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The Daily Canadian Dec 6, 1906

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Array iVoi.i mh
Material For Hislor-
Ical Society
Fifty Cents a Month
Idson Demers, Doyen of Pioneers,
Tells of People and Events in
the 60's and 70's.
luck o   wiivub toon. hlb caclle an0
* 'I Iih ���������-,, ^ ___,pB ,tamtI--
iouth on toot, through tho wood. ������,���
ki un- nmi   iiiik   becoming   dasoorau
"ii '""'V**'" -awn io un mn,,,,, W1K:
Mwung i. big char.   ii��� ,,,.,,.,,1 h wllh
'"' " *>'"*'��� l��nor��d nn- squaw's   ������.
uiKiii wi���, ��� ���,���.��� ��������� ,|c!v.(mn,(| (hii
'���fn*  .ml wi-ni l0 ���������,.���     A��� far _J
" J?".0*,81! '"i""'1- "i thinking nt uu
'���* oonoluded thai ho had oaton for iho
teal in,,.-, bul irhen ho .iwim,.. n*unv
noun later, he found the wigwam n,,,
"'      "m ,*��f*Ulg liln. will, trls-nsnv
" iill.-s-au.l ��� ,io.,.��� i,.k.u (ish r ,.
i",- hla refreebment
ii.- learned afterward that his honis
were the murderers or the other party
'ir "roipeoton.
unit uiili-wi ho ihrow himseir on the
irm-k under the moving curs, lie
promptly dhl bo. As he dropped on
the iii-s his left arm fell across tne
iall anil the wheels or the car passion
'"���'''' it- The train wuh immediately
brought to ii stop nud ho was extricai-
iii and later taken by special tram to
Nicola, Where Doctors Kor anil Tnthlll
amputated the urm. Mr. Rloh&rdson
never loel oonaolouaneea, and through-
���mi the terrible ordeal displayed won
ii.-riui pluck.
mi niiiii,  in tin- ciiluiniiH
Canadian sovi ra] iluyu ago ths .
, Kooleuaj   Historical   society  shoulil
- unnectlon with the pro-
l..s! Kissiisiiiis  Pioneera' association.
\ general   approval    ana
, led man)   ,<> recall  ohanoe  meei-
kss ssllls nM lliiu-rs who were regular
i ul rcmlnlaoenooa of early
I Uu   iiissi sol in one lliul ils-
,;.   .,   ...   ni .i verj early iiutc.
ilu sss,   few, uml the vet-
av sii.irii-i, iniiii the knnwi-
sissiiilis ins ure sun- liy one cross-
.is ties u few ilnys ago
I i ...is  nt  .losiiph    Uur-
] ol    Lord   Btrathoona.
tn ssi il thut he wus
I nM s.iu|,[.. ..   ,,1   in,.   Hudson's lluy
| and  i<>    most    readers    Ills
in, um   nothing.
I m. Iii-Isiis   sin   Oregon    treaty    do-
I this Hudson's liuy company oi
Ungon lerrllory    by    making thai
pari ui the  United .Stales. Jo-
II* llardlst:   waa In charge or iron
site of    Un    present
' W ash., und wus prin-
I ruler of Kootenay and
ills recollections, lr he
committed  any  of   them   to   win
sl engrossing Interest io
wiiisin the sinry of the winning
"      ���     Uss-  whlu-  ninkes anv
In s'olson    today   another
mulshing period, whose
observing, bul nol re-
nt. lins.   been   supurlor  to those
"im Ilay fnctor.
J I    known  from corner
|lcorner nt  Kootenay,  where lie has
rked    as    n    proapoctor
IW    Mr. Demon hae a retell-
I ni'l  could  easily  liii-nisli
I "lal ror nn mil lln,. history or tbe
I K nay.     Ho  has  Wil
11 also  taken  imn  In  mmv
.1) contested battles between rival
��� ii Indians and whit -s
rly duys. although thore
, railways and no lake or river
'��� *  *������   lhe Frmier, th re wa.i
��� '' ii reeling or joltdBrltj
J  "I hi    of  the  varlius  units
"ulumbla us then Is unlay
man west of the Itockles
"   name of Governor isir
anil all Who could   in
"B Mr   Demers .wo.it to Vis-tors-,
lal,;' runeral,
' '*��� full or Information as
Mr.   Demers  -12   years   Is   Kooienav
tove bjen   lull   0f .striking adventure.
and during thai tu,,,. i���. bas sen,, ann
torn lu- hisiory ,,r u���. c���������,.j, H1
reminiscence, would be a treasure
trove for the proposed  historical so-
Kamloops Syndicate Will Exploit Pern-
berton  Hanch.
Kamloops, Doc. li���a syndicate, composed mainly ol local men, has pur-
ohased the Pembertou ranch in tne
South Thompson valley, near DiickB.
"Uli a view n. its subdivision Into
small lisililiugs which will he placou
on the market next spring. The syndicate, of which Alderman .1. T, Robinson la the im aenl head, intends
placing nn engineer on the ground a��
soon as possible, ii |8 understood
thai Un- purobase price is 157,000. The
negotiations have been pending for
some lime. The property comprises
over Slum aorea or excellent land on
Un* norlh hunk or the Souih Thompson
river, and  is distant    only    ubout    2;,
miles inim Kamloops.
The lund lisolf is admirably adapted
lo trull culture and will noi go begging unci- ii Is ou iin- market Being
so near Kamloops, with which it Is
connected by railway, wagon road and
tho navigable rlvor. upon which several steamers will pi>- next summer.
the location is In even- sense a desir-
uble ono.
Revive  Good  Old  Daya.
Little Hock,  Ark., Dec.  Is���Governor
Jefferson Davis, newly-eleatad  United
Slates sonaior rrom Arkansas, say*
Hun politicians preach harmony, but it
is mil harmony thai Is needed so much
as an old-fashioned row ln the Uniiea
States seniite.
['��� whits
ft   Dougla
'riRin ssi si,,, geographical na
I  -   t,'���CS��|,ll|, IIS   !l|l||ll>S
I**-���"nay.    The  Arrow   lakes   take
11    I"   says, not    from    their
���   *''"  from  an  niiclepi  custom
- "*��� Insi,sins    ���f    illuehurglng a
''  ar".��s  iom  the  face of the
,','" 'hi   north  ond or the upper
1 .rllng on nn expedition
.������ ���'""""���' tribe.    Mr .Homers has
in,   '''"il many or the arrows,
pitas In     '"'''k    ""''    'l,k('-  tlmr
i. ii,'.,     """ "'"'I wuler nnd power.
" not rrom the familiar
liiil   from un  lOnglish
Itonwood    Smith,   who
r'.'oiissisi ir
i,;i,,i.,l i
Pllll  Hi
ill   tho     boil     of
reek wns so named in-
' ' lalllon wns captured on
'I* membors or tlm exploring
"'i'  Included  Governor Boy.
^ hla wir,., the latter Buggeat-
'"",!*   own  name    has    been
,;  l"'*l"*i!l  bonk In the Sin
111   Dawson's trips through
)( no availed himself fully and
   e,a    ''iuits*   knowledge   ol
When I'l-oressor it. vv.
''���""������ oul ln charge of the
"'*���*���>��� he bore e letter ot
' '" Nola trom Dr. Dawson
"working map for Professor
"o iiiiiii lying between the
s��� ,,''"'"" I"1"*** which was
FJ iiisss',,'"';"", by tha surveying
I In ids i��� "1KI"'SI Peak wus iiiim
1- h"hi honor Mounl  Darners.
many experiences In early
|n or ��� l"'vu HaUghted    the
i tale  "   l'1;'"'1''' "f Imllan tight-
t "i.mir
ffli rirsi
' "''on.sion, abom
yours ugo.
sun,,,,,,,,.,   * u j-s-uis ugo
,    ,'' '   ���   lirospeeilng   purl,
,  "' and   or   Kootenay lake.
,    Jos unsuoosasfm and word
.,..   "*i* oi another party bv in-
(li'.,'.'      ''I"    ��a��otatos  nnd
I" ���'"ilm,  ,       "llin  B"""'-    0nl>*  a
m, ,.     >�� raii,,,, _��� N���,B p-eventqa
'"  'aklng  his boni  and  sup-
"lin''"wi,i'i "l,'"'"'',n" to pass Ihe
While he   was   hunting a
London   Inventor   Patents   Diver   From
Which Inmates May Escape in
Case of Accident. ���
London, Dec. 6.���Mr, Henry Midafe-
ton, n London Inventor, h��H patented n
submarine from which it appears imjs-
Bible [or the erew to escape if the ma-
chlnsr; should get out of order white
tbo boat Ib nt the bottom of the Bea.
The conning tower is a detachable
compartment, which can be separated
fioni the boat proper by 'compressed
air. It Is lighter than water, bo that
when detached tl rises to the surface
and its toji projecting above the water,
becomes visible to rescuers.
The invent ur claims for hi-s boat
that it can be submerged quicker than
the presenl type or submarines, 'lhe
craft bas two pairs of fins al the sides
worked  by electricity,
"They act." said Mr. Hlddleton,
"like the fins of a fish lu propelling
the boat, while, according ns they are
inclined up or down, tbey' cause th**
vessel lo sink or rise.
"A large crew Is not necessnry. Al|
the work can ho done hy ono nifUl
who Btands al a table on whir \* ]HV
several levers. He directs th. move
ments of the submarine hy ���*��� ^miir*- s
handle or pressing a button ������
New   Yorker   Refuses   Burglar's   Order
to Keep Quiet.
New York, Dec. 0.���Awakened by
tlu; sound of a stealthy footstep tu bis
splendid home in Kast Sixty-third
street, near Fifth avenue, fn the heari
of the city's most exclusive residential
district early today, Elias Aslls, a
broker, "found himself s__Stng Into the
muzzles of two revolvers which were
held only a few inches from hih face.
"We'll shoot if you make a squeak,
said a voice, a�� the guns and the men
behind them began to draw slowly
away toward a door which had been
left open when they 'entered the room.
Mr. Asfls did not heed the warning
but., raising himself on bis elbow, sent
a shout for help echoing through the
house. An Instant Inter tbe two men
were upon him, raining blows upon his
head, and when a servant who bad
heard the cries rushed into the room
the broker was lying in bed helpless,
un the verge of insensibility, his bend
and the pillow upon which it lay
bathed In blood. The robbers bad ts-
Two minutes later the whole neighborhood had been aroused by the
screaiu.s of the servants and Mr. Asms
daughter, and a score of policemen
irom nearby Stations were rushing to
the scene to search for the burglars,
but tho few minutes had given the
thieves time to make their escape. 'Ihe
burglars had gained entrance to tbe
house by sawing a thick iron bar
which beZd a gate which guarded the
basement door and then cutting out
the glass panel of tho door.
A large amount of gold and silver
plate in thfl dining mom had been
gathered aad tied up in two Compact
bundles, but in their flight the men
did not have* time to take their booty
With them. So far as can be learned
the only articles stolen were a few
silver knives, forks and Simons and a
dozen pearl and sapphire stick pins
which are missing from Mr. Asils
The Palace of Peace.
The Hague, Dec. G.���According to the
local press the Dutch architects who
took part in the competition for the
design of the Palace of Peace have
made a protest against the decision of
the jury In selecting M. Cordonnier's
design, the execution of which coat
more than the amount available for the
purpose, thereby making it possible for
Mr. Carnegie's gift to become the subject of litigation. The architects demand that the. award shall bo set
aside, basing t;hetr claim on the jury's
admission that thoy bad not adhered
to the conditions of the competition.
Will Resist Authority.
San Francisco, Dec. G.���The San
Rranolsoo board of education will
stand by its decision to confine the
Japanese school children to the Oriental school. Tii e sentiments of President Koosevelt, ns expressed tn his
message to conj .ress, will not aftect
their position, a* wording to President
Altmann of the l.iourd. who announced
today that the board win do all In Its
power to corn-tnt the lmpressiori given
out by the preel-dent's message, which
says flint tho Japanese nre excluded
trom  the San PVanclBCO public schools.
Thieving Nobler ,>an.
Copenhagen, Dec. ti ���count Kritz
von liosen, captain 1T ��� the Swedish
horse guards and a member of one or
tho noblesl Eafl_fjH j^ Scandinavia,
was today arrest' .<��� ]U,n} 0I1 H charge
of having refrai'.ided the Swedish military authoritte B (,f 0Ver $<IU,IKI0. Count
von liosen Ip also accused or endorsing Irnudulu' lt cheques with the names
of member.* 0f the royal family. Ws-
Corted by two detectives, he left tonight for Stockholm. Ills arresl hus
caused a sensation both here nnd tn
Stock!) olm.
Nearly a Fatality.
Kamloops.    Dec.      5.���The      Nicola
brrancb of the 0. P. U- has had ita first
train  accident, by    which    Conductor
Arthur VV.    Richardson,    Who    is
charge of the ballasting train, lost an
arm at Coutlee hint week. While
working with the air coupling, ami
slowlv walking along the track with-
the moving train. Iiis foot en light in n
frog.    Realising (hut death would r*
Crockett-Pulsifer Weddi ng.
New York, Dec. 6.���A1 the homo ot
the bride's parents at Glen Illdge, N.
.1., Miss Alice Pulsifor, daughter Ol
Fred M, I'ulslfer, �� wenllby and well-
known New YorktM' .was married to-
dnv to Thomas Kovfl' Oropkett. Mr.
Crockett belongs to 'tn old Virginian
family and wus forme.-ly >l lieutenant
in the regular army. L���8 w���6 *&>
he gave up his military ea rt'<,r ,n enter
business in New York. M r* '���,-(l Mrii-
Crockett will spend their >>iioyniooii
on n large ranch which the hi id*- WM
near the Yellowstone park.
���      Jgh
Damaged the  Mine. M
Houghton,  Mich.,  Dec.  ��.���As  a    ���_*���
suit  of  the  explosion  of   il  boxes    o1
blasting powder  on   the   _lsl   level    o1
lhe   Qulncy   mine   last  night.   Willis *��
Goggin, a minor, is dead, und   Uenn *
Shea was fatally Injured.   Jack Hand)*
nnd John  Sullivan are seriously injured.    Of the 41) men who were In  that
part   of   the   mine   many   were   found
nearly overcome by gHB    and    smoke
when taken out.     The   explosion did
much damage lo the mine workings.
Thaw's Trial Recalls Old
New York Fashionable Society the
Foster-Parent of   Bloodcurdling Crimes.
chances of securing a conviction were
not sufficient to warrant the expense
ot another trial. The case had probably attracted more public attention
than any other case of the kind in the
history of New  York.
These trials have attracted more attention than any others in recent years.
Put scarcely less interesting ai the
time were other cases, among them
that of Dr. Huchanan, who wus execut*
ed for wife murder; of Carlyle Harris,
who paid tbe death penalty for tbe
murder of beautiful Helen Potts; of
Dr. Kennedy, a  Btaten   Island .dentist,
who was sestanced to death ror tne
murder of Dolly Reynold*, granted u
new trial and freed, and of the famous
(hildensuppe case, in which the victim
was decapitated and the remains
thrown Into the river.
To Succeed Piatt.
New York. Dec. 8.���Dr. Nicholas
Murray Hutler, president of Columbia
University, Is spoken of as a possible
successor to Thomas C. Piatt In the
United Slntes senate.
New York, Dec. 6.���Jt is scarcely an
exaggeration to say that New Yorkers
are counting the days until the trial or
Harry Kendall Thaw, slayer of Stanford White ,the noted architect, shall
begin. And the trial about to begin
promises to be one of the most famous in the criminal history of New
York. The prominence of the Thaw
family socially, the wealth of his parents, the circumstances -surrounding
the young man's marriage to Kveiyn
Nesbit, and the spectacular scene in
the midst of which he fired the bullets into the breast of the man Who,
he asserted, had betrayed his wife, an
add interest to the trial.
It Is not always easy to account tor
Ihe intense interest that the public
displays in murder cases. Almost every day adds to the list of homicides
in Greater New York. Hut it is only
al intervals of about every two years
that the great -ciiy is aroused by one
of these oases _hut become famous and
are remembered nfter all the participants have passed from the scene.
The records would seem to show that
if a love intrigu: is involved in the
case it is apt to attract wide attention. Deop mystery, extraordinary brutality or fiendislmess, and Oie social
prominence of the principals often
times serve to attract wore than a
passing notice from the public at
in the case of Kdward S. Stokes a
love intrigue and.the wealth and prominence of both the slayer and hts victim all combined to make it one ot
the most famoiu. caseR ln the criminal
history of America. The tragedy occurred In 1871, hot is still vividly remembered by all old New Yorkers.
Stakes was a mini of considerable
wealth, a very energetic and promising business roan who, nevertheless,
had not fortified himi-felf agains t'the
temptations of a fashionably dissipated life in New York. He shot and
1 killed .Tim Fisfc, one of the notorious
characters of his day, Jvats the partner of Jay Gould.
The moro recent case ot Poland
Moiineux is still well remembered,
"With the exception of Stokes. Moiineux was the only man ol high fandly
connection of con-sidernhie wealth iwd
good business character who has tot
many years been tried in this city tor
murder in the rirst degree. The date
of the alleged crime was December
26, lSftti. The charge was the murder i
of Mrs. Ka'therine J, Adams by send-
: ing her cyanide of mercury under the
guise of a headache cure. Jt wns ne
leged that the poison was amended Ior
another and that Mrs. Adams was given the fatal dose by mistake. i_ov��
nnd a desire for revenge -were declared to be tlie motives. The first trial
of Moiineux began November 14, 1H9U,
and lasted nearly three mouths. He
was found guilty aud sentenced to
death in the electric chair. A now trial
was granted and three years after the
dato of the all-Uged murder the young
man was acquf.Nod. Tho general impression was that Moiineux had been
the victim of a great mistake or a
diabolical conspiracy. As many thousands as could |-ick themselves into
the narrow streets murroundtng the
criminal courts bltUding cheered the
young man upon his release. The
cheering masses foilovrixl the Moiineux carriage down Centre street aim
gave a parting shout, as It whirled
across the Brooklyn bridge and bore
the young man to the heme of his
loyal parents.
The next famous case    that    entertained the  New York pnltfllc and gave
the yellow journals an  opportunity  to
.display their largost type   was that ot
"Nan" Patterson, the    Florudora   gin
who three times faced  the court on a
charge   of  murdering her   sweetheart,
Caesar Young ,& bookmaker, while ruling in a hansom cab.    The youth antl
beauty of the girl and the slory ot her
love   affair    with     Young,   a.   married
man. gave interest  to the cv.ao.    Alter
passing an entire summer in the-Tombs
tbe girl was brought  lo trial in November.  190*1.    Alter  th_p trial     had    pro-
(jVetfSed  for 10 days  one oX the jurors
tttm t..ken ill and this reaulted     in a
jptntponemenh    Two  years   ago  today
MhM  Patterson was brought   Into court
ftm tier  second  trial.     Jt continued  to
KtaHrambiir 88, when the jury, niter long
cWUberatlon, disagreed.    !t  wuh snid to
B (roll (I to  6.    On  April   17,  190-5, tho
t; Writ trial began before "Recorder tJofi.
\\ mh the disagreement of the Jury at
th in  trial  the  famous   caso endo-d the,
d   Hr.rlet  jutjornoy  concluding   thajt   t|1G
Congress to Advise  U. 8. Government
on   Public   Improvements.
Washington. Dec. 6.���That the commercial, agricultural , manufacturing
and the consuming and producing elements of all sections of the United
States have at laBt been aroused to the
necessity of demanding that a larger
proportion of the revenues of the general government be devoted to the improvement of rivers and harbors was
evidenced by tlie large and representative attendance today at the opening of
the third annual session of the National
Uivers and harbors Congress.
Numerically tlie gathering Ib the
largest ever held iu this country in
the interest of waterway and harbor
improvements. Its personnel also is
such as to give great weight to its expressed opinions. Hundreds of the
bys/wess men are present as the representatives of commercial bodies, river
improvement associations, maritime exchanges, chambers of commerce and
other organized bodies ln many parts
of tlie country. The Pacific coast has
displayed an equal interest with the
Mississippi Valley commonwealths and
the states bordering the gulf and the
Atlantic by sending large-slaed delegations to the conference.
The initial session today was taken
up largely with the necessary preliminaries. As soon as these were disposed of the congress entered upon its
real business. The sessions are to
continue over tomorrow. It Ib not the
purpose of the congress to work for
any particular appropriation or to
urge the improvement of any special
stream, but to discuss the matter in
its general aspects, and to urge upon
congress the appropriation of at least
fifty millions annually for the improvement of the rivers and harbors or the
country. The average appropriations
for the past ten years has been less
than twenty millions, and the condition
of the waterways of the country shows
thiB to have been ridiculously Inadequate. The effort before congress will
be to have the rivers and harbors bill
upon a plane with other government
appropriations and commensurate ln
size to Its bearing upon the economic
and commercial welfare of the nation.
University Centennial.
V-nce^nes, Ind., Dec. 6.���The town
of \ Inccfliies was en fete today in celebration of the centennial of its most
cherished institution, Vincennes uni ver-
fllty. It was just 100 years ago today
that the historic university was opened
for the admission of students, William
Hewy Harrison serving as its first
president. The centennial was commemorated with an all-day program ot
historical and literary exercises tn
which the trustees, faculty, student
body and alumni, and a number of in
vited guests took part.
Reform In Congo.
London, Dec. ti.���According to tbe
Throne, a society journal, unless Pel
glum within two months gives satisfactory assurances to Great llrltaln
of better government m the Congo Independent SUite, Great Itritain and
Krance will Jointly summon a European conference to consider the matter. The paper quotes King Leopold
as saying to a British merchant tn
Brussels that his critics had not examined both aides of the question, but
had accepted unquestloningly the statements of utterly Irresponsible persons.
Relaxing  Meat  Laws.
Paris,     Dec.    G.���Foreign    Minister
Pinchon   today notified   the  American
ambassador, Mr. McCormlck, thai
pending the settlement of questions
which have arisen owing to the elimination of the microscopic exanmla
Hon of American pork for export under
the nev,- meat inspection regulation,
shipments of pork now on their way
to France under the new regulations
will be admitted without microscopic
ties occurred and declared John F.
Tobln elected president, and Collis P.
Lovly vice-president. The majority ot
the board declared the irregularities
lnconstltutional und awarded the offices to Thomas B. Hlckey, president,
and Charles Murray as vice-president.
1'obln and Lovly have held the offices
for many years. Hlckey fought to have
his election stand, but the executive
council Insisted on a new election.
Tobln represents the conservative and
Hlckey the radical wings of the union.
Contest for Control of Labor Body.
Boston, Dec. 6.���For the second time
Within a few months the 15,000 members of the Boot and Shoe Workers
Union throughout the country are today voting for national officers. The
special election Is due to a dispute In
the cast of the ballots in tho recent
referendum vote. Thc miuorlty of the
board of inspectors threw out the vote
of the whole unions where irregulnrl
Reports    Say    Hindoos,  Properly    instructed, Are Good Workmen.
Vancouver, Dec. 6.���At last satisfactory reports of the Hindoos are beginning to come In from those who are
employing them. /
Mr. George Marshall, a rancher oi
Ctiilliwack. has seven or mem on nis
ranch, three of them being engaged in
clearing brush and digging ditches.
Mr. Marshall says that given the necessary patience to teach them, very satisfactory results are obtained. The
men are willing and boyishly enthusiastic with their work. He has provided them with a comfortable shelter,
and they are as happy as a bunch oi
schoolboys. It is his intention to give
them a contract to clear a considerable tract of brush as soon as they
are competent to handle it.
From Lulu island reports are coming in that the Hindoos are being hired
by the Chinamen for similar work, and
are proving satisfactory .
At a well-known shingle mill a foreman engaged ten of them to unload
bolts from a scow. Selecting one who
could speak fair Kngllsh, he instructed
him, and he in turn instructed his fellows. With the exercise of some patience and tact, the men speedily
learned to do their work, and now the
foreman says he will back his gang of
(en against any similar gang of whites
or others employed in the mills. They
are steady and Industrious, and take
hold with a will, once they learn how.
With Roosevelt's Message
on Race Schools
Serious Boiler Explosion.
Lynn, Mass., Dec. 6.���A boiler explosion in the four-Btory building of the
.1. P. Harney Shoe company at West
Lynn today destroyed the factory and
started a fire which swept over several acres, burning' three other factory
buildings, the Boston & Mnlne railroad
station and a number of small dwellings, beside causing Injuries to 11 persons. That there was no loss of ute
Ib atributed to the fact that the explosion occurred just before the time
.lor the factory operatives to begin.
The financial loss is estimated at
f*5U,UU0. Or the injured six are at
the hospital. It is believed none will
Thaw's Trial Will Probably Not Take
Place  Until   March    or    April-
District Office Plans.
New York, Dec. 6.���The trial ot
Harry K. Thaw for the murder oi
Stanford White, the architect, will uot
begin until March or April of next
next year unless District Attorney Jerome consents to reasrrange- his court
calendar. This was tbe announcement
made today at the district attorneys
After notice was served on Mr. Jerome by the Thaw counsel that a motion woud be mude for the appointment of a commission to take the testimony of witnesses outside the state,
Mr. Jerome, in anticipation tha-t the
motion would be granted, set about to
arrange the court calendars ond his
lists are all made out tor the first twis
and purt of the third mssmlis or next
year. Yesterday, Mi*. Jerome received
notice from Clifford W Hurlridge, ol
Thaw's counsel, that he would withdraw the motion for the uppointment
of a commission which wus argued on
Monday last, thereby hoping, It was
suhl, to secure an early trial lor his
client Now that the calendars have
been prepared it Is not likely that hla
hope will  be realized
Insurgents Arrested.
Washington. D. C. Dec. (i.���Sopor
Jouburt, the Domlulcau misister, has
received a despatch from his government stating that a party of Vi Insurgent leaders who had gathered at Fu-
erta Plata, while on their way to La
biga were attacked by the government
forces. Perico lu Sallu was killed and
the balance of the party  arrested.
Boni Is Cheeky.
Paris, Dec. li.���A remarkable scene
rol lowed the Interpellation of the gov
ernment on the Moroccan question ln
the chumber of ds-puties today by M.
Jnures, the Socialist leader. Count
flonl de Castellane unexpectedly us-
cendsid the tribune, whereupon bun
the deputies abruptly left the house.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Dec. 6.���Silver, (iNiic;
copper, 21%c;  lead, $6.76.
London, Dec. (i.���Sliver, 31 IMtid;
lead, MM 7o 6d.
Already Great Fame by Saying Just What Japanese
Wanted Said.
Toklo, Dec. 0.���The papers here
highly eulogize President Roosevelt's
attitude toward the Japanese as expressed ln his message. The Asayl Is
delighted that the confidence reposed
in the president has been realized. It
"By his fir mattltude prom.pted by a
lefty sense of justice, President Roosevelt has added new lustre to his already great fame. It ls to be hoped
that the Americans will unite in support-of his righteous policy."
The Hochl praises President Roosevelt's attitude as just and Imperial,
and Is rejoiced to find it in perfect accord with the ideas of the Japauese
"Public opinion here," it says, "believes that he must have been actuated
by an exalted sense of patriotism to
save his country from dlshoror by
clearly defining the relative power and
authority of the federal and Btate governments."
The Fiji is grateful that President
Roosevelt has expressed exactly what
the Japanese would say.
"They feel at ease," it declares,
"since the Japanese cause hae been
placed In such a powerful hand.'
The press Is almost unanimous in
confidently expressing a satisfactory
solution of the San Francisco complication.
Member for Kootenay    Afraid    of the
Dumping  Clause.
Toronto. Dec. 6.���Mr. W. A. Qalllher,
M. P., Nelson, was at the King Kdward
on Monday. Questioned as to how the
new tariff would be received In British
Columbia he said the canners would
be very glad that no duty was placed
on tin plate.
He did not think the lumbermen
would be dissatisfied with the tarltt,
as they have all they can do now to
supply the market, and prices are
good. They would be anxious to know*
however, if the dumping clause applied
to rough lumber shipped in from the
United States on which there ls no
duty, or If It applies only to goods on
which there Is a duty.
Mr. Qalllher also thought the miners would be pleased that blast furnaces aud all materials for the construction of smelting and concentrating plants had been placed on thc free
A Frightful Squeeze.
Scranton, Pa��� Dec. 6.���Tho coroner's jury which investigated the case
of Thomas Dougherty, of Dunmore,
who died two weeks ago as the result
or a stab ln the heart, alleged to have
been Inflicted by MIks Kate Burke, his
sweetheart, returned a verdict today
exonerating the girl. Miss Burke
claimed thnt n needle In her waist
pierced Doughorty's heart while no
wae embracing her.
Viscount Is Secretive.
Washington, Dec. (i.���Viscount Aokl,
Ills- Japanese ambassador, called at
the state department and hud an hour a
talk with Secretary Hoot. Ueyoad admitting that he discussed with tiio secretary the teBt case to be brought In
the courts of San Francisco with regard to the admission or Japanese to
the public schools of California-, he
would say nothing.
Renews Ore Shipments.
Kossland, Dec. ti.���Eleven ore cars
were "spotted" at the bunkers of thc
Centre Star yesterday afternoon to be
loaded for Trail. This will be thc tirst
shipment of any magnitude since the
Bmelter at Trail closed down on account of the strike of the coal miners.
Two or the copper furnaces at Trail
tire now In operation.
Does Not Mean Hearst.
Philadelphia. Dec. li.���John D. Crlm-
mins or New York states lt as his belief that if the Democrats select a
Southern man as the party's candidate
for the presidency two years hence
they will win out.
Mnny a rich man is unable to orter
anything better than a poor excuse.
_____________!_______________ 1 ^ J__\' C-JVt-J*..-
===== STORES ==
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jle sines.
������.. -
Imperial Bank of Canada
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The T&yal Bank of Canada
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^r_.i-l   Uit- 5l'A   m-  d
3'* it�� Mptm. i wmr \
.-   tfgjBB
, * *�� _��f
_. ������-: __*>|
ia   r 1 pfl
���    .*Vf sit   I
1 :������ I
S :t* J
,- .-a It ���mV I
._m .\xvit t
mm tea
u mahBB'n
I  * iiu*
, least*.      1
1   1    tew .. I
i-.iiiirimi-   Ua    'mh!   ." .11; 11 "" " "*MutJ
...   .,    -       .. .,
.14 U  1  in*-*   nn. . . j I
:-ii-liir    i.lil   t.li.Ui-;    (        : _  I
. 11  ini).   imi  -ultima   - * . I
��bh. n  ranutH   Hani ��� ���
.  - : um   .   ��� *..
Miu     Mil.    1��BL
A.m.  IBnltt  ,-*"at
'     .. n.tr rt l-**1!
^ r
,    "if."!**!
i_* 1
1     II. tu
. .1    i i   -.
1.Iur ilKh
rattlia    11   ta   J.ni.
1 ni  i rata
li 1        1
��� ���
h -    nan in.
tOmta awtm  ,i'��n- a
���'.in. in- ttw-'   "   !
uu rat n^--*!* imm .1   i!
Ik 1 -j   ta   U ������     ���
VnUKi tt l��m')r f i    11
usual    ������   t,Mt>'i    u
im.n.wuni'*"' n .^.ly^ i-i ���
* .mi B ��ui**ttln*ai un um. v *
11 'tin Wi-i  i rntuaa
f- ���    11,1. ���;   1    ��� i".*i.tiii"   -; ���
1.1.1 -iiiui.i"!   *tl     til   I
���V.nHMuui '.v-u-
1   t .1   ,.���"*������   :...
ri.in.fiK.   Bmn    m    <���
ittun 11  ta Siewinw   -i** '*'
itliin 11 * iMtu*tT%, wu i* ���'
iit.T   *l    ���tliWIlt*   niti***    .1-    1  * I
mi'l.    -.iu.u.11   nt   H    .
.. ml   .,,1.  *i:i.  lfaa
Jtij 1
'. *i.alBj
1 a**.*1*-
.  .. tmn     .
1   tni
II     II    i*mftl l-l"     V �� '���
ttitIM   .li-   I I    '���-
i.mit-111/   :.:���! -1 '        M   ' '
--.   -iMimtta. t   ��   '���������"" '
,      V  . - ���
"\  >     RtllM     1".-  I    II       ''*    1"
iuui.  -tuul'-"   m 1   -      ' ,,
ttaaini imm rr   >m   u '';
Irilim tm     H i   *j f
ii���    1,1,11,    m     m '��� ��� ���"
biff*,  iini-fl ir if��v ^
 ifl H 1 .1.    rl   ���       "���* -a peO0"   . ANHEUSER    -AND THE original
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Hoi* AuetitM hi Ilritlt.li
P. Burns & Co.
lUramli '���' .rk. 1- sss   Ksisslnnd,   Trail,   Nelson,  Kiwlo,   Sniwlnu, Three Fork-., Now
Denver nnd Hlm-rui Oity.
Head Office: Nelson, B.C.
'.��� ilale 1 parponnuUlBgaptut-
ii- Hull. I'titff < omn.lM.0ner of Lamix
i���  -s-       ;   riiilssion   to pUKtbtM  tl>_*   fol-
"  1 riin-il Undi:   Commencing at-t pott
u.. .tm tii wesl eorner of J. Bhtftti'l ap-
I ,-.-, marked ' K. k _ H. K. c*>r-
. ��� 1 cbalm north, thenee ������*)
I:.,*.. so cbalni Roatti. thenoe 80
�����;. ��� ��� iliil iif iiiiiiiucfifciiiriil, rniUnln-
\f 1 or Icm,
I;. ilny of October, i!Wi.
1 it hhiiix,
pet S. SIIIKI.I., Ajfi-lil.
Into I purpoM niaklriK appli-
i lion bli f Commlulonei ol Uuui*.
..���������iiiii in purcbue the fol-
1 .* .-.*.���;-.   Cnmmeoctng ata poet
���l.H-t turner of It Hindi's
���:;.a;i..*i I.* I*   rtliwe,  in_.rk.il "It, 1 U'sB.B.
._��� sii. in*.* m��i t imi ni north t<r the
ill, BW8, thence w chainm
rhalUI south, lhetice SO chains
101111*l|i*.*mt*llt, CtitltatllltlK 64-1
k, ���..   ��� ...
[ii.. 1 ���-..* 1 *.*   ;.> of Ootober, i����.
M. K. '-iu sn::.I ,
per J.Hhiki.i,, Agent.
late 1 purpose inakltiK appli-
tifiui.i tin- 11 ���   tbc Cblel Commissioner o(
nidi in.l tt'i rV' for p-Tintsslan to pQtehtM (he
I I   landl    Ciuiiiiicm'iiiK a\ a
awlplifMlw'  1   ftbe Junction of Iiarncs mnl
f an 1 out   of   It. J. KlllOtl'S   f*l>
\ ue, m&rked "Vi. N P's. h. Vv.
_ ��� ��� nee nehlltu itorlli; tlieuce
J ��� 1 i80i���hHiiiH nouth; theme 80
I* ��� ' ��� lof r'.tniiifiii'emciH; contain-
��M �� ���       nre or lew.
oi October, 1906,
1 w. a. Pool*
I'er J. BatBLL, A|(ent.
I tlate ! purpoie miking appli-
f '.  the chlel Cumind-slmier of
Un.111,1 �� rki (or 1 .rtntM.ori to parobita the
l 1  landi:    I'miimeiicInK at a
ioutheutcorn-st*of M. __.Oren-
I 11 tu purchue, marked "V. D'e,
! lit tbenoeM chains north;
nee ��o ���haiiui uit. thenoe *o
���.���-������ ehelni   went, to polut of
containing ftm eotte, more or
|: ���'od 111 ilfl) ni October, 1WI.
V. Douo
-I'erJ.&hlr-ll, Agent.
elven thnt 90 dtn after date I
application i<> the Honorable thfl
itner nf 1 nn ir* untl Worku for
following 1I1
i for per
Ing  i*t*a poat  on  the   north
1 and  altont .chains east of
running to chain* eut] tnence
ihi nee40obaln*WNti thenoe*)
lo  point of cmnmeiuvment, eon*
���   ���- moreor 1ms.
: . 1900,
U:oN Watson,
By hi- agent, EftXttt W. ROBOWON.
I��r days nli, r dale I purpose martlng appli-
. ' iu of CommlMloner ol Land*
I1'   ,(���*;��-:���- ii-rmlsaion to purchase the fol-
_Y "I'���" -      ��� land:   Conunenolni Ma poat
1 jrardl  west of Hie  U'hatsliau
>'*n mil ..(..in two inih'a aouth of Whai-
!     ���"��� n   .  1   ��.c.s>n B. oorner port.*'
I  thi'inM   SO  fhalna   aouth;   tbenee  Ho
W chains uor'h; tlience Ao
I "('���"iiiiiieuecuient; contain-
[D-tledllielot    :.-,",,/ October, 1W6.
1). 0,   HKlNNaM,
I'er K. siiiki.i.. Agent
imSLm '.! ''      ,Uu' ��� Intend to apply to the
K e?thel '���i'"'i��minlBslunvrof f-aiidaand
i* ni in-,,  (so aerea of lautl,
ifjAVlctorta, i0
 <f Arrow lake, adjoining
���na ilfirribed iw follown:   Commencing
a,,,,,,,      -iiiii   taj 1
P"��"lar> ol i,r,. .niitli i
��� '-"���ali-ilOii.;.   I..,..  "
nv  weat hoillularv of I/>t
��i*liiiiiia north 0  the H. -A. eorner of
-1 n t'haiua, thonoe iouth 00
l   :��J ehaiiia  to  the  wiatcrn
No. 37B, thenco north
1908. M   K. WlXtlt,
R  J, Kl.IUrrr, Agent.
">''" li liereby glren that GO dava afterdate I
, maki. uppiirHtiiin to the floiiorahlr thu
"iis.-i,.,,,., ,,(j.,,,,,-.,, ul���i Worki for per-
V", '"''' 'l"" lho following deaerlbod
��� "l""1,-i" Iiik at a post plicoa ft boal one
'���   ���'< "ii.u-1,,,11 ,.r(.,.i_ ���,���! ghaut throe
' "' "; "Imi. ban ink i', running Ho ihalim
,''  ' '   "���"'ehalni  WOlt)   Ihence NO t Imiu*
"  < li'HIlN  rilSt,  lo  polllt of  eatt'
ui.sin", ''"'""'"iiigiijo h.tch moro or leu.
���leuouoiH'r Li, t'.nNi.
������>  ''I*'agent, KlUllttT Wi itoillNNON
,',,!'',,'i '" '"i-'iy given (natODdoyi from date I
'-���inn'*',     ."������  1,,ltl" """"rahle the Chief Com-
,..,,* i ,"    ,""1; *'"i Worka to purcbue NO
' H -Jwri i hk follown Oommonolng
I'iiiiiti-d ou (he north hank nf the Utile
���iii    ��."'." '���*'"" ytrda from nioiiili, aiid
l":i_.:'i���        ,M''1-,,,in'��   H     W.    corner   poat,"
dnt, thenoo  north Ht) chaiua,
ii", lbence aoutli -Hi) chaiua, to
mint, uml coiitiiliiltigti 10aerea
- ',,y "''���'1BOfl>      BOBTi-MomK.
"���- "[fr dm,. | mirpoae niiikltig appli
"on ( hj(.[ t (lmiuiBHlimer oi I.undu
'"' permlulon to purohue the tot-
""wl landi: Comiuenc'ng nl the
""it of v I'od.l'a appliciitloti to
""' !"'' "C, L. Hm N.K. comer," run*
,' w '!"lllB "OUth. ihcnce B0 chnlna
'   Ml   '���biiliia north, thence Wl chiiini.
'im oi oommenoement, oonulnlna
li,.,   i ��� ri' or leaa.
(J  L. IUnninutos,
Pit J H��iKi,i,. Agent
-���'..���..' yTl^T \V',T],-'H,t '""""'K Bpph
nil Wnrk. r "'"fCiunmlsaluiirrof Ulida
"W|��K   ill'HrHluP.rm"ll.0n te PUMh����   thO   fol*
II|M idi I it J, II11hIn:   Gommonoing  at n
\ -,,,,';'''<��� norlhweat coiner of "K.
K K'i s ,. "I'M'-'ition to purcbue, marked
"r|,|. iiiei'i,'. ,"'r.' .""iiHnic ihenee ho chnlna
iilh, ii,,,,. '7' Ohalm WOlf, theuco HO chnlna
���'���fin ,,,:.,  ',   ""l'l1ls ���',lM ''> point of cinniuen-
ii,i!,.,t n ''\", "uiu ti-iii n,.u.H moreor leaa.
iam nay of Ootober) lew
per J. Siujci.i,, Agent.
Tkl   fo
Notice la hereby given lliat DO dayi allrr date 1
intend toapply lothe Honorable tbi Chief Commluloner of i.ttmiN ami Worki for permlulon to
mirobiM iin* following daorfnd landl In the
Wee] Kootenay dlitrloti Beginning at a poat
marked "Alexander Kruer. N, w. oorner," and
planted on tin* cam ahore of the narrowiof
Wbat-han fCarlboo) lake, at the S. E. corner ol
(t-riihiir.l   Hlnch'i   ap|ili'*ntln[i    to   purchaiii';
thenoe earn to chniua; theuce lonth nohalni]
ihence weet-to chalm, more or leu, to tbo-ibore
of the narrow*;  thence following tin- said shore
In a northerly direction mo obalm, more or leu
to the point of coiiiin. iK-cmeut, containing 820
aerea, more or Icea.
Oot. 18th, 1S06. Ai-xxANOER Fraser,
by F I.. Hammomi, Agent.
Hixty dan after date! purpoie making application tu tio* Hon. Chief I omiiilaaliiii.r of La in in
and Worki fur tx'nn 1��nloll to purchact; tbe following deserlbed lnnds: Commtuaojng _t the
nortliiam corner of r. 1. Hanuliigtou'R uppllca-
tioii to pnrebuO) marked "K A. Ci B. B, corner,"
r u um ng thenco BO chalm north, thence B0 obalm
WOlt,  tbenee  Ko chalm aouth, theuce 80 ehalna
cam tn point of commencement] containing 64u
acres, more or icas.
Dated thu I aft li day of (Vtohcr, 1U06.
jter J Shiki.l Agent.
Noiiee ll bereby given that BQ daya after date
I Intend toapplf lothe Htm Ciilef Coiumitialoner
nf Landi iiiiii v*v\��rka
i fnr permission to onrohaie
iln-il landa in Went kootenay
Dlitrlel; ll ginning at a pout market!, "Bern-
hard Ihnii-h'sS. K. corner," antl planted on the
eaat abort* of the narrows of WliHtahan {Cnriboo)
lake; thence n rth Mi chatna; thence weat 40
Chalm mora Or lean, to the Bhore of WliiiT-ljrt.il
lake; thenco following aald shore iu a general
aoutherly and easterly direction l&lchafna more
or leaa, to point of coiiimeiicciucnt: containing
130 acres, more or leaa,
Dated this Hth day of Oct. 1MB.
IliKS'IIARn  lllli-. ll,
F. L. Hammomi, Agent
sixty dayt after dote I purpose making application U) tHe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
l-aiid** and Worka for permlaaion to purchase the
following dearrllied land: Commencing at a
*poil pliucd ahout half n mile west ol Hftrues
cn-ek, and altont otic mile north of the mouth of
the aame. marked "J. M'a. H W, corner," running
thonce80Chalm nnrth; thence 80 chatna east;
ihtnee mi cbaina iouth lo the north boundary of
Vi. N. I'onle'a application to purchase; thence SO
eliains west lo point of commencement; containing 540 acres more or leaa.
Dited the 18th day Of October, 190fl.
Blxty dam after date 1 purpose making appli-
cation lo the Hon. Chief Co mmi salon ur of  I.hii.I-
aud Worki for permlnion to purchase the following described lands: Commeueiiig at a prat
plnceilaboiit hnlf a mile west of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, marked "!>. H's. N. W .corner,"
running thence no chains south; I heme MO chains
cast; thence80 chains north; ihence 80 chains
west to point of commenoement, eontainiug tun
acres, more or less
Dated the Uth dav of October, IWtl.
1). PODD,
/ Per J. Pi! I ELL, Agent-
BiXty dari after date 1 purpoie malting application'to the Hon Chief Commiaaloncr of Landa
and Wu ks fnr permlaalon to purehaae the following deaorlbed lands: ��� ommenclng at the
northWOft corner of F.. A. Crease's aptilication lo
pnrehaae, marked "W. Q, a*l. _ W comer."
i ii iiii nor thence HO chalna north; thenc. t-X)
Ohatnicast; thenee HO ehalna south; thence mi
halna west to |>olnt of eoiuineUL'emeut, contain-
The Daily Canadian
lug Mo acres, more or le
tho 12th day of October, lftfi.
w. Q.otujm
I'er J. Siiiki.i , Agent.
Blxty data after date 1 purpoao making application to the Hon. Chief Commtailouurof Lamia
ami Worka lor permission to purchaie the following deaeribed landa: Commencing at thfl
northwest corner of D. Dodd'i application to
purohiiie, marked "Mi K'i P. Vi. comer," running
tin mc ao chains north; thence Al chalna, more
or h aa, to the west shore ol Whatahan lake, following umu 80 ehalna aouth;  theuee HO cbaina,
mora or less, cast lo toe point <>( oommen.omonti
containing litu act cm, moreor lesa.
Dated the l.'th dav ol October, lW'H.
M. KAfgfiKit.
per J. HltlKLL, Agent.
Catiiiate of thc Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Ncsiist i. hereby iMd th��l iiyj Imi iUft
,ut,- 1 I u.l to H|>i>ly to Hi'* Hsiiisstiii.il-Otalu
CommluloDer ssl i.uis,u .usl iv..ik. (ornrnili.
.lull Iis sssirs-liini- llss- loUOWlnl sli-ssi'tMis-sl Isiii.lss:
Oomniepolai ��t��i."��t isi��.*sssi on tho nortliwul
oornerol An,.-t ��� Rlllottlappilonuon tonnrenue,
iii'iiinist 10 i-IimI... ml "Issiilt tiio tiiiflls.'rii
i���,iiii,lssrv s,( SS.IIS1I-; tlsi-iii'o ni s-iiisini northi
thi-iiis-Ki'is-iisiiiiH vreetl th.ne��loonisliiiJ|putn, t.s
point ,'t �� iis-tis's-siis-iii, nooMlmng suss ns-rc,
moreor leni.
I)��l��l l),-t. IS. HOD, Jom RU.I-TT,
Hy litis HKSsist. KISNKSIT \\   KlilllNKnN.
N���iis-n tss hereby i|ven timt M flnyi ilter.dete i
Intent!... ��i.j.is-1-> il. n.OhletCommlnloner
nt undi mi I IsVorki for permlnion lo B��;onj��e
the iiiiisisvinit deierlbea lenoi iltnetea in tin-
WUt Kss.striiliv sllsstrls-t: Ill-filllllllK III �� psss.1
m.rket]  ������ llorl.fr!  Wnrr �� N. K. ns-iss-r," en.l
" ,i., on-the ����� -i s.i..its-,si ��|siii��Is��ii ji'siriisiss.)
���boiu one-quarts' mile noriii ,,1 llss- iouth-
nil istllss-lists-; 111 i'lls'Kmili'ls.l.-lis;llli-llrc
.nuiii wi s-liiiiit-s; tlience .aui hi) ,'tsniii.. more ssr
lau   t.s   Hiississisi.ii   iTsvk:   thenoo Jpllpwlni
K. I. llAMMssNIs, AKtitlt.
_.���,,,..,., hereby il'on HittfO'i")*" .tienieio i
I,,,.     , ,  , v ofhe ll,.... Chlol 6ommto.pner
s,,���i.,,.ii Work, lor permlnion lo nurohMe
���i   "w   it .KoMSi-J unteS in tl..;
W ,t   K   Ml'inv   Ills-Hi":    l"'Kll"s'"K ��l ��.,!'"��
weii *���''���.'"1.    .  ttiroh1!. N. -��� oorner,"mnl
SSmXiJ. mow or loaa. to point ol oom-
11 "_^��� .hi ai liig M h'ttk. moro ur Ichh
meu-omeni. * oni��i��*ui
oet. mh, um. antoinktti KiaacHi
By F. I. Hammond, Agent.
BL*?��KBY OBBTlFt  that  "The Undiley
WOtfaMtJ ompany" hu thla day been reglnleret'l
aH   hii    Kjxtra I'mviiicliil   company   under  the
CompaniesiAot, U_7.�� to carry nut or effect nil
or any  of the object! of the comj-Uny to which
iie-iiiiii.iriiy oi the LegUUtureol BritiihOfl.
umbia extends.
The head offloe of the company i�� iltuate at
ine iity n| Portland, m theoountyofMultno*
raab, itito of nregoii.
I lie  amount   ol  capital  of  the  company   Ih
wcutyine   thooaand   do'lari,   divided   lmo
IQUtWenty-OTe hundred ibarei Of ten dollars
Thehead offlooof the oompany in thin province
ii iltuate hi Nclhon. anl Edward A.ldndMcy,
laoretary, trhoio addroai i Nelaon, in the attorney for the company,
''hen under my hum] and lati of offloe Ht
\ lotoria. provlnoe <>f nnihh Oolumbla, this llth
'lay nl No\emlH;r, one ih*.u-n n.i nine hundied
aud ulx
(I* H.) Iteglatrar of Joint BtOCrJl Companler.
Pith of Ex-Finance Minister's Reply to
Thaobjaoti for which tba oompany hu bean
utablllhed aiiilreglaivred aro:
I. To engage lu and coiiduet any nud all
liraiu-iiea of builncKN ior the Bali and manufac
litre nf lumber ami forest producta, Ilea, piling,
p��lc*-, piiNls.logn, liiiiil..-i-, tlm her, wood, shingles;
ami to engage Htid -onductauy hihI all hraneliba
of manufacturing into thu finished product of
whi'-li wood, In any of lla fm nis, may enter
wholly or In parti nnd toengage in, conduct and
Carry 00 the general or common business of the
manufacture ol lumber In all Its braiiehea
t. Ti. engage lu und conduct a general logging
bnitneai lu nil lis branebca, ind to purehaae or
otherwise dispose of, aud deal in stiiuipage
rights of every descripllon :
.1. To manufacture, purchase or otherwise ac-
quire. sell-orjoiberwiae dispose of, and deal in
lugs. lumiH-r, WOQO) and fuel iu any and nil their
lorma.ciuiilitlons and combinations:
4. To purehaae or otherwise acquire, iOtt or
otherwise dispose of, and deal in raw materials
mid commodttleaof any and all kinds:
f>. To be and act aa agent for others in the purchase, sale, handling and traffic uf ami In logs,
lumber and wood In auv and all their forms,
condition, and combinations, wh tber crude or
manufactured, and other commodltl t:
6. To engage in and conduct tbe business of a
erarehouaaman iu all its branches, ami to storc
coiniiiodllles fur hire:
7, To conduct a general merchandise business:
8. To purchase, or otherwise acquire, lease,
rent, OomtrUOt. build, hold, operate, ��� ond net and
maintain any ami all manner uf lumber mills for
tlie manufacture of all kinds and descriptions of
lumber, and auy and all docks, booma, plera,'
wharves, yardi, wareliuuses, mills, factories and
auy and all other buildings, structures and en
closures ola I kinds lhat mav he required, or thai
may lie convenient or desirable toi anv of tbe
purjioses for whi"li tins corporation is formed,
and to rant lea--e, sell, transfer, convey, or iu any
manner dispose of the same, or any part thereof,
as may be defdred:
9, To locate, to acquire by purehaae, lease or
otherwise, lo po.*-.*--. operate, and dispose of by
mle, lease or ctherwise, aud loconvey timber
lands, coal, coke,  oil, and asphaltiim lands and
deponta. end lodes and veins of gold, silver, Uon.
Upper, stone, andHilotliernilneralaaiid mineral
landl, fanning an.I other lands, city or town Iota,
mill sites, water rights and privileges, aud other
rights, privileges and property, real or pel-annul:
In. lo aeon Ire by purchase, lease or l the nv ise,
to erect, build, operate* malutaiti, possess Htid
dispoccof by sale, lease or otherwise, and loconvey Humes, roads, railroads, tramways, steam
boats, and all other boats, scows, barges and
vessel*-; mid to curry freight and passenger-ion
any aud all such transportation lines, and to
Charge and receive tolls and coiiii-etisation therefor:
II. To purchase,'ease or otherwise acinire,
ami t<> erect, bui Id. ope rate, malu >aln aud possess,
and dispose of by sale, lease, or otherwise, and
to    convey,     machinery     for     the     prodn'fl
t Ion or generation of steam or steam power, elec-
triclty electric power, aud any other power
known or hereafter to be discovered, and to use"
sell, lease or otiierwise dispose of, and to convey
such steam, electricity and power for heating,
lighting or other purpose*, and lo erect and construct poles, wire and subways, or other neces
sary or proper means and appliances for tbc
conduct of electricity or electric power for any
of the purp '-set**- aforesaid:
U, To subscribe for. purchase or otiierwise
acquire, om n, hold, ]tOB��ess, sell or otherwise
dispose of, aud to convey shares, stocks, bonds,
or oilier securities or assurances of ita own or
anv oilier company or corporation, anil to guar-
a nice or otherwise secure the payment of dividends tm shares or stocks of its own or any other
company or enrp ration, and the Interest or
principal of bonds of any company or corporation:
18, To make promiiaorj notes, bills of exchange and other evidences of liidibicdness; to
borrow or tu loan money on bund*, debenture-*,
or otiierwise; to secure, In such manner as to it
may seem proper, the payment of any promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or other evidences of indebtedness 01 thc corporation, and to
mortgage, pledge, or give or convey In trust any
or au oiita property, real peraonal or mixed, to
secure the payim ~J    * 	
bonds, debenture
14.���To buy, purchase, own, bold, acquire, vend,
sell, barter, donate, mortgage, encumber, Ichso.
manage and dlepoao Of all kinds of real and personal property!
Io. T<> build, construct, maintain and operate,
to possess and own by lease, agreement or otiierwise, and to lease or dispose of the same by
agreement, sale or otherwise, all telegraph and
telephone lines ami all uthcr Bt.-uus of communication, and lo charge and receive tolls and
compensation for tlieBatne:
ia. The buiioeai of t e corporation or any portion thereof, may be transacted in the states of
Oregon and Washington, or in either of said
sUtei, or In any other parts of the United -"tates
of America, or its dependencies, or in any foreign
country or countries, or ln auy or all of such
states, dependencies or count ilea:
17. To do aud perform any and al) olher mat-
teisaud thing! necessary, proper or convenient
for tbe aceomplUhment of all or any of the objects hereinbefore ipeolned,
Notice ta hereby given that 60 days afterdate, I
intend to apply to the Hon. thief I'lujimissioncr
of bands and Works lor permisalon to purchase
thc followlug descritied land In West Kooteuay
district: Oommenotni at a post marked Mrs. \ .
A. Wilson's corner post, planted al the norttu-ist
corner of Becli u U, Towuatte T, running south
41) chains, thenoe west 40 eliains, theuce nortii 40
chains to place of commencement, containing i'.o
acres, more or lesa.
hated Nov. tt- V**>- MM. V, A. Wilson,
J, wtLaOKi Agent.
Sixty daya afler dale I intend to apply  tothe
Ron. OWef Commlaaioner of Landl ami worn
to purcliaae M acres of land, ('"inmeneltig at a
ooal marked H. H's N. K. comer post. 0 anted ui
the N.W. corner of Q. W. Steele's claim On the
west side of Arrow lake, ubout four miles above
Hurton ell v, Ihence wcsl U chaiua, llieneo south
.*��� i.' chain-, (hence eaal I" chalna, tlience north
4ii.W chains to nlaee of beginning, containing 1ST
aeres, mon1 or Ic*
Haled tttb day of Nov , 1MB, Hvron IU'HTon.
J. I*.   An:, a hi.K. Agent.
Notice is benny given that DO daya aller dato I
Intend loapply to the Honnrihlo the Chief <'om-
nilssloner of battdl Htid Worka for permission
lo purchase 2m acres of land, situate on the Little
Movie river about I mile from international
Boundary and about i mile from Bpokattfl Inter
national Ity.: Commencing at a post marked
I>. drain's H- K. corner poat, theuce wesl 40
chalus; thence norlh 10 chains; Ihence east M
chains; theuce norlh '20 cbaina; thenee east IW
eliains; theme smith IW chains lo place of commencement, containing 280 acrea of land.
Located Oct. 80th lWf.
Dasiki. Chant.
Notice Is hereby
Tlie Faster criticism extended over
two hours und nearly _U years. Only
llie part rela^iiiR to the new tarlli
was unfamiliar. Tho rest was the cub-
tomary, it still elfcctlve arraignment
on the score ol extravagance of the
spending only ?5_,0UU,(HH) out ot tne
capital on productive public works, as
against a total of |11,UU0,UU0 spent in
the lb years of Conservative rule; oi
a total expenditure in lu years of J4--,-
ObO.OOO against a Conservative total ot
$51)7,000,-00 for 18 years; of taking
-fl.10,000,000 from the people In taxes
to build up surpluses und spare the
debt, llundi'eds of millions of money
going for foreign goods which ought
lo be inude by protected industries in
Ca&adft, the government doing nothing
while the bulunce of trade stood
against Canada lo a total or oue hundred millions; these were among the
Foster points.
He charged the administration with
cuming roiiinl to protection. He saiu
that the new tariff was choppy, the
intermediate section au Instance ot
the instability which the finance
minister professedly wished to avoid.
The overatiou of this section by order
in council Instead of by pai-llament he
condemned as dangerous.
Finally Mr. Foster held up a warning finger on tbe score of financial
rocks ahead and the failure of the government to get ready for them.
eivcn that60dan after tlate I
Intend to apply io the Honorable chief rnmiui*-
sionur of Lands and Works fnr perpltaton to
purchase ihe followi nn described lauds. In WOlt
iToolouay: Commruclnt* nl a DM* planted at
the northeait corner of I ot 480(1, Q. 1 , murked I*.
Fletcher'! northwest comer, thenee south BD
chiiiii**. lheni e east 10 ehulns, more nr lou, lo
the western boundary of Lot Hint, ii. 1.; theuce
north W) chaiua to Koolenay river; tlience west
following Mid rlrer to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres mora or leaa.
Mth October, 100*0.
FlIANK  Fl-KTf-Hlill.
Sixty davs after dale I intend to apply to lbe
Hon the Chief CoramlMlonqr of Landa and **owi
to purahaioMO aorei of land; Commencing at a
posl  marked "N.T   H'a aolllheiat comer liost,"
���aid  post bid iir Bt the northeast comer Of Of 0
nudum'a pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast of  Hurton C-ity, theliee west 40 c mlus,
south-0 chains, west _0 chains, north 10 chalna,
eaat 80 chains, south '20 cbaina to place or com-
nienceiiicni, contftl!ili>K M0 acrei,
Located Hth day of Nov. 1W6.  Nami T. IIikk.
They Do Not Conquer Habits of Custom
So Quickly aa the Gentler Sex.
Women will investigate and accept
better methods more quickly than meu
do In all matters oi dress. A man is
satisfied usually to follow custom or
habit, and he is harder to convince.
But conviction has come at last to
the majority of men in the matter or
Semi-ready tailoring. It took many
years and much strenuous endeavor.
Of course accomplisment was easy
when a man really gave his attention
and thought to the physique typo system of the Semi-ready. For five years
the growth of the Semi-ready idea was
slow, but in recent years it has been as
swift as the rise in value of a gold
mining company which strikes a rich
vein of ore. Twenty-four new Semi-
ready Wardrobes were established this
year In Canada, each one the result ot
an eager enquiry and quick demand for
the agency in some new district.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
ot Nelson, has secured the agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Trust Magnates Convinced  Must  Heed
Public Opinion.
The New York Journal of Commerce
is authority for the statement that Uie
largest financial interests In the
United States have become converts to
the necessity of placating public opinion, and of unmasking themselves and
their operations. Fundamental changes
in the attitude of railroad, industrial
and financial kings are looked for with
confidence. They realize that they
must conform to the temper of the
time. The people refuse to rise up
aud call the plutocratic few blessed.
And the plutocracy Is beginning to accept the terms of the democracy. Great
corporations which formerly surrounded themselves with secrecy are learning to introduce publicity into their
methods and to take their shareholders
and the outside world inlo thelj-*- confidence. This tendency is all in the
right direction aud we know two or
three Canadian cor]H_ rations which
sliould go and do likewise.
GiflS arc fond of attention;  married
women are fond of contention.
who require auy special book
for Christmas should make
their selections or
Place Their Order
iu order to ensure delivery of books not in
stock before 'Xmas.
Silver King Hotd
Beat Dollar a day honae in the Kootenays.
Koomi are well furnlihed.   Table ak good ai any
in Nelaon.    Bar tupplled with good
liauora and clean.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Earopeao and American Plan
Heali **& eta.   Roomi from 26 eta. to 11
Only White Halp Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-D��y House io Nelson.
The H��r I. tba Flncil.
While Help Only Implored.
Are you one of the wise ones
who have piaeed their order
with us?     If Not.Get Busy!
loMpbioe St.
Lake View Hotel
Cora?! HaU and Vernon,
two bloekH from wharf.
Ratei f 1.00 per day and up.
Building Lots for Sale
-_,_P_o���eI?!i.      N.ELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EMOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrstlly Ixroteri. Open Day a_ri Night.
.Ample end Btth Room. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Wild ud Vernon Streeis.
T-_�� Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Beker Street, Keleon. B. C.
Lighted by Eleotricity aud
Heated by Hot Air
Lerste ausl Comfortable Besirooma and Pint-
claaa Timing Room. Bample Boomi (or Commercial Men
MRS. X. C. CLARKE, l'roprlatreH
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Most comfortable usssii-l.-rs in Nelaon.
Only tho best ol Llquora and ilgara.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Und it to their advantage to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Wholesale tuul IteUtl Dealeri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oauips supplied ou shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meals and supples kept iu .took
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
Canada Drug (Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
VV.   a.   QIL.LETT
Gout reactor and
Hole agent for the 1'orio Kifu Lumber i'o., Ltd..
retail ���.unlit. Koiigli and il re* suit lumber, turned
work nml braoketit, Coast lath anil shingles, ra��h
ami iluors. CiMiiunt, hrk-k ami Jltno for sale
Automatic grimier.
Yanl ami factory: Vernon Bt.. cast of Hall,
Nuusorv, B. Q.
P. O. Hoi 2__. Telephone 178.
H.  &  M.   BIRD,
��� T >       , �� 0����,  TO   TAKE  OUT   AN 	
JNowiSthe lime Accident Insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldett Company Doing Bu.in... In Thi. Lln*.
Choice Fruit
I Have J0.000 Acrea
Choicest Frott Lands fa
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Notice la hereby given that 30 dari after (Ute 1
Intend making application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or a
special license to cut and remove timber from
tlie following described lands, situated on the
tikaget river:
Commencing about 00 chains north of the
southeast eoruer of Lot 223. Yale district; tbence
running cast forty (40) chains; south one hundred
und sixty (160) chains; west fortv (40) chains;
uorth one hnndred and sixty (iui) chaiua, to
place of commencement.
Dated October Kith, 1906.
I). H. Telford.
Thirty davs after date ! intend to apply to the
Hon. Chiaf Commissioner of Landsand Works,
Victoria, for a special lii*t*n*-t* to cut and ca-ry
away timber from the following tract of laud,
situated on the N. & 8. railway, in thc West
Koolenay district: Commencing at a post planted near the N. E corner of A. K. Ftngland _
timber claim, tbence west 80chains, tbence nortb
80 chains, tbence e��st 80 chains, thence nouth 80
chains to point of com meneement.
Nov. 6th, 1906. P. J. Gal-LAUDER
Certificate of Improvements
"Hatton" mineral clafm, situated ln the Nelaon
Mining Division o( West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I, John McLatchie acting as
agent for George A. Campbell, Free Miner's ('er*
ttlicate No. bTiiT", intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate ot Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a frown Urant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, un'cr
section 87, must Ite commenced before tbe Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of November, im
John McLatchir.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealere in staple and fancy Oroceriea.
Butter, EggB.
Gamp and Miners' Suppliers.
p*ra-scw $,50
Certificate of Improvements
"Hpyglaas" and "C.obe" mineral claims, situate
In Trout I.��ko Miniug Division.
Located ou Poplar creek.
Ttde MottiM 1 Hut 1, Rruco White, acting as
agent for tbe Hpyglais Mining 1 o.. Fret- Minors'
Certl-Arale No K ��4 v., Intend, 60 dnys from Ihe
date hereof, toapply to tbe Mining Keeorder for
a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a frown Urant of tbo alxive claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Hft-iiiiti :(7. must bu communi-ud before lho Issuance of mii-li f <*riit;e.iti* of Improvements.
Dated Jt*. 111 Oetober, n .w. Hiuvk Wiutk.
I'Kl'NINU AND UKArriKU carefully attended to. Apply
Bllvur King Hotel.
Notice lr hereby given that a court of Revision
aud Appesl. under the provisions of the "Am et��-
ment Act," I'.ui," snd Ainenelug Acts, and thc
"Public Schools Act" will he held In the court
house, In the City of Nelson, ou Thursday, December ���-.rli, Um, at the hour of 10 o'clock lu the
forenoon, for the NcIjoii AssossmeutdNtriot, and
the Hume School Dlstricl, Vmlr School District,
KhIhio t-chool District, and Creston School District, contained therein
Judge of fourt of Revision aud Appeal.
Dktcdat Nelson, B.C.,
this 4th dny .of December, IMM).
On and after December 1st my luutlng and
plumbing business will bn located tn my new
���hop, two doors east of opera house, on Victoria
Tel. ISI.     S- A. WYE
A collection of all tbe Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward  Sta.
West Transfer Co.
txKiiurM Teamnten and Dealera tn
Goal aud Woo��� i.   Express aud
Baggage Transfer
p?o.pbJ?ij. Office: Baker St.
Notice U hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of License Commissioners, to be he'd tn
the Chief Coiikitble's offlce, Nelson, on the 16th
December, 1906,1 Intend toapply for a transfer ol
my lleenie for the drove Hotel, Fairview, Nelson,
to c F. Walmtley-
Daled 16th Nov., 1906. J W  CROW,
per Wm. G08NKLL, Attorney.
No'lce ls horetsy given that -t m meeting of the
Bostnl of l.lcs.me Commlu'ssuers, to t-o uelil IB
.hlel Consttftble'issftlce, at Ns-lwssi, ..n 15th Deceiu-
Iser, 19tt>, 1 Intensl to ejsply for . trtiDifer of mr
hotel lloensse for tho 1-1-t-e hotel, at Ymir, to
Archibald St Darn.
nth November, WW.
v.     'J
The Dally Canadian
New Goods - - Just Opened
.;���___ _>:
MS  -.��:�����
V*    ." CfC*."*;   ���I." .1    v ..    Ii.-i.c   iZivA'-i'
I *       *   - ���     : ���       ��� ��� ���
:*. mtAt
r.    ItUD.-iX    *��� .-   .       ���
v tath.
Don't Overlook
.'*-.-���*:> . i     ���  .
���       ... *
..;... :���;*-    .:   ������:���
���    **.
= ��W��V = ��=   -J   5l��   --��
= ��.* . ~ r_ _   S  _i ��=    =  ��:E5
����-���<��������  --"    %  S*.\**\
:*-���= s~w-ts ��� = !:���
J  Ii. rex   -    50:
1-2 __._���_;-    3-Oc
__��   kf  1 m tt*  i: ���  l
. ��� ��� . k   . mgi
J6cl._i-.a-i   vs
-    -    ���
" -1   - - . -. -
'..-_ ��� -.-     ,  i    r '�����    :������:_..    ."-.'- r.
��� :    *.    ;   -. -    **��� ;> ���.���:.*    -   *     t.     :���:���.:������
._.______! pemame\t to . _   _���_-._     .__
n -_*f   >   *������   :  :*   _*-.::...-   *..   :* -r.*-   ;_������..'
��� ��� * . -.
i - .: -
-:���_;.   t: :     . *
_u.-i.-_i ii        .        !���__.:>:
* -     t   __.-_..-ui . _���:
*   ��� _
Sou ?
. j.^5.
New Xmas Fruits!
SEC:**"*-    5-  r W E ���*>"
���t^   _�� w ;'
**>IH>. _nr-_j_
Hm      .- B      .     "   ;-..::��_
Lt?t-~  ���-.    :��� l-.-.:���-   ; . .
���C..:- .:  _*jt  :�����*-
Bell Trading Co. I
Coal and
Telephone 265
> .Some Wise Body ;
( Has Said:
e li    Otitic*:     _!i."     n -���
\ __!-__��      __    =.?�����_;__.:    ���.:--;    ate]
( a�� ____
J ��� f-i.rn-u: ____���  :���>���:   -   *  :���_-'? {
7 *_   Ven-afc-     ll   :���
( __kk?  ?aci ti m__-
\ ���r***********;  y:*t:i*"-.-T.a    l: :
| B. & L R.:.: P.... .
���^  r   ftl S-L i ���*   i .'    : I.H1 '
l alC: ��ii._l* * r ��������� or.
_.,     -      v .   - *   ���-        _       -
...:. .--   .     * --
- :.   '       -.   *    - :
;        -.-  -
-       , |
.     . .       . ���      :
-   -  : ��� . ��� :
- ��� .        . . '   -
;     ���
tata, .
- *  -
- ���     * ���
F   Z'.-an
��� ���
_- ��� :   .*-*�����      -      1.    .-.-       i: i
��� . _
��� :      -      -.-.:-.: : :  i
9   ���       -
. .     ".._.:���- " :    :. .
*_   ,
E    . ft���n     m���tat
I -
:     ~ ?-_*."_
__; . --���:���
l   . :.
: r. ��� _ -.    t
���-:*. -      *_    Tw*c��r    L.
- _S__a:
--: :      >l      ;���'   ���:   - *       -..     K:_'-'l*
'  i run
���. ���    ���
-: v ;>:il
'/    j_i ��� ;*;.:i    _���_!.���>
���: * -     ���mm   ���
~~'-. '. '��� 9
:���'*:._'   Mas   Lao*    F   *.
:   ��� -.
: . 1     L
��� -   : :   ;        ���     .. ��� ;���...���_.*_...���_.    -.- ���
______       ILIXH ."        __��._?*_���
- ��� ::::-- :    * -
"-   :.., : ..:  :        ��� ���      j ��� . -        u     ic:
-        ;   v---  -������..   .-
; - . BOB
��� :-::*������ -. .      ��� *    .
:   :; ���             :
: -:' " -   :   ���- ��� .      ;     ; -  '! -   .-*- i:
��� . -   - :    :
r-.Zi.ij'"-   -:. v -      l. : ��� ���:-  ���
���   ���   :
���   ���:   ivit
��� LM*. .   ec
1 ������"_: i.      .
: . *        - v       -t n.i.:
r*. ���   * Jrt:    Hux:.'
���-i   -   i .
i    ��� :��� ���������:--
���    ���   -.
i . ���       ���   ���    . .
~l-   t_._   *.- '   : -  ���      - :    ���
: *r.    ma -  *
* - ' '       ���"-'..--   |l       *-    E_t -
'���"- .-.r   Lti  i--"L'--*: u i'-:
���      -.        ; :      v .-      ��� . -
-t   :.- :.i-   i r_ ���   ���   ���
i  ���        n -     '   r, _M
.   - : - ;
:*: ��� : *.        li   Jj:hl-       i.
. " * -       ������ :     . ���      :
_ .      .   .    , . _
���*   -
.:.:��������� .--������'        :   -�����
Zi_ - ���      l___r__L
i ;
.   -u -*:--1- f   ��l*
nam ���
������-Lr-*:.    l   ;-;"n':*:*>    . li   h.l ;*t
���      - ������ .   ..:-
I ��� ���   -     -
v '       *     - -     . ��� .
*.. - WlrfC
:   ::*. :���*      ;-:���������   ���*: ... : i.
���    :* . ��� ��� ���_   :i*
:>i--'   i_i:   ���**.  i::i_:   ��� ��� i__: ���
���,  m .,,_���     -j  i ���   -   -  _ .
���   ���''������ t���i'.   -      _ ���   :   - :. -
n ���
Joy's Cash Grocery |
il__S 5 �� fJ'l .iS~   __��_5 A "��� -} i
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pcreai Cass     90c
10 Po-sai Ci-i  $1.75
���*���=���*=____   The Sure of Quality
40 Oflts per Pound
v *  lt-  r--:      ��� _
""-     _  - ;.t'.
���  ' - '*   '1   .    tl*L
.     '   -   H  VU1.  *k!T
;n - ���
...: " -���'_
* '.rti-'r
So*"  Xrr*����ft. T - m&w..
-JL   JT1CC  :��c.i
l-c-i ? nr. ! ci ? i
Old Curiosity Shop
Munroe & Nelson I
Rob. M. Hood i Co.
if..:*     ph.ti,.   'A.
Sh: T.-c- *^_t:.
Fruit     ____?
Cakes   fe^
We make thcz: .r il_  -     -
and des:ccs
r-r JE3X.
-  n.kl sis: jliirTlil,.
l; rrci_.r:
Lrr:'_.: C*j_5_n
Choquette Bros.
:  I -���,     s.l'-
v L-l*_r
:   e. r:r=  i,?.,^._
Cm A. Benedict
"'I- l."- ���       ti:    LUf-
i a
:     v        .:.-���: tm I
-    . ~\ :..:-.*:
:  ���
; . *     ���   i -lu
:���:-__���.r i?_:*-'-*i li_
h*.���m.     \ --   . ;   >    ���_. -
Gvin�� and
i . -
Loaded Shot Shells
R____f _____: P_s::! C__r_n5��_3
-I 1*-J- 5aTI yjs"; f;.vrr
Nelson Hardware Co.
Bo\  ��WJI       Nelson, fci. C-.
Something    Ncthersole Bracelets
For the Baby THE Vi^~
$1.00 Each
Watchmaker Jeweler
Tulvphone  .l.t.*..
SUrkey&Co., _$&*
W hole-Mile  ProvUiong,
Mroduc., - Kruit.
'-'���-- -������-������-:     r---.-_-.-T    --}--._:.:}.;���, i. ..... .    ....,._.
tnmi -be cbxrn.    rs_r n> bj- ��11 kadu^ puntn
LEATHER G000S a���^ H"^e i
Josephine Street.
Hotjiko Biwi,   Phow R
Nelsoa. B. C.
-      :.i     -      :���:*.  li":-:      h\  -1*-      i l l'"
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Saturday. Dec.  8th
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*>��l*��s, H.C.
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W. G. Thomson
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C��ns.r_i_tng Monday Dec. 10
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A Wotd to the Wise
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Good Cheer Art Base Burner
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). H. Ashdown Hardware
Comp&fly, L__x_it__i.
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��_____!__.   r NELSON    IRON   WORKS
Ne.i��.-B_���� Company.     ; r^*wws^~w-*t *. l8wc    ^     R. w. h,*,*to*,-
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CJo__ig Otr* Oiis and Ex is Tha Week
B?*ore *-he Chr-stma-s Rcsh..
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:.:    -t-Zi   -Ei.-    -**..���   r-i'.'.E_-���E
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W   _ .   '�� E ��� ��� ��� -���       - sqj'c     IH__Jja. ��fl id. s.4i.
Erery Odd Lme in Stock Will Go
At a Eirfais.
ttm^SSSS 'IY3 ���ko'*""' ��.ku teo v��ith I >c .��:_,._������..   >s-,_��i M.S.I
�� c~rfc. M;r-lr%��_"~3   Msll   Ma.hir.er-..      MansJl.ctus-sr.s.l
*^-sar-��,   w.   fr..   Cmtra^torm-   C��r��.
NELSON,    B. C.
_ .v-_r*  -* v ���*���*.��*. rrt*?rt.
forking fT>��r��.
Wmmm in ^*-��_-* atttr-v.
Sp__f~tir\�� me-n.
VMTK -tad __=_*:  ____.   H*  i__cj��-r_-two* at
J*ci__x T PWTf are tbtfavpe: ':
Mr Im JW t*i|M_at I_m jus t-rtT-M.  S��
Men  t -nt   -  fuJ|  tj  fi,^
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
*_****_-W__-"V: -*5'i"*_ "_._ 't * ���= - "**_���'-������--'������.   ;       -    -*r-i*��er*'i ^-f **���- : * .''.'''..'4;
���r - *- *
Mm   ���----*
N All Prices from $ \ 0 to $30
JL. :i_j_^^ Lumber, Shingles,
AAAAA^^^__  , . ���       L^th, .Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
������������ ****** ���^���^������������������������������������^     Tum��_ Wort. _u��d BrHckcta.           M^^__, -,. ,
=***=*===========*^==^=__==_===_==_���;==���=-_______ -. r^.%c�� ST-RKi-rr  . . .  >i;i_s.o>. h. c.  .
���   t-'j-ui-.i r-
tt ptat ttt
>.K)9__  _ -x. ?f::i?*.'.
Kootena>- Ranges
**.��   dr we  h ifttfit t^e Fi-*r.r.* K.x-re-i>    .a-;*-
BM_-:��f ��t ta <���,-:*  p^ru-^e s  txtte*. ta** -*;    ~': *
ataat tMatga, Titttmtmaaia, tmahiam amaHi*** ami
Wf w      t>e pitite-o t-c i\*�� j*c_i   :�� j^^ c*c "-11
Wood-Valknce Hardware Co'y


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