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The Daily Canadian Nov 13, 1906

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���Volume I.   No. 137.
5^tilt| ��cmattan
Mention of Union Has
Ir official statement
Company Wins Out on Interpretation of Contracts Sent Out by
President Mitchell.
elation are gathered here to attend to-
pWll ��� liamiui.-t In honor of tin- ri-tir-
ng President Mr, C. C. liallantyne ol
iih city ii,��� attolr takes plaee at
the Canada club and the guests will in-
ciuiii- ninny public hush.
Arrival  at 8t.  Petersburg    Does    Not
Cause a Ripple.
Fifty Cents a Month
IT'ie linssland Miner publishes n Ipe
tl, iiaicli from Furnle, announcing
|,, kiiiIs in, nl  ol  ilu-  strike  at Coal
,.|i. ausl tin- trouble    between    thc
Usui) and    the    union    has    been
fill,, following confession of Thomas
li i-vs-iiliiK ili'iu'i'Kciilntlve llurke, ot
i.ss.si ticspatch to The Daily Cu-
lili.iis lerifles llie terms substnnllul-
\ In sl below,
Jrim Mui.*' is.ss- e-ttaps-d. At ,s o'clock
|t i'Vi-iilii|, Representative llurke, of
s I'uit-il Mine Wmki-rs, called upco
|as-nsl .Manager IJinlHi-y   and    made
contained in the follow-
The   nicmorundum   of
li - Sir L   .
I.  I: llurke, aciim;   for   Prcsl-
ft Mitchell, and sent to Kerule by
lo settle ths- strike, find that the
fcn a NVai rasa Coal couiijany was
iiiii-ii I,;, lhe conference coininlttee,
���cli Iruiui-d and signed the agree-
|  ni siaj 23, moE:
sit tln-ro would be no refusal
^issk wiili non-union men.
pi    That the  Issue  of lhe   closed
||< nmi!,I is.it  he raised.
That President   Mitchell   would
[ permit si strike for any Buch pur-
That li was relying on thc faith
bu- ini.iuiss-8 that the discriminn
was, in tbe  jirevlous agreement,
Ited 'nun ihe agreement of the 23d
lay, Ilm;,.   | further say tliat I'rosl-
1 Mitchell, had he been advised of
aforesaid    jininilses,  would    not
��� ��� : a sirlko or sent his tele-
dated September llth, 1906.    It
thtrefure, agreed   between   myself
G���:.������.!.   Manager  l.iudsi-y,  acting
He Crow's  Nest  Pass  Coal   com-
nt-That there shall bo no dls-
liiatiiiii by union men against non-
'r   refusal   to   work   with
o>nd-Thal all    men who   Joined
t-'nllw] Mini, Workers of America
S<.'t' tuber lllh, 1906, and Sign-
1 dsiliii! iiucs under Article 5, on
""'  ,!"   raid   dute,  are   released
,l<" said organisation, snd their
"urea tu such orders shall be anil
cancelled, and Ihey may rejoin
"���sign at iheir option.
Inl-Tliai the moneys collected
'i'1 union by the company for dues
Wolier ir,,m ule September pay-
"hall he paid over to Ihe union.
<h.-ck off
inasmuch as the pres-
srder does not  lasi   for
His- agreement, u new checks' to be prepared nnd sulisll
11 which shall last for the
' aisiveuii.nl aud Ihis, when
"inpany will accept.
���iss'ii   ure to go  hack   lo
|ed i*,
ed I
ia.*s Burke.
llli'S.S    it.   w
Nov. 12, 190J,
11.  8.    Lindsay
'f 'Isi
F're on Caronla.
'"ii. Nov. 13.���On tho urrlv-
('""��i*'l llnor Caronla off
'*"'��� ��i lbe entrance of the
" morning, it was reported
11,1 liroll,-n nm ������ i,,,,,,.,] dur.
'Sage, but lhal    It    was ex-
The   Caronla   left    New
"slier li for Queenslown nnd
having on board a fair num.
ugors for this lime of the
|ul*�� Kl'"��* lhal    the    flro was
111 "ie eleotrlolahs room ut
IllCli   |b|R
Morning, after the Cn-
N passed llmwhead. The
I ,, ""ngulshed before the
"ii I,,,',.,,-"1'"""1"*11- All pre
unilticR ? ,,l'm ,*11"'" against
laiiR,,,.' ' , 'h"ro *"�� "ever nny
out ,-������',' , momentary ox-
nw-nre , r',. "' '""""mwrii. who
subsided* o'tlhrenk  of flro,
--".'.in Manufacture���.
Can  n       ''''~M"n*v  members
'"""" Manufaoturera* nsso-
8t. Petersburg, Nov. 13.���The arrlv-
al of Count Wllte here yesterday ere-
Stsd scarcely a ripple In Russian politics, In oontraal with his reception on
Ma return from Portsmouth, when a
throng gathered at the railroad station
lo greet him and the street in front of
his house was blocked the following
day by the carriages of high personages coining to pay their respects to the
man of the hour. The counf was met
at the depot hy only llaton Aide and
a few reporters. Count Wllte denied
himself to reporters today uml declined lo make a statement regarding Mb
fep.rted Intention or resigning his
seat in Ihe council of the empire, and
being a candidate for election to parliament. The constitutional Democrats are eager to receive hlm In their
ranks In ease he decides lo be a candidate.
fcrs the finders all hut a fourth share,
nnd some reckless wanderers set off
wllhlu lhe past month lo try their
luck. The previous expedition ended
In murder and subsequent execution of
the bloodthirsty gold-seeker.
Kettle Valley Passenger   Train    Runt
Down Jigger.
The Daily Blaze.
New York, Nov. 13.���The plant of
the Columbia Brewing Company, recently purchased by Lsmbeok & lieu
nnd located on the Newark hay, at the
foot of Wlnfield and Bartholin avenues, Jersey City, com prising seven
buildings, was burned today. The loss
will be aboul (100,000. Hugo Schuyler,
the engineer, was seriously burned in
an attempt to save property.
All Night Session.
l.i'ii'listi, Nov. Ill���The house of commons, after Billing all night discussing
the land tenure hill, the object of
which Is to ameliorate the condition
of the tenant farmers In England and
Scotland, adjourned at 9:4(1 this morning, (hus ending the first prolonged sitting of lhe new parliament.
Kruger's Lost    Millions   Being Sought
With   Feverish    Persistence���Gov-
ernment Bounty Offered.
London, Nov. 18.���Just a century and
a quarter has elapsed since au old
East liniiamaii named Grosvonor,
which Is believed to have been a trcas
uro ahlp, went ashore on the South
African coast. She sailed from Karachi on her homeward voyage ln tbe
summer of 1782, and Is supposed to
hove been wrecked off the coast of
Pondoliind, about thirty miles norlh of
St. John's river gates. Of a hundred
and fifty souls on board, fifteen were
drowned when the vessel foundered.
The remainder attempted to reach
Capo Town hy land; one succeeded. A
few years ago hundreds of coins were
found in the supposed vicinity ot the
wreck, some of gold, thought to be
Persian. In August, 1905, a Hand syndicate determined upon a search of exploration.
After ten months' perseverance in
adverse clrcutnBtnnces, the wreck has
actually been located. It lies ahout
400 feet from the shore, securely embedded under ten feet of drift sand
In a sort of crevice or gully. Fifteen
gitiia found close by the crevice show
the Crosvenor to huve been well armed. Pig-Iron ballast In considerable
quantity around seems conclusive prool
thnt her cargo wus of more value Ihan
hulk. A dredge will have lo ho used
before llie ucfiimulnli-il depth of sand
enn be removed lo permit of Further
(As Ihe foundering is assumed to
have been dm* to damage amidships,
the wreck did not break up, therefore,
hoiies run high thai her stern, pillowed
In the sand, may yet hold Intact tho
strong room iu which the gems and
specie she probably carried, huvo withstood Ihe ebb nud flow of thousands
of tides. Hut a few weeks more nnd
the quest may be ended. How 7 Quiou
The missing millions In lhe Trans-
vaal republic afford a perennial source
of adventure for certain oredulotts enthusiasts. Tne Dorothea, sni'P���*-**.' t0
carry Mr. Kruger's hoards. ����**"�����*
ed off (he Zululand oasi has been
sought  ror with  dire result, ending
���miy in shipwreck, death, and ohs"
oapltol. I" Ihis ense also a �� ���*
was formed to fit out an <*M* " "���
but tho members so far have seen no
return for their .1* I shares.
Yet other millions, eleven Ol   In
"S-^ taken from lhe e-"*W"��'
Of thc republic. Is i, source ��� ' " s
to many. The burial spol s >knowit
to but a favored tew. Government of-
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Graud Forks, II. C, Nov. 13.���Sec
tlou Foreman Jackson of Republic,
Wash., and one of his men wero run
down by the Kettle Valley passenger
train last evening a few milea this
side of Iti-public. An oil can on the
cowcatcher of the engine was driven
through Jackson's skull for four indies. Dr. .Mauley of Republic was summoned, hut Jackson's case Is regarded
as hopeless. The olher section man,
whose name is unknown, escaped un
Fixed to Suit Himself.
New York, Nov. 13.���The Herald to-
day says: According lo Ihe latest developments announced last night upon
the best of authority, the New York
Yacht club Is willing to accept a challenge for a race In 1908 for the America cup. under the new rules; of equip-
ment. The announcement shows that
Sir Thomas Upton, rar from having
failed In ihe object of his visit here,
has been successful lie can, therefore, arrived at an understanding for
another race, and he has accomplished
lha object of his visit. From the same
source of information it has also been
ascertained lhat Sir Thomas' ucxl challenging craft will be a cutter designed
by William Flte, designer of the two
United Slates Med to
Revise Laws
New Classification of Causes For
Divorce���Parasite Lawyers to
Have Short Shrift.
World's Biggest Flag.
Washington D. C, Nov. 13.���The
largest flag In the world, a giant star
spangled banner, Is to hang in Ihe
court of the postoffice building as soon
as tho mammoth bunting can he man-
ufuclured. Sixty feet long by about
thirty-five wide Is the approximate size
of this banner. It Is to be made of
American wool bunting and the actual
cost of construction is to be aboul J200.
Each of the thirteen stripes will be almost three feel wide. The banner will
exceed In length the great flag which
hangs In the court of the {tension
building by about ten feet.
Headache Induced Suicide.
Iluffalo, N. Y., Nov. 13.���I)r, Hurry
Heath Rodman, a prominent physician,
formerly a resident of New York, who
came to llqffnlo six weeks ago, committed suicide at his home on Hudson
street last night by firing Iwo bullets
Into Ills temple. The second one shattered the right temple and came out
on the left, having penetrated Uie
brain. Medicnl attendance was summoned, but Dr. Rodman was beyond
aid. Dr. Rodman wus a sulferer front
chronic headaches and It was while
affected with one more serious than
those he usually had that he took his
There w*ere uo cases in the clly po
lice court this morning.
J. F. Ilunic Is expected   back   from
his hunting trip ihis evening,
Chief of Provincial 1'olice Webster
has left Nelson for a Tew days on
11. A. Isaacs and wife leave ror Kngland tomorrow. They expeol to return
In February,
The Junior auxiliary of St. Saviour's
church will give un afternoon tea in
the mission room tomorrow at 8 p. m
C. A. ('reside, supervisor for llritl.-sh
Columbia of tbe Royal Baioh Of Cunndu,
reached Nelson last evening on Ills regular tour of Inspection.
Hugh Gilmour, ex-M. i.. a. for Vancouver, Is lu the clly, Mr. Gilmour is
now out uf politics, although there wus
a rumor ut one time thut Joseph Mar
lln had chosen him us one of Ills lieu
tenants ln u now political party .
Sydney Nolan will leave for Harrie,
Out., in the morning, where he will make
bis permanent home iu future. Mr. Nolan
has lived In Nelsou ten years or more, and
during that time lias made miiny friends,
all of whom will regiot his departure
(I. A. Spink, of llrldgewnler, N, 8.,
will succeed A. W. llyndmnil as niun
agor of the Nelson brunch of the Royal
Hunk of Canada. Mr. Spink will reach
Nelson next week, nud Mr. Hyndman
will then lake his departure for Edmonton, where he will open n new
brunch for tho hunk.
No. 2 company, R. M. R., hns secured
tho services or Corporal Ferguson, lute
or the Gordon Highlanders (Imperial
nrmvl   for  gymnnstlc Instruction  dur-
Inir tiULW-ISi* -"'"* ���aim-"-. "��� ���
He class starts this evening at 8 at
the armory. Members nre urged to be
presenl. sharp on lime and to bring
gymnasium suits.
Philadelphia. Pa., Nov. 18.���Lawyers,
clergymen and men or affairs, representing many states, assembled at tho
Bellevue-Stratford In this city today at
the opening -the second meeting of the
National Congress of Uniform Divorce
Laws. The attendance was larger and
of a more representative character than
that of the first meeting, which was
held iu Wushlngton last spring. The
present meeting, which will be In session several days, Is to consider the
draft of a statute whicli the congress
will seek to have adopted in every
state of tlie union. The statute was
drafted by a committee of eminent lawyers und jurlBls and prominent clergymen, all of whom are conversant with
the so-called divorce evil.
The act Is divided into three chapters. The first consists of jurisdictional provisions; the second procedure,
and the third general provisions, and
It is entitled "Au Act Regulating Annulment of Marriage and Divorce."
While little or no change Is made In
Ihe given causes for divorce as now
existing certain provisions were evidently made wllh a view of arresting
the Increasing demand for legal severance of martial bonds. Under these
provisions. w-cret, or "star-chamber"
sessions -for hearing divorce cases before masters or other representatives
of the courts are done awaw with, and
'all hearings and trials shall be had
had before (he court. . . , and In
all cases be public." It Is also provided that "a decree dissolving the marriage tie so completely as to penult the
remarriage of either party should not
become operative until the lapBe of a
reasonable time aftr hearing or trial
upon the merits of the case." The
Wisconsin, Illinois and California rule
of one year Is recommended.
Another part of the proposed law
prohibits the solicitation of a divorce
case hy advertisement, circular or otherwise, and prescribes for such an or-
fence a fine of not more than 11000
and Imprisonment of not more than one
year. Annulment of the marriage contract, as distinguished from divorce,
will be made for the following causes:
Impotency, consanguinity, existing former marriage, fraud, force or coercion,
Insanity and Illegal age.
Divorce, It Is provided, shall be of
two kinds���absolute, and divorce from
bed and board. Under the first classification the grounds shall bo adultery,
bigamy, conviction and sentence for
crime, followesl liy two years continual
imprisonment; extreme cruelty; wilful
desertion; and habitual drunkenness
ror two years. The same cause will
prevail In the second class with Ihe nd-
ditlonnl cause of "hopeless insanity of
the husband." No divorce shall he
granled If It nppears lo tho satisfaction of the court that the suit has
been brought hy collusion or that thc
plaintiff has secured or connived at the
offence charged, or has condoned II
or hns heen guilty of adultery not
condoned. The new law also mnkes
some Importanl changes In the praotloe and procedure In divorce cuses
nnd Iheir trial.
cessful will be an Important gain In
the general movement for an eight-
hour day. Such a bill, It Is thought,
cannot be left to thc senate, with a free
hand for that body, but must be pro
nounced ujion by the government.
Secretary    Metcalf     Completes    This
Work at Frisco.
San Francisco, Nov. 13.���Secretary
of Commerce and Labor Metcalfe, who
wus Bent to San Francisco hy President Roosevelt to Investigate the exclusion of Japanese children from the
schools attended by whites, haB concluded his work and will depart rot
Washington to make his report. Secretary Metcalfe has, during his visit
here, gone very thoroughly Into the
matter and will take a great amount
of statistics and reports bearing on the
case to Washington with him. He
heard complaints of the alleged boycotting of Japanese restaurants and
other places of business, lnvestigtaed
cases of assault ou JapuneBe and the
numerous street brawls between Japanese aud white boys.
Secretary Metcalfe declined to state
what conclusion he has reached or to
muke any statement until he hns
made Ills ii-jsisrt to the president.
Castro Is Dying.
Wlllemstad, Nov. 1,1.���The lalest advices received here from Caracas' confirm previous rejiorts to the effect
that President Castro's illness is approaching a climax and thnt. his physicians believe It' is Impossible for him
to recover. The Venezuelan rebel
leader. Monlllln, ls again In arms, has
twice defeated (rnops nnd hns threatened to pillage the town of Garquls-
Itnel. Serious disturbances. It Is asserted, nre fenred In tho event of Castro's death.
Another Labor Bill.
Toronto, Nov. 13.���Another labor bill
will lie before parliament at Otluwa to
be dealt witli at tho approaching sea
sion. lt wns staled here that a measure Is to be drafted in Toronto, to he
illtrodncerl   b V      Mn Iwsi-.e      V.rvflln     ...
P., calling tor n statutory eight-hour
dny on ull governmenl work. The hill
is so worded as to Include all work
done for 'the government, and If site.
Rebuking Unfairness.
The buneful effects of unscrupulous
slatciueuts In the newspapers which
wus pointed otu by The Dally Canadian some time ago is becoming apparent everywhere. The Colonist re
"An up-country paper says that a
series of governments has criminally
wasted the resources of Itritish Columbia. VVe were about to say that
the paper referred to knows that what
it says is not true but perhaps this
would he a mistake. Tbe prufundfty
of the Ignorance of some of those
people who write about the affairs of
this province can only be compared to
Infinity. Al the same time It would
bo Just as well If they would curb
Iheir desire to display It. People In
the East read what they say and when
they are asked to consider onr demands for better terws, they reply:
'Read your own newspapers; they say
you would not need to ask for anything
If your governments had not criminally wasted your resources.' It would
be a useful contribution to the inimical literature of the day If some one
of Ihese papers would tell specifically
what particular resources have been
criminally squandered, whereby the
revenue has been reduced."
The recklessness of these members
of the journalistic fraternity who are
piopared to make deceptive and untruthful statements for partizan purposes should meet with rebuke from
the people thewselveB. The city of
N-ls n affords more than one case of
is tel.lgent men who have been deceived liy the misstatements of party
organs and who need only the presen
lalh n cr ihe facts to admit their mis
appr dtens on.
Organized Labor Burlesqued.
Generally The News sympathizes
with organized labor. Organization has
been a potent factor in bettering the
wages and the conditions of life for
thousands of workers. But now and
then certain regulation's and proceeding of a union do not command respect.
In New. York Mr. Schlff, the eminent
banker, wns requested to lay the corner
stone of a new synagogue. Before doing so he wns forced to become a member of the Journeymen Stonemasons'
and Setters' Union. He was Initiated
In due form, he made a solemn declaration thnt he would never work for less
than 70 cents an hour and then received his "card," entitling him to
work on the corner stone of the Ohob
Zedek Synagogue. Tills is organized
labor burlesqued. The only effect of
such a ceremony is to cast ridicule on
the union, and to brand lis officers as
irresponsible and foolish persons.���
Toronto News.
Money In Prunes.
Snn Francisco. Nov. 13.���The prune
growers of California will receive ��ii,-
550,000 more for their crop of 1906
thnn was obtained by them for the crop
of 1905. This ls the estlmato of the
leading dealers ln the local market.
Tho total estimated amount due to the
pruno growers for this year's crop Is
$4.050000, representing 180,000,000
pounds of rult. The crop of 1906 was
110,000,000 pounds.
General's Narrow Escape.
Irkutsk, Siberia. Nov. 13.���It was
owing to the chilling of the explosive
that the bomb thrown nl General Ren-
nenkampr, governor of Trans-Unlkal,
yesterday, failed to Injure him. Ren-
uenkanipf is said to have escaped wllh
-it-���slight���cosii sisiiui.���Tiio  general has
been on Iho terrorist death list for
some time on account of his severity
lu repressing mutinies nnd armed revolution In Trans Baikal    ln    December.
Within four hours after throwing the
bomb the man wae placed on trial before a drumhead court martial. The
prisoner admitted that he was a member of the social revolutionary organization.
Sault Ste. Marie to Have M.000,000 Improvement.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 13.���The Free
Press says today that plans are well
under way to bring before congress
early In the approaching session the
desirability of an Immediate appropriation for 14,0011,1100 (or a new lock at
the South Sault Ste. Marie canal. The
Lake Carriers' association will urge that
the entire cost be covered In one ap-
proprltah.li, ln which event It Ib expected tbat the new lock canal will
be begun next season and he finished
In 1909.
Colonel Davis, United States district
engineer, is perfecting a report recommending a lock 1350 feet long, 75 feet
wide and 20 feet deep, to be built Just
north of the present lock. The vessel
Interests say that Chairman Burton of
the house, river and harbor commission, Ib thoroughly In favor of the
Train Robbers Still Busy.
Reno. Nev., Nov. 13.���Armed bandits
held up the Southern Pacific overland
limited westbound at Carlln, Nev., on
Sunday night and escaped with the
suits and cash of passengers and the
money sack of Conductor Conn. Rail
road men at Starks say that the robbers got about $1000 In all. A posse
was formed and a fight took place at
the edge of Carlln, but no one was injured. Southern Pacific detectives and
deputy sheriffs are now on the trail of
the robbers. Carlln ts a divisional
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov. 13.���Casting copper,
21 3_c; lead, $5.76; silver, 71 l-2c.
London. Nov. 13.���Lead, ��19 7s 6d;
sliver, 33d.
Prairie  Indians    Must    Work    Under
Government   Direction���Will   Be
Taught 8elf-Support.
Raymond, Alta., Nov. 13.���The Do
minion government has undertaken a
difficult (ask. The Indian department
has decided that the Indian must
work. The first experiment will be
made upon the Bloods, who have their
camping ground In the vicinity of
Raymond, where the Indians, aa well
as every other kind of help, are very
much In demand by the beet factory.
The department proposes to close
the ration houses to Indians who are
able to work when the call is made
for help by beet growers, and the Indians will be given to understand that
those who respond to tbe call will be
given the greatest consideration hy
the Indian department and reservation
officials. It Ib proposed to give the
Indians a regular pay day either al
the end of the month or at the conclusion ot the work they have in hand,
and a representative from the reservation will ne present to assist In the
settlement, pay the Indians' bills and
tako care of the residue, that he may
get some permanent benefit from bis
earnings Instead of wasting what he
has worked for so arduously.
Then are on the reservation approximately 1200 Indians, and there are
.now employed ln the fields about Raymond nearly 100 of them. Already
there is a growing unrest and they nre
preparing for an exodus so as to be on
the reservation on November 8, which
ls treaty day. to get their treaty money. They have beon already Informed
that treaty day has been |>ostponed to
December 7, or some other day near
that time or at any date after the beel
season closes.
The policy of the department ls to
leach the Indians to be self-sustaining,
to take care of what they earn, and
purchase with their earnings what will
go to assist in their permanent pros
Will Defend Harry Thaw.
New York, Nov. 13.���Dolphin M. Del-
niiir or Sun Francisco, a leading member of the bar of the Pacific slope, has
been engaged to defend Harry K.
Thaw, Indicted for the murder of Stanford While, the architect. He was lu
consultation with his client tn the
Tombs yesterday and agreed with him
on the lines of defence. This, It Is
stated, will be Justification nf tho deed.
The California lawyir will dominate
.h_ ...ni .uw..,-^7.i; {t-fj-nr^rfr-ih-.Tt.1
with the full consent of Clifford W.
llnrtrldge. tbe attorney of record and
personal counsel of 1'haw. It is expected that the trial will begin on December S.
Pennsylvania Has Epidemic of Murder
Burglaries and Deadly Deeds Envelop Whole State-Police
Forces Multiplied.
Pittsburg, Pa.. Nov. 13.���Almost simultaneously with tbe numerous l)iirg!��
rles and cases of highway robbery in
this city comes reports from Allegheny
and adjoining counties of like crimes
accompanied by violence. In despatch-
os to the Associated Press iastntgh t. ne
less than eight such cases were reported within 100 miles of Pittsburg.
.At Monace, Pa, J. W. Feckman, a
motorman on a Btreet car, waa beaten
with a switch bar and then thrown
from bis car by two men, who were
later arrested and locked up.
From McKeesport comes the story
ol* the killing of Samuel Carter, who
was shot by William Taylor. The men
had quarrels over a woman and Carter
is alleged to have cut Taylor with a
razor. Taylor, it Ib said, then secured
a revolver and followed Carter to his
home, where he shot him.
At Monongahela, Michael Alonio, an
Italian boarding house keeper, waa
robbed by a negro at the point of a
gun. while at Butler, S. T. Ledbctter,
a laborer, was assaulted and robbed
and his supposed lifeless body thrown
into a vacant lot. When found, Led-
better waB in a dying condition from
exposure and he is not expected to
live. There la no clue for the police
to either of these cases.
- Ray, Litxgreen, druggist, of Monus.
son, was attacked by a burglar in hla
home on Sunday night and in the
struggle was cut about the arm and
face by a knife. Almost at the same
time the house of Frank Sbutterly, a
borough official, was entered and, after the lower rooms had been ransacked, the burglar went upstairs and tried
to remove a diamond ring from the
finger of Shutterly's sleeping son. The
young man awoke and the Intruder
Lying partly submerged in the waters of the Monongahela river, hla
throat cut and his head almost severed,
the body of Antonio Fatolb, 4B \ears
of age, was found by a train crew on
the Monongahela railroad near Oon-
nellsville. Identification was made by
means of a bank book. A Jury returned a verdict of murder.
From Newcastle and Flndiayvllle,
Pa,, come reports of unconscious men
found along railroad tracks. At tho
former place a man was found with a
fractured skull beneath a 40-foot
trestle. He was taken to Youngstown,
Ohio, where he was put ln a hospital.
In line witli steps taken by the Pitta-
burg city authorities, the officials of
neighboring boroughs began last night
to take precautions against an epidemic of crime In their districts. At Se
wickley last night an ordinance was
passed by the local council Increasing
Ihe police force and calling upon tbe
police to apprehend all suspicious
characters. The borough council of
Sharpsburg empowered the police commissioner to employ as many additional men as he deemed necessary.
Confederate Vetersna st Savannah.
Savannah. Ga., Nov. 13.���With the
Inspiring tune of "Dixie" played by
many bands, and with the Stars and
Bars floating from windows and housetops. Savannah gave an enthusiastic
welcome today to the veterans and
their sons gathered hero for the annual meeting of the two state organisations. All signs indicate that the
present encampment, which will continue imtil Thursday, will be one of
the most successful gatherings tbe
Georgia veterans have held In recent
years. Splendid entertainment has
beeu provided for the visitors by the
citizens of Savannah.
Thiele's Comet Located.
Cambridge, Mass,, Nov.  13.���A telegram has been received at the Harvard
College observatory from Professor W.
Ing that Thiele's comet wae observed
by Fatb on November 2, In right ascension 9 hours 31 minutes 61 seconds,
and declination plus 14 degrees, 2 minutes and 42 seconds.
. sV'.
Cool uights are now in order.     Tbey will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- havs plenty of them in red and bins.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets uns Justly celebrated for their excellence. We nlono enrry
them in Ihis city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of thc
Best quality and  pric :s surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto,
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED      *r..<kki.ikhi. CAPITAL PAID UP.r. ,$4,280,000
BUST $-l,*-S0,0O0.
D. R. WILK1E, President. HON. ROBEI1T JAFFRAY. Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received und Interest allowed at current rates from dnte of opening no-
count nnd credited half-yearly.
iNBi.so.v BRANCH ��J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.
T/ie ^oyal Hank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms nml individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches in  British  Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax,       E. I.   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Published al* days it week by tUO
Baker St.. Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rates, fio oenti a montb delivered
in the oity, nr 16.00 ��� year II lent by mall- when
paid in advance.
Advertising rates ou application.
Alt monies pnhi in letUeuient of 'Die Daily
Canadian aeeounta, either for subscriptions oi
advertlalogi must be receipted for on the printed
forms <if Ute Company, other receipts arc not
NOVEMBER I.., I90��.
���* By one word we are nmetlmoa Judged to i��e
wise and by one word sometimes lodged to i*e
foolish. Let un therefore be careful whal im
Some tew weeks ago The Dully Ca
nariiun, in commou with other Consor
vatlve newspapers of British Colum
bia, directed the attention of the Toronto Globe lo the injustice ot an at!
mck on the provincial governmenl
which appeared in the editorial columns of thai paper, We pointed out
that the Globe based its humily oil the
statements made by tbe parts organs
(if the opposition here, aud that these
q-wans are unreliable. We also Btated
that The Globe shoulil advise Itself as
tn the facts before it spreads broad*
easl such reflections upon the provln*
cial administration as appeared In its
The Globe replies to these criticisms in a tunc that Is Cull Of asp* iiu
ami instead of frankly admitting that
it hus been misled ii seeks lo evade
that Question i>y reading us a lecture
on ihe evils of the subsidy system, it
'It is neither our purpose nor oui
place to go into a discussion of Hritish
Columbia's methods in dealing with
laud, timber, and minerals. The
charge's of carelessness and waste
made by Western newspapers may lie
entirely without foundation. We hope
Ihey are, and we hope lhe defence of
the Hritish Columbia press is valid In
(���very particular. It is no affair of
ours, und were it not for the pemtclOUS
subsidy system the general question of
results would not be our affair either.'
The former strictures of the Globe
were aimed wholly at the present administration and It unreservedly stated that the provincial government had
given  away  lands  and   franchises and
them, these would amply provide funds
for the development of provincial resources.    It also censured the present
���system of road building aud public
works, and said that these thtngd
should be left to the municipalities interested.
It is not necessary to repeat hero
how wide of the murk the Globe's censures were, or to point out how his*
taken it was In the premises which it
chose as a basis for its curtain lecture.
Since it shifts the issue to the question of What it terms the "pernicious
subsidy system" we shall show that It
Is equally unfortunate in its treatment
ol' the province in that respect. It
"In discussing the subsidy question
it Is necessary to point out continuously that the Dominion can give the
provinces only as it takes irom the
provinces. Every dollar given must
first be taken away. The Dominion
might collect all the revenue or none
of the revenue of the provinces, and,
so far as the revenue is concerned, no
one would be better or worse off. The
evil of the system is that it gives tho
provincial politicians money to spend
without the restraining check of tho
duty of collecting. The Globe contends
iimt this evil should be lessened, not
increased. Inequalities can and should
be adjusted by levelling down instead
of Ity levelling up."
According to the Qlobe tbe position
of the federal authorities in the matter of subsidies is ihen one only or
a glorified tux collector who absolves
the provincial governments from collecting for their own distribution,
minus, of course, a percentage for the
��� Kpenses of collecting. We surmise
that  this is a new view of the subsidy
arrangement, one not originally con*
I- mplated when the provinces were
federated, and one certainly not lived
Up to by the administrations of the
If "every dollar given must first bo
taken away" what becomes of the millions that are taken away wid never
given back? The province of Bt-tfah
Columbia alone has contributed since
confederation nearly twenty millions
more than It has received. If ail tho
other provinces have exceeded their
receipts by a proportionate contribution to the federal treasury there must
be a snug sum somewhere to be accounted for. What British Columbia
complains of is, not the amount which
she contributes to the federal treas*
nury, but that she does uot receive her
The Daily Canadian
mend the entire abolition of the subsidy system and cau secure unanimity
among the provincial premiers, as was
declared to be necessary In the case
ot an increase for llrltlsh Columbia,
we do not opine that much difficulty
will be fouud in securing the consent
of ihis province.
Hritish Columbia, however, contends
that, owing tc the character of the
country, the geological aud topograph'
Jcul conditions, it merits such special
recognition as is accorded other parts
of the Dominion in ihe developmental
stages. The Yukon territory is a case
In point    H can be clearly shown that
sir win rid   i.auiiers   administration
has not adhered lo the Globe's dictum
that what is given a province musl
first be collected from the province.
During the nine yeurs from June, 18114,
to June, IStUu, the total revenue from
tlu* Yukon district was $11,671,848,
while the expenditure from the federal
treasury tor the same period was $18/
���969,698, thus showing that the administration of that territory cost in excess of the revenue the neat sum ol
$_,888,356f or something over a quariej
ot a million dollars a year.
It will be urged, of course, that the
Yukon ease is exceptional, bul we tail
to see how this can be successfully advanced. The exploitation ot the Yukon
either was or was not a paying venture
on the part of the federal authorities.
If it was a paying venture und if it
be held that the results justify the exceptional expenditure, then we can see
no reason why British Columbia
should noi have an equally favorable
opportunity to show thut she cau justify federal expenditures in the development ol her vast resources. If, on
the other hand, it be argued that the
Yukon territory has been a disappoint
ment, there cau be but oue conclusion,
and that conclusion lhat the administration of the affairs of the Yukon has
lieen bail.
In one other remark the Globe is
palpably mistaken,    lt says:
"This is our affair only through the
efforts oi llrlllsh Columbia to extend
the pernicious subsidy system and further shift the collection ol provincial
revenues  to the  federal  authority."
The Qlobe must know that the provincial premier was invited to Ottawa
to meet the federal authorities with
the olher provincial premiers with a
view to a readjustment of the subsidy
grants. Mritish Columbia was not
alone in its request for additional sums
from the federal treasury. Almost, if
not ail the oilier provinces made sim*
liar demands, and most of them were
granted to the last cent. How or why
British Columbia should be singled out
and made the Individual scapegoat Is
difficult to understand, unless the
Globe has caught the infection of the
Liberal organs of the West and is determined to punish this province for
the firm stand made In respect to its
The discussion is not without its
amusing features, however, as it is but
a few days ago since we were solemnly warned by a grit organ that it is
to the Laurier administration that this
province must look for auy increase In
federal subsidies. It was further asserted that the leaders of the Conservative party had placed themselves on
record as being opposed to the extension of the subsidy system.
it might not be an evil suggestion
to intimate the necessity for these
giant minds of the East and the West
to get together and agree upon some
common scheme of argument. With
the contrary opinions so solemnly urged It is becoming more aud more difficult to reconcile the warring factions
ln the Liberal party anil friendly critics do not know exactly what course
to pursue. Evidences of disintegration
are not wanting when every wan writes
according to his own sweet will and
with such utter disregard of the facts
when the special conditions are taken
Into consideration.
If the Globe  Ib  prepared  to  recom-
The widespread effeel of the complications existing at Fernie between the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company and
Its operatives is perhaps the only excuse an outsider can have for attempting a discussion ol the situation. Tha
varying and contradictory reports
which have heen given publicity but
lend additional difficulty lo a proper
discussion of the affair. It begins to
appear, however, that the issue between the warring parties has resolved itself into a question of the closed
Bhop and nothing more, and lhal while
the miners are determined to force
tho closed Bhop on the company the
company In turn is resolved to forestall that r-asult.
While there may be important considerations Involved in an "Issue of this
sort that are fully understood by the
contending parties, ll is difficult for
an outsider to appreciate llie gravity
of such an issue or the necessity for
Its being carried to thc length or stopping the mining and smelting Industries of a whole province as well as
Inflicting    untold    inconvenience    and
h.u-ii.-'nip���urn ���am���c_r..cl_, rrmue*ei.r
The fuel famine which has ceased
to  threaten  nnd  which  has become a
reality is causing incalculable loss to
many private Individuals as well aB to
mining companies ami other industries dependent upon a full and regular
Supply of fuel for their proset-utlon.
Thus the evils of monopoly and the
uncertainty of human passions have
combined to throw the whole country
Into a slate of suspense and privation.
The situation is the strongest possible argument in favor of the ennct-
ment of a compulsory arbitration law,
if not, Indeed, the public operation of
coal mining Industries by means ur
which the needs of ihe people and demands of the Industries may be supplied. The Willingness of the coal
company lo arbitrate on oue question
and of the union bosses upon another,
while they fall to agree Upon the matter which shall be arbitrated, shows
that neither party is sincere anil that
a merely factional fight Is well pleasing to both sides, lt Is to be a test
of strength between organized capital
on one side and organized labor un
lhe other, with uo doubt ut all us lo
which will win in the end. The operations of lhe 0. N. I7. Goal company
have been carried on from the first
with a shrewd eye to maintaining command of the whole situation, and whatever the rights of labor may be in the
question it is as useless fur the miners to hope to win as it has been in
every olher case where conditions
have been the same. The company
can evict thorn and be well within Its
rights under tho law, whatever may be
the moral aspects of the case. Even
In the present day, when labor locks
horns with unlimited capital and (logged persistence, there is little "hahce
for any gain by the toiling classes.
On lbe other hand the evidences
show all too plainly tbat the men are
not themselves a unit in their opinions
and nothing more quickly alienates
the sympathy of the public than the
spectacle of a union or aggregation ot
men at war among themselves. It
shows that there is something rotten
in the state of Denmark aud the outraged feelings of the public will unfortunately be turned against those who
most need sympathy from that quarter.
It might not be unwise for the next
session of the legislature assembly to
pass such legislation as would enable
the government to break such dead
locks either by compulsory arbitration,
as in New Zealand, or by the opening
of such collieries under government
control as would afford roller to people
and Industries when men lose their
heads and come to a war of wages or
of hours, or what Is least uf- all Impor
tant, closed shops.
The neat little weekly papers published here and there have a way of
watching over the interests of their
respective communities lhat smacks of
ternal vigilance. For instance, the
Sandon Mining Review says
"We suggest to the Nelson Daily
News that Karl Creamer, the man who
has Ananias skinned to a fare-you-well
finish, bo given a permanent billet on
their editorial staff."
Having gotten the worst of tho better terms question oven In their own
minds, the opposition newsmongers
are now returning to the Kaien island
deal. Something in the New Testament about that class of people, is
there not?
sixty da/i after date I Intend to applv to tht*
Heii. Chlel Commiasioner ot Landi mnl Works.
Victoria, m purchase 1,'rfi acres nf hmd about two
milea b'low Burton Clly, Wett Kootenay, commencing in h poit marked "J A. Irvlng's east
corner poit," suid post i-fin-f on tin* easterly end
����f hii [iland west of Lot6647, and claiming a'n tbe
land contained in said laland, being about ono
mile tn an easterly and westerly direction end
about 20Chaini from north losouth.
November nth, it-w. j. a. [aviso,
J. E. ANN'AUl.t:. A-geill.
str.ty dayi after dnie I Intend to applv in the
Hon. thoChtef Commissioner of Lands ana Works
to purchnse IflQ acres nf land: Commencing at a
poit planted on tbe west side of Six mllecreex,
nil   Wagon   runil,   about   tWO  Hint ton- half miles
from Rootenay inke, mnl marked "Neil Mo
Kechnle'i B. Wesl cornor post,11 thonco wesl 10
ohalns, ihence in-rih *iu chains, thenee east in
eliains lln* south   10 chains,   In place Of COm-
Located thin intii day ol November, 1900,
Nut hfcKsi itj.ii.
Notice tehareby given that sixty daya after date
I   ntOUd toapply to t ho lloli.rhlef Commissioner
uf l.ami** hihI Works tor permission to purchase
tbe fiiihtwitiK described lands in fhe Wesl
Kootenay dlatrlcl: Beginning at a port marked
"J. S.Blmlnoo'ifl.W. corner," and planted about
one-bait mile eul nf the ihore -uf Whatshan
(Cariboo) lube ninl aboUl 2 miles nnrlh ol Ihe
narrows Oi the Bftld bike, ami nt lhe 8, I*: enrner
oft Arthur  Warren's application lo purchase:
thenee east w chains; them-, norih BO chain* i
thenco wast ni chains to the northauii ,mu,.r ,.t
Arthur W 'arren's appl da linn tn in
south 80 chains to polntof comm
lalniiiK liln iii-iis, more nr less.
Oet. lath, iwo. j.b.kimi.sko,
I*'. I.. Hammond. Agent.
nun I, con
Nntice iw hereby given thai on dnv. after date I
Intend tn apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands nml Winks fnr permission tn
purchase the-followlng ih-t.erti.i--i imni*. situate
about 10 miles east nf the Cltj nr Nd*.,  ,\u,
iouth shore nt tbe Wett Arm of Kootenay lake
and OOtnmenong at n post pi need ahuul i'ii ehnins
south of the southeast corner of Lot JM8, marked
M8 Thomas' n. w eorner," thenre smith "o
chains, thenee eust 20 ohalns, tbenoe north 20
ebalns, thence went 2o ohalns to point of pom
m easement.
Dated this 6th day of 'Nov., 1PQ0   . H..Thomas,
Notiee is hereby given tbat 60 days after date I
intend to apnly to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
if Landi ami Wnrks fnr permission to purchase
the follow in* described
West Kootenay district:   H<**Kimiin_ at'afaost
marked "<>. t    MacMieklnn's N, \\\ enrner " and
planted on the wesl shore ol Whatshan (Cariboo]
Inke, aboul three mtl s ninth of tin- 1'ppcr Narrows*.)! th. said lake ami onooalte tholiland In
the  laid   lake;   thence   SOUth Wl chains;  UieUCO
liitiiee rTi77*~i.ii(  *,���[���  san ~n77n-"ni u llorllierly
and westerly rfrtetimi I_u HihIur. mon> or less,
to poini nf commencement, containing8Maeres.
nmre nr less.
Oct. 18.1006, o, u, MacMh-icimi,
Bjr F. L. Hammond, Agent.
-moated In tbi
Chief (
I m
- lit
given UialM <lft} saner die.
- i the It..-   -
-.inner nl Lamls and Work- tor pel
purchase the fniiuHiiu. described
nenclng al a post piaeed ndjoiimiK
1 em ner pnst ni   l.enti   WatSOU's Ap
pticatlou to Purchase, running 80 ohalni north;
[hence40chains westi them-e wi chains smith;
thence hi ehain- eaat, to point ol commence
ment, containing wo neres mora or less.
Dated Ootober 18, l_06,
Runts WlMTBa,
By his agenl, KnsK-T. W. RoBlKsoN
Notice Is herebj ilven thai 60 days alter date 1
intend to npplv to  the Hon. the rhief Commls-
iloner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands m Wosl
Kootenay district: Beginning at a posl marked
���inIn Illrsoh's N W enrner'" and planted on
the wesl shore of Wnlshnii [Cariboo] lake, about
due-fourth mile wosl of the narrows nf Whalshan
lakei   thenee   smith   80 ehalns:   theliee  oasi  I"
ohalni nmre or less m the shore nl tin* Narrows;
ihence mii.oMiin the snld shore in a Konera]
nnriheriv ami western direction 120chaini more
rn lou, t.'> tio- point ,,{ commencementi oontainlng mo acres moro or loss
Datod ihlsOth dnv of Ocl ,1008
I IT!"  IllltSl II,
r i, tfAMMoNP, Agent.
Notice Is herebj given thai sixty days afterdate
I Intend loapply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
ol I,amis and Worka for permission to purchase
the following described lands In Weal Koolenay
district: Beginning ata post marked "t K
Alden's 8 K cornel." and planted on the east
ihoro of W'hnt-h-in (Cariboo) lako, aboul one
mile north oi the wu thorn end nl the hike;
Ihence nortb *�� chains; thence west Mobatni,
nmre or less, to tin* shore of Whatshan lake;
tbence following said ibore In a general south-
orly and eaaterly direction 100 chains, mom or
lots, to ihe point oi commencement, containing
:!jn aores, nmre or loss
Dated this 8th day of Ocl ��� "**
I.   K   ALDBK,
F  I. IIammohd, tgenl
Nollee is herohy given that sixty days after
date I iniend toapply loihe Hon. Chief Commls.
nloner of Lamls and Works (or permission to mir-
chase the foUowlng deaeribed lands in the Vii-ai
Kootenay dlatrlet: ..egimiiu-.* nt a postmarked
"Bertha Hirseh's N E7corner,"and pianied on
ih.-eiist shnn-of Whatshan (Cariboo) inke, at the
narrowiof the lake, and about one mile south ol
Arrow lake trail; tbence South mi elm in*-, thenee
wesl ni ehalns more or less to the shoreof ihe
narrows; thenee fniiouiiig tho snid ihoro m a
general northerly and oasterlj direction 120
ehnins more or iewn t<< the point ol commencement, eutitaining 640aeres nmre or less
Haled Uii* HMi bay Ot Oct , 1906
BIRTH v  ll'"si ll'
K   I.   Hammomi, Agent,
Blxty dav afler dam, I  Mtirgri-tt McQuari
inteml iu npplv to the Honorable the Chief Co
misalonerof Umls uml Works-. Victoria,B,C.,
to purehase the following deserlhed land, (', in
mencing at a post marked   M. MKJuarrle, on the
hank ol Lowar Arrow Uk.-, thenoe 4o ohalm
west; thenee 60 ehalna north] thenee -mi ohalns
east; thence 60 ehains south to place of cow
menoement,aald to contain itw aores more or
less.   Covering uronml held hy li. U. Anderson s
limed this nth dav of Beptember, iww.
MAitniiKn MiwrAHKiK,
w. I., pAYwa, Agenl
Sixty days alter date i purpose making application to tin* ''hief Commissioner of Laml*. ami
Worki inr permission to purebaae the following
described Inml:    Commencing at a pn-t marked
���K F'ss k corner,"andsitoateaboutonomile
from Silver Tip Point, on Whataban lake, and
near Christie creek. rillinhiK tlnuie BOfUSlni
norlh; thenee mo chains wc_t; thenee 80 Chains
south, followlni; the lake shore; iliem-e B0Chains
east lo the point of cnimiiciicemcui, containing
640 aorea more, or leas.
- Haled lhe lllh day of August. 1906,
K   FiOt.Uf.rn,
Per P, Q Papquim, Agent.
Notice in hereby given thai 60 days after date
I inteml to nppu* to the Honorable the Chief
Commluloner oi Lands ami Works for permission to purehaae tin*- followlna described lands;
Commeneing at a oust planted ou ibe northeast
corner of Peter HoNaugbton's application to
purchase, running ho chains wesl nlntiu lhe
northern boundary of same; thenee m chain*
north; thence-su chains east; thence *��� chnin.
nouth. along the wesl hotnnlnrj ol John Blllott's
application to purehase, to point of commenoe-
ijieiit, cnntalniiiK Mti acres, mure nr less.
Dated (let. 18, l'M*S. TUOUAS SMITH,
Hy hlH agent. Kknkht Vi. Huwn'kon.
Notice is hereby given that BOdatl aller date i
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worku, at Victoria, B. C,
for permission to purohaae iho following da-
M-rlbed lands. (.Huhted In the West Kuotcnay
district, sonth of Fortv Nine creek, commencing
Bt a post marked "I/. II ChoqUOtte'S N. Vi. corner." thence -10 chains east, thence to chain:*
south, thence-tn chains west, thence 40 chains
nnrth to tho commencement post,containing n-n
acres, more or Waa,
Nelson,B.C , Oct. icm, loco.
L. H. Croquittb,
 \V. A. JfOKM, Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose Disking SppUca-
Hon to the Hon. (..'cf Commlsptniier nl Landa
ami Works for permlsi ion to purchase the Following deseribi >i land; Commencing at a post
placed at thesouthweslcornerof it. w. Wanning-
tons application to purchase, marked "I* U.S.
H'srJ E corner post,'1 running thenee hii chalna
west; thence HO chains soiitn; thence 80 ChatnS
east; tlience ho chains north to point uf commencement, run tainiug t-40 acres, more or leu.
Hated the 10th day of October, lSOfi.
ner K. hmv.i.i., Agent.
pixy days after dale I juirpose making application to tin- Hon. I'hiel Commissioner of (.amis
and Works fnr permission to purchase the following deserlbed land:  Commencing at a post
placed nu the north boundarv of lot Nn. HA  ami
about two ohalna eaat of Whataban creek, marked "M. M's. s. Vi. corner," running thenee -lil
chains east; thence 40 rhalni- nnrth; thenee -lu
chains west; thence 40 ohalus south, to point of
commencement, containing 160 aerea more or
i'ated the loth day cf October, 19o6.
M. BmiLL
 Fer K. WliiKl.l., Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that nlxty davs after date
I intend to apply tn the Hon. chief Commission
erof  Lands  ami   Works lor permission lo par-
chaae the loUowing desoribed lands, 160 acres,
commencing at B post marked John Toye, planted on iii* easi shore nf Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile nnrth nf Sunshine creek, thenc. forty
dial im east, ihenee fortv chain.*, smith, ihcnce
forty ehulns west, Ih. nee forty Ohalni north
along lake shore to point nf commencement.
Haled this 18th day of September, 1*806.
John Toys,
 Hahiiy Oman**, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 60 days altflr date I
intend to appiv to the Honorable the Chlof Commluloner ol L-iiiIh and Works for permission
to purchase the following described land, altuate
In rire Valley, In the West Kootenaj district, adjoining Vi. a cabler'.- pre-emption, starting at a
poat marked M. McQuarrle's southwest corner
running hOi-tiniiiN cast, thence Hi chalnn imrth,
Ihence ho chain- h est   thence 10 chains south to
point of coramencemont.
Haled this iith day of September. 1006.
Mahy MMM'AItltIR,
i J. k. Taylor, Agent.
jubi reoelved, n ���plendld mock   of   Stamped    Llneu   cunhi
Covere, Tea Clothe, etc.   An elegant   assortment   tor to  workfa
XiniiM presents, or
Wo are also showing a lot or new Panoi Tape nmi miii,,,,, ����,_ 7
Ss-s- our show winnows for Home novelties   we have   fu,   v,    t
trade, whloh we had made to onr order by   the   Ix-hi   school ��! 4
fancy york In the Montreal convent.   Now is the n  t���r y    '" T
make selections
None- is hereto giw-i ihat Ui.layn aller .late I
Inieml to npplv to tin* Uonorahle .'hief < ouhiiIh-
stonerol Urni-ami Worka for permlaslon to pur-
cha-..* Un* folhin ing described lamK Mliialc.I nn
the oasi Side ol Arrow lake: Coiniiiencltig al a
poll marked A Macleod'l loOatlOU post, thenee
smith frlv chains, fnltuulug V, I nye's eastrrn
bniiudarv;"lhi-nee easi sivlv chains, to cant hank
ol (iarih'Hhll  Creek;   them-e ii-tHi lorty chalUII
thence east sixty ohalns lo point of commence*
incut, contalnlni ��0 acres, more or leaa.
Hated September I, UK*.      KltxA Maclioo.
i*er N Dkhbm, Agent
Not lie is herein given that 6n.lavi alter dnle tt
Intend loapply to the Honorable lho Chid Com-
missionerof landsand Work- lor pmuiissloli 10
purchase the (..Ilowlug deaorlbed lends, il mated
on thv eust Ilde of Ami*-.**, like: < ommem lug at
lbe northeast corner of A. Anthonys purchaie,
thenee   north   fortj   chain!',   theme  went forty
ohalns, thence iouth forty chain*, thenoe eait
forty chains to point ol commencement, containing IMI ai-n-s, more ol* less.
Haled Seplemt-ei 1, ltmfi.     JaMKs f. Ma.I.Kni.,
per N. ni:MKlin, Agent.
Sixty deys after date I purpose making apnll<
cation lothe Hon. chief Commissioner nl Lands
and   Works (or permission to  purchase  u,e  -,,].
lotrini deaorlbed land:  Commencing ai a post
placed nt the north east corner nf B.C N|-|nner'n
application to  purchase,  marked "II, It's  N. VV
romcr post," thenco following the east boundary of aame M chalna soutli; thonce running B0
chains east; thenee i'ii chalnn   north;   them-e Wl
chains west to point o| commencement, containing ii4() acres mure nr lesi
Haled the luth day ol October, IWlfi.
 I'er It. Hhiki.i., Agent.
I�� days after dale I Intend to apply in the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Works, Victoria, Ji 0 , to purchase 040 acre*, ol
laml slluate west of Arrow lake on the west side
ol WhatChan creek and joining the north boundary of H. J, Amiable application to purchase
Commeneing at a post marked l< J. EC ft. K. corner and running wes' 80 ebalus; theuce nortii m
ehalns; tlience east Wl chains; thenee south lo
point of commencement.
Hepteniber '2nd Iflnfl. U. J. BLMOT.
Notice is herehy given lhair.ll days afler date, I
intend to apply to ihe Hon. Chief commissioner
of l.amls and Worku for permission tO purchase
the foibiwing descrlbeil landi in tlie West Knot-
enny DlStflol: Beginning at a post marked "VV
S Bhldge'S B W corner," and planted about
one quarter mile went of the west shore of Whalshan   (Cariboo)   lake,   and  about one and  one
quarter milea north nf the southern end of ihe
lake; theime north 80 cbains; thenee enst -In
Chains nmre or less to tbe shore of thc Whataban
bike; lbence fol|nwlng-*..ald ihore In a general
II Uth orly and westerly-direction innehali.li more
ur !������������������ '���   u   ppf *    -iw.   nl    ,-|__,j.,d
pnst of commencement; thence west vn chain
more or less to the point of oommenoement, eon
tatning :_i) hitch moreor less
Haled tin- 'ub dayof Oct., IIMW.
W.H. KLvinoi,
F. J-  IUmmuni-, Agent.
Notice   in   hereby  given   Hon  �����,,.,,
dale  I  I.Heu.l to apply  ,��� ,    ,  u* >...���!��� <_r|
missionerof Lands and Works ffi*__*_!
tu  purchase  the  (nib-win-, -b-.n .  V"*4*
'"���"������" **���'""*��� ���*.����.!..tiK'iiai
il   a   post   marked "A. II
planted ai tho h. W.conu-r of LoT-inSS
nu es north nf Burton Citj md iCW
mile areatol tbo Columbia m,r ,   1'___
hi) chains; IhOnOO wesl 10 ��� liain*. * IBJ
BOchalm; ihenoe eaat 4och.in, tomrfM
mencemont, cooUUnlng :i>�� a.-r-s  ' mu'"^
Dated ll.la Mih day olBepteabn l.i;
Nntice  in  herebv  given  Hint  sixty  days after
dale I Intend loapply tothe Hon. Chlof Commissioner ol bands and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following deacrlbed lands, in
Weit Kootenay Dlstricl: Commenelni at an Initial posl planted at the Southeast eorner of Mi*-
i oy'i pre-emption, thence -ji ehain- veal to eaal
boundary of Lol BIW; thonce loiiowing said
i odary south to southeaal nornei ol said lot]
tin nee 10 eimins treat; ihenee "*ss ebalus smith;
Bi lialnicast; then * 30ehafni north to
iouth west comer ol Loi 29S; thence followtog
wesl boundary of hot m to Initial post,
Beptember 'ii,i-0fi.. D. n, Wourr,
l>er Ehnkki Vi. KiiiiiN.ioN.
Noiiee i- hereby giten that 00 'lay alter date, I
intend to apply to the lion, chiel Coumiselouer
oi Lands mel Works for permission to purchase
the following deaorlbed lands, slluate on lbe
Ku*t   shoreof Lower   |j*ke,   about   one   and 00 B
hall   mile   South   uf   BdgOW I.   HC and  ad
joining J,T. Seattle's  application t"  purehase.
ami commenolng ut o poal marked Honabi wil
ion's Bouth Wesi eorner, tbenee running North
smy obalns, Ibenee Kasl forty chains, tbenoe
Bouth,Sixty chain-, thenee We-t   forty chain- to
place oi oommeneement, ami oontainlng M0
acres mure ur less.
DOKALD Wiijjdn.
M. ft, ||Ol)l AKKIK, Agent.
Hated thlsSStb day of >cptemter. ItfOO-
Notice ii herehy given tbat two months after
date   I   intend to apply  to the Honorable Cblel
Commlaaioner of IjuhIs ami Wnrki inr permission to purohaae irtu acres of land, deaeribed as
follows: Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest ol i. t. Monlsnti's rairo in Ure
Valley, West K onto nay dlatrlet- marked "J. B.
Monro's northeast corner post"! Ihence Ml cIihIus
west; thenee ��o chain- south; thenee so chains
east; thence ����j ehalns nnrth to the place of coin*
in ence me nt
baud lllh 'lay of ^eptomber, l'JOfi.
J. B-XutlOB,
W. a. Gaum, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply in tbe Hon- chief t om mlssloner
of Lands ami Works for permission lo purchase
the following deaeribed landa,situate in Went
Kootenay disiriei: beginning at a post marked
"Arthur Warren's8 vv. comer," ami planted nn
the east shnre of W ha Mian (ChMI-oo) Uke, atmlit
iwo mlle�� nnrth OJ the narruws nf Whatshan
lake, ami at the S. K rorner nf W. Beoombe'l application to purchase; thenee BMl 10 chain*-;
tbence norlh BO chains;   thenee  wesl  40 chains;
thenee south m chain-4 to point of oommencement i C.iiilalnlug 'SJi acres more or less
Hated this 8th day of Ocl. HMI.
AUTIIl'R Wakhen,
F.I,  IIammo.io. Agent.
BUty flays after dale I intend to apply in tne
Commissioner ol Landiand Worka, victoria, to
purchase U0 acres of Inml, Minnie and described
as follows: Commenolng ata posl planted on the
wesl hbb nt Arrow lake opposite Cariboo ('liy, al
or near the southwest eorner of 11. Hnig purchase, and marked "ll. M, A., S. K. corner," and
running north 40 chains, thence west in ebalus
to 11. Annable's purchase, thenee -mill) lo chains
moreor less lo the take shore, Ihem c along the
lake ihore to place of beginning,
August Bth, J 906. G. M. ANNAIim.
Notice Is berel.y given ihat sixty days aller
dale I inteml to applv to tlie Honorable the
Cblel  Commissioner of   Unds and   Works,  for
permlaalou to purehase tho following described
lands In thc West Kootenav district:    Beginning
at a post marked "James Q Praaer'sNJl oornei "
and n anted on the eusl shore of WhaislmQ
(Cariboo)  lake,  about  one half   mile   north  of
Christie creek; Lbence south to chains, more or
less, to the north boundary of W, Secombe's application to purchase; llienee west along the said
boundary 40 chain*., more nr less, to tbe shore ol
the lake; thenee following tbe said shore in a
general   northerly    and   easlerly   direetinn    80
chains, more or less, to point of commencement,
Oontainlng llkl acres, more or less.
Oet  l.ih, 1900. J AMIS O. Fhasek,
f. l. Hammond. Agent
Notice Ih hereby given tbat sixty days afler
the dale I intend to apply to die Hmi. the Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Wnrks fnr permission tOpnrohase the following described land
in thc Wcsl Koolenay disiriei: Beginning ata
pOll   Dirkid   "K.   It.  Kill's   N. Iv   corner," ami
planted ont lie shore of WhntslianfCaril Jlakc,
at lha northweal corner of said lake; tbenee Ho
ebalns west; Ihenee in chains SOU thi thence 40
ehulns easl! theuce in chains si,uth : lbence ea-."
 balna, more or less to tlie shore of  fbo said
ink.*; thenee northerly along Lbe said lake shore
Enchains- more or lefts, lo  ih-  p,,|i,i ,,f,.,, ���.
cement, containing 180 acres, rnorn or less
Dated Oct, IS, 1906, k. ft. Kin,
F. L  QaMHOMO, Agent.
i topurchaai
nolea In ih,
ng  nl  a post
Notice Is hereby given llinl 00da
Inieml loapply lothe Hon. Chlol (
ol Lauds ami Work-   lor pcnnlaSlo
tbe foibiwing aoserlbed land- mi
West  Kontenay  -tislriet:     He  lun
marked   "William   Keifs   N.   W    born*'
planlcd about one mile south ol lhe north end
ol Whatahan c arlboo) lake, a imm twonty chains
west  nf  the  wcsl shored  said Inke and un the
iouth boundary ��.f f. h. Kelt's application to
purchase; thenco south 80 chains; thenco eaitW
chains, mm*,, or hss, to the aald Take ahore;
*��***" lortberly along the aald ahore 80 chains
more   or    tss.  to  lhe   said south   boundarv   o
B I . Keil's application to purohaaoi thence wes
20 chains, mure nr less In Ihe poi01 nf - ommem e-
ment, eonlaliilng Kio neres, nmre ur les-*
Dated Oct. 18, fooo. w.i.f.um kkii.,
        ��y P. I*   Hammomi, Agent.
turn   im ..'*   K\\vn .,,Ht "" "ft>" H""r ,1����" 1
r O lAtiui and V\ orks for permission lo pur-
"-   '            -"   d   lands in   \l.st
Hie   following    .
C^m_n__.BlSCnt' 1,Ti"Uu^,: ���'* I'rJUsb Columblni
o 'J n    i ,,,,Nl mMke . "WU lam Toiling.
Hal_d lit .lay of Allglllt, l'.K��s.
Wn.i.uM Tou,t��atpK,
Hylslsi lid-in J. E.Taylor.
''lulu I |nii
���sl l.iunlH nml
'* i- Isilli
lion   lo  i���.	
WorkH for in-rmiisE
saw&iifi ^aasiSB
Talfd Hie llth day of August, HKNi
Maw n -u   '  ''lawca,
I Intel
.rof Land
Notice Is herehy given lh,,( .., ,Uvp , -
intend to apply lo lbe Hou���raW -tRrfirS
mlssloner of Landsand \\ ���rk-. for i.-o  .  *
'��� iPMtmarked-A rsnorUiwwtSSS
south -to chains, tbeuce -usi so K.HI
leas; adjoins on 'tbe aui oi'a. SiSSJ
Hon lo purohaae. '   ni'
Haled tlti-a 3Hth day of Auguit, i<*$,
      N- PUsCttS, Ai.-/1
e is hereby given t hat- Hh .���>���,.��� >.,.Z
tio apply to the Hon, riif,((M,oa
nml- and  Works for |*rtnl��itmul
'be fullowing d        , ,;*
starting at a post marked! ath.riwT.Jil
plained on lbe easl hhore of Lower Amtl
mar Gladstone Creek,   th. me I*. (h-ii-u3
I   ��� HOC �� ehalni north   ihenee v. ��� ���.. ....!.
lake   snore,    th-nce  souii.   ���!������,- U|,?'lbw
point oi eommenoement.
J'ated this lutii day of September, IM,
' iTiietiisiTm
Hahhv (.lasoit, i-pa*.
Nollee Is hcrel,y given that (SOulTiitWH
Intend toappiy to the Uonorahle thi i uicg
mlssloner of i^mds ami Works i..r i-TniaaJj
purchaao tin- billowing descni.. ,\ . . ��� ^
mi the east fide ol Arrow l...     .  ,��� *  -md
lbe southwesi corner of A amIihn*. i^j-JJ
thence iouth twenty chains, ihi n�� ���f\tm
chains, tbenee north twenty i io>iti<,t!.rtn3
twenty chaini to ji-onii -.1 . ,-iriue inr_i,in,n
talnlng Mn acres, moreor lea
Haled *-epU*inb.r I. IW'i. Hk-mi M ft^n
per N. Hkmcu, Apm
Notiee is hereby flfen tlial lutj' 4ml
dale I Inieml toapply to the Hon.imLittVS
Cnmmlssioiiernf l.t.-i-i- .. *. ��� Works for Mn
lo purchase the followlni ile-aeribrt lun!.*
no in the West Kootenay district, *-:i<ii<l,_S
Haul  Andre's   pre einptimi,   -un ;���- |||
marked A J. Long, N k. com- r, ontbiseti
til l_.wer Arrow lake, them, & rkiUal
thonce iu chatm smith, theuce ndukfl
thence 40 chalim north to point nl con
l.ated at Nelson, RA'., this  .tb dayo.^lM
ber, v*fi i J im
Wm I'm t��K!>. Apst
Nollte Is hereby given ��� ���      *ni
dale I Uil.'lld loaj>ply to lhe ll,.:,.-r���!'- :_!*Q|
Commualonarofuindsand Works lor p
the lollowlng de.
o purclm-v tbclollowiii
n Wi st K..oU-nny<lislrle
pianhil ai Robert Corletfs n..nii >uias
I��.-t and marked A. M'S V W term: US
east 40 Ohalna) theuee Vt chains sniltli Mil
lesB to lhe Kootenay river; thenoe* Un
along lbe Kiaitrnay river; IheiK. It J
north, more or ten, to the place ol masSI
ment, containing Ho acres nmre or It*
Sepf-mlA-rHth IWO.
Ami net
William Moobi nAp_t
Notice In beret.v given that��).lay*itW-lBl
Inteinl to apply lo the Hon .the ' bid?**
sioner ol bauds and Work- lol [��rs.i*��oS
purehase the lollowlng d.-i riis4 l��n_S_
Wesl Kootenay dlMrtel: H.-g)i;niii�� ��l M
marked (, h. Bell and K. bell's a. twtttt
about '2 miles east of the Btlmon rivrrisl-i
'   inik-irom ihe i'end d'Oreille liter; H
chains north;  thence to chains ���*-.*��;��*
chains south ; theuco -to ehaiiis-'ciwt lo PS
heglniil* r
Hated tin-__ud dar of Beptember,!* ^
!, itm.
R. M. RaiT_8,A|_A
Hlxty dan aftor date I purmse maun*
cation 1.1 the Honorable (be ChlefCMM
of Lands and Work- b-r |�� ni.i��ion w _
the followiiiK ileseriUd land: I'misiB]
a poal  marked "H. I"s a W   >���
k Pauau1er*aapplication top
tbenee ni chaloi north;  thenei
t iier.ee so ebalna nuth; thene
to the point 01 commencement.eooultf.
aires, more or lean.
Hated tbe llth day ol AuKtist. 1.*.
I'or V.Q. l'Ar^n��.������<���*
Notice u hereby given that -ttdaniffi|
Iniend t��� apply to iio* llono-abk the' ""I
liilHSiotier ol Umls aud  Works t<> ptitrr
following duia rlbed lands, Mo acre. ��� "r
e n.eiielngata post  planted oil Ih^rt"
of timer Arrow take ata poinUbOTtig
low Nakusp, aud marked (I \ B-H ����������
post;   tlience Wl chains  weali  'lll!";'3
-outh; thenee 80 chains cast, m"***otJSI
shore; thenco along lake shoo- t�� l����"
ginnltig. _ . |H
DatoIIthlaftthda.otSeoi ,l��0, " ("^
Notioolshereby given that siity-UTirg
I intend to apply to the lion I hi.*H i^wm
ol LandsTandTVorka for nermlsalortom
tbe followlna described lands, ��urusc��i
j.laiiied on the Nortii Weal rot_m
lbence rnnnlng twenty ebaiti- �����
twenty DfaalUS West, ihem-' rorlT��
Ihenee twciilv chains Kasl- llieucen
soutli tn i��iini of oomme mew.i
ing 80 acres more or less.
Datod tho Lit day of October, IW
Sixly  days  after .late I pnrp
.tlielloli,   ���
iM -Tfl*
cation to the Hon. ChleU onnniw ^
mnl Works tor permission to !���"" *-(
lowing  dOSorlhod   land:   i,��in���,;Wa
placed nt the southwest eoru.i nf      ,t
,rth; _4
b.W ill
plication tu purchase, m
ner," runuliig thence si
chalna wast; thenee ho
chains east lo polnlol <
lug 190 acres more or less.
Hated lhe 101b day of October, ������""y^
K.illi-,. i, Is.-rilsy Klvissi mil 'l'l' ml
liili-ii.l l-. nprly In lbe "" ."', i,���.
CiiissiiilMloniT nf Uml" ""���> * "\ ,ui
islssll In |.iii,-Iihh�� lhe loli.issisis.' '" "_j_s
In His- IVi-nt Kniili-iiiiyill-lss", ' il _j^
poll murks-si "Kls-sin.sr "'���"''V,,., ,���,i��
ssss.l isliuili.l ���n Ili��� ivi-l ,llM��  ",,:���!���>.
Wl,��l,li������(i:��rll,,s ��**��-"!"���.',' ���'   s.-isi'^
iiilli-ss-iiiiilli nt Arrow Inks' li����- ''.���;!.ft
s-!isihi"; thi-ui-ui'sist lis i'ii"iii- '���"' ..m,M
nliorosqlllmNnrnwi-; 1 i.. -. ��� -. - "-.is*
slsisrs- In ii m-iu-rnl "uiitli-sls si" M,,^i.p
llssn Hi s-liuiii- mssrs- sir Is'-" l"I'"1
inrlit, i-siiitiiiiiltit; li'^iis-ls'- i""r.*'
iiiiusii oot. nh,won.     ,  ' ',
y  l,  MsMii'"-
  -     ,   ,  1,1, .I.V.
Notl.-.-ls ln-r.i.v Klv.-ii.""--,,iiv��i~
I Inn-nil In .itii.lv mills' I'"11 '   ,.|..inii��_
or ssl 1-iiii.lHHiiir W.srk"   -Tl��'���.,|||M
i-liiwo lho (ollowlns iloJcrIM ',   ,.,,!�����
Kootonay .iiairii-i:   iii-kiii'".!"- " ���i;,iiJ{
"W.S ,*ml.s-*��H  K corni'i' . �� '   ,, i.li,
i-si.i ihon ssl wisiiMiii" ('""'.;H.i��-
tw lis"  nisrili ssf Usi' .if.rr"v
Isskss;   Ihisiii-is  sisirlli  f*'1 '' \ u.
Inlli.svliii; lln- mill slion- In �� ��'SoS-fl
iiiiii s-ssNl.-rly sllri'i'tlsni l'S"'",:',���i,l.W.
Uss- point nt oommonmni"'"'
m-n-H, iiuins nr Iohh. ,    ,,,,(       _j
Dnll'il lliis Mil iliiy "I*"1 ���'* "��'.��*
F. L. llAtttto"1'' at ANHEUSER    -and the ORIGINAL
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
NELSON        ���ol- ���_fSRS,fe?-l?rtttah    VICTORIA
Burns <& Co.
mj, M..rltt'ta in   Rowland,   Trail,   Notion-  Kiwln,   Sandon, Throe Porka, Now
Denver nml Slocan City.
Heidi Office: Nelson, B. C.
-  II-
,},.;. I purpose ma!-; l^t*; appli
Chief ���i'ommih-.lnner of In inl*
itm- tor i>erini"iuii to purebuo lb
t l lundi:   -t'omnii'Hi-lritt tit a post
|-.,i a 1 Km muitliwcitoornerof-.flul-ll'ssp-
|h'n,], 1,, iiiin-hase, msrked ' R. B'l8, B.Oor-
'      utiinK tlici 80 <*i>ai .*���** north, tbenee M
liui wi-i  ti,. 11. i* **i chains south, tbenoe Sl
;..���,*,if   eomnil-neelllCllt, riilltHlll-
���, -.-    re nr lest.
1 -ii.intli day of October, 19DB,
It   HlflKI.!.,
por J Hut km., Agent.
��� ,- i-i little 1 purpose naklni ��pi��u-
Hon chlof CommlnJoDerof Una*.
1 iv,.rk-*. tor i>. nuissiou t�� punhue the Eul*
_ 1 und-.:   Commeneing ��i . [nini
[,. in- in rilie-ivt 1 oraer oi It. .-.hli'ir*-*
I . ni m ������-i.I.hm-. marked *'M. K (��*��� H. H.
nn ig   Ihcnce wi< Iih Hm norlh Ui lln*
\< ,*s d| i  I, bsb. tbenoe K ebalns
tn rhalni *��ouHi, tie ir������ *" 1 imiii-
1  imenoomenti oontelnlni Mo
it lens.
llio Uli ilftjr oldi-tnlKT. 1WJ6.
li k. Qwgrvnx,
por J Siiifj.i,, Agent.
lute i purpose inn .ii!*.' Hi<pli
Hon in.* chief Comml��on��r ol
ud Work- Ior penslsilon t<> purebsae tin-
K    ..-rilieil   Undi     lolilllli.-lll-illj-   nt   a,
I t of the junftinii ui Barnes and
\ md out of r
f *. titSe, marked
tn. r,'  rutin I uu thenoe Hi ehain*. nnrlh ; thcur-i-
���fin n��t; thence MeliaiiiK south ��� thenei-Hi)
n- w. -i io point ol eommeneement; oontaln*
OW or leHB.
I ,,: October, 1SQ&
W.N. POOt*
Per J. hhiki.1., Agent.
: late 1 purpoM maklni appii-
rn to tin- Hon thc rhief Oommliuoner ol
1 for pennlaslon to purubaae tin*
���:.*���. mi...I lands:   Uommenetu hi a
I wntbeaal corner of M. h.hren-
to purchvo) marked "V. l>'*.
_       rner,"ruunlnrtbenoe80 chaiii* nortii:
I thenco A ebalns eaati thonoe ���
Knuth; thence Bo chains srast, to polnl ol
��� hi  containing mo tojree, mon- or
I the 13th 1U3 o(U,*tnber, 1906.
V. Hoon
Per J.Shlell, Agent.
- liereby siren Hihi 00 dun after date I
-.*-��� Application lo the flniiorahle tlie
oner "i Land* and Worki for |>er-
I   1 m to piirt'tiase tbe followiiiK deaeribed
I'ommcoclng at a post   nu the   nnrlh
(UliUrr nf I.,is..|ntid  ahout 9 i-hnlim t'But ol
��� ���.. running-40 obalns eaalj thenoe
"Ills norlh; thenco40chains went: thenre 4U
��� poini of oommenoement^ oon*
ItiK l1" nerei more or lew**.
ftl-*! Ui loberlS, ll.*W.
I.kon Watson,
By bin agent, Kmomi w. EtOBittKW.
��� r date 1 purpose tnaalng ippU'
i"ii io thi Hun fhicfcoraralsslonar of Lands
I i.rmlufoii to purohaae th.  fol-
J liif! tlem-rlhetl  land:   Comini'M-lliK  at a pout
,! "'"nt loo yards went of thewhatahan
mi ! Bl t  Iwo   miles  Miiitli   of   What
i'. marked "B. C. B _ N k corner post*'
.1*    -4)  chain**   smith:    thenee   Hi
**���'. thenee-SO chains nonh; theuee BO
i-i to poim of eommenoement uonutn-
rva mure or less.
!"��� l"Hi day ol Ootober, 1000,
11   C. KKINHKH,
Per K. Hhiki.i., Agent
Jiny day* uler .late 1 Intend to apply lo the
fiiniKhle Un- ci,-,.- (Cninils^oiicr o[ LandH and
|lf,'; -inoini.  tn  purehHwe  IHU aires nf Und,
 'Ill*' WOSl Side Of Arrow Inke. adjoining
Ild <ie,erilie.| iih follows: Colunu-nrlDK
������"in.-,I on (he west liniindarv ol Lot
' *M chains norlh of the B. W. corner nf
iin int- wett bo chains- thonoe south W
'"���h-fc easl :��i chiihit (n the Western
"I pre-empt! 11 Ko.Sre, thonoe north
'���i piste of beginning.
'���i���-'-���. 1800. M   K. Wai.i.kv,
K J. Ki.t.unT, Agent.
 I given iimt 00days aller deta I
<^-'ii|'pHl'iillou In the I-   1 >.-
"]--ionerni L.uiiiHami Works for pen
��� puirhaae the  loiiowing deaorllwd
I, ' ""Ollil,e||,L' Hi It posl pltM'l-d  ttliollt  nlie
I, ;���' nnatslian ereek and about three
ie. 1 uiuiiiii: Hoehalllt,
I; thonoe Hi) chain-a
Jit,  to point of
1*4*.  ���
1 sled t
nber 18, I in
a 040 aere*-
��� ur lei
"> ��i��agent, Khnkst w. Robimsqw
"!'!'','. " l"'r,',,v given that 00 days alter daU) I
:." , ���'-'I'v > Honorable the Ohiof Com-
'     * Is nnd Wortlj Vietoria, lo pur-
., ,,'.."'""* "f hmd,  Situate abOttl une mile
,    "   "rinn  i ity on the oait Hide of  Arrow
������.i'i.i, ,,  ,v" "',1 n8 follows: Commenolng al h
���in*.      '. "l tb*��northeail oornerDfLotboBO-
I      '!?"," ���W.ohslns, tbenco wett-Pi obalns,
Ine, ,,(",     ' -"'">'"��. Ihoucuuast 40 chalnn to
��� >   m beginning
"Hgiwi a-nh, iofl j, tt H-uHT-cR.
���-  -jj" r .I,,-,. | ,,���,-,���,���,. maklni; appli
n w, VI" '  ( njel Commlnloner of Lauds
vn.'- dl-rli >;,'V"lh1M"" l" purchaao lho fob
r'hw,*s, ,,'r1 L."&i:4.c.��_?mM0_n! Hl ,1"'
ri-llHM-    ���  ,.i     ,    '   v.    J,I>'M ��   llppll-Btioll    to
iiK flu.'tie!! J}��!       ���''��� H" N* ^TOWi" "�����
-'���  lliem-e
' point ���
I'lmlus south, thenoe w) ohtiL
north, then-*,' hu chains
g*"'T,s i, |,   'I' ''"'I'tH-ni' mem,oontainlng
l^twl the lah dayof Ootober. 1000.
C L. Hanninuton,
por J Hhiki.i., Agont
fi^^^._ai__t?** :;'"""
1 SwrWSTJlffc
inlHhinner of fAUdf
purobase the foi-
neliig   at a
M'.n'"" w(!Hi- Uienoo M chains
i ih i t.-i��. Ii.? 0M' ln polntof rom men-
I"11''''! Hi. i'ii    l't'"l'��,rc��. mure nr lens.
1 -Jthday of October, Ift*
J'vi J. sniKi.i., Ageut.
Notiee Ih hereby given mat 60 rtnyi after dato 1
Intend toapply to ue Honorable the Chief Oom"
mlssloner oTLanda and Works for permlMlon to
purchase tin* followinir described inmin in the
Weil Konienay district; Beginning at a p,,_i
marked ''Alexander Eraser's R. w. oorner, and
Planted on thi <*a��t shore of the narrows of
Whatahan [Cariboo) lake, at the 8. B. oorner ol
H-rnhnrd Hlnob's application to purohaae
thenoe >'**i tt ohalns) thenoe sooth ft)cbalnsi
thenoe wesl to chains, more or len, to tbe sbon
ol the narrowi; thenee following the -md shore
in ii northerly direction mi ehain--, moreor leu"
tothe point oi foinnuueeitient, containingS30
aeres, more or i. ���-
by K. [n IUhmono, Ageut
Hlxty dav* aftei dale Ipurpoae making appli-
cal Ion to llo- Hon. (hlel ( oinnilimioiier of UmHs
and Worku fur permission to purchase the fob
lowing described lauds: Commencing ut the
northeaal comer of c. I. Hannlngton's application lo puri ioi-.*, murked "K. A. 0*1 H. K. corner,"
i nn ii ini: (hence (Hi chains norlh, thenee SO Chains
went, tlience Ho chain* Routb, .hence 80 chains
en. t to point of cnitnneuccincnt, cnnlalnltiK ,*111
acre, mon or less.
Haled thc Hfth day nl Or to her, 1906.
K A. Creahk,
per J Hhiki.i. Agent.
Notice Ih herehv given  that 00 ilayn after date
I inieml toaiipivtotheiiuii chief Commissioner
of Lends and worka for permlMlon to purohaae
the following described lands In Went Kootenay
Dlitrlet: Beginning *��i h post marked, "Hem-
hard Hirwh'sS. K. enrnt-r," and planted on  the
usl share oj tba narrows ol Whataban (Cariboo]
lake; thence n rth wi chalnn; theuee west tt
ehaitm more or leM, to the ahore nf What-.hi.ii
lake; thence [Ollowlng Nald oh ore In a general
���otilherly itml easterly direction PJOchaiiiN mort*
or Iom, to point of oommsneement: eontainiug
.'till n-ren, more or Ichk.
Hau-d tbti8thday of Oct. moo.
V. L. ii.ivi.iMi, AkciiI
sixty dan after date l purpose ma)iius application to t**e Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
l.timl- and Uorkn for permission to purchase the
following dcieriljed laud: Cninmcticlng at a
po-*t placed ahout hii If ii mile west of HarneH
creek, and atmut one uni* north of the luouth ol
the name, marked "J. Wi. B \\ - corner," running
thence 00 chaini* norlh', thence 8u t-haliiH cast;
thenee Hi chai un nouth to the north boundary of
Vi. N, I'.hjIc'h application to purchase; tlience HO
chains weet to point of oommenoement] containing liltl acrei more or less.
Hated the 13th dav of October, 1906.
Sixtv dais aftT dnte I purpose making application' In Hie Hon. < hief CommiBSt' uer of I-and"
uud Works for permlMlon to purehaso the following described lauds: Commencing at a post
placed ahoul half a mile west of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, marked "D. H's. S. W .rorner,"
running Ihenee HO ehalni south ; lbence sn chains
east; Ihenee Wl chains north;  theuce HU ehulns
west to point oi oommenoement, containing (HO
acres, moreor less
Dated the l.th day ul October, 11XJ6.
H. Donn,
I'er J. Hhiki.i., Agent
Bxty days afterdate! purpoie making appii-
eetionu tbe Hon Chief CommlMloner of itnds
ami Wo ki ior permlMlon to punnwe tho following deaoribed landn: commeneing ut the
northwest corner of K, a. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "W. Q, Q'g. B W comer,"
mniiiiiK   tbenoe HO   chains   north;   theuce   mi
chains east; theuco ko chains souih; theuce tu:
chains wesi in poim of commencement, oontainlng li-lii aorei, more or less.
Haled the 1-lb day ol Ootober, IBOO.
W. Q.Gn-URT,
Per J. HitiRi.i,, Agent-
Slxty days alter date I purpoM making appli-
calinii to the Hon. Chief Cniumlssinuer til Unds
and Works fur permlMlon to purchase the following   deserlhed   land*.:    Commencing at  tbi
northwest corner ol D. Dodd'i sppllcatlon to
purchase, marked "M. F's 8, Vi. corner," running
Ihonoo80cbalm nortb| tbenoe B0 chnins, more
or less, lo Ihe weal shore nf Whalshan lake, following sstue ��l eliains smith; thence HO chain I,
more nr les, eail lo lhe pniut uf cnmmeiit.emeiit.
Haled tin* i-'th diy of Ootober, IWfl,
M. Karyi'iKB.
per J, SiiiKi.1.. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given  lhat   sixty -lays after
date I Intend to apply t" lbe Honorable Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands ami Works for permission to purehiiM- llie followlug described lauds:
Commencing al n posl placed on tbenortnw>si
eornerof Albert KllloU'sappllcallonlopurthaso,
runniiiK   *>  chain.i    easl  along   Ihu    northern
boundary of same] thence m chnins nortb)
thence HU cluilns wes*; Ih- ticc H-i CeHlns foutli, t-u
polnl of oommencement, containing Mo aorei,
mnre ur less.
Dated Oct. 18,1000. JpHll Ki.i.i.rrr,
By bis agent, KBNKST V.   Kobikmin.
Noli,,* is hereby given thnt ��) dayi alter date I
Iniend to Hpply tu the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol l.amls and Works Inr Fernilssii.il to luirchas.'
lhe loiiowing described Unds siluated  in  the
Weti; Kootonay district:   Beginning itaposj
nmrke.l " Herbert Wiirren'*. S. ^M'lMir. MJj
nl niieil mi the W st shnre of Whataban (< iirllmnj
, ����i i ..... iinssris-r ,.,11, north ol ��onJ-
-rn sis. ��� Uli"' Ink"*: IhOllOO WMt_Oll��lMI il"'"'*"
..sliTM,-hi.l,,K' Ihonoo s-ssi.1 ssl <��� in in. misr '
t_1*   ���    v loUhin   oreoki   Ihonoo lollowlng
, in   ..nl-   .' s'r.-.'is ��n.i Wo more 80 oh��ln��,
"i.Miilr l.w, I.' i'..is�� ol '""'"" om81"' ''""���
tnJiiiiiR ..ii'ii'-i**1- moroorlwi
F. b, llAWMuNit, Agent.
The Daily Canadian
N���n,'., iss horoby iHon that eo dayo urtor 4��lo i
i    i,,s ,s��� .ii,' Ulrohl ��. '��� oornor," mnl
ir. r .5s Srofr-iiTisi
&** '",.|V,,'.:,*..'.,',.,,!���!:il"H-*:ii'*"'*��i'i'*r''''k"i"1
0(!t. IHth, HWi. ANTOINBTTK HlKHfll,
By F. b lUuutito, Ageut.
JtSSft[n bef(jby Klven tnilt M days alter date I
��JS��n������� l'! "��� '1"��'>'-a��l�� >b�� Cnic-i Com-
nur-___!. th. tfiffl ."'1 rorkl ,,,r permlMlon to
pun base the following described  landi:   Com-
SS______LStt '"'"i ���',1",','d 2" ������fiw weM of tl����
n Hh�� ,'''���""������"���li-flittW.murkod "R.A.Bell's
loritiwcst  eurner," theuce   south   H chaloi,
th.m_ �� Vi _. ',l,.lllH' thHirc nortn "obZlna
���-.,_ i^t_yon��1"w> polntof oommenoement,
oontainlng 40 acres, more or leu
Ueated thlsOth day ol Nov , I'JOO.   lt. A. Bell.
Honorable the I blofUommluloner of Undsand
,i..__ .,i , Pcr,"l^iou, to purchase the following
d-M'.ihe.i Imrtl Hi Kooienav <lislricl: Cnm-
nieii,*inK Bt | pog- DiuJuj j, ]l Annablo'fc uorib-
ciisi corner post, -.,-._ posi being on the south
"lie Of the Lower Arrow lake, about two miles
hclow Hurton City; tbence -.outh 30 chaini;
tnenoewest 90 ihains; thence south BQ chains;
M,!'".VVulJ*'} ,,ll��"'*-; thenee north 89 chains
lOd -i> links, more or les u, tbi lake shore;
lien, e.-HMerU along lake lu chains, more or toil,
to tin* plan of la-ginning, containing 105 acres,
more or less.
Hated iiu- mi, ,i���y of November, UMB,
J, if. .**.���-������- mh i.
|h. K. I- ButtmtT, Ag.-ut.
Hlxty days alter dale  I   Intend  to apply to lhe
Honorable the Chief Commluloner of bunds and
, "  ..''V porqiualon lo purohaae the following
UOlCrlMd lands n, Kootenay dlltrlcti  I oiiimcn
cuig at h post marked "A. j. Dili's iouth weat
corner poat,*1 said post Udngnu ibe nortbweit*
erly shnre ol tlie   U.WBT   Annwliik lltMlllks
dm* east, on tin- multicast corner of Cot 27Hi
uroup li ihcme nortlKOchuiuN; cast in chains]
south w ehalni, more or tea. to tbo lake shore,
thenoe following said shore in aaoutbweiter-y
direction 00 chains more or leas to the plaoe ol
beginning. Oontainlng  IfiO acres,  nmre ur   Iom
Hau-d this 0th day of November, two
A.J. Dill,
POT K   L. Bl'KNKT, Agent.
Notice Ik bereby given tbat 00 days after tlate I
intend toappiy tothe Honorable, blef Commiasioner of l.uiidh and Works for fHJimhsInn to
purchase the followlug deBcrlbed :ands, In West
��� nolcnay: Commeuelng at a post planlcd at
Ihe iiortheio-i cur tier of t ot 4N0. 0. 1 , marked f-
Kleteberl OOrthweel corner, tbence non th HO
chains; thence east  10 chains, moro or less, tn
the western bonndary of Lot :wii, O. L; theuce
north HO chains to Kooteuay river; thence west
following paid river to point of commeiiccment,
oontalning no acres more or leta,
90th October, 1U06.
Sixty days after dale I Iniend to npplv to the
Hou the iMilefCommlsdloiicrof Unds aod Works
to purebaae 340 aores of land; Oommeoelng il a
[Mist   marked "NT  H's BOnthesit OOrOU post."
mui pust b��fng at the northeast corner of Qeo
Hudson's pre-emption olaim, about two milea
southeaal of Burton City, tbence west *0 chain-,
>..-, 11, /������ il,,,. I,-. wist 40 chains, nnrth HI chains,
eait hi cimfns, smith 2D ohaini to place of eommenoement, containing 34o acrei.
Locate*8tb dayof Nor. 1000.  Kuril T. htv.n.
Notice Ih hereby given tbat UO days Irom dale 1
intend to apply to lhe iluiiorahle the Chief Commissioner of bands and Works to purehase Glfl
acres of land denrlbed as follows: Commencing
al a oust planlcd on the north hank of the Little
Moyie rlv'T. ahout 900 vards from mouth, and
marked "K. McLean's B, W. corner post,"
IbeiUM ��������''t B0 ohatUS, thence norlh -90 chnins,
thence we-l MO chains, theuee south Ni chains, lo
place of commencement,audeontainlng040a_res
mor,- or lew.
Located :tOtb day (let., 1900.       Rout. McLkas.
Blxty days alter dato i puipow maltfngapplication to the lion.Chief Commbiloner of j.hu.i-
iiini Works lor permlnuon to purebaae lhe following deaorlbed  land:   Commenolng ai a poet
placed al Ihe northwest corn, r (��f 11 Dodd'i application to purchase, marked "It Vi. H's S. Vi.
oorner poet," running tbenoe B0 cbalni northi
tlieiit-e MoehiiiiiH nasi; theuce no chains soulb;
ihenoe so chains west to point of oommenoe-
iiii'iit, coutuluing ���fHOaTcs, mure nr Ichh.
Hnted ihis loth dny nf October. WOO.
per R. Hiin:i.i��� Agent.
Notice In bereb] given lhat -80 days alter date I
intend to make application tothe Honorable tha
Chlel Oommlasloner ol trends ami Works for permlnion to purchase tbe following deaorlbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted on the
northeaat Co ner of Peter kfonaughton'i application to ptm-has , following lhe east boiimlarv of
fame K'i chalus south; thenee HO chains east;
them-e 8u chains north; thence w chains west to
point of commencement, eontainiug 640 acres,
more or less.
Doted Oct. It, UOB. Ai.iiEUTKi.i.imT,
lly his agent Kkn'kst W. Roiuhkon.
Notice Is hereby given thst GO days after date
1 Intend, to apply to the Honorable the (.'hief
Commissioner of Landl and Works Ior permission to t archlM lhe [ollowlng described lands,
Kootenay district: ('ommenrlng at a posl
marked '-J. 11 Wallace's uortbwesl Corner post,"
said po-i being on the easterly side of Lower
Arrow lake, aud at the sou'hwest comer of
Porter's pre-emption claim; lbence cast 80obalns,
thence south Jo chains, tbenoe west _0 chalus,
theuce soutli 'JO chains, tlu-nce west GO ehalns
more or less lo the Arrow lake, thence In a imrth
easterly direction BO ohelni, mnre or less to the
place of beginning, containing 1*10 acres, more or
Dated Ibis 98th day of October, 19ofi.
J. II Wallace,
By his agent, Kknnrth L Ul'RNKT.
Thirty dari niter date I Intend to apply to lbe
Ron. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, fnr a special liceim* tocntaml ca-ry
Hway Umber from lhe following trsct of laml,
situated on the N. ���.*���_ 8. railway, in the West
Kontenay dlsirlct: (.'ommenclng at IPOSt Planted near lhe N. K corner of A. B. Fliigland's
tlmher claim, tbenee west 80 cha ins, lbence nurth
80 chains, thenee e st 80 cbains, thence south HU
chains to point ot commencement.
Nov. 6th, 190G. P. J. Q_.UJ.UB.KR.
Notlce ls hereby given that 30 days afler dale 1
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Litmin ami Works for a special
license tn cut and carry away  limber from lhe
foibiwing d sorlbed binds:   Commencing at a
post marked "T J ���.runlauN northeast corner."
planted about a mile west from Hear creek, antl
ahout lour mllei Irom Itl mouth, whicli 1% six
miles wcsl Irom Nelson; thelit-i west 80chairs,
Ihence south Hi) chains, them-e east so chains,
tbenoe north -so chnins to the initial point.
Located October Hnd, l-on.      T. J- Fcaklaw.
Notice Is hereby given thatBQdlVS afler tlate I
intend loapplj   to  the  Hon. the chief t oiiunls
���loner ol Undi and Worki fur ��� inoc-a] licence
toeut anil carrj a***ay limber it*,.iii Hm .ollnwinr
deicrlbed lands:  Commencing m �� i"-i marked
"T. J. Bcanlan'i southeast enrner," plained nhout
live nil le*- up l iroimiti cn-ek. which empties ahout
t.ue mile wcsl ol Nelson; theoCOWUl lOchalm,
thence nnrlh 100 cluilns; theuce on*. loeliHius;
theuce souih 100 chalus to point Ol commencement.
Haled Ocl B0, 1000. T, J. COAWU.K,
W. .1. Mi-Kimm, Agent
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglass" Hmi '(ilnts.*" mineral claims, situate
in Trout Lake Mining Division.
Located on Poplar creek,
Tai.e Notice ttial 1, -Bruce White, aciing as
agtiil for Ihe Spygh^s Mining ��� o.. Free Minors'
Certificate No It V-IH\, Intend, QOdlVS from Ihe
dale hereof, to npplv to lhe Mining l-tecor.ier for
a Cerllllcate ol Improvemeiils for lho purpose of
obtaining a Crown lirnul of lhe above elanpf.
And   furl bur take notice (hat notion, under
Bectlon 87, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
DfttOrt Will October, IWO. BBUmt Wiutk.
Certificate of Improvements
"Eclipse No. 2," "Vevey," ''Happy Mcdinm,"
���'International" nnd "A ta Kraeiloual" mineral claims, silnalcd iu Hie Sloean Ciiy Minim*.
Division ol Went Koolenay district.
Where located 1���Nortb of Twelve Mile ereek,
about two miles up.
Take notiee tlial I, 11. H. .lorand, of Blocan, M.
Ci Free Miner's , rtiflcato No. 1)70000, as ageni
for h. A. Cole, I'ree Miner's CertlfluatO No. BlBM,
Iniend, sixty duys from the dale hereof, loapp y
lothe Mining Mecnidcr for u Ccrtllleatoof Ini-
provcnicnls, for I he purpose of obtaining a Crown
.������ ��� ...  ,.r o^l  ���  ���;in..f.l e1���ti,m
Aud  further  take   nollee  thai acllnh,  llll   ..
Bectlon 87, ransl Ih* commenced before the issuance of mi, li Cerillieale of Improvements.
Datod this U"lh day ol Hepteniber, HMO.
Statement of   Municipal    Finances for
Three Laat -Quarters.
An ordinary meeting of the city
council waa held at 8 p. in. yesterday.
Mayor Gillett was ln thc chair and
there were present. Aldermen Irving,
Kirkpatrick, Hose and Selous.
The city clerk read tbe minutes of
the previous meeting, which were confirmed. Th erepori of receipts and expenditures for the year lo the end of
September was laid on lhe tuble and
���referred to the finance committee. It
wad as follows: The first column on
the left gives the actual figures for
lhe three guarleis, while the column
of figures un the right Is the estimate
for the year .
Heal estate tuxes   ..-$ 7,tt7O.B0
BleoUIC light rates . 82,488.72
Water rales 15,6.5.96
Sewer   rentals   ..
Scavenging rates ...
Burial   permits, etc..
Weigh  scales	
Power plant   	
Klectric light  sup...
Police courl fines  ..
Komi  tux	
Dog tax	
School grant   	
Waterworks   main.
Law costs	
Electrlo light main..
N. E. T. Co	
Dleo. light con	
Fire department ...:
Police department ..
Scavenging dept.   ...
Legal   expenses   	
Miscellaneous   ..    ..
'I rum way   	
Public  build.,  etc....
HJlec, light con	
1.1< c. light main. ...
Waterworks con. ...
Waterworks   main   ..
Power  plant   	
Inter, and exchange.
Debenture  Interest  .
Public health	
Dog tax, refund  	
Isolation    and    nuls.
ground,  first pay..
Elec. light service..
Recreation    grounds-,
including     $866.70,
third   payment  ...
Weigh scales	
Donations, etc. .. .
Water rates refund.
Klec. light refund...
Road tax refund  ...
Outstand. a'ccL, 1905
Gov. Gen. recepLlon.
Furn. and fixtures..
Tramway   park, first
$ 6,700
The report of Fire Chief Deasy was
laid on the table and read. He began
by congratulating the city on Its Immunity from fire for six months. He
recommends the removal of fire alarm
boxos Nob. 32 and 33, on Stanley
street, to one block lower down. He
reported an arrangement with the Nelson Iron works by which an iustalla**
tion of hose was put In at the corner
of Hall and Front streets, with very
slight expense to the city. He referred
to one of the horses, which has a habit
of going to sleep standing up aud then
Tailing over and hurting itself, and
recommended the sale and the purchase of another. The report was received and adopted and Alderman Selous gave notice of his Intention tu
bring In certain amendments to bylaw
74, dealing with the prevention o(
A letter was read from C. C. Hodge,
Superintendent of the Telephone company, calling upon the council to protect lis electric wires where they
crossed those or his company. Alder-
mail Selous enquired who had the prior
right lo the right of way, and thought
lhat If the city had the first right
along It, Ihe work should be done by
the company.
The question of moving the old court
house wus discussed and it was finally
decided to call for tenders for tbe
The excavation for the new site was
ordered to he carried out hy day work
under the supervision of the city engineer.
Alderman Selous brought up the
question of the light and witter rates
ou the armory. It appeared that tho
Dominion government, had paid part ot
these, hut there Is still a considerable
amount In arrears and Captain Forln
had applied to have this remitted. The
matter was referred to the fire, water
and light committee.
Dr. Rose brought up tho question of
measuring wood and It was decided
that the city weighmaster would measure wood when called upon to do se
for a small fee.
Dr. R088 also brought ftp the question of a sidewalk on Cedar street, be-
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house iu the Kooteuays.
Konim ire well lurnlibed.   Table -u good af any
Id Nelaon.    Bar lupplled with good
llanora and clean.
W  E. HoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
lturope.u ansl Amerlcao Plan
Mswli X oU.   Boom, from �� cU. to 11
Only Whlta H.lp Implored.
Baker Ht, Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plneat.
White Belp Only Kmplored.
Joaephine Bt,
Lake View Hotel
Coraojr Hall and Vernon,
two block*, from wharf.
Ralei -11.00 per day and up.
&&___.%.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Lossateil. Open Day and Nlghl.
.ample and bath Htsoma Kress.
Opposite Court House and Post Offlce.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
IV Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet. Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Laree and Comfortable Bedroome and Flrtt-
cleaa bluing Room. Sample Rooma (or Commercial Men.
MRS. E. C. OLAkKK. Proprletreaa
f* _% tfWTTl The well known
\Jt\\J V IL Suburban
Tjr/"V l'l* ��        Onr Beer Garden is
UV X DL       the Finest in the
~�����^^^^"^^��� Kootenavs.
Ifti'HI    .Illicit
������-,ii *(:,-.*.*i.��
untl  II,
matter was referred to the city en^l
neer to report
The council then adjourned.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and |1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Bcnirders.
.V In'It-mil r and Retail Doalen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stork
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
W.   O.   GIUL.ETT
Contractor and
Hole agent i<>r ihe Porto tUoo Lumber Co., Lid.,
retail yarai.   (tough uud dn^s.d lumber, turned
wnrk ii ud 1-ni* k.-t.*-, c-hini Imli uud t-hinglcn, fhsIi
mi'! doon. Cement- lirli-k aud lime for nttlc.
Automatic grlndor.
Yi.nl mid (m-tory: Vurnon St,. (Hut of Hall,
p o. iiox VB2. Telephone its.
West Transfer Co.
G��0RG�� t, MOTION, Huu.cr.
Oenorsl Teaiiistors aud Dealers in
Ooal and Wood.   Expross uud
lleggage Transfer
S'K  Office: Baker St.
J. II. Nickerson and J. II. Ho war Ih have thlti
duy cnfcr-ml into eo-parlnershlp lo carry ou lhe
Jewelry Htidonlleal bus in ens in Nelson, under tho
tlriii mime of HloKenon & Howarth.
l>HU-d thu llitli day of October, 1V0C.
For Sale....
^oStiC,!hLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. & mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nico
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
l Have 10,000 Acrei
Choicest Frott Landi in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 U2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
Thatikliift my <!imtonu>rH fnr patronage In the
���(���list and hoping for a i-uiiiiriuaiic-- of the ���ame lo
Ihu DOW Hrni, Yours truly,
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Ontario,        Quebec
Maritime Provinces
and the Old Country
Tickets ou sal. daily Nov. 24 to Dec. 31.
Good for three months, with stop-over
privileges east of Fort William.
. . f 56.25
Fernie ....
..  62.25
Cranbrook ..
.. 67.45
Kaslo   ....
..  78.25
Nelaon ....
.. 78.25
Rowland ..   .
.. 79.55
Grand Forks
.. 81.55
.. 83.45
To Montreal
nud nil
points west thereof
Cor n-H i>on ding
y low rates from
stliisr lsniiitN
aud to
SLEEPING (. AKS, St.mc.ftr or
Halifax,   St.
Iniiii,   Montreal,
For detailed Information, sailings for
ocean st.amtM'H, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, npply to local
agents or write
A.u.r....Vaneanvor. n.p.A..N.'iKon
N, -Hi's'  In  lii'i'i'l'S'  s'is.ii  llissl  Use l��n Isi,ts1i!|i
heretofore ssiiimisittiig between na, tins tiuil.-ri.iKii-
est, i,.- Iisittsl keeper* ill lln- towO ssf Bholt, llritlHh
rtilit tn Mr, Iiii. tlslss slay lii'i'ss sliissssilvosl by mutual
Dalisil tlsla Bill ilay ol Oi'liibur, 1W��.
J AMISS is. M.'llKAUK,
Wltneni  Aim. Stewart, Plitllp r. MoOnllittn
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
_u tu Lilts Giu Ciu|,'_is,i Diiut.. A uuw
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlunerwaro In stock. Prt-
Thirty-second Annul Convtntlcti
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 16-19.1906
Round trip r��teK toBt. I-ouIh
mihI   ( .iiciiyit.   on   j-nic  Ot'tober
12th to nth.
8t. Lotils StiQ.QO
1'hk-ttBO  (4.00
Ooing   tTADHit   limit   h'ti   ilt*j*s
from ilttlc of .-init*.   Final return
Ultlit NnVI'IH.-.T ^tltll, VMH\.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
lupfftct October 35.lt, l9fW, on
Mil.* dally, limiu-'t to 8 monHi.x
from (InU'of-sale.
on Aiim'ics hihI  Sttlitrt ntirlnira    S35,oO
Hl'aHadena  s*.tQ
Santa Monica        86,30
Kivi-rflile (md San Itarnarillno  &*,to
Red lands.  89,70
For Further In.ortuation Apply to
rily I'ansengBr Agent.
A 'I. P. A., acatllo.
 **** *"-"-' UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes antl Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baktr Stoat.
li ���
in The Daily Canadian
Another Shipment ot China and Cut Glass
Just Opened Up.
Salt and Pepper Shakers at 75c per pair
Send in your orders while they last.
***************************    |       /"-If f A
ha   c    - p.A Chocolates
��� New Reasons rackf 	
Mackerel    |
Herring      j
Dig-by |
Chicks        |
Bell Trading!
I        Company        ���
Coal and   '
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
in England they raise fin.
hor--.es. In Scotland they raise
fine men.
In England they feed their oats
to horses. In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Feed yours-lves    and    children ���
B. & | Rolled Oats
and then wnfh the results.
B A: K. Rolled Oats in 83b, 801b and t
40lb sacks for sale at
���Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor. Josephine and Mill Bt-li      Phone 3f
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Riiilili-rsi will tiinl it to their advantage to DM our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Potter & Cummings
I Ib. box   -   50c
1-2 ib. box -   30c
TbeKgoodi ere as flm* a* the moro expensive
klndii iii--- only dliferonca in the j'iu*kni.e.
TRY a mix.
Phone 3B. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Ool*. Vc-nori find  Ward   Mss-cssts,
NBL.801N,  B. O.
J. FRED HU.MK. Proprietor
J. Jones. Victoria; ll. Qlegerlcb, A.
Lucas. Kaslo; Ii. .1. McPhee, Sloean;
X. I-'. McNaught ami wile. Bilverton;
.1. .1. Fieutot, Bell.vue; 1.. Pengelly,
Winnipeg; .Mi.-.-- Boffey, Phoenix; C.
v. Hail. t;. A. Lammers, Stillwater; u
II. Telford, Saskatoon; P, Lautensclila
ger, Seattle.
(!. Kreagh, Winnipeg; K. Ilaniiltun,
C. A. Css.sliis-. G. W. Stevens. E. A
Small,-y ami wife, Vancouver; A. a
Sleeves anil wife, Grand Forks; H.
Roberts, Three Forks; E. M. Hand.
The llurolsl Nelson Co.; Mrs. Long,
Creston; .1. G. Robson, Fort Moody; 1.
A. Siuiiks. Grand Forks; the Misses
RadcUffe, H. Cue, New Denver: J. A
Johnston, Winnipeg; O. J. Handly, K
C. Hayward, Ymir; T. Gough, Granite;
.1. It. Nash. Kenora: Miss Tapley, Mrs
1.. E, Bailey, Moose Jaw; .1. U*. lieu
null. Salmo.
F.   Culver,   Silverton:   u.l.  Cameron
Nakusp; U. Fulton, Hurton City.
p. Mclntyre, J. Morgan, G. Dalton,
Qerrard; .1. Dalton, Portage la Prairie
J. Em_erson, J. Qolden, Sandon; A
Jerome, R. Jerome, Poorman mine.
J. M. Farrell, Slocau;  D. Tattrle, U.
Oleson, J. C. Shields,    E. II.    Devlin,
A. E. Jones, City; T. Beaton, K-.slo;
I. Ilubblrd, Bonnington;    K.   Roberts,
Poplar;  A. T.  King, City.
A   Wlntndu,  Calgary;  .1.  McCosklll,
Koehs Siding; .1. Koenig, l.ewlston; L.
O'Brien, Spokane; S. Jewett, Eholt; W.
Baraga, l- D, Worden, Northport.
Sherman's Opera House
Tonight "The Virginian"
Priees. 50c, Trie nnd  11.00.
Plan   opens   al   Rutherford's   Friday
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone llll.
.n.i in- is hereby sinn timt Ht h meeting oi thi
Ilinsrilsil Ucuua  lolon.ri, 1,1 icli.l.i tn
Chief Constable's nfllcs.st Nelson,on Uih December, im.. i iniiii,I i , as,ply fur n [mailerol mr
hotel lleenie lor tbe I'sliu-i- liolel. mi  Vmlr. to
AtslstliHlsl ,i DlVtl
litis Konmbor, i*.���� Mils iihi.i. tait
rRfNINO AND iSH.imXsi s'ln-lilllv
iL__ . Aftf?	
BUrer Kinj Hotel.
Mn* \V. \V. Bradley and daughter left
Tluii.itmry, Out., today for Nolson.
J. K. Amiable liu> ttooit sending a few
days Inspecting hit*, fruit lands on the
Arrow lake.
W. J. Goepelj provluolal auditor, returned last evening from an ollicial visit
to Revelstoke,
J, L. Stamford has gone  to England.
where he will endeavor to Interest Hritish
cnpiial in his coal prnjMMtit's.
William IHmrnii is in from his ranch,
near Waneta* )The Bummer has boon spent
in patting u[i new building, and preparing
the land for fruit trees.
Provincial Assessor Lucas is iu the eity,
and In company with Gold Commissioner
Kenwiek is making valuations Of the various 11usinesses in Nelsou.
"The Soldier of Fortune," author
unknown, waa the piece selected hy
Harold Nelson and Clifford Lane Uruce
to "pen their week's engagement ln
Nelson. Many very commendatory remarks could be made concerning this
drama, hut It is sufficient to say thai
it affords ample scope for a display of
the genius of the company producing
it. Mr. Nelson has been seen so often
in this city that little need be said as
to his merit as an actor. As Sir Rupert last evening he justified all the
flattering notices of the press in the
ciiies he has visited. Mr. Bruce is improving with age, hut ft is doubtful if
his part in "The Soldier of Fortune"
is altogether suited to his peculiar talent. Win. Yule was applauded by his
old admirers and he deserved it. too.
.\ new man in the company is Oeorge
Dayton, and he certainly gave au admirable presentation of the old chancellor. Mr. Nelson has a new leading
woman In the person of Miss Pearl
Reesor of Toronto. This young woman
has already acquired fame, and justly
so As the Princess Yetive she displayed a marked genius for emotional
parts. Many complimentary things
could be said of the olher members ot
tho company, but space will not permit. The stage effects were Up to the
high standard always maintained by
Mr. Nelson, Tonight "The Virginian"
will be given, with Clifford Lane Itruce
in the leading role.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we nre reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, F. aft, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries ninde daily throughout Kelson
end its suburbs Phone 148.
BOOK-KKBPBR  Experienced ltd; book-keeper
limit.  liflltlHIit'til   IsniUlnll.       Address  K   I...
Dell; rsuiissliuti Offloe.
,'. MKN. sit sslsi'i-, for sunk III llie ivisssils.
I,, H*. K. Ceoke,sawmill, K��-is,.
issl   lusme  Willi  .���iii|,l.i>,r,s,  iHliilly.     Appl)
LAI1V STENOGRAPHER (or |h,mh,sii In Kssmtry.
'   see with cm   '
i,���x vs.. (:Hiin,li,in ,.(11-
BU8HMKN. Mill llniisl. hiii! I.os��sjiiiifi:���iitr.' ���, ���-
isl.'s KDfl&eer tViUl.-lssiii: I.siiiibtr Co.. near
liHSil.rssssli, B.O
OMI'KTKNI   HOBBS   i.lRb.    mc   children.
Apply b"x 613.
not sk, cloae in.  Apply JOHN BOOHB, Kelson]
TWO hksi-
I'D*   IS"'l��Cll'
I.ass ROOKS, utram heeled,
s-pi-r   lei .Int. K   \l   s   block.
1-ARcKI.  frs-iii  li iisinii'.ii Expfen Company's
siHK'sn. addrea 't t-> Mi-- H Toon, limn Henry
Hr,,.., winnlpes. itcw.rsi lor return toKxpren
Apislicatlons for the position of
.Intiltor of lhe Public School building,
Kelson, will In- received by Ihs- under,
signed until  n  i>.   m   on   Ktldnv.  th_.
V^ilr-tK-nr: nT7lsra"To" lis-MUl    lll-l'S'llliirl
1st, 190ti. K. C. AHTIirii,
If you want a cup of
real good tea try our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
(-ur 35c blend is the best on
the market for the money.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
A Revelation
In Talking Machine Per-
I'uution Im the
Aluminum Tone-Arm
It represents ihe highest point of perfection yet attaini'ii In sound
PRICES ARE $35, $50 AND $110
THE   NEW    "SPECIAL"   $25.00   GRAPHOPHONE is the Biggest Talking
Machine Value in the Market.
W. G. Thomson
BOOK^KJ* end   NelsoU) B_ Q
Rhone .14.
Afternoon Tea
At 3 p. m. Wednesday
Methodist Festivities.
The clearing off of the church debt
has lifted a load from the hearts ol
the Methodists and it was a happy
company who partook of the High Tea
served yesterday from 5:20 to 7:30.
Afterward there was a fraternal entertainment, at which the keynote was
goodfellowsbip among the various
Churches, Addresses were given by
the Revs. F. H. Graham, J. 'I*. Ferguson and K. H. Shanks, and some good
music was rendered by Mrs. Christmas, Mrs. Shanks, Captain P. MoL.
Forln aud Rev. F. II. Graham, while
Mrs. W, \V. Uaer actesi as accompanist.
Mining Records.
Certificates of Work���Ragailo, lis.ua
Vista, R. II. McK.
Location���Strathcona, .1. Shardilow,
on Six .Mile creek.
Trains and Boats.
The Slocan and Boundary trains aro
on time, bin al 2 ii. in. [here was no
report from the Crow*s Xs-si  boat
How  About   Vour
Quns and
We have Bley's, Kynock's, Win-
chaster, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyn.irl;'**-. Winobostar -and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Banting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Cisnis, Panta, sis*
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       INclMon, I*. tJ-
Two Books
Worth Reading
"The Invasion of 1010"
LORD ROBERTS says of this book:
"The catastrophe that may happen It
we still remain In our present slate of
unpreparedni'Ss Is vividly and forcibly
slated In Mr. Le Quex's hook, which
I recommend to the perusal of every
one who has Ihe welfare of tho Hritish
Empire at heart."
Rudyard Kipling's New Book
"Puck of Puck's Hall"
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores..,.
A, McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Batter, Eggs.
Camp anil Miners' Supplies.
The  Coat   Is   Made   Without   Vents   in
Side or Centre or Back.
The president of the Semi-ready
Company, who is the recognized an-
thority on men's fashions, has Just
issued his annual booklet, describing
and Illustrating the new fall fashions
for gentlemen.
,\ particularly good portrait of tha
new sack soil, with lis gincefui flaro
of the skirt and its slight eon format Ion
to the waist line Is shown in lhe new
The coat is made wiihnui either side
or centre vents. It is the correct
vogue this season, and In ihe Eastern
cities nn olher style can he sold.
���l. a. Ollker, the pinns-er merchant
ni \eison. has secured the agency for
the ine parable Semi-ready talloring.
Talking about It will neither put a
piano Into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. Let us tell you how
easj we will make it for you NOW to
��lve your family the piano they have
wished for so Jong.
Acts .Not Words"
The Bust In the
Market and INever
Out of Sixes.
RoyaTSHoe Store
Arriving Daily
WatoheS, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, (Wnj
iiiiii Novelties     Our stos-k nf .Miiiiii'h,,,^,
is sure to Interest you.
Watchmaker Jeweler
&  C(L        ^.Rogers^ci!
**-   ^v*t        Limited, Winnipeg,
WholcMiiic Provl-sloi.M,
Dominion Government Creamery Ono-Ponnd Bricks receivs-d weekly (rak
fnnn the churn.   For sale by nil leading grocers.
Ofllce and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79,
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B. C.   J
_ _ _ _ _ ^ VN_w_%s/vv^*
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shi-ettnetal Work, Castings, Builders' Wuterial and Mining nnd Mill Mm-hinerr
Ollire nnd Works Koo' of Fnrk St.
I'h,HIV.*      .'HI.
rsuiM-Di-t, BtQj
A Word to the Wise
This yew we Imv*.-- iippn-riaUfl the wniits ul ,.aim_
turners uml have pnHHHl into stork tho
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This RtO-76 is (Hliiptnl Cor htirrl OOfil only, uml h.(m\
i in teed to nivo witisfnction.
]* H. Ashdown Hardwa_|
Company, Limited.
��^����/Wv~~v~*^ B. A. I8AAC R. W.  HINTON ~~w^v*\/s'>
RurmlriiiK nnj dobbins cx-tuleil with r>e��pntch.   Mhc.l Metnl
Work, .MlnInn nnil Mill IVlui;lilner% .      MiiiiiiliKliii-ssrs.,,1
Or��s Cure,  W. U.   i_. ..s! r,,_t,,,-_.-  Chi-m.
f'oriisT nt Ball mnl
Frisssi Bttwtl.
INEUSOrN,   B.  C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
ImportBP <if   i-iiif
I.KKliMl-t   OoodN
Jno. T. Pierre
linker Ht*
Nets-Hurif -i.C
1 Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Siziss nnd Lim-i-st l'ri<-i-K
MANUFACTURERS   T ^ f. M?*L*       1
AND DEALERS IN   JL-tMnOef a   _>_ll_lgleSt
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracket*          Mull Orders -jrntnptly attend_��| |
VI.M-NON ,SIKIil;i    ���   ���   ���   ni;i.bon. ����� c.  |
- "==-=g=.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Because we cannot procure a better, taking In'0 "���'
count  design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you sts good points-
Woodf-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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