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The Daily Canadian Mar 4, 1907

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Array lA-VSn-WH
ME I.     NO.   231.
Secretary Discusses
Province's Powers
"Honorable"   Citizens  Called
Upon to Observe Provisions
Till Amended.
I 11... rrlng   to   the   announcement re-
:,t j   niailt*. that   Uie  provincial   gov.
11,. ist riinie'tiiplutes Introducing Lord's
ij  1,-.Islutlou, uud lhat ln the mean-
in    no assent would be given by the
ini:i< > _' nerul    to    any    prosecution
isls'i   iiie   Dominion   lord's   Day  Act,
���*.. Mr.  Hoeliester,  western secretary
ssss- Lord*! Uuy Ail,ance, makes lbe
,    wiili; Hint ,'inent:
* So lar ea the   alliance la concerned
r g.iitlB it as a inatier of no conae
(���>   trow   what   source   legislation
s   wnetlier from the provincial 01
li< minis 11 government,    ll may be
nl  llie   leniH.ailt.sis   contemplated   by
Isss af  gssvs rnment  would   be  more
keptable 10 the alllancs.' than the Do-
jliiiin Act.    The Important  requisite,
���wi-vs-r. Iss that legislation eolnefi from
|rii!is|ii-ls-ut aource.
"ln Uss- |iutilic*B view of the present
sssiss 11 one fact niuy easily be owr.
ted.  namely,    thai    t^e    Dominion
sl h Day Act la now ln force, and il
s-snnit'il tu be known to be lu force,
lyone, therefore,  violating  itn   pro-
1 m.  by an open Lord*! Day, la violins, tlss- law of the land. The words
>  act ure Bpec.flc lu thla parties
that    tills   law.  .hall   come   into
mi March 1, 1807.   The action ol
[isivinclal   government In no way
mat fact.
,. attitude of the attorney-general
.important consideration. Whether
|stli   or  wrongly,  the   Dominion,  lu
legislation,   haa   placed   reaponst-
iilion  hla  ahouldera.    Aa to the
���lun- nl thla obligation there la a dtf
-si- ��� of opinion.    Our view la that
uiiiuney-general, by virtue of hla of-
Iiiih no option bul to give conaent
in* aecuilosia   under  Ihe   Domlulssn
mil u  aucn  prosecution shall   be
own  to be petty or malicious;   and.
or,  the Intent  of the law  la  uot
Ih ���  aitnrney-general  shall,  If he
^iiea. over-ride the law, but that he
sm- ,ts ju t administration.    He Is
sm otlicer designated by the act, to
m's- Its lull enforcement. Otherwise
annuls a law which, the competent
--iitiire passing thut law, saya ia In
I*.    The jurisdiction of the Domln
lis this particular has never been
l'l- ls well to notice that llrltlsh Co-
iin  alone  In   the West  has  taken
In'stlon wllh reaped    to   the   Do-
���niun   act.     Manitoba.   Saskatchewan
fl    \lberta    have   signified    through
respective attorney-generalB their
ss> secure the enforcement of the
Duy legislation.
I'ln its application to this province it
> In- fittingly urged tlial this Sunday
slalion  can   give   little  ground   for
nulla*.    The act.  whilst  aiming to
��ur    uii'lsnal  wellbelng, ls  lm ad  In
onslderntlon of Individual  liberty,
is generoua  In  lib provision with
^|| ci to the commercial Interests of
provlnoe,    Thla  has be?n Oil urly
"sin   out   ln   the  recent   Interview
|lli ilu- attorney-general, published In
daily papers.
I'Tlie  wholi-  quistlun  of Jurisdiction
1 Use prnvlnce ls al  once  raiss-d  by
8"vemmi nt's unnuimcemeiit.    Has
provlnoe psiwer In this particular?
��� s asBerled that the Dominion Lord's
|>   lol purport! to give liberty to tin*
1* to legis'ate lu I'a own Inter-
Is in reBpect  of the Lord's Day.    lt
I'i* lie remembered, however, that lis
Tlhg so doeB not necessarily convey
['iii' province Bticli power. The prov-
have Iheir constitutions under the
[IHsh Norlh America Acl, and If they
such pow.'r In Lord's Day legls
���on, tliey have lt Independent of lie
pivnlon pnrllnment; nnd If Ihey have
not,    tlie    Dominion cannot bestow
I st., p swers.
So  far ub  thiB   quest'on has  come
Ber  review,  the  provinces  have no
.iniiigemi nt to move ln the direction
I I.s. iis Day legislation. The Judicial
pliiilttee of the privy council of Mug-
Bd lias given Its decision that the pro-
It till   Sunday   laws  of  Canada   were
tin   vlr. s,  und   before   consenting  to
|i-tKluee lo parliament a Sunday law.
Hun.  C. Fltspatrlck, then  minister
[Justice, prepared a draft  provincial
and -submitted It to tlle supreme
Ijrl  of Canada, with  lhe resuli that
fch   legislation   wns   declared   incom-
lent   fur the  provinces.    In  view of
Be decisions,    and    notwithstanding
1 example sot by the province of Quell- it would seem Inconsiderate on Ihe
|l of uny province to attempt direct
Ti'lav logls'atlon.
[A'-siuning. however, that the quefl-
"f power to pass lord's Duy leglB-
Itn hail not been settled, and lhat
���fs* l�� Bllll ground for believing that
the prnvlnce has power to enact a
Sunday law. a course Is open to the
gisveini,,,,,, which would commend it-
HM as a lair one thai would save much
r. ul.le  ,aier.    According  to  the  ���'act
'���guiding u,,. constitution, practice and
pinceilire of ihe supreme court of Hill-
IU   (.uluinbinla.**  It  Is  conipeteui   for
she iliiiieiiuiil-goveinoi* In isouni-ll to
refer to the full eourl or to a Judge for
"curing and consideration any matter
��hlth he thinks III to refer, and the Tull
csur; 01 Judge shall, thereupon hear
and consider the aame " The act then
a ecin...    particularly    matters    which
relate lo the constitutional validity
01 any act which haa bertoforo been or
���hall lureafler b. passed bv the le*.*ls-
laiure of this province, or of some provision In auy such act** Therefore In
the pre-ent circumstances, lt would
seem u reasonable method to pursue
lhat the local government should pre
pan- a draft bill of lta proposed legls-
���ai oi and sulimli It, uccunllng to the
terms of the act quoted to the supreme
court of the province for consideration
and Judgment.
���'Meanwhile, awaiting whatever ac-
t on. In the Judgment of the provincial
government, may be deemed beet, ev-
esy s'ltlzen ought to remember that the
Ditnl'lon Lord's Day Act Is now law.
and. because il Is the law of the land.
It Bhould meet wiih respect from every
honorable citizen. If its provisions are
unreasonable In any particular, redress
may be Bought not lu disregard of the
��� aw, but In amendment thereof, wh n
opportunity offers."
Not Proved hut Guilty.
Nanaimo, March 4.���A Chinaman waB
arnsted y, Bterday by the provincial po.
llie on suspic on of annoying a young
girl on the outaklrlB of the lown. Noth-
lug could be proved agalnBt hlm hut he
was fined (25 on a charge of vagrancy
Narrow    Escape   of   Workmen    From
Cave.ln of an Old Well-
Customs  Returns.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, March 4���A miraculous
escape fiom au awful death occurred
on the fruit farm of Mr. J. A. Hartley,
some twow miles south of Grand Forks,
lasl Friday. It appears that Mr. Hartley and Dan Morilsun, a well-known
resident or his place, were engaged
lu ctcaniug out an old well, when all at
once the earthen sides began to cave lu
In. Fortunately ouly a few yards ot
ssift earlh fell on the victim
ai the bot.oni of the well, but even
this would have been sufficient to have
badly injured Mr. Morrison lf it had
njt been for tlie presence of mind ol
Mr. Harthy, who worked the windlass
with greal speed and brought the
p ucky workman to the surface iu an
Incredibly short space of time, lf he
had not b��en brought to the surface as
quietly as he wa3 he might bave had
2li or 30 feet of earth over him. ll ls
claimed that in doing work about the
Bttrface of the well the sides had been
Jarred with the result of the cave-In.
Tbe following are the receipts from
the various custums offices for the
month of February as received by R. K
Gilpin, the chief collector at Grand
Forks: Grand Forks. $967.49: Green
wood, I2.125.2i; Phoenix, $1,162.39;
Carson. $277.87; Midway. $190.08; Sid
lev, $37.75; OsoyooB, $16.91; KeremeoB,
$10.40.    Total $4,778.16.
Tournament for B. C. Championship to
be Held In Vancouver.
A big wrestling tournament Ib to be
held lu Vancouver, under the auspice,;
ot the Vancouver Athletic club, lhe eve-
nln*. of Friday, March 29th, for the
amateur championship of the province.
The moat Important of the ruleB governing the contests are:
"The weights Biia.II be: bantam. 105
lbs and undir; feather. 116 lbs. and
under; spec al, 126 lbs. and under:
light, 136 lbs. and under; welter, 145
lbs. and under; mlddlge. 158 lbs. and
under; heavy, over 168 lbs.
���'Any hold, lock or trip allowed, ex-
cept the strangle, full Nelson, hammer
lock  or  hundupthe.back.
"Nothing heavier than light slippers
or lubbeiB Without heclB allowed on
"Doth -shoulders shall be on the llooi
nl Ihe Bame time lo constitute a fa'l
Flv.ng or rolling falls sha 1 not co.itit.
Pin falls only shall count.
������No striking, kicking, gouging, hair,
pu ling, bulling, strangling, or anything
lhal endangers life or limb, will be al-
Anv Nelson or Koolenay wrestlers
who wish to parlicipate cau obtain entry foi ins at thc offlce or The Dally
The Electric Chair.
Osslngton, N. Y., March 4.~-Frank
Futirns, who killed his aunt, Mrs.
Margaret Keeler, In New York City In
1904, wai put to death In the electric
Chair at Sing Sing prison today. Furlong wus 21 years old.
$athj  ��cmaMcm
FlfTT Cbmts a Mouth
Members of Parliament
Flock to Capital
Shifting Attitude of Various Groups
Hakes Complexion of Parliament Doubtful.
St. PelerBburg, March 4.���The deputies to Russia's second parliament are
streaming inlo St. Petersburg from nil
directions lu readiness for the opening
aeisaiou at noon tomorrow. Over 300
numbers have already arrived aud
otlieiB are expected by the morning
train tomorrow.
The deputies here are nearly all
Strangers and many are having their
Uml glimpse of tbe big city, all excited
and are seen in wandering gruupB Btar
ing at the stately palaces and the
cathedral. All went to Lauridate pal
uee yesterday where, after inspecting
the remodelled building, they took theli
places in the -session hall by the simple
process of laying their cards on seats
early. Nearly 350 out ol 452 deputies
will participate at the opening session.
Twenty-nine have not yet been elected
The present composition of the house
Is as follows: Monarchists 90, Moder
utes and OctoberistB 36, Polish Nation
alists 43, Progressive 29, Constitutional
Democrats and their adherent* 92, Left
purty 192, Indefinles 13. Excluding the
latter party the house may be arrayed
In three groupB of 126 on the right,
composed of Monarchists, Constitu
tional Democrats and Moderates, 164 in
ths center compuBed of Constitutional
Democrats, progressives and Poles, 192
on the left composed of Socialist?
Democrats, Group Democrats, Oroup ol
toll and Social Revolutionists, but this
arrangement ls liable to change on ac
count of the shifting altitude of the
Octoberisls, PoleB aud other groups on
���various quistlons. Yesterday was a
buBy day for the leaders. Conferences
of all parties were held to determine
what the opening tactics would be. As
had been anticipated, there waB a gen
etui disposition on the part of the oppo-
s iiini parties to avoid as far as pos
s bl* . invoking Immediate dissolution.
At the same time opportunity will bt
flven the heads to vent their hostility
on ministers and government, although
the danger of a few rash actions precipitating a calamity Is recognlztsd. The
Constitutional Democrats' conference
placed Itself on record against revolu
tionary as distinguish from aggressive
activity. Joseph I lessen, one of the
Revolutionary leaders, who declares
that the levy of taxes proposed in the
present lower house of parliament
would be��an unpardonable sin. The
congress of the Group of Toil was attended by a large number of uncommitted peasants. The Constitutional
Democrats' emmlssary made a desper
ate attemtpt to swing the group, which
laBt year was under the Social Revolu
tionlst Influence ln the Constltutiona*.
Democrats' camp. There was a long
di bate but no definite result was
Sixteen Co-Respondents.
New York, March 4.���A divorce sutl
has been brought In the supreme courl
of this city by Miss Mae Catherine
Wood against United Stales Senator
Thomas C. Platl and there is every
llkcllhuod that it will create a sensu-
lion when ll conies to trial. The complaint and answer have been served and
unless lawyers go into court with some
motion the suit cannot be heard until
It Is reported on the calendar for trial.
Miss Wood, who Ib at Colon, Mich., ls
quoted as saying: "I Instituted divorce
proceedings Dec. 27th last ln New York
ugalnst Senator Plaalt through my attorney, Mr. O'Fluherty. 1 have named
Hi wi-men CsvrespondentB. The trial
will disclose crimes of various kinds. Including robberies and perhaps an attempted assassination."
Anti-Suicide   Work.
Toronto, March 4.���Officers In the
Solvation Army temple announce lhat
In the near future there ls to be established ln Toronto by the Army an antl-
sulcide bureau, a branch of one now
working in Philadelphia. The work ls
to be general and it Ib the Intention of
Ihe organization to establish branches
all over the United States and Canada.
The anil-suicide bureau Ib the latest
work In which the Salvation Army has
engaged and is purpose ts to bring into
consultation and succor It possible any
person bent rr, ending their own lives
Philadelphia was tbe first city to
have an antl-sulclde burciu and within two weeks It had saved from se!f-
sloHtnietlon more than twenty men and
women who declared an Intention of
ending their own lives. Not only the
poor, sick, lonely and destitute men
and women have visited the bureau,
bui men and women from all v/alks
of life, many of them wealthy havo asked for aid In saving themselves from
American Liner Ashore.
���JVklo, March 4���Full por iculara of
the accident to the steamer Dakota are
exp-cted when the vessel which went
to her rescue returns to Yokohoma tonight. A Ivices Indent; tbat th ��� Dakota struck a rock, lost ber balance,
and h r stern ,,lunged into the water.
She is now ln lhat position and leaking
badly. The damage, it is believed, will
be serious. The scene of the disaster
Is near the Mokltna lighthouse, 40 miles
from Yokohama. The day was clear
and lt is difficult to determine the cause
of the disaster. It is presumed that a
Btrong current was the explanation.
Seattle, March 4.���According to a despatch received here last night from
Yokhama by Af. Matson purchasing
agtnt of the Oreat Northern, lhe Da-
ko a will flout tomorrow. The ship is
said to be 40 miles from Yokohama ln
Toklo bay, unharmed. The cargo ls
sat J to be safe.
The Daily Blaze.
Chester, Pa., March 4.���In an e f-.it
to i scape being burned, John Conly, a
comedian of the Vanity Fair company,
was instant!!' killed ' y. Bterday by
Jumping lr.,m.*-tt window of the Arcad
bote1, whvre (fee company was stopping.
The Games bsoke out on Uie first
floor of the building and cut off the escape of all members of the company
F.remen were on the scene before the
Humes gained much headway and res-
cued all the occupants ot tbe hotel except Conly, who seemed to have lost his
head and Jumped trom a third-story
windows despite warnings. Mrs. Watson, also a member of the company was
Beverely burned, Bhe Is In a hosplta.
ln a serio.s condition. The loss will
amount to $150,000.
Death tentenee Executed,
Ufa, March 4.���Prison Inspector Kulb
was shot and killed today by three revolutionists while in front of the door
of his private residence. One of thc
assassins was captured. He said thai
the Inspector had been sentenced tc
death by the social revolutionists because of his cruelty to political prts
Cabinet Sworn In.
Pretoria, March 4.���The new Trans
vail ministry, of which General Botha,
formerly commander in chief of the
Boer forces is premier, waB sworn in
Sundar Singh Burned on a Pyre by His
of Spectators Attend.
Sundar Singh, native ofAmritsar dls
trlct of the Punjab British India, who
was injured at Slocan Junction Friday
night and died Saturday morning, was
burned on a funeral pyre, according to
the rites if his race, this afternoon.
His friends made application for tier
mission for Buch a funeral to Chief ol
Police Bullock-Webster on Saturday, after Informal conferences of several
members of the city council permission
was granted. Mr. Webster chose the
city grounds on the hill as the site,
and fixed 2 o'clock this afternoon as
the hour.
Long before that time huudreds of
people had made their way to the hill.
The spectators Included men, women
and children. Sundar Singh had the
lii'gesi funeral cortege ever seen in Nelaon. The behavior of the spectators
was entirely respectful, most of the
men standing with heads uncovered.
First n pnrt of the wood was piled
firmly though loosely, and protected on
both sldeB by stakes firmly driven
through the snow and Into the hard
ground, that the pyre might not fall
until all should be burned.
Then the venerable looking Ishayat
Singh spoke rapidly but clearly ln his
native tongue, presumably saying tbe
ritual for tbe occasion. As be closed
all hlB countrymen Joined In a lament
The body, enclosed in a white shroud,
was then placed on the pryre, a framework made above, then more wood
piled on top. Coal oil was the t poured
oover all, and at 3 o'clock the torch was
applied. By six o'clock only a tew
ashes will -remain of Sundar Singh,
sometime: a. loyal "Soldier ot the
Queen." Tbe ashes will be preserved
and sent bom* to bis widow.
Spirit Communicates to
New York Publisher
Message Is Authentic-Startling Ex
periences Related in Book Published Last Week.
New York, March 4.���It Ib delightful
to die. At least that Is the word that
has come from the other world, according to an announcement made today by
the Rev. Isaac K. Funk, of this city.
This reassuring news ls contained ln
a sp.rlt communication from the re
centely deceased secretary of the Society of Psychical Research, Dr. Klch
ard Hodgson, sent by means of Mrs.
Piper, tbe lamous Boston medium, to
Prof. James H. Bishop, formerly ot
Dr. Funk gives the details ln hit
book, "The Psychic Riddle," published
today. He tells many startling stories
of messages from the dead, which ht
alleges he and Prof. Hyslop have received, but the most interesting Ib tbe
one which purports to describe how it
le.-ls to die.
lt waa written out by Mr. Piper's
hand while tbe medium was in a trance
state, which accompanies all mes
sages from the spirit world through
her. Here Ib how the alleged Hodgson
spirit describes the death process;
"It was delightful to go through the
cool (cool not read at first), ethereal
atmosphere ���I cool���cool���(fool���into
this life and shake (read as take) off
the mortal body.    Hyslop speak."
Dr. Funk explains that the spirits
often appeal to the hearers to reply.
It seems to help tbe communicating
The parenthetical remarks ln the
communication printed above are by
Prof. Hyslop. It will be noticed thai
when the word "cool" waB not understood, perhaps because of the bad
handwriting in practice in the spirit
world. It wub repeated several times
that there might be no mistake. The
same thing happened when Prof. Hys
lop read as "take" what tbe spirit
meant for "shake."
Continuing, the Hodgson spirit, ac
cording to Dr. Funk, said:
"In leaving the body, the shock to
the spirit knocks everything out ol
one's thoughts for a while, but lf he
has any desire at all to prove his Iden
tlty he can In time collect enough to
���c-s'lect���enough evidence to prove
convincingly his identity,���convincing
"It Ib bo suffocating to enter here
I can appreciate their difficulties bet
ter than ever before." ��
Commenting on this last clause, Df*
Funk says "testimony from many
seance rooms is that the spirits have
bodies of which their physical, earthly
form were tbe outer and coarser forma,
that ln this new life they do need
something akin to breathing, and that
when they enter the earthly conditions
they experience a difficulty to breathe
like that which we experience in going Into a place of foul smells."
But Dr. Funk also has some communications from Dr. Hodgson on his
own account. His message came
thruogh Mre. May 3. Pepper of Brooklyn. Dr. Hodgson had great faith in
Mrs. Piper; he Inclined to doubt Mrs.
Pepper. In April, 1905, he wrotet tc,
Dr. Funk, warning him against MrB
Pepper aud closing: "I believe you
huve done an enormous amount of valu
able work especially ln the open stand
you have taken for the Investigation
and for arousing the Interest of a wider
public, and lt would be disastrous If
you should commit yourself to the acceptance SB supernormal of manifests
tions which eventually prove to be due
to fraud."
Example for Nelson.
The Revelstoke Conservative association haB formed e debating society un-
red the title of the Revelstoke Legists
tive assembly. Lib-ral and Conservative parties have been formed, the Con.
cervatlves in the government, and a
cabinet ts appointed. Every Wednesday
night the house will alt and the questions of the day will be discussed by
both parties. The assembly has been
lased, as far as possible, on parliamentary lines, and the Idea is a
good one.
Uncle Sam Wants Adjustment.
Washington, March 4.���Postman Gen-
ir.l Coitelyou las Instructed Second
Assistant Postmaster General Shallen-
d*>rby and M. H. Bacon, of the third as.
ss a<it po;tm;is er general's offlce, to
proceed to Ottawa, Canada, and confer
with the postal administration of the
Dominion with reference to questions
which have arisen between the two administrations covered by the postal
treaty with a view to a satisfactory adjust 'iient. They will reach Ottawwa nn
King's Two Month Cruise.
London, March 4.���King EMward
started for Biarrits this morning. He
will spend the night in Paris. After
about three weeks' stay at Blarritx His
Majesty will Join the royal yacht Vic
toria and Albert ln the south of France,
and will cruise in the Mediterranean
with Queen Alexandra. Their Majesties will return to England towards the
end of April. In the meanwhile Queen
Alexandra will entertain ln London and
at Sandringham, her sister, the Dowager Empress of Russia, who will arrive
here from St. Petersburg March 7th
and remain ln England a week.
On Again���Off Again.
London, March 4.���Advices from
Dover today state that tbe Red Line
steamer, Vaderland, which grounded on
tbe Goodwin sands last night, got off
early loday and proceeded on her voy-
age. Tbe fact tbat tbe steamer continued ber voyage indicates that she
sustained no serious damage as the result of thc striking.
In Living Tomb.
Bonia, Algeria, March 4.���Eighty-five
persons have been buried by a landslide
of about 15 miles square on tbe monn
tain Bide near Sedrata.
Thaw   Caae   Makes   Slight   Progress
With New Doctort Giving Ex.
pert Evidence.
New York. March 4.���When the trial
of Harry K. Thaw ls resumed today,
Dr. B. D. Evans, the alienist called by
the defence, will resume the witness
chair ao that District Attorney Jerome
can finish his cross-examination. Bev-
eral polntst will be pressed home close
ly. One of the moat important of these
Is whether tbe district attorney may
read Into the evidence extracts from
books on insanity, which will be rnled
on by Justice Fitsgerald. The extracts
were abut out Improperly on Friday,
the Jusice wishing time to examine Into precedents. If these extracts are
admitted, Mr. Jerome will try to show
by them that Thaw's symptoms, as described by the witness, indicated tbat
the prisoner was suffering from paranoia. Such a ruling, follewd by auch
evidence, lt can easily be seen would
have an Important bearing on Mr. Je.
tome's plana for asking for a commls
sion in lunacy.
Dr. Amasllce Flint, of thla city, this
week will testify along with tbe appearance in the witness chair of Mrs. Thaw,
the prisoner's mother. Her testimony,
lt Ib said, will be ln the line of the prenatal Influences wblch made ot Thaw
the n rvous, sleepless, head-strong
child described by the family physicians. Dr. Charles Wagner, of Blng
hamton, N. Y., the alienist, and Drs.
Bingaman and Deemar, ot Pittsburg,
will also be witnesses this week. Dr.
Wagner has testified in a manner similar to Dr. Evans regarding tbe prisoner's mental state and will be put
through a thorough cross-examination
by the district attorney. Drs. Bingaman
und Deemar, wbo attended Thaw when
hu passed through a severe case ot infantile distsse, will tell of the prison
er'B early life.
The Daily Wreck.
Dover, Eng., March 4.���Eight members of the crew of the German steamer
Helena, trading between North sea
ports and Spain, which was sunk after
a collision yesterday with the German
steamer Marsala, from Hamburg to tbe
Mediterranena, succeeded ln reaching
chore ln one of their boats. After tbe
collision the Helena was run ashore
near Dover but she got off and afterwards foundered with the loss, It waa
reported, of the eight men of her crew
whose Identity has Just been announced.
Tram for Kootenay Belt.
W. Perry today closed a contract
with F. H. Nettleton, lessee of the Koo
tenay Bell mine ln Sheep Creek valley,
for a Crawford arled tram from the
mine to the site of a mill, the construe
Uon ot which will begin at once.
The Kootenay Bell, already a well
known and rich producer, will return
lo the shipping list early this year.
Prices ot Metals.
New York, March 4.��� Silver, 69%c;
copper, 24Hc;  lead, 16.
London, March 4.���Stiver, 32d; lead,
��19, 16s.
Inner History of Continental Peace Treaties
Russian, French, Genu aaftttt-
ish RegotUtfaas ior ]
01 SuuBBB,
Paris, March 4.���Some tnter-seUng
revelation concerning the diplomatic
history of tbe triple alliance are made
ln a recently published volume entitled
"The Ambassadorship at Paris of Baron
Demohrenhelm waa for 19 years the
Russian ambassador here and conducted the Russian end of tbe negotiations
which resulted In tbe dual alliance.
Jules Hansen, the author ot tbe book,
waa the counsellor of the embassey
during tbat period. Hansen aays bis
Information comes from a "sure
souroe." He saya tbat besides tbe official treaty, lt constituting tbe triple
alliance with its appended military -convention, Emporer Willia mand King
Humbert verbally engaged their words
of honor to remain true to tbe alliance
and to use every Influence, should the
occasion arise, to prevent their ministers from dissolving lt. Emperor Fran-
c,B Joseph later Joined thla pact nnd
several letters between tbe three sovereigns confirming it were afterwards
exchanged, "when" Hansen aays, "tbe
kaiser was thinking only ot France,
Emperor Franceis Joseph only of tb*
possible aggraaslons of Russia tmi
Slave In tbe Balkans."
The military portion ot tbe convention waa prepared wltb the moat scrupulous >care.. It foresaw tbe possible
necessity tor the union at Austrian and
German force* on tbe French frontier
against France, tb* onion of Italian
aad the German fleets In tbe Baltic
against Russia nnd tbe Joint operation*
of allied armies and tbe navies In the
Dardanelles and beyond.
Han-sen saya: "This information I*
absolutely correct and one of tha reasons Germany always opposed the publication of the treaty waa because It
contained as many clauses against Rus.
sla aa agalnat France and It divulgenoe
would only have hastened the conclusion of the dual alliance by dispersing
Russia's last hesitation."
The most curious feature of the history is the statement that England waa
a: one time practically a party to IL
"In the treaty as it existed before 1902,"
says Mr. Hansen, "there was a clause,
or rather a reaervatlon, Inserted by tbe
Italian cabinet whereby, in no case,
would Italy be engaged in loague
against England."
In the renewal of the treaty of 190*1
Mr. Hrlent "forgot the reserve concerning England." "Oreat Britain, aays
Mr. Hansen, "was very prudent and
never waa more than partially engaged.
The foreign offlce (England) limited
itself to declaring tbat ln tbe event of
war between Russia and Austria, or between France and Italy ln the Mediterranean, it was very probably that Oreat
Britain would Intervene against Russia
ln one caae and France ln the otber
without admitting that this declaration
entailed upon England obligations aa
a keeper of peace."
Campaign ta Aid Ruaelans.
New York, March 4.���The Society of
the Friends of tbe Russian Freedom.
recently organised to focus American
sympathy with tbe sufferers In tbelr
fight for freedom, haa arranged for lta
first meeting In Carnegie hall tonight
Nicholas Tchaykovsky, a revolutionary
leader, and Alexis Aladyn, a member of
the first douma, are to be the principal
speskers. Tbe meeting ls to be merely
one ot a large number of cimtllar demonstrations to be held throughout th*
country. The Russians will appeal tor
material aid bt their cause, and trill
organise many branch societies.
Iroquois Theatre Case.
Danville. 111., March .4���The esse of
Will J. Davis, growing out ot the Iroquois theatre holocaust by whleb mor*
than 600 persona loat tbelr lives on th*
afternoon of Dec. 30th, IMS, tune np
for ttlal today ln the Vermllllon county
circuit court. Th* caae wa* brought
here on change ot venue from Chicago.
Mr. Davis waa manager of the Iroquois
theatre at tbe time of the flr* and I*
charged wltb Involuntary manslaughter
precautions for the Misty ot the the*,
by Ms alleged failure to take proper
tre audience.
���*'.- $m*
Itif The Daily Canadian
'.'        i'. ���
��� STORES =====
two car:.",-.:'? first
C :_���-������-.*��������� TIM-iTHV KAY
-   :. ������:     ���
_   ������.-���   ->:���   ���  -
hn    k waa
::zrri cia*-* bMkI k Ma: -���: =i^: �����/
7: ^ v -.- :* ' ���_.-: : " ��� : ��� .'.:���
aa exrv^daalj Hftcalt task before it
la a4_taattac or adapting t&e ae* .av
tu    Ub*    ateohtt* reqairefiMBts of tbe
a.;:.".-.-      Nj   _._-"    -ni    I:--:-*   * .-.*
h pctmltanttc* waJca win Make tke t%>
.::.-!���     '   ��� i,���     - v-     i    ��� i   . i".:r'      -
���   -    ;     ��t. -   -*._.;   -  ���: r;*i*_   i   .'    :
cam    ��-a i   fti   ��� aMato   ctXaJusMC      No
__kjl   tk*>   _u   ;
'- -���  ;.:.:  r.   -    ���.-:���:-    :-   -.
vfaa Haatoaaaj   Tfee pm   ���
la proriacto    I
oleic* gcrre-ramax sfcoi.
pcorirc? as it was fc^r*    Tbe ;
-  ���   - -  bet, is- a ?s
. it
*.--    '  . *.
Tbe  H*-d'er  QueOi
>o����      :-:���>'���
tattag Premier HcfltrMa to fib��
They mar ��ate t_h��**m*^";
. -   ri
work tor Premier McBride to do ta thii j
,._:-      :.i .-  �� '
as to tbiak of dtapeaat&f  I
Tieea of aata vao caa do thins, wbec
oar own boa* Is pa: in
7       Utffcl - :-��� ...
s i    ���    i :��� e -"r- l-   -
ca.a*e i: faasa't Anal    lottar    bosea.
t]_Km|Jb its poatal re-Ten &�� i* aaait]  s  -
-   ���"  a
n?;i: *     - ��������� ���   ��� .*-��    - '.. "   ��� '--   s   ���
���n   quite sare tba:
r-; :-���_*���:   - .  :.?   -��� -    *   - -     ��� -
.* h         ;���' r toMtf coaT��rte��ee
��� o _...   -��s-L     -.-  f*. r ...       _.L-
v .*  - .. -  -.   ��� r .-.
.*.*-��� , ;     -  , **    *
ANHEUSER    ^�� ��� ori^
BUSCH...    Budwdser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old
.**   to l��* aaetk
-     .   .
un uwtnw,
ei iaaaarj, A_D_ X9T..
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D P.  SV1L.K1E  PMrtSBft
KEST  H.5U..0W.
BO'S. 30BERT J.KTYBJlY. TK*-Pnnita:
Brii:-_2 ii British Coitanba:
i-.p.o'^HEAr',    90u>_a     inagrw,   aanunaa
:*;���* 2;: wi - * '-��� 7.7.7 s-._,:-. r - '.-
i- _: i-- .: -���---_-- - * - - -
satiable ta a pr-o-fince in which the ex-
:-i- az: t_- -������ ������ -..--*. ;_-_
tkaa is so Taried -and where Steve all
otter places, men regard tin nm Ins
I   -
'AV    itV.'.    Hi::    -C.-I      -    --- =-    ���-���      --
snl:   of  tie  represen-_i*iT.   -*���_.-     .-
t-r ieM her? in lie middle of lhe cion'.h
The citr niase-a-E: in VsK-iATer was
rtoentlj rt-sa.k-ed ol a namber ot aa-
tMt���Utt and ralsafc e som-eair cotes
_: - -. ���-.*.:'
BoMiac a dikiid ti aheal nexi to n>v
b ng a -r-ar^rard. VanscosTer mosi
haTe t**n iE,-ortinf sm aew -spwiw
tM tbe g nus boom.
-.- -  ��� ���
>EI___0>   BRA.VCH
correct tu.~ trx.
J��   M,   LAV,   A.anager.
Detorfiis naaiaai Hi iz\*aewt ailow-jd correct n��c frees dis* of opeaaicf cf
a^.-ocat, and c.x_.p:^L_.^_; ^ali jtarij.
The Royal Bank of Canada
l\COPPORATEO   l��<,g
Cirr-K _-n An_*W                                S-r>. ;                                       Ts**' Assert
iisno    .   .    $_\.'oo.cco   .   .    $12,000,000   .   .   $i7.Soo,ooc
1906    .   .     S?.290,000   .   .   $52400,000   .   .   $45400,000
Efr; ������������-    .' !        -'.         :-������-              .;"- e-   -----:-���-. and inter��-.
[Aid Qua*--- ..'.----:             ��� - -"            -- 1-----:?-.:-
Nel��m Branch, G. A. SPINK, Maaajjer.
��    .:. tba: cr "- i.rr.- _h;.'t. -.wo dax?
r .:.    1.:   i :  : ���-," ���   --  ' --t  ' r ~~
:i5.i:.'j. :-���;���:__���>:__.:. .oarisy l?^
B*Atr *!^.  -<e__h>x. B ft
'   -zJ<.:r~~.   .:--   -���    ���-.   ?;*_*_i'..;_:   _^
o.*-__:��   &   ;-" r-      ;���   _:.__*:   :^   u-l.r
���* :��� ���;   ���-.a-   *.__;     -.--: *-^  j;-e-s   *.c-  *.t*
-_-���***:          ���     -t ���-*      -            '.';��-     .'I.:     t-V.
.      '.- -                     .1      '-   1   "     ���-���     '    * - '- -   ' T  T ��� .       *-.--
.--    ii:  -is.-   :_
���~ ���>                      ._ :. .             .:"-���-:   ;   :���-  1 .:
10       Tbe
r_'y - ~\.[
MAkCM ^. 1907.
���tar.    There
���-. 'j-....- 7.-
��� -    1 . ��   -    ��- 1 ������: - __- ���  -   ' . ::r- :   *.       -
*  -  f       - . . ��� e     ������*_.-    :���-*.    .:f-: :���;
> *mJl   .je*: ��* tbrr-tfat* k* naiM rtafl ������
, 1   ���   - - .
". ��� -/*::,
.'.  -.-   ���-     ;.:������::     - :--.-.
on  whiei  tke Lsswd��  Dst Obserrane*
.-.-��� A :.'������- ---
i.---  - i,    -   ::...      ' *:.-   ���   -.   .-   *.--���-
imeiai of its rigid esloreeaseat and
some jast estimate of lu attse-r inadapta
Mi;t-f to tke p-nrriace ol BrftUb Coiom-
'. i.     ~7-  :.-   --   ----- ..-*.,. -.*.  -.  '
the -eaisaraasust of the set has c-ome
Imm ih- Terr eiaas it was intended to
httmrk; The meetlBg of nrtne oanen
��a*i o;s*rato�� h-sld in this cilj last
Friday and lhe mediae cal *d to be
I March are Indica-
.' ih* sertoasaeas of the predica-
mtat ia which the managers   of   the
tudnsulcs of the Kcotenas �� find
ttenuelr^i, sand it transjifrey tba; net
ther io letter nor in sfdrit, G2fi the law
le madt -.*.���-  w.Uioiit strikin? 1
Uow a: -he mining and lumbering oi>
er-ticfis. which maj b-? tbe rale ot
The m?n emolojred in wveral of the j
miniag camps hare alread-r, 00 their
(nm in tiatir-?, petitioned the attorner
���ecnera! to sraspvad senforwment of the
t*. >.rA in many others where the man
agers ga-re orders to oeaie Sondar o>
1.: and -obserre the proililons ol
tbe   iet.    ralsaable   and    ladis;.
isjen bare -_ire notlw of iheir intention
ti  d-��rt  ��o   tbe  cam-pa   of  Montana
Washington and N>rada
It maj* t-e tak^n for -^ant-��l that tbe
mine mana-rc-rs. wl-boa- eiceplion. art
in (-.Tor of ob:crrtn-_ Sunday as a uni
venal day of rest and were conditions
favorable thro ��onU rrobably be no
Sunday Tort fn tbe m-s taiiiferous mine?
tt lbe p.T.Tinc. The Daily Canadian
ls in a p.sitioa to know this Is a (ac*
ReeeetlT Rev. Professor Kiipir.-i-
0^ ___cx colte-ge. Toroc-.o. -n*i-^_ _.r
weat on a firing Trip wtich inTar-a;:?
-entitles the Eastener to record aod glr;
expression to bis impressaioc.
Weat on his mora borne* Like moat
-eastern rtsitors the professor saw more
that is bad anil reprehensible than he
saw gescsd. Among ibe places criticixed
was Cranbrook which tbe profeasor
ca;;*-i The seat 0! Satan." This anjus:
ciaracterUatioc rtgbtiy siro-i-��_ lie ;n-
digBatkm of the -Cranbrook Herald
which deals a RoOand for aa OUrer
-77 iv* 7 : .- ; *..*t_ - --_.-- --L* .-���
step tae boonds of truth- We qoote:
-We beliere we are nl- :. Ihs 7-
eertkm when we say that Qtaahs -
las more churches in comparison to ber
population than Toronto, the good: tha:
*__e has more people ar.e-_:_�� cn'irci:
Is proportion to ber population than
Toronto, the sood. that the peojrfe of
Craobiook spend more money for church
purposes In proporJon ;o their v*tttl
than the people of Toronto, the good:
that there are more readers of good
literature In Cranbrook in proportion to
the po',- '-' -7 ' -7 -7.-?* are in Torc---
10 the good: thai mm are more bon-
c*l icrkers for a !iTe'ibs��d ia Crai.-
tr'.-ck in proporttoa to population than
ti-ire are tn Toronto -he good; that
there are less plaices of fin tn Craa-
b-ook ln prr>portion to the population
than there are ta Toronto, the irood:
-ha.- -h-r^ are fewer liars, fewer hypo-
cr.tes. fewer sycophants, fewer moral
lepers, fewer gamblers, fewer slanderers in Cranbr-xik ia proportion to the
cop-alation than there are in T - *
���JSe good Why should Mr Ki'patrick
pick -oot Craai.rc-ok as the Sodom of the
west, when a little observation would
77-- v.---. -. - -:-.- ���-.--.* v._* .-  .;.
ts -77. ������ :t;.-- "r.:= ��� -=- -:-- -':.---
--- -.. -,������-������ 7.- -_������_- i-v. 7 -.,-..'
M- YV.--.-r.-t :������ :- r'.zV :��������� '��� :-
mem when he gets back to th�� e-ast.
a'--- as--:a- *---. --- -.-��� t .-.
cordial manner tn this town 00 the occasion of his visit, and give utterance
-   -   . *   - -- - - -    a: a:
When, bowerer. a prop.vs.sI is Kad^
ti ���snforce th.? law and d-rT>rive him of
th-r right to labor aeven days a w^s-k
and he follows this up with a threat
10 leave the province and negotiate his
skill and labor in some country where
an days are alike, he places the onus, the industry and lhe prosperity of
tbe -whole country in jeopardy. That
:. sn serious upon the question
aad sinc-ser- fn thetr sfeter-mination to
quit Is amply shown by tbe fact tbat
in several of the Kootenay mines, fall-
tnr satisfactory aiiurances from the
managers that tbe law would Dot be ec-
f-.rced. -some cf the men anticipated iu
eafo. ^ment aad left for the United
Stats**-s. while a majority of the others
hare -dsgnilled their intention to do so
In mliei coat gwas to towns as at
Greenwood and Pboenii. where men
live st home the men have voluntarily
observed the day of rest. But th* same
cooditio-oj do oot apply in tbe isolated
mountain camps where work la the only
diversion, and if the word may be used,
tbe only real comfort they hare. Thus,
the psosition of the managers appears
pathetic. Without any disposition to
slight or disparage tbe law they must
either promt against iu enforcement
or close their diggings.
We iio not uaderstaud that there ls
any disposition, either on the part of
she mine ow_,, rs nor the men to disparage the g'oJ points In the la** and
thr w--'i-meant intentions of its advo
cates.    Bnt the-se men are confronted
The Globe says: To be of -any ase
an oppt-rition mast -champion the pab
lie inter-eats, which most be. under pop
ular institntioni. fwrpetually a_*a'led
A pretence ot iotas this by exploiting
petty de'inquinciess in offlcial srvice is
csele-ss. The appeal must be taken to
lh> pobtlc. not pri-ntely to the crafty
s<-kers for favors An opposition must
be ia -advance of the slow march of v
Lt:cai iereVjpi&zti. must move forward
and plant iu standard, rally the people
rovad it. make iu demands, d f. --
issues, aad when tbe -lm* is ripe for
Ihe chance march to victory."
Barely this is a good pointer for the
rescast of Liberals ia tbe provincial
The determination of the Am-ricaa
coast mills to go into the cargo trade
and ship their htmber by sea to domestic and foreign marfceu. caused by the
-car shortage, will materially benefit
the -Bills of tbe Interior, as it will leave
ihe prairie markets practically free
from c.:.-.;.*-:-|va for Canadian mills.
5ho-::d this actually take piac., as Is
tbreatea-ed by the United S*aea mi:i
���SB, the demand for -Canadian lumber
will be e-aormosu. As the demand lias
hitherto iept pace with the sjp;;.. he
year of Ufi promises to be a banner
year for th' lumbering sand manufacur
inr -ndas'tiy.
The Laurier government sent a coo-
tlsfent of Ottawa members and po.lt-
Th* Caigary Herald -    -       ' -
-":: ���- -rs-..- s   -t
law is one whiti  -
s-ssection   of   Coase-r-1
��� th   sc-.-r   L.r*-i.:-   II      - -      .-   ���:
:ar- -a- -  -e -  -   '���-      "     ' s^t
.: .  ���
* .:-.. .l    a   ...      :   -
rt .mt Sart-W ;s SIM   < IllCT  t*-
��� ��� ���.-:���- t  ..  ;-a:
T. t.knu,
���   ..-..,   . (.���
.mi himii 10 *_tf Hc_-
-: :���  A**
.   AATT,   nt    l__Ml.       C*m-
:. v-wl ��*K.r�� ..  ��n��v
��� ite mmis, sah nt mi*
��� .   :.  *      .    *���   ���-
.**.-. 1  .   .    ��� .    ���
....       ,_���������-
s mm. m *Am. t* t��-c_t-
NELSON       m^ASSS^S*m^am    V1CT0RU
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Notie* ta ben-tT r_T-is tat
 %m tha Btt
a-. *.   *   --I.'
:���-���-  ���   v. ��,;;.�� "���- -     l_    -      *��� - >' -
ftoaer at Uilt
na, R.C, ior
^ ^^^^^^H
Uarthf ta   Wcm Emkm
��*;*-�� t
""���     .--.:.'     *
-*.���: -.-:���* " .  i-
It  _in*r.t~ U -laiw. t*-
Ubca a*m a riuu to paaa:
:u 1.1* ���  a  ���-- - - -    ���  ���*���
Lmxazti Ttl^arj 111:.  BH
fast��� *1t*- L*eai��r.
S ��� ���   I        l - '     ���t".    a     -
it-- :���.���---      -al- ���   ��� :-" ���   -
kUt rb-jti Cammtaaamar ��* Lma*i�� aad Woriu �����
TaMfo, t. * .. tor atsulmavm ta pent am ib* W
ieratax^tatriiMc* U��i.  tttsuc ta Fir* V*_-rjr
i"w Seou-ftAT 4t#trtr..  tsamasaaetstf ��t �� po*-
f.V   1 ���   -' -     * .--
s��oo��._s.i . EwS.1 ear**?
:�����������   '-���- -  ���        .  ��� -       -       :--   -  -        a   ��
a-*7*M**etAeor*ett taamo* mat*. a>��kalM v> atata
~ -. --_   ��� -������--       -  m      .,.*i.*-i   ;   ���-   */
' Imyai ia j 3rt Uy at N����,I_a
t L S ru * oj
4t iar* '?*t ia.it I :a>=4 to *J*'T *t- m* fl<w
\l ������ -������--��� 1-, '*  ��; ;   v *
���r-rtaaat *Wt aerea at ama la
-  -t 4��.i tsr.if * ������ortwc ef   tt&oaa tt
aaa) tttaf������tfct>��*��a'le*erft��i as atOamwz
* ominewciax ru ft k��" fiaaavi uiiKi-
���  ���-    ��� .-   -    V ' -*.-:    . .*-   -      '   -     '.   Z   'v
T-i- -   1: _    - t-t-:   .'     -    -    ��� :.--
:_.--   ���������*��������    ������_--�����-.���   ���      ._._-'
ia��a��< mtmth m caaiw; tLcaoe eut fit taatta ia
;-a *      :-; :- -.:
������iri>n Strlbtt.
i. ��. AyyArut As-at.
KoUe* tf b*n&r f!��ea laat te da��� tmm oaf
> lW HoMrafcfe tie Ckic* Coi
Ulead to 1   ___________^	
an*! Verti to partasaa
allaatt l��o_*ert ft*toJlowt:  Co��K��a____
��: �� ;->: ;.4--:���*-'*���_.:_.- i*.-.- :*-.i
M<yp�� mer, ftboat a* *r*ria Uam c
ratftTtsca    -*L   X'.Lemz t   a.    w.   wc-aer   ya*\S
:_.-_.*���-   -��.':  -      :.*.:_���    :_-- -   t   -      - ���
..:'.      .-���: ���     .��.:..   ".���.-���. *       - - ���
fi'*'j'*" ��� ��� ��� i m iif iii looiftiiiut ta ii 11 ii
sore or i*sm.
l*xmM--AtA Ktt .laj On.. 19%        Ror  stela���t.
mate ,A-;t k'.-*z iaiti teitAAtt* toftprt? to it*
Bed- Ck-cf CwntltiMH of Lftftds *a4 WorkJ.
Virtorlo. to aatrhaatt l�� _u:r** o< i����<i ftfaovt t��o
���_.. ���  ���_-     *  .. .*   i     . -    ���-..���..--���-
c��t?-.ai ��i ft ;��������: =�����*.-: In i��- * -��������-
eacwer ml" mM k�� baaf ca tha eutertT e��4
of *a -tami wck ot Lotle-C.smd tMaim.va; *_1 tha
.i'.     -. -. --   :���--��-    ��� a   :   *-  -z t ������  .: **--
r ..- .i ti  -*��� - -      a   :   .*.-- .7    .--  -    it
i> -' :     _���---.-���=-   r* ���-  - -.:_:
Vvramber Uta. 1JW. I   ���  :ifiw.
/ t Awnit -trt-a-L
-i:; team ett���Wat* i :aien-3 Wft^;!T to t__*
H  .  ,     ...   s-^ ���   ...    ,    ,. :.  t       .   .,.
. -4 v .-��.*-_��� k -������ - .i- : - ���:-���
<vs th* veatrtdeof *n�� ts* . I - a -tireeUj
m.-nt A l-xTr*. <:ca-m*-*s*x at a armt Bissicd
nik5  L coraer of Lot TTX aod Borkcd - ft E
ft K joracr.* tid r^aai&t *>rt= iJ t-*b.t.
:*. .^ - ��-��: -* :t i* :��� --- ��� i- ���" -. J a--
-.i-i - ��-*-  -'      . i -��   ��� - -     -   ��� ��
Lmaat* <*ac * tbaia*. ta pianat be*^tc:cf
"��� "*^ ***" itumt* ���u:^i,
> �� .-*���    :*"
>oti#* l�� MreVf ri^ea ttat * lajr, uter-tet*-1
i  -.   .        a   ; *       -    ���     *-.-:-..   :.-:
^- .-i- *-��.--.--.. --,-.: i
tke tM_��ml3( <**r.M ^arj ta �� ��*l t'-wu;
���mtri-rt- O^BBeaeiac ��t a. jta: m.ast~i Mn \
A WHiftC'cWaMf yo��c. p4u>:��4 at ta*^orta<M>t
**r��er of Ae*^i- a i;. I'/attts* X, ros*t��s ��o��ta
���t caatw. Uwwe* *��M �� ^t_*ta��. ��b��K�� aena ��
'aftJu -.a- WMe east fi��*&*l3J to $w��re af cow
���acauaaea t, e��ftutai��f ���� wna, afore or uae
itm*** tiirt.n. t**y        mm v a wow*
J   WUJCK. iptL
5oc��* to a��n��7 ctrem Uiat fi* dan after Aa-Jt i
rti**i toaaftr to ta* Baa^ntbt tha CaW <oa
r. ������- .--   ,' -al's   f ���   *.-i.   '  - -.--_.
Moyle rlrer akort 1 Kile from Jit* aartoaaj
ttaaatta��� aod a aaat 1 bUc fro* *���*- kaa* later
oatSoaai Kt : C^eaeacfA; at a po*l marte^
I' Grast i ft _. coraer aaat, tt^tt* ��*���: ���;���
dMM tierce aorta * eaaian; tWaee eut a
efcataa; taeseeaortk tt eaataa; Ueaee e*j: tt,
>-a.tza; iteaeeftOota��i��*halAf to ��Uee of   ��a-
-i -^_---     -.1* -    * _> * *������-.: .i-.
Lorated Oet. HU J*��
'* a-
V ___. ��>:
tktaaa ���
I      !���-_.
5oen** ;
Mai: I
�� kaaa,
�� ��t#t.
-��� lau
!-���  i     '.-.������"-     i*<-'V*       ���r'      r.   i.   ? i_;
���m -rtMi daw I tsvad to aapi* to tae
ti Ccm-rJaaaaet at Uadt aad ����rfca.
�����    *�����   �� -*���    *   ������_..   :*_. K.-��
-   ���   ���>. wlaaoy: Comjaeattac at a pan
-   *
hMmm'i pfr-eiapcioo. aad aawkM ��   ill
i    a - ���:   -.       Ia   ���������-���-   *
���mia m eliataa. tbea^e e**t ����� <-AA.a��. tkeaca
wixAiaa WriiiUM,
J   E. ASSktUL. Ami.
i  ���  ft.'-rr dale I tatewd to a^piy ia tbe
*:..    ��� ��� -1 ���
to yvtam Ma aena ef laad:   Cosaeartaf at a
paat aiiB-ed oo Vs** wtsat aaat ai Sts ail* tna,
-   aW-ii too aad oae kalf mtiae
���-i-   iake    asl aarked  ������>*..   Mr
��� -   *-*t cora-tr ���^cat," tkea-r-e *a*i te
��-���:_���-���- sm.*: ��:
�����������.--      i *     ��� *.-,   ���-    :*.-   '      - ���
Uaawk tkli Mtk daT of XeaemaaT, IXC
Set MiKfr���tis
ttstj dart after date I perpoee mating appli-
eatto3 to tae Boaorablc Lbe ekief Coakaaattoaer
A t-ftadl aad Works ;-..��� peraiaavya to -^ankaae
tae tUiovtar deaeribed laad:  CoataeoetM at
-'---���* ���-.������:.: "*t   t,     .
-Marked   i I    * eoraer. Ikewee (olio*.
:it tke awiikera sboaadao Lot tern, fc chat-ai
���sore or !eae eott to tke weM boaadarr of lot
fiflOL tkesee foUr *oi*_u act toath k) ckatoa to
,-.-���_-���-_..       *���      laattm   ������ -i - �����- .- ���
rkatae  veat ssotsg mid fcOBDdarr  te> tke lake
tfcon; tkeare aortk ��ekaiao waata at \em tai-
mtag  te   *t? *aore to poiat of txaam+mtt-
DaM De��**��l*. Hta. ttm.
 F G rirynik.
>"o*S*e Is fcerekr rjrea tbat itat-f <jaft after
date I leierd ��� ��� - Hon tkeCklef
CoBKbwioaer of La��b aad Works ior pertata-
%ioa lOMirrkaa* ti.e Maoaitst*; dearrlbed laad
i-.tutcd ia tke West KoofnftT dMtnet: Coav
BKactac at a *m*n floated at tb��-N.I eoraer
of L. nrterfi pn^*ar��Uoa." aad raaaiaa;
Uteace eaai  t> efcaiw; tkeatetofttk fe -*-	
UiaiT Pt-h��, I^tater.
 M   h   Mt\riAm-:s. A��*at
-   r--��'.T   i.TM-i  tbfttttxtr  *3*7�� *��*ler
!ftV  -   ll   ���.���*���..'   ���
Cbkri Coataiarteoer of Uadi and Work*, tor
:--���-. ���    ���     ,. ,  - -      .   -   _ -
laade tttaaled tn Ue West KocVflay dlstrVt:
��� r.---- ��� . *�����:-.:- -.-i- - B H g .���.:.
***l eoraer, an-! aortk iii B. Lara* t, Mir
Tkaae ri��t_a. or. - theaat aorta te
���"baias; tkeM* ***i *_n cbaia*; tbt-ore sootk -IB
uwkt   in p*>:ai ni eom-
aeaeeae-a;. lualalaaaw Marrea, aoreor lata.
DeecaberaB. int.
HretET HalbCr,
 M  ft. Mr-raaajt. IgmL
���:r; .����� aftei ._*�� 1 mtead to apply t�� tke
Cbtef roreatanoaerot Loads aad Works u> pet-
ttAam+eiM*7T*rf\aitA- kvrated ia Lo��er Arm*
Lake, Wett KdafaHaT: ���<4tatriu at a prmi
i- s v. ���-.. -     '   I-**   Ui-
ladtan ftcserr*'': tk^ateavatk Mf-kaiaa; tbea^*
srvrtarfctMa; .bece aortk to *batas; t!**a^c
taste       i        :   piavv at beflanlnjt.
Locateo Atb day of Dtetaber,
KktT dap after date
Houorahle tke 'iW 0
,___. imra
:.>*n*.t la fire V*1I��. _w. sfc;��rrtt^t m Isllsas:
rs���smiH ->t a ran -uu-ttda a. xtii *.ir.
earacr.Aad pUai^t _i tte tontiw-Mt sttsw: ol
Us -9IA. *asd rvaslBf ws��t_s ��> cte_w, ttetet
*.: t. ft*lai. :.-.*_^* n-.r.i ��/ d��im. tii_sB_��
vmr. x. ��S*uh to -Alace of bcatBatsg.
5ov 1Mb. BBS. OK,. K McVaial.
/    *      ��� .    :       t   AfVCt.
SUtr *lan ��t>t --Ishtt I In-Atin to sfc&pl? t* tte
���Bsaa-araUl tte Charf c*mwtmmmaKr otima&t **,
Wortj t�� jnnhm. *.Mt mtm vt Ua.i. 1-^.tvl la
fire Viliey.����� w��.t ��-._. ��r *r-ow Uke: C��n-
Mcssetaf at a pan ptMled 4i��-baiBf wc t of tte
_ -.__..- -. .-,. ��� ; s .,..-..,.-..- _
aa^ asutcrf J W't _ E ftorntr, -aad ron-olAf
aorta a> _S*lo�� t^Mr wict -SB estulu. ttaeor^
ao-vta ** etelaa. it^asst eait 16 th.tzj to pi*..* of
��or. ins. at*
.'.-�� * *:   :.m
.'I i��J.;_a. Aj-_:
SUtT _��/��� after state I .at_od to at-pl-f to tte
B.* ti- CSlestCoj-emts-toier..! Uo.l. iSd �����Si
to |*_s-_ba-> Hi ttm of Ws.: IScantirsiu ��t a
pr��t aMtlel -N. T B*. smotteaut roraer po.t *
.��:! vm frttu at the sortteut roraer o fi��o
Hc-S��>o-. ;^ter.ptloti date, _-. . ������ BUlm
���oetteart of a.rtoa City. ik,oc�� w.��i �� ,b��ln?
Mcuarkafsaa. -eett Sl etna., north ��� . haa.
e����t �� rtatM. 100th �� ,���____, t��� p_���e ���, ���T;
MeaeeateourOTtalalnsiM ��-m    ���"-*"��� ��->���
UfeleaHUi JaroOor ira   .Vrr-n T Bira.
Hair slari after Sate I taiesM to applr lo tte
    ���-���:---. ;������������* ...
tletoria. to pnrtte���� * aerea of laid ismaaaa.
M*iO**l Arrow u*e. abow.��lS2
teto. ��.rto��. aa. .lejerltes. a. foJU-r,-1 ?���_T!
S2_?Sl,,���^4^*��� J**1*'-'*'*  *'  "���-* toMbSat
tte�� jjg a^ata, ��� puce o, Seatff,^*
 -iJLi?!_____?,-��- Ar*nt
Notiee is Hereby rt-rea tbat fa< dart alter date I
iatsend toappiy to tbe (ioaorable tbecblef f'om-
Btoxioae.* ������>! Lead* a' 1 W^rk* fi>; renatailon to
pan base tbe Mk>��t^r deaertbed Unds tftoate
about HI Rises east r>r tbe C.tfot Xtls-iD. no tke
���oath ako�� of ib* ����t Am ��r.f footenay lake.
asi eow>i?&rf"Btr a* a post piaeed about r> t'batns
���oath ot the* artstb*** corner of Lad _f4i isarced
- " - ���** > a rner' thea- - lootb x
ebatas UaMI east a) -hatM, tben^ n<*tb ��
ckaias. the&ee west 2, ehains !��� jnlal Id fan
U��Ud ca (th day of .tor,. _**.    ft. incaai
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF. PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qwdttr.
P. Burns & Co.. Ltd
Or-den by aaall to aay braaek **       * I ���
a " ������ '
He%dOfiice: Ne!��c��.ll
(A Meeting of tbe Employers of labor
in the mines and smelters, and in th
lumber industry of East and Wei
Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employ
ed in these industries in these districts,
will be held in Nelson on Thursday,
14th March, at 9 p. m. in the Boardo[
Trade rooms, for the purpose of cqn_
sidering the effect of the Lord's Day
Observance Act upon these industries
*ottcc ts bereby (tree tbat �� dart af.er date 1
tsvnd toapply to ihe Uoaorable At ��� btef Tna- I
amtoaer ot Loads aad aToraa, yuaarla. B �� .
|0i t^faartoo to purehase tbefoLoa-tnf dtorrtb-
m laad. situated la tbe West K<-.'.-ua>
oatka w��stsvl<ro( i nbame! (o-��i Mil*) ereek   '
aa np-er tide of w*|tob m^d. *\*i\a. 2*, alles
fr��a Weat Ara o( Ko-teoay take:  t'oaua-ewtnf
at a poat mark**! Mrs   Hat:;*   Doe! I  *    E   rvt
net roanlAX �� ehains vest;  tfc-tn**-* �� rhain*
��s>-;tb. tbenee et * balni earn:  ikf-nc* 3D rbatns
north, to tke ao'nt o( eonacnftaeai. roauln-
tnc Sl aen* of land, aore or leM
riaud the t*tb '���orea-iber t��*
Mr*  Ilimi Vtxtt,
Jatv* t TaTUa, tteat
-!tij -lays a' er date 1 intend toappiy to'.hr
��� > the ('btef Coaat>s*)iQerM toadi *ad
Wt ������� for penakwtoe to pqrrbas* :b# foilowtng
lss��>Mbe>1 Iain*** In K<M>teD*��r dlitrts-t: fota-
eenrtnf at a pust uarkM J B Atin-*Me**s north-
*���at ronxrf pttti, aid post helne on ���
���*,de of thc Lower Arrow lake, about too ail**
below Bnrtoo '"Hy; |ken��e "tooth k> rhftins.
(bene* west A> rbaitis; thenre sonth Jft'hsloi;
tbeor* wt-st Ti rhalDs; tbrare north SI rhetor
sol ID link*, mora or *am to tb* lake ibore;
'.hence eaaierit aloof lake *>*-balni. more or Jraa
to tbe plare ol U-^mnink. con tola tn�� 1(6 a/rea
imore or leso
t-ated this Sth daj of aaattaatW, ItOt
J   B. AjOtiWA
p*r K. U Bcwwt. Af .-nt.
?iitf day* alter date I intend to apply to the
Chief tJoaatssloaer of Land* and Works lor
aeraMaton lo pnrrhaae the following deserlbed
landi ta K'-otenay Imtrtrt. abont tbres? -qtiartars
of tallefron Thrao'i Hdiag: Comtt^ncta* at a
po��ti-iae*d at tb*l>. w. rorner ol L SWl. ��roup
'. West Kootenay ft*tftct; thence wsierty
lollowtnt the north boondarT cf L V*W, ��
rftaini; theoee north U chain*; thenee east*)
'halm, moreor lea*, tothe S W corner ol
UWtt; thenee Moth foliowine the west v->; n-ia-y
otltata 10 ehalna. aore or fe**. to p,a..*> ..t>on-
aenremrsl. 'onuiainc �� aerti. tson- or lesa.
Lated thu *ih day of D*eeaber 1��*
H  11   ITtts, Loealor
s-xxlt day* after date I Intend ?o*pp;y ro tbe
Boa rhttf Coattiiftio'ier of Uiuli ao-t Works,
Virtorta. to purehare w> at/mat laad, l<��^atrd no
:be writ itdr of Arrow lst*>. nttnci fir ��� aiifs below Burton ��'ity, and '!�������� rlktd a�� lo hm; i"..m-
menetng at a poat ir.arl'-d * F R ft* w.cih.a��t
eorner." and t*ln<Ri( baiwcsst r,( ih�� oonbvHt
corner of Lot 1,19: theQ*^? north*'* rbatni; lbence
wesi M chain*: thenre south Mcbami; tbenr*
ea*t ft)   .-*.::��� to the placa of   ���(::...:..
Nurt&bcr 1-tik. '.*Jt F r, "rn,
par ; E Amiu
8-r bi<�� In-ra M-.���**������: *" '\'ga_\
Arrow lake, and a-itr-I f "�� Vr^^
mnnlnf west W rbalna. tkeaw^
thenee ea��t a�� rhs:t*. ������ ��� ' J ~m
theaee ewst tb chains. ibtBteWrt1"1^
pUsee of b��f inaln-f _  jm
N       '        ;*-*       :" maM*___T
Nourr is kertrby airea ibai �� ''"^
intend l�� apply to tkeHoo CkWW^S|
lo nd . and Work t. Virtorta- tte ^"*3j
cha*- tke loilowtac Asrnted *��**;Ja
tm -.aft) dUir.rl. et *'��� 3
l'ubam-1 lot !-** Mir M ���* '. B {
about lhrt�� afiee fr��ei *���; >"J f^j
a^nctag at a pew: narked ItwvJ^ii
rost." .nr>nlr.�� 3- chains t*X- X^tjl
oortb. tbenee tO rbsie* *��*����� "-L, __<
���onth. u. ihe point of roaneo��a>tw
ir.r iarrei of land, a-nr tr ��**
Dated Wlk .soreabr :*���* _   . rtj P
BsUtj dan altsr lata I "'Sll'jffll
Hct-ioratsfe th�� Chlrf t ,-enr. ��.- -'... #.
X'nra. lor l��rtal��wsi to P*i����rTJr r#
���Umnbrt landa IB '���"""'{���S'-li
rsn�� at a poat ���Sllsn ���*��� iV.'i.v^t,
crsrnrr frot," .aid f.l t\"sL���Jiallj
.tif .ban ol th* U����rr -ttto'-a"-^-*
dui ra.i. oa the nonbraat ������,*VI
���liroap 1: tbenr* north w ^^.iXg Mtt
���MMtth torbalnt. mora or *m-^*-mtfl*\
lhenr.fol>wln�� aaid aa-��t in".' SM
dlrtrUs-n ���> rhalnsi ��"��'*, "'"Tin��'
hrflnmna. motalalcit l*1-"-Tr. mt J
(Sated till Sta da) -^ >o��=��' sm
. _-. i��#
.VoUoelaher��n!ll"ts-;-> * '*.,, ,i_\
Intrnd to applr lolhr Hc= ���%�� >9
r of Lands. anJ Wor^ <����' _a*Jt
er ot Landi anj Worli" ������:��! _2*___\\
.hm. the   folto.lna   *_____"_  , i��__\
mrrnlna at a  J����i  ���*��[*, .,-i*��__f
SW <oinetpo.r  !���!���;'**',*.**. ���--   l_
t_e K   and -   bl,��t. No ���*   i*��B
^haln��:r-en��#*oa b ^���JJ;, .'__ ,Vt__
the C.P R  Una. thenc ���*��-, * J*
<rt.,�� U��e; ihenc   p-.f"-^������*^fMttW
the .hop. of lbe arro�� La��< i* " r
menreaieiit .��,.�� 'Jf-- _
Datad Ibu lllb day ol Feh-tia-J ; -j
fcEdma" [otice to Fuel Consumers
All ordeis now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
iml be made.
Dated February i&, 1907.
fale-Kootenay Ice Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company. Limited.
|?e Carry
SLkof Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Nn Our Viirielj- ol .vxi I'lcturaa Prnmad In tnm
l.ntvait titylsai.
Itandafd Fatnittsre Company
Miimiii _ Klw:h Plan on,
Ustermoer Katttaaaji
������������v :,i..t eiaiiltary Mattresses.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle ��1.25
2 Quart Water Battle and Syringe J1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle snd Syringe $1.50
inada Drug tSi. Book Co.
Dl tl
' bj Riven that 80 dayn after ilnti* 1
*. in the liuii the t tilt'f < (imiuli
li aod Wurks, ��� lotorla, lor pat*
aud oarry **ay itmbfi (ruin tha
rlbed lama in w��at Kootenay:
.**.*'. i> ���-; planted about fight?
��� miiiilh nl , urtka crr-uk, ru re
ilu itnrnen m*-k, and uu the uorih
in ka ereek) an I niarked *,. A Imuiu-'m
��� rm r poet, thene* waft otgb y chain*,
rth eighty I'tiMiun, ihem*. taut elt[lity
enc ��ontb tight)' maim tu point ol
n i\th.W07    (��  A. LtVkZS. Locator.
s .nn ni .1 |x>Ht planted eaat ot and
< A. U.iii ��� luiHium I'.'M No. 1, and
A Uitrii'a miu th went rurner pott of
���ti, ilietiii* enot elgtity ehains, thence
I t Imiiih, tbeOM west finhly chaini,
iin tight*/ eiminc tu point oi ooauaaa-
ii iMh, ion. ti. A. Laruia, Locator
ii'iieing at a poll plained about eighty
Hi uf hurckn oifM where ll llown into
fk.nud marked O A. Laurie a nouth-
>r post, ou Location ><�� K. tbeuce eatt
ins, llienee north eighty chains, tbeuce
. chains, ihetiie aoulh eighty chains
com meuceuient.
��� ii. firth, 11-V7.   li. A. Lai'MR. Locator.
mincing at a pout planted  nouth of
ilugO   A   Liiiini*> location No-^. a��d
a,   aurit's  northwest comer  posi,
���l ho chains, lbence nun 111   *> chaius.
��-i "Mi cbalni. ihencf uorth *> chalus
i ointi-.enccineiit.
i. 26th, 1*7.   O. A. Ui'MK, Loealor.
cueing at a j'"��t planted eighty
fi Hiid forty chalnn nouth of location
'   ud marked vv   ll. i age's ���ooumatf
"i location Ho 5, thence aaai eighty
ee north eighty chains, thence went
��n,   tlience 'bouth  eighty  chaiua M>
 n oement
Jiih. 1WI7.     Vi H. I"aai, Locator
i tulng ri a punt plauied nouth of
in.* location du. fi, nnd marked W. 11,
hwcit corner DOltOf loralfon no ��.
i iniiiy ohalna. Ehanon tenth tigiiiy
I'- trail clgbly chain*, ihcnce north
in t.i |ii.iiii uf iiiniuietieenienl-
|Jiiti. 30Uli 1W7. Ws H. I'aur., locator,
cluing al tt punt planted eight)
UlU uvfiity ehalns nouth of loeatiou
���unI inorked U. A. Laurie's aoulh wesl
���>l  location No. ". thence east elghly
nucnorth eighty ohalni, tbanoa ww
Ine,  ih. nee  m,\n\,  cigoty  chalnn w
| Jan. -Jt > L11. Juu..    \,   A, LaukiR, I n-t-t.
n Inn   hi a noil   planted  eighty
���aai aud eighty .nam* nouih of lou*. lou
|7,ind marked U A LaUfle'l noiilhwest
'--l Of location No. 8, tbence east
_.-. Jin, llienee nortb eighty Hiatus, tbeuce
|hi) ilmliis, thulieu suuili eighty ehalun
i 36thi 11*07.  it. a. Lauhii, Locator,
ni"1 --iu mt at a pont piiuiie.i eighty
���K-t mid etghly chalnn nouih of loi-ntloii
ind murked U A. l.atul. "n southwest
il location No. ��, tbenee Mil IW) Clinton,
north di chalnn, thence meet lfio Hiatus,
���ion h 4li chalnn lu puiutol eommeneement
J mi _am,iW7. u A.iaAiiBii, Looator*
kiiiinenclng al a pOlt plauted about nix
|owu ii(1 rne- creek from the mouth of
fit where it Bowl Into Ham* a creek
���JthcH-sierly direct lun, and narked (j. A.
DUthwnt euruer post of location No.
eiiat eight) chalnn, tbenee north eighty
I thenee Weil eighty chalnn, thence nouth
Bhalun tu point of eommeucement.
I Jan.'iHth, IW7.    ii. A. Lachib, Locator.
ptiiiincncing at h poll planted eighty
[ant of location Na 10, and marked ti. A.
l lOUth wnt corner pint of loealloii No 11,
���ui eighty chalnn, thenee north eighty
I Jheuce went elghly chains, thence south
fchiiiiiH tu* polut ot cumittet,cement.
I Jan. 28th, i��)7.   a. a, Lattntl, Locator.
The Daily Canadian
American Coast Mills Will Ship Acroes
the Seas.
Ilollingham, Wash., March 4.���The
cur -sluiriiuss. this yonr will rnuult in the
Kreatcst outgo lumber irade the west
hau ever known. Inland mills huve at
lust been forced to seek the sett as an
outlet for their products, and ln 1907
will add hundreds of millions of feet of
lumber to the promised unprecedented
uutput of the carKo mills.
Operutors of large Inland plants have
chartered vessels und declare they will
remain In lhe cargo trade throughout
lhe year. Particularly Is this true ln
northwestern Washington. The extraordinary opportunlly for cargo business
both domestic and foreign, Is certain
to lead early to the enlargement of
waterfront mills and the const ruction of
cargo factories by rail shippers. This
ls now being comteraplaled by several
northwestern companies.
Lumbermen of Puget Sound estimate
thai this year the cargo trade will approximate 2,000,000,000 feet, an excess of
WIO.OOO.OIIO over the deep-sea business
of 1906, and almost a billion feet more
than In 1905. California alone will take
more than hnlf this total. Already this
year more than 100,000,000 feet of lumber haB entered the southern state from
Washington, Oregon and British Colum-
bla. yet building activity Is just fairly
beginning for this season. The present
rale of lumber consumption in San
Ktancisco is almost 2,000,000 feet daily,
and this will be largely increased as
spring advances. The value of San
Francisco's 1907 purchases of northwestern lumbar will undoubtedly exceed J12.000.000 and may reach $15,-
OHO.OOO, say lumbermen.
The rail shippers' entrance Into Ihe
Tuke nntice thatl Intend, thirty dayn after
date to applv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
nitwiloncr of Landl and Works for h apeclal
licence to cut and carry away timber (rom the
following deicrlbed landa, situated ou Handy
Creek, in Went Kontenuv dlitrlet: Cimmencing
Hi a p.ift planted On the went Bide, of nald ereek,
and marke 1 "J. P, H's" ntrthweat corner; tbenee
running nouth eighty chaini; thence eaat eighty
ehaitii, thenee north eluhty chaiua; tbence went
eighty chalnn to place of commencement.
Dated thin 19th dny of Pebruaiy, 1*307.
\t'K    I-
andngat a post planted nouth of and
oaMon No 11, and marked W. H.
iwchi eori'cr posl ol location No. lit.
Ighty Duilnii thence smilh (kilty
i-'- went elKiuy ehalim. tbence uorth
i to point uf commencement.
MUl, l'Ji)7.     W. H. PaoB, Lo ator.
cueing at a posl planted eighty
hi.I ptgh v ehaiiiK south uf location
marked a. A. Uutle's nenhwett
i location No. 18, thence eait eighty
chalnK, thence south elchty chalnn, th' nee west
elghtv  chains, thence north eighty chaini to
polntof com men cement
ItaU-dJen 28lh. W��.   U. A. LaI'KII, LoOtOT.
14. -Commencing at a post planted norlh of
and adjoining location ho. IH, and being marked
it. A. Laurie'i southwest corner pom of location
No 14, tbence east eighty chains, ihence north
eighty chains, theoce west elgbiy chains, tnence
aouib eighty chalu* to point oi commencement.
Dated Jan. 2mh. 1907.   U. A. Laratl, Ixwator.
IS���Commencing st a port planted eighty
chain* north of location No. M and merged w.
11 Pan** southwest corner post oi location No
1ft, ihence - a-l ei<h��y cha'ns, thence north
eighty chains, tbence wtsl eighty ( hains, tbence
tooth eighty chalus to point of commtneement.
Haled Jan. Mth, 19o7.     W. H. Paoa, Locator.
16.-Commencing at a post alanted eighty
ch ins cast ot location No. 1ft, ..nd marked (,, A.
laaurle'a southwest corner poat or location No.
16. thence eaat eigbty chains, theuce north
eighty chains, them-e west eUhtv chai. s, thence
���onth elghly chnins to poim hi commencement.
Located Jan. W, 1907.    G. A. LaraiE, Locator.
17.-Commencing at a poll planted ���outh o|
and adjoining location No. lfi, and marked u. A.
Laurie's northwest corner post of location t o.
17, thence east eighty chains, thencu south
eighty chains, tbence west eigbty chains, thence
north eighty chains lo point of commencement.
Hated Jan. _a>tb, 1907.   0. A. I.aurie. Locator.
lH.-Commenelng at a poit planted eighty
ch^lm south of locution No 1., and marked w .
H. Page'i northwest corner post of location No.
1H, thenc-east eighty chaius, h ooaionth eighty
chali.i, thence wesl eighty cbains, tbence norih
etah y chalus to poini ol eominenceoannt.
lAK-ated Jan. ft| l��n.      W. B. I'aoi, Locator.
in -Commencing at a noat planted eigbti-
chains south uf location No. IB, and marked u.
A. Laurie's north**eat corner poat of location ho.
Ill, thence easl eighty ehalna thence south
eighty chains, ihence west eighty chslns, ihenc
north eghty chains to point Of emiimencemtats,
Hated Jan itith, 1907.   G. A LitaiE, Ixicttor.
���io.���Com mencing at a pott plmled about
eighty chains east ol the mouth oi Klght Ml u
ere.k where it empties Into Inonoakln creek,
and on lhe aoulh bank . f Inonoakln creek, aud
marked il. A Uurlc's norlheast corner post of
liK-aliun No 2u, lbence south IW chains, theme
west 40 chains, theuce nnrlh UO ehalus, ihcnce
eail 40 chains to point of cominoncemenl.
Hated Keb tad, i��".   Q. a. Uvaia. locator.
MX. -Commencing at a !*��" plnnted forty
chains west and eighu chains mut-i of location
No W, sad inn rked W. H. Page's nur bttll corner POU of location No .1. ih lice wcsl eighty
Ohalni, thenei' nulb eighty chains, ihence east
elghtv chains, tbence north eighty chains to
point0l W'lnuiencemeiii.
Hated Feb. *;nd, 1907.      W. H. PaSI, Locator.
Bt���Oommenonu at a post planted east ol and
ndloining location No. ai, and marked G. A.
Laurie's northwest corner \w>t of loeatiou No.
83 thence soutli UO chains, thenee en t 4U chains,
thenc-; north UO chains, thenee west ID chains lu
point of commencement.
Pa tod Feb. '.'nd, 19U7.    (J. A. UVhlB, Locator.
23.-Comuienclng nl a post plauteil: fortv dm in.
oasi ol location No. M and marked tt . H. age a
norih Will eurner noU of location NO. ^3. the'ce
���outh 100 chains, 'hence Mil forty clinlns, theuce
norlh I6*i chains, thence west forty chains to
point Ol eommeneement.
Pated Feb. *nd, VM.      W  H. PACW, Locator.
24 -Commencingal a post planted tattf l^tlOS
eaiit ami eighty chains south ol locution No.W,
and marked m A. Unrlo'l uoiihwesl cot ��M
posl of location No M. theuce smith eigi.tv
chnins ih HOO outfight J c balni, Ihom-c north
eighty dial l, ihence woleight) ch.iht- to polnl
of cuuiiuencement.
Dated Feh. tth 1W7.   G. a. UrniK, Locator.
2S-Commencing at a post j.linted eighty
chains east of lucatlou No.'-��4, and mirked G A.
Uurlc's northwest corner post of location No
'_> , ibenee south eighty chain*, tluviec east
eiijiiy, 'hence north eighty chains, tbence west
eighty chalus to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. tth, 1007.    G. A LAfftll, Locator.
^.-Commencing at a post plan'ed about four
and one-half miles down Inonoakln en ���rl, ro u
the moulh Of hlght Mile creek wbo ill ��OWj i
to Inonoakln creek, and on the ttn M��J}*
cargo field ia almoot sure to result In
e vessel Bhortage. Owing to winter
there has been a slight decrease in exports, nnd freight rates consequently
huve fallen, and with Ihem the price or
lumbar. With the opening of spring.
these prices, It is believed, will quickly
reach iheir former maximum. There is
no Indication that the price of lumber
will be less than it was ln 1906.
Perlla of Co-Education.
Mr. H. A. E. Kent, chairman of the
Toronto Board of Education, does not
hesitate to say that ln our public
schools, from the third book upward,
the sexes should be eepaiated. We
thought so long ago, then we grew
wiser, and laughed at the folly of old
educationists. Today we do not laugh
at them, and a good many thinking men
nnd women are wondering If we know
quite as much about this question aB we
thr.u.ht we did. It lo not,
as we once thought, a matter of public
morals, at least to any great extent,
The probability Is that the refining Influence of the girls upon ihe rougher
boys ls almose a negligible quantity.
The main problem is Btrictly an educational one, and resolves itself largely
into this: "Should sex be recognized In
education?" I.e., should the mental de
volopment of boys and girlB proceed
along absolutely identical lines or
should It not? A good many wise men
and women have come slowly to the
conclusion that the question cannot be
answered offhand. And they have misgivings that the answer, when it comes,
may not accord with the practice of
this generation. The problem is a serious one, and merits the most thoughtful consideration of our intelligent edu
catlonlsts.���Christian Guardian.
"Companies Act, 1897/
of eommeucement.
Paled F��b. 4th, MW.   O. ���** -Uuw��. ^o��**��r
Take notice that thirty days after date I intend to apply to the UhlOf Commlsiloner of
Landsand Works at Victoria for permission to
cut and carrv awav timher from (he following
described lands in Weat Koolanay:���
No 1��� Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber licence No. 7821;
th*nut east lorty chains; thence north eighty
chains; thence east 1* chalna, thence south to
northern boundary of timber license Hits;thenee
west along said northern houndary to
the north-west comer of aald license;
then south to the northern boundary
of timher license 7018; thence west to
a point due south ofthe point of commencment;
theuce north to lhe potat OI commencement.
January Kith, 1907
>;0 2���Commencing at the uorth west corner
of umber license 7821; thence south tothe northern boundary of timber licenae "01K; thence weit
to the north-weal corner of said timber ..,-ciise
thence sou'h to the northern boundary of Lot
812; theuce following said houndary of said
lot weat to the right ol way of the B. C Houthern Railway; thenee following said rightof WaJ
in a nurth easterly direction to the place of com-
January 15th. 19V7.
Ko. 3 ���Commencing at a aoutheast cornar of
timber license No. 7821, about fifty chains south
of lhe right ol way of the B C. Southern Rail-
way;tbence east \(*> chains; thence north fortv
chains; thenee west UO ehalns; thence south
forty chains to place of commencement.
1 January loth, 1907.
v0 4.���Commencing at a post plnnted at the
intersection of tbc southern bouudary ofthe
light of way of the B. C. Southern Railway, and
the eauternboundary of Lot 5187; thence sonth
to lhe northern boundary of license application
No ."���!; thenee tasi 180 chalna; thence north to the
southern boundary of timber license No 71%;
thence following the southern boundary of said
license westerly about sixty (haliu, more or les*
to ��n eastern boundary of said liceme; thence
smith forty chains; tbence west eighty chains;
thin north to the rLht oi way of the B.C.
Southern Railway, thence following snld right
or wav in a southwesterly direellon to the place
ol beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No 6.���' omraeueing at a post planted at the
southwest coruerof tlmher license 06:15: theuee
west slaty chains more or less to a point due
���outh of the aoutheast cornor of license application No. 8; thenee uorth slxtv chainB more or
less Ui the aiutb boundary ol license application
No 4; thence eaht to the southeast corner
of said llceuse application of No. 4; thence
north Ut the northeaat corner of aald lleeu^e
application No 4; thence east to the southeast corner of timber license 7190; thence
north lorty chains moro or less to a point due
wc**t of the uorlh-wcst comer of timber license
Mh] thence east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 0635; them-e south 160 chains
tu the poiut of commencement
January 15th, 1907.
No. 6-Commencing at a post planted at thc
south-vast corner ol timber license 6685; thpnee
weft to the tooth WOlt corner of license application No 5; thence north to southern boundary
ol license application No. 3; thenee weat tu the
northeast corner of license application No. It
tlience south to the northern boundary of
ttmt>er license 8r��48; thene. east to the northeast
corner of   limber  licenae 8548;   thence south
thirty ohalns; thence eaat to thc west boundary
of tlmhar license 854*2; thenee north to thc place
Of hniluulng.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7-���Commencing at a post planted at thc
norlheast corner ol limber license 851'; thence
south  forty chains mure or less to thc north
bonndary ol timber Uoenn 8MB) ihcnce east wo
chains; ihence north forty chains moreor lesa to
a miiut due eaat of tho southeast corner ol tlm
bar license 85*18; thence west 160 chalna to the
place of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commeneing at a pONt planted at the
norlheast corner of Umber license No. 8546;
thence south eiyhty chnins; theuce easteixhty
eliains; thence north eighty chains; thonce weat
eighty chaius lo plaee of commencement.
1 January 15th. 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast Comer Of timber license 8.'47; thence
north elghtv chains; thencecast eighty chaius;
thence north 120 chMns more or less to the north
cast*uruerol license application No. 7; thence
west tu "outheaat corner of timber licenae No.
8518; thence north to the southern boundary of
license application No. 6; thence east to
the wesi haundary o( timber license No.
1543; thence south to the southwest corner of timher license 8542; thence west
tolh northwest corner of timber license No.
8543; thence south to the northeast corner of
timber license No. 8645: thence west eighty
chains; thence south tu a point due eaat of the
itfnthetil corner of timber li:ense 8547 j thence
west to place of commencement.
1 January 16th, 1907
Nu. 10.���Commenclngat a post planted at tho
soulheastcoruer cf timber licem-e 8549; thence
smilh eighty chains; thence west to the east
houndary of ��� ot 812; ihenc i north to the aouth-
ern houndarv oi timber lie use No. 7018; thence
easi to thc southeaal corner of timber license
7018; thenco north to tlie south boundary of timber lloensu 8319; thonce east to place ot oom-
Jaunary 15th, 1907.
P, Loko, Locator,
Pan KcDowaia, Agent
The Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Roonu
Queen's Hotel
Bake, utisaet. M-slton. B. C,
Lighted by Eliwtrioity and
Be-at��d by Hot Air
Large and Comlorlable Badruom. aud Pint*
olaas,Ulttlni Boom, .-satssjsis.- BmiiA. Ior tsomnsor,
-sisal Hon
MRB. E. C.C1.AUK K. F'm-prlotrsM,
Lake View Hotel
Coni'- Fall and Vernon,
two bl'ieks from wharf.
QKORGE HARK1SON, Proprietor.
Rates fl.OOfper day and up.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
This hotel haa heen completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
fiATEH : Rooms, SOc. upwards ; meals 'iV. ;
special rates by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Honae
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tfemont House
Province or Br^ish Oolumbu, f
No. 878.
THIS lfi TO CTRTIFY that the "Nakusp Fruit
Landa. Limited,"is author a ?n and licensed to
carry on business within the province of Hiitiah
Columbia, i.nd to carry out or effect all or auy of
the objects of the comp ny to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of ��� rltHh Columbia extends.
The hcrtd ofllce of thc company is situate at the
City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.
The amoiiDinrtbecapiiBl of the company is five
hundred thousand no lars, divided Into two
thousand five hundred shares of ten per rent
preference stock ol lhe par value of one hundred
dollars eaeh, and iwenty-flve hundred ahares of
common atock of the par value of one hundred
dollar! each
The head oSea of the company in this province
fa situate at tbe C ty of Nelson, and Robert Wet-
more Hannington, barrister, who e addresa la
the same, la the attorney for the company.
tJiven under my hand and seal of office, Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columbia, this 16th
nay of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.	
[ui] S. Y.WOOTTON,
Reglstra* of Joint *tock Companies.
Tfaeobjecta tor which the company has been
established and licensed are:���
'a.) Buving, selling, leasing or disposing of
coal mines, coal and wood lauda, farming, gracing
and frull lunda aud Umber limits- and to work
and develop the same;
(b.) Toeairvon lhe business ot immigration
nnd colonization agents, make advances to
assist Mttlera on lands purchased from the
comiiauyand to secure the repayment ot such
advances wltb interest on such terms and in
such manner by way of mortgage or agreement
as mav be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) "To tarry on the business of ranching,
breeding, selling and dealing in cattle, hoises,
sheep and other livestock;
(d.) To pure: use. sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, mlnerala,grain, provisions, clothing
and geueral supplies;
('���) To carry on trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To Issue in payment of any property
acquired by the company, shares of the cap'.tRl
stock of the company as fully psld up and non-
assessable or otherwise;
(g.) To carry on the business of manufacturers
and dealers in -power generators and motors of
every description, io construct and operate all
cla-fces of vehicles, agricultural Implements,
machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferrye
in which the ^ald motors are used; to construct
and operate boat lines and to carry on the business of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
tu own and opeiate omnibus Hues and vehicles
and boats for hire; to sell, lease and lupply
electricity; to own and operate electric planis,
and generally to carry on any of the buslcess
incidental lo the aforesaid purposes and objects
ot the company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or diapoae of any real or
personal property, and any rights or privileges
which ilie company mav consider necessary
for the purp��sea of their operations;
and to sell and dl.'po.e of any lands or other teal
estate and personal property at any time owned
or controlled by the company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and generally todo all such things asare Incidental to
or conducive to the carrying ont of the object*
of the company;
(i) To recomc shareholders in any existing or
proposed company, ani to promote and awdat in
promoting anv company carrying on a business
pertaining to 'the objects for which this company
is incorporated, and which may prove useful to
this compauv. and to acquire, take over and operate the business ol any such company or companies, and in enter into an agreement fnr sharing of profits, union of interests, reciprocal con-
ccHsions or otherwise, with any person or company and take or otherwise inquire or hold
shares and securities of such company or companies;
(j) Toncijuire and hold landl by gift ot purchase or as mortgagees n- otherwise as fully arid
freely aa private individuals, and to aell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate tbe same, and to
exercise all tho powers set out In the several
Knropean end Amerirmn Plan
Meali 25 ota.   Boomi Iran �� cti. to fl.
Only White Help employed.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dolkr-i-Day House to Nelson,
The Bar Is lhe FtnMt.
White Help Only Employed.
Building Lots for Sale
H.   &  M.   BIRD,
Joeephtue Sl
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and (1.S0 a Day.
Special Kates to Regular Bcardera.
Onij s. .  best of Lis-sjstrs and . i-jRrss.
Notice Is herebv given tbat at a meeting of the
Hoard of Llceuse Com mlssloner s, to be held after
the expiration of :w days, 1 intend to app y for a
transfer of my hotel lincense for the Urove hotel,
at F*irvlcw, to K. is) Borden
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
Intend to apply to tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works (or a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over the following laud: Hituated two miles north of the International boundary line and woat ol tbe Flathead
river, i.eginning at'a poet marked W. LeGallali'
N. W. corner post thenee 80chains aouth, thenee
80 chains eaat. thence *> ehalni north, thonce W
chains west to point of commenoement.
rated Nov. li. 1906. \v. LiGAUiia.
Notice is hereby given that 6(i days after date 1
Intend to apply tothe --on. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a teense to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following land:
Situ-ted six miles north of the International
boundary line and east of the Flathead rtrer.
Beginning at a post niarked K. H. Hurd'a a. w
corner post, thenee 80 chalna aonth, thenee W
chaini eaat, thenoe W chalu north, thenoe SO
^r*\Wt*V'~��u~W. zvta.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. ra.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:45 p. m.
S* S* Princess Victoria
S* S. Princess May
Berths (1.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
eon Union Depot at 9 p. m.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.G.P.-��..V��n-w>uv6r. ri.P.jL, Neluon
Contrnctor acid
Son u-jwit (or th�� Ports) Rii o Lumbar Co., Lt*..
retail yards. Rough unsl sirc-susl Istmber, -torn-Mi
work and brsickota, Coust Iruh aod ahingUi, pas-m
and doort. Cement, brlek ud Une lor aale.
Automatic Blinder. __
Yard and f-urtorr: Vernon Bt.. aaat ol Ball
f. o. bw aa. imam m
���S T, G. PROCTER M��
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have i 0,000 Acres
Choicest Fruit X mum in
BffiHsii Coltfflibnu
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE U hereby given that %n application
will be made to tbe LorliUtlve Awtamrily ol the
Province ol Brftlftb Columbia at lu next mmIod
Ior an nr.t authorizing the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to jilufje, emi-struct.��� nd maintain,
a dam or dami, booms, plert, slide!, and other
worku ln and aero-ii the Kootenay river at or
���ear Thrum* Station (about opposite Hub-lot IV.
of Lot 4598, 1J roup 1, Kootenay distriet); a.nl In
and acrou tbe Little Slocan river; aud in and
acrnw thc Slocan river at a point or points below the mouth of the little Sloean river; for the
purpoie of driving, rafting, ��<��rtina, holding, and
aiariufacturiiu: saw-log* and timber; to occupy
the surface ol .he said rivers where neeewury tor
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
drlvtng, rsftius. and booming purposes; to levy
und collect tolls and dues on logs timber and
lumber of person-* using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
n.:nl expropriute lands; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to theater*
else of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, MOB.
Bollnltnr for the Applicant
In the m* tter of an application for the Issne of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, aud 3, Block 12, Town ot
Notice Is bereby given th 1 ilt Is my intention
'o Issue at tho expiiatlon of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands in the
name ol Florence M. ITodglnt whleb Certificate
ts dated the 28th day of December, WW, and
numbered tftflK.
District Keglstrar.
1.and Registry Ofllce, Kelson, B C
January 2*th, VaTJ.
Notice 's hereby given that on Monday, February iHli, 1907, that the Court of Revision for
the Municipality of the City of Slocan will be
tuld In tbe City Hall on above date, at 2 p m ,
for the purpose ot revlslug the Assessment Roll
of tbe City of i-Jlocau Those making complaints
iiEMlnKt their assessment are required to bave
1 ln-tr protests In lhe hands of the Oity Clerk ten
���invu previous to ihe first sitting of tne Court of
He vision.
Dated al Slocan, Jauuary 21th. 1WI.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Hneril Claim.
Tenders addressed to the nnderslgned, at his
ofllce in t*e court bottle, ln the City of Nelson,
will be received np till tbe hour of & o'clock in
the afternoou of Monday, March Uth, I'M, to*
the pnrchase of the "Uarfleld" mineral claim,
Ut e\W9, i>ronp 1, Kootenay District, wblch was
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the
tax tale held ln the City of Neleon on tht 8th day
of November, 1M6, for delinquent taxes up tin
June ��Hh, l**. and entta.
The npset price upon the eald mineral claim,
which includes tbe amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time ot forfeiture, with interest,
taxes whfa-h have since accrued, costs cf advertising, nnd fee for crown grant (fZft.OO) ls US 70.
which ta the least amount that will be considered
aa a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for tbe full amount of tbe Under,
payable to the order of tie Deputy Comfalslloner
"Lan' -.._.-.
Each tender must he accompanied byanac-
ipted cheque for tbe full amount of the X4r ' ���
, iyeble to the order of He Deputy Corafalsl
of Landsand Works, si Victoria, B Cat jar.
Dated at Nelson, B C, tbis Mth day nffebni-
ary, 1W7.
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C,
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at hla
ofllce in tbe Court Houae. in the city of "elson,
muiit in uie i-vuri   ni'UKi iu miv vn; ut  "inu
wil be received up till the boar of five o'clock
_  ..      ........ ^Monday. March Uih, WW, tot
,    ���. je "No. IP* mineral els In, Lot
3140, Group 1, Kootena? District, whleh wip de-
Certificate of Improvement*
"Empress,** "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,1
"Union Jack," situated in Neltou totuln*
i.o'.'rihI on Porcupine creek.
Tuke Notice thatl, Frank Fletcher,agent for
the A^ive Uuld Mini-g Company, Free Winer's
Cert III cute No n$��tt9 lutend, 80 days from date
hereof, to apply to thc Mining Recorder for a
{.ertlScate of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
Ami further take notice that action, under
Scftlvin m, mtiBi be > ummenced before tbe lssu-
uiicc of such tVrffii'iUo of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, Uth Dec., 19u8.
  Fiuint Fi.arcHgn.
Certificate of Improvements
"Arro" mineral claim, situated In the Slocan
<*lty   -Mining   Division   ot   Wesl   rootenay
Whereto nted: On Springer Creek near the
A. Huston Sawmill
Tube Notice that I, Frank C, Oreen, acting as
Agent for the Arlington Mlue��, limited' Free
M titer's Certificate No. R-UKsl, intend, sixty davs
fr-<m date hereof, u*apply tot �� Mining Recorder
for a Certificate uf Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a (r.iwn Grant of the above
Aud further take notloe that action, under
section 87 must bo commen ed before tbe
tsHUMitce of such Cerllllcate of Improvemenu.
Dated this loth nay of December, WW.
F. C. Ganw, Neleon, P. C.
in the afternoon of Monday, March Uth, Itm,.
the pnrchase of the "Mo. 2" mineral clali
3140, Group 1, Kootena? District, whioh w___ __
eland to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the las aale
held in the Citv of Nelaon on the 6th day ef No-
v ember, 19H5, for delinquent taxes up tul June
ftHh, 1905, and roata.
The upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent faxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture with interest
taxes whleb have alnce accrued, costs of advertising, and tee for Crown Grant ittt uu,) In 9134.40.
which is the least amount that will be considered
aa a t-nder.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of tho tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commlaaioner
of Land and Works, at V lctorla, B C , at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B C, thla 14'b day of February, 1907.
flovernm. nt Agent, Nelaon, B. C.
Certificate of Imprortmentn*
'���May," ' t^C." "Strathroy," "Joy/* "Joy Frac
tional." and "John D.MaWey" Mineral Claims
situated tn the slocan City Mining bfrlaion of
the Wast Kootenay Dlatrlct.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Oreek
abont one and a half milea up.
Take notie j that I, H. R. Jorand of Bloeak fc.o.
Free Miner's certificate Mo. BlKtuu, as as ut for
Horace G. Van Vuyl, Free Miner a certificate No.
B4621, intend, sixtv days from :hed*te hereof,
to apply tn the Mining Recorder for a ccrtlieate
of improvements, for tne purooan of ontaining a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
And further take notice that actio* under
Section 37, must br commenced before the iaan-
aoce of such Certificates ot Improvement*.
Dated this ��rd Day of January, 1907.
GmrtMomt* ot Improvement*
PRUNING AND GRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
r. C GREEN      F. F. BUKMH      A. IL GREEH
CWI Engineers; Dottinioi and British
CoIombU Land StffTCTors
a��.viaowA it loornuT sts.. ramie
r.a. I�� HI nmftiB.
Bio rente, Orinoco, Qiimd Tlctorlft Fmotlonnl
and Ornoco FrmcUnnml Mineral CUtcsi. iltuate
In the Nelaon Mining DlTlilon ol Weal Xootenar
Lotsatetf on Quean Victoria Mountain, near
Bniley UMiH.
Tnae Notice that 1. Frank C Qreen, actlnit ae
went (or Utcha-ssl Keen, Five Ulnar'e CerUAcata
No. RMMntend, ��l��ty dan Irom the date hereof,
lo apply lothe HinlM Recorder tor CertlllMter
of ImproTc-mens,, for the purpoae of obtalnln-,
Crown Granta of -the above claim,.
And lurther taka notice that action, under
���ectloa A. mnet he commens-c.1 tielore tha
tmuanoe of auch Certlflcate, of ImproTemcnta.
Dated thla Mth du of Jsunarr. Mn.
r. c. nun, siuoh, b. o.
Csftlueata of
���Portu." "Amoe," "but Ada No.1" ud "let-
Una FraetloiisU" mineral olalma, ,!tnata4 l��
the Sloean City Mlnlni DlTlrion ol Weet K*rt-
enay Dlitrlet
Where located: M haadal SprlaiarCraek, near
tha Arlln-iton mine.
Take Notlea that I, rnnko. Oreen, aeuu w
aieat for tha Arlington mine,, Limited, fine
Mlner'i CartUoale Ko. Ba����, Intend, iUit am
Irom lha data haMot, to aap.y to tha Udu S��
corder loaa CarUlealaol Impn>Tementt,lorlka
purpoee ol obutnlai a Crown Onat ol tha ahtra
Andt -arthar taka notice that tfMam. *****
aac'loan,mm, Weommeanad haleee tke tim
!  1*
���* ,:;t'
*, .'!,*;l J
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
atterdi those who we��r tne r e. ft* it one*
and for this month we Have acme fine
      BLOOD STONES, in aartaaa i<zn. au*t-
ab'e for rings which we can  rr.cunt up
for you in any style de* red. Why not have a look at our mtatsk of loose
stones.    Thry a-e excellent vtiue and  we   have   many   su;oe*stions to
ma*e   as  tc  ft r   Bioynt rg.    Ojr   gc d   quartz   cut  ready  for   mounting
may   merest you.
,****-********. ***********
Conned  (ioods
Tartan   Brand
T   7.    \7l��\   *W&
Table   Pruit
.-���ie    Fruit
Maple Syrup
Same  l-��ric-tt  -tts Inferio
| Bell Trading Co
Old Curiosity Shop
If rea wan-, io bar or 5*1! atvtiing.
go to the 01<i Curosi'.j- Shoj A new
ha* of Japanese Goooa no* oo sale.
Wl Usds o! DtaMmm la Mock. Pu
i During Lent
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
'iStbiffs Bacon and^
Aid JOY Will Meet You
At tke Door.
Joy's Cash Grocery
; �����������     Paont is
We   Hove   u   SptwiiiUy
Selected Stock of
GLASSWAfE AKT) ___________l
for  XsmMM Trade.
SiCTraarc. Oxi_, Beii Poti. Ta Poti. Ite.
t_tor. Vcrnsssi ona   V**. us-u   -sss-mW.
WHI WIH    fc��. C.
J  FSED ErilE. ProwMtar
F   P.    W'.V.z   P.   W    Bire.r.   R   A,
S 7.-7777*. G   A   Mi:.ir   T  '}. S. Mess
-���-   Vaa-o-.r.:: P. VarlL. Ka*H Inr;
_   v.--   K    *. - *r.i;ae. C. C  Jeaaia_s
'.   - -*.-..'. C C  Snow-ice   CalzarT   E  .'
Biigi.  nnasMnk;   R.   Pat-rid.  Neepawa. L p  Ects-e:*.. Fernie. H. G  Nica-
.5 ii: --.*-   A  H   Tunis.. Tmir: G. D.
:���"   H   S ::.-��� 7. Salmo: J. 5  He:
B-eatile a eLaaiJer   Hamilton:
P   Ross. De-jroit.
R S P Sinn*- Q-jes^ec; J. John_on,
P Rc-ss. J Ai-riandtr. J. G. Bisaliton.
F is Hjistead. M R- Wynn. D. D.
Wj-aiL Vaac.-���������**���-: S '} ftffhWf aa:
wjfe. R,ve'��-oke: W K. Es:ias. Restart; F 0 Creed, Halifax; R. Masoa.
:���*..-;-. Va: L. G. Procter. Toronto;
J. Drer. Victoria: R C. Ga��e. HIiiyan::
J B Robinaon. V. R Jonei. Spokane:
J. B. Hiack-on. Graad Forts: M. Niches-
son. Daws..a: T. W   Biagay. Trail.
N 'sVilier. Lacc-a::^ O. Wes: berg.
Nalsus-; V 'sV-::.:. reil P. Jea_en
T.-ou*i Lake: G K-a? Philadelphia. W
G. Kenne-dy. Salmo: H. Freede. Mis?
A. Palaier. F. 7. Mater, C G. Salisbury.
Spokaae: J. C C_.-r;:here. Tmir: R
f ������HMI. Roastm-d Z 3thua;er, E
1'isset. Veron.
C. J. Benson. San-ion: D  A. Roberts,
Creston: H   MiKsa. Fernie.
C. Murray. Procter; C. June. F Wink.
Ier. Hynkaii .-��� McMillan. Sandm; R
E McMillan. I. T-errjr, Slocan; 1 Lewis,.
C A. Padi H jkoain-!. Bcsswell. A. 0.
- a Watwn'i Siding; G S. Vans'* r.e   p. -V.-'z
A. I/.'k- -     -��� -- a. J. C. Bailey _.-,.;
wife;  Kem;tT;;:e; T. J. Rock, Bmeki
G  Boss. Victoria; L  M. McArch. Mia
n*-dosa:  F. Peterson, Pnoenii.
W.   E     Bennett,    S?-jkane:    A    R
Thompeon,   Cranbrook;    0. L.    Smth
J  W. Johnston. Phoenix; E F. White
We have just unloaded a car of
Purity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Mon^y refunded
lf not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
Munroe & Nelson \
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove,, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Dwtl*-rs in staple nnd fancy GfOMrbw
Butter, Egjre.
Can ip and Miners' Supplies.
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
At ons-e     W. l-ark r.
: ra ia Nels-.n. March tod. io the
wife cf Matthew P Reir. From stre-et.
a daughter.
nfO FIBflT-CUiiS ROOMS, *t*��*m heated.   Applr l.'iii- !>������'��� -. ftrd flit, K, w, r. hlnckjf
A BOY'S SLEIGH. Qe*r roroer CeJ��r anil front
���tre��'��, abi.tn B o> otk Friiay ���fentog 'he
!������)���: on *lio ]��� f _;.-,: it up will plMK tcleploue
Parchasers of tickets for tbe Bl Pa:
���ricks Day concen can iv*erre t\\t.:
5-ra:s at Rutherford s drug store.
Rev J H While, former:; Methodist
P-lslo: of Nelson, arrived from Trai]
.asi night and is in the cit tod>>.
Dr. Hall vffl leave for Victoria tomorrow morning to fttttad the session
of the legisiatare. which opens on
After being stationery for M-rend
mttma a: CIS. li��*s a ton. the price of
London lead rose tour points today, to
��.!>.   Ut       Other  quotations are   on
ci.j.__.���;������. : fr>.:_ _���-:-: :-.
W Irvine, grand chinCrilar of the
'���.-- - .*; of Pythiai. :-' .���:.- .--' ��� v-.:v
from a visit of inspection to the lodges
of the Boundary, all of which he found
tn a flourishing condition.
R W. Tinmins. high chief ranger of
:he t.gh court of British Columbia. I
O F. :s in the city ri ing an officia:
v.i.: to the ooart here. Mr. Timmin.^
ta a rvridflftt of Vereon and has taktn
a keen jLterest in the I O. F. for years
The celebration committee of St. Pat
rick's society will meet in the city hal!
Wednesday night at i e'eiock. A suggestion has been made to celebrate
Saturday night instead of Monday
to avoid conflicting with the children's
E'ections for the London county
couadl. the largest and most impor.
ant municipal organisation in the world.
took place on Saturday. No word of
he result had arrived up to 1 p. ���- today, and at tha: hour communication
a-.\h the East was Jost-
In the police court this mornins
Car*. McMorris and W. E Wasson. justices of the peace, presiding, one loca!
drunk was fined $Z and costs, and a visitor from the Boundary, also drunk, was
fined 1-5 and costs for indecent ei;*os-
tTit on Baker street Sunday night.
Since Saturday morning Nelson has
been wiihom mayor, police, magistrate
or chief of police. No one has been ap
pointed actng mayor nor will be till
the next council me.ting: there are
magistrates   available   for   duty,     anl
The Store of Quality
If yo. like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you u>
try tie
20th Century Package
Per Packa?*
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon   Cream    10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Saitedj    1&c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
���give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel tk Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  SU.
25 Feet Frontage
.   on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
H. E, Ooadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of C��mm��rc*.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ouwpt applied on shorten notice aai
k-nret pricse."      Nochui? Utt fntit toi.
A     Frvu    Tnhs    tt ��ho!e��<��oeine��Ba��dBipptaikep��inMoci
Z/CIS per LD. E.  C.  TRAVES   MaoaR��.
Fifty Cent Hand Bas
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Telephone  AAA.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica anl Josephine St��
At 25cts
Our *0c Pictures (c father the c-^ei
we are selling for '0c,- are going
���with a ruah. We now bring forward a
lot at 25c. This is an unuaually good
opportunity to *���;:-'= son^e really
nice picture! at ver/ c* cost. Do ycu
ttatA serve of them? Then don't put it
cw,. Get them now -ai Ic the opportun.
ity is your*.
There is still a quartity of the 10c
ones   left
W. G. Thomson
Sr^^8'1' Nelson, B. C.
Ph.jne ,.4.
A    Isl   CM    Soc    C    ���
Msnsng Wcs-k a Speca'ty.
VttKi: Beai-ff Building    P 0  Bo-
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bo*t ht.'. lea -vail find it u th��-i/ iul-
viin:_4-e to one out P.iofa.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Kootenay ^
^^^^      Ltaitted!^
WhoiBXim ProvlnlonSi
Product;, . Pruit.
Dominion Uo-reniment OHnNR Ous- Ponnd Kn-���� r��>.itM
trom the rhura    Pot ���.,;.��� bj- *n ImtUnu ^rown **^
Office imd wnrehoniKi: tiuamm Blot-k.   Phone 79
Josephine Street.       -       -       .      Nell011) gl
HsZ Street. Near ScBca.
Oe  - ��� I "".nfion. dtrwtor
Toronto Cu1.it* -      >���:-������� 1 Halted
DurEl-r ;
Apj-.j* tt r*ild*n'' : . .
Boi lis
B :;��� :���' f - * a.-.d Conntatsle Wie;.t
nun cad probably pre-serre ord..r during Chief Jan-is' abttnee.
At tho Churchmen s clnb m��tlng tonight besides a musical programme
th-.rr- irill be a debate on ihe resotu-
licn: "That Canada's Ideal should I*
-.lent nationality rather than
membership in an imperial federation '
Tbe affinitive -wil be supported by W
Ebbs and R- J. Clark, the negative by
G. Johnstone and J. Fraser
The city hotels, restaurants
and bsjarding house keepers
hereby give notice that on and
after Friday next, March ist,
sing'.e meals will cost not less
thau 35 cents, and meal tickets,
ii meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Rgj Cross Prog Store
for your Prescription-i, Family Recipeg.
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Raker Su near Josephine, N'elss.n. B.C.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
CV,ast and olocan train���Oa time
8   .1 Jary train���Oa time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
One of the easiest things in the world
tu get out of is a job.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapesand Sizes.    A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress     1500
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  I3-00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses       ...           3.00
V. J. "Robertson & Co.
30*9 doz. Linen Collars To Be Sold ut
$1.5Q per doz.
,y?*K��S-��4-*M!&-_2*-S**��*i!?5 *J?S^����'?g��J*>S|
Bohemian Be*
The Nelson Brewing Co.,
We are
Jo*t  in  t-Ureipt of a Carload   of
Th***- are ih(- firif*t \n~tu\f of ore .Sack? in th*v
iiJt��rk��-t and hut prim ��re Eight If yon art* m
m***-d let dji hear from >oo.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
Company, Limited.
B.  A.   ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON'
Hwpulrlng nrt��J .J<>r-tl-��11**��� if **%*��<.ut��c* vs it It [_>����pntcH.   ShMtl
Work, Mlrilttn nnd Mill  Mathlncr; .     M(inuf��wtur��rf4
Ort  tZtmrm,   %*i*   W.   Contruwtur*'  Cura. |
Corner of H�� ! ��n<1
Front rtrt-ett-
NELSON,    B. C.
UNITE a._d rinc that   the ���1���3
John T. Hien-o are thi** \<nytt*>
Mr faMl fnll shipment ha.�� ju-st inrtfl
  them aud place your ordtr early forl^
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Taila
Hunln��iaui m����n.
Working m-cn,
M��n In ilre.HM iitlirv,
Mportlnu rrriwn,
HandiMimc men,
.M��n that'* full of flr��
Subject   to  Confirmatio
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
10.000 Kambler-Carlboo    Wl
���s.000 Sullivan    07
lis.000 B. C   AmalgamatPd Coal. .Offer
100 Sullivan Hond�� ...
5.000 American !!oy ..-���
1.000 International Coal
B. B. Mighton &
Drawer 1082
KK3 L��mbe��t Shin��H
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, W'indoV
Turned Work and Brnckets. Mail Onler* |iromptlj'r
VBRTWOIS STRBBT ��� .  .  NBLMN, '*- c^
Galvanised Iron Wgg
are unequalled in the Kootenaya.     If   yo"  rc"f". [
amoke Sta;k�� or special  work of any  kind ��"',,(���
quotatlona SATISFACTION   GWB"
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., U


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