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The Daily Canadian Oct 19, 1907

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Array It's a tittle-  better than  most mineral
Laters. and Its  medicinal    properties
iljj ��arwo
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
IVOLUMR  2.     NO.   117
Feptt Cbnts a month
ttempt to Bribe Ontario
|i--n Bid to Corrupt Whole Constituent���Mr   Aylesworth
Believed to be Guilty.
mr    19.���That     Hon.   A. B.
j. ,..., .   bave assumed   com-
I .v. riiliient  campaign   iu
j .  land, whan a bye-eleo-
*, ihonl)   to  bs  held,  ia  evident
runcemant that  "a  wharf
|,��� .,!.   .111,1 substantial char-
    bull!   In  thut   ������..lirstit 11-
rjng mind i.i  Ml. Ayles-
1 1 uggeete. l.y Che argu*
jtni which accompanies thin piece ot
Tii,. 1 sop ���   are mid that:
I . ||  Intelligent voters to
, ou on thu -'.ith Inst, tor
I '   1 1 candidate, Mr. Mulhol
I ould onlj Indicate thut the
te ih.' utt.-iitlon aire*-]
ud hope tor other similar and
public works In thi! near fu-
L Idlng."
J ���.   ni the Bast Sorthtimh. r
I ecalla tin* (act Unit Hon.
II   Aylesworth   has   p_rticlp_t_d   In
"' 1 Ilia kind.
I Tin- Ilrsl sttempl   ol the minister oi
y . reach  parllamanl   was  mudo
il 1 ��� iriiriiii.   That oontest
} j the oorrupt offer
Hiring the Trei    .anal to P6rt Hope.
I Lhe   Aylesworlh  aide
li        ; ihi   voters that the canal de
fiA.i upon  the  .lUliudu assumed  by
op].       * ards  Uu*   minister   who
|n> '-" l.'iliu������    t__tl    SUlIrUgeB.      Willi.'.
i.r, Hon A 11. Aylesworth was
the canal for l'.iri Hop*, Ui
olle-ne, Uyron 1...U, the Invcnti.i' o!
al ballot linx, was promising
acted he would take Uh oui-1
llellcrille. H is lnicreBting to read
���    l-lesworth    and    1_>U    announce*
���   Ur. y are:
Aylesworth- "That Port Hop*  wauts
fl.. canal 1   In yond question���there can
ii" difference or opinion  upon thui
nut   Then, wliy not vote for tlie man
��� I... will  determine   the   government's
ellcjr in Hris dlsirlct. Hon. A. B. Ayles*
��uriii. Ur,. cabinet minister.'
The hum ol the wheels of prosperity
|b heard . . . when lu the land;  let us
I real ham ior Port Hope by vot-
I Aylesworth and  the canal  via
Fori Hope."
II cir-ls less money tO (0 10
Jl'ri Hope, bul llelleville wants that
I ���  suae we would be benefitted
11-man* ways. 1 > leourtng elieair power,
paodllng the trade, etc.
The)   the  rotera- have  ii   in -hell
IPowor In secure 11. and  If  Mr.   Lot!   is
J'"  'I ���*.��� .nn obtain Hi.* .anal, for t_-
I K".'111111,1,t |K1S always heen  lavornhle
1'" 'ii" Trenton route."
Neither Mr. Aylesworth nor Mr. LoU
��� I nr consequenoe or ibis plea
h" -ttpport, in ull probability the
l""!'1'' nl the two constituencies were
""Purchaseable. The lesson oi DurUani
���um Wesi Hastings ought to have sails-
111,1 Mr Aylesworth that this type ol
|_-mp_ig_ is us inertectlva ax it is Immora)
' loll iii.. idea or buying con-
Ito-ncle- should huve heen abandon-
Bui experience was not helpful to
perlenoea it mlKlit have been expend
that Mr. Aylesworlh would "cut out" the
pui.lie works argument Bat it seems
Ihut he is not ravorable to a political
campaign nn lhe issues that are before
tbe country. As a consequence the
But Northumberland electors are invited to vole for thi* Ottawa evils, aud
to accepi au "elaborate and substantia!"
wharf as the reward for their services
lu so doing*.
II la a question whether the projected
wharf is an uctual necessity. Muny
Colborne people think thut it would he
better lo repair the present wharf than
to allow ll to decay and to erect another
some miles distant for purely political
purposes But he Ihe merits of the case
what they may, lt ls well 10 remember
that the Aylesworth promises are not
Invariably fulfilled. Fort Hope was to
huve had the Trent canal, and the minister In whose name It was promised
actually allowed It to go elsewhere. If
tin* Kast Northumberland people are
wise, as there is every reason to believe they are, they will vote against
graft  and spurn  the  AylcHworth  bribe.
Little   Alberta   Town   Thinks   Invention
of Underwood Brothers Will Make
Canada Famous.
������"' minister, We therefore saw him In
"'" -ssl Elgin campaign of Beptember,
-M", Humping the constituency In the
'""'linn' 1,1 subsidy hunters nnd con*
Motors, who represented to the voters
��� n government supporter must be
'''"''erl In order that u railway bonus
"""''' '"' aeon 1 Bold ,,,������ or these
J*"*' i�� Mr, v . nr.-. presanoe:
s1"'"1'1 Mr. Hopbuin"���the Liberal
""""���"������-���-������he ,:,,,,,! i,,,,.,, i, ,���, aoubl
"" ���'*-���* ihe work would be carried out
1 ' wanted the aleotori or Fort Burwell
' ��� "no-v the minister or public works
i     "�����������"  (Mr. Teal)  had  llle  people  be
..,."'" M<"  In the work he  hurl lo  .lo.*
other subsidy hunter was more to
J"   POlnt    "How  cilli  yo expect  lo gel
��PProprlatlon," be asked, "when yon
���"  ' ''""nervallvo member*.'"    And to
Principle  the mlnlater  or justice
IVh"'   "" objection.   Here again  the
i.i,', r""1 '" ,l" Purppgg,   The peopli
Calgary, Oct. IS.���Tbe Stealer independent Is convinced that the air ship
being built by Stettier men will Hy. It
"The rn.lerwood brothers are still
hard at work upon their invention, or
rather the Installation ol the engine and
mechanical pans conned.-d with II, and
they hope very shortly to muke their
trial trip.
"It has for years become the custom
to r.'gard ihe 'Hying machine man' as
u crunk or a dreamer, bul the siicccs.-..���
of recent years that have attended the
efTorts of men of binins und Ingenuity,
hns had the , rf.-.r uf convincing the
most sceptical, ihut aerial navigation is
possible, and many who only live year?,
ago ridiculed this mode of travel ure bo
ginning to look forward with some show
nf eagerness to the day when Ihey will
he nble to bridge space in this manner
with   every   .legree  of  safety.    ,
"Tbe simplicity of the design of the
l'liderwood machine, together witli Its
absolute security agalnat 'turningturtle,'
appeals to every one who lias seen it.
and these advantages, coupled with ihe
fact that its plane surface ls. in proportion to its weight, muny times greater
than any other machine ever displayed,
seems lo ensure Its ultimate success,
though It may be some time before
everything Is adjusted and balanced so
nicely that It will be callable of making
an extended night.
"The Underwood aeroplane does not.
in any particular, resemble any other
known Hying machine, and It is more
than likely that their invention will
succeed, seeing Ihut they have thought
out a design ot their own which obviates ilie dllllciillics which caused the
(allures of their predecessors. These
fncls. together with lhe knowledge that
ih.. Underwood family are inventors of
a number of devices and machines "f
a marketable value, convinces one that
above all other things they are pruclical
inventors and mil Imitatoi'B.
Should tl'ls   machine   prove   the  sue
ess lis admirers think it win. the name
or underwood, tin- town of Btettler, and
Incidentally ihe Dominion of Oadada,
win attain a degree or notoriety ihat win
engrave those three names "11 the pages
of history for all time.
"In view of lhe Interest Hint Is centering around the Stettier Hying mn-
clilne Jusl now, we have this week de
voted us much splice us could he afford*
e,| lo 111.' sllhjecl under thn heading Of
'The Airship Age.' which has been taken
rrom nn English mni'n/.ine, and Is inter
esiing reading, more especially as able
writers for newspapers ami magazines
me now discussing aerial navigation
wllh all seriousness, und noi a few Clear
thinkers ure look ing forward to the possibilities of the greal powers abandoning the huilding or naval battleships in
favor of battle airships."
Kipling Talks to Toronto
Clear Cut Imperialism of the People's
Poet Laureate���Dominion News
from Ocean to Ocean*
Toronto. Oct. l_��.���Iu an addreKH before the Canadian Club last nigh* Kud-
yard Kipling in straight flung words,
traced In bold characters his conception
of Canada's duties to the other comnuin
ities, as he called them, which are bearing the white man's burden. His plea
was for closer fellowship among the
"big lour." Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, for mutual preference in trade. Canada might, he said,
Judge It expedient to deal lor the time
being with natimis of a more amazing
present than that which belonged to
Australia, New Zealand and South
Atrica, but he was sure 11 Canadians as
business men sent out andinvestigated
tor themselves they would llnd in these
countries promise of markets worthy of
serious attention. They were no more
than children playing store on the
threshold of their local markets. The
audience which assembled to hear the
famous author was one of the largest
lhat ever attended a Canadian Club
f unci ion, nearly 800 members being
present. Immediately after dinner Mr.
aud Mis. Kipling left for Ottawa.
Belleville, Oct. IU.���A disastrous lire
broke out in Scantlebury's book store.
Front street, lastnight, and before it was
under control it had done about. J2H.00U
damage to Scantlebury's and also mu'-h
damage to other stores adjoining. The
total loss will be $40,000.
Windsor. Oct. lit.���Charles Batty.
bailiff, one of the best known men in
Middlesex county died yesterday after
noon from a fractured skull, received
as lhe result of an altercation with William Chevalier, a resident of Detroit.
It Is alleged that Chevalier struck Baby
a smashing blow across the face and
Haby. In falling to the ground, struck
his head on the stone steps causing injury from which he died twelve hours
later. Chevalier Is under arrest, but
stoutly asserts that the whole affair wa_��
accidental, tbat there was no Intent to
iullict serious injury.
Winnipeg, Oct. 1!*.���At the Conservative convention in Wolseley, Sask., K. S.
Lake, M. I'., wan renominated unanimously. Mr. Uorden addressed tlu* gathering later.
Winnipeg. Oct. IS).���T he four mem
hers of the C. I*. EL Hallway telegraphers who have been east for the last few-
weeks conferring with the C. P. U. of
fatal* regarding the new schedule have
returned. D, Goulet, Vancouver, chairman of the committee, stated that the
terms of settlement which had been arrived at with the company were perfect*
ly satisfactory so far ns the employees
were concerned. The raise of fourteen
per cent which was given constituted
nearly all thnt was asked for by tho
Toronto, Oct. 1ft.���Alexander llenke,
::���_ vears of age. and Walter IH-aston.
lined t'.'t. Inmates of Queen street Insane
.i-.-ylum, escnped last night or curly this
ghost who turned out to be Rev. Elizabeth .lowland, an American lady about
-15 years of age. At the time of the arrest the ghost was attired only in flimsy
gauze and the police permitted the lady
to retire and don other garments. She
wac accompanied by her husband. Rev.
Clarence C. Howland. Both prisoners
described themselves as ministers of
the gospel of Spiritualism. The police
were attacked by some of the spiritualist followers, but succeeded in conveying their prisoners to No. 3 station,
where they were charged with fraud,
being released at midnight on $400 ball.
Ottawa, Oct. 19.���Hon. Rudolphe Lemleux, Canadian envoy to Japan, has
decided to go to Toklo via London Instead of Vancouver as originally Intended. Mr. Lemleux will have a short conference with the Imperial authorities at
London before going from there to
Japan. He will sail from Montreal next
Friday on the Allan liner Virginian.
Ottawa, Oct. 19.���It is officially denied
that the king and queen are coming to
Canada next year.
Port Hope, Oct. 19.���Dave Longford,
the Renfrew pedestrian who attempted
to walk from Port Hope to Toronto
and return In 38 hours, arrived here
last night one hour and three minutes
short of schedule time. Almost within
a mile of Castle, Longford showed signs
of collapse, but by heroic efforts of his
trainers, O'Brien and Reynolds, he was
kept on his feet until he finished the
journey. I_ongford was in fairly good
condition when he finished, considering
tbe distance covered. Jimmy Reynolds,
who attempted the same journey last
June, offers ��:.00 to $500 that he can
cover tbe distance In 35 hours and will
start on Monday if taken up.
Ottawa, Oct. 19.���The supreme court
has reserved judgment in the McMeekin-
Furry case. Tht hearing of Newswamler
vs. Geigerlch ts adjourned till Monday.
The appellant in this case recovered
judgment for $5,361.78 at the trial before Justice Duff in British Columbia.
R. L. Borden's Campaign
in the West.
Toronto, Oct. 19���The education hoard
of tbe Methodist church yesterday appointed Kev. .1. \V. Graham assistant
s.'.-iciary, to the position of acting secretary ln place or the laic Rev. Dr.
Potts. Ba will bold office until the next
meeting uf the general conference when
his appointment will be approved or another secretary appointed. _._..���
London, Oct. is.��� .here will be no
Sunday street cars in London for the
present. The city council decided ii
would be UI���_al to run them.
Conservative   Leader Addresses  Record
Crowd  in   Saskatchewan Town���
Hall Too Small.
Moose Jaw, Oct. 19.���An enthusiastic
audience of 2,500 people greeted the
leader of the Conservative party in the
roller rink last night. Owing to a delay
upon the road Mr. Borden did not reach
Moose Jaw till ti.30, when Immediate
preparations were made for a big meeting. Several days ago It was seen that
the opera house would be far too small
to aaceommodate the large number who
expressed a desire to hear Mr. Borden
and it was a wise move to secure the
spacious roller rink Instead. A bani-uet
- ���** ly. ..,
--���'���i* return..,   After a,,..,.,. ,..���.
Iiih ��� ��� mul the opposition cnndl*
Emperor Is Recovering.
Vienna, Ocl. 111���The reports  of thr
condition of the health or Emperor Kran-
els Joseph were toot* favorable this
morning than yesterday, ills Majesty
pained a tpiluft plgW without fever an.l
after tha adminUti-tlo- of a loporoflo
hlK eoughing Honiewhal diminished. The
emperor rose at his usual hour and today will be permitted to take his Ural
walk sine his iiinei'S. iu the heated
palace b-aiiory.
Toronto, Oct. 18.���Herman Zanko and
Michael Flanagan, who are aoetoed or
wholesale Ihefls of sugar from the
Canadian Lake and Ocean Navigation
Co., are remanded for one week.
Toronto, Oct 19.���H, S. Strathy. general manager ot the Trader.' Hank or
Toronto, bus resigned and Is succeeded
hy Ills son. Stuart Strathy, who about a
year lino was Iriilisl'errod from the llrlin
[lton offloe and  made  assistant   general
raane_-r��r.   The reaeon advanoed tor the
resignation of Mr. Strathy is thai h
found   the  work    loo     arduous   for
years, being now seventy years old.
Forfeit to Province.
Port Arthur, Oct. 19.���W. A. Preston.
M. P. P. for Ilalny River district, made
the important announcement that the
provincial government haB decided to
cancel the exlBllng Noplgon nnd Hainy
Kiver pulp concessions for non-fulllll
nienl of conditions by those to whom
tho concessions were granted by the
Ross government. It was further stated
hy Mr. Preston lhat the present government win take steps to Immediately
plnce both concessions on the market
for sale.
Mr. Pagsky's Diversions���General
Political Gtsslp of the
("hnlham. Oct. UK���The drying room
of the cold storage plant of the Chatham
I'ruii Grower*1 Association was destroyed by lire yesterday afternoon. The loss
Is ahout $10,000 In addition to business
being at tlie height  of the season.
Toronto. Oct. 10.���A raid on a spiritualist meeting on Balhursl street last
night furnished some lively sceneH ending In u free light ami the capture of a
Sanscrit Research.
Dr. A. A. Macdonell, Boden professor
of Sanscrit at Oxford, says the Times.
left V.ngland last week on lenve of absence for India and Ceylon In furtherance of 'Sanscrltlc research. AU the
most Important Sanscritic libraries.
archaeological site and musueums, and
university colleges in India and Ceylon
will be invited, and conferences will In-
held with native scholars. One of the
objects of the tour ts to acquire old
Sanscrit manuscripts where opportunity
offers, and another Is to collect material
for a Dictionary of Indian Religion und
Mythology, illustrated and treated historically. Professor Macdonell nlso has
in contemplation n complete Iranslutlon
of the Hlgveda. of which only abont n
tenth has been rendered Into I'.ngUaJi,
In the series of the Sacred Books of the
Professor Macdonell Is n brother of H.
BL Macdonell, of Nelson, and visited him
hero three years ugo.
Ottawa, Oct. 19.���Mr. Borden has
held some fifteen meetings in British
Columbia and Alberta, m.'-'.ii.g the most
successful political ca gn tour ever
known in the far v ,.*-.. fc,very where
he has been received cordially, heard attentively, and has found his doctrines
enthusiastically endorsed. The Opposition leader has shown that he does
not require oue platform for the east
and another for the west; one for the
manufacturers, another for the farmers and a third tor the miners. The
i la iii ax platform is as good in British
Columbia as ln Nova Scotia, for it was
not framed with the view of catchiug
votes in any particular section. On the
Japanese question Mr. Borden proclaimed a doctrine ou the Pacific coast
which he can also affirm oa the Atlantic or at Ottawa. He believes that this
ought to be a white man's country, and
that Asiatic population is not suitable
to the civilization which it is Canada's
mission to promote. He declares that
parliament was deceived last session
by Mr. Fisher's positive declaration
lhat Japanese would not be permitted
to emigrate. This error, whether intentionally produced or not, is at the
boiiom of the present embarrassment.
Those who have studied the Halifax
platform do not need to be told that
Mr. Borden does not select Japanese as
the only undesirable foreigners. He demands greater care for the admission of
Immigrants generally, calls for a rigid
Inquiry into the sources of immigration and a strict inspection of Immigrants, and for the general abolition of
the bonus system. The Conservative
party places a high value on Canadian
citizenship, and considers that the country confers greater favor on those who
settle in the Dominion than they offer
by coming here. The present government has acted as though it wus a debtor to every creature who reached our
shores, lt ha-, gathered immigrants
indiscriminately. It has begged for
them. It has paid fabulous sums for
them to real and fabulous corporations.
It has given them land in community
grants as they have desired, without
considering whether the conditions ere
ated were for the advantage of 'he country at large. Thus we have among other
Inconveniences the Doukhobor communities, with their crazy pilgrimages, their
continual complaints and their absolute
refusal to become Canadians iu any desirable sense.
It Is time to end all this. It Is time
for Canada to insist that Ihe homes
she has to offer shall be given only to
those who are worthy of them, and who
shall assist iu huilding up a strong and
orderly community, capable of eulight
ened self-government. Kven under the
best possible conditions our national
pr 1 lems will he difficult. To Seatoi
Cox, whose interest In the Grand Trunk
Pacific is stronger than his patriotism.
took occasion to say In Calgary the
other day lhat Canada should open her
doors to laborers from every land, and
especially to Asiastlcs who were needed
to bring the Q. T. P. Rullway to a
speedy completion. One would like to
know how far the Influence of this railway company has prevailed ln bringing
about lhe .lapaneso trouble and how far
the (Iovernment Is the creature of the
corporation. But whether Senator Co*.
has the (iovcrnme
he proclaims a poll
Im accepted, lt will he better for Mr.
Cox to wait, and the O. T. P. to watt
than that a quarter of a million Chinese, Japanese aud Hindus should camp
down iu Canada as a permuncnt ole*-
ment in the population. Sooner or later
they would throw out of employment
that number of Canadian workingmen
and reduce the standard of living to
that which prevails on the contlneni ��>l
Asia. The presence of the Asiatics
would not affect the standard of living
In the household of Senator Cox, and
the other O. T. P.  magnates, except to
Provfnelal Libra rrbUt U would raake H
* ' bor to main
tain its  present stain.*..   ,    much    less
raise the standard.
Mr. Pugsley Is still suggesting that
Mr. Borden ought to sue him for libel
because of the Minister's general and
vague assertions respecting Conservative campaign expenditure. Mr. Borden has beeu too busy with his own
campaign to pay much attention to the
new minister. The Opposition Leader is
not turned aside by Mr. Pugsley's uncertain and indefinite generalities. He
has bigger business before him just
now than chasing around to see whether
Mr. Pugsley may have said something
distinct enough to demand a precise reply. But when the Western campaign is
over, Mr. Pugsley will get all the opportunity he wants to make his charges
definite. He will have an invitation to
tell all he knows, and find out all that
a committee of parliament can discover.
The Minister of Public Works will not
he allowed to squirm or dodge out of
the Investigation. He will find an opposition tftat courts inquiry, that will
not shelter itself behind privileges, that
will not shut out evidence or burn the
records or send its friends to Europe
and the United States to avoid the witness stand. Face to tace with Mr. Borden and others whom he may bold to
accuse in the village ot" Falrville Mr.
Pugsley will be invited to make his
charges and to prove them.
Discusses    Value    of    Philippines    and
Thinks America Should Retain Them.
Washington, Oct. 19.���Mail advices
from Manila report that Mr. Akasat-
suka. the Japanese consul for the Philippine Islands, has recently concluded
his first visit to the southern islands of
the archipelago, where he investigated
the industrial and political conditions in
order to make a report to his government.
Mr. Ahasatsuka, upon his return to
Manila, talked frankly of bis visit. He
said that the great natural worth of the
southern islands astonished him and
that he can readily see that the United
States will never desire to sell the
islands to another power. He expressed
the opinion that the wealth of the
islands will some day repay many times
over the cost of developing them. Everybody in the southern Islands seems to be
talking hemp and copra and leaving
politics to shift for themselves. He said
there seemed to be no question of race
or anything except the development of
the country. ThlB. and bettering their
own conditions, seems to occupy Americans, Japanese and Phillpinos, and 1
thluk that this accouuts for tlie present
Early   Morininy   Fire   Does   Damage   to
Extent of $10,000.
Brandon, Oct 19.���At 2 o'clock this
morning tiro broke out In tbe frame
building at the rear of the llraeside
block, which did $111,0110 worth of damage to part of the bunding used by the
Singer Sewing Machine company as a
warehouse. More than a carload of machines were in store at the time, and
these are practically useless . Another
part of Ihe building was used us a stable
by the Pioneer Fruit company, and their
two horses in the stable at the time
were suffocated to death. Occupants or
the Hrueslde block are losers. On the
ground tloor is u restnurunt and a job
printing office. Their damage Is principally from smoke, as is that of the
occupants of the second story. The
bulldiug Is owned hy Wilson and Moffat t of this city.
Value of Metals Affects
Prices Do Not Incline Owaers Toward!.
Early Shipments���QsoUtions
on Stock Market.
The general mining situation has
undergone little change within tbe last
lew weeks. The general collapse of the
mineral markets and the tumbling of tbe
values of metals as well as of securities
baa naturally had a depressing effect on
tbe mining Industry. The established
big shippers will not reduce operations,
hut the owners of developing properties
are in no hurry to place them on the
shipping list. Tbe cause of the decline
ls a matter of speculation, but it is generally believed that silver, copper and
lead will all recover, though perhaps
slowly. Id the meantime Uie position
of tb.; smelters ls one of growing diffl-
sulty. lt is certain that the terms on
which customs smelters have purchased
ores in the past have involved heavy
losses on the falling market. The margin
of value has been found insufficient to
cover shrinkages, and the time of pay-
meut was too short to permit of any advantage from possible upward market
tendencies. While it ls unfortunate that
lhe change comes at a ti-ne when many
mining men are struggling to keep
alloat, there is po doubt that the smelters have been suffering an actual loss
which cannot be continued. The management of tbe Trail smelter has Issued a
circular to their customers announcing
that for the future, till further notice,
they will require 90 instead of 60 days
for settlement, they can allow only 90
instead of 95 per cent, on silver values,
and must retain 1 Va Instead of 1 cent on
lead. Mining men generally recognize
Lhe changes as inevitable.
The slock market for the past week
has again showed a decline, which almost amounted to a panic, the market
being weak and erratic, with botb buyers
and sellers at sea as to tbe probable outcome, making trades very light.
Alberta Coal & Coke remained fairly
Arm, though with tradings very light.
International Coal & Coke and Galbrith
Coal also continued almost unchanged.
Diamond Vale took another drop and is
now being offered lower than since lt
was placed on the market. This decline,
it is understood, Is due to tbe laying off
of part of tbe force employed at the
mine. Diamond Coal caused a few Inquiries, though at a price so low that
little business resulted. Western Oil
continued weak, with no tradingB recorded. B. C. Copper gradually declined,
selling off about one-eighth with each
day's trading, and again made a new
low record. Dominion Copper sold down
to about S1.8TV.. at which price it remained firm till yesterday, when it sold
back to $2.12V.. Humbler Cariboo and
Sullivan continued weak and unchanged.
Consolidated Smelters remained firm at
$105, though with almost no business
Following are the approximate quotar
tlones (or the week ending today:
Asked.     Bid.
Alberta Coal & Coke $    .38      $      .35
11. C. Copper       4.624
Hreckenridge-Lund   . 55
rent behind lilm or not | loglca
ollcy which must never     1K78 h
Archbishop Bruchesi's Birthday.
His Grace Louts Ooseph Napofeon
Braobe-1, Roman Catholic archbishop of
Montreal, wus born ln that city Oct. 20,
1855. Ills earlier classical studies wore
in riled on at the Montreal seminary,
alter which he studied philosophy at
Issy, in France, and followed the theo-
1 course of the Human College, ln
he was ordained in Home and while
in the Holy City be attended the en-
iliiuiiizntlou of Pope Leo XIII.. and later
ho curried off With distinction the degree
of Doctor of -trinity. On his return to
Montreal hu became professor of dogmatic, theology at Laval University.
When in 1887 the .Montreal branch of
tho Laval University wns established
Abbe Hruchosl wub called to' the chair
or Christian apologetics. On the death
or Mgr. Fabro In 1S97 he was called to
the see of Montreal, and during tho ten
years of his oplscoputo tho archdiocese
bus made great progress.
Cariboo McKinney .
Dominion Copper ..
2.00    .
Diamond Vale Coal.
Diamond Coal	
Galbralth Coal	
International Coal..
.91 Va
Nicola  Coal Mines.
03 tt
Panhandle Smelter.
Rambler Cariboo...
White Hear	
���02 V.
Western   Oil	
-' Gasoline Exploded.
Prince Albert, Oct. 19.���A gasoline
can exploded In the tailor shop of A.
lllllon yesterday and did damage tu the
extent of a thousand dollars. Twenty-
five sulls left ut the shop to be cleaned
and pressed are among the damaged
articles, and a piano was badly scorched. The owner escaped witb singed
*-*������.; I*'
_Hm The Daily Canadian
1 .
j ''
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
Iu about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Kest           4,830.000
D. R. W1LKIE  President.
Branches in British Columbia:
HON. ROEERT'"JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Interest  allowed on   deposits   fn m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���NELSON   BI-_J-_JVGH **J-��     1V1,     LAY,     Al firm Jf kJ r.
Christ's Rebuke of the Prayers for Miracles���Servics   in   City   Churches
Tomorrow will be the twenty-first
Sunday after Trinity. No holy daya
occur during the week fullawini*
Tho gospel for the day contains St.
Johns account of the heating tit tho
nobleman's son who lay at Caperuiain
at the point of death, tht' second miracle
performed in CJalilee. Christ's firsl reply to the nobleman's request, "Bxcept
ye eee signs and wonders, ye will not
believe.'* is the burden of many of his
reproaches tu the disciples ami to
Desire for signs and wonders, tor ocular demonstration of supernatural pow-
er, seems inherent in the liumau raoe. it
has not been cured, hardly modified, by
nineteen centuries of learning, or even
by the knowledge of the properties of
material things won by the labor of
students of natural science. The alleged magician will still draw crowds
where preachers of a spiritual gospel
fail. The old heathen craving survives
in the grosser modern superstitions of
theosophy and so called Christian
It is one of the most pathetic features
of the gospel story���the sadness of
Christ as He saw Uie admiration and
wonder evoked by the miracles in the
masses on whom the tar mure wonderful purity and nobility of the new doctrine contained in the Sermon on the
Mount produced little, or at the ht at,
merely a temporary, effect. Hut. it is to
be noted, He never refused a prayer for
a miracle of merry.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Twenty-flrrt Sunday after Trinity, holy
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporat* d  A.  D.  1SG9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facrlitie-r for the transaction
of all  kinds of Eanking  Business.
Certificate   of   Improvements
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Sire.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
the Mtfjmmii
Published sir daya a wee*, hy the
Baker St..  Nelaon. B. C
Sno.--erlpi.on rat'-. W oentl a month flellvered
to the euy, t>r |S.Q_i ���. yeai if -ienl by mall, when
paid lu aovauee.
Advfcrii*-nii- rule-    n applteatlan-
AU moul-f paid Lo *-��� ��� ��� ��� im n' "I Th-- Puily
CauMdniLi aeoo ��������� '���.���������: tot -mt��Q-i.pUoni "t
mivi-i tiMiiu nnal be ���������*��������������������� foi on the printed
form*- ol toe '.'umpauy. Other receipts are not
Saturday. October 19. 1907.
Ur. Pugsley has been malting cha
of corruption aguinst the Conservative.
of the maritime provinces and daring
them to prosecute him All tin Liberal
papers are repeating hi;*-, cowardly slanders.
Here iss the tales, sample:
"Thai the Conservative party leaden
in a little circle in Montreal al the last
general election gol together a million
dollars for tlu- purpose of corrupting
com*.tit uencies and) thai $25,000 waa
spent in one constituency in New Brum
wick, was the charge broughl by Bon.
William Pug all ���> in a speech ai the Sun
bury-Queen's nomination meeting. Tb e
|26,000 sent into the New Brunswii
constituency came through the Bank of
Montreal, 16,000 on Oct. ;_-.. 1904, ai I
BOjOOO on Oct 27. It w.aa wired to the
partner of the Conservative candidate.
"ThoHe facta were disclosed ;i tew
weeks ago ln the course of certain U-
K'il proceedings. Mr. Pugsley said ho
would not put in any plea of privilege In
this matter. It wus charged against
all the managers of tlie Conservative
parly in Montreal and lower provinces
and the*,  would Und it could be proved."
It is unnecessary to point out that
Mr. Pu-'siey's defiance is a mere piece
of impudent bravado, n is not to be
supposed that anything definite that he
aaid has been omitted. His charge*
amount lo this, that Conservative leaders, who are not named, raised a campaign fund of a million dotars, that is
less than $G,ooo for each constituenc, ;
that $25,00(1 was sent into one constllu-
ency hi New Unninwiek. again noi named ; and that it was seal to tin- partner
of a candidate, neither of whom are
Mr. I'UHsley l.iiuwy I lint no aclion can
be bused uu such wild, indefinite utafe-
tnents as that, hut, with the assistance
of the Liberal press he continues to rep-
reBeiri himself as running awful risks
to denounce corruption,    '
There ip another feature of the case
which apparently Mr. PugBley*fl mental
and moral constitution prevent hhn
from appreciating. There is hardly one
chance in a thousand that there Is any
truth al all in the charges he talks of
hut dare noi make definite. But, sup-
pn. ing for one moment that they were
wholly true, what is Mr. Pugsley's position? He was a supporter of the Con-
Bervative party through that campaign,
a candidate In its interest. He is betraying his former associates, turning
King's evidence as it were, and admittedly not for principle but because just
at present they have nothing to offer.
If Mr Pugsley's charges are not true
he is a cowardly liar and slanderer: If
they are true he is the lowest type ol
political reinL-ude Canada has known.
We thought that the cabinet which
has (rontained Sifton, Hyman, Bhnmer-
son and Sir Fred Borden, was noi susceptible of further degradation. We
were mistaken. Mr. Pugsley is a lower
specimen than any of tin  four.
Tho reasons assigned by the Liberals
for declining to nominate a candidate
for the commons at the coming bye-
election will be duly appreciated
throughout the Dominion. There is one
admirable feature of it; it probably in-
Idcatea the existence- of long dormant
scruples and a sense of shame. For
a strongly entrenched administration to
allow a seal tn go by default Is without
a precedent in Canada, but so was Mr.
Hyman's last election.
Telegraphers Satisfied,
sterling. Oct. 10.���George Dixon, a laborer on the farm of David McMahon,
ahout seven miles from this town, was
sent to bum some* straw settings on the
farm. There was quite a strong wind
from the sonth which carried flre along
an old fence bottom toward the buildings. In trying to extinguish Ihe running names Dlxon'fl clothes look lire
ami wen literally burned off him and
In his burning clothes he made his way
to lhe house, a distance of over a
quarter of a mile. He reached the house
almost naked and in great flgony. He
will recover.
"Montreal" and -'I'm*bee" Mineral ("lain*.-- Pltn-
ate in the Mel-ton Miuiun Division, of Wttt
Kootanay PistrlcL
Where l-K.-ate-i '��� West branch ot north torn. uf
ShIii.oii river, on Craig Mountain, ubout ������������.-.
mllei- from Brie, B. C.
Take ootlee that 1. Alfred Ernest ('alUip-j, Free
Miner's CertUleate Ho.BStf.int-md,tirar dayi
from the 'late hereof, to apply to th-* Mining
Recorder for a certlflcate ot imprnveinein*-. itoi
the purpoae of obtaining Crown (.rants of the
above naima.
And further take nntl'-e that action, Under
ner tion   37. mut"' l��e eoiiiinilict-il    In-fore the   lBRU-
iliic, of inch * lertlfleate of Improvement*.
Dated tiiai li'ih day of September, PJ07.
Now Is the Time
to   prepare   for  comfort in   the  winter.
An Electric Radiator is cleanly, cheerful aud labor saving.
Call on us for prices for these and all
electrical devices.
Notlee is herebv given that the under*!-riied
hav. submitted io tht Met)tenant Governor in
Council ti proposal under the provisions of the
"River'* and Streams Act," for clearing and removing obstruction-- from <��out Kiver and Meadow Creek, in the Dlatriot ol West Kootanay, ��nd
for mat-lug   the name (It   lor   rafting   and   drtv
ing thereon Loo, timber ( Lumber, niftt-unn arafti
and for erecting and mat it tainlng boom**: for
1 tiding, sorting and delivering logs and ttmber
brought down said cruek and river, and ior at*
U.'-hing boomi to the ahore of hair! creek and
river for unlit DUXpOSM.
'J'he lands to be affe -ted hr tot id work are:���
Lola '��_. 6_a7, 4593, and i h lob* 1,6,11, IS, U and
If. of Un S&02, Qroup 1, Kootenay District
The IoIIh proposed to be charged are nurh n*
mar be fixed by the Judge of the County Court
of Went Koo, "iny.
Dated Usl July, IS07.
ths intbknationai. uwbbb a mehcantii.k co.,
To   Contractors,    Builders,     Carpenters
and   House Agents.
it having heen brought to tbe notice
of the City Council thai certain sections
or By-laws No'h 74 and   L86 are noi and
have nut been observed, i. e. sections r��,
0 and 7 of Ity-law 74 and sections
7 and 8 of Ity-law MIC which provide
lhat permission of the plre Wardens,
He Olty Engineer and Bufldlng Inspector must llrst be obtained and plans deposited wifli the Building Inspector hefore erecting new buildings or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating existing buildings.
Therefore notice is now iinaliy issued
that on and after this dale any person
or persons not complying with (lie building By laws of the Olty <>f Nelson, I. c.
Dy-lawa Nn,*s 74 and 180 win be prose
cuted as provided therein.    Ily Order.
VV. E. WASSON, City Clerk.
Nelson, it. C, October 12, 1807.
cimiuiinion,  8  a. in.:     morning  prayer
and holy communion, 11
School 3.30 p   in.; evensong, 7.80 p   tn.
Rev. I". II. (Jraiiani. rector
Roman Catholic���Cburcn of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streeis: Low mass, S a. in.: hi)-'h mass,
I0:3U a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev.  Father AlthofT.  priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets.
Morning service, ll a. m.; Sunday
school. 2."a p. in.; evening Bervloe,
7:30 p. m. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service. 7:3*> p. in.; Sunday school, 2:30 p m Rev. R, N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.\ evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2.3n p, m.   Rev. c. Padley.
Salvation Army���Barra^Ks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a m.: a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. in.
Nelson I-and l>i*triet. Dlstrloi ol West Kootensy
Take notice that R. B. v. r-myth. "t Procter, B,
'., occupation lu_nt-t*rm_.i. mi* odi Lo amity lor
aspecdaJ Umber Uoenoe over the following described lands:
Nn. 1. Cominen'-ini: a! ft post   planted near lhe
northeast oornarpost oJ Lot So tot an Lemon
i -.< k nnd marked k b P, -tmyth nouthwesl mr*
oerposl No I, thenoe 40 chaini aurtb more oi
lem to sboul midwHv -if Lhe aouth boundarj line
of Umber lleenos Ko. 930. thenc* 8 chaini chi-i,
thenee iO ehaini- sonth, tbenoe -m ch__.lni nsst.
theuee 40 ehaiup south, thence to chains waat.
more or lew* to the louthi asl corner ol aforettaid
l^.t No. 354S, thenoe SO ehalm uorth. thenos 40
-liKiiit- we-i lo til-- point of eommencomont.
Utiied J6th July, U0. K .-  P smyth,
H Keii i.ert. Agent.
Nelnoti 1-and Distriet-   DUtXlOt ol \N ��� -1 KootMU_J
TaSe notice   UihI   bttmon 1     -���.:!"���].  of Natter,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, ii.teudp to apply
for _r "���peeiai timber Uoenoe  over the foUowiti--
[bed lni.'*!*,; on the eaai ilde ol Priest river:
��� firnmeDcin? st a poal  ; ��� r  the east side
..-   I *-;������-*  riv: , t-.*.. n: *   norlh uf Uie
Interuatloual  boundury line,   thenoe nonh  nj
chaini*,  tbetioe  bum   BQ chat dm,   LheneS south HO
ohainsi thenee  wtml BOcbt    i to polnl ot comment, cm-tain log Ml) acrea, more or leei.
I'ated sept. 14Ui. 1901 ,k:M.��s P. ti, ho-kkl,
K . ff .-mith. Agent
Nelson I-and DtstHot District of Weet Kootenay
Take ootloe thai ' ��� -. k mi lure.ol Busn i*
Wn'b ��� ooenpatton barbel ��� oaato-tpply for
n s--ei-ial timber Uoenoe over '.lie following des
erlbed laud*; On the ea*-t side of Prlesl
two mid a half mil ess north of the international
boundary line :    Commenelns  ata post   r'anleii
two and a iiitif mile-- nortb "' the InternatlonaJ
i.oiiudary iine, then**, east 9 chaina, Lhenoe
aonth 80 chains, thenos irestSO chains, thenos
north B0 chains to the point ot i-i.iumeuc-ement
end containingS40 eases, mor. or less.
Hated Sept. 14th, lMff. �� ivi.a K. MK'uei,
K   W. Smith, A-jcui.
Nelfioo I-auil I>l*-tr-'t. DlstruSI of IV est Kootenay.
Take nottOS tbat Jay Bovee. of Ril*-ville. WaSfa ,
ootmpeUan bntoher, intendt toappiy ior a upeciai
timber lleeuee over the lollowlng deacrlbed
landa; oi]   the  Omel   Side  Ol   i*r.*������-*   ri\.r'    Com-
menolng hi a po.*-i planted one and a hall mUei
nortn of i tiie runt ior ml boundary line, thenoe
east SO ���hain-., tbenoe MUtfa -* * Chelns, thenee
weat W> ehaliiR, theui-e nortti **���> chains to the
point of commencemeui, eontaiuing frio aerea,
more or less.
Dated Kept   lltb, vxn. J,\ Hovss,
K. Of, Smith, A^euL
Nelaon Land Pinrict.   DiPtrlct ol West Kootenay
HoUOS li hereby given that 3" days alter date i,
K'l.u P. Bwedbetv,' miner,ol Kelson, U.C-, int. no
to apply to 'lit* ifou   ibe  Chiel   ' oininir***loner of
i_aii*i and Works for a --peciaJ tleenoe to oni ami
earry away ttmber tram ihe following dei
IhU'Ih fltiiHled   on   Summil   creek,   lu   the   Weal
Koou.ua1, District:
No. U���Commenelnt hi a post marked J. P. H's
timber limit, northeaal eorner post, Located on
west fork of Bnnunli creek abont i-wt- miles from
main cr. ek, thenoe running sonu wt obaina,
Lhenoe ruuuiug west40ohalna, ttience running
north 40 ehaina, theuce west 40 chaina. thenos
north M0 chaiMC tbenos ruuiilUK eaai 10 ctinin**.
thenoa running south 40 ebalni   thence east id
chaini' to plaee of ei.mme-ieenieni
Looatad on the 3Sth day of August, 1907.
John }'. HWKonrH'.. Umator.
per hi*- agent Paies MoJDosuxi)
No. ���_.-('or--i-1eneliif-at a po-.t marked  J   P  P'*-
Umber limit, northweat oorner pom. located on
weat fork of Kumniit creek, about two mllee from
malu ereek, thenee ruiiiiini* touth so chains,
tbence running eest 80 ehaina, thenee running
north _0ehalna, tbenoa running west so ehalns
to I'lac-e of oommenoemenl.
Located on the 29th -lay of Auguat, 1907.
John Y BwaDBSUBS, I-oeator.
per hit- agent 1'kjck McUona: u.
Nollce Ib hereby given tn*i "-0 aaj*�� alter date I
intend to apply to she Hon. Chtel t'ominlnaloner
of Land*- and ** urK��* for permlHalon to pun hahe
tb*- (oUowlng deeoribed lainin, altuated in Weat
Kooienay district : Commencing at a rw>M marked by name   to*   initial   p-tat  nf   tbe  South   Fork
branch, one hundred (eel from the lu__uot_on of
I_out creek witb the hfmtn fork; theuee one-
(* uarter mi If to ihe northwest corner post, tbenos
one  mile to tbe northeast corner pout, thence
one-quarter inn*- to the sontheaatcorner post,
theme one mile to the place of commencemeut'
jnne 87, ISO?.       Located by Wm. GasaoLur.
Nelson I-and DistrlOt.   IMstrict of Weat Kootenay
Take iiotti-,- thnt Wesley Bovee. of Bltsvllle,
Wash . ociupiitii.il butcher, intends to apply tor
a aiieeiHi limber homo  over the   followim- d--**-
erlbed lands; on tho eaat hide of Priest river:
Oommenoing ma pout plauted one and a hair
mile-* north of the international bouiHary line,
thenoe west SO chsins, thenos --outh w> ohaina,
thenoe east 80 chains, thenos borth BO cbains to
point of eommeiH'ement, eontainiug Mb Her'*-,
more or lens.
Uated Sept. llih, UKI7. Wjwlsv Moves,
K. W. Smith, Agent
Kelson Land District  Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take noil.-,   Mutt   Henry   Keichert,  o_ Nelson.
B. o , prospector. Intend to apply for a special
limber   licence   over   the   following    described
No. 1.    I'om uie ur ��� ing at a poat   pin ll ted   n *i -  )l,
w.  nortb west   oorner post,  lot No   7089, snd
marktd     "'bury      Ib-ieherl     BOUtbivewl     euriier
posl " thenoe 80 chaina north, tnenoe W chains
eaat, thenoe wi <baina aimth, thenee 80 chains
west to the pomt of oommeneement.
Iiated Hept. the _��lth, P.H-7.
IlKSliT KKIOHKHT, Ui'-ator
galson Land DlstrlQl   Duu-ictoj Wesl ;Kootenas
Take Uotios thai 1, ' baric* Hldn**y Leary. oi
Burton City, B. C, oeeupaiioii farmer, intend lo
apply for p. rmlasloii  to purelniae   the   following
deeoribed land ;  Oontmenctl-tg at a poat piantid
about live mll��l northwest from Uie moiillioi
Uosonlto creek and marked ������'(_*. H L'a northcBM
oorner," tbenoe aouth mi ehalns, thenoe w-'M wi
ohaini,, thenoe north so -haina, thenoe sasl BO
ehHiiiH to   ])olut   of  commeui'euieut, i-oiilaiuiug
040 sores.
Hept. 7th, Bar;. OHASLINJ HlI>NKV  I.kahV.
Nelson Lead Distrlol. Distriotoi West Kootenay
'lake noiiee that William Andrew BOSS, of
Fernie, B C, hotel-keeper mtenda to appiv fur
a ipeclal tlmbei Ucenoe over ih.* [olloa-iba des*
erlbed lands:   Commencing at a poai   pinm-d
abont six milea  neat of   the  Kooienay   rivi-i.nn
Com oreek,   in the District of Went Kooienay
and being   abonl fix   mllea   uorih   of   the   intei-
initi >imi   boundary   tine,   and   ainmt-* nt the
iiortbeaat eoiuei-of Williiim   Andrew   Ko��h*   Nu
B Umber olaim, thenoe north so ehaina, thence
went mi ehaln a, thenoe aouth Ho clintlis, thenoe
eat-1 HO chalna, to lln- poini ol commeiieemeni
f-oeated July3Srd, 1_H*7
Dated tin-Hth of Aug    MW7.
Wii.mam Anhrku' ROBS,
iNoiaou Land Dlstrlot IMstrict of Weat Kootensy
Take inuice thai Patrick Hheraii. oi Nelaon,
B.c, oocupaUon proepeotor- lntendi i-�� apply
foraspedaf timber lloenos over the i.-ii..-,*, m-.
described binds: (lommeneiiual �� poai planted
at the N.W corner fa��al of lol0H��2, la-inn Patrick
Hheraii'a N. K. curlier p..hi running aouth Hi!
chaini ,   theuee  west HO chaius,  theuco north 80
We   are now showing a   complete   stock of
Ladles' ilm nr lette Nlghl lt.iin*s tron
11.00 up
Child  tl.'    NlKhl H.'lr.'S
from 7
Ladies' iii.-.- Skirt- rrom **:.r,ii < :.r ir
One of the largest stocks of Furs this
side of Winnipeg to select from and our
prices are exceedingly low in this  line.
Cliildri'iiH Coats for hi:.*' 1 in iv
yeurs.      A (DO. lut lo pick tram.
S|r.<*ially. A Fine Stock or l,adi.*'
I'laiiiM'l and   Silk  Shirt Waints
A very laruo usortmsnl ai i-'iiii.'s*
Pall an.l Winter Cloth and Twirl .ink
���tl  111   \'.T>   Low   l'rlc.rs.
One of the finest stocks of Millinery,
Trimmed and Pattern Hats we have yet
shown..    Prices  Reasonable.
We Invite Inspection of our Stock and  Prices and Will  Endeavor
to PIl-'isl- our Customers.
Yon can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch in   the best   fruit-growni)* district
in British  Columbia by paying   Sio down and ��10 per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land lias trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
J.   E.   AIN-NAB
Cost $ 15 to $30.      Now $7 to $ 16.
Worth $5 to $8. Sale Price $2 to $4.
ehr-iin*. thSOGUM   _M4Sl   ���  (UU-tSS   I" pot&l   Oi  dim-
Dated Aiiymt nint, vnn.        cathhk hm.iun,
RjUOX H'liiAM., Agent
I SJU ii'-li't- tlmt lni Y. Toylor, elern. ot Arn.w
I., n.l, B,C, ni ten. I* 10 Hj.pl y lipr it l peel* I lu. nee
tO eut tlliit/er Iroirl I lie (OllOWlDf dSSOTUlM
SI   .
Nn i. .:<,inmii).*iiii* nt h imiwi planted 70 ehalm
���iiHtHiiei* in nn eastony dtreeUon from (.anboo
lake marked ��lra_f lajrlor's. W. Parktne' H W,
eurnsr." bounded on the smith by T.L n<> 7688,
mi the west l.y i.e. mi. 7ti-^. tin !..-.��� oortfa to
'iiiiitiH, tbenoe <-n*-i ho .inim*-, tbenos -.mittiHti
chains, tbanee went ho otutlns tc. point oJ oommenoemenl
No.2, l "iiiin'iielfiK nt n nOSl |> In Ml'"I Hilf/tiKlliK
'llutiini-' mul in iteHNlerlv dlieetlMii (mm Cariboo
It-kt-markud "VV. I'nrklUH'.   lni Y   'I n.rii-r'�� B. W.
corner postt" bounded ��m tin- wer-t by T. I- 7ft��7,
���Hnith i.y ir�� K. Tarlor-i and w. Parkins*T. E.
No. i. thanes imriii 4D ohalns, tin nee sasl ISO
ohalns, thenoe sonth 40 ohalns. theme went LfiO
ohalns in point oi oommaDoamen'
W. K. OiilI.VIK,
1KA  K   'lAVLOK.
Nelnoti Land Dlstrlot. Dlstrlot ol Wosl Cbotanay
'Jake ootlos tlmt i. B3_Lsabeth Forguson, o_ tf*l-
ioui i.Mii-ii Columbia,ocoupaUoo married wo
man, Intend i" apply f'.r permission to purchase
thu loll-iwliiK (InnerIhe-1 luil'J :   Gommenclnij t-l u
poHt planted toeh-tiim wnm or tiie ���.m��� inu.-i oornar  "I   MOtlon   USL Township 89,  Knotemiy,   nml
marked���'-*��� F.'s n B oornar/'-lwnofl west w-
ehalns, tbones south 40 ohat_as- thenee oastfiO
'iiHiim, thanoe uorth .u chains tn tbe plaoa ul
oomma&oamaat and euniiinans B90 sores mots
l.'.lli July, A. 1). I-H/7.    KLlZATiei H Kki OtTLON,
by w. a. Gaidar, sfent
N.-Ihi.ii Lund  LilKtrlei.   IHhlrlel ul Went Knoli'liMj
I aks UOtlOS tliHl I, Johfl 1-mi--. uf Nelsmi, ti. V,.,
 i-��tiinii miner Intend to spply for penius
-.ion to purahase the fi-u-.wiuK uMeribed imni-i:
i'ommenoing at it i><.-<t planted at thu n. k. t.r
'...I toOO, thenee east 30 < IihHih, tlo-nee mnjtli '20
halns, thenee wvHt to ohaini, thenee nnrth 'Ht
IihIiik in point nl eommeiu-umuut, iioiitninlns u<
r.ruk    ,��.sir,t air If.Bh..
Jult.S   I,At.*.
iter en, inuft* or Iohh
August 2uo, iw;
Nalson tmnO Distriet. Dlstnol ol Wool CootaMay
Taka nottos tbat KaoJ Auuu-<t I'aul-ion. of Kit *
I'lii'inT,  H   0 .   OOOUpatiOl.   ilihilieriilfiii.   InU'tlilu
tnupi.lr lur MnnlSSlO-9  in purobSSS Ihe lulliiw-
i ne aeaorltt-M  lands:    Oominai ''"k  hi  h punt
plantod al   thesmilii   t.miinlury ul   the   rl-(hL-n(-
ini)    ni    thi*    Itrltlnh    I'nlitniliiii   Kunthrrn   KhII
m My pin'I iilinnl :Wi elmtiiH WKdlerly (ruin mile pout
Ed on nii)iI rHiiwuy, thetiue Kouth wohalns. thenos
oaat to ohalus, tbenoo t-outh so ohalns thenos
eaai CO nhalna, Ihonoe imrth tn the hi mth inmu-i
ary of tho lisht-of-way <>( the UritiHh Columbls
Boutheru Hallway, thenee westerly alinu the
said riuht-nf-way Eo plaee oJ oojomenoeme-ut.
Dated in in Una day or aukuhi. iwn.
I   niiKii-i,   iinii.
Hixty days after dets i Arthur alien -Bortoni
ranch- r, ol Hnrtun OJtjfi Intend lo apply to the
Chiel Uommlssloner ol Lands and work*. Vie-
loria, H  o.. to pnrohase ths iniiuwinj- (iem*rii.uii
hunls -idiiLle eiinl nl  Burton      < iniiinntn-lni- Ht B
|.'.nl  in.trkid   "A    A    H   nuiithwot-I   i-nrner1'  iilnl
planted at the H. w   oorner ol lot witi Q   i, ami
runnlUI nnrth *>u ehatiiK.   thenee  BSSl -It) elminn,
tbenos ioutfa '"��� (ihains, thenos went _ti obalns to
plaos nf oommenoementr
A lift UN t Int. l'KI7. AK1 IH H   \    ItllUTON.
Nelson i-Miiii Dlstrlot i��mtrii-t of \vy*t KootenJki
Take notloe that aukhh MeOin, of tbe City oi
Nelson, oooupatlon Brattan, Intends to apply fur
uermlsslon ta I'urehnne the fulluwinf- desuribfld
��� ���imin: Oommenolng at 11 puni planted at the
en,ner   I,   c.   Mnrrlm.ii'h   rnneh,   tu   Kire
N   W
ty (40) -lii-lii-i,   thenee  hoiith   forty   (4it)
hiilii*-, thenee wont lorty HU) elmlnn   to point O]
"ii inoement,   nnd Containing   one hundred
nd sixty (180) sores, mon-or-Iuhs.
Dated Beptoiiber andi i*'V.     ahihih Mrfiiu..
Nelson i.Hii.i Dlstnot  Dlstrldtol ffee( Kootenay.
Take noUoethal 1, David (J. Kuns, of Nelson,
, O;, oooupatlon mer.-hiuit, intend   tn apply fur
rmlaslon to purobass the'following'deeoribed
pout    jlii ni. -I    at    the
uihvveni eorner ��f ssotlon im, um.i_.hip -W,
(lo lllll
'int;   ��i   a pout
isoouimiy. and marked "li.O, K.'n ti. \V. eorner,
thenoe uortn wieiiKinn. thenos earn ���uiehalnn
thenoe soutb 80 ohalns, thenoe won -it) ehalm
in ihe polnl nl oommenoemenl and eontalnlne
:ilfil sores inure or 1i-hh
lfith July, 1901. Daviu (I. KtiBT/,,
W   A. CaJder, agout.
NeUon Und Dlatrtet.   I'lntrlet el Wi
lake OOthie that ��Ji-PB^Wwp5 5
b. C, oooupatlon rancbtr. 1 1 I"'h     Amrtttnt
m-rmlii��loii lo |.un hane the  '"'"'V'"...i ,.n lto<*
Ih-ihi :   Oummenolni at j* JJ^^ififSS lata �����
west ahore ol t p|.er v\ lialnlitin (< """.V^ ,h_iW.
tiu-H. y. oornerol tol B*.""
I rliniw.
.  thSBfl
thenee aoulh sn enninn. "" " .,.,. j^fc,. tt"'",'-
more or lean,   in   lhe *horv ui 1 ������,-,.
northerly along the Said -1h,"ii ��� .-..inaimW
ur lean, in polnl   ef c-tmiineiieeiiiein.
^aa-^fts.'sfe w�� "
N,.,.,.���,_������lir..r,,r.   Pl-.rw W*S2
Tak if POttOS that Blge '' i-**leni-. , {(l{
M���,*".I.!I. I��r.���.'i. ��,i*l__.
iK-rinlsslnii I.i ,...r. I.kb.* II"' "" ,''|,i,.il ����ril
luBCl:    i:���nrin.rn'lr.K   Hi   ��   1"'-' ������ ,.-**,
M-vt-rr mill's Irom li. ""J"     '.'' ,   " ,, .llr.rr snj
nl  norllioiist    .'.irliiT   "1 V."���l rr rrrins '*
msik.'.l "H 0. N. K. �����_"���-�����\ ,';.���,. miMI'*-1
���Kri'lialiis. Ul.no. ������������sl M ���''���''*��� ' ��������� oi _���'
I'llBlllS.   Uiuu.'.' M.I SO I I �� "���    "  '"'
m-i 1I..1.I. .���<.i.i-;��i��i->-!;' "*''"���
Ii���tai:��iii,.i.iy..(A���1-i,��i   w;i(.(
AHTHI'HA.BI*.*-". *f*_i.
1 iilniiH'ii'n.i.  ;      ���'.i������i r,ir,s'i""*
I. B. K. iriirinr.   sir   '' ' "   * ,|i,irn'i'
Milut ill
lln- s.iuliiwr���.1.
Hv.' mill's from.
innrki'.l K f ��.*.������ ���___���_!.."so etui
in,rill tmi'liiilll".   Mnllii'   ���> '"- ~h_J
���,���,i, ��,,'i,ni���.. Mi.'.!.-.; "��'*;,;:,..
oomm.no.mi.nl' aautlaiaitm"
inn,.,! inrih .i���y ,.i ���-"��"".���,';""; i*. to***. ,
 ~- ���������TT-_ii _oo*-**"
M',.,,1, l.a,.U l.lstrlH    OUtjt'   ��*',������, ,.f Al*
Tsk.,   nollr*.
. MilII
i���ri'iTi,ii.��i..*i i" '"'���'*'"* H,,',��i i'i""1:':1,,;
aKffW-fftgsffi '	
airrus Ol Inn.l. I '* "' '',r*;'������NKi.tr�� Us"';""**
U��lod aird AugNJ.M'";���_* Hu,tuh, A��""1 Ii you knew you could buy
i --est   finality stamped "Cauada Approved"   by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble mak-
���jjg it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   i" all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
Ld hotels, 7, M and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P# Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland Bonndary
Wholeaaw i->ro-*l-ilon'��.
Oorernm. nt OrKimiPrr OnoPound Bricks rwvlvi-d wwkly fn*-li from the
churn.    For aale by all i-radiUK grocera.
Offloe nnd warehouse: HooBton Block,    Phone 78.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelaon, B. C.
Ion of AiMileLin Brother*!-  tract.     Improvements  on every   block.
| Trill tl on-
lenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
lbl    uinl**,ratsiie<l,  at   bin
fett. in Un ��� u in Houae, in the CttS O- B*a_aon..
���-..*  boas ol��o*o_oe-t, in
ot Yrnl**y.   No-rombai  lftth. toot,
��� ,       1-T. ��ld' nl"   Mlrn rni
I i    ;,    K'M��u-n��y     I>latrlet,
li lortoltad 10 the   '  r..**u
Ittw tai aale ii. thi  �� itv (.1 Nelf'n.on the
il .       ������",    ,;. iite, in-Ut    la\.-   up
1 !���        mi.I    <t����iia.     The   u (*-*���*. I
���    j.* the aatd   MiiM-rai   Claim,   vtbuh  lu
���-... i-jiii-tit   laxoa  and ct**t
��� I        mi        *    i.  ture,   with   liiwrcat.  tOMxm
J������ * ��� hoc* arrrued, eoata ol ���overtl��liis.
**'������     rfrowti    i.mil   '���'__*���.�����) la *e.l 45. whteli
r_wt nun .inn that   will   he ct��U*lder*id a* a
B ���
r   muni   bs   a��-e<uiipann-<l     hy   an
r ' the hill   unit.mi: ����� the   hi)
������.payable... the  urdoi  Of tht.   Hepnty  Com-
P Uodi mul Work", at \ ieluria, li. B.
h Uth day ot Oct.. 1903.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"rulrni" Mineral <iaini -tttmu- lu the Nelaon
Mlniua I'lviM.m. uf the WSSN  KooU-ntiy I Ha trlct.
Where louu-d:* UnToiwl Mouutatti two aud a
halt mllea truin  Nel-tot.. K   1'
, ilni. Uth day olOcil
l.l.M MllUCUt A-ti'Ut
lenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
.it ir*-��.-.-.1   in   the  litnleralKtlPil   lit hin
J  ������: llnu-e, iu the t ity ���>! Nelaon.
I i"Ml uptill the hour of 5 oVioes. in
f; ���mi.ol Friday, Nuv.ititb. 1-W*. lor the
I " tbe "Old Aha"  Mineral   Claim,   hot
W���'���rim-. i. Kuuteiiay l*.Mrt-*t. whfti waa.de-
I'Tlvlletl to Ihe (rowu al Ihe lux
in the City ol Nelson, tm the r.th day <-|
J* ""���*��� Ior (l-.Hii.iueni taxua up Ud June
J}'���-6.aod coaU The uiMw-t prlc* upon the
�� atueral Claim, w huh int ludea tbe aniouut
' '���' '��"���- mul  euM   al tha time  of lor-
Lbterert.   mve-   .vhleh   have ainoa
Lng, and iee ("*��� Oromo
�� if..,.,, |, *���������, ,, WUU.Y, ih ��� ������. least amount
Ml lorad  to. a  U'leier
iiiui>l    Im-   neeouipaule-l     hy   hji
" ��� "* the full  amount of ths tsss
���V*bl. ,i  ordoi ��.f ths Uaput]  t **--u
JMi ol Lands ami Worka. at Victoria, -i.e..
-"-���I Kelson, it i . ii.ia uth dav oi net., iwn.
HAKKY w'KltillT,
-io\e: uuit-nt   AKetlt.
["ate W.ntcd lor the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl-iim.
������"ll.Th"".'""*���"".'   ' 'IHl.TSlltl.f.l    Hi     till.
in House, in ii...i-uj ���i Milaon,
r.nsrnu*'*' [,ui ���->*-" i""���. ..ir..'Vi,���'k, la
,M���." ,'���,"' ���!"��'��� N�����. imu, imn, i,.r Un-
. ..,,.,.,;    ''"  ""n'lm-r" Miu.n.i Claim, Lot
-"1 ," i    i    ""'*'"*>'   blstrlr'l.   wlili-l,   hum <!.'
i i ���,*,"'*,���"*" i" U�� Orowa ���i (ba ku
���"���"��� '".. . ',">"'N.'U..ii.���i, tba nu. -_j
1 i. "���'���>��� 'i.'Iiii'iri'.iii uuua up un 'una
,,.: Mr,,,.., :'"*'*��� ''"��� rii-si'i in I,-,- ui,(,ii ihi.
l,i,.,,    I"' in,,,. �� ui -ii laolu-aa tba amount
-ture, irlth  im***-1" """   ""* ,l1"" "' '"'
���nirsl   ,,., ',     *"1'  .*-���.  i.hli'l,   liaro  slu.-i'
**     -     ""*,"'"'iyri',.1 ..k. ,.���.i I,.,- tar Crown
1    �� '". H blob I. 11,,' li'KSl inn,.tl1.1
,   I!    .*'1."* " i.*..'i��T.
I ,i���
,      -   ���  .1 ]... 1...-. f     l.y    un
" KM >li" mil niii.Mriii ���| th,, |,i,.
.' Ulc "iil.-r ,,( n,v l��,.i,���tv Com-
'���"nn. iii���l WnrkK, ai Vluti.rla, ll 0 ,
'""i.li.,*. tills uu, iln. um<*I..IIW-.
l.i.n'rliinriil A.Ki-nt.
'nders WiI---<* for the Purchase of a
Si",",',,"! "''''.i'i's.,
Ml rr
K'i''i  '" ''ii'.'iuiil   11    '.    "" ".'ITSIK I    Bl    Ills
S ,',"*' I van   rr',**'*,',"','"" (:l>v "I N��*ls.,.i.
���UrSn'l'>'.K���t4.__?  in ,M ���"'  (;l""��'  '-"I
'" '"'  Inn li.f  .���"���Wol.   wl.t.*l.   wns  _a
r*r     .    "'  '"I   "   ,       N''l ���". "1> Ull' .'.111  ilnv
' ���"''����.i.���.   '"'','"'"' laxos in. tin Jun,
,.,'"""' Iniin ������  ,"*, "'"";' C1"1'" "I"'" tali,? "i"'"l Ins 1*. '' ""'I'l'li'" -In  nn, il
I' ,""[> riii.'ii'si "�����������"����- ��.l Itiv tlluo.,1 I,'i
nn ;.','.'""'* "I ii ,..','. ",**"" wl"'*h "���.���* ���-��-��
1"'1  l""i','"i'.''',"!i,'"i !', ipanlad   i>-   nu
Ul,'     .    I  l'"l,"l"""MI   Ol ll,,' Il'll     I
'" ^"i^rrrtL'iiT.)
��� -��� ��� r a t riiHD   firam   oi  me  at>ove  riaim.
Aud further ukt- notioa that artlon, under
Beotton 91, niual be eoninieui'ed liefort* the la-
aunii f SDOfa (iruJieatf t��t Itnprnveiuenta
Hutml tbla _3nl dav ot Be i.ti mU-r, A. I> , 1W7.
W   A. MA<1H��NA1.I'
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"Bin Hoi* Kraetlon" Mineral Claim, altuste
tu the* 1'rout l_ake MIiiIuk I>lvlhloii. Ol \Wmtt
Kt��itoiia > Dlatrlct. Located on Poplar creek,
'lain- notice thai I. t". I'adley Krtte Miller a
iVrtilimiv WO. BHUK, lnu*nd m dan from the
datetwri-oftoai.pl> to the MluinK '-' *���''���''��� *
a * .���! nn. nt. of liiiproveiiienla for the iiur|*oae of
ohlalain-r a t'rowu '.rt-iil of (be -.h-ove t'laiin
AtMl further take uollve lhat act Inn under
BootSou "Tj. mum l��e r-timmenei-d la-fore the
lssnar.ee of BWlb ' 'ei tltlcale of Iniproveini-uU
1*mI ad thla Mh day of  th-tuber. 1VU7.
In the matter of au application for the lamr of
a duplli-at.- ('ertlfteat*- ot I'ilU- for |uirt (4U acrea)
of Lot hi2, (iroupoue, ln the lu��tr|ei t.f KooU-Uay.
Nt.tlce Ir. btrehy -:l\eu that it la my lutein ton
to laaue at the exPlraUoti nf i.ne month from the
firat publication hereof a duplicate of the 'Vr
l it! cat e of 'J itle for lhe above lauda lu the name
of Andrew Mnrrtf-.-n. -**ln<-h Certificate of Title
I*, dated the Mh   day   of Mart li, 1MKI, and   uiiiu-
barad -KtuK.
Laud lU-ttlalry Ot'iou. Nt'lhoU, H. (". .Hepieinher
IMih ,11107.
"H. K. MArLaon."
Diatrlet  !..*������;-: mt
The Daily Canadian
lo Itur malti'r "I ai, h-.|.1i. .inn, Im *��� l"";"'"1
ilunlltaK- nl 11..'  I .'rtlll.nt.nil   I 111.-I.i  l.U�� U.
II ud If, ft-nol, �� r��i K.."ii'iis> "���,,r",V,. "'!
kiniwii ssllr "Vim.!., na. 1-l.lfl. '"'Oomlorl '.ml
���'l-ulu" lllll"nil i'l.lln- r*-s|i.','tlv��rl>*' .���,,..,
Kotlix ,. li.'ii l.y nlv -ii ll,at ll !���  in.',11"'",t ','"
to I-..-.1.' nl   tbe .�� Pin, rum oloos month IWIM
irr.i pobUoaUoi ra, ���! �� .t_i u.-hi.*..1 < j;r l .�����i.
olTTUs   ... i.rsiln ..I   ��.n  nn.llvl.lil sl 1 ��uli.
.���..ii,.(tbo ii'.m.' lou, n-.rr.-i "" tbe lit- ''��>���'���
Mnv.A   |i.lr���.,nrl���.�����n.,''li.iliiil* .���"""""k"*
and alao a duplloau, ol Oar-aeata ol no* Bo.
WSSli. ,.l ,,rr ���i���llvl,li'.t IV l.s-lis III aaobol t_l
SDO.S  I,lis.  I��rrr,',l   ,111  I III'    1111. 'I"!   "I    ��  ��>'   *    "
IBH.1.IU ttu- until,' of <l. mi'Ki' .. ���*_"tl*?*,v5l ,.-, nn.
1 ��ml ltoxlslry om,'.-, Ni'lsiin. tt..-.. Annus! Mil
1U.I7. .     ,
II. K. HAi-l.aon.
Ulstrli'l lU-Klslrsr.
r \ \ \ ������������ ""
m ti... __���������*_��� ..I hi, ���i.i.n. ��"","���i.v,r,'",'',l";','r';'1
n.lirpll.riiu.i.l   lli.-C. Tlilii'nl.* "I     H >��� '"    !     -*'
nri.4 lh.- wml hull "I ll."''' H-** "'��� iu lhl'1ov""
���V-ttSfl- h.'r,l.,' -IV.*.. tbat .1 i- -��t-fl!_!__
to Is.,,,' nl  il... I'Xl.Irn Up* ol on; n..u    i        ..
iirsi publ-oallon I,.'.. -..I . ""I'1 '���",,' ,",'���',,' ,|
,-nle   il   title (or lli.'.il.i.v*  ''���,'",.,?,   ii.
I.y.lln Blitnlils. wl.l. I. .'.fl Uh-ril.' I, '}��\i:'}.u' *'"'
iliy I.I Drnfflbar, l90%ff*4Bs5?ol^��*-��."
'Dlatriot Kt'Klstr.r.
In the   Matter of    th�� -I-and     Reglitry
Act" and  Amendment- thereto,
Irr lln- iri.ilUTi.1 ���j_ja_!ll^1Sf*^l'?_ln.
,l���,,l|.'.t,���l III-  IV'l\n>?'K" J, ''���       '.in*'
Nnlli'.'.l. li.'r.'I'V .'Klv.'li tl.H.1 II ��
u .Vi ,Vi'u"*��"t "oT'tii"- *"<";.**Ti'-i ."���<-/������  ''"'
*-������', IBW-, ��uf  	
to I..U.-��. lbo ,.&i��aUoV'.T.<��y ^rn.tl.;!'���-!'..'.'.
.... II.
IIAIIUV  Willi,Ml'.
Uuvuruiiu'iu At-iuil.
*imTiMi���*r���fi-s__5�� _."_|_r_Si_Sll__eoi
���riti. i.. U.a nii.iv,' dawrlbod '"," '"���*" ;,,",. i,
,,.    '*.. I. rl. k   IU.I..TI.OI.' *l.lH.   OjrtM- _
,lnl,"l  II" 'I'll, ill!"   ol Alinrinl,   INI*'   ��-""   "
l"'"''     lt0* "* .,-, --3..r..,n     Hrl'..    Hist   Ol
i.���,'..i Rwlotry omir...  *JJ3*f*yI__abB1
Aii-ii ist, I*!*.' iiiatrlol -mlslrar.
Trial   of   Murderer   of    Threes���Defence
Will Be Insanity���Crimes Without  Motive.
GoHhen. N. Y., Oct. 19.���The trial of
CharleB Henry Rogers for murder will
bftglll here Monday. Rofftn is charged
with having murdered Fred R. Olney,
WHUh C. Olney, and Alice Ingerick at
a farm Dear Mlddletown on Oct. G, 1905.
Afler a search of a year and a half Pink-
erton detectives found Rogers In Los
Angelea and he was arrested April 9
laat. During the trip across the continent Rogers ls said to have confessed
the crime in all details to Sheriff A. L.
Fred Olney and his brootoher. Willis.
were old and respected farmers. Mrs.
Ingerick was their housekeeper. On
the morning of the murders Fred Olney
took the oldest daughter of Mrs. Ingerick to Pilgrim's Corners. He left the
girl with a friend to come home on foot
in the afternoon. She returned with the
friend and found the house locked. Becoming frightened she went to the home
of a neighbor, Dan Davis.
Davis broke into the house, and at the
foot of the stairs found the younger
Ingerick girl, 9 years old. with her skull
crushed. Davis summoned the Middle-
town i��oIlce by telephone. The police arrived and examined the premises. In
Willis Olney's room they found a leather
trunk Opened and the money and valuables gone. Id the cellar was found a
length of gas pipe wrapped in a bloody
In a stall In the barn Mrs. Ingerick
was found moaning under a pile of hay.
She had evidently been hit over the
head with the piece of gas pipe. It was
not until the next morning that the
bodies of the Olney brothers were
round. The barking of a pet dog in a
clump of bushes near the house led the
officials to the spot, Fred Olney had
four bullet holes in his body and Willis
Rogers was not suspected of the brutal murders at first. He Is Bald to have
beaa friendly with Mrs. Ingerick. who,
after the assault, lingered between life
and death for days. When she recovered in a measure she protes-*.*,*(] to have
no re col I ec tlon of the crimes and disclaimed  all  knowledge     regarding    the
A. M. Can. Bee. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlee*.  BUXlUt Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Geo. P. Player
Office   Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenner* adilrc-mied to the uii.iri-.iL-n'-<t mi hlR
��� ���:' ��� lu tlit- Court IIomk-u, ln tbe 'n> ol
Nelson. will he received up till tbe
hour ol 6 o'clock, in (be nfler-iooti, of Frl
tlav, Ni.-. ���-in in i wi \\f~. (or tbe it un* bane of
tbe '���Aii!.. ��� Mineral I'laiui, Lot .-.**���., (.roup 1,
Kooteuay 1 ������.-:*.> ���. whlrli wan <1e<'lared to he
lorfeiusl to tbe Crown at tbe tax sale h.-ll lu tbe
City of Nelsou. ou tlie Stb day ot November, IUU6.
for delinquent luxe, up Ull June -Wtb, 1806, aud
The upset price upon the nald mineral claim,
������ nn i. include-- tbe amount of dellntiuent taxen
nnd coat a at tbe tlmt of forfeiture, with interest,
iHXt-N which have since accrued, coat of advertising, and fee for Crown ��r*n! (tiVUO.) la 11*1.70,
M b itli 1-- the leant amount that wil) bi* considered
it** a it nder
Km 11 tender must (����� accompanied by hu ac-
ccpU"! ebet'uc for the full amount of the tender,
parable to Ehs order of ibe Deputy Commlaaloner
of I_HUd* i  Work-., at Victoria. B. C, at par.
1 in ted at Nelsou, it (.'., this'27th day of Hept.
liovt-runifnt Agent, Nttlsun, o, C
Notice Is hereby gtTNLi for tbe Information of
in-ci-dlns st-tllcrs aud others, tbat selection has
U,rn nia.te of the H,'-Otl,U00 aires of lami situated
h_ Ibe Pa*0B Kiver Vullev. l'rmiuee of Hritlili
Columbia. frS-Ettad lo tbe Dominion '-ovemment
under the provisions of BsetlOD ' of "An Act
Mlailm   to   the   Island    Kallway,   tbe (IravlUK
bock and Railway Cutis nf ths PrOTlnoa," aud
such land Is not open to entry under the land
law-of tlie province.
The block MlS-OtSd Is descrltwd as follows:--
ComineueliiK at a point !*:!'_ miles aoutb of the
F-mlOS Kiver ou the 1-t'tb Merldlun, beiug the
eastern boundary of the province, theuee ��est
lb miles and :w B4 chains, tbence nor 11.72 miles
.nd :ftO:i chnins, tnenee east 7.'. milea and 88.04
chains tbence aoutb lo the point of comii.e_lc.a-
incnl l.'dlowtt.K the l-'Otb Meridian and contatu-
HiK approxlmalely it.SOU.Oud acrea.
Not lew !��� aim Ktvcn Ibai. with a view to
Ai-lltLHtliiK selllement lu the valleys ol the
iv, e. rarsiilpaml I'ack Klvem, the followlUK
l,,-l< ol  lami   tti  mllea   In   width and   extending
2u mUn on aaoh side of ths Peaoa, 1'arauip and
Pick Kivera baa been reaerve.l fnr actual settlers
to be iie.iulre.l by preemption only under the
1,noI A,it, SBOh laud uot batni open for sale.
i.'.ane   Il'-cnee or other alteuutiou  under the aald
Act except by prs emptlon:
OoBimaneiDS at the intersection of tbe western
boundary of the blmk of laud selected by the
i amluloi) (lovertiinciit wllh the Peaee river,
thenoe follow lni, the Peace Kiver and Parsnip
Kiver to their ...ulluenee wllh lhe I'ack Kiver
nu.t lbenee lollowlng the I'ack river lo the
point* where said l'ivt'k Kiver leavea Mel-eod
(�����.,'"'��� i cxtcuilliiK for a tllslaueeof ���'" mllea
on aaoh side of said Kivera and approximately
HO miles "�� iciiKth.
All lands oiilhtde the bonutlaritu* of tbe Do-
nihit'iu Government ('rant aud 'the reserve
above described are open for location under lhe
laws of the Province.
ActliiK Chief CommiMstoiier tif l^aiids and Worka|
I .alids and tt'uiis  I'cpai Hiiciit.
Victoria, beptember Uth. iwn.
$10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands:
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. Tou
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake, f 1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
identity of the murderer. Soon after
the murders Rogers disappeared from
Mlddletown and it was then that suspicion was turned toward him. It is
thought that he heard that Olney
broth*.1 tb had in their --ossession $5000
cash and some valuables.
The Pinkertous searched in vain for
some trace of Rogers until January 27
last, when a clue was afforded by letters
he wrote to persons in Middletown. They
found he had beeu working aa a porter
in a hotel at Madera, Cal., under the
name of Charles H. Carpenter. Detectives were at once sent to Madera to
arrest him. but when they got there
Rogers had quit his job and departed.
The proprietor of the hotel, however,
identified a picture, and from the description given declared that Carpenter
was Rogers, tbe man they sought. The
detectives became sure the fugitive was
hidden in ...os Angeles. Believing that
the man would call in time at the general delivery of the post office and wishing to make the Identification complete
a letter was sent from Middletowu, N.
Y., addressed to Charles H. Carpenter.
Rogers was arrested w-hile receiving the
decoy letter.
His alleged confession Is said to have
since been completely substanUaled. His
defense will he insanity. He was in an
emaciated condition when placed in jail
several months ago. but has since greatly Improved In health, having gained at
least fifty pounds In weight.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E.co.. Baker  and   Ward   Sta.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water  Power and  Light Company, Limited.
Notice Ib hereby given that an extraordinary general nieetlng of the Cas-
,*ade Water, Power und Light Company,
Limited, will he held at tho offlceB of
lhe company on Saturday tho 2nd day
ol November, 1H07, at the hour of 2
..'clock in tho afternoon, for tho purpose of:
1. Authorizing the Issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00,
dated the 1st day ot May. 1907, with interest at 4V. per cent, per unnum, payable on Uie bat day of May. 1940. with
Interest payable semi-annually ou the
1st dnyH of May and November lu each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
ilrart Deed of TruBt, approved hy tlie
parties, which will be submitted to the
ineeUng. und niude between the company, or the First I'nrt. Ihe Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of tbo Second
1'art. and Ihe West Kootenay I'ower and
Light Company. Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said drari  Heed of Trust.
4. Trammeling such other business
us may properly come before the meeting.
Daled this lGth day of October, A. V.
l)y Order of tho Hoard.
Tremont House
Enrowmn and American Plan
Moali 38 ctF.   RootDB from K cti. to fl.
only White Help HmpJoyeO.
Baker St.. Nelion Proprtetotfl
Most comfortable quarters      Nelson]
Only the best ot Liquors and Cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker B.-ti*     Kelson. B. C,
Lighted *>y Electricity and
Heated by Ho' Air
Large - rid Comlortable Bedrooms and First-
classDlnlDK Boom.   Bample Boom, lor Uommer-
clal   _><_*.
MBS.  K. C.CLABEE, Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar li the Finest.
White Help Ouiy En-ploy ed.
Jotephlue tit.
Nelion. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rat-ee fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular BM_rfi*-rn
The Silver Grill haa opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal In the city*
Two  Old  Veins   Are  Declared   to  Show
Greater  Promise  Now  Than
Ever  Before.
That the mines in this district are
liable to have their tips and downs, says
the Slocau Mining He view, in clearly exemplified by the Reco. This property
after being well up in the line uf dividend payers years ago was closed down
in February CHi with iiractit-ally DO ore
reserves, but in July last the mauagi--
tuent considering the outlook more favorable for exploitation, reopened the
mine, and recent development-, have
greatly exceeded their expectations.
The Heco mine has always been famous owing to the high-grade silver
values contained in its ures, and to the
great  variety   of silver ores met   with.
Two vet us have been developed ou Uie
property, the Goodeuough, which lu the
past produced most of the richest ore,
and the Heco vein. Hoth these veins
are being worked to betti-r advatuagt'
today  than  ever  before.
The management consider them as
true Unsure veins cutting across the formation at abOOt right angles. In which
0tM tlu- carbonated or oxodized rock
found in the veins must necessarily be
vein matter produced during the formation of the veins. The fact, huw.-vtr.
that the lines of mineralisation lie exactly in the major plants of contraction
of the slate und schist rocks, 1. e., at
right angles to the strata, might indicate
that the veins originated during the Uplifting and folding of the rock-- and that
the walls, so called, were parallel planes
which exist all through these slate
rocks 1'iuler this view tin- carbonated
or oxidised rock must have originated
through surfaco oxidation aided by percolating waters und ulso tho carbonate
and sulphate of lead uml zinc, oxides
of Iron. etc.. found In the ore streak.
This question will no doubt be cU-areil
up when deeper workings uie divi-lop-
-���d. If the first idea is cottt-ct the carbonated rock will continut' hi depth,
while under tho secoud view they will
grudually diminish and finally disappear.
At the present time, considering only n
depth or lOO toot, it would appear tbat
tlu- carbonated rock did not diminish
w.Ui depth.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  free from   stone:   level  land;   ample water;   railway facilities;   good settlement; easy clearing.
Price:  $50 to $85.    Terms: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year..  Interest 6 per cent. _*'*_��*���'#*'-#'��� -.*���*���"��-*��'��� ;f��-*�����-"*
H. & M. BIRD
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insoramce
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms S2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
lotE.  on   terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria St.   (75 ft   corner) $   600
Houston St.   (60 ft corner) I 376
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker St-  Nelaon,  B. C
MATOFAaURERS    f _,_,__-_���*,-,.     CI__U> __��____
AND DEALERS IN    ^tMllDef f   ds-U-ELgieSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work ant- I ir-ticket*.- Mail Orders promptly attended to.
VKK.-NO.-S  STRIiKT   -    -   -    NELSON, B. C
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
No. aiu.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"C01CP__-*IK8 A(T, 11*97."
I herc-br certify that HM "Falls ('ret'k Topper
MiuiiiK ��� omi'i.Tiy. 1-u-iiL-*.- .������ ban thin day tx*en
reglmer-Ml ** an Kxtfa-Provincial Company un
���vr Hi.* '���I'oii.jiH'iif- 'Act. iv.c." to carry out or
tHuct all or any nf the objecta of tbe Company
lo which thf leelslatlve authority ofthe Legislature of British Columbia extends
The head office of the Company la altuate at
tbe City of dpoitaue, Bute of Waahlnglou, U.S.A.
The amount ol the capital of tht- Company la
���>ne million five hundred th'iuaaud dollar*,
divided Into one million tlvt* hundred thousand
i-bare-- of one dollar each.
1 be head otlU-D of the Company ln this Province Is situate at Nelson, and Michael C Mud*
".ghau, Miner, whoae addreia Is tb�� same, ls the
i.tt-iiji*-.-  uf tbe Company
The time of the ITmtlMIt of the Company ls
fifty years from the 1Mb March, l-.q.
The Compauv i- specially limited uuder section 60 of tbe mLovc Act.
'���lvun under my hand and seal of ofllce at
Victoria. Province ol British Columbia, thla lftth
day of May, one thousand nine hundred and
[L. a.l H   Y. WOOTTON.
Keglt-trar of Joint 8Ux k Companies.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897/
Notice iB hereby giveu that Wilton A.
MilU'r. or the towu of Creston, lumberman, ha.- been upiioiuU-d the new attorney o* "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companion.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
All KIihIs of Heating  Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houaa.      Tel. 181.
To All  Points  In  Kootenays.
MONTREAL, ��46.10; OTTAWA*44.85;
HALIFAX, $56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rites from and
to All  Intermediate Points.
l'l.'pniil --ataage arranged.    Reaerva-
tlou-i  Hecured, etc.  throug- Uila office.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Boi Hi    Phon. 2.1 li.
INELSOIN,     -     B. C
For further particulars call or ��Tlte
A ii r.A .V-ii. v.t. D. P.A., MelMB
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
(0 to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Hue of Japanese Ooods now on aala.
All kinds ot Dinnerware ln steak. Pat-
to ras.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep.
Inn, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
In j ttovea, etc.
'SI Eaat Baker tt. Phone Na. A114
' i f
! !.
i  il I
il   I
! L
The Daily Canadian
imr slock for the New Jewelry anil otllor
goods we are opening up almost every
day. We lire cxliiliilinK Brooches, Necklets. Pendents, Bracelets, nil in new de-
sign*. The now Enamel Jewelry in
Flowers, Birds and Bugs is must attractive.
if. O. Patenaude
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Sill-
Collars with or without tabs
at, each. 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather aud Silk
Belts in all colors.
Mimuuiactared from tii<> fim-M tobacco, -on-
rlpened nun Oom sweetened.    It'i mild, full-
flavored and cool.   A tobaocoyou
.ought 10 ir>*
fobacconist.   Baker Street.
See Us
For Gocd Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Nexl  lio.ir to llrink of Commerce.
BUSH 4. MATT HEW, Props.
J    Phone  9. P.  O.  Box 672.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will liml it tn their ad-
v.ntngu to use oor Fitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Any man able and wilting to nurse
small-pox patients in case of need, is requested to apply to E. C. Arthur. M. D.,
city medical health officer. - _.
Tho Betl Sard Coa] on the market.
Bankhead Bri-
The Best Donestlo Uoftls
West Transfer Co.
Best  Located  Hotel  in  Nelson
Under the manuKeinent ol K. K.  Noble.
late Of Toronto- Ottawa ami
U. It. Brown, Detroit; I. Wood and
wife, Winnipeg; A. W. McQueen, Kam-
loops; J, K. ininnan. Medicine Hat; ll.
II.Davidson. P. Schmitz, Toronto; K. L.
Fillery, Vancouver.
.:<�����*. \'_rt.-...     ���>-��.! .Vard Stre*.tr.,
INEUSOIN. tt. _**.
A. H. Morgan, U Frankenbury, II.
Hardy, 11. 11 Qllmour, B. V. Jones, .1.
M. Collls, It. 0. liunir.v, f'.il. Davidson,
Vancouver; W. ('. Nlghlngale, VV. B.
lint,'. P. Schmidt, Toronto; .1. S. Shop-
pard, Letbbridge; C. H. Bayford, A. Miller, it. 11. Tart, .1. Spence, Greenwood;
Capt rail,],,11, Crawford Bay; A. V.
Dudgeon, Revelstoke; W. 11. Clark, Loo-
don; s. i\. Thomson, Winnipeg; OoL
Davidson, l-ngland; VV. Bangay, o.
White, Spokane; .1. A. Mulr, wil',' nml
fruiiily. Deer Park; .Mrs. A. Dinsmore,
Orand Porks; 11. I.. MoKlroy, Phoenix;
i'. I*'. Sherrin, Ainsworth.
11. DavldBon, Rouland; .1. a. Lawrle,
A. 1;. Ooodenough,Brie; Qeo, young, Slocan; P. Martin, 6-Mile; A. Wilton; New
York; H. 8. Pownell, Duncan; P. O'Brien
W. Hubs, v. Cramp, Howser.; 11. Seley,
La Plata; P. <;. Porteous, Gogina; .1. E,
Werrier, .1. Stewart, W. Campbell, 11. Ma
inn. s.  a.  McKenzie,   Phoenix;    C.   11.
lOvrniH  nnrl   wile.  S.   Hauls.   P.   Haw-inn.
Medicine Hat; s. 11. Laws 1. Sraalo,
C, lianii. Boundary Palls; C. Walcroft,
\. Schmelly, Ifmli 1 a. Proul, a. Smith,
lan-; .1. A. Morgan, Spokane.
W. Mmchaiii. Victoria; A. ,1. McCoul,
Pernle; A. MoKennle, Slocan; Mis. ]..
11 Young, Idaho; (J. (l. Oarette, it. M.
iiriimias, Vancouver, V, Qraham, Orand
I'm Us: c, Blrss, Shields,
Vf. A. Alexander, B. 11. Ker, T. s. Mol-
um, Cranbrook; il. 11. Curran, B. L.
Morley, Bonnlngton; T. K. Qllmour,
Pernle; H. 11. Dangstan, Winnipeg; .1.
11. McDonald anrl wife, ED. Oleranetl nnil
will'. Messenger Boy Co.; B. Orant, !���'.
Tohnson, Slocan Junction; JnnicK Stewart, i'ii.,1 nay; 11. a. Mitchell, It. H.
Mason, Sandon; 1.. Qoldthorpe, Ontario;
a. Qarvey, Hamilton; ,1. Reevs, 11.
ReeveB, Spokane,
T. F. Simons, Cascade; W. B. Hodgson, Slocan; .1. 11. Coltson, Winnipeg;
.1. It. MoPhall, Calgary; 'I'. Gordon, AlnH-
worth; A. Mears, Blalrmore; p. Bulman,
11. Poltrapen, Ymlr; David Motherly,
11. It. Wilton, Slocan.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds cortlilcato from
Royal Aciuiiriny for pianoforte playing
ami Singing. Certlflcate from Trlnlly
College, London, lOng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for Hinging and piano
playing.        Address Box 798. Nslson.
Sold  His  Ranch.
W. C. McLean yesterday sold liis
ranch down Iho river, 57 acres in extent,
tm- $2,000. The name or the purchaser
is withheld i'or the present.
Baptist  Services.
Services will ho conducted Sunday the
-Mith. hy Mr. D. M. Thomson. Morning
Ihome "The Madness of Religion":
evening, "How To  lie Saved."
Pastor at Home.
Rev. U. Newton and Mrs. Powell will
he At Home, on Monday afternoon and
evening to receive the.members of the
church  and congregation, at  the  Methodist parsonage.
Big Sale.
Taylor a;- McQnarrie have a large number of overcoa'.M and fancy vests in
stork which they will offer for sale at
less than hall" price for three days beginning next  Monday.
Customs  Inspection.
Messrs. C. S. Busby and \V. Marchtrnt.
the new customs inspectors who are to
cover the field formerly covered by .1. S.
Clute of New Westminster, are in the
city looking over the work here ami in
the district.
University Club.
The Nelson University Club meets in
the city hall tonight at. 8 o'clock. A. I..
McKlllop will read a paper, an analysis
of the principles of Socialism. The
usual invitation to those interested in
the objects of the (dab is extended.
The  Play.
"A Messenger Boy" drew a crowded
house last evening and some of the
audience professed to he pleased with it.
although the play, utterly worthless to
begin with, was wretchedly presented
and the singing was excruciating. The
company will present "Mable Heath, or
a False Marriage" this evening.
Methodist Services.
Rev. it. Newton Powell will preach
both morning and evening in the Methodist church. In the morning the children's service will be held, when there
will be a chalk talk on "Targets." lithe evening the subject will be "Jesus,
the Water of Life," a twenty-flist anniversary sermon.
New Movement Bible Class.
The   Voting     Men's     New   Movement
Bible (lass oi the Baptist church meets
at 2.30 .Sunday afternon. The subject
for discussion this week is "The Rise
and Fall of Nations." There will be
election of officers and discussion of the
constitution to be adopted. A short explanation of the whole movement will
be given.
Send-Off in Revelstoke.
This week's issue of the Mail-Herald
contains an account of a farewell dance
ia the armory there, given by Company
So. 5, R. M. R., to their sergeatn-nt.'ijor,
('. i\. Wheeler, who has left Revelstoke
where hi* was foreman of ihe water
works system, to become sergeant of
police in Nelson. C. .1. Aman expressed
the regret felt at the loss of such an
efficient Officer who bad always been a
hard winker in the interest of the
corps, and felt sure the Nelson corps
would appreciate the services of a man
with as much experience as Sergt.-Major
Wheeler bad, both In active service and
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
Wc Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Rcccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C   Block . Phone lt.
W.   O.    Gll-LETT
OontraBtof and
Hole SMllt for tin* Porto BteO l.umhnr Co., Ltd.*
rut-ill yii.nl'-. Knii*-h iin-1 ���IreHM.-l hiu-hur, turned
work nnd bracket..*-- GohhI lni h iunl "���Jibi-flu**, H��nh
nml doom, Cement, hrlvM and lime for Mill'.
Annum, ll.' i-i in.li r .
Yard and factory : Vernon Ht.. eut of Hall
INt_EL,HOINv   It. G.
Telephone 170 *
3 ROLLS 25c.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
F��HOINI-:   7
Fine Leather
Holiday Roods are arriving and we
are showing some of the latest thintis
in Handbags, purses, Cigar Cases, etc.
The productions in these goods are
richer and more beautiful than ever, ami
our stock make*- a pariIcularly attrac-
live showing. It is not too early to be
thinking about Christmas, and maWng
a mental note of where the finest goods,
and the largest  variety are to be found.
W. G. Thomson
��?2^��RmA    Nelson, B.C.
Phono ._.-*.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerie**.
But tor, Etftfs.
Camp and Miners' Supplied.
iltiii work, and all extended best wishes
for his future success.
HiikIi H. Qllmour arrived last eight
and  is at the  Hume.
Miss Gladys Blakemore left for tbe
east Ibis morning ufler a short visit to
friends in Nelson.
Alex*. McQueen, ihe ECatnloops cigar
manufacturer, is paying a leisurely visit
to the city and is at the Strathcona.
Capt Paddon, oi Crawford May. came
in last night, lie says tbe settlement
hits now a population of 40 and is growing fast.
(!. M. BOBWOrth, fourth vice-president
of the C. 1'. It., arrived in lhe city yesterday afternoon on his private car,
EDarnscllffe, and left for the east al in
p. in.
.1. D Ininnan. of Medicine Hat, Is in
the city today. While here he mel a
couple of Nilr vo\ ai_.el.TH of 'M-'Kfi ami
spent an hour or so talking over did
Alex,   Miller,   of   f'reenwood,   arrived
FOB HALK- A Flrut OlMl fayin-* MorlRg 1'lelnrn
Huniiit-NS    pliiyinir in full bOUM every evening,
-food LmilnaM, chance tor right man, (food
rsuoni tor Mlllng. Apply k. w. t.. Oana_Han
on os.
U.HT--A LAI'VH t'MIlKKIXA with Rotd rimmed
handle lift in K I' Hall, on ni-flii of _sili
Sept. Kinder pleaxe rutnm lo Tarker'H Km-
ployini-nt Ageoey nnd rSOetva reward.
dOt-D chain,  between   Hoovsi*  ��nri  Vernon
HtreetH.     Hiilliihlc* reward   will    In; paid  for lln
return-   HoDermld .���*. MoHardy.
a POCKETBOOK oontslnfjigosigned oheqneol
UicKeeond Relief Hlnlns uon&j��n��, payable
to  *!.  0.   Wade,  iunl   lettora.      Kilofer   kindly
leave al No PlaOB Inn.
I-.*--   1. **    i   ���  l.AHH HOOMH, IMW>>>  i"  ���!<'���
Tiiv bouieki oner. :trd tiat. K. w. 0. block.
TWO KII.HT-CI.AHH KOOMB, cteam hasted     Ar-
r.lt.   I. ,..,���. .L..  .....   . ,    iil.,l       !.���        \\       ) '     l.l.w.lr
WANTKD    lie  Makerc    thn Tloi to be Kir, Tarn-
araek or i'ltie    will   (five   11  cent*- caeli   In the
��tririK. nil good   timber*     Apply   to Joseph
Gene-lip! CaHcade. ____
wantkji situation by SToung Bootaman (mar
Ned* willing to taoKie anything, oxperlonced
In -froeery,  wine   and   aplrit   trade.     AdilrvHit
0. i), Daily OanadLtu Offloe.
A   J'AKTNKK   with   #2,W��   to    pMnhiise  %   irnlt
raiieh near SelHoii    A good -tpeeiih-lliin    Partner neod not he actively ������ngajfed on ranch.
For partlt-iilara apply T   tJ. PKOC'l Kit.
VVANTKI) Kleetrlei.in. Kngllflb, newly arrived.
Wrtti'N ���.Until ion In in-^ tai In 11 'in r>r aim liar work,
A ldrOM B. W. B., Dully Canadian-
WANTED���KnglUhman 90, want" gUuatlon for
week or longer, good   Kchoiar, need to offloe
_ routine.    AddreM B. W. H   Daily Canadian.
IA AI'NTKI)- ol'urehaneaCoonCoat, Ca��b lluyur
Apply J. U. M��� c_.ro tbla oflloo.
alt* and   Ket-.11 Dealern lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mailorders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Pore Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
)a A. IRVING & CO.
f[_1_ph-6- iii.
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location,  $700.
��_*OiV��_   AINO   SEli.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agont l.'T TtUMOtt I.Hiir��.hL'S
iunl I'l'l.Tl.tir.. i Hir.it.N.
I in. .1   Lot nl   IliiHln in   II. ir.
Foot ol .Iiim-phine St.        Tel    Ala
lu the olty lost nlghl nnd left for the
Boundary this morning.   Ho has paid a
viHlt   to   the    Lit    Kninco      mine      ule-ie
working Ih proceeding under tba dlrec
tlon or Tom Wall.
Qeorgo c. KodgOj dlatriot manager or
the '-��� 0. Telephone oompany, returned
last night from the ooaa) when* he has
remained since he hit Nelaou to ao
company the local oarsmen to tbe n. i*.
a. a. 0, regatta at Beattle on July 3rd
and -ith. Since then he has constructed
new Hues and reorganised old ones, be
l ween New Westminster and Vancouver,
New Westminster and Port Moody ami
si vera] others, lie Ih glad to gel home
and Im already tlilnklim of the chancel
of landing the senior fours trophy next
Hiding   From   Fortune.
Brandon, Oct., 10.���The provincial
police are looking foi- one .John Henry
Appleion, formerly of this clly uml  Win
ntpeg.   li Ih understood thai there bt a
fortune awaiting the missing man, Left
by ti brother.
Sherman's Opera House
PRICES:   50c,  75c, $1.00.
OwlliK to ail Innri'llBllii; I.iihIiickh In
111." r-fmlar IIiu.k uf Drugs and Stationery we must have more room, and will
lirivr*  in -Lis., .ml   Mvaral  ��f our  ���'Mill,,
lines."     We oommrao- with china
WARE. Our now Mock Ih all ln for tho
*Nrn:is nailo, and lt all ko.*h ln at our
Clearing  Out  Prices..
A visit to this ili'pai'liiiont will lnlor
ost you.
Canada Drug& Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD. Phone 81
D.  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON'
->i-i'-it-IC   tit-it-t  *l.��l*��hli.K  _-xt!Cut-*U  wit I.   IK-Kpiitch.    Hhr__l Ma_kal  i'
VVOtrlC,  MtnlrtB i.nd  Mill .\li.chlin��ry.      Mnnufaytuplriu"       )
(>f*s   Cm-M,    IV
ContrnvtorN'   CurM.
NELSON,    B. C.
that is fashionable and durable on bt
bought now at a price that is sure tg
tempt you. Winter styles are btmj
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Medium and Heavy Weight Pajamas and
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased wrth our offerings.
Places to  have your prescriptioni filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   prescribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Itak<-r and Josephine S(h.
Wo would like to see nil our put root* eoniTortnble thin wlntrnr nml In orasfto
do so we have in stook the best uKHorted lint* of heatlnK sloven ami mmmh)
utoven  nnd   r-Utgei ITM  before  presented to the publle In Kootenay.
\W would be pleased to show you our lino and before imiklnK J'0111" pur"
tShOMO kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company,   Limited. Nelson Bra-cn.
You can always $*<-' what
you want in all kinds of House
Furiiisliinj*s at tlu*
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Futnitute Company
Complete House Furnlahen and Undertaker*.
TcSS, ft,  ^tSektWffm)
llainlll.rlM.     Clinill''**-     ("''' ,   '  ,'���',. ill''
Baoki, -to,, m raol ev-rytBlM
proipootor or iiili"''*'
i_��t u�� supply v;>t'r
Nceda In Thi*  I*"--**
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.t Ltd.


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