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The Nelson Canadian Jun 6, 1906

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Array 9the  iHelatm (Kanafcian
Volume I.   Nc
Fifty Cents a Month
Dr. Crapsey Condemned
and Suspended
Antiquated Methods Criticized, Right
or Wrong Still Open to
Tin- trial of Dr. s. A. Crapsey, a
anted clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal  church,    which    In  tho  United
itee is the same us lhe Church of
England in Canada, was held several
weeks ago, and upon which a verdict
v as n adored late In May, Is now beginning lo he discussed hy the press, both
religious und secular, all over thcfxm-
iIm in.
Tin- substance of the charges preferred agalnsl Dr. Crapsey was that ho
had been guilty of promulgating her-
eticnl taeachlngs, und that he was out
nl harmony with the accepted stand-
arils of church doctrine in tils Interpre-
tutlon of the Apostles' and lhe Nlceno
creeds, The particular specifications
u. iv in respect to the virginity of Mary
mill the resurrection of lhe body of
Jesus. Ur. (.'rupsey's defence was that
in- lielil or assented to each and every
urtlcle of Ihese creeds, but lhat he did
nol  understand, that they were to   be
- r.iii.i interpreted.
I'll.- Outlook  (New York) comments
follows on Imtli the trial and the ver-
���' and adds some reflections on the
moral responsibility of the church:
"In tin-  case    of  Dr.    Crapsey, the
i'Ii onl)   oni   member dissent-
Thai 'In- respondent1 should be sus-
I' nihil from  exercising  the  functions
- I .1 minister nf this chttreh until such
lime ns he shall satisfy the eecleslusti-
'. I authorities of lhe dloeesq that  his
I .im! teaching conform to the doc-
nci   of the Apostles' creed and   the
' i  ii,L creed, ns this church has    re-
-���ii'',! Hi.- same,   However, we express
earnest   hope and  desire  Ihut  the
 I-in   may   see   his  way   clearly
Hie thirty days lhat, under the
- in 'ns of the church,  must  Intervene
��� mi'1 sentence can be pronounced, to
Hm lull satisfaction of the ecclesiusll-
nutborities, of such conformity on
ii.   part
I'lie court holds that Dr. Crapsey
'Impugns If he does nol assert his ills-
Is'lief in 'Hie doctrine that our Lord
Christ Is God, the Saviour of the
��i'i. as contained ami enunciated In
Hi" Apostles' creed and lhe Nlceno
ii ���������il.' anil in 'ihe doctrine of resurrec-
: "a "f our lilesscd Lord and Saviour,
11 ��� contained nnd enunciated in the
'""' Use' creed and In the Nlcene
""'l' "n Hie ultimata questions in-
''lived in tliis verdict, Ihero Is no np-
Tli'' church wus nol called upon to
npprovo his doctrine; many people who
I'    "it train tbe verdlol will dls-
"   equally from Dr. Cmpsey's views.
'im a question whether Dr. Snip's  in error or not.    There is n
     mora fundamental question.! the
1    ' "' "f lhe  right   way of dealing
1,11 ""''"'���   And ll Is quite certain thai
""   I" "lure In the court ul  llutnvln
":   tl>e right   way,    Very serious
��� '   "i  may  he  taken, In tho first
11 "��� i" lhe constitution of the court,
member of which was named el-
i the bishop ,���- t|,e standing com-
'i  Hie diocese; and when   Dr,
il!l " "sad his privilege of clmlleng-
1   |1" members, Iholr successors woro
I I'.v  the prosecullon.    When an
"ksvor was made by tho defence to
'""' "I' adjournment of three weeks
.". '  "'11 Ibo court might be more
|   rl; constituted by tho diocesan con-
 "   llle request wns refused, and
1  ' 'I'd nol conduct  the trial In
"r"nl: �� With the procedure of com-
1 " '' A minister was put on trial
i" Hon of religious truth before
' ;'l:'"!ml organised hy men who wore
, '"' " him. and tried under condl-
t i> Hlileli would have been regarded
"' '��� unfair In a court of law.
more serious objection mav be
taken to the whole antiquated meihod
of the heresy trial. Whether Dr. Crapsey was right or wroag is an unimportant matter compared with the altitude
of the church towards the men who fall
Into error. The one Instrument of tho
church for overcoming error Is truth,
and tho one spirit in which the church
can deal with men Is a Bplrlt of love."
Carpenters Lacked Out,
New York, June 0.���The four trade
associations of employers In the llulhl-
lUg Trades Employers' Association who
employ carpenters met yesterday and
passed a resolution designing a lockout
of the Brotherhood of Carpenters, to go
Inlo effect today. The lockout will
affect 12,000 carpenters In Ihe metropolis, and throw Into Idleness thousands
In other trades.
Later News of Revolution.
City of Mexico. June C��� General Toledo, In command of the revolutionists
troops In southern Guatemala, has won
two engagement. The government
forces have been driven buck, and General Toledo Is receiving heavy reinforcements.
Engineer Dickson, of International Coal
and Coke  Company,  Telia   of
Growth  and  Prosperity.
'The International Coal and Coke
Company, of Coleman. Alberta. Is! en.
Joying a full tide of prosperity. lis output Is being steadily Increased, Its
markets are expanding and lis assets
are practically Inexhaustible. The
town of Coleman is sharing the fortunes of its chief Industry, it has now
a population of 1,000 prosperous and
conlented people. It has electric light
and waterworks systems, good slreeis
nnd a thoroughly modern and efficient
sanitary system.
0. H. Dlckionr the company's engineer, arrived by tho Crow boat Inst
night. Seen at the Hume by The Dnlly
Canadian representative, he said:
"Things are Improving all the time.
The output Is now i.ttut tons a day,
which has been maintained alums! since
Ihe flrsl of Ihe year. ���
"The markets are steadily expanding.
We sell chielly lo the Boundary smelters and to the C. P. K. company. But
we have coal for domestic use. as well
as for the production of steam, so wo
can find markets for It anywhere.
"The company's affairs and prospects,
were never brighter or more satisfactory than they are all present. While
llle output Is greater now than ever
before, we are a long way from a limit.
"Our supply of coal? Well, It Is too
Indefinite. Millions of tons Is ns nearly
aB It can be expressed. We havo six
miles of coal seams, and we haven't
struck the bottom of them.
"Coleman is growing fast, and Is a
model little town. The population today Is about a thousand, toil of whom
are miners In the company's employ.
^'Although Ihe townslte is owned by
Ihe company, confidence in lis intelligent nnd equitable management is so
great that ull Ihe citizens lire trying lo
acquire their own homes. Large sinus
are being Invested In land and  build
ings by people unconnected with tho
"The streets nre III by arc IIkIiik,
the system being operated by the com
pnny's sleiun power. There In a good
waterworks system, the supply coming
from Nez I'eree creek.
"My opinion may be affeoted by my
connection with lhe company, but I cer-
Inlnly think lhat Coleman has a brighter future than any other town In the
Crow's Ness Pass district I don't ex.
cept Fernie.
"The very best of relations exlsl between the company nmll Its employees
and customers. There has never been
any labor troublu of any Hind, und the
men arc contented and most unlikely
to wish lo change their service.
"There is probably nol unotltor corporation owned town on Ihe continent
Where the general interest is so fully
considered nnd protected, and where
the citizens have such kindly feelings
for the dominant concern."
Mr. Dickson is a graduate of the applied science department or Queen's
university, Kingston, lie npotil several
yoai-B on Ihe engineering staff of the
l.e llol No. 2 mine ul Rossland, Helms
been for Ihe lust two yenrs In the ser-
vlco of tho International Coal and Coke
Company, and Is enthusiastic In praise
of Coleman.
Company Hes Nothing
But Liabilities
Shareholders' Annual Meeting Receives and and Files Report,
Adjourns Without Comment
The statutory annual general meeting of the Venus Mining Company was
held in the company's former office
Tuesday morning al 11 o'clock. The
shareholders present were R. Heildle,
W. W. Beer, Dr. B. C. Arthur, J. J.
Walker and F. W. Swannell. F. \V.
BwannelJ was elected secretary pro
tern., and read the brief statement from
the directors of Ihe company. All that
the latter vouchsafed was a statement
of assets and liabilities. The report
was received In silence. When It ended the shareholders present looked al
each other In bitter amusement, and
then quickly adopted two resolutions,
one to file lhe report, the other to adjourn. No directors were elected or reelected, no Information was asked for,
no recommendations offered, no comment made.
The affairs of the Venus are in a
rather tangled state, and the management evidently felt that "least, said Is
soonest  mended."
The company Is heavily In debt, has
no available funds, and is still involved
In llllgatlon with the Athabasca-Venus
merger company. The Venus directors
allege that an agreement for sale was
made, which the Athabasca-Venus managers deny. ^
Of the condition and prospects of the
Venus mine no one now in Nelson cures
to express an opinion. It is conceded
by those interested that no one is likely
to offer to explore the property nt the
cost of assuming lis liabilities. There
are about twelve stockholders at present, or lately, In Nelson, Including besides those present yesterday H. and M.
llird. J, F. Weir and E. C. Trnves.
The Impression accepted by those at
yesterday's meeting was that the career
of the mine as such Is over, and that
all chances of Its creditors receiving
payment depend on the result of litigation, not of mining.
Married Yesterday.
In St. Saviour's church, Nelson, on
Tuesday, the 6th of June, 1900, Edward
James Dutton, of Medicine Hat. was
married by the rector, new F. II. Graham, to Miss Lydia Reynolds Christie.
The bride Is a sister of Mrs. J. E. An-
nable and Mrs. J. A. Cryderman.
Discussion    of    Special    Reasons    for
Woi-kincjmen's Absence from
Church Deferred.
The first business session of the synod wus opened at 111 o'clock with the
followiiiK members present:
Clergy���Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of
Kootenay, Archdeacon Beer, Revs. F.
ll. Graham, J. A. Olelahd, J. Leeoh Porter, B. P. Flewelllng, C. A. Procunler,
J. Lambert, C. F. Yntes, F. V. Venuliles,
H. King, II. Hleele, T. Greene, B. A. St.
(1. Sinylhe. There were only two absentees,
Lay delegates���-U. Bird, P, Irvine, W.
A. Jowett, C. W. Busk, E. Dowdney, L.
H. Moffat!, E. W. B. Paget, A. F. Vena-
bles, F. W. Jones, F. W. Armstrong.,Ti
L. Lnwrenco, W. T. Johnson, C. A. Cock
and O. Johnstone.
The bishop then rend his charge,
which was referred for consideration
anil report to a commllleo consisting of
Revs. B. P. Flewelllng nnd H. A. Steele
and Messrs. Venublos and Cock.
Archdeacon Beer and W. A. Jowett
were re-elected clerical anil lay secretaries respectively.
Archdeacon Doers' report referred to
the    destruction    of churches In San
Francisco and In Italy. Ho detailed
changes In the ministry by resignations
and removals. He expressed regret at.
tbe fact tbat seven parishes were still
vacant. The scarcity of ministers was
referred to as a serious problem, especially in view of the rapidly growing
population. He also had to report decreases in ninny other things, In com.
munlons, In baptized members and In
missionary collections. He advised tho
formation of a diocesan branch of the
Woman's Auxiliary. He referred with
satisfaction to the bishop's plan for a
theological college at New Westminster.
Archdeacon Beer also reported for
Ihe book committee, showing a balance,
and recommending lhat the books be
sold under direction of Rev. F. H. Graham.    The report was adopted.
On motion of E. A. Crease, tbe constitution, rules of order and canons of
the synod were adopted.
A. E. Phipps presented the treasurer's annual report, showing total receipts of $9,5-1:1.75, disbursements of
$5,203.01, the total balance being $4,-
280.14. The bishopric fund now amounts
lo $1,079.96.
Rev. H. A. Steele presented tho report of the committee on "The alienation of the worklngmaii." The following exlracts are taken from it:
j "The socialism prevailing in this district is the same as the communism of
Karl Marx, with this Important difference, that it Is evidently Christian in
sentiment and ethics.
"The reason of this Is perhaps to be
found in the fact that many were some
time members of some denomination,
and it is in this that the hope of rec-
oaciliatlon lies. >
"The socialistic workingman criticizes the church adversely because he
maintains that she has stultified herself
and failed to properly, expound Christianity by allowing herself to be dominated by a social system which he
claims to be la opposition to our Lord's
own teaching, and with which he is In
opposition. -��-
"The committee would warn the cler-
gy and the laily alike of the harm of
palronlzlng, or assuming an air of condescension, towards the proletariat, who
desire justice and not charity.
"They would nlso respectfully urge
the importance of n chair on sociology
in the proposed diocesan school, and
commend the serious attention of all
to the subject of co-operative commonwealth, If they would wisli to come
nearer to the woikingmuu, especially at
Ibis time, when so many nre making it
their chief study."
Mr. Phipps' resignation was accepted
with regret, and a vole of thanks was
Rev. F. H. Graham reported' for the
delegates to the general synod of the
Canadian hurch. He dwelt on the debute on the remarriage of divorced persons which wus raised by a memorial
from Kootenay diocese.
The next subject discussed was the
report on relations with workingmon.
It was spoken to by Revs. H. A. Steele,
J. Lambert, F. V. Venables, E. W.
Flewelllng, C. A. Procuuler and F. H.
Graham, With the exception of Rev.
Steele, all Ihe speakers opposed Ihe
adoption of the report, on the, ground
that It would commit the church to approval of socialism. J. T. Uiwrence, a
member of the committee, and a union
Workingman and socialist, also spoke,
und pleaded for lhe adoption of the report.
George Johnstone thought the real
cause of alienation was the demand for
social equality by the uneducated���a
demand that no canon or resolution, ho
.-aid, could gratify,
The report was received and further
discussion deferred for u year.
Tomorrow's proceedings will bo:
7:30 a. m.���Hoiy communion.
10 n. m.���Morning session of synod.
1 ii. m.���Lunch.
.2:30    p. in.---Afternoon    session   of
All the meetings nf the synod are
open, nnd the public are Invlled to attend.
Archie Reid and Harry Altken Have
Valuable Property.
Archlo Reld nnd Harry T. Altken
have a mica mine near Pilot Bay. The
latter brought in some line specimens
today, which will be forwarded lo Montreal.
The partners have held the property
for nine years. The favorable condition of the mien market nt present tins
decided them to make tin effort to develop (he mine.
Archie says lhat. Ihe vein of mica is
100 feet wide. The specimens look
quite free from Iron.
Will lie Remodelled and
W. E. Cooke Tells His Plans For
Future-Plant will Cut 120,-
000 feet a Day.
Among the new members of the
Mountain Lumbermen's Association
present at yesterday's meetings was
W. E. Cooke, of Harvey, North Dakota,
the purchaser of the Kaslo sawmill,
formerly operated by G. O. Buchanan.
Mr. Cooke has many timber inteiests
in the northwestern states, but, like
many other keen American capitalists,
be has been attracted to British Columbia by its unlimited forest wealth
and by the magnificent opportunities
presented by the development and
growth of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
In the course of conversation with a
representative of The Daily Canadian
at the Hume last night, Mr. Cooke
spoke frankly of his plans.   He said:
"I intend to remodel and re-equip
the mill from end to end. When I am
through it will be practically a new
mill, with entire new machinery, boilers, engines, saws, carriages and everything.
"Yes, I intend to enlarge it, too. It
was designed at first for a capacity of
about 30,000 feet a day. I will double
that for an ordinary working day, and,
when I am ready for It, will operate
with two shifts. Increasing tbe cut to
120,000 feet a day.
"O, yes, the outlook Is magnificent.
The timber of Kootenay is splendid and
the market Is practically unlimited. No
one has any reason to hesitate about
investing any sum required for a plant
to develop the forest wealth of this
Mr. Cooke is a deal American man
of business, quick ... think and decide,
plain of speech and frank, and with a
spirit of enterprise; and business courage that accepts present good without
looking for possible future ills. His
advent will undoubtedly prove a boon
to Kaslo, and he will prove a valuable
member of the Mountain Lumbermen's
His timber limits In Kootenay are on
streams flowing Into Kootenay lake
from the west and northwest. In Kaslo
district and in the Lardeau. The operation of his mill will give employment to a couple of hundred men when
it Is In full operation as intended. While
not all of them will be resident in Kaslo, the old lake town is certain to ben-
fit very largely.
Manager T. H.   Trethewey   Describes
New Concentrator snd Speaks
of General Outlook.
Tho concentrator at the La Plata
mines la now In operation, and though
designed for only 75 tons u day, It can
treat 80. The plant Includes, as explained by T. H. Trethewey, Jiggs of five
compartments, Overstrain tables, six
Hue vanners, a Blake rock breaker, two
sets of 36x14 8lar rolls and a flve-
siamp battery.
Asked how be proposed to separate
the lead and zinc, Mr. Trethewey said:
"By water concentration. The lead Is
heavier. It will fall Into the first and
second compartments, lead middlings
Into the third, cine into the fourth nnd
zinc middlings into the fifth."
To the question, "Isn't the five-stamp
battery an Innovation?" he said: "Yes.
II Is to crush the finer ores, the lead
und zinc middlings, to grind them again
nnd facilitate separation.
"The mill is u good one," he continued, "and every credit Is due to
Charles Culvor, who designed and Installed It. The machinery was supplied
by the Jenckes company.
"Iy will be a month before the mill
Is perfectly adjusted.   Till then    we
shall treat only tbe low-grade concentrating ores. Shipping ore will be sent
to the smelter.
"How much ore now In sight? Enough
to supply tbe mill for three years at SO
tons a day.
"Our arrangements? "They're simple. The mill hi 8.500 feet distant from
the mine and 2,400 feet lower. It will
take three men to run the aerial tram,
two for the mill, and I want 45 in the
"We have a good mine, lots of ore
and a good mill. All we want now is a
good road. It Is ten miles from the
mill to the landing. I want to ship a
half car, that is, ten tons, a day. Two
teams should be able to haul that. At
present It takes three. I expect that
the government will put the road in
8haughnessy Globe Circling.
Winnipeg, June C���H. J. T. Shaugh-
nessy, son of the president of the C. P.
R., passed through here en route east
tonight on his globe-girdling trip. The
trip around the world is being made
on exclusively C. P. R. transportation
Roscian  Opera  Company   Better.than
Ever and Duly Appreciated by
a Crowded House.
Sherman's opera house was crowded
to its fullest capacity last night at tbe
presentation of "Martha" by the Roscian Opera Company. When the play
was over there was only one opinion
expressed by tbe pleased audience that
when W. Cranston promises Nelson a
good play by a good company he may
be trusted to make good.
Most of the numbers of the company
are well known In Nelson, and fully
sustained the reputations they have
made In former appearances. The
songs of Lucia Nola and F. W. Walters
were a treat, and were fully appreciated. The acting was fully up to the
standard of the Roscians, and the
choruses went with a spirit and dash
that were refreshing. Though the stage
was never crowded, the volume of the
chorus wan excellent, and many favorable comments were made on the
splendid management of voices that
produced sol striking an effect.
But while old favorites were welcomed and heartily applauded, the
chief interest of the audience wns centered In Wlnlfrid Crowley, the young
prima donna who has so recently made
her debut in opera. All who have
heard Miss Crowley sing know the power and sweetness of her voice and the
perfection ot its control. But few
even of ber most enthusiastic admirers expected to see the young actress
so perfectly at home on the stage, and
displaying dramatic ability of so high
a quality. It Is not only In exquisitely
sympathetic rendering of her songs
that Miss Crowley shows her genius.
Every gesture, every look and pose
show a thorough appreciation of all
the dramatic possibilities. Throughout, in addition to faultless singing nnd
acting, there was an Indescribable
chnrm about Miss Crowley's appearance. She was fully earning the enthusiastic applause which greeted her
evory entrance, und could not but be
conscious of Ihe fact. Bui her silent
appeal lo Ihe audience wus the saunas on her first appearance iu Nelson
on the concert stage.
Miss Crowley will be warmly welcomed In Nelson us often an this city
is favored by her, and nowhere will
news of the successes that certainly
await ber be more gladly received.
Of the Betting of the play and, the
general management of the production,
It is only necessary to any that even
Mr. Cranston never made stage arrangements so perfectly before in Nelson. Tho entr'actes were very brief,
and the transitions from scene to scene
wero excellently  managed.
The house Is sure Io be crowded
again tonight, when ">��� company presents the old favorite melodrama, "Fro
Church Struck by Lightning.
Newburg, June fl.���Trinity Methodist
church, one of the finest churches In
the New York Conference, was badly
damaged by fire last night. In a heavy
thunder storm lightning struck the
spire, which rose to a height of 180
feet. In a few minutes the steeple was
a mass ot flames and Anally It fell. The
tower was burned out but the body of
the church was saved.
Stormy Session of
Lower House
Ministers Practically Driven From
the Rostrum���Must Dismiss
Cabinet or Fight.
St. Petersburg, June 6.���The lower
house of parliament and the government are rapidly coming to close quarters, and the conflict which became evident the moment the assembly presented its demands in the address to
the throne cannot be much longer delayed. The excitement In the Interior
Is increasing daily. Strikes have begun at Kieff, Odessa, Moscow and other cities, and tbe peasants in soma
provinces are no longer restralnable,
and have commenced to seize the land
of the proprietors. Since the government declined to give the house satisfaction regarding the continued executions in the provinces, or to bring to
book the local officials whose tyranny
is fanning the flames of popular indignation, parliament has had no alternative except the immediate insistence on
its demand for the dismissal of the cabinet. The scene at yesterday's session
when the house refused to listen to tho
ministers and practically drove them
from the rostrum, clearly presents the
issue. The emperor must dismiss the
cabinet or fight. In yielding to the
militant spirit of the radicals upon this
point, the constitutional democrats
again solidified the opposition, which
was on the verge ot dissensions over
the agrarian question. Tbe spirit ot
conflict which prevailed at yesterday's
session continued, at the siTiing~ioday,
although some of the leaders of the
constitutional democrats went Into the
breach to stay too hasty; action.
M. Vinaver's project, of which he
gave notice yesterday, to change the
regulations of the house so aB to eliminate all control of the ministers, either
in the drafting or manipulation of bills,
was introduced today. Messrs. Anna-
tian and Alladit, tho peasant and party
leaders, used the occasion to make violent speeches, in which they argued
that it was useless tor parliament to
proceed in the regular way. The government Intended to rely on bullets and
bayonets, and It was parliament's duty
to recognize a banner under which the
people would fight when the Inevitable
collision comes.
The debate of the agrarian question
was then resumed. The ministerial
benches- were empty today. A prominent leader of the legislation and democrats informed the correspondent of
the Associated Press that members of
his party wero confident the government would H3t dare to resort to extreme measures, as they must know only too well that the dissolution of parliament would set tbe country in flames.
Bryan Defeated by Corrupt Methods���
Roosevelt All In the Wrong.
Jefferson City, Mo., June 6.���The
Piatform adopted at the democratic
state convention Inst night declares
that William J. Bryan was defeated
by corrupt campaign contributions by
trusts, and that he Ism the great American democrat, and that Missouri demands his election to the presidency In
1908. It denounces the tariff and censures President Roosevelt for bis stand
on the railroad rate bill, an dthe republican party for not giving statehood
to Oklahoma and Indian Territory.
The subscription and circulation lists
of The Dally Csnadisn are now being
compiled. The terms are 90 cents a
month delivered In the city, or 85 a
year when paid In advance. We shall
be glad to enroll your name. We ere
here to stay. The Daily Canadian, Jane 6, *906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
PublUlied Pli i1h>> �� ireet. by tho
BukerSt., Nelson, B. C.
Subscription rate:;, M centi s\ .mm.), delivered
Iu tbe city, ur *."��.otj ti year If sent by mull, when
paid in advance
AdvortuluR rates on ni>]'li''niiini.
JUNE  (��.   i<>or..
���' By one word we nre sometimes ludged to t e
wlie and by one word Komeilmei fudged to bo
(ooliih. L.-1 us therefore be careful what we
As our despatches indicated yesterday, ilif radical peasant workmen nf
the lower house, or Duma, have made
demands that Beem startling even to
Europeans and Americana, who are
somewhat familiar with extravagant
proposals along communistic linos. The
lesson taught is one which asserts the
impossibility of restraining the march
of progress by the adoption of autocratic and tyrannical measures; and. on
the other hand, the perils which beset
a nation when lis people become seized
with n determination to achieve Impossible feats in political and economic
reform. Prom time Immemorial, until
within the last quarter of a century,
the political history of Russia lias been
more than mysterious. In ract, it may
be said thai Russia had no political history, as the barbarous relations existing between rulers and ruled have
been unspeakably more harsh 'ban in
any other country within 'lie pale of
civilization. For centuries the proleta
riat suffered in alienee, so far as we
know, without even a hope or dream
thai anyone bad any rights or liberties
unless he were an emperor or an autocrat. Although it may seem liberal to
make the admission, the dawn ol' ultimate liberty for lhe Russian people evidently began in the Nihilistic propa-
gandiBtn which so often found iis expression in anarchism ami assassination. A class in society who siooil half-
waj between tlte peasant and pan pet
classes and the aristocracy, with eves
to see and  hearts   lo feel   lhe  cruel   op
prOBSlons and wrongs under which the
people languished, and apparently wiih
out eyes tn s ir hearts i<* feel that
there could he any other method of redressing these wrongs than the murder
of those in high places, created the beginning of political reform In that unhappy country, Then it was thai ihe
world was shocked and Russia terror
Ised by reports of repealed and diabolical deeds of minder, Intrigue, riot ami
Slaughter, The stem repressive measures adopted to check the advance nl'
nihilism, the capital punishment and
expatriation of participants when they
could he discovered���and suspects when
they could nol tan equally short sighted policy on tbe part of ihe arislocrnry
and nobility)���served well to show bow
far apart the extremes of society llvad
in lhat  unhappy laud.
We do not believe it was because
ihe nihilists lost couragp or daring that
the later years have been comparatively free from anarchistic outbreaks, and
thai there no longer exists the active
propagation of that species in the land
of the Muscovite. The men, and sometimes women, who were banded together in ibis horrible work, were fully
uwurc thai they carried their lives with
a breath, nnd thai they were equally at
tbe mercy of their associates and their
enemies. What they did they were
prepared to suffer, and, it ii ho transpired, to die for; but as a class or or
ganization, they are now discredited
even in Russia, and their deeds when
perpetrated are usually tbe crimes of
the vicious ami abandoned, just as they
are  of  thai  class  in other countries.
The schools, the radical press and the
general advance iu the intelligence of
tbe middle classes must be credited
the milder measures from which the
masses are said to expect redress. It is
not improbable that the socialistic
teachings which have been so persist'
ently and successfully advocated In
Germany and other European countries have had much to do with the
change In popular sentiment. It
Is not surprising that to people, no matter how exasperated and
made vicious by the cruelties of their
oppressors, the tenets of socialism,
while promising all tbat the nihilists
hoped for or desired, should appeal lo
the latent humatiitariauism of society.
So that the secret societies which once
were a menace to the safety of society
have been changed into schools for the
Bpreadlng of socialism, with secret
emissaries who have woven a network
of chains around the empire until it is
Inextricably bound in the toils.
The demands which were made yesterday in the lower bouse, while extreme and impossible of realization, will
he held out for firmly, The only prospect of amicable adjustment lies in the
hope thai the discussion of these demands may serve to bring the conflicting parlies lo a better understanding
of each other's rights, and that counsels of moderation, patience and conciliation may prevail.
The visit of Premier McBride and
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Hon. R. F Green, on official
business in connection with the departments of tbe government which
they recpectively administer will be received with cordiality and appreciation
iu every part of tbe interior they may
find time lo inspect. Hitherto tlte
tangle in which they found everything
in these departinenis when they took
office and the necessity of reducing tin-1
work of their departments to something
like tinier, together with the fresh
tasks which each day has imposed has
prevented thorn from more frequenl
personal Investigation of the claims of
tlie districts which Me so far away from
the capital. Now thai their work Is
running with something approaching
order and smoothness they are availing
themselves of an opportunity to make
persona] observation of the needs of the
constituencies, which until the advent
of the present govornmenl were left to
go at pretty much their own. gait, in
ihe management of mining matters in a
comparatively new country Buch as
ibis, where, notwithstanding the success of many mineral operations, development may lie said to have only well
begun and with apparently untold resources yet. to bo exploited, the office of
Minister of Mines affords no sinecure to
its occupant The Just and equitable
operation of the mining laws, their a-
mcndmonl when necessary, the incidence of taxation and a score of other
considerations make a demand for the
most strenuous application of executive
ability. In man*' Instances representations made to the department can he
best understood only when the minister
In charge has made n personal examination into the cases and deciding thereupon tbe course of action for which he
will    be   held    responsible to his col
leagues in office and io the country
at large. Tbat mining matters in British Columbia are running with so little
friction, and on tbe whole the industry
is in a prosperous condition throughout
the province, speaks well for the manner in which the duties of tbe premier
as minister of mines are discharged.
The once vexed question of taxation on
these industries has been happily adjusted, and, with tbe bead of the executive ia close touch with these Indus
tries us a result of his extended tour,
ihe whole countl'J will he advantaged
bj the trip.
In the department of lands and works
the surveys being made, the multiplying applications for land rights and
limber privileges, the opening id' roads
and means of transportation, travel and
communication necessitated by lhe
comparatively rapid settlement ot tin
interior, make the visii of the chief
commssloner exceedingly opportune,
and ihe close relation existing between
the development of mineral properties
and Ihe opening of roads affords a
pleasing reflection upon llie fact that
the premier and  chief    commissioner
"travel in pairs''
* * *��� * * *
The Opposition press, however, with
iis usual proneness to sensation, see in
ibis tour no more than a campaign
jaunt at the country's expense. Ever
since the present government assumed
lhe reins of power the Opposition press
has been cudgelling the ministers for
alleged indifference to the welfare of
these outlying districts and clamoring
loudly for them to forsake their posts
at Victoria ami acquaint themselves
with the province whose affairs they
conduct. Now that they have been able
to take the time to do so, the tongue of
scandal is let loose and columns of insinuation and Inuendo abound.
Tbat these will have any effect upon
cither the ministers or the people Is too
absurd for belief, aud the affairs of ute
province will continue to enjoy the
same careful administration as before.
The Vancouver World has recently
suffered another eclipse of its sanity,
and broken out with a rash thai reveals
Ihe venomous condition of its political
humour. During and since the last session of the provincial legislature it baa
repeatedly used the expression, which
hps now become a political classic with
the opposition papers, "Adventurers,
mule and female." I'ntil lately it has
nol been sufficiently explicit in its references to the department of lands and
works to require more than a touch
with the flat of the sword. Exasperated
beyond all forbearance hy its failure
to catch the smile of tbe gallery, it
launched forth last week and deliberately charged that SOmej one had bad
access lo Ihe secret and confidential
records of that department. Willi undisguised malevolence it suggests lhal
the administration of that department
is corrupt and unworthy of public confidence.
The Colonist, pricked out of its usual
complacency, unslieaihed its rapier and
challenged tho World to make good its
libellous assertions or amply, honorably
and fully retract them. That i. cannot
make good is understood by no one better than by the World Itself; that it
will honorably rotract, nobody but an
idiot would expect. Tbe World, ever
since its inception, has had a weakness
for the "yellows," and Its jaundiced
face has of late been giving Increasing
evidence of the progress of the disease.
Still, it is too bad that a respected minister of the crown should have his
name larnished by baseless Insinuations. It might be wise to give the
World Ihe chance for notoriety it so
much  craves.
A farmer in the delta of the Kraser
river Iiuh Imported a plow tbe motor
power of which Is gasoline, somewhat
on the same principle as the engine of
an automobile. The results of tbe trial
of the machine so far nre said to have
been very satisfactory. The smooth,
level, mellow soil of the delta yields
readily to the mould boards of tbe new
Implement with even furrows. When
lhe varied and extensive applications
of gasoline motor force are considered,
and the many new forms In which tbat
latent force Is used. It is not beyond
the pale of possibility that lhal fluid
ma> some day displace electricity
where the expense of generating Ihe
latter power is of more than average
cost. Denaturalized alcohol, too, is
proving to lie a good Substitute for and
much cheaper than even gasoline, so
that fnn field for new inventions to
control nnil apply Ibese forces may afford profitable Investment of time nnd
Trades and Labor Congress of Canada
has issued a circular to ail the affiliated trades and labor organizations In
Canada urging that pel it ions he forwarded immediately to Sir Wilfrid Lau-
rier demanding the dismissal of Mr.
W. T. It. Preston. Dominion Immigration agent at London. Tbe circular Is
signed by Wphonse Vervllle, M. P., ['resident; .lames Simpson, vice-president,
and P. M. Draper, secretary.
The Globe is trying to solve the problem, 'How to knock off barnacles without hitting them."���Hamilton Spectator.
Tin' Globe! tried lhe same sleighi-of
hand cure ou Ihe late Ross government,
inn th.' people decided thai the ouh reliable method was io pui ihe barnacled
hulk Into the opposition drydoek. Ottawa Citizen.
Both   Good   Fellows,
iProm the Golden star.)
Hon. Richard McBride and Hon K
P. Green, who addressed the electors
in Golden last Tuesday in Columbia
hall, were nothing if not Interesting
Their arguments were not without
force,  although    we  only   beard    one
'aide of the story, and we mil si give
ihe devil his due. Mr. McBride is a
pleasant speaker, and his speech was
delivered without frills, which we ad
mired to the full, while Mr. Green, who
Is not hy any means an orator, made a
good stab at il anyway. However,
tiny are both gooil fellows, deBpilC
their alleged misdeeds.
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Imperial Bank of Canada
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CAPITAL PAID UP... ,18,900,000 REST ���8,IHX>,000
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Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. The Daily. Canadian, lane 6, 1906
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HskfrH , next in1'.I'.u TlokatOffles.
I'.O. II11S MM.
Notes Gleaned   In  and  Around  Greenwood.
(Special to Daily Canadian.)
(iiunil Forks, June (!.���A. K. Hoguo,
an Australian mining engineer, arrived
here a few days ago, und afler ���ecuring
Information, left for Franklin camp for
the purpose of making a thorough in-
���peetlon of that cump. Ii Is understood
that Mr. Hogue represents a strong
Australian company, who are anxious
to secure some copper properties in the
rich ramps up the North Fork.
Qeorge T. Nye, of tho stuff at llie
Oranby smeller, and his bride, formerly Miss Oro Byan, of Los Angeles,
Cal��� are expeoted to arrive In Qrand
Forks in a lew days, nnd will muko
this place their fulure home.
W, II. Coven, the fruit king of lhe
Boundary district, will leave today
for Pullman, Wash., to attend the
Washington Slate College farmers'
meeting to be held In that, town on the
8th and nth Instants. After attending
Ibis meeting Mr. Covert will return to
Spokane for the purpose of being present al the Masonic convention lo bo
held In that city on the 12th instant
He will relura lo Qrand Forks iibottl
the 16th.
The Mlilwuy Fruit and Irrigation
Company, which is operating successfully In the Boundary, is sinning to
build a seven-mile Hume from a point
on liock creek, near the town of Rook
Creek, lo Midway, When this Hume is
completed branch Humes will be ninilu
to irrigate Ihe surrounding country.
Miles Barrett, the popular foreman
at lhe Oranby smelter, who was seriously injured hy a recenl explosion of
one of the "sotllers." and who has been
oonfined to lhe Cottage hospital for the
past month, Is reported to he rapidly
recovering, although his injuries are
exceedingly painful.
Word has reached here from Midway
lhal tbe laying of steel on the Great
Northern between Midway und Malsom
will slurt on the 18th Instant, and the
work will be pushed as fasl us possible. It Is also stated that the Midway
.mil Vernon railway are not making the
least indication of a movement on thelis
road, and their unpaid time checks are
still decorating the safes of nearly every business man in the Boundary district.
Superintendent A. D, McPhee, of tho
MeKlnley mine. Intends to Install a
second diamond drill on the MeKlnley
at ouce.
New Musical Instrument.
The te1 harmonium has arrived. It is
an invention for producing music by
electricity without sitings, reeds or
pipes���nothing but an ordinary telephone wire. Tile idea is that you can
turn on music hereafter in your bouse
Just us you turn on an Incandescent
electric llgh^ . The music is transmit*
ted over a wire iu electric waves from
a central station. It is produced, not
reproduced, at each telephone. You
don't have to put the receiver to your
ear to hear It. You let the waves Into
a paper cone, and the sound that rolls
out will (111 a great auditorium. The
inventor says the music can be produced a thousand miles from the place
where the performer Is depressing tho
plane keys that set the currents going,
and tlte performer bus to have one of
the cones In the room with him lo see
If he Is playing Lhe music right.
The Inventor Is Dr. cuhlll, whoso
workshop Is In llolyoke. Muss., where
he has assembled b machine weighing
100 Ions und custlng $2011,0011 utter
many years of work.
The Blectrlcal World of this week
tells the details of the const ruction of
the apparatus und the results obtained.
The phi nls lo set up a central station
und supply each huge city with music
waves built up Into harmonics, and the
Imitation of tho most delicate of nil
musical Instruments In any kind of
musical composition to amusement
halls, stores, auditoriums or private
houses for nil those who can pay for
It. It Is not to be like Ihe phonograph
In nuy way, because the tones come
hnl off the wire In their original form.
William and Francis.
Vienna, .Itino 0.���The Gorman emperor arrived hero this morning from
Berlin, nnd wns greeted nl the North-
em railroad station by the Emperor
Francis Joseph In person. The meeting
wn smnrked hy extreme heartiness and
cordiality. Afler Introducing their
suites, the emperors proceeded to Ho-
ebburhn ensile. On their arrival at
the station near the castle the Imperial
party was met by the archdukes,   the
members of the German embassy, the
Austrian ambassador nnd the principal
military nnd civil authorities. Bmperor
William received In audience Count
Qoleuchowski, the Austrian minister of
foreign affairs, Dr. Wekerle, the Hungarian premier, and Uaron Von Beck,
the Austrian premier. Later he drove
through the town and called on members of the Austrian imperial family.
Not Miraculous, but Natural.
Chicago. J.lune 8,���After 20 years of
silence, during which time he was unable to utter an intelligible sound,
I.ouls Mendelson suddenly recovered
his power of speech yesterday. The
return of words was us mysterious as
the afMiction which silenced him so
long. Mendelson Is ::s years old, and
until yesterday hud not spoken since
he was 17 years old, To the surprise
of his brothers and his friends, he
walked into their wholesale liquor store
and said, "Hello, Is this hot enough for
you?" Louis told his brothers that he
felt u sudden tickling In hi svocal cords
and Hie Impulse to attempt speech hao
grown so long that he could not resist
It. When he tried, he discovered that
his voice responded. Mendelson lost
bis voice after an utlack of fever.
Edmonton's Isolation Hospital.
Edmonton, Alia., June 0.���A meeting
of the Northern Alberta Medical Association was held lasl night for tho
purpose of considering the report of
the commit lee which was deputed to
uci in conjunction with the provincial
architect in preparing plans fo ran isolation hospital. The plans were submitted to the meeting, anil were unanimously approved hy the medical men.
A resolution recommending the Isolation hospital plans and another calling
on the council to furnish the city with
a proper garbage inciueralor wero
udopied. Plans and resolutions will
come before the city council at this
evening's meeting.
Prohibition of Child Labor.
London, June 0.���The seventeenth
miners' Internutiooal congress at Its
session today adopted motions demanding the passage of laws totally prohibiting the employment of children under
14 years of age. the employment of women in the mining industry and the
employment of boys under 1C in underground work. These motions were supported by the assemblage.
Revolution a Failure-
New Orleans, June 6.���A cablegram
received yesterday announces that General Castillo arrived at Corlnto, Nicaragua, aboard tho ship Empire. Castillo was one of the leaders of the revolutionary party that Invaded Guatemala. His journey Is taken to mean
the failure of the expedition.
Planing Milt Burned.
Edmonton, Alta.. June C���The planing mill of Messrs. Commel & Daniels
at St. Albert was totally destroyed at
an early hour this morning, together
wiih stock, tools, etc.
Nfldf.n. B. O , J uni! Mli, 1906.
BSALBO TENDERS win be received by the
Wttnlen of the Prottndal gaol, Nelion, B.C.,
until HOOD .ImieSMli, fir supplies 'or one vesr,
from July l^t, l��>oo, to June soth, 1907. Meat,
brent, pro'-eries, hardware, boot* ami shoes,
clothing, dry goodi, fuel and draffs
Pot mi for leurierand specifications can be tad
Ht tho Provincial guol, Nelson,
The lowest or any louder not necessarily ac*
ciptcd. R. K. LEMON,
Notice Ih hereby itw ii Mint 60 days after date
we fnicixl to ai>r.h to the Honorable the Chief
"-..snitn'M.���:'.���!��� ul Laihih mil Work! at Victoria.
B C. for pormlnlOQ to purchase the following
dticrlbed ttnda, ittuete In weit Kontenu dls*
triet.   Coram' Doing at a |>on| planted ut Thomas
Jerome1! N K. poet, end marked  Petar Demi
and A CboqUPUfl N W. Corner; thence 90 oheiOl
en*i Ihenea -ii rhuinri loulh, thenoe *u oheloi
erwti IheneeWoh ���in* north to the oommeneloi
poets containing in aorei more or im��.
Hated May A'-.
I'KTKK   DgflU
A. I'ltOyi KTTK
w. a. Joins, Agent
Notice ll hereby given that 00 dtfl after date I
111 lend to apply U) the Hoi ruble the Chief foni-
in Ink toner of l.��ii<1x and Works for (>ermls*-|oii to
purchase th.- following desntbed lands, Miniated
In the aUtrlct of W*eel KooU nay adjoining lot
TOO On thfl ttVitt arm of Kootenay Lako. com-
menciiiK at an initial noitplaOM at the *onth-
west corner of l*-l T901 tlicnco north SO chains,
thenoe wcit 10 ohalni, theQOi wnth *o chains.
thence east io rim tin, to pnn i of commencement.
Dated May 98,11W6.
Jak. Khazkh
Notice Is hereby given Hint ulity days afterdate
I intend to apply lo Iho Honorable the Chief
Commissioner Ol hands and Work*, Victoria, for
permlsMou to purchase Hie following described
in u.it. In Weit Kootenay. Cominunrlng at a postmarked Edgar W, ��� ynei south west romcr near
to 'iarnel "reek and admit '2 mile" south of Wot*
qultoo>qeg nnd ai.ont-i miles weit of Columbia
Kiver; thence north 80 chains, thelicc east 40
ohelm,t*>encoiouth BO chaltig,thenoe west 40
Ohalni to plate of commencement, conlalnhig
820 acres, being the same more or left.
Dated June'1,1M0.
Hixja* W. Dynfs.
V DYKte. Agent.
Notice i�� hereby given thai 00 days afterdate I
intend tn npply in the Honorable the. Chief
Commissioner of Land* and Works for perm is-
Bloi to nuThane lhe following described lauds,
siiimtctl in t-ltican Dl��frlct. Commencing at
nnrlh easteoruT post of Uit 88 0, iheneo rniin-
t'i.; ���."Mi :w rhiins, thence umt 30chaini,thence
north 40 ehiiins, thonoe weit ����� chaini to C. p. It.
Unlit iiiwuv,  followiiiK  same  Konth   west   10 a
pulnt interceptins tmilh uueof LotPH'JO, thence
0 II t tO point id  ruiiinifii' I'lncnt, cinitaliiliig  130
aorei more or uss
May Both luoo.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms sre well furnished.  Table ss good as ansj
|D Nelson.     Bar supplied with food
liquors sod cu��rs.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Curopean anil American Plan
Meals A CU.   Rooms Irom K cu. lo 11
Onlr White Bslp Implored.
Baker St., Nelson
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bsr Is lhe Finest.
White Help Only Kmplored.
Josepblue 81.
Nelson, B. C,
The Big Schooner ��)--��,  f A-
Or "Hil[-ind-Half"   DCCt    I UC��
The only Gloss of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel Aoconiniodntjons second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Kutes to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vietb
Hall and Vernon Sts,
Two blockh from
Rates II.UO per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help employed
Telephone ll! NELSON,   B.  C,
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Btth Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Coma Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Stfathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Hi rod, Nelion, B, C,
Lighted by Kleotrioity and
Hented by Hot Air
I-urge nnd Comfortable Bedroom* and Pint*
clans Pining Room. Sample Roomi for Commercial Mini.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprletreu
West Transfer Co.
General Teamittors and Dealers In
Goal and W001L   Express nnd
Baggage Transfer
Kltr.?*  Office: Baker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go.to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese GooriR now on sale. All
kinds of Olnncrware In stock. Patterns.
Choice Frtiit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing li/nt and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment cau bo arranged.
Phone 247.   Office next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 626.
We have Improved aud Uiiiuiproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   TJ      j��       Wit      1>IO T\
aud examine our list.   Xjl*   Q&   ItJL*   JDJIetVel^
insurance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frtrit Lands In this district
Most of it situate on tlte West Arm and Main Luke.   See me before yon decide to locate.
A Speculation
300 Shares   Northwest  Coal
Stock for $75.00.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit i����� ^A���
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
WhOjUsle int'l IVinil Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
(Jumps supplied on shortest notice nnd '
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive corefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
PAI1NTBR8 ��n��J
Slffn  Writing n Specialty.
Wall Papvrand Hurlup.
First Glass Il��itin�� Plants nnd Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401.
90 Day Round Trip
Cool ....
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Through Excnrslou Hutes
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of stile ; June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8,  10.
Tickets aubject to usual variation! of
route and include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. n
The Daily Canadian, June 6, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find*
��� ������. ....i.        ������  .���       We have ubniit 80 different kinds,
._. s.^���*.^.     i() Stirling and Kntunel, ranging
in pii< b from 60cta to |S 60 each, nnd must of them are new designs.
In  I 'ins. Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Gutters, oto., we have
nil tin- latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.      If you nre
looking for a Souvenir we cannot fail to suit yon.
Mail orders receive prompt and curefnl attention. Phone U.i!).
Wood ��� Valla nee   Hardware
Company,  Limited*
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery.
MANUFACTURERS OK  till: i UAWPOBD       P�����,i.l������ ,.J  I��� I, ���.:���,�� ,  C���,:,n.,
akkiai. tramway. impairing and Jobbing a specialty
Sheetmetal Work, OantiupK, Builders' Material and Mining and Mill Machinery,
i Hliri' nnil Works Foot nf Park St.
I'h'.nc   Jill.
rs'ulMon,   li. C
\ Tartan     ���
��� ���
"The Store of Sweets."
I Tartan
,      ....  imly l.ranil tlini has stood I lie*
J teal in Nelson Cor thclosl two years, t
��� X
4    (rwiug to the lucreased demand fori
��� this brand our stock was gold out in 2
��� Borne sizes: wo are in receipt of ;i full ���
ortment in quart, half gallon and
gallon liii.-.
��� ^S\J>*                         4
4 4
4 f
Sole AgtuU for Tartan UianJ in Nchon,   ���
PHONE 56. ���
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders! i
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars* Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurmao'i Spttial Mixture?
Tliu Latest Modem Appliances
now in use ;H tliis
Ami t)i";i.ivi:i;::ii i-mi:i:
Baker Street,    -    NELSON.
RAMSAY'S  2 lb.  Cambridge
Package for 40c.     Fresh
and the best on the
Telephom* 181.
fruits, Confectionery and
������ fee Cream,
ii' -'���"'. Baker St.
Cur. Vernon find Word  Sti-euts,
���NliLSOrs,   B. C.
.1  FRED HUME, Proprietor.
A MoAllard, Winnipeg; 1. Halg-Smel
Hi'. Procter; .1 A Sutherland, K A lliir
vey, li s Voik, Vict,niii: Q ,\1 Millar,
.1 Ross, A Froblsker, Vancouver; James
Cronln, Moyle; (l 11 Dickson, Miss
Dickson, Coleman; A H shaw. Chicago;
I .1 Cameron, Exeter; C A Cook, Cran
brook; It I, Konl. V Springer, Spokane;
.1 P Vroom. -Miss Vroom, -Miss Blngay,
Wiiii.in; W T Laurence, Maple Creek;
W .1 Nelson, II N Serin. Calgary; A F
Venables, Ver :   II  ll Paget, Revel
Oscar V White, Sandon; T 11 Trethe
wey, l.a Plata; w 11 Robinson, Winnipeg; N Duperon, Toronto; K I' Arm
Btrong, Qolden; A 11 Vogel, Montreal;
.1 11 Lambert, Vernon; Thomas Green,
Kiluwna; (' A Procunier, Revelstoke;
1. 11 Moffatt, Rossland.
,1  n Winlaw. Wlnlaw; Mr. and Mrs.
UcArtbur, London; A 11 Westby   nnd
wife, Salmo; F W Robson, Reglna; Rev.
II Steele, .1 T Laurence, 1. .1 Graham,
Grand Finks: Rev. .1 Porter, Green
wood; (' lloaiv, c Kinn, Vancouver.
1; Rowan, <: .1 White, II .1 Warner,
Spokane; B M Morgan, Kaslo; l( Rob'
his, Bholt; I) Graham, W Garvin, Vim-
couver; C B Sutherland, Cochrane; \V
Thomas, .1 A Cleland, Rossland; C F
Vines. Golden,
it Barton,   Williams'   Siding;    A .1
limes. Bdgerwood;   I.  McDongald,  N��
kusp; A Burton, Burton City.
\v Henderson, Rossland.
W .1 Sullivan. Sandon; P O'Keefe, M
Deerllelil, Spokane; T Lalittl, New York.
(; Mniiroe. Mother lxiuo; F. Williams,
11 m McPhee, Bonnington;   .1 Lucas.
A Campbell, Vmlr.
W A Richardson, Wardner; .1 Savers,
Bonnington; .1 n MoCullooh, Burton.
The subscription and circulation lists
of The Daily Canadian are now being
compiled. The terms are 50 cents a
month delivered in the city, or $5 a
year when paid in advance. We shall
be glad to enroll your name. Wo are
here to stay.
The new steamer Kuakanooh wns
sen! for a trial spiu on tin- harbor ye��-
te relay.
Lack of space prevents the publication today of the synod proceedings. A
fuller report nviU appear tomorrow.
Tin' Newrasile, N. B., Tnion Advocate of May 80th reports the arrival
from Europe of .Mr. ami Mrs John Mc-
Mrs. i>. Laugh to nj ami her two children left this morning for a visit to
Winnipeg. She will be away from Nelson for two months,
Complain! is made of depredations
in orchards by vicious dovb whose par*
< nls have neglected Solomon's advice.
Several valuable cherry lives have been
seriously damaged,
Monday, .lune IS, is the dale fixed for
payment of dog taxis, After Lhal owners of si ray do^s will be prosecuted,
lhe offenders under bylaw Sil will come
up Friday morning,
The Eva gold brick for .May. it is
learned, is nol the biggest in ihe history of ihe mill, The third month's run
after lhe opening of the mill in 1900
netted $11,000. I3ul SU.uuu is the best
attained since then.
Today is ihe fifteenth anniversary of.
ilie death of Sir John Macuonald, the
lirsi and greatest of Canadian statesmen, to whose wise and far-sighted policy the Dominion still owes its every
A. w. Stubbs, Q. Munroe, U, Robinson, S. A. Wye and l>. C. Barbrlck issued writs yesterday through A. M.
Johnson in the county court against A.
I*\ Dixon, lessee of tile Mother Lode
miua.   The mine is closed down.
P. siarkey. managing director of the
fair, says that the subject of a flower
show In July will be considered at
Thursday night's nieoiingj It has not
been overlooked, but there is some difference of opinion as to the best dale
for holding it.
Ilie annual meeting of Hie Provincial
Licensed Vintners of British Columbia
will be held in Nelson on Friday next
at a lime ami place to lie decided upon.
Tliero will be a considerable influx of
people connected with ihe liquor and
kindred trades from all parts of the
Mm- of ihe delegates to the synod
from Okanagan informs The Daily Canadian lhat lhe American Tobacco Company, of Montreal, has contracted lo
take all the tobacco grown at Kelowna,
The company's agent stated that it was
easily the best tobacco raised! tn Canada and equal to any raised on the continent.
t\. A. Hall, representative in Hrhish
Columbia of the Canadian Lumberman,
and oilier issues of the C. H. Mortimer
Publishing Company, of Toronto, was
in Hie city yesterday making the acquaintance of new members of the
Mountain Lumbermen's Association anil
collecting news. Mr. call is correspondent, as well as business representative.
On her return from tho theatre last
nigh I Miss Winnie Crowley unintentionally held a levee on the stairs in\ lhe
Strathcona, where she was surrounded
by admiring friends. Among them were
Rev. C. A. Procuiiier. of Revelstoke.
former incumbent of St. (Jcorge's
church. Rossland, where Miss Crowley
was a Sunday school girl of 11. and
Rev. .1 A. Cleland, whose organist Miss
Crowley  was mil 11 n year ago
The Store of Quality
We nr closing our store tomorrow nt
noon and Iiojk* our many patrons will assist OS in our endeavor to give on* employees u half holiday by Letting us have
your orders n# early ns possibles
We also will continue closing Thursday
afternoons dnriug June, July, August
ftUd September.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block.    Phone 16,
is k uiTi'BBity to every well rogulated home, Ourclookicomblnel
of deilga wiiii absolute accuracy ai tlae>kedpen w.. invito laipection
of our Cloolti tbeyaro here In great variety ol itylo* from * day itrtke
and alarm, tit *������ up i" th�� Baa iinportcii onei. We alio have thoaa
c alarm onei hi only f 1 wi.  Come In today.
Id 111 11
Interesting   Relics.
Attention was called today to tbe ed
Itor'B desk and chair In this office b> a
long time resident of Nelson. He Btotes
lhal they were both originally tho prop-
orty of the South Kootenaj board' of
tiade, the llrst of such boards to be
founded in the Kooleuays, There was
in those days a strong rivalry betwei 0
Kaslo aud Nelson, and ouce a contln
genl arrived from Kaslo with the object of securing a transfer of the board
of trade to /that city. Tbe office of the
board was then iu the Victoria block,
aud the N'efsonites, learning of the purpose of the Kaslonlans, packed the
house and outvoted them. The Vlctoris
block was at that time owned by George
Bigelow, and as the meetings languished and rents ran into arrears, he seized
possession of the office furniture. Being associated wiih John Houston in
some business matters, in a final adjustment of their affairs the desk and
chair came into Houston's possession.
White The Daily Canadian is now the
owner of these ancient relics, they are
about the only antiquities thai are
kept aboul the office.
Eminent   Statesman  Passes to   His Reward.
London, .lune 0.���Sir Frederick Peel
died here today. He was horn iu 1820,
and about fifty years ago held several
Important government positions, From
1S59 to 1865 he* was secretary to the
I The Right Hon. Sir Frederics Reel,
who died today, was born in 1823 and
was knighted in 1809, He was the son
of the lute Hon. Sir Robert Reel, second
Baronet anil Julia, the daughter of Sir
J. Floyd, the first baronet. His first
marriage was in ISfiT to Miss Elizabeth
Emily, daughter of John Shelley, who
died in 1865. In 1879 be wedded Mtsa
Janet Pleydell-Bouverle. Sir Frederick
was educated ;ii Harrow and Trinity
college, Cambridge, taking the degree
Of B, A. in 1845 and tluil of M. A, iu
LS-19. He was a railway ;\w\ canal commissioner since 1ST::, u barrister of the
Inner Temple (1819); M. p. for Leominster 1849-62, Bury 1862-57, 1859-05;
Under Secretary of State for Colonies
1851-52, 1853-65; Ruder Secretary for
War 1855-57; Secretary of Treasurj
1869-65. His city resldecne was ;::*
Cliesham Palace, nnd his country address the Manor, Ham pton-in-Anion,
The Automobiles are Off.
Frankfort-on-the-Maln., Germany. June
G.���The Herliomer automobile competition from this city to Vienna by way
of Munich began at< 6:06 a. in. today.
The racers were sent away at two minute intervals and without incident.
Prince Henry of Prussia drew twentieth place. At Wurtzburg, Aai'thur
Blnckhurne, of England, who had started third, bad the bad. Oscar Ileiuiun,
of Berlin, was laid up at Wuit/.burg. his
machine  being disabled.
Nil rem burg, Bavaria, June G.���Fried-
rich Wandesloben, one of the Herkomer
competitors, In rounding a curve] near
here struck u tree. Heir Werle, a rep
rescnintive of the competition commit
tee, was in the car und was thrown
out headlong. Ills skull was fractured
and bis breastbone broken. He was taken  to  a  hospital   insensible.     Hy     11
\\v have Jusl opened up some very
One lines "i Sweel BlaculU, anil na we
buy direi i from the ractory, you can
depend upon ^riiin^ fresh, crisp kwhIk
Christie's Brand) Snaps, per lb 40c
curistie's Qiuger Snaps, per Hi 20c
c'liiisiir'.s Cheese Winers, per lb.,.,25c
Chris tie's Fralmra Wafers, l' iu. tins
each mi'
Christle'B Assorted Sandwich, pit lb 25c
Cnrlstle's  Boclsl Tees 88c
Christle'B  Arrowroot,  per  lb 26c
Christie's Desserts, per Hi :'.."'<���
Christie's Chocolate Fingers, pit lb,3Cc
Curl: tie's Cafe Nolr, per Hi 26c
CLr'stle's Cocoanul  liars, per 111 26c
Christie's Wafer Hulls, pit- lb r>0c
Christie's Water l��� Wafers, per lb,60o
Christie's Macaroons, per lb <;"c
Christie's Cream Sodas, - lb. tins. .86c
Christie's Fig Bars, per lb 26c
Ramsay's Cream Smbs, per tin ��� 36c
Ramsay's Molasses Snaps, i' lbs...26c
McCormlck's Cream Sodas, per tin.86c
We will in- pleased in Bhow you tin-si'
Toye & Benedict
Josephine SI, GROCERS, Telephone 7
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
Oor. Josephine and Mill sis.     Phono U
JOY'S Cash Grocery
'��� Tell mc what they cat
and I'll tell you what they arc."
So says some wise body, and
I  muss   hiv could.     People  who
relish good things are awake to
the opportunities we offer to
secure tbe best of everything
;it the lowest possible prices.
My stock ot" stiijdes and fresh
Groceries is unsurpassed by
Roasted    Plymouth    Rock
Chicken 50c per tin
Ibinz's      Sweet       Tickles,
Gherkins toe per bottle
Spanish Olives	
 35c and  f.Oe per bottle
Hot house Cucumbers.25c each
i/>cul Gooseberries. 15c per box
Asparagus  16c per Hi
Spring Cabbage  10c per lb
Si rawberrles 26c  per  box
will meet yon at the floor
or w the store
o'clock 12(1 of die automobiles which
Started had arrived here and stoppyJ
for lunch.
Mining  Records.
Certificates of work were granted in
tbe Nelson mining office today as follows:
To Fineh and Campbell, by Hen Lawrence ns a��ent, on the Delaware; io \v*.
H, Muir, on the Flows ami Lodl; to
Francis Holland, on the Holland.
Belter l.lncn. Better Til.
Belter Maklne. teller Style.
In Our Collars thin in nio:,l mikes oKcred you.
Krery Corroot Blyl
km.I ol Collars,
Slightly near lighted today.
Mure tomorrow,
Progri'M <>f near Mtfiit in tbe forerunner
of blindueM. T\m iirsi iJgfl of aetrlight
dhou'd no bo nytbetod. EXAMINATION
FRKK. Our Optioftl Peptrtment in up-
tndnii.'iii (.very roipeot,
Clearing Out
-:- SALE -:-
I have decided to retire from the Shoe Business in
Nelson and am offering mv entire stock of
Most of these goods have been Opeilttd up this spring, and
are right up-to-date in regard to style and workmanship.    W'c give a few lines in the following
materials and prices :
Men's Valour and Box Calf $6.00 and $6.00       $3.60 and $4.00
Men's Valour and iiox cuir $4.00and $4.60      $1.96
Men's Pine Mux Call In liuls and Bluohar��$8.26 $2.26
Men's Tan Bluchers and Oxfords $6.00 and $6.66       Jli.50
Men' Bole Leather Working Boots $6.60 and $4.00      $-\7fi
Men's Chrome Bluchers Outside C iters.$6.60and $4.00       $-.r>o and $2.76
Mm'   Rand-made   Chrome   and Calf hl��B
and low cul    . .$6.00 and $0.00       $3.76 and $4.60
Women's Hum* $5.M $3.76
Women's Boots $8.00 $2.nn
Women's Boots $3.60 $1.75
Hoys' Scliiinl shoos  Prom $1.60 up
dills' School Klines  From $1.46 up
Children's Shoes  Prom T.'ir  up
These Goods Must be Sold Regardless
of Sacrifice.
All book accounts must be settled by June 25th, or they
will be placed iu our solicitor's hands for collection.
E McCausland
most        rTmiurrTmr ���
I Standard Furniture Company I
Mn��in A Blich Piano
" i m irmoor" U��ttrei .
QloD4-Weral'.ke Book Cuw Guto and Offloe Parnitan
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
Wi* WOttld invite you (o Inipeot <>nr largo and varied stock of
No need to suffer from beat if
will only rail nnil link to si
f::: Hot Weather Requisites
Htnri; open from 7 n.m. to II p.m. overy (I113* nxci'pt lioliduyn and Sundays
H Don't Forget we are
m Headquarters
Our Trade   this   Seciaon
h��i��   been   Lurifor  than   ever
Our   Clothes  Prove   Them-
huIvum  Reliuhle
hoy muintnin thoir sIiu|h'.        Tlmy iimiuot bo oijitiillcd
i Stylo, Fit mid WorlimiiuHbip.        Thoy nro wortb
���pry ,.0���( d���,y ,.ost nmi llr(, t|10 o&eapeit iu the long run.
Higb-(;litB8 Tnilors.
Diikur Bt��� NoIbou, B. O


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