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The Daily Canadian Oct 4, 1907

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Array _s.
���_e-*i$lativt As^{
,.,;;, 2. wr f*H
iillje  ��aily
Fiftt Cents a Month
Uul-General Nosse on
Japanese Feeling
.minion Minister  of  Labor  Will
Study Causes of Migration of
Asiatics to Canada.
[ pot-re, Ocl i Codj ui Nm-'Sf today
kid Out he had intended i-Uvh.i. aaartai
,, hi Japaoaae cities re-
,-i     trade     with   Japan
I i   then .   -Hit   since  tlie
be .���-- i" doubt as to
���ni ���. ��� *.. ii mlgbi rftoelva ibem.
I thai by (temoostnUloa ba
Lo* In   i.l. n-nce   tu  t'ati.i
lan-Jai-aii'*.-���    trade.     He   think*--.   Him:
I might   nut care  to  bfttr
p ll    is planning to take hit.
', him when he sails on the
-!   that   the  Canadian  envoy
k Willi.* lately he H-td tliut he
Im- un a tit month* leave of absence.
I;     aid he was not ab-
and   addt-d:   "l-erhapi".
I ��� thlnf I   like  batter."
���overei    l ti   expected   here   tliat   ha
�� ���  \ mi-nths frun* now
. had Intended   going hack   to Japan
rj the mminar but hud
11-    had   lo ard   nothlnc
���*��� In the way   of   development)*   re-
brdtui :���      Loation at Vancouver.
I '��������� ������ :     Today  it   wan  found
I Randolph  Lamlanz1 ���Iwurw
iDm ptrllameni during part of the com*
Y will   noi    -eriourtly   jut erf.re
J ..     ].r'ii_r;uiitne   afTecl
"   .     and    labor   di-part-
nts    It La  probable that  ba  will  ba
ministi i    .:. i tad   i��y   the govarn
\ Ko In Toklo  on   October  10th
V with i|M. .iapanewe mivern-
lent in respect    to    immigration   and
��� ��� wean tba two ootm-
flai Mr Lemleux Ik especially w.ll
> it   taak,    He wuh In close
pet wIUj prince  KuKhiml  duriX-g tba
pit of tha    member of  the  Japanese
��� in < Mtiiwa. and as minister
F would naturally  be entrusted
rjth a MUilon which wo Intimately oon-
' Interaati    of    tba    laboiini
F-a In British Columbia.      It Ih also
f'. Improbable  thai  tha   miniate,   will
'ttpanli -1  by     an     ofllcial   of  the
���wernmeni who would aupptomanl tba
f'r'��ai t-lplomatlc effacta by  ooltootbig
l:" und Informatlona an to the aeosv
poir and social uped of tba question
Immigration ror ihe benefil
��� rnmeni in forinulutlrig a wl��e
W tin-
been Keen before In thla part of the
OOUntry. In every sense of the word
the Kathering wa�� truly ropresentattve
of all thoaa btut-K that are directly or
indirectly   interested   In  the   project  0_
a deep waterway from the great lakes
to the (Juir of Mexico. Included among
thoaa present were the governor.-* of a
wrote of eomTiionwealthK, almost (sufficient memberK of Congress to conBti-
tute a quorum, and hundreds of bankers, manufacturers, trannportation official.* and other represi-ntailves of the
bttafaaaa interests of the middle west
and pouth. The great Auditorium,
���paclotU though It is, wan taxed to accomodate the crowd that lOBght admittance
Though the address of President
Booaarall was naturally the big feature
of the day, much Important business
was accomplished by the convention
before the President's arrival. The
gathering was caller] to order shortly
after 10 o'clock this morning for its
Brat sesHion. President \\\ K. Kuv-ni-
au-flj of the Lakaa-to-the-Gulf Deep
Waterway Association read the official
call and made a few remarks. P*rnian-
ent organisation was then effected and
the necessary committees ou credentials aud resnlu* torn- appointed.
Three set addresses were delivered
during tlie forenoon, as follows: '"The
Necessity of United Action by the
Friends of Kiver Improvement," Hon.
Joseph K. Kausdeii. president of the
National Rivers anil Harbors Cor.'**
The l_akes-to-theC.*.lf Deep Water
way," Lyman B. Oooley, engineer of
the (*hicag(- drainage canal; "The
Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as Tran.j-
poi i ation Factors," Hon. J. L, Vance.
president of tho Ohio Valley Improvement  Association.
In addition to the address of President Roosevelt and the greeting by
(.overnor Patterson of Tennessee tlie
programme for tlie afternoon session
included addresses hy QorarOOt Joseph
W. Folk of Missouri and Hon. Theodore
lv Hurton, chairman of the Inland
Waterways Commission and probably
the best informed man in America on
the subject of inland wa.erv.ays. Tonight Governor Dent-en of Illinois nnd
Governor Cummins of Iowa are to be
The roll call showed the attendance
Of the governors of twenty five Ftat-s
and It ls i-osslble lhat several more
will put In an appearance before tba
close of the eonvenllon. It is expected
that nil of these will ba called u|M>n to
tddreai the sessions. Among the number. In addition to those already men-
lion.d. are (������ivcrnois Cue I, Crawford
��� if South Dakota. Henry A Hitch..*1 of
Colorado, Newton C. Hlanehnrd of
U-ulslana, Kdward W. Hoch of Kansas. I'-ryant !.. I.rooks of Wyoming,
Qeorge EC ('humh-erbiin of Oregon, X.
O. Plndall of Arkansas, John Hurke of
North Dakota, nnd Nnpol<-on H. I trow-
ard of Florida Several prominent
members of Congress, anions tliem John
Sharp Williams or Mississippi, will also
be heard, and the other speakers will
include prominent representatives of
business men's organizations and river
improvement associations In all parts
of the   Mississippi   valley.
Four   Men   Held   Up   15,   Murdered  One,
and   Robbed  All.
|n-n,.(*n'ti-m   policy     In     regard   to  the
���PbpulaiioiiH of Japan. China nnd  India
|"n-d��nt    Welcomed   at      Memphis���
Agitation   (or   Improvement   of
Inland   Waterways.
"������n-phUi. Ttnn., on.    _���Ona   bun*
l'"'*i thousand clllleni ���f  Ma-inplilB uml
I. todaj    welcomed    i'i..si,i.-ni
11;""-'u;' .������ Dmp -vaui. <���....*.-i.
���e .-iiiiiu-iiuHiii of tin- it��-__i
I ���    " '*   "I   ths   l-l. Ill   ^..lllll   mill   Ilia*
���*'   "i"   rspabllo.     Pi-std-nt
* II wss   profoi i>-    Unprssss-
|||( ' "'" ntss-nltuds >.i    ____o_str_-
I   ""      ���'"I ii" iiiucli  In words and
""'".'" a -����� 'or in- mail.. .><> sltort
"';i1 i.i�� plsssurs,   Prom ths Um*
," s,li '""  MUHiKHippi b-Mtrlni Uu
1,1;",';,""ihi1"1 pw-i I'.i.i.i' into hiki.i
'"* ">>' mull ths Pr_sldsnl < olu-
,,���   -���  " ***   -SfOTS   tl...   wilti-i-wiis-H
,;;'""""""   '"*   rsoslrsd ���   <-���n.m���i,i
A.lll,""      "'���S   ''"U''-'   lu   "'"*    fl*"1"      **"���
^"'"imn was ihroujh u ocean of
M "'"' 'aoss in,,! ,i... vast thronK
ln| | '"' "'" Into ih.. ilds itrasts ns
I ' ";' '������''* "ould Hi-,.. ti���. landing
�� ii... root oi r,,,,,,, lv,.,,,,,.   r,.���m
polnl  ths proomslon mads   lis
Mr,,,,   ,r""''K  ���''"������"""!   iiviin.ua,    Mui,,
'����   liliirnii,'.',','"'''1'1''   ,""1    """','   ������**-*
aii i,i, '"'' ������"���"���<��� '"  Un.  auditorium
is   |���  ,, '''llllllllIK    till.   .(..Ilghtoil
a,, |j( h    his .urbsto_.a wns abandon
-��. nii.i uii"    ���'������Idantlal  party land.
���trsatt ll, a- i i1",'"'' '    ���*"���*-���>��-    I'"*
III,,,,,.        J"l li'li'H Hi,. nc-lalmliiK nnil-
"���Wsges i 111 v"ry  w*"*'*1" "f  Hi"
"""    '!'i'"liimnr<.illy elhow.-il
ri,,.,,,  , "���""" iiiiuir
���*�� '..'.i !,;1,wlil,h'" ���������� "mi w��v
""Inr..     .n ''iiililiiniH a,f ��� ni.tlnnul
"'"" wns i '''''""""'liK'iH'p." ur tlin
'I il;,,; i, ''l,il'"''*'* by thn Ihoimanda
"""���nt whlnh i? 1**, "l',",��� -aooraUvs
��frivln. . , ''"''��� '������" ""i"' <>t inivl.
,1'"1 ."uii.i ,. ,'..A""ltor1""1 tho Hre.l-
"'""'ItUl.. ,,, I'i "K Mm l,ler" "�� ������������-
��-* lilts of which Uas Million,
Lancaster. Pa , Oct. 4���The (-rims for
which   A   Di-lro.  S1a-i.ln-ii  farlnl. K.   It.-
il.-ili   and   Jos,  Callona  wars   ahargsd
lu ITS toiluy was the iniiiiler of Plata
Mliama-a and waa the culmination of
a darln* robbery. On the night of
AiiKiist 'in, 1906, tluy anta-ra-il a shanty
0_p, Ph.. occupied by tirti.cn Italians
who were ualeep. One of the quartern,
uas itaUO-Sd a�� a Kiianl at the door
while the other, three awukened the
aleepliiK InnuUa's anil wllh ilruwn re-
v..|v.i-K and knlv.s alaniaiidid their
savings, Tbe aniuiiiii s.-i-ui-ed Iwuh
snial liecauma the ini'li bad only ii le��
.lavs li.fiii.* sent awajf their miiiu*y.
Plato Mlismasa, ons of ths laoorsrs,
iia.i tiiii-iv dollars on hla parson which
It aeeineil waa known tn the lOblielH
mid they il.-llimiiled It- He ala-nleil be
bad any liioiu-y whSTSUpo. llu-y pro
.-..,.ila-,l lu Ki-aieli lilm bj toros. It.'sl-ii
Im- lu- h. I/....1 a rn-'.r iunl foiiKhl ib'��-
parataly. In the mslss Ainiiriii.ii/n was
shot and alabbe.l more than tw.-nt*
UmH Ths tour made their escape
ami tied towards Phllad-lpbla. nw
wounds iii.o.it iiu* ba-iuis ami laoos wars
ih.. means ol thair urtmt soon sru-r
���rtar Hi.* trial and oonno_on, _._-
and Oaliona mads ��� statamant by
which ibev andsavorad �����' .",,v"' ,',"'
lives of tlu. other two, Ths Italian
consul at NVw York Interested �����**'_?"
In their behalf and saw that tha trial
waa   properly   oonductad.
French   Doctors'   Union.
Paris. Oct I. The members ot Uu
medical soolety of Charenton. s large
suburb of Parjsi at " reoani meeUngi
decided to ralaa their '*"l,���*, '" imV'',"":
owing to the rise In the opal ol living
Ths decision has causad wldesprjsd ex-
Oltemenl   In   the  ci.niniunlly anil a  call
for a  meeting ol P- ���"   has  been   18-
Prizes for   Kootenay.
(Special to Tin* Daily Canadian.)
Spokane, Oct 4,   In ""* '"I"'*!''1, '''J
,������-.,���,.���i ..I  the B tana Pair British
Oolumbls e-thlblts have won rnany
wards, Thev Include the JMO sllver
...... a,,,, ri,,. iicsi  niiiia-nii display, two
, ',!, :,���,��� |H ,-,iPK tor Individuali.IU-
plays,  wm.   by tbe  Whitewater Bines
���,,i ii,,. it. 6. Coi * oompany. ��w
���,,,.,.l���i diplomas I" the exhibit! from
tho Trail una (Jianby siueltfis.
President of Immigration
Statement of Excuse for Sending Out
Men to Positions That Have
Never Existed.
The follow-in-; statement by Rev. J.
La. Brooks, arrived In Nelaon hist night
under cover from a Liverpool solicitor.
Mr. II. H. Doll, addressed to The Dally
Chronicle, Nelson. As there Is no paper of that name publish.*!] in "lelson,
and as Tbo Canadian has had occasion
to refer to Mr. Brooks before, his statement of defence ls given pnbUcIty.
As president of the Hritish E. T. & C.
lEiniKi-ation. Tourist & Colonization)
Socltey. I.lniiteal. i went out to Canada
in tin* month of May last with a party
Of si-ttlers. and after these were happily fixed up, went on to Western Canada with a view to satisfy myself as to
the wiBdom of encouraging immigrants
lo go to Alberta and Hritish Columbia.
Having already had some orrespon-
alence with gentlemen Interested In fruit
ranches, 1 visited at my own expense
the Kanit..uay district, and was favorably impressed with the location and
.juality of the soil. u|ion which point 1
sus well able to form au opinion (having bad large practical experience as a
farmer and fruit grower! lielng horn on
a farm and having spent the last ten
.ears as director of the Christian Union
Social Service Farm Colony at l.lng-
li.-Ul. where we havu beeu training men
loi- agricultural work and fruit growing.
I have an untainted public record of
.10 years nnd um proud of having a
very wide circle of friends whose con-
lidi'ticc and esteem I naturally value.
While ln U. C. I met what seemed to
be repiesentatlve men all of whom
spoka of the scarcity of labor of all
kinds and the high price paid for it,
both to whiles and to yellow men. leven
-jhlnaaa could not be had under *;ti> to
$40 per month and all found.)
a\moiiK others 1 mat Mr. F. L. Hammond, with whom I had tbe most frank
and Interesting conversations on all
issues connected with trail growing and
with whom I made certain engagements
which i aftarwards put In the form of
an agreement aud sent for his approval
and as to which be cabled later: "Agreement  substantially correct."
1 went with Mr. Hammond to one of
his estates, forty nilleB from Nelsou,
and got to unala'rstand the nature of the
work before the forest could become a
fruit ranch. While there and In going
and coming Mr. Hammond told me un
asked thai he would build a hotel where
he would, for a day or two whllo pros-
peciiug. board and lodge his enquirers,
also that he would receive would In
purahaaers In Nelson and show them
thg ni-.-alful attention. When I aska.il
him what he paid his people he told
nu. the Chinamen cook *:iii a month and
his board, and laborers ��:i tt day and
board, saying nothing abo_i special
When I asked him Whether In the
enso of a man buying a ranch and uo;
having money to live on It, could labor
be found either with lilm or In the near
neighborhood, he said Unit In sumi-
cases hu would llnd lubor, and In others
be quite willing ti Indicate where ll
could be found He also said that his
rough curiionlers then employed building log bouses received Id per day and
It ls tr.ie Mr. Hammond came lo my
Hotel on Sunday and said he hail bean
considering some of his statements to
me, made while (us be put III he wan
very tired und sleepy, aud some of the
things he modlHod and some restated,
but uotblng qualifying what I have here
I would add that In Nelson I saw OL
the street hiiaids advertisements for
men at i'-' >���> to $:t per day, and was told
thai for !umbcrtiii<u It was usual to __d
food und cmnp to make up for the absence from home and civilization; more,
over It came to me everywhere the scarcity of lull���T and the price  paid for It.
I was also given II Nelson board of
trade folder which quotes the wagen
current  there as  follows:     Curpenturs,
|g.*0 to $ 4.00; stonemasons, $r..U0;
bricklayers, $8.00; plasterers, $11.00;
tinsmiths, f(.00; lathers, . .4.00 lo *4.50;
laborers, $2.50 to $3.00; painters, $'1.50
tn $4.00; plumbers, $4.00 to $4.50; machinists, $4.00; blacksmiths. $4.00 to
$4.50;  teamsters, $2.50 to $2.75.
Thla demand for labor was evident
on every hand, and 1 therefore decided
that our society could wisely encourage
strong, healthy men who were willing
to do heavy work such as clearing the
forest or anything else necessary, to go
through  to  Nelson for employment.
After very thoroughly discus-iing the
fruit ranching proposition with Mr.
Hammond he distinctly agreed to reserve thirty of these 10-acre ranches for
our society to sell to Hritish emigrants
at $75 per acre, payable $10 per month
without Interest, and as our society
waiuld have the expense of advertising
aud finding these suitable men there
was an agreed commission to be paid
to cover the same, the fiist instalments
colleeted in Hrltaln before sailing to be
retained for this purpose ami the balance to be remitted to our society from
lhe aubsequO���t Instalments paid in Canada. These ranches were in the country at a place ca'led Fruitvale. Hut as
this place could not be easily located
and the men sent diiect there, it was
agreed that they should be sent to Nelson and Bhould there meet Mr. Hammond and then, as I fully understood,
he promised to send them to the country, and put them at his own ranch for
a day or two so that they may see how
to go to work to clear their ranches and
farm them successfully.
1 quite understood that those coming
out at the start who had not sufficient
capital to pay their monthly deposits
and finance their own undertaking
would either be given work by Mr. Hammond near by or put into touch with
other employers somewhere In the district where they could get suitable and
satistactory employment. This, it was
said, was easy of attainment.
I quite understood that the Bale of
the ranches was to be clear and distinct from the question of labor. I cannot think that Mr. Hammond will deny
tbat be gave me every encouragement
to send along suitable young men who
would make creditable Bettlers In a
Hrltlsh comrannity. who had not capital,
with an Introduction to him for work;
as a matter of fact on my return to
Winnipeg in consequence of that undertaking 1 strongly advised a young friend
who had recently arrived from England
to give up a iwsition he had secured in
Winnipeg, with the help of our society,
and go through to Mr. Hammond foi
this work, and upon his arrival there
the only question Mr. Hammond seems
to have raised was that or wages. This
young man had not been accustomed to
manual labor although strong and
haaltby and willing to work, and wiu.
ihcretore started on Mr. Hammond'.,
ranch, as I quite exiiected he would be.
but was not paid as much as $3 per day
with free board and lodging as 1 expected he would be. Mr. Hammond acknowledged his arrival to me, explained
this question or wages but certainly did
not discourage any more similar men
being sent out.
Hefore returning from Western Canada I prepared a memorandum or agree
ment between Mr. Hammond las I did
not then know the name or Mr. Hum
mend's association under which be wns
trading) of the flrst part, anil myself,
acting for our society, or the other part,
covering the terms upon whiib our society was in sell the 30 ranches that
Ur. Hammond hud distinctly agreed t>.
reserve lor a definite period tor this
purpose, In which the Mlowlng para
graphs appear:
(1) That the suld parties of the sec
ond part shall be and are hereby ttp-
polnti-il agents ill Great Hiltalu for lb.-
party of the first part upon the follow
Ing terms and for u period of three
years rrom the date hereof, thereat- .
terminable upon six mouths notlea H'om
either side,
ts.) Thai parties of the second pall
shall be and lire hereby appointed and
authorised to select colonists fm these
lands upon the terms herein defined,
and their IntPiductloiiB shall entitle
the said colonists to preference for any
port Ion of a block or 30 ranches of ten
ncres each to be reserved by the parly
of the first purl for a period of one year,
fiom the llrsi or July nexl, and Tor uny
land near by unsold for which they can
pay to the satisfaction of the purty of
the first  part.
b.) The party of the first part shall
supply tli.- parties of the second part
with photographs for lnntern slides,
maps, blocks and first c'oss literature
for distribution Illustrating ami describing these lands, and Ibe literature to be
Issued under their nanus as agents, and
the parties of the Seconal pari agree t-i
spend as much more than the coral ol
the said literature in advertising and
(c.) Tho price and terms char,el
by the party of the first part to OlienlS
of the parties or the second part shall
always be as liber���I as nny others both
wholesale nml retail, and lire julie I'm-
Ibe llrat year, rrom July 1st. IJOT, to
���Inly 1st, ISO., ahull be $75 say (seventy-
five dollars) par aero, Incluslvo of a
Torrens or eipially good title to lie transferred free to the purchaser and the
land survey fee. and to be free or Interest, the buyers to pay tor Ihe land
aud al! costs Included by seventy-live
payments of $10 each monthly In nil
Vttuce, to ctiiniii.'ii.i' Ihe day of signing
(  Continued  on  page three)
Vancouver Grand Jury
Find True Bills
C. P. R. President and Party Start
on Western Tour���News of Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
Vancouver, Oci. 4.���Tho first of the
seventeen riot cases which will be heard
at the assizes will be against Harry
Varlee and Marino Call, true bills having been returned to the grand jury iu
these cases. No date has been named
by the attorney general for their hearing, but it is likely to be before tiie
latter part of next week.
While entering the Vancouver opera
bouse last night with the crowd Hubert
H. Morton on reaching the inner steps
lost his balance aud reeling to the outer
or front stone steps, fell heavily to the
street pavement. liy the strangest
chance, though just for a moment, there
was left a space in the crowd, and although Mr. Morton several times sought
to save himself, and others held out a
helping hand, he fell backward the
whole distance striking bis head with
such violence as to fracture the skull
and he may not recover. Mr. Morton
recently came here from Australia,
where his family reside, and having
made some investments was about to
return ta Australia with the object of
bringing his family here. He is a man
of forty years of age und recently came
into a rich legacy by the will of a relative in England.
E. Burgess, a small boy, was run over
by an engine today and killed.
W. Anderson, laborer, fell from a scaffold aud sustained serious injuries.
Ottawa, Oct. 4.���Patience Young, of
Hinienburg. Ottawa's suburb, was found
dead in bed. Coroner llaptie is Investigating, but there sems no cause to suspect foul play. The woman was quilt
Winnipeg, Oct. 4.���Plans for tlie trip
of Sir Thomas Shaughmssy and the
Itoard Of directors of the C. P. R..
through the west are announced today.
The Ipeoia] train of the president pulled
out of the Windsor station, Montreal.
this afternoon. The journey through
tin* east will be made slowly, the trir
being one of general inspection. On tlu
ordinary schedule the purty should ar
rlva in this city on Saturday but it limit probable that Winnipeg will b��
leached before Monday morning. A full
day or more will be spent here and the
train will leave for tho west on Tuesday
The fourth vice president of the com
pany, tl. M. Bosworth. was expected t-
arrive in tbe ciy today but did not eome
Edmonton, Oct. 4.���As a result of th<
bettering of the financial conditions ol
the city by the sale of |G7.Uit'0 worth ��-
bonds, and the consequent supply of
money, work will be resumed on the
most important municipal works and i'
fine weather continues for the 00X1
month or two, a great deal will be doni
on civic improvements upon which op
eratloiis were suspended some time age.
Winnipeg.  Oct.   4���Aeronling   lo   th*
fh-uivs   of   the  eity   UMMtD-Ilt   chunm
wionei's ottlce there are r.U'.M) names on
tlie L.907 municipal voters" Hat as againsi
14,919 ror 1906.
Ottawa. Oct. 4.���In attendance at tlu-
convention of Koiuan Catholic arch*
biMbopM. und necunip.inylng Arehblsluv
l.angovlu of 31. Boniface, Is Kallier Li.
casse. O. M. I., one of the mosl n< '�� I
missionary piiOBti of the church In thi
NorthWMk Arch-bishop Orlh, of Van
QOUYor, wired that be could not utt-ntl
on account of illnesa.
Berlin, Oct. 4���H. L, Jam-sen, 1 prominent uitizeii and ex-mayor of lh.slo>vn.
was  probably   fatally  injured,     tie   wa
remevlug some store fixtures when  h .
horse run away and he was thrown Off.
from Mr. Ross, Canadian agent at Mel-
bonrilsfW tn which he says that proposals
made by Canada for reciprocal trade
agreement with Australia were submitted to the acting premier of the commonwealth on Auguat 29, witb a request
that negotiations should be entered upon at the earliest moment. As to progress made Canada would be advised
by cable. So far no advice of any progress has been received. Ross complains that orders to Canadian manufacturers are in some cases not being attended to and In others cancelled after
having been received because of a
change in the price of goods.
Minden, Oct. 4.���Traces of graphite
in Haliburton county are being investigated by Eugene McSwetney, president
of the United States Graphite company,
at Saginaw, Michigan.
Halifax, Oct. 4.���A proposal was set
on foot yesterday and has taken definite
shape to tender Hon. W. S. Fielding a
demonstration on his return to Canada,
after the successful result of the mission he has been engaged in in Paris.
It is expected that he will land from the
Victorian on Friday at Quebec. A
strong committee of Halifax Liberals
has been organized to act in conjunction
with liberals throughout the province.
Wireless messages have-been sent to
Mr. Fielding, and If agreeable to him
the demonstration will be held next
week. Other members of the cabinet
will be incited to attend the demonstration which promises to be one of the
most enthusiastic ever held in Nova
Scotia. Hon. Mr. Fielding Is Immensely
popular in this city and throughout the
province, and it is an assured fact that
if he is willing for the demonstration
to take place it will prove a most significant event. The movement will be
strongly backed by leading Liberals at
every point throughout the province,
and the greeting to the finance minister
will be practically a provincial ovation.
Edmonton, Oct. 4.���Inquiries have
been brough before the city commissioner form a large number of corporations
and individuals with reference to the
proposed selling of the street railway,
and makinu Inqnlrb-s as to terms. The
only reply given is that nothing definite
has been decided upon with reference
to the disposal of the franchise, and a
concrete proposal has not been received
from any of the financiers.
Toronto. Oct. 4.���Premier Whitney
todav denied the story* tha R. A. Prlngle,
M. P., was to be the government representative on the Lake Superior consolidated. No recommendation has been
made nor will be made In that direction.
The government does not wish to interfere with the details of the company.
Beyond this no statement waa forthcoming In reference to the subject.
Toronto, Oct. 4���An importunate band
of sepk<-rs after the vacant registrar-
ship of Russell county are making things
i-mbu'rassing for Mr. Whitney. Among
the claimants for the position are J. L.
Rolston of Metcalfe, who opposed Mr.
Racine nt the last provincial elections,
Archibald Carson. W. H. Lowry of Russell, and N. J. Marion of Ottawa.
Cobalt, Oct. 4.���The Nlpisslng Mines
bus Issued orders to thirteen squatters
:it the north ��-nd of the town to remove
their possessions. The eompanv intends
to mine the Meyer vein, with which
three houses Interfere.
Winnipeg. Oct. 4.���The book binders'
strike was settled today, the union
mens' demands for Increased wages and
recognition of their union and an eight
hour day have been accepted by all but
two of the companies involved, but the
latter only employ four binders.
Winnipeg, Oct. 4���Mrs. Emma Caswell and Ven. Archdeacon Harding were
married in St. Peter's cathedral, Qu"
Appello   on Wednesday.
Ottawa, Oct 4.���Sir Wilfrid l.auriei
lias gone to Quebec and It Ih thought
will attend ��� banquet Lo be given at St.
Hilda In honor of Messrs. Fielding and
I'lnileur. who arrived from England today.
Toronto. Oct. 4.���A transaction haa
been completed by which Hampton Mo*
Lean, publisher of the Commercial of
Winnipeg   and   British   Columbia   I.uni
barmen, bought out thn Mortimer vwo
linhlng ennip'.ny  of Toronto and   Montreal.    This  oompany   publishes   a.-
tool and  Builder, Ehitrieul News, Con
trad Beeotti, Canadian Lumbermen,
and Western Canada Contractor, oi
Winnipeg.       Mr.   McLean   will   oonducl
the Uortimar oompany ��h b dlstlnol
business. Ho will continue with bead
quarters In Winnipeg.
Ottawa. Oct i --a ropoii Uu roaoht i
the department of trade und OOOUIMroa
Winnipeg. Oct. 4.���Mr. Mclnnis. provincial secretary, has returned from
Hritish Columbia where he had been attending a session of the Dominion Dental Association, of whirl, he ta president. "The people of Vancouver are oT
ths opinion thut Vancouver will be the
terminal point of all Canadian trans
continental Hues, and 1 am Inclined tu
Ogre with them," ho said. The meeting
ul Mr, Borden In both Vancouver and
Victoria wen- remarkable Un their <n*
iliiiHlnKiii. lt will not be Hiirpiislni; If
Hritish Columbia should svery ������������p of its
lepresentatlvert at the nexl eleetlon In
Ottawa In support of Mr Borden. The
���'unsrrvuiivo party in British Columbia
Is entrenched, enthusiastic and united."
Alleged Confidence Men
on Trial
McKian Case Will Probably Not Be
Proceeded With���End of Fall
Assizes in Sight.
Tmonto. Ocl. 4���-Tin* bona unci a��R
iii'iitJUInii ciuiimllla'aa of the ITiaBbytur-
i.iii _._*__ appaali tor young men oap-
niii.. .if doing mlmlonarj work ami who
,'tui'il in will ti:-* to accept appointtnanti
in miiiK. i.i Hi.' many 8iuiion�� non. lying
aiii-niu tt>r wiiiil ol linn. SajvurHl vueunt
rhargai In aortlu.*-- Ontario aio walt__s
tar mlaaIonartaa.
London, Oct. 4.���Tho trades ami labor
council   ilocltlt'il   Innt nli^lit   to  huh)ioih1
iii.. maeting and opa-a andar iu*. aim-
pioaa of the Camiiltnu Labor parly.
K\.-ry   nii'mber    enrolled    himself a  11
member ol Uie parts with tba dleUnot
mull.-taking thai every peraon w_o waft
.ri mem**���r of any otkar iioiitleni party
must sever his connection with It before belli'- ell.'lbl.' for memberHhlp tn
the lubor party.
After the disposal of the Bouchard
case yesterday, next came the case of
W. H. Beckett, charged with sending
threatening letters to W. C. E. Koch.
Mr. Macdonald appeared for tbe crown,
Mr. Taylor for the defence. Tho following jury was empanelled: I. O. Nelson,
foreman. G. C. Egg, S. H. Seaney, B. B.
Mighton, E. E. Robinson, N. Hoover,
VV. Walmsley, W. A. Ward, J. Bell, M.
Scully, D. J. Elvery, W. Rutherford.
F. C. Moffatt testified as to the receipt
at the Daily News office of the letter,
which was produced.
A. M. Johnson, solicitor for Mr. Koch,
testified as to Beckett's handwriting
which he identified.
Mr. Taylor moved for dismissal on the
ground tbat the sending of tbe letter
was not proved.
His Lordsbi-i granted the motion remarking that the accused waa evidently
an illiterate man and need not be seriously considered, at the same time commending Mr. Moffatt's action in handing
the letter to the authorities.
The case of Maurice J. O'Connor.
charged with assault and resisting the
police, was then called, Mr. Macdonald
appearing for the crown, the accused
undertaking his own defence. The following jury was Bworn: 8. A. J. Keily,
foreman,.!. Fraser, P. Q. Ebbutt. R. A.
Weir, T. Madden, M. Scully, W. A. Ward.
A. P. Hebden, D. J. Elvery, S. H. 8e_--
ney, W. N. Poole  L. K. Larsen.
Evidence as to O'Connor's disturbances, of his brandishing a knife and
threatening to kill Chief of Police Savage, and of his arrest by the chief assisted by A. Br* kine Smith, was given
by A. Waugh. F. A. Magee, A. E. Smith,
Chief Savage, J. Snievely.
The court commended tbe action of
Chief Savage and Mr. Smith but -bought
the case was not a serious one, being
entirely due to the influence of liquor
on O'Connor, who waa normally a respectable citizen. He directed the jury
to bring in a verdict of not guilty,
which was done.
This morning the grand jury returned true bills In the cases of Arthur
Adams Harry Hatch and John Johnson, charged with obtaining money under false pretences. A. M. Johnson appeared for the prisoners, entered a
plea of Not Quilty and asked for adjournment till 2 p. m., which was granted.
Before adjournment the jury was empanelled.
S. S. Taylor, K. C, asked what course
wns to be followed in the case of McKian, charged with defamatory libel.
W. A. Macdonald. K. C, replied that
he was still unlnstructed and suggested
that the matter might stand over till
the next a-Btzes as private prosecutors
were at liberty to take action any time.
McKian Is out on his own recognisance.
l.ai.'r It was learned tbat the city
police do not Intend to press for prosecution.
The first witness this afternoon was
William Mitchell the complainant. He
told his story, not always connectedly,
but quite positively. He first met Admits who seemed to know him and his
business. Adams met Mitchell and hla
wife on their way to tbe station to take
tha Il'itmilary train. He accorupanled
tli.>m nnd carried a grip for Mr. Mitchell.
He then sat down with them ln the car.
They were joined by Hatch who, Adams
told htm. was a C. P. It agent. Hatch
demanded "fees" from Adams, threatening thut "the corpse" could not go
on unlo**B they were paid.
Adams then appealed to Mitchell for
tho loan of $14 saying that he had $400
ln the mall car which would be released
as soon as he paid the "fees" for the
currying of the corpse, and he would
then refund the money at once. Mitchell
lent the money and awaited hla return.
When the car began to move slowly he
grew suspicious.
Mr. Mitchell Is still on the stand aa
Tho Canadian goes to press.
Americans Entort.-iin Root.
City of Mexico. Oct. f,���The entii-
Uilniiii-ni ul Secretary Koot nml his Tamil* \*.ir- i. it to the AuktIimu co'ony to
.(lay. Tills ova-nliig Amli isiitialot- and
Mrs. Thompaon will reoelre in honor of
thu si-ciutaiy at Iho Amorlcun embusry
May and Must.
Washington, Oct. 4.���Attorney General liuniipnrle has decided that the
navy may use foreign vessels for transportation of coal from tho Atlantic coast
to the Pacific coast In fa.relgn bottoms
when snflU-lent American vessels cannot
bo hud or the charges mud.' are excessive.
Deserter Punished.
London Oct. 4���Angus Ma*'vine Com,,
who waa arrestod a couple of weeks ago,
ahai-ged with deserting from the regulars ut Wolael.y barracks, was tried by
oonrt martial yesterday and s.'nteuced
to one year In penltentlnry nnd ti. he
i dismissed from the force In dlagraoe.
.   t
wi      W&& ������������ 'T .**'f       %
* 'i\   !! *
i I* v ���   \ The Daily Canadian
il H
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is bu.-iuuiiig to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
I  iu these goods, and can p;omise j'ou the best value ever offered iu the city
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your pui-ha.e.
forts absolve   the   company    Cram th-
Charge of  raise  pretenoee.
We have published Mr. Brooks' de
fence. We are prepared t<> leave ti
Uie public of Kootenay. and If necee
sary to the courts, whether our re
marks have not been justified out
Mr.  Brooks'  own   mouth.
Valuable Loot.
San Francisco, Oct. 4.���Seventy thousand dollars Is the value placed by A.
K. Chamot upon a collection of curies
acquired by him at Pekin. China, about
the time that the allied troops enter
ed the Chinese capital to protect the
foreign residents. This came out before bankruptcy referee Green yesterday during the examination of Chamot
by the attorney for the creditors of
the Peters Machine Company, of which
Chamot is President, and which failed
for $100,000, to ascertain something
concern.n.!_: Chamot's assets.
Row boats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Tnn-eott Launches
uml Feterboro Canoes.
Fin-rot Lot ot Boat? iu B.C
Foot of Josephine St.       Tel. A18
Imperial B&iik of Canada
Capildl Authorized
rlest   ..
P. R. W1LK1K. l-Yt_.id.oiit.
Head Office;   Toronto.
....$10,000,000     Capital   Paid   Up   ..
HON. ltOHEKT..JAFKKAY, Vioe-Pre-.iii.ii;!
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NHLM)-**    bMANCH ���*-' a-      -VI*      L_*-jA.  T   ,    -Wcin* IJJr��Sr\*
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1S69.
Capital. .
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all   kinds of   Danking   Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Dank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publl>hed fix tlkju a s*eeS pj* tiie
Baker St..  Nelson. B. C
Snofccription rat--s. Be senta ���> mon;V delivered
In t_e ritv. or V:CO u. TOOT 11 >tni by tai.il. when
paid In a_.Tti.ce.
AdT.rtuiuc rates on eppiicatlon.
All m.-itoc-s paid id M-u.emcnt of Tho Ually
Cauad.*n a-x-otiui**, either loi cub*, r.piiou.. or
advert.sin*, moil be r��c��ipte<l tor "Q Um iiril .*��� I
tonni of tue Company. -Utter receipt* are- net
Friday.  October   4,   1907.
Yesterday we commented on the first
day's   proceeding*,  of   the     provincial
Liberal     conv-ction     which     provoke !
rather a in u be ment than rmj   oUw r tt ���
Ing.   The second day's procs-Bdlngi
of a slightly different kind and CS
We are Informed  that   V.  C   Psten
ex-premier   of   Prince   Kd.v.ird   Island
argued  that   oonstitatlonaUj     Premier
McHnde must uoopi  rMpanstblltty tat
Lieut. Qovernoi  Dttsssmoti ��� sots In ���������
servirm  assent   Co  tbe   Natal   -Vet.    and
that Mi   Templeman dera n trated thai
iii.- Ottawa Oovernmenl  ivas In do i-ray
resitonslble.    That i.i making sn ���
ordinary  dtmfl  on  tin   - reduIItj  ol  the
public.    As   we  bava   pointed   out  before, the constitution has been  r\6U
not  by   Pramlei   McBride  but   by   the
Dominion   government   which  ha
verted    provincial    lieu' inant-govi
from representatives ol thi  crown Into
Dominion   civil   servants.     As   to   Ottawa's responsibility, it li  only necessai
to recall the I an gn age of Senator Scott's
teJcgram to Lieut.-Gov. Dunsmuir, referring  to   the   information  given  him   by
Premier   McHride   as   to   his.   the   lieu*
tcnan.-governor's,     avowed     Intention,
and asking "Can I rely  on  thai assur-
ance?"    How  can  any  candid  man  argue, in  these  olrct-instances   thai   Ottawa   did   not   Interfere?     Tlie   reservation was not the act of tlie representative of lhe crown on  the advice of bis
ministers, but  of a   Domini00 civil servant obeying the  well-known  wishes of
his masters.
Another resolution deprecates tin-arts
of Premier McHride on the "better
terms" Issue instead of the "strong
Bland" taken by the Liberal! of this
province. Thai will deceive no one.
The  strong  stand    le  presumably  Mr.
Templeman'a declaration that "Better
Terms is a dead Issue.*' I "ntll the Liberals  of   British    Columbia     repudiate
that declaration, they can not expect
(heir protestations to be treated with
res]   :
it is hard to avoid the conclusion
that the resolutions constitute a de-
Itberate attempt to deceive the people
of British Columbia on both of these
Important aju rtlons. It is inconceivable that any body of intelligent men
Should not recognize the misrepresentation contained in both the resolutions referred to, and their unanimous
adoption is deddedly discreditable to
the  party.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
We have  them  in  6Td   and  8   Tb   Sizes,
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
_U1 Kinds of Heating  PlantB in  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
In  our   news  columns today   we   pub-
thy statemeni  from  Rev. J.
U Bro !��� nt of the British Kir.
on, Tourist ftnd Colonisation    Bo
dety, which I   responsible tor the com
io-: to v Ison oi three parties of young
snd  Scotsmen  who under
stood   bat ��� '��� ������ ��� were coming to guaranteed p iltion      We are also in receipt
of a similar letter  rrom   W,  A.   Stark,
managing   director   ol   the   satin,   company,  which   we  shall   publish   tomor-
������������. and of a  letter from  a  Liverpool
Itor demanding Immediate and un-
���   Qdltional apology  as the only  alternative to an action for libel.
..��� a ��� quits wining to apologise to
an. one whom we may have Injured or
misrepresented, but after careful study
the r- piles of Messrs Brooks and
��� can feel ao regret for anj -
.ii we bave said of their conduct.
in a mass oi correspondence In the
po BSlon "i the solicitor of the Kootenay Orchard Association, there are n
peated acknowledgements of misreprc-
sentation by Messrs. Stark and Brooka.
due, they east it, to misunderstanding,
but subsequent to such acknowledge-
in- nts, they persisted In bi udlng out
; |i n wllh guarantees of Immediate employment. One such acknowledgement
i is In , Mr. Brook's own hand, dated
Liverpool, July "list, and yet a party
b it Liverpool on Aug, 8, with a guarantee of employment, it is no reply
to the charge of au unjustified guarantee to plead thai as a matter of fact
tiir wages mentioned are paid.   Neither
(I les the fuel that mOSl Of the nun who
bave come oui (Tom Britain have obtained employment     by    their own  ef-
In the mnttor nf nn application Inr the lasoe ol
a duplicate nf lhe (Yrtiflf-aUi ������' Title fnr lot_3,
and lie- weat hullo! lot ���_���*, block 01. In tfaa Town
of Kelson.
NolK'e Ih hereby Riven that it Ih my I* tetitlon
to Issue at the expiration of oue month utter the
first pnb.tas._loa hereof a duplicate of tho cert 111-
OSta of title for the above lands, ln the name Ol
Lydla r-htt-lds, which eerOfe-aie is dut, d the _1hi
dav of Hei em her, 1900, aud numbered :._9I it.
"11   Y   MACLSOO,"
DfStrlOt ROKlHtrar
Nollce in hereby given that the undersisrnod
ba*TBS-tbm.-ta-d m the I.'mi tenant (jovcrnor-ln-
I'ounetl a proposal under  the  ;>r ivlsloni  of  the
���Riven snd Strastni Act," for clearing and ra*
Eoovlng otwtnictioni frornQoat EUvar and Meadow Craak, in the Dlsuiot of Weat Kootenay, and
for niftkinii the-.nine tit for rBftirij-- and driv
Iijk tberaot) loca. Mm her, bun her, raft�� p nd crafts
and for er<-�� tliiK and maintain!iik boOZDI for
holding, -...riiin. and dellTaiipg logs and timber
brouitht down aaid i-reek and river, and for at-
tA.-hiTii. hooinii to the Hliiire of aald ereek; and
river (or mid purpo.'*��>
The  lands   Ut ba   Mff.-'[.d   hy -aid Wf��rk are :���
t..it- :-*.j..'-ih7, -.-.-���.���. and mil. i��.t- i ...ii  ni, 14 and
15 ol Un 4692 - Oroap i, Kootsnay Dlatriot
The toll - propoj-ed to ba Obanad are Hieh n��
may ba hxad by the Judge of the County Court
��� f Weal Kootenay
Dated Bill July, 1907.
Tub Intxrnationai. i.' v.. . i* A Mr.iti antiik Co.,
Notice Is hereby given, for the   In-foniiRtion nf
I a tend I nc aattlen and oiher��. that aalecttnn has
been made of the 3,Mk.,_.-j ai res of  laud   ll tutted
In the Pence Ritot V allay, Provlnfle of - ru*.h
' olijiribia.fcrniited lo th,. ](ominioii <-overmne"t
under  the   provl-dono  of  H.etlon  7  of "Ar.   Art
relating to  the i- and   laiiway, the Graying
I'o'k and Kuihvay Uudi  of the f'lovinee."   and
entry under the land
mil land in not   op.- n
laws of the pr nrlDoa
iheblocfc -elected is deeoribed an follows:-*-
Commencing at a point h:.'.. miles BOOtb of the
Pea t Itivor on tt.e l_nth 'Mi-'tdmn, being tha
eastern boundary of the province, thenoa v-e*t
76mllea and ssjobalna- tbenos notthW miie��
and 86.0S obaina, thenee enm ���;'. miles nnd 38 i>4
i-hftlm-. th'ii' e south to the point ut eonimen'-e-
ment (allowing the UOth Meridian and oontalnlng spproxlniatoly tJKOjoto aerea.
Nolle*   |i   hImi  given    thai,    with   a  view   to
facilitating aettlamftnl in thn valleyi oi tho
Peace, Paranlpand Pan* Rtvara, the following
bell of laii'l 4li miles in width and ex'l-uding
-.'n mil' *��� ..ii each f-ul" of llj..   1'eti'e,  l'arMii[.  and
I'aek Rivera ha�� been reaoivad for aototl nttlera
to be acquired by pre-emption only  under the
��� and Aei, sim-Ii Inu-1 not being open for isule,
base, Uoeno-i or other ullenatiou  under the ISld
a<-\ _>xex.pt by pre amption:���
Domini nolng ��i the Interaaetlon of the western
boundary ol ins bio k of land aaleoted by the
oralnion Government with tho Peaoa river,
thsnee following tba Peace Htver and Pan-nip
Rlvor to their o-.nnuenoe wini the Pack Rlvor
ami tbene- (ollOMlng Uie I'-tek river lo the
point; where   -nld    I'nek    Kiver   Icav''**   MnLOod
LaJte.and extending for a dlttanoeof 20 milea
on eaidi side (d Mild blveil and approximately
170 mllee in lencth.
All 1'iiidH outaid--   lhe   hvni'obirlcn  of  the   1>0-
miniuii OqyernmeiH Or*nt and -th" receive
above deaenbed nr.- op. u tot loeation under the
lu wn of ii.e Province.
\v j   nowsFit,
AOUng Chief Commlapil.hut t.f band*, an I Worki-
I.'Oi !���   i.n-1  W.'IKi   I'.,'.-1 tl j .. nl.
Victoria, ctdpiewLa-r 13th, l*\n.
Nelson Land IMstrict. Dlatriot ot West Kootenay
Take notice lhat K. 8. _-. Smyth, of ProotOT, B.
C.i occupation lumbonnaii, intends to -truly for
a apodal timber licence over the follow ing described lands:
No. l. Commencing at a post planted mar ihe
northeaat Qornerpoatol Lot ">o ihtt, on bemon
Creek and marked it. ti p. Hmvih -toutbweat oor
tierpOht  No   1. theuce 40 vlmlir*-   north    more   or
leaa toal t midway ol the eouth boundarj line
ot timber hceucv No. if-l-n. thente to ��� i.-iu*. . ast,
theuueau chains nouth, theuee 4u chaina east)
theuct-40 ehalim souih. tbonoe to chaini weat.
more -t less to the -mmbeaut coruer ol aforeaald
l^n .No 2rvi3, theuce 40 chains north, thenoe 40
ehaius we-t lo lhe potnt of commem etncul
Datod -��ih July, IHOI. ti  ti. P. .-MYTH,
Henrv Rell lu it, Agent.
Kelson Land District   District ol "est Kooteuay
No   .1
late   n.dice   thai J. R. F.   Htcwart. of  Colling
wood, uut., occupation lumberman, lntendi to
apply ior h Hpecial timber lieeucc over lhe folio.* uig doaorioed laud*-: CommenclnB at a p --i
planted aboul .So chain*, touth ani loi balm weat
ol poat No 2, marked J. K F. Btewart'a N. B corner '-osl, iheflee south 100 chains, thenee wesi 40
.ii-iiu*.. theuce nonh loo cbaina, thence easl 40
. baina to place ot comiucucetncnt .-oniaiuiusi-40
ai res moii> or lesa.
July _4th,liXj7. Ja.mks K   V. r-TKWART.
Nelsou I-and Diatrict     DlatrlOtOf Weat Kootenay.
rake notlco chat Henry Keieherl oi Nelaon, B
C , prospect, r, intends to ai pi) (OI ��� -pedal li-
.'. noe to cut and carry away Umbel (rom the following desenbed landa:
No 6 Commeuelug at a post i*Uund neat the
northeaat ooratr post of Timber l.i< enee ""o 92tt6
and marktd Henry Keichert northwest corner-
post No ti, thence t*u chalui south, thence 80
i rim-is eaa , thenco 80 chains lu-rtn, theuce BO
I hauis west to plaee of couiuieiictnu'iit.
Dated July ggth, 1-W7.
No. 7 Commencing at a post planted near the
northwest coruer post of timber licence No HSU
and   marked Henry Keichert ft. wesi corner  post
No 7. tnence lbo chains eaat. thenoe to chains
north, thenee 160 chains west, ttieaee 4u chains
south to polut ot commeucemeut.
Dated July _��th, lw..
No. h. Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 7u chains more or less from
where Monument creek empties mm Lem.-u
creek and marked Henrj Ret hen nortboaal eur-
ut-rpo-i No s iheuce lt-o chain* south, tbenoo40
chains   wes*. iheuce  160 chain.- north, iheuce 40
chaws cant io place of commt at. ment
_>ated July aiih, IStlT.        1ikm.v [.eichkbt,
Nelson 1-aud District. District oi Weat Kooteuay
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date
i intend io app.j to the cm.-: Commissioner o|
I_in.is aud Works tor permlailon to cm and
carry away limber   fiom lbl following described
No. 4 Commencing at a poit marked II. A ti.
N. W. corner, soo ohaina eaat ol the N. K. oornor
of lot Mo Si* post ma.Kc.i K. >. N. E, corner,
theuce easl so chains, theuc. south oo ehalu.-,
thenoa west k* chains, tbenoa norm mo cha 1 us la
place Ot coinmencemein containing Mo acre*.
No. 6 C'JmmfUclu-. at the h. u . corner of H .
.t 8, timber daixD No 4. ihence north to ohalna,
iheuce cast to chaius, iheiu-e south hO cnain.-.
iheuce West to chains to place of couimeucwmel.l
at location post No   6, containing W acres
I. U.  iai-_U_SBHO_-N, lA��;ator,
toeo   Huscroi't, Ageut
Dated July 8th. 1W7
Nelson Land District District Of West KooteiiaT
Take notice shat I'aul Augual Pauls, li. ol Kit-
eht-ner, ti. c, occupation lumbei man, intends
in apply for a special timber in* nee over the fol-
lowitii. descrit>-d lands: Commencing atapost
planted at the lOUthWOSt corner oi surveyed (Ot
���,*__tl-tj 1 theuce south to the northern boundary
of timber Uoonoe Mo. 7010. thence west to the
northwest oornor of said umber licence, thenco
south to the northern boundary ot lot SIS. thenoe
lollowiug said boundary, of Said loi wett to the
ri-fht of-way of the British ' ohuub.a Southern
Kallway, theuce following said right-of-way lu a
north-easterly direction  to place ol oomxaonoe-
eut. and containing t-.O aerea, more or lews
iieut, and containing t-.O a<*
Daled Julv 2nd. HAfi.    Yav
.   .'��� i BOtl  bAVLhON.
Nollce ls hereby given lhat GO days alter date I
intend to apply io Lhe Hon. Chief CoinmiSBioUt r
oi I__uds and "* ork. for permission to purcha*.e
ihe lollowiug described iamls, situated iu West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked by name as initial pod of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the iuuetiou ol
Lost .-reek with the south fork; theuce oue-
-��� uarter mile lo the northwest coruer post, thence
one mile lo the uortheai-l corner post, thence
oue-.juai ler mile lo the southeast corner post,
iheuce one mile to the place of commencement
June3?i 1S07. Located by VtM. Co.nholly.
Nelson Land Dlatriot.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that  Moore,   Kepple A i o., of (tar-
laud, Penn -oooupetton tumbermon, intends to
apply HT a special timber licence over the following described muds: Commeuelug al a post
plauted on Mus'iuiio cruek, on lhe west side ol
AlTOW take, ami about one half mile west of the
south w est corner of timber limit No. *��77, thence
north so chalus. thence wesi 80 chains, thence
south SU chains, thence east 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated 15th. July, l."f7.      liOOBT, Kkiti.k A Co.
John H. Calkin-*, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay.
Take nolle*, that Kvan MKUelland Fraser, of
hemic, ll. c , clerk, intends it-apply for a special
licence   over   the   following    described    lands:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles west of the Kooteuay river, and about one
mile north uf the iiiicriiatloiial boundary line,
and al-out one and a'-uarter north-easterly from
the north-east comer of umber licence No. B067,
thonce south H" chains, theuce west 80 chains,
thence north ho. haiiis, thence cast 80 chains to
point of commencement, and  containing  o-iu
acres, more or ltss.
Located 12th, of June, 1907.
1.VJ.N MtCutus  Fkahih.
Dated thla 8th of July, 1907.
Take notice that 0. C. Clark, ol Nelsou. II. C,
saloon k'-per, intends to apply for a special tlm-
bar lloenoa ovei the following doaorlDod land:
Commencing hi a post plunled ou Morning
Mountain, about one iniln treat of Sin*ltcr ( reek,
and SOlolnlngC.U Clark's location for timber
licence No I, iud al-out one mile south ol N'-l-
aon, thonoa west no chalna, thence south 80
chains, then-e east so ehaina, thence north to
chains to pbo-e of 1.. winning.
Dated July Kith, J'ju7 C. C. CI.ark,
Daviu Booth, Agent.
Nelson l_r.ii.I District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take   nolle., tba-  W.slev   BOVSS* Ol   RltSVllle,
Wash , occupation butcher, tnttMids to apply for
a Bp*;clal Umber lloenoa over the (oliowin-, described lands; on   ihe  east   side  of   Prlesl   river:
Commencing ata post planted one and a bail
miles north of th>- inlertoitlonal boun 'arv line,
thenoe weat 80 obaina, thence south ho chains,
thonoa eaat80 chaina, thenoa north ho chains to
point oi commencement, containing bio acres,
more or less.
Daled Sept. Ilth, VJOl. W'Ksi.av BoVSS,
K   W.SMITH, Agent
Nelson Land District.   District at VfOSt Kootenay
Take notice that simon P. Hchiffei. of Mailer,
Id ii ho, occupation lumberman. Intends lo aptdy
for .i apeclaj timber licence over the following
deacrlbed landi] on the east side of Priest river.
Coinincucln*-ut a post   planted   on the east side
of Priest river, two and a half niihs north of tba
intern..tloiiHl boundary line,   thence oor'h hu
ohalna, then:, east  hu chains, thence south hj
���dmine, thence   west Ko ehains   to  point of coin
linn,   ei..,!   -on tai ti Ing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated S.pl   11th, pjul. HIMON P  S.mtWWKL.
K. W SMITH, Agent.
Nelson Land DlftrlOt District of West Kootenay
Tak- notice that Clyde F McClure. of BllSffOe,
Wash , occupation barber, Intends lo apply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands; on the eaat side of Priest river,
two and a ban miles north of Dm;  internal tonal
boundary line;   Commonplns atapost elan ted
t ���*/.. and H half miles north of  lhe lii'eriiatioiiul
boundary line, tbonoe cast i+i cbslns, thence
S'.uth hm ho Int. thenee wests') chains, thence
north hu chithiK io the poiut ol eoinineuceiiictit
and Oontalnlng 640 acres, more or less
Dated Bept, I .lh, 1907.        ('i Vint K. MiCitm,
K   W SMiui, Agent.
Nelson Land District. Distiictof West Koot. nay.
Take notice that lay -'ovee. of RltSVllle, Wash ,
..ccupHti.ui hu teller, lntenda tospnlj lor a ���pooi-u
".tuber li-cnce over Ihe following dOBOHbed
lands: on the rust side o( I rlest river: Commend I-fl iu a post planted one antl a hull miles
norin of Inieinatlonal boundnrr line, thenco
esst an chains, lbenee south SO chains, thence
we t ho chains, thence north S*' ciuiins to the
Md'il of coiiuncnconieiit, containing 640 acres,
ni" a or 1o*h.
Daled ti pi. 14lb, 1907. ������*��� ��� liovii,
K. W.HmUH, Agent.
Wo will sell al 8 lal Bargain Prtoai oa Friday mi make. ���r   Con-eti
.;.ni iii siuck; chiiilivn's Wal*t_, etc     Coriata. regular prion ti  nu .,���
nml  $*.', for BOc, 75c,  $1   nml   tl ".V '      '      '    ' "'S0
\V_*  Ha.-c   No*fchIn_t  of
Qu_M-._Ioi.abl9 t_.L...ut\
���Mull Order*, Promptl*.
AltendcU   I o       *
9 3f3X��SX2* *r__. .'--C^i ^t_3J_?JBQ_ *!__.! _,-- *r0
Nelson Laud Diatrlet Dl��i t of w'aat Kootena]
TalconoUoo that Ooorgo Alexander, ol Kaelo-
H i', intends to apply for ���. ipe�� [al timber
It enos over th<* tuJlnwDig ''. -..-������*, i lands;
Commonelng al a poal planted al thi i hwasl
oornor ol Hectio.) 12, ownablp?, Kootet ay dlatiiet, i-eing about one-third of a mile aonth ol
the south boundary   Un.    ol   Ihe Indian r.-erve;
thenee south about BS ebalna to thi eaiterljr
bank of Kootensy river; thenee loatheaatorly
along Kootenay river haul* about DO ehains to
the south  boundary ol Bee Ion i'l, Townahip 7'
thence easterlv about 10 chain- t-. the northwest
corner of Lot i.'d; lbenee north SO chains aloag
the west boundary ol Lot **--; tbenoe west so
chains to the point' *d oommeneement, and containing 640 a ires, more ..- I. n
Dated Julv i. tod. liSOROS Air.iAMiaa.
Take notice t , | - lays al r date I nuend to
apply to the Hon lh Chi CommlSB_Ono7 of
Lands   aud   Worl*   , Vh torli *  ���--ion  to
cut   and   carrv   awa*    tin : on LhO following
deacrib. .1 land, in tt eel Knot   n i> -.
No. i. Commencing ��' �� v **t planted at the
���outhweat cornerof timber lloense S64A, thenee
weat90ohalna. tbence *������.-. theH.-e
eaat 80 chaina, thence north so ohalna to pteop ol
Dated May.>1. 1087.       J. T   Rraoasi   I.orator.
.[   W   ' ' ���  m hn. Agent.
No. 2. ("ommencing al a poal Planted at the
aoutheasl comer of application So 1, thence easl
B0 chaina, thence north 80 chains thenoe weat SO
ohaini thence south tio chains to (dace of commencement.
Dal. d May Sl, 1WI7. I   T. RrKiisas. Locator.
J. VV. Coi tir-:N, Atcnt.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice thai we, Archibald Bremner and
George Vonnjr, both of the city of Nelaon- In tha
Province Ol Mntl-h Columbia, lumb. rmen. intend to apply for special limber licensee* over the
following dcr-< rlbi-l lauds:
1 Commencing ai a po-u planted abool 8B0
yards westerly fp*m the juuctlon of the norlh
and inatn forks ol Summit creek, it creel* Boa nig
into Kootenay river south of the rout-barn and U
Kootenaj lake in tbe district of W, si _CoOtens_r,
which juncliou is about 18 or SO milea from the
mouth   of   -inch   Oreak, thonOS   south 40  chains.
thenoa cast  160ehalna, thence north  U)chains,
thenee wesl 160 chains to the point of com mete e-
meii   and containing 640 acres more Ol
iV_u stnat-D Hkkmner.
Dated lhi*�� 5th dav of August, HMJ7.
2. t'ommenctng ata pool planted about -M)
yards westcrlv from the main nnd uorth forks of
Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootensy
river ���outh of the southern end of Kooteuay lake
Hi the district of West Kooteuay, thence south to
chains, theme west-is chains, theuce south -Wi
chains, theme west 40 chains, thence north ho
chains, thence east 40 chams. thenee north 40
ciiaius. thonoa east io chains u�� the point otooxn-
inen.ement and containing 610 acres more or
less. (-i.--k-.ic You-su.
Dated this Bth day of August, l'ArT.
.1 Commencing nd ;i po.t planted about jst feet
north from the Bank of the mn.ii Sum in it ��� re..-_,
��� nd about 2 miles weaterly from the Jnnotion ni
the nortn fork and tha main fork of BDUCtb OroolC,
a crecK llowlng into Kootenav river south of the
���onthorn end of Kootenay Ituco tn tho dlatiiet of
We-t Kooteuay, thence soutn to ohaina, ihenoe
..-*���' chains, thonoa north ho ohaina, thence
weat80 chains to the   pointof  eommenoemont
and conlainlng t.w acres more or less
\>     m>  \     ���>   ItKKMS'RR.
Dated this .*>th day cf Auguat, VJOl.
1 Cnnim* hcltig at a post plant*'.! abont 2 miles
up an uunamed creek Mowing into Summit
cr.*. k from the south at SbO-ltSS  miles from the
mouth of Summit crook which Latter la a creek
ttowing into Kooteuay river smith of the southern end ol Kootensy lake In the dlatri i of Waal
ffootenay, tbence nortb80cbslns, thenee eaai>u)
(haina, thonoa south So cbHlns. tbeuo- west So
cb-ilus to the point ol commencement aud con
tainlng mo acres more or less.
t.Eoimi: Youko.
Dated this 5th day of August, WOT.
6 Commencing at a post planted two miles up
an unnamed creek flowing Into Summit creek
from the south al about 23 miles from t he mouth
- f Bnmmlt creek, n-hloh latter is a creek f owing
Into Kootenay river south of lhe aonthern eud
ot Kootenay lake in the ui.-irict of ���*- > si Kootenay.   llo-nce   south   to   chaius,   thenee   east   ho
chains, thence north so chains, thenee west so
. hums lo the point of commencement *,ud containing bio acres more or leas.
Al*     II    C -. i  I.    "r-M'-l.l:
Dated thiii Mh day of August. |yu7
Dated this 6th day of August, 1907.
i post  planted  about  on
..    .1 So chains to lhe p dnt of oomm
inctil nnd   eon(nl.-iing RIO acre-, more or lesr-,
Dated this Uth day of August. Iiaff.
All. Mill.1.1> HhSMNKK.
H. Coinmencing at a po-a planted abont a
quarter of smile westerly from the north fork
of Summit creek,  and   about   two   mllea  aud   a
half up each north fork irom its Junction with
tbe   main   Summit   ereek. a creek   flowing    into
Kootensy river, south of the southern end of
Kootenay lake In tha dlatriot of West sootenay,
thi nee north BO ohalna, thenoe eaat BO .bain-,
thence south H'i chains, thence weal B0 ohalna to
Ihe point ol commen-eineut, and oontalnlng 640
acres, more or less
Dated this id h day of August, 1907.
0-SOBai Yoi-NU,
B    Comiuenclng  at   n poel  planted   al-out a
mirier of a mile  westerly   from   lbo north   fork
of Sum mil creek uu I  about three  in il-* up such
north fork from its lunation with the main Hum,
nut ereek, a cr.-ek ilowtng   Inio   Kootenav  river
���tooth of tbe aonthern end of Kootenay.ska in
the district West Kootenay. thence west ho
Chains,   thonoa   north SO chains,   theine  casts.
.hains, thcii.-e south so ohalna to tbe point ol
commencement, and coniiiDiliig (lib acres, more
or less.
Dated  this Oth day of Arcust, 1007.
Am -ii I I-a_-.ii Itin.MNKit.
10 CommeniMiiK   at  ft   post   planted   about   a
quarter of amlle weaterly from tio- north fork
o| Summit creek and ahoiC three miles up such
north fork from iih function with the main Kum-
ini'creek, ft creek (lowing  Into   Kootenay   nvei.
south oj tha souihcrii .-nd of Kootenay lake- in
tho district of West Kootenay. thenoa west Id
Obaina,thence   south Hi')  chains    thence  east l i
ohalna, thence notth 100 chains tn tlm point of
oommenoementi snd oontalnlng -tin sores, more
or leas,
Daled thla20th dny of Augu��t, 1007.
ak< -in n.i u�� 0snu*ss'
11 Commencing ni a post planted nhoiit half  ���
mile tasterlv from tbe south fork of summit
greek and abont onemfle so uh of tho main
Hum mil ore**. it oreak fiowine into Kootenay
rlv r south of th- -otitbcrn end ol Kooieilay lak-.-
In the dlatriot of weal k-imIciuiv, tnence aaat h-
chain-t, lltt'iici- souths, ohalua, t'.etice west h-i
chains, thence north Ho ehalns to the p.-lut oi
commiinceineni and oontalnlng 640 acres more
Or less. Ai.f'IIIIiAM- ItltKMNKK.
Daled this 'ilat day of August, 1907,
Nelaon I-and Distriot. District ol West K.
dice that Moore, Kepple A C
 at  Mooie. Kepple A Co.. of *-ar-
laud, Penn , occupation lumbermen, Intend to
apply tor a special timber licence over toe following ne" rltod lands: Coin men* lug atapost
planted on \to--Ull'* creek, . n tin- West side nl
Arrow lake, and about oin- half mile waat, of the
souihwest corner of ttmber limit No. 4877, thence
sou ti80chalne. then'*,, weal B0 chaina, ihenoe
north HO ehalns, then.-*  east HO chains to point of
oommenoementi ami .oiitnitiingtvtoacres, more
or less.
Dated 16th July, 1907.     Mount, KSPTtsA co
John K  Cm.kins. Agent
Nelson I-au-1 I * Is trlct.   Dlstrlctof Wesl Kootetiay
Tske  notice   that   William    Andrew    Koss,  nf
Fernie, B  c . howl.keeper intends to spplv for
a s.-iial tlmm r licence over th. followliu- dee-
cril.d   landa:    Commencing   at   a  post   planted
snout sis mllea weetol the K.,oieiiay river, on
corn creek,   in tbe District of We.t Kootenay
and l-citig ab.-it six milea north oi the internal! nal boundary line, and tituat-* at the
iiorlhca.t comer of William   Andrew    EtOSS'   No
I timber clatan* thenoe north ho chains, thenee
\m *.! **������ i h-iitis. thence south Ho chains, ihence
east HO chains, to the point of commencemeut
Located Julv _..rd. PJo7
Dsled the Mh of Aug    li-07.
William Ar-nnaw fioaa
Nelson I and Diatrtot  Dlatriot ol w*est Kootensy
tmkt notice that 1. Kvan Kraser.of Kern!  . B G .
clerk, Intend to *-pply lot -�� apeeial timl-ei ly ��� net
over the following <l.M-rlbed lauds;
i.   ' ommenoing at �� p"-*t plsnted at the N. K.
oorner at-out lj _. milea north of the International boundary line and about il miles area! ol the
k totenay  riyev (about one mib- nonh of the
north i-oundary of I. L No hot:) ihence so
chaius south, thence HU chains west, thence SO
chains north, thence to chains eaat to'be place
of bcgiuninr.
Date.l July Jlst. 1307,
2. commencln-r at a post planted at the S. -C.
corner of loeation -to i, thenee south m chain*.
thencee_ut80 .bains, thenee north BO ehslne,
tbence weat B0 ehnina to ihe place of beginning.
Dated July ^Ist. 19U7.
8. Coinmi-ndup at a post planted at th*- N' K.
corner of locution N-.   1. thence  north   Sn ehalns,
thenoe east SO el ������* im.-,.. south 80 ehalna,
theneo weai tot     i.- to p ��������� ������ ol t-.-inning.
Dated July -'i I
i. Commenetne at the h k rom<-f ofloestton
Ho.li thenc- no th ���*-- chaini i> 10a west so
chains, thenei il     bsln .  tbenoa assl M
chriin- to i     flu ������   ' b . nni   |
Dated >ui**- fitt i ������:
&     Coinm.oein.   a*   n   i+^i   planted   oue  mile
cast o the it i- <<���< t ot i cat! n --n.8, thence
south i ehalna, thenca wt-at Micbaiito, thence
north -1 chain. . thence .as: SO chalui- to lhe pla<-e
oi beg    iiing
Date.  Jul. list, i -07
t".    ��'o ino ii- ing at a poet planted al the N. E.
eorner ol Uiestlon .-- >. ���>, thenee south ko chains,
thenee e^at BD ebslna, thenea north hu chains,
thence �� ��� n 80 chains to the place ul i-eglunmg
Date    ' i . BUt, 1807.
7.   c,     r,,   n. ing -,{ * poal   planted  at th- N   K
com tlon Na      thenea north wi chains,
tnenoe eaat88'chains, thanea aonth ho chains.
theure we*-! -o < halo-, to the   plaoe of   t>egltinlng.
Dated Inly 21*1, um
B, Commencing al a post planted at the N. K.
corner of lo< atloii No. ... thence north HO chains,
thence west ho chains, tbence south m chain--,
tbence   WUl B0 I bain- to the   place of beginning.
Date.l July HI st. HMI7 I. Kkasem. I .oca lor.
Jon*-   IIB'WS, Agent.
Nelson iMtoi DtetrlcL Dlatriot ol Vest Kootsnsy
IkL-' notice that I, BlilShSth Ferguson, of Nel-
ioii, Iniu-h Clonihia, occupwllou marricl wo
iii a n. in lend to apply for p r mission to purchase
the (ollowing de- riu*'t land :   Commencing at a
post planted 10 chalna we.t ol tha southeast corner ol section 22, Township 69, Kootenay, and
marked ������!.. K.'s N. I Oor ner/'thenOO west Hn
chains, ihence south -to chains, ihence ea-t hu
chaina, thence north to chains to the place nl
commencement and containing .i_-J acres more
1Mb JulT, A. D, 1907. KtlSaTSni Fs'urLofi.
by W. A. Colder, agent.
Nelaon Lend Dlatriot   Diatrlet ol Weal Kootsnsy.
Take notice that I, David (1 Kurtr., of Nelson,
li. i   . oecupailon merchant. Intend   to apply for
nennteaiofl to pnrehsea tbe following deacrlbed
���-������,d:   Commencing   at   a post   planted   at    the
'"""-Bat corner   of   section   84,   towushl-
sou th w
Kodteney, and marked *���-��.<_*. K.
Ihence n -nh so chnins, thence
ihence south 80 ohaina, thenoe
cast  40
wesl     lh
P nu.
the  polntof com tin iicchieiil and containing
es more or less,
lftth July, 1W7. Daviii (i   Kl-aTZ.
Vt. A  (abler, agent.
Take notice that I, Thomas Marry Wilson, Intern! to apply for permlaalon lo pnrohsse the io1��
lowing deaenbed lend! Commanatng at a poel
planted at the fl t* oomer of lol Wfl8 ami marked
.*-. f oorner,tbence aonth io chains, thenoa
wost lo chains, tbenos south lo chains, thenoe
wuat I" obatuf. thenoe sooth jo ehalna, thenoe
wesi lu chains theuce south 10 chains, ihence
".-���In  chaliiN, thenco   north   -lb  chains, tbence
eaat40 chaina to point of oommenoementend
contalnlna i*-- aoree, more oi less
June 7, 1007. rnoMAa HSSSf Wtl-N-JT,
William khttOOO UlU_f,    scut,
Nelion Land District.   District of W.*t Kootenay
Take notioa that i, John Lang, ol Nelson, B. c,
oocnpatlon  miser Intend to apply for pernm
'[���ii to purchase the following deaeiibed lands:
' ommenoing al   a   post   planted al   the   N   K. of
Lot ho... thenee anal *-������' ohalna, thenoe south jo
ohalna, thenoa aestSD chains, theuce north 90
ohalna to polnl of oommo_ioement, containing -to
acres, nunc or less.
August Snd, 1����7, John Lako.
Nolle- is hereby given thai 60 daj-H alter date, 1
Intend to spph to the Hon. Chief Cotonuaalonet
of t-Onda  ami Works (or   permission to purchaae
ihe following deeoribed lend in Weat Kooteney
dlatiiet, ��� u wesi sh-ire "f Lower Arrow LskOi
to I join log Lot NO, 4818| on the south : H.-g I lining
���il i nost marked "I arry Mcleod's N.K corner
nest and   idautcd  oil tlu; shun.' of   Lower  Arrow
I.Ak ���. ai the aontbenat oornei of Cap! Poalnnd1!
��� 4sis. tin um   weat 30 ohalna, theuce south 30
'hnlus mora or less to the north  boundary ol 11.
Pullmore'a P, it , tbenoe����ohaini eest along tha
said boundary to lake, theuco nonh along iho
lake shore !_n  chains,  moro or  less to point of
j. d. tenors,
Agent for Barry Kotieod,
toiumeii cement,
May 2nd, 11W7.
Neli in Lend Dlatriot. Dlatriot ol West Kooteney.
rake notice thattieorge littfus Getter ofnirdiir,
nouupatlon, brnlgeiinin, intends io upjdy for ner-
rnlsslou to puuhaho the following dcs.rlbi'd
���sn.i: i ommenolns at post planted ut the north-
westoorni r of   li. Koss' applloatlon  Ki purchase,
niaik-d   8.W.,  ihence    !   io chains, thenco
oast 40 chains, thence south 20 chains to A.
'iinj-M pre-emption, theuce west 20 chnins.
tn. ud Honth _u. bains,thenea west go chains io
������laee of commencement containing I'ju acres
more or less.
Dal. d July 12. 1U07.        (Irohur Htrpi'a (,'AnTKll,
W. J   Hcnrr, Agent.
I. lb.-undersigned, after 80 days intend tonp-
i'i> toil,,. Hon. i ��� i chief Commlaaloner ol Lands
and Works to purchaae tbe following described
andi Commcui ing -,,  ,ln. N. k. i . of Lot ������'���...��
i.A;,.    ,;"''    "'������"���   lu ���'������alt.a,  thonce   norlh  vtt>
-\,,u',rl,' r\ ���_*���' *o ohalna, thence south 95
^SMPlli**���"*"^!, containing 80
t-ocate ~ March ibth, ltgn W. A. MILL4.
Nelson U���d District. DUtrlct01 Wastry
lake nonce lhtU 1, I h ,rles hM, , 'r*
Burton city, H r , ,���.,.,,, i ,,,", '1,H'-' -*���*��� o(
ajPPly for pf^missi'on ��� !^ '��� .'���"K'- tahri-i!
described land: t oninouicinL-1. e ,0 J * * * ��-* i i_g
about live nilies   nortl?we.t   f ���    ^ ""������J
Wieqolto ereek and marktd "t*m i-  n"lul-,<-
Hcp.-th.lW. C-*-*l-itaM_Tl_^
NeUon Una MM.   UU_1�� ol W�� *_����
tak, mum ih.i Au.,,. _,,)���,, ���, .   w '���
���Hrrmlssl,,,, ,��� ,,������-,,.,,. ������.' ,���,   ��,'    ����������   lj
s"w eo,Z?T" ���'����*' **. "".' P'-'ul ��*S
V^l��.7iu-!_, 'n,mh* "r%��m L___ 'I'.r*
.nd -rxly (IM).rn,. *_*��T, ' ".",  """ t""ini
.-.r-l-i,.,.���l...j���.,. :....-       ���	
�� u loria,    li. C,   to   icim   ia-a,.   the  |nu���.i.    J*
_*__f'-.5_*-M-*_s__?*< *l * !"����� p-S-iSb
w.-.l sl.la. ,a( kax.l,.|iR>- l.kr, np.r RhlJ_!_
pa.ll,.. .11.1 ni.r.e.l J.M,.Kl,*,�������� aftS
|..ast,   tliclire   v.n|   s,i   oi___   il���-nc. X5s!
U��l-d April,, 1807, an.rt j VrErssm.
Nelson Unal DUlrlrl    Ul.trlet ol WesHoou-j
T.k.- ���������.,. lh.I l-hlllp Br.wk.l-nk.oiKri^,
H  '    "i-.ll .ucharr. nu.nJ. u. ..���>,,
p*Tlil!..l..ll ... pura-haw lb. loll.i.ln, daalM
l.nal:   ..���i���,,,,���.i���K  ., .  ,���., .i.^*"**"*;
���n-tibon ..( Dppyr wi,.,,���.��� (i ..������,,,_,-;
..--. K ,-,������, I aaf lot HI ��� lhe.w*_l_,__;
llr.-u.-.- ���,.n... n .-li.lii.. 11,,-na, .ut ai ��_|5
in.ire or I.-.. i��� _,. ,|,ore r>l Uu lak,. Um.
liiirlheNy .Ion. Uu ..id sbon* Sl) rtnln. rn-r.
or lew. tai p.,nn .f a-aaniina-na-a-mirni, cr,r.u.an.
lfio acres, mora- a.r i.'-s
ll��la-.l Sept   lath. 1��V7     PMIU.IP 1IW0U..S.
Sixty d.y. .Iter d.te l intend lo spHjM_,
Hon Chl.l (laiui-nlssloner o[ Unal,��r,d'Woru
lor paTinlsslnii taa puri-h.se the loli,.��ln, to-
sa-rltH-.l l.nd in West Ko...ten.y autrlrl: Cor.,
in. ii. In_ nt . |Kist m.rke.l A. V .', aairthvest
r...rr.-r ,...t, riiTi.il.-_- VI rh.ln. .ultriy _7u
*.l... t...nnd.ry ol limber Ui-ent-e So M*.'tbe.t*
southerly 60 eh.lns. thenre w���len- M rbuo-,
lli.-r...- northerly ** t-h��liis .Ion, Uttt f.t
Ita. k to tin- iilsec ol rommena-emsm. a-o-uifiia,
ta... h.iu.tra-.f aa-res, more or less.
_M-__ this 9lh day ol May, 1WT.
A i- Br.s.[__*.
Sotla-e Is nerviay .leen that S.J day. irl��r-I.I
Intend laaupply to tbe Honor.*.!.. UulaWCo--
uilssloiia-r a.l l...nl. and Work, for-.ration
ta. p.ir.-haraa- the lollowiug describedls-l>ltT-_
in .....! K.H.ta-nar dlstrl.-lr romrsrlKliii .1 k
post plant. .1 at the west boundary rdUlKUl,
and ahout 10 chalus saauth ..I .hes..tuhb-atiada-T
of tin. rl*tht a.l-way ail tha- H, 1:. K.ntber-1 rall-
wny, and markeal P. A. I"s ��i.ii.r,a_l a-irnet,
th.-ua-e we.t I.u .-hatus. then.-a-norlli -a-th.-oiilk
U.uii.Ury of the rlabl-ol-way of B. 1".rernb*m
railway, theuce followln, said bonadsryol-��W
rlKht of-way lu an easterly .1 ira-. rii.n to lh* ����l
hounds ry of Ull ;Wit all. th'atue ...uth ta.pl-.of
roininenccment, .i.iii.iuiiik 1UJ sere., more or
llat.'d thi. Mtb day of fimr. 1907.
I'ACL  AClll-T PltTJO,.
N.-Is.ill Ijaud Illslrl.-l.   III.In.1 "I W..I .'.-.lara.!
Take riotl.-c lhat 1'aalll Aniiii.t 1'aulson. of Cll-
.'lia-iu-r. ft. i: . a��.-a-ii|ntl..ti Viinibermsn, Intrrid,
toapi.lv lor permission la. pura-bue the fi.ll-.w-
11.s .Ira.-nl.ed lands: ( oinuni .liif .1 * '<*
planted at the south Isitindary ol tha- rlfbl-of-
way   a.-l   the   British   t'ol.itnl.l. Southern R.I1-
way and .,  H chains aar.la.rly fr..tn mrla port
.-.'.��..n said rallaa-ay. thenre ... 11 tb ���'i-bain., throe,
rii.t 211 a-halns, lha-tla-e soulli SI .-h.lri. th.De.
a*ast CO rhalns. thenre north 10 tbe south l-ms*
ary of the rl-rl.t -,.1-wav ol lhe Hrllwh DolrimMS
Kiuth.-rn Hallway, thenae aeslerly sloli, Ike
said rl-rlit-of-way lo pla.-a- a.f < i.iiinienrenienl.
Haled this -frid day aaf Aaiitust. 1-C.
I'aul Aioirn I'scun-
Nelsou [_u.1 Illstrlct. Dl.lrlrtof We.tK__11*
Tukc n.all.-e that Cnolftl Blur-n. "' "Ul'"Pa
Molilalia. V S. A., occiipatlon. mera-bsiil, tB-
l.uds to apply for permission to pu.'Ch.*' me
followln-i .lesa-rll.e.l l.n.l: 1 .ilnllielirllir ,1 ��
post planied on the wawt sllf.re ..I PEP-1 "-W
shall (l-arlhoo) lake, and ���1 tht_-f���!���*���*��J25
of 1 ot Urn,, th.-tlce west Sll chsins, Iheo.-e-."Ull
01 Ob���Ult, thena-,. e.st tti a-balll.. Ilirnae antl��,���
chains to isilut of a-aariillii-lireliia-III. su.l rainum-
In- Hal aa-res. more a,r less. ^^
flay mil. l��n. <l.ailun��*Tk��
BlatT d��Ti .Iter d.te I Arlhur Allen ���>'''���'
ranch, r, of llnrlon 1'lly, li.n-.i.l I" ��|T'> *",',.
I'hlef .'ominlsslonrra.f lands and "","':r...|
to,la. II   0., to purchase lb. l�����"��-n",j2""K|!
lands-lliihlr rasl ..1 Hurlnli     Oon '""'.ll,
post  ,���,.rk.-.l   "A    A    11    '"��'-'   ',1'!",.,J
planted at llir N   "��'   rornrr i.f lol *"-',''.���,
running nonh M ,h.n,s   than fAtJSSi
ll.i-n.-e souih Ihi.-halns. ihence west .����� I"""
plaro of ....inmrlia'a-ment o���.toS
Ailr-lisl 1st, 11107. A��THII��A.IW�������
NeUon hand Dl.lrlcl. District ol Wcs! ����"'"
Taka. nolla-c that II11K" p-��f"*i '1|, Inr'
Maullol,,.. farmer 111""'"" " " J'.',,-,
permission lo purrhasr liiu I"11"" ' ,,.-d sW"1
land: r,.inin.-nrliiK al a posl pi��"���'" "���,,,
s.vrii rrrllrs from the .n...rlh of M""' '�� ' ,���,(
,.1  northeast   roma-r  of this   ��l'l'","",,,,rh
 I "11. 0   N. K. r..rnrr."��nd " ,', ,���.
i*.rhnlii.. thence west N chalus. ' " "l "   coo-
rloilns.  Ihrlia-o .last wl rhslns lo polnl a' "
111 emrlit. rorrlaliilni. 840 arrcs.
Dated .'Kith day of AiiRiisl, 1W. ^^^
A��THt'��A.BlKrol.. A,,"-*
Nolson Land lllstrlcl. lllstrlcl Ol "'"' """" w
Take notice that Frank f-JPglJ,
Allona. Manltoha, broke-. Int��" .'-',���, ,1,-.-
for p.-nn I.Mr.11 lo purchase I ne 1."' . nUJd .1
crlhed land: I'oinnicnolM ��'��'.'*,. ',���,, ��b.��i'
tin. soulheasl corner of land ,��l"' ',. 1 ,, ."�����
Ilvr lull.-. Iroin th.r nio.nli 01 ''',, . a, lli.ii��
marka-.l 9 K ���.* R -i-mrr, '* s"; l<"'" J�����������,.
north Wl chains, ihence west mi - "" ��� llD, ol
souih laHelnins, thelice east Mil iliiil��""
0 uurlicrmrlit, colllnllllnil,��" "' ""'
Daled Mill day of A 11,11s 1.1 WI.     ���,_,.,
inn I.aud DlatrlO
Take notice  Unit  ��� --
ma   Man., WttttpatiOD^
-b_t.Corn.lio! I!:*.'"!?,:",',,V*
ink.- iiotic.. inn. ' .",'"""���;_ ,,
ton. Man., 111.1111..1' "r'"*,r,��� roliowua. - -.
for permission  1 1rcl1.se ^11-   '     piuHlMj
crlhed land : r���.���lri..l.clii�� ��' �� ',"J���l BWW
l*i-,iuk K Ha nrniin's H. K. con. >'^ ' , wreh.lnj
...   11. N   K .... li.T,"and ruin '��"���,, norm*
thoneo-o ,tt*a*J*f>tlJSSl'S',"ft""*"
lislns   lo   nhicr   of   l."Blliii'"..
nirro. of laud, more "r l""";v,...L|-�� Bkn""'11,
Dated dord A-.;^"",0;",^,^ The Daily Canadian
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|The BACON We Sell
It (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our  Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard iu All Sizes.
P. Bums & Co., Ltd*
.uodUd-1 Dlatrlct. Diet-lot oi West Kootenay
i ,,. that iMtrl k She-ran, o(  Nelson,
i c accapatloD proapector, intends t�� apply
/ , ���,.���-, lid Q< <��� over the follov- tna
l_JL:j ni- Commencing at a post plannd
ffSa w corner j*--.* ol lot WW being Patriuk
Jhs'sn'*'H K' cornet poal rununiK sotith ho
Eli-. ���.(������������."��� waat��0nhalna, thenee DorthSO
Ti.Lu thenoa aaal �� chain- to point ol com-
f       I initnat.isw.       i-atki.kki.siu-*..
EBIOI Hi hand, Agent.
Kelioti Und District.   I>u*u.ct ol West Kcdc nay
B Ifo. i   Tako notloe that Peter l-un.i. ot
k ��� : , ������ ipatloh lumberman, intends
hsMilr I'.r a *-I",'-iai   Umber   licence  over   the
���.-���ir--i landa:   Comaeneina at a
Id tbe north-easterly poet ol loi HVi
I Ho ebalni --.mil ol timber IloeoeeVo TOM,
���an. nutli I Mi chalne,   theuce east-to chains.
Itochalne, thenee w<st-W chains
-,. ui ament, and  eunlaiuing
-, ,     .   -     .;������  i.:   .' ���-.
sod juiy ��t: Pans urns.
nd District   Diatrict of Weet Eeot��uty
bin Mo. 3   Take notloe that i'cter l.un-1. <>f
,���������,- ii. i  .occupation hiinl-crmnn, Intends
i ipeclal   umber  licence over  the
��.���_��� .... ��� landi:    OommenoiM ata
��� an eaat   boundary ol lot Bi-!, 100
i   ,-      i ol timber licence Tol'* and 40 chains
i -��� ��� '.im No. l- theneo north
-' ��� hatus- thenee aonth *���
noa weet80 cbains  to  tb*-  point  Ol
neat, aod ct-uiatulng  Mo acres, more
I       i ,.y ?io,.h, iw7. Pmn i.r.-.r*.
I- - I District    IMstrict of Wet*t KiM-*��uay
Uog tbat   I'eter   I.titid, ot
i I -uml luinberinau, intends
* .;: [ortspi al tlm bar licenee over the tol*
_ I nitimemdn). at a pool
Hi.---! on an eaii boundary ol lot tt% K chains
onhnimv loeation post claim No _���. thanoi
i ���*   -       . i   ���      ���    ������,*-'   to  chains,   ihence
I .in.'  w.._t no  chains   to   |Hdut
t Bmnaaannanti  and containing Mo acres,
-tor. or !�����������.
I . I l|Wt lit, 1-07.
I'-crra Lrsn
���TuelOttathat Ira Y. Taylor, cleric, of Arrows'. HJ IntlDdl tn apply for a ipeclal lb*,-nee
cut Umber  trvm   the    followlug   described
���!������(' i  CoMBMadne eta posl pleated 90ehelna
-vtsncrln ���,ne4��:--fly direction (nun Cariboo
I-������ :..i*,. I "IrkV Taylor's. W. Parkins' ti W.
��' beoaded on tba south by T. L No .fl**,
��� wt-ti by t I,. * o, ~*il2. tlicnce north HO
isitii, lln-n.**- f-a-t to chains, theuce south 80
um, theace *es1 >*<��� chains to point ol com-
��� ��� leai
�� _   ( Dfl-Bteadni al a pout planted KO ehalna
Udi-mJ in a.���*.-,-rl\ dir.-.'tlon Imin CerltKio
imtrked-'W I'arklue'. IriSP Taylor's H. W.
ided "li the west by I". 1.. "667,
���tfi .TlrnP. Taylor's and W. Parkins'T. L
> I. *Leurt> north 4" . bains, theuce east IKI
"*���'" '��������������������������� - iMi n. halns. them-e wett 160
���in* in [..Hi! ���' , ,,-nin- ii, L-men*.
_ Bd Diatrlet,   District ol West Kooleuay
lN ; " reb) liven that H days alter date I.
�����-.-- I .wedberg, miner,ol Nelaon, _>.C, inn-nd
J-l'PiT t'lth.- II, .ti the > hief Commissioner ot
lOdWorkl fur m spaeUl  licenee to cut and
Wl] timber (nni, the foIIowliiK deaerit>ed
>ntaaied on .-tutun.lt creek,   in   the  Weat
ft-oteo-i- hitirlei:
1 -Duenclng at a pout marked J. P. B'e
mil northeaat corner post, located aU
-���I snuiiim in.k   nbuut two in ties from
J*     '"   ihenoa  ruiinii.g -.outh ho ohalna,
| .* *��� ��� -��� in chalne, thence  runuiuK
���i' -!  _.   '''"���   ���'"'"''"   vvc-t tOchiilns.   theuce
--i.Nr.-i*. thenoe   running east 40 chain��.
���* nnniiig ��..uth m chains,  thence east to
'������-���" j.,tea Dlaommi uoemeni
���"���u-i on ihe utb -lav ,,( August, iwn.
loHa P, E.w*KDBS*ao, Loostor,
pel In- agi d| Pan a McIkimlii
���Uii(''1imm''"r|,l-lUl��'''t marked J P. 8's
E,,rlin,,--->,,rl,>��"'i��'orner   poat. locaU-d on
*m oi-ammll oreak, ab..uttwo miles (rom
.P-.J 'ii.net* riiiniinit  south   Ho ehaln-..
C?EVr,lln,,ln-<,!,'fc-s',l,balna.   thence   ruiinliig
_ini_^   .""���  "-���n(** riinniiig west HO chains
f-r_*��f ol wmmencemeftt,
|-��(,*t--l.)mht. 2��tfa JayoIAUfOat, li-07
I John P BWBDUmo, l-.cator.
pei bi* Ment Phicr McU-nai.d.
I^'-i Uml bistnet.   IMstrict of West Kootenay
g-^tloathal -I. K. Y. Stewart, ol Colling-
p; ir.,,,v,'',1,:Htl"n l-unhermen, intends to
;.;*"���!"���' del tlmbei Ileal over the M*
���owl. and-:    (',.,��� ,,,,-nclng atapost
"   . ,.V""n """Hm ,4 1 mi ��lla s��'nth
I, JJJff"* -wer near tha bead watcranl i.rmi-
nx\Z\��*\^\]    "   '���'   Stewart's N.K.  AnKlc
i��n- tl a-.,1"n,,,;,,t *',"��i"��. tnence   wet  40
I  isj nance south BO ohalna, thenoe w.-*.t 2
.'      '""   ������     I', chains,  theuce   cant   Wl
J'tf"" ""I1" haina; thenoe vreetV
,BTrarmire^r��_^mm*IIO*m,Dl' '" nUh,i,,��
B-a-i?4.!?' Iamk.k K sra��-*i.T.
���;��BU.���| DUtrlot.   Idstrlcl ol West Kootenay
lM,i,;;;" u��. j a. p. Hn.wart.ot oouid*.
���ppliISJ.'^,"P*.H?nlumbermen, intends to
_KteBil_,b,rl1 '���'"''���  "v,,r   t'n'((d-
���aWlad on Uaaniiih !m ,,,"""icnciu(- at a post
���-OttblriminS   M'V, '"   rt(""rt"l   MSek   due
"������-i** .'n.l     ,    '     *   '   M*,|l,''tV inlnc, about   flu
'���niVN ' ,r!'""" ������oth marked J. It. K.
���v. ���.;,.,, iDJ " J���,,���". thenea eael 3d ohalna,
"ii- .,, ,    �� '/'"I"-, tbeuc- waitao ohalna
"""'"���'UH ��� ���'���"'"f. thence east HO cbains,
r^i.-i,' , I' ''tins to pUce ol commence-
[-"ly-ilh  b  -l<,',"rt,'--,!\moreorlest,.
fei I ���   -i u1, ���, fSff"^ OUlespie, of
"���   luv1.���Lrik','ll,'i" -9WP1V  'or a special
'r  tho (ollowlng deaeiibed
I nf ti
h.ilrH?,iM",K.' P|nn��',,t at tho eon*
��� i���!.,   ..of t'or-- ������r,,,,k wi|-' ������'"
��� pi
���rth 40 chains, thenae west
0*0 40 chains,  thenco east
��� ot hcgtiun-iK> oontalnlng
mi ��th, lntn
'E��atepoit planted on the bank
i ii..  _-.','[11 2rwr_. nbu,lt -'"ir miles
'."      *-Ph tha   Main cr.ek, thence
��� u    ne,-   W1.M  Kn.-hiiitiH,   thonco
...... ' iV* ���*" ��h*10i to  the
OOnteltting GUI acres, more
I:" '"'r-i!.:iv!,,!."IH'-
' pleated on the hnnk
uiiiV ,,'iri',,.k. ,l,,,,,"l 'our miles
H!*>-*���, | ��� .l'1 ll'"M��Hi creek. Ihence
|��� "' ''Indus, ,j, , ,��� w"*\ Wl'dtaliiH. thenee
ri    '" '-KUniUK        . \\*HH\   HDebai,,*,   to   the
Cl . Mn*ainlnf fllO aotil, mora
-_ ' ' *XASi>k>\ Oii-i.ttti-in, Locator.
F*35nS^^    ____*:?**������. Agent
|^*- -��U0_UttS8tH "lHlrU,t����' West Kootenay
I, ���', J;r;"lI'"<'lor, li-,,!.i!,lr-,'   Relehert, of  Nelson,
"H"vvu"  .'"'-'-111   e��� rr.     "  H ���'���*���-''    ,,,r   *  "POClal
Nn n,R,U'"crl^dlanL.Waytim^r   ,r��n- the
.... . - ''llltllni..,.
No. 10 Commen-'iug at a post planted about _0
chaina more or leaa south from the northwest eorner of lot no. 3MJ on main utnon
creek and maraed Metiry Keichert east corner
poet SO 10, thence 4i> chain-north more or l��ss
to about midway ol the souih boundary line ol
timber licence No #266, thence lfi i chains weet,
theuce 4(> ehaius south, thence 160 chalui east
to point of commencement.
Hated July _r.th,l_Kfl.
Ko. 11 Commencing at a post plauted on Monument .-reek, about .0 chains, more or less, south
from where Monument < r>*(-k, empty* Into Lem*
on creek, and near Henry Keichert northeast
corner |**,ht ol tlmt*er location wo ��, and marked
"Henry Keichert northwest corner post i-o 11,"
thenee 100 ehains suuth, thence 40 chaini east,
thenee -SO ohalna north, thence to chains west
to the point o* commencement
Dated July inih. law;.
Hknrv Ri:n hebt, I-ocator.
N.l-on I-.ni i Dlntrict.   District of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that I, Harold N. Edgecombe, ol
Penile, B.C., clerk, intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
_. Coiiiuieticlng at a pout planted at ttie eon-
lluenceoftbe north fork nf Corn creek about
two miles from Its confluence with the Main
ereek theuce south 40 chains, thenee west 160
chalui. theme north 40 chains, thence Mat ISO
chains to the place of beginning, eoutaining 640
acrea, more or leaa.
Located August 17th. 1907.
9. Coinmencing at a poet planted on the hank
0l the north fork of Corn 'reek about two milea
irom lis confluence with the Main ereek, thence
aouth Ml chains, thenee west I*-' rhalns, theuce
north Ko chains, iheuce east ao chalus to the
plaoa Of hegluning, coutaluiug 040 ecres, more
or less.
1-oeated August 17th. 1W7.
... Commeuelug at a pon planted on lhe hank
of the north fork ol ("oru Break atiout four mtlei
from its confluence with the Main creek, thence
south fto chains, thence cast to chains, theuce
nonh SO chains, thenee west SO chalus to the
place ol headlining, containing M0 acres, more or
Uiraled August 17th, 190?.
6 Commencing at a post planted on the hank
ol tho uorth fork of Corn creek alKiut 6 milea
from its confluence with lhe Main creek, thence
north 40 chains, th.-nee east 160 chains, ihence
south 4U chains, tbenoe west 160 chalus to the
plaee Ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or lesi.
Haled August 16th. lt-07.
6 Commencing at a post planted on lhe hank
of the north fork of iv.ru creek about six miles
from It- confluence with the Main creek, thence
south HO chains, thence eeStSO chain*., tbence
north to ehains, thence west to ehains to the
plaee of beglnulug, coutainlug bio acrei, more
txHated August Kdb, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek ahout six mllei
from ita continence with the Main creek, thence
BentS *t ehatnt. thence west ao chains, thence
north HU ehains. Iheuce oast 80 chains to tin-
place of beginning, containing HO acres, more
.ir  !..-
I-ocated August lfilb, l'>*7.
H. N. Kn-iKTOMRi. l_ocator.
A. 11_,< kkTT. Agent
Time for advertising extended by lhe A Balaton t
Nelson Lend Dlatiiet District oi Weet Kooteney
Take notice that Thus. K. L. LogSQ-el Bonner's Kerry, occupation painter intends to apply
tor a special limber licence over the following
deicrlt-ed lands: Commencing at a pott planted
onttu-pouth side of Iloumlary creek, about 10
miles west of the Kootenav liver, tbence we-d hu
chains, thence souih mo chains, theuce easl SO
chains, thenee north unchains to the point ol
commencement, and eoutaining 6*0 acres, more
or leis. .    .
Dated July 6th. 19.17. Thi��-*as K  I.. l^OOaW.
Nelson l.an-l lUMrld Uistrlet of West Kooteuay
Take notlOa that Henry Keichert. of KelMO,
11 ... prospector. Inielid to apply tor n i-pe ".al
limber licence over the following described
No. 1.���Commencing ata post planted near H.
W. northwest corner post, lot Nu. 7tl��, and
marked "Meury Keichert southwest corner
post " thence to chains norlh, thence BOOhalttl
east, thence ��0 chains south, thence HO ehalns
west to the point of comiin-iuenielit.
Dated Kept, the -tith, 1907.
Hbmiy KaicitttHT, Locator
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal" and ���-Qoebeo" Mineial I lalms situate lu Hn- Nelson Milling invlstoli, of West
Kootenay  IMstrict.
Where located: West branch of north fork ol
Halmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
mllei* Irom Eric, B.C. ,   ,,
Take nollce that 1. Alfred Kmest Unllnpe, Free
Miner's Certlllcate No. B049, intend, sixty days
Irom the date   hereof,   to apply to  the  Mining
Recorder inr a Certlflcate o. Lmproreroente, tot
thepurpus- of  obtaiulng   ( r.-wn  '-rant*  of the
above elalma, .
And luilhcr lake notice tbat action under
section 117. musl tie commenced before the issuance of such Certlflcate of Improvements.
Hated this 1-lh day of September, l��i..
Certificate  of Improvements.
ino i ICB<
"I'ulon" Mineral   Claim situate in the Nelsou
Mining DlVlBlon, or the West Koolenav District.
Where located:    On Toad Mountain two and a
halt mllee irom Nelsou, B.C.   ,
lake notice that I, *. A. MHcdmiald, acting as
Blent for BOBh Sutherland, Pree Miners (cr-
iiilc.i'e No. ltiii,'2-".i, intend du days (nun the dale
hereof, to apply   ��o   the   Mining   Recorder   for a
Certlfloeteoi itnproyementa, for the ourpoaeol
obtaining h Crown  (irant ol the shove claim.
And   further   take  notice  that acllon,   under
Section m, must be oommenoofl before the la*
Bueooeoisnoh Certificate of iinprovemeutH
Hated huh23rd day of Beptember, A   i'   !.���".
W. A   MA" IniNAl.n
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addreised to the utidersk-ucd ut his
ofll-e In the Courl House, in the 01\f 01
Nelson, will M received up till tin-
hour ui r. ..clock, in the afternoon, ol Frl
day. November 1st, 1007. for t he pure haw- of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, LotiUSp. t.roup I
Kooleuay IMslrlct. WhlCb tTtt ��0lSltA to >���
forfeited lo the C.ro* n at the tSS Mia "Id in the
Citv ol Nelson on lliefdh iny 01 voveiiibcr, IBOR.
f 'rdelin.lmml  laxcs  up till Juno 30th, M* and
C��?be unset nrlce upon the said  mineral claim,
wl ton   ueimVci he amount ol deUnqnsnt taxes
, .e!,SH,V, the time o( fiuleiliirc. with interesl,
... v.-s avlil.-l. li.iva- slur..  Ilra-rtif.l.  .'"SI   01   .l.la.-r-
��n,i k l .'���"i.r Brown ...nil tW��.0Oa) HUH
wfij-SS ilia, li-nsl.......lint Uml wlllboransldoroJ
""E��,,.h'"i'.'.,,r,.i,-r ii.ii.t v:; i r;.','.v.v.,.v."<" .'f't'i .'.'*. t""." v;
aal '..anils i.n.l   W..I It s, .ll V i-li.rlii.   B   I.., .it *>n r.
I.ito!l il 1S.-1...II. B ('.. Il.l--'71l. alM'.ii^lil-
'���**������ BABB. 'VKimiT.
Uov.mmiiul Aguul, N.Uon, B. 0
(Continued from paga one.)
th�� c-ontrtict, mu-.U paymenl lo be made
to the partie*. of the second part at
their head offices in Liverpool, England,
wlilie the purchaser remains in the
United Kingdom, nnd to the party or
the (list part when tbe purchaser settles in Canada,
nl.) Tne land Khan be sold in ten
acre lots or ranches which may be exchanged ir desired on arrival by arrangement with the party or the first
(2) Clause as to conimlsf-ion to be
allowed on all sales effected by the
parties of the second part.
t'.i) And H is further agreed that the
said clients of the parties of the Becond
part shall be cared for by the party of
the first part on arrival at Nelson, and
be given free accommodation for three
days on the fruit ranch by the party of
the first part, and shall have access to
the demonstration ranch and int-truc
tions In clearing, -_ty!c of huilo-ug mrst
suitable, and guidance in the selection
of the most, suitable plants and trees
and how to cultivate them, as well as
directions as to obtaining the most suitable and economical camping outfit, and
assistance or advlc eposslble as to employment when necessary for them to
work for wages, and the party of the
first part agrees to keep the parties of
Ihe second part duly advised as to the
demand for labor and current rate of
wages from time to time for the guidance of settlers.
That memorandum was sent to Mr.
Hammond for perusal and was with him
for weeks before he replied. We took it
for granted all was In order, but cabled
asking him for confirmation although
I had full confidence In his honor in the
matter. On the 2nd July he cabled to
me In England: "Agreement substantially correct."
Hefore reclving any communication
from him limiting the full wage of $3
per day to strictly experienced lumbermen, our society had booked a few apparently suitable men for Nelson, all of
whom expressed themselves willing to
do the necessary work in the forest or
elsewhere, and we had given them Introductions to Mr. Hammond. Those
who had purchased ranches were given
receipts for their deposit on account of
the Kootenay Orchard Association by
the society In Liverpool in accordance
with our agreement, Mr. Hammond having In the meanlime given us this name
In correspondence, and we stand firm
upon that agreement as regards these
Considerable correspondence was passing, but no communication reached us
that there was any doubt about the immigrants being found work until over
20 ranches had been sold and a few-
others had booked for Nelson, intending
to buy them there If satisfied, and these
young men had  given up positions and
To All   Points  In  Kootenay*.
MONTREAL, $46.10; OTTAWA,$44.85;
HALIFAX, $56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to  All   Intermediate  Points.
Prepaid p.ibhiiko nrrangod.   Re-erva-
lions  Beaut.-, etc.  through this office.
For further particulars call or write
A..1. I*. A. .Vancouver.
D. P.A.. N.-lsaali
in tin' innttur of an -.pptieiitloii fnr tho JxHi_e of
dnvllOfctaa Ol tin-  tk-rtitlcutiHol Title to lot! 11,
18 and u, troup 1, Wc-m Kootanu Dlatriot. alio
known t\n thr ' Knntynay t'liiof," "Comfort" and
"Liiln" mtni-ral .-latum r-jH*,ec-tiv*-ly.
Notice is heraby _rivan that it i�� my intention
to liana ��-t tin- i-xplration of one month after the
ilrnt publloattoo noraol u daplluta ��f certificate
of TitU- .*��.' i-.*1 ������������"���' ���"��� nn.in i.l.-.l Hi 100thn In
t-aeh ot tho u��-ovo lota, laauad on tho 17th day o(
May. A I). 1886 in tho iih mo of .TohnC. Aitim*orth,
and also a.luj-U.-at*' ol Cor till cate of Tillo No.
8900a of an und.Ttd.-d lfl-ieoth* In each nf tbo
above Iota, [akUOd on the   1*711* .lay of   May, A. D
iH8(i.m tha nana ot Georga J, Aim-worth.
bund I'" n i**n . inlii'.', N.l ...n, 11, On Auguat 6th
U.K. MAcbaon."
Dlatriot K_ giitrar.
We offer you best fruit laiuls;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle notbing on
If you don't see Pruitvale you
miss the best ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Net-on, B. C.
7-Rooms. Ail Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. House good for $25 per
month.    Owner  going  to  Coast.
Only $1,800*      Good Terms.
paid their passage money and could not
therefore be stopped without serious
loss and inconvenience to them, and as
we knew the ranches were excellent
value, and there was abundance of
work in the district, and that of these
young men were going to Canada, especially at this time of the year, they
could not do better than go to British
Columbia, we would not have been justified in advising them to go. But as
soon as we had carefully considered
Mr. Hammond's desire not to be troubled about the question of labor, and
fully realized that he only wanted us
to sell ranches or send men who either
had sufficient capital to finance their
own scheme and depend upon themselves or had experience al forest
work, we made this clear to all who
had booked to the best of ability, and
our society will stand by those who
have purchased ranches through them.
On the 17th August 1 was very much
amazed to receive Mr. Hammonds
cable  reading as follows:
"Consider your statements misleading, arrangements absolutely cease,
sond  no  settlers."
A similar cable was also sent to Liverpool, to which the society replied as
"Altered attitude perplexes Brooks,
sold 22 ranches desirable men terms
you agreed, received deiiosits. explained about work, passage booked, part
sailed. Cannot cancel, must protect us,
agree second terms remaining eight,
(tying arrange wholesale deal, Confirm.**
And later in reply to a further message from him we cabled him as follows :
"Indignantly repudiate false charges,
initiating defence.,. And wrote him as
August   21st.   1907.
F. L. Hammond. Kootenay Orchard Association, Nelson.  It.  C.
Dear Sir,���We are surprised, aggrieved, and even indignant at the contents
of your cable just received, for which
there is no justification whatever, as
on this side wo acted on discussion
with yourself nnd upon the ngreement
of the loth of Juno based on those discussions, and all that we have done
was honorably conducted in the light
We are. of course, very sorry for any
misunderstandings that havo urlsen.
These would n ot hnve occurred, however, but for the long delay In your
writing reply to our memo of agreement, about which you cabled "Agreement  substantially   correct."
The situation Is very perplexing, as
both you and we are under obligation
to keep faith with those who have purchased these ranches. In the meantime
we must hold you responsible for the
sales made and our commission thereon, as per agreement, as well as the
consequences of your repudiation, but
sincerely hopo some way may soon bo
found to adjust the matter satisfactorily
to all parties.    (Sgd.) J. L. BROOKS,
Had Mr. Hammond when cabling
said "Agreement substantially correct
exoept so and so,, or Wall. Letter nil
the trouble could bave been avoldoil.
but he did not. and lt was months before I heard that Mr. Hammond wanted
to vary the proposed agreement and
tho verbal arrangements made with me
and in the meantime everything done
by  our society was  In  good   fatlh.
F*or Unpaid Delinquent Taxe. In the Nelson A.ee.-ment District, Province
of British Columbia.
I hereby Blvo notice on Friday, th e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock   noon   at
the Court House. Nelson.* B. C, I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands  hereinafter  set out ot  the   Demons
in said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons as on the thirty-first day of December
1906, and for interest, costs and expense.. Including cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due is not sooner
Description   of     Property.
Lots 2, 3, and 8, B 98, G.l	
A. R. Wilson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
Lot 914	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan, 320	
P.   Grlschell,   61.21	
E.   Mallandalne,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 35	
Lot G076	
Lot 5372	
Bk.  15, lot  812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 14,lot 891	
ti.  E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Relth, 6.37	
N.  Gagnon, 99.20	
Mrs. L. C. McDonald  35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Cm,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Ryan & Donelly	
Uroken Hill M. & D. Co., Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42.33	
Bk.  20.  lot 891	
.InS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Let 1237	
In Sec. 3, 4, 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237. .
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 40, all
In Lot 1241	
In Lot 4595	
McKelvey & Randall, 775.53	
Ah Wing,  1.09	
In Lot 4598	
In Sec.  7, Tp.  17 tot 1242 '.'.'.'.'.'.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th d ay of September, 1907.
Collector, Nelson Assessment District.
Ttemont House
Boropc.n .nd Asurlc.n Plan
��� esl. 25 els.    Boom. Irom 36 ct.. to 11.
Only White Help -Employed.
MALONE   c.  TREOt-I.-'B
Baker St., Nelson Proprietor!
Most comlorublc quarters      Nelson!
Only the best ol Liquors aud i i-rnrs.
Grand Central Hotel
J1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswill buy a Bix-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$600 cash and the br? lance on extended payments will buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month -rill
b-T- i. ._ .-en-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRD
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
,T. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Houbc-
and Postofftce, Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Eleotrioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
La rift- and  i-omforieblf  BMroonii *m<l   Kirft*
-iKMi/lnluf, Kooix-.   Sample Rooms lor <"o_an.i-r-
-Ul    ".���������!.-
MRR   K.   C.CLARKE,   Ptoprletrent
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Bar !��� the Plnent.
White  Help Only Kmployed.
Jonephlne BL
Nelaon. B. C
Royal Hotel
Hates $1 and fl.50 a Day.
Specinl Kates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beet 35 cent
meal In the city.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insorancc
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
mi iii oomn um nn iiiwi ih_ii_-Mi_______________i
Choice Fruit
I Have i 0,000 Acrea
of the
Choicest Frwtt Lands to
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms and bnlli, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 raioins und bath���excellent repair,
electric ll(;ht, water, sower, 1 1-2....
lots,  on   terms '2000
;| room-, water, electric lisht, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots ln
Fairvlew;   water $1*150
Victoria St.   (76  ft.  corner) $   500
Houston St.  (50 ft. corner) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
G 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train servlco $3000
F. B.  LYS
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
In Hip maltor of an appllctilnn fnr tho IttttS ol
a dupllOftte ri-rilllcati* ot Tltlt- lor part (10 M-ren)
of Lot 812. Group on*, Jti tln-nii-trlftor KooU-nay.
NotU'i* In her.-by Riven Ui-u It Im my Intention
to ixitui- nt the ox pi rut ion of oM mouth from thi
ti rat publication hereof n ���hipHi-.ite "f the Oor*
itfi--nl'- nl ' Hie for the ��b'*vi- lim-ln in ths ������nine
of An-lrew Morrison, Wnleb -Vrilflcnh- of Title
i*. -i-iir-i "i. Mh 'l- v Ol Much, VQO, and iiuni
bared 9H89R.
l.iui'l I'l-nlHtiy ofllce. Noi mi n. ti, C, September
���'It. K. Ma('L��od,"
Uimrict Keg.str._r.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter hold-, certificate from
.loyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of mu*
hIc. Scholarship of the London Conger*
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nalson.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
���AN IV-"
In the matter ol an application lor 'he Ismio of
a duplicate of the (Vrllflf-iUe of Title lor Loin
.301, mm\ an.l ao*,    Group!   Kootenay   iMtrlet.
NottOS U hereby given llni tt la my Intention
to iamie at the exmratlon of one month from the
flrut puhltt-altoi) heteof a .ttiplieal-* tVrtlfli ate ol
Title in tbe Hi".- e ileaprlhal Ian.!-., In the namuof
James Roderick eobertson which c<-.-HW'-ite is
-.1-   ���!''"���'-Ht da*'   of ..ti   ir.'.    i*- i���-.   ami   li   n-.iii-
bero i nivi.k.
1-hti.. Hi-iili-try Office, Nelfon, B..\, "lint pi
AtiRuit, 19U7. 11. Y. Ma-'I.M)|i,
District Registrar.
I. E. Users of Electrical Sad Irom
The City Council has fixed a flat rate
of 50 cents per month for each Klectric
Iron used In private houses and $2.60
per month for each Klectric Iron used
Cor commercial  purposes.
And notice ls hereby given to all
those using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if they have
not already done bo) for power required.
ANYONE found using Electric Irons
or other h.'iitlng device without first
making application for power will bo
prosecuted without further notice.
By Order, W. B. WASBON.
City Clerk.
Nelson, D. C, Sept. 25th, 1.07.
*.   #"''t*:
! J : The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
iversleep. $1.50 aud $..50. The
.'crv best.
Milling and Smelting
Cc-ni^ny? Limited.;
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
H     I
;   I
Jg-irJ'- =*-"-*a^
1. m��iiiil,.,-iurf.l Irom ma- anwt toJ>��MO, i-n-
rl..L-111-.l aall.l .la.-i.-sa.a-a-l.-111-.l        11 > mil-, lull-
flavor. .1 an.l .'.-..1     A tobacco ya.u
ought in try*
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kooteaav  Ice, Froit,
Foel St, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. eo.. Baker   and   V/ard   St��.
til**     _-*s__ceS,i. *M-v~*r"^
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
L'.nr. Varrnon   nnal -."V,,,-... SiraJ.lM.
>iriU**or*>'. "a. t-
ll. E. Mianl anil wife, Coal Lake; F.
Styles, C. F. Beck, Seattle; Miss L.
i.arunl. .Mrs. Dewar, Vancouver; Q. II.
Ferguson, Fred rlcton; .1. C. Booth, T.
.'.iilis. Toronto; C. Legg, D. Qreenwalt,
Spokane; B. G. Travis and wife, Medicine Hat; W. H. Smellie anil child,
Procter; w. it. Pi-esc-tt ami wife,
Vernon; s. it. Miller, F.-orman J. D.
Caverhill, E \v. Haws..n. Vancouver; R.
D. McTavish Calgary; 1. James, St.
Paul; F. E. Armstrong, (i. Merry, Rossland.
Be t   Locitcd   Hotel  iu   Nelson
Under the roanagement of P.. K. Noble,
late u( Toronto. (Htnwn nml
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder* will nni! it lo their a i-
'���:���._���  to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Plate   Glass   Front.
\v  a. Thurm&n is placing pinto glass
windows in iiis store front.
Irish Case.
ii may nave n_er*alj n coincidence that
more than hall of the jury In the trial
ot Maurice .1. O' Connor were of Irish
dost ent,
Former    Nelson it es    To    Marry.
The Kamloops Sentinel says: The
marriage of H. B. Tate, of Dinks, and
Miss Scarlet, of this city will take place
on  October  itth.
c. Hooper, Spokane; Mr. and Mrs. P.
G. Clifford, E. P. Bock, U Edwards, G.
Kenning, Lethbridge; ��;. I*. Irish. Q. J.
Brott, Toronto; A V. Sutton, Grand
Porks; F. J. Btevens, nil. .������������������. x. B.j
... Barren* ll. Winnipeg.
Miss C. Britton 13-MIIe; .1. Wilson.
C res ton; W. Dlnand, Cranbrook; T. H.
Nejus and wife, Slocan; T. I*. Aiknian
and wife, Toronto.
c.   Meek, F.   Edwards,  Waverley;  A.
S  McCuley, Slocan;   ".. D. Hugh, A. Mo
Qlllls,     Willow   POlnt;     G.   B.   White,
Bhli dls;  M   .1. O'Connor, .j. Miles, Miles
Ferry;   c.  Johnson,     s    Fields,   Koch
s, ting;  i.   ;. ������-  ii. J   Mib--..:). k. Robin-
... Cranbrook;  M   ilruv-Ti. 1-'. I*. Nelson
VVestley; G. .1. Willow, Chilliwack.
II.  Bayley,    J.  Davis.    Phoenix;   W.
Honser,      Ainsworth;      W.   J.   Mrnh.t'n.
Winnipeg;  .1. Slmpktn, K��rni<*:   a.   McKenzie, Prince Aii-rt;  K. B, Eniis, We-
taskawln; a. McLean, .1. Macrae, Revel-
stoke;  D, McEachern, Brie;  il. ECimber,
Mlss B. Jackman, Vancouver; Mlsi i"
Fauldo, Burton City; F. Culver, Silver
on; l. Pound, H. A. .Ionian. Grand
I irks; N. Rosevigh, fi. Thum, Pilot
Ba- ; .1. iinn-hisoii. .1   Dickens, Phoont-t
j F. t. GREEN        F. F. fcyRDLN        A. H. GREEN
General   Job   Work,  Chimnt-y   Sweep      (JyfJ   Engineer:,  Dtminion   and   British
ing, carpet Ceaning, Fixing and Clean- Columbia Land Surveyors
Ing  Stovei,  etc.
1*1  E-it Baker St. Phone No. All*
P. 0. B,.< 1,5    Phon- 2.1 B.
A. McDonald k Co.
Dealers in Btaple and fancy Groceriea,
Batter, Erin..
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
i: IAI.E
. P-itr.   Apply *V
I rn.a-r K.,ii:.,..r. ||d>, Ill Ea,
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office-. Bealey Building.    P. O. Box .84
Baker Bt, NEL80N, B. C. 	
INEl^SOIN,    -    B. C.
Men   of   Leisure
Tho crowds that  have boon in atten-
lance   ...   the  court   house  during   the
whole a^-sizis Indicate that there arc a
jreal  many men in Nelson whose hours
of labor arc not  excessive.
Revelstoke   Growing.
The Revelstoke school report for
���September shows an enrollment of 417
in public and high schools, which the
Mail-Herald says is 100 years greater
than the enrollment last year.
Houston   Prospering.
Tlie issue of the Prince Rupert Em-
ilre of Sept. ���.1st contains many land
LOtlces, timber Dotioea, notices of ap-
plication for certilicates ami several
tisplay advertisements, a very fair pat-
C.  O.   F.
The regular meeting of Court Ko.-r-
-nay Bell No. 72:;. Canadian Oorder "*
Foresters will be held in the K. of P.
ball tonight at 8 p. m. A mil atti n*J
ance is requested as there will be seV-
. ral  initiations.
������Minstrel   Maids."
The ���'Minstrel Maids" arc booked to
appear at the Sherman opera house
Nov. 19. This organization is under
the musical direction of K. A. Wolff,
and in the cast are several of the
original "Juvenile Bostonians."
Investigating   Frauds.
A. M. Johnson, solicitor for the Koot-
��� nay Orchard Association, received a
ietter today from J. A. Turner, of the
provincial agent general's office in London stating that the matter of False
promises to intending emigrants made
by the Hritish ..migration Tourist aud
Colonization Society was being taken up
by that ohice and the Dominion Immigration department, and that unless an
early and satisfactory reply were forth-
coming from ihe society the matter
tvould be placed in the hands of the
Scotland Yard authorities. Mr. Turner
advises those who have been deceived
i i Bend a statement of their case to W.
B. Sott. Dominion Immigration agent,
jit Ottawa.
\V. Haig-Smellie, of Procter, has just
returned from a visit to the coast, extending over three weeks.
Miss Winnifred Crowley Is a member
of the Boston Ideal company, which is
now playing in  Winnipeg.
Mr. Justice Morrison will hold court
In Rossland next Tuesday, and will return to Nelson on Oct. lath for the civil
Chief of Police Savage, A. Erskine
Smith and other witnesses in the Grand
Forks assault case, returned to the
Boundary this morning.
.1. T. I'ealby, wire and child, have
moved from Mr, Healby's ranch near
Bonnlngton to Kin fan nn Ranch, which
Mr. Bealby lately purchased from F. M.
������-. ��. fi::!, i.f long, brown glovog, between
Vfetnria ma-t comer of B unlej himi .'��,-.>mi��i(-
i i-    .:. tarn ��� , r .na Han Ofli ��.
Mi.it citM'- hetwnen Houvar .-ml Vernon
a r "s Hut*able reward will .*��* t-aifi ior it.
n mr,,.   M< Rvrnld A Mt-iiordy.
Consumers on Strike.
New York, Oct. 4.���A novel effect or
ihe rise in the price of foodstuffs, particularly of meat, is reported from Augusta, Maine. Nearly 1200 of the people
of Kennebec county are reported iu
open revolt against the high prices de-
cnanded for meat, and have pledged
Lhemselves to abstain from all meat for
ten days. It is hoped by this method
to force prices down. The fasting will
begin In Augusta, Gardner. Ilallowell,
WInthrop   and   several   towns    of     the
county   ai   thu
j nn
roreign   Epidemic.
Orangevillet Oct. 4.���With two men
in jali here convicted of forgery, a tall
The Store of Quality
\ POCK ETHO   K eonb.1i iny ii ll-pltt-l <���!���.*,,uc n(
the Second   Kell��l   Minim:  ''o-ni.nii*,,   -Mvaiil"
io ������, 0. vvH.i,-   mri letton.    Finder kindly
|.  ivi* Hi Nn l-liiM- IilD.
WWTi I' -siiimiion by VoaoR Bootmntn (mar
rled)willing io nuitli- Miythtntr, oxMrleneM)
in srorcrr, wine uid -writ trade, Addreu
n n , Daily C meiiie, ' Hi..'
WA-iK      \  tlelul-le Ulrl *>r Vouue Udrter
neneral tl*>u-H*wofli   Kphlj n* ������ 10,1 raAbrook.
A I'Aiu .-.."-.  wiiii *i,\fA, tc   paroban a 'nilt
renoh i r Nolt-on   A ��e.i.i >��� latlcn   Put*
ner neod not Ih hi*i Ively ��� nvtgort on nttoh-
Fn* ������������*��� '.ir. nt-.r-.1y I    o   HROC'I Kl:
WA -.iKit   lh i-iri.'i ui, icttttllobi newly arrived,
w .ntR -HiLiilun in i.. ���-��� i ���*. 1". 111' ii or hI mi liar work,
A trlrtn* '���  W   ���*   '��������( '* '   nadian,
\ . . . j'.n- -Kilt* I it  '��� ��**'���  I**" l�� *��� iLu..i r n lor
week "i loo-fur   giKMl   ���iilinl-ir-  imo-t  to ofllce
rouliiiu.    AwtOM li. VV. H   Dull) Canti-lan,
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown���Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to AU Tea Drinkers us Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
SOc p&r lb.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Blo.k . 1'in ni r  10.
Have you   ever tried tliein ?
15c per package.
Also a fresh shipment oi
iSc.   pkg.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
PHON13  7
FOR 1903
Are in. Profit b_ past experience
and secure your diary now, while
you can pel just the diary you
want. Uelow Is a description of the
different aumbere. If you have to
order by mail, all you bave to do is
to drop us a card giving the number uf the one you want,
(8 x 10-,.. I. No 541, week
to   an   opening   Including
Sunday, each    45
No. 542, do. do., Interleaved with blotting, each....     60
li> x LS), No, 536, week to
a  page,  Inc.   Sunday,  each     45
No. o'.\~, do. (In., interleav-
with blotting, each 60
BOARDS, marbled sides, l<-attier   hack,  quarto.  No,   606,
8 days to page 70
No.   511 s,   2   days   to   page
(Sundays I, eacb   95
No. 616, 1 day to page,
(Sundays), each   51.50
BOARDS, marbled sides, leather   hack,    cap.   No.  621,   3
days  iu page, each 11.86
No. 626, 2 dav to page,
each $1.35
cloth bound, leather hack
and corners, cap. No. 521, 1
day to page, (Sundays 1.
eacb |3.90
(j'- xS',|, No. .*-.'2. 2
dav tO page, each 60
cloth. (4-M x 6-JO, No. 661,
each 60
BTATioNiiR. JNelson, 13. L.
Phnn. 34.
dark stranger again wiirki-d tho siuni-
���ranie on tin. Hank of Commerce anil
Sterling hank yesterday, obtaining $.'lun
"rom tho former, and *l��0 trom tin*
Inii.-r. So easily was the money obtained that th.. forger tried to discount
a note at tbe Hank of Hamilton, bat
the officials there Insisted on identification. The man went away and not
coming Lack the manager became sus
p!elo_s and warned the other banking
houses, inn It wns too late. They bad
already been victimized. Ban. clerks
and police Immediately started out to
find the criminal hut were onsuccessful.
Tha- forger Impersonate. Patrick t'ar-
rlty, a rich farmer of t'aledon township
whom hi- in no way  rosembles.
More Hindu Baiting.
Spokane. Oct 1.���At Danville, Wash,
last ni-,*iii an angry mob drova* a small
party of Hill.ins across tba' Una Into
Canada, sending a shower of mlssllei
after them. A fa-w shots were discharged nt tin- trespassers but none wer injured, 11 is believed. The Hindus hurl
Found shelter in a cabin at Danville,
following their escape from Canada
Wlr.tlt-sHli- .11.1   K.-tHll Deal.TS 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Caiupri supplied 011 shortest DOfetoa and
lowest prion. Nothing but   ftesb and
wholesome inejitH and Kupplen kept in stock
Mail orders receive oarefnl attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   ManagM.
���*.        _ -    j ,  , , *.   ' * -.     fr, ,
Its Sceji ery
ts Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 181.
old Curiosity Shop
If you want to huy or sell anything,
?o to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .Japanese Goods now on sale
A.II kinds of DInnerware In stork. Pat-
VV.    O.    GILLETT
Cunt i-ucl'it*   mul
Bole -"Kent for the I'orto EUoO l.iiintMT Co., Ltd*.
rtl-.il yunlR. Ko;--*-ti mul <lr<----w-1 lumhiT, tnrnt_-��l
work iLii'l bnwkStS, Costl huh -tti'1 -luhi-i. -, u*Oh
.iii-l doon. 'Vm.-iit, brltk kiiiI Uiii��- for -talft
AutmnHtif? --riiuifr.
Yarii ami factory: Vernon Ht.. ea-.t of Hall
NBLSO.-N,   15. C
P. O. BOS 2X2. Tt-Ieplinne 17h
Mikado's Mother Dead.
Tuklo, Oct 4���It was reported this
morning that the real mother of ths
Emperor of Japan, named Nakayama,
who has held the highest rank .it tlie
royal court, waa seriously ill. It is believed, however, tba. sb_ died early today Thi emperor is officially supposed
to be the son of ihe deceased empress,
Asako.   but   the   son   of   N'tkayariia   WU
adopted  as   heir   to   the   throne   by   tbe
late empress, EComel Tenno,  who died
in  im;7.    The  Empress  Asako died  in
I S.+ 7.
No   Grain   Certificates.
Hamburg. <ir' ������- The International
Ehiropean committee organised ror the
purpose of drawing up a grain certifl
cats for American acceptance, decided
today to adjourn ihe meeting of the
committee called ror the beginning of
Octobei al  Hamburg, owing to the un*
favorable   prospects   of   the   n mm ml ((<>(-'--
proposition being accepted by the Ain-
mertcan shippers, owing to the present
position of tne market, \ conference
will be held later either here or in I.un
Traneform your kitchen into a cheery dwelling house by installing
That Is a factor you must keep In mind, and Iho nnw ruinr-r to HiIIIhIi
Columbia wants a store that suits all purposes. Burns any fuel; brig-tens
Ibe kitchen; _t___i cooking oaay an.l economical. nuck*n Mertl Range,
th.- bSSI for all oookl-l or heating; tin. Ktrongust, the linn.llcst, most ile-
pendftble and greatest *uei-saver.
Standard Furniture Co,
Complete House Furnishers and Under-takers.
Agents  Masor  4  Rlsch  Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Ms-iiul .1. Kuril b*r  Ina
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
��� in all colors and for
all makes of typewriter,.
Remtico Paragon, Red. Seal
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 81
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
B.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
R->p,��lrl,.it ��.��.-��� .1��>s-��t-*li.K ex���*���-i��t���<J with [..Mi-ntarh.    Sl.aat Mal.l
work, .*���-!,.!��.!_ .....I .Mall M���chla.ur> .      Mn,auti,-;tur*r. ul
a ��.--���    ���l..r_.   IV.    IV.     ���*a ..at ,-,,a_t...-. -    _:���,-���.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would ho enough to recommend ourfl!.'L
lootttlg and eftBy-ntting Shoes, but Uier.
Ik a ;;'y isliui's.- About them and a luting r-huprlin-'HS that Im making then
vcy po-iulur among "nifn who kaow"
Tiny are madf on thn newest lull, of
the bast lt'atlit'rs. and conform t** ti.**
tnofft approvod i-styles In men's footvear
Wo an- n-ady to fit all feet. inJ "t
prices that make Shoes look li-tt*a ffft.
Lumbei-, Shingles
Utith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd Hrncki-tfi. Mail Oralen. prmiiptlr BWndedto.
-si   I .._.. >>. II. O.
WhOl*Mlla  Provisions,
UoviTiimont Crc-nipry Om* Pound HnrkK t-SO-lTS- wookly frenh from ll��
i Imn.     h'tir B.U.. by all li-ditiK ktouuth.
Otllcc nnd w-nrhou-wi: HonBton Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
mid ilka, tn hi-., all our patronsoomfortabls tlil�� srtatsr �����- ln "r''''r
.In ho wo Inivi. In stork the Ih-hI nHsort oil  llni- of In*Stlnfl St"
nml 00
rt..v.-h nml r__g.s .-v.-r bofora prasantad to tba public in KooUmay.
\\i. would in- plaasad to sbow you   our Um nnd btfors buu-bi j"
eliiiHa. kindly aaa w-lmt. wo Imvo lo otTor.
J. H. Ashctown Hardware
Company, Limited.
for All
Wonnrrynn As��ortn���,.toflJ���������1
E���tsnslTsns���* a_- Variirty
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*, Ltd.


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