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The Daily Canadian Apr 29, 1908

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The  monarch   of   table  waters..   The I
all the time..   It's bottled  at the
I same
[ Volume 2.   No. 283
fflk)z ��UxUy
Will be <***W��r��d    every evening    at
your doev^fi
A.   3.  C*
Fifty Cents a  month
jiiliiii), Rainy Lake And
ilers Alternate Outlet  For  Grain
crops of Prairie frovlnces to
AtUntic Seaboard.
1 ���
ri l-'lancls, April 20.���The llrsl
. ��� nur thla lov, u over Lite Hu
~nuiiiy Lake and Winnipeg rail
pulled Into the Canadian Northern
.ii lasi evening at u:i>u. Un board
., purtj ot about tinny promlnem
ol   Hiiliiiii,  Minneapolis  anil  nl.
ihe  coming oi   tins  train  into
, runcls was made poasible ii>  the
letiuu    ol  the   bridge    over    the
, iiivet between ths Canadian and
mi.an   Hues,    it    torms   u.u    un*
ll   .unlet,   tin-   I aa.ull.ill    West      Willi
i,ii, and east over the new route.
ioad   opens   up  a  direct   line ol
,..i.,  trom Winnipeg to Oulutn.
ct    Brown    Men    Tryina    '<*    Wrest
Laurels   From  C.   P.   H.
, ii torts, April  tS.- The  Toyo  Kiw n
.,,  i.a,   lhe   Japanese   Steamship   coin
which operates three steamers be
tea Hongkong aud Ban BTanciaoo
uug  at  Honolulu  on  the   wai   trom
,   nauia   i��  rian   i-'iain Isoo,   baa  Hi
led lo abandon Un   call at the  lluwui
islands, und ii is reported on seem
,j good authorltj uiai when ine new
..uici  Ti'iiju Maru. ihe  U^OO ion oil-
turning tnrWiii* steamer buill at .Nana
Ki,   und   Which   mude   a   speed   ol   2)
iota ou her trial, staitr, service  nexl
oth ihe   liner,   us   win het sister
. ,������..- chlyo   Hani,   will   run  direct
mil   Yokoliumu lu Uie lioldell  Hale.    II
provei   correct  lha Japanese line
ii become a grentoi oompetttor to the
,    !���.  k. steamers toi   the  ttrst  class
.,   . pger trade.
lhe   Bmpress  steamers  now  get   tbe
,,..,,���  of the  lirst daas   navel  as  the)
      the    voyage across the  Paollle
. , ���, nve to six days quicker than the
|-acinc Mad ur T��**�� Kl!"" M''im,'1B
,i���. l-uciilc Man llnora have on aev-
,   ,i occasions made special trips direct
i,   Yokohama    and    when  the new
.u-amers Korea and Mongolia wer<
,,,,l into service a lew rears ago a
������,llllm���, effort was made to wreat
,,. |,|���, ribbon of the Pacific Iron, the
, ,��� ii. liner Empress ol Japan, which
made the record trip across the Pacific
., m days lu bonis uiuny years ago.
;i��� nearest approach made was by the
i, oner Korea which ran trom yoro*
:..,���a iii 10 days ii hours and M mln
"with the oominl ���>' the ��ta*m��rs
reuyo Maru and Chlyo Maru into the
luiiisi-uciiic trade running dlreol to
.,��� Fronouco from .lap,... the time Has
 iei.,1 ii..-.'. P. ii.. po bring iu taster
Empreasea into the trade 11 the com*
 , ,s anxious to maintain Ita suprem-
an      The   new  Japanei.e  liners  with a
trial speed of ��1 knots can maintain.1*
knots ..cross the Paolflo and wH  make
the nip or 4,698 miles ta w.��> Pranolsco.
in less than m <luy*-
��� i��� iieiieved iheTcuv.. Marti when
.1,,. starts service next month ��'""';'
an effort i" make .. new mark tot Uw
trans-Paolt.0 voyage on her maiden vosr*
age The distance trom Viotorla to
Yokohama Is shorter and with tbecom
Ing ���, the Bmpress ot Ireland and Bmpress of llrlliilii from the Al.uu.ic ..
Pacific service the record could
uy  he regained trom the Japanese
any moment break Into violence m,.h
dimness lived ut her tarm near here
wilh her three children. At three
o'clock yesterday morning Joseph Mux-
well,  an   employee on  the  (arm   was
awakened by smoke. He made every
effort to rescue the fuinily but failed.
Late in lhe afternoon the bodies of
���Mrs. dullness and her three children,
uged 11. n, aud 6 respectively, were removed lrom ih,. smothering ruins.
There was a mmor that the home hud
been fired because of malice, anil as
the   day   advanced   the   police   took   up
the itory ami began an   Investigation
which lesulled In lhe arrest of Lam*
pher lasi evening. Lampber had been
employed on the Uuimess farm, uud
was Infatuated with .Mrs. Qunnesa, who
waa a beautiful woman, she declured
that the man unnoyed her and filed
proceedings to have him declared ln-
Bane hut u jury found him sane.
MajorGeneral    Hall    Retires.
Washington, D. 0., April 29.���Major
General Charlea ii. Hall, lu charge of
ibe general stair college ui Leaven-
KOrtn, ivus., wus retired today lor age.
Brig. Lieu. Frederick JAiustun, who
cu.ls Kansas ins home, has been liicn-
tloued  as   the    probable    successor  ot
lencul     liail    BS    ciilllliiailduiil    Of    the
Leavenworth acnool. iroi the preseui,
however, tne vacancy  will nut  ue per-
ma.i, mo    lilleu.
lhe army loses a veteran otlieer
through im- retirement ol Ueneral ituii.
A native ol Maine, tie served througn
the cull war us u lieutenant Ln uie
-aih and 3uth Maine Infantry reglmauta,
In lata years be lius seen service in
many puns ui ihe United Bintoe, iu
i aba umi ihe Philippines.
WIM  Ui:  mmtio
Major  Hodyins Says Only   Experts  Can
Decide on  His Charges of Wrong,
Victoria, April ::;>. Major A. II. Hod
gins slated yesterdaj mat In- hud not
us yet heard anytalng trom Ottawa witn
regard to .l..��� proposed oommlasion io
Investigate ins ohargea with regard lo
Improper classtlicatiou upon thai section oi iii,' Transcontinental railway
between   Winnipeg and   Kenora  which
wlias formerly in his charge.
With regard io the statements ot
rhuii'inuu Parent of tbe Tranaeontin
ental oonunisslon thai when dlffereaosa
of opinion as 10 proper claaatfloatton
arose between tin- Grand 'I'runk'a iu-
spelling engineers uuu the commission,
tlie latter were looked into, this was
hardly correct. The Hi and Trunk eli
glneera could only  Ale a  protest.
The production or the reports or thu
lii.oni ii nek engineers would substantiate his statements, that they did not
concur iu the classillealinn  made.
To make the enquiry  complete und
to conllnii his siuieineiiis, tile guvern-
ineni should subpoena .Messrs .Maun
and Hainan, Q. T, P. engineers on the
Kenora section, and Mr. Armstrong ot
the Quebec section, and also tha chief
engineer of the U. T. P.
it is die general opinion that an>
enquin of tht government should be
conducted by a oommlttee appointed bj
the council oi the Society of Canadian
i'lvll Bnglneera, who are technical men
who can del with tlie actual work
done. They should actually visit and
Inspect  ilu
>  work done und should havo
a. cess in the monthly eatlmate sheets
(really the hills for the work done), tor
the entire work given when the contruct
was let. These speill.v iu detail the
aiiioimi  of work done, and the material
em Ollllleleil.
King Manuel Takes the Oath.
Lisbon. April 29.- Kxiru'oiiliniiry pre
cautions were taken today to prevent
any public disorder or attempted viol
ence on ihe occasion oi ibe aaaemh
ling or the new parliament Troopt
were massed iu the principal squares
ii.hI a cordon of military stretched from
tbe royal palace io the parliament
buildings. King Manuel, who appeared
personally before parliament to tak<
ihe oath io observe the constitution ol
Portugal,  wus escorted by  a huge body
ol mounted troops to prevent any at*
ti miiitil repetition of the tragedy
which raised the young king i.> the
China  to     lave  Navy.
London, M.i'U I \ despatch to the
Morning Poal trom lhanghal sax-, thai
ihe Chinese board ���< war has made up
.i schema to streni en the navj bj the
formation of three new squadrons each
consisting of one huitleship and several
Who   Examined   Jury?
Lu Poru, tad., April 99.���The removal of four charred bodies., the blacken
"d forms of three children huddled
about that of the mother aa If for pro
taction, the arrent or K.  Liiniphei. for
meriy employed by  Arahelie Ounnesa,
ihe victim, umi the collapse ol  Lam
J'her at the Jull last night., have caused
excitement   at   La   Porte   lhat   may   at
Many i.\'<iers Musi be
Prisons Full and Many at Liberty in
Want���News oi Canada irom
Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, April Si), '.. Blake Robertson, assistant Buperin endent oi immigration lor Uie Dominion arrived In Toronto today to look into the conditions
of the Bulgarians whom the cit.) at Toronto hus asked the Dominion government to deporL
Dr. Bruce Smith, inspector of prisons,
bus written Mayor Oliver that there are
7s foreigners in jail who should he de
polled and It has beeu decided lo usk
tlie  government  lo  deport these also.
Winnipeg;, April 29.���Sarah A. CU-gg,
who is conducting  the  money   leading
business of O. 11. Tolinan er Co. here,
was louud guilty of usury yesterday
by Judge Meyers. She was remanded
lor sentence us counsel lor the defence
intimated that the case would he appealed.
Toronto,  April 20.���Everything  Is  ln
readlneas for the opening of the annua]
Canadian Nutionul Horse Show, which
will bold forth in the St. Lawrence
Arena during the remainder of this
week. The liberal prize list hus at-
tracted exhibitors from Montreal, Ottawa. Xew Yuik, llumiltou and numerous other cities.
Toronto. April 19.���One of Ibe beat
known business men ot the city died
unexpectedly last night iu the person
of John Taylor, heud of the lirm of John
Taylor umi company, manufacturers of
soaps ui,d perlumes ou Front street.
Mr. Taylor was tls years old.
Kapanee, Ont, April 99.���The body of
Alexander Slullll. who disuppeured on
Murch -."ith, wus found In the river here
>eBterduy. From the condition of tlie
clothing il w-us evidently a case of accidental   drowning.
t'uileton  Place,  April  99.���Dr.  Prea-
ton. M. I*. I*., was nominated for the
legislature hy North Lanark Conservatives.
Toronto. April 20.���Five hundred settlers left the union station for Western
Canada yeatarday afternoon. This was
lhe lust of the home seekers' excursions
of the season. About five thousand huve
left during the two months past.
Toronto. April 99.���Slurting in a pile
id rubbish, a tire broke out at the Royal
academy of Art this morning. The ex-
hlbltlon of pulntings opened last week
anil the walls were lined wilh valuable
works of art. Most of the pictures were
badly damaged. They are insured for
H.iiiui although valued by artists at
$160,000. A moderate estimate places
lhe damage  nt   |4,000  fur  pictures  and
|9<ooo for nu* building.
Visit  Fiji.
Suva, April 29.���It Is announced that
Ihe   Hulled  States  Heel   hus uccepled  an
Invitation  to visit the  FIJI  Islands.
Pursue   the   Pretender.
Rabat,     Morocco.     April     99.- Miilni
Hand, the so-called sultan of lhe Bouth,
is said to have suffered maaater uud to
have   lied   to   Aduln.  a  town   198   miles
southwest or Fe?.. where be haa taken
refuge With the Bid! tribes. The news
of his reveiiie wns followed Immediate-!
ly hy the departure ror Pes or Bultan
Abdul A/.ii'.' army, five thousand nlning
with live cannon under command
General Bagdanl, chler of the Bultan'i
army. TWO French and some Algerian
Officers   accompanied   General   Hagdanl
���*>������������>������ �������� ��� ������������������������ ������������������������
West Arm Service.
Since the last meeting of tlie
board of trade the questiou ot
having a different schedule ror the
* passeuger service uu tue West
Aim ot Kootenay Lake has arisen
uud has beeu taken up Uy the
president with the C. f. K. oUl-
clals. The dlatrlct superintended.
Air. Coleman, has advised the secretary thai tie hus fully considered the questiou with Cuptain Gore
uud other uiticials and theie ls
every prospect that some change
will be effected which will he sut-
islactoiy to ull concerned.
Viceroy    Fears   Riot   During    Visit   of
Japanese  Fleet and Asks That
it  Be Cancelled.
Congo Question   Still   Secret.
Brussels, April 89.��� Premier Schoi-
luici. tu reply to u question from a
deputy in the chamber of deputies yes-
lerday, said thai be was unable to make
public ihe exchange of views which the
Belgian government had with lhe United
Slales ami Great Britain ou the matter
of the Congo Independent Stale with
i ill   llrsl  Obtaining the consent  of Iheso
governments. The correspondence between them, which he suld Is of the
most rriendly nature, Is still proceeding.
Antipodean   Tennis   Experts.
Isindon, April 20. A. F Wilding, of
Mew Zealand, who, with N. B. Brooks
of Australia, won the Davis cup at Wimbledon lasl year, has decided to go to
America to Compete In the lawn tennis
ohamplonahtp contest. If Mr. Brooks
ran do so he probably will accompany
Mr. Wilding.
Went  Bad on 'Change.
New York. April 29.���The suspension
of Coster Nupp nnd company, brokers
nnd   members  Of the   New   York   ntocl:
exchange, was announced on the ex-
change today. Charlea .'osier, a mem
her of the Hrm. commuted suicide lasl
Pekin, April 29. ��� The Japanese
cruiser squudron arrived at Chink Tang
Tao near T'ukuu. Admiral ljuin anil
Vice-Admiral Terageki accompanied b>
lheir stuffs cams up lo lJekm, arriving
lids  evening.
Hongkong, April 2'J.���The viceroy of
Canton tearing locul disturhunces should
tne Japanese fleet visit the city hus ad-
\ised Lhe consul thut he thinks the coining ot the warships would be Inexpedient In reply the consul explains thai
iios was merely u routine movement.
it bad been arranged tor the larger vessels to remain at Hongkong while the
smaller ships ctuue up u> Canton, a
tew Japanese murines will laud al .'an
ion in Lhe day time and will be given
an escort ot Chinese troops.
American Generosity.
London, April 2i��.���The American line
bus subscribed 42,aOO tu the relief rund
lo the famillesNjf the men of the cruiser
Glaillulor who lost their lives in the collision with the steamer St. I'aul lust
Saturday The official Burvey of the St.
Tail! reveals Uiat she sustained much
greater dumage in the collision than
was at lirst thought. He keel stem wus
completely carried awav, und below Lhe
I'll fool mark her plates were injured
Ior a distance of twenty feet. II will
he necessary to cast a new stem aud
she will probably not he able to sail
tor New York on May 83rd.
Long Shot Won.
Kpson. April 29.���The City and Suburban handicap, 8,000 sovereigns, for
three-year-olds nnd upwards, was won
by J. B. Joel's Dean Swirt. A. Steall's
Slmonson was second and Baron M. Ue
ltoihchleld's Snow Leopold was third.
Sixteen horses ran. The betting on
Dean Swift wus 2:! to 2 against, on Slmonson 1U0 to li ugalnst, and Snow Leopold  100 to 8.
Second Degree.
Boulder. Col., April 29.���The second
trial of F. E. Kiser lor murder, growing oul or the destruction or the Colorado and Southern station here by
dynamite during the switchmen's strike
in which several people were killed,
ended yesterday and the Jury returned
n verdict ol second degree or murder.
The minimum penalty Is ten years in
ihe penitentiary. The first trial retained In a disagreement of the Jury.
Ixiser Is lhe second person convicted ol
the charge.
Schooner Sunk.
Fulmoiith. April 29.���The British
steamer Atlantic from Mobile and Nor-
loir Ior Hatterdam. put In here today
and landed the crew ol the libitIsh
schooner taolfe, 98 tons, which had been
run down'and sunk by the stenmer ut
Fielding's Bill Sanctions
Aid to Banks
Japan's   Amende   Honorable.
Pekln. April 29.���The Mukden Incident arising out of au ussuult commit
ted recently hy a Japanese postman ami
other Japanese upon the natJVS servants
,f ihe United Suites consul general,
Willlurd D. Straight. Ih regarded nn be
ing satisfactorily nettled,   m   Kato, tin*
Japanese consul general at Mukden,
has v.'iiiien a latter of apology ami re
met to Mr. Straight. The postman has
heen sentenced to one month's Imprisonment und his two accomplices have
iilao   been  punished.
P. ��. I. Member Accused of Dealing
With Government���General
Notes of Ottawa.
Long Arm of R. I. C.
New- York. April 29.���The Cunard line
steamer Campania  which arrived today
from Queenstown  was detained  at   the
quarantine station until detectives from
this city, nt the request of the Royal
Irish Constabulary, found und questioned Mrs Margaret Clary and Mrs. Catherine Bowen. of Claremorrls, County
Mayo. Ireland. The constabulary in a
cabled message to the New York police
requested the detention of the two women, and staled that Mrs. Clary's husband, a farmer, died of poisoning since
Ihe two women sailed worn Ireland. The
two women .were registered on the passenger list as Margaret and Catherine
McCorm'.ck. While the steamer lay at
quarantine the detectives tndentitled
tlie women. When they were taken to
a cabin and Mrs. Clary questioned concerning the death of her husband she
declared thai he was In good health
and thai she cume to visit a brother Ir.
Brooklyn and thai her mother and husband were to have followed. When slut
was Informed ot the action of the constabulary she Insisted upon her right to
land, and was taken with Mrs. Bowen
before lhe Immigration ofllcers, Btlll
under the surveillance of the detectives.
New Alliance Arranged.
London, April 29.���The engPtgement
of Miss Jean Reid, daughter of. White-
law Reld, tbe United States ambassador, to tbe Hon. Jobn Hubert Ward,
brother ol lhe Karl ot Dudley, whs un-
uuunced by Mr. and Mrs. Held. Tbe
announcement does not come as a. sur-
pilse   Lo   Luudou   society,   waule   llilt   ui-
Lucliiiieui ut tne young people una lieeu
Known lor some nine past lo a liuge
number of their friends.
Blow to Bryan.
New Haven, Conn., April 29.���The
committee on resoiulious of the Deuio-
Ciatlc sluie convenilon today refused ut
udopi a plan to place lhe contention on
teoord in tavor ol isryan aud also je-
lued iu accept a resolution expressing
coiiudcncc in Mr. bryun's leadership.
Ottawa, April 29.���A deputation from
Frederictou, N. ti., yeslerday wus promised consideration of a request lor the
Uomluiou governmeui's uunuul grunt
Of $.10,000 towards the holding of lhe
Dominion exhibition iu ihui city next
year. A similar request bus been receiver from Suskuicliewun io which consideration hus ulso ueen prop  ..*..,.
Fielding's bill respecting . v,i;.....
issue of Dominion notes wus ii. r. au du
in lhe house yeBterduy and re. i ^ i .. .
Lime, il haa lor ils object Ll. a ;.. .i.
ing uud conlirmiug ol prooeedluas ui*. b
in conneclion wiln udvunces lu aid lue
niuvemeuL of western gram. A bill lo
amend lhe huukiug ucl was also read u
ttrst lime. It provides Ihui banks may
issue utluiiiona! circulaliuu, limited lo
15 per cent, of their paid up capital,
rest and reserve. There is a special
at luugeiiieui wilh the Bunk of b. N. A.
That iusiiiiiiioii does noi receive the
full lifleen per cent, but a lesser sum
eslablished in lhe  bank act.
Claude MacDonell, M. I'., Toronto,
has given notice of a series of questions
in order lo obtain lhe Lrue status ol
the Yukon Gold company, severul thou-
saml shures of which were placed upon
the market a month ago alter some
spi ciacular udverilsiug by Thomas W.
Luwsou, uf bostou. MacDonell is anxious lo know- whether the statements
made by the company's prospectus were
correct as to their holdings in Yukon
territory, and if any were incorrect or
misleading what step the government
to warn or protect the investing public.
A deputation of cattle drivers wailed
on Fsher yesterday usking for amendments to the meat aud canned goods
inspection act which will save them
from tiuaucial loss which they now s
tain where cattle are condemn, il to obstruction by cattle inspectors as Being
unlit for human consumption.
The department of the inn ior '..is
just published a special edition of a
small may of Canada which in addition
to showing by distinctive colors each
of the great railway systems of the Dominion with all branches constructed
to date, in other respects, of Western
Canada, and its prooable growth in
It was announced at the fifth annual
meeting of the Canadian club lasl night
that Lord Milner. formerly high commissioner for South Africa, is to visit
Canada during the coming fall, and thai
he lias accepted an Invitation to address the members or the Canadian
Club or Ottawa.
Regarding the suit tor his disqualification Hughes, member for King's, P.
F.. 1., says he Is ready to resist the action which, ln his opinion, has heen
taken more for the purpose of annoyance than anything else. He suys thut
there is absolutely nothing to the charge
that has been lodged against him and he
Is still attending to his duties and haB
Instructed his solicitors to fight the
According to militia orders Lieuten-
ant-Colonel Schumacher, Wltwater-
srand, Transvaal, has donated a hundred guinea challenge trophy for competition iu rifle shooting between regi
mental teams throughout the British
Bmpire. Teams from active units of
Canada are Invited to compete for the
Samuel Lester of Ottawa, was sentenced today to three years In penitentiary for burglary.
Montreal, April 29.���The Gazette's Ottawa correspondent says a sensation
was created In parliamentary circles by
* rumor now current which reached Ottawa yesterday, that a writ has heen
Issued against .1. J. Hughes, M. P., for
King's, P. E. 1., for 112.000 accumulated
penalty for breach of the independence
of parliament act. Hughes is a merchant, at Bouris and it ls alleged that
for some time he has been furnishing
supplies to the government, which, If It
he true, clearly renders him liable for
the penalties which the statute provides.
Dispute Claims.
Montreal, April 29.���Mrs. Helen Stanton, widow of Lhe lale Frank H. Mat-
inewson, manager of Ibe Canadian bank,
of Commerce in Montreal, has, through
her attorneys, brought suit lo recover
$1J,000 from Lhe Travellers' insurance,
company. The amount of the policy
deceased held wuu the company, pay-
meui oi which is now disputed by the
company uu the ground thai Mr. Mai-
Lhewson's deaih was caused by beart-
iroubie and noi to tue effects of the runaway. Plaintiff's aliorneys claimed tbe.
the heal i trouble wus due Lo excitment-
and Mian,  lrom  the  runaway.
British Prince Joins German Army anct
May Now Be Allowed Throne
of Brunswick.
Berlin, April 29.���Prince Ernest Augustus or Cumberland, tbe youngest son.
of tbe Duke of Cumberland, Is reported to be about to become an olnccr
in tbe German army. If this step La
taken, it is believed tbat it will greatly
clear the way for a settlement of the,
confUIct over the succession of the
King of Hanover between the Cumber-
lands and the German Empire. Tbe
question of the succession to the
throne of the Duchy of Brunswick
came up before tbe federal council on
February 2*. 1907, tbe Duchy of Cumberland having previously voted that
the Duke of Cumberland, heir to the
throne, should bave three months In
which to decide whether he would
give up his claims to the Hanover
Crown and thus reconcile himself with
Prussia. The Duke refused to do this
and Issued a manifesto saying that he
was unable to give up his claim to the
throne of Hanover and proposed to
leave the solution of the legal question whether his sou. Prince Ernest.
should succeed to tbe throne of Brunswick, to the decision of the Imperial
Court. The federal council decided
that the status quo was not altered and
In the present circumstances no member of the hoiiBe of Cumberland would
be allowed to succeed to the throne of
A. D.  Westby, of Minneapolis, is  at _
the Hume.
A. B. Buckworth. of Ymir, came In
last night
Rev. A. A. Greenwood ts ln town
trom the Boundary.
C. A'. Cock, of Cranbrook. is In tbe
city attending the meeting of the synod
executive. 93t9MsV
Ven. Archdeacon Beer, of Kaslo, ts in
the city presiding at the meeting of the
synod executive.
Rev. E. A. St. G. Smyth. Trail. Rev. H.
Steele, Grand Forks, and Rev. C. A.
Procunler, Revelstoke, are at the Strathcona.
, Reduce Wages.
Montreul, April 29.���Announcement
was made this afternoon that the Canadian cotton manufacturers have decided to reduce wages of operatives ten
per cent, to take effect May 1st. D. H.
Ewlng, president of the Montreal Cotton company, says the reduction Is necessary for the time being In order to
enable the company to meet foreign
competition which is now working on
a lower wage basts.
Nelson's Bark Hours will
End Hay J st.
Plant is Running Satisfactorily and
Only Supply of Oil Needed
For Operation.
Present prospects are that 'he city's
supply of electric light and power will
be restored ubout miUnigbt tomorrow
night. A supply of OL will be brougbt
by express from Spokane. It was ordered ibis morning bui not in time to
catch the north hound S. IP. and N.
train, it will arrive tomorrow nigbt
und as soon as possible tbe transformers will be tilled and the service resumed.
A. Jackson, ot the Allis-Chalmers-Bullock company will take cbuige.
Oil could have been secumu locally.
It was offered by K. Irving of ihe Canada Zinc company, but it was nut of
tbe same grade as bas been ln use and
Mr. Jackson advised against taking tbe
A supply uf the same kind could have
been obtained from tbe West Kooteuay
Power and Light company, and was declined for the same reason.
The power plant is reported by ...r.
Jackson to be In perfect running oraer.
The governor is working perfectly s.ncu
tbe float valve was readjusted and a
satisfactory circulation of oil obtained.
Barring further accidents tbe city
should be receiving light and power
from its own plant by the lirsi hours of
the first of May.
A carload of oil, consigned to the city
and the C. P. R. company, is on the
road from Winnipeg by freight, but is
not likely to arrive before the emergency  supply  from  Spokane.
True Bill.
Sandwich, April 29.���The grand Jury
has returned a true bill against W. H.
Chevalier, who was Indicted on the
charge of manslaughter In connection
with the death of Charles Baby, bailiff,
In Windsor last September The two
men had quarrelled preceding the blow
which resulted in Baby falling and sustaining  fatal  injuries.
Await Inquest.
Montreal, April 29.���George Wilson,
who shot and killed Wencelas Fotln, at
Chambly on Monday nigbt, was brought
before the police magistrate this morning and remanded for Inquest. Bail
was  refused.
Overseas  Mail   Service   Entails   Heavy
Work on C. P. R.
Victoria, April 29.���It is stated that
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company
has ordered the building of two new
steamers which are to be larger and
swifter than the company's Empress
vessels, and when they are delivered
the existing fortnightly service will be
changed into a weekly one, says Fair-
play. It Is also reported that lf the
mail contract to the east is renewed by
the British government (which haa
been the case since tbe Item wss published by Falrplay) tbe company Intends to build more boats for the service In the Pacific.
The present Overseas msil service Is
triweekly and If more steamers are
placed on the Atlantic it is considered
most probable that an Improvement
will be made whereby an accelerated
mall service wll follow in tbe Pacific.
The Pacific end of the service ts most
In need of improvement for rlvsl lines
whech were until recently far excelled
by the Canadian service are now beginning to compete with better steamers than the Empress liners, now
seventen years old and run to the utmost of their capabilities. Time was
when these steamers were operated
on an easy schedule, which caused no
extraordinary wear and lear, but since
the quicker time has been Insisted upon for the carriage of the Overseas
malls, the steamers have suffered more
than tn all the years of their previous
German Sailors Killed.
Kiel. April 29.���Two seamen of ths
German battleship Klsass were killed,
and six others were wounded here today as the result of the explosion of
a mine. A launch had been sent out
from the battleships to experiment in
the blowing up of obstructions in the
water. During the manoeuvres one of
the mines on board exploded prematurely with the above result.
Operation Successful.
Fdward Stanley underwent an operation thla morning made necessary by
tuberculosis of a joint. His left foot
waB amputated by Doctors Willson and
Arthur. The operation was successful
and the patient ls well.
Fire on Fair Grounds.
Norfolk, Va., April 29.���Fire of an unknown origin on the Jamestown exposition grounds last: last night destroyed
the several colonial buildings making
up the arts and crafts village, "Ye Old
Time Tavern" and the Philippine reservation, and was checked within fifty
feet of the Isrge states exhibit palace.
The financial loss Is not great as the
buildings were ot an Inexpensive construction.
'. �� 1 J& Daily -Uanadiaiii
Impartaat Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Su-ppplies   and   the    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and lhe best only.
Our immense business and practically unlimited capita] give us sped,
id-.antages to buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do    sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at prices generally  charged   for INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D. K. W1LK1K  President. HON   ROBERT JAIFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
selso.n  BtiA.>'CH %_!���   lVl*   UA\',   .Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reiervi Fund	
. ..   *4.390.0OC
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
avirgs Bar.k Department, and
Merest     crea ted     Quarterly     on
javirss Bans Axcount*.
on Application, in Large. Mediurr
or Pocket Si��.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
trz.: .,i -.: ��:i -..r* s *etx &y uie
BaFaHrttf flJTWIMIIsstl ..vut-AHf. Ltd
AeAm At    Nfc.n.3. B  c
���    :���    ,*.".* s - c-ili 3fe.!Ttred
���   ���
- -���.- -      -r -..   .   .-,   _   ,
Weone-aday. Apr.1 29. 1908.
*:��. EVES";
oar    local    contemporary   ta;. ���
ill sua
Baal   are yu&uy    proud.      Really,
our  contemporary saoaid not   t
....-���,- .���    -   ...   .
sou. 1 ...
pate   .
Aga. -.-....- reform __-
.. .���      L.r-rra.     ; : B
ivs,  Do*   .:   ...   .   tn     Dai
friends are  so:-- ._
prtLi: . ed that Ut. .   -    .
past hope of finding, lest
COOiU.-l.   d-.-       siouid   OeL.e    Uiem.
-���Hie   other
LiberaJ   prineipi-.-      :      -.-.   twiiiiihi   :���
lorm. reirenchiuent of expenditure, provincial   rights.   And    aboi.-.ioa    .:
iniquitous    s> stem of    proiecUon     ] : -
Libera-s  are   so   careful   of   these   pre-
��� . ���  .-  principles that tliey hare for thedr
tseiu -year   period   oi    power     hidden
thtui   carefully   from   the   public   gaze
Principles  are a  fine  thing tor
purposes,    but.   of    eowse,   the;.
not  be allowed  Lo interfere with  practical  politics.     "ITliilmai   is   btariaea*.
and     "distinctly     Liberal       principles
bate  nothing to do  with the  case.
The present promise of civil service
reform has been wrung from a reluctant government by the loud national
response to R. L. Borden s trumpet call.
enforced and made more insistent by
the sickening exposures of dishonesty
and Incapacity in the administration of
ail the departments, especially perhaps
in those of marine and fisheries and
militia and  defence.
In the circumstances It is very kind
of our contemporary to concede that
'it must ln fairness  be acknowledged
th .'   Tory   Lead,-:        : :��� :. s   pronounci--
ment in favor    of that    principle h as
-i good deal  towards emph .- .
,  r.ion   in   Uiat   direction."     A
. deal'   is quite true.
-: r.ctiy    L.: ��� :.. ���    inn   is
- , ------ ��� ��� ���-��� er. The ful-
::..-:.    ol   the   promise,  if  Sir   Wilfrid
- ..en     to     remember    it���he
-- ������    -     ::.eaus the appointment
of   *-'. - ul.    It   is   harjly
to point out Lhat for thi
- :  the spirit of -Mr.  I.
- .u has
- - wed. the personnel nt
.... ery thing.
��� -   til   this last   year,  com-
- ���  I     : I      Sll      �� ..:. .c
j ed mainly of il.::. .<
had become too heavy to carry.    Sup-
��� "'     '....-. tl ���   ; I   :...-��� a   civii
'-   ���    ���        -     Isaion     should   .    :..-.-
��� ��� Mr   Brodeur an .
Mr    PareL-..   wou.da t   tha:   be   a  d-  ic-
��� -    - ��� - and    effii
-e:.c.. .
jplaud too soon.    The
Ol   Sit   tt Ul      :     -
Bt  bet'ule  We con
oo     warn....
- '     -   ��� ��� .-.-....:-..
-ill be fulfilled at
all    or   not,   and.    secondly,    whethei
genuine   or   au
lmpuc- -un io
���    report   of
contemporary   defines  the   quall-
8c*tJ  : Root-
A ;uin  .���       .. as a���j
A genrral meeting of the sharehold-
Coal A lAike Cum
pany, Umited. will be held at the of-
.' the Company, Room 78, Sovereign Bank Building. .Mont.-ea. Tiiurs
day. the ThlrUe:h day uf April. 180$.
for the purpose of electing directors to
hold office until the next Annual Meeting, to consider ihe financial p,
of the Company, aud to adopt inch
means as may be deemed most al. -
able with a view- to arranging its finances, and for such other business s��
may be legally brought befr.re the meeting.    The chair will  be taken at  11 a.
Per Geo. Poke, Secretary.
of his time to the work and w-ho Is
possessed of abundant energy and imbued with a sencere desire to see the
entire Kootenay country progress along
healthy lines. He should be in close
touch with all sections of the vas- ur
ritory included in the Kootenay electoral district, und reasonably fan,!.i.ir
with the special resources and r.
ot ��� uf ail."' lias our oontamporarT
auy one in view?
Children's  Mass Celeb-ated by Ca.-d.nal
Logue���6.000 Attend.
New York, April 29,���Oue of the
:.. >. rimarkabV- and attractive features ia the oent. nuiai oel. oration of
:lit- CatnoUe diocese ut New Yurk took
place in it. Patricks CatbedraJ this
morning, when s:\ thousand pupils, re
pieSetuiug the sevent} -three parochial
schools of Manhattan aud th,- Bronx,
took i"*rt in the centenary mass. The
children were ao uumerous that little
room was left in tbe spacious edifice
for the throngs of growuups who
sought adm:-
The musical programme was pronounced one of the finest ever heard in
the Cathedral, wlu-re in \ears gone by
.- :.:- of the most celebrated singers
of the world have lifted up their '.
For many weeks the children had been
in rehearsal under the direction uf the
Rot. Father Young, S. J., who is recognized as the highest authority in Gre-
 music in this country. The three-
song feature of the children's mass was
the special hymns: "Blest is the Father." ' Jesu Dulcis Memoria" and
Holy God. We Praise Thy Name.
Another interesting feature of the
week's celebration will be the great
mass meetiug in ' - Hall tonight,
at whii !i .\ .TuiTr, O'Brien will preside. Cardinal Logue and Archbishop
will be the eclisiastical speakers, while John .1. Delany, Ur. Jain,-?
J. Walsh, and Con^resanusn W Bourke
C  ���    ~..:.   ���- ':'. be the '^> oral   i-
Rates East
.iam,  Sioux  City.
:   .   -     .-    ; .  .   I
Chi. ���.      j:. ' Bt    Luuis.    j-.::..
Ken      : $108.50;   Tt      . .���; ;
Mont:-        S i        ' .    SI
J< hn.   ! Halifax,   ��,
I: .   114.
day 4, and  1J>. Jun--
".  u. .   .      July  6.  T.  22   and  13,
-        id  -- -    Hrst class
Round U day limiL
ROL'TES.    Tickets are good  via any
recognized   routes   :u   one   or   both   di-
��� if   Chi
cago are good via the tir.-at  l^ik- -
For further Information as regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply   to
C   B   .V. PHSB80N, J. MOE.
SvP.a . tflaBlassj O P.A.. Nel.on
W   li   UK A COX
���  i �� . s^;^n. B<:.
Ail  Kinds  or  Heating   Plants  in   Stock
Victoria St.. Nr. Ooera House.       Tel. 181
Cpal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. Co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Tremont House
Karo&cfto au'.  a���-������. az t .*~
*e*li dft cu.   Rooc< ttom X ru   u IX.
oajf White at.; a^o.-r-M
Only tht bsasl
lujl* ���'���:
1   . .  L  -,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining mom ia unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout wilh hot
J.  A   ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  House
and Postofflce. N*Ison. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
r-.i-.-r Street. Nelion. B ft*
L*nre   *n1   Comfortable   B-?drn-om    ��nd  Fins
cisves I>4.a.nff Room.
MRS.   E.  C  CLARKE.  Propnetreoo.
Bartlett   House
Best roIUr-i-Day Hoa^ in Nelson.
The B��r if the Fine*:.
Wmu   Help Only Kmp.oyed
/MeDbine 9t.
Nelfntl.  B   ft
Royal Hotel
Rat-ee $1 and $!..50 a Day.
8p*oiAJ Rat�� fo Rejmlar Bon'rrlpr*
iNO'i ici:.
���?gt} W.  Bt-ai*. f.-rint-rlT of   Kob��cii, B   t..
��� n*l Nelson. B. 4'
i [mabyrli ihotanlti ton tftt
a good and valid t>l  - to  tn wntintr I
���bajl a i the < lpiratu.i. of 1*1   U> *> ttom   t ..*     :*:*
aff1>tr%UOD   "f it,K llt.e of
. DJDbia an-i Kootottot Kailw ��y tud SaiI-
(���tlOD ���������>:.. t *:r. IO tee : to that
f ian'i known m LcM In Bloefe . kob��on
Towxutlin. Oroap '.>ae, K.-nU'iiiy Ottttu i. yaourt
iny to plan thereof. fii<*��l aa Number tiO.tiot-
* ur.-i*:, ling Lhe ir ii i fo I B< don i>l the L'ertifi*
caie of 1 itit tn* r
I'ated at Nelaon, h.i .,ih��> 3l>t 'lafof Man-n. l��8.
H   f-   MicLmt,,
lUiirii t   Kf-cictrar.
In the raatur ff au f*ppiiL��tio-i for t iQpltaata
Certtflcateoi   ritll  ���>! ��u   jridirlde^   <Iie^uar(ef
bntateal ..i UM K .; One. atootaflaj j
known    aa  **laOl      i.r   Uo    i*aiia��iit>i'     M.Qe.-a)
i. lanu.
hot lea i�� h-rrby rtven that ll is my tiueim..u
afttr th*�� ��*a|.ira.i..u oi out: m.tnth from the fir-��t
pntdleatldn batoof��to .�����.��* a ��luj.licaie t'��?rttfi
c��te oi i nit*.:, iiif above daaanbod dim --quarter
luter*"! *    -levcna, which
i eri.fuaU- nt Title is d��l��<.   ib��- ��Sth   April,   laot*.
'���<iT*'\ &<>,\.
IjiiiJ   H����ti��try tjfllee.   Mellon. B. (.'-.  March  t,
H. F. U*U-*OU,"
iM-trlei ke^lstrar
Take notice that thirty days after
date. I. Harry RJsg meli, intend to
apply to tho I.ic�� :.?w Commfaiiloners of
V.n.r diatrlot for a i.<Uiie to qdou an
hotol in PtdMWr, B. C.
.Dated Oils 2&th day or March. 1908.
���   '    * Pabi  irirt-ii  thai   VNUiiam   Frank.ii!
] rr'.<���������: ���'. :'r' j ty - ,' '��� It I -r:a '.ta. U-**n �� pi-.in
i--i a ft nmiael ������-!- ��� tor the purpoae ol effe-'ilutr
an a4)nataieol ��� ! \r.e- eiatmi ..f ��� ertain igoal ��� n
in oerupn'it.n of lands etnbrare<1 within ifif*
b��mD'larle�� ..f  tht* reM.-r\e situated ou the K.mi!
enay EItoi  n        .. tasty of Creacoa ta tba Dla*
trl.'t of W rst K>��'!enaT, and tt.at the first me-et
iUK, pursuant to th* said i'rttnmliulon. will (
held ln tltt* oflleaol the �� .."stabie and I��eput.
Jfintnir Beeorder at < res ton on Tbur��dar. the
iJrd day of April ix��, at ten o'cJock In the fo.-e
IIKSh.  K-.-nv TOtTKQ,
l'r   vim lai ttomtttry
l'r<_>\ .Utia, -v-rreiari "��� Office.
luth April. ISM
Certificate   of   Improvements.
"April Fool" No- '.' Mineral t'Taim. sttuat-r-
ln the Nelson Mintna I'lTwi-u of k��i Kootenar
* hera locate-1: Between Ka^-Ie and ��au ly
'���reeka. aud about one naif mile from the toot-
man Mill.
Take n-tice tbat I. F C�� (ire*vn. act.nc a* afent
forJ.r* BNraAbafi rraa Mitter'a OeTttloau Kg
B7��T5. ir.t��>ii.l. ��uty days from Ihe date ber**.f,
to apply to tbe Mli.it. t K*ior<iei for a * e/nfj !������������
of IinproTemenU, tor the pQrpoav ol obLainintr a
t'rvwn '.rant "I toe aU.T�� rlalm.
An 1 further take nottet lhat aetl&n under
������cti .ii f>. mi*jt be ciiniaenoed bafor* the Lssrj
aaea ot sut-b ' e;lifi<ate of Improrementa
i'atad this Psiu day of January. A. I>   iuut.
y ���   '��KEkN,
Nclx.u   H *'.
Tenders Wanted For tha  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tanderi a-idrewa-od  to  the  und art-.!-sued,   at  his  office   Id   the   Court   House,
in  the  City of N��lson,  will  be rf^ceivad"
up till  tbe hour of  Are o'clock  in  the
aft-rnoou   of   Monday,   May   4th.   1��*08,
for   the  purchase   of   the "Sitting Bull"
mineral claim. I^>t i"6S0, Group 1. Kootenay District, whlr-h was declared to he
forfeited   to  the   Crown  at   tbe   tax   hale  !
held in the City  of  Neleon on  the 6tb I
day  of Norember,  1*906. for dehnquent ,
Wa have one tC:.elissSi !;:'. :^r. one
Aruerican  Hilliard  and on.   Pool Tabic.
We carry the bas! inea : Ctsaisaasl
Fred   Irvine & Co.
Bargains in Every Line
During  Week   of  Sale
Bargains in Dry Goods. House Furnishings Ladies' Read/ Made Suits.
S-  -is. Sh:'t   Waists,   Hosiery,  Gloves, etc.
Lades'   Blouses  -i0   cents   each.
Lades'   Dress   Skirts,   regular   price $6, at $3.50.
White  Duck  and  Linen  Skirts,  regular price $1.50. at $1.
Children's Wh.te Muslin and Law n Dresses, regular prices $1. $1.2fi and
$���50.   for   75c.   $1   and   $1.15.
Ladies'  Large  Colored  Kitchen   Aprons 75c  for 50c.
Lace  Curtains,  regular price  $1   for 75c, $1.50 for $1.25.
Spot   S>*"St  Curtain   Muslm   15c   per  yard,   with frill  25c.
Large  White  Beo  Spreads for $1.25 each.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June 30th, UMf and cost*.
The upset price upon th. said rain-
era! claim, which include! the amount
of delinquent taxes and cosis at the
time of furniture with tataroat, taxes
which bare since accrued, costs of ad
rertising and fee for Crown Grant
(tJHLOOJ is ($170.00) which 1> the leas*.
a.-i.ount that will be considered as s
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C.
at par.
Dated  at  Nelson, B.  C,  this  6th  day
f April, 1S08.
Gov't   A^ent.   Nelson,   B.   C
Tenders  Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Twnd^rs addressed to th. undersigned, at his office in the Court House, Ln
the City of Nelson, will be receivtsd
up til] the hour of tt\e o'clock, in tbe
atternuun of Monday, May 4th. IVo��,
for the purchase of the 'Yellow Jack
mineral claim. Lot 2ii5y, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared lo
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sa.e held in the City of Nelson on the
6th day of November Iiiot,, for delin
,uent taxes up till Juna 3uth, loou
a:,d   costs.
The upset price upon the said miner
al claim, which includes the amount ot
delinquent taxes and costs al the tin,.
oi forfeiture with Interest, taxes wbirb
bave since accrued, costs tf fsdyertij
ins, and fee fur Croun Grant (flt.OOJ
i.- i$ilM.7w which is tbe Last amount
th.it  will   be  considered   as   a tender.
Each tender must be accompanieii
by au accepted cheque for ibe tu,:
amount of tbe tender payable to tb*
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands snd Works, at V.ctoria. ti. C, al
Dated at Nelson, ti. C, this Cth dsr
of April, l��u*.
Gov't   Agent.   Nelson,   B.   C
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe imd.rstgn
ed, at his office in 'be Court House, in
:ltv OtJ of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of five o'clock lo the after
noon of Monday, May ith. IMS, lor the
purchaae of the Sitting Hull Fraction
mineral claim. Lot SH.-3. Group I, Koot
���*tisj District, wlneli wtu declared to
be forfeited to th. Crown at tbe tax
sale held ln the City of Nelsou on the
6th day of November, lSuS, for delln
qu.nt taxes up till June 3uth, t$M
and  costs
The upset price upon the said miner
al olaJm, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and coats at tb*
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of advertising and f*�� for Crown Grant
(W.OOJ is (M4.4, which Is the least I
amount that will be considered as a '
Each tender must be accompanied
b> ;in accepted chaqaa for the full an,
ount of the tender payable to tba or
der of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, st Victoria, B C.
at   par.
Dated at Nelson, 11. C. this Ctli day
of April,  I     ���
(fori   A��!< ut.   Nelson.   B.   C.
Tenders  Wanted  for the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders sstWrca���d to tin- undersigned, ai b.s urhce in the Court llo.is- , .:.
Um City of Niisou, win b< raoalrad up
till the li'.ui ui live o'clock In the after
n -on of Monday. May 4th. IMS for tlie
purchase i. f the Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral1 claim. Lot "iH'ii, Group 1. Kootenay District, which waa declared forfeited lo the Crown at the tax sale
held in the City of Nelson, on the 6m
day of November, 190S, for delinquent
tax.s  up ti.I June nth, IMS and  costs.
The upset pine upon tbe said noi.
eral claim, whit h Includes the amount
of delinquent i.uss ai.d c.ints at tb-
time of the rorfattsra witii Interact,
taxes which li.i. e since accrued, costs
of advertising and fee for Crown Oratst
(tlfi.00) is i��;i4oi which is the lta.��t
amount that will be.considered as a
Baeta tender tnuit be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full am
ouut   ol   Ibe   ti Oder   payable   to   tbe    if
der     Ol      tile      lie,    ,i
Lands   and   Work*,   at    V     orta,   1.    i
at   par.
Dated at N'el-i.n, H i.\ his '-ib d.iy
of April,  liios.
li.'i'l   Agent.   Nelson.   I)    C
Tenders   Wanted  for  the   Purchase  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Teudeis   addn it  .���
ed  at   ins  Dllet Court House,  m
tile   I'll.,    lit    N. -;il    !..     [ei.-ived    Up
till tbe hour ui : i i the aflei
noon of Monday, slay iin. IMS, ior Uie
purcha* nine   ,i���. k     ti
claim, l.oi ttstt, Gioiiji I. Kootenay in.-
triii. ��.',!, !, *j�� declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the ta-\
the City of Nelaon on ttie 6ih da] .i
Norember, ijui, for delinquent taxes
up  till   June  3uth,   IMS   and   costs
Tbe upset price upon lhe said Ufa
��� rsl claim which Includes the annum!
o' deilnquent tanes and coata a; the
of forfeiture with Interest, t.i\e��� wblcb
which bav,- Bine.- accrued, coata i-i ad
rertlalng anu fee for Crowo tliant
i JJ   '..'i is  [SIM .'i.'.i   ��       ��� ..   least
am .un!   ihut   will   be  eonetdered    .
i.. . tender must be aooomj
bi an accepted cheque foi tbe full amount of ibe lender payable to ibe or
der of the Deputy Commlesloner of
f-ands and Works, \ icturia. li c, at
Dated at N.lson, B. C, tb,s Cth day
of April. 19oi>.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   Ii.   C
e.| to be forfeited to the l'nj��D il tit
tax sale held In the City of Nelson <
tha 'Jth day of November, 1905, (or i
In.qu. nt taxes up till June 3uu\ Ut
sn.l   coata.
J .' ���   upset price uj*nn the said t
al c aim which includes the auiomta
delinquent taxes and costs it the tl
of forfeiture with Interest, Uies til
bave   since  accrued,  c..*t�� Of sdfMj
Ing   and   fee   for  Cro.n Grant '':5"^^
u   its.* lbi   which  is  the least sumdH I
Uiat will be considered as s tender.
Kach tender must be acc-nniiSnW 1
an accepted cheque for the full emoni]
of  the   tender  payable to th* order ofl
the    Deputy    Commissioner  of UnAr
and Works," Victoria, B. C, at per.
Dated at  Nelson. B. C. this fli I
of April. l��o8.
Gov't   Agent,  Nelson.
I!       I
Tenders   anted   For  the   Purchase  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the tindersiKn
ed. at his office In the Court House, |
In the City of Nelson, will be received
up till tbe hour of five o'clock In the afternoon of Monday May 4th. J!*0S for
the purchase of the "Hlue Jack Frac
lion' mineral claim. Lot |0L Group
1. Kootenay District, which was declar
Tenders  Wanted for the Purcheseof'
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders addressed to the uniierrtOnl
ed, at bis oiflce iu th.- Court lloiuw. i��l
the City of Nelson, will be rfc��!'*J �������
Ull the hour of five o'clock in the x"""!
nisou of Monday, May 4tb. 1S��0.*>. for l��l
purchase of tho "White C una"' mWI
ai claim. l��t 2����7. Qroap 1, KoutsiWI
District, which was dec.sred lo be fc"-l
f.ited to the Crown ��t th* tax **JI
held In the City of Nelaun on tin ""I
day of November lie'."., for delinqu*"!
taxe�� up till June Jutb ISM *tii coH'-t
Th- upset price upou tbe said nimer-j
al claim which Includes the amount o.I
di llnqoeol uix.s and eoata ��' '"��� ""M
of forfeiture with Interest, tsxss w��J���l
have sine,- ae.-rued, costs uf "),*1, ,,l
Ing and t*+ for Crown Grant lM-"'01 "I
i$I6u.:.6i which is in. least sui>'����'l
that   will   be   considered   as  ��  I**"1'r; I
Kach lender must t��- ni'ooinl*nl��l1 w
an accupted cheque for the full anion"'!
of the  tender payable lo  lbs ufJ"r ��I
���I.     Depot)   Commissioner    of   I-"1"
.mil   Works,   Victoria,   P    ���'���  ��'  '",���
Dated  at   Nelson. II. C , this ��'�� m I
of April. 1��0S. ,,._
Gov't   Agent.   Nelson- "
Tenders Wanted for tne  Purchase ol ���
Mineral  Claim.
Tendera adtfraaaid       0u l""l''l's'8!!'
ed.   at   his   office   lu   Ibe  Court  ��" ''.' i
In the tin  of Nelson, will be r'7''!,
Dp nil the hour of rhe ocjosk In ��������
ternoon  of Monday, May 4th. !����� ' ,.
iho   purchase   of   the    HatUe  Browa
��� neial claim. I.ot U'lT, Oroap i, p"
iv District, which wm deeurtow'����
felted to th,- Crowa oa ibi   n�� "
.���    Norember, H��04 for delinquent ta�� ���
up Ull June Ji'th. IViH. tti'i *x"/*' ,���..,.
The ui*set prtoe apoa the sab' '"'" ,
el claim  which  Includ.* the 8'""|l"iIll,
delinquent  taxes and oists Jt ""   ,. h
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes ��i'|(
have  siine  accrued,  eoat   ":  *'F[m
Inn and   lee   for Crown  Grant   l4����-��
is   ,|l:.. i...i   which   is   Hie  le--'*'  ����",""
tbat   will   tie  ,-onsldered  as  �� tviuu ���
h>oh tender must be ��CCOWl**��jJ*T n,
an aooepted cheque for th.   full "���" [lf
of the  tender payable lo th* .'"YuihH
the   Deputy    CouimlRs.iuier    et     -
and   \Sorks,   Victoria.   B    C I    . ,
Dated   Nelson.   It    C   "n-   ����
of April.  1908.
HARRY   V>b     ��'     n
Oor't  A��*nc  Ne'**"1' *' tint lOaiiy Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper,  Inferior or  Inaccessible  lauds   which exist ln the Kootenay, as elsewhere
but get  tlie  best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
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FURTHERMORE,     remember that to be successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential:
(1).    Title;    (S).    Soil;   (8). Water;   (4). Accessibility;   ib). Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect
THE  SOIL  Is deep loam with clay subsoil, free from stone.
THE   WATER  on these lands  ls   pure  and   abundant   both  Id   running streams and numerous springs.
THE   MARKET  for your product   ia  right at your door on existing lines of  transportation.
BUT when you buy an orchard tract jrott want more than soil;   more than pure waler; more than transportation;  you want A  HOME���A place to live ln���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR SALE.
I'ost   office   with   dally   mall service;  express trains, stores;  schools���A   home  every   few   steps.    Yi u   set
II,������ eoiiiforu of civilization combined  with  lbe\lensiire or a profitable, healthful aud beautiful rural hi ine.
TERMS���$10 Cash and $10 per Month    for 10 Acres, with liberal discount for  larger  payments.
Write   or  call for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
FISH      AND      SHELL
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
.NEU.SOIN, ti.C and elsewhere in B. C. and Alberta.
Ni  -nt. Utad l>it.lrti*l.   I'liuru't Ol VSVM KooMntJ
l&ktnotiN  Hiftl   Hurry   Bird. Of NcUiill, OC0U-
.11   nml  want.- niffui.  luirni.H to apply for
I - -iii.HN.uii to pur.-hmu- tin'   follou tun   de-acrtbt*.
,���:   Comm.ncing ��tn  pom i>innw>i  at Ibe
,.,,.,.   ctini.T  of   un  IT*,   thence rutin.uk
b -���Orhslli",   Ui.-Itt't-    WOttiW   rlnitns.   U.-Iit.
��� .ii sUttlntiiu. more nr lew, to the  nm-iiu-ru
1   ludarr   ot  Lot .r,i. Uianoe i..ii..wiiik  north
,it.lary   Un  i~i  lo   poini ..t  O-tmtWetttWWenl
itaiatng 4�� ment, mow at lew*..
I ..led Krliriuiy IMti, l����- IUhkv limn,
K   ( '    'iRKKN, Agettl
.-mi Land I'leiiKt. District, ol WeftContanaj
utr uottiv that*ftoo\* J.ftUDTnontt, kgant foi
t . i   i   Taon��T  ol NalioOi cMwapaUoo  wa.Um<
in��ker.'InUnda to ftppt)   loi   pormlMton lo put
 the following aSorlbtd .andi.   ��� omm, n
��� mi ats poll   pUotod   about  %\i ,,,,u'" ���*���* ai
Aiitoneroolt    tbeooe 40 rimius  m an .-khutI)
. ..mm ttaanot 9Q ohalni wuth. Uienoe ��>
i tialm tn'a woiterly direction, tbeooe .#��� .limn*
nurth to tbe pomloteomm-Moomon^oontalnlni
���i ���..���ii*c. more or u-**
LiaMd Nov. 'itHh, VMfl.
KKionti k   John Tamnkh,
F   J. l^*��Ml>NH,   Ak*1"!-
Neiaon Land Dlitrlot   Dtttrtoioi Oioti Kootsnaj
rake notloe thai  frodJ* Bammona. ��tt��-*ot iur
v   \    nailaid, ol  Prootor, ooonpatloo ranchar.
;n. n.it. to apply foi perrateeiouuj kmrobMa the
���wlng   tietohnad   landa:    ConmenolnR at a
i  piaoted hi IV, miii-ai-BNi ot WUnoucreek,
i. I..-* eonthwael ito chain*, tbenoe norlhwe ��
i.mui*. th.mc������ nortbeael xOchalne, tbence MUtb
' v obatpi to the tbe point of oommenoemeni
in laming W ttrrrn, iimrr Of IBM.
I'Mli-il Nov.-ft'tli.  I��i7.
A Hi lliliAii'  Am.KK.oN  lUl.I.Ai'li,
Agent  F   J    hAMMiiNH.
Diitr.oi oi Wool Kootenay
i u
i.l M.HlrP-
Lkenouoethal WF.A. iiuiHonktimben ruijer,
pokane, Bnokane county, waeblngton. one
,. United Kut.-roi Ameriea, Intendl t..��ppl>
rial iimbiT Ucenee over thefoiii"���
iray vi^ni of way, ni��ont one aud n hair mflea
ireaterTf from tin- nort-hwact oornei oi tot HUS,
���rottp   I.    Kooti-uay,     tli.-iiit*   von th    HO  attain*,
tbenoe eaai 80 eintiii*. thenoe north ho , imin- to
ij.ooth.Tii Itounttary til Haiti   rtfiht oI-whv,   theuce
weat BO ebalni alone -��������'���- ���ontbem boundary to
jmliii   of   eomtneneeuient,   ami coutalulug two)
at roe, more or Un*.
Dhii ,1 November��th, 1907.
Al.KXANPKK   '     M'I'ihiI.
Nelaon Land Dtetrtot. Dutnot ol tvatl Bootanay
Take notloe tbat f, P. Borden, nciitiK a�� hki'ih
ior .I. H   Borden, ol Poklok, n  h, oooupatlon
mi'. Iihuk .   mil ii '-   to  apply  for   |" i nii--u.li   fo
purchaae tin- lollowing m.-sitium UiuIk: Com-
mi'ticii.K hi a poal piant.>il on tin- eaaterly ahore
nf Arrow  Uki* iiiol about  ID ��� I i-  north of tht-
N.K.oorner of lol 0100, thenoe ?a*i 80 i-hatuM.
thenoe north in obalna, more or leaa, to th.' lake
���bote, thenoe aouth westerly aI'hik the lake ahore
n> the point of oommenoement! hu.i i-oikmiuiiik
K-i arri'f, tuori* or leea.
i at.-.l N.ivi-uitHT IMh, l'J->7   J on:-* H   Hi-khkn.
K. F    Ht-RtiKN, A��ent.
Kelson Land Dlstrlot Dlstrloi of West Kootenay
Tue notice   thnt   John Janes Oameront of
Pernio, Hrttisn Oolumblai oooupatlon oontrao
tor, ini.'inih lo apply for permission to
purohaas tbs roUowlna iirwcrihoti tan��i: Com-
tiii-iuiuH hi a poet plan tot on in. aouthern
boundary of th.- B: 0. Southern rlght-of-waj
hi i U)obalna westerly from iht-N.w coruer
of lot SOU, croup l, Kootenay, tbenoe south iui
chain thenoe oasi -tu ohalna, thenoe north tm
.ham** to th.' aouthern boundary ol in��* .at.I
i ikin "t way, thenoe westerly  it.on�� aald  aoutb
.tn   laiv ot right of-way to in.* point
coromenoe ot, aud oontalning 940 sores, moro
..i Less
Dated November 9th, i��r,
Ji us Jambs (*.w��ron.
Nelaon Laud Dlatnotu Dlstrlot ol West Kootena]
Take  notice that, n Bhleli.ol Needles, B.O
,, tui.,iii.,n  rancher. int.u'iK to apply  torpei
,M IsainU    I"    purchase    lln>   following     'lem-ribi-.!
������nd: Uommenoing at a pout planted at "���
iinrthweal   oorner of   Lol 7898, thenoe wea
lit i. poal
or h'
"  on Uu
mi no* aouth, ���� lo
tt rlbed landa;   Oommenolng        .
1 ���  i planted on ths north bank of Corn oreek,
.   tb.   'junOl 1   <���"���  North lork of Corn OTMk
with in.- main atraam, about Bve �������������
li'iteMvdlreotion from oonflneuce oi aald on.
���u,-a with tht K..oi.-nay river, Ihenoo uorth 40
'-balnai thenoa weal l�� oha naj thenoe ao nh iu
Lbalua! thenoe eaai 100 ohalua to polnl ol oom
tneucement, oontalning i>-t" acres mon
Held  itti.il  a.ijonir. timber Huiit  Nt
��� -i snd timber limit Ni
i ated by inu.
i*ocated Noreniber 7, l8oJ.    ,. ,      , ,r
wn,t iam a. ih'i'HON, faooator.
vvitneaaed by Patnok c ah ins*
hectared mm signed by tho within named \\
a Hu.ir.oii on theWthdayol November, a i��,
it*T7, before me al B| itene, Hpokan.- �� imi,
^i..hli.liiou,oiif..f ti-     luUi-.lHlaWSOl Aiiorh-a.
PATBI0R 0   shink.
nu riot.   ��� latnut ol West Kooleuay
lako notloo thai l*sl�� u Plen'e,   rSt^sDura,
"rt-u   ittlou nmirl.'.l   . oiUaU,   lUtCUda    ppi>
i-i purmlnlon to i luue tbs following dea*
1 ni.t-.i lands;   Uuramet.i niK si n poal plan	
Ill�� llll.-rit.-.'tluu   ol   Ih
l-IWI, anil   i ht-   cam   bO
tin uoeeastMehklns, i or leaa, lo tne nonn
'-���'���i oorner of limhei   i.nnit   No. itsii, tbcuot
uorth 80 ohalna, tbence weat a�� obalna, m	
ie��a, to the eaat aldo oi Whatahan ink.', tbenot
billowing Hiimt- in ii loutherlv ��u.i wester.]
'iin'i-titm uki cbains, more or b-HK tothelntui
Bentlon with i oi 8186, thenoe 88 ohalna, more o
Im*!., l.iiiowinn eaaterly boundary of i.oi kik.. n
point of commencement.
Dsted7th Oct r. iwi7.       Ihaiiki.i.a I'ikk.k,
K. ti. KAt'wrihK, ���gents
ortta boundary ol Ia��i
1a,1   "
balna, thenoe north
o mme need ent, au.i
ibalua, thenoe caft -u
rliHliiH   to   (he   polnl 0)
ttalnfng Bso soraa, mon
I ated mill O.-toh.-r. iwi7. Jamsm shiki.i.,
K. fl. KAi-oriKK. Aki'IH.
Nr-iioii land lUftiriot Dtatrlol of Wesl Kootenay
' rake notice thai Angua McOlll, of the City.ol
I ulson, occupation fireman, Intenda to apply for
p. iiiiusHinii i�� purchase the following dcaorihea
li.ndfi: Oommeuclng ��i h poal planted al ih.*
f.   w   oorner u   ft   Morrlaou i ranch, in  rti
allay, tb.nos north forty tW) chalna, theno
sal  fo-iv (in) chaina, thenre aouth     i Ma  (����������
i in , thence weal lorlj i-h��) i-Iihiiu* oini o
m 1,,,'itt rim nt,   and containing  one hBnured
.t itsty (160) acrea. moreoi i��^
I) ted ^.'|tt.' ohtT'init. tUU7.       anus   M. imi
Nelson Land DUlrlot.   Dlatrlotol Woa1 Kouteua]
Take notice  that    Ab-xatnlcr   .1     MoCool, pi
rrnle, B. 0��� oooupattdu olerk, intendl to apply
pi iihinm.iii  lo purohsse ths roiiowii.K dea
u dind;   Oommenolng atanoai piantodon
t" i, , i , , , v   , i h. ft. BotltheTB  Hail-
Kelson l.aiiil DI^Mot.  Dtairlctoi Wesl Kootenay
Take notloe tl   ,  Hugo Uarotena, ol Wltwipeai
Man    oooupatlon puhii-*h.-r. Inteuda to apply
for permlaiion i��  purchase lbs  following ��ir
���crlbed hunt:
Commencing ai a po��i punt.-.i on   the west
..uu.buy of I. 4-.nt, ft. i, (about6 mllea from Arrow Laie.on Mosquito urcek) aud HI Hiatus-- ,..
itiikhftoutiinf ih.'N.w o.ol aniti lot. running
ibottoe ��i>m mi chalna, then outh 60 obalna,
ibeuoo oaal 80 obalna, thenoa north ho ohalni to
place of oommenoement, oontalning 840 sores,
more or u-nb.
rilAKI.KH  M v |  - ll v II ,
Alton I  for Hugo Carstsna.
Dated fi Psesmber IBOt.
Nelaon tiaud Dtatrjgi    Dlatrlotol Weal Kootenay.
ink foe thai CeviUeorio I'lyn.', .��f Needlea,
h c oooupatlon rancher, intends to apply for
normlsslnn to purohaao the following described
an in-   Uommenoing at a poal planted a it 16
-',,,�� weatol W fiian oreek and 88 914ohalna
���outh ol  tb.-  muiibwi-Ht  i-orncr of Lot No    H.r.4H
fuunlnl ffiencc north ho cbslua. iheuce wcmBO
"VirinT aouth la 15ft chaina, ihcncc east
K ,'iniito.. ih.nif H.iuib in Mr, cbainf, tbenos
n 'ni. nhatna t-iiHl Io puiul of OOmmeUOSmont,
rn,   nl ,1   i isl ,     .���". DOW surv.yml U lot Ut*
fiitialtSi Jsiiusry, l��->. U��vi8������ r^rKi.
Nf|t>on I.aiol nidtrii-t.   iJinlni-tot W'uat Koott-nay.
lake nutlet' that 'Tina Bergmau, of Altoua,
Man . (H-<upatloii wife oi C. Bergman, farmer,
.All.uia, Man , lulendN to apply for permisBlou to
pun-hane the fullowiuK .lencrihe*! lau<l :
t-omm. nolng at a poat planted at the N. K. ft.
ttt Hugo i arstens' application lo purebaue anil
running theuce Wesi HO chalnn theuce uorth 80
chalub, Iheuce eaxt 4U clialun. thence nouth k
chaiiiri J., l.iik*. iheuee east 40 ci ulns, tbence
nouth 71 chalna 75 liuks t.i point ol commeuce-
uifiit, coutalulug 007 n. r. - more or Icbh.
I'H.HiI..- MAHallAl.L,
Ageut   for   iitia   Bergman.
DatSd -':- December I9U7.
A cbi Kootenay 1-au.l Dlmrict. Ulatnct ol Goat
'lake notice that I, Ueorge A. Hunt, of Kit
obener, occupation timueruian. Intend lo
apply for p.'. i!ii--i.ni to I'Mium. tbe
lulb.wlug deSOflbed lan.l: Commencing at a
point plauted about 40 ct alns, west ot Thompson
marked N. YV. corner, tlienee aouth 10'it chaiiiH
theuce eaat 4-1.67 ibalua, thence uorth 11,46
chains, theme west along B. t;. Southern Ball
way to place of t-ommelicemeut, coutalulug V>. 1-
l>al.-.l Januarv Hth, t9(Hi.        iiRoRSK li   HUNT
Kelson Lan.l District.   Dislrict of Wl��U Kooteuay
Ink*? uoilce tbat I, Frederick  A.lie. of Waneta,
11. C.�� ooonpaUon merchant,   lute ml to apply for
permisalon to porobase ihe foibiwiug dehcribed
laud: t'oinm.-tHlug ul a [Hisl plunled ahotlt 10
cbaiuh went ul tbe N K. coiner of lot BBSS, Iheuce
north 90 cbalua,  thence eaat ttu ebaliu.,   theuce
homh 2o < ininf. thenoe west B0 obalna to poiui
of Oommenoement, .-outaliilug lOO aerea, more or
Dated January lilat. LB06.       Fhsdkrhk Abie.
Nelsou Land Dlstrlot. Dlitrlct ol Went Kooleuay
Tuke notice thai Marion Isabella t.rcsac.of tbe
Olty ol Nelaon, in tbe Provliueof Brltlab Columbia, occ u pat ion -piii-icr. it: 11- nl*. to apply for
permission to purchaae the toijnwiug aesorlhed
inn i Coinmeucing at a pout plauted at the
hlgu water mark of the Salmon river diHtaul
about LS miles ln a aoutbuiiy direetlou from
Halmo, B C, iheuee north *u chaina, iheuce east
���iu ciiakiiN, thetu'c aoikkli-iu chalua, more or u ���-
io the hlgti water illBrk of ttie rialmon river,
lhence went 4U chalua, more or lesa, aloug said
,ii. i l watermark to tlie polut of commeueemeui,
and containing llHJ acrea, more or leaa.
Located ou tne lhl day of February, ltfOH.
Dated lUth February, 1WW.
Kh��Aiin MaM.Y   I'i ikii.\ Ageut.
Nelaon Land Dlfltrlct. District ol Went Kootetiay
lake notice tbat JauieB *\ llliaiu itallagher, ol
the Olty oi Nelaon, iu lhe Province of llrtllKb
-  in -in occupation merchant, inieiida to apply lor nrmllSton tO purchaae the lollowing
iI.-mij i lx',1 land : Commencing Hi a i��>��t planted
at tbe 1.1. ii water mark   of the --lalinou river dia-
lam Himiii is mllea m a aontharly direction from
HalmO, H. U.I theuce north 10 chatim, Ihclicc
west 40 OhSlUa, thettoe south 40 chaina, more or
less, lo the high water mark of tbe .-*aliuou river,
thenoe east 40 chains, men or lass, along tho
hald hltili wal.-r mark to the place ol beginning,
coutalulug Ii.h a. !>������*. mure or 1cm..
Located on the lat day of February, likl��.
Dated Hth Fwhruarv, lWiti.
Jamkh William i.i   iiuiikk,
KlIWAKI.    -IA..I.KI    !  I.IKK*..   Agelll.
NelBon Lan.l District.   DlatrlOt of Weat Kootena
Take notice ibHt I John Arthur t-cotl, of Mono
Centre, Ont.. oooupatlon farmer, intend to apply for perinlrialon  lo pilicliaae the following de
���or 1 bed land at the month of .summit oreek :
Continent Ing at   a DOSt   planted   at   the SOU th*
oaal   corner  of   lot a7��K  marked   N.   [..,   tbt-ii.-e
���outh iu ohalna, thenoa westBQ ohalns. thenoe
not Hi 10 DbainSi lhence eaat 90 chains lo place of
oommenoement t ontatuiug ho acrea.
John A htu OK BOOTT.
\V. J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1908.
Nelaon Land DlatrlOt. Dlstrlot of Wast Kootenay
Take notloe that I UhrlBtle Bcott, ol .Mono
Cm let, tint .occupation limit led wo man, inu-u.l
to apply tor permisalon to purchase the iull��>w
ing deacrlbed iand near Bummll creek \
Coinmencing   al   a poat   planted at   the aotttli-
cnHt  oorner ot lot h>ho marked B. w, thenoe
uorth tt\ ohalna, thenoe east 20 ohalns, theneo
���i.nt 1 h v . lutiti*-, thenoe weat 90ohalni to place
..I oommenoement oontalning 40 acrea.
ciiKir-iit Boon*
W. J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18. ltXitf.
Tuko DOttOB that we will at the next
mtM'tlng uf the License Commissioners
npply for u transfer Of Iho liquor license for the No place Inn ou Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard nml
Wade to 11. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, tills 9th day of
March  1908.
First   Blood  Goes  to White  Pass  Co.���
C.  P.  R.  Not Through.
Victoria, April 29.��� Unless the Dominion government acts as it did when
the White Puss & Yukon Railway company refused to grunt through bills of
lading to the steamer Venture some
yeara ago the White Pass road has
scored the first point iu the light with
ihe C P. u. Before the steamer Princess May left here on Thursday night
ltle local Officials were not instructed
with regard to hilling freight for Interior points and through bills of lading
were given whieh, it is now found, tlie
White Pass company will not recognize.
The C. P. H. steamer is held at Vancouver owing to the disagreement, and
unless some arrangement is readied the
northern freight will he discharged and
only cargo for coast ports taken north,
li. W. Greer, gtaeial freight agent of
tlie C. P. K. and W. B. Lanigan, assistant iieigiit traffic mauager. have been
holding meetings with A. L. Perdue,
general manager ami W. B, King, traf-
hc manager of the White Pass & Yukon
route at Vancouver, but have failed to
come to auy agreement. The White
Pass officials will not make any agreement to accept through bills of lading
lor freight on lhe steamer Princess May
unless the C. P. U. sigus tlie joint
Height   tariffs.
The White Pass and Yukon route
some years u^o similarly refused to
grant through bills of lading for
freight sent by the steamer Venture.
The owners of the Venture telegraphed
to the Dominion government and, as the
railroad in the north is under the control of the railroad board, wheu a telegram came back from Ottawa asking
for an explanation as to why bills of
lading had been refused to the Venture
the officials concluded they would carry
the fight no further and the bills were
Last season Ihe C. P. R. refused to
become a party to a joint tariff agreement but throughout the year the White
Pass accepted Ihe through bills of lading
'sstied by the company. This year, however, the White Pass will not recognize
any through billing of any company not
a party to the tariff arrangements. The
C. P. R. refuses to sign the agreement
and if both companies remain firm the
fur Is expected to fly somwhere within
the   next ten   days.
There are many factors In the trouble
and there are many conjectures as to
what the result will be. O-xVthe other
hand it is declared that the difficulty
dates back to the time some weeks ago
when the Alaska Steamship company
iried unsuccessfully to get the C. P. R.
to keep its steamers out of the Ketchikan and Juneau and that the influences
of Mr. Charles E. Peahody, president of
the Alaska Steamship company, ts now
being swung to make the position of
the 0. P. R. as uncomfortable as possible. On the other hand it is declared
lhat Peahody Is not in any way Interested tn the matter of negotiations between the White Pass and the C. P. R.
SEALED TENDERS, marked "Tender," will be received uutii Hi o'clock
uoou Monday, May 4th, 1908, for grading the public school grounds as per
plans prepared by the city engineer.
The surface soil to be piled and spread
over ground after grading ta complete.
Tenders to state (a) price per yard;
ih)   lump sum.
Also separate tenders for removing
three rooms from present location to
corner of Stanley and Mill streets, and
closing any openings necessarily made.
Secretary  School  Board.
In lb.* ninth r ot an application (nr tbe i-iuc (if
a duplirate tVrtttieate ot Title for Iota 4.6, y, 11.
19, 'ib, and 32, of lot ��yi. (.roup One, tu Ibe
District of Kooteuay (Map (198).
NotlOS Is liereby Riven tbat It li my intention
to ixHiif at tin* expiration ol one inuntb after tbe
flrtd publication hereof a duplicate of ul(- tYr-
litli-aie ol i ltle (or tbe above mentioned IoIh iu
ibe name of Ub-bard Helnte, wbteh Certifleale ot
Tltls !��� datod tbe Htb .lay of November, ISOB,
,.ii.t   liuiiibe**d Kill)A.
Land Baglftro Offloe, Nelson, H. c, January
ntb. 1906,
���*H. f, Mai l.Kon."
i -ir      ���BJ^jSBBJg|ptaa|
ThiaS IaS Your
Save  Money
500 yards Tapestry Carpet, Red and Green  Pattern! $ .80
750 yards Tapestry Carpet, Green and Fawn    1.00
250 yards Tapestry Carpet ,,25
450 yards  Brussels  Carpet..    -,,45
1250 yards Brussels Carpet    1.75
500 yards Brussels Carpet,  Floral  and Turkish Patterns      1.75
1000 yards Wilton Carpet, all colors, per yard from $2.00 to  3.25
800 yards English Axminster from $2.50  to 3.00
200   yards   Ingrain 1,25
-00 yards  Ingrain    1.00
100 yards   Inc'uin .,,.....,>.     ^65
Stair C-irpetii,  per yard, from 75c. to   .  2.50
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton and Aixminster Rugs in all sizes, from    g.oo to  75.00
Portieres:  $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00, $20.00, $35.00, $75.00
up to $100.00.
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
SOOyarda, pretty designs, 57 in. wide ,35
100 yards, pretty designs, 57 in. wide ..'..!!!!    !so
400 yards, finest quality, 66  in. wide .��......!    !75
72 only, Table Cloths, 63x84, each    J......... F.'.  2J00
25 only, Table  Cloths, 72x90   4.00
A   nice   line  of  Napkins  from  $6.00  to $10,000  per dozen.
200 doz. Napkins,  ready for use $1.00 and  $1.25
10 doz.  Napkins   1.50 to 2^00
15 doz. Napkins 2.00 to 3.00
The most complete line of Towelling and Towels In B. C. at all pricea.
500  pairs  Pillows,  per pair from 2.00 to 12.00
30  yards   Cotton   Sheeting     .33
500 yards Family Sheeting     '.'.'.'.    .40
300  Sheets,   ready   made,  2yards  by  2)/z yarda, par pair 2.00
350 Sheets ready made Twill, per pair ...,...!  2.50
Pillow Cases,  all  ready for use, 3sizes, per   pair  from , .40c.   to       .75
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 in., 42  in., 44in 35
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
A good opportunity ll ottered to Investors for a short time 10 purohaaa
slock at HI cPnls per $1 s'.iare in one
of tlie beat asbestos propositions on
the eonlinent ot Norlh America. For
prospectus apply
BOX   987.   NELSON,   B.   C.
Yon can buy a 10-acre Fruit Uancli   ln  the best  frti.t  growing  dlstrh-1
lu   llritish   Columbia  by   paying  $1 0 dollars down aud $10 per month
Even as an Investment this Is wor tb consideration.
Fruit Land bus trebled In value within the year.   What will It do uc\l
If you want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are scents for most of the lota
In the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls. Coals ft Co., and tha Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices.
terms, etc., apply to
M.   &   M.   BIRD
Partly Ftarntehcd Modem
Residence and Thrc* Lota
Sltualed on Hoover St., between Stanley aud  Ward.    Eight  Rooms  and
llaseiueut   all   rwudy   for  furnace.    Now  rents for $35  per month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.    TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance $500.00 par year at
7 per cent.      For   full   particulars   apply
MANUFACTURERS     f   ���*-*Um.m      <HUi~* ~le*.e,
AND DEALERS IN    l^tttllDef f   OllltlgieSy
Ueith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I imi iut.1 Work sand Bruckvta. Kail Orders promptly attended
VBUJNON tTRBBi    -   -   ���   NBLSON, B. e.   _
���; I Tne Dally Canadian
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a blrthstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and If you are petting one you may as well pet
the best, and in the best and mo6t suitable setting. We keep only the
best stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose  stones.
Jbwkllkh'."",,u - Watchmaker and Optician
Electric ht-ating de\icfjs are becoming more popular every day on
account of their cleanliness and
being labor savers.
The up-to-dat*. house wife Is always on the look-out for something to improve the domestic service of her household.
The American Plat Irons which
we st-ll are made to stand work,
and so far have got a record of
durability unequalled by any other
iron.    In 5 Tb and 7 lb sizes.
Phone 227A. P. O. Box 155.
10   Room House,   close   in   three   blocks
from Post  Office,  all   modern,   good
new foundation      and      verandah.
Good terms.
Building Sites
���Sort distance from
car   line $1,000
75 ft. corner, ilane) excellent Bite
for business man near centre
of city 11400
:_    '���   oorner, in Fairview- near
lake  and  cars���good soil....) -800
Land for Market Gardens
S &i r<.-i> w,tbin on��_"ha,f hour of baker   Et.
14 acres within mile of cityt would
Real  Estate Agent
115   Baker   St..   Nelson.   B.  C.
JIM   HILL   j;
The Best 2 for 25c Ggar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
Another Lot of
Dairy  Butter
JUST  ARRIVED 3   LSS   FOR  $1.00.
Far Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine aud Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
Oof*.    V.rnun ��r��it U'sril   Stre.lH
.���VI'I.SO.X.     B.O.
R. Clarkson, A. B. Buckworth. Ymir;
J. S. Gordon, New York: F. B. Armstrong, X. li. lianann. Rossland; .1. H
Armstrong. C. E. MeKeon, H. Wilson,
W. \S'- Burke, Vancouver; A, D. Westby
Mlneapolis; E. J. Corscot, .Madison. Wis
J. Cawson. E. V. Buckley. Alma, Wis.;
D. F. Fisher. Quebec; P. C. Curnilla, C.
S. Corson. Toronto: C. A. Cock. Cranbrook; T. Carlyle, Winnipeg: A. Paul.
.Montreal: H. O. Parker, Miss Rotare,
Mrs. J. Wren, Spokane: A. B. Ainalis.
Calgary; c. W. Griffin. Hamilton; I. F.
McDougall. Nakusp; c. H. McDougall,
;,;mi %��^?m^
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
W. Gussor, Pittsburg; G. G. Latimer,
Denver; W. S. Acton, Cranbrook: Mi&E
C. Allen, Miss McCann, A. F. Dudgeon.
Spokane; F. M. McLaine and wile. Rev
A. A. Greenwood, Rav. H. Bteel. Grand
Forks; Kev. B. a. Smyth, Trail; A I'
Venablen. *?-ernon; Rev. c. i-roonnier,
Revelstoke; K. Kailsen and wife, St.
Johns; T. B. Winslow ami wife, Quebec
.1. D. Lawson, Procter; 11 Rlngrose,
SI.,can;   .1.   11.  Carruthers,  Jaffray;   'X.
Winlaw. Winlaw:  C. Sparks, Vat iver
II   C. Burgess, Winnipeg.
I Burs, Kai :..: .1. G. Dletlick, North-
port: .1. A. Rockford, Mrs. Jones, Col-
rille; Miss 1.. McCa im. Salmo; : 1.
Dai Idson Bo f ell, I. Wood, 1 Iran brook ;
I >.'. O'Brien, Bonner's Perry; S. Ma-
dore,  Spokane.
J. Smart. Spokane; F. Napier, Trail:
I). Williamson and wife, E. W. Moor. .
Medicine Hat; A. Green, Wade; It. .1
Scrivener, Vancouver.
G. M. R-.iiih. Blocan; 11. Christie,
Rossland; C. R. Welby, F. Torthlt,
Grand Forks.
K. A. Shu.-.-. Rlondel; F. .1. Engel,
Bpokane; .1. I., myer, .1. Williams. B.
Watson, Vancouver.
I can give a few first class slock or
bond salesmen contracts for exclusive
territory for one of the best propositions
before the public, whereby a hustler
can make from $100 to $200 per Wei k.
Old life Insurance men preferred. Ad-
ire United Wireless Tel. Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Are You Insured?
Don't delay seeing about having tbat
Fire Insurance placed 0:1 your property,
your house or your furniture. Perhaps
you are very careful, but your neighbor may noi be, mid remember yon do
noi gel much warning when a flro gets
The expense of insuring is very small
when you consider the risk you run of
losing everything you have. Ring up
or call on
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Pioneer  Fire  Insurance Company.
P.  O.  Box  534.
1. '
Wall   Papers
Our new stock is now ln.
Borders same aa hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of tbe city   on application.
j Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
On April 28 to the wife of A. Edwards. 88 Pin�� street, Fairview, a
To   Be   Raffled.
The tickets for the boat house and
launch having been sold the raffle will
lake place al the Hume Hotel Thursday  evening at 8 o'clock.
&&-     -.     -7:   ��� -   '������;'-
Jsa   ^kr..F^F:-:FFJ\_^1
tap. -
Haywood's Retirement.
American exchanges report the dropping Of W. D.  Haywood from the seen
taryship of the  Western  Federation ol
Miners  on  account  of a prolonged  debauch  in  Denver.
Metals  and  Stocks.
Silver declined one point on the New
York market but is unchanged In Lou
don. The London lead quotation remains at ��13. Boundary copper stocks
show little [dictation.
Opera   House.
The attendance at the opera bouse
this week has not been encouraging.
The absence of light may be the principal cause. Tonight there will be a
double bill with specialties between
Construction   Plant.
W. G. Gillett has received from tlie
Wait ions .Machinery company, of Brant-
ford, a boiler, hoist, derrick fittings and
all other essential parts of the equipment of a construction plant. They are
ouiut; placed in position on tlie court
house grounds where they will be first
Good   Start.
Mr. Butler, of the Strathcona staff,
was initiated into Kootenay River fishing on Sunday. Tlie result of his maiden
effort has been kept secret by his
friends at his request. Bui it is now
learned that the chief feature of his
eaten was a nine pound rainbow trout
which is the besl  reported this season.
Synod   Executive.
A meeting of the executive committee
of the syiu.d of the diocese 01 Kootenay
is being held in the cltj today. Those
pies.-nt 111,111 out of town points atv
Ven. Archdeacon Beer, Rev. ll. Steele,
Grand Forks, Rev. C. A. Procnnier,
Revelstoke, and Rev. B. A. St. G. Smyth,
Trail, and Messrs. A. F. .'enables.
Golden, and  1'.  A.  Cock, Cranbrook.
Farewell   Smoker.
.Iohn A. Klrkpatrick will have Nelson
shortly to try his luck in the new Pacific metropolis, Prince Rupert. He
will take wilh him the best wishes of
a thousand friends in Nelsou. The good
will liml definite expression at
a farewell smoker to be given In the
.lit Ing loom of the Alice roller rink
Friday evening of this week. While
the smoker will be under the auspices
of the Conservatives of Nelson, all Mr.
Elrkpatrick's Mends, Irrespective of
political affiliations, are cordially Invited to attend.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us   your orders  early to  avoid
Telephone lfli.
Meutn-iiHiit QoTtrnor.
Edward tht* Bev��Dth, by tho Grace ol Qodi ol tht
I'niiir.i Kingdom of Qiom* Britain, end Ira-
lam], mi'I th��* Brltufa Doffilnloni tioyonO the
Ki-hs Knit,  Defender ol   Mm Faith, 'Kinpuror
Of   Itl'llH
Vo all to whom then prawntt ihat! come, -
W. j. hnwHKK, Attorney General.
vVbereaa by BMtlon ��'��� of the "..arm- Protection
a<i, 1 *.��*," an re-enactad by sccthm ia nf tnr
"'ram'- Protection At. AimjiHlirnjni Act, 1906."
ii t�� enacted u,Mt m shun u- lawful for tht* u.-u*
tenant-Gorernor in Council, by Proclamation to
be pub! If bad In two nun fittfYfl tK8iien of Uie Hrit-
iMi ftoiumhiu Gasette. to declare a cloae n��a��on
for jjeuHtt in any part of the PrOTinOfl tor aiiv
period of tiint*. mnl
W in root our Bud Ueotenant-Goreruor. by and
with the advice of in-. Bxecntrre Conncil, bai
been plaaaed to direct, by au Order in OounoO
tu Hint benalt.a alow cenNon f,,r foot* within
the County of KOOtenay, Until an-] Jucludfr-K
theSjKi day of Auf/n��t, une thOUaattd nine hun-
fired hij-I Might.
Now Know Ttt therefore, that In purmianrf
thereof, nt.' do hereby pror-ia-m a -inse eaaeon
forgeeae within tbe County of Kottenet mm
and Including the -tint flay of August, on* hou
saiifi nine hundred aim eight.
in tentiinoiiy whereof, we have  wnae    the"*-*
our lutt.'rn to be made patent and the Gj >l riual
of the iriivnne lo b.  hereunto afllxed.
WitHcsy, llm Honor JAmei hunmnufr. Lieutenant Gorarnor of our hmi<i Prorlnoe of British
'olumbla. lu   our City or  Viator,*, In our nald
Province, thta I Oth  day ol  February, In the year
of (iur 1-sOrd   one  thousand   time  hundred  and
eight, and ln thu eighth Year of our relgn.
By command,
ProTinclai Becretary. .
of  groceries   is   what,   we   want     Vou
oan't do btttfr than bring your !i-<t tun
Our  stock    is    complete,   fresh   und
prints riifht     Bring In your orderi we
will   execute   them  properly.
Corner Silica and Jo.=epnine du
Nothing could tie prlsMer or cleverer than our eteries r,i
Th** consist of G1I1.-..11 Gems imini;,-
turi-s from Collier's), Miniatures From
Life, Christy pictures reproduced in ,-x-
act colors, Hand Paint, d Motto Cards,
illustrated Toasts, Pointed Paragraphs,
Kts., Etc.
Size   5x7,   each 25e.
Size   6|ix8';,,   each 35c.   .
Size   8x10,   each 60c.
W. G. Thomson
Nelsou, B. C.
Phon. .,4.
A. M. Can. Sot. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Bit    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St.,   Nelson,  B. C.
Quotations  on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New  York  Curl,.
Alberta C. ti C $
B, C. Copper.........
chas Dickens   	
Can.   Con.   Smelter*
Copper Kin** 	
Dominion Copper
Galbralth Coal  ....
Inli-rnaliimal  C.   tt
Missoula   Copper. ..
Oom   Paul   	
Kamhler Cariboo  ..
Sullivan bonds   	
Stewart           .111%
Tamarack &   Ches'pke        .88
Bid        Asked
.16    $      .35
. I::'.,
3 00
1 ii-'..
I   : :
��� HHi
.01 U
Prices  of  Metals,
New  York. April lift.���Silver. 531<.<\
London,   April   39.���Silver,   31   ll-16d.;
lead.  ��13.
Opening  of Copper Quotationa.
(liy McUerinM &  McHardy.)
New  York, April 30, 1908.
Aaked Hid
Granby    103.00       Ixs.nn
Dominion   Copper,...    1.76 l.63*>j
13. C. Copper      6.00 4.7.r>
A   Dozen  in   Two  Months.
New York, April 39.���Passengers who
arrived yesterday rrom Illncfji-Id. Nlcnr
BsTiia, reported thai the Ogbtlns i"
tween Mosquito Indians and Nloaras
nans, has iniled wilh the kllllnn of tlie
Indian chief. The BghUng began atiiiui
two niontliH ai*o and a large number
of persons were reported to have been
killed. Yesterday's reports, however,
were that not more than a dozen lives
were  lost.
Take Notice ihat I Intend to apply to
tbe Hoard of License Commissioners of
the City of Nelson to transfer the saloon
license for the Manhattan Saloon, 7use-
phlne street. Nelson. H. C��� this day assigned to mc liy II. H. Moore to William
K. Jarratt of Nelson, B. C.
Dated Ibis 38th day of April, A. D.
I. II. II. Moore, of Neison, B. C, hereby give notice that I intend to apply to
the Board of License Commissioners of
Ihe City of Nelson, B. C, at Its next
regular sittings for a transfer of my
saloon license for the Manhattan Saloon
on Josephine street. Nelson, B. C, to
Mary S. Jarratt, wife of William D. Jarratt, of Nelson, B. C.
Dated at Nelson. H. C, this 28ih day
of ApriL A. D. 1908.
H. H. MOORE, Licensee.
Whole-die ftiid   Retail Dealer* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and snpples kept in stock
Mull orders receive, careful att.-ntiou.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    rVTanaK��.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
malt-rial to be had for building pur
poses, foundations, i* taming walls, etc,
being cheaper than brick or stone
i-ii.i*:.*- given ou all kinds ol building
work.    Stock un hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Uy virtue of a Warrant of KxecuUuu
isaut-d out oi the County I'ouit ot l*Ja��t
KouLeiiay,   bolden   ut   Oaubruok.   in   an
action whereof a. g. Bownees ia Plain
LitT and M. J. McPeak aud ixjulae t..
McPeak are Defendants, I have seised
and taken in execution all the right,
till*.-, estate and Interest of the said
defendants, IL J. McPeak aud Louise
BI McPeak, in that certain hotel building, situate in tlie town of Sirdar, li. C,
and now in the occupation of the aaid
defendants, aud will offer the same for
*>ale by public acutiou. at my oihce in
the City of Nelaon, li. C , on Wednea
day, the 122nd day of April, lyus, at the
hour ot twelve  o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers' will satisfj
themselves as* to interest and title of
tho said defendants.
Dated   at   Neison,   11   C,   14th   April,
Sheriff of South Kouttaiiay.
The   above   sain   is   postponed   until
Friday, tho first day of May,   1908.
CURED  .   .
When yuu wlhh to purchase, we can
supply Jon with any cut in our line,
lieef. Pork. Mutton, Veal, Fish, Poultry,
Btc. (Jive U8 a chance al your trade
and we will call for your order and
deliver to any part or tin- city. Mail
orderH   receive   prompt   attention
In the County Court of West Kootenay.
holden at Nelson, between Bernard
A. li, i.i:, (carrying on business by
the B*;de of the "Nel.on Iron
Works"), Plaintiff; and the High
lander Mill and Mining Company,
To the Ahovt- Named Defendant:
TAKK NOTICE that thin action was
commenced against you on the -7th da)
of April, HiUK, and that the ulalnilfl
i laiins $286.46 lor principal and Lnteresl
due on au accepted mil or Exchange
foi in::*", dated December 5th, 190T,
drawn on you by the plaintiff; m in ihe
alternative, 1128.80 for goods Hold ami
delivered, and work done by the plain
11 IT Tor you.
And take notice Hint the court lian by
order made April L'Tili, imih, authorised
the service of (In- summons in  Ihls ac
lion upon yuu, by publication of nn-
notice for three weeks In the Nelson
"Daily Canadian" newspaper.
And further lake notice lhat you nre
required within eight days after such
last inihllcatiou hereof, to enter a ills
puie note in Haid action, by yourself or
your solicitor, and thai In di-fuull or
your doing so, the plaintiff mny proceed
In miiil action, and judgment may be
given against  you In your uhsence
Hated the 'ittii day or April, 1808,
(Heut of County Court.)
T.   M.   BOWMAN.
Itiglslrar of tbe Court.
An umbrella, round beaded handle
with gold hand, taken by mistake from
second storey ���| Aberdeen I'.lock on
April 88th. l-'lndei will please return
to this office.
VV.    G.    QILUETT
Contrtictor   ,hh:
Hole *k<hiI Iur lliv e.irl.i Hi,-,, l.umlmr Co., 1.1(1.,
tnisii yurii*. noun,. ������,i ,ir,.,,���,i lumber, turned
work nml lirsi-lti ts. , i.nsi IhiI, .mil -l.m.:l.���., -���si,
sinl doors. Cemant, l.rl. s ami lline (ur sale
.utpmatlo grinder,
v.rn smi racletyi VeraooSt., o.stot noil
f. O. Boi 3��2 T.i.pnon. 1T7
When von are compelled to bold tha  newep*, ,    ,,���:lv ������., .
,"i"   ' >���'  ���" '"   I"     ���'�����'>   oil"  :   glasses s ,1,1 be ,���,������,, I  ���        *
sultaUons free    Satisfaction guaranteed '���" ���"
Man orders    receive    our    p.Hinpi attention.
J.  J.   WALKER,  JeweU,
Wholewtiiu   l,rovisj|l)I1>,|
l-'rcscltic;*;, ��� pruit.
Oovernment Orattmery One-Pound Bnofci reoslved weekly fresh from u,
churn     For pale by nil IraiHng grocers
Office and WHrehonse: Houston Hlook,    Poone IV.
Josephine Street.        - -        .        Nelson, B. C.
that are just the thing for businessmen, are here in aM sizes and (ndetigm
and fabrics to suit all tastes. These suits are well cut and ������veil made and
we guarantee the fit as well ns the durability of every garment, becauu
they have been carefully made with the design of pleasing our customeri
and  holding  their permanent  trade.
This  |h   i!d*  s-;t-on  of  lhe  y��-ar  v>h*"n   you devote your attention to tbfa I
Lous- hold duty. We are prepared to meet your requirement!? with a full .In*o[ I
Varnishes,    Stains,    E rumen,
Ready   Mt��ed   Paints,   all   colors,
A la bast ine.    Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   house.
J. FL Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. n.ikh Branch.
Notice is bereby given that tbe Government L-otu in the townsite of Hns
tner will be offered for sale hy auction
at tlie Lock-up In Hi'Stie r al ten o'clock
in the forenoon, railway time, W'eiliu-s
day,   April   UI*im1.
illdu below the Upset price will noi
be  received.
Terms, one third cash, one-third lei
of November, inns, and one-third 1st of
May. 1908, with lnteresl from isi of
May. i:ms. A fee of $10 will be chargi .1
for each Crown Qrant when Issued
Aafli-taut Gommisstonei dJ Landi and
Works for the Bouthern Division
or Bast Eootenaj
Oranbrook, 80th March   1808
johhins; promptly  attended to.    Plans
ami Estimates
Apply 415 Hall St. Box WS
C.GREEN A.P.IlURUtN        A. Il.l KEEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion  .ind  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. box MS     I'lii.n   2.1 It.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shoo
Geo.  P. Player
lNfJ  &   SMKI.TINU   CO.
Office   Room   No.   2.   ELLIOjrBLOCK.
NEU-SON,     -     H. C*
���       We  make a specialty of
; Hardware Supplies
For  Ranchers
Rend   us your mall orders.
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co*
���Nlil .HOf��J


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