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The Daily Canadian Oct 11, 1906

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Array LumB I.   No. in.
i%r*z -^iljt ��cmttMcm
Fifty Cunts a Month
pny iJakota Settlers Seek
Dominion Lands
nber For AJbcrni Returns From
[Long Eastern Tour Passing
Through Nelson.
klurnlng rriini eastern    cities    via
[crow's  Nest  Pass  line,  there nr-
lu llie city last evening William
ex-mayor of    Nanaimo    and
Ibi-r nf the leglalullve assembly for
Irnl  dlstricl   In   llle   Mcllrlde   gov-
Mr. .Munson Is one of those
Ic nun who came    Wesl    Shortly
ill., opening of the C.  P. It. to
mi wiih  the country,
bad  not visited  the  Kasl   since
ig from bin native Shetland islnnd was therefore an  Interested
in  ni the conditions which  bring
eastern  provinces    luto    coulrust
|i ib-  West,
t-k.il by The Canadian last evening
In- sized up things in Ouiurlo anil
bee, he said:   "Thing- are  becom-
v,��� i-y   prosperous   ibore  as  far as
limited lime anil lhe difference in
less, uml methods of doing business
lulil enable me to judge."
J(inn   thing   which   struck   mo   very
fclbly  was  lhe growing Interest In
West and more particularly  llrlt-
Columbla.   People who readily ail-
Blls'd thai a OOUple ol years ago Ihey
piild not have had their Interest ellc-
|<     lu  British    Columbia    wero    uow
Bkmg burning ipiestlons ubout Us cjn-
lons and  peculiarities.    This Is er-
i.slly Ihe case with tho young nielli    begiuniug  to   be aroused  lo
posslbilitl-i atforded in this pro--
.tnsl many of them will come west
suss ihe winter to spy oul the land,
i i:> climate ami otherwise aoQU&int
mselves with the country.*1
|is reply lo a BUggOSf-OU liy  i'he On
is    n'pri'senlalive    Mr.   .Manson
���il.   'Yes.    There is some dlsadvao
\.   in having them come In the win-
bul  then  there Is also a compi'ii-
|ng advantage.   Winter is their lels-
iiiis' ssml  the average severity of
nld In Ontario m-'-'es it possiole
llss in  in get a real experience of
mildness and cnaiui of the We-t'
. winter."
rin- prairie provinces ol course weie
|ev, Isiliitn to Mr. Malison. Tbe new
wi'h ouly cockle shell building!
Rnuiim up everywhere along .lie
ontlnental and branch Unci be
can only be descrlbeil as won.
irlng his visit East ,��r. Manson
Inlo the Dakotas chiefly to avail
ss'lf of an opportunity to see sonic
Ives wliii bad come lo Ihe United
i's since he himself hud come lo
fliish Columbia. "I noticed." said
"lhat there Is general prosperity
nighoul the Dakota states because
iy have been longer settled than lhe
Jii'iiiiiiu Northwest bul there is also
|ciiveiinis looking toward (Itnada on
pari of many of the old-time set-
���rs of Dakota."
I'Do you  mean  for annexation?" ho
|*,\*oi nl nil, bul II Is Ihis way.   Tho
���>i who have settled and Improved
plr   farms  there   have  opportunities
selling them at satisfactory prices.
bill' they do not mislead Intending
(chasers    as    to    frosts, occasional
winds nnd such like, Ihey realize
|l   they can  sell out,  move to Can-
.'uni repurchase largely increased
Illngs  al   a    comparatively    cheap
fte antl they would like to start over
lln nn a larger scale. The more mod1
fte  climate  as   well  ns   reasl   eslato
Jies ii'inpta them."
TWniiiii they become Canadians?"
_"h, yen.   There Is no doubt of that.
of  them  wore  formerly  Gonad'
|s mis] tilling the honl.-r lines there
' 'i  so much  In flag   Incidents   as
people would like to make out.
would become loynl and patriotic
Ihi' start and  being of our own
���''. language nnd religions nre a de
Bible rlnsR of Immigration."
���Did you ihlnk of emigrating to the
���rlInvest yourself, Mr. Manson?"
JI?    No, not nt all.    I snw nothing
I- where |��� tempt me nut of nrlllsh
Tlllmbla.    In  racl, I began    to    get
''Sly as soon as    I woke    up    this
pining and found myself again with-
provincial bounds.    No, they don't
ll's'iil lo mo."
ppeaklng of as trip through the
���otenaya, Mr. Manson snld It was
(iiilly a frrsh revelation to him of
character and variety of the re-
���ureen of Cannrtn. Apart from Iho
^'isle nllractlons the frull lands nnd
' leral operations ns they were de-
Irilii'd lo him mndn hlm nt ill more
[oud thnt he hnd cast In his lot
I'll lhe people of the Pacific province.
|Mr. Manson Is the Junior member of
Mcl'rlde governmenl. While ho
ks   lieen   a  lifelong  Conservative  ho
never took a very active purl lu pnlll-
leal matters till the resignation of
Hon. W. W. II. Mclnnes lo accept tbo
position of governor of the Yukon. Mr.
Munson then, al the earnest sollelia-
lion of the premier decided to contest
Albert)!. It Is a matter of record that
he turned a Liberal Btronghold into a
Conservative constituency ln a few
weeks' persona! canvass and platform
address. His previous experience In
the chief magistracy of the city of
Nanaimo and the carrying out of the
negotiations through which the waterworks syslem was acquired by the municipality from a private corporation
gave him a flnosse In business mailers,
a suavity and geniality In dealing with
bis fellow men and a practical knowledge of affairs such as will make hlm
a strong man on the government
"You know tho political feeling of
the coast constituencies pretty well do
you not?" he was asked.
"Yes, very well. I travel a good
deal and having lived there 20 years
I know as good many people. The general feeling Is one of Intense satisfaction with the manner ln which the
members of Premier Mcllrlde's Administration have handled the arfairs of
their offices. There was a good deal
of confusion when the parly attained
to power. This lias been gradually
remedied. The government had proceeded cautiously bul had built wisely and whether the government lives
or goes out of power Its good work will
stand. Still I havo no suspicion lhat
the administration will nol be returned. In fnct I am sure If the upper
country does ns well as we have been
given to understand Mr. McBride and
his colleagues will win hands down."
Mr. Manson weul on through toward
the coast this morning.
Swept Over Ontario-
New York, Oct. 11��� The storm
which has cut off Iluffalo from telegraphic and telephone communication
extended over Western New York,
Western Pennsylvania nnd a large portion of Ontario.    Telegraph  wires arc
unworkable east of London, Ont, and
west of Montreal.
Member for  Burrard  Commits Ottawa
Government for Legislation Excluding Hindoos.
Mr. R. 0. Macpherson, M. P., has ar
rived from Ottawa, says the World,
where he has been "currying tlie wnr
Into Africa" wllh a vengeance. As a
result of his representations to tho
government, respecting Ihe Sikh Invasion, restrictive legislation will be
Introduced at the session of parliament
which opens next month. The government Is fully aroused to lhe gravity
of tho situation. "The authorities at
Ottawa," said Mr. Macphersou, "do
not wanl lhat kind of people here, and
do not Intend to have them. Existent
machinery, it has been found, ls not
sultlclent for the purpose of preventing ihe influx; consequently machinery has to be provided, the machinery
Inking the form of an amendment lo
the  nets governing  Immigration.
"The Conservative press In the East
Is practically a unit In declaring for
the open door for tlie natives of India,'
continued Mr. Macpherson. "The Montreal Star and the Ottawa Citizen
have been filled lately with denunciatory articles aimed at myself and
Others, who are determined to give
llrlllsh Columbia a chance of being a
while mAa'8 country. Every word as
to the practical evils which these Easterners will calmly see Inflicted on this
community, is answered by ihe parrot
cry. 'They're llrlllsh subjecls like ourselves.' They're not like ourselves.
That's Just lhe trouble. Hut. of course,
people who could nol see why we could
not extend the blessings of civilization
lo lbe Chinese tire equally unable to
see why We Object to Inning other
Orientals quartered among us."
Big Advance   Sale   for   Philharmonic
Company's Concert.
.1. E. Taylor, chairman of the enter-
taiunietii oommlttee of the 20,1)110 club,
said today at noon thai thc advance
sale for Friday evening's concert in
the opera house hits surpassed the expectations of the committee, It Is evident thai all Keleonltea who huve nny
appreciation of music will be there.
The membera of the oompany are
already well known hy reputation to
all lovers of music. For excellence ln
each department there Is probably no
stronger musical organization travelling In America today, and certainly
no other of anything like equal merit
is likely to visit Nelsou Ihis season.
The -0,000 club deserves the general gratitude for affording Nelson people the opportunity to hear artldts of
such distinction.
Killed by Engine.
Illnghnmtnn, N. Y. Oct. 11.���A special lo lhe Express from Hllney Point
says Mr. and Mra. S. F. Parsons were
killed by a Lackawanna engine Ihoro
last nlghl.
Defendants Dispute Every Point of Plaintiffs' Case, and Charge Dad Faith-
Question of Legai Responsibility Discussed by Court and Nr. Bodwell
Price of Metals.
Now York, Oct. 11.���Silver, 69c;
(������ippor, 19-tfO!  load, $5.71;.
I-midon, Oct. II.���Silver, 3176.1;
lead. ��20; zinc, ��27 10a.
Today'H sosBimi of the court marked
lln- close of the pi a in tif fn' ea��e and
beginning of (he defence for Stewart
& Co., who have assumed the chief
Every allegation of the plaintiffs Is
disputed. It Isl maintained���and effort will he made to prove���that the
fires that did the damage did not arise
from railway clearing operations at
all; that the damage claim ls ahsurdiy
padded; that there was no negligence
on the part of Quairfe; that the claim
ls not made In good faith. The legal
qui stion of Ihe rcsi>onsihility of Slew-
art & Co. for Quaiffe is reserved for
decision  hy the court.
The question of the judge and jury
visiting the ground later will evidently
depend upon the jury's view of the
comparative reliahillty of the witnesses, whose evidence conflicts.
The most Interesting feature or the
day's proceedings was an argument
hetween the court and Mr. Hodwell on
the laiter's motiun for nonsuit on tho
ground that no liability of Stewart &
Co. had been established.
Ills lordship showed ihat he did not
agree with counsel's view hut gave jwr*
mission  to argue Ihe  i>oiut again.
YesU'rduy afternoon afler the cross-
examination of C. i-dwards, John Macdonald endorsed Ihe estimates of Kd-
wards and Taiylor. He had hati 48
years' -experience as a lumber man.
Hi' did not select the ground for examination, hut went over lt with the
others. Tlie laud was steep, but not
at all unsuitable for logging and yielded, he would estimate, 80,000 feet to
lhe acre. He estimated Uie Fernie
Lumber company's loss at .2,_l(l,5!��7
feet, with a maximum margin of error
in  calculation  as  4.000.0UU  feet.
\V. Hlggins, another experienced
hnshman, gave similar evidence hut
placed tlie amount of lumber of the
Fernie Lumber company as ^4,.50,000
Cross-examined hy Mr. MacNelll, ho
could not give any details hut maintained that- his total was correct. Ho
had made deductions for rotten cedar
and defective logs. He had found also
some green timber.
The court then rose for the day.
When court opened this morning Mr.
Davis rose and moved to add Ihe assignees of the Celar Valley Lumber
company as party plaintiffs in Iheir
suit for damages.
Mr. Hodwell objected to such an addition at the present stage. He said
that he had had great difficulty in getting examinations for discovery of the
directors of the lumber company. He
had, of course, no opportunity to ex
amine Uie assignee at all. He also
questioned the assignee's right in any
event to he a party to such a case.
Mr. Davis retorted that Cree, the us*-
signee, had lieen examined for discovery, Mr. Hodwell replied that Cree's
discovery was useless, as he was not
an officer or agent of the company.
Ills lordship could see no reason
why the assignee should nol Ik- joined
as a plaintiff.
lt wus Ihen agreed to leave Ihe matter for argument In chambers tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Mr. MacNeill's cross-examination of
lliggins was ihen resumed. Taking
the map presented hi him the Witness
pointed OUl to Ihe jury Ihe various
areas  referred   to In  his  evidence.
On a comparison of the various
maps produced Mr. MacNelll discover,
ed a discrepancy, and lhe witness de-
Glared lhat one of lhe maps was Inaccurate, or at least thai if the map
were accurate his estimates were considerably astray.
The witness, pressed hy Mr. MacNelll. admitted that either Mr. Cum-
tilings, Ihe surveyor, or himself, must
be wrong, and maintained that lie wns
He estimated  the damage  per aero
Cannot but Think Present Issue Forced on  Democrats Is Afflictive.
Now York, Oct. 11.���The World today publishes a statement by Grover
Cleveland on the New York political
cninpalgn. which. It slates, was writ-
len yesierday by the ex-president at
his home In Princeton, The statement
"It Is difficult for me to overcome
my reluelauee to express my views of
the present political situation tn New
Fork, and yet I can never lose the Interest In her political welfare which
Is ihe outcome of my Icllg residence
there nnd my active participation In
the political movements of lhe country.
"I confess 1 was exceedingly Bur-
prised by the outcome of the present
Democratic stale convention. Though
I was not near enough lo he in touch
wllh the Incidents lending up to (IiIh
result,   my  estimate of the  conaerva-
as 12,000 feet. When told that Mr.
Cummlug's estimate was SO.000 feet,
he said It was a slight difference of
S. O. Cummlngs, recalled, accounted
for the difference in the maps, as to
marked burnt areas, and the boundary
lines of the fire area, by Baying that
al first, from a preliminary survey,
he had given Hlgglns a rough estimate.
In many cases he had accepted Hlggins' statements as to distances without taking measurements himself.
He further explained that bis second
survey, In the spring of 1906, was
much more accurate and careful. He
explained the discrepancies that puzzled Mr. Hlgglns by saying that where
the loss by fire on any tract seemed
trivial he had ignored It ln his estimates. As to the accuracy of his lines
he claimed that his margin of error
was not more than C per cent.    -*-
Cross-examined hy Mr. Hodwell he
said he was not responsible for Hlggins' estimate of acreage and of loss.
He would not undertage to say anything as to how or why Hlgglns had
rejected certain tracts from his calculations. Ho could not account for his
use of Ihe word "pre-emption" In his
plans. He was acting under definite
instruct ions, and did uot fully understand Ihe procedure. He knew there
were other pre-emptions in that locality.
John Macdonald, recalled, said he
had a cabin on hla pre-emption, hut
hnd not raised any crops, Some of
tho land, however, carried less than
fiOofl feet of tlmher to the acre.
W. Kllgalt, recalled, could not give
the explanation sought. Cross-exam-
Ined by Mr. Macdonald as to the missing pages, .'159 and MO In the Fernie
Lumber company's hooks, although
they appeared in tbe index, the witness created some amusement by declaring himself perfectly satisfied with
Mr. Claxton's explanation.
To Mr. Davis tbe witness said that
Claxton's presence in Nelson was entirely accidental.
Mr. Hodwell then addressed the
court, arguing that there was no case
to go to the jury. He suggested that
the margin of error In the estimates
of Ihe cruisers was greater than permissible, but waived that for tbo prea-
He also quoted Lord Llndley and
other British authorities to show that
to hold u principal responsfhlo for the
act of a conlrnctor It was necessary
io prove specific directions by the
His lordship remarked that one
might go through tho form of contract
with any servant, even a Chinaman,
and  so escape  responsibility.
Mr. Hodwell replied that bona fides
of course must he established for the
Mr. Hodwell further argued that
when a contract Is given for lawful.
usual and not dangerous work, tho
principal Is not liable for negligence
on the part of contractors.
His lordship remarked that the
clearing of land I" midsummer could
not he considered necessary.
Mr. Hodwell again quoted Knglish
authorities to show that a man has a
legal right to set out fire to clear his
His lordship���-There Is the old common law liability: One must so enjoy
his property as not to Injure his neigh
hor���mitigated by special statute for
the benefit of settlers, hut with a liability superadded by the Hush Fires
Act of this province.
His lordship held thnt the use of
fire on land, except for warmth or
preparation of food, which are necessary and cannot be postponed) Implies
special  liability to adjoining owners.
Mr. Rodwell contended thnt there
could be no legal distinction between
neei ssary and lawful purposes. He admitted that the burden of proof that
reasonable core was used lay nn tho
user of fire, lie further nrgued that
fire wns the only prnctlcal means of
clearing a right of way for a railway.
His lordship   I still think that there
live good judgment of lhe Democracy
of (lie state ond my conception of Democratic principles and purposes were
such thnt I was profoundly startled by
tho selection of a candidate to represent them In the pending campaign.
Every voter of the slate must settle
with his own conscience In determining his motive In this emergency, nnd
1 cannot hut regard the Democratic
situation presented to my old associates In New York ns an afflictive one."
The Daily Wreck.
SI. Louta, Mo., Oct, 11.���Tho Iron
Mountain fast mail train, which was
bile In leaving the Union station today, Jumped the track while making
up the lost lime at tho city limits,
killing one and Injuring 10 olher people. The dead: Engineer John Caspar.
Injured: Flremnn Peter Raf forty,
broken (hones aud Internal injuries}
Seriously Injured: Mail Clerk H. J.
James, broken bones, serious; H. Jew-
son, E. 0. Martin, left arm broken, interim! Injuries, serious; J. P. Woostor,
W. P. Tate. J. Howe, M. Wostls, R, K.
Amy, H. R. Coleman.
Is an important   distinction    between
lawful and necessary purposes.
Mr. Hodwell���Such a distinction cannot be maintained If one considers the
history of the law on the point.
Mr. MacNelll then argued, on behalf
of the railway company, that their contract with Stewart required their
written assent for any such contract,
and no such written assent has been
proved or even allegejd. Thereffore,
Quaiffe was a complete stranger to the
His lordship���If Quaiffe had had
any sense he would have sublet his
contract to a Chinaman, and no one
would be responsible.
His lordship further said that tbe
company had all the responsibility of
proprietors of land for any work authorized by them. To which Mr. Bodwell replied that clearing by fire is not
necessarily attended with risk, was, ln
fact, customary. He argued that clearing could not be done In winter as
suggested by his lordship; tbat the
clearing In summer was necessary,
lawful, and with ordinary care, safe.
The court then rose until 2:10.
When court resumed this afternoon
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, addressed the
jury, opening the case for the defendants, Stewart & Co. He regretted
the necessity for detaining business
men so long.
He anticipated that (he two main
questions to be submitted to Ihe jury
would lie of negligence nnd of damages.
Mr. Davis had assumed, and sought
to prove, that the fire which did the
damage was set out by Quaiffe. The
defence would put In evidence to show
thut the fires were not caused by negligence nnd that fires rom Ihe portion
of the right of way in question did not
cause the damages complained of.
Every effort had been made to secure Quaiffe'8 presence by tbe defence,
but without effect. They would, however, show that there were other fires
in the district; that every reasonable
precaution to prevent the spread of
fire was taken by Quaiffe and other
subcontractors, and that. In fact, unusual precautions wero taken to guard
against all danger of fire.
The defence, he said, would show
that most of the firing was over before
the conflagration began. Only two
witnesses, Plant and Manning, had
given any direct evidence as to origin.
Their evidence would be refuted not
only by witnesses to be put In for the
defence, but by the statements also
of other witnesses put ln by the plaintiffs themselves.
Even the evidence for tbe plaintiffs, Mr. Macdonald said, had shown
that the whole line of the right of way
was not on fire at once, as stated by
Mr. Davis tn opening, but only for a
shirl distance south of Lever's house.
The damage was caused by a fire
tt-t"h nt T-ev*-r*s house, near station
BSO.'wh'nh they would show was not
cans 1 by any act, or failure to act,
of Qual.'.o and his men. nor did It
originate from his part of the light of
Two witnesses, Smith and McLeod,
would be produced to establish that
view of the case.
As to the question of damages, he
said the defence would show that the
action was brought to compel Stewart
to purchase the timber limits. They
would show that every item ln the
claim for damages was grossly padded.
The Jury would hear the evidence of
an Independent and reliable surveyor,
F. C. Oreen, and a timber cruiser as
to the extent and value of the limits
claimed for.
Mr. MacNelll remarked lhat the witnesses that would follow were called
by Stewart ft Co. only, not by the railway company.
H. L. Cummins, surveyor, waa then
called by the defence and Mr. Mncdonald began his examination.
The witness told of former surveys
made hy himself of lands In the area
iu question. He had classified It as
third class, hut did not remember
whether ft contained 5000 or 8000 feet
of timber to the acre.
Annua) Meeting Shows Healthy Condition���Tariff  Issues.
London, Oct. 11.���At the semi-annual
Hireling of thc stockholders of the
Qrand Trunk railway of Canada held
here today, the president. Sir Charles
Rivers Wilson, while not pledging himself, said he would be greatly disappointed If, at tbe annual meeting, he
would not be able to declare Increased
dividends for third-class stockholders.
This pleased a great number of stockholders who attended the meeting
with the Intention of attacking the policy of the directors. President Wilson
discussed the increased tmxntion Imposed by ine Canadian government,*
particularly the Increase In the tariff
on rails.
If the company continued to buy
rails In the United States It would
mean an Increase in cost of $1,250,000
for   renewals   In   the   present   system
and an increase over the estimated
cost of construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway of $4,000,000.
lhe president also complained of the
great Increase in taxation Imposed by
the Ontario government, and aald he
anticipated In another year to see the
completion of the Grand Trunk rail*
way from Edmonton to Winnipeg, but
he feared that the government would
not be ready with the section from
Winnipeg to Lake Superior Junction.
Sir Charles further announced tbat
the directors would secretly ask for
subscription to a debenture Issue for
the construction of new cars for the
Grand Trunk Pacific, which, until required by the road, could be used by
the Grand Trunk railway.
Narrow Escape of Engineer at Oranby
8 me Iter Yesterday.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 11.���What might
have been a fatal accident occurred
yesterday) afternoon about 4 o'clock
at the Granby smelter. While a small
engine was in the act of hauling a
large slag pot on the track preparatory
to dumping It, one of the rails raised
up and sent the engine over the dump,
where It rolled to the bottom, fully 150
feet. The slag pot remained on the
Ira Gill, the engineer, saved bis life
by jumping when the engine went over
tbe tump, but as he did so he lost his
balance and fell on the track, and It
is thought probably that some of his
ribs are broken.
How Autonomy Works Id
Interesting Points in Election Laws
Fought in Courts thy Unseat
Cabinet Member.
Why Publish It?
Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 11.���This city
snd vicinity was visited by a severe
sleet storm early this morning, carrying down limbs of trees and telegraph
wires. Telegraphic communication
with Buffalo was cut off, as were both
telephone systems' connection with
the latter city.
Church and State   Will   Cross Swords
on Reassembling of Cortes Over
Church Issues.
Madrid, Oct. U.���Upon the reassembling or tbe tonus on October 20
tbe Vatican and the Liberal government of Marshall Lobez Doiulnguez
will cross swords over (tie church Issue. While the actual question of the
separation of church and state in
.pain, Ibe stronghold of Catholicism,
is not to be immediately raised aa lu
France, the program of the Liberals Ib
distinctly anti-clerical, and if it progresses successfully lt Is sure to lead
to an open fight for the severance of
tho ties which bind the Vatican and
the lloiirbon dynasty.
Meanwhile, the political world is
uiuch Interested as to whether the Vatican merely wishes to fight for tbe re-
eslabllshment of its prerogatives, that
It has allowed to fall more or less into
abeyance, or if It had a deeper plan
to precipitate an election on tbe Liberal cabinet and the return of the reactionary party. The Dotnlnguez court
found an excellent pretext for joining
battle with the Vatican In the shape
of the question of civil marriages and_
the control of public cemeteries.
Count De Kumanones, minister of
the interior in tbe Doiulnguez republic,
replied to the papal note demanding
the re-establishment of the above-
mentioned powers. To this the Vatican
unswered by presenting a note couched In a more iieremptory form, presenting the same demands and protesting
against thc attitude of the government.
The ministry confined Itself to making a formal acknowledgment of the
The church opposes the municipal
control of cemeteries and demands
that the practice of allowing portions
of cemeteries to lie used by Spaniards
and foreigners who do not subscribe
In the state religion shall be discontinued. In respect to tho question of
civil marriages the church wishes It
laid down thut civil unions between
Hfutniards are only legal when celebrated according to canon law, which
Is absolutely opposed to Ihe actual
system. Before, during and since the
revolution civil marriages Iwvc, always
been held to be legA.I
Furthermore, marriages between
Catholics In Catholic churches anil
cha<pels must be registered In Ihe civil registers to have any legal value.
Consequently, the clergy are forcod by
this to have a legal registrar al the
ceremony. Mirths and deaths are nlso
registered hy Ihe civil authorities,
with wonderfully improved rosults as
far ae the preparation of statistics and
proper maintenance of records are concerned.
Thc Domlnguez cabinet makes much
of tlie fact that It Intends to mako all
rs'lU-lssus nssoclullnns amenable lo the
ordinary law of conionttlons. Tin-
present cnblnet hou the unanimous
support of lho Liberals and even tho
Republicans, In wishing that clear, precise and severe regulations should
oblige the rcllgloiiH congrogntlons to
submit themselves to Ihe supremacy
of the civil power, nnd to cenBc to be
n reactionary and ultramontane militia.
at Iho beck nnd call of the papacy, n
inllltla which In most Catholic countries has not been looked on wllh Invariable approval by the secular clergy and Uie hierarchy.
Regina, Sask., Oct. 11.���Two rery interesting subjects occupied the attention of the court en banc today, namely, the reserved case of the King vs.
Sinclair, the Prince Albert district returning officer, and the appeal against
the decision of Mr. Justice Prender-
gast that the provincial courts had no
jurisdiction on  the election trials.
The argument in the first of these
cases waB pur ely technical as to
whether the charge had been properly
laid under section 394 of the criminal
code, and as to whether the defrauding
of electors was the defrauding of Ihe
Mr. Elwood of Moosomln appeared
for the crown and Mr. Norman Mackenzie of Regina for Sinclair. In tbe
course of the argument Judge Sifton
said there was no doubt that the public were Interested in the proceedings,
but the question was whether there
was anything of which they could be
defrauded. He would be Inclined to
distinguish between people who could
be specifically described as a class
and those who could not be so described.
Mr. Elwood replied that every person living In the province was interested In and wu affected or might be
affected by an election, and to that
extent might be defrauded. Every
person living in the country had a
right to expect that proper laws would
be enacted and if Improper people got
elected by Improper means then every
resident was defrauded, whether he
was a voter or not, and in that manner all the people, the public, whether
they had rotes or not, were defrauded.
Mr. Mackenzie contended that the
word "public" referred to electors generally. There were a number of persons referred to who come under the
term electors, but they were not the
public. Judgment In the case was reserved. _
In April laat Mr. Justice Prendergast
of Prince Albert had before him a petition of Albert Alexander Strachan,
asking that tbe seat in the Saskatchewan legislative asembly then 'held by
John Henderson Lamont. the present
attorney general for this province, oe
declared vacant on the ground that
during the general elections in December last Mr. Lamont, either hy himself
or agent had heen guilty of improper
practices, as defined by the controverted elections ordinance.
In giving judgment on the 19th of
May, Judge Prendergast found that
the controverted elections ordinances
was not continued in the Saskatchewan act. nnd was therefore not ln
force at the date of the general erections: thast Ihe power to hear and determine petitions with respect to provincial elections now resides exclusively In the provincial assembly, and
that his court had no jurisdiction in
the matter. The petition was therefore dismissed. It was against this
decision that appeal was made, Mr.
F. w. O. Haultoin, K. C, acting for the
appellant, Strachan.
Mr. Haullaln, In opening his case,
broadly referred to tie circumstances
under which the Saskatchewan act
was passed. The object of the Saskatchewan act, he remarked, was to
provide the now province with a more
or less complete code of laws which
hnd obtnined under previous existing
conditions; to leavo the same constitutional proceedings and the same conditions as far AS possible as they were
prior to the passage of the act, such
laws and institutions only being alterable by competent authority. That
being so, there was no need to go ont
side the four corners of the act to
look for thc Intention of parliament,
or groping for the Intention of parliament In providing not only a constitution and body of laws for the new
province, but also lu providing rules
and regulations for the establishing
and guidance of 'the provincial legislature ns well. Nothing could be broader, more comprehensive, nothing plainer. In his opinion of Ihe provisions of
the law wllh regard to the constitution
of the Norlh west legislative assembly.
There was not n single word In any
other clause or section of the Sua-
kuic.hewan act In any sense limiting
or modifying tho broadest, the most
comprehensive meaning whicli would
be attached to those words.
Mr. Haultaln then proceeded to review and argue the whole case In a
most exhaustive manner and hnd not
finished when the court adjourned. Me
will resume his argument tomorrow.
1 The Daily Canadian
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pleasant dreams of
We bars    :,..-r.<- tt th*:- bi red sad Une.
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pa j4 ic..
Adrerui___g ��������_��� N a;p.������'*���.*. ���
-     . --.to* Tbe Dally
���   ��       .-���--.������������
loirs* -���: " *"'  -  "
������ By one ������>���*_ w, ��:t ���-*.*_-���-*..*i-'   -i^ti to t*
wu* nl tj*mi ��.ri HHBC-tm��i )Qdfod to be
.    .-;.      .r:    _���   '..- -      i: ���-*'���   **-
��� ��r     I
Science,   brief!.' eiact
kr-owle-dg*-,  coordiijatt*1  and   arranged
wiih  respect to the dai
taining   iu   the   ; -:.-..'   of   tiio wit-tig*
wheiher of one Uting or h
enc* ai.  popularly   aaderatood  it  however, quite another thing, ud oonsU-u
mainly   of   '.:.. '.:.-   :.*--s 'and
deductions of a Urge dan _. ..
who   arrogate   to   then tbe   au
thority of public teachers euid demand
the right to rule in tne >��� , ...
ions which deal with tnaUefl
tan technical tn tbeb nam ���   science
so-called has done much  : -
but along with other more
acting superstitions is not ttt
Exact knowledge of *:.. '....
hapa unobtaiaable. The qua..-
atoms are not yet settled and the
changes tbat have taken place in the
opinions and pronouncements of oppoi
ing fechoois on this subject as veU tl
many others hare been radical ln the
A few yean ago ve were told that
the univL-;,.-.- could be resolved into so
many elements and finis was pronounced by the scholars as far as further discovery was concerned. Since
tbat time both in the material and immaterial realms of human lotion new discoveries have been announced and the ponderous theories
that were built up on former theories
lions have been modifed and in some
cases totally  restated.
Time was, within the easy memory
of man when, in surgery, the copious
production of pus was interpreted as
a healthy sign and it was remarked
that nature was doing her work veil.
Now every effort of the surgeon fs directed to prevent the formation uf (his
putrid matter and Where it is insistent
in its formation and discharge, the
Hgns are  regarded  a., ominous.
Bnf it is in the matter of food and
dieting thai we have witnessed, during
a quarter of a century, the most surprising contradictions of the authorities taking place. Again and again a*e
have been told with all the authority
of autocrats that this or that article
of diet is responsi ble for a whole train
of human iiis and ihat the race is in
danger of rapid extinction unless it
listens to the dictum of the would-be
wise in the matters of relations between cause and effect
No sooner has one thing been condemned than another falls under the
ban and it has become a serious and
perplexing problem to know what to
eat or whether it is safe to eat at all.
The outcome of all this has been the
development of fads in the matter of
foods and thousands of new inventions
fn the way of scientific and health
preparations  flood  the markets
One need not hesitate to say that
the vagaries of so-caller! science on the
food question are responsible for the
multifarious adulterations that are
characteristic    and    condemnatory   of
������ ���   i
No.  lose Bso we were told that  it
.  to drink anything
with oar meals as the nrfllteg
j of quantities of fluid discouraged ttred
-   in her efforts to properly mix
tattrj quantity of Bafira with
Nov *_..   are
told thai        - the best thing ;-.--:'
to drink copioui quantities of pure water���whether  bet or cold  we are not
told���during  the meal hour and with
the  consumption  of  our  food     What
we shall be told next ;: ._   _;:_..cult to
.   One of the vagaries of science
ran every fad and theory to the
earth and then find a new one in order
After a:;  is said  and done, perhaps
there .- dc   better teacher than nature
herself      Ul t\ petite for certain things
-....* :.. -    _._.*_   ;.:(.:_:   colc.;:  :.-
bea ttt presumptive evidence
thing* are  required  by   the
01 course *here
It   :���:, iam 1     .    Hani and   tht>
&cience,   properly    so-called,
-..  of incalculable value tc so-
:  i.as   undoubtedly  prolonged
. ��� ed   many  live*  there is  much
���  nder that name which is
_    rem to the human family.
MM and sinful habiLt
of  son*..-  people hate  been caused  be-
sponsors    and    teachers
were  <:���-.-.--   ._   -Lings  about  which
':..:.-���  and it    might    be
weli for society if It were thrown upon
its own  resources in respect to many
matters  over   which   fro-called   science
now   exerci-^es   _*..���_   tatocnttiC   dictator
Speaking on Friday evening at Pembroke the leader of the opposition thus
summed up the record of the Laurier
li ....:;..-rraUon:
In opposition the present Liberal
leaden declared that Canada's taxa-
tkni a^d expenditure was excessive,
but since attaining power they have
practically doubled both. They railed
against the Iniquities of the customs
tariff, proclaiming emphatically that
the protective principle was absolutely
unsound and harmful. In power they
have maintained that principle, ai-
'hough. when expedient they still pose
as free traders. They fan- .������
against corruption and extravagance
ii. the expenditure of public mosey,
bat in power thf-y I _ ��� __,d d-a-
fiaii'Iy encouraged the system of fj-
��� r;.rnonly called rake-
off which prevails in many public departments. They inveighed against any
��� *- of the pnblk debt, and now
with abounding r^v^nues they have
added to it. sending hne*-
sums without regard to public inter-
'--t f-��r tho benefit of favored pari-
zans. They pledged themaetrM to
maintain the Independence of parlia-
���-��� whenever neeeaaary they retain the votes of wavering followers
bj direct anil even written promises
"f office. They declared that all public lands should be for the actual set*
Uer and then enriched their grasping
j.artisans hy transferring to them huge
blocks of tbe public domain. They
pledged themselves to secure uniform
and non-partizau voting lists and then
disfranchised 1004 Conservative voters
in Manitoba by the thin red line out*
raer* Tbey pledged them^lves to
prohibition upon a Dominion plebiscite
and when confronted with a larger
majority in its favor than any gorern-
*; f-n* ever received they found evasion
s-. i condition nntfl then unheard of.
They pledged themselves to abolish
��� 'id the senate and now that a
Uberal majority in that chamber has
���eenrad 'hey regard ft as sufficiently amended. They proclaimed
high standards for appointments to
public office and they have violated all
decency when it was necessary to Toward unscrupulous party servants
They promised purity in elections and
rhey have organized, maintained and
nrotected the machine which has continued to perpetrate the grossest and
-.������"���st   outrageous   ewcttoa  frauds  ever
knova in ary country-
i;   is now  several  weeks  since  the
. .....   ;...���:;,.*   .--..    :* -   Lt    G-c    A    B
;:....     .. ::.*.     -'.���:. :~'.   . ��� --*��� :    ���
thfl  :.* i'.   ;: -  ��� -   ':ons    but    so
far as we have _**een abie to discover
L.'. I =._--��� Uhend paper m Bntish
Columbia has made more than passing
:-.'���- reaoa to the fsct The local organ Is snggesuvely silent which would
seem to indicate that Dr. Hall wants
nothing said at present about his en-
-   the  field.
it is none of our business of course
but it loi'ks so strange and so out of
the usual ihat one may be pardoned
r.Jenng. So far as the Conser-
. ���.- are concerned they have their
���aa a their eye but so effeciively
have they kept their secret that not
even a suspicion has arisen as to
whom Dr Hall will hare to oppose. A
united and solid front on the part of
the Conservatives will provide ini-cr-
esting entertainment for the doctor
when the time* comes but so far all
guesses are   an   invitation   to   come
The Vanoouver World asks: 'By
���:.-- way, what is   a   revolutionary So-
-. ��� anyway? Anything like a Rus-
. - 'rist, for example?"
A :-������ tadaaary socialist is one who
oepnly avows that if we cannot secure
our rights by the use of the ballot we
shall have recourse to the use of the
bullet. One who privately admits that
w.-re he in Russian he would be a ter-
The Latest Modern Appliances
no*.v in use at this
And   _>eLI\ _.W_U h*H__
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Notice li ben by yuen mst 60 Oa.jt titer _ tl* I
.cieD-J ti t-pp.y to lb* Honor*bie the Chief
CoiBBtfinoD*.; cf Lal _i and Word for pernli-
no_ 'us parrrhrue the fol_o-rinf det^rlbed 1_jh3_-
in tbe w��st K'wi.niv di-nrict: B-cTiJiai-i? at *
pf**: nurfce-i ' Eieaoor Hir.thi 8 w eorner."
And planted on \ht *��-t (bore of tbe nru-rovi of
Wh_uh*L (''AnU*o)iAke. About one aq_ one-htlf
::..-* toexk of Arrow lake tiAiJ; then.-*- nortl] *
-.-*.::.�� ���:.'���,���-���__*;+ rhAtfl* moreor leM to tbe
**bo�� of the Mutm; thenee following the Mid
shore in a mail southerly And we-terly dire-**-
Um HO eh��in* i^ore or ieH to point of somaenct*-
xnent.fontA-iniD-g ]W Aerw more nr lest.
L*MrdOt;   ttn.UML fcliM iilWH,
F  L  HAKM05&. Agent
Nolle* u hereby f*.T.n ihAt iu:y dafBafln
CM.it I intend u. App.T uthe Hon. Chief Cnanml*-
iioner of Lanli And Worki for permi��lon topnr-
_hA*e the JoLowmp detenbed lAndi in tbe Weat
Ko-itenAf _i#trKn: fc^f.amnr At a poei inArked
��� BerthA Btrft'fa'f S t. corner." And p:��nwd on
tit t*��: thore of Wmuin {Cariboo) lake. At tha
&Arro*f of the lAke. tnd 4bout one mile s>o>uth of
.**.::.�� .ti. ;ia... tnenee tsf.Qlh to ehnin*; thence
���M I :*..���' -atire or leM to tbe shore of ihe
Mum; thene* following the Mid ihore in a
I -t. _._rtber)T And e*rterlr dirertlcn 130
en*im more or ieM to the polntof eommen.-e-
menl eootAJniM Httntem more or iew
I>aiM thii hth rU.y of 0�� , I*.*
Notice ti herehy glren i*i*t *��. Zt,rt **-**,��� 4^*^ 1
Intend to Appiy to the Hon. th* Cn��ef Otwtmtt-
���. '. - - ! -:a:. :��� 1*.: "*-**��� *i ���'*-;- m - ��� : ���������
!-��* the following deaeribed Undi in *"��*_
K . IOM} dutnx-t: fceg-nning ai a poet _it:kt*_
-Oito Hlaeh"! �� W. comer" a��4 pU.rie-1 on
t.-.. w_n attote et w��u__n 'Cariboo) tAJce, tb-og:
.--: -���* -..-. ���=--������. '.::���. ���*.-��� ����� ' * Lk.'.. lmz.
Uke; tbenee socUi tt) ehAl&j; thene* eat. 40
chains More or leai to the ihore of the* 3a_towi ;
tbence following tbe Mid ihore tn a genera,
northerly and wsest��rlrd:re<tu>n U> ehains More
or it** to the point of eo__xseaeeae-.t, ooauin-
:_.z 'J ith BKireor leM
I����t_d thi* -ih day of Oi , IM
Ono Hiftv.-z.
F  L  HiMtttm   .\*z^'~'-
Notiee is hereby g: ren ti-.ai sixty days after dale
. voapt-iy stothe Hon.Chief CosntiMioner
of lands snd M orks for penaiatioo to pnreha*e
tbe following deaeribed lands in West Eooienay
dlatrlet:   BjyUnlag st s post mArked "��   K
Alden't i>  K corner," and planted on tbe east
I Wr. Autsn {CATiboo; lakt, about one
���j. :���*   l :*..-.   _;   :���__   withern end of the lAke;
���- -      ���*.;.  ������   --bAins; tbenee wwt -.ehalns,
More or leu. v* the shore of WbatshAn iake;
'������'���*' "--'������  -��-* ':���'������>. :-~ s i-uvtm,. '..-:.-,
erly nnd easterly dlre-ction 100 chains, more or
iesa. to th* t*o:nt of com Meneement, tontAlning
t��J aerea, more or leM
Wied this kth day ot Ol , 11��
r K Aiaaa,
F   L  Hammo.vo, Agent
Noue* i* hereby gi rn titet -**. day* a/i��r dAte I
.mend to sj -'j ut ttt Hoa. Chief CommiMioner
���>J Land* An-i frgrk* for permission to p tv but
the folk-wing dest-ribed lands, sltnate in Wesi
Ko��i��oay diMirtr Beginning s; a pm m*rki*d
"Arthnr VafTCa'afl �� corner." and piAnt**i on
the *>a*t ��bort of Wh*t*hAn fCariboo) lAke, tboat
two miie* n��-rth o| the uirmvi -��f Whatehan
kt tad it Um ���*. K turner of W. feeV-omhe's ���!���-
pileation to purt-base; theuce east 40 enain��
:.-*rth *Aehalns: th-r';-* wet M cbalnt:
tbence K-otb *j chain* to point of eommenct.-
Ment: '"Ij tain inr ',;> t.. r-. more or len
X>��led thu-Hh day ul <> ���   :.������
AfcTKrt VAJunar,
t. h. HAXMojrn, Agent.
Notice is here t-y given that sixty day* Afterdate
I intend to Apph u. the Hon Chief CommiMioner of Land* ana Works for permi<aiou to purchase the follow inr -Jf***-*rib-d lands fn the West
��� *���'������        B-��ginniDg ��: -. post marked
���'���   -      .Tito's H   X  corner," and piante-l ..u tbe
eaat   shore  of   Wbauhan (CAriboo) iake, ahout
' ������.'*.:.  "f  '���' ���   UMTT'.Mk  ,.t   '.v.iHAhan
lake;   thence  north (A ehalni; thence west ��>
chaini, moreor lew, to the Uke shore: thence
following the Mid shore in a gener*! foutherly
And tasteriy direction 13f chain*, more or less, to
the   point  of commencement: containing 4_o
ecres, more or 1cm.
Dated this .th day of Oct , Pkfi.
W. r-rji.Mht,
P. I. HsMMOSb, Agent
RoUea (1 ber��4nr glren thatc. davs after dAte
���  mi-ni* li. _'  ..Ic ,,. ,1. a. Ii. -.    1   1 1 ..j ..J. 1 1	
 ���._.-.   >���   iim'u;     .        - -        ���       . ,     -   n      ���   r    , >,   .-
I intend to aj.pl j: lo the Hon f hief CommiMioner
��� Ann Works for permission to pnrehAse
i*lts> rl*-j.. ��� I_,,t   I.-,,4-  I-.    _L-���_,   1* .-.___
of Land* kuu niiiin.i 1--;r. .** <: purenai
the following descrlbcl lands In West Koot"nay
Distr.c: B ginning at a j-o*t marked, "Bern-
h��rd Hlrach'a ���*. K. corner.'" aod planted on the
ca-t ih'��r-.* of tt>e narr*ms o[ Whatsfaan (Caribo.-)
lake; thenre nirlh fi chalu*; thence weat 10
chain? rtiure nr !*-m, to the shore of W batch an
lake; theiK-e foilowiug Mid ��bor** in a general
southerly ���*.-.'. < s-' - :. I ���.���������. r. Ui ihain- mor.
or lew. to p-'int of commeuc��*ment: w^nuinin*.
JrAJaf-rt-. more or Icm.
Dated this Bth day of Ot. IV*.
HERyMAUi Hie.- h,
Y. L. JI4J.v'.���.���;    Ai.*.-:.*.
% ��� :
-*fi__* 11 z* 7* :y f-tc_ -,:..m: ���*���  -*-���. ��� **- ���* ��� ~
'.mend to aj-P-T >��� the Hon Ctn: C-_-a_E.��
of Lands a_.fi li . rtt :���;-::*
t*e JalhiMlm riiM1 IU. 1 lar. 1-
mstDImtW    E-rf.-__.v.tf u m :��� ���'���. etaxttt
I   a_tridg��'�� I W Doraeg " an-i planuvl ak*Mit
o*_HM)naner mi>e weti of the weft abore of Wfcat-
shan (CAnhoo)  lake, and about one u
qnaner Miles north of the aoothem er
'.ml, -    -.   ������;,    ���*       *_.      -      -���
Bhatai rLC-re or leM to the than of tbe Whs:-: 1-
ti*     t_M -;���<   .'���;���.;�������� ;ng aU -birr ::-���_.
MntherlT and weaterly diretjon ���-_��_��� 1
or leM to a point en tbe shore dne <���*-:
pott of coMxaenoement; theai-e MM J     1*.:.*
Taor*- or .*** to the point of eonmeaoement, �����&-
ui_.mg IX avert* more or leM
Dated this Hh Iat oi C��ei , IM
��"  ?  J_l.;i-..i,
F   L  Uaxw*xi>, Ageni
Notiee ts hereby gift-a ihai fr day. ettJtt dAte i
intend 10 appiy 10 tne Honorable ihe C--it
mlaaAaaur oi Lands and Works ior pennisaiuo to
I '..-��� :.e*-   :.-.     ...   titm  tiem ���.:>������-    p.I h   . : ten
!H   *'tr*\  K--.]*naT  Pill-;  ' . -
porat Marked "f VlcAr.h-r * H �� ���������
ni-a:e a< ��* t] - I I ::.���-- ..,.;;���:ied lor
by 3. MeArtkriW ihenee-wuth to ehaint, more or
leas; there* east nv chain*; thence nonh U
cJ.��l-:f MOTS of "*fc* ::.*._,'���* u.*; �����. : hains to
point of lonmnencwnent
ftihiir. B. c . Angnst llth, ut*.
P. McAs-rat %
T, U ATII5-OX. Agent
Notice i�� bereb'* g:ren i*_tt (���   :m -- -.
tntend to apply to the H  1 : < ommts-
sion'T of Landi Aad W.irks for per__i��; Bl
cha*e the ^Dewing dcs��nt*d lAnds.**."
the a'est KootenAy dirtrlct. iur;    _���
pUntst-i At thr ? W corner of Ernest w. p.- ���
AaptJC-ittaa lo pure hate, tad on the north bank
of it* Korta F".-k of ' ,*g ��r_ek; thenee *���> chAins
west, Ss.* chaini norih. KC < hain* ea*t. *i chains
K-ith. a: ttttttm ��e*t. *chtin��souih te u     -
non 0/ nonh line of E W. Robinson's Application
10 Purehaae. theme ��0 chains west and a) chains
���outh lo point of Cum men.-.-meat, containing (���*_
VaieA l*ih dAy of August. I>6.
F V   RoirxKur,
per E_lm.it w. Si-.ai.VK.>. .Agent-
intend to apply 10 the Hon. the Chief'
doner of Lands and Works for pennlssion to purchase  tht   following described  lands in   West
Kooie-Jty dutnet. prrjrince .-f hrr   :  ���
.    .;-.;������: -r.fi.- :    '���' '
tons northwert (-orner post," Mid  post
i..at.:ed at the southw..������*. ��� r
Miner*] Claim," and adjoining the east line of
SfcPhaili pre-emption, thenc* ouih v*
chains A.ong said line, iteaa e**i tony <*0)
chaint, thence north ia-   *     .
west forty (10) chains more or .���_����, to the place of
Dated >; ^ay of August. 1S06
*'!U!is Toiustrrov.
By hlsagen; J. R. Taylor.
Bbcty lav* after dat* I parpOM iritKingappUrA-
tion 10 the ('hi��f CommiMiorir: of landsand
Works for permisaion to pi-.rrh***.- the h-ilowing
lean *-���1 land: Commencing tt a |vm>i marked
i i* ��� - W corner.'ad;i;iT.:i,r the east boundary <'f b I'ieree's application to purchase, ninning thenre SO chaini norih; thenct- ���*
east; thence *���'��� chains so-ith; thenct- ���
���' commencement, ennuining --+*
acrtt mo-.
Datc.1 the llth day of August. l-*��.
I   Pixa.x,
per F 0   FtrviiKK.
BUty day- ..ftcr date I purpose maglng application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
���' .- ���: t-ermlMlon to purehAW* the following
described land*. Commeneing tt a pott marked
'K IT* �� R corner," And situAteAUfUi one mile
from BDvei Tip Point, on Whaishan lake, and
near Christie ereek, runninr thence so chain*
north; thence Si 1 chains weat: thence ft) chain*
south, following tbe Lateshor-.: theuce *> chain*
east to the point of (-ommencement, coniAining
?-; tu ������- more or less
DAted the llth dAy of AnR'_i*: p.**
E  Fsr^rm,
PerF <i  PAOOinB, Agent
r-ixty dart after date I purpose mAking appli-
eatlon to tne HonorAble -.h-r Chitf Commltcioocr
of LAnds and Works for penni��*ion to pnrchaJ.
the following deaeribed Und: Commencing a:
t ooei mArked "V. V* iw comer." al, Intag
K. Fauquier's Application to purchase, running
thenee Webaios nonh; thence Hi chains eut;
thenee SWcbAin* tomb: thence 80 chAins w-_st
to the point of commencement, containing &40
acres, more or leas.
Ii.te-i tbe llth dAy of August, WA
D. Piaarc,
Per F. fi. Fir*jt"iEt, \.--.;.
Notiee Is bereby given that sixty day* After dAte
I iniend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for permission to pur*
chai* the following deaeribed lands. Vo aena,
commencing At a pof.1 mArked John Toye, planted on tbe east --bore of Lower Arrow lake. About
OM mile north of Sunshine creek, tbence forty
chAins east, tbence forty chAins south, tbence
forty ehatns west, thence forty chains north
along lake --hore to -point of commencement.
Daied this 13th dAy of Sepiesfcer. 19uS.
Johk To VI.
Hiaky Ginao.v, Axent.
Notice it - -. ���;. given tbAt N : --.- After dAte I
intend to spplr to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purebA>e the following described lAnd. titUAte
ll Fin Taller, i�� the W_tt Kooteuay dMrteS. ad*
joining W. A. Caider* pre-emption, starting at a
post mArked kt. MctjuArrie'i hoc th west corner,
running W chains east, tbenc* ti chain* north,
ihence �� chains west thence �� chains south to
I*om! of eotamencement-
iM'-trl iii* iith day of Septemher. IX*.
Mitr MoQcaaao.
i. E TlTLCl. Age_t.
Kotiee it hereby giTen tbAtaOdtTi from dAte I
:l>_.- :-��� tf,p.j to ibe h laonMc tat * bfel I - ������
taiia-Oser of Landi tnd Worki for permiislon
io purehA'e tbe following described landa tlt-
uaLein Weat Kootenty District: Commencing
at t post marked ���* E. Stewart's N W. corner
post. sitUAied near the Junction of Lnst creek
And South Fork of salmon, thenee tooth 40
chains, more or leM; tbence eatt 80 chains;
thene.* north �� cbtlnt- more oc leaa; thence
west (K* chains to point of commencement.
Balmo. August llth, 1>��.
E. BirwAii
T H ATXi.vfco.f, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that CO days After date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of Lands and Works to purchase the
following described lands.BD su-res, more orien;
commencing at a post pUnted on the w_*t hank
of Cpper Arrow Uke At a point about ' mil--.* be-
iow Saku.p, and marked (i. A. B H N I racr
;-���*:; thence *> chains west; theuce ����� chains
sonth; thence ***������& chains east, mor-. ...��leM to lake
thore; tbenee along lake shore to point of beginning.
Da^dtblsSthdavofSert-.l-W.   G.A.B.HslL.
��� dayi afw-r dtt-f t intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief CommlMioB'-r of fands and
Works, Victoria, B C , to p'tr-chaw UO acrea of
land sltnate we��t of Arrow lake on'he w.-d ette
of Wbttcbtn cr-r**k tnd juininr ::
Uj ���,( t, J Annable tppli- **.lo.. to purchase.
0 mra ending tt a po-t mtrk**-! R J. K, ti, E. corner *nd running wet' SUchtiu*; t*. t-nct- north 80
chains: then*-* eatt tt) chains; tbence soutb to
p"int of commeno-ment.
September 2nd i��*. fi. J. Eixtor.
Notir* ii uerebygjren that 60 daya after date I
intend to appi) tothe Honorale Chief (omir.it-
iioner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase tbe following deter bed lands, ittoate in
lhe West Kontenay district; starting from a post
planted tt the N E corner of F. W. Robjnaon'i
AlpMcation to purchase, ibenc* *Kicbalnt eatt.
to <haint south, 20 cbalni went. *) chain* nortb,
40 chAins west. 20 chaini north, 30 chtlns eaat, 40
chttns north to polnl of commencement, containing 160 acres.
Dated IMh day of Augtitt, 1306
D. C. E- P.OBi!*fiox,
 per_Efc.f rjff W   __________ Agent.
Notice 1* bereby given tbat tlxt? days after
date I Intend to Apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommiMioner of Land* And Works for permission to purehaae the following d-*.*ariV-d
lanl on tbe wett shore of upf-er Arr-tw l_ske and
Joining J. H. Feeney'a pre-emption: Btinulug
west ** chains; thenee norlh HO cbains. thenre
east 40chains, to the shore of the Uke; tbence
south (ollowlng the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 3JD acrei moreor leM.
Dtted August 17, lis*,.
EL F.Mt<L��._
 J. f   KKU.V, Agent.
Notice is hereby given ttiti sixty dayt nfter
date f intend to apply to the Honorable tba
Chief O'mmltsioner of Landiand Work* for permission to purchase the Pillowing described
land on the weat hide of Lower Arrow l��kc and
joining the south line of the In 1 lau Reservation:
Kunning west 20 chalnn; thebc-e aouth vj < bain-:
tbence eatt *Aj cbtin*. to the shore of the lake;
thence north following the Uke shore to the
point of commencement, conuinlng IfiO acre*
more or lew*.
Dtted August 20, :���"' W. B. -M.i- : >. v
J. J. Kelly, Agent.
��� Ltrt'.}  given thtt **���.< dt?�� tfu *
- isst*.* : 1" 1 ��� '-'��� '���'��� ���'��� ' '-*..������"���
CaaaMtMtoBer of Land* and Worts tor pencil
Atea 10 TwebA** the folloaiag decrnbrd Und*.
tltotte la b* W���� Kootrnay distriet Cc-mmea-
rtng al a port marked "A. 7-umer't N �� ? net
���Htnatcd tt the X. K. con*** of Ua-i applied K*r ty I ?:��*:*.. these* K-aih 4 ti.t:n*
more or lets; Ur-eoe. ***i Scbains; tbence nonh
*. :.*.:-.* ~ -t rloa; ibencewest so ehains to
point of KiBE.i'.-ffi.ti.
salmo, B.C   Aug "..'��� '-'>  .**���*- A. Tr*A5M.
T H atx;��o��j. Agent.
i�� hereby given that �� dayi after dale 1
intend to appiy to the Honorable the Chief CommiMioner ��� .f Lands and Worts for permiMkon to
purchase the following described land :n t*,_j
Kooienav Xhtiriri about seren milea south oi
Bnnoc '. ity Commencing tt a pott planted on
tbe easi bank of Trout .rrek and marked Mr*.
W H Uwi'-w:. ' BL. W. C P.-tt And running
��������� -���  -   chAins; tbence
souih no -hates   *.���       ���   *.--,���*   <hain* to place
of begiL'. talnlng -At. aerea, more or lesa-
Dated thu 2_nd dav <.* ������
Ma* w  h  V.Mtt   :-\
w   H  luaarox, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that to dart after date I
intend to apply 10 the Honorable in* Cft
MiMloaei M Land* eatA "Vfrtt. Vj.__.rTa. tp [������.*���
chMMt eo arte* of Und, sitntte about one mile
eatt of Burton < liy on the easi ild* of Arrow
lake, and deacri-bed a* follows: rommemmr tt ���
p"��t planted tt tb* northeast corner of 1, -���
tbence north 20 ebalna, thence ae*t 4*1 chtlns.
thence s-r";tb 2'chains, thence east *J0 chain* to
p_a�� of t* I
.'. .* ..   -��� *.h.i��J* J. R.Hn-n*a.
���?liiy day* after late I intend to apply to the
rom mi* sion er oi land* and Works, Victoria, to
pa'chaee 160 aeres of Und. Commencing tt t
poat planted on the wett chore of Arrow Lake, tt
the soutb eut corn*r of J. J. Chriitle's pun has*,
running north Sit chains, thenc* east 'Si chains,
tbenee south *i chains, thenc* west ��cbalni to
titrn ��� '. ���  ���;:::..:.  -;-..��� at
Located May *nh 1��*.
L .tA__.*GKEK, Locator.
Notice U herehy given that two month* after
date I ini*:. i :o appiy t.-. the Honorable 'hief
C-ommia*i"L:r: '-t Lnn-i'* md Work* tec permission to purrnaje {*tO acre* of Und, de*-* nbed as
loilow*: Commencing at a post pltnted ai the
foutbweft of .. t, Mor-iv>n'�� ranen tn Fire
*?__]:-y, Watt  K-Hiunay lilsirj-t. marked -J. a.
Jfunro'* nortl        ,   ���: - -' < l,t:n*
weat; then-**. ���*). hain- loatli. thenc*-ft chains
easi; tbenee tt) chains north tu the p.a- -
Lal-i lUt. dav of -vpi.mber. 1906.
J.li, Mrxtoi,
w. a. Caf-aaa, Agent-
SoUn 1* hereby given tbat OP days alter dale I
intend to apply if. the Honorable the Chief ��..m-
missinner of Land* and Work* for penniatior- '.-t
��� the foUowlaa degerftwd lands in the
neal Kootenay ���'.���:.-:���'.. near Bunoo <ity; com-
i at the southeast comer
Oi '��� rm H I*"ii'* pre-emption claim, and
mark-. : Hiiry ii Toilingion's N fc ( p.*^tt, and
running ���*��� uih +3 --bains, thence we-i a> chain*,
theuce north 40 chains, thenee east J> chain* to
plac* of beginning, containing **J acre* of Und,
more or lesa
Dated ihi* *!0th dar of Angost, 1*A.
HtAAV  H   T0l-LI!<-_TO5.
Notice U hereby giTen -hat di day* after date I
Intend to Malta application to the Honorable lhe
:. :...--i-iLer of Landiand Works for per-
miMlon to pnrehaae about leo acres of land si in
ated on the ^alm.-o river. West Koot*naydi*.trict.
commencing at a p��*t marked *���- B. Butter's S E
Corner, planted on the west bank of the rirer,
about t\ miles nortb of the international boundary, tbence west Ou chains, thence to chains
tooth, ibec-* tail about 20 cbAlns to the river,
tbence northerly along the rirer to place of cm-
August lhlh, 1306. ��. R  B.-TTIA.
T. H. Atkinson. Ag-nt.
Noti'-e b hereby given that ti|o mouths afler
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commi*-loner of Lands and Work* for a Lease of
all tbat land being tbe foreshore adjoining stib-
(UrMoai 1. 3 and 4 of Lot 3t*. <iroup one fl)
Kootenay, and being on the soutb shore of tbe
Wett Arm cf Kootenay Uke, In the district ol
(.'ommenclng at a post marked "A. E Watts'
sorttheaat corner p'tt"; thence a) chains west,
tbence'J0 cbalnt north; thence 60 chain* ea��*i;
theme ki cbains south tothe place of commencement; thc said Und And foreshore to be be us��-d
for sawmill purpotea.
Dated this .lit day of August, 1����.
A. E   WtTTf ���
Wetkee te hereby giTen tbat 60 day* after date I
intend to tprly to the Honorable theChtef Com-
miaaioner uf Lands and Works for permission to
purrhas* the following d'tcrilied land in Weat
Kootenay District about seven mile* south of
Burton) liy: Commencing at a i**-*t planted on
the east bank of Trout creek and marked Alex
Cheyne'' N. W. C. Post and running south W
chains; thenoe eatt to chaini; tbence north SO
chAins; tbence west a) r bains to poat of beginning, containing 640 Aeres of Und. more or less.
:-. -._..:     .. ������' A .�� ..���   : ���*.
W. H   Hamiltox, Agent.
���xtr day* titer date. I .Ma rare tt Mc<Juarrie,
hpply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
MJadoagrrM landiand Works. Victoria, B. C,
to purchase tbe following described land, Ccm-
m.m ing at a post mArked M. Mctjuarrie, on the
t*ADk of Lower Arrow Uke. thente Vt cbains
���est; ihence 60 chains north; tbence 40 chAins
east; thence 00 chains south to place of com
meneement. said to contain 160 acres more or
le*,*. ( overing ground beld by 'i. B. Anderson's
Dated this lttb day of September. 1906.
Msfitgrr Mu.-j.-iaii.
W. L. Ptrxi Agent
Notice U hereby given that I intend. 60 days
after dAte to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
Commissioner of -.audi and Works for nermUtion
to par'-hase the following deacrlbed Unds in
West Kootenty district, tbout five milea south
of Bunon City, commencing tt a post planted on
tbe eat' bank of tract C. R.. ana marked "W. H
Hamilton's fl W. C. pott," and rnnning north ��
chaini, thence eatt to chains, thence toutb *
chains, then.e weti 10 chains to place of beginning, containing 640 acrea of land, more or lea*.
fUted this Bad day of August, 1906.
W  H   H .*::.:,,n.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day* after date I
intend to apply to the HonorAble Chief Commts-
���ioner of Lands and Work* for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands, situate
in We#t Kootenay district: Commencing at a
po*t marked ' B. Conkey a N.W. corner pott."tlt-
utte nttr the N E corner of Und Applied for by
K R., tbence soutb 40 chains,more nr .eat; tbence
1 ������_-! ttt bains; thence north 4o chtlnt, more or
le-w; tbenee weat 80 chain* to point of commencement.
Salmo, A tig ust 11, 1906. B Cokkit,
T  H. ATViBatM, Agent.
Notiee Is berby giren thai O) dav* after dat* I
intend, toapply to the Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of land* and Works for permission to
purehaae tbe following deaeribed lauds situate in
- -s'.mv d:*irl(t: ''mimenci-ag at a pott
marked ' t:   H-...* n v, eonm Pom," rdtaati
near the N E. ��-rner of Und tppli-.**! for by A.
M'-Iy-ati ihcnce sontb to chain*, more or lets;
th-nce east H) cbalni; tbern-e north *0 chaini.
more or le**-; thenc* weft **j . halus to point of
Com men cement
tfaiiao, Auguil 11, 1906 R. K.-vs,
 T.H  ATKt*5V>5. Arent.
Notice is hereby given tbAt sfity days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommiMioner of   lands and   Works for
I- ���' '-v. --.���*. '��� ','.;��� I.-.-- *.r.'- (.,;.!,�� in-j. dt -< nl- ���!
lands situate tn West Kootenay di*tr|i t: Com
mencing ata poit marked "A. McLean's N .V.
corner post." tuuaf near lbe N.I, '-orner of Und
Applied for by A. M�� I_siighUn, then, e south -M)
cnalnt, more or lest; thenc* east (U cbtlnt;
thence nonh 40 chains, moreor leas; thence wesl
80 chain* to point of commencement
.-almo. Augnsi 11,1906 A. M< Liu*,
T. H. Atkini-on. Agent
Notice ts hereby given that '"*��� days after date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
ChUf I'ommissioner of Lands and Work* for per*
nii-*on to purchase lh<* following <les�� libed laiols,
sltUAle In West Kootaaay dUirl. t: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin's N W corner
pOtf,*' situate near the N E. corner of Ian. 1 applied for by P McArthur, tbenw toutb 40 chains,
moreor len; thence east ��0 chains; theuce north
40 chains, moreor lets; tbence wen B0 chains to
point of commencem-Mit.
Balmo, Auguit 11, 1906. A. H(!_n*.,iii..s.
 "TJl   ATkiMto-., Agenl.
Notice It hereby gtren tbat 60 dayt after date
I Inteud toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
I-tnds and aDrks for permistfon to purchase
the followlug described lands, iltuate in Weet
Kooteuay district: Commencing at a [tost mark
������1 J. McArthur'i N W. corner post," ittuaU- near
the N. E corner of land applied (or by A Turner,
lbence soutb 40 chains more or l-fs; tbenc-> east
-Wchains; tbence north 4��clialns, more or lets;
thence west Wchaln* to point of commencement.
Balmo. August ll. : ������
J. McAaTHta,
* T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
We have ju��t received a splendid slock ol Ladies' 6hirt W.ntt
in Embroidered Caihmere in Cream. Navy and fancy colort. ,n
sizes from 32 to 42 jnchet. and we are sellin. these at exceeding.
iy  low prices while they last.
Imperial Bank of Canada
l-l  : i,
Head Office:   Toronto.
KKST Mi.Wi.lHt).
D. R. WILKIE. Pr��ideut. HON. KUBEHT JAKKKAY, Vice-Prvn,i
Br.r.cho: ia British Cciumtu :
Deposit* raoaftrad and int*;nist tflowtd at t-mrvQi rai*�� from dat�� of openiu�� ic. I
count and oradttad lialf-rearlj.
J.   M.   LAY,  Mana
Notice ii hereby gtven that to dari alter date I
intend to apply u> The RoooraMa Thief ^wmii-
nont-r of Land? an) Work- for r^rt-il����J^ii Uj Nt
rhai* the folloannc deaertbe-1 laatfa dtaatM on
tbe eait aide of Arrow iake CaaataMtat a: a
p-j*t marked A. U*���:������'���; - .���' a';���<.,;- ������'
���""Oth f rtj* ebalnt, folioainf W T--je'i eastern
boundary: thenoe eaat lint chain*., to eaat bank
ol 'ia-ibaldl t'nseh; thence n* rth forty - balm;
thence eaat etxty ebaini t��. point of '���otomerwe- j
atatBlaeSM aena, n-.r-
baled .'September 1. m>> Al.r.i* *���! ���
fm s Daaan, A-jent.
Utrtiaa bi haiaay given that ��oa��ji mm ttttm i
%ppiy to tbe Honorable the ' ..:*.���
��� ��� -i taada ami w.irti for paraaaara i"
pun-haae the followin/j <ii-ar.rtbed landa, -*ni��:. d
on tbe ea.t tide of Arrow Uke: Cosimen<"inK at
the northeast corner of A Anthony ��� pntrhaae.
tbenoe north forty .hain*. thentT weat forty
��� .'.**-:.->. iiienci* aouth forty chaini. thenee eaat
forty - baini to point of comment-ament, con-
'-.:*.���_ UBaciats mor*'.: .
Dated September I, 19U6. Jabe- F. Uknt/'O,
per.N. DaotM, Ajrenu
Notice t* hereby ffifen tbat 60 .layi atur Jate 1
intend to apply to the HoD��ir��bl>' the Caiet f'otn-
mUJi.ner of Landa and Work* for rxrmta*lon to
pnnha*e tbe following rt imn flag] Uads: ��� oa-
menclnr at a poat rnarkef "J w p't, n. W cor
ner." pla<*-e-l on the emat ih-.re of I*-wer Arrow
I*ke at the n..rthwe��t corner of J- rftrs. . - l|
plkattta) la f'srehaae. running iLcnce I" chaini
eaat: ihence flo chain* Btortb; thenre 4o cbalnt
moreor le#i. we��t to tfce lake iho-e; tbence fol
low Inn lake ihore to ;.'���.: oi commenr-emeiit
c-intalnlhK 3)0 acre* more or leu.
Dated the _3r<l day of July, l!M.
J. W, Batla.
Notice li bereby given that sixty dapaAltar
date I intend toapply lothe Hon. Chief CoramiP
aloner of Landa and Worki for permlrwlon lo
purehaae the followiiiK deacrlbed landa, In
West Kootenay Diitrict: Commencing at an Initial poet planted at the lombeait corner of Mr-
Doya pre-emption, thence 'JO cbalm west to east
boundary of Ud <U9V; thence- follow tii*< aald
boundary Koith loaoutheait corner nf H
tbence 10 chain* weat; Hiiann _��� ehalna a .i,',,
lbence :t) chain* eai��l; theio-e --.chain'* nortb to
southwr��i eonm of l^.t ��a; thence following
weat boundary of l��t Xki to initial ik*I.
September il. 1906. IV P. WtMJT,
per JUXUT W. hor.iNso*-.
Notice la bereby given lhat W days alter dat>* I
Intend to ��pplv to the Hon. Chief Coi-ji..*-- i *
M Lands and Works for permhuluu io purebaae
the following deaorlbed landi. iltuate on the
Eait ihore of Lower l-ake, about one and one
half mile Boatfe of &lgewoo<]. H C, ati.t -.���:
J-.inlng J. T. beaitie'i application to pnrehaae,
and commencing at a post marked Donald Wil
aon'aBouth Weat corner, tbence running North
sitty cbaina. tbence Kaat forty chains, tbence
South, sixty chains, lbence Weet forty cbains to
plact* of rvrnmeneement, and conuinlng 2*9
acre* more or lea**.
DOUtS Wiiaoft.
M, H. Mwt'aattg, Agent.
I>ated thu _5tb day of SepU'm��*er. 19U6.
Notice ia hereby glren thii sixty day* Btter
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commlwioner of Und*- and Worka, tor
pcrmiMlon to purchase the lollnmng de-acrtbi-d
landa commencing .; ��� pog| naikad Oeorm Toi-
lington's N. K. (*. post, at the IOt.t-b��Ml comer
ot J. 0. Mc<irade's pn't-mplion claim and
running null* 40 chain* lo ��ouihwi��.t r..*n.: p|
Geo. Hudson*- pre-euipilon claim; thi*n��- raft 3D
chafns; thence imrth 40 ctiallia, tbeti'c , H,i jo
(hain* lo plncc of I nmiiienceinent, containing HO
acrea of land inorc or \e*t*%
Dated tb la Mb day of August, 1!M>
(ItoRtil Toi.l.lvoTOK,
 A. A. Burion, Agent
Notice 11 hereby given that W dayi after late 1
intend to make application to the Ilim.Ttible the
Chief Commisaloner of lauds m : Works for per-
mtsaiou io piiiihaae Mo acre* ol land in the
district of Wi>i Knot* im>, coin in ��� tn mg at a i"ost
planted oil thi* *i>nlh side of Houndarv ��� n-ek .fn
the iuu-rnatlonal txoiodary line, one and a half
m'lea eaat from UM Salmon river, marked "XHho
H Adams, miu I beaut ioriw," th.ncc wi-ai m
chalm. thence north �� chain*, thcnoaaaal 6
chatna, theuce soutb l*i (ham-, to plnee of eoni-
Eum- E, Adaik, Ixxator,
per K  M. Ileeves. as Agent
Dated this 9th day of July, IV0��.
Notice tf hereby given (hat slily davs nfter
date 1 intend to apply to ihe UononMa Hi.
Chiel Commissioner of Landl ami Worka lor
permission to purchase the following dc-
���cribed Unds sltuale in the West k-.oi.nay
district, ftarling from a p..*i planted on the
north bank of tag Norlh fork <>i Hog nnekl
tbence'JO chains w.-t. -rJclittui. north, CO chat lis
w��t. 40 - hams north. V) ebalni aaat, 90ebalna
north. JJ chains tvesl, JUiliallis north, ���*' Chalm
eaat.  k) (hains south,   Al cbaln* east.  40 < hains
���oath, ji rdhalai ooaL tb) nhtlni awtk to poiai <-t
c-cmimnivnieiH  M-iitaining (>��) acre_
Dated 1Mb da) of Augusl. 1906
K*xi>r W   KoniNaoK
flxly dayi af er dale I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief i oinmiasioner of Lands and
Worn. Victoria, to purchase 24" acrea uf land,
1<" ated and dcecribed as follow*: llelng the
nortbca*t quarter of --iectlon twenty-two, and
the aouth half of the nortbweit -luartcr Section
twenty three, Town��hlpsi��ty-n|ne. And farther
deicrlbed as follow*: t'ommencing at a poal
marked J J N. W comer, and planted 40 chatna
eait of the northweal corner of Swtion twenty-
two and rnnning eaat 40 i bains, theme south ai
chains, thence eaat 40 chains, thence aouth 'JO
chalna, them-e wen SO. hains, thence north 40
cbalm to place of beginning.
Aogust ilat, 1906. Jimw JoHS��Tojri,
W A. ChMer, Agent.
Notice i. hereby given that 10dayi after date I
lOtBOd toapply l<�� the Honorable the Chief Commissioner id landsand Works for permission to
purchase lhe following described lands: Commencing at a post marked -j. a O.J-**, W.eor
ner," p-a.-e-d at tin* port tieast corner nf l*t t&\
ninning h-ai-half* north : Ihenee HU chalus raat;
tbence fwchain* south; tbence Wichiin* west to
poini of commencement, coin*laing 6lo a. r ��
moreor lew.
Da fed the Jlal day of July 1906.
. J   A   ORll_[T
Siity day* after date l Intend to apple to tM
tommivsloner of lands -.ud Work*. Victoria, to
purehaae 160 acres of land, dilute ��n i dew-ribetl
aa follows: Lororo��*-nclng ata p.��t planl-d on the
we��t side of Arrow lake op|i>aiu> Cariboo Ciiy, ��*.
or near the lop th weal eorner of fi Unig nur-
ehase. and inarkol "H M A ,S E eorn.r " Vmi
n.inilng noitb 40 rhaln*. ihenee wait40chains
to H. Annable's purcbi.se, ihenc.. south fxlialns
moreor less lo tbe lake ihore, tbence along ||,��
lake thore loplaiv of beginning. "��� wm
AugU��*_ilh.l9l��. (j. MANMBLE.
Rottol ia hereby given that ality dari sjw
date I Intend toapply _o the If��n r*.','!-
miaaionerol lands an-i Worki for :-������_������____
to pwchaaa il- Mbming dewerlbH 'aaJaT
uaie in tt'eel Kootaaa] i* f-trtei
at   a   p-rtt   marked  "A   li    -      .   - . .'
al   tht  -  W .���rii. r ol  I.
milea north of Buri/tn citv and al-
mile  ���**���**...( the Coloml-ta m>r. ti..:... V..M-,
.'.' ������ �����. ��t ��t ��� t-T,- .
Hi -hams; thrnec. c_��: *������ chain* to doidi of *-.-��
t. contain ing    -
- .,. Iloptmaar   ��
.,    _. A ifi_*n.
 rn RaLTB Rlti. AgnL
Notice U bereby ajren tbatcodif -.
intend to apply to tbe Honorable tii-- * . ���> >.B
mtnioner of Land* and Work* for [-
P��:n:b��-                  ring deaenbed        ��� mi-ii-mI
from �� r���t mark,     ft T'i , L
watt *�� '-haiai, tbence east �� cha . I
oorth t                         , w,-i ���   hh:,. -, ���|     - ���
cowmen-lenient,  containing J* acr*_ -. ( i
������iceast of a-Anth-.n*. . st'plKt
n base er���-j
Daiad tt.i. _��io dayof Aagnat.iaK.
- _____      w T'jTl
X. Dntifts. Agent.
��� -y given thai Hurd.-." after
1 Intend t<< apt ly lotheH.,n.rhfef ''������mnnsi
.-nl*  and   Work, log |-
c!,k-    thi   ' ���     of ng deaeribed
*-'   a!  a  post marked OaU
planted on *.,-  'a.-: ���'. n n ��� ._ir
near iilad-Moae Creek,  then--
like   shore,   thenre ttmtk  a-.     .
1-iint of coKmcareracnt.
l>ate.l thi* 1Mb dayof fiepte-n!- ���   ��.
' .- in �� Tori,
HancrOtaHs-i  .gent.
hi I
Ifotko is hereby gtren tbat '��� langlMrdaleJ
Intend toapply to the Hooorai-.- theClik*/' Om-
misMnner of I^nd* and Worki tut fermtaaton to
purchaie Um  (oUoa-lacdai '* "itnated
on thereat side of Arrow lake <".��nrern-*lug at
the N.nihwest ...rner of _L._tatb-aay'i p.in-haw*.
thence Kiinh twenty ehalna, th- nee call twenty
chains, f'uence nonh twenty *--.��.:.������ ibenee veH I
twenty chalm io pointof eooii!-:.r.<vJ-i-.iii, mn-
Uininga'a.rta. moreor leaa
Daied i-epu-mt-er L M��       Bw��;i M Smi*_r,
perX. Dcaxa- Agent.
Notie  U  hereby riven that Hit)   layi illM I
date I iuten*l ;���> app4y tothe Honor*!'.*-theCW
t ommlssloner ��-f Landsand Worki i.f I- ���ininno 1
to port haae the following deaeribed !>ii'l*,tltg-
atein the West Kootenay district, and a-ljotala j
Pain Andre's   pre emptton,   itaning   at a f��I
marked A J.Long. N. K. corner, on tht w-rt**
of Lower Arrow  lake,   thence  ID chain*-**
tbence 40 ciialn* muth, tbenee kt < hamia*-
thence 40 chain* norih io point of uihhk**
i-at. -1 at Nelson. 8, CL this 6th day ol ->*pi��
ber. l-W a i hoi*
Wa Poluio. Agent
Notice is hereby given that ilxt-r dayi after I
daU* 1 iniend toappu u�� the Honorab���*��� iln*(-kw ]
Commisaloner of land* and Work* lot ;
to purchas-,* thc following drscribed land* ���"ilu*11 I
in v. i ��: K.x��tenaydutrici:Coramenciiii:��t * P* I
pjaiiti*-! at Hi.Uti t orlttt's north eail ��� .truer |
p-isl xn.l marked A.J4* rf. W, Comei
easi 4*1 rdiains; thenc-e 4o chalm aonth. mor*. ot I
leaa to the Kootenay river; thence#n hain* a��t I
along   the   Kootmay   river;   lbence   l" ��� bain* 1
north,moeaor laaL to !h.  plaea of o men* |
noat, i oatnlalaf n�� acres moreor Ian.
.--.-pi ml*rr llth 1HJ6.
William Moore a> Ageni
Noilce Is !\.nd.y civ*-n that ft'days a Iter dati ��t I
inlcnd to apply l.> tlie Hon. Ihe Chief Coinn;'
���foaw ol l-ati.D and Works for nennisfioii w
mirehaae th�� bdloamg dacrflad land*- in m
Weal Kooteuay dtstrt-t- Itcginniiig al -l p**"
marked ���< 1>. iudt and li H. iP��H. E.corner pt*
gboat 1 miles east ol the Salmon river anl alma
*, mile ttom the IVud d'Oreille river; tin tin ��
enalna north: thenee 40 chains wesi; tbeti-el
cliain-. south: lbence lOcbain* cast lo plan
' ��� -::i'ii;   e.
Datod the i!ud dav of depletnber, 1����-
t.   IMlILl
Ii iin i,
R. M   KkkvBk, Agent.
; .'.*��' I
Noiii-e Is her��t.> given that on dat* atl
Ultoad b'apply lo the Honorable the ' I
iiiissioiu-i of land*- and Works for pern
pnr. baae the lolbwing d--.rrlbrd laid
Koolenay Diciri.t nInmiI Hi milea wui'.'
ton City : .*.inn;i. nciiij; at a |*��t plant*
ea��t l-arik ..f Trout cnek and mark.-l l
tn* w * , I'.-i and ruiiLingaouth **���
ihence eaal tD chatna; tt#B0a north n
tbenrv aval Bi halaa lotha place of ���������
ui'tii, couuimng ft*) acres, mor** ni U *���
Dated Ihfei Bad daj ol oagart, I ������
W  H   IU>trtT-.\ A
Notice is hereby gtren that 60 dav* ai:
im.ud to apiiiv io the Hon chief Comn
Ol land* and Works  for permilllon b��
the following dew-ribed Und**, gtlnat.
���Cnotaoay dlaiiici: i ommenclng at a i-
ad "BRW8, B ...rner." plantodoa lb*
I>*w..r   Arrow   lake,  about  one   mil-
Oordon crook (John��t-��n creek.) then. ���
cbaios,  llienee w����t 20 chains, then* <
chain*, thanee east so chcins to [-���
m*-ii' <ment. containing* I'M) acres m- '
and comprising at-andoiieil pre-empt:������:
ri'ik. d this '.lib day of Attstut. UU
B. K. Wo.
A. N. WOl.V-M-TON. At."
Notice || hereby trheii tbat sit ty day- fl
I intend toatiply tothcllon Ch-0fl
of lauds it ml W Otkl for u-rmlialmi to i
the lollowlng dcscrilsd 'an.Is, atari I tit: ��
planted on the Nortii West corner of I
th.tice running  iiraat) ohaini (hmth
twenty chnins woat, tbence lortTchai"*
thence twenty chain** East, thtneeta
s.uth to pnt iu of romiHencemrnt, an-' '
iug ftt) acrei more oi lea*.
pLoarxcl H: ���
W.J. IttH
Dated tbe lat day of Octm-er, l��>
Notice ls her by glren lhat W days in*"
iniend to apply to the Honorable Ihe Cbli
mlssloner of Ui.-i- and Work*, lor nerntH
nurchuse the following described landi.
in tne district of Wml Kootonay. ad Jo
7��on the weal nrm of Koolenay lal. ��
cmg at the initial poal placed at th. -1"
forner Ol 1-ot ?*���, tbenee north JDchani-
w.-t J. cbains, tbence fsoulb '* chain-
east J' chains to point of rommencemt
In-'."'. AUg. rub, 1WU6. iAML* I f'
i in lb* I
.: mtrt-1
oitxet [
������' ���ss I
, So. (* I
I a *.>������ I
ih.*of* I
N.srth I
: lail* I
i .late 11
��� linstfl The Daily Canadian
*or Unpaid Dellntiuent Tuxea in the Nelaon Aaaeaament Dlatrlct, Province
of British Columbia*
I Hereby give notice- tbat nn Krld.iy, lbe twelfth doy of October, A. 1)��� 1006, at lbe hour of twelve o'clock noon, at the Court Ilotue, Nelson,
i -hall offer for sak* by public auoUou the landi baraluafUr set oat of Uu penani in -mid hm beniaiitu act out, lor tbe daUnquent taxes unpaid
j,l |K-rioQiMOQ the tblrly-lirHt dayol Ht'ccuila*r,)tt)f), uud for liit-ri'M.cost''nud exjNWfM- including .cost ol ndv-rtlaliiif Mid  sale, if thc total
ml iluo in liol lOOOOT paid:
-tiiut. IM     	
> l-.il	
Illiifidallii-. Kd	
K,   Hnlla        	
I r. VV 	
liny, lileu M 	
rfnge, Unix* 	
trough, Itaebol M     	
alKhl. Han> 	
.Conrad* Devault.J. F	
Tii i ."ii. Oscar	
firm, Charlei   	
nradi Miuei, Linittcd	
niiiii Kuj-li- U. M. CO
iilhur. Win ...
idfiHit, KrHkiuc. 	
.1,1.1.1 M -. Limited.
j. i.ji- . *i ���*. enui Co	
tt,   Arthur	
ill'llllHl. J	
m    .A. II 	
IU acres III Itloek lfi, I,���iM,',i.  J.,
MliKk 1, Lot Ml. U, I., -Waert-a	
MIockiJT, at, *_9, Lol Ms, ii L, ift) acres..
BlootT.totni.a i ,2aem	
ItliHk fl, i.t.t ��'.i.. a, I., m acrei
Block ll, Lot hW, u. i., b,46aeroi, ..
Hioek 19, Lol tit, 0, !.   .o ai-re*
(QO aorei in Boo. * and tt, To, lu,andSw iil.Tn. i_a, LotUtt.G I
1 acre in Section h, To h, Ud iu��7, ii. I
VtMeetet In Hoetoa tt, Tp. wi, Lot i-ffl�� a, 1
.'> acre*, lu Koiiluii mi,'I'o, ,u;, |/,- ������.itn,*;   I
i.oi aorei In BectlonT.Tp, n, l.ot ijij.k. i
IH.70 acres in Hectlon T,, at, U.. ;u, T. 17. Uu. UU, a. I	
ta.lteertt in Bectlon fl,Tp. \i. Lot UM2.G.1	
m jxi acrcn iu Button 3D, Tp. 17, Uii 1212
GJ I* acrea In HertiniiK-.Tp  81, Ul UU, (i. I	
.7 'UiHcrcH |u BeoilOO 82 Tp. Ot Ul lrl:i,ii. I	
r.Maereifci Section 80,Tp :w. i-��t mi, r, j	
UMeetee In Bectlon 19and 80, Tp to, Lol IH4, <; i	
.ti tioerott in Hcctioii as, Tp ai, ihtmti, (i I	
7liii.cn*-** in Ut MM, ll. I        	
Itvfret tu Un 690, G, i
Hiixk H, i...i '.!:i.u  I.,6aerea.
Lot 281��. a  1 , iMacree..
I'url LotHtt-Q   I., fio neres.. ....
u aorei in Lot MR. ki	
h ui
;io hi
H On
fi -Ml
a Ml
4 (II
0 ift
3 76
;t so
s WI
:t ui
Coeti mid
1 9 IKl
12 HO
2 tW
3:1. tn
'J 00
2 00
(i ai
_ 00
fi ia
2 00
2 UO
8 7U
���I OU
M to
'J no
. 00
8 oo
2 00
2 Ml
fi lfi
4 15
���1 00
2 OU
Dated nt Kelioui �� 0., una oth day of September- loot;.
Colieotor, Kelion Assessment Dlitrlet,
Residence for Sale.
trice $1,000
TiTllISS  .ITsO  (IllHll
hlihiltss- monthly ],HVIISI Ill's
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and .1 large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD.
I 'ire   111 ttl   A -_. -_ l-Jtiiit
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenny Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest eateblished R.sul Emm.
lttisiiiisHis in Kooti-uiiy.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
ol the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colambi*.
��� Cau sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
P. Burns <& Co.
|l-mi_<'li Marki-U iu   RoMfcad,   Trail,   Nt-laon, KjuIo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocnn City.
piers by iiihII to Hiiv lirMiieh will have
���piers I.y iiihII to Rliv branch \
mt prompt ami annual iitiemii
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Bgf _ $-#_ps$
I ��ii
The Musical Treat of the Season I m
I The Chicago
I Philharmonic
1 Concert and
I Orchestra Co.
October \ 2th
1 Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Club
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of  I'hiv
I.. .UliMli    Oi>orJ.H
Jno. T. Pierre
Wo have recently necured an option
from the creditor* of the J. B. R..
Muni-op pub. Co., bankrupt, of Han
Kra/nciBoo, for a limUed number of aets
uf the reference works, consisting of
(he "New Americanized EncycIo|>ocdiu
Brltannlca." "Library of Oratory, Art,
Literature, Science and Natural History," and many of th�� beat English,.
French and American author*, Shakespeare, Scott, Dickens, Carlyle, Macaul-
ay, eLc., etc.
These are all ilmited, de luxe editions, bound in substantial leather
bindings. We are fn a position lo offer these works at less than half the
publisher's price.
If Interested, telephone B 81, and we
will send samples.. The sale of this
stock positively closes Saturday, October 13.
Government Will Not Permit Lands to
Be  Tied  Up.
Kredericton, N. U., Oct. 11.���The
newly organized New Brunswick fish
and game club, which promises to Ue
up lf700,000 acres of land in Victoria
and Madawaska counties, will not be
able tu exclude the general public from
the eujoyment of hunting rights on
their laud, if the government of New
Brtmswiok can prevent it.
Premier Tweedie says that the underbuilding was that tbe general public wub to be excluded from hunting
ou such lands. The feeling has beeu
strongly expressed that such action
would be detrimental to the public interest, and tlie acting surveyor-general
was Instructed to lurorm the company
lhal such aclou as they propose will
be luuked upon with great disfavor by
the government and legislature.
So far as burning rights are concerned, the wild lands of the province,
whether owned by private individuals
or by lbe Crown, should be all in the
gams position in regard to the hunting
und taking of game.
Tenders efldresnd to fhe nndemgnod, si bis
offloe In tlit* Cotui il.ni*��, in lbeClqr of Kelson,
will I*** reeeived nn till ilu liourof five o'clock in
no nn-rii....ii ,.f Moil-In)-, October l..lh, IWfi, lor
tlie purchase ol tlie "Blue bed Nellie" Mineral
t'lEitii, Lot2086, whiiii iru aedered forfeited to
the crown ut Un*'I'iix -���.:<��� bel-1 In tlie City of
Nelnoii on the tth day o( November, P*X, for delinquent luxe* up till June ttvb, UW, und OOSlS.
Tbi uj.v, i ii rlre ii|.iin tbe huid uiluenil , hum,
wbich inctiiden tbe amount of d��� ���!111��� ��� u.-111 taxeh
and OOStS At Die time of forfeiture, wltb Inti-reid;
luxe* wlilcb have siuce accrue*.; and fet- (or
crown trrmit, i> *.���_.(��.'., which Ic lhe leant amount
tbat will be Conrdden-d tkf a lender.
Each tender niliNt  be accompanied  hy an  accepted clieone, (myahlc lo the order of tin- Pepn-
tv ComntlssionW'Of Landsand Work**, at par at
Victoria, H. V, , lor tbe amount tendered.
iMiviTUiiietit A(-etit,  NeKnii, H. 0.
Dated at Nelnoi). B, 0 . thin Ui h
��� lav nf S*-|.lciiil,rr. t'.MV
His 70th Birthday.
Illshop C. C. McCabe, oue of tlie
most widely known bishops of tlte
Methodist Eplscupal church, was born
at Athens, Ohio, Oct. 11, mu. He waa
educated at Ohio Wesleyun University,
and entered the Ohio Coferenco of llie
M. E. church in i860. The most adventurous part of his career was his
work as a Federal chaplain during the
civil war. He was captured, at Winchester and suffered a term of confinement in l_lbby prison. After the
war he became pastor al Portsmouth,
Ohio, und financial agent of Wesley an
university, his alma mater. His work
In obtaining money for Uie university
attracted tlie attention of tbe newly
funned Church Extension Society,
which enlisted him as assistant secretary. In 1884, at a critical period in
the existence of the Methodist Missionary Society, he undertook the secretaryship of that important organization. During his long connection with
these two societies, Dr. McCabe's work
has made hlm famous throughout the
Christian world. Millions of dollars
have been raised and expended under
his uuBpiees. His voice has been heard
in more hamlets, villages, towns and
cities than that uf any other living
Notice if lierehv Riven that, thirty diivn after
date. I intend to apply to the Honorable Die
t'liicf Comniltwioiier of Landi* and Worku for a
t-ncctu! license to cut ami curry away tlm Iht from
lbe followiiiK described land*-, *Etnau- lti llie
Wesl Kootenty district;
<'���.miiit'iiriti-.* nl a po-! marked l-'red Atkinson'!
in it i!. i�� --si eorner pnst, planted about one mile
can of Upper  Arrow lake and joiniiiR [lit8981
thei  OUt "���" chain*,  Iheiioe *otith (Kl ehulns,
Ihenoe West W chalna. ihenee north 80chains lo
point of com meneement
Dated thin -Itb dav of October. UM,
PSBD. Atkinson,
I'llA*.     iHl
Take noilce lhat :��l days aller date wc- Inlctiil
iiiaklliK appliealioti lo tbe Honorable the Qhiot
i oitimif-n.m i ni Lands and Worka for a spi-ciul
lieeiiw to cnl and carry away timber from the
following described laud*; ComiiicncliiK at h
pi is i near lhe r-oiilhcaat corner of the i. .. s
Katlway, l..-t K20. riiiinin*; lbence nortb IW
chain*: tlience cast 40 chains; tbenee south Hi"
chains; thenee Wtti 40ohelni to polnl of commencement
Dated, September wtii, iwki.
W-lTTHBl'RH   1,1'MtlJ.ll  C-HriNV,
1'itMKi ti'iimkv, Agent
This Date In  History���October 11���
1702���Battle of Vigo.
1797���Battle of Campcrdown.
18G1���Confederate steamer Theodore
escaped from Charleston, S. C, with
Mason and Slidell on board.
1873���Ex-Senator Pomeroy shot by
ex-Congressman Conway in Washington,
1884���Parliament building in Quebec wrecked  by dynamite.
1894���Wiju captured by Japanese.
1899���Transvaal war begun.
1904���United States battleship
launched at Math.
To Promote Irrigation. -
Hood Uiver, Ore., Oct. 11.���In compliance with the call issued by President Stephen A. Lowell the members
of the Oregon Irrigation association assembled here today for their fourth
annual convention. During the
two days' sessions the meeting will
discuss irrigation conditions in all
parts of the state and also the need of
adequate state leislation for the regulation n<nd control of the irrigating
Maker Mt.
NelMon, 13. C.
Notice is hereby Klveli lhat BOdBTfl alter date 1
intend to appU to the Hon, the Thief toinmis
sinner of J.iin.i*- and Works for s Bpeo'sJ liicuce
to cot and carry u�� ny timber fnnn the followInt
described lands, siiuuie m Wosl Koolenaydli
lml : ComtneQCini til a post en Kohlnson creek,
lime <|iiurter�� of n mile northwest of Urdier's
pre-empt (mi, tht-liee west *������" ��� li -   (b>>liee north
bv i'Iiuki". then) ist hii chain*, thenee sonib ho
chains lo p int of coinmcncemcnt,
bnos-ted Jniy teth, HOB,
<lKo   IIimi_ii-m\   Ijicutiir.
Peace in the Harem.
Paris, Oct. 11.���It is learned from a
competent source thnt there fs not the
slightest foundation tor the report cir-
oulated by the Petil Parisleo yesterday in a despatch from Constantinople
lo the effect that the sultan is suffer
Ing from wounds lufllcled by an Inmate of tin* harem.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Koomi are well furoiihed.  Table ss good ss any
in Nelson.     Bar lupplled with good
Uouors and otnrs.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
1-roper.n sud Am*rlc__ Vl.rt
Ht-li'_ cli.   Boomi Irom 28 cu. to 11
Only Wlille Htlp ImrloTs-.
B��_ei HI.. NsglKD ProprlslOfS
b   and
INI il-SON,   I., e.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar I. the Ftuinst.
White Help Only Kmplored.
ioeephlne Bt
The Big Schooner T^       |A
Or -Hill and H_lf    DCCr    lULe
The ouly Glass of Oood Beer iu -sTelson.
Hist") ai isissxilisisuss, (s.-1'ssiisl 1s, SOUS ill Uril
Issls I'sslllluhlH. Kmi,- ��l s.i i-t .|Hy. S|m-cSk] rssls-ss
lis monthly -o-rders. (Inly lusine hotel lu Nel.ou
Lake View Hotel
��.orn*r Hall and Vernon,
two lii-H-k*. from wharf.
Katei *i .ixi per day and up.
&&SS.5.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. KKIOKSON, Proprietor.
Carry a complete itock of Foreign Wlnei, Beer, Llqtiora
and Liqueon, aod Canadian Wines aud wblskie*.
You can bay ONI botlte Port, Hhvrry, Claret, Brandy, ��ln, Kutn, Bye, Bcotcb.
Aleoretout, or any lnvreand quantity you desire.    Por family tint- try our
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Centrally LocaUkl. Open Day and NlgbL
Sample and Bath Koomi Fi*ee.
Opposite Coort House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ind Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. O.
Lighted by Klectricitsr ud
Heated by Hot Air
I mil" end Comlortmble Bedroom, end Klret-
els,.. T'iiilng Eoom.   Hemple Rssom. lor Commer-
HBB. I. C. CLARK-,  Proprietress
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Fines.! in the
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rales $1 and ���1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Reirular Boarders.
Whoh'Hiilt* nud Kt'lall Draleni In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiirnjw Kiipplti-d un HhorUwt notiri' aud
lowest priou. Nothing but fresh and
wlicilrwmie innatHQud nupph-H kept in ->t-��ck
Mail orders reoeive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contni^tor' nnd
Koli-HK.-iil lor llir Porto Rim Lumber Co , Ltd.,
n-lrill yiinh. Knii(tli ttml 'In-suil liinibcr, turn.'.I
wnrk and t-rarkt'U, ('uh>.1 lalli mid ��� liiiich-*., -i^li
and door*. Ci-ini'iH, brick and lime for half
A iildiiiatlr grinder.
Yard and lai-lory: Vernon Ht.. rust olllall,
MULHors. it. O.
P. O. Box BBS, Tcl-plioiio 17H.
West Transfer Co.
Goneral Teamsters antl Dealers in
Goal and Woo i.   Kxpresa and
Baggage Transfer
K"&_  Office: Baker St.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ANHEUSER     ���AND ^ original
BUSCH...       Bttdwdser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in*?
NELSON      ���"- Ar*SK.,S.{,.-_fH"-H    VICTORIA
for Kooteuay Landing, Muiu Line Oon-
nut'tion Crow's Nest Route
for Kaslo and Intermediate Points
to Lardo and Trout Lake.
For time tableB, rates, berth reservations for boats, standard or tourist
sleeiiers, apply to local agents or write.
A.is.l'.(..Vein-liver. D.P.A.. Nelron
SK..I.KH tknukws, properly lodorwd, will !���<���
KlinJYed  bv  I )m    ninlfrMiiiif.l n|i in ttii'l in
--hidiug MoDituy. (lie tlfiii'iiifi Oetofwrneit, fnr
Ilu' i-rcrtloQ untl coinlilflloli of ti Court Hhum.' r1
N.-Noii, H, V.
I'i tiwlii^s, N|i..i*iiiciii inns mi'f iiiiiililliiiiv of (fuller mnl foiitrai-l   limv   !�����   hvii ut   tin*  PuliIH'
Woru Btulneer*! <���*���������*, Vii-ioiia, ti.v, uud Ht
tlii' oltli i> of IV.* ��� Mivi-riitiii'iil A ([i'i! I, N ���'] mh i, B ('.,
on Hint t*(li*r thi- Mtli St> pi eni Iht next.
I'.nrli   ninltr   must   be   iti-.*niii|>Hiiii*'l   Willi   a
iunrk.'.l obeque for Uee ff') ix'r oont. uftliou-
iiiouiil of the U'lulci* lor tin- faltliftil jHTdinnaiH'i'
and oomplatlou of th�� work.
Tin* i*hi*i|iii*s ot uiisiii'i'i>->s[u1 ti'iulertTS will be
rctunii'il lo tin-in ou lln* i-xenitinu of tlie eon-
The loweFt or any teuder not iiw*cimarlly eo-
f;o uamrijc,
I'nl.lii* WorkN EiiKliirtr.
liaiiilHuiul WorkN l>(.-|mrtiii-.ut.
Vktiirla. K C.nt.i September, PM.
ThirtTiecond Aontu! Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Ho., Oct. 1.-19,190.
Round trip ral.-x to Ht. Louti
���ad ctiiciuo on Hale October
liili tu lath.
Bt. LoulH $60.00
Chicago if. 64*tt
Going irHtinit limit ten d��v��
(rom date uf Hale. Klual return
limit November auth, VAX.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
In effect October i.tli. 190C, on
���ale dally, limited to :i muntlii
from date of dale.
oh Angelen and Santa Barbara.   $ts*m
l'a��adena. t6.lt
sauta Monica.   U.3t
Riverside and Kan Uaruaroiiiu,.    jy,/#
B-MBuUU- 99.1t
For Further Information Apply tu
city Pawcnger Agent.
A ((. P. A.f Seattle.
Certificate of Improvements
"Bclip-ae No. '2,*' "Vevoy," "Happy Medium,"
"Internatiotml" and "A ta Fra-tional" mln-
������nil rluime, Hilnateil in Uu* Slnet.ii clly Mining
Dlvlniou ul Wi'M K.-'U'iiiiv dixtrlet.
Where luealed:���Nortb ol Twelve Mile creek,
nlii.ul two mill*- up.
Take notiee tluil J. II. K. Joraml, uf Hloean, ��.
CFree Mlner> erliffeatc No. B7M��W, a* ajtent
for L. A. Cole, Free Mluer'R Certificate No. h��K,:i-i,
Intend, tiUty dHjKfrom the date herfuf, Logpn y
tothe MluiuK iu'eotdiT for a I'ertifleate offm-
(Jrant of nald mineral i*l��Iiii--
Aiid further luk'i notiee that action, un er
Sfi-iuui ;", ni'" i lie comim-iu-ed l*��*(orc *htf Ituiu-
aticvof Niii'h CerttlleaU'of liiiprovfiiieiil*-.
Dated thin _��th day of Ht-ptfinber, imm.
,,   -���  _________         __ ���* Joa*Nn.
ruder and hy Virtue Of tin* power* of u)0 contained in a eerlalu ii!urtt[aKe whleh will be pro-
dm-ed at the time of sale, tliere will be offered
for ttale by public auetlon on Saturday thc *_Hth
day of October, IMH>, al the hour of 13 0'oloOJt
noun, nt the lli-n*! Huiiie, corner of Ward and
Vernon HtreetH. Nelwni, B. (' , hy MecnrN.('lmrlei-
A. Wiiti-iniHiiiV i'o.. tin* following property, vlx:
I-otamttnbeni Ilftecn (i:��j and nlxtceu (Hi), both
lu Ulock number ten ilu), lielng pari of Uie nub
dlviidon of Lot mint Iht ninety nix, (Irotip one,
In ihi* tlisirh't of Koolenay, IIHUhIi Columbia,
and knowu us the Hume addition to Nelson,
B. C, according lo a map or plan deposited In
the I .nnd llegiftry ofllee and ittimt-��red ���>�� B.
('nun the nald laud fs erecUil a large and coiu-
mwlloui dwelling houac in flrHt-claxH order, with
city water. Thla pn>|>erly in not far from the
biiHineHH portliui of the city.
Tuniifl and cond|tlunn made known at lhe lime
of Hale or In the meantime upon application to
MortgaKi'e'N Solicitor.
Dated at Nelson the 17lh day uf Sept. iihw.
Teiideni wilt be reeclve*! up to October 10,1W0,
for the con tlu nation of the Highlander iunuei
at AittiWorth, tlritlHh Columbia, for adlhtance
of i,uw (ni. luunelto be a croHKeut and seven
and one half by five and oue ball feet in the
clear. Thc tunnel tn now inK,B0y feet. Plpeatid
rails will be furulahed by the company. Air
power with 7f> lbs, preiumre available Contractu r�� biftdfng muxtgive Hatinfactory aiwurainH-n
of the comj.letion of coutracl, Bida may be fur
either hand or nmcliim* work. Full piriieulars
upmi apnllcatlou. Tbe lowest or any tender not
neec-warily accepted. Oruundmay lH-iitat>-iH*ted,
Address :
1. M. HtevenMin, Munairer.
Alnsworth, B.<:. 1-10
Vietoria, 1st October, 19C��.
IVrsoiis tntenllng to offer themselves at Ihe
examiualion, to he held Hits full, fur Provincial
Ansayerii, are ici|nested to notify thc undersign-
ed, and iu thu event ol a Mifllf-lent number offering, an examination will lm arranged tor at
Nelson, B. ('., hn welt ax at Victoria, B C.
Deputy Mlulalor ol Mluet The Daily Canadian
We a��e   -  -. l'.,' :- ���-: '      ���'���'������ "l  ---*'' ��"���= ; ��������� "'-  -���"��" *��" s-
.... ..   ,.  ...      _,,.   -. -..
OUR NECK Cm* '.5   - v.   :'-������.  -.- '���-.- I2_S  -; t: I'. SX j-.;
17JO     L-��_  Oc - C-i -t '-.-  H V.   .: ts  I:". X
We a.-e a *a,.t *-v�� -5 ic���es- -5  -*���-
��                                                .. .     *
I It. box        50c
12 Ii cox      30c
"                                       *
17        _��� ___
Book Ahead For
Preserving Pears
ns** dgfcf *t.:v: '..-'- RM
ia*r�� i Mm lorj of Irtrai B
1--. . r _������" .-;.*.
Bell Trading
Issssss*********** ********
f              ll     ,.         A
i_ Ll
���*������!��-       '
-S_i: F_Er****  J*S
���*^�� !p|w_ Ji
Coal and
Telephone 265
Something Nice 1
Something Tasty li
cts. a pound.
Joy's Cash Grocery!
O.r.  % .rsw,n nnd  Vv_r_  -��t .-t.��t����.
ftBUMOt*.   _.. C=.
:   .-...--_ KVM.-   -"r-.-.r.-v.r
-  - : Ha:-
4. sMe-
-     i.    S   VI'
���--is.   F*
-T      '.V
Vaneo-rer:      MUa    Boa-
BTH -1
.. I    -
.: ���   get*,    St.
-       ' Trill;   M.   J
������    - - -
.    Hn
.    A    ..'l.i      Revel-
J   E   PkM and   ��� ���     Porks;
Mra. I Hn O. Al>ard. (Carta
. O  Woodcock,   J     _a.-r^-,
I    ".   Bfoek   p.-.-.e.-V.ro    A   r
���     ���  .    T. J. Gratam. Caacade;
B*.  H   Haa-Woo, Greenwood.
--    ������'.'   A   P��T-
.'�����-/.   Grand
:..;--?,   P    War-
:...    .*.".   P-ter,
P., Harris. Rock_ord:   I:.
���-wi      G.    B     Burnet
too    '-. II     K     Sinythe.    Gas
- s.rao.
'���>���-.- Hoeaa    O.   Mo-roe,   W
f'razer. Bouatatum; J. Harper, Arling-
ts.n mine.
8   II. Modrtc. Cranbrook; R. Harris-
!-.._;.    r.'.igary,     B.   Holden,     L*l_-
R. Williams,   George   McC'or-
nttek, Winnipeg.
8   Hntlwi,    Sandon;    J     C-Uges,
<?    B   li   .Soiiti, Grand  Fork-..
Wallace^  Orottitrood;   John   Kyle.
B    Ho��-|<-.   Bunt   Basin.   A.   Smith.
Blocan     j    C    Biggs, RttxTllle;    M.
man   0.   W.   Bland,  Vancouver;
Mra, Ijssiman. Kokanee.
A   MelVinald. Greenwood;  J. H.  Me
W. Ifillier. Cnfton:  S. A. rjiwmn,
id Ms    �������.       |--.���r.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preterving Timber,
Roofing Bitch and
Bout Bniklsa will lind it to their ad-
vantiiiri- to iiw, onr Piteh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A. McDonald SCO,
Dealer* in .taple and fancy Orfx-s^ri.-s.
I'.'s"-r   Kirn.
Catrsp and Mins-nt' Supplies.
Potter & Cummings
Vs MKN, .1 ones, for t..,rk lr, tt,t .<*At.   AuV'.r
to V.   V.  i ...k,  ,..,-.,.   K^ si
I.tlsv n-EXOOKAPHEl lo, m
s.s^l Iss.m- wub .myl'ry.r; l.t.ti,     Avth
,*,. w , ' .�����-uf, ���fft,.
���-  hnAi Ratfc
hi  BU
m HOEfaMri ;_tmb t_tw
:.i : ._.- .v ���-.:
7:-        - .-.:
1   .UlfrfrM
t . ��� . ��� i      :     * -.,
'.--   '  - _��� -
BL'flHMJSH  MW H��r�� ..��_-. ly*
aliKi K&(lnv��*r     W-ittci/r^K  L
< rmnbfoot, ���>. i
Apply lx��x C13.
.-   .     ilneton,
^imiK-r CO    ft-,��r
j IIO.    fit**   f-biMren.
-     -        .". C2-Z .*-..       ���    __ __  '
Ti* poeyteromtd metia* of Ehc biiani
o_ awiaorji _fuaxiri��u l* beiJig *_te_d ta tfte
..   tile t^cretsiry.    Dr-    .-
tk!_i aftcriiooiL   Beside* U7t__g_>c for
joarrf  i- -  '-   '.-omUer
���.   -   -
Eke iwbfie acfcool  *'^'f _ai  ap-
profit a iacc#aaoT.   Xiaa Sbrap<c_*i haj
bee�� on dbe ata.'f sinw A^wt, 1W3
:   :   ^    ?   K   .or-rsii-i
a- Prry.-r-   n.  W;i3 Rath a. Wilmo..
'      ta*n&   B_ng   *���?:���. married
i        .r    Oetdbef    I ,   tf
eaoay wu pt
rirT    R.    Xevton   POWCfl   of   til*.
Mr. and
Kn 0 petesd are Mttirca of the rii-
Ur^ ��(  M>ior, Cornwall, and  ae cbil-
���   ���    -
Kh'-   Jic_*r*s Tamer, Lbe firs': pastor
tf   ���:.-    "-M^fifff-I  churcn. ia     in     the
I i-.-v   an.  Hn  Pwr-
eli.    Tn tiie early days of British Co-
I  Fiev. Jamen Turner "blaz<->d the
��� I .      __r    the      Me'hodist      charch
- .        -'of  this  opper  country.
klr   rmer vQ  t��e   present    at    the
prxjtt      meeting    at    the    Metbodi=t
church thiis erening ar 5 o'clock.
At pn ..   .-clock to-day George
Fleming,   'he   Fairriew   politician,   cut
.-. that bound his famous wind-
M;nnehaha," and in a mo-
men' tne *heei Dev round and the
pump started work, pouring forth a
torrent of water. Thus Mr. Fleming
has solved the irrigation problem and
-2ed the nucleus of a waterworks system that may before long
render the enterprising citizens of
Fairview in dependent of the monopoly in water now held by the corpora-
Uon of the city of Nelson.
The general meting of the Nelson
branch of the Anti-Tuberculosis society has been postponed for one week
from tomorrow, as Dr. Arthur and several other members will probably be
���^riga-.ed at the courthouse. In the
meantime, all societies are Mked to
appoint delegates. If any society has
no meting in the interval, tbe president and secretary are asked to act.
The city clergy are requested to call
attention to the meeting on Sunday.
All others who sympathize with the
aim of the society are cordially invited to attend.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clf-ar out thi* line
we an* redwing th* price to
Mb. Wc only have h limited
ijuamity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Block , Phone 10
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Here's a Snap on
2 Dozen in Case at      For Fall Planting for
S2.00 per Case. Home and Garden
fVih" ��� Tf-_s_iiiir.i1 n���nti rj      if jtv_ want to
,r-*t ta cwriei ttttWj,
C. A. Benedict
Ccrwn Sffiea u. .o*=jh._. S_
PHO>E   7.
Otw Hobday stock of Ould-
ren's and Misses'
HANDBAGS    Canada Drug & Book Co's
m arrived and wc are iii;,ias-
i-_ then In oar wind-* tn? a ttm dars.
Tt-;   -re the sjasr. -   ,f the
'..i* w^ have 0Wf - n
Stop and Take a Look
Fer Leacers we iho* Pu-*es at 10c.
15c. 20c and 25c. Hand Bags at 50c.
75c and 11.00.
...Cash Stores....
Yak-Kooteaay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
&. Poultry Co., Ltd.
W. G* Thomson
��^��__* "* Kelson, B. C.
Phone .^-��.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to bur or 6'1I any-hing,
go to the Old Curiosi'y Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. Al!
feinds of Dinnerware in stock. Prt-
Deliv-ri-< made dniir thron^hont Nelson
ansl it. .ubnrbti. ' Phone I+S.
Swiss       ^h
Cfeam    THE
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
Telephone 161.
The October meeting of the Nelson
I nlverstty club will be held In Ihe
club parlors Saturday evening at S
o'clock. A further report will be pi*
sented by the university committee.
A par.er will be read on "The Kvlls of
National Prosperity:' In addition to
club members all graduates or imder-
-railuatcs in the city, and any others
who are Interested, are cordially invited.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours late.
Blocan train���Half hour late,
."oast,  Houndarv and  Hos-land  train
How   About    Your
Guns and
We hav.* Kley's. Kyuock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
KyDfxk'.i. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives. Wading, Belts,
Coats. Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Hox 631       Nelson, B. C.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Dom-stic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Tburnuri. Sp.(|_| HIiIuk?
lot You
Is your daughter growing up without musical training?
What effect will tlie loss of tho
present golden slays have on her  future!
Ar, you doing your duty in saying
"next year" every Um,, ynilr family
wishes for a  piano?
Very Easy Terms
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Houses for Sale!
Can sell you one at a very low price, if you buy quickly,
Come and see us about tbese.
Phone 2��-4.
Box Al.
Watches! Watches!
We are H��adijxurtet- for the Pj_t
American Wa'che- manufactured we
are  making ererr  effort to meet the
requirement* of railroad men..
J. J. WALKER, <EWESP^?.��SC"��
UAsrT.nrkiK* or ihi i_.iw.oh;:
Repairing ind Jobbing i Specialty
Shfs^tmetal Work. Carting*. BniWers' Material and Mining and Mill Machini rr
Office and Worts Foso* of Park St.
Phun-0   _.*>-*.
N��|JMH1,    fi.  (J,
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R.A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
___h_*__m_Um fJruvi*��iona,
Products, - Fruit.
Dominion _OTern_ect <'rvnmerr Un.- tMtai BtUkt rw^irHl weeklj fn��li
from the rhnm.    For _��]��� br all lesadinjr erocen.
Office and warehon.ie i Ho*_ ton Blork.   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
la your furnace in ihape to _urt tne winter with?    If   not   NOW
It the time to have it repaired.
I H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not ia shape
by October 1st, 1906.
R-spnlrinit ��"U Juhhlnn _��__utcj .% Itn ���_____���_*���     <_h_,_,t m_i���i
Work. Mini,,,,m2S3 Mill A1__r,iAiV> '   V.*7.'"u.��_,u^-^
Or�� n���, u. kt.  fimi.i-Tuima' omrm.
NELSON,    B.  C.
We WiU Sell
500 International Coal
tO Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 I'-2c
McDettoid & McHardv
i Just Arrived!
A large consiKii-
nicut of
AU .<i/.i>s ud Ltnreri I*rii-.
W*39f&lr SL^^JK-kMVC-kiAc^ta? (_f____r.��-_n.    __
HANUFACTURHS Umber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Hr��cket��. Mail Order, promptly attend, d t
-   ���Nl.l.ilO.'N. H. O.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
n.?n.C*!!,e,Wec���,^n0, procure ��� b����'"-.  ������*'<l*'g  in<�� 'c
ount  design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
���m B&*"��v<o'


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