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The Daily Canadian Sep 18, 1907

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^       SEP 211907
MB  2.     NO.   9��
Fittt Cents a Month
iberal Prospects Grow
jtHaaent Meets Nov. 14th���Elec-
(tions in Ontario���Cabinet Meeting Held Yesterday.
lu.wa.8epi   I-     W amerttM of the
ulsUons     for  the   new
a   I.ranch  a.r   Cbs   n>jT��J
wore     adniiled.     The
j turned  out   by  the
���,���. ih,   ami  ss do* naad la &��
cent, '��� ii "sent, twenty-
....   p|eo I   snd   lift*   e''"1   I'l'-C'*1.
..... ooppers.
.M.I.I.'   OB   Novin
|H!li mil. an M.iii.thiiiK tiiin^l'lie. to
. |    l.in   thlH is renarded
| Foi  the llrst time to Can-
i experience oommitba* work will
r at one.
kituesooii ol !i\;n,.* a date for hold-
i .  ..., dons for the Lioininlou
\. ssi ���'���������' ���   ��� .' "' Ji'Hterday'B cab
,::!.���   nnd    practically   decided.
ba    lane*)   at   once   anal
,:v ; isce airjut nve waaks
i uniay   Tie   actual date on which
aiavMt will come off  will  be an-
r. nirntui* offlcera are
Eunlcatcd ��r;li  uuuorrow.    It  will
t. at em  from them the
i.ui a., the time men-
Ii  be  ample   there  I*  no
in fur making   II   any lonuer  than
nski   There sra Ihiai  vacauclea.
In London, causad  lu   \fs* ����'S"a
. irr-r.s  llymsTi.   and  the
��� io Nortb Wellington, throncli HM
l ol the laia   Mi.   Martin, aud  the
I in Northumberland on account of
laiai, ol Mr  I'ocUrane.    Two of the
iirin.-Ln.��   were   Liberal,   and   one,
���bumlivrlaiiil.   was  Conservative.
|i order in ...niii'il vaas pttMd ilxlug
n,daj, Oct..lM r 31st ua TliunkisRivtng
rapreme enurm of the  t��" mw
finc-in of Alberta and Saskatcliewau
complete.    At the  meeting of
!cabinet yesterday Ha.u. J. H. La-
lattorney-general or Saskatchewan,
���appointed puisne Judge of the Sa��-
iitnaii  rript. me   court,   and   M.   l>
. k. c, 0i Edmonton, was appoint*
Umtk juilm- ol the Alberui supreme
for a Ume Lamont was a mem-
I' Ill Domini ut parliament, where
foot an active pari lu all that ap-
uni'il tu the welfare of the west,
blotto! fria-nds In llasteru Cauuiln
f- In Uie  weal   will be dellBhted
nar o( his elevation to the bench.
David r. Lamb, head of the Bal-
hl Immigration ala-partnient, arrived
mm yesterday, lie stated thai
fn he lett Bngland he had made ar-
rtmants with the Allan and the Do-
|i.in lint's to charter tap v.-mai'lta na-xt
r.n.l thai these would carry
lu.ooo Britlsb emigrants to cau-
lia- bail the choice of doing a great service to the country by remaining out
and fighting gri.rt. or of betraying Cim-
u.la and the Liberal party by joining
tin- guva-rninerit and becoming the de-
f.-u.ler of the Iniquities that even at
that time were notorious. Mr. Aylus-
w.trth selected the wrong cuurBe. In-
stead of making a great name for himself l.y opposing public crime, he weakly capitulated and became counsel for
Ilia- wrong-doers. That he regards the
of bis clients as bad, and. Indeed, hope-
b-ss. there can be no doubt. Ills line
of defence, namely, the abuse of the
pluiiiiirf's attorney, renders this sltu-
n:i.��n appura-nt. If Mr. Ayla.swurtli
i-.-nlil pra-va-nt a reasonable reply to tha>
inutiy cliurges made against his clients.
It may be depended upon that his
spa-a-arbes would contain such reply in-
Ft.-arl erf being full of recrimination and
abuse. If. again, the Government were
not wedded to the public wron gs he
might be expected to lead in a campaign
making for better conditions, InBtead of
bi-ing the platform defender of the evils
..r which the entire country complains.
While Liberals arc disu|ipailnted at
the jHisltlon of Mr. Aylesworlh. persons who are Indeis-ndent of the Government are not la-ss palna'd. It is ra.gr..l-
ra1.1.- that a public man who might do
good should lend himself to evil. It is
ala-plorable that a iKiliticlan whose legal
training enables him *o discriminate
should elect to stand for practices and
fro principles which he knows to be
bad. Mr. Aylesworth ought to be lighting the great battle of the people side
by side with Mr. Horden. The circumstance that he Is opi-osing reform, and
is laboring to prolong the evils, justl-
fl.-s tin. disfavor with which oldtlme
Lib..nils, and such as those of Dundas,
i.cive   lllm.
i. Hepi 18.���The LlberalB who
III..nil l., bear Mr. A. ll. Aylesworlh
Jmiiilas. iniiM have been deeply dls-
Vinteii v.iti, ii,,. ipaeab  that    was
7** 'il'"ii lb. in. lnrrlciul or being
'"I to nn oration lirimliliiK In every
'"'"'".the spirit of reform, and prom-
ik in correal the public evils and to
iisli ih,. wrongdoers, they had to
''" '" n panegyric of Hyman and
"mm. and a tirade of ubuse leveled
Nl Ure public men who are suek-
.lo *lve Hi.   oo in my   relief ami  re-
���"���   Thai thoughtful citizens should
>' 'ui'iii'd away dispirited and dismay-
llK not ta, be    wondered    at,    TlM
r"'���^��� in.iii Edward Blake, th.. uggres-
I1' ���iormer, to Allan ll. Aylesworth.
(Purveyor uf Insinuations und the
maw or g,.,,,,, iK u��� BVO-nt-on col.
rr t0 4"��hearten any decent man.
I " Pity Mr. AylcHworlli occu-
uils '"""tU"* in which he now
fi n.,1,Ln' ,U"8 ""'"'I'liy fact, how-
,,',! ' ' but himself Is tu blame
I in. , i, t,l'Vl;''""1"1" bad mapped
Nw> ��������� ,"Hy W"U I"''"''- Ml.
,,. ���'. ',. '"I����u it. Bveryliody
"""'.I vain '''""''Inntia.n wus honev-
I"' ��'l.o a,,,1""",' ",ul 'lu'1 '">' I*��1.H<
"H'l Inn-,. ,        '    '"lu   lh<!     Ministry
1��a wroas.    -r?-.'" "���"���PonalblUty for
t '"111 bar,',':    .."' """"Hon. In fuel.
"-" way      '' MI- A-'-lffworth  In a
"   'i ninde cleur to him thai
Even    Brltiah    Government    Give.    Up
Hope of Reduced Armament.
in Near Future.
London, Sept. 18.���Tbe Hague Peace
conference has rather fallen Into the
background since lus practical rallure
to secure any Immediate limitation of
armaments became evident, and even
the admlrullty haa of late displayed
much mure activity ln launching or
laying down na-w Dreadnoughts than In
limiting ihe naval building programme.
Hut the reversion of Uie proceedings at
The Hague to the ucadWmlc Btage, If It
has dlspi-Ilei! whatever nopes may have
been entertained hy anyone that It was
going to result in a really great work
la.r iieace and for humanity, has not ln
any degree lessened the desirability of
a limitation of armament If such could
by any nieuns be had. The most ardent Hritisb advocates of a stronger
navy and an army upon something more
nearl.v approaching the Continental
scale do noi require any augmentations
for militarism, but solely from a flrmly-
hcld conviction that our present state
nf weakness, so far as ra-gurds the army
at any rate, we are merely courting
national disaster. If there is to be at
any lima- a substantial reduction ln our
military and naval expenditure lt must,
says tbe Naval Military Record, unless
we are prepared with calmness to commit national suicide, be accompanied
with such reductions on the part of
Continental powers as will render them
not relutlvi-ly stronger In proportion to
ourselves than they are at present. The
expectation or any audi proportionate
reductions being consented to Is at present purely chimerical, and the peace
conference, so far as auy material effect
it Is likely to have upon tbe armaments
of the world, may be regarded as merely a highly distinguished debating society. It may be Bald to represent an
asplratlain rather than a hope, nor can
we with candor profi'ss a belief that
at any proximate dale Its proceedings
will assume a more tangible complexion.
Still, no one w-ho has the peace and
prosperity of nations at heart can wish
other than well to the proceedings of
the conference, and If the action of any
government, or group of governments,
should resull lu steps being taken which
will tend to limit In any degree, how-
ever slight, the growth of the Incubus
which is oppressing all Europe, and
thra-atens also to Involve the United
Slates, there will be no disposition to
begrudge the crodlt to bo desirable an
No Better Than Chicago.
London. Sept. 18.���Sir James Crlcbton
Brown, in delivering lhe presidential
address at the annual meeting of the
sanitary Inspectors' association at Llan-
dune, referred to the EngllBh meat Bup-
ply nnd urged the abolition of private
slaughter houses and the providing of
abbuttoirs anal a central ofiice for meat
Inspection. Then, he said, people nn
longer would find "Prize Clirlslnias fat
beef absolutely tilled with generalized
tuberculosis." He added. "If Chicago lias
Its Jungle, London hus Its dismal
Negroes Multiplying.
Chicago, Sept. 18.���From recent In
veBtlgatioiiB made by the general Immigration ageut of the Illinois Central
railroad, the theory that lhe negro In
the south Is dying out Is combatted with
figures. The agent lias made a tour of
18 countleB ln the Yazoo I Mississippi
Valley) and reports Increases In Che
negro, as well as the white population
Tin- figures show the negro population
to have Increased K'i per cent In seven
years, nnd the white population 70 per
cent. The negro population lu 1800 was
240.117 and in 1H07 wus :!8S.:if.!i\ The
while population seven years ago wns
88,7118 nnd Is now 161.717.
Ushered in with Fair Weather-Nelson's 1907 Exhibition Promises
Eclipse All Predecessors--Splendid Displays and Excellent
Athletic and Comic Attractions.
The nfth annual exhibition unrtor thn
auupicoB of the Nelson ARrlrulUiral and
Industrial Society, opened today under
happy ..in.-ns. The ran, which has been
only an uccationa] visitor for sevi nil
wt-eks, flhonti brightly this morning and
gladdened the hearts of those who have
tolled with head and hand to make the
Kalr a success.
Two Initial disasters were soon repaired. One of the hydrants installed
on the grounds for use in the firemen's
sports blew out but the damage was
trilliug und It was soon restored to
working order. A slight misunderstanding Mr. Nat Reiss aud the directors was
more threatening, but satisfactory explanations were made on both sides and
an amicable agreement was reached In
time to allow Mr. Reiss to get his Beven
large and two small tenia up and ln
order, and alt his apparatus in position
for the performances which his big company will give.
The morning was spent very busily
by the judges of the various departments, and by noon all the list of prize
winners were in the hands of the secretary except In the fruit and mineral
divisions which cannot be completed
until tomorrow. Delayed trains and consequent delay in arrival and arrangement of many of the exhibits Is the
cause. Lack of space prevents the reproduction of the pfiM lists in today's
At one o'clock Hon. .'. H. Turner, provincial agent-general, and Hon. R. G.
Tatlow, minister of finance and agriculture, arrived and wwe escorted by
President O. W. Husk to a space prepared tn the southern gallery over the
maiu entrance.
Mr. Turner fonneally opem-d the exhibition in a brier address, full of optimism and inspiration. He spoke of the
years oi* preparation which preceded
the present reaping of rewards by the
farmers of Hrltlsh Columbia. He told
of his gratification at the splendid successes achieved in fruit competitions in
the old country as well n*s in, the commercial successes earned at  home.
Mr. Turner then urged Kootenay
fruit growers to aim at even greater
successes, and advised the utmost care
and vigilance in preserving immunity
of orchards from disease, and energy,
enterprise and co-operation in winning
a distinctive reputation for excellence
Of British Columbia fruit and in securing good markets for it on favorable
terms. He wished long life and the
fullest measure of success to the Nelson
The agent-general's remarks were
greatly appreciated and he was heartily
cheered as he concluded.
He was followed briefly by Capt. Tat*
low, who was also listened to with close
The finance minister said: "It affords
me great pleasure to be here with Mr
Turner at the opening of your Fair, and
to see this magnificent display of Ko.it
enay products, especially of the fruit "
Capt. Tatlow then reviewed bHefl?
the work of the agricultural depan ment
in making possible the success of H-lt-
ish Columbian fruit in competi-im in
Great Britain, referring especially to
the recent most successful display ��n
der the efficient charge of R. V. Palm- '
In this connection he remurked tha. the
department, of agriculture und the piov-
tnce generally owed a debt of grati'ule
they could hardly repay to the personal
interest and kindness of Sir T*i-.mas
Shaughnessy. *
The minister said that nil IMiish
Columbia regarded Kootenay as Jar of
the richest and most promising dis
tricts, and assured his hearers that
everything that could be done by the
government to promote the welfa o of
the Interior would be promptly flue.
He assured them that the needs of
the mining and smelting industries, especially In the mnttcr or coke supply
were receiving careful attention and
consideration, and 'vould continue to
do so.
The main building is gorgeously decorated with flags, banners and bunting
completely draping the ceiling and connecting with the galleries. The effect ts
bright, cheerrul and hospitable, and the
choice and arrangement of colors ts
highly creditable to the ducoratlon com
Women's Hospital Aid.
As oue Issues from the secretary':!
office in the northwest corner of thu
building, the first booth to catch his
eye is that of the Women's Hospital
Aid, which occupies the west end of Its
full width. Here the indefatigable
ladles of the Aid will be on duty till
Friday afternoon, ministering to the
wants of the Inner man. No one need
leave the building to relieve hunger or
D. W. Parry.
To the left along the north side of
the hall comes first the stand of 1>. W.
Parry, eugraver, who Is not a stranger
to Nelson Fairs. His display and iMpifp
BLBfil are better this year than ever.
Tbe next several spaces on the north
side are taken up with the overflow of
the fruit exhibit, which seems larger
than usual.
Bread and Jam.
The display of bread, biscuits, jams
and jellies is next in order, and both In
Quantity* and. as far as may be judged
by appearances. In quality, are superior
to any former display in the same department.
J. O.  Patenaude.
Next, just west of Cne entrance to the
annex, is J. O. Patenainle s booth, tastefully arranged and decorated as always.
and full of beautiful articles of all kinds,
watches, jewelry, cut glass, souvenir
pins ln profusion. The dressing of tho
show cases is admirable and the whole
display exceedingly attractive.
Eastward, Beveral spaces thrown into
one, are devoted to tbe combined (lis-
'play of the Standard Furniture and
Mason-Risch Piauo companies, which
will as usual be one of the most restful
spots in the whole of the buildings and
groundB. The space ts filled with pianos
iu all shapes and sizes .and all of first
quality, while the whole both constitutes in itself a model In upholstering.
20,000 Club.
In the northeast corner Ib the both
of the *i(t,0U0 club, very neatly and attractively decorated. Hack and walls
are covered with flue views of the district beautifully clear and distinct.
while above and around are finely
mounted caribou heads and the nucleus
of a geological collection. Nor has the
main purpose of the club been forgotten.
There is an abundsnt supply of infor-
matliiu ubuut th*-' r-Jsoarces aud attractions of the Kootenay in neatly printed
folders. There is also a large and varied
collection of souvenir pins, spu-ms and
buttons. Secretary KM.uu is on hand
to entertain visitors, give short lectures
and answer all questions that the most
highly developed thirst for knowledge
can dictate.
Along the east enu and occupying the
eastern central space Is the display oi
flowers, a little less rich iu color perhaps than on some former occasions,
but in abundance, in quality, variety
and general excellence probably the
best collection that has ever graced a
Nelson Fair. Aid. Selous, chairman of
the floral committee, surveys Uie work
of his hands and evidently thinks lt
very good.
J.   M.   Ludwig.
On the south side at the east end Is
the exhibit of J. M. Ludwig adorned
with fine examples of his work in sad
dlery and other leather goods. The arrangement is very neat and the exhibit
decidedly a good one.
Nelson  Brewery.
The Nelson Brewing company Is on
hand ns usual with a fine display of its
products, with a very inviting appearance, suggestive of cooling satisfaction.
The effect of the pyramidal arrange
ment Is admirable.
A large space Is taken up by the
Allis-Chalmers-Bullock company with a
display of Duplex pumping machinery
operated by an electric motor on which
demonstrations will beglven. An exhibit of machinery can hardly be de
Bcribed as pretty but It Is suggestive
of industry and wealth, and the demonstrations of its uses is Interesting as
well as instructive.
W. G.  T hompson.
W. Ci, Thompsons booth is his bust
ness establishment in miniature. Scarce-
ly one of his many departments Is un
represented He has books, magazine;*-,
views, pictures, cards, stationery and
fancy goods. The selection has been
good and the arrangement of the dls
play, just to the right of the main entrance, Is conspicuous and attractive.
The exhibit would be creditable to a
city many times the size of Nelson.
To the left of the central entrance on
the south side, is an exhibit that is
certain to attract a lot of attention and
interest. It is that of the Fairbanks
Morse company, represented in Nelson
by Messrs. Isaac & Hlnton. The display consists of various kinds of machinery for the production and treatment of ore.
Singer Company.
Next Is the both of the Singer Sewing
Machine company, in charge of G. N.
Gilchrist. The company's machines are
known throughout the continent, bu the
claim that new improvements are b Ing
Bdded every year is fully borne ou. by
a study of the exhibit and a view of
some of it in operation.
Nelaon   Iron  Worka.
In addition to the Fairbanks-Morse exhibit, of which  they are  in   charge as
Kootenay agents. Messrs. Isaac & Hlnton have a fine display of the products
of Lbelr own establishment, the Nelson
Iron Works, which Is producing machinery of all kinds required by the Industries of Kootenay, mining, smelting
and milling.
Nelaon  Coke and  Gas  Company.
In the southwest corner Is the display
of the Nelson Coke and Gas company,
arranged by their local manager, G. S.
Miller. It Is devoted chiefly to a demonstration of the cleanness, cheapness
and convenience of the use of gas for
domestic cooking. As In former years
the company Is giving the use of Its
stoves to the Women's Hospital Aid for
the prepartlon of the dainties they are
offering the public.
M literate.
The mineral collection is an excellent
one, and there are numerous entries in
the competitions ecept for the Nelson
Perhaps the best feature Is a fine display from Silverton district representing eight mines. It has been prepared
by W. H. Brandon, N. F. McNaught and
George Aylard, and is a splendid ad
vertisement for the northern Slocan
Lake district.
The Boundary also is well represent
ed and the judges will have their work
cut out In awarding the handsome cupf
offered for competition by the Boundary
There are also mineral exhibits from
Erie district and from the Granite
Poorman mine.
The work of H. E. Wade, manage of
the mineral exhibit, bus been most efficiently done. The result Is indeed sur
p Ising in view of <C��u very brief time
placed at his disposal.
Fancy   Work.
The galleries as usual are devoted to
fancy work and the entries are fully up
to past standards of merit. They are
perhaps not so numerous as on som<
former occasslons, but the quality i*--
magniflcent. The display includes pic
tures. views, black and white sketches,
water color painting on china, crochet
work, some of the latter especially beinp
very beautiful.
It  was  late  when  the  grounds wen-
cleared and preparations made for th
sports, too late for detailed Account In
today's Issue.
The hose races did not begin till after
three. They were fairly contested and
aroused great enthusiasm among lovers
of such sport, many of whom hacked
their favorites  heavily.
In the first race there wero three entries. The first heat was won by
Ferguson's "Kootenay Bell." 2nd, McDonald's "Kirk"; 3rd. Bloombergs
The second event was won 1st, "Alice"; 2nd, "Invoice"; 3rd. "Weaztl
Firemen's Races.
There was a great deal of interest In
the firemen's hub and huh race. It was
known from the start that Nelson had B
god team, but there was aome doubt as
to the ability of the visiting teams. It
took some time to get the teams together, but there was no delay one-*
they lined up. The Nelson team wm
about the same as has run in past years,
ln the lead was Joe Thompson. At the
discharge of the pistol the teams rot
away together, but Nelson at once took
the iead and maintained lt until the end,
followed hy Fernie, and the third place
fell to Rltzville. It was a good race
and much enjoyed by the spectators.
Fair Notes.
The rock-drllllng tournament has r.ot
begun as The Canadian goes to ?ress.
An accident occurred to one of the
judges, while at exercise, resulting In a
broken arm.
A fine sample of fresh picked raspberries was handed in to Mr. Annab'e
this morning, grown by Mr. Cutler not
for competition.
There are several good displays from
New Denver, and some of the exhibltois
won prlxes. Thus. Avlson secured four
prlxes and a special for pumpkins and
The convention of British CoLrn-j.a
flre chiefs is in progress today. Tl,.
papers read are of great Interest i..livable, too Important for condensation
Fuller reference will appear In a later
W. S. Pearcy, chairman of the committee on poultry for the last three
years, to whom almost alone the success of this department is due, says that
thiB year's exhibit Is far ahead of any
former display.
The number and quality of exhibit*
from outside points has attracted a
great deal of favorable comment. The
entries from the Slocan district especially are numerous in all departments, and
generally excellent.
Sir William Van Home Says Uneasiness
is   Wholly   Unnecessary.
New York, Sept. 18.���Two prominent
capitalists interviewed here as to present financial and commercial conditions
and possible troubles ahead, think alike
that there. Is no cause for uneasiness.
&''<��� William Van Home, chairman of tbe
^f/ ������ of directors of the Canadian
P. ^*jj railway, said: "The time has
com-- ^-p, ��� Wall street can no longer
ignore * -eat prosperity that prevails thn, * u North America. Business will go .ead. Wall street notwithstanding. Of course lt is easy to predict anything. Tight money might be
the result of two things. It might come
from lack of credit, or because the active conditions, the great activity In
trade. The presenc tightness Is caused
by the latter condition, but it Is not
hurting anybody."
Richard C. Kerns, the St. Louis financier, said: "A year ago Uie country was
at flood tide of its greatest industrial
prosperity. Then comes a scarcity of
labor followed by stringent money conditions and depression in building and
kindred enterprises. But this should
not be called a depression. It Is generally believed in the west that the
worst has been passed for this Beason.
An all-Important consideration, however.
Is the crops. A few weeks more of favorable weather and a bumper com crop
will be assured. The yield of other
cereals has been fair. Ample money to
move the corn crop seems to be forthcoming. Therefore it may be well to
conclude that there will be nothing like
a panic or even serious depression."
Druggists Blame Doctors.
Chicago, Sept. 18.���Physicians who
prescribe a proprietary medicine, of
which they know not the formula, are
to be raked over the coats by the national association of retail druggists, which
opened its ninth annual convention in
Orchestra Hall last night. ' We shall not
insist that physicians stop prescribing
all medicines," said Sidney C. Yoemans,
president of the Chicago Retail Druggists' association, "but when the doctor
relies on anything else than his individual prescription of the standard formula he Is on dangerous ground
Despite the recent lndianni>olis antitrust decision declaring agreements of
proprietors, wholesalers and retailers of
patent medicines to keep up the price.
a violation of the law, we shall very
likely at this convention arrange for
co-operative buying, which shall accomplish the same purpose without, violating any law." Delegates from thirty-
six states and to the number of 1,850
attended last night's opening session.
Japanese   Steamer   Burned.
Shanghai,, Sept. IS.���A Japanese
steamer said to be the Tafu Marti, has
been burned three miles off Ching Ki-
ang, on the right bank of the Yangtse
Kiang, forty-fiv^ miles from Naking. it
is reported that oue hundred lives were
lost. The Tafu Maru is not mentioned
in any of the maritime registers available but there are three Japanese
steamers of similar names, the Tango.
Takao Maru and Tafan Maru.
J. H. Turner Sees Signs
of Prosperity
Finance Minister Tatlowfs Defini'e
Statement of Policy on
Coke Situation*
Oscar IL on Throne 35 Years.
Stockholm, Sept. 18.���The thirty-fifth
anniversary of the accession of Oscar II.
was joyously celebrated throughout
Sweden today. All stores and banking
Institutions were closed and the streets
of Stockholm were one mass of bunting
and flags. During the day messages of
congratulation from all the rulers of
Europe were presented at the pala -.
by the members of the diplomatic corps
King Oscar succeeded his brother, KLUtfcg
CharleB XV., Sept. 18, 1872. and was
crowned the following May. He was
born in Stockholm, January 21, 1820,
and was destined for the navy. He too If
the course in the university at Upsaln,
where he was graduated a doctor of
philosophy. The people of Sweden
claim that not only Is he the most
learued king today, but is the best
travelled man among the royal scions
of Europe.
Will Build a Spur.
The Phoenix Pioneer believes that
the Great Northern will build a spur
from Midway to Greenwood, to tap the
Boundnry Falls and Greenwood smelters. It would also probably be continued as far as Denoro on the present
branch, as provided in the surveys
made two or three years ago.
Copper Shipments.
About a carload of blister copper is
being shipped dally now by the Granby
smelter, owing to the fact that eight
furnaces have been in commission during the week. At the company's mines
business is going on at fullest capacity.
about 550 men being employed.
Body Recovered.
T'ae body of Erling Skatbo, who was
drowned Sunday, September 8, near
Grohman creek, has been recovered. Fer
the last eight or nine days the father ot
the young man has been patrolling t' ������
luniks of the river with a strong field
glass in the hope of finding the lie.'y
of his son. Last evening he was in the
neighborhood of Beasley's Siding and he
noticed the body of the youiiK man
floating In an eddy. He immediate ly
secured ass istance, and the corpse \v;is
taken from the water. The body of
young Ska'bo wns broiurht into the ciiy
last evening at 12 o'clock, and the funeral will take place tomorrow al'teruocn
at 2 o'clock.
Hon. J. H. Turner, ex-premier of British Columbia, and now agent-general
for the province In London, arrived
from the const last night, and paid a
visit to The Dally Canadian office this
morning. Mr. Turner has not been In
Nelson since the summer of 1901 and Is
greatly pleased at the evidences of
growth and prosperity he has seen. He
"The Improved conditions In British
Columbia are apparent as soon as one
reaches Revelstoke. You can see It in'
the growth of every town along the
line and In the enormously increased
traffic of the road."
Of the present estimation of British
Columbia,  Mr. Turner sayB*.
"No other province In the Empire
stands higher with all classes, capitalists, financiers, home-seekers and sportsmen. With the officials Mr. McBride
made a splendid Impression. He did
not seek opportunities to make flowery
speeches, nor did he try to lecture the
colonial office on everything. His quiet
businesslike manner is still contrasted
by them very favorably in comparison
with some other visitors."
On the labor question: "We can get
British laborers out here. They are
anxious to come in spite of the reluctance of all Britons to leave home. But
I am afraid to obtain vuy large number
of laborers we must -b*? prepared to advance their passage money. They will
pay it back in time, but they haven't it
now. I don't think that could or should
be undertaken by the government. It
would be a mistake for a government
department to have financial relations
of that kind with prospective citizens.
But if any corporation would take up
the task and deal fairly and efficiently
it would be a boon to many good men
in England, as well as to British Columbia where there is a crying need for
Mr. Turner says that he will always
be a British Columbian In spirit. He
meets many from the Pacific province
in England and Is always glad to see
them. Every one of them is a missionary for his province. He is enjoying to
the full his visit to the province in
which-40 years of his life were passed,
and hopes to pay many more visits, as
indeed he looks likely to do.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, minister of finance
and agriculture in the government of
British Columbia, was seen by a representative of The Canadian this afternoon. Capt. Tatlow was enthusiastic
over the prospects of fruit growing In
Kootenay and stated that the department of agriculture, while he remained
at its head, would continue to do all
that was possible to assist, encourage
and develop it.
On the coke situation which Is perplexing and crippling the managers or
interior mines aud smelters. Capt. Tatlow said:
"You may say for me. and I speak
with authority, that the government is
prepared to see that the conditions on
which the Crow's Nest Pass Coal company obtained its charter are faithfully
carried out."
Capt. Tat low's visit is a very brief
one as he has to leave again this evening.
Implicates   Conductor   and   Engineer.
Toronto. Sept. 18.���The coroners jury
investigating the recent wreck on the
Canadian Pacific Railway at Caledon.
in which several people were killed and
others Injured, made Its report today,
and directed the arrest of Engineer
Hodge and Conductor Grimes.
Still After the Southern.
Ashevllle, N. C, Sept. 18.���Whether
suits for the recovery of damages as
penalties of the passenger rate law can
be putted against the Southern Railway
company pending the trial of the other
actions pending will probably be decided today at a hearing to be given here
by Judge Prltchard to all the parties
concerned. The hearing is on an application made by the railway company
for an injunction to prevent the prosecution of an action brought last week
in the superior court of Alamance
county against tho North Carolina Railroad company for penalties for the sale
of tickets at more than two and one-
quarter cents a mile. The North Carolina Railroad company is leased by the
Southern The plaintiffs In the suit take
the -Around that If a North Carolina
plaintiff sues a North Carolina company
under a North Carolina statute the federal court has no jurisdiction. The decision in the matter will probably hinge
on the question whether the Nortb
Carolina Railroad is an integral part oC
the Southern system.
m '��� :,j       -1
���   ! The Daily Canadian
.   I
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
staff of assistants, accompanied Mr. Mc-
Crimmon from Edmonton, and will go
out with him on the line. The work
of unloading oars and loading waggons
for the "trek" to the southwest started
this morning, and the caravan
march bright and early.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
Hest           4,830,000 _
D. R. WIL.KIE. President. HON. ROBERT; J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
allowed  on  deposits   from date of deposit andcredltedquarterly.
���J.,   M,   LAY,   Manager.
Capital Authorized
Telephone    Girls   Are   Too   Young    and
Work Too  Hard and Too  Long.
Toronto. Sept.  18.���The report of the
telephone    comminton to inquire into
grievances of the Hell Telephone Co.
operators has issued a report at Ottawa, which has bean received here.
There are a number of Interesting
findings, hut strange to say, the wage
question is completely Ignored. The
striking operators, of course, claimed
that is was hours, not money, that was
at fault, but an Increase was expected
just the same. The commission finds
thai the employees' position in fighting
was absolutely justified, the company
evidently thinking more of dollars than
the health of operators.
Special stress is laid on the nature
of the work being hard on the physical
BJVtem. A joint board of medical experts is urged to inquire fully into the
injury to health through the work so
that legislation may be enacted to protect the girls.
The pressi/.e '.at which they now
work, and long hours, is declared to be
a crime against nature. A six-hour day
divided into shifts lasting one and on-
half hours, is recommended, and the absolute abolition of overtime; also that
the age limit of operators be raised from
17, the preseut minimum, to IS years,
and that to check the ���listening board"
abuses the same law be enacted with
regard to the divulging of private information that now applies to telegraph
companies. A permanent board of arbitration between employers and employees is also advised.
Nelson Ij-.ni. District. District of Wtit Kooteney
Tska notloe that R. 8. r. Bmyih, ol fc-roctar, B.
<'., occupation lumUTrntn, lut- nds to apply '������**
a special Unbox licence over the lollowiug described lan.li:
No. l. commencing at a post planted near the
nnrthtrat-t conu-rpost ol Lot mi 2M*'. on Ueiaon
Crook and marketl M. ti  Y. Smyth south weal " or
nerponi No l, thonoa -to ohaina north  more or
1 *.������>���* to itbout midway o( the smith in'ini���'���*' > "���"'
ol Umber licence No. wut, thenee 80 chains eaat,
thoneeot) chains aouth, thenre *.<> chaini eoet,
thenee 40 chaini hou th, thenee so chaini weel,
more or I etui to the southeast corner .'I aforeaald
Un No asMBathOsnoo 40 chain* north, ihonee in
chains we.it lo the potnt of com men. . mi Dl
Dated **th July. 1907. K   .-. P. "MlTTH,
Henry Heh bort, Agent.
Nelson I-and Dlatrlct. Dialriet ol Wail KOOtOOM
No. 3
Take notice thftt i. K. F Btewart, ol foiling*
woo.., Out., occupation lumberman, luiendi lo
Apply for  a special   timber   Uceoca  over the fol-
Lowing described lands: Commencing *i ��� P -���
plauteil about x> chain* eootb and I aatm weal
of poitt No. 2, marked J. R K. Bten art's K. 1 0OI
ner (tost, tbence south IbO ohaini, tbence west 40
chaina, thenee north 160 chaina, tbence eaai -o
ohalna to place of comment-- mi ot ��� .mtaming wo
acrea more or loan.
July *.lh. UKJ7. Jamic*- i:   t  BrswAST-
nil   floor,  cnmini'iirlnfi   Tui.H.liiy
|-Alki  I'klCHS HI IU) OUR THADU ^^^^^^^^^^^^
\\'.. will .'xliibil in inir kIuiw rouin on s.-ctinal llnor. cnmininiclnK TuMitaj
n..\i ;i magnificent display ol I-nportad Trimmed and I'atii-m HatH. Lnoladiiig
all ilia, very latesl French anal N.-w Ynrk Hlyl.-s anal creations In Ladles' head-
wa'ar In   llie   leading   ni.-to-.liiti-  Hhailes.
We Invite the ladies to oall uml inspect our Immense aiaortment of Kail
Winter Hata, New I'm", Uantles, skiru and Panoy and Btapla Dry Qootli
*>\'o   Hnvu   INotltiriK   "���
<,>..--.--it ii ,.,..1 ,1c  QUasllt-y
.Mull Urders Promptly
Attended "I <>
NataOQ Land District Dlstrlctof We��t Koou-iiay.
Take notice that Henry Keichert ol SelaOO.B.
C . proapeotor, intends to apply f"r ��� special ll-
eenoa to cut and carry away umber from the following deseiibed lands:
No 6. I'oimneucfng at a post planted Dear the
nor t beaut corner pout of rim ber I.i-< me v,> 'J*-*-*6
and marked Henry Keichert northweal corner-
post No 6. iheuce so chain* H>ntb, tbenee 80
cnalns eaat, thence 80 chat on uorth. theuee HO
ehaius west to place of commencement.
Hated July Mth, 1907.
No. 7 i'ommencing at a post planted Dear the
QOrthWOat corner post of timber licence No 9265
and marked Henry Keichert .-. weft corner post
So 7. theuce HK) chalna eait, tbence 4" chaina
north, thence 160 chalua treat, tbenoa 40 chains
south to point of cominuuct-nu-ui.
Dated July 26ih, 19U7.
No. 8. t'oniraeucing at a p-.-i pU tiled on Monument ereek about 7u chain- more or leaa from
where Monument creek empUee into I.emoii
creek and marked Henry Keichert northeast cor-
nerpoBt No 8 thence 160 chains -.oulh, thence 40
chains wesi, ihence 180 ebalna nortb., thanoaSO
i hams east io place of oomn eni ement.
Dated July ifctb. 11W7 IIksr,  RttCHSBT,
Nelson Land District lil��i,.ci nf W��t CoOtl n��y.
Take notice tbat i.corgc Ale).an.ier. ���>! EaalOi
B C, intends to api'ly for a ���pedal llmbaf
licence over tlie icillowinn doacrlbi I lanOBI
Comiiicn. lug at h Mat   planted al lhe imriiiw
oornor oi BooUoo i^.    ownabtpT. Ko��ii
trlct, being abont one-thir-l of a mile-'.uth of
the aouth boundary Hue of the Imhaii reserve;
tbence a unit aboi.t .ift chains m tl-.. . n-lerly
bauk of Kootenay river; iheiti e ���...uilieaslerly
along Kootenay river tiauk ftbOUt 80 chaina to
tbe south '.������: :���!*���. of BecrMoo It, rownahlp 7]
theuce ea-lerly about60 chain    t" the :i<'rihwettt
oornor oi l-nt tol; ibonea north n�� chains aloag
the west booudar] ..f Lot Hi; thonoa ivootau
chains to the polnl "f rommanoement, aud containing 840 acres, more oi lesa
Dateil Julv 4. Wl UBOMOl KUtXASOOM,
Nelsou I Hti<l DiMr:et    Ulatrfetol W����t Kootenay.
Take notice 'ha.   lv-m   Mc ). Hand   Kraaer. of
Nelson Land District.   District <��f West
Take notion that Moon-, Koppta a- g
laud, Conn..   (K-cupftUoit   luuilM-rmen,
pply lor n spj*-cliil   iiiiilnT   licence
K i >,.t ,-TlM.V
,., of 'tar-
intend to
r the   fol-
Nelson ljind District.   Dlatri !1 Ol Weat Kootenay
Notice is hereby given tt.Ht  10 daya  after date
m misstom
ion to cut and
.vlug described
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869
Re.erve Fund ��4,390,OO0
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL  ATTENTION   given  to the I      HOME  SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
Savings   Bank   Department,   and a^ii,.,.,;.,..   i- i >���.   u..,:.._,
Inter**   credited    Quarterly    on on APPl'��t''"'. I" *--'-.*. Medium
Savinga Bank Accounts. |
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published tlx aays a weeJc hy the
Baker St..  Nelson. B. 0
���noacrlptlon rates. *��*��� cents a month delivered
tn tbe city, or So.00 a year if sent by mall, when
paid in advance.
AdTertlsin't rates on application.
AU monies paid in M-Ulement of The Dally
Canadian . ������ >mnu, either for suhw-riptioni- or
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
forms of the Company, utber receipts are not
Wednesday.  September   18.   1907.
Taking their cue of Messrs. Fielding
and Aylesworth the Liberal organs hav.
adopted a policy of sneering at Mr
Horden's advocacy of clean politics,
and are trying to suggest to the public
that in the matter of political corruption they are no worse than Conserva
tives. Their choice of reply Is a matter
for their own taste and judgment. II
they elect to plead guilty on their own
behalf and reply with a counter-charge,
that Is their affair. But there must be a
limit to their licence.
Ou\r contemporary says airily this
morning, in the course of an article
which consists mainly of Quotation
from Mr. A yles*, worth's Chatham
r*"The   records-   establish    beyond)   all
cavil   that   in   the   matter   of   electoral
corruption   the   Tories   can   give   the
Liberals all kinds of pointers."
Everyone who knows enough of Can
adian political history for even the last
ten years to entitle him to make a re
mark   on the  subject,  knows  that  thai
statement  is  absolutely false.    Conser
vatlve candidates and the ir supporter.
have  been  guilty   of   bribery   and   have
rightly   suffered   for it.     Hut   there are
depths   they  have   not  Bounded.    They
have  never  formed   an   organization  of
professional   criminals     for    campaign
purposes.    They  have never  manufactured   or  imported   bogus   ballot   boxes
They have never kept in their  pay an
instructor  in  the art  of ballot  switch
ing.     They   have   never   sent   expedi
tlons hy schooner or prairie wagons to
hold  polls where there were no voters.
They  have  never,  since  the   first elec
tion   was   held   in   Canada,   attempted
to debauch  a whole constituency as lt
has   been   proved   that  London   was  de
bauched In 1904.
Further, the men who bribed the poor
venal class to vote for Conservatives
were esteemed as scavengers of the
party and treated as such. The same
was true of the Liberal party once. But
now the bribers, ballot-thieves and perjurers claim and receive their reward.
Scores of convicted corruptionists from
W. T. R. Preston down, are even now
in the pay of the Dominion Government-
And this state of affairs iB defended
by cabinet nlinlsters, including Mr.
Fielding and Mr. Aylesworth. who have
constituted themselves aiders, abettors
or apologists of theft and perjury.
Moreover the statement of Mr. Aylesworth that the hearing of the Halifax
election case haa been adjourned at
Mr. Horden's instance is utterly untrue, and his defence for Liberal ideas
on technical grounds Is a straight admission that the Conservatives have
been  pressing for  trial.
if our contemporary is ignorant of
these things he is entitled to pardon
of one species. Hut if he know-* them,
as he probably does, the statement we
have quoted can only be takeu as Indicating   his   estimate  of   the   value   oi
New York's School Pupils.
New York, Sept. 18.���Six hundred and
thirty-seven thousand, three hundred
and eighty-seven children are enrolled
in the schools of New York this fall,
according to the figures compiled by
the superintendent Wm. H. Maxwell
This is an increase of more than 2".-
"00 over last year. The figures show-
that in three boroughs there are 68,-
640 pupils, who are on part time, owing
to the lack of room. This Is a decrease
of l*i,"��44 since September 1906. This
number will be lowered in a month
when 5.000 extra sittings will be available through the completion of sevtral
For Sale
^5 ft. lot on Carbonate St $175.00
1 intend to apply'to the Cn
Lands   aud   Works   for   permli
carry away timber from the foi
Mo. 4 Commencing at a p.>-t marked H. AB.
H. W corner. BO chain-- eaat u! the N E. c< rutr
of lot No M2, poat marked K .-*. N. E. Corner,
tbanee east no chains, tbenoa south no chains,
thetit-ti went M> ubalos, tht-in--.- north HO chains to
;���"'-     of commencement containing &to acres.
No. 6   Commeuelug ul the   N   w . -tinier of H
A ti. timber claim No. 4, thenoe north -*���' cnaiu-*,
thence eaat so chains, theuce south   -��� chaina,
tbeuee west SO chalus Ut place of commence in en t
at location post No. 6, containing &to acres
1.0.  ti* hkkmkRH'iIlS, Locator.
*j-eo   Uuicroft, Agent-
Dated July 8th. laoT.
apply f��>
���inn al
of i!,.. K
of the
.nine   tieacnnea   landa.
m\    plaiiu-d   alx-iil Ncveu
na) river, and abont one
oatlanaJ I ouu lary lUta,
arter m.rtli .������i-u-rly (nun
I umber llceni ������ No. mo.'>",
.. ihenoe wei t **u chains,
ihcne.' cast I** chains to
*ut,   aud   loui-uiung   Mo
ll.-i'tl.C     nv
miles a/eel
mile nor-h
and about Dale i
the north Baal i
thenoe smith so ��� ha i
thanoa north to i bain
point   of  commence1*
acrt'-i, more or less.
Located l-ilh. of Jubc.M907.
Dated tbla Rth of July, laul.
lowing described lands: Commencing at a imibI
planted on Mom-til to creek, .n the waat atda Ol
Arrow lake, and about one half mile weat, of the
S'liitliwcan corner of limber limit No. 4itf~, Ihence
much -m chains, thetifc wesl HO chains, thaoed
north Ho chalus, thence cast HO chains to p-ilnt of
i oHiineiKVmeut,  aud   contalultiK 040 acres, more
nr    !. -.-���
Dated 15th July, '���-���;       Moork, Kn-ri.i A CO
John R. Calkins. Ageut.
Nelaon Lend District. District nf West Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew K.I--*, of
Fernie fi (' . hotel keeper intends to appiv fof
a "peril,! tlmlH-r licence over tba following described Inti'ls: t'oinnicin ing at a pool planted
��� i'-.':t -:��� miles west of the Kootena** rirer. on
) orn creek. In the District of West Kootenay
������ nd being abont six miles north of the inter
iinl i   iii.      t-miiolarr    line,    and    situate   ut 1 he
northeaat i omar of William Andrew Koss' No
8 limber claim, thenee north HO chains, thence
treat89ebalna, thenc,- mouth an chains, thence
ea-t i" chalna. to tbr point ol orrmmaiiiwiiiiniil
Located July vfSnl. lfcrt
Dated tba lu of Aug   mur.
William andhkw Koss
Take notice that I. Arthur \lex I'Jtchli.M i
tend lo apply for iwrmissioti to pureaaMuWfl
lowlngdc-riieji Una.    t ...uraeti.-i.,-, k ;.��
t the N    K..-on...rof UMIT|\,, iff
K. oorner, theuce nonh tochnii. -wi
a. chains, ihence  south  ��0 rhSiSV. Sj"
*���-"-���--���-    ~* commtneetntmriiiS
.���.i B, I
aaal to chains t<> polut
contain Ing ho acres, mon        	
June 7, WW.. Akthck Alii f-ncifoo
William auwio Mills. Agtnt
Taae   notice that I, William K. Jsrti-
to apply for permission to purchase the WW
lug   described  lands-     ��*��������__��-i-_       ,w*
plant) d at the ti. K  d
ed   northeast    corner,
tbence s*��uth 4ft  chal
iruer.il l��t MTi, ad.i mJ^
a.     IK..,.,...     W(rIt  w fta^
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenav
Take notice bhat Paul Augu��.i 1'aulM. n, of Kit-
chener, ti. C, occupation lumbeiiiian, lutends
IO apply for a special ,.:.������* Uoanoa over the following described lands: Commeiieliig nt a post
planted at tbe southwest corner of surveyed lot
.21\-(J.l iheiicc* south to the northern boundary
of timl>er licence No. 7ol��, thence west to the
northwest corner of said timber licence, thence
south to the northern boundary of lol nil. thenee
following 'aid boundary, of said lot wett to tbe
right of-way of the Urlilsh ColumUa t-ktuthem
Hallway, thence following -,��� ,-i right-..[way in a
north-easterly direction to place of couiinence-
ineut, and contaluin'r 6io acrea, more or leas
Dated Julv-ind. IwV.    1'AVI- AroisT PAOTa*M*f,
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nelson. B. C,
saloon keeper, Intends to apply for n special thn*
btflioenoe   over the   following   described   lsnd:
Com menclng at a po��*t   putnted   oo   Mnrniiix
Mountain, atiout one mile Wi st of Smelter . rut.
snd a.ij'duing O. 0 ('lark's location for timl-er
licence No 1, and a taint oue mile smith of Nelson, thence wi-i-l -"-i i bains, thence south so
chaitid,   thence  ensl Ho chains,   thencti   north HO
chaitoi to plnea ol i-eginulng.
Date.l July 16th, 1W7. C. C. CLakk,
David Booth, Agent.
50 ft. lot on Latimer St.
and cultivated	
Cottage,   3
water   ..
rooms,   electric
6-% acres within oue mile of city;  suitable for market garden.   Terms given.
Notice Is hereby giveu tbat CO days alter date 1
intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and * arks for permimiooti to purchase
the following described lands, situated in West
Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post marked by uame as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction ol
Lost creek with the south fork; thence om-
��� ��� uarter mile to the uorth wesl corner post, thence
one mile to the northcacl corner post, thence
oue-i-uarler mile to the southeast corner post,
theuce oue mile to tbe place of commencement
June'.77, 1907. Located by Wa. Connolly.
Nelson Land District.   District oi Waat Kootenay
Take notice that  Moore,   Kepple it t o., of Oar-
land, Penn .occupation lumberineu,   lutends to
apply ior a special Umber  licence over the   following described lands:    Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, on the  west side of
Arrow lake, and about oue half mile west of the
southwest cornerof limner limit No. 4877, thence
north HO chains, thence  west HO chaius,  tbence
south HO chains, theuce east H-i chains to point of
commencement, and  containing Mo acres, more
or leas.
Daled 15th. July, 1907.     Mooi-'. K r.\ i . i ,v Co.
John R. Calkins, Agent.
Real   Eatate  and   General   Agent.
315   Baker  St.,   Nelson.   B. C.
truth as
a  political   weapon
of   the  credulity   of
und   hil
his   read-
Begun    on    Goose    Lake
West   of   Saskatoon.
Saskatoon, Sept. IS-���The work on the
Goose Lake branch of the C. N. K. will
begin this week, as Contractor McCrim*
mon arrived in Saskatoon last night
from Edmonton with a tralnload of
men, horses, machinery and supplies,
ile will start out on the Honeblll trail
tomorrow morning to a point about IS
mllea from town, and will work both
"The company intends to ptmh the
work as rapidly aa possible," said Mc-
Crimmon to a reporter, "and we will
have lots of work to do and expect to
hire a good many teams and also let
out contracts. I understand that grading is comparatively easy on the Goose
Lake line, and am glad of it, as we have
been up against a hard proposition
Where we were working last, west of
Edmonton. We expect to work on the
line here just as late as any work can
be done."
A. J. SU1, the C. N. R. engineer, and
*10 DOWN
3lO PER jV\01NTM
We offer you best fruit lauds;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.       You
don't have to use all of your MMM
In paying for land. We war.* yam
to put it into development ������-
also have tracts of 50 to MM M *
prices and terms the best. V. *> omTO
these lands and handle sMfetafl M
If you don't see FmUyats*: j*/n
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street,  Nelaon, B. C.
Take notice that 30 days alter date I Ir,tend to
apply to the Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to
cut ami carry awaj- timber from the following
descr.bed land, In V\ est Kootenay:
No. 1. Commencing at a DOCt planted at the
southwest eomerof timber license HMO, tbence
west Ml chains, thenca south MO chains, theuce
east HO chains, thence north HO cnalns to plaee of
uau-d Mh> ll, ltx/7.       J.T. Burokss, locator.
J. W. COLBt'K.-*, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing al a p"st nlauted at the
southeast corner of application ��o. 1, thence can
80 cnalns, theuce north HO chains, tbence west HO
ehalim, then. .. south HO chains to place of com-
Dated May 81,1907,       J  T. BVSSSM, I-ocator,
J. W. COLBURK. Agent.
Notice  Is  hereby given   that the undersigned
have submitted to  the  Linntenant-Oovernor-Iti*
Council a proWS
Rivers and Streams' Act,'
ndcr the prcvlslona of the
^^^^^ Act," for clesrlng   and re
moving obstructions from Coat Kiver and Meadow Creek, in the Dlstrlctof Wett Kootenay, and
for making the same lit for rafting and drlv
ing thereon log*-, limber, lumber, thus' nd craftH
and for erecting and maintaining booms for
hol'lug, sorting and delivering log* and timber
brought down tald creek and river, and for attaching booms to the shore of nald creek and
river for laid purposes.
The lands tube affected bv said work are :--
Lots NS, MH7, I .���!.: and sub lots 1,6. 11 lit- 14 and
16 of I/it 4693- Croup 1, Kootenay lllstrlcl.
The tolls proposed to he charged are such an
may be fixed by the Jodga of the Couuty Court
of West Kootenay
Dated ��lst July, 11*07.
tub intrrnatiokai- lumhkk a m kid antii.k co ,
Take nonce that John Koss. of Fernie, B C,
hotel-keeper, Intends to apply for a special timber licence over the lollowiug described lands:
1 Commencing ata post planted In tbe Dlatriot ol West Kootenay. Nelion Mining Dlvi.-don,
on the north fork of the Mouth fork of Lost c reek,
about Ave miles up creek from where tw��, foiks
meet and about fix miles north of the International Boundary Line and about twenty eight
miles west of 1-iootenay River, ihence east 80
ohalna, tbenoa north HO chains, thence weat M0
ehalns lo bauk of -.aidcreek, thence down stream
to place of commencement.      ^ Rqm  Ix>caU)r
2. Commencing at a pMt planted at the south
west corner of J. Koas's No. 1 location, thence
westHO ihains, thenc. north **') chains, thence
east MO t hains more or less to bank of said creek,
thenee down stream lo place of commencement.
J, Koss, .,���>��� .i-i  :
3. Commencing at a post planted at or near
tbe southwest corner ot J. Koaa'M No. I location,
thenc* westHO chains, thence soulli HO chains,
thence east MO ehains, more or less, to said creek,
���h-*r-ee DP stream to plaoc ol beginning.
* i, Kghh, Locator.
4. Commencing at a posl planted at or near
,.. Kmthweat corner of J Ross's No. 1 location.
then-e eaat ho chains, thence south HO chains,
thenre west Ho chaius, more or less, Ut banked
Mid creek, thence up stream to place of com-
mencement. ���   _        ,
J. Ross, Locator.
6. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles s.uih ol the eontbweat corner of J. Ross s
No 1 1..cation,on the north folk of the south
fork of I- st creek, and about/our miles up
stream, lorn where   the   two forks meet,   theme
east SO ehalna, thence north to chains, tbence
west Mo cbains, more or leas, lo bank of said
creek, tbence downstream lo place id commence-
ment' J. Ross, I-ocator.
��. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the eolith wait comer of J. Boa* ��� Wo -'i location.
on   Lost   crccu,   thei.ee   west  80 chains,   thence
north 80 ebalna, tbenoa SO ohalna aaat, more nr
[aaa, to"bank of aald ereek. thenco down stream
to place of commencement.
Located JfithJone, l'K/7. J- ROS-. Locator.
Time for advertising extended by the Assistant
Nelson I-and Dis'.rlct.   District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tims. K. L. Logan, of Bonner's Kerry, occupation painter. Intends to apply
lOratpeciaJ timber licence over the following
des-iriW'i binds: Commencing at n poat planted
on the ���.on*h side of Boundary creek, about 10
miles weal of the KooteiiHy I .TOT, Iheuce wesl Wl
chsins, tbence *.oiith HO chains, thence cast K0
Obeiai i thence north 80 chains to the polntof
commenoement, ant. containing 6I0 acres,  more
J     Dated July aib, 19U7.       Thohaj E. L. Looam.
Nelson Land Dlitrict.   District ol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice- thst I, 8. F. Wallace, of Keriite.
B Cm hotel-keeper, intend to apply fnr a t-jn's-tal
Umber licence over the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted about lour
mllea weat of tba Kootenay iiver and one mile
uorth of the international boundary line, thenee
south Ho chains, thence east SO chaini, thenre
north 00 chains, lbenee west So chains to the
point of . ���,...,.-;���'.- :���.'.���.. containing * <���" acres,
more or less.
Dated July 23rd. 1007.
2. Commencing at a poat planted at the north
west corner of location No. 1, the'ice south MO
chains, tbence west MO chains, thence north SO
chains, theuce eaat HO chalus to the point of
commencement, containing Mo acres, more or
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted at northwest cornerof location No. 3. thence north Mo
chains, tbence wi-*i **����� cnalns. tbence south HO
chains, thence east ho chalus to the polut of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more oi
Dated July Drd, 1907.
4. Commencing at a post planted at th* northwest corner of No. 1 location, thence north -"
chains, thence east MO chains, thence south HO
chains, thence treat MO chains t o the point of
commencement, containing 6to acres, more or
Dated July IMrd, 1WT7.
.*). Commeuelug alapost planted about Iwo
miles norlli and v,, mile east of the northwest
corner of l<a-ation No. 1, thence south HO chains,
Ihence east tio chains, thence north ho chains,
thence west 80 chain" to the point of commencement, containing &*o acres, more or less.
Dated July Hrd, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted at northwest corner of location No. ->, iheuce souih HO
chains, thence west ho chains, theme north Ho
chains, thence cast HO chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated July iSrd, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No. .*i, thence north MO
cnalns, thence west 80 chains, thence smith 80
chains, tbence east M0 chains to the point of com-
{  mencement, conlainlng &40 acres more or less.
j      Dated July SBrd, 1907.
M Commencing at a poat planted at the north*
west corner of location No. ."i. thence north ho
chnins, tbence ea-t 80 chaini-, tbence south no
chains, tnence westHO chains to tbe polntof commencement, con la in ing M0 acres more or less.
Dated July Brd, 1807.
v. commeuelug at a post planted nt-nut 2
miles west of the northwest corner of location
No 6, thence south 80 chains, theuee east Ko
chains, thence north ft" chains, tbence wen' 80
chains to the point of commencement, and containing Mo acres more or less.
Dated .Inly 24th. I'MTl.
10.   Commencing at a   post   planted    at   the
north wett eorner of looatlon no, ti thsnoa ninth
MO i halria, thence east 80 cbslns. thence south a*'
chains,   thence   west  80  chains to   the   potnt  of
ooramenoemaoti containing mo acre*, more or
Dated July 34Ih,  1907.
11 i'ommencing at a post planted a I-out 1
'-, miles west of the northwest corner ol location
No y and about U mile sooth thereof, thence
���-.nth 80 chains, tnence cast 80 chains, thenee
north so chaius, thence west SO chains to the
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Dated July 34th. 1907.
IK, Commencing at a post plan led at the north
west corner of location No. II, thence north HO
chains, tbence east 80 chains, thence south 80
'halns. thenee west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 840 acre-;, more or
Dated July 24th. 1007.
13. Comment lug Iti post planted at the northwest corner nf location r-o U, thfi.ee north 80
clislns, tbence west 80 chains, thence moiiI- 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing M0 acres, more or
Dated July 24th, l��07.
14. Commencing ata post planted st the northwest corner of location No. ll, thence south Ho
chains, thence west ft) chaina. thence noilh HO
���ihains. thsnos easl 80 ehalns to the point of
cmninenri-mcnt, containing Mo acres, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
16. Commencing at a post planted nt-nut two
miles north of northwest cornerof location of No.
11, thence south 8o chains, thence east hh cbains,
theme north HO chains, ttience west HO chain,*
t,n the point of commencement, coutaluiug M0
acres, more or less.
Dated July 24lh, l'M'7.
16, Com menclng at a post planted at tbe northwest corner of location No. If,, thence north HO
chains, thence east 80 ehalns. thenee south 80
Ohalns, thence west 80 chain* to the point ol
commencement, containing MO acres, more or
Dated Jmy 24th, 1907.
17. Commencing ut a post planted at the northwest corner of Ux ftlloti No. IS, thence north HO
chains, thence wesl 80 chiiit,-. then-e south ft)
chains, thence east ho chains to the polnl of
commencement, Oontalnlng 840 acres, moro or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
18 Com menclng at a poit planted at the
north wtst oorner of loca Ion Nn lb, thence south
Ho chains tbence west Mo rhalns, thenee north Ho
chains, thence east HO cbains to the polnl ol commencement, containing cio acres more or less
Dated July 21th  1907.8 P. WAS.LAOS. TgMWtOT.
John Bbo-in, Ageut.
KetaoQ Land District.   District of Weal Kootenay
lake notice that I, Kvan Fraser, of l-Vrnli*, B.C..
clerk, iin.'iid to apply tor a special timber ll< . n*<-
over Ho following described lands;
1. Comment-tug al a po*.t planted   at the N   K.
corner ahout l1, mllea north of the international boundary tinr and altont It mite*) west ot tbe
Koolenav river (about oue mile north of the
north boundary of ���'��� 1- No WI72) thence H0
chains south, tbence ho ehalut west, theuce 80
chains- north, thenc.- no chains east to the place
ul beginning.
Daud July 21st, 1907.
2. Commencing al a poat planted at the N. K.
corner of location No 1. thenc- south no chains,
tbence east so chains, tbence north MO chains,
theuce west ho chains to the place of  beginning.
Dated July -(1st. 11*77
3. Commencing al a post planted at the N. K.
oomar of looatlon No l. thenee north hu chains,
theuctjj east so ehaius,   thence   south   "*���'   ehntna,
theuce west ���*-��� chains to place of beginning.
Dated July Jlst. 1*17.
4. Commencing nt the N. K corner of location
No. 1, tbenoa nonh ho chains, thence west no
chains, thence i-outh 8o chains, thence eaat ho
chalui to (tie p|aoa * ' t-eglnuing.
21st. 1907.
ment. and i
Julie 7, IV
ontaining IM -u rci mon- orlm"
n. William Kw-nn-j,;,,���
WlU.lAM At.  M/oMlLL-,A|��,L
Hixtv  dar
 ' da/s after date I inun-l toippiTt- im
Hon Chief Commissioner of Land- ��ij.|��oru
Victoria, B.C., lo purchase tho foil-,*--*-, ��
w-rlhed land, situated In ibe Wesi a-mumtd*-.
trlct: Comm-Mi'-lng at a post pluii-rf f,3-y
west Side of KtM-tefiay lak;,- . -:.,-.- H-jIdxtm
p..int. and marked J. Mt-Kintinn'i s. t-ortM
post, thanoa west ���* ��� i.h,���,�� Ihriw -,.-������. -i
chains, thence east 8u i-halm mnrc ->r U*a iontt I
shore, thence along lake ��hore to poi-iiol �������� 1
Dst.-d April 4, r��'T. Bigued } Sl K,iw.
Nelson Ijind District.
Mon tan
Dlstrlctof WwtKootenf.
T...M, ������   that  Kdward Krasfr. uf Billlaa [
a,   V. ti  A , occupation wool bufw.fc
Datad July !
rist   planted
location No
east ol the N. K. corin-r o. looatlOll No. '1. tticnt |
���ontbSQ chains, thence west ft) chains, thence
ntirib HO chain-, thenc-.-cast 80chains to the place
of beginning
Daled July Jlst. 1907.
G. Commeiiclne it' n pnSt planted at the N. K.
corner of location **o   ., tio  ��oiith HO chains.
tbenoa aaal ho ��� imiu-,, theuee nonb ao chains,
them e west 80 etmln-t u> the place of beginning
Dated July n.l   IH 7,
7. Conunendn*) -it post planted at the N, I
corner of o- .lion So ���">. lhani ������ m-t tb HO chains,
theuce t-aal 80 ohalna, then a WOtS mo chains,
thence -.vest   O ch*��lt��s tti the   pL<0**-if   beginning.
Date . Jul) ^Ist. IS01
H. ( ommeiii Ing at i poal planied st the N. K.
cornet >! Dual ion No 8, iln-i.ee no thHOchalus,
thenc. west SO chains, ihence south 80 chains,
theuce    -ant 80 < hains to tbe   place of beginning.
Dated 'uiy ji-i. ism K Psahbs, l>K-ator.
J- '(*���   'sow**, Agent.
following ileacrll-e-f land: ('omiiirot-itit g.
posl planted on the west shore nf r*>*s-7fiii,
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at ������.������.���..-;.
Of I'Ot MI3y, theuce wrst'JJ chsioi, tht-i-*��a 1
AO cnalns. tbence east 20 cbsltu, ttas&n ���cstkf I
chains, tbence eaai 40 chains, mon or It*, uth J
weat shore of fpper Whatshan (IVtbocjktt, i
thanoa northerly and westerly alxur. iti- mH I
shore 80 cbains, more or ���*';-';
mencement, and - "ulainlug Si) -.<t�� a-n�� |
May r9tb, 1907. r Turn,
.-'.*!v days after date 1 inten-1 to *;; <>'M
Hon    Chief Commissioner of [j.nd- %tA fo-a
lrrhase the ("iloslitto
1   *���:."��������� r. -.;.'.*-'      t-
for  r-ermlfliloti to purrhase tbe .'��� . ��;i-**��� J
scribed land "
enclng   at a   post marked A (.' ���-���-��-< |
noruer  poit,  running 40 chsins wuurtj s
the boundsry of Timber ','.��� ������:>��� ������ N.. ).i :km I
southerly   :-'  ehalna,   t > ������ ������ ��� ������ .     ,:>. I
tbence  northerly  'si cbains s1��dk the C t.l |
track to the place of ��� ,.;���:������.. -..��� ���   ..   :     ��� *::[
two h-indfi-.f acres, more or less.
U-slf.1 this 9th day of Msy, IXR.
A c.httK learn.
Nelson I*and Dlstr.it.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice tbat I. Elisabeth Ferguson, of Nelson, British   Columbia, occupation   married woman, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase
the following described land:   Commencing at a
post planter 40 chains west of the southeast corner  of   section   22, Township 6'J,   Kooleuay,   and
marked "K. K's   N   E   corner," tbence   wc-*t   s*i
chains, thctice   south   40   chains, thence  eait rt)
chains,   tbence   north  40 chains to   the pi a-e of
commencement and coutaluiug 320 acres more
16th Julv, A. D. 1907.   KLizATrrn FgForLosr,
by W. A. Calder. agent.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctof Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David 0. Kuril, of   Nt lion,
B, C, occupation merchant, Intend   to apply for
permission to purchase tbe   following duserlb
land !
Commencing at a post planted at the
oth weat corner of section 34. township 69,
stooteoajr, and marked "t*. (��, K.'s K. \V. corner,"
thenee north ho chains, thenco seat 40 chains,
thence south Hu chains, theuce wesl 40 chains
to the point Ol commencement nnd containing
:ii0 acres more or leas,
16th July, 1W7. Davip f)   Kurtz,
W. A, Calder. agent.
Take   notice that I, Thomas  Harry Wilson, Intend to apply for permission lo purchase the tol-
lowing oeaonbaoland:   Uommenolng at a post
planted at the s B, corner of lot 7VW ami marked
N. K, corner, tbenoa south 10 chains, tbence
Weat 10 chains, thence south 10 chains, thence
wci in chains, tbence south io chains, thence
weat ]n chains, thence south 10 chains, Ihence
west lo chains, tbence north 40 chains, thence
casi 40 chalna to point of commencement and
containing 100 acres, more or leas
June 7, 1907, TKOtfAl Hksry Wil-min,
Wii.i-iAM Aumzo Mill*, agent.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I. John Lang, tif Nelson, B. C,
' ipiition   mluwr   Intend   to appiv for   permission   to purchase the following diatrlbcd   lands:
Com menclng el a post plsnted et the tf.JL oj
Lot BOB, theDOa cast 20 chains, inence south 20
Ohalna, thenoe -aest 20 chains, Iheuce north 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40
acrea. more or lest*..
Auguat 2nd.  1907. JOSV I.AHo.
Notice is Hereby given ti.��i ���-' .iij> .:���..-..��.���
intend to apply to tbe Houorstile ihetnfOe-
missloner ol Lands and Worki :.- :���-.*-��
to |- ; t )...-. 1 io- following .'..-.- *;U ! .,:' \.V*a
in West Ko-ilcnay district: 1 ..*..������������,��� t..
post plant- d at the west !��� ���-. '��*'.'���" ���*- >������
and atiout 10 chains souih <-f ttnw-1* !���-f.Uij
of the right-of-way of the IL C swiltenit*
way. and marked P. A l'i fo-i'lwa.1 not
������ctice west UO chains, theuce nmk u-ts* """"UI
nndary of the rlpht-of way r-f H C -Wh*
r said brt3aoifT-.e
 ��� jthtof
Uwav, thence following
right of wa) In an easterly
iMiuti'lary of I.ot 3��2 'il. ttiei
commencement, conti luiu
le-u-- .-��-
Dated this J4th day of JoM 1��*-    ��� niH,
100 AT**. Ml- 1
Nelson Und District. District of W��tK*��tf
Take notice tbat Paul August l'suHfn .;!��
chener. B.C. occupation lumlierieu*. mm
to apply for permission to piir.'hu* ttt.-a*
ing aaeartbed lands: Commet<'U-< 1. ��g
planted at the south boundary el ���**'X
way Ol the British Columbia ^'"LuZ
way and ala.ui -l*�� chaius westerly frornm--?-
80 on said railway, thence south JVU ���>'-*
eaat 'Jo chain-, theuee south f'^'gS
east CO chains. Ihence north Wt-'^K
ary of the right-of-way of the ����"?iS3
Bouthern itallway, thenw wciwrljdJJ"
tald rlghl-of-way to place of i-ommrnniatti
Dated this 2    " "        '
s 2nd day of Ain-u-l. WW.       rf
Padl AWJiT l.n�� j
. Sturm, t>f *"-'ll?l
Nelson l.ml District.
Take notice that Qc
Montana. D ��. A., oc
tends   to  apply   (or   perm is*
following  deacrlbed laud:
poat planted on the west -*"?��� "VthwHeasS|
shan (< -arihoo) lake, and at the �� '-\h^> I
of. ot 8i:i9. ihence weat ^'' llftl"'*.l'S
���hains, theuce esst to **�������ffimom\��
is'ibn W pnrcWtJ _
���ororaen.'iM ju_f |
e--l VpP��r
Notice is hereby given that fiO days allerdate, I
luteud to appiv to the lion, chief Com
of Lands alio Works for  permission tojuirchase
the following described laud lu West Kooleuay
district, on wesl shire of Lower Arrow Lake,
adjoining Lot No. 4918, on the south : Beginning
al a post marked "Marry lfcXeod*S N.K corner
post nnd 'lutitcd OS the shore of Lower Arrow
Lak'-, at the southeast corner of Capt l-oslund's
M'.'IH, thenoe west 20 chains, tbence south 20
'���ti>' in- more or lesa to Die north laiundary of ll.
Fu.imon-'a I*. B , tlieuce gn chains east along the
sab) hiiuinlHry to lake, tbence north along the
lake shore 20 chains, moru or less to polntof
(.ommcii cement.
May 2nd, 1U07. J. D. Moors,
Ageut for Harry Mel/cod.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctof Weat Kooleuay.
Take notice that Ueorge Kufus Carter of Ktrdur,
occinmtion, brldgeman, intends to apply for per*
misiioii   to  purchase    the  following   nescrlbed
land: Com men- lug at posl Plantetl at the uoilh-
wesl comer Ol   B. Sola' application  to purchase,
marke<l   H. W���  thenoe  north   40 clinlns, thence
east   40   idialns,   theliec  south   2<)  chains   to   A.
''nrry's   preemption,   theuce   west   20   ehalns,
thence south 2n chains, thence wesl 20 chsins lo
place of   commencement   containing   l'.:o acres
more or less.
Daled July 12, 1907.       Ukuiuik Hurra Caktkii,
W, J. KcoTT, Agent.
I, the nndendgut-d. after GO days intend to apply tO Hie Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
ami Works to purchase thi following descritwd
laud: Commencing al the N. R. Li. of Lol 7689
O, L, thence west 40 cbains, thence north 90
chains, thence east 4o chains, thenco south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 80
seres more or less.
Locate    March 28th, 1907. W. A. MlI.Mi.
halns to point of eommeuo
680 acres' more or less.
ay 29th, 1907.
.I ������<���-���* r
lake, and at the northwest ���"":���,,,,.
thsnoa   we.t 20 chains   tt.ciiren��'-J.rWj��*8|
theuce east 20  chains, the... - ^"'i* Btmsl S|
point   of   commencement,   an"
acres, more or less. w a LTD-*-<-*--* I
May 29tb, 1807 W*,T"        -L
'  Plxty   -lays slier  -late I Arthur Aijen J( -
rancher ol Burton Cltr. miend ����l|rilt
Chief Commliilonarof -^^��Mami
torla, H 0., to pnrcbaae the to�� ^.J-mij
lauds situate easl ol Burton ^^-r3-.-
poat marked "A A B smithwcM^ ,^B
planted atlhCN- w corner ol Ji ^l4l)rw*l
running norlh 80 chains. ll' . ' ^.tiirbit-"-!
thence south 80 chains, thence ��tsi I
place of commeiieemciil ...��� a  K*1*
' August 1st, 1907- __j.1T"!Z-     .-^1
SoUon I^nd District.   District ol *"��� *   ^ I
notice   that   H^-S-*?   $&*W
larmer,      li^"1;!',,^,,. Pfl
tao:   Comm
seven mil
al   northeasl
marked -H.c. N
80 chains, then'
chains,  them
"so ohaini i�� P"""
mil.liiUiK si''��""���
Dateal iwi'li Say ol Aii������. JJJJ; c�����t��.   ,
licTcl Wa��.'<
Nolsaan l.an.1 Dlatriot.
Take     n.illre   llisl
mat  ;��� .
brokar, |nH��1
rs.-l t.1
.11........    Miuilt.itia.
(a,r iHirml.sla.il  In *>"��'"��"'
arrlli,.! Isli.l:    OtHnm." ''��A "������ ,msl
tho HiauthcHHl. oornor "' '�� " ,,' ffosaiuii".^
Ave mllto Irom lb" """"/'..'j ���| riiirn'����"~
, (,|i..l(Ta-
mark,..! K K.H.B K oornor," a���� ���;;-.,���,, IM."
Iiaarth ftOa'lialns,  tliun.'
MUlfi "0 ohaln., th..i,<'B
..,.nilli..|i..|.l.i.'lil. ''''".'"",' ,!..��. ������
A 111 11 IM^AJi|^_���.	
 ' "SSSsSji
nn* S?.'X5f��is1
Na.lsaan IJinrl IllstrH'l ,���.���...-. ���,,
lona. Man., occupation "���""���,. ,���ll... '"^ ,
lot psrsal-jloa t" nuron.-c ���       -jtfiit*
'Si'',?,;",.! ��-
    lliiiiu-li' '
Kraii'1 S-Sawsrtg-";,1
"O, B. N B.oornara '"'i'1
tli.no. samth *. I'l'i'l""; JSniSj, no"
clialiis   tn   Plsea.  ",'",':'" .  .,,M,
aarros nl lanil, m.ir.. or la \>lW,iiri �����*
BL'HTOH.' The Daily Canadian
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he BACON We Sell
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'  Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hums Are
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lelion Un-l WJtriOt. Utatrl H 0. West Kootenay
���T.k.. nolle- thai I'atrl k 3heran, of Nelson,
��� p   -,... ior,   iu*..tid.*i.; apply
l ���         ��' ,!"*  f"H;**io*f
I ,        . ommenclng at a post planted
I ���,  ppai   running   aouth -so
I w��tWt baina, ihenoe north M
t 80 i baina ui point of oom-
1 ut.iwn.      p��Tiua unnu*,
1 Kan a Hik.aM', Agent.
i - Dutrlol ������( West kootenay
I .. notln thai  Pen r  Imoa. ol
1 occupation luinit-Tman. hi term*.
\ . ��� .,., ial ilmtit r lloenoa ovor Uie
lltiiDi: ��������� - -'"���' l*nds    CommaturtM at a
I. nori ktartjr port of jot hi-2
U ICOchalns south of timber llcencw No. ,018,
f,. ih IM thsins.   tbence cast 40 chains.
I thi noa net to ehalu
|l!.f---.>iTr. of i       i   . ii' ein.'iil. and   conlainlng
L*, 1'gTCH UffD.
fc(0DU:i'l District H;-trlct of West Kr-olcusy
I Tak.   notice   thai   Peter I.UUd, in
patlon  liiinberman. Intends
1 i special umber lloenoa over the
I lauda:     Com menclng  ata
L od an eaat   bonndery oi lot ai2. 100
t ,.   in .- 7011 and 40 chnins
l claim ho. l. thence north
[. ttelna, thenoa south m
L wesi 90 ehalna to the point of
(kne&ceiuviit. snd tuiitaiuing **4t) acres, more
Ettd Jul) Wh, 1907. PcTaa fjffttn,
|snU:i'l bUlrlct IMstrict of West Koo'enay
J .      n rake notice 'hat   Peter   Lund, of
k patlnn lumbermaiT, inteiol-*
}t ���' ��� il licence over toe tol
ls -     ������..mmen-lng at a post
wtoj on til east boundary id lot BU, -vi chains
lih nl lav Incation poet claim No. t, tbence
t .i .t-t **t chsins. thenoa
i-1 a thenee west ho chains to point
Icomaeaoeaient,   and eoutaining flto acres.
���re ot lea.
|>urd AG-tn-t l��t. 1907. I'm-* LDB9
leaetloi that Ira K. Taylor, clerk, of Arrow.
L, B.C.,tataii Is tc spply tor a i> pee la I licence
m\ Umbci trom   the   following   described
n. 1. r*imm��Q*i!ic at a post planted TOtbaius
|am*��ln ��B ��������������. *lv direction from t'arilmo
Mnirted "Ir* I    I hi tor's. \V. Parkins'  ti  W.
���.** bound-: the aonu by T. L No 76��.
i *o. 101% thenee north an
l   M i hains, tbence  south 80
th'tift-  west *-' chains to point   oi   coin-
Ogata po*i planted HOahalns
hoi-strl Id si ��-1 ���*��� r 1 y direct bin from <"*ritM.n
-���Bsrked-W   |'��rkns'.   IraK   Taylor's 8. W.
rpMt.1' bounded   nn the west by T. L 7fifi7.
fi. b; Irs ��. Taylor's  and   W.   Parkins'T. L.
���   Borti \< chains,  thencv cast   li*0
a, theace south *0 chaina, wnone west nw
P"l 00 iii'iieemen".	
'.   DUtnot of West Kooteuay
. rebj jlren that Mo days alter date l,
���n ''���"��������������� "       miner, of Nelaon. M.c, Intend
IIP-       *  ��� li       Lhfl I hi-f Comiiuaslonerof
dud norki tor * specie! licence to ont and
T��*��y tin-Ut frurn the follon lug described
a Bummtl creek, lu   the   West
l   ���nrnmencing at a post marked J   P. fl'e
t-t corner   jHit-t.   bwatcd  on
l creek   ��l*-iul two miles from
running south ho chains,
are runnitiK west im cbslns. thence   miming
n*Jfhalai, thenee west to chains,  lb e net.
ftWchsiH*. ibenos   running east 10 chains,
. I    chalna.  theuce east 10
Ir'     ; -���*��� ��� ol " ���  ni- tn-ement.
"���wtedontheJ        I at ol August. 1907.
loHa P. i-wKnaaao, taaea>%M.
l"'r hi* tyi-oi Pan r. McUhsaui
a i-st s' a poat marked J   P. B'l
���t-'.ira.i uorthweat corner |*mtt, located on
I ��� ' ' i-nmil creek, about two miles from
irrett, uienoti running south h.i chains.
gee nummgeast -m , hstn*. tbence running
Ji'S'i.-ain*-, ih-.ticv running west HO chaius
I !-,. qi . meni
T*��tttion the 2��th day of August, 1907.
ti�� P  Bm BPBiatf, I>icaior.
per his RgtMH Pkick MoLKiNAi r>.
���on Und Dlatrlct   I'istrlct of West Kootenay
Hj*nettea that .'. it. v. Stewart, ol ColHng-
vn. nt ,..., ucHtlnii luinbcrman. Intends to
|!M";*-'>   [al  iimt.er   llviiceover   the   lol-
a, Finds:   Cotnmenctni at a post
���wJ?wtSl,lU1 "tnsMn "����������-,""' m\* sonth
;...l''n I.:-. - Tl,.���r Ul(. ,,������,* WHteisoftlran-
W**** marked J   it. p. sn wart's N. I  Angle
1. '   "������:ih    ��o  ���-halua.   ttience    west   40
In.  i   ' "' ,ou-h 80ohalna, tbence west 20
In' ""llMl   '' ehains. theuce   cast  HO
KnM a     l"rl1' '������'"��"-'������� thence weetS
h       atoraVii :;'mm'',l,'l',n01--* containing
2�� l*"'1 D*��trict.  IMstrict of West Kootenay
i ' lltal i.K. k. auwartoi rolling*
Kfor:,^"r*.ti?n lumberman intends to
lj',." ,'' ;,lu,,lbvr -l��noe over thefoi-
���    ��� :.l;;i:',:1,1(:;;;,,r'n"l"Kal^,M"1
m the Mountain  Meadow
tioul   ,in
mere or ie<*.
.Iamics K   K. HHRWART.
Itl;:':;''""���"���, ,"-'"t���"wsK-*7i^
���Nrr li,.s,'���.. ' """"�� i..��|.|Jv la,r a apodal
Ml:  ��"'    ""I   lollOwInj  .larsaTlhod
I:    ..'���'";i,,;,,"L"",l,r1'*"""' ���tW.oon-
|li" ..���..�� i��� , "' ' r* 0'Oo-H .r.-aik .villa III.
CiulBI ',, , "'" ���""���Ul ��' .-Inilils, th.nM wa-sl
lrtislrr.'i��� tl    ,''. KI"1U' W I'lmltis,   Ihenarc raat
I'"!-, morsor Ibh '   ,,l"-,,1ii1iik. contatttlni
"'" '."nil'Zl'i!" !",'���''""' I'1"1 ' "ii the linnli
'"'!" .���.���nil.;,,. ' ,'T" '.,r'''k abrnil four inlli-s
[th "l.-l." I, ; " J' ""ll ""' Mam cr.aik, tlaariia.,.
f'h HI ,.!,;���  "",'"'���"   war.a   Wl ulr.nl,IS,   thuna'C
******>I ax-Klli.,,,',,.       ' '*���'  "" ''h��lli�� t.a  th.
lo...     """""I!, coatal&lng inn aarra.��, mora.
lh��li..rlli i��� i '     ," '""" l'lnlili'il on tlio l.iink
EU'ii'inillii .,,,.',    ?!S '*"'''' "i...m Fqilt .nil.-.
Khl"l"lislin ai, '' "ia. MhIii ..rea-k, tlio.lco
I"1 "" ''lulu's ri, .'" "''" """'���lal.ia. tbenaro
if* "I U'lin ii,l���J "."'''."'"" "ll 'IihIiib to tho
|1������        ��...iiinit, [���outailulUK r.ld Hi.rca,  mora.
-J������ Anitut au,, im,
'���"x'N',K'i'liil.as|.i��, Uacator.
., A- "AaKkTT, Aaaaiit.
T""i' ..'"'I.'.."!"'"''1' "'"'l-'ct ill W���st Kootailiay
|si;',''r'��l'a'.l. ',",,, ,';'!���*  "��"'|.-irt. 01 N.lson.
I :;.:: r"i��ii.i .',.',*i'.'...H!."'.'>* '"��� ���? ��p��.1-I
Bi      ,       ' u   iitiii   ,..���       '" "i'i'')    on   a  Hiicciai
l^niaoiflbaaiVi^t*^ ,rom tho
No 10 <'ommcnc|i-K at a po*t planted about -"*�����
cbains more or lesa south from tbe northwest corner of l.ot no i'.u oo main Lemon
creek ami marsed Henry Keichert east corner
post no 10, tbence 40 chalus north more or less
to about tn bl way of the south boundary Hue of
timber licence No sj<. ���, t...���nr... 1C0 chains west,
theuce i" chains south, thence 160 chaius eaat
to point <if commencement.
Deled July 2.u,,i:ur.
No. 11 ('ommenclng at apost planted on Monument creea. about 70 chains, more or leas, south
from where Monument ( reek. <;niptys Into Lemon creek, and near Henry kelcbert northeast
corner post of timber location No 8, and marked
���Henry Keichert northwest corner (...st No 11.''
ihence lflo chalus south, thence -to cbains eaat,
tbence P'iO chains north, tbence fi chains weat
tn tin- --.tut "' commencement
Dated July-/lib, 1V01.
Hknby Ki.MUKi, Locator.
Nelson Land District.  District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice tbat I, Harold N. Edgecombe, of
Kernle, B. l\. clerk. Intend to apply fur a special
(anther licence over the lollowiug described
;c. (.ommenclng at a |*o*t planted at the confluence of the nnrtn fork ef Corn creek about
iwo miles from ita coullueuce with the Malu
ereek thenee south 40 chains, theuce west 100
chains, theuce north 40 chains, tbence eaat 1 no
chains to the place of beginning, eoutaining 640
acres, more or less.
laocated August 17th. 1907.
9. Commencing at a |*osl planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about two mllea
from Its confluence with the Malu creek, thence
so-.f.Ni chains, thence west HO chains, theuce
uorth ao chains, thence east HO cbains to the
place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Ua-ated August 17lb, 1907.
;t. Commencing at a post planted on tbe bank
of tbe north fork of Corn creek aboul four miles
from Its coullueuce with tbe Main creek, thence
south ���**��� chaius, thence east au chaint, thence
north 130 chains,   tbence west HO cbains to the
J.- ��� of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
l/ocaled August 17th, 1907.
b. Cummt-nclng at a post planted on the hank
of the north fork of Corn creek about 6 miles
Irom its confluence with tbe Main creek, thenco
nortb 40 chalus, tbence east 160 cbains, thence
south 40 cbslns, ihence west 160 chalna to the
place nf beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or ic-s.
DaU-d August b.th, l-.-riT.
A. i vtntt:.���tiring at a post planted on the bank
of the norlh fork of Corn creek about six miles
from lu coufluence with the Main creek, thenoe
south HO cbains, thence eaat SO chains, thence
uorlh -*-' chains, thence west HO cbains lo the
place of beginning, coutainlug <*>40 acres, more
ur lesti
I ������ ated August 16th. 1907.
7. Commencing st a post planted on tbe bank
of the norlh fork of Corn creek ai-.nit-.ix mllea
from Its continence with the Main creek, tbence
south so chains, thenco west SO chains, thenee
north ho chains, thence aaat 00 chains to the
plsce of beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or leas
l...e���t, .1 AltgUSt Uth.  l'**7.
H.N   KDOSCOMHK, Utcator.
A. Hackktt, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that we, Archibald Hremner and
Gonna Youug, both of the city of Nelson, in the
Province of British Columbia, lumbermen, intend to apply fnr special limner licenses over the
following descriuea lands:
1 Commencing st a post planted about 2SO
yards westerly Trom the Junction of the north
ami main forks of Uummit creek, a creek flowing
into Kootenar river south of the southern end of
Kootenay lake in the district of West Kooteuay.
which Junction is about 18 or JO miles from the
month of suub creek, thenoe south 40 chains,
theuce east 160 chains, thence north 40chalns.
tbenoa west lOO chains to the point (d commence--
men i aud containing 64u acres more or less.
Dated this 5lh dav of August! 1907-
2. Commencing at s post planted about 2&G��
yards westerly from the main and north forks of
Summit creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south of tho southern end of Kootenay lake
lu tbe district of West Kootenay, theuce south 90
cbains, thence west 4e chains, theuce south 40
chains, tbence wesl 40 chains, thence norlh 80
chains, thenee cast 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 4o chalus to the point of commencement aud containing 640 acres more or
lefm <.ki>it<,B Yotmo.
Dated this.-ith day of August, 1*907.
3 Commencing at a post planted about -WO feet
norlh from the bank of the main Hummlt creek,
and about 2 miles westerly Irom the junction or
the norm fork aud the main fork of sue creek,
a greet flowing into Kootenay river south nf the
southern end of Kooteuay lake in the district of
Went Kootenay. thenoe aonth 80 ohaina. thenoe
east SO chaius. thence north to chains, tbence
west Wi chalus lo the point of commencement
and containing MO acre* more or lesn
A a. ni.UI.li  IlRKNNKB.
Dated this fith day of August, 1907.
4 Commeuelug at a post planted aboutJl miles
un an untiamen creek flowing into Hummit
creek from the south at aoonl 2*2 miles from the
mouth of Hummlt creek which latter is a creek
liowing into Kooteney river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake In the dlstrlctof West
Kootenay, ihence north HO chains, thenee east 8��
chain-*, thence south HO chaius. thence westHO
ehalns to tho point nt commencement ana con
Ulriln, MO ���<rre. mora, or la-..   g^m f
Ilnta-il this r.th .lay ot August, 11W7.
A 0omm.n*lni ��l > l��.sl planleal two miles is
an unimin'-il oreck !lo��lliK Inta) Huramll craack
Irnru the smith al about t- m""" '""" thu mouth
,( Summit iruuk. which lattfr Is a arruck llno'tiiK
lulu Kooiun.y rlvor south ol tho southern enal
ol Kooleuay lake lu the .ll.trl.it ol W..I Koaite-
nav. Iheuee south Wl chains, thenc. east JO
'���hains, thence north Wl chains, lbenee westwi
ihains to tho polut ol commencement ana on-
,al,.l,i. 5*0 acre, moro or l^,^, ��� BKimu,
llateal this filh alay ol Aumist, 19117.
�� CnmmonclnR at a post j-ant-d about on.
an.l a halt miles up the north lork all Hiimmll
creak, a cruek llo��lnK Into Kooteiiay r ver sou h
���( the soulliorn ou.l ol Kootenay La.  In th.idJ>-
trlCt  01    W'��t   Ka)OtUU.y. IhUOCU   SSI     SO  C    a     S.
hence south 10 chains, thence cast 10 tan,
lhano. south tu cbains, Ihrni-c we.t Wl Chans,
i.e.. north 40 chains, thonce west 40 chains.
,. cc , orlh 1" dial"" t" 'he polol'" commuiico-
mont anal eonU.n.n. oil) aero. mor-W ac"^
Ilale.l this lilb ilny Ol AllRil.t, IWI-
mile a:
rommcnciiiK nt ��� post -J-sntJ" A"ffl'*S?
,.1.1 a hall   up lhe BqtA Jort Of ��""
Into Kootunay rtvur south
thonco south 40 ehalna,
thonce --
Ihence wSt to c'lmln.'to ihe point ol ca.mnietico.
me ,1 ami  e...ilai���l.,�� IVIO "gf,Wm or le...
Il.teal this Mh.lay olAu!n..l��17.
Ait. itrrul.l. BaiaN.K.
li.   comuiuuiring at �� I>"��1 planted   ���ho"1 "
Expoaure of Duplicity of Dominion Government on Question of Japanese
"There can be no doubt that the Japanese trouble haa bora rendered po��-
niblebythe blundering at. Ottawa on tho
Immigration quoHtlon. It has been
known for years that the far west Ih
opposed to the Introduction of lurge
numbers of people from Asia. This fact
was brought to the attention of Sir Wilfrid Laurler when he was appealing
for 1-Tenilernhlp. On that occasion Sir
Wilfrid telegraphed to Vancouver that
whutever the west required should be
done. Some time afterward! Hritish
Columbia passed Acts prohibiting the
employment of ChlneBe and Japanese
on works for which charters were then
being granted. These provincial laws
were disallowed by Sir Wilfrid Laurler in response to representations of
Mr. Chamberlain, who after pointing out
that they were contrary to international comity, recommended instead the adoption of a restrictive immigration law
ou the basis of the Natal Act.
"The next move in the history of the
question was the informal agreement
of Japan to limit the emigration to Canada. Meanwhile, a Royal Commission.
appointed by the Ottawa Government,
enquired into the Japanese question,
and reported, st'rongly against the unrestricted admission of Japanese. It
was represented by this authority that
the coming of vast numbers of Japs
would affect the conditions of labor
disadvantageous!}- to the white population, and would alter the racial outlook for the west. With this report
in its hands the Ottawa Government
proceeded to deal with the question,
and the course It decided upon was
most extraordinary. It actually determined to accept all the provisions
of the 4aI��anese commercial treaty
with Britain, including the clause guaranteeing the Japanese immigrants free
and unrestricted admission to this
country. The clause which alters the
situation so   radically   reads   thus: ���
"The subjects of each of the two
high contracting parties shall have full
liberty to enter, travel, or reside In
any part of the dominions or possessions of the other contracting party.
and shall enjoy full and perfect protection for their persons and property.
"They shall not be compelled under
any pretext whatever to pay any
charges or Uixes other or higher than
those that are or may be paid by native
subjects or subjects or citizens of the
most   favored  nation."
"This agreement obviously abrogates
the understanding previously In force,
tin virtue of which Japan restricted
the emigration from that country to
Canada. It also, in the latter clause,
relating to taxation, forbids the laying
on of any form of tax by Canada, for
the purpose of regulating Japanese immigration, as ln the case of the Chinese.
When the ratification tot" the treaty
was before Parliament. Sir WillYid
Laurler, as his speech republished yesterday Indicates, omitted any reference to the immigration clause. That
gentleman represented, untruthfully, as
It turns out. that the main feature of
the treaty was the commercial agreement. It is clear that the abrogation
of the restrictive understanding, and
the adoption In Its place of the treaty
provision published above, has brought
In the great Japanese Influx, and has
led to the difficulties now prevailing
ln the west.
ANow that tho trouble has arisen it Is
uarter of a mile westerly from tho north fork
of Summit creek ami about throe miles up such
north fork from its junction with the main Hum,
mu tr.-tk, -i i'wk flowing Into Kooteuay river,
aoutb of lhe southern end of Kootenay lake in
the uistrlct West Kootenay. thence west HO
ohains. thence norlh 80 chains, thence east HO
ohalus, tbeuee south 80 chains to the point of
oommeneement. ami contaltiiOK M0 acres, more
I>ate<'l this 6th day ol August, 1907.
AH' 11111*1 1' BREMNBH.
10. Commencing at a post plauted about a
quarter of a mile westerly trom the north lork
ol Summit creek and ahout three mllON up such
north fork from Its Junction with the main Hum-
mil creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenav river,
sonth ol the southern end of aootcuay lake, in
the district of West Kootenay. then.* went to
chains, thenca south 160 chaliiM. thenco oast 40
chains, thenoe not th lf-0 chains to the point of
commenooment, and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Dated this20th day of August, 1^07.
11 Commencing at a post plauted aboul half a
mile easterly from the south fork of Summit
creek and about one mile sojth of the main
Summit creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake
lu the district of West Kootenay, thence east to
chaius, thence south BO chains, theuco west 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains tn the point of
rommancement and containing W0 acres more
or less. AacimiAl.n Hiikmnkr.
Dated this 21st day of August, 1007.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' and "Quebec" Mineral ClRitas situate In the Nelson alining Division, of West
Kootenay District.
Where locale<l: West branch of north fork of
Halmon river, OH Craig Mountain, about nlno
miles Irom Krle, B. C
Take notice tbat I, Alfred Kruosl (.alliipc. Free
Mlnnr's CcrUllcate No. BOW, intend, sixty days
from the date   hereof,  to apply to the Milling
Keeonler for ti Certificate ol Improvements, for
the ptirpos- of ohtainlnK Crown Cratits of tho
above -.liiliu-*
And further tnko notice that action, under
sccli-tn 87. must be commenced before the Ipiu-
anov of such t'erlillcate oUmprovements.
Demd this 12th day of ttopteinber, nun.
Royal Hotel
RhI -h $1 and (1.50 a Day.
Special Rate, to Regular Boarder.
Queen's Hotel
BaJt.r Street, N.laon. B. 0.
Lighted by Klaactricitj- and
Heated by Hot Air
Laiy. and  i:..i.i!..rtst>]>.  Ilt..lr.M,rn. and Klrat-
rU..riiiiii.K K.xnri     .Sample Koom. Ior Commercial   Ma-u.
MRS.  E. C'l.AKKK,  Proprletrea
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson*,
Tba Bar Is the Finest.
White  Help Only Employed.
Josephine Ht.
Nelson, B. C
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoratPd and refurnished K...mis 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
.T. A. BRIOKSOV, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Koropean and American -Plan
Healt if, eta.   Booms from Jb cts. to U
Only White Help Employed.
Beker Bt., Nelaon Proprtetore
jrepresented that the Government ia
making another agreement with Japan
to nulify the treaty, and to bring Into
force the understanding which was set
aside when the treaty was accepted.
Hut this representation comes from the
politician who deceived Parliament on
the meaning of the convention he asked It to adopt, and it will not he safe
to assume that lhe story Is true until
the agreement Is In black and white.
So far the situation Is the result of a
blunder entered into by the Government in the face of the report of its
own Royal Commission, which recommended it to take care not to open
the  door  too wide.���Mail  and  Empire.
Party of Seven Elk. Crashed Into Telephone Pole���Four  Dead and
All   Injured.
Colorado Springs, Sept. 18.���A powerful racing automobile occupied by seven
prominent Elks, and a chauffeur, and
built to hold but three passengers, while
running at a terrific rate, crashed Into
a telephone pole at the bottom of the
west Hurfando Btreet hill here early
today and was wrecked. Three of the
occupants wore killed outright, a fourth
fatally wounded and the other more or
less seriously injured. The bodies of
the dead were mangled almost beyond
recognition. The dead are: W. H. Ralston, n dealer in oloctrical supplies; H.
Winnal and John S. Grey, the latter
formerly of New York. The Injured:
Itrltton L. Graves, druggist, will die;
.lames Enfilish. George Buckley, P. H.
Ward, \V. A. Markschelfel.
The party had been to the Elks' Club
lloust at Manltou to attend a social session and were returning borne. The accident happened at 3 o'clock just after
the automobile with its merry, jesting
passengtrrs crowded Into the seats, on
tht hood and on the Bteps, plunged at
a terrific clip down hill.
MarkseheffolJ who was driving. In
some manner or other lost control of
the wheel ami the powerful machine,
swerving trom side to side acroBS the
car tracks ran Into the gutter. For
fully fifty feet tho heavy car plunged
onward, the right front and rear wheels
were running In the gutter and the
two left wheels a foot higher on the
surb. Suddenly the right front wheel
struck some object and the machine
turned around and was thrown a distance of about 45 feet down the hill.
The car probably would have whirled
down the hill tor a still greater diBtance
but for a telephone pole which barred
the way. It was this pole that probably
caused the death of two and possibly
three of the victims. Grey was thrown
out of the car and jammed against the
telephone pole. The entire left side of
his face was flattened and his skull was
lalal open, the Impact tearing the top ol
Ills head almost iu two. Ralston ei I-
dently was thrown against the pole, l r
against Ihe broad fence on the other
side of the walk. His skull was fractured as was that of Winnal. Winnal was
burled a distance of fifty feet. Tho machine, a six cylinder, forty horse power,
ra'C'iitly ran Over and killed C. F. Dazoy
at Overland Park.
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Seaaon.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return Ticket,  f.19.05.    On  ul.   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
Return ticket. $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th to  Oct.  2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver If deBired.
For further particulars call of write
O. P. A., Nelson
Sherman's Opera House
Wedne.d.y and Thursday
SEPT. 18th and 19th
The Great Comedy Succe..
4"*,*j��.*r*i   The Brooklyn Bridge
\HH    at midnight.
k/l^As.   xhe rescue from Drowning.
High Class   Specialties   and   musical
numbers  between  acts.
Price., 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Monday
We have them In 6R>  and 8  It.  Sizes.
Quotations  given on    any  Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for TruKOtt launches
hii'1 1-uterboro Canoes.
Finest Lot of Boils in B. C.
Foot of Josephine St.      Tel. A18
F. C GREEN       F. T. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
COR.VICrORIA 8e kootenay sts., nelson, b. c
P.O. Box 145    Phone 261 B.
In the matter of an application lor the issue of
a duplicate of the OorttflQfttt of Title (or lota,
and the went half of lot'*!I, block Sl, ln the Town
of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that it la my intention
to Imuc at the expiration of one month after the
tirst publication hereof a duplicate of the certlflcate of title for the above lands, ln the name of
Lydla Bhlelds. which certificate Is dated the aUt
day of December, lyuO, aud numbered 3991 K.
"H   F. MacLaou,'*
District Kcglitrar.
In tha Matter of    th* "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In the matter of an application tor the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certfflcat* of Title lor Lots
���sOul, HOB, aud 3808,   Group 1, Kootunay   District*
Notice is hereby given that Ills my intention
to lssuo at the expiration of one month from the
first publication hereof a dupllcato Cortlfl. ate ol
Title to the above described lands, ln the name of
James Roderick Robertson, which Cortllluate li
dated the 9th day of Auguat, 18D8, and is numbered 1105-k.
Land Reclctry Offlee, Xalson, B.C., niat of
August, 1907. H. F. MacLKOI),
Dlatrlct Kegiitrar.
In the matter of au application for tho Issue ol
duplicate! of the Certificates of Title to lots 11.
ii and 13, group 1, West Kootenay District, also
known as the ' Kootenay Chief," "Coniforl" and
"Lulu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice Ih hereby aivon that lt is my intention
to Issue at tho expiration of one month after the
tlmt publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title No. fiwilu of an undivided Bl-lOOthH in
each of the a-'ove lots, issued on the Kth day of
May. A D.18S6 In the name of John C. Ainu worth,
anil alao a duplicate ol Certificate of TlUu Nit.
6900a of an undtvblM UMeutha in each of the
above lota. Issued on the i7th day of May, A. D
18fl6,ln the name of tleurge J. Ainsworth.
land Registry Ortleo, Nelson, 11.1.!., AugUHt6th
*'H. F. MAcLaon,"
District Registrar.
The Public Amazed!
Doors Locked to Keep Out the
Crowds   Attending   Our
Great $20,000 Sale.
The most ambitious trade movement ever attempted in British
Columbia brought to a successful
issue by
J. A.
Wa had a big day Wednesday
but we -want each day to show increased business this week.
Remember, there's no alternative.
We must sell $20,000 in ten days,
no matter what the price.
All consideration of loss, cost,
profit, or result, thrown aside in the
wild rush to turn our
Stock Into Ready Cash
The first man to make a $25.00
purchase on Thursday morning gets
a brand new $5.00 bill.
Be early. $5,00 will give you a
good time at the Fair, and we'll save
you another $10 on a $25 purchase.
Look for the big sign,
$20,000 WANTED"
Fire, Accident, Life and Em -lovers' Liability Insurance
Let us quore you rates in lhe best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands tn
British Colombia.
Can- sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash nnd the halancn on extended jiuyiuentswlll buy a six
roomed house and live lots; good
location,   price $2,5iJ0
$1100 cash and the bf lance on ex-
tended paytnents wlii buy an olnht-
roomed house and lot Va block
from the car lino, iirlce... .*1,900.
���500 cash and tho balanco monthly
payment* will buy a six-roomed
house nnd lot on Slllea street,
price ��1300.
$f,0n cash and $2.r, per month will
buy a seveu-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price... .$1800.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by  Mr*.  Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
lloyal Academy for pianoforte playing
nnd singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, I..union. Km;., (or theory o* music. Scholarship of the Loudon Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796. N.l.on.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
onico:  Henley Tlulldlng.    P. O. Ilo\  131
Baker SL, NELSON, B. C.
i f ���
li  ll
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and I'J.50. The
very best.
li uiaiHifKCtiiriMi  frum the flno--t   tnlmt-rn. pan-
riix-i.i-J mi'l f1f.-r-*.w-.-etened      it's m.M, lull*
tlavoretl aii'l ��*0*     A tobm-cu you
ought i" try
fobaccoaat.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt,
Fael & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
Tintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $LOOO. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stovea, etc.
111  Ea.t Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer-) in Btaple and fancy Grocorias
Butter, Ekk��.
Camp and Miner.' Supplies.
Best  Located  Hotel  in  Nelson
I'naler Uie managt-ma-nl ot  R   E.Noble,
lata ol Tairaiuto. Ottawa and
.1. P. Smith anil wife, (*. F. Hooper.
Spokane; F. II. Robinson, Northport.
.1. C. Dufreene, Bulee Bell; Dr. Lallan
and wife. R. 8. Francis. Kl-Mile; J. F. P.
Crean. fa-Mile; Q. O. Buchanan. Kaslo;
J. S. Mason. Rossland; J. Foley anil
wifa>. K. Leinisu-n and wife, L. Baxnuel
and son. Mrs. S. A. Woods. Miss V.
Hunter, Nat Reiss Co.; H. Patterson.
Winnipeg; I.. .Johnson. Greenwood; R.
V. Rogers, W. Rogers, J. C. Gwillim.
Kingston; I. 11 Watson. New Westminster; Q. I. Might, Jr., and wife.
Chilliwack; Mrs. H. C. Mayer. Miss E.
1.. Mayer. Philadelphia; .1. C. Dixon. G
.1 Booth. Vancouver; T. H. Trethewey,
Port Arthur; E. A. Hall. Brantford; H.
Steele. Grand Forks; F. Aitklns. Peach-
land; Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Green. San
Cor. Va.rr.or.   and  H'aral Str.ails,
M!1.��I)"V, I*. C
il Gaigericli, D. P. Kane, B. A. Smith.
Kaslo; J. Jarran. 13-Mile; T. McNelsh.
K. II. "Builray. slocan; G. Williamson.
T. H. llohen. New Denver; R. I. Kirk
wood. A. McVicar. R. E. Griffeth, N. F.
McNaught and wife, Slocan; W. H.
Brandon. Sllverton; C. H. Burdey, Toronto; J. J. Atherton. W. J. Atherton.
Sandon; R. Weaver, Victoria; J. P.
Kink. C. Albert Cock, J. D. McBride
and wife, Cranbrook; II. H. Brown.
Fernie; L. S. Ilurtig. Chicago; Mr and
Mrs. \V. Thorpe, W. H. Silvester. Wy-
cliffe: G. M. Muller, Vancouver; G. narrower. Camrose; T. H. L. Ancoster, A
McBride, Calgary; R. McDonald. Char-
T. Atkinson. Hamilton; J A. Thompson and wife, Sandon; E. H. I.athmend.
A. \V. Gork. Kaslo; A. J. Watson, O. H.
Burden, Crawford Bay; H. 8. Jones,
Rossland; J. S. Cox, Phoenix; E. J.
Walton. Medicine Hat; W. H. Brown.
R. S. Bevan. Creaton; Fernie Hose
Team; C. Messenger, Moyle; A. C.
Blane, Cranbrook.
II Wakefield, Silver King: S FG.
Robertson, Winnipeg; C. A. Miller. Salmo; G. Eastman, Grand Forks; A. W.
Smart, Calgary; S. Small. Cranbrook;
H. C. Medcalf, Tagham, F. Lewis. Belle-
vuir; A. J. McOllllvray, A. Erirkson. A.
McMillan. Sandon; T. C. Chase. Harrop;
lt. Waterton. Procter; A. L. Anderson,
kjpokane; J. P. Sargent, New Westminster; J. A. McDonald. Arrowhead; R.
Hob.oo Salmon Creek; A. B. Fraser,
Trail; D. Dewar, Erie.
J. Sti'vensain. Wycllffe; A. J. Grum-
bley, Winnipeg; .1. R. Murray and wife,
It T. Marlln and wife, Ainsworth; D,
Crawford,   Miss   B,   Roberts.   Bine   11.11;
S. Hemmlngway, Ctterr���rd; f). Beaml sh,
A. Taylor, Calgary; P. Wilson, Silver-
ton; Mrs. W H. French. Slocan; T.
Doalds, II Da.arks. Mlssa.s Pearce, Cranbrook; M. McLeod. Wlndemere; R.
Chase, Slocan Jiiiicllain;  R. Fraiurlie. II.
Ste.de,   Grand   Forks;    '1'.    NsCJholSOn,
Shields;   Wm.  Klrby.  Proeter.
T. J. Thomiison, Ymlr; J. H. Watson,
Kaslo; W. A. Gall. Salmo.
.1 T. Farrell and Wife. Moose Jaw;
.1. M. Glllls, A. Keller, G-.MIle; J. H.
Bteel, Procter: M, Mlckelin, .1. Mussle,
Bpokane; W. .1. Martin, Qrgnbrook; li.
Heddle, Oro Denoro; C. J. Ilin.r. C.
Foulds. A. Mannalson. Oreenwaind| t;
A. Anderson. Winnipeg; D. Johnson
liulaini-n; A. McDonald, Nakusp; .1
Giirney, Roswell; E. Harrison, Creston;
F. Roy, G. Matthews, W. J. Carr. Salmo;
A. Prout. T. Matassa, Erie; Miss C
Stewart. Mrs. .1. Stewart, J. H, Clarke
P. Cawley, Ymir.
The Daily Canadian
Fair Visitors.
The Moyle arrived at the city wharf
at 12 o'clock with a heavy list of visitors
to the Fair.
Born in Nelson,
wife of Benjamin I
a daughter.
Sept.   17th,   to   lhe
.arsen.  Latimer St.,
Annual Meeting.
i'tia. annual meeting of the Eva Gold
Mines. Llmltaad, will be held on Tuesda*
l In- first day of October.
Fast  Horses.
A number of horses lhat won pri/.a-s
at the Winnipeg Fair are diking pari in
the races at the recreation grounds.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old CurloBlty Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln sto.k. Pat-
B. C
LOST���A pair of long, brown glove'!. bftWMn
Viotorlit and corner of Stanley and Carbonate
Hired".    Return to Canadian Offlee.
(.OLD CHAIN, between Hoover and Vt-rnon
Htreeti. Hnit-able reward will be paid for Ita
r-turn.   Mrliermfd A MeHardy.
A l-lil'KI'.'l HOOK eiilitalnlng a Hlgne.l clw-i-iir- of
the Second Ki-llof Mining Comoaii?, payable
to <'. 0. Wade, and letter.,. Kinder kindly
leave at No Pino. Inn.
TWO FIRflT-OLABH KOOM8, iteam heaUn.     Apply honaekeener. 8r<_ flat. K. W. C.hlot'k.
A   I'AKTNKK   with  ri.oocj  to   pnrc-har-e a   frni
ranch near NuIhod    A good npeenlatlot)    Hurt
ner need not be actively Antraged on ranch.
For particular! api-ly T  O. I'lUH"! KK.
Hotels Crowded.
Tho hotels are crowded with visiou-*.
to tho Kair. Those having private
rooms for rent can soenro any mimbor
of Lodgers.
Street  Cars  Decorated.
Siiperintenilent Smith has had the
street cars tastefully decorated. The
cars have been crowded with passengers all afternoon.
Bean   Improving.
B. O. Mean, who was injured yesterday in the C. P. K. yards, is tee ling
easier today. While he received many
painful bruises, the only serious injury
will he a broken jaw.
Stores   Decorated.
Quite a number of the merchant! hud
their  stores     decorated     for   the   Kair.
Visitor*, were thus uivrn an opportunity
of judcinp for themselves the quality of
(roods kept in stock hy Nelson merchants.
Grand   Forks   Fruit  Exhibit.
Martin Hurrell came in last nitibt and
brought with him the fruit exhibit from
Grand Forks. Mr. i.urrJll is one of the
best posted fruit men in Canada, and
hi- has done a great deal to advance
the industry in the interior.
Will  Visit  London.
Martin Burrt-ll wil] take charge of the
British Columbia fruit exhibit at London. He will leave for the world's metropolis next month, and durine his
visit to the Old Country will deliver
several lectures on the fruit possibilities
of this province.
The "Country Kids Co."
The Calgary Herald of a recent date
says: "The sensational rural comedy
drama "A Pair of Country Kids" was
given last night before a very large and
appreciative audience at the Lyric
Theatre. It was full of interest and
as far as the comedy part went there
was plenty of it in evidence and as a
laugh producer it was a winner. There
was no mistaking the rurallty of the
piece and it was pretty well handled
too and there waa nothing coarse
about   it."
TI. Giegench. of Kaslo, is a guest at
the Hume.
T. McNeish. of Slocan City, has come
In to take in the Fair.
J. F. P. Crean. surveyor, came in last
night  to see the  Fair.
J. C. Dufresne and Mrs. Dufrcsne are
down from the Blue Hell.
It. O. Rogers, K. C, Ll. D. of Kingston, is at the Strathcona.
H. G. NicholB and Mrs. Nichols, Ymlr,
are registered at the Hume.
N. F. McNaught and Mrs. McNaught,
of Sllverton, are at the Hume.
D. P. Kane, postmaster ot Kaslo, is
among the visitors to the Fair.
G. O. Buchanan arrived from Kaslo
last night and is at the Strathcona.
W. H. Brandon and Mrs. Brandon, of
Silverton, will spend Fair week here.
T. H. Trethewey, former manager of
th e La Plata mines. Is back from Port
R. I. Kirkwood. of Slocan, Is in the
city on business and will remain during
the Fair.
.1 .1. Atherton, editor of the Slocan
Mining Review, is In town from Sandon
to take In the Fair.
Green   and
Purple  Plums
at their best now. Don't delay.
First class stock guaranteed.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8U.
phom; 7
If you want to get the most out of
your visit to to\"*��u. make ii a point to
visit our store. Merely �����> a matter of
seeing the many beautiful articles and
novelties displayed, a visit to utir store
will well repay you.
We make It a point to be always up-
to-date, and if possible, a date ahead.
If there is any new article or new
novelty in the various lines we handle,
that has merit, we are pretty sure to
have tt.
have just opened up a shipment of
beautiful goods that you will want to
is not excelled anywhere for richness
and elegance. We have the verv latest
HYMN BOOKS und CATHOLIC PRAYER BOOKS, in rich and beautiful bindings we have the latest and finest specimens of the binder's art
WOOD BURNING) we have the outfits,
and a full assortment of materials for
we have the requisite materials���White
French China. Fry's Paints for China
Paintings, Windsor and Newton's Oil
and  Water Colors.  Brushes, etc., etc.
IN BOOKS our shelves are stocked
with the very best of the new and recent fiction, as well as all the leading
standards. If you are a book lover you
should ask to see our Leather Bound
India Paper Packet editions of the
standard authors. They give an added
zest to the delights of reading.
IN FINE CODDESPONDENCE STATIONERY   we     have     the  world-famed
Eaton-Hurlbut lines���Nuff said.
Ml Kinds of Ueatlng Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners Home.      T.l. 181.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. 0. Blink . Phone IS.
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Prof. J. C. Gwillim. of Queen's university, formerly of Nelson, Is ln Ihe
city on his way oust after a trip to the
Rev. E. W. Baylies, "Mlssioner Bay-
nes" as he Is known throughout the
Slocan where he Is ln charge of all tin-
aXnt-Hoan missions of the district, is In
town from New Denver, his headquarters. Missioner Haynes Is popular with
all classes In hla big parish and Is undoubtedly the right man for such a
charge. He Is enchanted wllh Kootenay
and thinks Nelson a wonderful 5-oung
Wholei-tle and  Kmn.1. I>oalerB in
Fresh and Salted Meats
CampH supplied on Hhorteflt notiee and
lowest priee. Nothing but   frech and
wholesome meats and supplos kept in stock
Mail orders receive e-oreful attention,
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Penow/ied
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for    25c
In the matter of an apt>l1<,at.nn for the Im-tie of
a -UpUoata cerutl.aie ot Title for part (io arrcm
of I---1113, Oroup one, ln the IMntrlrt of Kootunay.
Notice; U haruby ntven ti.aiuii.iiiy Intention
to iMtue at the oxplration of one month from the
lir-i j.-it.ii. i.'i.,r, 11..r.-r.f ��.iii|.iit'ni'i nf the Cer
tiflOftta of 1 itle for the above landa In the naino
of Anilrew Morrison, which Certiorate of Title
la daled th- 15th day of March, lfMjU, and numbered 38NK,
Land Keglatry OfltM. NelaoD, B. <!..Septamber
"H. F. M-cI.-ron,"
Dlatrlct Kegi-trar.
Telephone 161.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tagea of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
W.    Q.    GILUETT
Contractor   ond
Bole ascent for the Porto BleO Lumber Oo . Ltd..
r��tall yurdn. Koiiict. and drexi-vd liinih-T, turned
work and bracket--. ' ,. -i lath and ahlnRles, t-aah
and (loon. Oomotlt, brick and Mine for aale
Automatic grinder
Yard aud factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
V. O. Box -B2. Telephone 17��
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The Let $5 cent
meal in the city.
Most ri.mforliil.lc ainartiTs       -....,���
Only thai ba.st a,I Uqaon and UKs.rs*.
Transform your klteh.n Into a cheery dwelling home by Installing
That Ih a rarlor you muni k��ep In mind, anil th<> now ciimor to HiTIIhIi
("iiluuiblu wiinla a Hlovar lhat anils all iiiiriiami.H. lluniH any In,.I; brighten.
Urn  kitchen;   niakcH  OOoWng  cany  ami   economical.     Baok'l   Mi'rll   Range
the beat f��r all ciiokini; air beating; tin. ���tnmgaat, tbe handleat, moat de-
i>unliable and greateat fuel-aaver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnlahera and Under-taken.
Agents   Mason  & Rl.ch   Piano.
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Manufactured by lh��
Remington Typewriter Company
Remlico Pal-anon Ribbon.
���fa all colors and for
all makes of typewriter..
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons-of
different weights suited
for ali classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 81
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
' ���    A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
1 ���**~*-*^^.^^s^.
R-pii li*lt-_|   Mini   .ftt.tt--l.iK   u*.*j'.tili.ll  *.*. itli   UcNplltuh.     .SIIW--I Mttnl
Work, .Ml ii I MS  ii'i.l  .Mill  ,Mia*_ iiin_f-\ .      Mnnufnv t urtri ol
Or*  Wh-m,   W.   I*f.    Contrnwtnra'  mmrm.
'urn-T r-f It h l And
Front UtrevU.
NELSON,    B. C.
Tslf,6r��, I
r.o. B.,i m
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
A .43. LAMBERT & CO.
and dealek a Ltumbef, Shiiifles,
Lttth, Moukllnj{8, Doors, Windows.
Turnod >V<��rU; iirtd Ui-aeketa. Mail Order* pmniptl* aHeadrfs*.
-si-:i..mo>. n. C.
Wholesale Provisions,
Uovprnmont Croaiu.���* One-Ponnd Bnnka r*x-.iivod weekly fresh '",m ""'
churn.    For ki.1i- l.v all l.-n.linix frroc.ira.
Oftlo�� and wnrt-houne: Houston Block,    Phone 79*
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B.C.
We would like to a~ nil our pntronmromrortnblK thla winter ��nrl I" " '
do so wo hnve In siook the best assorted line of heiiiiiiK stores ��"'' ""
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chase kindly see what we bave to offa.r.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. N.i.on*����K
iot All
Kxtxiiiaiveuims iunl Vnriety
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd
WhnU.mi. 1MIJI  *-r->1�� Retail        __


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