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The Daily Canadian Apr 8, 1908

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Array A8K
The  monarch   of
same all  the  time..
bottled  at
Volume 2.    No. 266
jig (lame Preserve Set
Aside in the Rockies
pension Taken By Provincial Govern-
I ment���A. Bryan Williams, Warden, Will Select Location*
Vli toria,   April   8.���A   vast   preserve
game aggregating hundreds ul
iuar<    tniles.   Will   be  laid  uut  iu  Kast
this  Spring   by  tliu  provincial
.L-iinueiit as a result 01 strong itpitr-
.. Ion*,  ui   prominent  Canadian  and
na spot tauten,    it will ut? loc&t>
.in it*  m   tue   mountainous   re-
..u  lying   between   the   Crow's   Nest
uranch  ui   the   C.   i'.   It.  and   U&e
 a,   and    wit.   serve   tht    Bamti
*   me   iauiuu��i   Yellowstone
m   ^	
uaj   i'.iiiv   ii,   Wyoming,   under
UI    tne    rVSif   lA-pai um ui.
task   ui   utiuiiiiy   uiu   limits   oi
po led reserve nab oeeu intrust*
ur.   .i.   1;.   \\ iiiuiuib,   provinemi
warden,   ��nu  wm   visa   tne  d.b-
���������.:;iin  tba  neixt tew  weeks,    tie
���   *  .a. laQis suggosuuiid trum
.. bJj known spoi tauten, inctuu-
\W,    T.    Horuauay,   director   Oi
luck .4ooiOgiua*  lain.,  WUO liti..
��� frequent  vitjiiui  iu r..ihL tux
.iiu u ii.ii  exceltenee aa ;> <n ..
iniui * porAaise,    ur. iiuiuaduj
-   .   i user ring an area lo miles ioug
at)   un.��.-.   ui uau   iu   im   i.  ,.ou
.   iiu- Liu* a  Meat  line   ana ii-
kveea tno bttn iao i.>k nr< nr,
renin-  Uame i_.uu   reoummunds
Uing aside oi a stUI targei  u*aci
ttcing  tne  ot-cuuu  refei too   tu  a*
iiii.  ua  uie country  lu  the  nortli ana
��� ctending  lo uiu summit ox tnt
I   ponstllUUng   the   boundary   be-
li BrtUan cu.umu.a and .uue.ia.
.u.   t. 5i, HSdwams ui Cranbrook iiart
advised mu  reservation oi a po.-
.,   ui   inib   termor)   aud   additional
ullage in tne region tartner north ana
a   udiug weai as tar as tne couiluencu
coiumoia and  White  rivers, In
uountainoui countryi moose, can*
and   out   roan   m   \asi   numbers,
grtUkes,  sheep   am.   Kuau  are
, U iitiuii.    a   well  known  huutei
tred  Lhat  u contains more   moose
turn all the rest ot the Dominion.
Alter tliu receive is defined stringent
- iiations tor ibe perpetual protection
. the  big game  will  be  enforced,    li
������������  experience iu Yellowstone Park i^
lupilcated  the sntmals    will    become
���ins when Hit!* realise tbat the)  wili
moli Bted.    it  is  au  every daj
In   the  American  reservation  to
��� ������i herds oi deer along the main
ivaya to be traversed by  the thou-
oi   people   whu   visit   the   park
'��� er)   lUmmer. So tame have tbe bears
wome that they dally visit the big ho-
6U  iu  partake  of  ft   meal   from  tha
���crapheaps thrown out of the kitchens.]
Mr,   Williams   lu   confident   lhat   th)
Canadian reserve will iu time become
1 BWlse a great resort lor touristy win
si i be enabled to enjoy good shooting
"��� the neighboring district where
Hlme will only be protected
,'1'- close season.
Stoiljj Ckcmafo
Will  be delivered    ovoty evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cents a  month
Hoppe took this Step becau. thinks
the conditions of a match t* ,ne trophy as laid out by Lhe donoh* ure not
a  true  test  oi   the  cuamplonsblp,   in
giving UP the trophy he announced
thpt he would willingly pla> a luUU
match   in   ulor'.s  oi   jyu   per   nigm   for
tue championship bui noi a 15000 point
Piohibition     Unpopular    in    Cities    but
Gains  in the Country.
Chicago, April 8.���The liquor contest
in nuuuib auto resulted in a drawn batik- wnii me sttioons winning decisively
in mum ui the larger Cities, bui. losing
in scores ui smaller ones* 134 sa]ouns
being voted uut ot existence, '1 be return* as collected by townships are even
more impreesivs trom Uie prohibition
view pomi, bZb townsuipa, or more lUau
three-lOUrtns of the total number, being
ciuseu lo the saioou. umy by winning
*u thu larger cities d.d the UgUOr iii-
teresta  save themsel res  nuiu a  com-
ptetS rout.
Iveturns Hum 1*800 townships of tbe
State are Incompletes and it is not possible to stats with exactness how many
sa.ouns wilt close their doors thirty
days" hence aa a result oi yesterday s
balloting.    The figures available place
the number at over 1,000, being lor tbe
most  part  in   town!   which  had  irom
o tu lo saloons each.
Denver, Colo., April 8.���Thirty-five
towns lu Colorado in which elections
were held yeslerday voted on the question ot local option. Nineteen of these
elections resulted in no license and six-
Hen voted to license saloons. The anti-
saloon element won over four towns
ti.at were formerly wet and the liquor
eh rn. nt made gains of five towns, giving them the advantage of one lu the
total of changes.
Today    is    Hundredth    Anniversary
Roman   Catholic   Archbishopric
of   Baltimore.
Bust of Founder of Y. M. C. A.
London, April 8.���At u meeting of the
*oung Men's Christian Association In
Queen's Hall last ninlit Ambassador
l;,'i'l .ui lichulf of the donors ot the
headquarters building In New York, ac-
"Pted 11 bust by  Frainpton of Ihe late
Mr Oeorge Williams, the founder of the
v M. C A. Mr. Reld suld thai u��
Oil could be appi lated more warmlr
ympathetloal: .
Square   De   I  for  Negro.
Washington, &i il ����� ��� Presldenl
Roosevell today in; da pubjlo his letter
"r April 2 to the alnirnoy Raiiorul dlrec-
"HK proceedings by injunction lo com-
'"'l certain railrouds or the south to fur
nish equal nccoinnindutlons to while
!"iil negro pnsseiiKers.
New   Billiard   Champion.
X'"��'    Ynrlt,    April    S.���Willie    Hoppe.
champion  at   1S.2   bulk  line   billiards,
������� followed the   example    of Jacob
s"' fer, champion  at   the   18.1   game
"'"i surrendered to the donors the ire-
Baltimore, .ud., April s.���Today
marks an Important anniversary in the
hlstorj of ih. Roman Catholic Church
In the United States, It was just one
hundred years ago, on AVprli s, isos,
tbat tliu archdiocese uf Baltimore was
establlsjhed. At the same time four im-
porUuiL iliocvsi's uiuw arcluliocesesi
were ccuistituted, us follows: New York,
with bishop Conoannon aa its tirst bishop; Lkistun, with Bishop Clieverus as
.is tirst bishop; Philadelphia, with
Bishop EDgan as its lirst bishop; and
Bardstown, Ky., with liishop Flaget a*
ils  lirst bishop.
Trior lo this Important event there
was but oue Catholic, bishopric In the
United suites. Bishop Carroll, who
wus appointed as ihe lirst American
bishop .n 1780, had uie whole country
lor bis diocese. Oue hundred rears
anu there were not over sixty cuthoile
priests .ii the I nited States and not
more than seventy churches. The newly established metropolitan see oi Uul-
tinioie, wub Bishop Carroll at us head,
and the lout suffragan sees of itosiou,
New York, Philadelphia ami Bardstown, constituted tlie Catholic Church
organisation of the United States,
Up io tlie days when tlie Irish famine
ui im; brought thousands ot Immigrants io swell the Catholic population
of the country, one metropolitan see,
that of Baltimore, and one archbishop
suillced fur the whole country. Before
lbbs the number ol bishoprics had in-
oreased to over twenty. Today the 11,-
oou.uou communicants or the Catholic
church in ihe United States are looked
alter by fourteen archbishops and ninety
bishops. The number of priests exceeds
la.uoti and there are more than 18,000
The centennial of the archdioceses ot
Baltimore is to be observed by un elaborate celebration to be held here the
latter part of this month. The celebration win be held Immediately before
or ufter the annual meeting of the
Roman Catholic archbishops In wush-
Ington and the meeting of the trustees
of the Catholic University In thai city,
li is expected iluii all the members of
the Roman Catholic hierarchy in tlie
limed States will therefore be able to
attend the oelebratlon,
One uf the features of the oelebratlon
will |n> the eunseeralion ol' Mgr. Daniel
,1. O'Connell, reotor of the Catholic lint-
versitp, as titular bishop of Sebate, The
consecration will be performed In the
historic cathedral uf st. Mary's, In
ibis illy, with Cardinal Gibbons officl-
Quebec Bridge Builders
Very Careless
Directors Have Received About $50,-
000 For Doing Nothing���Echo of
Ex-Governor Mc Innes.
Ottawa, April 8.���Four additional ay
peudicea to the report of the Quebec
bridge commission have been presented
to parliament. One of these Is an examination of the varioua full-sized column tests that have been made in
America. The commiwsioners point oui
that uo evidence was forthcoming to
suow tbat either Air. Cooper or Air.
Bxlapjca ordered any investigation to be
mudy ol tne tests, data that were valuable, aud when the comparative magnitude 01 the undertaking is remembered
it is difficult to explain their failure to
check their conclusions on the Phoenix
testing machine^ which was at their disposal.
Another appendix compares ihe
atresia* in tht: several members of the
main trusses, computed trom the hiidge
as liualiy designed, with the stresses
authorized by the specilicatious. It
Bays that the error of Strsas in the main
chords near the centre post, due to an
airtor of assumed dead load was fully
lu per cent, No satisfactory explanation of the occurrence ot this eiror had
ij�� en offered. Messrs. t^eant., Bliftpka
and Coops* r-ermiited the shops and
ruhing mills to commence WOTS, without taking auy steps to test the correctness oi the assumed load, aud the probable dead load did not appear to have
been estimated from the plans until at
least IS months after the work of
fabrication was commenced. The commissioners are of the opinion that no
manufacturing should have been done
until the designers had so advanced
with their works as to be able to make
a proper estimate of the weight of the
bridge. Manufacturing was commenced
in July, 1901, without any checking, al
though the specifications called for it,
and the contract practically demanded
emblematic      of    championship, i atlng.
Ottawa, April S.���Returns are being
made to the commons of the resolutions which Laurier received in July
lOOti from the Yukon territorial Liberal association denouncing in most unmeasured terms Hon. \V. W. B. Mc-
Innis at that time commissioner of the
Yukon territory, and demanding his dismissal hy the government. From this
correspondence It seems that after
branding Mclnnis in the resolution as
notoriously untrustworthy, vain, self-
seeking, immoral and drunken, the
same association In November following passed a resolution repudiating the
other resolution as spurious and declaring lhat no such expression had been
authorized  hy   the  association.
Alderman Foran intends to propose
in the city council that the board of
control be asked to' secure legal opinion respecting the intention of the city
to tax the Incomes of members of parliament and  cabinet ministers.
A merger with capitalization of $1,-
000,000 has been effected through the
amalgamation of the Holla L. Craig
company of Ottawa nnd the Cope and
Chatterson Company of Toronto and
Fielding has presented to parliament
the report of all correspondence bearing on the action taken by the Dominion
government last fall to relieve the financial stringency In the western provinces, anil to provide money for the
marketing oT the frozen crop which
otherwise would have spoiled on tho
farmers' hands. Measures taken by the
government to provide for this situation
weii> explained in Fielding's budget
The senate has given the third rending to the bills respecting the Northern
Bank and Crown Bank of Canada, subsidiary court of IhfS Independent Order
of Foresters of Canada, and the North
EBmplre Insurance company.
In the senate yeslerday Senator Scott
said the directors of the Quebec Bridge
Company had been paid In fees since
the organization of the company in 1897.
149,817,  of  which   Hon.   8.   N.   Parent,
president, received $24,250; the secretary had received $10,290 and $425 for
travelling expenses from 1897 to date,
aud  the engineer, $4,510.
Fisher's bill to amend the inspection
and sale act now before parliament,
declares it an offence to put auy foreign
matter whatever into cheese or incorporate an Interior cuid or cheese therein, penalties to appiy ugaiust any one
who either manufactures or deals in
these inierior products. This bill puts
an end to the cheese box romances
which have attracted some attention in
the old country. It had been louud
that glass bottles were occasionally
slipped into the centre of a cheese by
romantic dairy maids. This had caused complaint from purchasers in the
old  country.
Kobert Waddell, of Trenton, Ont.,
has ben awarded the contract for construction of the proposed new entrance
to Toronto harbor at a cost of $425,000.
An intormal meeting of members and
senatois was held this morning to consider ways and means of promoting
Earl Grey's Quebec batle'helds scheme
but notniug definite was done. Another
meeting will be held later.
Frank Nichols, editor ol the geological survey publications, has been dismissed from the government service on
tue alleged ground that he inspired the
publication in the mining and scientific
pi ess of San Francisco of severe criticism of Dr. Spencer's work on the Falls
of Niagara. Mr. Groves of Montreal
haa been appointed to the vacancy.
Two  Families Leave Edmonton for the
Arctic Coaat  in  Quest of Alleged
Gold  Depoaita.
Edmonton, April 8.���To float down
the Athabasca and McKenzie rivers to
the mouth of the latter mighty stream
accoinuauled by their wives and In
search fur sold in tlie Herschell Island
region, where a big strike hus recently
been reijorted, is the plan of Messrs. A.
A. Carrol, uud 11. ��. Hall of this city.
The party, which is a family parly, left
on Monday, outfitted for thirty months.
Tlie outfit is already at Athabasca Landing.
The two men and their wives will
make the long voyage lo the shores of
the Arctic in a scow, which will be
housed over. All the comforts of a
home will accompany the prospecting
expedition, which must travel nearly
two thousand miles into a region associated in the public mind only with
polar expeditious, whalers aud Mounted Police. This feature of the expedition makes it prohably the most unique
iu tile history of prospecting iu tlie
west  and north.
Mr. Carrol is one of the mushers of
'9S who tried to make Dawson by the
famous Edmonton trail. Last Saturday
on Jasper avenue he met Mr. Harry
Somnior, who with Mr. Wm. Kaecke,
Is outtttting for a trip into the north.
The meeting was accidental but Joyful.
These two men hud not seen each other
since they blazed the trail in the 'US
Mr. Carroll was particularly closely
associated with Otto P. Somnior, brother of Harry, who Is now In Chicago,
and the two pioneers exchanged much
uews of the survivors of the great rush
of ten years ago. Both men found this
morning that they had met to part
again aud that they were both starting, almost on the same day, for new
gold Holds and in two differeul directions.
There are many portages on the way
to the Arctic which the Carroll-Hall
party will have to make. One of the
worst, the Smith portage, fifteen miles
lung, can be made by cattle and horses
which are now plentiful there. The two
partners, however, anticipate no trouble
in muking their trip.
They expect lo winter at Gravel rivet,
and to reuch the Arctic early ln the
.���nunii.'i- of  1U09.
Chicago Electiona,
Chicago, April 8.���Thlrty-flve aldermen were elected In Chicago yesterday
and of the number twenty-four were
Republicans. One of these ran as an
Independent. Mayor Uusse will enter
on his second term with a larger party
majority back of him than any mayor
has hail in the last thirty years.
Rescued In Mid-Atlantic.
Plymouth, April 8.���The steamer Majesty, which Is due from New York today, report* by wiieless telegraph Ibe
rescue on April 5th in mid-ocean of the
crew of the Norwegian tank steamer
Helios, fr.im Philadelphia. March 2fitll.
for Blaye. No details of Ihe occurrence
are given except that the Helios had
been abandoned.
Eastern Canada Getting
Heavy Weather
Montreal And Ottawa Also Report
biizzaids and Storms���Canada
from Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, April 8.���Never within the
memory of living man have wind and
wave created such havoc along the lake
shore west ot Toronto as occurred last
night and this morning, and for that
matter is occurring still, for the waters
are still raging. The whole shore line
for miles on both sides ol Alimico creek,
west of the city has been ground to
pieces and swallowed up lor twenty
leet back. The mouth of Mimico creea
is become a huge bay and all hats are
covered to a depth of several feet.
Electric poles along the lake shore
between Windermere avenue and Lhe
liumber fell over this morning, entirely
stopping the cars and passengers had to
walk between those two points. The
tracks are seriously threatened. Great
damage has been done on the south
shore of tho Island and it is feared that
if the storm continues much longer that
a channel will be worn straight through
the isiand to the bay. Down at the
beaches of Kew and Balmy the stoim
has never been equalled. Waves have
forced their way one hundred yards
further inward than ever belore. Families have had to i.e taken out of thu
cottages in boats.
Ottawa, April 8.���The spring like
weather of the past few days is changed
and Ottawa is in the grip of a blizzard.
Traffic is difficult, particularly on street
cars, and the outlook is decidedly
Montreal,  April  S.���Montreal    Is    in
the throes of a heavy snow storm.
Montreal. April 8.���The C. P. R.
steamer L.ake Erie arrived at Liverpool
at 11 o'clock this  morning.
Windsor, Ont., April S.���Parry C.
Payne, of this city, will again stand trial
in Detroit, Michigan, on a charge of
Chinese smuggling. Payne was up on
the same charge several weeks ago,
but was released on a technicality. The
grand jury, however, has re-indicted
him and he  is again in custody.
Toronto, April 8.���The executive committee of the Presbyterian foreign mission board has received reports from
Honan, China, of a large addition to
the church membership during the past
year and increased interest in every
department. Similar word comes from
Formosa. The committees of different
churches in each province of China have
met to consider steps in the direction
of co-operation which will mean much
economy of men and money.
Toronto, April 8.���The Ontario branch
of the Dominion alliance will again ask
the Ontario government for the repeal
of the three-fifths clause of the local
option act. ,
Emerson, Man.. April 8.���Emma Goldman crossed the international border
Into the United States last night without Interference from the American
authorities. The American immigration
officials did not interfere with her, in
fact they appeared to be very Bolicitous
for her comfort. It is said she was de
talned last uighi on instructions from
Washington and that these were can
celled today and she was informed that
she could proceed on her journey.
Toronto, April 8.���The demand for
good farm laborers keeps up in nearly
every part of Ontario.
Montreal, April 8.���An Important
judgment has been rendered at the
court of King's Hench by Justice Cross,
dismissing leave to appeal in the case
of Joseph Disney who was acquitted by
the court of sessions on a charge or
Infringing the Alien Labor Act. Disney
was accused of securing the services
of American workmen ou behalf of the
| Dominion Car and Foundary  company.
His Lordship disallowed the appeal on
the ground that although the act, generally speaking, forbade importation oi
loreign labor, such importation v\a..
ueverUielesh permissible in cases where
a suiucicut number 01 skilled workmeu
could not be louud here to operate a
ut w Industry,
Windsor, Out., April 8.���Justice Hidden, ol the Ontario high court, has is-
sueu a warning to all paities interested
m/the Canadian Klonuiae Alining company thut unless a settlement oi tue
dispute between shareholders ceaseU
betore Saturday he will appoint a receiver for the company.
Winnipeg, April 8.���H. McNutt, a
Canadian *\ortueiu brakemau, iei. irom
the bridge at Leauaette, Minn., yesterday anu was kuied. He waa Ko years
ol aee and married.
Winnipeg, April 8.���Geo. E. Murphy,
a journalist engaged in work at Brand-
don and Portage La Praine, died suddenly, aged Ti.
Lethbridge, April 8.���Sergeant Egan,
of the iN. W. AL P., captured Fred.
wheatiey, a noted Oregon horse thiol,
at Connors ranch near here. He es
capeu iroiu custody last tall whiie be
ing ukl'h lo trial. He jumped irom a
car window ihougu hanuuuuea. Tne po
nee iiiiu been on his trail for souu*.
Winnipeg, -AprU 8.���Two empaO>e>-i:
oi tne city  waterwoias aeudumtiiu ioei
UcatU     tiila    iliOlUing     V* Ua.lt    Ua&oaU��    1U1     U
new artesian wen. ine now ui. watei
was so gre&t thai Lhe men nau no Ujujc
to make tiieir e^ca^e and ��eie diowncu.
Winnipeg, April 8.���The weather is
clear and warm today and the grounu
is drying quickly. Seeding has started
at a few points but will not be general
before the  beginning of next week.
Mr.   Aaquith'8  Task  Nearly   Completed
���Promotions for Lloyd-George
and Winston Churchill.
London, April 8.���The vacancy in tne
office of prime minister of Great Britain
caused by the resignation last Saturday
of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman on
account of ill health, was filed at Biarritz, France, during the audience between King Edward and Herbert Asqulth, who had been summoned from
London. Mr. Asqulth first tendered
to His Majesty Ills resignation as chancellor of the exchequer and immediately
thereafter he kissed the hand of the
King on his appointment to the post of
prime minister and first lord of the
It is officially announced that King
Edward will leave Biarritz on April 15,
to hold a privy council ln London on
the 16th. The new ministers probably
will have their first audience on this
occasion as it is understood that Mr.
Asqulth was able to submit a list of his
main appointments to His Majesty this
morning. Mr. Asquith ls expected In
London tomorrow when he will complete his ministry.
The latest Information from well informed circles points to the strong possibility of the retirement of Lord Lore-
burn, Lord High Chancellor, who, It ls
understood, does not stand very high
In the estimation of Mr. Asqulth, and
the appointment of R. B. Haldane, secretary of state, to this post, with the
peerage attachment. It Is known that
Mr. Haldane is ready to leave the war
office. He would like to become chancellor of the exchequer but It Is apparent that David Lloyd-George, president of the board of trade, has the keys
to that office in his pocket. In the
event of Mr. Haldane going to the upper house, Winston Churchill, under
secretary of the colonial office, will
most likely get the war office, which
would be more congenial to him than
the board of trade.
St. Lawrence is Open.
Watertown, April 8.���Navigation on
the upper St. Lawrence was opened today when steamers crossed from Kingston to Cape Vincent, and the government steamer Scout made the trip from
Prescott to  Kingston.
University Lock Out,
New York, April 8.���The entire junior
class of New York University was suspended from the university for three
days by the faculty today as a penalty
for the hazing of Henry Bloch, a freshman.
From Near Wetaskiwln to
Terminal Will Be At Hardy Bay at
North End of Vancouver Island���
Good Site aad Harbor.
Calgary, April 8.���The Albertaa haa
received the following despatch from
private sources in Montreal, said to be
authentic: "The Canadian Pacific is
unquestionably considering the building
of a scond line across the province of
British Columbia with a terminus at
Hardy Bay, near the northern end of
Vancouver island. A laige area of Hardy
Bay has recently been bonded by unknown parties while in addition about
Juu.uuu worth of water lots na-.e been
piaced'under bond. Hardy Buy Is one
of the best harbors on the Canadian
Poclnc coast with excellent water accommodations and a good country back
oi it, whiie u is c.oae to tne great timber lauds oi uie aoiih of Vancouver
Jjuand. a. iurwer aavauuttsti oi auun a
.i..e aud leruunuu wouid be uutt it
,>uUiU aaurd muuii better competition
wiui tne ui aud Trunk Pacinc, since me
nortuein harbor would enjoy ahnosi
equal facilities with Prince nupert so
im as ocean navigation is concerned.
Wheat built the line will connect with
the main line of the Canadian Pacinc
at Wetaskiwin."
Senator Lougheed, who returned to
Calgary yesterday from Ottawa, stated
that it looked like an election this year
until the report of the civil service commission, but now there is some doubt
and it is regarded as probable there will
be another session.
In connection with (he safe cracking
event on Monday morning, when the
Alberta laundry safe was blown open
and f200 taken, two more arrests were
made early yesterday morning, of
young men named Egan and Dober,
who registered at the Queen's hotel aa
from Seattle. This makes four suspects
held and the police are confident tbey
have the right men.
At  Least a  Prospect.
London, April 8.���A parliamentary
paper just issued giving the latest correspondence between Russia and Great
Britain on the matter of Macedonian
reforms is welcomed by the London
newspapers as offering at least a prospect of arriving at a satisfactory compromise. Russia accepts the proposals
of Sir Edward Grey, the secretary for
foreign affairs as a "basis for discussion" and presents her counter proposals. To these Sir Edward Grey had
replied ln a friendly spirit, making
fresh suggestions ln detail.
Will Be No Lota.
New York. April 8.���Robert Truben-
dach, who after shooting his wife and
daughter tn their home ln East Thirty-
fourth street last night, put a bullet Into his own head, died tn a hospital today. His wife and daughter are ln a
serious condition but It ls believed they
will recover.
Royalists   Victorious.
Lisbon, April 8.���The situation In Lisbon has been improved. There has been
no resumption of the election rioting
and this morning the shops reopened.
Lisbon Is virtually under martial law
and with the arrival of reinforcements
the military government ls ln absolute
control of the city. The Republican
leaders disclaim responsibility for the
disorder and bloodshed of Sunday and
Monday. The general opinion is that
the Royalsts bave gained a sweeping
victory at the polls.
Honor to Japan.
St. Petersburg, April 8.���The council
of the empire today adopted without discussion the bt'l to raise the Russian
legation at Tokio to an embassy. This
bill already has passed the Duma.
Pointer for Board of Trade.
Rio Janeiro, April 8.���There was serious rioting yesterday In the city of
CampoB and troops were sent ln today
to restore order. The maintenance hy
the Leopoldla railroad of exhorbltant
rates on freight ln and out of Campos
has aroused the Indignation of the people and last evening they descended
upon the railroad property and set fire
to the two stations, several warehouses
and thirty cars. When this had been
accomplished they destroyed the bridge
over the Parahlba river.
I h
i * 1 **j Dally UaJitdlan
i i*
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Ba j Stores
ii.ch r-', Miners', Prospectors',
umbermens and Railroadmen's
rplies    and   tne    Leading
Ing, and (lie best only.
Our I    mi ��� islneaa and practically unlimited capita] give us sped,
ad.aiitas-s in buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do   sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOOOS  al   prices   generally  charg'-d   for INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Fi.ur, Bran, Shori^ and tfoy A Ways in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   110,000,000    Capital   Paid   up ��4,925,0OO
Rest    $4,925,000
D   R   WILKJE   J-Te��iden��.
HON   ROBERT JA*"1-"KAY, Vice-President
Branches is British Colombia:
Interest  allowed  on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NHLssVOM  uwa.'ncm ��J.   lVl.   L_,.AY%   Wanagor.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
.$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund  *A,390,000
Unexcelled facilitlea for the transaction
of all  kinda of  Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
jiterest credited Quarterly on
iavlngs Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
a wees
iisjttir Ml.. Kelson,
SaosenpUon isUts, '*; nuu �� c"<jruti delivered
u ilie olty, ol tbJOtt s fees il seat uy insu, wufen
paid in aevaaea
s<JTeru..Lj^ rsics un application.
All monies psi<l iu settlement of Ine Ps.ll}
'.suaauti .(.counts, either foi subscriptions or
Adverlisms:, musi oe receipted tor on tne prlnte'l
lorins ot tne '.oinpsn; oilier receipts are no:
Wednesday,    April   8,    1903.
For Uie lirst time since 1890 there is
a distinct issue between Conservatives
and Liberals in the Dominion parliament, it dates from the rejection of
.Mr. Foster's resolutions in favor oi
civil service reform and the abolition
of the patronage list. As noted hy Independent Eastern papers Sir Wilfrid
Laurier was offered an opportunity to
accept the resolutions as entirely uon-
partizau. Jt is true lhat reform of the
civil service is au Important part of
Mr. Borden's programme, but it was
also a feature of the Libetai programme
of 1898, and until last week it had never
been publicly repudiated by Sir Wilfrid
J-amier or any responsible colleague.
Uut the Issue Is now definite. The
Conservative party advocates appoints
mollis to the civil service by competitive examination, and the purchase of
all supplies lor government departments
by a nori-partlzaii purchasing committee. The Liberals maintain the system
of appointments on the recommendations of patronage committees, and the
purchase of supplies from party friends
through middlemen, with Illegitimate
profits to both seller and agent to warrant a claim for contributions to campaign funds.
The sysiem now in vogue is, of
course, not the creation of Sir Wilfrid
J.aurier. It is as old as government In
Canada. Hut Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave
It prominence in his programme of It
yean ago, perhaps with quite honest
Intentions at the time, and has allowed
like his pledges on the sub-
Ing free trade, "as they
.: in England."
It means lhat the public is corrupted
with ,ts u��u money, that expenditure
of public funds instead of being regaru-
ed as a great iiuol i�� used to reward
party service in the past, or to buy It
for the future. It means a.so that ap-
poinlments to the civii service ate noi
n.auc w.ui the View ol securing honest
anu capable oihciais but solely to consolidate party strength.
'J hat ii the spoils system of Tammany
Hall. It nas been urged in its dcle-iic.
that seii interest oi parties will dictate
the appointment oi the best men available. But ihe experience oi au countries shows lhat to be a lai.acy. A man
who is given a position as a reward loi
pasl services is most unlikely to leei
any greai obligation on his part to render efficient service. He regards bis
post as a vested interest, properly acquired.
iiui jusl now in Canada we do not
have to argue about results. They have
been shown to us in all their disgusting
detail by the report of the civil service
commission, which may be summarized
as a verdict of ' Incompetence iu all departments,  and  dishonesty  in  most."
In the campaign that will be fought
on this issue the Conservatives will
have the support of every Independent
in the country and probably of thousands of Liberals. The evils of the system are best appreciated by those nearest to the capital. The following Is
the Independent Toronto News' comment:
"There Is no evidence that tenders
are often manipulated at Ottawa. Indeed   there   is   reason   to   think   ihut   a
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I, Harry Khymell, Intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open un
hotel In Kitchener, B. C.
Dated this 25th day of Marcli, 11108.
high average of honesty prevails
amongst the permanent officials of the
departments. But It Is noteworthy Lhat
all over lhe country local Liberal politicians form themselves into companies,
or embark in business as Individual
contractoi-s. Lawyers, doctors and traders who have had no experience whatever in the field iu which they operate
are conspicuous in those companies and
they are singularly fortunate ln receiving public contracts. It ls interesting" to recall how many Liberal politicians have turned their energies in
this direction since 1890 and generally
with lairiy saiistaciory results. In short
patronage-making and patronage-giving
has become a science aud generally the
txpeits are acknowledged supporters ol
the government. There is no remedy
i.hort of a uou-partizan organization ot
the civil service under an independent
board, the honest observance of the contract system, and the destruction of the
patronage list. All this, by the way,
was to come as the result of the accession of the Liberal politicians to office.
Ii the only result has been to develop
and extend the system, they obtained
oiiice under iaise pretences and should
be relegated to opposition. In the
meantime the taxpayers are plundered
out of millions every year in order to
maintain a system which benefits a
favored political hierarchy and provides
an easy means of raising huge funds
for electoral corruption."
Pure and Cheap
We have 1000 pounds of
which we will sell at a bargain
5 Iba. for *1.00.
Special  prices for larger lots.    Come
ln  and Inquire.
Choquette Bros,
Phone 258.
THE  Up-to-Date Bakers
Notice is hereby given that the Government Lots in the townsite of Hosmer will be offered for sale by auction
at the Lock-up in Hosmer at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,   April   22nd.
Bids below the upset price will not
be received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-third 1st
of November, 1908, and one-third 1st of
.Ma>, 1909, with interest from 1st of
May. 1908. A fee of ?10 will be charged
for each Crown Grant when issued.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the Southern Division
of East Kootenay.
Cranbrook,  30th  March,   1908.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
'April Fool"   No. 2 Mineral   Clslm,   situate
in tne Nelson Alining 1........  ,' Wesl Kootenav
Where located: between F.sgle snrl Sandy
creeks, arid about on. hall mile from tbe 1-oor-
man -:.il
ske n li'-e that I, F (,'. Oreen, acting as agent
for J. f. riwedberg. Free Miners certificate .No.
B7175, inrend, sixty diys from the rlsie hereof,
lo apply to the Mima*- Kecorder for s Certificate
of improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a
< rown i,rani of tne above claim.
And further lake notice trial action under
sec ion A', must b1- commenced before tbe issuance of sucb Certificate of Improvements
haled IMs ZSin dsy of January  A. li , 1907.
��. 0. GHEES,
fc.slsoo. B C.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON $46.05
OTTAWA  51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago  62.45
QUEBEC  58.00
HALIFAX  83.45
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For further Information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
ti.F.A.. wlnnipee
1) P.A.. Nelson
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E.coi. ���
aker   and   Ward   Ste.
No change w-ill be made in the rate
fixed by the late or any future inspection until the next regular inspection ls
made: and all inspections will be made
without notice or warning to the consumer. Any person refusing admittance
to the inspector will immediately have
his or her light cut off and the same
will not be again connected except subject to a raise ln rates charged of at
least   twenty-five   per   cent.
Electric Flat Irons. Heaters
and Electric Power.
Any person using electric flat Irons,
electric heaters or electric power without reporting the same to the City Clerk
within 30 days from tills date, will be
proceeded against for THEFT of electrical current, pursuant to the Criminal
Code of Canada.
By Order,
W.   E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C., April 7th, 1908.
Cancellation of Reaerve.
Notice ls hereby glren tbat the reserre over
certain lsods ia Soulb-Easl Kootenay. notloe of
which apreereu in tbe British Columbia Uaxette
of the Uih of August, 1SSO and bore date of August 12t,b, 1S90, Is hereby ranceiled. Tbe above
mentioned lands will be opeu for location under
tbe Land Act on March SO. 1906.
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. H. II.. December lstb. 1907
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meals Si els.   Booms from tl SU. lo 11.
only White Help Employed
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietors
Most comfortable Quarters      .Nelson
Only the best of Liquors and i igars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur
nlahud. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city
House heated throughout with hoi
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C,
Large   snd   Comfortable   Bedroom     and  First
class Dialog Boom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,   Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Proprietor. *
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Btr !��� tbe Flneit.
Wblte  Heiu only Km ployed
'oaephlne 8t
Notion, b. 0
Royal Hotel
f I A , Nolson. B.C.
Rates $1 and |1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Refralnr Boarders
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his office ln Ihe Court House,
In the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock In the
afternoon of Monday, Mny 4th, Ifl'iR,
for the purchase of the "Sitting Bull"
mineral claim. Lot 2690, (iroup 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to he
forfeited to lhe Crown at Ihe tax sal.,
held In the City of Nelson on the (1th
day of November, 1906, (or delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We are showing this week some lovely models in Ladies' Costumes for
Easter   Season.
Jackets and coats are somewhat eccentric in their shapes, one being
marie of two pieces and joined along shoulder, forming waists with sleevee.
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Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmed with same wide bands of material and
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taxes up till June 30th, 1905 and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes Ihe amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
(J25.0UI is i $ 1 T.-'it.> which i.s the least
amount lhat will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable 'o the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, li. ('..
at par.
Dated at N'.-lson, B. C, this 6th dav
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   II.   C.
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addles ���-. d io tlie unders!-.-!!
ed, at his office in tin- Court House, in
ihe City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock, in Hie
afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908,
for the purchase of the "Yellow Jack '
mineral claim, Lot 20S9. Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to
in- forfeited to the Crown at the tax
���ale held In the City of Nelson on the
rith .lay of November 1905, tor delin
tjuent taxes up till June 80th, 1905
and   costs.
The iips.-t price upon the said miner
al claim, which Include* tlie amount of
delinquent tax.-s and costs at tin- time
of forfeiture with Int.Test, taxes wlil.ii
have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for ('rown Grant (tsB.OOJ
is ($124.76) which is tho Past amount
that win be considered  as a tender,
Kach tender must he accompanied
by an accepted ohaqiia for the full
amount of tin- tender paialilc to the
order of the Deputy CotnxniMlontfl ot
Lands und Works, at Victoria, II. C . ut
Dated at Nelion, n. c, this 6th dav
of April, 1908.
Gov't    Agent,    Nelson,    II     ('
Tenders  Wanted  For the   Purchase of st
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to tin- undersign*
ed, at his oiiice in tin- Court lions.���, In
the cliy of Nelson, win be received up
till the hour of Bve o'clook in the afternoon of Monday, May (th, 1908, for the
purchase of tin- "Bitting Hull Fraction"
mineral claim, Lol 20:*'.',. Group I. Knot
enay  District,  which   was  declared   to
be forfeited to tin- Crown at tho tax
sule held In tho City of Nolson on the
otli day of November, 1805, for delln
quent taxes up till Juno 80th, lour,
and   costs.
The upset price upon Hie said mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and cosis ut the
time of forfeiture with intoioHi. taxes
which have since accrued, oosts of ad
vertlslnn and ice for Crown Giant
($2.r,n(u is i $.-,.( pi, which Is the hast
amount that will he considered as a
Bach  tender must  ho accompanied
hy an accepted cheque for tin- lull am
omit or the tender payable to tin. ,,,-
lief    of     the    Deputy    (Villi inlHsloller     Of
Lands   and   Works,   ut   Victoria,   B.   ('
at   par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this fith day
of April, 190S.
Gov  I      A^. III.     Nelsoll.     li.     C.
Tenders Wanted for the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed '.> ihe undersigned, at his ofllce in the Court House, in
the City of Nelson, will he received up
till the hour ol Bve o'clock in the afternoon of Momlay. May 4th, 1908 for the
purchase of 'he Yellow Jack Fraction''
mineral Claim, Lot 2692, Group I, Kootenay District, which was declared for-
f. it. .I to the Crown as the tax sale
loli in tlie City of Nelson, ��n (he 6th
day of November, 1906, for delinquent
taxes up till June 80th, 1908 and  costs
The upsel price upon the said mineral claim, wbich Includes tlie amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of the forfeiture with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs
ot advertising and fee for crown Grant
($26.00) is i|.-.I..|iii which is the least
amount that will be considered as a
Bach   tender   mosi   be  accompanied
hy an accepted cheque for ihe full amount  of th'-   ternler   payabl     to   tl!
der   of   tli<'   Deputy   I oner   of
Land and Works, al V irla, B. < .
at   par
Hated at Nelson, it c. this 6th day
of April. 1908.
Gov't   Am nt.   Nelson,   B.   C.
Tenders Wanted for the  Purchaae of a
Mineral   claim.
Tenders   add ret  ��� ,\  to  the  underalg-
ed   at   his  office   in   Ihe  Court   House,   in
th.- city or Nelson, win he received up
till  the  hour of live o'clock  III   tile after
noon of Monday, May 4th, mux. for the
purchase ol the "Blue Jack" .Mineral
claim, Lot 2888, Group I. Kootenav Ills.
trict, whleh was declared to he forfeited to the Crown at the lax sale held In
the City of Nelson on the 6th day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
up  llll   June   :111th.   I90E   and   costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim whleh Includes ihe amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
of forfeiture with Interest, tuxes which
which have since accrued, costs or advertising and fee for Crown Grant
($26.00) is (|16fl 55) which Is the hast
ami um that will he considered as a
Each tender must he accompanied
bj an accepted cheque lor the rull amount or ihe lende, payable to the or-
der of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works. Victoria, II. ('., at
Daled at Nelson. 11. c., this 6th dav
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson.   B,   0.
Tenders  anted   For  the   Purchase   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to (he undersigned, nt his office in lhe Court House.
In the City or Nelson, will he received
up Ull the hour of five o'clock in tlie afternoon ol' Monday. May 4th, 1908 for
ihe purchase or the "Blue Jack Fraction" mineral claim, Lot 2(i91, Group
1, Kootenay  District, which  was declar
ed to be forfeited to the Crown st|
tax sale held In the City uf Ssaf
tlie 6th day of November, 1905. Its
linquent taxes up till June Mts,|
and   costs.
The upset price upon tiessidi
al Claim Which Includes the amM
delinquent taxes ami costs at ttrtj
of forfeiture with Interest, taieisf
have since accrued, COStl Ot M
Iiik and fee for Crown Grant 1
I.) iloS.Tf. 1 which is the least 1
that   will  lie considered as a ten*
Kach tender must he acmmpaa'
an accepted cheque for the (oil 1
of the tender payable (0 the ws
the Dcputv Commissioner 0' 1
and Works.'Victoria, B. C, at par. I
Dated at   Nelson. B. C, this �����!
of April, 1908. ,-__!
Gov't  Ajrent, Neliot_
Tenders Wanted for the PurchiMJ
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the untl��
ed. at his office In the Court Bjat
(he Cltv of Nelson, will he r8C��"B
till Ihe hour of five o'clock iBlmm
noon of .Monday. May *'MW ��� "J
purchase of the "White Conii n��"
Hi claim. Ixit 2687. Group 1, *<*���
District, which was declared to "1
felted (o the Crown Bt the ��l
held   In   the   City   of  Nelson on .Ml
dav of November  1906, toi'M""*
taxes up till June 80ft 1���� **?<
Tho upset price upon IM m��Jk
ai claim which Includt 1 tto ��"fl|
delinquent luxes snd <'"*,p �� l" J
of forfeiture with Interest, '��"',.J
have since accrued, cosis f.JSfik
Ing and fee for Crown Count <��-���'JJ
($160.96) which Is the l"-1"1 "-
that   will   be   considered  U ��      a
Bach tender must be accompli
an accepted cheque for the ���"" " Jl
or the tender payable to tM �����3
the Deputy Commissioner �� Zjk
and   Works,   Victoria,   II   ^./'sjff
Dated nl   Nelson. II. 0, inl�� m
ot  April,  1908. ,..���rnHT
Gov't   Agent.  Nelson^
Tenders Wanted for the PurchaK ���
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed t�� the ���� |(J
ed. at his office In fts 0<w��^a
In the City of Nelson, .��II �� tlie|
up till ihe hour of Ave ocloM >%-p
to noon of Monday. May 4��. U,
1   purchase   of   lhe     HWtie     ^
tuai    will   ne   run." '       Affinal)'60!
Kach tender must OS ��r,,"l1j| sjtjOsI
an accepted cheque lor tne   ,rra
or the tender payable w "''    und
the   Deputy    Conitnls"1"1"''      (l ,:ir.
and   Works,  Victoria, B. < ��� ',.,   ii
Dated   Nelson,   II.   C,   i"'
of April, 1908. ���.,,���;���!.
Gov't  J$*l  K'1""1' " The Daily Canadian
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TakeaottM itisi ����"> BiT.l. ���.( N.-lson. ...-. u
patlon r.-.l estate agsnC. Intends "' "i'i�����> 'y!
permiaaion t.. putt bass tba (��>u..��ii,k d. ���������'"���"
Unas: comnenotni st�� poet planted ..i Iha
uonnsaat oorner ��( Lot m. llanos tanning
i,..rtnao.ii��iu��. ihvii.s? wests) ehalns, then ���
...nth '20 ehalns. nun-.- or less, to ths norlMrll
boundarj ol t."t r.tt. thenoa lollowlna north
boundary u.t 3111 to point pi oommenaenunt
..ntaiiitiiK *' acres, more or leaa.
luted KSbruary IMh, 1W��.   .        Hahk.  Biao.
V. U    OnKK.N, Ant-lit
���  ,,i  l..,i:.l  IU.II..-I.    IMSIIl. 1 "I V..M  Kinilttlinl
Take notice  th��t Krv.1. J. .-.amnions,  ��mnt   lor
red J   Tsnn.ir, ol Kelson, oocnpatlon  watch
iskor.   lut.nds to a|.vl>    lol   p. -. mission lo 1'U-
: ase tba"foUowlni described lands: eommen-
.in��aispo.t aiahved abool IM mues o.st ol
TVUaonoiMk. utanos so ohalni In an aaaterU
lirertioti. thanos M i helps son!h. itun��� *
chaini in a weatertj dlreotlon, lhanoi Bolieini
north to the point ol.1iiinmeii.:euiviil,c..nlalnliis
i H-rrs, mora or loss
PsU-dNov   ^h.>'��Vs���������K   I(iHB TAS|n!ii
F. J. SAMMONS,  Agent
Vlsou Laud IHhtrlct.   Ulmrli I ol �� c��t kootenaj
Taxenotle* that vtoAJ. Buunoni, agent,ioj
\ a   i.Hiiaid. ol Proctor, occupation mneh**.
atondtvoupl] tot penatttlonto pun bM�� ��
fallowing  aw rlbed  Im It:    Com����^wrj}��
i.. ..i planted ft boot 1', unlest-aM nl W lltO ncTM k.
[uenMK)nthw��iiao^h*in��.   btooi'northweal90
fiainii, tbciuv DO rtOMtl -Vrl.-tllif, Uu |OM �������� Utah-
*-i ai chain* to lae thu point ol ������"mnii-m'timt'Ul
���on in in ing W ntrvn, more or loss.
Dated Nuv.'sMh. 1W7.
AH(-H1UAU>   AMjURBON   HAl.lA'l',
AgL-Ht   F    J     f-AMMUM-.
Nelion Land DUtrtct District ol Wecl Kootanaj
Take Dotloe thai w.a.' Hadaon, timber* rulier,
��� 1 .-,.okaiif. tfpukaiio rnui.iy, WuhIiIiik ou.ooc
.1 UiV luiUMl HtHimol An.irl.-a, lnnti-U lo ��|' )
lor a nm-.ial   timber  lUt-uau  over   tho toll own *
�� ... rlbed Lfti.de.   Commotiologftl h poel marked
I ���   l .plumed on lhe north hank ...   l.,ni <nrk,
. \hv luaotiuo ol tbe North fort ol�� oru i reeJ
eiU) the main itraftm, ebqui 0r�� ��U��f �������
western direction trom oonftuajiemoi mm ��ru
creek with tie Kootonay rlvari tliemv north 4
i-baiQi; thenoe iroit .��> chaini. then ��� eoutn *���
fhftine tbanoa eaat WO obftlne to point oioom
moncament, oontftlnlng '���*" ncti inion ':r '�����������.
-��t.i lan.l a.ijoin* timber Llmii Wo J on tn.
wesi hii.i timber limit No. �� ou the nouth, an UH
iMtrd uy me.
iAirftte.i hoTombjr7, iwi?-
\\ ILi.Mkl
Nehion Land Dlitrlc..   DutnetoJ Weit Kooteuay.
Take notice Lhat Tina Bergman, of Altoua,
Mau , oeeupallou wife of ft. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man , lutenda to apply for permiuion to
ptiri'liitM* the ft>llowing deieribeil latud :
1 (nuii'.i.i .ii��� at a po��t plunted at the N. E. C.
of hiijr'ii'ar-l.i,-" application to purchene and
ruuuiiiK lhence west &U cbalnH thence north HO
t:hftltm, thence eatit 40 chains, tbence south 8
obftlneM links, thence ea��t 40 c aius, thence
���outh 71 chains lb links to polut ol commencement, cotitaUilug 607 acrei more or less.
Im !���������: 23 Uecembe
Agent   for   Tina   Bergman.
- I0U7
Went Kooteuay l.-.u.i Utiinct- Dint net ot Goftt
Take nollce that 1, Ueorge A. Hunt, of Kitchener, occupation timuerman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
follutriUK described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 el ftlns, west ot Thompson
marked N. \V. coruer, thence south 10 3t chains
thence east 44 67 chains, theuce nortb 31.45
chains, lhence west along B. ft. Southern Hallway to place of commencement, coutalning 98.18
ac res
Dated Jauuary 8th. 1908.       Oconee H. Hunt
W'n itessud hy I'm
Deolftred and iiK"!
i IliidMHi on 111 J.
1807, hefore mo al B
^ aihlngiou, onoof tl.
. BttMOVi Loofttor.
. Hblne
tfi the within named W
,���\ ol NOT! iiiher. a ft
, tti'ic.   Hpokaue   UOUOtTi
nlted Butteiol Amerloft.
IUOi niciiec .�������� uusHUsii   <���"���������
���-���lollowing  easterly   houmlary  ol l*oi *!*���' t"
""dtit ni oommenoement.
i>at-<i 71 h Oatober, ItKW.       ihauki ia I'ikhck,
F. ft. FftUQUlKK,    K">''
A'l'iHi.ii I,,,nil DifirUi. Dletrlotol ffeei Koou a��)
Tftke notice that Alexander .1 HoGooli Ol
evnie,   B, <;., occupation clerk, liiieiids to uppiy
permleelon to puroben tho foUowti>| dei
w dJnd:   Oommenolni etftpotl plftntedon
litLCelJ   t-t B. ft. riotillitru   Kail-
way riitht-of-wav,  ftbOOt  one  ainl   a half mllei
weeteiTr trom ibe oortbweel eorner oflotHQBI,
i!roup 1. Kootenay, lhence nouth 80 obalns,
tin lot-ca��t Hu chalus. theuee   north no chnlns to
southern boondftry ot said right-of-wav, tbenoe
mtl n i haliis aloiiK sat.t aouihern l��.undary to
point   of   eommenoement,    ami containing 600
l   i. -   iii.ire or lesa.
Hated Noremberttb, IWI
Nelaon Land Dtetrfi t   Dieuioi ��f weel B.ooteney
Take uotlce that F. P. Hurden, acting a* agoul
lorJ.H   Burden, of   Tokiok.   N. B.  occupation
meohento, intendi to appiv for permlmlon to
purchase tho lollowing described lands: Com-
HH'in iiiiv tit a iii-i plniilcd on the eM��Ierly Nbore
Ol AtTOO Iftke and about I" Obftlni north of the
,1 i-,irin.-r ol lot SHU. thenee ������tu>l 20 chains.
thenoe north 40 Obftlns, more or less, to the lake I
���hoie, theuce ���outhwectftrlj ahuig the lakeshore  J
rn the point ol oommencoment, uud containing
s fteree* noire or left
Leted Norember Uth, 1909  James H BrenuN,
F. V    BritltK**, Agent.
tfftlton Land District.   Dtntrlctof Wesl Kootenav
Take  nollce    that   John   Janus   Cameron,  of
Fernie.   Hrlio-h  Coliiruhlu.   ocOOpfttion   contractor,     intends     to    apply     lor     permlMlon    lo
purohase ths Following described lend: com-
nit nelni tti a (.ont planted on the southern
boundary ol the B: 0. Southarn right-of-way
him.ni io obftlns westerli trom UkeN.w comer
ot lot tWS, group i. Kooteney, iheuce south TO
chains, thenoe eftsi  w rhalns, thenoe nurth fit)
Obftlni   to   lhe  nontliiru   boundftry  of the   haid
rlght-ot-wfty, tbenoe westerly along paid south
cm   bouudftiy   of right olwuv   to   the   p.nut
oommenoementi end containing .mo acres, mure
or less
Dftted November 9th, 1907.
J   hn Jamks ('au��-kon.
ttellOn LUkd WatrlOt, District of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat John rfhioh. of Needles. B C.,
occupation   rancher.   Uileudis   to   apply   fO! U r-
tiiissioii  to  purebeee  the loUowtng    leet rlbed
Is'id; Commenoing al a post planted at the
northwest corner of lx��t -893, thene- went 40
Chains,  thence  smith Hn  chains,   then, e  etist 40
obftlne,thenoe north��0 obftlni to the pointof
Oommenoement, and containing DO acres, more
l,F| aled 18th October. I9"��7. JaM��s BHXBLL.
K t.   KACgtiKH. Agent,
Nolson Lftnd Dlstrlcl   DleUli I ol Wt il Kootenaj
Iske notice thai   Angus   Md-III.  of the I Itv of
Nelson.... oupfttlon firemen, in tends to apply lor
pormleslon te purohase the following dtsvrtbod
lauds:    Oommenolng at ��   pOei   planted   ��t   uie
\   w   oornei L   C   llorrleon'i renob. In  Ur
siiov. tbiboe nortb lorti (4oi obftlns, theno
MNt fo"y (4u) iii ine, lhence south      in (to
biut., tbence weal lorl] [411 cbelns        olnto
mmencement,   m��i ronteining  one imndnd
.1 slxts iH'") ftoree, mort di lesi
Dted Bepte eher ju i. n��i7        .��m.i -   > ��'ni
Nelson Land District.   District ol Wo,t Kontetiay
Take uotlce thnt   Hugo CfttSte   -. of \\ iunlp'g.
Man,    OCOUnfttlon   publisher,   Inl is   to  ftPPU
lor perml-lon to purchase the following de-
Si rlhed taml:
Commencing nt a post planted on the WW
oundary of U 4371, G I, fftbqnl ���'�� miles fn-m Arrow LeJte, on Mosquito Creek) nnd 21 obftlni 18
llnkssouthof the N. W. ft. of sahl lot, ru.HiM.g
thence WeetN chains, thenee south HO ehalns,
thenoe east M chains, thenee north BO chnlns to
piece ol commencement,  containing  Mo acres,
more or less.
Agent   for   Hugo 1'nrstens.
Dfttftd tt December 1907.
S,.|-,,n Land Dlslrlel DUtrlotol West Kootenay.
Tftke tudlce '.httt 1 evilleorge I'ti vne, of Needles,
R C m-eupalloti riuicher. intetids Io apply lor
permlulon to purchase the following described
[���ndl i 'onniieni Ing at a post plftBted aho'il lb
onftlni WOBl Ol Wiiaisliuii oreeh and 88.914 chains
south of the southwest corner of I,o( No Ki4H
rmiutiis thenee   north HO chains,   lhence west 80
nhains tbence south U1M obftlns, thenoe eul
'.' .ss phftlns. tbence south f<~ m.'�� chains, tbenoe
R7419  obftlni  east   lo   point   of  eoiiimeii. euieiit,
rolltslnlliB 4*��l ftoreS, now inrvcvrd as lot HlH,'.
Dated 8ih Jauuary, LM. Levi tieoiwft 1'aywb.
Nelson I.aud District. District of We��t Kooteuay
Take notice that 1, Frederick Adie. of Waneta,
It C. not upatiou merchant, lnteud to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
laud : Commtrucing at a post planted about 10
chains west of the N K. enmerof lot 8(122, thence
uorth Jo chains, thence east 80 ehalns, thence
south 20 chains, tbence west 80 chains to polut
if commencement, eoutalulng 160 acres, more or
Dated January ��lst, 1908.       Fbedkkick Ants.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of .Nelson, in the Frorinceof British Columbia, oeeupallou spinster, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
hlgn water mark of the Salmon river distant
about 12 miles lu a southerly direetlou from
halmo, B ft., thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 chains, theuce south 40 ehalns, more or less.
to tbe high water mark of the <ialmon river,
tbence west 40 chains, nvire or less, aloug said
high water mark to tbe pointof commencement,
aud containing 160 acres, more or loss.
Located ou tue 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated !0th February. 1908.
Marion Isabella Crease,
Kdwari- Manly Peters, Agent.
Nelsou Land Dislrict. Dlstrictpl West Kootenay
Take notice that James William (���allagher, of
the envoi Nelion. in the I'rovlnce ofHrlltth
t olumbla, occupation uiiTchant, Intends to apply lor permbsion to purchase the following
��� ic" nl ������! laud: Common, lug at a post planted
at the high water mark of the Halmon river distant itooui 12 mllcK in a southerly direction from
halmo, B. ft., theuee aortb 40 ebaliis, theuce
west 4o chains, thonco south 40 chains, more or
less, to the high water mark of the Salmon river,
thenoeetut40 chains, moto or less, along the
said bleb fffttar mark to the place ol beglnnlug,
containing Ice acres, more or less:.
'socalt'd on the 1st dsy of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, LM.
James William (.ailaohbr,
Ki.WAKO   MANLEV  i'ETKKS,  Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootena
Take notice thst 1 Iohn Arthur M'ott, of Mono
Centre, Ont. OOettpfttlOO farmer, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following do
scribed land at tho mouth of .-ummli creek:
Commencingftl a post planted at the south
ftSfl turner or lot 878* marked N. K, thence
south 40 chains, thence WVttSO chains thenee
north 40 chains, thenoe oast 20 chain- to place id
coiniiiciii ciLU'iit Li'iitalnlng eo a< res.
John Aktmi'h ^co'^r,
W   J. hcott,   ��gent.
Dated Feb. 18th, 19o8.
Nelsou Laud District. District Of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1 ChrisMc Scott, nl Mono
Cm ior, Out ,00011 patlou married woman, intend
lo apply lor permission to purobftM the .ollow-
liiK ���������   ��� :H"   i   and near .Summit creek:
Common) ing at a post pUnted at the south-
eas: corner ol lot 8780 marked H. W , theuce
north i?0 chajus, tbenco east '20 chains, thonco
south JO chains, theuee west H) chalus to place
of commencement containing 10 acres
W   J. tioott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 19(18.
Tuke notlci' that \v�� will at the next
nieotliig of tho License Commissioners
apply for a transfer of the liquor II-
reime for ilie No Place Inn on .lose-
1'lilti.' street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wailu to 11. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
.March  1908.
"Doctor BUI" Partridge Claim, to Have
Again   Struck it  Rich.
Tlioae who remember \V. J. Partridge, known as "Sailor Bill" and his
efforts Lo train dog teams in the streets
of Victoria for the north will be Interested ln the following from the Post-
Iulelllgeucer: "W. J. Partridge, tirst discoverer of gold ou Quartz creek, In the
Klondyke, original owner of the claims
which made the first fortune for Swift-
water bill dates, and one of the most
noted rovers and followers or mining
excitements in tbe world, ls In Seattle
ou bis way to London to linauce a mining venture in Mexico. Fot the past
two years Partridge has been in Mexico and says he has secured valuable
mining concessions which he will attempt to finance  in London.
"Mr. Partridge ls one of the most
noted characters that has ever visited
tills country. He is an Englishman
by birth, but has visited every known
portion of the globe where gold has
been discovered. Past 60 years of age
he has made five fortunes in his life,
ail of which have been lost on the London stock exchange. He served with
Lord Roberts iu the Boer war, alter
which he mined in South Africa. He
has also been engaged In mining in
Australia and was among the first gold
seekers to go north ln the rush to the
Klondyke. He was the original discoverer of gold on Quartz creek and located the claims which made the fortune of Swiftwater Bill Gates. He sold
out to Gates and the latter made his
name famous with the fortune which
he  took  from the  claims.
"It has only been my curse to lose
my money In stock gambling," said
Mr. Partridge last night, "but I believe
1 have made the strike at last that
will allow me to play the game with
the best of them. I have been all over
the world in search of gold. Five
times I have struck it rich and sold out
for various sums ranging from $250,-
000 to $500,000. Every time I have played in luck I have returned to London
and lost the money on the stock exchange. Some of the mining claims I.
have sold for a few hundred thousand
dollars have turned out to be worth millions,, but I was never lucky enough to
be in at the finish.	
FOR SALE���160 acres on the Pend
d'Orellle River, and outside the frost
belt south of Nelson, containing 100
acres of natural meadow land, balance
open land, easily cleared, part improvements.     Price $25 per acre.
For particulars of this and other
proposition* reply
BOX   987.   NELSON,   B.   C.
Lieutenant Uoveruor.
Edward the Seventh, by the Grace of God, of the
United  Kingdom of Cieat Britain, end Ire-
laud, aud the British Dominions beyond tbe
Sean King, Defender oi  the  Faith, Emperor
of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come,���
W. J, Bowser, Attorney General.
Whereas hy Section 6 of the "Game Protection
Act, 1898," as re-enacted by Section 19 of the
"Game Protection Act, Amendment Act, 1905,"
it Is enacted that it shall be lawful for the Lieu-
tenant-Governor in Council, by Proclamation to
be published in two successive ISBiies of tbe British Columbia Gazette, to declare a close season
for geese lu any part of the Province lor anv
period of time, ami
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with the advice of iii* Executive Council, has
been pleased to direct, by ��uj Order in Council
tn lhat beha.t.a close season for g^ese within
the County of Kootenay, until aud ineludiog
the 31st day of August, one thousand nine hundred aud eight.
Now Know Ye therefore, that in pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim a close season
for geese within the County of Kooteuay, until
and Inc'udlnK the 31st day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
In testimony wnereof, we nave caused these
our letters to be made pn'.-nt ami the Great Seal
of the Province to be hereunto affixed.
Witness, His Honor James Dunsmuir, Lieutenant Governor of our said Province of British
.Jolumbia, ln our City of Victoria. In our said
Province, this 19th day of February, in tbe year
of Our Ixird one thousand nine hundred and
eight, and in the eighth year of our reign.
By command,
Provincial Secretary.
Tane uotlce tbat Alfred Edward Watts, of
Wattsburg, British Columbia, lumberman, ln
tends to apply for permission to lease the following described laud, situate near Procter on
the soutb shore of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at the northwest corner of i-ot *
ol Lo'. 309, G.oup 1, West Kootenay District,
thence 1680 feet (.45.45 chains) westerly along the
soutb shore line of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake and being the north boundary of Lot 4 of
Lol 309 to the northwest corner ol Lot 4 of Lot
3U9, theuce 2280 feet (34 Ji5chains) along the south
shore lin..- of tbe west arm of Kooienay Lake auu
being tbe north boundary of Lot 16 oi Lot 3u6,
Group 1, West Kooteuay District; thence north
132 teet (2 chalus); lhence easterly 396u leet
(6U.Q0 chains) and parallel with tbe south shore
line of the wesi arm of Kootenay Lake; theuce
south l'A2 feet (2 chains) to point of 0��atn��XU)t��
ment, and containing 12u acres, more or less
Dated this 12th uay of February, A. D., la*fl
a. k. waits.
"For the last two years I have been
working in Mexico, securing concessions to mining properties that I believe will prove to be the most valuable discovery I have ever made. I
have all tlie rights on these properties
secured, and will go to Loudon to finance the  proposition."
Stitl Very Weak,
London, April 8.���The bulletin issued
this morning regarding the condition of
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman says
that the former premier passed a good
night with a fair amount of sleep. He
continues to suffer from weakness.
Protection From Negligence.
New York, April 8.���The first agreement under the labor law passed by the
legislature in May, 1906, making railway companies responsible for injuries
received by an employee through the
negligence of another employee has
been awarded lm the supreme court,
John Toner getting a verdict for $20,000
for the loss of his left leg in July, 1906.
Toner was a motorman employed by the
New York City Railway company. The
motorman of the car behind collided
with his car, crushing Toner's leg so
badly that it had to be amputated.
Is now ready to execute   all
orders for Job Printing" on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Lots   in   Addition    A"
We are agenta for moat of the lots
In the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls, Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars >a to prices,
term?, etc., apply to
M.   &   DA.   BIRD
Partly Pprnlahed Modern
Residence and Three Lots
H situated i,n Hoover St., bsAween Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
��� Haseuj.-nt.'   an   peady  for  furnace.    Now  rents for  $35  per month.
9 PRICE:  $4,000.00.    TERMS: One-Third Caah, Balance $500.00 par year at
H 7 per cent.      For   full   particulars   apply
If yon want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch ln  the best  fruli  growing  de
in   British   Columbia  by   paying  |10 dollars down and $10 per mn.   ���
Even as an Investment this is wot th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within the year    What wir it do at
and deuers m humher* Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Hail Orders promptly attended
���   NBUSO.N. B. e.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining VVorK a Specialty.
Office:  Room  10,   K.-W.-iC. Blk.   P.  O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Jobbing  promptly  attended  to.    Plans
and Estimates.,
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
Notice Is liereby given that application will be <made by thi* undersigned
at the next Bitting of Hie Board of
License Commissioners fci the City of
Nelson, to be held thirty <*j ays after the
date hereof. Dor a transfer of the liquor
license standing In the i ame of the
Estate of George Harrlsoi (deceased)
for the premises known as I he Lakevlew
Hotel In the City of Nelscs l, situate on
Lota 13, 14 and 15, in Bh .ck 67, Subdivision of Lot 95, Group 1, Kootenay
district, to Napoleon Mall .'Ue of the
said city.
Dated this 17th day of 1 larch, A.D.
JAMES   H.   HAR��   '.ISON,
Administrator of the estate I   nd effects
of GeoiKe Harrison  (decs   ased.l
W.   O.    QILUETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Lid..
rwta.il yardi. Rough and AtommO. lumbar, tumad
work aud bracket*. Coaat lath and shlagiaa, aaaa
and doors. Cement, brick and 11m* lor aala
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. oaatof Hall1
P. O. Box 232 T*i0*h(m* 177
We have one English Billlar, one
American Billiard and one Pool Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
ln the matter ol an application lor the Uaue ol
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to Lota
4 l aud 6, Block 0, Kelaou City, aubdivlslon ol
part of Lot 182, Group One, Dlitrlot of Kootenay
Notice li hereby glren tbat It la my Intention
to lsaue at the expiration of one month attar tha
0rit publication hereof a duplicate oi tbeCertlQ-
>ate o. Title to the above mentioned lota in th*
nameof Pattle Rhodes which Certlfleate la dated
tbe 16th day of May. is��, aud numbarad UVT-k.
Land Kegliftry Office, Aelaon, B.C., January
���14th. 1908. H.F. MACLEOD,
wm        Dlatrlct Keclatrar.
Geo.  P    Play 'et
Ace ttntant
Office   Roott.   No.  2,   ELLIOT      S    LOCK
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity Shop
In the matter of an application for a duplicate
Certificate of Title of an undivided one-quarter
interest tu Lot 87, Uroup one, Ktxneaay District.     ajK'
kno<vn   aa "Let   Her oo   Oaliagher'    Mineral 'V
notice is horeby given that It la my Intention
after tb-explraiou of one month lrom the flrat    >  ,
io,t.in hi mii  hereof, to Issue a duplicate Certifl- ��� '������   '
I'.iii: uf   ltle ou th- above .e*cr*bed one-quarter
lutere t lu m.  uamu ot John F. Siuv?u��.  which ��� ' '
- vi  iii.��i��- i.ili.lf   sdtteu    tit  bib    tprll   1MM>,   I
aud ui.uin.u- . .li M v
nn      KvK'fi'?     ffii-e,   **   l-on. B  (' .   Mstrch  S,
Ma. i.avOb,
rNv-�� . ICE.
Not.ce is li- ''<���<>}  g.ven thai  .ht Grssjil
Wesi  I tall way  Company  will upi>ij   u.k
thu Parliament ot Canada, ai ths piea-Sj
ent session thereof, for an act amending'^
the said Company's Acts ot Incorpora- r~
tion by striking out the names of those
persons   who,  by   Sections  1  and  2  of
Chapter 167 ot the Statutes of 1903, are a
created   Incorporators   and   provisional   .
directors of the Company and inserting
In   lieu   thereof  the   names  of  certain a
other Individuals as such Incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the ,
head office of the Company from Nelson,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and ex-
tending   the   respective   times   for  the
commencement and  completion of the
various lines of railway wbich the Com '
.   .iiiiv ls empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
��� Tne Daily Canadian
\   <
Not everyone can claim tho diamond   for  a  blrthstone,  but anyone
>    ���   wear a "diamond, and if you are  getting  one  you may as  well  get
st, and in the best ami most suitable  setting.    We  keep only tho
��� inea, and ns  wo manufacture all kinds of Jewelry we are compe-
,u as to B< ttlngs.   We have always on hand an attractive
: .1 Tins of all kinds sot with this most precious of gems,
toes" of loose stones.
1    -" - Watchmaker and Optician
��� ���   I'd H.U   0
ii. $750   <
DO. -    how you
h��... :..- exti a snap   foi
investment or for a home.
Building Lots
Carbonate   St.   (25  ft.) $175
Observatory   St.   (50  ft.) $200
Latimer St.  (BO ft.) $750
Also excellent sites. c:ose in, for ap
partment houses, residences, factory
sites, etc.
NOTE.���As an inducement to build
up Ne'son the city levies on improvements a tax of $1 in the thousand only
f. bTlvs
Real Estate Agent
315   Baker   St..   Nelaon.   B.  C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture in
Do not put It off. Delays are danger-
.rus. Call at 322 Baker street, or if you
have not time to call drop a line to
General  Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents  wanted  in all  Kootenay towns
P.  O.  Box 534.
-..���  ������   ���  .*-    a  a n    isTssfcssi-***   *  - *i nn A en f    A
f*7-*rTr*lr*r*lw>r*r^ V*tr*��TVV'***arV �����**��* ��� V t**mrm> sjrV
>      The Best 2 fo   25c Cigar on
t   lb   H :.-..      ��t sh Picked.
�� ���A i
i Queer. Ciyar Store
J        BwSH  &  MATT HEW.  Props.
Rich,   Strong  and   Delicious
'. A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone 161
All Kinds of Heating  Plants  ln  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 1R1
O ��r.     Vernon  ��*��-��*j   Wsrd   Str-sssets*
���S..I   S��0>.      l-i.>_,
A. H. Fuesully, F. Armstrong. G. L.
Merry, C. W. Biekford, Rossland; E.
Lyman, Kaslo; R. B. Herron, Procter;
A. G. Smith. D. E. McCutcheon, J. J.
O'Sullivan, H. Ritchie, Vancouver; E.
H. Grasty. G. H. Miller, T. B. Troff,
Spokane; A. H. Jackson. Oldtime mine;
T. A. Alrey, 8-Mile; E. Coleman, St.
Paul: J. Maitland. Prince Albert; R.
Preston. Hiph River; J. Johnston,
Moyie: R. W. Gibson, F. W. Godfrey,
Mrs. Dr. Foot, Miss Ida Foot, Victoria;
Dr. Kingston, Graud Forks.
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
J, Ani.-ry. \V. Manhart, Spokane; afiss
D. Holdsworth, Glasgow; S. Vincent.
Bluirmura; M. D. Couch, T. J. Cumberland. Pincher; P. W, Gordon, Seattle:
J. C. Quinlan and wife, Mrs. Clark and
daughter, Vancouver.
J. H. Harrison, Minnesota; J. Allen,
J. Darter. Harrop; T. IJt-rdoz, R. E.
Preston, F. Martin, Granite; D. Hocken.
Preston; \V. J. Louther. Phoenix; H.
Crowe. Salmo; J. M. Appleton, Procter;
W. Magulre, Slocan; J, Jost, New Den-
v. r; .\i. Beadle. Perry; W. B. Smith,
'.ok; J. Culliane, T. Dovlne, C.
Derlne, Spokane.
\ Ii Maorer, G [. Hansen, Seattle;
K. Winlaw, Winlaw; s. Lindsay, Salmo;
C Gooch, G. J. Smith, Vancouver; P.
Vergin, N. Zlboroff, R. Ravin, Vergin,
D. .!��� l..'..s-.n. A. Sibborn. Rosi-land:
W. A. Jones, C. Thomas, A. Miker, Deer
Park: .1. Graves, A. C. Marchton, Miss
M. Bly, Cranbrook: J. L. Parent,
N'eedles; W. Plegg, Trail; C. W. Bean,
Erie; G F. Palmer. Salmo.
J. H. Carruthers. Procter; J. Ruprn
thai, Fernie; D. McBeath, Movie: M.
Wilton, Deer Park: J. Slierran, Eholt;
L.  Slranilell.  Spokane.
J. Hooper. C. Trethewey, St. Anstell;
C. King. Nottingham.
To Ge-irae w   Beats,  ormerly of Kobsou, B..
ami Kelson, B i'.
I heipbv (five yon n.��tl"e that antes!   you   (rive
a Koo.l si.il sll.l ��� bj- lion tli.-r.io Hi writing 1
shsll al lh" <lp THtiMii of U iliiys f-oin tbe onto
her of proceed to ibe rutlstratinn of Ihe title nf
The t'oliimbiii sn-l Kooteoa* Ksllwsy and lavi-
s-Ktton ("nniTjMny in fee slinii].' in resp-rt to ihsl
Piece of Isnd known us Lot :; in Block 3, Hot.son
Town.iif Qronp One, Kootenay ojjtrlot, aeenrd
lnir io plan ih-reof. fll.-d as Number 6>6 not-
with* sliding the non-prod ui'llon of the Certifies e of I in- thereof.
listed at Nelsou, B.C.,this 31st davof Mareh. I'JOS.
H   f   M��<l.son,
Dlatiiol Baglstrar.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now In.
Uordeis same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown ln Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
Shade  Trees.
Application for shade trees for planting on April 15th should be made at
once at the office of the city clerk.
Tennessee  Jubilee  Singers.
The Tennessee Jubilee Singers, who
will give a concert in the Methodist
church tomorrow night, are highly recommended.
Chinaman   Injured.
A Chinaman slipped on the street
this morning and fell forward cutting
his face badly. He was taken to his
home on  Front  street.
K. of  P.   Excursion.
Nelson lodge of the Knights of Pythias will pay a fraternal visit to the Ymir
lodge next Monday night, leaving Nelson by special train at 6.30 p. m.
University  Club.
At the April meeting of the University Club, which will be held Saturday
night in the teachers' room of the public school, a paper will be read by F.
M. B:aek.
Building   Improvements.
Contractor John Burns is building a
verandah and making other alterations
to the residence of W. S. Drewry, Stanley street, and adding a stone foundation to T. Madden's  residence.
Cleaning Day.
The mayor's attention having been
called to the fact that April 16th, the
day proposed by him for a spring clean-
ing day, came immediately before Good
Friday, he has put the date forward
one day. There will still be a little
dissatisfaction as two holidays in one
week and that the week before Easter
are thought excessive. Still there Is no
doubt of general observance as everyone approves the plan. A very little
work will make it quite presentable but
il must be co-operative to produce satisfactory results.
Lumber for  Doukhobors.
Feier Verigin, the noted leader of the
Doukhobor settlement in Canada, has
spent several days in Nelson, being a
gueBt at the Queen's hotel. Mr. Verigin
took his meals in his room and did not
mingle with any of the other guests.
In business transactions he was represented by his private secretary. But
he also had a timber inspector with
him. It is learned that the object of
his visit is to acquire timber limits in
Kootenay and arrange for the erection
of sawmills to supply his compatriots
wiib lumber for building cheaper than
they can buy it from retailers in the
prairie towns. So far, it is understood,
he has not yet decided upon any acquisition.
Spelling  Bee.
Tbe first spelling bee in Nelson was
held in Carney's hall. Dr. Arthur was
schoolmaster. It was under the auspices of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid
Society. A divinity student, a school
teacher and a master mariner all went
down on the same word, which led Rev.
Jas. Turner to remark that the "sky"
pilot, the "young idea" pilot, and the
"lake" pilot were each and all "knocked
out" In tbe same round. The prize was
awarded to Miss G. Robinson, a student
in the public school at that time, who
afterwards  became  the wife  of Mr.  S.
Particularly   adapted    for    atore
Let us estimate on lighting your
store with  this lamp.
We are exclusive agents for this
Phone 227A. P.  O.  Box 156.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter ent oak
mid will build you a piece of fnrniture to
order at the price of factory goods See
us for second hand goods..
Turner Beaton Block. 606 Vernon Street.
A Trial will convince you
that T. and B. Tea is best tea
on the market.    Just try it?
Sold only by
Corner Silica and Josephine SU.
We Have the
Best There Is in
Talking Machines
The king of Disc Talking Machines is
the Columbia B. I. Graphophones.
For Fullness, richness and mellownes
of tone it has no equal.
There Is a reason for this It Is because the hollow tone arm through
which the sound passes is made of
aluminum, which does away entirely
with the metallic sound so often noticeable in other machines.
PRICE  $50.00.
Other styles at $15.00, $25.00 and
$36.00.    None better at the prices.
"Gem",  $16.50; "Standard",  $32.50;
"Home", $45.00.
The merits of the Edison are too well
known to require any talk-up from us.
If you can't call and see them, write
us for full descriptive catalogues.
W. G. Thomson
&8SoKl!E "d   Nelson, B. C.
Phons 3.4.
J^OB SALE at a bargain or exenarjue for Vancouver property an slroost new, modern in
erery respect 12 roomed residence. Full base-
ment with large den suitable for billiard room,
Up to-clste stable and carriage house. Two nice
lots ln the finest resident portion ot Spokane,
The owners buMness Interests have been transferred to the coast. For further paticulars write
P. O. Box UrO, Vancouver. B. C.
B. Shaw, now a customs official ln
Seattle. Plenty of amusement was afforded by the entertainment, nearly all
of the old timers taking part in It. Invitations are general to the contest to
be held tonight in St. Saviour's parish
hall under the auspices of the Churchman's club. There will also be a musical  programme.
Board of Trad.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of trade will be held In the court
house tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. The
board will receive and consider the proposal to take over the assets, liabilities
and functions of the 20,000 club, and
conduct a publicity bureau as one of its
departments. Bound up with this question is the choice of a successor In the
secretaryship to P. G. Ebbutt. It Is
likely that the new secretary of the
board will have to act also as manager
of the publicity bureau.
Quotationa  on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New York Curb.
Bid Asked
Alberta C. & C $      .15    $      .30
B.   C.  Copper          4.25 4.75
Chas.   Dickens 11%        .20
Can.   Con.   Smelters..    71.00 75.00
Copper King 03%        .03%
Dominion Copper       187^4 2.12^
Galbralth Coal 20 .28
Oertle 03V4        .04Y,
Granby        86.00 95.00
Heela          3.50 4.50
International  C.   &  0.        .72%        .lb
Kendall 1.12 1.35
Missoula Copper 09&        .11 %
Nabob 03%        .04 Vi
Oom  Paul    06 .07
Panhandle 04%        .04%
Rambler Cariboo   .... .25 27^
Rex 13%        .17
Snowshoe         .10%        .12
Snowstorm       2.04 2.13
Sullivan 00%        .01%
Sullivan   Bonds     .. 67.50
Stewart 75 .87%
R. R. Herron, of the Procter Lumber
company, was In the city last night.
B. H. Grasty, Jr., arrived from Spokane last night and is at the Hume.
Dr. C. M. Kingston, of Grand Forks,
came over from the Boundary last
Wholesale ��ud  Keinll Dealer!* lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied un sh'.rfr-t QOti06 iiml
lowest price. Nurhuw t'"t   freah and
wholesome meats nnd suppi.'.- kt'pt in srock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
Those blocks are absolutely the be*t
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:   Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Notice to Creditors,
In the  matter of  the  estate  and  effects
of   George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE ta hereby given that all
creditors aad others having claims
against the estate ut Lhe Bald Ueurge
Harrison, dt ceased, who died at Nelson,
British Colombia, ou the 27th day of
December. iyu7, are required ou or before the liUth day of April next to scud
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the un-
deisigned, their Christian and suruames,
addresses aud desenptiuus. the full par
ticulars of their claims, Uie statement
of their accounts aud the uature of the
secuiitles  (if auy) held by them:
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only tj
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and lhat the said administrator
will not be liable for tile said assets or
any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, 13. C., this 17th day
of March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H.   Hairisou-
NOl IfwI-U
In the matter uf au application fnr ttu* I--;-- "f
a duplicate Uertlficat* <>i TlUa Cor lot* i. f>, t*. u,
iy, 'ib, ami Bat, uf lot ��ul. '.roup One, in tht
District of Ko.-tcii.it (M   p6y."j
Notice i> imrehy rIv ii itinf li In my Intention
to IbHiiK ul tht expiration of one mouth after the
first publirjiiiiii) ijereof ftdapllCftta     I   ttlfl   I it
tillcaii* of litis ior tlie ftbora mentioned lots In
the name of Ki< lmr-1 11 el no-, Which i artlficate ni
1 ltle is date'l the .Mill itay of MOTsmber, 1906.
aii'l   numbered BSIOA.
i-aml Keg id try Office, Nelion, B. C, January
17th, 11M��.
"H. V, MAcLaoD,"
Pinuii-1 Registrar.
Certificate   of Improvements.
������Red Point," "Vernamo," "'ireenwood   ftOO*
tiotiai,1' "uraenwooo and J* k Pol Prutlofcel"
Mineral   Claim.*,   Mltuate   In the   NeUon   MluiUK
ojvision ol weel Kooteuay Dlstrlot.
Where   located:- U��   >"���������"'    'r.-ek   above   the
Pooruiaii Mine.
Tane notloe that I, John  KeX*t0hte,, of the
Cltj oi Nelion, *< ting us agent tor Jons ]'. Swed
berif, Free Miner's Cerllthaie .No B7*7ft and
Oscar JohuioUiTee Miner*! UerUJloate No HH2S
intend sixty days from tlie dale hereof to ap
ply to the Mining keoOKtst for < iTMM>ftt��s 0
3 in pro Yemen Ik. tor the purp.nu of oblnluiUK
Crown Oraiim of the above claims
And further take notice that action, under
Section ;i7, must be oommenoed before the i��-
bUa.ice ol such Certificates of improvements
Paled tblh 27th day .ol  N
���^���pteinber, a   D , l^iT.
JoHN  M<:LA'It'll IK
W.dnesdfty afternoon, April 16th,
from tlie hour of 1- o'clock noon, Is
huri'by declared a public balf-hoHda;
lor the purpose of affording household
era a .pecla] opportunity) for clearing
and licauIlfyiiiK their premise! and the
lanes and streets adjacent thereto,
Applications  will  be  received  by the
undersigned up until .", o'clock p, m.,
April 18th next, for the position of caretaker of the Tramway Park. Applicants
to state th. amount they are willing to
liay for the privilege Of H.-lllni! nil. li
meats   and   renting   hath ing   Ijoxoh   (to
be ereoted by the applicant.)   The ��������..
of the pavilion being reserved i.v
Hy Order,
W.   10.   WAHHON,
v. , City Clerk
NelHou, April sth, 1908.
Sllgbtl    nearsighted today, more no tomorrow.    Proeraas i���
'" ""   ' ���nner i si    The smalls* mount of uLiFh,"?^
uoi b.. neg'ected     Examinations trw. "flight should
Have >. nr watch repaired sy us, then  <a��i  will b* on time.
J.   J.   WALKER,  Jewele,
>VIt����|sjmsikj   Prpvlalon��,
Produce, - Fruits
CJoverunnnt Creamery One Pound Kricks rweived weekly fresh from in
������ham     For audi-hy all Inuring grocers
Offloeand warehomw:  HouhIob Block,    Pnooe 7B.
Josephine Street.        -        -        .        Nelson, B. C.
"ir. the Spring the young man's
fancy lightly turns to thoughts of���
Surely that is the li  he wants  to be most daintily dressed, and hue
is lb.' place he ought to oome for his stylish outfit. We have now resdr
for showing the very newest styles and patterns In Spring Suits ind
Overcoats, and we are so stocked with varied sizes that any shape oil
young man can (,'et his (It aocurab���!>   and   quickly.
This  Ik   Hi"  sea on   Of   ths   year   Whan  you  devote your attestron to till I
hous. hold duty. We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full lineof I
Varniahea,   Staina,    Enamels,
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors.
Al.ibnstine.    Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of  your   houae.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware |
Company, Limited. Naison Bram*.
****** ***********
Fruit   Trees
Home   grown     fruit     and   shade
tr . ourranta, gooMbarrles, grape
v.p. etc, etc. One of our specral-
' ��� our largs Bald grown roses.
Th        trill bloom tho tirst year.
Bend for our descriptive cata-
lo , ind price list, nnd i;lve us a
trial order. The largest growers
In  H.  C.
| The Bivers.de Nurseries
GRAND    FORK!,. ���
********************** ****************************
Cvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. no, US    Phons 2(,l B.
INEU.S01N.     -     B. C.
H, ^N
We  make  a  specialty  of
Hardware Supply
For   Ranchers
Send  us  your mail orders.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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