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The Daily Canadian Oct 24, 1907

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Array Wl< I*t III -
Halcyon Mthla \S:ii.-r.
Halcyon Ltthla Dinger Ale
Halcyon Uthla Dinger Ban*.
Halcyon Llthla   Lemon Bour.
��� i,,*.'       pur"   carbonate-   Hal-
"*" .,-.,��� wuier.   S.il'l at nil li.rt.-lH
��lye Qailn ttk
VOI-UMR  2.     NO.   121
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
SO CUNTS A  -v-oivri*.
Fiptt Cents a month
fur Libel Leads to
[out Von Holtk. Boasted That the
Kaiser Learned Only What
He Permitted.
ire     .1    The    libel    action
Lioa-nl   b)   r,, r,, rn   Cotmt   Kulo  Von
jr imlllan llard.ru, ed-
r��� , ,rn   bara  yes-
i. ,,    is   uu Intimate
t . Philip   '/Al   Kill, rr!>.-ni
fi  ,,r,,i   to   Vienna,
. man "i  ill" pi.rs.-nt chief of
|t .-.,1    --raff,    I.I, ir.-uuiii gin,ial
Von    Moltkc. and  ol
I- tbe  iiroviui'a  ol   Kur-i
I I :    LTlch   Von   Moiukt*.    The
|- ata ii.ipbawa ��r the
; man hall   Von  Muntko
i r Novembar to assert
|- ��� /..i Eulenberg was the head
< our! thai   sought  to In*
: emperor. z
nberg, Connl Kuno Von
I eneralI ,,rrin   William  V���n
I in.   ,,i  tbe emperor. u.ijut-
ut: -  sen   mentioned    l.y     Hardcu  aa
I-' so-called Caramat-1  or
I lil. , anrl ht fin lh.-r alleges that
l.lrituallita and of ___ur___
|| i   habits.     After tha
|rl,rk ,,[ ts,,   court  had   read   Her llur-
I*,* ariui- - ,,n ih,.- subject the d.-fen-
1 i    have    followed i*olltical
���  in my articles, and In no do-
J been    compelled    to mention
I -   n   MolLke's  nain,'.     1   did   not
...,,|  iiractlced dlsgracerul vies.
lbo*. said ilrrrr he ..as abnormal ln teni-
I , ���     Von     Mullki-     had
I nco Emperor's William's
] ' often in it sense con-
I" the view, of his cntiKtilutlotiul
I* >i. r Harden declined to with*
'   hail  written, but nd*
I ���      thai he had twice been
| fu    in Ulti i,, tin, sovereign.
i   >   six  months] und  that  he
j ltd nl-, i���, l; i,,,, ,| ��� ,Br_| limes for Ihe
lami. offense     Harden aald he did not
I rr Mi,like of criminal acta, but
[  nl. hip with Prince
1' l>urg as erratic in diameter, for
Mlff. h,- said, hn.l once pressed
I andki rchlef to his lips au.l
I'hlle.    an,I  In  writing
*     Iririi   hail   made   i    of "the
j *      aoul."    and    "my  beloved."
! Elb, the divorced wife of Kuno
wMoltke, testined to the apltbeUtbat
:: ��� i bu band applied to married
���-1"   then di   erlbed   the  handker-
��� ol   which, she said, she saw
''* "��� ���'" *a ai - nl room, HeferrltiK to liei
i    Von Klli said she had ask
j ���* Von Moltke, 'What will Ilia Mnjesly
I !    '     " ��� 1....i.-.---*    To Ibis <|iiestlon
i-d "His Majesty only herns
"�� I" ) know." These wolds
' "' ���' ��� !l ai    , nsaiioii lu  the court
and r-ontinued to awing Ihe breech ofthe
Kun. The breech closed on his huu.l
lia.lly IBMIgHlH It, and cleanly Butting
off the first linger which fell Into the
grooves und cauaed the closing mechanism to clog. The sailor at the breech of
the gun fainted when he had discovered
what lie had done and what he had narrowly escaped. If the breech hud been
closed It Is likely that every man In the
turret would have been killed
Clergy and Laity of Denomination Meet
in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Pa.. Oct. 24.���Nearly 2.-
000 ministers and laymen of the Universalis! (-hur.rh are ln Philadelphia to attend the biennial session of the general
assembly of that denomination. The
formal opening took place today ln the
Chore, of the Restoration and It will be
the middle of next week before the proceedings come to an end.
The imiKirtance of the business before the convention has resulted in au
uiiusuully large and representative attendance The ministers' meeting which
has become a feature of the convention
will occupy one day. the general theme
lielng "Religious Education" of the individual through Juvenile organization,
the Sunday school, the press, the pulpit and church membership One day
has been set aside for the Wonin's Missionary Association, and the convention
p**opat   will   last   five   day-B.
The chief themes for discussion and
action at the convention will be "Sup-
erintendency." which will In- re-endorsed; The Japan Mission." the policy of
which may be changed, making lt more
educational: "The Dearth of Ministers."
and the "Missionary Advance in the
South  aud  West."
Everybody Carries One in San Francisco
���Free Fight on Crowded
Street Car.
H"'"  m   b.-hj   of    Povvder   Threatened
American Battleahip.
*- York, ocl   24.��� Thai n turret ac-
**<��� "" board lhe U. 8. butlleshlp Con*
""'"' "'���"������I those on the Georgia
j,''  B""''"   I of lhe  D, S. big light
0���""**" *���"" averted l.y the presence
���""l mi.I heroism or Ueut, William
tt,,,'!" '""""'- has just   come to  light
""  "ummonlni of a board of
���-*a,'*'<- No* York naval yard.   Ac-
.    "Ji i" the story Lieut -fi-onim was
������ ,'|,1""'!'""1 "' """ ol   tho 8-Inch guns
,���.���'" ' '"""" ll ,     ig reoenl target
(OM,      ""    Now     I'-'K'and.     As   the
U     ' ennrge was tbruat Into the gun
i .,',',"'!""""""''"'' """ rroni " ���**u-11
     ' "' l,:i:' " 'Piantily of powder ha.I
sin',!,"'" '"""������ '"to the thronda Into
,, ,���    "' l""'*'*1'    lock    ,,r    (he  grin's
���CT,,  ,,   t"l"i*lllKthat   the aell.ru l.r tile
ls"lt" ll',','. ""   '"'''''l* l,"*k  '"-mc  would
'"'III,,,!'   I"'*'1'*1' h'Tore lhe block COIllll
.   ,' ���* '" explode as happened  ln-
""'I'lK-'l    ' ''"'""n Issued au order Ural
tin- iiiii,,''!!'1''' '""" m I'e srtnod ezoepl
"K-' irrrr,      .'.' W"" ('I|",I"K tho breech of
San Francisco, Oct. 24���As a result
of trouble over a transfer slip on a Polk
street car of the 1'nited Hallways, one
man was shot and killed, another so
seriously wounded thnt he probably will
die and two other men leas severely
The slain man was Charles Moss,
aged "14. a hod carrier.
The conductor or the car. B. IV Brown,
anil Motorluan B, A. I'urcell are al the
city prison and will bo charged with
The man who started the trouble, according to his own admission to the
police, was John Monger. He said that
when be paid his fare early on the trip
he hnd asked lhe conductor for a transfer. Bt-Wn was busy and told M,,iii;ei
to wait a while. Monger repeated his
request several limes and Ilrown fulled
to hand him the slip.
Finally Monger concluded Ilrown did
not Intend to give him the ticket and
struck out nt the conductor. The latter
dodged the blow and struck back at
Monger, striking him in the face and
knocking him down. All this disturbance happened on the rear platform,
where Monger had bean talking lo (lold-
sieln and Moss. These men say when
Monger wuh knocked down tha** sa'v
Brown   draw   li   rev.river   and   grappled
wiiii him io prevent him trom using it.
Bl*0Wn*l faee would Indicate that the
preventive tucuKuies included more
than seizure, for his countenance Is bat-
ler.d. bruised and cut. It was at the
juncture Ihut   shooting  conlincni-eil
At the slime time some one threw off
Ibe trolley pole and (he car came to a
standstill. Tho Btoppage of the car,
coupled with the noise In the rear, led
Motorinan I'urcell to believe tbat his
mute was In danger, and revolver In
hand, he pushed his way iliroiigh the
crowded  passengers.
Women and children were thrown into
a panic and a mad rush was made lo the
door. Woman trampled upon children
and windows were broken by tlie affrighted passengers.
Moss was lhe llrsl one to receive a
bullet,    lie wus shot in the abdomen
wllh a revolver held close lo his body,
lie sniggered rrom the platform and as
hu was going, it Is said, Ihe second bullet lhat pierced his lungs was llred at
blm. He walked a few fuel and fell to
lhe sldr'walk. dead. The shooting of tin-
Other men was dona In Ihe confusion ol
the scullllng and lighting.
One shot iunl bean n,'"d before Motor
mini i'urcell reached the rem- platform
and then shot after shot followed 111
quick succession. When Purcell was
scinched ul the police station a revolver
was round on his person. Throe chum
hers were empty and (ho barrel was
powder stained. Ilrown told a story <>r
seir defenco In protecting himself.
Kuerwcln,   who   was   fatally   shot.   Is
said lo have been In the group that engaged In the fight wllh Ilrown.
7|J 2 etuoln Bhrdlu cmfwyp vbgkiij uu
New York Financiers Are
But Declare That It Is Only Measure
of Precaution���Stock Market
Slightly Higher.
New York. Oct. 24.���A!] the overnight
developments fn the financial-- Hituation
wen* reassuring. The aeries of conferences last night -lartlripate-l In hy Secretary C'jrLelyou, .1. Pierpont Morgan,
John A. S'ewart, James Stillman, and
oiher representative banker's and men
of affairs, resulted In au agreement ln
the opinion that the hanking situation is
well In hand ami ihat with the government de)>oslts to Im* made hy Secretary
Cortelyou today, theie will not only be
enough cash on hand, but more even
than might be needed to meet safely any
As early as six o'clock little knots of
i.��-i-*.i.iik have gathered in front of the
company's mafn hanking house in Wall
Street and by eight o'clock their number
had heen augmented until ahout 150
were in line. At the company's branch
at Hroadway and Ann streets there were
50 or 75 persons in line at 8 o'clock.
One o'clock prices on the London exchange showed considerable strength
among american securities. Union Pacific was up to 2%; B. & O., %; Atcheson.
2*4; Southern Pacific 2: Amalgamated
Copper, 1; V. S. Steel and Southern
Hallway, %. and Erie. ���%.
1,500 per-jons in line In front of the
trust company of America's main office
in Wall street wafting for the opening of
business. The Twelfth Ward bank today suspended payment to depositors.
A state hank examiner will be placed in
Chicago. The Empire City Savings
Hank, located at 231 west 125th Btreet,
posted a notice this morning announcing its suspension for thirty days under
the banking lawn. The officials of the
hank declare that the Institution Is entirely solvent hut that they decided to
avail themselves of the thirty days'
notice of withdrawal under the state
law because they feared to ruu owing
to the suspension or payment by the
Hamilton and Twelfth Ward Banks, in
the same neighborhood.
New York, Oct. 24.���The stock market
opened strong and higher. The Trust
Company of America began payment to
Its depositors promptly at 10.
W. J. Holmes, surveyor, of Kaslo, was
In the city last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Dow have returned
from a holiday trip to the coast.
X. F. McNaught, of Sllverton. came
down last night and is at the Hume.
S. S. Fowler has gone to Northeast
Kooienay to visit properties in which he
is interested.
a. R. Hedley has left for the Golden
district in pursuit of his task of collecting mining statistics for the Dominion
Julius Wolff, an old timer of the Slocan. now resident at Hillcrest, arrived
last night with the body of his wife who
died there on Tuesday. Interment will
take place at New Denver.
Sultan.    Pretender   and    Raisuli    Have
Nothing   in   Common���Spain
Hampers France.
London. Oct. 24.���The financial writers express continued confidence today,
and the editorial writers do likewise,
ihat the Hrltlsh public will not be greatly affected by the financial crlsU ln the
(Jnltad States unless It should lead to
a drain of gold to New York and in
this connection there Is considerable
Interest as to whether or not the directors of the Hank of England will raise
the bank  rate of discount today.
The Malty Telegraph says editorially
that President Roosevelt's antitrust
campaign has done much to^ahattcr
conndence in the I'nited States. "The
l,resident's object is beyond reproach,"
the paper says, "but Is It absolutely ne-
csRary that the skv should be dragged
down ln order to catch the few larks the
president Is bent upon netting? Could
not the guilty parties be brought to book
wit-tOUt involving thousands of investors
In their punishment'.' We fear," the
Daily Telegraph says lu conclusion,
"thut the innocent will suffer more seriously than the guilty."
The Standard which reflects more the
general opinion, thinks that a crash
was inevitable sooner or later and that
Iho-fiction or the American government
did not more than precipitate It. This
paper says that probably President
Hoosevelt was Justified in saying that he
hud   "only turned lhe light on."
Pittsburg, Oct. 24.���At n meeting of
tbe members of the Pittsburg stock exchange, shortly alter 10 o'clock, lt was
decided not to re-open Ihe trxchnnge for
business  today.
New York, Oct. 24.���Tho Hamilton
Hank in West 125th street suspended
payment to depositors today. A noiice
on the doors this morning announced
thai lhe iiiink was solvent, but In justice
lo depositors payment has been suspended until public conllilence in banking ln-
. liimiiin:- was restored.
B, K. Thomas, who wus associated
with II. A. Heinz.) and Chas. W. Morse
In several banks and lliiaiiclal ventures,
wns rormerly president ol the Hamilton
llanw, but resigned alter the break in
United Copper slock which marked the
lio-ilutiln8 ol* the recent llnant'inl troubles
in this city. Orlando K. Thomas, brother
ol K. It. Thomas, also recently resigned
as a direclor, nnd Wm. R. Montgomery
was elected president. The hank has u
capital stock ol $200,000 and deposits or
about $7,000,000. The bank has four
bruuebea ln New York city.
At 9 a. m. this moral*-. It wus announced that the Hamilton Hank, which
has Its place or busluesa at 125th atreet,
had decided to suspend payment pending the complete restoration of Inibllc
coiilldcnce.     At !>.;!(!  there  were about
Tangier. Oct. 24.���The Casablanca expedition has cost France half a million
dollars up to date for the land operations alone, including the operations of
the French fleet in31oorish waters.
The exjiense totals $'15,000 iter day.
Spain's*>efusal to join France tn overstepping the terms of the Algecira's convention which has been actuated by her
abandonment of the projiosed combined
mission of the two nations envoys to
Sultan Abdul Ar-iz at Rabat has caused
general satisfaction in Morroco.
The long fast of Ramadan is telling on
the spirits of both the Sultans and the
two armies and real fighting before the
end of the month Is probable.
ln the meantime at Morrocco City.
Mulai llafid's hands are full. Powerful
factions there are clamoring for a holy
war which political leaders know would
be suicidal folly. Sixty women forming
part of Sultan Abdul Aziz's harem at
Fez have arrived at Rabat, which suggests that the Sultan has no immediate
Intentions against his brother and rival,
the Sultan of the South.
Another panic occurred at Mogador
yesterday owing to the local caid refusing to submit to the orders of Mulai
llatld, the third division of whose army
now* threatens lo occupy the city. An
attempt was made yesterday at Casablanca to embark Moorish troops there
on a French warship for transportation
lo Rabat, but owing to lhe heavy sea.
lhe effort was given up.
The hopes of the release of General
McLean seems to be hb far from realization as ever, no sooner do tbe Hrltlsh
authorities accept certain conditions
rii nn Raisuli proposes something fresh,
and the impression Is growing that the
bundit chief Is simply jeering at the
English Syndicate Invests
at Kenora
BUY MINE FOR $100,000
Saskatoon Decides to Form Canadian
Club���News of Dominion From
Ocean to Ocean.
Kenora, Oct. 24.���The Black Eagle Gold
Mine has recently been sold to an English syndicate for $100, 000. Returns
have been remarkably good and developments on a very large scale will be
started next spring. New machinery* has
been ordered for the treating of large
quantities  of ore.
Morden. Oct. 24.���The jury empanelled to try Lawrence Gowland charged
with the murder of Georgina Brown at
Killarney, brought in a verdict of guilty.
.Judge H. Hippen sentenced the prisoner to be banged on December Llth.
Winnipeg. Oct. 24.���Speaker Johnson,
chief commissioner of the legislature is
still in bad health. It Is regarded as
probable that he will decline to be r��
elected wpeakei- in tne present parliament. Thomas Taylor, M. P. P., will be
his successor.
Winnipeg, Oct. 24.���"I expect to sail
for England about December 1," said
Shrubb. "I will put ln the winter training as I intend taking another whirl at
the running game next summer, but lt
will be my last year on the track. I
have been running now for eleven years
and am about llred of it. When 1 come
over next year I intend coming straight
to Winnipeg and after running here will
go as far west as Vancouver. I was
sorry I could not get to the coast this
year." He races Marsh ten miles in
the arena rink Friday.
Saskatoon, Oct. 24.���At a meeting of
the Board of Trade a vote was unanimously carried having as its object lhe
formation of a Canadian Club at Saskatoon, and it Ib expected the organization will assume definite shape in a few-
L. O. T. M.
The Lailies of the Maccabees, Aberdeen Hive, will give a tea ln the K. of P
hall Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 29th.
Prices of Metal..
New York. Oct. 24.���Silver, 61%c;
copper, 12*4c;   lead. $4.76.
London, Oct. 24.���Silver, 28%d.; lead.
-'18, 5b,
Mulai Hafld's Ultimatum.
Paris, Oct. 24.���Mulai Hafid, Sullan
of the south, is quoted lu an Interview
as liislsllng lhat he had not declined a
holy war against the foreigners but
against ills In-other Sultan Abdul Aziz,
who he added was ruining the coiinlry
and gradually delivering lt over to
foreigners. Continuing Mulai Hafid Is
quoted as saying "If France wishes security lor properly In.Morocco, she musl
remain neutral."
Auto Show Opens in New York.
New York, Oct. 24.���Several months
ol hard work on the part or automobile
dealers and manufacturers in all parts
ot lhe United States has resulted In the
gathering of a great show whieh during
the next six days will undergo the test
of the public's critical gaze in the Grand
Central Palace lt Is the eighth annual
exhibition of the Automobile Club or
America and the first of the big automobile shows of 1907. At 2 o'clock tli is afternoon the cloth coverings were pulled
aside, lights were flashed on, and the
doors thrown open to members of the
club for a private inspection. Tonight
the exhibition openn to the general public and will remain open until next
Thursday night. Two dnyB after Its
close the big show will opeu In Madison
Square Garden, thus giving New Yorkers a two weeks exhibition.
Real Estate Deals.
Two transfers of Baker street property have been concluded lately. W. E.
McCandllsh has sold the Queen's hotol.
on which Mib. Clarke's lease has Btlll a
year to run, lo A. La Point, formerly of
Nelson, lately of Kamloops. Mr. McCandllsh figures as purchaser In the
other deal -"which Is for the building on
the oorner of Baker and Josephine
Streets, occupied by the Nelsou Hardware company, and owned by H. A.
Scott, of Victoria.
Choral Society.
It Is tho opinion or many in a position
to judge that Nelson now contains mora
musical talent than ever before. If It
could nil be enrolled in the choral society there would be a musical organization of which no city in Canada need
-.01 ashamed. Unfortunately attendance
at choral society practices is meagre
nnd Irregular. It will be remembered
that the society's lust production was
marred by weakness or volume, especially or the men. For a really sue
cessful production regular and frequent
practice Willi full attendance Is absolutely necessary.
Illinois and ^Mississippi Canal  Is  Formally Opened.
Sterling,   111.,   Oct.   24. A   distinct
and Important step ln the movement
to secure a deep waterway from Lake
Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico was taken today with the opening to navigation
of the Illinois and Mississippi canal,
which has been completed after thirty
years work. The importance of the
event was evidenced by the attendance
of Governor Deneen and many other notables at the opening ceremonies.
The work of constructing the canal,
which was formerly known as tbe Hennepin canal, was commenced many-
years ago. In 1890 Congress appropriated money to carry on the work and altogether the appropriations have amounted to about $8,000,000.
The main line of the canal, 75 miles
long, extends from the Illinois river,
near Hennepin, to the Mississippi river
three miles below Rock Island. The
navigable feeder, about 30 miles long,
extends Irom Rock river at this point
to the main line near Sheffield and Is
of the same general dimensions as the
main   line.
The canal is 52 feet wide at the bottom. 80 feet at the water line, and has
a minimum depth of 7 feet. There are
32 locks on the main line and one on
the feeder. Water is to be forced down
the canal by a great dam, one-fourth
of a mile long and located at this point.
At one end of the dam are 21 sluiceways
which will be ussd for electrical power
James L.  Hughes Aavocates Technical
Ins* *u ctlcn in Canada and Care
of  Pupils'  Health.
Attack Crew of English
Rage at Sanitary   Restrictions in
Mexican Port Hade Yellow
Met Fight.
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 24.���A despatch from Santa Cruz, Mexico, says
lhat because 500 of their countrymen
were detained on board by the sanitary
inspectors of this port, 400 Chinese, who
had been landed, made a murderous assault last night on the English ship
Woolwich and her crew. Many men
were seriously Injured ln the affray, and
five may die of their wounds. The
Chinese would have swept all before
them but for tie timely aid brought by
a large force of federal troops and gens
Emperor Convalescent.
Vienna, Oct. 24.���The physicians ln
attendance on Emperor Francis Joseph
announced for tbe Srst time since Hla
Majesty has been confined, that tiie convalescent stage of his illness has begun.
His sleep last night was undisturbed
by coughing and the catarrhal symptom.
are improving.
Toronto,   Oct.   24.-���"Observations   in
English and German Schools" was the
subject  of  an  Interesting  addresB given before the members of the  Empire
Club   by   Mr.   James   L.   Hcghea.    Mr.
Hughes  has   recently  returned   from  a
stay of several weeks on the continent,
aud  his comparison between   the  Canadian,   German   and   English   methods
of education proved very interesting-
Mr.   Hughes commenced   with   a  de-
scripiion   of   the   educational     system
prevailing at   Munich.     In     that    city
every boy who left school at the age of
fourteen to enter upon the business of
life   was     compelled  to    continue    at
school   on  three   afternoons     In    each
week,  for three  hours,  and  keep this
up for four years.    The boy to do this
had to leave the workshop to go to one
of the schools, the municipality paying
the cost, and the boy received a training in the scientific basis of the particular trade which he had adopted.    The
State  Insisted   upon  this   extra   education.    The  State   said:   "You are   part
of us and we wish to make you the most
expert workman it is possible to make
of    you;"    Mr.  Hughes    favored    this
scheme,  and  went   on  to  refer  to  the
system of technical  education In  England.    He  deprecated  the  practice    of
boys of the poorer class being brought
up  without  being   taught  a trade,  and
contended that a Government should Insist  on  boys   taking   up   extra   classes
"after leaving school, as at  Munich, insisting that it was in the Interest of the
nation that this    should    be done,    lu
Great   Britain,   Mr.   Hughes   said,  they
were ahead of us ln  the physical care
they took of young people, and he laid
particular emphasis upon tlie provision
of   swimming   baths   In   England.     He
expressed   gratification   that   the   civic
authorities   were   tuklng  action   In   regard  to the   provision  of at leaBt  one
swinilug bath  in Toronto, and  thought
Canada might imitate the Old Lnnd ln
regard   to   the     physical     culture     of
young people.    He considered tlie practice of teaching the children gardening
bad a good effect,   not only ln the training of the mind, but In the moulding of
Queen's Birthday.
Madrid, Oct. 24.���Madrid kept holiday
today in celebration of the twentieth
birthday of Queen Victoria, who waa
born Oct. 24, 1887. Reports from the
provinces indicate that the anniversary
was celebrated enthusiastically throughout Spain. During the day messages of
congratulation were received at the palace from the various courts of Europe
and from many of tile Spanish municipalities.
Target Shoot at Jamestown.
Norfolk, Va., Oct. 24.���What promises to be one of the most successful
clay target tournaments ever pulled ott
in this section of the country opened
today at the Jamestown exposition and
will continue through the remainder of
the week. Prominent among the well-
known marksmen who are entered ln
the various events are Fred Gilbert, Lee
R. Barkley. W. R. Crosby and J. Mow-
ell  Hawkins.
Tennessee Anti-Saloon League.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct, 24.���Delegates from all parts of the state filled
the spacious auditorium of the Centenary Methodist Church this afternoon
at the opening ot the annual convention
of the Tennessee Anti-Saloon League.
Dr. J. A. injlor welcomed the delegates, for whom response was made by
Dr. K. L. Bachman of Knoxvllle. An
open discussion of the corrupting influence of the saloon on politics In a large
city was a feature of the initial session. Tho convention will continue Its
sessions through Friday and Saturday.
Iowa Pedagogues in Session.
Sioux City, la.. Oct. 24.���Many teachers are here for the annual meeting of
the Northwest Iowa Teachers' Association, which will be in session during
the remainder of the week. Almost
every city and town of the territory
embraced by the association ls represented and from all indications It will
be the largest and most successful
meeting ln the history of Uie organisation. Prominent among those on the
programme for addresses are Governor CumminB, Judge H. E. Deemer of
the State supreme court and Dr. Wil-
liamA. Shankllu, president of Upper
Iowa  University.
Tammany linked.
New York. Oct. 24.���As a result of the
lle.irst-l'arsons alliance a truce may bo
declared between Mayor McClellan anil
Tammany Leader Charles F. Murphy.
There Is an even chance, it is said, that
Mr. McL.ilan mny appear on the Trim-
muny platform before the campaign is
over und speuk In favor or the ticket.
.-;��!��� **��  Death of P. D. Barnhart.
Purtly D. Barnhart, of Syracuse, N. Y.,
father of George ii. Barnhart, of Nelson
and Ainsworth, died nt his son's residence, corner of Baker and Falls streets,
this morning, Deceased was 70 years
of age.
Experts- Costly Mistake.
New York, Oct. 21��� Shortly after mid
night this morning tho Jury in tlie case
of Mrs. Ellen Kenlon Warner-, who sued
Mr. Flavins Packer and Mr. Sydney D,
Wilkes in the supreme court al Newcity,
Rockland county, for $50,000 damages
bociuisc they adjudged her insane and
caused her comniiimeni to the Middle-
ton Insane asylum, rendered u verdict
for tile plaintiff. Mr. Warner, who is u
well known author and educator is
awarded tho verdict of $25,000. The Jury
found tbat she wns sane nnd rational
on July 12th, 1904. when she was examined by the two alienists and that
they wen- negligent lu making their examination.
Michigan Teachers In Session.,
Battle Creek. Mich., Oct. 24.���The
Michigan State Teachers' Association-
Institute began its fifty-fifth annual meeting here today with u good attendance.
Featui-.s of thu initial session, held ln
the tabernacle this afternoon, were addresses by President H. M. Slauson of
Ann Arbor, and Prof. F. A. Barbour of
Ypsilanti. The programme provides for
six general sessions lu addition to a
number of meetings of the various sections of the association. Prominent
among those to be heard at the general
sessions are President J. L. Snyder of
the Michigan Agricultural College, Prof.
E. A. Strong, or the Michigan State Nor
mal College, President .1. W. Mauck of
Hillsdale College, President James B.
Angell of the University of Michigan,
Superintendent E. C. Warrlner of Saginaw, und Prof. Ernest Burnham ot
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The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   F��_��nis_iings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full line-
in tbese goods, and can promise you tbe best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you  to await their   arrival
before making jour purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Canltdl Authorized   -.10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Rest          4.830.000
D. R. W1LK1E. President.
Branches in Biitisb Columbia:
ARROWHEAD,       BOLDKN.       NELSON,     -_-**7-j--**-*0_--,
Interest  allowed on  deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
IMEU-SON   BRANCH -J.     M.     LAY,    ,V\��1 n��,J_-��_r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  18G9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
_CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Depar-tmerrt. and
Wterest    credited    Quarterly    on
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  tanking  Business.
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
on Application, in Large, Medium
Savings Bank Accounts.
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published fix daya a *e'-_; by the
Biker tit..   Nel*-oe, B.C
UnosT'.'-tln*- rate*-. S-0 wnu * mouth delivered
III ���... .   B   **> year if teut by mail, when
pail in "mm -������
A-i--' r'-i**;**- ; ��� ntlon-
OUl "- ��� men i of   The Dally
Canadian   tat *   tol nib-rnpiloup or
*..--,-���:       I - *     I tor on Um printed
fo ���**-_������ ol   th* I -n-.-f. .      Ulhm receipt-* are not
Thursday. October 24, 1907.
Wall Street and man)  other Snanotal
oarters    throc-ghoul    the    I nit
t,  ;i e  -hi'K h ol  panic  Big
firms iha: ware jencraUj eoi
,h" country Itaatf bar.
doors, oonft
ooofl   llabilftiea.     Broken   trill   be
rained  bj and tbi uaanda i f
Fairly  srell ' i  srfea ha.<
.*���nulilinu.   Hill   bi
, ,i to poverty.
Fl l.-lTl.iL. ( !���   0
thai   tin re inald
th< im   -���   '������-���'   ol   the   i* E-Uar   order    I
things,    Bul there is probably norm
nificanoe In tbe fad  thai  Wall Btri
has two nr three panics foi  dvery b
���>xperIenoed  by the real  ol  the  wot
No where else *h the gambling fewer i
. imlwit aa In New York.   These thin  -
re nni oolncldi ntal bul bear the  n
tlon of cause and effect-
There are probably two main causea
for ihe present di presalon.   The Brsl La
the collap.se  of tli*'  metal   markets,  es
pecially  that of copper.    The  value ol
copper has  declined   more than BQ   pi i
cent, in less than six months    The hold
ers of copper stocks refused  for a long
time to recognize the condition, protei
ed that the decline was temporary and
either accidental or the rsst.11 of mall
cioiiB manipulation, ami held their stock
at the old quotations. The ii.cvit.Hhl-
result followed. In their attetnpi to 1ml
up copper Blocks other securities were
sacrificed and began to drop, Then when
danger to the rest forced some to try
to realise on copper the crash came
Copper Htocks are now practically tin-
saleable, or only at prices that mean
enormous losses to the present holders
At the same time other Industries.
such as the Westinghouse Electric have
suffered from a slightly different cause.
In Europe stocks of all kinds are held
generally for dividends: in America the
only function of dividends is to Inflate
market values; in other wordB. Europeans are Investors, while Americans
are gamblers. Unfortunately Canadians follow American rather than European examples in this respect.
In their haste to pay dividends for the
sake of sending up the market quotations, it is evident that eapis-a**' has been
squandered which should have heen laid
to real account. Not enough was retained to meet ordinary regular re-pdre-
of business, and when the hanks
were unable to make further advances,
the need for money became 1 in iterative
and it. had to he secured at any sacrifice.
Ab usual a number of securities have
dropped far below fair prices based "n
ih- ir normal earning power, and therefore sn early rally is certain.
Much depends on copper. If the value
of the metal remains si its present figure, it win mesa that hundreds of millions of capital will lie Idle and unproductive ior a long time, and the sffecl
will be feit by manufacturers of machinery, by railways, and by a targe industrial   population.
The comment of f'.-Tlin financial authorities On B system of Ana&CC whirl.
permits a hank with a capital of 91,200,-
   to carry liabilities to the extent of
$00,000,000, is perfectly justified. Such
a method is exactly on a par with the
bucket-shop system of buying and selling on margins.
Incidentally a light is thrown on the
:mui'-nse strength of the Canadian bank-
ins system. Some time ago there was
a cry raised that the big banks were
treating the west unfairly and that Bri��
tlsh Columbia should again have a haul.
of iu own. if that condition obtained
it would almost certainly mean that the
bulk of the provincial bank's loans
would he to mine owners and lumbermen, and that a sudden depression in
either would bo a serious blow to the
lank and endanger the money of all
li is to be hoped that the prediction
made yesterday by a lloston financier,
that a period of hard times is at band,
will not be fulfilled; hut, if It should,
it. is gratifying to reflect that now. as
In 1898, Camilla has far Igbs to feat
from such a condition than most other
Philologists have proved that our Ar-
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop will show yoo how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about  our charges and aa  to workmanship they  know   it   is  the beet
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
P. o. iiox 155. Phone an \
van ancestors played with dice, sour,-
even with loaded dice. The gambling
spirit In humanity may be Ineradicable,
but surely it is susceptible of a little
more restriction than has so far been
applied in the L'nit.-r! states.
Mr. Pugsle/'s Reply.
Mr. Pugsley has replied to Mr. Kemp.
It will be remembered that when th<*
.Minister of Public Works made the
charge uf wholesale corruption against
the ConservativeI in Nova Scotia and
New Brunswick. Mr. Kemp asked why
the accuser, as Attorney-General of Me-
Brunswk-k. had not prosecuted Ihe offenders. Mr. Pugsley gives two reasons, first, because he received the informal ion only a few weeks ago. and.
secondly, because if he prosecuted all
the offenders the jails would not be
large enough to hold them, lt was
some time after the 1-ondon bye-election
before information concerning Impropriety was unearthed. Hut there was a
magisterial investigation under oath,
and a pretty tale of rascality wai the
result. If Mr. Pugsley has any information about the corrupt use of money in
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia it is
not t'io late to lay it before the Crown
authorities and demand an inquiry Bin
if be did that, he says, the Jail accommodation would be wholly inadequate.
That should not deter lhe Minister. No
doubt some temporary prisons might be
fitted up In the cellars of parliament
buildings or court houses. Perhaps
even some private citizens might be
willing to allow the use of their coal
cellars in the interests of justice. If
legal proceedings are to halt because
the jails may become overcrowded, it
might be un advantage to all the thieves
and crooks if they were lo operate at
the same time and embarrass lhe Turnkeys' Union, Mr- Pugsley has answer
ed Mr. Kemp, and lhe wrath of the
Member for Kast Toronto should be
turned away. It is a soft answer, ex-
c-.iiiiigly   soft.���Toronto   News.
The published pretence of Hie London
Liberals lhat  their reason for not  none
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new attorney or "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Slock Companies
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
To   Contractors,    Builders,     Carpenters
and   House Agents.
It having been brought to tho notice
of the City Council that certain uections
of Ity-lawH No's 74 and 186 are not and
have not been observed, 1. e. fleetlon�� u,
*; and 7 of Hy-luw 74 nnd sections
7 and 8 of By-law 186 which provide
that periniKaion of the Flre Wardens,
the City Engineer and Building Inspector must flrst. he obtained and plant* deposited with the I.ultdtug Inspector before erecting new buildings or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating ex
Istlng bnlldlngH,
Therefore notice Is now finally Issued
ihat on and after this date any person
or persons not complying with the building My-lawH of the City of Nelson, 1. e
By-law*. No.'k 74 nnd 186 will be prose-
culod ns provided therein,    ny Order.
W. E. WA8SON, City Clerk.
NeUon. R. C, October 12, 10O7.
iuating a candidate at tlu* l>y<* c1* ������ i-n,
is that Mr. Hyman will again contest
the eons lit neney, will deceive no tnan
m Canada who kuows under what circumstances c. s. Hyman left Ottawa
He will never return to public life us
his London supporters know perfectly
well The truth is that without wholesale corruption the machine has no
hope of carrying London, and since the
route of o. W. Rons the machine dare
not operate on a large Bcale in Ontario
The Toronto News described a recent
speech of A. B. Aylesworth'i as "ridicu-
l"Ms and distressing" Tin* only adequate description of "Slippery Bill"
Pugsley's latest effort is���impertinent
and imbecile.
Nelson I__nd PiRtrtrt.  District ot We-t Kootenay
Take notice that ll  Williams, ooeopatlon ran-
eber; i: s. Bastine*, oecnpaUon electrician; met
K   ti. V.  Bmithj   occupation   liiintMTmiiii;   nil  nf
Procter, B- 0_, inu-iul bo nyy''- (ir h rpMtftl Umber 1 u'fiie*- oratlh�� toUowIng  descrlwd Unrt*.
rniiiuit-nt-ins  tit R p-x-t aU.ul  three mUoSMllOl
WtlaonGreu on mnitii iborool  K ioUuj 1-n.k-*
Lhenos wailiM) ftiBiu**. theoce esatU ohsltti,
tli-'nrvnorth A' rb��in>, thence   ���*��� - il -   - aalni i *
point  of i-ouiniuiii't iiMiii. riiniHimm- 640 SONS,
ui'-rv or leas.
Sei-.fUi.-er tOXh, 1901. H. Wiluams.
R  H, llA-ms'-H.
I.    ti. P. --MYTH.
Nelson Land DtBtrlet   Dlatiiet ol W- st Kmitcnay
T*kf m-ticf thnt K B. V   Smyth, of   Procter, K.
G    ������������'up*-.turn l_t_aberm_.*_, Intendi t<> apply l'��r
send*] UmbC-r Uoenoe or*i the lui.fjwtu** <__���-
scribed Und-*.:
Nn. 1. Commeni-tuit sl a poet planted near the
northeait oornorpoelol Lot fo _.s.*i. on i__m��*n
Creek and marked K B I'. Smyth -n.iith-*ri-��t cor-
lu-rp-K-t  No  1, ttience H I JihIus   mirth   more   or
leM to about mldwic. of the ���* mth bonndary Hue
of timlier licence No. SUM 't*. nee b0 ehalna BSSt-
thence **o chain*-, ���outh.thenoe .u chaina eattt.
thence 40 chains eouth thenre LN chain" weat.
more or leaa to the KHitheMt corner ut aforeat.nl
Lot No. -ft*., theuce tu . l,*m- north, theuee to
chain- we*-t tn tlie n-nut ol comniencemetil.
bated JOth July, 1901. K. ti. P. Smyth,
Henry Heichtrt. Agent.
Nclnon Land PUtrlet. bi-trlct ol Weft Rootenny
Take notice that Simon P. Scliiffel, of Nailer,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, intend* to apply
for a -pfciaj timLw-r licence orer the [ollowin*,
deeoribed landi-: on the eeet fide of I'rieft river;
r..i:uin Ticuii* Hi h ; -��� ���-..���.:.! on the east fide
of Priest river, two and a, halt milts north of ihe
luteruailoual b-'Undiiry line, thence nor h H)
chains, then"c ea-t **-' chains, theuce south **o
chain-*, thence weel -DoluUni to point of commencement, oon tela ing ��W (.it-.*-*, more or lesa
Dated Sept. nth, 1901. Binon I', timtrrku.
K. W. hMiTH, Agent.
Nelson Laud I'istrict. blstrict ot Weal Kootenay
Take notion that Clyde K McClure, of Bnnviile,
Wash , <�� "���upatlon barber, intends to apply tor
a opeclal timber licence over tlie following dea-
erlbed lands; Ou the east hide of Prleat river,
two and a half miles north of the interuational
boundary line: CnmtncuctiiK atapost plauted
two und a half mile*- ;���..:::.������* the international
boundary line, theuce east ti't ��� hains, thenoe
south ho rhalna. thence west M chalm, tbenoe
north ���<��� chain- ii the point oi commencement
and coutaluiug 640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated Sept. Uth.VAJl. CLTM K. Met.'Lc&K.
K. W. .-*kith. Agent.
Nelson I-and DU net. Uiatri.l of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. of RllrviUe. Wash .
occtipatlon toucher, intend.** to apply foraspetlal
timber licence over the following described
lauds; on the eaat side of Priest river: Cn_.
monetae at a post plante<1 one and a hall mllea
nortn of international boundary line, tbenoe
eaattW chains, then---, south SO chains, thena*
west 80 chains, theuce north HO chains to ihe
point of commencement, eoutaining &4U acres.
more or less.
Dated Sept. Uth, i> ' Jay Boveb,
K. W. Smith, Agent.
Nelson I-and DlNtrlct. DutrlCl ot Weat -.ootcney
Notice la hereby given that So days alter date l,
Joun P. H wed berg, miuer, ol Nelaon, ��.(- , Intend
to apply to lhe Hon. the Chief Comnilnatoner of
I-aiiil and Works for a special licenco to cut and
carry away timb-T from the ti>llo\.lng descrltxjd
lands situated on Summit creek, lu the Wuat
Kooteuay District:
No. 1.���Commencing at a poat marked J. P. H'a
Umber limit, northeast corner pott, located on
weat fork of Bummll creek about t��to miles from
main creek, thenee running south MO rhalns,
thenee running west 40 chains, theuce runnliiK
north 4*1 ehalns, thence west *_o ehnina. thence
north -������������]....::- thence ruuulug east 40 chalna,
thence running -touth 40 chains, theuce cast 40
chain*- to plaee of commencemeut.
Located ou the 2uth day of Atigimi, 1IKJ7.
lotto P. -WWirihj,, locator,
per his agent Paul M* I ������������- *.: i-
No. 2.- lonimetielng at a j-osl marked J P. 8's
ttmberlt-i.it. iiurthwest corner post. locat-d on
west fork ol Summit creek, about Iwo miles from
malu oreek, tbenoe running Honth no chains,
theuce running east so chalna, thence running
north mu etiHin-,   thwiice   running   wesl WJ ehalns
tip plaee ol eommenosment.
Cooated on the 29tb day of August, VJOl.
John P Bwki>hkho, I-ocator;
per hi*- agent Prick McIwinali*.
Notice is hereby given that t��o Onyn alter date I
luteud to npply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of l.iiti-i* aii'l Works (or j>eruiiHHion to purchnsr*
th" following deeeribsd landa. situated in Weat
Kooienay dlatrlct! commfucliig at a po--t marked by name   as   Initial   posl  of   lhe  HnuJli   fork
branch, one hundred feet from the luuetion of
I-n*-1 creek wltti ihe aouth fork; theuce oite-
���1 uarter mile to tbe uorlhweat aornef post, thenc*.
one  mile   lo  the  uortheatt corner post, thence
One-quarter  mile   to the southeast eorner post,
tbenoa one mile to the plaos oi ootmaonosmsat
JlinO  21,   11*07. I.rrrrill-I    hy     W W .    CONHOt.l.V.
NfKoli 1-and lUstrlet.   District of West Kontenay
Take   notice   tha*  Wesley   llovrc, of   Hltzvllle,
Wash   , oeeiipatlon bnlcher.  intends to npply tot
aepedal timber licence over the following ties*
crlhed lands, on the eaat side ot Priest river:
Commeuelug nt a i-ost planted one and a hall
miles north of the Internalloiml hound-try line,
tbenoe well 80 obalns, thenee south mi chnins,
tbence eaet 80 ehaius, ihence north "it chains to
I"'Hit of i oiiinii-iieement, containing MO acres,
more or leas.
haled Sept. Mth, 1WJ7. WSOBT Uovkr,
K   W.PMiTH, Agent
.Nelson Laud DlftrlOt   District nf W irat Kootenay
Take DOtlOC   that   Henry   l-elchcrl.  ol  Kelnon.
B <, , proapector, in end to apply for a ipeelal
tlmb'-r Ucenoe over the following   doeoribiM.
No. l.-('ommenclng ata post planted mar ll.
W.   northwest    eorner   poat,   lol  No, 7(W!, ami
marked   '��� Henry   Keiciieri   ���onthweal   comer
I".-" theuce Ho ehalns north,   thenc,*  mi cbatna
east,   Ihence   HO  chains  soulli,   theuee HO (.halua
west to the point ut commentuincut.
DfttOd Bept, the _��lh, 1907.
ii IE-IKY kfjciikht, Locator
Nelson Land District District ol West 'Kootonaj
Take notice that I, I harles Sidney I^-ary of
Barton city, B. C , occupation farmer. Intend to
���*pply for permission, to purchase the folli-wnig
aeaorlbed Und: ('ominencitig at h [��������������� r .- *���.;
about live nill*.*s northwest from the month of
Moaijutlo creek and marked '*<*. H. L'a nor then* i
corner." tbanco aonth Ho chains, thence WMI ho
chains, thenee nnrth ��0 chalna, thence eaat *_>
chains to point ol comincnceinenl, containing
rdOaeres. B
Hept. 7th, 19W. CiiakI-Kh InntBT  Lkary.
Kelson I__.nd District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take DOtlOO that William Andrew Koss, of
Fertile. II c , hotel keeper intends lo appiv for
a special ilm tier licence over to. following dea-
crlbed lands: Commencing at a post planted
shout six miles west of the Kootenaj* river, on
Corn creek, in thu District of West Kootunay
snd bid ng about six miles norlh of the Iniet-
tinti n i hoiind-iry "tic, and altuatc at the
nof'.h'MKl corner of William Andrew Unas' No,
8 timber claim, thenee nOftn Ho ehalna, thence
west mi ehntna thonce south Ho rhalns, thence
east Hu eh- Ins, to the p dnt of commencement.
Located July ara, 1S07.	
D.. ted tie 8tb ol Aug. 1907.
W ll-Ll aw Aniirkw lloas.
Ladles' White nml Pink Flannelette   Night   DrMMS.     IU  per cent   illHcount
oo ail itylos und prides.
Cblldron*B Fall nml  Winter Coat*.     Wa  wflU sell   at   lfi  per  cent  tllsconnt
nil   .ill*   of  tllem.
Bee  -mr  Ladies'  DrsSS   Skirts  from   |S-00 eneh to 1^0.00.
nin Stock of Kanoy ami Staple I.inontt. Cushion Covern, Etc. Is moat com
plete.    Now la the time to make a selection.
Berlin Wools in mi ilmrtai
Special Discount on AH Ladies' Winter Coats.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Rauch  in  the best   fruit-growin-* district
in Hritish  Columbia by baying   $10 down and $10 per   month.
Kvcn as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land lias trebled in value within ou year.  What will it do next year?
Nelaon l_��nd DlnlrKd.  Diatrhlot VTSSt KiMitnmv
T��ke  nollcf  that I'ttlrlf-k Bhoran, el   Nolioti,
ti.f,  of'flii-alion   pr(��*H*rtor.   Inti-ildn  tn apply
i<.r n-���'i-i'ini i.iiiu-i lloenoa over the Ir. ]..n n.
d.-< r;1 ��� -I  iniid- :     ( '��� un in. In I Mi" at K pf>nl ptallU-il
nt tba N.W. coniL-r i��oiit o( UttSSN, holm, r��trl( k
Sberaa'l N.   K. roru��r  p-mt    riinnin-t   Henth  no
chHini, mhtk--* irsat ho RhatiiSi tbanee north oj
fhaliiK, thence **tt-i HU rhalua to point of com
i  .* * . d AllRUlt Sill,  ������-'. 1'ATMIl K HHKRAN.
Eaira Btkanii, AkciK
Taac nolle-; lhat Ira K. Taylor, OWt. of Arrow-
ht*ad, B.��' , lutuiiila to apply for a ip*>'-|,.l lli-t-nre
U> c:nt tlii.it>*>-- from tlie i"!i...i ;,.* d<--��-rlt-ed
lands i
No. 1. Coninen*ttBf at a pout pinnled 70t'balna
���i -iiiin-i' In nn ��� rt-ti tl v tllrt'<ilcn from CaJrlboO
Ukt> marked "Irn K. 'iaylor'a, W. I'nrkina' H. W.
iiirni-r.'' hiiiindt-d ��n the aoutb by T. L No 7fifi6,
on ihu h,--i hy r. Li ho. lCo'2, ilunre north M0
i-halna, thenre eaat 80 cbaina, theses -"oilti mi
elialn-i, tbsnot   weat SO cbalun to IMiiut  ol  0HOO*
111)   III'4'tll'Mlt.
Nn. vt. * i!iin"!i�� ".(tir ata pori i.lan ted Wvlialna
dlntaiK'-* and In ai-aiderly dln-clion from ''arll-oo
lake marked "W    ParkiDS*.   Ira I    Taylorf. ti. W.
oorner poat*" hounded on tht went by 't. L THT,
���aUtb hylraK. Taylor'a and W 1'Krklin'T. __.
No. I, thenee norlh -to ehaln-*, them*.* raft I'*1
fhain-i, Iht-ii'-e h'.uih at) chalna. thenee weat Hat
ehaina to point ol eomineneemitL'.
W    K. Oon.vIK,
Iha K   I a*,'LOB.
a ���������������������������* aa
>++o>oooo>o*oo*oooooooo*>o<o<oomoto eeeaaas-#J
NelBon Und Di-ilrli't.   Dlalrlrlol Weai Kooienay
Take not lee that I, Kllzaheth forgVOOn, 'tt Nel.
���on, iiriti-h Columbia,ocenpatloa married woman, intend to apply for perm In-ion to pun Im***'
the folhiHiiiK '-* ' r! ���'-'������ land ! QommsnolOii al a
l-out   plantetl |l) ehMlUl< W'-r-t of Ihe *-ou11n u-1 r.,r
ner of Heeihm 22, Townthlp��S, Koot-OUr, and
marked "K   F,'a   N   K   eorner," thenea   tvstt   M
��� halna. thenee   aouth   -10   chalna, Ihence   .n-.ru
ehalna,   thence   north aoi-halnato  the plaee of
eommciieemetit Hlid   eoniaiiilui;  1I_U  neren more
lftth Julv, A. D. 19U7.    B-4SATBTH I^SVOtJUm,
by Wi A   1'nlder, aRent.
Ni 1-mii Land Diatrlet. Dlatrlct ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I, John I.hiik. of Nelhon, 11. C,
oeiupatlon mlniT Intend to apply for porinia-
llon to purchaae the hdi-iwltiK OOUlibad landa:
Commencing at a poat planied at (he N. K. of
Utl Him, thenee eaai _��) ehalna, thenee aOOtfa 20
clialna, thence weal '20 chalna, them i* norlh 20
rhalna to --olnl of commeiie-UHiit. e-Jiitiifnlng .0
aerta more or leaa.
Auifimt 2nd, VJOl, Jumn 1.- so
NeUon lunn Didtrn't.    Dlatrlct ot  Wt-M Kootenay
Take notice that I, David 0, Kurtz, ol   N< laou,
B. i:., neeupntloti im-rcliniil, Intend   lo npply for
permlaalon to purchaao the   following dcacrll-cd
land; in;'    at   il  poal   planted   at   the
M-ulhwc-d eorner of aectlon i. townahlp tvj,
Kootenay, and marked "li. (I. K > H, W, corner,"
in.-in. north HO chalua, thenee eaai 4h ehalna.
thonee MUtta K<i < hallia, thence weal lo BhSlM
to the jMdnt of eomtneueeineat and eonlHliiing
J20 acrea rnore or leaa.
lftth July, pjo7. DittoQ KtntfSi
W   A. ('aider, agetil.
Nelaon 1-and Dlatrlct.   D.ntrict of Weat Kooienay
Tako  nollce  that ConiSllUl   Mergman, nf   Al
tona, Man., oeeiipatlon fnrnier. inteuda to apply
for permlaalon to purchaae lbo following dea-
orlbedlend* Coinmencing at a poat planted at
Frank I Hcnmiin'- H. K. corner, al a poat marked
"C.B.N I comer," and running weal HO chalna,
ihenee Mouth 8u ehalna, eaai ao chalna, norlh mi
chalna to place of beginning, conlainlng t'AQ
acrea of land, more or leas.
Dated -.'rd Auguat, Van. ('<mNKi.tna ItaaoMArf
Aaiio i> A    MpttTort, Aeon ���
Nelaon Land Dlalnei I)t**tnetol Weat Kootwuay
Take notice that l'tiul Augual I'auUon, of Kit
chener, ti. <* . oeeupulloti lumherinaii, inUtiida
toapj.ir for permlaalon m purchaae tho follow
Ing deacrlbed landa: Coramei clue at a poal
planted at the aoutb boundary of the Mght-of-
In tin. history of Bargain Snips In Ihe Ku.il.���nays nothing h���� i-*.t *l-
proacbed ilu* alaugbter In pries we art* niakn,: for Hi.- n.xi i��o 'Iny* "[*
member tbe gooda were worth tbe price advertIscrl, anil wo will ismltlvi'ly
s.-ll Ihem ut tha ri'duiroil |rrlc.   llore la our list for tha next two iajt.
SMOKING JACKETS���Co.t S15,  aala price $10.
DRESSING    GOWNS���Two   *15  Oreulng   Gown, will   be  sold for ''-50
DRESS COAT AND VEST���Size   36,  ailk     lined, made  from    tht   fin"'
goods, regular price $45. S.ilr  price   $20. ...        .... -���._-���<
DRESS COAT AND VEST��� Size   36.   Worth  $40.   .8ale  price $'5-
MONEY  BELTS���Regular   price   $2.    Now $1. -        >
We have still a few overcoats and  fancy vosts left, which you can have ��'
your  own  price.
Taylor & McQuarrie|
t*04>o>0'0>i>*oo> oo>*oo.*o^*o^o*o*o*o*o^0t*o*o*o*o*o*o*oo,*o*otw00o*o*o*o*ooooo i
nay ot the llrlllab Oolnmbla Hnuthern Kail
way mid aboBt -Ift chalna weaterly from mile pi>at
Wi on aald railway, theuce aoulh -.Ichalna, Iheuc.
eaal '20 Ohaini. theine aonth 20 chalna. tbence
.-.i-i ro chalna, thenee north io the aouth bound
ery of the right-of-way of the Itrlllah Columbia
Kouihern Hallway, thenee weaterly along the
aald right-of-way to plaee of eointnenrement.
Dnu-d thla'ind day of .-u.;n*,tr ifNiT
Hixiy daya after date I Arthur Allen Hurton,
ran. le r. of Kurtoii ('Ity, Intend to apply to the
Chi I ( ommlaaloner of I anda and m orka, Victoria, It C, to purchase the following deaerlbud
landw Kiiuatc cant ot Burttin ('omincneltiir at a
poal marked "A A. B aouthweal eorner'r aud
plantetl ret Uicn W c����rner of lot 00fi <J t, and
running north GO ehaln-, thence eait 40 cbaina,
ihence aouth fi** chalna, thence weat 40 cbaina to
place of com mencement.
Auguat lit, ISJU7. Ai-mn-H A. IlliaTON
Nel-ion Land Dlatrlct    Dlatrlctof Weat Kootenay
Take notles thsl Anttua KoOll], of the city of
Nel-on, oci upatlon fireman, Inteuda to apply for
tHirmp-aiou in purchaae the lollowlng deaerlbed
land-.: Oommenolng at a poat planted at the
N. W.  oorner I,   0.   Morrlaou'a ranch. In   Flro
��� llev. thi not north forty (40) chaina, Iheuce
aal fo-iy (40) ehalna, thenco aouth forty (4o)
hat n��, tnenoe weai forty (��1 chalna to point of
m msooemj nt,   ami containing fine bund rod
d Hlxty (160) aerea. more or leaa.
Died ttople nber _n1,   1907.       AHmia McOlLL
Nelaon l.an.l DUtrlOt,   Dlatrlcl of Weal KooU-uay
Take notice that l'hillp Bronkabaiik,of Nelaou,
fl. c, occupation tHUchcr, lntendi to apply lor
permlaalon to pur* tllililhOJfJ^fSttLfl OS
land: CommeneitiK ai Ojonj' |i(hll||^i
weat ahore of Cpper tthat" ' . .^ .., jorhi
the H.  K. coiner nihil M-fl .11       ��� W <5__
thence aouth W> OhalOI. Um ",'*,-.*. lake,
more or leaa, to Hi-' ���J^SuSmS 'lialu'
norlhurly along the aald *���''[���, wpi
or leaa, to point af commeiieeiiu
ISO acrea, more or leaa
Dated Hept. Mill, I1**'*
IF !lBl���^)h���",*''
Nelaon Laud Dialrlet.   -B^l^**J5wa
Take   notice   lhat   Bomp COI-JJ"1 ����������
Manitoba,     farmer,      ipliSdiit*.     ^,11
iK-rmlHlon to parohaw th* W o     ^ g
land:   Commeneliitt   at a p * \,'   mitf. rrr
and:   Coinmencliitt   at a poai ���, m
���evoo mllea Irtun the mooIhol ' ||((1,ion M|
it northeaat corner ol ��-����� V ' lllllJlK K |
narked "H. 0. N. K, oornor, w%.DcenfjM
Ho chalna, lbenee WStt J ' J1'"', point <���( ��O0
chalna,  thence oaat ��) < h�� "" l" ' *
msnosmont, ���sntsinlni"" *["
Dated 30th day of Aa>w,^^O0MS>l|
Ajeatvo A
,,., ��� -.tttnui"-.      . ���
..   .���    ,   r��� ������" '      mmt uttOm
Nelaon Land Dialrlet.   ���*lrU.1 %    Bj.mH..
Jtil.    etSeyS^  """"���-'
foi iMirmlsslr-
rll,.,I Inn,I
Ul��b��, Irrosp ,. J (.illnslnej.
.ion m paroli"*1 '" .������i sMJBJ
li  oonuBsacla-..*'������,M,Hiior,a
""""  *  ' '���""     ���"'m'i'.'iiii'ii*' "'" '""*'
rmamsnosmenl, <"".'"'"'',, tn, ��� ������..,,
Dstisi aotii dsy a- --""""ks.ss 'jyiiW
ASIHI'SA,-"-'* If you knew you could buy
��� ,*|l(.s*   quality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble mak-
injr it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
and hotels, 7, 14 and 38 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland Bonndary
VVholeaaia Provlalonn,
Praduee, - Rrult.
OaTi-rniii. nt I-ri_nir-ry One-Pound Hric-�� roeolved Wf-ekly trrah from the
.burr..    For nolo by all leeA iii(* (rr.s-.-r~.
Olllee and wareboo-e: Houston Block,    Phone 7B.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
/C _ 20-ACRE
Subdivision uf Appletoa I-rothers'  tract.    Improvement-*  on every  block.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchast of a
Mineral Claim.
T. ���', *.   k-MrfM  io  the   utxlerttf nod,  at  hla
.  .rt ll.niw, tn lhe tTly ot Nt-lMili.
pttUtbe hour oth o'pIotb. ;d
ibe* tiu*rti"-'n. ol Friday. SoTrmlwr IMh, VJOl,
in-lia-k-  ot   tht-  "l-reetdent"   Mineral
num.   Ut   .*--',   '.nmp   I,   K-Mitfiiay     im-irlrt,
ekli ii ��-����� l< - tared ui I** forfi-ited t�� lhe Crown
at Uir ���._�� mh' Uuld in tin* I'll)* of Nelion, oil the
���.*���'..  h.r  dt*.in>|ueut u_xu�� up
til!     one   Both,    1*6,   and    txvil-i.    The   upaet
prlrv u|nid the nald   Mineral   Claim,  which   In
101 11' ol ���U'll-iucnt  taxi**  and cam l
it ti,.* time ol  forfeiture,  wltB   luu-reet. tft-UM
���  kliii'e aecmed, COeU   ol   advrrtUll-K,
m. fw t.,r Crowu   -.rant  (*_5V0O) 1* 9*1 4A, whleh
r��-l ammmt that will  be OtASSftSfSa St ���
������- .   lender  mint  \te  a.-----m pan led   hy  an
loi Hi.-full   amount nl lhe   u-n*
Her, payable to   the  order  of th.   I'ejmiy  OOttt-
il 1 un 1�� at>d Work-, at Vlelorla. ����� 0.
��l '���-.-.
bsu-Ut Nelson, tif .thn* Hth day of Ort., 1W7.
Oovsmatsaf Ai*eut.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
TemitrtftildreaHed to the undomtRneil at hu
���"��� ��� . in ��� !" < nun II.Mi.e. in lbo Clly ol N--Iim.ii.
���Ill \te m-elTed up till the hour ollO'oJoO-t, lu
Wei.lteraoon.ul rrid��y. Nuv.IMb, 1W., tor the
VUrthaMuf the "Old Aht" Mineral Claiin, Lol
���.tiroiipi Kootenay IH-nri.-t, whi-h waa de-
Cuie-ltobe lor felted 10 the Cniwu al the tax
'������ thi < It] .d n.Ihou.ou the ("th duy of
���i ���*>���>, hu delinquent taxe�� up it') J*>--e
������������I ������-���-tr*- lln* uiwi prlee upon the
Hid Mineral Claim, which ineludeii the amount
ifiit taxed aud coel at the time of lor-
'������ll'ire, wuh mti-rei.1, laxe* whleh hare *dn.*e
Mcrne.l , ,.-.-,** ,,t ���-.'��� prili-tni*. aud fee for Crown
���riut (��iS mj ir-|7��55a whleh I-. the lemat amount
"-������.iwiii be eomiderad a*, a teti-.-T.
���"���**"   1**1101 1    nuiHt    be   aeemnpanleil     by   an
iu�� lor lhe full  amount of the ten
1'  ��� r-M i.T.'.i-   1.1  Ho*  order of  lhe   1'epnty   Com
"'""���ni 1 .'I Landi- and Worku, at Victoria, ICC.
'���ated at NeUon, B.C. ti. l*. ltn, day M on., MOT.
Unverliineui Atcciil.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
the 1
'ni r.
-���-athtrened to the  --udur-.I-.tied  at hi*
'iilw-Ciuirt   Uiitivu, im iheCilv of  l-lwn,
fio'clo-'k, 111
-I up Ull the hour of
. nf Prtday, Nov. 1Mb, I9OT, for the
, the "ItaiiMer" Mineral Claim, Lol
(Ur,.''!"1; ',K,"d'-iiay IfUlrlel, whleh Ml de
ul,..'. m. ""''������,''- ���'" ������������' CrOWn al (DS lax
*' lui.i tn u,e cuy of Solium, on the nth day
*th 1 '1"'',"r deliii.pninl tax en up ItM June
Ul Wo?' M'i"* n",tB* Th0 lipnel pttee upon the
oh11, rnl ' 'Mlln* Which ttteaudil Die amount
i-1'"'-" ihx.-b nnd eontnal lhe lime of for-
���<'��   it Intoreat, taxei  which  have itnot
lirm.t ,,'' Ms "I inivertutiiK, and fee for Crown
tut.i,,u�� ' '��� '"*' '"* " i�� on la the i��aat amount
Certificate  of  Improvements-
"t'nlnn" Mineral Claim pltuate In the Nelion
Mfnlnit Division, of lhe Weit Kocvtenay DUtrlct.
Where ha aletl: Ou Toad Mouutaio two and a
hall nn'..- trom Nelton, B. C.
Take notice that I, W, A. Ma.-don.ald. t-unuHi
agent lor Hugh Hntherland. Kree Ulner'i Cer-
lltleate No. Hi ���...'.-.'. im.-ni 60 daya from the date
hereof, lo apply to the Mtuln-- Uet->or..er (or a
CertlrteaU* of linpniTi*iin'Ui��, Im the Durpo_e of
obtaining a Crown  'irani of thr above claim.
And further lake notice lhat action, under
See tlon ������"., inmi hv commence.! before the Oh
��� nance nf -.,,,-i, Ceri|fi>-ate ..f Imurovementr-
Italed thu -3rd day of tkptember, A   1�� . 1907
W. A   MACI>ONAl.l>.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Big Hope Fraction" Mineral Claim, altuate
In ti.. Trout I-fcke Mmm* Divli-lon, Of Went
Ko-oienay   DUtrlct.   LnSS-wT on    I'oplar   f-reek,
Take nntli
Ice thai I. C. radley Fret- Miner-
Certlllcate No. BHi.'.if.'i, Intetid 60 dayn from the
���late hereof to ��i��pl> to the Mlulng BSOOIlSsr for
a Certificate of Improvements for the putpo*ic of
obtaining a Crown (.rant of the above �� 1. im
And further lake uollae that action ..ider
Section 37. mum Im> coinmcncetl before the
Imiuaucc of mirli l-erll(l<-aU* of Improvemeuu
Dated thu -th day uf October, 19VT,.
0   1'ADLKY.
in the matter of an application for the lagas of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title for part (40 acre*)
of Lot HV2. Kroiip one, In thu Dlatrlctof Kootenay.
Notice U hereby given thai ll la my Intention
to Uiue al the expiration of out- month from the
firm publication hereof h duplicate of the Certlllcate of I Mle for the above bind- In the name,
of Andrew MorrUou. which Certificate of Tltlet
1* dated the .Mh    t,\   ��.l March. I'Joii, and   num-
horoO pniK.
I hi.d Keglfltry OfOce. NcIkoii. B. i .. <*'\,{j inter
1H| .i,]Mr..
"II. F. Maiijnon,"
DUtrlct Heglstrar.
l.-r.r,l as h s_**__t.
irn.t   Ih,   ,,, . .sn uf, in, ,1    Iry   nil
loi tlr��� lull  anii.iiui ol 11"' I.'"
'���"'���Ir   iirr,
JJ-.pt~- , Ir,
uS���" "I Undi .,,,1 \y���rks, st Vlul..rl��. II 0 ,
���M��l N,,|��,rn, B.O. 11,1s Hill .lav olOcl., HXJ7
Uovi'rnm.mt Ar.firl.
T*n-crs Wanttd for the Purdus- of a
Min ral Cl.im.
_&*_*" .-'l*li.-"s.- ltn
"'.V Ur th.Courl Ilm
10 <io*.rrslnii.',l
, III tho i-rii- ul Nulso
a '���"'""���ir,,,;
i'i..^":'.'"!ll^^'.'!)��� 'HI ill* hourol'-o'c'tdokTn
"I I-rlrlay,   Nov." IMh," nw. V,lV"llV,
���-.I'llklrli"  Mlnoral   I'lrilin,   Ui
t-i 11
ol��'ci"r!',''i!l: ���)""'","..;  Dl��tri.r-wiUoh"wM ie-
"""li'll In 11 ' ',. 1 '"Hie Oron at tho tax
K-lo. !���-,'" ',">'"' N0U011, in. Hi,, nih .lay
*ll,|,r ri,', ''"lllhinout taxi's i.-tlll J11 m-
*-l*l Ml-irr.1 ri.i_-    '.'", "P""1 l"!''.' ��p��n III.'
f1'1"" hi "11.:;:'.��"'"*ii in,*in,i���. n��� f.......-,
'"'"i.*, 1 11,,?, '""""I cost. am,. 11,,,.,,1 lor,
". 1 ,������",.,,  '!'���"' ,"*t'�� whli'll   lia'O sin.-.'
?'��"! it;,,.,, 1","' iv-;-""!'l': r""1 -**��� '"���' ,'r"*v"
"S "HI >�� ���������;,,   -*i whlnh Is tho Itrasi aiiiirrint
.""''I    1,11,1. '"���'''.""�� 1'Mlll.T.
"."���C.-i.t, .1 ..... Hit. Is,    ri.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,!    t,,     -
s'l'i.-rl,, ,.,,,,������,   ' "ipanluil   l,y   an
''"Vsl, ���      ,1,     "", '"ll   amiiiiiit i.i Ilm It'll
rut Am<
'*""��� " ��' ���ti'i;'4th ,t��y���iot.'i.mn.
UovornnioiH Asjonl.
In lh," inallrr ol an ��[.|,|li-al!im tor th.' lssne pi
Ihi r nl. - ,.r [)i. C.Tttll.-st.-til -rill,'U. Intsll.
I" ali,l l.-l. urnui, I, West K,��,,i,-iim, Illstrlct. also
known as thr *,K,t,>t,'iiiiy clil.'l.'- ������rnnilorf .ml
"l.rrln" nillioral .'latins r.'S|M*��-tlvoly.
Nulli-v is hiTchy Rlv.'ii that It I. my Intention
l�� lasm* al tho . ���.!���!..,1!..11 1,1 on.' 111011II1 stt-rthi.
Ilrsl niihll.-atlnn h.T.'of s ,!iii,ll,-.t,' ..Iforttllrate
,,|   Im.    ,.,.,,���-    at.   11 1 !i, 1,1.-.1  HI llXlths   ill
.'a.'h ..I Iho a' r��vi> lots, lss.n',1 on th.' nth ilay ol
May, A l��. Itos*. In rhu iifcini-ot.lohli t*. Auiswnrth,
an,, .Isn a <lrr],ll.*al.' nl riTilllr-ato ol Tlllt' No.
,,.,,��� ,.r arr ulnllrf'l.'.l 111 lr.llhs In osch ol tho
shove lols. luoM nil the 17lh "lay ol May, A. I>
IHM6. In the i.ame ol < ,-���...���,��� .1. Ainsworth.
I anil It.'Klslry tllll,-,*, N.'lson. It. (.'.. August 6th
H. F MAil.aXil,,"
Illstrltit Kesrlstrar.
In the matter ol an spiilli-Btlon lor the IWU0 M
a,lri|illeati ol the INrlllleale ol Tills Inr I0t��,
ami the wesl hall ol lol -.1, hloek til, 111 the lowit
" Notlr'e Is herehy irlvon that It Is my Inlenlloll
lo Issue al the expiration ol one in.rlilh alter lhe
tirst inrhll.-alloli lierenl a ilnpllo.to ol the eertlll-
ealeol llllc Inr lhe above lainls. In the name ol
I.y.lla HIiliil.ls. whleh eerlllleiil.. Is rlaleil lhe list
.l.y ol ���vcomhor, 11S10, ami luinihereil HWI1 K.
"11   F. MArrl.Kon,"
Diatrlet .Ue��lstrar.
In tho Matter of    tha "Land     Registry
Act" and Am-ndmente thereto,
In Iho matlor ol ���� a|,,,lieall.in lor tli"-,"'!" "J
a.lnplleateol lfio lerlllleate ol Tllle I.��� U Is
���Mil. SUf>, anil i*��vl.    ' ironp 1, KooU.nay   "'���"" ln
Nolle,. Is heri'l.v-rveh thai It Is iny Irrlelll "II
tO-Vi. ..I the exi-rrntlon nl one monlh rnm h.
Ilrsl inihlli'Blloll Soreol a .lll|illeal.e irerlinral. "I
'��� 1 e'lo ,1,,' ahove .1 rll.eil l.mls. In "<'"��'"'''
.lame. Ilmlrrlt's* Bol.erlsnn. whleh '<""��''��"
ilsli.llhelllhil.y otA.i��nst, 1HUH,  ami  Is nlltn-
"".Ti'iil'"^.,,..- O��e0, Njlson BIV,;,"' ��'
An.nsl, 1907. Ubut"{f lio��l.i'-'-
The Daily Canadian
Dresmer in  New  York Thlnkn  He Can
Upset Government With  Small
Force  of Americans.
New York, Oct. 24.���In an unpretentious rooming house |g west Slxty-Urst
Btreet (here now reBldcB a man who will
Hoon become the president of the Hra-
xlllan republic���perhaps. Sebastian
Honore Leon de Muk&H. who proclaims
himself tbe future chief executive of
Brazil, entertains no doubt as to the
success of his revolutionary project. His
confidence In the powers of American
soldiers Is unlimited. Already he h_u_
selected his little army of 5U0 men, all
of whom were at one time enrolled In
the ranks of Uncle Sam's fighters on
sea and land, and within the n<-xt week
or two the fllisbuotering expedition will
sail for Itrazil.
So far as can be learned, Maguli's
plan ts to land his army on the coast
of Minus Coreas province, at a spot
known only to himself, and thence
march on the capital, overwhelm It by
force, and then, with hia &U0 Yankees
and a few thousand Brazilian professional revolutionists whom he expects to
flock to his victorious banner, demand
the capitulation of Rio de Janeiro.
De Magall, who is a Brazilian coffee
planter, expects then to establish himself in the presidential chair, and has
promised to give the Yankee revolutionists fat berths In the army and navy
ot Brazil. Altogether, it Is an alluring
picture that the Spanish revolutionist
paints, and it Is small wonder that ovi r
2,000 ambitions adventurers hove offered
Uj place themselves at his disposal.
That Senor de Magali Is a practical
man, despite his roseate visions, is evidenced by the fact that he has required
each of the successful applicants for
places in his foreign legion to supply
his own equipment, at a cost of $150
each. In case the revolution is success-
futful, this amount will be refunded and
each soldier, in addition to the promised
commission in the Brazilian army, is
promised a grant of 100 acres of rich
and fertile land.
The first job which Senor de Magali
Certificate   of   Improvements
���'MoatMSl' ��nd "*Hpiebec" KiasraJ *-':��tt_�� ��itu-
-.le in tht- Nelson Mining DtviFlon, ot WSSJ
Konicoaj* Dlatrlct.
Where located: -Weil brmnch of north lork of
Salmon river, on fr-n*. Uou-Uftin, about ni:iv
���lisp Irom Erie, B. C.
Take noilee that 1. Alfred Brneat (iallupe. Free
Mlner'a Certificate No. B64S. luteml. alxly -lays
from the dale hereof, to aptily to the MlnliiK
Hec-t-rrier for a OtTtU-MtS ol Improvement*, tor
thepurpoii ot obtaining Crown (��ranta of the
above vlatma.
And further take notice tbat action, under
Roctlon K7. muat t>e commenced before the lt-su-
ancc of aut'h (VTliftt-ate ol ImprovemenU.
Haled tbla l-'th daj of September, 1W.7.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tcndcra addreraed to the underilKueil at hla
oflh-e in the Court Hoiim-, In the City of
Nelaon. will be received up till the
hour ol ft o'clock, in the afternoon, of Frl
day, Novcml-er lat, 1907, for lhe purchaae of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot M*i, ('roup 1,
Kootenay Piatrlct, which waa declared to be
(orfeiteil to the Crown at the tax sale held in the
City of Nelaon, on lhe 61b day ol Noveml>er, 190ft.
lor delinquent taxea up till .lime SUth, 190ft, and
Tbe upaet price upon the laid mineral claim,
which Includer- the amount of dellnuuent taxes
mid coaU at thu lime of forfeiture, wiih tntereat,
taxes which have aline accrued, coat of adver-
linlng.and fee for Cnurn <--rant TO W.) la 1123.70,
which la tlirirn-' Hinouut that will tn.* considered
as a tender
Kach tender niiiat l*c accompanied by an accepted rl..-.-*. for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Land* and Worku, at Victoria. B. C, at par.
Hated  at  Nelson,   B.C.,  thla/7th day of Bept.
(Jovernuu'iit Agent, Nwlson, B. C
Ocner.l Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovaa, ate.
tl Eaat Baker St. phone No. A114
Notlrc Is batata Riv.-n Hist the mirlerslgned
hrsvo suhniltU'il l.r Ou Lieutenant (lovrnorlu-
ronnell . prupnsftl iiinlrr tht* provisions of the
"Itlversen.l hlr.-i.ni" Ail," lor fl.'srln-t nnil ro-
niovlnu otistrrrrllons Irom tlo.t Kiver ilrrl Mos-
.low l-reek.ln the lilslrl.'tol West Kooten.y. nnd
lorni.kliiit the same III lor rnltlni and drlv
ItlK ther.ou Ioks. llniher, lumber, rafts s ml Br���n
anil tor ereetlnK ami iiiHliitiilnliiK hooms for
hol'lliis. sortliiB ami .lellverlnr, logs anil timber
broil-tin rlo-vn si.1.1 creek anil river, .nrt lor at-
tnehtliK booms lo tho shore ot snld ereek anil
river for sain purposes.
The limits lobe arr.irlol l.r snl.1 work are:-
Lots MC-!, &1H-, '.r,9,,. ami sub lols 1, ��. 11. J-, 14 and
16 ol Lot UH, llrorrp 1, Kooienay Dialrlet.
The tolls proposeil to be ehsrgeri are such as
mar be II se.l by the Judge of lhe Count. Court
ol West Kootenay.
Date.l Hist July. IW".
F. C. GREEN       F. f. BURBEl.       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bos US   rhont 2.1 B.
13. C.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have l<- use all of your means
lo paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development. We
also bave tracts of 60 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms tbe best. We own
these lands and baadle nothing on
If you don't aee Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay  Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
has planned for his army of 500���tho
subjection of the province of Mlnas
GeraceB���does not appear on the face of
it to be a particularly soft snap. The
province has a population of a little less
than 4,000,000, and an area of 221,000
square miles, about eight times that of
the state of New York. However, it Is
known that the government of the province is now practically in a state of anarchy, and the populace would likely
welcome anyone who gave promise of
restoring ft to lis former prosperous and
peaceful condition.
Provincial sovereignty Is supreme In
Brazil, and If the revolutionists Bhould
be successful in overthrowing the present provincial government the central
government would be powerless to interfere. The standing army of Brazil
numbers but about 20,000 men, and these
are said to be disorganized and as likely
to fight against the present government
as for it.
Senor de Magali has endeavored to
secure the co-operation of New York
bankers In his project, but has failed to
arouse the Interest of tbe financiers, despite promises of immense returns from
the Investment. De Magali ls insistent
in his declaration that he is animated
solely hy a desire to make his country
prosperous and well governed.
Monled  Americans'  Latest  Fad���Artist
Making Fortune on Foible of
Idle  Millionaires.
l.i'iiilnii. Oct. 24.���Americans havo
Bone tattoo mad. Such Is the Inference
to be drawn from the opinion lately expressed by Alfred South, a
famous English and Continental tattoo-
ist. According to the artist the rich
have stolen the thunder of the poor. Tbe
practice of covering the body with elaborate designs which was supposed to be
lhe special weakness of the low class
sailor, has ascended to the social ladder
and Is now the amusement of the aristocracy.
Certain well known Americans, if we
are to believe Mr. South, would present
the appearance of animated picture galleries could we see them in the nude.
Their backs, chests, legs and arms are
covered with crouching tigers, poison
snakes and more or less beautiful women. The son of one of the largest
watch manufacturers ln the United
Slates, who is many times a millionaire,
had a fac simile of his father's particular brand of timepiece tattooed on his
chest by Mr. South.    He had the hands
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water  Power and  Light Company,  Limited.
Notice Is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and Light Company,
Limited, will be held at the offices of
Ihe company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at tho hour of 2
o'clock lu tho afternoon, for tie purpose of;
1. Authorising the Issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00,
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with Interest at 414 per cent, per annum, payable on the llrat day of May, 1940, with
interest payable semi-annually on the
1st days of May and November In each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will bo submitted to the
meeting, aud made between the company, of lhe First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, anil the West Kootenay Power and
Light Company, Limited, of tho Third
3. Passing tho resolution recited In
the said draft Deod of Trust.
4. Transacting such other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Hated this lGth day of October, A. D.
By Order of the Tloard,
, I _. . Secretary.
Tremont House
KnrotsB.a snd Araurtcn Flan
M._ls at Mr.   Room. Iron Z ou. to V.
only WhIU Help K-n*>lor.d.
Bak.r St., Nelson Proprietor.
Unit comfortable quarters     Kelson]
Only the best ol Llqaor. and cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Horn.
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. O.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street, Kelson. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
t-rrge .nd Comfortable Bedroom, and First-
claaaDlnlng Boom.   Sample Room. Ior Commercial  ttaa.
MRS.   E. C.CLARKE.   Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-D-r House in Nelson.
The Bar I. the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder-
SILVER   aRIl_l_
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
sbowlag the hour to be exactly twelve,
and remarked that no matter where he
was he could always refer to It at exactly that time of day and correct hts
fallible timepiece.
Many Americans have commissioned
Mr. South to tattoo copies of pictures by
their favorite artists on the shoulders,
chests or backs. In this respect Charles
Dana Gibson easily leads the field as
the most popular American draughtsman. No less a persouage than Walter
Winaus, the American millionaire, crack
rifle shot, and premier horse owner, Is
the proud possessor of a "Gibson Girl!"
on his shoulder. That is not the only
tattooing on the body of-Mr. Winaus.
for his form is said to be a thing of exquisite beauty from the standpoint of the
devotees of the craze.
It seems that many Americans have
had their full mimes tattooed on their
wrists and foiearms. Mr. South says
he has many American women as customers. They are more sentimental than
the sterner sex, according to the artist,
aud they run to names, or the private
crests of their sweethearts. The work
is usually done on lhe legs, but many of
the fairen sex are having elaborate designs executed on the backs." In this, as
In other walks of life, fair woman has
lived up to her reputation for thechame-
lon-like state of mind, for tho artist declares he has several times changed the
name of sweetheart for women customers.
Tho tattooing craze seems to be even
more advanced in Kngland aud on the
Coutlnent  than in   the   United   States.
W.   O.   GU.L.ETT
Contractor  antl
Role agent tor the Porto Hioo I-umber Co., Ltd..
-t-tttil yards. Rough aud dreuad lumber, turned
work and bra-'keti*. Coast lath and Hhtiigloi*, Hanh
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon tit., eait of Hall
NBLSON,   B. 4.--.
l'. u. Box 2A2. Telephone 176
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dtnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  free from   atone;  level land;  ample water;  railway facilities;  good settlement; easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.   Terms: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year..  Interest 6 per cent. *r***SN>-' ���"."���'   *     r-*"M *
H. & M. BIRD
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Instuance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
lots, on  terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms.. $ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots ln
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (76 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.  (60 ft corner) $ 376
Chatham St., Fairvlew (30 ft.)....$200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.   Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F\ B.  LYS
Real Estate Agent
SIS Baker St, Nelson. B. C.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and   particulars apply to
McDermid & McHardy
AND DEALERS 01    Ltllll_)e_?t   S-UllgleSf
_-,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracks���s. Mail Orders promptly attended to.
VERNON 8THBET   ...   NEH-80N, B. 6.    '
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
No. 810.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
������COiiPANlBS Act, 1897."
I hereby certify tbat the "F__1.ii Crook Copper
MluInt. Company, Limited," bas thin-lay been
registered an an llxlra-t-rovlncial Company un-
���ler the -'Compattlcs |Act, 1897," to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of tbe Company
to which the legislative authority of the Levu-
laUire of Brltl-m Columbia extends
The bead of))---, of the Company Is situate at
���he City ol Spokane, Btate of Washington, U.S.A.
The amount oi the capital of the Company 1*
:>ne million five hundred thoueand dollars,
'livtded into one million five hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each-
The heat! office of the Comp-ny in this Province is Mm a io at NeUon, aud Michael C Mon-
aghan, Miner, win>���*���*.��� address ls the same, ia the
uitornvy of the Company
The time of the exlntence Vf the Company Is
lifty veara from the 15th March, 19u7.
Tne Company in specially limited under section 66 of tbe above Act.
uiven under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thin 15th
day of May, oue thotmand nine hundred aud
[L. s.] B. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar o[ J. mt Stock Companies.
Here !t seems to have touched even the
highest rung of the social ladder. The
Prince of Wales himself is said to have
���irnne most artistic work on his arms,
while the crown Princess of Denmark,
l.udy ComwalUs Wes*, and members of
the royal family of Russia are said to
be devotees of the craze. Some of them
jire even said to have become apt at the
art itself.
Among society at the present time
problems in bridge are especially popular subjects for the tattoo artist. One
woman recently had "her last will aud
testament" In four colore and many ela-
oratlons, tattooed on her back. Religious
devotees have peculiar hobbies, and a
parliculai ly pious old lady recently had a
likeness of her priest tattooed on her
arm by Mr. South.
To All  Point* In Kootanay*.   .
MONTREAL, ��46.10; OTTAWA,��44_*5;
HALIFAX, $56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rata* from and
to All Intermediate Polnta.
Prepaid passage arranged.    Reservations secured, etc. through this once.
For further particular* call or writ*
-*. I
*   3'!
ti  *1
our stock for tht- New Jewelry :ind other
���.roods we are opening up almost every
day. We are exhibiting Brooches. Necklets. Penoents. Bracelets, all in now de-
Blgne. The now Enamel Jewelry iu
Flowers, IJirdE and Bllga is most attractive.
ST. O. Patenaude
S    **J  ^.^v>---_-.     _-~_--_^-
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c., 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather and Silk
Belts in all colors.
f mr_E U-bMMW, Mm-
��� ... (-011-
fta*ror-  ������ t ���  - A tobat-co you
k 1 to try
f obacconist.    Baker Street.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
i        QUEEN        <
BUSH  & MATT HEW, Props. J
<     CIGARS,    CIGARETTES,      TO- J
i                     ERS' SUPPLIES. *i
J     Phone   9.                P.   O.   Box   672. *\
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in Btttplc and fancy Groceries.
Butter, I'.utiH
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Office:   Hnaley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Tin Bast &__***_ Coal on ibe mm
Itnnkhend Brl-
Thp Best  DoasuMtfl <'o_.l
West Transfer Co.
Best   Located   Hotel  in  Nelson
Under the  inai.fi-_--m.-nt of K. K, Noble
late of Toronto. Otinwa and
W. .1. H. Holmes, K_uto, B. A. Smith,
Clubb Landtag; I" H York. P. Brooks-
ii.iiK _,rrow Lake; H Bowman, Van*
cotnrer; Mis, W. i.--mi. Keto-rns.; L H.
T___ery, Vancoaver; a .? \i :-. C L
��� ��� ell, Vernon; C P. Hooper, Spokane;
;. 0 ��������� nest, Winnipeg; O. W. Mussnor.
���'..I-. Vsrnon   and *Vt�� rrti Str-KtH,
INEBL-SO***. fc��. _'
Ii. I.. EXssDPScgr, Trail;  .1. Fr-.-trth anrl
A'rn.r lr*o:   \V.  D.  Alli'-v. 1^-c Kramer, Denver;  j  Qllibo__, W. N'.-lson. T.
B   SDou, T. \V   K. rr.  N.   II. I,< *vi*��. Van
r;     .1.  B.  Bra lley,  A   Bullin. To
���n-rri,,. J. Haii,-y. Ainsworth;   H. St.-vi n-
Paiii���raks:   It   .1   si, ns,-m and wife,
Kanlri: N. 1*. McNaucht. BUrerton; I'.. F
! - r,;. _.��� T*  CO  :    W.  (".   Mc-
Killiran.   Calgary;   J. L.   Warner.   Bpo-
, .    ,     J. 1 '��� , >: ���:. Nrmai[rm.
Q.  We-_, Ymir:   J. O'Oonaor, Kaaio;
.1   .\. Toui-gBton, V   Dessien, B   H
W. Horns, i*-rro��r_e_-;  VV. OldfieU, Kt_-
ovrna:   E.   P.  Bouthworth,   Harrop;   W.
Brans and wife, T, Thomson, MedicIne
Rat .   \    B    Smith.  W    H.   Smiili.   I    Mr
��� A   \V. RoUnsoa, P. Fla-
berty, Winnipeg; Mrs. ll. Marni.y and
F P. Drummond, Salmo: httu. T.
I: Banders, ___<__.; O. Kelson, A���as-
srorth: I \. Carlson. 11. Blair, Bonnen
���   -
Mlaa I.   Hi,-l)i,*r. Kansas: 1.   I). Roach,
Okanagan; W   Anderson, Lemon Creek;
'    M    !��� 'inlh.   N'iinriiiiiii;   K.   I'.rrmiliin.   K
���    r.nil   wife, .1.   T.   Kyan,  tv
B. Smith, Firnnsnii.
('. Bhepp-rd, 5-Mlle; li   McLeod, Aina
BTortl    r  Bdwards, La Pranoe; a. SIut-
:;:!'. ("as.-arl.-.   II   T. I .;rrr< m -;. . IV K(lrr<-n.
B. .1   Mi'lcami.-. Qreenwootf;  li. Tooley
-nx.    .1    MePberson,   F    Boott,   i-'.
T.   Wade,   .1    Lang,  Bahno;   II.
Smith and wir.-, i\ Hawking, Paulson
J. Bonner, I;   I'h.-liii.Vuiir;  11. K. Hul-
i, ad, Slocan.
0. I.  Harrison, Waneta;  It   P. ilar.l-
Nakus-i; K. I>   Bunnell, Procter;
II. ��� L.   McKenzie,   Tnnii   Lake:    \\".   II
Moss, Wallace, 1 .inii.>
Stereopticon   Concert.
This evening at the Salvation Army
���irriili'l a Btereoptiooc oonoeii will i,,
-liv.-n under the management of Cant
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
er of Owls.
-     McKoen,   o4   Bentttoi   eupreme
mi _er of ihe <Irder ol ('wis, h
��� i sauii Ing :t local ih-st.    Tbe I in ;--'
1 is     l..>v. . l.,-ui_-hi. r. ami th.* King
ii.: Heaven --n >'���" ih."   Mr. UcK' ���
expects io Inaugurate  Lhe N-elson I ������'.
on   Monday   with  a   members!.] p   of   a
The Daily Canadian
Meeting   Tonight.
Rev. J   a. r.oyi-., of Reglna, weal
secretary  ,,(   Sunday   Schools   and
worfc Leagues of the Methoftlst chuc
Canada, who i^ in the '-ity Btt-nullng
union  Bunday   Bcnool  convention,
nu'cl   the   Offloera   aiu!   *���;,'���!'*���������-   of
local    Metliodfal    Sunday    School
branch of th.* Bpworth l_e*agm   in
church tonight al 7-80.
i- of
Churchman's Club.
Th.' titsi social%vening cf the sca.-**>n
nf ilic ('hmohman's Clnh waa held in
the parish hall last evening The time
���.*.:-,-. pleasantly spent at whist, followed
by ii rreshmenta The debate on the
relative ui'-rits of fruit growing and mining as present factors in th.* progn
Kootenay "in take place the evening "I
Wednesday, November 6th.
Deserved   Promotion.
Harry B. Maodonnell, genera! rreighl
of  *he   Koot.-nay   division   of  the
<\ )'   K . has been appointed to a simiiai
position   OS   tin*   Atlantic   division   with
headquarters at St. .John. i!��- is not certain >��� t how soon In- will leave Nelson
but will probably make a tour of his
division before leaving ror tbe eaat, Mr.
MacdonneU's departure will be Edncen i1*
regretted. He has been a capable and
oHis-rins* official ami has earned tli* ci":
ELdence of both the company and the
If the lawfulness or unlawfulness of a
policeman's conduct in makinc an arresl
depends  u'">ri tbe officer's belief at tb.*
time, what has tiie charge .nibseqm
laid  to do with     the    case    at all?    if
'under tbe criminal code and tlu* police
rales Sergeant  Wheeler has admitti
committed   a   s.-ries    of    -_:ravf   errors"
what occasion is there for an tnvestijg i
tion?    If on-* of the function** of a city
newspapw is to Advance the if'-  -
the ci*>  in which it Is published, how is
ihat  purpose served  by the  dissemina-
Uon of false reports of the prevaieno oi
a contagious disas< "
Municipal  Voters' List.
Kvery citizen of Nelson, male or
female, should take care that his or her
name is on the voters' list for the forthcoming municipal elections. The qualification. ������ ;>i--: every British BUb
feet, male or female. 21 years of aj;e.
resident of the city, who owns or repress i*,; - personal ptdjm rty or licence, or
Who pays a minimum of $2 to the municipality annually, for road tax. dog tax
oi   any other purpose, is entitled  lo vote.
It should not be forgotten that those
who vote not as property or lions.' own
��� ra bin as houseboMers musl register
annually.    Only one week remains.
Sunday  School  Convention.
The sessions of th. union Sunday
School convention, which are '" tog beM
morning, afternoon and evening ��������� tht
Haptist church.at*- attracting very tail
aoondances to the devotional servii.-.-
and also to the conference sessions al
vrhiofa addresses on special departments
of Sunday School work are followed by
Interested and interesting discussions
Tn* Bttendanoe and attention indicate
SO apjireciation of the imi>ortance
of Sunday School work, especially in a
land where public education is strictly
secular. Tiie relation uf the home, the
teacher, the pastor and the superintendent, severally, to the Sunday School
have all been considered as has b��M n
���OUroe of inspiration  for the  work,
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay   Ice,  Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   8ts.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It I.s Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. NL Hood & Co.
__ -ft*. D. Blo-k . Phone U.
Wl-oh-ft-tlc snd   iiftt.il I--.-nl.-n. in
The Famous t. & b. Biend Fresh and Salted Meats
is growing in popularity every
day because it is the best we
can procure.
Our special line at 3 lbs. for
$J.OO i.s a dandy.
Oiimpn Bnppliod on -_���____ notioa ftl���I
lowr.Ht priOB. "NothiiiK but   frc*,li iunl
wholoHOuie DMs__ and rappi���M k**JH -0 ftt^urk
Mail ordtrrs rec*>iT��> C4in<fnl atuiution.
We receive tb' recorde monthly
a-*   ' be\   are issu.-d
The (tcti.li* r ,- cords are to band. Call
aiu! make ymir select lone, li you can'
call, write ils for Hull Send us your
Order, and  we wi'l  deliver  the  records.
We r>ell all talking machines and
records at the same prices they are sold
at everywhere^���the pricee fi\ed b\ tbe
You lose money by sending luii>.. ���
sending; :iv.';iy foi them because it
eostp   you   more   to  t:et   tliem dehv red.
Edison   Records each   40c
Disc   Records    10-inch  75c  each,  12 inch
$1.25 each each.
Victor Red Seal Records, each $1.25 to $6
We keep the lar^e��< Btock of Recorde
in the Interior. We guarantee to fill all
orders for records if tley are procurable
W. G. Thomson
H^r^Sif"""5     Nelson, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will ftnd it to their ad-
v.ntaRc to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
the goal  ���..  be BOVght, the Btltijects to be
presented and ibe manner oi presents
tion, ami ibe training of teachers. The
convention a ill come to an end tonight
All who have taken part, and all who
have attended its sessions acree ihat it
has   accomplished  ita   purpose.
Collection of China.
T. Lament, of tbe Canada Drag and
Hook Co., Ltd.. i.s amhurhy for tbe
statement thai there tire more collectors
of Chlnaware in Nelson than iu an\
other city ot Its si/.e in Canada. There
are at least forty collectors in Nelson
and tlie number is all the time Ineress
tag Borne if them bave splendid specimens brooghl Irom the old country, hut
the majority have started since taking
up tbeii residence in Nelson. Tbe Interest taken in collecting is particularly
noticeable  when a sab- of chinaware is
advertised, SUCil as lias been the case
this week Tbe Canada Drag and Hook
Co.. Ltd.. is making room for Christmas
goods and baa offered a lar^e quaniil>
of odd pieces at prices'far below their
actual value These pieces Include
Royal Doulton, Irish lielcek. Haviland
Limoges, Royal Crown Derby, Wedge
ated China, and the ladles of Nelson are
rood, Coal port and German hand decor
takfn-; advantage of this sate. It is an
expensive tad. but a profitable one.
China inr teases in value. One old lady
in the easl the other day was surprised
to gel an oiler of $lfit* for three pieces
���if Cbina she had bought forty fears
ago   tor   $10.
E.   C.   TRAVES    Manager.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
PHO.-WK   7
lT5 5<E/1EI?Y
Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
|Telepbone 161.
I mr SALT  -A FirM CBSM l'��)*mE Mt-\ Uik P-CtttTl
Mu��iiiis>   uinyiue to (nil houae m srj Bveslns.
i-(.(..j  bnalncsi, ohsai-i   (or ri*.h_   mnn, tooti
reanoio* (or nt-Hlng.    A[r-.|y K. W. T., <.������na.Ii._n
Mf      ..
i.usr   4 l'urM* iH-tw.-'-n th*- leOMmvlom sad ire-
iiinnt hnii'ln I'.ilitHlliiii't UOB-I) h ''ckpt to
Nioiuiniii aii'l viilualilc pap< r*>. t iiiilrr [lii-aw
ret ii rn n* tins Ofli-e aii'l rt.----.-lve #*��� rewara.
UttiT A I. \IiV-* I'MIIKCI.I.A h Mh K.'l'l ruiuni'I
liaii'll.* l.-ft at K 1'. IU1I, '-it Ulghl <>f flU.
���<\0 liinlrr pl'-as- nt-irn tn Tarkcr'a tin.
l-l'iviii.-ut AKCiey ami ttOtAtt rrwar'l.
0OL0   chain.   t..*tw..n    H....VCI   and   Vt-ruon
_l       Siouilil.- rcwar-l  will   l-e i��il-]  for It*
r.'U.rn.    UOaOmnoM <*_ .M.-Hiird*--
A HOCKBTBOOK '-..tiirtlniuR a-"l��iit*'l Ohsqaa '��(
tli.* r.-.oiid Ki-li.-f Minli-j- Couij'Hlij. pavat.lc
to ' . (\ Wivlt*, nml l.*iu*i>, Fi-j-ler kni'llj
l'-av*�� at Ko I'l*-.������*' Ion.
TWO riRffT-Ci.ArtH  hOOMH, lUHlTl hCuleO
plv 'i-pur*. kf.-i.'-e 8rd flat. K   W. 0. t-lo.k.
W AN! KO l it- Mtik.-n, theTfca to Ot Kir, Th.n
���ini'-k "i ! ji..-   wm i�����*���'������ ii ontti tmoh Inthc
Hiring.   itJi   fOOO    tlniU-r.      Apply    lo  iomttph
1.. o. ] l. , i *it-n*a 'c      ^^^^ ^______
W'ANTKI' --lUiHttoi! bv Y.Miin* BnOtSnUUl finnr
rifl) wHUok to ta/*kle nnyllitnu, eXpt_l-*noed
tn gr.M'cry,   wine   anil   nnlrlt   trndt*       AfldM-a*.
u. i>. PaJiy c��na-_t__a OAi i
A   1'AKTNF.U    With   *_!,0t-0   tc    ptir'-!ia**i*  a   IniH
ran.-h nt*ar NeW-ti    A (to��Ki apectibitiou    .'are
ner need not tn- actively '*ii*-bi*. *! ��.i> rmneh.
For particular-- apply T   (j. FKOC'I KK.
WAJNTJBD I le.-tri'-iini. KogliBb, newij* 'irri*, **.l,
hhiiU r-it nation lu liiHUllatlon or elm liar work.
a Ldresi m w   .- , Oniiy Osnsdten.
W AN J KH l-.tiKliatirnnu "_��. wtintK uluatioii for
week or loiii_>*r. ko.m! -.�� bol'i r, need U* offloe
rotiliuc      A.Ulrc-t-.  B. W. ti   I>iiily I un   .hHii
W'A I NTM' o l'urchna_a(*oon Coat, ftt.uo Uujirr
Apply J   K    M.. care IMp otllce.
Ml Klada of Heating  Plants  In  Btock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.       Tel. 181
Boots at Cost
Vim ran liny Boot* and Sln,..s al .nnil  own in-loe.    The celebrated UcKsen
Boot! nnil Bhoea reduced riimi $6.00 to 5,4.00.
Tin-  McLui-.-n  A  1'allUK  Bool  reduced Trom $r,.iio to $3.75.
411" 2  Ward  Street.
A  Shot-maker wanted to take over S hot-making  Department.
Chinaware Clearance Sale
week    we    hnve    put    Into   Htiicl;
h r.r ll.ijnl Vienna China, i-imii
our X'lniirt ini-i.iitatlttii.    TImm
���  put  In  with  the ntiicr Hihh ul
araiH-e   Kale   ���*_���M.
ala   tt,Ih   week   In  Staples.  Turn-
emiltir   ptioa   |1_HJ   per   ___. .   ni
liattern   ouJM  and   KiiueetH   per
piittern   plaleH   iter   doz. . .hit
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
R.   W.   HINTON '
I.*,  i'.ilrlng   ctncl  .1-.!'�� <1�� i|��   ��.-)-*.-*. in ��U -w-lll-.  l)��M|-ntLh       Mivc-t  MutHl
\'.<if-k.   .\'lnloj;  nnd    Mill    Mu. hlincr*  .        Mh i �� uf-it. t Jr��r- - ,t
Or.   Cnra,   Iw.   I**.    Contruutora*   C-.ii-m.
urntr ot 11a 1 aud
-. Dl  --trri-U.
that is faehionabie and durable can be
bought now at a price that Ik sure to
tempt you. Winter etylet are being
shown. Come quick and flet the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas and
Night Shirts at proper pricei.. Particu
far people will be pleased with our offerings.
Places to have your prescription! filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded     as    your    physician    prescribes, bring them   to the    Popular   Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
IS.tker and .ToBrphltiP Sts.
We would like to iM all our patron*comfortable this winter ami In onliT tn
do so we have tn Btock the ln-Ht ..ssnrt ed line of h*'atlnn Btnvt's nnd ronkiDK
BtoveB and   ranpoa  ever  before presented to the public in Kooienay.
We would he pleased to show you our line and before maKiuK your purchase kindly see what we huve to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Ntl.on -ram-1-
You cau always pet what
j'Oii want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete Hou.e Furnisher, and Undertaker..
,   .pedalty of *������""
Toola,  Piota,    BliovH**.
We  miikf
Wood-Vallance Hardw'
Wholesale lNI.il ._��j*r>ni
Drill   BW-J.
I':-      ;    C-inilli'H.    '";;,'""m'.li
KarkH. ..li-.. In la'*' rv.*i."l'1"'-
pro-pttetor in- mill''1'-
iv^-.is. in Thi* ���-,n*-
<���*  Ui


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