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The Nelson Canadian Jun 26, 1906

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 iltelson  CanaMcm
I.     N".2t)
mid Mine's Fortunes
of Restricted Operation at an
bd   Ore Body Five Feet Wide
Averaging $2$ a Ton.
,;:   |fl me of the London Critic
���i rnie i     history nf the Vmir
! i h will i��' news to mosl peo
\( ; i,n   mui  ;i   statement   of iho
, ((| Hi-  i"<' ni discoveries which
Hand nl I'Ik Insi visit did not
, iii���n\  in "ll for local puhllca<
i mil' says;
iu ni: taste of the public for
. i milling shares In once more
, ,|  hy  ill-'  ii'ceiii  rise In  Ymirs,
ciime Up from �� few Hliill-
n i".hiioriiood at half a hov-
ihe rise Is Justified will
rrom a brief recital of what
i.    place ai   tbe mine. Dp
uinl in Its career the com-
���, iingl) weii, paying divi-
ul UK  30  per cent, iu the
. .us oi   itfl existence.    Be-
in shareholdars some
ipenl  a similar sum iu the
 I  en   iit.u'liluery, plant   and
Its i hares were in strong
mnrkel al 'J 1-2, and genera
"i mil was regarded by iti par-
'ii and MMiirih Columbia
��� lis  ami  the    Woh!    AtiHiralin
��� He ir mosi promising
lini   afler  getting down    to
\ ol   ihe   c ompany's   troll
Instead of sinking further
B    whirl,  would have involved  tho
ire of a  large sum of  money
i-iwerfiil winding plant, the di-
ndvihed hy their engineer
i .i  mnnei  from the mountain
i depth of i.one feet, so that
mild l"' brought down and tn-
ualRhl lo* the mill.   The work
��� lo ihe vein al  the 1,000 Tool
much  mute  expensive affair
��� -.1.   although   li   was    no
|l     JnstiHed   from   a   mining   stand-
Tlie company's funds, however.
lini eipiai  (o the strain this dead
Involved, and in 1902 reeonstnic-
i    neeessarj.    To make matters
developments  were not   B&ttSfao-
it 'he I.  fool level, and coming
wills of recent  occurrence, It was
February last to close down
hu  Ihn e  nths pending the
1 '-' H|i "I  further ore reserves. Mr.
inn   llrown,  ;i  Callfornlan    mining
'->    culled   In,  and   under  his
mi a  development  policy  was
h I    which   has     proved   com-
 BSful.    A  rise  was started
u        rool   to connect   wiih   the
il the Boventh level, and this
��� i hi the opening up of ore ;, feel
ind assaying $83 per ton. The
1    ' n  pill  up  100 feel, and the
1 laintalns    its  width    and    value.
'I i ihis development  hold, the ore
��� i ii   the seventh   and   tenth
�� distance or 800 feet���will give
mnimnj   a  huge Idock of highly
resi rves    Moreover, an entire
��   vein has been  discovered, and
li ihis lias not yet been rally ex
"i.  ii   is   si nam  and   well   defined,
I nike and dip have been deter-
II l!"   prospects of the mine are
re encouraging than al any pa-
)     ""   the company reconstructed,
I1'     '    hares at their present price of
worth  buying  in  anticipation
"���-unipiioii of milling operntlonB.
'."il of tho company is ��200,000
!    liinvs     During  the past  week
'tiying has heen in progress, and
!,'i's are talked to   Ul."
I''<'adj  repoile.l in The Canadian,
1 ��� Wllon of the mill was resumed
!'   lune, and 80 stamps are kept
"   Vmir has had a   chequered  his-
"i 'lu- market and as a working
t; it is evident from the tore-
'hot  there never   was any     real
1 for ihe pessimistic reports that
" '   was exhausted.
A Common   Destiny.
:'' lll0re Is a great amount  of
1 '"">' nonsense aboul the  Anglo-
1      ,hal Wnd of thing, there Is
1,1 fommon between  the people
1 n,ted states and Britain than
'"ween ihe United Slates and
" ",l,inn-   in the Brat place,
""' common language, which
"'���>���  much,   in  this way  the
|( n"  "��e two nations  can  under-
'   ""other.   That means a mm-
,,,;' '""��� "��� common press  to a
���  il,ni1  '>'�� almost  complete
a,uitnB  between   one annlher.
Mining Records.
j,p Mentions, olghi  oertlflcatea of
ll(    hl   *��*    and     tWO   iransrers
,, ,n;,���^ "l the Nelson, mining of.
N.ELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1906.
Fiftv Cents a Month
.1. P, Swedborg recorded the Polander
No. % situated at the head of the east
fork of Forty-nine creek, located .lune
ll. H. Smith recorded the Surprise
fractional, iltuated on the summii between Caribou creek ami the rend
d'Orellle river, located June 7th.
V. t Morrison, as agenl for M. 0.
Monaghan, recorded ihe Taghum, and
as agent for J. McGarvey, tbe Moose,
both situated nine miles west or Nelson, about two miles north of Kootenay
river, located on .lune i::th.
Certificates of work were granted to
Sieve Hawkins on the Good Enough,
to Joseph Chipman on the L*asl (Quarter, io Ft K. Cody on the St. Anthony,
to s. A. Hunter on tho Mayflower, to
Ola l.arson, agent for S. A. Hunter, on
the mtlside; to P\ Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Company, on
the Magly, and to .1. McBJvoy on   tho
Second Chance and  .luno.
W. Cloffey, or Salmo, transferred to
Frank Day, for a nominal consideration,
a quarter interest in the Resurrection
and  Pinnacle, On  l^osl creek.
Joseph Sturgeon transferred to A.
Buffalo, for a nominal consideration, a
quarter Interest in the M. A. P., six
mib s wesl of Nelson, on the north hank
of Koolenay  river, near Hear creek.
Some Swift Speedings in the Auto Contest.
Paris, June 20.���The automobile con-
Lest for the grand prize over the f^irtae
course was started ai s o'clock this
morning, A varj large crowd or people
was present, and great enthusiasm was
manifested^   The course, which is ins
IdlOmeterS long, was patrolled by
troops, Haros, of France, covered the
first round in fill minutes und 2j seconds, at the rate of lis kilometers per
hour. Dtiray, of France, was second in
58 minutes and 82  seconds.
Two accidents occurred during the
first round. Fabry, of Italy, collided
wiih a wall, wiih the result that his
machine was completely demolished.
The occupants were uninjured. Lebton,
of France, was also ditched and upset,
without ihe occupants of his car sustaining any injuries
Haros covered the second round in
62 minutes  and  80 seconds.
Slez, of France, led during the third
circuit, .,w<.*hlp. iH^'wL^ue.. )>4��- lead, and
won ihe day's racing in r> hours 16 minutes and "u 8-6 seconds.
Clement. of France, was second in
d hours ID minutes ami 1" seconds.
Slez was enthusiastically greeted,
The  racers   will    slarl    again  at    (!
o'clock tomorrow morning. Fiance has
M entries, Germany :i and Italy fl In
lhe Sarllie contest. The course musl
he covered twelve times.
Fifteen Years Will be Required to Re
store America to Its Ancient
Standing  in  Europe.
New York, June 20.���The American
press shows deep concern over the ef
feol on EQurope created by the president's exposure or the beef scandals,
London correspondents in gloom ana
disgust cable long tales of woo; we
are fallen in British nnd continental es-
leem. and before we recover our an
cient name for business Integrity some
ten or fifteen years may elapse.
Huch in substance la a despatch from
the London iKngland) correal*,!).lent
to the New Tork Sun. He goes on to
"Never before has American commercial honor been so attacked abroad
Never before have the American peo
pie been so criticised for neglecting
their primary public duties, England,
France and Germany and the other
nations are Watting to see how America will vindicate herself before the
eyes of the world,
"Tho old world has come to believe
In genera) terms that American business methods are rotten. It is a sad
thing 10 write of the reputation of one's
country, but H is ihe simple truth, nnd
lhe truth had better he told Without
disguise. It will take more than a paper reorganisation of the great life Insurance companies and a cleaning of
lhe Augean stables at Chicago to restore European belief in American honesty and fair dealing. It will be a long
time before public opinion on Ihis side
of the Atlantic will have any confidence
In  American corporate reform.
"One thing, and one thing only, will
hnve any real effect In Europo. When
America begins lo send its greatest
criminals to jail Kurope will begin to
believe thai there is a real stundaid of
morality tn the country. The admin*
latratlon Of justice in the United States
is today the subject of open ridicule
and contempt  throughout  Europe,"
Successful Efforts oi New
York Physician
Old Method of Treatment Superceded by Simple Mechanical Effects.
New York, June BO.���Dr. Joseph w.
Goldsmith, of the house stair of the
I/mg Island College Hospital, has discovered what he believes to he a cure
for meningitis. At all events, since application of his curative principle, ten
Cases have been successfully Irealed al
the hospital within a year, according to
nn assertion made hy Dr. Goldsmith,
and only iwo cases have been lost,
i uese two cases were far gone when
they were brought to the hospital, and
ihey died within an hour or two after
*'l evolved this cure." said Dr. (Jold-
siniih, "by working on a purely mechanical basis. The first thing to do in a
case of meningitis is to relieve conges
tion. Heretofore opium or some derivative or opium has heen used to this
end. Under my system the patient receives two baths u day nt  a tempera
lure Of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The
physical condition ot the sufferer is
Such thai the excessive heal affords no
Sensation Of pain because of the numbness characteristic of the malady.
"The patient, while iu ihe h.ith, get;,
strenuous  massage   in   order   that   tin
proper circulation or the blood may be
restored and lhe limbs brought back
to normal condition. A liquid diet is
given ai short Intervals. It consists oi
small Quantities or whiskey end ergot.
The ergot brings about an equilibrium
nJ>f1w~9ircirtss4on of the blood, which
increases the activity of the cells thai
war UpOp llio germs of meningitis and
eventually destroy  them."
The physician added that this treat
ment, when fairly lested, had yet to
meet with failure, saying that in the
iwo oases of death from the disease
within the last year ihe application ot
the remedy was out of the question.
He said he experimented for some time
upon meningitis sufferers brought to
the hospital from Kills island. The
hospital has a contract with lhe gov
eminent for caring for sick aliens. In
tlie process of Investigation, the doctor
continued, many cures were effected,
and in every case the departure of lhe
disease left, no deformities of mind w
Important    Developments    in    Various
Parts of the Province.
Price of Metalt.
New York. .June LT..���Silver, 06; cop
per. 18 IN; electrolytic copper slock,
IS M018 Vl\  lead. $6,76,
Ixm.ton. June Uti.���Silver, 30 MC;
lead, 110 12s Gd; zinc, ��27 7s (id.
Mr. Osmond E. LeRoy, of the geological survey department of Canada, is a!
Vancouver, outfitting for a geological
and topographical examination of the
country In the vicinity of the coast line
from l.unnrd Inlet northwards, and of
neighboring islands. Mr. LeRoy recent
ly returned from China,
The Hall Mining and Smelting Company. Limited, has made Important
Changes In and additions lo Its silver
lead smelling plant. Borne of-the com-
pany's erstwhile critics, who so accustomed themselves to characterising its
plain as "obsolete" as to continue doing so long alter the Installation oi
modern appliances ni lis work's, hnve
al last realized that tttCtfl are distinct-
ly against iheir contention.
Mr. Thomas Brown, one of the owners of the Lead Queen group, on No. \\
creek, Windermere mining division,
and Mr. William Bott, who owns a
ranch on the river, have commenced
the work of Constructing a road from
Moll's banding, on Columbia river, to
the Lead Queen, on which property
there is n very large showing of lead
ore. The (Jolden Star states lhat the
<oad from the river to Ihe mine wilt
lie 18 lo 80 miles in length. Owing to
its estimated comparatively high cost,
those Interested have not yet been able
to Induce the provincial government lo
undertake the work, so some of them
have commenced li themselves, hoping
io later receive financial aid from the
government towards, iis completion.
Professor it. w. Brock, of the geological survey department of Canada, In
charge of a party including W. H,
Boyd, Dr. 0. A. Young and six student
assistants, has resumed the work of
making a Structural geological survey
of the more developed pari of Itossland
Alexander Sharp has been examining
dredging ground on Fraser river. It
is slated thai his principal, P. Hums,
of Culgnry, |g cousiderlng . ..<��� advisability Of Undertaking gold dredging on ihe
Last of.ttie  Pulajanes.
Manila, .lune 2(i.���The I'uinjanes lend-
ts, Quientin nnd  Ariuvn, hnvo surren
dered io Governor Osmena, of the constabulary. These were the last of the
men arrayed against Ihe Americans on
the island of Cehu. The rlnVs and am-
munition of the members of their hand
were also .surrendered.
Mr. Bantly, of Victoria, Returning from
Leipsic  Conservatory.
Mr. Bantly, of Victoria, Is in Ihe city
today, the guest of Rev. Father Althoff.
Mr. Bantly is a native sou of Hritish
Columbia, having heen born in Victoria about li'i years ago. He early showed promise of the rare musical talent
Which is hereditary in his father's family. After winning distinction in his
native city and receiving all the instruction available (here, he left several years'ago for Leipsic, Germany,
where he has since remained perfecting
his technical  knowledge of the violin.
When he reaches Victoria Mr. Ilant-
ly will he tendered a public reception
by the musical people of the capital,
who take a natural pride in his achievements.
C. P.  R. and Hudson's Bay Companies
Refuse to Sell Except in
Small  Blocks.
Winnipeg, June 26.���All the land offices report a very steady and increasing inquiry for bloeks of good farm
land, and the general opinion is that
ihey are very hard to secure. American buyers especially from Illinois,
Iowa and Minnesota are persistent In
ineir efforts lo procure blocks of 25,000
to 50,000 acres, while several buyers
representing Kuropeun capital are looking for much larger holdings.
Blocks of lauds were easily gotten
last year, and, in lhe ear)y' spring of
this year, but they are undoubtedly
very hard Io procure now.
Tne policy of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company not to sell their laud
en bloc; the fact that the Hudson's Hay
Company, retuse to sell iheir lands in
any other way than by retail, and the
fact also that Canadian Northern lands
already earned by them have all been
disposed of practically, have all been
productive of the present situation. It
would look as though the wholesaling
of land is practically a thing of lhe
past in Western Canada, and that the
business of the future will lie selling in
small kits���sections and half section
and quarter section lots.
Some sales have heen made of considerable acreage���5,000 acres and upwards���during ihe past week al $0 per
acre, together with survey fee, and
land men who lasi year looked upon
land at $7 per acre as being dear in
price, now speak of $\i i>er acre as being a reasonable price. On the whole,
lhe Impression was gathered from different firms that the land values had
risen about $:! per acre since Ihis time
last year, and Ihe conviclfon seems
general that lhe same thing will happen
lie! ween now and next spring. Two
causes will contribute to this result,
the one being the excellent prospects
for the crop, and lhe olher, still more
important cause, being the enormous
Immigration taking place from tho
United States and Europe. Even the
mosi optimistic westerner had no conception n few months ago of the number of thousands of people who would
he travelling through Canada this year
in a greedy search for land. Every one
who hns heen west tells lhe same story
���namely, thai wherever one goes ho
finds hundreds of fanners, principally
Americans, travelling here, there and
everywhere, looking for land to buy.
As for would-be homeseekers, there are
thousands of Ihem in every part of the
country, and homestead land of a quality which was two or three years ago
passed by is now being readily taken
uo. We heard of a number of Instances
where homesteads hnve been taken by
anxious searchers, although out of llio
acres less than half would do for cultivation.
Saskatchewan seems to he the arena
of greatest activity, due partly, no
doubt, to the great progress of railway
construction in thai province, and partly to the fact that this province promises to he one of tho greatest of our
wheat-growing districts. Lands at retail prices will not remain at the present level very long, hut ihiH fall, when
lhe new railway lines are very well forward and this year's crop has heen harvested, values will be from $2 to $5 per
acre higher than Ihey are at the present lime. In olher words, the general
consensus of opinion is that prairie
lands will be running within a reasonable length of time from the present at
$15 to $20 per acre, and good sale ut
that, Instead of $11 lo $14 per acre,
the price at which they are now selling.
The value of Improved farms is also
on the rise. Altogether ihe farm land
Bltuation Ih one or the greatest promise
nt the preseni time. Nothing now can
stop the progress of Western Canada,
and land holders are reaping the reward
of iheir investments.
Roof Garden lhe Scene of
a Tragedy
Most Sensational Tragedy in New
York  Criminal History-
Late Last Night.
.New York, June 2C���Stanford White,
a member of the firm of McKim-
Mead & White, architects, was shot
and killed during the performance at
Madison Square roof garden last night.
The police slate that the murderer Is
Harry Thaw, a member of a well-known
Pittsburg family. The murderer was
captured. It was opening night of the
big roof garden. During the second act
of the performance, while a comic song
was being sung, the audience was
thrown into consternation hy the firing
of three shots. Immediately afterwards
It was announced tbat a murder had
been committed, and the audience was
The performance was drawing to a
close, aud Spice's Big Six, a sort of up-
to-date "Floradora" sextette, came on,
when Mr. White entered the place. The
six women on the stage had begun
their song, when Thaw left his wife,
and, walkingr apidiy down the aisle,
stood for a few minutes directly behind
Mr. White, looking at hitn. White apparently was ignorant of his peril.
Thaw quickly pulled a pistol from his
trousers' pocket, aud in quick succession fired three shots, Two took effect.
eithe* wound being fatal. Mr. wmte
fell to the floor without a sound, Ihe
chair and table falling on top of him.
Policeman Debs, who had heard the
firing and the cries of the audience,
was the first officer on the scene. Thaw
was taken by him to Ihe police station.
New York-, June 20 ��� Perfectly calm,
Harry L. Thaw, who last night shot and
killed Stanford White, a prominent
architect, faced a coroner und a number of jKilice officers early today, absolutely refusing to make any extended
statement as to tho motive which led
up to the tragedy on the roof of Madison Square Garden as the first night's
performance of "Memselle Champagne"
was being sung to a close. While
Thaw, in Immaculate evening dress, sal
in a cell in the Tenderloin police station, detectives were scouring ihe city
for his wife, formerly Evelyn Florence
Nesbitt before her marriage, a chorus
girl and artists' model.
Mrs. Thaw disappeared as her husband was being hurried from the playhouse by a policeman, and after throwing her arms around his neck and crying. "Oh, Harry, Harry, why did you do
it?" she is said to have entered an automobile anil been whirled away before
the crowd or police recovered from the
excitement caused by one of the most
sensational tragedies in New York's
criminal history.
The search for Mrs. Thaw was continued throughout the night. During
the forenoon Captain Hodgins, of the
Tenderloin station, said lhat she had
heen located, hut lhal he did not Intend Io do anything hut watch her���for
the present, at least. Long before the
time set for the arraignment of Thaw
in the Jefferson market police court,
his valet went to the Tenderloin station with a change of clothing for the
prisoner, so thai he would not he compelled to appear In court lu the even-
lug clothes which he wore when taken
Into custody.
It was reported today on the authority of several persons interested in the
case that Thaw's defense will he that
he was and is Insane. It was said lhal
at his trial he will be represented by
the best and most noted lawyers of the
day, who will ask for Ihe appointment
of a commission on lunacy to examine
as to the state of Thaw's mind. "There
can he no doubt/' said one of these
men, "that Thaw was and is hopelessly
Insane, and lhal the commission will re-
port  him so."
New York, June 2*J.���Harry Kendall
Thaw, of Pittsburg, brother of the
Countess of Yarmouth, who shot and
kilted Stanford White, the noted architect, last night, is a prisoner in the
Tombs today. Thaw admits Ihe killing,
pleading that his act was justifiable.
He said that White had wrecked the
life of his wife, the beautiful Florence
Evelyn Nesbitt, whose marriage to
Thaw scarcely more than a year ago
wns one of the sensations of the limes.
Tho murder of White was probably the
most dramatic and sensational tragedy
the city has witnessed since the killing
of Jim Fisk by E. S. Stokes more than
110 years ago. Aside from the prominence of lhe principals, the setting for
the crime was unique. Surrounded by
more than a thousand persons, who
crowded the great open-air theatre on
the roof of Madison Square Harden,
Strangely enough White met his death
ou what has long  been recognized as
one of the great monuments to his genius,
Proceedings in Ihe case against the
prisoner today were carried on with
unequalled rapidity. From his cell In
the Tenderloin police station Thaw was
taken to police headquarters, where his
photograph was taken and his measurements made. He was arraigned in the
police court and remanded to the custody of the coroner, nnd shortly afte*
noon he was in a cell in the Tombs,
formally charged with murder and held
WtthOUl hail. The coroner set the inquest for Thursday, and said that counsel on both sides desired lhal the case
he submitted to this month's grand
Jury. Thaw's defense probably will be
Insanity, and already threp noted alienists have heen called in to report on
bis mental condition.
Counsel for Ihe prisoner announced
this afternoon that they knew the
whereabouts of Mrs. Thaw, and that
she would be produced at any time her
presence is desired. The mother of
the prisoner is a passenger on the
steamer Minneapolis, which Is due to
arrive in England on July 3rd.
The funeral service over the body
of Mr. White probably will he held at
SI. Rartholomew's church on Thursday,
Bishop Coadjutor Greer officiating.
Lord's  Day   Alliance   Officials   Coming
West to See  Law Enforced.
Rev. J. G. Shearer, general secretary,
and Rev. W. M. Rochester, associate
secretary, for the west, of the I-ord'a
Day Alliance, will be in Nelson from
Wednesday, July 18th, to the 20th. They
are on a tour of the west, and will address meetings also in Kaslo, Sandon,
Cranbrook  and  Grand Forks.
The objects of the tour are set forth
as follows by the general secretary:
1. To Introduce Mr. Rochester to his
new field and to those who will be fellow workers with him In each place or
district reached.
2. To hear from me full particulars
of the struggle at Ottawa for the new
lord's Day Act, which hy that time
will, in all probability, be law, and full
information as to what It covers; and
3. To confer together as to how Its
reasonable enforcement can best and
most wisely he secured.
The Cruise of the Yachts,
Kiel, Germany, June 26.���The yachts
Meteor, Hamburg. Iduna, Clara, Su-
sanne, Orion, Navahoe. Comet and all
the large contracts cruised from Kiel
to Rekernfoerds over a 52-mtle course
loduy, followed by Ihe steam yachts.
Emperor William was on hoard the Meteor, hut the steamer Hamburg went
to Eckernnoerds, and his majesty and
party will nags the night on hoard that
vessel. The yachts will cruise back to
Kiel  tomorrow.
Prominent Labor Leader    Advises   to
Kick Over the Whole
Wellington, New Zealand, June 2G.���
At a large meeting of Labor Unionists
held here ou Monuay, a prominent leader, discussing the compulsory arbitration act, summed' up its effects in the
following terms:.
"While we are receiving no increase
in wages, our expenses as regards
house rent and the cost of living are
increasing year by year. Up to the
present time we have had to counsel
palience to the disaffected, members,
but we cannot go on crying 'Peace,
l>eace,' when there Is no peace. I do
not know what is going to happen unless you kick over the whole concern,
and If that eventuated I should bo
afraid of the results. If such a thing
as a strike once started. I feel sure that
there would be no holding the unionists, the disaffection  Is so deep."
In Western Australia the report of
the executive committee of the council
or mines recently pronounced compulsory arbitration a failure, while a| few
months ago a prominent Sydney labor-
ite qualified the measure as "this cursed
arbitration act."
The lacrosse boys are practicing
hard for the match next week with
Rossland during the Dominion Day celebration.
The Rosclan Opera Company commenced Its summer engagement at the
Winnipeg Auditorium last evening, producing "EI Capltan."
Judge Miller, formerly of Rossland,
and who is the owner of several valuable mining properties In the Lnrdo,
may open an office In Nelson.
H. Brlggs, local representative of R.
P, Rithet & Co., Victoria, has rolurnod
Irom a trip through Alberta covering a
s pace of several weeks. M r. 1 trigga
was deeply impressed with (he signs
of progress he saw throughout the
Northwest, hut is convinced thai it will
be only a short time until Itritish, Columbia will experience a similar boom,
at Victoria
Toronto's Veteran Inspector Advocates Progress on Conservative Lines.
(Special to The Daily  Canadian.)
Victoria, June 2C���The provincial
teachers' institute met here at 10 this
morning for Its ninth annual convention. There is a very large attendance,
chiefly of teachers from the Lower
Mainland district.
President F. H. Eaton, M. A., superintendent of Victoria city schools, mado
a very brief opening address, expressing the hope that the deliberations
would prove helpful to those taking
The first address on the program was
on "Modern Tendencies in Education,"
by James L. Hughes, senior Inspector
of public schools of the city of Toronto.
Mr. Hughes has a fresh, breezy, unconventional and very vigorous style,
which at once took with the audience
and held their attention. He covered
the whole field of modern educational
effort from classics to manual training.
He urged that while all schools should
keep abreast with the latest improvements, that the old staples of learning
should not be neglected. He dwelt especially, and approvingly, on the steady
growth of interest In the practical side
of education.
Tnis afternoon W. P. Argue, ot Vancouver, is speaking on "Practical Education," and Principal Burns, pf the
normal school, on "The Culture Aim la
This evening J. D. Buchanan, of the
normal school, and Inspector Hughes
will be Ihe siwakers.
The convention will last till Thursday night. The sessions tomorrow will
be in six sections, the primary. Intermediate and senior grades of public
schools, high schools, manual training
and domestic science.
The minute subdivision makes possible detailed treatment of Ihe special
Interests of each section. The BUccess
of the convention is already assured.
Blue Started by Child threatened to
Wipe Out Town.
After several years of immunity,
Sandon was visited by a conflagration
yesterday morning, which destroyed 15
dwellings. For several hours the whole
town was threatened, but the steady
efforts of the firemen and other cits,
zens, aided at last by a fortunate turn
of the wind, saved the town at the expense of the timbered hillsides.
The fire was started by a child playing with matches. The loss is In the
neighborhood of $15,000, only partly
covered by insurance. Among those
whose property is destroyed Is W. Davidson, M. L. A. for Slocan riding.
Mahara's   Minstrels'    Performance   of
Fair   Merit���Coming   Again.
Mahara's Minstrels, which played at
Sherman's opera house last night,
pleased a fair-sized audience. The
management announce a return engagement during the celebration Monday
and Tuesday, July 2nd aud 3rd.
Afler those who saw the show last
night tell their friends about It, there
Is reason fo believe that they will be
greeted by better houses on their return.
The company's orchestra Is especially
good, and the Juggling feats are certainly Ihe best ever seen In Nelson.
District Licenses.
The board of license commissioners
of the Ymir district met yesterday afternoon, and granted the application
for the transfer of the license nf the
Mersey hotel, Eric, from Mrs. MucBean
lo .1. R. Unimex.
Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock the
board will meet again to consider the
application of John Miles for an hole'
license at Miles' Ferry.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Fifteen minutes lale.
Sloenn train���On time.
Cimsi, Boundary anil Rossland train
���On time. 1
The Dally Canadian, Jane 26, 1906
it o BAY
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
. '~sfcpii
Everything- for the camper, prospector, hunter and
them covered every day of tho year hy
singe, ii siili i.ilces a letter 4S hours to
go by mail. Apart from tbe business
Inconvenience thai musl result, lhe ri
dfctilous conditions are a .s;h| reflection
upon tite Dominion postal authorities,
and ihe Pioneer rightly hopes ihat the
new postmaster-general will give some
attention to ihe many pleas thai have
lieen senl io Ottawa to have ihe mailer remedied. Whal is Duncan Kosa
doing  ail   ibis  time?
K In
[���I   IH1I I
It "ll    II
An  Indian  of  the  typical  Kootenay
type wandered Into the office of this paper yesterday and "tool. In" the whole
paraphernalia, from the editorial rooms
and   business   office   lo   lhe  composing
rooms.   He stood spellbound before the
linotype machine foi half an hour wiih
eyes  literal!}  bulging from iheir sockets, watched the transfer of the "stick"
fun of slugs to the galley, tu,   pulling
of the  proof and the final transfer  to
the forms,   Then ho went back to lhe
linotype, and, alter anotlici  long, penl*
ten!   look,   be expressed himself In   a
guttural "Oom-om-omuraph!" and walked away.   Tbe North American Indian
and  ihe   linotype   represenl   aboul   the
two extremes of civilization, and  ll  is
Btfll doubtful which Is mosi a machine.
Published Us iluys u week by tho
linker St..   Si'i- in, B, C.
hub month delivered
if ."''nt by mail, when
1**1 SI
Eubaorlptinu rates, ���
In tin.- city, hi *,-..(n)!i j
paid in advance.
AdviTiisimr rates nn applleatlou.
All inontos paid in  settlement nl Tl
Chink! tun accounm, either fin xubtHirti na
adverllBlitff, musl be receipted for on tbe i   '
form�� of tlie Company    Oihei receipt��  nre no
JUNE   Jr.,   I9CK>.
" By one word we are Bomotlmei juugad la bo
wise aud by onu word ��oid<jtimes judged to be
[nullah, mm ns thureforo bo careful what wo
Day." -Coskuciitb.
[i   is difficult  al   this distance rrom
ihe theatre of Russian affairs for  tho
observer to correctly  Interprel  thi   actions of ilie charai tors upon lhe stage
nf political strife in thai empire.   Tlu
despatches bring to us with wearisome
repetition tho story of the conlllcl  between tlie eniii'i partj and thi   peasantry, ihe story ol massacre and riot, withoul giving us any clue to the immediate cause of ihe dissensions and of iho
discontent which precipitnti    these con
fllcta,   We feel Bure, therefore, thai the
majority of our readers will appreciate
some statement of the essenilal caus a
which    underlie    Ihese    repented out-
bri aks,
The agrarian  question   has    always
been the baste problem in Russian economics,  aud   ii   has   now  become   the
mosl  urgent  question  In  Russian  poll
tics,    As RusBla is li ss urban than an.\
other European stale, nnd us the revo
lutiannry centres nre naturally  In  the
towns,  the  peasnniB���or   muzhiki    as
ihey are called   are nol well organized
for  revolt.    The  present   muzhik  attl
nine is especially to bi  feared iu Rtib
ala, because these people have hitherto
been  the one elemcul   In the  Knssi.in
population thai hnve noi challenged the
emperor's    authority.    Now,    however,
peasani animosity is thoroughly aroused
agaiusl  ihe  ministry,  ihe  landed   proprietors, and even againsl the little father  himself.    They  hnve  prosecuted
their destructive and BUlcldal purposes
ami pursued   their fanatical   policy    ol
destruction till one can travel for fiftj
miles in many areas and nol find n sin
glo largo country house standing. ".Millions of dollars'  worth  of grain,   rye,
wheat and  barley,  together with   fat in
implements and  tho property   oi    lhe
land owners,  have    been    burned and
scattered   In   lhe  mlro,"  and   this, too
(when  tho  poor creatures  have    iheiu
lolves  boon  starving    for   food     Tin
iheep left to graze on the steppes of ths
\ olgn hnve boon slnuglitoted n holesale
and their carca i es lofl to rol and breed
I'o increase the production of food
two methods may lie employed the
Increase of land holdings, or the Increase in the productivity of the areas
already under cultivation
The agrarian   ri .'olutlonlets,   eras -i
by years of misery, fancy thai all iheir
woes are from an Insufficiency of land,
and thai  tholi  wrongs can ho righted
only by wholei ale  and  I ircibli   Hpi rn
pr la tion of land.   Through their ropre-
son ta Lives In the Douma they have been
demanding the expropriation oi till the
lands  belonging   tn tho    crown,    tho
church nnd private owuers, though the
carrying oul  of bucJi a  projeel  would
increa.se  ihe  present   peasant   holdings
by only some two acres.    This expropriation could he effected In ono of two
ways���eiihcr by payment or by force.
If payments were to be made, ;v largo
innn would be required, amounting to
three   billion    dollars,    with    Interest j
charges   of over  a   hundred  and  fifty I
ihe land Is to bo taken by
| force, a revolution will be required, am
j li would seem as though the peasantry
urged on by the revolutionists, are pre
paring for Ibis. The czar appreciates
the gravity of lhe situation, because
Ihe discontent and misery of the peas-
inns Is appealing to bis soldiers, and
their loyally Is being suspected���not
without some signs of cause.
The  vasi   majority  of  the  illiterate
peasantry favor a resorl  to arms, hm
there Is ;i  middle party who, while in
favor of appropriation of the necessary
hinds, are willing  that   they should  be
paid for.   This latter class is represent*
ed in the Douma by the constitutional
democrats, and,   fortunately   for   the
country, they nre largely in the majority in the Douma.   The demand of ihis
parly is not that the lands of the crown
and churcb be confiscated, but that they
be  leased,  and  that   ihey   ho occupied
by muzhiks who shall pay their rentals
in work done on the adjoining or unloosed properties of the landlords. This
proposal   goes   bul   litlie   further   than
tlie land purchase act now so successfully In operation in Ireland.   The agrarian program of the muzhiks has been
so eloquently and logically explained In
the Douma  by peasant  representatives
that, In their apparent grasp of the subject, they have changed  popular opinion as to the illiteracy of ihe muzhiks
as a class.   Tq enacl  such a program
would require no revolution, and  if it
were enacted, would without doubt materially and  quickly  alter  the   peasani
conditions In Russia.
The ministers ami landlords, how-
��� wi, seem as obatlnnto in their resistance of the proposals as lhal class were
in England in ill i days when the feudal
wars began, and the same dark period
may be In waiting for Russia as prevailed in England before the matter is
finally adjusted. The struggle for
agrarian rights Is only a step ahead of
Lhe struggle for economic rights and
Industrial rights, so Russia has a long
and thorny road to travel before she
catches up wiih later civilizations In
her respect for ami constitutional guar-
of tho liberties and rights of her
The Lardenti Mining Review, commenting on the "yellow" journal methods of criticizing lion, u V. Green's
administration, scores a bull's-eye in
lhe  large!   when  il   says:
"Ii Is ;r;iil and wormwood to some
coasl people to think thai a man from
a small mining camp in tho Interior
should have charge of the big spending
department, His failure wns predtcto.1
from the start.   Instead, he has made a
���cr.-:'. of ii. uiiieh has only embitter-
ihe feeling, and the policy of 'ruin
him by fair menus or foul' has heen inaugurated."
The Mews this morning repeals iis
slanders aboul the Kaien and Kttimaat
land deals, as il calls ihem, and in spile
oi the requeBl of the Conservative papers thai ii make good its charges,
keeps (in smilingly dodging the issue
and lying still. To make a short story
of it, will the News reprint a few paragraphs from the evidence taken before
the commission by which Its slanders
can be substantiated? Lei ii be definite
for at  leasl  once in Its life.
��� <1
Hams and
     Jveu thai *
iim-iiu iii tipplv In lhe HdUiual
mlBslouerofLanda-and Work*
purchase the following de-crl
at the iiuimii nf Hutchi*on en
lake* iii ih,. West  Knotcnny  InsfH
acr<?n "f land: coram i iicJiih nt a ]
VV, H. P. 8. W, poit. thonce iionli 4U .'l.tUiui, tlie
co oatt 30 chalm, thence louth i" pIiaIdb, lin-n
wesl 20chaini to point nfcooimew-i ment.
Paied mis ith day of June luuii.
Vt I I.LI All M IIIBV Pktkbi.
Wll.l.HM J. TOVK      tiRM
Notice is hereby given thai !;i> days rroi
Intend to apply to the Honoinbl tho Chlol Ci
mlaaloner of Landa and Works, for permission
purchase 160 acroi of land m Van rioutonen
In ili�� Arrow l.dkci in thf Weal Kootenay I>f��-
irirt. Starting from a poit mark* d A  i.L n W.
poit. thonco 4c chain* east, thenos 10 chains
iouin, tbence40 chalm west, tbence M cimim
iioriii to point nf commencement
Dated thii 4th day ot June IWO.
Aktiu'r John Loxa,
Wn i.iAM J Toys, Agent,
Notice li hereby gur.-n tbat Mdayi after date
we Intend to until v to the Honorable the Cblel
Commissioner ol faindi aud VVorlca at Victoria,
B. C. for pormlulon tn purchase the following
daierlbed lands, sltoate In Wesl Koolenay district. ''onioi' nelng ai a posl planted al Thomas
Jerome's N K. post, hmI marked Peter Dcsel
aud A ChoquettuN. w. Corner! thence'JO i halm
east, tbonce 20 chains ronth, thenee W ehnm*
wesi, theneniMch ilm north io the commencing
post, containing JO acres more or less.
Dated May 15,
Pbtrb Dbsbi i.
A. t'notji i:m:
W, A. .'"Ms. Agent
Notice ts hereby Riven Unit 00 days n ft
Intend lo apply to tbo Honorable the Uh
mlaslonor of bunds and Worki f-ir pennlsMon to
1 purchase Hie following described lands, ultnated
in Lhe dlitrlet ot Wosl Koolenay, adjoining lot
700 on the Wesl arm ol Kootonay hako. Uoin-
mem Ing al an Initial posl placed al (tie smith,
west eorn-T of Lol 70o; thenco north no chains,
tbence west 10 ohalus, thenco south !0 chalm.
tbonce east u> ehnlm to polntnl oommeno' meat.
Dated Mayas, 1900,
       .1 I -. FllA/KIt
Notice is hereby given tbatilxtyda
l nitvn.t toiippiv to Uo' Uonorabh
Oommiisloner of Lands and Works, \
permission tn purchase ibe followlui
lands in West KooU nay. Com mood
marked Kdgar W, l.ynos south mil ���
to tiarnet oreek and aboul i miles sot
ijiiito eioek and about i miles wesl o
Klver; thenee north mi chains tbei
chains, tnence souUi BO chains, then
ohalni to place of commencement, >
820 aeres, being the -same more or less. ���
Dated Jane 4, 1!H)G.
Edgar W. Dykrs,
_          V, Mires Agent,
Notice is hereby given that 00 days nfier date 1
Intend to apply to ibe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands,
Kiinuk'il iu Mocan Dlsfiiet Commencing ai
north east oorner post of Lol 88.0, thence rutin*
inn muth 80 chains, thence eail :m<-hiuuH, tbaneo
north 40 chalm, thenoe wesi noi ualni to 0, 1'. K.
right-of-way, Following same south west to a
point intercepting not lb nnont Lot 8820, tbence
east to point of commencement, containing 180
aorei more or less
Hay 80th ISM.
 i . '. Gams r
Notice is hereby given ���ton tio day* after date I
intend to make application tu <i u Honorable the
('hud Commissioner oi i audsand VVoris for per-
mission to purchase lhe following described
lands: Commencing at a pom placed on (he east
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bates'
pre-emption on tbe southwest marked "T v .'s
N. W. ecrner post." 'J hence running 80 chaini
easi: thence Ho chains south; thenco 80cbalm
more or less, ffeit to the lake shore; thenee following |ak4 shore to point of commencement,
conufnlng040 acres, more or less
Taos Kinaham
Dated this 7th (lav����� ���-
lowing some exceptional good values in Ladies' White Lawn and M
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Dated al Nol
islon i.. purchase Hi.
llil.il.nt Klri' Vnlluy,
'"."���'"''"rn""! (in'ilk
Hi easl oorner) placed hi
section S3, i..i. nslilp U;
.   -- Hence in.riti mi chains
nalnt, and thence sonth 90 chalna
oglnntnj, containing 8��0aorej,
in, h. c. jinif ..if, jss.i,
P. H. O'Ooxmi
i.i:..i��.K Voiiko, Agent.
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
Notice I* hereby givon nun BO.Iayi all r date I
inifini io make application io tho uonorable the
chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works foi permission to pnrchase ihe following describe*!
binds: Commencing ni a ppfl plaecd on the
noitheaal comer of T Kluahan's Ap|.ib'aiion lo
Pun base.tii.rkct "fl. i s comer pom," rnnnlns
HO chains east: theuce 80 chains south j ihence 80
chains west; ihence following T Klnahan's eastern bounda-y to polnl -t eommehcement, containing MO BCTCB, iiiorc or h'tw.
Hannah TTRrKSY.
Dated this 71h day ol lime, nm.
Notice is herecy givon thai 80 daw after da to I
intend lo make >ip|>J.<-alloii to the flormrablc tho
Chief Commissioner of Undi and Works for per-
purchase  tbe following  described
Dig ai a p<	
Notice is bereoy given lhal SO days from date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
inlsslouer ol I andi nnd Worki for perminion to
purchase the following descrlbod lauds in the
West Kootenay District. Band Maud, in tbe
Oolnmbla Klverabonl i miles north nt Barton
'Ity: all of said Island above hUMi water, being
10 a'Tes more ur less.
Dated ibis 1st Hay nf June. 1006,
Praxx Norton
t r Makis.ios, Agent.
Hixtv day- afi.-r dale I  inlcnd to .inp v In [be
Commiaxlnner of hands and Works, victoria, to
Head Office:   Toronto.
I)KWILK1K1,r ""�����     ho��.bobkbt��Seav
��� Pratfri
Branches in British Columbia:
purchase 100 acres nf land.   Common
post planted on the west bhnro of Arrow l^ibi
the south easi corner oi J. ���' Christie's pun iiaw
ruuniiiL' imrtb BOehaim. tbence east :ii chains
thence south 80 chains, tbence west 80 chalm u
place of eoiiiiiieiii'ctnent.
I-ocated May, 9th 1900,
A.  I'AlltllK.
L. QALUonRB. locator.
i)c[Hwifs nfcivi'd nml tntarat allowed nt owreni ratal from dateofojNrifl
nount nml oredlted hulf-ycftrlr. 1
'  OTllIltl
mtlon oi in,
'i be
d the north I
dary .
if J   Hale- pre
..���,, ofT Klnahan'i
DO, murkel'T. K.Jr's s \V
following .1. Bates'eastern
uiiriary, in crialni north; thencefiochainsessl;
I COCO   Hi Chains to  tlm  no Iheru boundary ol
ii ii mill "jenny's Application to Purchase;
icnco following tbenorthetli bonnda*y oi same
ul northerly boundary ot T. Klnahan's Appli-
tton to Purchase, to poir i id commencement,
ntaming B-Joaoresi more or Iofh.
sinner i
111 lhe
posl ll
The following is from  Ihe Colonial
of lasi Friday.    We hnve heen holding
ii on our hooh to ascertain if the Nelson Dally News would square Itself. Its
silence Is only another evidence of its
lack of political honor, ami wo may toll
the Colonist  lhal  li  need  express no
surprise nl anything the News will say;
"Tho Nelson News, much to our surprise, follows the lead of the Vancouver
World In connection with the charges
made againsl the lands and works department    re Pendray    lota,    it says:
'Severn! Instances have arisen tn   the
pasl few months Indicating thai Information was obtainable from tbe landa
and works department by favored par-
lles thai should never have been allowed to leak out.'   It is (inly manly on the
part of newspapers making such assertions io particularise,    We should,  iu
fairness to ihe department, like to know
one instance in which this has occurred,
If the News Ih aware of one or several
Instances of leakage, we will guarantee
io have ihem brought to the attention
oi  the government) wiih n formal request thai Ihey he made Ihe HUhjGCl of
Investigation by Lhe commission to be
appointed In connection with the Pendray  case.    It  is cither trim or a  lie
thai there are Buoh Instances, ami the
responsibility In either CaBe rests upon
ih" editor of the News,"
A. McDonald & Co.
DenJera in staple aud fancy Grooorioa
Buttor, Eggs, -
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies
n��i��'d this 7th day of .hme.
Notice Is herby given   Mutt [intend, 60 days
niter ditte iu nppiy to the ciiiid Commissioner of
Lands nud Woiks for permission to purchase tbe
following described lainji situate at Fire Valley,
Kootenay district. Commencing hi a post (marked George Young Vorib wet corner) placed at
ibe north west corner of seclion 38 towns-hip 00;
(hence easl ni chains to the norlh east corner of
paid section 28} thence south -in chains, theuce
wesi mi chains, thence north n> chalna to the
place of beplnnlng, containing sw acres  and
bi-niK Ibe northerly half olcnld section 88, township W.
rated nt Nelson, IJ. C June 5th KJC6
Qrqhoe \
Notice  is  hciely k I veil  Unit I lnlend,lrl) davc
fter date, to apply to ibe Chief C. mmls-doner ot
\ uv-iv-j f���r pormuslon io purchase
orlbeu lands, situate at Fire
District    Commencing ai a
irgo Voung norlh east corner)
-��� comer of eeeti"*' '"'
aft.. w���
l-atids ami  w
Hie tollowlna d
Valley,   Kooten'i
post (marked   Q
Hfwdat fhe north"e
lownablpOD; thenco ao
east cornor ol said m
| hnlns, thenco norll
i the soi
 __.   I    runs, ibenic norlh
io chalna to ibe p'ac<
Old Curiosity Shop   ZFA%*m!t<&.'
  '    Dated nt Nelson, B.
Notice Is hereby gIron lhal 1 Intend DO daya
afterdate lo apply n> Iho Chief Commissioner of
Ijinds and "oiks for permission lo purchase
lhe followiiiK descrlbeil lands,situate at lire
Valley, Koolenay   'Istrict.    rojimencfng nl  u
pjsl (marked I. Qallagiier- sonih west corner)
pliiecd nl lhe south   wesl comer of section 83.
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N-iili.vl, !���.���.,���
Uhlol Rommlssi!
iwnnlsjlol in,
iflnii.l: 'in
nf K.
'flu' phoenix Pioneer of iji��t unck
has n Btrong article on the Inadequacy
��� ii iin1 postal facilities in existence be-
'wi'cn thai clfy and Oreonwood. Two
cificK. soarcely five miles apart, having
together n population of nearly 1.000
people, nml wiih ihe distance botween
liitlillii; liv ml
"mui' moro ol
���;:;;���;;.";"'>�����'>, ("'MiiyMifLT
1 'fi;  lo llio lini,,���.���|,i,. ,1,,.
u' ��;.&;:;;',!',��������::::
��J  "riltsh  Coltimbla and
',,;;-'1 "���'�������"I   WM acres  be
Jess, which panel may bo
-'I   as  fnllovs,    11'1,1,1.
mdnry of
mor.   ....
me 11 dug ai a poim on ih. numerjy boundary
l. 7080 0. 1 West Kootenay Plstrict, being tin
south CASl corner of I, OffMO. 1; ihence wesleily
toe. Ing Ihe aoiltherly boundary of I,. (INSI 0   I,
us mure or less to ihe n.uiii west oor-
said  r.oi 0801 li. li thonco aetronomlc
tn  eltalna   more   or  lou   to   the   nioiii-
tmhiry ���! 0. H. Balloch's Appl lent I o
KoMheni ���terly (oiiowim; iin- north*
���"daryofaatd D. It. Bnlloeli'* ,\ppiicat|r-
���bt.873 chains
ns" Hayj them-.
-ihl Biora In n ,,
 irtb MlelmliiN lo the Hurt
of laid section B��j thonco BOBl I
CO .smith WI cbfllliM to Ibe ROIII
.aid notion 88, and   tl.cnce  WCSl   I
piece of beglunlug containing M
.. ���ing the westerly hair id aald aeo
nm :i;t, township 00,
Dated ai Nolaon, ii o. Junefi'b IBM.
  I.. QAtslsAOIIHH,
Notice ts herebi Kiveij  lhal   I   Intend, IM  day
niter dale tu apply to tin- Cfiief Commissioner o
Lands nnd Work" for permission to purchase tin
followiiiK described hinds ,md pfemlsos, MI10.U
ai Kin- VOlloy, Koolenay IMsirlct     Co ICHClnj
nl a posl (marked i'. II. O'Connor norlh cast corner) placed at ihe north east conn r of aectlon
"    iwnsblpflni thonco south W oh a I na, thenoe
'bains, Ihcnce  uo'Lli  -In ehalni  to  tlm
litry olsnid section L'l; nmi ihen
��� io the piooo i.f beginning) con-
l, niul being Hi" north east oii"-
  ui ���bio acotlon 21, township 89.
Nelson. H (.'. June'itli 1008,
P,H. O'Uowort,
  OaoBQH yotmo, Agent.
MiUoo Is hereby given that 00 daya from dale
lo  apply   to  lhe  Honorable   the Chlel
 '-  d  hands nnd   Works for  perml.
went ���!(
ttorllierly I,
QS0III 10 Ol
Mining rn
is hereby flvcii (lint IV)dayi from dale I
to apply to the Honorable the Com in If-
ol  Lands  ami   Works   fur  permission   lo
ao the following described lands, situate
West Kootenay District,  tttarilng (rom a
inked viiitnmi Ernest Davison'sh. k. posl
aOOUl two mile'- esat of Deer park on (he Arrow
Lakes thenre-10chalna louth, thenco lo chains
west, thence in chains north, thence east to point
of commencement, containing aboul IM) acres.
Dated ihltSth doyol Juno, 1806.
\\ il.i t.i��  KhM-i   Havi-ms.
Notice la hereby given thai 00 daya after dale I
inlcnd to appk to tbe Honorable tne Chief Com-
tc'-:sli>tierof Lands and Works' for permission in
purchase ibe rollnwfng described lands m the
Wosl Kootenay district)  menclng al a poal
marked "Natnanlol Mclntyro'i ft E. corner,"
planicd on llio west side of the Colnmhla Itlvcr,
nboul ' miles nor lb of Hurt on City, ami ho cbnlns
north of tho souib-west corner ortx>l878, (bene,,
north hi ehalns, thence wesl 80 chains, thenco
non th ho chains, thence easl 80 chalna lo point, ol
commencement, containing OiO acres.
Daied this iJib day of Juno, 1908.
Nathaniel HcImTYSI
T.f, Mnkinson. Agent.
Notice iv bereby given thai 80 'lays ai
inmud to apply to the Honorable tbe CI i
mlssionorof Undsand Works for permission u
purchase   the   following  described   lauds:   Coin
raenelng at a poat placed on (be m>rth shore o
tbe went arm of Kootenay l4tke, at the nortlioaa
corner of John t-trauks' pre*ompllon, thonci
WCSt  111 chains,  more  of  loss,   lo  Hie sonlbcast
c.riier of Loi No. 7405, thenre north 40 chaini
thence east in chains more or less, thence north
10 chalna to the polnl of commencement
Haled .'line 1Mb, 1908,
O. H. Ari'bBTON,
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to ibe
i CommissionerofUndsHml Work., victoria,fnr
a-pecini ifeens.'io cut ami carry away timber
from Hie foiion-hiK described lands, Commencing utn post marked J B.A.,8. w.corner, planted on the west bnuk of Cayouae Creek where the
creek- intersects ihecusi boundary of lot 5817 and
rudnlng norlh 100 chains, thenee east 40 chains,
thence south too chains, tlienco weal to point of
Juno 9th 1900.
  J. K. ASNAIll R.
Blxty dnya after date! Intend to oppii- to tin
commissioner of Undi and Works, Victoria u
purchase KlUncroiof Land situate nud described
as follnwa Commencing at a pout pitmie.i on
the eaat shore of Arrow UiU>- opposite Kdgewood
Lauding   nl   tho   soiilb   west  corner   of   .lames
 leyTs pre-emption and marked P. L. N. W.
hence enst im ehalna,thence south m
iienee westoncltatna to ine lake ahoro,
th nloiiir the lake shore to place of
,, n.,.i;..�� .        ""owed nt ciirrriit nttaal (KB
tJ��  Mas  LAY, Managtf
P. Burns & Co,
WHOLB8AM   ANIi Hkt.mi,
Branch Mnrkota in
��h��<   Trml,   N,.is������,   g^,^
Denver and Blooon City.
Etendon, 'I'lin. Koria Xnl
Order, i,y mnil ,���
OOF |iriiin|it ���
jnr bronoh .nn i,.
Head Office: NplsonfB.cl
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
WholtMtal, Pr��,vlMl�����M
Pfoduo^,        .        ,,ruiu
froTthe'ohn^r1^,r"j"i''?""",! ,fH,'li" woolwd wmU�� 'mil
i'�� mlo by nil leading gnwera.
il wnroli
'tuei Houston Blook
Nelson, B. C.
JunoSCth lis.
...   ,,   , P. I.AMl.Nr.
Nulli'i' fs lii-rcfiv irlvni Hint iViilnvsiifliT'Inlr
till I In iil'j'h I,, [In. ll.,,inriil,li. iin- Chlol I'	
mlsslonorot I,,... In ., n.t Works for normliilon i<
inirilniiii. Iin-  f.ill.n.liii.' ilr.iTlln.il  lninls    U -
 "hlfiitn posl linirlii.il VI, IC   Mi'. ��. IC. 1'iirilM
planted ui tho N w. oorner nf w. A. Cnlilor'i
pro-ompllon in I'fir Valley, running flOohilns
in,nil   lu ih,, i,is west, M ojialns toutli, Mohnln,
W. f{, McCANnMKH, l.(irilliir
IV. A. ('.ii.i.Kii, Agent.
mil in p]n
I IiiiiiiiI
1,1 II,,
I 'HI.1, .-l.it,
Dntoa Juao i
ftiMowltiK llicsinu.
north fiiMrriv fiit,.i'-
 ,.,,-.., iubsinihosnntli ivestoor.
l.iit 7080li. II Hi ,��� northerly follow-
itorly t tniiity of hniii int it.'sti if. i,
nn,,i. in IcJa. lo pnini ,,[ eommonre*
, iikin.
B. M. Bhyisirh.
��','ii t��� nurohiue the ,,ii,'.'i",. "',"*'��� '���" permli.
i" tho *o�� K,i, ,,.���!' '",'���' ll"��'ii'i"l funds,
ni a Rlvor.ib ,[-},,    lr"',,'1"*1, "l'1'- "' Hoi
Proo llonoK tii,7i.']'L"[,U!]" '""""'��
��ry of H If Kn I' " ' ""' ''"rift bonnil"
well a, ,'i���ii���,    ���",,',' ',' "" "liltn, thenee
Deled this Und ,\���r ���,,, i ,,,���.
tarn M. WtNimi
liAi.i'it Bi.vie, Agent,
o Apply i��� |(���
��> Lemli atni h
��� followln
���ionot'.hii'ffi ?.'.''���', "'
"I  till nrown i'iiiiii..,t i      . . '���""���'Iluvi.sl ,.,���ii,.r
"ii'K in .��� ,,   ,,,,   i,' I,'1,'" flro Volley      ,
" it loiuli'ion, !.",',!.",rl1'' ��Si
icno aotb, moo
The Hall Mini^^d Smel%|
Company, Limited.
Z!!!^L^        and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterpr^fM
P��ch, Creosote, Oils f0f PfcservtoR T,mb?ff
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bool Bnildem will n
�����1 It to their ad
Ivnntngo tonne onrPitch.
^^ok^nri Gas Co#t ui ���
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
Ve hate a fe^ Slotv Goods and Odd t
Lines of stock that we wish to move
out this iveek. Cost does not come
into the prices %)e are selling them at.
SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing for a
shady nook, ruin won't hurt them. Original price #2.25, clearing nt        each
, LUNCH BASKETS, the regular 45c, 3Sc
and 25c kinds, clearing at .....each
HABY^ HAMMOCKS, regular price $1,50,
clearing at  cach
regular #7.50, clearing at each $4.75
LACROSSE STICKS, regular $2.00, clearing a<   each $f,00 ���
(Ine Pound Packets {4% quires) Cream Laid I
Sni Odavo Notcpaper, worth 15c per quire. T
Clearing at a packet    20c
75c ���
Square or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet 5c
Twelve Inch Hand Bag $3.00, for $i.5o ���
li  Potirteen Inch Hand Bag $3.50, for  J.75 ���
Sixteen Inch Hand Bags $3.75, for   2.oo ���.
Eighteen Inch Hand Bags $4.25, for  2,io ���
Suit Cases $3.50 each, for  J.7o ���
Suit Cases #4.25 each, for  ?..on ���
Suit Case $5.00, for  2.25 4).
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
r44444444444t ������������������������������������������
fhe Nelson Brtwing Co'y, Ltd.
Hn wi "'1 ll,,iil,T�� iii
pne Lager Beer and Porter
Miiiiiifiirtiin'r* nf
Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
IPIIONB No. 3-��.
It. ��\   2.14.
And Ihe Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
trtftAAs4 j.^^^.^.^.*.*.**.*.^.^      ^^.^aj.j.j.a. ��j.^aj.j.^.a ��.j.jj.j.��j.^.*.<
dominion Day
Base Bail
Oolvtllo vs. N,.|.���,M Senior i KokhIiiihI vn. Nelsou, .Imv Slid
Caledonian Sports    | Rock Drilling
Gun Club Tournament
Foot Ball
Ooloman in Nelson
I! Base Ball
Troll v��. Nolson Jnuli
Log S%��* Contests
Launch Races
Music by Nelson Gty Band
Special Rates en All Railways
dy 2nd and 3rd
Nelson, B. C.
The Daily Canadian, June 26, (906
City  Council's First  Formal   Division���
Endorse Suburbs' Petition to
Education Office.
The negotiations for a new lakeside
park havo fallen through for the present. The city council rhinks tjoo an
acre should secure a clear title without
limitations as to use, and the company
owning ilie property in apparently not
in a hurry to sell. The old tramway
park will be used at least for the, balance of iho current year.
The proceedings of last nights regular council meeting were enlivened by
a debate and a formal division over the
disposal or a request from ihe Salvation
The council met al X o'clock, those
present being Mayor Gillett, in the
chair, and Aldermen Hume, Selous, Annable, Kirkpatrick, Rose nnil Irving.
Tho minutes of lhe last meeting wero
lead and adopled.
The mayor reported that lhe collars
lor lhe lire department horses would
be replaced hy the Toronto manufacturing firm wiih properly fitting collars
Without extra expense.
Tlie finance commiltee asked for Information about a salary provided for
an extra policeman. Tlie mayor explained it as being due lo extra work in
enforcing the cily bylaws. The committee then rejrorted, rerommending
payment ol accounts totalling J4.159.51
nnd a payroll of $lS5.or>. The re|>nrt
was  Adopted  and  payment ordered.
A ielter from Jl. nnd. M. Bird in regard to the city's right of way down
Cottonwood creek for the city pipe line,
enclosed a letter from .1. S. Dennis. 0.
P, It. land commissioner, slating thai a
right of way could not be granted, and
Ihe city must deal wiih the purchasers,
i ne letter was filed.
A letter from Brigadier Smeaton, of
the {Salvation Army, asked for a grant
from the city In aid of their Rescue
Hume work.
Alderman Selous moved to refuse.
The mayor thought ibe work deserved
aid. Other aldermen favored Iho movement, bul thought thai the city's tlnan-
clal position did not warrant a graid's
being made.
On a motion lo refer the request to
llu> finance committee, Alderman Selous
objected that lhe only report that could
be made was already known to ihe
Alderman Hume moved to grant *t$Q,
but was nol seconded.
Alderman Irving's motion wns carried on the flrsl division of Iho year
that required a poll���yeas, the mayor
and Aldermen Irving, Amiable and
Rose; nays. Aldermen Selous, Hume
and Kirkpatrick.
A letter from fi. Crow Maker merely
acknowledged the receipt of a letter
from tho city clerk slating Hint the city
objected to the clause in tho proposed
agreement of purchase of the new park
limiting the city lo lhe use of tho property [or park purposes only.
An informal discussion followed. Alderman Kirkpatrick suggested expropriation*, but was answered tbat such
a course would involve lhe same limitation.
Alderman Rose remarked lhat Nelson
has n park capable of improvement)
but others thought that a park on the
lake front should he secured if possible.
It was resolved that tho city should
pay lhe taxes and make some improvements on the old park.
W. A. Mncdonald. K. 0,, wrote in relation lo tho West Kootenay Power and
Light Company's appeal, stating ihat
he had .secured nn agent in London,
nnd would have n senior counsel engaged shortly. His own fee as junior
counsel was agreed upon with the commit lee.
In reference to the question of lhe
p'Loughlln building, the former Qrand
View hotel, the City solicitor gave his
opinion lhal unless It wns considered a
dangerous nuisance, its dombUUoti
could not bo ordered, and In any case
a bylaw would bo necessary.
Tho letter wns referred to the mayor
and  Chief  Oensy.
A potMion from the property owners
of Addition A for a school, or for permission io send children to iho city
schools,  wns  received.
A. Hinde was present on behalf of
iho petitioners, and  was introduced by
Alderman Rose.
Mr. HindQ said that all the petition*
ors wished In send their children to
lhe Nelson schools, nud hoped lhat nr-
rangements to that end might be made.
Il was resolved thai lhe council
should endorse uio petition for a grant.
In tho discussion ii was resolved that
Die city voted In annex Ihe soclton in
which tlie petitioners live, rfhd that the
mutter had died four yours ago in Iho
office of Iho provincial secretary. On
motion of Alderman Hose, the clerk
was instructed to write inquiring as to
Ihe stains of Ihe n'��'S'i<>n-
Alderman Rose inquired about two
requests of his referred to tho fire, water nnd light committee, and never reported upon. A meeting was (hereupon
arranged for today.
The cily clerk asked Instructions as
to Hie purchase of city debentures, and
was loltl to purchase as funds wero
Alderman Irving reported that Kwong
Wing Ohong had 14 nozzles at work
keeping his house cool at the city's expense. Tho mayor undertook to investigate.
The council then adjourned to .luly
Wcllman on  the Way.
Trondhjem,   Norway,  June 80,��� Walter   Wcllman.   lender of   the Wellmati
Chicago Bacord-Hefflld Arctic expedition, arrived hero today, nnd will pro-
rood lo Tmsoe hy steamer tomorrow.
The chief difference between a man
and a monkey Is that the monkey tan-
not talk���a poinl in favor ut thu
Most  men's hearts are reached through their own.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's 5pai.il Mixture?
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize the 0000 who nre
here now, ami we will
l>e a long way toward onr poal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to i\ny aperient
nnti-rhenmulie waters botfled in
the Unileil
If you use enough of it we
can bupport another
family in Nelson.
St, Co., Limited.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made ilnily throughout Nelson
nud its'stiburfcs. Pho �� MH.
Gait Coal
Tennn Hj.ot L'tuli
tplepliono 2tir,
oK.W.KIt TKNDBR9, murk on. "Tondor f.ir Tim.
vj hor Limit, Kootenay iistrot," win be rr-
ifivfii by the itnnorsiffnwl, up to noon oi Satur*
ilny, tin' ,'tfllli ilay nf Juno, \m, from nny p.rs.m
dost ring to obtain n spc.ui timber license to cut
nnil corry nwny timber fiom Lol 7,221, tlrottpl.
Kootonay I Jul riot, iMtuotod near UcNoflllo,i hi��i-
Ing, on the Hue of tho Crow's Nost hue Hallway
nml ��� -in tn iin :.���:  11:1 Hl'tVH tuort! or Ions.
Tin- pi'ison offering tbe highest rash bonus
will be entitled to a siwIhI llt'ctisu cover 1uk the
lain lot, renewable for twenty-one BUOeuWo
Bach tender must be accompanied by a oertl-
fled cheque, mado payable at par in Victoria to
tbe iiiiibrstjjncd, for the amount, $UA,0Q. of ilie
tlist yi'iu's (bet for fuii-h Npe, inl license, an.I Ibe
amount of 'lie bonna tendered, nnd jiImi a certified Obeqiiu (or 9202.70 for coal ol loeatlnir, advertising ami surveying of said lot.
Deputy Commissioner of l.muis and Work*,
Lninls and Works lieinirtment,
Victoria, B.C., 7th .nine. 1006,
Thirty days after date I intend making applies!! n in the Honorable the Chief Cowraiwioner
of Lands nml work*, lorn special license to rut
mid cum nway timber from the followlnK lies*
crllicd lninls. CommelieiiiK at ft post placed ou
thflsouthern boundary ol Timber Ueentie No
tW75, and abont in cluiins u rlli or the N. W. corner ol lot Mi <-. l. Wesl KoootlKT. iiiun.UK thenee
wotl SO cluiins. Hi Mice son Hi SO elinlnn, ihem-e
.'isl Kn elm ns, llieneo north Htl chaiim to point ot
Dated Hllli April WOO.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms lire well furnished.   Tabic us good us .01/
'"       ���a.     B.r supplied w'"    "'
11.. i... rs. ami clears.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Ttemont House
Knropean and American Plan
Meals .''< cts.   Rooms Irom -25 cts. to %\
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Btr Is the Finest.
White Help Only Kmplor��I.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner T)a/>tt 1 (\r
Or "Half and Half"   DCCl    i \)L*
The only Glnss of Good Boer in NelHon.
Hotel Accommodations second to
nnni' in British Columbia.
Specinl Bates to Mouthly Boarders.
The only Homo Hotel in Nelsou.
Lake VietD
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blockn from
Rates 11.00 per Day
ami up.
No Chinese Help employed.
I^SS.%      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
(lenlrally Looatetl, Open Day anil Nfirht
Hainple anil R.tfi Rihiiiis Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vrrnon Streets.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkius, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Kaki-r Street. Nelson. II. 0,
Lighted by Klectricity and
Heated by Hot Air
l.iirct. and (louilortahfe Reilrooms anil First*
class Pining Room. Sample Booms lor I'.miin.'r.
ftial Men.
MRS. K. (,'. ri.ARKK. Proprietress
/��� P/"V\TT7        H"' w<'" know
Ow Bpor(��nHU'ii i��
tho Finest in tho
West Transfer Co.
General Tetmsters and Dealers in
('inl aud Woo. .   KxpivKs and
Uaggaffe Tnius'er
Telephone .-'f
VS&A Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clouting light and soil excellont.
Very eiisy terms on payment ran be arranged.
Phone 247.   Ofllce next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 816.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call    If       t%       WW      R��D 1^
and examine our list.    JTX*   Q&   If *%*   *W\t9*%S^.M^tr
nsCTrancb.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estalilished Real Kstute
BufilnoKS iu Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands In this district.
Host of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, wpe��&kbank
We Will .Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermld & McHardy
Choice Fruit 1 ^^ ^p00 Act*.
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 iu one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Wliolosiile am)  [Mail lVnlers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampe supplied on short^Ht notice nnd
lowest price. Notblujg but fronh nnd
wholesome iiH'iitsniid supples kept in block
Mnil orders receive careful ftttentiou.
E. C. TRAVES, Maoagw.
Thompson & Douglas
��AI!NTBI��S anil
Slitn Writl.iK a Spauls.lty.
W..II Psspur ssn��J 1 lurlssp.
First Olitss Beating Plnnls and Modern
Saiiitury Aiipliniici'H.
90 Day Round Trip
JUdO I    4*44
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
Tliroti(!li Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of salo : Juno 4, (1, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 8:   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8, 10.
TIekets subject to usual variations of
route nml Include meals and berth on
C. P. K. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
1). P. Agent, l.elson, II. C. The Dally Canadian, June 26, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We have aboul BO different ktoda,
in Stirling :unl Knniinl, ranging
in price from OOcta to $8 60 each, nnd most of them are new derigxia
In Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper CntterH, oto., we hav
nl) the latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs,      If you ore
looking for :i Souvenir we cannot fail to suit you.
Hall orders receive prompt aud careful attention.
��� ���������������������*������������*������***>*��*������������*���
I Three Big Leaders*
|     For Hot      I
I     Weather      ! I
* * i
I     Drinks.       i
'The Store of Sweets,"
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
:' Monseratt Lime Juice!
Cooling unci Refreshing,
I ��� :
| Welch's Grape Juice ���
* To ooo ijunri Bweoteued lemon- X
ade add   one   tumbler  (Unpc*
Photic 88. linker .St.
NKI.SOV, 11  0.
Juice, nml yen have n tlelioiouf
i Morton's Raspberry   j
Vinegar j
The only genuine. We hnvcJ
others hut these ore tlio season'bi
favourites. *
Bell Tradmg|
44 <A Tip" for a
44 Canadian Mo rn ing. *
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
| Joy's Cash Grocery
14 Pound Boxes 28c per pound
2S Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor.Jueplilafliuti] Kill St*.     t*hnnc 19
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in Ihe Land.
Out*. V.rnon und Ward Mtru.tM,
INSL.SON,   u. C.
.1   FEED HUME, Proprietor.
G A McKlnnon, T I) Lloyd, Toronto:
l l< Eulin, Victoria: W ll Brandon,
Silverton; A VV McKenzle, Portland;
li !���: Holloway, Kokanee; E ti Richardson, .1 E McNattgnton, Vancouver; A T
Cushlng, Edmonton; 0 E Gage. Windsor.
P l. Hammond, Letnbridge; s Murray
and wife, Midway; H l! Jorand, Slocan;
A McQueen, Kamloops.
I. Keefe, Ynilr; \v t; Small, Cranbrook; Mrs. A Smith. Fernie; Mrs
fuze, Eholt; .1 ll Largeux, 0 Sutherland, c A Peate. Ottawa: C F Barton,
Toronto; VV 11 Sullivan and wife, Winnipeg; G M Annable. Moose Jaw; E
McDougall, Nakusp; F Qulnn. Vancouver.
J W Delaney, Kaslo; R Dewar, Slr-
dar; H L Eller. 0 Schwlnke, Salmo: A
McArlbur,  Ferguson;    F Fitzwilllams,
VV  Swltzer,   Pembroke;   C  VV   King.
0 C Williams, Fernie; F Tarry, Rlv-
ervlew;   II    T Morrison.    Beasley;   11
Farrell, Slocan: .1 Serson, Argenta.
.1   Dawscn, M  Montague, Cranbrook;
���I  Dixon. Ynilr.
W  Moss,  Spokane;   T W  Harrison,
K s Dowllug, Spokane:  A .1  West,
Sarnla;  D McKlnnon, New Denver; A
Luroslow, Prulsun.
F   Edwards,   ft'averly;   .1   ,M   Brown,
Forty nine Creel,: io Illvilie, Spokane,
Wo have Jusl received u shipment of
8blrrln"8 Jelly Powder in lhe following
Wild Cherry
Strnw hurry
Pine Apple
I 'istachlo
Telephone 101,
Monday and Tuesday,
July 2nd and 3rd.
Return engagement of
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2H ��� Colored Stars ��� 2K
Presenting the cleverest feature* of
Minstrelsy, Opera aud Vaudeville.
Mahara's challenge Band nud Orchestra,
Wnleli for Big St reel Parade.
Usual prioas,   Bents on Sale al Ruffier-
ford's Saturday,
Hotel girl. Apply nl Cluli Hotel. E.
J. Curran.
Boy wanted Immediately, nged 16;
permanent job, to work on steam launch
and do chorea In garden, eic. Further
particulars from VV. I). Husk, mom No.
l. K. vv. ('. block, between the hours of
1  anil :: p, m��� except Saturday.
Fred Irvine left for Spokane this
morning on a business trip. He will
be absent two or three days.
The congregation of the Methodist
church will liuiti a public meeting In
the church tonight to welcome iheir
new pa8tor ami his family.
W. M, Wood, landing waiter of tho
Rossland customs ofllce, left the Koot
(n.i.v Lake hospital yesterday, and re
turns to Rossland tonight to resume
his duties.
The Kirmess committee of the board
nf directors of the library wish to thank
nil those wbi) by service, donations or
patronage helped to make the carnival
so successful.
There was no docket in the city police court ihis morning Tbe vigilance
nf ibe police bas secured the enforce
ment of all the bylawH and kept vo
grants on tbe move.
Mrs. William Bradlej and her dnugh
ier. Irene, left for lhe east this morn
Ing. Mrs. Bradley will spend several
months visiting friends and relatives
in ibe neighborhood of Orangovllle,
The members of the Coleman association football team have engaged
quarters al ihe Tremonl hotel, ami will
arrive Sunday night. The Nelson team
is in good condition and practicing res
Jacob Dover has been In the city for
the past few days, alter an extended
trip th rough tho interior of British Columbia. Mr. Dover found business encouraging in ihe Boundary. In fact,
ii was good at every place he visited.
Qeorge Thurman left for Winnipeg
this morning to visit bis mother, who
has been seriously ill for several
months.    Mr.  Thurman   will  probably
be absent lor three weeks. This has
been his first visit to Winnipeg In six
G. M. Annable. of Moose .law. is in
lhe oily. He has been looking over his
timber interests in British Columbia.
Tbe crops in the Vicinity Of Moose Jaw,
according to Mr, Annable, are well advanced, notwithstanding the unusually
heavy rains.
We have jnsi opt ned up a stock nf
Princess   Enamelled   Ware
Imported Direct.
We have Ten and Coffee Pots, cream Pitchers, Cups, Saucers and  Plati     In
all fancy and delicate sbadei  that resembli genulm  Chlnaware.   .Insi
the Uilng for camping.    Won'l   break
���IIO.-SU lfi.
.m:i.son. ii. c
Hot Weather Drinks
Morton's Raspberry
Quart Bottles   -   65c
Ptire Grape Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   70c
Lime Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   50c
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
C. A* Benedict]
Corner Silica and Josephine sis,
Arrangements are being made for
holding a special Dominion Day service
In the MethodiBI church nexl Sunday
evening In consequence lhe series of
summer services announced in Insi Sun
days Issue will not begin until Sunday
Juh  8th.
ChuiieH Maliby forwarded a big
bunch of roses to his old friend, James
Lawrence, of Winnipeg, ibis morning.
The roses were picked from Nelson
gardens, and with the care taken by
Mr, Maltby for their protection, they
should reach Mr. Lawrence iu a good
state of preservation.
Kam Yon, locally known as "the Chinese doctor," will appear in the provin
clal police conn at 10 a. m. tomorrow
to answer the charge of "practicing or
professing to practice medicine for
hire, gain or hope of reward, not being
a registered medical practitioner of the
Province of British Columbia."
The Royal Bank of Canada is now issuing to its patrons a neat little cheque
book, it is leather-covered, and may
be carried in the pocket without dan
ger of having the cheques all crumpled
tip. Tbe Imperial bank issues a similar cheque book, which bas been found
of great convenience to depositors who
only write out n few cheilites during
ihe mouth.
J. H. Haw thorn thwaite, M. L A. foi
Nanaimo, and lender of the Socialist
party in Itritish Columbia, will address
the electors of Nelson in Sherman's op*
era bouse Friday night, June 29lh. Tbe
leader ia to speak at Pernio next Monday al a gathering of representatives
of labor. On his return trip he will address meetings al Cranbrook, in the Slo-
can,  Rossland and  Boundary districts
The regular general meeting of the
Twenty Thousand Club will be held In
the board of trade rooms this evening
at 8:30 o'clock. The question of run
Ding Thursday excursions will be decided it is understood thai main
members are of opinion thai Sundaj
excursions would pay better. As many
diner matters, including reports Irom
all committees, will be considered, the
The Store of Quality
The Good Old
Summer Time
If yon wanl to keep cool the liesi way
lo do so in to buy some of our
Hot Weather Drinks
Our Block  Is complete and yon run
Dud almost anything you wnnl Here,
Lime Juice
Champagne Cider
Grape Jnlce
Lemon Squash
Raspberry Vlnogar
Thorpe's Aerated Waters
Mason's Lemonade Crystals
Mason's Herb Beer
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Try oat Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nats and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
Surrounded by Hooks
Helps mightily to pass vacation daya
pleasantly.   It is easj to get
by patronizing this store. Tbe cream
of the new books ;is they come out are
to be found on our shelves*
We have Jusl received Guy Thome's
new book, "Made in His Intake." Cloth,
$1.50. We will procure for you any
book you want.
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B.C.
I'I....... 34.
BOOK8EM.KH ��n.|
A full line of Cniwktrv,
ciih-ta unci OlaMwara.
Alto Second Hand Ooodiol Kvery De*rlp.
Hon.   We Imv.' p. it the Rood* aod toll at
Lowest Price* ft Town.
Baker L"t . next In C.P.R Tickul Offli i .
executive hopes for a large attendance.
Every member uf fhe rlnl> will be we]
No change In the quotation of any
metal occurred on either the London
or New York market today.
The Oreal Northern offices will he
moved fo the (Iriflln block early next
week. The corner store In lhal building is now fltteil lip, nml when completed if will make n handsome office.
Tne express business of the Oreal
Northern will be located In the new
And Builder
Sole ngont for the Pnrio Kico Lumber
(Jo., Ltd., retail yards.
Bough nml dressed lumbar, turned work
and bracket*, Ooml lath and shingles,
sash ninl doors.
Dement, hriok and lime fur wile. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory  Vernon. St..
east of Rill.
Telephone m.    Nelson, B. C.
O.t >:/j r/llin
YiiilkiU iNdntfint/ s/i/its in tit lit/lit
Bcyondth Ui&ffdnam-Seitbcaaih it.
that the .1 links serves! a- our Sod. Kenntiilu
iiiei Iodic properties besides refresliinit
We nil only rent frull syrups ol thi flattl
<|iiiillly       rimiitalii. |.,iiitit,.r. Blisses Md
receptacles un kepi Krnpulously oleto
Hiker Strict, Ne
riiis has lieen a good week from the
flshermens point of view. There have
been many fishing parlies, nml ihe re
su ts have been all lhal the mosl do-
voted fisherman could wish fur.
Comfortable Shirts
-gwr^' nssfttt lavs ^
We  sel]   Hi
comfortable kind,
if you wish neat and thorough!*
Oar Sta-Zon Will Salt You
JKWKI.LKK      and      OPTICIAN
Ihu nt'ciwlty in ivi-ry wrll nfUlfttad li.nnc.   Our 0lOBktoombli.i i
ofdeclro .vith ibwlutoflocurtcj ns Ume keepen. w.. llMll, .,, :*""r
otourOlooki tho? are li<-r��' uun-nt vHri.-ty of Myim from j, '^"'Ni.ii
mil uJ.iMii, ui 18 1111 Ui Hi'- Due import,'.I oOM,     Wt- tlu t,,      u
���Ttto��,te furniture
i Standard Ftifnittire Companyl
��� M,,*""(7-;',|i',��i,n., Complete House Fufnishers and UndcrUktn. *
J     1.. Wi roiofte Book i'H.cs Csm nnd Offloa Parnltara
ttttttttrfTTtttt��tttt��tflttff H<tHII��MMM��M|
'""    Repairing and Jobbing a Speciiiil
sheetineinl Work, Oastiuge, Bnllders' Uaterta] andJDnlns nml HUllU
PHonsj jo-��.
1 flliee nml Works Fool of I'nrk 81
>tf��������, 11. t|
l E Ashdown Hardware Co., Li
We would invite you to iiiH]Mi>r out lttrxe nnil vnriiil ittck nf
No need to suffer from heal It yon
will only enll nml ��sk 1
f::: Hot Weather Requisite
Stare open from 7 a.m. to 0 p.m. every day exoept holidnys and Siniilaji
SV^r* ^B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONE YMAN ~��~~vy\A
Rapalrlns ...yi .loi.i.inu exueutwt �� Iti. 1iu.pni1.l1.  si.vci Met
\N...-k. Mining .....1 mmi >\..ciii..orv.    Moihurssuturarsiol
Oi-.. t-.n-M.   H.  u.   Ciiiitrnct.irN'  Curs.
I Doe't Forgst we ue SEMI-READY
1 ""d,"a,te's   n~4.t*i~.,i
MANUFACTURERS    T i_ o* *       1
and dealers in Lumber, ah*iigles,
U��th, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
rurnedWork and Braolcwta. MaUOrdaw promptly alKeiMf
\'l;i<.><).> .sihi;i;i
M:I..S()\, l��. c:.
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let ns make v>
one suit we'll convince yon that the clothes wc
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Ilk.li.rtfficu T..U...... _^"��
Hlgh-Olass Tailor
linker HI,, Nelrtui, B "
Carpet Sweeper
a.-�� Aoknowl��dB��d t., i>��� Withoul  " ��lvnl'
WI!   Soil TI1u.11.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Coy,^


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