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The Daily Canadian Nov 22, 1906

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Array ik I.   No. 145.
��J)e -p.ihj -Canabta
in Collision With
I riiisli Royal Moil
dibablc Panic Among Passen-
rs Who Scrambled for Safety
- Many Drowned.
jon,   Nov.     22.���At     Hie     office.
oi die Nssri.li Uorxnon Lloyds ii
stales! today 1 hat lho steamer
r W'illis-liii der Grosse was dam-
jn ;i collision last night off Cher
with the steamer Orinoco, and
hi le iiusslsls- to continue the voy
1 (Jew York.
rbourg, France, Nov. 22.���Details
collision yesterday between the
1: 11..111 Lloyd steamer Kaiser
lm der Qrose nnd the liritisti
Mail Bteamer Orinoco state it
1 ; 9 o'clock last night. The
were both outward bound for
York aod Wesl Indian ports re-
sslnsck is described as having
nine, causing panic among the
..-is sm both vessels. On the
is three men and a woman were
six men and a woman were In-
aml five |s- rsons were knocked
uni ami drowned,
hi- iwo steamers the German
is said to have sustained the
damage, but beyond the fact
ie had a hole in one side of her
ttun ol her injuries has not
ski ta ned. Kour of the crew of
a.&'-i Wllhelm der Grosse nre re-
10 have been killed and 12 are
3 have been injured, but the ex-
' the killed and wounded
si vessel have not been reported
Th- damage to the Orinoco was
id In her bows. Iloth v.s-.m��
1 Id Uss- roadsti ad here.
ilu collhlon occurred the
Wllhelm der Grosse was steam
lhe rate uf 17 knots an hour,
saving touched here ou her voy-
sill-' tlis Orinoco was coming in-
t Hi' commander of the Orl-
lalms ilini he signalled that he
no iu starboard of the German
I'm lhat ibe latter held her
:nisB ihe Orinoco's bows, und
I i" port of the Orinoco when
'���' late.    Tbe engines of the
II is added, were reversed as
i* ii appeared likely that there
he mi accident, but she crushed
Btarboard bow of the Kalsei
111 dei Crsssse. making a breach
wide, The stem of the Orinoco
llie wati r line was carried nwny
vessel cleared  after the colli
sslii'sk threw all the passengers
Kaiser Wllhelm der Grosse off
*"' ��nd ilu- grinding of the Orl
'"'�� "!,, iht- steerage of the Ger-
s*1 Instantly  killed  four  per
ilsembowolllng  a   girl   11   years
raplaln or lbe Orinoco ordered
ss In ihi h to be cleared away,
anlc ssn board of her was gen
Borne ..J" ihs- crew jumped Into
inched Iwo of her boats and nev-
'"ii'l'sl women attempted to get
as Ihey were being lowered
"" 8|de. One boat was swamped
It Uracil lbe water. As soon as
''"'"n occurred a number of
'"sn- rr.itu Cherbourg put out to
nl ilu- collision nfid succeed
"Ing some of th.- sailors nnd
�� who were struggling In lhe
but rive of ihe crow of the Orl-
���   believed    to   have    been
hamnton, Nov. 22,-noth the
Wllhelm der Grosse and the
1 '���"'��� expected to come to this
"' ri'|salr��. The former must be
*"'llv  repaired    before    leaving
Nov. 22.���Al the office or tbe
'""""" Lloyd Steamship com
*<* H i�� sialed that as the re-
collision with the Orinoco
'he passengers of the Kals-
'"���"'| ier Grosse will  be trans-
"ihs- American liner St. Paul
* "*'ieli lln,.,. ],��� i,~rrn)ne ]ea_.
n OMvely flora Southampton and
Fifty Cents a Month
Cherbourg and Havre November 24.
London Nov. 22,-The report of the
collision between the Kaiser Wllhelm
der Grosse and the Orinoco received
by the North German Lloyd Steam-
ship company here, says that the formers starboard bow is damaged and
that several of her plates were started, and that four steerage passengers
w_-re killed and five injured The
damage done ls regarded as not being
very serious. Probably she will bo re
paired at Southampton.
Pails. Nov. 22.���The latest report re-
celved by ilu- Norlh German I.lovd
company says that only eight persons
were injured on board the Kaiser Wil
helm der Grosse.
Cherbourg, Nov. 22.-The damage to
the Kaiser Wllhelm.der Grosse ts est!
mated here at 1200,000.
"Sorrowful    Condition    of    Church"���
Friends Now Her Enemies.
i.i.m i, No-, 28���Special prayers for
the enemies oi the church have been
requested by ihe pope In a letter to
Cardinal Reshlghi. vicar-general to his
holiness, whicli has been published In
the Osservatore Roman. This Is the
only means left tin- pontiff In lhe pres-
'in "sorrowful condition of the
church, now fought and oppressed by
many of her own children, who huve
become her enemies.*' Continuing, the
liope refers lo and quotes from the
Bible, paiticularly Hebrews vt". This
letter Is regarded as of special importune' now. It being evidently In-
splr.'d by the sit nation In France', and
Is laken to Indicate thai the pope be-
lleviB he has exhausted all olher
means lo reach a satisfactory understanding In the French difficulty.
Sergeant Major    Richardson  Speaks of
Rifle Shooting   and  Urges   Nelson
Marksmen to Qualify.
During his stay In Nelson Sergeant-
Major Fred Richardson was seen by
many who arc Interested iu rifle shooting, either as a sport or as the duty
of a citizen. Mr. Richardson's long
and successful experiences makes hiB
advice to lioglnnerB of exceptional
In the course of a kin? conversation
ou rifle shsHi. ��� r -en-, .tiy and on tbe
K'.ir.din-- ot British' Columbia t_;**^i21-
ly, Mr. Richardson  said:
"During the winter month! lbe sport
fs slumbering. At the flrst signs of
spring rifles will be brought out and
examined to see if the cordite !��� it h fl
any ravaging traces in the barrel from
ths- previous season. If any traces of
corrosion are evident It would be advisable to set the rifle aside and pick
up a new one. so Unit the results to
those gifted for rille shooting may be
more satisfactory.
"Rifle shooting Is only made a success by slicking to it. First see that
lbe rifle is in good order, regulate the
upper and lower bands; do not have
them too tight. Secondly, use the
sling so tbat II Is comfortable* do not
hold the rifle too tightly; be sure thut
you know the absolute centre of the
sighting. This taller is essential for
accuracy. Hy holding the rifle lis)
tightly yon are liable to throw the
projectile off considerably, owing to
nerve tension. If you keep a steady
pressure on the trigger I which should
nol pull too heavily���not more than
six pisiiuils) and con.-entrate. you are
Hound to have good results.
"British Columbia, for lis population,
ls the foremost ln the world in rifle
���hooting. Part records go to prove
ibis. For Instance, Hriilsh Columbia
Binds only elghl men lo Oliawu, and
as n rule some five or six others accompany the team. In 1900 llrltlsh
Columbia captured the Ontario championship, and again In 1803 nnd 1304,
three times In five years; and mind,
only eight men are sent. In 1901 we
won the championship of Canada, came
second In 1004. nud again won the
championship In 1000, besides winning
lhe provincial championship, The London Merchants*, three times in six-
years, and this year by 4!) points, or
over C points per man, over teams
from Ontario (which Bends cloae on
300 men to the D. R. A. meetings).
Quebec, Novn Scsilia, Alberta, Manitoba nnd New Brunswick.
At Hlslev the BrltUb Columbia men
have always bad places on the big
team    W��l year they won the eham-
I .ship of .he empire, lbe Kajah  of
Ksslsipin* Cup. and also Ibis year,
wl, 1, the King's prize has only twice
be, won by Canada, once by Ontorio
nnd once  by  llrlllsh Columbia.   LMt
Columbia people know that this province has rnm who advertise lt all over
the world.
"This year British Columbia is sending at least eight men out of the 20
thai go to Blsley and ln all probability 10 men will be there, one from
Revelstoke and the balance from Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster. Now It ls up to Nelson, Rossland. Trail, Slocan Clly and Greenwood to send men to compete at the
provincial shoot to win places for Ottawa. Get In line, Nelson, and practice. You never know how much you
can do until you try.
"My advice to all Interested, and especially those who are In the mlllila
is: Become proficient with the rifle.
By doing so you are very useful to
Canada, your home and possibly future king's man. It Is a grand sport
and success means much lo Canada's
efficiency as a part of the empire's
system of defence."
Defrauding Hotel    Keeper Is Arrested
In Liverpool,
Toronto. Nov. 22.���Word reached
here last night of the arrest at Liverpool of Arthur Lewis Cllxay Ward,
proprietor of the American hotel at
Nlagaru-on-the-Lake. Ward Is charged
with stealing $.898.60 from .Kdward
Adcock In Toronto. Adcock was a wip-
i-r on Ihe New York Central & Albany
railway, and on December 15, 1905,
maimed for life by a holler explosion.
For 42 weeks he was in hospitals Iu
Albany. St. Catherines and Toronto.
His condition at one time was critical
and It Is alleged he handed over to
Ward for safe-keeping nil the money
lift out of a settlement of $7500 he had
made with the railroad company .for
the Injuries he had sustained
Hearing that Ward waa about to
leave for the old country Adcock demanded his money. Ward left ror
Montreal to take a steamer for England when a detective forced hlm to
make over In caah J4S0 and also a
cheque for $600, payable to Mrs. Lewis, Adcock'B boarding mistress, but on
Adcock's return to Toronto he found
that Ward had cancelled the cheque
by telegraph, whereupon he placed the
matter in the hands of the police.
Finance Minister Shows
Diplomatic Hand
Protection, British Preference and
Legitimate Discrimination With
Sliding Schedule*
It enmo within an w
of conilnR
nrlllsh    Co-
y.ar .
hack to this province, ..
lumbia mm. finishing ^J&��j*
This should be enough to let British
Sensational Divorce Suit.
Washington, Nov. 22.���The suit for
divorce brought by Charles C. Basset t,
of the geological survey, against Ins
wife. Fanney Rfce Rassett, the daughter
n furim-i Sep.f--.or R!?_ uf - rkaraas, i\, ���
which the Hev. Uavren-r*^ Hunt im.. w.V'
-" .ii.^ Noble StrW Pj>-3-&hy-t*_rf__)
church, in 'irook;yn, is nh_r."d as corespondent, was called for trial today
before Judge Gould. The trial promises
to be sensational, for it will involve
In one way or another several persons
conspicuous In the social and official
life of Uie capital.
Mrs. Hassett, who is now living In
Omaha, where she has brought a suit
against her husband, will nol contest
the present suit, it is said. It will be
fought solely by the corespondent. His
Brooklyn congregation, it is understood, has agreed to suspend judgment
on him until the conclusion of the
case. Hassett asks for the custody uf
four children, but makes no claim regarding a filth child, which bears the
name of Lawrence Hunt Hassett.
Montreal, Nov. 21.���Hon. W. S. Fielding was banquetted at the Windsor
h-.tel last night by the Reform club
of Ui'fs city. In respOUM to a toast
to his health the finance minister, after speaking of the work done by the
Liberal government since 1896, referred to lhe coming tariff changes.
He said in the first place it wus proposed to change the form and shape
of tariff schedules. Tht. might not
necessarily involve great changes, but
in making these changes in form, here
and there occasion may arise for some
change in the substance.
First, it is proposed to have a tariff of moderate character, high enough
to give moderate and reasonable encouragement, "protection, if you prefer
the word." to the industrial classes of
the country.
Then It is proposed to adhere to
the principle of British preference as
laid down In 1897, and the third place
it Is proposed to have fn a separate
tariff column a tariff which shall contemplate the later making of such com-
merc'al arrangements as shall establish legitimate discrimination between
the trade of tbe country that wants to
trade with Canada and ftb . trade of
the country which for its own reasons
puts up its bars and says "we can buy
from them, but If we can help it we
shall not sell to them."
Laderoute Sentenced.
Hryson. Que., Nov. 22.���Jas. Laderoute was today sentenced by Judge
Champagne to 20 year,*. In Bt Vincent
do Paul penitentlai.v fur having in August. 190., murdered George Charley,
a Syrian peddler*. The jury Inst night
broughl in a verdict of manslaughter
with a recommendation to mercy, but
Judge Champagne, in sentencing the
prisoner, said the verdict should have
been one of murder and added lhat had
It not been for the recommendation lo
mercy of the jury, he would been sentenced for life.
Raise Employees Wages.
Montreal, Nov. 22.���The Monlrenl
Street Hallway company today decided
lo Increase the wages of niotonnen
and conductors by $75,000 a year. The
fncrease takes effect on January 1.
l*'mployees In service from one to five
years will receive from 18 to 19 cents
an hour; for five years' service and
over the rate will he 20 cents an hour.
'Twas Not From Worry!
London. Ont., Nov. 22.���The London
Advertiser (Liberal) says Hon. C. S.
Ilyman, minister of public works, has
ben obliged to leave for the southern states, as his henlth has collapsed
from overwork.
In  Chambers.
His Honor Judge Forin held a eham
ber session this morning.
In G_nellc vs. Genelle, J. O'Shea foi
tho plaintlfr applied for directions, W.
A. Macdonald, K. C, contra; order
In Buchanan vs. B. C. Mills. Timber
& Trading Co., a similar application
was laid over until next Wednesday.
Disclosed  the  Plot.
_-\ despatch
Governor General Sokoloff and the arrest of the terrorists implicated. The
governor general was awakened at
nUht by an unknown man, who said he
had been detailed with several companions to kill him on the following
day. but that, tortured by his conscience, he had determined to abandon
any participation in the plot, Sokoioff
immediately investigated the man's
story and caused the arrest of all the
terrorists implicated.
Ready for Morocco.
Gibraltar, Nov. 22.���Four companies
of Spanish infantry stationed al Algeciras have heen ordered to hold Ihem-
se-Ivcs in rea-liness to start for Morocco should developments In the situation there require the landing of
foreign  troops.
Russian  General,  the   Most   Conspicuous   Victim   of   Revolutionists,
Has Narow Escape.
Tillis, Trans Caucasia, Nov. 22.���
Geaeial Golochtkapoff, ex-governor of
Elisabeth poi, who was mortally
wounded here yesterday by an un
man, is tiie most conspicuous victim
of the revolutionists since the assassination of Geueral Mln. He ranked
with Generals Alikanhoff and Bauer as
the three greal pacificators of the Caucasus. During the racial war in Elis-
abetbpol ptovince last summer Go-
lochtkapolf was sent Into the district
of Shuswarl, where Tartars and Ar*
m-nlnns were conducting a war of extermination. He was givon practically
unlimited power to restore order and
used artillery and infantry with great
vigor, bombarding the Tartar quarters
of Shusa for several days. He lived
tn constant danger of assassination.
The vie roy of the Caucasus, however,
was not satisfied with his work nnd he
was superseded on September 4 by the
notorious General Bauer. On returning to Titlls, Golochtkapoff believed
himself to he in security, but rashly
driving through the Tartar quarter yesterday on his return from the baths he
was shot.
The St. Petersburg Reich today says
that General Grodckoff, late commander of the Russian troops ln Manchuria,
will be appointed a governor of Turkestan on the strength of his record
in re-establishing discipline in the
Manchurian army. The troops In Turkestan are ln an openly mutinous
Crib Builders Cut   Off   From Escape
by Waves.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 22.���Four
men who were caught by last night's
storm on the crib work of the new
breakwater on Lake Michigan were
washed away by the waves and drowned. They were Tom Bennett of Muskegon, contractor for the crib work;
George Lachaine of Holland, Alexander Nelson of Muskegon, Martin Wood
ward of Fennville.
The four men with Tom Bennett
went out to the crib work in a launch
and a scow shortly before the storm
broke. The wind struck the crib
work and tlie scow, with Bennett
aboard, was torn loose. It was lifted
up tbe lake and finally cast ashore
north of Ottawa* beach with Bennett
alive,' although in an exhausted condition. The four men -Weft on the crib
could not get to the shore because of
the immense sea. The life-saving
crew attempted to aid them, but the
waves were so high that no boat could
live in the water.
Attempts were made to shoot a line
to them, but the hurricane hurled the
line back. A tug was requested from
Grand Haven, but no boat dared go
out in the storm. When night closed
the men were still clinging desperately to the crib work. At dawn today
tbey were gone.
Britain Does Not Know.
London. Nov. 22.���Replying in the
house of commons today to a question
of Sir Charles Dilke, advanced radical,
who asked if the government was
aware that the government of the
United States was prepared and anxious to co-operatt in action against the
abuses in the Congo Independent
State and desired to be represented at
any conference on the subject. Foreign Secretary Grey stated that no
;-.:ch communication had reached the
British government from the United
Precautionary Measures.
Rome, Nov. 22.���The most thorough
precautionary measures have been
u^-t-^orrow on the
vir uere of Prince
George of Greece. About 400 extra
policemen have arrived from the provinces, the carbineers have been reinforced and the troops forming the gar-
risoa have been augmented. All an-
aichists or suspected persons are under close  surveillance.
Bravely Took Blame.
Valparaiso, lud., Nov. 22.���Frank
Le__a_.', engineer of the B. & 0. train
whki wad wrecked recently at Wood-
viile, (.uu,ing <>'���'. deatns. broke down
before the Indiana railroad, commission and took all blame on himself. He
said he goL no answer to his whistle
from the freight train, but took it for
granted everything was all right and
went ahead.
For a Closed Shop.
Toronto, Nov. 22.���Pressors, cutters
aud trimmers .numbering about 75, employed by Lowndes & Co., Ltd., are on
strike because of the employment of
in n union press: rs. The firm engaged
a man with the understanding that he
was to become a member of the union,
but he has since declined to become u
member and the firm refuses to discharge him.
Weds Daughter of James J. Hill.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 22.���Miss Gertrude Hill, >oungest daughter of James
J. Hill, the railway magnate, was married today to Mr. Michael Gavin, a
young attorney of New York. The
ceremony was performed this morning
in St. Mary's church and was largely
attended by relatives and frieuds of
the  two families.
Bishop Fawcett Speaks.
Kan.as City. Nov. 22.���The Rt. Rev.
Kdward Fawcett, bishop of Quincy, is
in the city for the purpose of delivering
an address this evening before the
Church Club, of the diocese of Kansas
City. Bishop Fawcett has selected as
the subject of hie address, "Henry VIII.,
Not the Founder of the Church of
Michigan Snowstorms.
Mflrqu.ti-., Mich, Nov. 22.���A snowstorm raged all day yesterday and
continued last night with unabated
vigor. Trains are hours late and Uie
tract'on service Is demoralized. A
foot of snow has fallen.
A   Strange   Calling.
Paris, Nov. 22.���Pere  Kchivard, one
of iho most curious characters of the
Montmartre district, has just died. The
old man, whose humble occupation was
that of a street porter and messenger,
was known far and wide by the sobriquet of "the cutter," not because he
was ln any way connected with the
tailoring trade, but because none understood better than he how to cut
down a person who had committed
suicide by hanging.. No one exactly
knew how and where he had acquired
his training, but his ability In "scientifically" dialing with such unfortunates was undisputed.and almost pro-
.verbial. His services were constantly
called for by the police. When he
d'ed he left written recommendations
concerning an underBtudy of his, a fellow-porter, who, he wrote, was worthy
of succeeding him. In fact, to use the
old man's own words, his friends needed only a little more practice In cutting down bodies to be absolutely perfect.
Canadian Suicides.
New York, Nov. 22.���John Howley,
widely known as a pistol shot, killed
himself at his home in the Everett
'House some time during Tuesday nigh*.
or yesterday. His nephew, Edward
Howley of Montreal, who had come to
take him to Canada tb undergo an operation for cancer of the lip, found the
body last night Howley was 62 years
old and for several years had suffered
from cancer. In business he was an
insurance adjuster.
Probes to the Bottom.
Toronto, Nov. 22.���Police Magistrate
Denison has decided that the case of
every one of half a dozen brokers who
actcid in the New York speculative
market on behalf of the Ontario Bank
or Charles McGill, Its late general manager, must be investigated by a commission appointed by the hlgbt court
of Ontario. With assurance that this
commission will be appointed, the case
was adjourned for one week.
Inadvertent      Breach      of     Contract
Afford*    Men    Occasion  to   Walk
Out���Adjustment Likely.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C Nov. 22.���For
some days past trouble over tbe wage
scale bas been brewing at tbe B. C.
Copp.r company's smelter here. Delay occurred in tbe settlement owing
to a reference of tbe matter to tbe
New York bead office, and at noon
rfjn. Wedne&s...   the m_fl   .-amtii out.
The men ask an entire rtvision nf
tbe wage scale, ailbough the company
claims it has a three-year contract.
Tbe union's ground of contention is an
alleged violation of thiB agreement by
the company. The compeny claims
that the breach was inadvertent.
On Wednesday evening the company
addiessed a letter to the union asking
a conference with the employees and
promising redress of all just grievances and the adoption of a scale paying as high prices as 'arts paid anywhere in the province for similar work
and suggesting that tbe men return to
work (tending final adjustment.
Manager McAllister being ill makes
treatment of the matter very difficult.
An adjustment Is hoped for Immediately.
Deficit for Current Year Will Be Lest
Than Half That of 1905.
With only six wt-eks of the year remaining it is apparent that the revenue from the city tramway service for
liKMI will fall a little short of JTuiiii,
liut not by more than |100, as an outside estimate. Ab the estimated cost
of (ipera'lous is (9(100 the deficit will
be only a little over $2000, consequently the Tramway company will pay
about $1200, the city about $800.
The receipts for the week ending
Nov.-mlier 18 were $115.80, against
$<iK 50 for the correR|ionillng week of
last y.-ar. Tho returns for the year
lo date amount to $6222.35. against
$4936.40 to the same dnte last year.
Allowing for the Interruption of tho
service this year the Improvement Is
about 65 per cent. 1'f only the same
rate ls maintained next year and the
service continuous the receipts will be
nhout $8700 nearly equal to the expenditure on operation. If a similar Improvement Is experienced next year
the revenue will considerably exceed
the outlay. In any probable event the
irrlod of material loss on the operation of the system may he considered
at an end.
Crew Has Perished.
Qneh*>c. Nov. 22.���Pilots nrrlvlnsr
from lbe lower St. Lawrence report
that there Is a portion of what wns
apparently a large sailing vessel ashore
on Red Island. The stem mlzzenmast
and a uortlnn of the mainmast are vis
Mil-*. It is supposed all the crew must
have perished.
Foreign Offices Actions
in Newfoundland
Are Now Rife Where a Few Years
Ago Content and Confidence
Reigned Supreme.
London, Nov. 22.���Professor Q. M.
Wrong of Toronto university, ln a letter to the Spectator referring to an
article in  the  Spectator, says:
"There are probably few people in
Canada who could read the obviously
well meant comments with other than
profound irritation."
Professor Wrong doubts whether
many people in England understand
"how watchful, how painfully watchful, the Canadian public now is ot tbe
conduct of the British foreign office
over such matters as Uie Newfound-
laud dispute. Since the Alaskan
boundary award there has been a
smouldering flame in Canada in the
heartB of 99 out of every 100 of her
citizens. Lord Alverstone's course In
that matter did more toward breaking
up the British empire than anything
else that has happened during the last
quarter of a century.
"When you read this statement you
will probably think it grossly exaggerated, but It is not." Professor Wrong
says further that since the Alaska
award be had had excellent means of
observing "the tone of our most
thoughtful youth toward Great Britain,
and I am obliged to adml't, with deep
regret, tbat distrust, often anger, are
now to be found where not many years
ago they were wholly wanting."
' The editor of the Spectator, In a
footnote, says: "Our correspondent's
somewhat heated language will, we
'ear, not help to that calmness of -r|(ai!
whilst ia essential in ali fnter.aiic.&i
disp'utes. Wei-_ real injury to thc interests of Canada threatened we should
be tbe first to insist that those Interests be defended at all costs without
any thought of consequence. But
though determined to stand by Canada
In any matter of vital importance, we
will never tread the vicious circle by
which Canada Is encouraged to ask for
more than If she were an independent
nation. If war were the result from a
boundary or fish quarrel, not on the
United States, hut on Can.tda the brunt.
must fall. It would be Canadian homes,
not English homes, that would suffer.
The miseries of war, though there Is
not a reason for giving In to all American demands, is a reason for proceeding with care and moderation. That
Sir Edward Grey has shown a reasonable and moderate temper In his conduct in the Newfoundland dispute Is
our firm conviction."
County Court List
The quarterly session ot the county
court of West Kootenay will open ln
(he Nelson courthouse next Tuesday
The following aliens will apply for
naturalization  as   British subjects:
Itocco Schlarizzo, Saverlo Aniali,
Italians; Stanley Marduskl, Paul Wal-
lach. Austrians; Henry P. Gibson,
Peter Johnson, Joseph Campbell. Hugh
Cameron, Robert Harrie, Edward Eric
McArthur, Americans,- Olaf August
Haglund, John Welgren. Alfred Hjal-
mar Nelson, Swedos: Frank H. Hara,
The list includes one judgment summons and one adjourned case, that of
Soated vs. McLeod Mining Syndicate
and others; solicitors, J. O'Shea and
It. M. Macdonald.
The following are the new cases set
down for trial:
Phllbert vs. Bywater; H. C. Hall
for plaintiff:  J. O'Shea for defendant.
Gosnell vs. Hartwlg; H. A. Stewart
for plaintiff.
Montellus Piano Company vs. Pierrot
J. O'Shea and A. M .Johnson.
Ktulilis V3. YaleKootenav Ice Co.;
J. O'Shea ami II.* C. Hall
Glasor vs. French; J. O'Shra and H
C.  ifatl
Adnms vs. Busk; J. O'Shea and A.
M. Johnson.
McDanlel vs. C. P. P. ; two cases:
J. O'Shea and W. A. Mncdonald, K.C.
Oasinlc* vs O. P. R.; J. O'Shea and
W. A   Mncdonn'd.
Melville vs. Reld; J. O'Shea and H.
A. Stewart.
# *
:- <<!
Vanity isn't on lite official list of
virtues, yet unless a man has a good
opinion of himself he will never
amount to much.
MMmmi The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wfl have plant? of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
ihem in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillo-As. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oi! Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions,. Everything of the
Beat quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....^4,!K)0,(KK) REST (4,!W),000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at current rates frnm date of opening account and coinp<mm(-d half-yearly.
iNHU-ft-or. bwanch _J��   IVf_���   LAY,  Manager*
The ^yal ^ank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms mid individuals opened on the most favorahle terms.
Thirteen  branches  in   British  Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of 'own business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       K. L.  PELa.SE, General Manager, Montreal.
PubltNhed six dHj-n a wee* by the
Baker bi.. Kelson. B. C.
buii-t-t ij.ii-'ii niti���*-. 5o (���������nis a month delivered
lu lhe city, or J5.G0 a year if sent by mail, when
paid lu auvauce
AdvertlHluic rate** nn appl l cat lou.
All monies paid in settlement nl Tbe Dally
Canadian  accounts, cither  bit snhsortptlons or
adreriiniiifi, muit be receipted ror on ib * primed
forma of the Company. Other receipt, tin; no;
" By oue wonl we are so-mo llm*.n judged to be
wile aud by one word sometime! judged to be
foolish.   *_ei ui therefore be careful what wc
A few days ago The Daily Canadian
took occasion to show in what respects
the administration of the present government has been a creditable one and
we think the category of legislative
and executive acts which must be attributed to the Conservative party's
initiative amply bears oul our contention. Wc shall revert to thc record
of that party to show that llie administration has heen not only a creditable
one in so far as the nature of the legislation enacted is concerned, hal that
the record has been a clean one.
It is impossible to trace the influence of Corporations or of individuals
or to specify instances where il may
be said thai any consideration other
than that of a public trust has influenced the ministers in the discharge oi
their duties. All persons, without respect' of political creed, bare Btood
Upon an equality before the depart
ments. No personal or friendly considerations have figured in the discharge of the duties of any Official or
minister of the government. No private information has been given by
which any one might profit by knowing ihe secrets of any department
Friend and foe, politically speaking,
have met the same generous and courteous dealing-In their public efforts.
The advantage to the province that
has resulted from this course is prob
ably not fully realized by the public
Where all stand upon a common level
Jn ma-ittftrs of pi(biic administration
there is no chance to bring this advantage into strong relief. When
someone has profited by the perfidy
of a minister or where a public office
hus been degraded till it becomes the
i medium through which  political favor-
! ites rob the country and enrich them-
; selves,  it  is  then easy  to detect  tho
gross  unfairness of officials  and  the
iairness of scrupulously    honest    officials stands OUt prominently.
In tbe matter of applications for
lauds, timber and mineral rights these
considerations are of thc greatest im-
portanoe, In Hritish Columbia, under
The laws governing and the administration obtaining, all have equal opportunity. No one Is obstructed so long as
he complies with the law. Nothing is
bidden ftom an avowed political opponent that he has a right to know and
nothing revealed to political friends
thai ts not equally available to the
knowledge of anyone who inquires.
The result of the pursuit of this policy is that the government bas a clean
record. It is safe to say that In no
other province is there such immunity
from the plague of political favoritism
as in Hritish Columbia. Our warrant
for this assertion lies in the fact that
if a single case of malfeasance or impropriety in the conduct of public affairs could be discovered within the
boundaries of the province that case
would have been trailed out Into tho
limelight: ii would have been both
magnified and distorted by being projected through lhe lens of an unscrupulous political opposition and would
have been colored in all the hideous
hue-, of partisan paintshop methods.
Even so slightly mysterious a case
Bfl tbe famous Pendray land lease was
made the matter of a royal commission
of inquiry, and everyone now knows
bow baseless were the assertions and
how unsustained the allegations which
were made to do duty as so much opposition literature, to malign the lands
and works department and to deceive
the electorate.
In saying lhat the McHrlde administration presents a clean record we are.
therefore, not without the safest and
surest warrant In fact, nothing can
b-a charged against the local government such ns hafl been charged and
proved in numerous cases against tbe
land department of the Laurier government. There scandal after scandal
has been uncovered on the floor of the
house, between sessions and at opportune times when the sale and lease of
public lands and franchises have been
under contemplation or have actually
been effected.
The  most  solemn  pledges of  Laur
ler's ministers have been broken, the
friends of the officials and sometimes
the officials themselves have beeu put
next highly profitable speculations,
tile laws have been interpreted or misinterpreted to confer concessions on
friends Of the party, utterly irrespective of ihe rights of the people or tho
secredness of a public trust.
When the Dominion government took
office the Dominion a^auU Act contained a provision under which all grazing leases might be eoucelled by the
giving of two years' notice, so that the
lands might revert for leaseliold and
freehold purposes. Under Mr, Slfton'a
manipulation this law was changed,
and during the year 11*05, between the
mouths of April and August, no less
than eight irrevocable leases were
granted, covering 330,841 acres. These
leases nearly all went to friends of Mr.
sifton or friends of the government,
und as soon as these were provided
for the original provisions of the Land
Act were re-euforeed and no more land
was available for fortune hunters. Fish
oi  one, flesh of another.
These leases, or most of them, havo
already changed hands, some of them
several times realizing immense profits to those who, purely by political
pull and pulitical favoritism, secured
these enormous concessions. The policy of the Laurier government in the
matters of Northwestern lands is one
that must appal future generations
when its results are fully realized by
the people of the West,
It is by a comparison of these methods, only a smu!l'fraction of which
have been instanced, that we can arrive at a proper conception of what is
meant by the term a clean administration and a clean record.
The attempt recently made at the
inter-provincial conference to force
upon the province of Itritish Columbia
Lhe methods of the Laurier administration by endeavoring to force the
province to elect a Liberal government
was wisely and properly frustrated.
What the Liberals at Ottawa most desire is that they may place their hands
upon the immense resources of this
province and use them as they have
used the lands of the prairies for tbo
enrichment of their friends.
That the leader of the opposition in
the local house would be a willing party to this subversion of provincial
rights is amply intimated by his reference to the fact that there "are other
ways" by which Ottawa might have
helped the province than by the adoption of Premier McBrlde's better terms
The Canadian is confident lhat wheu
Ihe public fully realize what Is being
done and what Is being attempted the
necessity of substantially increasing
the majority in the present legislative
-assembly will be apparent to all. We
must save this province from Laurler-
ism, Siftonitun, Oliverism and Macdon-
Now that the Fernie coal strike is
settled and the mines resuming operations it is worth while to call the attention of the public to one feature
of the negotiations which were carried on between the coal company and
the representatives of the miners, the
contending patties in the dispute. It
was one of those features of the negotiations which, while tremendously significant in Itself would, under ordinary circumstances, be lost sight of
in the magnitude of the consequences
of the dispute.
When a proposal to submit the dispute lo arbitration was made it will
be remembered that the officials of
the miners, or the representatives of
National President Mitchell, suggested that Premier McHrlde or some one
to be named by him should act as arbiter In the strife. The name of the
premier was not acceptable to the
manager of the coal company for reasons which need not now be discussed.
The excuse which he offered was to
the effect that he did not want the affair to assume any political complexion.
No more did the miners or their representatives. The question of politics
was foreign to their thoughts. It was
the personality that appealed to them.
Here was a body of men who are entirely nou-partizan In politics and,
whether wisely or unwisely, practically without much sympathy with either
political party. Their struggle Is admittedly a class-conscious struggle,
and no present form of government appeals very strongly to them. There
was no party advantage to be gained
and no disadvantage could arise from
the suggestion that the premier or his
nominee should arbitrate the matters
in dispute.
Ths Cranbrook Prospector hints at
the action of a certain politician in
this connection, but lt leaves the public in doubt as to whether the action
of Manager Lindsay and the opposition
leader may be interpreted as having
any political complexion.
We are not informed as to the facts,
but it is only fair If there was a deep,
dark plot that the public should be
made acquainted   with   the   fullest  In
formation available.
While we do not and cannot see any
politics in the suggestion ol the miners
Interested, we see at tbe sunn* time
that a very flattering compliment was
paid to Premier McHrlde personally,
and We are sure the frank expression
of that confidence exhibited by the
miners' representatives at Fernie will
be very gratifying to Mr. McBride,
'ihe morninl organ lias authoritative
Information thai an election will take
place some time In the near future.
That was two days ago. It is about
time another "authoritative" announcement is due. In ihe meantime The
Daily Canadian proposes to start a
guessing contest. The editor will personally donate the prize and it Will afford a chance for the public to gauge
their abiliiy to properly size up current events ami practice the habit of
feeling the pulse of destiny. Here is
the query: "How many days will
elapse between the next provincial
election and the date on which Nelson
will be lighted with current from its
own power plant?" We mean the ordinary daily current,
Postal card answers will be received
by the editor aud the names 'of the
closest guessers published when the
events are accomplished,
If we could get the bribers in gaol
and the men who furnish ihe money
out of office we would be well on the
way toward  decency in  elections.
Why should Hyman resign his seat
when he's an X member now?���Hamilton  Spectator.
.���ilxty days aft.-r date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lamls Kiel
Works, virtoria. to pnrehaae 180 aorei of land,
located in Fire Valley and deacrlbed aa follows:
o mmenelng at a post marked 0. B, MeH'i K.W.
corner, and planted at the southwest oorner of
Lot Tfflft, and running nuth 80 ehalni,thenoe
easi Jl chains, thenee nnrth so chain**;, thence
treat J" chatm to plaee of bcKiin.inK.
Nov 18th, ist-c. UKo. B. McMillan,
J. K. Annaiilk, Agent.
Blxty dayi afterdate I Intend in apply to the
Hon. Chlol Commluloner ol band* and Works,
Victoria, to pureliase 203 acres of land in Kire
Vallev : t'oinmeiicitiK at a post planted *��\ eliains
west uf the northwest comer ol J. Boblnaon'l
pre-emption ami marked vv. \v, B'�� southeast
corner, the rice west 20 chains, thence north 4U
ohalna, thence west 30 chains, tlience north 40
chains, thenee eaal 10 chains, thenee south ni
chains to place of beginning.
Nov. IHth. ISM. W, W. nasiji.iv,
J. E. Annable, Agent
BUty days after date I intend to apply to tne
lion {'hief CoiiiiTilsiitoner of bands ninl Works,
Victoria,  to  purchase 48) acres of land, in Fire
Valley, West Kootenay; Commencing at a post
planted fio chalna weat ot the 8. W. oorner ol J.
Robinson's pre-emption) and marked VV. W's N.
K,  corner,  ainl  runnlOK west (O chains, theuee
south Ni chains,  thence east ftl chains,  thence
north K0 chains to plaoe of beginninj**
Nov. lsili, IM*. Wiu.iam Williams,
J. E. Annam.it. Agent
BlXty days after dale I Intend toapply to lhe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Land-sand
Works  to  purehase C40 acres of land, Heated In
Plra Valley, on weit side ol Arrow lake: Commencing at a post planted to ehains we t of the
sou timet corner of J. Robinson'I pre-emption
nnd marked J W's 8. K. corner, ami running
north HO chains, Ihence west ��0 chains, Ihenee
south -SO chains, tlience cast 80 chains to plan.- of
Nov. 18th, l'.-ofi. Jaj�� Williams,
  ��. k. annable, Agent
Hlxty days after date I intend to apply tothe
Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner of Lninls and
Works, Vietoria, to purchase 2Q0 acres of land
located and descritied as follows: Commencing
at a post planted al ths soul Invest corner of J.
Robinson'.** pre-emption In Kire Vallev, and ahout
five miles from Edward Uiidlng. ��������*' side of
Arrow lake, and hit ked F O's N K. i onn-r and
running west 60 chains, ihence lonth B chains,
tbence east 80 oh#tns, them-e south SO chains,
thenee east 40 chains, thenee north 40 chains to
place of beginning
NOV   18lh, I'-Xtf KlUSK OhaMJK,
J. E, An'.-ahlj*:, Agent
Notice is hereby given thai On days alter dan* I
intend to apply to the Honorable tne chief Commissioner ot -Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the followiiiK described lands situate
about 10 miles east of thc Citvnf Nelson, on the
south shore of the W.-stA rm of Kootenay lake,
and COmmeneng at a post placed about jn chains
south Of the southeast corner of Lot 3B4S, marked
"ri Thomasf"K. Vi corner," thence south 'JO
chain*, thence east JO chains, tbence north 30
chains, tbence weat 30 chains to point of com
Pated thlsfith day of Nov , I"*.;*;       .��  Thomas
Notiee is hereby given that 60 dan a,'or date 1
Intend to Applj to the Honorable the Chi.-f Commissioner of bunds and Works for ��������� v. .---..���:���
to purchase 280 acres of land, git uate on the Little
Moyie river about 1 mile from International
Boundary and a ���������out 1 mile from Spokane International By.: {'ommenclng at a post marked
J>. Qrant'l 8. E. corner pod, thence west f >
ehalns; thenee north 40 chaini; tbenee eatt U0
chains; thenee north '20 chain*: tbenee east 60
chalna; thence sontb GOrhsin* to place of commencement, conta'nlngSSDaeresoi -and.
iAM-atcd Oct. :sotb V.m.
Diana Quirt,
Notice is herebv given that fiO-lay alter date I
Intend to apply tO the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
LindhHUd Works. Victoria, for j-ermisslon to purchase thc following described land, situated In
the W,-t Kootenay district, on theWOStsldc of
Dobamel (or .Six Mile) creek, near wagon road,
about thrcfl milea from Koounay lake: Commencing at a postmarked ".lames J. Dink's K \V.
post,*' lUDtilng 'X chains east- tbenee 20 chains
north,  theuce ifO chains weit, thence 20chains
south, to the point ot eommeneement, containing 40 acres of land, mere or less.
Dated ii'th November, MOB.
fjocated by .Umks j. imtk.
per John K. Tavuih, Agent.
Slxtv days afler date I Inlcnd to applv to
Mori I'h'.cf Comiiil-'inUer of Lands and Wo
Victoria, tO purchase IV) acres of land about
milea b��iow Barton City, West Kootenay, cu
mencing a> a post marked "J. A. Irving's i
corner post," Raid |**rst being on the east* rly i
of an island west of UnfiAl, and claiming a'll
laud contained In said island, Irving ahout *
mile in an easterly and westerly direction i
about 'Jo chains from nortb lo south.
November 11 tii- i:��06. J. A. Ibvin
J. E. An.-aiilk, Agent.
uieuce vreei zn cnains, ihi nee sontb K Chains,
Ihenee ea&i _n cbains to place of beginning.
Nov. nth, ik*. ii e. Dill,
J. E. Annaiu.k, Ageut.
t. ,x\l  _fi!7 A '"r ,lHte ��� lawnd tf> apply io the
Hon thethiefComnMVHjonerofUnds ami Worki
to pureliase'JO acres of land: Commenelni at a
poat marked "ti. T B'ssontbeasj corner nosi "
���aid post b'lfig at the northeast corner o i,eo
Hudson's preemption --laim, about two mllei
southeast of  Iturton City, Ih.-nre west -10 cb_tn_
tooth30chalna, weal 40 chains, north iflph-Un.
east 80 chain*., south 30 chains to piece o    'om-'
meneement, containing SM aeres.
Located tth dayof Nov. UM,  nsttic T, Bier,
Noiiee is herebv given that 00 davs after date ���
intend to make application to the Honorable tbc
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works i,,r -pet
mission lo purchase the rollowlng deacrlbed
land*.: Commencing at a post placed adjoining
the southwest corner post ol Leon Watson'i M
plication lo run-base, running no chains north;
ihence 40chains west; thencfl ho chains rmulb;
thenco io eham- east, to poim of commence
ment, containing :tau acres moreor less.
Dau-d October is, 1000.
Ht l"��� 1  U ivu:R.
By his ng, nt, Brwkst, w. Robijcsok
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs ni:, r date l
Intend to applv i.�� the Hon. the chief Commissioner ot Land** and Works foi permission io purehaso ihe following described land* m Wesl
Kootenay district ��� Beginning at a post marked
"Otto Ulreeh's N  w corner**' and limited nn
the weal shore Of Wal-hali (CsrlUio) lake, about
one-fourth nub* west ofthe narrows ol Whataban
lake; Ihenee SOUth ���*���' chains; thctice east 40
chain-, more Or leai 1" lbe -here of IhC Narrow*-;
theliee   following   thfl   laid   Shore In   a   general
northerly and westerly direction U0 cbalni more
or leu, to the poim oi commencement, containing 830 acres more or I CM
Dated this 8tb day ol Oct ,1900
F I. Mammono Agent,
Nmii-e i- borebj given that six tj -lav afterdate
I intend to appl) tothe lion, chief Commlulonei
of Lands and Works for permlulon to purehase
the rollowlng described lund- in Wesi Kooteuay
district: Beginning at a posl marked ��� t K
Ahleir* a  K corner," and planted on the eaal
Shore of Wbatibiiu (Cariboo) lake, alt-out one
mile north of lhe southern end of (he Uke.
them-e norih ni eiomi-; lbence west 40ehalns,
more or  less,  to  thfl ihore of What��hali lake;
thenee following laid ihore in a general south-
erly and eaaterly direction 100cbalm, moreor
less, io the point of e meneement, containing
'.1'20 acres, more or Jess
Dated Ibis Mb day Of "''I ,1806.
k k Album,
P    1.   HaMMONI.. Agent
Noilce  Is  herebv  given  lhal  slxtv  dnys after
date i intend toapph tothe lion Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permlulon to purchase the following described landi In lbe West
Kootenay district:    Heglnnlng at a post marked
"Bertha Hlreeh's N  -STcorner," aud planted on
the ea-t shoreof Wbatshan -.Cariboo} bike, at the
narrows ol tin* lake, and about om* mile-sontb nf
Arrow lake trail; theuce south hn chain-; iheiu-e
west ni chains more or leu ta tbe ib ire ol lha
narrows;   thence following  tbfl  laid ihon Hi a
general  northerly and easterly  direction 120
cfa ins more or b-*-- to th,- point ol commencement containing 040acres more or leu
Dated this Nth da\ of in | . I*.-'.
Bebth- Bi-uch1
P. L. Hammond, Agent.
Sixt)   davs  after date I intend to applv to the
Hon. Chlel Commluloner of Lands and Work-,
Victoria, to purchase 160 aeres of land, located on
the west side of Arrow lake, aboul Ave mllei below Hurton i'i tv, mi'i described as follows: �� om
mencing at a posi marked "F. 0. B's southeast
corner, and being sO chains east of the northwest
corner ol i.oi 2710: thonce north40chains; thence
west m chain-.; theine south 40 chains; tbence
east 10 ebalns to ! he place of beginning-
November llth. 1906, K D, Ben,
per J. E AmrsBLB.
Blxty days after date 1 purpose making application i" tne Chlel Commissioner of Umls and
Work- tor permlulon to purehase the following
described land; Commencing ata post marked
������K  P*s 8 K corner," and iltuatt about one mile
from  Silv.r  Tip  Point, on Whatshan lake, ami
near Christie creek, running thenoo BOcbalns
norih; thence 80cbains wen; tbence80 chains
BOUtb, (oilowing the lake shore; thence BOchalUS
ea-t to the point of commencement, containing
-.in ne eta more or leu
Imted the mil day of August, 1900.
K  PatHUVtik,
per p i, KAi'Qriaa, Agent
Notice El hereby given thai 80 dars after date
I iniend toappiy to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of ].aud* and Works for ihtiiiIs-
Hon to pnrchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a cost planted on the northeail
corner of Peter UcNaughtOn'l application to
purchase,   running   Ho chains   west   along   lhe
northern boundary ol -nine; tbence 80 ohalni
north; thence80 chains last; thenee .so chains
south, along the wesl bonndary of John Klliotl's
application io purchase, to point oi commencement, eon taming 040 acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. L-l, I'M*. THOMAS BttiTH,
By his agent. Khsot W  Bmcinhoin
Notice Is hereby given tbat 80 days afler date I
lutend to apply to the Honorable Uie Chief Commissioner id Lands and Works, at Victoria, H.C.,
for permission to purchase the following deicrlbed lands, situated in the We.t Kooienav
dlsirlct, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "L. H ChoqUfltte'l N, W. corner," thence 10 ehalns east, thenee 10 chains
south, Ihence 40 chains west, tbeuce in chains
north to tbe eommeucement post, containing It-o
acre-, more or less.
Nelson, B.C . Oct. 16th, 190..
Vi. A. JoNM, Agent.
���Sixty days after dale I purpose miking apoltGa-
iioii to the Hon. Clilt-f Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the lollowlng deacrlbed land:   Commencing at a post
placed at [in-south wesl corner of It. W. Haunlng-
ton'-application to purehase, marked "L. M. s.
II'id. E corner post,'1 running tbence 80 chains
west: thence SO chains south; thence ho chains
east; tin nee HO chains north to point of commencement, containing r,IO acres, more or leis.
Dated the loth day of October, VWR.
L. U.B. Hanninotox,
Der R. fill KM.. Agenl.
pixy dar* after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls
and Works for permission to purchase the follow tug de* Ml eii land : commencing at a po-t
placed on the north boundary nf lol No. BB4 and
about two chain-- cast of Whalshan creek, mark-
ed "M. B'S. H. W, corner," running thence 40
(hains easi; thence 40 chains north; thenee 40
chains west; thence-in chains south, to point of
commencement, containing IfiO acres  more or
Dated ihe loth day Of October. IS-ofi.
Per K. Siiikll, Agent.
No|fe_.s liereby given that sixty days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. chief commission
erof Lauds and Works for permission to purchase tbe following described lands, IM) acres,
commenolng at a post marked John Toye, plained on th- east Ibore Of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Sun-lit ne r-reek, thenc. lorty
chains ea-t, thence forty chalus south, thence
forty chains west, thence forty chains north
along lake shore to polnl of commencement.
Dated this Utfa day of September, l_0ft.
John Toys.
Hakkv QlBSOV- Agent.
Notice js hereby given that 80 days alter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable llie Cnlet Commissioner of Lau ,��� ;���: i Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands: Com-
mnicing at a post placed SO eoaltis west of thfl
southeast corm-r of Lot 1643, marked "K. A. Hell's
norlhweat corner," thence south to chains,
lhetice east SO (halus, Ihence north --1 ������l-nii--.
thence west 80Chains to point of eommeucement,
containing -10 acres, more or lesi
Located this 6th day of Nov .iwo.  B.A.Bill,
Sixty days after date I purpoae making application to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds
and Works for permlMlon tO purchase the foi*
lowing  described laud:   Commencing  at a post
placed al the north east cornei of B.C Bkinner'i
application lo  purchase,  marked "11. D*B  N.W
corner post," tbenoe following ihe east boumi-
aiy of same 80 chains south | tlience running ��>
chains cast; Ihenee sK) chains  north;   theuce   .')
cJibIiin west to point 0| commencement, contain*
Ing ���'--IO acres more nrlesi
Dated the loth day of Oclobcr, 1006.
H, Doon,
I'er 11. B8I-1U Agent.
CO days afterdate I Intend to apply lo the Honorable' the Chiel Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, 11 C , tfl purchase 640 acres of
land iftoah WOSl of Arrow lake on the west Mde
of Whatchaii creek aud Joining the north bound*
ary of K. J Annable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post murked K. J. V.. S. K. corner and running wes* 80 chains; theuce north MO
chains; Ihence east Wlchains; thence south lo
point of commencement.
September Snd 1906. IL J. ELLIOT,
Notiee Is hereby given that Mi days after date, I
Intend to apply to the Hun. Chief Commissioner
of i.��nd> and works for permission to purchase
the following deserfiad landa in the West Kootenai District:    M'-gfnnllig at a post marked "W.
s Blyldge's 8 W corner." and planted about
ono-qnarler mile west of the west shore of whalshan (Cariboo] Inke, and nbout oue and one-
quarter miles north of the southern end of the
lake; theme north HO chains; thence east 40
Chatlll more or less to the shore of Ihe WhaNban
lake;  thence  following    .ild l_Offl In a general
souiiM-riy mid westerly direction too cbalni more
Or lass ton point on tlu  shore due cum ofthe
post of commencement; theme west sn cbalni
more or less to the point ol commencement, containing 820 acres moreor less.
Dated this .tb day of Oct., lw.
__      __       W.8. Klvimk,
F. L. IUnmoxo, Agent.
������������������������������������: ������������������������������,��!ti
Just roc.lved, a splendid stock    of    Stamped     Unena    r
cov.-r.., Tea Cloths, etc   An elegant   ueortment  for to        l,,n
Xmas presents. *or'( ^r
We uro also shnwln-R a lot of new Fancy Tape ami Itihhn
Bee our show windows for some novelties we have ta w__a
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make selections. or
you to
Notice  1"  herebv  given  thai hlxty  days after
date I in ten.i loapply to tho Hon. Chief Commls-
"���inner  ol  Lands and   Works  lor  permission  to
purchase the following described lands, In
West Kootenay District: Commencing at an Initial p.'*-! planted at Lbs southeast comer ol Mr-
Coy'*- lire .i ptlon, UlCnCfl J) ch-tliH west lo east
Uundarv of Ut .P.; ihenee lollowlng suid
iKiunilar. *.-uth io southeast corner of ".aid lot;
thence in ehalns west; theme GO ohalns sontb]
i he uee bo i balm '-n-i; thenos WohalJia norlh to
lOUthWMl corner ol Lol *___; theliee following
west iHiundurv ol Lol H-9 to initialJhisI.
Beptember it, 1906. I). H. WoLTT,
per Khmwt Vi. Bominsox.
Notiie 1* herebv given lhat CO days afterdate, I
Intend ii. apply to ihe Hon. Chief Coi.���unite-loner
cf Land- and works lor permlaslon to purebaae
the following deacrlbed lands, situate on the
Kasl shoreof Lower l-alie. alnuil DBS and one
half mile Bouth ol Bdgowood, B.C. and, ad
Joining J. T. Beattle's application to purchase.
and oommenelng at a post marked Houaidwn
son's South Wet eorner, tbence running North
���.ity chains, thence Last forty chains, thence
South, sixty chain-, thence West forty chains to
place of oommeneement, ami containing M0
acres more or less,
DOMLB WilJiox.
u. R. Mafuaan, Agent.
hated tbls-Uth *iay of September, lwc.
Notice |s hereby given that Mdan afterdate I
Intend tO apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of  Lauds  and  Works  for  permission  to
purchase the following deaeribed lands, in w
Kootenay: Commencing at a p-mt planted al
the norlheast corner of IOI t8Ss,0. 1 . marked f,
Fletcher'*-*) nnrthwexl corner, thence south so
eham-.; Ihence east Iu chains, more or less, to
tin*  western boundary of  Uo '.VMS. ILL; thence
north 80 ebalns to Kootenay river; thenoe srest
b'll'i.uiig mid river to point of commencement,
containing CO acrea more or leaa.
Kth octubcr, 1906.
hum pum ker.
Kotlce ll hereby given that Co day* alter date I
Intend to make application io the Honorable lha
i hlel Commissioner ol tends ami Works ior per-
Dilmlon to purebaae tbe following described
land*:   Commeneing at a post planted on tie
northeast oo ner ol Peter MeNaugnton's application IO porches i, lollowlng the aail boundary of
same to cbalni --outb; thence m chains east]
ihenee BOcbalns north; thence Nn chain* WOSl lo
polul of commencement, containing MU acres,
more or leas.
Doted <>ct. 13, 1906. Al.nr.HT Kit HIT,
Hy his agenl KknesT W. Kohiv-jiS.
Notice  is  hereby given that two months after
date  I   intend lo apply  to the Iloiioruble Chief
���Commissioner of Laud-* ami Works tor penult*
lion to pureliase MO acres of land, dea-Tllied as
follows: CnmmeneiUK al a jaist plan led at the
nnthwest of   i.   .   Monlson'i   ran-n   -n   **'"
Valley,   West   Ko
nay district, marked -J n.
orner post"; then* e nuchalns
-jest; tbence 8Q ebalns north tb the place oi oommencement.
baud iiih day oi Beptember, IAM
J. H. Mrxac's.
W. A. CaMiKR. Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhal W days afler dab  I
Intend to apply to the lion, chief Commissioner
of Lands and works lor permission to purchase
the following deaorlbed lands, situate tu weat
Kootenav district:   Beginning at a post marked
"Arthur Warren's 8 W. corner," and planted on
the east shoreof U'bat-han (Cariboo) lake, about
two  mile*   north Ol the narrow- of Whalshan
lake, and at the 8. S corner of W Beoombe. application to purchase; thence east tt chains;
ibenee north BO ehalns; thence west to chains;
tbence sontb bo chain* to point of oommenoement; Containing.oi acres more or leis.
Dated thii sth day of Oil 1. *���*>
Aarana w-iauvi
 F. 1,- IUmmoxo, Agent.
BlxtJ days after date I Pttrpuse making application to lhe Hon {'hief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to Purcha*-.,* the following described land: Commencing at a poit
placed at lbe northwest corner of 11 Dodd's application to purebaae, marked "K W. H>s. \\.
corner post,'* running thenee R) chatm north;
thenre ho chains east; thence no chums south;
theme **��i ehalns wcii to point of commencement, containing MO acrei, more or less.
Dated ibis luih day of October. Ilk*.
ii.w. Huoranmm,
 per It. BantU, Agenl.
Notice Is bereby given that sixty days alter
dale  I   Intend   to apply  to  the  Honorable  the
chief Commlesloner of Lands ami Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
Irttidx lu the Went Kootenav district! Hegiiiliing
at a post marked "Jamesi- Kraser's N.K.corner."
and panted on the east shore of Whatahan
f('arlboo) lake, a trout one half mile north "f
Christie creek; tbenee lOUth tt Chains, more or
less, to the north lu.iimlary of Vi. Secomhc'ii applies Hon lo fin re base; Ihenee wesl along the aald
boundary -Ml chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; Die ine fol'owllig (be said shore lu a
general northerly ami easterly direction ��i)
chalm. more or less, to point of eomm- nccmeiii,
containing lw acres, more or lets.
Oct  Uth, into. JAMKfiO. 1 n.\.-���>:������:.
                F, L. Hamhonu. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days afler
the dat" I intend lo apply to Uie Hon. the chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permls*
sion to purobase the following deaorlbed land
In the Wesl Kootenay dlitrlet: Heglnnlng ai a
post os rked -K. ft, Kell'i N.B. corner.''ami
planted on Uie shore of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake,
al llie northwest corner of tald lake; thence 80
ObalnS West! thence-tt chains  south;  (heme  40
chalus east:  (hence l'l chains south; iheliec etup
IU chains, more or less lo the shore of  the said
lake; thence northerly along the said take ihore
HO chains, more or lets, (o ili��� point of eommeD'
, more or less.
_^______________________ K. II. KKII.,
________     V.t. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given lhal on-lavs after dale I
Intend to apnlv to the Hon  Chief Commissioner
of Umds ami works tor permission to purohaae
the following described lands situated (it lhe
West Kootenay district: He. tuning at a post
marked "William Keil's N. W. corner," and
planlcd ab.,..' one mile souih of the norlh end
of Vt hatshau (Cariboo) Nike, about I weit ty chains
west of the west shore ol said lake ana on the
south boundary 01 K K. Keil's application U)
pureliase; theuce uuth BO ohalni) thence east 80
chains, more or leai, to the said lake shore;
thenee northerly along the said shore Hll chain*,
moro or less, to the -md south boundary of
1. ft, Keil's application to pureliase; thence west
'JI chains, moreor Iom to lhe point of coiiniienc-.-
'-Inlng ion acres, more or less.
ment, c __
Dated Oct, it, JW..
Hy K. L IL
William Kkii,,
hmonI), Agenl.
Notiee Is hereby glveu that 60 days after dnte I
intend toapply io (he Hon. lhe Cblol Compile*
lioncr of Land- nml Works for permission toiuir-
chase (he following described landa lu West
Kootenav district, pr i. Inui of Itutisti Columbia;
Commencing ala post marked "William Tolllng-
ton'i northwest corner posl," said poat being
plantcil nt the southwest corner of tht "ljueeii
Mlm-ral c|���im," and .adjoining the east line of
UePhall's pre emption, tbenoe south tweniy rail
ehalns along snld line, theuee east forty (40)
ehulns, them-e north tweniy (20) chains, thenre
west foriy (Jo) ohalni mon Of less, lo lhe place nf
Dated 1st day ol Augusl, 1900.
By his agent J. K.Taylor.
tloi io  . ""  !'   .", " ' P"r',ONC makliigeppii..��.
k  L      r    ll1,ll!n,,lhkl���"r ��-l Units and
de crib' ii a li     r"" '" l"!r,,,"W�� too following
Vi'       i*11.   Commencing at a postmarked
,s.s...,,,,'; ,���'ri,.���"""""'"''Jraonl* oonwalng mo
'��Icsl Hus lllll liny ���( Auguil, 1906.
_   _   ���     I. I'lIRCI,
parr. 0, riOQuiH,
N'sllis- l-s lll-ri'lsy kIviii tli.i.,..^. I
S-r.,l   I.HSIsl.   1,1,1    ��������,,.(,���. '"Bs.ls.a
.���hn*.- lis.- loUowIni SScMbBTSHV^
���UrtlDI at , pun* ,r,Hrll,; ," "���"���I" Q��d
I'luiiu-sl on ihe i...i ,i,,,r, .,, "'."      . ml
ns-ar auuitonc si,..,, ii,.;���', .!'���;"���tM
ll��-,,f'l- M0 i-hKlnn m.rlli   lis.-  ,. ���. ,"""s3
hm.- .nor,-, ii,,.,,,,. ;: ;���,   ,*���.'.'�� .��i
l-.llll ssl ,,������������.���,.,.���������, "  ""'"><   >--'!,,JI
, L_ :.^"sH
Sixty  rt.y. .[tt.r sl,|��|llu , .. _
lo pur.'l.��i- isiu ��,.���., ���| .���,,,, "���""���'������miij
poal planted ou tbc .,,..,,,,,.',"""'"-'���nil
on ssaij.su road, .Isosii ��� ��� , , ,'/ . __
Irom R,Ksli-ii��y I.,,., ,���,, ,*"'.'!'," t!��..Sl
Ks-olinl.-'s. H. W.it s-orii,., i^i;
. I.s I -., : ,'^|
stills', tti.-ris-s- -sssilli ,0 rlitii,."
Loatta. tills, lotls si��y ���i KotmiH,���
*���'��"��� ��'Ktn��l
KoUlM ll ln.-r.sljy jiviiii lls.i '.TilirTTii^i
tnu-nsl lo ipfly i��� n���. ii, ��� chlelKJaJI
ssMjiss-I- tnsl Work, for iH.|,iii.,������ ,_H
..... ...ss  ., ,,   ,'.    ;'   "s_t_,
i ��� r*,
tlii- lollowiDK iMerlbed :������.i
Wait KsKslenay dlitrlet:   Batumi
marks'il -Is  I*. HaolCiekllu., *>' S
I'ls.iiii-,| on Hus vail ihonol VVhita
lake, abonl tins, ml] -> oortta 1,1 u
rowtol ilu-tai-l laki- tii-l ooooHbi
tils- tal,l lake; theDM - I v .
eatt   tu  elialut,   Issnr,  , - ...
llienee IssIIs.wIiik  ||,,. ,.,,]  ., ,,.,  ,
ami weaterly dlreeliuu l-ss ,l,tin, _
lo point of oommeocement, .i.iitansin.nrjl
more ssr let... '    "^1
 *J ����� u. IIa-umo-.-,, \fni*
(fotlee is hen-byglven 1
intend to apply to tb><
iloner ol Umls ��nd Worn inr ���-������ ��������._
pnrehaae the rollowlng .b- nu-.. Ut~l_\
Weal Kootenay district: iwniniuc i; fd
markeii u It. ftell ami It HelPifi f .-erwfl
alMiut 2 miles easl of lhe Hal moo ru.rt**jfl
', mile (rom the I'end d'Orrilit ' ^
chains north;  tbettOS40ehslm 	
chains south; themm 10 chains easl m UiMi
bcgtnni  g. ���
i'aled thu Dnd day of Beptember, l��X
k Hr_, 1
K   M   Li-KVF-. Agroi
Sixty "Ul- ���:���'< : *l .* ' , ; ��� ��� , *.-,-�����
cation lo the Honorthleiti' nii.h-^sNfljl
of Umls ami Works fur permlsriOB u> m|H
the following drsertlsil lnu>l (naK^1���
a post marked 'D, l'- B W. eorner." i
K KaiujMler's application to pun hair.
lhetice Ntlehalii north;  lbt-n, ������ st . *'���
ihenceWobalm south, :i.-���!.*��� ��'<tnmig
to the  pHilut of eoiiuncic ��� iii-i.: i('UUi.0|H
Hiret, UOrg or leaa. "-^^^^
1'atvd the llth dayof Auk   ���'  I "-
I'er F. (i. lAi-jrirt. Anra^
suty dayi after data l Intend to >;;���!'-*��������
Honorable the Chief CommUHlonerol -: oil
Works for permlulon to pur. lnw ��������� :-..nrl
ilMeribed landi lu Koolenij llitrifl (a
mencing at a post marked ' >' h ���.<���'��� ������-���*
cast rorner Dost, Mid |m>-t being 'rii lb.Ml
side of Un* Lower Arrow lake, aoonttnl
ik-Iom Hurton t'lty; thsnn ���..-iti) titte
thenoe weal ao chains; ii'<-:n-** smith j!r_ia(B
thenee west 20 chains; thence uorth na
ati'l   ��)   links,   more or lew t<> the lake*
thence eaaterly along Iskcli'' lis inr-, mur* >!____
to the place of beginning. i-nt.lhiltio|HSl_^
more or lean.
Dated this6thday oIKorcmbsr.ltt
J H.Amm|
our K 1. Hi H.vrr, Ag.-nl.
Sixty daya after date I iiiteii-t ("ipptfttlfl
Honorable the Chlel <'oi-im1*vi".ier-iiIn**
Works for permlulon to punhawlhe f*.
deserlhed land, in Knolenay .llstrlrt: C.
cliig  at  a  |K>st  markcl "A.J  Dili's sotUHJ
(orner post," paid  post 1��*ing -m tb***oartisj
erly shoreof lhe  Lover  Armw lakeMil*IJ
das  i-asi.  oil   lhe  northi -ui -i.rwt ol ut_
QroQpi] thence north MchsiMissaajH
south 4U chains, more or I'-**-*-, I- theUlfOg
thence followlug said ihore In a ��pnthwW
direction M ��� halus more <>r 1 ������*���.*��� to lliel��j
L-_.���-���    ,_.__ .... ���,.._,_ nil,re ot K
���iiiUt.191* f
per K U Bi'RKn,A|(iL
It-giunlng, eonlaliilng 160 i
Dated lliis ..tb day ol Snn*
Notice Is hereby given tbat ��0 itSTiilwal
1 intend, to apply to Ibe llorirtral-letbaj
Commissioner ol Lands snd Works I-I��S
sion to run-haw the following di
Kootenay distriet: CommenclL. - __
marked '���J. H. Wallace's norlhwe��l��rs��l��
sabl post Ix-lng on the easlerll iK����M
Arrow lake, and at thc wuthwell ';^
Doner's pre-emption clatm; Hi
thenos iouth .s> chains, thei
thenee  Math  '20 chains, Ihi
more or leaa lo the Armw laki      __-a_���
easterly  .llrecliou fiuchalu*-,  :wn->tr wevm
jilaie of U-giiiiilng, oonulnini l��sa��*saj
' Date.1 this '20tb day of Oclohnr.lM.^^
By hU agent, KKNNFTHb Brsitt
t Noilce Isherebjgty nth..' -'' '\ !*-J'r;[
��*: '-'i:-5!
���" ���_.!
Intend loapply tothe Hoi, i lilelCC-iaaaj
f Lauds aii-VWiirks for t*rmialon W P��|
he following dosortbed [an��ls.surtlai��|
ilantOd On the North Weal ' orner u WJ
thenee r.iniili.L. twent) chfl ns ^_M
iwenty ohalns Vol. tbenn '���''" (1'" ' JJ
Ihenee twenty chHlusKssl, [henrelweni���
Hoiiih to point of louiim in- iu. libs"1' T]
Ii.rwmt.-s mon or less.        ^Bi-jj
Dated the 1st day of Oi-lobci
nur," running Hi
chains west; lhetice wi clu-in- - "',Tl-fl*
chains eusl to polls ol eommennmw1-1     ���
lug 'X20 acres more or less '>-
Dated the 10th day ol October, 1-J'K"F.,1iriaJ
Notiee ln hereby given that <���" '���^"'���j'1 -M
Intend I. apply lo tho ItoimrabI��' "S
Commissioner of Un-D and *��**J$JW
sion to purchase the following '1';" ["*.m4l\
in the Vvest Kotenaydlitrlel    WD3i*
post  marked "Klealior Ihrn *h ��� ���       trJ_f
and plani-d nn Ihe wesl -boo* ol  JJ'JSjL
..,a.-._-.__.   _��___._.���. I.fc.   .latin tOn �����*���
Whatilian (darilaso) Isi lie. ������''..
in 11,'n toiitll ol Arrssw Ink, lit..
s-lsallit; thonoawul ��J qliBlm- [
i.l si'i-ls'll!
tiiore of tilts NRrrnwt; II
sslsisrs, in h neiienil tssssif
is,-is go elialiiH more nr I
us,ni, I'nsitniiiiiis: 160aorei " '*,.���. inirt
liatod Oot. Ith, im  .*,';,;,'i A,n'
V  I,  HsMMONr	
 . .        l.,.lll''***
Nollee Iii liereny (liven I "V)'i,-*���m����_B
i" ""Sl
IllllllllillO a|.|.ly lis the II"
er ol Lninls anil  Works. I"
<-|lBHO till- full.lWllIK  ill'""1
K mil, loi s sllttrlel:   lls'ltlsiti
��W._.oom_.'iS K rorner,
eatt  ahisro  ol   Wlsiil-liius I
two mlli-H   norlli of '
hike;   llienee  north -��������� , ....ims.-. ��_j,
���halllH, inon-nr    OU,  Iss lbe  l��-'   ' , .isilWJ.
"       ' ilil   t lisie Us �� ���""',". ���| I0*J!
.ii.ii.i-; .J5i3_i
lonowlllB Use tsilsl lliore in a����"jj
anileatterlyillreell -���"<���'���" !"'"���
the   pnllil   of  eoliiliieiieeinsii'-
....   nnlli
aerot. more or lest. w
Dnlinl thu Hth slay ssl "el ."*��� ���
F. L. 1UHH"-*"1'
1(S* I
lANHEUSER    "and the original
Ibusch...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ^'���'^SBSJ3^riM-��h    VICTORIA   .
'. Burns __ Co.
iu**��s in  RoMlaud, Trail,  Nelaon. Km-io, Sandon, Thn* Pbriw, Now
Doiiviir uml HI-KHtn (!iti?.
> anv branch will havo
���ireful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
- data 1 purpose mnkU'ij appli-
1   II .*.   -hief -om in tiHloner ol I-a ild*
1- rmlulon tn puronaae tlm fol-
..  I  lalld-      ColllIlleneiliK al a pout
...ulhweil i-ortierol J.Hhfell'Hap
; in bass, maiked ' it. H*n H K. c��r*
ihenc* Ml chalnn norlh, thence W)
:   ihence HO chain* nouth, (heuct: HO
-..mi of commenoetnent, oon tain-
ii, more or lesa.
Mih day of October, IMS,
per J Hhiki.i,, Agent.
- tin : date I pnrpoas making appn-
- Hmi  1 hief I'omuilNnlom-r uf t_tndl
i -r |mtuiIsslon lo pttfOblM the  lol-
��� ! lands;   Comnienolng at a p.-i
il   1 lie  iii-rtheii.it t orner of it  .-'iMi'-
ii'purehaso, marked"H.Jt Q'g��a
ii HiK Ihenco SO l halim north to the
idarj   ol T.I, fiittti.  thence ��l chain I
*j chains couth, thene. BO ebalns
:' n|  commencement, I'otilaUlitiK Mo
I lib day ol OotObet, li*X>.
II, k. fl__urnt__.
per J KHIKI.I., Agent.
iii' I purpose makluic appli
"   ef  C'oUimlnnloi
bed   land:
s.i Ihe   jlMK
on to purehaae the
Commeneing at a
of  Kariicr* and
-< ap
B. \v.
H-' , marked "Vi. N   1"H
.* ihence so cbaina norih; tbence
-   ilieuee-SOubaloaaootbj tnence ID
[0 point of commencement; contain-
reor less,
da] o(< .-t���b.r, 1M6.
w.N. Pools,
I'er J.811ISI.L, Agent
|k   -,Ul
it date 1 purpoae making appli-
Ib'li the Chief Coinmltwloner of
ki for permission to purehaae the
--I,cd lands:   Commencing at a
he Miiithear-t corner of If, K.-ireu-
n to puicha'c, markeii *'V. Wu,
runnliig theme no chains north;
lieilce Hi chains eaal; thence Nl
. nee BO chains  went, to point of
. containing mo aona, more or
1 dayof October, iwm.
v. Dona
Per J. BhleUi Agent.
I1 -     herebj ri.en lhal to dava after dale I
������ * application 10 tbe Honorable tbe
��� ��� ���-,���; ol band* and Worki for j*_r-
���"< to pun-haw the following described
��� t niiimeueing at  a pout  on the   north
I  l.<>t ��*.| and  about 2 ebalus east of
- tiniojiig lUehaiiiH east; thenee
m.rlh; Ihenee40chatOS west: theme-It)
"Uli, In  inonl  of ������������.mincne.mcnl, OOtt-
. 1 moreor leaa.
���etotor 13, IBOft,
I.Eos Watson,
I agent, Khnkst Vi. Robinson.
- bti. 1 purpose iiiHsing appii-
1 tin-Hon Chief Commlaaloberol Lands
'**-*��� lor permission lo purchase ihe fol-
i land:  Commenolng ��i �� i-'-i
���"'il  li-o yanlM  west  of  the  Whalshan
1 "ud ai t two miiei wiihh of what
e. marked "B. C.S'sM  E corner poat,"
II ' lice   *o  chain*-   Mnth;    tbence  Hll
'-; theueeflOebains north; thenee 80
'���i. tn pi.Mil of eoinuieiicemelil; coUialii-
1 fi - noire or less
""-��� "'Hi dny of October, 1906.
b c. Baiaaaa,
Per R, HlllKLl., Agent.
���fl it dale I lutend to apply to the
1 hief t'ommlB.ioneruf Landa and
'���������   lo purehaae IHU acres of land,
eut sideof Arrow lake, adjoining
'rlbed aa follows:   Comineuclng
mi  thi- Wait  boundary of Ixit
ains north of ibeH. w. corner of
1 ��� ���'��� *������ wesl :io ehHiuH, tbenee sonth <���<������
nine east '!U ehalna to the western
"I hn* einntlni tto.tflt, theuce norlh
��piae,. of boslhning-
U''t._5, IW6, M  K. Wat.i.sv,
It J. Ku.iott, Agent.
In'reby given lhal iJOdayr. afterdate 1
'�������<'application tothe llouorable the
r" ."i.erol l.aiidaand Worka for per-
' purchase the following dcscrll-ed
!"",���� 1 tig al a |���,-i pbieeiT about one
,..,, ''' nhniMiati creek and ahout three
��� '"n -ii w biHshan lake running 80 chains
������ oiciiec Kil chalus went;  Ihenee HU chaini
 ���*' ''hiiliiK ,,iist,  to polntof iMiii*
_r 18, imni.
VttTtO MiSaiujiton,
nisageat, Kiw-m w. itoHUwoq
[," " t"j"hy given Hint midavH irom dato I
Kh". T,y lo1lll<- Honorable the Chief Com-
"l Lands and Works to purchase MO
���;''��� ������'������������rlbed as follows: Commencing
""""I on ihe north hank of ihe Mltle
. "''oul aw yards from mouih, and
����� Mctoan'i s w. corner iiost1M
tn' * chains, thenee north 80 chain.,
tohn.nn. alI,a' -���"������'nc-j wnitli KO chains, to
1 |��mciieemenl,and containing rtOiu-rea
!*��MaT Oct., 1000,
Rout. McLean.
ii,.-'ii"1 ��.{.!".������ purpMe making appli
��" Hon. Chief Commissioner of Und*
"inr perm talon lo purchase the fol.
��� h e.r*,.'.   .nV-*i:* Oommenoing at tbe
hi* 1nartr/i ��LV_ l*""uV* applleollnn to
ri,,',,,: .";Vl ,(A'- H's N. B. corner," run*
llbenei   m   t'.M N,l"li, ihcnce 80 chains
ihe i.niol iftlnfl "ottb, thenoe BthaJtw
[.-*,���!, r"���rY0_Jomm-*no*-iueiit, containing
l'>e 12th day of October, 1000.
C  1.  IUnninoion,
pit J Smell, Agent
'"'thV'te lliul. l,'',"^l��^^s���-��� making appli-
urk-H /or ,     "'PJ Commissioner ol Lands
r dc .*rVV f ',,m to l-lir,,,l*"e the fol-
|,l*ii  ,[   H(        ,l'"'h;1   ComnieneluR   at  a
���wi �� , ,""rlllw"1 earner ol "B.
'*-'���'��� < or',.-' '" ("'ffhaso, marked
. Hii-ce,. h ,' .ri>''"iiig ihence 80 chains
illii'invNu .��,.i 8 WMl' "'ence B0 ohalns
ll* ��� '"-Win i ... ?Mt lo I,ol,u ��,f cominen-
',1 "lel.ih b.-;;..ar?r!11 �����>��"> ur less.
,"""-> of October, iSoB
K    KoitKKTHON,
Per J.bmkll, Ageut,
Notice ii hereby given that fiO dayi alter date 1
lutend to apply to the Honorable the thief Com-
mlssloner of Unds ami Works for permission io
pilrchane lhe following deaeribed lands In lbe
Wesj K.K.ienii)- district: Heginniug ai a post
maiked ������Alexander I1 rower's ft, Vi. corner," and
wanted  on   tlie eaat  shore Of lhe narrows of
Whataban cariboo) lake, et the8. J_ eorner of
H-mhard lllrseh's appllealloii to purehaat-;
thence eaal In chains; theme iouth BOdmlns;
thfUOS west tu chains, more or less, to the shore
of the narrow--; tbenee following the said ahore
in a northerly direction ho chains, more or less
tO tbe POlnl nf comim neemeut. containing 320
acres, moreor leas.
Oet b'lth, PJOfi. AlUAKOn Franks,
by F J . Hahmond, Agent.
Hlxty davs- aft**r date 1 purpose making application to ihe Hon. ('hief Commissioner ol -Lends
and Works for iiermlMbui to purehase the following desoribed lands: Commeneing at the
norlheast corner of r. I, Han nlngton'a application to purehase. marked "K. A. C'b 8.E. eorner,"
running theme mi chains north, thence no ebalns
weal, lbence Ho ebalus aoutb, thenee 80 chains
coat to point of commencement, containing t;m
aeiee, mure or leas.
Dated Lhe Uth day of October, 1900.
i; A. C'REAIE,
per J Hum.), Agent,
Noi ice || hereby given that (SO days afler date
I Intend toapply to the Hon ODuf Commissioner
of builds and W urkt for j*-. mission to purehaae
the following described lauds In Wesl Xootenay
iMsirici Itrglnning at a po-i marked, "Hern-
hard Hlreeh-8. B, corner," and planted on the
cant shore of the narrows of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake; Ihence n rlh HO chains; theliee west -40
chains more or less, lo the shore of Whataban
lake; thence foibiwing said shore in a geueral
southerly and easterly direction l'jil chains more
or less, i" point of commencement; containing
tr20 acrea, more or less.
Doled this Hth dayof Oct. 1906.
BEHNIIARD  llllt-i 11,
F. I.. Hammond, Agent
Hlxty days afler date I purpose making application lo C-e Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission lo pOrehase the
following dcserltod land: Commencing at a
post placed about half n mile west ol Barnes
creek, and about one mile north of the mouth of
the aauia, marked "J. H'a. H Vi. corner," running
thenee hu chains north; theuee *-**������ chains east;
theuce HO ehalns south to the north boundary of
Vi. N Poole's application to purchase; tlience HO
chains west to poiat ol commencement; containing tiio acres more or less-
Dated the 13th dav of October, 1906.
J. Smell.
Silly ilars ofl'-r date I purpose making appli
cat Imi to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of l.iui'l-
and Works for permission to purehase the followlug deaeribed lands: Commencing at a posl
placed about half a mile wcsl ofthe lower cud of
Ulou-iw.ii lake, marked "!>. D's. N. W .corner,"
running tbenee HO chai ur-south; theuee HO chains
east; thenee 80 chains north; ihence HO ehnins
west to point of coinint-iieeiiiciil, containing M0
kcres, more or leas
Doled the 12th day Of October, 1000,
D. Doim,
Per J. Hhiki.i., Agent.
K xly days alter date I purpose making application to the Hon Chief Commissioner of (.amis
and Wo ks for permission to purchase the following described lands: ��� ommenclng at thc
norttnreit oorner of F.. A. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "W. <i. B'l. 8 W eoruer,"
running lbence HO chains nortii; thence Hi)
eliains easl; ihenco 80 chains souih; Ibenee HO
chains west to point of commencement, containing MO acres, more or leas.
Dated the _2th dav ol Oetober, 1906.
W. <_.(in.i,_TT,
Per J. Hhiki.i,, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purehaae the following described lauds: Commencing al the
northweal corner of D. Dodd _ application to
purobase, marked "M, PI 8, Vi. corner," running
[hence 80Chains north! theuce HO chains, more
or leas, to the wesi shore of Whatshan lake, following lame HO chains souih; tbenee SO chains,
moreor le**, east lo the point of comment-emeu t,
containing-HOacies, moreor less.
Paled the tilth day of October, llf 11.
M. KAtigtHEK,
per J. Siiiki.1., Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given thai sixty davs afler
dale I inteud lo apply to the Honorable l hief
Commissioner of bonds and Works for permls-
llon tO purchase lhe following described landa:
Oommonolng al a posi placed on thenorthw-sl
oornsrof Albert Bli toll's appUeatlon to purchase,
running Ho chains east along lho northern
boundary of same; thenee m ehaim north;
lbence HO chains wea'; th-Uee ftl cfiains loiilh, to
polnl of commencement, containing t>_o acres,
more or less.
Dated Oet. 11. loot. ���. JOOJ Ki.l.iorr,
By his agenl. B��HMtW. Kobinson,
Notice Is hereby given that 00 dnys alter date I
intend lo applv to lhe lion. Chlel Commissioner
,' .ands am. Works for permission o )}*"������
the  following described  lands situated  In  lbe
Vest   Kooienav district:    Bwinnfog  al �� pos
marked "HerSert Warren's N. K. comer,   and
J ite   on the w sl shoreof Whalshan (Coritoo)
��k!   about one-uuarle. u.llc ^ASS��r\t
���rncuitoi the lake; Iheliec wesinuclmiiis, llienee
1,,uth Ml   1 ains* thenco cast 80 chains, more or
i ��   ._   whaiban   ereeki   theme WUowlng
north Uong h. 'reek ami bike shore HO ehains,
monoTlesal & polnl of commencement, eontainiug 6*10 acres, more or less
"...to. Uli .in .i'.y"' ��'*"*;;,���;T iv.h.ih,
���f, i, Hammond, Agept.
Notice is bereby given thai co dari  _n date I
la-aat tba h.miO ioa.l pornoroiun .
IIii-iik- aonth l'l I'll"!" ��� '" ',' V ���, Isaii ,-r.Tk:
Ull.reiir Ii-i.ii, in If -". ' i1,,,"      1,1,-,-,.,-k ami
lakclnaai-liiiral """"">  "",��� ,,,.|,.t ol isom-
ii.sii an oEalui, mi;'.���   i*  -;���-;���.,. ���,,r,s s,r lau
llllsllOs-lllislll; lallillll!  '"" "I'"-'"
Oul. Illlll, IM. ANTtllKKlTK lHH-SlH,
lly F. 1.. UaMMUKU. ABBllt.
The Daily Canadian
Sn?.. K     "'.'t't Blvi-ii that w dav. alter slato I
i u-1,11��� -.pt.iv i��� ii���. Bonorable ie t.*hici Com-
minloner of Lundi and Work., Vn-torla, B. 0
Iur permlaalon to lissrsshams lliii IssllowliiK .IcH-rlb-
ed land, altiiau-ii Hi lhe Weat Koou-iia) dlatrlet,
on lhe weat aide ol .ohamel (or 8U Mile) week,
i'���, .'.'-vi"', 1 ' "',""11"" rsiad, about ifi4 nillea
Iro o W eat Arm ol Ko tenay lake: Oomuenclni
at a PO.1 marked Mra Ilattlis Hiiek'a a K. i-i."
ner riniiilinlii ,.|,alii, veit| thence 20 ohalna
aim in, tl.i-i..... 40 ,-lialtia eaal; Iheliec ai chaiua
iniiii, lo ills-p.,Int ���f ssomineni-ement, Qontain*
iiik as aoraa ol land, more or leaa.
Batvsl lho mil ��� ovember lOCfi.
MBH. Hattie Dura,
 John k Tavlor, Agent.
N"llrisl��lserelsvKlvenllialBl��ty daya aller date
I liili-ii.l lo appli to Use Hon. chiel lliinimlaal.iner
ol Landa and Worka lor|n-riiiUalon to pun-haae
Use [OUowlna deai-rllied landa In tin- Weat
Kootena) -lss-lni-i:   BagUmllll al a poat markeii
J. K oliisliien'a H, Vv i-oriier," and plantcil about
-nie hall mile eaal ol the allure uf Whiitalian
(larlbou) lake ssni! abosit 3 mils-a norlh ot llie
narrow, ol tbe nl I li.k.-. and at |h< 8, K eorner
nl; Arthur   Warseil'a   a|>|slls-atlnll   lo   puri-lusass;
Ihenci nail an eJialna; ihenoe north S) ohaln>i
ihen��� waai nn,-i���,i���. ,��� u���. ,i���ni���.u��i ,���r,���-r ,,i
Arllsisr vVurriii'Bui.pllealluiiiis psiss-lsaae; llieneo
sssnsih mi i-iiaiiiH is, point ,,i commencement, s-sm-
lalliliiK "l'l aiT use nt loaa.
Oet, isiih. imai. J. 8. Bnumw,
K. 1,. Hamhssnu. Attetit.
Notire fs hereby given hat *J day* after date I
Inieml to Hpply w ibe Honorable the (.blef rom*
uitiK-loUer of l.uiiiis and Viurk* at Victoria, B. G..
for p-;rnii8��lon loiut and carry away tlml>er from
the (ollowlng dem-ribed luiol- In Went Koolenav
No. i,���Oonunenefog at a post planted at the
Dortbeaat corner of I .ni OB, Wesl Kootenay,
Ihen e ensl so rliKin-, tlience north K0 ehiuim,
tlience west HO chain*, theme t-outu 80 ehain*
in the | il ace of commencement.
No K--Commencing at a poat planted al the
nnrlheant corner of but 812, W,-t Kooteuay,
thence Booth 40 chalna. theuce cant 120 cliaina,
thence north 40 ehalna, thenee weat 120chains to
the point of eommeneement.
No. :'.. I'ommi.riciiiK at n poal plauied at the
Houtheaat corner ol No. 1, theuce i ��.-r ao chalnn,
ihenee north 80 ehalna, thence west 80 chain*,
thence south 80eliains tothe place of eommen. e-
No. 4.���Commeneing at a po��t planted at the
hou theaat eo ner ol ho.'4, theme eaat HO chain*,
thenee nortii 80 chains, thence went 80 chain*,
thenee south HO ehain* to the place of commencement.
No. S.-Coinmeiieiug al a poet planted at the
north trest corner of No. 4, thenee eait Ho ehains,
thence north ho ehains, thenee west 80ehatns,
thence souih HO chain* to lhe place of commencement
No. fl, ���Commencing at a po*t planted ut the
southwest corner of No.,.,'hence west 12uchnin*,
thence north io the British Columbia* -Southern
Railway, tbence east 190 chain*, thence south to
piiu-e ol commencement.
No. 1��� Commeneing at a pout planted at the
southeast corner ol No. 4, thenee east 80
chains, theuce nurth 80 chains, theuce west HO
chalus, tbenee south ho chains lolhe place of
No. 8.-Commencing at a post planted at 'he
northeast eorner of tto.4, thenoe east 00 chains,
theme north HO chains, thenee west 8o chains,
thenoe south ho chains to the place of commencement,
No. 9.--Commencing ai a post plained at lhe
southeast corner of No. 7, tlience cast Ho chains,
theuce north eighty ehalns, lbence west 80
chains, thence aouth eighty chains to the place
Of I ulnno'lln no-Ill.
No. io, ���Oommenelng at a poit planted at the
southeast corner of No h, thenoeeast A ohalns,
Ihenee north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
tbence south HO chains to the place of commencement.
No 11.���Commencing at a poll planted m the
southeast corner oi No. 3, thence south 80 chaius,
tbeuce east 80 chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
theuce west 80 chains to the place of commencement
No. 12��� Commencing at a post planted at the
northeilt corner Of HO, JI, thenee aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 ehains, thence north 80
chains, thenee wosl 80 chains lo lhe place of commencement.
No. 13.���Commencing at a post planted at tlie
northeast comer of No. 12, ihence south 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, thence west-SOchalns tothe plan-of commencement.
No. 14���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast comer of No. 18, thence sou t h 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains, theuee norlh m chains,
thence west 80 chains to the place of commencement.
No. IS,���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast  corner  of   No   ll,   theuce   nor h 80
ehains, ihence east 80 ehaf-_;, thei   .   ���..-*,.- en j
chains, theuce wc*-t   u ciialut  to the olaee of '
No. lfi,���I 'ommenclng at a post plauied at the
northeast corner of No. le, thence south 80
ehalns, thence east 80 chains, thenee nonh 80
ehains, theuce weet 80 chaini to the place of
October pub, i9on. i'etkb Loud,
Tase notice mat 30 days alter date we intend
making application to the Honorable thc Chief
( oinmissloner of landsand Work* for a special
license toeut and carry away Timber trom the
folloulug described laud* situated ou Hinder
creek, West Kootenay.
Commencing at a post No. 1. placed about 121,
mllei from Uuucan river, running thence norib
iNM-hiiiiis; them**, west40chains; thenee 'nuth
160 chalm; thence easl 40 chains to point of commencement.
No2 --Commencingat a post placed about MM
mllcilrom Danoap river, running thence north
Ifiochains; ihcm-e wei-l 40chal**; thenee south
IfiO chains; theuce eait 40 chains to point of commencement.
N,-:i    i' ii' m ing tt ii post placed near tlie
second fork of lime Ier creek, running theliee
cast 4ochains; thence north lflO chains; theuce
west*, chains, Lbence south lOoeoalits to poim
of commencement.
Dated this iiih day of August, 11MK1.
.VA-rrsiu-ai* LtntBKB Co
N 1 I'. Ti ohhv, Ageut.
This ia My 77th Birthday.
Shelby Moore Cullom, United States
Beuator from Illinois, wuh born In
Wayne Co., Ky��� Nov. 22, 1829. HU
father, Richard N. CuIIoiii, who after*
wards became a me'rabcr of the Illinois legislature and a warm friend of
Abraham Lincoln, moved with his family to Tazewell county, Illinois, In I860,
and It was there that young Cullom
obtained his educatioou in the country
schools, later -spending two years at
Mount Morris Seminary. In 1853 Mr.
Cullom was admitted to the bar and
soon afterward was elected city attorney of Springfield. He was elected a
representative to the sate legislature
in ix-Jtj, was re-elected In I860, and waa
made -speaker for his second term. The
Springfield district, which previously
had been strongly Democratic, elected
him representative lo Congress for lhe
term beginning Dec. 4, im;.., and he wus
returned until March 3, 1871. He was
again sunt lo the state legislature in
1872, and was re-elected for another
term with the speakership. At the
Republican national convention in 1872
he placed General Grant in nomination
for the presidency, and also nominated
General Logan in 1884. He was elected
governor of Illinois in 1876 and was reelected in 1880. He resigned from the
gubernatorial office in 1883 to accept
a seat in the United States Senate. He
was re-elected to the senate three
times and is slated for another re-election by the state legislature that meets
this winter.
The Compliment. One.  Man. Pays, to
Another  Man's Appearance.
When one gentleman ask.-; another
the address of his tailor the compliment Is not a concealed bouquet. The
touch of warmth and brightness in tbe
winter styles of the Semi-ready tailoring, supplemented by ihe carefully expressed d'-tail which appeals to meu of
cultured taste, brings this question to
the patrons of Semi-ready, "Who's
Your Tailor?"
The answer is generally made by a
display of the front emblem of Semi-
ready���the silk label sewn on the inside pocket of every Semi-ready garment.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
ol Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Notice la herehy given that :m dayp ult-r date 1
Inlcnd making application to Uu* Houorahle the
Chief I'oinmiKhioii, i of Linda ami Works for a
ipeelel lieenae to cut and remove timber from
the following ilctcriUul Inml- "Hunted ou the
Skaget river:
Commencing about tiO chain*-* north of the
���notheut corner of Lot-i 2, Yalcdlmrlct; theuee
.milling east forty (40) eliaim*; south one hundred
and ��xty noOl-ehelnt; west forty (40) chains;
north one humlrcd nml Hixty (lot)) eliains, to
pime of eommeneement.
Dated October 15th, i��*.        1��- H.Tswosd.
Thirty dayu after date 1 inieii 1 to applv to the
Hon. Chief Coinmiwdnner of I.Hmis ami Works
for a special liceiitie to cut and carry away tlmher from Ihe following descritied lend; Commencing at k i-.*.! marked "lleorge M. i .inn's
miulheas. corner," plauteil ahout three miles up
 nit.li creek, winch emptier ah mi oue mile
west of Nelson; thence west 40 ehafnu; thenee
uorth 160chain*; tlience cast tu chalna; theme
���outh itMl chains to point  f commttuccmeiil.
Hated 0-1 *>, 1900. <JgoKi.li M. (iiir'N,
w.j. MoKmm, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that, thirty days afler
dale, I liilcml lo apply to the HotioraMc the
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for a
special license to eul unit curry awuy tlmher from
llie following described lamls, situate In lhe
Wesl Kooteuay dlstricl:
Commencing at a post marked Kred Atkinson's
northwest corner post, planted ahoul one ia lie
cast of ( pper Arrow lake and joining i.oi ;m;
thenre eust KO chains, thence south ho chains,
'hence west BO chains, thence north 80chains io
point of com meneement.
Dated this _th day of October, 1000
Fein. Atkinson,
chas Km..
Notice Ih hereby given that thirty day a after
dale I intend to apuly to thellonorablethe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
lleenie tOCUt and carry away timber from the
following described lauds: Commencing at a
post niarked 'John Mctiarry's northwest corner," phoitc'1 ahouta mile west (mm Uearcrrck,
and about four miles from lis month, which Is
six miles well from Nelson; thence east Ktl
chains, thence south 80 chalus, thence wc.it 81)
chains, (hence north 80 chains lothe lull inl posl.
I ocated October Und-, 1-06.    JoHK McCUaRY.
Notice is herebv glveu that 30 days attnr date 1
intend (o apply to the Honorable Chief Commission' rof Lands unit Works (or a special license to
eut and curry away limber from the following
described land*: Commencing ula post markeii
M. O. Monnghau's southwest comer, til in ted
about h mile west from Bear creek, ami about
foiiriniles trom Its mouth, which ls six miles
west from NOleoni thenee north 80chaius, thenee
east 80 e-iiilia, thence south 80chains, thence
wesl 80 chains to thc initial point.
Located rind October, V.W.   M. C, Mo. auhan.
This  Date  fn   History,  November 22���
1741���Plot preferred    for    the Coup
D'Ktat of Elizabeth of Russia.
1774���Robert, Lord Clive, hero of Plas-
Rey, committed suicide.    Rom 1726.
1851���Thomas Pym Cope, who established the first line of packets between Philadelphia and Liverpool, died.
R.irn Augusl 2G, 1768.
1867���.lefferson Davis returned to
Richmond, Va.
1871���Steamboat City of London
burned near Norwich, Ct, 17 lives
1892���International Monetary Con-
'or-noe m->t in Rr'isscls.
M-_r..eP.-'. ��� v\i'.--*,v^^[!^^!RfiRiasilc  re-
1002���Frederick A. Krupp, great
German gunmaker, died.
The government of British Columbia hereby offers a reward of
$luu0 for information leading to
the Hi-lent aud conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on the 18th inst.
at the Canada hotel at Niagara,
H. C��� murdered Louise King by
means of dynamite or other explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alius Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, age about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet 6]/_ inches;
weight, about 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light blue. Ihln face, small thin
nose; slight scar on one cheek,
extending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
suit with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned high lop laced
Wire  or  otherwise   report   Im-
medtately any Information to Mr.
1.   A.   Deusmore,   Provincial  Constable .Grand  Forks.
Ry order,
Stipt.   Provincial   Pollen.
Notlco Is lu reby given that SO days alter date I
Intend to apply lo the Honorable lbe Chief Commissioner of l,iinds and Works for a special
IIccubc to eul and oarry awav timber from lho
following it 'earthed hinds: Commencing ata
post marked *T I. Scan tan'a norlheast cornor,"
planted about a mile west from Bear creek, and
about four miles from its month, which I. six
miles west from Nolson; thciici west8uehalos,
thence south 80 chains, Ihenee east 80 ehains,
thence north 80 chains to the initial point.
Local*.-.! October Kind, ISOti T. J. **.'ANI,AN.
Notiee Is hereby given that 30 days afler dale I
inteud to appl) lo the Hon. the Chief Coinmis
sinner of Lands and Works for a spcc'nl licence
to cut aud carry a - ay timber from tho following*
described lands: Commencing al a post marked
"T. J. Hcan'aii's soul beast corner," planted ahout
five miles up (JroniHii creek, which empties about
one mi'e west of Nelson; Ihcnce west 10 cluilns.
Ihenco north 160 chain.; tbence easl to chains;
iheniv s.nilii 1(U) chains lo j:i ini of commencement.
Dated Oct ;U), UOB, T. J. .cam,an,
W. r. M-KlMM, Agent
Notice Is herehy given that :I0 diivs after dale I
Intend to apply to [ha Hon. < blef Commissioner
of l.amls and "'or-ks Tor a special llcenso lo cut
nnd carry away timber from the followlug de
scrib'd lands: Commencing at a post marked
'P. T. Morrison's southeast corner," planted
about a mile west from Hear creek, and about
four miles fioin lis mouth, which is six miles
wes' from Nelson; Ihcnce west 80chslns, thence
norlh 80 ehalns, theuce east 80 chains, Ihence
aouth Wi chains to thc Initial post.
Located October 22nd, VJOt,    F. T. Mount son.
Silver King Hotd
Beat Dollar a day hotise In the Kootenays.
Rooms are weil furnished.   Table as good as auy
lu Nelson.    Ber supplied with good
Honors ana clcers.
W. B. MoOANDLISH- Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Plan
Meals V cts.   Rooms from �� cts. lo 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Neleon Proprletore
Bartlett   House
Best Dollara-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar la tbe Flueat.
White Help Onl; Kirsplojed.
Joaeplilne P.
Lake View Hotel
Comnr Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates |l UO per day and up.
Telephone 118. -V__S___oC/_V/   _6��- C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EEICKSON, Proprietor.
lltsntrally Located, Open bar and Night.
Sample aud Bath Koomi free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Coma Ward and Vmwo Strati.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, aud Pint-
clai-s InuluK Room.   Sample Room, lor Commercial Hen
_^      ���MNB: K. C. CLIWCK. Froprletreat
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
SitwI Bates to Begnlar Boarders.
Wholt-aale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
CniiipH -supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in btook
Mail orders receive cureful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor und
Solf hkHit lor lhe fotto Rico Linnhcr Co., Ltd.,
retail yanln. Rough and <ln-s-.il luiuhor, turned
work and hracketft, Ooant lath and shftifflefl, faah
and doom. Oinuut, -brick and lime lor Halo.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht,. cant of Hall,
NBL80N,   B. C.
P O. Box 232. Telephone ITS.
West Transfer Co.
Geueral Teamsters and Dealera in
Ooal and Woo-i.   Express and
Biikkw Transfer
WSTSTiB Office: Baker St.
Notice Ib hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Mi-eiine Coiiiiiiisslonern, to be he'd In
the (Ihlef ('oiHtable'H office, Nelson, on the i-h
Decr-mber, I!��-���'���, I Intend toapply .6 a Irannfer of
my license for theGroVO Hotel, Falrvl;vt, Nelnon,
tot: p. Walnmlev
Dated 15th Nov., 1906. J W CROW,
]mr Wm. GOSNKLL, Attornev.
No Ice 1*4 hereby given that at a meeting nf the
Board of Mcenne < .mim.H�� ...eni- to he lield iu
Chief (-onfllahle'rtoillce, at NelHon. oul.. th Pwem-
ber. lUOti, 1 Intend to aiiply for a IniuB.er of my
hotel lUetirse for tlie l'alace hotel, at Ymir. to
Aiihltjald _*. Davis
tfth November, 1'JOti. MITCHKLL TAIT.
For Sale....
S(S_S,itftSLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. & mTbird.
Now is the Time A<^^Mitm^}m
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing  Business In This Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
NELSON, B. C.     ..._���_--��-,
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
A. McDonald & Co.
Denlors in stapln and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oiunp nml Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
(( you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerwar- In stock. Pit-
Certificate of Improvements
"SpyglMi" and ' Ulnlw" mineral i-lain.**. situate
ln Trout La-be Mining DlvlRlon.
Lim-hii'iI t>n Poplar 1 to- k.
Tailc* Hotlw that I, Bruce White, acting an
agent for Uie Snvg1iis<i .Mining o,, Tret* MI'dth'
(.ertitlcHU- No B-TH2S, inteini, finlryrn Irom tlie
<lut��! li-runl, to A\t\\\\ to ilu- Mining Fteconlvr for
a CVrliflcate of Improvement*, fer tlie p.rposi* of
obtaining a t'rotvn (irant of the above claim.,
Anvl further take notice that action, under
motion S. mttlt be eoinm-i'UCf-t before the Iwni-
nnce of lUoli (t-rll oate of liuioovemciils.
Pated '�� th Oot*Qber> 1'*"���������� RHI'C'K Whitk.
Certificate of Improvem.nts
"Eclipse No. 2," "Vovey," "Happy Medium,"
"International" ana "A-ta Fractional" mineral cl al ins, Hitunted in the Sloean City Mining
Division of weal Kootenay district.
Where (orated:���North of Twelve Mile creek,
about two mllen up.
Take notice that I, H. K. .I..rand, of Phx-an, ..
0., Free Miner h > ertifleato No. HTHiaw, tot agent
for I,. A. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. H��34,
Intend, Hixty days from the date hereof, to app y
totho Mining Recorder for a Certificate ofliu-
firove���neIlU!, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
rant of said mineral claims
And further tak.   notice that action, uirer
Heclion :t7, must be comincnied before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Pated this JUth day of Hepteniber, UNKf.
H. R. JoRisn.
Corporation of thc City of Nelson
Scaled Tenders will be received hy the undersigned up to 8 o'clock, p. m., on Monday the *_6th
day of NoverabT, lt__, for tlie removal of the
court house building.
Bpccl flea tlons for same can he seen at the city
engineer's office, city Hall.   Ky Order,
W. K. waswon. City Clerk.
Neliou, Nov. 19,1900.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Pooltry Co.. Ltd.
Deliveri-* mnde daily throughout Nelson
nnd its snburb.. Phone 148.
House for Sale
$14-00    - BLOCKS Fit )M BAKKK
'T,^y,vi STKEET.
$700 down, balance to suit.
11 ���<-"-J UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
To-a-cont-t.   Baker Street.
Notire lis li.Tt-liy nlvs-n lhal Ihe parti.-tsr-Ulp
lu-n-tofwe ssubslsstfiisi between us., I lie nml, rislnii-
eil, ass betel kei-p,-ris.lulbat"wii ,,f Khssll, Hrllls.li
Columbia, lias tills day been sllasolvcil by mutual
Dated thin -Tils .lay ot October, 1K6.
Wltneu:   Alex. Stewart, fhllip. 1'. McCallum
in. ���a
i ,
The Daily Canadian
| New Goods j
Crosse &       j
20ds per Jar
Bell Tf aciing!
Company        I
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In   England   they   raise   fine
horses,     ln   Scotland   thoy   raise \
fine men.
In England thoy feed their mils ���
to horses.    In Scotland tliey feed
oats to men.
yourselves   and   children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
find then wateh Ihe results.
B & K. Rolled Outs in Mh, 801b nnd '
4011) sucks for BstUe nt
| Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor Josephine and Mill His.      Phone 1!'
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will iimi it to tiicn* advantage tn use our I'itdi
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Bowling   offosiiE
*'ww ~ ******���*���&        QIJtENS
Alley       Lel
Potter & Cummings
l lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
ThPHHoodi nre us fine u Uio more exponslvi
kinds, (he only dlfferonoo Is the i-ackitge.
Phone 35. Bilker St.
Ni-xt P. Burns & Co.
��__ ���
Uot*. Vct-in.n ..nd Weird  Street!*,
NBL.SON,  13. <_;.
J. FRED 11UJ1U, Proprietor.
(I. K. Sargent, 11. Wright, .1. W.
t'ollls, John R. Greenfield, Vancouver; c. R, Palmer, Edmonton; l>.. A,
Henderson, .1. A. Newall, St. Pnul; A.
McDonald, Lethbrldge; W. G. Mclntyre, Birllng; <*. Poole, Chicago; .1,
Cosgrove, Toronto; Q. ll. Aylard, New
Denver; J. Baliour, Calgary; W, u
Eurl, Hamilton.
.1. C. Dufresne, Blue Bell mine; C.
de S. Batchelor, Spokane; ('. lt. Busch-
ner, (i. W. Steao, Philadelphia; W. .1.
II. Holmes, Knslo: Mrs. Holmes, Vic-
toiln; \. li. Dnrii, India; I.. A. Campbell, Rossland; A. 11. Plngland, Three
Miss Carson, Cranbroolt;  P. J. Qra
ham. Kamloops; It. Currie, Wlngham,
S. Johns, Silver King; A. Hughes,
Edmonton; W. A. MoKelvey, Clad
W. A. t'uldor, Edgewood; W, Hon
durant, A, Finn, Slocan Junction; E,
l-'ora, Castlegar; A. Morrison, Arrowhead; .1. Granger, Port lllll; A. 11.
Turner, A. McNeill, .1. Small, F. Kelly,
Moyle; B. Canderalo, li. Serva, s. Can-
darle, J. x. MoMaster, W. Tannant,
Ymir; II. F. McCasIln, E. Buckley,
Salmo; F. Ofile nmi wife, Vanoouver;
W. J, Warner, Vermin; Cl. L, Richard
son, Grand Forks; C. W. Scott, Spokane.
T. Sykos. W. II. Slborae, Lamerton;
T. F. Vowls, J. Brown, Wolseley; W.
Oddy, Vernon; B. Kenewlok, Castle
.1. Chism, Knslo; IJ. Taylor, Glas
E. fi. Morris, Jaffray; J. MoKervle,
Now.Brunswick; J, King, Cranbrook;
ll. Smlih. Manitoba;  ll. Ayres, Smelter Junction: W, Laurie, Oreston.
fi. I'rsivii. Argenta;G. Luff, Westley;
.1. Brokenshlre, .1. Kennedy, W. Mc
Garrol, Bonnington; W, If. Fawkes,
itiissiniiii; it. Graham, Procter; E
Shute, Hiiu- B.ll mine,
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 101,
W, 1*'. Dalgllsh returned from Spokane last night.
A. Fife has purchased ii residence on
Victoria street, above the oity hall, for
W. A. Ohesley Will leave tomorrow
for St. John, X. H., where he will
siselisl the winter.
The Pringle company will appear at
the opera house every evening next
week excipt Wednesday.
The "Jerry From Kerry" oompany
wlsi play a return engagement at Sherman's opera house Saturday evening,
Mrs. A. D, asy has purchased a house
uml two lots on Victoria street, he-
Lween Hall and Hendryx, from A. Fife.
.1. u.  I'ats iiaiule has accepted    the
Koolenay agency from    a    Montreal
company    for gilt store   ami    office
.'.II MKN, ssl ..I.r-.-. for sv.srk 111 Ills- svssisslis. Apply
to W. B. Cooke, wwmlll, Kwln.
UM   STKNIll SUA I'll Kltl.sr INinlllnll III isillllliy.
'"""I I ss- sviih employer's limsiiy.    Ajsjsiy
pm si���. ''isjiHsiimi oils,!-.
isrsllMKN. Mill ll,.Si,:s,iii,ll.ra.||HiKl'���iilrsis'l���r>,
itli-si Roglneer VV..1 Li-t.urK l.iiisilss-r Oo., iis-ssr
Cranbrook, B.O
OOMPKTKNT   NIKK-.   HIKI,.    Flit-   r-lsilslrsii.
Apply boi nm
TWO ]'ll*M-l*I,ASi KOOMS. Bls-nm liinli-il.   An.
lily ls.isiM.-ki-.-ppr. Uni IIbi. K   W, O. block
IIKV I'KOAII l.lli-S (,
tn. Api.lyluTr.ir
inrsiNu anii uhAfrisii wrefullj attended in. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
As advertised on the third page of
today's issue of The Canadian the
provincial government is offering $1000
reward for Information leading to tlie
arrest ami conviction of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agallo Palmblano, Ihe mur.
derer of Louise King of Niagara, B. C.
W, A. Macdonald, K. C, who has
just returned from East Kootonay,
s'ays lhat now lhat the coal miners'
strike is over ami fears of a coal famine allayed, all attention is concentrated on curling, 'i'he Cranbrook curlers have huilt a new ami commodious
link anil are very anxious to secure
the Kootenay boiispiel for lhe coming
These are the finest pouuoes
ou the market.
Price $1.75 per cwt.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josophino Sts.
Post Card Albums
Postage Stamp Albums
Scrap Books
We have just received  a splendid  as
sort men Is of the above lines.
A welcome attraction is promised at
the opera house for next Wednesday
evening. Th'e Edward Pnrlovitz Concert Parly will appear under the auspices of St. Saviour's church choir. Mr.
Parlovltz win be remember'ed as the
pianist who accompanied Watkhi Mills
on his last visit to Nelson. The party
Includes Alys Bateman, the English soprano, who has delighted audiences in
all parts of tho empire.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pei* Pound
In order to clear out this line
wo are reducing tho price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want nny.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Sherman's Opera House
Saturday, Nov. 24th
"Jerry From Kerry"
The runniest show Blnee Time Began.
Watch for the Street Parade,
Prices���511c, ".Ic, $1.00.
Plan opens at Untherforirs Saturday
Monday, Nov. 26th,
(Exception���Wednesday 28th.)
The Pringle Company
in a Select Repertoire, opening Monday
evening   in
" Trapped by a Woman."
Prices "Tie, 60o, children 50c.
Plan ut Rutherford's Saturday.
& Wednesday, Nov. 28
CHURCH 1*110111
Engagement   Extraordinary.     The   Ed-
uard  Parlovltz Concert  Party,
The Eminent English Soprano of Crystal  Palace and  Royal Albert  Hall,
London,   England.
Kiluniil    ParloylU,    Pianist:      Miss
Oiac  Merry  lOntertninor.
Prices, $1.50, tl. 75c, 50c.
Plan nl  Rutherford's Monday  morning for holders or   tickets;   Tuesday
morning for general puhlle.
To  hold  150 Cards 65c
To hold 200 Cards  50c, 75c
To hold 300 Cards 75c, $1.25, $2.25
To hold 400 Cards  $1.75
To hold 500 Cards  $3.75
At 50c, 75c, $1.25 and $3.00
At 40c, 75c, 90c and $1.25
W. G. Thomson
?!So.KR a��"  Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
Mrs. \V. W. Bradley and daughter returned last evening from a three
months' visit to relative- at Thorn-
bury, Ont. .
S. A. Wye*8 new plumbing shop on
Victoria street is nearing completion
and will be ready for occupancy about
December 1.
The sale of work by lln; ladies of
the Roman Catholic church has been
very successful, lt will be concluded
tonight The refreshments served loday end with afternoon tea.
The "dummy" folder for the liuuuo
club has been received from the B, C.
Engraving company uf Victoria. The
cut. are all Quite clear und are neatly
arranged. Secretary Ghadbourne is
now busy canvassing tor subscriptions.
The club has ordered 2000Q copies and
It Is believed that nearly ull of them
will bo disposed of ut once.
Church Officers Elected.
The annual meeting of the officers
und members of the Methodist church
wus held last evening and the election
of olficers to complete the personnel
of the official board wus held. The
following went designated to the stut-
ed duties: Recording steward, A. Sullivan; stewards, J. 11. Wallace, II.
Amas, A. 1). Emory, Geo. Nunn; envelope steward, A. i>. Emory; church
treasurer, C. F. Mcllardy; on board
of Sunday school managers, A. Nagle,
A. Sullivan, A. I). Emory; custodian
of documents. .1.   II.   Wallace.
The financial statement showed &
balance on bund of $12f>.
Afler the elections and routine business the company sat down to refreshment uud u generally social
How   About   Your
Guns tind
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and OogBWell __
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock'-s, Winchester nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
C'lllltS,  Pllllls, I'll*.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 681      Nelwin, B. C.
Holiday Gifts
There iss nothing niun- suttahle for
"Christmas giving" than a nico edition
nf a good lissiik.
Iii plain anil cheap bindings as well as
in neat, tasty anil do luxi- bindings.
The leading Clction of llio past season
in cloth bindings al piioes ranging from
50 cents to Jl.f.o.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Mining Records.
A bill of sale, four locations and one
certificate uf assessment work were
recorded In the Nelson mining office
John   s. Johnson   transferred   tin-
Dentist No. II to Steve Hawkins fin
nominal consideration.
Charles OlmSted anil J. Noble Jones
recorded the Columbian No. '2. on
Sheep creek, .000 reet north ot the
Yellowstone mill, located November
E. Pelers recorded the Copper King,
at the head of the north fork of the
Siiluion river, located  November 5.
Frank Morrison recorded the Onyx.,
on lhe north side of Koolenay river,
nine miles wesl of Nelson, located November It.
Sieve Hawkins, agenl fur (1. H.
l-'lsber. recorded llie Druggist No. 2,
on Six Mile creek, located November
A certificate of work on llio Over
sight was granted to Andrew Burgess
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Four hours Into.
Coast and Sloean train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland truin���On time.
Talking about  It will neither put a
piano Into your h e nor bring buck
tin- days���viiliinble days���your daughter Is wasting, Let us tell you how
easy wo will make It for you NOW to
give your family llie plane Ihey have
Wished for so long.
"Acts INot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby THE VE**v u���
$1.00 Each
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., gSftg.
WIioIumiiiu  I'i*i)\1hIiimm,
Product:, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Oreamen One-Pound Bricks noeived weekb frtsdi
from the churn.   For sale by all leading Krot*ers.
Offloe and wan-house: Houston Illnck,   Phono 711
Josephine Street.
The 1'rettioRt nnd Daintiest Dress Slippers aro to be found nt our store.   Whether
it to iu a Patent Leather or Plain Leather we aro
sure to please you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slis-i-tnii-tiil Work, Castings, Bnllders' Material nnd Mining aud Mill Miu-him-ij.
Olllce and Works Knot of Park St.
Phone   304* MANAOBR* IN'ulMiin, tl. C.
A Word to the Wise
This yi'iir WQ huve apptQOlfttOd thi' WAntl of OOM
tnmiTS and luivtt i'ii-**.**!] Into Htwk tho
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This Htovo i.s ml apt*1., for hn.nl i .wl only, aud ��(nar-
antood to giT8 nttafaotion.
}* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
- B. A.  ISAAC
R. W. HINTON -~��~w>s/\/WsA��
MttfiMii-Liu and Jobbing ���xaeu.od with Dupntch, sunt Mtt-1
V\..rk, MlnInn ,,,,,! Mm MHuhlnary.      M.iii.ili.s.1 i.i_s�� ..I
O��� fc��sar��i,  l..  M.   Contt-nutorn*  Cora.
Corner ssl 11 nss 1 ami
Kiss nl KtriselH.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Imporlvr of   I'luu
l_nill.Mli   (I.hkI*.
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
INulN.iii. B. Oi
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is tin* tiuio
to liny your
Winter Overcoat
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. A. gTLker
MANUFACTURERS   f *_ g?t *       1
AND DEALERS IN   LUtllDZt*  ShlflgleSf
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracket*.          Mnil Orders promptly *��***.
  % ggNON gTRBBT - . . INBUaON, B. C.  -
ttgojenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range'
cn���V.C_^ *e cannot Procure a better, taking Into ��*>
��unt  dMlan, workmanship, cooking qualities andprl��
w�� v��H be pleased to show you its good points-
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
whoi...,. NELSON. ��������*���"


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