Looking for  Revenge.
A man who had been victimized by
a friend the other day at one of the
city hotels applied for a warrant to
have the offender brought back from
Spokane. He was advised not to go to
that trouble, and he left the office
of the Justice of the peace vowing that
he would leave on the next train for
Spokane and shoot his false friend. No
word has yet been received from Spokane to the effect that he had carried
out his threat.
School   Fire   Escapes.
The  catastrophe   in   the   school  near
Cleveland has aroused  the citizens of
Kdward tbe Seventh, by the Grace of God, of the
Unite*  Kingdom of Gjeat Britain, snd Ireland, and the British Dominions beyond the
Seas King, Defender ot the Faith, Emperor
of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come, -
W. J. BowsKk, Attorney General.
Whereas by Section 6 of the "Game Protection
Act, 1898," as re-enacted by Section 19 of tbe
"Game Protection Act. Amendment Act, 1905,"
it is enacted that it ahalt be lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, by Proclamation to
be published In two successive issues of the British Columbia Gazette, to declare a close sesBon
for geese in any part of tbe Province ior anv
period of time, snd
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with the advice of his Executive Council, bas
been pleased to direct, by an Order in Council
in that behali, a close season for geese within
the County of Kootenay, until and includlig
the 31st day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Now Know Ye therefore, tbat in pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim a close season
for geese within the County of Kootenay, until
and Including the SIst day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
In testimony whereof, we nave caused these
our letters to be made patent and the Great Seal
of the Province to be hereunto affixed.
Witness, His Honor James Dunsmuir, Lieutenant Governor of our said Province of British
'.'olumbla, ln our City of Victoria, in our said
Province, this 19th day of February, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
eight, and in the eighth year of our reign.
By command,
Provincial Secretary
Victoria to the point of Investigation
and they have made the discovery that
their schools are not provided with
fire escapes. In other Canadian cities,
notably Toronto and Vancouver, the
schools have been condemned by reason of the fact that no escapes have
been provided. In Victoria, according
to George Jay, chairman of the school
board, the schools are provided with
fire alarms, but no fire escapes.
Muet   Have   Been   Dreaming.
A. Nichols, the Burton City merchant
who claimed that he had been robbed
of $800. appears to have been troubled
with bad dreams. Just as The Canadian went to proas Inst night Nichols
confessed that his story to the chief
of police was false, and that he did not
lose any money at all. The yarn he
told did not look altogether right from
the first, which led this paper to express the belief that the thief would
probably be discovered   before  night.
Returning   to   Butte.
The Phoenix Pioneer says the announcement In the press early last
week that the great Amalgamated Copper mines in Montana would at once
reopen with a full force of men, which
employ around 20,000 at mines and
smelters, had the effect of attracting
quite a number of men from the Boundary, for whom there was not room at
the Granby mines or other smaller properties now working. Nearly every day
last week tickets were bought for
Butte, and some old Butte miners left
for their old working places.
C. P.  R.  Navigation.
During the coming season the C. P.
R. will expend $250,000 on its navigation department in the Kootenays.
Down at the shipyards they are preparing to build a tug and a barge, and
other additions to the fleet are in contemplation. The ship carpenters are
busy at Nakusp, and as a result there
will be a tug and two or three barges
jpore in commission within a few
weeks, T^iis large expenditure of money taken in connection with the money
tbat will be spent in building operations in the city, including the completion and operation of the zinc plant,
induces the belief that this will be a
prosperous  year  in Nelson.
Promotion  for Capt.  Troup.
The report is current at Victoria that
J. W. Troup, who left for Winnipeg
a week ago to consult with the second
vice-president of the C. P. R-, William
Whyte, with regard to proposed
changes in the steamship services of
the C. P. R. system, will be appointed
general superintendent of the amalgo-
mated trans-Pacific steamship and British Columbia coast services, of which
he is now in charge. The statement is
made that he will be transferred to
Vancouver, where the head offices of
the steamship company will be, and
an assistant manager will be appointed who will be in charge at Victoria,
which will still remain the headquarters of  the  British  Columbia  service.
A Faithful Offici.il.
With   the   transfer  of  W.
C.   Bowles
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ot Title for lots 4, 6, 9, 11,
19, ���-'������. and 3a>, of lot 891, Group One, lu the
District of Kootenay (Map 698)
Notice in hereby given that It is my intention
to irixiic at the expiration of one month after the
first publication iieroof a duplicate nf the Certificate of title for the above mentioned lots In
the name of Ktchard llelme, which Certificate of
Title Is dated the '.Mth day of November, 1900,
and  numbered 08IOA.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C, January
17th, 1908.
'II   F. MacLbod,V%
District Registrar.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lots
in the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innts. Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full, particulars as to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
H.   &   M.   BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Landa now offering. 157 acre,
of choice land situated on Hawser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Muat be
sold at once.
For   full   particulars   apply
If yoo want Good Land
McDermid ��& McHardy
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch in  the best fruit growing district
ln  British  Columbia by  paying  $10 dollars down and $10 per month.
Even ns an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within the year.   What will It do next
MANUFACTURERS    T ^tmmte.^e,     Cf.* 1
and dealers in dumber, oluiigles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
r a
Turned Work and Brackets.
Mail Orders promptly attend*"3r
from the C. P. R. freight office in Nelson to the Winnipeg office, the position
of general freight agent of the Kootenays becomes vacant. The Daily Canadian has no desire to dictate to the
C. P. R. as to the appointments of Its
officials, but at the same time this paper cannot refrain from giving expression to the hope so generally expressed in Nelson that R. W. Drew, who
has so long aud faithfully served the
company in this city, will be promoted
to the vacant office. Mr. Drew has
been a resident of Nelson for ten years
or longer, and during that time he has
firmly entrenched himself in the confidence of the business community.
There are so many matters affecting
local business that it will require a
man thoroughly conversant with local
conditions to give satisfaction, and in
Mr. Drew the company has a man that
may be depended upon to perform the
duty not only to the satisfaction of the
company but as well to the business
community. His appointment would be
a well-merited recognition of the services of a faithful employee and a tribute to tbe merit of a highly esteemed
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Red Point." "Wrnamo," "Groi'liwnoil  Frsc-
tlmml, -reeuwooil  aud Jsi'k Pot Fractional"
Mineral  Claims, sllnate In the  Nelson  Mining
Hlvlslon of West Kootenay  District.
Where located :���On Kagle Creek above the
roorman Mine.
Taso notice 'hat I, John IfeLateht. of the
Citf ol Nelson uctltiR us nttent for .Ions I" Sired-
berK. Kree Miner's Certificate No 11747ft and
Oscar Johnson Kree Miner's cer'lticate No B6��l
intend sixty days from tlie date hereof to ap
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates o
Improvements, lor the pirrp"8e of obtaining
frown ilraiits of the above claims.
And further lase uotlce that action, under
Section 37, must be coininviiced before the is-
suance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 27th day of September, s   D , 1907
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Kootenay   Lake   General    Hospital   Society���Notice  of  Annual
In accordance with the bylaws of the
society, the annual general meeting will
be held in the court house on Tuesday,
March 10th, at 3 p. m.
Membership Conditions���All annual
subscribers to the sum of $10 ara members of the society eleglble to take part
in the election of directors ror the ensuing year, and in case of Illness are
entitled to free treatment In the hospital.
W.    Q.    GILLETT
Contractor   and
Sole agent for the Porto Rlro Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yar-.s. Rough and dre*����id lumber, turned
work and bracket**. Coast lath and shingles, puA
and doors. Ccmeut. brick and lime for sale
Automatic eriuder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
P   O   Box .'3-J t���,..���,.. ������ 177
lu the matter oi an application lor Ihe iiwue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to Lota
(, .s. and 6, Block 6, Nelson .'ity, (subdivision oi
part of Lot 182, Group une, Dlatrlct of Kootenay
(Map 486). *
Notice is hereby given that It in my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of theCertlft-
��� aleo Title to t'e above mentioned tots in the
nameof Patiie Rhodes which Certificate Is dated
the 16th day of May, 1899, and numbered 1897-k
Laud Rt'Kiftry Office, NelBon, Br., January
24th, 1908. H. F MACLKOD,
nutri.'t K��ir1>tt>*>r.
"April Pool" No. B Mineral Claim, situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenav
Where   located:    Between   Kagle   and Sandy
creeks, aiul about one half mile from the   t ������
man Mill.
I ake U'tlce tbat I. F C. Green, acting as agent
for J. P. Hwedbcrg. Free Miner's Certificate No.
IJ747.r>. Intend, M\ly daym from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Record.-r for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purposu of obtaining a
Crown Grant oi' tne above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section :V7, must Ix- commenced befflro the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thJLflSSth day of January   A. l>., 1SH77.
F. 0. GREEN,
Nelson, li. C.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate
Certificate of Title of an undivided one-quarter
interest in Lot 87, Group One, Kootenay District,
known as "Let Her Go Gallagher' Mineral
Notice is hereby given that It is my intention
after Ui- expiration of oue month from the first
publication hereof, to istue a duplicate Certificate of i ltle ou tht above described one-quarter
Interest in tht name oi John F. Stevens, which
Certificate of Title is dated the 6th April. 1000,
and numbered 3U88K
Laud Registry office, Nelson, B. C, March 3,
H. F. MacLeod,"
Hisiri.-t Registrar.
If you want upholsteriiig or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
and will build you a piece of furniture to
order at the price of factory goods See .
us for second hand gooda.
DE1NT <& CO.
Turner Beeton Block, S06 Vernon Street.
Tne Daily Canadian
FOR    1908.
We are busy on them now. Rings and
Brooches   are   particularly   attractive.
Have you seen our Monogram Combs?
We have them to order for $2.50.
,li;\\ HL1.BR	
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in] all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
Btf y Now
have a Good Selection of
heap Houses from $750 to
1500.     Let us show you
hem.    Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
��� AKER   ST.
���AT THK���
Queen Cigar Store
SOO   MEIN   to  buy
Cigars and pipes.
Cigars must   be   smoked
ou the street.
^   BUSH & MATT HEW, Props.
Rich,  Strong  and   Delicious
���v   i
Telephone 161.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from D* pot.
F. B. Simps.m. Butte; E. A Peterson,
wife and family. Minneapolis: II. ECage-
yatna. Miss Kageyama. Japan: A. F.
Dudgeon, Rcvtlstoke; U. A. .Matthews.
Rossland: J. A. Davies, Vancouver; W.
.Mason. \V. Gibbons. Boston.
Cor.    Vernon and  Ward   Str��ctH
NBLSOSI.     fc��.C7,
Capt. Paddon, Crawford Hay; O.
Payne.  Silverton;  .1.  Nowell,  St.  Paul:
O. L. Boynton, C. K. Brown, Spokane;
r. ('. Faiuhani, \v. 11. Pool, Salmo; A.
El, Belyea, Toronto; H A. Cook, Calgary; A. W. .Merritt, Winnipeg; H. W.
Gordon, Pembroke; F. H. Nlotcson, A.
S. St. John, P. Butchard, Vancouver;
C. W. Webster, Edmonton; W. A.
Freeze, Cranbrook; J, S. Lawrence,
Medicine   Hat;   It.   C.  Gage,  Norihport.
E. O. Wakefield, Crawford Hay; G.
E. Smith. F. F. Adams, J. A. Mclnnla,
Kaslo. W. 1". Russell, J. MoPhei
Perry's; A. Levine, J. L'rquhart, Wisconsin; \V. Bennett, Yrair; E. Williams,
J. Spencer. Spokane; A. Mauson. Victoria: E. Hargraves, Frank; G. Mowers,
Elgin; T. .1. Rock and wife. Trail; J.
.McLeod, Winlaw.
I).  \V.  Clark, Ainsworth:   J.  11.  Winlaw. Winlaw; A. R. Heyland. J. A. Rid-
ci* 11.     Kaslo;      W.   E.   Paull,   Columbia
Gardens;   O.  H.  Burden, Crawford Hay.
R. McLeod, Ainsworth; J. C. Matthews, Ytnir; A. Gayturd. Murton; E.
Pccord. Salmo; G. Wade, Grand Forks;
S. Brochmann, Slocan; .1. Clarey, Koch
siding; Mrs. Baddeley aud child. Montreal.
E. H. Slsterson, Calgary; L. Strandell
Grand Forks;   B. C'riiickshank, Cascade.
T Fisher, Ymir; R. Lawrence, Rossland;   F.   Harris,     Trail;      G.   Spencer,
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.  O.
Box     434.
Baker  St..   Nelson.   B.   C
We have one English Miliar, one
American   Billiard  and one  Pool  Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
MHIl  Mini     W.OI1IH1I
noli, tin.-   Iiiff)
h no-
itOOAj   �����
ll I'
oyment.   mum
m 11 tr\
f    HH
other ��
II  ���
0.   Apply M 01
*, y
����t C
ffl CM
617, Arro
h��:. B, c.
1V)K H HvLK nt h tmrKHin or UUSbangf f<��r Van-
OOUTCt property an aluioct new, modern In
���very raipgQl 12 ritomed rMldenCft, 1' oil bttdc--
ment witli large 'ien niiuM<- for tiillianl room,
l'p to da't* Mali!'- and fHrrlatfe house Two nice
Unilnthi Dnwt raldvnt portion ot Hpokaue.
Thf owners bu'lnentj loteref>tf have been trn.n��-
lerre'l to th��- DOMt, For further patlt-uUr* write
1*. O. Box 1 J'.l. Vancouver, B. C.
We are now receiving our new stock of Wall Papers, Burlaps and Sanitary Papers. Patterns and designs are entirely new and elegant. A half
hour with our sample books will be time well spent.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Licensing   Board.
The  buard   of  license  commissioners
for the city will meet in the city ball
tomorrow afternoon at 4.30.
Change in  Police Force.
C. W. Y'Hing, ex-provincfal constable,
soes on duty tonight as a member of
tltt*   city   police  force.
Beaten   at   Fernie.
On heavy ice which made fast work
Impossible the Nelson hockey team lost
to   Fernie  last   night by  the  score of
Metals  and   Stocks.
Silver declined one point today on
both markets; leftd quotations are unchanged. An advance ln li. C. Copper
Is  the only change in Boundary stocks.
Moving   Pavilion.
Ex-Mayor  Gillett  has  loaned   to  the
city the ro;>es and tackle required to
haul the park pavilion from the water
Bud  place it on the site chosen for it.
Library Association;.
The annual meeting of the public
library association, for the presentation of reports and election of officers,
will be held in tbe city hail tomorrow
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Any one may
become a member of the association.
University   Club.
The March meeting of the University
Club will be held in the public school
building Saturday night, March 14th,
at B.80. The University committee will
present a report. The paper of the
evening will be read by John FYaser on
���'Imperialism and Oriental Exclusion."
All interested are cordially invited to
Assault   on   Chinaman.
Yesterday afternoon a fight occurred
near the corner of Baker and Kootenay
streets between u white man and a
Chinaman, begun by the former's unprovoked attack with snowballs. The
Chinaman took off his coat to meet his
assailant. A crowd of school boys
gathered and shouted advice to the
champion of the white race. Before
there was any decisive blow Chief
I >easy arrived and stopped the encounter, informing the white man that
he had seen the beginning and that if
he had authority, he would arrest him
on the spot. A crowd of Hindoos across
the street were curious spectators of
the display of the white man's superiority.
Salmo's   Grievance.
There are now five shipping mines
in Sheep Creek valley, the Queen,
Mother Lode. Kootenay Belle, Nugget
and Emerald, all free milling and high
grade. There are a score of other
claims in the valley whose promise is
as good as any of those named. The
point of shipment, for them all is Salmo,
which is also the shipping point for a
shingle mill and a number of camps,
as well as for a large agricultural settlement in the Salmon River valley. A
man who has done and Is still doing
business all along the line says that
Salmo furnishes more business to the
Spokane jFalls and Northern railway
than any other three towns between
Nelson and Spokane. And still It is
without a  railway station.
Funeral  Ceremony.
Last evening the Eagles and Foresters attended the remains of George
Carter to the Kuskanook, the first
stage in the journey east to Amherst,
N. S. Those officiating wore Chaplain
McKay and Past Grand Master VYm.
Irvine. The pallbearers were: H.
Wood, S. A. Wye, H. Fotherby. W. S.
Johnson, E. Peters and J. Byers. Geo.
Carter died at the Home hospital from
injuries received a few day ago while
at work for the C. P. It. at Kootenay
Landing. The services of the Fraternal
Landing. The services of the FratMrnal
'-'--'        '        "' m -    .   .' -
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker  St..  Nelaon.   B. C.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
LAID   EQfiS,   ETC.,   ETC.
Corner Blllea and Josephine Sts.
(for  China   Painting)
are the  "SALE" lines  which   we  bring
forward  today   for  special   display,
While our sale lasts you have the opportunity of securing these lines at
greatly  reduced prices.
The time for which we originally advertised our sale has expired but owing
to the limitation of our facilities for
display there are a few lines which we
have not been able to bring forward.
We have therefore decided to continue tne sale for a few days longer.
The following figures are merely a
few chosen at random to give you an
Idea of the saving you can effect by
buying now:
I .20 and 26c Cups and  Saucers..J .15
.36  Cups   and   Saucers 2.1
.90 Bouillons    75
25 B. and B. Plates 20
.35 Tea Plates   30
2.25 Pudding Dish   1.60
3.00 MaccaronI  Dish   2.25
1.45 Chocolate Pot   1 .in
2.50 Vase     ISO
3.00 Pitcher      2.45
Sugars, Creams, Bon Bons, Vases.
Fish Plates, Ice Cream Dishes, Steins,
Etc.. Etc.
$3.26 Clock for $2 4.'>
3.60 Clock for   2.fi.">
1.75 Dresser Boxes     LIS
2.26 Towel Racks    1.35
6.00   Tabourettes   3.95
.50 Photo Frames .'.    .35
.50 Glove and Hand'f Boxes 30
Plaques, Panels, Trays. Nut Bowls,
Coat Racks, etc., etc., from 20c up at
same reductions.
W. G. Thomson
EffiSSiT"'   Nelson, B.C.
Phons 3*.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooara Houaa.      Tal. Ill,
Order of Eagles were rendered by the
chaplain of the Aerie, R. Mackay.
and W. Irvine, Past Worthy President.
Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor of the Nelson
Baptist church, delivered an address
and the benediction. Two magnificent
floral emblems rested upon the casket.
a wreath from the Fraternal Order of
Eagles, and an anchor from the Independent Order of Foresters. James L.
Porter acted aH tnarshall of the procession  to and  from  the  boat.
Publicity  Bureau.
A public meeting Is called Tor tonight
at 8 o'clock In the court house building
A financial stater-icnt will oe presented
by the last executive committee of Ui<
20,000 club. The atatement will show
total liabilities of about $800. The assets consist of the building and contents Including somr. advertising literature. The fate of the institution will
then be submitted to the meeting. It
has been suggested that In spite of the
financial stringency there could be no
objection to the city council's advancing
the cost price of the building. $750, and
then renting It to an advertising club
at a fair figure, nor to the city's voting
a small sum monthly as payment for
tho handling of what is really civic
correspondence, and wnlch the staff al
the city hall cannot possibly attend lo.
The banks, the leading-hotels and the
real (.state men can, it is believed, he
relied upon to contrlbnte liberally, and
many of the merchants are public
spirited enough to assist. The board
of trade will doubtless continue its us
slstance by way of the secretary's salary. The continunnce of the work Is
feasible and not particularly difficult,
but the question whether it is really desired by the citizens or not will bobcat
answered by the response to the call
tor the meeting.
Wholesale sn.)  R>tall lH-slers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp-i fOprpUed on shortest notice and
lowed price. Nothing but Crash snd
whn1nsoiii.fi meat*, snd mpplss trap! In stock
Miul order* receive riuvful ttttfution.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and f.icings.
These blocks are absolutely tha beal
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:   Baker Street. Nelaon. B.C.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notli-e Is hereby given (hat the reserve over
eurtslu ImiuIs In south Eaat KootanaTi uotlee of
whli h nlyenreu iu tbe Kritl*li Colombia Oaaatta
of the 14th of   AllKUsI, UJM  and bora 'Ute of Au-
kmsi 13th, isso, is Ie r. iiv cancel lad     Tha .hove
ineljtlone.l lands wlli I,., opal] for location under
tbe Lund Art on Mun'h B, Its*
PapasT Commissioner of Lands and Works
Lands slid Works l'e[iMrtmenl.
l-'lc-tons. H   I' . I on 1st  llth, 1107.
Fire Insurance
Insure your booss and furniture In
Do not put it off. I)*lays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or if you
have not time to call drop a line to
General  Agent for the Kootenaya.
P.   O.   Box   534.
8ETS   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity Shop
Take notice that we will al the noxi
meeting of the License Commiulonera
apply for u transfer of Ihe liquor II-
canae for ihe No Plaoa [nn on Joia-
l'hlno street. Nelson, from Pollard anil
Wade to H.   II    Moore.
Dated   at   Nation,   this   9tn   day   of
March   190X.
10  and   15  Cents   Per   Dozen
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and  Mills Sts.
Phone  19.
Our specialties are WATCH repairing and  eye testing
a   call..
Qlv, ,,
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewelet
NVIiolkj**.-!!**   I'l-iivlMlonn,
I'rtitlucu, - Prult.
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from th.
churn.    For sale by all lending grocer*
Office ami warehouse :  Houston Block,    Pnone 7B.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.
First Spring Shipments of
Are now to hand.    We invite inspection.
This is  tne season of tbe year when you devote your attention to if j
household duty   We an  pn pared to n t your requirements with a full line!
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors. Varniahea.   Stains.   Enamslt,
Alabastine.    Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   house.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
 Company. Limited. Mm ���"��*
1 Fruit   Trees!
Home grown fruit and ahade
tnes, currants, gooseberries, grape
vines, etc.. etc. One of our specialties is our large field grown roses.
Thaaa wi;i bloom the first year.
Band for our descrlptlvo cata-
logne and price list, and give us a
trial order. The largest growers
In  II.  C.
The Riverside Nurseries
����������� ������������������������ ������������������������ ���**
Pure and Cheaj
We have 1000 pounds of
which wi- win sell nt :i bargain
5 lbs. for $1.00.
Special prices To.  larger lois.    Coma
in  und  itKiuliv.
Ciioquette Bros,
Phone 258.
THF.   Up-ttvData  Bakers
F. C. GRhtN        f. ?. BUKPtn        A. H.GKEhN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
?. 0. Box US    Phom 2*1 B.
Geo. P. PUyef
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT    BLOC*;
Jobbing   promptly  attended to.   Pit* |
and Estlmatoa.
Apply 415 Hall 8t. B"*
iNBUaSOIN,     -    B.C.
We  alwaya  carry a  complete �����
ortment of
First Class
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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