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The Daily Canadian Mar 20, 1907

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Array iLUME  I.     NO.   245.
hgb-Grade Property in
New Ontario
(l. Buxton, oi Fort William, Thinks
He Has Made Richest Strike
of the District.
(Winnipeg, March 20.���Col. John H.
Hon. who Is visiting lu town Irom
rl Williams, is the presiding genius
).! guiding spirit of the White Lily
Co., with headquarters ln the
sil town by the shores of the
It'ssl   Buxton Is staying at the Kam
i-i, having run up to the "Peg" for a
days on   business.    Of the White
,    lis,  said:   "Thu  mine ls situated
close    promoxlty to the Canadian
"ilis'rn station of Kawene, about 120
|s ���    li-oin  Fort William, and wus or-
is.slh  sliHcovered by the best known
1    most    expert    prospector ln the
els- ol New Outarlo.
'Little work was done on the prop-
j tin! 11 about n year or so ago, about
idi suns' I secured the mining right
d immediately started ln on the work
"Kiiim the start I always had an un-
laded   faith   In   tlle   White   Lily,   a
Ith which has been attained by care-
.sssiination and the expert kuowl-
||i.   which  a  long exiierience of nilu-
i, sllfterent parts of the country haa
, me     And   I am pleased  to say
rs-s-s'iit  assays  by the government
ratory   has   given   as  high   a   perse- of gold us 11,200 or more per
is   property Is of a different forma-
sltogetltef from the Laurentlan. 1
lisiii   many   arguments   with   An-
bnj Illume, and I have always inslst-
thui the White Lily will far exceed
Laurentlan.   At the latter mine the
'1 occurs  In  Blrcaks lt Ib true, but
al! practical miners know, liable to
it snn at any time.
lis.   White Lily, on the other hand.
hikik of a dark blue quartz, the rich
erallied    matter   running   between
its of magnetic Iron and granite and
1 what practical miners understand as
tnis' contact.
'1'wlng to the exceedingly fine char-
sif the gold at the White Lily."
fcntlniieil   Col.   Huxton,   "It   has  been
��nsl necessary to Install thc costliest
"We have some dozen houses on the
operty, The shaft Ib down to a con-
Iderabla depth. The mill hous�� has
���n completed. Our machinery is now
Dg In. nnd as soon as we commence
fitting the stone through the mill, and
shiny metal Is gathered up on Ihe
Bnrentratnrs. everybody In Canada will
' wanting to share In the good thing
��� have."
"This Is  no wild  cat scheme which
'���sin iss be folstod onto a foreign mar-
I    However, I may say that the best
���ople in Fort Williams are In the corn-
in . and many of Ihese nre going to bo
isrfliieiu circumstances before many
"sins  havs' waxed  and waned."
Col.   Huxton   Is  n genilemnn   with a
Mil"   experience,   and   has   been   con-
cted with  tin- leading mining Indus-
M of thfl continent, Inrgely In the ea-
clly of managing engineer. He rend-
i'ii   valuable  service  during   tlle  civil
11* and since settling In Fori William
s acquired 11 host of friends.
''ol   lluxlon's son, Capl. .1. 11. Huxton.
r. Is thi' general manager of the While
l-lly. and with his wife intentlB residing
Pn Iho properly.   Jusl now he Ib busily
engaged In getting tba costly machinery
lulu position,
Btoekmen of Saskatchewan Meat In Regina Today.
H"Kina. Sask,., Mnrch 20.���The great
Importance that the live stock Industry
ha.* attained In this province ln a comparatively short period Is Illustrated ln
Phe third annunl exhibition opened hero
today by lho Saskatchewan Breeds' Association. The exhibits Include a Inrgn
|l��l of fancy-bred stock, nnd all pans of
lhe province aro reprsisented. A horse
sho�� and nn exhibition of poultry nre
"lug held lu conjunction with Ihe fat
eiock show nnd the Ihree combined aro
pxpeoted to attract many visitors during the week.
Self-Made Statesman.
I *Sir William Lyno, the Australian mln-
P'er of (rado and customs, who with
"Is chief,  Mr. Denkin, will  attend Iiie
[Imperial  conferenco next   month, ia a
statesman who has risen from the low-
lest runga 0f the ladder.    In his native
linsmania he held the humble post of
leierk of a municipal council.   He after-
���wards became a cattle drover, and oven-
Fifty Cbnts a Mont a
tunny settled down as a sheep farmer
in New South Wales. He was Boon a
member of the parliament of that col-
ony, held office in four governments,
anil was the reigning premier when
'���-deration was accompllBhed. As premier of the senior slate of the newly-
created commonwealth he was sent for
by he Marqufs of Linlithgow to form
Uioflrst federal government, but public
opinion had clearly designated Sir
bdmund Barton for the honor of first
prims- minister of the commonwealth,
and Sir William made way for Sir
Toronto   School    Inspector   Denounces
Nursery  Policy.
(Speela! to The Daily Canadian.)
Toronto, March 20.���The feature of
the annual meeting of the Chidren's Aid
Society yesterday was the outBpoken
crltlclBm by Inspector Archibald of the
general policy wllh respect to corporal
punishment In Ihe public schools, together with the generally expressed
opinion that the city and provincial government were lacking In sympathy with
the work of the society. Inspector
Archibald emphasized the need of a
radical change In the methods adopted
by thc school board to secure ubedlence
to the commands of the teachers, and
incidentally took occasion to designate
the chief inspector as a "faddist."
"And," continued the inspector, "after
being responsible for the abolition of the
strap In the schools of this city and
adopting the policy of 'kissing and
coddling,' this same faddist haB the assurance to approach the board of control ami ask for $5,000 as a preliminary
expenditure for the establishment of a
children's court to correct the evils
Money    Situation    In    Eastern    Cities
Causes Alarm���May Hamper
Business Operations,
Montreal. March 20.���A prominent
banker stated that by April 16th there
would be plenty of money available
thronghonl Canada, in Ihe meantime,
however, the money situation ls acute
to say the least. Several banks started
to call money towards the close of last
week, and yesterday a promlnnt local
banker called on brokers for several
hundred thousand dollars. This created
a great deal of comment on the street,
and not a little consternation among
tho brokers, who found lt almost impossible to place loans elsewhere. One
broker said:
"There has been a small quantity of
private money floating around and that
has helped to relieve the situation a
little. When It comeB to taking new
business on margin, however, I'll have
my shutters up as I find lt Impossible
to get a dollar."
Some ol the oldest brokerage houses
are not taking any orders on margin.
Birthday of President Eliot, of Harard,
Duly Honored.
Boston. March 20.���President Charles
W. Eliot, of Harvard University, who
ls generally recognized as the foremost
educator In America, observed quietly
hlB "3rd birthday tinniversary at hie
home In Cambrldgo today. He passed
the greater part of the day as usual,
among his books, busy with his duties
as bend of the great university, although Interrupted now and then by
friends who came to congratulate him.
During the day numeroiiB messages
of congratulations were received by
President Eliot. They camo from other
colleges, from diplomats, from public
men. educational associations, and from
Harvard clubs scattered from New
York lo the Rocky mountains.
President Eliot has achieved the remarkable distinction of being the Harvard president for more than half his
life, for he was only 35 when he as-
sumed Ihe duties of his high office. Fifty-four yoars he has devoted to the
cause of education, for during the two
or Ihree yenrs or his early life when
ho was not teaching he was studying
university administration abroad and
gathering Inforninllon which has been
so successfully applied for the development of Harvard.
No other man was over president of
Harvard for so long a period as that
which distinguishes Mr. Eliot's life
When he entered Harvard In 1849 ho
was one or 6SI students; now there are
aboul 1.600. Ills salnry as tutor for the
first vear afler his graduation was
1666.00.   Now he receives 110,00 a year.
Prices of Metals. ___
New York, March 20.���Silver, 6614c;
copper, 26c;  lead. 16.
London,   March   20.���Sliver,    30% d;
lead,  ��19, 13s., ild.
Ideas Gleaned from Coast
by E. K. Beeston
Tourist and  Improvement Associations Better Than Population
Clubs���Aid from City.
Mr. E. K. Beeston, who has recently*
been visiting the coast cities, took the
opportunity on behalf of tbe 20,000
Club, and at their request, of observing
the working of tbe tourist associations
at Victoria and Vancouver. He consented to give his impressions to The
Dally Canadian upon the understanding
that it was made perfectly clear that
he waB not seeking and could not accept any official position with the club
The first and mist noticeable feature
of these Institutions ls tbe prominence
of their commodious and well-arranged
offices. In both of these the secretaries
and permanent officials give the whole
of their time and attention to the affairs of the associations. The work of
the 100,000 and the 150,000 clubs has
been merged Into these, and It ls
generally thought that the title of'tour-
lst association" Ib better than that ot
one which apparently has in view only
the Increase of the population lo a
limited number.
Both associations have, however, as
their objects, "the advancement and lm
provement" of their respective cities.
Both also point wltb satisfaction to tbe
fact that they still continue to receive
the support of those who assisted in
forming the associations. Victoria points
especially to the new C. P. R. hotel as
the result of Its work, while Vancouver showB among other matters the
Improvements at English Bay as the dl
rect outcome of the tourist association.
In a variety of other ways both have
largely assisted the city councils In
bringing about Improvement tbat might
have otherwise not have received the
attention of the city fathers.
The advertising done by these assocl
ations has been carried on on a much
larger and more expensive scale than
has yet been possible ln Nelson, and
both claim, and apparently Justly, that
a large part of the tourist trade Is due
to their judicious and well-clrculat"il advertising. As an example of the benefits o fthe tourist trade and the advantage of a well-organized tourist association, it was stated in Vancouver that
the number of visitors to the rooms
who had registered during the past
year was 7,000, that about 20,000 persons had visited the rooms, and that
probably 80,000 visitors had remained
in Vancouver for a shorter period. A
largo part of these, without having
their attention directed to the nierltB
of Vancouver, would have passed
straight through, regarding Vancouver
as.a shipping place and transfer point
only, lt is estimated that the expenditure ��f these visitors averages $10. and
that thus. Borne three-quarters of a million dollars was brought Into the city.
Victoria, which Is fast becoming almost a suburb of Winnipeg, claims that
tbe advertising has largely brought this
The Victoria association also, in addition to Its well-appointed room for visitor!!, has one devoted to the display of
home manufactures and productst,
which lorms an Inter-eating attraction,
ln regard lo advertising, It has been
learned that the Vancouver assoclutlon
s'nt out last year 175,000 hook pamphlets and publications.
Both Victoria and Vancouver afford
much assistance to Nelson by prominently putting forward the Kootonay
pamphlets and pictures and answering
Inquiries about the interior of the country. The questions were raised as to
the co-operation of all the various associations in British Columbia to obtain
provincial government assistance In
more widely advertising the whole
country and of maintaining a central association whicli would circulate general
advertising matter as well as that relating to a particular district. Both of
these matters are worthy of further
In Victoria, civic assistance has been
given to the amount of $7,600 per annum, while in Vancouver $1,000 has
been given. In the former city some
objection is being taken by a part of
the new council to the amount given,
but It is thought It will be renewed,
and It is generally felt that those who
have mosl benefited by the work of
the association are the owners of real
estate, and that consequently 'the ratepayers  as a whole should  contribute.
Asked for some suggestions In regard
to the Nelson 20,000 Club, in view of
the expected general meeting, Mr. Beeston said that there were mar y which
presented themselves, but the y would
come better perhaps through the committees wbo mlghl be appointed. Advertising was the first necessity, and
lt waB generally conceded that a city
was like a merchant���the one who advertises most extensively and -well aud
has the goods to offer at proper prices
gets the business. To do this here civic
���assistance Is necessary. The amount
reticently donated to the city has but
barely sufliced to cover the extra cost
of tbe Increased pamphlet. In Victoria
the mayor le with great advantage,
ex-officio, the head of the association.
This removes the position from any
private choice, and is an assurance
that the public (unds are being wisely
and properly expended. Tbe work of
tbe association most largely devolves
upon the secretary, who in addition to
the literary work necessary for advertising, should give all his time to looking after visitors, etc. Proper rooms devoted to this purpose and not connected
with any particular business appear
also a necessity. In this connection, lt
Is suggested that they could be provided at the court house building, and at
the Bame time, a room could be given
for the proper display and care of minerals, fruit and other specimens. If
eventually the office of secretary were
united with that of the board of trade,
with which there is great affinity, and
proper civic assistance were given, the
full time of a secretary for this work
could be obtained and adequate remuneration could be given.
in the work of "development and Improvement," there Is obviouBly much to
be done. The removal of many unsightly and useless structures, the cleaning
np of the streets and especially the
lanes, the lighting of the city, and improvement of hotel accomodation,
means of travel, etc., are all matters
which could take up a great deal of the
attention of the association. The infusion of a spirit of improvement Into
the minds of property owners will do
very much to make the city more attractive, and it should be remembered
that every pleased visitor not only
means the possible bringing of many
others, but also the chance of many remaining to Invest their capital In the
country. A well-kept city is the strongest advertisement It can have. Real estate values can only Increase upon an
actual or prospective advance in the
population, and in thla respect Nelson
has great advantages. In .Victoria and
Vancouver the -amount of land that Is
being laid out in lots -and dally brought
Into the market ls ln excess of all possible requirements for an even larger
population than the most sanguine look
forward to In a few years. In Nelaon,
however, the amount of building land
is limited and a glance ar the map and
a corisuteratfon of the number of vacant lots will show how little spare land
there would be If the present population were only doubled. Nelson, geographically and commercially ts the centre of trade of the district and cannot
but grow with the development of the
country, and properly conducted advertising, on the lines laid out, cannot but
assist In attracting people. Its "advancement and improvement" must
come from the residents and property
owners, and real estate values will then
advance, and as already pointed out.
owing to the expansion of the area of
the city being almost Impossible, the
present prices are. comparatively
speaking, low.
The pamphlet is in the hands of the
printer and arrangements for Its immediate printing were made before Mr.
Beeston left Victoria.
Reported   Strike   of   New   Source   of
Wealth in Wonderful Cobalt District.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Toronto, March 20.���That thero is
platinum in the ores of Cobalt Is the
claim made by Mr. Robert H. Ahn. who
has had considerable experience In New
Ontario minerals. Yesterday Mr. Ahn
told the Olobe that this valuable metal
was found as an arsenide of platenum.
It existed In nlccollte, which Is found
in many Cobalt mines. Of late not a
great deal ot attention has been paid
to the nlccollte. Mr. Ahn says that he
can readily understand why the platinum has not been discovered in Ihe
assays because of its solubility when in
the alloy with silver by the acid used
In what Ib technically termed parting.
Thus its presence ie overlooked unless
otherwise Bought for. Mr. Ahn points
out that the first nickel ores mined in
the Sudbury district were thought to be
simply copper. He thinks that if the
mine owners were to have their ores
carefully examined for the platinum
tliey would almost be certain to find lt.
The Buffalo mine has now 1,160 feet
of drifting: Not long ago this property
sent a car ot experimental ore to a concentrating plant, and the results were
highly satlstactory. The management
are now considering the advisability of
installing a concentrator of their own.
English capital ts now being invested
In Cobalt. The British Premier Mining
company are now dally buying claims
in Bucke township, while the British
American company are also large purchasers.
Now Recognized by Public
Narrow View Ascribed to Enjoyment
by French Canadians of Freedom
Without Responsibility.
London, March 20.���The Morning
Post correspondent says Sir Wilfrid
Laurier will represent the views of the
French-Canadians only, respecting an
Imperial council. The Post editorially
says tbe pity of It ls probably his hostile- attitude is based on a misconception. The proposal to call the conference of an imperial council fs retained
In connection with the plan, bpt is
quite different to the original.
It merely aims to give the conference
a continuous existence by arranging for
responsible ministers of each state to
reside in London which would not alter
the principle of the existing conference.
The misconception, the Post says, probably accounts to some extent for the
hostility of Canada. It hopes the Canadian minister will consider tho Australian proposal on Its merits.
Discussing whether Botha will follow
Sir Widfrid Laurier rather than Jameson, re the colonial conference, Morning Post says the Boer general was
born under political conditions very different from those of Quebec. Ho represents a people for whom bogey militarism has no terrors. The Transvaal
Boers are unlikely to approach the
question of imperial defense from the
standpoint of the French-Canadians.
The future perhaps may prove people
which have known the stern realities
of Independence are more amenable io
Ideal imperial partership on a basis of
self-respecting alliance than one which
has enjoyed generations of irresponsibility as a colonial self-government.
In Johannesburg De Wet strongly objects to Botha's visit to London on the
ground he ought to have gone through
the full session of parliament. "Dinners
and again dinners and nothing but dinners may divert Genera! Botha's human mind from the business of his
country," says DeWet
Born,    today,    to the wife of P. J.
Clark, Houston street, a son.
Born, today, to the wife of Nikola
Magllo, Observatory street, a son.
Mayor Gillett who is confined to his
home by an attack of pleurisy, seemed
slightly Improved last night, but was
not so well today.
Silver continues to decline. The loss
on the New Yorw market today was
four points, in London, two points.
Other metal quotations show no change.
Kingston Presbytery has nominated
Rev. Henry Gracey, D. D., of (lana-
noque, for moderator oT the Presbyter-
Ian General Assembly. Dr. Grac, y ls
the father of A. H. Gracey, of Nelson.
Latest reports from Kaslo are to the
effect that Mr. McAmi is slightly better than he was yesterday. Nell F.
Mackay is hurrylqg home from the
coast, and will probably reach Nelson
C. E. E. Uasher received a letter today from George Ham, general publicity agent for the C. P. R��� who has been
ill for a long time. George Is lu ex-
cellent spirits and reports his condition much Improved.
Mr. und Mrs. Ross, of Edmonton, parents of Mrs. S. S. Taylor, who have
been In Nelson to be present at the
marriage of their daughter, Miss Lottie
Ross, which took place this morning,
will leave for home tomorrow morning
E. J. Coyle, of Vancouver, and C. E.
E. Ussher, of Winnipeg, are in the city
today and guests at thc Strathcona. Mr.
Ussher Is the ne wasslstant passenger
traffic manager of western lines, and is
making n leisurely trip over the lines
under his charge. From Nelson he will
visit Spokane, Rossland, and the
Mac lean-Reas.
This morning at the residence of the
bride's brother-in-law, 8. 8. Taylor, K.
C, Dr. J.  Douglas  Maclean anil   Miss
Lottie D. Rose, both of Edmonton, were
married by Rev. J. T. Ferguson. They
left via Spokane for an extended honeymoon trip which will Include all the
cities of the coast and then a voyage to
Body of Chinese Cook of Tug Sandon
Recovered Naar Slocan.
The body of a Chinaman was found
in the water near Slocan City yesterday, and was brought to the city laat
This morning lt was viewed by the
coroner, Dr. Arthur, Chief of Police
Bullock-Webster and about 30 Chinese.
Some ot the latter identified the remains as those of Ho Gin Yuen, late
cook on the tug Sandon, who disappeared the night of March 6th.
Dr. Arthur decided that the deceased
met his death by drowning. There were
no indications of violence of any kind.
No inquest will be held.
To Save Historic House.
Washington, March 20.���Active steps
are at last being taken to save from destruction the old Key mansion, occupied
by Francis Scott Key, who wrote "The
Star Spangled Banner." The old Key
mansion ls located ln Georgetown and
is in a state of decay, having been neglected for many years. Several unsuccessful efforts have been made to preserve tbe historic house, but no real
progress was made until United States
District Attorney Baker proposed to organize a corporation to raise funds with
which to purchase the mansion. Admiral Dewey, Admiral Schley, General
miles and many other distinguished officers of the army and navy have given
their cooperation to the movement.
Wife   of  German   Settler   in   Alberta
Takes Her Life After Brooding
on Wrong-doing.
Btettler, Alb., March 20.���Rumor was
brought in a few daya ago that a murder had been eonrmttted at Notre Dame
de Savole, a aetUemant some 20 Biles
eaat of Stetler. With their usual
promptness the constables of the Northwest Mounted Police commenced an Investigation, on the results of which
brought to light a pathetic suicide.
It appears that a German, of the
name of Strlbrltz, waa aummoned a
few months ago for assault on hia wife.
He waa sent up to Fort Saskatchewan
and detained there for two or three
monts. The man claimed to have cause
to suspect his wife of Infidelity, and
while he was away lt ls supposed that
she lived on intimate terms with a
third party. When Strlbrltz returned
from the fort he treated his wife with
kindness and consideration, believing
hia suspicions to have been unjust.
Curiously enough, qualms of remorse
for all that she had made her husband
suffer, struck the woman, and she confided to her son that ahe meant to shoot
herself. Her husband suspected her of
designs on her life and secreted all the
the fire arms in the houae. Somehow
or other, the unfortunate woman obtained possession of a revolver and
after writing a note stating ber intention in plain words ahe pressed the
weapon to her heart and pulled the trig,
ger. She had evidently held the pistol with both hands, one hand on the
barrel and the other on the stock, as
the palm of her left hand was scorched..
Btribrita waa away at the time looking for horses. Her body waa found in
an outhouse by her children, who at
once gave an alarm and collected such
neighbors ss were In the immediate vicinity.
Mlkado'a Engineer Officers at Essen���
Steadily Buying Supplies.
New York, March 20.���Japan Is continually receiving war material from
tho Krupp works, says a Berlin despatch. Several Japanese officers are
now at Essen to take over the guns
and Japanese engineers are employed
at the Krupp works, a thing which that
concern, which maintains the greatest
secrecy us to methods, would not permit unless It had, or was desirous of
cultivating, the closest and widest commercial  relations with Japan.
Prefers  Manchester.
Toronto, March, 20.���Prof. Sadler, of
Owens    College,    Mancheater, has declined the presidency of Toronto University recently offered to him.
The opinion is general that more men
should be employed oa the city streets
to hasten the work of cleaning, and
making them presentable.
Fair Terms Resolution Is
Under Discussion
Routine Day in the Legislature-
More Excitement Expected ior
Today and Tomorrow.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 19.���Today's session
of the legislature was brief and like
many others, almost excluslevly devoted to routine business. The bills already introduced were advanced a
stage, and good progress was made on
those now in the committee stage.
Two interesting sessions are expected
tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow
routine business will probably be hurried to give time for the debate on the
premier's Fair Terms resolution. Speculation is rife as to the stand the Liberals will uke. It Is not expected that
there will be any opposition to the prln-
clbles embodied in the resolution.
On Thursday J. A. Macdonald will
ask the premier: "Is it the Intention of
the government to Introduce legislation-
at the present session of the house providing for the granting of the city of
Rossland a portion of the mineral tax
collected, or which may hereafter ba
collected, from the mines within tha
corporate limits of Rossland?"
It is generally conceded that the circumstances of Rossiand are exceptional, and that the government might,
without risk of establishing a dangerous precedent, enact some apeclal measure of rellel A MoomaendatfBB tfc
that effect was recently made to the
government by the executive -committee
of the Union of British Columbia Mu-
Policyholders Will Be In Absolute Control of Company.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Toronto, March 20.���The bill to incorporate the Policyholders' Mutual
Life Insurance company of Toronto waa
considered yesterday morning by tha
Private Bills committee of the legislature.
The company ls capitalised at $100,-
000, of which 30 per cent ls paid up. In
order that the capital stock may bo
eliminated it ahall be decided from time
to time by lot which shareholders ahall
be paid off, and this process will be followed until the stock is entirely In the
handB of the policyholders. So long aa
any of the capital stock remains the
shareholders shall be entitled to one
director on the board for every 125,000
outstanding. Before commencing business they must have $200,000 worth or
Insurance, and must take the deposit of
(26,000 with the government, therefore
not having any privileges not enjoyed
by any otber company. Tbe shareholders, cannot be paid off until the legal reserve snd deposit have been provided
for. The plan ls said to be an entirely
new one, providing as it does for gradual evolution from a joint stock company to a purely mutual enterprise. The
bill in Its amended form was reported.
Montreal   City   Council    Proposes   to
Make lta Own Sunday Law.
Montreal bids fair to have a pretty
liberal Sunday observance law within
limits allowed by the act passed at the
late session of the Quebec legislature,
which was the first parliament to take
advantage of the Dominion act, to enact legislation of its own with regard to
Sunday observance. A notice of motion
has been given to the eity council by
Alderman Lapointe, who Is closely
identified with the Interests of licensed
victuallers, of hla Intention to move for
a clear definition ot the law aa It applies to Montreal and In consequence
the repeal of several city by-laws and
their substitution by others. Alderman
Lapointe doea not mean that It la the
Intention to make Montreal -an open
place as (ar aa Sunday privileges are
concerned, but while lt is not anticipated that the movers propose tn place
anything further in the way of restrlo-
tlons. they may go aa far aa public optn-
lon will permit.
l! r**-
The Daily Canadian
mtmtf tr ITTitliftllifMlbM-^
= STORES ���
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL PAID OP....W,TO0,000 KEST 14,700,000.
D. K WHiKTJS, Hn>��istent.        HON. B08BRX JAFPBAT, Vioe-Presidfui-l
Bunches tn British Columbia:
IVpoaits rtvtnvtM ami iut*>rwst allowed eunvut nites from d&te of opening of
ecv-ount, tuid compounded iiu;trterlj.
J.   Wim   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
1 Q..\l
Cenl.: A-.1 A\se->e                              "TV.-v^r:js                                  TjiaI Assels
13,700,000   .   .   $12,000,000   .   .   $17,800,000
$S,29O,OO0     .     .     -$32,400,i_O0     .     .     $45,400,000
Deposits of 12.00 ami upwards race!
paid Quarterly Instead of semi-annually.
ved al highest curr*ut rate and int*7e��t
aa hurotofore.
Nelwn Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published a\\ dayi * RMl bj the
CANAMAS riBLMHINii company. Lm
ItnlorSi ,  Nelaon. B. a
U-uoktipllon tataa. ��� ��nu * month deliTered
ID thr citv, or !\ix) �� year lf sent by mall, when
pita iu uTum
AdTertisiug ntm oa application.
AM Hto&lM paid Ui Mttlemeal ol The Dally
Oawdlao accounts, either tor subscription* or
edtertmui, BU| tf receipted tor on the printed
tone* ol '*>��� "ffmrniiy-  other reoelpu are not
ral id.
.MARCH .JO. I��X)7.
lt lias already been decided by one
wins ol British Columbia Uberal*. thai
anything Premier MeHride may say or
iio. on the subject of Fair Terms for
the province from the Dominion, or any
other subject, is said or done with an
*ye single to personal or party advantage.
To those whose minds are so small
DO rational appeal can  be made     It is
apparently not enough for them to distort the accounts of what has already
occur re 1���to distort- it to an extent
that could only be considered as deliberate mendacity from anyone mentally
n sponsible. Hut, even in speaking of
Uie future, they cannot refrain from
aserihlns low motives to the premier
for what they think he will do.
Such Liberals are bt-yond the pale of
rational discussion, and their hopelessty
low views of political morttltj c*U n-
juro only   thems-lvos.
Happily   for  the   provinB'V-for !l   Is
Important that an opposition bt !n   ii-
pent, and the leas its num**ni! strength
the more Importanl is It���there are
men in the ranks of tho Lil>eral opposition at Victoria who nre not blind
part imm, who do not In their devotion
to Liberalism forget thai they are Canadians and Hritish Columbians Of such
chavacter, we liollew, are J. A. Mar-
tleaald. Or. Hall. Or, King. O. K. Naden.
<\ Munro und John Oliver at least. Lol
tt be conceded frankly that Ihe controversy arising Just when it did, was
most embarrassing to Hritish Columbia
Liberals of the better sort To vote
agnlust Mr. McHrlde nud his party
Htvnied. In the special elreunislunt'es existing, tn amount to a betrayal of the
piovlnce: to vole for him wns to postpone their own patty's hopea of victory.
Many of them undoubtedly chose lho
chose the harder and   more honorable
et ttrafl and preferred the interests of
the provinc to those of their party.
Hut the position is no longer difficult.
The relative strength of parties in the
legislature will not be affected by the
curse to be followed now. There is
but one Issue: for or against Hritish
Thero may be a few���if so they have
kept silence so far���who honestly de
oot believe in the justice of the claim
made on behalf of the province by it*
premier. Hut there is a large class
who profess belief in those claims, but
who sneer at the manner of its presentation and insinuate doubts as to
th< sinceriy of Richard McBride. Th.
men who voluntarily take so ccntemp
tible a role are traitors within the
Rates They ire the worst enemies of
the province and of their own party,
which will never be trusted by the people while it contains such hypocritical
The question of raisinc the nationa'
t:ag over every public school while ii
is in session has attracted more at
Untion than it merits. With every re
spect for the motives which inspire t*
the Manitoba government to familiari^
the children in their schools, many of
them of foreign birth and alie:i blood.
with the sight of the national flag of
their adopted country, we believe tha;
they made a mistake, "Familiarity
breeds contempt." Love of country it.
beat learned, we believe can only be
learned���from knowledge of Uu
achievements of the race, emphasized
perhaps on a few national hotidays and
anniversaries of such events as Trafalgar, by reverent unfurling of the old
Hag which is the symbol of British
valor and victory. Hut the dally, rou
line display of the flag can only cheap
en it. Patriotic emotion cannot be
evoked continuously. The only result
would be the cultivation of lip-loyal'y
and that vulgar boast fulness, some
times called spread-eagleism, which
huve made the patriotism of other lands
ridiculous, and of which their really
thoughtful cit irons are heartily
ashamed The Hritish Umpire does not
need to Administer love Of country to
its children In dally homeopathic doses.
While editors Of independent papers,
clergymen .college professors and Others ill similar position, are denying
Ihe corruption of national politics. It
It dlunge that the queation augnesca
nothing to  them but  the recording of
their pious opinions. The Laurler gov.
eminent Is the great offender. Mil (hero
seems to be a conspiracy of n.!onoe to
shield It, Th mi'ii who wri ig their
hands over the alleged wrong***] ring of
Q W Fowler, M. IV. a Cons rvatlve,
have nothing to say about ihe persist'
eni protection by the government of
convicted corruptlonlsts and "boodlers"
like w*. T it Preston, J. Obed Smith,
and the host of bribers. ballOt-hOX
thieves and personaters to whom Mr.
Hyman owed his lasl election iu London, It ts no defence to countercharge
that individual Conservatives have heen
guilty, that wrongdoing went on also
under Conservative rule, or ihat Sir
Wilfrid Laurier has not benefited personally in the stealing. That is not
the Important issue. What does concern Hi" people of Canada Is that men
an retained In the public service whoso
guilt like Preston's has been exposed a
score of limes, thut the government
collectively prevents investigation as
li ng .is possible, and then ignores con-
\ ui ions when they are recorded, lf
the people of Canada are prepared to
endorse that policy, let ua have no more
lament for political Immorality. H is
mere hypocriay.
Presentation to  Sir Charles Tupper by
Lord Strathcona and Many Other
The loiiowing fs the Ixindon Times'
account Of the presentation to Sir
Charles Tupper of a portrait of himself.
The occasion must be a memorable one
on account of the address to sir Charles
read by Lord Sinuheonu. and Sir
Charles reply in which the late high
commiasioner openly and fully endorsed
the rlews on Imperial unity and the
means o( attaining it, championed by
the Rt Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
"Sir Charles Tupper was presented at
the Westminster Palace hotel with a
portrait of himself, painted by the Ifite
Mr. A. G, Turner,, and Mibseribed for by
friends of different political views, as a
mark of their appreciation of his ser.
vie > to Canada. The presentation was
made on behalf of the subscribers by
Lord Strathcona in the room in which
forty years ago tlu- delegates from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New
l.ruuswick concluded their labors in
connection with the framing of the
Hritish Norlh America Act, The agetus-
gi neral for Nova Scotia. New Hruns-
wuk and Prince Kdward island, and
Mr. Henniker Heaton, M. P.. were
amopg thos-' pr.. st nt at  the ceremony.
Lord Straihcona. in making the pres*
rotation, read an address acknowledging the services which Sir Charles
had rendered to Canada during the past
60 years, first in his native province of
Nov.i Bootia, and later in thf wldei
sihere of the Dominion. His efforts,
in conjunction with those of his associates from other provinces, to bring
about the confederation would be long
and gratefully remembered. The contract for the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the act by which
tl received parliamentary sanction were
notable events in his career. As premier of Nova Scotia, prime minister of
the Dominion, and the high commissioner in Umdon he had rendered valu-
abb service, and his name would pass
r.cvtn 'o txisterity as one who had done
nuirh to place Canada in the high position she occupied today in the Bmpln
and among the nations of the world.
Sir Chr.rles Tupper. in returning
Its, -said the value of the gi'f was
enhanced hy his receiving it from i-ord
.-    .   .. ':.:<   -���.;* ���,*  ssi r   in   "".     offict
of hiiih commissioner. After mentioning that he was the sole survivor of the
. resentatives of Canada who met
in the same room 40 years aco in connection with the Hritish North America
Art, he said that one of the early acts
of the Dominion government was to
; ������ Canadian      industries,     after
which the construction of the Canadian
I railway was grappled with, and
finally acomplished, with the aid of the
lion-hearted capitalist who presided.
With proper facilities for trading giant
Its could be accomplished in a
country like Canada.   He did not think
II extravagant to say, looking at the
almost illimitable resources of Canada,
that the child was already born that
would see happy Hritish homes provided on the norhern portion of the continent of North America for ns larg" a
population .ts now occupied the Hritish
Islands In his judgment th.' future of
that country largely depended upon the
realisation of the measaze recently sent
by Mr C'KuuboHatn to the people of
Canada���thai of all the bonds that
could unite nations the bond of com-
nine* was the strongest, and that the
��� Ion of that fact would ultimately
leal to the closest union between Great
Bli aln and her colonies. They were
: ncouraged in this matter when they
r lee ted upon what had been acconi-
pl shed in a period of little more than
three >*ars since Mr. Chamberlain gave
ti|' the high offlce which he held fn the
governm mt to devote himself to the
advocacy of the policy. They were en-
couraged also by the knowledge that
Mr Balfour wns pledged to mak" tariff
reform the first constructive policy of
his pgrty when they returned to power
He believed that the day was not far
distant when the great body of the electorate of tho country would recognise
the sfan ihat ;!..-��� question of the want of
employment wou'd have to be solved
. v the  policy of tariff reform.
Ball Street. Nur Silica.
Il��t]*htrr and pupil of Dr TorrinRton. tlltvctor
J.Honhx ollvgeof MuMr. dfMrw �� limited
miir.l*!* ���!' pupil* In
Apply at ; s*��-. * ��� v. <���* it i.y mall.      Hox 1109.
Hindoos At  the Cape.
London, March is.���Thc government
of India has passed a resolution explaining ih'1 changes effected in ihe law
of Cape Colony  In  respect  io  Asiatics
by the Immigration Act or mm;,   it is
pointed out dial, while hitherto Asiatics
domiciled in South Africa have nut
been included iii the category of prohibited Immigrants, tho new enactment
exempts those persons only who are
born in Sontb Africa. Asiatics lawfully resident in the colony are permitted,
however, to be absent temporarily
under regulations approved by lln* governor. The local administrations in
India are asked to take measures to
make the provisions of Ihis act ��eiui*.
ally known In Iheir respective areas,
ami they are asked to warn Intending
emigrants at the ports of embarkation
of lhe difficulties they may encounter
hi procei ding to Cape Colony. Prohibited Immigrants are persons unalile
through deficient education to write OUt
and sign in the characters of some European language an application for admission, or who are without visible
means of support.
Profit in Diamonds.
At the annual meeting of the Premier
Diamond Mines company at Johannesburg, the chairman stnted that (ho
profit for 1906 amounted to .t:t.7;;,n-l9.
He i>ointed out that De Peers only paid
the Cape government ��90.000 in direct
taxation in 190(5. while ihe Premier had
paid the Transvaal government ��372,-
075. The director urged ihat the new
government should accord the company
fair treatment. In the returns of the
slock in hand the Cullinan diamond
was valued at  ��8.894.
Tribesmen Punished,
Hrassville. French Congon, March 19.
���A French Punitive expedition has administered defeat to the revolted Wad-
dan tribesmen nt the village of Trialo.
Sixty-two of the tribesmen were killed,
while the French column lost four men.
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Tobacconist.   Baker Str��t.
?lxtr daya after date I Intend te apply to the
Honorable tbe <'ble( Comm thinner of Land.* aaa
Worki, victoria, to purr-haa* the following
��� ',���*.'-:.:������ i land* iu West Kootenay dtntrlrt:
CommS&CtOI at a pott planted at llie B t coi ner
of Wm Lof-eUI paitbftM LM and marked
"B->M.8*i SK mrncr," and running *��"Utb <w
ebftinn, ihem-e w-n 40 chains, tbence nortiM
chalnn. thenee essi *> chaini to place of beginning ami containing MQ artea.
Manh .Mh, 1WT. K. M  Shim,
J. E. AN.NAiii-l, Agent.
Sixtv day* afler date I .mend to applv tn the
Hon tniM J*;.-*! .'*l.t: :*-.���or: .;:_.:.:���> *.:, : Worki
Victoria. tojnirehuoMO *a\n* oi land in VT*!
Kootena? district: CbaUDUBtag at a p��>*t
planted about 6 milet from tbe mouth of M"*
;:'.'i :���''* and ��:������:.' one mile weit of the ��������������!
i reek and marked *'H H. RS a.W. corner "and
mnnlne n'Tth 8o chains, thence e��"t so chaini.
thence south �� chain**, thenoe west so ehaim to
plai-e of beginning.
Manh lath, UOT, H. H. Ko*s.
J. E. Are a but, Agont.
?Hty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. the' hief VommisMouerof Landsand Work*
Victoria. B C , to purchase 1�� aerea of land
situate in Fire Valley. West Kootenay, anu de-
��cribed aa followi: Commencing at the nortbeat:
corner of Lf t TS1.. and running north 60 chains,
thenee eaat 31 chains, thence south 60 chains,
thenee west ��� *, hains to place of beginning.
March ith. l*:. w w\ Biuiu.gr,
J   E. JUauata, Ageni
Sixty dayi after date 1 intend to apply to tne
Hon Chief CommlMloner ot Land* and Works,
Victoria, to purrhaae 4tU acres of land, in Fire
Valley. WMl Kooienav. and deserlbed aa followi:
Commencing at a post p'anted at Walter Bull's
northweal corner and marked A, S'�� B E. corner,
and running north <*V cbains, thence wrM ft)
chains, thence ionth 60 chains, tbence east ��
chaini to place of beginning, and being part of
Sections r>4 and I) In Townihlp Tl and a par ion
of Sections 1 and 2 in Townihlp fi9, ijroup 1.
March Hh. IW. A. Sira.
J  E. A.vsiBii, AgMnt.
Slitj days after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of lands and Works,
\ letorla, B. C, to purcna��e 140 acres ol land, tn
Fire Valley, c'.t scribed as <ol owi: Commencing
at a post p:ante.l Dchains wmi.,f Walter Bull7!
N. w corner and marked J w Botmw* Jr. H. E.
corner p st, and running iouth to chaini. thence
weat 60 cbains, rhen-e north 40 chalm. ihenoe
east ft} chains io p;��ce of beginning, and t**ing a
portion of Section is, TowmhipTl. W��t Koolenay.
March Mh. 19m. J   W. H   : vf-  Jr.
j f.. ausaiili, Aanrr.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief CoouaMtofMl of Lands and
Works. V'"ioria. to purrbaae 6** acres of land
iltuated on the west a\,'.e ol Arrow Uke, and de
icribed as follows: Commenolng at a post marked J. H's N.K i-oroer and piaeed at the south
west corner of Lol .*��;, fJrcuD 1 West Kootenaj.
and running west 80 chains, iheoc* south *J
chains, tbence east *> chains to the ake shoie,
thence Bottfa along the lake to place of beginning
March 8th, 1**:. J HAir.Hg,
J, E. AreAiH.*, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate 1 intend to apply to tbc
Honorable tbe chief Cntnmt-Mloner of Lan<is and
Works. Victoria, to purehaae no acrea of land
located on the weit ilde ol Arrow lake and de-
de��crlUd u follows: Commencing at a poit
marked P A's N. K.corner,and planted Wchains
no-th o| the aouthwest corner of Ixit Vmt, broop
1. Wta& Ken enay and running aoutb *0 ehalns,
iheiisv weit �� chains, thenc** north ��0 chaini,
ihen-�� eail �� thtetat to place of beginning
March llth. 1��). I'. a*\*ku.
J  E Awwablr, Agent.
Slx't dari after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of Unda and Works.
Victoria, to pun-hue *AJ aerea o( land tn Watt
Ktnitenay. d-��cribed as followa: Commencing
at a post pl*n-ed up M*>��qnih> ere*k. aU>ut eight
ollei from the mouth and marke*l E. Cross' S W.
eoruer. ihence non* * chains, thence 10 ehalni
east, thence V chains aoutb, thenre 10 chaini
weM lo place of beginning
Feb  16th. 1��T. E  Caott*
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Notice ll luTi'bv given tiinl twi) inontli* iiiie.-
drtte ��f lti . 11 : t.< 'i\,y'v, lo tlle Chief COUinll-
lloDerot Umln ami Works for a IWMOf all thai
i'lii'l being lbe (OTUhorfl adjoining the Cnnadian
. Ulflfl Hallway Sliloyard oil lhe mtyal, pnrt ol
Lpt -WA, group 1, and belDgOQ   lbe nouth  fthOM
ol tha weg( arm ol Kootenay Lake, m the dls-
rict ol Kooiciibv :  Connenolni *1 tbfl loother-
ly corner of tot 7(KM, group I; tlicuro abmg (lie
soutn we* u> riv poundnrv of lot TOW ami tttfl es-
tension thereof, Id a north westerly dtrwtlonii
distance of 496 feet; thenct* al right anples to
Mid boiindiin Hi tt south westerly direction, a
dlttanMatIU feflti more or les*. to the north
easterlv boiunirtrv ol the Citv Park, continued:
thence parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
7094. fn a south easterly direction, a dtstailOe of
.VV feet, more or tflflfl. tO the northerly bonDCap
of lotUAi ilieii. efollnwiiiL: the m>rtlicrlv boundary of \nti>��\ lu a north eaaterly direction tothe
point Ol   ctinimeiufinent,    tbe   area  b-cliiK tM
aeres. note or less.
Pated tl ls Tth d��v of January, A.IK, 1W)��.
00dayi after date I intend to apply to tlie Honorable the Chief Cominlsslotiei of ljtuds aud
���iVorks, to pun-haae BTll acres ot laud: Com-
meiieitiK at a poit marked 0. W.fl N, K. comet
post and  planted  on  the  west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot JT8 on thfl south ilda of said
Loti thenca weittt cbalni along thfl southern
boundary ol i-��'i Wfj thenee south MJH ohalm;
thenea eut to ehalni more or lam to lake shore;
tbfltUfl north along lake ihOlfl to plate uf K'Klu
Hated Wlh day of Nov, 1906.
Om. w.&TtMtt,
J. K. ANNiiu.1. Agent
Hlxty dan after tlate I iutend tt* applv to tin
Hon. chief Commlailonjrol Landa and Worka,
Victoria, to pnrcbaaa UOaeroiof laim located in
Kire Vallev, t��iiin part of Hue tt out Three an<l
Four, Township 6*j, aud dflflCrlhfld tut followa*
Commenelni Ht a po��t planted ai Wllliuni
Williams' N. W. corner, and marked *-R. K. WV
N. K. eorner." and running 40 ehalus weat.
thence XI ahalni loath, tlience _5.�� chains eaii.
thence 40 chaitifi south, thence JU chains eaat.
tbence 60 ohalni noitb to place of bextunlu^.
Hottmbei Btrd( i^* Bon R w'ii.i.i*i��,
J. K. AxntAetit, Kxrlit,
Notice ll herebv _[irtu that B0dan *\t_ ilate 1
liltetnl toapply to tbe H"U the Chief Coiumla*
���JonflT of l-auds and Works, Victoria, for psr
mission   tn   (iiinbaa-   the    following  deaerlti��<l
land;   Commenolng at a poit at the futertection
of  the smith   boundary   of  lot  UU,   ainl   eaat
bonndary ol "Colden Qnean" mineral claim,
thent*t* east l'J.fo chains, mor.�� or less, to loutheaat corner poat, ot lot 5-Xt, theuee north H
ehalni, motl or le*a, to northeast corner p*it of
lotAM.theoee flaatflp ehain�� to the loaiheaat
Comer pOlt Of lot 2M��. thenee ��outh 4o chains,
theuce west i-i chains,   mort-  or It's**    tithe ea*t
bonndary ot tho "Golden Qnoan" mineral claim,
thenct- aiotiit tail umiidarv "Golden Qneen"
mineral   claim  to  ptrtnt  oi t t-mmeueeiueut.  lo
chains, more or lesa
Nelson, B.C., March li. 1��C.
John CHAfcUoX,
I'er Wm. 1oi.linuTun, Agent,
Notice it hereby given that OQdanaftflf <late I
Intend to apjdv to the Hon. Chief < ouiinlssioner
Of Lands and Works for MrtnlariOO to purchase
the ftdlowin�� dflaflrlbfld lands, sltuale in Wot
Kootenay district: Commencing at a poit mark
ed J. I~ Porter's N. W. corner, tbtttca nntb w*
chains,  following  the   eastern  butilidurv  of  H
Bfllooi applii-atioii to puiehase; ihincfleaatflO
ohalnii thenee north hi chain*: thenea ireil H
chalus  to  point of  eoinmetiecrnent, c>ritaliilug
3*' acres more or lesj.
Date.l this Iith day of March. 1907.
J. L. PciRTfR.
Hutv .lay* after dan-1 intend loapply to the
H��n. chief Commttatoner of l*nii�� and' Work*
for perinimnl to pnfChtM the following de
���t* lie. property at n pt..t msrketi ���'<��� M . M.K.
co:_.tr, ' ihenee 40 chaiua nonh thenc- 40ebalni
w-.r ion-.- ti chalui muth, ihcnce40 chaio*
e��-i to po nt i f e 'mm*-ti'tnient, a mlocatfoo of
Uie abandoned pre t u.p-1-., iti ol �� C Knapp
a* d *.- the oaal half of the OortbWfllt .|0��rter.
and   lie   MTflflt   half  of   the  Iloftln-asl  nu#r!er  of
���aetloo T, townihlp 10 \v����t kootenay ttiatrli t,oo
tr.-'  veal "hor* of ihe lower Arrow likes, con-
tainiug Ifioa* re-i. more or leaa.
March 1st, UwY. Qaoan Milton,
M. K. MoQOAJkktB, Agent.
Notice 1* hereby given thatsixtv dajsafierdatt
I Intend tO apply to the Hon <'hief Commluloner of Lands and Work* for the right to pur
chase the following dccoribed lands: Commencing at a poal marked "M. J Cameron'*
N W corner post" planted at tbfl 8.W. eorner Ol
the K. antl o\ block, No. ���>*,... runotug eaat 1.'*
chain*: thence rou h l.OiO feet, moreor less to
the C.I* R. line, thence west 120 chains to tb��
Arrow t_tka; thena north n��u feet foUowing
the shore of the Arrow Lake to the iiolnt of com
Dated thla Utb da> t*f February, 1��7.
M    J.' AM
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply tn tbe
Chief CommtsstontT tif Lands and Worka for
permission to purchase the following desert bed
land: Hi uated on Lhe rasl tide of Arrow Lakt*
in the W>st Kntdenay dutriet, about .1 mil*-
abort Burton City, com mend ng at a pt��t plant
ed al the northwest COHIflf Of C. Bather's purehase, thence ea#t & ebalns, thenefl u-rth 4"
chaiua, thenee west ��' chains, thence aouth 4��*
ehani to point of eommenevmeDt and '���������ia��;ii
tog it) ac-ft-s m..re or leai.
January 18, 1807.
iVi.i.iuH Fiiitri
Mity -lay* after date I Intend to applv to the
Hon the Ch ef Co!i;n:l����l(t-*er of l��t;i�� am*.
Works. Victorl*. lo purchase Sjo acres oll��t-d, in
Weat Kootenay. deaerlbwl a* follows: Ct.ro
mencing at a po*'. planted aUut n milea up
Muni'iito creek from the tnomb and marked
"A *p." N Vt. corner, thenc* anuth t��i chains,
thence east 40 ehalns. t-fcflJtOfl nnrlb W chains,
thence +i cha'ns west to place o( beginning.
February 16tb.lW.. A. UlUXUt,
J. K. AsNai-ii.r. Agent.
."'.xly days after da'e I intend tn anplv to th<*
Hon 'h* Chief Cnmmlsaloner nf Ijidds and
Works. Vietoria, in punhaa* MO acre* of land in
Weal Kontenay. descrlt>el ai follows: ', ,���
mencing at a po*l marked *-It. B "" SK. corner,
and Wing at tbe N.W". corner of 4. Graham*!
ai.pi'ratlttn 'tt pun-hasc whtcb ti about fl mile*
up Moquit.i Cre*k from tht- mouth an] run
ning Su ehains tomb, thenct- m chalna *t-���
t-enee *"* e aln* nor h. tiience ttt ehaitil *,/i<t io
place ..f t-eginnlog
Febmary I6th, 1��T. D   *t ��tok,
3, K. AxKRiig. Agent*
H ,\\ i\m\* alter date j int. tid to suply to Ihr
Hon *be chief ���'nmrolatfoner of l^nd* and
Wo ks. Metorta, to p*i-cha��e Mtacreaof land in
We*t K.totenaj.dese-lUHl as follow*: CoatBeo-
clng at a \>ni planted about eight miles np
Mn��.julto ereek and joining E Crc*'* application
to purchase, aud marked c. M �� 8 K- eonier
thenee nnrlh *0 < haiua. tbent-e west Sftchaln*
thenee touth �� cbains, theme eaal Su chains t��
p'aneof beginning.
Feb. l*th, 190.. c. MaaswaLL
J. E   ASX*1LI,
Slaty t��ayi after date I intend to applr to the
Hon- the Chief CommlMloner of Und* and
Worka. \leiorla, B c . ��> pnrehaae m acre* ���>'
JUM, situated on the weat side of Arrow Jake In
Weal Kootenay. and d-^s-rlbed aa followi- <>,���,.
menencat a pc-n marktd R ?'s * t- enrner and
rlaced at the soj-hwesr corner of U>t :iK.ir'rc.!in
and running north 40 cbains, ihenc* we.* ���.
i chain*, thenre KMitb ��o chain* theaee eait jr>
I ch*ins to place n\ beginning.
JUrrh tth. 1H7. Kor ftfupp
] J >: Aaattot, Agwt,
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Oral
Special for Camp and Hotel uj
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goc
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
Notice 1* hereby glren that 60 .lay* aller data I
iniend toappiy to the Honorable th�� Chlel Com-
mUatOIW Ol Candl and   Work*  f-ir pOlTOll-aiOa
to pntRhaa* ao asr-ai otland.altnataoii thfl l.ntie
Uoyla rtTtr about i mile trom  IntarnaUonaJ
Boundary and iboOt 1 mill Irom Sjv kane International Ky.: Commencing at a (��>*t iimrke<l
I*, 'irant's 8. K. OOtHBI poat, tbence weal W
chains; theno north 40 chain*; thence eait X)
chains; thenee north iu ohalni; tbanofl eaat fio
Shalnai ttaflnn south 60 chains to place of rum*
mcnci-nu-nt, contanlug ao acre* of land.
Located t>et. ��th imu..
Dunn Oguurr,
Sixty davs afler date 1 purpose making appli
eat lou io lhe Honorable the Chief Commtaainoer
ol Landl and Work* for permi��>ion to ;>iinhii��
tbo following described land: Commencing al
a po*l placed *l the8, Vi corner of Lot tW�� and
marked '*F. <>. F's" N. Vt. corner, theuce following the southern Itoundary Lot ttfOO. flo ehaiiia
moreorless ea*t to the ��t��l Uniiidarr of l>it
fiWl, thanoi following same south ao chains to
the north Niutidary of Nil 6'.��jf; thenc* ab��mt 70
chains wc*t along said boundary lo the lake
shore; thaUCfl north mt chain* more or IflH following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing '(IT acre* more Of leas.
Haled DflNUtPfll 17th. 1907.
F 0  Kacyriaa.
Sixty days after date 1 Iniend to apply to th*
Honorable Ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
WOrka Jot permlsdion to purchas"' the following
described land* In Kootenev di*lrii;l: Commencing at a pott marked J B. AnnahU'l uorth-
e����| corner Mat, said poat being on tbe south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mile*
below Hurton city; thenee south to chaini;
tbence weat 30 chains; thence south M chains;
thence weet 'W ehalns; thenee uorth :�� ehalni
and '�� links, more or 'ess to the lake shore;
thence easterly along lake 4uchain*, more or leal,
to the place of beginning, euuiaiuliig lo5 acre*,
more or leai- #
Dated thu Mh daj ol Hortahag, iwa
J, H. ANKapLI,
perK.L Bravrr. Ag tn.
Sixty day* after dale 1 Intend to applv to the
Chief lommissloner of Unds and Works for
permission to pun hav- the following dcn-rlbed
lauda iu Kooteuay Itisirict, about three-quarlera
of mile from Thrum's stdlHg: Commencing at a
poil.pltrvd at the 8 .*. corner "f L 68H3, group
1. West Koott-oay nistrict; thence wentcrty
followlng the north bMindarv of L VM, 40
chaius: thenre north 10 chains; ihenee east 40
chain*, moreor 1+**, tothe N W corner of
UABt! thence moth following the weal boundary
of UWKl lo chmns more or leaa. to place of cura-
meniemeut. eoauimng 40aem, moru or lesi
Hated tbufilh day ol DflOl i:il>er  IW*.
H   H   PitT*. I-ocator,
Notiee l�� liereby i:tten that ft) dari* a he*/ date I
intend toapply to the Hon the Chief Commli-
���foMI of Ui.sli and Worki Vicb-.rU, H.c . for
p-Tmisaion to purchase thr following deaeribfld
lands in W'e-at Coelooaydiitrict: Cornmenring
at a |k>*i plantwi at the lodthwwl oornei of'ot
7701, group I, and rnniiin 9) ehalni to thi WOth<
east corner of lot 7108, group 1. then In an eaaterly direction 2t) chains, then north X chains,
then we*i jOehafn* to point of eommen-rment,
containing 4" atm m, re -.r l. ^��.
Uxated Febrlnry Uth. 190.
1'HiMP Vara, tyx-ator.
Notlefl li bereby given that sixty 'iai* after
date 1 Intet.d to apply to the Hon thei ttlll
Commiuionrr of Undsand Works for l-c-jnU-
slon to purchase the following de*erlbed land
situated In thf Went Kooienav dlMrict: Com-
mene-log at a pnit plauU-l at the"" K corner
of L Porters'! pre-emption." ainl running
thence eut 40 chains; tneneeioolh M chami*
thenre we*t 40 chains; thaoofl north 40 chjilna'
to place of fomnietieemetit, cootdl *.rg lfio acres
more or leis
I>ecemt>er 30. 190*.
,. ,. teP1 r*"r''* toeater.
  M   R   Mit.faar.il. agent,
Notice 1* hereby gl*en that ft* dim -vter date I
intend to apply to lhe HonoraM- iKc ��� nlei <>m-
mUal>nerof Undsand Work, fo- p.-rmswim to
purchase the following de-*cr|lM..l Uodll Com-
m��Dctog at a poit nlac��| 3". c-iaim wcBt of the
koothaaat corner of Um e'*4t, marked "H. a Bell'i
northwest corner,*' tbence iouth |o ehai*��i
thence eaat 20 thalns, the0ce north 20 chalui'
tbenee weat SOehalnMo point of commencement
conuinlng 40 acrei. more or leu. '
Looated lhu��th dayof Nov ,190fi.   B A  Bit,;.,
Notice ls hereby giTen tbat �� day* alter date 1
Mend toapply to Al Ron Chief ��%4mtM|on*Vo
Und.an J Worka. \ htorla, for j*f m|��i.,n lo pur-
ti,M.t- l,,,V��",",r|,,*;<'��-/HHd land, iltuated in
he Weat kootenay dinrift. on the west side of
hubamel (orSix^Ce) cret-k. near wag'n rid
about three milea from K&^B5?8S:
mencing at a ^nt marke-1 "Jamei ), K'lfl
Post.' running 30 ehalni east, theuee SO chain*
north, thenc* io ehalns ewt, Senew_B��hJ��
s,.uth. to :ha point of commen^m.M eoata S-
ict 40 ��cr^ of .and. m^re or ��� ������ ��U"*��1' TOnl*'��
I>*led Irth Noeeraber, 190$.
par J* n> _  TatLoa, Agent
Notice i* hereby given that ���:?.������ i**ii
date I intend to male applieatlcb tutteli"
able Chief CommlMloner of Ui: l-1.! I '
Victoria B. c.forpermliilou lo pudtattft
lowing dewribed   Ued, iltuate ta f.i WT
Weal   Kooteuay district:  Cummt-xififili
rdantvl at the wmthwc-l < "rurr *.,.*lal
lu^ott'* pre-empllon, marked K.I l.iLM
post,  thenee 40 chains  weit, thf** Ifl
north, thence 40 chaln*ee*ttoJ>*tal-<i
iiorth-aeit corner, theuce aouth40rWiM��
of eommencemeut, conuinlng iaitcre.il
Uated this 3rd day of Nor., 1M.
R. I. tl�� I
6" day* afterdate 1 intend toapply t>a*fc
Chief rommls-Kiooer of Undi aid *��*������
toria, to purehaae 240 acres of nnd L��a��|
Fire Valley and being a pori'oti af '����������
and 16 in Tor"-' * ��� ��� ��� ' ' -������-���*�� '*���*
corner  oi   ��� v _���������������   - ���
Townihlp ��� and marked J. (i. ft I
thenee north 4t) ehalus; thenc* writ ���
thence iouth 40 rhalni; thence eutd'
place of beginning.
Norember-flrd 1*306. _. ���
J. fi. AMUMA1
�����������..-.     I,;,-;   [,��� in*.  >   (H'O'uu   v, '���"KB
16 in fowniblpM and described __M
iineiicliia at a p-ost planted it thiiewM
ier   of   the ��outhea*t aiiarter *f_M
BUty daya after date I intend la^ffiH
Hon   Chief Commissioner of Landl ��M"J
Victoria, to purehaae KW acres ef W��l
miles  below  Burton  c Ity, Weil KtnMMim
mencing  n    a  post   maiked  *'J k-utmam
cornor i>oit." iald *f>o��i Wing on tb( f"*nlj
of an Island well of I>>lf^7,and elsiBUiej-
UndconUlned in aald Island, belniibie J
mile In an easterly and westerlv dirtW"^
Hts.su* .- . )i-n,- from north toiouth ���
No\>mUTlltb, 1906- J __i_rl
^sutydajra afterdate 1 t^aaVatgfa
l II   Ol    IJ 11    I JO):   V   IMIJIIIVI"   1"^   m- - r I    IIH
he N. t\ ssorniT nt I-ot WS ��n��l ""IfVjS
B .-orner." .ns) mnnin. ����"11k*5,!Si
nrs- wwi 20 rh.ln,, llscns-e -jo'" *'JS|
"""�� �� rh.lii.. }>..�����'<��i'i__,_T\\
Mxiysi.v, .iter a.te i ms,-uu _.i
Son. Chleh'sjmmlsuloner ut Una. i-
Vlrtnrl., to piirrh-wse 1J0 .rrwof IWO "
ssn the vsc.t.l-lenr Arrow ).ke��psl IfWJl
north ol UKIVMl rotnlsstlss-ln. Itl_____!
.1 the N. V. rorner ot tOI TOT ����'��� """",
t>.   K    ,-s 	
ttlelss-e w,-,t SI rh.ln.. inen-e ��'";���",- __.
theu.-e MM HI ch.ln,, to p!��re _J*��SSS I
Not. Mth, im. ""'"'..ST I
Notln- I, hereby (tiren Ih.tHOT ____M
title I mten.l to .|sply to the i��^____\_t
Chlet ('ommlMlnner ol batatmJBm
iserm sn I. |si,rrh��ss''lln* W���SamW
End. ��llis��te,l In the West Knots���''!'_��
rolnmuneln. .1 . |>o.t marhes 1 �� _���
wf<tr.srner,T'.orl nssnh ol A B _*_*3_tm
,-h.MH'i.im. ,sn mm onui _����*_______}
ch.ln.; Ihenee eut 2" rh��!is>: thi-ns. "��    ���
eh.ln.; ilsen.-e *Ss eh.ln. we.t. to t__l_T
meneement. enni.inlnic ����� ��s*re., ini"1"""
December So, 11W. n__ir ti,m I
M. R. HOtaAaaa.'J*_\
_8l.tj cl.jr. .li^TT.te I la_��*i?J__{___\
rhlercnnimlsulonei ol 1fM_t*_WSBU
eh.w-Mu.cre. oll.n.1. Issc.icsl ___*____{
Uke. We.t Kssoteti.TS fssusmetl'W ���' __k
nl.tslesl   .1   the   ��!>.\V.   __V^S*m\
wcm hsoch.sn.; thence ns.rth *1'b'""'      ���
e.��t KI ch.lti��. to pls.iv ol t��f inntnj.
Los-.tcst seih d.y s>t tlecenilser. IW   (1.
Ht ,t,y. .tier ,1.1,' I Intend tn IM__\ vm\
r.M.-t ('ominluloncr .'I Unsl. Ud J��'.�� *J
rhue J3J in 01 .n.i lo.*.f;'t l" _''_ia.M\
In, p.rt ot Scotss.ls. 9 Ud  W I���,".,'!, ,A
iam 1  su  follow.:    ' omroi'nc WMJ ,,-51
m.rkcsl P. ��*. J.S. *\*__*'__l_yZ_\\\
n,srthwe��t corner ol ��ns. MUUIW ��__m
thence weit *sch��ln��; Oul' "" '��� ,,tl!��.|
thence e.��t�� ch.ln.; ibiuM""1-" ���
pl.c sst tscKliinins.
Novemher 2SrsI I-**. -etv. J01W*I
j. K. \assiiti__t__l
S ,* 1, herel.) riv.ll Ih.t "\'''l''"nl.l��_f
l.le.,,1 lo .pnly l��� the Il.'ls. I ^___VSS__\
i,l Un.l. .ns! fork, lor W{��ffl,,l_S|
thetollsswlnitsle.erlts.'.l l.nsl ''���,'/i,,! ��"���'*
ill.ts i.-l; fommencln, .1�� P"��> ""lr���
A Wii.M.1,-. cortier part, gu��d ��� J |t
comer ot Ses-ti.-n li. Tssivii.lle i, '��n��
�� ch.ln*. thenc. we.t ma*t*_l__, .. __
ch.l.,,. tl,e���.-e M.I S��__*___$��t*__\
meneement, cont.ltilnit IM ��rr";     mtK,. _
D.te,lN0T.2��,l*��.       jK^l,
81.it d.y. .tt.rd.tel Inteiisl ����{* fM
Hon sl,l,.|-,-���snml..l,>ner o   tu"�� ew|,,H'|
t.. purcii.w in um oi i."1'- "SSrSuKB
po.tm.rke.1 B H: *_a_t_ti_WktiM
thc N.W.-orner ol " u ,sl>? ,���, isillM'***!!
we,l���.|eol Arrow Ukf-��f��;!.   'f������"",j|
Bsirt.sn city. I MH wet 11 ch.'"�����,',,-����� __W
*i H ch.ln... tkuet et *'';?'"'ron��*.��1,l
m.U ch.ln, tn nl.s-e ol b-slnning, P
er... mor�� or lew Btho* ""*     I
i'Tt.'tA.U.H"*' Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P, Tierneys
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907,
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
���c I* hereby Riven tliat 30 days nfter date I
to appl) 10 the HOD, the t.hieM ulnmlH
ol Landl and Works, vietoria, tot per-
fclim lo imu and carry %t ay tlmlwr from thu
y, ���    i ���! - tii" ���! landi In Weal Kooteuay:
t Commeuelng at a p<��t planted about eighty
mut will ol the month ot 111 reka ereek, wncre
w. "���- Into Barnes creek, and on the uorth
E> ol Bureka rn-tk, an I marked H, A. I.*ulie's
Mttie��*t rorner Mflti thflOOB weal elgli y chains,
mm* north tin lily chains, UiflOOfl east eighty
'benoi ninth eighty chains to point of
B, ��� : Un IBth*190T<   '��� A. LiL'itia, Locator.
nmmeiK'Iug at a i">-t plant-d easl uf and
IUK '���   A- 1-aurle'n location j* ,-1 No. 1, and
|t>    : 0, A   Ijttirle'l suuth weat curlier \m*l 0|
jcatiou, thenefl eaal eighty chaitu, tbenofl
rigbty chalm, thenefl west eighty chains,
I*      kuiith eighty chaiua to polut of eoimiiel*.-
fe ��� i ���':-���������   mth, 1U07,   (i. A. Lalbik, Locator,
s.tntiiciicing at a pott planted about eighty
south ot Knrekfl creek where it BOWI into
icrrck.atld marked (J A. Laurie'* southerner p��*t, ou location ������o. 3, theuce eaat
Jitv chain*, thence north eighty chains, thenefl
fc ��� ,- ohalnii thfltiefl south eighty chalus
Vim nf cuiiimeiiceinent.
\* ������   Jan. Ifl tO 1 1M/7.   Ij. A. Liraii, Locator.
I *:  .ni;  at a poHt  planted   aonth  of
^adiolnlDgti A. Laurie's loeatlun So a, and
������\ <i A. < auric'* northweit corner post,
e eut 90 chaliiH, thenc.- south 8u chains,
* mr*l 60 chains, thence north 80 rhaim
iii 'tf lommuncemeni.
fair] Jnn. _>th, lvt/1,   U. A. Lit'Rta, locator.
mmenolng at a post plan'ed eighty
utaod forty cliniu* iouth of location
t nnd marked W 11. Page's BoUthweat
��"t of location No. ft, thence east eighty
thencfl north eighty chains, then, *e weit
inml,   IhanOfl  suuth nighty chaius to
!������ iiiiiienct* incut
|tediu JCth, ll��7.     W  H. I'aoa, Locator
���aaenotni at a post planted south of
, Jo I n 1 location Nu. ft, and marked W. 11.
���orthwest corner pust of location Nu 6,
<��-t eighty chains, theuce aouth eighty
���ni thene* west eighty cbalni, thence north
Ity chaloi t.. point ul comuu-ucemeut-
'a:- I Jan. ."ih, 1907.      W. 11.1'aoa, locator,
ii'iiNiencltig at a post planted elghly
1 eul and twenty chalus aouth uf loeatiou
ft No 6, and murked tl. A. Laurie's souihwest
. i*t of location No, 7, theuce east eighty
bin*. ��� ���   ui. north eighty chains, thenc* west
���lay chatm,   theuee  aouth   elgi.ty   chaius to
���nl nf '���oininenecmc-nt.
fited Jan. ath. 1907,   G A. Laurie, Locator.
ommenolng at a post plantecl eighty
i oail and eighty chaiua south of location
0,7, and marked U A Laurie'i southwest
���ner poit of location No. 8, thence cast
���Iity chain*, theice north eighty chaiua, theuce
V eigbty ohalna, tbenoa south elghtychalns
*   lut Ol commencement.
.'1 Jan. >:ti, ltnfl.   U. A. Laurif, Locator.
('ommenclng   at   a   poat   planted    eighty
ll eait and eighty chalm soutb of location
K  and   marked Q   A.   Laurie'i   aoutiiweit
of loeatlun No. 9. thencecast 160 chaius,
north 10 chain*, thence weat 160 chains,
puce iruith-thchalns to point ol commencement
fated Jan MU.,1-807.  o a. Larnti, Locator.
-Commencing at a poit planted about *ix
���le* down Barnes creek from the moulh of
Ima creek wnert It Bowi into Harne* creek
la toutbiaaterly direction, aud marked ii. A,
���urie's southweit eoruer post ol location No.
���1 thonce east eighty chain*, Ihence north eighty
U ������������-. thenee west eighty chains, ihcnce south
���hty chalm to point of eommeneement. i
i'ated Jan.'28th, Iimt.   G. A. Laraia, Locator.
���1.-Commencing at a post planted eighty
BaUis east of location No lo, and marked u.A,
Burie'i louthweit corner pout of location No 11,
���ence ea*t eighty chnlni, thence norih eighty
���lini, theuee weat eighty chains, thence south
Tl'ity ehaim to point of commencement,
paled Jan. 28th, 11W7.   G. A, Lauun, Locator.
P-.-Commencing at a post planted 10(1 Uh of and
���J'Inlng looatlon No 11, and marked W. If.
"Pie's northweit corner poit Of looatlon  Ho. 18,
fence eaat eighty cnalns, tlience south eighty
���aim, thence weat eighty Ohalni, tlu-nce north
Ighty chains to polntof comniiMireiueiit.
|IiiUed Jan. '28th, 1907.      W. If. PAQl, I-o ator.
I't-Commencing at a post plained eighty
'imi cast aud cigh'y chains south ol I" '���alien
'���' snd marked U. A. Laurie'i uOrtliweit
���rner post of location No. IS. thenee eaat eighty
Bilm, thenre south oichlv chains, th nee west
Mbti chains, ihence nurth eighty chalna to
pint of eommeneement
��� Hitcd Jan 28th, 1907,   0. A. Laraia, Locator.
|H.-Commencing at a post planted north of
*7�� adjoining location No. 18, and being merited
'���A. Laurie'i louthweit corner poal of location
|oH, thence east eighty chalna, ihence north
���Khty cbalni. thencu west eighty chulm, thence
���uth eighty chalna to point ol commencement,
[i'ated Jan. .Mih, 1H07.   0. A. Lamia, Locator.
p5 -commencing ���t a poit planted eighty
palm north of location No. 14 nnd marked W,
. I'aaei auiilhweit corner  put01 lOOatlon Xt
. ihence -a.t fltahty chatm, thence north
PK'ity chalm, thence wait tight? ' hains, thence
���"'th eighty chains to point ol coniuu-ni-Ttnent.
I I'ated Jan. Wth, 1907. W. II. Paoa, Locator.
BS --Commencing at a post planted eighty
fi ini eaat of location No.  IA, ami marked tl. A.
iiirlea southwest corner post of location No.
'. tbenei Mil eighty ehalns, tbence north
���vnty chalm, thenee wen ei<hty chaloi, thence
���F'ltn eighty chalna to point of commeucemrnt.
J Located Jan. '29,1907. G. A. Laphib, locator.
K,"_fift_B*bWnflJni at a post planted iouth of
^d -adjoining location No. lfi, and marked Q, A.
siiriu a norm wett corner post of location * o.
v. tbonea cast eighty chnlna, thence aonth
Je*ty chain*, thenco weit eighty cbalm. thence
���<>rth eighty ehalna to point of commencement,
lifted Jan. wth, 1W7. U. A. I auhib, Locator.
L'8.-<^intneni'lng   at  a   poal   planted  eighty
'MiiiHimii of loon|��n  No 17, and murked V\.
J age ��� northweit corner poat of looatlou No.
MMncaflMtoightjrohwni, h nceiouthflighty
JJi"i> s, thence weat eighty cbaliis, thence north
���'Kii y chalm to pomi of commencement.
J Located Jan. 29,1907. W. H. I'aoa, Locator.
m\i'i.��l'"Wl*?*��1>',lng at a poit planted e'ghty
���hilmamithor location No. 18, kiH marked G.
^- i.nurle a norlhweat corner post of location No.
���ilu. Pi?*. pttSt elahty chaini thonce aouth
lorti '""'""���'hence woit eighty chains, theuce
InMW^fibaJn' to point of coiunieui:ein**nt.
J "Rted Jan ^th, 1907. G. A Untl, I-ocator.
l)i!l|,^(:n.mmen('lnB *t a P��t planted about
K^i&SST.*"" of lhe month of Kleht Mllo
ltiii,.n11 "' " �����mP"�� Into luonoakln oreek,
Carb.!i,/!Bf"Vtn "ank ot Inonoakln creek, and
leati 1 v l**'"'le'i northeaat comer poat ol
r   "i��w "o. ai, thenca aouth HO chains, theuce
west 40 chains, thence north 160 chaius, thence
���flat 40 chatm to point Of commencement.
waled Keb, Jnd, 1007,    ti. A. LmtB, l��citor.
21.~<:ommeui:ing at a poit planted forty
chains weit anl eight* chaimi soutn of location
Nu. Jo, and marked W. H, Pma'i northeaat corner post of location No. 21, thence weat eighty
chalm. thence aoulh eighty chains, them e fleet
eigbty chains, thence   north   eighty chalm to
point of nonunanoement.
l>Hled Feb. 2ud, 19tT.      W. H. PaflI, Ixwator.
ft -Commencing at a post plauted eaat of aud
adjoining location No. 20, and marked G. A.
i.aurle'a northweit eoruer poat of l.watlon No.
*i thence soutli UO chalm, theuce ea-t 40 chaiua,
thene* north UO chalus. thence west 40 chalna to
poim of commencement.
Haled Feb. 2nd. 190".    U. A. Lavkii, Loealor.
in.���Commencing at a poit planted forty ehalni
east of loeatlun Nu. 22 aud marked W. H. tage'a
northwest corner poat of location No, 'it, theuce
aouth 160 ohalni,ioe0OO eaat forty chains, thence
north IflO chaini, thenct- well forty ch&Jm to
point ol commencement.
Dated Feb. Md, u6l,      W. H. Faoe, Ix��alor.
24 ���Commencing it a post plauted forty chnlna
ea_t and eighty chatm south of location No. 28,
aud marked ������ A, Laurlo'a northwest coi'ier
post of location No 24, thence souih elgi.ty
chtiln* theuee eait eighty chains, theuce north
eighty chains, thence weet eighty chalm to point
ol commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th  1007.    O. a. UOB3, IxH*ator.
2ft--Commencing at a poat planted eighty
ehalna eait ol location No. 24, ana marked G A.
I-aurle's northweit corner post of location No.
ts, 'hence aouth eighty chalm, thenct eaat
eighty, thence north elgh'y chains, thence west
eighty chalus to point of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th, i.��c.     G. A. Laveie, Locator.
26,���Commencing ai a post plauted about four
and one-half miles down Inonoakln creek, from
the month of KIrIiI Mile QMok where It flows Into Inonoakln crock, and on thc eaal hank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked G A. Laurie's
northweit corner po��t. thence iouth eighty
chalm, thence aaat algbty chalm. theuce north
eighty chatm. thence west eighty chalm to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4lh, J907.     0. A. Laubie, Locator
Take notice that 1 intend, tliir'y dayi after
date to apply lo the Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works for a ipeclal
licence tu cut and carry away timber from the
following deacrlbed lands, situated on t-'andy
Creek, lu West Kootenay dlatrlct; Commencing
at a poat planted on the weal aide, of said creek,
nnd marked "J. P. B's" northwest oorner; thence
runuing south eighty cbalm; tlience eaat eighty
chalna, thence north eighty chalna; thence weit
eighty chains to place of commencement.
t. 1*. rWEUBERO,
Dated this 19th day of February, 1901.
Notice la bereby given that 80 day** after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commlsilnncr of Landi and Works, VlctoMa.for
a special licence toeut and carry away timber
irom the lollowlng described pled-- of laud ln
Weat Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a roat
planted 20 chalna from the eaat shoe of Cpper
Arrow lake and adjoining block 398 on the south
and marked "(.'has. thl'i" norlhweat corner,
thence south 80 chalm. theoce eaat 8>> chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence weat 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated thc 4th day of March, 1907.
Chai  EnL.
Take notice that thirty dayiafter date I Intend
to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lauda and Works at Victoria, H. C, for a social
license to cut aud carry away timber from the
following dtscrlbed lauds lu We.t Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 20 chains west
of the norlh>aat corner of Lot 812, and at tbe
aoutheast comer of 1 ot 7786. thence enst 20
chnlna, thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
ehalus. thence north 40 chains, thence ea t 80
chalna, Ihence norlh 40 chnins, thence west 12U
chalus, th��-nce south 40 chains to place of commencement, containing 040 acrei more or leu.
Dated March 9lh, 1907, Peter I ind,
Notice  Is bereby given that thrlyday- after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable tbfl Chief
Commlnlonflr of Landiand Works, Victoria, for
permission to cut and carry away timber from
the (ollowlng des-cribed lands lu West Koolenay
Limit No 1.- Commencing nt a post thrce-
onarten of a mile up Sine Mile creek, on Kootenav river, and marked William Welmalfly'j 8 K.
rot nur poat. thence 180 chain* wit, theuce 4t/
chains north, thence 160 Obalm east, theuee 40
ebalna to the point of heginniug.
Located March 8th, 1907.
William Walnblht, Lccator.
1'. Ml KHAN, AgHUt.
Limit Nn. 2���Commencing at a post about
threi'nuirtera if a mile up Nine Milecre-k, on
the West Arm of Kootenay river, aud marked
William Walmsley's N. E corner post, thence 100
rhai us west, thence 40 chalui south, thencea 100
ehntr.s east, and 40clialua north to polntof beginning.
Located March Sth, 1907
William Wai.mm.fy, Locator.
P. Kheham, Agent.
Tako notice that I Intend, thlrt* dayi after
date, to applv to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of Lanaa and Works for a special liceme toeut
an-i cany awav limber Lorn the following deacrlbed lauds, lltttated on Sandy creek, In weit
Kootanay district: Commeuclug ata post plnnted on the weat side nf Bandy creek and oa!led
J. P. B's louthwefct corner post, thence ruuning
enst 80 chnlni, thence north 40 chalna, th. nee
weat 40 chnlni, thence north 80 cbalni, thence
weal 40 ehaim, Ihenco iouth 1J0 chalm lo place
of commencement.
Dated this 9th dnv nf March, 1907.
J, P. swirPitEKi, Locator.
Take notice that) intend thirty days afterdate
to apply 11 tho Hon. the Chief CommlMloner of
Lauda and Works foraspeolal license locut nnd
carry away timber from the following dene ibed
lands, situated easl of Dog creek, In tho diitrict
of Went Kootenay: Commencing nl a po��t marked '���Thfl Houndary Lumber Company's norlhweat
corner poal " planted nhout a mile eut of the
Columbia and Waitern railroad* and about three
miles aouth ofthe Hlg Tunnel, thenco 40 chains
Mtulh, thence 00 chains cnat, thonco 40 chains
south, thence ll<0 chains east, thence 40 chains
north, Ihence 80 chalm went, thenoe 40 chains
north, thence 80 chalm weMt to point of commencement.
Datcj4ih March. 1��7. J QftXlUe,
Agent for The Houndary Lumber Co.
Take not:ce that 1 Intend thirty days after date
C> npply to the Hon thc Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for b ipeclal license to cut and
carry awav Umber from the followlna described
lands, situated on Dog creek, in West Koolenay
dlsirlct: Commenciug at a post planted on the
eait lido of the CoDunrda and Western railroad,
on or about ten chains east, nnd marked 'lhe
Houndarv Lumber company's post, and about
a mile and a half io"th of the Hig Tunnel, the
northweit corner, thence, running south lfo
chalui, tbence eait 40 cbalni, thenco north 160
chains, 'hence west 40 ehalna toplacaof commencement- . _
Dated march 4lh,lW7. J Aekilli.
���M���i 1 '     1     ��� *saas~tmmttti0a\
Th* Daily Canadian
fKu%      11HF ���aagggi'i  ���   ��� 1   11      f
Edward Brown, Defeated In Portage la
Prairie,   Decidea  to   Move.
Portage La Prairie, March 20.���Tho
people of Portage la Prairie are very-
much exercised over the action of the
Brown firm in advertising their entire
holdings ln this city anil district for
sale, following the election In which Edward Brown, a member of the firm, was
defeated for this constituency. The action Is regarded by thu majority as
typical of Kdward Brown and of his
notion of politics. It ls generally regarded as a big bluff, due to dlsiippoin-
mciit over the result of the election.
Whatever may be the MfiSBfB. Browns'
rcusoiifl for putting this property ou
the market at the present Juncture Jn.
thu munner in which they have, there
are those who do not hesitate to say
openly that lt Is done as a means of
"getting even" with Portage la Prairie,
who voted and worked against the Liberal leader ln the late election. The
manner ln which this has been handled
cannot hurt the city any, however, especially with those who know anything
about the situation. No one man .nor
set of men, by leaving the city or selling their property at a fair value or
even at a great sacrifice, which Messrs.
Brown are not doing, retard the development or progress of Portage. The
cily iH surrounded by the best farming
district In the whole Canadian West,
which guarantees Its permanency, to
say nothing of the railway development
that Is going on. If Edward Brown
hopes to kill a city such as this by
advertising that he and his firm are
pulling out of it, It shows that he has
a more exalted Idea of his own importance than the people of Portage have,
as they indicated by their votes on
March Tth. lu the past Edward Brown
has delighted to pose as the man above
all others In Portage la Prairie, who
was patriotic and loyal. He has made
alt his money here. If he was such a
loyal Portager as he claimed to be. the
people now ask why Is he so ready to
pull out, Immediately after his defeat.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
kll kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Patterns.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
Baker 8t., NEL80N. B. C.
"Companiea Act, 1897."
PnoviscE or British Columbia, )
No 878.
THIS 18 TO CERTIFY that tbe "Nakuip Fruit
Lands, Limit'd," Is tuthoriaed and Hcensvd to
oa*ry ou business within the province of Brltlah
Columbia, snd to carry out or effect all or any of
thu objects of the comp uv to wblch the 1 ���kIj-Ih-
11v���*- authority of tbe Legislature ot triiii.li Columbia extends.
The ln'Hii office of tbe company Is situate atttrt
City of Winnipeg. Piwrlnos of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the company u flye
hundred thousand 00 lars, divided Inlo two
thousand five hundred shares of ten prr cent
preference stock of the par value of one hundred
(lobar* each, and twenty-five hundred shnrea of
common stock of the par value of one hnudred
dollars each.
The head office of the company in this province
Is situate at the C ty of Nelson, and Kobcit Wet-
more Hannington, tiarri-ster, who c address is
thesiime, lithe attorney for the company.
tiiviMi uuder my hand and seal of omrc. Victoria, Province o[ Hrllish Columbia, this 16th
net of February, one thousand nlue hundred
ami seven.
Itegistra- of Joint Mock Compiinles.
fhe objects for which the company Iih.- beeu
established aud Ileensed are-.���
(a.) Buying, selling, leasing or disposing of
coal mines, coal and woodlands, farming, g'azlng
alia fruit laiMs, auiutmberlimita, aim tn work
aud develop the same;
tb.) To carry on lhe huslucss of immigration
and coloni-sation agents, make advao es to
assist settlers on lands purchased from the
company and to secure the repayment uf such
advances with Interest on such terms atid in
such manner by way of mortgage or agreement
as may bo mutually agreed upou.
(c.) To tarry on the business of rati'hlng,
breeding, selling and dealing in cattle, J.oises,
sheep and other live stock;
(���I.) To purchase, sell and ileal In lumber,
wood, coal, mineral*, grain, provisions, ciothtog
and general supplies;
(e ) To carry on trade aa general inert hams
and forwarders;
(f.) To issue in payment of any property
acquired by the company, shares of tho capUtl
stock of the company as fully pildupand nonassessable or otherwise:
(ir) To carry on tbe buincss of manufacturers
and dealers lu power generators aU'l motors of
, very dci-rlpiUui, to construct nud opt rate all
iin tae ot vci.ieles, ���*,,.*��� irtiitunti Implements,
miu Imi'-iy. I" mx. simmers, bargi.-s and furryi
Iii wlilcb tln'l-'iM motors are nwl to construct
aDd operate boat lines ��nd io carry oil thc business o( carilets, cftrdiK" and parcel dtllvt-rloa,
to own and i>pc*tite omnilins Macs and vehtclra
at*.I 1.'iiii*- fer hire; to Mill, iaase and supply
electricity; to own nnd opcrat-d electna 1 Inula,
and item*rally tuca/ry on aoy of the buMrieaa
incidental to the aforesaid purposes and objects
of the company;
(li.) To purchase, take on lea>��, exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any rial or
personal properly, and auy rights or privileges
which iho company may consider necessary
(or the purp'iseri of their operations;
and to sell and QlipOM Ot any lands or other real
csiate and personul properly at any Ume owned
or con trolled by the company or any part'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, anil generally to do all Mich things asare Incidental to
or conducive to the carrying out of thu objects
of the company;
(I) To Become shareholders In any existing or
proposed company, ami to promote and assist In
promoting any company carrying on a business
pertaining to the objects for which this company
Is incorporated, nnd which may prove useful to
this cumpany, and to acquire, take over and operate the business of any such company or companies, uud to enter Into an agreement for sharing ol protlts, union of interests, reciprocal concessions or otherwise, with any person or company and take or olherwise acquire or hold
shares and securities of such company or companies;
(J) To acquire nnd hold lnnds by gift or purchase or as mortgagees or otherwise as fully aud
freely as private individuals, and tn Mll.lesse,
mortgage or otherwise alienate the aame, and to
exercise all the powers set out 111 the aeveral
Items ef tnMMfti From All Round th*
���num in
Chatham schools will be equipped
with Are escapes at once.
The election for the Yukon council
will likely take place on April 1st,
There le quite an exodus from Glen-
coe and vicinity to western Canada.
John Merrln, of Kingston, one of the
oldest engineers on the Q. T. H., is dead.
The Pere Marquette will run no pas-
aenger trains through Canada on Sunday.
Tie St*athcona
Nolson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The .leading Hotel in the
An pxhibit of prenfed flowers nnil
fnuna of the Yukon waa held at Daw-
eon  City.
Mine royalties In Nova Scotia bring
In over $600,000 annually to the local
The Y. M. C. A., of Ottawa, propose
lo obtain $200,000 In 16 days for the
erection of a new building.
A letter threatening the ocupants of
2:S Augusta street, Hamilton, with death
ls In the hands of the police.
The Berlin and Waterloo Street Railway will probably soon be taken over
by Berlin at a cost of ��75,200.
Three 40-horse-power motor vehicles
have been shipped from Glasgow for
service at Calgary ln surveying.
Mrs. Mason, of Windsor, head of the
Flying Hollers, will go to Zion City.
It is said she has an option to buy the
city   for $2.000,0000.
A handsome new yacht, 100 feet long
with a torpedo stern, has been purchased by Hon. Clifford Sifton for private use on the St. Lawrence river.
It is rumored that ex-Warden W. H.
Hamilton, of Glen Huron will be the
Conservative candidate to oppose Mr.
I,. G. McCarthy ,M. P., at the next Dominion election.
The offer made by Mr. William South-
am to give $15,000 for the erection of
a wing for incurable consumptives In
connection with the city hospital In
Hamilton, has been accepted.
License Restrained.
Lisben, March 18.���The efforts of the
Liberals In favor of freedom of speech
and of the press have been unavailing.
The new censorship bill was adopted today by the chamber of deputies by 61
lo 38 votes.
American Admiral Dead.
Philadelphia, March 19.���Rear-admiral Benjamin F. Tilly, commandant at
I/eague Island navy yards, died last
night after a brief illness of pneumonia.
He was made commandant at the navy
yards Feb. 23.
News Not Confirmed,
London, March 19.���Telegraphic enquiries have been made but so far nothing haa been received to corroborate
the reports of a three days' massacre
of Jews at Podihllos, Roumania.
Beresford on Hi* Way Home.
Winnipeg,  March   19.���Lord  Charles
Beresford, the English admiral, arrived
ln this city from the Pacific coast today
on his way to Ottawa.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oor. Baker and Ward Sta.
Notlco Is hereby given Iball will apply it the
next meellng ot the Ureore Commlutonf h for
the City of M <��� Ison to have lbe liquor licence uf t lie
Htrathconi Hotel tr��onferre<l from mye-lf to
Reginald (ieorse Webb of tbe Ciiy ol Nelson.
Datod this Kb day of March, A.I)., 1W7.
B. Tonkin*
Cstrtlfluatw   of lmprov��m*nt��
RioTeote,Orinoco,Queen Victoria fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Clalinn, annate
in thr. Nelson Mining Division of Weat Kooieaay
located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beanie? Biding.
Take Notice that 1, Frank C Oreen, acting as
a-vent for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. RMS,intend. Hlxty days from thc date hereof.
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*
of Improvement, for thc purpose of obtaining
Crown t-lrantfl nf the above claims.
And further take notice that action, tinder
section 87, must be commenced before tbe
lBBiiance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this*_��th day of Jamiury, iao7
F. U. tinKEN, NlLSOH, R   C.
Certificate of Improvements
���"Portia," "Amos," "East Side No.l" and "Ret-
tina Fractional" mineral claims, sltUHted in
th�� Wooan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District
Wbere located: At bead of Springer Creek, near
tbe Arlington mine.
Take Notice that I, Frank C. Green, acting as
ageut for the Arlington mines, Limited, Free
Miner's Certificate No. Btcct, intend, alxty Java
from the date hereof, to app y to the Mining Re
corder for a Certificate of Improvements, for th��
purpose ot obtaining a Crown Qrant of the above
And f nrther take notice that action, unler
section if, most be commenced before tbe lain
ance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated  his mh day o�� December, IBM.
r.c.uitam, Nelaon,B.C.
Qood   Somplti    Rooma,
Queen's Hotel
Baker BtrMl, Nelton. B. 0.
Lighted by Eloctilcitj* -and
Heated by Hot Air
batu n ru OAT
Lata* and Comfortable B-adro-omi aad rmt>
Cl-Mioiultlii Hoom.   _-jnpl0 MMUlOf uaMmml*
���Mil  Mtt.
MRU. B. c.CLARKB. ProprUtnM
Grand Central Hotel
Tali hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water beating throughout.
RATES : Rooms, fiOc.  upwards ; meals   25c. ;
special rates by tbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and PoBtofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Tremont House
B-uropou ud American PUB
���eal, 36 eta.   Booma from ae eta. to Q.
Onlj Whlta Balp Implored.
Baker Bt., Nelion Prop-rUton
Bartlett   House
Best Dolkra-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar le the Finest.
White Belp Only Employed.
���Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and ��1.B0 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quarter! lo Nelaon
Ouly tbe beat of Liquor* and i.la;ara.
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
North Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Marit ine Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago,
and United States,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Full particulars on application to local agents
or write.
A.O.P.A..Vancouver. I). P*A.. Ni-lmn
Wholesale and Retail Dealer* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campe supplied on shorteit notice and
low-set price. Nothing bat fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in -stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manage*.
1 have for sale Good Fruit Land
in every part of this district
Certificates as to quality of Soil and my
Personal Standing furnished by
Responsible   and  Reliable  Parties.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Building Site
Cheap-cat Buy
....In  Town
*20 Feet z (20 Feet
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only .$4,000, 00 terms.
Choice Fruit
l Hare (0,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands ia
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale at $40 -pet Acre, on Terms
160 Acres on
Kootenay Riverand
8 miles from Nelson. Good wagon
read running through the property.
35 aerea cleared and. In. meadow;. 10
aeres partially cleared. 80 fruit trees,
out 2 years. Good house, two barns and
chicken house. Ait ideal fruit ranch.
Apply to
Id the mvtter of in application (or the lune of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title fnr an
undivided 1-8 of Lota 2, end 5, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th t Ut It n_j intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands In tbe
name of Florence H. Hodgini wblch Certificate
Is dated the 28th Aej of December, 18W, and
numbered V66IK..
District ftef lutrar.
i*n4 Registry Office, Nelion. B 0
January 28th, 1907.
Certificate of Improvements*
"May," "B.C.," "Btrathroy," "Jot," "JoT Frac
tional," and "John D.M��bley"MineralClaims,
���Unated In the Blocan Citv Mining Division ot
the Weit Kootenay District.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mil* Creek
about one and a half mllei up.
Take nutic. tbat I, H. R. Jorand of Sloc-ai. h.*j.
Free Miner's certificate No. B788U0, as ag-nt for
Horace ��. Van Tuyl, Free Miner 8 certificate No.
B4821, intend, ilsty dayi from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvementi, for the purpose of ontaining s
Crown Grant of the iald mineral claims.
And further Uke notice that action under
Section 87, muit U commenced before the issu
ance of iuch Certificates of Improvemenu.
Dated this Srd Day of January, Itm.
Certificate of Improvemenu
"KmpreM," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,"
"Union Jack," iltuated In Nelson ��inlng
Located on Porcupine ereek.
Take Notice thatl, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Aliner't
Certificate No. B822S9- intend, 60 dayi from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fori
Certificate of improvements for the purpose ot
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further Uke notice that action, under
Bectlon 87, muat be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvementi.
Dated Nelion, lath Dec, 19u6.
 Fnaint FfgrcnnB.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, situated ln the Ftocan
City    Mining    Division    of   West   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice tbat I, Frank C, Green, actluv as
agent for the Arlington Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. B4606. Intend, sixty davs
from date hereof, toapply tot^e Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crawn Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commen ed before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this l��tb nay of December, 19C6.
F. C. Gutnr, Nelson, B. C.
r.C GREEN      F.r. BURDEN      A. H. GREEK
Ctrll Engineers, Dominion and British.
Columbia Land Soroyors
P.O. Box US   rfcooeMlB.
FRDNlNw AND GRAFTING Oanfully attended to. Apply
Mtfttr King Hotel
"Companies Act,   1807."
Province of British Columbia. {
No. 375.
THIB IS TO CERTIFY that the "Cofoabfn
Valley Land Company," ti authorised and licensed ui carry ou business within the provlnei of
Brltlth Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
oranyol the objects of the Cumpany to which
the Kg Illative authority of the Legislature ol
British Columbia extends. ������������*
Tbe head office of tae Company u iltuate At
the Clly of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.
The amount of tne vaplt��lot tbe said company
la one hundred thousand dollan, divided Into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollan each
The head offlce of the company in this province Is situate at tbe City of Nelson, and Robert
Wet more Hannington, barrister, whose addresa
Is Nelson, B. U., 1b the attorney for the oompany.
Given under ray band and seal of offloe at
Victoria. Province of Britith Columbia, ibis Bth
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[l~��-l 8.Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objecti for which this com pan v hai been
established aud licensed are:
(a) Buying, selling, lining or disposing of
coal mines, coal and wood lands, farming, grmi-
log and fruit landa and timb.r limits, and to
work and develop tbe same:
(b.) To carry on ihe business ot emigration
aud colonisation agents, make advances to assist
���rttlersou lauds purchased from the company
and secure repayment of such advances, with
inter** t, on such Unas antl in such manner by
way of mortgage or agreement aa may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) lo carry on the business ol ranching.
breeding and selling and dealing in cattle,
horses, kheei> and olher live stock;
01.) To purcbaie, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision*, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade ai general merchants and forwarders:
(t) To luue in payment of any property acquired by tbe company shares of the capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and dob
assessable or otherwise:
a) To carry on the business of manufacturer!
dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct and (Derate all
claaies of vehicle.*, agricultural Implement!, Machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferrlee la
which the aald motors are used; to construct and
operate boat Hues, and to carry on the bnilnna
of earrleri, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and operate omnibus lfnei and vehicle! and
boats fur hire: to sell, lease and supply fowcr.
and to generate and sell, lease, aud supply electricity; to own and operate electric plants aud generally to carry on any business luci-ienlnl to tho
aforesaid purpoies and object! of the company:
(h.) To purehaae, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dlinoae of any real or
peJ_H,-0*_. ��roP����y ��������* *ar righti aod privileges
which the company may consider necessary for
the purposes of their operations, and to sell and
dispose of any lands or otner real estate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by the company, or any part thereof, or any control therein or claims thereou, and generally to
do all such things as are incidental or conducive
to the carrying out of the objects or the company:
(I.) To become shareholders m auy existing
or proposed company and to promote and assist
ln promoting auy company carrying on a bual-
nesi pertaining to tbe objects for which thla
company is incorporated and which aay prove
useful to thii company, and to acquire, take over
and operate the business of any such company
or companies, and to enter into engagement! tot
sharing pro&ts, union ot interesi, joint adventures, reciprocal concessions or otuewiw with
any person or company, and take or otherwlie
acquire and hold sham and securities of such
���Mtmpany or companies-	
Notice It hereby given that John McPherson
hu made application under the provision! ol
the '-Liquor Uoence Act, i9Wi," for ahotel licence
Ior the Jackson Hotel, at Whitewater, and that n
meeting ol the Board of Licence t -ommissionera,
of the Alnsworth Licence ' 1strlet, will be held
to consider inch application, at the Kaslo Hotel,
at Kaslo, on Tuesday, the 2nd April, 1*7. at lha
hour of eight o'clock ln the afternoon.
Chlel Licet��� ������==L
Melaon, B.C , Srd March, INI. i !
'-  i    iif
The Daily Canadian
atorsca.    They are excellent value ana we   have   many   auggestson
make aa to their mounting.   Our gold  quart,  cut ready for  mounting
may intereat you.
hUNrFACTXRING nwsujtt.
Of the   difference   ther*1  is
bttWwM   Eft   and  toM   in
Canned   Goods
Vt,- i-arrr onlj
One trial of onr
Tartan  Brand
will convince yon   that we       *
carrr a full sti-jck ���
Soclell.t Party tneeu tv-rj rrssjar
er.nlQ, at 8 t* m . lo tnr J-lln.r-i' In loo Hall
all are InrUesl. ��.' ��� ��� H .:io*~l to taka part 13
tht 'ebatM.   1   aaatta  -erret-s-y
Table   Fruit
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup
Same  Price a�� Inferior
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird   Eggs.    Cuckoo   Eggs.
Robes'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks  all   sizes.
Make  your  st->ctiorts  while   the   stock
is  complete.
S.   M.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & *=.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Cor. Vtraon and Ward Streata,
J. FKED HUME. Proorietor.
G A. Noble. \V. A.Allan. F. W. Freshman, A. G. Donabue, G. W. Adams. Van.
couver: H. Crowe. Winnipeg; J. Balfour. Mrs. J. Rutley. Calgary: ]. B.
Bon -y. A G. Campbell. Ymir; H. Y.
Anderson. W. E. Miller. Spokane; P
H. . fcurnharo. Grand Forks: S. W.
Starles, St Paul; J Walk, Hamilton;
C. 0. Duglas. Toronto; J. 0 McL*od,
J. K. Kessam. 13-Mile: G. W. Hughes.
John L. R'tal.ack, Kaslo; J. C. Du-
fresne and wife. Blue Bell mine;; R
\V. Stewart. Edinburgh; R V. Dolbep.
London; P. W. Magiil and wife. San-
Francisco; A. H. Spen-y. A. Voligny.
Spokane; S.1. McQuigley, W. H. Faldlng.
A. Gre-n. Russians!: E. E. E. Cusher.
Winnipeg; E J Coyle. Vancouver.
Mrs. F. W. Hawkins. Silverton.
C. M. Brown. Vancouver; A. J. Watson. O. H. Burden. Crawford Bay; T. R
Forb-rs. Slocan; IS. Cambes.. Kaslo,"P.
Mi-ray. Frank T. Gough, Gr-anlte; 1
C. Cruths-rs. Molssjn, J Lock, J. F.
Banad, Winnipeg. A. W. Wlnlaw. Wlnlaw;   C.   McDonald.  Lado.
J. K. Jonston. J. M. McGarvey. F��r-
nie; G. Grar.ur.s. Bsus- B-1I mine. W.
Snyder. Moyie. A Sands, W. M Yulll.
Winnipeg; J. McNaught, Ireland. T.
Henderson, Arrowhead.
E. Cooper, Winsaw, R. Southers, Kim-
berley;  W. A. Vincent. W. J. Holman,
T.   Curran.   Silverton,    H.   Carpenter,
Dawson;   E.   McGregor.  London.
Mrs A. Mullen. Camborne. B. Oleson.
Trail:    J. UcKenxle,    Miss  McKenile,
Ttottt  Lakt?:   G.   HulliKk.   Tarrys;   J.
Sopon. T. Coplis. J. Stocks. Phoenli.
N. S. Stuart. Hiiyard; J. McDonald.
Shields: M. Morrison. Agassii: F. A.
Dunbrack, Coykendahl: A. McDonald,
Eholt; J. McKenzie. St John: C. Marshall. Spokane: A. Coi. Procter. R.
Mar-shall. L Marshall, Cranbrook; 3.
Campbell, Blue Bell mine.
F. M. Black, of P. Burns- �� CO- has
b*en visiting in Vancouvs ��� the past
we* Is.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houm.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildens will find it to their advantage to uee onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sleeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 E��-. Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 161.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in ataple and fancy Groceries
Batter, EggB.
Camp and Miners' Supplier
The first work on fhe Dew court
house began this nornlfig * a workmen   commenced    r-emo-rfnc    the   old
Nelson Encampment, So. I.. I. O. O.
F..  will hi...!  ;   -   ���    . . . *nu' ::i  :::���:'.'
lodgeroom tonight.
In future the Grand Forks police will
wear uniform.- fort Che -ame as in all
the larper clttal ol Canada and the
t'nited States.
From Feb. 1. 1904, to March 31, 1906,
the railways of Canada killed 4"'2 peo-
pie, a large number of whom were trespassers on  the  tracks.
Among the attractions booked at the
Sherman opera house this spring are:
' Hearts Astray." pack's Bad Boy.'' and
ihe great success. The Rajah of
John A. Kirkpatrick returned last
night from Victoria, where he has been
for the last fortnight. He bas been assured that there will be no delay in the
building of the Nelson court house.
It is about tim**- something was donate clear up the recreation ground*. In
a few weeks practice for the sports of
the season will commence, and it will
be necessary to have the groundi in
proper condition.
A meeting of the Kootenay Game Protective Association has Wen cailed for
tomorrow night at fc.3<. in the board of
trade rooms to consider a circular received from the provincial game
warden. Before anything can be accomplished by the association it will be
necessary to secure legislation recognizing Kootenay as an organized district for such  purpose.
The plant of the Edmonton Bulletin.
the paper owned and started by Hon
Frank Oliver, was totally destroyed by
fire Sunday night, entailing a loss or
IBv.Ouu, upon which th?re is an insurance of $J4,W). All the statutes of the
recent session of the Alberta legtila
tur* were also destroyed. The paper
will issue today as usual.
In future board uf rrade meetings will
be held in the court house, instructions
having been received from R. A. Renwlck that the government would permit the use of the court room for board
metings. Mayor Gillett has also
granted hie consent, so that the old
building may be abandoned at once
This will be of gr^at assistance to the
board, inasmuch as it will reduce expenses considerably. It would be sur
prising to learn the amount of mon^y
expended even- year by the Nelson
board of trade in conducting its affairs
Not the least is the telegraph bill,
which has been growing greater and
greater every vear.
The Store of Quality
If jou like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
tn uks- s'hargecif lllt'e -Rlrl of ttsr-M Tetr-i ins]
Rsusisss wl-ls (,..:���[ n��stllt>work. mu-lral prefer-
rsstl     Apply Mh'Iriss.- nebb, Htr*thcon* Hotel
A POSITION A-s i I.KKK. bj ��� Isook ke-aper wl-o
is- qsiis-k ssss! teoatata .��� taut**, Asijs ,��� p.si
lis*)* F ilm, boi Ms, Keg ua. Huk.
WOMAN tthrO'.'U COUK. Hsj.uo   nalirui Ofs.o
At ones.     VV, I'arkpr.
WO KIUP1.iI.A8S KOOM8. ilesssus heated
PIT horn t.*r 8r(1 SIstL. K. w. c. block.
Per Packaee
Graham Waferi  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla  Wafera     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriepo C.nger  Wafer*    10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toaat   10c
Daltrty City 8oda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flaket  (Salted)    16c
Pot up Id packages and thus
evssjr fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
pro\'e themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phnnp 10.
Contractor  and
���ole &ft��>i)t for tht.- I'orio Rt���> bomber <:o.��� Ltd.,
retail var-iii Rough and d re***'! Ininber, turned
work and bra^k>:t^. Oout latli and "hingles, eauh
���ad doom, (fmpnt, brick aod llrat* (or nal��
Automatic rrlnder.
Tard and (actorj : Vernon Rt,. earn of Hall
f. O   Boi *2fP2. Tt'lcphnti*- 17h
t*n tliat at a mi-fttlog ���t ihe
leld a:
Notlo* ti h(Tpt��r([i'
Board of Llft-um- '.oiiiiniwloneni, to u- held after
thc expiration of '�����   :���>*.-, 1 : n '*.-nd u> app y for a
wantfar of mr hotel llnrenae for the 'irove hotel,
at Falrrlew, to t  0 Borden
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to the waters of this
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
Es  s at 10c, 15c, 20c. 25c and 50e.
Bats at 20c. 30c, 40c and 50c.
Catchera' Mita it 35c 45c  and 75c.
Catchers* Gloves at 2iz and 75c.
W. G. Thomson
BOOK3ELLFK    nd    Kf-.l_s-.-i     Ti    P
BTATis.xtK -Nelson, c. v_.
Phusia .14.
A r<-iruiar meeting of the directors of
'h- K oterfty Fruit flrowers" Asssocia-
tlon ��ill be held in the offlice of the secretary. D. C. McMorris. tomorrow.
Wednesday, afterasx.n a:   l:SJ o'clock.
Th-re will be an Interesting wedding
*omorrow In Nelson, when Claude Francis Hutton will be united in the bonds
of matrimony with -Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Blood. Iloth are well known in
the city and very popular.
One of the clevertst musical farce
comedies ever seen on a local stage
will furnish the entertainment a' Sherman's opera honse next'Monday, when
Stephens and Linton's merry melange
of fun. music and dances. -'My Wife*!
Family." will be the attraction. It Is
a play that affords unlimited amuse-
:'.-���. ��� from the opening act tn the final
augable situation. Although farcial
in character, the comedy is cleverly
���oonEtr-ucted and the various complications work onl with wonderful oriein
ality. The main situations hinge on the
mother-in-law theme, and deais with 'he
attempts of an active young husband.
Jack Gay. to dislodge his unwelcome
relative from his home. For this purpose he enlists the aid of a keen kitted
man about 'own known as Doc Knott,
whose introduction into the Gay house,
hold begets endle��s complications. They
follow each other in rapid succession
and are absolutely convulsing in character. The cast ip one of the best ever
seen presenting musical comedy ln the
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
upon i ; ��� * *���
���*h-tl    *������*. :-:   }-���'    '"
$:*5 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfil] your hieh'       I
and  your  most t-xactlng  &
They are th,   n>af it
perfection that we finti in tl
ing   wssrid        \V'-   cats   s,n,v.   ���"*,._���
facts to you if you will but glTe us
the QpportttaU-f,
J13.00 Style and Value for . $13.00
(20.00 Style and Value for ..$15.00
Boys'   Suits   at  $2.   $3,   $4   and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regu'ar  $4.00   Bex   Calf
Shoes   for     $3.00
Bo/s' r-gular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for   $2.00
Clearance Ss-I* of Mini' Under
wear at $1. $\50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wocl Scckf
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags||
The)* are beauties at the price.
Telaphon* .M.i.
Whon-f-im Provlalona,
I'rtiducc, - FruiU
Govemtuent Creamery One Pound Uncks n-f-eived weekly frwh frotmwl
thum.   For Hale by ail leading grosc-era. ~    '
Offlce and warehooae: Houston Blo-ck,   Phone 19.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, ac
2.1.> doz. I .Inert Collara To B�� Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
iuki-r SrBKBT, MtlJiON.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, March 25th,
pre tent
A merry riot of fun and muse hfaded by
Prices aie, T5c. $1.00.
Plan at Ruth'/rford ~ Sat'irday
Fed Ooss Drttg Store
for your Prescriptions. Family Recipes.
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Addrew:
Baker St.. near Josephine. Nelson, B. C
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On tlm".
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���Oo time.
Kaslo  connssvtion���-On UtMt
We have just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly -fresh seeds.
Come early and get your supply. Prices right.
We hav*
rom onr
to vacate
(���������tore by
order to
'educe our stock
novlng wfl
sell goods
now i
n s
at greatly
prices. Ii
you want   bargains In
Furnishings drop
in  and see  for
Wi are
Ju.��t in R��.*ij>t of a Carload of
These are The fin*#t jrrade of ore Sark* in th"
market and oor jinc** are rif'ht. lf yoa mr in
Ueed let ix* bear frmi jou.
J* H. Ashdown Hardwj
Company, Limited.
s*r~~~m.B, a. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
KvpnirlnK And Johblnl cisacutsM] �� It ti I >��f.p��itksh.   Sh-Mt M*>
Work,  Mir.It.u and  Mill Msatshlntry.     Msi.i.uliittui-.r.iJ'
O-ra  Cars,   U.  U.   UontraGtor-'  Cara.
UNITE and sing that   tbe inip<-miia< <|
John T. Pierre an toe proi�� lm
Mr last fall shipinfnt ban jest tPnwt j*_\
them and plnoe >ronr ttrdcr earl.t* Iur lsmwm
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
HuMlne.** mun,
\Vt��r*k'rnc rr%at~i_
Men In dr��*an iittlr*,
-Sp��irt ii.jf mun,
Miiri.iHorrte men,
.Men that's full of fir*
Spring Stock Just Opened Upl|
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From ��llasifow, Scotland.
He/st Qualities at l_ow Prices.
Standard Fxstmtute Compaflyl
Mimoa A Kiiwh  Ptinog.
���'-:.������:   V*, �����
MBr*bttl) "Mtiinrv MattreMN.
Complete House Furnishcn
Undcrtikcrs,    Embitotrs
rSSK Lttmbet, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*I
Turned Work and Rraekata. Mail Ordere promptly ���������*'']
 VBMlNOM HTRBET  -   .   -   NBL.SON. B. C.
Galvanised Iron Woijc
��re unequslled in the Kootennyt. U you require *Mfl
���moke Stacki or special work of any kind call ��_r"'i..0
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.,


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