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The Daily Canadian Oct 10, 1906

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Array Stye IktUtj CcmaMan
Ol.UMfi  I.     No.   IIO.
Fifty Cents a Month
miles Nova Scotlan
|ss and Carney Will Now Have
to Auswer to Charges of
Corrupt Elections.
Iltawa, Oet.   10.���The Halifax elee-
l���.iiii.snn must  be fought  ont In
[ courts, ihe supreme court yester-
treatlng rery eiinteiiipiuoiisiy the
it ssl the Nova Seotla courl. It
remembered  that several  ex-
lions nt lime were given In these
ilu. lasi being till July 14.  Late
|*At;sy application   was  made to the
me court  or Nova  Honda lo set
for ihs. trial, and It set July 17,
slays after llle expiry of llle sill     Apparently    thiB    was done
niii.il inadvertence.    Later, the pe-
Dners, refilling lhe sllfflculty creat-
applled  for    a  further    extension,
|l   his  wus granted  by Mr. Justice
jsell, one    of lhe    supreme   court
.-s. to August 5.    When  llle case
i,. up for trial ou July 17, the conn-
H fssr Mssrs. Kuche and Carney, the
liitic membera, set up the argument
|ni   the  dute  for tbe extension  had
ed and that Mr. Justice Russell's
lier granting nn extension   was   in-
piliil.   The Nova Scolla supremo court
Un- end took this view and tllsmiss-
the petition.   A singular feature of
isffalr was that Mr. Justice Hussell
oed with this judgment,
lis lore the court    took    this   view
evidence was tatoen, and It dls-
Issss'S so bad a state of affairs,  par-
ularly with regard to Mr. Roche's
juispulgn, that one of the Judges sug-
lhat he  resign.    Now   Ihe  su-
court of Oanada has thrown out
|ls decision    of    the    Nova    Scotlan
nnd Ihe cases must be tried.
L     the oiilset the supreme court In-
sslssl  lis  Mr.   15.  Q.  Lovltt, counsel
lhe appellant, lhat he    need    not
Ink.  sluts intimating that  the judg-
ssf tits- court    below    waa weak
A i Hi ur litysslale, K. C, attorney
isl for Nova Scotia, spoke before
sli'sst,    his  argument   being largely
������it'll   lis   the question   whether  nn
'������sl could  be taken  from the dec!
i of the aunt below.   Ho was con-
Inily Interrupted   frum    the    bench
Ll hail it very uphill fight.    He also
feu-'il as to the validity of Ihe exten-
pn  nnd found  thc court strongly of
view lhat the    precedent   of   the
ittharnoia election case, ln which a
illar situation arose, counted strong-
against hlm.    After luncheon, Mr.
Igeiic Lafluur, K. 0.. took up the ar-
|iiii'tit  on   behalf  of  llle  respondent,
siting himself to the question as to
ether the order, setting lhe date of
il us July   17, three days afler Uie
iiiry of lbe extension, was simply lr
���iilar ami could be cured, or wheth
fit wns an nlisoluie nullity.   Mr. l.e-
|ti'   held  that  the order    for    trying
cuss' on  July   17  wns an  absolute
Ithy:  the analogy he offered was If
inirt  had set .Sunday as tbe day,
Iii an appointment would have been
igether void.
Justice Duff noted Ihnt there
a illsiltietlon belween lhe court
line ii iltiv which it could nol sel
'f nny liii'itumtanees and its set-
ii ilny which might or might not
right, according    to    the    clrciim-
Leaving Ihis nspect of Ihe ense. Mr.
���liiii addressed hiiuBelf to lhe lleau-
piols election case precedenl. which
(lently weighed heavily with lho
Hi' ''"nh nili'il tbal Hint case,
|ngh similar lo, was not Identical
Hie present one, and, furthei'. or-
���'I thai lhe words of Chief Justice
m's decision ln particular nues
wore "obiter," not necessary to
ludgment, and. In addition, thnt
had beon modified by the later
Igment In lhe St. James election
le. On his repenting this a Utile
't on. Sir Louis Davis replied that
ilnis.. words were eliminated from
I lleniihiirnoln judgment, nothing
'iihl he lert.
Soon nfier 3 O'clock the Judges with-
���w fssr consultation. After about
minutes they re-entored the court
mt, nnd Mr. Justice Glrounrd al
'd (lie appenl with costs, and dl-
Ited lhal Iho 'rial be proceded with.
did bo without hearing tho counsel
lhe appellant. The reasons as-
:ii"il wero that the order made by
slice Russell was valid, and that
! Irlnl could have gone on during
> extension granted hy that order.
The same decision wns rondered
Ih regard   to the   parallel   petition
ugnlnst   Mr. Carney, the  other  Billing
member for Halifax.
The appeals In the CrOBS-petlilona
against Mr. Horden and Mr. O'Mullin
were also allowed, hut  withoul  coBts.
Lightning   Peak  Company  Are Aggressive  in  Development  Work.
(Special to The Dally Cunadlan.)
Cruiidd Forks, Oct. 10.��� As a
result of tlie announcement that
the Trail smelter will likely close
down, the Bnowshoe mine, which ships
lo Trail, hus laid off some 20 men
and bas dlBcouliuued shipping to
Trail. ,
Word has reached here from Thunder S.I]I camp that lhe Lightning Peak
(.old Mining company, which ownB a
group of high grade silver properties
in lhal camp, is carrying ou an ag.
gresslve slate of development work
uud are shipping their high grade ore
to the Trail smelter, where it will he
treated when the smelter again resumes..
Contractors lloyd & Clendeuiiing of
the Keiths Valley Line railway have
.'inploped alsiul 50 Hindoos lo work
on their roek work on Uie North Kork
extension. It is claimed that the Illations do equally us good work as the
Miliums or other foreigners employed on railway work.
A couple of days ago the Har association of this place held a meeting
and strongly recommended VV. H. P.
Clement, judge of the county court, lo
the favorable consideration of the department of justice for the judgeship
recently vacated hv Mr. Jutstlce Duff.
II. M. Adams, J. J. Campbell ansl It.
C. Morgan, Croat Northern officials,
have been here the last few days on
official  business.
George A. Fraser, member of the local legislature for the Grand Forks
district, Ib moving his family to Victoria, where they will reside In tho
Prairie Rancher Goes    in for    Beaver
Farming���Interesting Colony of
Quadrupeds Deaeribed.
Oxbow, Sask., Oct. 10.���On thc farm
of Rot. tf. B, Christmas, a few miles
from Uils town, exists one of tbe few
beaver farms of Canada. Within the
limits of the farm are five large dams,
peopled ty some 200 beavers. Tbe
banks of the Sourls river which runs
through the farm are (ringed with poplar trees, supplying the beavers with
the best of building material and also
with Iheir dally bread.
According lo a law passetl In 1896 It
Is illegal to kill beavers until the fall
of 19US, consequently this colony Is
waxing strong and arc multiplying
rapidly. Having been pro ected from
Iho trnppers for Ihe last 10 years
Ihey arc becoming very lame anil do
not seem to mind a casual onlooker,
although they tio most of their work
hy  moonlight.
One night Ihese beavers cut down
62 trees, according to Rev. Mr. Christinas, who takes a good deal of Interest
In his little tenants nnd watches carefully to see no harm oomefl to ihem.
Th. Be boavers ore very Industrl us,
and have no use for one of their number who refuses to do his share of Ihe
work. When such a member of the
fisick ls noticed Ihe others drive him
away to live ln s-1 tuilo. and when
such n beaver Is found by si trapper
they are known as "bachelors." lt
takes the beavers but a short time to
fell a large sized tree, anil Ihey are
able lo throw It In any direction desired. When once tailed llie Iron Is
quickly cut up Inlo legnlhs for houses,
dams or food, as may be required. Tho
house of lhe heaver Is built on Ihe
hank   of  the   liver,  with   Us  entrance
under water, "nee having built the
entrance llle rest of the house Is
started, lhe whole colony working nt
Ihi' house iinlli It Is finished, nml
whan completed It is warm, dry anil
cissy. Although II l�� Impossible for
lhe b-AVera to live for long miller water tho* out ranee Ib built for some tlls-
tnncc under waler, and then there Is
a long tunnel connecting the hoiiso
wllh the wnter. A beaver family
usually consists of four or five, nnd
comes Into lite world with Us eyes
wide open. Tho young ones live with
their parents for two years and then
they nre made to shift for Ulemselves
The full grown beaver measures about
two f.ii.t In length, with a mil some
len Inches long which he can use as
a spnde of trowel as well an a paddle.
The average age la 15 years, nllhnugli
some hnve been known lo live as old
as 20, hut such cases are snld to be
rare. When the animal Is nine years
of age lis pelt Is at Itn prime, and will
folch from $10 to $12 In Minneapolis.
Smugglers Are Captured.
Providence, R. I��� Oct. 10��� Aftor
having evaded the United Stttlcs customs and Immigration officers for
more than two weeks, tho schooner
yacht Frolic, which left Placontla,
Newfoundland, with a cargo of contraband Chinese Immigrants, wus board
ed In tbe Providence river early today ond confiscated In Ihe name of
ihe United Stales government. Two
Portuguese members of lhe crew were
placed under arrest, they being the
only persons found on board the boat.
The two men wcrtt arrested on suspicion of being concerned ln the smuggling of Chinese into lhe United Stales
while 17 Chinese believed lo have lieen
passengers on lhe Frolic were also arrested.
American Biehop    Advises Choice Between Prayers and  Primary.
Chicago, Oct. 10.���It may be heresy,
but if a prayer meeting and a primary
election comes on the same night, a
man's Iui. ini':.;- is at the primary.-'
That W'as the advice of llishop J. F.
Berry to noting men candidates for admission to the Hock Klver Methodist
conference today. During Uie course
of his address the bishop gave utterance to other sentiments, as follows:
"Bishop Asbury, our first bishop, said
when he saw a Methodist church witli
a liell and steeple, next then? will be
an organ and a choir, then farewell fo
Methodism. Yet the church still
lives. When machines are not fit to
do our work, we cast them aside. So
of the church machinery. We will not
b .afraid of higher criticfBni hut we
will not tsslerate any man who discredits (he llible. ,
"John Wesley was a Christian Socialist, hut. Socialism as such is doomed to disappointment because It does
not take into account tlie sinfulness
of the buman heart. l.ovo men with
callous hearts and greased clothes.
Working people are the real aristocracy of the world. Would you have
the church go Into politics? I would,
indeed, not as an organized body, hut
as individuals. If we go Into politics
a lot of deviltry will stop.''
The bishop then took a fall out of
the Osier theory, which startled the
younger members. He Baid in part:
"If tbe young men Insist on crowding
out the old and middle-aged men, tbey
Will In turn be crowded out. The dead
line in the ministry was once 70, then
CO, now lt is 50, and by und by it will
be 40, unless the young men themselves put a stop to this senseless
hankering after boys in the pulpit.
"Give the old men and middle-aged
men a chance now, and you will have
your chance after a while. When there
is extraordinary demand for veal there
Is  not always enough to go around."
Threatening Letters  Followed by Dastardly Attempt on  Life.
Chehalis. Wash., Oct. 10.���An attempt to assassinate Judge Toder, a
well known attorney, by blowing his
house up with dynamite, was made
last night. The dynamite lore a hole
about eight feet long and three feet
wide in the floor along under the bedstead where the judge and his wife
were sleeplneg, and Ihe couple were
thrown to the floor by the shock. Al-
(hough painfully bruised, neither received any serious injuries. The lawyer had received several threatening
letters during the trial of a divorce
case, tint paid no attention lo them.
Member of   Crew of Wrecked    Barge
Swims  Ashore  Through   Heavy
Surf and Saved Fellows.
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 10.���A Detroit
News special from Houghton, Mich.,
says: "The 11 people comprising the
crew's of the barges Wayne and Nolier,
which were reported missing lu Monday night's storm, were found nllvo
and safe yesierday, having survived
the sl landing of llie two vessels on Ihe
shore of Misery hay. Both vessels
struck on a rocky shore. While llie
crew of Uu- Wayne found it a comparatively easy mutter to reach dry land,
the Nejlet's crew found themselves
Imprisoned on the stranded ship with
a Stretch of boiling surf Intercning
between them and lhe shore. Kd .In-
cohson, one of lhe Noller's crew, took
the free end or a line In his teeth,
plunged Into the surf and. afler a Ier-
rifle battle for life, lilttde Ills way to
the land, establishing communication
with his shipmates by melius of Ihe
line he litnl brought lo shore. Jacob-
son then brought ihe six remaining
members of lhe crew lo land on a
breeches buoy. The Noiter Is resting
on n sandy botloni and unless nnoiher
big blow comes she will he released.
The Wayne ls lying on rocks and Is In
danger of going lo pieces.
Signed for Slugging Match.
San Francisco, Oct. 10.���Articles
were signed Inst night hy Stmt Her-
ger nnd Al Kaufman foi' n 20-ronnd
contest October 81, Jack Welch was
chosen for referee. The articles provide that straight Marquis of Queens-
bury rules nre to govern.
Argument oo Amount Fixed For Damages
Many Items Added as a Result of
Cruisers' Visit Last Spring���
Closing Claimants' Case,
The plaintiffs' ease in the actions
of tlie two lumber companies���the Fernie ami 101k ftiver���is drawing to a
close, and the case for the defendant
railway company and contraclnrs will
probably   he  upcm <l   tomorrow.
Aa Friday ia already set apart for
the trial of ]_JiughlIn Bruce for assault,
which muy last more than one day,
the defence will probably not be all hi
until curly next week at the beat rale
of progress.
After that the question of a visit by
the court to the scene of the fires will
be considered.
Tbe evidence submitted for the
plaintiffs since yesterday's report has
been chiefly for the purpose of establishing the amount and value of the
material claimed for as destroyed.
Yesierday afternoon the evidence of
C. Edwards, timber cruiser, was continued. He gave in detail his estimates
for the amount of timber before the
fire on each block of the Fernie Lumber rimipauy'sj limits, marked A to
N. The total was nearly 46,000,000
feet He had accepted as accurate,
and used lu all Ins estimates, the data
supplied by J. 8. Cummings, surveyor.
Ue had made no deductions except for
rotten cedar; nothing for green timber left.
On the Elk River Lumber company's
limits, according to estimates made ln
the same way, there were 6,227,000
S. Taylor, a cruiser who accompanied Edwards and assisted him In his
work, followed, going generally over
lhe same ground.
When court oi>ened this morning the
cross-examination of J. H. Taylor was
resumed hy Mr. Macdonald. He said
be had gone over the land that was
burned over by the fire, lie did not
go to the edge of the fire line. There
was some green timber left, which
may have stopped the fire. He admitted that some of tbe lalid was steep
and high, but. said It was not inaccessible, and was all timbered. He did
not know its height above sea level.
The land was not all logged over, but
some timber had heen cut.
In reply to a juryman the witness
could not say when the timber had
been cut from the area in question.
His inspection took place in the spring
of the present year.
To Mr. Maedonuld he estimated that
about 20 aeres had been partly cleared, lint, he was posttlvd that there
was no tract of five acres���he thought
not one a��re���completely4 cleared of
merchantable timber.
A long time was spent with the wlt-
m ss at the map, going over tlie fire
damaged area in detail.
The witness produced a book containing tbe record of the visit of himself and   Mi.. Edwards.
Ue admitted that since he went into
the box yesterday afternoon he had
been iu conference with Edwards as
to the topography of the district visited,
lie thought he could still identify
every acre visited, and added: "Per*-*
haps nol In summer. I could In winter."
Mr. Macdonald���We can't i>ostponc
tills trial any longer. Wc are afraid
now thnt at the rale Mr. Davis is go-
log, II mav be winter before we are
He-examined by Mr. Davis the witness said that when the price of lumber wns low, as fn IH0I, much timber
wns not merchantable, which would
he so now.
Several other questions were nsk-
ed to which Mr. Maedonuld objected
ns not arising out of cross-examination, bis lordship agreeing with the
Copies of the amended statement of
claim of the Elk Lumber company
were then furnished to court, counsel
ami jury. Mr. DhvIs explained lhat
Ihe first stalement, made out In the
spring of 1905, had been revised and
extended as a result of exploration by
cruising In the spring of 190G.
S. 0, Waters, superintendent of the
Klk Klver company, wns then cnllod
to prove the losses claimed for, to
bridges, chutes, logging roads and timber. Including 8019 logs, whose contents ho would estimate at ahout
1,000,000 feet of lumber. He dei��osed
(but all the articles claimed for by
the Elk company had all been destroy
ed, and tbat the valuation given was
Mr. Davis explained that f5000 of
the $22,750 sued for by the Elk Klver
Lumber company was claimed on behalf of thc Liverpool, Ixmdon & Globe
Fire Insurance company, which had
paid the amount.
Cross-examined hy Mr. Hodwell the
witness could not say when logging
by (he company on the now burned
area began, nor how much- tlmher had
been taken from it, nor how much it
originally contained, nor where the
company's books containing such records were, nor even that there were
any such records.
While he was superintendent the
company took off 2,500,000 feet In
1903 from 60 to SO acres of land. He
explained that he always kept logs cut
ahead, hut left many logs in the woods,
not skidded, because he had all needed for delivery. He admitted that
about $1 a thousand less should be
charged for logs in the woods than
for those already delivered at the mill.
He had only given $1.45 a thousand
to Quaiffe, hut was now charging $6
a thousand for similar logs under similar circumstances.
Mr. Hodwell���Would you consider It
fair if the jury assessed your logs at
that price?
The court's idea of the value was
that the total expenses of cutting and
handling per thousand should be de*-
ducted from the average selling price.
The witness gave $12 per thousand
as the price of rough lumber In 1904.
His lordship���How could you get $12
when the price at the coast was only
The witness replied that owing to
the logs being larger at the coast and
transportation facilities better, production was cheaper than fn the Inferior.
The court then rose.
When court resumed at 2:15 Mr.
Hodwell continued his cross-examination of Superintendent Waters. Tho
witness was shown the l>ooks of hfs
company and his attention was drawn
to what the counsel thought were
omissions. He could not explain
them, but suggested ijhat the book*
keeper might be able to do so.
Mr. Hodwell thought tbat fn spite
of differences In the dates all the entries had been made at one time. He
handed the book to the jury for inspection.
Mr. Waters then described the dam*
age to roads cuised by the fires. The
logs with which parts of the road were
were made were burned out. Some of
the roads had since been repaired.
He also described tbe banking
ground, for the burning of which $400
was claimed. He had no itemized accounts available and could not remember the exact number of days' work
spent on H. He estimated that It
would have held about 4,000,000 feet
of lumber.
C. Edwards was then recalled by Mr.
Davis to testify to the correctness of
his notes and figures when he accompanied Mr. McDonald over the limits
of the two lumber companies after the
fires. He swore that they were correct. He thought the pencil marks in
his note books, about which questions
had been raised, were made by Mr.
Alexander, partner of Mr. Ross.
Cross-examined by Mr. Macdonald
be rild the book bad lieen out of his
1 *v. don from last March until a
few days ago.
Yak Declines.
N. w Fork, Oct. 10.���Says a New
Haven despatch to a morning paper:
"Vale will not adopt simplified spelling, according to a statement made by
President Hadley yesterday afternoon.
I do not intend to make use of the
new system, and I am not an advocate
of it. I see as yet no reason to adopt
Spain Joins France   in    Enactment of
Laws Restricting Religious Orders
and Testaments.
Madrld, Oct. 10.���The new law of
associates, according to the Herald,
will contain the following clause. "No
religious order shall be established
withoul the authorization of the parliament. The state shall accord supper! to any member of a religious order found lo be Inimical to morality
or public tranquility. The cabinet
shall forthwith examine Ihe authorization previously granted to religious
orders and cancel those which are illegal.
"Religious orders whose members
are foreigners or whose directors reside abroad shall be dissolved.
"Tho authorities are empowered lo
enter monasteries without ecclesiastical sanction. Religious orders shall
nol be allowed to hold properly in excess of the objects for which they
were Instituted.
All legacies to religious orders or
donations to orders by living persons
by testimonies or through Intermedf-
tites are formally prohibited. The law
of 1887 concerning the registering of
religious orders remains in force."
call It after Vanderbilt? When blood
so senselessly fs spflt, a> new name
should be sought. Again, why call lt
after Vanderbilt? Why not after Juggernaut?"
Scare Head Lines.
New York, Oct. 10.���A special cable
to the Times, says the London World
today, publishes the following: "Death
In the Cup! Why call it after Vanderbilt? Why not after Juggernaut?
Heboid the scorchers at full tilt. Why
Railway Officials    Dreading   the Harvesting of Corn Crop.
Chicago, Oct, 10.���The congestion of
freight traffic has increased so fast
within the last few days that every
oue of Uie railroad officials fear they
are soon to face a blockade. Conditions in the East which have not only
to handle the business which they
originally had, but have the crops of
lhe West pouring upon them for export, are now nearly at their worst,
but those on the Western lines also
are rapidly becoming extremely serious. With the approach of winter the
movement of coal has grown heavier,
aggravating the congested conditions
which already existed, and traffic men
say that they do not know what they
will do for cars wnen the enormous
crop of corn Is ready for market, as It
will be fn a short time. A line belonging to one of the big Eastern systems
yesterday had orders for 4235 cars
which it could not fill.
The Daily Crash.
Topeka, Kan., Oct. 10.���Several persons were Injured seriously and many
more slightly, in the wreck which occurred last night two miles east of
Walloma. on the Union Pacific railway. Four cars on the Overland westbound were thrown from the track by
a broken rail, and the wreckage Is
strewn over a distance of a quarter
of a mile. The train was late and was
running at high speed. The engine,
lender, baggage and mall cars, together with the smoker, did not leave
the track. Most of the people Injured
are residents of this state.
High Standard to Be Set by the Firat
Event���Viait  of tha  Philharmonic
Concert Company.
The strongest musical organization
that haa visited Nelson for many
years, and certainly tbe best tbat will
be heard in this city during the season now opening, is tbe Chicago Philharmonic Concert company and orchestra. On Friday evening they will appear at Sherman's opera bouse under
tbe auspices of tbe entertainment
committee or the 20,000 club.
Every member of the company Ib a
famous artist. Perhaps tbe most famous ls tbe violinist, Karl Rledelsberger.
Long before he had the privilege
of studying with tbe greatest living
French violinist. Entile Sauret, he was
diligently studying the violin with a
very eminent teacher in his native city
in tiermany, where, at an early age,
he was given all iiossible opportunity
for active participation in the productions of grand operas, symphonies and
chamber music works. When only 16
years old he became the viola player
of one of the best known string quartets in Germany, the lirode quartet.
After this most valuable experience
he went to Berlin, where he devoted
four yeurs to serious study at tbe
famous Stern conservatory, under
Sauret. During his residence in that
must musical of cities he again enjoyed such special privileges as come to
few students. For Instance, he was
one of the very few students who held
u regular engagement as a first violinist of a prominent theatre ln the
(Icrnian capita-, and was also glveu
Ihe rare privilege of playing In the
concerts of the Philharmonic orchestra under the baton of the most famous conductor of modern times, Hans
von Huelow. After coming to the
United States he became a member of
the most celebrated symphony orchestra in the worlil. the Theodore Thomas
orchestra of Chicago, with which he
was associated for three years. For
one season he held the position of
concert master of the Rosenliecker or-
ehostrn, now known ns 1he Chicago
Symphony orclieslru. Then followed
several years of travel, from one end
of Ihe country to the other, as soloist
or leader of a string quartet. During
this period all thc time was not spent
in travel, but at times he was teaching in various cities. Tho Introduction
if Ihe lecture feature In violin reclt-
sils nl that time was entirely due to
IMedoIstierger, and the large number
of fluttering press notices and recommendations from those In highest musical authority speak volumes for the
success of his work.
Nelson has a reputation as the home
of mtisicloving people. No one can
afford to miss the rare treat now offered.
Hero Leaves Fortune-
New York, Oct. 10���llloodgood Hav-
lland Cutler, the Long Island poet,
from whose personality one of Mark
Twain's characters were drawn and
who died two weeks ago, left 1760,000
out of his $1,000,000 fortune to the
American Bible Bocloty. The remainder of tho estate, amounting to nearly
1250,000, Is divided into bequests for
life among his ninny nephews and
cousins, numbering some 2114.
Russian Wheat Yield fs
Below Par
With the Ignorance and  Poverty
of the People Responsible for
Bad Conditions.
Waehlngton, D. C, Oct 10.���That
the acreage and production of wheat
In Russia have grown rapidly and that
further growth may be expected, that
natural conditions all favor such Intension of ceread production there, and
tbat economic conditions for further
growth of wheat at the expense of
rye and other crops, ls the general
conclusion reached in a report of the
department of agriculture on Russian
wheat production.
Tbe report, however, points out the
extremely low average yield, probably
on the whole tlte very lowest ln the
world, and the frequent failures of Uie
crops, often leading to famine, with
great suffering and the great disturbance of tbe grain markets.   "
"The causes of the backwardness of
Russian agriculture," says the report.
"were found in tlie system of land
ownership on tbe one hand and the
antiquated methods of agriculture due
to the poverty and ignorance of the
people on the other."
Dovey Brathara Will    Enter   National
With 0*04 WML
Louisville, Ky., Oct 10.-"-The Herald today says:
Thc first official Information concerning the sale of the Boston National League club by President Soden
and allied interests waa made yesterday by Geo. B. Dovey, who will be tho
new president of the club. Mr. Do-
vey's statement* make* It apparent
that the recent reported sale of tbe
club to Fred Tenny waa only in small
measure correct be real owner* of
the club are George B. Dovey and
John a Dovey of Central City, Ky.,
Fred Tenny and two other men whose
names are kept secret. The sale of
tbe club to the Doveys and their partners was consummated some weeks
ago, after Tenny had secured an option on It
By the terms of the deal, the capital
stock of the club, with a par value of
$100,000, changes hands at a price
close to 175,000. Of this tbe Doveys
and their partners, exclusive of Tenny, already claim 00 per cent. Tenny
was allowed to retain an option on the
remainder of the stock aod In case he
does not acquire It in full tbe Doveys
will take over another 30 per cent.
George II. Dovey will be president and
treasurer of tho club, removing to
Hoston and assuming the control on
December 1. John S. Dovey will be
secretary and Tenny will be captain
and manager of the team. The board
of directors have not yet been named.
The Doveys have large coal mining
Interests in Central Kentucky. They
will enter the National league with
the friendship of Barney Dreyfus of
Pittsburg, the Robinsons of St. Louis
and  President Pullman.
-Will Complete Promptly.
Constantinople, Oct 10.���Bulgaria's
threat lo order her troops to reucctipy
the posl at Sujuk unless the Turkish
commissioners sign by October 14, the
report resulting from the Inquiry In
tlie dispute regarding the delimitation
of a portion of the frontier of tho vttr-
liiys-t of Adrianopolis, has had the desired effect. The porlo has ordered
tbe Turkish commissioners to complete promptly the work of delimitating tho frontier.
Protest Against Drumhead.
Lodx, Russian Poland. Oct. 10.���Five
terrorists sentenced to death by drumhead court martial were hanged here
today. The employees of the street
railroads and school teachers and the
newspaper employees havo Joined tho
men in ull the factories who went on
strike yesterday against trials by
ilrumhund court martial.
Not for Nelaon.
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 10.���Heavy
wet snow driven by a- high wind fell
here today. It is tbe most severe October storm since that of October S,
Money Becomes Valuable,
llerlln, Oct. 10.���The    rate   of discount of the Imperial Hank   of   Germany  was  raised today from S to f
per cent. The Daily Canadian
. STORES ���
Cool nights are uow in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We bnv   ,ilent.r of then in red nnd blue.
3 1-2 Point?, wdghtog about 10 pounds, $7,50 per pair
4 Points weighing abom 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blanket* arc Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
them in this oity.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Com-rters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Und-rcl-thinn. Oil Olsthing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes zir.i Rubbers Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices; surprisingly Low.
Published six days a week by the
BskerBt., Nelson, B.C.
Subscription ratos, DO oenu a month delivered
in Uiu city, or 10,00 ��� year 1( lent by man, when
paid Id advance.
A-ivertimiiK rates on application,
All nonlei paid lu settlement of The Daily
t'auailiHii accounts, either fur subscriptions or
HiiviTiuuiK, m net iii* receipted for on the printed
formi of tlit* Company, utht-r receipts are not
OCTOBER IO, i����k��.
" By oue word we are sometlmei judged  to be
wi-w and by one word sometimes judged  to be
foolish.   \mi ur therefore be careful whal ire
Tho province oi Britlflh Columbia ia
bavins brought borne to Its doom a
painful Illustration of tho difficulties
of maintaining a balance ln society
while there are Btioh conflicting interests us corporate ownership and control of public wealth and the private
operation of labor in the exploitation
of Ihe same. The strike In the Crow's
Nest i-vsiisoneo; serious Importance
of the entire upper country and sh-��ws
how dependent one sect.on of a community is upon another The Information furnished Tbe Canadian is to the
effect that for some reason or other
the strike among the colliery operatives is to be extended to the mineral
operations of tlie Kootenays and that,
notwithstanding tho fact thai a colliery strike is Itself sufficient to block
all industries In llie upper country,.
there is to be expected still timber
Interference with genera) mining op]
orations. The Canadian believes its
Information to be reliable and there-
lore Is the more concerned because
the prosperity of the country is evidently Imperiled.
The frequency with which strikes
occur and the seemingly Inexplicable)
reason for them causes the unsettling
of stable conditions and hampers the
development of lbe country to a degree that can scarcely be appreciated
by those who cause these misfortunes
to arise. That millions of dollars invested in large plants for the prosecution of Industries upon which the welfare of thousands ol people depend
.should be at the mercy of any small
number of dictators is oue of the evils
of the economic system under which
we live. Whether the dictator is an
employer or a walking delegati does
not, for the time being, concern the
public and whatever may be the differences between employer and employed in any locality is not so much
a mailer of genera) Interest as is the
broader question of the development
of the country.
Without attempting to diSCUBS the
righteo-osness of the cause of labor It
mny be doubted whether in the lorn:
run the laboring man gains as much
as he loWS by the recurrence of
strikes. Tbe question Of their advisability or otherwise thus taken on a
tWO&lld aspect. It may be doubled
thai unless a grave principle is at
stake, a strike of any kind is not justifiable. There are so many other
ways in which differences as to the
lights of laboring men and their employers may be adjusted that the closing of industries affecting the country ut large should be made Impossible by some species of legislation
that will guarantee the rights of all
Such legislation, whatever ite tentative nature may be, will be in the
direction of public ownership of public titiifties. While we are unprepared
to say that the time is ripe, or Opportune, for the sweeping change fn the
present systems   that   would    be In
volved in public ownership of all such
properties as coal mines and mineral
operation?, there must be some provision made whereby even these private Investments and operations shall
be brought under the control of the
courts of the land.fc That a disagreement. righteous or unrighteous, between owners aud operatives should
afford the possibility of holding up an
entire continent, such as is possible
under existing conditions, seems Intolerable.
There can be little doubt lhat under
existing conditions and the Socialistic
agitation that is rampant in the country, the laboring classes seine every
opportunity possible to create dissatisfaction with existing conditions in
tbe vain hope that by these means Socialistic conditions win be obtained,
With the depleted labor market aud
the continuous prosperity of the country the Socialistic agitator is unsatisfied. He seeks other worlds to con-
qu r an I the ve y prosperity of ihe"
land aids him in his ambitious. While
many of his poorer brethren in other
countries cannot strike because they
cannot afford to do so, in this country the high wage rate makes possible
the warfare upon corporate interests
that delight him.
The e is therefore every necessity
thai legislation should be enacted
which will permit the Interference of
outside and disinterested parties
whenever there is a dispute as to the
rights of either. Compulsory arbitration may do for a time, but in the
end there can be little doubt that the
vast resources of nature must be owned by, and operated in. the interests
of the people to whom they really belong.
The Toronto Xews, a paper which
to follow the usual Liberal custom
we shall designate "Independent" has
strong words to say on the methods
adopted to secure the election of lion.
C. S. Hyman in London at the last by-
election there. As few of our readers
take the News It will be appreciated
if we reproduce the strongest paragraphs of the editorial discussion of
the situation.   Here they are:
"Hut the voters had to be bought.
They were brought to a committee
room full of 'workers' and shown the
money, li was put In envelopes and
given to other 'workers' to hold: If.
the scrutineer-) reported thai ihey had
voted right' the money was paid over
by Ihe stakeholders after the voting.
If ever there was a rascally plan
worthy of the high name of a system,
this was it. It took brains to evolve
It, and money to work it, yet the men
who actually did work it were not
overburdened with either brains or
money Km we must not forget thnt
Uie campaign committee was composed or men who had both brains and
money Some evidently had too much
brains, and others too much money
n Is reasonable to Infer that the aggregation or brains produced the ported  system, and the aggregation of
money the means for greasing It ro
that It would work without further attention from the constructing engi-
"But in the meantime It must not
be forgotten that Mr. Hyman benefitted by this wonderful system. There
are  two courses before hlm   If he re-
signs Immediately bo will prove himself an honest public man and will
give color lo bis story that he knew
absolutely nothing about any Improprieties, He knows now. Hut if he
refuses to resign he will lay himself
open to the suspicion of -being the
head and front of the whole conspiracy. He will give silent proof thnt he
cares more for the seat In the commons than for honor, truth, or any
other of the virtues, and he will be
arraigned before the people of this
country as a common, ordinary receiver of stolen goods, unworthy of the
public respect, and certainly unworthy
to  direct  the expenditure   of    public
money. The Issue Is plain before
him and before the people of Canada.
His action will determine his future
standing in the commonwealth."
Reporte on Apple Crop.
New York, Oct. 10.���T. E. Dennis of
IW. Dennis & Sons, commission merchants of London, has arrived in New
York after an extended tour of the
upple districts of the United States
and Canada. Mr. Dennis expresses
the belief, based upon his observations
during his American trip, that lhe
present season will be a good apple
year from the Standpoint of the exporter. He does not believe that
there will be as many apples barrelled
In the country as early reports Indicated, but believes that there will bo
a good export request at higher prices
Ihan many of thc ezporters may expect. Mr. Dennis does not Ihlnk,
however, that prices will be as high
as last year and says that nd one is
expecting such figures as then prevailed. Mr. Dennis passed through
the apple districts of Nova Scotia,
Ontario, the N'ew England states, New
York and the Middle Western states.
The  Daily Joke.
Johnnie���Say, pa, who was Pandora?
Johnnie's Pa���Pandora, my son, was
a little girl who started a lot of trouble because she didn't keep the lid
In the case of a man who stutters
his train of thought must be a limited
Tender addressed iii tb.- undersigned, hi his
offlce ia iiu* Conrl House, in die < ity nf Nelion,
will iiu received up till tin* honrof the o'clock tii
tho afternoon ol Monday, October Ifitb, line, f**r
Un* pimiia-M* ol the "Bine Eyed Nellie'1 Mineral
Claim, Lot 2889, irhlch was declared forfeited to
tho crown at the Tai Bale held In tbe City of
Nelson mi tin- tub dav nf November, IBM, fer delinquent taxes np till Jane &ith, Ji��5, and costs,
Tne nput price upon tne laid mineral claim,
which includes the huso cm oi delim-ut-iit tups
and oostaat the time di forfeiture, with interest;
taxes which have j-fuce accrued; and fee fnr
Drown Brunt, is |.._(J.*>, whicli fn tin* leuM amount
that will Ih- considered U a tender.
Baoh tender mutt he accompanied by an ae.
cepted cheque, payable to the order of tne Depot
tv Commlnloner of Landiand Works, at par ut
\ Ictorla, B.C, for the amount tendered.
Government Agent, Nelaon. H. c.
Dated at Nelson. B. C , thin l_fli
dav nf September, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 daya alter date we
intend to apply w timHon. the Chief Commit**
(dom-r of Lendi and worka for permlaalpn to
purchase tbe followlna atnorlbfta landi in the
Weat Kootenay dlatrloti Beginning at u poit
marked Q D. Bell and R. BelPsS. K. corner post,
al.Miit 2 miles i a>t of the Halmon river and ai-out
'., mile from llie Pend d'Oreil'c river; thence 80
eheina north) tbence tf ebalni treat] thence sp
ehaiilA south , (houcc 1 i chains east  le place of
he*/J not t
Dated the Snd dav of Beptember, iws.
U.l). BBI.L
R   1JKU,
R. M. RnvtS. Agent.
NotlOS Ih hereby given that GO dan alter date I
intend loapply te the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner nf Lands and Works for *..��� i mission to
purchase tin* following described land In Went
Kootenay District about six miles south oi Burton city: cnmmenoiiitf at a post planted on the
east hank of Trout creek and marked 0. L. fisher's N w.O. Poet and running aouth wi chains;
thence east 8ft chains;  thence north HO chains;
tlience west no chains to the place of commencement, containing '**" acres, more or lew*.
Dated this Hnd day of August, 1906.
0. L. FlMIIKtl
W. fl. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that GO dayi alter date I
inteud toapplv to llie Hon Chief CommlMloner
Of Umls and Works for permission to purchaie
the following described lauds, situated In tbo
Kootenav distriet: Commencing at u post marked "BRw B, K. corner." plant60 OD the shore of
Lower Arrow lake, about one mile aouth of
Cordon creek (Johnston creek,) tbence north KO
eliains, thence west #) chains, thence soutb HO
'hains, thence east ki chains to polntof commencement, rniKalnlng li'*) acre,*, more or lesa,
and comprising abandoned preemption No. 670.
SlAkcd this .-iii, day of August, 1906.
B. R. Woi.virton,
A, N, Woi.vkrton, Agent.
Notice If bereby given thai GO dayi after ilato 1
Intend in make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of I .amis and Works for per-
iniW'iii to purchase C-in acres of land in the
district nf West Knotenay, commencing at a post
planted nn the sonth side of Boundary creek on
the international huundary line, une and a ball
index east from the Halmon river, marked " Klili n
K. Adams, southeast corner," thence weit ��0
chains, tbenee nortl) 80 chains, thence east SO
chains, tbence soutb B0 chain.*, lo place of com-
Bubo K. Asian, Locator,
per R. M. Reeves, ai Agent.
Dated this ��th day of July, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I  intend lo apply in (he   Honorable tho
Chief Commlaaioner of (-ands and Works for
permlaalon to purchase the following described lands situate fn lhe West Kootenay
district, starting from a post planted ou tbe
north   hank of The  North  Kork of   Dog  creek]
tbence ao chaini west, tf chaini north, w chaini
weat  to chains norlh, 'ki ebalns weit, ao ebalna
north, 90 ohaini west, ao ohalni north, ho ohaini
east, ki ohaini south, 90 ohalm east, 40 ohalni
south, .��) chains east, 40 c))*-|ii�� south to polul nf
commencement) coniaining (HO aorei.
Dated IHtb day of August, 1906.
Hlxty days after 'late i intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Comminionet of Condi and
Wort ft Victoria, tn purchase 840 acres of land,
located   and   deaorlbed   as   followi!    Being tbe
northeast quarter of Beotlon twenty-two, and
the iouth hall of the nortbweit quarter Section
twenty three. Townihlp ilaty-nine.  And farther
deacrlbed as follows* Commencing at a post
marked J J. N. W corner, aud planted 40 chains
eastol tho northwest enrner of Section twenty-
two and running oast .Othalus, lbence iouth HO
cbalm, theuce eait 40 chains, thenee iouth 90
ebalns, tlu-nce west HO chains, theuee north 40
chaius to place nf beginning.
AUgUSt Xiat, 1906. JaHKM Joil M-mNK,
W. A. ('alder, Agenl.
Notloe is hereby given that flOde/l alter'late I
Intend toapply lo the Honorable Ihe chief Coin-
mlsMnncr of Lands and Works for permission to
ininln.se the following described lands situate
in   West  Kootenay   Dfsl-lct:   (ummeiicng  at a
post narked "P. HeArthar'i N.W. oorner post
situate near Ihe N. E. comer of land applied for
by H. McArthur tbeuce souih to chains, more or
less; theme east 80 chains; ihence north 40
Ohalnt-motc or less; thenco wesl HO chains lo
polntof commenoement
Salmo, B, 0,i August llth, Pm.
P. McArtiuh
 __  T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereb-r given that 60 davs alter date l
Intend toapply lo the Honorable Chief Commls-
���loner of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, situate In
the weat Kootenay district, starting from a post
plantedattheS W.cornerof KmestW.Robinson'���
Application to Punmate, and on thc norlh bank
of the North Kork of Pog creek; thence 40 chalna
west, ho chaliu north, 100 chains east, fl) chains
south,'JO chains west, ttchaliissouth tn internee*
tiou oi nortb Hue of E. W. Kobimou's Application
to Purchase, thence 40 chains west and '20 chains
���outb to point ol commencement, containing 640
Dated lBlb day of August, 1006,
per KBNKrr W. ROBUNQN, Agent.
Notice is herebv glveu that IH) days afler date I
intend to applv in tbe Hon, ihe Chbl Commissioner of Lamls ami Works (or pcrml-toii to purchase the followiiiK described landl m Wott
Kootenay district, province Of British Col umbla I
Commencing at a post marked "WQllam Tolling-
ton's northwest corner posl."  snld post  being
planted  al  Ihe  soiiliiwesl corner of the "Queen
Uineral Claim," and adjoining ihe cast line of
MoPhall'i pre-emption, thence toutb twenty ftfl
chains   along   said   line,   thenee  cast forty (-10)
chains, thence north Iwctily (JO) chains, thence
west forty (40) chalnsniore or Jess, lo the place of
Dated 1st 'lay of August, 1906-
William TOLUN-S-TOtf-
By bis agent J.K.Taylor.
Sixtr dayi after date I purpose making application   to   the Chief OommWl r Ol landsand
Works for permlulon to purchase (he lollowlng
deurlbed land.  Commencing at a poit markea
���1 p'a s W eoruer," adjoining ihe cast boundary of I' I'k-rce's application to purchnse, running tbence tf chains north; thence N cluilns
cast; theuce HO ehalns soulb; ihence tf ohalni
west to point of commencement, containing MO
acrei mora or lea
Datod the Hth dayof August, 1906.
I   1'IF.Rf x,
  perl*   '���   Fai'i'Iikr,
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to tin* Chief Coiuiiii-sion.r of l.aixls uud
'   l to purchase
'K K's S ]���; corner," and situate about oiicinilc
from SlW-r Tip Point, on Whatsbau lake, and
near Christie creek, running thence Miliums
north; Ihence tt Chaini weat; thence ho chains
south, following the lakoaboroi tbence tt chatm
eaat to tbe point ol commenoement, containing
64iiacies more, or ten
Hated the Hth day ol August, 1006
K   FAiyfiEit,
 PerFc   KsU'ijina, Agent
Slxtv days afler date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chlel Commlaiiooer
of Lands and Works for permi--inu lo purchase
the following deaorlbed land.  Commencing at
a pest marked ��� D. I"-. s. W. corner," adjoining
K. Fauquier*!application to purchase, running
tbence so chains north; thonco BO cluilns eaat]
theuce SO chains iouth;  tbence ho chains west
to tne point of oommencement, containing mo
acres, more nr less.
Dated the Hth day Oi August, l!K)6,
Per F. Q. FAt'yriKa, Agent,
Notice Is herebv given that 00dayi after date 1
intend tn apply tn the Honorable the Chief Com-
miaaionerol undaand Works for penni'ston to
purchase the following described lauds: C(��in-
men-dng at a post marked "J. A (��. R' S. W. corner," placed at ihe northeast corner of 1,-ot 6!M
running So chaini north; ihence 80 cbalni fast;
thence SO chains south; theuce SO chalm west to
point id commencement, coni_iuiug wo acres
more or less.
Da i. d the 'Jilt day of July Ifofi.
  J, A. O'RaiLi v
Sixty Mays after date I inlcnd to applv to tlie
Commlaaioner of Landiand Worki, Victoria, to
pun base 160 acres id bind, situate aud described
as follows : Couinii-ui-iug at a post planted on thc
west ilde of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, at
or near tbe southwest corner of B. Haig pur-
Ohate, and marked "O. M. A.. B, K. corner," and
running north 40 chains, ihence welt40 chain*
to ll. Annable'- nun base, tbence south 40 chains
moreor lesa to the like shore, theuce along lhe
lake shore to place nf beginning,
August _fttb, 1906. tP M. ASNAiii-i.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date
I intend to apply to the Hou. Chlel Commission
erof Lands and Works for permlaalon to purchase the following deicrlbed landi, 100 acres,
oommonolng at a posl marked John Toye, planted OO th east shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of SuMblne creek, thence forty
ehalni easl, thence forty chains BOOth, thence
forty chains west, thence   forty  chains   norlh
along lake ihore to point of commencement.
Dated this Uth day of September, UM.
John Tots.
EU&RT QtBIOlf, Agent.
Notice Is hi-ri-i<y given tbat (Hi days after date I
intend toapply lo thi* Honorable the Chief Com*
mlsslouor of Lauds aud Works fnr iieruilsslon
to purchase lbe following described land, situatu
in Fire Valley, In tha Weal Kooteney-dlitriot, ad<
Joining W. A. ('aider's preemption, starting at a
posi marked M. hfoQuarrle'i southwest orner,
running 80 ohalni i*ast, tbence 10 chains north,
thence 80 chains west- thence 40 chains south to
point of commencemeut.
Dated this nth day ol Beptember, 1906.
M..P.Y IfoQtlAJUtlg,
J. E. Taylor, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat Ilxty days from date
1 intend toapply to theHon Chief Commissioner
of Lands and W orki for permission to purchase
thu following described lauds, starting at a po*t
planted on the North West corner 01 Lot ,.'.-o,
thence running iweiity chains Mouth, thence
twenty chains West, thence forty chains North
thenco twenty chains Fast, thence twenty chains
Bouth to point of commencement, and containing 80 acres more or less,
FbORENCfl Hi ��� *-';.*.,
W..J. Toye, Agent.
Dated the 1st day nf October, UM,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 .lay- irom date f
inte-nd loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I .an*]-, and Works, for permission to
nds, silUH
if West Rootenay. adjoining ��
700 on tbe west arm nf  Kontenay lake, enmmen-
ping at the inilial  jmst  placed at the southwest
corner of Lot 700, thenoe north jo chains, ihence
west  _o cbains, thence south JO chains, tbence
east *jo chains lo point of commencement.
Dated Aug. l.'ith, 1800. JANM FiiaZkr.
Notice Is bereby given that 'Hi days from dale I
Intend to apply to thfl Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
toiiurcha.c thc following descrllad lands sltuale in West Koolenay District: Commencing
at a post marked ������ K. Stewart's N W. comer
post, "situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and South Fork of Salmon, thence south 40
chains, more or less; thence east 80 chains;
thenej north 40 chains, more or less; thence
weslSonbairiB to point 0* commencement.
.-almo, August llth, 19u6.
 T, 11, ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice ll hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchase tho
following deacrlbed lands,3_0 acres, more or less;
cnminencing itla post planted on the west hank
nf Coper Arrow lake at a point about 7 miles below Nakusp, and marked <!. A. B. It,, N.K. corner
jiost; thence ho chains wesi; theini 40 chain*
lOUth! thMicc n0 chains cast, more or leaa to lake
sbon*; thenoo along lake shore to point of beginning.
Dated th Is 5th dav ol Pent.. lOOti.   O. A. B. HAU_
60 days after dale I intend lo apply to the Hon*
orablc the Chid Commissioner of Lands and
Worki, Victoria, D. 0 , to purchase MO acres of
laud situate west of Airuw lake on Uie west side
of Whalchiiu creek and Joining lhe north boundary of S, J Amiable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post markeii K. J. K s. K. corner and running wis* HO chain*-; thenee lorth HO
chains;   lbenceeasi mchains;   thenre soulb to
point of oommencement
September 2nd I'Jfirt. It J. Klmot.
Notice is bereby given that 00dayi after date I
Intend to apply to thc Honorale Chief Commissioner of Landsaii'l Works for jh-i mission tu purchase the following deaenbea landa, situate in
the West Kooteuay dlstricl; starting Irom a posl
planted al the N. K. cornei nf F. U. Robinson's
Application tn purchase, thence 40 chains easl,
80 cbains south, 'JO chains west, Ml chains north,
40 chains wesl, 20 ehnins north, 20 ehains east, 40
chains north to point of com meneement, containing 160 acres.
Dated IHth day of August, 1006
D. 0. E. KnniNsoN,
____^___ Per KlINKMT W . lUUUNSON. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks for permission to purchase Ihe following dcsOrfncd
lau I on Uie west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. h. Feeney'i pre-emption;   Running
west 4o chains; Ihcnce north flO chain.-;, thence
east 40Ohalni, to the shore of the lake;  tbence
soutli lollowlng Die lake shore to point of commencement, containing KB acres more or less.
Dated August IV, 1006,
it, F. kUcuton
 3. J, Kr.i.i.v, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I lot' nd to apply to thc Honorable tlie
Chief Com m isMoiicr of Lauds and Works for permission to pnrchase thfl following described
land mi the west Side nf Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the aouth Hncortbe Indian Reservation:
Running west 20 chains; thence south HO chains;
thence east 20 chslns, lo lhe shore of the lake;
thenoe north following the lake shore lo the
point of commencement, containing 160 acres
mOre or less.
Dated August 20,1006. W. B. Mac 11100
J. J. Killy, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that AO days after date
I Intend, lo apply to lhe Honorable the l hief
Commissioner ol landl and Works (or iwrmls-
sion lo purchase lhe following described lands,
sltuale in the Wed Kootenav dlstricl: Commencing at u post marked "A.'iurner's N.W.comer
post," situated at the N. E. corner of land applied for by K.Stewart, thenee south 40 chains,
more or less; i hence cast Ho chains; theuce uorth
40 chains, more or less; tlience west HO chalus lo
poim of commenoement.
Halmo, B.C , AuguM II. 1006, A.Ti RNKli,
T, H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is bl reby given lhat I'm days uflei date I
inteml lo apply tn tue Honorable the Chief Com-
mlllloner ol I-ands anil   Works for permission to
purohaae the following deaeribed land in West
Kooteuay Distriet about seven milt:* south of
Burton Citv: Commencing at a post plauied on
the eait tank Of Trout creek and marked Mrs,
W II. Hamilton's S. W. C. Post and running
north HO chains; ihcnce cast HO chains; thence
south HO chains; ihence .-.est HO chains to place
oi beginning,containingM0aorea, moreor lesa.
Daied this JJnd day of August, I'.HW.
Mas. W. H, Hamiiton
W. H. Hahii.ton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 00 days alter date I
Intend tO apply tO the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner CU  Lauds and Works, Victoria, lo pur-
abate BO acres of land, iltuate about one mile
easl of Burton city on the east side of Arrow
lake, und described us lollows; Commencing at s
poat planted at the northeaal comer of i-nt iww,
thenoe north jo chaini- tbeuce west Uchalni,
tlience south 20 chains,  Iheliec east 40 chalus to
place ol beginning
Augusi nth, iwo J. R. Bmmtti
Hlxtv days afterdate ' inteml lo applv tothe
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, lo
purehaae iw aorei ut land. Goramanclng at a
pnst planted 00 tin* west shore of Arrow Lake, al
the south easl corner of J. J. Christ h-'s pun base,
running north W cbalm, thenoe east in cbains,
tbenoe iouth 00ohalni, thence west ho chains to
place of commencement.
Looated -May, Ifth 1'JOfi.
L. rjaiuni-KR, Locator.
Notice is bereby given Hint two months afler
data i intond to apply to tin* Honorable Chief
dun in to-in m-r nf IjiiuIs and Works for permis-
sioii  lu  pureliuse >>4<> acres of lau 1. dt-sit ihed us
follows: Commencing at a post planted at ihe
southwest ol >. I. Murilsoii's ratied lu fire
Valley. Wait Kootenay dlitrlet, marked ".I. h.
Minim's northeast corner post"; thencoOOohalm
west; tbenco 80ohalni iouth; thence80cbalni
out! thonce n obalm north to the pi ace of corn,
uat.d nth day of Beptember, 1900,
j. ii. tftnraoBi
w. a.caipkh, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tint! 00 Oavs alter dale I
intern! loapply to the Honorable Ihe Chief Commissioner of Laud- urn! Works for permlHlon to
purebaae tin following deaorlbed lands in tbo
Wesi Kootenay ill��tricl, near Burton city; com-
mencing at a pnst planted al the UUtnoail corner
of Qeorge Hudson's pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry <��. Toilimton's N. B, C. post, ami
running -ouih 40 chains, iln-ncu west 'JO chains,
thence north  10 chains, tbeuce east JO chains lo
place Of beginning, containing HO acres uf land,
more nr leil.
Hated this -fllth day nf August, 1'Jnfi.
Harry 0, Toj.linotoi*.
Notice Is hereby glveu <bat 00 daya alter dato I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commlaiiooer of uafldiaod worki for per-
mlFblou to purchase about 100 acres of laud Rllu
ated on the Salmon river, West Kontenay district,
Commencing at a post marked S. it. Buller'a N K,
Corner, planted on the wesi bank of the river,
about I*, tulles nortb of the luteruaLbmal boundary, Ihence west 00 chains, thenee HO chains
south, thence east ahout 'JO ehains to the river,
thence northerly along lhe river to place of commencement.
August IHth, 1W0. H. K. Bitter,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent,
Notice is hereby glveu that two motithi after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a Incase of
all that land being the foreshore adjoining sub-
divisions 1, :i and 4 ol Lot 30!t, QtOVp one (1)
Kooteuay, aud being ou the south shore of the
West Arm of Koolenay lake, in tbe dlatrlct ol
Commeuelng at a post marked "A. E. Watts'
southeast corner pnst"; thenee 80 chaini west,
Ihence JO chains north; ihence 00 cbalm east;
thence 2 eliains south tothe plact_ of commencement; the said Ian*, and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Hated this list day ol August, IftA.
A. E. Warn.
Notice is hereby given lhal 60 days after date I
Inteud toapoly to the Honorable tho chief Com-
mlsslonei of Lauds and Works for permission to
nun base the following described land in Weit
Kootenay Dlstricl about seven miles south of
Burton City. Commencing at a post plauied on
thc east bank of Troul ereek and marked Alex
Cbevne's N. W. ('. Pm| aud running south 80
ehalnii thenoe earn mo chains; theuce north ho
chains; Uniiee west hnhaliih in post o( lieginu-
lug, oontainlng 040 aorei of land, more or leu.
Dated thll 22nd day of Auguit, 1906
W. II  Hamilton, Agent.
Sixty davs after date, L Margrett MpQuaiTiej
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, B. Ci
to purchase the following ih-scribed land, Crjn-
menclng at a jaist markeii M. Mc(_uarrle, on the
bank of tower Arrow lake, ihenco 4n ebalns
west; tbenee DO chains north; tbence 40 chains
east; tbence 00 cbatUH south to place of com
meneement, said to contain 160 acres more or
less.   Covering ground held by <i. B, Anderson's
Dated this Hth day ol September, 1006.
MAH'iKOT Mi-t.l'ARBIl,
W. L, I'avnk, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai  I   lutein), fit) days
afler dale  lo apply  to lh��* Honorable the Chief
Commlaaioner of ��� andaand Worka for permUalon
in purohaae the following dewribM lands in
Wesl   Kontenay dlltriOt, about five miles soulb
of Burton City, commencing al a post planted on
lbe east bank of tract 0. ��.. aim marked "W. II.
Hamilton's B W. c. post," and running north HO
chains, tbeuce cast HO chains, thenee south HO
chains, tlience west ��0 ihains I o place Of beginning, eonlaliilng &40 acres of laud, more or less.
Dated '.Ills JJnd day of August, 1000.
W II. Hamilton.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days afler date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commli-*
aloner of Lands and Works for permlaalon to
purchase the following describ-.il lands, situate
lu West Koolenay district: Comiii"iieiug at a
post marked "B. Conkey's N. W. corner post," situate near tbe N K. corner ol land applied Ior hy
R.R., Ihcnce south 40 chains, more or less; thenco
eaat 80 obaina; thence nortb 40 chains, more or
less; thenoo west HO chains to point of coin meneement.
Salmo, AuguM II, UOO. B. Conkky,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is lierby given lhal m days afterdate 1
intend, toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Land- mut Works for permlnion to
purchase the following dcw-ibe-l lamlssiluate in
Weal Kootenai dlatrlcti  Commenolng at a post
marked ��� It. ftota'a N.W corner post," situate
near lhe N, EC, cornei of laud appllci lor by A.
McUaii. thonce fuUlh 10 eliains, nmru nr less;
thinod easl wi chains; thence north 40 cbains,
more nr tela] ihcnce wesl SO i halus tu polnl uf
BalmOi Augusi ii, 1U6 it. Ross,
it_ T.H. Atkinson, Arenti
Notice Is hereby given lhat slxly dnvs afler
date  1   liih inl   In apply   lo  lbe  Honorable  Ihe
Chief Cora mln Ion or uf [juui- and  from f..t
permlulon to pur. base lhe   following   described
landa altuate fn Weal Kootenay district: Commencing ata post  marked 'A. McLean's N.W.
eorner po-t," situate near ihe N.B. oorner of land
Hpplied (nr by A. MoXenghlan* lbence smith 40
ebalus,   more   or   less;   tbenee   eaal  HO chains;
tbenee nnrth io ohaini, moreor less; ihence west
00 ohalni to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11, 1000 A. Mi l.i an,
T. If. Atkinson, Agent
NotlCO li hereby given lhat 00 davs after dale I
Intend to make application to lhe Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner oi Uinds and Works for per-
iiiis'on to iiunhasr Uu* following deserlhed lands,
lltnatO i'i West Kooteuay district: Commencing
at n post marked "A, McLaughlin's N. W comer
jiost," situate near Ihe N. h. corner of land applied for by Pi McArthur, thence aouth 40 chains,
moreorless; thenoe eatt HO chains; lbence north
���io ebalns, more or less; thence west 80 chains lo
point of commencement.
Halmo, Augusl 11, 1000, A. HcLAUfiHUN,
T, H, ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given Lhat 00 days after date
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate In West
Kooteuay distriet: Commeneing ata postmarked J, MeArUiur'a N. W.corner post," slluate near
the N, B corner of land applied for by A.Turner,
tbeuce souih 40 chains more or loss; thene������ east
HO chains; tbence north 40 chains, more or less;
Ihenco went M chains to point of coininenoemeni.
Halmo. August II, 1<J00.
J. McAhthik,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
We have Just received a splendid stock of Ladles' Shfrt WaiBts li
In Embroidered CaBhmere in Cream, Navy and fancy colon |n ��[
aizea from 32 to 42 Inches, and we are selling these at exceeding
ly low prices while they last. B"
Imperial Bank of Canad.
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAl'lTAL _iOXHOEIZIID,...JB.000,000. CAPITAL, HAID UP      r____il
KKST |4,l!80,000. '*"**
D. B. WILK1E, Pi-Kiilout, HON. BO BBBT JAKFUAY, Via.-l'r,.��d,.|it
Branches in British Columbia:
l)i'po��itn ceoalV8_ nud iulcrisHt ullowisd at currmit niton from (Into of omiiImI
ronut ftud crwlitud luilf-yoarly. *^  ^"
iNBt-BON hranch J.  M.   LAY, M_inui.ur.
P. Burns & Co
Bmucb Harhota tn   RouUnd,   Trail,   NcIhoii,  Eaalo,   Simdnn, Thnw i\irk��, xj
Donrer and fflooaa Oity.
Orders by msll to _iiiy lirtiwli will Iisr.;
our prompt nud rare Mil bIU-iiHou.
Head Office: Nelson, B.
I The Mtfsical Treat of tte Seasoo! 1
The Chicago
Concert and
Orchestra Co*
October *2th
Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Quisl
  '-'   ->������"   'nr. in .,  in i hm t IK Ilk
of Garibaldi Creek; tlienoe uorth forty chaini!
Lbcnee oast sixty rbslns lo polntof oom oce-
m��ni. oontalnlneSsO acres, moro or loss.
D.ud September I. WOO.      Amku KaouiOD,
ivr N. Iikmkkm, Agent.
Notice is hereby ilven that ft) dan ailordala i
Intend to apply to the Honorable tne Chief Com*.
inlsslotior of l.miil*. ami Works for ihtiiiIssIoii to
purchnse the followiiiK described lauds, stiutiti-il
on tlm east side of Arrow lake:  Commcnc-UiK 'it
the nortiicHst oorner of A. Aptboor s purchase,
tlience   north   forty  eliains,   theuce west fort*
ehalna, thence south  fortv chains, theuee oaal
forty   chains   to point of coiiiiiiene-snient, containing 160 acre, mom or lass
���Dated September 1, tfOO,     SkXU P. Maci.kod,
perK, I)kmi:hn, Agent.
Notice Is hereby Riven that 60 days after ilaU- I
Intend to apply to the Honorable tlie Onlol Commissioner of Lamls and Work* fnr pernilMlon to
purehase the following deserlhed   lands:   Com-
mencing at a post marked "J. vv M's h. vv corner," placed oh the tost shore ol l...wer Arrow
Luke at tfie northwest corner of J. Christie's Ap.
plication to Purchase- running ihenoe40 chnlni
easl; Ihcnce Ho chains mirth,  then in chains
more or ISSS, wesl lo tl-e hike sho e;  Hhihc  fol
lowing lako shore to point (,i oommencement
Con lain Iiik BjOaOrOS more or lews.
Dated the 8>rd day of Inly, imni.
J. W. Maths.
Noilce is hereby given that sixty days after
dale I I n lend In apply in the Hon. Chief Coin in Is-
sioner of Landl and   Works for pcrml-mlon to
purchase the following dosci_tnd lauds, in
West Kootenai Dlstrlol: Commencing nt an Inula post pliir led at the Hiulhcasl comer o( Mc
joy's pre-emption, tlmnce ao ohalus west to oul
Isnimtary   o(   I,ot   Qlppi   IhonOO   IoMowIiik   said
boundarj south t-n loutnoaal corner of said loi i
thenoo io chnin*- west] Ihenoe 00 obalnssoutbi
theliee B0 chain*- i-iist; theme '.!0ehalus imriU lo
SonthWMl  comer of  l^��[  823)  llienee fbltOWlns
west boundary of Lot r__ to initial post,
wptombor 11,1900, ��. i> Worn
Iter KRNKst W. BOBimOH.
Notiee is hereby kivcii Hint fio days nfier dale. I
intend to apply folhoHon, Ohlefcoiamiaslonor
of Lands and works for pormlssmn to purobuo
thu followiiiK described   IhihIs. situate on   lhe
Kusi shore of Lower Lake, about one ami one
half mile Month of ftdgOWOod, II. C. and nd
Joining J. T. Meiitlfe's  applleatlon to  pureliuse,
and oommonolng at a pom mitrbcl I I, i Wil
son's South West corner, tlience running Norlh
si.ty chains, tlniiee Baal fortv ehains, thenoo
Bouth, sixty ehalns, thonco West forty ehains to
place of commencement, mid cnutaln'iiK M0
aores more or less.
DONALD Wiijiow.
���,,,.,_-, M< R. McisfraRBiB, Agent.
Dated thls'-fttli day of KepleinVr, litofi.
Notice Is hereby Riven lhat sixty dayi atler
date I intend to apply io Hie lloiirtrnhle the
Chlof Opm mission or of Lands and Woiks, for
-permission to purchase the following descrlbeil
Unds commencing ��t a post marked <.vurgi> Toi-
lliiKton's N, K, (, pom, m the southeast eoruer
ol JO. Mciirades preemption claim and
running uoiith-lOclialus to southwest corner of
(loo Hudson's pri'-cmpiion claim; thence west'20
chains;  thenei' norlh  -10 chains,  thence east 'JO
chains to plaoo of eommefieemont. containing ��>
acres of land more or less.
Dstcd this si li day or Aujriist, wm.
A. A, hurton, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby Riven that llXtjdanf
date I Intend loapply to the lion. Cbuffl
mlssloner of Lands am] Works for per mi**
lo purchase llo* rolIowiilK deserlU'd laii'M
Hale  in West Koolenay   |il��lriet,   C-iiiiiiii'iv.
at a poat marked "A.nirsoh'a h. k. <*"r"
planted at the EL W, corner of i-oi m,sbsi
miles imrHi of Burton Clii  anil about Iii
mile   wesl of   the Cotninhla   river, ll tt M|
WI ehalns; them-e  weft .0 chains     HhIim* l"��
w chums; tbenco oast 4nchalna to point < *
mencemont, rantainlni 830 aores
J'itied this nth day oi September, looo.
A. iiikfti-l
_^  Per Ksij-H Blyk. AfSBt "
Notice Is hereby Klven Hint ��l days sfUf ��l^l
Inieml lo apply to lhe Honorable the ciiK'K-^al
misMntier of Land*, and Works for p-rmlMMT
liurchnw. theffillowliigdfii-rUied lands, ���-
from a post marked W. T'siiorlhwesl pns..
sonth to chains, theme cast mo chains,that__
north bi chains, them a west ho chaiiiN lo palnij
eommencemen', containing HM acres, nn"tj
Icsm; adjoins on ihe east of A. Anthony ���> itppi*
Hon io purchase,
Datod this until day of August, IflOB.      m    _
Of. ToTl|
  n. DDfkKt, Ageot
NotlceiH herehy ni veil lhal sl. I vdnyiiilK'
I Intend to apply totho Hon chfel Ci'inioH
erof  tends  and   Wi.rk-for|icii.ii"i '
ohase the followlut deaorlbed lands,   .���-
���tartlna  al  a   poal  marked Calhcnin   lr I
plan too on ihe oasi shore of Lower Arrctt
hoar '���indstoiic (.rook, thence +�� rbslni
ihniee to ohalns north, thonoe ior n��*
lake   shore,   thence  -ni,||i   aloltK   take -I"1
point of lomuii'tic. nt.
Hilled Hun tStfa dnvofH.-pli-niher,!'""
(UTfimUNS Tn
lUititv Qtaaog, tgoci
Nolle i�� iion.i.v iriven lhal OD days aitaf.-H
intend loapply to Mil H ral.li. (In ���' '���I*'"1
mlBSlonerof l.ami-nnd Works for pei '":
purchase the lol low Ins deserlbed Undi ���i"*'
"ti lhe east -Ide of Arrow lake:   C mri'-1'1
tbeeoflthwesl cornei of A Anihmij'*-1"'""
thenee sonlh twenty chain"*, Ihence -a-i M"
Ohaini, thenee north twenty chains, ilii'ia'-*"J
twenty chains  to  poini of eomiuem<*in''i'r
Inliiing-*! acres, more <ir less.
Dated ,-eptember I, HdO        BksniK M
per N. I)K��IKI*.��. Agi
ly *i
n   1
Noiiee In  herehy given  thai  i
dale I iniend loapply tn tbo Hal	
t.ommlssionerof Uuidsaud Worka for I"* ,
lo purobase the   following described l*iN'l*,**"1
ale in the Wesl Koolenay dlsirlct, aieliel]""1
Paul Andre's pro-empliou, sisrtlim ai
marked A..). Long, N K. coiner, on lho w ���
of Lower Arrow  lake,   llienee  141 chsini
theme  .o chains south, lbence 20 clour
thenoo *io chains norih to polul of <���	
Dated nt Nelson, u.e., this 8th day "''
ber, IlWfl A.J I
Wm, I'ouaiiii, Ageii
Notice is horeby given that sixty 'Uy��.Jl
dale 1 intend toapply hi ihe Honorable ^", M
Oommisstonoroftandi and Works for pcno/Ha
to mirehasi' tho Millowlng iloocrlbod Urn's i.l��jj
in Wesl kooienav district: CnmmoiicInK n
planted at Itobort rorlott1! north can
post ami  niarkrd   A, M's N. W. Conor
uasHOehains; InOOCO lu eliains south,  i
less to ihe Kooti'i.av river; theuee *)elon   . ���.
ahmif   ihe   Ko-.tetiay   rfver;   Ihence   tn '"I
north, moro or less1, tf) the place Of connm'"!
nfent, containing nn aores more or lest.
Hepttmber Uio 1MB.
Wiuiam Moors as Ageo****
WP^^' TheDtfly Canadian
of Mineral  Clalma for  Unpaid  nnd  Delinquent  Taxes  In the  Nelson
A��--.e.-.Mment DUtrlet, Province of Brltlah Columbia.
I h-roby Hive, nisllre llsal ssn Mon.liiy, lln- flflli <l��y ol November, A. !>., law, ssl tins hour ol 10 oYl.mk In tha loronoou. nt lbe Court llouw, Nelion,
I -bell oiler Inr ��ulo be publle i-OtlOD Oie mliiural oltlffll In Ihis lint berelnelter let out, ol Ibe per��on< ln ial.1 Hit herolnaller aet out, ol which crown
K���,itss bavo bees iminssl, lor the laatss remaining mi|.uld and _elln.,ueut by aald pem.na on tho Mih day ol June, IBM, and lor coata and cipenaea ol
.aid ssale. II Die listal amssunt due In not sioimur paid.
. Itsslslli.oiiausl H   'llllllK.
leauolil Mlulon Co	
.- to
A I'i
I,, A.lissys-ttis and J. A. tjiilnlan.
ml A..Ill
��� lli.iiip'Mil.l MllllliK 00 	
iloyettc, V. i "sys-ll ssissl .1. A (jiiinlan.
m-lai King-old MiuiiiK ''a
iimll Vmlr iliild MiiiliiK lis, l.l.l       .
ssissll VisilrsisilJ MliilliltO... Ud	
isliitiss Hold MIiiIiik i'h	
is-Misrrlss llissl Itsssss  Mssiilyilli       	
al dor nl
. w u
i-nrj K
' tl. Mi
It III.Hssn Trsssissirc Cnlil Mlniiijr (Vi	
Hold minin;; unsl Development Co	
K I'i'Isth, i Ins.. DuodeetudT Ms-I'lissrsisiii.
lis sssssl l'll|s|,.-r H. ena I.- Mines., Mil	
i., ,,.l Oempbotl    	
lly MiiiIiik mi1! Imprisvi-iisi-isl Co,,
t.-Td MllllliK I'o
kiims Hold Mining Co,	
risiiiji N. Thons  i- AdMmon, A. Perlend ami J. A. Cowen,
���ri���. I'llssi Vmlr Hold miiiIhk.i M.i:., Ltd., N. p. I,	
Al..\ Msl'.isisslil      	
\ aoyetto, I. a. ....ti. 1 .tn unsl W. Coryell	
Annie May _-AU
Annie Krao  8-19
IliK Bump	
Bully Boy	
Ilroad Aao	
II. A M 	
Hiick Horn	
Ilini- lllrd	
. ��:il
Copper Queen....
Caliasllsili  I'nclllis
Canadian lielle   .
Camprey (lien
Cupper King	
er Hisrilati.
u   Is, l.rs.sis. T 'Sallosi, K. Peter,, T. H. Meplu-riwsn
lei Milling ll MllllliK Co., Ltd  ...
lol Mining- Milling Co., Ltd 	
.1. Hsriissi.l. T  IS.-lllii't anil lls,l|ili llisyre	
H. S Kowlor	
isenrge II. I'sslslss'-ll, 11. Tlssisisnis, J. A. Tu ner, K. V M,-1 1 mid It. J. Ilealey
iiaitl-ini. (told Alining a Development Co., Ltd	
I.. 1. Ms.Parian,-. J. K MeKssrlane ansl Andrew sosslasl 	
the I opper 1'arus Oo'd M in Iiik A lii-vi-lsipinent Co., Ltd	
Kouteiiey-Taoome I, c. Mining Co., Ltd	
Canadian Klngllold Mining Oo	
I'll 11II' N. 'J'liiiin..siu and Jsiiiliiss A. I ss sn,. >is	
S.S  Fs.svler 	
Walter J. Iliigliisss.Cyrll Arrhllia Id, Noll Mi'Uiiuau.K. Bradley A Mary J. lOuchcr
11. Ussy, J. A, Ks,rln andJ, A. Maeiimald	
1   I.  I.   Al.l.olt ansl K. Henley	
luindee Hold Mining Co     	
Kootonaryiec a I,, c. Mining Co., I.id	
sini.iiiii-Vuiir Mining Co., i.t-i     	
"I  Wibi-ii. J. II. yield ami 0,11, lliseae	
II. Ills Beanos 	
Mniiiana Qold Mining Co   	
Brllissll Amerls-all Trssssl Co	
Misistissia Gold Milling Co	
.Iiiless J. Klenlnt	
A rth ill Claylisii Hsitt'iii. ailiulnlsslratsir of esslalenf llisnnau I.ueker, sleeeased
M. c. MoniiKliisn	
Ameris-an ICagls. l.ssl.l Mining c,s 	
IllhU PlsltlTMIII      	
Dnndeedold MlnlngOo 	
iinlariii Cs,Id, Silver it usl Copper Mug. Co., LUI	
Dundee Qold Mining Co., Lid	
The I'leliill Dev. niilii., Lid  	
John l'lsllbcrl ami Oliver Illalr	
Qeorge Brine 	
The I'llol-Viulr Qold Mining an.1 Milling Co., l.td.,N' P. 1	
.1 A.Coryell	
Trail Creek Hldsliii Treaaure uold Mining Uo	
lint "irande Mining Co , Ltd	
Montana Qold Mlislng Co	
.Htliur Clavton Butt'.li, ailminlsslratssr ol eata e ssl Herman Lueker, dweaaesl
Robert P. lissdsl. 	
1 .is. I". Bwed-gfgi 0. W. A is. Ur-. iis ami J. Malone	
"nil Mining asssl Milling Co	
~. hi in It-Vmlr cold Mining c.,., I.td   	
I'rlral Colli Mining Co.. 1.1.1	
s    Y.   I's-lersson and Jen. Olaen	
MontMlaOola MiulngCn 	
I   I.  '-   AbUsitt, Henry AlslKsIt and K   Healcy..!  	
Trail Creek Hlslden Trs-amire Cold Mining Co	
linn,Is, i;���M Mining Co	
:i IJli
.. l.'IIU
Klk.. .
Col.ls'iiilalo HIS
Holden Call  MM
HoikI Hsspe -����
ls,od Hop, Krae No. 1  *-8
lood Knosigb Mflti
iil.rallar -IM
llildcn Treaaure 411
ll um in Ing Bird tU'm
Henry Clay *�������
Iron Cap 8-70
Iron Ann 41-7
Imperial Kree.> Kraetiuliel ��_8
I ukennan 'J'o3
Indepenslenee lT?6
moo 4-7b
Light-Heart IM*
I->tf bailee a*i��
LIllleKrae im
L.M.Krae HOT'
1 j,turn I.....m-  6*41
Money-Market SSiJ
Mleblgan 6440
-' _ awn
MiirtlMe W70
iiiereb  20W
Nevede S604
Nelaon KSO
old Bill 1��V,
OnUrlo am
Parker UM
Plcton ��U4
Pet 2198
Prlneeaa Krae., Kraetlonal  .fifitf
I'lalolKrae MM
Roae t4W
Kocelord 8486
klo Uremic Krec 6I3S
Randolph 644'
Bcbmulke 3871
-slow.II.le 8-79
.-aiiiiissi Htar I4*12
etanley 48-4
Hummlt 4389
Seattle 4891
Trout M89
Venetla Boy	
Vancouver 37*7
W.J.Bryan 3484
While Pino.. 40D4
I'n paid
111 on
Us Ml
10 ���_
11 rfi
11 611
0 86
87 60
10 no
11 110
12 ti)
7 86
12 im
12 2'.
7 2'.
8 26
13. IN)
3 60
8 611
3 60
'J 26
9 75
2 26
12 76
12 76
13 i.i
5 26
8 UO
13 00
IS ��)
10 26
18 no
4 26
11 00
1.1 s.s
���I ISO
Coata anil
I 2 on
2 00
2 00
2 Usl
2 1)0
2 I.I
2 CO
2 I.I
2 on
2 UO
2 1,1
2 IK)
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 UO
2 UO
2 l.i
2 1.)
2 1.1
2 s.s
2. DO
2 s.s
2 l.i
2 110
2. DO
2 01
2 s ssl
2 Ul)
11:1 i>'
12 76
11 75
12 25
13 25
11 Oil
II 1.1
13 50
11 26
ISI 75
14 75
13 INI
14 IHI
13 25
II 75
4 26
9 Ml
14 75
15. (HI
15 (HI
13 75
11 75
10 00
9 75
14 25
15 DO
11 26
12 26
14 25
14 25
15 00
li 25
10 25
li (HI
10 25
Dated at Heleon, B.C,, thi. 4th day ol Ootober, UOO,
Deputy Aaaesuor aud Collector, Nelaon Asoseseinent Dlatrlct.
.nsurancb!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oiliest esllslslihlii'sl Krai  Ksliiti"
llnaiiioBH in Kixilnnity.
Nelson, B. C.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
ToroiH $100 ensh
ImllllHsi, liisuillilv ii.iyiin ills
House and Two Lots for Sale iu
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms aud a large basement
and is well situated.
Galei of Eastern Lakes.
Detroit. Mich., OcL 10.���Reports
Inim Siiiili Ste. Marie today any that
lho Lake Superior country la being
���wept hy a northeast gale and navigation is both dangerous and difficult,
owing to llie snow. A severe snowstorm is raging. Tlie passenger steamer Western States arrived two hours
late from Buffalo und reported n terrific battle along the way across tlie
lake, with a 50-knot gale. The steamer A. A. Weston, hound down with
lumber and lowing a lint-go, was forced to lie up hero last nlghl by tlie refusal of the crew to continue working
when the captain passed Detroit. The
Weston's propellor was broken and
Ihe boal could make hut five or six
knots an hour, and the crew refused
to venture out In Lako Erie In tlie
storm wllh the boat in llinl condition.
Tin. captain compiled with their do-
Dlohei Born* by Relayt Through Mlr-
ror-Llned Corrldort.
A system unlike that to be found
anywhere else prevails fn the kitchen
where the meals of King Edward are
Tbe royal chef Ib a Frenchman, paid
a liberal salary, and with free lodging
near the royal palace. It ll his business to superintend only the king's
lunch and dinner. He has nothing
whatever to do with the breakfast.
When the dinner is to be served the
scene, in the kitchen is one of perfect
order and readluess. The cold dishes
which were prepared during the morning stund on the table, surrounded If
necessary hy ice; the birds and
such other dainties which are to be
served, cooked to a Bccuud, are ready
lo hand.
Now Uie hors d'oouvres aro sent forward to an anteroom, which In the
case ot liiickingham palace, is nearly
800 yards from the kitchen. The assistants are clad in spotless linen;
Ihey all work by the clock, and each
dish ls commenced and finished to
within a minute of the appointed time.
The chef walks around and stijicrln-
tcnds, hut his assistants are so welt
drilled In their respective duties that
ho seldom needs to give an order,
though here and there lie offers a suggestion Tor the further perfection of
some little dainty. Dnring this time
he is himself thinking out the final
details of the masterpiece of the table,
which he takes particularly under his
own care.
Just outside the door of the dining
hall there Is an apartment where the
final touches are given to the delicate
and costly preparations. At Buckingham palace it contains a hot table, up-
on which the dishes rest in readiness
for their distribution to the table attendants.
The man who wields authority here
Is ila.l In Immaculate evening dress
and wears white gloves, and tn a
whisper he gives the minutest directions ns to what Is to be done with
each particular Item on the menu from
the moment lt leaves the anteroom
and pusses finally from his care. Relays of men and women bearers convey all these dishes from tbe kitchen
to tbe anteroom.
The passages from tbe kitchen are
long, with awkward corners in them
here and there, and In order to prevent collisions in lhe hurry of the
work an Ingenious arrangement of
minors has been effected at these
comers, so that the bearers may see
whether the road Is clear for them.
Attendants are stricUy forbidden to
enter any other apartment than that
with which they are Immediately concerned, and even the dish bearers are
prohllsiled from passing down other
corridors than those which are Bet
apart for their special use.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a da/ house in the Kootenays.
Booma ere well lurelahed. Table ea eood aa ane-
ln Nelaon.    Ber ebpplled wub sood
llanora end clean.
W. B. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
toropeen tad Aserloen Plot
Heels �� eta.  loom tna �� trie, to tt
Oalr White Help Implored.
later St., Heleon froprietore
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Tbe Bar la tbe Fine*..
White Help Only Implored.
JoMplilne SL
The Big Schooner n���_, f A_
0r "Hllfand-rUlf"    DCCl     �� UCe
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel ai't'ommiMlatisina Hc-cond to none in Brltlah Columbia. Kal.-ss 11.00 |asr day. Hjasrlal ratea
to monthly boardera Only bonus botol In Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
Corapr Hall and Vernon,
two blockn (rom wharf.
Ratea 91.00 per day and up.
P. O. Box isi.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day end Night.
Bample end Bath Booma Free.
Opposite Court House ud Post Office.
Corner Ward aod Vernon Streets.
Tfo Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Totnkins, Manager.
Cuban Independence Day.
Havana, Oct. 10.���Regardless of the
existing condition of affairs the fiesta-
loving Cubans today quite generally
celebrated Indciiendcnce day as a general holiday. It was Ihe thirty-eighth
anniversary of the beginning of the
ten years' war (18.8-78). Public meetings of a non-partizan character were,
permitted In Havana. Many of the
speakers made eloquent reference to
Ihe part played by the United Slates
in securing and preserving tho inde-
lioiidenco of Cuba.
* notii r Iiini illMnv** utter  tlnh*   wv  Intciiil
"    the Honorable the Chief
H. <& M. BIRD.
Choice Fruit l Have i0^Actn
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 iu one block.
Kuy now and get tlie ground floor prices,
Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
lrn|*.rt��>r of  I'liio
lilltftlHll    <)��MH1m
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
I\-elM<>n, B.C*
Most men art* wining   .�� tell   tha
truth if It refleoti on Bomebody nine.
hi some boarding houses 11 Ir n rare
tiling to have things well <io.io.
iDHbitiritiipll-'niiim in
Coiiuni8Klt)iier nf Limits an-i Works for a Npeelal
lifeline to nil mnl carry away timber from the
foliowlog doMrllwd lumls; Commencing at a
iiokI near lite xoiittieast corner of the K AH
Itailway, Lot Mi. running thenee north 160
clmliin; thence eaut 40 iliafna; thenee Hotith lftt
chafim; thenee weat 40chains to point of commencement
Dfttedi Hepleml-er 18th, 1U06.
_ IUN1KI. TUnHRV, Af-TIlt,
Nntice In herehy given that 30 duys afterdate I
inteml tn apply to the Hun. the Chlof Ooinmll
Hlniicr of Lin..!- and Worku for a RMClftl licence
In cut anl carry a ��� uy liinlier from the fnllowliif
-li-HcrHi-il lumls. xlluate tn Went Kootenay tllH-
Irlctl Coin mend nn nt a post on Ktdilnson creek,
tine*.- i|n*trtri'N ol a mile northwest of Larcher'r-
iirc-emptlon, thence west NichalnH, thence notth
socl-niii**, thenee cast HO chains, llienee south Hi
chains to pnlnl nf coiiiin.-Tneiiienl,
LOMtod Jllly --'Mil. llNKl.
(IRO. IlKSi.HUM.N, Li. ���rttnr
Framing    C
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Beker -tree!, Neleen. B. G,
Lighted fa? Eleotrioity and
Heated fay Hot Air
l-ars-ss end Cominrleble Be-rooma end Flrat-
.la- -. I -(.lug Room, -ample Rooma lor -ommer-
rl.l M. il.
MRB. X. 0. <II.AKKE. Proprletreee
The well known
Our Beer Garden in
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   - Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rate* $1 ��nd |1.M) a Vnj.
Special Kitten to Regular Boardera.
Wholesale and Retail Dealeri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp* nnppliml on -horttiet notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh nnd
wholesome meals nnd supples kept iu stuck
Mnil orders mceire careful ntteutiou.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
INULJSO-N,  B. ��.
Con true tor and   *
Role ��Rcnt for the Tortn Rloo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail ynrdN. ItmiKh and ilrn>iwl Ininher, turned
work and liracltelN <*oa��t lath ami shingles, i-'hsIi
and door,*-). Ceini-nl, hriclt and lime for sale
Van) iiik! (actory: Vernon Bt., oant of Hall,
NB1.801V, B. C.
P. (>. Box 382, Telephone 17R.
Carry e eomrilele etoek ol foreign Wlnea, Beer. Llanora
and Llqueura, and Cenadleti Wlnea end Wlila-lea.
At our RETAIL DffARTTWENT, &7W_l_?ff__
Ton oeu bnj ON* bottle Port, Sherrr, Cl��ret, Brandy, Om, Bum, lye, Scotch,
Ale or -tout, or any Iseneeed quantity you-dealre.    For lenUr nietryour
___________ ago.   P. o. box ioao
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters nnd Dealers in
Ooal nud Wool.   1<*\press uml
tiuwwc Xnuisfer
,KP!'�� Office: Baker St.,
The Hall Mining aui Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Coppet and _Dry Ores,
BUSCH...       Budwdser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      ^'���A(KraJr.,_?_.rit,-H    VICTORIA
(or Kootenay Landing, Hain Line Connection Crow's Nest Route.
for Kaslo and Intermediate Points
to Lardo and Trout Lake.
For time tables, rates, berth reservations tor boats, standard or tourist
sleepers, apply to local agents or write.
A.OjTA..Vancou-cr. D.P.A.. Nolaon.
Tklrtr-Kceed Annul C-_raUon
American Bankers'
Sl. LooLs, Mo., Oct 16-19.1906
Round trip rated to St. Louii
ami Chfoago on Kalu October
13th to 13th.
BtaLoulf ,  Stem
Chicago ^k
. doing transit limit ten dun
from date of Bale. Final return
limit November aotb. 1006.
Found Trip Kates to Southern
In effect October 2Stb, Itns, on
aale dally, limited to 3 months
from date of sale.
os Angeles and Santa Barbara.. 05.60
Pasadena .>, U*K
Santa Monica         jgjP
Riverside and Sun Barnardfno..    39.10
Redlands..  m9jq
For Further Information Apply to
City Paasenger Agent.
A O. P. A.,-settle.
CKAI.KIi TENMCdH, properly indorsed, will b*-
��*'    ivn-lvfil   by   llie   liliil.TsiL'in-.) lip to and lll-
rliniiiiK MoiiiIh*., thi' ilfiifiuh tvtnber next, for
the ereeti'm uml. ..nipl.mm of a t'otirl Hunse at
Nelstm, B.C
l>rawl��([n, siK-elllt-atUmH and eoinlltloini or tender ami eonlrnel may In* Heen al the 1'iiblte
WarkK KttKliiet'r'H oflli-e, Vletoila, 11. l',��nilkt
llie ultWi- of thu ...ivirnuniil AjjfUl. Ni>ImiIi, H.f'.,
on and nfl>*r thu llth Wpteintier next.
Kiieh tender unist be iiecompaulcd with a
marked ohoquo for live (M per cent, of lhe n-
iiinunt m the tender for llie full li nil performance
and completion of the work.
Tho clin-iics of nimueeeiuiful teiidereri' will be
returned to them ou tbe execution of the contract.
Tbe lowest or any tender nm necessarily accepted.
Publle Works Knclnecr.
uiuds and Works IVnartment,
Vit-torlK. B r,,8lh September, 190S.
Under and by virtue of the powers of sale eon-
talued iu a certain mortKatte which will he produced at the lime of sale, there will be offered
for Hale by puhlle mid.mi on H-Hiirdsy the ���J0U1
day of October, ISUb, at the hour ot v> 0'1-loek
naon, at tbe Hotel Hinne, corner of \fnrd and
Vernon streets. Nelson, K. r , hy Messrs. t'liarle.H
A. Wt'ierniHii .<. Co., the following pro|mrly, via:
Lots numbers litu-eii (Ih) nnd slxieen (16), both
In Hioek number leu |1*��), being part of the sub
division e* l-i't ituiiiim ninety six, (.roup one,
iu the it hunt 1 of Kooteuay, Hritish t'oluinhla,
und known as (ho Hume ud-ifiion to Nelson,
il. (' , uccoriliiiK to h uiiip or plan deposited In
thc Lund lif-ulsirv ottleu nnd oumhea'd 'Jt4 B.
Upon tho said laud Is erected 11 largo end commodious dwelling holme in firm-elans order. Willi
city water. This property is not far from the
business portion or the eity.
Tonus and conditions madu known at the time
ot sale or In the meantime, upon application to
MortKHKiM-'s Solicitor.
Dated at Nelion the 17th day of Sept. 1901
Certificate of Improvements
������Eclipse No. V "Vovey," "Happy Medium,"
"International" and "A la Fractional" mineral elaiins, situated In the Sloean City Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:-North of 'twelve Mile creek,
about two miles up.
Take notice Uml I, II. K. Jorand. of Slocan, B.
C��� Free Miuer's er tif irate No. B7KI0U, as agent
for L. A. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. H_63t,
Intend, sixty days fnnn the date hereof, to app y
tothe Mini in; "tworder lor a Certificate of Im-
Orant of said mineral claims.
And lurtber tnki notice that action, un'*er
Section 37,1110ttt lie toinineJieed before the issuance of mii'li Cerlllieateof improvement*-..
Hated this kH h day of September, 1WKI.
 w. K. JoaxHp.
Tenders will be received up to October 10.1906,
for the continuation of the Highlander tunnel
at Alnsworth, Hritish Columbia, foradlstaoce
of 1,114) lift. Tunnel to be a crosscut aud seven
and one naif by five and oue half feet In the
clear. The tunnel Is now iu _,��)u feet. I'ipe and
rails will be furnished by the company. Air
power with 7ft lb*, pressure available Contractor* bidding mum cive satisfactory assurances
of thc completion nf contract. Hid* may be for
either hand or machine work. Full particulars
upon application. The lowest or any temler not
neco-warily accepted. Krouud may hcluspectcd.
1. M. Stevenson, Uanager.
Aiusworlh, it. c. 1^0
Victoria, 1st October, 1**.
Tersons intending to offer themselves at lbe
examination, lo be held thii faU, for Provincial
Assayers, are requested to notify the undersigti-
ed, and In the event of a sufficient number ofler-
lug, an examination will be arranged lor tt
Nelson, B. O., as well as at Victoria, B. C.
ft. P. TOLMIK,
Deputy Minister of MlM_ .
______M The Daily Canadian
Ve are in a position to fill Jewelry orders and give the best satisfaction at the lowest prices.
OUR NECK CHAINS in solid Gold run from $2.25 up to $6.00 and
$7.00.    Long  Gold  Chains from $8.00  up to  $30.00.
We are always showing something  new.
��� ���������������������-�������������������������������*������->����������������
l lb. box
1-2 lb. box
goods ��r.- a- Ant-a* the more expensive
i'i-, [tif only dtffennefl It the package.
: Book Ahead For
: Preserving Pears
���     Th'* riplit kind an soarce.   We
*** have a nice lot of  lornl  Ran] fit*
J and Flemish Beoatiefl to arrive
j      I-*owest mnrkit pries jniomnteed   ^
: ��� !
fBell Trading!
���        Company
Phone 2.". Baker St.
Next P. Burn.- & Co.
Coal and
Telephone 265
Something Nicel
Something Tasty I!
40 cts. a pound.
[Joy'sCash Grocery!
Oor.JoaephineaDd mui Bt*.    Phone i'i
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils tor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout nuil.lcrs will lind il to iheir advantage to nas our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
ir.N'IKOBM BL'RNlNtJ   I��   the   ma
teir wjicn  Muting ��n <i largo
���Maple  Leaf" brand  li elttmed
superior in thi-* respect.
(,'oni pardons witli other mukes Invited.
Solo A|.-���i. INeltson, B.C.
Cur. Vernon sand Ward Strsevta,
,>'BUSO.>,   B. C.
J FKEIJ HUME. Proprietor.
1*. W. Gordon, Coryell; Wm. Walker,
Toronto; J. Henry. Ainsworth; A. Lu-
ra.s. -Casio; M. McLean, New Denver;
Mrs. Aagrlgon, Miss Weatberhouse,
New Deenvr;   A.  French.  A.  M. Thorn-
b sn. Vancouver; 0, P. Roddy, Winnipeg; 11. P. Sweet, Vancouver; W.
Heron, Calgary; F. G. Walen, G. Johnson. Fernie; A. L. McHugh; E. T.
-Marion. Spokane; R. Wilson and wife,
Pun land; B, N. Oulmette, Rossland;
C. B HcKeen, wife ansl children. Qsie-
bee; C. V. Hall and wife, Revelstoke;
Fred Howness. Greenwood.
R. R. Comiack, chas. Dempster,
Roe-land; G. Stillwell, Silverton; W,
G. Nightingale, Toronto; W. L-coinfoe,
Minneapolis; Oscar llrown, San Francisco; \V. Marriott, IS, Tail, Vancouver; H. H, Jameson, Victoria; Georgo
Williams, Greenwood; Dr. Good, Win-
nlpeg; J. J. Dinner, Grand Forks; Col.
Davison, J. F. Davison, England; Col.
Glsjssop, Vernon.
John I'lmond, Slocan Junction; J.
W. Kyle, slocan City; Mrs. Stewart,
Miss Stewart, N. Hates. B, F. Wilkinson, J. F. .McLeod, Ymir; Miss Os-
thund. Spokane; A. Garvin, Hall; C.
N. Ilox. Mrs. May, lloaton; J. E. Phar
and wife. Grand Forks; John Bell,
J. Ii. Wlnlaw, Winlaw; P. Genelle,
Cascade; C. A. Dean, San Francisco;
0, A. Wells and wife. Medicine Hat;
L. A. Castigan, Comaislix; R. E. Gur-
n-y. Phoenix; F. R. Newman, Greeen-
A. J.    Macdonald,   Calgary;    Jamss
Grant. W. Harrison, Alnsworth.
P. Ferguson, Spokane; E. T. Ilogle,
Medicine Hat.
T. A. Dssvis, Wlnlaw; Robert J.
Reld.  Rosebiry.
II. A. Shaw, Ymir;  K. Wilson, Sandon.
A.    Marchessault,    Tabor;      F.    P.
Wright, Vancouver.
L.  Gallagher,    Bonnington;    C.  Osborne,   Sandon;   F.   Hain.  Wlnlaw;   G.
II. White,  Deer Park;  M. Paterson, li
Pins.  I'hosnix;   II. Reld, Rosebery.
A. McDonald& Co.
Deulers in Maple and fancy Groceries.
P.ulter, Eggs.
Cninp and Miners' Supplies.
Potter & Cummings
M MEN, hi once, fssr work In tha wninlss.   Aiii.lv
_ls^H   K. Csssike. aawmlll, Ksusln.
LAliV siKNOiiHAI'HKU lor fio-ition lis loiimrr.
Uoosl lissmo  will, employer, family.     Apply
_���__* ' ' aunslls"! ssffli-i-.
BrsilMKN. Mill IliuiiUaiiil UgKliig(7oul.ai'lor��,
hIms Hindu.'.s-     WalUburs I.niiiVr Co., m-ar
CrttDbrook, n. r
-OMPKTKNT   MUSK   U18I,.    Klve   rlillilrrn
Apply box isis;
There  was another  blank docket in
the eity police court this morning.
The city police are now engaged in
the annual collection for the road tax.
Burn, iu Nelsou on October U, to the
wife of G. Mcfcwen, Robson street, a
Horn, iu Nelson on October ij. to the
wife of J. A. McDonald, Mill street, a
The choir practice at St. Saviour's
church this evening will not begin till
t*.*:!" o'clock.
A meeting of the Nelson Gun club
will be held this evening at _ o'clock
in G. P. Well's office.
Horn, ln Nelson this morning, to the
wife of K. K. Kichards, corner Stank-y
and   Kobson   streets,  a .daughter.
Dr. Good of Winning, one of the
best known eye specialists on the continent, is a guest at the Strathcona.
A ,C_ Futcher of the Royal Hank of
Canada, Nelson, will leave in a few
days for Vancouver, to join the staff
staff of that place.
Th Nelsou Gas & Coke company is
rebuilding its furnaces and preparing
generally for the larger output necessary  to  meet  increasing  demands.
The local lodge of the Daughters of
Rebekah celebrated the fifty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the order with a social in Fraternity hall
last evening.
Lead advanced four points today on
the London market. A similar advance tomorrow will bring the price
to ��20, Silver declined one point in
London- Other (pioiations show no
The quarterly session of the county
court of West Kootenay has been postponed to October 22, as the supreme
and county courts cannot with present accommodations be in session at
the same time.
The constitution committee of the
Nelson branch of the Anti-Tuberculosis society met in the city hall yesterday afternoon and drew up a constitution to present to the general meeting, which will be held Friday night.
All organizations are again earnestly
requested to be represnted at - the
The board of school trustees are
meeting in special session this afternoon in the secretary's office to consider several matters that cannot
wait for the regular monthly meeting
on the 19th. Among them is the preparation for the annual school field
day, which is fixed for Thursday, the
18th, The board will take a more active and general interest in that important institution this year than formerly.
Price of Metals.
New York, Oct. 10.���Silver, 68 %c;
copper,  19-^c;   lead,  $5.75.
London, Oct. 10. ��� Silver, 31 % d;
lead, ��19 15s; zinc, ��27 10s.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order lo islenr out thin line
We are reducing tins price lo
400,   We only have n limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if yon want any.
A. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y.
Here's a Snap on
2 Dozen in Case at
$2.00 per Case.
Only a limited quantity.     If you want tn
gel in ordrr early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine Sts.
A Really Good
Typewriter Carbon Paper
That is what our 'Standard" Carbon Paper is.
It gives a clear, clean copy and
wears well.
Per Box   $275
Five-Box Lots, per box   $2.25
Ten-Box  Lots, per box    $1.95
Phone or write us for a sample box.
W. G. Thomson
S?!$%!HR "*"��� Nelsou, B. C.
Rhone ...a.
C*eam    TIiE
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
Telophoue 161.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
OOOD-  Cll.l.lsll   POR
Antl   OBUIVBRBU I'lvliu
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of DInnerwaro ln stock. Pft-
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Forty minutes late.
Slocan   Iraln���Twenty  minutes  late.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
-On time.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fr art, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
| L '.Vlf'   ,
I   ���     ......jlll.lljl iiilillll-j   .
Deliveris-s made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
How  About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
Wfl have Kloy'fl, Kynock's, Winchester, and OogswflU &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyiiock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knivos, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box ...11      Nelson, B. C.
Por Evon'thinK Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Ggars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's Special Mixture?
for Yoti
is your daughter growing up without niusfeal training?
What effect will lho Iosb or the
present golden days have nn her  future?
Are you doing your duly In saying
"next year" every lime your family
wishes for a piano?
Very Easy Terms
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Will Buy a Comfortable 4-Room Cottage
ou Silica street, close in.    Kasy payments.
TOYE & CO., __S
Watches! Watches!
We aro Heailquurtcrs for the Ileal
American Wntches manufactured. We
are making every effort to meet tho
requirements of railroad men..
J. J. WALKER, "��^��2*��
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
Sheetini-tal Work, dustings Builders' Material anil Miuing and Mill Machinery
Office nnd Worku Foot of Park St.
Phone  _l(>4.
NulsKOII.   II. c.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Whole-tale F>rovi-_lon_t,
Dominion Government Oreainerjr OnePomul Brinks raoetvad weekly tre-h
from the churn,   bor side by nil leading irrocers.
OIHconnd wnrehonse: Houston Blook,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street. ���       Nelson. B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  not,   NOW
Is the time to have It repaired.
I E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ui*
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not ln shaps
by October 1st, 1906.
R"PWoTi? W,H��SH!VSi,*'�����*��������_ With Dupntch.    W.NI M-K.I
Work, -MImIiik mut Mill Mi^lslMt-rv.     Mnnulncl ur-srM of
Or�� -,.s��, r. i*.  Contractors' e..r~.
nelson, b. c.     met
We Will Sell
500 International Coat
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
- $2*75
- 9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
1 Just Arrived!
A large coiisigii-
meut of
All Sizes nnd Lowest Prices
MANUFACTURERS   T ^(^    C* ,        _
AND DEALERS IN   IsittTiBklt*  ^hltiglZS*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Tum,d W��^ ""*l,Brncket-- W Oniors promptly nttended to.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do ws handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
-���,^.Ca!!*e,We Cann,ot procure a *"���*'"������ ���"���-Ing Into account design,  workmanship, cooking qualitiesf��nd price
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
...,'   ��� imn .������      	


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