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The Daily Canadian Jul 17, 1906

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Array Wr\z  gktiltj Canadian
M I'.
I. No. 37.
Fifty Cents a Month
jial Preferential Tar-
|i Will Not Down
Criticiim oi Policy of Im
lai Liberal Ministry on
Tariff Issues,
inn in England and the col*
eference Lo possible tariff
iMs brought forth appeali
mt'ii und electors of the colli ilu- British political parti Hmle of the Liberal go*
., u-n-iv crlUclyod tn a re-
i ui ilu- Saturday review,
wa ilif statements ni an
i�� the Oobdenltea, whose
nuns are well known. The
mi ihe fiscal movement all
; :\'j. colonies have been
in   the  attltuile  ihey
ed    In view of lhe revision
���fsand possible aegoUatloni
ij.-.r ol iiirelgn countries to so*
mercial aiivati'aKt'H In colonial
i ihe j;n'ai��*Ht Importance
��� rnments of ihe colonies that
Iiiui<i in* fully acquainted   with
p       i ih.' electors ami fully au
enter into a detailed prefer*
Arrangement  within ihe empire
u id prove possible,
in leltllng this Issue the electors
Icommonwoalth elections win not
consider what effeel the iieett*-
reach   may   have un  the   pusl*
political parlies In the    Tinted
���ill, hut  whai would he the wisest
���or the Australian commonwealth
pi in the conditions with which
to deal.    This  is, their de-
Jwith regard to preference is not,
mended to be, In any form
JLlioil of  WhEt   policy   lhe     Tutted
should adopt, hut or what pol-
ptli�� ���     Aiisirulifin    common wealth
gnntories to the 'appeal' insult
bh-iiKs when they say  thai    they
i'lh.ti ihe pioposal (of preference)
euine  trom you, hut  from err-
Inii-i.ins among ourselves.'   This
|laniiiuui lo a declaration lhat the
resolution  in  favor of  prefer-
|vas nm a free expression of opin-
the part of tin- colonial premiers.
j&a engineered hy Mr. Chamber
hlstorj of the movement for
iin e should have prevented them
making a stutement which Is as
(I as it Is untrue. They go on to
tne that they know what might
e modifications uf the Australian
which tii<- common wealth could
in the United Kingdom In the
of a preferential arrangement. As
terms necessarily depend upon
Uu ion  and   upon    the    extent   to
we could bargain for mutual ad-
Res, it is Impossible for the slgna-
lu ihe appeal to know what lhe
tillana could give us.
is Impossible to avoid the conclu*
bat 21 \ members of lhe Liberal
iii the house of commons distrust
i'-adrrs and do not believe In lhe
of the inundate which they ad
na an excuse for their action. II
l'iil general election was a final
���onclustve verdict against prefer
Liberal members need have no
) as lo ihe attitude of Ihe colO
!u�� seiilatlves al lhe next confer*
There Is one thing the colonies
t'Vor try to do, and lhat Is to force
'nre Upon this country contrary
wishes of the British people, if
i'i' senlallves of the Hritish gov
'in at the conference can produce
1 tale evidence thai the electors
elded once for all against prof'
we may be certain that so far
doilies an- concerned ihe move-
at an end. Hut Liberal mem
dw perfectly well 'hat no such
b is forthcoming. It is not un-
iu these circumstances that
Cobdenltes should feel a lit ilu
I lesl they may lie In a position
������'liic.h they can no more resist the
���*'" aiiul movement thnn they cun
'" Iheir pledges In regard to Chinese
i Liberal ministry Ih willing
1 Introduce the navigation laws, to
bounties, to subsidize steam*
I even io Introduce import du-
J ,;a luxuries In certain special cases,
tittle chance that* Lhey could
iiuaiely resist even the preferential
���v 'ui corn.
uiscrodtted by their education poll-
wwakened by the inevitable revolt
'���I'aiu sections of their forces, una*
'" saiisfy    Irades-union    demands,
��� government will  never have    tho
v" to refuse proference lo the oolo*
���;' 'ind appeal to the country to sup-
:  "'"in In their refusal.
In the colonies    tho    various tariff
"���missions have    collected    a    vast
���I of Information as to the post-
id needs or agriculture and their
"u"* trades una industries,   What
ever course we decide lo adopt, ii Is
quite Impossible for the colonies to
postpone Indefinitely tbe development
oi  iheir policy."
Winnipeg   Crop    Reports    8how   Enor
mous Increase,
Winnipeg, July i7_The weather for
ihe past week has not been so favorable
to the growth of the crops as the previous. Fortunately lhe hot, damp days
were not general over the Canadian
wesl, for If they had heen no douhl serious damage from rust would have re*
sulled. As It is, the Free Press is able
to say, afler checking all the Information available, lhat, considering there
is an incn-ase of nearly 5,000,000 bushels in wheat, the average condition is
the best lhe country has ever had. and
the crop Is at least ten days earlier
than last year.
Hay and Oats Injured.
Montreal, July   17.--The drought, accompanied by excessive heal, still continues In this province, and has caused
very serious Injury to hay and oats.
Agrarian  Committee   Drafts  Appeal  to
the Country on Agrarian
St. Petersburg, July 17.���-The emperor last night approved ilu* bill of the
lower house of parliament, which was
adopted by the upper house, appropriating $7,500,000 for famine relief, thus
support ing the contention of both
houses of parliament against his own
ministers, This law is the flrsl enact*
ment Of the Russian parliament, and
n presents the net legal result of a session of over two months.
The papers today say that the authorities at Peterhof nre again asking
M. Shlpoff, former president of the
BemstVO council, and M. Yermoloff,
leader of the conservative center party,
to renew their attempts to Induce the
constitutional democrats to enter a coalition cabinet The agrarian committee of Ihe lower house of parliament
has completed the draft of an appeal
to ihe country to counteract the effect
of the government's agrarian proposals,
which have been sent broadcast
throughout the country. The docu*
meats call attention to the fact that no
Solution of ihe question is possible, according to the manifesto of Ootober oU,
Without lhe consent of parliament, aud
reaffirms lhe adhesion of the house to
the principle of the forcible expropriation of church, estate, crown and private lands in excess of a normal
amount, and appeals to the peasants to
remain calm and await patiently the
final action of tho house.
Emperor Nicholas has degraded the
Seventh cavalry which recently mutinied at Tamboff by taking away the Imperial standard conferred on the reg*
ment  two years ago.
Wolf  in  Sheep's Clothing.
Toronto. July 17.���"The steamer on
which your husband is coming back to
the cily has been blown up.'"
This was Ihe startling announcement
a man dressed as a Salvation Army soldier made to Mrs. George McKetrick,
LAsgar Btreet, shortly after 7 o'clock
lhe other evening. With a cry of distress lhe wife hurried oul, leaving the
house open, and rushed to the nearest
telephone OfflCO; She spoke to the office at the dock here, and used the long
distance to reach lhe place from which
lhe steamer had started. The heartless
canard proved to be a lie. When she
returned home she found lhat $2S in
bills were missing, aud there was no
trace of the man In uniform who had
told the slory. Mrs. McFetrlch belongs
io the Salvation Army herself, aud
gave credence to the man's statement
OU this account, although he was uu*
known lo her.
Saskatchewan   Booming.
Winnipeg,    July     17.���Rev.     George
Lloyd, archdeacon of the diocese,   of
Saskatchewan, was In this city yesterday arranging with the authorities for
sites for churches and sections along
the proposed railway lines. Sevenieen
new clergymen have gone lo work In
the diocese during the present year,
and 20 or 80 more will be required,
"The Influx of new settlers into Saskatchewan Is." declared lhe archdeacon,
"live limes as rapid as in Manitoba at
a corresponding period In iis history,
and so far as population is concerned,
whal was done in Manitoba In 26 years
ia to he done in Saskatchewan tn live.''
Kaslo vs.   Kuskanook.
A letter has heen handed to ihis office by one Interested In the conlrover-
sy over the relative speed abilities of
the Kuskanook, tho new C. P. R. steamer, nnd the older and popular favorite
Of the Q. N. U.. the Kaslo. The letter is
too long for Ihese columns, hut the following va'cy sentences show Ilm genius
of the writer:
"Editor Canadian���Sir:     Some  daya
ugo a Statement appeared iu a morning
paper regarding lhe wonderful speed of
ihe O.'P. It. torpedo boat destroyer
Kuskanook, and Ihe terrible healing Ihe
Kaslo received from lhe said T. B. D.
Such a gross misrepresentation of the
facts brands Ihe News' correspondent
as having a reckless disregard of the
truth. Giving him rope enough, he haw
hung himself, He pins his faith to the
linker slreet nautical experts, who may
possibly know the difference between
a steamboai and a typewriter, When
a founlnln pen pusher poses as a marine expert, il Is time steamboat men
took a correspondence course In bookkeeping. Ihereby qualifying for navlga-
lion experts."
The letter goes on to explain how the
Kaslo. In Ilie recent race, was laken
unawares wiih dirty grates nnd bad
coal, as well as other handicaps well
known to steamboai men, and It also
asserts that lhe Kuskanook did nol
give any warning lhat a speed contest
was lo be made. While nol actually issuing a challenge, il states that Ihe officers of the 0. V. R. sleamer know belter than to go up agalnsi the Kaslo in a
fair race, and Is confident that if sucli
were done ihe laurels would be carried
off by Ihe tl, X. R. sleamer. The matter
is one of great public interest, and this
paper suggests that the Twenty Thousand Club arrange for a race beiween
these :wo monqEers of the deep, and
lhat lhe question of "race supremacy"
he sellled once and forever lo Ihe peace
and quietness of ihe community.
Packing   House    Revelations  Are    Extended.
Topeka, Kans., July 17.���A meat-
slaughtering house near Wellington, inspected by the officers of ihe Btate
board of health, has been found to be
In such a filthy condition that Dr. ,>. S.
Crumbine, secretary of the hoard, has
sSenl notices to the county commissioners of every county ln ihe state directing them to examine the slaughter
houses in iheir districts, and if not
found to be in a sanitary condition, to
allow five days for cleaning up, as permitted by law. If lhe order is not complied with in the time specllied, arrest
aud prosecution may follow.
"It is Impossible to destribe Ihe admit conditions as I found them," said
Dr. Crumbine, "In my opinion, the
burning of lhe houses would be the only means of eradicating the disease
The order applied to some of the big
packing houses ai Kansas City whose
plants are located on the Kansas side.
List ol Event! for Two  Afternoons-
Final Form Depends Upon Entries Received.
A draft program for the regatta has
been made up by Hie executive committee of the Nelson Boat Club providing
for eveuis for ihe afternoons of Friday
anil Saturday, July 27ih and 2Sth. The
whole program is BUbject to revision
and change, ns tbe N. P. A. A. O. events
nuisi remain somewhat Indefinite until
the full list of entries Is receives! from
ihe clubs of Victoria, Vancouver anil
Portland. Other events will also depend upon the number of entries received.
The draft is as follows:
2 p. in.���Launch nice, handicap; 17-
foot class, three miles wllh turn.
:i p. m.���Lapstreak fours, mile
straightaway, first  heat.
3:20 p. in.���Indian canoe ami Chinese
3:10 p. in.���Junior singles, N. P. A. A.
0��� mile and a hair straightaway.
3:511 p. in.-Ladles' singles, Inrlgged
ski If s.
1 p. iu.---l.:i|islreitk fours, second heal
1:80���Junior lours. N, P. A. a. 0.
4:45���Double paddle canosB, mile and
a half straightaway.
5���Launeii race, handicap: three
miles with  turn, 21-foot class.
:.:;;o-  Mix.-.l doubles, with cox.
15:46���Junior doubles, N. P, A. A. ti
G   Senior singles, N. I'. A. A. (1.
2 p. m.���Launch race, handicap;
three mites with turn, 211-foot class.
:t p. m.���Lapstreak fours, finals,
8:20���Ladles' doubles, Inrlgged skiffs.
3:10���Senior singles. N. P. A. A. O.
4:00���Inrlgged skiff   finals;    ladles'
doubles wllh cox.
1:11(1���Senior fours, N. P. A. A. O.
4:B0���Mixed doubles canoe race.
5:00���Launch race, free for all.
5:30���Senior doubles. X. P. A. A. O.
11:00���Upset cunoe race; Red Cross
race; tilting; walking greasy pule; logrolling, etc.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 17.���Silver, C5 3-1;
copper, 17 3-4: electrolytic copper
stuck, IS to IS 1-4. dull; lead, $5.75.
London, July 17.���Silver. 30 7-1 (id;
le.. .  ��1(1 12s Od; zinc,   C20 15s.
Trains and Soats.
Crow boal���On time.
Slocan train���Hour late.
Spokane train���Ou time.
Const,  Boundary and Hosslnnd train
���On lime.
Socialist Inter-Parliamentary Session
Fears Report of Proceedings Would
Attract Notice of Their
��� Umrlon, July 17.���The general cou-
gresH of suelaHsI inter-parliamentary
committees opened here loduy under
the presidency of James Keir Hardy,
the socialist member of parliament and
fhairman of the independent labor party. The first action of the congress
was to expel the newspaper men present, the foreign delegates feeling lhat
detailed reports of the proceedings
would hring them unpleasantly to the
notice of their governments. The attendance was not large. The European
continent was represented hy aboul 25
delegates, Including a member of the
Russian parliament. Several women
delegates were also In attendance.
A resolution was adopted changing
the title of the organization to socialist
and labor inter-parliamentary' commit*
It will appear that Britain is again
the refuge of revolutionary agitation,
as I^ondon bus heen chosen for the secret deliberations.
In changing the name of the committee. It Is presumed an effort is being
made to make Its Bcope nppear more
comprehensive and to seek to include
In its membership many societies not
hitherto allied.
The situation in Russia Is under-
stood to be the burning question that
is to be discussed, and revolutionary
resolutions and probably actions wil)
Peculiar Accident.
D, White, nf hadysinlth, who has returned from the north, says In an interview with the Uuiysmlth Ledger that
on his way ont of the Mount MeKlnley
district he met the Cook party. Professor Cook, it will be remembered, is
at the head of the party which left
Seattle with the jntentton of scaling
Mount MeKlnley, if possible, for scientific purposes. At the time he was met
hy Mr. White he was in very poor luck.
He had lost four horses under most peculiar circumstances. The accident occurred at Squanta river, in the vicinity
of Cook's Inlet. The horses, which
were loaded with pacfts, suddenly disappeared from sight, nnd it was afterwards ascertained that they had fallen
through the earth into what is supposed
to be a burning coal vein. The horses
aud packs were lost. Professor Cook
also lost four horses at Tynook river,
which left him only 12 ont of the original 20. Mr. White is of the opinion that
the expedition will be a failure, as it is,
he stated, an impossibility to make the
Former President's Friend.
Rtionos Ayres, July 17.���Dr.    Carlos
1'eiligrini, former president of ArgenU
na, died last night.
President of Board of Trade on C. E
McPherson's   Counsel  of
B\ A. Starkey, president of thu
board of trade, returned lo the city
from Rossland Jaal night. Seen this
morning in regard lo the vIowb on lho
question of a mnrist hotel near Nelson,
expressed by C. 0, Mel'herson, of the
C. P. R. company, he said:
"We know perfectly well lhat the
Strathcona and Hume are good hotels.
We'ro proud of them. But that Is not
to the point. We require a tourist hotel
out of the city at some good'point on
Ihe Wesl Ann, or on the'mnln lake.
"Tourists don't want to stay in town;
ihey want fresh breezes and shade.
They may or may not want to tlsh, bul
they all wanl to be close to a shore.
"Now. the Strathcona and the Hume
are excellent as city hotels; of their
class there are none belter in the west,
but they are not tourist hotels, and
they are both well filled most, of tho
time. They can nnd do accommodate
the transient travel through Nelson,
which is very considerable, but they
could not accommodate In addition nny
large party oi* tourists who wished to
stay any length of time.
"For such people wo have only the
Outlet hotel at Procter, which is small
and not, as luxurious as tourists like,
and two houseboats, which are expen
sive for small parties and inadequate
for large parties.
"We are all pleased to learn that the
C. P. R. eompuny is routing passengers
through Nelson and giving reduced
rates. This is the first year they have
done that. We are aware, too, that the
passenger service has been greatly Improved by the addition of the steamer
Kuskanook, and we are grateful for
"But still we are not getting our
share. We are doing far more for the
C. P. R. than they do for us. The people of Nelson are constantly subscribing to provide attractions to bring people here, and thereby making traffic for
the railway company. Surely we are
entitled to something in return.
"It Ib easy for Mr. McPherson to
preach patience, and tell us that it
takes time to do these things. But i'
takes more than time���it takes effort.
"C. P. R. officials have always admitted that they were not bringing tourists
through Nelson, and gave as their reason the fact that there was no accommodation for them. Now Mr. McPherson replies to a suggestion that new
accommodation should be provided hy
telling us that our hotels are good
enough, and that we must wait till the
population Increases. It is Increasing
fast, but we can hasten the growth by
offering better attractions to tourists
than we have at present, and. with or
withoul the C. P. R. company's assistance or encouragement, we are going
to try."
Sunday Picnic Ends in a Shooting Affray.
Montreal, July 17.���Two men were
shot last night on Italian premises in
Electric park. The wounded are Antonio Monettl, who runs a labor bureau
at 503 St. James street, who was shot
iu the left leg and side, and his son,
aged 14, who was also shot in the leg,
from a revolver In the hands of Charles
About 500 Italians were holding a
picnic, aud Primrose became engaged
in an argument with Monettl, telling
him he was a fraud for charging 50
cents for every Italian he sent to tbe
Grand Trunk railway. The men parted,
and later, while waiting for a street car
about 8 p. m., Primrose declares he
was attacked hy Mqrnettl and his
friends, aud after receiving several
blows, one of which broke his arm, and
falling to the floor from a blow on the
head, he drew his revolver and fired In
self-defence. None of the wounds are
serious. Primrose was arrested and
locked up for the night.
J.  E. Annable Will   Go  in  Charge  of
Record Display of City's
The Nelson exhibit for Winnipeg is
almost complete. It will be n very
comprehensive display of the resources
and attractions of the district.
The exhibit proper consists mainly
of fruit, fresh on branches, or in crates,
nnd preserved in various ways; strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, cherries, plums, currants of all varieties
grown, will be there.
A dozen trout, half from Procter and
half from the pool at Slocan Junction,
have been enclosed, whole and un-
cleaned, In a block of clear Ice. They
nre all nearly of one size, ansl Iheir
total weight Is about 2(1 pounds.
Roses In line condition hnve nlso
been enclosed In ice, while fresh roses
on branches will cover and enclose tho
whole display. The blocks of Ice hnve
been kindly furnished by the cold storage department of P. uurus & Co.
Mr. Annnble will have also a good
supply of excellent pbotogrnplis of Nelson und vicinity, showing scenes of orchards, guldens, llsliing pools, enmps
nnd in lustrlal scenes. Pamphlets,
plain am. Illustrated, will be furnished
by the Twenty Thousand Club,
The exhibit will be the largest, most
attractive and mssst thoroughly representative ever sent from Nelson lo an
iiuislde fair. Mr. Annable leaves for
Winnipeg Thursday morning. Fresh
fxnit and (lowers will be forwarded to
him daily by F. .1. Summons.
Cleveland's Friend Dies.
Syracuse. N. Y., July 17.���William T.
Uelnh, 114 years old, died at his homo
here today. He wus one of the leading
lawyers of this part of the state, und
was collector of internnl revenue for
Ihe Twenty-llrst district under President Cleveland during both his terms.
Crown Forest Lands Fired.
Kostroma. July 17.���In the village ot
Kunlkoft 200 houses have lieen burned
In a disturbance Incident to the agrarian movement. The crown forest lands
hnve been set on fire In sixteen differ
ent plan's.
llenttlevllle, Ky., July 17.���The jury
in the Hargls-Callahan trlnl returned a
verdict of not guilty after being out 72
minutes.   The   case    was one of the
most slcsperateiy fought battles In a
Kentucky court Tor years. The men
were charged with tlie murder of B. B
Llpton Will Found Immense Canadian
Packing House.
Winnipeg, July 17.���Preliminary announcement was made here tonight
that a powerful company Ib ln course
of formation, with Sir Thomas Lipton
at its head, to establish an immense
meat-packing plant here. Two million
dollars la the capital mentioned, and
the present Is considered an opportune
time to capture the trade of Britain for
Persia's Soothing Syrup.
Teheran, Persia, July 17.���A special
order for the formation of a new ministry of justice, with full details for Its
organization, was gazetted today. It Is
hoped that this will satisfy the malcontents. The bazaars bave reopened, the
troops have beeu withdrawn, and the
priests have left the mosque and gon��
lo a point six miles out of the city.
Justice Martin's Decision Upheld���Th��
Lumber Company's Appeal
An Important judgment was delivered
by the appeal court of the province yesterday. The appeal of John Hanbury,
of the North Star Lumber Company,
against Justice Martin's award of (2,000
and costs to W. Rich, was dismissed
with ousts.
The ease was tried at Nelson December 5th and 6th, 1905, S. S. Taylor,
K. C, appearing for tne plaintiff, and
W. A. Macdonald, K. C��� and W. F.
Uurd for the defendant.
William Rich, a boy of 19, was ln the
employ of the company at Elko. A new
stack, weighing 3,500 pounds, was to be
raised. The gin pole was cut too short.
The stack had to be gripped below the
middle, and two boys, Rich and another, were placed on It to balance it. As
the stack was swinging to the perpendicular, the chain broke, and the sharp
edge of the end of the stack descended
on Rich's foot, severing It. The chain
had been too short, and a small piece
of thin chain had been added, but It
was the main chain that broke.
The defence was that the foreman,
Richards, used reasonable care ln selecting the chain.
On cross-examination Richards admitted that he did not test the chain before use, and Hough, another witness,
said he had urged Richards to wait until he got a new chain from Fernie.
It was shown that Richards was an
experienced foreman, and that he had
used the chain many times without mishap, and was justified In thinking it
S. S. Taylor contended that for a
task Involving danger, a special test
should have heen made, and that the
task should not have been attempted
with gin pole and chain both too short.
The Issue was clear: What degree of
care must an experienced foreman ex
erclse to absolve his empldyer?
Tue case was tried without a jury.
Justice Martin gave judgment for the
plaintiff for (2,000 and coBts.
Appeal to the full court was taken,
and the result was watched with Interest oy the Lumbermen's Association,
every member being vitally interested
in the decision.
The nppeal was argued In April by
S. S. Taylor and E. P. Davis before
Chief Justice Hunter and Justices Irving nnd Duff. Judgment wus handed
down yesterday dismissing the nppen!
witi. costs.
First Cutting Tomorrow.
Winnipeg. July 17.���Portage Iji Prairie reports thnt lust Wednesday Fred
Rullodge. of Portage Plains, threshed
800 bushels of oats. The grain had
been In the stuck since last fall, add
was a fine sample. Tho first cutting of
the season will take place on Wednesday, when W. .1. McCuire, two miles
north of town, will start cutting a 30-
acre field of barley.
Brave Royal Rescuer.
Madrid, July 17���While King Alfonso
and Queen Victoria were driving ln the
hilly suburbs of Madrid today, the
horses attached to their carriage became frightened and backed the vehicle
too near a declivity. The king stepped
oul, seized the horses by the bridle uud
averted the danger.
Lead advanced 3 points on the London metal market today. Other quotations are unchanged.
Hon. Senator Bostock, of Monto
Creek, was In the city last night, and
left for Rossland this morning.
Receipts at the city treasurer's office
yesterday for electric light and water
rates nnd license fees amounted to
Saw Mill and Stock Yards
East Kootenay Lumber Company
Suffers Total Conflagration of
Its Extensive Property.
Cranbrook, July 17���The large plant
of the East Kootenay Lumber Company
here, Including sawmill plants and
stock in yards, were destroyed by Are
which started in the sawmill about 1:30
a. m. this morning. The cause of the
lire is not definitely known, but it la
suspected to hare originated from
sparks from the engine room.
The East Kootenay Lumber Company's plant here was one of the largest
and most up-to-date ln the province,
and the loss will be tn the neighborhood of 150,000. It Is known to hare
been well Insured, but to what amount
could not be ascertained today. Several cars loaded with lumber were also
Fifty men employed ln and about the
plant will be thrown temporarily out
of employment The company will still
be able to continue business without
interruption, as they have extensive
mills at Ryan and Jalfray.
Later Information by special wire
would indicate that the fire above reported by the Associated Press was not
as serious as at first intimated. ��
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, July 17.���At 11 o'clock
last night the sawmill and machinery
ot the East Kootenay Lumber Company
was completely destroyed by lire. The
boiler and engine ot the power plant of
the Cranbrook Electric Light Company
were saved after a hard fight to save
tbe stock of lumber ln the yards. Th*
loss Is (15,000; Insurance, (10,000.
Victoria Pelagic 8ealers on th* Anxious
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 17.���News to the effect
that negotiations were In progress for
a new modus vlvendl regarding pelagic
sealing, whereby a cessation of the Industry is proposed, attracted considerable Interest ln Victoria, as was natural,
considering the fact that this city is tbe
greatest pelagic sealing depot ln the
world. Some of those Interested ln the
sealing Industry said yesterday tbat
they had been expecting such an arrangement tn view ot the rumors that
ban reached this city of proposals for
a readjustment of differences existing
between Canada and the United States
in this matter.
The speech made by Earl Gray, the
Canadian governor-general, when at
New York some time ago, was also taken by those Interested in pelagic sealing as an indication of an arrangement
regarding this industry.
A prominent member of the Victoria
Sealing Company Bald Cat he had no
doubt that the arrangement would be
made In the near future, but no Information had been given to the sealing
interests, nor had the men Interested
ln the industry been communicated
with In any way. He said that while
he does not expect that the sealing Interests would be considered in the
forming of a treaty between Great Britain and the United States, ln this matter the government of Canada would ot
course be cognisant of the arrangement, nnd should fully inform the sealers of any contemplated change, so
that they might not go to great expense In preparation for future sealing
The Installation of the recently elected Knights of Pythias officers will take
place at the regular lodge meeting this
evening at 8 o'clock. A full attendance
of members Is requested. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to alien...
Several applications have already
been received by the trustees for the
position of teacher of the Hume school.
They are in no haste to choose, as the
position Is a desirable one from the
points of view of salary and environment, and, they think, should command
a good teacher. Mr. Irwin, It Is understood, contemplates removal from Nel-
Mr. W. C. Dygert, representative of
the Remington Typewriter Company, la
In town. The Remingtons are establishing a Western Canadian agency at
Calgary for the convenience of Canadian customers. Their offices will be
complete, and will carry a full line of
machines as well as supplies, such as
nre necessary In the use of the keyboard machines. Mr. Dygert will have
charge of the new ofllce. The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published Hx days h wee* by tbo
Hakerdt.. kelson, B.C.
bubscrlptlon rates, 50 cents u month delivered
in ilie city, or W.OOa year il ienl by mnil, when
paid la advance,
drivenisin? ratea on appl ifatloti.
All monlet paid In settlement of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either iur subscriptions or
aitverthUng, musl be receipted fnr on tbe printed
forma of the Company. uihei- receipts are nol
-JUl-Y   17.  I9CX5.I
���' Hy one wota we are Botnetimei j idged to tu
win and by one word sometlmei judged t'�� be
tuniitfii. Ijji us therefore be careful whal we
���We huve po fused whh tbe greatest
Interest the reporl of the officers of the
British Columbia board ot trade al Victoria in their annual address to tbo
members of thai body. The address is
an exhaustive one, and while it contains matter that is of particular Interest to the cousi localities, it Is, on the
whole, much more general in Its scope,
and should make profitable reading foi
nny British Columbian Into whose
hands it may fall. The time was, unci
not long since, when the Vancouver
board of trade expressed its Indignation that the Victoria merchants should
arrogate to themselves the name bj
which they designate their association,
but in the expanded references made
In the report referred to, there is some
justification for the assumption thai tbe
interests of the whole province are being considered. In any case the time
has gone by when any single sect ion
of the community can afford to be indifferent to the interests of the province as a whole, while each Individual
board will huve as its .chief interest
the affairs of the locality in which it
exists, a broad and genera) recognition
of lhe advancement of other parts of
the country and the relation which may
rightly and wisely exist between the
widely separated sections will help to
unify the trade interests that are com
inon to all parts of Hritish Columbia.
Tbe address has additional interest
because of jik suggestion of possibilities
for Hritish Columbia which huve not
yet received general recognition, and
the full extent of whai may lie in store
for this western "sea of mountains" has
perhaps not yet suggested Itself to the
average citizen. As Instances of what
we mean by this, we quote the follow-
Jug excerpt:
"As a result of investigations recently
bade by expert vilif niturisis, certain
districts tributary Lo Victoria have been
pronounced capable ot producing grapes
on a large scale. It has also been discovered thai the climate is very favorable to the breeding of silk worms, and
a company is now being financed in
London With the object of embarking
In the production of raw Bilk. The fact
that Smyrna figs were found growing
Wild near Xannimo encourages the hope
that the mulberry and grape win nourish with cultivation, and tbal two new
and important Industries are on the eve
of being established."
If the coast Climate is congenial to
the cultivation of silk worms, that of
the Interior should be much more so,
and thus a new industry is among the
latent possibilities of these vast areas.
As a further Illustration of the progress which is being made by the principle of provincial ownership of public
utillUes, the reporl has the following
"That in case of the building of u
bridge at Seymour Narrows or elsewhere connecting the mainland of Hritish Columbia With the Island of Vancouver, such bridge and the approaches
thereto, and the land on both sides of
the water running back from same,
such distance as may be deemed reasonably necessary to allow of free ac
cess thereto, be owned and controlled
by the government of Canada, with
the view of according equal rights on
and over such bridge and its approach
es lo all railways desiring to use it."
Victoria is notoriously hide-bound ou
general questions of political advance
or reform, and to have such a recommendation is only another evidence that
the principle is bound sooner or later
to be forced into an issue in political
economy in the province of which we
are a part.
There is still another clause in the
report which challenges public attention, and Is the more forceful jn its set
ting, in as much as a board of trade is
not ii political organization, but a strict
ly business association. The question
oi' tariff readjustment will not down apparently, and the disabilities under
which some of the B. C. Industries arc
laboring at the present time is illustrated in the declaration of that board:
"Shipbuilding being a matter of na
tional importance, the presence of the
royal commission on transportation was
availed to represent the disabilities under which that Industry is carried on in
Canada. In brief, the case was stated
as   follows;
" The inconsistency of the position in
which our shipbuilders are placed lies
in the fact lhat a ship can be imported
free of duty, hull, machinery and everything else, with all the labor applied on
her being old country labor, while our
builders have to pay duty on most of
tho raw materials they use, as well as
a heavy duty on the machinery which
they may Import, amounting lo 27) per
A recommendation was forwarded to
the Dominion government upon this
question, and it. only remains to be
seen how the matter will he dealt with
by the authorities there.
The report coniulns many other interesting features, and should be printed in pamphlet form for handy refer
ence and for general circulation.
A timely stricture on the unquestionable prejudice of W. J. Bryan, aspirant
for the presidency of the Uniled Stales
on the Democratic ticket, will appeal
to  the average  British  subject.
Not a few of those who have been
reading the comments of Mr. Bryan,
now on a tour round the world, which
have for some time past lieen appearing weekly iu a number of United
States newspapers, have observed and
wondered at the strong animus which
they have perpetually manifested towards Croat Britain and her methods
Of government iu the various colonies
visited by him. That animus culminated in a violent outbreak of bad temper and violent language when he went
to India and wrote of the British methods of government "there. He found
everything wrong. In the course of his
travels he arrived in Egypt. Every
traveller except himself who has been
in a positiou to contrast the condition
of things there some twenty-five years
ago with that of today���how Lord Cromer, the agent and consul-general of
Great Britain, haH during that time
given the fellaheen a recognized position before the courts of the country���a
thing which they had not previously,
made them, In fact, free men; how he
has reduced taxation In Egypt by ah
most one-half, and while doing so has,
oul of tlie revenues of the country,
made rouds und railways through II
with consequenlly better transportation
I'ijeflilies for both people and products;
has huilt dams, Including the great
Assouan dam, for storing the waters of
the Nile and enabling them to he utilized when needed for Irrigation; how
he has placed her finances, previously
In a very bad state, accrued Interest on
her debt having heen unpaid for years,
In a most healthy condition; has given
greatly increased educational facilities
to her people���has each and all borne
willing testimony lo the manner in
which   Britain   lias  by   such   means as
these rejuvenated Egypt How. then,
does all this beneficial work appear to
Mr. Bryan? Surely he can lind here
something which he can write ahout
with some favor! Not so, however. His
comment on all ihis is summed up in
the following words: "English influence has been less harmful in Egypt
than In India." He is apparently determined to see nothing good in Hritish
colonial methods, Where others are
loud in their praise of what Britain has
been able to accomplish for lhe benefit
of that country, and what she has further mapped out for its fuiure, he can
only say, "England is better for beiog
watched." We can characterise this as
only a clear case of a determination not
to see or acknowledge the truth.
Those who have closely followed Mr.
Bryan's utterances will agree thai he
has blinded himself to the advantages
of British methods, and perhaps this
id the more (rue in as much as British
methods differ so radically from those
of the  United Stales.
The East Kootenay Lumber Company and the city of Cranbrook will have
ilie sympathy of the entire province in
the loss ot ibe extensive property of
the milling company there, It is satisfactory to know that the operations of
the company will not be seriously interfered wiih for any length of time, and
ihat immediate reconstruction of the
mill is contemplated.
Congratulations   (o   Master    Richard
M   Ferguson ut the head of the list.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thiirnun's Special Mixture?
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards,
Hough and dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, ('oast lath and shingles,
gash and doors.
Cement, brick and lime for side. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon, Sf..
east of Hal!.
Teiephum, ?re.  Nelson, B. C.
Yalc-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Kelson
and its suburbs Phone 148.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for sale, situated In
the In-art 'ir the fruit growing country,
���in acros, ;i acres well clcurail and aboul
7o fruli irooK planted, am bearing suinn-
this year, a Rssmi cabin, rool hoimo ami
Klicblo on llio property, also a nlcu
spring, The land Is of lho very host
Quality, anil onn be nil worked, n is
beautifully situated on Howser lake.
Ws.-ul Koolenay, one mils- from pus' office ami store ami iwo miles from O, P.
R. branch lo Troul Lake, Splendid
farm for potaloos. There have been
four crops In succession without manure, anil lbe last crop was as good as
Iho lirsl.
Cash Takes It
Apply... j0HN CANNING,
Qrand Forks, 8, 0.
Or to Wiu. Biuipsou, Huwsun.
Thirty dan after date 1 intend toapply lothe
Coinmlvionerof Landsand "orlcs, Vi' tonu, for
a ���peelal license to cut nml carry away timber
(nun the followlug described lands.   Commeni ���
tlii; al ii D0S1 murkeil J. K. A., H. IV, comer, I'luiil-
ed -Mi tii,' west imiik nf Cayenne Un.*elc where the
creek Intersects tin- east .boundary ..f lot M17 mui
rudnlng north 1(10 chnins. thence eaal m chains,
tbence south ISO ohalus, thence west to .point ot
June Hill woe,
J. K- A.V-AHI.K.
Notice i- horeby given that, thirty days after
���lull', I tiiiiiid in iiiipiy i.i the Honorable Uu-
Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Worksfora
ppeclal license to em and carry away timber trom
in- following described land-*, situate on Lemon
creek in Lhe district of Wesl Kootenay: I'mn-
tnenelns a' a pnst planed uu f*oraon ere. k.
eleven (it) mUes from Kootenay Uke, adjoining
Lot SIM8, marked -h. W'a fi. K. corner post'*!
thenee forty (40) ehalns west; thenee eighty (ftO
louthi thenee forty (4t>> chains east! theuce
eight*' (W1 chaini north to point of commencement, containing three hundred ami twenty (MO)
acres, more or leal
Dated tbe troth dav uf June, .v. I'. ]**w.
BmiK Whits
Notice is bereby given that sixty days afler
date) iuicu.i in njij.iv to tbe Chief uoramlssloner Of   Lauds  aud   World  fur  puriulsslnu 10
imrcbMo the followlngdescribcd tandas'tnateln
Weal Kootenay district, adjoining iho In ion is
tlonat boundary line, about four mile* east of
tin' <'���iiiim Mo river, commcnclm hi a post murk
e.fl. M.K-s H. \V. corner," situate un Iho International boundary line, at tin' sontheosi cor*
iutoI I.H C. Knuer'aland; iheueeeastaochains,
thence nortb tki chains, thonce west 81 chains,
tlienco south on chains to the pla t n men cement, containing 4fl i acre* re or Ir*-.
Dated 26tll June, 190(1, Laiiia  \l. PlUSKR,
K I O'ltcilly, Agent.
Notice is beroby given tbal sixty days
i ni in date i Intend toapply to the chief Com-
tnlasioucrof Lauds and Works for permission
m purchase thu following deserlbod lands .-it
niih' iu Wesl Kootenay District, between tbe
('end d'Oreille river ��mi tho International
boundary line, about three miles from tbo Columbia river. Commencing ai a post marked
J. S. C. fa 8, \V. oorner situate on Iho Interna-
tional boundary line, about half a mile easi of
tho/easi boundary oi the ti. A. F.8. Ry. lauds:
thence nortii 40 chains, then ut 8�� chains,
thence south 40 chains, thenee ivesl Si chains, to
the place of commencement, containing 920 acres,
more nr loss,
iMU-.i iMhi .lune. l'.W. .1. 8 <\ Fkasbk,
  F.J. O'Uellly, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given thai Blxty days from
dun-1 Intend loapply to the Chief Commlaaioner
'���f Lauds nud Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands situate in Weat
Kootenay District, adjoining the International
boundary line, hIji.ui five miles cutof the Columbia river; commencing at a poat marked U
O'sB. w. corner, on the International bouudary
hu.'Hi Laura m rraaefaioutheasi corner, thenoe
north .so chains, thence east ll) chains, thenoe
south 8i chains, thonce wesi tu chains to the
place <>f commencement. eouiitnnng 930 acres
more or less.
Dated 26th -lune, 1D06. _     Ralph Qilumpib.
Notice is hereby given Hue. sixty days nfier
dato 1 iiileud  m applv  to  the I'liief Coinmhv
���ioner nf Lands ami Works ;>t permission in
purohaae the f<diowlinr described tan.is in
[he West Kootenay district, south ol tbe I'end
'i oreille river; Commencing hi a poat marked
C. fi'i B, K.corner, -.Moated on tbe trail uoar
Bear ereek about a mile from tbe International
boundary Una, tbence wesl .mi chains, tbence
north 40 ehains more or less to the Peud d'Oreille
river; theuce following the muth Lank of the
I'end d'Oreille ri.er southeast 8U chalna. more
or less; thence Muth 2U chains, more or loss lo
the place of commencement, eontiiining S30
acrea, ware ur less.
Dated Mb July, 190b, chablm Dimbl.
K.J. O'ltlclly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty daysa'ter
date l Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner <>f L Is ami Works fur permission io
purchase the following described laud.-, in
tbe Wesl Kootenay District, easi of and adjoining James s. uackentie's laud; Commenolng at a post marked A,8'aS. k. corner, on tin*
soutb bank ��f the Pend d'Oreille river, Just
above the mouth m the Salmon river, Lbence
west W chains, tbence north iio chalna more ur
lees to the Pend d'Oreille river, thenee following
the south bunk of the aald river in a .southeasterly direction tu the place ol oommeneument,
containing 380 acres, more ur leas,
haied uti July 1!"h,        Ainum Bamaipsn.
Notloe Is bereby given thai slaty days ��fi��-r
date i Intend to apply in the Commissioner of
Lands ami Wnrks for permission to purchase
the follow inn described lands in West Kootenay
lustii.-i sou tii of the Pend d'Oreille river. Com-
mencing at i posi marked K. T. MX N. E. oorner
un tho south bank ol the Nnd d'Oreille river,
about a mile and a ball east of the tumuli of Flab
creek thenee south Ba chains, thence weal 80
ohalns. thonoe north 4U chalna more or less to
the Pend dO'rellle river, ihcnce following tbe
south bank ol tbeaafd river Lu a northeastorly
direction to the place of commencement, containing 4fti acres, more or leas.
Hand .'tut July [One, K1.1..1 T- Mai kknzik.
Abthub Bchnbmbb, Agent.
Notice Is hi
in ihat i��)da>- afterdate
Bargains   MILLINERY    Bargains
We will sell off our entire stock of Summer
Millinery at Less
Than Cost Prices.
Ladles' i.iisly-to w.-nr Btraw  Hals, worth |1.B0, }L'.5n nml $;: ,.a(,|,
lliiis worth $8.50, $4.60 nml $6.00 tor $2.50.
Tiiiimii'il Pattoro llalu worth JiVim, $0.00 mnl $7.00 Tor $8,60.
Imported Pattern Hate worth $8.00, $10.00 and $l.rs.iin for fs.oo
Bargain*, in Children's Siraw and .Muslin Hats und Infants' Donn
These Hats ssn exhibition In <uir storo, ami win be on sale trtin
All i\��\v dOOda ""tl thl��
Sesaon's JStyiew.
Fred Irvine <& Co.
1 Intoud to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Landsand Work?, for permission to pnrchase tbe
Following described lands, iltuate In Wesl Kootenai District ��onth of the I'end d'Oreille river
Com mencing at a post marked A. B, M's. N. W.
corner situate ai tin* south bank of the Pend
d'Oreille river at Klla T. MaoKenaio's north easi
oorner post, thenco south 80 chains, tbence cast
mi chains, thence north BO ohalni more nr loss (o
the Pend d'Oreille river, thenee srest B0chains
following tho bank ol tho said river to tho place
uf commencement, containing 'it" acrea, more
ur less.
Dated 2nd July nm. \. it Uackbmrb.
Annua SenNKlin;it, Agent.
Notleo in hereby given thai sixty days after
date. I intend to anph to the Chief Commission
it uf Landsand work- focpermlssloii n> purchase the following dosoflbod binds situate in
Weal Kootonay District, -amth at lbe Pend
d Oreille rlveri commenolng at a post marked
M. H- N. :���;. eorner, Bltuatfl  nn   Ilu- south bunk
of ib<> Pend d'Oreille river at .lamen n. Uaoken-
ilo'a loutbwesi corner, thence south uio chains
uionce \u-st ni chains, theuce north :u chalm
more ur loss to the I'end p'Orelile river; tbonce
following the soutb hunk of the aald rlvorln tin
easterly and northeasterly direction to the place
of commencement, eon tain Ing M0 acres, more or
Date 8rd July, 1000.        liAROAKRT fUHCOUBT,
Arthur Sehneiiler, Apui
Notlco li hereby given tbal sixty days afler
dato l intend tu apply tothaChlof Commissioner
nf Lands and Works forpermlwdon to purchase
the following doscrlbod lands in Wesi
Kootonay District, south nf the Pond d'Oreille
rlvor, commenolng at a post marked J N..M-
H, W. eoruer, situated on the ho.nh bank uf the
Pend d'nri'ilk river, opposite tin* mouth of lfi
Mill' Creek j iheiii-i- eaat Ha chains, iheiui- north
in .bin ns moro or loss to tho Peud d'Oreille riven
thenoe Following the th Unkoi tin-Mud river
m " westerly and southwesterly direction to the
place ol cnmmonqgment, containing sau acres
more ur lens.
Dated -im July, looo,     Jamu n. Mackrkzir,
Arthur Be h li old or, Agent
Notiee Ih   heiel.y given thut Slxh   iIiivn  alter
date I Intend to apply totboCftief Cominlsslon-
ui of  bauds  and   \\ nrks lor (.ermt^ion  tu juir-
ohaaa the iiiibmint, described lauds in Weal
Kootenay District, south uf the Peud d'Oreille
river, commencing m a postmarked A.P'sN, \\'.
cornor, situated m tho southwest corner of Lot
tri'i, *>. i��� tbenco easl ou ohalni, theuce south do
ehains, tbence wesi 8-chains, theuco north O-i
chains in the piaee of commencement, contain-
ing480aeroi rourlosi,
Dated nth   une, 1900. asmk Kiusaa
l". J.O'Rollly, Agent.
Kotlce I* herei.y given tbat 00 days after dai"
l Intend Loapply to tbe Chief Commissioner ol
l.aud-t and Works lor penulshlnij to purchase
the fidliMtiugdi-erltied lauds in Wesi Rooieiiay
district, SOuOl Ol lhe I'eiidd'drellle river, east o'f
M-h creek,commencing al a post marked k. ��
IVati W eoruer. i u i half a mile ea*t of tho
northeut nornor ul UL442S,Q.I.,thoncoinuth
il chains, thenco cast 80 chains, ihem rib 11
ehalns, thonco west hu ehaiiix in the piscg ���t
commenceinout, containing '-'A) acres, mure nr
Dated 2nd July moo,       pnao w. HaacounT,
Atmieii Si iiNKtiiKu, Agent
Notlco ta hereby Klven  that sixty davs alter
date i iuifud to apply to the hlof Oonmlwlun-
erof Landi and Work* for permission to pur
Ohoao the imi,m,I,,,. Uoserlbed lands in \v,-r.i
Kootenay Dlitrlet, south of Ujo Pend d'OroIllo
river, pommouchig at a jjoii marked i��, u M's.,
N   W. eoruer, nitiuile,| un lhe ��uulh bank  nf  ||ir
Pond d'Oreille river ai Jamos N,Jfackcnsle'H
south weat turner] Uionoooasl Id ahalns, thenco
MMith itt cbsftin*. Hii'uee weal -in chains, thence
nnrih 10chains to the plaee nf , mcoincnl,
emi trin I UK |6u uen i uiure or P-sm
Dated On Jul) iwo,    nuMj.ii it jucxithtix.
AJitui'k HeiiNKiiiKit, Agent.
Notloe 1* hereby given lhal SI davs Irom date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Ooinmls-
t-i nier of  bund- nnd   Worki. fur  permission   to
purchasnlbe following described lands, situate
In Hit. Wesi Kootenay District. Htnrnng finm a
posi marked **iiii��in Ernesl Davison'stf k posl
aboul nui miles easl of Deer park uu the Arrow
Lakes thence 40 chains south, tlienco t> chains
went, i heme lOcbalui north, ihence easl tn point
of commencement, containing aboul IfiO acres.
Daled Lb ll 8th day of June, 1900.
Wu.uoi krkbst Davison.
Notice is hereby given tlial M days after date I
intend tn apply m iii,- Honorable the Cblel Commissioner of bands and Work- for permission tu
purchase the following dcicrlsbed landi In tha
WeM Kootenai district; commencing al a poal
marked "Nathaniel Mclntyro's 8. E, corner,"
planted on lbe wosl Hide ol the Columbia Ulver,
aboul 7 mills north uf burton City, and 80 chalus
north "f the souii, ivpii eorner .d bit 878, tbence
nortb 80 chains, tbence west 80 chains, theuce
south mi ohalns, theuce easi 80 i ham- tu polnl nl
commencement, containing W0 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1908
\ nil LNfgL MclKTVBJt
T. C -Makin-oii. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai Mi.lays after date I
Inland iu apply to ijie Honorable the Chlel C	
mlssloner ol Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed lamb:  i
mencing at a post piaeed nu the nortii shore ol
the west arm ol Kootenuy bake, at the northeast
oornei >>f .t.iim ^tranks' pre-emption, thenoe
west in ehains. more or less, to the southeast
oorner of bot So.74M, thenee north 10chains,
theliee Bast  In i i.iiitl- 111..re or teSS, tJieiice north
iu chains tu the poinl of commencement
Dated June 15th, 1008,
0. B. Ari'l.KidN,
Notice la hereby given tbal I Intend ���'*) dav*
after date to apply to the Chfei Commliilonei of
Uuids and v' orki for permission lo pureliant-
the   fallowing    escribe']  IkijiIh, sllunle  at  Fire
Valleyi Kootonay ' istriet. ''oamenclng at a
post (uiarki". i, liubsKher -aimiii wait corner!
piaeed at the south   Wosl  enrner  of  Motion Xi,
townsblp B9 theuco north wjcbsin* to the north
West eorner ol  Fa'd  si'tioii  J:t;   llniiee eanl  10
chains, thence soutb SO ehalns to the south
boundary of said section 88, and thenee went 4t>
ahalns to the pla  Lej-inuinK containing 830
a<���^e^, and bt-iiiK th.   Westerly half ul said   notion 38, townihlp 69.
Dated at Nelson, n C. JoneOih IW,
L. tiAl.l.ACIIKIl.
Notice is herebj given tbal 80 daya after date I
Intend Lit appl) tu the Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner nf Undi nml Worki for permlstaiou in
purchase the f.-lluwing described landa, situate
lu the Weal Kool naydlatrlet: Commencing at �����
posl marked M MrC, h w. corner, planted U
chains ��<-si of I. c. Horrlsoo'i northwest corner
of his crown granted lami in Plre Valley, run
niliK 40 ehalns east, l" ebaln�� norlh. in ehulns
wesi, 10 chalm wuth lo plaee of commencement.
M. Mi'r.iMii.'Mi. Locator.
W, a. i'ai.ukh, Agent
June .Mill. :'��N,
Notice is herb) given ihat I Intend,00 dayn
.liter date tnitppl) to Ihe Chief CommlulOUer Of
Landi and ��n>e for permission to pun-ha** the
fnbjwIiiK.bs.rll..-. Uudasituate al Hre Valley.
Kootenay district   t 'oiumelielngat a poal (mark
ed George roong ��� nh treat oorner) placed al
the north wesi eoroei of section a* tn��iiriilp 80;
thence eaal bo chaini to th-1 north eaal corner ol
said lection M; tbence south to ohalna, tbence
weal BO chains, ihence north 40 chains to the
pltuc uf bt-t-iuiiii.K- iniiialniiig ;wi urea ami
bnng ihe northerly half of Mtld section IS, town-
Pated at Nelson, h. c, June r>th looo
QgQUOg Yot-Mj.
Notice ll hereby ^lv;li thut eu.lays after .late
WO llfleti.l   to am ly   In the llnnorablu the Chief
�� ommtuloner of Undi and Works at Victoria,
B c. for permbMuu  t.�� purchase the  followlinj,
described lands, situate In weal Kootenay district. I'ommfucingal a poat planted at Thomas
Jerome's n K post, stui marked Peter Desell
and A Qnoquette N w, Comer; thence .90chains
''��*! theme io I'hniiif routb, lbence 80 chains
west, thi nee 30ch itnn uorih
post, DOU tain lug lu aerea umn
Daled May Ji.     ���
PBRB Di-ii.i.
W. A. JOMKS, A(*i-ii1
Nollco is hereby given that sixty days after date
t intend toapply to the Honorable the Cblel
commissioner ofLends end Works, Viotorii for
permihsloii toniiri'hasf the foliowjux described
lands If Wesi Kootenay, Comroonoing at a posl
marko'i Kd--,ir w. . y&a aoulfa west ooiner near
tu '.unlet cm k and ahout i miles Mnth of Mosquito creek and about-l to lies weal of i ol urn bis
Klver, ihenco north au ehains theme east 40
obans, theocesouth 80 chains, tbence went ta
ahalns to place of commencement, oontainhig
B20 acres being the iame more or ie��.
Dated June 4, IMC.
Kl^iAH W. DvNKs.
v. i-vr-i* AgenL
Notloe li hereby givon lhal 00 days after date 1
In lend io make application to ibe Honorablo the
' hief i oniinhsisiiiiier oi Undsand Works for ner*
mission to purchase loo following deacrlbed
lands: Commencing it a iwstplaoedon the easl
���bore of Lower Arrow Uke, adjoining J, Bates'
jin-enipiinii on the southwest marked "T * .'s
N.W.o nierp^t" Thence running m ehains
Oast] thenee an chalm muu'i; Iheiue ni ehalns
more Or leas, went to the lake shore;   thenee foi*
lowing Ink- shore iu [..nm ���f c, mencement,
unit iiiIiik sMOacres, moro nr leu,
Dated this 7th dav nf June, ����* ********
Notice In hereby given that 00 day I all, r .[ate I
jinn.I loin.ikenj.j.Me.iion tn ihe Uonorahle the
'hief uiumUslnij.r nf Uu.Jsaiul Works for Mr
���nlttlon io purebaae   the  f wing described
landa: Commenolng ai a pnst t>iHe..t <,u ihu
not theaat rornor of j k i,....'. Application lo
Puroh.aae.mi rke.i -h. i > eo-nor poi " ruunUoi
80 chains ea-t: thence W tdialns soW: tbeSSJ i
chains west] iheoce followlug i Klnahau'seasi
in. bounds y to j.s.int oi eommeuuament, containing S40 aores, mors or leas.
M.1NVAII  'Ill'llNKV.
Dale.t this 7th ,Jay of  runf) [hjq,
��� ii horei
ygivon thatoooayi afterdate i
ttton to the Honorable th
Intend to make spp]
chief I'omralaslouer nl Undi arid ���Vnrki'for'mr
missi.m  m pin chose ibe foHowing oeacrlbod
enae. CommonelDf ai a post) wd at the In*
''��� -"H d the cast hou ryuf j Rates' ore-
cm pt ion ami the north boundary cfT Kluaban'i
Application to Purohue markod"T,B .ir's-w
eoinerfwat." ih mv following J bates' eastern
boundary,40 ohalns north] thenceSochatuaaait
tt��0B m cbalm to the no thern boundarTo
'in-ial. b-nry's App icatlou m Purchas?
ihenca followlug the norther I   bnundatvof iT
 northerly boundary uf T. KinlSwfiuSBt
cation io Pnrchase, lo pur t ,,f commoncem��i
containing fttu acres, mom or luii, '
I'uleil this 7th day of June, l1
T. K i
AlfANi Jli.
Nntiee  ll  heie. y  ��[�����  ,)���,, , ,���,      ,
fS^BtttS^^ P
thu following deserll"]    tSSSi uatflP!t   M��
Valley,  Koolenay  DfitMet       ���  ,, i.   .   i l     l?ri
ppst(markod    ieorgo Voting nn"^��-".-g "' (-1
piaeed at  the  north  easl  Oorno
township00] thenoe suiith wiei,,,
eust eorner of *afi| section Mi Vi,"*; ,n"" "
Hnilns.lhuneenonliw,      nr;LI    n  'V'Hl  'l?
 hams to tho p' f   -  ,',   ,   lll"l(1'' ""'',
820 aeres, and befog ihe eistoriv n !i ,,';I,,*'"��"K
tioiiiw. loMiNiupiit!,     ,SNIir|y halfofiaWaeo-
rated it Nels-JQ, 0,0, June fith \m
Qaoaog Young-
Notice Is hen hy k><'' n tlial 80 dayi nfier <!��le I
Intend t^ apidv in tbe Honorable the chief
Uommlulopor of Land* and Works foi pesrnli
���ion to purchase the filbovnig deacrlbed lands,
Situated 111 Moeaii D|s|ile|. Cninm.lK llifc.' at
norlh east cor li-T posl of Uit :ih 0, theuce riiilll-
llgsnutb 80 chalUS, thenre east :u> chains. Hu-nie
north 4U chains, ihence wesl SOobalUS lo C, ]'. It,
right-of-way, fnilow iiik hum .south wesi m a
point intercepting north line ot i..,t ttuo, theme
east to point of eommencament, containing UO
acre* mure nr less
May BOth 1'Jlsi-
C. I,   liA.SHSKIl
Notlco la bereb) given that 00 daya after date I
in lend to applv iu the Honorable tne Chief Com-
mlssloner of band'- hi d Worki tor perm is don to
purcnase tho following do*crlbed Uuds situ*
aied iu the Kooieiinv District. Beginning at a
post planted on the uorih ibo.ro of ihe Cower
Arrow sLsakeabout in ohalni weal ol ibe west
boundary o| C I' it Lol not, Uarkod lb a W
h K, coiner, thenco west 10chains, thenci north
80 chalna, ihcnce east 80 cbalm more oi li*ai to
Ink, shore, tbence In a south westerly direction
.along lake shore to point of i ommcnccmunt,con
talnfng 100 acres more or less.
Located June at, I'Jufi,
ii  ��� Wotvawow.
a. N Wei.uiKiM.., Agent.
Notice is bereby given thnt two months a/ier
dale  I   Intend   loapply to Hie Ifnnonihh  dm !
Commissioner ol Unds and Works for permit
sion l��purchase *i\ hundred and forty (6-toj
acros of land, described as follows: * ummencfug
at a ja.-t planted at the nortb wesl corm i.
OiUlagher^ application to pun bare in fire V'al
bj, ,.ii ihe west side of bowei Ar*owLake, In
Kootenay distrlet, mark ad "W.A C'a N. K ooi
uer"! thence running eighty (801 chains west:
thence eighty {*��) south] lbence eight) i*-1)
chains cast; theuce eighty (80] chains north to
plact of i .sunn. ti< eiiinii.
W  A. c��: i.i ii.
Dated lbe 2nd day of April, 1000.
Notloe la hereby given that 60 .days from date
I Intend to apply io the Honorable tbe Cblel
Commissioner oi Umisau'i Works for perinis-
sfull to niirehas.-the followiiiK  deseril.e.l   iamU,
In the Weat Kootenay Dlsulef, east side of Columbia Klv.ir,about I miles north of Hurtuti C|lv.
Commencing at a posl marked LeoM Wlotors
a w. comer, ai the N.W. corner ol ft. H. Smith*i
preemption claim, thence north tu cbalm more
or less to the south bonndan ������< Mile* . am. ir*
preomption claim, theuce eaii n chains, tbenco
louth 40 ohalns more or less to the Norih boundary nf k. ll Pmllh'i preemption claim, tbence
weal -*n chains to pmni uf i onmcuccment; con-
lalniog iSOttereN mora or less.
Dated ibis 2nd day of Jane, IW.
I.lo  M,   WlSTKIl
Bai.iii BLl g, Agent,
Notice Is hereby (then that I intend,00 deVI
afterdate, tu uppiy oul,. Chief Commissioner ol
inieis nu i Uorks for h'"ins-ion lo turcl sae the
fuiiuwii.K described landa situate .it in.- Valh r
Kootenay fJlstrlct. Commencing at a pmtfmarfe
iii r. ll o Connor south east corner) plm-ed at
tbe norlh ea-i i orner ol section ���'-', townabip M��j
thence west 40 ehains, tbence north w chains
thenoe eaal 10 < bains, and thence south 80i halus
io the piare ol begtosingi containing MO acres,
Dutcd at Nel B, ('.June  ,|i, |,..,
P H. O'Comrog.
(JlOgOl Yoi Ko, -.jceiit.
Notice is hereby nru that 80days fmm date i
intend toapply io the Honorable the Cblel Commissioner i I bands ami Worki fnr i��ri., -..
purchase the followlug described lands, In thi
Weal Kootenay District Hand Island, In ihe
I ullimbOi hlver abniilt miles nortb nf lliirioii
<i Ity; all of -ni,| l-lMti't Hl-nve high waler. I��� [ng
10 aorei more or less.
Dated this 1st Day of June, 1008,
Paairg Nortox
T. 0 Makinsus, Agent
BUly .lays afterdate I intern) to apply to the
Commlaaioner ol bands ami Works vfotorls to
purobase 180 acres ol land. Commencing al a
msi planted on ihe wosl shore of Arrow Uke ���t
the routb east corner ��i J J Cbrlstle'i pur. base,
running north 80ebsins. ihence east �� oh��ini
thence south 80 chains, tbenoe west -.'.hams t,,
place of commencement.
.Located May, Hth IBM,
 .    -.,,.,.-    .,���,    < in i<-   I   111,.   Ill       II    l| l>[,   V   to        ll-
OommUilonM ol Un.li ������,i ��,���i.. ,!.'.;���' !,!,.,.
Nl nsiiii ol l��ls,I. kiiiiui,. ���| ,������ ,,,, ,
Bssrliiii I iiy, ������,|   ,|,.., M|���.,|   ���. ,||     	
""""���I"!*! ' I i nol ,
in.rill   III ,���hulls,.  Hi,.ni,.  ,.,,.1  .,, ,i...,,.s .1 1
.o,���i,.i������Ki���,,,,.,,���,������,. oVtVteoift.	
July Ml,. 1!��.;. J. II. II, ���.,,���.
-11 ii, hi ..si 1,111.1 ,���,��� ,,,���,. 1 ������, ������. ;
l.Kl ,������������., ���     U,   ,��,.   (,������������.
i.-l.,'s-  WUl III ,.|,���|,,��, ,,,���,   ,������,,,   ,.,  , ���
iiii-iiii-,-ss.i lu ahum i��� polnl olos iiiim.,,,., ������.���i'
Dated it.j 3S, lauo.
, , ���      Jah. Kh w,:ii
Ni.ii,vi., i,,t,i,viiren lliucoil,,, tromslius i
iii.-i..ii..,.,.|,i,i ������,, 11,,,,.,.,,.,. ,;���.?���,,:,".
inlsvlssn.-rss, Uusl. a,i,   Worka, li.r Mrmlnlsin   ���
ini; r;,,iun:i,l!ri:''���' t'KSI������iS
s��aa��tosi&as�� -������
Dslwl MiIh Ills sin) ssl.liiii.- 1:11s,
��'li.i.u,i 11,1,11,. |'h,i:i:��.
Wll.l l.M J. 'I',,,i:, ���,,, s,
N���ii,v 1, ijoi-sjbj Kivs-n Uml no dan Irom date I
"is'.' in. appl, ... lis- lis,,, i.r,,,,,, ���  ,,.
puranaae 100sore,ol issiit ��   v����� ,.,���n,.,. ,.���.,..
..,.���*��������� i���k���i��� the Wo.1 KoSSsni, 1,?..
nil.   Blssillini [rum ,1 ,���1K ,�����rk- ,1 A. 1. I,N ��
poat. tnenoo i" ehelosi  t. .,,,., m ���,, ,, '
swn 11. tlii e 111 ohalni ��,., ,     .  ,, 1    .',   "
I'ssls-il llll.ttlssl.y silJiin,, IIJ06,
ASTMtlH JssllN Ixinii
Hm.i.iam J Toys, Ageot.
,,^:!!;':.!i!:::,r::l:!:-<,lv''!!" i ..���>��� ..n.-. .1,,. 1
ii,i....i i.,,.���,,iy tl, [,������������   ,:;. ',,'.,,-;',;,
mlaalonerol Undaand Worki lor mnnlsnsissis n
I'lir.lsiis.,- lho f win* ili.i-rli, I1 ,,, I,        1
tvin Koolenay dliirlot"  i���������   ,. ,.   ^   ,  '."','
mnrked It, Bob. II S s-���ri,���r   , ,,,,". i , ,,,'
north ol 8.W .���,���,, o" "' 1,1 .,�����,, .
pmistloii in 1 ire Vallpjr, rannlna -li oi  i, ,\���,   ,'
";'''"'|""��'"|. is.u.ss ..,,,,1, "ii, ',,,,; ' ;
iiiiiriiiiis'iiiiimui noni
.Missis.,: Mi I'.nhi.imii, tfloatOr,
June aoth.looa.
w a.uat.mii, /in. in.
i���nil!','���',' 'l'"Lr"''y ",""" """ '""'i'."nl He 1
I .I , '.,, '.' ""��� "���"'Hsu 11 poll  rki-,1 A. H-  Cnl
tl.:,     .?"''"!"'":�����'���''"�� 1-'. n��vi.i. 10.
fiinnlng omi Iwoisl, ctalni, anutri      ���',',,,'
Dated July 8, iimi.
s pit
JsillK Ham,.
Ni'iis-i- in hereby lima.,.
'''"' 1 ""������"' loappSftottaniial
tommlaalonei ol i',���i. ������, *"'����*
 fnd.ds I..., u
al a |...M panlt.l ., ,i���. ��� *, 'j-
1. Uallaahor'i appllnaUon t, ,,,,, ''
��� D a itas �����...1,1 ���,���,',.,���li:' ''��.
night) (M),.|,���i���. ���,..,. ���''"',���'"'�����
"""l,: "'"'"" otclny mirtsSfJ!
f'��'��ij  "��.��U"i '.1.111 .���,,",��
bated tliolud ol (.prll, i:��.,
. Nolle.
Lf-5 Wi
1- hereb) given ihahttiiin aid
til led. I to liiMkeani.il. all,.i, iT.iti       ""**
' hie c sriom.ru, u,;,
mUilon to Purchase thi
landa; Commenclna at a h-,  ^
northweit cornel ... tfableVrt^rdlk
I 'base inhreVH,!,,'
chains suulh,   m.h..,,,. ,���.,,���(���i ['"Hi
place ofcommenoemi al ���
K. M  Mc4'4S|.Lin .^.1
ol 1 ommenoemi al
Jnlj 2nd, looo
Notice is bei.
I nit i.'l limpiil) to lho llciiortU
Notice ti heii-br given ilm ai.iinM  i
���    ml tO.I.I.Iy tolhell.siis.udl.M^SWI
[onerol Undi ami vVurkiforDsS I
purohaae the iuiiuWI���K de��-rii*.i lisa
lit the West Knot--nay .Iistrtcl: Ui��^B
|""i nn the east ri-te ol inl,,, ir,.(��fl
Arrow   Ulte,  ami   mnr!...! "J .    ,   ,  .
corner," ihence -��st B0 cbab^tbMiH
chalna, ihegce weal so ehMim. throi��M
chains i<i -Miliit ui iiiiiiiii.||i-ii, I
.i."ii it. j. ��� more or h-.- |
.Lsocated June 10th, 1906 J j wmJ
          T  II. WlUUlMJs/iiti
Sixty days after .late 1 initiei tn.p^t J
��� 'hi,-; Comntlaaloner ol l^m. ��u\ 'w^l
V'lOtorla, forpeimlsMiontopoi brje-aifc
��� 11.1 -uty (WO) abreeol laad losnisdasll
i.i u follows; Comrai imo- ��i ��� mi
eighty (Ni) chaini oust at thi W I . 1
Bulge ri pre-emption anrtnifted "f.v
enrner.'1 ami rutin iur ��-s��t Uao if.
tin ne- >..uih forty <���"! rtulftt, thean
chains, tbence mirth lotty [I I balm M
begin nine
illiv "
,  , ..,
C. K G
Slat) dayi aiier date l latearl lei
t'omwsburtonei ol ij.mi- stud I rta
purebaae three hund od andhrralyi
laii-i ni nr Rurton City, and das la
1 ummenclng M a 1*0-1 plaot-*d il
comer ui I'm hi Bulgt i'i pit 1 iai
.-���1 "A  A  B'a H  Vi  lorn.i, "thei
eJ.Hlr.K,    the    soilltl    luTlV   {!>') ,1,
ea-t forty (tin ebilni, ibenw ase
chain-,   theliee    ��e-l    , i(.
tooth twenty (90) chains to |aa�� c
July lib IBOB. A Ito
Sotloa i* bereby elren iimi iwi
.l-i.' I Intend lo apply lothe lb.nsviW*U(fM
�� Inlnnerol Undi and Woriahtpr*^
io purebaae the loliowtng .b-H-nwlu
ai.' in   Kir. Valley un ib.' weil
row  Uke. Kootenay dlitrli t   ;-  ���' ���
Iowa:   cuijiincm iiik  at a noil i��l��
north well corner ol ��  A c-iM.r'-;
marked "A Met's sootliwesl roroei
thiiiee luriv (-lu) <'haius east; tiicottl��_
ehulns   norih;   tbence forty (W) rhiiUI
tbenoe tarty (inj chalu NHtta lo ti.^a
cmiiieiH eliieiit,   coiilalttlflf'  tilir  lillli"
sixty (IUI) tiere�� mm.     ���       ���
Dated .'une.-.', i-.m.        .w.,i * M< bu..u|
W, \ ClUitM, Ajffftl
HmUee Is hereb) riven thst i munii,��H
niter dale to apply !<i the i;aleH-��Mml.ew"
< mi.Ik nml Works'fur |��-rtni*M"n i.ijmr'M
following deaerlbod imeli iml prenii*M.s
al Klre \alicv. Konlvua)  I'i        '    '   '
h; ��� posl (matted P. H. U' n.iriuiribow"
Uer, pi-Wed Mt the nnrlh   ml   ""h\'r "' *
n. townabip001 thenee smith *' l''1*,nM'
west in ahalns, lbence im-th ����� faw' *!
northerly boundary ol*said se��tloaa;isa��
ocean M ohalna lo the piece cl i--i:miiini.*
telnlni J'tUeres. an.l helng ibe u..rth tut m
quarter ol >>aiii seetlon U, inwiisbipw-
Nelaon, B. a June 6th IWO,  (, J( l(,liiJK1
Qaohai VocWjUf-j
suiv dayi alter date i intend to Nh
 nmlaalonerof Uunlf ��mi Worti y
purchase #40aerosol Und HtustesM
ai follows.  Commencing ai ��� pw w.
lhe east hhureuf Arr.m Uke oppiwll   f
handing at ih�� south w
0'RUeyTs pre-emption and
rner; (hence ens
  IS" ���-1
lo I'll" ���*
��� r oi J��al
.. j'haln.. lhe" JJ
 oe, Ihence mat 00 chaini to t��l��*
iii, si, i- ii,,nli ssIs.ssk 11,.- lake iho��
June Jinis toon.
VV. t-'ALIlKR. I.W.I": _
n���i i. herehy siren thai oodaii���JW**
i ml to appl; lothe Honoralds lbs ' ���'
sol.ilonerol Undi anil Worki lor pe]
pnrchsue Uu- tollovrtns sleacrlbesl  " "
iii.-ii.'Ins.- iii ii poal marfed vv K So 1
I,l,u,i,-,l ssi the N  vv. eornel ol ��  *���'
pro-einpllon In Plre Valloy. rui"""*".
itorlh, ^0ohalna weat, JO chain.i ��� >"'���'"
vii.i in place isiriiiiiniiT in1 'I'
VV. It. MOO�� I'.I",""
VV. A.s'.sl I'i:", AK'"
Jono 30tli, ISM ___���	
Not l.li,-ivi.)-��iv,-ii'ii.ui.i<'.vl|'|l,'"J!'5t:
dale I Intend IS appl)  to ''"��� """ZiiiH.
i'lil.-l Col isH,.,i..-r "I Undi ���"'���'   ,'tf
pi'rmlMlonlopnr ae.the W^**gm\
sshorool Kootenai I ike in H"
K....1. .nj-. Hrorlntw nt iinii-ii
'iiiiii'iiiiiisi i,v admoaauromeiii '���"'��� . '
Hu- wine hi."" or I'
part,, - > i ���, i, i y ai
���i,, i, i> ;'
. Issllnr
 '      |"ill ��� l> II :i. I ,.��      ". r        ,
EWVi'VffV?^"TK^ ��a
 i i cornor ol I. stWo.1i ""fifj
lollowlns tho ...is ly I i>-''���> ""���'., j
��s.'iniiii. moro or leai i" thu -���'���'" " ,���,,
"ei "i ��mi.i i m a. i; iis.'ii'",��;"..������
Hi,' ��""!
>nl,I  l.,,i
���'inn Iialm ...
��� nv i,"ihmIiii. ,| is it. Mull," li - 'i'l'
I'urchaaei thou sulerly (oii"��l���� '
nh i,,,iiii,iiM'v,,i���is,i d. li iissii-""-;
i" Purchaao MJM ohalni  '' "' "
ihoro otuueona' flayi n fnllowin,
oalty ot the aald ahore in �� ""'!l! "Si,,
Hon 70 chaini re or Icaitnil !',,'.,..:���<
itorofaal't l.,,niw)n.l; thonce iin.r|,1,V0tfUI
Hit' iin- woitorly iiiisisiiinry "I �����"' \" ,Zr.m
li." "imni.
Pated  Ift, 1006,
,i��� ,11,1111 "i '
h m nBii""'
Nlillis-   |.  Iss'llil.v  llvoll  Uml "'"sV'l&l'l"'
dale I lulcl lUPly I" H'l', .'"'i'",'  Vrisl !
i "mini iloncro/Bands.anil Wl,rJ"',','',, ,ll��t
lopurnhoae the tnllowlns dcacs	
in VV'.'.i K,i,,ti'iniv iil.nl"!: l,|,n|l"J",,-t':(,vi;,is��
I'luiili'il hi Hi" nortliwoat s-i'i
I',,!.' I'riiujs,  Hist  .niilii 'III '���'"i"",'.,,J,"!i'i,,|i��l��'
us chalna more nr leu, ttmtn-.-'"""' ,nju
 ro or Iota, thoncs ��l toW1 "Jii.n
place of beslnnlne, tho aanii' I" ,""'' ,,!inn.
Iiraoa nlmi l. ksnii.ii al the It ""
Datod Julys, ink's.
, ,, dan'11"
NOMOO   I-   IliT.-liV  jIVCll        -I \ >,���, ,:������ilill>'
 I I ;. apply iptlic ''"',', ��� ���
alonorol I. la and Worse Vlcissria. Wi IM,i
nlissi  Is, 1,111'i'lui." Hi" li,Mini Inn ".",'mil,''���'!
.is.iiii" lis ii trict "i �����,.-    '"���;*'
islllriilissiisii I'r.'i'k: Hliirlina nl a I' hlln 1
���iniiii Wills,''.i S. vv. corner '    ' .1 ,'nfi��'���
S'lllllll.    .Mlllll    1,1     J       Mil'  -    ."IH"        |)((,|,(llll'.
rnnnlno nortii;�����������i.iiuh. llicnc ",.,.|���,in<i��
llio .mull :m chalm, thonco ""'^{nnt,
[solntoroommonooment.    ���   ,.:   .^,,111.
juiiu ii. iiuu. ^nuisssAi""'
1 prc-i
i, iviiin if
The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
Another  of the  $150,000 Novels t
The Man Between"   !
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c. 4
- t
A shipment of
oyal Vienna Hand Painted China ���
t>:  <_  ^,._ ._ ��  "
Pieces from 65c to $15.00
The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags    J
52.50, $3.50, $7.50. ***
��� :
00 New Linen Papeteries *
" India Lawn," regular 35c line, at 25c 7
40c " at 30c ey
"       50c   "    at 40c i
nlv of the BARGAIN HANI) BAGS left.   Selling ���
at the Red .iced price.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
.?*>������������*>���������:<>���������*>��� �����������������������
Lperial Bank of Canada
Head Offtcr:   Toronto.
JAI. HAIF) UP....t8,(KW,000 REST $3,1100,000
|lt  W1LKIK, Prosidout        "HON. sSOBERT .IAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in Br lish Columbia: .
'"���IHwiis ri'rcivi'rt und intoivst ullowi I at cummt rates from dato of owning ac-
kml OTOsdltad Imlf-ymurly.
|i ..ho.-n- iiwanch ��l-   IV1*   L,iAV,  ���Manager*
te Hall Mining and Smelting
Company^ Limited.
irehases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
foal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Unul BtlUdOZl will lind it to their Hdvuntii(,'i' t(�� u��n our Pitch.
pdson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
. Burns & Co.
1 ii MHrltota In  Rouloud, Trail,  Nelson, Kaslo,  Sandon, Threo Forks, Now
Dimvor und Blooon Oily.
QUALIFY.       *
Results In  Provincial Cities Much  Bat
ter than Usual���Pass Lists of
the District.
The results of the provincial city examinations for entrance to high schools
ap9 announced, and again Nelson public school has a faultless record. The
results generally throughout the province show an unusually large proportion of successful candidates.
Richard Ferguson, son of Rev. J. T.
Ferguson, wins the governor-^eneialH
bronze medal.
The results in Nelson district are as
Nelson Centre.
Total number of candidates, 20; pauB-
ed, 24.
Nelson���Number of candidates, 22;
passed, 22.
Richard M. Ferguson 822
Annie Mastberg 704
Irene Gibson 752
Mary Rutherford 087
Winnllreil Baer C73
Henry Svoboda C27
Hazel McAithur  004
Robert Bwarta ens
���lames McOandlish CB0
Edith   Middleton    HIS
Percy Grizzellc  010
Brnesl  Matthews 637
Clara Bartiley C34
Myrtle Travefl 0211
John 0. Thornycrolt C27
Isabel!'1 Montgomery 025
Nora Paterson  01"
John Darough  (ill
Lena Fish - 002
Edith Manson  598
Walter Truswell 593
Harry  Ferguson   575
Salmo���Number of candidates, 1;
passed, 1.
Kheia Bennett  G53
Ymir���Number of candidates, 3; passed, 1.
Vera McLeod 5G1
Kaslo Centre.
Total number of candidates, 10;
passed, 3.
Clara M. Stephenson  730
Brooke J. Stephens-m  017
Margaret  B, Garland   585
Hotel Conflagration.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 17.���In a fire at
the Hole! Park, Second avenue and
Grand sUcet, .early today, one person
was burned to death, another fatally injured and several overcome by Bmoke
A full Hue of Crockery,
China nnd OIummwiipu.
Al��n St'coml Hand Good* Ol Kvury I'enorlp-
tiun.   We Iihvc mt tlicftonilBancI Kf-ll at
Lnwct Print In Town.
Baker St., uext tof.p.K Ticket Offlfe.
First Class 1 fi-iitiurr Plants silisi Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181. Opera House BIk. Box 401
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
I3TII ATllll'S ACT."
Tilkf NotlOO Hsssl Siisiiii.-l r���i li.TTu.k  lilll.-lnl
Ailiislssl.lrsslin ror lln< '��� nml Vmir Kii-i-luriil
DlBtrlOtf Of Hi Hi-1 S'liliisnlil s, Is... Iss-s SI slli|uilliti-il
tiliiiliii.lrnliir ol thoMtatool llnliiTl Hiniil. do-
roswsl.b; order ol III. llmissr, Judge h'orlii. ,l,,i,-.t
llsi-li'ili sissy nl July. 10��l|
Aud Itirthor isslss' isiiiii's! Usui all orodltomol
Ms inn- im.-i inn in, nli liisiul In llsi-lri'lssluis
In llii-iilth-liit AiluiitilHtrHtur.
IlsstsHl ssl Ni'l.'lll tllll 1311s duy nt Jul)', 1000,
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
HUH [Sll ll.l..
- suisl-
T.ik.- Nssllsv tlssst Sssusus'l I'sirks-r Tiss-k. ufii.-iiil
Ail in- n.v i mi ,,i- r.sr lis. [solston mnl Viulr BlDOtor-
ssl Dlltrlou ssl lirlll.li c.Iniiii.in. Im-- i-i-i-ii ui-
imiiitiMl Ailiuliiimrmisrssl tin- Kstiiii'uf si. II. SI.
ii-|ii-i-.-..ii. sisTsssM'si, In- order sit ill. ii.ui.sr.
Jiuiiu' nuiii, .isiii-ii tbo litis day of July, m��.
Asssl lurllliT Inks'  hOttot)  Uml   nil  s'rs'itllnl'H lit
tin- -iilil   i-lisli-   iiiii-I   hull,nitli   liiiuil   lis   linn-
.���Iniiii- In UlSl om.-i.it   AiliiiiliMlill.il'
liiili'd nl NiiIhiiu, II. 0., tills llllli ilny ssl July
���sll loisiiy Isrmii'li will lie
[,���,;;; ' [to any liranalt will
i  'lulu nud I'limiui siiieiiiiiin.
Hcid Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKE NOTl'W Uml 1 hili'iul  to apply  Hi  th��
nozt -minus nf (he Himril uf 1.1.'t-tii'tiiK riiiuMiir.-
���lonori lor the City fit nyimhi, torn traiiifor io
QdOtve MurrlNiiii til  Nulmiii, II, C. ut my  UoeQH
loHi'll (yriiivtiii'il Htnl iplrlttioua llinmr* rto ilu*
lirciniiifH known iih it.r Lake View Hotel. ViTium
Hlrcot, Notion, B. O.
Datod the llh-lay of July, 1008,
WtllU'-s, W. A   MACIMIIUU).
Notice is Hereby given th"*t 30 dayi alter date 1
Itilfiiil to n|ip.v to the Chief l^oinmlaiiloner of
I.n iii|> und Wt.it*- for a xpedaj llei'lise to eul and
C'fT| away limber from tluMollowliif* denerlt>ed
laiiiln in WBtt Kooti'liay diHtrii't:
No. 1.���'oinineiii'inK nt a pout marked Ole
Oberg'fBOttthwMt corner poot, and pUut-.i on
the eaat aide of Ihinean river, alx>ut ten mlleH
ii.sMh' ii>��� t of Went Fork of I'lineaii river; them.e
-'.Iiimii- -inl ii. Diciire micliaitiM eaHt, tbi-nCe ��0
t'htilns north, ihetiue B0 ehulns west lo point of
No. J*���Commencing al a pout marked Ote
ObiTu'" *<" ���lh"iift oamt and planted ' n thu eaal
lltluo Doncan river, about 11 mlleH KortheaKt of
Went Fork of Dnucaii river; thenee Ko ehalim
north, th. in-" hi idialua eaut, tlienee HU ehalns
niulh. tii.-nee 80 ebaiua west to polm of commencement,
No. 3.~Commenclng at a .post marked Ole
Oberg'H northeast corner post, and planted on
the -*ast side of 1'uncan river, about 11 mllei
n rtheast of West Fork of Duncan river; thence
40 ohaini west, thenee 100 chains north,,thent*e
40'-httins east, ihence, 160 chains, south to point of
No. '. -CommenclnK al a ]K��t marked Oil
OUtk'n souihw st iiiTcr powt, and planted on
lhe fast side of  DrXDnMI   river  --n-l iil.niil 1:' I  I
mile* northeail of weit Fork of Duncan river;
thenee *> ebaitu north, thence 10chaini eui|
thence Wicliaius south, thUOe ��ochains west to
point of rumiiieiicvmeut.
No. fi��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
oberg's nortbetlt comer post, and planted on
the easl  side of   Duncan river and about 121-4
miles nortbeut of Weil Fork ol Duneui river;
thenoe m chaini weit, thenee N ohalni north,
thenoe *J| ohalni eait, tlwnoe80 ohaini south u,
point of commencement
No. fi.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Osberg'l northeast corner post, and planted on
iii--.- st side of D'lin'iiii river, ami aboul 181*4
miles northeait of West Pork of Duncan river;
ihence mo chains west, thenee 80 chaini north,
tbonce ho chalm east, ihence 80 chains south to
point of cointncuccinclii-
No. 7/t-Comnteneing at a j>ost marked Ole
Oberg'i sioilthweit corner i�������-1. and planted on
the eail side of DuiH-an river and about 181-1
mlh'S northeait of the Welt Fork of Duncau rh'er;
thence BO chains east, thence Hn chains south,
theuce 80 chains welt, thenee HI) chains north to
point of commencement
No. 8. -L'omineneiiig at a |k>mI marked Ola
Oberg's s.nithwest corner post, and planted on
tbe eait lide of Duncan river, and about 14 1-1
miles nortlu-aM ��'f the Wesl Fork of Duncan
river; thence 811 ihalns east, thenee Hi) chains
louth, thence HO chains Welt, ihence HO chains
n.trili lo point of commencement.
No. D.���Commencing at a piisl planted on the
east ,iide of Dnncan river and marked Ole Oberg'i
lontbeaal corner post, and about 14 1-4 miles
iinrihi'tiit n( West Fork of Duncan river; thence
B0 chains wesl, thenee N) chains north, theuce s i
Ohalni east, thenee HU chains south to point of
No. 10. ���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southeast corner post and planted on
tin-cast side of Duncan   river and abmit  15 1-4
mllei northeait of Weal Fork of Duncan river;
thence SO chains west, thence 8<l chains north,
thence ho chains east, thence 90 chains south lo
point of commencement.
No. II.���Commencing at a put marked Ole
Oberg'i Southwest corner i����si and plained on
the east side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
mllei northeait ����f West Fork of the Duncan river; ihence B0 chaini eaat, thence ho chains south,
thence89chaini west, thence 80 chaniB north to
point of commenoement
No. 18.���Oommenctnf at a post marked Ole
OlicrK's norilicast corner \��i*\ and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river and aooui I" 1-4
in lies iiorlhea-si of West Fork ol Dunciui river;
tlicuccHU chains west, thence* 80 ehains north,
tin uce HO chains easl, tlicuccHU chain-,  south  lo
polnl ot commencement.
No. I.'i-Commencing at a poit marked Ole
01��- g'liouihweat corner poaf ami plauied on
lhe eait tide of Doueall river about ii'il-1 miles
northcafl of the Weii Fork ol the Duncan river;
thence HO chains east, thence HU chains south,
lbence80chalna west, thence ho chains north to
i i of commenoement.
No. II.   Commencing   at  a  post   marked   Ole
Oberg'i houtiiwcst corner poat and planted on
ihe easl side of Duncan  river und  almiit 17 1-4
mllei northeait from the Weit Fork of Duncan
river; thenoe 8" uhafna east, thence 80 chains
Miuih, thenee BO chains west, ihence HO ehains
n.mil to point ol Coinini-iicciiieut.
No. 15. -Commencing at a [xisi marked Ole
Obetg'l norlhedsl corner post and planted on
the cast side of (Miiirau river and about 17 1-4
mllei northeait of West Fork of Duncan river;
theuce r*\ CbalUi west, theliee HI) chalus norlh,
tbenoe 80 ohalni eait, thenoe 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 1(1.-Commencing al a post marked Ole
Oberg'i MUthweil corner post and planted on
tbe east side of Duncan river and ahout 181-4
miles northeait of the West Fork of Duncan river; Ihence 80 chains east, thence 80 elm jus south,
thence Hi chains west, ihcnce 80 chains north lo
point of commencement.
No. 17.������Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southwest -xmier post and planted ou
the east side ol Duncan river and about 19 1-4
miles northeast ol the West Fork of ' uncan river; theliee HO chat ns east, thence 80 chains *oilth,
thence 80 chains we��t. thenre 80 chains noth to
point of oommencemenu
Dated .lune Hth lata''. Oi.k OiiElto, Locator.
Notice is hereby itivcii ihat IW days after date I
intend lo applv to the Chief Cotunilssioner of
Uiti.ls and Works for a special license to cut aud
carry hwhv timber from the following described
lands, situated In the West Kootenay district:
No. L���Commencing at a post marked O D.
Hoar's Bouthwcsl corner post, and planted on the
cast bank of Duncan river and about ai 1-1 miles
northeait of west fork of Duncan river; tbence ��i
chains east, thenee * i ehains south, thence Ho
chains west, thence 80 chains north in point of
No. 2.���Commencing at a posl marked 0. 1>.
Hoar's northeast corner post, and planted on the
eaat side of Duncan river, and about 20 1-1 miles
northeast of west fork of Duncan river; thence80
chnins west, thenoe Hoelia'tis north, thenee so
chains out, theuce 80 ohaini south to point of
No B.���Commencing al a post marked O. D.
Hoar's southwest comer jhisl and planted on the
east side of Duncan river, and ataiut 20 1-1 miles
northeast of lhe wesl fork ol Duncan river;
thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chains eaal,
Ihence 8:i chains south, theliee 80 chains weat to
point ot commencement
No 4.���Commencing at a |>ost umkei O. D.
Hoar's louth weit corner poitand planted on the
east bank of Duncau rlver.and an..in 21 1 l miles
"oMheast of the wes' fork of Duncan rive-;
theiMe 80 chain*} north, theuce So chain* eut,
thenee 80 chain*, ninth, thenee HOchaiuu well to
point of cMineiiciiieut.
No. 6 ���Commencing al a post maned 0, D,
Hoar's southeast corner post and planted on lhe
easl tldl of Dun-"Ii river, and about 21 1-4 miles
northeast id west fork of Duncan river; thenceKi
Ohalni nonh, thence HO chains east, ihcnce HO
chains sontli. thence 80 chains west to point of
No n. oiiimeticinj* nt a post marked 0, D,
Hoar's southeast corner post aud planted on the
easl side of the Duncan river, and alamt 22 1-4
mil s UqrUieail of the wesi fork of Duncan liver;
thence 80 i liiiins north, theme Hj chains eait,
thenee sy ehains south, theno< Hocuuiiiiwcst to
point o{ commencement.
No. 7. Commencing at a post marked 0, D,
Hoar's southwest t onier post and planted on the
ensl s de ol Duncan r vcr, and ahout 22 1-1 uul s
northeast of the weat fork of Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains east, tlienoe 80 chains south,
theuce Wl ehains west, thence 80 chains uorih lo
point of commencement.
No. 8. Commencing at u post marked O. D,
Hoar's norlhcasi corner post and planted on the
easl side of Duncan river, and ahout 21 1-4 miles
aoutlicast of west fork of Duncan river; th.'iiccSo
chains west, thence B0 ctnuni north, Ihence Ho
chains east, theuee 80 cti.lns south to point of
No. v.���Commencing at a post marked Q. D.
Hoar's southwest comer post and planted on
tlie east side of ill mull river and about 2i 1-4
miles northeast of the west fork of Duncan river; ihence HO chains easl, thence HO chains south,
Ihcnce HO chains wesl, thonoe 80 chains north to
point of commencement
No. 10,���Commencing at a post marked 0, li.
Hoar's northeast corner post and plauied on lhe
easl side of Duncan river and about 22 1-4 miles
northeast of tho west fork of the Dnncan rlvori
theuce 80 ehalns, west ihence 80 chains north
thence HO chains easl, Ihence 80 chain* south lo
point of commencement
No. 11.���Commencing at a a post marked O. I).
Hoar's southwest corner post and planted on the
east side of Duncan river and about 23 1 I miles
tiorthcasl of the west fork of the Duncan liver;
Ihcnce HU chains eaal, thenee 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains wesl, thence HO chains uurtb to
point of commencement
No l2.~-Commen.lnK at a post marked O. 0.
Hour's northeast corner post and planted on the
easl side of Diniuui river and aboin 2,'l 1-4 miles
iioilhcuM of Hie west fork of Hie Dun-tin river;
theuce Hii ehalns west, thence 80 chains norlh,
thence Ho chains east, I bunco 80 ehulns sottlh tu
point of Commencement.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Booms sre well furnlilsesl.   Table u good su Uf
Id Nel.on.     B.r isspplled with good
I lu nm. tssil silsari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meals 26 cU.   Rooini from 25 cU. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt..��� Helton Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Hist DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe B��r l. tbe Flneit.
Wblte Help only Employed.
Joeepblne Bt.
The Big Schooner p^/,,  i(\r
Or ������Half-and-HaH"   DCCl    IKJL*
The only Glasn of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Bates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in NelBon.
Lake Vieto
Hall -ind Vernon Sts.
Two bioek-t from
Rates 11.IK) per Day
and up.
fiS��L%      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open bay and Night.
Bampleand Bstis Booma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Struts.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tonikins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
B*ker Btreet, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Eleetrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane and Comfortable Bedrooma and Flrtt-
C1..H Illuiug Room. Sample Rooma lor Commer-
olal Hen.
MRS. X. C. CLARKE, Proprletreai
The well known
 [   Suburlsnu
f*|Vft 1  H.I .      Our Beer Garden is
m^��� the Finest iu the
**���"^^^���"���^"^ Kistitt'imys.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
West Transfer Co.
General Toninstors and Dealers In
Oonl and Woo 1.   Express and
hnUKitip. TruiiKfer
I'^ZiS, Office: Baker St.
No. 18.���Commencing utn|)OMt mtirkeil O. P.
ilimr's Koutliwfxt corner pout and piitnti-<i on tin*
i>ii*i Mile of (hi.' huiii'uu river nnd itbotit 'JI 1-1
mill's norllieait ol t\w wi-��t forlt of tin- l>um>ati
river; tin-tici- m ohnttiH aasti thonco Hit iimlns
soittli, thence 80 t'lmlns wt>~i, thenoe ft) clmum
nortb to point of commenooment.
No. li.���t'ommeuiiliii* at a |����st nmrki'il O. 1>.
llonr'H noi iliwi'.-tt t'orner post and pltnKvil ou tbe
east nbii' of bunenti ri or ami about '24 1-1 mllt'H
noTtheajit of ibu west forkol the Iimu'iiii river;
Hi. it.���.��� Hi 1-iiniiiN wi'.-t, tlii'ii.'f thi iliiihiH nortb,
tlienee 80 i'ImIuh eanl, tbence SO i-balns Koittb lo
point of coMinuneenteul.
Dale.! June Dili lUUtl. O. ll. Hoak, l.iHntor.
Hy bill Ageilt, OLE OllKIUi.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
rissuRANCB.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands In this district.
MoHt of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.    .See me be*
fore you decide to locate.
We Wffl Sell
-20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDet mid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have J0.000 Acta
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands fa
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C*
Round Trip.
On Sale July 30th to 27th.   Good to retain nntil August 2nd.
JWM*    %a5tem.
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Panl Ohioaito
Ontario <4nel>eo
Maritime Provices.
For rates, berth reservation and detailed
information apply to local ugent or write
A.O.P.��s.,Vsi!!siisuver. D.P.A.S Nsilisisn.
Wholesale ami Retail Dt'Hlers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh nud
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stuck
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
St. Paul
Fort William
Kansas City
Oumha i^^^^^^^^^^_
Chicago   64.00
St IjouIs 60.00
Toronto 88.80
Montreal 100.00
Ottnwn 100.00
New York 100.00
For rates to all other
points apply
City 1'nssi'Hger Agent.
A 0. F. A., SmIU��.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers iu staple aud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Egga.
Camp and Miners' Supplies. p
The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special  pieces  in   new   and   beautiful  designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and #5.00 are our leaders.
5       Jc\\**** j
f     Refreshing ���
I     Drink j
To one quart rather sweet J
X lemonade add one tumbler of J
: :
Pints 40c. -   Quarts 70c ���
Everything to tempt the ap-��
petite will be found at     ���
this store. ���
��� :
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
44 cA Tip" for a
44 Canadian Morn ing*
Kootenay Coffee
j Joy's Cash Grocery!
If you don't lilts' nt ilit
deal Where the inule Is so brisk Unit /
fl-i-sh supplies ill's' l-s'ccivril
s'vi'i-y ilny.
tie of the Nice Things
Today are:
Hssnss' Oookod  Boiled  Hum,   pei
pound 8fio.
Crosse sfc Illiii-k\vi'ir�� Potted Fish I
anil Mi'ittH.
Snriiiiies���Sportsmen, King Oscar,
nuil Bassett. i
Frcsli Strawberries nml Tomatoes. <
Ji'llo loc t'l-siiuii PowdfiTfl nml Orosse.
& Blnjikwell's Reunel Tssisls'u.   Also ,
Lis|tiid   Hs-iiiu-tt   fur   malting i-iinls
anil whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
Cor. Jss.s'jihliiesinil Mill St..     Phone l!i
Bargains in
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phono BE. Baker St.
Cor. V.rsson und Ward  SH-ussls
NBLSO.N,   t��. C.
J  FRED HUME, Proprietor.
P Lantes, Cleveland; a w Nlest
iiiunu, Chicago; W S Wyutt, l.oniliui;
(' Huss, Hamilton; li .1 Balrd, liny
t'lssiliier. Cranbrook; Hewitt Bostock,
Monte Creek; D Arnoi and wife. Slu
tan; G Taylor, Silverton; W C Dygert,
Calgary; W C Taylor, La Plata mine;
C Faas, Creston,
A M Smith, C tie S Bntchekir. S|io
kane; (' E Citrtwrighi. Vaucmver; !'
McPherson, Winnipeg; II ,1 Halpin anil
wife, Kaslo; M Marsilen, Jaftray; A
l.iiBun, Minnesota; .1 L Hirsch, Si.
Paul; .1 I) McDonald, Bonnington; J
Aconite, Pilot Bay; T E Ferris, Chica
go; A I) Keiser, Toronto; P A Rhiiisl
and wife. Sprlngdale; A W Cumber
luiifl, Sherbrooke.
Mrs. Burchat anil child, Oreenwood;
\V Robinson, Quebec; E Evans. Sloe an
.1 L Royurl, Qrand Porks;  Mrs. R A
Hull, s Peterson, Northport; A ,M Rug
ers,  Sliiean;   W   Wanl,   Kitehener;    P
Mclntyre, .1 Grant, Spokane.
W Jameson, Toronto;  R A  Dudley,
Vancouver; I' Wllklns, Rossland.
R Coleman, Bonnington; R A Ross,
Winnipeg; c Bracey, Wlnlaw; J Crow
ed, C Berg, Slocan; R ll Hobbes, Wests
J II Magi'i', Boston; W Hall, J llurrl
sssn, Creston.
W E Cray, Mrs. \V Ileln, Miss Calls
ban, P 11 Young, Trail; A B Jones anil
family, Rossland; Mrs. .1 Gray ami sun.
Toronto; VV ,1 Keny, St. Catherine's;
A Pester, Fernie.
G Matthews, Pllol Buy; A Sberrall,
Granite; C Jonaen, til Creek; D w Mo
limy, Spokane,
F R Jackson, Bennington;   P 11  Bacon,  Rossland;   -I   Nicholson, Sum a;  .1
"niwn, II Hall, s Hannah, Gerrard; E
liirci'. Bholt
We are receiving strawberries
direct from the rachers. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much lunger,
telephone 181,
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nloe .-oul drinks.      Lunches
put up a specialty.
W.J.Walker,   ��
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
dOODS i_AI.I.i:i>  POsW
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
There was no session of thf city j��o-
Uce court this moral ug.
A   !���:. Wails, of Wattsburg, is in tbe
ty, a guesl ai ili��' Strathcona.
.1. Neelands has al last received a
.satisfactory settlement of tho claims uf
successful Nelson speculators in the
Caigary Derby sweepstakes.
E. ('. Wragge ami \. s. Fraser are
canvassing for subscriptions to cover
the expenses of the regatta, ami bave
so far met wiih a very gratifying re
Thi' Nelson erlckei team for Thursday afternoon's match with Kokanee
will in-: a H. Coppen, captain; H. B
Wade, D. .1 Elvery, v. .1. Sammons, EJ,
Mason, B. .1. Marks, it. Hardcastle, u.
Ht'iii, c. s. Gregg, A TreglHua and C.
T. Partington,
Tin' members of the Altar Guild of
Si, Saviours will .give a garden party
Thursday afternoon on ilu- .grounds of
\V, Irvine's residence, kindly placed at
their disposal, The party will begin al
1 o'clock, ico cream will be Berved,
anil thi' band will be in attendance,
Three appeal cases from Nelson,
which have already been argued before
tin- full courl of ih<- province, aro ssil]
undecjded, They are: Henderson vs.
Canadian Timber ami Sawmills Com*
puny, ami Waring vs, Coleman nh.' Ot
tawa mines), both argued in April, ami
Newswander vs. Glegertch, argued in
An Importanl meeting is called for
Thursday al 1 p. m. The chairmen of
tbe various subcommittees of the
board of directors of the Agricultural
Society are urgently requested to meet
for ihe transaciion of urgent business
...ai must be completed before a general meeting is cnlle<l. The meeting
will he hehl in the city ball.
The shareholders in the Nelson Pa-
vi.ion, Limited, will meet in the board
of trade moms tonight at .*i. Several
members favor ihe Immediate investment of funds on hand for Improve
ments. Tbe company is in a fairly satisfactory position financially. The capitalization is only $2,060, and the assured annual revenue ie $400, more
than 13 per cent.
Comox. on Vancouver Island, reports
another drowning fatality las! week. A
young man named V. S. Smith, who was
employed on S. Plercey s ranch, went
with the Plercey lads, after the day's
work wns over, for a swim in tbe T.so
lum river, which skirls lhe ranch. Aftei
being in ibe water a few minutes,
Smith shrieked and sank. The boys
made heroic efforts lo rescue lhe
drowning youth, bin were unsuccessful
Dr. V. 11. Torrington, of Toronto, "the
rather of music," as ho is called, be
cause he has been at ibe head of al
mosl every movement for lhe improve
ment of musical culture iu Canada, will
arrive on the coast train tonight fo
spend a few days with bis daughter,
.Mrs. Parker, of Mail street. Ur. Tor-
rlngton will he accompanied by Mrs.
Torrington. lie has been conducting
musical examinations ai various points
in British Columbia, and expresses himself as delighted with (lie advanced culture shown by professionals and amateurs in Ibe wesl.
The Store of Quality
Do You
Want something
Very Delicate in
Packed by ourselves. Every park-
age bears onr own name, thai being a
guarantee of purity. No dearer than
other teas nf Inferior quality. For lhal
reason we is.sk you in try li. won't
com you a fi-nt If you don't like li.
i-tuct  L,abel.40c
lilnu I .tiliul ,lAu
Hood & Teetzel
K   W. 0. Work . Phnns'  ID
Old Curiosuy Shop
If you want to buy or soli anything,
go 10 tbe oiii Curiosity Shop, a new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale, All
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Pattern R.
Gait Coal
Term! Spot Cub
Tslepfcoufl 'zftfi
linker Htn.-1'i
Wagstoffe's Md
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something good. An old
reliable artiele, bul uow ou this
25cts. Each
C A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine sis.
i'iiiim-: 7. *
is not complete without u good
Wsi have a full line of ihem nt prices to
suit yiuir purse.   Also Wash Boards,
Tulis. Clothes Pins. Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE IB.       NELSON, II. 0.
A Photo Print
furnishes the best means of preserving
the results of. your vacation or summer's photographing. We have a particularly fine line of Print Albums at
prices ranging at
50c, 65c, 90c, $1.00
and up to $5,50
We have some bound in Limp Leather
that are very rich.
We carry a full line of Kodaks, Films.
Printing Papers and other Photographic Supplies.
W. G. Thomson
ISSSSSkT """ Nelsou, B. C.
Phone .t4.
Thr Altar (iniiii or si Saviour's
Church will give a garden party al the
residence of
Thursday Evening
lit-KlimiiiK nt -I p, in.
Ice-cream.   The City Hand will
be in attendance.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now. as the season la closing, and I will
Bee iluu your order is nil.-si with the
best fruit to lis' hail ni the lowesl mar
lu'i price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
l'lisine  2t)6.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
by common Canadians.
I lu yon
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
Ou sip cj tUt
Wihiic lit tin ipint/ spirits in dilioiif
\sou\ g
timt tbe drluka lermd fctaurBoda fountain
ha-! inun- propurtlel beiidu refreibingT
Weu'eoniy r��ni fruit lyrnpi ot th��Da*ti
(���tiniity Fountain,counter, i-ihnhch hh.i
receptacle! ait,   kept nrupiilotuly olein.
Baker Street, sNaliou, n 0.
Thompson & Douglas
slum Writing i. ��nuci..it>-.
Wall l>..per ���,,<.! ltu,-l,ip.
SS&L*"*   -    NELSON
Applications will In- received Isy the
trustees nf the Hume Bohool district,
Nclsdii. Im- ,-i teacher lor the ensuing
ii mi. Balary, ��7.r. per month, Address
0I5O. ii. PLAYLB, Secretary.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt la the ail important part of his
snake-up���both  for   looks   and  comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts..,.,
We sell shirts from the best of  shirt makers in Canada���makers
with a  reputatiosi.
Watches! Watches!
The boat grades in Amerloau movements,   Prices
'"'"" ta with Eastern houses. BHne watoh
repairing nml optlos nnr specialty.
Repairing and
a SpedaB
sii.s-inii'iiil Work,Castings, Builders' UBterialandIUntna��.smn
I lllirl) is Ms I Worla Ksssst uf s'lii-k g|
I'l,.,,If  Jill.
, *��*^s^'V'*s>��^s����**V'*s**fts*s*sAs^s*s^,V^AsVVWVWVWvVW*WU*.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
Si - , s:-m,|(. ,,, It   KI-.lriTKHKIt ,v i
Brewen insi Bottls n el
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Snd h^l
And Ihe Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
TBUI3PHOISB  v...  Jl.
P. ,��. it, ,\  2i> I.
&C0.,    pSUR
f       Limited, Winnipeg,
\N'liol<_->i��il��,-  I��r<>\-1
Dominion Government Dreamery Ono-Pound Brioii reoelred ��-i-s-ki,y i
from tin- iliiirn.   Km- sale l.y nil lending grooers.
(iilii-s-iinil warehouse: Houston Blook,   Phone7t.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B, C,
J. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
Wo would iuvin- ysiti is, iii���|i,.<-t ���ur targe nnil vnrini rims nf
No need to suffer from heat If you   TT   i,  ITf       i( n        ' 'l
��m ....iy .an ���n,i ���sk ,��� , not Weather Kcquisit
Stori' iiih'h from 7 n.ni. tn il i>.m. every slny sjxpept holidays nnil SnniUjn
' B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN^'��^
i-fep,,i -i,,K ,,,,ii jobblna nsHuted with iDs>ajMiteh. Sh��rt m.isJ
��iii-k,.Msislisi!isis.l  Mill .Mnclilnurv.      Mi���H.liss.-turor�� ol    g
""> Oarsi, iv. ft. Contraeton1 c..p��.
NELSON,   B.  C.
!;j The Latest Arrival at ). A. Gilker's is the]
Superior in make and Quality.
AND DEALERS IN   LuHlke*-.   ShitiglZS,
L,oth, Moulding**, L)oc��r��, Windows.
I urncu Work and llruuketn. Mnil Orders iiriimi'lly "tt.-nd '
have demonstrated to us, aud if you will let us make yon
���mt; suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
niakc arc superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-Olass Tallow, Bnto Bt, Netatm, B. 0.
Ca*pet Sweeper
Afso   Ai;lisisswls,d|ii;J   to   he   WlttlOU*   "'
WB   Soil Tliuin.
Wood-Vallance Hardware CoY^


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