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The Daily Canadian Aug 1, 1906

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Array Spailg (_t*mafcian
IK  I-     N'��.   50.
Fifty Cents a Month
bvol-fion Spreading on
Land and Sea
',d Spreading "Group  of   Toil"
Manifesto are Tactics Adopted
by Revolutionists.
Uplsingfnrs. Finland, Aufiu.1 1.���
I, . j luiwu'ii the mutineeri and
:|i |0Vai troops wan waged during
l(Wi nf tho pasl night The ofthnon-
j,!,. ��-aii heavy, the lirinK ol the Kirn*
miisliiii; iin awfully Inspiring spec
l(,|,,    in tlie    thoiisunils    tilling     tho
ol vantage on Observatory hii*.
���,,: minority seemed to coin-
Lin,[ iii. forts on Nicholas Island,
l),,!i was engaged in a duel with San*
u ildable  masked    batteries,
; lock  ihis morning they  were
L .,;. ;lng   broadsides   at     ten*
I.;. ,���    aujrvals.    The casualty cases
y,,. . llelsingfors number less
honi   Li are dead.    Tlius
ier of killed or wounded
Sn  b re hotpttall has not been
.tTf allied,
fThe   (tlel   nt   a  meeting    held   last
I : an   earnest   warning   to
.  people to abstain  from  participate
K'hlch mlghl posiilriy grave-
whole c-unlry.   Copies ot
i'iborg  manifesto of the outlawed
rl'smi'Dl      are      being     distributed
I he Cossackf,  who quietly  put
"in In their pockets.
1 "he number of wounded  and  killed
:    been ovenstimatetl. The
;   .1 . ������������ are on  the  alert, and    thu
IV . ,  oplfl are In fear of a cannon-
I tl     naval squadron arrives here,
w&s a panic all day long yes-
riiay  among   the   summer  resident!
the I lands of the archipelago ow*
���   'it   the   fall   of   stray   bul lei k  and
b lis, which caused a number of cas-
���    "ii Lhe islands and in the riiy.
. man silting on the verandah of the
lb wns mortally wounded and
iervanl   girl   was   killed.     Kor  more
a   week   Russian     revolutionists
ive been  working among the troops
stributlng ilie laboring nnd group of
1 Ife ito.    li   Is  reported  thai   on
|        l     i   OU soUiiers took an oath tu
"ii the side of the people.
The news of  the  revolt  ls  causing
'������ atesi  excitement at Oronatadt,
������!-il )   in vie.v of the report thnt a
ui ny of the crews of warships was
edlng al Cronstadt, and that the
tolutlonlsts   were   working   hard   to
���; uade the  troops  al  Cronstadt  to
1   11.   and refuse to fire on the war-
"P"     Precautions were hastily  taken
Mh    authorities ut  Cronstadt.
The breech  bloeks of the guns    on
'"' rome of the warships were ro-
''���"I.   while   detachments  of   troops
n? seal  on board other ships.
I' I rsburg. August 1.��� (2 p. m.)
greatost excitement prevails
is h resull of ihe 1 tar Ulna newl
Sveaborg, and there Is the deep*
lirehenslon regarding the sltua-
liere, as there is hltlo doubt
lie rising of the garrison of the
: ':>r of lhe BftlUo    was a prenm-
ttempt to excite tho widespread)
ry conaplracy(   which    Involved
Izlng of the fortresses of Bvcs
t'ronstadt nud Sevastopol as
for revolt in the Black sea and
(ntgh 11 is learned that n sum-
'���< revolt  was Ih mod there,  tho
iMilnl now iu doubt is the where*
1 the main pari of the Baltic
insisting of a battleship    and
1 rulsers, which were sent to llel
- upon  receipt  of newi that  the
rs ai  Sveaborg had Joined  in
"lutlon.    The  squadron   Is    ex
io be under the personal com*
'   'Irand   Duke   Alexander   Ml
������itch,  brother-in-law  of  Btoper
' in no exaggeration In Baying
he blow coming ihus suddenly
���u unexpected quarter hns earned
1 111 government circles, and thf
' of alarm is Increased by 'the
1 ��� H from lho Ind rlor. The
1  are spreading  rapidly.
A   Negro   Lynched.
I a,  (In., August   1,���Floyd   Car*
'!l,:- Q  negro about   22  years old,
1   Ing Identified by Miss    Annie
'he nian who had assaulted
"i!'!;- yesterday, was shot to death
'���'/���hi uf his victim late lu lhe morn-
a posse who had captured him.
I.r.omlnious Oblivion.
'y.   IU.     Angus!     1.���AI     a
���'���     In   tile  Tabernacle  here    Insi
'���ie purpose of chi ostng can-
"   for   general   overseer   of   the
u*'<.' church in September in accord
ance with the recent order of Judge
l>andis, the name of Wilbur Glen Vo-
Uva was the only one presented. A
standing vote of .hose present a. the
meeting showed 1,11b -in favor of Vo-
ilvas election. The name of John Alexander powie was not mentioned at
the meeting.
July  Receipts  Beat All  Previous  Records by Over 50 Per Cent.
The returns from the city tramway
system for the week ending July 29th
were $2.0.70, against %WM for the
corresponding week of last year, an
Increase of $70.10, or nearly 50 per
cent. The receipts to date for the current year are $3,431.35, against $::.ii0l
to the same date last year, und, for
actual running Unje, an average oC
$U.O a week against $105 a week during 1905.
But lhe figures for July are most
Significant Kor the four full weeks
from July 1st to 29th the receipts
amount to $943.46. For the olher three
days, which Include a Bunday, they
are at the same rate, about $85 a day.
making aboul $1,060 tor the month.
That amount Is fully $800 more than
the total for any other month In the
history of the service.
There Is, further, no reason to anticipate any falling off in the returns.
at least until the end of September.
The estimated receipts from the service for the year are only $5,000. To
reach that figure only about $800 a
month for tho balance of the year is
required, and they are certain now
lo he at teaM double lhat sum.
Moreover, the figures already given
take no account of receipts from advertising franchises, which are very
considerable. George Horstead's advertisements inside the car are profit*
able to himself, his customers ami the
Great  Excitement Over the  Discovery
of Bullets of Gold at Franklin
Camp���Sensational   Find.
(Special lo Dully Cnnnsllan.l
llranil Korks, August 1.���Rube Hull,
a pioneer mining nvin of this disiriei.
who has also lii-on a successful mining
operator in Montana, arrived hen*
trom Franklin cani|i last evening, and
report- a most phenomenal strike as
having been maslc on the Aspin claim.
II seuins that as .lames WolchiT was
sl'ilng the ordinary assessment work
hi1 opened np a quartz lead which was
from S lo IS Inches wide lying almost
pecpendloular, wiih talc on both walls,
nud both walls are In water. This
quartz lead is literally covered with
free gold, which can be picked out In
'amps from lhe size of a grain of
wheat to a small marble. When he
si ruck this lend Welcher was bo ex-
Hicd thai he could noi control himself, ami Immediately ��enl a me-sen-
sier to Qrand Forks for ore sucks, but
iiis request was refused, as the owners of the property consids'reil lhat
the rich lind bud been greatly exng-
lerated until A. MeKlnley, one of the
owners of the property, went, there
personally a oouple <sf days ago. and
was greatly surprised when he saw
the  free    gold    standing    out  of  the
liiurt7.. Mr. MeKlnley at once sent
svnrd to Qrand Forks corroborating
WeIcher's report, and asked that ore
alckS be sent up at once to the property.
Hubs.  Hull,   who  has  given  this   In-
urination. iiIbo stall's lhal Ihe quarts
is so literally filled with free gold that
hey nre now  picking ll  down    on    a
urge canvass, so as nol lo lose nny of
il.    II   Is  Impossible  to say  what  tills
niart- will run Iii the Ion. hut from
sis appearance less thnn a ton would
be a good fortune for the ordinary in-
This property is owned by Qeorge
Mel d, David Whiteside and A. MeKlnley,    It  is expected  that  a  siuni-
lede will ink eplace to this new quarts
���imni, second to none iii tin. history
si British Columbia.
liiilie Hull is authority for Hie above
A   Speedy   Re'.ribution.
Maylleld, Ky., August 1.���The bung-
lug of Allen  Matthles, lhe negro who
criminally assaulted Miss Ethel   Mc-
Olay limt Wednesday night, took place
at S o'clock last night In a legal manner in the yard of the county Jull. Fully ton thousand people were on Ilie
scene, but only n few hundred could
see tho execution, although almost the
entire fence surrounding the scaffold
had been torn down. While Ihe trial
was going on, 11 wus onlj fifty nun
inos from the lime lhe jury was sworn
In till the negro was pronounced dead.
Uncle Sam Pays Up.
Berlin, August 1���The United
stales government has paid Germany
the award of 180,000 In lhe Bamoan
case. Greal Britain paid her damages
in tho spring, mui the matter is therefore settled.
Labor Question in Kootenay Already Acute
He E. Croasdaile's Resolution Carried
Decisively after Animated Debate in Association.
Tlie frull growers of Kootenay, at a
full  meeting,  by a decisive majority
vote ask that the head tax on Chinese
Immigrants he remitted '�� enable an
adequate supply of aKrlcullnral labor
U> be admitted. The debate was animated, and  not  one-sided.
The special genera! meeting of the
Kooti-nay Krult Growers' Association,
called ut the request of H. E. Croasdaile ami others, was held this morn-
lug at 11 o'clock in the boaril of trade
There were present President James
Johnstone, in the chair; J. E. Annable,
F. J. Summons, H. E. Croasdaile, C. C.
Bourke, CI. O. Uuehanan, Captain Pad-
don, .J J. Campbell, H. Williams. J. \V.
Kord, J. Tarry, J. Hyslop, F. D. Arundel, C. S. Moore, C. W. Busk and many
others, about 40 all together.
The minutes of the last general
meeting were read and adopted.
H. E. Croasdaile presented the following resolution: '
"Whereas, the Kootenay Fruit (Irow-
ers' Association, Limited, has been
formed for the purpose of fostering
and encouraging the fruit growing industry in this district; and
"Whereas, for the successful prose-
CQtion of the industry, it Is essential
that, an adequate supply of labor be
secured;   and
"Whereas, tbe slight experience already gained lias di-monsi rated thnt
ihe necessary labor is not now available, a considerable quantity of berries
having gone to waste last year for
want of pickers, with the consequence
that some growers who proposed to
engage in the culture of small fruits
and berries are now hesitating to do
so; and
"Whereas, there is no prospect of
any such accession through the ordinary medium of immigration of suitable white labor as will meet the requirements of the case, and we have
therefore the prospect that the industry will be dwarfed and crnmped instead of growing and expanding Into
the dimensions which our remarkable
advantages of soil and climate had
given us reason to expect;  nnd
"Whereas, the Chinese have shown
themselves to be efficient pickers, nnd
aria good general workers on fruit
"Therefore, be it Resolved, That
while regretting the necessity of taking a stand antagonistic to the views
nf many of our fellow-provincials, this
association, in furtherance of the objects of its Incorporation, is compelled
in reoommend that the policy of exclusion of Chinese labor by ihe imposition of a prohibitive tax be modified
to the extent that Chinese engaged ns
agricultural laborers or domestic servants be allowed to enter the Dominion free of head tax, a system of supervision tinder the auspices of the
Dominion government to be instituted
to ensure that Chinamen so admitted
ure not allowed to engage in other
lines of labor,"
Speaking to his resolution, Mr.
Croasdaile conceded that the labor difficulty was noi yet acute, but contended that It was felt already and
wus bound to grow worse, He said
thut apart from the question of price,
the only source of agricultural labor
wus lhe Chinese. Every Industry, he
snld, lu British Columbia had nt lirsl
been dependenl upon Chinese labor,
and some Industries must continue to
lie. lie did not wish to Introduce Chinese lo compete with white' labor, but
maintained that white lubor was not
now, nor likely to be, available for
purposes of agriculture.
Junius Johnstone snld that he hud
tried every kind of labor; he had for a
long time a sentimental objection to
employing Chinese, bul he hud found
Ihem esseutial. efficient and. honest.
Ue would like the Introduction of
white labor, but hud no hope of over
obtaining It. Tho only white labor
ever avalluble, und that only temporarily, wns Inexperienced and Incompetent Provided proper regulation of
Immigration was secured, and a good
class of Chinese laborers obtained, he
strongly  fuvored  tho resolution.
T. Morley seconded the resolution
and endorsed Mr. Johnstone's conl"n-
tlons. Ho nlso regretted the scarcity
of while labor, but saw uo hope of any
remedy. While Chinese labor Ih es
sentlal, he  thought  It a  hardship Ihai
the price of it should be increased by
B prohibitive head tux,
Cecil Bourke objected on the ground
thut It would be breaking faith with
the British who are being urged to
come to Canada. He did not regret
the ambition of British laborers to become land ownerB, and urged tbat they
be not excluded by putting Chinese ln
control of the labor market.
C. (J. Broadwood sympathized with
Mr. Bourke's protest, but was certain
tbat other labor was not obtainable.
He would gladly Employ British and
Canadians, but they were not available.
J. J. Campbell thought that securing
Chinese would not exclude white men.
He said he employed four white men,
but could not do so unless he also had
Chinese. If Chinese were excluded���
and the present laws aimed at that���
the fruit-growing Industry must be
abandoned. He contended that It was
absurd that every kind of labor was
available and untaxed except the one
kind required. More and cheaper
skilled agricultural labor would do
more than anything else to develop
the land, and would creato employment for even more white laborers.
He favored the resolution, while emphasizing the importance of regulation
and limitation, as suggested in tbe resolution. He Bald that every part of
Western Canada was crying for workmen thai could not be found, and in*
dustries were contracted in consequence. : J.J
Mr. Campbell's speech was loudly
J. E. Annable told that in Manitoba
and the new provinces the question
was already a burning one. The western harvest this yeur would require
36,000 men, and no one hoped for half
of it. He quoted R. M. Palmer as saying that It was useless to ask for the
remitting of the Chinese tax, and suggesting that European labor be thoroughly  investigated.
Captain Paddon told of the experience of Natal land owners and the Introduction of Indian coolies. He favored similar treatment of the Chinese.
Crozier Bourke thougbt It useless to
ask a government to repeal an act
just passed, but favored securing Japanese labor.
J. J. Campbell thought an earnest
and united appeal would not be ignored.
J. W. Ford opposed the resolution.
���fe contended that land owners in
British Columbia could afford to pay
for white labor. He thought white
labor could be obtained, and urged the
prior claims of fellow-Britishers, even
if they could not be bosaed like Chinese.
James Johnstone, in reply to J. W.
Kord. said that he ku��iv,_!rom his owu
experience that, the only class of British labor available was useless for agriculture.
J. J. Campbell suggested a second
resolution urging assistance, as suggested by F. J. Summons, to skilled
British laborers who had not the
means to emigrate.
G. O. Buchanan thougbt the labor
difficulty was already acute, as planting has been reduced because it was
known that labor could not be obtained. He thought nothing could be done
in Europe, as nil immigrants induced
by great efforts of the Dominion government are taken in tlie prairies, and
were never available for British Columbia. He thought there was no
prospect of un adequate supply of agricultural labor from any such source,
or from any other source except China.
Berry picking, he thought, would never be (lone well by any but Chinese or
Indian labor. He did not wish to see
young Britons and Canadians engaged,
as farm laborers; there was room for
them all  as independent  ranchers.
Mr. Buchanan conceded the certainty of opposition und the unlikelihood
of Immediate relief, but he believed
there was hope, and that a change
mlghl come very soon. He saw no
principle justifying the exclusion ' of
Chinese, while Japanese, l.ascurs, Hindoos and Slavs were free. He thought
it an unfortunate attempt to create a
monopoly of labor, and so perpetuate
artificially high wages.
After a few other speeches nnd a
brief reply by Mr. Croasdaile, the
resolution wus put nnd oanied by a
vote of 15 lo 8, many not voting. Copies were ordered to be sent to the government   and   to  other  associations.
Weilman's Arctic Expedition Making Ready
Novel Futures and Intensely Practical Ideas are Evidenced in
its Construction.
Member  of Outlawed   Russian   Parlla
ment  Shot  While  Walking
With  His Family.
St. Petersburg, August 1.���The re
port of tin' murder of m. Hei-en-tain,
:i iiiiMubur of tbo outlawed parliament,
is confirmed. He wns usuuHBtaiitocl ill
sim country house nenr Torlokl. Fin-
land, by men In the employ of tho
Uluck Hundred organisation. Whllo
walking along the seashore with his
wlfa and daughter, several shotB were
Bred at him from an unoccupied build'
Ing. Two of tbe shots hit him, and
he fell dead. His daughter was alBo
wounded In the hnnd. Tho murderers
have escnped.
Three hours prior to the murder a
'phone message was received at a
newsiiaper office from Moscow asking
for news of M. Herzenstoln, and saying it was reported In Moscow that ho
bail been nssaBsinated,
M. Herzensteln was of Jewish descent and very wealthy. His attacks
on the mlnlstor of finance and lower
house of parliament attracted widespread attention. He supported the
ronstHiitiiiual domocrats for land appropriations.
Whether or not Mr. Walter Wellman
succeeds ijv his proposed ueiial dash
for the pole next month, and whether
or not the enterprise is prompted by
the scientilic spirit or by a desire for
advertisement, it seems certniu that
the big dirigible balloon ln which he
ls to make bis attempt is a remark;!
ble'piece of work, entirely apart from
its great size. The balloon, we are
told in an article contributed by a
Paris correspondent, has been designed and consaucted with very great
care by Louis Godard at his aeronautic establishment near Paris.
The most casual observer will notice
its substantial construction, and it
seems likely to weather the severest
shocks which it may receive In Its
voyage toward the pole. No less than
seven thicknesses have been used by
Mr. Godard in making the canvas. The
principal novelty lies in the use of layers of pure Para rubber, which are
placed between the layers of silk and
cotton canvas. This is the first time
that a light, as well as a strong, envelope has been secured in this way.
Starling from the inside, we have first
a layer of strong and specially woven
French silk fabric; then on the silk
is applied a layer of rubber, and on
top of this comes a layer of cotton
canvas. A thinner layer of rubber
comes next, and then a second layer
of cotton. Over this and forming the
outer coating of the balloon ls a thin
layer of rubber. Such a combination
of layers is very resistant, both to the
pressure of the gas and to tbe moisture, which ls one of the well-known
features to be met with in the polar
regions. Seeing that tbe rubber is attacked by the atmosphere, it is not a
usual thing to place it on the outside
of the balloon; but in the present case
it has been used for a number of reasons, the principal ones being that the
airship will be In use but a comparatively short time, and that It was de-
olred to have a smooth surface, and
especially lo avoid the, penetration of
moisture into the tissues of the balloon, which would weight It down.
What Is striking about the whole
construction is the practical Ideas
which prevail in the design of all the
parts. Thus Instead of using a long,
cigar-shaped body, Mr. Godard preferred to shorten up the balloon considerably, and give a length which ia
only three times the largest diameter,
so as to make It quite steady and easy
to handle In the filling operations, as
well as ln the actual flight. Thus we
have a balloon whose total length ls
Hit) feet and greatest diameter 62 feet.
A long guide rope will trail upon the
ice so ns to steady the airship's flight.
For these different reasons It will be
seen that the chances of accident are
very  much  lessened.
The car ls suspended by steel piano
wires, and at each end Is a propeller
driven by a separate motor. Between
them Is ibe main deck and also the
cabin, which Is thus described:
The main cabin, made of osier, Is
somewhat above a man's height and
covers the whole width of the nacelle,
having almtist a cubical form. On either side are six windows of a lighl
basket work, and other windows are
made In the front and rear of Ihe cabin. A complete set or wireless telegraphy apparatus Is installed In the
1'iiliin. The mast wire Is formed by
tbe steel guide-ropc cable which trails
upon Ihe Ice. Thus lhe party will bo
able to keep up a constant communication with the base of operations at
Spltzbergen, nnd from there with Ham-
merfest, so that If all goes well we will
constantly have news of the expedition.
The motive power for this great airship Is to be furnished, as noted above,
by two gnsoltne motors and two separate propellerB, so thut If anything
should happen lo the principal motor
tho second one will be sufficient i\o run
the balloon.
Passenger   Rates   Reduced.
Philadelphia, Pa., August 1���Important changes ln passenger rates were
announced yesterday by Fourth Vies'-
President John 13. Thayer, of the
Pennsylvania railroad, following a
meeting of tho board of sllreclors of
that company. The company has de-
clued to reduce the maximum two-way
fares from 3 1-3 and 3 cents to 2 1-2
cents a mile. The new rate will probably be effective on September 1st.
The company will also on September
1st place on sale 1,000-mlle tickets,
valid only on Its line or the Pittsburg
and Erie, at the flat price of $20. These
mileage tickets will be transferable.
Liberal Organizer Ignorant of Geography  and  Strays  Afield.
One hears all kinds of political ru-
niors these days, says the Golden Star,
it Is evident that an election will Boon
be pulled off. Who the candidates
for the Columbia district will be your
correspondent does not know, but the
names mentioned on the Liberal side
are John Btickham, J. C. Greene, O. D.
Hoar, W. C. Wells, H. Atchison and
Rufus KImptim. while on the other
side the names of those who are eager
to run are too numerous ^to mention.
Peter Sebastian will be an Independent, and John Taynton will run on the
Socialist; ticket. A well-known ��� Wll-
mer philanthropist will divide honors
wllh   Sebastian.
It ls reported that a stranger got
last last week going from McKay's
ranch to the springs. This is the second case we have heard of in this section. A few years ago a prominent
Golden citizen lost his bearings wiuie
organizing for W. C. Wells and drifted
over into Jennings, .Montana, and commenced organizing Wells clubs there.
The savuges of that belt did not take
to Wells, preferring whiskey straight,
and the Golden man had to take to
the hills, landing a few days afterwards in an exhausted condition on
the wagon road not ten miles from
Brisco. This might seem like a joke
to some, but the genial citizen will tell
you it was no joke with him.
J.  D.   Moore,   Government   Road   Expert,   Will   Visit   Balfour���Petition
ia  Largely  Signed.
The farmers of Balfour are not quite
unanimous about the question of the
government road but a majority are
certainly with the petitioners, Messrs.
Gray and McKay. A supplementary
petition endorsing the request for delay and Investigation was presented to
Commissioner R. A. Renwlck this
morning, as follows:
"We, the undersigned ranchers of
Balfour and vicinity, endorse certain
statements made to the government
agent by MesBrs. McKay and Gray concerning the manner in which the road
along the north shore is being constructed and the waste of the money
on the same."
Among those who signed it are
Catt. Padden, Crozier Bourke, Cecil
Bourke, H. H. Sewell Wm. Brlndle,
agent for S. S. Fra,ser, H. Smellie, and
others, numbering in all about 18. C.
W. Busk and J. W. Ford, while not
wholly endorsing the complaint, ask
for investigation.
So far, it ls learned, a great deal of
road building has been done at their
own expense by Messrs. Busk, Gray
and Strank, and Mr. Busk has done all
the necessary surveying gratis. Mr.
McKay has supplied all tools and kept
them In repair.
Commissioner Renwlck has decided
that J. D. Moore, government road
agent, shall investigate Ihe matter
fully and report, a decision with which
the petitioners express entire satisfaction. They prefer n little delay to
having a permanent road In the wrong
place, and disclaim any motive olher
thnn the general good.
Important Legal Decision.
Butte, Mont., August 1.���"Resident
stockholders of mining stocks are sub.
ject to taxation on thnt stock" is Ihe
opinion hnnded down yesterday by Attorney-General Galen In response to a
query from A. D. Clark, chairman of
the board of county commissioners of
Silver Bow county. At the present
time, according to the commissioners,
about Jli'.iii'ii.iiini worth of Amalgamated United Copper and other mining stockB held by residents of Butto
Is escaping taxation, nnd it waa the
desire of tho commissioner to ascertain whose property was located In
the state that could be assessed. The
decision is of great Importance.
Price of Metals.
New York, August 1.���Silver, 6B;
copper, 17 3-1; electrolytic coppei
stock, IS 3-S, firm: lead, $6.75.
London, August 1.���Silver, 30 MC;
)ead,  ��1G 12s Od; zinc,  ��20 15s.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���46 minutes late.
Slocan   train���On  time.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
It's easy to name the winner of an
argument In which a man's words are
pitted against a woman's tears.
Sad Death of Irving Home
This Morning
���? *
i i
Accident Probably Dae to Slipping
of life Preserver���Efforts to
Restore Wat Vain.
The saddest accident that has occurred in Nelson for a long time happened on the north shore just opposite the city thlB morning about 10
o'clock, when Irving, the 10-year-old
sun of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Hume,
was drowned within a few yards of his
The children, four in number, hare
been allowed to play on the beach and
bathe near the shore, with many Injunctions to keep within safe distance.
Irving was allowed ln alightly deeper
water than the others, but alwaya wore
a life preserver.
This- morning after breakfast the
children adjourned as usual to the
beach. Exactly what happened is unknown. It ls probable, as happened
as late as yesterday, bat In shallow
water, that Irvlng's life preserver came
loose and fell to his feet.
The children were shouting at their
play, and when their shouts became
cries of alarm, they did not at first attract any notice.
Then one of the little girls ran for
help, and first found Andrew Halkett,
C. P. R. conductor, who ls camping on
the shore. As soon as he gathered
what had Lappened, Ur. Halkett na
to. the shorf and |ri<UK4J-k..tat_.M_i
their confusion, the children directed
him to the wrong end of the float, and
his diving waa without result
Mr. Hume, who was at work behind
his cottage, saw Mr. Halkett diving,
and instinctively guessed the occasion.
He joined him at once, and together
they searched the shore. In a few
minutes Mr. Halkett located the
child's body and brought It to the
shore. Leaving the father to work at
resuscitation, he paddled at once to
the city boat houses and telephoned
for Dr. Hall. The doctor responded at
once, and was taken over in A. L.
Lindsay's launch.
Every effort to revive the child had
already been made by Mr. Hume himself. The hopeless task was continued for an hour and a half longer under Dr. Hall's directions, but life was
already extinct and all efforts failed to
produce the faintest sign.
The body was brought to the city
later by Mr. Hume.
The other children, whose ages are
between 3 and 7, could not say how
long Irving had beeil under water before Mr. Halkett arrived. When found
he lay on his back on the bottom motionless.
Arrangements will be made for the
funeral later.
Mr. and Mrs. Hume have the heartfelt sympathy of the community ln
their sad bereavement. Irving was
their eldest child, and a bright, courteous, manly little fellow, a favorite
with all who knew him.
Hurd'a Doubtful  Story.
New York, August 1.���According to
the Tribune, RoBcoe V. Hurd, dealer
In gems, 12C West 23rd street, complained to tho police this morning that
ho had heen robbed of a quantity of
diamonds, rubles and opals, worth between 110,000 and |1_,000, and a check
lor $169.
He said nlso that he was unable to
find liis messenger, John O'Neil, 22
years of age. of 261 Washington
Square, Brooklyn. He says ne gave
lhe Jewels and his check to the young
man to take to the place of his brother, another diamond dealer, ln Maiden
l.ani', at 2 o'clock yesterday. Hurd
says the messenger never delivered
the valuables. After waiting until 11
o'clock for the return of O'Neil, he
says he went to the home of the boy's
father, but the young man was not
there. Hurd says he employed O'Neil
only yesterday morning, nnd the delivery of the Jewels was the first Important errand entrusted to him.
Chicago Saloon Licenses.
Chicago, August l.���The last saloon
license that will be Issued ln Chicago
until the city neiirly doubles its present population was given out yesterday. The license number ls 7,363. Under tho Harkln ordinance, which goes
Into effect today, no more saloons wilt
be permitted in Chicago until the ratio Is one saloon for every 600 people.
Isl   .'
' m
m The Daily Canadian
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before they are all gone.
Published Ux dayi a week by Ihe
Biker Su, Nelson, ����� C
BaberrlpUoo ntei, M twiiu -* month delivered
iu ihf ,'iiv, u 0.0a n year if lent bj mail, when
paid 111 advallce
Advertisilii: rate�� OD application.
All monies paid in settlement of The lhtily
Canadian accounts, either tot autocrtptloni or
advertising, musl be receipted lo* on the printed
forma ol ih. Company,  uther receipt* are not
AUGUST  1. I��XX..
������ By one word wo are lOUMtlnH Judged 10  lo
wite utd by one word wmetlinei Judged fi be
foolish.   Lei 11* therefore  be careful what ire
-   _M.y."-rovrr��w.	
There is nn ancient adage which,
being translau-tl. is to the effect thai
people who live in glass hovis.'S should
not throw stones. The adage has
timely application in the case of Nelson's moriUng paper, which was yesterday guilty of a pretty exhibition of
political ignorance or a deliberate pur.
post* to misrepresent facts for political
ends. It charges the Mai! Empire of
Toronto with a whole catalogue of curious political crimes, and takes so
dignified u stand on the question of
political editorials that we mny be
pardoned for calling the attention of
our readers to a subject in which they
might not under other circumstances
be interested.
The controversy is over recent decisions in cases of election protests
In Nova Scotia, aud the Mail speaks
sarcastically of the political corruption that is apparently  rampant there.
Here Is how the local organ Of the
opposition pays its respects to the
Mail, nnd also how it treats well-
known facts Of political history, it
-Tlie Toronto lory organ has not an
equal for casuistry or hitter invective
It has a select list of pet phrases
which includes every unpleasant adjective aud damnatory noun known to
the English language, and its political
terminology is fearfully reminiscent of
the recent American stockyard scandal   disclosures."
And further on it continues:
"The Daily News desires to present
briefly these salient facts; The law
of the land contains a provision, well
known to every person in political life.
to the effect that an election protest
must be filed within a certain time.
That time the Conservatives, either
purposely or bj mistake, allowed to
elapse before they entered their action; and on these grounds, and these
grounds nlone. the courts refused to
hear the appeal Allowing Mr. Harden and his colleagues full credit for
nt least average conversance with the
statute book, and taking Into sccoun!
their undoubted Bhrewdness in polltl
cal luetics, it is nulling more than
fair to surmise that the specified time
limit was purposely allow oil to pass,
und that nfter it was obviously too
late the action was commenced so that
the Opposition leader OOUld POSC be
fore lhe country as one to- whom jus
lice had been dented by the .ourts.
"We are sorry to believe this of Mr
We should bo very sorry to "believe
this of Mr, Horden ourselves," hut as
lhe News has such n sudden tit of pious and sanctified sorrow for Mr. Gordon's course tn this matter, we shnll
administer hnsty relief to its aggrieved sensibilities by telling it that
what it slates Is not true Of Mr. Horden.
Tho petition tn question wns filed
In ample time, but there is a provision
In the law under which the date of
trial of an election petition must fall
within a certain time limit after the
filing of the protest The trial judge
who fixed the date placed It three
days too late to meet the legal conditions,   with   Ihe  result   thnt   Mr.   Bor
den was absolutely helpless, and when
he appeared to press the case before
the courts he was told by tho trial
judge, the brother judge concurring,
that the date of the trial placed the
case outside ihe jurisdiction of Uie
courts. Thus was Mr. Borden pre
vented from securing justice, nnd it
was for these reasons, and not for
those stated in the morning paper,
that  Mr.  Borden's appeal  was refused.
An eastern paper, commenting on
the  case, says:
"Judge Russell, of Nova Scotia, was
a supporter of Laurier when in the
commons, and received his Appoint-
meat to the bench at the close of the
last parliament. This eminent jurist
postponed the trial Of the corruptly-
elected politicians who hold the Halifax seats that should belong to Mr.
Horden and his colleague until July
17th. When the case opened on July
17th the same judge ruled that the
trial ought to have commenced on
July 14th, As his lordship had allowed the trial to be delayed for three
days 'oo long, the corruptly elected
members were confirmed in the seats
to which they had not been properly
While we make no comment on the
action of the judges In question, both
Of whom were appointed by the Liberal government, we are both pained
and humiliated that, for no apparently
honest reason, s Liberal paper in the
far west, at such great distance from
the scene of action, where the voters
would be unfamiliar with the facts,
should resort to such political sophistry, if not something Badly worse. The
only possible explanation of such politically coarse conduct must lie in the
thought that the News hoped it would
be able io slip its select fallacy into
the public mind catted and gellatined
so that it would be unsuspected, and
the political virus It contains do its
work In the body politic when it would
be too late to recall the administration of the decoction. Any other explanation, such as that the editor was
ignorant of the facts, is inadmissible,
for the reason that an editor who essays such heavy subjects should have
some suspicion of what he is writing
To read the lofty scorn with which
the morning paper refers to the political sophistry of the Mall and Empire,
while in the same columns it is guilty
of much worse misstatement of the
facts, is like the pot calling the kettle
black. It retuinds one of the attempted cleverness of Marie CorelU, who.
In one of her books, points out ihe serious offence apiinst public morals
committed by a certain school ot
writers, aud who in the whole story
which has this complaint for Its moral succeeds In weaving a plot full ol
BUggestive situations thai out-Herod
Herod Still we do not wish to place
the News and Gorelti in the same
class.    That would be sophistry.
"Times of commotion." said Governor Penny packer of Pennsylvania in n
recent proclamation, "furnish the test
of the capacity of the people for self-
government. Every man is entitled to
labor and get for his labor lhe highest
compensation he can lawfully secure
There is no law to compel him to labor unless he so chooses, and he may
cease to labor whenever he considers
it to-be to his Interest so to cease. The
laboring man. out of whose efforts
wealth arises, has the sympathy of all
disinterested people in his lawful
Struggles to secure a larger proportioa
of the profit which results from his
labor. What he earns belongs to him.
and if he Invests his earnings the law
protects his property just as the rights
ot property  of all  men  must   be  pro
tected. He has no right to interfere
with another man who mny want to
labor. Violence has no place among
us, and will not be tolerated. Let nil
men in quietness and soberness keep
the peace and uttend to their affairs,
with the knowledge that it is the purpose of the commonwealth to see thai
the principles herein outlined are enforced."
Dr, Qoldwln Smith declares that he
is not an annexationist, bul a unionist, i. v., he favors "free, equal and
honorable union." Ten years ago,
says the Ottawa Cltlsen, be would nol
have denied thai he was an annexationist; now tlie charge makes hint appear ridiculous, and demands denial.
The qualification of the philosopher of
the Grange is merely a sign Of the
limes. In the days when he and other
faithless pessimists were advocating
annexation, Canada was poor and
struggling, and a minority ot weaklings saw her only salvation in deserting her heritage and slinking under
the wing of the United States. Now
Canada is becoming rich and prosperous nnd fulfilling the destiny thnt every steadfast, stout-hearted Canadian
was confident would be hers. Even
the aged professor realizes the light
in which history will regard the role
of the men who attempted to betray
this country Into annexation in 1891.
Perhaps better late than never is his
recantation, but it would be more
straightforward to confess his mistake
than  to fawningly juggle  with  wotds.
The sympathy of the entire community will be tendered to Mr. and Mrs.
J. Fred Hume and their family in tin-
sad bereavement suffered through the
drowning of their eldest son this morning. The Canadian, in common with
all classes, joins in tendering its condolences to the afflicted home.
And Builder
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Co., Ltd., retail yards.
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and brackets, Oust iath and shingles.
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Telephone 1 7**
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C/H UP (/lilt
Wi '_-*,' civ dmA'i/ s/>:rir.< in JdiM
tbat the -.rink* *e*v*d at our Bodg Fon train
ba 1 look* properties bes*dca re fresh inr*
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quality Fountain, ccunier, glasses and
rveeptaet-*  art   kept  HTupulousJy clean
_5.���-*y  CHOQUETTE BROS.
'��-*���:, helaofe, 3 0
N ;- hereby given that 99 dan afterdate I
Intend tu appl]  I H       beChief < omtr.i*-
rdoner of tuna and  Worka i ���: penalsei
purchase tht- foU<       %      ��� tends In l
��vi if.oo-.enaT  rtbtrt t: hectnning   ������
marked K. hrlr* S Y.  corner, tl ;-
rati   t.f   lbe   RftlflMW  ri.er. MM h;Cf a mile fr>Tii
tin IVrvl d'Oreille river, thenc >
'   * Ud fc.' . hains e*st
. nnlng.
Dated .Till .!���>    J ' ..,   j.. k   B  Hr::.
KoUec i- hen: \  rlroo that  ���
date I Intend to apply to the Hon Chief t
sinner ������! Landi and w   rtal rpennlsefoa lopor-
rha-e ti. ��� _ -   . attoale tn
West kootenat dturtet; Cnr-itneacing ai a *>**n
marked .' H \ anil
in the Salmon Hirer Vallev. at a point *
J Meeeher'a land *t wes-.t-rn b.-undarT. thenre
���    ��� ������'Tth *J chain's, ihcnce
eaal ��� ehalns, thence -outh a) chains to pomi of
com in ence wen i.
July tttb<    ������ J. H   v.v.- s,
i   H   ttktnaon, Agent.
Soilrt laberel    -      thai flOdartallar date I
Intend toappb tntl
of Lan.i* ami Worka    r perm rates t�� i-u.ei]**--
Ibc .otloanip dcM-nt.-,! -rtrt ,.; -4,,,| ,.;>ll   ...
Weal Koawuaj Dtnrici    Cotanenring at the
r-Duthwmt romer ol Urt ;__��-; ���
weat *��� ehalns; thenre north Sehaian* thenee
weel **.' ehalna; thenee north St chains': thenre
-a-: 90 rhatns; ihcneeK)QU) *
of commencement, rontainin-* **) acres, more or
Dated at Kfcteon, B i\. this .*'-1 .���* ot jntr
WH. Mart Sc_iXU_��
 P" T <\ (.ireen, Asem.
Notiee la hereb) _,*ivon that eodav�� *\iwr -.a:.-
1 Intend u- ���!;:> to the Honorable the chief
Oommtslonerol ljn.d-.tnd Work* for peraUte���a
to purebaae the following dacerttod landi thi
Wo'tKiHikiuv Dtelriet- Cummeneiii-rat a mat
marked i. K. Prenehe*a Lmi-1 s. K, ec-rnw piaeed
near C.C. Ivynti 8. W. comer. theo��-e *a��i M
ehalna, thenee north *�� chain*, thence we*i m
ehain*. tl.enee *<,M\h ��i chainno  f.Jace of com-
Ihitot H>th day of Julv \9��.       T. K. PUdtCfl
 By Aat-MtW HOT. Agent
Not retaglren that eo days altar dale I Intend
toapply to the Honorable the t'hief romiair-
MOMH H Land, aud Worki lor |*rrolMiou to
in   the
Kootenai Dlatrlcl; CotuneuclUK "' �� t,osl
marked tlCPoynta Lund B. B. Corner placed
near tbe Pend d'Oreille river ai Boundary ereek
eut side of Salmon river, llienee en-1  Nl chalna
along tbe International Boundary Une, thence
ti -.rili 40 rdiafne, thence west 80 ohalns, Ihence
routb 40 chalna to place ol commeneenn nt.
Dated lhe 20tb ot jui> LOOB,      v.f povim.
By a'nuhkw Adib, Agent.
Notiee i* hereby given tbat alxty dayi after
date i intend toapply to tbe Hon. Chief Commie-
iloner ol Landi mnl Works tor permlaalou t"
purebaae tbe followingdeaorlbed landa situate In
Weat Kootenay dtatrlot, adjuiniii): id-' Interna
tloimi boundary line, atMnit four miles eaat ol
the Columbia river. ODmmsncing ��' �� !"-' mark-
ed "I.   M   Ki- B. V. eorner," 11 "it ale ou the In
ternational bonndary Une, hi the wutheasi corner of j. s c. Kraaer'a Und j tbenee oasi hu chalna,
llienee  north  '" ohalni, thenee west M rhalm-.
tbence rouib 60 chalna to tho plaee ol commence*
Blent, containing IS i aerei more or leaa
Dated -''in June, 1800.        Ladiu it. Fbabib,
K J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notice la bereby glveu that ilxty daya from
date t Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief com-
mlaalonerot Landa and Worki (or pcrmiaalon
tu purohaae tbe followlna deaorlbed landa Minute in Wen Kootonay Dlatrlct, between the
I'end d'tlrellie river and the International
boundary Une, abont three mtlea from tbe Col
mnbia river. Commencing it a i��n>i marked
J, S, C. F*i B. W, corner iltuato on the I u tor national thuind��r\ line, uImmiI half tt in ih- eail of
the east boundary ol lhe N. A P. H. Ry, landi:
thenee ninth 4<i nhalni. tbence eaal ni chalna,
tbence aouth 40 chalna, thenee wesl W chalna, to
tbe place of commencement) containing 830 aorea,
more or leu,
Haled -���till June, liV��. J. S V. Fkasek.
f. J. O'Relllr, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby
i date
n iiiai
1 intend toapply to tbeHou Chief Coi
of Landa and \\ orka for permlulon t
the following described Unds situate'lu West
Kootenay District, adjoining the international
boundary line, about the tulleieaitoj tho Columbia river: commencing at a poet marked B,
(,���> s. w eorner. on the International tnuudary
lineal Laum U. E^raser'isoutheast corner,tnence
nortb Hi ebalns, ttieuce eas{ -to chains, thenee
aootb vt ehains, tbence wwi M* chalu* to tbe
plaee  of eoinineiieemeiit, opntglttlng   -Ht) Urea
more or leai.
I'at<-d 26th .lune, [(lOfi, RALfU UtLUtWII
.Notice i�� hereby   given  that sixi\ days after
date 1 intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief! DUinilr-
aloner ol l.and> and Works for permlaalou ti
purebaso the following described landa lu
lbe Wesl Kootenay district, iouth ol the Peud
d'Oreille riveri Commencing at a i-o-t marked
C. B's ti, B. corner, situated ou the irail near
Bear creek about a mile from ihe International
boundary Une, thenee west hi chains, tbenee
north A" ehains inon-or len to the I'end d'Oreille
river* thenee following the *outh bank ol the
Pend d'Oreille river southeast, x> rbaiui, more
or loss; thence south 30 chalna,  rear lesa to
tbe place ol eommnncement, containing -he
acres, more or less,
Pated .'.Ih Julv. 1906 CHAKUtt BlIBBL.
t\ J. O-Ulelly, A-eut
Notiee is hereby given that ilxty daysa_ter
dale I intend toapply lothe lion, i biel t ,.1111111 ���
si,-ner ol Lands and Worki for permiaaton to
purchase the following descHbed landi In
the West Kootenay District, eaat ol and ed-
lolning JamesN. ATackensie's land: Commencing at a post marked *A.S*iB. EL corner, on the
south hank of the Pend d'Oreille river, just
above the mouth ol the Balmon river, tbence
west 80 ebalns, tbence north 90 ohaini 1
leaa tv- the Pend d'Oreille river, thence ���
the south bank oi the laid river In .1 a asl
erly  direetion :������  tne  jUee >���:  <���������:
eoutaining IM) aeres. more or leaa
Dated tin July 1906 AaTHTX i-VHSl
Notiee is hereby given that sixty dayi afterdate
l Intend toapply to the Uuu.Cbti mtaai ��� ��� .-
ufLandi and w orka for perm [ssl to 1 trebaae
the follow ing deacrlbed lands in w est Kootenay
District south oi the Pend d'Oreille river. Com-
mepcliu at \-^t marketl S, T M ���  S   | :
n the tooth hank of the spend d'Oreille river,
about a mile and a hall cast of the mouth of Fish
ereek thenee sonth SO chains, thenee wesl BO
chains, tin-nee north to chaini mon 01
the I'end dOreilie mer. tbence following the
aonth bankol tbe-aid river In
direction to the place of roinin.-ueru.--ut, i-on-
latnlng I9< aeres. more or lesa
Dated SndJnly i��i6.       Btu T. iUatemau
 AarHPitScaxaiDxi   -._ .:
Kotloe la bereby given that N dajsaiter dale I
intend to apply to the ���onaCbief Lommlastoner
ol Landa ana iVurk* for permission !*��� purebase
the following dewribed .��:. :- -,: igtc iu We-t
Kootenay Distriel Hwth of the lend d'Oreille
riier; t'liuimennngat a (.���-'���t t:ia;i_. i \ l; M's.N
u   n-ruer--iliiate at :!.������ ���     :    :n::i.e:  the I'end
d'Oreille liver at ��tla i Mai *..:,-.e ��north e*rt
corner post, thenee aouth A* cbalni thenee ta-;
A chains, ihence north 80 chains m ;-. "tfteaato
the Fend d'Oreille river, thence weat su chain*,
following the bank of the said rivert I
of eomniencement. cvutaini:,,: t-iu acres, mutv
or Ian
Dated ted Jul) UO a b mUocwkk
 AKTHfR S .INEilES. Agent.
Notice tl herruy gi vea that-in v dav* after date
1 intend to apply to tbe Hon <..'.".u-iCommiMtoner of Landsand Work, forpermlCKkUl to purchase the following de-erib*.-d iands situate tn
Wesl Kootenay District, aouth of tbe Pend
d'Oreille r^r. rommenelng a: a i-o-n marke-l
M. U's X. K. corner, iltuate on the south bank
of the Pend d'Oreille river at Jame* >". ilarken
lle'sa   ithwesti 1   ::.-nee south luu chain?.
thence weat 9 ehalna north W ehalna.
���    ������    -"   ��� ������ ' h n : ; Oreille river; tbence
follow mg the M*uth hank of the said river in an
easterly ai rtheasterly direction to the place
of evtmmeneemeni, evutaiuiag 6t) aeres. more or
Dale .^rd Jnly, i��6.      Makuautt lUacoraT,
 Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Moth -.isberebyg^.n 1 tat sixty dav? after date
:  apple to theHon. Chlel Cwamtarioner
ot I_anls aod  W   rkafoi ��� ton to purchase
:��� .'. -^:h_r     d< R rloed      ;ar>d-     ::.     K   it
K<-:vnay l';-t.-.e;   -   .;.        thePeadd-Oieflk
river, com men--; ng at a posi  marked J   X. il'*
H *::�����:. situated 1 0 :t,t- j*.uUj l-at-k of lt.tr
Pend d'Oreille rlvei pposite the mouth of i>
Ulh Creek; thenee ea-t >��, chains, lbence north
*u ehains mor*-   r od d'Oreille ri.er,
tbence following the iouth bank of the <*���:d r. ��� r
In a weereri] and a ��� eslerly direction to the
place ol miewnrement, t��-niaining SO aeres
more or
L��ated3rd July. nOM,        J-Ttw N. Ma_1_m_:E,
 Anbnr gebneider. Agent
Notiee is hereby given that *:xiy davs after date
I intend toapply i�� tbe Hon. Chief Coaru
erof Ijut, ..   -        .��   -,.     --   -_....    :.        - .-
chase  the  following daanihed  -*:.!���  la  treat
Kootena :.. ol toe Prn-i I
ng at a i*��t -Barked A >"��� N   vv
eorner   Utoated ��t thesonthwesl <
-���-   ��� ��� - --: in chains, thee
eheiisM   tbet.ee wee) > ehadna, thenee north *i
eham* lo lha place ol cvL.iaen*.em-rL'. ->n:ain-
. 1-       ��� -     -    ..
Iiale-J'JMh    une. !��J. IntrtPum,
. t I.OnUflly,lgeM.
Hotlee B     ���    y given that an days afterdate
I intend t-'apt-ij. u. theH .-. . ��� *���
f Lands and n nrka I  1 pnrehaue
���" - ���. .-T. -a-i ..;
li��b ereek. e��>mmencmg a; a peel marked f n
H'aB   w   .. .-:;   r* ahoau -t of the
"    *������     rnei    I Lot HM G 1   Un n
*      a -.- thee      ������   -
. ��� -   ��� _-;-.       Uae to t
rooimenee_aent. coBfalnl  .   l   * tea   more 01
Dated 2nd July MCA. Pm U. H_,k.<.r**.T
 AifTHre *^ mtsttMB, A_r*ai
than .-  daysafterdate
I inteud loappls
���     -   .    ���   v.     . ......     .    .
rha��e  the  following deser.bed
Kooieaa)   I ..  j^q.j d'Oreille
:.mene:ngat a ;.��t roar.^i   i>  p. M ���
N w. c-rner, situated on the sooth bank of thf
Pen! d*OretUe river at Ja-nesi N  MarkenneV
ponthweat .    . ��� . tbenee
HtnibsO rbaia*. thenee *���-[ d eham*. Iheney
north W eham* to the place -d enmcieneement
rontrmmc 1���> a. rr- ���     ���
Deled 3rd July *.-* �� R MAcKUtl
 AfrTHfK -   ?.>r.|[iEK. Agent.
Sixty da.-�� liter dale I intend to apply lo the
���-:..nere. landsand Workstopntebase
1�� aere* of land, near Burton Citv. roiumtnrmg
atai itplaaiedat tbe aooUcast corner of toi
No. ��y. and marked J. D. Me'* southwest comer,
Blng north 4, chalna, tbenee eaai *,<
rhams, thenee souih SO ehains, thence ��t <t b)
chain�� to plaee of beginning.
July 13th, 1906. J. r>  M.H-U>Cii.
 A. A- Burton, Agent
Kotiee toh��eby glxen that two mm-. -
date I intend 10 apply f the Honorable the
1 Mef c,-t,.i ���- : - ��� uni* and \v ���.-
Mil i.--:on to pun-base the following described
landa situate on the wesl arm of Kooienav Uke
in the DWrfcl ol West Kootenay: Commencing
at a j>o*t mark��i -wtitum Baerby*a N w. peetr
tbence west taruty u-. chains: thenre south
twenty nD) chains; thenee test twentv (3.<)
chain*: thenre north t��e��ty (j>) chain* le the
point of commencement evutafniiig forty iwi
arres, mon- or le**
Dated July :,:.��. j. -j. KEUOM,
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Maslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $4.75   for   }2p75
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $5.75   for     375
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $7.5U    lor     476
Ladies'  Tailor-made  Suits  regular prices just cut down to cost.
All   Ladies'   Trimmed   and   Pattern  Hats at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Goods arriving every week.
BalMcrtpllon, Isss Ds linesta
vs-ssr I: ������| In ��� ��������� ��B' ���
U-< sis (oi Butts ���: k I'.ll-T
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice is bereby gleen ihHt B0dayi trom date I
intend to appiv to tin- Honorable the Cowmla-
���loner of Landi ami Worki for pertnlasloQ te
pnrebaie the following deserlbed landi, iltuate
in ihe W��i Kootenay Dlstrlol ���ftartmg from a
postmarked W'Htlatn Brneat Partaott'in K poal
ahout two miles eait of Deer park on Ihe ^rroa
LakM tbence 40 cbalna aouth, tbenee tt cbaltu
weit, thenee -to ehains north, thenee eaai to point
of commencement, containing abonl IM acres.
Dated tbli Sth day ol .'une. 1900
Wiu un Kas-sT l'ivi-1  \.
Noiiee i* bereby given thnt 00 dan after date i
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chlel Commluloner "f Landa ami Works toi permission to
purchase the followlna deserlbed landa in the
West Kootenai district; rommenrtux at a i*">i
marked "NatnaJttel U cloture'a B K eorner,"
plante��i on the areil aide nl the Colombia Rlrer,
abont? mile- north of BurtonCltr. and��chalna
north of ihe south-west corner of Lot S78, thenee
nortb ni chains, thence west B0 chains, thenee
south 80chains, thence east ni eham* to \��<\M of
(���ommeneentent, containing W0 ai re-.
Dated tins ttth day of Jane, 1900.
X.*TH ��mkl ICcIxmuL
T <'. Uakinnn, A_p nl
Notice i- hereby pn n thai BO daya after 'late I
Intend toapply to the Honorable tbe Chlel I om
mlaaloner oi [_anda an>) Worka tor permission i>.
pui baas tlie following deacrlbed lands: Com
mencing nt .. post placed on the north ihore ol
the aresl arm oi Kootenay l-ate. at the northeast
i orner of John t-tranki' pre rmptlon, thenee
weil io ehains, more or less, t" the southeast
eorner of l^'t So. 7466, tbenee north 10chains,
tbence east li> chalna more or teas, tbence north
)���' ehalns tO the point Ol ei'liiliu n. etuelH
I'atfrl Julie 16th, 1900,
0. B   AriLKTON.
Notiee Lt hereby glren mat I intend ft) daya
after tlate to apply t.�� ih- Chief Commlssionei of
ijincl* and * orks for permlesfon 'o purchaae
the followinp 'escrlbeo Landa,situate at Firv
VatleTi Koownaj .- -i t onmenclng at a
p->st imarkea l. Ual agber���eonth west ooraarl
piaeed at the south Wesl eoruer of section 33,
townsb-.pti-t mew t north *o cbaltu to the north
we:-: eorner of ta'il section tt; thenee t-ajit -K)
ehains. thenee south BO -hams to the south
boundary of said section O, and thenee west 10
ehains to the place of befrinnlng coutatnins tA)
aeres. an i<. being Uu westertj half of aai* iee-
tion 33, township ti?.
Dated at Nelaon. B C. /one ->*h 1906.
Notiee u ben t��y olfen ttint t-j dari after data I
intend in spoly ,i1 l1"* Hoooroolo tbe Chief
commlulorer of Land* and Worki t��r porals-
aion i,. I'lirchahe the i.'Uo�� inn deacrlbed lands,
1 situate., in Moibii Dlsfrici Commencing at
north eaat corn*, poil of t-*��t N ". ihence rutin
��� i ig mnth BO cbalm, tbence eaal BOchalm, thence
north 40 chain*, thenee we-l 90 itialll* 10 C, P   K.
right-of-way, following mrai south west to a
iM.itu inteireptint nottb line ol Lot USD, thenoe
seat to polnl "f e,iiiHiHiii einent. oontalnini UO
KI re- note or   Ml
ICarSOtfa WOO.
C. I. OavntgR
Notloe i- herebj glren thai BO days after date I
Intend loapply t" tni Honorable toe Chief i om*
ralnloner of Landiand Worki for permlsilon to
pnrebsse tbe following dc-crlbed Lands alto-
a ted tn On Kootenay DlatrloL Beglnntngata
poet planletl on tlie norih ahore ">[ lhe liiwer
Arrow Uke aboul W cbalm ��-si of ihe west
boundary of C 1' k Lol 16W. Marked II a W.
8  B corner, them 0 west 10 chalM, Ho lie.- norlh
00 chains, tbenco east M chalna more or lesa to
!-._.��� -to.re, thence In e aouth weiterty dlrei lion
along lake ihore to point ol commi ncententtoon*
lalnlng 100 acrea more or leai,
I'M ated June W, 111)6.
II.  A.  Wm] VKKTMS'.
a. s. Wolyr&tox, Agent,
Notice is bereb; glren that two tnon'hi niter
���lat>- I Intend to apply to the Honorable Chlel
Comrolnfonei "i Landi an-i Worki for perrali*
lion to purebaae -i\ hundred and forty ffite)
went ot landi described as followi: ' 'ommenelng
at n poet planu-d at thenorthweat corner ol L.
Qallagher'iapplication to pnrebaae In i-ire Valley, on the well ilde ol Lowei w du Lake, In
Kootenay district, marked " W. a Ci N i cor*
ner"; thenee tunning eightv pBOj cba
theme eighty (N'l iouth; thence eight j [WJ
chalm easti ihem.- eighty (90) cbalm north to
plaoe of eommenoement
 Dlln after
Dated the ;'n-i day of July, lii��.
Notice ll hereby gl��en that ft' tlsva after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the t'btef Com-
-- ner cdXands and Worki for in-rmi��sion in
purvhaie thr- following described landa. altuate
In the Weet Koot nay dlitrlet: '"oinmeneine at a
post marked M  Met - w  eomsr, planted 40
chain* west of L C M,t :-> n - uortbweat eorner
of hU erown granu-d Uni in Fire Valley, running *l chains ea-t. 40 ��� hains north. 40 ehains
weat, 40 ehalns south t.. place of euuimeneement.
M McCljaiLnR, Locator.
W. A. LALDlh. Agent.
Junettth, -���**
Nnliri'i�� herel.y ^iveii ihat'-I  tlay��   lr��'iii  ilaie
i Intend to apply to tne Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner ol Landsand Works for permle-
sfoii to purchase the foiiowinit described lands,
In tbe west Kootenay District, easl side of Col.
umbia River, about I miles north of Burton City.
t'omineneliig at a post marked Leo U Winter I
S W. eoruer. at the H.W. corner Of K. H. Stnit!i*a
preemption ilaim, thenee norlh *o CluUni  more
or lees to the soutb bounder] ol Mllei Carroll*!
preemption claim thenee east io chains, tbenee
.outh ��chains more or lesa to tbe North boundary nf k ii Pmlih'i preemption claim, tbenee
west m ehatm t.i p";nt of i ommencemi m. eon*
latninc ��) acrea mon* or leaa.
Dated thi* ._ 1 day of June, 1900.
RilfH 9m, Aeent.
Notice is hcrhv given that I intend. 6o daya
aftei dare to apply to the .'hief Commlaaioner of
Land* and Wo-i- [or pi laston to pun-haw the
fo lowinc described lands attoate at lire * alley.
Kootenay dtatnet. ".'ommtuctngat a poal (marked -..eo-ge Young-^..:th weat corner) placed at
tbe north ����� u eortu | aectlon _s townahip �����;
them-e eaat **.< ehatn* to the north east corner of
-...:������ tion IS; then - aoo'h w chains, thence
- - i hatna. tbeL<-e north 40 ehalna to the
place of tx-rinDlnf* t.-ataining S* acres and
being the northerly hail of said fee Hon a, township 69.
rated at Kelson. B. C. J-ane 5tb 19 ��
i.ilOSOE Y<HW.
N ���.: e ;* hereby glv.n that 60 daya after date
we inwn.i io aoolT to tne Honotable the ( hief
���"omnrssioi'er of Land* and Works at Victoria.
B C for permission to perehase the following
dwertbed landa, slt"ate in West Koolenay dlatrlct. �� omimnrfng at a poat planted at Thoraa��
Jerome's N E. poat. and marked Peter Deeell
Md A Choqoette K w. corner; thence "JO cbalni
������ast tbei-ee X1 chain; south, tbence it> ebaiua
weat. thence 30 eh ini north to ihe comm. nciug
I^at. containing 40 acrea more or lesa.
Dated May H>.
P-ara De*i:ls-
a. i how. rm
 W. A. Jonna. Age n t
>otice i$ hereby giten that ststy days af;er date
I intend to apply to ihe Honorable th_ Cnlef
I --;oner of Lands and Works. Victoria, for
permtMtoo to ourrbase tbe following desertt-c-d
.ascif in vVfO, Ko^iicaay.   Commea-^n-* at a post
marked r Igar W   l ;-_-�� south west cojoer near
to ������arnet eieek and at-oot 2 mile* aouih of Voa-
cek and about 4 miles weal of �� nlumbta
Hirer; tbt-nce north sO chains, thence eaat 40
'���hains. t*enee south *> tbaini  tbence wtat *>
i plaee of eommencement, eonuicing
���-��� urn ;--:_>g the same more or leae.
Dated June 4, is��6.
IMAI w   Drxta,
 V. I'Tyei agenL
II   I   -  :* hereby given   hat _ i'avs afler date I
to Mike applfcaUoa to 'heBoeofmbte the
������eitier of fAOtlsano Worts for p��er-
10 purebaae   the   foih>wlnc   deacrlbed
lands:   Commencing at a l> st place-Ion tbe east
!/o*er Arrow Uke. aj)-.oiniug J. Batea'
, lioa on  tbe southweat wark-^l --T  ��,_
N   w   i   mrf p-at."   Thea."- runnitg ���*) ehaloa
easi; tnern-e ID ehalna aoolh: ihence **'i-balna
raor�� of 1*.^^. we-at to the l�� .�� shore; thenre M-
-... awn to ps-in! of commencement.
eoa*.  :clng t+Jn-rea, more or les*.
rtc��- Kouaut
Dated thti 'th da* ��� ' '  ��� i   lea
ie hereby given that ��d  syraft r late i
make apgaiea Men to the HonoreMe the
-mission- r of Lao-la and Worka for p-_r-
tn-s-'lon Ui   purebaae    lhe   fnllowlng de�� II. ���'.
1 ommenelng   at   ���  pt^t pla<vd on   lbe
Bo-thea-4'ormer of r Sleeken'* appllratton to
Furvhaa**. m rked "H. '   a Iti nerpdu.** mnniiW
���*��� ���i��:nirt-t; theoea Bebaiw south: thvnea ��������
chain.' w.st; thenee f llo-atn-j T Kinat ��r.**ea*l-
e.-u txMinda y to p-^nt nf eomaen *-ri<ni, coj-
���.aining *J4u acn s. men ��� *. ������
Bagoran TUtianr,
p��t*d Ihlsf-h day of *-.*
Not ee i�� heresy giaeu that ftOoay* after dal> I
i"ten 1 to make appt cailon to the Honorable the
chlel'oramtsalotir-r of I., mis and <Vnrka for ner-
BBtaeloa '���' pQichaee the following iiovnud
landa: Commeneira: at a post placed ai the tn-
le'Svcllon ol the ea��i boundary of J Hal"-' preemption and ibe north boon 'ary af T Kinaban's
ApplUatlon to ��� oreha��e. marke*l"T. K. Jr's - W.
cc*nerrx��t" Th nix- following J dates' eastern
touiidary.to chains north; l be no Vrhalnseau:
Ibenee t- < bains to tbe no thern boundary of
Hannah ,|*Tney"e Application to Purehas*;
ihenCe fo'lowfne tbenonherl- t-onoda vof same
and nottheny boundary of T Klnahan's Appa-
cation to Pun-base, to pol t of commencement,
containing ti acres, mote or ;��-..
T. KlMHi<(, Je.
Dated this Tib day of June, ls��X.
RoUee la betely gts-en tb��; I intend, en dayi
after date, to apply to tbe Chief f>mm's-.ioner of
I_an ����� and ft.nb for nerm*-slon lo purchase
the following desertb-M lends,eftnate at Ure
\ alley. Kcotesay Dut'tcl t . nimenelng at a
post (m*rked��� ieorge Young north east corner)
placed at the north eaat eorner of aectlon SI
townabip fi?; th- ne* south 8* ehalns to the s n h
east corner of aald sertion Tl; ihence w��si 40
cbalni, tbence north SO chains, and thenee east
40 chain* to the p'aee of U-g-nn ng. ei.oteintug
��J.' wen*, and t-elng the e.sierly half of said s-*J-
tlon tl. to*nah:p':^.
Dated at Nelsvn. B. C June Mb .rew
Ueotmi Yocm,
Kotiee Is herebj given that I intend,-*' dayi
after date, to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Land, an t Work! for permission to i ur- . ia
following ilesc-ibed lauds, alttiate at Ktre VrUlgr,
Kootenar Dlitrlet. t'ommenr-ingai apo-t (marked P. H u' Connor-south east eornerj placed ai
the north east torniT of st-eiion tt, township GV;
llienee west (0 (hallis. theme norlh vi ehalna,
thence eaat 40 chains, and thenee south ���*< cbalni
to the place of beginning, containing fttf
Dated at Nelson, B  C. June Jlli 1908.
P. H.O'l on.v.r
'jKoruK Yoiso, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that fO dava from date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief I om*
mlntoner ������; i and* and Worka for permission to
p'lri has* the following defa-ribed lauds, in the
West K.H��tenay District. Hand Island, in the
Columbia hiver about 4 milea north cf Burton
' ity: all of said Island abort high water, being
30 acres more or leas.
Dated this 1st Day of June, 1906.
Run Norton
T. C stCjJsUmox, Agent
Sixty days afterdate I intend lo app y to the
< ommh>si->ner of I-ands and Works, \ letoria. lo
pu-ehaj-el60 scn-s of land. Commencing at a
p"Sl planted on the we*t sh^re of Arrow Lake, al
th? ��outh east corner of J J Christie's pun haae.
running north Pi ehulns. thenee east *v ehalna.
theno -"uth A*chains, tbenew WeH *m hains to
place of commencement.
Located May, ��tb 1906,
A. Cams.
L. GaLLACHia, Locator.
.^ixty days after date I Intend to apply to the
tommtssioner of Unds a n't Works to purebaae
(W acrea of land, situate about one mi ��� ol
Burton City, and described a* follows: I .,m-
menclng ai a pt��t planted on the nortbweit corner of lot tV-W and runing wr*t �� cbalni, thenee
north" 40 chain*, theti-e .��st an ehalna,thenee
south along lot .650 to place of beginning
July Mb. WOO.  J. R. Hi Mm.
Notice is hereby glren that W days after date I
intend toapply lo ihe Hon-reMe ihe Chi-f Commissioner of Undsand Worka fnr permis.Ion to
ptin-baae the following deaeribed lands, situated
in tH�� dlatrift of West Koolenay ad'oining lol
" ��� i". i'.- u.st arm of Kootenay like. ( om*
men.ing at an initial p--��t placed at the ��outh-
west enrurrof Un 7>'i theuce norlh io ehains
thence west 10 chalna. tbenee s*uit���� *> chaini,
thence east lu ebalns to poiulol etimmcucriiient.
Dated May .>. 1906.
____^__  J*��. FKsrta
RoUee t- kerrby -civrn ihatoodara from -late I
Id apply lo the UonateJ i   the 'Me: I om-
mlnfoaer of Lands and Works, for t*-rmi*sir.n to
pnrchase the following described lanua, iltuate
attbemouthof Muichi-.>n creek un ih. t"TO*
Late, iu lhe West kooU-uay DtetrlM AbntttV
arr-j of land; eonjm*ii.ing at *, post marked
w   it  r �� w, p,,��i. tr,--uee no tii m-haini*, then-
��� ��������� Ba��t .' -halus. tbence south 4" chains, thence
weat _Ui halm u- point of eumm*m unofit
t^le-l this Ith day of Jum- 1901
Willum Uakitr Prrsa-..
  WlUlaN J. Toyg. ,���tM
Ifottee i�� hereby given that 99 lays dom dale I
Intend to *pp!y to the Hon- labl he Chief <om-
misalonerof Land* and Works for p*r*ri-.��.i..n !..
t-urehase 160a*-rea of lanrt ai \'��n Honten ereek
in th- Arrow l_ake�� Id lhe West Ko-Mvaay l��ts-
trlet. Starting from a poat mark-d A .1. N w
post, tbence *�� chains east, ihenc* 40 i h-ins
s-iu h. thenee w rbaina -��-.���*t. thenee 4it chalna
n.irth to i��>mt nf eommencement
Dated tbia tth day of June )'*��.
aktki'r Jetcn Uere
WiLLUM J   T* .1. Ag. nt.
NotK-ela heix-bjr glveu tbal Ai davs aft.- -t. .. I
int-nd in apply to the Hon.,raMe the Cbkf Com-
mtaslonerof Uuda and Works for pennlw
pun-baat* the Mtowtu--* described Ir.n.i. in u,^
West Kootrttay diairict: Coinnn-n. ing r.t a posi
marked II. MeC N I corner, planted **chaini
norih of the P. tt  oorner ol w   \.> Hi.t.-r's prt
��� mpvlon in fire Valley, running 40eha(u�� aout'i
�����'ehalns west. 4o�� halus north. 10chalna east to
platv of commencement
Uanui UcCartDUan, Utmior
��   A. CaLOAl Agent.
June _��th, 1006. '    tr,^,'
Nollee is hep hy given thai tw
rlate I Intend to apply to the UohiiraUeUi
CominiMloi.er of Unds aud WorkaforSeSt1
sion to purvuaao >w huoored and fnr v J,,
acres of land, deecrlbod a* followi I ,,Ul, ,, ,*5
al i poal planted m the oorthweii ,,',���'/',
i. Clallegber'i application lo purchase marfcirf
���n a Hao'iMtttbeul corner,,i ruiinuig u,,,,,
eighty (��i) obalm west; tbence eighty frfichai
north; ihence eighty tmt i-lmn,., ,.,lM; lh '"
eighty (wo chalna loafb io the plsee arS
 neement, tuiuing ,i, hundred nml umi
(mm) Mer<-, more or leee.        ���
Dated theknd of Julv, ttwo.
...   , ,."���-������ MoCottocg,
Vt .   \, I  UjiIM,   *ge!it.
Notice i- herebj! given that OOdari iftcrdi.;
I uie ml t.. make iippii'-aii.ni to ihe ' ononlitsuJ
cin.   Commissioner of Landi and Worfcihrw
mlnliin     I.,     i.ii r..l>.....     il...     f..ll....  '.
minion  i"  purchase the folio*
lands: C nonet ng at a j��.si planted aVu
northwest corner ul Hable Ve<:andli.hs'appita
lion to purchase in Fire Valley, marked "Xg
Me N   h   corner," riinning 4*t chain-
elm Hi- -.ni Ih,   Id ehains easl,  .Uihiilu ri|, |��
plaee of i oiiimeii' i iniiii.
K. M. M(i'iM.i,iMi. t_neat_4
W. A. CAhDgJL .'.g.iil.
July and, 1900
S'otjee is be-, by given thai HO dayi alter ilabj
lul< Rd to apply Io Hie 11, ,in -rable the' hU't ��� m
miaaionerol Landa und Works for permlaaitak
purchase Ibe following deia rlbed landa, ill tt
ni the Wesi Kootenay disiriei: Com mem iiiggi
poal mi th-- cost ilde ol Tulip Creek, on i>.in
Anon Uke, ami marked "J J. Walker's i'l
. ������! n< ��� lbence eaal 90 chain-, thenee nortb f
��� 'ii'ii-. tlience west wi ebalns,tbenu i
.. point of commenoement. containta*
:;:" ru res mote or l.-��s.
LoealedJune laih. 1909 J.J. tv*u.t
T II  Wibmnsoy, Agent
Buty dayj after date I intend to apt
chief Commissioner  of Lands and works .���
VlStorle fi [ I- -mission I   pm base om ��� |
ami ilxty (190) aeres of land, located an.i iiwrit^
ed ii- follows: Commencing at �� j-ist puuini
eighty (90) chains east oj tba N *V corner of D
B ��� pn emption and marked  i   K.C'iN I
��nd   running   east   forty  (i
ihenci   iouth tony if) chaini  I ��� ���   ��� i
chalna, thenoe north forty (40)c-hain* te plan ���!
Julv: i DO
c. K. ciuimt
Kol   ���   i bereb) gli in that 90 dari iftai
Intend io apply to the Hon. tbe Chief I
ilonei ol Undi and iVorfci foi permtaaioo tftpor
cheat   ihe following described  landa in *��t
Kootena) district, prm inca of British O
Porno ing ni a poal marked a a. Hur-ae.
* \\  corner, on the south itdeol Caribooewt,
about two mllei eaal "f Burton fitj
and at the north weal corner ol Wllllai
ni- pre-emption elalm, tbence caai I
lbence north '-' chains, tbence wesi I   tula
'��� ��� halm i" the place ol begtaiii
containing MO ai res tnore or leaa
Dated Hits 'tth day of July. 1909.
  \    ������-
Notice is   hereby given  tbat two no il
date I intend loapply lothe Honorali-
Commfaalooerof Uiotsund Workaforpt-naMutt
to purchase the  following dewribed [��:.������
aie m nre Valley on the went fide ol LoarerJ^
row Lake, Kootenay district-, deeerfbed ��* W*
lowai Commencing at a post planted si ibe
northwest eorner of w. A CSuderi pr-'-eropiiou.
mark.-.! -A Md.'n Mwtbweat oorner"
thence  forty  (to) chains  east;  t..enee [..nt(tf)
chains   north!   theme forty   (40)  chains wwt;
tbeqee forty <i*i> < hains south to thi
��� ��� in 111-'in anient,  containing  one  buiiilrtsj snJ
ItSty (100) acre- mt.re or leaa.
Dated JuneSS, tflOfl A>mn McLaoona
��    A  CatPBB. Agenl
Nollee Is herehv given thai I Intend, 60 dip
afler dale toapply to the ObMOommlmloMtol
' ands and Works for permtwlon to porcbiwtbl
following dea<-ribed lauds and premtaM dtnati
al Plre .alley Kn..tenay 1'1-lrlel CominrDClafj
al a post .marked P. H M'Connor nortii ea*t Nt
ner) placed al the north easl -orner ��[ section
H, township99; ihence south 4U < hams, tln-nrv
west 4u chains, ihetoe nnrlh 40 chains lo tlif
nortberty t��>undsry of said section -'!: anl Una
ce eaat 40 chains to the piece  of  U-giiitiiur,'��f
taining 100 acrea, and being the oorth eon w
quarter of aald aeetloa IL lownahip^
Nelsim. B. 0, June Mh I9U6.
P. H. Ui i.vsia
 Gionni: Yot xu. Agent.
-lily .'ay. nfls--dale I intend to inpl]   t��
commlaaioner of Unds ami tf orks, Vkiens ie
punbaae jMu acres of Und situate and deacrlbed
a- followi Commencing at a p<<st planted N
the east -hor. of Am.w Uke Oppoatl ��� I   .
Unding at the eonth weet eorner of Jam'*
o-Rii.yS pre-etnpUon and marked I* i   H-��
corner; thence east W chains, then- -"Utli *'
chains, ihence wi-i fio chains to tin* lake ihore,
thenOe north along  the lake  sln-re to  J>��"  "
June _Vth 1SW>.
P Lahor.
 y. CatMfc Locator
Soil ��� is herehr given thalWda.* aft. s laV J
in-end toapply to thr Honorable the chief *'*�����
miaaionerol I undsand Worka for perm iaatao ��
purehp.se the following described landi ��� -
meneliig m n pool marked w h He. B. K.i
planted ��i tbe N w eorner --f ������ ��� ' ' '"
pre-empllon m Plre Valley, rannlna -
nortb, Hchaini weet, >" ebaJtu aouth, wekali
east to plaee of eommenet met'
Jane aoth. 1900,
w k. HoCajcnuaB,
w. A.C_u_b-ta  ti
Notice I- her. by gfei H thatltXt]   -     daraaft
date i Intend In apply t,. the
chief Commfseloner of Un-l* and  '���'���
; | ibe following -
Ira- l .il land ! lltttatc nt Queens' Ba^ ������'-
���in.re,.; Kootenay Uke in the i Lai
kootenay, Province of Hriu--i.  i
rontaialng bj admeasttreaienl i'>< '-
the N��ni,�� more mt i....   rhlch parcel
. alari]     i n ni-ed -is loth "���    '   "
i at a p��,dnt un the westerly I-
l. TOO i;   i \\,,t Kootenay Ptatrl
South .���.t eorner of l. ��������"I ���.   I; I
following the southerly imundar. of '
m ehalna mora Mr ;.., to the ���
n- r  m(   laid   Lol  noi n, I; th*
��"uth  a< ��� halm  mon    ���r li ���  to I
��� rly boundary   t D K Balloeb'i Appli
I -:��� rly foliowimr -'
erly'boundary of satd U.K. batt-
'���   Pbi tuac ir.r.i eham* aim  oi leas ie i��
- >- r: thi 'i    foil iwing ��� ���
. ia . ���   rtl
eoi leaa ic ���'- -
bi r ���( aai i l_ot 7010<   i: thence north* rp
[0| t*e wi ib rly boundary of said Lot
I ������1-4 r-haina nn.rr or U ��� to point of i
Dated Im ���  V-. 1909 B *^  1<','' "
Sou..- [�� hereby tl
date 1 inLend to applv lo lhe Honorsbb
C^mral-akinerofLandsand Works for p
i" port-base the following described trad     N
in west Kootenay district: tt glnoli
Hantctl ��t tin* north wi sleoi
eek, ibenee aonth I) chain*, th  -
*' thaloa mora or leas, thence north -
more ot : ������   tt,._��.  eaal i��* lake -t>*--
' '��� "lEinnlng. the same is In least i
bra��- wiiat is known aa the llani-on p-*'"
Peted July . 1/00 0��     ��
Notice ta hereby given th*t *...!���� ���-,e, ,Ulr, *
Intend io make application to uu. flonorabk- th-*
Chief Commisaioner..f Undsand works for i-'r
mission to pun-has.- thr following Jcs<-rlh-M
lands: Commencing at a p.,.. ::iark,.i i v
dt-r's aouihesst corner, aectlon :. Tbwnabin te
r.;nuiuf east twenty chalm. snath f-.-tv ehalnT
west twenty chains, north forty ch.tnsV place'
hereby given ihai rixti dayi
Dated July I. 19l��.
)ok> B*>.,.
the dan l Intend to appl. :������:���'
Honer of Landa and Wort* Vletorle
rt-haae Ibe follow mg   '
*'  ab   in the di-trict of  Wi�� Kootenai
of urobman creek: Utariingat a ;--nn
��� n '���-1. ���. . b. W   eorner)   planted  ��� ���
chains south of j   Halm
running north .*chains, then-* eaa   ���
������������������ nt a aoolh x> chains, them-e weat I
j-ointof-Miuinencemeut. John Wil
June 11, lfloe. J.Faaua. Agea: The Daily Canadian
,anada D_t*g and
Soofe Co'y* Limited
fly 3Jstt*Atiga 10th
Idinc, regular price f-j.oo special Si.50
ickel,       " "     >3-00 special  1.50
Aiil filled, guaranteed 5 years, $5.00 special 2.50
ild filled, guaranteed 10 years, S7.50 special 3.50
ilsl filled, guaranteed 15 years, I8.50 special 4.25
ild solid, guaranteed, #10.00 special  5.00
We make Toric, Lenticular and Invisible Bifocal
los. Ymir eyes thoroughly, properly and scientifi-
I examined, tested and fitted with tlie proper aud
ll.ib-i-to suit your eyes.   No matter who has failed
and See M. Ilecklenberg, M. A.
Iiuiiieiit eye sight specialist.     Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
ianada Drug and
took Co'y, Limited
The   Necessity  of  British   Rule   Being
>erial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
PAID UP....(8,900,000 REST $8,1100,000
|WII.K!i;, President HON. ilOBERT JAFFRAY, Vico-Presideut
Branches in British Columbia:
������ii- received and Interest allow- .1 ut currunt rata from date of openiuR no-
���      ���"! half-yearly
ON branch J*   M.   LAY,  iHttnaawr.
Sir Auckland Colvin Ih the British
comptroller-general in Egypt, aod is
also the khedive'a financial advisor.
From such a dual poin tof vantage Sir
Auckland is well fined to judge of actual conditions; a reading of his "Making of Modern Egypt," however, shows;
that he is also fitted to interpret the
COUTBQ of Egyptian events in general
during the past twonty years, and in
the department of finance iu particular. In that period, as influenced by
England, of course the central figure
lias   lieen   I���rd   Cromer.     But  at   tho
beginning of the period   the central
figure  was  Lord    Dufterln.    England
has indeed been fortunate in having
such pro-consuls. We are not surprised to find Sir Auckland a sturdy
advocate and expounder of British
rule in Egypt. Not only is he as convinced us we are of the goodness of
thut rule; he Is equally convinced of
the unfitness of the Egyptians, unaided, to rule themselves. First of all,
there is Mohammedanism in the wny.
Whether it be regarded as u scheme
of religion, us a social life, or as a Bye-
tern of government and polity, it does
not favor the sustained and continuous progress of the nation following it,
But, Islam aside, where will one find
among 'Egyptians, inquires our author,
tho necessary sense of corporate
needs, the common and collective pur-,
pose, the civic virtues, the social energies, without which no real progress
can be made? There is no native power, he avers, which could maintain, far
less continue, the work of reform for
a twelvemonth If the controlling British hand were removed. It must bo
admitted that Sir Auckland makes out
a good case for Great Britain tn his
review of recent Egyptian history, beginning with the institution of dual
control in 1876, and chronicling the
military revolt, the rise of the vexed
Sudan question, (leneral Cordon's career us envoy to the Sudan, the retirement of the British troops from that
vast region south of Egypt, Lord Cromer's policy for both Egypt and the
Sudan, the end of Dervish rule at
Khartum, and, finally, the Anglo-
French agreement, which ended u
quarter century's chapter of complicated International relations. The recent recrudescence of Muslim lannti-
cism in Egypt, the Sinaitic peninsula,
and the Sudan, and tbe readiness of
the Anglo-Egyptians to meet it, makes
a review of the situation Interesting
at the present time.
Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
khases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
|al Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
iiiim Builders will find il to IhOuro-VimtagetoiueourPltoh,
elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Burns & Co.
for provincial organizing fund. The
boys up here are doing well; they
have found out what they want, and
seem to be willing to pay for it.
Great time In Rossland. Spoke
there four times; once to the Italian
local, at their building, being introduced by Joe Callister. No one seamed to have been aware of the existence of such an institution. They
nave a line, vigorous organization, and
ure true-hearted comrades. I was a_
tonlslied at thu "number of Socialists
I found in Uosulund, which has always
been supposed lo be the stronghold of
Liberal capitalist politics in this province. Mucdonald made a pitiable exhibition of himself on the platform,
some of our Socialist comrades even
feeling sorry for him. It is needless
to say I didn't.
He was to have met me on the platform and discuss the burning question
of the  day���Capitalism   vs.  Socialism.
He was in Lhe meeting, and the audience forced him on thv platform, but
to the disappointment of friends und
foes alike, he refused to speak, and
followed his usual tacticB���that is, did
a sneak.
He met me the next night and discussed provincial politics, as these
ducks are sometimes willing to do, because it Is fairly safe ground for them,
being easier to conceal the real issue.
But I venture to say that Macdonald
would have given a good deal to have
escaped even that little ordeal. Unless both wings combine to support
him, he cannot be again elected in
Rossland.   The town is ours for keeps.
I speak here tonight, and spoke In
Grand Forks last night. The comrades
there will at once organize. This
rami) will come into line, too. Socialism Is rampant here.
Yours in the revolt,
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Room, ssss- well furnishes!.   Tssble sss- good his msy
lis Nelson.     Bar ���upplled with good
Motions HSIrl I iKssri.
W. E. McGANDLIBH. Proprietor.
Tremont House
Euro petto -.nd American PI in
Meals 26 eta.   Roomn (mm '26 uu. tu 11
Only While Help Employe-..
Baker Ht.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
But Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The B��r l. the Fluent.
White Help Only Employe..
Jostephlne Ht.
"I wish 1 was a cherub, ma,"
Said little Willie Bings,
"A cherub can't be _panket! at all,
It's only head and wiogB."
Hawthornthwaite'.   Tour.
(Western Clarion.1
Phoenix.  B. C, July 2lBt,  1900.
Dear Comrade:     I  enclose  you   $25
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
A full line of Crockery,
China und OlaMware.
Al��n Second Hand ��otwl< of Every Descrip-
tloD,   We have rot thcgonditnd sell at
Lowe*t PrlCM In Town.
Haker Pt, t_��t to ' .P.K Ticket Office.
The Big Schooner ]}...  i A-
Or "Half-and-Half"   DCCl    I UCo
The only Glasa of Oood Beer iu Ne.Kon.
Hotel acriiimnoilutloiiH HOOttd to nom* In British Columbia. Ratea tl.OOperdar. kiw-'IhI ratei
to monthly boarders. Only home hotel In NcUon
Lake Viet*>
Hall aod Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   TT       t%       WW      Pfnj\
and examine our list.    JL __������   Q&   lYJLa   JDlXV-i^
iinsuranck.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business ill Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Most of it situate on tbe West Arm and Main Lake,
fore you decide to locate.
i me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, ���^&��ANK
- , I 11 ,*. 1WBI
Rates tl 00 per Day
and up.
tslssphone 118.    |	
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Da- and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Kelson
aud its suburbs. Phone 148.
CKAl.KDTKNDKKs. mart od "IVtuItr for Umber
D [.units, Woodberry Crew," will bo received
by the onaetilgnw up to noon <>f Batnrdfty, the
Iithdayol *ugnitl Iflpfl, from anyp rsonQestr*
tn* to obtain iiwolal tlmtdr licences tocul -.mi
carry sway timber from tho following deserlbed
lands, -Uuate on the Norlh Port of wo dberry
Creek, In tho Aln-worth Mining Division of Weil
Kootonay Dislrmt:
Lot   I      r   iinm-t mt:  nl ii -in! .��� |.lsnil.-.i ..ii  Ilie
North h-rk uf Woodborry OrteV, aboul Ova
iniii-- from Kootonay tAitoi thence nouiii .���*���
ahatnsi tbence west 10 ohalns] theuce north W
ohalns; thoooo easl 8D<ihstnsto the point of cum*
l.��t Si -t'oiiiiiu'iirtuK ai u itako p anted on tin*
North Fork ol Woodberry Crcok abonl si* mllei
from Kootenay i*Hkr; tnence Math m chains]
thenoo wost 80ehuosl thence, mini, no chainsi
Qieooe eul no \ imiti.s to the 'mini oi oommenee<
I ...I   ,H.      I..1III IMH llli:   Ht It Htllkc |l|llllt(.>ll oil   tll(>
Norlh Kork of Wnoilhcirv Greek) about BOTCH
mill* from   KOOtenay   UUM|   jJicilce   BOUtb    m��
ohainsi tbenoe west 80 chalnsfthenoe nortb 40
oliftlnsi thedce eul hu ihnti.x to ue point of
Lot -I --I'ommeiii'liin nt a sttlkc pltitltod on thf
Norlh   Kork  ol  Woo .herry Troon, itliunt   ,'ii;lil
mllei from KooUmihv Lake I thenco Minth ko
chains) thenoe west 80 chains; thence north 80
ohaln'i thenoe uihi hd ohalns to the point of
The rarsou offering the hlghost cash bonus will
be entitled tnspeoUi lloencei covering thoJIm*
iin' ronoWable for twenty*one boccobbIvo yean.
KnoIi tender mnsl l��' aecompanted byacerti*
Ih'il ohCQUOi made piviihlc nt pur hi ViclorhLlo
iin- nnderslgnod, for the amount, fuui.oo, .., tin-
ti rs-1 yut'i feoi for nuoh .peolal lioenoesi and tho
ntm-unt of tin' bonus tendered, and also h oorti*
n><l ������heque forf-tooo for com of advertising Mini
Deputy Gonunlulonor of i.a��d�� and Works.
LiiimIk nnd Works ivpartiinMit,
Vli'iorln.11. Oj July liith, 1000.
40 Acre Farm
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
8. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
We Will Sell
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have i 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. G,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
iblo BedrooiL-	
ample Kssomi lor Oommer.
clsissi TiluluK Room.
cl��l Men.
MRS. K. C. CI_VRK.lt, Proprletreil
A valuable farm for snle, situated ln
lho heart of the fruit growing country.
40 acres, 8 acres well cleared and about
70 fruit trees planted, are bearing soiuo
this year. A good cabin, root house and
stable on the property, also n nice
spring. The land Is of Ihe very best
Quality, and can be all worked. It Is
beautifully situated on Howser lake,
West Kootenay, ono mile from post office and store and two miles from C. P.
It. branch to Trout Lake. Splendid
farm for potatoes. Thero have been
four crops In succession without manure, and the lust crop wns ns good us
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Grand Forts, 13. O.
Or to Wm. Simpson, Howsen.
Wkiu _-   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson,  Knslo,   HkikIhh, Throe Korlts, New
llenvor and Simian Oily.
[-'^VaiX!',SS! ",lV0 ��    Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKE notihk thai I Intend to apply at tho
tn xl ���-iiiim.". ,if the Hnnri) ut l.t<'i>iic-1li_r. DoiniDlS-
tlonon lor thO Oft*  of  Nelwili, fur'a Imil.sfer  to
Qeorgo lliirriniin or Nalion.Jft u, ol my Llueun
loKi-ll f'Tint'lil-'tl titnl Hplrllilinii.   l|i(tior-i on   thd
proinliea known hn tLO Uko Virw Hotel- vvaon
Dated iim-itli day of Jttljr, 1900.
Avuust Thomas.
VVltnuii W. A. Macdonald.
Wlusls'issilu sunt lis-'Ull lli'islisn, 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied nu shortest notice and
lowest, price. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats nnil supples kopt iu stock
Mnil orders receivo earofsil intention.
The well known
Our Boer Garden is
tho Finest in the
-   Proprietor
,  $52*50
Winiiips'K Port Arthur
St. Pnul,    lluluth,    Sioux City
Kansas City $fiS.2n. St. Louis |��0.00.
Ohicngo $114 00.
On sale August "S-ll, September 8-10
Filial limit Ootobor Hist.
Toronto $7ii.l)5.   On sale September 8 9-10
Limit November 80th,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
Asml   l>lilJVIiWIil) I'UISIJ
Baker Street.     ���    NELSON.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers iu staplo and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Millers' Supplies.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
Milwaukee (09.80    Ou sain Angnst 7-8-11.
Limit October lllst.
Through rales nil ftations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on npplicatiou.
.1. S. CARTER,
11. P.A., NelMill.
First Class Heating Plnuts nnd Mode���
Snuitary Applinnuos.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thtirman's Special Mixture?
THt conromAiLt WAV.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelsou at 8:80 a. m.
will arrive at Nelsou at 7 ill's p ni.
will leave fnr Kaslo at 0:1ft p. m.
will arrive at Nelsou at'.��: 10 a. m.
Clly Pn^ciiger Agent.
A. (I. t. A., Scuttle.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal aud Wooo.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
PofSSm Office: Baker St.
; ;
3: '.  i'i
I. '; ;l
s The Daily Canadian
Is the sulsjeet of most local Interest a,- present, and In order to enjoy
it thoroughly you need perfeel distance vision.   If your sight is at ull
defective, we can correct il with   perfect-fitting glasses at low prices.
A  pair of BAUSCH  &   LOMB   BINOCULARS  will   unable  you   to  fill-       >
low the   regatta   accurately.   They are ihe finest field glasses made,      J
"The Store of Sweets/'
I Jellied Veal j
Is just the thing for
a   Ready Luncheon.
Js a clean Canadian
pack. Is fast making firm friends.
Fruits, Confe.'tionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 86. linker St.
tTBLSON, 11  ('.
One Pound Tins 25c|
:Two Pound Tins 40c x
Bell Trading^
"<A Tip" for a
" Canadian Mo rn ing."
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
put up n sjieciiilty.
W.J. Walker,   ?��,
;t,r. Vcrsiissi
sss  \V,��rJ   Mil-wests*.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
.1 Henry, Ainswonh: It w Livingstone, A McRne, Calgary; i. McKellar,
Kenlie; F Robinson, Winnipeg: 1{ 8
Gourlay, A tlourlay. .1 H Alexander,
Toronto; ������' 1. Clark, Spokane; P B
Simpson, Cranbrook; Mrs. E Ruthven,
W (' Dolglish, Slocan: T H Treihe
svs'y, La I'laia mine: F C Gamble. Vic-
torfa; W W Montellus, Vancouver;
Mr. and -Mrs. T t' Hrooke, Coleman;
A ORawIlnson, Qu'Appelle; Miss D
Value. Oreenwood; 11 Steele, Uruiul
Porks; llev. C A Procunier, Revelstoke; (.' [���: t.'iiian. Rossland; J (' Jen-
sen. P .1 Alnsworth, Council lilsiff^; <.;
N McOregor, J Q Bdaslod, Spokane.
J W Williams. Alnsworth; II M
Stooke, J L Porter. Qreenwood; W .1
Shotton and wife, Cranbrook; J II
liutisin and wife. Nortii Bay; W H
Kreyscher,  Seattle.
A Miller. Republic; W ClaHy, T Peacock. Salmo; c Tipping. CasUegar; K
B Lasas, Slocan Junction: II D Lew,
R Rosetle, Granite; E P Curran,
Bonnington; John White, Slocan; S A
lurry, Rossland: II Brown, Revelstoke.
N Treliilcock, Northport;" H Law-
tence, Rossland.
.1 A Johnstone, T Pemberton,   Vancouver; 0 Williams, Greenwood.
11   McLaren.    Owen    Sound;     .1   \V
Whitehead, Coykandahl;    j    Labeau,
(iransi r.srks:  L Kenellay, Wallace;  .1
Hurry, lionningiun.
H P Ridley, Salmo; T .1 Hargrenves,
Calgary; A Boomer, Kamloops; l! D
Mclntyre, Qrand  Forks.
Need Any Oi
Frait Juts ���
W. kve the NEW Mason Scaler
with lhe AI! Glass Top.
No metal togetdirty wdenrrr'ded. ���? j
The imssl uji-tii-itiite  senior  ssn the
market.   In pint and quart m/.-ss.
Pints per Dozen $1.25        >
Quarts per Dozen  1.50
M}i\ We also hnve ills-   Crown   ,Iais i
pints, iiiuirt- nml half gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
| Joy _ Cash Grocery j
Oor*JoHphia��AH-l mui ftn.    phon ��� vt
The Leading Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
Special attention to 01 tiers for
parties and picnics.
nf St. Saviour's Sunday
School will   be  held to
Steamer Kokanee leaving
the City Wharf at 9.15
a.m. aud 2 p.111 ou
Thurs- A
day,   iia&
Returning will leave Procter at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets: Adults $ I, Children 50c
May be unrohnsod from members of
tbe Sundny School or at the
stun- ssl Fred Irvine & Co.
City Band in Attendance
V  -J
BOY���Apply ssi ..slums Boat Bonn,
There  was   no  sessinn  of  the    cily
police court today.
Gus   EJrickson's   pet   bear,   Murphy,
lias   lately  added  another  dog  to   Wa
list of victims.
.Mrs. w. p. Tierney and Miss Btella
Tlerney leii ihis morning tor a visit
to Grand  Forks.
The only change on the metal markets today is th�� stiffening of thf
price   of  electrolytic copper  stock.
Pearoy and Herb have taken the
contract for painting the agricultural
building, and began work this morn
The usual weekly half holiday will
be observed tomorrow. The only special event announced  is St. Saviour's
Sunday   school   picnic,
The ladies of ibe Church of Marj
Immaculate will be nl home, with mu
sic ami refreshments, ibis afternoon
and evening mi tli>' lawn ol Father
Vlthoff's residence,
Etnory & Walley are following up
the custom of all Fit Reform agencies
nl having a Lonel) Sate of odd lines of
men's suits, li appeals very str��ng.)
to people at ibe coast, ami some real
bargains are obtainable.
We have the remedy. Our
expert optician i.s giving satisfaction. We guarantee to satisfy you, ii you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
T. J. WALKER, '.Eo��ND
PONY Le3ve Your 0rder With Me For
Cherries and
A team ran away with a grocer's
delivery wagon on Ward street this
afternoon.    A  man  who  tried  to stop
them was knocked down, but not seriously hurt. Tbe horses finally
stopped  at the water.
T. H. Trethewey. manager of the Ls
Plata mines, leaves tomorrow morn
ing for Sherbrooke to attend a general
meeting of the company on August
loth and nth to report on tne year's
work  on  the  property.
Tbe pupils ot St. Saviour's Sunday
school are reminded that they musi
present themselves at the mission
room tomorrow morning before 8:46
and march to Iho wharf. All dona
tions for the picnic should be in In
The Arlington Mining Company, ot
Erie, has leased the Canadian King
mine, adjoining tlie Arlington, and
will operate the two together. Tin
ore is of the same character as the
Arlington's, The Canadian King is an
old shipper, well developed and well
A. Carrie, J. McKenzie, P, Weir and
0. 11. Hurden have returned from the
provincial I). R. A. BhooI at Victoria
They acquitted themselves very creditably, Mr. Carrie getting into the
prize list in every event, and the oth
��� ts  doing  nearly as well.
Today is August 1st. the day on
which the hydraulic machinery for tbe
city power plant was to be shipped
from Milwaukee by the Allls*Chaimers-
Bullock Company. J. O. Gillice, district agent, has no information for
publication. He is daily expecting an
official letter from the company, and
is postponing a trip to the Boundarj
pending  its  arrival.
Under rmspiueB nt Ladles of the
Cliuri-li of Min-y the Inimnonlato
Wednesday, August 1st,
Everybody Welcome.
The Store of Quality
Its Quality that Counts
That's Why
We Sell More
Than any olher Tea ,n oar store.
If you haven't tried it you don't
know ivh.-l you are missing. It
has to be tested lo ie appreciated.
The next Ten you buy sec thai it
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
These arc small washboards for use
in small basins. Just the thing when
you don't wish to use the wash tub
these hot days.
Price 25c Each
Q A* Benedict
Corner Silica nm] Josephine sis.
Now, ur lhe Benson in closing, and I will
see Uml your ordor la Dlled with the
lies! fruit in be hud si ll"' lowesl mar
K.-t   pries'.
Fo* $ 5c
To Clear Them Out
Haztewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
We have still a few coDies of
"Mother Earth's Tr.asare
VaoJ s."
by   Percy   F.  Godenwrath.
It is a description of the Biundary,
Southern Okanogan, Si:ni1t<ameen and
Nicola Districts���their rescourccs Ac.
It is richly supplied with photographs
and maps. The book came out last
January, and had a targe sale at 25c
a copy
To clear out what are  left we  offer
them at 15c each.
W. G* Thomson
Nelsou, B. C.
Thompson & D>:uglas
Sign Writing a Spwolalty.
\v_iii Pepcrand . >ur-inp.
siici.yisw.iK-.     .     NELSON
Phone 34.
Tins is the minnow season.  We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
We hnve the greatest variety of Spinni rs
evt-r Bhowu iii miy tai-kli- store,  Jjn>p
iu aud lix>k nnmml. and iee fur
Nelson Hardware Co.
Telephone 101.
Started Freight Car and Fell Off-
Sustained   Painful   Cuts.
Edmund, yon of Mr. and Mrs, E. O.
Traves, sustained a serious accident
last evening. He wus playing on thu
('. P. R, tracks, and cliuib-ii on a
freight car which stood ou th,* track
on a slight Incline. In moving r und
the car the child kicked a brake loose
and set the car in motion. The sudden movement threw tbe hoy violently
off thu car.
Ho fell on h_ face, his teeth stril.
ing a tie.   He broke several teeth, nnd
Gait Coal
Tram spot Quit
tin his llpn, cliln nml inrk. Doctor!
were Bummnned quickly ami attended
in his Injuries, He is nol In danger,
inn  hi�� Injuries will be wry painful
fnr a  limn tinio.
"v-il'Ui? _?_$?_ ''!*' L '^'~,''S..-,"s^y.'"s ���'"is"1'^l'WlW,t y^.s; _is?6' snujsc^j/s^s,, b.nsve. ���
Commencing today, we put on sale
all the odd lines of Men's Suits���those
in which there may be only one or two
suits of the same goeds. This Is certainly the best chance you have had
for some days. All new patterns and
the  very  best  of make.
Every suit has the price label, and
it Is only once a year that this opportunity is offered.
This Lonely Sale
means that all
$15, $18 and $20
Suits will be sold
$10, $12.50, $15
MANUKAl'TtHtKHHO"  IIIK CBAWTOBD        ��--,;,!������ ,���_  , ...
AKuiAi. tua.mway. Repairing and Jobbing a Sk 1
Sheetmetal Work, Castings, Builder*,' Material mui Mining and win ��
  "Ull K.MI
Phonsi   _<M.
uiiisp mnl Worki F.ku of Park ni.
KMaon, B.J
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
Bnwen ��n��i Bottltn ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Mrtriij'iir'tnrcri of
Every Known Variety Soft ti
And the Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
I��. O. lit >x 304.
&Co.r ��o-VA'
WholOAolo ProviH
Limited. Winnipeg,!
I 'riulns-c.
Dominion Government Orenmnrr Ono Ponnd llrinlm nfuived wsi-k], iml i
fnuii tlu1 s-iiuii,.   Pot aala by ail loading grooen.
oilis's1 mnl warehonae: Hontton Blook,   PfaooaTS,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, EC
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to start the  winter with?    If not >
is the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
PI.RASR NOTE���Wa will nisi be responsible for any furn.OT d��!;ii_J
by OciishsT 1st. 1606,
Rraali s,,k- n���.i Jobblna naeutstt with DMipateh.  sheet M��ul|
Work. MusissK and Mill Machinery.     Manufauturw-ol   |
ore (Sara, i.. i..  Contraotora* Cisns.
.NELSON,   B.  C.
(��� li tWlll
I The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is tkj
^ Superior in make nml quality.
AND DEALERS IN   LtimOet^  Siiiilgl^t
Loth, Mouldings, Boors, WindowAJ
Turned Work and Braoksts. Mail Orden uroinjitly ��" ��^*
Vl.ltlNON STRBBT   -   -   -   IS'I.I.MON. l��. IS.
Modern Translated Means:
Methods Of Human skill where it ewe's.
Mechanical skill where it ��l
best combined to make tne |
jjerfect garment.
BakwBt, Ni'1-.sii, it 0.       '
High-Ola* Tailors.
Our stiK'k ssf HAM) SA\VS i" vi'rv f1"''
Inolndlng gradei in suit all reqnlromenta,
If yuu wish a low prissi'il saw wo oan wppl")'""'
nlHiicniTv tlm best qnalltiea made liy
Wood-Vaflan.ce Hardware Co> ^1


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