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The Daily Canadian Apr 22, 1907

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 Stotljj  (ftww&ian
/OLUMK  I.     NO.   270.
dernier of Commonwealth
on Colonial Office
leathering of Soldiers and Statesmen
at Pilgrims' Dinner���Canada
Not Represented.
Lsmdon, April 20.���Field Marshal
inl Roberts jireHlded at a banquet
Iven at ClaridKc's by tho Pilgrims' Solum evening, lu honor of the co-
ulal prims- ministers, who are In Lon-
to take part In tbe Colonial Con-
rence. ll was the most brilliant ot
e honors accorded the visitors since
elr arrival here.
The members of the society, and
elr guests numbered 36. At the same
ble wltn Lnrsl Huberts, sat Whitelaw
eld, tbe ambassador of tbe United
ntes; Sir Edward Grey, the foreign
���retary; h,v Stralh-cona, the Canad-
high (-ssinuilsaloner; Alfred Deakln,
s* premier of Auslrulln, and tbe Duke
Tin' government wub represented by
1 majority of the memboru -if the cab-
1111, and many of the most prominent
ueu at the bar, ln tho church, and in
ismmerclul world wore seated at the
The Duko of Argyle, Austin Cham-
b.rlaln, Winston Spencer Churchill,
rd Fairfax, aider Haggard, Archdeacon Sinclair. Field Marshall Sir
Ui-ssrgo While and Gisnerul Methuen
were among those present. Sir Wll-
Irid Laurier. premier of Canada; General Louis Ilotha, premier of the Transvaal; and Dr. Jameson, premier of Cape
Colony were absent, and Canada alone
among lhe colonies was without a
Thorns who delivered  speeches  were
Sir Ksl��ar(|  Grey,  Alfred   Deakln,  Sir
b Ward, Premier of New Zealand;
Fred Lyttleton, T. W. Smart, commissi* uf public works for Cape Colony,
spoke fur Dr. Jameson, who was
the Duke of Devonshire and Lord
As ll was to be expected tho meeting
ad a distinctly llrltlsh character.
Sir Kdward (|rey| ln (,1s address re-
irrid to thc mlstakis   being  made  In
ier colonial policy In 11 former century,
nd said lie was sure this would not be
'Pealed.   Lord Roberts end Mr. Smart
poke uf the reunion of the Anglo-Saion
inuun and reminded their hearers lhat
Americans were taking part ln the cele-
'railon of the evening.
The mssst striking addresses were de-
lver.'ii by Sir Kdward Grey and Alfred
Jeakln. sir Kdward remarked he feared
lonists found the colonial office
iiucli farther from the colonies than
it colonies were from the colonial
Mr Deakln talked from tho shoulder
i'l dealt with international  problems
in straightforward words that will un-
(luulsti'siiy make tho llrltlsh diplomats
���judder.    He said that It was a fact
that Hi,, colonial office was farther from
tbe colonies than tho colonies from Ihe
colonial ulllee and he emphasized the
Claim thai   ih��� colonies  should be In
01 i's-nilent nulions.   Ho said it was "re-
.in   I*" l" con"-' t0 L��ndon and talk
ihe government face to face.
J"'   promlaed   lhat    Australia    next
���r would Inaugurate a system where-
i) she could defend herself ln the event
" war without  tho  assistance of tho
mower   country,    He emphasised tho
1 1  sk" ""' l'ro,)1ems of Australia wero
"I  ihs'  problems of   England,  aaylng
a* mother country had no Asiatic population ni menacing evils.
h'h referring obviously to Ihe Ger-
" "<*ciipui|on 0f the  Now  Hebrides
Premier uf Australln said he wished
low" 1 ' IM"0'! lhat England had not al-
'    '! ''vnl  European nation to se-
>���   e a foothold close to Australia with-
<"M a warning from Australia.
�� hlli. the nntlsh navy had not beon
ih, ' '",' '" a t0Bt Ot sea supremacy
��.ij.1, ,he P��st century, the speaker
Ibis would happen In the next 100
is��,,, _ wltho"t montlonlng nations by
w,,Ti v t'redlctod pointedly that thero
the o .�� tt war for tho supremacy of
""> ''acinc with Germany nnd Japan.
Subjscta to Be Submitted for Discus-
alon at The Hague.
Toklo,   April  22.-Accordlng to   tho
Japan Mall the Japanese delegates nt
no Hague  peCo conference will pre-
Hon. ..,Zle8,.-0f '""oi'ondent proposl-
f   ��nventiLh<'m h?n* the """elusion
Ues on tani *l,m, U"J cot"ia'st of bat-
8 on tani> ��nd at sea, Uie use ot mines
NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, APRIL 22, f 907.
Fifty Cents a Momtb
on commercial routes, the use of wlro-
ess telegraphy between besieged for-
resses and points ln neutral territory
the use of neutral ports for belligerent
purpodses, methods for declaring the
opening of hostilities and the limitation of nrmamentB.
Bicentenary of Birth of Fielding Celebrated in London.
London, April 22.���The bicentenary
of Henry Fielding, thc earliest of England's great novelists, was observed today by literary societies throughout the
United Kingdom. In London a notable
dinner was held under the auspices of
the Society of Somerset Men. Sir Arthur Canon Dyle occupied the chiar and
several score of literary and dramatic
celebrities were ln attendance.
It was Just two hundred years ago
today that Fielding flrst saw the light
of day near tbe town of Glastonbury.
He was sent to Eton and studied for a
time ln Leyden, but bis life was careless und the remittances from his father
small and Irregular. His subsequent
career was as interesting as that of any
of the subjects of his pen. By the time
that he was 20 he was writing for the
stage, and making some headway, but
his Income waa uncertain and hia habits
reckless. In bis 27th year he married
a beautiful and amiable girl who
brought to him a dowry of several
tbouaand dollars. He determined to
settle down, but bis love of pleasure
and display overcame him and be soon
squandered all the money. He was over
.0 years old when he produced his second and most famous novel "Tom
Jones." His third novel, "The History
of Amelia," was published when he was
45. Two years later he died of dropsy,
while on a visit to Lisbon.
Shortage of Fuel Bringing Industry to
Standstill���Real Estate Boom
Grand Forks, April 22.���Word hss
reached here today that unleas the
coal miners' strike Is settled at once
the Great Northern and C. P. R. railways will be compelled to suspend traffic through the Boundary dlatrlct, owing
to tbe lack of fuel for the engines. Already the Granby company has had to
blow out two of the eight furnaces and
should the railways fall to haul coke
from the eastern markets at once the
entire reductions works will be Idle,
one week's supply being all that now
remainB at the smelter and no fresh
supplies are now coming in from any
Great consternation exists here Just
now among the city officials owing to
Ihe fact that the city council has Just
passed a strong resolution forbidding
any of the city officials from frequenting any saloon barroom during the
hours  tbey are working for the city.
I)n.' Evans, one of the crew in the
freight train wreck on the Great Northern railway near Oroville, Wash., a
couple of days ago, who received s.-rl-
ous Injuries in the accident, died this
morning in the Cottage hospital; the
other four Injured men will likely re
A number of Important real estate
ileuls have been completed here during
Iho past week for city properties,
among which was the purchase of Mr.
Charles Brown's fine dwelling situated
at the head of Winnipeg avenue, tho
new owner being Mr. David Whiteside;
the sum paid for this property Is reported to have been $5,000, while several other residential properties
changed hands for sums aggregating
Track laying on the North Fork extension of the Kettle Valley railways is
now completed as far as the little railway town of Niagara, some eight miles
north of Grand Forks, and it is fully
expected that the rails will reach Lynch
Creek in another two weeks' time.
Interesting  Find on  Palatine  HIII During Celebration.
Rome, April 22.���While celebrating
tho 2,660th anniversary of Rome, the
founding of which Ib supposed to have
taken place April 21st In the year 751!
B. C, a most Important discovery was
made yesterday on Palatine Hill. Whilo
frying lo dotermine the entrance to the
Palatine Acropolis snd also to exploro
tho Necropolis, a circular ditch was
found, evidently a pit or tomb. It Is
similar to those discovered on the Roman Forum. It is believed to be connected with the earliest habitation and
to have been constructed by the found-
ore of tbe Palatine stronghold. Minister of Instruction Ravo visited the spot
today and ordered a continuation of the
Prlcaa of Metals.
New York, April 22-Sllver, 66Hc;
copper, 211-Hc; lead, |6.
London, April 22-Sllver, 30Kd.;
lead, ��20.
Foster-Ayleswortb Duel
Si tlie Topic
Insurance Commission, Mere Weapon
oi Ottawa Machine, Will Cost
Canada $105,000.
Ottawa, April 22.���The duel between
Mr. Foster and Mr. Aylesworth ls still
the chief topic ln parliamentary circles,
although the whole session has been
full of sensations. The patently deliberate purpose of the Insurance Commission as organized and Instructed by Mr.
Aylesworth, to kill Mr. Foster politically, la admittedly without a parallel in
the history of the Canadian parliament.
There was a question on which the
Commission spent a great deal of time
and which Mr. Aylesworth debated at
���great length, whether all the directors
of the Loan company understood the
nature of tbe transactions. It had been
suggested that one or two of them,
whom the commission and tbe government does not wish to -condemn, aa they
are party friends, did know tbat Mr.
Foster and other co-directors were concerned In the Land company. But Mr.
Foster produced tbe records showing
that every detail was set forth in tbe
documents presented to the full meeting and mentioned ln the minutes. One
director told the Commission that he
could not remember agreeiug to or hearing some of tne resolutions adopted and
Mr. Aylesworth without making a Btatement himself, repeated the statements
of the Commissioners, casting doubt on
the records. Mr. Foster went through
tbe whole record showing conclusively
that all the proceedings were endorsed
by all tbe directors, and that each of
ihem had or waa ln a posi sion to have
full knowledge of every detail.
This land transaction proved to be
altogether safe and exceedingly profitable. Tbe cumpany has got all its
money back with Interest and |40,000
bonus together with $30,000 or $40,000
profits on management of the lands.
Very little was said by Mr. Aylesworth respecting the Trust company's
British Columbia investment. Mr. Fowler deult with it fully. Reference to his
Bhare of the discussion will appear ln a
future letter, lt Is enough to Bay that
no question aroBe In the British Columbia investments In which Mr. Foater
was accused of a personal interest. It
is true that an examination of Mr.
Fowler's books by the commission dis-
closed the fact that Mr. Foster had
borrowed $2,500 from him, and the commissioners went out of their way to say
that out of the profits "Fowler paid
Foster at least $2,500 and probably
$7,000." This misrepresentation Is an
Instance of what Mr. Foster called the
"abandoned maliciousness" of the finding. It wsb in regard to such statements that Mr. Foster spoke of the reiiort aa "a damnable record, full of falsehood, to the utter abandonment of all
sense of honor, all truth and manly
conduct." ,.      _
But Mr. Foster's language, though
used by a man speaking under the
sense of personal Injury , was not
Btronger than that of his leader, Mr.
Borden, who held up to scorn and ridicule tho malicious attempt which had
been made to Injure his associate, it
wob not so strong bb some of the expressions used by several other members, Including Mr. Bennett, Mr. Fowler,
Mr. Lennox, Mr. JackBon, Mr. Porter,
Mr. Boyce, Mr. Le/urgey and Col. Sam
HughoB. Several of the members referred to the previouB record of Judge
McTnvUh, the chairman of the commission. A few years ago he was appointed by the Robs government on a -commission to Investigate the notorious and
scandalous West Elgin election crime.
The commission, as members state, submitted a report whitewashing every act
in that Infamous carnival of crime.
Thero were many exciting scenes during tho debate, though no government
supporter -except the minister of Justice
ventured to say a word lu support of
the charges made agalnBt political opponents. Slanders either open or Insinuated from the government benches
have already brought sufficiently dire
consequences to the government ranks.
One minister has dieappeared, another
Ib In exile, and ministerial members are
nainfully unoertaln where thc next blow
may fall. Meanwhile Mr. Foster can
congrntulato himself on the fact that he
has the loyal support and the ��r" confidence of his own party In the House.
Perhaps never In the history of parliament was a speaker applauded more
often, and more heartily than the member for North Toronto during his ad-
Mr. Fielding announces that the com
mission will cost $105,000, Mr. Shepley
the Inquisitor, was paid $100 a day and
haa already received $8,000 on account.
He Is to have a general fee In addition,
and strange to say the amount of thla
Is not yet settled although his wofk
was done mime weeks ago. It la suggested that he la to be paid by political
results. His -associate,. Mr. Tllley, got
$50 a day and expenses and has received $4,000 on account. To the Actuary $50 a day and expenses was paid,
and he had two assistants at $20 a day
each. The pay of the commissioners
was $30 each per day tnd expenses and
they have drawn $6,500.
Col. Sam Hughes moved tbat the Item
bo reduced by $30,000 but the motion
waa rejected on a straight part vote.
Southern Roada at War With Interstate
Commerce Commission.
Washington, April 12.���One of the
most Important cases which the United
State supreme court has had to deal ln
a long time came up for argument before the tribunal today. Tbe caae is
one In which several of the prominent
southern railroads are aligned against
the Interstate Commerce Commission.
The direct question ai Issue Is the right
of the railroad companies to advance
the freight rate on lumber.
But there ls a far broader queation Involved than this direct issue of lumber
ratea. Thla is the scope and power of
the Interstate Commerce Commission.
The case has been pending since
April, 1903, when the Central Yellow
Pine Association, composed of manufacturers of that product In the territory
eaat of the Mississippi river and west
of Georgia, waa formed for the purpose
of fighting an advance ln freight rates.
They alleged that the advance was unreasonable In Itself and the product of a
conspiracy among all the carriers of
yellow pine in the South. The matter
waa taken before the Interstate Commerce Commission. About the same
time a similar action was begun by the
Georgia Sawmill Association agalnat
tha railroads ln that territory. In Feb-,
ruary, 1906, the commission decreed
that the advance waa unreasonable and
the railroads were ordered to desist
from further demanding of lt.
But tbe railroads were not satisfied.
They gave a supercedea bond of $500,-
000 to repay the shippers for an excess
of chsrges ln the event the decree
stood, and then appealed their caae to
the United States circuit court of appeals at New Orleans. This court upheld the decree of the commission.
The railroads then took an appeal to
the United States supreme court.
Should the decisions of the lower
courts stand unshaken, the ruling of the
Interstate Commerce Commission will
be justified, and the right and power of
that body will claim another precedent.
At the same time the lumber shippers
of tbe South will have won a rate on
shipments which ln a year's aggregate
of business will mean a saving computed to be more than $1,000,000.
Oreat Northern Railway Company Buying Mora Coal Fields In That
Robert Stevenson, the mining pioneer
of the Simiikameen and Cariboo,- ta expected to arrive ahortly In Princeton
from Spokane, where he has been seriously 111 for some months. Mr. Stevenson hss a host of friends scattered over
the country among whom he Is always a
welcome guest. His reminiscences of
early day privations and encounters
with wild animals and hostile Indians,
besides of his marvellous feata of
strength and agility would make material for a large biography. He has some
fine mineral holdings In this section
which await shipping access. Last winter he sold his ranch above Princeton,
carrying the coal rights, for $14,000.
Major Anderson, of the Great Northern
bought It, It is Bald, for the railway company. Mr. Stevenson Is nigh the allotted span but all hope ho will break that
record and live many years to enjoy tbe
fruit of bis efforts and the prosperity
now dawning.���Simiikameen Star.
The ranch with coal rlghta referred
to, adjoins the site of Ashnola. and Is
only one of many properties of the
same character ln the Immediate vicinity. It ls on the strength of these properties and the certainty of their development ln the very near future that W.
C. McLean has determined to lay out
the tow nof Ashnola at once and make
Improvementst that will render It a
dealrable place of residence.
Mr. McLean ia convinced that the
Great Northern Railway Co. will develop Its coal areas and provide transportations facilities during the present
Another Blof for Liberty.
Lambov, Russia, April Si.���Father
Simeon, rector of the Ecclesiastical
seminary here, was shot and seriously
wounded today. Th* seminary was recently closed aa tha result of political
disorders, and It la thought that th*
would-be assassin la an ex-student
Commons delects Burl's
Straight Party Vote Defeats Recommendation in Favor of
Parity in Elections.
The following Is the full text of a
resolution moved ln tbe House of Commons by Mr. Borden, and defeated by
a straight party vote:
"That thla House deplores the existence of corrupt and fraudulent practices at elections, aa evidenced by the
disclosures during recent years of
bribery, personation, ballot switching
and other similar frauds carried on by
organised methods and upon a very extensive scale.
"This house condemns the organised
system of corrupt practices, by which
the election ot a minister of the crown
as member for the city of London waa
secured ln 1905.
"Thla Houae Is M opinion tbat the
existing electoral laws should be amended forthwith, and tbat provision should
be made (a) for the more effective suppression and punishment of bribery;
(b) to prevent the fraudulent marking,
counting, or substituting of ballots and
other similar frauds; (c) for the better
regulation of the conduct of elections on
the part of both officials and candidates; (d) to prevent the accumulation
of huge campaign funda, and to prohibit contributions thereto by corporations, contractora and promoters; (e)
to expedite the hearing of elections petitions to prevent collusive arrangements for the discontinuance thereof,
to provide for thorough investigation of
corrupt practices and to aimpllfy the
procedure therefor; (f) to carry out
more effectively the law so amended.
"This House regrets that, notwithstanding the pledge of this government contained tn the speech from the
throne, and, notwithstanding the declarations of members of the government
from time to time submitted to Parliament at the present session, no effective steps have been taken by the
administration, either to amend the
laws or to punish their violation."
Aged Merchant Caught in Bestial Crime
Commits Suicide.
New Yorw, April it.���Benedict Gim-
bell, the wealthy Philadelphia mer-
chant, who cut his throat and wrlat
with broken glass ln a hotel In Ho-
boken soon after he had been arrested
on a aerioua charge In this city, died In
St. Mary's Hospital ahortly before 3
o'clock this morning. His wife waa at
his bedside with his two brothers, who
came at once on receipt of word of hia
trouble, one from Milwaukee and the
other from Philadelphia. The arrest
of Benedict Olmbell, a man of wealth,
member of prominent and prosperous
family, married and ot hitherto spotless reputation, caused great surprise
yesterday afternoon. He was taken
from a cabinet tn this city while in company with Iver Clark, a 16-year-old boy,
sby two detectives who acted on complaint of Clark's parents. Olmbell, according to the detectives, resorted to
an attempt at bribery and offered the
detectives $2,000 lf they would release
him. The officers apparently consented
and demanding caah were driven with
Olmbell to his banker's office and given
the money. Then they Informed Olmbell that the additional charge of attempted bribery would be placed
against him and took him to the district
attorney's office where. It was alleged,
Olmbell, who keenly felt hla position,
offered Assistant Attorney Krotel any
amount of money if he could be given
his release.
Virginia Roada to Merge.
Norfolk, Va., April 22.���The stockholders of the Deepwater railway, ot
which Henry H. Rogers Is the principal
owner, are expected to vote In favor ot
the proposal to merge the road with the
Tidewater railway. The Deepwater Ib
under construction from Deepwater, W.
Va., to Glen Lyn, near the Virginia line,
a distance of lit miles. The two roada
will form a continuous line from Deep-
water to Norfolk, a total distance of
443 miles, and It la expected the work
will be completed by next spring. The
Virginia railway, which Is to take over
the two companies, hu an authorised
capital of $35,000,000.
Tariff Relation* With Germany.
Berlin, April Sl.���The so-called  Economic oommlttee, which acts ln an advisory capacity to the government in
tariff matters, met today for the purpose of deliberating on the tariff relations with tha United States. The arrangement recently made with the
Washington government for the extension of the most-favored-natlon agreement will be laid before the -committee.
Mall Steamer Struck Reef In Avoiding
Sailing Ship.
Toklo, April 22.���The Pacific mall
steamer Mongolia ran aground this
morning near Mayeda light houae In
the province of Nagakl, Japan. The
locality Is full of reefs. The steamer,
with al 1st ot 45 degrees, lies quite
close to the shore, within reach of rescue from sail direction. Her promlxlty
to land prevents any possible loss of
lite. The accident wu caused by an
attempt to avoid collision with a sailing ship. The Mongolia ls a twin screw
steamer with a registered tonnage ot
13,639 tons. She hu bnt recently been
put into commission again after repairs
necessitated by grounding on a reef on
Midway island, which ahe struck on
September 16th, but. She wu floated
again with assistance on September
21st On her preaent trip she wu
homeward bound tram Yokohama and
wu under command ot Captain Hathaway.
1 t Probe Alleged Lottery.
Blloxi, Miss., April 21.���A apeclal term
of the federal circilt court met here today to Investigate ui, alleged lottery
scheme of huge proportlouu and tome
sensational disclosures are expect-ed. It
la reported that some prominent persons are Involved In the alleged lottery,
the drawings of which are said to have
taken place aboard vesaela on the gulf.
Liberal    Government    Adept*   Strong
Measure but Defer* Action
for Another Year.
London, April ��0.���By t vote ot 208
to 60 the Honae of Commons yeaterdsy
passed the second reading at the bill
Introduced the Nationalists party
amending the Irish Land Act
Under the new law the power of the
land commissioners to acquire estates,
sell them to tenant* and provide purchase money, ia extended ao that Ihey
can compulaorily buy out mch landlords u Lord Clanricarde aad other*
who refuse to sell.
The commissioner* will be empowered to themselves Ilx the price of the
estates to be so acquired.
The Unionists opposed the meuure
which they described u being "pure
The attorney general for Ireland, Mr.
Gherty, on behalf ot the government,
approved the principle ot the meuure,
but he aald that ln consequence ot the
���ongeetion ot business It could not become law this session.
Record ef Work In Canada tor Which
Support I* Aaked.
The Salvation Army hu tuned It*
annual appeal for contributions to lt*
���elf-dental fund. In a circular letter
from the Nelson citadel Capt Johnstone says:
As yon know, the Salvation Army hu
agencies at work, where, by the grace
of God, a good work Is being accomplished amongst all classes of people,
Irrespective of their creeds or other
Ideu, ln the Domnilon ot Canada. Enclosed you will And a few figures,
which, If carefully looked over, will no
doubt appeal to your sympathy and
generosity. We are endeavoring to
rales $400 here thla spring for this
The figures Inferred to show the
work of the army In Canada for the
continuance of whlc hll dla asked.
Five hundred and fifty-one girls were
received into the 12 rescue homes lut
year. Of- theae 265 were wnt to -situations, 168 were restored to parents or
friends. Only 32 proved unsatisfactory
Three hundred and eighteen children
were taken care of lut year. Aa aver
age of 30 children are cared for In the
Chrildren's Shelter, Toronto.
Six hundred and twenty-live men
were met and advised on day of their
discharge ln Toronto during laat year,
625 were given temporary employment,
and 765 proteased conversion In prison*.
One thousand thirty-two men were
fonund temporary or permanent employment through this -agency lut year.
Elgthy-three thousand two hundred
and five beds and 70,990 meal* were
supplied, and temporary employment
found for 2,311 persona In shelters lut
year free.
Japan'* Big Gun*.
Toklo, April 12.���The new field gun
with whlc hthe Japanese artillery I* being armed hu an effeotlve rangei of
about 8,500 yards. Each gun costs
Depeads gn Resslt
of Conference
Settlement Hoped for Paring Ftol
Award oi ArtttraHoa Board^-
���   *hsj Mien Gone.
The strike situation I* practically On-
changed today. All eyes are on Fernie
where the lint conference will be held
tomorrow. W. MacKensle King, Dominion deputy minister of labor, Vice
President Lewi* kt the United Mine
Worker* ot America, aad Fred Starkey,
rice president of the Associated board*
of Trade of South-Eutern British Columbia, will arrive ta Fernie tonight
The board of arbitration called tor
by the Trade* Disputes Act, recently
passed at Ottawa, -cannot meet until J.
L. Parker and L. P. Eckstein, representatives respectively of operator* and
miner*, have agreed npon a third arbitrator, or reported their Inability to do
*o to the department of labor, which
would then appoint the third.
The object ot Maiffensle King and
the other intermediaries will be to effect inch a settlement u win secure
the Immediate return of the miner* to
their post* and the resumption ot operation ot the mines.
The O. P. B. is still handling through
freight bnt Is refusing ail total ship-
menta. Definite instruction* oa acceptance of freight are expected at the load os-cu toSBsarrow.
W. H. Aldridge arrived from Trail
yesterday afternoon and left tor Fernie
thi* morning. He will attend the conference u manager of the Pacific Coal
eompaay operating the Bankhead col-
(���facial to The Daily Canadian.)
Fernie, April 22.���Rumors are rife
about the stand to be taken by the different Interest* at tomorrow'* conference, but neither ilde will commit Itself
to anything. There la. however, general expectation that book understanding will be reached and that work will
be resumed Wednesday or Thursday.
Even If such expectation* are realised
lt will be many day*, perhaps weeks,
before work can be resumed on a large
scale, or even to an extent thst win allow th* output to meet urgent demands.
Itor more than a week miners have
been leaving the ooal camps In crowds
dally. The majority have crossed
boundary Une for Spokane or Butte, but
many have also gone to the coast
France and Germany Cent Agree on
Algeclru Treaty.
Tangier, April 22.���The French minister, M. Regnault, and the the minister
of Germany, Dr, Rosen, conferred today
relative to the Sultan's concession to
German firms. Dr. Rosen took the
ground that they do not infringe on the
terms ot the Algeciras convention u
they emanated directly trom the Sultan.
M. Regnault held the opposite view. He
declared that lt wu understood that
after the signature of the convention,
all efforts to obtain concessions would
cease, until the Moroccan State hank
wu in operation. The French minister
decided to refer the question to Paris.
Nicaragua, Honduras and Salvador Pail
Te Agree.
Washington, April 22.���Advices received here today from Central America
are to the effect that peace negotiation*
which have been ln progress tor the
past few dnys at Amapala, have come
to a deadlock and It Is feared that a renewal ot hostilities Is Impending. The
difficulty appears to lie In "Nicaragua's
demand that Salvador be held responsible tor what hu occurred, which condition Is not acceptable.
Longboat te M* Feted.
Buffalo, April 22.���Thpmu Longboat,
winner of the Boston Marathon nee,
arrived In Buffalo en route to Tomato.
He will reach Toronto tomorrow In
time tor the reception to be tendered to
him by the cltisen*.
iLmm tm
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CAPITAL PAID UP.,.. 14,730,000 REST ��4,730,0O0.
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest  current rate from date of
opening of stocouut, and compounded qnarteriy.
NELSON BRANCH aim   Mm   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches io British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Depoeits of $1.00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at high-
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forms, of the Company,   other receipt! are not
APRIL. 33. 1907.
All the Interest of Kooteuuy and Alberta will be centred tomorrow on the
conference at Ferule between tlle coal
mine operators and their employees.
Several representatives of other interests will be there to use their influence
with both parties to the conflict.
The situation Is the most serious that
bas confronted Kootenay In all Its history.
If the hopes of a settlement of the
ipiarre] and resumption of work In the
mines fail, the freight aervlce ot the
C P. R. will be discontinued at once
and within a week the passenger ser-
vlrn will be, if uot discontinued, at
least seriously interrupted and delayed.
Idleness of the coal mines will necessarily mean the cessation of freight service, the closing down of smelters, the
stopping of shipments from metalliferous mines, and the interruption of every
Industry that either Imports material
or exports products. At lonst DO poi*
cent, of the workingmen of Kootenaj*
will be out of employment.
Are the causes of the disturbance
commensurate with tho damage it is
doing and will do?
The men are striking for an Increase
of wages equal to about 10 per cent.
But they say, through tlieir mouthpiece, Mr. Sherman, that they would
not have been discontented with the
present scale of wages if they represented face value. But tliey charge
that, either from mallco or mismanagement, work haa been most uncertain,
and men have lieen laid off so frequently that In Bome cases they have received ln the course of a month only
half their nominal wages.
On tbe other hand, by the operators
or on behalf of them. It is alleged that
they and their employers, the share
holders, are weary of the dictation of
agitators and are determined to resist
all further demands.
There Is probably in this particular
instance a measure of right and wrong
on both sides.
But, though people are slow to realize It, the strike in East Kootenay Ib
only one example of what Is happening
all over Canada, from east to west.
It ls commonly said and admitted
that the cost of living has increased
enormously ln the last ten years. Nothing is really more difficult of production
now than then. But everything is more
costly now than then. The one element
In tho coat of production which hns Increased  ls wages.
Organized labor replies that as the
price of everything that the workman
must buy has increased his wages also
must Increase or he is the loser. Ho
does not see that he is himself responsible for the enhungod price of everything, partly by the higher wages which
ho has secured, and partly by the almost continuous strikes which have
greatly reduced production and materially altered the relations of supply and
demand upon which finally the price of
everything depends.
The greed, the determination to "get
rich quick," which has become the ruling feature of national character in
North America, as much now in Canada
ao in the United States, is the ultimate
cause, but it is one that legislation
cannot, and public opinion obviously
will not, remedy..
In British Columbia the whole question Is complicated by the Contract Labor law. A virtual monopoly has been
given to organized labor iq this province. When a strike is declared the
strikers have no occasion to resort to
terrorism to prevent its being broken.
Government has made lawlessness for
that purpose unnecessary by prohibiting
employers' securing other laborers. In
the endless game between capita! and
labor democratic governments have
loaded the dice In favor of labor. But
It. Is not capital that Buffers. Capital
can always wait. It is the non-striking
consumers who are crushed in the
game, ignored alike by capital, labor
and government.
If the coal miners' strike will reveal
these facts plainly enough for all to see,
force them on the attention of the lawmakers and those who elect them, lt
will not be an unmixed evil.
Vancouver City, the teaching profes
sion, and the whole province, as well
as his personal friends, have sustained a
heavy loss in the death of James O.
Shaw, late principal of Vancouver College. His quiet, almost secluded habits,
have prevented his becoming known to
many outside of tho city in which his
work lias been done, but hundreds of
pupils who huve come under his influence, and the few who have had the
privilege of knowing hlm Intimately,
will recognize that the province has
lost In him oue of Its finest exponents
of learning and culture. Mr. Shaw
represented a type of scholarship all too
rare ln America. He followed learning
for her own sake and for the nobility
of thought, feeling and purpose to be
developed by lt. His personal kindll-
noss and courtesy endeared hlm to all
who knew him.
If It is true, as reported from Ottawa
today, tliat the resolution of Sir Wilfrid Laurler on the subject of readjust-
.ment of provincial subsidies, has passed
through CommonB and Senate in a defective form, and oue that cannot be
presented as the basis of a petition to
the British parliament, it will mean
that Premier McBrlde's present visit to
London has been made unnecessary and
that, falling a fair settlement in the interval, he will have to go again next
year, it is not a matter for regret
however. There Is much useful work
that the premier can do in England, it
Is from the British Islands tbat we
hope to attract settlers to British Columbia, and Mr, McBride will now have
au opportunity of studying conditions
for himself, and determining what
measures are necessary to attract them.
Seven Juvenile offenders were dealt
with in the police court this morning-
It is of coure regrettable that children
of tender years have to be publicly reprimanded and punished. In some cases
perhaps parents are hardly able, from
absence or other cimcumstnnces, to exercise the care of their children,that
they owe to the children, to themselves
and the community. Bui children indulged in lawlessness are almost certain
to graduate into the class of professional criminals. Only prompt and effective
deterrent punishment at the outset can
save them. Under the circumstances
either to shield or pardon the ofTeuders
would be not kindness but cruelty.
The grievances of fruit growers on
the West Arm, and of the Nelson
Wholesalers' Association, will remain
in abeyance for a time. While there ls
no freight, there can be no freight rate
We congratulate our esteemed morning contemporary, The Daily News, on
the completion of five years of useful
existence, and wish It many more that
may be profitable as well as useful.
Important Clause Omitted  From   Petition on Subsidy Readjustment
���A Year'a Delay.
Ottawa, April 22.���In the address to
the King, which has passed the Commons, respecting the proposed increased subsidies to the provinces, It is
believed an error has been made. The
address purports to be based upon resolutions which were agreed to by representatives of tlle several provinces at a
conference at Ottawa last November.
The following resolution, which ls to
be found on page 4, has been omitted:
"The populations us ascertained by
tlie last decennial census to govern except as to British Columbia, Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta, and as to
these four provinces, population to be
taken to be that upon which, under the
respective status, annual paymeuts now
made to tbem respectively by the Dominion, are fixed until the annual population is by census ascertained to be
greater, and, thereafter, the actual pop
ulatlon ao ascertained to govern."
The omission waa discovered by Senator Ferguson after the address was
sent to the senate. As submitted by the
government It would only nilow Manitoba a per capita allowance until 1911
on a population as ascertained by the
decennial census of 1901 Instead of by
the quinquennial census of 190C, and
estimated Increases In population within the present quinquennial period.
The Iosb to Manitoba in five years
would be somewhere between $500,000
and ��G00,000, while Alberta and Saskatchewan wot||d suffer proportionately,
part of the minister of justice to
stralgthen out the tangle. As the ad-
dresB deals with financial matters the
senate cannot amend it. The orror.
moreover, not being one which occurred
in the Commons, but In tho department
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WTSr Ilaf HotsL
It would require some Ingenuity on the
of justice, cannot be corrected by an
Interchange of messages between them.
Apparently the only course open for
the governmenl Is to begin de novo in
Commons, hut in that event Speaker
Sutherland may feel himself bound by
his recent ruling against .Mr. Bourassa's
secoud motion regarding "Wine, Women and Grafe" charges. Further, the
passing by the Commons of another address would be a violation of principle
that a Bdcond mol lon having tlie sanie
object as the one already passed cannot
b<> accepted during the same session of
parliament. It will be Interesting to
observe how the government will wriggle out of the difficulty.
Nntice id hereby given tluil 80 (lays Rfter date I
Intend to appl> to the Hon. the chief ('01111111*-
lloner of Until* tuul Wnrks ul Vlelorfa, (or a
srieelal license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described limits in Yale dls-
No.L���Commencing at a post plauteil abont 10
chalna east of main Ki-it:���- river and about one
mile more or less north of C. P R. Mock No.
iiv;-;, ami marked Bonndary Lumber <Vs s. if.
rorner post No. 1. theboa SO chains u"rth. thence
80 chaina west, thence-St*) chains south, thence 80
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated Mun h 22ml, 19U7.
No. 2,���Commencing at a post planted about 10
chnlna east of main Kettle river about 80 chains
north of Boundary Lumber Co's Location No. J,
and marred Boundary Lumber Co's 8. k. corner
I'm.-i No. 2, thence SO chains north, thence 80
ehalns west, tbence 80 chains south, tbence 80
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated 22nd March, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted about 30
chains east of main Kettle riverand about 80
chains north of Boundary Lumber Co's location
post No 2, and marked Houmlary Lumber Co's
S. K. corner posi No. 3, thence 80 chains north,
thenee 80 chains went, thenee 80 chains south,
thence SO chains cast to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4��� Commencing at ft post planted about
10 chains east of tbe main Kettle river and about
80 chaina north of Boundary Lumber Co's location post Nn. 3, and markea Boundary Lumber
Co's 8. K. corner post No 4, tbenee 80 chaius
north, thence n< chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thenoe 80 cbains east to the point of com-
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 5.-Commencing at a post planted about
16 chains eaat of roalu Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or less, of Boundary Lumber i.o'8 Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's S E. corner post No. 5, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west, theuce 80
ehatns iouth. thence 80 chains east to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing ftt ft post planted about 86
chains east of main Kettle river on C P. H. line
bloeic No. 2714, and about 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. b, aud
marked Boundary Lumber Co's 8. K. comer post
No. 6, thence 80 chains north, following C. P. R.
line block No 2714. thence 80chalna west, tbenee
80 chains south, theuce So chaina east to the
point of commencement.
Dated March s?3rd, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted ahout
lb chains west of Ihe main Kettle river on C P.K.
line bl'jek No. 2714, and about HO chains north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No. 6, anil
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's S. K. corner poat
No. 7, thence 100 chains north, following C. P. H.
lln* block No. 2714, theuce-lUchains west, thence
160 chains south, thence 40 chains east to the
point nf commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8 ���CommenBlng at a post planted about
20 chains west from river hank and about 3 miles
soutb, more or less, of the lust east branch ofthe
eaat fork of the mala Kettle river or about 13
miles north, more or less, of C. p. R. Block No.
2714, on east fork ot Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner post No 8, thence
80 ehalus east, thenee 80 chains south, tbence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 2!>th, 1907.
No. 9.���Commencing ata post planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehains sonth of
Houmlary Lumber Co's location post No 8, and
marlted Boundarv Lumber Co's N, VV. corner
post No, 9, ihence Ho chains east, thenc- 80 chains
south, thence SO chains west, thence 80 chains
north to the point of commencement,
Dated March '25th, 1907.
No, 10��� Commenciug at a post planted aboul
"20 chains west from river hank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna aonth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. YV. corner
post No-10, thence 80 chains eaM, tbence 80
chftlns touth, them-e 80 chains west, thence 80
chains nortb to the ooint uf commencement.
Dated March 2.51b, 1907,
No. 11.���Commenclngat a post planted abont
lfi chains west from rfvar bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehalns south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 10, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner post
No 11, thence 80 chains east, thence HO chains
soutb, taence 80 chains west, thonce 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25tb, 1907.
No. 12.���Commenclngat a post planted about 12
chains west from river bank sn the east fork of
Ke'tle river, and about no chains soutb of
Boundary Lumber Co'b location post No. 11, and
marked Boundnry Lumber Co's N. \V. corner
post No. 12, tbence K0 cbains eust, lbence 8b
eliains south, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
north to the point of eommeneement.
Dated March 'ibth, 1907.
No. 13.���Commencing at a pott planted about
12chaini west from river bank on theeastfork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehnins south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No, 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N W. corner
pnst So. 13, thuuee 80 chains east, Ihence 80
chains south, thence 80 chalus west, theuce 80
chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2-Mh, 1907.
No. 14,���('ommenclng at a post planted about
10 chains w-st from river bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, aod about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 13, and
marked Boundary LumberCo's N W. corner post
No, 11, thenee 80 chains eest, theuce 80 chains
Bouth, tbenee 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. Ift,���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains west trom river bank ou theeastfork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ehalnasouth of
Houndnrv Lumber Co's post No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner post No. 19,
thenee 80 chains east, tbence Ifl chaina south,
tbeuce 80 chains west, theuce 80 chains nortb to
point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. IB.��� Commencing at a post planted about
8 chalna west from river bank on tho cast lork of
Kettle river, and about 80 chain** south of
Boundary LumberCo's location post No. 15, and
marked Bonndary LumberCo's N. W. corner post
No 10, thenee 80 cliaina east, tbonce 80 chains
soutb, theuce 8') chains west, theuce 80 chains
north to tho point of commencement.
Dated March 2.1th, 1907.
No. 17,��� Commenolng at a post planted about
b chains west from river hank on tho east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 18, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. VV co"ner
post No. 17, ihenco 80 chains easl, theoce 80
chains south, tlience 80 chains west, tbonce 80
chains north to too point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No. U.-pnmmenelng ��t a post planted about
b ehulns w**.-t of thu rivet hank on tlie east fork
of Kettle Hlver and ahout 80 chains south of
Boundarv Lumber Co'a location post No. 17
and marfcod Boundary Lumber Co's N.W. corner
post No. 18, tbenco W) chains east, thence 80
chains south, tbenco 80 cbains west, tbenco 80
chains north to the point n' commencement.
Datod March 35th, 190V       lJ.OKKKLU,
Agent for Boundary Lumber Co.
BUty days afterdate l intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauda and Worka,
Victoria, to j ">rchase th following described
lands adjoining Lho Arrow taken ln West Kootenay: Commencing Ht a post planted at the
W. W corner of J. H. Porter'a pre-emption, and
marked K, W's H.W. corner post, thonce 20 chains
north along lako shore, tnence 20 chains east,
th nee 20 chains aouth, ihenco 20 chains west to
puoe of beginning, containing 40 aorea, more or
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Notlco is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
intend toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commlsalonoijof
Ijiudsand Works, Victorta, for permission to purehase the followlug described laud : Commencing
at a post planted on the west side of slncaii lake
and about two miles norih of Evaus crock, and
marked 0. I). U's southeast comer post, thence
uorth following shore of lake 120 chains, thence
west 6o cbains, thence sonth 120 chalna, thence
east 60 chains to point of commencement, flM
acres more or less.
Located April 20, 1907.
UBo B. Gi.Ri.tTT, Locator,
Wm. C lough, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of [.ands aud
Works, Victoria, to pun haae 640 acres of land ln
West Kooteuay, described as follows: Commencing at a po<t planted aboul eight miles up
Mosi|ulto creek and joining E. Cross' application
to purchase, and marked C. M's ti. ��. corner,
Ihence norlh 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains lo
placeof beginning.
Keb. 16lh, 1907. C. Mamhall,
Hixty days after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hon. Hi l'*i Commissioner of Lauds and WorkB to
fmrchase tbc following described land located
n Fire valley district of Wost Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted at the H. K. corner of
John Bangs' pre-emption, tbence south 80 chains,
ihence west 40 chains, thence nortii 80 chains,
thence east 40 chains to place of beginning, containing Ito acres.
Located March Uth, 1907.
Di A. McPiiRe, Locator.
J. J. Kklly, Agent.
Take notice tbat 60 daya after dato I Intend to
apply tothe Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, for permission to purchase the following described lauds: Commencing at the
southeast eorner of lot 6805, tbence west 10
chains, theuce south 20 chalna, thence east'JO
chains, theme north 20 chains, tbence west 10
chains to point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or lass.
Dated April 16th, 1907 P. 3. Bradlby,
W. W. Dbaoliy, Agent.
I, the undersigned, afler GO days Intend to apply to the Hou. the Chief Commissionerof I .a mis
and Works to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at tbe N. K. C. of Lot 7639
Q. I., thence west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, thence east 4o chains, tbence south 20
chains to |"iint of commencement, containing 80
acres more or less.
Located March 28th, 1907. W. A. MiLU.
Take notice that sixty days after data
I intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permis-
sion to purchase the following described land
situated lu the West Kootonay district: Com-
mencing at a post plauted at tbe aoutheaHt
corner of Lot %*% on tbe south side of the Weht
Arm of Kootenay lake, thence K0 chains west lo
southwest corner of said lot, thence 20 chains
south, thence to chains east, thence 20 chains
north to place of commencement, containing 160
April 2nd, 1907. Charles RobbRtsop,
per Ernest w. kobimsok, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, B.C., to purchase the following described land, situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted on tho
west side of Kootenay lake, near Kbinoceroa
point, and marked J. McKinuon's H. B. corner
post, tbence west 80 chains, thenca north 40
chains, thence east 80 chains more or less to lake
shore, theme aloug lake ihore to point of commencement.
S|gned 3 McKinnon.
tilxty dayt after date I iti tend to apply to the
Hon- thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase loo
acres, more or less, situated In West Kootenay
district: Commenclngat a post planted midway
on the uorth boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
isi. W corner nf Lot 81.M, thence north Ki chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence south 40 chaina,
Ihenc eea.st 20 chains, thence north 24 chains,
thencecast 20 chains to polntof commencement.
Located March 20th, 1907. 1. 3. n ani.an
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apply to tbo
Hon. tbe Chief Commissfnner of Lands ami
Works lo purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a post planted on the
east side of Lemon Creek at the month ofthe first
north fork and marked "K. Cooper's southeast
corner," running 80 chains wesl, north 40chatns,
east 80 chains, and south -to chains to place of
Dated March 20th, 1907. R.CoofBit,
J. T. Tii'MNfl, Agent,
Hlxty dayaafterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described
lamia: ('ommenclng at a post marked "L A,
Tipping'** southwest corner post" and planted
near H. T>, Ctirtis's land, about half mile from
Hloean City, running north 40 chains, east 20
chains, south 40 chains, west 20 chaiiiB to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, 19o7. ),. A. TifHNo,
J. J, TiH'iKO, Agent.
Sixty daya utter date I intend to app'.y to tbo
Hou. the Chlof Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purehaso the following descrlbeil land
located ln Fin Valley dtstriat of Wait Kooteuay:
('ommenclng ata post planted ut the H.W. corner
of John Bang* pic-Miiptlnn, thenc�� 6n chains
south, thence 40 chains west, Ihence 60 chalus
north, thence40 chains eaat to place of beginning.
Rich Attn Kbkpb, Locator.
J, J. Kelly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
Intend to make application to tho Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, al Victoria for permission to purchase (ho following
describcdflands; Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of lot 896, group 1, theneo
south 2fl chains, tbenco eaat 60 ehatns, tbence
north 26 cbaina, tbence west 60 chains to point
of commencement, containing 166 acres, more or
Nelson, March 27th, 19(17.        Annie L. h ape.
f. Wadk, Agent.
8Ixty days afterdate I intend toapply to the
Hon, the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria to puichMp tbe following described land: Commencing at a post marked
M H's*. :,* W. corner, and planted near the north'
west eoriier of lot 8812, about one mllewrst of
Slocan river, and running east 40 chains to Lot
381. thencenorth 40chain*, thonce west 40chaini,
thenco soutli 40 chains to place of buglnnlng.
March Bth, 190*1, Mn.pA Haw-k,
Paul Hauck, Agent.
Sixty daya afler fldtc I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of lAtida and Worka
Victoria, B. C, to purchaao 120 aeres ef land
altuate In Flre Valley, West Kooteuay, and deacrlbed as follows: Commencing at the northeast
corner of Lot 7816, raid running north 60 chalna,
thence eaat 20 obalns, thenee ninth 60 ehalna,
tbence west 20 chains lo place of beginning.
March 4th, 1907, W. W, Bra-dlit,
J. K. AKNAllLK, Agent.
���Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tha
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Landsand Worka,
Victoria, to purchase 320 acres of land In Weal
Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing
ata post planted up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from tho mouth and marked ft, Cross' ff w.
corner, thence north 80 chains, thence 40 chains
��ast. thenco (Ui chaiua aouth, thence 40 ehalna
west to plaoe of beginning
Feb. lflth, 1907. e. Cross.
3. fi. Annable, Ageut,
The HaU Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Sixtj days after date I Iniend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, B. C��� to purchase MO acres of land, in
Fire Valley, deacrlbed as foLows : Commencing
at a poat planted 20 chains west nf Walter Bull's
N. W. corner and marked J. W Holmes'Jr. K. K.
corner poat, and running south 10 chains, thence
westeochalna, Ihence north 40 chains, thence
eaat GO chalna to place of beginning, and being a
portion of Section 86, Township 71, West Kootenay.
Mareh 6th, UM. 3. W, Holme*, Jr.
Sixty days after dato I intend to apply tt* the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
to purchase 8*20 acres of land in Kire Vallev, Wist
Kouleimy district and described af follows:
Commencing at a post marked J, E's 8. K
oorner, and running norlh HO chains, thence
west 40 chains, theuce south ao chains, them a
east 40 chalna lo place iif beginning, and being
the west one-half of the S. K, om-qiiarter and
the eaat one-half of (he S, W. one-quarter, and
the west one-half of the N. B. one-quarter, and
the east ane-half of the N. ff, ouvutiarter of
Beotlon Sl, Township 71, (l. I.
^March 30tb, 1907. John Ennist.
Sixty daya after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works
for permlaalon to purchase the following described property tftpott marked "<��, M , fc.K,
corner. ' thence 40 chaiua north, thence 4ochains
west, thence 40 chslns south, theuce 4(1 chains
'.���aat to point of eommeneement, a relocation of
the abandoned prc-euipilnu 72�� of ff. Q, Knapp
and is tho eaat half of the northwest qoarrtr,
aod the west half of the nortlieast iitiarti-r of
section 7, towushlp70. Wesl Kootonay district, on
.the wesl shore of the lower Arrow lakes, con-
talnlng I',   acres, more or less.
March 1st, 1907. ueorok Milton,
M. R. Mc-Qi-axhie. Agent.
Sixty daya afterdate 1 Intend io apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I��ndR and
works for permission to purchase the following
described lauds In Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post marked J. B. Annable's norlheast comer post, said post being on the soutb
side of tbe Lower Arrow lake, about tWO miles
below Burton Clly; thence south SO cbains;
Ihence west 20 chains; thenoe souih 90 chains;
thenoe weat 20 chains; thenc* north lti chains
and 20 links, more or It-ss to, the Uke shore;
theuce eaaterl/ along lako40eiialns, more or lesa,
to the place of beginning, containing 105 acres,
more or leaa.
Dated thla Sth day ot November, 1906.
J, B. Annarli,
por K. L. BtiRNET, Ag^ot.
Notice ls bereby glren that 60 days alter date!
iiend tor���'   ......
iniend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner Of Lands and Works tot permission
Ui purehaae ebont 176 acrea of lend, situate Beer
the Pend d'Oreille river, West Kootena) diMiicl,
and deicrlbed aa follow*: Commencing nl ft
posl marked O. K. Thomson's N. W. comer post
situated ou the south boundary and 20 chalus
from S.W poat of Lot 71��4, thence south a bout 70
chains, thence east abont3fiche.ni toe point on
the west boundary ami K chains frnm B, W. pl>Plt
of Lol 7741, tbeuce north 70 chains nnd thenco
west ift chalna to the placeof beg inn Inn.
28lh March, 1907. ?;, k Thomson,
A. (i. Lanu, Agent.
,._* ^H* *tlct ,lHt0 ' '"t'iiid to apply lo the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, V]c-
torla to purchaao 160 acres of land In Flre Valley,
West Kooteuay district, ��nd dc.scrfl.ed aa follows :
Commencing at a post marked W H Wright's
' . fSVl *a'1 riinalUK north *> chalna, thence
We.1,^1'w"1.1""' t,l,fcI"',! ',,,l,h Wl 'halus. thenco
east 90 chains to place of beginning, and being
the weal.one-half of th.- N. R. quarter of Hectlon
�� *,'"' Se_wtft nal( * _>fl H* * oue-iuarter of
Section 86 In Townihlp 71 U. I. '
JKarch Mth, 1907. w. H. Wright.
.Notice Is hcrooy given thalslxty daysalicr.laie
 "'"tothe Hon chlpfCommiHsioii-
Works for ihe   righl to pur-
rlbed   lnnds;     Com-
. ply
er of Lauds and
chase the  following   i*nr.<-.i    im,*! .      ���-,_���,
mencing at a   post   market   "M.   1    Cameron*
N W corner post" planted al tin 	
tbe K. and ti. hUtv.
ehalns; thence ami
the C.P B. Muo. tbence went 120 chains to tb_
Arrow Uke;  thenc.*. north  loon feet following
the shore of the Arrow Lake to the point of com
Dated ihla llth day of February, 1907.
H. J. ''AUBROf,
J- M. CAMEroN, Agent.
Planted a| ihe H.W. comer of
k, fio. WW, ruuning cast nil
o  1.000 feet, more or less lo
*_?M;/j/,ft*W ,Rfter 0ftU'' li't-nd to apply to tho
Cblef Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission to purchase tbe following described
lands In Kootenay District, about threy-anartors
or mllo from Thrum's siding: Commenciug ata
post placed at the H. W. corner of L ttm, group
L fl est Kootonay District; theuco westerly
followlug the north boundary of L4JM, 40
chalna; thenco nonh 10 chains; thenoo eaM 40
chains, moreor less, lo tbo N. W corner of
LWRl thence south following the west boundary
of Um, 10 chains, moro or lesa, to place of com-
meneement, eonlaliilng 4o acres, more or leas.
Dated this Oth day of December. 1906.
If. H. Pi���, U-calor.
Notice ls hereby given that M days after date I
Intend (oapply to Ibu Hon. thc Chief (ommis.
sioner of Lamia and Works Victoria, H.C., for
permission to purchase thf following described
lands tn Weat Kontenay distriet: Commenolli
at a post planted ai the southwest corner of'ol
7701, group Land ninuln* 20 chains to lhe southeast corner of lot 7702, group I, then in an easterly direction 20 chains, Dion north 20 chains,
then west ifl chains to polnl of commencement
containing-*0 acres more or less.
Located Vebruiiry lllh, 1007,
Pmtir Wade, Locator.
Slxtv days aftor date 1 inteud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commisaloner of Lands and Works
Victoria, to purchase 400 acres of laud, In Flro
Valley, West Kootenay, and desert bad uh follows:
Commencing at a post planted at Welter Bttu'i
northwest corner and marked a. S'a H. E corner
and running norlh 00 chains, thenco west 80
chains, thenco south fio chains, ihence easl 80
chains tci plane of beginning, nnd being part of
Sectlona 84 and R. In Township 71 and a portion
oi Heetlons i aud t ln Township 09. Group i.
March 6th, 1907, A.atrga,
J. B, Annable, Agent,
Nollco Is hereby given that iin dataller dale I
Iniend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlaiiouer
of Unds and Worka for permission to purchase
the following duorlbed lends, altuate In West
Kootenay dlatrlct: OommenolngatepoitmMk.
ed J. L. I'orter'H N. W. oorner, (hence lOQtb B0
chains, following lhe eastern boundnry of H
,.bL"fn','.ftri,'1,<HlUtm ..0,r.('lias,': thenceeasi in
cha us; thenre north 80 ohalns; thenoe west 40
chains to point of commencement, containing
��N) acres in ore or leaa.
Deted thll Uth (ley of March, 1907.
In days after dale I intend toapply tothtaJ
Chief Commissionerof Unds anVwirkifl
L*. tt,t.l4,,J",rt,u,!e a4�� 8cre* ��* '��nd locatili
Fll>'��f,ftf ^''''hoing a portion of fectioMl
ami lOlnTowoihlpOrenifdeeotlbeo ��- uyf
Commencing al a post planted at the touUtri
eorner of the southeast quarter of aectiogl
Township 6tt and marked J. Q. 8. K mT
thence north 4ti chains;, thenca weat W chiu
theuce south 40cbalus;,thence eaat Webaiu]
place of beginning, ���
November 23rd IK*.
JoairH   iw�� I
, J. g, AMUKJ, AgPDL
Hlxty daya after date 1 intern] to apply tool
Honorable lhe Chief Commlaaioner olUndiu
W orka, \ ictoria. to purebaae 640 acres ol |u
situated on the west sice of Arrow lake, aui
scribed as f.itows: Commencing ata posta
ed J. H's S. B, corner and  placed al these
west cornor of Lot 7t��W, Oroup 1, Went Kootm
and running  west ho chains, thence aoaUl
chains, tbeuoe east HO chains to Ibe lake iba
Ihence norih along the lake lo placeof beglnu
March 8lh, 1W7. j Uaioh,1
 __i. K^Akkabui. Agent
sixty days after date I Intend to apply lo
Honorable the Chlof Commissioner of Un dlB
Works. \ l.toria, to purchaao 1�� acres of Iu
in Host Kootenay, and described as talks
I oinmeni trig ���) H [Hist planted on tbe e*n mm
of Arrow Uke at tho southwest corner ef \*__\
and marked "J. A. K's KH. corner," thul
east 34 chains, thenc*' south 40 chains, ::���:_
eul H chains, thence south -20 cha|m tn Ifl
heimer's pre-emption, thence weat M chalui kl
Fauquier �� application to purehaae, thence wrtl
4ochHlns. ihence west *ai chaiua to like itm,I
thenif north along the lake ahore to oltct i��
onmnuitemflMt ���
Merck ma, 1W7. j, a.eblu-
Notice is herebr given thai todays atler **ltl|
Intend loapply to the Hon the Chief Comm* |
sioner of Unds and Works, Victoria, for pes!
tOlMlOQ to purchase tbe followlu .k*>ai!*i|
land; Commencing at a post at the-tnterwctioil
ol the south boundary of lot MM. and csnl
boundary of "Golden Queen" minaral rlafnj
ihmee eatl 19.06 chains, mum or lets, to snulb-l
cast corner post of |.,i tOtt, lbence north tM
chains, more or leaa, to northeaat coroer p^st oil
lot b'txt, thence rasHO chains lo the toutticaitl
corner post ol mi i-vu. thenee south �� cha"*
thence west So cbatus more or lets U* the ���
boundary ol tbe "doldeo Queen" mineral ck.
thence along easl boundary "((olden Qu��n"l
mineral claim to point of oommencement, ill
chains, more or less.
Kelson, B.C., March 13, IWO.
John i'imvmsiS,
Per Wat. Toixikotok, a*n
.Sixty days after date I intend to apply wOiI
Houorahle the Chu f Commissioner ot Un-b* I
Works, Victoria, to purchase th* fullest
described lands in West Kootanay dls*
< ommenciug at a post planted at tbeB.K.coiV |
nLw,L1' Wjett'B purchase L70WI and m��f��l
"E. M. S'i N.K corner," and tunning until!
chains, thence west 40 chalna, thence uorthll
chains, thence cast-10 chaina to place of a_\
nfiig and containing jr*.i geroa. F
March 6th, 1*907. K, M. SHa*. |
J. K. AXIMULB, Agent.
Sixty daya after date I intend to applv !��*fc
Hon. tho Chiel Commlaaioner of Unds anil ___
\ Ictoria. to purchase 040 acres of land J) **1
Koolenay district: Commencing at a am
planted about a miles from tho month of ������*!
���I ut to creek and about one mllo west of the *>��s'|
creek and marked "II .11. KS H.W corBer,"ut|
running north Ki) chains, theuce east Hi chalui
thence south �� chains, thonce west 80 chalmkl
place of beginning.
March 16th, J'.��.T. |f   If. Keal, !
 J, K. Ajwablb, Ageat.
Sixty day* after date I lntund to apply lolhtl
Hot\. the I'h ef Commissioner of Lauds still
Works, Victoria, to purchase <_o acrea of land, isl
West Kooteuay, described as follows: Com-f
mencing al a post planted about 8 wills ui
Musq tii to ("reek from the moulh aa-d marked
"A O." h W. corner, lhetice aouth HO chains,!
thence cast 40 chains, thence north &' chatnj.1
tbence 4oebaliiN weal to place of beginning.
February IHth, 1907. A.OlUUH
_          �����.'_*���  tWAtrntt, AtQflt, ���
Hlxty days after dii'e I intend to apply to ttwl
Hon 'he Chief Commissioner of Unds sail!
Works. Victoria, to purehaae 640 acre* of land,in t
nest Kooteiiuy, describe 1 aa follows: l'oa>[
mencing at a poat marked "I>. B." N.K. eorner,!
and being at the N.W. comerof A. tiraliamil
application to purchase which ie about a mll��|
up Mosquito Creek from the mouth and rnuT
iiltig 80 chains soutli, thence W) chain" **__
ihence HO chains mirth, thenca ft) chains easltal
place of beginning.
February Itllh, 1907. D. flvrron, |
.  J. K. ANNIiaI.B, Agcat*
Sixty days after dato 1 intend to apply I" theI
Houorablw the Chief Commlaaioner of UudssD-ll
Worka, Victoria, to purehaae HO acrea of 1*|"|
located ou the weat side ol Arrow lake ami ��*������
de��crlh(d aa followa: Commencing at a p*l|
marked 1*. A's N. K. corner, aud planted 40chslM|
norlh of the southwest corner of Lot 7104,<iron->|
l, weit Kooienay, and running ���outh ��ehsMf
Ihcnce wcsl M chains, ihence north *0cb��ini.|
theneo telt90 chains to place of beginning
March llth, 1907. ]', aksahi-s,
 , J.JC  AWCABLB, AgOllt.
Mxlydays alter date I Intend toappiy totM|
Honorable thc Cblel Commissioner ol Lands end B
Works for permlaslon to purchase Ihe fOllOwWl
denrlbed laud In Woat Kootenay: ComtneiiflUK I
nt n post'about one and a u uarter miles fl1*) ff*1? I
Bavonne Landing, and marked'Bella liradkj'l
H. k. corner, tbenco norlh 'to chains, thence *eii I
tf> chains, theuce south )K) chains, thence cast�� |
chains to polnl of commencement.
March itfnd, 1��(7.     (Signed) 8��Ua Bbawbt.
__^ KOHBHT RoHlWapK, AgetlC^,.
Sixty days after date llntend to apply ���<,,h!|
Honornble the Chief Commlaaioner of Lands ��n<i I
Workalor permission to purchaao the follow IH I
described land In Weal Kootenay: Coniniencl-W I
at a poat planted on the north bank ofSitmpn I
creek, about three f|iisrtereof a mile from moiiu I
of creek, and marked Eva CuM'a B. K- corott, I
tbence north '20 chains, thonco wost 40 chain* I
Ihence lOUth '20 vhttlmt, thence cast -in chain* I" |
point of commencement.
March 2-Jnd, 1!K)7,                (Signed) Kva Cvil,
. Romrnt HomitBOH, Agent. . I
Sixty days afler dato I intend toappiy lo ������*���
Hon lho Chief Commlaaioner of lands ana
Works forpermhslon to purchase tbo follow nj
described land In Woat Kootenay: Commenrw
at a post plan tod on tho south hank of Hinnnm
t reck, about'nemflc from mouth of creeV, ian
marked "K. Kobinson's N VV. corner," then" I
aouth 80 ehalni, tbonce eaat 4o chains, thing
north 80 chaina, thence west 40chaina to poim01
Maroh _3nd, 1907. __   ,���_,,-
i/UgpM) HOiHT Bobibwh,
���T^S^i Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
|he Very Best of Canadian Goods
The Dafly Canadian
|P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
uee lhal thirty duys altor date f in-
i,jv tn the H"ii Chief Comm Isalouor of
I ft'urkh nt Victoria, H C. for a special
mt and carrv away timber from the
(escribed Ian<N fn AIniworth division:
ciOgatapOBl umrke'K'has.F. Walma*
iweal poat, thencfl north 80 chalna,
it mi chaini, tbenoe south HO ehalna,
,i 80chsini to point of commencement,
nil Miik iltuated on lhe cast aide of
eek, aboul -'i ml toi south of the Lar-
Itod March lath, 180..
Chas. �� Wai.mii.bv, f/Mrator.
p.    :i.iun. Agent.
,���j)mencing at a post   marked   Chaa.  F
Ulcy'l   nortliwest   lM>*��t,    thence   aouth   RO
tbi-nee easl no chains, tbence north so
thencfl wesi so chains to point of com-
,. t_ t    tba said intii helng situate on tbe
��� of CaBcadacreek, about 'i}_ milea south
hlcan river.
liI March l'Jth. 1W7.
Chan r Hai.hsi.kv, Locntor,
1*. shkran, Agent.
iniiicncliii*  at  s   t   -'   marked Chas. t.
iley'i   aouthwest   post,   lbence  aouth   HO
l, tlience earn ��u chains, thenco north tn
i thenefl waat no chalna to polntof cont-
nt, thBiald lanl  ix'iug situate on tho
ol Cascade creak, abont f\_ miles aouth
__>**u river.
|i.* i Maruh Uth, 1��-T
Cirai V Waluslxy. Locator,
1   -hkba*v, Agent.
>byflven   that  thirty  ilays alter
FJiiU'UiJ loapply tothe Hon. theChlef Com-
of   Uii<l>   and   Worka,  at  Victoria,
aj��'cl��l llceow to cut and carry   away tlm-
tto-(oIIum! rig described landa  In   Weat
v, ihat is to say:   t'ommenclng   at a
fplaiited te chains  t-ast  of  the   northeast
* of Mock  Bit,   (p<>M marked 812 K.  8 ,)
��� runnlngeast Wi cnalns, thence aouth So
|*. thence west nj chains, thence north 80
lo  location  post  No.  I, containing  f.-to
.(land, moreor less.
ad at Creston, B.C., thla ��nd day of March,
|A.lt ,1907.
(<bo. Ht'scaorr,
J. ��� '. tVniHMERHoRM.
.   l- hfrehy riven that ��> days after date I
to upply to tin* Hon Chief mho mlssloner
At and  Works, at  Viciorla for a special
|-    lo cut  and  carry awav tlm tier from the
ring ducrlbed  lamls   In  West   Kootenay:
isnolni  at a post  planted  on the east line-
���  812,   two   miles south   of   the   southern
kiary of   my Timber License No. 10, thence
' hains, uorth 80 chains, weit 40 chaina,
K) i'lialna, west to chains, south 8o chains,
'hains,   south 80 chains to plaee of com-
meot, containing Md acres, more or leaa.
Hth .1907. P. Ldmd,
jpiicc 1* herehy given tbat 30 daya afler date
���lend toapply io the Honorable the Cblef
mltalooer of Undi. and Worka, Victoria, lor
trial licence to cot and carry awny Umber
ih' fidio-Aing described piece of land lu
i Kootanay dlrstrict: Commencing at a post
>ted V chatna from the east ahniu of Upper
���j.* ink.* and adjoining block mo on the aouth
**����� nmrki*l ������< has. Khl's" northweat corner*
 i to chelae, thence eaat 10 chalna,
i 8)cbaltu, thence west 80 chalna lo
|tedtha ut, dayol March, 1907.
Chab. Khl.
���il'f li hereby given  that thirty daya after
��� Mtiniidto make application tothe Honor
���i hut" om in ins i oner of Lands and Worka at
Tla, fl.i ��� |���r h special  license to cut and
awnj umber Irom the following described
In -.pm kiMeiny district:
emenetng at a post planted about two mllo*
'1'uiw.t up h loothern tnbutorvof th.
ki, .Viii, . '��� on tlie cm!k commonly
at an Bouldercreek, and a quarter of a mile
l""'/1"!". and marked A. L, Htnwart'e
f weanloraei i.-t, thence north 80 chains.
k��MM [ ,"11   tbence aoutb 8o chains,
...i i., ,      ,"lMlMdacfl oi commencement,
fdUt dayof April, 1007.
A. L. Btbwabt, Locator.
li0inl,-!S,l,*TKlu'n ">��*>davs aiterdatel
inn. p p   ri    thp ""norablo the Cnlel Cnm-
'���' "I  Unda and   Worka for a ape<-lal
Watamttmml !_?. .*"7 *WHY ��'"I��er ff��m the
J*vii'K described Landl In rfesl Koolenay dis-
EK^Jo* at" pm tf*-t*\ ahout iwo and
p��*r mlfei ilpaaouthera tributary of the
TrnasHonii '"' '_!' !ll�� l'ret!l�� commonly
I1,!"1,1" ����k, and ahoul a quarter of
Wta L"'tf"rk".��u<l marked A L Stewart's
ill _!'*. '"""��� lll,'��''e aoulh 160chaina,
���c ,._... j?'V11'"1'- tbence norlh IftOchalna,
Eted ti i'. i V' >'lll<'0 of commcnccmetil.
pteathU 1st dayof April, hot.
��   I. STXHiBT. Ixxator.
Ind iii.?'.'i'''7 ?!���B lhHt M d��7" �������-�� date!
Kl!?.*^'.10 l1"' Houorahle the Chief Com-
ffJJJ    ''I'"1"  Rn'1 Worka for "a'apeclal
-l.-rr i ��� ,",''"rr> tlmher from tbe follow-
siuvi.. r   l       *' ��ltll,l^'d  in  the valley of
lut,- rim ��� ',Co.mro'>?olng_M milea norlh of
���on , ,, ', ,*' """"l'l,fy line, joining the
I ,    f   '"l'l*""!   Hallway Company's
IWli In tht dh-inel of West Kootenay :
iJShSSIW^iHa l""" I'tontea at tho
SMS,01 *��� "���'''"t-tie'e pre-emption,
"I Ah   ���'IV   s'"Mh "toni the east bound-
ImiiH iiiv,   lt'1  pre-empilou, thence east
��".w Kfllion end Fori Sheppard survey
Hi  lluiii i.      0n*lOBi  thenco  west   100*
ns'toiJim   ,      4" '���ll��l"��t. theuce cast 40
"H!,.(i\r  .,..!'""��� "'''icemout.
��*t*dl March aSrd, 1907.       J. i��. Swiobbiio.
_S��MtS_.Cln.r.!^ poat planted  at the
Eiia�� n...Hr. P* iOMUon  No. 1 on the taat
lake notice that aodaya alter date 1 Intend lo
apply lothe Hon lhe Chief Commiasioner of
Undsand Work*, Victoria, for a apeclal licence
toeut and carry away timher from the following
deaenbed land, In Weat Kootenay: Commencing
at a p��M planted at Kokanee Hiding, ou Band
Point, on iouth side Weat Arm of Kootenay
river aboul IS milea east of Nelaon, H C, marked
"C, F Walmalev'a N.E. corner post," tbence M)
chalna soutb, thrnce SO chaiua weat, thence 80
cbains nortb, thenei 80 chaiua to point of commencement, coutaiuing MO acrea, more or leai.
Located March icits, 1907
Chai. F. w.i.sm,iv,
P. Hhbban, Agent.
Take notice that 1 intend thirty daya after date
to apply t - the Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of
I-and* aud Works for a apeclal llceuae to cut and
carry away timher from the following deacrlbed
lands, situated eaat of Dog creek, in the dlatrlct
of Weal Kootenay: Commencing at a poil marked "The Boundary LumberCompany'anorthweat
corner poat " plauted about a mile east of tbe
('o!umbla and Western railroad, and about three
milea aonth of the Big Tunnel, theuce 40 chalna
aouth, thence 60 chalna eaat, thence 40 cbaina
aouth. thence 100 chalna eaat, thence 40 cbaina
nortb, thence 80 chalna weat, tbence 40 chalna
nortb, thence 80 chalna weat to point of commencement.
Dated 4th March, 19Q7. J Gbrsllb,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Taee notice that 1 Intend thirty daya after data
toapply lo the Hon the Chief Commiasioner of
Unda and Works for a special license to cut end
carry awav timber from the following described
lands, situated on I tog creek, lu West Kooteuay
dlatrlcl: Commencing at a poat planted on tbe
<*aat aide of the Columbia and Weatern railroad,
oo or about ten chalna eaat, and marked "The
Bonndary Lumber company'a poat," and about
a mile and a half aouth of the Hig Tunnel, the
uirtbwest corner, tbeuce running south 160
ebalna, thence eaat 40 chaina, thenee north 160
cbaina, thence weet 40 chains to place of commenoement.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J Uikiiii,
Take notice tbat I intend, tblrtv daya after
date, to anply to tbe Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of Unda and Worka for a apeclal licenae to cut
an^ carry away timber from the following described landa, altuated on Bandy creek, ln Weat
Kootenay dlatrlct: Commenolng at a poat planted on th�� weat aide of Bandy creek and called
J. P. 8'a aouthweat eoruer poat, thence running
eaat 80 chalna, thencu north 40 chalna, ihence
weat 40 chaiua, thenee nortb IU chains, thence
west 4o chalna, tbence aouth Uo chalna to place
of commencement.
Dated thla 9tb day of March, 1907.
J. P. Bwbbobbm, Locator.
Notice la herehy given tbat UO daya alter date 1
Inteud to apply to the Honorable tne Chief Com-
mlsaloner of Unda and Worka for a apeclal
license toeut and carry away timber from tbe
followlna deacrltied landa altuated on the weat
aide of Big Hheep Creek Valley: Commencing
about three and a half milea north of tbe International boundary Hue and about one and a
half milea weat of the Nelaon and Fort Sheppard
Hallway company'a land grant in the dlatrlct of
West Kootenay:
No. 1 --Commencing at a poat planted two
mUfa woat of Big Sheep creek, known ae the
aouthwest corner poat, Joining J. R. Cranston'*
timber claim No. 1, claiming BO chalna nnrth,
tL> nee 80 chalne eaat, thence 80 chalna aouth,
theuce ��uchains-west to polutof commencement.
Located March 21st, 1907.
No i Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoulhwcal comer of location No. 1, known ae the
norlhweat corner poat of location No. 2, claiming
80 chalna aouth, Ihenco 80 chalna eaal. then c W
chaiua north, thence 80 chalna weet to point of
Located March 21st, 1907.
Nn. ;t -Commencing at a post placed balf a
mile weat of location No. 2, known aa the southeaal corner, claiming 80 chalna uorth, tbence 80
cbalUB weat, thenco 80 chaina aoutb, tbence 80
chalna eaat to point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a poit planted at the
aoutbeaat corner of location No. 8, known aa the
northeaat corner, claiming 100 chalna aouth,
thenco 40 cbaina weat, theuce 160 chalna uorth,
tbenee40 chalna cast to point of commencement.
Locoted March 21 ai, 1907.
J. P. Bwbdbbm, Locator.
K. T. Knobukjin, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that an daya from date
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Unds and w orka for a special licenae to out
and earry away timber from the following deacrlbed landa in Weat Kootenay district:
Commenciug at a post planted on tbe north
hank of 10 Mile oreek, about one mile and a balf
from Blocan lake, marked B Strand's northweat
corner post, tbence cast IW) chalne, thence -south
40 chains, thence weat 160 cbaina, thence north
40 chalna to point of commencement.
Dated Hits 21at day of March, 1907.
E. Htrano, Locator.
Marv Hm .�� V i*w"����n ���*"����� ' ou *"o east
kmaii ,'L,,U- D' �� 'irlstie'a preomptlon,
bine of I i i ��� "mth *loI|K tlie Utt*1 bnund-
Jiatns -ait / ^'"L"!1" Preemption, tbeuce
l"ylii *ii, ' ���'������;,N*l><>" and  Fort Hheppard
~ ������ ���_LLIwJEJ__B,R(_ tifljStoL-
W'IwmK W'lydBjra after date I Intend"
\t    3    ... mis    I,.,,    il,��� ,i|.   _i n_._ .._.. .        .  ^
I'" and W,)ritN
"' Hon, the Chief Co
uimlssloner of
He to   """��,' v-����"'��, "��� <ciov;.^,,,
""���iiiiil, ..ii'' Il,ni1" '." W"'1 Kos-iumev:
��� sis-   I i,.,,,.,.  .       ,    ,��� '����������.>,,., ,ii,-iis-,- ,'n.i nn
glM   11is. ,,!,. I"".1.'   1.0,*l'"l"��. theiK'O west !��'
ii'Tissusi jJnHRffi *l��'*l'��lni t" Piece ol com.
l,ss, s .      ""'""I"* <X0 eoret msiro or len.
pa Msroh town, PitikLusd,
L .,    _  Looslor
l''i|'iiiii'"s���li,r'*,,r l"T0" ��"" thirty dere slttr
I'��i-"l. i l��� 1. ',*'_'_ ���"" w'"ki. Victoria, Ior
Ittli't: " <le��o*rlt>��<I leiisli m ��'0ni Kootensera*
*'''W��o"��!,-,llo���mN""I'lnR1,*>*- ,|_1"- ""����-
���-ol.is.   i.srt i,  S ,'"L"1'"1"" Wf"l, thoni'. ��,.
FtiS^'1 b-
I W,UU��W*M,.WY.I*Pat��B.
������'mil  No   i _.'������__   ** ""BHAN, Agent.
�� Weit Armnf k��� II,,,|,,BM1����wlt1 on
" ����m Wain si?. *'s v ' V $1*1 t,", ******
R 0�� ��est, th, ,ee an',.  B?or",,r V**t. thrncre 160
fining.   '*im ^OhflM north io polntof be-
^���^d March 8th, HW7
J'.oaiBAB, Agent.
Notice Is horoby glren tbat 80 iiays alter date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Cblef Commlaaioner of Lauds and Worka, Victoria, for a
apeclal llceuae to cut and ca-rv away timber
from the following deacrlbed land in Weat Kooteuay :
Commencing at a post planted about eight
milea from the mouth of Coat creek, and where
lt tlowa Into the Hloean rlvor and about six
chains from tbc creek upon the south bank, and
Joining C. H, Hlttle's location on the weat tine
and marked F. Hatlo'a southeast corner poat,
thence west W) chains, tbeuce north 40 chalna,
thence caU lfio ehalns, tnence south 4o chalna to
polnl of commencement.
Located March Mih, 1907.
Jbff. Batt, Locatob.
porC H, Hittlb, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 30 davs alter date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, for a
apeclal license to cut and carry away Umber frt>m
the following described laud In West Koolenay :
Commencing at a post planted about six miles
from the mouth of Uoat cruck and where It llowa
into Hloean river, and ahout 15 chains from the
creek, upon the aoutb hank nud maraed C 11.
Hlttlo'a southeast corner poat, Ihence woat 1(10
chains, tbence uorth 40 chains, theuce east 160
cbaina, thence aoulh 40 chalna to point of com
Dated March 28th. ltW7.
c. B. Hittlb, locator.
Notice la hereby given that thirty daya after
date I Intend to apply to tho Hon. the Chief
Commiasioner of Landl end Works, at VlctoMa,
for a special license to cut and carry away Umber
trom tho following described landa lu West
Kooteuav, that ls to say: 'ommenclng at
Iluscroft a and Hchermerhorn'a poat No V,
running thence east Hti chalna, thenco south HO
chalus, thence weat 80 chalna, thence north 80
ohalna to point of commoncemont post No. 8,
containing 640 acres of land, more or loaa.
Dated at Creston, B.C., thla Mud day of March,
A.D , 1907.
Oro. ROHMfTi
Notlco is horoby given that thirty days alter
date I intend to apply to tho Hon. the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and Works, at \ ictoria,
for a special licenae locut and carry awav Umber
from the following descrlbd hinds In Weil
Kootenay, that la to aay: Cotnincticlng al a
p dm 80 chalna eaat of lho northwest cornor of
Iluscrottaud Hchermerhorn'a poi) No. 1, running south 4i�� chains to poat No ., tbonce
casino chalna, thence north HI) chalna, thence
west 80 chalna, thence south m> chains to place of
eommeucement poat No. '.\ oontainlng 640 acres,
more or loss. , .       . ���     .
Dated at Creiton, B.C., thla Bttd day of March,
A-0"1W7 010. HcicHorr,
Cosl Miners Complain of Arbitrary Layoffs and  Consequent  Heavy
Loss of Wages.
Under the caption "Labor Notes by
a Labor Man," In Saturday's issue of
The Morning Albertan, of Calgary.
A. B. R. contributes the following plain
Btatement on the coal miners' strike,
Itn causes and  probable course:
In this trouble between the coal miners and operators of Alberta and southern British Columbia, there are many
things that the average citizen does not
understand, aB there must be in all coal
mine troubles. And It Ib unfortunate
for the mlnerB that it is so, for those
who know something of the bUBiness
and what the men are up against are
the readiest to sympathize with them.
Hut there is one outstanding fact
which should be lost Bight of by no one,
and that Is that the miners are greatly
dissatisfied with the conditions under
which they have been working, and the
way ln which they have been treated by
Ihe operators. This was shown conclusively by the overwhelming vote In
favor of a strike and the fact that the
men did not even wait to get the consent of their union before going out.
These men have not gone out for the
mere pleasure of loafing. They have had
too much loafing already this winter.
President Sherman stated at a public
meeting in Calgary some time ago that
during the time when the whole West
was Buffering from want of coal, the
miners were experiencing the slackest
season they had ever known. This was
caused hy lack of cars to convey the
fuel, and the men were being laid off
continually. This Btatement by Mr.
Sherman was corroborated by the memorandum isBued by tbe Frank board of
trade last fall, which Btated that the
mines in that district had been working only about half time. But those
who denounce the poor miners for tying
NoMceli hereby given thst 30 dayn titer slftte
I Intensl tu��|sply to the Hon. Cblel loiiiiiii.Hliin-
er oi Land, aua Works for a ipeclal lleenie to
rut and carry away timber Irom the following
sleasrlbs',1 lands situated on tbe west side ot Big
s-heep Creek V alley, commencing about v., miles
uortb ol the International boundary line, and
about one mile west of Big sheep creek ln tbe
district ol West kootenay:
Mo. 1.���Commencing at a post planted abont
one mile west of Big Bheepcieek, known a. tbe
nortbeast corner post, claiming Si) chaini south,
tbence BO chaini weit, tbence HO chaini north,
tbence 80 chains eaat to point ol commencement
No. 2.���Commencing at a poet planted at the
northeast corner of location Nss 1, known su, tbe
iouth west coroer post, claiming B0 ehalni north,
ihence BO chains east, thence 00 chaini sontb,
theoce BO cbalm weat to point of commencement.
No. '���'.���Csinsiiienclna at a post planted at the
southwest corner oi location No. 2, known as the
southeast corner post, claiming w chains north,
thence 80 ohalni weit, tbence BO ehalns aouth,
thence 80 chaini east to point of commencement.
Located April Utb, 1107.
J. P, Bwcnssse, T,ocator, '
X. T. Erobukibm, Agent.
(Timber Limit No. 2.)
Notice Is hereby given i bat 80 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Tom-
mluloner ol Land! and Worki for a ipeclal
llconie to eut and carry away timber from the
following deacrlbed land, iltnated on Kooikanaz
, reek, ln West Kootenay dlitrlet:
Commencing at a poet planted at the northweit eorner ol Tim ber Limit No 10247, and maraud H. D. Lea'i louthweit corner post, thence
north 80 chalus, tbence east 80 chains, tbence
Mssitti 80 cbalni, tnence weet SO chaini to point ol
Located March 28,1*101.     H. I). Ua, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. S)
Commencing ata poit plinted at the aeutheait
oornerol No. 2 limit, aud at the nurth weat comer
of timber lleenie No. 10246, tbence norlh 160
cbalni. thence east 40 cbalm tu weit line of
timber liceme No 10245, following line ol No
1024.1 and nut,, 160 chalm. thenee lollowlng line
of timber lleenie No. 10246 40 chaini to point ol
eommeucement. '
Located March 28,1801.      II. Ii. Lu, Locator.
(limber Notice No. 4.)
Notice ii hereby given that 60 dayi arter date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of laiodl and "'orki for a ipeclal lleenie to csit
and carry away timber from the following described landi, iltuated on Kooakanax creek in
West kootenay dlitrlet, and about five miles
from Upper Arrow lake:
Commencing at a poit planted on the north
side of creek and about half a mile Irom ereek,
ansl marked H. D. Lea's southeast corner post,
thence noitb 80 ohalna, thence weit 80 chains.
thenco issuth 80 chains, thence eait 80 chaini to
point ol commencement
Located March 31,1907.      11 II Lu, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 6.)
Commencing at a poit marked II. D. Leu's,
southwesi corner post, theuee north 80 chains,
following the eaat fine nf No 4 location, thence
east 8<i chains, theuce suuth 80 chains, thenco
west 80 ehaim to point of commencement.
Lojated Match 81,1907.      H. O Lu, Locator.
(Timber Limit No.��.)
Notloe li hereby given that ilxty dayi after
dato 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commlnloner of Landi and Worki for a
ipeclal liceme to cut aud carry away timber
from the IssllowlssK described laud, iltuated about
lis mllei Irom tbu Upper Arrow lake on Kooi-
kauax creek, in West Kootenav dli'rlct:
Commeuelng at a poit plantcil and markod H.
1). Lea'i uurthwoit s'orner post, thence eait 80
ebalm, ts-unce soulb SO chalm, theuee wost 80
chalm, thenco north 80 ohaini to point of commencement. _ _ _
LocatosI March 81,1907,     II. D. Lu, Locator,
(Timber Limit No. 7)
Commeuelng at a poit planted and marked H.
P. Inia'i northeait corner poit, thonce iouth 80
chalui followluv tho weit lino of No.6 ilmtt,
tbenee we.t 80 cluilns, theuce north 80 obalm,
thence east BO ohalni to point of commencement.
Located March 81,1907.      11.0.Lu, Locator.
Notlco li beroby given that 80 days after date 1
Intend tu apply to lbe Hnn. Chlof CommlMloner
of l.Hnils and Worki for a special liceme to cut
ami oarry away timber Irom the following described landi, sllliateil ou Corn Creek lu the
Ooal crook division In Houlliwoit Knoteney, B.C.
"A"���Commencing at poil "A*';planted about
ISO Giialm welt from loutheait corner of Block
No. 1006, and marked "��.L Beekwlth by I I.
Lucia, agent, northeait corner poll," Hbout two
chains north ol the stream, then wost 160 chalm,
then 40 ebalm south, then east 160 chHlm, then
40 chalm nurth tu post ol commencement.
Dated March 6th, 1907. W. L. Bhiwitii,
by I. J. Liscu, Agent.
"B**���Commenolng at poit "B" plantesl on the
south lork ol Corn oreek, about 60 ohalm trom
where tho stream elliptic. Into tho Melu stream,
markeii "W. L. Beekwlth by I I Lucia, agent,
northensi corner poit," about three chains eait
ol tslri'sssi, then 160 chalm smith, then 40 chalm
west, tiien 160 chains north, then 40 obelus east
lo point of comms'iioomotit.
Ilatesl March 7th, 1907 W. I.. Rsi'twiTH,
by I. J. Lis*!.. AKs'sst.
"C"-Commenelng sl pint "0" pUnteil 80
chains issuth ol northweit oorner of Block "B"
markeii "W 1, Beckwllli hy I..I. Lucie, agent,
norllicHit oorner post," about ten chain, wost ol
stream nisrllseail enrner. then 160 chalna muth,
then 40 ohalna welt, then 160 ohaini norlh, then
40 chaini eail tu post of cuinmeneeinent.
Iletesl March Bth, IWI, W, L. BsrswiTH,
by I, J. Liscu, Agont.
up the Industries of the WeBt had little
to say when those same Industries were
tied up by lack of foresight on the part
ol the railways.
This -constant laying off of men must
be taken into consideration when computing the wages which they receive.
If they receive $5 a day and are compelled to loaf half the time, they are
getting no hetter than 12.50 per day.
But the miners have, In walking out
before a strike order was issued by
their union and before tbe conciliation
board had a chance to enquire Into tho
matter, played into the hands of their
enemies. They have done Just what the
operators liava been trying to goad
them Into doing. In the jockeying for
position the operators have managed
to put tbe miners In a false light before the public. The notices posted of
reductions In wages, the refusal to deal
with President Sherman���these things
have the appearance of having been
done with the deliberate purpose of making the position of the men so Intolerable that they would quit work. Public
opinion counts for something ln labor
disputes nowadays, and lt is unfortunate that the men have put themselves
In the position they have.
But the matter has not gone so far
but what it can be remedied. The best
thing for the men to do under the circumstances Ib to go back to work and
wait for the rendering of a decision by
a conciliation board or an agreement
hy the parties interested. The men
know Just what they want, their demands are just, and if they do not get
what they want or something approximate thereto, lt will be time enough for
a strike order to be issued.
There are already signs of a break between the British Columbia and Alberta operators, and this may work to the
advantage of the men.
In this connection it may be said
that the British Columbia mining laws
are among the best on the continent,
laws which Alberta would do well to
copy. The miners believe that the
eight-hour bill of the laat session was
abandoned at the behest of the mine
operators. In plain words they believe
that the cards are stacked agalnBt them,
and there is one reason why they have
little faith in tbe new labor disputes act
or In any other law. They believe that
the laws are made for and by -capitalists
and that the workingmen can expect little justice where the Interests of the
two classes conflict.
Anothsr of ths 71  Reasons for "Semi-
ready" Tailoring Keeping at ths Top
The Semi-ready store has just received another large shipment of the
Semi-ready tailoring and they are very
much pleased with them. As usual,
the Semi-ready coats have those distinctive touches which were so highly
commended at 'he recent Tailors' convention held in Chicago.
"The remarkable thing about the
Semi-ready tailoring," said the salesman, "is that they always seem to get
ahead of the custom tailors in their
designs. The old-style ready-made
garment never amounted to much at
any stage by reason of their being always a season behind the merchant
tailor in their styles.
"The new roll collar on the Semi-
ready coats were pronounced one of the
most artistic creations at the Chicago
Garment exhibition in the spring, hut
as a matter of fact, these same models
were shown by the Semi-ready Company
last fall."
Rutherford Goes to London.
Edmonton, April 22.���Premier Rutherford, in his capacity of minister of
education of the province of Alberta,
leaves the city on the C. P. R. on May
Bth for a trip to Great Britain. He will
attend tbe educational conference In
London on May 2.th. Representatives
from all the British Empire are Invited
to be present, and In Canada an Invitation has been extended to the ministers
of education In each of the provinces.
Mr. Rutherford will not return before
July; he will be accompanied by his
family, and will sail from Montreal on
the Bleanishlp Empress of Ireland.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Of Ice: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box
Bsksr St. NELSON. ������ C.
I have just returned to Nslson snd
have opsnsd up at ths same old stand,
and now resdy to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Notice li hereby given that tho Wattiburg
Lumber cnmimtiy hnn *i>|'Hi'il to His Honor tbe
I.tputeiiuM (itivernor Id council, under the pro-
flitoni of tho "Rlvem an<l 8tr��amn Act." (or the
right to Imjimve Kykurtu creek, In the dlitrlet of
Wont Kootenny. British Columbia, by removing
the obotructloiiH therefrom nnd -straightening
the banki lheruof,nu<l tovonitruetdami, boomt,
iltdei and elm toi, and mekeuieh other improve*
ment* at may be noeeifiary for the driving and
rafting of Ion and the fl urn ing of timber thereon
The landi to be affected are govorment landa and
I-otaaftl aud Zfi, Group 1, Rootenay dlitrlet. and
tha Mils that are prapoaed to be charged, if any,
are auch ai mav be fixed by a Judge of the county
court of Weit kootenay.
Dated tbli J7tb day of March, A, D. 1907.
Th* Strathcona
Kelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
lai.r street. Kelson. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
14,1*1. snd Comfortable Bedrooms and First*
cl-MiLfloliig Boom,  sample Boom, lor tlommer.
clal  Van
MB8. I. CCLABKB, I'-opHetre-M
Grand Central Hotel
Toil hotel haa been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment!.
Hot-water heating throughout.
KATES ; Roomi, 60c. upwards ; meali 25c. ;
ipeclal ratea by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
.  Biops-fl snd Aaerlosa Flan
���eail a els.   Boom, from -X CM. to H.
Oalr Whits Hslp Jtrnployrt.
Baker St., Kel-wn
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoHar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
Tha Bar la the Fineat.
Whlta Help Only Employed.
Josephine BL
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 and ��1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarden.
Moat comfortable quarter. In Nelion
Only the beat ol Liquor, -and Ugara
The public are respectfully notified
that in future there will be an Owl Car
on Saturday nights, leaving the West
End terminus at 11 p. m., returning
leaving the Fairview terminus at
11:20 p.m.
Also that all parcels over 10 pounds
will be charged for, at the rate of 5
cents per 10 pounds, and must be
stamped with parcel stamps, which may
be hsd from conductors, city hall and
the undersigned.
Passengers are requested to signal
car when waiting for it. also to stand
on far crossing.
Sept. Trimwr. Oty ol Ntlies.
Ae McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerta -
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assay en for Licence to
Practice in British Columbia.
An Examination for Aaiayen will be held ln
Victor I* oo tho 27th May and rollowlng dnys.
Entrance for auy examination muit hv mado
ln writing to tin Secretary of the Hoard of Kx-
amlner.1, at leiut ten deya before thf date net Ior
beginning of examination, and tmint U* accompanied by the prescribed (oe (lift )
Any additional information 'Ittnired may be
obtained (rom Hurb-rt Carml oh acl, secretary,
board of eiamliHTN, Victoria
Hlnliturof Mlnea.
Department of Mlnea/ 	
Victoria, li. 0., iSUi April, MOT.
We Can Sell You a First Class
Balance Easy Quarterly Payments.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards ant. ninning water on -each property.    These properties can he pnrchased on reasonable terms if sold at onoe.
Choice Fruit
I Hare (0,000 Acre*
Choice-it Frott Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Lots
On Chatham St Fin* location. Close
to ear Him.   Homo built of brick flrat *
storey.   Nicely furnished.
9700.00 caah,  balance on  easy terms.
Certificate of the Registration of
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companto Act, 1807."
I HKHEBY CERTIFY thtt the "KrftO Btiset
Lead Mining Company, Limited," has fhte day
been registered an an Kxtra-FroTineial Company
under tbe "Compaalea'i set, Itm*'' to carry out
ur effect all or an j ol tbe obhtoU of tbe compiny
to which the leg illative authority of the Legle*
lature ot critith Columbia extendi.
Tbe bead offlce ol the company li iltnate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arlxona, C. 8. A.
Tbe amount ol the capital of tbe company U
tbree million dollan, divided into six hundred
tbouaand sharei oi dye dollar* each. ���
The bead office of the company ln thla province
Is situnle at Kaalo, and w. B. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose addieai la Kaalo, B* C, la the at
torney lor the company.
The time of the existence of the company la
twenty-Ave yeara from the eighteenth day of
October, 1906.
i he company li limited.
(Hveu under my hand and aeal of office, Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thii Ond
nay of March, one thousand utne hundred and
Begf itrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purpose* for which thla corporation li
formed are to buy, told, leaf*, aell, work, explore, develop and operate minta aad mining
���laima, and all klnda of mining property; to lo
cate and procure patent* for mm tug claims; to
uy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
<U mills, smelter*, concentrators or other   re-
���iuctlou ('hints, and to run and operate the	
In the reduction of ah kind* of ore, and lha extraction of mineral therefrom; to acquire in any
manner all klnda of real estate neetiaary for tbe
economical and cxp-e-uitlout operation of lta mining and smelting and reduction buelneia, and
other business incident thereto; to buy and sell
Mini otherwise acquire and dispose of any and
all kindi of personal property, machinery, tools
and merchandise, for the convenient and practical operation of lta buaineaa tn anv branch
thereof, aud to that end to establish and conduct
stores and merchandising eitablblrmenta, for the
purchase and sale of all kinds of uooda and merchandise; to acquire in any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct mch lines In any manner
neceaaary or convenient for the operation of lta
mining and smelting and reduction business or
any branch incident thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway aad tram
lines wherever necosaary and convenient, to the
Kroper operation of Its said lines of buaineaa; to
ay and sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of
the stock of otber corporations which may lo lta
judgment contribute to the success of its operations, or which tn IU judgment may be fur tha
benefit of lta stockholders, to acquire lu any
manner end to dispone of water rights, dltchea,
Humes, pipe lines or other aqueducts, which
may be necessary or convenient for supplying
water to the various plants of thu compauv, ana
to acquire In any manner and to establish and
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
or lighting tbe property or plants of the company, and to acquire in any lawful manner, and
to dispose of lowtmkc-s, or any portion thereof,
und to hold, operate, sell, and dispose ot water,
I igh t and heat lor tbe purpoae of lighting, heating or furnishing water to said townsite or
townsltes, and each and every portion thereof,
mid generally to do nay and all things and to acquire ami hold und dispose of ah kiuda of property, and to manage, operate and conduct any
and all kinds ot plants and bud nos* which in the
opinlou ot the directors and stockholders may
be necessary for the convenience and successful
operation of lta business aa a mining and smelt
Ing and reduction company.
In the matter of an application lor the luue ol
n duplicate of the t'tTtitlisale of Title of Lotas antl
I, Block IB, Usl 9, Block m ana Lot 12, Block 10,
Neliou Citv (Map* MS and 2MA )
Notloe I* hcretsy given that It la my Intention
to IHue a duplicate oi this Cerllllcate ol Title for
the above lota at the expiration oi on* month -after
the Sr*t publication hereof tn the uamo ol Frana
Jacolsy ansl Mull l'olill which Certificate of Title
la dated this 4th day of January, Itfft, snd numbered 1*7 A. .
H. F, MacLIOD,
DBltlot Eat Hirer.
Und Be��l��try OBr*. Malion, I.C
nth, April, Itm.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic pasaen-
gsrs arriving on ar aubaaquant ta April
26th.    *
from points In Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Scad For Yocn Friends
Full particulars   on    application to
local agent or write
A.Q.P.A..Vencouver. U.P.A., Nelion
Gontraotor sand
Uulldar. .    .
Bole agent tor the Porto Rico Lumber Co.. Ltd..
retail yard*. Bough anil dru-ssvd lumber, tt-trneu
work -and braeketi, Cosut lath and ahlogiea, raah
aud door*. Cement, brick and Ume Ior aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. out of Hsu
NBUSON,  B. O.     ,
P. O. Box 282. Telephone lit
r.CGREBi      F.F.BURDEN       A.H.GRIEN
Qvtt Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Sorreyow     .
P.O. Box 145   ttautlUX,
Notice Is horeby Kiven that John MoLood baa
made application under the provisions oi tho
' Liquor Licence Act, IWO " for * transfer of bis
Ik'anee tor the Vttucouvor hotel, at Ymir, to
Kdlth E viillc, and thut n meeting of iho Board
ofMeenre Commits ouurn, ol the vmlr licence
district, wil lbe hold to rouMdcrNiieli applies Uon,
at the provincial po'lee ofllce, tit Nelsou, ��n Frt-
lay, ant May, liU7, at tbu hour o( two o'oloek la
!  1
. w. a.
mm____m I I
':, I
The Daily Canadian
[Our Stock is Complete;
, Here are two Soap Specials: <
j>2l Sib.   BARS  HOMESTEAD $4.5C j
\l2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 \
i **++*********************.
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Mske your selections while  the stock
Is complete.
Phone 206
We havs ACRE LOTS for sale In LOT
97, adjoining
*. Hume Addition..
AIM very good ACRE and TOWN LOTS
in   Hume addition.
Now  Is the Time to Boy.
H. E, Croadsdaile & ___
Next Boor to Dank of Commerce.
, Kinds of HeatlDg Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Snd it to their ad-
Ttutuge to nt>o onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Soofallat   Party meeti even Vtt&sf
ev��DlQR nt �� i�� m , i-i tbo Miners' Union Half
All an* in vi to*-.*); eny ono allowed to take part in
theitebntCN.   T, Aimtin, Scerfiary.
���W6_&>*-^/���_>     I'^^f-sifA
D. Thomas, A. H. MacN'ell. Rossland;
G. \V. Hughes, Kaslo; C. J. Vallance,
New Denver; E. E. Samlers, Golden;
M. H. Whitney, C. S. Whitney, Duluth;
A. McQueen, Kamloops, J. E. Hlgglns,
Battel G. S. liailey. Lewiston, Mrs. A.
W. Klockers. Miss n. L. Reynolds. Spokane; J. M. Anderson. W. G. Harris. Toronto; Mrs. N. Whitney, New Orleans;
W. H. Aldridge, Trail.
wiv   J
Cr. Vernon and Wai-U Streets,
Mii.soiv, et. c.
.1. FRED HUMB, Proprietor.
II. L. Lai-toy, Trail; 0. K. Naden,
Greenwood. B. G. Bennett, A. M. Jarvls.
London; H. 0. Marshal, Toronto; C. O.
McNab and family. Miss Cochrane, Waldo; G. 13. Brown. Moyie; M. Ross, J. F.
McDonald, Vancouver; W. B. Hudson,
Slocan Junction; G. Macdonald, Winnipeg.
J. Wilson and daughter, Creston; W.
H. Deacon, Rossland; J. Mahon. Lang-
don;  Rev. Fr. Coccola, Stuart Lake.
J. Haslam. J. A. Marshall, Koch's Siding; H. Reed, Bonnington; M. Marinelli,
Summit;  J. Brokenshire, Rossland;  S.
E. Tallman, Spokane; B. Ptigh, W. Roberts, Cranbrook; C. Dingwall, B. Mc-
Causland, Fernie; J. Stephens, Creston.
F. Carter, J. Clarke, Beasley; G. Hanson, Tf. Stewart, Silverton.
M. Custer Creston; R. J. Foley, Koch
Siting; tt*. A. Davidson, Kaslo; H.
Peterman, D. McMillan, M. Strand,
Phoenix; Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Thrums;
F. McCharles, Grand Forks.
J. Ryan, California; J. Lamplln, San
Francisco; J. F. Adams, G. Blake,
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred Buff Leghorns and White
Wyandottes. $2.00 per setting. Nine
chicks guaranteed or order refilled at
half price,
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
Qsnersl Job Work, Chimney 8weep
Ing, Carpet C'eaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 Esst Baker 8t.        Phone No. AH4
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
F. t LYS
W. Baker St.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
ftJMT-(ILA8B WAITKKfB-ApplyQneen'i Hotel.
COOK-Ilutel, 190. WaltrcM,W5;aton��s. Phone
Yini"(t man witli (jissssl ssltlcu experience leeks a
pimltlon.   Apply Bisx tilt, Nelaon, B.O.
TWO FlRirr.uI.AXS KGOMH, uteim heated.  Applv hmiickocoer. 3rd flat. K. W. C. block.
Kr.DS SUPPLIED from the li-adlm; varletleiol
Pure Brest Poultry, gaaraateed true to asms
Apply J 0 Dixon Box 170. Vsiiir-oiiver���t-to'y
o/ the Vancouver Poultry aud f. Aawlatljn.
Home to Greenwood.
G. R. Naden, M. L. A. for Greenwood,
arrived from Victoria last night and
left for home this morning. He is
paired for the balance of the session.
Fruit Growers' Meeting.
Jas. Johnstone and Thomas Morley
will leave tomorrow morning for the
meeting of the llrlllsh Columbia Fruit
Growers' Association at Sicunious. M.r
Johnstone Is president of the association and Mr. Morley Is the delegate
front Nelson.
Improvement in Business.
R. H. Carley, western representative
of the Hudson's Bay Knitting Co., spent
Sunday In Nelson. Since leaving here
the lirst uf Ihe year be bas visited every
town ami city In the province and reports Improved business conditions
St. George's Day,
Tomrrow being the festival of St.
George, patron saint of Engiland, the
Nelson lodge of the Sons of England
will celebrate the occasion by a banquet at the Strathcona in th eevening.
lor which a good toast list and programme have been prepared.
Another Lacrosse Player.
W. H. Deacon, who takes the position
made vacant In the C. P. R. ticket offlce by the resignation of John Faulds,
commenced his duties today. Mr. Deacon is one of the best lacroBse players
ln the interior, and will add to the
strength of the Nelson team this season.
Off for Fernie.
F. Starkey, president of the Nelson
board of trade and vice president of
the Associated Boards of Trade of
Southeastern British Columbia, left
this morning for Fernie, to urge on
both operators and coal miners thc
dangers threatened by the strike to the
prosperity  of all Kootenay.
At an early hour this morning at the
residence of Mrs. J. P. Manhart. Eric
Daniel Manhart and Miss Alice Stewart were married by Rev. J. T. Ferguson. The groom was supitorted by C. H.
Longhurst. ths? bride by her sister. Miss
Mildred Stewart. After a wedding
breakfast Mr. and Mrs. Manhart left
for Spokane, where they will spend
their honeymoon.
Death of H. H. Playford.
A telegram was received in Nelson
announcing the death at Vancouver of
H. H. Playford, who was for many
years a resident of this city. No particulars as to the catise of death were
given. H. H. Pla>ford took a great interest in aquatic sports aud trained
the Nelson crew one season. His
brother was winner of the diamond
sculls one year.
Children's Day.
Roy Miller, Jack Grant, Lloyd New-
burn, William Boyes and William Hos-
kins appeared in the police court this
morning to answer charges of violating
Curfew Law. The magistrate imposed
a fine of $1 and costs, (2.25, in each
case, with the option of 10 days in
gaol. In each case the line was paid.
The magistrate lectured the boys promising them a heavier sentence for
any second offence. He also explained
that in the case the boys were under 14
years of age, the parents also were liable to line, and would in future be
summoned and dealt with at the Bame
lime as the children. James McBride
and Frank O'Glnlskl, children, were
charged with breaking windows. McBride was remanded till tomorrow.
O'GlnskI wps fined ?10 an dcosts. and
12 for repair of windows, or ln default,
30 days. His father appeared and paid
the fine.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lsmon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlipo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk  Toast   10c
Dslnty City Soda (Salted) 15e
Saratoga Flakee (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt
K. W. O. Bloek . Phone 10.
How's $1450?
A neat 4-Room Cottage on Mill St,
with stons cellar. Verandah back and
front. Electric light Two level lots
with 11 fruit trees all bearing, and
plenty of small fruit
Only $700 Caah
Balance at ( per cent.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do the business.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
The largest and finest assortment
<we have had yet.
Plaques at 20c, 30c and up
Photo Frames 45c. GOc, 75c, 85c, 95c
*1.00, ��1.25 and $2.26.
Dresser Boxes ��1.75 and $2.75
Collar and Cuff Boxes 85c and $1.25
Handkerchief Boxes fi.oo
Glove and Necktie Boxes, ,00c and $1.00
Tie  Racks 75c
Hat and Coat Racks $1.60 and $3.00
Letter Racks $] .oo
Towel Racks $2.10
Waste  Baskets; $2.50
Trinket Boxes 45c, 75c and $1.00
Lace   Boxes $i.co
Paper Knives 25c
Jardiniere Stands $1.50, $1.90, $2.00
Tabourettes    $6.00
Etc., Etc.
W. G. Thomson
a\WaW'* Nelson, B.C.
Phpna 3-4.
Mannarlno  Committed.
Paul Mannarlno was arraigned before Stipendiary Magistrate E. A.
Crease this morning and committed for
trial on the charge of attempting to
murder his uncle, James Mannarlno.
During the hearing the prisoner made
an attempt lo assault his uncle but was
easily suppressed by the police.
Funeral of George Mlnchell.
This afternoon at 2 o'clock the funeral of George Mlnchell, who met his
deatth at the Yale-Columbia company's
sawmill in this city on Saturday, took
place from D. J. Robertson and Co.'s
undertaking parlors to the Church of
Mary Immaculate, and thence to the
cemetery. The funeral was attended
by the fellow workmen of the deceased.
City Council,
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the council will be held in the city hall
tonight at 8 o'clock. The school loan
by-law will be Introduced and probably
passed through all Its reading. A report on tho power plant will probably
be received dealing with the failure of
the auxiliary piston. The estimates are
nearly complete but, may not be presented until the loan by-law Is passed.
Back From Trial.
N. J. Cavanaugh and W. S. Drewry
returned Saturday night from Victoria
where they gave evidence for the defendants in Star vs. White. Mr. Drewry says that the defendants and their
counsel are confident that the decision
of the chief justice will be upheld. Mr.
Bodwell will conclude his address today and Mr. Lennie will begin. The
argument will probably end tomorrow.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward  Sta.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
Whole-sale ami It-Hull Denial** in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome ments and snpples kept in stock
Mail orders receive carefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Applications for the position of salesman for the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association ior tho year 1907, will be
received by the undersigned up till 12
o'clock noon, on Monday, April 22, Inst.
Applicant to state experience, salary required per month, or for the season, and
and also to furnish satisfactory references as to character und ability. The
successful applicant will bo required to
furnish bonds to an amount agreed
upon. D. C. McMORRIS.
April 16, 1907. Secretary.
INELSOIN,    -    B. C.
Dominion Dairy
Calblck & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent the business will ln future be carried on by
W. Calblck.
Thanking our patrons for pas! favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
For Sale...
Near Thrums,  a  ranch  of about   15
acres.    A small clearing.    Easy terms.
Nelson,  B. C,  Bex 634.
Sherman's Opera House
Wednesday- April 24th
will present Sir W. Sterndale Bennett's
Pastoral entitled
"The May Qtfeen"
with full chorus, voices
and orchestra,
Prices 50c, 75o, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford'B Monday
Golnng East,
Mrs. D. M. Macdonald and family "will
leave for Montreal Wednesday morning
to spend the summer.
D. O. K, K,
Dan Thomas, of Rossland, arrived In
the city at noon today to make preparations for a banquet here at an early
date of the D. O. K. K. (District Order
of Knights of Khorasln). There will be
about 200 delegates and he not yet
found a dining hall to accommodate
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours late.
Coast   and   Slocan   train���Half-hour
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Land Fraud Trial Begins.
Washington, April 22.���The Hyde-
ncnson-Dlismond-Schnelder land fraud
case, Involving jtllegud fraudulent transfer in state school lands In California
and Oregon, was called for trial today
before Justice Stafford In Criminal
Court No. 1. The case has been pending for n long time and has attracted
much attention. Attorneys for tho defence eBllmate that the trial will consume from throe to live months, will
require the testimony of from 300 to
BOO witnesses nnd will cost anywhere
from ��:i0,000 to $200,000.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161.
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spriiig Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver and a vaiiuti
medicine for indigestion and general debility from a da
ordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Wholesale Provisional,
Produce,        - Pruit.
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received -weekly fresh from ti
churn.   For sale by nil leading grocers.
Phone 79.
Nelaon, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily]
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Alao a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
Spring ia Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stecfc all L
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  psld to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwar
Company, Limited.
" " " a. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON **~>*<VU
Rapsnlr Inir ���"����� dobbins ax-scut ail with Daspatch,   ghMt M��ti
Work, Mining hi-uTMIII Machinery.     iCVo" ulooturlri ol
Or* Ur,, R.  U.   Contractors'  Cars.
Spring Stock Just Opened Up J
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From Glasgow, Scotland-
Best Qualities at Low Prleea.
Standard Fxitnittste Company
Maion A Himh l'l nn im.
Oitcrmoor MatlroMieii.
Marshal] Hani tary MaUresiica,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers*    Embalmers
���MANUFACTURERS   |  ..__(_    Cf_i.��~f**
AND DEALERS IN   l*t*mDe** dAlllgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Mail Orders promptly ���Hmdi-il
���   NBUSON, B. C.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock snd will bs pleased to supply I
wants In
Such as
Whlta Watte
Mi.Tc-l  I'llllllM
Berry Bron.' Boats Varafch
Etc., etc.
Albany Greaie
Arctic! CupUrpaio
(las En*lM Oil ���
Vacuum Marine HOW]
(lu uni' gallon cani-J
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limit'


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