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The Daily Canadian Oct 1, 1907

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Array %%\kz  Jlail^
2.   No. ioi
Fiftt Cbnts a Month
iFT HM0K10
lerican Slalesman Well
it. for Republican Nominaticn
Guest oi Japanese Officials
and Merchants.
, Oct.  I    -Tho  banquet In honor
iecretary   of   War   Taft,  given   last
unlclpality and ihe cliam-
|of commerce,    and    attended    by
protninenl --"talesmen. Including
| DM mix   i   of   tho   cabinet,   brought
:   ech by the American
| which   made   a   splendid   iin-
After the dinner, the assem
| ated a remarkable scene.
ratulaUng every one else
ba) wu considered a complete re-
���;tl uf the cloud thai had arisen he-
|tn Japan and the 1'nited States, and
ol  the sensationalist.
fcretarj Taft began by giving thanks
I me  and   the   evidence  of
**.;. shown. He then referred to
��� ' war and said that Uie
��� :��� ;_:,s ,������*��� proud that Mr. Rouse-
, with the prestige of the American
|, * ii'-d  a  peace that  was
prattle to  both   Japanese  and   Hus
���*���      -,���;���>���  Taft  fpolu of Japan's
|-. ; ��� _������      the share Americans had
and   said   Americans   were
Japan which  has always hail
[ sympathy   of   the   United
ThU     brought   the   secretary
iu Ui.' recent  reports of  friction.
bald; * Now for the moment there
��� a link* cloud over our friendship
ll.'v  years,  but   the   greatest   earth-
ae uf the .eptuay  could   not shake
family.   1 do noi tnU-nd U> consider
I cannot trespass uixm tlu* Jur*
-tlon  of   the   department   of   state
I* v-ntH in San Francisco.
I ran only say that there Is nothing
i*ni that is incapable of honorable
i-ull adjustment  by  ordinary  diplo-
���ecretary in speaking of war said
t no. hold tliat war Is entirely un*
1 when    international     griev-
cannot otherwise be redressed.
>"��� wai It hell," he said, "and only a
jat cause which cannot be solved by
fouuicy Justifies it." Secretary Taft
I war between .Japan and the United
l*s would be a crime against civil-
Neither desired it, neither
I d anything from it, and hoth
f enta would strain every nerve
J'-Tit ii. The secretary chnraeter-
n the suggestion of war as in-
|ooi at.tl declared that good will to-
Japan was as warm as ever,    ln
idndisg Beoretary Taft said he bad
b W Japan four times and had  pre-
-Bay ).<���< n  honored by  an  audience
i the emperor.    He felt that the fact
f* His Majesty had honoied him with
*""������<. Invitation was due to a desire
H,*'.*l   i   message   of   good   will   to
*as and   show     the    world   that
pan wag friendly to them.
fienmal    Convention      Faces    Serioue
Problems��� Eflort to Divide on
Line of Color.
-t-fflond, Va . Oct.  I_���T__��" Intellect
~ th. power "f the rroteBli.nl   K|>Ik
W Church or tin- rmioil  Suites are
pjowtrat..  iii  Richmond toduy.    on
TO liulii distinguished i,inlun,iH. active
*B-M_ iin.l lniliientiul laymen from
1 P-rts nr tbe country have been pour-
Inio the city, until even the hotel
'���I'll.ik Ior mice In their history tnlulii
mUUktn fnr the vestibules of chur-
**. ��o nunierous thereabout are men
PrtetU* ini-li,     At  many  of the ar-
tooratlc resldenou blahopi and clergy
*t hnve found splendid quarters.
At Hoiy Trl.lt* church this luurnliig.
���"���'' Hie sessions of the triennial con-
mi. mi   ��l|i   i,(.K|n  tomorrow,  a  great
���"">*  of churchmen were  assembled.
"' Ki,""rliiK wns Informal, the gentlo-
����� vlBit|nK the convention hall for the
,r',"""' "f K",,I��K 'I'cir  mall   and ob
_U_J '"'"' ""*Uu"    relative    lo    their
" "''"-    Anu.tit- Ihe notable  arrivals
** "�����*. many blshoiw of the church,
Including the v.-nerahle liishoji Tuttle
who will preside over the Wen-la] bus-
slon. The llishoij of London Is another
Iiromlnent visitor who wil! receive much
attention. .1. 1'ierpont Morgan, with his
guests, will arrive tonight or tomorrow
morning In his private car and take
possession of the private bouse which
he has rented for  $5,000 a month.
Tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock the
regular sessions of the convention will
In gin. The dny will be ushered in by
the cel.-liiatli.ii of holy communion in
all the Episcopal churches in the city.
At Holy Trinity services will be held
at both 7 and 8 o'clock and at 9 o'clock
prayer and litany will be observed, after
which the church will be put lu readiness for the ceremonial celebration of
the day. At 11 o'clock the bishops
will form in procession and march to
the church They will be clad in the
robes of their office and will be pre-
.-. .I.il by the choir. The processional
hymn will be sung as the choir and
bishops enter the church. Hlshajp Tuttle will over the ceremonies. At 4
o'clock the first session of the convention   will   be  held.
S> ldom if ever hefore In Its hlBtory
has the triennial convention met with
so much tmportunt business to transact.
The leading (ju.-slliins which are cxpect-
ted taj cause much discussion will be the
advocacy of a canon to prohibit absolutely the remarriage of divorced persons by ministers oT the Episcopal
church and a plan for the creation of
negro bishops.
At the last convention of th church
a canon was adopted which j-ermiued
the clergy to remarry the Innocent
party in the caBe, but only aft.'r a year
had r'.apsed from the time of alecree.
Ab the rule of the church stands now
persons divorced for any other cause
than adultery may not be remarrleal by
Its   clergy.
At the last convention advia-ates of
tlie cannon prohibiting any remarriage
of divorced persons were numerically
in the majority, but the convention
votes by dioceses, and the rigorists
were out-voted. It Is predicted that at
the present gathering they will succeed
in having the canon adopted and the
remarriage of divorced persons entirely prohibited.
Tlie praajK.sal to create separate negro
districts in the episcopal dioceses In the
South, wllh negro bishoj-s to take
charge of them, will meet with strong
opposition iu the convention. At present no division lietween white and col
ored communicants exists, and the only
negro bishop in the church ls stationed in Africa.
In addition to the two great questions
to oo*__ before the convention many
others of minor importance will be con-
slalered. It Is probable that the convention may elect another bishop for
Episcopalians in Mexico. A rearrange
ment of a large part of the Rocky Mountain region in Its relation to the administration of the church ls urged, and If
the recommendation is carried out it
will mean the creation of new dioceses
and the election of new bishops. It is
probable, ln fact, that the present convention will break all records as to the
number of new bishops to be elected by
ln addition to these changes in the far
west are Beveral proposed divisions of
dioceses. Georgia is to be divided, and
there Is imssible a rearrangement of
Ohio, making three dioceses there Instead of two. Discussion will also be
had as to the disposition of Minnesota
and Iowa, where conditions have outgrown present Episcopal forces, lt ls
possible also that the southern Illinois
diocese and that of I'lttsburg may be
The observance or the ter-cenlennlal
of  the   landing  at  Jamestown   of English  settlerB  and  the
tho services of th.
In America will occupy
time of the  gen<
will b.
Aylesworth's Slanders
Are Exposed
Vancouver Threatens to Petition the
King���General News of
den death last nlyht. While working
on the Areola switch and coupling some
coaches he gave a signal to the brake-
man, bit evidently got caught between
the coaches when the train Btarted to
move. The switchman did not know of
the accident and the engine was uncoupled and taken away. A little time
after the car inspector found Nelson
in a terribly crushed condition, jammed
between two coaches. The engine was
immediately rushed back and Nelson
was removed, but life was extinct. He
was 28 years of age; his parents reside at Sarnia, Ont.
stabliabment of
Church of England
some    of    the
ral convention, which
tn session about  lour weeks,
feature  of the  observance   will be the
presentation of a thanksoffering
men  ot  the   Kplseopal   church
progress of the past three centuries.
by tht
for   th*
Ottawa, Oct. 1.���Mr. Aylesworth spoke
at a Liberal picnic near Windsor and
again alluded to Mr. Uorden in couneo- !
tlon with the Halifax election petitions.
According to a friendly report he said:
' I said before, in referring to Mr.
Uorden, that he had better look to his
own case. I said what I am prepared
to uphold anywhere aud before any tribunal in this country, that certain statements of what the petitioners in the
Halifax election case said they could
prove with regard to Mr. Borden's own
connection with corrupt practices at the
late Dominion general elections had
been submitted to me, and 1 expressed
my opinion on those statements, as any
lawyer might. I said what I repeat today, that if these things were established at the trial, Mr. R. L. Borden would
stand disqualified for eight years from
the house of commons of Canada."
Perhaps it should be enough to draw
attention   to   tbe nature   of this   statement to ensure that no one will regard
it as a serious reflection on the leader
of the opposition.    The facts, however,
may he stated.    Mr. Uorden was one of
the Conservative candidates In Halifax
in the  parliamentary elections of 1904.
He aud his colleagues were defeated. A
petition  was entered for the unseating
of Messrs. Roche and Carney, the Liberal   nominees   who   were   returned   as
elected.    These    in    turn    presented  a
cross-iK'tHion declaring that Mr. Borden
and   Mr.   O'MuIlIn   had   been  guilty   of
illegal   practices   which   rendered  them
Incapable of taking the seats.    It is on
what   is   advanced   in  support   of   this
cross-petition that Mr. Aylesworth bases
himself  when   he   assails  his   chief opponent,    lt is noteworthy in the connection that though the cross-petition like
the petition, haa now been nearly three
years   before  the  courts  the  efforts  of
Mr. Borden  to bring the issue to trial
have   been  successfully   burked  by   the
lawyers of the  men who made the accusations Mr. Aylesworth now deals out
as political arguments.   Mr. Aylesworth
himself  may   have   been   their   adviser.
The case has been up to the supreme
court of  Canada once and   has started
on its way there again, in the attempt
of Messrs. Roche and Carney to prevent
the facts being brought out hoth in regard  to their own conduct and  in  re- !
spect to that which they allege against
Messrs.  Borden     and    O'Mullln.      Mr.
Aylesworth does well to preface with an
"If"  anything  in  the way of  a charge
against anybody he bases on the statements of the friends or two such legal
dodgers; and a man who holds the position of minister of justice should not go
about aspersing an opponent's character
on the strength of charges the makers
have not proven, while doing their utmost   to   prevent    the     man   they   are
directed against from disproving them.
Ottawa, Oct. 1���lt is reported from
Vancouver that a petition praying the
Dominion government to pass drastic
legislation barring all Orientals from
Canada Is being circulated. It Is expected the petition will bave more than
fifty thousand signatures and will he
forwarded to the premier, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. The sentiment is in favor of
appealing to the king Is the decision of
'be government is not to act immediate-
Grand Jury Makes Slow
American    Financier's    Description    of
Anti-Trust  Legislation.
New York, Oct. 1.���-When it is said
that the drop in the price of securities
on Wall street is of no account you
know as much ahout business �� **!.d -
tlons as a mariner Who dlsreg-ula ihe
barometer and keeps sailing his M ip
regardless of what It miy hhf.w. This
is what Mr. Ingalls said before the convention of Ame-iean hi ifc.?r-j at Atlantic
City. Of the preval'i in eiddeit'lc of
extravagance, ne said th*u In 11*06 we
had the largest crops evor kltow.1, cur
merchants had more < ide.-s on their
books than evvr hefoi ;, our railways
were earning move grcs*. mon-_y than
they had ever done, labor wa** well employed and getting i-igh wage-*;, **,ei it
seemed to me the douis in 'h? t : n*
cial sky bet > euc-d trouble. Our expenses were too great, and it seemed
that no nation could very long prosper
that was as extravagant ia its duly
life as were the people of this country
���not the expenses of a few multi-millionaires, but the ordinary people. I
mentioned as an illustration the fact
that there had been in the last one or
two years four hundred million dollais
si>ent for automobiles, and 1 might nov
add that the expense has son��� on end
increased, and It is only one of the astonishing extravagances of our people.
At that time I said there was a political hysteria which was taking the form
of legislation against business Interests
and it meant trouble.
Local Man Charged With Defamatory
Libel Against Gty Police Force
���First Day's Sittings.
Reduced Rates Have Trebled Traire-At-
lantic Travel and More Steamers
Are Needed.
Hume School Report.
Thi* iiva-ru'-t* ilally utu-udiin.ro at the
Hume Kch(*ol for Soiitomher was: 1st
divlHlon, 21.41!; 'End division, 114; total,
56.42. Tho following pupils mudo per-
f.-ct Att__d__O.I
Dlvislvti [., Miss E B. natn���Helen
Balding, Wllllnin HoilKiin, lto.v lii'dgnii.
Tuny UabciRurd. Edith C'.llchrlst, Ruhy
OllchrlHt, Kll'iiboth Lynch
Maurt-r, Murdo Mcl.eod
Division II .
Brown, Vera tillchrist, Esther llabe
garde, DoriB Medio, Walter Olk-hilM
Fargiihur Hod-*In, John .lei-onie, Tommy
.leromi'. Annus Mi-I.wid, Hubert Me
Grsgor,   Junifs EUngroM,   Bertha oil
. l_U.lt
Miss    Mclaonnnn���Elll
lv A despatch from Vancouver adds:
"If Ibis has no result, measures to prevent tiie disembarking of Orientals at
Vana-ouver, which shall be effective, will
be taken."
Portage la Prairie, Oct. 1.���Peter Gar
rioch, aged 19, lies ln the hospital with
a ride bullet lu his breast. He had been
out shooting wolveB, and was resting on
the butt of his loaded ride on the
ground. H'�� doB c6-ln<' fl'lskln8 around
and In Jumping about thi animal's foot
c'inii' In contact with the trigger of the
rllle which was discharged. The bullet
entered the unfortunate lad's side anil
went through to the right arm pit,
breaking a rib In lis passage.
Portage   la   Prairie,   Oct.   1.���-Charier'.
Nelsou, C. P. II. yard foreman, met sud-
Montreal, Oct. 1.���It. J. Macfarlane,
the Montreal agent of several steamship
lines, today expressed his opinion that
the Atlantic steamship rate war may result in some permanent reduction, although not as low as the present cut
rates while the war Is on. Mr. Macfarlane states that the Atlantic competition in the winter months is growing so keen that to get the business
the companies will have to make a low
bid for it.
The launching of the Lusitania and
the huilding for next year's service of
other great vessels must affect a change
in ocean travel. Mr. Macfarlane believes
that a voyage across the Atlantic will
he made so fascinating and attractive
and at so reasonable a cost, that lt ls
likely to become the vacation pastime
of people of moderate means, who now
spend no Inconsiderable sum at tin
pleasure resorts on the lakes and the
Mr. Macfarlane believes that the trip
across the Atlantic will become bo popu
lar thot ordinary fotkB of modest mean,
will go over just ns a matter of course,
same as they go to the lakes and elsewhere on the great rivers now.
If the present rales prevailed ln the
summer season there ls no doubt, h<
thinks, that several Lusltanias would
have to be built to run from Montreal
alone. A rate of $55 on the Empress
boats with a reduction for round trip
with a sltghtly lower rate on the Ley-
land and Dominion boats, It is as cheai
as a trip to the Pacilic coast or to tht
fushiouable resorts on the New Englan.'
The   tranB-Atlantic   passengers   fron
the wealthy classes   have    been   fewei
this  year although the Influx  of Caua
dlans and  Americans    was    enormous
Tho thousands of rich people who ub
ually  go   to   Europe,     but     who  coma
through Winnipeg from Eastern Canadr-
and  the   United   States,   to  the Hrltlsh
Columbia  mountains    and    the Pacific
coast, proves that they have decided to
abandon tha* too common route of  ihe
"Cookies"   und   American   northwest   ll
going  to  get  more and more  of thes--
I people from the wealthier class and be
Tore long ls ls believed that they will
rival the mountain hotels ot Swlt-ei
The Fall Assizes opened in the court
house at 11 a. m.. with Mr. Justice Morrison presideing. Tbe grand jury was
called and sworn in aa follows: A. J.
Curie, Kaslo; T. S. Oilmour, Rossland;
J. E. Annable, J. L. liuchan, D. M. Car-
ley, J. .1. Campbell, J. A. Gilker, P.
I���tmont, VV. Irvine, J. M. Lay, E. J.
Travers, J. H. Wallace and W. C. Wells.
J. J. Campbell was elected foreman.
His Lordship's charge to the grand
jury was very brief. He outlined the
nature of the crimes charged in the several cases on the docket, and explained
the duties of the grand jury in the matter, which is merely to satisfy themselves in each case that there is sufficient evidence of guilt to warrant a
The grand jury then retired to consider the lollowiug cases:
Harry Watson and Charles Galligher,
for theft at Rossland, two separate indictments.
Gust���ve Bouchard, for murder committed at Trail.
Walter Herbert Beckett, for sending a
threatening letter.
Maurice J. O'Connor for assault resisting police.
Shortly before adjournment for lunch
the grand jury returned an'd reported
true bills on both counts against Harry
Weston and Charles Galligher, accused
of theft. At two o'clock they returned
to consider the case of Bouchard, after
an indictment against James McKiar
for defamatory libel had been presented to them.
Shortly after *!.*J0 court resumed Its
session and Harry Weston and Charle--
Galligher entered the dock together.
The empanelling of the petit jury then
began. The following names constitute
the panel: C. I. Archibald, W. J. Ast-
ley, C. D. Blackwood, Alexander Cheyne
W. B. Clayton, P. G. Ebbutt, G. C. Egg.
D. J. Elvery, John Fraser, P. W. Gordon.
G. M. Gunn. A. P. Hebden, Newlin
Hoover; R. W. Hulbert, S. A. J. Kelly,
L. K. Larsen, James Lilly, George Motion, Thomas Madden, B. B. Mighton.
F. E. Morrison, H. McCausland. I. G
Nelson, E. Norman, V. W. Odium, A. R.
Poole. W. N. Poole, E. E. Robinson. W
Rutherford. Michael Scully, S. H. Sea
ney, A. P. Slade, G. W. Steele, Anthony
Turner, W. H. Walmsley, W. A. Ward
Fred Weir, R. A. Weir.
The trial of Weston and Galligher
then began with H. H. Jones, of Ross
land, the merchant from whom it ls alleged that the prisoners stole money ana;
goods, as the first witness.
At 3.30 the grand Jury -avas still oul
considering the case of Bouchard.
J. L. Retallack, of Kaslo, is a guest at
the Strathcona.
D. Guthrie, formerly chief of the
Rossland fire brigade, is at the Hume.
Mrs. C. H. Crandon arrived from Revelstoke las night and ls at tbe Strathcona.
H. G. Nlcholls, manager of the Ymir
mines, and Mrs. Nlcholls, are at the
T. H. Leng, chief of the Rossland
police force, is over to giv*i evidence
at the trial of Weston and Galligher.
Dr. J. D. McLean, formerly of Rossland, now of Pht>enix, is in the city to
give evidence in the Bouchard trial.
Dr. Paterson, of Trail, is in the clty
to give the evidence tken by him in the
Bounchard trial. Dr. Paterson performed the autopsy on the body of David
Harry Bird and Mrs. Bird returned
last night from a very enjoyable trip to
the old country which Included visits to
Ireland and the Highlands, In the latter
of which it rained every day of their
stay. The trip from London to Nelson
was made in ten days in spite of seven
hours delay of the steamer, the Empress of Ireland, in the Straits of Belle
Isle, being fog bound.
Tories From Many Points
Heard R. L Borden
Conservative Leader Supported by
Bergeron and Barrel! Scored
Brilliant Success.
Medical   Partnership.
Doctors W. O. Rose and Gilbert Hartin
as   partners in  medical   practice  today
took  over   the   practice and  offices   of
Drs. Hall and Hartin.
Mall Clerks' Big Contract.
New York. Oct. 1.���At a minute past
midnight this morning, railway mall
clerks .hioughcut the country began the
weighing of maiis in accordance with a
general ortler of the postmasu:r general. Congress is responsible ior this. In
the regular appropriation bill for the
postal _;t rvice, approved March 1st. the
clause requiring the weighing for thirty
days waa inserted. It was the first time
in tht history of the postoffice department that the weighing of mail matter
in all trains over all routes on which
mail clerks are employed was required.
The object of thirty days trial is to give
tlie dei-ai tiueiii and congress reliable
statistics to determine the
handling and transporting
classes of mail matter.
cost    of
Tempest in a Teapot.
Certain philanthropic efforts to set
the city council at sixes and sevens
have failed. The general regret at the
retirement of Chief Pitchford and
Sergeant Wightman from the police
force was sincere, but it is not going to
lead to a general upheaval. Even th-ose
who cannot see eye to eye with Mayor
Gillett in the matter credit nlm with
honesty of purpose and will support his
stand. The mayor Baid today that if
three aldermen, as required by statute,
ask for a special meeting of the council,
one will be held, but he added: "I see
no occasion for a special meeting, and
I don't expect a formal request to be
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 1.���R. L. Borden,
leader of the Conservative party In
Cadada, accompanied by J. G. H. Bergeron and Dr. J. D. Reid. arrived at Grand
Forks at 5.30 yesterday afternoon and
were met at the station by Ernest Miller, president of the Conservative association and other prominent Conservatives. Premier McBride did not accompany the party to Grand Forks as
he was called to the coast by wire.
Shortly after the arrival of the visitors
a public reception was held and at eight
o'clock in the eveing over six hundred
citizens gathered in the opera house
while the city band played suitable
Excursion trains from Midway, Greenwood and Phoenix brought a great number of odt of town Conservatives to the
meeting, which was opened by E. Miller
who  introduced   the  various   speakers.
The first speaker called on was Martin Burrell, who spoke at some length
and among other things strongly advocated a general reform in the civil service.   Mr. Burrell was loudly applauded.
Hon. R.  L. Borden  was  next called
amid loud applause and spoke at length.
He dealt on the unfair custom of the
Liberal party in having postponed elections in Canada.   He also gave Premier
McBride great credit for the firm stand
he has taken on the Better Terms question.    He dealt in a masterly way with
the  Grand Trunk  Pacific  railway  and
strongly favored government ownership
of railways.    In dealing with the immigration problem    he    thought that the
British  Columbia  people should decide
the matter.    In conclusion the speaker
appealed for clean    elections    and denounced wrongful expenditure of public
money by the Liberal party. Mr. Borden
resumed  his  seat  amid  loud and  prolonged applause.
Mr. Bergeron followed and kept hla
audience in roars of laughter for over
an hour by relating In a vivid manner
the various exposures of stealing votes
and ballot box scandals by the Liberals
in the eastern provinces and Saskatchewan, and he created a great sensation
when he stated that in one particular
instance 100 votes had been bought at
$10 each. Great enthusiasm prevailed
at the meeting.
Hon. R. L. Borden and his party left
by special train at 12.30 last night for
Sir John Ardagh  Dead.
London. Oct.   1.���Major-General
John Charles Ardagh. ex-director of mil
Itary Intelligence at the British war office, died today at Carnarvon.
Sir John Ardagh's military career
dates from 185�� and includes nearly all
the battles of the first Egytlan and
Soudan wars. He has been a membe.
of many International arbitration tribunals, including the Hague.
Sir John will be remembered by alt
Canadian voyareurs of the Nile exped -
tlon as the staff officer by whose klhd
ness they were enabled to visit th.
pyramids. Sir John was much Interest*
ed in Canada as two of his brother-
lived In this country, one of them the
late Judge Ardagh, of Barrio.
Cruel Joke Frustrated.
Lake Providence, La.. Oct. 1.���The
army of secret service scouts, which arrived here today to beat over the ground
over which President Roosevelt will
hunt, frustrated the cherished plans of
the fun loving citizens for a gigantic
practical joke. On their first trip the
service men found the cane brakes
saulted with bears���Teddy bears. Some
of them were poBed in the most ferocious attitudes, waiting the leaden messengers from the trusty rifle of their il
lustrloiiH namesake. The secret service
men. after their first alarm, gathered up
as many of the bears as they could carry
and brought them Into town. Later they
appealed to the citizens to abandon
their plans of nature faking, and the
Teddy bears which had been planted In
the cane brakes are now being harvested.
No Engineers' Strike.
New York. Oct. I,���All danger of n
Istrike of the marine engineers on the
ocean and coastwise steamship tines
jwhose vessels sail from this port, behr
ing tbe American flag hay been avoided
It was declared last evening by repre
sentatives of both companies and the
men that a satisfactory arrangement
had been reached.
Rainbow at Midnight.
New York, Oct. 1.���The Atlantic
transport liner, Minnehaha, just in from
l-ondnn, brings to port, a story of having seen a rainbow at night. Capt. Robinson antl a score of passengers vouch
for the truth of the story. H. W. Scovil.
a retired merchant of Newburyport.
Mass., said that the rainbow appeared
just before midnight on Wednesday
last. AU that day there had been occasional showers. Toward evening
evening there was a clearing, but at
night a mist settled down over the
water. "Along about midnight," said
Mr. Scovil. "a peculiar half circle of
colored light appeared in the west. Both
ends touched the soa and although net
as vivid as the rainbow we see in the
daytime lt wan clearly defined, a beautiful sight. The phenomenon rematne.'.
in view fully twenty minutes and then
C%ded away."
Lumbermen   Look for  Increased   Rate*
as Soon as Marketing of Crop Sets
Money Free.
The meeting of the lumbermen of the
Mountain district was resumed last
evening, in a general discussion of their
mutual interests, which did not lead to
any action.
Seen after the meeting Mr. Watts
"The lumber trade at the present
time is practically dormant but that
does not indicate that lt ls in an unhealthy condition, lt ls simply taking a
well earned rest, like the bears. We
must hibernate sometimes and by the
express desire of a wise government
the winter quarters are being prepared (penitentiaries are being enlarged.)
The demand for lumber has suddenly stopped, not because the usual
amount was not required on the prairies
but because of the banks' ultimatlum
that no more credit has to be given,
and business with farmers cannot be
done on a cash basis except when they
are selling.
"The stocks of lumber held ln British
Columbia are not much more than the
normal amount carried, and under usual
conditions the whole of lt would be consumed ln the North West Territories
ln two months, therefore with the total
cessation of production for the next six
months a shortage of lumber will certainly be experienced, consequently a
decline In prices need not be expected
but the probabilities are that we shall
see a substantial advance ln prices and
any person holding a stcck would be
very foolish to make auy reduction ln
the   meantime."
Si .*���:
-J     j
i i
I'    ; The Daily Canadian
Clothing,   Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
Iu about another week we will be able to offer full Hues
in these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever ol-
fered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before purchasing elsewhere.
afforded the people of British Columbia
ol seeing whether the provincial Liberals are men of principle or mere
slaves i.f the machine like iho present
"solid -even.*'
Gospel   of   Hard   Work   Assimilated   by
Whole   Nation.
__M_________-_-MM--B-W 111 ilm rinq
of Canada
Head OSii:;::   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up
Kest   ..
D. R. WILKIE. President.
4.830 000'
HOTr. I'.OHEKT.JAVFKAY, Viri'-Prnsident
Branches in .3 itish Columbia :
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���vBLSO-v branch    ��J.   Mj   L.AV,   iVi-tr.-ager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
D.   1SG9.
Reserve  Fund	
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of L'.anking  Business.
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
on  Application, in  Large.  Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. /.. SPINK, Manager.
Publlshea* six Jars * wee* ey .ne
Baiter St..  Hsiao-. B. C
BuoscrlpUon rates, �� coins a month at-llvcre.l
in the cur. ut ta.00 a year 11 sent by mall, when
���all* It. advance.
AdTerllslne rates on application.
All monies pat** In settlement ol The Ua'.lr
Oanaailan aeeaiunti, either for subsenptlnns GI
adTerllslni. must be reeelpte-1 lor on the printer',
lorm. ol the a_\.mpany.   other neelS-M are not
Tuesday, October 1. 1907.
Hon. Mr. Templeman has recently assured a Victoria audience that Better
Terms for Hritish Colombia is a dead
issue. Mr. Templeman is Hritish Columbia's representative in tin* Dominion cabinet and no doubt, speaks au-
thoritatively for tbe cabinet. Iii-
ment mi���il be taken not us ill. I . ���
sion of his personal opininn but B* ���V
delibeiuU- pronouncement of tile Lamia-:
government. This province is told .:��� :.
nitely that its claim for fun., treal
ment in the allotment ul provincial
subsidies, about which both panics���iu
deed all parties���in British Columbia
are agreed, is io lie permanently ignored so far as ill.- present Domlnion ad
ministration is oopcenied.
There  Ih   oue  public   man   in   i'
Columbia  who should  be  concerned  in
Mr.     Templeman n    declaration     even
more than Premier McBride.    We r, fei
of course to J. A. B���acdonald, 'l.
���incial   Liberal  leader.    Before,  durlm
and since the last provincial  election
Mr. Macdonaid declared repeatedlj  Ilia
he did not yield to the premiei  in thi
advocacy of Better Tertn3.    ye or .
to the question's being made a political
issue on the ground thai there v.a- ,,.
division of opinion or sentiment on iha
matter between Conservatives and  Lib
erals In this province.     He  did fndeee
criticize Premier Mcllride's handling o
the case at the conference of provincia
premiers  at   Ottawa and  also  In  negar
tiallnns with the Hritish Colonial oflica
Conservatives  have  also  criticized   Mi
Mac.lonuld's handling of the case.    Bol
the Important fuct Is that as to the i*ir->
Its of th.. claim there luu li.-< n no dit
ference of opinion.
What, then, will I... the attitude of tb
Liberals of Hritish Columbia since thr-i
chief representative at  Ottawa has  d
rlarod tli.it the issue is dead? An-
they capable of a manly stand for a
principle they haw always professed,
or will they meekly swallow ih>' affront
and come to heel to their leaders at Ot-
Let there be no mistake and no opportunity for evasion of the issue, lt was
after the inter-provincial conference
and the publication of ihe revised subsidy list determined upon by the Laur-
...-r ������overnment. that Mr. Macdonalal
unreservedly endorsed the premier's
declaration that tin- provision for Hritish Columbia was utterly inadequate.
It is a fait, ami entirely creditable
to the Liberals of Urit province that so
far they have contributed us much as
Conservatives to the presentation and
advocacy ol Hriiisli Columbia's case. It
is more than seven years since .1. C.
Brown al 'hat time minister of finance
in the ephemeral Martin cabinet, lormu-
iated ihe claim and ably supported It
with an elaborate review oi the finan-
clal ri ...ii- ri.- ol the Dominion an.l prov-
. nubias entry into
Confederation. And only at the last
session of the 1 I. A. Macdon
ald  pointed  nut thai   th -in  the
tariff of Canada, which uas effected
after the conclusion of our Confederation oompa i. materially altered ri.*..-.-
relations to the detriment of Hritish
Thl3 province    is    not  appealing for
charity bul  for Justice.     Tin- claim is
: -..ll wholly ..'i lh" ililliclilies ot
administration, due to conttg.iruiinn and
location, Imi io the fuct thai British
Columbia uas losl rather than ~ > 1
Qnandally by her union with Canada.
and lhat this is .In.- al iaast iu part to
the tariff policy of Canada, adopt. I
since tba- union, which benefit, this
province less than any other.
Iu contra;,', with the abrupt refusal of
the Ottawa government  to  reconsider
tlie case, is the absolutely lair statement
<n Mr. Borden thai thi   province ha�� a
......il a as..- for inquiry, that the inquiry
must ba- independ. nt and Impartial and
that if it be round that British Columbia., subsidy is not fairly proportion. I
lu comparison with thohe of other pro--
.;.a s. then a readjustment must be
niade. It is quite clear fruni which . i
iii.- Dominion parties British Columbia
has   the  greater   bope  ol   Justice,  an-l
Preml���t McBride baa made n istak ���
in bringing the province's claim again t"
the fore at this juncture.
In   the   meantime   an   opportunity   Is
It is an innate conviction of the Chi-
ins.' people lhat work, hard work, anil
plenty nf it. is a necessary condition of
human existence. Never did any race
better Illustrate the proposition that
"Honest work rules the world.'* The
Chinese individually rises early and
works late: at home and abroad, always ami everywhere he works. Unlike those in other lands who have be-
ci.me victims of social theories, he does
not entertain the fallacy that irrespective of his merits, the world "ovaa's"
him a living. He quite appreciates tlie
sr.iia' ot* the labor market, and does not
knock off work as soon as he has BOm_-
thing to spend. Gambling and opium-
smoking are the most common, although far from universal. Chinese
ri eg, which not infrequently extln-
gulsb ihe worker's energy in ruinous
reaction. The talent for industry pre-
vades all classes. The life of tlie farmer is one of hard work. In the southern
pari of the empire, farm work literally
never ends. In the north, the farmer
takes advantage of the enforced lels-
iire season to go off to great distances,
perhaps pushing a heavy wheelbarrow
many scores, or even hundreds of miles.
loaded with aome local product, as cotton, or oil: returning with a different
load just in time to begin work. The
variation of a fraction of a cent in the
price of grain will suffice to set long
lines of wheelbarrows and whole fleets
of junks in motion.
Uecause of the indefatigab'.e labor bestowed upon it, Chinese farming rather
resembles gardening on a large scale.
The contrast between unkept and neglected cotton patches In India, and the
weedless fields of China is an index
to quite different interpretations , of
man's relation to nature.
For intelligent toil the Chinese have
a ].henomenal talent. They are willing
to submit to years of downright drudg-
ery lor the mere chance of entering an
examination, where it is certain thai
not more than two���or even one���in a
hundred can pass: and which, when
they have passed this process (according to the old regimel. has to be Indefinitely repented. Perhaps in the entire
history of tlu- world no such misapplication of menial labor ia to be found
as in China; yet of this the Chinese
themselves have always remained hap-
plly unconscious.
if the Chinese scholar is obliged to
undergo fatiguing intellectual effort
nmder which he often breaks down in
health I, the life of an official holding
an imp..riant position is that of a galley-
slave chained to the oar. In the Chin-
.-.-.- Bystem a single appointment often
combines a variety of incongruous functions. The same man may hold Severn! different points, many of the duties of which he must Indeed commit to
subordinates, but for all of which he is
responsible. In general, no Chinese can
hold even a sinecure office without
much hard work, in the direction at
least of  contriving how  not  to lose  it.
All Kinds of Heating  Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oriera House.      Tel. 181.
Nelson Land District. District of Wesl Kootenay
Take nonce that K. 8. _-. Smyth, of l rooter, B,
C, occupation lumberiuiiu, lnl*-mi_ to apply -*->r
a apeclal Umber licence over the following de-
aoribed lauds:
No. 1. Commencing ata pout planted near the*
northeaat ooroerpoetoi Ui mi HMS. on Lemon
Creek and marked k. s p. Hmyih aoutbweal cor
nerpoat Ko l. thenoe40 ehalm nortb mott or
luu to a Umt una way ol the south boundarj line
Ol timber licence No. 9_f-B, tbence to ��� hums  earn,
thenoe 40 chain- touth, tbenoe 40 obaina eaat,
tbenoe 40 chaina south, thenee Bo ehalna weit,
more or lee* to the aoutbeaat corner ol aforesaid
Lot No -MIL thenee to chain** uorth. tbenoe U
chains we.t lo the point ol commencement
Dated _��th JuIt, 1907. k B. P --myth.
Henry Relehert, Agent.
Nelson i-aml DiBtrict, Dlatriot ol Weal Kootenay
No. I
lake notice that J. R. F. Stewart,ol CoUlng-
wood, out., occupation Lumoennan, lntenda to
apply for a spec ml timber licence over tbe lollowlng described lands:  Commencing at ������ poet
planted ahout 6a chains south au.l lOi balm W0B1
ol poat No. 2, marked J. H F. Btewart'a N. K coruer post, ihence south 160 chain-., tbenoe weat 10
chain*, thenee north 160 chain-, tbence eaat 40
chains lo place ol commencement ���.outaiuinufrto
aires more or lesa.
July -.'ith, IW/7. jAWitt I.   Y  EOWAKT.
Nelson Land District    Dlatrlctof West Kootenay.
Take nonce that Henry Belohert ol Nelaon, B.
>.' . proapeet r, intend.', io apply lot a special 11-
tt nee to cut and ea_ ry away umber from the following dead lbed lauds:
.So t. Commencing at a post planted near the
northeast corner poat ol Timber Licence 1*0 ******
and mi-ik<.d lieury heichert uorthweat corner-
poat No 6, theuce tio chaius south. Ihence SO
cnalns east, thenee SO ehaius north, thenoe **)
ehaius west to place of commencement
tinted July *_t-th, iso..
No. 7. t'ommenciug at a pout planted near the
uorthweat coruer poat of timber licence Ni- '.'iOb
aud marked Henry Keichert d. weet corner i-oat
No 7. ihence lbo chaius eaat. tbence to chaina
north, ihence 160 chaius weat. thenoe 40 ohaini
aonth to point of commeucemeut.
Dated July -"fith, lain.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 7u chains more or It*-**, from
w here Monument creel' einptlea into l-vinou
creek and marketl Henry Ken hen northeaatcor-
uerpost No 8. thence lt-u ehami nouth, ihence 40
chains wesi, tbence WO cbaina nortb. tbeuee 40
( uaui- east lo place of comuieiueiiieiil.
Daled July ifcth, 11X17 HEMtV KkuhBRT,
just received:. A spi.ndid lol of Ladtee' Long Coati and K.--ul
ii cuti and iiiuiiTijiis    A -.well lol uf Amnican PattarnHata
;imi shad'H    We invii*  inspeotlon <>r our itoah um wall aa
Skirts Very l.n
very latest si\ le
our jirif-'s     All  ti* -*   -""'Is ut  Iciw.-st  oaab   prln-s.
Wc;  Have   Nothing  of
���L^Litf-Ht i�� >n*"il">l>t_. <l__>LniMt\
Mull OrclurM l��romotlv
/VttanduU To
Nelson Laud Pinirict   in��.t. ici ol Weal Kootenay.
Take notice that GeorgeAle-tan4er.nl ECaalo,
B L'. lntenda to ��ppl> f'-r ��� apeclal Umber
licence onr the lotlnwlnn deerrlbed lamia:
Conuncnilug at a p-��s*. planted * Ho* n..r;hwe*t
cornerof Swtloti 1*!. ownihlpT, K -oteoaj dia-
tricl, belnf. ulmui nnf-thir.l of a mile nouth ol
the aouth boundary tine of theTudian reaerre;
thenoa a-mth ai>-��ut 36 chain" to theeafterly
bank of Kootenay river: thena - atheeaterly
alou*   Kootenaj   river  bank   about fio chalua lo
the aouth boundary ol Beetlon 12, rownahlp ~:
theuce eaaterly abontflocbalo '��������� Lbo uorthweat
eorner of Lot aftl; ihenei aortb w chalna atoM
the we-t boundary ol Lot ti-; thenoe wi-at ao
chaina t-�� the ������.���Hit "( nommenoament. and con-
tatniup 6io aerea, mon oi t ��ea
Dated JuIt 4. 1901. I4-K��0B Al kxanmu.
Nelaon Land Dl_trict. 'Dlatriet ol West Kootenay
Notiee la hereby dven that (0 daya after date
I intend io apply to the Chief * .iiumlssioner of
Lands and Works for ������*.-.iu-mou to eut and
carry away timber from lhe following 'lew-rlbed
No. 4 i'ommencing at a poal marked H. __ ti.
N. A corner, 2uu chaina ea*>: i>f the N- K. corner
ol lot No s>\2, poat maui.-i C.tt.14._t. corner,
thence eaat w chains, thenca south ao chains,
thenoa west oo cbalua, thenoa north so chaina to
place of commencemeui i--.>n*.Hiuiug fr**�� acrea.
No- & Commencing at tbe > w cornerof H.
it B. timber claim No 4. then* a ii'.rtu "-W chaina,
tneiice east bu cbains, them e souih tsO cbaina.
ihence west ao chains to pi*, a ol fommencyment
at locution poat No  b, contaiuinK frto acrea
I. ii. M'KKhhi-k jI_n. Locator.
tieo. liuscrofi. Ageut.
Dated July Sth. 1W7.
apply to lhe Hon i
Uncfi ani Work..
cut an.l carry �������;*
dei*er,b.d land, in W
No. l. Conunem m
Routhw--t>t eomei ol
west ��t rh-tlHS.   tl" DCe
east to .halt.������. th- nc.   i
Dat-d May ;.l, '90l.
utter 'i*!-1 i intend to
i i ' -ota mlaaloDet ol
���    i> r pernilaalon to
timbei fr >ii. tba following
>a ho..:  Dai :
; at i  poet planted at the
t*--n-*er li-*- n*.- IMS, them
���.. u-  I
-  '
tans   thi nee
* elna  o pta. e of
Nelaon Uni-l Dlatrlct District of Weat Kootena*
Take notice shai Paul August Pauls* n, Ol Kitchener, ti. ���., occupation lumberman, luienda
to apply for a special Umber licence over the following described iaiids: Commencing at a posl
planied at the aouinweat corner oi bum eyed lot
7*__tl-0.1 thence south to the northern b��niiidary
of timber licence No. "'.IS, thence west to tbe
northwest comer of said tiruber licence, them-e
south to Uie northern boundary idiot M_. lh. nee
following said boundary, of MU lot we��t lo the
right of-way of the -mush coiumL.a .Southern
Kallway, theuce following said nghtof way in a
north-easterly direction to place of commencement, ami containing 6*0 acre-*, more or leas.
Dated JulT*_nd. Iau7.    PAULAcoisT PacIjmjN.
J T Rt *mm Istrnit-tr
\ i .��. ��; ut, ���' gvut.
No. 2 Commencing ai a post planted al the
���ontheeat corner of application No I. thenee eaai
ao onalna- thenoa nortn to chain-, thenee ���������- at N
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated May 31, 1W7.        J   T. BCft��iE*-��, I .>cator.
J. W. Coi-ar-tr,, Agent.
nda*    i'ouimencing atapost
t nrealr, on the weat side of
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 ;��y- alter date 1
intend to apply lo lhe lion, i hlef idmmiasioner
uf 1-amis and ** orks for permission io purchaae
the iollortiug de-erioed lands, situated in Wvm
Kootenay district! ''ommeuciut* at a post marked by name as initial poat of the .South lork
branch, oue hundred feel from the junction oi
Lost creek wllh the aouth fork; tlieuce one*
.���uarter mile to the northwest corner poal, thenc*;
one mile to the uortheait corner poat, thenee
one-u,uarter mile to the southeast corner poat,
thenee one mile to  the place of commencement
June IT, 1-*J7. Located by WM. COWNOtUT.
Nelson Land DlftrtOt   District 01 Weft KooU-nay
Take notice that   Muore,   Kepple-fc l O-, of Gar-
laud, 1'eUU . oi*cupation lumbermen- lntenda to
apply tor a BpeotaJ timber licence over the fol-
l.jwing described land-.: Comuieiieing at atiout
planted on Moaqulto creok, on the west aide of
Arrow lake, aud at-out one half mile weai of the
southwest cornerof limner limit No. 4tll, tbence
north to chain*-, inence weat DO cbalua, thenc *
south HO chalna, tbence eaat 80 chaina to point ot
commencemeui, and containing Mo acres, more
or leaa.
Dated 15lb, July, 190*7. Moos'. Kim.E A Co.
John R. Calk is*. Agent.
or the
sue of
In the matter of ao application
a duplicate ot the Ceruftoate ol line ior io-.*-*-
twi-l tha ireet half of lot Jl, block hi, in the Town
of s. laon.
Notice la hereby Circa   that it  in my Intention
Lo 1 at lhe expiration of one month aflcr lhe
tir-l jiu 1.11ri!ion hereof a dupli'-ate of the certificate of trlf fnr the above laud*, in the name of
I.    I... -mil Ida. which certificate Is dut-d  the jHhI
day of December, looo, and ntunbarM :twiK.
���II   Y. MacLeod."
Dlatrlct Registrar
Nelson Land Dtetliet,  District of ft'est KfKitenay.
Take notice that Kvan McClelland Fraaer, of
Ferule, B. C, cletk, inienda to apply for a special
licence   over   the   following    described   lands:
(Tommem-iDg at a post planted about seven
miles west of the Kooj-nay river, and about one
mile nor'h of the international boundary line,
and about oue and a quarter uorth-eaateriy from
the nonh east corner of timber licence No. 8057,
ttience south 1*0 chains, tbence weat 80 chains,
tbence uorth nu chalna. thence eaat 80 chalua to
point of commencement, and containing Mo
acres, more or leaa.
Located Uth, of June, 1907.
ltVAK Mci'LELLAN   rt'.A-y.l:
Dated this 8th of July, 1907.
Take nollce that C. C. Clark, ot Nelaon, B. C,
aaloon keeper, lntendi to apply for a apeclal limber licence over the following deacrlbed laud:
Commencing ul a poal phinted on Morning
Mountain, about one mile weat of SmMter ( reek.
and adjoining r. C Clark's location for timber
licence Ko 1, m-il nt-out one mUe aouth of Nelson, thence wuat 60 chaina, thence aouth Ho
chains, tbence east 80 cbalua, thenca north ho
chains in plaoa of begiuning.
Dated July ii.th. l��o7. C. C. Clakk,
David Booth, Agent.
Notice la hereby given, for the information of
intending settler*- and othera. that selection haa
been maaeof Cc :".vvi,i--��i Ri-rcs of land situated
in tin- Peace Kiver Valley, Province of MrtCsh
Columbia, grant*'! to the Dominion iiovernmci
under the prorlalona ol EWetlon 7 of "An Act
r latlng to the Maud I'nilway, the Craving
Dock and Kail v. ay Lands of the Province," and
mch land la not open to entry under the land
;�����-. ol the province
Thehlook telacted i- deacrlbed aa follows:-
Commencing at a pointS3U miles south of the
Pea e Borer on the 120th Uetidlan, being the
.'H->N-ru boundary of the province, tnonce west
-.'. in IVs and a* 04 chains, thence no. th 72 mllea
and B5JW obalnr, tbence east 7,r. m(lea and 88 M
chalna, thenoe aoutb to tba point of commencement fullou tng the I20tl_ Mcrbllan and containing approximately BJiOO.OoO aerea.
Rottoa 1* aho given thnt. with a view to
Ucllltatlng aettlemem m the valleys ot the
Peace, Paranlp and Pack Kivers, the following
btlt of lhti'1 40 mllea In width and extending
30 mllea On each aide of tbe Peace, Parsulp and
Pack Kivers has been re-.etv.-d for actual settlers
to ne ac.-uired by pre eiuptl-.n only under the
l and Act. auch land not "r��*in-- open for sale,
leaac, licence or other alienatiou under the said
Ait except by preemption:���
Commencing at the intersection of the west'-m
boundary of the bio k of land  selected   by the
omlnton OoTernmenl   wun the Peace river,
thenre f'-llowlug tne Pear.* Kiver and Parsnip
Kiver to their confluence with the Pack Kiver
and    thano.    following   the   Pack   river  to   the
roint. where caid Pack Kiver leaved KoLeod
aha, and extending for a di-dani-eof _o int lea
nu each aide o| .Mid Kivcra ami approximately
170ir.|les in length.
All landa ouinda tha boundarlaa of the Horn i-i inn Oorernmaut Oram and *the rtaarva
above deacrlbed ar<* open for locution under the
laws of the Province,
Acung Chief ConirnltoiiiiniT of l**ndaand Worka
Lands and Worfca Department.
Victoria, beptcmber i-tth, 1901.
Nelson Lend DlatlieL   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice tha'  Wesley   Bovee. of   Rltsvlile,
Waah , ociupatlou butcher. Intends to apply for
a apeclal Umber i|ci-n��e over the following dee*
erlbed lands; on the eaat side of Prleat river
i ommenclng ata poat planted one and a half
miles north of the inu-ri.aUotial boundary line,
thence west to chains, thwlice aouth 80 chalna,
then.e east to - halns, tbence nortb ��o chalna to
I>olnt of commencement, containing M0 acres,
more or leaa.
Dated Sept. Uth, 1W7. Wksi.KY Hovkk,
K. W. Smith, Agent
Nelson I-and Dtetliet* District ol Vtest Kootens.y
Take notice that Mlmon P. flcbiffel, of Matter,
Idaho, occupation lumberman. Intends in apply
for a ipeola] UmtxT licence ovr the following
deacrlbed landa; on the east aide of Priest river:
Oommanclng at a post planted on the eaat aide
of Prtaat river, iwo and a half mil-a uorth of the
International boundary Hue. thence nortb BO
chalna, thenre east no clialn*, thehce aouth do
��-haln��, them-e west *) chains Ui po nt of com*
meiici t,i,'.t i-oti'anniig fiW acrii, more or Ichj,
Dated Kept l-tth. lao7.
aiHim P. ��������� hihil,
K. W  -M. :u, Agent.
Nelson I-and Dlatriot    Diatrict ot Weat Ko<itenay
Thka notice ihal Clfda K MeClure.of Kiiavlllc,
Wa h , ooimpatlon   bartier. lntenda to apply for
asj..;ci-,i thnber li-*ence over the following dea-
crited Und_; On the eaat aide of Priest river,
two and a half mllea north of lhe international
bound**-, line: Commencing at ft post i lanted
two nnd a half miles north of the lic-rna'P-hal
bound-" ry Hn��, thence -.ait VO . haiim, them .���
south mi -halna    thence  weat HO chalna,   thence
north80chaina to the point ot oqnunenoament
and ' ���>���,- ..[,...,. 040 acrea, more or leas.
Datod Hept. Mth, 1807.        CivneK. M<*Cu:rb,
K.. W. Smith, Agent.
Valaoh I-and District. Diatrtatoi West R-ootanay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee.of Itltavllle. Waah ,
occupation butcher, intends loappiy lornapecU]
tim'-er licence over the following described
lauds; on the ca*-t aide of Prleat river: Com.
menclng at a p-**t planted one and n hall miles
nortn ��� f international boundary Hue, thence
eaatwt .halns. tbanoa aotit!- -*> malna. them-e
wesl to chains, thence north H'> chain- to the
point of commencement, containing Mo acres,
mo*e or le-a. ��� m
Dated H pt, Uth, 1907. **v BoviK,
]C. W. Smith, Agent.
Nelson Land District DlettlCt Of Weet Kootenay
Take BOttOa that ire, -r.tbtbald Hreinner and
(ieorge Tottne, ta>th of the city of Nelaou, in tbe
Provlnoe Ol nti-tata Columbia, lumbermen, intend to apply for st>ecia! ttinoer licenses over the
following described lauds:
1 Commencing at a pert planted about M0
yards westerly from the junction of the north
aud main forks of it-umtnit creek, a creek Bowing
Into Kootenay river south of the aonthern end ol
Kooteuay lake iu ihe district of Weal Kootenay,
which Junction is about I8 or '20 miles Inun the
m>uth   of   such   creek, thence   south 4"  chains.
thenea cast 160 ehalna, thanoa north 40 chalna,
theuce west 100 chain* to the polntof o.mmence-
inen*: and containing C40 acres more or laaa.
AKiMIl*Al.Ii   HKIkMH.
Dated this Mh dav of August, 1U07.
2. Commencing ata poat planted al-out 2b0
yards westerly from the m-cu and norlh forka of
summit creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river aoutb of the aouthern end of Kootenay lak**
in the district of West Kootenay. thenc,- -.nitti a i
ehalns, tbence wesl 40 chalna, thence aoutb *)
chains, Iheuce west 40 cbatna, thence norlh to
chains, thence east -Mt chalna, thenee north **���
chains, thence east to chalna to the T��*dnt of com
mencement and coutaluiug 610 acrea more or
lesa. USOM1 Vms...
DatM thla .'ith day of August, l��/7.
"1 Commencing al a peart planted about DO leet
north from the hank ot the main Sutnmii creek���
and ai>out 2 mllea createrry from the junciionot
the nortn fork and the main fork of aoeh cr * k,
a crpek ilowtng mui Kootenay river -outh .-f the
aonthern end of Ko-denay lake in the dlstrli-l of
Wf��i Kootenay, them-e aouth *i ch-Unn. thenc-
east mo chaina tbem-e north *-*��� ehalna, thenoa
ireetn chalna to the polntof commenci-mcut
and containing tvto acrea more or leaa
Dated thla 5th day of August. UOT.
4 Commencing at a poat p.auu-.i about 2 miles
up an unnamed creek tl owing into Summit
creek from the south al aiK>-it 22  mllt-a Irom th,-
I-, ���*; ii ni Hummit creek which latter le a ereek
flowing into Kootenay river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake in the dintrl l of Weet
Kootenay, thence north 80 chalna, thenc* aaal -
chains, theuce south ho chains, thanea areel N
clialna to the point ot commencement and i on
tainlng MO acrea more or leaa.
Omni Yomta,
Dated thlf Kb <Uy of August, ltfu7.
5 Commencing at a post planted two mllea un
au unnamed creek flowlug into Summit creea
from the south at about 22 miles from tlie inouth
of hummit creek, v*. nh-h latter l* a rreck flowing
Into Kootenay river south of the aouthern end
of Kootenay lake in the district of West Knot,*
nay, thfiice aouth f-i chains, thenc,��� e-t-t >"
chains, thence nnrth HO chains, thence treat to
chains to the point id commencement and containing iVtO acrea more or ' ��� - ���
Ak< HiBAi.n Bkkmnkk.
Dated thla bth day of August, wn.
6 Commencing al a post planted about one
and a half Bailee Op the north fork ��d Summit
(reel*., a rreck Mowing Into Kootenay river *-..nUi
of ihe'aon'hern end of Kootenay lake In the dls-
trlot ��d West Kootenay. ihence ��a*t ao chalm,
ihence aouth to chains, thence i-ast it) chain*,
thenee south 40 chalna, thence wc-t to < halua,
thanea north 40 chaina, thence west to chain*,
theuce north 40 chains to lhe point Oi Bommanoa
ment and containing M0 acrea more or lean.
r,E*��ii����a Yoi.io
Dated this '.u. day of Auguat, l --T.
7. Comineit-ing at a iw>at planted about on*
mile ami a half up the north fork of Bttffimll
creek, a creek flowing into Kootenav river a*mth
ol the BonUiern end of .Kooteney lak". tn tba
dlatiiet of Weal Kootenay, thence north 4"chains,
thence weat 4o chains,   thence   north ��' chains
thenoa aaat bo chalua, thanoa south 40 obaina,
thenre east 40  chalua,   Ihence  aouth   10 ehalna,
t lie rn ������ west km chalna lo the polntof coram, lie*--
ment and   contalnlna 640 acre*, mora or leaa.
Dated this tilh day ot Augi��t. I>i7.
A ll<  111 HKl.ti IlKtMNKK.
H. Commencing at n post planted nl-nul a
���-uarter of a mile weaterly from th'* north fork
of-"uinmlt creek, and about two miles and a
half up such norlh fork iroin its junction with
the main Hummlt creek, a creek flowing into
Kootenay river, sotith of the southern ��� nl ol
Kooteuay lake in the district of West KOotena\.
thence north HO "hains. thence east HO ohalna,
tlicnce aouth _W cbalua, iheuce west to chnlua to
the point of commencement, and containing f.-W
aerea, more or less
Daled thla Oth day of August, 1907.
QttOMI ViM'S'i.
9 Commencing at a post planted at-out a
uarter fif a mile  westerly   from   the north   fork
of Hummlt creek an I about tV-  iqAea up auctf
norlh fork from ItaJnnoMon with the main -oim,
mit creek, a creek llowlng into Kooteuav river,
"'I'.lniilli" southern end ol Kooteuay lake In
tha district Wesl Kootenay, thuuee wesl m
chains, theuce north hu chains, thanea eaat HO
chalm,  tben<��  South   HO  chains   to the point ul
commencement, and couliiinlng M0 acres, inoic
or leas.
Dated thisflth flay ol Aocnat, 1907.
AH' lltllAI t) IlKKMNEh.
10.   Commencing  at a   poat  planted   about   a
quarter of a. mile weaterly Inun tba north fork
td Summit ore< k and about three inl!es up such
north fork from Ita lum-tlon with the main .-urn
ml creek, a creek flowing into Konu-nay river,
south oi tho aouthern end of Kootenay lake, in
the district ol Weat Kootenav, tbeiw- west in
chaliiH. thence smith lfio chains, theuce east Ifl
chains, thence noilh lrt) chaim lo the point < f
commencement, and containing fi-10 acrea, mo *
or wa.
Dated this-0th day of August. Iwr;.
Aai ill RA l.l> Bill- MNKR'
11 Commenclnt. at a poat planted about half a
mile easterly from lhe a��nith fork ol nuuiinlt
creek ami al.mil one mile so uh of ihe main
Bum mil creek, a creek flowing Into ROOt'0B)
Mver smith of the southern end uf KnnVnay lake
iu thu district of West Kootenay. tbenoe aval Ml
chalna, them ��� south Hi chains, thence west to
chains, lbenee north W) chains tn tba point ol
commencement aud containing Mi aorta mora
or lesa A arm...- *, PitKm.
I"uttd thla Jlat day of Augmt, i.i/i.
| Kelaon Land District. Dlatrlel ol Waal Kootanny
Take notice that Voora. K. i.pl.- <t Co.. of Oar-
la:;.!. Penn., iwoupation kumheraan, intend to
apply tor a special   timber   licence   over lh��    *
lowing deacrlbed landi
planted on Moaqulto
krroe  lake, an i about one half mile weal, of the
% mth waat cornet <>f tlmbei limit No.4��77. thenea
BOcbaloa, thence veal BD ohalna, thence
north 10 chalna, theme east no chalna to point ol
commencement, and containing c*to acrei, more
or |��aa
Da:e-1 lfjth July, 1907.      Mooaa. Kkiti.i A Co.
Joi.y It. CaLKIKS. Ageui.
. land Dlatrlct.   District of Weat Kootena;
Taka none* that WtlUam   Andrew   Koaa, "f
rerun*. It   C  .   hotel keeper   intends to appiv for
a apt-i'iai tlmbei iieencM over the fwlowlna flea
��� tit., i ; ni.!-    Coaunanclng at a post planted
i. bout M* mlb������* west of the Kootenay river, on
' orn  'reel.,    iu the   District   of Weal   Kooteuay
and being abont at* miles north of tha inter
Duatl aal    boondarv   Una,   ami   altnate at the
northeaat eorner ol W'Hi lam   Andrew   Hoas*   No.
8 titub. r claim, them-e north so chaini, thenea
weat So cbalua, tbanoa aonth to ehains, thence
, a-i Bo i '.itiit%. to the point of oommeneement
b��iili'l Ju!v'_Srd, I9"7
Dated ihe Mb of Aug    1907
w n i.tAM Asiiarw K<����
Kelaon Land Dlatrlct. District nf w��el KooU nav
Take notice that I. Kvan Kraser. of Fertile, B.C,
clerk, int* *.i i to appiv for a s**eclal umber license
.llowlng deeorlbed lands;
Commencing ata poat piante<l at the N. K
��� abont i', mib-a north ol the International boundary Hup and at-out II mllei west ol the
Kootenay river (about one niil��* north of the
nortb t-oumlarT nf r. L No t*n2) tbaoaa M
cnaina aootb, thenoe M ehalna waat, thenee ao
chains north, thence HO chalna east to the place
oi ba ginning -
Dated July *-Iat, 1907.
2    ' inxrcenclng at n po��t   planted at lhe N. K.
��� .rner of '-.cation No   I. th'-nci-  sonth to chain",
thenea east BO chains,   them-e   north  HO chalna,
. w..��i go chains to the place of l��jginuing.
Dal.-d July I'lst, Wn.
B, Qommenelng at a p<ist planted at the N E.
corner ������: ���   i. thence north HO chalna.
iheuce eaai to chains, thenc- south HO chalua.
thence areel SO ehains lo plac,   of beginning
Dated July thn  : ���:.
t. Commencing at the N K corner of location
No. I.   thenee   north   m  chains,   thence   weal   ao
chain*, thenee aonth ho chaina, thence cast *'
chains to tbe 11 .��� ��� - l ot ����� tuning.
Dated July Jlst. 1907.
b Commenelng at a po*l planted one mill-
���aat of the J4 k oornei en looatlon No. s, then-e
���onthOO chalna, thence *��� est ao ihains. thenea
north n cbaina, Ihence east HOchalna lo the plac*
of beginning
Dati d  Inly Jlst, IWT.
a. r-ommenetn. al a post planted at the N. K.
eorner ol loenti . *-. _, thrnce aontb ���> ehalna,
thenoa aaal BO ��� I alt -, tbence "��� rth ho chains.
tiom a weet 10chain* to tl., place of *..���ginning
Dab     Inly      i  If07.
T-    I'l.miii'i'i'lli: a I a po��l   pi aim .1   at  lhe N. I
corner ol    ���  -tloi ���  them i no ;'. ao chains.
them a          ���   - I a aonth SO ahalna,
thenoa     h    natothe i*i**4>- <���( tH*ginning.
Dan     lni]    let,
8.    <      um. :.   ing at i poal   plaote     Kl the N. K,
eornei ���(locatiunNo B thenee noi tb at* -ahalna,
thenc- weat ao cbatna, thenee aootb ni chains,
tbenoa aaat 9* chalna to the plaee o| beglnntng.
Dale.l   lni]   -'i-l, 10 1 i KASKK, Uicaior.
J.    i".      -t->wM, Agcllt.
Nelson Land Dlslr.il.   Dlatrlctof Waal Kootenay
Take notl  e that I. Kllzat*-th Ferguson, of Nel-
aon, nnti-n Colombia, oceupatlon marrh *"
man. Intend to appiv for p.rmlsaion to pun-hast
the foiiowlus deacrlbed land : Commeuctnt; at a
l-ist  platlte*! 10 ehains west of the MOttieest cor-
f M-ctlon 22, Township ft'J, Kootenay, ami
marked "K F'a N. K corner," Uunce treat 0$
chalna. thence south 40 chains, ihenc- eaat SO
chatua, theme north ��u chains to the pi awe of
commencement and containing SJo acres more
lesa o
lSlh JulT, A. D  1*907.    Ku-satitii Ftroruii*.
by W. A   (aider, agent.
Kaleon Land Dimrct.   DlaUlOl ol West Kooteuay.
Take DOtloethat 1, David Q Kurtx.of Nelson,
B. ('., fMeupal|,,n mer< bant. Intend to apply for
Mrmlealon to purchase the fo llowlng described
laud: commencing at a pout planted at Ibe
���outhweal oorner of section .t4. townahlp 09,
Koote oay, ��nd marked "D. ti. K.*�� fv W. ���orner.1'
then " norlh no,halua, theuoe eaat 40 chalna,
tbence --outh B0 chalna, thanea wesi an chaina
to tha pofntof commencemeut and t-utitainlng
00 a- rea more or leaa.
15th July, 1UV7. DavinO   Knn,
w. a. Calder, agent.
Taka notion that I, Thomas Harry Wilson, tn.
lend to appl] for permission to purchaae tne lol.
lowing described land i   Comm ing at a post
planted at the B   B. comer ol lol 7086and marked
��� oomer, thence south in ehalna, tbenoe
weal 10ohalna,thenoa south lu ohalna, thenee
weal 10 chains, tbenoe eonth io chains, ihence
weat ii> ebalna, tbence south lo rhalna, thence
weatio ehalna* thanoa north to ebalna, thenoe
eaai 40 ebalna to point of commeini-mciu and
conlainlng 10Q acran, more or less
J una ', iv*o7 ihowan mknrv Wtiscnt.
Wii.i.iam Ai.ni.-eo Mills, ���gent
Nelaon Land Dlslrp-t. District of Weit Kooteuay
Take notice that I. John Lang, of Nt-Km, H. C,
CH>i upatlon miner Intend to apply (or permu*
alon to pnrohaaa tba following des-rlla-d lands:
Coniuieiiclog nt   a   post   pin u led at   lhe   N.K. of
Ixitflooa thenee aaal -*�� Onalna, thanoo smuh jo
obaina, Lboncg ��.eet ai ehalna, thanea north ai
chaius to point of comnieucemeiit, cfintalulng to
acres. DtOrS nr leea.
Auguat Jnd, l��07, John I.awi..
Notice Is h�� rcby given that fiO daya alterdate.l
Intend t<> apply to the Hon. cble!Co_.-_in.HHlom-r
of LAnds and Worka for permlaalon io purchaae
the following dOBOribod land In West Kootenay
district, on  west shire of  l-ower  Arrow   I-akc,
tt'ijoming u*t No IMS, on the south:   itegiumng
it a post marked "Marrv KeLeod'S N.K oruer
posl and   -lanted   on the shore of   l���iwer   Arrow
Lake, at the loutbeast oornei of < "api Poalnnd'a
.49IH.   thence   west  ��J  (halns,   thence   aouth   'JO
������hains mora or less to the north boundary of it.
Pnllmora s P, R , thanea 2 chains cast along the
dud boundary t<> lake, thenoa north along tha
lake shore  jo chains,   more or  leaa to point of
��� '.inn ncetnent.
May Jnd, llkfl. .1. D. Moora,
Ageut for Harry MoLWd*
Nelaon i-and Dlatrtol Dlatrtoto. Waal Ronfaatay,
Taga notice that aeorga Wot na carter olllrdar,
oe. UMtlOn, bridgeinatl. Iiii.'iiU to *yy\\  Inr V
nt*.-|on   to   tutri'haae    thu  following   d.
weal oornei nf
marked H. W,
aaat 4n chain
Curry'1  pre-e
then, e -.outh S
plaoa of eotni
more or leas.
Dated July I'J, 19U7.
1 at the north*
application  to purchase,
1 h<m e   north   in  i*hh(rta, Iheuce
thence  aouth   'JO ehalna to   A.
ptton,   thence   west   Jo   ehalns.
ebalna, thanoa waat N chain*, to
neamani oonbiinini i'A> acres
Nelaon Uml District. District -it *M t
Take notice thai  I, t htrle. HWal. h
Burton Clty.8. C . oeeuithmfliS ^'ri
appl, tor jarmisslo,,  (���',., Sg�������� Jj-t4a
de* rlbed land OoumaneluattiJKSx
about five mll-a northwest from X pU*"��
llnaqolto creek and mark'i ?"1 lfr* .mn"i_.
corner," lbenee south m chaim'��,,/ "b*<"
batns, thenea north m ehJlSJ' g��* 2J
eaaamaaL ���***-*-M
���'harus Btpnn UiMi
thence norlh ��W ___.
���ajr^lnato point ol cominencement,
Sept. 7tb, im
1 t t tii-i-i-a Caktkh,
W, J  K<����rr, Agent
I, th- nmtcrslgncd. after CO days intend to ap*
plJT to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l-stnl*
uid Works t��, purchase the following describe!
land:   Commonelng at the N. k. < . of 1-ot 7&��o
..  I.,   thence   west  40  chnins,   thence   norlh   JO
���bans, tbei �����- 40 obaina, thence south HO
1 Hains to pom    1 eommanoement, oontalnlng ho
acrea more or luaa.
'-ooato   March iaih, 1U07 W.A. MiU-a.
NcUon Und DUtrlct DlstVictoTWe^^
Take notlc that Angm MeOUl. 0( iMiTL
Nelson, occupation ilr.man. lntendat-VilM
tvermlsslon to purchaae the foUmtw 2JJS
lands:    t'ommencliitf >��� .  -_-_,. -.".^  W
and *mv df-Oj acrea, more or Iru
Dated Septe abet ted, 1907.
WatT dan alter dam 1 intent taiwi"^ I
Boo. f hief Commlaaloner of un,a ffl'tl*
\o-torla ILC, to purchaae the |()".s**Jj
M-rlWd and. situated in ihe Weil Ki^-CiT
tricl: 1 ommenclng at a post pUnte-l ���.__
weel Ud. ol -vootanay lak^nea^^
point, and marked J McKluntin'ia tS
[��*st, theme west W chains, ttieo-v r^m��
1 halns. Iheuce east BU chains more r,r ira 10__,
ahore. thence along lake 1 bore lo t-*:_i * -*��
Dated April 4,1W7, Plgnet J Mr lum
Netccm I -.-..: Dlatrlct.  Dlitrict of W��t Kot-.-*-***.
Take notice that Edward Fraitr,of BlBtm
Montana, I'.B A , occupation wool bamX
tends to apply [or p**rnil��sion to imr-.-jiu
following dearrllM-d land: Comin*a*l_i a��
|K-��t planted on tbe we-t shortof Vppr ani*
sban (Cariboo) lake, and at tlu- touibru-.tw
of Lot sl_t9, tlM-ntc w^ft jo cbalm. th*.-#ia,_,
���*��� ������ _ni-, tliiKe eait at chalm, thc*n�� miiI
chains, tlu-aiwlut to chains, mure or is ���***
waat shore of Ippe* Whalihan {(��nboo)atK j
th.-m-e northerly and weaterly il.i_| uw-ril
shore SO ehalna, more or less, to puiit of �����>
mencement, and containing ������-.���������-���* t-mti
Mayr9th.lS07 r   -, ���    -uta
Hlxty days after date I mien, to _pp.Tt.Bi
Hon chlr>. Commlaaloner of Un-l-i-d'Yc-h
for permlaalon to ,iurebaae Ibe fol3srlw *>
aerified land in West K--*'. mv ',..���.���: ���__���
menclng at a ;<���' .-��������..' A C *���������;-���**���
uorner poat, running 40 chaim fmtu.j um
the Uiundiry id ilinber I let-nee S0.IM 3aae
southerly bO chains, theure wettrr.-SdMM
thence northerly v�� chains aIo*n thCf.t
track lo the place of commrneemtDt4_k__g
two bundre-I arrea, more or leaa
Located Ibis ��tb flay of May, 1907.
A   ���.:._*���_���.'���
Notice is nereny given mat *���' *-T,,**r *��'.
intend la apply to the UonnraNettf*��'�����*---
mlsslouer oi Candi and Worki for-mtiaa
Ui pun-haae the following deiirrlbrili_A��:aaa
in Weal Kootenay district: Voamtwnu ��*
post plant* d at the ���- ���������! bonntary of -*ata<-
aud about 10 chains pouthof thew-Ui Sos*a_-j
td the right of v-av of tbe B. C.fV.o-trnitf-
way, and marketl P. A. P'i southeaii tarn.
thenoa west Po chat na. thence nonh tftlMaot
boundary of the right of way nf axftnuei
railway, theuce following -c.iil bouD-irToi*-"
rlgbl i>f way in an easn tiy rsetii-a wtU 1*
boundary of Ud 3fii��.l Ui*���:> e south toj>i��e��a
��� .'inincneenietil. con in tiling 1-0 acm aata
Datttl thla 14th day or June, 19T,.
Pai-l Airier r-mca
Nelv.u I-aud District.   District ol Wwt *tc--!m|
Take notice that Paul Auamt Pwh��.����  I
chener, B. 1; . occupation I��mb.raan.lMan   ���
to appl r for permission to purchase **_*-W��
ing  deacrthed   landi:    Ct.mmti cin^ ilj^l"
'boundary ol th* rg-'f
Columbia ftwib-m ������>
plantetl at the soUtb 1
wav td the British < -
way and aUmt *V. chains weiierlj Im BBSM
b'i on aaid railway, thence smith JDehaiatui*
wt au chaim. thenc.. st.uth �� ****-"*!3
easl CO chalna, lbenee north t" UK ws_-r-S
.( the rlKht-<d*way of tIk BriUM <��^J
Hallway,   tin nee  aeiler.
11-of-way to place of coatne*.	
this _iid day ol AugiiH, m*
Nelson Laud Dl-trl. l- lustrlctol ������---MJB*
Take n.ill:v that (ieorge Hiurra. d���?*,
Montana, V ti. A., occupation, o*���r��
leuda If. apply tor permlMlon lo V^'Jl
following deacribeil land: ^���ggffl
pt>sl planied on the  west ihore uf l ff^      t
shan (Oarlboo) lake, and Mthanefttssai u
ol_otlU0, thanea sraat wrh,*iD^t^'i^_5B
40 chains, thence cast to chsim, '-1*'''--.^!-a
chaini tt, point of commencement. ��c-�������-
lni 00 acrea' more or leaa- a^mtmm
May Jwth. IVU7.
N# i-iiii l-an.l Dl-trl.i    I1 **" tolW..it
Take uotice that Walter   M-'N,'Uh^, 3 -
���.anon ��ffn-bani. i��JJ
nermlsslou toV****"
lug described land : Commencing
Montana. U.B. A..
to apply  for
._��� Seat-rlbed land : CommeaeiH ��'��� "T-*^
e.lon the west sbon-of Ifl-er ^lisl-'^^c-
Ukc. ami  al  the north weal ������i^Us. I
Ihence weal  to ahnlna.krteB(ejMJ��"^ I
ind wmiaiBinl1
real   JO  chains.   Iliriire nor ���"'..�����
Ihence eaai ���� chains, l*���"���},!!"^* �� [
point   of   eommeiii ement,
acres, more or |cm
Ma, -MUl. I**'.*
date 1 Arthur Ala*1
wail t J
Btxty .lays after date I.A rl nura -��� ^
rnaohar, ol Burton City, ^'V ' ' ^ ���*������-Ii
Chief Commlaaloner oi I ��<��Ji"*11/___rn��i-
torla.ll   c .to purchase the loth ���
place of couiineii. eracnl ... A B'*'
Auguat lat.iwn. ASTHlSA
Nelaon Mud Dlsirl- 1.   in-*.         .�� Aita*
T.ke   ...dice   that   Bom^CffOh *
Mnultobu.     farm.
chaina,   inence r��i>. <--��� ��� ��-��� -
mencement. conWlniugWO acrea
Brjxtas. Ar*-"*:
I'lMH-l""'-  -__    ,_,n
n, i,   ;   JUidayidAHguaUis^j^pfc
Jlasl '..-������
Mtt, lis
 in."'- *fV��!3!m   ���,..
iuiu.1 iiuiii .lay ill ���"'""*[������.,�� K.i-'��"i"^i
,.,. h.n B.*��rnir,"��-''"��g_i_--^a-*|!
II,,.,,,,. ...mil���. .'H��i' ��������.'"  ,���,, .���a.��l,l"'M
,'linlllS   la.    Pi*'..   "I    '"."^ IISSSH"-
��arr..s ail JMS..>*_**.01_��   I'l*"" '''.Mill.
Ualo-I iSril **Mn*jyjJ'^ gcno-'."'' prospectors
Who Want :i Good Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satislaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Can.-idian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
|p. Burns & Co., Ltd.
|la���i DiilriCt, DlStrlOtOlWeat Kootenay
t1 patrlcli Sberan. nf Nelaon,
t��upalloii prospector, lutenda tn apply
r' timber licence over the follow.iik
, ,,.., . ommancina at a post planted
k W Miroer poil <-( lot for., being l'atrick
��� S 8 corner pout running aoulh HO
thanoe weet 80 nhalna, thence north M
,;,,,,, easi -i ebalni to polnl <d com*
fiufnitUit, IW7.       PaTWt k naun
*   * i.kick Braaan, agent,
;,:.: Dutm t. District ol Weat Knotauay
go I    Tak.' notice thai   P r   I. t. ol
. b t    occupation lumiwrman, in lend n
".,. .   pedal   Umber   Lloenoa  over   the
]_������ iaacrfbed  lands:   cummcttrlng at a
L.-t-.]*,' tba north ea-tcrly jawt (if lot RI_
rain-  louth  "f UiiiIht  licence No, 7018.
chalna, thenoe eaat to chaina.
., na, tbenoa  went 40 chalna
: tmaneatnattt, and containIuk
r leaa.
s j..,...,, lot. Pans Lc��n.
Iud-I Dlttrlct.   Dlatrlct nt Weet Kootenay
Take notloe thai Pater I.und, of
occupation lumberman. Inteuda
,. ipeclal timber Uoanoa over the
I , ��� ��� - ���   landi      t oiiitueiiciUK   at a
E . ut boundarj oi lotHl*_, iuo
: '������ r licence 7nis ami 40 chalna
lirv-thni poal claim   No. I. thenci-   north
"i. r.-t to chains,   thence aonth 80
..-  weat 80 'halna   lo   lhe   point  or
fectim-iit, au.l coutalnliiK  Oto acrei, more
J July -wh, latn. fmam ia-sv.
���Land. District.   Dlitrict nl Weat Koo*cnay
Take notlea that 1'eier I.nmi.ol
,,occnpation lumberman, intends
it ���,.;,M,; umber licence over the fol-
[d<*��cM*>"l lac ll C'uninenclnit at a post
q u eaii boundary ol lot 113, BO chaina
n* location post claim No. af, Ihrnce
Irhatm, theme eaat 80 chalna. them e
|ch��m��. then. ������ ueatH/l chaina to p.)lul
jnenct-meDt,   and containing 6KJ aerea.
��� a j    lit, wn. Para buss
������.t..> Lbal 'rn K. Taylor, clcra. o( Arrow-  |
7., lntendi to apply Inr a -.per la I linenre
| from   the    following   deacrlbed   ;
I CnmnifD.-ttiK at a poal planted 70ohalna i
��� In in -*_iter!v direction from Cariboo '
��-.��] ��� In K. /aylor'a, W. I'arkiua'   ti   W.
J bo.nilc-l en the aouth  by T. 1.  No  Tfi-fifi.
���wePt by r. I..   i��o. WtX thence  north HO  |
��� tbetirp eaii BO . halim, thence aonth 10
���t-ffice weat SO - baina to point at  com*
��� 'I'iniacti.'f rural a Po��t planted SO "rhalna
_ aii'l ui_,t-_>t*rlv direction from t'art'MMi
bkid-W E-arklna'. IraK Taylor*n 8. W.
Sat," bounded  on the weat bv T. D. 7f.fi*"",
r Ira F. Taylor's and   W.   I'arklna'T. 1..
leno north*'  chalui-.   thence  eaat   DO
ptoses tenth ��Q ebalna, ihence treat 1M
-���JV.1HI ol rommenoeman*	
-. Dlatriot of Waat Kootenay
it* hvrt?by gtren that nu daya alter d_ata j.
�� iiiinvr.of N. ;���..,-���. n c , intend
��� totbe Hot) tba chief Coiumlailouer of
fed 'A.irk* Ior a ----eclat  licence tn cut and
Mu. : mi- r from the '.."liming deacrlt-el
���nab i do Bummtt creek, in tho Weat
��! Dlatrlct:
3p-omniancing at a poet m��rkei -t P. S*i
wall, northeaat cornet poat, located on
mi ��l Bumnilt i reek about two milea from
���ht-. Lbenee   running aouth  hi chalui-,
��� ruiinitiic wist in ohalna, theuce runutuK
T rhftitii, tbence went 40 rhalna, thence
��� rhaln*. ihence ruunltlK eaai 40 chain��.
Iri:nni[,-j toutb 40 chaina,   thence east IU
pi^i.a. ������ cf .iiinmeucement.
Ob the'-".Mb dav of Auguat. 1907.
Iohxi P, Swi:i-hrho. l-icator.
per hi* agent fail a McDonald
fg^Ootnmraclng at a poet marked J P. B'a
���t-su. northw< nt corner poal, l-x-ated on
���to) Summit creek, about two miles Irom
���Twit, th'-iic-i runnliiK   aonth   to chalna.
Inntilng eaat HiM-hatnit. thenoe  running
T^alim, thamv  running  weal M0 ehalim
��� M 'nnimeiiceiiienl.
~*1**Uthe -1Mh dav of Annual, 1907.
Jons r Bwaoncao, Locator.
per hti agent Patoa Hot-onaut,
���Un. Dlitrict Dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay
fcubaathal J. R.F.Btewart, ot Coliing-
d-.iM'cuiiatlnn   luuiU'riiiati. lntenda  lo
**������ 1*1 timber   liM-nccovor  the   fol-
tacriben 'and*.:   Oommanatna ai a poal
���"i h small stream about one mile   -.oulh
���jiaKlv.-r mar the head watcisof ' Iran*
��� marled j. u. k. atewart-s n. k. Angle
Iino, oorth 4o chaina, tbanee weai 40
|?w  -"-mh tn chalua, thence weat 20
'"ti" -..u-.b l> ehalna, ihence eaat ��0
Uenaa north U < haina.   ihence weat'JO
"i commencement, oontalnlng
 ir leaa.
M "l" J*mks R, K niWAR
���*n I Dlatrlct. Dlatriot of Waal Kooteuay
L'-'.lW that JR. F.  Ktewart.nl  Colllng-
ocupation lumberman. Intends to
peclal ttmber licence over Ibafol-
iDea landa:   Oommanelna at a poat
'���" oier-ontli   ildaot   aainall   creek   due
��j Mountain ICaadnw mine, about R"
mm ol U rani to ��� reek marked J. It. F.
,.��;." *n��>�� POSt, thence cant .l> chalna,
m      Tr ,;1"*,na, thenee west ao ohalns,
or    5chl!Li?���,��� ^��nM W,H| M1 ohalna,
Mian ''l,,,-h". thence east HO chalna,
mulnin-2_a*l'I,iW  P-,0�� ��d commence*
���Kith  I in*   "' 'v,,^'", ,,���,,r,' "r b'aa.
��� -"���'���""��� UMRa It   F   BanwABT.
*""! Dlairiet. Dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay
JOHni thai   I.  Alexander   Glllasple-  ol
|jj ��� ��� erg, intend to appiv for a spaolal
nni   over   th*. followiiiK dencrlhsd
lT,7;;',','1,'--'��'M'<>n Plants   nttheeon-
'.'�����! luirib fork nf ('on, rsrot* with thu
'" "orth 40 cualn
No. 10 Com mend nf* at a poat planied al-ont _*��
chalna more or leaa aoutb from the northweat oorner ol I-ot ho. Mil on main Lemon
creek and maraed Henry Keichert eaat corner
pout No. 10. theuce 40 chain* north more or lain
to about midway of tha "aouth boundary line of
timber licence No. BIW, ihence 1W�� chaina weat,
thence 40 chalna aoutb, theuce 160 chalua eaat
to i-oint of oommanoamant.
Dated July -27th, iwn.
No. 11 (���ommenciriK at a poit planted on Monument ��� reek, about 70 chaina, more or leaa, aouth
from where Monumeni (reck, emptya Into Lemon creek, and near Henry Relehert northeaat
Corner DOtX ol timber location Ho   H, and marked
"Banry Baiehert northweat corner pout ho  il,"
thanoe 109 ehalns  aouth,   thence 40 chaina  eaat,
Ihence 1��) chalua north,   thence  40 chalua   weal
to th*; polnl o* nonimeucemeut
Dated July *_7tli, iyW7.
Baanr EtaicHaar, i^��cator.
ii... ���,*, " ""nn 40 chaina, thenc weat
u!',1 "atnc�� south 40 ohalna, thence ,-a-.t
u  J     ���'"'"*' ��( beginning, oontalnlng
. inure or le-HN.
J��*��B-J" mh.lOOT,
horth ��fiS8 I" ,l P0-* planted on tha imnk
h,.',!'���*��� "'  Ourn creek about four milea
Mh ih. ,,_'"!';��� wMl1 tht  Main cr.ck, Ihence
to ehatn u>\'Ut',' wa' B0 ohalns, thanoa
'llicBlniVi,;,,     '���'''''  l'RI,t H"  ,,ballia to  tho
t "���k'imiIuk, cnntiiiniriK tilti Hcrea, moro
R^s-Ml nth.i-.an.
h-.rlh imbKr!.K ���",,'l l'l��ntcd on tho bank
V ' ora creek about four mllea
m'' With the Main creek, thonce
llMuiee   weat  Kll chaina,   thenco
"'1 .���*��������������.,,-���      I1,<- ,1|lHt m "halna   to  the
i.   "a-hnini, oontalnlng MQ aorta, more
AM Angitm Uth, 11W7.
Alixanukk Uii.l.KariK, Ixinator.
A. IIaik��tt, Agent.
IM I'lattlit.   DM
or, inu
Mitrlct of Weat Kootenay
Weary RaioheA.of Nelaon,
Ei-v ��� in an.i ,';" ���" "I'P'y for a apnelftl
���"* waoHbad iar1.?u"vv,iy tlmbt,r trom --10
1 -''"niiieiici,,-. .,
laat, orner' , ..    .    P��f* "planted near  thn
*"���   llenrv      i   i      *���,"'"'��� licence Nn  1I2M
locatlonV, ,Ph6rt HW- t!"r'"'-'  I'nat of
������' ��ry   it. i/. mi ,,,'lln ���-��-���">" "reek and
iSiin m X,.t.        """""���aal enmor poat
Sboa 80 ,.,   |B n"r<l��, thenco 80 ebalna
> -ff iSn,om,"uu*b>'nent.
th.'tlieuce ho  chains
Nelaon I-ainl Dlhtrli't.   Dutrict of Went Kootenay
Take liothe thatL Harold N. Kdgecorabe, of
hernie, B. C. clerk, intend lo apply tor n apeclal
tiinl-er licence over the following deacrlbed
it. iommeticlntr at a poat planted at the continence of the nortn fork of Corn creek about
two mile, from ita continence with the Main
i r< ��� k tbanoa aouth 40 chaina, thence weal 11*0
chaina, theuce north 40 cbaina. Ihence cast 160
ohaina to tha plaoa of beginning, contuininK mo
acrea. more or leaa.
Located Auguat 17lh. I907.
9. Comineticitin at a |>o*l planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about two mllea
from Ita continence with the Main .reek, ihence
aoulh HO chaina, ihence weat HO chaina, theuce
north Hu chalua. thenc-* eaat HO cbaina to the
place of be-;inning, containing 040 ccrea, mure
or lean.
Located Auguat l"th. l*M(7.
:i. CoiiimencluK at a poat planted on the bank
of the nortb fork ol Com creek about four milea
from im OOnflaanca with the Main creek, thence
aouth to chalna, thence ca-t so chaina, thence
north 80 Ohalna.   theuce  weai HO chains  tn the
f* '������������ of be*-luu lug, containing ���-*.������ acrea, more or
Looatad Angnat ltth, 1007.
ft Commcuclnn at a post planted on the bank
of the uorih fork of Corn creek about f> tiulea
from IU conlluence with the Main creek, thence
north 40 chalna, tbence eaat ISO rhalna, thence
aoulh 40 chalna, thence  weal  160 chalna   In   the
pi tea id beninning, aontalttlng NO acrea. more
or lean.
Dated Au-*i>at lfith. i*n.
6. Oommanatng at a poat planted on the bank
nf the north fork ot Corn ereek al-out al* mllea
from tla confluence with the Main creek, theuce
aoulh to chaina, thence eaat 80 rhalna, thenee
norlh gO chaina, Ihence weat 80 chalna to the
piano Of beginning, containing MO acrea, more
DhmM Angnat i��th. ltwr.
7. Commencing at a poat planted on the bank
nf the north tork of Corn   creek   about *\x   mllea
from iia eonflnanoa with the Mam creelt, thenee
aouth Hi) chalna,  thence went no cbaint.  thence
norlh   -"  chaina.  thence   caal  HO  chalna to  the
place of beginnitiK. couuiulnx Mo acrea,  more
or leaa
l��Caled August K>*.h. !'������"
ii. n. a-oaaoaarea, locator.
A. BaOIURT, Agent.
Time tor adrartlalng  extended by the A-aiatatit
Nelaon l_aud Dlatrlct.   Dlatrtcl oi Weat Kootenay
Take   notice   that  Tho*.   K.   U. U>gan. ot  Hun
Bat's Ferry cupallon painter  Inictida to apply
ior a apeclal Umber licence over the lollowlng
deacrlla-d landa; Commencing at a Mat nlauted
ou the aouth aide of Houndarv creek, ataiut 10
milea weat of the Kootenay tlvcr, thence went l*'
ebalna, theuce aouib 80 chaina, thciice eaat SU
chalua. thence north no chaina to lhe point of
commencement, and containing f.to acrea, more
or lesa.
Dated July bah. Iftrj.        TVOKAS K. I.. 1-toaK.
Nelron Land Dlatrlct.   niatri't ol Weat Kootenay
that   Henry   Relehert. nl Self
Take notice that Henry Relehert. nf Nelaon.
It ����� .  proapector.  Iniend to apply  lor a apedal
limber licence over  ihe  following   daaeribed
No. 1. -i'ommencing ata post planted near H.
W. northwaat corner poat, lot No. 7ttw, aud
marked "Menry Keichert soulhwent corner
ptiit." theme 80 chalna north, thence so chaina
eaat, tbence 80 chnlua aoulh, thenee 80 chalna
Weal to the point of commencement.
Dated Pepl. the Mth, l-W.
HkMiT RmriiKRT, Locator
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' aud '-Quebec** Mlneiai Clalma altu-
ato In the a* r I aon Mining Division, of West
Kootenay District.
Where located : Wrat branch of north fork of
Balmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
milea from K.le, B.C.
Take nollce lhat 1. Alfred Krtieal flallupe, Kree
Miner's Certificate No. hfil*3. intend,-txiy days
from ihe dale hereof, to appiv to tbe Mining
Recorder for a Certificate nt Improvements, for
the porn-MM of obtaining Crown Urants of the
above via till*.
And further lake notice that action, under
necuoii S7. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of Aaptambar, 1907.
Certificate  of Improvements*
"Cllion" Mineral Claim situate ln the Nelaon
Mining Division, Of the West Kooleuay Dlatrtcl.
Where located : -Ou Toad Mouuialu iwn and a
IihIi mllea Irom Nelaon, B. C,
Take notice that 1. -v. A Mncdouald, acllttg aa
agent (or Hugh Hutherlaml, I'rcc Miner's Certlllcate No. Hl.'..-*/9. Intend todays from the data
hereof, to apply   to   the   Mining   Recorder  for a
Oertlfloate of improramantSj lor the onrpoaeol
obtaining ��  OroWfl   Grant  of   the  above  claim.
And further take DOtlSS that action, under
Baottong?i muat he uonuaanoed before the la*
snar.ee ot such Certificate of improvements
Dated tblsWrd dav ol Baptambar, a d . lwr?.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addrciacd to Ihe ttndarsltnad at his
u��\cc In the Court Houae. in the City 01
Nelion, will be received up till the
hour 01 f> o'clock, in the aftortu.on, of Frl
day, November lal, Had. lor the purchase of
the "Anne" Mineral claim, Lot BWO, (iroupl,
Koolenav   Dlatrtcl,   which  whs doclaro 1   to   be
forfeited to tha Grown at tha iax sale held tn the
city nf Kelaon, on the oth day oi t*ovamberi inn,
(������r daltnqnant taxes up tin JanaNUi, 1905, and
The upFet price upon the mild mineral claim,
which Include!- the amount of delinquent taxcx
und costs at the Mine of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which huve since uicrued, coal id ndver-
tlaliiK. and fee bu Crown Hntnt(f_6.00,) la|l��.m
which ia the leaSI amount that Will tie considered
us a tender
Kach tender inn-l be aecomcanled by an accepted ohanua for ths foil amount of tha tender,
pWMiblo lo I he order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands und Works, nt Victoria, B. C,atnnr
Dated   at   Nelaoli,   II  C-,   Ibis _7lh day of Kept.
HARltY WRUill'Ij
i .um miiiu nl Agent, Stflsnu. B V,
The Deity Can-dian
Case of New Zealander Outdoes Thoae
of  Beck,  Edalji  and   Even of
Alfred Dreyfus.
London, Oct. 1.���Kveryliody remem
berH tbe DrcyfiiH 08*00 wheruin an Innocent French offloar WU convicted on
EfdM evidence In 18D4 and relnHtated
twelve yearu later. In Knglund there
have hnen two oaMS, that of Adolf Meek,
convicted hy iniHtakc In L896 and again
ln 1_)04, and released and compensated
In 1005, and the case of tidalJ1 convicted
of cattle maiming and recently released.
Now from New Zealand comes a still
more amazing story of a man who was
wrongly convicted twenty years ago, and
who, though proven innocent In 1895,
has so far failed to get redress.
The case is that of John James Meikle
who in 1887 was the owner of a well
stocked sheep farm of eight hundred
acres in Southland, New Zealand. There
had been neighbors' quarrels between
him and his adjoining neighbor on the
north, which was a company, the New
Zealand Mortgage and Investment Association. The company missed a large
number of sheep, and were suspicious
of Meikle. They set a man named Lambert, a roustabout farm laborer, to
watch for the thief, and promised him
,���50 In addition to his wages if he
caught the thief and secured a conviction. There were three convictions
against Lambert himself, two for drunkenness, and one for the theft of a bottle
of whiskey, but the company was not
aware of this.
Lambert after a few weeks claimed
he had evidence and Meikle was arrested on a charge of stealing sheep by
driving from the company's land to his
own, Lambert notified that on a certain night he saw Meikle's son driving
twenty-eight sheep off the company's
land; that he accompanied the hoy and
saw him and his father count through
a narrow gate, pick out a fat one and
kill it. and turn the rest onto their own
land. Lambert said Meikle talked freely
with him and remarked that he could
cut out the brands on the sheepskin so
that  the skin  could  not be  recognized.
Lambert's story  was  faulty  and con-
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return ticket* $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct.  2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
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destined Vancouver if desired.
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Dally Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, inclusive.
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for Single  Fare, $6.60.    Final limit
of all tickets Oct. 7th.
For further particulars call or write
D.P.A.. Nelson
Nnil-'.- i- hereby Rivet, that tho .tn-.crnlgned
have f-ubmttte.l to the Lieutenant (.nvcmor-lD-
Counot! a pn-.]-(��-al under the provintoni of tin*
"Kiv-.-m am] atsTeama Aott" for clearing Hiul n--
moving ObStrootlqjDS Inun (iiml River and Meadow Greek-In the m-m.-t .>f Went Kootenay, and
for trakltig the name tit for ratting and drlv
Ing iii'-nini logH. Umber, lumber, rails ond craftii
n in l (or a reel I tig and ma In tain ing boomi far
holding, Norttng iitul d*'l|vcrttig login and Umber
brought down said ereek ami river, and for at-
la.-htng boomi* to the nhoru of nald ereek and
river for pat'l pnrpoaaa.
The lands to be al-oded hy on Id work are:���
I.ot-< M3, MST, 1809, aud nub loin 1, ft, 11. IS, U and
16 ol U>l -MB, Group lj Kootenay DfHtrlnt.
The t<>M it proposed to bet barged are mich aa
may be tlxod by the Judge of the County Court
of Went Kootenay-
Datad -tint July, WT.
11-11.11* I'll 'l lla*. iisi'la. aa' Uoorgai J. slll'savuilh.
Tsiiil l:.-��lsl.y Offl_��! Na.-I.nn, II. I!.. August 6lh
"H. K. M Aa-1.1.1111,"
Ill.trlirt Uiiilsi.-��r.
We offer you lie-it fruit lands;
best terms; best Inanition; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development We
also have tracts of f>0 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
7-Rooma, All Modem, orr Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. Houae good for $25 per
month.    Owner  going  to   Coast.
Only $U800.      Good Terms.
tradictory ln several Important particulars upon his different examinations.
Once he said he never saw the brands
on the skins and another time he said
he did, and he was also unsatisfactory
as to dates. But the chief fact which
told against Meikle was that the police
upon arresting Meikle found 27 of the
company's sheep on his land and a skin
bearing the company's brand in a building used as a smithy. T hese things
were not unsurmountable, but Meikle's
defence was poorly handled. An attempted alibi (.which years after was
proved a good one) went to pieces and
acted as a boomerang against Meikle.
and the defence totally failed to lay any
adequate stress on the fact that on the
night before the alleged theft, Lambert,
carrying a bag, which he Bald contained
blankets, bad visited Meikle's smithy,
where the skin was afterwards found.
Lambert visited the smithy for the supposed purpose of sharpening his knife.
Other palpably weak points in Lambert's
evidence seem to have been woefully
overlooked by the defence  lawyer.
Meikle was convicted and sent to Jail
for seven years. He appealed from the
prisoner's dock and from the Jail against
the sentence, only to have a report sent
by the Judge to the attorney-general vehemently supporting the verdict.
In November. 1892, Meikle was discharged and asked the minister of Justice to have Lambert prosecuted for
perjury. This was refused, aud Meikle,
who had been worth ��3,000 but who,
waB then penniless, started ln for himself. After repeated attempts a true
bill was found against Lambert and tn
1895 he was convicted of perjury and
sentenced to four years' imprisonment,
which was then the maximum penalty
for this offence.
Meikle's vindication now appeared
complete and he approached the New-
Zealand parliament with a petition for
redress. A committee of the house recommended that he be compensated
for his loss ln connection with his Imprisonment and trial. The government
declined to do this, but paid Meikle's
costs incurred In prosecuting Lambert.
The next year the committee repeated
its recommendations and the sum of
.500 was put ln the estimates to
Meikle's credit. For over a year Meikle
refused to touch this but when Premier
Seddon in reply to a taunt said that this
wsb not compensation but reward for
bringing a perjurer to Justice. Meikle
took the money. But in so doing he
had to sign a receipt in full for claims
against the colony, and this has since
barrer him from appealing directly to
Popular pressure, however, grew ao
i.trong that Mr. Seddon In 1895 granted
a judicial Inquiry ln the whole business,
which was held in May, 1906. In this
Meikle, while unshaken in the facts at
issue, became so hopelessly tangled ln a
cross-examination on an Irrelevant matter���his relations with a certain woman
���that the commissioners said that they
must treat him ns utterly unworthy of
credence on matters affecting his own
Interests. At the same time the other
evidence produced was moro strongly
than before In Meikle's favor, and t'.e
commissioners brought In a verdict that
Molkle was not guilty; but they did not
say a word wothor he was entitled to
compensation. Thus after twenty years,
and repeated trlaU Meikle Is still without compensation for his losses and Injuries, but It Is felt that public opinion
Is so aroused that he will not have to
wait much longer for what he seek..
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Assessment District, Provlno*
of British Columhln. _________________���
I hereby r*!v- ntlce on Friday, th e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 19U7, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court House, Nelson, B. C, 1 Bhall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of the persons
In said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons as on the thlrty-nrst day of December,
1906, and for interest, costs and expens. s, Including cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due Is not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 13.85.
A. R. Wilson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan, 320	
P.   Orlscbell,   61.21	
E.  Mallandaine,  120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 35	
R. Helm. 40	
L. E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Relth, 6.37	
N. Gagnon,  99.20	
Mrs. L. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Col,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Ryan & Donelly	
Broken Hill M. & D. Co.. Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R. L. Baron, 163	
McKelvey & Randall, 775.53.
Ah Wing,  1.09	
Description   of     Property.
Lots 2, 3, and 8, B 98, G.l	
Lot  914	
In lot 3266 	
Lot C076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.  15, lot 812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 5, lot 891	
Bk. 14,lot 891	
Bk.  20,  lot 891	
,InS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3. Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3, 4. 9. and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237...
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,   Tp. 40, all.
In Lot 1241	
In Lot 4a*9o	
In Lot 4598	
In Sec. 7, Tp.  17 Lot 1242.
i -
a *-
_ ���
�� a
M -H
Dated at Nelson. B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector. Nelson Assessment District.
Tremont House
Bnropaaa and American Plan
Mt-.li 36 eta.   Rooms tram to ctt. to tl.
Only White Help -Employed.
Baker St.. Nelion Propiiaiora
Most ra.mforts.ble quarter.      Nelson]
Only tbe best of Liquor, snd big-irs.
Grand Central Hotel
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswill buy a six-
rjomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$GO0 cash, and the bf lance on extended payments wui buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments    will  buy a six-roomed I
house and lot on    Silica    street,
price $1300.
$G00 cash and $25 per month will
huy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price... .$1800.
H. & M. BIRD
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
alshed. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street. Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane end Comfortable Bedroom, end First-
-leeaDlnlng Room.   *_mple Boom, for Co-rune:-
���lei   Men.
MRS. I. C.CLARKE.   Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best DoUar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber ta the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
foeephlne SL
Nelson. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regnlar Boarders
Tha Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. Tha best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Flre, Accident, Life aad Employers' Liability Tni_-rar.ee
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands In
British Colombia-
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms ami bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
r. rooms nnd bath���excellent repair,
electric liKht, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
lots,  on  terms $2000
:\ rooms, water, electric Unlit, chicken house, woodshed: on*ernis..$ 750
6 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water "��v* $1350
Victoria  St.   175 ft.   corner) $   BOO
Houston St.  (50 ft. corner) $ 375
Chatham St.. Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service -. $3000
Real Estate Agent
West Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
1 n the matter or ad application for the Ittno of
a duplicate '���������rttfloate ol Title for rart (40 teres)
nf 1-it hv:.. Group one, In tho Ol-ttrlcl of Kootenay.
Notice In iiore.iy given that tt l- my Intention
to iMue at thn expiration ol one month front tho
flrat publication hereof attupltCHte **f tho Certificate ol i itle for the above lands in the name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certificate of Title
Ih dated the Mh day nf March, IWO. and numbered -J-i.-K.
Land Registry Ottlee, Nelson, n. G ,-Hoptember
iMh, 1907.
"H. K. Ma,-Liod,"
District Resist riir.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certlflcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. I-ondon, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
[-laving. Address Box 796. Nelson.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act"" and Amendments thereto.
In the matter ol an application lor the tSBM of
a duplicate of tho Certlflcate of TiMe inr I-ots
ittl.aaoi, aml'-aus,   Group 1, Kootonnv   I>i**rlut-
Notice is hereby given that lt ts my intention
to .HHiie at the cx'*lr-.tl'<u of one month from tlie
itrst publication hereof a dupltOMf** Certlfli titeoi
Title to the ni*..\,- describe*! lands, in tin n-ttneof
.Urnes Roderick Robertson which for till cate is
.luted the 9th d*-�� of August, is*,*--*., aud in number.'.l lUVt-k.
l.iiii.l K-^li-lry Ofllce, Nelson, B.l*., ;tUt of
Auguat. VXn H. K. MacI.MH),
District i-.'k'--*-"*'���*���
I. E. Users of Electrical Sad Iron*
The City Council has n.ed a flat rate
of 50 cents per month for each Electric
lion used in private houses and $2.Ml
per month for each Electric Iron used
for commercial  purposes,
And uotice is hereby given to all
those using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (If they have
not already done sol for power required.
ANYONE found using Electric Irons
or other heatinK device without first
m__t__ application for power will be
prosecuted without further notice.
By Order, W. E. WA88ON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, ll. C, Sept 26th, 1S07.
i i-i
'':;*' i
*   ���
-���_* . i
t* I *  1
���M TV
I       -
'   il
i   -
The Dafly Canadian
TO   GET    UP
Our Alarms will never lot you
oversleep. $1.50 and $..50. The
very best.
The Halt Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.,
Purchases Lead, Ccpper and Dry Ores.
I.  manillB.tlira.-al   (rami   Ilia-   B.M1   la.l.a.-.-.a. S-ll-
��� 11K-U.-.1 ��ual d��w-s��...ta.ii...l-     Us mild, lull-
tl.Vort-alSll.l   ll.     A  lol-Ka-.-aa ya.ll
���ought ..a iry"
W. <-*���_?. THURMANf
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.coi. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
a>   *   , i   J.   C/   A    ��-*]-*��� ���*
Best   Located   Hotel  in   Nelson
der the management of   K   E. Noble,
late of Toronto, Ottawa and
S. O.   E.
The monthly meeting of (he S, 0. G
uii] be held in tho K. of P. hull Thursday evening next at S o'clock sharp.
The  regular meeting of Queen my
Kt-hi'kiili   1-tulKo  No.   lf>. I.  O. U.  V.. wil
be held thlg evening at 7.30.    K full at-
tendance is requested.
New   Business  Firm.
The Animated Moving Picture eompanv have rented HT Hall street and
wm up. ii up on Saturday next, with a
complete change twice weekly,
Police Court.
in the city police court this morning
Jamea McKian was arraiKiicd on the
charge of defamatory Ifbel. He was arrested last evening by Constable Kills.
tie ww committed for trial.
Meeting Postponed.
The quarterly meeting of the building
fund committee of St. Bavlou'a church.
which it was Intended to hold this evening, as ii is the first Tuesday in October,
has been postponed for a week owing to
other pressing parish  business.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo*
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _��:
Next Door to Bank ot Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils tor
Preserviug Timber,
Roofiug Pitch and
Boat Builders will nuil it to their ad-
vant���ge to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I ..ra.ila.-al.
T. C. Hall -nd trite, H. S. Collin,
Spokane; A. Hlellng, London; Q-. P.
Chapman, Trail; J. li. Henderson and
wife, Ainsworth; 1 L. Retallack, Kaslo;
a. Refund, li. Brean, St. Paul; Miss .1
lipping, Slocan, .1. Q-enelle, Cascade;
Mrs McKarchen and daughter, Mrs t*
Crandon, 0*. J. Booth, Vancouver; .1. D
McLean. Phoenix, F. P. Patter-on, Trail;
i s Bailey. W Wame, Greenwood; W.
Bingham, Kamloops; S. Small. R. Snel-
Qrove, Toronto; T. Paul. Montreal.
Copper Falls Again.
Copper has declined a-iain: today'!
.;ii..tatinn on tin' New York markel lulu*; 14 T>-lf. .���t-nts. Silver has Fallen ta
..- 7- cents in New York and SO 7-1
pence in London. London l.-aal alsai de
dined  cm. 15s.
Have you   ever tried them ?
15c. per package.
Also a fresh shipment of
15c pkK.
Corner Silica and Josophine Sta.
PHO.NK   7
School   Attendance.
Tho enroll men I at the city schools for
September reached a new high mark;
High school. 4t"; public school. 411J
total 467; average attendance, 898.77;
percentage, 87. Th e percentage of regularity is unusually low for Nelson
schools, which is attributable partly to
lhe disorganization that always occurs
during Fair week, hut Bttll moro to thc
fact that many pupils did not return
from summer vacations until after the
beginning of the month.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
Ins, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stove., etc.
111  Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Gri*rt;ri. a.
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Healey Building.    P. O. Box 43
Baker St..  NELSON.   B.  C.
Cor. V.man-i ".nil W.pal Street*,
NBLSON. H- <���-.
A. T. Garlan.I. 11. Glegerlch, A. J.
Curie. Kaslo: F. Albo. Mrs. Kastinan,
Spokane; S. A. Hilton, Mrs. .1. D. Spenca
child and niuid. Qreenwootl; D. Gantb-
rie, T. A. Long, Miss P. Young, H. R.
Janes, VV B. Coatello, VV. H. Faldlag, T.
S. Cilni.iur. Ila'.-slund: A. Morrison. \V.
A Parrott, li. B. Kirk, Vanoonver; J.
VV, Drake, Nakuap; P. A. Ilackett. St.
John alii Lac; K. Grosveiie-r, Galena Bay;
A. s Bitot*-, St. Paul: 11. Itiichie. To-
A. f' Savin.-. A Wail���h, D. Mr-
t-allum and wile, (Irand Forks; G. II.
EdmUon, C, Engollar, C. B. Miller, Win-
nlpeg; J. Qtenbroae, Pincher Creek; F.
Steele, Seattle; J. T. Black. New Denver
11. Thompson and wila*. Sandon: H. G.
Nichnlls and ��*lic. Ymir; \V. McArthur,
.1. Matbeaon, A. Joseph, J. Sondrick. L
Watson and family. S. ltuhinson. Sr.. C.
Shields, H. Kobh. J. McDonald, P. Hor-
rl.-n. K Kinii. y. I), ii. Chapman, Trail;
C, Bchubertz, Alnaworth; N. laner, V.
I.\ ii'llinr.-l. I'a-naril: D. A. Henderson,
Loi _ngelea; J. Trave, Nero Scotia:
W. Frame, Truro; O. Ruffen, M. Hosek,
i; Tors������lak, s Bajuk, Boanlngton; J.
Minis, y. VV. Whitley, ll. Il.-rrio, Koch
Siding; .1. H. L.-ssia. Grand Forks; 11.
Rlchar.lsa.il. II. Dean. (' A. Wilton, T.
Millar. N. Smith, Crawford Hay.
11 II. McLennan and family. Troul
Lake; It Borcbard, London. Out.: ll. c
smith. Clubb Landing; K. Selberg,
Beattle; P. M. George, Chicago; B, I'
Molr, I). Su-|.h.'iis.in. Moston.
J. aMcinnis. B. J KUmnnater, North-
port; -l I'.- i. . Qerrard; N A Snail, Tart, rri.-i: V. Wilkinson. P. Grieve and wife.
A. Wilkinson. 1...lni.n. c. ii. Knappa,
iiurfalo: M. Mcintosh, Cranbrook; Mlaa
II. fiifTen. Ldndoii; T Shane, Medicine
ll.ii; K. ('. Kllgour, Rossland; .1. Pall-
. ace, Chippewa Falls: J. Staveley,
Grand Forks; B. Sparks. Spokana*.
O. Beamish, Granite; II. 15. Heck,
Harrop; J. It. Molr, Toronto; L, B,
Beleen, A. Anderson, Crawford Hay; P.
Pytynesuk, o. Oconik, Qerrard; P
TldyolT, Kaslo; J. Holmes, W. Watllng-
ton. England; A. McGrade, D. Worstead,
.1. Lovcll. Spokane.
Y.  Philips. Alnaworth;  J.  Robson, J
Davis, Koch Siding.
Postal  Changes. %
After today the only mail acceptable
for the Yukon ts Letters, post cauls.
Blngle newspapers and periodicals from
Bee of publication to libraries, publishers or individual subscribers, and
third class matter other than m.-rchan-
dlse or advertising. The rate to the
British Empire, except to Australia and
Rhodesia, has been reduced to two
cents an ounce instead of two cents a
half ounce. To all other postal union
countries the rale which has been five
cents a half ounce, is now five cents for
lhe first ounce and three cents for each
aaiditiomtl ounce.
Farewell to Frank Walsh.
Frank Walsh. ex-manap;er of the
Hume hotel, will leave tomorrow for
Kamloops to assume the management
of tha- new hotel there, was the guests
of his friends in the parlors of the
Hump last evening. Frank Walsh's
fria-nds include all lhe citizens of Nelson
and all the travelling public who have
ever enjoyed the hospitality of leii'
Hume.    Mr   Walsh has received several
FOR   8ALt
FOR SALE-* flood Cha-er ltan.e.6 Mils. In Rood
repair.    Apply W   A. Thurmsrr.
LOST���A pair ol long, brown kIoyck. between
ViemrU riiiI corner of Stanley and Carbonate
���*tr--etB.    Return toCanadie.n Office.
GOLD r'HAlS. between Hooter and Vernon
Streets. Suitable reward will be paid for lu
return.   Mc Derm id * McHardy.
A POCKETBOOK eon taiuiuu a signed cheque of
theSdflOOd Relief Mining Comi-any, payable
to C O. Wade, and letteri. Finder kiudly
leave at No I'laoe Inn.
TWO FIRST-tJi-A-iS ROOMS, nl��jam healed     Ap-
plr *   >->.���_���.���,..,. r srd fl*t. K   W. c. block.
WAIfTRD -Situation by Young Srouman (mar
rud) iv til lug to tackle anything,  cxperleured
in grocery, wine   and   unlrlt  trade.     -.ddrem
D. 1) , Dally C-nadian Office.
\\ antK"-A   Reliable Girl  ot  Young Lady for
'ieneral Hoi-Rework.  Apply Hex 10, (ran brook.
A   PARTSEK   with  fi.000  to    purrhaM  a   fruit
ranch near SeUon    A good --peculation,   Part-
n.-r nct-d not l>e actively '-ngAgt-d on ranch.
Yor partlcularn apply T   t��   PkOCTER.
WANTED --Electrician, Kngllnh. newly arrlve<l.
waiitd (..'.'intion in Inttallatlot) or similar work,
A Id reus B. W   8., Dally Canadian.
INBLrSOIN,    -    B. Q.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms. Bitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 loti;
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
WAN1 Kli-HnKllshman 2S. w.nls situ.tlon tor
aa.-ak i.r lolrarvr, gooal sa'hol.r. used lo ofllce
ranHiiro.    A.l.lress M. W. S   ll.lly .'.iis.llan.
The Store
of Quality I
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We .Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommeud
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
SOc per lb.
K. W. C. Ulo.k  . Phone  It
A $2.00
FOR 90c.
This  offer   is   good  for   a   f��w
days only.
Lowney's   Cook
by Maria WVlh-tt Howard, head of
the cooklug dt'pat iment of tbe
rnt.Bt advanced women's college in
lt Is a complete. Up-to-dftta guide
for the housekeeper.
Contains   L308   recipes.
There are 72 soups. 122 entrea,
76 salads. 41 chafing dtsh rules, &c.
Hcautifully ilhustrated with 20
colored   plates.
Clear enough for hcglnnnrs,
complete enough for ambitious
We have secured a limited number of copies of this wort, at a
bargain. You secure one NOW
while  this offer holds good.
Wholesale aud   KeUll Dealer* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
Wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention
E.  C.  TRAVES    Manager.
S??t\*o11&* 'ai Nelson, B.C.
Phon* a<4*
Is Pemow/ied
FOR   v
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. (or 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for   25c
Telephone ml.
gifts on the occasion of his departure
including a handsome dressing case
from the staff of the hotel, a gold watch,
chain and locket, the latter enclosing a
diamond, from his friends, a cheque of
$2r-0 from J. Fred Hume, in acknowledgement of many years of valued services. Mr. Walsh will take with him the
res*>ect and kindliest wishes from every
man in Nelson. Many took the Opportunity last evening of publicly expres-
ing their appreciation, H. Mcduire mak-
ing  an  especially   felicitous   speech.
We have them  In  6Tb  and  8   tb   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Klectrlcal
lleutlne Device on the Market.
?>V?. NEL80N. 3">��o."
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Truacot. L-Hinchea
au-] Pelerboro Canoea.
Finest Lot of Boata In B. 0,
H.   __,.   LINDSAY
Foot of Joacpblne si.       Tel. A1S
By virtue of a Warrant of BatMOUoO iaane-1
piitof the County ''oiirlof Vaneou-rer,-holden
at Vancouver at the mill Dl Me-mri- Kvan-.. I tola
malt ami Kvan--, HlalnUftK. against the I'mia-la
Zinc Company, Limited. I'efeiiri'ani, I have
-.���:/������.: au<1 taken into Kxe-utlon ail the rl-cbt,
title an<l Inter----' of the said defendant. Canada
Zine Company, Limited, in a <��� uantity- of
machinery plant, storea, toola, implement*-, fire
brick, ana rommnn brlek. now aittiat** and norad
on the pr. mtaes of tbe nald Canada /.Inr Coin*
pany, Ltmltea. adjoining the ah Ipyarti of Canadian Pacific Kafiway Company about ono mllueaat
of Nelaon, all of which, or aiifllctent thereof t.i
aatlafy ��� t ���..',:��� i. .���:.*:���! ��� and Mat*- laballex-
E>ae for aale. at my  offlee, in tlie City of Nelion
C ,on Saturday, the 13Ul day ol OOtobar, IWJ,
at tbe hour of 12 o'clock noon.
A n inventory of the good a and chattel--   to be
���old may be aetn at my office up to day of aale
Terma ot nale are ea��h.
Intending pure haae ra will aatiufy them*-<iv.'*
aa to ;���.'.-���-. and *:���.���- ..! the aai'l Uelendant.
Cana*la Ziuc Company, Limited.
Dated at Nelaon. B C, :*uth day of September.
H   F tl( K,
Mherlff of Boulh Kooteimy.
Old Curiosity Shop
If ycu want to buy or sell anything.
CO to the Old Curiosity 8hop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale
AU klndfl of Dinnerware Jn stock, rat-
tern t.
W.    O.    (1ILLETT
-untriictair   ...aal
B��le Irfaat tor thar I'lirla. Hl.-i> l.umba-r <:.!., I.tal .
relsll ysr.ls. Kniij-li an.l .lrc..��.l liii-il..-r. l.irn.il
work i.ti.1 briw ka-rs, ii.asi lath .ami shlnirl.-. sast.
an.) flaMar*. (Vmem, brl.-k an.l llniu d.r saU-
A .-... !..-;. trrltialer.
Yara* anal faartaaryr V-rrnnn Ht.. east of Hall
NKLSOIN,   l��. O.
P. U. ��n�� 2W. Tcla-nl.i.n.. 17-
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Boi 145    Phon- 2(1 B.
Transform your kitchen Into a cheery dwelling house by installing
Thnt ls a factor you must keep In mind, and tho new coni.T ir. Brltl-h
Columbla wants a stove that suits all purposes. Hums any fuel* brtghteni
the kitchen: makea cooking easy ami economical. liu.-k's Merit Range
the best for all cooking or heating; the strongest, the handiest most dependable and greatest fuel-saver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnishers and Undertaker*.
Agents  Mator.  4  Risch  Pian
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
M_ilill-. lurr-.l   },f   %\,m
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
��� in all color, and for
all make* of type-writer,,
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbon.-.,
different weight, .uiled
tor all classes of work.
AH Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known m
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Wail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 81
Canada Drug & Book Co*, Limited
' B.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
I3OlJINI>l2l-��S AMD
,"titlrl-iu  '���"������ .1. .r.l.l mi ux��cut��i.l -.-.-Iti-. I ~-wi--p.it i_ ti.   MhMt Midi
Work,  .MImIiiic  iiriJ   .Mill   Muuhlnnry.       Munu.Hi-lur��rio>
* ��t-*_*   Cnr��,   \-t.   \*.    Cootrnctora'   Cum.
Corner of lift 1 fttlil
Front Strvet*.
NELSON,    B. C.
t- ->r :��� s
tU -IS
The "Bare" Wear OnlyI
would \te nnough to recom*T.ei:*lo(p|�� j
looking and pasy-nttinff Sboei. W.j\m I
is a Biylldhm-HS fcboul rh. m ��:.���] i*t-|
lag hliitpoiiiii'-Bf* that Is mik-tf i_t'|
v*My i '<>i'tiI.i r among "ijipii wto bef * I
Tht y are mad'' on Iho nev-nt lHHi ��f j
th��' b*-st leattaere, and confcri 11 _*-. ;
rni'flt approTed itylet fn raeuilomr.
We arc ready to (It al! ttKmi tt
prices that mukt> Shors look li lift  I
Ltimber, Si-ingles,
L^ttl-i, AAoulcJitigs, Doors, Windows.
Tut*n��d Work '-.iicl llrncketa. Mail Order* promptl* umMt I
.���NI��U*rH��. B. "-���
Whoicwil��  Provlalonit,
Government Croniiifry One Pnunil Krxrki. rtaoelv.-d w.-Pkly frs- f�����
ihurn.    For wile lij* all letuliiiK (rrooers.
OllWre nnt\ wnrehou-io: llonaton Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B.C.
We wnuld like tc. ��,.<. all our iiainmHromrorlnble Oils winter ��nJ '�� ^*_l
do so wn have ln Rtock the tx-st ussrirt .-il   line of _���___! *tOv** I
Kiaives and ranRa-s  a-vaT  batoi. UHMUtSd I" Uw public I" Konienw-      ^
Wa- would be  ,,1.-;.hi.iI in hIihw  you    our line anil before tnakln* J
ehaHe kindly sec what we have to offer.'S'-'w
J. H. Ashdown HAtSvra*
Company, Limited.
for All
We Oarry an Awort."''"' *- U*
KxK.n��iveiieKS anil Vi.ri.'iy
Tools, Builders' Hardware
Ranchers* Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.
n/t-/ i_ ���__-__�����    __s_*-k--��_i nt" __._*���


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