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The Daily Canadian Jul 11, 1907

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Array 5tye  JUxilg   Cana
2.    No. 32.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
in Navy Securing
Bg Supply
jIntentions   Discussed   in
(Capital���Both Parties
Im Hostile Purpose.
luly II.���The Ameiicun gov-
placed lurgo orders for
Rin coal In the country, ac-
f a news agency representa-
; order Is uaitl to amount to
land is is added that the coal
��� put.-in il in chartered stcam-
I'hilippiue Islands und the
of America. According to
I report tlie underwriters at
faulting tlti per cent, to cover
end Irom Kngland to Manila.
July it.���The present tension
United  States and  Japan
���tho keenest interest among
dpean diplomatists.    None of
ever,    believes   that   it  will
plage of warfare, because the
en of debt Japan Is carrying
of ber failure to obtain loom   Russia   forbids  her  tin-
a simlliur cosily enterprise
decade.     It   is  recognized,
, that the United  States Is
he  enmity  of Japan  as otte
ional    assets,    which    mny
dieap In the event of trouble
Her power.
���tain finds herself In an em-
���pnsitiou ttlsu because she is
stand between her colonies
litter of an ti-Japanese laws.
'flare ha* been put Into operation a law
WaatajMsiej'tlie entry or Asiatics which
��^'t.i��ist'_'��>.Indian subjects as well as to
the Tenejaeiii and the Chinese, and
-erfaleh OOBapelu them to submit to au ex-
��� leleetlnei uml registry with thumb
prints JJaKWlminals, which is exceed-
Initatii'K to them.
threatens   furtlter   leglsla-
sumo lines.    Alfred  Denkiu,
���as* sUlsflknan  premier, during his roe-Nat  Viall to   Kngland.   repeatedly   said
at Me ���JMeclbes  that  tlie chief national
ke/lth wlllch Australia must deal
enace of tlie Inliow of Japa-
Hfuly 11��� The conviction of an
Hbonllict between Japan anil tlie
^btes appears to be widespread
la        Many.    It Is one of the subjects
��� be referred to wherever dip-
' '     and   military   and   naval   offl-
others accustomed  to  follow
^politics meet.   The newspapers
Jfct  President Roosevelt  is ear-
Hflng to satisfy the Japanese re
- ^ They  agree  also  that  Japan
king unreasonable.
It Mi���"ejellevcii liy  inany lhat   the uroup
��t      WE statesmen   in   Japan   are   pre.
'   V) flght the United States for tho
Tbf the Pacific, regardless of the
acl sen Incidents.      The    strntc-
gist*   4 the  admiralty  regard   it  naval
War HKreen   Japan   and    the    Untied
Mtee aa  the tnosl  lulei-esling  problem
Of tke day      Careful   studies   thai   have
heeavorkeil out are unfavorable lo the
KBtates.   because   the    American
������though   of   greater   power   than
jf Jupuii.   would   have   to   seek   it
"a Japan's home waters.
A July 11.���President Uoosevclfs
"    " "Tfcto tlespatch a fleet of warships
-pncilie coast hns  led   tho  more
���al    newspapers   In   France   lo
.the conclusion that the sltua-
~tii.ho  delicale than  appears  on
face.    This view, however. Is ab-
repudiali'd   In   responsllile clr-
bre Ihe utmost conlltlence Is ex-
^thnt  existing  or   future dlffet-
etween the  United   State! nnd
{rill lie amicably adjusted.
July  11.���Confirmation of the
hat a powerful battleship squntl-
ild be sent lo the Pacific by Ihe
* States hns been received goner-
Hklth   calmness,   though    there   l��
aolM' Bin'prlso   in   some   quarters   well
������ In diplomatic  niceties.
t Is said that Iho sntlden change of
imme   or   the   Japanese   training
Son last June, when it wns Inlend-
B Its  voynge shoultl   include Sun
Ibco nnd other Pacific coast cities,
^evidently    In    deference    to    tho
rs of Ihe Washington government.
J known to the Toklo authorities In
���Ureet   but  unmistakable   manner.
change   of   route   was   decided  on
[a couple of days before the squatl-
lailed.    It   wns  Ihotighl   then  that
acted wisely In avoiding n course
might   hove   proved   Injurious
a strong anll-Jnpnnese sentlmtml
[prevailing  In  San   Urnnclsco.    Al-
gh the idlghleHt npprehenslon Is not
entertained hero, It is thought It would
be better to defer at this moment any-
*''���" 'hut would ht? ojien to the slight-
r��vlucint ^r provocation, especially
" Eoom ' American public
Is thou���, "PH - over the
present state of Japan
and  the   United   Siatt... ."ht  about
by prejudice against the Japanese In a
section of the  latter'*, dominion.
Union    Scout,    Credited    With    Saving
Army at Shiloh, Run Over by Train.
Oconomowoe, Wis., July 11.���Gilbert
Kenyon, said to have saved the Union
army from defeat at the battle of Shiloh, was killed at a railroad crusslng
yesterday by a Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul train. Kenyon was a member
of Company -H. lHlh Wisconsin infantry, at the time of the battle. He was
a scout. In an endeavor to gather information lie got within the Confederate
lines. During the night he esca|��ed, returned to headquarters aud told of the
eloseuese of General Johnstone's
forces. This Information, it is said,
saved Ihe Union forces a defeat.
Big Paving Contract.
Ottawa, July 11.���The Ottawa council
has awarded u contract for the paving
of Sussex street to the Rideuu Hall
gate. This will put uu end to the criticism of the shabby approach to Government House. The paving will extend
for a mile and a half, and is the largest
jmvlng contract Ottawa has ever made.
The John Foley Co.. of Ottawa, got the
contract for $91,788.
Buffalo Ruffian Slay*  His Former  Mit-
tree* and  Her New Employer.
Buffalo, July 11.���Peter Forrest*!, a
well-known saloon keeper and sporting
man, and Marie Smith, 32 years old, a
waitress In his saloon restauraut, were
murdered early this morning. George
Hudson, a painter is accused of tbe
crime. The Smith woman formerly
lived with Hodson. and her refusal to
leave ForreBtul'B place and resume her
relations with him are the alleged
i-iuiM-i of the double murder. Hodson
was arrested a few minutes after the
crime was committed. He was covered
with blood, but declared that he had
no recollection of what occurred.
Forrestal was sitting in front of his
saloon at Kim and South Division
streets at 1:30 this morning, when. It Is
alleged. Hodson rushed up and stabbed
him with a butcher knife. Forrestal
sank to the ground and his assailant
again plunged the nine-Inch blade of
the knire Into his body. Hodson, it Is
alleged, then rushed upstairs to Marie
Smith's room. She was In bed asleep,
but was awakened by the bursting open
of the door. As she sprang from bed
Hodson. it is alleged, stabbed her twice.
Inflicting terrible wounds. Forrestal
died in live minutes. The woman was
taken to a hospital, where she died on
the operating table. Hodson was arrested and taken to police headquarters. He
Btated thnt he had been living with the
Smith woman up to two weeks ago. She
hud promised* to leave Forrestal's and
return to him, but he had been unable
to see her since July 4th. Hodson declared thnt he hud been drlnkiug nnd
had no tecollection of what had happened. Forrestal wns 60 years old. His
brother, Kdward J. Forrestal, Is a captain on the lltiffalo police force.
Quebec Bank Robbery.
St. Croix, Que., July 11.���Ilurglurs obtained entrance to the Provincial bank
and succeeded In carrying off 13.280,
Against the loss the bank Is insured In
Ihe American Guarantee Co., which will
offer n reward or $5011 for the arrest of
nny one Implicated In the uffulr. Ken-
trance wns gained by the front door of
the bunk, which wns broken open, und
then'the burglars operated on Ihe big
vault with dynamite nnd secured the
money. No one sleeps on the premises,
but u noise, supposed to have been that
made by the dynamite, was heard by
peuple next door but nothing wns
thought of It. At 4 o'clock some people
wcro passiug the hank and noticed that
the door hail been forced open und gave
the alarm.
Dublin, July 11.���A curious rumor Is
current hero to the effect that the portion of the state regallu, valued nt $2.*>0.-
000. which was stolen front Dublin Castle recontly, nnd for the return of which
tho government hns offered u rownrd of
|5,000, wns removed by nn lmportunt official of tho Order of St. Patrick, who
hits disnppeured.
Brawl Ends in Murder.
Niagara Falls, N. Y., July IV���As the
result of a barroom brawl Edwnrd Lit-
tlemore. fantlllnrly known as lllg I'M, Ib
dead, and Harry Duly. Patrick Moakler.
George lllllman. ThomaB Donohue and
throe negroes arc under arrest. Duly
Ih dlTOOtly charged with the murder but
the othciB are held ns witnesses.
Record ol One Session's
List of Resolutions Seeking Exposure
of Crime Voted Down by
Machine Majority. .
Ottawa, July 11.���A fair Idea of the
altitude of the two political parties on
questions of policy and administration
may be gathered by a brief study of the
votes taken in the House during the
last session. The following Is a partial
On the 10th of December, after the
people In the West had suffered great
hardships and when they were likely
to suffer more through tbe lack of fuel,
Mr. John Herron. Conservative member
for Alberta, moved a resolution dealing
with such conditions. Mr. Herron showed that there were abundant coal reserves In the West and that It would be
possible to guarantee to the people of
that country a regular and cheap supply
If the mines were not allowed to fall
Into the hands of monopolists. He
moved: "That coal lands owned by the
government of Canada should only be
alienated under such conditions and
subject to such regulations as will provide for Immediate supply of coal adequate at all times to the requirements
of the people, and at a reasonable price;
and that in respect of coal lands already
alienated legislative provision should be
made for such control and regulation In
emergencies aa will prevent loss and
suffering to the people of the West."
This motion was supported by opposition members but was headed off by
a government amendment declaring
that the recent troubles did not arise
from any defect In legislation. Though
this was not a proper amendment at all
It was adopted by a straight party majority of 77 to 39.
On January 9th Mr. Borden submitted
a resolution expressing the opinion that
legislation should be adopted for the
prevention and settlement of labor disputes and asking for a select committee
of nine to inquire into the whole question and report what further enactments are desirable and necessary.
This motion was opposed by the government and was finally shelved by a
ministerial amendment stating that existing legislation with certain proposed
amendments was all that was necessary.
The amendment was adopted on a party
division of 78  to 40.
On February 5th and 7th the House
debated a resolution moved by Mr. McCarthy of Calgary condemning the deal
by which a block of 380.000 acres of government land was sold to a group of
party favorlties at $1 an acre, with Irrigation conditions, which concession was
Immediately transferred to English capitalists at a straight profit of half a million dollars to the piomo.ors before they
bad paid a cent for the property. In
the same sale the favorlties turned over
another land concession at a profit of
$350,000, selling for $12 an acre a land
grant Just obtained from the government nt $1 per acre. The government
party by a majority of 86 to 63 voted
down Mr. McCarthy's motion and endorsed the deal.
February 21st Mr. Herron moved a
resolution condemning the above trans-
tion. One llrown applied for a closed
twenty-one year grazing lease of 00,000
acres of land early In 1902. llrown disappeared without taking the lease or
paying the rental and all the departmental letters to him were unanswered.
Contrary to the law and the advice of
officials tho conceBBlon was hold for
this unknown and undlscoverublo iicr-
Bon for some two yenrs. Then It was
round that a member of parliament had
been carrying round au assignment
from him nearly the whole period. This
government supportor came forward
when the lease was about to be cancelled, was allowed to take over tho
land, under an Irrevocable tenure, a
privilege that had been long previously
repealed, and was forgiven all the back
rent. Thereupon he Immediately Bold
out his concession to a genuine cattle
man for some $20,000. His only investment was $650. This deal wan endorsed
by n straight party vote of 80 to 49.
February 28th Mr. llorden proposed a
motion protesting against the practice
of delaying Iho judicial appointments,
thus impairing the efficiency of the
courts nnd Impeding the course of Justice. Among the vacancies to which
he referred was one which had existed
for a year on the Nova Scotia bench,
and had caused numerous postponements of trials and appeals, while the appointment was held to meet party convenience. Mr. Borden's motion was defeated by a party vote of 83 to 50.
On March 5th Mr. Northrup, of East
Hustings, brought up the case of an
Immigration commissioner at Winnipeg,
salary $3000, who had carried through
a land deal, giving him some $30,000
profit and had been sued successfully
on the claim that he had deceived the
purchasers. In his own testimony at
this hearing the officer confessed that
he had hade use of the services and reports of other government officers in
order that he himself "might make
money on tbe side." One of these reports received by the commissioner officially had been carried oft" bodily by the
land customers leaving no copy In the
office. On a straight party vote the
conduct of this officer was endorsed by
a government majority of 94 to 54.
On March 20th Mr. Borden moved a
resolution authorising further Inquiry
by the public accounts committee into
a claim presented to the government
and accepted by the railway department for alleged expenditure of the company on the G. ���. P. line. A part of
tlii.s claim, amounting to $160,000 was
disallowed by Mr. Shannon, government
auditor on the ground that the payments
were for promotion Expenses and not
expenditure on construction. As to
other portions amounting tu some $50,-
000 the auditor objected that no details
or vouchers were given. When investigation of these accounts became necessary the company, rather than have
them examined, withdrew the claim, and
the government took from the public
file* aU the documents relating thereto
and gave them bach to the company.
Under these Buspiotous circumstances
the Conservatives In the public accounts
committee undertook to ascertain the
particulars of this expenditure, asking
for the return of the accounts and calling the Grand Trunk auditor as a witness. Ministers snd their supporters
in the committee refused to ask for tbe
accounts and the Grand Trunk auditor
disregarded the summons and immediately sailed for Europe.
Mr. Barker, thereupon moved that the
House order an Inquiry into the facts
and Investigate the disappearance of
the official records which had been carried away. The House by a straight
party majority of 114 to 49 voted down
this motion.
It is supposed that a large part ot this
secret expenditure was connected with
the lobby and promotion of the O. T. P.
Lacrosse Gossip.
Ottawa, July 11.���During the interval
between the third and final quarters of
Saturday's game. President Tasse, tn
the Capital dressing rooms, promised to
reward the team if they should succeed
in outscoring the Shamrocks. Tonight
he proved as good as his word for each
player at practice was presented with
a suitable souvenir. The workout lsst
night was a strenuous one and an evidence of the fact that the players are
fast rounaius tnto proper form. There
has been no further tarn ���� vr.wecuting
Johnny Hoade, of the Shamrocks, who
is said to have struck Murphy last
week. _.
Amherst, Birthplace of Sir Charles Tupper, Will Hold Reunion to
Great Him.
Radical Innovations Come
Into Force
Railway Passes Forbidden Even to
Closely Restricted.
Amherst, July 11.���Amherst, Nova
Scotia, the birthplace ot Sir Charles
Tupper. is planning a monster banquet
In his honor, to be held during the
month of August
The plan Is to hold an "Old Home
Week," when all the sons and daughters of the town who have left It to
seek fortune In other places will be
asked to come back and spend a few
days. By far the most prominent of
these is Sir Charles Tupper, and the
board of trade of Amherst has taken
the question of the banquet up .and
everything points to It being a certainty. It Is planned to raise some $4,000
for the purpose.
From present plans the affair will he
one of the largest ever hheld In Canada, and the committee having tho matter In charge are sparing no pains in
their efforts to mnke the banquet a certainty. Mr. D. W. Robb. of the Robb
Engineering Co., of Amherst, leaves In
a day or two for Kngland, and while
there will Interview Sir Charles and arrange dates.
Alberta's Parliament Buildings.
Edmonton, July 11.���The time for the
receiving ot tenders for the excavation
work for the Alberta parliament building expired Saturday, and the tenders
are now nil in the hands ot the public
works department. The contract will
be lot this month and the conc-seto footings will be put In before the cold
weather comes.
Didn't Want It.
Berlin, July 11.���The portrait of Emperor Nicholas of Russia, which was
mysteriously stolen from the national
gallery of this city, has been returned
to the gallery by mall.
Austiu, Tex., July 11.���Laws that are
calculated to turn things in the Lone
Star state more or less topsy-turvey for
the time being will come into operation
at midnight tonight.
The new law of which the country has probably heard the most is the
Robertson Act, which requires foreign
Insurance companies doing business in
Texas to deposit 75 per cent, of the
reserves on Texas business in stale depositories. It also requires a tax of
1 per cent, on gross premiums collected. As a result of this law two-thirds
of the big Insurance companies doing
business in Texas have already withdrawn from the state und the rest will
probably do likewise before Dec. 31st,
on which date the first Investment and
deposit required by the law must be
Several other new laws are of a more
or less radical nature and have attracted widespread attention. One of
these is an anti-pass law and another
places more stringent regulations oa
the Bale of liquor in Texas. Still another requires that all proprietors of
hotels, sleeping cars and. o'her places
for the accommodation of the travelling
public shall furnish top sheets not less
than nine feet In length and provides a
penalty for failure to comply with the
The new law for the regulation of the
liquor traffic, known as the Basktn- McGregor Act, requires every liquor dealer
In the state, whether wholesale or re-
tall, to take out a new license. The new
licenses are to be issued only to persons of good character, who have resided for more than two years in the
county where the application is made,
who have never had a license revoked
or forfeited ana -wtio \.o.ve neTcr been
convicted of a felony.
The anti-pass law practically revokes
' the free railroad pass system throughout Texas. Even the state railroad
commissions will have to pay railroad
fare, as the new law cuts off all passes
for the commissioners and employees
of that body. All of the railroads of
the state have sent out requests to holders of annual passes and mileage asking that such transportation he returned
to the general office for cancellation.
Admiral Baron Yamamoto, former
minister of marine of Japan, who, with
a staff of Japanese naval men, has begun Inspecting the shipbuilding plants
and gunneries of Europe, began his
tour of visits to American navy yards
and shop-building establishments today
by visiting the New York navy yard In
Brooklyn. His visit Ib of an unofficial
Chicago Authorities Revoke  License of
Floating Poolroom.
Black Damp.
Hazelton, Pa., July 11.���It Is reported
that six miners were killed today by an
explosion of hlnck damp In the Autlered
mine, three miles from here.
Ssuepicions Unfounded.
London, July 11.���A Kensington coroner's "jury rendered a verdict of "death
from natural causes" in the case of Mrs.
Hancock, wife of Walter Swinburne
Hancock, formerly an Episcopalian
clergyman of Chicago, who died March
23rd Inst, the cause of death being certified as appendicitis. Owing to suspicions of the woman's son, who is a lawyer, the body was exhumed, and he testified that he thought Hancock poisoned
his wife In order to obtain her property.
An analysis of the contents of the stomach showed that thero was no trace of
poison. Hancock, who was born In Eng
land, went to America in the early 80s
and held several pastorates, including
that of St. John's church, Montreal. He
was married to Mrs. Grace Jones,
widow of Paul Townsend Jones, of New
York, In 1897.
Telephones for Peace River.
Edmonton, July 11.���There is a possibility that the government telephone
Bystem may be extended to the Great
Peace River country. Petitions will
shortly be circulated for this work
among the settlers between Athabasca
Landing. 90 miles north of Edmonton,
aud Fort St. John, on the Peace llivi r,
570 miles from the city. This will bo of
great advantage to the settlers.
Lethbrldge Crop Report.
Lethbrldge, July 11.���Winter wheat
in this district is about In head ��nd
promises an excellent crop. Spring
wheat Ib leafing out fine. A large Seld
of It Is stundlng 40 to 42 Inches high,
by nctual measurements. The heads are
over six Inches long. Rye, timothy, alfalfa and prairie grass are perfect
Chicago, July 11.���The department of
commerce and labor has ruled that
there shalI be no more gambling boats
allowed to run on any of the great
lakes. This decision was reached after
an investigation of the controversy between Chicago officers and the owners
of the floating poolroom. City of Trav-
ers. George It. Uhler, Inspector general
of the steamship Inspection department,
und Lawrence O. Murray, asslsstunt secretary of the department of commerce,
arrived in Chicago yesterdty to investigate the City of Travers' case, and
shortly after their, arrival the license of
the boat was revoked.
"The City of Travers will run no more
as a gambling boat," Bald Assistant Secretary Murray. "There will be no more
gambling boats on the Great Lakes unless they are run In defiance ot the law,
as  pirate ships."
Discount Unchanged.
London, July 11.���The   rate   of   discount of the Bank of England remained
unchanged today at four percent.
Descendant of Italian Banker Asks Return  of Money  Advanced to
First Edward*.
President of Federation
on the Stand
State and Defence Both Claim Points
From His Evidence���Guessing
on Length of Trial
Boise, July 11.���Charles Moyer. tlie
prisoner president of the Western Federation of Miners, will take the stand
again today for cross-examination by
the state in the Haywood trial. It is
not likely that this feature of the case
will occupy much time, as counsel for
the prosecution states that their examination will be brief. Moyer has told
a straight story and the impression he
created was favorable In the extreme.
The position of the prosecution, however, is that Moyer has made an Impression sufficient to show that their
claims of intimacy between Orchard
and Haywood Is well founded. It. is
probable that Fred Miller will go on
the stand after Moyer, but the defence
may again pass him until Haywood has
been heard. Haywood's direct and
cross-examination may take the remainder of the week though it Is now
possible that the defence may close
Friday night.
London. July fl.���An Italian nobleman, Marchese Vlncenzo Peruzzi, the
present representative ot the Peruxxi
family, of Florence, Is collecting data
In support of a claim of his family to
a sum of some fifty millions pounds
from the Urlti-b governptcnt. rr>ie marchese is at present in London. The
claim is in respect for a sum of ��2.400-
000, plus interest, for loans granted by
some of the ancestors of the Peruzzi
family to Edwardl.. II., and III. The
Peruzzis owned the historical bank ot
that name. Its head office was in Florence, where the Peruxxi Palace Is still
shown to visitors. It is recorded that
at the time of the three first Edwards
and subsequently the Florentine, Genoese, and Lombard financiers played a
very Important part In the monetary
transactions of the world, and the Permits were considered one of the
wealthiest and most influential, and
held a position similar to that of the
Rothschilds of our times.
During the thirteenth and fourteenth
centuries the popes found It necessary
to appoint agents in England for the
collection of the papal dues, and the
Peruzzis were nominated for that purpose.
That fact brought the members of
the bank into contact with the King
and the British court. After the war
with France, King Edward III. found
himself in financial stains, and it was
probably at this period that he made
serious encroachments on the well-supplied coffers of the Florentine bank in
The Italian historian, Giovanni VII-
lanl, mentions the Peruzzi transaction,
and he also records the panic with
which the financial world of that time
was seized when King Edward II., on
May 6, 1339, issued a royal proclamation ordering the suspension of the repayment of loans granted to the State,
not excluding those contracted with his
Florentine friends, the Peruzzis.
The head of the bank was In Florence at the time, and as soon as he
heard of^the drastic royal measure he
left for London, where all his efforts
to settle matters proved of no avail,
and he Boon after died broken-hearted
In the English metropolis.
The Peruzzi bank was obliged to declare Itself Insolvent, and all Its property was aold.
The present representative of tho
family Is fully conscious of the difficulties of substantiating a claim of this
kind, not least among them the Statute
of Limitations, which might possibly bar
his rights, although he maintains that
during successive generations his family have been more or less punctual in reminding the British government ot what
was duo to Ihem. When King Edward
VII came to Rome tn May. 1903, Marchese Peruzzi wrote to His Majesty
about the claim.
Supposing that tho claim were admitted. My Lords of the Treasury would
have to draw out In favor of the legitimate representative of the Peruzzi family an order for the alarming figure of
��54,624,000. capital and simple Interest at I per cent., reckoned on the
basis of 569 years.
Independent FrenehvCanadlan Loses District 1
Ottawa, July 11.���The government
has wreaked vengeance upon Armand
Lavergne, M. P. for Montmagny. He Is
Mr. Bourassa's first lieutenant. Last
year he wan ruled our of she Uiirral
party, and now the Montmagny Courier,
which he owns and edits, has been cut
oft the patronage lists of all the departments.
Mr. Lavergne's offence is thst he has
refused to' depart from the principles of
the Liberal platform of 1896, every
plank of which has been departed from
and the old Conservative policy assumed. Last session and the session
before he condemned the graft iMlicy
of certain members of the government
and refused to assist Sir Wilfrid Lau-'
rler In whitewashing them by a party
Yamamoto In New York.
New   York.  July   II���The   Amet'cnn
tour of Admiral Yumuntoto began today.
Early Morning Firs.
One ot the most dangerous fires to
engage the attention ot the fire department occurred at 1:30 o'clock this
morning. The fire was noticed by a
passing pedestrian and information
given to the operator at the telephone
exchange. A message quickly brought
the firemen to the northeast corner of
Stanley and Victoria streets, where a
blaxe waa located in the two-storey
building on Stanley street, owned by
Aid. Selous and occupied by J. Hunter.
The fire was bursting forth from a shed
located In the rear of the building, and
was rapidly finding Its way to the roof
and Interior of the building.' in which a
number of families were asleep. The
chemical engine was brought into service and a good stop made without serious damage to the property. The firemen broke In the back door and awakened the occupants. How the fire originated Is a mystery. The loss wlll_not
amount to 120.
Oliver Optimistic
Ottawa, July 11.���It Is anticipated
that there will be a bigger rush of Immigrants to the Northwest from the
United States this year than ever before. This Is the opinion ot Hon. Prank
Oliver, who has returned to the capital
after a tour ot the Immigration agencies
of the United States.
The Cape Breton members of parliament demanded that the subsidy for
two trips be not paid the Allan steamship lines, owing to the failure to call
at North Sydney. The amount Is
Referred to Committee.
The Hague, July 11.���A discussion of
the Anglo-German proposition regarding tho establishment of the proposed
Internatlonl prize court today occupied
most of the time of the sub-committee
to which the matter was referred. Joseph H. Choate moved the appointment of
a small committee to harmonize the
different proposals. M. Burgeols Per-
dey seconded the motion, which was
carried unanimously.
Price* of Metals.
New York, July 11.���8llver, 07%c;
copper. HMO! lend. $5.25.
London. July 11.���Silver, 31 1-16d;
lead, ��20, 15s.
Lemieux Act Dead Letter.
Cobalt. Ont., July 11.���There is not
much prospect of mine owners and miners being brought together and having
their differences settled under the Lemieux Act. The operators will not recognize the Western Federation, and this
will prevent a committee to arbittitle
being formed. Mine owners claim that
there will be no diff culty in getting all
the labor they desl *e. The Daily Canadian
i   ;i
- STORES =====
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at   all   prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   etc.
HAY,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In all these lines  we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP *4,73(1,000 BEST *4.730,OO0.
D. B. WILKIE, President.;        HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and" interest allowed tit highest   current rate from date of
opening of acoount, and compouuded quarterly.
J.   IVt.   LAV,   Manager..
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.   D.   1869.
Capital $3,900,000      Reserve   Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts,
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'll hiinhcri nix nays a weo* by tlie
Baker Ht..  Nelsou, B. 0.
tJunacrlptlon rati'H, 60 count a mouth delivered
lu tlie city, or 18.00 It year if *out by mall, wbeu
paid lu advance.
Advertising rated on application.
All monies paid in lettiement of The Dally
Cauadian iii:couun>, either (or Hubacriptinii* or
advertising, must be receipted for OH the printed
form* of tlie Company. Oilier receipts are not
valid. __
Thursday,   July   11th,  1907.
According to the last announcement,
which was his own cabled reply to an
inquiry from the committee ftt Quebec
which is preparing a public reception
for him, Sir Wilfrid Bails tor Canada
tomorrow. The first week after hits arrival will probably be spent receiving
loyal add reuses from It in followers In
Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa* The ad
dresses must of course he couched in
very general terms. Even the most enthusiastic Liberals cannot, seriously
credit Sir Wilfrid with any achieve
muni during his present trip to Ehirope,
It is hardly likely thu! they will offer
him any praise for his policy of Inactivity at. the imperial Conference, and
to laud his advocacy of the Aii-Hcd
Route would guggeet regret thut he al
lowed a better scheme with the sum*
object to lapse eleven years ago after
all arrangements had been made be
tween the Dominion government and a
responsible company.
Sir Wilfrid has been premier of
Canada for eleven years, leader of the
party for eighteen years, and a member of the parliament for 88 years.
Does his career show any consistent
purpose on tin; fulfilment of which bis
followers can honestly offer congratuhi
tlons? A reference to Free Trade
would be a cruel reminder that after
eleven years of power Sir Wilfrid still
allows "the iniquitous system of protection" to flourish in all Its verdure.
Provincial rights would BUggesi Inevitably" the autonomy bills for Saakatohe
wan und Alberta which the Liberal
governments of those two provinces
are setting themselves to remedy as fu:
us possible. Civil service reform would
only awaken thoughts of W. T. II, Prcs-
tion and his partners, and electoral purl
ty would recall Mr. Hyman's orgy in
London,    There is not one of Sir Wil
frid's early cherished ideals to which
his followers can refer without being
cruel. Ii would be most ungracious of
them to remind him on his home coming
that be has broken every promise he
has made to the country, and butrayed
every cause he once advocated.
However, the receptions will be held,
addresses of some kind will be presented, and Sir Wilfrid will reply in those
felicitous, meaningless speeches, at the
making of which he is un acknowledged
After thnt Sir Wilfrid has work to do.
According to Mr. Emmerson, his first
task will be to decide whether that
genl leman'B demurrer to the cluiin of
tbe editor of the Gleaner that his
charges were true, and published In the
public interest, constitutes sufficient
vindication of his character to justify
his return to the cabinet. Of Sir Wilfrid's decision on that point there can
be little doubt.
Hut he hub two vacant departments.
both of which should, in the interest of
efficient administration, he promptly
filled. For the vacancies he has a host
of aspirants, most of them comparatively well known, and none with any special qualification of character or ability.
Sir Will rid has to make choice of two
of thorn or uguin go outside of parliament for stronger men. His last expert*
ment can hardly Incline him favorably
to the latter course. Mr. Aylesworth
developed some popularity with the
rank and file of his own party, but his
short   public career has only served  to
damage Irreparably his own reputation
Without strengthening the government
in the House of Commons or in the esteem of the country.
It is true that Sir Wilfrid returns to a
Canada still prosperous, so far as Increased production and high prices constitute prosperity. That condition baa
been the salvation of the Liberal government. "Good times*' is the only avail:
able answer to the proved charges of
maladministration  and   corruption.
Hut the past  few months have tthown
thut the moral sense of Canada is not
wholly blunted by the gencrul success
of commerce und industry. Public protests againsl dishonesty und immorality
iu high planes have been so numerous.
so vigorous and so evidently sincere
that Sir Wilfrid cannot Ignore them. He
must make some show of endeavoring
to cleanse parliament and the civil service which under his regime have sunk
to depths unknown before lu Canadian
public  life.
Cnioitunately for Sir Wilfrid corruption has become an essential part of the
system by which he holds power, it
is doubtful if any effort of his, however
sincere, could Induce his colleagues and
followers to abolish the Machine. Nothing cun be gained by dropping ministers
one by one as their misdeeds become
public. The root of the evil is the Machine itself. An organization that ex
ists for the sole purpose of corrupting
the electorate cannot reasonably be expected to produce clean and capable
public men.
The great decision that Sir Wilfrid
has m make is whether to obey the gen
era! and earnest demand for clean men
and clean methods, or to ignore it and
trust still to the Machine for power
Our esteemed Contemporary suggests
thut it is the duty of some public body
In Nelson to extend a very cordial invitation to the party of British journal
ists who will visit Nelson during July
and August. We cordially agree. No
class of visitors to a city can do so
much to make its attractions and advantages known to the public as representative journalists. An invitation should
certainly be extended and no effort
should be spared to ensure its acceptance. But the board of trade is hardly
the proper body to fulfil that duty. The
80,000 Club exists for the very purpose
of advertising Nelaon and especially by
attracting visitors. There is a special
committee of the 80,000 Club formed for
the ��ole purpose of anticipating such
duties and attending to their performance. That committee consists of:
F. J, Deane, chairman, Harry Wright
and E. K. Beeston. We are credibly informed that no meeting of that committee has ever been held. The explanation is of course Mr. Deane's unfortunate absence from the city. While we
entirely ugree with our contemporary
us to the expediency of extending an invitation to the British newspaper men,
and ns to the obvious advantages to be
derived from it, we cannot too strongly
deprecate and condemn our contemporary's attack upon Mr. Deane for alleged neglect of duty while he is absent
from the city and cannot defend himself.
The Japanese war-cloud, which was at
first thought ridiculous by many, is
rapidly beooming the absorbing topic of
conversation, public and private. The
despatches from London yesterday contained an article from the Daily Telegraph pointing out that the issue is not
racial but economic. That is undoubtedly correct. It is only on the Pacific
coast that there is any pretence of holding the Japanese in contempt. Still
economic questions alone would not
cause a rupture at the present time.
The Japanese will not accept a position
Of inferiority. President Roosevelt is
quite willing to accord them equality.
The source of danger is iu the rights
miner nip tmmmwa*wn% txmsLiiunon of a
sovereign state. Even the federal government cannot compel one of the constituent states to comply with the terms
of the nation's treaties. It is not Inconceivable that the obstinacy of California may involve the whole country in
a war which would for a while, at leust,
destroy commerce on the Pacific. The
citizens of all civilized countries hope
that  a conflict   may he averted.
Reduced Postage.
Ottawa, July ]i.���The reduction In
the rate of postage on British publications corning into Canudu has had the
immediate result of having more than
doubled the volume of the mall from
Great Britain The reduced rate became effective at the beginning of April,
and from thut time until the end of
June 4250 bags of British mull were re-
cHvi'ti at  Montreal   During the same
month last year there were only B008
bugs of mall received. The increase is
1660 bags, or B0 per cent.	
For Sale Cheap
(The Daily Canadian does not hold
Itself responsible for the opinions rx-
pressed  by correspondents.)
The School Trouble.
Editor,  The   Dally  Canadian:
An editorial  in the Dally  News or to
day purports to deal judicially With tin-
rather  stupid   tangle'      between     the
council   und   the  school   trustees
Would it not be just as well while
about it for the editor to cut deeper
and to say to the genl lemen ol the
council that they would better drop
quietly out of an untenable position ami
lea vi- the trustees to discharge their
duties in their own way and upon their
iwn  repsonaihllity?
The ������special committee of the council" never had any standing in the meet
Ing except such as might have been accorded to any deputation of citizens who
desired information before voting on
the loan bylaw.
The powers given to school trustees
by statute are such us have caused
many municipal councils to gasp with
astonishment, but the safety of the people obviously consists in the exercising of the same care in the election of
trustees that they bestow upon elections
to the council.
The rate payers of Nelson are In a
position to say that they have done
this���that the school board Is as good
as the council, and not iu greater need
of the check of extraneous Influence.
Kaslo, July 10th.	
50 acres in the Crawford Bay Settlement. A part of the old locations and
one of the best.   $65,00 per acre. Terms
Geo. G. rvlcLAREN
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
W.   a.    GILLETT
Contractor   cantf
Sale ue lit (or thfl Porto Klcu Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Bough aud dresaed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and ah tu tele*, sash
and doom, t'emeut, brick and lime (or aaie.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory : Vernon St.. cant o( Hall
NBUSON,   li- G.
P. O. Box 2X2   Telephone 178
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre. Baker St.
IN THE MATTER of the Issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howuy
and R L. Reld to Lots 2 aud 3,
in lilock 12, City of Nelson.
Wherein the document* liereinHltermenttoned
an- not iu thi1 possession n( the aforesaid Howay
nnd k- i ' ;
And whereas production of them Ih required
under tlie "Land Iti i .   :- ������  Act";
'lake notice that at! or any persona havina
ibm document* In their poMaeaaior."* ~���Tln*
any interest in the same a"������|WVed lo produce
(he Hiiiu*. io '**- ������������"���ret liuglatrar of Ulul 1 Ule*
at Wi'Vpon. B. C, on or before tbe 16th day of July,
Conveyance tti Fee, from A. Bar ret te to Alexander
Carney, daP-d mh October, 1H91.
.Mortgage In Pm, (San A. Carnev and A. Parrctte
to M. Mclniic- and
of November, JSV.!,
Convejnnce   in    Fee   und
Burns,  dated   tbe Mti]
of    Hale
id P. Bu
to A. H. Buchanan,  dated   17tb   of  November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. ll. Buchanan |0 the Bank
of Montreal, dHted the'24th of August, 1WH.
Conveyance in Fee,   Bank   of  Montreal.   ������   i ������-.
Alnrv   Heathcote    and   Joseph    Huethc rlnglnti
Howe*, dated llth November, lavfi.
Conveyance in Fee, of an undivided one-mmrter
Irom   Hoie   '���'-. ��� \    Heathcote to 1'niil   Johnson,
dated the ItUth of December, 181*1.
Uated tbii '.mh day of May, A. !>., IHU
B   F. MacLKOI).
 DlSgrtaj Keglatrar of Lain) Tttlf
Certificate  of  the  Registration of  an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies   Act,   1897."
One 00-lnch diameter, by 1 Gft. 8in.
long, uiuiei lii'Ml, return multl-tuhuliir
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
2'^-in. tubes, 2 1-8 x 2 1-G in. steam
dome. Boiler Ih ��ood for tenting to 150
IbH. iter square inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 00 lbs. Mountings consist!
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of lire bars and bearers.
One 9-in. diameter x 14ln. stroke, high
pressure^ variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and holt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Ih In good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, m'..in. diameter with openings
for IMn. exhaust pipes. Corrugated cop
per tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safely valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.,
1 HEREBY CKltTIFY that the "Kinney-Miller
Cedar Company,'* has this day been re* lute red
ni' an KxIra provincial <'ompany, uniier fhe
"Cninpauiea A.t MOT," In carry out or effect *ll
or any ol the objaotl of tbe Company to which
tbe i. ���, iMU.tr.. authority of tbe legislature of
British Cnhitntiti, extend*
The bead office of the Company in situate in
the City of Bpokans. lu the Htatc Of Waal.lngion,
Tbe am..Lu* of the capital ot tbeeon.n&ny \*
fifteen thousand dollura, divided into one hundred aud fifty j.ai-..*- of one hundred d..i--...
The head ofliee of the company fn this province Ik situate at Crcstou, aud William Henry
Crawford, merchant, whom- addresB is the same,
is the attorney for I he com pun v (Not empower
ed to Issue in,.: tranfer stock )
The time ol the existence of the company in
fifty yearn from thu 0th dayof March, iwn.
Ti a company in limited.
(liven under my baud and leal of office at
\ ictoria. I'ri.viru-c of British Columbia, this 21st
day of May, one thousand nine hundred mud
lb. I.] 8. V. WOOTTON,
Keglslrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which this company has been
established and registered arc :
1. Toacuuirein any lawful manner, manufacture and sell or dispone of any and all kinds
uf cedar ami other timber:
2 To acquire fn any lawful manner timlx-r,
whether Handing or cut, timber lands or other
hinds, Uirh. poles, pit Ing, posts, lumber, shingles,
shingly bnlt ���-,,.] ���nv and all kinds of limber
product, to manufacture auy and all such, and
to dispose of simic in any lawful manner:
'A. To acquire In any lawful immnor stores,
Implement!!, mid any and all kinds of merchandise or pn.p.-rty not In violation of luw, ami to
dispose of same in any lawful manner:
4. To build or lo ncgtilre in m.y lawful manner roads, iriiinwiiys, or Other means of transportation iifeoHHury or convenient to the other
purposes of the Corporation, uud to Operate,
lon-lt', or dispose of u|iue nn may be deemed nd-
vlHttbli���; provided the same be private ways and
roads only, and   provided  further   that tblnui-
Hole is not toantnorlse the Corporation to oner
ale or maintain any public or toll road, nor any
public serviiiK transportation system, nor te he-
eonie ii common carrier:
o. To innuufactnre any aud all kinds of ar-
Helen himI product! as may tn deemed desirable
and not hi violation of law. utid lo nell and
dispose of same lu uny lawful manner:
6. To do tui) urd all other act* uud thlnus
nucesMarr or expedient (or carrying on the buil
liens of the Company u herulubelore set forth.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50ct��    ytZ        p^-f.
We Sell Them at . .    ^^C    .CaCtl
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
THNiiKKS will   be  received  by  the
under: iKnull up to IL' o'clock noon on
the li'th .lay of July, 1907 lor the pur-
chuHi'  of  the  stock   iu  trade  of carpetH,
Furniture, etc, belonging to the eetsHe
oi the late John K Wood of Revelstoke,
and hIho for the pnrcfaaN of the property lately i.coupied hy him im a furni
ture a tore und rooming houae, situated
on   h't   -5.   lilock   2,',.   Plan   tiliHA.,   Kevel-
Btoke. Separate tempera may he made
for the stuck in trade and lor the real
estate or tenders made for the stock
and real estate together.
The htgtiwl or any tenders sdD not
necessarily be accepted Stock lists
and the property to bu sold may hi- examined on nppl lea tlon tu tbe under
Revelstoke.  June  12th.  ISO?,
GEO.   8.    McCARTER.
 Official   Administrator.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rlvere and
fit reams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,   Limited.
Nolle(��� Ul ticrctiv kiv��u that 80 flays aftwr date
The t'ana'lian I h.-ii;<* * nni-- Company. Limited,
lntenda tu Mutmiit tu the Honorable ���'���������'. Com-
i'ii--- ���:.. " n( Land* and Worku h p- V"-ai under
the ii--'- i-.i-.n-- o( the "hlTt-ni ami Htreami Act"
aud amrndmcutn therein, (ur the nidi t to Improve Trout creek and Ita tributaries from the
nourcen oi aucb creek and trlhiilarlea lo the point
where the ratne flown into Trout lake In the Dtn-
trtct of Went Kootenay. aud to remove obatruc
tloni ihuretrom iimi make the name lit for driving. Hortnfi -���'"'���"*' and booming logi. rafu and
crallh. lunl the flumltijt of liimbe; thereon, aUo
(or Ihe  rltht to collect tolU thereon
The taniU aflecu-i are Crown landa and lxita
770. 7tttO, 7WM, 772. 77] Icj, 1V2 and 00, all IU
���' i* 1, Went Koote
Dated thi* :��Hh da;   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
COMPANY,  l.lMlllli.
 t>> their mll.-lliir   K. M. .Maedonald.
Notice in hereby Riven that after the expiration
nfatxty day" from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, (.Minted. mieiidn Ui aubmlt io
the Honorable-Chief rommitinloner ol Landa and
Work a a proposal under the provision* of the
"(liver* aud Stream* Act" and Auicud|nj[ Acta,
for the ritfht to improve the Klinau rtTer from
lite mill tlftiu ul ���*i'i 1-tn-ni.n.iiv (���iiiii.i' alMiut
three mllea above tb<* Junction n( aald Klocan
river with tbe Kootenay river,) to the tuuiitb of
the Little Hlueau river, and to Improve the Little
Hhtean river aud hraochea thereof to the northern boundary of aub lot 2, lot |100. and sub-lot t.
lot 7IM STOOP one, Kooteuay dlstrlet. and to
improve the tributaries u( aald river*; and remove obstruction* from naid river* and trlhu
tarles, and to make the same tit for drivlUK.ator
ing, anrlniK booming and ratilng logs, timber,
lumhur, rafts, and Statta; also (or ihe right to
n, led tolls thereon.
The laudi- to be affected are the (ollnwlng: (a)
Lote .'��'���". TiH.'J. M.'iO,  f-Vtl, WA/, Jttilu. W*K7, !r44r\, 'A>OV,
703S, TOW, 'An'At, 4*12. all LnOroopone, Kooteaas
dlatrtet;   alio  lauds  covered   by  pre euiptloni
numbered  -Iii,   tOB,  US.  IBB,   143, IM and   '70, also
liiiidf- covert'.'  liv timber llcen*"* nmnbered SK'ti.
MH.1, MW1, AMlft, ftbm, btttl, and 6Mt);   also land* ol
the crown.
Dated tbl* nth day of July. 11*07.
THK PATRICK   Lt'MBKK  < OMPANY.   Ltairat..
hy tta sollnttnr,  R   W. IlANtflNOTUN,
Take notice thai 1, Thomas Harry Wilson, ih-
leud   lo apply   (or nernilaalou   to  purchase  the
(ojlowtiiK   ���!"�������� i'.i-.l    Intid:     Commencing  at  a
l-'.��t  |i|h I   at   tiif  r1   I.   I'ouiei oi I.m- V -it-,   and
uiHrked N l oornsr, -rtienee south 10 chains,
Itienee weat to ctiallls, thence Soutb lo ciialns,
tbence wait 10 chains, ttieuce aoutb lo ehatna,
theuee west 10 chains, thenee aoutb lo chain*,
tliviue west lo chalua, thunee north 40 chain*,
thenee '���-���<��� to chain* to p��>tnt of commeucemeut
and eoutalning I ou acres, more or less.
Jlllie 7, 1W.7 TMUMA* llRHHY W'lLSOS,
Vi ii.: -am ami'/." Mu.ir.   Agent
ink. notice that 1, William K. Jarvla, lutenn
to Kpniy for permission to purchase the follow-
tug descrlbuil laud: ('ommeliciiig al a post
planted t.t thu H. K corner of I^ot 1474 and mark
ed iiorthcatl corner, thence west 40 chain*.
tbence south. 40 chaina. thunee east, 40 chains,
thence north 40 cbalna lo point ol comuiunoe-
uieul, and containing 1W) acre* more or less,
June 7, 11*07. William USStVAU) Jakvis,
Wn.i.un AUSaSO tCtUS, Agent.
Take notice that 1, Arthur Alex Pllchford, intend to apply for itermUslou to purchaae the foi
lowing described laud : ( iimincneinjc at a post
pi iiited al the N l coruer of Lot 1474 and marked H K. OOrnar, thence north 40 chains, thence
wi* i .'i' chains, thence aouth 40 cbaiua, ihence
eaat .'<> chain* to polut of commencement and
containing Ho acres, mon- or lens.
June 7. 1WI7. AiiTHi'ii Al.Kx. PlfOBVtlSOi
Wn.I.tAM UOMSO Mll.iJt, Agent.
Nelion Land Dimtrict. District of Went Kootenay-
Take ii.itlm' that QwoZfA Hturm, of Mllllnga,
Moutiina, (' H. A., occupation, merchant. Intend* to apply for pt>rml*siou to purchase the
following de*(>rlhcd land: rohinioncltiir al a
poat planted on the   weal shore of   ppPSf What-
��� linn fori I j Iii he, and at the north weat comer
nl ..iiHi.ii.   thence  weat VO chaina, tlicnce aouth
40 chulna, thenco eiinl 20 chaina, thence north 40
chain1' to point of commencement, ami contain
ing ho ant" ��� more or leaa.
May 2oib, lOffL- OaoaosHtusm.
Nelson Land District.   District of West KooteUar.
Take notice that Walter McNeil, of Milling*.
Montana, V.tt A., occupation merchant, lntenda
toapply for ncrmlsalon to purchaae the following described land : Coinmenclug at a poat planted on tin west shore of 1 rpper Whatsban (Cariboo)
lake, and at the norlhwcnt corner o( Lot Him,
theucu west .���'! chaina, thcucc north ho chaina,
tbeuee eaat 'A\ chains, thence annlh BD ObStni to
point of commenccmuul, and containing lflO
iinv!', more or leaa.
May iitth, iwn Waltsh MONRM..
1, the tinderalgimd, after So day* intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief CoiiiuiUhIoimt of l and*
and Works to purchaae Ihe following dcscrll>cd
land: Commencing nt the N. K. U, of i.ni v,.;ni
ti. L, thuntte west 40 chains, thunce norlh 20
chaina, themw east 4o edialtiN, Iheuce ���������-nit, '20
chain* lu polnl of eommulicomonl, containing (M)
acre* more or lean,
Locate.! March  I'.hiV. W. A. Mii.i.h.
Tlie Hall Mining and Smelt*!
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead. Copper and Dry Ore
tillty days after dale 1 purpose making appii
ration to the ilon. Chief ComDilaaioiier of l^alids
and Work*, for iiermlaaioo to pun-hase tlie foi
lowing described land: Commeucing at ��� iKist
placed ����n the well shore o! Uiwit Whalsbau
lake, abtmt a t* mile from the outlet ol aatsv,
and marked "II. W'i. N.K curucr post," ruu
mug theuee (to chalua weat, thenee no cbatu*
���outh, theuee HO chalua east, thenee au tthslM
Iiordi to p linl of I'oiuiif ih'1'ti..-ii'.. eoulalUlng
b40 acrea, more or leaa.
:���. :��� ���'. tbe 2nd day of May. !*-'"
��� ign. ���, II  W.mga,
i- r y CL nSqsnssu Ag��ot,
Nullce la hereby given that 00 day* after dale I
Intend to apply Ut the Hon Chief ( ommissiouer
of Isii'l' and Work* for |>ermlsslon to purcbaM
the following '!���-.���- l-l tract of land, mttiate In
Weat Kootenay dlslrici    Commencing at a i-**i
E.*s.iH'-.] on tlati-r creek, near Its eoiitlueni <* with
umtnlt cr*ek, marked Margaret MelAiichlan'a
K K. oorner* thu no- aoulb 40chalna. theoce west
Mi cbalna, them* north 4*' -chain* Iheuce east (hi
chains Ui place of cotnmeueenH-ul.
.'.it-! May, 1907 MiH.AKtT Mr Lu < hi.a*.
William BaSMM a. Agent
Rllty   daya  after dale I intend toapply  to the
Hon the <tiiit CommlnHlouer t>( Ij ., i. and
Work* topureliase lWacresot land i Commencing
at a post plauted ou tlie west side ol��. M... creek
nn the wagou road about ��� mile* irom Koot
euay lake, and marked Nell M> k .*- t :. .��� ��� southwest corner poet, thence ��e��t 40 chains, thenee
uorth 40 thalns, them* east M chalua, thenee
aouth 4> ehatna to place of be*-timing
Uicated thu Bird day of April, l** -7
Nsit McKkciimik.
h   J   KLLIoTT, Ageut.
1, theuuderslgued, intend aiter0)'daya Ui apply
to the Hon tbe cblei commlaalom-i of Umbanil
Worka li��r permiasiou l��> pui'-hase tlie fullowlug
describe! laud : t omineuclng at a jkmi inarki-d
T. M.Kharp'a H K C . liK*ate��i on the wst *non-
ot Hloe-au lake, shout twelve mile* from the head
of Shwati lake, ihenee west 4*i chain* theoce
uorth 4V cbaiua thence east 40 chain*, theuee
aoulh along sliore of tHwau lake lo |>oint of
"mm. ii- ��� ni' i
lOOSUfl Maj   i: t T. M. SSAST,
Nel��on Uud Diatrict    Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take notice that Kdward Peters of Vinir, Brit
Ish Columbia, occupation, miner, intend* to ap
Sly (or permiaalon lo purchase tbe following
escribed land: Commencing at a jutst planted
on the nortli liank of l.oat creek, about three
miles easterly from the iuucliou of Lost ereek
ami Halmou rlv-nr, In tlie t*elsoli land diatrbl.
theuee north i-* chalua. theuee west fr< chain*.
theocv aoulh HO chains, more or leas, to Lost
creek, thence oa*i following aald creek to point
ol commeucemeut, and containing 4M> aero,
more or lesa
Dated Juue'>tb, 1V07 Kuwasu Pi*.: ihu
Dl*tr|et of Weat Koolenay.
Take notice that William David Ander*on, of
Hlrdar. oeeupatioii hrldgeman. intend ato apply
for itermlsfllon to punUMMS tlie follow lug dsecrfb
ed land* Commenetng at a |hi*( plHiitt'il at the
north side of Hummlt ct.-ek. marked H. W.,
theuee north "10 chaina, thetiee eant 40 chaina,
thence south 20 chalua, iheuce wesl -to chaina
to polut of commeucemeiil.
wiu.um Duni tsnsssuw.
W. J. Hcxrrr, Agent
Nelaon Uml District, District o( Wesl Koolenay
Take notice lhat John Psilbatt Ol Nels<in.
British Columbia, iK-cuputloii, saUxm uotatt, Hi
tend* to apply for permission to purchase the
following ilescrlbed laud : I ������ nmeuctug at a
post planted on Un north batik l.-.-i creek, and
about twu aii'l one quarter tuilva easterly from
the iunvtloii of !"-i creek and Halmou river, in
the Nelson laud district, thence norlh GO chains,
thetirf west AO chain*, thence south M' chain*,
Biore or leaa, I" Lout creek, tlience ea*( following
aatd creek lo point of commoueetnoul and eon
taiiilng tw acrea, more or �� > i
Dalod June Mb, 1VOT. John Piiii.iisaT
Nelson Land Dlstrtj'1 Diatrict of Weil Kooteuay
Take notice that frank McDonald, of Nelion,
Hritlsh Columbia, occupation miner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase thu (ollouiug
described lands: Commencing at a post planted
ou tbe north bank of i.*-i crock and about one
mile oaatcrly from the Junction nf l>��st creek
and Halmtoi river, in the Nelson land district,
thence north AO chains, tbence east no chsins,
thence aouth no chains, tbence west On chain* to
point of commencement, and containing :am
acres, more or less
, Dated June Mb, 1V07 Phank  McDohalh.
Notice Is hereby given lhat <H> days alter date I
intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner of Lund* and Worka for permission
to purchaae the following descrllied land, situate
111 Weat Kootenay 'li-ui. i Commencing nt a
ii'iHt plant d at the weal houiidar* of l,..t .irtj (ll,
aud altioit 10 chains south o( thesoiiih Ixinndnry
of the right of way or the It c. Houthern rail
way, and marked P. A P'a anu'heast corner,
thencc wesl Inn chains, theuee north to the sooth
boundary of the right-of-way of   P. C, Houtlicrti
railway, thence lidlowlng anid i i,m i >- of said
rlgbt-o(-way lu an eaatcrly direction in the wesl
boundary ol l*ol :(''.���/ <H, thence south to place of
commencement, containing 100 acres, more oi
Dated ibis llth day of Juue, 1U07.
Pai'l AnwrsT Paolbon,
Nelaon Laud District.   Dlstrictof We*l Kooteimy.
Take notice that Kdward Praser, of lulling*,
Montana, i * A , occupiitlon wool buyer, in
lendN lo apply   for  permission   to  purohwe the
following  dsiorlMa himI:    Oommenolns  ,,t a
poat plauted on Ihe west nbore of I'pperWhnt
shan (Cariboo) lake, ami at the southeast coruer
of Lot ."d't'.t. thence weat'JO chains, tlience aouth
6nmialna, tlicnce out Up chains, tbeuee south ��>
chains, tbence naat 40 ehalna, more or lens, to the
weal ahore of Cpper Whalshau (Cariboo) lake;
thenco northerly and weaterly along the said
ahnrc SO chains, more or less, to point of coin-
meucemuut, and containing A20 acres, more or
���nWASO Fnaaaa.
leaa _^^^_
May :*-uii. VAtl
Nlzty daya
cation to tin
I.P-.H-I- and W
lollowlng di
post placed
Hklntier'a n
"K H'n. N. W
uaatern bout
r*oiith. thctic,
ciiiiiuN north
chalua wesl
m.'tit, cuutal
Dated Und ���
ifte.i date I purpoac milking appll
��� Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
orka for permission to purchase the
���scribed   land:    Commencing   nt  a
at the uoribciist corner of P. 0*
ppllualloti    to    i  i      marked
corner pnM" thonoe following the
idary of miihl up pi lent Ion HO clialiia
-   running Wi chains enst,   thchceMO
to the southern boundary of H. W.
'a application to purchase, thenee HU
lllotlg Sllllll      lu   [���  .llll   III    niniiiM  ni-i-
���iliig (Uu acres, more or leas,
lay of May, 1VU7.
(Hlgiied) l:   hmikii,
pur P,U. FaugoigH, Agent.
Hlxty day* after date 1 intend le ������
Hon Chief i niiinuuli.il. r o) :*r :-i.;
(or |- -i. ' :��� ;. to purchase tbr (oL*n
������iTffsed land m Weat Kooteuay Olttn
melt-'.tig at a fHMit marked At"'
norm r j- -t running 40 chslDl -���>.������
the boundary of Timber iiceuc�� No.l
southerly fit) ebalua. tti.-ui�� ��.-��tt'f i * ,���
theuee northerly M chains along Utu
track to tht plat i of comno'it'-einrui ft
two hnudrea a<crea, more ur less
lArsied this vth day of May, IW..
Hlxty daya after date) luteud totav'l
Hon Chlei Commlaalouer of : ��� , i> i:
to purchase an acre* of land locat**-! ikM'.f
sniilheast of Buritiu * no���OBSSB *: *'
planivd at the southwest corner ol LulT
marked <��� A liunter'a auotbeait mnv-I
north 4o cnatu*. thenoe west .* >
-������.'!. 4ti chains, (hence eaat JO rbaibif
of beginuiug.
booatatf April aoth. lotr;. *. i li
per A. Kriita. a
Notbe u hereby given that 40 Oartttw-I
luteiid toapply to th* Honorable IhtUr"
mlMloner o( l^uda and Work* f��r peraL
porrhase   the   following   -i. ������ ���}������������". lnr<
aituate In Went KtMdeuay dlstrlet: C	
at a i>o��t planted on Plarer creek, few
tlii'iiit with Hummll creek, marie. L
HarlMMirR N. W corner theuct aoutiOO
thetiee eaat 40 chains, thenev north **\
thenee Weat 4<' tihalu* to place ��t ii'Btt
Xird May. l��tn. ~~
��� ������ -L
Notlre la hereby giveu tha''�� dan a
Iniund to applr to the Hou. Chief (ou
of Lauds and Works lor permlHlo& u
the following deacrlbed land Id Wail
district, on west abors ot l^>wer Arreij
K'lj.iiMtin l.i,t Nn 4*'li mi'!.. .���'.::. mmt
at a ['im marke<) "Marrv  McLeod'* KI i
Coat and ilaliled on the ahore of L ������
ake. ai the aoutheaal aoraoi H 00|t '*!
.**���. tbence weat 3D ehains, tfcanw *���
cbalu* more or leaa lo the north i- ��� *
KiiUmore* P. K , tbsnee a< rhalni as"
aald boundary M lake, tbence nurt
lak< ���tiore -At chaina. more or Its* v ���
May 2nd. IStfl. JD'
 Agent tot Harry j
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apttj
Hon.    the   Chief   (ommissiouer   of l*af
Worka, Victoria, to  purchase  ia) afna ���
I<Mialed on tbe west aide of Arm* lak**��
directly north u( Lot 7*70: Com mem :ni��5
planted at the N   K  cornet of L��l T7.4MJ8
ed   "It   B H K. corner," aud rutin tor *���
chalua. 11.. i..-i' we*t V) chain*,  th.-tf >
chaina. theuee   weat SO  chain*   u..*t *    '
chain*. Ihenee easl 40 chains  te point '^
Rat .  ,
April jtrd. H07. BSSTSi ��b _
J. K. ANnaaLi,Aiav|
SlxtT daya after dale I intend to appll
Hou i hl.d l umtulsslotier of ll**jSj
Victoria, h. *'.. to purchaae lh��' fohi����i
aertbed land, situated in ihe W>it i.o"\tm
trlci: Commencing at a post pl*"*;^
weal aide ol Kootenay lake, near ��fl
point, and marked J. McKlunoui fi *-l
iHtai. thence west HO chains. thesMV*
ehatna. theuee east HO chains more or M"S
shore. Ibencs along lake ihori- le p'l��- ^
Uieiieement. r-
Dated April 4, lWH. Signed J S'*^
Notice t* hervbv given lhatalxly daj**1
I intend toappl) to tbe Hon cblel t'����*r
of Land* and Work* tor permission!"-*1
the folhsuing described tract of lauJ "'
West koolciia) district; Comniem lMlJ
plumed hi.i.nt one half mile uorth lw"Tl
Hummlt creek, marked Joan �� fffSSmtt
comer,  theuee iwat 40 chain*,  then**"*
chalua, tbui   weat 40 cbain*. BW""
chalua to place of eomtneucameut
Sard May, MOT JsawU
Notice la hereby given that ti"!T *"Pl
daio I Intend to apply to the """"JVlj
Commissioner of I-and* and Work*;,0{y
alon to purchase the following ilw'"-**'
land, altualed in W'oat KrMileiiay '��Htn��
nolo mi- at a p4.ni planted on HtimSJ 3
about one half mile noruwsal Irom a'"^
ed J.H. Mcl.'s N E. corner, theliev w��l*3
thence Houth 40 cbalna, tbence ***> ��� m
Ibence north 40 chains to placet*! '
incut. ,    -��� ;
WBtC Mav, MOT. John H. NcU��" I
Wii.mam Baaaura, At**- j
Take notice that Harry William*"'
B C, rancher, lntenda to apply '"M*
to purchase the following deaerlbeo
West Koolenay district: .     ,.���,���!
Ctiuimeucliig at a imat planted <"'."'-,i
aotilheast corner of Lot aix th��n*ainl r.\^   _
red and eighty five  (698(1), OTOUP one l"i-..i
diatrict, thence south twenty (*��) dial ��
west one hundred nnd atxty (l��o) chai"^
north twentv (-20) chalua, thence etmt'��
red aud   alxly (160) ehalna lo Ihe P��J"
meuicemeiit and  contalutug MO acn'i.
Uuled the Mth day of May, l*fi.      u.l1L|,i
HAltBY ��ll^|
I, the undersigned, after M> dava intend-]
ply to the Hon The Chief ConinilMlun' '
and Works   (or  purinlsHtou   to  piircha**
lowing   described   laud:    Commend"*���   *
marked   N   K.C,  situated   on   tbr ��<*,
Hlocan lake, about twenty miles from BW J
Iheuce weat 40 chalua,   theuee soiillt *     r��
thence   cast  40  chains,   thunce   ""r.1" ,'-
shore uf   lake HO uhiUua to ptdul 01 c<,IU
Illllllt. ,.����� Kill
LoOatOd May 4lh. P'Riil
Blll'Cg WltlTK. Agcn-
Hlxty daysafler date I purposemsU-Mjfl
(Ion to the Chief CominlMhuiur ��' '*"-
Works for permtNalon to purchaae tl"1
described land : Coinmtinclng at a |�� -, -(
ai the uorthwuat curnur of lot4048' I *\�� i
ed "P MrC'aHK. eertur post." run""1 'f. ,
ho chains north thence HO chaina west, "'
ehnins aouth, Ihenee HO chaina eaat. "�� ��3
comini'iiicomont, cnutalulug MO ucre*.
Dated this r.il
:.l, day of May, MOT.
(Hlgneil)PrTlcit M<1
per D A. Mi.4fiibMn;H._Ag*,
Hlxty   daya after date I lutein! to apMffl
Hon   Chief Comnilaslotier  of   f*S��*S|1|||
to porohasi MQaorMOl Utnd. sltastfm�� figf
aide of Arrow lake, about two mile* ttOVJ
(tummeiiclng at n post planlcd at the H *j.r4
<i( I. ��M7, and inartted N. T H's N. �� ,'"'"'J
mii-nine OUt Ho chalua, thnilt'e ���CUM!gj|
thence wesl 40 cbuhis, thetiee aouth ����� A
thenco west 40 chalua, thenoe norlh *9 lu
place ol heglnnliig. n. .,ji
Burtoti, AprU '^rd, 8W7. WattUf^ffl
A. A. BnaroH, Ai��l
. __
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lot lee that Helierv .lohu   Johnson,   1'ust-
ii  Pernio, B. G.,  inteuda to  apply  for a
Umber  licence over the following Wh
1,��� ( -.mmeneliig ill a   post   planted   lu   the
lof West Kooteuay, about two in UtM north
Inh t until.im.   boundary   line  aud about
Ue west nf Boundary lake  itdjolnlng  aud
n liceucea No 8074 and ��W��,   tbeuee south
thenee west HO chains, thence north HO
mat 90 ehalna to plat* of coiniiieueemenL
Juue 8, 1W7.        H. J. JoHNsoK, LoOStOt.
AKP Hackett, Ageut.
fc-CommencIng at a poal planted  about
���Be north til the   uorthwest   corner ol H   J.
1 timber elalni.   tbeuee aoulh 80
thence  eaal DO ehains.   thenee   north BO
thence weat t��i cbaiua to place of eom-
Juue 'A  19OT.        11. J. -lOHNsoH, UK-ntor.
Ann IUckett, Ageut.
%*��� (.'oninienclng at a  post   plauted   at the
���rest corner of II. J. Johnson's No. 2 timber
hence south Ho;chaiua.  theuee   west HO
theuee  north 80 chalua,  tuence eaat 80
to place of commencement.
'"uneB.lVOT.       H.J  JoHKaod, Locator.
AMi. llacKETt, Agent
4.- Cuiiiiii'luclug   at a   post   planted at the
���im corner of H   J. Johnson's No. 8 timber
tbence   north ho chalua,   thence weat 80
thenee  south   HO  chalnt,   thenee  oast HU
to place ol commencement
* June a, 19OT II. ���'. JoHWaoN, locator
Ann. Hackct, Agent.
*.���Commencing at a post   planted   at the
iwest corner ut H   J  Johnsou'a No 2 Umber
thence  north  HO chains,   thclice  eail  Hu
thence south 80 chains,   theuee   west 80
to place of commencement.
'JuneS, 19OT.       H.J   Johnson, l��e*Wir.
ANU Hackbtt, Ageut
-Commencing at a  post   planted   about
lie north of the northwest cornerof H. J-
nf i-   No. 6   timber  claim   then.e  south   HO
theuee   eaat 80 chain*, <heuce  north M)
thence weat  80 chalua to  place  of com
June .1. 1907.
J. JuiigaoH. Locator.
Haikii"   Agent.
t.��� Commeucing  at a post planted  at the
nreat corner of II. J. Jobiiaon'a No. B timber
tbeuee   aoutb *0 chains,   thence   weal ��*>
, theuee north Ho chaina, theuee eaat 80
to place of i'oniineuc��mcnt.
"JuneS 19OT.       H. J. Johmoow, Locator.
And. lUcKtrrr, Agent
ommenclug at a post   plauted   at  tbe
���orner of II. J. Johnson's No. 7 timber
uce  north 80 chaina,  thence   west ho
theuee  south w chains,   thence eaat flo
place of eommeneement.
unc ii, 1��OT.        II. J. Joiihson. LxK-ator.
Ann. llACkK-rr, Agent.
Jommenctng  at a pout   plauted  at the
t corner of II. .'   Johnson's No 0 timber
thence north  ao ehalus,  tbeuee east 80
south 80 chalua, thenee weat H
if to tMilnt of comuiciicemeiil
1 Jane ���', IS07.       B. J  Johnson. Locator.
Ho. 1'.    CommtfUcinR at a p.wl planted at the
AortkWcst corner ol  limber licence   H074,   tbence
���Otfiwi   wlnllIIH.   theliec   cast    ao   chatm      thence
"aSHttBlSU itiiiilii'.   tiiein-e west HO   chains   lo   place
Haled June A   f-*>'.        H   ���'    h>nvi-on. Locator.
AM>   llACKBTl. Agent
1UU! nollec that Han Haket. prospector, of
Bko. St. intends to uppM tor n aptfclal limber
ItWimr over the following deNcribed lands:
3to. 1 -Commencing st s pout planted iu the
4|g|jrtct of West Koutcii.iy. about eight miles
WMtuf ihe Uooieimv ri\ei near tbe norlh bank
Hnindurv creek mil one mile no-tl. ol the it��-
 tMoliul boundary lino, which claims ate de-
ed   as   follows:  At   the northwest corner oi
Kber   licence No. 8067, theuee north 80 chalua,
IkMice   i-nwt   ho chain*,   thence holltb 80 chali^.
ahenc  west Hi. chains to place of commencement
Dated  IM  June.  19117 I>A��   H-MUfK
BJo  2.    (oinniciiciug   nl   h  post plantedlat the
MBth"tM    I'orner   of    1'i.n    baker h   .No. 1 claim,
Ence   norlb  an chains, tbeuee weat HO chains,
Sancc south  ho . hains. tbeiict cast no chains to
' *3Soe of cntnini licemelil.
���Ctcd 1st June. 1��07. DAM Kakkb.
f?Mto :<��� Commencing al a post planted at the
ejSrtbw.'st cornci ui han Hak.-r^ N��> I -jlaini
Ence 'itirtb Htl Clitiins. theloe east HU chatus,
flCnee M.nth 80 chHiua, thence west hO chains io
Mace o( commencement,
���SEatek 1st Juue. 1VUG. !��*" Bakkr.
Eo -l Comnicucing at a post planted ai tbr
JjtortbeHst   cornet   of   Hun   Haker'a   No 2 claim,
C    m.rth hi chaina,  then.*, wesl 80 cbalna,
'Sone.- south 80 chalua, tbence east cbalna to
..Sacc of I'timmuiiccmeul.
PBaletl iMt June, 1907. 1>AH Hakkr
��    Vo.h     Coiiinieueiug al a poat   planted   at the
korlhwesl    corner    of    limber    lleeii.-c    No   80M��,
tteii"   norlh   HU ciialna,   tbeuee   east  80 chains,
jKouce Hotith Ho chains, thence wesl 80 < halm tti
���ace ot cnmmeucumeiit.
fTKted June��th, I9in. J^an Bakkr.
Hpo. fl. -Coniiuenelng al a post planted at tbr
"" StS-Tlhwenl .inner of 1'nu linker's No .'.claim,
tkriin* north Ho chains thence east >o chains.
KEonce south 80 chains, thence west �� chains lo
VllT'��� of commencement.
ITEmted June tth, lwn. i>an Bakkk.
t   Ve. 7    -ConimeiieiuK al a post   jduuted   at the
���������rtbeast   corner    of   timber   licence    No   8060,
><Sencr   north ho chains,  theuee  woat BO chains,
H^iicc Nouth Kit cliKtus, theuee uaat  80 cIiiiIuh to
Hum ot commencement.
Dated June 4tb, 11H17. IUN BakSR.
W>o. H     Comniciicing  at n poat planted   nt  the
Sort hcast   cornet    of    I inn    llaker's   So   : claim,
Sent-e north m chains, thence  west 80 chains,
cure sooth 80 chntua, tlicnce enst Ht) chains to
ace of onmmencemont.
M�� Hated June -1th, 19OT. 1'aN Harm,
Notice is huroby given   hat (W days i.fler dale I
intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Ohwf Com-
lEElaslotii.r of  Lauds  aud   Works   for   a   special
J Ice use lo   i ut   aud   carry aWMV tlnihi r Inun  the
allowing described lands lu West Ko tlon.. > dls-
WWmo 1.��� Commencing at a post marked William
BMFalniNloy. planted at Kokunee Cicek Hiding on
Jbc Procter cxienaioli, tin the weat side of 1*ot
WmW^2, on ihe south side of I be Weat Arm ot Kool-
h^Eiay lake, commeucing al the N I: corner poat
j^Kiiiuing aoutb HO chains, weal 80 chains, north ao
aHlialUM, east 80 chalua lo place of beginning.
���   Located :ird June. IW07.
Wll.UOi   WALMStJEY,   l.ii"nlot.
^K  Jambs Hiihuabu aa Agtuit
Nuliion Land DUttiOt. Dlatrlot of Weal Koolenay.
Notice Is hereby given tuat thirty days alter
di.te I, J. V. Kwetlhurg, of Nelaon, H. C , mlio r,
itcud toapply lo the Hon. the Chief Cnmmla-
_jtinor of Lands nnd Works, at Victoria, for a
apeclal Ucenac to cut and eurr> away timber
"rum tbe following described lands, aitnutcd on
Itimmlt creek, in tlie West Kuotmiiiy district:
No. I. -' ommunclng at I poll marked J. V. H's
timber limit, uorthoaat corner post, locaiud ou
weat loii; of Huiuiull creek, about'J iiiilen from
main creek, thuutie running aoutb Ho chaliiN,
thence ? huh 1 ue weat 40 ehalna, thonce 1 minim;
north 40 chains, thence weal 40 chains, tlience
north 80 chains, ihentre ruiinliia uaat 40 ehalus,
thimoe running south I" chains, thunce uaat tt
chitina lo place of coimueucemeiit.
Haled this nth day of June, I9OT.
J. P. HWKiiiiKtto. Locator.
W.-.'2. I'ommeiiclng al a post marked J. P H's
timber limit, northwest cornet post, located on
weat fork o: .11111 in 11 crOOk, about two miles from
main creek, thcucc miming south HO chains,
thetiee miming enst hnrli.nn*. II1.111 , , milling
north 80 chains, tbence running wesl 8.) chains
Nelsn-i Laud Histrict. Dialricl ol West Kootenay
Takcaotlcr that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B.C. oceupatlou cook, intends to apply mr a
special timber licence over the lollowlng dea-
c rlbed lands : t'ommeliciug at a pot I planted
4'.j miles up a crock ruuuiug into the head td
t ���ariboo lake, tin the east side of Cariboo lake
and marked "Wallet Rdwurd's northwest (rorner," tbence aoutb 80 trhaiua' thence eaHt HO
chalua. thenee north 80 chains, theuee weat HO
chains to point of commencement, and coutaln-
1111: 610 acres, more or leas.
Dated AprH'i7lh, 1977. Waltek Edwards,
by his agent F. C. Mahniko.
Nelson Land Histrict. District of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice that Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
H C .occupation cook, iutunda to Hpply for a
K]H'eiul timtrttr liceuce over the fellttwing dea-
crlhed landa: Commencing at u poat fif^ mll-ns
up Htevcus creek and a !�� mile east from A.
Kvau's corner post Nu. 9, and marked "Walter
Ed wards a northwest corner poat," tbence eaat
40 cbaiua, thence atiuth loo cbaiua, thence weat
40 chalua, thence north ISO cbaiua to point uf
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or lest*.
Hated Mny 30th, 19(17. WaLTKB hi-u a hi*
by hla agent l-. 0, Mannimo.
Nelsou Land Hiatricu District of W'cet Kootenay
Takc ntitlce that Walter Edwards, of Perguaon.
B. ('., occupation cook, Intends to apply for a
special Limber licence over tbe following dea-
cribed landa: ('omoicucing at a |>o��t planted
about a mile from tbe bead of Cariboo lake and
0O0 mile eaat of said lake, and marked "Walter
Kdward 'a southwest corner," tbeuee north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thcucc soutb 80
chains, theuee weat 80 chains to point of com
mencement, and containing 040 acres, more or
Hatcd*May SOth, 1907. \\ ai.tek EDlt a bus.
by his agrent F. C Mannino.
Neiaou Land Hiatritrt. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Taic notice that Arthur K Evans, of Beaton.
B. I,',, occupation cruiser, Intend* toapply for n
special t.mber licence over the following dee-
crltKid landu: Commencing at a p<>at pfauteil
about ft miles up Stevens creek running Into the
eaat aide of Cariboo lake marked "A. K. avail's
Houlbweat corner ptist," thence north 80 cbalna,
thence east 80 chains, thence aouth Do rbaina,
thence weat 80 chalua to pint of commencement, and containing m< acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Mav SUtb. 191)7. AKTHCB V.   JLVANs.
by bta ag.-nt F. C. Masmn...
Nela<m Land Diatrict. Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that George Alexaudcr, of Kaalu,
B C .occupation mlue manager, inteuda toapply for a special timber licence over tbe following described li-pid: Commencing at a post
plauted at the norlbeaat corner of Lot lUOC.
Group 1 Kooteuay District, thunce west 00
chains, thence aouth 40 chains, thenoe eaat 00
chains, thenee north 40 cbalna to the point of
commencement, and containing '2VH acres, more
or le��a.
Paled June -'.'. 1907. <lBOBt.K Ai.IXam.kk.
Nelson Land Diatrict. District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B. C. occupation mine manager, lntendi to apply for a special timber licence over the following descrilsd lands: Commeucing at a poat
plauted at the southeast corner of Lot 1006,
C.ioup 1, Koolenay District, thence north 80
chains, tlicnce weat Mi chains, thence south 80
chatus, tbehec east au > l.iuio iu point ol rum
iii.-u. . :m nt. and containing 040 acrea, more or
Dated June 27, 1W7. Oacaoa Al.rxAM>KB.
Nelson Laud Histrict. District of Weat Kootunay
Take notice thai George Alexauder, of Kaslo,
B G , occupation mine manager,, inteuda lo applv for a special timber licence over the following dcacrlbed lauds: Commencing at a post
planted at the noutbeaat corner ot Lot 10(g),
Group 1. Kooteuay Diatrict. tbence north 80
chalua, theuee east GO ehaius, iheuce south 80
chains, thence weat 60 chalua to the point of
couiineiieeincut, slid containing 480 acrea. more
or lean.
Dated June '21. 1907. Qkoruk Alkxandu.
Nelson Land District.  Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that tieorge Alcxandei, of Kaaln.
It. C.i occupation nunc manager,   inteuda  lo ap
ply for a aneeial timber Hceuf
er the   folhiw-
planted al the norlheaat comer of Lot 1UU4,
Group 1. Kootenay District, thenee weal 40
chains, theuee south 100 eh.iins, the lice eaat 40
chains, thence norlh 160 cbalna tu the )adnt of
commcueeineiil, and containing MO acrea, more
"iJaled June 'SI, 1907. GaoHot AlJttANtiKR.
Nelaon l.e-nd DiHtncl. Dtatriut of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that George Alexander, of Knalo,
B. C, occupation mine manager, luleuds to apply for a special timber licence over the follow-
Ing described latins: Commencing at a post
plauiud at the nouthweal corner of Hectlon 18,
Township 7, Kooteuay District, thence north 10
chains to the south boundary of the Indian
Keserve, theuee east about 10 chain* to the
aoiithuast coruer of said Indian Keserve, thence
uorth 40 chains, tbence cast about 70 chains to
thu west boundary of Lot 81J. thence south 80
chains, theme wesl 80 chaina to the point of
commencement, and contuluitig 600 acrea, more
or leaa.
Hut-"I Jlllltt K7. 1WI7. GBOHOK Al.EXANDEk.
L    to pht c of cuiuni
IbUcd the Mh day
,if .hiue. 1007
. Hhmuikho, Locator
Nelsou I .nn.I District. District or West Kooteuay
Take notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B. Cm occupation mine manager, luLnda to ap
idy for a special Umber liceuae over the following described lands: f ommenulng at a post
planted al the inlersectlon of the norlh .Ine of
Hectlon 'J4, Township 7, Kootenay Diatrict, and
the oast line of the Indian Reacrve, thcucc south
K0 rim m*-. Ibeucc eaat about 70 chalua to the west
boundarv of Lot 812, tbence north 80 chaina,
tb'iicc west about 70 1 'hains to the point of com
incuccmctit. aud coutatnihg ���>*�������� acrea, more or
Dated .Iuuc'i7, MHn. GariRdg ALKXANnait.
Nelson Land DlslrltU.   Diatrict ol Wuat Kooteuay
Take notice  Hint George   Alexander, ot Kaslo,
B. C . occupation mine manager, intends to ap
Idy for a price in I timber UflnBOfl over the follow
ng AOMnbtfl lands: Cum 111 ��� nclug at a post
planted nt the intersection of the IpUtfa line of
MotionBfti Townshlp7, Kuoieniiy Ht-htriut, and
the east line of the Indian Reserve, thi nee eaal
uboul70 .Iwilns to the wesl bounditry ol Lot :tl,',
thenoo north Hn chains to the south bank of
Goat river, thence westerly 80 chain* along
HOuLh bank of Goal river to the west line id said
section -'���'��� thence aoulh an chaina (o polnl of
commeiieenii'til and coutaliiiug (nn acres, more
or leaa.
Hated June 21, )'.��>; GaomiK Al.KXANDKB.
Nelson Laud Dlatrlel Distrlctuf West Kooleliajr.
lake notice thnt tieorge Alexander of Kaalo,
B c. occupation mine manager, Intends to ap
ply for a IpOOUd Umber licence over the following described lauds: Comuienclug at 11 poat
o!-mt i'ii at the stmt Invest corner of Lot fill'., Uroup
1, Kuoteliav district, theuee south 1��0 chains,
tlicnce cast .'hi angina to the uorlliuast corner of
tlie Indian reserve; iheuce north about :tochalua
tn Gout river; thetiee wcterly along the aouth
hank of Goal river about 1 ��� ehalus to In soulh-
weat coiner of Utt 401; tbence north about HO
chains to the norlhwcsl cornerof Mid Lot 191;
thetiee i-iiM nboul 7> eiiiilo- to the sotilhwesl
eoiliei of l.otH'.M; thonou north nbottt At> chains
to (he southeast curlier of L��it 090! thunee west 40
Ohalnt i" the point of commencement, aud containing io acre-, more or leas.
iHitcd JUUe .-���;, 190,. GauiUlk  Al.UAMDIK.
Japan    Object*   to    Termi   of    Preaent
Treaty With  United Statea and
to   Exclusion.
WaHlilngton, July 11.���That the Japanese government will not con gent to
the renewal of the present treaty with
the United States if the American government reserves the right to insert a
clause in the compact excluding Japanese coolie labor from continental
United States is indicated l��y semi-official advices purporting to give the views
of Foreign Minister liayashl, which
were received here today from Ototaku
Yamooku. the personal representative
of Count Okuma, leader of the Progressive party.
Mr. Yamaoka, who visited the United
States in April and perfected an alliance with the Japanese of the Pacific
coast to bring about the overthrow of
the Saonji ministry and the annulment
of the exclusion clause in the immigration bill, is authority for the statement
that Foreign Minister Hayashi has received from United States Secretary
Hoot a preliminary "note" regarding
the new treaty, which the two govern-
mentB propose to substitute for the convention which will expire July 17, 1907.
The draft of the new treaty submitted
by Secretary Root according to the communication from Yamaoka called for a
renewal of article 2, clause 4 of the
preaent treaty, which gives to each nation the right to regulate immigration.
With reference to the "note" submitted
by Secretary Root, Mr. Yamaoka says
that Foreign Minister Hayashi has issued an official confidential memorandum outlining the Japanese government's attitude on   the question  of  1m-
Kelaon Laud Diatrict.   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Oeorge Alexander, of Kaalo,
ll <:.. luumds to apply for a special Umber
liceuce over ihe lofiowlng dem:rtb**d lands:
Commeucing ��i a poat planted at the northwest
corner of Section l.', l own -hip 7, Kootenay district, belug ahout one-third of a mile aouth of
the aouth boundary ttne ot the Indmn reserve;
thence aouth about Ai> chaina to the easterly
bank of Kooteuay river; tbence aoutbeasterly
aloug Kootenay river bank about 00 chaina to
tbe soutli bouudary of Section 12. Township 7;
thence easterly about 50 chains to the uorthwest
corner of Lot &1; thence north W chalua aloog
the west boundary of Lot 812; thenoe weat 80
chalua to the point of commencement, and containing 040 acrea, more or leaa
Dated July 4, 1MJ7. UftoaaC ALIUMilK.
Notice la hereby given that thirty daya after
datel intend toapply to tbe Hon. the Chief Com-
��� Mi-Mi-tier of Landa and Worka for a apeclal licence to cut and carrv away timber from the
following deacrlbcd luhda in Weat Koolenay
district: Commencing at a post planted on the
uorth hank of Ten Mile creek, about one mile
and a half fr.:ui Slocan lake, marked 11. H Fltta'
northweit coruer poet, tbence eaat 160 ehalna,
thence aouth 40 chaina, thenoe weat 100 chains,
thence uorth 40 chalua to place of commencement.
Dated thin'.tith dat of June, 1907
H. II. Pirn, Locator,
A. W. Btubbh, Agent.
Notlee ia hereby given that thirty daya after
dale 1 luteud to apply to the Honorable
Chief *'om in I us loner of Laud* and Worka at
Victoria, K i , for a apeclal liceuae to cut and
carry awav timber from the following dcaSrlbed
landl tu v,-t;im Kooiaa-ay dutrlei : Commencing
at a i��'M plauted ou tbe weat bank uf Smelter
creek, about one mile aoutb of the City ol^��Uou.
thence aouth 90 chalua, tbeuee weat B0 chalua,
iheuce north 00 chalua. thence eaat 80 chaina to
plaee of commcucement.
Dated thla llth day of June, 1W7.
C. C. fun, Locator.
V. Booth, Agent.
Nelaon Land Diatrict. Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert, of Nelaon,
Brltlab Columbia, aaloon keeper, intends to
apply for m apeclal timber llcenee OTer the follow ing deacrlbcd landa: Comnieucing at a poat
Klaired ahout three mllea up the nrat rta-ht
aud hrauch of Loat creek and about Ave mllea
distance and lu a aoutheaaterly direction from
the Junction of aald T<oat creek and the aouth
fork of Salmon river In the Nelaon laud district,
ih. u.-e north ko chains, ihenee east tki chutua.
theuee south tw eliam*. theuee went 90 cbaiua to
polut of commencement, and containing *40
acrea, more or lesa.
haled .tiuif l.'lh.  1007. John   FHILaaaT.
Nelaon Und District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice tbst John Phllbert. of Nelson,
Biittsh Columbia, aaluon Keeper, intends to
apply for a special limber license over the following described lauds : Commencing at a poat
plauted on ihe north side of Lost creek about
six mllea diataut and tu an easterly dlreetlou
Irom tbe junction of Lost creek and the aouth
fork of Salmon river in the Nelson land district,
iheuce weat Hi) chaina, theuee south 80 chalua,
Iheuce east HO ohatua. thenee north 80 chains
lo |.i int "f i-i.i.iiiiem emenl, aud containing (>40
acre*, more or lesa.
Dated June l'Jlh. 1007. John Piiii.ncaT
Nelson Laud District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take nolice lhat John I'hllbert, of Nelaon,
Hritlsh Columbia, aaloon keeper. Intends to
apply for a apeclal timber license over the following duacrlbed landa : Commencing at a uost
f.hinted on the north side of Loat creek about
our mllea diataut aud In an easterly dlreetlou
from the Juucilnu of said Loat ereek ami the
south fork ofBalmon river In the Kebuu laud dla
trtct thence weat 80 chalua, thence south 80chatua
theuee eaat 10 ehalna, theuee north 00 chalua to
point ol commencement, end eoutalulug 040
ucres, more or leaa.
Dated June lath. 1007. Johk I'milbkrt.
Nelaon I*and;i>islrlct. Diatrict of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice that Johu Phllbert. of Nelsou,
Hrlttah Columbia, saloon keeper, lntenda to
apply tor a apeclal timber liceuae over the following deacrltied landa : CummcnctiiK at a post
about one aud oue-half mllea up the llr��t right
hand hrauch uf Utat crock, and shout tour mUen
distant ami in asoutheaalero dlruuilon from the
junction of aald Loat ceek and the aouth fork of
Halmou rlv.M In the Nelsou laud district, Iheuce
uorth 8(1 Ohalus, thence uaat 80 ehatna, thence
south ae chains, thence west 80 ehains to polnl
of commencement aud containing 040 acrea,
more or lota.
Doled June 1.1th, 1WT7 Johk 1'iiii.HaaT.
Nelson Land lMslrlct. Dlslrici of Weat Kootenay
Take notloa lhat fobn filbert, of Nelaon,
Hritlah Columbia, aaloon L-eper, inteuda to
apply for a special timber liceuae over the following described lands: Commencing at a poal
planted about two miles up the right band
drench of Loat creek and about four miles distant and in a southeasterly direction from the
Junction of said I<o*t creek and the aouth fork
of Halmou river lu the Nelaon land district,
thonce south 80 chains, thenee eaal 80 chaina.
thence uorth 80 chalua, thence west 80 chalua te
polut of eouimcuoeiueut, aud containing 010
acrea. more or less.
Datrd June 12th, 10117. Jona I'ltlLasaT.
Nelaon I .nnd District. Dlstrlet of West Koo'etmy
Take notice tha' John Phllbt t of Nelson,
llrltlsh Coiutohla, saloon keeper, lntenda to ap
ply for it apeclal timtier licence over the following 'h'-i'i*n��'d landa: Commencing at a
post plntilvd on the north aide of I<oet creek and
i.i.oni four miles distant and tu au easterly
direction from the Junction of aald I,oat creek
and the lOUtS fork of Haluion river In the Nel
nun land dtsirlt t, thence last 80 chains, theuee
south 8o chains, theuee wesl 80 chains, theuee
north 80 ehaitut to Ihe point of oomuiciiceiiicul
i   end eoiitaluitiK MO acres, more or less
Dated J inn lith, 1907. John I'ihi.h-si.
migration, which in substance is as follows:
First���That the government of the
United Slates has submitted a proposal
for the enactment of a treaty, which
provides for the limitation of immigration. The government of Japan has rejected tbe proposal and will not in the
future entertain any such proposition.
Second���That in the new treaty
which is to be operated from tlie forty-
fourth year of Meiji U99*) the government of Japan will insist on striking out
article 2, clause 4 (defining the power
reserved hy tbe contracting parties to
enact laws with regard to police and
immigration regulations.) For that purpose the government of Japan shall take
a most vigorous attitude.
Although the negotiations for that end
are not yet developed, we (irmly believe
that the government ot. the United
States wilt tight with determination to
preserve this clause.
Third���That the government of Japan
contemplates sending representatives to
the United States to investigate conditions on the Pacific coast and to determine if the Japanese residents are
discriminated against.
Mr. Yamaoka, it is said, has sent
copies of Foreign Minister llayashi's
confidential memorandum to the Japanese societies of San Francisco and
Seattle, and to correspondents of Japanese newspapers in the United States.
Dr. Majusi Miyakawa, the Japanese
lawyer, admitted that he had seen a
copy of the-communication which is being distributed by Yamaoka and characterized the attitude of Foreign Minister
Hayashi as a concession to the. Progressives, who have strongly opposed the
clause iu the immigration bill excluding
coolie labor from the United States.
Early   Morning   Ceremonies  at   Seattle
Religious  Convention.
Seattle. July 11.���Christian Endeavor
delegates and visiters held "quiet hour"
services In four city churches at 6:30
o'clock this morning. The services were
attended by hundreds of delegates, although they had been occupied till late
last night with convention business.
From 8:30 to 9:30 o'clock sessions of
the Christian Endeavor school of methods were held in six churches.
At 10 o'clock the regular sessions of
the convention were resumed in the
two auditoriums. "Training for the
church of the future" was the general
topic at each meeting, one of which
was presided over by President Clark
and the the other by Rev. James L. Mill.
D. D. Well-considered addresses, containing many valuable suggestions to
Christian Endeavor workers, were delivered by Hon. George Nicholls, M. P.
of England, Rev. R. G. Bannen, D. D.,
president of the Pennsylvania Christian
Endeavor Union; Rew. W. H. Barrac-
lough of New Westminster. B. G^ W. C
v��rkins of Baltimore. Rev. Smith Baker.
D. D. ot pom***. Maine., J. M. Lowden,
D. D. of Providence, R. 1., Guy M. 'wwhere of Kansas City, and Rev. John
Pollock, president of the European
Christian Endeavor Union.
William Phillips Hall, president of
the American Bible League, conducted
a noon-day evangelistic meeting in the
Grand opera house, a great crowd being
present and manifested much enthusiasm.
One of the auditoriums was given
oven this afternoon to a session devoted
to the Junior Endeavorers, President
Clark presiding. In the second auditorium a "Union Workers' Rally" takes
place with features of special interest
to the field secretaries and other officials or the Christian Endeavor organisations.
Two interesting programmes have
been arranged for the auditorium inert-
lugs tonight, the prominent speakers to
Include President George M. Ward of
Welh- college. Rev Hugh K. Walker of
Los Angeles. Rev. W. T. McElveeu of
Boatou, Kov. Floyd W. Tompkins of
Philadelphia, and Dr. Herbert L. Willett
of the University of Chicago.
Entertain Japanese Admiral.
New York, July 11.���The Japan society of New York, which was organized
on the occasion of Gen. Knrokl's recent
visit here, gave a notable luncheon at
the Hotel Astor today in honor of Admiral Baron G. Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese navy and his staff.
Stewart L. Woodford, ex-minister to
Spain, occupied the chair, aud among
the guests were a number of prominent
financiers and business men in addition
to the leaders of the Japanese colony
in this city.
No 1. Notice Is hereby given that W days
aftor .lute I intend to apply to tho Thief com
in ioniumi, of Laud and Works, for a special
1 teens* to cut uud carry tlmhor from tho follow-
lue described lauds, aftuated on the aouthcast
atie ol Salmon river, tn the diatrict uf Weat
Kootenay: t'ommonetUR at a i>oat placed about
mat yarda weal of Hot" Uef creek marked "K. M
Ki'cves> uorlhweal corner," then . HO chains
south, thence HO chalua enat, thenco t�� chains
north, thenne ��o  chain*  weal  to  place  uf  com-
me n cement.
Located on the llth day of June, 1907.
K   M. Kbkvks, Locator.
No. 2, Notice Is hereby glvou that SO 4a?*
after date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner, of Lalldk atel Works, for a special
license tu cut and carry timber from the follow*
lue deaorlbcU landa alluatetl ou the aoulheust
aide ot the Salmon river, in the diatrict of Wuat
Kooteuay: ('ouimeuclnx at a poat placed about
���JtHi yiinis weat of Hone l,.nf creek, marked "It M.
Kceves'R No. 2 aouthwoat corner," 1 hence Wi
chalua north, thence SO chalua eaat. theuee HO
chains south, iheuce SO chains west to place of
Located oa the lUth day of Juue, 1907.
tt. M. ItssvsH, Locator.
Queen's Hotel
Bakar Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Ughted by Electricity snd
Hasted by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and Plret-
daaalJIalng Room.   Sample Booms lor Commercial   Man.
MKH.   k. r.uLAKKE.  Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled in the city.
HouRe heated throughout with hot
J. A. EKKJKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Bnropean and American Plan
Heals 36 eta.   Uoom. trom �� eta. to SI.
Only White Help employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White Help Only  Employed-
loaephlne St.
Nelaon. B. G.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comlortable quartets lu Nelson;
Only the beat ol Liquors and clgara.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to. Delinquent Co Owner.
To rimrife (. Btmpion, or any other person
to whom he may have transftMred hit Interest In
the "Hay Blossuta" minersl claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles south-
wott of Yml, In the Nelson Mining XMvlrlon.of
West Kooteuay District, and recorded In the
Recorder's office, for the Nelion Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and five dollars
(���.V'.-i im in labour and improvements upon the
above mineral claim in order to hold the same
under the provisions of the Mineral Act. and If
ww lit ii ninety <1hvh from the date of this notice
you fall or refuse lo contribute .your portion of
the expenditure, (which If one hundred and two
tllty dollars (lliu.&m tor the two years ending
Mil Msy. 19U7,) together with ah costs of adver
tlMing, your interest In the said claim will become the proti-rty of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of au Acl entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C , 16tb May, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Uuvernor in council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right tu Improve Rykcrla creek, tn the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obfUriii'tlous therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and niake*mch other Improvement* as may bt> necessary for the driving and
raftlug of loss and the tlumltig of timber thereon
Tne lauds to be affected are govorment lajids and
Lots ���.'.���I and '-'���'.'- Uroup 1, k ootcuay district, aud
the tolls that arc pioposod to be charged. If any,
ure such as may be fixed by a Judg.' o[ the county
court of West koolenay.
Dated this *nth day of March, A. D. iwr.
In the matter of an application fur the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lot* 11
and 12, Block S4, Town of Silver-ton (Map 574);
the south l-. ol Loi h. Block 6, lown of New Denver and I-ol 1, Block nl and lot fl, Mnck 36,
McUlUivray'i Addition lo New Denver (Wap 667);
Notice Is hctoby given that it is my Intention
to lsgu�� at the expiration of one month from the
the first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to the above described lauds
In the name of Hem \ Hherati aud Harrv Shcian,
which t ertitlcales are dated the 17th iune, 1BW,
the tth of October, im:u. the KSnl July, is:'., aud
the mth January, IHttM, respectively, and arc
numbered an'IK, BH47A.7S2C and :w��K, respectively
H. K. MacLKOD,
District Registrar
Utud Registry Office, Nelson, B C
Wth, May, 1907
In the matter of au application lor the Issue ct
a duplicate of the Cerlltlcatc of Title lor Lots
Id au I 17, Block R, Town ol Nelson.
Nolico Is hereby vlvcn that 11 is my intention
to issue at the expiration o( out' month after the
flrst publication hereof a dunllcau- ol tlw Certtfl-
calf ul Title for t'-e above tails in the name of
France! h Day. which Cei-UilcMc is dated the
l'"h He|>teintier, 1H!W, and uuiiiuvod J.t&OK.
Und KegUtij   Other,   Ne|Htiii, U.I'., IMh   June,
twn. ii. k. MacLeod,
District Uuglstrar.
3 Improved Ranches Fot Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelsoa and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Pratt Lands te
Bcttlsb Colombia..
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes
Nelson, Sttwated m Falrvtew. Close to the Car Line
.Large 7-room hoiiae. Stone foundation and flrit-cla** cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In largo, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* I* a anap.   For particular* apply to
Something for the practical man.
Juet investigate!���That la All we
aak of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600   acre*,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The M. k W. Land Co., Limited,
A. If. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Worn a Specialty.
Office:  Uealey Building.   P. O. Box 4)4
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.	
F. C GREEK       F. f. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box I4S    1'bmic 2a! B.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St Paul.
Duloth. Sioux City
Chicago $64.00 Montreal M4.00
Toronto ��78.50 St. John SS4JW
St. Loula $60.00 Ottawa  $82.56
New York $100.00 Boston $85.50
. Halifax $10140
On Sale July 3. 4. 5.   August A 9, 10.
September II. 12, 13.
First Class Round Trip. 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reduction* from all
Kootenay point*. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berth*
on lake iteamera. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.Q.r. A.VaDiouTer. D. P.A.. Nelaon
AND IN THE MATTER OP the plan of
the Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
in the Land Registry Office at Nelaon aa "626."
Take imili'i. that on Ihu mth d��y ol July, A. D.
1W7, at the hour <>! 1U:8U o'clock lu thu loreuoon,
ul the Court Houan lu the city of Nelson, in the
Prorluce of Brltlah Columbia, application will
Ih, made to the Judge of the County Court of
Weat Koolenay, by the Columbia and koolenay
Hallway aud NavlKatloU Company for an order
that the pUn ol th- said Townslte of Kobaon, of
record at Nelson, In the Province ol Brltlah
Columbia, aa "6 it" be oaneelled, and that th.
uppllcant may enjoy the lauds eomprlead wlrt-
in the said Town .tie free from any eaaemenls
or rlKlits of any person to open any land or
lanes, .ir-;jt or stree'a, square or squares, park
or parks across, within or upon aald Landa.
llateU at the City of N, Isou, In ihe Province of
llrltlsh Columbia, this Tllll day Of June, A.I).,
Acenla tor Longhead, Bennett, Allison, Taylor
A-  Mi-Laws.   Sniicitora and acenla for tbe
CTTutntila A Koetanay Hallway A Navigation Company, appllcau is.
To MARTIN  ll.-M.leVrlNB.
To II. BELL .It.COMPANY. :   I.:.'
The Daily Canadian
Uu   Vou   Know   VVIi��t   This  1��
It is Un- Royal Btandard Bylng over al my camp. With a good, or-
lliiiuv pali of eyes II Is plainly visible. K you cannot aee li conn- down
o my office mid gel  Btted with   proper glasses.
$15   to  $60.00.
.iivNN'i-:i.i.t;u. ������
Watchmaker and Optician
-Our Stock is Complete
5 Here are t*o Soap Specials:
$25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.50
��� 72 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
iBcfl Trading Co. |
X      Afternoon in June, July and august        s>
PRUNINu AND ORAFTINC carefully attend
to. Appiy
Stiver Kitiu- lloi-el.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
BO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese GoodB now on sale.
AH kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next. Door to Bank of Coamoroc.
1UEL  A.   WYE
All Kinds of llculliiK  Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Hou*e.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pilch and
Bout Builders will find it to their nd-
v*ntnK�� to UKe our Pitah.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
Ing Stove*, etc.
1X1  Eaet Baker St. Phone No. A114
Ik mHUiihu'turc'I Irom  tne linom   tobacco, n��in-
ripinfii and dew iweeteneds    H'�� iuii<i, fuii-
BaTOnd an'I cool.    A tObftdOO yon
otiKht i" try.
f obacconist.   Baker Street.
Soctatlctt   i��nrty   mecti even   Kr -fay
-ni uk ni 8 i'   in . in   ti<' A�� Huts' Union Hall
.ll nn  InvltOdi tiny oue allowed In Lako part lu
hv debatei     I'. Austin, Secretory.
Pa.ronUc*! by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Apartments EU'kkhI.    Cuisine Choicest
Civility ami Cleanliness.
Supervised by proprletoi anil wife.
ll. ii. Slaughter, R. B. .I<ss. mtrag-n:
A. B. Dealby, London: H. B. Hunter ami
wife, M. Lake. L. A. Cheer, Toronto: P.
S. Couldrey, Rossland; A. J. Hell, Mon-
Heal; T 1.. llaye, Donnlrmton; L. M.
Winter, St Paul: S. Hall. A. Hall, Ed-
monton: T. A. Roliley, Procter; E. A.
SI. G. Smyth. C. A. Millignn; F. W.
Qaernfley, A. x. skill. M. Brandon and
wile. T. 0. Hlaekman, \V. E. Morgan. J.
ti. Houghton, P. Uuttor, I). Casluuan, P.
B. Wells, Trail.
O. ��t-. Vernon   unil  W.irsi Streets,
iNBUsoiy. h. o.
G. B, Mosser, J. Patterson and wife.
Spokane; L>. A. Jeffrey. Wiuilsor; G.
Jackson, Calgary: J. 11. Rose, Pennington; L: Manna, Kaslo; .1. S. Phillips.
W. S. Cliff, H. C. iMcIlaitncy. Toronto;
li. It. Townaend, Club Landing; H. G.
Stevens. Crawford Llay; A. R. L. Col-
lins, Toronto; F. V. Robinson. Qu 1'Ap-
pelle; Jliss Widmark, Mis M. Widmark,
A. G. Hetis and wife, Troy; T. Connolly and family. W. L, MeGregor, W. E.
.Mi'i'iilehi'iin, Vancouver; C. W. Griffin.
Hamilton; T. A. Cameron and wife.
Rossland; W. T. Henderson, Fern Mine;
.1. F. Oelsey, Spokane; G. H. Cook, Minneapolis;  (i. B. Williams, Winnipeg.
1.. R. Colbornc, Iron River; R. McKee,
Pilot Hay; A. P. MeDiarmiil. wife and
children, Hrandon; E. II HazeLvood,
Areola; K. W. Duncan. Winnipeg; J.
PiiKiiard. J. II. McLean, Killarney.
II S. Miller, C. 11. Miller. Robson: F.
W. Spencer and wife, Vancouver; T.
Pearson, Kaslo; G. Saunderson, Winnipeg; Mrs. J. O'Donnel, J. Qabl, New
York; H. King. T. Mlllroy, Creston; C.
Sinlili, Cranbrook; F. E. Fly.ell, Salt
Lake; S. J. Dedrldb, Milwaukee.
J. S. Furnioyle. Penzance; R. M. Wu-
terspoon, Calvary.
M. V   Forsler, T. L. Porter, Spokune;
ii. D. Moss, Seattle; J. M. Forteith. England.
F.   Argue,  Wlnntpeg;   Miss   M.  Cade.
Ymlr; J  M  Brown, Belllngham; R. Lancing, M. I.. Burton, Chicago.
B. C.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London. Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship or the London Conser.
valolre of Music for singing and piano
nlaying. Address Box 7%, Nelson.
1-AIII OK DARK BLUE O00OLE8, nn Raker Hi
win nailer please learn lln-ni ill the Bndaon'l
Buy store anil receive $*> reward.
mall i-mployeil. Mrs. R. H. Lennle, Hoover Ht.,
bgtwi in |i n. ni   Hinl 1 p. n,.	
TWO KIRHT-*;i,ahiS KuOMH, ntoam heated.
lily hoiimikwiK-T. 3rd flat. K. W. <J. hloi'-k.
I HOOMKO HOUSK, t (Otl with tH-nrlng fruit
Hi'i'h, Obxervntfir) ��tn;et, 2 ilnom from Kooteuay. rent |IS 00 pei month- Two Ootid Rooms
above our ottli v, Jiml thu plane for oflleet, rent
116.00 DM mouth Toyoib Co., Baker Street,
Nelion. B. C.
Board  of Trade.
The regular monthly meeting nf the
board nt trade will be held in the cnun
house  tonight at 8:30.
Baptist Picnic.
The nit'inhers of the choir of the Hap
tfsi Church are picnicking this after-
noon and evening at J. l,. stock's ranch,
Lowery  Heard  From.
it. T. Lowery is now oontrtbutinfl u
column or ao of very Interesting paragraphs   to  tlie   Saturday   Sunset.     The
New   Denver sage ts one of  the ablesl
paragraph   writers  in   the   West.
Letter  Boxes.
Poal Office inspector J. u. Greenfield
left for Vancouver last night. He will
recommend the location in Nelson of
2ii letter collection boxes, so distributed
as to serve the city and all suburbs.
Aroow   Lake Lands.
S. M. Brydges yesterday concluded
the sale of 100 acres or land on tin
shores of the Arrow Lake, near Needles,
to ('. J. Schlag. of Cape Colony. The
land was owned jointly by S. M
Brydges and \V. E. McCandltBh. The
price paid was $36 an acre, Mr. Schlag
is already on tin; land and will shortly
bring his family  from  South Africa.
Cricket Match.
The Trail eleven arrived this morning and were entertained to luncheon
at the Strathcona. The members, are:
Rev. E. A. St. G. Smyth. F. W. Guernsey, C. A. MiUigan, A. N. Skill, T. O.
Blackmail, W. E. Morgan. J. Q. Houghton. P. Butler.D. Cashman. P. E. Wellfl
and W. M. Brandon. Stumps were
pitched at L.80 o'clock. Nelson going in
Lawn Socials.
This is the season of garden parties.
The ladies of St. Paul's church held a
very1 successful social on the Manse
grounds lust evening. The Jadies of
the Church of MRry Immaculate are giving one on Kev, Futher Althoff's lawn
tomorrow afternoon and evening, and
the choir guild of St. Saviour's announce one for next Wednesday afternoon and evening.
The   Hooligan   Nuisance.
Those in charge of the lawn social at
the Manse last night offer a warning to
others contemplating the giving of similar functions to make special arrangements wi^h the police beforehand. The
event last night was marred by the intrusion of street Arabs of ages ranging
from 6 or 7 to 18 or 19. The parents
of the juvenile ruffians are to blame for
a large part of the nuisance. For the
oidev degenerates probably ihe only adequate punishment Is imprisonment and
City  Police Court.
Police Magistrate Crease had two peculiar cases to consider this morning.
Harry Noble pleaded guilty to having
forged an order of 0. H. Crandon,
C. P. R. trainmaster, upon J. O. Pate
naude for a standard watch, which he
afterwards pawned. Noble was arrested
for drunkenness hy Chief Jarvis, but let
go as soon as he seemed capable
of taking care of himself. The chief
noticed that he had a chain but no
watch, and traced his dealings. He was
runu��rnjed till tomorrow for sentence.
Tho other urisoner was John Nelson, a
Swede to whom the V. V & K. Railway \
company paid $25 a month for over a
year for injuries. The company was
released from further payments at the
spring assizes. Nelson blames Dr. Hall.
S. S. Taylor, K. C, who was his coim-
*��It Judge Forin. and all the officials of
the court. Under the influence of liquor he is quite irresponsible, and he is
generally under the Influence. He was
remanded till  Saturday.
We have the nicest
assortment of
iu town.
25c per lb.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts
W h nitwit I e Rii'l  KetRlI Dealem In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OumpM supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  frosh and
wholesunienientsHiid mipplofl kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful uttoutinn.
E.   C.  TRAVES    Manager.
For *0c
We will sell for the balance of this week
all   our   15 cent   lines  of   Cups   and
Saucers,  Plates,  Cream
Jug*, etc.
These are two articles thai are ul-
ways Betting broken and needing to be
If you don't need any now. ii is worth
your while to lay in a supply for future
needs at this price.
Don't put It off till the opportunity is
W. G. Thomson
lr0A0T,J0EN,kIkKB",K,   Nelson, B.C.
Phomi 3-*.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 per Crate
Fresh in every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. C. Blort . Phone 10.
For Sale
50 ft.  Corner,  Houston  and ward, $375
50 ft. and  Cabin,  Mill,  near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also  business  propeity, factory sites,
etc., etc.
F. B.  LYS
Weat Baker Street. NEL80N, B. C.
E. \V. Monk, of the Hamilton Powder
Co., is In Kossland.
Nell McKay, M. L. A., came down
trom Kaslo last evening.
A.   Lucas,   provincul   assessor,   went
over to Rossland lust evening.
U. P. Wells left for Kossland last
night iu connection with lumbermen's
Miss Lillian Illnde left this morning
on a six-months' visit to friends in
Soutti Manitoba.
Miss Beatrice Gilchrist and a younger
sister left for Creston this morning
where they will spend u few weeks'
Miss Hate leaves this evening for her
home in Cumberland. She was accompanied by her brother, sister ami Miss
Edith M. Gilchrist.
A letter received frnrn. w- ����� Mac-
donab', it- ***�����> puaiea at Geneva. Swlu
erland, stales that he and Mrs. Macdonald are enjoying themselves at the famous tourist resort.
Caverns  Under   Minneapolis.
Minneapolis, July 11.���Minneapolis is
built qvor a series of natural subterranean streams ami lake which have
formed great caverns in the sandstone
under the business portion of the city.
The fact ha* been known by the city
engineering department for six years
and was not made public until yesterday noon, when the linal work of putting In the concrete pillars for the Bafo
ty of the big oilice building was completed. Andrew liluker, tho city engineer, announced the fact yesterday,
but said that there had never existed
any real danger lhat the caverns,
which are from 80 lo 150 foot below
the surface of the st reets, would have
given away, but the city council has,
under pledges of secrecy, appropriated
money for the const motion of concrete
supports which Insures the safely of the
city for all lime lo como.
The caverns are of considerable extent, being located between Fourth avenue north and Bightta avenue south between Sixth and I ���nrih streets. The
largest cavern la.half an acre In extent
and they range from six to 22 feet In
height. Beautifully hewn out or the
sandstone by the action of the count..
lesB ages of percolating waters, the caverns present a wonderful picture. At
one place In Ihe network of caverns a
spring of clear water forms a stream
which tumbles over a beautiful underground waterfall fully 20 feet In height.
The floor of one ol the large caverns Is
as smooth as a ballroom.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265'
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ffatt,
Fact A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8ta.
|It5 Business Emeroy
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent blocK. $500.
Easy Urrns.
5-ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garderr, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agi-nt lor TniHfott IauiicIil-b
Hi)<1 I"' ������ *t.������?���< Csnoen,
PiSSSt Ix>t of   Boat! in B C.
Font of Juiwphllie St.        Tel. A18
*        JARS
Half Gallon Jars $1.75
Quart Jars - $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
J. A* ffiVWG & CO.
Telephone 181.
Medicine   Hat   Man   Acquire*   Property
of T. M. Sturgeu.
An agreement was concluded today
for the sale of T. M. Sturgess' ranch,
known as the Jesmond ranch, on the
norlh shore of the Ann, lo E, J. II. Walton, of Medicine Mat.
The property was orlirlnnlly T. Mor
ley's ranch end was purchased from
him by Mr. KturKess iwo years nKo.
Since then Mr. HturKOHs has built n line
now residence on an eminence hack
from the lakeshore, commanding one of
Ihe finest views on the whole outlet.
The deal wan nt-ranged by nt, M.
Brydges, The purchase price agreed
upon Is $112,000.
Mr. Sturgstu will probably take a
trip lo the old country before acquiring
another properly.	
Under the auspices  of the  Ladles Aid
of the Church of Mary Immaculate
Afternoon and Evening
FRIDAY, July X 2
And All Accessories 1
(l;rcsh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season  for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the  Koilak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
| For  a Stylish   Suit
Built co nt the Figure ami Seep Ita cUlana Not Only th" First
Week  Yoo   Wear It,   Hot   All  the  Time      I let   It   Mode  by
TaXLOB A Mrgi-AKitiK.  the Reliable Tailors, of Kootenay.
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
J.  A. GILKER     s
BAKl-R srwiiirr. NCUSON.
���'. tt
for i
��. il
Wholeaale  Provlalona,
Government Creamery Oun Pound Hrtck* rrotdrnd weekly fresh from tbe
��� bun.     F"or sale by all letwliug gToorm.
Ofllee and warehouse : Houston Block,    Phone 70.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Of  I
of ft
Spring |>s Mere
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attention  paid  to  letter  order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
ter <
Company, Limited.
be <
"'���w^* 1U*iU ,"'oh,*,l"J�� ����-����;��Jt��Kl with llssnnlth.    HH..I M��t��l
Wot-*. Mlnlnij K,,d  Mill Meuhhory.      Ms���ul.cli,r.r> nl
Or*  ��is��r.s.   U.   W.    Conlrnctura'   0*U*i.
RSaailf"'     NELSON,    B. C. MflJSfcS
MANUFACTURERS    f M \         471�� t
AND DEALERS IN    l^tlHlDei��t   OillllgleS.
Lath, MoulclIriK��, Doors, Windows.
Turn-vd Work nnd llmckcte. Mall Order* promptly attended ��
VBRlNOfN Ml Ml-,; I
,,r, i: h


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