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The Daily Canadian Feb 5, 1907

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Array Baihj
L< MI-
es of Company Are
Iiii London Market
ous and Costly Improvements
ded for Without Touching Net Earnings.
lo vi
llie progress and  development
Inlng industries of British Co-
it-   keenly walelieil   by   llnan-
Investors In the central mar-
ilu. world  la increasingly evl-
Recently  the shares of the Do-
pper company were Introduc-
the Unnlisii  market and found
Iters.    The   Boston   News  Hu-
week contained  an Intorcst-
ini of (he progress of this combs lairs:
(j-liitri-K of Ihe Dominion Copper
are aboul lo be Introduced
.ssiislssn market, a block of GO,-
lntving been acquired by
]ugllsh interests, whose cllen-
holders of large amounts of
nn I other Canadian corporation
These shares were largely
ed bv four or five of the
itockliolders of the Dominion
.iml ilu' result will lie lo give
Hiss iif the Dominion company
unsl. therefore, h more stable
jiiihiion Copper   company has
ayoil  about  sli week* In  the
Inns of   its    big    new furnace,
lallatlon,  however,    Is    nearly
.1 nml M. M. Johnson, chief of
iNcwhoUse'a staff. Is now In the
ami will remain there until
amelter plant goeB Into opera-
iii ihe Dominion Copper corn-
have a dally smelting capac-
i) luns. and with this capacity
niun  in tie neighborhood ot
10,000 pounds   of   copper   aboriginal  features about this
���isv deserve attention.  Among
tin.  method  of  handling tbe
i'i It passes through the Jack-
tail of the usual arrangement
lln   heat,.,!   water here  runs
in   the  four   main  supporting
ar the comers of the furnace,
these lata the main waste
ses.    Tho furnace will be fed
Icstlly by side-dumping steel cars
" by electric   locomotives. .   Thc
Hi new crusher, which Is of the
kw pattern as that In use at tho
I mines, is now  Installed.    The
sil to the crusher automatically.
ting crushed li ls .hoisted in n
((levator lo lhe bin floor, where
dumped upon u long steel belt
This will be arranged so aB
Te to nny ot the bins, old or
HI will inks1 lhe place of hnnil
'flu- crushing  plant  hus n
���I Kin ions per hour.   The old
li'ant will be used exclusively
���staple mill.
(nis; Director Sam-pel Ncwhouse
lly tor   the   siatemenl    thai,
but GOO  tons of ore per day.
llsilssn Clipper company has been
Brhducc both mining ami smelt-
tit .such a degree that li is to-
iioiug its copper us low ns the
I'linipnil*. which    Is    treating
f. per ilay.   J| is believed, Ihore-
i with nn in��irmsi> of over 100
the  Dominion company will
s ss'ln further reduce costs.
1907 nil the mines of the com-
sell as lhe smelter will bo op-
f_   electric power, ai a saving In
ver $lu(i,00o. ns compared with
sun  power costs.
i'ss  1600 (ous ner day  smelter
ibe  ouliiiii  of   the   Dominion
oinpany will be more than one.
el* lho Grnnby company, and
Ison promises lo make copper
ats per pound.
���onilnlon Copper company Is
cl for $5,000,000 stock (par,
I JI,000,000 bonds. Officials of
Union comnnny claim that,
new smelter capacity ln
mining order the company
1907 make net earnings of
per cent, on lhe cnpllnl stock,
wing for nil fixed charges and
untl requirements,
mpiin.v hns over $700,000 caah,
to Its treasury, and by roBO-
Uh board of directors the en-
charge has been Instriiotod to
ly prepare plnns. for an in-
smelter capacity to 2600 or
The money available to the
will he sufficient to do this,
muchlng nel earnings.
bought the Lotteries.
Means, Feb. 6.���United States
pouri ,iuag��� Charles Pariange
died suddenly last nlghl of apoplexy.
He was one of tbe leaders of the anti-
lottery movement In this slate which
resulted In the overthrow of lhe lottery
under Governor Foster, whose election
wbh the lottery's death.
Finlander at Port Arthur Dabbles With
Port Arthur, Feb. 5.���Frank Veltn, a
Flnlander. Is behind the bars here
charged with aggravated assault. This
charge will likely he enlarged u> one
ot murder or manslaughter. From evidence submitted IsbI nlghl at the coroner's Inquest II appears that Henry
Velta had been drinking heavily for
���some time past. TueBday last, while
under the Influence or liquor, be went
to a house occupied by a number of
Finns on Albert Btreet. There he became mixed up in a scuffle, where ii is
alleged a number or clubs were used.
Velta received u blow on tbe head. Yesterday Velta died, whether from the effect of t he blow received or the liquor
was left for lhe coroner's Jury to decide. Drs. .Musliniigall and Kakiiss who
performed it poBt-inortem examination
on the body, Btntcd In evidence that
death had heen caused by a blow on the
head over lhe ear, which caused a fracture of the Bkull and injured the brain.
The coroner's Jury brought In a verdict
to the aft-set thai Henry Velta came to
his death from a blow delivered by
Fiank Veltn on Tuesday last.
Clver of Malmaison to French    Nation
Passes   to   Reward���A   Generous Donor,
Paris. Feb 5���Dnnlcl Osiris, the
philanthropist who nresented Malmaison to the French nation, is dead.
M. Osiris bequeathed *:i.ooo,ooo to the
Pasli'iir institute.
Daniel Osiris -was a wealthy Greek
who purchases! Maluialson. the chateau
a few mllen from Paris, which was the
residence of Ki'sij,'i>, Josephine from
1798 to 1818, renovated 11, gnu* In December, 1900, presented It to tho
French people for use as a Napoleonic
museum, lie replaced some of tbe former fittings and Furniture and employed artists to obliterate the traces of
pillage left by the Russians and the
In 1899 JI. Osiris presented to the
Institute of France a Bum representing
sn annual income of about $0500 for a
triennial prize of $20,000, open to all
countries for the most remarkable
work of discovery of general Intei-ssl.
especially In the fields of surgery und
Minister  of   Railways   Suppresses   Im
portant Papers,
Ottawa, Feb. 5���The mlnlBter of rail
ways has brought down a part of the
papers referring to tho purchase of
land for the Intercolonial round honso
at Halifax. The return purports to be
complete, but an examination of the
papers shows that four or five Important communications, Including one
from the s.tling member for Halifax to
the general manager of the railway,
have been withheld. It is shown by
these papers ihai In 190:i the chief engineer, the ongineer of construction,
and other technical officers decided upon a Bite for this round house. ThiB location was abandoned because, as the
general manager states, certain busi
ness people in Halifax objected to It
on tho ground that a new settlement
would bo built up out of town and Ihey
would be deprived of Irade wllh the
employees of the shops and yards.
Then it was decided to build a rectangular engine house at Richmond,
and plans were prepared on this under
standing. Henry C. Head was ongaged
to value the properties and submitted
In report. Thla waB In 1906. Later, this
llocatlon was also abandoned in favor of
In slnte near the Halifax Cotton Factory. This change was recommended
from Ottawu and again Mr. Read was
sent to value the property.
Though the deputy minister suggested that the intention of the depart*
ment should be kept quiet until Mr-
Macllrelth, logal agent of the government, should ncquire the properties, It
was found that before the valuator arrived Joseph II. Henderson hnd Purchased from all the other owners bu
two the land which the government
needed. The government paid nim
$45,400 for his newly-acquired lam .
and that which he previously owned,
leaving him, it Is said, n profit of u>"
per cent, on his purchases and options.
There Ib nothing, however, In the pa-
pers to show the middleman's prom,
for though one of the officers of the department suggested an examination n
the records to see what transfers linn
been made and at what price, the coi-
respondence lndleateB that such Inves
ligation  wns carefully   avoided,     rue
government paid the $46,400 without
hesitation, and afterward continued
from Mny, 1001!, to January, 1907, dickering with Ihe owner of oue property
over a matter of $800, and with another over a still smaller buiii. These, two
were the only ones who had not trans
ffrred thetr properties to Mr. Henderson before the government made the
purchase. There Is matter for the public accounts committee In this transaction.
Von Buelow Makes Ringing Speech on
Result of Ballot.
Berlin, Feb. 26.���The government has
���won a definite victory lu tho general
elections for a new reichBtag. The
Liberal, Radical and Conservative parties supporting Prince Von Buelow's colonial policy have won at least 20 Beats.
But more Important for the government than the success of its colonial
plans ls the crushing defeat of the Socialists, who will lose a total of 17 or
IS seats.
This Ib the first election Blnce 1887
ihat the Socialists have not increased
their representation In the reichstag
by from five to twenty seats. They
have lost especially in several largo
cities, among them Breslau, Halle,
Magdeburg, Leipzig and Koenlgsherg.
The clerical centre holds nearly every
one of its former 100 seatB. There la
n possibility, however, that reballotlngs
in the undecided districts may lose
that party one or moro seats. Tbe Conservatives have won six seats, two of
them from the Socialists. Reballoling
will be necessary in 175 constituencies.
Certain districts lu Upper Bavaria
that are Bnowhound have not yet been
heard from, but they are considered
safe for the party. When It became
evident thai the governmenl won Immense crowds sl reamed from the
neighborhood of the newspaper offlees
toward the palace of Chancellor Von
Buelow. They masses! In front of the
building and sang "Hell Dlr Im Sieger-
kranz" ('Hall to Thee With the Crown
of Victory"!.
Prince Von Buelow appeared and
Bald: "Gentlemen, 1 thank you for your
homage, and 1 am especially delighted
that your national feeling brought you
here. My predticeBSor in office (Bis-
marck), before whom we all mi|f|t Respectfully bow, said 40 years ago: 'Put
the German people In the saddle and lt
wl|l ride soon enough.' The German
people haB shown today thut it can ride.
1 believe aud hope that every one will
do hla duty also in ihe reballoling.
Then will Germany stand respected and
mighty before the world. Let us then
unite togetlwi' In the cry 'lAtag Live
Germany and the German Nation. Hut*
The aasemblcd multitude burBt into
enthusiastic cheering and soon after
Bet off for the Imperial palace. Ou
reaching the castle bridge pver the
Spree a strong body of police opposed
It and forced It back with some violence. The people (hen formed In line
asaln and marched down Unter den
Linden to the palace of the crown
prince, Frederick William, where Ihey
SBng and cheered. The crown princess appeared upon n balcony of tho
palace and bowed repeatedly. Tho
crowd  then quietly  dispersed.
Never before has Berlin known such
after-election enthusiasm or Biich
noisy demonstrations by crowds. The
emperor's picture, however, was hissed
whenever It was flashed upon a transparency In front of the office of the
Lokal Anselge'r. These hisses were
lost In thc volume of cheering. Not a
single Incident of a disorderly chsrac-
ter has been reported from any polls.
The Steel Squabble.
Toronto, Feb. 5���As time goes on It
looks more and more as If the Coal-
Steel dispute would be adjustod out of
court. Thc coming of B. B. Wood on
Ihe scene, and the conferences which
have been held hetween that gentleman
and Mflsrs. James Ross and J. R. Wilson of the Coal company certainly lead
to that conclusion. Just previous to
his leaving for Europe the other day,
Mr. Ross spoke rather hopefully of a
settlement. Some of the Steel men,
notably Senator Forgel, are putting up
a bluff of the "no compromise," but
when lt comes down to making ono
they will probably do their share with
the rest; antl It can all be done bettor
with Mr. Rosb calmly sailing through
the Mediterranean, for there Is no love
lost between this same Mr. Robs antl
Sennlor Forget. If they had chanced
to live in the old days It would have
been pistols and coffee for Iwo long ere
Hla Mistake.
A young mnn was fined for kissing
a girl "In the face of her protest." If
he had kissed her where he ought sho
would not have prosecuted him. No
girl lilies to be kissed in the wrong
Firm Cbnts a Month
Ofticialiy Denys Absolutely False Rumors
Baron Hayashi Speaks on Behalf
of Mikado's Imperial
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 5���The
Times yesterday received the following
despatch from Japan:
Toklo, Feb. B.���Viscount Hayashi directs me to refer you to the Japanese
ambassador at Washington, wbo la Instructed to give you information refuting absolutely the false rumors.
(Signed) Tbe Private Secretary of tbe
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Th eTiraes correapondent at Washington says tbat yesterday tbe Japanese embassy reoelved tbe following
cablegram from Viscount Hayashi:
Tokio, Feb. 4.���To Aokl, Washington.
Tbe New York Times having addressed
a telegram directly to the Imperial government to ascertain tbe attitude of
Japan wltb regard to San Franciaoo
school Incident, you are authorised to
make a categorical declaration of tbe
absolutely pacific Intentions of Japan.
(Signed!   Hayashi,
Neither Ambassaador Aokl nor any of
the embassy staff baa taken seriously
any of tbe war talk that haa gone on at
intervals since tbe San Franolseo scbuOl
question became-ac International lad-
dent. Bo* little weight.������� given By Uie
embassy to this phase of the controversy that .no report of lt waa telegraphed to tbe Japanese government,
but from pther sources It saeems a
great deal has been sent to Japan and
tin* newspapers ��f Toklo and olher cities bave had more or leas extended reports of alleged war feeling In tbe
United States,
In (his way the talk has come to the
attention pf tbe imperial   government,
and if was said at the emhaaiy yesterday (hat evidently the government re-
garded auch talk with serious -concern,
uot as being a truthful Index of the
situation, but aa indicating the possibility of a belief In tho United States
tbat Japan might really be entertain-
ing unfriendly Intentions toward the
United States.
Toklo, Feb. 5.���Tbe press up to this
afternoon continues silent anent tbe
war cry In tbe American papers. Not
the slightest excitement was apparent
bere at noon today. Alter this talk
was transmitted bere It was generally
ignored. It is believed that anti-Japanese agitation by a portion of the
American press will afford proof of the
futility of an effort to shake the profound confidence which Japan reposes
in President Roosevelt and ln tbe
American people generally.
Italian Commission Approve* American
l<ondon. Feb. 5.���Professor doU'Osso
of tbe Naplea museum, In an article in
the Trlbuna on the scheme of Professor Charles Waldsteln, the American
archaeologist and antbor, for excavations at the site of Herculaneum, calls
attention to the rapid change ln public
opinion which a great, noble Idea can
produce. He points out that ln about
two years from the Ume Professor
Wad'steln'n project was proposed all
prejudices and fears for the dignity of
Italy which greeted It have disappeared
and even a commission which only a
year ago negatived the scheme haa now
voted for lt unanimously. The expense
of excavating Herculaneum Is ao great
that if Italy undertook It on Us own
account half of lt could not be completed ln 160 years. The volcanic stratum covering the city averages a depth
of 70 feet and ls of the consistency of
stone. Some duplicates among the objects found will probably be presented
to those most largely asalstln��ln the
work, but a special feature orthc excavations will be that the discoveries
will remain ln situ. The excavations
of 1828 proved that tho upper stories
of houses were In an extraordinary
state of preservation, ao a future vis
itor to Herculaneum, Instea _ ��' seeing
only the ruined skeleton oi the dty,
will find the houaea In their original
state, wllh the furniture and decorations scrupulously preserved i*�� the
most minute particulars. The statues
ln the temples, theatres and bas 'Ucas
will remain tn their places. Thus' a
visitor will be able to reconstruct f*t>r
himself in a remarkable degree the bi'-
del life and habits of one of the greet
cities of antiquity.
Sensible Speech In Parliament by Oeo.
E. Foster.
Mr. Maclean, Liberal member at Ottawa for Lunenburg, made a capital
speech in parliament the other day advocating the discontinuance of the privileges granted United Statea fishermen in Canadian waters. In 1886 a
treaty was agreed upon between Canada and the United States, by which
tho market of tbat country was to be
open duty free to tbe catch of our fishermen, while our fisheries were to be
open to tbelr fishermen, lt was a bar-
gain -square in its terms. Our parliament put the treaty Into effect; the
senate at Washington rejected it- Can-
ada then arranged that American flailing rights in our waters should terminate on a Btated date, lull haa extended this arrangement from time to time.
At first there was the expectation that
the other part of the agreement of 1888
would be carried out, but auy probability of that disappeared years ago. Canada ls, and bas been, giving for nothing
everything that could Influence our
neighbors to make a fair bargain. Tbey
have got all they wanted without giving anything that was asked. It would
be interesting te know why Canada bas
allowed herself lo be euohred out of
everything ahe possessed when she aat
down to dicker wltb Uncle Sam ln 1888.
It would be Interesting to know why
the Ottawa government hesitates to terminate a Bltuation ao absurd. Hon.
Mr. Brodeur replied for the ministry
tn tbe speech of the member for Lnnen*
buig, and bis speech made nobody any
wiser than before as to why this oountry should continue a generosity that
Is badly requited. But it Mr. Brodeur
threw no light on the subject, Mr. Foster did. He was tn tbe Conservative
ministry for years, and he made some
remarks on this question that brough
applause from both sides of tbe bouse.
He declared that we cannot go on giving all and getting nothing,
"While we dealre," be said, "to live
in the greatest amity and peace with
onr neighbors, while we recognlae tbat
Great Britain bears the burden of tbe
empire; that It ta a staggering burden
at times; that thc outside British pos-
sessions must realise that and a ssist
tho mother oountry In tbe burden
whioh sbe has to bear; yet, I think lt
ought to be pretty well understood In
Canada from this time forward tbat wo
have given up about all that we propose to give up unless we get the quid
pro quo of a compensation or au advantage; that our resources, great though
they are, are none too great for our
own people; that they are not great
enough to allow us to give advantages
In the way of gratuities and favors to
even our good neighbor, the United
States to the aouth ot us, and that we
have what we believe to be ours. Wc
live largely under tbe sense that we
have bad taken from ub, for one reason
or another, what should properly belong to this Dominion today and we do
nol want���I am certain that is the feel-.
Ing of this country from one end to the
other���to be forced to give up what are.
our rights or a part of our resources
that we need for our own development
In tbe future, even lo Insistent neighbors, and I think we must also come
to the conclusion that our neighbors
themselves will havo Just as much respect for us If they see ub fairly and
s'rongly, but at the same time reasonably. Insist upon those rights which we
have, and maintain them against all
comers."   This is sensible talk.
Crapsey Hesrd From.
New York, Feb. 6.���The ninth annual dinner of the Society of tbe Oen-
esee took place at the Waldorf-Astoria
last night with Speaker James W.
Wadsworth of the assembly as the
guest of honor. More than ordinary Interest had been aroused in the event
by the announcement that the Rev. Dr.
Algernon S. Crapsey of Rochester, recently deposed from tho Episcopal mln-
Islry, would speak on the subject,
"Some Untold Truths That the World
Should Know." Tbls was Dr. Crap-
sey's first public address following the
severance of his relations with Ihe
church. Other speakers at the dinner
were: Ex-Judge D. Cady Herrlck, James
M. Beck, former Attorney Oeneral of
the United States; Charles J. Blasell of
Rochester, and Samuel G. Blythe, pres-
ldent ot the Gridiron club of Washington.
worst snowstorm of the winter prevailed here today, a gale of 60 miles an
hour with a heavy snowtorm tying np
all traffic on land and sea. The waves
arc running high snd considerable anxiety was felt for shipping.
Famous Doctor   Charges   Extravagant
Advance  Fee.
Paris, Feb. 5.���A great -sensation was
made in tbe dally press a couple of
yeara ago of the case of George Crocker, a wealthy American, wbo took his
wife to Dr. Doyen of Parle to be cured
of cancer, that -doctor having announced the dlsscovery of a sure cure. After
treatment had been begun Dr. Doyen
Informed Mr. Crocker that hia fee
would be 120,000, and unless this were
paid down he would not go on with the
case. Crocker paid the money, but pro-
tested against the Injustice and moral
violence of the demand. No cure waa
effected and Mra. Crocker died borne
months later. The husband now sues
tor the recovery of the money In the
Paris courts, and instructs bis lawyer,
if successful In recovering the sum. to
turn It over to tbe Pasteur Institute
ss a fund to assist In the search lor
a eaneer cure. Dr. Doyen's conduct ls
generally condemned as unprofessional
and lt Is expected that the -courts will
order the return ot moat of the money.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Fab. 5, 1H7.
t The Nelson Canadian,
J        Nelson, ������ 0.1
$     My bast thanks for your valu- T
able aaaietance in our victorious f
i campaign.
1     (Signed) R. McBRIDB.
Tarento  Saturday Night Views Local
At Vancouver the other night the So-
delists, who have been taking an active
part in the Brltlah Columbia provindal
election, held a meeting, says Saturday
Nlgbt, at whioh a red (lag was waved
and all parties and tbe universe In general verbally torn to pieces.
One orator aald: "Now, friends, I
don't know lt our old Union Jack haa
made you work, but It certainly baa
made me work bard, and I say that the
red flag of revolution is the only flag
for our freedom. If you plugs did not
have any votes no party would bother
you at all���not even before election."
Continuing, be aald tbat be oould not
see why "Billy" Mdnnes would leave
a 112,000 job to break Into politics be-
oause he himself would think twice before giving up one worth $1100. It
seems to be the policy of the Socialist
to "get there" himself without caring
how, or considering anybody else.
Inquiry Into -flael    Governor's   Action
Proceeding at Toronto.
Worst of the Season.
Highland Light, Mass, Feb, 5.���The
Toronto, Feb. 5.���A private detective
named Charles Law told the story of
his secret Investigations at the Toronto
gaol before Commlaaioner Judge when
the Inquiry into the conduct ot Oover
nor Van Zant was proceeded with.
In the employ of the Canadian Detective agency, Law aald that whan gaining his Information laat May, the officials at the gaol apparently thought ho
was from the ittorney-generel's department. As a result he found that these
officials desired the governor be relieved ot his office, and one of their own
party, a Conservative, appointed ln hla
plaoe. The detective expressed tbe
opinion that there waa a conspiracy to
oust tbe governor from office. Curious
as it may seem, the detective wis
brought out as a prosecution witness,
though tt waa to the defence lawyers
he told his complete story. Besides go-
Ing to the gaol he hnd called upon the
people at Markham. A number of other
witnesses were also called.
Undying Love.
Chicago, Feb. 6.���A signed letter to
the police from W. R. Wleboldl, onoe
n wealthy Chicago merchant and board
ot trade operator, who lt la alleged aet
fire to hla department store Saturday,
was received laat nlgbt. There waa a
auidde pact with hla daughter, who also
affixes her name to the communication. Officers have been searching for
them for tbe past three days oo a
charge of arson. Undying love tor her
parent caused tbe girl to -acorn luxury
when speculation proved her father's
nemesis, $3000 being loat tbe past
Mlc Whray
wu iiiiiii mm-
*    I
British Cofmnkia WUI Be Scene
of Extensive Operations���
Branch Lines.
Winnipeg, Feb. 6.���Following is tba
announcement of the work which tbe
C. P. H. proposes tor its western Unas .
during the season of 1M7, by William
Whyte, second vice-president of the
oompany, who returned from the conference at the head office In Montreal, 7
estimates tor which have been passed:'.
Continuation of doube track work between Winnipeg and Fort William:
-completion of Teuton branch*, completion or Pheaaant Hills branch; to connect with Wetasklwin branch; completion of Wolseley-Heston branch; com*
pletion of Weyburn-Stoughton branch;
completion of line from Moose Jaw
north 60 miles; completion of Braden*
bury to Bstorhasy branch; -completion
of Shebo extension to connect with
Preaaant Hills branch; completion of
grade reduction work at Medicine HM
aectlon; completion of grade reduction
work at Lethbrldge to Macleod, Including a bridge -une mile long and 300 (eat
high; grade reduction work between
Field aad Hector; station at Port Arthur; recreation aad lodging building
for -engineers and trainmen at Igaace;
new yard at Coleridge; completion of
hotel at Victoria, which will be opened
in Auguat; bealdes which S30 milea of
light steel will be changed to 80-pound
Large amount of ballasting, Including
-several Important branch lines which,
are to be relald with go-pound steel, a
considerable number of new sidetracks
and other betterments of a permanent
character in order to bring roadbed up
to tirat-claaa standard.
Two portions ot grade reduction
work planned are ot great importance.
Laat year plans were prepared for
grade reduction work between Lethbrldge and Macleod on the Crow's Nest
Psss route. This section ot tbe lino
runs through the foothills of the Rockies and Ib a difficult country through
which to carry a railroad. When th��
line was Brat built there were a number of trestle bridges along lt, spanning
the ravines and creeks encountered.
The traffic of this route haa Increased'
to a remarkable extent and many ot
the old bridges need renewing or
strengthening to accommodate tba
heavier trains and locomotives, in making the surveys it waa found that by
building a viaduct abont a mile ln, tha
greater number of the old treaties
would be done away with, and this Is
the work which the company is preparing to carry ont the -coming aaaaop. '
The viaduct will be constructed of steel
and -concrete. The plate girders wilt
he carried on steel towers SM feat In
height, these resting on concrete toon*
dations. In addition to cutting out thw
trestles aad a number of-heavy grades
the routes will alao be somewhat
The -second piece of work Is tha grade *
reduction between Field and Hector.
Between these stations the oompany .
has encountered the moat difficult -section of their whole system, aad the <���*
glneers who laid out the original route .
were unable to obtain better than 4.5
per -cent grade. This moans a cHmb
of 337.4 teet ln every mile. Plans have
now been completed whereby this grade
will be reduced to 2.3 per cent., or lll.fi
feet In the mile. This reduction will
mean that the efficiency of a locomotive on this section will be more than
doubled, and will greatly leaaan ex*
penses while shortening the running
time between these two palate. Thla
reduction ls obtained by the construction of a couple ot tnaaels under tbat
-portion of the mountain which turn
forms the banter.
Delegation Leaves far Woahlngton   to
Confer With Pred-dent
San Francisco. Feb. 4.���Mayor Su-
gene Schmltz and the membera of the
board of education Mt yesterday tor
Washington to confer with
Roosevelt In regard to the a-sgregatten
of Japaaeae pupils la public sehada.
���mi >
The Daily Canadian
��� V!
. Just Arrived .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
ly for the governmenl candidates. TLe
verdict was no snap verdict, but was
the deliberate pronouncement of a free
and independent people, who have calmly Bt tidied every phase of the provincial situation, and to whom political or
partizan sentiment does not appeal.
With the splendid endorsement of the
people the members or tlte governnn-nt
will now take up their arduous tusks,
cheered and happy in the fact that they
may go ahead with their projects. For
the Interior in particular, and in fact
every pnrt of the provlnoe, this will
mean much, and tlu- whole country mny
(ongnitulate itself on the splendid return or Hu- popular Conservative rov-
Bank of Canada
D. R. Wn-BJ.*:, President
Head OBice
REST *H..rsOO,0W).
Bunches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and iuKrest allowed current ratta from date of opening of
���oeonnt, -and cotnp-s.umled half yearly.
nbl_K>n branch J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Total Aaaeta ..
Accounts ot firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In   Mritish   Columbia.
Special   attention  to out of towu business.
T   E   KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
FubUahesI six 'leys, a week by the
Baker si.. Nelssou, B. 0,
lUMcrlpMnn rutin, Bo mmi ��� month delivered
In the clly, or B.00 a year II Mnl by mall, when
palsl la aoranee
Advertising rale" on application.
All monlel pabl III KCtlleiiii.nl ot Tbc I'ully
Causitllaii aOOOttntf, s-llbor t.st smlsMTlplloisis sst
���aATtitliillig, must Is.- reselplesl (stroll Isss- prlnls-,1
lormss ol this Couips.isy. Olbisr ici-olpt, aro not
���. Hy one word we an-sometlmess jsirtged to be
wbMs anil by one wonl Knnetlmal judged to be
loolUii. Let ul thcretore bo cartstul wliat we
Returns from the vartOUl electoral
COMtftuenclei Bre now sufficiently complete to appreciate tlie splendid victory
with which the people have recorded
their appreciation ssr (In- work of Ihe
administration <'f Premier McBride,
While no one excepting u few UlieralB
who permitted Ihemaelves to he deluded in tin* matter antlolpated the
overthrow of ihe government the til-
uniphuiit vindication mum ise nattering
to the premier nml his colleagues. In
a Sonne it was tlm government's first
appeal to the people. Tin' clrriini
Btattces have entirely changed since
Premier MoBrlde first took power At
that, time only experimental votes could
be cast. Thc then leader of thc opposition, now Premier McUride, was personally very popular, and In the logical
order of affairs was called on to form
a government. This was no easy task
nor was it made IMS difficult but
rather more by the Introduction of
party lines.
Tho administration was unstained by
lhe people, nnd (luring the almost four
yeurs uf Its strenuous legislative and
���executive work had given the people
Home Iden of Its capabilities In charging tho affairs of the oountry.
Tho government's appeal was almost
wholly on Its record. This was occasioned by tho persistent nnd malevolent attacks of the opposition. It will
ho unnoceesary to refer lo the campaign uf slander and to the subsequent
defence of Uio government through its
various executive officers. It wilt he
unnecessary for tho reason that the
peoplo whose sovereign voice has spok
en have sustained nnd vindicated the
government. It is nut the Intention of
the Conservative press to twit the opposition organs on the thunderous verdict against their clamors against the
members of the government The matter should he a dead issue now, since
lhe people have spoken, and we sincerely hope the Conservative press hns
��� unlike the opposition organs���sufficient decency to decently inter dead
The significance of this last vote of
the people Is tremendous for n variety
of reasons.    It Is the   answer   of the
people to the tradttcers of the govern-
I ment.    It Is the voice of the people to
I the government reflecting   the    sentl-
I ment, "Well done.'*   It Is an iniiniaiton
j to political charlatans that llrltlsh Co-
l liiinlilii will have none of them.    It ls
a suggestion to the judiciary that the
sphere of the judge is  removed  from
politics,    lt is an Indication io the lend-
er or the opposition that  the country
does not believe he can lead und an Intimation lo his followers that when the
blind lead the blind both fall Into the
It Is, moreover, an Intimation to the
world that llrltlsh Columbia Intends to
insist on Its rights to special consider
atton In the distribution of federal
grants The better terms question wus
but quietly 111 evidence and was wisely
left almost out of the campaign by both
parlies, but Its existence as a vital Issue was always manifest nnd lhe question will bo reopened, nml It will not
be closed until tho people of Mritish
Columbia receive simple justice from
the federal authorities. No unreasonable dnmnnd has beeu made. In fact,
It has been the flimsy charge of llie opposition thnt the premier made no demand, but we can safely assume thai
ihe ifulet dignity and strength of the
province on the question that will be reopened will presage Bitch pressure at
the sources of relief that In a short
time the Mclirldo government will add
laurels to Its record by the final negotiation of a serious issue.
These ond the further fact that the
government will be be able now to apply Itself energetically lo tho prosecution of the policy of development which
naturally has evolved from tlie experience of the past three years, furnish
some clue to what was meant by the
people when Ihey voted so unanimously, eo onthuslastlnilly and so cheerful-
Many   Incidents  occur in   a political
campaign that have a local Interest aad
ate of a most amusing character. Some
of these are of course unprintable, and
most uf ihem never rise to the solcmu
dignity necessary t.s recognition iu the
editorial paiies ot a party journal.  Tho
-exception   to   this   rule  was   furnished
in thu Slocan riding last week at a political  gathering.    As  is  well   known,
the opposition had been making desperate assaults upon the government candidate In that riding, and In their turn
the friends of the    member-elect  had
heen assisting in tho pleasam task of
the government's  defence.    It  so hap-
! pened   that on  one occasion  a whole
i group    of    political    candidates. -spell-
! binders  and   party   workers,   including
j the leader    of   the Liberal party, had
j gathered at  a well known hostelry In
New Denver.   The Liberal leader stood
in characteristic pose   a   little    to the
lefi of the centre of the room but was
nol  the cynosure of all eyes.    In the
company was a well known Conservative   worker,   who   carries  everywhere
with hlm a talisman or charm consist-
lug of a splendid -specimen nugget from
some rich belt iu the Slocan.   The nugget Is finely shaped, finely ornamented
with free metals, anil    weighs    about
three ounces, and is intrinsically worth
perhaps  fifty  dollars.    Selecting a Judicious moment the owner of the charm
stole up to Liberal Leader Macdonald
nnd  presentesl the charm.    Macdonald
looked wise, immediately concentrating
tlie analytical  faculties of his judicial
mind  upon  the  fragment.    In   frigidly
cynical   tones he asked'-     "And    what
might  this  be?"    Jusl  for  a  moment
Hit owner of the nugget was nonplussed  by  the apparent fact  that a resi-
d nt of a city that handles as much ore
us does Rossland should be Ignorant of
the nature of n specimen, and. taking
llie Liberal leader at his own estimate
of himself, his reply    came    like    the
whirlwind of witty    eloquence    as   he
said:  "What might that be?    That's a
filling from ono of the teeth Dick McHrlde intends to use to crack your co-
eoanut on    the second   of    February."
Tho historian  says  Macdonald  is still
critically analyzing the remark.
Vuluable Addition to Copper Properties
Will  Be Operated.
Ashcroft, Tl. C . Feb. T,.���The ens.- of
Archibald vs. Novak, Knight & Honk-
Ir.gs. Involving the ownership uf a portion of tbe Transvaal, a valuable groan
of copiier claims up Highland Valley,
hns been decided In favor of lhe defendants. Now. this case, which caused
vs-xauous delay, haa heen settleil. the
work of opening up thc property may
be expected to proceed with all haste.
The Transvaal has one of the biggest
BUrface showings of copper In Hritish
-Columbia, the. grade being high nnd tbe
question ol transportation an easy one,
ssi that there is every reason lo believe
that the next six months will see a
very valuable addition made to th" big
paying copper properties of i.ritish Oo*
I umbla.
tsitxty it-ivi after .lat.'l Intend to apply lo tb*
Hon. i:iilfl l-ouimiMsls.il" "I l-audi asul Won.
to p-arohu- 1H7 sn-re, i>l lati'!. eoiumens-lni: s>l a
poat marked B. B; N. K. corner po.t. p anted at
tbc S. W corner ot ll.1V steela^ claim on lln
���west Mile ol Arrest late, about (onr ullea abote
Burton city, Ihclice west tit chalus. thcii.se usutli
te ',.' ibslis'-s. thenee cast 4.s chains, theme itorsls
W W chains to blacc ol bogiuniug. containing 1-.
acres, men or less
Hand -*Mlh slay ol Nssv., Mis.;.   Hvaos Bibton.
j. K. AMSABta, Agent.
Notice ll herehv (riven th-at 00 dari alter naie I
intend io applv to tht* Honorable the Cblel Coin-
BUUioner of Undi and Worku lorn licence to
prospect (or conl and petroleum over Uit* f< .low-
trnt Isnd; Situated twomllw north of tbfrinter*
nnllonalbnundnrv tint* And wertOflhe Flathead
river, Mtlnnlni-at a poit miriw w ueaaiuu
N Wa corner poet, thonoe Wchaiun fcouth, tbence
!*i chains es-l, th-Mi'-e W (.-huiiis north. thence m)
chains went to point nt cunmeiie-iieiil.
i'ated .Nov. it IWO. W- UtGA-Uli.
Noilce ia hereby (riven thai 00 dayi uf ier tlate 1
Intend to apnlv to the ���'on. Chlel Commisaloner
of Lamlh ku'I Work." for a icenfie to prospect for
OM. ��n'l petroleum ovpr the follow-in* land)
BlttMOd six miles north ol the international
boundary hue and east of the Flathead river.
Bi-jftniilsitr at a poat marked E. H Ilnnl'H N. W
co-n.'r po t. theuce W ehaim iouth, thenee W
ehain* east, thenc? 80 chaini nortii, thence M
chain' weal to point of comi:i( ri. >������   ���  v
Dated Nov. num B. ii. Both.
Noll *e I* hereby glveo mat two months aitt-r
dale we intend to apply io lbe Chk'f funiium-
alimer ol Lan.!< and Worki for a lease of all thai
land belli* the tr>re*hore adjuininn the Canadian
Pacific Railway Shipyard on the weat, part of
Lot >*VSA,erm:pl,nnd be in tc on lhe iouth Mio'r
of the wen arm of Kooteuay  Lake,  iu  the ill��-
riet of Kootenaj ! Comroenem-K ai the Mi-ither-
ly oorner of IMTQMi KTonp Ij thence aionK the
nnthwaeterlyhoundaryollot706* aud the ex-
IciKioti thereof. In a imrth wenterly direction, a
dlitanc-of t_5 foot] thenv ai iuht anplc* t.>
snld boundary in a south westerly direellon. a
dutanca ol tin leet, mora *>r les*. to the nonh
easterly boundary of the City   I'ark. oontlnuMj
no-.,<*i para.h'l to laid  weflrrly   boundary of bit
J064. In a aonth eaaterly direction, ��� dlataiUM "i
i< t, more or lew. tn llie northerly  louii-.arv
of lot .-���*��� A: ihence followiiiK the n.-riherl. bound*
aryol lot .���>���*. in a north eaaterl) direction tothe
poim  of   cnmniencetnetil,    Uiu   area   belli*  Ml
Dated this 7th day of January, A I'.. MOT.
OOd-MM afterdate I intend toappiy to the Hon.
Cii|..f ��.\iiiiiiii"ioto*r "f Unlsainl Works to pur-
obaae B_D acrea ol and located la fire Valley be*
liia part of .-((tlons y and l'J Townabip tv.), and
described a* follows: OomnMOOlttg at a pent
marked F. W, J. S. K. corner and planted at the
northwest corn it of Win. William*'  OUrChtMl
thenoe weat40ehalna; thenoe north Hu chalnn
thenee east to chain-;  thence ninth SO ehalim to
plaee of beRlnniiiH.
November23rd Itt*.
p, W. Jonnis*,
I. E. Annablk, a-gem
(H) davs after date 1 intend to apply to UO Honorable * the Chief Commluloaer tn Landi and
Works, to purehase 170 acres ol land: Com*
mfuclim at a post marked Q, W.B N. K. eoruet
post and plauted on the west shore of Arrow
fake adjotniiiK Lot 070 on Uie aoutb side of said
Uii, thenn west BD chains along the goutheru
boundarv of Lot 3.U; theme aouth 40.'._ chain-,
thnoe eait BO ebalni more or len to lake shore;
thence north alouif lake shore to place of beginning.
Dated 29th day of Nov. 1900.
t.to. ff.atUL.
J. K   A-.sa.K, vtfcir.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 ami 20 years old.
>l_> AK��ntn In ttritlnti
*J.< ilmiililo
The Hall Mining and Smelting]
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
thnt thirty dayi aft.-r date I intend to apply to the Chlof Cotnmlaaionet of
Land* and Wor a at Victoria lot permlaalon to
cniand earn away timhet from the following
deioribed lands iu Weat Koolanay^- ihence 60 chain* noi.h to pl��'*e of beutiiniiiK
mencing at a poal planted at the j    November wjdt Wt, Kosek wnuan
J. K.  ANS*IH ��.   Weil I.
1 after date I Intend 10 appiT 10 the
"  "s ami '
Sixty di_.	
Hon. Chief QommUttoner ol Landa and Work
Victoria, to purchaM* IrtO aerea 01 land Im-aU-d in
Ktre Vallev. bftlfll part of Sections Three and
Four, Township ft, and   dem rlbed an follow*:
Commonolps  at   a  po--t alanted at   wniiam
Williams' N- W. corner, and marled *'R. K. w'l
N. E. corner," and rutin lug 4U chains west,
thencft A) chalna WUth, thence BObhtlni east,
thencu 40 chains bouih, ihence 'At ehainti nn���'
No 1-
meni'liiK at
truer of tii
Tho last two ifiHiios of The Daily
Canadian have been printed on tlie
j.resR of tlie Daily News by courtesy of
tlial paper. An unfortunate break tn
lho mechanical department of Tho Canadian would otherwise have temporarily HiiHpendei! publication of thin paper.
The courtosy is readily acknowledged
:nd the publishers of The Canadlun of-
Ier this recognition.
Dr. Hall's cabinet position in the government al Victoria looks about as good
���is .1. A* Macdonald's chances for the
premiership. There Will be a sort of
j.rofessional fellow-feeling between the
leader and the led.
Wee Willie Wallace Hat on Yukon wall,
Wee Willie Walace Ihib gol a bad fall;
All   Wilfrid's  horses  and  all   Wilfrid's
f'nn't send Willie back  to the  Yukon
We know now why tbo Socialists so
strenuously urged the reduction of
election deposits to $fifi. It meant, just
so much money saved by the reduction
In the amount of lost deposits.
W. W. B. Mclnnes would rather
have $IS00 a year as cabinet minister
Ln British Columbia than $12,000 a year
in the Yukon, and never more so thnn
today.    But how is he to get. It?
Unearthing Criminal Frauds.
Han Francisco, Feb. 5.���Tbe Call today says: "Acting under instructions
from President Roosevelt, Thomas 11.
Neuhuuson, an Inspector of the interior
department, co-operating with State
MluerolOglft Aubry. has been Investigating land locations lu California and
lias unearthed gigantic frauds, which
will he made the basis of criminal pro-
codings. The Inveatigatlon will involve men of wealth. Influence and high
��oclal Btundlng ln California.
at a   po>    .
Utbweit    corner of  tirnb'T licence   No.  1*S*[
th'nce cost lorty chalna; thence north eighty
attaint] thenre eatt 1 ��>t*h.iin>. thenei* niuth to
northern boundarv of timber llcenu SMS (thence
west alons n*id uorlhc n houndarv to
tlie north we-l corner of tald license:
ibon WUth to the northern boundary
of timber license WIS; iheu.e west to
a po'nt due loutb of the point of conimencment;
thenc north to the pMut "I commencement.
January lath, 1111"
No. 2 ��� Commenolng it the no ihwaet  corner
of umber license 7��Ul thenc-1. uli tothe northern boundary of umber lloonaa IQlg] tbence west
to tbe north-weat corner Of aald tlinbei ,;,*eniie
thenoe aouih io the northern boundary r-f Lot
SIS; ihenee following iald boundari of tald
lot west lo the light of way ol the H-(' Southern Hallway; tbenee following said tight of way
lu a north easterly dlreetiAu a> the place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 3���Commencing at a -southeast cornar of
timber LloeUM No. 7821,about titty chains iouth
of the right 01 way of tha B C. Southern iLuil-
wayitbenoeeaat 100 chains; thenee north forty
chains; thence weat 16o chalnn; thence Bouth
forty chaiua to place ol commencement.
Jai.uary 15th, 190".
v-o 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
Inieracotton of the soulberu boundary of the
right ol way of the R. C. Souihcrn Hallway, and
theeaatern boundary of Lot 61H1; thenoe south
b) the northern boundary of license application
No 3; lbence east I60 chaiua; thence nrrth to the
Miuibern boundary of timber licence no. 71H5;
thence following the Southern boundary of said
license westerly abont sixty 1 iniiii', more or leai
tuan eastern bOUndvy ol said lloens6i theuce
souih forty chains; thence west eighty chains;
then north to the rUht nl way ol the It U
Southern Hallway, thence following said right
oi way in a sou th-westvily,direct ion to uie place
uf heelunlng.
January 16th, 1W7.
No. 5. ���' omraencing nt a post planted at thc
I uithwest coruerof timber license 66861 tlience
neat sixty chains moro or less to a point due
aooto of the eoblheut oornerol license application No. 3; thence north Hxiy chalna more or
less to the south boundary ol license application
No 4; ihence north lo thu norlheast coruerof
said llceuae application No 4; thenee eoet tothe
Biuthcaat corner of timber license 7190) thenee
north forty chalna more or lqp> to ��� point due
west nf the uorth-west corner of timber license
OU5; ihence east to thc northwest comet of aald
timber license No.6681. thenco houUi IM chains
to the point of commencement
January Iith, 1WC.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted til the
fclUtheMI corner of Umber license W;t5; thence
i.eat to the southwest corner of license appll��a-
l ion No, 3; thence nortii to southern boundary
of license application No.;;; theuce west to tbc
northwest corner of license application bo. 11
ihence   -sonth   to  the   northern    boundary   of
1 (inner llceuae 868.); thenco eaat to the northeast
corner of timber license 85A8] theuce south
1'ilrty Ohalna) tbence east to tlie wesl boundary
..[ timlwr liueuae S&42; thenee north to the plaee
of beginning. , ....  tnn_
January 16lhi ll"1".
So, ..���Commencing al a post planted at the
iiortheasl corner of limber lweuae BflHi thenee
lOUtb forty chains more or lens to the uorth
boundary of timber license 8646! thanee cant km*
chains; tbeuce north forty chnins moreor less in
a point due easl of the southeast corner oi tlm
her license 8.718; theuee west 160 chains to lbe
place of beginning.
1 January 16th, "007.
:.o. a Coiiini'ucing at ii post planttul at the
northeait corner of timber license No. K.Ui;
Ihenc** south eighty ehalna; thanee east eighty
cbalni) thence north eighty chains; thenoe west
1 igbty chaius to ple<*e ot commencement
January 16th, l��17.
No \*,~Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of timber ^license Kf.47; thence
nortb elghtv Ohalna! thenco east eighty chains;
thence nortii ISO ebalni more or less to ihe north
castiorncrof license application No. 7; Ihcnce
west to loutheaat corner of limber license r.o.
K.l��; ihenee uorth to the southern boundary of
license application No. ": thence easi to
the west boundary of timber license No.
K.542; thence south to the southwest corner of timber license BUS: thence west
loth northwest corner of timber license No.
RM'i; thenco south to tho northeast corner nf
timber llconso Ne. 8M6: Ihenco west eighty
charns; Ihence soutb to a point due ca. t of tbe
southeast corner of limber ll euse 8M7J thenee
west to place of eommeucement,
January 16th, l*iT
No. 10.-Commenclngat a post planted at the
southeaal corner of timber llconie 861U; tbenco
south elghtv chains; thenee west to the east
boundary of Lot 81*2; thenca north to the southern boundary of timber Heme No. 7018; theme
east to the southeast corner of timber license
.01(4; thence north ui the south boundary of timber license HM'j; thence east to plaee of commencement. , ,_,
January 1Mb, l��D7,
P. Lund, Locator,
Dan McDoi-QiLi., Agent.
Notice is hereby gli en mat ��o days alter ftttc I
intend io apply to the Hnuorabie the Cnial Commissioner ol Lands and Works [or permission to
purchase the following described lands: iom-
mt net tig at a post placed 'Ai chains west of the
southeast corner ol Lot 2642, marked "H. A Bell's
northwest corner," thence south yi chains,
thence eut 2o chains, 110*11 ��� north 20 chains,
thence west H}Chains to polntof commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or leas.
Loctted thlsfith dayol Nov. ,1906.   R. A.BlLk
Winter   Carnival
Five  Days
Feb, 12, 13, U, 15 and .6
r> Orand Trophies and r.'-fWO In prises.      Two Hands ��� i, Attendance
HDCIO-.Y���luteriiHtiuunl und Int'*r Provincinl ohsmploniblpl
SNOWSHOEJNti--ChBuipioiiHhip <>f Hritinh Columbin
TOBOdflANlKC��� A _____ a ruinulo down the "ZIP"
SKI INO���JunipiriK nnd Kariutf.    Clinnipiombip of Ounodft
SKATING KACES��� For ChnmpioiiKhip of Britihh Columbia
OUBLINO���A I*n>vincial Honnpiel
llorse-Karmu       Uuqntntdlrjg.      Tuga-ofWar and other iutcreiiing evetiit
K^duced railway rate-* ,,n all iine>
J. R. t:. Fraser. I'restdent
Kor further particulars app'y i
>d -**��������� the Kmg t. trnVaa,
Slxtv days alter d-ato I Intend to apply to t'ne
Hon Chief Commiisioner of Lands and Wqi _*,
Victoria, In iur- loi-.* imi acres of laud, in Kin*
Valley, West Kootenav: ('ommenclng alb post
planted WJ ehalus west ol the H. w corr.er of J.
Kobinson's pre-emption, and marked / . Wi N.
E. corner, and running west W eha'.ui, tbence
south HI chains, theuce east 6U cbv.ins, theuee
north ���M* chains to place of beglnnl*ig
Nov. IHth, VA* . W1M.HM  WlLLlAHS,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
-r.'v days after d^te t inteud to apply to tbe
llun.ihcrhlcl<:ommta*ion��ro( i-��ndsand Work*
to purchase Uio acres of laml: Commencing al a
post planted on the west side of Uix mile ciees,
on wagon rond, about two and one balf inl lei
from Kootenay lake, mi l marked "Neil Me
Kechnle's fi. West corner posi," thence east 4fi
chains, thenco north 40 cbalni, thenee west40
chains, thenee soutb 40 chains, to place of commencement
Uicated this 10th day of Norember, 1900.
Nan McKacHNll
r*txty dan after data I purpose making application to tiie Honorable the Chief fommiiuouer
of Lunds anu Works for permission to purvhase
Hi**-* follow;:,_; il.*>s*ni,. ��� l land: Commencing at
a post placed dt the B. W corner of l^it ��9tw and
narked '*K. D. Y.'a" N. W. comer, tbence follow*
log the southern boundary I �����( (KkX), BA chains
more or less east lo the west boundary of |,ot
5.01, theuce following same south 3o chains to
ibe norlh boundary of I *.t (.*.i>::; thente abant 70
chains wo.t atonic said boundary to tht lake
ibore] thence north :*W chalna more or less fol*
I Wing the lake shore lo point of rrt-tutnence*
ment, containing ftl" aerea more or lew.
Dated Dccuinbe. 17th, 1007.
F. tl. Faugnaa.
Kotlfll Is beroliy given thai "fl.iavs atierdate I
intend le apnlv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsMoQ.r of 1 ands and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
lor permlaslon ui purchase the lollowlng dem-rib-
i ��������� laud, situated in tbe West Kootena) district,
ou the west lide ��>f ' uhamel (or fix Mil*) creek,
ou uu er tide a* wigou roail, about ,':, inii<-i
tio ii West Arm nf Kootenay lake: Commenetug
ai a poit marked iJrs. Uallle luick'i k.tt corner, running 40 ciialni west; theuee 'A) chllni
south; tbenoe w iihaius east; thence -v chains
norlh, to the polut ot commencement, containing tlu acrei of land, more or lwi.
Dated the 17th ivo-einher 19t*6
Mas Hattie Dr- a,
Jon K. Taylor. Agent
-^ixtr day" after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lamia and Worka,
Victoria, to purchsute 160 acres of land about two
mile* b��low Burton City, West Kootenay, com-
icenclug a' a post marked "J. A. lrrtng's east
c- r_er post," said post being on tbe easterly end
ot au Island wen of Lot6-547,and claiming all the
land oontolMd in said island, being about one
n He In an wsterly and westerly direction and
auout iu chnins from north U> south.
Noreniber lllh, 19U6. i. A. laviNo,
J  K. AhNABl.1. Agent.
Closed by Examiner.
Washington,. Ffll). 4.-rNnUonal Bank
Elxainlner Slcby hn�� ad��Ucd the comp-
t roller of tbe currency that he lits
cIoh d the First National bank of Scott,
South Dakota.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands ��nd Works for
pormlsslon to purchano the lollowlng described
land: HI nated on the eaat side of Arrow Lake
fn the West Kootenay district, about f> mll-s
above Hurton city, commencing at a post plant-
Mat the northwest corner of C. Bachcr's purchase, tbenee east 20 chalnn, theuce n rth 4i)
chains, tbeace weat 20 chains, thenoe south 40
chains to point of commencement aud containing 10 acrea more or less.
Jannary 18, iwn.
Notice 1h hereby given that atxty nays after
dale 1 intend to apply to tbe Hon. the Chief
Commluloner 01 Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following deacrilx.l land
rl tna ted m the West Kootenay dlstricl: Commencing at a post planted at tho "N.K. corner
of L. 1'arten's pre-einpllon," and ninning
ihenee CHht -10 chaius; ihence south 4t) chains;
ihence west 4t) chains; thence north 40 ehulns,
to plaoe Ol commencement, containing Itio acres,
more or less.
December 90, iaoe.
Hahrv I'E'kum, Locator.
M. K.  HCQVAUtlli Agent.
Notice is liereby given that sixty days alter
date I intend to app'y io the Honorable the
Chief Ootmntlfloner "f   Lands and  Works, for
permlulon to purohaae the (ollowlng deaorlbed
lands situated in lhe West Kootenav dttlrlct:
i oinmcioiiiK at a poat maiked "II." H, south
west corner," and nnrlh of A It, Lueavs, pur
fheeffclslnii on Hani Greeni theuce north 4n
chain*; thence east '.'<) chains; theuee noulh 4n
������hains; tbenee 30 obalm west, to point oi com
ttieuciiiient, containing Mi acres, more or less,
December-0, Isoo.
IHisiiy MayiiBN,
M. It. MoQtUtMl, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 Dituud to appl* to the
''blefCommluloner Ol Landsand Works to pur.
chase fitll acres <il laml, located in Lower Arrow
lake, West Kooteuay: Commoncing at a poHt
planlcd al Uo* "N.W. i orner of Arrow Lake
l ii-lino lb-serve"; thence south HO chain*; ihence
west K0 chains; Ibenee nortb HO chains; thence
east KO chains, lo place of beginning,
Located Wtn day of Decemher, 1006,
Hixty da)i niter date t intend to apply In tht
Hon the* lileiComuiluionerofLandianaWorki
lo purchase 2W acres of land: Commencing at a
post marked "N.T  B's southeast corner post,"
aid post being at the northeait oorner ol Geo
Hudson's pro-emptlon claim, about two miles
southeast of Hurton Oity, thence west in chains
south 20 chains, west 40 chains, norlh 10 chains,
east HO chains, south 90 chains to place ol com-
nieiieciti.nl. containing SM0 acres.
Ixicatea8th dayol Nov.lBOfi.   NiitikT. Bikr.
-i**!v.:a>*�� afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of I_tnds amlWorks,
\ letorla, W> purehase 1J0 acrta of laud located
otl the west tide of Arrow lake and i ��� n-s directly
north of Lot "tna: Commencing al a post plantixl
ml the N K. Comer ol l.m :���������, and marked "U. It.
H K v-orner," and running norlh Ai chains,
Ciencc west 20 chains, thence north 30 chains,
i hence west :v chalus, (hence south 40 chains,
theuce east 40 chains, to place of beginning.
NoV.j-Mth.l-l*. 1IKK1U4   IlKAliUY,
J. E. Annailr. Agent
Notice Is bereby given that 00 days titer date, I
intend to apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner
��� i [.amis ami works for permission to purcha-se
lie following described  land  in West Koouinar
��� [strict: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. v.
A \V||Mtii's corner poit, plan'-d at the northeast
< orner of Motion 17, Townsite 7, ninning south
ii ehalus, tbeuce west in chains, theme north 10
f-halnt, thence Ull 40 chains to place of commencement, containing lfto acres, moreor lesa
Dated Nov. _S, lflWl. Mas. V, A. Wilson
J. WlUOM. Agent.
Notice ts hereoy alven that Ml nays alter date I
1 itend toapply to the Honorable thu Chief Com-
minloner Of Landl and Works for permission
lo purobase ino acres of land.situate on the Little
Moyle nver about 1 mile fiom International
Houndary and f.'*>ut I mile from Hp. kane Inter-
national ity.:  Commenelni at a port marked
D, liraiit's a. K. corner noj-t, thenre wesi ft
��� nnlns; theliee north 40 chains; thence east rf.
eliains; thence nonh Jll chains;  Douce east fio
��� hains; lhetice souih H"i chains io pla.f of commencement, oontn-QlngHM seres of land.
Looated Ocki ;iuth uuo,
Danih. t)H^^T
Blnty days uiu r dtte i Intend Io apply to the
Honorable the chUf Commlaaioner ol I ..u i* and
Works, Victoria, to purobaae IMiaoroi of land,
located lu Kirn Valley mi I described us follows:
Cniiimeuchig at n posi marked tl. ll Mcll'l N W
corner, and planted st the southwest oorner of
lol .Rl.\ and running south ho ehaim, UMBO!
enst 20 chains, thenee north N ehulns, tbence
west A chains io place ol begiuniug.
Nov. 18lh, )tH)f>. .Iko. B. McMiiian
J. K. ANNAHI.E, Ageut.
fllxiy days after date I intend to apply to the
Hou. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land, iltnated
on the west side of Arrow Uke, about ;tU miles
below Hurton, and described as follows: Commencing at a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 7V70, and running north _0 chains*
ihenco west K0 chains, tht nee south a) chains,
ihenee esst'2ii chains lo place of beglniilmi.
Nov. llth, WOO. "hBul
J. K annari k, Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given tbat fin days inter date I
 "" 'apply to the Honorable the chief Corn-
Intend to ap
mlssloner Of Undn and Works for permission to
purchase the folIowlUB deacrlbed lands situate
about 10 miles east of the City ol Nelson, on the
south shore of thc West Arm of Kootenay take
and pommeneng at a post placed about.) ehalns
south nt the southeast corner ol Lot 2M|, marked
"B Thomas N. w enrnar," thonco south jn
ohalni, -Jthent* ssst ao chaini, thenot north 20
chains, tbence weit 2o chalm to point or com-
Dated thu 6th day ol Nor., 19M.
Hlxty daya after date I Intend Ui apply to tbe
Honorable the (-hief Commissioner of Undsand
Worki to purchase few acres of land, located In
I ire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake* Com*
mencing at a post planted 40 chains W0*t Of the
southwest corner of J. Kobinson's pre-emption
and marked J. W's 8. K. comer, and nil ulna
north Wl chalus, thence west HO ehains thenee
Miutb 80 ohalus, thencu east Hi) eliains totnaMol
commoncemont *
Nov. 18th, HWfi. JANKWlI.UAirS.
J.K. Annanta. Agent.
blxty daya after date 1 liitoud to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Worka fnr
permission to purchase the following described
lands in Koocnay Dlitrlot, aboul thrV.niarteri
of mile from Thrum's Biding \ ConuMnoYnr ata
..ost^lacedattheB.tV. comer nf L S %SS
I, West Kootenay DUlrlCt; thence w,.^,?
following the north boundary of Lfiflg _b
chaloi; theuce north 10 chalus; ihence tS_\ 10
chalna, moreor less, tothe N. w coraw 3
IMBtl tbencei aouth following the weitbounda��
of UBICl 10 chains, more or fess, to p ace 1*7
meneement, containing 4o sens, mora ir   .,,
,........ ..... '---0n)(j,,,,mbt>r !1K^ui ��^m
Hated this 6th day o
H. H.Fms, Locator.
,.B|x,>*.L?*.y.1! *"*. _**��� ' lHt*t-"1 loapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and ___��W
Victoria, to purchase IM acres of I, ,|    ' "j
the west ilde of Arrow lako, about tee^m___Tl__
low Burton City, and described n ��� fcl"'
mencing at a postmarked -F. u.B'. ion. h!Sm\
comer," andihefngW chalus east of theu._?iS!!S
corner of Lot 2710ftheiioe north 40 chain.-Ml���1
west 40 chalna; thence Math*) chains SIS2
east�� ehaim to the niece of bwinninf ' b,uc*
November Uth, I-kA. ^""wg.
Hlxty days afterdate 1 intend  to apply uflll
Ilonorablotbel'hlelCommlsilotierDl Ua_el|
Woiks for perratMlon to purchase tlieloiln^^
disci!" t  lauds lu   Kcotensv  diitrict:   I
mencing at a posi marked J. B. Aan*blr*iM
east  eoruer post, tald post t*lns i
side of the Lower Arrow lake, tbeti t��o��
below   Hurton   City;   tbence  smith ��m
theucewest 20 chains;  ihence wattl *d
thence west .���" c-halns;  thence nurlh Be
and  'JO  links,   more or leu lo.theli
thence easterly along lakeSOchstiii. mon��
to tbe place ol begiuniug, conuinini IttM
more or lets
Hated tbts Mh day of November, IM
per K. L Bcwrr, A
Notice is hereby given that sixty
date I Intend to male application to ths I
able Chlel Commluloner of Lends ttid W��
Victoria. B. u, for permission to poronml
lowing described land, situate in firs VI
West Kootenay district*. Connnriiennstil
Tlonted at lhe southwesi rorner of Josbur
Inson's pre-emption, marked B.l. K'lH.a-tl
posi, thence to chains went, thence af
north, theuco 40 chains east to Joshua KuW
northwest corner, theuce south 40chimin
of commencement, containing IflOtcrts.r
Dated this 28rd day of Nov., 1**
tt days after date I Intend in apply WW**!
Chief Commissioner of Undi aid ��*��M
torla. to pOMMM MO acres Ol   ami Inaw
Kire Valley aud being a portion ef 'SC
and 16 inTowiishlp6Baiidde��erll��'rt ���<
t ommenclng at a posl planlcd st th�� io
corner  of   tne southeast ousrier of w
Township 6�� and  marked  J Q, I J
thonce north 40 chains;  thence writ ��
tbenoe south 40 chains; thence ensl wrl
place of beginning
November :*;inl 1W6.
J. K
fmtr" c
Notice is hereby glieii tost ��> flan WM
intend toappiy tothe Honorshle thaiD'""
mlssloner of Lands and  Works lo porr
���ik oflMU
acres of land deserlbed as folio
at a post planted on the nonh
Moyle river, about 2uo yards fro
marked    "H     McLean's   B     W     Otnal
thenoe Mat *> ehftilis.  thence 00r��H��
thence west 80chains, thenc souih *'(Ii"Tm
place of commencement, and DOfllalnlt1!*"*
nmre or less, ,
Loeated Bth day OoIh I**-     Rolir'
, I I
R .1
Blxty days Rfttir ilstUs 1 lm
llitiisiriililis lln-rhlol iisminlwl*
Work,, Vts-torlH, In jssir,*lin-i
Isst-BU'll ISIS,I  lls'SsSTSlss-sl A.  tslllssS
*l A |SS,Bl |,l��tll,',l   Ut   lllll   ".HSS
Ittslslimssn'ispri. ssmpllnn In Kir..
tlvr tislli-si (rom Kslivnrsl Un.
Arrssw liikn. ihi.I tis.ikwl P 0*1
rlllslllllU Wl'.t ao i-ltallis*. thi'll'*
llieni'is eft��t at , is.iisi*. is,-!
tltciii't. s-s.-s 40 t'halua, ths-ni's*
|.l��s.e ul bealnalng.
N..v nils. I**. run
J. t.  MUM'
N.sils-B i, Uisrelsy KiTpu iimt ",l'l">'"*'l:
InKjn.l til unrslytis tlsi> Hmi. i;hls*n <g2___
UnsliKiisl Wnrti, VU'tarli, loi I "r,n,1 .,���,��
islimse thu lollowlng .lisiisillsiii W��i___
tliu We.t Kootonuy flutrii'l, 00 ���M'SsJI
lluhimcl (ssrBli lllli.) isri'sli. n. *.';�����..
nbosil three thnci Irom Kmstfti.-f '���".,,!
mfnislnuHtR isoitm��rki-i1 "Juiik--. J; * **_..,
���Mint," fiuinlni '�� uh��lm Mil, ",'" "i,lk.
north, thenoi] SO oh��lni won. ___?, ���,|*
iisutli, to tho polut ol asuins mM>,"-"
log W iisrel ol lsillsl, more or lesss.
D��ti.d l��h Monmlwr, IM.     , ,.���j |
LoMtod br ���'���"������J'i*,,
porJoniiK. Tiviisn."""*
Blxty d.ynlter rtolo I H't.-n-l '"'SjJjS
HsmorsiMe the Chlel OommlMloMt 01 ifl��
Work, lor pormUilou to puroliiw "'.'. ���,*���
ilciorlheil Un Jn in Kooteney s l'l' ,' ��������������
uinu et ��� pout mirkesl "A- '��� "' 'm���m
isomer pout," Mtsl posst beinf op.K'WgB
erly ihore ol the Lower Arrow '""_ |/sl��
line s-iihs. on tho norlhciissl oorm-r rt ,._*H
Uroup ij then.-, norlh H ohUM ���h"|7,e*
isouth tl)s*ls.lii��, moro or l��i. to '__��*__
thenis. I.illowlnpi ����lsl sihoto In fJJSJj-
illreellon N ohnlui. more ssr l����'�� ' "���
bMlnnluj, cniita'.iiliiK nm *"?": ffi,
Dtted this, 6th sIb)- o. NovembiT, llj. |
po, K I.. _��*____
, Notlise li horoh, lini *�������____f_\
1 Intanil, to apply to the lli.no JJ'^-*
t:ommlMlooor 01 UsiJi W_ ?___\
ihsn u. ruroh��M Ihe lollowlnl ItKnm
Kootenay sllntrlol: Cninmosi. '.>( �����
markeii "J. H Wallane'a norllia-III"" JTO
���aht pout being on the ttumftm _,
Arrow lako, ainl at thi' ��">''��*'",i
Portor'ipreemptionoUlm HlW-_'" ������,_
thenoo smilh "1 oiUm, l__* V2t*t
thenoe nouth ��l ohalm, __^t___tff
more or lem to lho Arrow WW.'J""2|,s��
ea.terly illreottoll ���"oMIn", ��� lfMW,l
Plaoe ol Inigtunlug, conlaloloil ��������"
TJ-Hed thu ��tb day ol Oetotsor.]l*��*lW)U����|
��- bli agent. HK��Kr�� 1- ���"** To Constimefs of Coal
and Wood
j undersigned beg to notify the public that:
Ju and after tbe ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
[Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
IH. This course has been rendered imperative owing
he largely increasing list of our customers and the
[hat wc pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
lit). We find we must either adopt the CASH
EM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
Ire reluctant to pursue.
���Th inking our patrons for past favors and trusting
lontinuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
Ion, B.C., 31st January 1907.
Washington Expert Gives Evidence on
Decay of Popular Condiments
and Victuals.
The Dtfly Canadian
in        Tii
feet of snow. The -attacked bulldlngta
art. Skinners' saloon. Mason morning
lions.* and Schraderw restaurant, the
Inmates of which had no time to escape. -Several of them, however, have
been rescued.
b&M Fine Ederdown Quilfc
From $6.00 to $35.00.
.���>������ Our Vrirlwty ol 300 Plsturasa Hrurnad In tha
l.-ataat Htylmm.
mdkxt6 Ftitnittife Company
.NTS 1
BMuonA Kiwis Hanoi.
sTIsstssir Mlttre.iscl
iMssmliell Sanitary Mettreaecl.
Complete House FnrnJihers
Undertaken.    Embalmtrc
lies' and Childre'n Club Snow Shoes  $1.75 per pair
IEW BOOK by a wall known Canadian Journalist, "The Camsrona
Iruce," by R. L. Richard-ton $1.25;  postage 10c
Onr Mall Order Department ls at your service.
inada Drug & Book Co.
Washington, Feb. 0.���Dr. Harvey W.
Wiley, chief ot the chemistry bureau
of tlie department of agriculture, and
the government pure food experts
gave some interesting testimony con-
cernlng the deterioration of food stuffs
in cold storage before the house commitlee on agriculture, wnoso hearings
on the agricultural appropriations bill
have lust been made public. "Milk
and eggs begin to deteriorate right
uwny," said Dr. Wiley. "Fruit is improved and sometimes continues to Improve for three months. Meat improves up to aboul six or eight weekB,
but after three months for meat you
can see that lt has reached the maximum and It begins to go down, I don'l
care how hard it is frozen."
Dr. Wiley said tnat oysters sent out
in tin cans are all right, but declared
that bulk oysters shipped In tubs and
buckets are either preserved with Borne
preservative or are dangerously near
ihe ptomaine line. Dr. Wiley said the
gelatine factories are the dirtiest in
the world, and the hides used are
treated with alkali, which is rubbed
Into them for shipment. Tho hides
are scraped and trimmed and then put
into tanners' vats, and the residue used
for gelatine. He said that this gelatine
In sometimes used In glue factories,
and that what is not fit for glue is
made Into gelatine. As lo the uses of
this gelatine Dr. Wiley said: "it is
used for putting into Ice cream, and
putting Into candles, and for making
capsules that you take your medicine
In " He added that t here ls no objection to gelatine if properly made and
there Is plenty of raw material to make
it of. Ab to tho proportion of gelatine
made from material containing live
gerniB, Dr. Wllov said: "No one wants
to run t he risk of getting lockjaw by
taking a powder or a pill or eating ice
Monarch Snowsllde.
Pueblo, Colo., Feb. 6���A despatch
from Salida, Colo., says at least a dot-
en Uvea are believed to have been lost
In the terrific snowsllde that came
down Monarch mountain last night,
overwhelming business houses and
burying their occupants   under   some
East and West Locked In the drip of
tho Storm.
New York, Feb. 6. ���The heavy snowstorm which struck this vicinity yesterday grew as the night went on, and
today traffic was much crippled. Railroad trains came groping into their stations, steamboats crawled across rivers
and everything ln the way of city transportation above ground was far behind
schedule time or clr-3 at a standstill.
Nearly a foot of hard dry snow and the
high wind which prevailed practically
all of yesterday and last night rendered
travel by land and water difficult and
uncomfortable, and in some cases
risky. Great trouble was experienced
iu the congested parts of Manhattan
borough and of Brooklyn, but tho outlying parts of the city and suburbs suffered most. Hundreds of New Jersey
and Dong Island commuters, rather than
than brave the storm to reach their
homes, remained in the city over night.
Havre, Mont., Feb. 5.���Winter weath-
er throughout Montana is now more severe than lt has been at any Ume during the last 27 years. Not a wheel ls
turning on the main line of the Great
Northern railway. No freight train*
have passed through Havre for 48 hours.
In the drifts west of Havre seven Orl-
ental passenger trains are stalled, and
east five moro are similarly situated.
I'he temperature is from 14 to 44 de-
grees below zero.
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
[ilttons   of   DoIIats   in Alberta   Oil Fields
M �� **********������*������ >MH<
The Canadian Northwest OH Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iu the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres-Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share-in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasuresinto the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. per share to be
paid iu four instalments-25 per cent to be paid with application,
BS per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent iu sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
�� *******
***************************************** ���*"*-
Send Applications to
Not mote than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person*
Y*i��e Strath* _ona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
.rhe Leading Hotel in the
in iii
Qaood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Bueet. Kelion. B. 0,
Lighted by Klectiicltj an-i
Heated by Hot Air
Leaves for Japan Next Month Via Canada���Woek inr Winnipeg.
London, Feb. 6.���General William
Booth, the uged founder of the Salvation Army, has mapped out extensive
tours for t his year, Including two visits to thc United States. Tonight the
general left here for Denmark, Norway,
and Sweden, where for two weeks he
will address two or three meetings a
day. On February 23 he will Wave
London for New York. He will spend
two weeks there before proceeding by
way ot Canada to sail on April 1 for
Japan. After travelling through Japan
he will go to Pekin. He will be back
lu London by July to commence another automobile campaign through the
Rrltlsh Isles. At tho conclusion of this
trip In the month of Ootober, General
Ilooth will a gain cross the Atlantic for
a two months' tour of the United
States. While ln Canada General Booth
will spend a week ln Toronto, four days
In Montreal, two days ln Ottawa, flvo
days ln Winnipeg and two days In Vancouver.
lasM -Md comlorteble Bedroom snd First-
vUmXii-stuff Boom,  Saapll Booms ior Commer.
-SM  M��n
mui. I. C.CLAMUC. Froprletnoe
Lake View Hotel
Coram Hall and Vernon,
two Aloeki from wharf.
Jittei |1 (M;per day and up.
*. O. Box Ul.
__1 .phone llfl.
Grand Central Hotel
Toll hotel hMfcetu completely renovated aod
newly furnished with all mocU-rn equipment!.
Hot water beating throughout.
BATES : Rooma, huv.  upwards ; meali   25c. 1
apeclal ratei by the week.
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. I). C.
Tf emoiit House
Inropean snd American Flan
Moeli *"> cu.  Bo**.* from * ctl. to 11.
Oaly Whitl*-#ilp Imployed.
Mexican Steamship Service.
Mexico City, Feb. 5.���Advices were
received yesterday by A. W. Connelly,
head of thc Canadian Commercial
agency here, stating that all arrangements have been completed for the Inauguration of the steamship service between the Pacific ports of Canada and
Mexico. The first shipment will sail
from Vancouver ln March and complete
Its southern Journey at Salinas Cruj.
laker St., Kelson Fnprlsloit
Bartlett  Hotise
Best DoUat-a-fttr House in Nelson.. |
Iht Bar Is ths finest.
Whits Btlp -Only Kmployed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and |1.S0 a Day.
8peoial Bates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comlortable quirteri In NelMin
Only the best of Liquor* snd Ugsri.
Dealers Ib rtaple aod fanoy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price &000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & _
Nut Door to Bank ot Commerce.
~    ~     *
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A- free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
W* c4* imRaWI,
TotaagaUt.  lata Sheet.
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fare and One Third
For the Rocmd Trip
Prom Revelstoke, Fernie and all Inter-
mediate and branch line points.
For detailed Information apply lo local
A.a.P.A.,Veneonvtr. D.P.A.,N.iiob
-Wilding Lots for Sale.
H. <& m7 bird.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
l Hare 10,000 Aem
Chotaat Fwtt Landi to
Offts__Q *.tOMHQP_JIi
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by -aa-U ts u; breach will Bars
0111 pro-apt ua salami attaniloa.
HMdOfifc*: N��_kw,B.C.
NOTICE tl hereby given that aa epellcatlon
will be mid. to the Ue illative Aieembly ol th*
Province of British Colombia atlti next milea
for an iot authorlilng tbe Patrick Lumber Com*
pany, Limited, to place,eonitruct.end maintain,
a dam or dame, boomi, plan, tilde*, and otber
worki In and aoroei the Kootenay river at or
hear Thromi Button Ubout oppoelte Bub-lot IV.
ol Lot ti-M. Group 1, Kootenay dlitrlet): and ln
and aeroH the tittle Uoeaa river; and in aad
heron tb* Blocan river at a Mint or point* he*
low the mouth ol the Little Sloean river: lor the
purpoee ol driving, ra!tuig, Mrtlng. holding,and
manufacturing law-loga and timber: lo oecuujr
tbe lurfaoe ol the aald riven when neoeeeary for
the pnrpoee* aforeeatd, to eleer, improve, and
remove ohitruetloni trom the iald riven tor leg*
driving, ratting, and booming purpoeei; to levv
and collect toIU end due* oa lose. Umber and
lumber ol peraone ulng or profiting by iueh
worki, clearing or Improvement!: to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other thing*
neeemary, incidental or conducive to th* oxer-
die of auy ol tb* above powen.
Dated the 10th day ot December, UM.
Solicitor lor tbe Applicant.
Is Iht metier ol sa application lor the lune of
s duplicate of ths Cortiaoete of Title for sn
undltlded t-�� sl Lots 3, ud 9, Block 11, Town ol
Nolle* It hssr.tr (l-ren Ihu It It my tntantltui
lo Inim st Ihs ssplrttloa ol oat month Iron
tli�� Ont publication, hertof s duplicate ol Iht
t'crtiflctte of Title Jo tb-i tbo-rt Undt la lhe
ntine of Flortaos M. Rodglnt which OertlHesit
It dstid Ihs ath day ol December, IMS, sad
.11. P. HuLKOD,
Diiirioi SecUlrtr.
land Reilitr; OHlct, Ntlton, > 0
^rfCaaltlCJhXC Ot
"Bs-f," "8.O.." "ttnthroy," "Ittf," "Jot rrte-
lleatl," end "John D-MeMeT'-HlaenlCltlmi,
���ltusied la Iht bIimss nty Nlalaa Dltiitoa of
tbt Weet Koowasr Dletrlet.
Where located-.-North ol Twelrt Hilt Creek
shout *n. sad a halt milts up.
Take nolle) lhat 1, H. B. Jerand si Uassa B.C.
rr��e Miner*.-5.nUo.te No. BTasot, sis Mini far
Horace a. Vsn Tuyl, Fits Mlssst s certfeeie Ma.
BMii, taund, ilxty din from thed.u ktitsf.
to spply ta Ihs mains Bt-eordtr far s CerUt-sst*
st ImprOTimesu, tor tss purpoee at ottsulBf a
Onus Qrsat sl tin uld mtaaral elaliu.
And further take nollee that atttoanatsr
Dsettoa (I, anil ne eomateneea before Iks l��tu-
aaes of eaeh Csitlfltalss of latptatttosals.
Dated this ��rd Ott of Jsuitry, 1MI.
^gsiCaXStnCAK OS
Jsp.ree.,*' "Climax." "Honeehoe." "Qseen,"
"talon Jark," -tltuaud la Xelion Mlala��
Leeetrd oa Poteaplnt ereek
Katies lhaf I, Vrank Fletcher, sasal tor
n Oold lllnl-of Conpaay,msaUasr'e
,tt No. MBN. intsBd, ����� -Jsyi from data
w. a. aii_i_BTT
Contractor -and
Bote t|ent for the Porto ttlco Lumber Co., Ltd..
reuil ysrdi. Rough mil dre.ied lumbar, tui nud
work ud bracken, Cosut Iith snd ihlnalei, >wh
sad dsoct.   Cement, brink end lime lor isle.
Automltlc srlnder.
factory i Vernon t,.. test ot Hill
12. Teltpkoae m
Notice fi hereby tlven lhal on Noadsy, I'eb-
ruirjr Xlb, 1WI, last the Court ol Revliion for
ths MtinlclpsMty ol Ihe Oity ol Blocan will be
held In Ihe city Hall on aboTt dale, at 3 pm
lor the purpoee of refill  	
- -   Clly of Blocan   '
ol tbe
ettlnit their	
their protatu lathe hands
>n  .IUI.  ..Hi   ..   A   v ui  ,
ilni tbe Aisesusent Boll
Thoee making complitati
at are required to hsvo
are requl
��� oltheClly t���..
diyiprtvtouitothefln-st ilttlngof the Court of
I Ihe City Clerk len
Dtted at Blocan, Jauuary Mth.lKR.
ed to. apply
���Ufse Blag Hotel.
r.cGMW    F.r.iwnn    a,_os_di
QtB EoHoem. DooWon aad Britoh
0W.VKI0WA fc KMHDUT tti,. ��BJ0K.B.C
r.0.aeil��  rtakMI*.
j��g Oompany, Fits	
 . Intensl. ss -dayt nam date
i lo apply to Iks Mining Recorder toi a
eatt ol litprotfentt lor ths purpoee al
slag s Crown (Irani of ths aaors clsumi.
ta-rthtr Mks ssatlce that stuon, usder
bs soBBtased keton tbe Ueu-
illeals ol IrapraytsMau.
faun Jutraia.
tss> af inch Cemlcete ol lots
Dated Nelson, uth Dae. ~*
Cvrtlfl-esatv  ot ImprovsmsntB
Rio Tenu, Orinoco, Queen Vlctorls Fraolloaal
sad Oraoco Fnctlonel Mineral Clslru, tliaato
In -tht Nelion Mining Dm iilon ot Wett Koottaay
Located on Queen Victor!* Mooutatn, aear
 ��� Notice that I, Frank C Oreen, set
cut for Mtchsullam, Free MlBert
to apply to Ihe Mining Recorder for CerUfleafe
ill ImproYlmeoli, tor Ihe purpoee ol ohtalBIH
Crown urauti ol ihe above elauae.
And lurtber take notice thu solum, uadsr
lectlou rt, mail be commenced he-fere Ike
iieuaaoe ol inch Ctrtllcalee of ImproreasaU.
Dated thiifatb day ol Jsnuiry, UO)
  T. C, Oaaali, Mauoa, B. c.
ClftiBwtC OI iMsptOTIBMHll
"Hatton" miutrsl claim. atMslad la Hu Ktltoa)
Mining DlrUlon of Wsst Kaoteaay dutritt
Wktrt located :-Ou Tosd awutala.
Take Notloe that 1, Joha MtUI
agsat tor Ueorge A. Campbell, Fl
tillcilo No. Mm, latead, sixly
date hereof, to sppiy to Itl* Mla'laa��<
a CartlUCBIe ol lmpn>Tamente,forlhe
oMalnlat a Crows Qraat of "-
Aad I Briber taka aotlee
4    ! -
it   i
i   i-
:���;  i fl
! * '
!   '..i [
* i
: 11
��� 1
���s     _
>if <*
Aad I bi
-sSSt* V
���. ��� a
: ;
The Daily Canadian
T������ I II *Mj
Your Old Jewelry
WIS! ti wr.nli som-rthing to you If you bring it to be fixed up Look
nfier your gems. See that they are In iierfoctly safe condition W�� can
replace the claws or give you a new setting ibat will show the gem to  X
ths beat advtntae-*-.
kaxctacttr:*'^ jewelus*-.
Tub Canadian Consolidated Mining &
Smelters Co. has declared a dividt>nri
of t__ ;*-r oaax
Cards are ou: for the dance at the
armoury on Monday evening. February
IX when Uie Rocky Mountain Rangers
v-... ta At ka**\
UM MM .:.- ' wil! hold tbeir rvg-
u__r �����--.-*..nr this VMi on Thursday
eming instead of Wednesday, wh-cii
.    _    i dre&b carxtiraJ wili be held
Of tbr   difl-'wtK't'   tb��r��   if
between   1st. nud lm*.   in
Canned   Goods
We * sirrr only
' ine Inn,  .'. i.s.s
Tartan   Brand
���will convince you   that we       ���
curry a fall ntnck ���
--- -r.eirssa; of The Pnrate
** by tbe Nelson Dramatic
a-ill 'is* plao- in '.he rooms
ore? tke Bask of Commerce totsigH a;
< o'-riock.
Tke V��Mia2 Cass Hlower. continue
lieir iBiervstiag exhibition ai  the op
era bone this -Tr-ening.   The charms of
Sits okming suw of perennial interest.
*._������*    -us people
Table   Fruit
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup
ISumi;  f-*rlto aft Inferior ���
Oonda *
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or null anything,
I��s to the Old Curiosity shop A new
me ot Japanese floods now on sale
Wl kinds ol Dlnuerware In block. Patterns.
Now My Friend1
Wouldn't you like something
these cold mornings; something
tbat would send the blood through
your veins nud fill your heart
with ]oy?
Now, toll your wife to buy a
pound of lhal good coffee that Joy
sells, und serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rtwy all the day, and
t) &oy tbili meet you at the door
[Joy's Cash Grocery
Oor Jotcphlncaiii. MillHu.     Yhone 1.
W�� Havo a  Spwclally
Awlautwcl Stock of
for  Xitium   Iruda.
St-newarr. Crocks. Bun Pots, Tea PoU. tte
Munroe & Nelson
Qesiorsl Job Work, Chimney Swooping, Carpet Clsaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate.
121 Bast taker St.        Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
G-ur. Vser-nors sai-vd Ward  Strsi.te,
FRED J   HCICE. Proonensr.
S. J. Miller. Creston. G W. Adams
J T Boble, R H Phelps. W. H Wall.
E. F. Gerster. H. Gowler. H F. Arnold.
\V. Brown. Vancouver: F. Robin-son.
Fernie; A M Oliver. Rossland; R. J.
VePhee, Slocan; James Cronlu. F. H.
Netlleton, Spokane: D. Hell. R. S.
Pearse. Salmo: J. J Kennedy, Rile
Lake; W. B Hudson. Eric-: J. T. Vog-
ler, Camborne; G. Hamilton, New
John Aconite, J W. Junkln. A. G.
Crielnian, Rossland; F. W. Guernsey.
Mrs F P Patterson, Trail; I'.. F Sher-
win Blue Bell mine; J. I), young, \V.
It. V.'oodn'BS. Vancouver; D. A. McFar-
land, Blalrmore; R. P. Green. Kaslo;
J. C. Dufresne. Pilot Bay: J. W. Rie.
Gransl Forks: F. C, Mumphrey. Sher-
hrnoke; B. I'hlpps. Revelstoke: B
Blyth. Arrowh'iail.
J. H. Tearney, Midway; R. A Cope-
land and MIX*; Mr.s I). Btewart, Gren-
fell; J. R Browu, 0. Radcllffe and
wife, Qreenwood; W. J. M.clntyre.
Grand Forks.
J. Magnusson. G. Campbell, Qrenfell;
W. D. Hallldav, J. I) McMillan, Regina; Mrs. and Ulan MeDelland, Pilot
Bay; J, Cannlngton. Kaslo; M Camp-
hell, H. Hewer. Oreenwood; .1 H.
Strickland, Midway; T. Hlsierwood,
0. Blake, 0. Beamish. T. Fidler,
Cranbrook; J   II. Siubbs. Lamertoti.
We have Just unloaded a rar nf
Purity Flour
Made from hlsli grade Manitoba Hard Wheat Without a
doubt lt Is the h.'si flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telophonc 181.
.j __���  . . si
Sherman's Opera House
Two Nights Only, Monday & Tuesday
February Uth and Uth
Mr. K'lward BrtlUOOmb-apr_Hfljtl tii" fUQOUl
"Scarlet Mysteries"
T.nitl   faradOdi   Iri'idt.'l.   pr-esciltlli-g   thc   lit* it
LotltlOfi NnTeltio* in Reihir*! Mimi.-hI Comedy*
Prife*; BOO., 75o., $1.00
iMli mi HtW- At Roitrtord'l Batiinlty
A. M. Can  8oc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
AU Kindt; of Heating PlantH In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
RN'niKBKKaud IW.-4.IMKS al WmtM.urK Mill.
uenrGrmibruok, B.U,, alio Huituuen at Procter
Watttburg, B.C.
TWO FIRBT-CLABS Roomb. Mfltm healed. Ap-
plT bouHkuuuer. 8rd flat, K. W. C. block.
T_t_ -TStn-^s of Kerr it Co. la being
veend op-   Tbcr have now decided, af-
-r��������� ���:.. ��� reopaa both their
dry goods and n.:'.:._.**.<��� departments
for ihree months ;o r��-duee the stock.
H. M. Fullerton desires his friends
in Nelson io understand that he did
not pair ofr with T. S. McPherson or
v/iih any one else, and that he violated
no promise in voting for John A Kirk
No. 2 Company. K M R.. will celebrate the seventh anniversary of the
Battle of Paardeberg. February 27, and
the Relief of Ladysmith. February 28.
The form of celebration will be announced  later.
Inspector Cunningham has asked the
co-oi>eraUon of James Johnstone and
local fruit growers in establishing a
permanent frttlf exhibit st Vancouver.
The matter will have the early attention of those directly  interested.
The city band, assisted by a talented
entertainer, W. .1. White of Toronto,
win give u benefit entertainment at the
opera house -jdi Haiuniay evunilig. As
rht band deserves cordial support, nnd
win present a popular program, there
wili doubtless be n full bouse.
The board of trade at its next meeting will prepare resolutions dealing
with the question of special rates on
settlers' offecls brought into Kootenay
by immigrants from eastern points.
Discrimination aguinst all points west
of Macleod will be the Hubjeet of dls
Transportation difficulties are the
agony of ihe railway and steamship
companies and employees during the
existing cold snap All trains ure late,
connections are uncertain and time
schedules have had to be abandoned.
Should the severe weather continue
traffic to many points will have to he
abandoned. There was no Crow train
QRSt or west today.
George A. Hunter, returning officer,
resents the account published in The
Daily News of the official count, which
contains one statement that he considers grossly and wantonly unfair. It
is tpiite incorrectly stated that one of
(he disputed ballots was quite regular
except for the omission of Dr. Hall's
name. As a matter of fact, the ballot
in question did not contain any cnudl
date's name.
Price of Metals-
London,  Feb. 6.���Lead,   i:i9 2s 6(1;
copper. 24 :i-8d; silver, 31 11-ltid.
New  York, Feb. 5.���Silver. 68  l-2c;
lend, |6,
The Store of Quality
If you Ilka nice, clean, crl��|i
Biscuits wu rHcommcnil you to
irj* the
20th Century Package
at Cost
I have u few lines of Silverware
left from Christmas, This must be
sold at once.
At Cash Price
Knives Forks. Spoons, Tea Beta,
Cake Plates. Hiscult Jars Napkin
Rings, etc., all Triple Plated Ware
Whulesale gud RuUll De-alcrt In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest prico. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and suppltw kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Per 1'ackane.
Graham Wafers  10e
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England (Singer Snap 10c
Krlspo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Tosst  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salttd) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    16c
Put up In packages and Hum
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them u trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. 0. Block . FhOM 10.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
We kerp in st.ck the followiiifc' Isssokh on
Fft.it Growing
Poultry Raising
coai! MM   Starkey & Co.. B5&
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Potfltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
Daarf Fruit Trees, by F. A. Wangh T.V*
Field Notes on ;Anple   Culture, Iif
Bailey (Hlr
Pict trial Prartieil Fruit Growinp. bv
Walter P. Wrijjhr '*! 00
The Sumli Fruit Culrurint, liy Fuller i 1 .iio
gooo-amta! Fruit Onlture,   by Mny-
uard $! .;>(>
The   Amerieiui Fru t Ouuurt.st,   bv
ThnmaR ..        >.1.H6
The Poultry Book OOc.
I'rofitiibli* Pnul'ry Ki-'pin^. by Boole 1.7"
By Mail l"s- Extra
Ysiur Mnil Order Prsniititly nnd Cnn*-
fnlly Attetul-d lo.
No matter what your isistsupution mny
lie to know nil iilsnut it. lt often makes
the niffereuee Iwtu i-en mcoess uud fuilure
We i-an proouro for you on (shortest
notice auy liook not in ctock.
Waterproof Paints   Bohemian Beer
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will hnd it to their ad-
vantnge to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
W* G. Thomson
ffiSSSK' ���n'1 Nelson, B. C.
Phonv .34.
Red Cross Drag Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes.
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
' Drugs.
Note the Address:
Baker St., near JoHephlne, Nelson, II C
Fifty Cent Hand Bagslj
They are beauties at the price.
Tsalaphon* 333.
VVhol-Bwaiw _*_______a_t__t_m.
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received weekly fnaV i
from the churn    For mils by sail leading grocers.
Ofllce and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 7��
Josephine Street. -       -      Nelion, B. C.
Nelson Odd Fellows Celebrate Fifteenth
Anniversary of Their Lodge.
One nf the most iilenslim nnil ut the
unnie time profitable aoeinl meetings
lu connection with the liliitory uf Knot-
tuny 1-odgc, No. 10, I. O. 0. F��� was held
In thc IoiIkc room laat evening, the occasion being the roll call, in commemoration of the fifteenth anniversary of
the institution of Odd Fellowship In
Brother J. H. Mutheson, ono of the
charter members, occupied ths> chair,
and in n few well-choaon words expressed bis heartfelt sympalhy in the
work of the order, and gratitude on the
results achieved. He briefly reviewed
lhe progress of Odd Fellowship In Nelson and appealed to nil lhe brethren to
stnud steadfast by the principles of
he order nnd practice In everyday life
he precepts of the brotherhood of man.
Responses to the roll call were made
by some CO members, all breathing the
same spirit of Friendship, Love and
Truth. The Institution of the roll call
will no doubt become a fixed anniversary In Kootenay Lodge, No. 10. and
will be looked forward to with pleasure
liy all the members.
County Court.
On Monday afternoon, February 4.
John R. llrown of Oreenwood. barrister,
wus Bworn In by His Honor Judge
Forln as judge of the Boundary district
of Yale.
This morning the quarterly session
of the county court of West Kootenay
wus held. Judge Forln  presiding.
Joseph Tallerico, Frederick Romano
nnd Antonio Mirabel!!, of Ituly, and
John Erie Nord, of Sweden, were uinu
iiillzed as liritlsli subjects.
The case of Cnlder vs. McCandllsh
had to stand over, tlie plaintiff being
unable lo reach the city.
Harr vs. Cooke, a claim for wages.
i was allowed wllh costs to the deleud
Jones vs. Nelson was settled out of
J. 0'8hca and R. fi. Lennie appeared
tor plaintiff and defendant respectively
in all three cases.
Famous Host Succumbs.
Seattle. Fell, r,���Henry Cranston, for
.ner proprietor of the historic "Cranston on Ihe Hudson," died last night of
trlppe, aged 01 years. Mr. Cranston
���nine from a family of hotel keepers
famous before the war as proprietors
s'f the old New York llolel In llioud-
Military Immigrants.
Honolulu, Feb. 6.���Six hundred Jap
nnese Imnilgrnnts arrived bore oa the
learner Siberia. A number of them
wore full military uniforms, two captain s In addition being clothed In the
uniforms of their rank.
When you compare yonr freights you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Will continue for A1NOTHER WEEK
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti!
A Word to the Wii
This yenr we hnve apprecinted thc wants of ooa
miners and have passed into stock tbe
Good Cheer Art Base Burnet
This stove is adapted for hard coal only, lunluia
anteed to give satisfaction
J. H. Ashdown Hard wan
Company, Limited.
���^^v****i. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON <w>~��SrtA
Kvpsulsrlrig and JobblnR siscutsd -with Dcs-aps-sCcti.   ��hMl MstSl
Work, Mlislssi nnd Mill Mnulilnwry.     Munula.turam ssl
Or�� -Vara,  U.  Ht.   swontraoturs'  Cara.
Corner ttt Itn'l sui]
Ut .-SllS*,-t!S.
P.O ��ox_"
Bualnaa* rnun,
WurWing m��n,
Man In iIcum* attlr-**.
Sporting mtn,
Handfftomw men,
Man that'* full uf flrv
UNITE nud Riug that  tho  iinpormttooi rf
John T. Pierre are the proper thing.
My laat fall shipniont haa j_nt arrived, at
tlu'in aud place your ordor early for XmtiN*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
W�� Will Sell
10,000 Rnmhler-Carlboo    -27%
.1,000 Sullivan   (17
10,000 11 0. Amalgamated Cool..Oftor
100 Sullivan Bonds   	
6.000 American Boy      M
1,000 International  Conl       "
B. B. Mighton & Co.
Drawer 1082
Phone ll'
and dealers in Lttoibef * Shingles,
Uath, Moulding:*, Doors, Window**
Turn��d Work and BraekaU. Mall Orders promptly attendsdK
VBRNON 8THBBT  .   .   .   NBl_BO*M. B. C.
Our stock of Bkstes la oompiete ana varied,
Including the popular
S��_*fR'�� BtAUTY and CHABWI (Ladisi���)
???��?* P"FBCT HOCKEY.
Wood-ValUnce Hardware Co'?


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