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The Nelson Canadian Jun 16, 1906

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I.    No. 12.
pale Agitators Attack
Herbert Asquith
Ition of English Ladies (?) Gives
a Painful Blow to Popular Movement.
ew York, .lune 1C���A despatch from
idon to tho Sun, describing the wo-
In suffrage iitTulrH at  Northampton
erdny, says:
h'lie woman's suffrage agitators cnr-
I, out ihefr Ibreitt to uttuck nud show
^ti   iniuisieriiil   uverHion   lo   Herbert
fctiitfi. chancellor of the exchequer, in
gmlitical speech   wllieii  he  inudo    at
���ttinmplon.       The     demonstration,
sjrever, eaded In the dlseomfiture of
agitators after u furious tussle by
police, bo bud eventuully to protect
Asqultb from the vlolenee    of    a
. - moll.   The chancellor hail hardly
un  his  -speech   when    three    well-
wu women, suffragists, Misses Ken-
i nil   l!illliiKt.>ii and  Mrs.  Eawood,
is,- among tlie crowded seats allotted
Mi,   women, screaming denunciations
���the speaker as the ministerial opim-
^n  ,,f their claims, nnd  making the
demand for votes.   The ball was
���tantlj   in an ufirour, the bulk of the
pli, nee   shouting   'Turn     them   outr'
aids nished to remove the women.
|t  lie-.,   shrieked above the din   and
ii-d   flags   inscribed  'Voles   for   wo
1 *   These were snatched hy women
und tin- demonstrators, nnd nfter ti
pi i.ite struggle were torn lo pieces,
tlliwhlle   tiie   stewards  reached     the
iurbers, hut they had no sooner iuid
lads mi Miss llllllngton than she drew
Isliort   whip from beneath  her cloak
Id '.shed  wildly nt the men's heads
|.   shoulders.   Three of them, howev-
silzed her, and, fighting like u tiger.
- was    bundled    down    the    steps
earning,  while her companions    re-
kitied nud continued shouting.    More
In hastened to oust them, und ��� will.
help of other women who are not
rraglsts, they were hoisted upon the
��� alders of tlie men aud bundled out,
I shrieking.    As soon as they were
io a parly of Socialists in the body
iin1 hull stalled an uproar on bebnlf
tho ejected women.    It took longer
deal with them, and the uproar nnd
higgle lasted for half nn hour.    Mr.
npiith then began to speak again, hut
bad hnrilly started when Mrs. Park
auother suffrage woman, came to
}e front of Ihe woman's gallery    and
lined repeating their demnnds.    The
ence was less tolerant of iter than
.'her predecessors, nnd her utiemnees
.- drowned in shouts of "Throw her
The stewards ultimately carried
out  like lhe others.
"Mr.   Asuulth     Ihen    delivered    bis
Mill, hut meanwhile one of the suf-
Insists  had  stirred   up   a   crowd    of
Toclalists In the street to hack her In
(iii.Ing  Mr. Asquith ns h��  left    tho
���ill.   The news of tbe disturbance bad
id, and soon   Market  Square    had
Ph'il wltli n moli of roughs eager for a
ilndy.    Extra    poltre    wore    hastily
ughl   In   from   the   suburbs.    Their
prlval   and  nn    opportune    rnlnstorm
llnned the crowd.   A number of them,
pwever,   got    Into the hail,   causing
tar of a serious riot    lly the time Mr.
fsiiuitii   had   finished   lhe  police were
ong enough  lo   hold  Ihe   mob,   tint
!ll.fl BUUngton and ber supporters des-
ttraloly, though vainly, triad to assault
minister us he  passed   through  a
���oulile line  of policeman  to  his auto-
i Idle,  tn   which   he   whisseil    nwny
Inii.l a roar of cheers nml gronns."
Canadian Pacific Competition.
Winnipeg, .lune 10.���It is stated in
loose ,inw on reliable authority that
|l' I' nil hrnnoh of flic C. I'. It. will
""Hs he continued from that city,
|��l eventually will give connection been Mikiso Jaw and Edmonton. This
J"fl' will not bo rushed through this
tnier, ns Iho company is engaged
'" lines which will bring ii. into com-
million wllh the Canadian Northern
"nl Grand Trunk Pacific, However,
"""Kb progress may seem slow, the
finance that the work will lie prose-
""ed and connection with  the capital
" A" :l established Is'a very impor-
���itii announcement.   It is reporlod that
f "i'k on the north  brunch will  ho re-
"'d next month.
The  Censor   Interferes.
Sl   Petersburg, Jimo 10.���The direct
"'"grams from Blnlystok lo tho news-
" ��� 1"Tn 'Oflay contain nn fresh in-
'"":'M"n     No  doubl  tho censor  con-
"i:i iho telegraph.    Despatches sent
.,    ', Associated Press remain unan-
r  '"'i.    Tho Bourse Gazette prints n
spcehl dispatch from Grodno declaring that the governor of lhat city has
expressed himself to the effeol that
there Is no hope of slopping the butchery of .lews at llialystok for two or
three flays. He is reported us-adding
licit lhe mobs are invading the trains
passing through llialystok and are
dragging out and killing lhe passengers. The Jews who escaped from
Illulystok nre wandering und starving
In the fields or woods.
Six Started Today in Annual  Race for
Emperor'. Cup.
Dover,  Juno  lfi.���Six  yachts Started
today in tlie annual Dover-Heligoland
luce for Emperor William's cup, wllh
u fair easterly breeze blowing. The
boat! got off In the following order:
The Amerlcun huilt Yawl, owned by
George W. Wutkins, of Bremen; the
British culler Ailsa, owned by Mrs. A.
II. Lewis-mil, .of Southampton;    the
British huilt schooner-yacht Clara, owned by Max von Guilleauuie, of Cologne;
ihe British schooner-yacht Sunshine,
owned hy Arthur II. Solomon, of Glasgow; the German ynwl Aringnnl, owned by C. Avon-Brooken and G. Zeheek,
of Travemundes, nnd lhe BriiiHb yawl
Beauty, owned by Inn Hamilton Beun,
of Cowes. The Navahoe allows thai
Altai 15 minutes, the Clara 2 hours 7
minutes, lhe Armgurd 2 hours 40 minutes, Iho Sunshine n hours 1.1 minutes,
and the Betty 3 hours  I  minutes.
Argus' Crew Safe.
Seattle, June lfi.���The crew of the
schooner Argus, which wus burned at
sea, it ts learned are safe.
Service.  Announced  for Tomorrow  in
Nel.on    Churches���End    of
Tomorrow, the nrst Sunday after
Trinity, Uj^e beginning of the long
period, nearly half the church year,
which Is devoted to general leaching of
the doctrines of Chrisllanlly. From
Advent to Trinity tbe church has followed the steps of Christ's life on
earth, His birth, His early years, HIb
pusslon, resurrection and ascension,
and the fulfillment of Ills promise in
tho descent of the Holy Ghost. The
Sundays between now and next Ailvoul
will not be days of special commemoration, but of docirinal teaching.
The gospel foi* the day contains the
difficult parable of Lazarus and Dives,
the suffering of Lazarus on eartli compensated hy Ills joy iu heaven, und the
Bolllsh luxury of Dives paid for hy eternal suffering. The two do not typify
merely, the rich and tbe poor, bill the
life of sellish indulgence and that of
self-abasement and denial.
The closing passage is full of catholic
significance. In reply io the plea, "Bui
If one went unto them from the dead
they will repent;" "If they henr not
Mosus and the prophets, neither will
Ihey he persuaded, though one rose
from  the dead." ,
The following services nre announced for tomorrow in ilie churches
of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica streets: First
Sunday filter Trinity; holy communion,
8 a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion. 11 a. m.; children's service.
2:3(1 p. m.; evensong. 7:80 p. m. Rev.
P. 11. Graham, rector.
Reman Cutllollc���Church of Mary
Immaculate, coiner of Ward nnd Mill
slreets: Low muss, 8 a. m : high
muss, iu:30n. m.: evening service, 7:30
pj. m.    Rev. Father Allboff,  priest.
Presbyterian cliurch���St. Paul's, cornor of Victoria und Kootenay streets!
Morning service, il a. in.: Sunday
school, 2:30 p. in.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.    Rev.  Father Allboff.  priest.
Methodist church���Corner silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service,
11  n. m.;  evening service, 7:3u p. ni.;
Sunday school, 8:80 p. m,   Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 u. m.; evening service, 7:3(1 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m.   Rev. E. II. Slinnks. pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
q a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.: a
praise mooting nt 3 p. ni.; salvnllon
meet lug at 8 p. m.
More Companies Will   Pay   Up.
Son Francisco, June 1C���The thirty-
two Insurance companies lluil rejected
tile suggestion of n 75-cent compromise
put forward by oi of their associates in
tho underwriters' bureau huve received
two additions to tholr number .The insurance Company of North America
und the Niagara of New York hnve announced Hint they will pay up dollar
for dollar on their losses.
FiftyCents a Month
Continue Without Promise
of Abatement
Infantry Regiments and Army Reserve Temporarily Placed on
"War Footing."
St. Petersburg; .June Id*���M. Vlnaer,
a constitutional (leniocrati<; member of
ihe lower house, has received ihe Bellowing dispatch from Btfillstoki dalort
2:45 this morning:
"The Holing proceeded throughout
lhe day with unabated fury, and is still
continuing, with no signs of cessation.
IL Is imiKissilile lo send particulars uf
the horrors."
Warsaw, June ]<j.���The latest messages received here from llialystok say
that the sacking of Jewish houses and
shops, accompanied by contiicts in the
streets between the mob and troops,
continued until late last night. Many
Jews, Poles anil Russians, both civilians anil soldiers, were killed and
wounded. The suburb of Bokary was
totally burned and eight streets at
Bialystok were completely sacked. The
rioting is said to huve extended to the
Lapy station of the St. Petersburg railroad, and to Starosielce station, ou the
Southwestern railroad. At both places
the Jewish shops were looted and Jews
were murdered or beaten. A mob devastated the Jewish shops In the town
of Gherncdiawiez, the fiist station otil
of Bialystok on the line to Grodno.
Two police sergeants were shot .ami
killed here yesterday, and another policeman was wounded by terrorists. A
policeman who pursued the assassins
was shot nnd killed by a passing woman.
Odessa, June 16.���Instructions have
been issued io the effect lhal all the
infantry regiments and army reserve
men in the southern and southwestern
provinces are to he temporarily on a
war footing. In the event of the peasants rising against the nobles, the Cossacks are to he mobilized into flying
brigadiers. It is stated that similar instructions have been issued to the provincial commanders in chief in central
and northern Russia.
Odessa, June 16.���The Jews at Kishinev are in a state of panic in view of
a report that a Jewish massacre is
threatened. They have hastily closed
and bnrricadid their houses and stores,
The town is patrolled by cava'ry, while
pickets of infantry are stationed at
strategic points. Messages from Yelis-
'lethgrad and Krementchug teport Ihat
anti-Jewish excesses are also apprehended there.
Routing   LIberal-Conaervatfve   Meeting
Held  at Victoria  Last
(Specinl to the Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, June lfi.���The annual mooting of the IJheral-Conservative Association was held last evening in Instl-
tule hall, and was attended hy n large
and representative gathering���one of
the best In years. Considering the season of tho year and the fact that "there
was nothing," as the premier expressed It, "lo whet tho political appetite,"
It was very gratifying Indeed. One of
the satisfactory features of tho meeting was the unanimity which existed,
resulting In practically the re-election
of all the old officers und a most enthusiastic reception of the speakers.
The premier's address was one of his
beBt. It was a plain, straightforward
account of the stewardship of the government, now In the fourth year of office, nnd gave his reasons why it
should have the continued support of
tho electors of British Columbia. These
were baBed upon a record of fulfilled
promises, financial success and an honest and economical administrative record. Everywhere throughout the province there was dominant a note of confidence nnd of prosperity, and for that
the administrative po'ley of the government was largely responsible. Industrial development had been placed upon
a progressive basis, because tho people
who were backing Industry with effort,
and capital were no longer afraid   of
unstable political conditions and financial discredit. The premier dwelt In
glowing terms upon tlie outlook and
possibilities of the parts of the Interior
which he had recently visited, and reflected In hlB remarks th<; optimism
that pervaded the utmosphere everywhere. Mr. McBride made a splendid
Impression upon his hearers, and was
mosi heartily applauded throughout
In every respect the meeting of last
night was a bucccbs.
$87,000,000 to be Raited for Road Construction.
Seattle, June lfi.���The stockholders
and trustees of tho Alaska Central railroad at their annual meeting last night
amended their company's bylaws and
trust deed to provide for the purchase
hy a Byndicate of lxindon and Holland
bondholders of the $87,000,000 of Alaskan Central bonds with which to
finance the construction of the line. An
agreement was signed with the Tanana
Construction Company to complete the
road as far as the Chlcalon coal fields,
isfi miles nortii or Seward, not later
than 18 months from July 1st of this
Roasted Horse Flesh.
New York, June 16.���Twenty-six
horses were burned to death today In
a fire which destroyed the Btables of
James F. Ryan and Joseph Cody, In
West Eleventh street. While the stable
was on fire Cody's daughter Lucy,
aided by her small brother, saved six
horses. The loss was said to be about
British  Columbia    Securities    Remain
Popular With Investor,���The
Week's Quotation,.
The local mining market continues
stiong and with generally high prices.
With outside investors ail British Columbia slocks are extremely popular.
The favor with which copper properties
especially are regarded augurs well for
Ilie future of the Kootenay and Boundary districts, willi their numerous nnd
immense undeveloped bodies of copper
The sensation of the weelc in mining
stock transactions was the unlooked-
for advance in Rambler-Cariboo. It is
reported that large buying orders were
placed with Spokane brokers, one Nelson firm alone, which has a branch office there, haviug handled several thousand shares. The favorable conditions
of the mine are supposed to be the
cause  of this activity.
International Coal has received con-
iderable attention from tile public. The
demand has been good and prices have
remained firm.
The copper market has been active,
and considerable trading has been done
in all of the local copper stocks, particularly Dominion Copper, Eureka
Copper and Denoro Mines. With a
price of IS cents, copper investors are
beginning lo realize that there Is a good
chance for a great many of British Co
lumbia's copper mines joining the dividend iiayers Inside of a very few
All Coeur d'Alcne stocks have been
active, and prices, witli a very few exceptions, show an upward tendency. It
is believed lhat an era of prosperity
has just started In 'he Coeur d'Alene
district, nnd while big advances have
been made In all prices, still Inrger advances are looked for.
The "Wireless" securities have been
in good demand. These stocks are
traded 111 mostly iu small lotH, atul form
a desirable class of security for small
The following prices, as furnished
by Messrs. Sharp H Irvine, nre approximate quotations for the week ending
Asked.       Bid.
AJax 20 .18
Alhiimbru 15 .13
Ben Hur 03 .01
Canadian    Consolidated
Smeller   1.32        1.28
Canadian  Ooldflelds   ..    .07 .OCtf,
Cnrlboo-McKinney 02%       0.2
California     ... .02
Deer Trail Consolidated   .01V4       .01
Dominion Copper  3.60        3.40
Diamond Vale 23 .20
Hecla 3.B0        2.75
International  Coal 48 .47
.lumbo  (Itossland)    22 .15
Lardeau   Mines 01%       .01
Marconi   (Canadian)   .. 3.50        3.25
Marconi   (American)   ..56.00      63.00
Monte Crlslo 03V4       .03
Rambler-Cariboo 25 .2214
Sullivan 04 .03
Western Oil 15 .13
White Bear 0414        04
Insane Affliction Increases Every Year
Is Row Living Like Wild Animals
on Crumbs and Fruits-
Guards Terrified.
Vienna, June 16.���In well informed
quarters here It Is considered probable
that King Otto of Bavaria will soon be
deposed. When Prince Luitpold was
in Vienna recently he took part in a
discussion in court circles as to the
inadvlsabllity and absurdity of Bavaria
being ruled in the name of an insane
sovereign and of the Viennese courl
communicating, this view to the Bava-
rian government. Prince Luitpold, il
is understood, was assured that both
the German and the Austrian court circles approved the plan, for| some time
actively discussed in Bavaria, of mak
ing him the king. A change in the Bavarian constitution, however, would be
necessary before this could be done,
and it is doubtful if the diet would as
sent to the project.
King Otto, who was insane when he
ascended the throne 20 years ago, has
grown worse each year, and is now
living like a wild animal. He permits
nobody to approach him. His only
nourishment is bread crumbs and dried
fruit. He is In a frightful condition
from neglect, which his physicians and
custodians are unable to remedy because, according to monarchial tradition, they are not permitted.
Berlin, June 16.���A despatch from
Munich says that serious illness has
again taken hold upon mad King Otto
of Bavaria. By a peculiar coincidence
today happens to be the twentieth anniversary of King Otto's ascension to
the throne. Several years before he
succeeded his mad brother, King Laid-
wig II., Otto was afflicted with a most
dangerous form of mental trouble, and
for 20 years he has been hopelessly insane, the country being under the rule
of a regency. Ludwig ll.*was found
drowned -in Starbergen lake, on the royal estates. He had committed suicide.
Ludwig's form of insanity was an exaggerated passion for art. Otto's pas
slon is to kill. For 20 years his guards
have stood in dread of their lives while
on duty watching over their insane
luler. He is a man of gigantic stature,
with unkempt beard and wild eyes. His
pastime was shooting at peasants who
chanced lo pass within range of his
windows. It is said that he would) sit
at a window all through the day waiting for a chance to kill a peasant.
Close Score In an Exhibition Game Preliminary to the Contest.
London. June 10.���In Ihe Dwlght F.
Davis international tennis challenge
cup coniisi. the brothers Doherty this
nflernoon beat Holeombe Ward and
Raymond D. Little, Americans, iiy three
sets to one. The scores were 3-6, 11-9,
10-8 and 6-1. The Biillsh thus retain
the cup. The games were sharp and
The United States was today beaten
In the doubles for the international
contest of the Davis cup, and thus lost
all chance of recovering tho trophy In
1906, tho British holders having won
Iho two singles yesterday, thus having
taken three out of four matches. The
Americans realized their handicap in
the enforced absence of Beals C.
Wright. They hardly had a ghost of
a chance. Ast a curtain raiser for Ihe
big contest. Rlsley. the northern champion, played an exhibition game with
Kreigh Collins, tho American reserve
man.   The Englishman won, 6-2, 0-1.
Nicholas  Stands  by  Cossacks.
St. Petersburg,    June    1(1.���Emperor
Nicholas has Issued a rescript to the
Siberian Cossacks    granting    them  in
perpetuity the land which they occupy.
Two  Steamers Founder.
Whitehall.     Mich..    June     1(1.���The
Btonmor Georgia  of (ho Goodrich  line
ran aground during a fog today on the
ohoro of  White lako  while  en  route
from Chicago to Whitehall. The passengers are in no danger, but it may
be difficult to release the vessel.
Alpena, Mich., June 1G.���The steamer Grecian, bound down to Detroit for
ropalrs, afler having been aground,
foundered early today off Thunder
Bay. The crew were taken off, and
there were no casualties. The Grecian
was owned by the United States Steel
But Do Not  Hurry���There's Plenty of
Toronto, June 10.���At the annual
meeting of the Toronto Methodist conference Thursday. Rev. Drt. Carman,
genet al superintendent of the Methodist church in Canada, speaking of
cliurch union, said:
"I admire the statesmanlike course
of our Presbyterian brethren. They
have sent out to their people a simple
statement of the facts of the case, to
let the people mature their judgment
in the matter. That suits me entirely.
I think our Presbyterian brethren did
the good and right thing."
The speaker deprecated anything
like rush or hurry in the matter, and
said he would he sorry to see Methodists slacken their diligence or efforts
In anticipation of whnt  might be.
Steamship Arrivals.
Siaconsett, Mass., June 16.���The
steamer New York, from Southampton,
was in wireless communication with
tlie station here when 130 miles east
of Nantucket lightship at 4 a. m. today.
She will probably dock about 8 a. m.
Provincial Curricula Preferred to Those
of Universities���Will Close
Next Week.
An important decision was made
last night by the board of school trus
tees in regard to the work of Nelson
high school. Since the organization of
the school In January, 1901, the curricula have been as various as the desires of the pupils, Involving increasing work for the staff. Hereafter the
work of the school will be limited to
the options allowed in the courses authorized by the provincial department
of education.
The board met last night at 8 o'clock
In the secretary's office. There were
present A. D. Emory, in the chair, Dr.
Hall and Dr. Arthur. The minutes
were read and approved.
The matter of the future standing of
non-resident pupils was deferred to a
special meeting.
A. Sullivan, principal of the public
school, drew attention to) the fact that
one of his staff had paid a substitute
teacher out of her own salary. On motion of Dr. Hall, It was resolved that
in cases of teachers' illness, the board
should provide substitutes for two
weeks, the motion being made to cover
the recent case.
C. M. Fraser, principal of the high
school, was present by request to advise as to the choice of high school
courses. He made a full comparison
of the departmental curricula with those
of the universities. The' first point of
comparison is the end of tbe third year
In the high school, when Students have
the option of trying for intermediate
certificates or for matriculation. The
second choice is between senior certificates and first year college work.
On account of their Involving less labor for staff and students, less inconvenience about arranging for examinations, shorter notices nnd, fewer fees,
Mr. Fraser recommended that! (he provincial courses be followed. The report wns adopted.
The payrolls for June and accounts
for $00.70 were passed and payment ordered.
On account of the decision of the
majority of the teachers of tho public
school to attend lhe teachers' convention in Victoria, It was resolved that
the public schools should close down
on Friday. June 22nd. At the request
of Principal Fraser, permission wns
given lo vary the hours of high school
work during the last week.
Wednesday, June 20th, at 8 p. m���
was the date fixed for the special meeting.   The board then adjourned.
Jews Buy Their Escape.
Berlin, June 16.���A despatch from
the Tageblatt frdm Bialystok, dated
Saturday, 4 p. m., says: "Plundering
and murdering continues. The garrison here and of the several uvlghbor-
ing places Is in possession of the city,
which is on fire. Further llres are continually breaking out; the situation is
frightful. A few Jews through high
payments have been allowed to escape."
To Replace Companies
of R. M. Rangers
Inspector-General Entertained by the
Local Militia���Promises
Generous Aid.
The visit of Lord Aylmer will long
be remembered by the Nelson company
of the Rocky Mountain Rangers. His
words and manner to them from the
beginning of the inspection last night
to the end of (he smoker program,
when he rose to say farewell and replied to the enthusiastic cheering,
united the kindliness of a father, the
heartiness of a comrade, and withal
the zeal of a soldier. As Captain Form remarked at the close, "The men
have fallen In love with him."
Owing to the weather, the inspection
hour was changed from afternoon to
evening, and was held In the armory.
There were on parade Captain Forln,
Lieutenant Stewart, five sergeants, four
corporals, two buglers and 21 privates,
a sergeant and nine privates being unavoidably absent. The present strength
ot the company is 44.
The Inspection conducted by Lord
Aylmer and Colonel Holmes was short,
but thorough, and drew from the general warm praise fur tbe evident seal
and perseverance of officers and men.
He praised the loyalty that led to the
sacrifice of time necessarily devoted to
training, and expressed the hope that
more men would follow their example.
A smoking concert then began, with
a varied program, Including a boxing
match, Edwards vs. Holland; singlestick contest, Marks vs. Coppen; songs
by S. Wye, E. J. Marks; piano solos
by R. Howe and F. J. Palnton, who was
the accompanist of the evening. The
program closed about 10 o'clock with
"The Brave Old Army," sung by Captain Forln.
In reply to "He's a Jolly Good Fellow," followed by ringing cheers. Lord
Aylmer rose to say good-bye.   He said:
"Fellow-Citizens: I am sincerely
sorry to have to say good-bye so early.
1 have enjoyed this evening very much.
I see you have many other accomplishments besides drill, and you seem proficient In all. x
"My trip to British Columbia has
been a revelation to me. This Is a
magnificent country, especially these
mountain regions, and I am highly
pleased that in so many places the
question of national defence has already been faced.
"1 hope that the movement will grow. ���
I promise you on my own behalf and
that of the headquarters staff that any
assistance or encouragement we can
give you will be given promptly and
"I hope that each company of the
Rangers will become before long the
nucleus of a regiment, and tbat there
will be available soon not one regiment, but a brigade of Rocky Mountain
"I sincerely hope that it may be my
good fortune to come again soon and
renew this acquaintance that has been
so pleasant.
"Oentlemen, I thank you for your
kindness   and   hospitality.    Good-bye."
Lord Aylmer, his aide-decamp. Major Eaton, and Colonel Holmes left for
Rossland this morning.
The Brothler Secret
Ottawa, June 10.���It is learned here
on good authority that tbe pardon of
Desire Brothler was preceded by an application to the minister of Justice for
a new trial on the perjury charge, made
in regular form by petition. The
grounds upon which the request was
made were purely technical, but It was
flatly refused. The application in question was made by a Vancouver firm.
When it failed another effort was made
on Brotbier's behalf by some Montreal
people, who asked for his pardon and
release, as already reported. Among
tho grounds given was a statement to
the effect that Brothler wished to leave
for France, where he had a mother and
sister dependent upon him, to whose
support lie was anxious to contribute.
This plea appears to have enlisted the
sympathy of Influential people, as, although the minister of Justice could
see no reason why the case should be
reopened by way of a new trial, he
made the formal recommendation that
he be set at liberty. The Dally Canadian, June id, i906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
toe daily Canadian
I'lilii.Khc.l ilxdnyti a week by the
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Bubieriptloa ratea, 50 cenui n moulh delivered
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l>Hi'i tn advance
Ailvt-rtisiui; rates on .ipp..(-niioii.
ah monies p..i'i in letilemcni of Thf Dally
Canadian accounts, either foi itibscrlptiona it
advertising, musl .����� receipted (or mi the printed
formi of the Company. Othei receipts nre rmi
���' Hy ,
��� tvord wo are loinetlm is in r id i" bo
wIh aod ny one word lometluua judged t'i tw
[oollabs hel ua therefore be careful wbal we
We crave the Indulgence of our readers while we essay .. discussion of the
hackneyed question of the Lord's Day
Alliance and the proposed Lord's Day
observance bill now before the Dominion house. This is Saturday evening,
and n discussion of the hill will nol be
an unfitting Introduction to the day of
rest, the more especially as the public
of Nelson have been so often treated
io dissertations upon [he Bubject that
we feel sure their weariness is nol unfeigned.
The hill now under discussion in the
Dominion  parliament   has   passed   (lie
committee stage, and is properly before
tho law-makers, as  well as  before  the
country.   A brief resume of its history
nnd of the society  responsible ror Its
Introduction  will Interest  the  readers
of this paper.   The Lord's Day Alliance
ih an organization of some antiquity in
Canada,  bul it is oulj   within  receni
years that it lias become somewhat of
a nuisance to those who hold and prop*
agate lax views as to the method of
observing   the  clay    commonly  called
Sunday.    The Alliance first made itself
felt iu the province of Ontario, where
it had besieged  the late  Ross government to enact legislation for the more
strict observance   of the   day   of   rest.
The  Itoss government,   with   its   usual
method of escape from embarrassing
questions, us on the question of prolii-
biuon, for example, doubted the powers
of a provincial    government    to pass
Sunday  laws;   promised  the advocates
of such   legislation   that   if the     privy
Council would so rule, and having it in
their   power,   they   would   enact    such
legislation us would meet  tho petition
^of the Alliance.    The privy council, if
���wo remember, decided thai it was the
'prerogative    of lhe  Dominion to enact
such  general  Sunday  observance  laws
as might make the observance of the
day  uniform  throughout   Canada.    Certain   rights  and   responsibilities     were
Riill left  to the provinces, and these
have been urged by the Alliance In Ontario somewhat tn the discomfiture of
the government  there.
The heavy artillery of the Alliance.
however, wai silenced as fnr us provincial legislation was concerned, and
the full battery turned upon Ottawa.
with 'he express purpose of securing
legislation for the whole Dominion, and
the bill which is now before the house
lb the outcome of the pressure brought
to bear upon ihe Ottawa government
by public sentiment in tbe east as
crystallized in the demands of the
Lord's  Day Alliance.
We can scarcely repress a smile at
the Innocence of the Alliance and  lhe
duplicity of Hon. Charles Pltxpatrlck,
when the former submitted the draft
of a bill embodying the desired legislation, and the latter, as reported by
the delegation who appealed to him,
agreed to enact the bill as In substance presented to the department, of
which he was the head. Tlie Revs. J,
(1. Shearer and S. D. Chown left the
sanctum of the minister In high glee,
and reported through the religious organs which they control that th"1 question would be settled forthwith by the
enactmenl of practically all such legislation as the Alliance asked for. In
this they had failed to reckon with the
sentiment of the country, particularly
the religions sentiment, which, alas, is
always too ready to assent to any sort
of legislation, provided it is thereby
able to evade responsibility for the
moral and! ethical practices of its own
community. The result has been as
might be expected, that when the bill
actually became a threatening probability, the sentiment of the country
weakened, protest nfter protest has
been lodged, and the bill has been mutilated till, to quote an eastern paper
more expressive than cultured, "its
own mother wouldn't know it."
With the objects of the Lord's Day
Alliance as they are expressed in iis
constitution, we are in fullest accord.
The desirability of securing such Immunity from toil as will guarantee to
each laborer the free enjoyment of one
day of rest In seven will command iho
BUpport of secularist, scientist and religionist alike. But to reduce such a
law to definite and unambiguous terms
so as to cover the field of desirable
legislation without treading upon tbe
tender sensibilities of many upright
and Irreproachable citizens in a country so cosmopolitan as Canada, Is n
problem which will not tie solved today
or tomorrow.
in our opinion, the fata] weakness of
the Lord's Day Alliance is, first, in that
It would presume to give a dogmatic
deliverance upon the debatable subject
of what is right and what is wrong on
Sunday; ami, in the second place, the
assumption that people can he made
moral by act of parliament By these
two parallel lines of latitude the efforts
of the L. I). A. seem to be bounded, and
in morals and ethics, as wed as in
geography, they are largely Imaginary
While we heartily concur in such legislation as may be necessary to protect
the toiler from all encroachment upon
his rights and his time, we are equally
convinced that tbe Lord's Day Alliance
will better spend Its time, energy and
money if it will devote Its efforts to an
evangelistic campaign which will create a wholesome moral sentiment, cor-
reel lax views and enlist ihe sympathies of all classes of society in tlie
proper   observance of  the   Lord's   day.
As usual, the province has excelled iis
previous record, but ii lias taken ten
years to reach a gross output of AM,-
500,000, which includes coal, gold, cop*
per. silver, lead and zinc. To British
Investors, the development of iiie metallic mining industry lias been tardy
and disappointing. To American mining im u it has been a cause of amazement that tlie most highly mineralized
portion of the North American continent has been so comparatively neglected. Tlie British Columbian boasts
vaguely of the great richness of the
country, and points to individual prospectors who have made a 'slake' by
the sale of their claims; but the fact
remains that there is today hardly one
prosperous mine owned aud operated
by local capital. Eastern Canadian,
Itritish and American capital has been
spent, and in a few cases returns are
now being received; hut local enterprise has not been conspicuous."
The reply .it the Colonist is a clincher, and only that it lias to be made to
thai peculiar class of Ignoramuses, a
pair ut which evidently edit "Canada."
it would be effective. To such people,
however, mere is no rational appeal:
"There Is but one way to deal with
the statement respecting the dale of
tbe appearance ol the minister of
mines' report, and that is to quote tlie
opinion of one who is an authority on
the subject- - Horace Stevens, author
of 'The Copper Handbook,' recognized
everywhere among mining men. Writing voluntarily to the editor of the Mining Record, lie said: "In my work on
"The Copper Handbook" 1 have to keep
iu touch with tbe mining bureaus of
the entire world, and 1 wish lo go on
record as slating lhat for some years
past, without exception, the annual report ot* tlie British Columbia Bureau
ol .Minis has In en the first to reach
me from any oflioial bureau, division
or department dealing with mining
mailers' To lie first in all the world
ought to settle the editor of 'Canada'
on that  score.
"Now, as to the other statement
made, 'Canada' is. if not equally astray,
they are al least equally uncalled for.
It is true that the majority of the large
producing mines are controlled hy outside capital, but iu that the province of
British Columbia simply follows the
bad of all other mining countries.
When money is required in the millions
for development of such mines as the
Oranby, or the Le Rol, or the Crow's
.Vest Pass Coal Company, it is necessary to go to the money centref to get it.
There are local shareholders in all our
mines, and there are a number of the
smaller properties owned by and operated by local men, but when the mine
reaches a certain stage, it is almost Invariably reorganized for the purpose
of increased capitalization. This Is
the rule everywhere���in South Africa.
Australia or Mexico, as well as in British Columbia. Such criticism as 'Canada' indulges in demonstrates lamentable ignorance of the conditions which
obtain in mining, ns its news columns
do in respect to the various mines of
Hritish Columbia. It succeeds in placing some of the largest of the Boundary mines in tlie Sloeaii-Kootonay, together with the Frank smelter In Alberta: and under the head of the
'Crow's Nest Pass Coal' it gives the
returns of the Le Rid, Centre Star and
other Rossland mines."
Not In- Is licrcliy ki\
��� oodttyi from dftto I
Intend to apply to tho Uouojubl lUiaGblcl Com-
utfMionerof Undi nnd Worki. rornerml ileo i<>
purchase tha follow I oa detcrlbed (audi, iltnata
at the mouth of HutefiWi creek on the Arrow
i.uk.'s in the Weal Itootenay UHt'Int.  a it80
Hens  ot laud;  (-omiiieix iiik  ��t  "   poit  nnirkfd
w. ii. h s. w. poit, tbence no Hi Wrtialni.tnen-
do eait 80 chalna, tbence foutl. 10 chaini, llieneo
wt'Bt 90 chaini i" point of commencement,
Dated thli uhdayof JunolWB,
wini oi Harry I'ktkuh,
William J. foYlC, IOBK1
Notice U hereby given lhat W dayi (-em d I
Intend to apply lo the Hon unl I ihe i uiel Lorn-
mlutoneroiLandi and Worki. tor pennlaalon tn
purcbRM 100 aorei ot laud at Van Houton creek
In th-Arrow LaketlnUie Weil Kootenay District. Starting from a poit mark dA u n ��.
poit, thenco lo ohalni eait, thenee i" chains
ion b,thenee40 chaini weit,thence 40 iImiihn
iuiiiIi to point' 1 commencement
Dated thimth deyof June two.
AnTiuit Jons Logo,
William j Toys, Agent.
Notice li bereby giv -n that 00 dayi after -Ihip
we intend to sowy to tbe Honorable the I'hief
Commluloner of undi and Worki hi vii torla,
B C. lor iHTinl-clon to pttrchaie lhe Mlowiiik
duorJbed tandi. Bit" a to in Weal Kootenay dla-
met. I'omnunofuB at h poii planted nt i tiomai
sferome'i n k poit mid marked Ivit Dcnll
am) A Ohoquatte N. w. Uoraer. thence 30 chains
eaal   thenee W cbalm mniii, thence W chains
weit, thencatnohtlni north to tin tniucu iur
poit, contain Ins 10 aorei moro or leu,
Hal id May 36,
1'ltkh Diug| i
W. A. Jones, Agent
Notice is bereby Riven tbat DO dayi after dale l
intend toappiv to tbe Honorable the chlet < nm-
mtulonerof Undi and Worki I ir pt rmli��loit Lo
nurcbiie the following deicrlbed landa, iltiiated
in tbedlitrletof Weit Kootenay, ad Join ing lot
790 on tho West arm ol Kootenay Lake. Commencing at an initial poit placed nt Hie lOUth-
wcatonrnerol Lot 700, tbonce nnrt'i no ohalna,
thonce well lOobalm, thence louth *- chaini,
thenoe oust 10 ohalni to pointof oommenwment
Dated May 28,1000.
Jar, Prazrh
There is a new publication in England, a weekly paper which calls ItselT
"Canada." nnd which has been Imbibing the prejudices of certain opposition
papers In Hritish Columbia, descending
to their level in Untruthful assertions
reapooling tbe department of mines.
The Colonist lakes the paper to task,
and neatly tarns the tables, showing
thai ii is either Ignorant or unfair, and
convincingly establishes the fact ihat
in the department of mines there id 111-
He left undone that It Is desirable to
do.    The Colonist   says:
"We refer to certain communis It
has made on the mines' report and the
mining development which appear In
lhe last issue at hand." It then quotes
from Canada:
"Unfortunately the authorities of
Hritish Columbia are as tardy as ever
In preparing the annual provincial statistics; and it still takes them nearly
Ave months to ascertain and announce
the value of last year's mineral output.
The action of the executive council
of the legislative assembly of British
Columbia in deciding to order the fullest Inquiry into the workings of the department of lands and works will compel the admiration of political friends
and honorable opponents alike, ITiat
would seem lo he ihe only way to silence the horde of slanderers who have
been seek Ins to poison ihe mind of the
electorate in respect lo the administration of that department, Unfair a procedure as it is, they have forced the
department to do what is never naked
of an accused person in any court of
law or public opinion���that Is, convince the public of lis innocence. From
the riot that was raised one might have
expected that definite charges would
have been preferred, and In some way
that the department might have been
placed in the position of tin ordinary
defendant In the case. The chief commissioner, however, asks lor an investigation, and thereby gives evidence
of his readiness to account for the inner workings of the branch of the administration over which he has charge.
Tin- outcome of this inquiry will be
not only a boomerang for tlie calumniators, hut win probably result in some
of them finding themselves In a serious
position al the (lose, There is for
some people and some newspapers only
one method of procedure, and while the
process of inflicting penally for u violation of the decencies of life may he a
wearisome one, il will not in the end
fall to g< t  there,
Thut the Inquisition will he full and
exhaustive no one doubts, and Ihe resolution of the executive Is one which
will convince the people that the better
tho working of the department Is understood the more It will merit public
confidence. Unlike at Ottawa, there
will be no attempt in this case to se-
crete Information or hide names or
Notice li hereby given that sixty dayi afterdate
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Uooimlmloner of Lands and Worki, Victoria, 'or
permission InnurchaM the fallowing deicrlbed
[audi in Weal Kootenay, Comment Ing at a poat
marked Rdgar W. i ynei couth wosl coanor near
to liarnt-t creek and about '* milei louth ol Moi-
qullo meek and abou11 miles weil of ��� olumbla
Klver; thence north 80 chaini, thenee east io
ohalna. tbence louth Ht> cbalm, tbence west tn
nhalni lo place of commencement, containing
830 aorei, being tbe tame more or lets.
Dated June 4, moo.
V. Dvnkh A gen I.
Notice is hen hy Riven thai 00 dayi after date I
lnt"ij.l ti uprly to the Hoiiontt.lt> (he <'hte[
Commissioner Of lands and   Works  for  permll-
ilon to purchase the following deicrlbed lands,
FftiiHted in blocan Dltfilct. Commencing ai
north east uorn t pott of Ia.i 88 0, 'hance runn-
lac t.'Uth 80 ohalni, thenee eait 30 chains, thenoe
north 40 chains, thenoe weal 30chains toC. P. ti.
right-of-way, following lame south veal to a
point intercepting north tine of Lot MM, thenee
eaM io point of commesocment, containing IN
BCrei more or less
May 80th 1808,
    C I. Qanbwih
tfotlce li hereby given lhal 00dim afterdate I
Intend to makr application to 'he Honorable the
Chief! ommlaaloner of Landa and Worka for per-
minion to piireiiHNe (he fallowing deicrlbed
Ihii'Is : Commencing hi a pi st placed on the eait
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Ratii'
pre-emption on theipnlhweit marked "T k.'��
h. W. c roer poit." Tbence running m rimem
east;  theme Si ihaliU' bou'.Ii ; tlu'lK e Ho chains
more or lens, weil to tbe take shore; thenco fallowing lake shore to point ol commencement!
Conl 'inliiR MO (teres, more or leu
Hated thin 7th davnf June, lum.
Notice ii hereby given thai 60 dayi aft*r date 1
intend t<> make application [��� (he lloimriililo Die
chief commissioner of Land sand Woiki (or per
niiwHioii to purchase the Pillowing described
lands: Commencing at a post placed on the
nnrthea*! corner of r Klnaban'* Appii'iition to
Purchase.mirkod "H. 1 i corner post." running
ho chHinneau; thonce 80 chains couth; thence hu
chains wi st; thence following I Klnahan'i eaii
orn bonnda*y to point of commencement, containing M0 aorei! nmrc or lew.
Hannah Tikknkv.
Dated this 7tli day of June, Poo.
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi afterdate I
Intend to in nice appl Vallou to the flononthlc the
Chief Commlaslonei of Landl and Works for permission to put chase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a post placid at the in-
le section of the eait boundary ofJ Hates' preemption ami the north houm'iirv <( T Klnahan'-i
Application to Purchase, marked "T. K. Jr'i * w.
co ner post." Thence following J. Bates'eastern
boundary,-10 chaini north; thenceSqchatnieast,
thenoe ��J chains to the no theru boundary of
Hannah   "" lerney'i  Application to  Purchase;
tti' lira following tlie northerly boiinda*v of same
and n irtherly boundary of T. lUnahan'i Application to Porch aie, to pof<,t of commencement,
containing830 acres m ro of less.
T. KlNAHAN, .111.
Paled (his Till day of Jii.ie, liwn.
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The Nelson Canadian.���Greenwood
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to rend  the Ledge.
Notlirw  Ifl  IhtI.v  Riven   tlutt I intern), (id ilnvd
after data to ui>i>iy tn tin- chief Ootoialnlotier ol
Laoda and Worki (or permiaioQ to pnrcboM tin;
fo!]owtog deieribed laudi tituate at Plre Valler.
Kuotftiny illMtrlct. t'rmiiiiL'iu'itig ftt it poit (niHrk-
od Qeorgo Yoiidr North w.-st corner) placed hi
tlie north treat comer of Motion 38 Unrnshlp ''���',;
tiieiire eait w cbalm to the north eaal corner of
FHt'i lectloo 88; thence soiuh -id ohalni, thence
weil B0 Chainii theme imrlli   Hi iliHlns lo the
plaoa ol l��piiiniriR. containing 886 acrei Hint
IieiiiK tiiv norllierly IihU of MiiU Motion 88, lown-
Dated at Nolion, B. u. June 6th 1005
 QaOBOl Yorv.i.
Nottee ts herd f given tbat I Intend) 60 dan
afterdate) to apply to the Chief Commhnioner of
Landi ami Works for ixltuiImIoii to purohaie
the following dencrlbed lands, iltuate at Fire
Vaiuy, Kootenay Dutrlot    Commencing al n
[mini (ni*rke.l fitiitrgu Voting nortii unit corner]
jilticeil at  the  north   east  corner of  section  :>'
lownablpOSi thence aoutb B0 ohalni to the lonth
taut comer of Mid mcUoo 82; tbonco weit in
i Imirih, thenoe north 80 chain;-, an<l   thoncfl  OBII
10 chain��� to the p'ace ol begtorrng. containing
NO acres, atnt being tho easterly hmf of kui-i m-,-.
lion 82, totwiHlilpW.
Dated Bt Mellon, ti. c, June Bth 1006,
Notice ii hereby given thai I intend 60 dayi
afterdate to apply to thy Chief Commhuloner of
Landl aod *orlti lor permlulon to purchase
the foUowing deicrlbed lauds, illnale al Plrc
Valley, Kootenay 'iHtrlct.   ron nolng at lt
l>)st (umrked  1. liallHgher���Month   West  co-inr)
placed ai the .south west corner ;>f lootloa 33
township oo thence north to oh sins to the north
wesi corner of umi scciiori 88| thence east  Id
Chains,   Ihcnce   lOUtb   HO  challlN   tO   lhe   i h
boundary of said section 88, and ihcnce west in
chains to tbe place of beginning containing 820
sores, and being tbe westerly half ol ��aiii section 88, lownnhtpfia.
Dated at Kelson, B <:. June .r.'11 1906,
  L. Qau.aqubh.
Notice is hereby glvon thai I intend, 60 days
after date to apply to tbe Chief Commlulouerof
i audi ami Work- im permission to pnrchaM the
following deMrlbed lands and prcml* >, situate
at Kirc valtey, Kpntenay Dlatrlel Commencing
at a pott (marked l*. if. u'Connor nonii can eor
ner) planed at the north eaal corner of lection
21, township60; thenco south 40 chains, tbot.ee
went in chains, (hence oo'th 40 'haiiis u, tiic
northerly boundary ol said section 211 nml then
ee east lo chains to the piece  of  hcxlnnlnu Ron.
mining im acres, and being tho north cast one-
quarter of said section ti, township m.
Nelson, B. (,'. June .'.ih 1000,
P.H. O'COKjroit.
 (IKOBIIB Yoi'Ntl, Agclil
Notice is horeby given that tw days from date
i intend to apply to the Honorable the Obiof
Commissioner ol i.amiHami Works for pcrinis-
ifon tonurobsse the follow log described lands,
in the West Kootenay Dlilrict. <-ii��t side of Col-
urnbla Hirer, about imilei north of Burton City
Commenelng at a nosi marker] LeoM Winter^
H  W. corner, at the V W. corner of It. II. HhiMIi'k
preemption claim, lhence north h i-hMins more
or less to the south boundary ��f Miles Carroll's
preemption claim thence easl X) chaini, theme
���.outh 4cI chains more or less to tho North bound,
try oi It. Ii Plinth's preemption claim, thenee
watt 80 ohalni to point of ct.tamencemcnti con.
tainiiig ho acres more or leu.
Dated thi* 2nd day of June, IDUi.
LtO 31.  WlNTKlt.
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Ndtfi'c Is lieret.y (riven ifmt I  liitciHl, IW i1h>'.
ftltcrdate. to apply la the Clilol Commlul ml
I it ii.Is mid Nnrkn fur l'(':ml,.-luli lo puri-Jiiim. llii-
foilowlng dBfcVfbeu lands, sltvata nt kin- Vniiey,
Kootenay Ulstrlct. Commenrlngatinojtlmarlt.
od f. il. im i onnor south easl. nrnar) placed at
tin- north i'imi u.nii'r of mmiIoii :��, townshto r.'J;
thenco veil m chains, tfaonca uonh ��n dililni,
thenco ooat in iiiiiiiii.,��ii.t tbenea south B0 chains
to tin- place of begiuninf;, containing ::lii non��.
Dated al Nelson, B.-O. June 9th ibo��.
p. B.O'Coioion
 hkiiiii.h Yotrno, Agent.
Kotlco is hereby given tlutt BOdavi frnoi .tut,, i
iiiiMni lonpiif >��� io tho Honorable iho Obief Coin,
misslonorol Lands and Woiks foi permission to
purchase tbe tallowing described landi, In the
West Koolenay Ulitrict. Hand Island, In ihe
Columbia ithvr about, miles north oi itorion
' ity: all of sum Mkii.i ahoTa high a/ater 1,,-lioi
In ... ii" more or less.
Hated this 1st liny of June, igort.
 T. C Makihsoh, Agent.
_IM��tjr dayi afler dali f Intend to apply to the
( omtnlsslonor of I its ���n,i Worki. Victoria ui
purchase Ida seres ���< land. I'nmmonelng at a
poll planted on tho wosl shore ol Arrow Lake, tl
the south eiit corner ol J J ChriiUe's purchase,
rniMiiim iioril. oiieiiKius 11,,-iif i,i j�� chains
<>"���'" li wichsiin, thenee west 8achains to
pie il commencement,
Located May, mil isofl,
A. I'.uiiiik.
I. 'ill i.ii.iikii. I iiiur
Notice i. hereby given iimi no days from date 1
Intend to apply fothe Honorable the Cnromls.
Blmer of  lain,Is ami  Woiks  for  permission In
purchase,tho folloiilnn deicrlbed lands sltnaia
'" ��"��� Weil K, y I.,.,,,,,.  gt,rllng"rom��
pan marked wiuiam Brneil Davl ',�� i  no.i
iilioill two DlllieUI Ol Deer _wk ������ 1|0 i, '
l-"��e. Ilienec s  -iiulli.ll,,.    |, ATO!
well, thence 40 dial orth, thenoe ca.ltoTnniSt
""���"""""," ".IO nine M,  lOOaCtSI.
IinteiHlil.mil day of June, liior,.
 ^WMI.I.UM Kiinkt DiVIIOH.
Notice Is liereI,y Kiv.n llml on ,|���ys after iialo I
Intend toapp) to Tho Honorable tho ahh/KS.1
mlHloner dl'linds and �����,i!.   ��� ��� ".���, '' ,���" ;
Ki"K!:.tV';..',.l1l;:,r1l:!r. ti !::; �����"��
panted on the woitirdoolHioColninblalfivo'r
iifii.nl , "ill,-, north of Burton Cliv iii,,,'
ntrrlh ,,(the south we    ,,'r   i i,, m   ,'",'""
north on cbalm, llieneo .   u ,    ��    " "
ninth HI chains,   he,,,',.,.," s   ,o ,,,,,''; ","'"''!
Daled Ihis lVth .lay ���| June, liiim.
T n'irW���1, MolNTVIll!.
J. u Maklnsnli, Agent.
Imperial Bank of Canac
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP.. ..$8,800,000 REST (ttJ
D. R. WILK1K, I��nwiili.iit. HON. ROBBBT JAKKRAV. Vice Pn��id��il
Branches in British Columbia:
Depogita ni'oivi-,1 nml inliinwt allowinl nt riirivnt nitog from linto nf npemjiJ
coont itnit crtalitoil Imlf.yi.'iirly. |
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.!
P. Burns & Cd
Branch Marketi in EUMdaqd, Trail, Nolwn, Kiwlo,  Sandon, TJin^' Forks, >i
Denver ��nd Blooan Oity.
Onlom liy umll lo rtuv 1 much will luvc
n'lr pnnnpl hii'I <-Hrt*fu] hUimiUoii.
Head Office: Nelson, B.I
Starkey & Co., t��&
VVholewnle Provlalona,
Produce,        . Fruit.
Dominion Qoviminieiit OrsamBrT OnnPoanil lirickn reoelvod weeklj tn*
fruui tlw cliun,.   l-'ur wUo l,y nil lisailitiK Kr<*'"ra.
Ollironiiil wnrehouHo: Ilmmtnn Hlock,   Phono "II.
Josephine Street.      -       .       .      Nelson, B. C.   i!
The Hall Mining and SmeltinJ
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tart Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bnnt I!���il(le,��� win fl���,l it to thmr ndvnntogo to ono onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ui The Daily Canadian, Jane (6, 1906
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
business, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
system will enable us to make. These are not Special
but regular prices:
Cash Price
DRUG Department
Old Price
���25 Mcnnen's Talc Powder. 20
$1.00    Beef   Iron and Wine.. '7r
���2.S  Wood Alcohol, pts ," 20
���5��  Wood Alcohol, qts        4o
���40  Steedman's Teething Powders.. ��
40  Stedraan'* Teething Powders    ,
���35  Williams' Shaving Stick .      2��
��� IS     Williams' Barber's Bar .to
���75  Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets,     '60
.25    Glycerine aud Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles
Stationery Department
.75     250 page Letter Books  50
J1.25    s 250 page Letter Books $1.00
1.50  250 page Letter Books  1.25
2.00  500 page Letter Books  1.50
2.50  1000 page Letter Books  2.00
Pnpeterie, containing 24 sheets paper,
.25   <     (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 peuholdei
(     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting	
.25     Novels 15c, 2 for .25
.30 and 35c Writing Tablets 25
.25     Writing Tablets 15
,15 package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes       3 for .25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
r44444444444X #>���������������������������������������
MANUFACTURERS    ��   ..���(...     QUl~*A**
and dealers in Lvmoet9 aningies,
|I~mh, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
|riied Work ant] ItrnvkotM. Mnil Orders promptly attended to.
VliMNOrV 8TMBBT   -   -   -   IVUUSOIN. H. O.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize the f'lKio wlio nm
here now, and we will
Ihi it Ioiik way t.i-
ward nm- Ktiul.
Thorpe's Lithia
i�� oqna] to any aperient
nnti-rlii'imintio wat-
en battled in
tin' United
if yon mo enough of it we
'���no rapport another
fnuiily in Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Y ^P" for a
jfanadian Morning.**
footenay Coffee
SKA LED TKNDEK8, marked, "TVihUt for Timber t.nini, Kootanay DutrtoV will iw ro-
MlTed by Hit* oodarsiffnedi up to noon of Hutur-
dayi tlie BOtfa day nf June, lUiKi, from any ponon
��� Ir.-inrig to obtHiu h N|H'i'laI Mm Iter Uri-use to cut
nml carry away timlmr from Lot ",'-"21, Group i,
Kootftiuv DiNiriit, situated near McNeflUa'sHH-
int.*. on tin* liiti! of tlie rrow's Nest Pass Kailway
nnd i-iiiiinimmr 418 urn - more or lens.
The parson oflbring the highest rash bofiui
will bo entitled to u special license covering tlie
wild   lot,   renewable (or   twenty-one  KHMnlva
K��cb tender must be Hi'eoinpiinii'il by a eertl-
(leil cheque, made payable at i'��r l" Victoria to
the uiiderdlKiied, Tor tlie amount, fll.VOO, of Hie
lli-i yeat'fi reel for inch upecla] lleen.se, nnd the
iimouiit of 'lie bonus tendered, ami itl-o a ccrtill nl cheque for 9303.70 (or coat of locating, advertising and surveying of said lot.
Deputy Commissioner oi Lands, ami Works,
lAQdS ind Works Department,
Victoria, f.C, 7th June, 190.1.
Nelson, H. 0 , JunoiSth, IW6.
8BALID TKNDKKH will be received by the
Warded ol the t'rnrliiclnl ffwl, Nelmtn, H. fl.|
until noon June '.''Hi, far supplies for one vear,
from July 1st, 1900) to Jane WW, 1907. Meal,
bread 1 groceries) hnnlware, boots mid shoes,
clothing, dry goods, fuel aud druga
Kortus for lender and speetflcatlonscan bo bad
at lhe Provincial gaol, Ne'sou,
'lhe lowest or any lender not necessarily HO*
I'cptod. R   K l.KMO.V,
Qalt Coal
IVrlns Hpol Cull
Telephone .Ts'i Bakor Street
One iMrln launch, complete! two-
horse power engine; bout house und
berth.   Apply to Fred Irvlno.
Dominion   Day Celebration   Committee
Will Meet Most of Expense-
Good   Progress   Made.
The problem of extra lighting for the
muln thoroughfares of Nelson nt limes
���)f celebration, fulrs anil holidays has
jeen solved. The necetBury equipment
will be acquired by the city at a total
coat of about ��600, only about $100 of
which will be borne by tlie city treasury, and oven of that amount a considerable proportion would lie necessary
in any event.
The work lu connection wllh the Installation nf lhe extra service will be
done under the supervision of the clly
superintendent of elociric lighting, w.
P. Dickson.
The progressive measure is the act
of tho celebration committee, and the
credit fur lis Initiation is due chiefly
In .1. A. Irving und W. Irvine.
The arrangements were practically
concluded lasi night at the meeting of
Hie Dominion Day celebration commit
tee. The result will be the saving of
all bul a trifling proportion of nn annual
expenditure of about }:ioo for extra
lighting when required.
The general work of the celebration
committee is well advanced. A credit-
ulile program of sports for two days Ib
arranged, anil ..ullii-i'-in financial support lo cover all necessary outlay is
practically assured.
The commiltee met in the city hall
at H-.'Mi o'clock last evening. In the
absence of Mayor Gillett, .1. .1. Malone
was elected to the chair. Others present were VV. Irvine, secretary; J. A.
Irving, A, Tliomas, W. E. Gosnell, \V.
It. McLean, C. Walmsley, F. Brewer,
E. McLeod, Chief Deasy, J. H. Wallace,
.1. E. Annable and G. P. Wells. The
ti i j nu i ���.-. of the last meeting were read
and appioved. _-
.1. A. Irving reported on the question
of street illumination that the city had
undertaken to supply the lights and
the feed wire, and that a tender had
been received from J. H. Illngrose foi
the supply of 20- strings of 20 sockets
each for *350.
After a short discussion it was agreed
that the celebration committee should
pay >2S0. and ask lie Agricultural Society to pay the remaining $u��>, unless lhe surplus from the celebration
fund Bhould be sufficient to cover the
whole  amount.
W. Irvine reported for tho printing
anil advertising committee that the
posters were now ready for distribution, and would be sent out at once,
and that numbered tickets had been
secured for admission  to lhe grounds.
O. P. Wells stated that the management of the Itossland lacrosse club
had replied, accepting the invitation to
play in Nelson on the 3rd of July.
The secretary reported that no definite reply had been received from the
club, but that the members had declared their willingness to assist in
the celebration in any way desired.
The chairman reported a request
from the tennis club for a grant of $50
for their tournament. The matter was
favorably discussed, but no action was
The finance committee, through W.
E. Gosnell, reported $1,120 collected to
The meeting was then adjourned to
Wednesday night at  8:30.
Half Sense���Half Satire.
Canadian Methodism in one of its
eastern conferences regrets that tile
youth of the land is more prone to
honor athletic than Intellectual great-
The youth of tlte land might make
answer and say tlint the conferences
of the church are more prone to honor
worldly success than spiritual greatness,
The glory of Canada is not In the legs
uf William Bherrlng.
Nor is tlte glory of the conference in
the poeketbnok of some Methodist millionaire, or in Ihe political success of
Hon. Clifford Sifton or some other denominational  politician.
It Is a sad fact that Ihe youth of the
land does not pick its heroes from
among the Ithodes scholars instead of
from among the Marathon runners.
it Is a sadder fact that the conferences of Ihe church pick their heroes
from among the millionaires In the
membership insteud of from among the
superannuated Soldiers of the Cross
who have preached three times a Sunday on a salary that may have averaged $5511 per annum in tlie forty or
ilfly years' battle for their Master,
Where is the conferenco that honors
good deeds In the recorda ot! Its older
members as much as it honors millions
in the bank accounts of its richer
The conference that makes heroes of
rich men Is in no position to rebuke the
youth of a land that makes heroes of
Its strong men.
Leave the boys to the wot ship of
the Marathon runner. He is admired
for the strength of his legs. The idolatry of athletics is a mistake. It is not
a sordid folly. The boys will outgrow
It and live to Join Ihe conferences in
the worship of Ihe stock Jiibber, the
company promoter, Ihe treasury exploiter, the combine magnate. He is
admired for the length of his pocket-
book.���Toronto Telegram.
Lilliputian   Company  Makes New  Rec
ord for Opera House.
The Pollard Lilliputians aru giving
their seventh performance In Nelson
at Sherman's opera house this afternoon. They hnve had a record-break-
Ittg success in filling the opera house
to the doors fur every production, and
no audience has been disappointed.
The generous patronage Is eloquent
testimony to Ihe charm and grace of
the juvenile players. They seem to
Improve with each production. Tho
members Include several who should
have brilliant careers before them, and
tiie average standard of dramatic ability for tlie whole company Is remarkably high.
In "A Gaiety Girl," which was pre
sented last night, an excellent opportunity was afforded for the young comedians, nnd for the whole company in
the numerous choruses, which were
excellently rendered.
"A Gaiety Girl" Is being repeated
this afternoon. The last appearance
this evening will be In "The Lady
The Laurier government has lost Sir
Oliver Mowat, Sir Henri Joly, Sir William Mtilock. Messrs. Blair. Sifton,
Tnrte, Fitzpatrlck, Mills and Sutherland. But while it can get rid of its
strong men. it cannot shake off its
strong savor.���Mail and Empire.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Snop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerwarc in stock. Patterns.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
And Builder
Sole ngeiit for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retnil yards.
Hough and dressed lumber, turned work
aud brackets, Const lath and nhingles,
sash and doors.
Cement, brick nnd lime for wile. Automatic grinder*
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Telephone 178]    NeiSOn, B* C#
Thirty dsMtfterdsta I Intend maklDt nppll*
ration to tho Honiprnblv tlio Chief i"ummtmloi.i>r
uf lsrtiiitK tuiil workMor a Rp��c!a] licence to out
anacarry away timber from tho following dot*
orlbod landi. Commencing nt a post. p)H<:e<i cm
the suunifMi boundary of Timber LtaenM No
WW, ami a bruit 10 .'.mint, unrlh of the N. W. corner of lot 528 0.1. Went Koocimy, running thence
wefrtSO ohalni. thenoe Month m ohatnii thenee
eaitsoeht nn, thenoe north 80 ohalni to point ot
Hated HHll April lWt>.
BE: U.KD TKNDIR8 marked "Tenders tor Mill-
Ing Stop*' will Ik; rmel��d by the umfersiKiie.l
ii]i to 19 o'clock M ill Thursday tlie 21st Jim" Instant, for safe ot ;��J00 shares In tho HoiltldaiT
Klkhorn .MliiluK Company, Limited. This Com
pany's orogeny ts situate at Hreenwood, ��. O..
and adjoins the I'rovtdence, and Is liluli grade
properly. It Is a shipper and development work
Is lielni; carried on extensively. The tilalicst or
any tender not necessarily aeecpted.
Ihited at <fraud Forks. B. 0��� tho 18th June, 1900,
Official Administrator.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well furnished.   Table as good cs aivy
In Nebon.    Bar supplied with good
Honors and clvars.
W. B. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Bfcali 26 cU,.   Room* from 3ft en. to 11
Only While Help Kir ployed.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DoIfar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. c.
The Big Schooner n..,  1 A _
Or "Half-ami Hall"   DCCl    1 UL��
Tho only Glims of Good Beor in Nelson.
Hotd Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Kutns to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelsin.
Lake Vie%>
Hall and Vcnton Sts.
Two block | from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help employed.
Tilcpho'ne 118. NELSON,   B. C,
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bsth Booms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Ootid    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Hater Street, Nelson. B.C.
IilKhtevl by Electricity and
Hooted by Hot Air
ItsTliS U  i'ER DAY
Largo and tfomfortnhfe Bedrooms and First-
class Dining Boom. Sample Rooms lor t'ominer-
��� ��� 11.1 Men
Silts. R. 0. I'l.AItflK. Proprietress
f n aT\\TT7 The well known
\jty\J V C Siil-tirlinr
tl\J 1  r,\ ���      Our BecrGnnlen is
���^^���i tho Fittest in the
"���"~"~~~"������ Kootonnyu.
West Transfer Co.
General Tenmsters nud Dealers in
Coal and Woo'.   Expross und
HBggqfffl Trnnsfer
raPA  Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
|   50 Acres,
^^^^^      ������������ Both Pieces of land Near Nelson
Clearing light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment can bo arranged.
Phone U47.   Office next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 8HJ.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley aud Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
i'nsurXncb!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oiliest established Beal Estate
Bnsiness in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Host of it situate on the West Ami and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, inpeSSck!ank
A Speculation
300 Shares   Northwest  Coal
Stock for $7.5.00.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE, Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale nnil HeUiil lVnlers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gumps supplied on nhortettt notico nnd
lowoRt price.       rfotbiug hut. fresh nud
wliolosomo incuts nud mi pplrs kept in htock
Mnil orders receive cnroful intention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
I'AlfN I I :i*.N and
Slain Writing a .Sp.cl.ilty.
Wall Pstpur 1111.I Burlap.
First Oinss Heating Plants nnd Modern
SanitHry Appliances.
90 Day Round Trip
j^dijt �����������
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181. Opera House BIV. Box 401
Thronga Excursion Ratea
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dotes of sale : June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. t, 10.
Ticket* ���uhjeet to usual rariatlona of
route and include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lake*.
Pull particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Dally Canadian, June f6, i%6
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We have about 80 different kinds,
in Stirling and Enamel, ranging
in price rrom 60ots tc $~ ���',<1 Sctch,, and most of them are new designe
In  Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Cutters, etc., we hftVfl
all the latest Canadian and Nenvm Soavenira.      If you are
looking for a Souvenir ws cannot fail to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
Another Import OrrJpr
Jast to Hand.
'The Store of Sweets/
The Baptists In Kaslo are holding n
series of tent revival meetings. Rev.
B. H. shanks returned to Nelson this
morning, leaving Rev. it. A. McKinnon,
of Coleman, in charge.
Frails, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Lea, 2i
Fine  Ceylon
; Chest $4.50. j
Finest Ceylon English*
Breakfast, 2olb. Chest $6.50. *
Our own Special Mentis,!
English Breakfast 35c, 3lbs|
.' for $1.00, and 25c a pound.*
These tines are fast guilliug
preference over premium tens
nt fill cents per pound.
j      Bell       \
x Trading; j
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street. NELSON.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE U hereby given lhat tho Ropartnor-
0tii|i heretofore iu bluing between Hie under'
HlKiH-d   tU   Grocer?   t rlniiUs   uihUt Hit'  firm
aims of Toye a Benedict, at Nelson, B. d.. Iihn
been thi.i flay rtlaiolvcd by mutual uonson
��� ir-hir- .i-i. to Die said narinotihlp are lobe pab
to 0. A. Benedict nt his store, corni r "f 'osepli
tneand 8Utea8U.,and all partnorshlp debts li
bo palil bj bun
('. A. Brnbdict.
Nulfli.n, B.O . Jinn', 8th 1006,
Phono SB. linker St.
NBLSOW, 1! ('.
VVKEK of JU1NE 11th
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
"The Lady Slavey"
Seals en Snle nl Rutlieford's.
Uor. Vernon and Ward su*��ei��,
INBUaOlN,  H. c.
.1 FRED HUMS, Proprietor.
li II Burnham, Qrand Forks; 11 !���:
Holloway, Kokanee; (I M Miller. .1 1.
Stewart, Vancouver; .1 ti Sutherland)
Victoria; W Branlgan, J W Bunball,
Trail; w Smeaton, Bonnington; (i a
1..nine, Creston; .1 lloiirlay, Qalt; n W
Dutton, .1 a Lamb, Vancouver; 1* B
Pothertngham, Spokane; F X Bradford,
Seattle; li II MeKee. Armstrong,
1.  Blath, Chicago;   Mrs,  W  Beadle,
Salmo: .1 I. Iteiallack. James Anderson, Kaslo: C Smith, P Litndsley, Spokane; T ll Bndicott, Tacoma.
P siiafii r, T Petro, Camborne; .1 P
Wans, Cranbrook.
Mis, MirjOU,  Malalillia:   A  W  Blrnie,
Vernon; Mrs. Peterson, Greenwood; .1
Owens,  .lames   Maflieson,  Trull.
0 Crosby, 11 Paden, Seattle.
Mrs.  SI 1,    Harold    Sloan,    Three
11 Morgan, Rosebery; M Craigle,
Qreenwood; W .1 McMurachy, Nell Mr
Murachy, Strathcona; Joseph Burkett,
Medicine Hat; .1 McDonald, W Klnrade,
Vmir; P Lemieux and wife, Bonflold;
11 Hogan, A Smith, Toronto; T M Morgan. Poplar; 1) Stewart, Winnipeg.
T  11 Teller. W Johnston,  Spokane;
P H Qret n, Revelstoke.
!! I Holloway, Kokanee;  ll Qraham,
Spokane; W Jowell, Bholt.
1. .1 Jones. .1 c Jones, Slooan Junction; .1 Hiik. 11 Mayell, Brandon; A
Bourdon, l) Montgomery, I) S Laldlaw,
Koch Siding; M Schwarzenhelm ti 11
White, W Smith, Deer Park; W McNeill, it Thomson,  Arrowhead;   J   M
Cian, Rossland;  .1 1* Beaton, Vai n
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest In the Land.
iiaker .
Street.   I
C/tt sip if tills
Wii/A.'A (In dm,li��i/ spirits ill ikliiilil
jtitym/ll/i 61m rfdirum-Bcviumtdttstt.
t' nt Ilia iliiiiV..... VI'll tt'iiiirH.iifii Ketiiiliitn
In;)   linilr  nroportlOl  Ih-s'iIis   ri'fnsfilliK V
VYo ui. 1.lily ti-al fnrt syrup, nl III   nn it
||I1hI1I> Pounlslo. ri'l'lllli-r. gllslCI Htlli
rocaptiiclM arii kept lorupuIoMlji efemi
Baker Sin-el, No'son, B, <;.
In the Haptist church tomorrow even-
ins there will be the regular children's
day service s. including special music
by tlie choir and the children and an
address by the pastor.
All changes lor advertlaem. ntfl must
reach Tho Daily Canadian business
ofllce not later than 10 o'clock In the
morning In order to insuie Insertion
in  (he Issue of that day.
The cud of the week on the metal
markets saw a remarkable advance in
tlie price of silver of y points in both
London und Nat* Yuri;. Zinc also advanced ia London. Copper and lead
are unchanged.
The advertising committee of the
Dominion Day celebration mel ihis
morning nl 10 o'clock, and completed
arrangements for displaying posters in
all towns and Kootenny and the Boundary  ami  southwestern Alberta.
Dr, Arthur rein rued last night irom
Silverton, when' he held an inquest on
the death of .J. Adams, who was kWuiJ
Iiy falling rock in the Wakefield min��
Wednesday afternoon, Two witnesses
were examined, and the jury's verdict
w^s accidental death.
A. Whealler and R. M. Macdonald.
hairlsters and solicitors, have decided
to join forces under the firm name of
Whealler & Macdonald. The change
goes into effect at once. The new firm
will occupy Mr, Whealler's offices, over
the Hank of Commerce,
Leo Buchanan, B, A., Of Toronto university, returned to his home in Kas.o
jtsteniay. Mr. Buchanan will spend a
fort night with his parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. (J. 0. Buchanan, and will then
leave for Vancouver to begin the study
of law in the office of Davis, Marshall
& McNeill.
Have You Tried It ?
The New Breakfast Food
Oh, Its Great.
20 ceiits per package or three
fur 50 cents.
C. A Benedict
Corner Silica nnd Josephine Sts.
Numerous complaints have been
made about the destruction of flower
plants, shrubs and trees in city gardens. Tlie offenders are known tu the
police, but have been spared so far on
account of their youth. The patience
of the police and of the magistrate is
now exhausted, and an example will
be made of the next offender.
About one-third of the owners of
dogs iu .Nelson have paid tho tax. The
police have resolved, will) iho concur*
rence of the mayor, to suffer no further
Hilling, but to begin at once summoning those in default. The flrsl Installment will appear iu Ihe police court
Tuesday morning, and others will follow regularly until the taxes are collected. The move is justified by principles of equity, and required by the
city's financial  position,
The University Club or Nelson will
meet in the club parlors this evening
at s o'clock. The committee on the
provincial university will report recommending further appeal to the gov*
eminent and co-operation with other
bodies Interested in education to se
cure Immediate endowment and early
organization, A. L. MoKHlop will read
a paper on Sociology, All university
men ami women and ail others interest
ed are cordially Invited to attend,
Price of Metals.
New v-��ik, June  10.- Silver, t;r,  1 i;
copper,  is  is;  lead, $6.75,
London, .lune    ifl,. -Sliver,
zinc,  .C27  lbs.
80   1-Sd;
The Store of Quality
Boiled Ham
Siloed Tliin.
Per iiiitiini kim
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Plume 10
( /,'i (43a9T?^<1 15s.', A
SurrounU tlie C Iii Id with Toye and
make to* dayi happy, TUoy are nn Important
factor in lu^ cdncauon and development.
lhal win keep bus nut in the healthy sunshine
and make him Brow.
('AIMS 600, 90c and tt.00,
Wil BK1 ,U.\ RROV B V �� . 95c, fl 76,18.60,
WAGONS $3-00, *i.���:���'���. li.r-i), H.7.r>.
W. G. Thomson
BSSSK" "ml Nelson, B. C.
Phonv a-i.
Chicago     Packers     Must     Reconstruct
Their Plants.
Chicago, July 16 The city health
department yesterday sent the first official written notice to the packing
companies at the union s'ockyards to
improve the sanitary conditions of the
plants, The packers were Instructed
that they must, within three days, dis
sard the filthy tables and benches, provide cleaner rooms anil tools and correct some of the present unsanitary
conditions. Structural changes in the
buildings, Including new toilet rooms
and more ventilation and light, must
be made within  thirty days.
Gathered   $50,000   In   America   for   Old
New York, June In.���Mr. Douglas
Hyde, president ot the Gaelic League
in Ireland, and Mrs. Hyde sailed for
their home in Ireland yesterday on the
White Star liner Celtic. Ur. Hyde took
hack with him a check .'or 160.000 to
aid the cause of the Gaelic League in
Ireland, This sum was raised at the
public meeting that Dr. Hyde address-
public meetings that Dr. Hyde address-
High Prices for Dried Fruit.
Fresno, OaJ., June Hi.���Within lhe
lasi few dayS dried fruit prices have
taken a hlg Jump. Iluyers are offer-
iull 1" cents a pound for dried peaches
and IT) cents for aprlcols. Both crops
are light. These nre the highest pries
offered for many years.
Gets Three Years for Larceny.
Minneapolis.     Minn,    June     Hi.    Dr
Jacobs, of Force, former president   of
the Northwestern National Life Insur-
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Plume 206.
A full Hut; of Crockery,
Cliluu Gtntl  tilnHMwiiro.
Alio Second Band Ooodiol Bvarj i ecerlp
Hon.   Wi- have not Uiegoruliand sell at
Lowoft Price* in Town.
Baker St, next to" i' it Ticket Office.
For Everything < food
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Knjw Thurman's Special Mixture?
Fresli   Dominion
Creamery Butter
30cts. per pound
Telephone 101,
Two houses on Lake street, in Rood
repair, of G rooms and ,'i rooms, for
cash. ?27G. Apply to M. Scully, Baker
One. Pierce Launch, complete; two-
horse power engine; boat bouse and
berth.   Apply to Fred Irvine.
uneo (
'oinpany, was today
sentenced to
three  and a   half  y
ears  in    the
state  ]
penitentiary,    The
charge   was
The Day's Fire,
Salt Lake City, Utah, June lfi���The
two upper floors of the building occupied by the Salt Lake Tribune were
damaged by Are early today. The library and all the typesetting and eleo-
trotyplng machines were destroyed.
The loss will be aboul  $60,	
Prominent  Attorney   Diea.
Omaha, Neb., .Mine  10,���-James Wool
forth, an attorney of national reputation, and also prominent In (he affairs
of the Episcopal church of the United
states, died al his borne today, aged r?
Ih' Wflfl horn in Ounndnmi county, New
Fit-Reform Clothing
Irfghl n Iti'n on will, or oi
'I when pui tun,,. i,.st
weukuoM ni nine..
.<��iiux(; im.kasi.;.
& Walley
Rightly Diarvfgl t todsy<
More tomorrow,
nf blindnoM, Tho ilrnt sikd ot tiearjHtlij
ihoil d HO' DO ll'Kl"l'"l i.xamination
KltKK. Our ()tuli>��l lictmrlineal li Up'
to-datu In every nuix-el.
is k naoeult; in nm mil ntoliut Imme.  OntolMktoaraMii, i
..f .1, ��lKI. ..fill tbtOlUta MOuSoj M tllilii k��.pur��    vv.""SHJ" "'���'���"llltr
I olonrulooki  ificysr.- here in kh-hi varletf oi styles -..,,,��� H , i^'Hon
\~) ��n.l .tl.tr.  ID til. lo   fin.' ini|��irli-.l ..lira      HV ' " ,    l,"'rlkl'
>< f��nii..is Utile itlitrm OOU ��l only ,1 60.   Clin, In toj,j* " """��
enqraveh !
iiswi :Lur:u
��� Standard Fatnitwre Company)
ii   W^SSfasa CCmpkl�� H0USt Futnishers Md UnderUktn.
]|    Ulobo-Weroltie Bool bates: Vum nn.i OOoa Knrniinr..
"'���"    Repairing and Jobbing a Sped
siiii'ti'ii'iiil Work,Ihuttngii Bnfldari' Material nntl Uiniui; mid Mill UicUtfl
(Ifll.o mid Wtirkii Toot "f l'urk St.
Phono  2(m,
Nc.Im.iii, lt.il
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Bratnn sod Bottloa ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Msli.lls.'t.ii.r. ol
Every Known Variety Soft Drinbg
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbcn Beer."
I". O. Isox JCI4.
WM. GOSNELL, Maug��|
I. Ho Ashdown Hardware Co., U|
We would iuvite you |/i in��i��ct our largo and varied mock Ut
w;i;'::;;:.:iu:;:r;:^���: Hot Weather Requisite
BtOTS open from 7 a.m. to ti p.m. every <lay exoopt holiday* ainl SuikJmtj.
R.p��lr|���B ,,���^I JobWi�� e.,cutMi with i,.��p,.tth. ShootMtsfl
rk' IWJC "" '""' "SJUMMhln^Py.     Mi.lHifsclt.rsr. ol    I
NELSON,   B. C.        UMBk
I Don't Forget we are SEMI -READY
I Headquarters
i For""
S""'ln��   Mncliln.   l\��o.llw��   IKc   ..   DO��n.
������wing Moohlna on inu ^ <,-,.. i,,,ttiu.
M���ul,l,iu  Itultst  .mc  oi.cl,.
Iliivo.vo,, ���,,.,, ti,,, Aiiioiiuni,.. iirop Head Now Homo forwlent
Hf'.IKl.    II ih a nmiv.l of Miniilloifv.   Fetfeot ill finish.
Vory lixhl rnnuuff.
i Hlgh-OlRM Mori, ,!llk(,r st   mmlu B, a
WASHING Machines
If yon wiKli to purolinso n Wrings Hint *"
HiiliHfnotion in ovary Wny buy
Wo nlwi linmllo ||,oi,. cclobmli'ii RE-ACTINOJ*
There have Ilia largoul fnio In CnooHn!       "
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cp'y��lt!


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