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The Daily Canadian Nov 28, 1907

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Drill* Halcyon Utlita Water.
iirmh Halcyon Llthla Qlagaf Ale.
Drink Halcyon Llthla Lemon Sour,
Made from pure carbonated Halcyon
iiihittWater When you ask for Haley-
mi net. it.   Sold nt all ho
[*       DEC 2-190? J
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your  door for
Fifty Cents a month
treat Northern Wrecked
a! Troop
fissengers   All   Escaped   Without
| Hurt���Gallant Conduct of Porter
and Train Crew.
���creamed oon*-J*-rab.]r at mm bul th.-v
toon Mimed down ami wen easi], belt)
ed out. Then tbe men col ont. I waa
Uw '.v-'pi tha porter. He wu the hero
"f the whole affair;    he   took all ih..
el.Illl.-uH   and   nol   every   one   (Ala   clear
namra he (topped to think whether he
waa hurl or not. It wiih netting pretty
warm down below when I crawled
through that hole, an.l tin- porter foi
11 K Douglas, illHtrlel iiK.nl o. the
tireat Northern, seen today, had no explanation of the  accident   beyond  the
genera] report  thai  bad  i n broughl
hi by the paaeengera ami crew. He
aald: "I presume there muat bave been
a broken rail, poeelbly broken hy the
engine ..r the lust train m* ii was passing
over. Tin- traek in Inspected dally and
a section crew Ih kepi at that Junction.
The hoi.Ih bound train had K'.ne over
the aame track safely a few hours before. All train*, run very slowly at that
curve, l am very glad no one wuh hurt.
It will not delay truffle at all. The traek
Ih hciiiK Bleared and repaired today anil
the regular irnliiH will arrive and leave
tonight. A n"w Hleeper Ih .... the way
from Spiikaii" to go out tonight."
ti,,,   Qrcai    Northern Dyer between
i.k.iii   and Nelaon baa suffered a aer
since the midnight hit
s-si   inaugurated,  bul   the  rlnuax
at   **. Ii.-n  a  t-iiinlilii'-il   l,.il-
[ �� bleb were abonl  IS
.....     overturned  and de
^ Sre at 1 roop Junction.
con    ited "i aa engine, hog-
smoker, Bret claaa and aleep
In   charge   ..(  Conductor
aia.    h  was  travelling  ai  a  great-
ol  speed Juat  prepara
iimdlng   the  sharp  ourva al
,-..,. hi .   iioini  mi' the lasi stretch "i
ni*.  when, tm   son.'-
determined, tl"' wheels
\ .,-ti   ih,'  track and  i'
.1 .\*.n tin- decline,  preclpl
.   ing    passengers    from
| the   Hum   ami   piling all
one confused maea
in.   wiih Immediately
the porter, Joe 'I aylor,
, .-..ns  in extinguish   all
j, ���. suooeed** i"i' one hi
reach   in  time  and   the
knew    Ihe   o<-,-.ipn.u   of
\ . nil to work to release
i.n.     Tli.   'ruin   was   stopped   within
.:���:.   .mil the whole ere* was a!
���.���:���    in   i.ffi.rtH  to   rescue   tile
Imprisoned  in  tbe  burning
':':..   ehota   erew,  Including   the
iii.  mala patwarngwi bs>
k-Kjii llki   men     Al. UP'aW.Ing WBS made
| ii.     .it ,,i the oai and pie wo
und children  wore the first  ba be
Flnall)   all   were   reeoued
��� in , iaU only  In sleei.lng ap-
...  ���  .nail, as comfortable
u iiosaiiii' under the olrcumstanoet
nlr and smoker had also
���i d igged from the rallH ln the lira,
hold   the   whole train.     They
uncoupled and left, the paaeengera
taken  Into th,-  baggage nar, and
|liriiii.<lii tu the city, whleh they reached
.lotted   hut   in   every   case   un-
i-iiii-'I   The only Injury sustained was
���is   i��iii' i   whose hands were cut  in
il  breaking windows to reach
si ii being broughl from Sp.<-
ton. toda; and the UHiml train will
|l-ai.  tonight.
*   McQueen,   the    well  known   00m-
traveller,  was a  pasaenger on
Iih.-train     He got  on at  Vnilr, ami was
j ���   ui.   parlor    car    when  the
-i> ocoui red. Here Ih IiIb slur, ol
Ivhal happened: "Tin- train was run-
jniiii; along al about live mllea an hour,
lud ����� wen- making the curve at i-'iv
1 Mlii i     i was sitting in the window
"kitu; in the lake, when all at once I
It-!- thi   wheels  running over tha  Uai
|We acarcel)   ran   the   length   of a   oai
���hen thi sleeper turned over,   I local ml
��� window mul opened it     With the sail   iin-   porter  l tt"t   Bwrough
I the window,  and   then  nHnlsted   n  lady
il    in a minute the truln crew were
tni .a iin oapalsed ear. and without
[ Hi.- slightest delay succeeded In getting
"!l   Hi.    Other    six    liassellKers. MIsH
tint Kloakers, ��f Bpokuie, In the
fi" am hue had sucoeeded in breaking a
���Indow, uml crawled out from beneath
'i�� in The porter on the Bret alarm
'"'I paaaed through the oar, and auc
'"'I'll In extinguishing all the lights
��� one, and it was nils burning light
itai caught in the bedding, in leaa than
Ur. minute, the Bre was beyond control
wi tin- train crew, after looking after
Hi" safety uf tha pamengera did aver?
thins 111,'*   could to alive Ule  cnhll'iiir   >
Property An effort was made to aep*
���rate the dav coaoh iron, the sleeper,
nut nn account ot the curve the ems
��o���l,i "ut iii- separated, in i.-hb than hall
:." hour the oar wuh completely destroy
_ the remains of the wood work still
burning when we left for 'lhe Onion
"Pol 1 wish to hear tribute to thi
courageous conduct of the train ere"
���nd porter. They look every ohanoe In
ll"li ,'iTi.ris in save the paaeengera,and
Hn'ii tliev looked after their convenience
'""1 comfort unill all reached the eltj
ueorgo Harrison, former proprletorof
"i. Lakevtew hotel, was also on board
returning from Spokane. His atorytold
,'"1,   li as follows.:
"1 iiiul No. i berth ni the rent- of the
'leaner.     At    the    Mountain station 1
Wrtly dressed. ex| ling to net  "IT   l"��
"i. i.- were no i-Iks and I had lour grtpa.
JO I siiiy,.,] on. When the car went over
wns thrown on ttu- floor and Jammed
hi with luggaga fnlliiiK on top of mo.
"i" purler was there 111 a second. I
wiled out: Tm not hurt. Set me looal
""d I'll help vou.' lie hud me free in
'aecond, and wa atarted In, He knew
wlii.i, avery one was and wa gol the
"""'"ti and kldH out Brat, .lusl then
""��� mew knocked a hole through the
'!'"' and called to uh. Then we paaaed
""' women up to the men reaching tot
'""-���m am] got thuni ull out.    They hud
Nel.on   Unive-sity   Cluh   Addresses   Petition  to  Provincial   Government.
The University ClUb of Nelson will
again address the provincini govern-
nietit on tin sittij,-ct of the Provincial
University, this time In the form or two
petitlona dealing reenectlvely wiih en
downi'-nt and establishment.
At the last regular meeting ot the
cluh the matter wns tefl in the hands
or the Bpecin! committee on tho university. Several maetingB have been
held and yesterday afternoon the petitions drafted by a snl.eoinniiMi'e were
approved and adopted They will be
forwarded to the  provincial    secretary.
They will also be printed in the pamphlet t�� be issued l*v th.- cluh oontalning
Dr. Arthur's address on Dnlverelty Endowment.
The substance of the two petitlona
is as follows:
"That Whereas the revenue from the
grunt of two million acres of land made
in the provincial university, with values
of minerals nnd tiniher deducted, is
sure to prove louilly tnadotpiule to pro
duee the amount of endowment which
will he required ill future for such university, and
"Whereas till- experience of ail Other
provincial and stale universities hau
been thai there in an Inevitable, con-
linuouH and growing demand for more
buildings ami equipment, and
"Whereas any grant of land for tho
puriH.se of endowment would entail tar
k'BB Interference with the development
ami Battlement of the province now than
a' any future time. and. further, might
easily In- made now without any loss to
the annual revenues of the province.
"Therefore, the members of this Dni*
varsity Club respectfully urge the government of British Coluniliia in make
provision for additional endowment by
setting aside a much larger grant at the
next session of the legislature.
"Thin University cluh respectfully
urges the governmenl or liritish Columbia to appoint at tin next session of the
legislature g hoard of governors of the
Provincial Dnlverelty; such hoard of
governors to have power to select a
|,resident,  who  shall   forthwith   become
a member of the board: and to instruct
such hoard nl' governors to draft a charter and constitution for tin- university,
the Hume to he submitted al  the session
of 1809 togetbet with such recommendations as inn* seem lo them wise as
to choice of site, selection of lands and
tirm faculties io he organised."
Farmers of Northwest
Are Provident
C. P. R. Official's Statement���General News oi Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2 8.���C, P. It. officials
state ttiat   a   large  measure of success
lias att led  lhe efforts ol  lhe company
to porsuude the consumers of the west
to  liny  their  coal   during the  summer.
Hundreds ��.t' termers throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan who at this
time lasi year were without i'li.'l of any
kind have now their supplies of coal
for an entire year in their hums aud
the situation tills winter will he to this
eartenl relieved- This is especially true
of those dial rids which suffered most
laai your. Karmora in these areas arc
determined that they will not he caught
in tin- same predicament, and the dealers have he,-a call, il on through tho
summer to furnish the tool, which they
were able anally to do. W. it. Lanlgan,
general freight iwent or the c. p. k..
states that many times the amount of
coal has heen sold throughout the west
to consumers that was sold during the
pn vinos summers.
Kdmonton. Nov. Sts.���Kdward Hell
wiih killed  yesterday hy an explosion
of   dvuamlte  in  oonStrUOtlun   at   (Mover
Lethbrldge. Nov 2S.���The ratepayers yesterdav authorized the construction or ft water works system and the
ipi.chase of a natural Kan well for lighting. 	
Kinston. Nov. II ��� Aid. A. K. .toss,
.m.  n..  president  or the  conservative
association, will oppose R   H. Terry In
the mayoralty contest in January.
T oronto. Nov. 2K.���Apple exporters
.���lalm that a million dollars worth of
apples is being held up iii Ontario because of lack of transportation facilities. They have organised an association to he known as III.- Ontario Apple
Shippers' association nnd will go to
Montreal to h.-<- tlie chief railway officials, and If neoesssry, afterwards to
Ottawa to see the railway commission
and   Dominion government.
Lethbrldge, Nov. 28.���Arbitration
honrd sessions for miners at Taher. Mr.
Shermnu says, are being held In ubey-
Baoe for a while. There have heen
changes in the management of some
mines and efforts are being made to
bring about settlements with the new
llrandon, Nov 28.���Dr. Mclklojohn. of
tho Boutharn l r" Insurance ci.-npnv.
Is ln the city today arranging for the
pavment or tlie Insurance of the late Dr.
13. W.  Mclnnis.
deuce tu the
concluded y.
s. ii. Wood,
Nov.   28.���Tuking   of   evl-
luiiilicr combine case was
isterday.    In the afternoon
attorney general, addressed
Managers   Propose   Ten-Hour   Day   and
Lower   Wages���Men   Refuse.
Cohalt, Nov. M.���Further trouble is
brewing in labor circles in Cobalt district arising out ��r tbe ahanga thai is
to  he   made   on   the   McKlnlcy 1 larragli
as regard! the time  ior working  the
ii.in and Ihe wages lo lie paid them.
This   company   never   joined   llie   Mine
Managers' /ssaoolatlon, ami consequently were among lhe Aral to adopt the
union scats of wiikob and time. Notloe
lias now heen posted up In Hi'' mine lo
Ihe effect that after December lath the
wages are to he reduced 25 cents a day.
and Ihe men  lo work in   Ill-hour shlfls.
The ' chaiiK''. ii is believed, is being
broughl aboul to reduce the operating
expciiBcH ..r the mine, which are rather
hlgh in view of the general condition ol
the money market, ami alao to enable
ihe Company to retain all their working
I,nc whlcli al present consists or about
ISO men The change, however, Ih up
iiareiillv not suitable to the men, and
although.Capt Harris has nol been noli
lied as yet or any contemplated sinke.
their ib' '< strong rumor that moal of
them propose leaving their Joba ai the
end or tills month ir the notice is not
nulled down. Tlie general opinion lethal
Hiich a Step on the part ol' Ihe men
WOUld he !��""' Unwiia In view of the approaching winter, and the fuel thai
here are plenty of Idle men about camp
ready t<> step Into the lobs left vacant.
It Is, however, to he soon what action
the men will tuku.
the court tor an hour and fifty n.inil'.es.
referring particularly to the salient ten
turn brought out In the evidence. Mr.
Bennett, counsel for the defence, Bpoke
lor an hour. H has not been announced
Whether a decision will he given ln the
case by Chief Justice Slfton.
Time  and  Place   Soon to   Be   Decided���
Sketch of Former Gathering*
of  the   Party.
Portage La Prairie, Nov. 28.���a fatal
BOOldent occurred al Assiuboine river,
near tlie water wheel, when a miller
was killed. The victim was at work on
the capstan being used lo rulse one of
the scows on the river and was engaged lu winding uie rope. His team
had Jiibi got nicely started and the full
weight of tile scow wus on the cable
when the double trees broke und the
long arm of the capstan swung buck
wilh terrific force striking Miller across
the right temple ami crushing his skull,
lie was broughl Into tin- hospital hut
died. .Jt.it
Ottawa. Nov. 18.���The annual report
of the minister or tlie interior Tor nine
months ending March 111, 1807, shows
a total revenue of $2,278,540. increase
$788,888] homeatead entries fur nine
months,. 21.1148;   bused ou this estimate
the tuiai number or entries during
twelve months sliding June 80th this
year,' upon monthly rutin of previous
nine months, would he 28,754, na compared wilh 41.8(1!) during the year ending June Htlth, 1900. There has been
a decrease in tho area of land disposed
of hy railway oompanlea during the past
year compared with 1806, hut there has
"been a Bteady advance in value since
1008, which entails $:t.4l", per acre to
11U17 when tt was $tl per acre. Sales
of Manitoba school lands totalled 125,-
iiihi acres at $1,5(1(1, 150, or an ave-age
price of $12,211 per acre. In Saskatchewan tlie average price was $14.1.7 an
acre. No eohool lands were sold in Alberta during the year.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 28���When
the Hepubllcan national committo
meets in this city one week from today it will he to decide U]*on the time
and place for holding the fourteenth national convention of the party. Times
and conditions have changed wonderfully since the Republicans held their
first national convention in Philadelphia a little over a half century ago.
The delegates were not cliosen then
on the busiB of representation which
now prevails. Kor uiBlance, in the convention of 1851S New York had Ut, delegates. Pennsylvania 81, Ohio 00. ln
the convention next year New York will
have only 78 delegates, Pennsylvania
(is. Ohio 40.
in the first national convention of the
Republican party all of the distinctively northern states were repreaented,
and. In addition, Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia aud Kentucky. In the party's
fourteenth national convention, which
will be held next June, every stute and
territory of the Union will be represented.
in 187,(1 the popular vole for the Republican caudidute lor President, John
C. Fremont ol California, was 1,:141.-
204. iu 1004 Mr. Boosevel! received
7,628,488. The state of New York has
more voters now of ull parties than
the entile Republican vote of fifty years
The first national convention of tha
Republican party declared iu its platform that "the maintenance of the pri-
clples promulgated in the Declaration
of Independence and embodied In the
Federal Constitution is essential lo the
preservation of our republican Institutions." It rebuked the Democratic
party for the latter's attitude toward
Cuba, aud UBserted that "highwayman's
plea that might makes right' embodied
in the Ostein! Circular, would bring
shame aud dishonor upon any Government or people that gave It their sanction." Since these declarations were
made the United States, under Repuhll
can adiuinistrationB, has acquired
Philippines and Porto Hico���nud
Declaration of Independence and the
denunciation of "the highwayman's
plea" no longer figure in Republican
In the firBt national convention of the
Republican pany there were two candidates Ior the Presidential nomination���
Jhon C. Fremont of California and
John McI.oun of Ohio. McLean was
the preference of the old-time Whigs
who had identified themselves with
the Republican party. He was tainted
with "Know-Nothingisni." however, and
that was the prime cause of his defeat.
When the party held Its second convention, in Chicago, In 18011, the nomination of William H. Seward of New-
York aeemed a forgone conclusion, hut
tlie honor was bestowed on Abraham
Lincoln, who was renominated In 1804
by tlie ilultimoro convention. Gen. U.
S. Grant was .nominated, practically
Without a dlBsenttng voice, at the Chicago convention of 1808, and renomin
nted unanimously at the Philadelphia
convention ln 1872. In the convention
of 1870, at Cincinnati. James G. malm-
led all other candidates for the nomination ror six I.allots. but was defeated
on the seventh by Rutherford It. Hayes.
On the first ballot Mr. lilaine hud 285
voles which were increased to 1151 on
the seventh. Gen. HayeB had only 61
votes on the first ballot und list on the
sixth. On the seventh ballot he recelv-
ed 384 votes, or Bix more than were necessary to a choice, lt was Blaine
against the Held���and the field was
stronger than Maine's "magnetic states
In the convention of 1880, at Chicago
the "old guard" made a desperate effort
to nominate Gen. Grant for a third term.
The general led all other candidates lor
thirty-live ballots. The unit rule received Its death blow In this convention,
and on tlie thirty-sixth ballot James A.
Garfield was nominated. Ulalne was
again a candidate, and received almost
as many votes up to the fifty-fifth ballot as Gen. Grant. Then the "dark
horse" carried off the prize. In 1884
at Chicago. Mr. Itlatne realized hlB am
billon and wl.B nominated Tor the Pres
Idency, lui-. beaten at the pollB hy hlB
Democratic opponent, Orover Cleveland
The convention   in   isss   lusted   hu
days. John Sherman of Ohio led for
Beven ballots. On tlie eighth he was
beaten hy Benjamin Harrison of Indiana. At Minneapolis, In 1802. President HnrriHoti was renominated on the
first ballot, but w-ns beaten at the polls
by Mr. Cleveland. William, McKlnley
was nominated on the first ballot al
St. Louis ln isi.fl, nnd renominated
unanimously nl Philadelphia In 101)0
In 1004, at Chicago, President Then
dure Rooaovelt wus nominated without
Speech From the Throne
Gratifying Report of Material Growth
of Dominion���Important Meas
ures Foreshadowed.
Bank Reserve Increased. ,
London. Nov. 28.���The weekly statement of the Hunk of Kngiand shows th.
following changes compared with last
week: Total reserve Increased .C 1,870.-
000; circulation decreased ��111.000;
bullion Increased a. 1.750.222; other securities decreased ��1,888,000; other deposits decreased *2482.000; public deposits decreased CO.000; government
securities unchnnged. The proportion
of the hank's reserve to liabilities which
laat week w-as 38,78 tier cent. Is now
42.83 per cent. The Hank of Kngiand
rate Is unchanged at 7 per cent.
Ottawa. Nov. 28.���The flrBl real snowstorm of the season signalized the opening of parliament this afternoon. The,
number of out of town visitors for thsl
opening ceremonies was exceptionally
large. Hia Kxcellency was escorted to
parliament buildings by Prince Louis'
Dragoon Guards under command of
Lieutenant C. J. Barrett An the carriage entered the parliament grounds a
salute rang out from the guns of Nepean
Point battery, the tiring party being
under command or Captain McLaren
The usual guard or honor rrom the Governor General's Foot Guards was in
front of the parliament buildings to receive Lord Grey. The speech from the
throne wus us follows:
"Honorable gentlemen of the senate,
gentlemen of the house or commons:
"Again in greeting you at a period or
your most convenience Ior the despatch
or business lt gives me great pleasure
to be able to congratulate you on the
remarkable expansion of the trade of
Canada with other countries, the total
irade of the past year far exceeding
that of anv of Its predecessors. A gratifying result of this expansion was that
the revenue of the last fiscal period of
nine months was more than sufficient
to meet the expenses of the consolidate
fund, national continental railway capital and special outlays, all expenses of
the Dominion of every kind, and leave
a balance of over three million dollars
to be applied on the reduction of the
public debt.
"The Btream of immigrants coming to
Canada continues to increase in volume, the year now drawing to a close
showing a larger number than any preceding year, and it is gratifying to observe the many coming from the Hritish
Islands. The Dominion has heen blessed
by a long series of prosperous years
and though at the present moment its
business Is being restricted by the fi
nancial stringency which prevails
throughout the world 1 feel nssured that
the unfavorable condition will be temporary and that the inimitable resources
of Canada and the world wide recognition of them give ns ample guarante.
of cntiliued material progress.
"The conference held in London in
the months of April and Mav lafit Ik--
tween the government of the United
Kingdom and the governments of the
Hritish Dominions beyond the seas satisfactorily dealt with many subjects in
which the Kniptro at large Ib interested
A copy of the minuti-B or the proceedings will he laid before you.
"Two of the ministers duly author
bred by His Majesty, foi- the purpose or
acting lu conjunction with His Muicsty's
ambsssador at Paris, have recently ne
gotiated n convention with the govern
ment of the French republic respecting
the commercial relations between Canada aud France, subject, however, t.
the approval of the French chamber,
and the Canadian parliament A copy
or HiIh convention will he submitted to
yon Immediately and you will he asked
to give it vour sanction.
"The government of Newfoundland,
having become involved In a contro
versy with ths government of the
United Stat.-s as lo the true meaning nl
tin-article of convention respecting fiBh
cries, concluded In the year 1818 between the United Kingdom and Ununited States, and Canada being also
Interested In the question nt Issue, the
governmenl tins Joined With the govern
mont of Newfoundland In an ngreeinent
in refer all matters arising out of said
article lo the Hague tribunal.
"The difficulty or obtaining labor and
materials at a time of great business
activity has somewhat retarded the construction ol the Trans-continentai railway. Nevertheless great progress hus
hoc- mmade both on the eastern division
and on Ihe prairie section ot flu- west-
cm division. A section of the latter of
about two hundred and fifty miles has
been available for handling the traffic
of the present season. Contracts for
tne portion of the prnrie section weat
of Kdmonton are about to he let nn.1
Immediate steps will be taken for the
commencement of work a', both the
eastern and western ends of the mountain division. Thus ln a very short
time the whole work from Moncton to
the Pacific ocean will he under organ
lead construction.
"The unexpected Inllnx of Immigrants
trotn Oriental countries into Canada
aroused a strong feeling of opposition.
A member of my government has been
deputed to proceed  to Japan to confer
with  the  Japanese  governmenl  on  the
"The suddeti und unexpected collapse
of the great cantilever bridge ln course
of construction across the St. Lawrence,
tn the vicinity of Quebec, may be regarded as a national calamity and the
event has evoked much sorrow for the
lives that were lost on that occasion.
A commlBBlon haB heen appointed to Inquire into the causes which led to the
disaster. When received the report of
the commission will he laid before you.
It will lie necessary to devise means for
the completion of the bridge within a
reasonable time.
"It. Is most gratifying to find that notwithstanding the large reduction of
postal rates which have been made the
revenue of the post office department
has continued to increase rapidly. The
large receipts of this branch of the government businesB will enable the department to make still larger provision
for tile extension of the postal facilities
throughout the Dominion.
"The time has arrived when public
Interest requires that telegraph and
telephone companies holding federal
charters should be placed under government control. A bill will be introduced
for that purpose.
"Gentlemen of the house of commons,
the public accounts for the nine months
ending 31 Bt March Inst will be laid before you without delav. The estimates
for the coming fiscal vear will be submitted for your approval at an early-
"Hon gentlemen of the senate, gentlemen ol the house of commons, among
the measures to be aumltted to you Is
a bill for the extension of the boundaries of Manitoba and other provinces,
also B bill for the Issue of government
annuities for old age. A hill respecting
insurance and bills to amend the election act and the Dominion lands act.
"I commend to your thoughtful consideration the several subjects to which
1 have referred and I truBt that tn your
deliberations you may be guided by
Divine light."
Presented to  Lord Selbourne  by   Paramount Chief of Barotseiand���Picturesque Meeting on Zambezi.
Cape Town, Nov. 28.���The meetine
of Lord Selborne, high commissioner
of South Africa, and Luanika. paramount chief of Barotaeland, was full of
quaint incident.
Nothing could be more picturesque
than Luanika k arrival. A fleet of some
25.�� native dug-out canoes came up the
broad Zambesi, led by the chief's own
enormous boat, with its crew of thirty
There broke from the hundreds of
women assembled on the shore the
royal song of welcome, as Luantka's
craft drew nigh. Dressed in every Imaginable brilliant color, black faces
shining an 1 black eyes sparkling with
excitement, the women marched
slowly forward to the rythmical clapping of hands, chanting as they went,
to the river bank, and then, with wild
shrieks and peals ot laughter broke
their ranks and raced to bathe their
hands and faces in the water in which
the king's boat uwam.
Luanika - eldest son, Letla, immaculately clad in an English shooting
suit, was busy on the bank with a fwll-
pl*te camera. After a few minute's
panse Luanika himself stepped ashore,
habited, alas! in a grey frock coat,
pinkish trousers and a black opera hat.
The high commissioner, with Lady
Selborne and their suite, rode quietly
in from the veldt some days after
Luanika's coming. Two days later the
utllcial meeting of the white and the
black ruleit* took place in a room, open
on two sides, built of grass and reeds
enclosed by a reed fence.
In the evening the paramount chief
presented Lord Selborne with a young
hlpp'.potnmuH. This beast, which is
perfectly tame and about half grown,
had followed the chief 300 miles down
th��- river from Llnlui, taking no more
thun a passing interest in the herds of
wild "hippos" on the way. lt slept
pi'Uepl'ully through the greater part of
th'1 present at inn ceremony, and was
tlnaliy gal.untlv mounted and ridden out
of the court vard by a nieinln1!' of the
Paris Mtsslonarv society.
Will Confer with Lenta
nn ishii's Arrival
���imerlcan Ambassador Also Given
Fair Hearing���Laborers Must
Rot Come as Students.
Toklo, Nov. 28.���Hon. R. Lemleux.
Canadian postmaster general and commissioner of labor, who is on a mission
concerning emigration, had an audience
today and lunched with the empress at
the palace. The usual ceremonies were
observed. The emperor was afflicted
with a cold and was unable to be present. Mr. Ishil. chief of the bureau of
commeice or the Japanese foreign office.
Is expected on the 30th of November.
After his arrival, it is believed, negotiations concerning emigration to America
will proceed more rapidly, lt is under-
tood that VlBCount Hnyashi. minister of
foreign affairs, has assured Mr. Lemleux that the Japanese government Is
prepared to meet the views of Canada
regarding limitation of immigration.
Toklo, Nov. 28.���It is understood that
the United States ambassador, Mr.
O'Brien, has officially called the attention of the Japanese government to the
great increase In the number of Japanese arriving on the Pacltg* coast. He
presented the view of theTrtate department that this cannot be considered in
accordance with the promises of the
Japanese government and therefore requested a rigid Investigation with
prompt measures to prevent the Immigration Into America of any person who
entered as a student who might afterwards become a laborer. -There ls
reason to believe that the emigration
companies in Japan are taking advantage of the laxity of inspection qualification for emigrants and becoming
bolder In practising fraud, hence a meeting of the emigration companies has
been called for December 3rd.
At the foreign office lt was stated to
a correspondent of the Associated
Press: "We are now considering the
best methods of controlling and further
limiting emigration and correcting any
mistakes which may have occurred lately. Conditions here are different from
those in America. Japanese students
who have reached a certain grade in
the Japanese schools, desiring to visit
America, register as students In good
faith. But, reaching America, they secure work to enable them to prosecute
their studies. It is quite probable that
frauds have been committe but without
the cogntzance of the government. We
are using every precaution to prevent
the recurrence of such frauds."
British  Suffragettes   Become   Laughing
Stock���Birmingham Student. Attack With Dead Mice.
Moslem   Prejudice   Overcome���Induced
Now to Abandon  Districts Where
Disease   is   Prevalent.
Lahore, India, Nov. 28.���The efforts
of the Indian government to stamp out
the plague have up to the present time
been enormously hampered by the refusal of the Mohammedans to evacuate
in villages on the ground that they were
forbidden by tlu Koran to "Flee from
the wrath of God," and fully a quarter
of a million deaths from the plague
have been due to this belief. Hut now
the heads of the Moslem faith, urged
thereto by th*1 government, have issued.
a proclamation pointing out the unten-
ability of this Idea and declaring that
the Koran expressly enjoins Mohammedans to quit places smitten by Allah
with the disease. The government is
publishing the  proclamation widely.
London, Nov. 28���Ever since the
politicians began their annual autumn
stump campaign, the screaming Suffragettes, led by Christabelle Pankhurst
and Annie Penney, have with monotonous persistency done their utmost to
break up meetings addressed by ministers and other prominent Liberals.
Their female interruptore were all Invariably ejected, screeching and struggling in a munner which is now too
familiar to call for special notice. Their
tactics usually have led only to the
temporary stoppage of the meetings.
Sometimes, however, they have practically prevented the making of speeches.
The public is getting very weary over
th,- fooling of the Suffragettes, which
weakens instead of strengthening their
The Pankhurst gang, apparently realizing their failure, invoked local
Socialist males at Leeds to protect them
f'oin ejection from a meeting addressed
by Mr. Gladstone. The plan succeeded,
and for the first time the Pankhursts
won an overwhelming victory, completely preventing the meeting. Mr. Gladstone, his wife and others were driven
from the platform by a rush of women,
supported by their Socialist allies, and
a free light between the latter and the
Liberal audience long filled the hall
with uproar. There were many bloody
noses and black eyes given and received.
A tew nights ago the Suffragettes'
tactics were tried against themselves.
They were holding a meeting at Birmingham, where the university students
raised a pandemonium. Among their
other pranks, they threw tubes filled
with sulphuretted hydrogen, which
caused dismay among the Suffragettes.
The PankhurstItes became wildly Indignant. With red faces they raved at
the ill-mannered hoys, much to the lat-
ter'B huge and noisy delight, until a
shower of dead mice brought the speakers from the platform.
I .
m J I
fi !
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is begiunius-; to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
DR. WILK1E. President
Head Office:   Toronto.
HON. KOBERT JAJ-'FRAY, Vice-President
Capita, Authorized  .. ^. - - *V^������'������    Capita, Paid Up^ . . .,4.860.000
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fit m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���sBLSors brvivcm sJ^JVl.   L,AV,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
_DCorporat.il  A.  D.  18G9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund 14,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
'CIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
"Savings    Bank    Department,    and
Interest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publish.-- tli asy. s wees by tbe
Bs.er St..  Nelson. B. C
In ascription rates. ��. rent- s month oellvercj
la tbe cut, or ,5.0- s y.sr If sum by mall, ��hco
p.lt* In advance.
AdverU.ms rales on spi-llistlon.
All  monies paid  In   s-Ul.-u.-nl of   Tbe Dally
Csaa*I.D   a.-'-m......   ""
slnMsUt, moat o. r- - - ;l*t-..l |.,r '.ii'-licpnim-
torma oi lie C-inp.ny. utb'.-r raCSlpU are Dot
.slid.     ^	
Thursday.  November 28.  1907.
The  session  of the  Dominion
ment that open, todaj  is certain
the last of tin-  present   parliament   It
Is  Impossible io  way   In  advane.
maaaures, if any, an- to be laid I
the  house for  ita  approval    Ther.
ever* Indication, however, thai a larg.
part   of it"- ���-��� -"ion  will  be devot* u
exposure of corruption  which  may d<
vl(.|i  into  ii- ���   i   ;,minis.
The trial or    tbe    London    elei
thieves,  now   going   on   In   Toronl
proving hi th.   hilt .
by th.   ' ,"1 '
of Mr. Hyman'i last election   'I he . oun
sel for ih'  d tained by the U ���
eral part.' of course, has no defence U
offer ex.-' lit to tl ��� 'li'  the fit,
IK���ns     Hi
of working  bog   -  ���������������'��� witch
InK ha'.luis and '
in other words  ol '��������� Ing ��� useful i
In (ha Ubars   cause, is nol  worthy U
be believed on hla oath  It is s plauslbl.
plea but tl" re 1 ��� orroboratlv,
evidence to show fhat
u-lling th.- troth dlasrao ful aa it is.
Mr. Pugsley ha* already repented ol
hie rash challenge to Ur Borden and
has actually mad.- In publli
ion that further reference to it !��
avoided by both sides Th, snggestloi
will of course be rejected. Mr. Pugslej
has accused Mr. Borden of h.-ing privy
to a oo���piracy of corruption. No mai
ln Canada believes him bul he II goln|
to be publicly convicted of malicloui
slander. Ml Pugsley*! reputation i
past being hurt In the maritime pro,
inces hut the raal "f Canada win b.
enlightened on the latest strengthen
Ing of the cabinet, and from the clroum
dances of hie appolntmenl It Is a fail
presumption tbut Sir Wilfrid considered
him an abler and cl.-ant.-r man ilian any
in the Liberal ranks in the house.
There is certain to be inquiry into the
cau ��� foi 'l" retirement of Major Hodgins from the service of the Notional
Transcontinental Railway. The explanation thai came from the spot was thai
Major Hodgins had been dismissed fur
r. rusin ���' to sanction B .rand. If thai
Btory is true it Is time thai Canada
Bhould   know  what  share  ol  the  $1"'".
 ,000 the road will cost  is going int.,
construction, and what into the pockets
"i   the  legion  "f grafters.
There is an uneaay suspicion, too,
despite the strenuous activity of Mr.
Mackenzie King at Vancouver, that the
sudden rush <>! Japanese to our ooast,
:.mI the signing of the treaty which
permits unlimited entry hear the rela
lion of effect and cause, and that th.
motive ior it all lleB in the deaire ol
��� . Grand Trunk Pacific Oompany to
g, ���  cheap labor.
Altogether ther are plenty of pleas-
ant and Intereating subjects to engage
ihi- aii'iitioii ol the house of commons
��� via]  month'*
In his Halifax platform Mr. Borden
advocated strengthening tin- railway
oommlssion and  extending  its    scope.
Itches I' ��� .in Ottawa within the
past ft w >la\ s have announced thai the
g iv. rnment will act on   Mr.    Borden's
. -non     Nexl   to  lln-  possession  of
constructive ability Is tl apadty for
recognizing ii In others. Sir Wilfrid
will not do badly at all if he continues
_��� Mr, Borden's advice on all mai
Ii is Infinitely better than any
he v.i,i gel from his own cabinet or
conceive for himself.
Swedish Cabinet Crisis.
Stockholm, Nov.  -7.��� As  au   'njtriinii
of   tin    dissension   iu   the cabinet   arls-
Notice le hereby given thai at the
nf-'xt meeting of the Hoard of LloenK
��'(itiinilHKioiK-i h for the District of YimIi
to be beld after the expiration of thirty
day-, I Intend to apply for a trai.Hfer of
the License for the Grove Hotel from
myself  to  William Gosnell.
Brneel Q* Horden,
Hy his attorney. Wm. QosneU.
Tinted UiIb 12th day of November,
Tne Daily Canadian
��� ���������������������������������������������������**t> ���������-*** ��������� ���
4>  __      ���
At Our
��� Tickets for sale  for the Tuberculosis Ball November 29th. For      ���
^        sale also at Canada  Drug and Book Co.    Tickets $1.00:  Supper 50c.      ���
[ng from Sweden's failure to become a
signatory to a maty assuriim the integrity of Norway. Fpr.3i.gij HlnUter
TroJ.e. War Minister, Coi. Tins-stun and
Minister of the Interior Juhlii. an.- expected to tender their regSgnattoai at
the cabinet meeting to he held Friday.
Nervous Existence.
Odessa. Nov. 2S���General Novltsky
who last summer assumed the offices
of goovernor general and perfect of
Odessa died suddenly in this city today of paralysis of the heart.
Cheaper  Meat.
New York. Nov. 28.���Local packer^
rntotirm Uie re]��ons from Chicago and
Bt Logll that there will soon he a reduction io the price of meat. They say
further however, that the reduction will
not affect the higher grades ot bee. and
pork, bnt will probably be confined uy
the  less  choice grades.
line, about ten milea eaat of Uykert*. B C,
thence aouth 4n i b��l_t, to Uie international
boundary line, thenee WMt 1*0 chain*, tbt-nfe
north W chain.*., thenee east ir-u chains lo the
point of (Hiinmeiiieineni, uml containing MO
acre*, mon' or lea*
IXKiated the-tind i>c'.ober. A I> , 1907.
rn * p.; �� '.. Kurt.ik.
(2) '.'omuenclUK at a poft til-out half a mile
eaet oj the wt*��t fork ,,f Mi��i.l,,t, eroek, about one
an.l a   half   milt**-   north   of   the   interufttUitia]
boandan line, Mb- it ten mBo* ���*-.-��� of ttyserta
B. 0 ��� thenoe weel K  chain*., thenoe north 10
fbaim, Ue nre tnai no chalos, thenoe ���oath BO
chain* to Hit* point ,.[ I'ouiiui'nt-emeut, ani ooa
taininit ***i ion i, more or laaa.
LoeaW.1 the 22u0  day ��,f OetoboT. A D    1901
(HABLCi  (j.   IKl.'IK
(:.) CouimenclnK at a pt��t on the lnternnui.t,
al bouudar-f lln*.* one mile ea��t of the ��� a-i tori nl
Mifuion creel ehent i*r mileB enat of Rykoru,
thenoe eaat*) ebalna,  thence  north   UT
Mormons Ex-jelled.
Leipsie,  Nov.  _s.���The   police today
expelled    from    Saxony   Jour   Mormon
mlssionarteo   as obnoxloai     Foreigner!
The German authorities recently de
dded not to permit Mormon mission
aries engaged in the work of proselytlx
Lug to enter the empire  ^^
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"Blij Hope Fraction" Mineral Claim. Htuate
in the Trout Lake Mlnlnut Plvli-lou, oi Weal
Kootensy i��ihtnct, Uwsted on Pop-lar cress,
Tak,- n<.t
���tire   th
Pad ley  Free Miner |
laiif   IlOilft*    Hint     l.   v-   i��'i��:)    nt-T   ."'nr'   ���
I'tTllflcate No. BHf,.-f*-'i, Intend Wi day�� iron the
date ht-reof to apply to the Mining MOOrdi r for
I CerttfOSte of Improvtineula for the pnri��iiie of
obtaining �� Ctros d Grant ol the shore Claun
And further take DOtlee that aetum under
Beetion Wt, mum be comineneed bntore the
lsfuance of Mich CSTttfcatO of linprov* nieliU.
Uattd thin Mb day of October, l��rj.
In the matter of an application for the laMie of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title for part (4U acren)
of Lot --lJ.tiroiiponp, ln tht Dletrtol ol Koou-uny
KotSee if hereby given that It la my intention
to laaiie at the expiration of one month from the
tirat publication hereof adupll'-ate nf trie ��.r
tiftcatc ol i ttU* for the above landa in the name
Of Andrew Morrison, which Certificate bi Title
i- Uted iin- Mb day Of March, 11*00. and mini
b��*rod stWi-K.
I^nd Keglatry (Jfflee, NcImju, H- <��� ,Sej>tember
lath, IWl.
"H   F. MacLson,"
liiatrtt.-. Reitlnrar.
In the matter of an application for the i����in- of
duplicate* of the < ertiticatt*- of Title to lota 11.
LS and IH, group ], Wmi Kootenay I'l**trict. nla<.
known aa the -Kootenay Chief," 'Cfinilort" ami
"Liuu" mineral elelxni reepeouTely.
Notice ]��� hereby gi\cn that It la  my Intention
. I. . ....... .....    ..t  ......    ..........    .......   f I, a.
i^oiict* if nereoy gi\eu ina. it if my itiieiiiioi,
to iHam* at the expiration of otic month lifter the
II rat publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of lltle im.. f.'.'-f, ��� ..' an undivided Hi Ptoth* In
Moh ol lhe ehOVe lot*., laaued on the 17th day of
Mm-, A D, UB6 in lhe name of I u but \ Ainaworth ,
ami alno a duplicate ol Ortlllcale of Tith Ho,
t.u-oaof ati undivid-d lH-UKitha in each of the
above lota, Uansd on the 171 h day of May, A I>
lhHC. in the name nt Qeorse J Ainaworth.
land KeKiHtry offlce, Nilfon, B. ('.. AuguatHth
H. F. MA��:LEon,"
DiStflOl Heitlatrar
City of Nel.on License Ol.trlct.
We, the underHlKiieil, Ktv.- uotlce that
at the next meeting of the Boat"* <'f
U.-ciiHc CnmiiilHyioiK-rB we Intend to ap
ply Tor a tranHTer of the lleense or ttu
No I'lace Inn Irom Wm. Go.nell to
EDWAKI)   P0_���BO,
Nelson, Nov. 1��, 1907.
Nelaon Land District.   Dlltrlot of Woat Kootenay
Take   notice   that Charl.-a O.   Keeder, of ipq*
Itaue, in n.i Htate of Waahington, V 8. A , fl n
anctal agent, intendts to apply for a apedal lim
ber Uoeuce over tbe following deacrlbed landa.
(1) Commencing ai a poat planted about ano
feet eaat of the weal fork of Mlaalou creek, on���
half mile nurtb of tbe int-uruatloual  boundar..
chains,   thence NJ chalna weat,   thence 40 chains
south, theuce -10 chalua tai-i,   tht-nce t*i ehalm
aoutli   to the point ol commencement and   oon
telning 640 acrea. more or leaa.
Lotrated the _ird day of Oetober, A l- . 1907.
'  ii ��a   j- Q   I.f.e: i-.B
Nelaon I^n<l Dlatriot   Dittrletof W��et Kootsosy
Tax,, nnii,.-that i. w a   Badaon, offiMksae,
Wa-.li. occupation timber f rui-wr. intend to apply for a aperta! timi.er li., :i., OTOT the following   deai;ribed   landa:     t'ommcm-tti���   at   a   jawt
planted on the north ttu ui. nil Snip mil erees, and
marked W. a. Budnn'i - W. oorner, thenea
north SB ehaina. ti:. : obsina, thenoa
M'Uiti+' chalni   theuce west llOcnalni  to the
(���"ii.t ni i._ii:it-m   in, ui. i .'titaiiiiiig 6ID acres,
more or leaa
pmsd NoV  j. 190*:. w. a. Bi m h
Vsleon J-ai-'l l*l**iri<-t.   lM.iri't nf Wesl K'...:.-nav
Tak* notloe th���tW  a UntSaon, ol to ������
Waab., occupat.Mii Umbej Sl set ."��� -iU '"apply (oi n mi lal timbei Ik .-n . .n ��������� tbe lolhn
lug  deacrlbed   landa:     Commencing  at   a  pOaf
planted on thesonth baakoTtbs norih fork oi
Corn cress, thanoe eon th IS chain**, lhenoe weel
UP chalna, thenoe nortb to. ban,-., thenoe aaat
160 chalna to the point ol comiii-ncement. cental tm.g Mo acre*-, more or less.
Dated Nov. .th. linrr. w, a. QmeoH.
Kalaoa Land Dlatrlet l>.atrtct oi Weat Keotsnsy
Take notice that W a Hudaon ol Spokane.
Waal... ooonpatlon timt..-r amlaar, intend* to ap
ply for a special timber M-*��.uc*- orei the follow
t���l deaanbed landa; <'omnifi.i-.iig at a peat
pi-tnted ,.n the aaat Ude ������( lha 5��utfi f*>rk ol the
north fork ol < orn * r.���, k  th. nc.* aouth HO jhatn*.
theuos treat a    Lialna, tbanoa unr ii *>i ehaini
.-a-i �� . balm to the ikiini 'd posussnoa
ment, oontalning MO acres, wort* or leii
i-au-dNo. etb.iatn. w a  unnaos
Valaon Un I Diatn-1   iiuiri.i of Waal Kootensy.
TaJtenotloa thai W.A, BoOson, ��� Bpokam
���������'ti., oorupation timber erniaar, ini- i da to ap
ply ior a special timber llcsnos orer the follow-
ing deecnb : lands: < omrneucmg at a pom
planted about **��� [eat north oil the uor'.n
fork of Corn creek thaaaa sootii B ehaina,
thenoe weat hii chains, thence noth so
ebalna, thenee east S3 . hain* ii. the polnl oi
Dated Wot. 9th, lian. w. a. Bonaoe
Nelaon Land I'iatrl. I |l'li.trlct of Weat Kr,,.;* nay
T��k." notios thst W. ,\. Bndson, of Bpokaea,
waab., oocnnatlon timber erataST, intend* to ap
ply for a ���peniaj timbei ll anna o-rarthi folloa
ing described land*: Comtasndas at a jKtat
i.'.atite'i about MX) feci north "i the north f..rx ,,i
Corn - reek  thi noi north w> ohsins   thence *��� i]
Mobalm  tbeoo uh W ebalna, rbenoe eaat I
ehalns to tbe point ol Mmmenoaueni oontaln
i"n 'i"��. n a, more or less.
Dated Nos eth, USt. W  a. Bnnaoa
Neiaon I.an i I'l-trl't.   Dlalrlclof Weat Koob tin)
Take notice thai w. a. Hudson, of ki,���|ih!m.
������wii . oot upatlon timber cruiat r, lnt--ml* to apply for a *oei-iu; timber liri nee ov��-r   the   !...,.���_.
ing deaorlbed landn Commenelns at a posi
planted abonl BOO (eel norih of tba north fork nf
Com creek u . ��� ttb SO cb���Ina. thenee eaai
BOcbalni tbenoa noru K) chains, tnance west so
chalni to lbs point ol oommsnos���isnt, contain
itiu * 10 rn I.-*-, more nr leaa
Dated Kot.eth. 1907. w. a Btmaov,
Nelaon Land Dlatrlst   iMatrict <>f Wsal Eoots_ay
Take  notice   that W   A    Iludaon,   of  BnokMa,
wttah ,oocopatlon Umber rrnlasr, intendatoap*
ply for h BpOBlal timla r ItoenoS 0��1 r the following described landa: comracnclng at a poal
planted abonl Uu feet north of the north lint of
' orn oreek. Un oee south BO eh���Ina, thanoe ��,.��*
ho chains, tneuoe north to chain*, thinoe eaat no
ehaini to ths point of oonunanesaant, oontsin
Jnx f'4" iicret., more or leas.
Dated Sot tub, wn w. a. Bi nana
Nelmn Und Diatrict.   Iiiatrict of w.m Kootansy
Tale notice that   NT    A.   Ifudaon, of ���nokana,
W'a*h . t>eciination ttrala-r cruiaer. lotsndl to np
ply for it ap*'ctal timber  UCSOOa STai   the  follow*
ing described tanda: commencing at a poat
nlbnted ah >nl ton feet north nl tbe norih fork ���i
Corn creek, thence *-<>utb ho ebalna, thence eaal
ho , nut,i tbi ni e north h*i obsina, thence Wu*i ho
chains to tbe point ol commencement, contain-
ln�� '.I., aoraa, mora it leas.
Dated Boy Btb, 10OT. f7 a. Hinaoi-
NelM.n I-micI hi'inii. Lialrlct of Weal *'ootei,By
Take noUOS that W. A, Hnlanii. nl HiKikane,
Waab. OOtmpetlOll timber crup-cr, Intend* Ut ap
Idy for a aj.'*<*iB| tlmlarr licence OTOr lhe follow
mg described landa: commcniii-g at a i��o.t
planted on the aouth lank of the main Corn
< reel und adjoining 11 in bar licence Nn. prjn,
thence aoutb 40 chain*., thence weat lwi clialni,
thenoe norui to < batns, ihence eaat ion ebalna to
t In- point nf i",m in ��;i icemen t, con tain ing eio
ioti a, more or leal.
Iiiu.d Nov. 7lli. UNIT. W. A. IlriiNOH.
Notice la herehy given thai on nay* alter date I
Hit-ntl to apply Ui th> Hon Chief Cnmmlaaioner
of l.Htci*. an*! ���* oika for primlaaion to pur*haao
ihf following doeerlbad lards, altt.ated In West
Koolenay diatrict : i :oiniiiciiclug at a |h>i>i mark.
ed hy name   km   initial   poat   of   the   Mouth   Fork
branch, one bond red tool from tne Inncdlon of
Loat creek with In* SMt fa folk; liniK e nut,,
t-uarter mih to she norihweeti-orner poat,thence
one mile  u>  the uortheatt corner post, lhenoe
On Kii'l.y we will sell .'hil.lri-n's wool dr.--.sRes, Infants' ntiil CIiIb' Hath
and Bonnet, al Special Bargain Day Prices. Also Wool Mltts, Clouds. Tonnes,
Drawers snd Knit   Jackets and Sweaters,
You can buy a lO.icrc Fruit Ranch   in   the hest   bnit-growing district
in Hritish  Columbia by paying   fio down and Jio per   mouth.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.   What will it do next year?
WAWl) STREET,  >!lil_SO;N
on, -quarter   mil.    to   the aoulheaat e,<rii,r  (��"���!,
������..:,' ��� one mile to tn, pbtoo oi oo������o��neweut
June 27, 1W7. UkiI**! by We   ' onwui.i.v
be  i< si'.wine
. post   plant,*.!
���   .'itll ol
N* Leon 1-a nd IMatrtct   l>i*trict ot w -at ;Kootanay
lak. -I*,lh��. tl,n 1, i harlei Hid toy l-*-arT, of
Burton Pity. B C , oocnpaUon farmer. |_t
appl] for i"'rmlii*iiiti to purcheee the followlui
deacrlbed land : Coiiiiiieiicln** at a
about five mllea npithwest from t
Moaijnilo creek and marked ���<' - L'i northaaal
- orner." thenoe Krotb a** ehaina. thenoe ���"������, H
chalna, th_Bes north V <*hain��. tbenoa aaat  -
rhalua to   point  of conun* ii'-nieiit, containing
Kept. 7th. iwn. <n*at.av Hiimsv l.r��nY
N.   -on  Land I'l*trlcl.   I'latrictof tt, a. K,*-itei;Hj
Take notice that 11   Wlilum*, OOOnpaUOB   ran
ch**r: It B. Basunea.eoenpatlon electrbnan; and
i. | i' -in\th. ooenpatton lombermen, all ol
Propter- K- U . Intend to appl] tor a *���.�����* ial tin.'
ber Ueenes over the followlni 4earHbc*d  l_nda.
i len-lna   at a  po*t about three milea ��-a*t of
WllaonCrees on aoutb aboreol KiH,i,-iiaj- j_kc
thence   aouth Ni  chalna,   thenee  eaat 80  e|,aln-*,
tbenee���orth mo ehaina, then'-** w->i no cnnlna lo
point ol nomntenaamanti containing MB aem
more or leaa.
September 2Mb, 1tKT7. H   ttu i ia_a.
K. h. BaaTima,
H   W,  P   HM.TM.
Nelaon Land I'HlrId.   1'iatrictol Wi-al Ko..t, nay.
lake   notlOO   Unit 1. lohn   Jainc-   CtM_*ron,  oi
Pernle. B < ., ocoupatlon contractor, intend to
apply tor a apodal Umber Itoanae orer the loi
'    : rlbed landi:
otnmenclncat a i">��t planted abonl
three    Biles   from    tlie   WOSl    loop   of    tl,.     It      |
I*  itbernHr.oQ rarroii era ah, an i ad lot nine
A J M H, W corner t>oat No 1 claim, .narked
"J J C N W eoriHT I^���lat,���' lh< in - . H-t K
chain*.  Ihence  loutfa an chalti��    th.nte   weal   10
ebalna. thanoe north Bonalneto tba place ol
oommenoemenl <-onia)niua mo acrea, more or
hated OOtOtM r  I ��b, U0I
Mo.9    Oomttencinf ata poal plan!.-! about
l\v, and a half mile* from   the  weet loop  ol   'if
n   C   Houthern  Ky   on a unall   alreain   euiptyllii-
tnto Qarroll Creek and markad "J. j c. n w.
oorner poat," tfaaooa a.,titb ho ohalna! thanoe
eaat80chalna, thenea north m chain*, tbanoa
west80 ohalne to tbe point ol Dommenaamenti
coniatnln** Mo acre*, mote or leaa
lotted October Mth. iwr7.
No  :i.    CommencliiK   at   a poat   |'Iatite<l   nl-out
mi.   hall  mile   from   lhe   weat   loop  of   tht   U   ���
Southern Kjr., on "arroll creek   marked "J   J    <*.
n. *a corner post*tbenoeeoutb80chains, thanoe
sa��t80chains, thanoa no*ih *** ehaina, thenea
weal -v. chain* lo the place of commencement
containing 840 aoreai more or laaa.
hated October atMth. 1��I7.
.I'.*-,*' Jamb* Camkhoi*, !,���..'..-
NeNon Land Dlatsiot Duuiatol Waat Kootenay.
lake notu-e that I, AieiaioU-r loaapfa afaCool.
of Pernio, it c . ooonpatlon. botel-keapar. Intend
to   apply   for a i-peclal   Uml'i'r   Lloanot   over   UM
following di**-er||��<l  lands:
No   1      Oonunanolni   ata   poal   planied   al".ut
throe mllea  from   the   B  C,  Southern   Ity.   woat
Hav.-   you  h.'lirii   of B]   1" �� JI
s!i..<"    mail**   aspedsllj l��'f" JI
when   i in-   wel   westliei li -^' f I
Made in men's ami \V,un."ii�� .* f |
t'ulf Dppers, ��nj Pull i����� ��� I
Price, Women'.  **" J
���     . ...\*J*t
R.   ANDREW   4   CO.   Propnet""* j
���%.-V-%-iv-%'V'*i's,4.'t's*.-*-%'%-%*a*��*k**.*a>*aV .--���.-���
��� ******** *.***************>���**���*.*************** ******^'
We cairy the ftm-��l lines of Fa\ncj
WcrstflH, ChnrlOtl, Wm-tlatiH. Hoot���tl
;ni.|  Irish Tvaadl in the wi'st.
Kvry Kitrmt'iit lb g,IJfaUllt���<1, to bd 1"
ihi*   itioi.l   < "i im - t   rnshJon
loon on ''arroii
It C.  Koutberii   Hy.   *ai*--t
k, marked "A  j mm. k
coracr    poat."   thetice   north   SO   chalua,   thence
."���! *v"t,.ilii.    thence   aouth hn  chain*,   tbenca
aaal 80 > halna to the place  ��f commence,,,.m,
cfiiitaiulnK Mil acre*, more or leaa.
Dated Octobi r 2Mb, 1<J07.
No. -' t omineticliiK at a p��*t planted about
one and a Imlf mile from th�� weal loop of the
B. <".. Houthern Ky. on a aiuull atreiim ruiintUK
Into Carroll Ofaai and marked "A, .1 M N.W.
come I poat, Ihence aouth HO chalua, the nee en* I
HO chalna thetice north MO chain-, thence went
au chalna to the place of commencement containing M<> acrea, more or leaa.
Dated nrmber'JtHh. 1W7.
No K CommciictiiK al a jkihI phiuU-d about
two milea from the weal loop of the B, (', Hnuth
erh Ht. on Carroll creek, marked "A. J. M. ri.K.
corner post," thenee weal Hit chnin*. thence
north Ho chains, thenee eaat Hn ehaina. th-*ticc
aouth 80 (balii* coriLnluliif* M0 acrea,   more ur
l>ated OcIoIh , .->,i i,  jwrj.
alb j AN.1--1- Josxrii UuCoot, Locator.
******** *************************************
Notloe is bereby flTen tbal ths nn*
ter imi.il In....' Bulnultt.-d to the I-1.-"
i. ii.ui'-Oovsmotin-ij.iiini'll u proposal
under Uie Rivers und Streams Act tor
Ibe clearing and remorina obstrneUons
ri..rn uu- iiiiiiuini-i Creak (ttlherwlss
known uh six-mil- Creek) In ths 0_
11nt nf West Kootenay, Prortaoe of
iiritlsi. Columbia, uml tor iuuS-Ihk tha
said oreek DI  fur rafting and    driving
ther   i"K��. limber uml lumber, and
(or r nun and maintaining dams on
tin- Hi.iil oreek, nnd for oonstructlng
and maintaining in*oins for holding,
sorting uml delivering i..kh un.) Umber
ihereon, und for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at ths mouth of mild
The lands to I.e. nffi-dtcd by Hindi
work are Lots tst. 78H. 7001, 7778, 4894,
i 11 mi.I B418 nil In Ot'oup One, Kootenay Dlatriot, nnd other leads not Crown
Granted, occupied m improved,
Tha toiiH proposed to be charged are
mi.'li   uh mi.}   In. fixed   liv  tht Jtldge Ot
iho  County  Court of  w.-st Kootenay
Dated tii>. ISth day of Ootober, ibo7.
llll.;  P0BT0 RICO  I.UMlliSlt  COMPANY.  LlMlTIiD
"COMPANIES   ACT, 1897."
Notice is hereby glVSO^0*3*
Mlll.T, of the town or ' "'���.!_., .t-l
inun, Iiuh been *PPj>m ~,_ierO-l_
������������,.,���    of    "Tho   Kliinel-M'11 |
Company." _   ^ wooTT0N,
neglstrar of Joint Btook <**��%
Victoria, Hritish Coluinhlt'.OcK'
1907.  ^gn
Certificate   Ofjmpto^^\
Sl.     Hi     Hi"'     f-"1"""     "'"'    " ,h|n���*I
Kiii.linsy "'"''"'v,.., i.rsiii'H "'""i;.   sic*
Wh.T.loo.1... t   ��'���'' '���V,���,���.i���, sis."1
Hslm.ili rlv.-r, im <;t;slK ��������������.'�����
���,ll,.�� fr.iii. KM". I��� ��� I d ��n..-.l(," "K .1.11
���Ink,' 111,111',-tl.sl J.*- Oi"     ,���i,.ii,l.< ���'imial
Mlnsr'a .'.tiiiIwiis N". h��*�� '    ,,, ti. �����' a
ir'.m Hi.' 'I""-   '"'^"0,��� '" ren��i��"".fi��
,��������� il,.. .I,.i.'  '"���'���''��� 11:,', 'imi."'"
.,���'U of su.'l. 5aOT"**",*l.BM&ll��*'" """'
Dstod Ihls l"lh O.J "I ���V* The fraiiy Canada-.
This is fresh-killed poultry aud will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kasl ., Rossland  Boundary
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Foe! & Po-altry Co., Ltd.
N. E. CO.. BlKer   and   Ward   Sts.
SeUoD Land Dtolrtct  ln-tfict of Went Eoottttay
���   ,,      ure tbat laabella Plant-,   f fctmaab*n**t|.
anied   w,,mau,   intend"*  to apply
*. purebeae the follow inn dae-
t ommennnfi at a pom piaui>-d at
m ni  the north bonndan of Lot
eaal   1-oundary   ol   Lot   No.   H1H.S.
belne, more or leaa. to the north-
limber  Limit   No. -7671,  thence
oi   tbenoa weet 80 chain**. more or
-    Kit aide   Ol   Whatahan   lake,   tbrnee
tame   in   a   aoulherl*.    ant   veattrl]
balna, more or leas >o the inter
Ke��*iinti will     ��� il U8e, thanoa -���'��� chain**,   mor,* nr
,   eaatefl]   boundary ,.| Lot Ml**-, lo
',' ��� llient.
toher. 1887.       tBAMRJ- iMiaca,
F ��� . Pangjntani, *a<*nt.
���lstnnt   Mttttei oi Waal Kooeana
nt John IbtoU.of Meedlea.B.C.
! ,-r.   Intend"   to   R|'|'*y   '"- p- r
irahaaa  tht* lot,owing   di*-*-*rfb-c*l
neina at a (***��i plantad at tha
,,*r    Ol    Lot    '���*�����.    tlieme    went   -tU
BOtttlQ BO chalua,  thence  aaal H
���   ��   -     -        nortb 80 chain*, to the point ot
and containing HOMm _��xi
las*      ���      "el-.|,llW, J**ri�� r-HIEU..
Y  0. F*t'yt-IKh. Aitci.t
Ltftrlet    I'l-trl* i *,1 ��i��tKii*iiin��T
tbal   An unit Met,HI. of the City of
���*��� - . ���   . nan, InlendP to apply Ior
pen - , irnbaef the following ������> scribed
. u lag   at  a   lM*t   plantt-d   at   the
'     kfortiaoe'i ranch, in Kir
���    north   forty   14U)   chslun.   thenc
��������� i    chalna, thenee   wM.th lori)  (������<���
���  w.-ft fort*t(4<i)  chalni olnt o
and containing   one buudrtd
,. rev. more or leaa.
i'i*-I - i'i. ni.. i tart, ieo7.     usmn Mi*.<i i
Dlatriot  Dlattftotof Waat Kootaatai
lal.  Botlec tbal l'hillp Brotikubank.,,: N*daott,
patton renober. intend* to apply for
to porobaaa the btlowt������ fieat'riia-d
law    t'ommencina  at a  po��t piatiu-d on  the
*������-������ -:������   ������ ol i ppei \Vhat*>nan (< antm**,) lake, at
-   ; ���:������!��� ,i| lot Ml:.... thi-nci  wt-al m chalnp,
-   ohalna, taav s **a-*i xo chain**,
nortoi     ���- t,,-  MM o| the  lake,  then.v
OS ihe aald nhort- ** chain*, more
.'   #>f coin*���en cement,  containing
ii ������ oi .������������*���.
1-atedBepl   Utb.1801     Puiu-ir Kbookhbakk.
Land l'1-.uict.    hlolrkiii! Weat Kmiteuaj
|> ':>.     lhal    Hiij-o    COStSM*   of  Altclia.
Mmillohn.     fnrmt-r,       Intend*     lo      apj*l>     for
u io pureliant-- the foiiowinr oeaorlbad
lasrl:   Commsnelbl   at  a   |*oat    planted   nt-out
���* .-ii nn.." from the nnvith of Mtuwiullto  < r.-tk,
K  Dortbeaat    Berber   of  thin    application   and
marked "H   V,   N.l* ooruvr."and rumitu-* aouth
tbenoa wee! mi r'.ain-*, llicnce north (to
thenoa east Btfehatns Ut point ol r��.m-
ii'. ��� oiiiMiniiK 88D aoraa.
I'kU-i KHb day ol Annual, 1W7.
thmo ro-*T����R.
AST1HR A. Bt'HTOH,  AgcUt.
Nelson Lend Diatom. Piatnct of West _-H.it. n��y
Take     aoUee   that     Frank     F.    hlenian,     of
<Mtona,    Vmiiloba, broker,   lnunda   to    apply
IHf  ts-rr,, . -.a,. ...     a,,     m.b ������ 1, ��� ������     f I,,,     LsllrsU-lTi-V     ,1ms..
W     ihui-.   thence  weal "-*1  chain*,   Ihence
���j i i.Kin*., tbenoa eaal *" < htn*i- to point of
riiti in. it. .ni. ni. oontalnlna 8to acrea.
������alad SOth day ol AugiiNt, 1*17.
Fnans p.aba_an.
A an m ii A   Hrato**. A��eiii
f" ���������si Land nt-.tr.ct.   Uistnct of Went Ro i. nay
. Taki  notloe 'hat K. I'   I urdeti, acllnu U aneiil
���"��� ��� M  nurden. ol Fokiok, N.l*. iwKoneuon
�����'" liainc,   itihudn   Ui  applv   for   perinlaaiun   to
purchaae tin- loilo-atii-- itc-eril-ed lands;   I orn-
"I'-in Min Mt h jM1(l| .,irtiiv,d on  the  eanlerly ebon
* Lake mil abuul in .ham*, north ot the
**��� r. oorner ol lot Sua   ihence anal to chain-.
north 40 chain-, mom or UanH to the lake
tin in-P a-nthweat, :lv nlotitt the lakeiihoio
"thi  |.oint of i nininenceiiit-nl,  and  containliiK
seres, li,.n* or late,
LaiiM Noveml-er lHtti, ''��<n. Jambi H   BxntXftW,
F. F    Bt'iHiKN, Agent.
"���< ��� .it Land Dtatflst   Dtatrtotol Woat K.uoi��im-
1"lf   eotloa   that    Alexander   J     tteCool.     *
! ' B ti., ooonpatlon ' lark, intends to apn .
'<"��� i-erntlsslon Lo purchake the foUowtua aw
crtiM-d land; nommanolni hi n jKist planted on
uu* mm iK,r��� i,ulll|,inrv ui it  0 8ontnarn k��h
**������>"iii-.m ui way, about one and a half mile-*
���siteriJ from the northwest corner nllotW'-S
*'*>up 1. Kootenay, thi-nce r-outh M ebalna,
lli-im. eh-t Ni chain--, theuce north K0 chain** l*J
���"'iitherii Ih,undary of nald   rlghl of wa   ,   ih-mc
wt in obalna aloni ������ahi sonlnarn boundary i<>
l��"lnt  of   enuiineiieeiuenl,   and containing 8w0
-"ft., mure or lean
l>ated November Uth, 1*17.
Ai.rx*N|)ttH .1   KoCooi ���
Nelson Land District.   DlatTldt of West KooIciiht.
like   uoti,.,,    that    John   .lames   080181  Tt    ol
wale. B-i'iab    <i.". ���-..   -eupatio" "ntrac
"r  , niif-ad      o       piy    for   pe nUsion   to
fl,     .��'V|
or    p�� mtis
, nod   I   nd.
,. V'K  M   * i"-'   i"   oo  the ionthern
'"'itidary  i [ Lhe   |<:  *      Bouthem   riart  say
"""iMii.-h. ma we't-rlv Irom iheN.W o ruer
1 '"������i'.wi.Kroup I, KooUnsy, ihence s u h �����
"ia iu, th-,,,if vast   1U chain-,  ihenc"  n��r-b *
rSrh?1 �� tl"-' ���ontheia boundary of the sail
'sQt-of-way, thanoe waaterly aionn, ��ni*i so ui
���rn  houndary  (lf right nl-tvav   to  ihe   point   of
orlo*   U *mw|,i *'"' <��,ntalnltig MO acres, more
Dated November uth, 1907.
.1     UN   .lAVC**   CA V' HOW.
F-C. GREEN        F. F. BURDEN        a. 11. GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and Bitti-b
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US   Fbooc 281 B*
$10 DOWN
$io ijk;r month
We offer you best fruit lands;
beBt terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.      You
d'<n't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
alB<�� bave tracts of 50 to 6000 acres.
prices and terms the best. We own
t_fse lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
2 lbs* for 25c.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Jos.phlne and Mills Sis.
Certificate   of Improvements
.-rnlon" Mineral Claim annate it. .Up Nelaon
Mluin. I.tvtslon. of Ihe West knoteuay District
Where l.wale.1 : "1, Toh.I Mountain .*.��> ami s
ball miles Irom Nelson. B. ('.
Take uotlee thai 1. *'. A Msclonal'l, srtiug ss
sve.it for Hush Sutherlsu.1. Krf*e Miner's Ct-r-
Uli. ..le No   H.7,..-;'.'. iuleu.l ��l .laya Irom the "Isle
lure..I, t* Sppl*    10   the   .MinlliK    K, r,ler   tor.
.'ertlfiesie "f Improrement., for the oi,rjM.se of
obtAinlng �� .'rown tlrsul ot the .bo., .l.im
An* furllier tsae notloe thst setlou. under
>...:l���n:n. must *,.��� muiin.n��- before the la-
snsnee ..I -u. I, .VrtltlrsL- of Improvements
l.su-.l LbtsSfr- 'la* ol s,.ptemi*r. A   1' . 1OT7
tt. A    MA.:l)ONAl.l>
In the Matter of    the "Lind    Regi.try
Act" and  Amendment, thereto,
In lhe matter ol sn .ypiiestion lor the issue ol
S .lupl.i'Sle ol   the   ..'Mliisie   of    1,11.    '������'   lots
���.WOl. l.,rl, sn.l i'..'l.   "roui' 1. Kootensy   l.tstrle,
Noti.-e 1, hcn-liv Kivet, Ihstt.ls my Inu-ullon
I,. Issm  si ihe . .'pin.:!, ii ..I on. m..tul, from the
(lr*l | Ilestlon here..I . .luplleKte fir..Urate of
fill, to th. .bos. dMcrttssd Ino.ls. in tl..-nsmeof
JM I It...l.-r.i-k   K..t..-rls..li   whirl,   I enilie...    1.
,!..,..! tba "ih day ol August, lsys, anrl  ls num-
be,,", 1106k. , ,
I ..n.l    KOitl.try   (��rne,.,   Nelson,   H..'..    ^l.t   ol
Aii.ust.l-.n-. H. K. MACl.SOU,
l.lslrie, Keets.r.r
Notlco  Ib  horoliv   nlvot.   flint   tlif  un-
dsrstcne* persons have uisti.- sppllos-
tlM.i unUor tli.. proTlslOBS "I tin- "1.1-
.luor Ustmss Act." 1900, fur dotal I.l-
i-t-uces at tho plu.-oK sot oiMKiaiti- naiiics.
John Marslittll. Murshall ll.u.'l. Kitchener.
Kreil Adlo, Kolt B���PPsra Hotel.
U.  T.  Snow. Oilll't   Hotel,   I'roeter.
a B Bnrtsss, Ddns Botsl, PsttarsoB.
Arcliiliak!     Ai   Havls,     I'aluce     Hotel,
Ymir. ,  _.   ,
.1. W.  Mnsl.lBoii, Ymir  Hotel, Y nilr.
B,   M.     1'eterB,  St.    ChaileB     lloiel
TBtaa*. ,,   .   ,
John Itreau. OosmOpOllUn Hotel.
Ymtr. ...   ,
a  s. -roi.-i.iitn. Waldorf Hotoi. *>inir
Samuel Miller. Miller Hotel. Ymir.
Louisa Mil'iak. Sirdar  Hotel. Sirdar.
Will   flosnell.  Ilrove   HotSl,   Kali _V��
Ma'elle ��i Johnson. Konteliuy F��llS
I lot. 1. SliK'im .Ilinellon.
J   n   lllinnex.  Mersey   Hotel.  Krie.
li. B. MeAilliui-. Norllioni lloiel.
Ba 1 n io
Qsjo.  Mead. Creston   Hotel.  Creston.
Alox   MeKosBon. Krie Hotel, Krie.
Jrassph  Wallo'i'. Ki'U'kBon    Hotel, Er-
l'-dllll Ollle. Vanronver Hotel. Ymir.
Win   Univ. Salmo Hotel. Salmo.
Oeo   MUPJO, Munro  Holel Creston.
a mtwtln- ot ihe Hoard of Uoenoe
Cumin Isslonors. will be held to consider
such applications, at the court Houss,
at Nelson, on Monday, the IC.tli day
,,f neceml.or, 1907, at the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon.^ ^^
Chief Licence Inapector.
Nelson, B. C, 15th November, 1W.
Pretended  to  Be  a Tramp. Sold  Stolen
Watch for 75 Cents and  Escaped.
Gait, Ont., Nov. 28.���The county police have a mystery on their hands.
Tuesday night two strangers were seen
ante-ling an old harn on the farm of
Willi;un LHC-B. near Sheffield. The
next morning one of them was seen
walking towards Gait, but nothing was*
seen of the second man. On going to
lhe barn shortly utter wards, a farm
hand found au open razor on the floor
flose io a pool of blood. Tracks led
from lhe barn to a ci-fllc near by. where
a torn necktie, also covered with blood,
was found, The ibeory was that some
tramp with a wounded limb had slept
in the barn, used the razor surgically,
and g<me to the creek to wash.
On Wednesday Henry Witham, a boy
residing at. Sheffield, while driving to
Gait, overtook a young man of disreputable appearance, who was hobbling
along, supporting himself with a broomstick. The stranger had previously
been In the village and begged at several houses. Witham gave the man a
HTt in his wagon and listened to a hard-
luck story. In which the nan said he
��as anxious to reach some place where
he could get money. He then offered
lhe boy a new silver watch for seventy-
five cents. The offer was promptly accepted. On arrival at Gait the stranger
boarded a car for Berlin.
On the return of young Witham the
neighbors concluded that the mysterl*
rus si ranger was either a fugitive from
Justire. or had been shot or stabbed in
S brawl. Chief Twiss of Dundas visited
Shakespeare, and took possession of the
razor and necktie. He also enmman-
deered the watch. This the chief took
to Hamilton to see If lt could be identified bv the jeweler whose premises
vera robbed the nlgh\ before* The
burglars were surprised and chased.
severs] shots being filed at them. The
supposition is that One of the shots
took effect, and that the mysterious occupant of the barn was one of the
Wanted His Supper.
Jersey City. Nov. 2S.���Matthew 01-
well. a stevedore, 37 years old, entered ft saloon last night and announced
tn friends thai he had killed his wife.
He had returned home to find no supper awaiting him, he said he had accused his wife of drinking and neglecting
'h'ir home and family and finally murdered her. In the hall wny of the Ol-
well home the police found the woman's
body. Gathered about her were found
little children making pitiful efforts to
restore her life., the eldest, 9 years old.
said that their parents had quarreled
and that their mother was knocked
down and kicked to death. Olwell has
been known as a sober and industrious
"COMI'A,MES   ACT.   1897/'
Canada. (
Provlnca   of   UrUi_h   Columbia.   |
No.   407.
This is IO -.-crtlty that 'Western Canada Timber Company Limited," is authorized and licensed to carry on busi-
ii. s within the Province of Hritish Columbia, and to carry out or effect all or
any of the objects of the Company to
whioh the Legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia exit nd .
The head office of the Company is sit
uute at 161-4, Dash wood House. New
Broad  Street, In the City of London.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one hundred and seventy-
five thousand pOUnttS, divided Itito one
hundred and seventy live thousand
shares of one pound each.
The head ofllce of the Company In
this province is situate at .Nelson, and
Leslie 11111. Manager, whose address Is
Nelson, B. C. Is the Attorney for the
Com pany. .    .
Given under my hand and seal or office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this KStb 'lay of October, one
thousand  nine  hundred  and   seven.
[I.S j S. Y.   WOOTON.
Keglstrar of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The objects for whieh this Oompany
has been established and licensed
are: ���
(_,) To carry on bttSlnees in ( anada
or elsewhere as sawmill prop rietors,
timber merchants and timber growers.
and to buy, sell, grow, prepare Tor market, manipulate. Import, export, and
deal In timber and wood of all kinds,
and t<�� manufaetun-j and deal in articles
of all kinds in the manufacture of which
timber or wood Is used, and to carry
00 business _s ship owners and canters
by land and water, and so far as may
be deemed expedient the business of
general merchants, and to buy, clear.
plant and work timber estates and limits:
"p.) As the first operation of the
Company to purchase or otherwise ac-
quire and take over as a going concern
the business and undertaking of the
Canadian Pacific Timber Company,
Limited, and all the timber ' limits.
Lands, buildings and erections, water
rights, fixed and moveable plant and
machinery, toots, utensils, logs and
lumber, live and dead Btock. stores and
effects, and other the property and assets of thai Oompany In British Columbia and with a view thereto to execute
and make the agreement referred to In
Article 3 of tho Articles of Association
of the Oompany,
(c.l To Hoek for and secure openings
for the employment of capital In Canada or elsewhere, and with a view
thereto to prospect, enquire, examine,
explore and test, and to  despatch or
employ expeditions,  commissioner*, experts  and other agents:
(dj To institute, enter into, carry
on, assist or participate in financial,
commercial. mercantile, industrial,
manufacturing, mining and other businesses, works, contracts and undertakings and financial operations of all
kinds, and to undertake and carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors for public
and other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on any other business which may seem to the Company
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of the objects
of the Company or which may be
thought calculated, directly or indirectly, to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company's property
or   rights:
(e.) To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid in or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance, improvement, working, man-
agement or control of works, undertakings and operations of all
ktnds, both public and private,
and in particular roads, ways,
tramways, railways, telegraphs, telephones, cables, ships, lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
w arehouBes, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, water-courses, canals, flumes.
Irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works, iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and implement
works, hydraulic works, gas and electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens.
founderles, furnaces, factories, cement.
limestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by land and water, public
and private buildings, townsltes. residences, cottages, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or In
return for any consideration from any
other companies or  persons:
(f.) To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwise acquire, take on
lease, or agreement, acquire running powers over, lease, let. grant
running powers over, work, use.
sell and dispose of railways,
tramways and other roadB. ways and
means of access to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense of promoting.
making, providing, acquiring, working
and using the same, and to purchase,
take on lease or otherwise acquire and
hold, and to erect, alter, pull down, rebuild, and adapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, erect, hire and maintain.
work, use. lease, sell, charter or let,
rolling stock, plant and machinery,
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, trucks, carriages, ships, tugs, barges, piers, harbours, wharves and other appliances,
works and vehicles for and used in
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's  works  and properties:
(g.) To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway,
shipping or canal companies or owners, carriers and any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Company, and to grant mining and
other licences over, or leases of, any
part or parts of the property and rights
of the Company:
(h.) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, mortgage,
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and personal
property and rights of all kinds, and
in particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, patent rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies, book debts and claims aud any Interest In real or personal property.
and any claims against such property,
or against any persons or company, and
to finance and carry on any business
concern or undertaking so acquired, and
to keep up or abandon all or any of the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereafter to be acquired by
the  Company:
(i.) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission business, and in particular to collect moneys, royalties, revenue. Interest, rents
und debts; to negotiate loans; to find
investments; and to Issue and plac>
shares. stocks, bonds, debentures.
debenture stock or securities:
(J.) To obtain, acquire, woik, let, or
dispose of any concessions or author*
Izations of any Government, municipal
body, or other authority, for any works,
or undertaking which the Company may
de-sir*.* to promote or carry on, aud to
obtain the promulgation of any laws or
decrees which Uie Company may think
necessary or expedient for or tn rasped
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintain and work
any such undertakings or works, aud
generally carry on business as contrac
tors for public works, or to sell and dispose of any such concession*, or authorizations:
tk.) To contract with or aid any Sovereign or other Power. Government, or
State, or any municipal or other
body, politic or corporate, or
company, or persons for or in
relation to capital, credit, means.
or resources for tho prosecution of *any
works, undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for and act as
agents or otherwise In relation to loans
or securities Issued or proposed to be
Issued by any Government or State, or
municipal or oth��r authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person:
(1.) To acquire any inventions capable of being used for any purpose connected with any of the businesses or operations of the Company, and to acquire
or cause to he applied for and obtained,
any letters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions,
in any part of the world, and to grant
and issue licences for the use of the
same or any of them upon such terms
and conditions as may be considered
(ra.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy. sell, and deal ln stocks, whares,
debentures and securities of any other
company, whether   British,  Colonial   or
Foreign, or of any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any company whose
operations may be beneficial to tnlh
Company, or with a view to assist any
company which may carry on, or be
about to carry on, any business useful
to this Company:
(n.l To purchase or otherwise ac
quire and undertake all or any part of
Uu business, property, and liabilities of
any other company, firm or person, the
objects of which shall be altogether or
in part similar to those of this Com
pany, or to make and carry into effect
arrangements with reBpect to the union of interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either in whole
or in part, with any other companies,
corporations or persons:
(o.) To sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
interest, all or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands, here-di'aments. property,
rights, or privileges of the Company.
or all or any of its undertakings, and to
accept payment therefor in money.
shares, stock, debentures, or other obligations, either by a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of the
(p.) To establish and promote, or
concur in establishing and promoting,
associations, companies, syndicates and
undertakings, to purchase or take over
the whole or any part of the pro;>erty of
this Company, or any concessions,
rights or property In which this Company has any interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned In this memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the subscription of any part
of the capital, whether original or increased, of this Company, or of any
such association, company, syndicate,
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to pay
or receive any commission, brokerage
or other remuneration In connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities ot this or any
other company, and to make or receive
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(q.) To guarantee the . n/ment of
money secured by or payable under or
In respect of bonds, debentures, debenture stock, contracts. mortgages,
charges, obligations and securities of
any company, whether British, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or unincorporate:
(r.) To pay for any rights or property acquired by the Company, or any
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of the Company, and to makes such payments or
gifts by way of bonus or otherwise, and
either in money or in any other value
as may from time to time be deemed
expedient for information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which the Company may be directly or indirectly, interested, and generally to make any payments or agree to pay-
any commissions, with or without any
consideration moving to the Company.
if it is considered by tht; Pirectors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly,
to the benefit of the Company to do so:
(s.) To lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon security or
otherwise, upon such terms as the Company shall think fit, and to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings with
the Company:
(t.( To borrow or raise money and to
Issue debentures or debenture stock,
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bonds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to create any mort
gnge or charge on all or any part of the
property and assets of the Company,
Including its uncalled capital or otherwise in such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make.
draw, accept, and endorse bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, and
other negotiable instruments:
(u.) To invest any moneys of the
Company not Immediatel y required iu
such manner as may be thought fit:
(v.) To make donations to such
persons and In such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may be thought,
directly or indirectly, conducive to any
of the Company's objecis. or otherwise
expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or tor any
public, general or other object, and to
establish or support, or aid in the establishment or support of associations,
institutions, conveniences, funds and
trusts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of such person, nud to grant pensions and allowances, and u make payments towards insurance, and apply the
money of the Company In any 'way in
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association, institution or fund for protection of the
interests of masters, owners and etiv
plovers against loss hy bad debts,
strikes, workmen's combinations, tiro..
accidents or otherwise, or for Insuring
or re-Insuring with any company, firm
or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Company or
to which it may be subject:
(w.l To distribute any assets of the
Comjutny among Iir members in specie:
(x.l To do all acts necessary to procure the Company to ho duly constituted or Incorporated a.nd registered, or
recognised, as a corporation or association In Canada or America, or elsewhere:
(y.) To carry out the above objects,
or any of them, either on account of the
Company alone or in conjunction with
any company, association, firm, pe
or persons, and ln any part of the w
und generally to do all such acts and
things sb are incidental or conducive
to the attainment of all or any of the
above objects, and the Intention is that
th�� objects specified in each paragraph
of this clause shall, except where otherwise explained in such paragraph, he In
I nowise restricted by reference to or inference from the terms of any other
1 paragraph or the name of the Company.
We have for sale six of the finest building lots   ln the   city,   situated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lota are  cleared    and
fenced and    command    a  magnificent  view. Price,  (2,000  for the six or
will be sold separately is desired.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lota in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Don't Forget
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you Intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 diseas- s. >
Let us quote you rates on the above.
oJ^Bst.' I;
McDermid & McHardy
T***-t~i   __f���itvi   aa    -������. a��
C. P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon��� $104.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and   up   according  to
information,    sailings
class   or
sleeper   reservations
apply     to
V. A..V��ncouver.
D P.A.
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson Cunii. mad.
Water  rights.   Small house. Stable.
Fruit  trees,   bushes  etc $4,000.
Also land   on    Kootenay and   Arrow
lakes, Slocan and Salmon rivers, etc.
Real Estate Agent
SIS Baker St.,  Nelson,
Tremont House
���nrovMD ud Ajaei-lcu Plan
Me.Ui 35 ctr.   Roomi Iron K att. to V.
only white Hup J
Butter Bt.. Helton
a���_S AND
_ .1. qua
OnJy the best o, Liquor. ��nd Ulasnk
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled tn the city.
Houxe heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, .TopHetor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rons.
and Postofflce, Nelson. B. O.
Queen's Hotel
BsSer Straet, Nelaon. B.,'.
Lars,   sad   Comfortable   Bedrooms  end FSISt*
ilaaa bluing Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Ba*tlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar ls the Finest.
White  Help OnlT Kmplojss,.
B. C.
I's.'si I to
orldrt <*>
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Jualit'e Morrison, dated the l-th
October, A. D. 1907, tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lota Mi. -95, 717, 18.8, 1849,
2343. and 593, known ub the "Klue Jay."
'Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "Silver
Cord." "blizzard," "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galeua"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred tons more or leas of zinc ore,
whereof Bixty tons are now lying at
Kaslo, and forty tonB at the mines; and
all other the assets of the Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to be made ln writing
me ou or before the 1st day of December. A. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily he accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
Official Liquidator,
The Last Chance Mining Company. Limited, Sandon, British Columbia.
losephlne Bt.
B.lson. B. .1.
Royal Hotel
rsorsi stubs.
Rates ��1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular BoardHts
AU Kinds of Heating Plant, tn Stock.
Victoria SL, Nr. Onera Houss.     TM. IM.
W.   ��_.    OILLETT
Contractor   and
Sole -"Votu for the Porto Rloo Lumber Co.. Ltd..
retail v rdl Kuuj-b n-��l -.lrcMutl lumber, turuod
work ��.**.! bm.-ki'iit. Coul Uth and ��hl_-*lea, r*��ab
hum door*. Cement, brick ��iiil Uine for Mia.
Automatic grinder-
i .-.nl ami Uiiuiy. Vernon St.. Httol Hall
rNici-Mors. i*. o.
r. o  iiu-t m T��itfb��ne 17 i *
l il
1 11!
J   ji
Tne Dally Canadian
Additional Stock~has just arrived and we can now show a range
of Cut Glass that surpasses in variety and beauty any we have yet
shown. You can buy the smaller pieces for $1.75 and $2.00 each and
anything  you  want  at any price  you  want  up to $75.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
An ideal winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flounce, good wide skirt.
Colors, black, navy and
myrtle.   Each
SUE $'-.50 and $3.00
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vimaKH to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A consignment of
Peterson   Patent
In   all sizes, shapes and
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW,  Props.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple, and fancy Urocerit e.
Butter, Kkkh.
Oamp and MirIMS1 Supplies.
A. M. Can. See. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce-.  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
/taker ��t��� NELSON, B. C.
The Best Hani Coal on tLe market.
Bankhend Liri-
The BeM Domestic (-oai.
West Transfer Co.
g��   Horn.
,*-rHC�� : -fV1 .Arrivals
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Block-- from Depot.
L. l_. Davidson, Rossland; J. Wilson.
Bpokane; A. D. Wheeler and wife, Ains
worth; F. J. Cummins, Grand Forks;
Mr. and .Mrs. Wilson, W. Williams. Vancouver;   .1.   Ripley,   Victoria;   S.   Han.
Cor. Vsrnon   ��a��,c- Wurd Streets..
C. II. Olll, Trail; .1. lieiil, Erie; A. B.
Buokworth, A. Cu,rkson, Ymir; It.
.Mam/.. Winnipeg; D. A. McCulloch, To,
mill'.; E. I'I,���nn,.. It. I.. Ernest and wife.
Vancouver; L. A. Campbell, Rossland;
F. A. Gamble, Victoria; A. E. Waits.
Wattsburg; J. A. Kowell, St. Paul; Mrs,
and .Miss Alklns, riixikane.
A. B. Walkor, J. McCallum, North.
port; A. Walderaley, P. O'Brien, V.
Compton, .'.-Mil.-: II. Mawdsley, O. C
Heath, Crawford Hay; R. Dewar, li .1
Steel..-. Sandon.
A. N   Winlaw, Winlaw;  if. N. True-
man, G. W   Ail.-n and wife, Vancouver;
W. shanks. Winnipeg;   Mrs. 1.. George,
Toronto; T. 0, Trethewey, La Plata.
J Golens, 6-Mile; P Boyes, Gerrard;
A. It. Cooke, T. Molloy, J. Henderson,
ii Brown, TToul Lake; It. Mitchell, w.
Mitchell, M. i Mitchell, Woolseley; K
Hart. Slocan; W. W. Lock, Snow Luke
B  p  Hardcaatle, Beasli r; J. Holmes,
Mrs .1 it lacks,,n. Midway; w. Johnson, Shield-*; .1. Frank. W. Chapman.
T oronto.
C.  It   Mulhall,  F.  T.  Laggan, Ymir:
c,   ii   WaUrbouse,  Cranbrook;   W. n
Graham   Rossland;   !���'   Thompson, Blue
Ball; J. Wright, Silverton, England
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl lo buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese QoodS now on sale
\II  klndH of Dinnerware In stock. Pat-
T      1 Mining1
INF_.l_.S01X,     -     R. C.
i^    HI  BolSsmsO sis., H���,,,l SUM'S l.'.J'rr; want
ITt'ATinN   Wuiiti-cl    A    So   1   OlOt-lOi  timl
"ti'i-ner: want
pof-lilon;  A. No, 1 referuiH-cs; Chn.B. T.  Hrown,
Conservative   Executive.
A meeting of the executive of the
Nelson Liberal-Conservative Association
will be held in the committee rooms,
Ciicii'i (lows' block, tomorrow (Fridaj I
,\i nitiLT. :u s o'clock, a full attendance
i*-. requested as delegates to the provincial convention will present s report of
proc. edlngs.
It'VNTKI. Ht the Mine Hel! Mini*. n|��jwi-,*,.
M Aintswiirlh, exr**'rli*iiinl Mill CnrpenterH,
MHfljltiltlh. uml Hleinn Dlpfl litter Applv if
offlOfl ,.f CiuiHillRli Metal 00 , N.Ihuii, on Wed.
neu'lH*.', or AlUTWnnln nt mi���0,
ANTKIl    Mi'H<]   W_HrM|   fur   Hotel   HtrBlh-
" "     Apply Mi��n��t-er.
A I'AKTNKK with t-i.iMXl le purehaae a ir,
rinn-li near Ndr-on A KOOd hpeeulallon I'i
tier neeil tint li<" Hi'tlvi-ly "���Iik,mjm*i1 on raucll.
For purll-ulnrv Hpi-ly T   <>   I'KO<*7 KK.
To iiinrk the occasion of the ennl-
versary of her birthday, Mrs K. Keller,
of Fairview. was lasi evening presented
with a pair Of cut glass salt cellars by
the   Lady   Maccabees,   or   which   society
Mrs. Keiiey is lady commander. At the
same time Mrs. Mcintosh, who Is
leaving for Seattle, received a similar
present   from   the  same society.
4  romtorlnVile Home tor h Young I-a-*ly, woul-i
_\ "u It either M'hool .earlier, or young ISOJ In
l,ii��lnen<* In   tlie city.     A<ldre*n   K. 0. Dally
TWO KJ KtoT-t;_Ai*��B KOOMH, MfSB heated    Apply Uouaeieepcr. Srd tl.l, K w. C. block-
Ontario Strained Honey,
5 Ib. tins each -    - $1.10
Whist Party.
The whist partv at the Queens hotel
in aid of the funds of the Roman
Catholic ohnrr-h, passed off pleasantly
The first prize for ladles was won by
Miss Kan- Seanlan. the booby prize by
Miss CiKot. The first pri?.,- for cenlle
m**n w-as won l.v Miss Fanehor. who
nlayed for the gentleman, and the
booby prize by J. O. Patennnde.
Decorating   Armory.
The d,-eolation of tlie armory for Friday nlsht's ball will he In keeping wiih
all the other arrangement* for that
function. The beautifying of the big
hall is in charge of chief Deasy which
is sufficient assurance thai the result
will be elaborate and beautiful. Nothing now remains to ensure the perfect
success   of   the     ball     socially   but   fair
weather and the usual attendance.    Up
financial success is alr*-ady assured.
Churchman's Club.
Lasi evening in the parish hall of si
Saviour's church, the Churchman's cluh
held the first progressive whist pany 61
the series. The evening passed off
splendidly and was In every way a pro-
pounced Buccess. Thirty couples played and the contest was keen among Ih.
ladies. After playing for over two
hours Ihe game was called and It was
found that Mrs. S. A. Wye with a score
of 2:'.. ami Mrs. C. T. Partington, wilh a
score of 2s. were the winners. Th<-
prizes were a heautlful cut glass card
tray and a leather covered tohacco
pouch, the booby prizes were respectfully presented to Miss M. Pale and
Mr. It. W. Amoore and consisted of
something that they could heat.
Nelson   Hockey  Club.
Nelson Hockey cluh was organized
for the season of 1907-8 at a meeting
held in Alex. Fife's last night. The
statement of last y.-ar's accounts showed a surplus of $8.78 with no liabilities,
The following officers were elected;
Honorary president, Joseph Patrick:
president, George P. Wells: vlce-presl
dent. Harry Wright; manager. M. It
McC'iiarrie: secretary-! rcasurer. A. A..
Perrier: executive committee, C. O.
Blackwood, A. Fife. w. Walmsley, ll.
Wright. S. Cummins and II Push:
captain, Lester Patrick: manager of intermediate team. F. Bosquet A letter
of thanks for the club's wreath sent to
the funeral .if their former captain. F
V. Thomson, was received from Mr
Thomson's father and a resolution of
condolence was passed.
I. A. Campbell came over from Rossland  last night.
A. K Watts came in from Wattsburg
last night on private business,
Mr and Mrs. A. II. Wheeler arrived
from Ainsworth yesterday and are at
the Strathcona.
Mr and Mrs. It. II FSwert have arrived in the city and will shortly lake up
permanent   residence.
Mrs. H. C. Briggs left last night for
Victoria where Mr. Itriggs is now established in the head offlce of the oom
pany he has so efficiently represented
in Kootenay. Mrs Hrlggs' departure is
a serious loss to Nelson's musical and
social circles.
Country  Infested by  Bandits���Summary
Methods   of   Peasants.
London. Nov. 28.���The country round
Odessa Is Infested l��y armed luilulils.
who SWOOP iitiexp. eledlv on country
mansions and  loot itiem  1,,-fore the  In
of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop will  show you how
squarely und honorably wo conduct oui
ThOSi who employ us Deed not worry
about our QhSCgSf nud ;*:. to workmanship they know It Is tho bests
Rspaln to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended   to.
P. O. Box 166. Phone 227 A.
. _ . , NKLf-ON.
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
Make sun- of getting the <
want by securing them now.
don't want to, take them DOW
hav,* them pUl aside for you
want them.
Boy's  Own   Annual	
Girl's   Own   Annual	
Young  Canada   	
Little  Folks   	
W. G. Thomson
Jgraa8 an"    Nelson, B. C.
Phoiis .*���*��.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25 000   shares
of 510.00 each.
MANAGER,   Cn./.i-r   W,   l.ourkrv
OFFICE, No. \)22 Maker St. (Croa.--.daih
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed in the
Standard    Fumilure   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS  for  stock are  invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's omr<\ or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor. Nelson. B. C.
efficient authorities can wet wind of the
attack.   People unfortunate enougo  to
witness the raid are murdered, as a
safeguard against evidence of the crime.
Two remarkable tales of the banditti
are among the laiest reports rrom
A large party of peasants, enraged
hy lhe murder of Home of their number, managed to surprise two of the
bandits, whom they disarmed and took
into a lli*ld. There a f-rnve was dug,
and, after binding their prisoners, the
peasants threw them Into the grave ami
buried   them   sllve,       A   wooden   cross,
painted black, wns erected to mark ths
tragedy,    when    ths    earth  had  been
stamped  bard.
Arthur Herbert King, the English
manager of an Odessa tannery, has put
ths tear of ths Dngllahmaa lnio the
hearts of b band of six who rushed Into
Uie office with revolvers, crying "Hands
The proprietor and half a dozen of
bis staff presenl obeyed; but to the
amazement of the robbers, who had
never experience such an incident, the
IfingUsman, though unarmed*, refused,
The bandit "covering" hlni pulled tlm
trigger, but, foi innately, the wen 11,in
missed flre. He drew his dagger, but
nn other of the hand, recognizing Mr,
King as an Englishman, struck his comrade s band down. The robbers decamped with   ��200
Buy Nov/
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
VVti.ilt-Ki-.li- -.ml   Kt'tMll PcatiTH 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps snppUed on  shortest notice and
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and SUpplSS kept in stix.k
Mall orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVELS.   Manager.
Is Reuowaed
Its ScE/iERY
to Business Energy
$1.00 per Gallon
ITel^phone 161,|
BAKER  ���<*.
PRIZES:���Best   Costume,   Lady's
Bett Costume, Gentleman's.
Best Represented Costume.
Best   Comic Costume.
On Saturdays llll luribei notice cbll
dren will be allowed lo skate in tie
forenoon only.
Sherman's Opera House
The Dominion Stock Co.
opens Monday Evening In
'The Two Orphans'
New Kent.!-.' n,.,l Wni'.lruli.-H.
PRICES: $1.00, 75c and 50c.
scutH on bul. nt RutbaTford'i Saturday
Geo.  P.  Player
INO   &   SMKI.TIN'O   I'll,
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Fo* Sale
The  Furniture of a    4-room    Cottage.
Furniture   all     new.     Also     unexpired
lease for 11  month*.    <\rply by letter to
D. Daily Canadian.
After  DSOSDlbSr nt Ihln y.*ur Iho  pub.
lishiTH will  ll.it  bs l>,..mltl,.,| |��� Issut or
wii till*- ,..nn,,n. For ihui reason we
wars enabled m saoura m about bait
th,. rsttular i>n<-<- Bvs h.-ik ,,. ,i,iH ,.,u.
ii.m. and buyers In Nalaon win teours
the benefll Tha Information oontalned
in these books is up to data, and i.��
works ..f reference nr,. without wequal
They wars formerly sold m leather, |.i]
rlolll. $ 16; Our price leather. $25, Clo th
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
Uunnl, Inn  ,.,,.1 alotStslnfl   .   s.-.. v.* w,l  ,. Ith  hasp,,!.!,,    Sihs��, s...
\%<..-U.  .\.i...,.��."  ..���U  Mill M��tl.l..ary.      Mnnulncl ursTi ���.   "
Or-a   Out*...    to.   to.    CJlXlt, ���Ol.ll ���'   C*s.r-a>.
! ii, r ..I lln 1 Slid
i.nt Slr..-ts.
NELSON,    B. G.
that is fashionable and durable can b,
bought now at a price that la su-t to
tempt you. Winter styles ire tt .j
shown. Come quick and get the pis.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weigh, P.jaml. and
N.gh, Shirts at proper price,.. Panic
lar people will be pleased with our o!!��f.
We would like to flee all our patrons comfortable this winter and hi ajtK to
Jo bo we have In stock the best assort ed line of hcatln*- stoves ami cooUa|
Htoves  and  ranges  ever before  presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would be pleased to show you our line and before making yonr^r
chase kindly see what we bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
N.hson innth.
\Vli�� iiciiiu  F>rovia*io>i**'-
Government Orsamary One Ptmnd Itncks rwotvwl wn^kly
rhurii      I'f.r wil��- by all lt-ruline; s^ooors.
i tht
Olllop nn.l v..,r."ti>niM"    IIOTMton Block.    Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson. B. C
A.Q. L A iM LiERT & CO.
___*S Lombet*, SUflgles,
Ltith, Mouldlni-s, Doors, Windows.
I'urned Wc.i-lt ...iU l*.r-i.^k.��t��. Mull Orders tta*a*tt stf"*-1
VBRWOW ITHHW   ...   -siii.moin. H. Oa
We liave a full stock of the
Lime-Stilplier-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. aud 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co^Lt^
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let os Soppy Yoor N_*
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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