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The Daily Canadian May 25, 1907

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I.   No. 298.
NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, MAY 25, ��907.
McBride at Work
Iin London
I With Authorities at Colli iio.   Dominion Peti-
Also Presented.
m Hon. Richard McBride,
Jll**itisli Co!  sislslii. ban been
1, presenting the cane of this
tionflilisnc-e. Ttie inlHiinderHtandlnK between the administration of Hritish Columbia mnl the Dominion government ln
regard to flnunelul hiiIshIi1Ii*h liuss been
lull]   before   tbe   Imperial   council   In
The premier Ih expected home during
the hitler part of June.���Victoria Col-
American  Ambassador  and  Mrs.
Entertain Royalty.
clal linunclal considers.
llsMissls of the federal govern-
Imperial  mil hmi t len.
iiiih  extreme gratification
���r�� It appears to be thc gen.
lhat, having accomplished
|pijiinents of the preaent ad-
iiisiiKled    wag   impossible,
obtaining of a hearing by
government, a more satis-
*,\f of Battlement than  that
those Iii power at Otiawa
tached. Thla, as has been
lnusly, was the granting of
111 yi-iirs. Even If Ihe de-
lltrltlsh Cnluinbla, or rather
mn which may be submitted
iBcntatlve of this section of
.. not itcci-ptcd confidence is
aat tbe ulllclala of the col-
��ill recognise the justice
1 ssf lliis province for more
I'siiissisls.i'iiilon. Bhould this
nine ol ilu- conferences re-
e In prist:rs>ss It Is thought
niliTstaniltng satisfactory to
oncerned will be atlalned.
ilie result of Premier Mc-
Bslon ilu* concensus of opln-
It already be has achieved a
III.- tuu carried British Col-
>e for Iletter Terms, lltcral-
"foot of tbe Throne." This,
, marks nn epoch ln Canad-
Pioneer residents will res' trip made by Judge Wui-
uld country for the purpose
-ing the authorities relutive
is upon which this province
Moderation, On that occaalon
��� I 11 hearing.    But It la ex-
(ul lhe circumstances of  hla
tie nut al all similar to thoee
���nt plea for more adequate
Consideration.   Then this prov-
just   entered   Confederation;
buaineaa of Judge Wnlkem
|lni|isrlal government might be
at least, indirectly Idcntl-
negotlatlons   consequent
ouiiring of Brltlah Columbia
I Canadian Confederation.
McBride left here practical ins credentials other than
iileil by the provincial gov-
lis' went In behalf of the
Thai he hns succeeded in ob
Official recognition Is accepted
mportant point gained by Brit-
fi'i'lsiiisii of tho premier In Lon-
cceptod, by those who keep In
Hi public affairs, aB establishing
"am precedent,   it Is construed
i' llial, when the people of a
provlnoe or any Belf-govern-
|'on or a British colony have a
claim,    a    dlfflculiy    which
mnniit    hnve   righted    through
���"inr   channel,   it   is   within
power     to     appeal     to     the
1   executive,     Thnt   Is    what
!n llnne by the momlicrs of the
government   through   their
fl' Premier McBride, and tho re-
phut llie latter hns been cordially
fl and  every opportunity  given
presenting his caso boforo the
court ln the. land.
1 ''an be no doubt whatever that
fuller was well received. That Ib
11 fnr, nm. only by the despatch
was published In Ihese columns
ay, but by the contents of a com-
|uon received by acting PremWr
It wiih written by Hon. Mr. Mc-
|��lxiut a fortnight ago and states
" "ua  been  cordially   welcomod
pderod every possible courlcBy by
olas of the colonial ofllce.    He
"  liitcrvlewB   wllh   Lord   Elgin,
"> Churohlll and sir Francis Hop-
Ptl wblch occasions BrltUh Col-
�� elalm   for  Better   TermB   hns
'""""���'I.   In aililltlon he hns fully
Ji tho situation very fully with
{l[��d Laurler, premier of the Do-
'" < muula.
Mer McBride has boon excoodlng-
nu! ,,blB UITlv'tl at the world's
'������� Having done nil within his
"in result is now uwalted with
London, May 25.���The third of a
series of elaborate entertainments
which have markeii the London season,
was given at Dorchester House last
night, when Ambassador and Mrs. ltted
eutertalned at dinner the Duke and
Duchess of Connaught, accompanied by
Prince Arthur and Princess Patricia of
Connaught. Ambassador und Mrs.
Reld had a very distinguished company
to meet tbelr royal gueBta. Dorchester
House was beautifully decorated, flowers being used In the greatest profusion.
Around lhe maroie pillars In lhe hallways were grouped plants of every variety, while the staircases and reception
rooms were taatefully decorated with
pink rosea and hydrangias. Alter dinner there was a small dance, aud to
this there came in many other guests,
Including Priuce aud Princess Christian
of lieiimnrk uud their daughter, Princess Vlctorln. During the evening supper was served at small tables set out
under a large marquee whicli had been
erected over the terraces.
British Socialists Enter
Democratic Congress Welcomed to
London���Inflammatory Speeches by Many Delegates.
educational Interest, Baron General Kurokl, the Japanese military leader bade
a farewell to Boston loday. The gen-
eral'a last public appearance hero wus
at the Victoria Day dinner of the Victorian Club laat night. He retired
from the dinner early and returned to
his hotel to obtain a good night's rest
In preparation for his Journey to
Niagara Falls. The general and his
suite had chairs reserved for them on
the train leaving Boston at 12: Id for
Niagara Falls by way of Albany over
the Boston & Albany division of the
New York Central  railroad.
Canada's Taxes Doubled
Since 18%
New Developments Promised In Boundary Dlatrlct���Quotations on
Stock Markets.
The only dellulte word of mining development during the week bus come
fro niilii* Boundary district, where several important deals have been concluded, and immediate development work
Tbe .'.lock market for the paat week
was steady, with prices firm. There
aeemed to be a revival of business both
in Spokane and on Eastern exchanges,
British Columbia and Alberta stocks being very active on such markets.
Thu feature of the weeks tradings
was the rapid advance and unprecedented demand* for International Coal,
These shares advanced trom & to 6
cents during the week, and showed
every Indication of going still higher
before any reaction sets in. Nss reason
can be given for thin Hurry other than
the Intention of increasing the par value
of tlie Block to $100 per Bhare, and plac-
Ing the aame on the Montreal and Toronto exchanges, thereby making a much
larger market for Uie stock.
Rambler-Cariboo had another flurry
during one day's tradlug but sagged
again with but few trades effected. Con*
solidated Smelters were uninteresting
and almost unchanged. Giant of Kossland Ib in demand at higher prices owing to the purchase of this property
by Spokane parties and lta amalgamation with the California. Western Oil
Consolidated reacted slightly and waa offered more freely and at lower figures
Ihan for some weeks. Alberta Coal
and Breckenrtdge-Lund Coal strengthened slightly but did not sell to any
great extent.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending todny:
Bid.      Asked.
.30   $     .30
.06 M
London, Msy 25.���Tbe Social Demo.
crata of Great Britain last night welcomod their Russian comrades who
bave come to London for the purpose
of holding u congress free from official
interference at the Holborn town hall.
The surging crowds Inside and outside
the building soon resolved themselves
Into a great demonstration against the
Anglo-Russian entente, and nearly all
lhe delegates spoke ln opposition to an
entente between the two governments,
and in favor oi uu understanding between tbe two people agalnat the common loe, despotism and repression.
The meellng was a remarkable display of thc International solidarity or
the Social Demoerau.. leu.y Meyers
liynuiaii, the most prominent of the
English Socialists, dellevered an address In which he declared that the
English Socialists were heart and soul
with their Kussian comrades and
wished them complete victory agalnat
their "Infernal" enemies.
One of tho Russian delegates, M.
Mishkuvlsky, make the speech of the
evening. He appealed to the British
Socialists to start on agitation against
the attempt lhat Sir Edward Grey, thc
loreign secretary, la uow making to
bring about an entente between Russia
and Great Britain which would enable
British capital to further oppress the
people of Russia.
"By the help of your good Socialists,"
said Mlshkovisky, "you will be able to
force your government to refuse to Russia the gold with which to crush what
la the beginning of the Socialist revolution of the world."
German, Polish, Lettish and Italian
delegates spoke ln tbe same strain. The
speeches were punctuated by the singing of revolutionary hymns. The actual
work of the Russian Social Democratic
congress iB proceeding slowly and the
sessions are likely to last for another
Hotel Ratee May Force New Increaee���
Chinese Want More.
Only Hair to Big English Estate Is Jp
Inaane Hospital.
Now York, May 26.���A despatch from
Washington says*. Arthur Delroy, an
English barrister, who recently came to
the United States to search for heirs
to the famous Degolla estates ln England, will soon return to report that hia
aearch haa been ln vain. As a result
the bulk of the $6,000,000 Degolla fortune will probably revert to the British
Mr. Delroy's mission to America disclosed that John Cook, a nephew of Mr.
Degolla died ln the government hospital for the inaane here In 1900. His
only living relative Is his sister, Sarab
Cook .au Inmate of the Norfolk, Va.,
hospital for the Insane, who iB unable
lo enjoy any of the vast wealth during
her life. A sufficient sum will be
turned over to the hospital authorities
for her support. John Cook's father
came from England to this country
many years ago, settled tn Petersburg,
Pa., and rapidly built up a large jewelry
hutlnuEs. He suddenly -committed suicide and his daughter Sarah became in
John Cook once bad charge of the water works ln Petersburg, uut came to
Washington six or seven years ago, and
soon gave evidence of a rapidly weakening mind. He waa finally arrested for
vagrancy and sent to the insane hospital, where he died.
C. N. R. Plans.
Toronto, May 25.���lt waa stated yesterday that the Canadiio Northern Railway company waa planning to build an
extension of their road in the West as
tar as Calgary. The main line runs
from Winnipeg to Edmonton, and at
the present time has no connection with
Calgary. Tbe propoaal to build to that
place has been under consideration for
some time, it will not be possible, of
course, to undertake the work this year.
A telegram was received yesterday
at the central offices here from Mr. D.
B. Hanna, the third vice president and
acting manager of the road. He has
now arrived at Winnipeg on his way
back from Edmonton. He intends to
return slowly, thoroughly inspecting
each division while on the shrdlu shrill
each division of the road while on the
Fielding's Financial Fallacies Are
Exposed���London Conspiracy Trial Deferred.
Alberta C. ft C.
American  Boy   ..
11. C. Copper 	
Breck.-Lund  Coal
California            ���������
Con.  Smelters     108.00
Cnrlboo-McKlnney ...       .02%
Diamond Vule Conl ..       ...
Domlnon Copper  ....      5.87J4
Denorn Mines            0'*>4
Furnace Creek       J-26
Oranby     ����.J��
International Coal
Lt Plata MlneB ...
iNlcola Coal Mines
Rambler Cariboo ���
Snowstorm         -���
While Bear
Western Oil Con.
Extra Force Laid Off.
New York, May 23.���Offlcials of the
New York Central railroad say that the
usual spring orders for laying off employees taken on during the heavy winter business have gone Inlo effect on
the road, but that there Is no Intention
to reduce the wages of the men retained.
Popular In Japan.
Toklo, Mny 23.���The resignation of
Gonoral Luke Wrighl, tho American ambassador to Japan, Is widely deplored
und the 'Asahl will tomorrow refer editorially to public feeling In tho matter,
expressing duep regret nt his short tenure In office.
Grand Forks, May 24.���The labor difficulties In Southern British Columbia
are not confined to the white laborers
alone.. A well-known Chinese contractor
has -informed your correspondent that
he has been paying his Chinese wood-
choppers $2.50 a day and they now have
demanded $3 per day. He further added
tbat a couple of years ago there waa no
trouble to secure any number of Chinese
Laborers who would work contentedly,
but now great difficulty ls enperlenced
In securing their services at any price.
Following the report that the smelter
employees were likely to be granted an
Increase In their wages to $3 per day
for eight hours' work comes the report
today that the local hotel mon are very
seriously considering the advisability of
raising the price of board some 10 per
cent. The hotel men claim that owing
to the high prices of provisions this
small Increase Ib justifiable. It ls not
as yet known what action the smelter
employees will take If the proponed action ot the hotel men raaterlallzs but
they will undoubtedly take home action
to counteract the increase in the prices
of board.
Word has reached here this morning
from Camp MoKlnley which confirms
the reiiort that several of the high-grade
properties ot that camp are about to
amalgamate and arrangements are being made to strut operations again at
the Cariboo and other mines, which are
expected to be operating their stamps
again with Tenewed activity ln the Immediate future.
Pass Creek camp is coming prominently to the front thla spring; already
several Important claims are being opened up and within the next month tully half a dozen big copper properties
will be working good crews of miners.
Pass Creek enmp ls 15 miles from
Grand Forks up the No ith Fork river.
on for the Falls.
Boston, May 25.���Following two dayB
and   nights   of   sight-seeing,   entertainment and visits lu spots ot historic and
Becker Suspected of Murder of Amelia
Staffeldt���Dlepoaed of Bloodstained Clothing.
New York, May' 25.���Further damaging evidence has been found against
Henry Becker, the suspect held for the
murder of Amelia Staffeldt to Elmhurat,
L. I��� Wednesday, according to the police today, following the dramatic confession of Becker beside the coffin of
the girl victim in which he said that
ho saw the murder committed and declared that lt was done by a man In
whose company he was, but whose
name he did not know.
The police report that they found ln
a Chinese laundry at Elmhurat a shirt
which Becker had taken there after the
murder. The shirt had two large spots
oh It which looked as though they were
blood stains. The shirt wus obtained
by means of a laundry ticket that was
found in Becker's pocket. The discovery ot the garment with Its suspicious
spots is considered significant In view
of Becker's Btatement that he had nothing to do with the murder excepting
that he stood by as a witness.
The police argue that the stains are
of blood and could not have been made
unless Becker stood closer to the victim of the crime than he admits. Another link in the chain ot Incriminating
evidence Ib a small hankerchlef which
Becker had In his possession. In one
corner there is embroidered the initial
"S," the handkerchief that was missed
on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Slm-
onson shortly after the disappearance
of Becker and his companion, who had
cleansed their hands at her pump. There
are several small spots upon the hand-
chief and the dectictlves say they are
blood stains. They will be analyzed by
a chemist. Mrs. Slmonson has Identified the handkerchief as that of her boh.
The pollco have secured a minute description of Bocker'a companion and
havo every confidence they will have
him tn custody within 24 hours.
Ottawa, May 25.���Trade returns made
up to the 10th March and sent out by
the department ot trade and commerce
snow that the customs taxes collected
during the previous twelve months were
$53,006,545. In the previous year the
amount was $45,129,089, which shows an
Increase of nearly eight million dollars
ln the year. In the last year of Conservative rule lt wae $19,833,279, and
that was about the average of the previous five years. Mr. Foster had collected as high as $24,000,000 ln oue year
during his term of offlce, but when the
taxes reached that amount he straightway reduced the duties and brought
down the receipts. The present govern-
ment has more than doubled the customs taxation ln the last eight -years,
and laat session made the tariff a grade
The    minister of cuatoma    contends
that taxation has not been increased,
because the percentage of duty on the
total imports ls not greater than ten
years ago.   As a matter of fact there
has been no reduction even in the percentage, lf account Is taken of taxation
transferred from customs to excise, and
of corn formerly re-shipped in bond but
now valued as an Import.   But the real
burden of taxation ia not the precentage
paid on the cost of the goods.   It Ib the
actual Bum    taken   out of the people
through the custom houae.   Mr. Fielding
does not pretend to collect the revenue
without the people paying It.   He has
found no outside paymasters who were
not there before the change of government.    As a general rule the customs
duty ls added to the cost of the goodB,
and the clstomer pays not only the tax
itself but the merchant's profit on the
tax.    Where there  ls competition  between home and foreign producers ln
manufactured goodB the price may not
be increased by the full amount ot the
duty. But the condition has not changed
in this respect ln the past ten yeurs.
So If the customs revenue per head haB
increased by about 100 per cent., as lt
has, the burden of taxation has doubled.
There ls one obvious fallacy ln the
claim   that   taxation ls not Increased
when the percentage of duty on  the
value ls the    same.     That argument
takes no account of higher prices.   A
large part .of the gain reported in Canadian  imports  is  not an  increase ln
quantities.   Prices are higher and the
same    quantity    imported    represents
much greater value.   The Importer may
have to pay $150 for the same supplies
that he bought ten or twelve years ago
for $100.   If the duty ls 25 per cent, he
pays in taxes $37.50 when he formerly
paid $25. The minister of customs would
say that taxation has not Increased. As
a matter of fact the consumer is bearing a treble burden, paying not only the
extra cost of the goods but the extra
taxation on the extra cost and the extra
profit on both.    A large part of Mr.
Fielding's growing revenue Ib obtained
ln that way.
When the postponement of the London election conspiracy triul ts alleged
to be due to the difficulty of getting
Mr. Preston's testimony, the real circumstance seems to he that Mr. Preston
haB kept out of the way tn order to postpone further exposures. Mr. Preston
has hnd no public duties which kept
him away. Ho was not wanted in England because he has been removed from
the London ofllce. The department has
undone much of Mr. Preston's work. It
cancelled his North Atlantic contract.
It re-appolnted Mr. Juat, whom he dismissed from the Immigration offlce after
Just had written to the department
showing how the Arundel printing job
was given out at three times the right
price. It has shown confidence In Mr.
Jury, who accused Mr. Preston of corrupt practices In office nnd declared
that he could not be believed on oath.
But Instead of bringing Mr. Preston
home and ordering hlm to tell the truth
about the ballot switching operations
described by the witness Prltchett, the
government appointed him at Increased
salary on the pretended mission to
Mr. Preston did not go to Japan but
to South Africa, He did nothing there
so far as can be learned except advertise Rhodesia at the expense ot
Canada. Some sort of trumped up mission to Australia waa next devised, but
the whole thing appears to be a scheme
to keep Preston away without giving
him any responsible duties. Now the
"Hugthe-Machlne" character Ib on the
wny to Hong Kong. The one thing
which Mr. Preston could do for the
public benefit was to lend his efforts to
cleur up that Augean stable at home.
This Is the only thing he has avoided
doing, and his name Is now used as an
excuse to prevent the performance of
that wholesome duty by anyone else.
Mutual'a New President
New York, May 25.���George W. Hai-.
per, who for nearly 10 yeara has been
treasurer of Uie Mutual Life Insurance
company, bas been elected president of
that company. He takes the place ot
George D. Eldridge, resigned. Mr. Harper was also elected a member of th*
board of directors.
Revival ol the Old Time
Home Players Win br 5 Goals to 1
���Visitors Pot Up Good Gaoe
���Fine Contest
Mr. Chamberlain Improved. _
SL Raphael, France, May 25.���Mr,
and Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain, who bave
been touring here for some time past,
are returning to England tn a few days.
Mr. Chamberlain ie much Improved la
health, but it is probable that considerable time must elapse before he will be
able to reenter public life.
Tide in Britain Already Turning���Exemplary Punishment for Socialist Graftera.
London, May 25.���The week haa
brought some sigus of exasperation from
the leaders of the government as fresh
causes of embarrassment and weakness
appeared. The colonial conference,
which began with invitations to a closer
union and co-operation, ended with protests. Then came the sharpest popular
rebuke ever Bung ln the taee of a Brit-
isn government by an outraged, disgusted public. The Wimbledon majority indicated a complete revulsion of
English public sentiment in the paat
eighteen months. The Radical organs
attempt to argue that lt la only an impression of Brltlah overwhelming opposition to woman suffrage, but thia is
childish evasion of the larger significance of the vote. It waa said more
than six months ago in theae despatches
that Great Britain would turn out the
Campbell-Bannerman government lt lt
got a chance. No sane observer any
longer doubts thla, but this does not tell
half the story. A general election would
now result ln a Unionist landslide almost as great as the Uberal vote ln
An object lesson In the enforcement
ot the laws for purity ln civic administration which has lust been given ln
the English courts may be studied with
interest.   Nine members of the Social-
ist board controlling West Ham, one
of the poorer districts of Greater London, received examplary sentences at
hard labor for the trifling offence of receiving graft from employers, etc.    It
was freely admitted during the great
campaign in March, which resulted ln
the defeat of the Socialist party which
had been ruining London with municipal
ownership schemes, that the membera
of the council were personally honest
and that their failure waa due to the
Intrinsic Impracticability of their theories.   It has been ln the lower grades
of the public service that the introduction ot Socialist control has brought the
Inevitable sequel of corruption.     The
Socialists  have   controlled West Ham
tor years, and for a long time their representatives on the Board of Guardians
have   been   ruthlessly   plundering   the
public purse.   English Justice ls swift
aud inexorable when a crime la once
discovered and the evidence ot guilt Is
available.   So lt has been ln the present
case.    The  leaders  get two yenrs at
hard labor, which Is an apalllng sentence.   Hard labor in the English penal
system Ib a terrific form ot punishment.
It means the limit of human endurance.
Criminals prefer 10 years' penal servitude whore life ls at least endurable.
This Is so well known that the eftect
of these exemplary sentences upon English public officials will certainly tend
to keep grafting out of public life for
many dayB to come.
Prices of Metals.
New York, May 25.���Silver, 67c; copper, 23-V.c; lead, $6,
London, May 25.���811ver, 30 ��d.;
lead (Friday), ��20, Is., 3d.
Attell Won.
Los Angeles, May 25.-���Abe Attell last
night got the decision over Kid Solomon
at the end of the 20th round of fighting
Nelson won a decisive victory over
Medicine Hat today In the beet game
of senior lacrosse seen here for many
years. Lack of team practice was evident on both Bides, but there ls splendid
Tbe general verdict of old lacrosae
enthusiasts ls that lf Nelaon can keep
lta present team together tor the season It may challenge the beat
The stars of the home team DeBeck,
Scotty Williamson, Joe Thompson and
The game began punctually at 3:30,
with C. D. Blackwood referee. The
stand and terrace Were filled, many
business men havin gsuspended operations for an hour to view the match.
The lineup was as follows:
Oreyerblehl v J- Peard
A. Jetts   Hatcher
Deacon   W.Peard
Defence   Field
Williamson   Preston
Steel    Ritchie
McQueen   Taylor
Thompson   Ripley
Home Field
R.Bell J.Halward
Bishop  Neff
Jamison  Winkler
Outside Home
Burns   J. Halward
Inside Home
De Beck  Gatenby
Referee���C. D. Blackwood.
Goal umpires���Skeith and McQuarrle.
Nelson rushed from the atart, aad
atter a couple ot brilliant reliefs by Williamson and Deacon, who fed thetr
home faithfully, DeBeck scored tor Nelson, time 4 minutes.
The remained of the quarter was full
of Incident, with occasional wild passing, and the missing uy Nelson ot several good chances. Towards tke cloae
Nelson's goal was often threatened, bnt
Williamson, Deacon and Jeffs were always there.
The second quarter began with tbe
visitors aggressive. They stormed
round Nelson's goal, and atter 5 minutes
of hot play J. Halward evened the score.
The home team then braced up again
and their asssult was too steady and
vigorous to be long withstood. Archie
Bishop scored in 6 mlnues, snd Bums
about a minute later. The reat of the
quarter saw some pretty play but no
more scoring.
The third quarter saw some hard
playing, and several long delays for repairs to injured players. Medicine Hat
carried the ball down the field many
times only to lose lt in front of goal.
When Nelaon relieved it was Invariably
followed by a vigorous and persistent
attack on the visitor's goal. After 10
minutes of hard playing with varied
fortunes, Jamison scored again for Nelson, and his good example was follwed
a minute later hy De Beck. The third
quarter ended with the score 5-1 In ta-
ter of Nelson.
The last quarter had juat begun when
J. Halward had to retire and Steel
went off to even the sides. The game
became slow tor a minute, bnt was soon
enlivened by vigorous assault by Nelson which just missed scoring. The
game ended with no more goala.
Nalaon Boy Injured.
David Nickerson, son ot J. H. Nicker
Bon, the jeweler, met with a serious accident at Grand Forks yesterday. The
young man Is a telegraph operator, and
It Is part of hlB duty to deliver orders
to the conductors. Yesterday, while in
the performance of his duties, he slipped in getting on the train and a wheel
passed over his foot. He waa picked up
at once and carried to the general hoa.
pltal. The doctor In attendance decided to amputate the toot at the Instep.
The operation was a painful one but
the patient was resting easily this
morning. His brother, Drury Nickerson, of the Bank of Montreal, left tor
Grand Forks this afternoon on the
freight train and will remain in Grand
Forks for a few days. David Nickerson Is well known In Nelson. He was
a fine young man and hla many friends
will sympathise wltb him In his severe
loss. Is"
The Dally Canadian
Lgcuiii^ffri i
H_a,i_T' aai AT
.. Campers' Supplies
L"    '
j:i   Liti
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Imperial Bank of Canada
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Special Sale of Children's Wear
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Fred Irvine <Sc Co'
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 LOTS ���
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* tl. ll 1 1 J* NELSON.
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The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
ISSUE: POZ<~~   we; . w ;= _i = ;e ! ZE   s leather CC .EREO GiLT
e:;��; r= ��r��L p*:-cket bahks.
Nelton Braach, G. A. SPINK, Haa*ger.
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The Hall Mining and
Company, Limited.
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": ** ���-���*;������-���"     ; i   ii
* ***   **��^   SfcB*��   31  t-tiUM
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
ii * - : .
*    I           '-.*.-;      " .
**���   stck   .j.:rt    :      a.
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For Sale
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WhoivjMiie  Provision*,
Produce, ��� *Pruit.
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��!���: I* Grs*tj_. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
*-���!��.   i 'iur_.i___.nr ^m(1_j, The Batty Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
. Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Kxcellent Also.    All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
*,. given timt Wiley* titer cUte J
Ui * ur 111 Durable ibe < DiH "om
.niclh   ���!��� 1    Wnrk* (or * ipeclal
,.,,, md inrrv away limber from tht
f       rlbed lmn<\* in Weil Hoot-una*-/ dl*-
���   1 III in-  tn  INK  Ut  �� |""*l  Jlllllltl'l
i bank of Blueberry creek, about
up the i*reek from railway track,
litin* init. thenco Mn chalna RuUth,
nmweat, them-e -t" chain* uortb,
��� iii- in*- iuchilu* north to
[ LflOfl
CommflQGinf ftt ipnl plnnted
i iinercif UKftHOH Nn l, trance
���in���ii',e no Chalui nurth, thenee
* ei in ebJktoi couth, thence ty
[t, iheaee 40 ch.lni 101)11110 iniiii I of
pin''ii t
< ntnmonelnK it ��� poit planted
nl i.iirtheHi>t corner of I*ocatlon
*.   -'-'Hii, thence i'A)ch.mi
��� t.Hlni north, tbenee m ehnltm
chain* south,  tbeuue ty ch.lni
Jut iilccniiiicncoineiiL.
Kittinrr Vi. Ko.iNwm.
urebj given Hint SO'i.vi .tu>r d.te 1
itilj tu the Honorable the Ohlal Com-
(Undi .nd Works, Victoria, for .
u���� i,, cut ftnd wry ���*��)* limber
rlni fleeerSbta Uud in thedl'ttlct
li t m n t��i-t .bunt seven mllei from
��� -iimiiiil creek* tu . westerly dlrec-
1 ����� M ll-Miny'* iinrtbeftit enr-uer
- ii i-b.ln- WML thenee 40 ch.lni
i lOebftlDI weit, tbeuce *������ chain*
i W ��� Ii.iiim eaNt, tbence *" ch.lni
i Ki - ti hi uh Mltj lhetice 4oib.ini
qi o| i iiimiicncvmeni.
ay ith. 1907.
ti. M   HKfKY, !...i-Kiur,
Annul ('vault, Agent.
- bj given tbnt 'JO ���1��'.* niter D.te J
kptih i,i in.- Hiitiuruble tbe i blef ��� mn*
UinU nnd   Worki   (or   .   ��|n-i ml
: kiii i nny .w.y timber from the
icribed l.ndw situated ou lhe weit
. sheep ' reek Valley:   Comineuclng
f mil n hull mile, north of the Inter-
bound ai ���-  line .nd .bout one .nd .
v. i.f the SelsOO nnd VOtt 8hepp.nl
KHil|)kli)'f laml k;; nnt In lhe dlitrlet ol
' |   at ��� post plftnted   two
* l   i reek, kuown tut the
���inlng J. K Cr.uittoii'i
plm No. l,i   i   ilni SO i imm-  north,
inim oaft. 'i.* nee 80 ebalni aoutb,
ainim  it to |   ,iuo| commencement.
arch Usl 1901
Commencing m a poit planted .1 the
cr "I location No. 1, kuown in tbe
_ er poil   ! Hic.iion Sti.i, claiming
I���   ��� unre 80 chains can, then ��� W
fttt\\. ti,.:,.. ��i ch.lni well lo point ol
1 '' lit, 1U07.
om mencing .t . poit pl.red  bait a
loeatiou No i, known tl thc souib-
'inimitu: hu chains north, thence N
^t   lluiii" t.) chain* south, theneo BO
11<> iHitui uf commencement.
J. I. Swkdheio, locator.
K T. Enukijikjsh, Agent. 	
hereb) given tbat ������" dnyi after dale
ipl'l) to the Hon. Chlet i'omnifsslon-
��� mnl Works for . ipeclal lleenie to
rrj itw��y timber from the following
Ian I- ��� ��� ,i, *.*l ou the west ilde of Big
> - li y. commencing about 4J-J mllei
'. f-niatlounl boundary Une, and
: I ���* west of big Hheep creek lu tbe
Ken 'oot��u*1
immenetni ftt . poat1 planted about
*-t ol HigHheep creek, known a* the
orner **<-t. cUlmtug 8U chalne south,
IfiiMim tt*i*>i, thonce *������' ch.lni norm,
niiih eaat to point of commcncem'.iit.
nmu nel ng nt . poit planted at tbe
"���mer of location No. 1, known a* the
icorner post, claiming W) cbalni nonh,
cbaini e.it, thenre itl) chalm aouth,
chains weit to point of commencement.
*��� ��� 'i ui�� Bt ft post planted at the
i corner ol location No. '1, known .��� the
"���nn r pout, claiming Ho chains north,
" chalm west, them-e ty chaini south,
"���lihtiiiie-aKi to point of eommeneement.
I April Ifith.lwL
J. P, RWIDREltQ, IxK.tor,    .
K. T EwoftlJiKlKH, Agent.
(Timber Limit No. 2)
p 0 hereby given that 60 dayi after date I
Iv to the Honorable the (blel Com-
lninls aud Worka (or a special
n ftnd cftrry ftwfty timher from the
" rlbed land, iltuated on Kooskftnfti
il Kixitenay difltrlCt:
ii nt a post plftntet at the north-
il limber Uirlt No IOM),ftud m��rk-
i'i fonthweat corner post, thence
Una, tbence east HO chains, ihence
ii**, tnence west 80 chains to polntof
'��� n SB, 1907.       II. 1). Lis, Locntor,
(limber Notlco No �� )
i u UK at h post I'liiuicii at the ioutbeaut
���f1 N" i limit, ana at ihetiortbweitcomer
nie No. hrttfl, theuco norlb 100
���������i-i 441 ebnini to west Hue of
No lu.'i:,, following lino of No.
'I'-'ll. Ru chalui. thenre following Hue
'r li'cim,. No, 10*246 40 uhalni to point of
'"' Mareh it, 1907.       H. D. hit, Locitor.
(timber Notice No.4,)
''" hereby given that 00 dayi alter date 1
" ��W'ly to tbe Hon. Thiol Commlislonor
" in*! Worki (or ft ipeelal llceuae io cut
0 ivvny ilmhur from the (ollowlng de-
'���hai, Hituated ou Koonknnax creeli lu
"I'U-n.y iliiirlct, aud ftbout flvo milea
I1!"-* <Tttm lake:
log at n poat planted on the north
(ftnd nbout hall a mile from creek,
"ftcd l|. u, 14_,_ loutheaat corner post,
"""i HO t-lialtiH, thence wont ty chnlm,
^"imnw chalnn, thonco east ��0 chains to
|ii-.l March 31,1907.      H.D Lea, Loealor.
(limber Notlco Nn. ft.)
t�� <* iflug   Rt   R post marked  II,  D. Len'i
"i i*ora��f poitt,  tbenco north 80 chaini,
1 "n* Mil line of No 4 location, thenee
"ftiMi thenoi ninth to chains, thenee
ftini tp point ol eommeticcmcnl.
11 Miin-Ji 3I(UKJ7.       H.I) LJU, LoOfttor.
(Timber Limit No. 6.)
1 nn . ��rt!by Klvt'u lhat slity dayi after
��� r ,,, ,   l" *VP*J   H> the Honorfthle the
I     '""iloner of Unds and Worki for a
���hi.fi.ii     .     i',lt R,",   fftrry ftway tlm her
I e�� ' i"*��i�� dpBfrlbeil lund, lltUftted about
fc Tn.i  f1 A!11' ' VH-'r Arr��w 'ika on Kooi-
Imii V.i ' .''Mt Ro��i��n��v diirlct:
i'i     ,roK *' * P01* PlftBtftd an.l mnrked II.
Ei   t ni,,      Ht f,(,rl����r pout, tbonce cut 80
Is iin.1,,.    Hmih m t'Xnina. thenco weit 80
Iinent. *�� chnlni to point ol com-
f""> March 31,1907.       H.D. Lia, LoOfttor,
_,,        O'imbarLlmitNo.7)
h'y north8 'V p0" PlMtoa and marked H.
���' foil ���I'J,?*t/,'orner P9**i ihuiii-Kiouth BO
l*"'nmwV.i'  ,    lfi' "*�� aorth 80 chains,
laii.,1 m *u> ,,n"11 ��' oomrtmtwment
1M��chai,i907,     h.d.Lka, Looator,
P^loam..'.'- ? vt',11 that Hn days from date
P1'!" mm tf, I vIIon UhlolL'onimliiloner
���Trrv I*. Vti "' H��I'f��l��l iioenie to out
P-J luudvii. wl",T ^omtlio lollowlng dc
t �� iu .. cat Kootenay dlitrkt:
kVL"1! '�� g *l . po,t ptonW on the north
bank ol 10 Mllo creek, about one mile and a hall
from llOOftQ lake, marked K Htrand'i northwest
corner post, thence east lfio chalm, thence iouth
40 -��� l,��tio>, them* weit 1(W ehalni, thence north
40 chains Ui point of OOmBftnOefflMlt.
Dated thi* Uit day of March, 1U07.
K. BTRAHn, I/��efttor.
Notice Ifl hercbr given tbat SO days alter date I
intend to apply Ut the Eton, the Chief <_ommla-
llonor of Uml- and Worki, at Victoria, for s
ipecial lleenie to cut and carry a��ay timber
from the following deserlbed lands In Yale dlitrlet:
No. 1.-Commencing ftt. poit planted about 10
chaini eait of main Ketlle river and about one
mile more or ten north ol C. P R. Bloat No,
'���������������', ami marked Boundary I.umh- r <'������>. s k
Bprnil poll No. 1. lheni* 80 cbaiui n rth, thence
80 chains west, ihenee M chalm iouth, theuce 80
chnins east to the point ol commencement.
I'ated M.r<h '/2nd, 1907.
N*.2.���'ommenclng at a poit planted about 10
cbaini eait of main Kettle river about 80 chains
north ol Boundary Lumber Co'i IxH*atlon No. 1,
and maried Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. K. corner
post No. 2, thence 80 chalna north, thenee 80
ehaim weit, lheni* 80 chain* iouth, tbence 80
chains eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated 22nd Uarcb, 1907.
No. 3,-Commencing ftt a pout planted about 80
chalna east of main Kattlu riverand about So
chalm north of Boundarv Lumber Oo'i location
pout No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
rt. K. eorner poit No. a, thence 80 chain, north,
thencu Wi cbalm weil, thence 80 cbalm soutb,
lbence 8u cbaina east to tbe point ol commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4,���Communeing at a post planted about
in chatm eail ol the main Kettle river and about
ItOchftlni north of Boundarv Lumber t'o'i location post No. 3, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i " K eorner poit No 4, tbence 80 chalna
north, tbence 80 ehalni went. Ihence80 rhalni
iouth, thence 80 chalm east to the polnl of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 5.--Commencing at a post planted about
IS chains eail of main Kettle river and about
two miles uorth, more or laia, of Bound.ry I.um-
ber - o's Locilou No. 4, .nd marked Boundary
Lumber Co'i t K. corner post No 5, thence w>
chalui north, thence 80 chaini weit, thenee 80
chaiui toutb. thenee 80 cbaini e*at to the polot
ol commencement.
Dated March -J3rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Couiinenelug at ft poat planted abont 26
ehalni eaat of main Kettle river on 0 P. It. line
btoci No. 2714, aud about 80 cbalm north ol
Boundary Lumber < o'* lo** kIhui pn*s Mi, ft, and
mnrked boundnry Lumber <Vi ���> K. corner post
No. 6, ihenco mj chalm north, following 0, P. B.
line blow No 2714, theuce 80chains weit. thence
80 chains iouth, theuce 8o ehalni eail lo tbe
polut of eommeneement.
Dated March X3rd. 1907.
No. 7.���Commenting t-t a poit planted ahout
15 ehaim weat of lhe main Kittle river on C P.K.
line block Noa2714, and about Wl chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i loeatiou post No. 6, nud
mftiked Boundary Lumber Co'i ti. E. corner poit
No.7, thenee 100 chains north, following C. P. K.
line block No. '2714, thence 40chaim weal, tbeuce
IfiO ihalm iouth, theuee 40 ehaiuic.it to the
point o| commencement.
Dated March 23rd, Ivor.
No. 8��� Commencing at a poit planted abont
.fli.h-.iu*. west Irom river bank and ahout 3 mllei
south, more or lens, of the lait i ��-i branch ofthe
east fork of the main Kettle river or about 13
mllei north, more or leaa, o( ft P. R. Bloek No.
2714, on east fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner post No 8, theuce
80 chaini cast, tbence 80 chalui south, thenee 00
��� ���tmiii-- went, th> nee 80 chains north to the point
of commencement.
Dated Mareh 2Mh. 1907.
No. 9,���Commencing at ft poit planted about
20 rhalni west from river bank, on the east lork
of Kettle rlrer, aud about 80 chalnn south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poit No 8, and
marked Bouudarv lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poat No 9, theuce 80 chalm east, thenc 80 chains
iouth, Ihence 80 ebalni weat, thence 80 chaini
north to the point of eommeucement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 10���Commencing at a poit plftnted about
30 cbalm west from river bank on the eait fork
of Kettle rtrer. and about 80 ehalni iouth of
Houndary I.uml>er Co'i locution poit No. 9, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a N. Vi. corner
post No. 10, ihcnce 80 ehalna east, tnence 80
ehaim iouth, thence 80 chaini weit, tbence 80
chalm uorth to the point ol commencement.
Duled March 2Atb, 1907.
No. 11.���Commencing at ft post planted ftbout
r- cbaiui weit from river bank on the eaat fork
ol Kettle river, and about 80 chalui iouth of
Houndary Lumber Co'i location poit No, 10, and
marked Boundary LumlierCo'i N. W. corner poit
No. 11, thence 80 chalnn eait, thence 80 chalm
south, thence 88 chaiui west, thence 80 chaini
norlh to the point ol commencement.
Dated March aftth, 1907.
No. 12.-Commencing ftt ft twit planted about 13
chalm west from rlvor bank in the east fork of
Ke tie river, and ftbout 80 chains south nl
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. Vi. corner
po��t No. 12, thence 80 cbaini eait, thence 80
ebalni iouth, thence 80 cbalm west, thence 80
north to the point ol commencement.
Datod March *6lh, 1907.
No. 1.1.���("ommenclng at a poat planted ahout
12 chalm west from river bank on tho eul lork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary LumberCo'a location post No. 12, and
marked Brtundary Lumber Co'i N W. corner
post No. IS, thenco 81) chalna east, thence 80
���ahalni iouth, thenco 80 chalm weit, thenoe 80
ehnlm norlh to iho point of eommeneement.
Dated March 2ftth, 1907.
No 14-Commencing ata poit planted about
liichiiluHW* it Irom river bank on tho eaai lork
of Kottlu river, and about 80 chaini iouth of
Boundary Luinher (Vi location post No. IS, ftOd
marked Itoinuiury LumberCo's N W, corner pout
Nci 14 thenco ty chaiui ca.it, thenco 80 chains
south' thence 80 chaini woat, thence 80 chaini
north'to the point of com men cement.
Dated March 2oth. IWI.
No. lf>.���I 'ommenclng at a poit planted ftbout
10 chatm weit trom river bank ou the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about BO chains iouth o
Hoiiii.hirv LumberCo'i poil No 14. and marked
B r ' S'cr Co'i N . W. corner poit No. If.,
1 ence 8b chalnn east, thence Ifl chaiui louth,
thJSc! m chnlni WOlt, thence 80 chftliiH north to
polnl of commeiieement
I ated March 28th, WW.
immeucing it a poit plftnted ftbout
h ciuuuH vwflt Irom river bunk on the eait lork ol
KetUfl rlvor, nnd about 80 chain-* muth of
r '"'".       ���.:__.��.___ .._,.. i i_n post * o. 18, ftnd
Boundary Umber Oo'i locftUonpo��   o. to, ud
nhrkod ftoundary LumberCo'i M. VT. corner poit
No lfi. thence ftlf chains eait, thenco SO ch�� ni
���onth, thenco 8. chftlni wilt, thonco 80 chftlni
north to tho point of commencement.
Dated March *2.r.th, 1907.
No 17,-Commencing ftt ft poit planted ftbout
6obft.ni went from river bftnJtOg the OUit lork
of Kettlft liver, and fthoul 80 chaini iouthi Oj
Boundarv Lumber Co'i lOttUMl(�� ^ * "J
n��teii Mm-*'*, mt, im.
No. U.- Ooininqni'liiK aUVJ'-ijjH'jifKa!
Prof.   Delbrueck   Thinks   Disarmament
Would be Provocation Rather
Than Detriment,
Berlin, May 24.���Professor Delbrueck,
the successor of Uauke and Treitactake
lu the chair of history In the University
of Berlin, contributes a remarkable article lo the Preusalsche Jahrbuecher, entitled, "Disarmament and Germany and
Professor Delbrueck says that there
cun be no doubt that the British proposals, as to the arri'ht of armaments,
at the Hague conference, will fail, even
though lt results In Oermany being regarded as the holder of burburlc and
retrograde Ideas. He believes thai the
llrst result of the discussion would be an
Increase of tenBlon between Ihe two
powers, ruther than u rapprochement,
an Increase of the danger of war rather
Ihan Us diminution. The cardlual mistake of those who advocate the arrest
of armaments, he says, ls that they believe their Ideas, If realized, will
sl lengthen the cause of peace. The
very opposlle will be the case.
He draws Ihe conclusion that there
can be no greuter safeguard of peace
than the "greatness and Intensity" of
existing armaments. He does not believe that the coBt of armaments presses
with greater weight on modern Oermany than it did 3D or 40 years ago.
Turning to the differences between
Oermany and England, he rejects with
scorn tbe assertion that England's alleged hostility ls due to envy at the
success of Germany in trade. The British people, he says, ure too great and
too nrble to bo actuated by such paltry
motives. The secret of their mistrust
and hostility Ib mldy and alone in the
Increase of the German fleet, and this
for the simple Teuson that the existence
ot the British Empire depends on the
predominant position of the British
Professor Di'lbrueck asks the question
whether Germany, In order to appease
England shall cease to build ironclads,
or whether there ls not some other
means which, if adopted, would quiet
British susceptibilities. He comes to the
conclusion that Oermany cannot cease
to build ships, hut he thinks thst British
nervousness might vanish If the British
nation finally decided to adopt conscription, and so increase their land forces
that they could view with equanimity
Ihe maritime growth of their rivals.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E, cor. Baker   and  Ward  Sta.
Land Registry Act.
T*kc notice tliat mn application hu been made
to reiiiftter Htif.ii Boim Llnklater as the owner In
Fee rlmple, under a Tax Bale Deed Irom Kobert
A. Henwtok, Deputy Auessor ol the Nelion Aa-
���MUnent district, to Hush Rons Llnklater, bear-
lug dato tbe Tth day of Auguat, A. D. I'M, of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract ol land
and premlMt, situate, lying and being ln the
Town of ualino, In the Province of Brltlih
Col umbla, more particularly known and do-
scrilH-d aa Lot IS, Block "D1', Town of Balmo,
(MapfifJ), being a sub-division of Lot AXm, Group
1, Kootonay district.
You and each of you are required to contest
the claim ol the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the (iate of tbe service of thla notice
unon you, and In default of a caveat crcertlflca'c
of Us pendens being filed within such period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or ln respect of the aaid
land, and 1 shall register Hugh Koss Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry office, Nelion, Province
of Brltlah Columbia, this 21it day of February,
A. D. 1907.
H. F  HacLEOD,
District Registrar.
To Murdock A. Henderson.
Notice la hereby Riven that at a meeting of the
Board of Licence CouimiBslouers, to be hud after
the expiration of thirty days, I intend to apply
for a transler ol my hotel licence for the Creiton
hotel, at Creston, toiieorge Mead.
16th May, 1907. P. J.Mll.LKB.
Notice Ib hereby givon that 1 will apply at the
next mooting of the License Commissioners,
for the City ol Nelson, to have the Honor license
of theBUvor King Hotel transferred from my-
sell to Robert liuiilel, of tho City ol Nelion.
Dated tuls 7th day of May, 1907.
E. M. McOANDLian
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner.
Church'*   Animal   Record   Ends   With
Trinity Sunday���Services
for Tomorrow.
To morrow will be Trinity Sunday the
feast celebrating the Triune Oodhead, of
Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It markB
the end of the church's annual record
of the cardinal doctrines based on the
events of the life of Christ*. Advent, the
preparation for His coming, Christmas
His birth, Epiphany, His manifestation
to the Oentlles, Lent, His suffering and
death, Easter, His resurrection, His Ascension, Whit-Sunday, the descent of
the Holy Ghost, and Trinity Sunday the
recognition of the Divine Trinity. The
remainder of the church year is undivided and Ibe Sundays merely enumerated as after Trinity are devoted to
general spiritual teaching.
The doctrine of the Trinity ls one of
thc most complex and difficult or all the
Christian doctrines, or indeed of all
problems of religion and philosophy.
St. Patrick's explanation of it to his
Irish Hock by the simile of Uie three
leaved Shamrock ls perhaps the best
that can be offered.
Readers of   Kipling  will   remember
the alleged translation of a Hindu fragment:
"The Three In One and One ln Three?
Not so
To my own gods I go
It may be they will give more ease
Than  your  cold Christ, and  Tangled
There is nothing ln any other system
of belief, ancient or modern, that corresponds in any way to the doctrine
of the Trinity. It la sometimes said that
the gods of Greece were originally worshipped as representative of different
functions or attributes of one Power.
Uut the origin of the gods of the ancients, or rather of belief in tbem, is
remote and confused. It is probably
nearer truth to say that out of their
many gods the Greek philosophers were
slowly evolving the conception of one
God with many functions. But the national decadence that followed the successive conquest of Roman and Macedonian turned, Greek philosophy into
mere mysticism and darkness. But certainly the nearest non-Christian analogy
to belief In a Holy Spirit was Socrates'
faith ln bis "divine prompter."
But none of the other religions of
Asia���and Asia has been the birthplace
ol every religion and pseudo-religion,
even or the cults ot theosophy und
Christian Science���contain any suggestion ol the special spiritual presence on
earth of God, sb ls contained in the
Christian doctrine of the Third Person
of the Trinity.
The following services are announced
tor tomorrow ln the churches ot Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica Btreet.
Trinity Sunday; holy communion,
8 a. m.J morning prayer and litany 11
am.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.; even-
son, 7:30 p. -n-; Rev. F. H. Graham,
Roman Catholic���Cliurch of Mary Immaculate, corner ot Ward and Mill
Btreeis: Low mass, 8 a. ui.; high mass,
10:30 u. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
.lev. Father Altioff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St Paul's, cor
nei- of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning Bervice, 11 a. m.i Sunday
scho *>! 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.    Her. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Met Wist church���Corner Silica and
Joseph ine streets: Morning service, 11
a m * i��Tening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sun-
day school. 2:30 p. m. : Rev. R. N
Powell,   ����stor.
Baptist church���Stanley Btreet, neat
Mill* Moral"* service, Hi m.; evening service 7:50 P- "�����: S>m<lay I**
8:30 p. m.  B��v. E. H. SliankB, p��stor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street MtMt of Josephine: Sp&
clal services tor tomorrow. Knee drill,
li. ni; holiness meetln-J, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting ��t S p. ts}.; salvation
meeting at 8  p. m.  t
One English Journal Sees Si gns of a Re
turn  of the  Vogue.
Tho tweed mills of Scotland were
placed hois do combat' wh-^n tlie Yorkshire worsted miilB leuraeol to weave
the finest tweed patterns J Into theli
smooth-finished woollen -worsteds.
This was followed by a general de-
mnnd for worsteds, but the English
fashion journals say they s-ee signs or
the return or tho Scotch tw'^ced regime
ror winter wear.
In the Semi-ready tallorilng, where
one can always get a complete Idea ot
the correct thing In dress, uven lf one
afterwards decides to buy a custom-
tailor suit, the line worsted pattorns
are shown ln unusually lam'?' variety.
There are few really good suits under
|1S, and the Semi-ready salemman says
that the larger hulk of their tluslness ls
In the 120 and $25 values. E*ery price
ts plainly marked on the tradi I mark.
Tb* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Kootenays.       <
Qood    Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Xelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot All
Large end Comfortable Bedroomi end Flnt.
oleiaiiitllug Boom.  Sample Booms Ior commei-
del  lha
UBS. K. c.CLAKKE, ProprtttreM
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A.. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
T*emont House
luropeen and American Plea
Heeli as eta.   Roomi tram as eta. te V.
Oily White Help Bmplor-ed.
Baker St., NeUo-a Proprleton
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The B*r ll tbe Ploeit.
White Help Only Employed.
lOMphlDfl Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and 11.50 a Day.
Special Ratee to Regular Boarders.
Uoat comtorteble quarters Id Nelaon
Only the beat of Liquors and oigare.
A* McDonald &Co.
Dealers in -staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
Ad Ex aiu In atlon tor Auayei* will be held 111
Victoria ou the 27th Hay and (ollowlngdavs.
Entrance for any examination must hu made
In writing to thf Secretary of the Board of Kx-
aminent, at leant ten daya before the date aet tor
beginning ol examination, and muit be accompanied by the prescribed fee (916)
Any additional information desired may he
obtained from Herbert Carmlchael, tiecreury,
board of examiners, Victoria.
Mlnliter of Mines.
Deiiartmeut of Mlnea,
Victoria, B. C, Ifith April, 1��07.
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry St
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us ior particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and Tanning water oo eaoh property.    Theee propt
ti��� can he purchased on reesonable terms if -sold at onoe.
To Charlea ti. Blrarwon, or any other perto*
to whom he may have tranife. red hii Interest la
the "May Blossom" mineral claim, situated om
Hrown MonntHin, two and a half milea southwest of Ymir, ln tho Nelson Mining Dlvirlon, of
West Kootenay Distriet. and recorded In tbe
Kecorder'a ofllce, for the Nelion Division.
You and eaoh of you are hereby notified that
1 bave expended two hundred and Ave dollara
{'JOfi.oU) lu labour aud improvementa upon the
nbove mineral claim In order to bold tbe aame
under the provUimw ol the Mineral Aet. and If
within ninety daya from the date of tbla notice
yon full or reium to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (wtneli litmo hundred and two
tiny dollars (|102.ft>) tor the two years ending
Hth May, 1907.) timi-i Ii-t with ah coats of adver
ttainit, vour Intorent In the antd claim will become the property of the undersigned nnder
Hoc. -I of an Aet entitled: "An Aet to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Vmir, Bt <j,, Mth May, HOT. w     , *-
JOHN F HAKBUTTLK       I     Waneta, B. C.| May Ut,
Notloe li heteby given th^tfttrWdava after
lata I Inten-t to apply to the Board tt Uaaaee
Oommisslonera lor the Vmlr dlatnot to\* ����n��-
data I
Commissioning ........   -....- ���������----  .,s
fer of the lleeaee held by meMor the VA
r.���,ll���.���ll.,l*.A���,.,    (B^d>A  ���_-_,-____,
Notice li hereby given that the Wattaburg
Lumber company haa applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor In council, upder the provisions of tho "Hivera and Streams AcV ��r the
riKlit to Improve Rykerts oreek. In the distriet of
Weat Kontenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstruction! therefrom and straightening
thc banks thereof, and to oonstruct dams, bourns,
slides and chuter, and make sueh other irapiovo-
meul* aa may be necessary for thc driving and
rafting of Inn's and tbe Hum Ing of timber thuroon
The landa tobeafleeted are guverment lauda and
Lota 361 and 2-frf, Uroup 1, Kootenay dlatrlct, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any
aresuuh as may be fixed by a Judgaol the county
court of Weat kootenay.
Dated tbls mh day of March, A, 1). 1907.
I have juat -returned to Neleon and
have opened up at the same old etand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KAL80MINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choice Fruit
l Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frett Lands in
British Cohtmrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes Fbst-class Frott
Land oa Kootenay Lake!
Within i/_ milt of Earl Gre/a Ranch.
Vi mile lake frontage. Free from rock.
Plenty water.   135 per aero, on terma.
Kootenay Land and Investment Co.
Room 10, K.W.C. Block, Baker Street.
Phone 207 ��*��� O. Box ul.
Tenders Wanted for tbe forduse of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera eildrened to the undenslgned, et bis
oHlcc In the Court Houw. in lhe City ol Kelion,
will be received up till tbe hour of five o'clock.
In the afternoon, of Frtdej, Mey flat, JJ1",'Of
lhe pnrchsue of tbe "SUrer Champion Mineral
Claim," lot 3138, Group 1, Kootenay DUtrlct,
���which waa declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the iai sale held ln tbe City of Nelion, on the
Mil day of November, law, for delinquent taxee
sip tin June SOth, 190H, and coete.
lhe' upaet price upon the laid mineral elalm,
whioh lnolui*. I the amount of delinquent taxes
and coata at U. J time of forfeiture, with Intereit,
taxes which have since accrued, coata of aayer-
usln-s and feo for Crown Great (*�� *>,) Is t��l*��,
which ls the least amount that will be considered
as a tender. . ...
Kaon tender must bo accompanied by an ao-
ceptcd cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commiasioner
of land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelaoa, B. C, thii 80th day ol April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase ot a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addressed to tho undersigned, at hll
office lu the. Court Holisu, In the City ot Nelson,
wilt be received up till the hour of flveo'elook la
Re afternoon, of Friday, May 31it. I'm, lor the
purohaae ol the "Bryan Mineral Claim," I.ot
161HI, tiroui, 1. Kootonay Iislrict, which was
declared to he forfeited to the Crown at the tax
ssbIo held In the City of Nelson, on the Ith day
ol November, lDOfi' for delinquent taxaa up till
June 30th, 1905, and costs
Tbe upset price upon tbe laid mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxee
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Intereit,
tiixo-i which have since accrued, coil of adyer-
llslin, and lee for Crown s-rent (l��.0O.) li WH.S1,
which Is the lesaat amount that will bl considered
iih a louder . ,
Kftch tonder must bo accompanied hy an ac-
s'cptcsl cheque for the full amount of tho tender,
payable to tho order of the Deputy Commisaloner
of Unda and Works, at Victoria, B.C., at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., thll mth day of April,
Government Agent, Nalson. B. C
Summer Excursion
eeee  R&tCS EtLSt
From Nelson $52.00
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
In the milter of an application for the luue of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title of LotaSand
4, Block 11, Lot 9, Block 39 and Lot U. Block 50,
Nelson city (Maps JM and JMA )
Notice is herehy given tha*. It Ii my Intention
to Issue a duplicate of the Certificate of TlUe fer
the above lots at tbe expiration otoue month alter
the first publication hereof lu the name of t rani
Jacoby and ��� m 111'ohll. which CertHcate ot Title
ll dated tho 4th day of January, UOT, and numbered 4KIA. H.F.MACLKOD,
District Keglitrar.
Und Registry Offlce, Nelion, B.C
4th, April, MOT.
St. Louie $60.00 * Ottawa I82.SS
Chicago $04.00 Montreal $84.00
Toronto $78.50 SL John $94.00
Halifax $101.80
On Sale June ith, 7th, 8th.
Flnt CImi Roond Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake roule including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through ratea quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.a.P.A.V.ncoiiver. D.F.A., Nelaon
In the mailer of %n ���puituatlon lor the lune ol
& duplicate nf the Certificate ol Title ior an nn-
AltlirOHot lot 4833. group 1, In the districto<
Kontenay (except part 12.9 acre** thereof.)
Notice U hereby givon that It 1> my intention
lo luue at the expiration of nne month alter the
fim publication neiuoiM Uu^ucate of the Certlfl*
rate ol Title for t����e above m=ntloue*l landi, U_
the namo of Malcolm McConbfek, which Cortlg.
cato U dated the 1Mb September, 1��U, and num-
bereo7MA. __
_ Und RCI.IV, Offlce, HeUoj,$��.{$����..
Dlatrlct Kef Hirer I
;     fl!
The Daily Canadian
We have  just  received a line of  Fine  Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new and the prices remarkably low.
Watchmaker and Optician
\     LOCAL AW) GOERAL     j
St. Saviour's Choir.
Tbe weekly choir practice will be held
:a tbe chare* toaifbt ai th* u*tia1 hocr.
A fall s^^ndii-K-e* ts ri*v;aes**.c-i.
������������ aaa aaa ����������������� ���+4+4
Board of Trade Meeting.
The Mellon Bc*ri of Trade will m��t
next Monday evening at 1*Xm\ whenj the
troobk- over the Siocsin postal semoe will
be diiccii^e'l
Our Stock is Complete
Hce a-e t-wc Sea? Specials:
2S  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   V.M
72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for 12.75
-Socialist    Partv   =:��;:*
t    .        B      t,   --      -   -.-.
_���-                 i:            il! *r( 1 ;;
n n   J- *m
Cor. Varnosn and \s ard  Strtfata,
J. FRED HUME. Pro-pri-Mor.
w. h >:.-_:. -niek.S I Dnaan* Tor-
:������_-.:���. K S ','*,'_.:_oe S Car.is *ni n-ife.
KcsaUsd: P.. A. Simmons. T. J. McK:n
non, J. Caliagban. E. W. Ra-s-son. H.
Wright, V_:.: .:-..:: J. C. Pope. Coch-
rac.; E R- Fo&iie* and wife, A Mo-
Qjeen. Grand Forts: Mrs. R- M. Reid.
Mra. J. Cook. Creston: W. F Hesder-
[ &oa. Six^kace: F. H. N'euleion. Salino:
G W. Barrinpon. D. C Smellie. Mod-
tonal; C E Cameron. New York: S. H
Richanison and wife, Seattle.
M Trading Co,
Thll KM* ��:;_ h* C*~ ���'.  .**.���   ������
AStttaeaa In Jos*.
flOWni* AM) GRAFTING earetaUy ir-ead
harry wnxiuaL
Old Curiosity Shop
U you want to buy or nO anything,
go to the Old CoriosfTy S^op A new
Une of Japanese Goods dot on sale.
All kinds of Dtnnerware ln stock. Patterns	
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & &
Next IXior to B&ek of Commerce.
ill Klodi ol Heating Plants in Stock.
J. R. R-r'allack, Kas'.o; J. S. Rear and
wife. V2L(rouver: Paul 3. "Couldrey.
BOBBlnd; H. R. Davison. Toronto: Med-
icine Ha: Lacrosse Team: C. E. Erougb-
ham nan-gar. Gas City: M. H. Sulli
van. A J McNab. D. S. .Noble. H. E
Dodge Trail; Mrs. S. Shofford. Victoria:
A. \V. Dymock. Westminister.
H. Y Anderson. Spokane; A McN'air,
Creston: E. A. Greenwood. S. Duncan.
Cranbrook: G. Gilbert. Revelstoke: S J
Green. Ka_lo; T. J. Graham. Eholt; E.
Monuei. Grand Forks; C. W. Whitta-
kt-r. Phoenix.
W. ThouitTSon, Ymir; F. Anderson. W.
H. Mills. Trail.
G. Gormely. Sandon: S. Hays. Seat-
-."��� E Barrowcloueh. C. Curtis. Spokane: C. Carleson. Slocan.
.V. Larson, Castlegar; J. Harding. Sil
verton; J. Quinn, Winnipeg; A. McLean.
Calgary; G. Baker and family. Creston:
O. Raven. Lethbridge: E. M. Eeaton. W.
J Nelson. C. Kelman. Eholt: R G. McPhee, F. B. Anderson. Cranbrook.
F. F! Ander-aon, Wolseley; G. Dupuy,
W. Gikean. G. Grant. W. Ryan. Arrow,
head; J. Bennett. Westley"; T. Evan.
Beasley, G. Matthews, Salmo.
Victoria St. Nr.Oocra House.     Tel. 18*.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar. Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boal Builders ***���_.: find it to theL' ad-
viulag.' ta u-se onr Pitch..
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Baker St.  Nelion.
B. C.
eral Job Work, Chimney Swee-;
Ing. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Gtaaa
log Stavta. tte.
t>1 East Baktr SL Pnone No. MM
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
"**��� 5XAJET BOrS-Ate��dF
work: t��i wfcfi*.
'-���-''": tat -a- Iimj ttot ���! r p.ft.
'"*���"- ���'-   - a: ;... a:   --? ra; .** ���*
AT   OVE    *Bl:-'JLt   -AWYJ
���wi..*-*   _a ���xi".-:     K-iisr_m 1
>-. *w.B.C . orr*l'��*! ;i��� r
Fx:r�� t-(.**i
H Er*j**rb*r.
I ia ��!��on
COOK-How;. CM- Wtttren m;��iucc��   Pboat
CZ't man  with (��������- ''__'* tzVzT'.t
A;-?1. ^  t ��* N<.-. -, "..
rwo nsa-r-vuhtfi imoml ��t��a atatat   ap
Bl'NCH   OP   KE.
hetvm to Chu.
2p.a-> ���   ��� sr:  >o ��i.n. ��� ki: i, am
O*^      For Pfl��,  Applj a   J. D. B:.i DHL
fofaaccooist  Bato Street
2 efeTTIEP. 1 T&ftrrats. I 7��::rE5stD ��ad
^TaAvrt. 1 Forenus (niffct,) Clr-niu Ssvjt:.
Da��n *c*afiD��-T�� mmamtah *zti uiliheipol
*Y.   iindi.    AppiT   &��.   P.  KttUt, hoi  isn,
New   Baptist Miss ens.
Mr. DnnnKck. of New WesT^i-s^-er.
arnvM j��-: *** ��� I pg io take chir^e of the
Bvpti5i Misnca? as Cajilegar. Rob-son
aad We^tler.
CHoir Concert.
Ir.-. V :. *Z-*-t Czi'ir vS. I* t<a-s-uA in
xhrir concert, oc ffedEesAav uijght next.
Mat mt%m\ Bf ^rs. Brjcg-*... lire. Shank*,
Ha Hanmngron and Mrs. G-eo Brown-
Back  to  K&ctenay.
Tbom<�� G-alJon, Sen . who has qpOftt
���air* ^��; jear in England. nrtc_rned t-.> ISU*
a��_<n ThursdaT nusht. and will remain in
,.-'.':z.sj v. Lrre he hafi xuanT m.n^ng in-
On Fndaj, MaT 24th, 1907 in St. Sa-
Tiour'fi Church, by ihe ReT. F H Graham, rector.^Henrr ArcheT Goddard. of
Gr_ind Forks, B. C , wa* mamed to Miss
Margrethc Ht___'dt, o* Nelson.
B. C. Whiskey.
J. B. H. RickabT. representing the
Bnri=h Columbia DisuUery at Sapperton.
is m the city. The liquor turned out by
the B OL Di&t-llery is said to be equal to
the bai on the market. The brand now
being _��ld by Mr. Rickaby is three year*-
Maccaoees' Picnic
The Ltdies ot the Maccabees will picnic Tuesday afternoon at Mrs Ross'
grounds on the north shore in honor
of the Ttsit of Mrs. Schermerhorn of
Cranbrook. All members? are requested
to meet at Lindseys boat house at 1
p. m. with their baskets.
Miraculus Escape,
A pany of stilled mariners. Including John Bennett and J. W. Bannister.
with several lady friends, went out for
a launch ride yesterday afternoon which
nearly had a fatal termination. Thos*
who were in the boat are reticent as to
what really happened Mr. Bennett one
of the pany, on being interviewed, with
great unction denied that he was in the
boat at all, and expressed the opinion
that matters of this kind did not concern the genera] public. He further expressed the opinion that the papers
would do better to publish matters tbat
had to do with the elevation of mankind
and advancing the interests of the country than chronicling eTery little bit of
gossip they could gather in. No objection being ukun to this self-evident
proposition. Mr. Bennett said he had
'y-een in the launch, cut refused to give
the names of the other occupants.
Neither would he tell just how the
launch party came so near meeting with
a fatal ending. From another source it
was learned that the little craft was
allowed to drift below the danger line,
and was not noticed until it became unmanageable Fortunately it was caught
in an eddy, and with the aid of a paddle
one of the occupants was enabled to
reach shore. Mr Bennett went down to
Grohman creek today and will try to get
'he launch back to the dty. The occu
t*snts of the boat were very mod
Fresh and Salted Meats
There may be others as good   '.cmn-.'-.r.-'
but there are no others
better than
E.  C.  TRAVES    Managtt.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica ami Josephine Sta.
Are Yoti
Going to be
A Pic-nickef
Tomorrow ?
One os 'Zc H:.; ken; L:ci*..:: :a
K��ic_-s'' Wi*.os L> ior Sii*.
by Kate Doughs Wigj
THEPRIE&T.by .... Harold B��j
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Ban* McCucM
HALF A ROGUE,       - -        ���       Harold Mc J
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, L
COR   BAKER  and  WARD.        Phone 81
Tit   ;: :- * -  -    -
acres o; :.-_:-: u : MH land, tsar-.cj:
*..'__..���     :'..��*  !r:-tia_e   i -
- -.-   NV.=-._
tie  cv_-.n: ������   5      '      ������*.���*.
acres. ir:th boiMiMS. fratt :rt-es. Sower
garde-os   an     Ivtas    -       -���    .*-'--:.
... .     : a fi-
���-: -..      .   " !���_--
south  which  I will o��er la acre sab-
i.s.-: :.��     " 7 fttot  szl    - '    -
Paper Napkins
Lunch Basket
PAPER   NAPi"MS   in   exsuis.te  decca-
tiona,   15* TV  -per   !00.
Plain  1(> ���"���
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargaii
Oar Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This   Month   Regardless   of  Cost.
You can  tux  w-"��h Vesting!  for $1.00. worth 13.00.
Handfco-r.e vests, douole and single breasted, for $3.00, wortdfl
See f-esr and buy now while the selection  ss good.
A, 4 G   FU  E3ERG.
Baker St., Nelson, B.C
I New Spring Goods Arriving Da
A complete line :' up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock. I
**, A i; a full range of BosU and  Shoc-a.    "WALKOVER" our
from 20(
One ���
��� ..:.;..->
a  firsl
for r
.id New Art Bell Piano
hn T. Pierre, Baker St.
/anted to Buy
We have a buyer for a good  house
. the dlsirlct west of Hendryx St. and
etween Observatory and Carbonate St
'rice cum be right    We have buyers
.'or house* in every part of city.    Se-e
The Store of Quality
All Other Flavors in S*
Special for Tot
J 0c pet Pf  kage
Rob.EH��yiiC |
K. W. C. Blort . P
A M. Can. Sae
Mining Work a '
Offlc*-. Bealey Buildinf
Baktr (L, NCLf
ed in a
��� '��� -��� ::.
-���-��� re of lhe
cause to
I ame.
iccess  and
ard i ���
jus at leas:
or  the day.
.'.thi t.t 7:..
e�� on Baiter
.oe-s -a-t^e also
i the evening.
���oungsteri was
alon-; the tra-a-
Jed tsy ;b, car
Lipton's Teas
We are in receipt of a fhij.mer.1 V.
'---;' *ft Teas direct
Half Pound Tins   No. 2  25c
One Pound Tins   No. 2   SOc
Half Pound Tins   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tins   No. 1    60c
Telephone 161.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds rertiflcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte plaving
and singinr Certificate from Trt'nltv
College. London. Eng., for th-aorv of mii-
sit -Scholarship of the London Conser.
Tatolre of Music for alntin-j and pianr.
Pjglag Address Box 7��6, Nelson.
Attempt on Ch Idren.
As _j_f a sioaea children, all girls bet
'-- i: ���-���'. -.i-ier :: - _-��� ^.r- p:s*i.-j
w�� their ho__e. on the upper mail, in
Tairnem, y��t��v_,T BfteTO'^s. th-v were
���iacored into tbe beshea, br a strawrer.
who made a daftartly att��n:M sm one erf
���belittlegirls. He w��� frighteKd M tbe
chiid'e ��_ts__�� ajvl Serf.
BAKUH ��l Wl   l��l*. NEUMIN.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock ill
requisites for the ranclu-r, gardener or householder. Sp '
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruntrs, j
Tree Sprcyers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hareta
Company, Limited.
' ������ A. ISAAC
R*p��iirlnB mid .ltiHhti.it ���x-��c��Jt��4j with t)��np��un     8t,ast tm
Work, Mining ami Mill Machlnarv.      Miinuti��**iur��rt��|
Orm  C��rss,   W.   N.   Contractors'   timrta. '
Corner of Ua I tad
Frost itsttts-
Spring Stock lust Opened l|
Carload Linoleum* and Carpet*
From Glasgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Uow Prices.
Standard Futnitute Compari
M-uon a Rlwh funis. COdplttC HOOK FurMSlltn
OlleriE.wr *>*.::: . , .,    .    .   . r   L.t-s#f<
Msnb.ii-iMiurjsunrMij. UndtfUktrs.    tmhw*"
TJ��!��% Lurnbe*, Shingles.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WIndo***
Turn��d Work and Brackets. Mail Orders prompllj'
 VBRNON 8THHBT   .   .   .   >i;i_HO>. H. C
Workingmen's Shoes
Tie   -a-o-rW-agmans   ��hoe   sUsoid   be
made strong, hopes/ atsi ia a tamsu*.
IM master.   The stock ttmoTi. dor
tad thej thimli k_i ��eii al.d ax
��me     Ume    be     oonJortab"
Our Ehoess meet ail _.���� w,IdrS___rtI
royal, I ANDREW & Co.
Launch and Boat
to ftt*\
W�� always earry In stock and will b�� pleased
wants In
*uish aa
While Wsui*
y.t.   . 1 .:���.;,
5��rrr Bio..' Bo��u Varatoh
>���:.   etc.
AKlIf l*��P
Vwoum   _K3 I
{in one i��l"""*" '
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co., W
..  . . : ..


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