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The Daily Canadian May 9, 1907

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Array ��i)e ptUvj
Ilumb I. No. 285.
Iners Back at Work in
All Camps
ation in East Kootenay and Alberta Coal Field���Many
Have Left Country.
Bpeclal to Tha Dally Canadian )
iiiik-. May 9.���Work lias been on-oe
returned throughout this district
ssiyoue throughout the province
Pnulid with delight the termination
��i niggle, which if it had lasted
longer threatened to paralyze In-
.,  iu an extent hitherto unexperi-
nieiiibcrs   ot   the   conciliation
: s i>in!ng Irom outside places, have
I a-n, Mackenzie King, accompanl-ed
II: William Mulock, going west last
lit-    They will pro-Deed to Vancou
.'!  Victoria, returning to Ottawa
main line, stopping over al Banff
.situry  for a day  at each place
leaving.   Sir Wm. and Mr. King
aed 1 heir extreme pleasure at the
as and welcome which had been
_���������������' them on every side,
ere is   no  question   In   any  one's
who has followed the situation at
is- lhat lt Is only due to the per
(I   untiring   and   diplomatic efforts
lackenile  King that the linal  and
agreement  was  reached,  and
11 liauks of this whole western coun-
due him.   Operators and men
[now Dimly -established on a friendly
Ing, and there ls more of a mutual
1 sounding than ever   before.    Hr.
1 mtiii. the president of tbe union In
district, has proved himself a man
exceptional ability and one who ls
Ilini; to accept all kinds of abuse and
p        hard work in the Interests of
'inpluyeeB.   His efforts have been
(lrlng.    With  the cleverest  men  ln
W'sivincc   pitted  agalnBt   him   and
tiding with dissension among his
-links, he has gained for himself
���isliable   reputation  of   being   the
labor leader In this pass who has
"sine successfully through trouble
I      kind and sent his men back to
|ls ssn a better scale.   Yesterday and
Hie Coal Creek trains have been
riled with men returning to sign on
"rk.      Agrcat number have been
is start to work at once, but the
or portion will only be able to work
he mines are put in a fit condition,
regular output should be reached
week or ten days as the mines are
luir condition, not having suffered
i' In 1 alone of all the camps still re-
s 10 return, but it Is expected that
imn there will be at work ln the
rae of a day or bo.
m withstanding the fact that all the
miners have gone to work Michel
|1 steadfastly refuses to return, status tlieir reason that Mr. Sherman
II in his power during the Calgary
tlereuce to accept an agreement
1I1 would have benefitted the men
I greater extent than the one he later
Msed Ihem to accept.   Instead of do
lliis he refused to sign the former
'is-nient and prevailed upon the men
quit work, promising them that he
nisi get a much better agreement and
t he would consent to nothing less
II ii 10 per cent. Increase all round.
slii'hel men now state that they wish
Sherman to come to Michel and ex-
tin hlB action In this matter to them.
fiy claim they have lost a month's
tk where Is was not necessary and
* Kreatly Incensed ln consequence.
fnterviewed today, Mr. 8herman stat-
' ' your corespondent that he had no
inl Ions   of   going   to   Michel.   The
fnin of the past few weeks has been
Tin and he Intends to take a few day's
ft   before   commencing  work   again,
pen he will leave for Lethbrldge to
*ko an agreement between the men
d ihe operating company.   He further
tied that the matter at Michel was
rely a personal one and that he had
fear  but  a couple of days  would
e the men all back at work in that
He denies, furthermore, that It was
rr In the power of tho district board
accept any satisfactory agreement at
e Calgary conference, because none
as offered to them, and claims that
trough the agreement now in force tbe
��n will benefit materially.
Rebels Defeat Turks.
��ta ntZJ^y ?~U waB ��<>i>ounced
is  afternoon   In a ipeclal despatch
from Constantinople that several battalions of Turkish troops have practically been annihilated during a battle
with rebels In the province of Yemen.
Turkish Armenia. The commander In
chief of the Turkish forces Is urgently
calling for reinforcements.
Cousin of Mikado Warmly Greeted by
Citizens of  London.
London, May 9.���A most royal welcome was given to Prince Fusblml,
cousin of thc i*.ii)|it-i*isr of Japan, when
he arrived at. Victoria Btation tonight
aB sjieclal envoy of the Emperor to tbe
court of St. James In return for Prince
Edward of Connatight'B visit to Japan,
the object of which was to convey the
Order of the Garter to his majesty.
The Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family, Premier Campbell Bannerman, the cabinet ministers,
army and navy officers of high rank,
greeted the Japanese prince. Then followed a brilliant state procession, what
is known as "Sovereign's Escort" of
troops, through cheering crowds, lo
Hucklngham palace, where Prince Fu-
siiiinu had an audience lasting half an
hour with King Edward. The prince
afterwards proceeded ln state to York
House, where he will reside during his
stay. The prince was accompanied by
Admiral Yamamoto. ex-minister of tbe
navy, and a distinguished suite.
Annual Convention of Knights of Pythias Grand Lodge Ends��� Prospects Never  Better.
The Orand Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias concluded Its convention at
noon today with the election of the following officers.
8. O. C���Wm. Irvine, Nelson.
O. C���Jeffrey Hammar, Orand Forks.
O. V. C���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke.
0. Prelate���R. A. Townley. Vancouver.
G. K. of R. ud S.���Emll Pferdner,
G. M. of Ex.���Thos. Walker, Victoria.
O. M. at A.���Jno. Thompson, Cumberland.
O. I. 0���Chas. Rawllnson.Nanalmo.
O. O. G.���J. Fleishman, Fernie.
Supreme Representative���Geo. Johnson, Nanaimo.
Alternate Supreme Representative���
A. H. Ferguson, New Westminister.
The contest for the grand chancellorship was the keenest In the history of
the lodge.
At yesterday aftenoon's session the
annual reports were presented as follows:
Members, Dec. 31. 1905  2,441
Initiated during year     386
Reinstated        77
Admitted by card       40
Total    2.944
Members suspended    160
withdrawn by card      43
Died        20
Total        213
Members, Dec. 31, 1906  2,731
Past Grand Chancellors      15
Past Chancellors       450
Knights   2,223
Esquires        14
Pages      29
Lodges, Dec. 31, 1905      29
Instlinteil during year       2
Charter restored          1
Total         32
Consolidated          1
Total, Dec. 31, 1906      31
Cash on hand Dec. 31, 1905 ..f30.013.38
Receipts during year  42,425.90
Total     $72,439.28
Relief    $14,423.95
Current expenses  16.760.50
Invested during year      8,958.00
Cash on hand, 1906 $32,288.83
Assets of Lodges
Cash on hand  $32,288.83
Investments     82,885.01
Real estalo    10,130.25
Paraphernalia      12,242.77
Total assets   $83,574.76
The address of the grand chancellor,
W. Irvine was favorably received, and
in admitted to be at least equal to any
called forth by almllar occasion.
The following extracts indicate its
matter and style:
"In obedience to Pythlar -nie I havo
endeavored to the best c ������>* ability to
advance ond promote thr cardinal prln
clples of ' Friendship. Charity and Benevolence,* alwoys a->d everywhere
putting forward ln my work the best
that was in me, In time, thought, In purpose and energy, under all circumstances. ,._   .,
"It Is a source of great gratification
to me, however, to be able to state on
my retiring from offlce, to which you
honored me with yonr confidence, that
the prdar |n ��ls ��(rand domain Ib
stronger numerically than ever before
and that peace and harmony generally
prevails within the boundaries of thle
domain, the prospects for the future
wore never better, and I l"*ay and trust
that the coming yenr will }>�� a banner
one for this beloved order.
The chief event tonight will be the
banquet of the Knights of Khorassan at.
the Grand Central.
Exposures of Dishonesty
at Ottawa
Session's Disasters to Gofernment���
Aylesworth Proves Weakness
Rather Than Strength.
Ottawa, May 9.���The session which
has Just closed has undoubtedly weakened the government. Ministers ln
charge of the two largest spending departments have resigned under shadows. Though the resignation of Mr.
Ilyman has not been accepted lt is certain that he will never again take
charge of his department. He is no
longer In parliament, is believed out ot
the country, and lt is now believed that
he will not again be a candidate In
London. Mr. Emmerson's place will be
filled by another man whatever may be
the result of bis appeal to the courts.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler settled that matter
on the day when he promptly accepted
the resignation.
Mr. Aylesworth, who was expected to
bring some strength to a government
suffering from the loss of Mr. Fitzpatrick and Sir William Mulock. has
proved a distinct failure ln public life.
This ls the view of members on both
sides. The worst troubles which have
befallen the premier are the result of
Mr. Aylesworth's efforts to make the insurance commission do an unfair party
-service. He and his friend Mr. Shepley
turned the whole inquiry into a political
man-hunt, ruined it altogether aa an Insurance inquiry, discredited its findings.
finally bringing down and submerging
one of the leading members of the government. As a tactician Mr. Aylesworth
ls probably the wotst that has been, ln
parliament he haB been a weakness
rather than a strength to his-leader, for
his peculiar smartness Is of that kind
which constantly gets his own party
Into trouble. Ab head of the department
of Justice Mr. Aylesworth has shown a
curious vacillation and developed a remarkable series of inconsistencies.
On the Lord's Day Act Mr. Aylesworth changed from a Provincial
Righter to a strong advocate of extreme federal power, and then was
turned again on compulsion to a Pro-
vinciulist. This session he was again
transformed into a federal usurper on
a question of street railway control,
changing himself into interest ot certain political friends, who desired to
escape provincial Jurisdiction. Mr.
Aylesworth has by refusal to promote
or assist legislation against frauds given
encouragement to the conspiracies and
crimes which have brought so much dis
grace upon this oountry. He has made
no effort either to bring the criminals
to Justice or to prevent the repetition of
their offences. He has not lifted his
hand or bis voice against the perpetrators of frauds on the Dominion treasury.
The department of Justice has been an
alder and abetter of the land deals at
Moncton, Truro and Halifax. Exploiters who have been dividing among
themselves tbe public domain in the
West have found no reason to dread Mr.
Aylesworth's authority.
The deals exposed during the session
ought to be thoroughly explained to the
electors of Canada before the next election takes place. In the Robins Irrigation company deal a 380,000-acre block
of land was sold for $3 an acre, less $2
rebate, to a group of political speculators, closely attached to the government. The purchasers before paying a
cent turned it over to the other group
at half a million dollars profit.
We have heard this year of the completion of the Orand Forks Cattle company deal In which the same group of
political onhangers cleared $350,000 on
leases obtained by favoritism, and on
terma which were not open to competitors.
We have the Galway ranch scandal
where members of parliament, relatives
of former land commissioners, and their
friends, made use of a bogus name, or
the name of an absentee who could
never be discovered, to secure a closed
21 year lease which cost $650, and
seems to have been sold Immediately
for $20,000.
There is the Blalrmore townsite a
property said to be worth $200,000, obtained by a politician now a member of
the provincial legislature of Alberta, for
$480, by tbe assignment to him of a
claim which the courts found to be obtained through perjury and fraud. In
this caae the department of the Interior
after the frauds were discovered directly interfered to prevent the law taking its course and prevented the recovery of this domain by the people of
The case was exposed of an immigration commissioner having a public
salary of $3,000 a year, putting through
a western land deal with parties In Vermont, who sued him and his partner
and got Judgment for $14,000 damages
on the ground that the purchasers had
been deceived.
There was a case of a government
engineer, who, while receiving regular
pay from the department of public
works, prepared plans for a private dry-
dock company, receiving his pay In
shares of the concern, then Inspecting
the property for the government and
making a questionable valuation for the
purpose of a Dominion subsidy probably
to himself and to his associates.
There was proof that an officer of the
Transcontinental fixed a price for goods
to be purchased through a middleman
far above the amount for which the
goods could have been bought direct.
The Intermediary In this case was one
of the persons accused tn the London
election conspiracy, and had a. recommendation to the purchasing agent from
one of the Transcontinental commissioners. So flagrant was this case that thc
firm which supplied the goods returned
to the government the excessive
amounts in spite of the contention of
the government purchasing agent.
Public  Ridicule  Llimta  Power of the
Censor of Plays.
London, May 9.���The universal ridicule with which the -prohibition of the
presentation of "The Mikado" has been
received here haa -caused a reconsideration on the part of the Lord Chamberlain. It Is now announced that if cer-
tian modifications are made In the text
the restriction will be removed.
A petition Is ln preparation for presentation to Prince Fushima, cousin of
the Emperor of Japan, asking him to
Intercede for the removal of the ban,
and the latter is reported to have said
that he would like to see the opera himself, as he had always understood that
It was delightful and harmless.
George Edwards' new play, "Tbe
Girls of Gottenburg," which Is to be
produced today, Is threatened with prohibition by the Lord Chamberlain, who
claims that some of the lines are likely
to be distasteful to the German
Japan Concludes New Agreement With
France Agalnat All Possible
Causes of Friction.
PariB, May 9.���Official confirmation
has been obtained of the report that
negotiations are ln progress between
France and Japan looking to an understanding mutually guaranteeing the political and commercial Interests of the
two powers in the Far East.
The conference on the subject has
been going on In Toklo and Is proceeding harmoniously but some time will
probably elapse before they are -concluded. France has recognized that her possessions in Indo-China and Slam, as well
as her -commercial interests ln the Far
East would be vulnerable In the event
ot war, and deemed it wise to conclude
an arrangement with Japan, which Is
willing to guarantee French interests in
return for the recognition of the Japanese claims fn Korea and Formosa. At
the same time lt Is claimed that the
entente will be strictly limited to the
maintenance of the status quo. It does
not touch China, and has not anything
resembling an offensive or defensive
feature. Nevertheless, taken In connection with the Russo-Japanese understanding, whlcn s-.iortly will be concluded, with the Anglo-Japanese and
Franco-Russian alliances and the Anglo-
French, the entente creates a combination ln the Far . .ist and a new group
ing of the powers in Europe of extreme
significance. It constitutes in effect another sljr.ul evidence of the success of
Great Britain's diplomatic manoeuvring
for the isolation of Germany.
Chinese Reaction.
Pekin, May 9.���Tsen Chun Suan, the
new minister of communications, one
of the most prominent reactionaries, and
at present a power behind the throne,
ls using his influence to turn out the
recent appointees and Install his own
friends. Prince Chlng, president of the
foreign board, has been Impeached upon
the charge of accepting bribes from
Tuan Chih Kwel, the recently appointed temporary governor of Hal Lung
Klang, who was simultaneously dismissed from his post. Tsal Chen, president of the ministry of commerce, Yuan
Shi Kal, viceroy of Chill and commander of the Chinese forces, and Tang Sha
Oyl, the new governor of Mukden, have
also been Impeached on various
Driiisk Cabinet Disagree
oo Mi Nl
Asquith and Haldane Pledf ed Against It���Committee Stage Will
Be Foil of Interest.
London, May 9.���With the negotiations which have prolonged extended up
to the last moments, and all those participating ln them bound to secrecy,
little Ib know as to the provisions of
the Irish Council Bill, tbe main proposals of which Augustine Birrell, chief
secretary for Ireland, promised to explain ln the house of commons Tuesday.
There has been a keen contest going
on ln the cabinet between the Home
Rulers, represented by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman and Mr. Birrell and the
antl Home Rulers, led by Herbert H.
Asquith, chancellor of the exchequer,
and Richard Burdon Haldane, secretary
for war, with the former desirous ot
giving Ireland what John Redmond had
decsribed as at least a foundation for
self-government and Messrs. Asquith and
Haldane demanding that the bill shall
not bear any resemblance to, Home
Rule. Mr. Asquith has gone so far as
to say that if the bill contains anything
In letter or spirit Inconsistent or in
violation of the pledges he has made
against Home Rule he will resign and
there is little doubt tbat he would be
followed by Mr. Haldane and probably
other members of the cabinet.
John Redmond hu not been an idle
spectator in these negotiations but has
taken a prominent part tn them and
been given every opportunity to state
his views which, needless to say, were
at first a demand for the fullest measure of self government
This, it was early pointed out to him,
he could not expect to obtain, for two
chief reasons, the government had not
received the mandate from the people
at the last election to grant Home Rule
and several ot the leaders were opposed
to IL The Laborites, all of whom are
home rulers, not only for Ireland, but
In all local affairs, have been supporting the Nationalists, but even this
would not Justify Sir Henry Campbell-
Bannerman losing two membera of his
cabinet In whom the people have the
greatest confidence.
Faced with the impossibility of ob-
talng an Irish parliament with an executive responsible to it, Mr. Redmond is
carrying on the fight to get as large an
Instalment of Home Rule as is possible,
and now it is announced if this scheme
lays a foundation on which Ireland can
build the Nationalists will consider
whether It li worth accepting. Mr. Redmond had a conference Saturday with
his chief advisers Including John Dillon, Edward Blake and T. P. O'Connor,
when what the government was prepared to offer and the attitude the Nationalists would adopt toward the measure were discussed. This will be followed by a convention at Dublin during
the WhaUuntide recess when the question will be gone over, and the Irish
members of parliament will be instructed as to the course they shall pursue.
The most sanguine only hope for a
measure giving administrative powers
through control ot expenditure to an
Irish council, which will be predominately elective, all tbe Irish members ot
commons being members, thus obviating the necessity for separate elections.
The Unionists, or land owning minority
In Ireland, will be represented by a
nominative element, for which the government will be responsible. Even this
administrative power, It Is anticipated,
will be limited, excluding, It Is said,
control over the lord lieutenancy ,the
Judiciary forces, and the crown police.
A concession may be made by handing
over the Dublin Metropolitan police to
the council. This force must not be
confounded with the Royal Irish Constabulary, which, It Is said, will remain
under thes /Imperial government, but
will be recognized under a scheme generally acceptable to Irishmen.
The council will administer the Irish
local government board which controls
public institutions, and also the Irish
board of works, two departments, the
affairs of which occupy so much time
in the House of Commons; the departments of agriculture and education will
also doubtless be handed over to the
council. It was originally intended that
the government should select the president of the council, but that was opposed by Mr. Redmond with the result
It Is said, of the selection of the presiding officer being left for the council to
decide. This Is far from a settlement
of Ireland's claim for Home Rule, In
the opinion ot the Home Rulers, bnt they
express the hope that the bill will be
so formed thst tbe powers ot the council can be enlarged as the members
prove their fitness for self-government
Canadian Club Will Banquet Sir Alexander Swettenham.
Ottawa, May 9.���Ex-Governor Swettenham of Jamaica, who will tour Canada en route to England via the Suez
canal, will probably be entertained ln
this country by the various local Canadian Clubs. An effort hu been made
to bave the clubs throughout Canada
take up the matter In view of the manner In which tbe gentleman's sturdy upholding of British rights wu represented by the press of the United
Prices or Metal*.
New York, May 9.���Silver, 64%c;
copper, 24c; lead, $(.
London, May 9.���Silver, 30d.; lead,
��19, 12a., 6d.
Sudden Enthusiasm Over Empire May
be Followed by Reaction and
London, May 9.���King Edward the
Seventh and his consort are weaving
bonds of friendship with foreign powers'while His Majesty's government ln
London Is In close conclave with the
representatives of Imperial powers of
growing magnitude. The future Is "on
the knees of the Gods," but sincere and
earnest believers la Imperial -consolidation may well go on their knees ud
pray that the present almost Insensate
enthusiasm for all things that pertain
to the Colonial Empire of England, and
lta representatives, may Dot bring about
that Inevitable "swing of the pendulum"
which Is the dangerous offset to the
sort of thing which reigns In London
Just at present The hospitality ot the
-corporations, of the clubs, of offldals,
and of private Individuals, If so overwhelming that lt threatens to exhaust
the men who are met together tor a
brief but weighty conference, where
they require all their physical and mental power to compass wbat they have
set themselves to do. And what ls it?
That ls what every one ia uklng himself, bat Mr. Deakln, the premier of
Australia, pointed ont In his speech at
the Albert HaU, that they, the representatives of a vast and widely separate number of states, had met to find
out how they could mutually strengthen
bonds between all component parts
without trespassing upon one delicate
st-and of political autonomy "Unity
mth Freedom," u he well put It So
this ls the task they have set themselves, and for the first time ln tbe
history of these conferences lt Is safe
to predict that the pivot ot Empire
plays a less Important part than Ita
Work Will Be Rushed on Lake Superior
Branch by New.Company.
Ottawa, May 8.���The National Transcontinental Commission will take over
McArthur's contract on the Lake Superior branch and rush the work to -completion.
Winnipeg, May 8.���The above dispatch wu confirmed this morning at
the offices of J. D. McArthur, who Btated
that several miles of the eutern end of
the contract had been given to or
bought by the Eutern Construction
company at Ottawa, of which J. D. Mc-
Dougal Is president.
This had been done, Is Is said, in or
der to rush the work to completion la
order that the wheat may be taken out
of the west us soon u possible.
It ls most probable, however, that the
contract has been purchased by the
Eastern Construction company, because
the same sub-contractors already employed by the McArthur firm will now
work under this latter organisation,
which would show that the -contract la
not being taken away by the government on account of any Inability of the
McArthur company to handle their contract.
Dominion Conservatives Decide Not to
Held Convention.
Ottawa, May 9.���The federal Conservative convention Is off- Instead, Mr.
Borden will make a tour of the Dominion, taking In every -constituency In the
Mr. Borden denies the Winnipeg report that Roblin hu been given the organisation of the western provinces on
tbe promise that he gets a cabinet position. He will welcome all the aid that
Roblin -can give him, but there la no
compact between them.
F. A. Starker Win Market Berry
Crop for Itts Tear*���Tern
of Hew Orgaaleatioau
The directors of the Kootenay Frait
Growers' Aasodatioi at their meeting
yesterday afternoon transacted aome
business of very considerable Importance.
T. Morley, who represented the association at the convention of the trait
growers recently held at Armstrong,
presented bl* report Ths provincial
association resolved by unanimous vote
to form a frait exchange tor British Columbia, the directors of which eball be
elected by local associations.
Mr. Morley also presented a copy of
tbe draft of articles of association and
bylaws. After a lengthy discussion tbe
articles and bylaws were approved, and
It was resolved tbat the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association amalgamate with
the Frait Exchange.
Aa lt will be impossible for the ex-.
change to be organised ln time to market the amall traits crap of tba year,
it wu recommended thst each local association make lta own arrangements
for lM7'a product of small trait
In pursuance of such recommendation
the association accepted the offer ot F.
A. Starkey to handle the berry and
cherry crops on a commission of IS
per cent
Tbe exchange will be In operation ia
time to handle the crops of standard
traits aad ail other farm produce ot
1907. Ths charge for such handling will
then be I per cent, for general farm
produce aai S per cent, for trait, payable by tha local associations. Bevel-
stoke will be the headquarters ot the
Diplomatic   Relations   Broken   Oft  krl
Mexico snd Oiatemala.
Washington, May 9.���The state d��-
partment hu been Informed tbat diplomatic relations between Mexico and
Guatemala have been terminated. Tbe
outcome Is awaited with apprehension.
Although telegraphic advices hare
not reached Waablngton that diplomatic
relations between Gautemala and Mexico have been severed officials here do
not donbt that Mexico took action today which will result ln giving tke Guatemalan minister In Mexico hla passports for his withdrawal.
The Mexican minister ln Gautemala
ls now prepared to return home and
the American charge d'affaires, Philip
Brown, secretary to the legation, hu
been Instructed to look after Mexican
Interests ln the Gsutemalan capital
upon the departure of the Mexican minister.
Ambassador Creel, of Mexico, hu
been ln hourly anticipation of a message from hla ' government that tba
break hu occurred. He wu advised
that Guatemala denied the request for
the surrender of General Joae Lima,
who ls suspected of being Implicated
In the murder In Mexico of ex-President
Barillas, and there wu no alternative
but for Mexico to consider the refuaal
an insult necessitating the discontinuance of the relations between the two
The atate department today received
numerous messages from Minister Les,
who la about to leave Guatemala for
the United States oa account of Illness,
and from Secretary Brown. Tbeee despatches confirmed the advices received from -diplomatic representatives
ot the two countries tn Washington that
there wu no possibility oi Gautemala
and Mexico settling the controversy
over the demand for the extradition of
General Lima.
The formality ot Issuing passports
for the withdrawal ot each minister will
probably require a day or two.
It Is not known what diplomat will
attend to the Interests of Oautemala ia
Mexico, but It Is not Impossible that
the United States will perform this ur
vice. The severance of diplomatic relations does not mean war, but the tact
that tbe countries adjoin causes great
anxiety. The Daily Canadian
i !
===== STORES ���
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENT8 In all sixes snd weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX, MITTS, etc., etc.
Ill all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OEfic?:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....14,780,000 REST |4,790,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President,        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DepositB received and interest allowed nt liighest  onrrent rate from date ot
opening of account, sand compounded quarterly
inblsoin branch -J.   M*   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Do|iositors are subject to no delay
whatever ln the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'silillsstst'sl Ilx ,-Isavs a week Isy the
Baker bl.. Nelion. H C.
l-HsisssiTtpilisn ratea, 60 wain a mosuls delivered
In tba clly, or 16.00 a year II seat by mall, when
aald in advance.
^-|A-ertllln-*( ratei ou application.
paid lu   ssellleuiclit ol The Dally
sisoliislss, either lot ssulsiisrljsllonH or
I be receipted fur on the printed
apany.   other receipts are nsst
HAY 9. 1907.
Our esteemed contemporary quotes
the Toronto News, und uddti sonic invaluable suggestions of lis own, on the
condition of the Canadian Conservative
party as represented at Ottawa, All
Conservatives are, of course, overwhelmingly obliged for llle kindness.
The Conservatives of Canada are in
u peculiar position. From 1878 to 18!lt'��
they Btood for Iwo ninin principles:
the chief was contained In Sir John
Macdonald's memorable utterance: "A
British subject I was born, a British
subject I will die;" the second wan tlie
advocacy of protection lo Canadian Industry.
In 1896 by a campaign of deception
and slander Sir Wilfrid Laurler waa returned lo power. He promptly appropriated both paris of the Conservative
iwlicy. Since then he tuts simulated
earnest loyalty to the Crown and the
Empire. Liberal opposition lo protection Is so nearly forgotten thai ninny
not unintelligent young Liberals deny
that Free Trade was ever part of their
Since the Liberal government has become loyalist and protectionist the
Conservative opposition ls deprived ol
two weapons of attack. Conservatives
are less versatile than their opponents,
they cannot become disloyal and free
traders for the sake of opposing. They
are even liound to support the Liberals
In carrying out tho trade policy that
was formerly their own.
But If there survives in Canada one
spark of public honor, ono trace of what
was once national self-respect, the platform of the opposition will be a matter
of small Interest in Ihe next elections.
It doesn't matter, or should not, what
Insignificant "readjustment" of the tariff Is proposed. The one patent fact���
the fact thut cannot be concealed from
or Ignored  by  any Canadian  Is  that
Liberal rule has been one long tale of
the most flagrant dishonesty and of the
grossest Immorality.
Since 1896 nearly 50 Humes have
lllckered across the pages of cabinet
membership. Of that number more
than half have retired ln dishonor. During the last year three names���all of
cabinet ministers���have become ln Ot-
tawu synomyns for open and notorious
immorality. Two have resigned���one's
resignation was accepted promptly, the
other is still being played with. The
worst of the three is now mentioned by
the hireling press as a probable successor to Lord Strathcona in the offlce
of High Commissioner.
Meanwhile the nation's annual expenditure has growu from $38,000,000 to
*i:iC,0l)0,000 while tho population has
not Increased 20 per cent. If so much.
The increase is duo in some degree to
the growing necessities of tlie country.
More than half of It, however, is directly chargeable to incompetence, recklessness and dishoneBty. The list of frauds
exposed, In which cabinet ministers
have heen implicated, would put Tammany Hall or the Schmldt-Huef gang of
San Francisco to the blush.
The bench has been weakened and
degraded by partizan appointments, and
the civil service has been treated in tlie
same way.
Under such circumstances it is hardly
necessary for the Conservative party to
formulate a new policy, lt ls enough
to hold before the country the old Conservative example of honesty and sobriety of administration, to proclaim
that we still advocate protection to
Canadian industry, and that our loyalty
to the King and the Empire Is sincere
und earneBt, not a matter of silly
speeches at banquetB to be apologized
for later.
splendid work In giving a systematic
and regular tramway service. The majority of the members of the council
believe that he is also capable of looking after thc power plant. Until their
opinion ls proved wrong it Is entitled
to respect.
The question of a weekly half-holiday
during the summer months aroused
some feeling yesterday. The advocates of It believe tliat lt has been a
success during the last two years. lis
opponents maintain that It Is n serious
Inconvenience to out-iif town customers,
and might drive such trade lo other
centres. II seems to be a choice between 00-BaSlonal and irregular closing
for lacrosse, football, or other at I tactions, and a regular weekly half-day's
Memorial Window Placed in Church of
His Native Village Illustrating
His Faith.
The Church of Ireland Gazette of a
recent issue tells how the memory of
Rev. Henry Irwin, M. A., formerly the
rector of St. George's church of this
city, has been honored. It says: "The
Church of St. Matthew, in Newtown,
Mount Kennedy, has within the last few
weeks, received great adornment by the
erection of a really magnificent East
window. It is given by his brothers
and sisters to the memory of Rev.
Henry Irwin, M. A., Oxon, who was a
devoted missionary, and sacrificed his
talents and life to the spread of thc
knowledge of God, and of the Kingdom
of our Lord uud Saviour, Jesus Christ.
He labored for nearly 20 yeurs as mission priest in the diocese of New Westminister In British Columbia, serving
in the enormouH districts of Kamloops,
New Westminister, Rossland and Fui.--
view. He was a pioneer missionary,
ever going forward into darker territories, and pressing on into wilder regions where Christ's religion was unknown. Having made full proof of his
ministry in this self-sacrificing manner
his health broke down and he died at
Montreal on his way home, on Jan. I Sth.
1902. He was tho eldest son of the Rev.
Henry Irwin, who was the much beloved
and highly respected incumbent of Newtown Mount Kennedy for 31 years. The
window is a four-light one, ln which the
colors are charmingly blended. The
flrst tight represents the Annunciation
of th�� IJlesHed Virgin Mary; the second,
the nativity of our Lord JestiH Christ;
the third, His baptism; the fourth, His
Ascension. There are eight smaller
lights above, on six of them ls represented a figure holding a shield on
which Ib emblazoned a fitting emblem,
a lily over the representation of the
Annunciation, a star over that of the
nativity ,a shell over that of the baptism, and ., crown over that of the Ascension, aud nn the two lights of the ex-
teme ends ol ���_��� scroll on each with tho
letters Alpha anu Omega; Alpha on the
right hand and Omega on the left."���
Rossland Miner.
The appointment of F. A. Smith to
the position of city electrical engineer
hus been made the occasion for considerable comment in irresponsible quarters. Someone had to he appointed:
there were but three applications; Mr.
Smith was known und was appointed.
It may be open to question whether any
all-round man should be entrusted with
the powor plant. It Ib practically certain that no hydro-electrical engineer
with high certificates and long experience will be an expert on 'tramway
equipment. If Nelson can afford only
one official there must be somo compromise.   Mr, Smith has already done
Blxty dayi after date I purpose m��k Iur application to tiK- Chief Coquniuloner ol Eanaaang
Worka for permlulon to purchaie the following
deicrlbed land: Commenolng at a poit placed
at tho northweit oorner of Id*4M8Cland mark*
ad ob sUcG'iSE oomn post." running thenos
80 chaloi north thenoe80 chaloi weiti thenceso
chaini iouth, thence 80 ehalni **tt, to point ol
commencement, containing mo aorei) more or
Dated thii 6th day of May, WOT.
per D, a
Signed) PaWS KcCOUOGH,
Mcd0LW)C��. AKeut.
Sixty dayi after date 1 purpose inn k Iuk appli-
��� Hon. Chief Commissioner of Undo
catlou to tin  -_ _
and Works, for permission to partita)
low I Ilk!   done-rib *il  hind:    Ctimmciicthx   tun ihhi
placed on the weU ihore of Lower   What sti an
lake* about a ii mile from the outlet ol lame,
and marked "ll. W's. tt.t. corner post.' run
iiini; thenee K'l chains wiM, tlience ���*>���' i-hattis
south, thenee H;l ehulns eait, llienee (lo ohalni
north to pjfitt of commencement, con I Mining
640 loreii more or less.
Dated the 2nd dnv of Mey, l!Hfi
feigned) H, wahrrn,
 MT _  'i. t'.iviji'iwR. Agenl.
Blxty dayi aftu date I vurpoie making application tothe Hon.  the Ohlef Commluloner ol
Lands antl W'orks lor pepmllllOQ to pureliase the
foMowiUK deaorlbed laud: t'umiiiuiefhK nt ii
pont   placed    at   the   northensi  c* rner ol II  (*���
Nkluneri application t*> purohau marked
"R B'l. N. W. oornar poit" thence following the
eastern boundary of nald application nil chains
Miuiii, iiit'iii-i* running wi ohauii aaat, thence80
ehalns north to the southern boundary of R. W.
Hnunlnlrton's nprl 'cation to purchase, thence 80
chains west along same to polntof commencement, containing Mn tote*, more or lenn
Dated 2nd dayof May, 1907.
(Signed) K.Khir'l,
 porF.O. F��t'<jri��K, Agent.	
Notice ii herebv given that 60 days alterdate, I
i a tend to apply to the Hon. t-hlef t'ommiHlouer
of Lands ana Works for permission to purchase
thc following described laud iu West Rootenay
district, on wost lb ire of Lower Arrow Lake,
adjoining Lot N0.4M8, on the south: Iteglnnlug
at a post marked "Harry Holeod'i N.K corner
post and Planted on the shore of Lower Arrow
Lake, at the southeast corner of Capt Foslynd's
Uyi8, thence west 90 chains, tbence south JO
Ohllni more or less to the north bouudary of It,
FiiUtnore's P. R , thenco in chains eas** along the
said boundary to lake, thence norih aloug the
lake shore '20 chalne, more or less to polntof
May 2nd, 1907. J. D, Moon,
Agt-iil fur Harry McLeod.
Houorable the Chief Commissioner ol Land*-, and
Works for permission to purchase the following
di'scribed lauds In West Koolenay district: Commencing at a post planted on the south shore of
Kootenay lake, and adjoining C V. K. block No.
10, and marked "Tom Gordon s northwest comer
post," theuce south 40 chalus, thence fast 40
chains, theuce north 30 chalus, more or leai, to
Lake Shore, thence wpst 10 cl|ulng lo point of
com mencemont
Dated this UOth of April, 1&0Y.
Tom UORlxiN.
Chester Cup Handicap.
London, May, 8.���The Chester Cup
handicap of 5,000 sovereigns for two-
year-olda, at two miles and a quarter,
was run at Cheater today and won hy
Querldo. Koundlan wa�� second and
Torpoint was third, Twelve horses
Sixty (lays after date! Intend to apply to the
Hou. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Worki, Victoria, B 07, to purehaso ll) acres of
land: Cominenciug-at u post planted at the City
of Nelson's H K. eornor poit, ou Kootenay rlvur,
ihence 20 chains south, tlience west 20 chains,
theuee north 20 chains, thence east 20 chains to
point of commencement.
Nelson, B. 0, Apr.l 24, l'J<)7 K. J. Crittus,
Hixty days after uate 1 Intend to apply to Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following denrlbed
lands io Kootenay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Bruce White's N W. eurner post,
situated at tbe northeast comer of F. R 3d about
a mile east of Slocan river, thence soutli 96
chains, ihence west 20 eliains, thence south 60
ehains, theuee east 40 eliains, thenee north 40
ehalus, ihence east 40 chums, thanee north In
chains, thence west Mi chains to point of cum-
mencemont, eontainiug 440 acre��. more or less.
Located March lStb.jffP. Bbice Whiti.
I, the undersigned, alter GO days Intend toap-
Ely to the Honorable the Chiel Commissioner of
ands and Works for permission to pureliase the
followiuir lind: Commencing at a post marked
S. fe 0. of Lot 1358, tlience west 80 chains, thence
south 20 cbains. thenee wesl la chains, thence
south 20 chains, tlience wesl 40 chains, thence
souih 10 chains, ihence east 80 chains, tlienco
north duclialni to poiut of cuinineuoeiueni.
Located March 2,lh, 1907. M.S. McNadght,
N. F. McNaiuht, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after 60 dayi inteud loapply to the Honorable the Unci Commlnloner of
Landiand Worka to purehaae the following deserlbed laud: OOinmenolOJ al a post marked
H. E C-, altuate at the mouth of Cove creek on
the west shore of Blocan lake, thence weit 20
������Inline, iheliec -wMli in chains, thenue west 20
chains, tbonce iouth 20 ehalns, tlience west 40
chains, thonco south 40 eliains, thonce east 80
chainB, thonce north N> chains to point of cem-
Locatag March 27th, 1907      h. P McMatjoiit.
Latimer, near Stanley, $ 325
Cedar, near Baker  300
Carbonate, near Park,  175
Park, near Vernon,(2 lots)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lots for 450
Victoria, near Kootenay,
Cedar, near Victoria	
Silica, near Park
. .11,600 and 2,000
King Road, 1500 cash snd balance easy
terms will purchsse plot about seven
acres, part cultivated,
Near King Road, 50 acres, part cultivated.   Inspection Invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acres, $16 per acre.
Also  land on   Kootenay  lake,  near
Creston, Flre Valley and Burton City.
West Baker Street        NELSON, B. C.
Dominion Dairy
Calblck & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent tbe business will ln future be carried on by
W. Calbich.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of 1-audn and Works for
permlulon to purchase the followlug described
lands In Kootenay District, aboul three-quarters
of mllo from Thrum's Hiding:   Commencing at a
rlt placed at the B. W. corner of I. tigys, group
West Kootenay District; thence westerly
lollowlng the north boundary of I. IMH, H)
chains; thence north 10 chains; thence east 40
chains, moreor leap, tothe N. W. corner of
LOMKt; iheuce south lollowlng the west boundary
of 1/i.v.a, 10 chains, more or less, to place ol commencement, contain lug to acres, mon* or less.
Dated this 0th day o( December. 1006.
H. H. I'lTTB.
sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner ol Lnnds and
Works [or permission to purchase lhe following
described land: Commencing at a post placed
at the southeast eorner ol V, W (i Hanltain's
application to purchase, marked "K. F'a. N.W.
corner," running tlienco BQ chains nonh. thence
80 chains east, thence (to chains south, theuce 80
chalus weel to point ol commencement, cnntaln-
iug M0 acres, more or less.
Dated the Uth day of April, 1007.
K. Fil'yuilR,
"   Fat'i't'IKti, Agent.
fllxty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chiel Commlsslouer of Lauds and
Works. Victoria to purchase 190 UNI of land
In West Kootenay, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted on the oast side
of Arrow Lake nt the southwest comer Of L7WH
and marked "J. A. K's N Vt, corner," tlience
aaat31 chains, thence'south 40 chains, thence
on*! SO eliains, tlience south A) chains to Mme
helraer's Pre-emption, thence west .'11 chains to
Ha ui| u Ier s applies lion lo purchase, thence north
40ehnlnH, thence went '20 chains lo lake ihoro,
tbence north along the lake shore to place of
March luth, 1007. i. A  Kklly
Hlxty dnys after date I purpose making application to the Honornblc the Chlel Commissioner
of Landsand Works for permission to phrvhaso
ihe following descrllied land: Commencing at
u post placed about one and half miles es.iof
Hilver Tip Point, on Whatshan Uike, near l 'IiMh.
tie creek marked "F W.fi. It's. ��JE corner," running lbence SO Ohalna west to Join laud located
by 1*' L, IlRinmnud, a.�� agenl, thonce HO chains
north, thenre -HO Obalm east, thence KO chains
south to point of commencement, containing
(HO acres, more or less.
Dated the ltih day of April, 1907.
F. W. (J. IlA!>LTA[N,
 I'er F 0  Faoquikb, Agent
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to the
Hon tne Chief Commissioner of I^ands and Works
Victoria, to purchase (HO acres of land ln West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
planted about fimiies from the mouth of Mosquito creek and abont ono mile west of tho said
creek and mnrked '-H.H.R'sS.W corner," and
running north 80 ohalns, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thonco weat 80 chains to
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladles' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days alter dale I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner^
Undsand Works. Victoria, for permission to purchase tbe following deaorlbed laud I Commencing
al a post planted ou the west side ol hloean lake
and about two miles north of Kvans creek ami
marked 0, U.Q'l southeast corner post, thence
north lollowlng shore ol lake 100 chains, tbence
west Oo chalus, tlience south H�� chains, tbence
eaal eo chains to point ol oommenoement! ooo
acres more or Ipbb.
Located April��, MW.    _, ��� .      ,
(.iao B. (iARBm, Locator,
WM.CLoniH. Agenl.
Sixty days after date I Intend to anply to the
Hon the Chlel Commissioner Ol Landl and
Works. Victoria, to pnrchase frW acres ol land lu
Weal Kootenay, described as follows: Common-
clng at a post planted about eight miles up
Mosquito creek and joining K. Cross' application
to purchase, and markea C. M's B.JE. corner,
thence north BO chains, thence west 80 chain*,
theuce south 80 chains, theme cant 80 chains lo
placeof beginning. ���__,,,,
Feb. 16th, 1907. 0. Marshall,
place of beginning.
March 16th, 1907.
H. "I   Kosh,
J. K. AHNABLK. Age a t.
Kixtv days after date 1 Intend toapply to tho
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria. B. C��� to purchase iMO acres of land, in
Fire Valley, described as fol ows: ('ommenclng
at a post planted 20 cbains west of Walter Bull's
N. W. corner and markeii J. W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
corner p* st, and running >outh 40 chains, thence
west 60 chains, thonce north 40 chains, thenco
east 60 chains tn plnee of beginning, and being a
portion ol Section 35, Townshlp71, West Kootenay.
March Mh, 1907. J. W. Hnuru, Jb.
Slx'y days after date 1 intend to apply to tha
Hon. chief Commlaaioner olt*ndiand Worsts
Victoria, to purchase :i'-ii acres of land hi Weit
Kootenay, discrlbed as follows: Com men clng
at n post pi irHed up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked K. Cross' 8W,
corner, thence nortb 80 chains, theuco 40 chains
oast. Ihence Bo cbains south, thence 40 chaina
west to placo of beginning
Feb. Hth, 1007. E.CRoas.
J.E. AmuBLi, Agent.
Sixty days alter uate I intend to npply lo the
Hou.Chief CommiBBiouei of Landsand Works to
purchase thc following described land located
in Flru valley district of West Kootenay : t ommenclng at a post planted at the 6. E, eoruer of
John Bange* pre-empt lon; thenei* south bo chains,
thence west 40 angina, theuce north 80 chains,
thence east 40 chaini to place ol beginning, eon-
located MiirchHth,lW7-
fi. A. McPnie. Locator.
J. J  Kbuy, Agtillt.
Take notice that 60 days alter dale I Intend to
apply to lhe Hou. Chief Commissioner ol Landa
and Works, (or permission to purchase the followlug deserlbed lands: Commencing at the
southeast Oorner of lot 6305, Ihence west 10
chains, thence south UO cbains, thencu east 90
chains, tlience north W chains, thence west 10
chains lo point ol commencement, containing
40 acres, moreor 1��sb.
Dated April 16th, 1907 P. J. BaAinav,
W. W. HBAiii.EY, Agent.
I, the undersigned, alter 10 days lutend to apply tothe Hon. the Chief Commissionerof Lands
and Works lo purchase lhe lollowlng described
land: Commencing at the N. K. U. ol Lot 7539
U. I., tbenco west 40 chains, thenc* north 20
chains, ihence east 40 chains, iheuce south 90
chains to point of commencement, coiilBlUllig 80
acres more or less.
Located March mtth, 19U7. W. A. MlLU.
Take notice that sixty days after data
I Inteud to apply to the Houorable the Chlel
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase tho (ollowlng described land
situated lu the Wcsl Kootenay district: Commencing at a poBt planted at the southeast
ci.riM'r i.f Lot *���_;:. ,,n the south side o( tbe West
Arm ol Kootenay lake, thencd tn i hutu wosl tu
southwest ���'���,'��� n��T of -ui,! lol, thence tt chalm
south, thencu M chains eait, theuce m chalui
noi t li to place uf commencement, containing 160
April 2nd, 1907. Ciuai.U RotiKRTSON,
per H*N��flT W. BOMJUOXj Agent.
Sixty davi alter date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of l-atms and Works,
Victoria, B.C., to purchase the following described land, situated in the West Kooteuay district: Coiumuuclng at a post planted ou the
west side ol Kootenay lake, oear Rhinoceros
[unlit, aud marked J. McKiuuon'i S. E.corner
post, thence weit 80 chaini, thence north 40
chains, thence east 80 chains more or less to lake
shore, lbence along lake ihore to "point of commencement.
Signed J McKinnon.
Hlxty days after date I lutend to apply to the
Hou. the Chief (-ommlssloner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permlulon to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated In West Kootenay
dtstrlct: ('ommenclng at a post planted midway
ou the norlh boundary ol Lol 7611 and adjo'iniug
S.W coruerof Ixit 8053, thence north \6 Chains,
tbenco treat 40 chains, thence south 40 ehalus,
thenc etast 20 chains, thenoe north 24 chains,
thence call'JOchntOfl to point of oom mcn.ement
Located Mareh Wth, 1907.        1. J. Scanlan.
Sixty days after dale I intend lo apply tn the
Hon. the Chlel Commissioner ol Lauds and
W'orks to purchase the lollcwing deacrlbed
lands; Commencing at a post planted on the
east sldeot Lemon Creek at the mouth ofthe lirsl
north fork and marked "K. Cooper's loutbeait
eoruer," running 80 ehulm west, nortii tOchalns,
eglt 80 chains, and south 4o chaini to place of
Dated March 2trth. 1907. It Cikh-kk,
J. T. Tiri'iMo, Agent.
Sixty days alter date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chlel ('ouunlssloner of Lands and
Works to purchase the lollowlng described
Isnds: Oommonolng at a post marked "L A.
Tlpplng's southwest corner post" aud plauted
near H. 1). Curtis's laud, about hall mIfc from
Hloean City, runnlug north 40 chains, vast 20
Ohalna. BOUtb 40 chains, west 20 cbains to place
of commencement
Dated March Uth, 19o7 L. A. TntiM-,
J. T TIFFINS) Agent.
Hlxty days niter dnle I lutend to anp.y to the
Hon. the Chlel Cominissloncr ol lands and
Works to purchase the followlug described land
loeated In Kir > Valley dlstrlst of Wost Kootenay:
('ommenclng at a post planted at the S.W. comer
of John Bang' preemption, thence 60 chains
south, thenM 40 chains west, theuco 60 chains
north, thence 40 chaluscast to placeol beginning.
Rim a hii KgPTE Locator.
J.J. Kelly, Agent.
NotlCfl is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
iniend lo make application tothe ronorable thu
('hie' ('ommlssloner oi Lnnds and Works, at Victoria tor permission to purchase tbe lollowlng
descilbcd.lawls: Commetictnii at a post planted
at tbe southeast corner ol lot 896, group 1, thenue
soutb 96 chains, thence east 60 chains, thonce
north 96 ohalnii lbence west60 chains to point
of commencement, containing I.Vi acres, more oi
Nelson, March 27th, 19(17.        Annib L. VYiDE
 P. Wadk, Agent.	
Sixty days afterdate I Intend lo apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works, Victoria to purchaio the following described land: Commencing at a post marked
M H's S W. comer, and planted near the northwest corner of Lot 8812, about one mile west of
Slocnn river, and running eust 40 chains to Lol
381. ihenco norlh 40chalns, thence west40chalns,
thence south 40 cbains to placo of beginning.
March Bth, 1907. Hilda Haw*,
Paul Hawik, Agent.
Blxty days after date I intond to apply to the
Hon,tbe Chief (.'ommlssloner of Undsand Works
Victoria, B. 0 , lo purehaso 120 acros ol land
situate in Flre Valle?, West Koolenay, ana de-
scribed as follows: Commencing at tbe northeast
corner ol Lot 7B16, and running north 60 chalm,
thence eait 20 chains, thence muth 60 chaini
theuce west 20 chslns to place olbeirlnninH.
March 4th, 1907. W. W. BlUJLIT,
J. E. ANtuiiLi, Agent.
��w8Ixt7Lda7" H,ter dRt0 r mtond to apply totho
HOO. Chief (ommlssloner of Lands and Works
tp purchaie 320 acres of land In Fire Valley, West
Koolenay district and described af followi I
Commencing at a post marked J. K'i S. K
corner, and running north 80 chains, thenco
wesl 40 chains, thonce south 80 chaini, Ihenco
cast 40 chains to place of beginning, and being
the wesl one-half of tho S. E. one quarter and
th<( east one-half o( tho 8. W.oneynartor,and
the west one-half of the N. K. one-quarU-r, and
the cast ene-half of tho N. w, oneouarier of
Be-tlon 84, Township 71, G.l,        ��.   '*        0f
March 90th, 190*7. j0Hft Esmmt.
For Further Information Apply to
��� IL 111 1 J, NELSON, B. C. 1
The Hall Mining and Smeltii
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.|
������'���T-l' "     ipj.i.w ������ ���    i s-    i __ .11 mmm
Whoicaaitt ProvUlona,
Produce,        -        Fruit.
Government Creamery One-Pound Brick* rw;eived weekly freah from tbe
churn.   For Bole by all leading grocers.
Ofllce and warehoune: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Hl*ly dayi after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Houorable the Chief ''niiiiiii^i ���- of Imii.;*. and
Worka, Victoria, to purchaao tbo following
deaorlbed lands hi vfvat Kontetiay dlnlriol:
Commencing at a pokl plniitt-it nl tlu- H.K. minor
of Wm. 1-ovelt'n pnrohue L7BM and marked
"E. M.B'i N.K corner," Hiid mi mil iik smith m
chalnn, thence we<a 40 chaliiH, thence north no
chalnn, thence cunt 40 chalnn lo place of hcKtu*
nliiR anil eouiHlnlng .'!" acres.
Mi;   '
arch 6th, 1907.
K M.Ptuw,
J. K  AttUSM, Agent.
Notice In hi-rvi.y given lhat 40 dayn attar dale I
Intond lo apply to the Honorable the Chief ('ommlaaioner of Landi and Worku for parmlMOn
to pnrehaae about iTftaOTHOJ land, tftuiite near
tbe I'end d'Oreille river, Went Kooteuay dlatrlct,
and deacrihed ai follows: Commeneing at a
poat marked <!. l.lhpUMIl'l N. W. corner poat.
altuated on lhe aoulh boundary and a) chalna
from H. W pont of Lot 71M, thenee south abonl 70
chains, lbence eaat ulmut 96 chslns to a point on
the wesi boundary and ao chalna from B, W. pott
of Lot 7741, Ihcnce nonh 70 chains aud theneo
weat 'tb chains to the pluce of begiiinlnit.
Mtb March, 1W7. B.fi Thomson,
a.O. La no, Agenl.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to lha
Honorable tbe Chief Commisaloner of Unda and
Works, Victoria, to purchase ti-ld aerea of land,
situated on the woat slue of Arrow hike, and de
scribed bn follow***.* Commencing at a ikihI mark
cd J. H's N. K corner aud placed at the southwest corner ol Lol7(W2, ((roup 1, West Kooteiuiv
and running west W chalna, theuco south M
chains, tbonce east Wl cbaina to lhe Inke ��hoie
theuco north along the lake lo place of boglnntiiK
March 8th, 1U07. J lUloMK,
J. K. Annahi.k, Agents
N ���_*/.* ,ltter <1*lc I '"tend to apply to tho Hon.
(.hief Commiasioner of LfcOdl and Works, Victoria to purebaae 160 acres of laud lu Flre Valley
West Kootenay district, nnd described as follows ���
Commeneing at a postmarked W li Wright's
H. K. corner, and miming north ��) chains, tbence
weal'JO cbains, theuee ninth Ho cbalm. thence
east 2() ehalna to place of beginning, and hclim
the west oue hull ol tho N. K. quarter of Hectlon
ib, aud the WMt half ol the H. 6. one-quarter of
Hectlon 86 In Township 71 Q, I.
March 80th, 1WJ7. W. H. Wrhimt.
iiHlxt^u<.Ry.,a,ter,'Ute ' intond loapply lo lho
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
Victoria, to ] 'rchaae th followlug described
lands adjoining lbe Arrow lakes in West Koolenay: Commencing at a post planted at the
���  i 2PS.nff.��! .:-"' rotters pre'Wnptlota, and
marked 1*.. W's H.W. corner post, tbenee jienaliiH
north along lako shore, tnence �� chaiua cast,
thenco A) chains south, lbence 90 ehalna woat lo
place of beginning, containing 10 acres, more or
April 18,1907. RvUTM Watson.
Notire ls horoby given that BOdaysaftor dalo I
intend to apply to lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permlnion to purchaao
the following described lands, situate in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post mark-
ffi.iM Kii��% . *?'002?ep' Uienit' w* w'
chains, following lhe eastern boundnry ol H
Heloua application to purchase; theme east 40
"halne; Ihenco north So chains; tbence west 40
caaloi to point of commencement, eonlaliilng
3H) aerea more or less. ���
Daud this llth day of March, 1907.
J. L. Portkb
n��l?tr-i?i*fV,l,tar.d^lc 'lul(M"110 **PPl�� to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauda and Works
Victoria to purebaae 480 acrea of land, In Kiro
Valley, Weat Koolenay, and deioribed as loliows:
Commencing at a poat pla | ���, Waller Bull'l
northwest comer and marked a. H'f, h. K. corner.
SjjiUU.VP8 ""'th��� '.hal.,,, thence wes *>
rha ns, thenee iouth ��o cbains, thenee east HO
whmr! io Tow",h""'*' ""tIT
i. K. ANNiBi.<, a jent.    '
Nrsiist'iss ii,-i,.i��� Km-" imi NduisnnH
Intislisl to Kp|,ly to tht- Hon. this I lilelltM��"
hIoiipi- ol Uiu), ansl Wsirki,  Vlrtorli. I��F
mUlsloii   to  i-sirs-li-Mi    the   nuoWiSI Ml
IriiiI;   i ..snsss, ss, iiik At . poil tt tlie lislel**���
ol   llll' Mssitll    t,s,n!lilnr)'   III   lot   HA'. �������J
tsiisiiislisr)- ol   "Holden yii-pi-n"   niInertl ���
Ills n Hist W.flfi i-halnii, mor,* nr lew, to  __*.
rinsl I'nriiiT   poM ol Int tiSTS.   Ihrns-e norl����
Chains, mors or ISSS, to norllio��ets-sirliel|rti5
lot SM, thenoe rent 40 cliulni to Use """"III
rorner pott nl Inn Ito-Ut. Ihenee ssnsslls �� <"3|
Ihenoe west60ehsths, mom nrlessi 't>t,llvT|
ImmnUry ssl the "llnldnn queen" nilnenl '""Jl
thence hi,,hk cut bouuilery "HisUs-n t'���.!
mineral s-lalm tu point ol eorameneemens, ������
s'liellm, more or lens,
KcUnn, H.C., Mnrch I'i. IW.
John ciuslti**, i
I'er WM. lol-UNiitoU'W^J
Hlxty .l-ara alter dele I Intensl lo mjli
Hun.   lha Ui el   CommlMloner ol !*?____,
Works, Victoria, to purehaae m aerei ol IMM
Went   Kssolcnay,   described   an fnllowe-  ^"J
us. si.iisis at a  poll plalilesl   abssul �� """".J
Ms���.,���l,���(Sreeli  Irom the  niniilh anJ IM|
"A. i'l." N W. rorner.  Ilirnro ��___,\_____t
Ihenoi rait til rhalni, thenre norio ''.'"'
to .'hss iiis wc��t In plsire ol ttft____t__
Krlsrsiary 16th, 1907
J, (Willi
J. X. ANNA1I1K. Anenl       ���
mill* fliiyi allrr sla'e I Inieml l",��f'r,,1*_J
Hon 'ha Chlel Commlnloner ul '���**?' d J
Work.. Vlrtorla, to pnri'lieae MH .srei ssli"""'' ���
Weat Kosslellay, sleaerllail al '',',"?.",!
laeiii'HiK at a poll inarkrd "ll. II ���*��� '������.,*.
and helm, at this N.W. eorner rl A. '""Il
��pp*���ci   i niirrhaio whlrh B��{����',j-H|
up Mniuiillui.i. 'k Irom lhe innsHh �����*' _J
nlim mi .halui ., tb, IbSHW �� ''',''' ,?J
thenre 80 ohains um h, llienee ��u els��ln"""T
plare ssl lieginulne. n nraron,I
February llllh, Ml. ''  "''.     ���
J. K. AN������I>. Aji'lll
"Tlll^ ilaya alter dateTlnti'iul l" .'ff-ES
llssiioralsle Ihe (Shlcl Csiiiinillils'iie'��� '**", i3
Work., Victoria, to purrhaie �� ���PRJUT
Im'slednnllie weit ilde ol Arrow like"
de pribt.il   ai  lollowi: Cnmineiii-mi ���'   .J
markesl I*. A'. N. K. curlier, ai..l planM��'PI
nnrlh ul the lonlhwcat corner nl IJ>______3_\\
I, Weit Knmoiiay, and rilliiilnK m �� %_____*
tlience weit '�� ehilni, thence nor    ����� f
llienee can ao rhalni lo plire ol 1"*?ll""���;,n,
Mareh lllh, IW.     ]KAmiJ^__ I
"Tiiii dayi iltcTlite" I In'lcnd in.ipplj10,1,1
llolinroblii the Chlel llommliiloner ol ''^.n
lliiyolints l.isnilliiK, anil mBrass', "'"*.���,_,,,��at|
H. is. esirnrr, thenre norlh 30 rhuml. ���' ��������
21) rhalni, llsrnrr HUUl �� Ohslm, thM��" I
rhalni tn point ol cnmmeliwnicii ���      tkr_g,
Marrli rind, IWI.     <"�����"''���> ""i\,"nl.
KnsiKBT KolllN��n^^��|n^___
Hlxty dayi aller dale ll*____\_&__]\_l$__r
Uonorahle the chlol Cnininlmli'i"' �� t____\4
Worki lor uermliwlon tnliurrhai0 ins[ ,���w
deicrlbcil land In Won Roomi-al ��� ""Tf,___\
atapnilplanteil un this *��_tAS___SSS__.
great abonlllircc iiuirlenulB n III '",E f,�����l
ol rnsok, and marked Kva lull i �� %^jm
Ihenco north 20 rhiilin. ""*"".���", iiiiliilii,*l
Ihonco .nuth 80 Ohalna, tnence ea.l!��'�� I
point nl cnlnmencetnent. .. HVA colli f
March'.2nd, 1907.           _ (B,SIn2 Aaoot.     '
Robust Riiiiinsom. ����l*	
Hl.ly ,1m�� ells'T dale 1 inlciid '".'flit?t_\
Hon    lho  Chlel tlommlialnner "<___J[____
llolinroble lhe Chlel Commliilotier u '.-*, �����
Worki Issr pormliaiun lo piireliaie 1011 ����� ,���
dricrlhcd lilld 111 Weil Kos.lrnay: ���m"m
al a pint alinut one anil aooartari s   "I <;������
Hon lho Chlol Ciiiiimiii'i""-' "���.,,,���||(i��lijl
Worki Iur pormliilnn feJordl��f ffitiwl
doicrlborl land In Weat Koolenay. ��*JBI1B(��I
ul n pott planted nn  Iho inn! ,",, cVt.����� I
rerll,al.'osll s sir mill' Imm ';''", '.,," _f___\\
mnrked "It. Kohlinoii*l N ��    <_._!__,, IM*J|
loulliHO OhalDS, Ihenee eaiH       ���J^'polUlP
nnrlh BQ chnlna, Ilirnro wclttoclum"'
������"��� '*"��>���1V"' m**l �����>�������' *"" MMjBMW I
lecial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hains
le Very Best of Canadian Goods
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
I Mi
il I*.' tliHl thirty days altor dato I in-
,���\ tothfl Hon.ChlofCommlntonarof
] Worki at Victoria. H. 0�� (or a S[welal
nit mnl eariv awaT limber from the
,1,-, rlbed IhikIh in Alnsworth division:
 ,. al a post marked Cha*. F. Walms-
tiu.il post, tbenee uortb 80 cbains,
il m) .���liiilii-. thence south HO ebalus,
.' tiii*iiKiri*s to point of commencement,
<i i )�� iuk iltimti'd on lbe oast side of
n-k, about *'���, miles south of the Lar
i, 1W7.
as. V. Walmmlry, Locator.
P, Kiirkan, AgenL
meurlog in a post nmrked (,'has. ��
'��� north srest post, thenco south tw
lii-iii e east wi Ohalm, thonce north IKJ
tiiis i- wrest Wl ehains to polnl of com*
nt, ihe iald laml b'.tnjc slluate on the
i{ Cs-scsda ereek. about ���(' , milea south
Uareb 13th, 1W7.
(HAS. F. WaijisI.iy, l-ooalor,
I*. BBnUVi Agenl.
ment'lDR st a post marked (.'haa. T
��� iou* unrest ixist, thonce soulb 80
,.*i, i* fit��i wi chains, thence north 80
,,:, .- vmI w> chaltis to polnl of com-
><> -nil Isii'l i-iuk situate ou the
if Cm ids craakt about i', miles south
Utrab 13th) i*f-
('HAS F. Walmbi.iv, Locator,
I' Hiikiian, Anenl.
,. I.. *,i.*. |lveo that W itayaafter date I
4pplv Ui ilu* Hon  Chief ��.ommlssloner
ind Works, al Victoria for a special
i mt mi!  carry away timber from the
described lauds In West Kootonay:
ing ��i a posl planlcd on tbe eaat Hue
2,  un  miles south   of   the  southern
nl un Timber License No. 10. tbenoe
tin*, norlh 80 chains, west 40 cbaina,
* mm, wwi id chalm, south W chains,
aim   - < iiii "���" chains to place of cora-
Btalnlnt Mi acrea,  more or less.
b. hu:. f. Lump.
���!,-n >>y Kiven that 30 davs alter date I
a[>ply Ui the Honorable the Cblef Com*
* of Uh'U and Works for a special
i rat sii-l 'imv away timber from the
(escribed lands iltuated on the west
(it -sheep Creak Valley: Commencing
ve aad a hall miles north of the luler-
boundsr)  Hue and ataml one aud a
* vest "I the Nelson and Fort Hheppard
ompSQj'i laml irmnt In the district of
Com mencini at a post planted two
il nl Hu* Sheep creek, kuown as lho
t rurner pont, Joining J. lt. Cranston's
Imm v- ;. .*i.:tiiiiiK ho chalus north,
i hsius east, thenee to ehalns aouth,
rliitiui weat io polut of commencement.
1 Mi,:, i, .ut, un.
i niiimcii'liiK at a post planted at tbc
l eornei oj ittcatlou No. 1, known as tbc
i rorner r**-: ���.! lm allon No. i, clalmlui
loath, thenoo m chains east, then e NO
orth. (hence Ho ebalns west to point of
I if arch Stall Un,
Comtnenolojl al a post placed balf a
; in lix-Kitun No 2, kuown as Ibe south
tr. claiming WJ chains north, tbonce W
eat, itn ine W) chaini souih, thence HO
Jlin i���i|iii tif eninmtnc��meHt.
Commencing at a post planted al tbe
[ corner of location No. 3, known as tbe
I corner, t-lalmlng UW chains south,
irbaini west, theuco if*) chains north,
thalui east to polnl ot commencement.
��W March 21|t, IWI.
J. 1*. Hwar>HRaa, Locator.
K  T  KNoaiJKjRM, Agent
if iM
en that 30 days alter date
"I Commission-
Notice la bereby given that SO daya rrom dato
I nteiid to apply to the HonChfef Commissioner
ol Unds and Works for a special llceuse to out
and earry away llmlier Irom the following described lands In West Kootenay distriet:
Commeuelng at a post planted on the north
bank of 10 Mllo creek, aboul one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked E Strand's northwest
corner post, thenco east 160 ehains, thence south
40 ebalna, thence west It*) chains, thence north
to chains to point of commencement.
Datod this 21st day of March, 1907.
��.. 8-ruiro, Locator.
I to spply tothe Hou. Chlel
an.l-, stul Works for a special Urease to
I'nrrT sway Umbar Irom the following
fl lands situated on the west side of big
rsek Valley, commencing aboul 4' _ miles
"( the 'uternatlooal boundary line, and
"tic mile west ol  -Hig Kheep creek In tbc
lol West ' ootonayi
-Commeaclni at a post planted about
wweatol ttig Hheop creek, known a�� the
ut corner post, claiming to ebalns south,
B balm west, thonce t*u chains norm,
���". limn*, east topitint ol commeiiccnienl
-Commenelni ��t a nosi planted at the
"t corner ol location Nn 1, known as the
'Mlcornel post, claiming H0 chalna uorth,
8"<-haiiiK east,  thence DO ehalns aoulh,
����cba)ni wesl to point of eomineiicement.
Commonolnt at a jnwt plauied at Uu
il corner ol location No 'i, known as tbo
t (wrner put, claiming W) chains north,
0 chnius west, thonce HO chains south,
'distils caul io point of commencement.
1 April 15th, Un.
J. H, Hwxnaaao, lyocator,
 K.T  KwrntUKIRM. Agent.
(Timber Limit ro. i)
i' hereby given hat 60 daya after date 1
otpplJ to ibe Hoiiorahle the Chief Com-
f of Lands and Works lor a special
1,1 'Ul and carry away timber from ths
it deicrlbed land, sltuatad ou Kooskanax
i West Kootanay district:
fin inn at a post platile' nt the north
','"7 "II imber Limit No llttll.aurf mark-
c*'h soultiwest corner post, thonce
1*1 chaloi, ihence oast K0 chains, Ihenee
cl "'"s, Licnee west M0 chains to polnl ol
���teil March 38,1W7.       II. |). Let, Locator.
(Timber Notice No.��)
111   i
f v...
ifr.ii N
inu ni a post nlanled at the southeast
" ���' limit, and at thenurthwFStooiner
'���' lieunse No. 1QMS,  thenee   norlh   IM
ihenee east to ebalna to west line of
''"'���use No  10M6,   following   lino of No
I HUM, im ehalns. thence rollowlng line
II Hieiise No. Htt�� 40 chains to point of
mat fflarch'JK. 1907,
The Daily Canadian
II. ll.I.KA, 1.,.,'Rtnr.
(timber Nulls-is No.t.)
I hereby Ki���,��� u���i m ,iay�� aller ilato I
is   ss ippljr (o lln, Hmi. (.I),i���| OommlMloMr
���Ml ami " orka lor a i|sc,'lal llceiiao lo cut
i.,.s i    ",WKy ttftWW 'rum llio l.sllsswliiii do-
"I Unili, iiumlvil sm Komkaiiax i-r-A In
*   his'itssliay sll.lrln, aim about   live  mtlca
"I ]s|sur Arrow Lite:
' iiiis'iii'Issk ai a poit is'autesl on lln north
iiiiii, *,',"'��� ***** ''"" �� mll�� "om ���*rMk'
in,  ... "��� "��� 'A:'i> 'ssiuheaat corner poat,
sii,.    ',' '.m !'h��'ii��. llienee won im chKlm.
sssiii hss flialiiH, them.,, eait no chaini to
11 pommaueemant
ilea Msirsi, (1,1(07,     I, n Ltl LcCat���r.
:���,,, ��� ,('""'""' Notice No.��.)
s ii'si'Iiik   al  a pssil markesl II.  D. Lea'a
�� ,,. ss,"""'r. P."*"- """ice north HO ehalna,
�� .���hais/M''"""" N" ' "wailiin. thence
��cha_!liS_SSf ","mh m rh"n��, Ihence
���ale i*l. ''^"''""'ci'inlilelleenionl.
* ""'I March 81, imn.      H. II Laa, Ucator.
non,,,. ,. .(flmhi-r I.lmltNo.0.)
"I I.   apply  l��� the llo'norake the
11"J!,.��� ,       '.   ,���,,"," ��n<1 l*"'*' In' ���
ms    , out anil carry away llmlier
lt������, .V1',1!''"1""11""'', iltuateil ahoul
s'l   i ���*���??!?? *""" 1*0 on K��<>��-
Lciiisoisient      ""r,h * OkaiMto point olcom-
t*��M Kanti��,W,     ...D. i.��A, Wwr,
1 I'lllsssslsi,. ,,'.;���' t��_*. Iheuce aouth 80
. ....-wctii" ,i ''.', ',',"��� """ "I ""'I limit,
|��m*o eail nu fl," "'""��� theneii norlh 80 ohalni,
Notice Is hereby glveu lhat BU days after date 1
Intend toapph to the Don. tbe Cblel Commissioner nl Unds antl Works, at Vietoria, for a
special license to cut aud carry a^ay timber
from the lollowlng deaeribed lands tn Vale district :
No. 1.-Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Kettle river and about one
mile more or less nor-h of C. �� H. Illock No.
MT) nn.I marked Boundary Lumber <Vs B. K.
corner i����*--t No. 1, tbence M)chains n-nh. tbenee
80 chains woat, thenee M chains south, thenee 80
chains eaat to tbe point of commencement.
Dated Mar h22nd,lKfl. .
N*. 2.���'"ommenclng at a post planted about 10
chalna east of main Kettle river about -SO cbains
north of Boundary Lumber Co'i Location No. 1,
and marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. X. corner
posl No. 'I, thenre N chaini north, thenee 10
chains west, thence SO chaini south, thenee BD
ebalns east to the point of commencement.
Datad 22n�� March, IWJ.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted about 30
chains east ot main Kettle riverand about no
ebalns north of Boundary Lumber Co's location
post No t, and marked Boundary Lumber Co's
n. E. eorner post No. 3, thence ni chains north,
thence W) chains wcsl, tbeoc* 80 cbains aoutb,
thenco 80 chains east to tbe polut of commenoement.
Dated March ^ud,l��n.
No. 4.��� Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains east ol the main Kettle river and about-
80 chalus north of Bouodsrv Lumber Co's location post No. 3, and marken Boundary Lumber
Co's B. %. corner poit No 4, thence 80 ehalna
north, thenoe 80 chains west, ihence ��0 cbains
aoutb, thenoe to chslns east to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 190*7.
No S.-���ommenclng at a post plan-ted about
ib chains east of main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or less, of Boundary Lumber o's Location No. 4, and marked Bounda-fT
Lumber Ool B K. corner poet No '-, the ner 80
cbains nortb, thenee 80 ebalns west, theoce 80
chain* south, thenee 80 ebalns east to the point
of commencement.
Dated March rtrd, 1907.
No. ��.���Commencing at a post planted abont 25
chains eaai of main Keltic river on C F. It. line
hints No. 2711, aud about 80 chains norlh of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location posl i-��o. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. K. corner post
No. 8, thenee ho chains north, lollowlng C. r R,
Imu block No -TH, thonce 80 cha ins west, tbenee
80 chaios soutb thence 8u chains e*st to tbe
point ol ram meneement.
Dated Marcb Mnl, 1907.
No. 7.-Commencing at a post planted about
15 chains west of lhe main Kettle river on C P.R.
lino bl ok No. 2714. and about hu cb*Lna north of
Boundary I umber Co'i location post lo.��, and
maiked BnumUry Lumber Co's B K corner pest
No 7, thonce 160 chains no'th, following C. I\ R.
line block No. 2714, theuce 40chains west, tbenco
160 vloiins south, thenee 40 chains east to the
point ol commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
Nn. 8-Commencing at a post planted about
2fl chains west Irom river bank and aboul 3 milea
south, moreorless, ol the last cast branch odha
east lork of the main Keltle river or about 13
mi'es north, more or less, of C. V. R. Hioek No.
*/714, on east fork ol Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. cemer post No 8, thence
B chslns east, tbence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, th-nce 80 chains norlh to thc point
ot commencement.
Dated March iSlh, 1907.
No. ��.���Commencing ata post planted about
�� ehalns west Irom river bauk, on lho east fork
ol Kettle river, and about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumlier Co's loca'loii post No 8, and
marked Boundary lumber Co's N.W. enrner
post No 9. lbence BO ehatns east, ihenc Mehelni
SOtltb. thenOO tO chains weit, thence 80 (.bains
north lo thc point ol eommeucement.
Dated March Mth, 1907.
No. 10���Commencing at a poit planted aboul
20 chains west Irom river bank on the east lork
of Kettle river, and iboul 80 chains wuth ol
Houndary Lumber Co'i location post No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Cos N. W. corner
L_.t No. 10. tbemo 80 chains east, tbence *
ehalus south, thence BO chains west, thonco 80
chains north to thc point Ol commencement.
Dated -March 25th, IWI.
No. ll.-Cnmmenclngal a post planted about
IA chains west from ri��er bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehalna wuth of
Boundary Lumber Co's Location post No. 10, and
ked Houmlary LuinbcrCo'i N.W. corner post
No II, tbenco HO chains eaat. lbence 80 cbaina
smithIt "ence 88 ehains west, thenee 80 chains
north ifl the point til commencement.
Dated March 'Jftth.lWI.
No. 12.--Commenclngst a twit planted about 12
chaltis wcsl from river bank an the east f irk of
ie le river, and about 80 chains wuth of
Hmindiirv Lumbar Co'i location post No. 11, and
m 12.1 WmElary Umber Co'. N. W. corner
Kit No. ft Ih^n'-o HO chains cnat, thence BO
Kialns south, thence 80 chains west, thenee 80
north to the polnl of eommfciicement.
Dalod March 85th, 1907.
No. 13,-Commenclng at a post planted about
12 ehalns west from river bank on the east fork
if kJ! le river, and about 80 chains south of
Hounda.y Lumoer tVs fetlODPOlt No. 1 and
marked Boundary Lumber Lu a N w. ��urn ^r
MitNO ia, Ihence 80 chains eaat, thonco #
Sains south, thence M chains west, thence 80
chillis norlh 10 the point Of commencement.
SRUXSfl^iM �� MM   _**___
10 chains w st from river bank on the Bill toffe
a?  le river, and alnut 80 chains south of
Boundir^ Lumber |Vs location post Na 13  and
rt 'CSS! V SBSnSK Sastua
wuth,   ho ci M cbsins wost, thonco 80 chain,
noithto tho point ol nrmmencement.
German Authorltlea Expect Temporary
Decline in Price Followed by
8teady Advance.
Mens���. Aran Hlrnch & Solin, of Hal-
beratadt, Oerniiiny, one of the fhoBt reliable European authorities on copper
BtaliHtics, in their Year Book on copper aay, in part:
"Ab the Krealer part of the produclion
up lo the uumnier of 1907 la already
sold to consumers, and as consumption
Is still Insufficiently covered, the situation Is serious, since the world's supply
apart from the small quantity of standard
copper in England, Is deficient. It Is
therefore clear that, though prices have
materially advanced, thc rise cannot be
counted as artificial. It is also to he observed that the uhove-menl toned provision of standard copper consists mostly of low grade material, which cannot
profitably be utilized by the consumers
, , . Such conditions cannot be
regarded as healthy ln the Interests of
the Industry. ThiB demand, also contrary to every theory of national e-oono-
iny, has , on tbe whole, not declined
under the regime of high prices. The
consumption of some of Ihe smaller industrial branches may have shrunk or
substitutes may have been employed,
but that is unimportant. The great Industries, such as electricity, engineering, shipbuilding, and the like, exhibit
no signs of a slackening demand, but
rather the contrary. It were too much
to be wished that the tension and with
It the extraordinarily high price would
weaken, ln the first line an increase
in produclion would be necessary, ln
1.06 this Increase, as is known, was
smaller relatively than usual. The high
prices have, here also, brought about
no change. Nor are there hitherto any
Indications of a sufficient development
of production; ou the contrary, ln
America during January and February,
1907, there was a decline in output as
against the previous year, though this
was In part the result of weather conditions. There are certainly in America
and in other parts of the world new
producers ln preparation, and also extensions of existing mines. It is necessary that both should contribute, for
consumption, even should the present
favorable conjunction cease, would only
Blacken temporarily, and after a little
lime would Increase afresh. According
lo all experience, we are now approaching a consumption of a million tohB of
copper per annum. This will be accomplished relatively quickly with the
present progressive development, and
we must express the hope and the wish
that the mining industry, to the profit
of all concerned, will not only keep
pace wllh the demand, but will run
something ahead of it."
Tbe point to be noted In the foregoing Is that so eminent an authority on
the world's copper production predicts
a steady increase In consumption after
a possible temporary decrease In consumption.���Los Angeles Mining Review.
Mothers Gather in  Lob Angeles.
Lob  Angeles,  May   9.���The  advance
guard of delegates hns arrived for the
annual conference of the National Con-
gresB of Mothers, which 1b to begin a
five dayn' session in this city tomorrow.
It will be the tenth anniversary of the
congresB, which held its flrst meeting
in Washington In 1897. The programme
for the Lob Angeles meeting is one-of
the best ever arranged by the organization. The speakers will be leaders ln
the different phases of work for childhood. The education and discipline of
children ln the home will be considered.
The co-operation of parents and teachers through parents' associations ln the
schools, and the steadily increasing cooperation between educational associations and the congress will form an Important part of the programme. The
care of the dependent, neglected and
delinquent children ln every community
will be the subject of several sessions
and eminent specialists will discuss lt.
Legislation required In state and nation
for the protection of home and childhood will receivo consideration. The
conference will be the guests of the
California Congress of Mothers, which
tody has made elaborate provision for
the reception and entertainment of the
Tb Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Room*
Queen's Hotel
���aker Ureal, Xstlaon. 1.0.
Lighted by Eleotriolty and
Heated by Hot Air
Lam and Comfortable Badroomi and First-
olaaaClnlDf Boom.  Bample Koomi Ior Lommer-
"*'     *��   MBS. I. O.OUIBM, Proprletteea
Churchman  Beats Canjurer.
London, May 9.���The suit of Archdeacon Colley agalnat Maskelyne, the
well-known conjurer, for libel ln denying his right to the title of archdeacon
came to an end today with a verdict of
1375 damages for the archdeacon.
Maskelyne had a counter-suit, In
which he claimed $5,000 from Colley
Tor fulfilling the conditions of a challenge issued by Colley to him to reproduce by the conjurer's art certain
spiritualistic phenomena the genuineness of which Colley believed ln and
Maskelyne denied.
The suit was diamissed.        	
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierce, Baker St.
Corporation of the City ol IWson
BY.UW ISo. 17*7
A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a. Public School in the
City of Nelson, and the improvement of
the grounds and appurtenancea In connection therewith.
Grand Central Hotel
Toil hotel Iim been completely renovated and
newl, furnlabed with all modem equlpmenu.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Boomi, 80c. npwardi l meala afc. l
���peclal ratet by the week.
3. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Inropasan and amerlou Plan
Meala ��� eta.  Boomi Imm �� cu. to U
Only White Help 181110104.
Baker at, Relaoa Froprteton
Bartlett  Hotise
Best Doflar-a-Day Hoost in Nelson.
The Bar u the Flneat.
Whlta Help Only Employed.
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Kelson.    Close in
Call and see us for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
Two of the Best Improved Randies
With bearing orchards and running water on eaoh propel tj.   Then properties can he purefcumed on reasonable terma if aold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Hav* 10,000 Acta
fflH-ffpfrt Frait Landi in
Bfttlsii Conunrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 .acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Jof��phlne Bt.
Coal! Icel Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt,
Fuel th Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor, Baker and  Ward  8ta.
Royal Hotel
NELSON,    -    B. C.
Notice la hereby
dnle 1 Ints'ii    '
point ill co-niiiii'iis's'iiii'ii.
miu lb
Boundarj Lambert**.fMaJljnJiMt ^oaj-.nj
marki'il 1
No   16.11
N���U17 l5SSs���..�� po.1 PjanW *m
M>. 17.   uomwf!! rl��.r b_gj������ ,|1C -.rn lork
marked Boundary uiiilmrro �� n. "���'""'"'' >,;������
No 1(1 Ihence ��'ehalna eait, Ihence N eh. n.
��.ut�� llienee >��� chain. we.l. Ib.isee �� chain.
5 cbaina weal hum
"' ^'ffltow!!*-"*'''1
Ke'tile"'river, ��nd about no chain, aouthsol
marked Boundary Lumber
N W. corner
est, thenei
SS?Iio Tipi �� chain,
sffialnaiontn, thenee HO ch.ma we... >�������>����� -
rliili,; iiiirlh to the polnl ol eommeneement.
Datesl March UMh, Mn. ., ���,������,���,i ,bmit
Nn IH- lliiinmenclng lit �� V_�� 1' ' __'' *'___
An wet ol the river bank on he eul fork
ol Kctilc Klver ami about *'" ���"!;,,, \_ ri
Sounder? Lumber Co'i  inc."oi    oca} ��<>��� ��
Vied March ^^ Bo J^Tu'iJi'bir Co.
l jtven tbat thirty day. alter
applv to the Itoarsl ol Licence
CommlBloner. lor the Vmlr JfiffjgL'4*11\*_S5��
lor ol tbe licence held by me lor tbe Fort unep-
p.rd hotel to r. Addle. -^^ k M. BHaLM.
Wancta, 8 C.May let. UOT.
Notleo 1. herehy alven tb.l ��<��������� ���l'Y,81l0,11��,t
Intend to Hpply to the ''ou. Chlel VjSHrSrSS
,1 ������d�� .nif iVorls. lor MMaU H��nje to eu
��nsl carry awny timber Irom tho lollowlng ot
"rlbed lan-I aiWHtcd en Oort Owek Jn the
lln.1 crook dlvlalon In 8o��thwe.t koolenay, B C.
"A**-Commenoln| .1 poit "A" planted about
UeR.ntTnSrtf.ea.l ��>">�� P"*"*',' l_?_____l!,
..B"-CommeB��*ing at l��a'^'',ri"h"? ",,,rt0hi;
.onth lork ol n��rn creek, aboutMch.ln. Irom
when he sstreaai omptle. into lhe Main "tream.
we." then 160 s-haJn. north, then �� chain, ea.l
WhereM the Board ol Behool TntiteM of the
City of Keif OO has prepared aud laid before tho
Municipal Counncll of the City of Nelion an estimate showing that suuh Board requires *60,-
000.00 to meet an extraordinary expenditure for
the purpoie of comtruotlng a pub Ic nchool ln
the City of Nelion and the Improvement of tbe
grounds and appurtenancea ln connection therewith.
And whereas such estimate has heen duly con
ildered and finally approved of by the said
And whereas for th�� purpoae aforesaid it will
heneeesssry to borrow tbe sum oi 160,000.00 and
to Issue debentures of the City of Nelson for the
imrpoie of tailing said amount.
And whereas the whole amount of the rateable
land of tbe laid eity, according to the last revised Hssessment roll, is one million two hundred
and sixty seven thousand seven hundred and
twenty Ave dollara -|i,*7,7�� )
And whereas It will be requisite to raise annual*
ly by rata the sum of five thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty cents itt.meo)
ior paying tbe said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal < ouncil of the
Corporation of the City of Nelton enacts u fol-
1. it shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the city of Nelson to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, body or bodies corporate.
wio may be willing loadv nive the same as a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the whole
thc sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars (Iso.OnO 00,1
and to cause all such sums to raised or received
to be paid into the hands of the treasurer of the
nald Corporation for the purpose and with the
object herein before recited.
2. It shall be lawful for he Mnyor of the said
Corporation to cause any number of debentures
to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
vnmnu may be re-mired for the purpose and object nforeaa'td, not exceeding, however, the sum
of Sixty Thousand Dollars (����1ono.Oii) each of the
nald debentures being of the denomination of
One 1 bousand Dollars (11,000), and such debentures shall be realed with tbe seal of the Corporation and si, ned by the Mayor thereol.
3 The said debentures shall bear date the
lirsl day of July, 1907, and shall be made payable
In twenty veara from the said date, ln lawful
mooey of 'Canada, at thc office of tbe Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforj'ald, which said place
of payment shall oe designated by the said debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for thu payment of interest and the signatures to the Intereit coupons may be either
written, stamped, print.nl or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall b��ar Interest at
the rate of five per cent (ft per cent) from the
date thereof, which interest shall be payable
semi-annually at the iald offlce of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, ln lawful money
of Canada on the first day of July and the flrst
day January respectively in each year during
the currenev thereof; and ll shall be expressed
in laid debentures and coupons to be bo payable
ft It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said
< 'orporatlon to negotiate an I sell the iald debenture3 or any oi them for less than par, but In no
ease shall tne debentures or auy one of them be
negotiated or told for less than ninety five per-
centum (W per cent) of their value including
the ciwt of negotiating and rale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses
0. Thore shall be raised and levied eaeh year
during the currenev of snld debentures the sum
three thousand dollars (13,000) for payment of
Interest and the sum of two thousand two hundred *nd thirty two dollars and sixty cents
iti'iSsiOO) for payment of tbe said debentures
>y ra'e sufficient therefor on all the rateable
land in the said Municipality.
7 It shall be lawful fo; the said Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the nald deben
lures upon such terms as mny be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holder* thereof or any
part thereof, either at the time nf sale or any
subsequent tl ne or times, and all debentures no
repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled and
destroyed and nn re-issue of debentxrei so repurchased ahall bu made In consequence of anch
r h This Bylaw ihall takeef.eet on, or after, tbe
1st day ol Jnst. HOT
9. This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes
as tbe "city of Nelson Public School Loan Hylaw
Done and passed in Council assembled this
 day ol 1907.
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comlorlable quarter, ln Nelion
Only tbe beat ol Liquor, and clgan.
40 Actes Fiist-class Pratt
Land on Kqptcnay Late 1
Within V* mil* of Sari Qrty*a Raiwh.
'/* mill lakt frontaga. Fna from rook.
Plant/ water.   |3S par aera, on tar-ma.
Itnim Wanted te the rwduse of *
Hincul Claim.
Aa McDonald &Co.
Dealera in staple sand fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Minora' Snppliea.
Tender, addreaaed to the underaKrned, at hu
nmce in the Court Houm, ln the Clly sl Nelwn,
will be reeeHed up till the hour ol tit* ��eloeh,
In the alternoou, ol Friday, May ��lat, IWI, lor
the purche-K ol the "flllter Champion Mineral
Cl.lm," Ut Him, Oroup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct,
wbleh wm declared to be lorrelted to the Crown
��t the lax .ale held ln the City ol Nelion, on the
6lh day ol November, 1**, lor delinquent Uie.
np till June aotb, 1*106, and coat.
lhe up.nl price upon the aald mineral elalm,
wbleh Include, the amount ol delinquent taxes*
and com. at the time ol lorle llure, with Internal,
Uie. which here iluoe e-Kruedjeeata ol ��Jt er-
tlalng and lee Ior Crown Grant (tsoo,) UWlile,
which li tbe laaat amount tbat wUl be oonaldered
aa a tender. , . __
Kami tender muat be accompanied by en accepted eheoue lor the lull amount ol the lender,
payable totheorder OI tha Deputy Commluloner
Sl land and Worki, at Victoria, BC., at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B C, thii aoih day ol April,
novernment Agent, Nelion, B. C
Examination te Assayers te Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
norlhwat corner poat,
BeckSt'th by l.J. Uwla, went
���   about ten ehalna woat ol
chain, as.silti,
An Examination lor Aatayera will be held 10
Victoria on the nth May and lollowlng day..
Entrance lor any examination muit be maile
In writing to tbi Secretary ol the Board ol Examine���, at leaat ten daya before the date Kt tor
beginning ol examination, and muit be accompanied by tbe preecrlbed lets (915)
Any additional Inlormallon di.lred may be
obulned trom Herbert Carmichael, aecrelary,
board ol examiner., y^orn^    ���
Minuter olMlnee.
Department ol Mine.,
Victoria, B. C , loth April, 1 07.
Take notloe that tbe above li a true copy of
the propoted Bylaw, upon which the vote of the
mun lot pall ly will be taken ai the City of Nelion,
on Monday the Mth day of May, next, between
tbe hotirH of o o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.n_.,
f-ir the Kait Ward, at the Council Chamber, at
the corner of Vici'-iria and Joeephene Streets,
aud for the Weat War J, at the Bo��rd of 'irade
Roomi, at tho cornor of Victoria and Kootenay
City Clerk.
Notice li hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company naa applied to HIb Honor the
Lleutcnaut Governor in council, under the provision! of the "Rivera and Streams Act." for the
right to Improve Rykcrtn creek, in tbe district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, aud mtkeiuch other improve-
mentH as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of Iori andtbelluming of timber tliertion
The lands to be affected are guverment landi and
Lots ��$! and 252, Uroup 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, lf any,
are such as maybe tlxedbya Jmig.of the county
court of Wait Kootenay.
Dated this nth day of March, A, 1). 1907.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral data*
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at his
offlce in the Court House, ln the City of Kelson,
will be received up till the hour of fiveo'lloek In
the afternoon, of Friday, Hey 31st, IWI, tor the
uurchaae of the "Bryan Mineral Claim." Lot
lew, Oroup I* Kootenay Pistrict, which was
declared to bVforfeited to tbe Crown at tha tax
���ale held ln the City of Nelson, on the Ath day
of November, 1906' for delinquent taxes np till
JuneSOth, 1905, and colts
The upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxei
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, ooat ot adver*
Using, and fee for Crown 'rant (125.00,) liffMl.
which li the least amount that will ba considered
as a tender . -. _^
Each tender muit be accompanied by an ac
cepU.nl cheque for tbe full amount of the Under,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., thii ��th day of April,
Government Agent, N*1,0��- ��-__?
Tourist Sleeper
Si. Paul, Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouver.
Dally to Seattle.
Land Registry Aet
Take notiee that an application ba. been made
to nalater Hugh Roaa Llnklater aa tne owner In
Fee Simple, uniler a Tax Bale Deed Irom Robert
A. ttenwlek, Deputy Aieeuor ol tbe Nelaon A<-
���eennenl dlatrlot. to Hugh Hoaa Llnklater, hear-
Ina date the 1th day ol Aueu.t, A. D. 1**, ol all
and lingular that nsrlain panel or tract ol land
and premlsw. altuate, lrlng and belni In the
Town ol balmo, In tbe Provlnoe ol Brltl.b
roliiinbla, more particularly known and described a. Lot IS, Block -tr'. Town ol balmo,
(Map 6i-i), being a aubdl.Ulon ot Lot Wia, Group
1, Koolen.y ilutrtct.
You and each ot you aie required to conte.t
the claim ol the tax purchuer within lourlean
dava Irom the date ol the aervlce ol thla notloe
upon you, and In delanlt ol a caveat or oertlilca'e
ssl lis penileii. being died within much period,
you will be lorever (-.topped and debarred irom.
selling up any claim to or In respect ol the aald^
land, aud I shall regl.ter Hugh Row Llnklater
as owner thereol. . 	
Datad at laud registry ofllce. Nelaon, Province
ol British Columbia, this 21.t day ol February,
AD-,9,n' H. F. KacUtOD.
Distriet Registrar.
To Murdock A. Henderson.	
I hav* just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the aame old stand,
and -now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMININQ. Shop rear of Bartlett
In the matter ol an application tor the Issue ol
a duplicate ol lhe Cerillieale ol Title ol Lola 3 tnd
��, Block S, Lot��, Block W and Lot 12, Block to,
Nelion City (Mam Mt and 3MA)
Notleo ls herehy given that It I. my Intention
to Issue a duplicate ol the Certificate ol Title ror
the above Iota at the expiration ol one month alter
Jke flrat publication hereol ln the name ot Fran,
acolsv ami Emll I'obll. which! ertiflcate ol Title
1. dated thc 4th day ol January, ltWI, and numb-
"***"" H.F.HaoLKOD.
Dlatrlot BefUtrar.
Und Registry Offloe, Nalaon, B.c
4th, April, MOT.
For berth reservations apply to
A.Q.P.A..Vancoover. D. P. A��� Malaon
w. a. aiuuETT
Contractor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Rough and dreaaad lumbar, turned
work and bracket., Coaat lath and .hingle., aaah
and door.. Cement, brink and Ume loi aale.
Automatic grluslor.
Yard and laetoryi Vernon Bt.. eaat ol Hall
t. o. Una m      Telephone ITS
F.COMHI     r.r.MJKDHI     a.eomdi
OrU Eaftoeers, Dootofca and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
CW-VKtOWA t ioothiay sts.. mlsoii.b.c
f. 0. Box us ntm ut t.
In the matter ol an application lor Ihe laane ol
a duplicate ol the Certlftoete ol Title lor an undivided Uot lot4KU. group I, in th* dutrloto'
Koolenay (except part 12.9 acres thereol.)
Notloe la hereby given that lt I. my Intention
to laane at tho expiration ot one month after tha
���nt publication hereol a duplicate ol tbo Certll-
s ate ol Title lor the above mentioned land.. In
the name ol Malcolm Mccormick, which CertlB-
eate Udated Ihe mh Beptember, mi, and num-
Und Registry Offlce, Nelwn, B.C., April IBrd,
IHU. H. F. MicHoU,
nutrls-l K-el.lrer
Notice I. hereby given that 1 wUl apply at the
next ius*"tlua ol tbo Lleenie CommlMloner.,
for the Clly of NelKin, lo bave the liquor licenae
ol the Silver King Hotel tranalerraf Irom ��y
aalf to Robert lla'llel, ol Ibe Oty ol Nelaon.
Dated tbla 7lh day ol May, 1 Wl.
'-���XL. iK  5?53___.
awe*    ~ 2n**ar~Tm    i * efn inf.
T^��  ?Jin__ai:'.L���   u   ^aiXf    -   -i*-
��& a���aax. -aaaurr-nw   * *.-*hiiih{.
The Daily Canadian
��       ���    A WEST KOOTENAY
Mince Meat     bttcbb?::
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Q_.r ��i_T ��':i ^ra^c/i Store J^Qh,
Fercirxj  C*ir.:e��.  and Ctststorners of
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2lbs for a 25c.      F   '""; i -.XZ~i______    S^-ttC'. WtZ Be Mended to at Our
5:;-,-. �� W. C. B!ock.
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M Trading Co.
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C. A Benedict
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E.  C   TRAVES   Xaza.���
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Canada Drug & Book Co'y, U
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Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!
Cvt Fiacr V��sjftg�� Kast Be Soid
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BaJut St. NdHtt. B. I
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3   ������
j Ne^' Scring Goods Arriving Daily!
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W. G. Thomson
=" fa��    -S-4CCX*     -<:uSe   at   Jtairt*-.
~���.-rs*'""  a-*-;  ;_^��.T   ������Baa
���* Spring is Here
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For Rent
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Ter no:  :
JSatiwi    5T   saa Mrs.   M ii_i.
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J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
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i-laex.    Mssj smt. a^aa ��na xtot a assa-
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iELSO.V,    B. C.
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Spring Stock lust Opened Up
C��_r*.-o��iJ L_inote-urns arad C-ttrp��t��
Fr-wri  0!��_*atv->*��. Scotlasrwl.
B<*; Qualtt-tes at  Low Pr-ioc*.
AJrcarr-: Lehi
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Seed Potatoes IS^.Fwflit,_"^r'
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EariyRosePtoutoe A.G.LAMBERTSzCC
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3H* ^i"**-"^'      "*^: 3CT  JSII.m rf
J. A. IR^TSG 4 ax:
un sL_i?$ Lorn ber, Shingles,
L-atJ\. .Wovildingsa. Doors, Window*
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Aai Boat
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U33 jje bca: it^errzi
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����� x^TaEiiKx Sirivir* (x\.


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