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The Daily Canadian Oct 7, 1907

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Array Qttje  gfcaUtj
OLUME  2.     NO.   106
Fifty Cents a Month
Liberal economy
[oitasi wild Protests
in Opposition
Ittiwa Politicians Shouldering Each
Other for Positions���Emmerson
as Private Member.
Oct.l    11..   now Hint-tar ur
: !,,i   awallinc Ma ntn-n-
I .:- foi  tba  propoaad addltloq
, Ki.i.uii  iir.il     The   loweat   oir.*r  Ih
i |  ch  Is ,r.ii    mora   thall   the
i ita       It    v.ns    th.Mil-lii
I .  -.   ..I   1100,000   lam  Ki.Bni.iii
l ions way toward tha ml.ii
[, iired    But now it appaara tai
���. third ..f tin' l.iwi'Ht oontract
not   more  perhaps   tlian
L -:..    prospective   cost   or   n.-w
I Kith furniture and  landscape
(iirri.nnrlin-s ta match.    It looks azpen-
.   look  alini we are to get:
An Imposing  structure   or    clasnlcal
-,- e liall anil pi-'iiii.-iiaii.
���- - i
A handsome porta cocher.
dome over the hluh
iTuiiit. trail  with  a   m__���Ifloent   Uf*.
em o[ electric   lighting.
. rbli   ..inir*.riy.
In.   i-.i.iiiis  anil other
i tlr.-  I-nil   room.
: ga in keaptttg with the chnr-
Irt.-r nf Ida- palace.
'am-.Is   and  other    Hiir-
t :   keeping with the rest.
It is all va ry gorgeous and or coursa
t*r>* democratic Itidcuu Hall iiialiiteii-
no* *v!M cost Iwo or three times as
had) u h- rtoforo. To live In such an
Btablishmeal tha goyenii-r*t___|l will
-..(...illy na-..,i b larger income, nnd the
tea itagi  In Sir Wilfrid's triumphant
��� ���   ��� irlll in.it.ral.ly be. an inci-i'.*.M
la tiia> Vice-Regal allowance from I".".-
(����. i.i 1100,000
Oi.ly twelve short years aco Tory ex-
|'        io ���-....: denounoed ha-caus.. fraim
I '" |20, i ya-ar was expended
|n repairs, Improvements  and  funilhli
.. lur Rldeau   Hall.     Last  year  the
ou 171,717, nml  we can dimly see
'* il llii  coat Is to l... In future.    Th.'
. hi. u, r.- sore troubled about
I'lit <���.,.( ,,f \Ajri\ l.ansdowne's curtains.
lal'l.- napkins, .i...Ui-ryware and  other
little  dreamed   thai   the-
n ni. . ti... .fully to tha> annual
p-ortaicent i.f two or three times the
iP-aarvaUve appropriation,  uml    th''"
*���'-"- In capital outlay of mi., third  to
a ball million *,���- entrance hails ami
**"n"*s iunl   porta  cochers   anil   marble
*   ���    'I..   ini.-iiHt alone or which
*"..!    ih.-    i.iiiii    maintenance
| In Former .lays.    *
<*ooa:*erab!a scramble nt
| >"    rr.r.a   In  search   ���f  offloe.   Mr
-.Marl ..I Toronto, who undertook to
Mi   Poster in North Toronto, Is
,n I.-- iiiiula.  poattnaater  nf  To-
������onto.   .\ Senatorshlp win smisry Mr.
-erbyahlre,  who  gave   up  to  Mr.
I'l'.illrilli   the   leal    r,���*   llrockvill...      Mr.
"'��� aenlor member I'm* Ottawa,
|uodemands a Benatorshlp. Mr. (ieorRe
I aobertson,
former  Conaorvatlvei   wh..
""���nged parties Wiih Mr. Pugsley wha.n
t-adaral Government  bhanged. ami
*"�� I" now iu ii���, Legislature of Mew
"���""awlck, in negotiating with bis (HI.
"' '..iii.!!  for  a   position an  assist-
*'"' ���<"'*' iv.-r--,.,���.,-.,!  ���,  Bt .,���,���,.
"r. Binmerson, who iliil not  occupy
"s s,!" l�� Hu- Houae .lurliiR tb.. (our
*"'*��������� after he retired m,,,, ���������*,.,., lu���i
.rare n,,. prorogation haa announeed
8 ii" win i���, |��� h|H p](l0a wnon n,r
l"*x'   meeta,    n   win   than   be
I i"**1 i" him in   say whether be   hat
j""*"  'Indicated.*'   ir be has not it win
Woalled Hun  |��� i,Ir  lM,  S|���.���,.|,  |���
..,'. "*"""*"    I"'    sllita-rl     lb,,,      he    WOllld
iviif-ii""'""1"" !" '"""�� l"1'1 ,hllt B,r
. - Laurler commended him for
Br> g *�� ''ni" In pursuing his trmluc-
pl(*    '''   Emmerson win perhaps ex-
,!,,���'      '"���*���     Or   ir   he   considers
"'  has   been   viiiillciit,.,!   he   will
Jl,���.|       ..aaaTU     .111
525 "Ink""und'
Mr. i
rstood  how   Mr
to   be   tho   Minister
II Sir Richard Cartwright, Mr.
III Mr. Patowon are to be re
11 >(��ingor men culled to their
placaa. There Ih a strong demand for
promotion from some uf the act-ire .nni
ambitious uu-mherH who have led off
in (b'fcndinn government deals and political Iteala In the last   few years.     Hut
their pTOspecta an-   nut   eaoourafloff.
Old men may be act aside but Ihe aspiring members need no! hop'- for their
places. Sir Wilfrid has filled three va*
-���anc-ies in Ihe Cabinet within a f< w
months and has gone outside of I-arlia-
ment every time. If his" supporters in
lhe House were not i_'><m] enough for
ih��- other position* What chances Ib
there that the Premier will make new
vacancies on their account'.' He has
already shown (hat In* does not want
them There are yet outside a few
opportunilti available.
Royal   Jewels   for   Sale.
I.Missels, Oct. 7.���An auctioneer has
been   commissioned   to   sell   the   linen.
Jewels, souvenirs, etc, belonglhg to the
late ipiccn of Belgium, the proceeds to
be   devoted   In   payment   of  the   dt-bls   o!
her daughter, I'rinc^ss Louise, who was
divorced last year by Prince Phillip of
Sa\'--<SobOttTS ami Qotha. Anion-* the
things ih us to be sold, is a diamond pre*
��� ated to the queen by the peopb- of
Belgium on the occasion of her sliver
wedding anniversary. Tho diamond
cost  180,000.
Recommendations of School Trustees to
Provincial Government���Other
I.r. K. C. Arthur returned Saturday
nl��ht from the coast where he presided
at the convention of provincial school
trustees held in New Westminster on
Monday und Tuesday of last week.
The attendance ;u the convention was
ahoin 40, but as many of those present
bad proxies for others, there were about
160 represented The interior was not
well represented, as only Nelson. Revelstoke nnd Kamloops sent delegates. Dr.
Arthur held a proxy for (irand Forks.
The most impoptHut **hanK*- recommended was that the government supply Tree text bwks In public schools,
which was finally carried unanimously.
The syatem is In voru** in Toronto,
which has lhe same school population
as Hritish Columbia. The cost to Toronto In l.tl)t; of books ami supplies was
_!"> oenta per pupil,    with the cost of
frfeght, of extra clerical StafE in the education Offloe and of distribution, it will
lie at least double that Bgure, but even
that will be a great reduction from tlie
present  gross expenditure.
The conventU-tn npproved the principle of centranzation of schools when
practicable, of assistance to rural
school libraries, of regular medical inspection, and of increased government
grants to the smaller municipalities.
A resolution favoring common teachers' eertifieales for Canada was lost.
An   interesting  discussion  took   place
on the financial relations of school
boards and municipal councils. Some or
(he latter, especially of the smaller
rural municipalities still attempt to
check Hchool hoards' expenditures, nnd
enforce delay in the payment ot salaries
and accounts. The only remedy suggested waa that the government Should
honor school boards' drafts at any time
Within (he limits of their annual grants.
Revelstoke   was   chosen   as   tbe   next
place of meetinga the time to be deter
mined by the executive Peter Peoples,
of New Westminster, was elected president, and .1. .1. L>ougan, secretary.
End of Assault Case.
k. \v. Bullock came up this morning
before .Judge Korin for assaulting W.
Wallace. W. A. Macdonald. K. C. appeared for the crown, .1. O'Shea for Iho
defence. Kvblenee was given by complainant nnd accused and by Dr. Hose.
The prisoner was found guilty and sentenced to 10 days Imprisonment, which
have already expired.
���yj"'   ���'������"n>i,vson a private member
.���., ft* "''ll'<''l  to  a  revival  of  the
Mchodlst Preacher's x'lew.
Toronto, Ocl. 7.���Tbe so called peace
conference at lhe Hague is the gr< alest
Satire in the history of the world," said
tlev. Dr. Sutherland- secretary of missions of the Methodist church, addressing the anniversary meeting iu connection with the board of missions al the
Metropolitan church last night. Proceeding he said that ll had proved that
diplomacy and forcecOUld not keep Ihe
world right. It. was only by Christian
faith that they could aeomplish thai
which diplomacy has failed to do, and
therefore they wwo grateful that in the
foreign ralsipn held, peculiarly tn China
and Japan, the groat work of evangelization was advancing.
New Record For Wireless
Stations Happened To Be In Tune���
News of the Dominion From
Ocean to Ocea^.
Sydney, Oct. 7.���This morning while
marine experts were testing new cones
at the top of the towers of the station
at Morien the operators below pinked
up the wireless station at Manila. South
Pacific, The message received was tbat
Ihe American cruiser Philadelphia has
arrived there safely. The Marconi
people account for the communication
with Manila hy the theory that the cone
at Manilla musl have been In perfect
tune with that at Morion. The best
previous record was 4000 miles, between
Savannah and a warship in the South
Winnipeg, Oct. 7.���Hon. Kdward
Wood, son of I_ord Halifax has arrived
in the city from Vancouver. Mr. Wood
came back to the city In a most ho-.e-
ful frame of mind after his -trip from
the west. He found the western
count ry most progressive, and stat ed
that the travc 1 of English people
through Canada was undoubtedly
greatly Increased from year to year
Mr. Wood will spend a few days in
shooting at the lodge of Senator Kirch-
noffer at Poplar Point, after which he
wil Heave for Ottawa, where he will
spend ten days as a guest of Earl Grey
Montreal, Oct. 7.���It Is nnnounced
that the federation of Canada will petition the Dominion shortly to make
Montreal a free i>ort.
Ottawa, Oct. 7.���At South Osgoode on
Friday the body of a young married
English woman was exhumed to settle
ugly rumors lhat were being circulated around the district. Mrs. Thomas
Burns died without medical attendance
and was buried within twenty-four
hours. Her husband who is not long
in Canada went to the woods immed-j
lately, Ete Is a taciturn individual a&fl
did not tell his deceased wife's friend*
anything about her death. The laying
out of Iho body is said to have revealed
marks alleged to be from violence. An
inquest Is to be held after tbe stomach
has been analyzed.
Montreal, Oct. 7.���Three men, whose
identity has not yet been established.
were drowned yesterday at St. There.-a,
a village ou tho Chamhly canal. They
were driving along the canal bank in n
buggy when the horses took fright nnd
jumped into the canal. There was no
assistance at hand and the entire party
were drowned. The men are supposed
to have come from Montreal.
Winnipeg, Oct. 7���W. A. Hunt, accountant, nnd iwo assistants in the C.
N. It. offices here were arrested loday
charged with attempting to secure
money by fraud.
Wtnnlpog, Oct. 7.���Wheat is again on
tho Jump. At noon prices had gone to
$ 1.12��-__ mark, May J.lHU, an advance
of two cents over Saturday.
Froblsher, Sask., Oct. 7.���For two
days a prairie lire has raged south of
this town, tho sky for miles Is illuminated by a lurid glare. Reports are coming In of tremendous efforts to keep
back tho flre from homesteads. In some
places (he llames have reached as far
as the garden rails. Stables, wheat
hams and other out bouses have been
destroyed, but there has been no report
of Iobs of life.
Ottawa, Oct. 7.���Revenue receipts for
September amounted   to   $1.400,lilt     as
compared with $1838.874 in iho corraa-
ponding month a year ago. Uev-.-nuo returns for spirits was $604,961, malts
$120,_!r>2, tobacco 510,045, and cigars $11,-
Ottawa, Oct. 7.���Tho movement to
create independent labor unions for
Canada received an Impetus last night
when what is called a "National Trades
and Labor Council" was formed. This
Is to be entirely Canadian. Carpenters, painters and decorators, plasterers, and typographers who have Canadian unions here form the nucleus
of tbe new council. In an interview
this morning .1. W. Woods, president
of the board of trade and a director
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company and other large financial concerns
advocated such a course of Canadian
federations for Canadian labor.
Regina, Oct. 7.���Tlie supreme court of
Saskatchewan met here today for the
first time. Tuesday the court will meet
"en banc" when a number of important
appeal cases are to be dealt with.
Calgary. Oct. 7.���All laundries In Calgary will have to pay a water tax of
$100, but the Chinamen will use pumps.
High River, Alta, Oct. 7���J. R. Anderson, manager of the t'nion Hank of
Canada, was presented with a purse of
$200 on his departure to Lethbridge.
Montreal, Oct. 7.���The first game of
the newly formed iuter-provlncial rugby
football league was played hen* on Saturday. Montreal defeating the Argonauts of Toronto hy a score of 17 to S.
New  York   Report   Says  Artificial   Improvements for  Hearing Ordered
for Them.
New York, Oct. 7.���Three sets of artificial hearing Instruments were shipped to Buckingham Palace, I^ondon, Saturday, says the Times today, for the u-e
of King Kdward and Queen Alexan.l.a.
The latter has long suffered from deafness. But the fact that King Edward
ls hard of hearing, it ls stated, will be a
great surprise to the  public generally.
The Instruments have been made so
as to enable the king and queen to talk
together without the use of trumpet or
horn. The transmitter or sound concentrator will be attached to the clothing
i.f the royal couple. The sounds are
focussed by means of au ordinary rending glass. At this i>oiu of focus Is
placed a suiiersensitlve mlerophone
which takes up the focussed or magnin-
de sounds and conveys them to the ear
by means of a small silk covered tin u-l
cord, through which an electric curra-nt
Is conveyeal by a small battery to an
ear piece which is held to the ear. The
batteries are carried In the pocket. The
earpiece is somewhat smaller than Ihe
ordinary telephone ear piece, but higbly
sensitized and can be hidden in the
hand. The only visible part of the instrument Is a portion of the silk cord
which connects the concentrator with
the ear piece.
Claim Against Cockburn.
Toronto, Oct. 7.���Particulars of the
claim of the Ontario Bank against C. R
It. Cockburn, former president, which
forms the basis of the action for recovery of $44,349.60, has been filed at
Osgoode Hall. The claim states that
Cockburn In March, 1906, purported to
transfer 278 share of Ontario Bunk
stock held by him to officers of the
guarantee fund of the bank, or that the
same was done by Charles McCtll, general manager, as his agent, who caused
to bo placed to Cockburn's credit at the
ltlohmnnd Street branch of the bank the
sum of $87,699.60, aa payment for said
shares. Further, that about Jaunary U9,
1900. a similar transaction was effected
with regard to fifty shares for $6,750.
The bank sues for payment of such
moneys nnd for a declaration that
Cockburn Is still holder of Baid .hares.
It regards the alleged purchase as Illegal and void becnuse tlie officers of
the guarantee fund were wholly under
the control or the board of directors,
and lt was their property.
Forger is Caught.
Orangeville, Oct. 7.���Win. Hnnlan,
son of a farmer, has boon arrester and
positively Identified as the man who
swindled tho Bank of Commerce and
Sterling Bank branches here by means
of forged checks, ln the name of Patrick
(larrity, a wealthy farmer of Caledim
township, last Thursday. One hundred
and eighty dollars of the amount is nl
leged to have boon recovered.
Prices of Metals.
New York. Oct. 7.���Sliver, 6BV4c; copper, 14c;   lead, $4.76.
London, Oct. 7.���Silver, 30%d.; lead,
��19, 10b.
Date of Thaw's Trial.
New York. Ocl. 7.���Harry K. Thaw's
second trial for lbo murder of Stanford
White will begin December 2.
David Booth Succumbs
to injuries
Accidental Explosion of   Cartridg*
Responsible for Death of
Old Timer.
David Booth, one of tbe most populai
of Nelson's old-timers, is dead as Uie result of a hunting accident that occurred near Six-Mile Point yesterday aiter-
nooo about lour o'clock.
He and Joe Thompson went out yesterday morning lor a day's shoot ink
near C. \V. Wests ranch. The day was
uneveuttul until about tour in the at-
ternoon. Dave and Joe were together,
the former lo the left and a little In
front, when a covey of grouse rose
.-slickly ahead. Joe's gun was unloaded,
tie quickly put tn several shells aud
.at- locking the barrel Into position
a^aiu when it accidentally exploded.
Meanwhile, unthinking, and wholly unnoticed by his companion, poor Dave
Booth had stepped very slightly to the
right bringing him in front. He received the whole discharge in the upper
part of the right arm.
As soon as possible be was carried to
the shore, brought to the city in a small
boat, and taken to the Kootenay Lake
General Hospital where he was attended by Doctois Hawkey, Wil'son and Hai
tin. His wound was a terrible one;
the bone was completely shattered und
the muscles torn away. The main ar
tery, part of the skin and a few of the
smaller tendons were all that held the
arm to the shoulder. It was 5 o'clock
when he reached the hospital and It
was seven when the three surgeons had
finished their difficult task. It was still
problematical whether in any event the
arm could be saved, and the life depended upon the strength to withstand the
shock. Hut the sufferer, never of a rugged constitution was lately enfeebled by
indigestion, and his heart was weak.
The shock to the nervous system, and
tht- loss of blood, were more than he
cc.-uld stand. He sank gradually and
breathed his last shortly after ten.
As the word reached his friends
throtmhout the city expressions of regret were general and sincere.
The deceased came to Ne'son in tin
winter of 1894-5 and except for a btlel
absence, has been a resident of the CltJ
ever since, and was known to nearly
every one.
His brother, Thomas Hooth, who is a
Conner NolBOntte, now proprietor of an
hotel at Marble May, Texada Island, was
at once communicated with, as were
also his mother and slstt'rs, who residr
iu Senttle.
Dave Hooth was a native of Ontario
and about -14 years of age. He owned
many mineral claims and has lately ac*
ipilred very considerable interests In
timber lands in Kootenay.
Up to the hour of going to press no
reply had been received to the tele-
grams sent. Funeral arrangements will
be announced later.
The greatest sympathy is felt for .loo
Thompson who Is known as one of the
kindliest dls positioned and most careful and considerate sportsmen in Kootenay. He Is overcome with grief although the accident Is in no way due to
any remissness on his part.
Miss L. Gilchrist returned this murn
Ing trom a visit to Spokane.
Chas. Sewell and wife are expected
to return this evening from their eastern visit.
J. F. Langan and a party of Chicago
men who are interested in Hritish
Columbia fruit lands left for Or; ml
Forks this morning.
R. S. Lennie and Mrs. Lennie return
ed Saturday night from the coast Where
they were summoned a fortnight ago by
the last illness of Mr. Lennie's mother.
Fred. Robinson, the well known lumberman of Feinle ami Summit Lake, rv
celved word Saturday night that ho 1 ������
now a grandfather, his daughter, Mrc.
George Glhliy, of Winnipeg, hnvin :
given birth to twin boys on Tm'si'.u*-
October 1st. The mother and both
children were reported well.
Moroccan   Government   Now   Professes
Fear of Mulai  Hafid.
Paris, Oct. 7.���The Echo de Paris'
Tangier correspondent says that tbe
Morocao foreign board Is greatly agitated over the recent successes of the pre
tender, Mulai Hafld, and applied to M.
Kegnault, tbe French minister, for the
loan of a French warship to transport
troops to right him. M. Kegnault refused
tb.' request, pointing out that the pretender was in the Spanish zone, near
Mi'liila, an.l that the application properly should be addressed to Spain.
The Petit Kepublique's Tangier correspondent says that the hostile tribesmen have adopted new tactics aud are
holding up all cattle and farm stuffs
coming from the Interior.
Spanish Socialists Busy.
Madrid. Oct. 7.���A meeting or 3,000
Socialists held here Sunday to protest
against the action of France and Spain
in .Morocco passed off quietly. A resolution was passed calling on the Spanish government to call its troops and to
respect Moroccan independence, and
protesting against the expulsion of
French Socialists from Spain and ot
Spanish  Socialists fiom  France.
Says British Columbian Orchards Are in
Good Condition���No Pests Are
Winnipeg, Oct. 7.���Dr. Fletcher, the
Dominion entomologist, was in the city
Saturday. The last visit of Dr. Fletcher
to tbe west was during the summer
when he went to HritiBh Columbia on
the request of the minister to investigate certain complaints from fruit
growers of that province to tho effect
that their orchards were being injured
owing to the fact that the orchards
of the Indians were badly infected by-
insects and that the Indians of the
province were not using the propei
methods to prevent the increase oi
the evil.
Being asked in reference to these
complaints Dr. Fletcher stated that he
had found tlie orchards of the Indians
in Hritish Columbia in very fair condition, and that they were not bo much
worse than the orchards of the white
residents of the country. Many of the
Indians were away from home during
a portion of the summer, and were not
able ln consequence to give the required attention to the fruit trees. Dr.
Fletcher had taken steps to remedy
the difficulty of which c-jmplaint had
been made, and representatives of the
department were now engaged in com-
pU-tiug the work. A number of meetings of fruit growers had been held
and discussed the best methods of lighting the various Insects from which
he orchards of the countr yhnd suffered.
There had been complalntB in reference to the San Jose scale, but Dr.
Fletcher had not found any traces of
it. The announcement had been made
recently that this plague had appeared
at one or two points in the province
but thefreport had not been confirmed.
ami in any case little was to be feared
since it was now known how to comba'
the   evil.
Many complaluts had ln-en made in
reference to the coddlin;; moth and
the entomologist had given full inHr
mat ion In reference to tb" means for
combating it. On the estate of Sir
Arthur Stepney the hop fiea beetle had
been much in evidence, and a moans
tor the gathering pf these beetles had
been suggested. The means suggest-
��� ���d had been used with a great reauH-
ing gain In the number of hops gathered. The method will be more largely
used next year, aud the beetle will be
kept   under close  control.
Many agriculturalists of the province
were disposed to believe that the harmful Insects from which thoy suffered
could not be controlled. This Dr.
Fletcher declared au error. There
were no insects which could not be
overcome when their life history was
known. Deputy Minister Anderson of
the department of Agriculture of Hrltlsh Columbia bad accompanied Dr.
Fletcher through the province, and had
shown the deep"st Interest.In the work,
and full acquaintance witb it.
.^ft-fi^r^Mail Service Officials.
it. S. Armstrong, superintendent of
railway mail service for the Dominion
J. O. Macleod. superintendent at Van
couver, and J. R. Greenilehl, post office
inspector of tho mainland of British
Columbia, arrived from the const last
night. They left this morning for Kaslo
and Lardeau, but will return to the city
Obligatory Arbitration Is
Agreement to Submit to Awards cf
International Court Given
Sanction of Treaty.
The Hague, Oct. 7.���The arbitration
committee of the peace conference M.
Bourgeois presiding, today continued
lhe discussion of the Anglo-American
project providing for obligatory arbitration. After a long debate, the article
establishing two lists, one containing
the cases to be submitted to obligatory
arbitration, and the other containing
the names of the powers which adhere
to the article, was adopted by a vote or
31 to 8.
The article providing that sentences
of the arbitration court shall have only
an advisory effect when they concern
questions coming under the jurisdiction
of the national courts, was supported,
while the article establishing that the
sentences of the arbitration courts shall
become part of the convention so far aa
the signatory powers are concerned, was
President Nelidoff has approved the
draft of the final act of the conference,
which was submitted to him today by
the special committee having this matter in charge, ln which President Roosevelt's name is to be the first mentioned,
as promoter of the conference. At the
last plenary meeting of the conference
M. Nelidoff will propone sending a dispatch to the president ot the United
States expressing its appreciation of his
efforts in behalf of peace.
Editor Dally Canadian:
Many citizens, including myself, have
kept quiet during the recent disputes
and disturbances in connection with the
city police force. We had hoped that
the trouble would be only temporary
and that ln a very short while the services of the former police force of
which everybody ln Nelson was justly
proud, would be restored to the city.
I, personally, have no desire to say
one word against the new men, ln tact
they are unknown to-me. But I ask the
favor of a little space ln your paper to
plead for a reconsideration of the case.
Chief Arthur Pltchford has been a
member of the city police force for
seven years. During that time there
has never been a suggestion of a complaint as to his conduct or capacity for
his duties, and he has been repeatedly
praised by his late chief and by the
presiding magistrate. He has enjoyed
the confidence of his superiors, of successive city councils, police officials of
other cities and towns with whom he
has co-operated, and of the general public of Nelson in an unusual degree.
Sergeant Wightman has also borne an
unblemished recorc for conduct and efficiency for four years. During his service as patrolman he made several sensational arrests of merit equal to some
on which national reputations have been
founded. His daring arrest of a burglar
in the Delmonico restaurant in the third
month of his service was warmly praised by every one. His quick and re-;
tt-ntive memory was the chief factor
in the identification and arrest of Sam
Green, the Oklahoma outlaw. Within
the last two months he has also performed two very clever captures, one of
Murray, the highwayman who had escaped to Spokane and whom he had
seen only once, and later still the capture within an hour of the three confl-
��� li.iu-.i men who were convicted last
Thursday, whom he hnd never seen at
all, and of whom hu had only a meagre
confused description.
Now, sir, I am aware thut these men.
have not been dismissed, that they have
both resigned, but we are all aware that
their uction wus dictated by loyalty to
their subordinates whom they ln common with many others considered unjustly, or at least unduly punished.
I submit that these men are too valuable to lose, and I plead for a reopening of the a-a.si'. The acceptance of
their resignations has the same effect
as dismissal as far as the city ls concerned.
I do not wish to criticize any public
official.     1   trust  that  all  are actuated
solely by znal for the clty'B welfare, as
I trust I may bo believed to be.
Yours truly,
t j
p  ������
: >
������ t
i    ; [���
1             B
��� a
* ' ii *
:i r
i j. .'
i i-j i
'r  I
,' 'il
i  ��� ���
���-   -Rl
The Daily Canadian
Gents'   Fnfm_.s__t_.ngs I
Boots and Shoes
the   Laurier  goverzunent,  lias  thus
���ii obscured by the deliberate attempt
...  th.-    Liberal   organs to mislead ilia*
Moreover, the whole question ot
Asiatic Immigration, one of the must
Important confronting Hritish Columbia
now. on which the people of this province should unite if possible, Ims been
clouded, and unnecessarily embittered,
by tin- political complications created
by the silly fiction of n  Liberal paper.
Is be-jinning to arrive.
In about auort-er wee"* we will be able to offer full lines
tbe best value ever of-
U* atxlS,
tin  citv
iho ii'se you
in these
fere, in
SjrO _._������_���   _..--_-._ V    \Jft,
to await their   arrival
In the nieantinie it will i
before uiakiug your purchase
l iy you
B. C.
��: txTrz^2.rusit--^2rk
Cspil<>l Authorized
laafc ot
Head Ofilttei   Toronto
, ... $10,000,000
\i laon l..
lirstriat.   l.lBlru-l .-l ��Va**l K....K-u.iy
a- Hiki K. rr.   i-. Sialyl la. ������!   ' rorU-T, H
rm-n. i-.l n.l-   lo -l-i'ly
ice  over II...
l>. R. WII.KIK. Pnaidfl
. . .      4.830.000
i:   .-:. BOl BJBTJJAFFRAT, Vloe-President
Capital   Paid   Up   ..
       4 830.000
AKKOWilE ������:>
Branches ta British CotemHa:
l*0_D_n*.       NKI^OS,      KEV.Si..-Ti.)KK.       CRANP.KOOK,
VAN''Oil * Sit,    VTOTOWA.
Interest  allowed on  deposits   fr.m ilute of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
,���.,*v..-n -J,    PVl-    l_.AV,   Ainnm-.-'r.
-V..*.l   .��<!   >^
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate1  A    D.  ISfiP.
.$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund..
Unexcelled  facilities for the  transaction
of all  kinds of 3ankmg  Business.
Savings Bank Dt;a.-tncnt. and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelr-on B-a-ich, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Put-lU-l.!..- 1.x -ia.*" a wees hj tbfc
linker _���*. .   St-.nun. ti. 0
mon Oi delivered
ut by mall. -**' en
^MKirtpHon rotm . ������*��� " ata
ID tbr City, or t-'i.-O _. ftor tt B
pair, in a*ivanc.
AAftrtittOM rtAm* on apfuu-ation
All monle* jm.il in oatUttmeni ol The i'nll,-
Canadian aeconnta, etther loi subscriptions oi
aJ-rertuin,;. tonal be rece-lpted t >r on tht j-nt.-a-l
foatw oi tne I ..uii't-io*    other receipts are not
THI nl.
Monday. October 7.  1907.
it is dow aevera] weeka Bint ��� tho Vanoonver World unn iiiniud thai  it had un-
c-xcLptlunahle authority for tin Bl I emei i
that Lieut Gov. Dtutamulr, tn dis
in,*   Mr.   Bowaer'a   bill   uf   la.-i   to     lol
had   acted   solely     on     lhe     advice  o!
Pramior McBride      The   ���tory, aa we
audi at the time, vrafl obviously absurd���
obviously.that is. to any Intelligent man
it  was  not   Ions    Indeed    before  Un
World bad to retraci   to a   ��������� ������������������������ ��� I
that either Ita authority waa leaa unex-
Oeptlonahle   than   it   iiad   stipposed.   ui
else  that  it   had   misunderstood*
Not all of the Liberal pap. is thai had
reprinted  the litsi    story    were
enough  to reprint   the  v. orld
jl-Iouh withdrawal '<l It    Several that ac
cepted the story as true and con. ,
on it editorially, stated aa s  fact tha.
the premier had  advised the  diss low
ai.ee, and have since neglected to with
draw that misstatement
;.ut another offence, Just ai cowardl:
and si i andi rom baa tn ���
eren hy those that did i ubll b the re
traction. Such an extraordinary
meat was. of cour:;e, not oonflned to
Hritish Columbia, in ESa torn Canada
and in the United Btatea tha atory attracted oonalderabl* attention and waj
the subject nf comment In man) papers
Now the  Britiah  Columbia Liberal 01
i;..".- are reprinting such ���".pi.ini-'.it   . I  I
ct alios the fact that they were mad
under  a   misapprehension   fnr  which a
Hritish Columbia Liberal paper waa en
tlu-iy  responsible.    It  is e��piivulept to
swearing  falsely  and  quoting  u  repel:
tion of the perjury as corroborative evl
di nee.
ii la r< gr< ttab?e in the Inten I ���
Qanadlan Journalism on g< neral grounu,
nnd it is Mpedally regrettable in tht
public   interest   ut   present   bMMian   it
has obscured two other questions. We
cannot accept as sincere the raisin.; i>\
Joseph Martin of the Issue aa to whether
Ur, McBrid        reap m for thia par-
ticnlar act  of  the   lieutenant-governor,
an issue feverishly adopted by the prt
vir.ciai Llberala convention aa * plank
In Ita platform,
it is unfortunate that Mr. Martin's
contention is not sound, it would greatly simplify matters it' It wore, it would
result either In the will of British
Columbia, as expressed by it.- legislature, becoming law, or the responsibility for thi baffling ol thai will re .-
i:i_. and \x Ing _mo urn ;<��� :���. sr, a be_*e tl
prop* iiy h- longs.
it th-  dli allowani e [>i such mea   i
ts requirt d bj  tmjj Ion    an .
Imperial policy, that might be sufftclen
defence foi thi   Dominion governm ���
asking the Dominion parliament to disallow it    Such wa I I he practii e un U -
the Last Conve> '��� ��� ��� nment   an I
such is stiii ihe theory ol our con
tlon.    But 811  Wilfrid Laijrii r   01
one of hia advlw rs. has tonnd an ��� ���    ���
l<   ��� oon ph >i" .-. wa> ol thv at Mot   ;-"
will  of s  province,  ai    i .-, ishing   tbe
same result while Incurrlni .. me of tiie
sdium attai hlng to the act.
In  'inn',   thi   Ueuti -.. rnor ol
a   province  repreaenla  the  crown,  .;;i*i
hiy act., at ��� those   it bl*  n ipou Eble ad
ts a mattei ot practice tor the
��� ten years in < anada, tie baa been a
< i vant ui the Dominion ^>:< i ami i    ot
lay,  taking,     not     advice  from  his
��� *    In the provincial capita!, but
���       -..*���. ,i. ..oni hla -"���'��� tern at Otta wa
���iir Henry Joly and Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir
havi Lm en repi ati dlj ip iti neb I to with
hold  thi ;   ,i sen      ft >m    anti-Oriental
b I la    On thla la I ������< ��� aaton, appareotl)1
Mr. Donamuir   uoh ins lustructiona for
granted.   That hia anticipation was per
lectly  cornet  ta   evident   irom   Beoator
itt'a Inquiry to Mr. Dunsmuir: 'Can
i re!j   -a that assurance?"   it wonld bt
absurd to suppose  that  Senator Scott
waa asking tor the gratification ol  in
own   personal  curiosity,    iw   was   undoubtedly acting offldall) aa aeoretary
of statu In  the Dominion government.
1 nd  ���     oartai   that bad Mr, Dunamuli
not  reaerved aaaent of his own accord
Inatruotlona to do so would bava bean
..Hid immediately.    -Che reaponaibllity
;;f thi  ';    ilntoa govi rnm. ni for thia act
Ot    it*-'    H MM 1     fa    ,iH    it     i'l I I    Bl     '   j
..   .f -a [nitmctlona wore in exist-
An important oonstltutiona] tpi-Htltin,
created, be it remenibered by the acta
Peculiar   Letter    to    English    Board   of
Guardians from Kootenay.
London,  Oct.  7.���Girls are scarce  in
British Columbia, so scare Indeed that a
i colonist  in Qerrard has sent  borne to
! tsngland a plaintive letter begging that
I a   wife  be found  for him.    The  eagn r
benedict    addressed   his    letter to the
] Guildford   Hoard   of Guardians,   and   It
just  been  road io thai  body.    The
:,      :��� ts oa follows:    "l guess you will
; h_-   kinder  surprised at   me  writing  to
j  you, but I want  you to help me, if you
|   ��� in, and 1 think you can.    Well, I con
] right  t" the point    l am In v. ant of a
i  wife-���women are  scare mil   ..������.��������� and  1
j know there are plenty in the   old coun-
I try, nnd i guess some ol you gentlemen
j knows of some nice girl who would liki
j a husband.    1 anj in a position to live
- comfortable,  but  1   ain't   -��   millionaire
i am a tradesman and l have a good job
and earning    Ave    dollar a day, or In
. sta mom ��� aboul ;��� pound;   and if 1
get a good helpmate i am going to start
a business of my own.
���I am an Englishman. 1 came ont to
thls country about live years ago. M)
home was ln Midland county. I am thi
son of a respectable tradesman. I am
26 years of age and big and strong;
stand 6 feet in my socks, weigh IS
stone, am of dark complexion, and ain't
bad looking. Sounds like ���-. Uing a
horse don't it? Well, I kinder guess I
utting m) Bell up for sale all right
Well, if you know of a nice girl who
Btanda anything over 5 ft. 6 In. up to ���'-
ft, and who ain't bad looking, and who
has got nice ways and dispositions���I
don't want an angel���but a senalbli
ghoul 20 tn - '���> years old. Don't
whether abe be dark or fair. I know I
am asking a lot for you gentlemen ���
but perhaps yo'i know some girl who
wants to change hot ns_cne, and if you
let ne know i will pay the expenses, i
am sending an envelope for a reply with
a Canadian stamp, hut I guesa that ain't
much *-:ood in England. If you could
carry at this little order for me I would
be very much obliged.
'it is a nice climate here���just like
Bngland. No cold winters here, beautiful scenery, and is noi far from tho
Kootenay Valley; town of Nelson is not
far off if you put this In the paper you
need not pui my name. I guess ill close
now. hoping to get a reply from you. or
some nice girl."
not 11-
c, o-tBUMtli
���LlpecilM   UinlnT li.eiifc   ever   lilt'   fcitlowios <-C
MiiUii landa:
.n.i i, Cummenctuc ata post plauteil uear Un'
northeaat cornerpoatot Lot *���- ' -;- ��� " he-uoa
Creek and tnatked tt. s r. Hioyth - .' ������ it '"���'������-
uerpoat No l, i.i.-iice40 ohaina u����rtli more or
lean to aooat midway ol the m mh t��ouu larj liua
ei timber Iluenoe No. .'-"i-i. then< so I '- �����-������'.
tiu-u.'.' to ehalm -outh, tb uce i Lb aim eaat,
tbenoa 40 rhainH south, thence S b i Eui ������">'.
more or ii'--s t��i iii*.* southt-n-t corner i>i alon Mid
Lot No 8548, thanoa to ohaluo north, thenoe M)
i baini wl*..i to tne pout ol * ommencement
jiati'd _��th July, lao". k s. e -jmytb,
idle ii ry Belchert, &a< at.
Nelaon huu.l DUtrlct   Diatrict ot .Ve��t tCootanay
No. B
raJco notice that J. k. K SI wart, ol Colling
wood, ont., oooup&Uon tumtx rman, l-itaudi to
apply ior a-pui'it-1 timU-i ttreoee over the *ol-
luwing -.it-s.Tih.ii lanus: Comnieuclna -*t a post
planted abont 6B ehalni eouth ���- i I i"1 tiatni weet
of poet No 2, ni-trkt-ii J. k i* t-tcwart'i N.K eor*
ner po-t, theme stiutli lt>u chi Iub, tbeuee weal "��
i-iiaius, thetire north ISO ehalna. thence eaet ���<-���
chalne tu place ot commencement containlna *���**���>
...���:���������   mo.e or U:*6.
Jlllj   J-ItU, 1"*_7. JAMIC."   R    P.  -IKWAKT
Nelaou l-rttul DUtrlct   DUtrlct ofWi
Take notloe tiiat Henry Heichi
��� R uotenay.
ii Nt iv.ili.lt
���.in-pL-.-t ,r. ititeu.is ,o h p... lot a KpeeUU II-
r i. i to out and oatTy aun* umber nun the h��i ���
lowing deeoribed U_n*U:
No <i Uommendng at a poatpUui I neai the
not th-.-H-*i corner poat of timot-i Licence *��� o t��_?jo
..ii.i mark ni Henry Keichert uortn weal cori.er-
posl   No   I., thenoe  B theuco nu
cnaina .-a*., tbence bUd.nm*- nont*. Uienee so
, ,in::e weal lo place of commencem
bated July nslbi 1901.
No.",    t'ubimencitig at a o ��������� tu-at the
northweat corner |hm*i of No   Wfti
nu.t marked Henry tteli ner poal
No .. thenoe ltu ohaiui > cb��iu-
noi ib. tbenoe i*'*> chatm -j chaina
toukh to point of fumuit,
Pat-.l July MUl, 1901.
No. 8. Commencing
ineut creek about 7u
W ..ere    MoiiLiinelH    Cl
- reek an.l tnarkt-il !!���
nerpoei .No 8 iheu.-
. ..:..::> wee), them
i :.-. -i- eaai to phM ���
Hated July _-.ui
on Mono*
. u trom
.. Lemon
UlellCC 40
them ������ i>
Nelaon Lan i DU i j*��� t.
ake notice that v<
land, *'*��� i. ti.. oecupatl
apply lor a apeclal i li
low ing dewcrlU >i lanua
planted on Moaqulto er
u row lake, and aboul i
���outhwi m oornei ol tlm
nouth s" cbains, ihem o
uorth BO i b .ins. Hi
Dlatriot of Weal k
:i   lu
ber  li
.apple t- Ci
��� >t oar
Mien,    I
cine   ovi r Hi
:l!,l"IU 11
ck, . n   iIn-   Wi   t al
ii* Half noi" w��
���er llrat I Mo W
wei I s��l ohalna, them
ast ni ebalni to i
eommenoement, mul conbtinln-t 640 acres moi
or lesa
I>Mte.| 1.: I ri Julv, 1��17.       Mooajs KllI'l.K .. to
I m m B i L-jgaxi, igeui
Nelson Land DUtrlet.  Dlatriot ot weal Koou nay
Taka notloe tii��' William   n,ndnw   ' ������
Pernio. B  C . botel-keepei  Intends to a|
h spei iai limb r h enceorer tb * follow
ciioed landa*   Commencing at s |i"*t  planted
ib ��� u -i\ mllea weat ������( tiie Kootenaj    iver, on
torn creek,   tn the   DUtiiot  of Wesl   Km
and being about six mllea north ol the Inter
iunl na.   Lounilary   line,   an-l   iltuati
northeaat oorner of William Andrea   Koaa" No
8 Umber claim, thenee north w) chalm,
west 8d chains, lbenee touth 1    obaina, thence
itBOi halns, to the polut ol oommi nc< ment
Looatad Julv sar-1, I
i)��t.-.i the nth   *
���   ��� * -
Ni i on Land DUtrlct
i aki notl e iimi <- ���
m   i ��� ,   inttmdi
ii. < in     ,i\ ,-r   tiir    lull
Commencing -it ������ poai  p .
corner ef Bectloo li,     na dh   Ip
tun, being k i*
Ki "' nay
' Kaaloi
Hi   bet
tvi I   lan.'a:
i the m ri h weat
K       a.    ��� HV    .1.1*
uth of
the south boundary  line  ol  tho Indian ro*ei
ib. nee - uth   about  --���  chain ei   terly
bank ol Kootenay river* ���.��� ��� ��� n-ieaatorly
aU'iu. Koot_.ua. i'i vi . Uan to ttO ehalna to
the soath  boundary roa ushlp ~;
theot ni-t,-iiv i.iia-i.- - lorthwMt
oorner <-f l-.i 61;      * :������ ��� lPji aio*.**
the   *rc*t   I'oun i... \   .-...-   - treat N
chaiiih to tu-. (N'tni "i i*on>m**nt*iDent, and oontalnlng 6* ..    - *, more --r I- ***
lUl*   I   'lllv I. lSW .    v    . km.KK
A splendid stock of Coats in all sizes and styles to
make   selection   from.     Prices are   exceedingly low.
Ladies' Dress Skirts from $2.50 to $25.00
T'arj_;.iiiis   in   Ladies' Raincoats.      Infants   White
Bear Skin Coats from Si..so to $6 each.
N. laon Laud .
Notice U
. tnti tni io ...
UtnU    ale.
carrj awa*
So. 4    Cc    . ui
N. s\    c.r
ol   lot .No
theuoe e*
tbence we^.
.  ' Kootenay
...   -   aft. r  date
lemon*! "t
.   u   ',.. .ut   ami
ing deaeiibed
marked  11. A ti.
the N   Y.   oi rner
K   -. N, h. eornei,
-outh  so chains,
i.orin m> chains to
place olcoium ucemee  Lontalulngoavanrae.
No  o   Cvmmenulng at the .>. w.eornwolB.
���Sl .*-    tun be:    mini No    4.   .... th c Unttb Ni   cbaii.-,
tbenoe en:-* BD chains, theoce -"outh t*o ei.au.-.
then* <��� w. >. to ebalna to place ot commenoemeut
ai loeatlou ������yst No  .., i on tainlng 6io aurea
1   tl. .-��� HKhMiciiitolt_s-, Loeator
'.-..  ti i -, r.ift, Agent,
Dated July 8th. WOT
i    i ' ..   .
ue-UUing   *
-V*'   I   1.1..
_.    po* .    i.: ���   -
".��� . ;!_,..;
, Iheuu
Take notli u I  si oi in v. i. r-i
K|iplv   to th.-   ilon    ih        ' ���  :
Lan  - and  Work ,
cut aful earn   s   >.
deaer b ���) I , in W  ���
N i.  1     Com tm ii   i
���south**-st   norm i    i
west H      halm    *'.   ���
eaai gurhali     ihem e
oommene mi di
Dal A ���;���.. ...���-,
1      \\        I    .i     ������      ���;
��� ���   I intend tn
. inn.i-.-l.oi.-r  ol
I    i--- r ii ��� ���
i . ' be (o lowing
) :
t y a '1 nt the
. et ii.. thanoe
-   -halne, thence
��.t.- in p ���* eol
i iH*aior,
��� i* nt
Nil. 2     ' ��� mm   ���-   *   if   �����   ������ - '���������! at tlie
sonth -��.*i i "���;     ���   i
80 enalna, tbene rth 80 chains  thence west 80
cbaii]_    llii-iii't- Miuth no chain* in place ol com
m< i.' ement
Dated alay 81,1807.       I  T, Btji ���'--   I  ������
J   W   i ni ni us, **f.'iu.
Mail orders promptly     a
We have   nothing of Question..ble Qua! ity.
attended to.
thenee north ho [-bam*, thanoe aaal --1
'������ point ol commencement, eontalnlna
540 acrea,
- pi 7th,UOT. < ii w.: t - -*ii.sf.v Laaar.
Nelson i_m.ii.-1 DUtrlct   Dfatrlol ol Weal K.Hiteiiav
rake notloeshat i'aul August 1-auU- n, ot Kh
chener, n u . oc'-upatiuii torn be man, intends
to apply  fur a special limber Ucenoe over the following dascntara lands:   Uommtnolng at a posl
pl-tiiie-i at the ion tb west oornar ���-! ior' eyi 'I n
.jji-'ii thanoe south to tbe nor bern tKrandary
��� ���( tin-Ijer licence N-. 1018, ll.t_.oe went to the
noribwest corner ol naul timber lloenoa, Utani ���
south to the northern bunndai] ol i.it Bid ti x
loiiovviiiK sat- bounaary, of p.-cl lot wett IO the
lirfbt o;-\.ay of tne orill.sh ;olumL_A Southern
llailwuj, tnence following -mmI rigbl-ol-way In a
norm-a>leily .lirecion to place ul comiiii-in I
t.ieiit, an I OOUlallilUK 6M acrea, more or leas
iMU-d 'tiiv 2nd, vj*n.   i'Ai'i. ai ui-st Haolsom.
In lh*1 matter of Mn ..pi.lii-alion Inr lhe l-*uc of
a'.(lpU'-stc . I Ihe CcrtUicata o' Title for total,
Mi i ii- wosl half of lot 21, block HI, lu the Town
of Nelson.
Kotlee Is hereby glfen that it Is my Intention
to Issue at tbe expiration of one month after the
ft rn publication hereof a duplicate nf thccertitt-
oata ol title for the above lands, In the name of
I,villi. BhlOlds, uhfch crt licit.   I-  hit' .1  -be -.1st
<1 a- of December, 1900, and iniini*"rcd :t-*9i k.
������II    F. MACI.KOO."
D'atrii-t Kct*lstrar.
Nut ice is hereby given ���;. >��� >- ������:��> .���.::.* !..*��� i
luteui- tO apply to the Hon. 'hlef < nuiuu..loner
ot I-a ml* ami   ' ork�� for p��_i mis-ion lo pun bade
.in- lollowiug dasertbad U-ttds* mtuateii tn West
Kooienay dlstrlst: t DBunani inn at a t>*>st marked by name as Initial  post of the (math   Pork
branch, one humlreil feel from tbe junction ot
l<osl Oreek Witb the south fork; tueuce one-
iluarter mile to the northwestcorner post*thanoe
on.    mil.-   lo   the   uurtheatt   coiner post, thence
one-quarter mile to the loutheastoorner post,
tbanee one mile to the plana of oommenoament
juncLT, UQ7.        Looatad by Wm. i oNNobLv.
Nelson Lam] Dlt-trict.   Ui-lrlct ot West Kootenuy
Take notice that   Moore,   Kepple A . o.f of loir-
iat.o, Penn . oocnpatlon lumberman, lntenda to
apply lor a special timber   UoOnca  over   lhe   fol*
i iwlng deacrlbed lauds: Oommenatng at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, on tbe west side of
Arrow lake, ���*    i  abottl one half mile neat of the
southwest corner ol tun ner limit No. 4877, tbenoe
north 80 cbatna, thanea weai 80 chains, tbem-2
BOUtb HO ehalns, tbence eaat ho chains to point of
eommeneemeni, an.l containing i*iu aoroa, more
or lesa.
Dated Uth, July, 1907.      MooR**, KEl-i*. i: A CO.
John K. ( AI.KINS   Ayenl.
Notice I* hereby artvop that the undersigned
have suhmltted io tbe L'. utenant (_ >vernor*in
��� o im ll a proponal under the pp.visions ol the
-.:,��� era and Btrcami Act," f��r old rttiK a'"- r(--
movlng obstructloni from Ooal River and Mea*
rjow i "reck, in Lht. I'i-trlct of Went Kootenay, and
for inking tbe same fit for rafilriK and drlv
ing t hereon loj. s, Um It, liiniln*.-. n��,'ts- ml crafts
,-. ��� for ere.ting and maintaining booma ior
holding, aortloa and d llvering togs and timber
brought down said creek and liver* and forat-
tachlng booms to Ibe shore of snUl creek and
river for t-ai'i pui poaer
in.- lands I'-be affected brealdwork are:~
Loti M.'. 1187, 4888, and ant tots i, 6, u i-., 14 and
IftnfLot 1093,Group t, Kootanay Mstrict
The t^lla propom d to beoharged ate -u'-h an
ma v be ft sad by the Judge of the County court
0l W OSt Kooienay
Dated BUI loly, 1807.
Kelson 'ami DUiriet.   I-latrlctnf WeM KiMitemiy.
rakenoUc* that Kvan afaOlaltand Fraser, of
Kemie, ll t . . I, ;k, intends to apply loi a Ipeclal
Ucenoe   over   tbe   following    described   land*.:
Commencing at a   i-ost   planted about seven
miles west of tne Kooienay river, ami about one
mile nortb of tbe international boundary line,
Hin I about ii ne hi id a ���- uarter north-easterly from
lbs north -ast corner ol limber licence No. torn,
tlicnce aouth 80 .naius. Iheuce west Wi chains,
theme north -��������� ��� ha.ns, theuce east ho chains to
point of oommeneement, and containing t--io
auret, more or u BS.
LOOatOI. Uth.Ot June, 1907.
Kvan McC-.t:t-**N f-USSB.
Dated tbi* hid of July, VJttl.
Take notice tbat O. 0, Clark, ot Nelson. B. C,
���ah on ii> sper intends to apply for a im t isi timber licence over tbe following described land:
Commencing tit a post planted on .Morning
M. um tain, nt,.,111 one mile w- st of Mm Itm* creek,
nii'1 adjoining C. U t:ia**k's |o.:allou for timber
lloenos No I, un'] nlHMit one mile south of Nel*
son, theme west 8-j chains, thence aouth Mi
ehaius, theuoe cast to cbains. thenee north to
ehiiiii-i to plaoa of U-ginning.
DlIci! July lftth, I��jo7 O. 0. Ci.AKK.
David Booth, Agent.
Kottee i-* hereby |tven, lor the imfoinnciou of
1.  !��� mlillt. scitlei- an ! nlhefN,   thai Selce.l >li has
-'l unci,i ol tb;��� :t,.'-o >,t<"o acres of   land   sltualcd
in the Peace Kvcr Valley, Province ol ��� -rit.sh
* oi um bin, granted to tbe Dominion Qovernmo*"t
uuder the provlalons ol Bsctlon 7 uf"Ac Act
r.-iaiinK to ihe la ami nail war, the 0 raving
j- ������ i und EUllway Lands of the ''rovlnc*," ami
such land U uoi optn to entry under the land
inwi ul the province
lhe block s. .. iod I described im follows:
roinmenclng si a poiottsij milea south "f the
Pre ��� i':v i nn tii laoth Mcidian, U-tng the
ti b nudarvol the prnvlnee, tb noe we-t
���.-������I i ������* and salebala , thenoa no tun miles
and sa.OK chalna, theoce e��Ht "6 inilca and 88 61
chains, thenoe south oth- point of commencemeui followliiK tlie* '.Hi Meridian and contain
ing approximately 8,6004*10 acres.
Notice   I'   al*o  given    that-    with   ft   view   to
facilitating aottlemon 1 In the valleys Ol the
Peace, Parsnip and Pack  UlvarSi the lollowlog
bi It of lan!   -tn mile.   i���   ,v|.ith and   ex'ending
miles OU t-acb sld   of tho   Peace, ram-ilo  and
Pack liners loii b.- n reacived lor pctusl rattlers
to bo acquired b> pro*emptton only  tinder tie
I nml  \c[, snob   land   Ho'   It-lng   open   for   sale.
laaaoi llorno*. or other alienation under the laid
.\et except by pre empttot.:
Commencing at tha Intersection of the western
boundary ol the bin k of i*��m��i selopttd  by the
omlnlon Qovernmenl wuh tha Peace river.
thenoe following the 1 eaoa Kiver ami Parsnip
River to ihelr oonnuenoa wi'h tba Paok River
and   ii,.-irc.   fidloLim,'   lbo   Tark   river to  Uie
point; where iald Paok Ulvor loaves MoXeo*!
I.nke. *.���).i extending for a distance o| _D miles
on each alia ol ����id itivem ami approalnataly
170 ir lies   in I. nglh.
Alllabda oo aids the bonudarloa of the Dominion (.overiinieiit (*r**ii< i.nd -the rt-ncrvi'
aUivu dascrlbe-l sn o|m-m fur locution under Unlaws oi the Provlnoe.
���     W- J   BOWMR,
Acting Chief Com mlanloner of l_ands und Works
I rih'i    , lei WorKS   I'i-.i,n Mucin,
Victoria, rkpicmU r 18th, 1901.
Nel on l_nnu DUtrlct   DUtZlOt til West Kooleuay
Take natloa tha< Wesley Bovee. ol Ritsvllle.
Wash .occupation butcher. Intends to apply fur
a special timber licence over the following des*
Crlbed UndS| on the east lldft Of I'rlest river
Commencing   ut n   post   planted   one  and a half
miles norlh of ih- intcn-ntioual bouu 'art Hue,
thence wesl to ehalna, then-e south ho ohalns,
thenc. eastsocbalna, thanoe nortn hu chains to
p.,Hit   nf .ommencement, e ntslntng Otffacras,
more or le**..
Dated Kepi. Uth. iwn. Waa un H,:vee,
K   W.Bmith, -igcut
KelsOh Land IMstrict. District ot Wait Kootenay
Taka notice that tflmon P* aohlffel, of Nailer,
Idaho,occupation lumberman, Intends u, apply
for a special Umber licence over the following
described lands; on the cast sl-'o of Priest river:
f Dinuicui In* ul a |M)-t   planied   OU lhe ckkI side
of i ni -t river, iwo an-l a half mil i north of tbe
International bounder) Una* thence nor'h to
chains, theu*e cast go chains, tbenoo south hu
chains, thence ������ chi *ichains to polnl of oom*
n,cue Dit-bt contain ok "��_n acrea, more or less
Dated Kept  Uili.lis-7. **imon P KcHimt,
k. w ratiTif, -gant
HoUon i and District   District ol West Kootenay
Tattenotla ibatOlydatf Mcciur**, of iti avitie,
Wash , occupatlpn barber, lntendi to apply for
a spite bi! ti���it,er Hccih'u over the following deO-
Clibed lands] On tng aaat side of Prle��t river.
two aud 'i half miles north of (he nitcrnHtlotinl
bounder; line- Oommonolna ai n post planted
l-��oand a half mllei north of lhe thtarnational
boiimliTv 1 in-, thence * ast l+t rhalns, tin n*'e
SMiihHo h-tlns thence wpat HO chains, thr-hee
north Hii-iiHiiis to the point oi oommeneemont
and containing 840 aoras, more or less
Da:i-.| -e,.i. I uh, V*>i f!i Yin* E   M'l'M'Hl,
K   W Hmph, *gont.
NeUon Land Dlatriot Dlattlot ofWaotKool nap.
lake nolle,; tpa.1    nv I'ovci-.of Kltsvllle, Wash ,
oecupiiioii but. bet, inl-ndfi lAappI) form p4*clal
umber lloenoa over tho followim: deso Ibed
land*; en the oast iMa of i rlest rlvar: com-
tncneniK at ti taiit p<iiutcd ott-- and a halt miles
h-trm of r i. rn.; h'tiiii hyiiu'i-irv line, thanea
can vi chain., thanoe godtk *i chalna, tbenoa
\'."-l 80 chains, Ihence li'Tlh W< chaina to lhe
polut Of eo.ninem ement. cotilallillig '.III acres.
more or le-s.
Daled Ht.pi. 14th, 1807. Jay Hovee.
if. W. Hhith, Agent.
tCalaon Land District Diotnot ol Wi -t Kootenay
Tate notioa tiint we. t n hi bald Bremuer and
George Voong. both ol the city ol Nelaon, In the
ProTlnee <���'. Brttl.li f.'n-ntcbta lumbermen In
Tend to apply t ii ai ������' laJ timber Ui i naea ova. the
following daoi m . I land
i iionunenema at a poal planted abo
yards wastctrty Trom the Junction oi the north
and main forks of Summit < raek.a * rw k tiowmj*
Into Kootenay .;*.��� r south oi thi ��outh��rn em', of
Kootanay laki In thadutriol of West Kootenay,
tli i. junction ta aboul IS nr .���" mllea trom the
m oitii of auoh creel,th.n.e I uth 4 chains,
���   ��� i ins, tbenoa north  10 ��� halns,
I ei oa weal ISO ohalna :<* the polnl > ; ��� r-mmenoe-
inen  and oontalnlng 880 acres more "r leaa
Datad IhU r.th dav of Aueust, 1807.
1. Co.nm.-ri   iiii*   at s  poet   planted   about   -SO
rarda a   - In and north forks of
hum in ll   creek, a  CTOek   flowing   into   Kootensy
river aouth ol thaaouthi      ��� ���, I n| Kootanay lake
ln the district ,,f w.-s: Kootenay, thanoe ao
chains, thence  west 4h i-halUH, thence south   *'
'���iinin*, thanoe waat 40 ohalns, thanea nonh *"
chains, thanoa awl  10 chains, tl ��� noith  80
ohalna, thenee east t.i chains to lbs point ol oom
i :i i uient and C'iUtaluiu-( t'.Mi acres more or
Km. i.Soros Vol no.
DatOd this 6th day of August. 1UU7.
3 Com men i* in i* st a pool planted aboul '-i-n tott
north from the batik ������[ the main Bummll creatl
end about2mllea westerly from the Junction ������[
the nortn fork and Or main fork of such i n ek,
a cnak flenrlag Ittto Kootenay river BOUtb nf ;:..*
southern end ol Kooh nay laae In Un dUtrlct ol
PTasi   Kootenav. tbence  vmlo "*> chaini, t loin .
east*) chains thanoa north -u ehalna ���:..������
weal *��� ebalni to the pointof commencement
and Oontalnlng 840 acres more or les��
AaoHtaaLo Baamraa
Datad this .*>th 'lay of August, 1801.
4 Conunanotni at �� pool planted aboul I
ny an aaot-JO. ttraaa flowinn Into -**utnmlt
creek from Uik south at aDO*lt 22   miles from  the
mouth of Bnmmlt creek which latter is a en ok
Bowins into Kootanay river sonth of the aouth-
i ru end of Kootenuy !��ke in the ilt-tri   t <��f   West
Kootenai. tbenoe north BO chains, thenc* easl 80
ohalna, thanoe tonthBO ehalns, thanoa waat 80
chnins to tho [Miint ol oommenoament and i on
taint! k 640 acres more or less.
��� irom..: Vnuvii,
Dated this 5th day of August. 1MU7.
8 <'"lumehciriK at a poet plant*-1 two miles up
an unutiiiM-d Biaek flowing  into Summit creea
from the south at about 22 miles fr*>m the month
of Summit creek, which latter U a oreefe (...���. lni
Into Kootenay river south oi the southern ana
of Kootenay lake in   the ili-trtct ol    Weet   KOOU
nay, thsnoa -outh h. ohaJnSi theme ( ui n
chalna thanoe north BO chains, thenee  ���*���  t80
( hams to the point ol c nnmeuccnient and con
tainlng 04H aires more or Inn
ami nni*: o Hhkunicr.
Dated this 6th dajrof Angtut, 1807.
i> - ontmendng  ata post planted  about one
Kid a half mil. s up the north fotk of Hummit
i reek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay rlvei i mth
of the{southern eud oi Kootenay lake u, tha dla
t'ict of   West Kootenay, thence ua-l Ho chalna,
tbenoe south to chains* theuoo oast m ohaina,
thence south 40 chains, theme we-tBO ohalns,
ihence north f ehains, thanea) wosl 10 i ���-. dm
tbenoe north lo chains to the polntof oommenoi
ment ami eoutaining MO Meier timr-  oi  I. *���.
Saoitoi Voi go,
Dated this (ith day of August. 1*f7.
7. Commending   "t a post   plauteil   about  one
mile and a hail i.p the north fork of Bommii
oreek, a creek flow uik Into Kooteuav river - iuth
of the southern tort of Kootenay lake, m the
district ol West Kootanapt thenoe nortb 40 chalna,
thenoe weai 40 ehalns, thanoo nonh Ucj alna
thenoa eaat 80 chains, thanoo south W chains,
thenoa eaat40 chains thanoa south lo rhalns,
them e weat to ohaini lo tho polnl of commencement and containing 840 acre*- more or lei's.
Date.l ttils fith day of AUK"-'-- -""-
rt���� HiHAj.i, Banuraa.
8. Commenelna ��t a j>oi��t   planted   about a
i-iinrtt-r of a mile westerly from the north Nik
��� .I ---uinif.lt creek, and about two mil,-, nu,\ K
half up such north fork Iroin its junction With
tha  main  Bummll   creek, a cn-ck   flowing    into
Kootanay river aouth ol the aonthern end of
Kootanay lake m tin- district ol West * lotenay,
thence north 80 ehaina, thanoa east BO cbaina,
thenoa south *> ohalns, theuce woal bo cbaina to
tha point of ef.miiien-emi'iit, and oontalnlng ��� i"
acres, more or less
Dated this in h day of Angus'. I -,
uaoaoa voi-.m.,
'i   omnmaunini  >ti  ��� post planted   aboul a
uarter ol a mi.e   weaterly   Irom   the north   fork
of 'ummit creek and abool three mill i up auoh
north fork from Its junction With the mum Hum,
ni.t creek, a creek flowing   Into   Kootenav   river.
south of the southern ond of xooleneylake in
the district Wesl Kooteuay, them*, went wo
chains,  thence  north ho chains, theuce aastHd
challis,   thence   BOtttll   Hi��   chnins   toll,.   ������,],, I ,.(
commencement, Hlni cuiiiiniiiK MO  Korea, u	
or less.
Dated IhU Bth dap ol August, 1807.
ah< itibaLn Bauaraa-
10     Coin me net ii1-   at   a   post   planted   about   ,i
quarter of a mile waaterly from the nonh forn
ol Kuremit creek and ab iu three miles up Bllch
north fotk from Its iUnotion with the uihIu Rum*
ml* creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenai river,
sonth "i ibe loo them end of sooten iy ink., m
the ft 1st riot ol  -Veal Koote nay ��� theno<  west 10
chiiius. then' e smith I'i I cimics UieUOO OOSl H)
chains, Ihence noilh 180 cIoiIun   to the  point   of
commencement, an i oontalnlng fiiu acres, more
or le,.*.
Dated thU^ith day of Aov.ot-t. 1807,
AioninAi.ii Batiataa'
u OommeootDg tt a post p| unci at out ball it
Mile easterly irom the south fork of Hummlt
���reek     I ai,out    otic mile    HO iti. of    the    m,i,ll
Hummlt creek, h oreak flow in�� Into Kootenay
river south of tho aouthern end ol goo onny Dike
lu tho dUtrlct of West Kooteney, theuoe east 80
ehalna* thenoe Hoiith Hi ohalns, thanoe west ho
chains,   theilCO   north ho chnins   to the   polntof
comment ment and containing 040 earns mora
or less. Ai:. inwiii Jiiii.MNr.it.
Dale.) ttlU-dst day of \\y*:v \, 1807,
Ni Uon Land DUUiet   Dlatiiol ol West Kootenay
rake notloe thai Angus UcUlll. of the City of
.   patlon ll reman, intends to ni |
nirmiaalon to purchaae the foi lour inn d.-
nda:   Commencing at a poal planted at the
N   w   c ii. r  I,   o   Morrison's rar.cn. In  Fire
mo -'i* north foru  (i"1) ehalna, tbanee
mul  forty (t") chnins. thenoa south  forty -i")
cbatna, im ui- oreol fort] i i-'i chalna to point ol
��� ��� cement,   and oontalnlng ono hundred
and sixty 1180) aerea   mora or leaa
Dated etvpte abar Snd, iwn.     jutvea >t<*'���! t
Nelson hand Dutrtot,   Dlatrh t ol Weal Kooteuav
lake notice that 1. Kvan Kr��s-r, of FuTttU, B '   .
clerk. Intend to apply fore speelaJ timber ttoense
over the following doarrtbi*-! Uu i-;
i.    ' ommen ��� ���������   i po-t pl��nu*d   at the N. K.
corner about ; north of the lu ��� ��� nation
al boundary line and about n miles .ve��t ol the
Kootenay rlvar (about one tnlU noun ���
north   boundary  of  i    L  Ko   BOW)   thanoa  80
chains voi'li. if       sBO ebalna waat, thai
ehains north, thenr* hiuh-uni cast to tue place
of l-ci* iliiilin.
DatC -i July 21 ���
2.   Com mi ���   tog ttapo*d plant* I   ittheH.K
corner of 1*    -t|.;,    -o   l.-i-n. ������   -..n    I 80 chalna,
thenca ��� * tto   nortb 80 chains,
thenoe* to the place ol ttcsiunitig.
Date-! Jul    lUl       ' 1
:t.    ( -.mm. ������"t._���������' a ���->"   plant  d at the N. B.
i i. 1,1 ,- ���" ���   north   H chains,
I -,- east 8  ��� haln��    lb.nee ��� ���*" c-haiuii,
then     weatoo ebalna to place ol beejlnnlAg.
Dal.      July   '1st. IAT7
i i immencing at tha N. 1 oornar ot looatlon
No. i. th uce north **���' ebalna, tbence waat to
chalna, then ������ 101 tha. chains, thenee eaat ho
chain* t ��� ths ii. ���    i baginniui
Dale*. J-Ulj  . i*t   I* 7.
Co        rtcloa ai n post planted one mile
i  v. ...i  er ol i eatlmt ifo. a, thanea
aaal ..f <���
���  -   ��� bains,      ��� tn ���   sresi sn   baina, thenoa
north 80 ' In ins, thi noa eaai nucha ins to the ptaoa
of beglniMiih-
Dated July -'1st. ifOT,
6. ('nmmen-Iiik at a poat ptant--d at the N. K.
corner of looatlon No. B, thenca aouth BO chalna,
thanoe east 80 ehalna, tbanee north 80 chains,
thena west 80 chain* to the plai e of h.ginning.
Dated July Ult, 11*07.
7. Commaneing ata poal planted at tbaB *������
eornei of looatlon No .*.. men ������ north �����' chains,
tbenoe east 80 ehaina, then a i tth 80 ohalna,
thanoe weat 80 ehaina to the piac-of baclnninc.
Dated Inly Uat, 1801
H. (om in en Ing at a pnal planted at the N. R".
oorner Of location No i, thonoa north *-i chains.
thenee westSOcbaine, thanoo south 80 chains,
thence eaat 80 chalna to tha plaoa of beginning.
Dated July Uat, WW k. Psaasa, Locator
b-iiN hk -wn, Agent.
Nelson Land District Dlstr
Take notic,; thai i, i hei
Burton City. B, C , 00r>U| nil
spply .or hermlaalou to pur
deactll nd hind : Untnmenol
.bout five ml I'i"  northwest   fr, ni   i
d West Kootenay'
Hldliey   1.,-H   )     oi
it   plnlMed
outh of
NeUon t^nd Diatzial   Dlstrlotof "faai Kooh nay
Take ootloe that i. KHsabath Pervoaon, of Nci-
ion, British Columbia, occupation niarrb l wo
man. inland to appli for [. rmlaslan to purchase
tha following deacrlbed land : Commencing at a
l"--t plauted -Hi chains west of ihe south. n*t eorner of section stg. Township88. Kootanay, and
marked "K   K.'s   N    K    corner,''theuce    ui   i    Mi
ohalna* thanoe south -to ehalns, thenca --a-i hii
ch��iu��. thenee north so chains to tin* place of
oommeneement ami containing jwj a -r.-a more
hub Julv. A   D. wn.    KLizsTKTlf TntttSUM,
by W. A. Gaidar, agent.
Nalson UtOd District.    District ot West Koot.-nay
[-aken loo tbat 1, David Q Kurta,of Nelson,
it. i ..occupation merchant, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following daoorlbad
land;  Commencing  at a mist  plant.*d  nt   tha
lOUtbWesl   corner    of    SaOttOD     H,   Towuslilp   80,
-. ay, and marked 4,U.u K.'s B. W. corner/'
thence north 80 chalna, thanoe aaal in chalna,
tl i aouth Bo chalna, thence west io chains
to.ho pointof conim uoement and oontalnlng
.1.11 iicrt s more or less.
i ith Ji.'iy, i*j7. Davih li  Kuan,
V..   A   Gaidar, agetil.
'lake notice that I, Thomas Harry Wilson, intend to apply for permission to purchase tba i"-*
lowing aesonbed land:   commencing atapost
planted al the H   ... corn   r of lot ;-'��� �������� uml marked
N, K, oorner, thenoa aontb i" chalna, tbenoa
west 10 ohalns, thanoa aoutb io chains, thonce
weal in ohalna, thanoa aouth 10 ohaloa. thanea
w.-iii lo ohalna, thanoa aonth 10 ohalna, thence
wesi io ebalni, thanoo nonh m chalna, tbence
east 40 <-iiiiiiis to point oj oommanoomont and
oontalnlng ivo tottt, mora ni waa
June 7,1807. i ROMAa IIknkv Wri/OV.
Wil.I 1,1*1 AhOgSO Mll.l-s,     gent
Nelson Land District.   District of Wesl Kootenuy
Take OotlOO that J, John Dunn, of Nel-on, II. Dilation   miner    Intend    loappiy for   p'Mnis-
alun to purohase the following described lands:
Romtnenolng at  a   po*-t   pimiied at   the   N. K. of
r��ot80tr_ thenco easl B0 chsins. theoos louth 80
ohalns, thenoe "seat 30 ohalns, thenoa nortii 90
i halna to point of com me iicum en t, eoutaining -I'J
sores i ��� or i,���-���.
Aon.i-t nod, 11107, John Laaa,
Notice i* hereby riven thai 80 days after data, I
lati .. ! to apply t��� tho Hon. chief Dot imualonoi
of I,,w .Is and Works (or permission to purchMa
the following described lami in Weat Kootenay
dUtrlct, on weai shire of Lower Arrow Lake,
aiiJoinli.tr I ol No   |g48, on I in* south :    BeglnnlOB
ata post marked "Harry UoXaod'i n.k   corner
pn��t and  tlanted  be shore ol  Lower Arrow
I.*ik��, at the southeast oornei olCapl   Poal und'a
4919, lbenee w.st 2<> chnins, tlicnce south 20
��� hn ins nioreor I eos to the north boundary of It.
I Ullmoro*B P, |{ , tbence an chains cms' along the
���aid b< lary to laJta, thai nortn along the
lake shore 20 ehains, more or less to pointof
'on ii Qtni nt.
M.iy 2nd, us-; j. i��. Moon,
kgt nt for Harry Mel.cod,
I'i .11 ||  ' ,,|   \\,  -1   Kmili  llliV.
0   hut (ieoigc Kufus larler of Hirdar,
bridgeman, Intends to apply for rn-r*
mission to purchase the Eoiiouiim dasorlbed
land i i i iiiiiieii im; at post plauteil ut ihe north'
west cone r fit It. Koss' application lo purchase,
marked   H, W..   tbence   norlh   40  ehalns, Ihence
essi -rn ebalni, thenoa souih w chnins to A.
' " ' Pre-emption, theneo west _a. cbains.
then e in ti th 20 ohalns, thenoe west 20 chnins to
���00  of   1 iiici.icue.incul   coutmiiliiK   ISO acres
Kelson I.hihI hisirlct
'I like notice   hut (le
OCi Upall
nru or I	
Dated July !_!, itsyj
I, ibe limb
ply to the ib
and a o> i, . t
Oaosoa i'iikch cahtkh,
W. J   HcoTT, Agent.
aiynedi after 80 days intend <<> a
Chiol�� oniinissioiicrof U
rebuao Hie following described
chains, thence east 10 ehalna, them-t* ���___._���
chnins to {Hiliit of conimriici-joeui. (-,,_ui___-i
acrea more or less. '^
-���an-   Mareh aih. issn
87, <��� Mt.
Sixty dava after dat��- i inteiM ((> .t.i'.' to Us I
Hon Chief Commissioner of Ud.i s_.'**_fl7 I
Victoria, B.C., to purchase tbe foii.,��iotd_* I
scribed land, altuated In   bs Wesi g.s.uairi*
trb-t: Commencing at a jswt pl__u*.l oaaa
w.*l *ili ol KiHii.nay lake, m-ar Rhiimn.
t-olut.  and   m��rs..l   J. M. Ktunmr* ,*i tl,,^ !
poet,     tlien-e    cl-.-.'    **,    el,-,:U��.    l|i*-U��   D0.1I g
cliHtua, theme aaal to chains miin-or lea lahla
shore, thenee along lake ihorc u. is.itu (tf   *.
tnenoe in ant
Dotted AprlU, 1007. HlgnedJ JI'Kiwoa.
Nelson l-and Di��:riei. DUtfletof WestEeasaBJ !
I ake nolloo thai Philip Brook-bam
H c .oocnpatlon rancher, int--nd�� t,> ippif Ut
permission to purchaae the foiic-wiro*
land:    Com menclng  at  a  pout BlaQir. oa tK
waat ahore ol 1 pp, r wbatstian (irtnb--i:atit
the ���*���   t    eornei of lot 8188, thcDeeaaitl
llo-nec ���outh s,i  chain*,  thence ta*t 'A cfaaln, j
more or laac, to the ihora of u*. ,u_. -.eaat
nortbert) along the aald ���.���<>.-��� m eoaiea aor.
or iess. 10 ptiitit af ct-mmc-Dcement, n.Diaiaii(
ifi-l acres, DOfOJ or less
Hated Sepl   I.'ilh. PsT     l'Hiuir BanOUuiL
Hixiy daya after *ute 1 inieuij to apply lotse
Hon    Cblei CommUsloiier of Un-I- ao-1 Wwb
purchase the foilovi&i dt-
for pc-riulaalon to pin
scribed land in West Kooteuay -tnrirt
uon. lug at a post mark. ! A C it 1-nrUi-at
tiomer p<_at, running to chatm ntwlj aiom
the bonhd-ry of limber Dcpnce So. *��� .ibtni
southerly BOehatno. ihem-t wfaiefi-a-fwi-n
thanea   northerly   '* chalna slnii| U( C. Mt
track to the place ot coniuieii'-cDiat,n-ttulSiBf
two bundled acrea, more or !*�����*
I..1. af'l thU'Jth day of May, IT.
A c. ir��, Ueatw.
Is neraby giveii that -Oflajnuwi Ut*l
ply to the Houorablstte'-kaD-'oa-
misstotier  of t^nda  and   Worki lor pm_aWB
No tb
intend lo appl
about five inJP..-   northwest   In in   the  mouth of   I  and Works to piircbuat  iii," f�� 1?*    L*   I   ,r   ��.|       ��� of land, mure o- b'*"1- _,iiri fll-1";
Moa-iulo creek and mark, d "C. H. Ut northca-t      laud I   Commanc ,,g   tt  the NK        . Date   Srd August, "��"���/H"Si. A8"""'
comer." tbence south Bu chains, thence ��ostHO > u. 1., thence wi.K��? oh_lln_?'than��1 MlStt1 iAaTi.i'�� A -*"KTU ���
|nir- I..-. rlr.- lb-0*-lDI -1.-a.-rlt-.ll��_ utt���,
111 West Kitola-tiH, .(Istrl.-I' ____���**1*1
Iwasi plant. .1 .1 Hie west Isaiiti'lsr-n! La-'.-J'.'.
.n.l si...ut ill a-h.lns sa.uth ill lbfK.utrlboriM.r-
a.1 Hi,. rlKlit ail �������- i.l lira- B. I:.SoaIb,rir��ll-
nay.  anl   uisrh.-.,'I'.   A    l"s .ou'lir." *ajli��,
tha  **,st I... .-h.liis, lliem-amain*....tta***.._
U'.m.l.ry a.l the rl-[bl-a.l *.y a'l B.t.sosthul .
rialla..*-, Ili.-ri.-.- Ia.ll.iwln. ..n] tsinod.rT"**
n.l.i ..I w.j in .n ..atari, .lims-ilon ln'-_ V*
laaatiTi.li.rj- ail U.I 3f_ Ll. II." UM Hi'llti 1.' I--**
.-..iiiiiiL-ti. a-ma-nl, a-a.iit.iurrrri lni) ��.ra-.. m^��
Ii* 1.-.1 this 1.Hi il.ya.l lain*. I��I7.
ran ..i-uirtf."*-^
.N. r  I.n.l Ill.lrl.-t.   DUUlctoIWell.MWII |
T.kaa lu.tl.-ai ll.sl I'aul Alliilial HsiilOTl. �� k*
i-ll. ...... U.I'.  ...���,-.i|..rr..r,  riiiiil.-rmsil   Ijit-Jj
1.. a,.i.l. f..r ,*i*riiils,l..i. I'. pur.li.-a-lb, l."-_
n.a .I.-S.-.II..-.I lanals: i,..inmi-i.lnl .1 > *���
|.lanl...l al thi.sa.iitK lH..in.l,rrol I-'-*"!";'
w.t ..1 lh- Hrltlsh Colutnlils soirltura "��� .
���.ay ain.l al-nDI :'-. i-haliis wesl-rlr Iron -'"__
UOH sal.l t.llia.y. II..-H.-.--...H.--'���"���l"-i���
a-,asl   J.   .Iialli., th ���������   ....HI.   "'���'-���'"I''';?
- I.sins. Ih.ii,,. north ta. lh, ������>�� !>_"!_
arv ,.l II... rttbt-Ol-W.* Ol  Hi' Him.- ^""J 1
H...nil.-rl.    11.11*..'.   Hull.-.-  aa-.l.rlr '1����� ""
sal.I rmlit-..! ��aj- in pin.-* i.t.-i.mi-iri.������---
liala-.l inls-.n.l ilaj-aal /imii>t. I-n-   .._-���
Paul Al��l" Fic^_
hVlaaan lJ.n.1 lllstrlcl.   Wi_r_"tolW_rtKji����*
Tak..   n.ill.**   Ihal  Cia'air-I* ��l��rm.  "I":;"!:
M...II..III..   0     _   A..  ,��'.-..|.��II-.li.  ill''"-.--, i
liu.l.   t.i apply   -ur  pfrr.ils  '" I*''',"', ,,.
loUowlr. alU-rlna-.l ItOld: r..mm-.ii'��V,'.l
pa... plant.-.! 1.11 Ilia- aaa'st sl...r. ..I 'H' '���,
sh.u (l.'nrll...,.) Ink*, sn.l .1 ll"' ��"���������;  ; ,''".��
,,i,,,ii,irij. tbenoa nraai ""-��"''������''";,.����
n,-h:,in.. thenoa (ui -"" ���*���->������-fffiSSf
a l.ams I.. | il ..I .-..urni. ......ii-rii, .11.1.1 ���_"
Wl a.-r.-s- inor* or _��������� ��������,,��n��
,���I..n.|I)l.lrl,l.   I.l-trl.l'.'""'
Tiaka- ���..1.,,- thai  \Cnl.-r   -���'''*';",',, ".S
M..nisi,.. I' 1 A....... iipnllnii iii'-.'i-"!*,,,!.,,,.
toapplj   lor i.-r.....-i..i. i..|.ir.-i.s-.        ,,���
IU, 5i -. rsl.r.i land I I ..riiin.-n. "in "'��    ,.'���-_(
.-.I on tht waat ihora oil PI**wb*~lSc_��_S
Ink.-, nu.I   al   II..-   n.irll.ii. -1   ,""1".,,. ��� ,-b.lin.
lln-ll.-.-   aa*.t   nn  .halns.   lli.-na. ���";;'   ,'htln, I*
thai n.i an ohalna. thanra"W����J!J- i
|     ���l   ,-,.mlii.-l,..-l.llli:,   nn.l    "'"
.t.-r.-s. in..r.- ..r l.-ss u-.iTSB IW���*
May-lllll, mm "'"'
-i i, ,i,.- an*, .isi*' "'f ; * , ".I?"*
rainiur. olBnrton Oil*.  ��������".���?& 3
11,1,-1 ,;.���������,l-l....*r..l I. ... -�����-..,
la.rla. It
|.,.st II
. i.nri-lr.is.- ll"
Ml nl Kur��
11..i mtt
._ |
rk.-.l  "A   A    H   s..iiiii��*;' ',|;V,   l.sl.
till-.*   ��'    a""1.' '','',..iwrbw*.
north M rhalna,  i  ',,,, n,sii-. - i
uth DO ohalna, thonoa WW*
iiirri.'iii'.'in.'iit     , ...... jirsros
Aliausl 1st, 1U1".
Nelson t_ml Dlslrli't.   DlatriOlol W"' . .,_��
Taka  .....I n��t  'V""', Vr'ir    !"��� _i
Manllail....     (slu.-r.      I'll'''" ",'"���,, SSbM
|..'r..u��-i"'i lopttrob-ao.th* M��i ,w
,",( Ma'a-lil"".1 ;"".'
and!   l'..niii|.-n.'liiK   ��
even mil.-, 'mm tin. ni
Hot '
����� ttStm
..t-u..rll..-nsi    .-..r...-.   .-���   -���-,���,     -.'riiiiiiir.il-'������ I
marked "B.a Bf, h oon    ;,,'"',Knoe-"**!
In chain,, iii*ii'-i.��':"i.*'.'.',:!v.'.'",, , i "I -""  I
i-iriiiris. thenoe essiml.'li" ti-
nel in.-lit. *a>illiilt.ni- HU
Ilalwl ���Kllll .lay ol AlIKU'
Nelson I...M.I lllstrlcl.
A,.-lil.�� A.'"-T0N^_!l_-
| ltas.1'""
nLtnciiw*.!^     .
,rll,,.l lair.I: lluntnt*!. ���Ii�� ""'���,,, ��r,*��J
lh* south'.."!.'..';'"' ol l��na -JJ^o ItoJS
Hvc miles Iroin   III*  l.i"   " ,    ���, ������ ���m�� J "
marta-l K K H.H. K
u..Uh Wl cl.nl
souih ml fl.-al
- "^;;,:!"-",n;''"ro'
,. easl 991 ii-i-"
AtimrK--- WW"
 ' "   '.   i rdo"1"1'
Nelson ..,..,.! I.l-inct    ''''ZlllZt'.'ti't
���-����� *��.-_^^--giftgS
..*- ��*
tona, Han., ooounatii
(or tiermli-'ilnii   '
orlbadUDdi  Cm
Frank K  Hen mini h ti.
i-O   H. N   K corner,
thaooa aouihau chat
diMlus  to   i;l
������'-"" ��**ia��_,.
������-���-���    , _     i-.n..-'"
I   la-uloliliik.
B��s..��. /
the Daily Canadian
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I cnest quality stumped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
and hotels, 7. '4 -***d -*H lb- Pailsi 6o -���>��� tubs-
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
kaslo, Rossland Boundary
n-i! lattiet. District oi Waat Kootenai-
,1 1,,-ri k Bheraa, of Nalaon,
pro :.   t'.r. tntenOa Uj apply
��� ��� iiw ii- ������ oyei tin* hOluwIna
,                     . ,,    n t*f_<_ln* ft it |-*��*t I'l-nM
��� .,,.. r.r lot --'J. I-.-U1-* Patrloh
itnn  post   nifitiitiK  aonth nn
j. V .    .,..-���. baina, thi sea north Be
���ni   to }��>hil  id  I'.ini'
Slat, IM7. Path-K '���'iisba-i,
Ban a Hihami, Agent.
District,   district of Wont KimtiMiay
I,,,, notlea that Patar i.uii.i. of
....-..ni lomtMnnan, Intends
��� .< ��-]-ii\l   ilml-t-r   Uoanoa over   tin:
tods     i '.fiiiii.'iii-tiiir st a
,,:ll.  i'n*l.TlV   potit of lol St'it
nf timber licence No 7nu.
::-, thenca past40chalna.
thani ��.��� west to chsins
meat* ��nd oontalnim
, I'ETKK I.rKll.
riion Un ll't-trl I   District ol Waal Kootenay
���   notioa that Peiet Land, ..f
'   a-, ii,Mon lumberman, Intends
nm. ,r uoanoa oral tha
landa      t 'imnni'iii ina  ��t a
in east   bounder?   oi lot t*l2, luo
lt Hi   Doo TU1H and to chains
;   -��� ��� lain   No. i  thenea north
iso- baina, thanea aonth su
.  wt'.tso ehalna to tha i-otut of
itut.atij   -untalntUK 880 acres, mon-
th   15W7. 1'ETSS l.vsn,
I ��� histriel   IMstrict of Watt -Coo'anay
I N I   -��� notloe that   1'e't.r  l.unil, of
���V Bl    '- ��� upatlon liimhernian, tntendB
I tlm her Ureses ores tha fol*
II vni| liescrlhcl landa: i ommi-ncttiR at a poht
I; . ��� ..undary ol lot Sl'2, HOchalnn
I                              .ii poal   rlaltn   Ho. 8,  thence
I:      - - .-���**- taut iso -ahain��. thenea
I* ibeooa vest ft) chains to point
I .:.    ..-r i   contalntng 6to acrvv,
II * .<-��-.
hsle. A-iK*.��i l*t, 1307. I'nr.a Ltntn
!--* tbat Ira F, lay lor, cicra. of Arrow-
���������I,���:* io apply for �� apaolai Uesncs
. Iron   tho    hdluwlnc   dcM-rlbcd
| Ko j CnBnen4sc at a poat planted TOabatu
JdiiUa-*e in *.���--_���'.-rly dirts-tlon iroin Cariboo
I -.* iral  faylor'a. W. Farklna' s w.
r ed on tha aoutb by T. L Wo 7--W-.
��� -i t.y i  [..  t*o.7fTa, tbenoa north ho
' --:-..   i ImniN. Hit-in---  HMith to
_ seal -  i tiaiua lo point ot rom*
1. v' - ' '���inm.-n'-mit ala poat plan ted 80 ehains
���01-.-.1I-* to-! mi K, .-.[.i-iy direction from OaJrtbop
��� "��� irked"** Parklna-. Ira F. Taylor - 8 W,
I' ���    bounded on th�� west hy T. 1* iwn.
��� ' .1'   Taylor*!  and   W-   I'arkins' T. 1..
��� rtb 40  rhalns.   thcnif  cast   li-O
I th to ehalna, thence vest IN)
���chtim tn no in <>i , oinmenceman*.	
j' 1 Dntliet,   l'l*lr|.'t of Went Kootenay
A     * i- bi n b. given that ai daysa'ter data i.
i������:.',! v Bwedberc miner,o( Maloon, ��.c , Intend
. ' ���  Hon   the   i hi��-f   fiuninliwdtiuer of
luni ��nd ��. m* !.,r h .*,,., ui Uoanoa to eni and
��� *-.*-*_���*,���, tlmbei (rom tba i-iiu-wing daaeribed
I- -niiiiiu creek, in tin' West
Is -i.i- uj :
f ommancinc at a poat market J l\ 8s
iheasti   rner aoat, looatad on
I -   '   iminli Break at-out two milss ln>m
I -   thenoe  .hiiiiIiir south to chain*-,
QtilDK west to ehalns, tbanoa runnm*
J ebalni, tbenoe   vest 40 chains, thci.ce
I -taias, thenna  nnmim* aaat40ehaina,
I ith to obaina,  thence cast 40
Plate of i -.ram. ini-ment.
located on ih. .'.uii day ol Aii(rn��t. 1809.
i-Hv p,ftsntunaao, Uwator.
i�� i in- agent Han k MoDoxaJUD
, . in| *��t n pool marked J   P. 8's
 OOrni r   |K��st. 'ncated on
i ���      *        hi crc.k, ttbotiltwo ..--Ues from
, thence running sonth Hi chains,
I ��� i-i ���* . imhir., thenea r'innlna
! halm   thsnee rnmiina area180ohaUa
I l ""���! *-���   rtoraant*
uxaiodon tbe ntb d��v nf Angnat, 1801
John t' BwaonKao, Looator.
pei bis sganI ntiea WoDotUI i��.
j^-iiUtil Iiuuict,   niftlrlct or West Koot.-n._y
������ thai J R, P.Btewart, ol Celllay
BsdiiI*    .   ' """ll'ill'iti   luin'o. niotii, uiteiids   to
' ipeclal umber Usance over Uu  taS-
L, Kr1 ���"������'-    Comuanoloa m�� i-ost
'-Z. .,,��   W11"11 uraaw aiatnt one mils south
������tvi   neai the hcHd watersoIOran*
:-m'i     !lurk"' -'   B i   utowart'a N. E, Annie
i      .  nni,,-,   T���,tUl   u  ,���!,���,n%    tlicnce   we-t    4il
''in. obaina, thanoa  -^>i 90
i' lfi ��� baina, theuoe aaat ho
-t..in ',    '""' ""-'th 86 ohalns. thonoa areatn
j., I''   "i  '"iiinicnceiiicnl, emtnlnlntr
1  l"7' lAMWM H. r Stkwakt.
1 DUtrlot. Dlatriot ol Want Kootanay
-!"!'',(!,|';,|,', ,I,M - K * Btewe*t,o. OoUlna
'pation lumieTtnaii, Intends to
ir'miiV .- fc,..T,,,1,.ltlmb,'r lieaoM war the tol-
P mti \'���'., u ",\l,,i*\ Con-n-eooini at a post
a..t ,.. ,, ''. ' ""tl ��idaoi nMniaii creek due
dnitu e__l     ,,"""ul;i   Moadow mine, about  80
��tewart'sM i?1     'I'"1 r,,,'*;   marked 1. R P.
���������>��������� ���  - ,,���   ��>'' I'0*'' ihence east w chains,
, ' w cbaina, thence wool M nhalna.
::���*., .'���;:;; ��� ���
' b    vrekl h ��� cnaiini
ihence us| wi obataB,
pi na oi commence'
:;:.���-.;:.���� M,i .,-��,������������.,���
i Und im.
K HliaaasKT.
n.l.   Iilslrli-t a.l ��-,.��� K..
IV,,.,,.  ".���"   ' i.il   I.   AI.-x��I,.I.T   lllll,.,,!,,   ���l
* :i1'-' I,',.,',,.",k- -isi.-ia.i to appiv Inr a apeeUl
land,            ""'   U*e loIWwln, deeoribed
11"<*-a',:'.'"J';',','.'''.'.,,''".'".'* l"mt Pi��"t...l at n ,n-
.",:.'"' ���"���" OlCorU i*r..a.ll  a. ill, Ilia-
   u  ,'''""���"' '" ohalna, thenoe -.-.-si
""'...ir..',, ,',!"*,"""",' *" nli-loa, iii, u. o eaai
**.'"''*. in.,,",,,I'i"'*,' """��inning, oonlMnluf
*"'"'.'Im,1'"'""'   '''"'' |,H''-
f'""-ii..r i'.'.'.iV"!" ,',',"'*' r'"""'.i .ni the bank
l""11"* ���-... i ,.,."' "I'i''..'.'" ebout (our miles
""'!l'**'.iis��� ' ","���""' lhe Meln or. ek, thence
",lr -ii. i. .���,'.,",'"''''  '""' --ohaina, ihonoo
BSr-^ ---:;.;;ri,!/.;,;;,^,t';,,!!;;:
- -a-issa-stw..
SL11" north lork,,' " '"'" |.l��nli..l a.n tbe I,Bilk
.""ls.-..,.||���.,,���" ','.'," Wook r.l.i.rrl li.ur mile,
n-.ru, s-,..,,..      'I" .nil. l|���. u,i- ,,,,,,.., ,,���.���,.,.
,,"'11 ��" i-i!.".', ,,"'"*'' ""-' "eohefna, thenoe
Sff "< 1"Kl.n.i,..- .*���>-���"' 10 .-hiiliis  t.i Hit.
orii-,,.     emnint, eontelnlng mo eorea, more
'""""' A"������i loti,, uc��
A-kXANi,.,, Olimnj, locator.
JJjp- _____  A    I'*' K��IT,   ABllllt.
���V'"^:''"i;::r', r",w'" K��-"^
N   s,"--'��'-'-rlb1.1| ;;;.;?, ��*">��� -'i��U,r  Inn.,  tho
1.1. Ill   '���"'lllll-lll. ���,    .    ���
mV""^'^!,,.;- '' "t a noai planted near tha
li.rr.   ,l""ll,<"�� N,, 7      .l  H   A;  '"Tlicr   post  nl
N<> <;",   l,,|iry i;..t,V .nH-1" wnoonoraoYand
\��,���.   '  Ml   ....'    "'"   -""itheRKI   corner  post
^t'l'ir1"   *'    l       M  ""��''��� ll't'iico wi chains
Data 'VM-U     ���   1,M��'1--'-ilieneo BO  chains
-���Sltd jujj .fl'.jjy'oiiiiunnoemoiit.
No  io noauaanolttg at a poal punted abont so
chains   more   or   loOB   aOOU    from    tba   nor'h
area) oornar ol lot ho. 2M.i on main Lemon
araak and najreed Uanrj Reiohart ia��t corner
ptist ko   U),thanoa40 i-hsin  north moreorlaaa
to Hhont midway of th��- aouth boundary line of
Umber licence Ho M-i-.. ibem-c I8tl chains west,
thence to chains hou tb. thence 1C0 chaini east
to coin, of c .in in en cc ni i nl
listed July iTHb, l'**7.
So 11 t:ommencliiK at �����".*.'. plantcl OQ .Mono*
ment creel, about 70 chains, more or leas, south
(rorn where Mo.-iument < r.-ek. emplys into Lemon  creek, und   iiciir  Henry   Keichert   northeast
comer ������*.*. or timber loeation ho 8, and i-ari ed
'lfeti'v Hi .' hen northwest corner pout Ko   11,"
tbenoalaoehaina south, thanea40 ehains eaat.
thanea 180 chains north, thenee 4" chnln-i wi.pt
lo tbe jMiint o- eoiniiiciK �����  .eni
listed July irth, lain.
hkvry RnennR, Eioeatnr.
N'eUon Land I'istrlct.   Diatrlet of Went Kim inay
Take notn-t. that I, Harold   N.   BdmOOntbO,  ol
Ferine, H. (' . clerk, luteti'l toap|>ly  lor �� special
timU-r    licence  over    the   following   dea'-rlhed
l.   i ommencliift at a [lost plannd at  tne cm*
Bnaneaottba nortn fork of Corn creek about
um B-Uaa Irom Its continence alth the Main
creek thence south 40 ohalna, thence west lfiO
chains, lbenee north 40 chains, thence east IGO
chain*' i.i tio- ptaOS <d |.i*j_ .i.iiiiik. cohlaiiiin-* '*4-i
acre,, mora or lees.
Umated aukusi nth, imt.
9. ComincUciUK at a post plant(.*<l on tbe bank
of the north fork of t-orn Bleak al-out iwn miles
from lis continence with the Main creek, thenoa
K_r.ii t-: HO eliHlua, theuce west Ho ihains, thence
north Ho chnins. thenc- eaat BO chains to * he
..i-te,' nf l��>'iiiiiiHK, cotitalniiiK 010 ceres, more
or less.
Located AiiKU-it 17ih, 1-4*7.
I Oommetictai at a pool planted on the hank
of the nortb fork of torn ere. k ahout four miles
from it�� confluence with the Main creeS, thenoe
aoutb Ho chains, thence east Hn chains, thence
Uorih Wi chains, theuce went BO chains to the
place of bca 1*tinln*c, containing t'-40 acrea, timr- or
l��ealed August 17th. U08.
.'i foinmeiicing at a ih.kI planted on the bans
Of tha north fork of torn creek ������' - 'M ��� m i�� -
from ita eon*lui..nce with lhe Minn creek, thence
north 40 cbatna. thenee east IU1 ebalna, thence
noith 4<> chains, tt ence w-ct n-i chains to the
I l ...* ..( beginning, containing 889 acres, more
or less.
Dah d August ltith, 1.-07.
fl Commencing at a post planted on the bank
oi the north fork of Corn creek el-out six milea
from iii- cotitlueuc- unii the Main creek, Iheuce
south ni chalus, tbence east Wl chains, thdhoa
norlh so chains, thence west HO chains to tbe
plaif of beginning, eoutaining ������." acres, mi)re
or leaa
I ,[������ ! Auguat 16th. 1W7.
1. Comuienclng at a |x>si planted on lhe hank
of ihe north fork of Oen Break p Unit six miles
from Its confluence with tbe Main creek, thence
son tn 80 ehalns, tbenoa west au chain., thence
iwuth Wt chains, iheuce cast W> chains to ibe
ptaea of beginning. Oontalnlng 04O acres, more
nr U as
1-ocated August Uth, 11881,
11   N. Kh.-Ciomhic. I_ocator.
A   Haiikkit. Agent.
Time (or advertising  extended by the Asslstiinl
torn in hssloner.
Nelaon l-aml Dlatriot   nistrict ol ** est Kootenay
Take nollce that Thn*. K. t_* Logan. Of Bonner's Ferry, neonpatloo imtnicr intends to apply
ioras|M-cial Umber licence over the following
rlooorloan lands: CommencttiK at a post planted
on the aouth side of Itoundary creek, about 10
miles weal ol the Kooienay liver, thence weal K'-
chaina, thanea aonth 88 ohalna, thence eaaiwi
cbatna, thenee north wi chains to iba pointof
coii-mcn.euieiii, and containing 840 acrea, more
or less. .    .
I����ted July flth. It"'. THOMAH K   L. tStGkti
Nelson l*aud Dlatriot    IMstrlot oJ Weal Kooienay
Take notioa that Henry i.itchert. of Kalaou,
B *_. ,  prospector, ln'eud to apply for a BpecUJ
timber  lleanaa o?ai  tba lollowlnj   aeeonbad
lauda: -
No.l.Ccmmeiictng ata post   planted  near H.
w.  northwest   oorner  pout, lot No, .tst>, aud
marked     "Henry     Keichert    southwest    comer
post " thenc,- to chains north,   thence  NO chains
cast,   thanOO  BO  chsllts  south,  thence Wl chains
weat to the point of coiii'iienucuu-til
hated Sept. the -Wlh, 190**.
Hkm.y BJBteBttTi Locator
Certificate   of   Improvements
������Montreal * anil ���'M-U-c* Mineral t lalmssltu-
ale   in    the    Nelson    Mining    l'lvinion,  of   W08I
Kootanay Dlsndot. , ,. ,   ,    .
When-locait-d.    west branch   of north fork of
salmon rprer, en '-uiig Hountatn, about tuna
mUei irom Erie, ��. C. ��� ���
Take notice Unit I. Atlr-I "rncsl gallWMi "00
Miner'.   CartinOaU   No. B8I8. Intend, sixty  days
in.,,, ihe date  hereof, to sppIi t��' tha Mining
Beoordar for a OertlOcata ol ImprOTamanta, tor
the purp-is- of obtaining t'rown t-rhiits 01 the
above ifalma.
And [urther take notice that action under
section .17. musl bccotniiicnccl bclcrc the Uan-
aticc of such iVrllllcatc ol lmpr..veiueius.
bated this 19th 'lay of Hcplcmbcr, 11*07.
Certificate  of Improvements.
������UnlOQ" Mineral  (Halm  sltunlc In the Nchon
Mining Division, Of the West Ko..tcnny DlstrlOt.
Where lOOatod; -00 Toad Mou itaiil two and a
halt mile* irom Nalaon, B.C. 	
Take notice that I, ���-   * Maodonold, aotlns as
scant for   Hugh  Sutherland,   Krcc   M nier s ( or*
lilicuie No. HI,. -'_".). Intend lit) days from  the date
iVn-id. to apply to tho Mining Raoordor tore
I'erttllcHtu of  improveincnts, for   the   DUrpOOO Ol
obiiiintng �� Crown  Grant of  the above cbinn.
And   further   UUc   nolice   that   Mtlon,  UndOr
Section 87,   ntUSl   be  commence.-   before   the  �����
sna-ccof .neb Oorllfloataol *---ProvTm*n?0-I
Outcil thlaSBTd day MPSSBBbffA^A     '
Tenders Wanted for the Puretuse of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addretscil  to the   On^^JK^itt^
pffloa i'�� the Oonrt HoofK ***** tiii'tbi
s'ei.on will bfl rccclvod up till the
bent'016 o'clock, in the afterncon, of fA
, av Mi Wr 1st. 1807. for lhe purchase ol
luV-Anuc" Mineral Claim. Lot 6-*i, QnopL
Vn,,,,.M.v    liNlrlct,   whl h   wns declnrc-1   to   be
M?Suedrto thaorown st tho tai Bag held ... thy
....        i tfaaiann   .oi the fit i d n V Ol November, IWO,
i ���^i"lin.'��.',',l Itt* .... llU'Imi" SU*-. -W. ��--
00���l,���   nr..ni ih.. siii.i mineral ol��li-j
...ni-uiili'.l l.y nn i'
,., i. tender
,. !:*:,,v,i;;!,';:;^",'!i..f"ii"��''.v.v.v..';';.rri,r'i.'..'''
','    .   i. i ���'. r'.' ..i iho I'.'i.my nommWHoner
1  i  ., i   .     wort, rn vi.-i.hIii. B. q . in ta.
"'I,,;;,t'.'.;!";:,���'Neiwin/i. a. ma-it. -eyofiept.
!��."* UA11RV WHUillT.
Uoveriiinenl Agonl, Nela.ni. "��� u
Experiences   of   Mounted   Police   Alona
West and  North  Shore., of
Hudson's   Bay.
Winnipeg, Oct 7.���Seldom doea such
an Intarwtlng gronp or visitj.-s nn.vo
in Winnipeg uh a little squadron of
North Weat Mounted PoIIm that came
in Saturday. Eight of tho bturdieBt
young  lellowa.chapt'nuioil  in  :i  .,i-y  uy
a veteran of no jreara    acrfice,   who
have just com pie ted u.uir year's official Bervlce in the _TO_sen, iaconceiv-
nble land nacning trom Fori Cburahll]
Lo Cape Kullerton. With u liberty that
ia pan of an Arctic pat-."Jluiitn'a makeup, i hey tell of the trying and wild
expetiencea that lait i-j Uto tot o! i .o
solitary guardians of ihe pefto-3 and He
lone repieaentativea of tmporut] authority in the coulines ot ilie BUUiUierleSB
Zone. The longest service man in tne
party is Borgoant Nicholson, who came
iu from Kort tjuurcli'll, and tvuo joined
ihe Mounted Police ic lih-j. With Ber-
ffeant Nicholson are \. BtOUart, Fori
iliiirchlll. Leslie l.;iiiu*.. York Factory.
H. Verity, and V. K. Heap. Ix>th oi Cape
Fuliiiton Northwest Mounted Police
pasta. Besgeant Nlehoiipn gave nume
idea of the conditions and circuni-itau-
ces that enter into the life of a patrolman in the far northern circle of ice
and snow. F. E. Heap spent two years
at Cape Fullerton. Houglily speaking it
it approaching 1800 miles north of Winnipeg, so far north that distances are
incalcuable to the unlravelled mind.
When the Northwest policeman goes on
a beat that requires months to do it once,
after he leaves the fort it 1s to his
chance alone whether he ever returns.
"We had a particularly rough time In
corning in," sail Seurgt. Nicholson. "On
leaving Fort Churchill on the first of
September, It took us 25 days of rough
travel to reach McLeod's place at Cross
Lake, Norway House. In all my twenty
years service it was the toughest experience I ever went through. The
weather was outrageously bad. but the
pace set by the Indians in the office ���-*.'*
canoe leading was a gruelling one, but
towards the finish they did not have so
much on the white man.
" We went in by steamer toward
Churchill, and    tlie    boys   stationed  at
To All   Points   In   Kootenays.
AND   DETROIT  TO   NELSON   $39.45.
MONTREAL, $46.10; OTTAWA,$44.85;
HALIFAX,  $56.40.
Correapondlngly Low Ratea from and
to All   Intermediate Pointe.
Prepaid paarage _rrans_���.   Kesprva-
ll.ina  siTiirird.  vie.  U-T0-__   tills  oHIcl-.
For further irartleiilars call or write
AH.I". A..V.I1.-OHV1T. l>. PA.. Nclsaan
Certificate ol Improvements.
"HlK llaipa' Fraa-llatii*' MlniTal I'lalm, sltimta.'
In Un- Trout l.akai MIiiIuk Hlvlslmi, ol Wa-st
Ku..l"liay   lllstrlcl.  Loarilleal   on    I'oplar   oreek,
THki- notlc.r Ih.t I, I'. I'a.lle** Kreo Miners
l'i-illll.'.ue KO. HwliSh'., Inleinl Wl .lays Ira.in the
.late Ii.t.-i.I ta. npply t<> Hie Mining lleiri.rala-r lair
a I'erllti.'ftli' '��t liiipri.vements liar lhe pnrpa.sir ail
Obtaining a t'rown tlrant ol the aliove Claim
Anil further take unllue that ai'lluu miller
Heotton rn. musi be t-a.niineiii'c.l heloro the
lssusil.'e ol surh .lertllleste of linnruveniouta
llaluil this Mh alay ol October, 1907.
In r>" mnttor of hu np|il!cntlon for the issue nl
..ui'lO ���'<���*��� ni the  Uartffloatt *t ol Tltlt-to I oil 11,
19 mi.i in, irotiD i, wait Kootanay Dlttrlota alto
kiiown nn tbe ���Kootenay Chicl." "Coinlort" anil
"Lulu" mineral Qlatni reapectlvely.
Notl."' Is hereliy ��ivm thul 11 ln my Inteittloti
to iHHiie at tlie ex|ilrntlon of one month aftpr the
Hist pnblloatton hereof a ilui-llente of Cert ideate
of Title No. l��!H)la of nn uiii.tvl'leil Ht-UJOIha In
eaeh of the n'-nve lots, is-n.-.i on the nth day of
Mav. A 1>,1886 In the innne of lohn (', Ainaworth,
unit also n .luplteiUe ol ("i i Hi.������.(.��� of Title No.
��|.MXln ol an uiulivl-l-Ml ID-lotit'n. in eaeh of tho
above lot*, IsMiet on the 17th day of May, A. 1>
lHWl.ln the name of Oeorite J. Aim-worth.
Land iteKtalry Olllee, N.-Isoti, 11, <;., AligUBt ftth
l'latrlet Keglitrar.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 60 to 6000 acres.
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Pruitvale you
miss the best in B. C
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
Cape Kullertcn reached tlie quarters by
water. That in easy enough aud the
acme of comfort so far as the north
goes, to go in by the straits and cross
the bay, but we came out by the way of
the Nelson river, and I know now from
personal experience why the Hudson's
Hay company used the Haines river. If
we had come that way we would have
saved several days time. The portages
were moat living, and one day we made
only two and a half tulles. The Nelson
river drops between 400 and 500 feet
the firs! hundred miles, just enough along
that entire distance to compel you to
take your canoes out of the water and
carry them quite 100 miles.
"On September 16 we were in a pitiable plight. It was the first of the usual
September storms, and sleet and snuw
fell until for eight days we did not have
a dry stitch of clothing on us, up to the
knees In mud and long haules through
the brush. Such un experience would
deter any man from going back. Y.'e
are losing three In this party, and If
they had not made up their minds before, the long hard trip along the Nelson
river I think would help them make It.
I would not want the trip again myself.
At Cape Fullerton the policeman is explorer and customs collectors, and I
presume it is his duty to see that no invaders annex any territory under the
pretext of discovery, with the American
whalers coming into the Hudson's Bay
for a three years expedition. Thoy
have to be looked after and the customs dues paid. It is the duty of the
mounted police patrol, which covers h-.:lf
a continent, to watch that northern latitude for anything and everything. It
is not possible to define their exact
"A Northwest Mounted policeman tn
the boundary of patrol limits is much of
tin arbiter of all things under his observation In the tremendous territory that
he cover on his beat. He has Instructions of course, and is aiueuable to discipline but he is the only Judge of circumstances and his report must
bo acceptable Sometimes his experiences arc bitter In the extreme. Some of our fellows were five
days without food and the dogs were
eight days without food on the last trip
in from a round of the bay capes. They
know, of course, what they may have to
risk, and men not equal to the risk are
not sent on such  rounds."
We have them In 6tb  and 8  tti  Sizes.
Quotations   glvnn on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
F. C. GREEN       F. ?. BURDEH        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineer.-, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Survcyo's
r. 0. Boi 145   Phon- 2*1 B.
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Asw-gsment District, Province
of British Columbia,
I hereby give notice on Frlrta.. the Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court House, Nelaon, I). C, 1 shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of tie persons
in said list hereinafter set out, for the alelinquent taxes unpaid by aaid persons an on the thlrty-flrst day of December,
1906, and for interest, costs and expense., including cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due Is not sooner
Description   of     Property.
A. R. Wilson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, SO	
C. H. Duncan, .'20	
P.   Grisehell.   61.21	
E.   Mallandulne,   120	
M.  McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. llendren, 35	
R. Helm, 40	
Lot   914	
In  lot   3266 	
Lot 5076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.   15,  lot  812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot S12	
Bk.  5, lot 891	
Bk.  14,lot 891	
Bk.   20,  lot 891	
���John BetO*. 6.37	
N. Gagnon,  99.20	
Mrs. L. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Co.,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91  	
Ryan At Donelly	
Broken Hill M. & 13. Co., Ltd.,29.89 	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay. 148. 20	
R.  L. Baron,  153	
M. Kalvey & Randall, 775.53	
In Sec. 3, 4, 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15. Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6.   Tp. 40, all	
In Lot 1241	
Iu Lot 4BH	
In Lot 4598 '..' '.I'..'..'.'.'. '.,".'.'.'. .V.'.l"','.
1 *s
*  B
s -
s ���?
s _.
8 60
28 05
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector. Nelson Assessment DUtrlct.
Tremont House
-European tnd Amerlcao PlftD
Haali _-*> cu.    Kooxnf from *.'.*-. rti. to 11
Only White Help Kmplo-fod.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor!
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswill buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$000 cash and the bf lance on extended payments w.ii buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRD
M..-.* '-ot.ifort._bk- niiartorfi       NclP'>rj]
On<y tlie beet ol Liquor* and * it**-...
Grand Central Hotel
Fire. Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insarance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Thoroughly renovateil and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the clly.
House heated throughout with hot
3. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce, Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
B��_fir Street. Nelion. B. 0,
Lighted by Klectriotty a,*u
Heated by Hot Air
l_.rytr ��nj t:omtor.��lnt' Bealriai.ios sua*  Pints
.���i.ssDtuliiK Room.   Sample Kimms Ior 1'ai-ara r-
-Ul   Mvn.
MRS.   tt.   "I.CLARKE.   Fro-arla .rels
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Dar .��� the Plueit.
Whit* Help Only .employed.
Joiephlue Si.
Nelion. R. 0
Royal Hotel
l*__f�� ___���������
Kates *1 and J1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
In the mitt'*r ol hit tii-pi!-���-!'Inn lor tho li-sne nf
r Anplloati CiTttflcHto nl Title for purl (10 arret.)
of Lot 819. OroUP Onet in the DIM Met of Knott-iit_y.
Nntiee It- lierobv t*iven that ll Is my Intention
to lame nt the explr.ition of one month Inmi tho
first i.iihlieiitlon hi-reof n duplicate "f the Certificate of HUo for thu above lumli- in the wt-tt-a
nf Andrew Morrl.on. which t.ertiletitn nfTlVe
in (luted th�� 5th day of March, lyoo, and numbered >:i'��K.
Land Kegtutry Offloe, Ncinon, h. 0.,September
wih, iwn.
''11. P.M.U-I.W.IV'
Pit-trim l.i'niNtrar.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tlie
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy noiv and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
moms anil bath, 50 fl. corner lot,
ca-ntra'ly  located, one-half    carsh.
balance   on   terms $2100
. i-'iiinia and bath���excellent reiiair,
electric Unlit, water, sewer, 1  1-2	
lots, on   terms $2000
: rooms, water, electric liKht, chicken house, woodsheil: on terms. ,$ 750
. rooms wllh two excellent   lots ln
Fall-view;   water $1*150
Victoria  St.   (76  ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.   (50  ft. corner) $ 376
Chatham St.. Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
G 3-4 acres, rasy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F. B.  LYS
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker  St.,  Nelson.  B. C.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.   Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holtU certificate from
Uoyal Academy for ptauoforte playing
and slug! Qg. Cert iflcutu from Trinity
College, London, Dug., for theory of mu-
t-tc. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelson.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In the mnticr ot tSl uppiicaiion lor ��he Isms o!
it iliipllrateol tin- (YrUfl-aU- of Title lor Um
avi, iKOa, an-1 2-in--.   GrOtip 1   Kooteimy   t-litrlct.
vuilre ts hetoby oWen that It Is my intention
t ��� l*r>nr at the sxi-lrstion of ens month from tht��
nr. i piiMicntii-ii boreof a dupUoets CerttlUatt. of
T'i'e to the Hhi.ve .ton* ribod IhihIh, In the umncol
.i-ini.'-. Roderlok foberteon which Oer till rate In
iWti-il theft!* il...-* uf August, is'.is, and is num-
bore 1 lttO.lt
l-i-n-l Hi-��i.lry Offloe, N--l-u.ii, B.C. aut of
AiiKUhl, 1007. It. F. HACLBOU.
IMHlriut (-.-���Kiotrar.
I.  E. Users of Electrical Sad Irons
Tbe City Council has fixed a flat rate
of 60 cents per month for each Klectric
Iron used ln private houses and $2.60
per month for each Electric Iron used
tor commercial  purposes,
And notice ts hereby given to all
those using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (If they have
not already done so) for power required.
,YNYONrc found using Electric Iron*
or other heating device without first
making application for power will be
prosecuted without further notice.
By Order, W. E. WA88ON,
City Clerk.
Nelson. 11. 0,, Sept. 26th, 1S.T.
j.1     :
i 'fv't
Ifc    ;-.!��..
.     t.'r
-     *
' li;* ���
t $$ s*
I*" i
%mm I'll
*ii .���'
���' ���    ,
i ;i
:' .   M:
The Daily Canadian
TO   QET    UP
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 aud $..50. The
very best.
it nuumfsetared from   n��* Antm  to-wc* . ��� n-
ripened snd dew-sweetened     if*, mild, full-
flavored aii'l i*ool     A lobseeu you
OUgbl t*' tr;
fobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Piicne 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Froit,
F��cl & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co>. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terras.
H* E. Croadsdaiie & St
Next Door to Baak
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofiug Pitcli aud
Hour Build-��� will -ml it to their a-I-
YTO_Bg. to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111  Eaat Baker 8t. Phonr  No. A11*
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer* in (-tap1*-" and tojUty Qr006_riflff��
Butter.    Yaat\lti.
Cainp and Miii'-r*-' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sec   C   K
Mining  Work  a  Specialty.
Ofllce.   I!.a!.-y  Btdldlng.    P   O.  Bon 48*1
n-.i.-r   St..   NEI.fin-al.    Tt    r.
���_- -r    V-,rn..ii   .-������*.'   ""-Vm-cl   Stroets.
rsi ;i .SON, ir*. <_i.
W. B. Mountain and wife, Montreal;
r. BUles, Seattle, F. C. Body, Spokane;
.1. R. Boynton, Fernie; T. Theilen,
Duluth; C. C Snowdon, Calgary; .V
Crow, W. Poster, Rossland; G. Hards
worth, K Hadsworth, Montana; It
Sanlter, Winnipeg;; 3, it. Stewart, <'.
Dobson, .!. v. Borne, C. V. Jonas, R
Simmons, Vancouver; J, 11. Thomas,
London, Eng; E. W. Spalding, Lincoln;
Mis- Rhodes, Victoria; N. Wei mea,
Trail; J. T. Price and wife, li. Brownlee,
Best  Located  Ho-.cl in  Nelson
DntSet lhe inarntpri-ni'nt of  R. K. Noble,
late ol Toronto, f)itnwft nnil
W.  Anderson, Trail:   F.  Ilford, C. C.
Bock, Lowei  Arrow  Lake;  Q. J. Booth,
Vancouv* r;  Jaa   Can u       Montreal; K.
W. Duller, Victoria; F. Walker, Tacoma
D. A. Kennedy. Spokane; G   Ellis and
.. -.���    vv   L  BrowU   Calgary; F. N. Win-
in, Burton on Trent; .1   A. Munson,
H. W. Bennett, Calgary; A. G. Beeton,
Fernie;   r   K   Bonoherani and wife,  M
Kiddle, "   \   3apandourk, Burton City;
.\    i:    EHifl    Wetasklwln;   C.   Bennett,
Spokane; J. Pipkin, Say ward*
L.  D,  .Smith,  M   Amos,  Spokane;   D,
c. ry, .)   A. McCoy   A, <-. Canning, Slocan; a. LaVan Soyoe, Southern Saskatoon.
M    Adams,  A.   Morrison,  Cranbrook;
1.   Murphy,  Chicago;   W.   U  Grey,  C.
Griffin, Beattle
Trying for Record.
Aboard the Str Lusitania, -> p, m. Sun-
Oct. 6, (by "A.!' ileaa telegraph, was
of the Lizard. Eng., Oct. ".)���The
Lu Itania, which lefl Queenstown '���'
L0-2S thia morning for New York, will
be approximately In latitude 51.05 degrees north, longitude 15.08 di greea
west, af .��� p. m. today. From Daunt*!
Rock ih.- steamer had averaged 23.86
kn ta and waa -������������ nautical niilea from
this point. The wind was westerly,
rain was falling and a heavy tea v&e
running, it waa understood that th��
Lu ���' ani a waa a", mm Ing to ma'
record.   The vibration art was marked
Mia ing
r-*ei_sop*-.,   -    B- c.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, din
Ing room, kitchen, bathroom; hot ancJ
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Ak'-iu for Trtttcott tannebsi
mul Paterboi o Ctnoea
Plm if l*ol of  Hofttn in H  C
��� tt Joaspl ln< -'      Tc)   ai
The regular meeting <>f the city council will be held in the council chamb* r
i tils evening ai 8 o'clock.
Jurors' Pay.
Grand and Petti jurors at the late as-
alaea ..ill receive their pay when they
call at the mining recorder's office.
Metals  Falling.
After being practically stationary for
a fortnight silver and copper have again
declined, silver at 65)6 cents, and copper at  It cents.
"OB BALB    - flood ' b' cm
r. pair    Apply W   a  Tl
l.n-r \ I.AM" c\l Hit' LL-* wilh !:<���'-. nmr**"1
bandit -left at K V Hull, "ii nlshl nf Blh
Bept Pindot plftsao return to 1*h kiT*. Km
ploynent Ags&vy -_ii<_ tcoelve rewsra,
.'���-��� \ j.Hir oj long brown gloves, between
��� ���<��� I hi i t-oriiei of Hiwuiev nti'1 Carbonaii
i reel      '��� i   ���.. to Canadian I 'tti' ������
QOLO CHAIN, between UoOfpr tool Vernon
Btreels Nul able r-ward wt" l�� l��''** tor it*
return.   McDermld A UcUardy.
A   l'��'''KK'l 14(1" i K    ror   'ult-lll-!  H *-Il,ltc.1   l-tliqll- tit
thaSaoond ..*-...���( Mining Comi>a*r->, p��y��M��*
to ���    C wade, mh. letters     Fin-fer  kindly
I aave st N.�� I'Ih..-1.....
two r_B_-iM*-a__- noon*. KM>
nl* hai'isi-kfeliair. Kr.1 Hal. K   W  1
r h... la-'l
WANTKIi   Situation bv fooag Bootmnan (mar
rJod) m iDiiik to I-wkIc anylnlng! eaperlvneeul
in KTOQaiTi   wi*jc   nni)   i-iilrlt   tnil'-       Arnirf-ip
I). I) , I'-iily <' ���nieilMii Offloe.
Harvest Thanksgiving  Services.
bt. Saviour's and the Hetbodtsl
church a were crowded at hoth morning
and evening Bervlces yesterday and thi
special harvest festival music at eaeh
was well rendered.
���'We Are  King."
C. i*. Walker has engaged David B.
Gaily, the well known actor, for a'west-
ern tour in "We Are King." The toui
..ill include all the principal citiea wesl
of Winnipeg, and the management prom
lae an early visit to Nelson.
l.arr na-a-.l nut I* n. ; Iv.-'v . is,.K,-,l ,���, .ancli.
rur piirl|.iil��rs��p|.lyl' li Vlimn Kit.
WANTKI)   l-.l.-.-irli-Lii. Kiiml.li. ,,,-wij-  ���lrl	
RS^r^.V.Tali^.'ll.i?:. "��-*
Fruit  For  London.
Jamea Johnstone, who has undertaken
the collection of fruit for this dlBtrici
i ir exhibll in London b) Messrs Martin
burrell and it. M Palmer, requests tbat
c n ributions be left for him oare of J.
A.   Irving.     They  should   consist  of six
Bpeclmens of eacb  variety, and  winter
variety being acceptable. They should
be wrapped separately in double thick
nessea of paper, and must be in not
later than tomorrow, Oct. Sth.
WAN-hi*��� i<:iiK.ift.i:i,ii 2A. ii.mii kltuatlon for
wf-ek or I0111.1-- gond Hbol-kr, nsad to offloo
routiue.   Aa.I-. -- u. w  H  Pwlly Canadian.
WANTKI)- To I'l.n tu_*eaOoou Coat, Cnnh Buyer!
Apply i. ti. H. noe U.h o !������ ��� .
Li  Chambers.
His Honor Judge Forin held chambers
this morning aud disposed of many ap-
: nations. C. H. Hamilton was granted
tera uf administration in respect of
the goods of Robert Armstrong and ol
Antonio Dinicola, both deceased. In
structions for pleadings were given In
the cases of Covello vs. Granby, Hug*
gard vs. North American Land and
Lumber coin puny, attorney-general and
Rattan vs. ESgan, and Paulson vs. Hathaway, in all of which S. S. Taylor ap
peared for plaintiffs and K. C. Wraggi
for defendants. In Riatan vs. EQgan, it
M, Macdonald also appeared. W. H
Bullock-Webster applied for payment
out in Smith vs. Mackenzie; order
granted, a week's notice to he given a'
hauiii.w, 13.     J,   OShea   obtained   ordeit-
of payment out in Wood-YaJlance Co
vs. Holt and  in Buyer vs. Gil-won.
Andalusite is an Ulumlnous silicate.
The large crystala of this mineral are
called chiastolite. It occurs on clay
s la tea aa a  result  of contact-metamor
lib ism. The (Mpper deposits ot U-aul-
ton, Madera county, California, occur
in chiastolite Bchist, near granite.
It Is profitable to provide good venttl-
tion in mines, as men can accomplish a
great deal more in good atmosphere
than in one laden with foul gas. The
expense of Installation and the operation
of the plant will soon he paid for by
the gain in amount of work performed.
When the United States land office
has issued a receipt to the applicant for
patent to u mining claim, such receipt Is
equivalent to patent, and the owner of
the claim will not he required to perform any further "assessment** work on
the   claim   lor   which   patent   Is   sought.
Mica is largely employed in electrical
construction because of its superior
properties as an Insulating medium, it
is used most extensively in the sockets
of Incandescent electric lamps, For this
the small scrap pieces resulting rrom
trimming the larger sheets, and the
small natural sheets are mostly utilized.
An adit Is a mine opening run hm-l
con tally in a hill or mountain. When
this opening  extends  entirely   through
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed iu tho Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought foi
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We btake Our Reputation ou
the Quality and Receoiiiiueiid
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. ML Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Block . Plume  10.
Oolden West   Soap   Powder
in 3-lb. packages, 25c.
Cornpr Silica and Josephine at��
phom; 1
This is a ^elected I           i       ore lm-
[..iilanl. and  lhe  n r   nl       Lltles in
new and  recent  li-
"The Daughter ol ���   ���   C    w," tlu-
new .McC'Htch.'on cloth       35.
' Saian Sandt-r Eh mini.1
Khas. jiapa*i* 7- ��� 1  J -   .
"Joseph Va  ��� im  De Mnr
Ban, deacrlbi 1 it novel
���if ihe .iii'.i oen tit n ;:
"Spirit  Lake,'    i.- Aithur  Hemming,
rhith  $1.5).
"The   I    :i :   Labi Trail."   by  Dll-
���. .ri Wallace, cloth  I
"The Crimson Con in ," l.y C'haa. ll
Hudson, . l-.th  {'
��� The roung. r Set." by RobL W
Chambers, author ol The Btghtlng
Chance" cloth  $1.36
"Thi- dghtlng Chance," by Chambers
a-liith $1.35.
"Thar Glen o'Weeptn**," l.y Marjori.
Bowen, 1-l.uli $1.35.
"Th.- Braaa Elowl," hy Louis Joseph
Vane.', cloth $1 35,  paper 75c.
"The I'ri.-.st." by liar-.Id Begble, clot!
We give the promptesl and lia-st service it is pais-nhli* to give. We despaic'r
all orders the day iha-y are received,
and we fill ihem rlghL
Try  us with youi   next  mail  order.
W. G. Thomson
i??TKiaori!iiR "-    Nelson, B. C.
Phone .1*4.
the hill, it is called a tunnel,  in mining
practice it is custuinury or tti least
proper tu designate tbe main working
tunnel the ""aillf." ahhoimh all other
tunnel.s, not extending through the hill
arc also properly adits.
One effect of the luipeniton of operating copper mines will be the curtail
ins somewhat of the copper output,
which will in- an aid in creating a higher
price. Cupper is .-till hovering around
17 centn, though it is quite likely to go
*-rinu*what lower. The law of supply
ami demand is beginning to aseeii ttaelf
and will probably he more in evidence
Xearly every kind of woods Is employed to support mine workings, but,
as a rule, that is used which is easily
obtained. On the desert of California
yuccas are ��ometimes used for this
purpose, for which they answer admirably in that dry atmosphere, though
their resistance of compression is limited as compared with other firmer
Fullers earth Is a natural mineral���
a hydrous biilllcAte of uluintila, and baa
the property of absorbing grease an I
oil, which makes it particularly vain
hie for fulling    cloth,     which   fact   has
given it its name, it resembles clay ll
appearance, is usually grayish white,
and crumbles In water, not becoming
plastic like clay, ir occurs abundantly
at many places in the United States.
A "but-cap'" in a mine Is one extend
ing from a post to and against the hanging-wall; an "extenston-eap" is one
which reaches across two sets far from
the hanging*wall to the second post
from It. in the square set system of Um
bering; a "cap-stir is a Umber which
rests at one end in a hitch cut in the
foot-wall nTir| at the other on a rap, sn
that at one end ll acls like a cap. and at
the other a�� a sill*
nil   mi.J   K.-itiii l-.-Hi,**-*- in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on  ihOfSSSt notice and
lowest   plioe- .Nothing   but    tr    i    EUld
wholesome meats and sappleskeptiufatoi U
2-Jnil orders receive cureful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVELS.   Ma_ag_r-
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket     35c
Peaches, per lb       15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for    25c
}. A* IRVING k CO.
Telephone 161.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
%o to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
\1I kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
W.    a.    GILLETT
Contrnctor   n i nt
Mi HK*-��t lOT Om* fori.. RlrO l.umU-r CO , Ltd..
rtjtHll fftfllt. K''ui*h nnil dra-WSd Itimtn't ��� . ��� ��� . <l
work Mini bracket!, Coott wtii ind ���hlnglet, nth
���iinl doOTS. (Vni.'iit, brick mi-1 Mint' for -talc
AutnoiHtlc erltiUfr.
Y��rd mi'l tOOtDTft Wrnon St.. emit or Hall
NBUSON,   li. t;.
P. O. Box -82. T- |.-tihono !7"
By vlrttic  ot h   WUrrant  ot   Kxeculjon   larasd
out of ihe c.iiiiit-f Court of  Vancouver,  bol-leo
ut Vancouver mi tin- milt i.f Me-t-rt.    Y.\ hu-   i     I
man Kiel KvhIi-    f'l*lutiff-.  m.'ie:i-r   Lbl Canada
/lie-    ''ompmiy,    l.lmiie.l,    I-������f<ii* ��,ni,   1   bar*
-ei'.e.) Mini taken into tfxscnuon ��n tba tight,
title nn-i inter, m .if ttie .--ill 'left imme Canaoa
Kino Company, ulnitwli in h nnaatity of
inie !itn"rv inn nt. Btores- t'>"ir*. iinplanivnti Un
brlek, ami enmiiinii hriek, tmw situate and ftorod
on tho premlaaoi the Mid Catudfl Zinc Com
paiiy. Uml tea, n ij'-tniiiK lbeihtpyardof<'anadl-
mi Paoldc i;niiitn) Company aboul ona mllai i -t
of Kelaon, all ofwblob, or loflleisnt tbereni in
tmtSuty the j ]-.L{ r-.i-fit neW apd ooata, j a] i
poa�� /-.f m e, m' toy nlttee. In tba ' ny '>' N* lion.
It i ,un Batnrday, tba nth 'lt*y ot Oi tober, i��n,
nt tho bom "f i*' o'olook ooon-
An inventory of lbo ki��hU mni ehatte). to ba
���old may ba aoaii nt mi oflloa up to da)  ol mltf
Tarnu r,i iala nr.- i-anb.
Intending pureheaera win si.ii-.fv tbemiu Irei
rut in intejeal nnd tit la ol Iba aala Defendant.
Canada /me * .ompaJiTi L-imlced.
j ai NeUon, ti r , Mtb dmj d| -, pti tnbor,
>/  i-.-m 1 ll  Kl��,t.
SA"VIUI_.L_,   A.   WYE
Ml  Kln.la nf  IlnntlnK  I'liints In  Stuck
Victoria St., Nr. ODera Houw.      Tel. 181.
Transfo.m your kitchen Into a chee ry dwelling home by installing
'I'lnit In n fuctor you must keep In mind, mul tho now ronu-r In l.rllKh
Columbia want* a itov* thai nilu all purpoioi,   Barm any foal;  brighten.
ilm kitchon;  mnkr-H camkinK easy and economleal.    Book's  Uarll   Ransi
bi-Bl for all cnnklng ur hiiiiiliin;   tha  Btroii(-(aBt.  tho  handiest, mimt ile
tha. bi-si for hu oooldng nr heating;
pandabls und greatest fuel-saver.   .
Standard FurnitureCo.
Complete House Furnishers and Under-takers.
Agents  Mason  S.  Rlsch Pianos
Owing in nn  Inoreaalng budnaea in
the regular llnea of Drugs and Station-
cry we must have more room, and u|ii
have m close .mi several ur -._- -KMn
llnea." We oommenoe ��iiii china
ware. Our new stock Is nil In tor tbe
Xni.'is irini... and |, -jj ,,,���.��� |n
Clearing   Out   Prices..
a visit tn this departmant win inn-,-.
.'sl  you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and  WARD.        Phone 81
lhe Hall Mining and Smeltii
Company, Limited.!
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
m. A.  ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
l-t~ap.��lr-|l,|_   ...,_   ....lainUK   aaa:_lla;.laallli   D.spiat.h.     a.*,.., \|.,.i
wo, k. Mlrslns ....J .Mill ,M.i_hi���>,r,.     .M...,_>,,_���_"-"��;,,
Or��   Our*.,   H.   U.    C....lr���a.l,,r.*   CJ-.r��.
NELSON,    t3. C.
The -Bare" Wear Only
would tie c-nough to recommend our tofr
i'-okiiiL- and oasy-fltlltif; Stu*��, but -hew
is a RiylishnesH alxmi tht-ra ud a lut*
lni; lhftp*Ua��M th.it iff makng them
vi v ; ,. ul;tr :iMi'-ii;- "ni':: fffco bi - '
Th'-y are mndi* on the D0VMI '-tsts. nf
th<* b'*et l'-ath'TS. and roDfo-Bi w the
m">8t approvod styles In men'i footwetr
We arc ready to fit. all f��t. and at
prices that make Shoes look .fie a ?.tt
MANUFACTURERS      T   ^^amtaaaaxan       Cf.__.jAf
AND DEALERS IN    1-*tlttl De*,   OlUngleSt
L.tith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work, nnd hruckela.
vum.noin trmwr - -
Mail Order* nromptly ntK-ndedt-
mm Ttrt b. o.
\VI-iolt.Mfi'��_. Provlalnrm,
OoYernnion- Creamery One Prmiirt Hrt.rkn r-*cplv.*d weekly fre��h from f>��
ehurn     For Hide by nil lending (rroce-T.
OITloe and wnrehimHe :  IIniistnii Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelson, B. C.
War w-niild Ilka- to IM .'ill niir i.aliaiiisi'iiinroitiible f ll Ih winter nml ll"'r'l<'r|||!
do hu wa- luiv.a In ItCKJk tli>- toll iin-mri ed   line nf li.-iiiIn** Htovi'S nml n*
Htnvr'H [iiiii rangsa btot txtor. presented to the pniiiie in KootenB..
We an.niii be pleased tai ihow you   our Un* end betore mnUinK >'"""'
iliiirri. kindly -a.... whui we hnve t.i otter.
J. H. Ashclown Hardwaf-
Company, Limited.
for All
We Curry hii Aiwirtniwit of Urn"
KxteiiHiveiicHH and Variety
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchtrs' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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