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The Daily Canadian Aug 23, 1906

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 _he JUxUy  Ccmattan
ions in Spile of Gov-
eminent Denials
rican Citizens Have Joined With
the Revolutionists in Advocating it.
Orleans. I.s..    Auk.    23.���The
IIH.'g special cable from  Havana
ia ..(.ii.. of government denials
evolutionary  movement   In  Cuba
.,!  formidable   proportions,
,,], island is lu a ferment over
ind  i'  is Impossible to
time   ..lint   tlii'   final
ill   ur      'i'he   gorernment
,, iimi is sssn be o'ble to soppross
Lv.'liiiis'ii   within   two    or    three
,,, i-.tvniivc people ilu not
nl  the  revolution     pan    be
[ed to s-si-ily.  The  revolutionists
arlng  for the struggle
presldentlaJ   election
. ailiiiiuistrailiin has uu-
ItlBlls.   iheir    strength.    It   Ih
leveral   cargoes  of  arms
psMnftlon have  been  landed In
Florida cssasi  during
[wo isissniliB and  the iiisurg-
slsiiiisllintly supplied with tint-
I: i by many Havana busl-
|ns''n that It will be necessary fur
United sta','s to Intervene mid an-
I :..|   before   the   revolution
lli-' quelled.   Annexation ts openly
i'l  Is   the  comnierclal   Interest*
ilie large cities    and    towns In
Tlie revolution!*], leaders even
lr annexation to lbe United States
| lance ssl the present condl-
[ Amrelcan residents of the island
hnve   taken   sides   with   the
pntl.mlsis against  the  Palnia  gov-
ii'iit. ansl  they  are giving  the In-
all  the aid    possible.      The
Plnei  ��iii iss'   nn   Important
of operations fur the revolution
'Uua,   Aug.   23���General   Quintlu
lira,   the   fanaius   leader   Of   Ilu-
province, who    recently    headed
Insurgent   hand  and   began operal-
agalnsi iii, government, was killed
'Ins- morning In   an   encounter
i rural guards.
" fight  with   iiundera's  band  OO
si'  '���'��� o'clock   this  tjiurning.    A
x ol 100    mounted    rural    guard",
'is had fur three days I n seeking
surround ihe Insurgent force cum
by Handera, finally succeeded
olng after the cututnaniler had
bed his i,.nis fur the night.   In ad
us  Hiinilera.  two  of  his  follow-
��� ere killed, but not one of then)
Ia>'ana,    Aug.    33.���The    body    of
iniiii bundera,  lhe  most daring in-
_enl   in   Havana   province,   lies   ln
morgue at   Havana  today   rianked
hose ssf two    mulatto    comrades,
Sin lull)  gashed  by   the   long  heavy
thetea s,i  the mounted guards who
M    tlis'ir    careers.      Across    tho
'   iu   Nt'puluiKi     park     a     groat
""l    mostly   negro   friends  of  Hun-
are  winching the   morgue  with
'   interest.
""' arrival uf iiundera's body hero
I"' first newB   of   lhe   fight In
i"1' In- met his death.   The conflict
'"i 'I  ai   Bllvlra  farm,  near   I'miin
".a.  15 miles from  Havana. Thirty-
111   mounted     rural     guars!,    uiuls r
'   lgliaclu  Delguilo and   l.tellteii-
Ini ,.   will,  searching  through
'' nlghi  fur the  liundera puny.    At
:i 'I   Uie rural guards were break-
- Miroiigh  a wire  fence nt  the end
'is-   Silvlra   farm   when   tbev   wero
I'l'-nlv fh',,,1   ���p,)n   Dy   iiunde'ra's  2(1
Hewers,     The   guards   rustled   upon
���*'  insurgents,  but   with   the  excon-
sis ni iheir chief and IiIb companions
"J   all  escaped.    The  guards   made
���ii chief and his companions n ape-
���'' inrgel ami all three  received sev-
'nl hullet  wounds and were horrubly
WHated by machete cuts.    Not one
''is1 guards was wounded,
'in- imdles of nundern mid his com-
"'"    si'ri. placed In the wagon and
'J in  lo Havana.    An  examination
Iiundera's  body  showed    that    hla
'iDclpal wniind  wns n  machetts blow
Hi" Iliad which cut tiff bis left ear
nl'- a cut In his face.    He also
' ' bullel   wounds   ln  his   arms   and
���i     The   condition   of   Rundern's
, �� dead companions wns even more
""tog.    Their    faces    nnd    bodies
l,3h lrnll>ly gashed by nuiclietes. The
": uf  nil   three  men   showed   ev-
, ,    lb "ice of the hard life they had
ue?       lng wllc" eluding their pur-
1 lias |,-���n  nn  n|1__   geerei   among
""-'l xuarils  Hint  liundera would
His death was lhe main object of the
governmenl force.
The smallueu of the hand accom
PMlhS Handera has caused surprise
here, bul It Is believe. ,|,al ,���. ���ll]v
had a portion of his band with hlm
In   any   case.   H   |���   believed   thai   lhe
insurrectionary movement In Eastern
Havana hen been broken now by Bun
der.'iB death.
Ancient   Order   of   Hibernians   Passei
Strong Resolution.
Peterborough, Aug. 23.���Jusl before
dosing the   provincial   convention ol
'he And  tinier   of   Hibernians a
resolution was passed expressing Its
disapproval of the caricaturing of the
Irish race, both on the stages of the-
Stars and In the press of lbe country.
II wns also urged that Irish history
bs taught In lhe Separate schools, and
that the Irish in Canada use their
besl endeavors to have established an
Irish Catholic unlverslly In Canada,
snd thai a Haellc chair should be es-
laliiished iu the universities. Another
resolution expressed the hope that
King Ddward would use his every en-
leavor to see ihat the oath of allegi-
mco iu be taken hy the sovereign of
Ureal Britain un his ascending the
throne win be changed, so that ihu
said uaili will not he, as 11 new Is. an
Insufl to.iin- religious beliefs of his
Catholic subjects, as well as to Cath
���lies throughout the  world,
Tomato Crop a Failure.
Bt Catherines, Ont.. Aug. 23��� The
rains of the past few days have not
Improved the tomato plants. A large
Quantity of them are ruined, bllghl
having sat In and the plants are almost useless. There ls a panic
among the canners because in prevl*
mis years the crops have been reliable. Both growers and canners will
lose heavily this year un account of
'1 rough t.
Tramway    Returns    for    Last    Week
Again Show Large Profits���Gen-
sral   Improvement  of  Service.
m'o to be tried   for   treason.
Au increase of 60 per cent over the
coirs'sisonding week uf last ear. and
a prolit fur the week of ubout |7., ia
ibe summary of the returns of the
Nelson tramway service for the week
eliding August 19,
Tbe number of passengers carried
waa 4020, the receipts 12111.00, against
2009 passengers and $159.30 tor tho
meek In 1905. The receipts for tho
year to date ure $-1127.35, against
J37H.55. The average weekly receipts to dale during 1900, for the ac
lual time of operation, are about JlTu,
which ls almost equal to tbe weekly
cost of operation.
The improvement in lhe service Is
not confined to tne gradual wiping
out of deficits lo be mel by the city.
Thi' service bas been so Improved
and systematized that it bus attained
a degree of popularity with citizens
lhat would have been considered im
possible a  few  years ago.
The regularity of the service Is
greatly apprecialed and undoubtedly
contributes largely lo the constantly
growing patronage. The parcel dellv-
s-ry system Inaugurated a few months
ago has met with general approval
The proposed Installation ur facilities
for carrying letters lu the postoffice
will, when effected,  further Increase
lbe advantages alread derived by the
puple of Nelson from an Institution
which wns fnr a long time considered
a  premature experiment.
Ungodly Prussia.
Berlin, Aug. 23.���The governmenl
medical department has issued a re
|M)rt on the sanitary rondltion of
Prussian bakeries nml slaughterhouses
tu which lhe newspapers nre giving
sensational prominence, one of which
under the caption, "Amerlka In Pius
sin," reports thai many of the butoher
ing establishments were found In a
very unclean condition. The governmenl Inspectors found conditions In
lbs. bakeries to be purllculiirl ubjec
In one town they kiiendeil lhe dough
wllh Iheir feet, nnd une bakery wns
found to be occupied hy cuts nnd hens.
One linker admit led thai his floor and
yats were scrubbed only once �� year
Archdeacon Langtry Dead.
Toronto. Aug. 23.���The venerable
Archdeacon Langtry, from isto and
iinlli recently rector of St. Luke's Anglican church In this clly, died inet
nlghi after an illness resulting from
a full  which confined   him   to   bed
since January last,    lie was 70 years
of ago.
Peculiar Railway Accident.
Syracuse, N, Y��� Aug. 118.���A peculiar aoddent occurred here today, resulting In tbo itftiia of George Carberry 80 years old, while asleep In his
bed ' A Shifting engine on n siding
bumped   '.wo  cars  against  others on
Fifty Cents a Month
ed 1
next siding. The latter went over
bumper, which was a tie ci-obr-
uf the tracks, Uire down a tele-
h pule ami flag shanty and crash-
nto the Carberry house. The sec-
story fen into tin- first, pinning
terry in bis bed. Three or the
ly  sleeping on the second  floor
i precipitated in the gn 1  floor
escaped serious Injury.
Town   Has Abundant  Water and   Electric   Fire  Alarm  Service.
[Bpeclal tu Tils- Daily Canadian.!
Greenwood, Aug. 28.���W. A. Iioyd,
mining engineer, of Bpokane, returned
Tuesday evening from a visit to tbe
west fork, lie spool several days examining Wallace mountain at Heaver-
dell, makiiig particularly u careful examination of the Dunoan ami Bounty
Fraction mineral claims. He was accompanied by Charles N. Fair of
Greenwood, one of the local syndicate
.vliich lias been developing these
claims. Mr. Boyd also visited the
.saliy and returned wonderfully Impressed with ihe possibilities of the
district Ills report on the results of
Ills visit will be made tu the parties
Interested  in a few days.
A very timely rain fell here Tuesday, which It i.s believed will effectually extinguish the forest fires which
have been doing serious damage lo
neighboring lorosis, and which were
causing grave apprehensions to the
people of the district,
Qreenwood is determined to have a
plentiful supply uf wator originally,
the supply depended Upon Twin creek.
Hut as this water was not good, two
years ago the waters of I.lnd creek,
svhlch are remarkably pure, were Re-
cured and last year this water was
turned Into the city service for do-
mesilc purposes. reserving Twin
creek water for fire protection jur-
puses. This yes,]- (10,000 was voted to
conduct the water uf Providence creek
Into the city supply. This work Is
now In hand and when, completed the
town will have a supply sufficient fnr
a  population  of iiOOO.
A complete electric fire signal service win be forthwith Installed.
Doukhobors'  Homesteads.
Winnipeg. Aug. 23.���The well known
Doukhobor community, of which Peter
Veregin Is the head, was visited during the pnst few days by Wesley
Speers. superintendent of Immigration,
who found the residents in the midst
of harvest operations uf the heavy
crop.   In an interview Mr. Sneers said:
"During the past few years complaints have been made from time to
time to the department, to the effect
lhat Irregularities had occurred iu connection wiih the location of home
stead land of ih,. Doukhobors, and that
the land was being held by them in
violation of law. These complaints
have been fully Investigated during
the past year by officials of the depart mem and the report of a commit
tee of Investigation is now being con
Btdered and revised.
There Is a disposition on the part
or the government to ask the members
uf the Doukhobor community tn conform In every respect to the regulations connected with lhe administrn-
lioti of public lands. Hut there is a
disposition on tbe part uf the member
of the community to break away from
it. and many have become Indepen
dent, especially  In  Saskatchewan.
Will Deliver the Goods.
The authorities are trying to arrange for the distribution of the 111,-
51)0 reward offered for the capture or
ilu> men who held up n C. I'. R. train
in Hritish Columbia some weeks ago,
says a Winnipeg paper. Five thousand dollars was offered by the Dominion government, an equal amount
ey the railway, and (1,600 by British
Columbia Tin' seven mounted policemen who participated in the capture
cannot accept government rewards,
sn the British Columbia officers have
sses'ii pressing fur tlie whole thing. It
is probable thai lbe $6000 will be divided among seven mounted pssiice
-,ii,1 ibe remalndor among the British
Ciiluinhla nfricers.
Captain Kid Reincarnated.
Hongkong;, Aug. 23.���A plan tu hold
up the British sleamer Nunning, which
trades between Canton and Wu Chow,
has been frustrated. A gang uf disguised pirates boarded the Bteamer at
Canton and were reinforced In numbers at several way ports. The greatness of their numbers aroused suspicion and a careful watch was maintained. At lbe first sign of restlessness tho captain threatened to Bhoot.
Ills prompt action led'* to the arrest
of five of the ring leaders, who wero
delivered to the Hritish consul at Wu
Russian Authorities Conceal True Conditions
Far  Worse  Than Known to the
Outside World---Cossacks Refuse Police Duty.
St. Petersburg, Auk. 23-���The Asso
dated Press learns by mail that the
BLriCtetft e ���n.-orship is now exercised
over press dispatches in the Caucasian in order to conceal the true state
uf affairs, both regarding the true in-
wardni'ss of the Tartar-Armenian
warfare and the fermentation among
Uussian troops. Tho Armenian-Tartar
sit nation is worse than is known to
the outside world. Almost all the
Uussian military units are dissatisfied
aud even the ('-oasacks are rebelling
against doing police duly. The latest
mutiny is that of the Poltava Cossacks, who several days ago, at Tlflis
formally demanded to be relieved
from police duty and asked for the
Oischarg'1 of those who had served
over three years. The entire regiment
waa disbanded and confined under
guard in their barracks.
Moscow, Aug. 2.1.���The trial of
three persons, among whom is a
daughter of General Keller, charged
with having been connected with the
conspiracy a-galnat the life of Governor General Douneassoff, began here
Yes,  But  Will   Her
New York. Aug. 23.���The Herald to
���lay says: "E. D. Dean, dean of the
American sculptors, and for more than
half a century a loader In art, was
showered yest-^r.la '** i��?th cougratula*
lions on his recent marriage. The
noted head of tlie School of Sculpture
has passed his T8th milestone In life's
journey and has been married twice
before. Announcement was also made
by Mr. Ward that he Boon retire from
���.lie practice of his profession, and devote his remaining years to peace and
quietness. Mr. Ward declined to gratify the curiosity of earnest enqulrU-
iis to the identity of the bride.
utes the fire was beyond control. The
thr:c men who were on board jumped
Into a rowboat and reached shore. The
tug drifted out into the lake and is a
total loss. It waB valued at $7<i00.
Tugs from the harbor could be seen
racing to the rescue and for a time
there wan much excitement In the two
towns, as to the true nature of the
Langtry Did Not Deliver.
London, Aug. 23.���Mrs. Langtry,
who had two wins at the Folkestone
races yesterday, also hud an unpleasant experience in the evening. She
had beeu advertised to give a dramatic performance in the pavilion at
Folkestone. The audience was incens-
el because the play presented was
only a trifling South Africau episode
lasting ahout 20 minutes, and a hostile crowd followed Mrs. Langtry off
the pier vigorously hissing. The ao-
tii'ss was escorted to her hotel by the
Nelson    and    Washington    Cricketers
Playing Close  Game Today���Bur-
rards   Make   Poor   Showing.
Retain the Title.
Newport, R. I.. Auk. !_.���Holeomba
Wanl, and Heal C. Wright In the national tennis championship in doubles
loslivy defeated V. II. Alexander "nd
H. H. Hnc'.tett, 6���3, 6���6, 6���:!, 6���2,
retaining the true.
RldgetOWn, Out., Auk. 23.���The British bowlers defeated n Rldge'town
team yesterday by a scoro of 176 to
105.        '
Fifteen Claims Already  Bonded  to  N
Y.  Syndicate for 1200.000.
(Special  to The Daily  Canadian.)
Victoria. Aug. 23.���Word has just
been received here from Atlin of a
rich strike which has lieen made
about eight miles from Log Cabin, a
central camp on Too-Chl lake. This
strike bids fair to become a much
richer property than the famous find
al Conrad  mines on Windy  Arm.
Fifteen claims have already been
staked and have been bonded to a
syndicate of New York capitalists Tor
$200,000. The whole country for a
sllstance of 15 miles In all directions
will soon be covered with stakes, as
the outcrop has been found to extend
indefinitely  along the ranges.
A townsite admirably situated has
been located at the bead of Too-Chl
lake, and it is already authoritatively
stated that the White Pass & Yukon
railway will build a branch line to Conrad City by way of Too-Chl lake,
which will conveniently tap both these
promising camps.
The ore In lhe vicinity of Too-Chl
lake carries values in gold, silver and
copper. Surface assays show a level
average of from $25 to $40 per ton
value ln these three metals. A government road will be built at once
from Log Cabin to the new mines.
In  Fit   of   Rage    and    Jealousy   Man
Shoots Wife and Then  Kills Self.
guests of the London Rowing club.
The Intense heat of the last few day*,
yesterday being the hostcst day of the
year iu Losidon, with a reading of 87
degrees in the shade, has rendered
Beriotm practice at l'.ourne End almost
out of the question ou the upper
readies of the rtrer, besides the water
being sluggish and the banks closely
i led, shutting out the wind.
Canada   Gets   Satisfaction   From   Each
of Fifteen Stations.
Parry Sound. Ont., Aug. 23.���Alfred
Robins, a foreman and an Italian laborer, were killed by the explosion of
dynamite while working on C. P. R.
construction work 30 miles north of
here. The charge is thought to have
goste off prematurely. Both men belonged to Montreal.
Harry Anderson in a fit of rage and
ienlousv shot and killed hlB wife on
Tuesday night at Parry Sound harbor
and then committed suicide. Ander's
familv relations had not been happy
for a Ions time past. A family of two
young children, a girl and boy, is left
Socialist Accepts.
As stated in The World some time
ago, G. T. Kane, who was one of the
most strenuous fighters in the Kaien
Island controversy, challenged Mr.
Hawthornthwaite to discuss the whole
deal, and tho World ls now informed
that Mr. Hawthornthwaite is prepared to accept the challenge. It ls proposed to have the debate between Mr.
Kane and Mr. Hawthornthwaite take
place on the night or Ualsor day and
that the expenses of the hall snd bo
on should be paid by the local socialistic parly.���World.
Special to Tbe Daily Canadian.)
Victoria. Aug. 2:'..���In Ihe final
championship match today the Bur-
nirds were disposed of Tor 58 runs, all
oul. Victoria only started to bat before lunch, and no big scores were
made before the Inlermlsslon. Washington made S7 against Nelson, the
latter having 20 lor three wickets
when adjournment for luuch was
The scores Indicate an easy victory
for Victoria and the winning of tho
Drtard cup by that team.
In Nelson's match with lhe combin
ed Seattle and Tacoma eleven the
score for the morning indicates a
very close game, with the possibility
of the second innings being com
Nelson's record so Tar ls a victory
over Portland In Iwo Innings by 61
runs, and a defeat by Victoria In ono
Inning by 189 runs.
One consoling circumstance Is thnt
Nelson scored more thnn any other
leant against the victorious crlckete-s
r the capital.
Exploding Lamp Fires Tug.
Port William. Aug. 23, 3 a. m.���It
has just been learned that on one of
lli'< tugs returning to Fort William
lo Port Arthur, In some way a lamp upset which exploded, and ln a few mln-
Manchuria May Be Safe.
Honolulu, Aug. 22, 9:15 p. m��� The
stranded steamer Manchuria is lying
easy tonight in a very smooth sea.
She unquestionably be saved if pres-
s-nt weather conditions continue, until
preparations are completed to pull
her off. Owing to favorable conditions antother effort to tow her into
deep waler will probably be made tomorrow. The revenue cutter Manning is now standing by the stranded
steamer with lines on board, but Is,not
attempting to tow her off.
English Bank Ratios.
London. Aug. 23.���The weekly
statement of the llank of England
shows thi* following changes: Total
reserve increased $30,336,000; circa-
lallou declined $271,000; bullion Increased $764,213; other securities in-
i-ren-sod $768,000: olher deposits increased $131,000; public deposits, $1,
.31,000 Increase: note reserve increased $1,004,0-0, with government
securities unchanged.
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���There are now 15
wlreli'ss stations In the Canadian
Coastal Telegraph system, aud they
are giving good satisfaction. One of
the most important of these is the
station at Sable island. Only two
days ago it sent the news to Halifax
of the, wreck on the deadly sands of
the island of the .Nova Scotia schooner Basil UL Geldert, from Newfound
land ror Halifax with a cargo of
whalebone. The crew of six were rescued and a steamer will be sent out
at once to bring them to the mainland. Before the establishment of
eismmunlcation by wireless a shiij-
wreeked crew on Ihe island would
have to wait months, perhaps until a
gsivs-rntnent steasmer with supplies for
the lighthouses would call there and
take them to the mainland.
Communication Restored
at Valparaiso
Authorities Continue Shooting Al
Persons Caught Committing Robbery.
The American Wim.
Madrid, Aug. 23.���At the Villedromp
Buffalo last night, Hobble Walthour,
the A merican, won the 50-kilometer
bicycle race by nine laps. Time,
:'.'.��:'M> 2-5. He was paced by a motor
Mistook the Delicacy.
Sarnia, Ont., Aug. 23.���Two young
children of Miles Carrick, a* Camliche
tanner, who ate toadstools in mistake for mushrooms last Saturday, are
How Old Soldiers in  Western Canada
May  Obtain  Pensions for  Former
Service to the Union.
Loss of $65,000.
Chicago, Aug. 2:1.���Thirteen firemen were either overcome by smnku
or injured by explosions while fighting a fire in the paint manufactory
of John Lucas on Nnrth Desplainea
street today. The fire caused a prop
erty loss of J60.000.
Without Incident.
San Sebastien, Aug. 23.���King Al-
lonso and Queen Victoria arrived hero
rrom England todny and proceeded
Without incident to the Mlramar pal
Harvard and Cambridge.
London, Aug. SU.���The Harvard and
t'ansbs-ldgc boat crews came to London last night to be in readiness to
move to Putney this morning. Their
shells are being transported by rail In
order to avoid possible Injury by the
sun.    The Harvard  men will be the
The fortieth annual encampment ot
the Grand Army of the Republic recently convened In Minneapolis and
ihe members of the old institution in
attendance were from all parts of the
Union and from Canada. Some of the
delegates on their return to Winnipeg
made statements tbat are of interesi
to the old timers everywhere and particularly to those who may be scattered  throughout British  Columbia.
It may be interesting to Nelsonltes
to know that lhe Captain Harper Wilson spoken oi' ln the paragraph below
is the father of Dr. W. H. Wilson, the
new member ot the firm of LaBau &
Wilson.     The   Winnipeg   papers   say:
"The old soldiers do not pretend to
march with iany degree of military
precision. Many go along with their
hands in their iwckets and withoul
regard to appearance. Everything i��
forgiven, however, to the veteran.
"As we passed the reviewing stand
at the V, we were recognized as Ca
nadians and received the loudest
greeting of tbe day. Harper Wilson,
who wut, in command ot our line said,
'Now, boys, ready, aud show them
bow to wheel', and wheel we did in
the old army way. the inspecting general declaring it the best wheel of
the day. We wore the Union Jack
with our official badge during out
stay in the city, and found it honored and respected everywhere. Many
English people came up and looked
bins upon it, as if It remiuded them
i'l' home.
"There are many old soldiers in
Western Canada who ought to be
members of tbe Manitoba post and to
whom pensions ought to be paid. The
United States government Is ready
and willing to pay these pensions,
and if these old soldiers will send in
their names to Capltrin Harper Wilson he will see tltat the matter is at-
tended to. In this connection 1 wish
to say lhat too much could not bo
ssiid of tlte good oiriees done by Cap-
lain Harper Wilson in tlte matter ol
s ���curing pensions for old soldiers
who need lbe money. Without any
hope of reward he has looked up
needy cases, renorted Ihem to Washington and got the pension granted.
This he has done for man years, and
only wishes lo know of other cases,
that tho good work mav go on."
Valparaiso, Aug 23.���Some of the
businssss houses here reojiened today
ror the rirst time since the earthquake.
Telephone and telegraph communication with Santiago has been re-established, but the lines are almost exclusively used by government officials.
The city is still under martial law,
traffic ceasing at 6 o'clock in the evening and every being compelled ta
take some part in the work. The department of public works at Santiago
has appropriated $100.0Utl for the con
st ruction of sheds to shelter the refugees from Valparaiso and elsewhere
who conflnue to arrive at the Chilean
capital in large numbers. The rail
road line between LImacbe and Qull-
pue, in addition to suffering from the
earthquake shocks of August 16, hae
several enormous crevices newly formed in its vicinity.
Valparaiso Is still without street
lights at night, but order ls maintained, thanks to the Beverity of the authorities, who continue shooting sil
persons wbo are caught committing
robbery. Among the buildings which
fell at the time of the earthquake are
the palace of Justice and Un marl
time prefecture.
New York, Aug. 23.���Adolto Ort_��
ar, consul general tor Chile, said yesterday that he believed Valparaiso
would be rebuilt within six months
and that trade would be completely
re-established  before that time.
The Chilean representative's opt.
mfstic prediction ail to tbe trade waa
favorably seconded by several mer
chants who do business with the
stricken city, though they did not believe that the damage done by the
earthquake and fire could be repaired
In the time set by the consul general
Strenuous as Nelson Liberals.
Llnelln, Neb., Aug. 23.���In a stren-
tt'-us session of 12 hours yesterday and
last night the Republican state convention nominated George L. Sheldon
for governor and Melville Hopewell
for lieutenant governor.
Harvard Dips Oars.
New   York.   Aug.  23.���The   Harvard
crew had the first row on the tideway
here today.
Steamship Arrivals.
New     York,      Aug.      23.���Arrived:
steamer Baltic    from    Liverpool    and
Langevin Leaves for Rome.
Winnipeg. Aug. 23. ��� Archbishop
Langevin. who, as was previously announced, has been selected by the
Athabasca diocese as delegate to the
oblate chapter which will be held tn
Rome on September 19, set ont on
his journey last night, accompanied by
Rev. Dr. Beliveau, chancellor of the
diocese of St. Boniface, and Rev
Father Pare.
Harvesting Excursions.
Toronto, Aug. 23.���Three thousand
people left the Union static, pester-
day and evening on the third of the
Ontario harvester excursion trains.
This makes 20.000 people who have
left on these excursions tills season.
Four more excursions are to be run
next month.
Sir Thomas1 Cup.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy's cup for
competition at the fall fair has arrived, and is on exhibition in Pate-
nnude's window.
The cup is a very large one, of sterling silver, inscribed: "Presented to
tlie Nelaon Agricultural and Industrial
Society.    Sir  Thomas   Shuughuessy."
Mr. Putenaude estimates tbe value
or lhe cup at between $5110 and $600,
and says that the workmanship ou it
Is I'ar superior to anything thai can
yet bu done in British Columbia.
Price of Metals.
New York, Aug. 23.���Silver, 06.3-tc;
oopptfr, 18c: electrolytic copper stock,
IS  l-o;  lead. $5.75.
Loudon, Aug. 23���Silver, 30 13-lCd:
lead,  ��17 5s; zinc,  ��27.
Owen McElroy, nn old-time prospector of Pilot Bay, has returned from
doiug a month's work on the claims
on Hoover creek owned by himself
and T. G. Procter. The properties
are showing up very well on develop*
ment, which will be steadily com ���
ued. Mr. McElroy brought a sample
oi' galena and gray copper carrying
from $75 lo $100 to the ton ln gold
silver and cop|>er.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the Canadian Order of Foresters will
bi held this evening in the K. of P.
Roy 8harp, who has been 111 for a
couple of weeks. Is reported today to
he rapidly recovering.
: m
���;.' Ai
1 !:.
ia The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Km* per do*., $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quam-perd-*, 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, HaifGai.Perdo_��� 1.50
Our stuck bits ju?t arrives). Scant
vur requirements at these lo* prites
before thcv are all _;oiie.
toi George A. Coi. who attended only
.::.- -ittings. being absent GO times.
S* v.-rtheless, tbe coal baron, railroad
nianipuiator, bank president, insurance president, stock-jobber, with
_,iiioins ot dollars acquired by con-
.. :... obtained here and there
��hile the people were asleep, received
tor his six days' arduous toil in the
senate the impecunious su mof J. 14".
or actually $.67.iss' a day.
Of course the senator needs the
money, while the country i�� rich and
can afford to pay it. But It it a safe
5i:es�� that if Senator Cox ever ven-
tirei into the sacred precincts of the
nisjwr chamber it l�� because Senator
:', a CU knew, ihu Mini thins t>
���'i.:'�� m 'tiitt Hut has more interem
for 0. 4 OM tkU 'ot H'.vone else.
��� Mi b. " BOt slor.c iss  tl Nl It
nils!  Vt ���   '   I      ������
then        so I   ..     I.   n
Pub-Heb*! tit ���������*.-- ���> ���"��� ���
Canadian PDBuauiKd �� oUfAvr, Lmi
Eh_a .-i . Keiaon, o. > ,
tuts- r'.pv.uu rnn *   ��� "  '
iu ittt an, n 0.OU ����� rmu U Mnl by null, when
|.��U ;a a-ivanc.
AdrertUiut. rales ol apple *.n>:i
Ab m-*ui���� p*M in  wttlemi
i-.badu-j ace pium* ui
���tdTvrUiiDf, tnu*l Ik* reeei|' ��� prion
(���no* of tbe rotnpanj-.   othei receipu an nol
AUOUST 3.1. I906.
-By oo? word rn ar-. kometfn
triM and ejr oiie worn ���offi**Uia��i ju'i*-;*
,,...! lah       I *.. ii.   t .'(.rr-fii.c    _�����   tertlui   1
._,   d lo
Lgl ���
wim ��uo yy oiie irom _ ui_u--.ini c�� jungc.. i> i-e
foolish-     I*: U��   [��efe(..:c   ���_**.   CaKlttl   What   We
t��y."���coxrn ii * 	
The liberal papers trom one end of
Canada to tbe other art. loud]; proclaiming the certatnt) of the re-election of Mr. Fi-.-w.il!*;. the recently un*
���eated minister of finance In the Laurier
cabinet.* They also tuttevelj assert
ttiuc ttie by-election *m be brought on
Immediately so tbat Ur. /.*>;...	
return to Ottawa ut once an.1 lake part
in the discussion uf the propoai U
amendments to the tariff-
There aie several reasons why we
are inclined to agree with the prophe
eles of the government organs. The
first ol these is the fart that the Lib ral
party hati so thoroughly corrupted the
Maritime provinces, iuiiiauug and de*
reloptng s political degeneracy among
the electorate there that Is thi chlel
political dlscredli ol Canada. The)
l__uve s��i unscrupulously, and so persist
ently carried oul a policy ol high handed manlpulatioa ol the electorate, to
suit their partisan ends, thai It Is not
to be expected thej *iii feat defeal In
the present Instance,
Not only have the ��� .��� been co
rnpted, almosl past redemption, but it
ha�� been hinted lhal  the Judl<
Beif has heen a faithful serrant of the
government responslbli
nel.    Here are sour- tacts orei  which
one may long ponder, and the)
!.��t! .-.. u. m	
promise to the &ov< AM
ineidt-nu.��- ..m**-*-* ��iu they ki Jnbl
llanlly proclaim their aaauraaoe oi
victory. Mr. Justice Rnssell ti Uu
latest of the new Liberal appointees In
Nova Scotia. When in uolitical liffc
Mr. Russell wus out of the blUerei
partisans that evw sat In the Federal
Parliament. He was a good speaker.
but a violent politician. At the lasi
election Mr. Russell received his reward���a indicia] a ipofntment���and
took his seat on the bench to administer justice fairly between man and man
Two of Judge Russells a w
carried Halifax bj thi general sli
defeating the eonsei ratlve candidates,
including iii" leader of the populai
cause���Mr. Borden. Those poll tii lans
were corruptly elected Judge Towns-
bend was so startled -by the testimony
of oorruption at the opening of Ihe trial
of ih**ir ease thai he recommended thai
the seats be voluntarily vacated. Mr.
James a. Fraser, a Liberal exM, P.!'..
says: "The evidence shows that the
canvass conducted for Roche and Carney was corrupt and rotten." There in
no doubt ftboul tho fact that the seats
were stolon, as most of the eastern
seats were, and thai Mr, Borden and
his colleague, who were the genuine
choice of the people, were supplanted
by men who had nol been sleeted. Yet
Mr. Justice Russell gave the politician.!
whose canvass was "corrupt and rut-
ten" the seals which had been bought
or stolen for them.
In the recent trial of Mr. Fielding, he
himself, in the court which declared
his election Illegal, gave evidence which
gD6S to show thiii tin* Liberal party
consider they have ihe situation bo well
in han.J that attention to detail Is un-
>������ --.. - os the part <>f ih��* candidates
So bold and rampanl has the wholesale
ro - .-fume that the late
minister "paid a lump sum ' in
settiemeat of election expences at two
i We quote from the In
fallible Liberal organ, the Globe, and
ii ir readers may rest assured that that
paj>er would not put the case too mild-
.;.  foi Its own side;
"Hon. Mr. Welding was called and
id that lie was in the riding but
a few days prior to the last election.
II.- was then asked as to the bills ren-
d( red after tbe election of 1900. and
stated that some time after that elec-
tion he was told that there was some
in!**aid bills, and he reluctantly agreed
to pay them. Al the same time he
stated that he would pay no such bills
in future. He did nut know what the
bills were, but paid a lump sum. He
sup losed Ihey were for legitimate ex-
pi nses When Mr. Ritchie asked the
witness the amount the court refused
to allow the question on lhe ground
thai the answer could only relate t.>
corrupt  practices in the 1900 election.
VVe believe, therefore, that Mr
Fl Idlng Will be re-elected We believe
that, apart from the principle involved,
be might as well be elected unopposed. We will go further and say that.
excepting tor appearances be might
a.- well be in Ottawa now. taking part
In tho deliberations on the weighty
tubject of tariff reform. We believe
he will be needed in tbe Liberal cuun-
sela on these and other important Is-
sues, and We an- sorry that the coun-
try is to be ptft to the expense of another election, only to prove what
bas been bo often proved before, that
the Liberals will not be troubled with
ijualmf '.i consi li nee when it comes
i" spending mi ney to purchase s
Th.-   Canadian     Manufacturers' as-
%i on i.j consider ng  the sdvisahl!-
���  tablishlng  an  office  In   Lou*
foi tbe i''ir|K>*H* of supply*
,11^ Canadian manufacturers with a
KUfUcienc)  ol   ikilled labor "
t iu��  staii -menl   is   made   by   Q.   M
Murray of M     i si a    - tnl gen-
...   bi cue .-:.���   ol  the  aasn������ lation.
We  have - una  n )
men  nura different  points throughout
Canada,  ami   tab so a arce  lhat
it la Imponlble to supplj the demand.
Tlie question oi tbe establishment
of aji office in London will b- ���
the Important subjects discuss I at
the coming annual meeting which will
bi   held  in   Winnipeg next   month.
"The establishment of this office in
London has becom ea necessity, owing to the reports sent abroad by Canadian organised labor to the effect
I....' the Canadian labor market Is al*
read) overcrowded, and to the lack
of assistance the manufacturers receive from the government in the di-
ifction of a proper labor supply."
TAKK NOTICE that mi SpplicAtton iiu b**-*n
made to ra-rtetsi Urirt Mining Conptojr-u tiit-
"vi'-- ::i fi t- BJjnple, Dndei t��>> leversl 'in*.
Bale Deeds from K j m-u-ou. In ] mi  .immcir
ti .,-..-   ; >: --,...mi a meot I'l-ir.i-t,
u. Tunff >li in inr c-jtupaii.. t��earinK dm-- tli<- J4tli
.ity of Aosutt, A V. Uu, of ail anl -in^uUr
iboN i-friai!i *,.nr.'-:- r t:n t- ol land and prem-
i-f. -iniat*-, tying an>l belog In the XHttnet ol
Kootenay. la ihe Proi lm I BritUb Colombia,
more parti *iilarl> known -.n.i deserlbed ��- Lob
*>> mi-!   SU,  Oronp   l.  I'l-t.-i.t nf Kootenajr,
������.���"'tian-r" mi'l '-Hnblajl" mineral f-lniiii"
Vou aod eaeb nl you nr** required toaonteal
Hit i-i��iifi "f the iai I'un u��.-r trtthln fourteen
dayifi  ���   it.-- 'lnif ..i tbe len lee ��.f i   >. lea
ui-.i. >.-ii. and in ilef ull <>i n ravi ^i >>r - ertifleato
 ip odeiti being Sled alibln ��uph period,
roo will be forever ealopped bit i debarred fron
--*!.:.. npanv rlain toor In reapeetof ibe aald
im.,'1 and i ibiall ragiitei i ��r.ff luning �� unpao>
a. *����� lirr Its.r.s.t
Dab l at Laod t:*-gi*;r-. <.��"ti<*- Nelaon, Pfortsea
British >���( Briti***. Columbia, thin ITth day ot
August, A. P. l!MS
h r ifAdJtop.
i'i-tru-t Bcftstrsr.
T<. Kootraay M.nintr Conpanj (foreign!
Bbafer 0*W a��.i ^il.rr llio lug Company
The m >i'h debated subject of sen-
ale reform Is ngain in the air and of
late there have been both threats and
promises that reform shall come. The
Liberal party, when In the cold shades
jI  the opposition, was un remittent m
.line aliegtta-
packed with Conservative* and existed only to confirm the behests of the
tower house. The Liberal promises of
reform were carried out by transforming it into a majority aggregation of
Liberals, and there can be no qties-
tion that the purpose of its existence
todaj Is to carry into effect the legis-
latton sent up in the interest of the
Liberal party and its friends.
1(>* that ss It may. the use or futil-
the Benate is a question which
rcarcel) bas two sides, in early days.
when class or racial prejudices ran
high, it was almost Imperative that
an upper house should exercise the
calm temp ramental ami judicial over
sight of legislation coming up from
the direct representative! of the people. Ii was intended to be an institution to prevent political or partizan
wrong doings, but it has long since
hi come the very reverse of this and
Is no* the obedient servant of the
party in power.
There are other eontdderationH
which should be taken inio account
too, in estimating the amount Oi unnecessary expense for which the country contributes its revenues, such as
the sessional allowance drawn by the
senators and the apparent absence of
any rule requiring their attendance
ni i's sessions, We recall a few Items
Bhowlng how the high honor of a sen-
atorship is respected In Canada.
Tin* senate sat only 65 days out 191
last year and nine of the most Important personages In tbe upper chamber
were absent 50 times and over out of
lhat small number of Bluings. The
worst  offender  in   the  lol   wns   Sena*
TAKK .VuTIi r'. "hat an ��ji|<11(atlun da** lieeti
made I*register < larenee ifarman ��- iito-votr
In Fee Simple undera Tax Sale Dead from k. J,
- - dm      depot] ��-������ - oi mi-*; .-. Ileetof "l lbe
-tl.--aii A- ���:.������������ .ur. ij.-.- Hannah.
be-aiin* .>,��', i  . -ji-i da) nf July a  Ik 1*90   of all
mi'l   f-i n k 11! ���**.  If.a:   ..ftain   pari t-1   <>|   land   anl
p ��� ���   i ��� .       .��� and 1- :n�� in lhe Uiatrii t
uf Kootena-   w  lb<   Pr.irlnceol Brltlab C<ilum-
i.i��. mm   pai        irtjr known sand deaeribed a-
l,.t T..   ',f..sii-i.   !i..tn.'i ������'   ��� .-.i.-nay, "ll.-iji .
itiiijt-ral elaiin
V>>>. and earh of   ..'i are requlp >i  t.. ronteai
tbe -���im in l��I Hi-- tai   i-urrho*. r   �� iliti'i   '
daj-i :-���.'!. tbe date of Hi*- ���errice "( tbli
nptnt jrou. and In default "f aeaveat ..r pertlfl-
cateol h- |--ii-) -n- being til. l irltbiu aueh pet
lod, you will be forever ealopped and debarred
If.-ni KttlRg nj�� an> < Iai in to or 111 i >���*;>*-. I >.f lbe
Mid land, mel l -iiaii regbter < larem e Ht-rumti
a* owner then -���!
Paled at Land !:��� tl*ti
r*e ol UriM-h i ������!nmbla. tin
a, i> ua
"- - .ii 1t..v in-
ITlh -lay ..i August.
UUtrti : H*-p
lho ,ilf
at*= * n tbe Snrth Forii Oi K tUt river,
inct Of Vale:- ..,
I'omm.Dcmc ata*-.."*! mark*��d 'Agntf tarii-*u *
oortbwrtt i-.-or    poat '   '�����">.*
nortb f'om   th?   poal   m-arke I \
Bottbw-e*-! eornei p *i   h ibena   *-.mh ��
duim; ltien -r ca��t to ebalns; iben��
cbain*.   tb-.net'  went t**   balni  ��������� tbe i *��� ��� w
Dat<-d tb.��13iL dav ei A -: isl  l��
.   - .-   | ,r*>r::
rh.-  rune     *-.������'--
Teke n.'tl<* ibai I itst-n.i to apptr '.��thr eon-
orat*J<- iht- <'hi.f CoaUSlsj Del <���* Uad* an<1
w, rk' ior a metal li.-eo^ >oi di and earvi away
timber Iron, tb* luiloirtru- :������ .'-.���- ���-������������������ ���'���
ate on lhe Nortb Fork of K.ttir rirtr. in the du-
iri*t ol Yale - _
CommfniMnj at a poat narked *T **��� Kelwo ���
Bortbw.it corner post No i" belrr B'chani
cenh firm the poit tnarkeJ -1 Mr Donald *
ncr'.hweit corner po�� No. 1 " thence with to
chami: thence eut Mchalni: th en ct* norih B
chat-.i; thfnce w#��t jocfcaisi to thi plaai Dlbt-
fiED-ri*c.'nta!ninf f.*** acrt-��'*������
Dated thu lltb 'Ur ct A'afati. 1W.    _
CjJ�� Parp*!j *SVH
**i. t:  I't 'V.il ! '-,-    ���   ��� ���      �� '������'
��r-**'.r   ir.(   :     rf i ������- * ������ ' '-'  ��r '
u  rkilfnf i fpfcia! lietsM lo "'��� ton    * -.*
away tfnt'-rf <*"*T tbi W :*��:"r " ��� - ���
ilti att ���.** tht ��� nil  '"*�� '������ X---'- RlVel    '    '
P'atric-t ot Tl '���        wmeflfing ��t a i^ ���
*' i   McD-itii1 l'| ���.' -:,i��. " |   *'.   Ho
rlantc-i Vrhi -,�� aorta fr-I '���-
I. O. hel-vir:'*  ���
���*     . , ���!��� MBlb; thanee80 ebalni easi
brbaiai Dortfai Uwdui *��' ��� bate -
*ti.-  |dSre  ol   -jommenremi nt,  routali
ror leai
i. >lav ot AngUll   ' '���
Midsommer Bargains In Prints, Masllns and Ladles' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'  DRESS SKIRTS, worth  tA,7t   for	
LADIES'  DRES8  8KIRT1, worth  ��5.76   for	
LADIES' DRESS SKIRTS, worth 17.50  for	
Lidlti' Tallor-mado Suits rtgulir price. Jutt out down to cot-
All   LidlM' Trlmmod ind Pittom Hot* it Half Prlei.
Now Fall and Wlnttr Qoodi arriving avtry wttk.
. Ul
'   4.71
S ;l ��c':|stiisli. (or DellOtalOf WI 'sHs
Vs ar l> 00 10 is-lrsttls..
Ajtrsi inr luturlot I'.iitrni
Fred Irvine & Co.
Kotiee 1* hereby glren tiiai axiay* iiu-rddte I
iri(.-ri>l In appl? w tbe Chief Commia_tlgnarol
i^.n-1- Mti.i \\..rk�� tor h *)��.-. ml license t<> 'ut and
earry *i��.v timber fnnn the following iii--'-iibe<l
Commcn'tng at a nml planted abpntoua mile
eaat ol BonAnxa BMlnj- and -ti.i�� m ..n.- ti��]f mile
from the iouth treat rorner ol K C. Hooper*!
cmIim. Mfi.i innrke.) "J K. Uooper'i nortbeaal
corner," lb��nee wmtb *i rbalos, thenoe weal Bu
ttba i i, th.-in" no th m ehalna, them ����i ni
t lm ii;. (.. mt- i Use of '.iiniiioiie-iit. and contain-
iiik 61 ��aen t, t r leaa.
Pali.il  II.|. Jilli .lay ,,| All({U*lt, llll".
J. K, IIoOHta, I>��Hler,
'. I'   l.l-.l.liil;.,. Au. lit.
Kotiee li horeby given tbal Boilaja after date 1
Intend to apply i" the o.jef Oomuiti��lo-*er of
1 an. t�� ami worki fin i pel '..ii i>.n*. tu nit an I
<n r>- away tlm bei ..tf ih following dracrl ��I
Un t*:
Conraeniins al h [.-r-i planted nn llienoih
Md.- ill II anil l creek, a  mi it iwn mn n-i hi in.-
��� aimdhui   I'arlll.*  Itallw.y.  and   ma.ki-d   "R  t.
rtooper1! northeaal .-..nirr," ibenee weal ^i
cbat'ta, Hi. nt- iouth 80 etmtoa, ibenee Sail 80
ehalna, n>-i north tn ebalni to Ibe p are ol ta
v mi n*1. ..nd ..iiitm-itnc fttttaerea more <" lou
Daied tbe *> li day ui Ant-uit. i'> t.
K C. RoortK, Ixnalnr,
J. �� (jm.i im.  Agent.
TnkP ii..ti >. tlial i iiit.-n i to appl) i.> tb�� I hit f
Commlaaioner ol Ixnds and Worka for a ipeelal
I'.iiici 1.. ini nnd a rrv ��\v��v timber lr����m tin*
followlna liew rlbwl landi ��i uatr on tin- Korth
lurk ot K, uie rlrer. in tbe diitrtel nt Y.let���
Commenelxg iti p.1.1 plauied in'iiat!i�� innth
from Mi-K.rUn.- i r.-.-k. marled ut*Q. Kelaon'i
nortliwral ror tier poat.' Uu-u eSDchalnaanotbl
tbence B0 i-lmlni i-aal; tli-nc��- giefa iloi nnrth;
11,.���ni*> gtcb'fn* weal to plan-of t><KinninjT.
i oeated  iii- Mtli *��v ul aitu-i. l ���>��".
I ii  KgLaoir, Ko. 1.
Charlei Karnell, Agent
Take ti'itl-"*- that I tm-iid hi ,pj.lv t.. tn.- Hon
nrab'o th ��'ln.f Hommbvlnmr ol l.-ndt* mid
Work* I r a ipeelal lice ae toeut aud carry away
l ml.iT (mm   lln*  f..| owing il.���   jlM-d Imni- -Hi"-
���i. ni. -h*. Nnrth Kork nf Kettle river, In thedU-
trlcl "f rale!���
c omroenotne at n poit marked "Oe*we Mnn-
n��.'-i m.iiiii.kh' corner 1x1*1,** i,.| K nt piialna
well n| lh< pc-t luarkfil "I tl \ tam'a nnrih-
wp��t enrnar peat Ho 3,"Ihenee o th IflOubalna'
thence eaai t -irn'm; Ihem-f-iomb lOOchalnii
tbemip-a-eal m cbalni In the place ot beginning,
onntalntng BWaerei, moreo l n
I.i.< a led llil). 18th day nf AtlgOat, 1W*
Qtotat MrNROK,
 ''liHx Kirn. M   Agen*
Take DOtlce lhat I mtftid ti) Hppiy to ttit- Hon-
nral.'t* tin- t'lilef Rnmmtaatonef of l.itti-f* mnl
Worki fnr a "(h- la) UCMIM tn nil n'-d carry awav
tlniU-r lium the loliOVlUf demnU-d landi, illu-
1Uke tfwiee thai i in end *. > apply tb)
-. ���  ���   ��� ��� -        ���        b
Worka t.-r a ipeelal !����� ���    -
ma* i  111:.I- r |RM I hr Following   I
���itna'e on the nortb fbrk of Kettle Klver in ibe
��� Vale;   r*iinm**n.'iii(! at a potl
���p i*   harl.r:. k- ��-s..ithv.������: ���'.���.in r   pusl
ed ���'- IgnM  K-irn.-il'*- n rnei \*.*:
������:���.. a, ������ *..   ham* north ID    Naini
������   neeWi i.i,i,. KHitta  lb.
plaee >.f ��� nam n . -.  .   .   -.  -.
- ,..
Dated m.. Ittb ���!��> oi '������  pial UU
M   I     HASHkNK
Cb���   y ��������� m: . . ��.
Take taoUee thai I   nt-
rornble  il.-- Chle*! I dbh ������   ������ r .-i  t_mndi and
Works ��� ��� a *i--.'1bI Uf-ettf-i
���  - m th-- fi.iis.u tna   ������ ��� ��� !������ i li
rate oa tbe North J-.rk ���    Keith   rlvei In tbe
Ii|��ri--t of Val,-
i ^Hnmeneing    ata: rked    tieorge
V.'tinu'��� MNitheaiit eornei ; ���: planted along
lide the ja����t markeil -J. If< Ii itiafd'i nortbwi -t
Boraer poatKo. l;"theoei na
north 81 ebitlni: Ihenee t-K-; BO .hain-; Ibenci
���oath BBchains to the plan ol iM-ginnlng, ron-
lalnlnx MO a-n*. more oi
I/ated ibi- tttfa dav .,', a   s   ���-..   -f
Geo, Vofm
 Ch.-   FaEXIU    ���
Take Kotiee (hut I intend to apply lo thi Son-
nrablt the ''hief Heaamlntl ner r��l Und�� mid
Worki for a apeelal Ilea��� tarnravay
timber from the fo lowing ��� .' Ian  -. iltn-
ate on the Konh *ort >d Kettli river, In the dlitrlet o( Vale:-
Commen'h-g   tapoati I   J UeDonnldl
m rtheait eorner poat So        ; anted M rbatni
in rth   fnnn   the   i-^t   narked
ii--ribtrei.  eorsor I-*i  S Lbence *��i ehalni
��t at; thenee Bb ebalna i -  9Q rbalni
-a-1: thence BB rhalni not - ; -��� te
ui. ncem-nt,''oiiiainink'* - -.'���������
I'ated ihi- Igtb dav ..f tug ������:. l*x>
rn.-      ��� ��� y.    kgenl
Kotloe 1. hereby given tl at BO lay* alter dat-  I
Inland t�� apply to the Honorable it.*- Chief Commlaaioner ol Landiand Worki for permlnion t>.
pnrebaae the rollowlng  letrribed landi   t'om-
teiieing at a p.n>l in irk- i     /, A. O. E* B. W. eoriier," pa e-1 at the ��� -��� r ������-; cornet ol I   I I I
rnuiilngflDehalai a        tbenci tt ebaloi * a-i:
theli.r *���! i-btlo. t   u-l. ; :.'.������:" ������ ������' ehalni   We-t tn
i*. in .if mi..iu.- E-emeei mtwining ���-��' arrea
mora or iru
Pat  d I   e .'lit dav .,:     . \  !���.���/,
J   A  OHKILi.V.
Notn������ li bereby gtren mat BB dan ait--r -late f
Intend to appl] Io tb- Honorable the t-DfetCoin-
i si.-i met ..f Lao :��� ir. I ''������ orki for permtaal    te
piir ha>-- ihe loUoWtOK deacrlbed Und*: Com'
inem-iog at a p..��t ::i-r*: I J W H*�� ���*. W eor
Uer." plai-e-1 >> i 11 ���:   ���.'.   re "f  l*OW   t   \n> .*.
I^ike jt thr r . r:,.-r of  J. i'iir;*ti��-'- .\|-
plieati'-n 1-. 1'i.r- ba*e, ruBnUig thenee io eba'ni
aiat; thenoe i ��� ��� ri north] thenee *. ehalna,
more or Le*i real tn I ,- lake *h�� e; Ibenee foi
UlWI   ���'  lake Ihore   In   |ai|ht  of comtneUetMiielit,
contain iu ti B* arret more at Usee.
I'alei! Ihi-3rd d.t  oj Julv, ISM.
J. w. Bath
Kotiee i- :.- reby elven that rn tun at t.-r dale l
Intend to appl] I tbe Honorable the Chief! om*
mlaaloni r nl Landi aiei Wnrk* tm permlaalon to
porebaje tbe following deaerll*e*l hind*- in the
Weal Kootenay iltairict, n**ar HnrUm ("It); r-om
i. em Ing ��i ��j-.**-( planted at the louthem
p| ��� eorgi Kndton'i pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry n Tiillngtiin'i IB. K C p >: and
rannibg aonth to cbaltu, thenee weal a) chains,
tbence north w chalna, thenoe eaat 20 chaini to
plnee ol beginning, containing to acrea ol bind,
more or Ir-u.
Paled tin- __3th da] "I ' DgtUt, Iflofl.
H_L��t J'   l'"i ��� iNoroa
Kotiee l* bereby given hat BO dan afler dat.-1
intend tn make application m the Honorable tha
��� blel Commlaaioner of i_aodiand Worki for per-
nUalon to pur- baae aooal ���"*"" acrei "f land ill a
ated nn the Salmon river. Weal Kootenaj **iatrii i.
eommenetng at a i��>*>t marked B K. Butter*i .s v..
Corner planted on ilif wmi bank ol the river,
about i\ ini:e- nortb oi the international bonm).
ary, tbence treat 00 ehalna, thenc ���
ary, tnence went ou ehatn*, utence *i . i.-,.:,.
��omh Untie, eait hImiiii ki ebalni to the river,
H.--I,.. northerly along the tin r tn plaee of commencement
Aug_ t lutb. IW6. **". B. Hum:.
____^^_        T I! A'hlnaon, agent.
"iiiy dayi at er "atr I intend to apply tn ii,.-
Rono-able tbe Chief CommWnner of ta idi u I
Wor i. Vienna, to pnrebaie -'to a.n*s of land,
loeated and deicrlbed ta fnllowai Being ihe
northeaat qnar-er ol Beetfon tv��oty two and
tb*. iouth half n( tba nnrthweii qnarter Heetlon
twenty three. Townabipalxtv-nine   Ami farther
���'(���lerlbe.l   aa   I tloWli    l otntpem tug  al   a  jxjat
marked J J N.W rorner, an-t planfod 40 uhalni
etna ol the nor'hwt-st oo ner oi P��--*tlon tw ntv-
two and r imuiK f-ai' fi. h��im, thenee ������outh io
chaini thtnee .-usl t'i ehalni.. tlienoe nouth U
ehalni.  thenee  Wict  ftlelnlna, thenee north  In
ebalni to plaee >.f beginning.
AngtMl Jilt, I'.IW JaMEh JnilN-TOSE,
w. a <a de-. Agent.
KoUOfl Ik her- bv (jlveti that B0 dan Itnm date i
Intend [..apply to ihe HoOOiabia the Cblel' .-m
iiil����ln..er nf Um|. ��ml Workn. f..r perml ��l ii tn
pnrebaie tha following iie.erii.-i landi, aituate
In tne dlitrlel Of  Weit Kont.-nay. adjoin iiik l-ot
Won the weal arm ..f Kootenay lake, commencing at the Initial poat plaee.i at theaoitthweat
corner oi L.ii no, tbenee norih _u chalna, tbence
��e.i .1. r-iiain-. tbenee lontb BD ebalna, thenei
east 30 rhalni 'o point of rorameneement,
dated Ann   Ifitfi   I BOB, Jam* FimZI'p.
Notiee li her. l,y Ktv��*n lhat iiu il..v�� m er d- le I
Intend   l-i  aprlv   io th<- Honnrat'.ie    he  ("hint
Conunlulw-or of Land- and Worti for per miu-
iloa to pnrehaa*- the t .MoH-inz rlnerlbo'1 !andi
��� iinaifd InlhoWwi Kootenaydlatrtel,adjoining
c. 1��� Paaraon'i on the north, aboul one and one-
quarter miles fr-.m the Pend d'Oreille river, rom-
mencing at �� t��i-i marked i: F. Caldwell'*U k
oorner poat, tnence **> i-lmlni norih. thenee ��
ebalni weat, Ibenee ^i ehaim. iouth. tbence to
ehalni eaal t.. place ol commencement
l-ocated tin* (at day of Atlgnit, IB 't.
Notice is hereby given that BO dari afler date I
intern! toapply to theHon. tbeX'hiefComtnla-
Koner of Undi and Worki for perm baton to
purohaae the (oiinwinj. deacrlbed hm da in tlie
Weat Kootenay diatrictt lieginiiing at a jm-i
marked B. Bell'a B.B. eorner, about two milea
eaat ol tbe -Salmon river, and ball a mile from
lbe I'.-nd d'Oreille river, the) BD chaini north,
ft) ehalni weat. *>< haiiiNcnnth and 10cbalni eaal
to plaee of beginnIntr.
Dated Wth day nf July, VMtf,. U. B, BgU.
Notice i- hereby pi ven that slxtv dH\> after date
I intend to apply fo the Hon chief Commleelon
or of Landi ami. Wnrk-for permiamon to t.iir
ebaae  the following deicrlbed land- in Waal
Kootenay   I'l-lrirt, foutl, of the   I'end  d'On-ilk-
Mver, commencing at a poat marked li n M'a,,
n w. corner, altnatod on the aonth bank of the
I'end d'Oreille river at Jamea N. M��ckiMixl��'.-t
uuthweal enrner; tbence eaat 40 ebalna, then,-,.
con Ih 411  ehain'. theliee   went   to  ehalna, tt.enee
north 40 cbalm to the plaee of eontmeneement,
eon i rim tic Kin acrei more or leaa.
Daied Bra July 1900,     Donald R  MiCXSmt,
AfclHI'K (^HNKIIiKK, Agent
\ ��� ,. given tbal Maty dayi "'���' r
��� ��� tbi ll��n < hlefi
i and W'orki lm permlaaimi to
purebaak lbe ��� ��� ! landaa'tnale m
u        i. . -. - >   ul ltd nine Ihe interna-
about four mllei eail ol
ibla i imencing ai i poal man
,-d ������].  \t   t - - \i   corni -.   ilfnati on the In
lematioiial iNnindarv Line, at tbi -    theaat eor
���   , -.. |; thence eaat ai cha ni
tbenee north BO tbence wi -. A ehalni,
,-i., .     -    ���   BO to ibe plaeeui eommence-
italnlng ��i arret more oi li --
Dated _ih June. i��8,        Ucaa H Kaacaa,
t   i O'Keilly, Agent,
Notiee li bereb] riven thai lUtydayi from
dau- I Intend toappl] t" lhe Hun. Chief Com
rof Landi and Vt.-tk- lot permlaalon
iu purebaae the folkiwiiu deacrlbed landi iltuate in Weil Kootenaj Dlitrlet, between tbe
I'end >l On lib rlvi t and the international
twundari line, about three mile* from Lhe Col
umbla river. Oommenelng ai a |---i marked
,i. *> ��� r"a 8. W. cornet ituate on thi inn rna
Uonal boundari line, about ball a mile anal ol
thi eaal bonndar*] oi ���*.���.���- Rj landi
thenee north u, chalna, then., eaat Bu .hain-,
tbem   iouth 40 chalna, tbenee we��l na chalna, to
lhe pla.-.-fe.mi men. e ment. i talningSBOacrea,
more >.r leu.
Dated -'I'.n June, IflbB. J. -'. C. Pluaia,
F. J. O'Keilly, Agent.
N tired ben b) >.*.-> d thai ilzt] dayi from date
I Intend to am ... I ��� ii-.n Chief Commlaaioner
ol Landi mi'l \- orka lor permlaalon to purebaae
the following dearribed bmdi iltuau In Went
Kootenay Dlitrlet, adjoining tbe international
boundari lini   *ab tlleaeaatol the Col
umbla r. v ��� r com aenelng at a i��'��t marked li
ij'iH, W corner, on the inter national boundary
iineat Laura '���[ i raaer*aaonthea��l eorner, them-e
nortb   BO ��� i.a n-    :..>-Ji���-<��� ea-*.  (>' ehailli., theliee
Mmth ��. rhalni, tbenee �����-: 40 ehalna to tha
plac-j ol eommeucement, oontainlng UO eetet
mon ".- leai
Dated -���" ����� l.*:m >,i;:em*[i
Kotiee - i��rebj Kiven that aUty dan altar
date 1 intend u apply to tha lion. Chief CommbN
Blotter >>: Landi and *��\ork�� ior permlaalon to
norehaae th. lollowlng deeerlbed .amis In
the Weal ��� Ihnrlot, wuth "I the pend
���i".*' mer; Commencing af. a poat marked
i. H- - h corner, **itiiaie<l un thi trail near
Bear. r- ��� h a'��������� il a mile imm the international
boundarj line, tbenee *e��t mi ohalna, thenee
nortii - ��� - i moreorloaatothi Pend d'Oreflle
river* thenei lollowlng the aouth bank of the
Pend d "*"��� I ��� river ion theaat BO chalna. mure
or lew: them ������ iouth .>> nhtlnti mora or le-.. to
the place ��� :  eommenosMMtti  foniaiuing  iio
tl  ;������- -���       ���    ...
Dated ith July, 1B0B CSAkLM BlttXt.
V. J. O'Blelly. Ageni
-Kotiee li berebj given that ilat) dayaaftar
date i Intend ;������ apply to the Hon. Chief Uummla*
aiolier   .-I   I a:.'I-  and   Works   for   |HTiin ���n.n   P.
pnrchai) lollowlng   dagflood land*,  in
me Weal Koolenay Dlatrlet, ea��t ol and Id-
loinlng    ��:   i*�� N   M-i. ten/ie ��   laud;   ���ouiiiKlie
nn* ata por-t marked A.rfaS, K. eorner, on the
���outh bank >>i tbe Pend d'Oreille river, Juat
abovi tbt Hi ->i the Balnon nver, tbenee
weatbOebaln ibenee north t<u ehalni mure or
. "r me rner, thenee following
tbe aouth t��nu ol tbe aald river In a eoutbeaat-
erl] direction lo the plaee of oommencement,
ei.|itnlii;ii_- _-������; arrea, inure Ol lOM.
Paled IttiJul) IfAH Aamra BcHitxinia
Si.tn ��� la tii rebj given that mxty daj�� afterdate
J lot nd : -I, ph [othoUon.ChiefCommiaaioner
of Landi and Worka for i<-_*rnii-**>iu[i to purehaw
the foil,,.. Ing i ier 1 bed land- in Weat Kootenaj
Dletriei muth ol tbe Pend d'nreille river. I om-
meiii nu- ai i poat markeil K. T, .M'v tt, k corner
���mtbeaouth hank of the i'end d'Oreille rner.
abOOl a mill and a half eaat nf the month pf Kiah
creek   ibenre  iii so chains, theme *est n
chaini thenre north 40 rbnltu more or Imi t<.
the l*end du'rellle river, thenee i.dlovkiiiK the
aoolh bank ol the aald river In a northern terlj
direction to the plaee of commencement, con-
t-i.iiiii, i-o ���   -,���-. mora or leaa
Dated 2nd Jul] 1*4. BLU T. MACXmiK.
Jtarnra ���VwNaibMt. Agent.
Sotioe ia bereby given tl il Bo daya after date I
Intend to ipidy to the Hott. Unlet' nmninifoner
..f Lamu ami Wurka ior permlaalon to purohaae
the  following deacrlbed   land-.-.Ilnal.- in  We-l
Kootenay Diitrlct -onth of the Pend d'Oreille
river; Curamenclngata poet marked A *��� U'l N
w corner iltuate at the iouth bank oi tbe Pend
d'Oreille river at Ella T, HuKensle'i north eaat
"���rner poat. ih.-iie. tih gOcbalna, thenoe eaat
HO ehalna, thenee north m ehaim, more or leaa to
the Pend d'Oreille river, tbeoea wait B0 ebalna,
following the bank ui the -aid rlvei to tho place
"f  eommeucement, containing Wo aerea,  more
or li --
Dated 2nd July isos, a. h MaatPtiiy.
AtTHfR BrnNKitiCT. Agent.
n-i'i, 1.1. ttereuygivnn tbaliiztrdayiafterdate
I) .tend to apph to the Hon CblefComnlaaion.
��r of Und-and Worki for (armliii m lo pnrebaae the following deacrlbed land* iltiiaiein
Weat Koounay Dlatrlet, south of the i'end
d'Oreille rner, com mencing at ����� i-o^t marked
m. H'aN.E.corner, iltoale on the mmth bank
<>f the Pi nd d ureille rner at .lain- - N. Mack.-u
lle'l -on III He* t PPrtier, theliee   -ulllh |U| c haunt
iheine weat Bo chaine, tbenee north n chalm
more or lam to the i'end p'Orellla rher: thenee
following the aonth hank ol the aald river in nn
. eater)) and Dorlhcaaterly direction to the place
ol commencement, containing i,ki acre , mora or
Date Brd /oly, i'�� B,      Haaoaui HaaootrgT,
Arthur Si hnenler. Agent.
Notlco la hereb] givi n that Mi :y daya altar date
I intam'to apply to the lion. Chlel i ommlaaioner
of l.nn-l- a��d Work- f'-r |�� riiii--i.ni to purchase
the ioitouitig devrlbed laud- in Weat
Kootenay Dlatrlet, iouth ol the I'end d'Oreille
river, oommenelng at a poal marked j N."Sr��
b. VV. corner, iltuated on ihe iouth bank ol tba
Pond d'Oreille river, opi-oalte tba nmuiliof IB
Mi!.- Creek : theliee .-a-l *��� chain-, thence north
Pi ehaim- (BOM or Iui lothe Pond d'Oreille rlv.-r,
ih- nc- following the wuth bank of the aald river
In a wi -i.-rly and loutbwcaicrly direction io the
place of commencement, 'ontaintiiK i.^i teret
more or Ic-,
Hated Brd July, 1900.       JAHBl N. Mai kkmir,
Arthur Schneider, Agent
Notloe ia hereb) given thai alxti dayaaftardate
I intend t.< apply to tii��- linn < hief <..mmi--iiin-
erof Landi and Worka for permlulon to pur-
chaae the following deacrlbed land*, in Weal
Koolena] Dlatrlct. aonUi ol the pend d'Oreille
river, commencing hi �� poal marked A, K'*-N w
corner, iltuated at tbe iouth weal corner of Lol
���Hi., o. I    tin i.e.-ea-t tt I'haim.. tlience 100th mi
chain', tbence weal ���*��� chalna, thonoe north ��i
chain.-  to the ;.Ucc of commenteiiient, contain.
ing 480 aorea, i.n.re or W*m.
lint-d .".tth   une, Paw. Amcig Kka-kh
tf     P. J.O'Hctlh. AkciiI.      '
Notice ii herehv jrheii that 00 daya after date
I intend to apply to tne Hon Chief (.ommlaaioner
of I..ind- 'imI Work" for |.ermi��M..n p, pnrch^e
the followlni deacrlbed land- in Weal Kootena.
dlatrlct, wuth of the Pendd'Orallle river eaatol
li-ii crook, commencing ai a poat marked V w
ir--s w eoruer, ��t��oiii half a mile ea-t of tha
northeaal enrner ..f toi U76.U i thencoaoiith
4'. ohalna, thenee eaal mi. halm, them a north i
ehalna, theme treat w chalm to the place ol
jjmmetioement, containing mo aeru, more or
Dated itol July IPOS. pg|D \v, HAItOOtlW
_______    AttTHfR K.||..km,er, AKV||t    '
sixty dayi afterdate I Intend to annlv to tba
Commffaionerol Undi ami Worki lonurehii*
ISO acre, o land, near Burton City commenrl_5
at a poat planted ai the wui beaaVrornSi li
No .to, Hn.imiirkedJ.l,. MCliouthwS co , ,-
ami ranuing north   m ehalni  thenceVn.   i,
chain., theme  lOllth   io SalS 	
ehalni to place ol beginning
JulyUtLlW. j. j, McernxoCa
a. a. Burton, Agent,    '
Nniie. la bereb] **^ i lhal 00 dajri aftoi data I
intend toapnlj t.. the linn, thel blel Commli
idmei o| i-aiid* ami Worki :.>r permiaaldn to imr-
rhaM lbe lolloa a_ deacrlbed landa in ��'.-t.t
k ob ftaj dlatrlct, province ol linii-h Columbia 1
Commriirlng at a i��.>m marknl "U illiam Tolling.
Uin'i northweal oornei poat," laid t**.�����i la-inx
nianlad at the loothwrei corner of the tlucrD
Mineral   < lalm,"   and  adjolliluK tl aat line i>f
McPbaU'i pre emption, thenre aouth twentv (>)
cbaltu along Mid line, tbenoe eaal lorta it")
< ham*, theme north twenty CtB] chain-, ineoea
���real fort) tt"i * ban re M lea i" the plaoe oi
. ummancemenl
Dated Ul da) of AiitCIItt, ]'.*���'
Wil I MM   ToiUMiTi.s,
Hv hllagenl J   I   layl-r
Notloe te bereby |ri?#n thai BO dan afterdate l
Intend to apply to lhe ll< ralde llo- Chief 'inn
miiiloner of Landa and Worki for ponnlaalon to
purebaae   the   folIoaliiK   derrlbeil   lj��lid*t  attu
ated lotbe Kootenay Dtaiiiet,   HewuminK ai a
|��.ft plallled on the n-.rlh ihoiV of the LoWCf
Arrow   l*le about   -hi  . haini   weal   ol   lho   uevl
���sr> of '" p k loi tun,Marked ��i a w.
- k .oiiict, thenee wi il 10 rhaina, theni e north
au ebalna, ihenra eaat Bu chaini more ,.r leaa to
���ki -hs.re. iii-ncf in aaoulh wealerl) direction
along lake ihore to point ol eommenonmontt oon��
tainini *����� acr. ��� mon or leu.
La ated June .���*>. !'*>�����
H. A   W_i.|.vKRto>-.
a. n Wolvbhtoh. Agent.
Notiee ii herci.v given thai two mon'hi after
.late  1   intend   to apply P. the lloliorall.  ��� blel
' iimmuilont of lanoi ami Worn for permle*
noti topuchaae ill hundred and forty [640]
a rei of laud, tieettibed a�� followil ' oinmelieluK
at a pom p'antwl at he nnrih��e��t corner of 1.
'.allagher'i applicathiii lo norehaae in Fir-- Val
ley, on the weit ude oi Coww \r ..m lake, iu
K.H.tcnay dlitrlet, marked " n l.Cl N h corner"; thence running eighty (BOl Cbalni woati
tbenoe elgbt} [W] eontn; thenre eigiity (W)
chaini eaat; theuce eiKhty (tO) ehatni uorth to
pla. - .f ..iimnem-cmen*..
W  A ' Ai.nra.
Dated the 2nd dav of Jnh   1908
Sixty dan allrrdale 1 intend to apply t�� lh<
Commtaalnnai of I-au'i** ami Work*, *. letorta, !���>
pu'ehaxe Iftl acrei of land,   l-ninmeni iuk  at  a
poit planted ou tlie weit fchorr of Arrow lake, at
the aonth eaat oorner of J J rhri��oe'�� purr haw,
runnliiK north an chaini. iheine emit ai ehalni,
tbenee aonth B0ebalna, uteooe west **Mhaini to
place nf commencement
Located M�� .    ������;. lm*.
A   CiRRiK.
l.'i.AM.AUiiEa, UMator,
Buty dayi after date I intend to apply in the
Commlaaionai ol l^ml* and Worka to porcbaaa
y*t aerea of land, nimaie ati.ui one mlw <nit of
Bnrt.ui Clly, and deeerlbed ar. followi: i'mn-
menctoi at a poal )daiit>-d mi itn- northweal i >>r
n- r oi lot OBBO and run lux vte-i Ai chain-. Hon, .-
north H ebalna, ihenee rail BO ehalna, tbenee
���outh aloiiif lot-SBOO to place of be|{)iiniiiK
July'th, 1!M1 J   ll   III irrtt,
Notice   Ir   hereby  Klveil lh��i ,_.
tela I 1111.11.1 i,.;,,,,!, ��   ".';"���"">��.��
 ��� .,...r. ,.���   .,,     I,,.".'","'**!
"'"��� "iisiii'i.'ii-1 i.,mi,,., , "a��_
ki �� i.~i pl-ntr,| ���, i,    K_i��__JB
"D   A   Mm,  . ��s,s.ll������| ,������,,,-'���. .    , '�������
������iri.n (s..) ,.|,.������ ���,..,;,I,,,,,',;���: Mj
.I..hi, ti,..,., ,i,i,i] ,���, S3?2?l
.-miu) m , I,..,,. .,'������,, '���,X"'���'.��,
 ocwn.nl, s-onuiisln, ill lmi���i,���i  1?
(i.i..) .,-,.-.. more or lesi w "H
l'��i..l tl,.- _u.l ,.i Julv. laue
N...I.-I- la lii-nli) (Iron 11,.1 _|.I,,1UW7
I';" s.-l... mat-.|,,.l���.���������,���������.-��� Jjjj
1 l'l."'..li.'.il '..f..lUls.l..,,,u3jS
s.s.--1..s,   I,,   imrrliur   ll,.- li,||���,m, 'VJB
ln"1-      sss, i, iiik ��i , ���., ..,.,**'')
,,��������� ... ,���,.i,..- ...sn.. v.i,.,,X'!M
, '':"".''���     '"""'"K ��l 'I.s:.. nil
|llS�� I S ,,||||||l s,  .is,, in I
Jiily'.iisl, ls.r,
*:  M   ��..'.��ni.,u-��|
�����* s��u.rn,_7'
NotlOtfl h.-.tl.y /Iv. U Ilia! RSS.l.i,,..
SISU-Si.l I...|.|.|, i���||���. I|,,l���,t,|,|, |b,li,
mlswion-r ��t Un.I, an.i u,.iii, [o,,. .^.-h
pur, !.,,-���   II,.- I���ll�����|i,�� ,le_.,|M ,_,."2B
iii Uu- W.-.1 K.-.l. sins illalrlci: Co��_mbH
pel  OS   Ihi-  s-a.l alilr i.| Tulip I r-., J_Si
Aff..M   Ukf.  all.)  niarki-'l    J  J  wai^lfj
, mono
N.-ll.-ts I, hers-liy ,ivt-ii lis.. -l*l> .l.).ali.i
lal,. I Intaad ... s��|.|.l a 11. III. II. .11 I Iml liiiiiutla-
���*s.-...-r ol Land, ad.l W.,r,. I,.r s- rini-.L.ti lo |.iir
. Isa..- Us.- 1,sll..., iiik -Merited lals.la -11 'Ihi.- Ill
Waft K,h,i,.|ihv .liatrl'-t; s .,111111, n. ing nt n p,s,l
murk .-.1 J 11 V msat.iiss- . SK eoro.r DOOt. -Itssal,-
is. II,.  S-I1N..11 lllvt-r \'al|.v, at a point kdJolDing
J Mt-t-i-iitr'. issnj .t w,-.i,tii bonndarjr, Uitnea
s.s-s.1 *l i Is.lii., thi-in.- si..rth  ti s-liHlii., llii-m..
I-SUI .11 i-linllia, tlsellri' MilSlll  ��S s Jsalll. |i. |Ki|Ul ,,[
, ..min.-ri. ,'in.ist.
July -',<��.. ls>��. J. II  Van.ti.m,
I     II    Alkllla,,||.   ..,,111.
Niills-i- I. Isvrsl.y ulvi-Il Dial s.s ,|-v. allir ilali- ]
Intend t<> apply loue tlononble if.. Chief Com-
iiii.,i,.nrr..( Land, and Work, tor permlaalon le
pun li.a, tii.- i,,ii,.win. deeernied Ian.I. In in,-
ii.-.i Koolena) dlatrlet: Conunenelnji as a i��..s
sssarks-.l  M   UeC   N   B  .-.sniff, plnnt. .1   4 -. I.n in.
north ,,i it..- r. w corner ,.( tt a. r.i.i.r1. pre-
emption in I Ire Vallev, ruiuiltiit Urhalna ....nli,
Wehatna veat, n ehain, ii.-ni,. Meliaini i ��-i i..
plait ul s,,iiiiiit.U(-i'lli|.|it
M.r.i.i: Mir.M.ii.ii, Ia*hlh.
tt"   A  CUlBK, Aarlil
Nn. in. I. is.sr.-by nis,-n that 90 -lay. attar data I
Intend tss make app!i<-s*ti..ii tu tn,- uonorahle the
Chlel -ommleatonar of i-an.i. hh.i ��..rt. for i�� i
iniatioii  tu pnrehaa,  th, foll-wlni deeerlbed
Uml.: Ixiiiiiii-nslnit at a |a���t niHrki-.l A. W .'al-
sls-r". a,,sitht-aat i iirn.-r, a.-.tl���ii 1.', Tnw n.liip ....
ruiililliK i-a.t tHt-IStV s'lsnln.   aiisstli f���rlv . IihI|if
weet t*s-niy i-1-..i:... i ..nn i.,nV',' ������..,: *Z'-m\
ofootcmeneeiuettt      - ������"-�����.  -
Dutad July 3. 1��_. IOH.X rl.MI
NI.tics- I, Kisrn that 80 sias. aits-r iiati-1 Intend
ti'apply iss llie BottOrable llss- Clili-f luini,,!..
��isuis-r ssf Land, anil Worki l.sr ,. nniaai,,,, i���
purebaae tbe foUuwIna deeerlbed land, lis ti.s-
tts-.t Kootena, tsi.tri,-t:  Commenejng ai a poal
mark,-.! I-. I    I'l.ynn  l-ii.l s. K mrtiiT  planed
m-ar the Pend d'Oralll, rm-rat Boundarj .-r.-.-k
ea.t m.l,- s,i Balmon riv.-r. thane, ,-��-��� M chalna
alone tbo International H Krs Une, thenee
n-rth 40 ehalna, tbenoe w.-.t n s-isain. iisi-in-,.
..intii a. ,-iiaiiia tss place "I eomn samaht.
Dated thafloth of Jnli i��e,      c, c. i-isyntz.
By A'sl.Rktt- Alsik. AU'III
Notiee le iu-r.-iiy glren tbat two mootlu aiti-i
dau 1   nhmd t.. apply i,  Honorable tin.
1 I'.s-I < Iiilaal r ���l   Landl  an.I   V,i,rL.  f,,r
l-s's.s- i" purchaee llss- fi>l!<,siina- deeerlbed
an,I. llluale i.ii tin ��,,t arm ,,l Ki,..liiinv Lako
iii the Dlatrlcl ol Wool Kssssit-na,.  Commenoliie
al a p...t mark.-.1 .111111.111 Kin rns1, N tt   poell"
Ihenee ...at terent) On chain.; llieneo  ti,
twenty i-jj enalne; tbenco faat tweot, (Jn)
ebalnai thenee uorth tv..-uty (_n rlialh. t.. the
i��iiiii i.t oommeneement, ooutalnlni Ion, (in)
a,.ri-a. insirs- ssr It.a J      '
Baled Jnl-t.HW. i o, N��i��on.
Kotiee I. bereb, klTen mat ins dan .iht dato 1
I...S..I.I t.s apply ... ti���. Honorable the Chief Com.
minloner oTland, and Wot,, foi ponnlaaloii to
purs��� ii.a,- the loUowlna deeerlbetl lass.i., amsat,.
in un- w,-,i Ki.ui nay ,ii,tii, i ��� Commonclne i-t a
p..-i marked H, Rot. H, tt. Mrner, planted 10
rlialn. wnitnll. .'. M���r Imn', ss,.i||,���,-| ,,,������.,
..I 111. iTsiwti (iraiil,-.l Inn-: In . lrr Vnllry, nm
isIhk isi shniii, eait, in iIiiiiii. north. *3 ebalni
wan, in shniii. .sisuii lo plaoe of oommeoooraeni,
M. Mi-l'AM,i.an, l^ii-aliir
tt. A. i Ai.nicn, Am-iit.
June -jtiih. Hot, "
Kolleo ia herehy elren that SO d.ji after dato, 1
Intend t,i api.lv in [he Hon. Chlol ll laalonoi
Df Land, ami work. i..r i���.iini,.ii���i ���,, purchaio
lho following deeerlbetl tract ol land altuate in
Weil Kootonay Dlitrlet:  c. ni'iini m ti���.
uuthweal oornor of l.,t 7Jooi thonco runlno
....i ti obanii i no nortii-jo ehalni; thenoe
"'-' *��� ebalni;  ucc north no ehalmi thenco
eeal mi rlialna; thct ...uu, iu..|ialiia n, p.,hu
oljomuti mom, containing uo aorea, mora or
Dated at N,.|  li r��� th|, _ir,| ������ ���r j���|.
>m- M.IIV  .-IAKI.AN.
por K.��'. ur,.. Ijont.
Notloe I. hereby given that80 dayi ��rtt-r dato
I Intend ts. appl, fo u���. u riD., |hl. 0M,t
I ommlilonor ssi r.,u���i, ,���.| iv���rk�� i���r permiMlon
., pnrobuo the i wing doii rlbed lind, in the
Heel Koolena, Dlitrlet:  C uunlng nt a i
marked I. ll rnncbo'a l.'in.l s. B. cornor j.im-,-1
near .... Poynti 8. �� rnor, thonco s.��.i an
ch��!o��, t onortli tu chalm, thenoo n.-at mi
ohaini, tl oo iouth 40 ehalni lo plan, i.i <	
Dated aim daj ol July lono.     t. It. Kkkm ii.
lly audhiw Ainu, Agutu.
si,mer," Hr lire eait US chain., Ihri-J'"
��� I.a'ii-, th.tsce ...1 .,, , j,,,,,, ||...,,2
hassi. !,, [aunt ,,l ennnensemrnt m
J.ti a. rea inure ur leaa.
ba-ate.l June lath. I',*.. 1 Iui
T 11. Wii._i.wosi. Ji
SUM- slaya aHer .late 1 si,-. : - ...
rhl.-l .:;:!..,..,. ���. , ,,f Ui,.|, ������ . ii,
\*l��t..rlB. I..r |aTui|..i..|s -. Mn !
all.I amy |r��| acrea uflan.l.lia-alei,ll_|
e.l aa lull,,!.,: I i,|iiui. 101 silk .!,;..-���
elllily (I*1) ehallia ea,| ���f i|,. .��,' IA -^s
Bsslger'a pre . uiptlen an.) mark, sj j
...rner." and running eaat |i.rss,;a
tls.ui-e .i.utti forty (ts) ,-lialru, tarWH
s batoa, theme north forty (*.s>rhalotiapk
���" Il'IB
Nsiii..- ii hereby given ttsat en .iis.ivo
linen.I i.s apply t>. tlie Hon is..'.ifit_a
.loner of Landi and Work. l..r[a-nak,i.ki|
s'haae   the  follow true   .l.-HTila.l  Sa_ 1, u t
Koolenay ill.trlcl. prorlnee s.1 Bfll-kOJl
i ..is.s-i. li. Ilia-  at  a   |-.-t   sssaike.) .1 A a,
s tt  corner, oo the eoulbildeilOu-elli
a.Hiul Is*,, mil,. ,nat of KtirtcO s ssr l.r
ali'l al the tiorlliMeat ,,.in. I s.s l.al,
ill'* pr.- eiisnlloii claim. Ihen,. assnad
Ibenee nortii BD s-liain., them. .rtOA
theliee ...llll, l.i i bain, to lhe p��>  'latua*,
eontaitsiiir j���� acre, outre or law
Hal..I Uu. .'III. .lay ol Jul;, ma
Nolle,- la herehy .hell thai ia.. tss-sSj* 1
.late I llllelul to applv to the H,.i|,.s,l..fct-I I
l'oilllii|aal..iiero| Utolaalcl s\   ���,.! ��� s-iaa ���
to pISI. haae Sllc   lo||,,W|ll.'   .1.. SlU-J   UaO I
ate In   Kire Vail, y I,.- s��ol .S'lcl IM.M
low   lAfce, K.N.ieita)   dtalriel    |.*s'..a*l
loWa:   t'oinnieiii'in  al  a I".; plmr
siorlhws'at s-onter of tt   A I ahler, ps>
markiHi -'A. Ue__ a,.tith..-.i an*,
thanee torty ttii chain, ea.i: i__m
chalna norih; ihence forty ,asj ,-h.iu waE
tlience forty (tl) chain. ...nth to shr """si
cluniell. elnelit, contallllll, one huMraaiB
allly (li>.) acre, more sir leal. T
Intel June ii, Pa*. AM.r. KrUtwa |
tt     1   S ALL... *.��'-
Kolleo i. herehy given tiiaimt) .i.|'*_|
slate I Inieml lo apply lo the II ',/"�����_���
i hlel t',.iiinilaal,in,-r of  Uii'l- >r"l ��"*.a
I- rll.la.loll   lo   piuchaae the l.i|.,.alD|Js*s1.e��
Ian,I. i .lUiuieiiclu, al a |��,.l niaskol ''���IP ���_���
llngtOU'l   N. K C, p.ial.  al the ��.sil!jesa��l s��"M
ot J   o. HeOntde.   prMnplloi ''"���!_���
running oontb ts chalna to ...sniiae-i wfn"ja
s.s is  II ii,I.on ����� pn- em pi lull claim; theas-e.eajB
. halno; tbenee nortb n chain. I 'I
��� hain. ti. place ot coiiimeliceiiu iit.i-..lsl.lis���l"|
a.Tea .,[ lass.I inssre ssr le...
Dais-.l IhlaMls .lay ol Align.I, P.";
ftgooog Tou��"
A. A  Hiirli.il. A.''"' .
Mils lav, after ilale I lliliml ... "l',t'1",!llil
...is,,.,i nerol Landa ass.i ��'ork.. i'�����"�����
,   -line-... of l.",l .llisat.. an.l.l'sfflal|
�������W*<4,  '.��.��?,-.;      ,..' -.   ������'���-,* *I
Siic ' ..!  .1 ..,,   ,,,.,,.,,        .    ��� jM
lain.ling at ,>..- .. ft v>���'���'��* ��� ', vyi
O'KII.-y'a pre-emption ami iiiarlcl r .-;. JI
,'orlier; thence eaat l��) s-halli,, tlsrocr '��sall��|
ehalna, tbonce us'atsVlcliallla 10 ��"'"'i'Tjl
theme north along the lake ,h.srv h' r*"l
June Julh 1806. ,, j ((_,
W. I'Al.DkR. l.a.l'1'-._
Noll.-,- la hereby given lhal ��)'l��f��''.'J,'fll|
intend toapply totho Honorable ua ___M
minloner ol li ami Worn '"'i-^"***, I
purebaae tho loUowlog JoK'Ibd.WiiiB
inelislng al a |>ial inarkcl ��   K ����� ' "jj^l
planted su ihe N w oornei ol "���;'*i,��l
pre-emption in fire VeUey. runnini; "I
norlh,  in chalna weal, Ms .hall '*>��� ��""" I
eaal to plas.,-s,f I'siluuicllieliielil
W. R. .M.'SM'I.-..'1-"'"*'
W. A.. Al.skk.Aca.
J.inaaiih.mofs. .____������%.
Notleo la hereby given ihat ���*.���"> ""''JJI,!
intend to maka appl cat "": .""j���,Vl
(lllif I'lsusinlaalssiierol l.aii.la ami |"J'" '   ��|
miaaiiin  to purohaae He aeiei of ���� "jm
.1 .trloiofWoai kootenaj no "' ' ..'-I
plan ed su. tbe amiih aide ul H "'"'J,
the iiiisTiiniiiuial boundary '""'���"'". , .\
m leaenatfs lie Hal ll rlvr. iiiara.~
R.   A.Ii.ii,.. auulheaal   . ssnicr.    "';,"������_���
chain..  Ihence liorlli m chalna, "'a
chain,, lheni nth 10 ohalna iop����
mencemont. ..  ,,,_, s,.,i
Kiii.i' I-  Al"",���,,1
pi-r ll M   BOOT** ea AP"
llalesl Mil. Slth slay of July. n*: .
ilily .|,iya ali.-r date I intend_\*_f(M
Hon   'hief im iloner ol !�����. '"���"";. ��*]
Victoria, to purcha-e *', ":V;',.'| il  .  n.H
,.[ ^���'������������'���t
u�� a'1", ]
.,���.,��� cut 1
���Ilia; ... a poll pa ��>   s" ';, Kl.
power plant lm K _ corner I""1;,,   ,,
river, Qtei  �� chalna aonth, lbe?"
chalna, tbonce north 80
'' hi to point of in".'" '",.,,.,.,,��.
Nelaon, 11 I'., Aug I.. 1W.. L -
No,he   I.  herehy given  ''j'''''^.S.''.
slat.. I intend toappl! to the >'"".'""   ���.r,���n*"
I.' ,���|.aloliero(/,s..sl-s.li.  Wort    "f,1,,.,,,!^
���, |������ci,���... lho Isslloss nu.' deaerlI. ��� ' ��     i,
i��� 'w,.,i Koolenay dlilffoti "'�� '   i;,,:,/*
.|���,l���,���,a .,.,.,.' ur !.���>-. II""'. J ",�����..��,��
inure ssr Is'.a, tlience oa,   I"  ����   �� fl���| i,i��
ph .( beginning, .is.- -aiiie   .  ' t,..,.���sp��*
braoawbal I. kinswu a. tlu-"��""""��� ���Hnt,
Dated July ��. WM.             ''''"'. ,|,i,aiw
Notlco la herehy kiven that I'I'SyrxnoW
i late I liueiisi i" apply n        J lorp��f*B
���loner ol Land, and tt ,.rk��   "' '<;.rll,i ����
��� Oil   Ul l.ltr, Haae the loll "SI) I- '    ,.���,��'
Kitiuiii' hi tied ��� riot o   ��',-'', ,���iiii ���",)
of (I Johman Croolti Startlngata P��J;,,���,)
John WI 'a s. f.mmt, EHjSSdi��B
eluilita nuth ul J,".��'01 f *-S'.it Mffll
running norlh :��1 chalna. .I       ' ' t lllsli.'"'"
ihenee nuth SO ebalni, tbono ���"J. ma.
point oloommonoonenti    ��..��,, Agao'-
June 11, UN, J. Ffaaw.
The Daily Canadian
20 Pl.cea Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Hall
Regular Prices
From JO to 23 Yard Ends
....  ^(3==
moid finite co.
.penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
(li m, PAID UP....W,000,000 REST .S.wjo.lKKi
11 WII.KIK. Prottidnnt HON. IIOBBBT .lAKKRA., Vico-Pr<*iileut
Branches in Bri.ish Columbia:
1 allowed tit current rnt.-H fnnn dittis of opQliinR ac-
Revolutionary Spirit in Egyptian Army
ia;. .:-. rs ivi'sl untl Inter.
ui.li .hi. si liulf yearly
J.   iVI.   LAY,  Miinnuer.
Hall Minir.g and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
iai Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils tot Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal linililisrn will find it tu Uteir advantage in tue our Piu-h.
felson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Cairo, Aug. 22.���The wave of. Pan-
lsshiiniKiii whlcb in :���'���" soiling over
Egypt lu a lactDi- iu politics which
cannot be too seriously Interpreted by
tne imperial government. It waa uteru-
uiisil by the lnuiue.s of Ureat Britain
over lbe labah Incident, and by tae
execution ol the ni-r.-ierii ut Cay
luln liun at DenlBhawl, but ouly tor
u lline, Eveu tUe warning wnlca till'
HMWard Grey, the British roreigu mtu-
i.iei, utieieu iu the bouse ol com-
in..s.s., thai extreme nukmni may la
euiiiliigeiicleu be necunsury, linn lout
u, elfeeti
Lord Cromer hus warned Iho gov-
tsllllnelll ill llie giuveul l.i.ifciiUK- ul
she eunm guelieerl oi lft.ll isl Illinium*
or lhe ;iii|ieiii'iiuee ol 11. No ssiie kuiiwK
the true inwai'ili.s-Hs of ihe Bltuation
better tliun the liritlati minister, uini
uie Impreealvu tone ol nib dlepiiattirui
ri eommeudluK tlie in-i_u_e oi tlie
siiuiy ni ocoupatitm was received win.
.lellgiit   by   Unropean   l'esldellt8.
Ilm what has happened? The llrit-
ibh gnvs'inineul has pnilnisssil further
troop* "at au early date." They have
not arrived auu news is being spreasl
ny tbe native press tlutt the British
army is being reduced by ibe *������>������
minister, and that troops cannot be
.pared lo keep order in Egypt.
Tin' natives hold a high opinion of
Luid Cromer���the man who has made
i.jgypt what il is���but if Ills advice is
disregarded it will appear In tbelr
eyes to lie a sign of weakness In tlie
chain, and a spur to the campaign engineered by MustaphU' Kaiuel 1'asha
and ullis'i' preachers of sedition to
slrlke a blow fur national Independence.
Ii is firmly established that a certain number Ol the oriicers of the
Egyptian army are imbued with revolutionary sentiments, and would give
expression to them on the first opportunity, and sheikhs continue to
preach the expulsion ol Christians. In
the same degree ranlslaniism and fanaticism are expanding awl bringing
nearer it crisis which will in the
words of Sir Edward llrey, compel
"extreme measures which tit-eat nrit-
alu will be bound to lake III an emergency."
In ihe meantime Un- governmenl
nn-, in ihs' opinion uf residents who
have Brlti-h imperial Interests ut
heart, displaying so amazing indifference to the warnings of fate.
ols: barley, 575,183 acres, ��5,4715,259
bushels; oatB, 2,716,711 acres, 111,-
366,-14 bushels: rye, 79.870 acres, I,.
:i7(l,S98 bushels; peas, 410,:ir.i; aerea;
8,671,567 bushels; beans, 1,271 acres,
1,0.4,119 bushels; bay and clover, Be
<ili",IH7 acresfl 4.862,8:10 tons; apples,
6,8118,810 trees, bearing 34,302,202
bushels. Taken generally the crop"
are better than last year.
"Highland Linen," in pads, 4
sizes, with envelopes to match.
in boxes, s styles.
Samples on application.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar it day houw* iu tbe Kootenayn.
Room* ftif well lumiBheil.   Table rb go**! tn any
ID Nelaou.     Bar supplied witli good
Iiu im re ntm clean.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
tutopua tu. Annie.- Fltn
Meal! It cu,  Roomi from tt ctl. to tl
Only Wlilie Salp Smploye..
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
'. Burns *&
Corp.ration of the City ol Nelson
BY-LAW No. iii.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
Bstlet St., M.lB_n        ".otrl.ton
Bartlett   House
(IKO. W  BAttTLHT.,1
Best Dollar-a-D���T House tn Nelson.
The Bar I. tbe .mint.
White Help Only Kinpioyed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list,
H. & M. BIRD
I'Ir., nnil Acsilsjtisi
Real Estate and Mining
.irxiephHie Ht.
The Big Schooner Baa., 1ft/*
Or "Hill ��n_-1UH"    DCCl     \ UL��
The only Ulaiw of Good Beer in Nelson,
ilssts-l as's'ssissiiiiiilHtliinss hoobO tss iiisni-111 llrlt-
lib Columbia. Kuivss ii.no ini-siny. Bpecurintei
tss monthly boar-en. Only lusmi- hotel lis Ni-lmsn
Lake View Hotel
<.orn*T Hall rami Vernon,
_.      two Itlm-lcH Irom wharf.
KtttL'B (1 00 per day rih! up
P.O. Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EUICKSON, Propriotor.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oltli-nt pRtiit.ll��hi>rl Ki'iil Estate
I.tiKinehH in KiK-ti'imy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have Ior Sale tlie Choicest f
Frait Lands tn this district.
Most of it situate on the Went Ami mid Main Luke,
fore vou deride to locate.
See me be-
rh Markets In   Uotwlund,   Troll,   N<l*on,  Ktihlo,   Sandon, Thnw Korku, New
Dmivor ami Sloean City.
���v mihu to Miv bnnob win iiave
"I" mnl earefiil attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Canada's Reply.
.1. .1. Hill, Use Aiiioriciiii railway
manuals', in un aiUli'ess lo lho Ottawa Canadian club, advised Canadians
in stick 10 ilu- British flag- No matter how greal tti.- development ol Canada might be, tiiat was no reason
why there should bo any desire lo de-
s.'rt Ihe I'nion Jack. "Keep your old
flag flying.'' was his advice.
I'li.'V   mlghl   have   thrown  us   over,
And have started on their own,
Ilm ihey   knew they  were lu clover,
And Old  England wasn't thrown.
Though ii possibly surprised them
That  a  Yankee Huts  should  speak,
They did as he advised lheni.
And secession's yet to seek.
Yes,  ihey did;  yes. they did
Jusl   exact ly  us lie  hid.
It's iv fact there's no denying.
He said, "Keep lhe Old King dylngl'
And  they  did:
You might Ihlnk  their  mighty  nn'.loii
With a keen Impatience wails
For the day of annexation
To  the  Ureal   I'nited  Stales;
lint Hint longing ihey cun smother,
Mill  each   tine  Canadian  heart
Kor   the   dear   old   English   mother
Keeps a corner set apart.
Yes   they do!    Yes, they dss!
They aie loyal heart! and true,
And  when any one starts crying.
Saving.   "Keep llle  Olsl   King  Dylngl
Well. Ihey do!
- -('   E.  EL, In London  Evening News.
Centrally Located. Open I'ay and Night.
Sample ami Bslli Roonu Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
wisuli'iisils' uml Retail D-Slot* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
it hui
* supplied on shortest notice and
price, Nothing hut fresh untl
'������us meats und supples kept in stock
Mui1 urilers receive onreful attention,
Certificate of Improvements
TRAVES,  Manager.
ssiL-iinii.'. Hunt, Viral Ona-tra, t'isBinsissi��. and
T s"1 ly fill. Kisu-lli.il mineral olaUM, Mill-
ate in tin- Nelaon Mining Dlvlalon ot West
W_ttr!_l?.LOnnun_��e mountain, boWwin
���,,Jii si'tlnn sss. ssiti'iu for Joseph Biurgson,
IrnTwo.". CsrM ���� So n.i". tntond.ilxty
,1, y�� I.',,,, law I;-'"'.i"WP'y 1 ���.��"","��
Rwordor lor RsrlMrtMn of gnprn
Uu- purpon ssl sslsiuliiliiK t ruwn t.
t ui.'
Damon and Pythias.
Tho Pythian Shield, :i new public*
tion, iQflorsB^ hy the fraud lodge w
the nfrictai organ <>r tlie grend domain
in HrMtti. Columbia, is to hand, The
paper is edited and managed hy c. B.
Bmitheringale,   who   was   for   some
yoosra the editor of the Slocan Drill,
and whose championship of the rlghta
of tho people of the Slocan valley has
made him a favorite with the people
of that section. The Shield is an interesting production for any reader,
hut especially so for all memhorB of
the order which it ailvoeutes. ln matter and Btyle the master hand is
Ontario Crop Bulletin.
Toronto, Aug. 2:1.���The Ontario department of agriculture in its August
crop bulletin gives areas and estlma't-
ud yledls of the principal crops in Ontario, bused on returns fro m-iiOO special crop correspondents. Thoy are as
follows: lull whertt, 787,2117 acres, on-
timated yield, i:-,()2G.6:i,t bushels;
sprltir; wheat, reduced area of 171,145
acres,   yield   expected,   3,.HS,190  btt.sh-
WHRBKAE n petition tun m-ph presented to
tin* v,liliirt|ial t'nuiU'lt "I Hi" 1 ..1 |.iii'.iiiui, i.i tin'
lilt; of Nolson nUi��--t i.y the ownen ol at itett
nil���ti'iuhol llie vRlne of tin* real proj*ny In 'lie
��aiii riiy nn ihovrn i>>- thf last reviiea ueentaent
roll,  ri-ijiifhlinn  111- "aid  UOtthCil  to liitriMlu.''*
'A H\ - Lm*. in i,. i-i- v,.i,u i-in. |,,i tl > j.ni im.;.'* ul
(vntpIdtlUK ilu* coti'irinl ton of th��K ,-. irt" Ught
..n-i Power I'lmit now 1. iiik coiiMiiiiu-i i.v [he
��� ity of NfUon nt tlir l>-*k>r Hnmi Iiik ton rnlR
1 ooleiuiy Klver, Hri't*;. i',.himbi��.
ami wuk'.has it in .u-fiii.'.l expedlenl to
lomplele Uo- * leet'tv l-ittlu uml Power i>iani-
\\p WBBR'AS (or llie piirpows atorfNHtfl It
'.���til th- OftfHWtuy I" 1'orrow tlit, iimi ,��t Kilty
I'hoUrtUd l)i.]Urm��.nM��ii.lPil), ft ml lot hii**-.lt'U'U-
niri- u( Uu* Ully of Nelion for tin* jinr[>iiHe tit
. r irtlnv "rtt'l nniount.
ANP WU8BKA8 th| MrholeunoUUtol tlierat-
dblfl Uti'l ol llie miI<I   '-lly, iT.'i.r.luik-   lo  thf
i,mt revtnd AttenoantRolfiliotieiMlllontwa
lniii'lre'lain1 slMy-lliri-t'tlnnis%inli*lt*tit liuiulret!
Mini loity i|ollnrs(|i,iVi:t,8lu)
AND IVURHBAB il will Le requUl _ to raii��*
uMiniil.y Ijv rait* tin- iam "I Four 'I'liotiBatnl One
Hiinilreil tin.l S,-v-'liiy Sine Hnllei> ($1,171100) tut
[tftylng the ��.aiil debt Hid liHerenl.
Now therefore ihe Uantctpel t:.mnctl of ihe
���Vrporatlon of ihe City of Nelson euaet.s n>
1 ���It Hhall ami mav he lawful for the Mavor of
the ''orpornti.ui oi tin- city of Neirura to borrow
nj. hi the credit <>( Iheiaju r.ir|iornii..n, by way
ol the iI'Meutur-H lierelimfter mentioned, from
Miy iKT'oii or )h>i'*oiis hoily or hndlt-N eorpomtrt,
wliti mny  he  willing  In a-ivuliv-e  theBAnteMt
loan, a <-nin of money not exceeding in the whole
lhe  Mini  of  Kll'ly   Ihoii-aiid Dollarn (riU.OUDDU.l
.ni t tn ceuio ah inch mini so raised or received
ti be pa i-i Into the hand*, of tin. Treasurer 0! the
mid ' orpomtloD  for the purpose aud with the
object hereinbefore recited.
_!.���It lhn'1 he lawful for lhe Mayor of the Kahl
Corpora ion to cause auv number ot debenture!
to li-- made, executed and Inued for inch ""in or
���urai as may be required for the purpose and
nbjeet aforetaid. not exOOedtng however. Ihe sum
of Kitty Thousand Dollarol.'iO.tRHMWj.eat'h .n'lhe
said debenture! 1 ��������� 1 ul. of the denomination of
OneThouiand I)oUars(*i,-joi).ai)aud all mich debenture! -ill:*1.! he seut-.l With the ***�����! Z'. "��� -'O- 1
p(iTt".<.n a-aii .i��-; �� b*- the Myr.r ihergoj
ft-'.Hh��tiald ���.'elwiii.unw\-Vfji ' W^tiWSfW.
dav of October, imi, and shall lie made payable
in'twenty yeurs from the said date In lawful
inoue) of t'uiHi !a nt theofllcoof the Dank of
Montreal In'Nelion aforesaid, whieh said place
id payment shall i>��* detilKiiated I.y the aald de-
benturee, and >tiall have a 1 la eh ed to them coupons for the payment of interest, ami the llgna-
tnres to the Interest coupon may be either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4 -The said debentures shall bear Interest at
the rate of 5 per cent, from the da*e thereof,
which interest shall be payable u mi-aninmity at
suIiWimce of the Bailie of Montreal tu Nelson
aloreiald, in lawful money of Canada, on the
llrst dny of April and lirst day of October respee-
tivetv in eaob jrear during ihe currency thereof!
���ind ii shall be exprened in said debenture! and
coupon! to he so p.yable
6.-lt shall be lawful for the Mayor of said C r-
poration to negotiate and sel'. tne said denen*
Hires or any of them for less than par, but in no
case shall the snld debenture! or any of them lie
negotiated or sold  for h-> than ninety-live per
eentnm of their value Including the cost of negotiating nn l sftle, brokerage and nil other Ind
den'Hl expenses,
li.-There sbull be railed and levied iii each year
during the currency of said debenture! the sum
id Twetilv-llve Hundred Dollars (g2,(M>) for pav-
ment of interest and the nun ��>i sixteen Hundred and Be e.uy nine Dollars (*Jl,ti7��.U(i) for pay
ment of the laid debenture! by  rate sullleleut
therefore on nil the ratable laud in the satii
7.-It shall be lawful lor the said Municipal
Council lo repuiehitse any of the said debenture! upon men terms as  may  be  agreed   upon
with ihe legal holder or holders thereof or
any part thereof, either at the time of sale or
auv suliM'tiueu time or times,and all debentures
so re-purcliiised shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed and  no re-h-sue of tlu bent 11 res so re-
puruhaied shall be made in consequence of inch
8.   This By Law shall take effect tin or after
v. This tly-1 tm uiav be cited.for all purposes
as ihe t'itv of Nelson iCleetric hb.lil Uian ny-i-aW
No. 171, lTOfi.
Dotte ami  passed  ill Douiieil  Assembled  litis
��� ��� Beptembor IW,
Tne Sttathcona
Nelsnu, R.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Lending Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roomi,
Queen _ Hotel
Rater Hlts-ct, Ns'l.ssn. B. V.
Lighted by Electricitj' and
Ht-tted by Hot Air
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tlie
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the- ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Large- nnd Comfortable BedroWM and  Ptrvt*
I'i-Ls-. .niun** Room.   Sample Kooiuk lor Commer-
*.dal Men.
mrp  K. 0. tu-AKKK, ProprietTM
1. CROW,   -
The well known
Onr Bi-i. (ini'ilmi is
tbo Finest in the
-   Proprietor
St. l'stul,    Dnlntli,
Port Avtlinr
Sionx 1 "ily
Knnstis City ��..S.'J.-<. St. LimiB *m.00.
Clticngo tM 01).
On Bale Anonrt 7-N!i, Septomlipr 8-10
Final limit October 81st.
Toronto $711,115.   On sulo Scptoinbcr 8 9-10
Limit Novonilxnr Illlth.
Royal Hotel
"MiKvitakisc $G2..CI    On bhIo Anpist 7*9.
Limit. Ootobev Hist.
Rates tl nnd *1.60 �� Dny.
Special RAtes to Kognlur Bcnrd^rs.
proupie- By-Uw
Hint 11
A. McDonald & Co.
Deftlers in nt��plo nnd fimcy GroOftriM.
Batter, EjiK".
Oftmp Rnd Miucr*' Snpplip?.
Con*riiulor   firi-J
Sole up-iit lor ihe t'orto ftlco Lumber 0a . hul.,
reuiil yards. RoiikIi nnil tire .-.���.! lumlier, turuod
work antl liraekets. Coast 'atti atnt ihttlftle*. fwh
nml doors, ('enient, hriek Hint limo fnr ��9li)
Autonuttle irriinter.
YurtUnil factory: Vernon Ht.. east o( IIhII,
(NBUaON. B. c.
V 0. Itux '�����'->. Tel.-plioiie 17S.
ThrouRh rntfH all f-tationa���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Mori*
time Provinces on application.
A.G.P. -...VHiieonver. I). P. A.. Nelion
Yalc-Kootcnay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-f 0
St. Pi.nl
Port Arthur
t*�� oo
St. Lonis pSO.W
Final limit October Blst.
Ou sale Scpteniln-r '-���S-l.'-t"*f :��*���
* outo��70 6f>.
Limit November 80th.
Rnti's to all other eastern points
ou application.
City PaHM'nger Agent.
A ll. 1'. A., Srattli...
Di'livoriin mmi" daily tbnmghoat Nelson
nud its stilsnrlss. Phono'48
ill beul
dav tlie ^lh  <or.
iween the tiounolfl o
|..m., lor Uie Kast Ward
on Tn
Ve In a true eopy of the
lliell    lili*    VOli.   .li    IlK*
i at the City of  Ni-lsmi
[ September, next, be-
lekii.ni. ana 7 o'elock
"uiuiell t'linmlier
ul tlte corner of Vieloria mnl Jo��e*.ililiie mreuit.
nml for lhe W&H Wanl nl the Hoard of Trade
Koomsat thO OOtttOrOl Victoria and Kootenr_y
Clly Clerk.
Nelson, fi. C. Aiinii-*! '-'IhI I9U6.
West Transfer Co.
Gouerfll Te-nistei-s ami DtiiterH in
Oonl und Woo .   Bxpnwa and
bagft-OMQ 'Pmnsrer
Office: Baker St.
Telephone. :*W
P.O. iin* nr.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe &'.Co'y��
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
HOODS  CAl.t-IU)  r-OR
Antl   Dlil.lVliWlil) PRBB
Haker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Good
to buioke.
Imported an. Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Know 1 hurm.u's Spcs.1.1 Miiltirc?
���   S
m em
* "'"i'l
*!*^ii The Daily Canadian
Wc are offering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
and Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver Mounted.
��� 35 Cents a Bottle*
���   The finest non-alcoholic  *
beverage and stimulant   *
��� |
Bell Tradingj
Company        ���
'<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon wanl to buy or s"ll anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japan.BG Qooda nssw on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware in slock. Patterns.
jed Any Q
tii Juts ���
We have the NEW Mason Scaler
with lhe All Glass Top.
No metal to gel dirty sml oorroded.
Tha most up-to-date sealer mi ilu
market.   In pint uml quart sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen  1.50
We nlso hdve llie   Orown   .Tnrs  ill
pints, quarts nml half gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[Joy .Cash Grocery:
Cor. Josephine and Mill Bti,     Phone W
Gait Coal
Termi Spot Cash
Telephone MR
Ukkvir Hiruet
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruiii, Confcitionery and
Ice Cream.
Tinme IB. Baker St.
NELSO", B  0.
There  was a  blank  dockel  al   Hie
lly  psslieL' court  this morning.
Tlie cily band will be in attendance
ai ilie stance at lb,' pavilion ibis eve
Two Sunday school picnics are being
belli today, Un' Methodists at Tramway  park, and  ibe Baptlsl  at  Shan
nun's  park,  l-'lve  Mile point.
Tomorrow being lho festival of si
eill.ll untl  VVmi'U   .Sls-s:s.l.i,
INlil-SON.   l\. C.
.1. FRED Hl'MK, Proprietor.
W ii Btrathearn, Kaslo; ll C Hollo-
way, finis's Landing; It McTaggart,
Koch Siding; J. Darner, II Wright, i<
Harper, W WylleJohnston, Vancouver:
.1 A Anderson and wile. .Slocan; H D
ft'augh, li McLean ami wife, Winnl
peg; li K Clothier, Cranbrook; ll i;
Sclinrz. Spokane: U. Selbay-Montefl
ssie. it T Laiiey. London.
.1 Flnbrer. Geo lloefer, I, R Tlllery,
'i'iail: Paul Conblrey, J P Couldrey,
Rossland; It lnslnger, W A lnslnger,
E 0 Watson, V .1 llolinan. Spokane;
.1 E f'liiisnn, Bonnington; F Leaivlck,
Denver; K Tessler, A Chevler. Qdmon
inn: A II Macgowan, Mr and Mrs C
G Hobson, Vancouver.
F Lawrence, Castlegar; \v Burnell,
Troul Lake; �� Wnlker. .1 Wilkinson,
VV I Fraser. Vmlr; 11 Manning, Revels!, .ke: A W Forsham, Fort William;
.1 Clarke, Spokane.
I M Wilson, A II Orandon, Phoenix;
'I* A .lobiissm, Vancouver.
.1 ll Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw: F Lynch.
Westlejr; D C Yensen ami wife, F
Kamferinaii. Norway; F li Fnrsev anil
wile. Quelph; E Willis, Calgary; .1 w
Stafford, Lethbrldge; t; Longfore ami
wlfi', Cranbrook, F R Forbes, Slncan
C'il. Mrs I) O'Connor. Greenwood; W
A Feme. I) T McLacblan, Eholt.
.1 M Miller. Trout Lake: S J Ilia
issck. Referendum mine; j r Jennings
Fort Steele.
I' 1" Poulton, Granite;   li  Smlthson,
England;   i Anderson, .1 Huntley, Slo
can;  T I. Bloomer, Castlegar;
M Qugglns, Wlnlaw;  F Mott, Erie;
II   ourne,   Spokane;    I'   McRae.   Cole
man;  G  ll  While   Deer Park.
E Will.in. L Meier, Ymir.
One Week, Commencing
August 27th
"The Pringle'Co'f
in a select reportOlrA,
Opnning Monday, August 87th in
"The Convict's Daughter."
Prices 50a nnd 7.>, OhHdren 85o.
Sfjitsnt HiillH'i-tnril'K.
Itanliiiliiiiiivv. ttii'i'
tion ni ilu- lioly a
. lour'a church nt
will he :i i
inniunion in
10:30 i\,   in.
"Doctor" Kiini Vun, who recontly
left Nelson after being rinod in the
provincial police courl for prorpfiaing
ia [imotice medicine, has been arrest
di in Pernio ror a Blmllar offence and
is being tried today.
The marriage of it. i> Macdonald,
ui Anil gonial], \. s., and Miss s. I.
Poi tenus nt' Trobolton, Carieton conn-
t\. One., tiuih resident tin* some linn*
in Nelson, wits solemnised last ev..u
Ing by Rev, J. T, Ferguson.
At a meeting of the Nelson Cafpen-
ters' union held last night, & Kllby
was elected delegate tu the Dominion
Trades and Labor congress, which will
convene this year at Victoria un Sup
lumber 17.
Silver roHo one poiijt on thu Lon
dun market today, bul was stationary
in Xew York, at tit! 3-_ cunts an ounce.
On thu Loudon market lead advanced
a point, to t.17 5s, and zinc recovered
four   points.     Copper  is   unchanged
The 80,000 club is indebtud to Juhn
McLatchle, P. L. S., for a large uul
line map of British Columbia, drawn
by himself. The advertising commit
tee will have the pecial geographical
features sought to be emphasized
marked on the map for use iu thu
club's Folders.
No reply bOS yet been received by
Chief Deasy lo his letters to the Ite-
dn.t Lacrosse club, nor to letters to
the clubs ul Lethbrldge and Cranbrook. The expected Invitation to the
Nelson team to play in the Uoumlury
on Labor day has not been received
There seems to be a general slump In
Complaint is made by rancher.-; and
other residents of the shores of the
arm of the reckless use of rifles hy
men and buys. Une lady had the unpleasant experience of having a bul-
lei evidently aimed merely at o Stump,
"Whistle past within a few inches
of her head.
The fifth and last hut une of tho
dances at the pavilion under the auspices of the 2u,liuu club, will be held
this evening. The ladies who have
kindly acted as patronesses at the last
two dances will continue to do so.
The contest, which has been an interesting feature of the dances, will tonight be Bi schottische. The judge*.
will be appointed tonight
, "I -���""'" the firm    I can no longer to fceld
| reiponilLlc Ior llie obligation! ol Uss- Snn.
 W.M. I.  SI'UY.
THK  BXI l.l'.IVr;  privilege ���l m.|lnK  nlr.'sls-
I    iis,ssi.,.ii ii eiitrttnanitduring the Knii
��� ���ir. September IMb-Jf  N��� ipirltuoiii liquor.
Allowed.  Tis,. iii^ii...i ���r huv it-uilsT insi norea.
������"'li ��""i i   a nertlflea cbeqne Ior lull
minim!! loa-compen* earfa tender,  addren
.. , D p. Mi Mohrik, Seoretarr,
n.j.iui Agrlegltnrstl mui liniu.irini Anooimion,
Nelaon, li C. Augusta, lusr..
HOUSE mn roomi hii.i bathi furnlihed oom-
Plett-I  Is'ni rontrenieneei,   Kur terms hhuIt
Hun v. i lly P. o.
; illllll K RB.ID_J.TU_ I'ltlll'KlnV llll silica
i    ,".'���',''!','i.*".'',""��'!"?';""lraProvemenu.  Termi
applj i" r.' .ilinki r. ownor,
SMI I'll I'llKMIKU .VI'KWRIT  Hfnr rentoriale.
'    Apply '(ii.-iii Cigar-tore, \V. II.Smith,
Fire  in   Fairview.
Tho residence of Anton Pfelffer,
contractor, of Fatrview, was totally
destroyed by tire yesterday afternoon
between is and t; o'colok.
Tins riri' probably originated from
thu kitchen snivs-. in attempting to
put li .���iti.ZAri'i: t/'.-Jtim-
. 'mini Im-llv burned _._.,'/ ino out
buildings and a few articles of furniture were saved.
Mr. I'l'cil'fer estimates Iiis loss at
aboul $3000, on which the iiisnntnco
sililsuilils Iii $700.
Trains and Boats.
('row  boat���Half hour line.
siiiestn train���On time.
Coast, Boundary ami Rossland train
���lln  lltnu.
ROOMS TO i.kt-NPviy lurnl.hed nml cleanly
k;'i''���r "' 'orateadrgueauortranalenla, Apply Mr-. >iii.,iui..iiiiii.���v,.r piorra'a tailor aho ,,
Salter atreot.
10 MEN, 111 onje, dsr ssssrk In Uiu WOOdl.   Apply
to w. B. Cooke, aawmlll, Kaslo.
I.AI1V STKSISi.llAl'HKIUs.i piiKlllui, iniuuiiiry.
QOOd Ihiuiu Willi employer1! Isonlly. Apply
bog V., Ilaliadlau oOlie.
Thff Store of Quality
We want to clear It out as we haven't
room for a large shipment coming In,
and to do so we will sell It at
$1.45 Per Sack
Every tack guaranteed or money refunded.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Lest Ye Forget!
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
Ir is bottled tight and will keep.   l_ny in
a supply before ita too Into,
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $1.35
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, ns lhe season Is closing, nnil I will
see lhal your order Is (Iliad wllh the
best frull to he hail al the Isswesl market price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
Phone 2i>6.
W.-'ri' rii:hi in line with n full sliK-k.   We
have n BtMOial offer to uinke on I.KA
English Grain I!'J\h $fc
Leather Bags, b inch aoc
These bogs will outwear tin* ordinary
split Icathur bog many times over,
und cost but very hirlu more,
Pencil aharpenon at iCo,
16c and 80o each.
W. G. Thomson
?K_i<.K  Nelson, B. C.
Ptluiw ,14.
Thompson & Douglas
Sinn   Wt-ltlrm ii  Npuulult.v.
W..II Pnpwr nnd llurlap.
S?H0r.r..N..WA,",   -   NELSON
This is the season for
Watermelons. We
have them in all sizes
and prices.
Telephone. 161.
$10 Down
$(0 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value in a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
50c, 65c,
75c, 85c,
Boards   andSL00
Only 25 Cents Each
Tlless' ore the nieeHt s/sunN over
���bowu. The wikkI is perfeot;
tbe pntterna thelatetl nmi the
prices uwiiv down.      Drop in
nnil Bee us-isr until us j*our order
Nelson Hardware Co.
Summary   Punishment  of  Sneak  Thief
by Magistrate  Renwick.
.1. h. DenlttH, charge, with the then
tjllll hsjonitlnir. .to ..loueph Fenrn-
���stffvMlie Walters' room of the
Bteamer Kuskanook Monday night,
who was arrested on the steamer Movie Tuesday night hy Provincial Con-
siahh' C, \V. Young, came up for
irinl this morning Mfore Stipendiary
Magistrate It. A. Renwtok, lie con-
sented to be tried summarily by iho
magistrate and plended guilty. Che
evidence of Fearnhough as to the theft
nnd of rhief Bul look-Webster nis to
llie  prisoner's  record,   were   taken.
The magistrate made nn order Tor
th.- restitution to the plaintiff or $nn
found on the prisoner's person al Ihe
lime of tils arrest and sentenced tho
prisoner to 12 months' Imprisonment
in the provincial gaol at Nelson, Willi
hard labor.
Deniiltis Is not a stranger to lho
Nelson gaol. On December 17, 1D02.
he stole a senrf |iln from Robert Ham
llton, then of the firm of Choldltob
& Co., on the steamer Moyle. For thai
offense he was sentenced by .Mauls
Irate Crease to four months' luiprly
onmoirt with hard labor.
Cr.c iifl c///iif
Wiilklh Ur/imMH spirits ill delight
tbat Ilu' ilrliikM.TVt'il HtsisirHii.lH Kuuiiuln
lisi-t  t.ml.' iss-sspsTtie. bs-i"is ��� relnihlatT
We iui-ssiiij- rs-Hi fruit ijrrapi ol Ih. fliusat
uusility       Psisiiitiilti siuts-r. itUis.csi mui
reonptaolH nr.  krpi nrupnlouiiy olisin,
B&ksr8.reeti heliou, B.O.
"The Convict's Daughter."
"Tho Convloffl  Daughter,"  a  beautiful play, comes to Bbertnftn'e open
boUBQ   on   Monday   next.    Thi-   play   Ih
oiii* of tin- hesi that baa toured MiIh
country tills season.   Those who tnlss
it   will   idIkh  one of  the  hlK  diuiuutit.'
treats, as play and oompany sre simk-
��� ii   of   in    llo'   highest    terms   hy   tl)G
prrHH tbroughoul the country. The
Pringle company will ho In Nelson all
week, with a change or play each
night, good singing and dancing be
tween Ute anta.
A Motor Scorcher's Epitaph.
EETere Hoh a Boorcher who scorched
At evening, at noon, and  al  dawn,
Till ho passed in hl�� chocks
On a great pile of wrockH���
Now he'll get all he wants whore he's
3500 New Members
Areaddi'dtothe MASON
&RI80H PIANO family
eaoh year.
Wo wnnt yon to join the family.
We will accept you on ensy terms, and guarantee you will never Imi sorry
for liaviiif: joined us.
Call nnd get pnrticulni's of onr cosy payment system,
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
OBI,..:   Rnnin 8, lUPI WlM     R    -"*
One Eyeata TJ
Tbat's the wny ��,.,,,,
Usually the ���.���    .""��� .
glass which milt, '���������   "",'�� >iKki;i|
un.l llUlllilit��.ly 1k.i1, sUff,.rJ "" "�� <��J
We dm ,���1K|,T���        . ���
gn-ii est care to Hv.,i,' 2".'��� ��H|_
would hurt your eyei ���i'Jftjjl
TelePhone ....^
J. J. WALKER, __emd
Repairing and Jobbing a SpecUlt*
Slii'islineliil Work, Dustbins, iluildi'rs' Muteriul mid Mininit und Mill Msu-i
oniee and Works Kihi' of l'nrk Ht.
I'll....a   .<)..
m ivaiii :i..
I>��l����in, 11.5
&Co.f   pS-VR
****   ^v,>t        Limited. Winnipeg,
W'h.iiusiiic Provt*ilon*i,
I 'l-.llllll.C-, - I    ruit.
Iioiiilnioii Government Creamery One-Pound Briobs raoelved wti-klv ir^ [
from the I'hurii.   Por sale by nil lending gmcerH.
oiiii's'and warehouse! Houston Blook,   Phone T9,
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to ttart tha winter wllh?   If not,
Is the time to have it repaired.
I��� He Ashdown Hardware Co., li
PLHA8D N'OTK���We will not he responsible for any furnace sot lashsf* 1
by October 1st, 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON'
Map.iiri.iit .....i Jobbing si.ttsinm with I >��~i>,.tci>.  ��n_-t m����il
Win*, Mh.l.iit ..nu Mill .M,,.l,l,i.rv.      IMu.iufauturara.il      (
O���  4-��r��,  R.  U.    ...istrnctisrs'   Corn.
INEUSOIN,    B.  C. mSk%
Just Arrived!
A large shipment ol
Hart, SchafflerS Marx'i
Latest Patterns, Latest Styles, and All Goods Oiiurnulivd
MANUFACTURERS   f ���___ Of.*        !��-,
AND DEALERS IN   k^ttttkDkltf  OhtfiglUS*
Uath, Mouldings, Boors, Window*
I umed Work and Mi-injl.ctn.
Mnil Onlers promptly ul^niMI"
Mil.SlIN, 11. C.
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on One street-
Garden in excellent shape anil plauied with vegetables. For quick sale will dispose of same '��r
$700.00, part east, balance ou easy terms.
McDermid & McHM
Our stock  of MAND  SAWS is  ycry  -nnil**
iuoludtug itriuies to suit nil requirements.
If you wish n low priowl saw wo enn supply J""1*"
nlso curry the liest iinnlitles iiindo by
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y* ^


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