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The Daily Canadian Jan 23, 1907

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Ik I.   No. 197.
Fifty Cunts a Month
iclory Reports for
Last Year
ll  Growers' Association's
I Meeting, Held in Nelson���
ances  are  Healthy
hnnal meeting of tho British
FTuil    Orowors' Association
lln sNulson today and a Nelsou
eleoted.   Addresses will be
I ths- board ol trade rooniB to-
eting convened In the board
| minus at 2 o'clock with Vice
James    Johnstone    tn    the
1 bout a dozen membera of
|ncial aaBoclation anil as many
the    Koolenay    association
oi correspondence was read
era) **1tlterestlng   dtscussionB
uf them.   One advocated that
fers ot fruit into the province
Jul to certify tho quantity and
the Individual consignee.   It
eil out that there is no author-
province for the enforcement
regulation.    The letters were
���ed and riled.
Iry \V. J. llrandrlth thou read
fnl report, as follows:
leave to submit my report for
for your consideration.
bar just past has been frau.
ers of more than ordinary     i��
llo fruit growers.
[there was the Dominion c n
Ottawa In March last which
bch not only to make the libeller acquainted with      u
but welded the fruit Inter., ts
r.inion into one, tho object of
pegntu  being to assist in  the
the  uplirtlng, of the fruit
of the whole country, without
provincial boundaries.    That
heasure of success has attend
pfforts will not be denied. Thc
ore particularly affecting this
|are the establishing a fancy
s defining of what constitutes
pk*s;  the substituting of    the
2 and 3 for XXX, XX andX
ailiiK the grade; the adoption
ndard box for Inter-provmcial
Iwull .".���:  *or export;   that tho
ompanies bo placed under the
1 the railway commission, and
Ipure food  laws  be amended
(ceil In regard to tho manufac
ains and jellloa.    As all  the
ut  the association  have  re
opy of the proceedings of the
I need not go into further
ire have the Beries of splendid
won    liy Hritish    Columbia
^���ent Hritain, of the beneficial
which It Is Impossible to
Bti mate.
banks of tho fruit growers of
pliiinhin are due thc Hon. R.
minister of agriculture, for
I Interest ln and assistance to
industry. We are nlso in-
Mr. R. M. Palmer    for Uie
Ig  manner  In  which  he has
|lt the details in connection
> exhibitions.
||H.ilinental orchards on Van-
and, In the dry belt, and In
(tuys, for which wo have been
Ihe last three years, are
future, not yet having got
"serious   consideration"
brd to the fruit crop   of   the
I the strawberry crop was not
brevlous years.    Prices, how-
falrly remunerative.     Thi
| crop, too, was lighter than
ackberrles were an  nverago
prices wore well maintained.
ivero  a  full crop  and  were
j disposed of.    Owing to the
pr on the lower mainland at
1 ripening there was less loss
Itlng nnd  brown    rot    than
hat section.   Taking the prov-
I whole tho    plum   crop waB
average.    Pears  were also
pp.    Peaches, too, were good
1 to bo very remunerative.
pr apples were light in some
Fall   apples  were  abundant
|r apples about   an   average
1)1  apples  matured  from  ten
ivo weeks earlier than usual,
lit of excessive  heat during
I consequence of which prices
Winter apples commanded
1 and those who were in a
1 hold them nro realising very
���lly speaking, prices or all
(fruit have heen much better
(ban any previous year since our organization was started. This Is no
doubt due to the Increased demand nt
home and the rapid expansion of the
market in Alberta, Saskatchewan and
"It Is very gratifying for tne to be
able to report an Increase of 51) per
cent, in the membership for the past
"During 1905, 047 letters were written, while in 190C, 874 lettere were
written, showing the large increase In
office work, a further evidence that
Ihe association Is growing.
"It is a pleasing duly to speak of the
kindly advice and assistance rendered
to me by the officers and members of
the association during the past year.
"All of whicli is respectfully submitted."
The report was received and adopted.
The treasurer's report, presented by
Mr. llrandrlth, showed total receipts
of $2232.84. cash In the bank, $392.10;
excess of assets over liabilities of $639.
Mr. llrandrlth added:
"Bul, Mr. President, we are better
off than that. Since the accounts were
passed by Auditor General Anderson,
$S50 more has been deposited to our
or edit   by    the minister of flnasce."
Reports of c minimis s wire then
present'd and recived, generally show*
Ing good wo k and marked progress.
Thu annual election of officers was
then proceeded with, result ns as follows:
President���James Johnstone.
Vice Presidents���J. Ritchie, J. C.
Metcalfe, T A. Brydon.
Secretary-treasurer���W. J. llrandrlth.
Executive���R. M. Palmer, J. Johnstone, S. Bartholomew, H. Klpp, VV. J.
It was resolved that the April quarterly meeting to be held at Summer-
land, the July meeting nt Kaslo, the
October meeting at New Westminster.
It waa agreed that the evening meeting should l>e held at 8 o'clock. The
meeting then adjourned.
R. A. Brawn Thinks Doyle Scale Allows
Lumbermen to Defraud the Logging Contractors.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 23.���A sensation
hns been created among the logging
contractors of this district over the recent discovery of R. A. Brown, a pioneer timber cruiser of this district. Mr.
llrown, who has had over 30 years' experience as a timber man, has shown
by facta and figures that the mill owners al present, by adopting unfair log
scales, are practically robbing the logging contractors out of a large percentage of their timber. In an interview on this subject yesterday Mr.
Brown said: "Al present the logging
contractors of the North Fork district
and elsewhere are compelled to use the
Doyle system. This they have to agree
to In writing before they can secure, a
logging contract. The Quebec system
Is the proper scale to use. There ls a
difference of 33 per cent, between the
Doyle and th Quebec systems. In sawing up logs by the circular saw with
tho present system the band sawmills
will give 25 per cent, more on account
of the sa wcurve on the circular saw,
which cuts out three-eighths of an
Inch in saw curve or sawdust, while
thc band saw only takes out one-sixteenth of an inch, so the band saw
saves out of the logs 25 per cent, more
lumber than the circular saw does. 8o
actually the mill owners who are cutting tholr logs wllh the band saw are
saving out 68 per cent, more lumber
out of the logs than they are paying
for, over nnd above the Doyle and
Schribner scales, and 25 |��r cent, out
over and above what the Quebec rule
BCBles save, providing the logs are
sawed wllh band saws. As a final adjustment of the log scale In queatlon,
Mr. Brown has recommended tbat 25
per cent, more be added to the Quebec
scale when a band bbw Is used than
when It Ib cut with a circular saw. Mr.
Brown stated further that the logging
contractors as well ns the public generally have no Idea that, the mill owners nro robbing the public as they are
doing, getting 58 per cent, of their lumber for nothing. The logging contractors of this section are thoroughly
aroused over this exposure of Mr.
Brown's and Immedlnte steps will be
taken to have this log scale queBtlou
represented in Victoria when tho hotiBO
Killed at His Work.
SI. John, Jan. 23.���Roy Ns*li!?. C. P.
II. checker at Sand Point, wns cremated
In nn oil shed.
Masonic Elections.
Toronto, Jan. 23.���John Leslie, of
Winnipeg, will he elected Grand 7. of
tin* chapter of lho Royal Arch Masons
today to succeed Wm. Ronf, K, C, who
Is now 111 In Vancouver. J. H, Bill-
well, who was to contest the office of
grand third principal, broke his leg
yesterday at 8tlrling.
Edmonton Relieves Kingston.
Edmonton, Jan. 22.���The city council
here, tonight passed a vote of $1000 to
be sent through the Bank of Nova
Scotia to tho mayor of Kingston to bo
used Tor the purpoae of alleviating lho
distress ot the earthquake sufferers.
No Comment on Governor
of Jamaica
Press -Correspondents Guess at Action
to be Taken by Colonial Office
���Decision Deferred
London, Jan. 23.���The government
here has htard from Governor Sweet-
enham of Jamaica concerning Ihe incident Involving the withdrawal of the
American warship.-, from Kingston.
Absolute secrecy ls maintained at tbe
colonial oflice, but the fact was elicited that during the night a good many
telegrams wyere received Irom Sweet-
euham, some of which dealt with the
Incident. Tluse, it ls u.ider_toon, con-
fir inthe main features of affairs as
already known. It is not at present
the Intention of the colonial office to
make the teiegiams public, the official
view being that it Is a personal a fair
between a gov rnni'isi d part ii.siit, and
an i ffi.lal which is p.opetly adjustable
between them, and the authorities are
in.-lined to the view that the general
interests will be best served by having
the replies appiar iu a blue book at
some d stant period, the affair in the
meantime being dealt with through the
usual diplomatic channels.
James   Johnstone   on   Fruit Growers'
Debt to Government.
An interesting conversation, containing something of politics, occurred
yesierday afternoon In the office of J.
E. Annable. James Johnstone and Mr.
Annable were ln conversation on matters connected with the Kooteuay Fruit
Growers' Association when Dr. Hall
entered. The conversation then naturally turned to politics. Mr. Johnstone,
who has always been a Liberal ln both
British and Canadian politics, expressed the following opinions:
"I think that every one who is Interested lu fruit growing owes his support
to the McBride government. No one
could have done more to encourage and
help the growth of the industry than
they have done.
"They have sent into the district
their own expert officials and lecturers
from Eastern Canada antl the United
Slates. They have reported on our
soil and climate and have given advice
and practical demonstrations which
have been of the greatest value to the
aettlers In this district, at least, many
of whom were beginners In fruit growing. We have also been supplied with
valuable Information which has been
diligently kept up to date.
"We have received every possible assistance and guidance in the manage-
mrnt of our own associations and exhibition, and it Is the help of the government that has made possible our
participation In those exhibitions ln the
old country that have advertised onr
resources to the world.
"The fact that British Columbia is
now universally recognized as In th.
very front rank of fruit growing countries la due almost entirely to the gen
erous and efficient aid given to th
growers by the officials of the McBride  government."
It Is not recorded Ihnt anyone but
himself Is In a position lo say how Mr.
Johnstone will vote, bul hla fair and
frank testimony to the good work done
Is as creditable to himself as to thc
Many Miners Killed   by   Explosion In
Trinidad���Twenty Casualties.
Trinidad, Jan. 23.���Aa oxplosion occurred in the Colorado Fuel & Iron
Co.'s mine nt Prlmero early this morning and 20 miners are reported to have
been killed. It Is snld that the death
list may even exceed 20.
Division Superintendent O'Neill with
several physicians left here on a apodal train at 8 o'clock today for Prl-
nii'i'o. Tho explosion occurred In the
nin I n entry and Is supposed to have
been caused by a windy shot.
The body of Frank Hobat. timber-
man, has been recovered. Great excitement prevails at Prlmero.
Later reports say the Prlmero mine
Is badly caved In and as yet It has
been Impossible to gain an entrance.
The explosion occurred at 3 o'clock
Ihis morning. The miners employed
on lbe night shift aro In tbe habit of
going home any time after midnight,
when they have taken out the r. quired
amount or oro. This clcumstance
makes it Imposs ble to learn the exact
number of dead until the m'ne can be
completely explored. It is b -Moved
there were ut least 20 men In the mine.
Women and children are gutbered
ahout the entrance, seeking for hus-
banda, fathers and brothers. Miners
have hoe n called trom adjoining
camps lo assist In the work of rescue.
All the dead nre believed to lie foreigners. Prlmero Is 20 miles from Trinidad and is one of thc most Important
camps of the company.
House Committee Will Approve Plans
for Two Battleships.
Washington, D. C. Jan. 23.���It is
practically assured that the house committee on naval affairs will approve the
obstruction of another gigantic battleship ln addition to the one decided upon at the last session. As the result
ot a partial canvass made by members
of the committee they are convinced
that the house wilt approve an additional battleship as recommended by
President Koosevelt and Secretary
Metcalfe. Chairman Rosb of the committee said today that he expected the
naval appropriation bill will be reported to the house before the end of the
present week.
Preibyterlaln  Missionary Thinks  Hln-
���~    ~"   doos Good Settlers.
Toronto, Jan. 23.���In considering the
Hindoo immigration problem of the Canadian West, the Presbyterian foreign
missionary committee were led yester-
day to lake an opposite view of the situation to that held hy the directors of
lull n- organizations.
Alex Nugent, who had been commissioned from India to enquire is,;o thc
situation, reported that the Hindoos
were a fine class of men and not guilty
of traits ascribed to them. They would
not work for less wages than oralnary
white men. and would, If allowed, settle on farms In this country. Most of
them had been soldiers in India. Personally he would not favor them as a
class for immigrants, but they were
superior to Chinese and wonld make
better citizens In this country than ln
India. At present there were about
2000 of them In Canada. Tbe committee decided to appoint Nugent as a special missionary among the Canadian
Hindoos for the next six months as an
experiment. In view of the Increased
cost of living in Western Canada, tbe
salaries of missionaries were increased.
All-Comers' Match Wen by Visitors-
Nelson Rinks Doing Well In
All  Contests.
'   (Special to The  Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Jan. 22.���The bonspiel
which started yesterday ts fn full swing
and proceeding most successfully.
There are some 14 rinks in town from
Phoenix, Nelson, Greenwood and Rossland. More arc expected with the im
coming trains tomorrow. The condition of the Ice will greatly Improve
wiih the sharp frost which has now
set in. The competitions will be renewed at 6 in the morning.
In the All-Comers' cup the visitors
defeated Cranbrook by 54 points to 31;
in the Oliver cup, McCallnm's rink of
Cranbrook beat Bunting of Greenwood,
Wallace of Nelson beat Morrln of Phoenix, Carrie of Nelson beat McCowan of
Cranbrook. MeSweyn of Cranbrook
beat Rolf of Rossland, Short of Cranbrook beat Wilson of Cranbrook. For
the Grand Challenge cup MeSweyn of
Cranbrook beat Wilson of Cranbrook,
McCallum of Cranbrook beat Short of
Cranbrook, Carrie of Nelson beat Mc-
Mlnn of Graanewood. Morrln of Phoenix bent McCowan of Cranbrook, Wal-
Ince of Nelson bent. Forln of Nelson,
Rogers of Cranbrook beat Rolf of Rossland.
Shelter In Tents.
Washington, Jan. 22.���The United
States secretary of war received a
cablegram today from General Wlnt at
Havana, commanding the American
forces ln Cuba, Baying that at the re-
quost of tho British minister at Havana
he had mado arrangements for the shipment of a number of army tents to
Kingston for the shelter of the people
ln distress. The secretary has approved of Geneeral Wlnt's action.
Freak Legislation.
Ottawa, Jan. 23.���Blaine has accepted the premier's challenge and gave
notice last night of a resolution, declaring lt expedient to bring In a bill
this session to prohibit the importation,
manufacture and sale of cigarettes.
Trains snd Boata.
Crow train���Five hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���One    hour
Rossland train���On time.
Poundary train���On time.
Ksis o connection���On time.
Premier Given Ovations
War Carded Into Smith Curtis' Own
Preserve���Dominion Civil
Servants Lined Up
Pries of Metals.
New York, Jan. 23.���Silver, 68 l-8c;
copper, 2i l-8o; lead, $6.
s     London,   Jan.   23.���Silver, 31 7-16d;
. lead, ��19 17s 6d,
(Special  to The Daily Canadian.)
Summerland, Jan. 22.���Premier McUride arrived here last night on his
back to the coast after a most successful tour of the interior. Since leaving
Greenwood last Saturday he has addressed meetings at Rock Creek, Fair-
view, Keremeos and Pentlclon, at each
of which the gatherings of electors
were the largest ever assembled In
these places to hear political speakers,
and everywhere bis reception, has been
most enthusiastic. At Rock Creek,
Sibley, customs house officer, and Naden. opposition candidate In Greenwood, appeared on the platform to little other purpose than to exhibit the
weakness of the opposition arguments,
while at Keremeos and Fairvlew, Smith
Curtis, accompanied by a band of Dominion office holders that seemed to
be attendant on the Liberal candidates
in their campaign, was given full opportunity to air IiIb views, with the result that the premier, to use slang
terms, wiped the floor with bim, completely refuting Curtis' studied attempt
to make it appear that the government
is under the control of the C. P. R.
Shatford made a very businesslike
speech at Rock Creek, and It Is easy
seeing tbat be will head the polls on
election day.
Winkler, Socialist candidate, one of
the speakers at Fairvlew, said that a
remarkable feature ot tbe campaign ts
the number of Dominion office holders
taking sides on behalf of tbe Liberals,
pointing plainly to tlie attempt of Ottawa to get control of provincial affairs.
At Keremeos large numbers of people dr ve from Hedley, 30 miles away,
to hear the premier. Curtis had hoped
to capture the meeting there, but although his supporters commenced
noisy demonstrations they were soon
si'enced, and when McBride spoke he
completely carried his bearers away
and i nib il by getting a tremendous ova-
At Penticton t he premier was Joined
by Price Ellison, and tomorrow they
hold meetings at Kelowna and Armstrong.
Warm Wind In Southern Alberta May
Save Cattle Situation.
Lethbrldge, Jan. 23.���Not in 20 years
did a more welcome chlnook begin to
blow than that which started late last
night. Alieady the snow is being
licked up as by magic, and on bare
spots that are now showing on the
prairie the cattle aro finding welcome
food. Should it continue for another
24 hours, the cattle situation will be
saved for the present. Some or them
are exceedingly thin. The dead to
dato will not exceed 8 per cent. Ranch,
ers nre already preparing tn gather up
tholr stock and care for tho weak ones.
Annual Ganersl    Meeting of Kootenay
Fruit Growers.
Tbe annual meeting of the Kootenay
Fruit Growers' Association was held In
the board of trade rooms yesterday afternoon, with James Johnstone, president, in the chair. The minutes of tbe
last annual meeting were read and
adopted. A financial statement and a
statement of the amount of goods
handled, were read but laid over pending Ihe auditors' report. D. C. McMorris and E. B. McDermid were appointed auditors.
President Johnstone spoke briefly on
the work and progress of the year.
On motion of Messrs. Ford and
Bourke it was resolved to change the
date of the annual meeting to the first
Wednesday in November, and to elect
the president at the annual general
C. W. Busk was then elected president by acclamation and the following
additional directors for 1807 were alao
eleoted: John Hyslop, D. C. McMorris,
James Johnstone, J. E. Annable, J.
Williams, J. J. Campbell, F. M. Black,
S. S. Fraser, G. Hallett, H. H. Sewell,
C. C. Bourke and E. Applethwalte.
On resolution, J. Johnstone, J. E.
Annable and T. .Morley were appointed
to confer with a committee of the agricultural society to arrange for the collection of Information.
The meeting was then adjourned for
four weeks.
At the directors' meeting D. C. McMorris  was  appointed  secretary.
Merely a Coincidence.
To Ihe Editor of The Dally Canadian:
It may be only a coincidence that my
request In yesterday's Issue of your paper for a statement of the policy of
the opposition ls answered this morning by the report ol another scandal.
So far, I am sorry tot say, I have found
no hint of a Liberal policy apart from
the dissemination of news, true or
false, of Conservative wrongdoing.
Now, I have voted Liberal In the last
three Dominion elections, twice In spite
of charges of gross corruption, some
of which, noably those ln connection
with ibe administration of the Yukon,
were practically admitted to be true.
I did so because the Dominion Conservatives' statement of policy was vague;
and in general purpose little different
from that of the Liberals. In so doing
I, In common with many more, condoned open wrongdoing for tbe sake of
having the development policy of the
present Dominion government pursued
by tbe party that initiated it.
Now, before I decide to ignore the
charges of wrongdoing against the
present provincial government���none
of which, so far as I know, have yet
been proved���I should like to ask once
more for a statement of Liberal policy.
Yours sincerely,
All   Candidates   Still   Confident   and
Cloae Contest Is Generally Ad-
Greenwood, Jan. 22.���A remarkably
warm spell has visited the Boundary.
Two very warm Influences, distinctly
separate, appear to have met ln the
dlatrlct. The one from the west, due
to the Japan current, ls removing tthe
snow from the hills with astonishing
rapidity and the other, from tbe east,
known locally as a Grand Trunk Pacific wave, is melting tbe ice from the
spirits of the Liberal party. This party now professes to have some hope of
making a respectable showing in the
coming election. To profess otherwise
would of course be fatal. The Greenwood riding has been liberal, and the
nominee of Ihe Liberal party now running is unquestionably the strongest
man the party could have secured, a
man of large business interests, well
and favorably known to nearly every
voter In the riding, and withal a man
whose Integrity none can assail.
The only explanation at hand for
the remarkably strong position of the
Conservative candidate Is his personal popularity and the profound Impression the efficiency of Uie McBride government has made on the people.
Neither Liberal nor Socialist candidate would seem to have quite loat
heart, however, and the recent warm
spell referred to haa put fresh vigor Into the campaign ot the former party.
Minnesota Protests   Increase   of  tha
Company'! Capital.
St. Paul, Jan. 23.���In the Ramsay
county district court today, Justice Oscar Hallatn signed an order enjoining
Ihe officials of thc Great Northern
Railway company from making the
proposed Increase ot t60.000.000 worth
of additional stock of that company or
issuing tho same or a part thereof
during the pending litigation without
first making application In writing
therefor to tre Minnesota railroad and
warohouse commission, and securing
Its approval thereof, aa provided by
sections 2872 of the revised law of 1905.
This is a vlotory thus far for the state
in tho action brought last month by
Attorney General Young to compel the
railroad to recognise the state railroad
and warehouse commission before .issuing the stock, sb the laws provide
that before a railroad can issue an increase of its capital stock it must make
application to the Btate railroad and
warehouse commission and make a
showing of the necessity for such an
Issue. The Great Northern railroad
claimed under its original charter lt
could Issue stock at will and that the
law granting this power to the railway
and warehouse commission Ib unconstitutional.
Municipal Ownership  Paya.
Brockville, Jan. 23.���Municipal ownership pays at Brockville. In six years
the light and power plant has earned
profits ot f37.005.OO.
High en the  Reeks.
Havana, Jan. 22.���The British
Steamer Areola, which grounded on the
rooks close to Morro Castle shortly
after midnight while trying to enter
this harbor, Is in no immediate danger.
The heavy act whlh was running when
she struck has gone down but the vessel is high upon the rooks.
Trial ol Barry Ttew for
Associated Press Describes Costumes
Worn by thc Ladies���Defence
Will Head Insanity
New York, Jan. 23.���Scenes approaching absolute disorder attended the
opening of the trial ot Harry K. Thaw
loday, In tbe charge of murdering Stan-,
ford White. Most ot the clashes were
between reporters and correspondents
and the police. Of the newspaper men
there were perhaps 200, and there waa
a policeman for eaeh. The great squadron of bluecoats was commanded by a
police inspector. Only about 60 newspaper writers were finally admitted,
the remainder of the apace in the court
room being reserved for the 200 talesmen summoned on the special Jury
The trial began before Justice FiU-
gerald In part 1, trial term of the supreme court and was scheduled tor
10:20. Before that time the police
lines had be.n extended tram the corridor adjacent to the court room to la-
c.ude the entire first floor of the criminal court building. The public had
heen warned in advance not to attempt
to get into the court room and few appeared.
The quarrels with the police preceding the trial were quickly forgotten
when at 10 o'oloek Mn. William Thaw,
mother of the defeodane, appeared In
the court room. Following her came
the Counteas of Yarmouth and Mrs..
Geo. L. Carnegie, her daughters. Mrs.
Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw, wile of Harry,
came next and waa closely followed by
May MoKeoxie, the actress, to whose
home Evelyn Thaw fled oo the night
of the tragedy on the top of Madison
Square Garden, June 25 last The par
ty of relatives waa completed hy Edward Thaw, Harry's brother, and Geo.
Carnegie, hla brother-in-law. The
Countess of aYnnouth wore a modest
brown cloth gown, a brown far hat
and veil. Mrs. Evelyn Thaw was
dressed all In gray wllh a hat and veil
of the same color.
Dlatrlct Attorney Jerome appeared
in conn at 10:20. At this time most
of the talesmen had arrived and the
room waa crowded. Justice Fitsgerald
took his seat at 10:20 a. m. and then
the trial waa on.
There was a decided atlr In court
when two prominent alienist doctors,
Carlos McDonald and Austin Flint, were
escorted Into court and given seata Inside the clerk's rail, where they con-
aulted with Mr. Jerome. These same
doctors represented the district attorney when the Josephine Teeranova
trial was stopped ln order that a teat
might be made of her sanity.
Deming B. Smith, GO years old, a
retired umbrella manufacturer, waa accepted and sworn as the first juror In
the Thaw case.
When the roll call ot the Jury panel
waa begun there were several absentees
and the court Imposed a fine of $100
on each. Dr. Mabln, a third expert
lolned Drs. Flint and McDonald. When
the roll call had beon completed Mr.
Jerome moved that the trial proceed.
Judge Fitsgerald admonished the
thnn; In the curt roam thnt absolute
order must be maintained.
"Harry K. Thaw, to the bar," shouted
the clerk.
The prisoner appeared almost Immediately. He walked somewhat, nervously st first, but when he caught eight
of his mother and his wife aud the other members of his family his somewhat solemn face lighted into a smile.
He bowed as he passed to his seat
beetle h<s counsel.
Thaw carried a plaid ulster coat on
his arm. It was rather chilly In the
court room and he threw the coat about
'It, shoulders.
Wt'hont further ado the task of selecting a jury was begun. Charles W.
Brvson, an engineer, was the first
talesman. He declared he had no conscientious scruoles against capital pun-
shment but had formed an unalterable
opinion as to the defendant's guilt or
Mr. Jerome made his first reference
to the unwritten law.
He said: "There Is a so-celled higher law, an unwritten law. Would yon
allow such a law to enter Into ytour
Counsel for Thaw objected.
Justice Fitsgerald said the witness
had already replied that as to points
of law be would be guided by tbe
eoait The Daily Canadian
. i
v :'
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon,
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
and his colleague? for their achive-
ment. Even J. A. Macdonald admits
that a part of the credit belongs to
thc- government, though he thinks thai,
had h-' heen in power, he could have
done still better. No one objects to
hit thinking go.
For Mr. Mclnnes' unblushing denial
of what is patent to all. the phrase that
at once suggests itself is the one that
JrTr. Mclnnes borrowed from J. T. Mortimer���"insufferable gall."
Now. In spite of all this, it may still
be pleaded hy Liberals that the present
satisfactory conditions will not be endangered hy a change of government.
We do not quote the wise though hack
neyed advice. "Leave well enough
alone." We quote the testimony of R.
P. Rithet of Victoria and San Francisco, head of the largest business interest In the province, lhat "the business fnterests of Mritish Columbia imperatively require the return of the
McBride government." Mr. Rithet has
Never been a party man. No one will
accuse him of preferring party prejudice to business Interest. He knows
the government, and he knows the opposition Those who have any interest
in the maintenance and increase of the
present prosperous conditions, will do
well to weigh his words against the
platform vaporings of an utterly un-
| principled political adventurer.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UF....'H,��'0,'JOO REST $4,(300,000.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed carreer rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
J.  M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
 $3,734,310    Reserve
Total  Assets
. .$4,207,741
Accounts of firm8 and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In   British  Columbia
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. I.   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelion Branch.
Publishes! sli svtya u week by llie
Bnker Bt., Nelson, B. C.
Uutsicrlptlon rntos, M eenti i month delivered
111 tlie eltj. or W.W a year if Heut by mall, when
raid In advance
AdTortialisir rate, ssn applls'iiiton.
All monies* palsl lis .sMilfiiisns ol The Ually
'Hlsadiall aeeosintl,, llt.'ser (.11 s.'slssoriplfisllR nr
i> sverll.lnK, 111 usl be re,.eipto<l Issr s.n'.bs' printesl
t "-mis ol the Company. Other reoolpti are not
v Ild.
JAlNl'AtiV 3.1. 1����>7.
" By ens word we are Homotuoei lodged ,0 l'e
wise snd by one worj loineliinea jsislged to be
fooltah. Let ua therefore ba laretul what we
Hoards of trade, lumbermen*' assool-
ailniis, fruit growers' association! und
nil oilier organisations of business men
in Hritish Columbia bava testified in
their annual reports during the Iimt
three years 10 tlie marked Improvement
in Industrial sad commercial conditions. Local managers of banking
bouses have given tbe same testimony,
us have also tbe general managers in
iheir reports to boards of directors.
At lie1 beginning <.f ihe presenl campaign, .1. A. Macdonald was disposed to
concede ihe taci anil to acoord ei.'siit
to the government tor at leasl n pun
or it.
Bul Mr. Mclnnis. who has no respect for the eonscienlioiis and Renlle-
mnnly scruples of hip nominal leader,
anil who, in his attack on the McHrlde
government, has evidently resolved���
as he would express 11���to "go till'
whole hOR." ds'iil.'s the fact and of
course denies any credit.
There Ib no use denying that Mr, Mclnnes made more Impression than Mr.
Mncdonald on the Ignorant, the stupid
nnd the unthinking. People who are
mentally weak are easily domintni'il liy
a loud voice and a shameless and confident demeanor, even though the matter addressed t" litem he transparent
falsehood and fallacy.
The Isbuo as to the fnct requires little comment. All the electors w-hn
have any Bensc at all. If they are not
themselves in a psssinon to observe
(he change, will certainly ncrepi the
unanimous testimony of disinteresleii
financial   men and  business  organiza
tions. Mr. Mclnnes' foolish contradiction may be left to answer itself.
Hut the reply of Liberals, who are
sane enough to concede the fact, ls
usually that the era of good times in
mining, lumbi'iing, agriculture and
business generally. Is only In a slight
measure due to the present administration, that it has proceeded partly as
e consequence of the general prosperity of the whole of North America, and
partly as the result of the rapid growth
of population on thc prairies, and the
consequent creation of new markets.
No one will deny that both those influence's have had their effect.
Hut the two togelher will not fully
explain It.
The last period of world depression
was In 181)1. Canada suffered less, by
common consent, than any other country. As early as 1895 the revival had*
hegiin In Eastern Canada and the
I'nfied Slates. In 1S00 1he "Full Din-
n r Pall" reelected the late President
McKinley, and In the same year "Ca-
nda's Growing Time" relurned Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and his party.
lint Hritish Columbia was still in th.
depths, and mutters grew steadily
worse, until In liion the credit of Hritish Columbia nt home anil abroad hnd
completely vanished. This province
bad not even nt lhat time experienced
any share In the returning prosperity
of 'the country and of the continent.
These are not campaign fictions.
They an* unanimous testimony of busl-
111 S3 men. given with no thought or
care for party iwlltlcs.
Since 1908 conditions have steadily
ImproVed, One cause of that improvement, suy outside observers like the
Financial News. B. E. Walker, general
manager of the Canadian Hank of Commerce, and many more, is the respiration of confidence resulting from the
flshlevement after years of successive
and steadily growing deficits, of a hnl-
mice between revenue and expenditure.
Another is the establishment of stable
government after five years of chaotic
and kaleidoscopic scene-shifting in the
provincial legislature. A third Is the
wis.! and progressive policy of encouragement nnd .* Id to the productive Industries of the province, especially of
Outside the province no one hesitates
to accord full   credit to   Mr. McBride
The sneaking half apology In this
morning's issue of The Daily News is
worse than the deliberate falsehood or
yesterday's attack on the editor of the
evening edition of The Dally Canadian.
The offender Is Mr. Victor W. Odium, late of Vancouver. His only Information on the subject of the Conservative nomination in Nelson wss
gained In private conversation, which
he asked should be confidential and
privileged. That information he has
maliciously distorted and falsified, and
has used as the basis of a personal attack.
Apart from his offence against newspaper ethics and etiquette, Mr. Odium
has betrayed Ignorance of the code observed among gentlemen.
Dr. Young...
Wm. Manson  '
Chas. Wilson. K. C. i
L. F.J. Champion..
S. A. Cawley	
HO. Parsons   ....
K. Grant	
W. H. llayward...
J. .A. Harvey	
F. J. McKenzie....
R McBride	
C'.E. 1'ools-y	
E Miller	
E. a. Warren	
A. E. McPhillips...
F.J. Fulton	
N. F Mackay 	
A. McDonald	
Dr. 8. B.O'Brtan...
J. A. Kirkpatrick..
J. W. Calms	
T. Glfford	
Price Ellison	
Thos. Taylor	
Grand  Forks....
Green wossd	
New Westminster
Richmond     F. L. Carter-Cotton
Cap. John Irving
Ji. Brewster	
II. Jones	
II. Gorston	
C.W. Munro...
W. C. Wells ...
J. B. Bennett....
J X. Evans	
Dr. King	
Jnhn Oliver	
It. Jardlne	
John Jardlne,...
W tf, Dicken...
II. W. Gregory  .
1'. It. Naden	
T W. Paterson..
J. D. Swiinsssii...
John Ke 11	
tl Eagleson	
H Sheppard....
Dr.O. A. II. Hall.
G. Thomas 	
F. W. lloway...
Dr. Macdonald..
R. Caley	
Soc, Labor ur Ind.
J. Cartwright (Soc.i
Dr. W.J.Curry  (Soc)
Thos. E.Kelly  (Lab.)
W.H.Moore  (Soc)
' John Mclnnes (Soc.i
B. Dynes (Soc.i
! W. J. Lediugham (Soc.)
J. II. Ilawthormhwait 1S0
Prank Phillips (Soc)
P, Williams (Soc.)
li. Thompson.
J.W.Logle (Soc.)
W. W. LaFcaux (Soc.)
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beet
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
NELSON       *"'" A_.""u5.l3-_.,p,t,"h
J. \V. Wea it.
With apology to the local Liberal
candidate for adopting his style of emphasizing a point, we respectfully submit the following as being peculiarly
applicable Io the Liberal "little" giant
who held forth In the opera house on
Monday evening. We refer to Mr. W,
W. B. Mclnnes, whose platitudes and
airy nothings afforded so much satisfaction to the local "faithful." The
story Is told of an old colored man In
Alabama, who by thrift had accumulated sufficient funds to defray thc
cost of his son's tuition at a negro college ln the state. When the boy returned artcr the completion of his
course, he proceeded to air his opinions on various subjects in a more or
less dlfftiBe and florid Btyle of speech.
One day the old man took him aside
and addressed him as follows: "William Thompson Jenkins. I'Be been list-
enltf to yo' seheral days, an' It's my
opinyun dat yo* talk an* talk. Yo*
doan' reach Into de stummlck of yo'
subjeck; but yo' jes argufy an' argufy.
Yo' doan 'locate, William Thompson
Jenkins; yo' doan' locate."
It Is remarkable how intimate a
knowledge some Liberals profess of
the private affairs of their opponents.
The Vancouver World claims to know
of a corrupt transaction, kept secret
of course, between Sir Adolphe Caron
and R. F. Green, with N. F. Mackay
acting as agent for the latter. Tho
World's claim Is a little remarkable ou
lhe face of It. But W. W. B. Mclnnes
���who is among politicians what tho
World ls aiming newspajiers���claimed
ln his address in this city knowledge
equally remarkable. He knew all
about many private Interviews hetwoen
the premier and F. W. Morse, he knew
what was said and dune at every cabinet council, nnd he knew what conversation paBsed between the premier
and Mr. Green at the time of the hitler's resignation. Mr. Mclnnes and
the World place a very low csti.nate
on the Intelligence of their hearers and
I'ntll an uuthoratltlve denial is obtained from R. F. Green and N. F.
Mackay, we forbear comment on the
latest discovery of the Vancouver
World. We would, however. In the
meanwhile, merely remark that that
paper was the author of the Pendray
lots slander, which was declared hy
Commissioner F. C. Peters to he entirely without foundation. The Vancouver World Is a disgrace to Canadian
journalism, and the fact that this remarkable story emanates from Its
sanctum discredits lt at the outset.
A story Is related of a new member
of the Kansas state legislature, who,
after listening to a long speech void of
either Interest or merit, arose, and ln
L. A. Campbell ...
D. M. Eberts	
L. W. Shatford....
W. R. Lord	
Wm. Hunter	
R. G. Tatlow	
J. P, Garden	
A. H. MacGowan..
W. Bowser	
Dr. McGuire	
Hon. R. McHrlde
A. B. Thompson
H. F. W. Behnson
Aid. F Davie
Chas. Semiin	
J. H. Schofleld ...
J A. Macdonald..
John Piercy	
Smith Curtis	
Dr. Kesgan	
A. B. Dockst' ader
W. W.B. Mclnnes.
T. F. Neelands...
..P.A.Gilchrist. .
J W. DeB. Farrls
('. Tossel !
R. L. Drury
W. G. Cameron
J. D. McNlven
Richard Hall
Smart Henderson
J. Fred Hume ...
Archie F. Berry I Soc.)
Geo. E Winkler (Soc.)
W. Davids.su (Soc.)
K. T. Kingsley.
R. P. Psttlplece (Soc.)
A. Stebblngs (Soc.)
K. H. McVety (Soc)
A.G.Perry, FWilliams.
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor),
A. Johnson (Labor).
J. Houston (Ind.t
a nasal twang replied, as follows: "Mr.
Speaker. I have listened for the last
hour or hour and a half to the honor
able gentleman, not ihat what he saisl
was worth listening to. or the manner
in which he said it was interesting,bui
because I could not prevent my auricular organs from performing their natural functions within a reasonable dis
lance of a noise of that description, and
the longer I listened The more I waa
Irresistibly driven to the conclusion
that the honorable gentleman had
started his mouth agoing and had then
gone away and left it."' How many of
those who attended the opera house
and listened to W. W. B. Mclnnes on
Monday evening will be honest enough
t.i make the application?
While the Liberal leaders and their
special organ, the Vancouver World,
are wallowing in the mire ln their efforts to make up for the lack of a case
by plentiful mud-slinglng, it is a pleasure to recognize the fact that the party's eandlitate In Nelson, Dr. Hall, continues to keep his language clean and
cojnporl himself as a gentleman. But
the circumstance strengthens our conviction that the doctor's friends and
admirers���and we are among them���
should not force the doctor into a .position where he would be the associate
of s'anderers and blackmailers.
"Stirring oiatory antl convincing argument" Is a large expression for the
rhodomontade about himself thai Mr,
Willie Mclnnes delivered in Nelson
Monday night. We do not quarrel with
the expression. Perhaps there were
some people stir, ed and conv'nerd by
Willie. If so, we are very sorry fur
Ml iin v* ��f!cr tittle I in 'rn.i to apply to (lit* Hon.
Chief Coinmlamoncrof Land* mnl Work* to pur-
ebwe 120 tote* of tnd located In fit* ViUey he-
lug pHrtof Keotions ii ud H) TowuhIiIp liM, and
deioribed aa followi: Commono-tig ui h pott
marked v. w. J. h. K. corner tnd planted at tht
north went corner of Wm. WlUltTflJ' nnchaae;
thenot west 4') chain*; thenee north w chain..;
thenee Mil 40 chain*-*; tlionce nouth HO chain* to
place uf In-Kin rum-.
NovemlHT'-JSrd falfl.
K. >V. Jukiian,
J. K. Ansa m; .1 . AKenl.
fllxlv day* after date I intend lo apply in the
Hon. Chief OonmlMoner <>r Landj ami Works
to purchase 187 UNI OI land, coliniM-nclii**,' at a
rOtt marked H. It'*- N. K. corner pout, plumed nl
he N. w  eorner of 0, W.KteeleV claim on the
west Ilde of Arrow Ink", nl i  four mitcH tbOTI
Hurton city, thence went 4(1 elm lux, 1 hence aouth
���Hi,'.. Hi*!in-, them-e cant 4<> chain*-;, thencu north
4.;..V.! riiuiii- to place of ht-|ritinliiK itnmiug If,
unti mor* or Im,
Dtted Vtth day of Nov., UOB.   BT80V Huhton.
j. k. ANHAtii.1, Agent
Notice i�� hureby Riven thnt two mottthl ailor
date we intend to aptily lo the Chief Comiuta-
���loner of Landii and Worku for a IttH of all that
land hplntr the foreihore tdjolnlng the Canadian
Pacific Hallway Shipyard on the Wttt, part of
Lot 6HA, group 1, ami being on the tmuth ahore
of lbe went arm of Kootenay Lake, In the dl��-
rlct of Kootenay : Commendn**.' nt the lontber*
ly corner of lit 7(164, srotip ���; thence along the
iouth westerly tionmUry of lot TOM and the e.\-
teniion thereof, In a north weuterly direellon, t
dlitinee of 498 feet; thenee al right atii'lex to
aald boundary In a aoulh wealerly dlruulion, a
illfitftiicf of ;il.'i feet, in ti* or lei*, lo Ihe north
eiBterly boundary of th�� ('Ity Park, continued;
thence parallel to aald wctcrly boundary of lot
7004, ln a aouth caaierly direetinn, u dhtutiOe of
tiW feel, more or leu. to lhe northerly boundary
of lot MA; thence following the northerly boundary of lot 68* in a north eaaterly direction to lhe
point of coinmeneemriit, the urea being R-S4
acrei, more or leaa.
Dated thla 7th day of Jiintm**y, A.D, 1!��I7.
00 daya after date 1 intern! to apply lo the Honorable the Chief CommlHHloiier of Inn.I,- uni
Worki, to purebaae 870 acroa of land: Commencing at a poit marked 0, W. 8 N. li. eornoi
pout ana planted on theiwuat shore of Arrow
lake adjoining I/it;fl7H on the nouth -nlde of mid
Lot, then*e wohIHO ehalna along lhe lotlthoM
boundary of Lot 878; thence aoutn 4<l..r>2 ci.uiin-,
thence east 80 chalna more or leas to lake ahore;
thence north along lake ahore to plate of beginning.
Dated _mh day uf Nov. mot;.
(ino W.htkkl,
J. ��. Annaiii.k. Agent.
Slxtv daya afler date I intend to appiv to the
Hon. Chief CommlnKloiit-r of  Uud* nml Works,
Victoria, to purehaae hkj eetee nt Uud located in
Kire Valley, being pan ol BaetlOOl Three and
Poor- Township A, ami aeanribod a* followi:
( -imtnenelug at a pout planted at William
Wlllltmi' N. W. corner, ami marked *K. E. W'*
N. E. eorner," nti'l running 40 chalnn went,
thence ai chalim south, theme ID Ctbtlni tf-ft,
lbence 40 chain* iouth, thence _W chaini eaat,
thence Gu chains noith lo place of beginning.
November '^rd, 1W�� hoil K William,
J. K. A^kabLI. Agent,
Notice Is hereby given ttiat SO daya afterdate I
intend to apply to the Honorable ihe Cnlet Commisaloner of Ltndltnd Worku for permiaaloti to
purchase tbc following deeerlbed landa: Com-
mtnclng at a i-*-* ���������.*���. ju chains went of the
southeast corner of Lot IMS, marked "R. A Bell'i
northwest corner," thenee loaUl B chalna,
thenee eaat 20 ihains. I hen-re north 20 chain*,
tbence went no chaini*-to point nl commencement,
containing 40 aeres, moreor leai.
Located thldCth day of Nov., 1906.   R A. Bill.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to U.e
Hon Chief Commlaaioner of l_uida and Works,
Victoria, to nun base IflO acres tif laud. In Fire
Valley, West Kootenay: Commencing at a jr-orst
planted 60 chains west of the M. W. corner of J,
Robiuon'l pre-emption, and marked W. Ws N.
K corner, and running we-t ao chains, thence
south no chains, thence aitll 60 chains, thenca
north SO chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1906. WILLIAM  WILLIAMS,
J. E. ANNAHLl, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
-Ixty davs after date I intend to applv to tbe
Hon.theChiefCommissiouerof lAtifisand Works
to purchase b'-O acres of land : Commencing at a
post planted on the Wesl side of Sii mile ereea,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, aud marked "Neil Mc
Kechnie's fi. Host corner post," thenee east 40
ehalns, ihcnce north 40 ehains, thence weal 40
chains, thenc* south 40 chatm, io place of commencement
LocttM this 10th day of November, 1906.
NlP McKechnii
sixty days after date I purpoie making application to tbfl Honorable the chief Commisaloner
of Lauds mid Work* for permission to purthase
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed at thc B, W corner of Lot H900 and
marked "F. <i. F.'s" N. W. corner, theuce followiiiK lhe southern houndarv Lot 6900. 6S chains
moreorless east to tbfl west Um ndary of I_it
6901, thenee following same south H chains lo
the north boundary of I.*,i flgoj; thenee about 70
chains wesl along aald boundarv to the lake
shore; thence north Ho chains more or leaa following tbe lake shore to point of commencement, containing :iJ7 acres more or leas.
Dated Decern be   17th, 1H07.
F. (i Fauyuitt.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
dale I intend to tpnly to the Hon. lhe Chief
Commissioner Of Landl tnd Works for permlaslon to purchase the following deaeribed land
situated in the West Kooienav district; Commencing at a post planted at ih��**N. E. corner
of L. I'orters's pre-emption," and running
thence east 40 chains; thence south 40 chains;
tbtncttWMt40 OUltUI thence nortii 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 1-So acres,
more or less.
Harry I'I'iehm, Locator.
M. lt   M<-H'ahkik, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
iieritiisMuii to purthase the following described
lands situated tn the West Koolenay district:
Coinmiiiicliig al a poat marked "ll. II aouth
west c.rner,"and norlh id A Ii. Lueai's pur
chase elalm, on ..and Creek; thence north 4o
chains; th.nce cast _D chains; thence south 40
chains; ihence ..j ehains west, to point of com-
menotmenti containing 40 acrea, more or leu.
Decern he i* 2U, I.MM.
Hknrv Havihn,
M, R. U_QH_JUt_- Agent.
Blxty dayn after date I intend to apply to the
Chief ( omnitssloiiei of Ltlldl and Worka to pur-
chase Mil acres of laud, located in Lower Arrow
Lake.  JVORl  hoolcniiv:    ( ommeiielug  at  a post
i.lanied hi the "N.W. corner of ffrtow Uke
Indian Keacrve"; thence soulb NO ehalns; thence
west Ko chains; thence north Wl chains;  thenee
��asi K'i chains, to place Of beginning.
Located 2flth day of December, l_Jfi.
0 Biwmt-
Sixty days after date llntend to applv to the
Hon the Chief Coiiimlaaionci of Lands and Works
to ptirehax-240 acres of bind: 1 omiiieucinir al a
post marked "N.T H'ssoutheast corner post "
suid  post  being at the northeast corner o(,e0.
Hudson s pre-emption cflfl  about two miles
sou   .east of  Bur City, thenee mtt 40 chains,
soul),   .' ehain I, west 40 chains, north 40 ehalus
cast BO ehnins, souih 20^ehtinttopltoeofoon*
meneement, containing 21m acres.
LocatedBtb dayof Nov. 1*006,   NgrriitT. Brer.
11 v-i H .* _!_���_(1."'' u,i"n,] _> ���*���_-"> to the
Hon. (dilehoinmisslonerof Undi end Works,
.i-torlu, to nur.hU-   0 aorei of land iltnatad
01. the west aide of Arrow Luke, aho t .. ,'" |��.
beiow Hurton, and deferlbe.l as f. a\& <"   ���
_______!. To. WRt��� .T,,H"1"!1  Ht  lh_ nnrtbottt
oorneroi i.ot 71170,1 mi running north 30chains*
Ihenee   west  EO ehains,  thtnoe lo_th ��ehYSS
l" .:!;���" as t_&���u to p ��f BBS"��?
���i. b. AHttinLI, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that tin ��iHjh alter date I
Inloud toapply to Oie Honorable ,[,, chh. Oom*
mill Oner Of Lands and  Works lor nenn Ul ,-. *n
l_m$!r """ ""'"""" """"",���""���"'
D��t��0 tills, em CI17 ot Not., inr,     B. T��o��_B.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Winter   Carnival
Five  Days
Feb, \2, 13, 14, 15 and 16
M.rand Trophies and . .UQ0 in pnies.      Tun Bands In Atlendame
HOOKBT*��� IntiTiififionnl nnd Intorl'ruvini'inl chnin ploauhlpi
BVOWSUOBls-fQ���Ohamplonthlp ot BrJtigh Ooliimhtt
TOBOfJOAMNC���A mil. n minute down th. 'ZIP'
SKI-IN fl���Jumping ftii'l KacinK.   C _i_uii])ioii^hip of Cnnnda
SKATINt; BAOBS���For Chnmpion_hip of Hritiwh Coluinbm
(TRL1NG���A Prorincia] Iloiupi-fl
Horae-Haclng       Mas-|tu*radii..*       Tugs-of-War and other lutcres.lrift errni
H��*doced railway raws on all llnei. For further jmrtletilars tpT-7 W>
J. H. C. fraaer, I'n-idetit (ind Have the Kinn t.  Adam��, BttrKUl
Nollee ia b-rabv jrlren tbat BO dav* alter date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and _orks, Victoria, B.C.,
lor ponnlaton to purchase the foibiwing described laud situated ln the Wttl Kootenaj distriet,
on thu weat side of i uhamel for fix Mile) creek,
on np'-er side of wsgou rotd, about 2}-_ miles
froii West Arm of Kmtenav lake: Commencing
at a pott marked Mr* Hattie Uuek'a J1 . K corner, running 40 chain* west: thenee 'Hi chains
south; lbence 40 chains eut; theuce ��i clialni
north, to tbe point of coinmencrmvnt, containing W ��i re* of laud, more or leas.
['**ted tbi 17th Nov. inU-r ]**���
Mm  Hattik to. a,
John K  Taru-a. Agent
Hlxty days alter date 1 mund to apply to the
Hoo. Chief Commissioner of Laud* and Works,
Victoria, Ui purehaae UO acrei of land about two
mile* bClOW Burton City, West Koolenay, eoin-
mepclng at a post marked *'J A. Irving'** east
eorner post." aald OOflt bfl_n| on tlie easterly end
cd an Island west of Lot GMT, and elalming all thfl
land contained in aald island, U'lng about one
mile In an easterly and westerly direction hii J
about .v chain* (rom north u> south.
November llth, l**. J. A. tSrtM,
J E Avn*hi._. Agent
HUtvdays afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Lands and Works.
Victoria, to purchase ISO Mitt Ol land loeatM
on the weat aide of Arrow take and iving dirnctly
north nl Lot 797��: Commencing at a post planted
at the S E. corner ol I/it 71.', and marked "K. B.
B, E corner," and running north 'JO ehalns,
thence wcsl 20 chalus, ihence north SOrbtUUh
thenee west 20 chains, thence - ith . I i itfnt,
iheD'-e east 40 chains, lo place Of Ipcgliining.
Nov. Mtb, 1901 Birth* BKaHLSTi
J. E. A.s'nari.k Agent
iatand to apply to the Hon. Chlof Commissioner
of Lands aud Works for permission io purehase
the following deicrlta.'d lam)  in West Kootenav
dlslrlrt: Commeneing at a post marked M....
A. Wilson's corner poat, planted at the northeast
c-ornerof Section I., Townsite 7, niniitng mhiiIi
40 chains, thenc�� west to ehatliK, (bene- north 40
chains, th-tice east 40 chain* to place of com
meneement, containing Ifiu acres, more or I6M
Hated Nov. M, 1��06. Mm. V. A. Wiijwh,
J. Wiur-oK. Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbal 60 days alter date 1
Intend toapnly to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mtMln-ncr of Lands md Works for permission
In purchase _M acres of land, situate on lhe Little
Moyie river about 1 mile Irom total national
Boundary and about 1 mile from Hpokaiie Inter
on tional Ky.: Commencing al a post marked
D '.rant's H, K. corner post, tbtoot west to
CiiHlns; thenc" nortii 40 chains; thenee east 10
Ob B mil thi u.e north N ehulns; theme cast fio
chains; thciiw south Go chains to place of com-
DaVIU ''��*nt
8Iity days after dole | imend to apply to tbe
Houorahle lhe Chief Coiiimiasloner of Lands and
Works, Vietoria, to purchase UOterei Ol land,
located In Kire Valley and described as follows*
Lomnieneing at a post marked *i. H. UcM'i N W
comer, aud planted al the lOUtbirui corner oi
Lot 7Hli\, and runiiliig south (to ehaim, thenei
east U chains, theme nonh M chains, tbiuca
Mtsl'JO eliains to place ol heginuing
N*, IKlh. 1901, .iko H. MrMiLUH,
J. K. AHfAiil.g, Agent.
Blxty days aftar date I Intend toappiy to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of T*ndlt__
Works to purehaso Mo aces nf Und, located in
Ure \ alley, on west side of Ar-ow lake* Cnni-
nieiiclngatapoit plauted 40 chain* we-t of the
southwesi corner of J, Hohiuson _ pro-mpltnn
-_"i_WW V-l"R- K Born,r' *,i<1 ""'"ing
north HO cha ns, thenee west 80 eliains, ihen.e
���outb 80 chains, thenee east m chains t4> place of
commencement '
Nov. 18th, jwo. .UnkWiu.hvr,
J. E, Annaiii.k, Agenl.
KUty dayi after date I ini.-ii i to ipplf iti
Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of undia
Works for permission   to pureliase llit IttiiMt,
d'scibed lauds iu Kootruav dtttrtflt: c_
iiicii'-inral a post niarked J fl. Annable.Md
east corner post, said post t" :���;���: "i, lit *t
side of the flower Arrow lake, about tae tt
btlow Hurton t Ity; thOOfll south �� rt*
IhoaMWttt 20 chains; t!,. r ��� ��� ��� .w j m.
theUcewest 20 chains; theme north U (M
and 20 lluks, more or less tc- the isktft
thence easterlr along lake-Hh halm, tconor!
to the plaif of beginning, - : i��iniii| ic6a
more or leas.
I>ated thla 6th day Of Novetjilmr. IW
J. B. As-UCI,
|>er K. L  III KNrr. AftjOL
Notice is hereby riven thnt mir dart iH
date I intend to make appli--anon i*. iu Hw
utile (hlet Commlaaioner of Uud* ainl Wi-hl
\'ii torii H. t;., for permission to piirrbs**the**
lowing d.-riiH-d Jand, situate in f.- '������������'
West Kootenay district: Com_i*nrin*(iiilj
I.laiHod al the southwest corner of JasbOsiH
liiMiu'i pre-emption, marked K. I K ��� H I. **-*_<
post, thenee W ebalns west, tin,nre *'tb*
north, theuce 40 chain* east to J nbu K��bl__f*f
northwest corner, them.*e soutt; PchtlMltg
Of commencement, OODUbOlng Itsarrw.miwl
Dated this 2lrd day of Nov.,'"
K I.KtitiM
_>��� days after dale 1 Intend toapply Kiib-ft-
Chief Commiasioner of Und* and Wortin
toria, to purchase UO acre* p| isnd InrilMJ
Fire Valft v and being a portion *' ���ttlMi
and in In fownshtpe. and doicf-bed u tm
(;ominencIng it a post planted at the acmttn
eorner of lhe southeast ouarier of nrWll
Township SO aud marked J ���< s* *. �����
thenee north 4<i chains; theme mit lu ttt*
ihenoe south 40 ehalni; thenee Mil MfbUt
plartof begtnulng.
Jfffr.pH _a
J. K. ANMBU, Alrl1-
Nntlce is hereby given mat w> flan 'r,ia.('*'
Intend to apldy to the Hoiiorahle llierhWW
mlssloner of Landi and W��rk* lo I*""'""!
aeri-f of land daMrlbOd as follow*: ��� I'omrtOj
al n poll planted on the liorlh hank <��l to*���*���
Moyie river, alaiut 2*kl yards from i",��*J"-"l
marked "K. Mel-ean's 8. W, cornet P*
thi-UOc east BO chains, lhetice north #nm
thence west flO ehains. thenee aontli WrW��*
place of comnieucfiueiii.nudenuiaiidiiFBW
more or less. ,���.
Located 30th day (let.. 191W.      EUUB IM^
Hixty day* after date I Intend to *PP*T.",5
HoioirabletheChlcH^ommlaslonernl UW*
Works,  Vietoria,  to  WMflltlfl BO mtt* **3
located and dtwribrd aa folio. ���. 0e_am
at a pott planlcd at tht nnthwul Bett" \ I
Itoblnsou's pre-emption In Kire Valley, tu'ig"
'lis.    ll-*
HlXty days ntter date I t���U.|,d lo applj i��� __
Chlel Commlaaioner of Lund*- nnd Works for
���permission to purchase lhe follovln_t desetil.Vl
landi In Koolenay Dllthct, aboul three otnu'____
of milo from Thrum's Biding:   Com
wi i��iiw iiohi i ii ru in s sin mg ���    I otn in ���'>i eni i> nt u
M.ysl.resl ��t tlio B. W. 1',,,-iuT ���l s. __ "XJi!
I, W'cm Kootisnny Dlltriotl ll,,.,,,,. iJSSSt
lollrswlllK tl.u u.srtls bniiliilsirv 01 1, WW is)
s'lsislui; llinmsc nurth 10 isl,_iii��; ii���.,���,��� ,,'.', 7
,'h.m.. more nr leu,, to the N \v ,.,,... r ',
IU Math lollnwiii. III,, svss.l |���������ldE;',:
il ishtioi. moro or km, to i. bs-p i.( n.Tm
it ooMMnlM -ss nrro,, mors"..ri,..,
(* Kill i n it nt lln,,..... i    ...... "'
chains, more or   lesa, to the   N    W
IM_V_ thence soutli follnwlng tbe
ofLMttia  lot*���*
Dated this 6th day of Deeemher. lyor,.
  H* H* ''ma, l_.caior.
I>l'|y io the
Sixty  days afler date 1 intend to a
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands i
I*- aiol  Works!
Victoria, to purchaao 100 acres of lMn<| local, i ,,.'
tho west ilde of Arrow ItkV, tbotlt flv ...Hi1
low Hurton City, nml dttoribad as foli.i Vu. .*���
_a*t*tt0b|Un| to the place of bfifflnnlna   '
November Hth, 5* K     p1^, �����,
flvr nilli-si irtius L.ssssis :  l^tii'llsiB
Arrssw iMkt, nn.I in.ikc.l F. "*is N  f-
rsiiinliin wi'sst SI I'lsalni,. IbeOCCI	
UlllOWiWt ��0 rliilnn,  ths'lisr  BIlllll *'���"!
II ,' OB.t 40 ,-l>alm,. thclKu u.srtls ��s,l,��l����
plsirts ssl ts,'Kll.Islll*t. ,,_.--
n.sv mih.Bos��� ntnotm
J.��. lnsmiJ.*f**_i
Sotlos !��� IwrsM mil ti.ti en .is,v, ���"''"'",
Intend l���ni,i.lrl���lTwH���n.Ohlcli oi ",*���..
1 .���si.I. .sn.i w,,rkit. Vli'ts.ru. f,n |s,sisii.,l"is1' y
ohiM tl,,' ii.n..wins dsnBlbed Iwo, '!'"���',',
tb*Mm,Kootenai illmrii'i. no ii.''*f'''','_,
lissh.m.'l (or Sll Mile) cr.-. k..."ssi ������''.,,.,5
olHisit 0, rt-*. tn lion frssm Kooteoar ',,,,,1.
sin sss'loi; at a |sii��t isinibi.il ' Jams ��� ' ''"^.'.^i
Isi'Bt," rniiiilnt *.���*) ihalm rail, ll" ���� *';.,,
onrlli, thenoo 10 s'halni won. tl "* *"'_,
"t.utii, I,. thr ,,.,,���..,i common"""""*���"
US it asreH ssf Inn.!, mnre or Ictsss.
Imi.'si uth Kovonih.'i, imx*..     ,      . ���_.
lAWUflltl?).*"1  '?*
pcrJOHMK. T��,!,.��. Alflll'
Hlxlyslaynattor dole I lalMi H>tt_lS_
llonorablotb�� Bhlel ri.iuii.!����ionori.iu��'"ln;
"or** for i.rsiisl.M.isi to ,.iiri'h����.' Uio ','"',
.IsssiTllioil nml. in K���s.l.'iiii)'.ll*''r|'*,,: "SSnt
elm at a iso.t markod "A. J. DIU'I >����*5
oorner poil," aald pssnt taslni' on Ills' ����"!_
orl; ihon-oftha I^o-or Arrow lake anWH
slim oom, mi tho norlhi'im cornel o\'"m���
Oroup 1| iiienoo nonh w chaini; ra��t '"iVa
"outb <0 ohalni, iiissro or _tt_��____mi
outh 40 Chllni, iiiuro or li'����, lnl"" ', _.,.��]
holioo IsilliiwIliK iald ihoro 111 n **"",'"" ���|
llri'otlssii Nl shams., moro or Ion to IM J"5|
ss-Bliiiilnit, ooiilaliiliia 11W ooross, moro ��
Oolod tlsl�� fill, day ol Novoinlisr. I'*��- - |l|Ui
norK h. IIohnkt. Amiit__
, Nottoo li herehy given lhal M 4��',i .hftSS
I liitoud, to apply to llio Honorabl ���;��';_,
t'ommlaaiouer ot Lansl, ainl vhii.i yKv).
hIssii to rnrchaio lhe f.slIooiisH'1 "���"rl7" pdi
KiKitenny illnrlol: Dnisiiiioii'ins "��� -#,���
marked "J.H. Wallnor'a iii,rili��i>"'"" , 'fa*
ssalsl isss.i holug on the euterly "'"-,���,.
Arrosv lake, aod at Ills' -'��n '""'* , ,'nhiiw
l'siri,'r*i|srs'-,TiiptlonolHi!n: ilsi'11'''''"*1'*,,,,,,!*
llii'iss'oioiilh tl ohalni. tlioiwo ��"'S��nlS
ilioisio aouth �� oiioiui. Ihenee "'''," �������
iii re or lon to the A rrow lake, tlienor "* w,��
eaaterly direction miolialna, in""'"'_''���" �����
place of bi'Kliinllm, eontaliiliia l�� a""1*'"'
UaU'd tins. a,th day ol 'JoU.her, !����� WiUUa,
Uy bli ascnl. Ksnkbth I-. i��'��l,n*
The DdHy Canadian
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
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The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasuresinto the lap of those who seel', we now offer a limited
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>*>*>*>+ **********************************************************������********+*
Notice la herehy glTon that W daya alter date I
Intend to apply to the Houorahle the Chief Com*
roiaaliiuer of Landa aud Worki for a lieenae to
proapoot for coal and petroleum over the followlug land: Situated 111 milea north oi the Inter
national houndary Une and eait of the Klathead
river* beginning at a poit marked W. E. Cooke ���
N.K corner poat, thence Bo chalna Bouth, thenca
80 chains wea*, thence 80 chain- uorth, tbeuce 80
chaini eaat to polut of commencement.
Dated Nov. 13.1W6. W. E Cooei.
Notice li herehy given that ilxty day- after
date 1 Intend lo apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief CommlHMloner of Landi and Worki for
a ilceim* to prospect tor coal and petroleum over
the following land: Situated 10 milei north of
the International houndary line and east of tbc
Flathead river, beginning at a poat marked K.H.
Cooke'i N. W. corner poat, theuce 80 chai: r.
Houth, thenee 80 chaiua eaat, ihenee W) chalm
north, thence 80 chalm weat to polut of commence mint, __
Dated Nov. 1.1.1906. K. H. Cook*.
************************************************* *
Send Applications to
[Not more than 5,000 o_ less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
of    Undiplomatic Incident   st
-Regretted In Britain snd
the United 8tates.
Jan.22.���The    liiltleh    gov-
anil  nation have   Bhown   Uie
(reprobation of the attitude of
Swetteuham     In     bringing
withdrawal of the American
| from  Kingston.
ef interest now centres In the
Ions-deferred  reply   to the
overameni's   urgent   demand
kplanatlon of his conduct, as
Vive the rirst adequate means
fining the government's case.
knatlon had not been received
early  hours of the day al-
[ disimtch  was received here
Vernor    Swettenham    Belting
progress or the relief work
Sny   mention of the Incident
(ised the  Americans to  with-
Ibe islnnd.
|S|ialch   was  not   dated, ititll-
It was sent before he re-
giivi'ininent's request for an
1    Bwetlenham,    throughout
has  been  markedly  lax  In
|tli<-   Imperial    uulhorltlen In-
egardlng    the    situation    nt
jauil lbe presenl delay causes
Itaiioii to ihe government of-
prompt     recognition    In
lof  the  view   lhat   Governor
^m's letter wns the act ol an
much iippreclnled here. Pub-
continues lo  denounce the
| nl Jamaica.
fenlng Standard sums np Ihe
sentiment, as follows: "Sir
Swettenham committed the
unpardonable blunder of
[letter to Admiral Davis which
���ng more or leBs thau an in-
���ore all the appearance of a
| Bl Hilled Insult. Even If he
vexations or provocation from
tlciins, no shred of Justifies-
Ibe urged for tho letter.. The
��� It leaves open lo him and
buntrymen Is to apologize to
to whose officer it waa dl-
, .Ian. 22.���The Incidents arls-
tbe  exchange  of letters at
b"tween   Governor   Swet ten-
Rear .Admiral Davis now ap-
Jbo entering the waiting Btage,
nperiul government, alter do-
pssssssilsli' ln tho absence of ad-
the governor of .lanialca, Is
) defer further action until he
In  the  absence  of  n report
governor to his government,
his despatch to United Slates Secretary Hoot, whlh has been reproduced
here, tends further to mystify the mind
of the public, which finds it difficult
to reconcile the governor's present recognition of the assistance rendered by
the American squadron with the terms
Of his previous letter.
John R. Carter, charge d'affaires of
the American embassy, held an exchange of viewB with officials of the
foreign office thiB evening but he was
Informed that absolutely nothing had
been receivde from Governor Swettenham.
Kingston, Jan. 22��� The publication
today in The Daily Telegraph of Governor Swettenham's letter to Rear Admiral Davis haa greatly intenslfed the
resentment of the residents against the
governor for rebuffing the tenders of
American asBlstauce and there a movement on foot here to demand hlB recall.
The correspondent of the Associated
Press sought Governor Swettenham today and spoke to him of the Davis Incident. The governor Bald he had not
Invited Rear Admiral Davis to land
Asked If he endorsed the action taken bv Rear Admiral Davis, the governor replied, "Thai ls a matter between myBelf aud Rear Admiral Davis
lo whom 1 must refer you."
Tbe governor said that hiB reference
In his letter to Rear Admiral Davis aB
a tramp pillaging the house of a mll-
llonulre wus merely a Jocular parallel.
A meeting of tlie relief committee
waa held here toduy on the call of thc
governor to discover Ihe exact conditions attending the differences between
the governor and Ihe admiral.. At the
close or this meeting, and after having
read Governor Swettenham's letter to i
Rear Admiral Davis, the most Rev. Dr.
EnoB Nutthall, archbishop of Jamaica,
Bought the governor to talk the matter
over with him, Baying that If he found
the conditions warranted, he would
send �� personal explanatory cablegram
t'i President Roosevelt.
The Brchblshop was unable to see tho
governor owing to Ihe hitter's absenca
at h.aJquai ters. Me will see him to-
Berlin, Jan. 22.���The newspapers
here print every Item of news available
regarding the Swettenham-Pavls Incident, and received the quieling statements from Washington with a certain
degree of skeptlsm. Editorially the Incident Ib regarded ns .being more of a
personal affair than an Incident between the two governments and the
friction la ascribed to Swellenhains
nervousness and senBltlve national
Some of the papers say that the
Americans may now understand the
feeling of Germany over the declination of the United States lo acoept
forelitn   relief   for  the San Francisco
Notice ls liereby glveu tlial silxty day, ull'-r
dale 1 ill tend to apbly to the Honorable the Chlel
Comiulfssl.iner ot Landi, and Work, lore license
to prospect ttt coal and petroleum over the lol-
low iiik land: Situated ll mllen nortb ot the international boundary line and cast ol the Klal-
beail river. Beginning at a post marks'.] R. B.
i'arker'i N. W. corner poet, lbence SU chalna
aoulh, Ihence HO ehalna eaat, thence no chains
north, thenee Ml chaini weat to polntof com-
meneement ���  ��� _
Dated Nov. 18,1WS. R. S. Paaiia.
Notice la hereby given mat 60 dayi alter date I
Intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works lor a license to
prospect for conl and petroleum over the lollowlng lansl: Hituated 7 miles nortb-ol the international boundary line and east of tbe Flathead
river Heginniug at a post niarked J Cribble's
H. E. corner post, thenoe W chains north, thence
80 chains wesl, thence 80 chains soulb, tbence (a)
chains u_st *-, point ol commencement.
lSa'.S-sl   N.,l. ill, ..." J.GRIBBLK.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day* alter date I
lolend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands ana works for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following lansl:
Situated six miles north of the International
bounslary Hoe and oast ot tbc Flathead river
Heiriunlng at a post marked A. Hurd'n 8. W
corner post, tbence 80 chains north, tbence 80
chains eassl, tlieir-c 80 cbains south, tbence 80
cbains west to point of commencement.
Dated Nssv. 16,1906. A. HraD.
Notice Is herehy given that sixty days after date
I intend t.i apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commission-
er of Lands and Works tor a license to prospect
for coal and pe'roleum over tbe following Und:
Hituated 10 miles nstrtb of tbe international
boundary line and east of tbe Flathead river,
l^glnning at a post marked C. t'ook't 8. W. corner
poet, iLcnre 80 chains north, tbence 80 chaini
east, theme 80 chalnn sontb, thence 80 chaini
wesl to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 18, Us*. C. Cooks.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to upply to the Honorable Chief
Cominl.siistier of tauds and Worki for a ll.seuie
to prostHscl tor coal and itetroleum over tho following land: Situated nine miles, north of Ihe
international bounslary line and eait ol tbe
Flathead river, beginning atapos' marked H.
Kriis-ger'n N. tv. corner poit, tbence 80 sshalns
loutb, tbens-e 80 chnins eait, tnence Wl cbalni
north, Ihcnce 80 chains west to polut of com-
lluled Nov. 18,19110 H. Khi-wser.
earthquake sufferers, although lt Ib at
the same time admitted that the circumstances in the two cases were
quite different.
Paris, Jan. 22.���The Kingston incident has attracted much attention in
France where the prompt assistance
rendered by the United States to the
sufferers from tlie Mount Pclee disaster in 1902 is remembered gratefully.
The general view here ls that Governor
Swettenham's rude operation from the
present showing is inexcusable, but re-
latlouB between Great Britain and tho
United States should not be disturbed
by the act of a single pompous and
tactlesss official.
London. Jan. 22.���The Pall Mall Gazette today gives prominence to a
statement which lt characterizes as extremely important pronouncement from
"a highly placed English official."
The statement Bays that a definite
official announcement relative to thc
Kingston Incident will probably await
the reassembling of parliament bo as
to afford Foreign Secreary Grey an opportunity of completely informing the
hotise and country.
Continuing, the statement makes a
detailed anaylsis ot Governor Swettenham's letter, diking tho ground thai bis
course was the usual and necessary
one when foreign troops Innd,-.! without previously securing the authority of
the government.
London. Jan. 22��� Tho text of Governor Swettenhnin's despatch received
undnled this morning bill presumably
filed January 20, Is as follows:
"Slight earthquake shocks continue.
Confidence Is restored. The population
is -returning and the weather Is fins'.
H. M. S. Indefatigable, with suppllse
from Trinidad, arrived here today, lloth
hanks have reopened."
The lord mayor of London this afternoon cabled to Governor Sweltenhuni
al Jamaica, $75,000, the first Installment of the Mansion House fund which
now totals ��100,000.
Notls'c Is hereby given thatilxty daysafter date
Intend in apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
er ol Lauds ana Works for a license to prospect
tar cosl ami peiroleum over the thc following
and: situated nine miles nortb oi tlie Interna
tional boundary Une and east of lbe Flathead
rlrer, beginning ala post marked c Krsseger'i
N. �� corner post, tbence 80 chains south, thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chaini nortb, thence 80
chain* cast lo petal ot commencement.
Dal."! Nov. l:ith, 1906. C. KSUEOIB.
Nollee ii bereby glren that 60 dan After date 1
Intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
firos|Hist lor s'oal nml petroleum over tbe lollow-
ug lansl: Situates) two mllei no: h of the lister-
n.tls.iinl bo' ndary line nssd well ot tbe Matlseat
rive, begll.n ng lit a pnst murked 8 Collins' 8. K.
cstmer insist, Uiuhce 80 chains nortii, tbence 80
chalm wesl, lbence 80 chslui south, tbenoe 80
chains east o point of eommeneement.
llaseil Nov  1', 1906. 8. Couisa.
Notice Is hereby given lhal 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chlel t'ommlniinner
of Lands and ''orki for a liceuie to prospect for
coal und pctrs'leum over the following laud:
Situated two mil.n i.orll, of tbe int.rnational
t.oiiss.'his line ami west nf tbe Flathead river.
Beginning nt a posi marked C. C. BJborui' N E.
oorner inwl, thence 80 chalnn nouth, thence 80
chain* went, tbcni-c 80 chain, north, theuce 80
chain, easst lo p-silnt of essuimencement.
Dat.*t Nov. 11.19116. 0 C. BjHOBUS.
Notice in hereby given that 60 days alter dale 1
Intend to apply lo ibe llouorable lhe i hief Com
misiBioner ol Lssssls and Works for a license to
pect ior coal ami petroleum over lbe follow-
.ug'land: Blluatesl Uo miles north of the International bs.simlary line and west of the Flathead
river. Deglnalnt nt a iso't marked L. H Mnlaud-
cr's N. ET corner post, thence 80 chalnn iouth,
thanee SO elialliK cant, tlseijs-cBO chains norlb,
Ihenc I su ehalni! went to point of commencement.
Dated >'ov. H. 1906. L. II. Mtsl.ANlikR.
Notice iss herehv given tbat 60 days alter date 1
Intend lo apply to tlie Honsirable Chief Commli-
lion r of l-aiiiis ansl Wcrka lor a license to proi-
pect for cuat and pctr-sletim over tbe loiiowing
laml: Situated two miles uorth of the International boundarv line ard west of Ihe Flathead
river Beginning al a pont marked W. Tinker's
S. W. i-oriier post, tlience 80 chalim norlh, tbence
fio I'lin nn eassl. Ihence HO cha'ns scull,, theme 80
chainn wcsl lo pssisit of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14, HOI W. '1'INXiB.
Notice is hereuy given that DO dayi alter date 1
iniend to upply lo lbe Honorable chlel Commissioner i-f 1-sii.n. an.l Worknfora license to prospect lor coal ami petrssietim over the following
land: Situates] twss miles uorth of the liilvrua-
tloval bolilislury line ansl west o( the Flatheasl
river. Beginning ut a psssl marked J Collins'
N. K. s'oiner posst, lbence 80 chalna south, tbence
tss cbnlr.n svcsl, thence III chalm north, theuce fits
chalnn cunt to point or ciilulilelicement.
Dated Ns.v. 14,19U6. J. i* Ll.isn.
Th* Sttathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Motel
Sake, Street. Nelion. B.O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Iais�� sad Comlortable Bedroome end First,
claa. uiulug Room.   Sample Room, lor Commercial  M��o
MRS. I. C.CLARKK.  Proprletren
Tremont House
guropean and American Plan
Mean 86 eta.   Roomi Iron �� cu. us 11
Only White Help R-Hojed.
Baker St., Melaoa Proprietors
Bartlett   House
But DotUr-a-Dar House io Kelson.
The Bar le tbe Finest.
White Help Only Rmployed.
Josephine St.
Nelion. B. C.
Building Lots for Sale..
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Cornt-r Hill _rA Vftrnoo,
two blocki from wharf.
GEORGE HARRISON, _>.,ir._tor.
Rite* 11-00 per dray and up.
P. O. Box 181.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRIOKS-N. Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day end M��iu.
Sample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House aad Post Office.
Getter Ward and Vernon Street*.
Royal Hotel
Universal    Shocks.
Tho Hague, Jan. 22.���The tidal wave
which devested some of the Dutch Kant
Indian inlands south of Atehln. as announced January 11, practically engulfed the island of Slmalu. . According to the latest information received
here Slmalu his almost disappeared. It
Is said thai probably 100 persons lost
their lives. Earthquakes eonllnue to
he felt dally. The civil governor of
Atehln has gone to the scene of Ihe
earthquake. According to Ihe brief
flrsl official despatch 300 persons perished on the lBland of Tana and 40 were
known to have been drowned on the
Island of Slms'tt. Puda Iiabl (Slmaln
Is situated to the northeast coast of
Sumatra and south of the province of
Atehln or Achln.
Notice li hereby Kiven that on dayi alter date i
lutein! lo upply tss llle Hoiiorahle ti.e Chief Com-
mlHs.ls.iier of Landl and Worki lore lieen.se lo
riroN|M's't Tor eon 1 and petroleum over ilie lollow-
llg laml: Hlllsists'st Iwo mllei nisrth s.1 Use i.it.T-
nulloiK.1 boundary line and wem of the Flathead
river. PtsKluiilsiK at u poll marked w. U'.iallaii'
N. w. eorner isss.i thenoe.Wohslni souta, thenee
ssss.trss'i. .n-i. ihen.'e ml I'lsalul norlh, thenee Ml
ebsttni: went to point of s'ssssiisss'lic, Incssl.
Dated Nssv. 1*. lWf'. W, LetiAtuifl.
Bates |l snd fl.BO a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Mosi;,',sni(ortal,le quartern in Nelion
Only the beet of Uquora and �� Iran.
Notice ll bereby kIyi'ii that tm <Uj> nfier ilftU-1
Intend to tipnlf to the ou. ('hie. Comm Itm loner
.4 1-audM (-.mt works (or a liceuie to pronpevl fur
coal hihI petroleum nver the following Uinl:
situ ti-i! fix mili-H north uf the InlenmlioDal
bonn .iiry line and east of the Klathead river.
lii-i.'inniiu: at a post marked K. 11. Ilurd'c N. W
eorner po I, thence 80 rlialUH south, thin.-e t��
chnin*. caM, thence ni ehalni uorth, thence HO
chaiua west to point of eommeneement
Dated Nov. ID. IWO. K. il. Hum.
Houses to Rent and For.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a.m. Daily.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S. S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.
One Night En Route.
Connecting with
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Standard Sleeping Car
Berths, fl.00, can be occupied Ip. n
______ T. G. PROCfER Sl
Has every class of Real Estate and Bnildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10.000 Aem
Cbofccat Pratt Lamtm la
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltcf*
H-ndOfitoe: N___a.B.C
Order, by mall to any branch will have
our prompt aad cartful atlenilou. .
____[__., Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sm Our v.rl.ty ... noo PloturwaPnnwd In tha
Uatuat Mtyima.
Standard Ftstmtate Company
Maaon 4 Rlath PUnoa.
Oatormoor Hattraaaca.
Maraball Sanitary iuttrcaaea.
Conplete Hoik Fan_tkn
Undertaken.    Eo___cn
Lsdlss' and Chlldre'n Club Snow Shoes  I1.7S ptr pair
A NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalist, "Ths Camsrons
of Bruce," by R. L. Richardson S1.2S; postage 10e
Our Mall Order Department ls at your service.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
NOTICE li hereby Kiven tbat an application
will be made to llie LuclBlatlvu A numbly uf tbe
Pnivliiiuof Brltlah Columbia at lta next teuton
fur au act atitlioriilog lhe I'alriuk Lumber Company, Limited, to plaoe,ooniiruct.-nd maintain,
a Jaw or damn, booma, plera, ���ltden, and otber
work* In and acroM tbo KooUsiiay river at or
near Thrntni Station (about OppMlie Bub lot IV.
of Lot tM*, uroitp 1, Kootenay dtrtrlct): and ln
and at-!*-wi the Little Slocan river; and ln and
iutow the Blocan river at a point or point* _e-
 Iltltf Slocan nver; for the
Fruit Lands, Improved and Unlmprov-
od, at Reasonable Prices.
Town Lota.
H. E_ Croadsdaile & ��;
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
. J. OOYLK, J.
A.Q.P.. ..Vancouver.
D.P.A.. NelMin
w. a. aiLLETT
Contractor nnd
Bole agent for tbe Porto Kli-t, Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail j-arsli,. Kosigli anil .Ire-au.l lumttcr, turned
work ssn.1 l.ras'ks'ls., Can lath and sslslngles,, ras.li
and doors,. IVntent, lirlek and lime for Bale.
Automatic arlu.l.r.
Yard and factor;: Vernon St.. eaat of Ball
NBl.SON,  B. O.
P. 0, lloi �����!. Telephone IN
purpoae ot driring, ratting, aurtlng. holding, and
nanlitScturius ,aw-loga aud timber; to occupy
the aurfaoe of The bald rivera where neceaaary for
Certificate of Improvetncnttu
the purpoae, sforeaald; to elear, Improve, and
remove obatructlona irom the uM riven for log-
driving, ratling, and booming purpuaci; to levy
and collet tolls, aud duoa on lota timber ana
lumber of peraonK using or profiting by such
work*, clearing or Improvement.; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; ansl do all other things
and collet tolls and duoa on loi
* ' raor    "
f: oi
e I	
neeesaary.' Incidental or conducive to the cie'r���
else of any of the above powers.
Dated the loth day ol December, UW.
Solicitor tor the Applicant.
Certificate of Improvement!
MBmpreas," "Climax," "Honeahoe," "tins
"Vision Jack." situated In Nelion H:
. Division.
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I. Frank rietcher, agent lor
the Active Oold Mining Company, rreeMiner's
Certificate No. BSBOS Intend, 10 lays Irom slate
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a
Certificate of Improvement* for the purpose vt
obtaining a Crown l:rant of tbe above elaims.
And further Uke notice that action, under
Section 87, must he commenced before the Issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.
Haled Nelson, Iith Dee., l��Jti
Flung nsnsst.
"May," "B.C.," "fltmthroy." "Jsw," "Jo�� "fractional," and "John ll Mabley" Mineral Claims,
situated In the Sloean City Mining Division el
the Weat Koolenay Distriet.
Where located :-Norlh ol Tw.lv. Mil. Crew*
about on. and a halt mile. np.
Take notion tbat 1,11. K. Jorand ol Slooan W.,s.
Free Miner', oeriillcate No. Battt, aa as nl lor
Hone. O. Van Tuyl, Free Miner s eertlSeate No.
B4��l, intend, sixty day. Inns Ik. data henel,
to apply to lb. Mining Recorder for a CcrUSesate
of Improvements, tor the purooe.of ootamlns ���
Crown Grant of tbe said mineral elalm*.
Aud further take noilce that aettoe under
Section 17, must be eoamenert befof. th. l*au-
ance of such Certlflcateaof ImprovueeuU.
Dated this Ird Day ol January, US).
Certificate of Impeoveniiiiti
"Hatton" mineral cUIm, attuawd Is Ik. Nelson
Mining Division of Weat looUnaj Stotrlcl.
Where locaud:���On Toed moenuln.
Tako Notie. th.t I, Job* MoUtehle. acting w
tnnt Ier George A. Campbell. Free Miner'* Cef-
lllcsatc No. PW77, Inland, alxty days from tke
date hereof, to apply to the Mining vaeorder ior
a CertlOcale of lmprovamenu, for the pun
obutnlng * Crows Grant ol Use above *tai
And further take nolle, tbal action, .mtt
section tl, must be commenced beeors tke KM-
anc. of .seek CerUIKsaU el laaprovMiuto.
Dated.thls 171b day ��l Kermber, UN,
J��i MeLAicBia
:__r- 1
The Daily Canadian
A Few Suggestions
Ahout Smull Cllfts or Prise****-**
Hinall PieOSIOl <'liiiia..   ,|L_��t*\M,2.801��_0
t-ilaai].nn-woii  Dmlic.     l.M, 1..-0
hllvei Bon-Bon Spoona   im
Souvenir Bpooni l.tio, l.aa, 1 ������>.
Bll.er Emnroldorv.Beti IJJO, IM
BUver Ponclli 60c, hoc, L-fiO, JM��
Paper Knives  7fir, l 00,1.-6
Toilet Bnitlee 80c.
Hair Pin Tmya 1.26
Cut     Hl_a��       anl    HtsrlliiK      foliar
Button  Box  260
CoW Pint.:-Jewel Case 2.25
IO per cents Dlw-uount Olf livwry thing for One More Week
��� ���
��� Of tin*  differentia tin-re is      I
��� between 1st. mid itms. in       J
X Canned   Goods *
��� ���
��� We I'lin-.v only *
I       FIRSTS       |
��� Oue trial of OUT 5
iTartan  Brand!
��� will convince yon   tlint we       J
Z      oarry a full stock ���
��� Toble  Fruit
t��le   Fruit
Maple Syrup]
��� Same Price as Inferior*
��� Uoods j
Bell Trading Co. I
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Olil Curioslly Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kind's of Dinncrware In stock. Patterns.
\ Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like something
these cold mornings; something
thst would send lhe blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy a
pound of thai good coffee Ihnt .loy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking Rome of that coffee, things
will look rosy sill thc dny, and
$oy toill meetyouatthedoor i
r's-Cash Grocery
We  Have  it  Specially
M_l-_.losl Stuck of
for XmaM inulc.
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Csrpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ste.
121 Esst Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your Ndto Year
Choquette Bros.
Cor. Vssrnort and Ward strssts,
NBL.SON,   ll. C
FRED J. HUME.fcProprietor.
C. W. Bourke, II. 11. Sewell, C. Mac-
W. llourke. Miss W. Bourke, Clubb'a
Landing; .1. W. Melrose. Trail; J. W.
Cuckle, Kaslo; S. DesBrisay, T. W.
Storey, .1 P. Thompson, Vuncouver; R.
J. McPhee, Slocan; E. Mallandaine,
Creston; R. A. Henderson, Grand
Forks; J. W. Warren, Toronto; F. De-
muth, Rossland; J. A. Yeo. Eholt.
Qt."Hallett and wife, Long Iteach
ranch; S. G. Blaylook, Trail; J. .Tenam,
Thirteen Mile; John Keen, Kaslo; R.
Roberts, Alamo; A. Venabies, Vernon;
H. Steele, Grand Forks; F. S. York,
A. P. TjOisch. Spokane; R. I. Kirk-
wood, Vancouver; A. N. Wlnlaw, Win-
lay; E. B. Fuller, Milwaukee.
B. Chapman, J. B. Rawlev, Trail.
Mrs. Stunner,  Mrs.  Bodworth,  Koch
Siding;   W.  P.  Lawson,  Silverton;   C.
V. Smith. Regina; J, W. McNally, W.
Chester, Trail; W. .1. Murphy, Phoenix.
R. S.  Pierce, C. Wells,  Salmo;    0.
Northern,  Kuskanook;   C.  Harrington,
W. Kedta, P. Federonlco, W. Jozyk,
Cascade;   W.  D. Murray,  Gerrard;   II.
F. Rambo, Revelstoke.
IT.   W.   Biumfit,  Edmonton:   R.   McLeod,  0. Ilaikman,  Coffee  Creek;   D.
Campbell, Giand Forks; G. Luff, West-
F. C. Gmild, Koch Siding; A. R. Keel-
ei*. Bonnington;   H.  Williams,  D.  Dye,
Thirteen Mile; A. T. Lossett, Spokane.
Notice ����� horebyglven tliat on Monti r*y, Feb-
nmryiUh, 1907, that the Court of l-tevlilon for
tbe Municipality of tht City of Hlcx-an will be
li- l'l In tbe (.'Ity Hall on above date, at 'I p m ,
tor the purpon of revising the Aneument Roll
of tho City ut Hlncaii. Those making cimiplnlnti
a.alntittbeir auesument are re-qulred to have
their protest* In the hands of the ('ity Clerk ton
daya previous to the first Bitting of the Court of
Datod February iMth  1907.
The Store of Quality
Goods of Quality
need no introduction:   The name of
is a Synonym   of   Quality
Heinz's Sweet Mixed, per qt
Heinz's Sweet Gherkins, per qt
Heinz's Sour Mixed, per qt.
Heinz's Sour Gherkins, per qt
Heinz's Sour Onions, per qt
Heinz's Sauerkraut, per qt
Heinz's Dill Pickles, per doz
Economical for use and give the high
est satisfaction.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
We have Just unloaded a car of
Purity Flout
Made from high grado Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
The blank docket at tho city police
court continues.
Owing to the condition of the lee at
the curling rink nil scheduleil games
are Indefinitely  postponod.
Silver advanced one point today on
both metal markets, and lead recovered
two points lu London.
A malch between Nelson and Koss-
land hockey teams is announced for
Friday night at the Stanley street rink.
The regular meeting of Nelson Aerie,
F O. B., will be held In thc lodge
room tonight at 8. A full attendance
js requested.
New bonks added to the library are:
"Makers of Modern Rome," by Mrs. Ollphant; "The Doctor," by Ralph Connor.
The Yukon-Kitten group, ner Ymir,
owned by Messrs Daly, Hughes & Ryan, has beon bonded to the Stiles
brothers of Seattle for $60,000.
The officers, non-commissioned officers and men of No. 2 Company, R. M.
R., taking the course of Instruction,
will meet In the armoury this evening
at 8 p. m.
S. O. Blaylock, lale metallurgist at
the Trail smelter, who is understood
to have accepted Ihe appointment as
superintendent of the Hall Mines
smelter, arrived in the city last night
and is at the Strathcona.
The many friends of G. B. Reveil,
who Is ill with pneumonia In the Koolenay Lake General hospital, will be
glad to learn that the crisis In his
case is over and he is now improving
An alarm was turned in about 7
o'clock last night from the office of
McDermid & Hardy. The fire, which
was caused by the careless handling of
a gas Jet, was soon extinguished, with
practically no damage.
There will be a rally of Mr. Klrkpat-
Patrick's supporters at the Conservative committee rooms on Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The chairmen of the
various committees will report the
progress of their work. All members
of committees are particularly requested to be present.
Henry Ward, brother of W. A. Ward
of the Nelson House, aged 40 years,
and married, is missing and probably
dead, as the result of an avalanche In
Sheep Creek valley yesterday, which
swept away the buildings of Columbia
Group mines, operated under bond by
C. Olmstead of New York.
The tramway returns for the first
week of 1907 were $93.36; for the second week, $80.10, a total of $173.45.
The amount is not large, hut Is fair)
considering that the service has lieen
sadly Interrupted owing to the Illness
of the staff and the condition of the
track after storms. The whole amounl
Is net gain over last year during tho
first two weeks of which the service
was not operated at ail.
Carries   Hundred   Per  Cent.   Overload
Without Producing Heat.
A Waterloo test of the city power
plant was made yesterday by the engineers In charge, Arnold Pfau and H.
C. Bullis, in the presence of Mayor
Gliiett and Alderman Selous.
II. C. Bullis Informs The Canadian
that the test was entirely successful,
that the 1000 horse power plant carried a load of more than 1900 horse
power for 46 minutes without an Increase of temperature of :l degrees
(Centigrade). A<i the usual test is only
25 per cent, overload, and the rise of
temperature contemplated within an
hour 35 per cent., It will be seen that
the engineers were thorough. No fur-
thr trouble need be anticipated, Mr.
Dullis says, the previous overheating
having been solely due to a too-hurried
The plant. It Is expected, will be In
continuous operation within a week.
At the Theatre.
The Summer Stock Company opened
their engagement last night at Sherman's opera house in "Mrs. Temple's
Telegram" and proved themselves to
be one of the best repertoire companies that have visited Nelson for some
time. One of the most noticeable features of the performance was thc absence of any waits between acts, so
common with the ordinary repertoire
companies. George H. Summers as the
butler proved himself to be a comedian
of no mean ability. Helene Warde as
Mrs. Frank Temple was seen to good
advantage and gave a good conception
of Ihe part. The balance of the company was equally good and should
m'ke themrelvcs favcr'tes with Nelson audiences before the conclusion of
their engagement. The vaudeville
turns were well received, especially
the musical turn of the Valpos. The
bill tonight will be "Because She Loved
Him So," a comedv in three acts bv
William Gillette.
TWO FIBBT-CI.AS8 ROOMS, Btf*m h**le<t.   Apply honsekeeMr. 8rd fist. K W. c. block.
A PORTKR st the  Royal  Hold.
KNOINKER ssnd BUSHMEN at W���!l��l,iirK Mill,
near Cranbrook, B.C., also Ilusbmen al Procter
Wsttsburg, B.O.
Only a Limited Quantity
C* A* ^Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Ste.
Sherman's Opera House
Commencing Monday, January 21st
Prices���60c,  75c.
Plan  at   Rutherford's.
���*   IPES
A collection of all thc Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Do You Taint
or on CHINA.
We have nhvays in stock
Windsor & Newton's Oil Colore
Windsor & Newton's Water Colors
Fry's Verifiable Colors
For China Painting.
Sable, Camel's Hair, Hogs' Bristles.
Water Color Paper
Sketch 'Blocks
Academy 'Board
Pallettes, Pallette Knives, nnd all required
We cAlso Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G. Thomson
lltioKHKI.I.KR and
Nelson, B. C.
Phon* SiA.
Wholesale anil Retail Healers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on Hhort-rat notice und
lowos-i prico. Nothing but fresh nnd
wholesnmn moats and Hupplos kept in st<x*k
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofiug Pitch and
Boat Builders will lind it to their advantage to use our Pitch,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. IIoj
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
PRUNING AND ORAITOJO osrsfnil; attend.
.'.I lo. Apply
s-i.i'.'s Kiim Beltl.
F. C. GREEN      f. P. BURDEN      A. H. fiREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 145   Phone 2.1 B.
On and after December 1st my heatlnn mil
plumbing bottom will Ite locntr-l in my new
���hop, two doors east of opera bonne, on Victoria
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Ekk��-
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
When you compare your freights you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Will continue for ANOTHER WEEK
j. a. gTLker
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telophont* 333.
Ift.  v_v*t       Limited, Wtantp..
WholKsal* Provisions.
Dominion Government Creamery One Pound Brick n receive,! weekly M
from the ehurn.   r or wile liy all leading Krocero.
Ofllce and warohouw, i Houston Block,   Phone 79,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C.
* WNAftvV
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the Wise
Thin y_xt wi- Imv.  apprctiuUMl the wants nf imrca*
toni-ari imd have imikwU into -.tor), the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thi. store it adapted for hard conl only, aad *t~
nnteed to givn ttatisfaction.
]* W* Ashdown Hard wait
Company, Limited.
"V********"*'"* B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON/VW*~V^A^AA)
Rapalrlnv and Johblnif ixacutKl with I >*��pnttl>.   ShHl IMnUI
Work, Mining ���,���!  Mill Maohlnerv.      Mnnutact unr* s.l
f \*���*���   t\ ' .. *.m.      ���_��      l_i       r* !._. - ���    ��-��	
Or�� Can,  u.  ti.   Contrautora*  Carat.
Corner of IUH mnl
Kraut fltrMta.
NELSON,   B. C. .','?��
Bualn��M mon.
Working rtiHn,
Man In dr��Mi* tttilrc.
Sporting man,
Handaoma man,
Man that** full of fire
I NITi*. and sing that  the  iiiiiHirtatinui of
John T. Pierre are the proper tliin.
My l��Ht fall .thipim.it hne jottt arrived, S��
thrm and place your order early fnr XmMiP
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Subject  to Confirmation
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
GOOD Diamond  Valo           Jn 27
Sim Alberta Coal   ,.,, ion
f.0,1 Rocky Mountain Oil    30
MOO Sullivan     '07
6000 Nicola Coal Mines ,.. ,   ','., 06
2000 Rambler-Cariboo   .... '26
2000 Norlh Slar      ,,, ,7
2000 Giant (Rosslanil)    o*>
2176 Canadian Northwent Oil.J   -'
6 Canadian Smelters    ''J1*1
200 Dominion Copper      "���"
:iti00 Denoro Mines        ���";
���1000 Carlboo-McKlnnev  	
1"00 International Conl .
r.noo American Hoy 	
100 Western on Con...
B. B. Mighton <& Co.
Drawer 1082
Phong ii"
MANUFACTURERS   �� ���* c*��_#        *
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Order* promptly attend*''��
 VKRNOIN 8'1-KHtlT  .  .   .   NBL^ON. H. C.
Our stock of Skates le complete and varied,
Including the popular
bS!.!?,'8  be*-JTY  and  CHARM  (Lsdle..)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
A'holMnl* V3S


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